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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 74, no. 140 (July 18, 1966).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
July 18, 1966
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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SEVE 1TY-FOURTH YEAR-No. 140 TAMPA, FLORIDA, MONDAY, JULY 18, 1966 PRICE FIVE Sun, Mountains, Work Wait for Volunteers By CONNIE FRANTZ Cam pus Staff Writer Where is the last place i.n the world you might expect a slim, pretty, blonde to get her nose sunburned? Mary Beth Windes got hers bumed teach ing physical education in the mountains of Venezuela. A P e a c e Corps volunteer who has just returned from her two assignment, Mary Beth is now visiting USF"s Bay Campus, helping teach 44 other volunteers who will soon take assignments similar to hers. Mary Beth found her work a rewarding experience. "I tee! I have taken more than I bave g iven," she said. The volunteers are taking part in a ten-week training program at Bay Campus where they will learn to teach physical education in elemen tary and high schools in Ven ezuela. This program is bein!\. coordinated by Spafford Tay lor, USF instructor in physical education. The volunteers will take part in recreation pro grams and coach varsity ath letic teams in Venezuela. Many times volunteers have had to improvise equipment to teach their programs. During tbe first hectic week of orientation a typical day begins at 6 :30. The volunteers are in Spanish class promptly at 7 a.m. and study language until 9 a.m. USF associate p r of e s s o r of Spanish and French, Anthony Cervone is directing the language pro gram. The tramees at•e a II owed an hour to swim before they re turn to class for two more hours of Spanish . After lunch thev are taken to Busch Field, anci the gitls learn to play and to teach softball and the boys , baseball. A two hour class in Interna tiona! studies begins at 3:30 p.m. John Grant, who will co ordinate the international stu dies instruction, is a lecturer in the Univetsity ' s American Jdea program. The volunteers are ihen allowed from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p . m. for dinner and lo catch a breath aflet the day's scramble. When 9:00 p.m. rolls around and classes are finally over l'or the day, the volunteers are more than ready to turn in. This tapid pace is kept up for six days a week at lirst, then it tapers Off. You may asK "Why teach physical education?" Accord ing to N o r m an Kaye, Bay C a m p u s program director. "Physical Education is a means to an end. We play as a team, we work together." This progGam. iuteracting with sev eral other types of P e a c e Corps programs, fosters coop eration among students and implements health education. Only o'ne of every six volun teers who are in training w iII finally be accepted. Mr. Kaye said of the voluntee1s, "They have all d e m o n s t r a t e d lo Peace Corps satisfaction their abilitie and motives." The volunteers will leave Bay Campus Sept. 3 to return to their homes lor eight da ys . Then they 're off to Venezuela for a short orientation con ducted by Ed Baca, Peace Corps adviser in Venezuela. Duting their two years in the Peace Corps, volunteers are often moved to different loca tions according to the area's needs. None will be stationed in areas of less U1an 12,000 population. Up to 40 ot 50 va cation days are given lo the volunteers to travel around the counlty , getting to know it and the people better. The volun teers are not required to be college graduates, l h o u g h most of them are Because conversational S p a n i s h is taught so thoroughly during training no previous knowl edg e of it is required. The Department of P a r k s and Recreation of the City of St. Petersburg is w or k i n g closely with tbe program ln supplying necessary additional facilities and instruction. Both the Parks and Recrea. lion Department of St. Pete and Tampa have a b s o r b e d trainees into their programs for training and practical ex perience. Of U1e 44 volunteers, 17 are girls. Two of U1e gil'ls are physical therapists and two are occupational therapists. The attitude or the volunteers and of the program itself was summed up by one of the girls. "You get out of it what you put into it, you know." I Said /Hilar.ious' i Re-bid Order Goes To Hook-Holtsinger Time for Makin9 Up Don Moyer (Lord Babbel'ley) is shor 11 here as I1e Js being prepared for "Charley's Aunt" . ast Th 11igllt, the opening of USF's Summer Tlteater Festival. Easin9 Their n By ELECTRA SUTTON 1 equal to the boys. Campus Staff Writer Harlan Foss was great as a The USF theater audience/ mischievous scene stealer serv viewing "Charley's Aunt " were ant. not concerned about where U1ey I , "Earnest In Love" or. that they lived in the 1 The dispute over the biddtng 1 mester, are the Business Admin-charged that the specificatwns after a probe into buying praclugh-tenswn 20th Century, but 1 18 a. . 1 ' for office equipment for two new istration classroom and oHice drawn by USF were designed to tices here. During the probe with the problem or a man who 1 not a mot Jer. not a prop buildings , which are scheduled building and the College of Enfavor a brand of furniture disUniversity President Johns. AI: couldn't have a _nice. could to be completed Sept. 1, was gineering classroom, laboratory tributed by the B1;1siness Equiplen and Director of Procedure draw on a ctgat because e . ended last week when a Tampa and office building. ment Co. of Tampa, The BusiWard Hancock both answered was a woman. I In fact, Jack Clay , the dlrecfirm made a successful bid for Successful bidder for the conness Equipment Co. ha'd been to the Cabinet Commission in a The farce, "Charley's Aunt" I tor or In Love" said the contract. tract was Hook and Holtsinger awarded the contract. ; meeting in Tallahassee. now playing in USF's Summer that UJe songs Ill thts The two buildings, which must office furniture company. The Business Equipment con-The Business Equipment bid Repertory Theater. transported/have as btg as My Fair be ready for use when the UniThe dispute in March began tract was canceled by the State was rejected, according to Han the audience into it's own mad, Lady' If they had been played versity reopens for the fall tri-when Hook and H o 1 t singer Cabinet Purchasing Commission cock, because of "deficiencies lighthearted world and left them on instead of off Broadway. we found in the samples sub with a chuckle for tbe rest of j The USF cast did excellent c • M mitted." He also said that tlie the night. The play will be pre-,credlt to both the songs and the onstruct1on a ust Commission called for addll'fonal sented again July 19, 23 and 27. witty lines of the Oscar Wilde's 1 clarification in the specifica. The lead, Don Moyer, an ex-musical, "Earnest In Love." It lions, the University had set for football player, made a per-l will be played again in the F G h D d the equipment. fectly funny old lady. He was a Repertory July 20, 24 and 28. or rowt • en nar In a re-bidding procedure, a virtuoso comic. IDs co-actors The adept combination of • pre-bid conference was held be. were hard put to compete with carnival music, deadpan acting tween representatives of the his performance, but he played and satiric lines made for many By ANTHONY ZAPPONE 372,000 and he predicted that by mark by 1975, according to Den-Purchasing Commission and all with, instead of opposite them laughs and a satisfying experiCampus Staff Writ-er 1975 there would be 632,000 per-nard. prospective bidders. Purpose of making the action all the more ence for the art critic. Unless a "massive" construesons in the 18-21 age category. Dennard said even with all this meeting was to explain spe-succinct. Moyer's with Harlan Foss as Jack Worth-tion. program_ is conlinue_d at In 1955, the S!"'te University the construction going on in cifications, examine samples and two other good comtcs, Alan . . J as Gwen-Florida's mstJtuttons or htgher System contamed 19,900 stu-Florida's higher education sys. to agree in advance on any Bouverat, as Whydeand LaRue Hut-learning, universities will dents; in 1960, _27,000; in 1965, tern, "we are not keeping pace equivalencies to specifications ham, and Morse. as ter as Lady Bracknell: carried be able to accept only the top 44,000, and proJeCted for 1975 with the growth of nwnbers we that would be accepted. Stephen SpettJgue, were h1lartl ' h 'tl th . d d 10 per cent of htgh school grad-are 153,000. have in Ute 18 through 21 age At this conference, the bid te s ow Wl 1 elf ry an t" 1 Tl bl" 11 ge c group." de d th t t 1ous. b "ttl t t" f W'ld 's ua mg c asses. 1e pu 1c )umor co e s a -rs an e represen a 1ves of Anne Philips's minny mouse a 0 L ed That's what USF's Dean of commodated 2,300 in 1955, 21."We are not doing as well by the Commission agreed t h a t propriety was amusing and : e and Admd inislltrahtion 000 in 196t0d, 7t5.000 Jtn. 19 1 6 8 5 1 a 0 n 0 d 0 our younsgters as most of the some of the original specific aLynne Parker's shyness was M . Al . M . f sa1 w1 appen 111 years. are expec e o con am , rest of the country is doing,'' lions would be used. charming, but they were not . as . getnon_ ' Speaking before a meeting of by 1975 . said Dennard. He said that unHowever, Ute firm which orig. l01_ned them. m adiDJrably ar,d the Downtown Tampa Lions Enrollment at private institu-met building and equipment in ally won tlte contract refused enJoyably smgmg _the catchy C 1 u h recently, Dennard said tions around the state in 1955 needs at the present time in to participate in the rebidding, songs, _Manmng dtd a note-that the growing numbers of were 18.000 students, 1965' s enthe system totalled nearly $105 and indicated that it felt that worthy Job of a num,: potential students in Florida rollment topped 25,000 and million. the original contract was still ber btts of eatmg busmess. will force the public university tbese institutions have indicated By 1975, he added, assuming valid. USF JS v.ery _lucky to have Ha!and college system to do a 11 they can not absorb more than construction costs remain conOn the basis of an "all or Ian Foss s smgmg talent avail-they can to keep up with the 40,000 students by 1975. stant and the university system none" bid by the firm of Hook able to them, crowded conditions. Graduate s tude n t s, whose still only contains the University and Holtsinger the low bid was Jack Harris received many Dennard told tbe group that members are spiraling every 6f Florida, Florida Slate, Flor;-$45,295.38. this offer was laughs for his winning charac-there were 243,800 persons in year, numbered 2 ,700 in 1955, da A&M, Florida Atlantic, Unilower by $34.74 than the item. terization of Dr. Chasuble. The Florida 18 through 21 years of 8,200 in 1965 and are expected versity of West Florida, Uniby-item total, the contract was scenes with his partner, Nita age in 1955. By 1965, they totaled to rise to an amazing 21,000 versity of South Florida and awarded to the firm. Lac a •Who portrayed a perfect' the new university planned for This a c t i o n has been ap. ly formidable Miss Prism, were G A N the Orlando {!rea, there will be proved by all agencies con• especially amusing. Franklin et eg ea n ow,• a need for $396 million in capi-cerned. Morse, as Lane, in a duet with tal outlay funds alone. Barbara Molloy, as Effie, were "I personally have uttie faith also pleasing, in some of the statistics and 0 k M 1• @ Their song scene was fascin-N A s I testings we do in college •••• M a S, a9n0 las. fl atingly blocked and the other 0 pr1 a e they are not to let students in, Cedars To Grace u set designs were picture frame but to keep them out," he said. lf Crescent Hill perfections. Said Dennard, "That's really ,.. 1] On a more serious note the The 1967 Aegean, University of ph a sized that no books will be what we're doing. We don't even ;,J. of the irrifu Festival presented G e 0 r g e South Florida yearbook, will not sold in April to those who have talk lo anybody who is not in if. gation system are being Bernard Shaw's "Arms and the be sold at distribution time next not made prior reservations. the upper 40 per cent of their made on USF's "Wishing ;':!! Man" last Saturday night. April. Sam Nuccio Jr., editor of the class in high school ••. and M Well" atop Crescent Hill. After a break yesterday with Students, and s t a f 1967 Aegean , is planning a 248 it's going to get to the point f Soon magnolia trees will i& no plays presented the Festival may reserve coptes from_ now to 252-page book, with 16 pages where only upper 10 or 20 per 0 bloom, and magnificent l$ will res me ton"ght 'th the until December at the Offtce of of fnll color. Selection of stu-cent are accepted if we don't oaks and cedars will shade of .. Boy Campus Publications, University dents for many staff positions 7ontinue a massive build# some 18 new Aza. WJ Friend." The plays will then be Center 224, upon payment of $1. will be made this fall. Applicamg prog1:am. }; and Amencan holly !&; There will be no further charge. tions are invited from all stu-Accordmg to Dennard, colill wJ!l com P 1 e t e the new '{ performed in rotation starting 1 ,, 1a d Books will be m_ ailed to any __ addents with or without previous eg_es _are getting to the point of n scapmg proje_ct. . _: tomorrow night with "Charley's t t T h USF Aunt" and ending July 30 _ A dress next April for an addttionyearbook experience. . reJec mg so':"-e average s ;m e Mamtenance W a! postage charge of 50 cents. making thelr_ only_ h_ope Jumor ii__:;. and Grou_ nds departments (i\ special matinee performance of h ll T 11 '" ki t h @ "Ernest in Love" is scheduled Dr. Arthur M. Sanderson, di-F res man co ege, ermmg JUntOr co eges ffi are rna ng e s e addi tbe Office of Campus as a "very tions. for next Sunday. Publications, made t h e an-servtce, he stated, that wtth a ., ,:f! nouncement. Since 2,300 copies combination of junior colleges .,.,"-.. .. .. ,,., ... ,ill,,., .. .. ,,, of the 2,500 ordered were sold s . a n d f 0 u r-y e a r institutions, p ' t r !during the first week of distriesslons ar . •me bution last April, a number of keep np with numbers 1 the Minutes befme "Cha1Iey's Aunt" began Thursday night, Alan Bouverat (Charles Whykeham) and Jerry Peller (Colonel Chesney) on the left discuss their parts in the play. The theater enjoyed a packed house for the Theater Festival's opening night. Student Killed In Accident students were unable to pur-state is going to continue the chase copies of the 1966 issue. Cont•nue growth it has had in the past Jobs Open "When we discovered how fast 20 years." the '66 Aegeans were selling during the first three days," San h derson said "we held back a A total of 1,065 new freshmen c arter Grad I CWSP Knowledge Said Vital For Illustrating, Writing By LOIS JOHNSON ride horses. "I still ride them," children, you should elaborate on Campus Staff Writer she said. simpler things," she said. While she talked, Mrs. Draper "When you write about ani "Know yout subject," said displayed some of her horse mals," Mrs. Draper said, "be Mrs. Angie Draper. "A firstsketches. including illustrations as thorough as you can and, band witness is the most imporshe used in Farley's book "Man above all. be accurate. Children tant thing-whether you write O'War , " and the book's jacket, know about these animals and books or illustrate them." which she also illustrated. if you put in incorrect inforMrs: Draper, Tampa artist She explained Ule procedure mation they know it." and J!lustrator of children's she uses in illu-strating a book: She said another books , spoke to a small audtence "F i r s t I read the . feature of an animal book Js the at USF's "Meet the Author " sesscript." said. "I motivatio,n of a central characsion last Wednesday. !y, and 1 think like a child _ ler. A human character added Mrs. Walwhich helps. Then I make thumb to the -. somc?ne the ter Farley s horse books, pubnail sketches for each chapter er can Jdenhfy w1th g1ves lished by Random Ho.use. Horses and spread them out, so I can unity to the book for Ute child. are favonte for see them all _ thus avoiding Other points she mentioned read 1 n g, wnt!ng, Jllustratmg the mistake of using the same are: The use of an appealing or speakmg. . . type illustration for two differ-sense of humor a joke here She attended Rmghng School ent chapters." and thete: synchronization of of Art, Sarasota. M D 1 . t your text and illustrations if I ddt t t t g F rs. raper emp 1astzed be . . n a t 1on o 1 us ra 111 ar1 t 1 f .11 . you portray a certam tratt or ley's books, she is now writing ? pas bel or 1 marking in your animal, be a horse book or her own. U . 1 \ mo 1 .. 15 ha go;>dd sure to carry this all the way Mrs. Drapet knows he1' subung 0 ':"or WJ • s _e sal through. ject. She has been l e a r n i n g . m Importance m wnt-Mrs. Draper is gathering rna about horses since she discovmg or Jl!ustratmg a book, ac-terial for anoU1er book using ered them "when she was very cording to Mrs. Draper, is to a subject she knows her chil young. Ironically, her f a t h e r understand your reader. dten, and t h e i r two baby thought it improper for girls to "If you are writing books for racoons. USF student Michael James Coover, 20, was killed early Saturday morning wben the small foreign car he was driving overturned on Fowler Avenue near 30th Street. He was thrown from the auto. Also injured in the accident was a Jilassenger, Bruce L. Tilley, 20, who also is a USF student. He underwent sur gery Saturday for leg and knPe injuries and was re ported in good condition. Investigating Patrolman Da vid C. Fletcher said evidence indicated Coover was driving his father's car, a Volks wagen, west on Fowler at 70 to 80 miles an hour and ap parently lost control. A ccord ing to Fletcher, the vehicle overturned and skidded some 144 feet. Several USF stu dents who arrived on the scene moments a t e r the wreck reported that the car appeared lo have rolled sev-eral times. 1 Both Coover a n d Tilley were thrown from the auto. Coover's body was found 117 feel from the vehicle accord ing to Fletcher. The accident occurred at about 1 :5 0 a.m. hundred co;ies and distributed and lower division transfer stu-n them later on a priority basis, dents visited the USF campus TestifieS To first to graduating seniors. But for registration and orientation even these books were gone in during the week of July 11. USf'S Growth Employment opportunities on the following week or 10 days. " About 900 more students are . , campus are available to students The remaining 100 c o p i e s expected this week. Freshmen T h e umverslty s_ growth _by in need of financial aid and who of the 2,500 ordered had been will be on campus July 18 and leaps and bounds JS becommg qualify through the C o ll e g e reserved in advance and paid 20. and upper division transfers more evident . every day, ReWork-Study Program {formerly for by University administrators will register on the 19 and 21. cently the pomt was brought Economic Opportunity Act]. l borne to one former student. A c d g t D Id s c for official distribution , severa 'The pre-enrollment conference M B . . C R k . c or m o ona , olby. by the Library and a few were 'll d tl "t . . rs. ermce 00 s was director of Placement Services mailed to othe;. universities and t:J Y the 46th student to be accepted students are grouped in colleges as exciJanges. by l he 1 categories: Sanderson noted that in past . months before It was opened m • Those students whose pa from the early selectwn of 1960 Tl h d t • years the printing order had to classes, said Charles H. Wildy d t mbs, s ef 010 c 0 c 4 e 6 Ive da s ut-rental 1s less than $3,200 be estimated four or five months ' en num er 0 • an. wen per year With one dependent in advance. Now that the book dean of men. . on to get a m ele-have first priority .for employ. bas increased in the number of . WJll recetve acaden:'mentary educatwn as a_ member menton campus. The minimum pages, in use of color, and by the JC accordmg. to tbetr of the charter graduatmg class income increases proportionate. dd't" r hard cover, the maJors durmg the onentat10n. m December, 1963. Jy with the number of depend• also increased Biological S:ience,. Pre Med, This fall it will be time for ents. greatly. "If we overestimate the busmess admm1strat10n, her daughter, Manlyn Sue, to • When students do not meet printing order by only 150 copies, tary and educat10n, at USF. Mrs. Rooks was the first priority qualifications we will have spent more than language, . phystcal s c 1 en c e, sur,pnsed to fmd that he_r daugh-but need financial help, the or. $l,OOO we could have saved," be math, soc_tal sctences, pre-ter s student number IS 33242. fice of Financial Aids will resaid. law. advJSJng w1ll be available. That means roughly that 33,200 view the individual situations. "If we underestimate by only Advisors are also rea_dy to help stu_dents have. enrolled at the • Married students may ap• one copy, we may disappoint a those who are undectded about unJVerstty durmg the past S!X ply for the Work-Study positions student who is entitled lo buy their maJor. years. . if they can certify that they re. a copy at the subsidized price The program for orientation The has ceive no financial assistance or only $1. He bas indirectly also includes testing in reading, grown a little too , smce 1960. from their parents and were not purchased a book U1rough his speech, and hearing. Students When Mrs. Rooks began classes, claimed as a dependent by theil' student activity . fee payment," will be asked to fill out a bio-she was or 1,99 7 students parents for the previous income he added. graphical questionnaire. Thts. fall her daughte_r tax year, "Therefore, to make sure that Alter testing and advising ses will fmd she JS among approxt To apply for these jobs on no one will be disappointed next sions tl1e new students will have mately 9,000 attendmg elasses campus, students first go to tha April, we are taking reserva-an opportunity to pull cards for here. Office of Financial Aids for apo tions now," he said, and emclasses. proval.


• THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, July 18 , 1966 Talking Things Over Former Gov. LeRoy Collins discusses political topics with Dr. Robert A. Goldstein in front of the WUSF Cameras. The program was recorded for fu ture use by the P{)litical Science Department. Action-Camera USF cameras zero in on a lecturer during a taping session at the WUSF studio in the Library basement. Taped lectures will be used extensively in the fall. Grad at Coffee Hour; l Fashions Too at. CTR The University Center has a Vietnam are all part of the the senior satire for his graduat-shown in F AH 101 Friday and varied and busy program intellectual milieu of the. Caliing class. Saturday, July 22-23 at 7:30p.m. planned for students this week. fornia student, and Will be Ashford is now working on his and is sponsored by the Movies The week will begin with a brought out in the discussion. M.A. in creative writing a n d C o m m i t t e e. Admission is Fashion and Talent Committee Bob Ashford is an English English literature. 25 cents per person. program entitled "Fashion Deliterature graduate and served "I would like to be called a The Irving Amen Graphics Ex sign." The program is the sec-as editor of the USF literary sympathetic observer. My role hibiiion, sponsored by the Arts ond ihis summer in a series and magaz i ne, the "i.e." He was through most of the year was and Exhibits Committee, will will be held in CTR 252 at 2 p.m. president of the Student Asso-that of a sympathizer. I would continue to be on display until Monday. dation, writer i?r the like to lessen the almost autoSaturday, July 23. Gallery hours An examination of the "new Campus Ed1tLon and wnter of matic hostility to people in pro-are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. left" will highlight the activi-test movements and establish To end the week, a S t ere o ties in a coffee hour at 2 p.m. f It St ff the idea that when done in good Dance will be held in the CTR Wednesday, July 20 in CTR 252. aCU Y I a the acts of protestBallroom Saturday from 9 p.m. This is being sponsored by the Dec a Is Expire 10g the actions of ou,r governto midnight. Gil Lamar of Special Events Committee. ment are as patriotic as the WTMP radio will be the guest Bob Ashford, USF graduate On July 31 acts of supporting them." disc jockey. Students will be adand now a graduate student at Also Wednesday, the Music mitted free and the dress is Stanford University, will be a Staff, faculty and conceswill sponsor an incasual. sympathetic participant in the sionaire parking decals will formal Jazz concert at 6 p.m. The fashion show, scheduled discussion. expire on July 31. The blue on the east patio of the CTR. In for this afternoon at 2 p.m. Topics planned for the prostudent decal is good until the concert wi.ll be the ,plus 3," in CTR: 252 has been canceled. gram include: the intellectual end of the Trimester. a new tr10 on. Flonda s West Accordmg to. University Center environment of Stanford UniverEmployes' vehicles will be c.oast. There w11l be no adm1sprogram advisor, R en a Anti sity, the relation of the student registered during July at the s1on charge. nori, the various stores asked to the administration at stan-Security Office, University The feature film of the week to present the show either ford, and the Peace Movement, Center 323. Personnel will be is "R a 11 y Round the F 1 a g, couldn't or wouldn't do it which is beng conducted by their required to show a valid opBoys." A harried young husSears couldn't andMaas Broth student government. erator's license and university band, feeling slighted because wouldn't because the Uni Large USF Broadcasting To Need Students Soon Emphasis in the discussion identification card and to know of the civic activities of his wife, s1ty couldn't promise them an will be placed on the Peace their automobile license numbecomes innocently but embaraudience of 200 or more. Movement as a movemen t inber. rassingly involved with a seducstead of as an issue, in hopes A I E I f tive neighbor. The film will be Coeds Invited that a new dimension of under-pp y ar y orlr-----------. standing will be added to the ,6 S f II h • To Participate In Contest controversies on the war in Viet e ows IPS • Nam and on the role of the stuStudents interested in apply1 Campus dent in the protest, said Fred ing for graduate school during Events "" assistant program adthe academic year 1967-68 mustl USF coeds have been invited VIsor. apply for grants and assistant The Stanford Friends of Fruit ships wen in advance. by Manuel Pendas, president of P . k th st f d c the Centro Espanol de Tampa, lC ers, e an or omm1t,g o m e graduate institutions M d By Campus Staff Writers William Brady radio coordineeded for behind the scene ing from public affairs, educa-tee in c on n e c t ion with the have a deadline of October 1966 2 .00 W on ay , W ld Qto partficiplaCte in the 1966-67 ' . d t . t Se al R"ght F tl C S • . p.m.-omen s or ueen o e entro Espanol conWUSF Broadcasting Systems nator. jobs in radio. bon, an en ertammen pro.xu t s orum, te ?mfor eptember fel"Fashion Designs," test. on campus although in developOpportunities of WUSF-TV are As the broadcasting programs gramming. mthletteset dfor and assistantship apCTR 252. The queen will receive a • . Th f 11 . Ch u en onv1o en oo 1p tcan s. 8 .30 PI "Th . mental stages are expanding limited at this time, but educagrow, students will be depended e new a senes on annation Committee and the StanC ll th Off" f Pl t p.m.-e Boy year scholarship to USF or $500 ' j 1 nel 16 WUSF-TV should make . ' a e Ice 0 a.cemen Fnend" TAT cash their operations to accommodate lhon mterns may m the near upon more and more to he P 1n f ' t! 1 f . . wth ford Committee for Peace in Services for more information T d• 0 . future be taped during performthe operation of WUSF radio or s tmu a tng Vl.ewmg. 1 . ues ay ne .vote will be counted for the demands. of the campus and ance in an imaginary classroom I and television systems. "Our the recent of the 50 c • 8 :30 p.m .-Plano Master Class each ticket sold for the Queen the commumty. I situation. After taping the in-programming cannot expand foot tower atop .the and ra tos 0 M . Concert, F f:H 101.' Ball, to be Oct. 1966. Proceeds Just what is in store for terns will be able to observe unless we have adequate per1 ,024 RivervieW tower, ver OIOrs 8.30 p.m.-Play,;Charleys the ball Will go to the SO WUSF's radio and television au-them s e 1 v e s in this realisj sonnel to fill these positions," an open Aunt, TAT. Clal funds .of el Ce.ntr? Espanol, dience depends on how you, the tic classroom setting. "The said Brady. statiOn m A I s d • . Wednesday .. a non-profit students will be involved. ! point behind this is to give the J WUSFradiobroadcastsabout truck rwhtch film n econ No Httter 6.00 For further Information, con-If performing is your prefintern an idea of what he will t 1o h d "W are special featu .es . . the • P ' tact Manuel Pendas at P.O. Box . . , . rune o ours a ay. . e campus and city will facilitate Patio. 5327 Tampa Fla erence, then there are several look hke to h1s students, satd hoping to continue w1th the t . p u " b 8 p m Play "Ernest Jn ' ' • f ld t b d Manny Lucoff tel o coor d apmg. rograms WI wen e B BOB BLOODWORTH f . open o you m roa dinator , evtst n same an. programs .. microwaved from the library Y were the. purpose of Love," TAT. g . 1 • . now have, satd Brady, b tower to the Riverview tower Sports Writer the seatmg m the double elimm-Thursday E S h d I lf your voice is pleasant then Maybe stage fright is your much depends on the avallaand then out to the homes ation tournament which begins 8:30 p.m.-Piano Master Class XGm C e U e WUSF-FM radio can put it to problem though and you prefer bility and interest of the peo. . . Tommy Sommer of Cratos today. Concert, FAH 101. work. There are openings for anto be behind the scene. Then ple." From 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 r te. the second no-Intermurals director Murphy 8:30 p.m.-Play "Arms and Set by Registrar nouncers, news personnel, and you might be interested in a.m. there are scheduled prolona rna. ena s WI 1 e 5 httte.r htstory of the Osborne is negotiating for a site the Man," TAT. disk jockeys. "We need people camera, audio , staging, or light-grams for the elementary school and mght and m-verstty s Six-year-old slow p1tch to hold a summer golf tourna-Friday with ability or at least potential ing work in the television area. child. Then from 1:5ftfielder saved Sommer in the only . . Interested parties should Aunt" TAT. "We don't know yet the !Jte . , sign up immediately at the in9:00 p.m.-Stere'o Dance, CTR number of hours we will broad Keck fielded Ph1l Flagler s tramurals office in Alpha hall. 248. cast," said Lucoff. one-hopper deep to short and ________ __.:. _______________ _ Closed circuit TV will still be threw him out with a perfect used on campus, aid ing in throw. Then on the last pl.ay of Physical Education, Humanithe game the Cratos leftf1elder ties, Theater Arts, and Educa-made a leaping, over-the-head tion courses. catch of a fiy ball off the bat Dutton Takes Leave To Teach in Texas of Neal Earls to preserve Som mer's no-hitter. The only previous no-hit game was in the summer of 1963 when a Faculty Flobs pitcher turned Dr. Richard E. Dutton, asso-in a perfect game aga inst Beta ciate professor of management, 2 West. has taken a one-year leave of Standings t h r o u g h last absence, effective in SeptemWednesday had Cratos in first her, to become a visiting asso-place and boasting a 2..0 won ciate professor of management lost record, PEM and KIO tied at the University of Texas, for second with identical 0-1 Austin. records and Beta 2 West holding Dr. Sutton will participate in down the cellar spot with no a new approach to teaching for wins in two attempts. The tie business administration students for second may well have been developed at Texas, using a hu-lbroken by the time you read man relations laboratory. This this as KlO and PEM had a laborator y method will translate date to do battle on Thursday the literature and experiments of last week and the results of the behaviorial sciences into were not available at deadline the context of business, and time. to develop teaching techniques All games through July 14 and training procedures which would most effectively commu'"'":::.""'""'""w'"'=' .• .<-<--=.-.w"'*"-"'.v''' nicate these ideas to students. August Grads: The "Human Relations Lab-E oratory" will enable the stu-Apply for GR S e n i o r s graduating l n August should report for the G r a d u a t e Record Exami nation on either Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. or Saturday at 8 :30 a.m. in Fine Arts-Human ities 101. Donations Given The registrar's office clar ified the dates of final exam inations for Trimester 111-B last week. Ron Killer, assist ant registrar, stated that Aug. 8 and 9 are to be reserved for B as i e Studies examinations and that all other finals will be given during the last class session prior to Aug. 8. lie also stated that this Is the procedure that was used ill Trimester III-A. -USF Pholo After impeachment, the SA Con stitution provides for a trial before the Student Court of Review. How ever, Grossman submitted his res ignation June 16. In Miss Phillips' case the court also felt that her procedural rights were violated during the impeachment proceed ings because "the resolution was introduced at a meeting not specif ically called for that purpose, and, the Court feels it was out of order and should have been declared out of order at the time of intro duction." According to Student Associa tion President John Harper, Miss Phillips has now resigned and no further action will be taken on the case. But now the IRS has come to the conclusion that a degree qualifies a teacher for a better job. The new rule will go into effect Jan. 1, providing public opposition and a public hearing doesn't con vince them otherwise. dents to experience and an alyze some of the dynamics of human behavior identified by1 social scientists which parallel the " kinds of problems they will face in the business world. In stead of simply hearing lectures about human relations PJ:ob lems, the students examine, for themselves, their own reactions as well as those of their class mates to actual situations, Sut ton said . The examination is a gradu ation requirement for all Lib a! Arts and Basic Studies seniors and will last about four hours. Mrs. Dorothy E. Harmon (center), president of the Parents-Teachers Council of Hillsborough County, is shown presenting checks of $100 each to Mrs. June Miller of the NDEA Scholarship Loan Fund and Dean Edwin P. Martin repre senting the Human Relation Organization. We thoroughly support the SA's actions in this case. Or at least their movement toward actions. But we think it rather ironical that they couldn't hold impeach ment proceedings for a member of the SA-who was accused of not meetings-because the prosecutiOn didn't show up. So if you think that the new rule is unfair or perhaps you're the sort who likes to send money to the government-they want your opinion. Although they didn't state a spe cific address-Or at least publicly -we think that you could reach them through their offices in Wash ington, D.C. Perhaps if you turn the heat on, they'll turn it off. THE CAMPUS EDITION ne O&mpua Edition ol the Tampa Tlm.. II written and edited IIJ' atudent. at lhe Unlnrslty of South Florida. Editorial Ylewa exprellled herem are not neeenarlly those of the USF admlnlatrallon, faenlt:r or of the Tampa Tim ... Offle .. : UC University ef Soalh Florl4a, Tampa, Fla., 33620. Phone 98lH131, ext. 1119. Newa cop:r •ea411De Ia 1 p.m. Weclneada7 for Monda7 llublieatlon. Lettora to U.e e4Jtor deadline 11 5 p.m. Mon .. , fer the followlns MondaJ. Barry Balgle:r . . . • • • . • . • . . • . . . . . . • • • • • . . . . . . • • • • • • • • • . . . . . . . . . . Editor John Alston ..••••••...•.•..••....•.•........•• , •. , .. Managing Editor Prof. Yates .•••••••••••••••••.••••..•••.•••.•.•.•••••••• Adviser "I ... 'Nothing Notes' From the Editor By HARRY HAIGLEY The university began work on Crescent Hill a few weeks ago, but a recent develop ment has caused much specu lation on campus. Wednesday, the Mainte nance Department began re moving the now famous foun tain which had rested there in quiet, gushing dignity since last year. When it was first installed, some here seemed to resent its presence, though we doubt if the fountain ever really did anything to them. And then it was gone-at least, for a while and be cause the reason wasn't really obvious it seemed as if specu lation ran wild for a while. One rumor sliding around campus was that oil had been discovered under the hill and the university was installing a derrick and was going to use the oil to power the physi cal plant. ANOTHER RUMOR which bubbled up was that there was a volcano under the hill and they were taking the foun tain off to relieve a tremen dous pressure that had gath ered there. One physics major remarked that the pressure was just a lot of cold gas that had been drawn to the spot by the large amounts of hot air which pass over the hill daily. Still another student beefed that the university's mascot, a Brahman bull, had died and they had chosen Crescent Hill as its final resting place. It was only too appropriate, he said. One group we overheard said that it was quite obvious. The Civil War Round Table Club had discovered that the hill was the site of an obscure Civil War battle and had de manded that the university dig up the Confederate cannons and restore them BlueGray glory, to their ONE FELLOW, without any imagination, declared in a secretive manner that there was pirate treasure buried un der the foundation and they were "gonna dig up the dough." A rather anemic looking fel low who said he was from the state purchasing commission said that they had discovered that a company named "The Cleaner Dirt Company" had made a lower bid on "creating" the hill and they were removing it until they could decide who should be awarded the contract to build it. He also commented that they were going to hold a prebid conference and decide on the exact specifications of the Hill-an issue which had been the reason for the re-bidding. "It seems that the hill was supposed to have two foun tains , " he said. ONE FELLOW who said he was a university administra tor, with an armload of ledg ers, declared that it was an economy move by the univer sity and that they were going to retrieve all the pennies that had been thrown in the foun tain. But none of these specula tions was true; the universit y is merely making the hill pret tier for us'n illiterates. * * • There are some service vet erans on campus who aren't interested in going back to ac tive duty witil Uncle Sam, and this was adeptly illustrated by one we talked to last week. He said he had just gotten out, was now a student here and had received a post card asking "if he was interested in going back on active duty." The service-grad said that without a moment's consider ation, he turned the postcard over and wrote: "Dear Sir, "Yes I have considered re entering the service. I have also considered howling at the moon. However I assure you I shall do neither." A quick re-addressing of the postcard and a new stamp and the reply was on its way to the recruiter. * * * Another little note of inter est: Maybe we spoke too soon. Last week the Campus Edi tion ran a short item saying that there were few "bugs" going around this summer and it appeared that the summer session was illness-free. But this week three mem bers of the Campus Edition came down with something of another. After being well sup plied with drugs of various sorts, they coughed, sneezed and w h e e z e d their way through this issue. I !f i I be wi ch pi o! w e OJl ti< R1 ru bi p 0 c ti m j j


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