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The Tampa times
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The Tampa times.
p USF Campus edition.
n Vol. 74, no. 146 (July 25, 1966).
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The Tampa times.
University of South Florida campus edition
Tampa, Florida :
b [Tribune Publishing Company]
July 25, 1966
University of South Florida
x Newspapers.
Hillsborough County (Fla.)
Tampa (Fla.)
University of South Florida.
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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I . . t SEYENTY -FO RTH YEAR-No. Jtt6 TAMP L\. FLORIDA. MONDAY, J (JL Y 25, 1966 PRICE FIVE CENTS New Housing Complex I I Scheduled for Next Year I • n Vocation School Coming For Unskilled Tampans More off-campus housing will, plete." Construction is ex-Each of the rooms is divided I other facilities runs from a low A University of Sout11 Florincreasing numbers or these though special training and skills needed for employment be provided for USJ1' students peeled to begin t his September by a desk-dresser combination of $925 for nine months at West ida "Lcaming Center" will be young people find they have no early placement on the job is in tertain categories will be with completion of a 13-and will take approximately one which gives each of the stu-Virginia to a high of $1,300 for opened in downtown Tampa "saleable" skill, resulting in unan immediate concern, he said, ananged with agencies already story housing complex on Flctyear. in the room some privacy. nine months at Santa Barbara, next month to aid school employment or undercmploy-1 the development of care c r working ln Tampa. cher in . The completely air condition-The projects are designed which is the firm's most plush graduates who lack skills need-ment. plans-what the person wants Jaeschke emphasized that UnJvCL'Sity sard the 1 ed carpeted student houswith the ground level contain-tudent housing facility. ed for employment. I "We hope to demonstrate," to doing in 10. 20 or 30 years there will be no grades or for-plans for pnvate proJeCt to mg wtll be ope.rated. the ing common rooms sucb as the The rental Iigure includes the The center will be operated he said, "that through occupa-wrll be of equal concern. mally scheduled classes. The provtde housrng for 800 students j management servtccs diVISIOn of cafeteri a recreation area and cost of meals and no optional during the coming year with a tiona! exploration, counseling After examination of his abilcounseling and instruction will off-campus were carried for-Allen Bros. and O'Hara, Elder I laund Y ' plan is offered. $459,223 grant from the U.S., and training, people formerly ities, a student's interests and be very much individualized. ward "with full knowledge and said. r f Department of Labor. The grant ccmsidered unemployable may aptitudes will determine his Thus, students who take the eooperatlon of tile untversl'ty." I"e saJd dest'gn of tile TaJnpa The contracting irm is comSeparate stairwells and eleUSF L . C t .. " 1 was accepted for the university become productive members of training and experiences at the earmng en et• course The housl .llg complex •v1'll be unt ' t 1's not yet completed but P. leting six projects to be. opened vator:s. provide a complete segill b l ed a Ing lengtl1 ' d by the State Board o f Regents society." USF Center. Counsele1s will w e mvo v v ry s Operated ... , t11 the same re<>ula1't "vt'll be sJ'mtlat to o[f-campus m September to provt e offregat10n of the sexes except on r 1 f fe k t ' " "' ' t g last week in GainesThe ptogram will be closely help determine his potential, o une rom a w wee s o t).Ol1S as 011-campus housrng . houst'ng berng opened adJ'acen t campus housing for 5 ,000 stu-the commo n level. mee 111 sevetal n1011ths dents from North Carolina to I vll1e tied to the major types of em-what he wants to be doing in Rent at the off-campus project to six other campuses in the 1 C lif . 1 Elder sa1d total project cost, Jaeschke, USF educa-ployment available in the Tam-future years, and then, how best The pr:ofessor anticipates a runs about 20 to 25 per cent nation by the firm this Sepa orma. including architect fees. financto get there. professional staff of 18 people hl.gher than on-catnpus housJno" tember. All the housing complexes ing costs, and land is tion professor who will direct pa area. k' t tl t 'th h 1 ! • ., the Learning Center, said the Jaeschke emphasized that the Various common skills needwor mg a 1 e cen er, WI sec• Robert Elder executive vice The basic de$ign for other ave communa swImmIng at $3 . 5 million . t , t .t. .11 b h' 1 . b . d ed 110 Jnatter \"Ita' 11.11e of \\ 'ork rctarial and janitorial support• . ' 1 Eld 'd Th T cen er s ac 1v1 tes w1 e speprogram w 1c 1 1s emg un er, " president of Allen Bros. and umts has been a four-student poo. sal . e The venture is privately Iicially tailored to come to grips taken through the Center for is planned will be taught at the ing staff. . . O'Hara Inc., Memphis general suite with ' two students living facJhty wtll have an outside' nanced through the Northwest-with the problems troubling Continuing Education will be USF Center. These include such I The center Will be . able to contractors, said the negotia-1 in each of two rooms with a 1 pool. ern Mutual Life Insurance Co. , many high school graduates in experimental in both its imme-things as reading and computa-handle 120 and tions "are 99.9 per cent comconnecting bath. 1 The current range of rents at of Milwaukee. 1 t iona! ski'lls. speciali'zed 8.0 evemng. . stude.nts at one Hillsborough County. Each year 1 d1ate and ong-range goals. Aln time and It lS antiCipated that 'Boy Friend' a Hit As 1Arms1 Bombs ---------------------------------------about 500 will be "graduated" No April Sale Aegean Orders Now Being Taken during the first year. A site in downtown Tampa is now being negotiated for the center. After a sound basis for futwe programs has been estab lished, possibly at the end of the first year, continued oper ation of the center may be turned over to the new Hillsbor ough County Junior College, the Adult Education Program, the :By ELECTRA SUTTON Campus Staff Writer All four plays in USF sum mer festival have been receiv ed with enthusiasm by large audiences. "Charley's Aunt" has been the favorite and was sold out for last Saturday two days af ter opening night. "The Boy Friend" also sold out quickly for its first Saturday night performance. "Ernest In Love" is a well constructed and enjoyable mu sical, bui "Arms and the Man" was slow and difficult to follow. "Charley's Aunt" can be seen Wednesday, "Ernest In Love'' on Thursday: "Arms and the Man" on Friday and .. The Boy Friend" tomorrow and Saturday. "Arms And The Man" The f i r s t productiort of •'Arms and the Man" had all the elemet,ts or a good but it didn't "come off." It was flat. With the exception of Harlan Foss, the actors looked as though they were waiting for cue lines and responding to them with practiced, unimag inative lines and action. However, they all seemed to haYe the potential to do a good job and perhaps the next performances will improve. Harlan Foss a s Captain Bluntscbli was the only one who played a character: all the others played themselves or a one dimensional aspect of their character. Swan-like Anne Phillips as Raina was an appropriate type for her part except that her scope seemed limited, especially when she was to change character after Bluntschli discovers her. The elements that clouded any good action were the dia lects. Because of the dialects almost all of the lines essential to the plot or wit were killed. Not only did the dialect make the lines unintelligible, but each actor had a different version of them and so the whole foreign effect was made ridiculous_ Perhaps the inept attempt to bring "Arms and the Man" down to a cute, farcical level from its higher level of intel lectual satire was the reason for its failure. "The Boy Friend" "The Boy Friend" is more like a night club review with leggy chorus girls, buffoons, and sentimental songs than a play . The carefree jazz age of the '20's was recreated very well and the audience frequently interrupted the action to ap plaud well-done charlestons, waltzes, soft shoe routines, ballets and songs. One girl, Mary Ann Bently as Masie, was especially successful in in portraying the '20's flavor. Her round. "who me?" eyes and zany chnlestons were a favorite wiU1 the audience. Howevet•, the play was so unsubstantial that it served only to 1ie the dances and songs together. It was supposed to be a spoof on sentimental, frivolous plays about love. but it was played so straight that the satire was lost. Two actors. Joy deBartolo, as Madame Dubonnet, a n d Jack H. Harris, as Percival Browne, were the only actors who exaggerated their parts well enough to convey the idea of a spoof. The 1967 Aegean, USF's year-number of pages, in use of area vocational-technical school, book, will not be sold at dis-color, and by the addition of a or some other county agency. tribution time next April, the hard cover, the cost-per-copy Professor Jaeschke said that Office of Campus Publications has also increased greatly. "If the university feels this pro recently announced. we overestimate the printing or-gram should be available to jun Students, faculty and staff der by only 150 copies, we will ior colleges throughout the may reserve copies from now have spent more than $1,000 we state. until Jan. 10 upon payment of could have saved," he said. $1, in CTR 224. There will be no "If we underestimate by only Harper further charge. one copy, we may disappoint a Books will be mailed to any student who is entitled to buy address next April for an addia copy at the subsidized price tional postage charge of 50 cents. of only $1. He has indirectly Asks For The advance reservation plan purchased a book through his was inaugurated for the 1967 student activity fee payment" yearbook because the book this he added. ' year was sold ou t Sam Nuccio Jr .• editor of the N D t and the drd not the 1967 Aegean, is planning a 248 ew ep • demand. copres of to 252 page book, with 16 pages the 2.500 otdered were sold dur-of full color Selection f t • ing the first week of distribu-d t f t ff 0 .t.s u Student AssocJation President tion last Apri1. a number of stuOt' s t ll pAost John Harper announced that dents were unable to purchase 71 e rna. e .te1d1s fa pllp leta-he will ask the SA legislature copies of the 1966 issue dtonts awreithlnVl .,1 romt a .s u -Wednesday night to set up a en s or Wll 1ou prev1ous f c Af , Dr. Arthur M, Sanaerson. di-yearbook expetJPnce o ornmj.lter _ • rector of Campus Publications, !airs. said that "when we discovered Harper said he will ask how fast the '66 Aegeans were Seniors To Sit legislature to amend the by-selling during the first three For Portraats laws to set up the new depart-days, we held back a hundred ment. copies and distribu ted them Th d • CTR "Everybody knows and everylater on a priority basis, first to urs ay an body has talked about the com-graduating seniors. But even Senior portraits for• the muter problem out here," he -Photu b:r Anthon:r Zappone these books were gone in the 1967 Aegean will be taken said, "and I think making a Commenting On Stanford USF graduate Bob Ashford spoke to a group of about 125 persons at a Cof fee Hour last Wednesday in CTR. He outlined the major differences between USF and Stanford University in California where he is now a student. f ollowing week or 10 days." Thursday, July 28, in Uni-committee responsible for workSanderson noted that in past versity Center 221 for August ing out these problems is better years, the printing ordet• had 1966 gaduates. Beverly Stuthan just talking about it." to be estimated four or five dios of Tampa will be on Harper said that the Uni• months in advance. Now that campus from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. versity of Miami, which' has a the book has increased in the to take the pictures. similar problem, has a com Ashford Tells Dl.fferences Later dates will be schedmutet• department which is d uled for December and April working well. Group To Stu y graduates. The basic goal of the depart There is no charge for the ment, as outlined by Harper, I St f d USF ld Alcoholism On sitting. would be to try to involve the n an 0 r I ea S If you will not be on cam-commuter in extracurricular ac-e N pus July 28 you may have tivities of the University. fore some 125 persons who at-as someone goes beyond these am pUS OW your portraits made at Bev-Harper listed possible duties erly Studios by making an of the department could be tended the session. sources they're termed a 'radi-The three-day Alcoholics Studappointment either at their "serving as a clearing-house for :By JOHN ALSTON Managing Editor Registration Faster For New Students "In Florida we tend to see the role of the university as one of political neutrality while at Stanford professors outspoken in their beliefs are not looked down upon." Discussing the "New Left"-cal.'" ies Conference at USF will end S p Tampa or t. e tersburg stua1-ranging car pools and per-which he said was difficult if "I'm no t saying all the propatomorrow. dios before Aug. 6. haps sponsoring 'commuter not impossible to adequately de-ganda back there is true but the The West Central Regional Drapes will be p 1 ovided nights' at the University with fine-and protest movements, mere fact that someone referred Florida School of Alcoholic Studfor women, but no jewelry or a dance or entertainment spe Ashford said that anti-war pro-to it as 'trash' is indicative of ies meeting here, is a branch of h air ornaments are to be cifically for the commuter." testors "are not merely a bunch what I'm talking about." the state-subsidized Florida AI\\ orn. Women should wear Harper said he envisions a of bearded beatniks." He re'l'he literature included copies coholic Rehabilitation Program skirts and blouses. department staffed by repre-Thus Bob Ashford, USF grad-ported that even housewives of "Ramparts." a leftist maga-which is set up to study alcoho l-Appropdate dress for men sentatives of various councils :By :B. B. BOVELL Campus Staff Writer USF used a new "no packets" r;ystem for pre-enrollment of in coming freshmen and transfer r;tudents this summer. When the program ended July 21, 1.400 freshmen and 400 transfer students bad been emolled. Under this system, no packets were issued and no fees collected. These steps have been deferred until Aug . 15, according to Dr .. Frank H. Spain Jr., USF registrar, and Ronald L. Keller, assistant registrar. Following orientation counselStudent Injured In Mishap Sheri Kirk-patrick Winegarner, a USF student, was seriously injured whe11 her small foreign car struck the left rear of a parked cement-mixer. The truck was parked on the shoulder of Fletcher Avenue and 22nd Street, when h e r Volkswagen hit the truck, said the Highway Patrol. She was listed in poor con dition at Tampa General Hospital last week. Late last night, she was re pmted in fair conditign. Driver of tbe truck, Irving Tony Brown, of rural Tampa, had left the vehicle, said a witness. Charges are pending, ac cording to the Highway Patrol. Mrs. Winegarner a n d her husband Chester, also a USF 6tudent, live in rural Tampa. ' ing , these students had only to uate and currently a. joined in a march on a napalm zine, "Viet-Report," . c h ism. Special Programs are being is a dark suit coat, dark tie such as the interfraternity prepare their schedule stu?ent University ln plant 1 o cat e d near Redwood vouches strong oppos1tion to presented for people interested (no bow or string tie) and Council, the Sports Council, and Pull course cards bundle the Caliiorma, pmpomted some of City (Continued on Page 2, Col. 8) in wotking with alcoholics. white shirt. others. ' . the differences between Stan. . . ----------------------------:..-------------.!.:::._::..:.::.:_ _________ _ two together and -that's 1t! f d d USF He sa1d that Stanford 1s VItally Card bundles were then left at or an . involved in many issues and the Registrar's Office. Ashford was the mam speaker added that the Stanford admin-. at a Coffee Hour sponsored by J'b • l Th1s procedure according to tl U . 't C t S . 1 Istrahon lS very 1 e1a m 1ts Keller eliminated the cash-regis-Ele t mvCersi en,;; d pecdta control of student organizations . ' ven s omm1 ee vve nes ay ter bottleneck, thus speeding in CTR 252 . 1 "1'\o student no these new students through with C . . tl l'b . I' matter how radiCal, has even a minimum of frustration and 01f 1 been refused space or had its wasted time. it:n 1 : h. 1 . la literature or displays reviewed .pos Ions IC mig e con-by a faculty adviser." At the same time, the registrar's staff maintained its nor mal duties while student assistants manned the booths in the ballroom. The staff also has sufficient time, under this procedure, to compile packets between now and August, said Keller. When these students return in the fall, they will simply pick up their packets and course card bundles and pay their fees, 1 Keller said. I Students were favorably impressed with tbe campus and j student body, and several com mented that the orientation and pre-enrollment program h a d been very helpful in introducing them to their new university. Growing Pains? See Page 18 USF is now in the midst of some $15 million in construction to meet the needs of its growing enrollment. Pictures and story on page 17 by Anthony Zappone capture some of the growing pains as they are at present showing the progress of the University and plans for development. s1dered radical or .hberal here Political activism on the part rat USF) are considered mod-f f d t d t , o pro essors an s u en s 1s erate there. . not frowned upon at Stanford, Student regulatiOns are also according to Ashford. more liberal, he said, and re"The notion that a university ported that alcoholic b .everages and its professors should reare allowed on campus and wom-main neutral in pressing issues en's regulations are more re-is not only not held," he said, laxed. "but rejected at Stanford." Ashford covered a variety or The political climate of San topics in his 30-minute talk be-Francisco is essentially favorViet Reports Pictured above is some of the literature on Vietnam that was disp1ayed during Bob Ashford's talk last week • • able to the liberal movements, he said and added that this was true even on the "ayerage'' level. A simple grocery clerk in San Francisco is probably more liberal than his counterpart here in Tampa. Even extremism. he said, is viewed as being not harmful and even necessary in order for there to be a meaningful dialogue on topics. L i t e r a t u r e that Ashford brought back from S tanford was displayed on a table before the meeting and drew some sharp comments from the audience when the meeting was opened for questions. In reply, Ashford l1it he termed the "communications gap." "Ask someone if they think everything is reported by the news services or if they think the New York Times, HuntleyBrinkley. Time and Newsweek, report all the news and they'll say ' No, not always' but as soon Upward Bound at USF; An Experiment in Living By HARRY HAIGLEY And LARRY BACH Upward Bound is a program designed to interest students from low-income families in going to college. One month ago, the program located here and brought Tampa Bay area high school stu dents to the University for just that purpose. But whether or not it will accomplish its goal of getting the students to college is yet to be seen. Right now, the program is an experiment in living for the 200 students of which about 80 per cent are Negro and the rest \\'bile. The students live on campus and attend specially designed classes here. They arc in Alpha hall and live in rooms with members of both races. Their classes, too, are totally integrated. These students, Jt appears to us. are in the process of realizing the worth of each other and themselves. We talked to some of these students in an effort to understand what they feel and what they are experiencing. To us, they seemed both mobile and interest ing. They can talk 011 any subject and do. But right now, their interests aren't really any dif ferent from any other high school student's. The boys talk about girls and the girls talk about boys. Their range of intellectual activity is varied and stimulating. They talk about the war in Vietnam, family problems. race problems, social problems of the nation, birth con trol-or just about' anything else you can name. A few were hesitant to talk to us, but the n1ajority were more than willing to express their views. The first subject that came to their minds when we asked what they were interested in, was their complaints, and these boiled down to two. First in their minds was the food. Some just don't like it. Said one girl: "We feel that the government is being cheated. It's true that some of us don't eat this well at home, but I don't think ihat we're getting what the govern ment is paying for. I think they are getting 86 cents for each meal we eat.'' Others expressed the same complaint, but said that the food was getting better. The second was a 10:30 curfew on weekday nights, but even here some felt that it was fair and didn ' t really object to it. Their classes are structured around five basic areas: science, behavioral science, English, humanities and social problems. To those we talked to, social problems was their favorite subject. In the classes the group, with the guidance of the instructor, decides what their topic for discussion will be for each week. Sometimes they work from day to day and others from week to week in deciding what issue they'll take up next. The students said that there is no mandatory attendance at their classes, but everyone goes anyway. "The program make you want to learn," said one. One thing that every student was quick t o agree on was that the program had helped them. Every student we talked to said that they had learned a great deal from being here and being in Upward Bound. Every student in the program asked to be there and all are enthusiastic about it. (Continued on Page 2, Col. 4) I


THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, July 25, 1966 University Center Plans l nclude Panel on LSD Anyone Going to FAH? I•" Ben system! Better Take Campus Map! Soonl}l M By ANTHONY ZAPPONE couldn't. He talked about the retaries who hate to give ow m Students, disgruntled abouttf Campus Staff Writer depression and how lucky we secrets when their boss is away @th e . way the bells Many people have complained students are to have such nice We figured Hill was over in the Nactmg lately, rece1ved about how the rooms are num-building s to study in. He said FAH looking for a room, so we last week .as an bered over in the Fine Artswe shouldn't complain about didn't expect him back for a . \lneer from the Humanities Building . People like the green freshmen . . Another call was placed to the h t 'th th d t F ' t 1 'h 1 '11 r t "'' t th t bl <:::; ' . • He finally admitted that he . Jcs: LSD" will be the subject t a , WI e reqUire. rna en. Irs pace wm.ners m c e P orers WI per orm a re urn Mpo1n e rou e. . g here on campus for reg1strat1on . . architect of the Board of Re of "Viewpoint" Wednesday at 2 p . m . in University Center (CTR ) 252. als, an advanced chemistry stuIII-B .Bndge Tourney appearance as the band for the H The bells stopped have said the only reason they was more mtelhgent than gents. He said he didn't have dent can manufacture the drug were Bill Boglio and Warren Combo P .arty on Saturday at non July 13, but upo n would flunk out of college would ;.0 was the reason he c.:.t time to worry about su ch things in a lab, authorities say. Felkel. Second place winners 9 p.m. in CTR 248. This group #July 18 , !Physical plant of-f,: be because they couldn't find h md Is around .. It 1 d 1 d like door numbering when h e R w lt d B b h d 1 d 1 d th k th , .. ,, . ave anythmg to do with t 1e e. Psychedel.!Cs have recently da an . o . re ease Is ne;:vT:o . @ their classroor:;: f pression after all. He suggested wa s worrying about November'2 The discussion will be ap pro-ached from three standpoints by professionals who have had experience in dealin g with psychedelics. come to notice as a "drug prob anz, L lr B P kace WidnnAers Dcurren fy pthanmdng o e r. f':ltnh of. t e p;o elm. d blS Ist# Th?se atten mg conven wn.s, that we call the architect who gubernatorial election . He did !em" on large college were ary ou ar er an nn ress or e IS school e Irs re lear a ou y meetings a n d m desi ned the F AH B uildin . say that t he F AH Building woulcl campuses. Timothy Leary, forMulder. Trophies were awarded clothes and admiSSIOn is 50 #the. bells, Charles Butler ,: FAH can never fmd rooms. g . . g not be renumbered until the mer Harvard professor, and his for first and second places. cents per student. w.;assistant physical plant They're told to look at the floor The architect sa1d the rooms building wa s torn down and 8 experimentation with LSD and told the Campus Edition.)11 plan which is on of the were numbered perfectly and he new one built. marijuana has also added an Ed R Off N The bells controlled walls but when they fmd the saw why anyone could Then we decided that the stu• Dr. Joseph Lupo, consulting psychiatrist for the Developmental Center here, will sPeak on psychedelics as they relate to the psychological experience and effects. element of controversy. The Je-eso u rces e r SWitcher m:j:; roo m number on t he floo; plan no.t fmd hiS way aroun?, He ad-dents ought to make a petition gal problem associated with gthe mamtenance bu1ldmg and go to where the room Is supmitted. late; that architects are to have the doors renumbered. LSD is that there were no Jaws declined to say wheth-]j posed to be it is.n't there. v.ery mt.ell!gent and they can An organization called the USF limiting its use by individuals. I n form at •. 0 n F •. , m s the trouble. there. or@ This reporter, sympa-fmd . their way anywhere. . Fine Arts Humanities D 0 0. The three members of the w n one of the leadmgq thetic With all those ThiS called ReOllmbering s 0 c i e t y wa9 symposium will contribute to %t o campus buil dings. He aswho were unable to fmd their Director. Clyde Hill s of -formed and the first meeting John Burton, assistant state attorney, will approach the d iscussion from the legal stand point, and Dr. T. W. G. Solo mons, asFistant professor of chemistry, will speak as a chemist who has worked with similar drugs in an experimental laboratory situation. the eneral knowledge on this , . . ;pured that the trouble would!t}: classrooms, called around t o and asked if were was to have taken place in com:aratively new social and Is "Every Dog . a by the found corrected asl: fin d out why the rooms were H1s secretary said he wasn t F AH 278. Nobody could find t h e legal phenome non , said the or are you making a deciSion said Miss Kathy R1ensoon as possible. W numbered the way are. there we asked her th,e room so the organization fizzled Special Events Committee , spon-on "Going Steady?" del, director. . . % Several department .heads:n ': man over at Plant numbermg system. She t It was the first time some of us f th nt . . . If a requested film 1 s not in i[:Were reported t o have Issuedfj said he could fmd h1s w a Y say whether she anythmg felt sorry for the Young Repub sor 0 e eve . The USF DIVISIOn .Edu.castock, Mrs. Mary Ann Crum, [@memorandums to instructors@ around the building and he saw about numbermg, but she licans. Film Feature Resour.ces ?as m 1ts film booking secretary f 0 r the lithat they di smiss stu@ no reason why anyone e 1 s e was no d1fferent from most sec-At any rate, it was never deThe account of how Rocky library the pJctonal .to brary, can order the mov ie. on time, even though[ termined exactly who numbered G . 1 1 these and other questwns of m. . :wth b 11 t f d ,.,,, I Most psychedelic drugs are considered to be physiologically non-habit formi ng, according to authorities. All of these drugs produce hallucinations and a degree of depersonalization which can result in a loss of ego boun daries or a dissociation from physical structure. LSD, (lysergic acid diethylamide), is the most potent of the psychedelics. raZ!ano overcame a aw ess . . W 1 th the closmg down of the :lij e e s are ou o or er.;:: s t• the rooms over there smce no be gi nning and wins self-respect terest to the umversJty and Florida Institute for Continued tWThis was due to students'% u m mer I me s one would take the credit for it. and acclaim as middleweight the commumty . University Studies < FICUS) in [{complaints that they werell But everybody said the rooms champion of the world is appr oTwelve hundred films on subSt. Petersburg last year '502 Mlate for other classes. would stay the way they are priately titled "Somebody Up jects ranging from accident films were transferred to USF. m Butler said his office has:J Travelt.tme for 3 because if anybody corrected There Likes Me" and is this prevention to zoology are availThe Florida PTA also donated [&done all they can to correctj[ them they wou l d be automatic• week's University Center film able to responsible pe1 sons or its library of 187 films to USF tjthe bell situat ion and that{ ally telling the wor ld that they feature. Paul Newman, Pier o rganizations. Presently on 1 Y last summer. !!!the Simplex Time System en-)11: . . . . . were responsible for the way and Sal Mineo play roles university of ficials, or Elliot Hardaway, dean of Inwill remain on . Js a tune for goJune for eight weeks. He will the doors are numbered in 10 th1 s story of the transformaon campus may request films structional Services said he M untJl the bells resume sat1s-q mg. Seveul of the be a of the ?f FAH. tion of an obnoxious East Side f rom the Educational Resources h th f'l l'b ' .11 i'Hactorily. :',:< USF faculty are JOimng the Aspen Institute for HumamstJc ---------opes e 1m 1 rary WI soon ''x :.y , t th Stud' Th' th d f in the basement be as large and mobi e socie Y IS Ime Ashford It has been estimated that two pounds of LSD, if distributed equitably, co u 1 d intoxicate every person in greater New York for 8 hours. The chemical . . . . as the one at the Umvers1ty . H s h 1 • • • film Will .be shown Friday an? of California which is probably . Dr. Wilham . c euer. e, (Continued from Pa e Saturday In Fine Arts, HumaOlPROJECTIONISTS and equipthe largest in the nation. The 'W-G PIUS 3' sis.tant professor. of English , Is g 1) ties (FAH) 101. Admission is ment for on-campus presentaUSF library has grown from gomg to Boston m a American policy In Vietnam, 25 cents. This movie is sponlions are provided free of charge 250 films in 1964 to some 1,225 En I. oyed By from t?e Amencan PhtloCampus and several "Anti-Vietnam" leafnow soph1cal Society. E lets which displayed a picture h I . USF St d t The grant is to help him finvents of what was purported to be the IT T . I p G. u en s ish his book on lhe 19th Century bodies of a Vietnamese mpther earn ea . c lng an IVes se:t By MARTHA SORENSEN novelist, Henry Kingley. and child burned beyond recog-the be ginning of each term. The Staff Writer Scheurle, who will be in Boston nition by American napalm. S d C I E catalog is a lso available to in-The Umersity patio three weeks, will check first edi-M d Ashford said he would leave tu ents ass Xper•e e terested schools, clubs, and civic was the place .. The time tions of America n and B ritish On ay copies of the literature with . I n c organizations which may rent :;ednesday July 20. novels in research for his book. 8:30 p.m.-Play "Arms and Fred Jenkins, assistant program films at a slight charge. PTA W-G plus 3 Jazz .group. Dr. Jack B. Moore, assistant the Man,'' TAT. adviser and that it would be Dr. Jean A . Battle, dean of of 30 students, one faculty mem-ing, in which the student-groups may order at no charge. An ever-ch.angmg audience of professor of English, is going Wednesday available in CTR 156 East. the College of Education, has ber and one teaching assistant teacher can combine theory and This fee varies with individual about 50 sat ID the dusk, smoked to Princeton for a week in June. 2 p.m. All University Coffee Some i11 the audience were devised a new "Teacher-Train-each. Each team is an instruc-practice of education. films. Most cost between $2 and and talked, enjoying the hour He will do some consultation Hour, UC 252. critical of Ashford's talk, and ing Concept," which seeks to tiona! and experimental re-The student-teacher will learn $7. With this money the library and a half program which in-work on the Advanced Place1 " Charley's one said that "You haven't said :integrat e theory and practice of search taskforce, and will pro-to teach, instead of just hear-is to hire and train student eluded such popular numbers as ment Program in English and p.m. p ay anything concrete." education. It would get the v ide a program for school pU-ing lectures on the subject. assistants to work as projection"The Shadow of Your Smile," examinations for the Education TAT. Ashford replied that "The student-teacher into the school pils assigned to their team. He will be able to take part ists and technicians. "Call Me," "Quiet Nights," and al Testing Service. Friday point oi this discussi o n is for as a member of a teaching team 5. Whole classes, or indivi1 h d' th Films, including a complete Dave Brubeck's "Take Five." Dr. Robert L. Zetler, director 7:30 p . m. CTR Movie: you to examine the means by -at the same time he i s study-dual pupils, from primary and n researc stu Ies on e set of Encyclopedia Brlttanl'ca On the progam also were two and professor of language-liter"Somebody Up There Likes which you hold the position you ing theories and principles of secondary sc hools, may be educational processes. Films, are available on all edu-numbers by the group's leader, ature, is going to Colorado in Me , " FAH 101. do now." ;"struction. brought to the Instructional He will be able to make ed-Frank Westby-Gibson, who plays 8.30 p.m. _ Play "Arms and Ashford' s speech was punc ""' t t d t cational levels . They may be Part of this program is going Center for as Ion" as one uniuca IOn an exici mg a ven ure bass. Others in the group are Free Charts Now th e man," TAT. tuated by interruptions from a • f th d f h' If rented for outside use by mail On now at USF, a more comversity term at a time. 0 e mm -or Imse as David Amaral, on sax, Nei! Lar-small band of hecklers but the 11 f h . . 1 and a two-day rental period is p "d d b WUSF S t d plete program is being formu-Leadore D. Dubois, assistant we as or IS pup! s. usually specified . sen at the piano, and Harold rOVI e Y a Ur ay majority of the audience related by Dean Battle. "We are professor of education, who is He will learn how to think Harms, on drums. A free 1966 Hurricane Infor7 : 30 p.m. CTR Movie: mained quiet. going into it gradually,'' he said. active in the new program, said instead of what to think -and The Bradenton group will be mation and Tracking Chart is "Somebody Up There Likes General reaction was prob-about 30 students are taking pass on to pupils. FOR LITTERBUGS remembered by all those who available to all University memMe," FAH 101. ably best summed up by onereSUGGESTED procedures for part in th program now under-He Will use subJect matter as For the convenience of stu-attended a similar "Way-Out bers. The charts are provided 8:30 p.m. Play "The Boy mark heard by a departing -the new teacher training are:. way at USF. More will become tools for his pupils to I earn dents, the USF maintenance and Coffee Hour" in Trimester III-A. by WUSF-FM radio and may Friend, " TAT. tator that "it was interesting but 1. The both theoretactive in it when the program more about themselves , others, g r o u n d s departments have April "W-G plus 3" par-be picked up in the library 9 p.m.-Combo Party, "Lewis -it descended into a 'you 're a ic:al and practical aspects, to be is instituted at Bay Campus and t he universe -that they, placed six new trash baskets on ti ated in the new Mobile Jazz basement and at the University Clark & The ')!:xplorers,'' CTR liar! no, you 're a liar' thing carried. out in the College of this fall, he said. may be able to view life as a campus. Festival. Center desk. t!)o quickly." Education classrooms, In the whole. Instructional Center for Chil. ONE ASPECT oi the program dren and Adolescents, and in mentioned by Dubois was that THE FINDINGS of these exthe public school classrooms. student-teachers, wo rking di-perimentations and special pro2. The student-teacher would rectl y with public school pupils, jects would be made available spend part of each day in the learn to identify various teach-to the schools of Florida. public schoo l classroom, work-ing problems and can get help program would b.e. m ore ing with a teaching team comwith them. and m.ore individual-posed of the student, h i s Col"He may bring the youngster bec ause it Is not tied to a lege of Education major pro-directly to the USF TV Studio," rigid course-oriented curricfessor, a teaching assistant or Dubois said, "and make a record ulum. a school classroom teacher. The of his teaching experience on The ell'!phasis would be more of Education professor TV tape, and later have it re-on learmng tha':l on. grades. will be in charge of the team. viewed by professors in the Dean Battle said this program 3 Student-teachers would be teaching units." would not be centered around into large instruc-The primary p u rpose of this "teacher-talk" but would be tiona! units of about 120, who new program, according to Dea n cente:ed more .around student are preparing for the same Battle, is to educate teachers wntten teaching spec iali zation. Four who will be intellectual leaders observatiOns, and cnhc1sm of college faculty members and of the schools . student learning. performance. I four teachi n g assistants would Possible advantages of the asked 1f the new con-be assigned to each unit. new program are: cept mtght someday replace the traditional ''observation and i n4. EACH LARGE unit would IT WILL provide teachingternship" teacher training, Dean be .sub-divided into four teams hospital type laboratory train-Battle said that it could. Congratulations We would lik e to congrat ulat e all of tho se connected with Upward Bound here. From the impressions we have received the program is well run, well co nducted and most important of all it is providing a vital contribution to the University and the nation. The studen t s are motivated and intelligent. They are serio u s about livin g and learning. They attend classes when they don' t have to, are very active in their extracurricu la r activities and can conduct a bull sessio n that is equal to any found in a college dorm. , -A VITAL But the Up ward Bound st u dents are in high schoo l and we CONTRIBUTION sho uldn't expect them to act as c ol lege s t u d e n t s. They are both active and loud as they s hould b e. They have overcome problems that hav e faced their fathers for many years and don e this successfully. The Campus Edition The Campus E dition of Tile Tampa Times Is wrtten and ediled by dudenb &t the Unlveutty of l!!ouUt Florida, Tampa 33620 . Editorial •iewa uprelled herein are no t neeeaaarUy those or the USF administration, faculty or of T h e Tampa TfmK. Ottlee: CTR 2Z2. phone 988 4131, ext. 619 . Ia noon Thurado.:r for Mond a y pub-JI&ny Balcle7 ................ , ............ E4llor John A laton ..................... l!laaaclnJ Editor Prot . Sine Yatu ........................ Adviser • It a lso appears that they will b e prepared for college if they want to go, but if they don't they'll b e a better person because of the program. No doubt the Upward Bound program ha s drawbacks, but when you consider its contributions, they are really insignificant. For the students in the pro gram, it is a challenge . It means working and learning a nd in a sense, b eing. For them the program is a n introduction to a world of knowledge, a nd a hope that they will better their f u ture. It shows them the opportunities that can be had for the asking. It has s hown them a world of ed u cated people. We hope that they will con tinue to work as they have. They hav e s hown that they are capab l e . Now it is up to them to realize their abilities . * * * We also r ea lize that we are as much as anyone else capable of making mistakes. And we would like to invite the opinions of stu dents in t h e Upward Bound Program and s tud ents of the Univer sity. To the st ud ents in the we especia lly want your opmion . We'd like to h ea r w hat you have to say. The Camp u s Edition office is locat e d in U niv ersity Center (CTR) 222 and our phone extension is 619. Upward Bound (Continued from Page 1) Most of the students said that they were planning to go to college and added that they want e d to come back to the program next summer. All of those here no w will be either juniors or seniors in hig h school next year. After they graduate, they are no longer eligible to enter the program. A few said that they didn' t plan to attend college and listed various plans for the future. One sai d he was going into the service and a second just added that he "had plans," They said that the program is not like high school. "There is more individual attention here." "People see m to care whether you learn or not,'' said one. They also said that the two months here will h elp them when t hey go back to hig h schoo l in the fall. "I feel I'll be able to learn more, " said one. "We're learning to set aside time to study -learning how to learn. " s a id another. Many said that they would recommend the program to t heir classmates. They also stated that the instructors were not like their hig h s chool teachers. "They are more interested and allow us to be more liberal in expression of our thoughts , " a Ne gro student said. Generally, they feel that USF students are friendly toward the m. One girl who s eem e d somewhat interested in the opposite sex said that she didn't feel any different from a college girl when talking to the male students here until, she said, she told t hem her a g e. But nevertheless, it appears that USF stu dents do date some of the Upward Bound students. The same gi r l adde d : "Be sure and put in that the girls don't have to be in until 12 on Friday and Saturday night. We don't want the college boys to think we have to be in at 10 :30 every night." One of the boys was disturbed that the girls were dating college students and not them. Some of them are willing to talk openly about integration and their role in the program. Mon e y for Upward Bound is provided by the Government and, apparen tly for that reason, the program i s totally integrated. Said one Negro student, "I expected trouble before I got h e re . I thought t here would be a lot of fights , but I haven't seen any." Students of both races seem completely at ease with each other and joke, kid and shove each other around, with an ease that is typic a l of high sc hool students . Another said : "I expected the m

Workman Manuel Areia is silhouetted as he scrapes ex cess cement oH walkway in Engineering Building. The hands of a crane operator show the signs of sun and toil toward the end of a hard day's work. Buildings Up Now For Future Influx Construction crews are working to fashioned after Pueblo Indian dwellings ease some of USF's growing pains, and a called _ . . cure. may be in sight this fall. . under way for a Social Near completion are the Engineering, a 3,000 seat Physical Education and Business Admina u d 1 t_ 0 r 1 u m , and a studio istration Buildings which account f o r classroom bmldmg between 1 'lli b 'ld. f ct Th 'IAT and FAH Y mi 111 tlg un s. ey j Study is aiso being given to longer Will be 111_ operation this a 1. . range needs for additions to the Chemistry The f1_rst of four stages. of a Science and Life Science Buildings , and addition wlll be. m 1973 , each to the CTR Mathematics Building, a costmg $2.5 _ . . computer center, Language -Literature Two new dormitories will be ready m Building and general classroom buildings. three more to come Some married students' apartments are The nme-buildmg Andros Complex will being considered. provide for 779 additional stu-An enrollment of nearly 9 , 000 students dents. There will b_e .a total of men is expected in the fall and the consensus and 1,016 women livmg on campus m the is they'll make good use of the new build fall. i ngs. But the construction won't stop. USF A new College of Education Building will soon be busy preparing for a Board is being planned for construction soon. It of Regents approved maximum enrollment will feature circular lecture-cl assr ooms of 18 ,00 0 by 1975. THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, July 25, 1966 17 The south side of the Business Ad ministration Building shapes up for use in the fall. This is what the Engineering Building looked like several months ago. It'll be ready in September. Photos and Text by Anthony Zappone Looking eastward at work being done on Physical Education complex, shortly before concrete was poured onto sidewalk. ., r This painter remains calm as he fin ishes his iob high up the Business Admin Building.


18 THE TAMPA TIMES, Monday, July 25, 1966 Mr. and Mrs. Armando Camara /Double Ring /. Vows Spoken Miss Brenda Joyce Klaus be-is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Arcame the bride of Armando cadio Camara, Laurel Street. Camara in a double ring cereGiven in marriage by her famany at the Lutheran Church ther, Mrs. Camara wore a Ior-f th G d Sh d mal gown of white lace, a boufJ e 00 epher fant veil and carried a bouquet The Rev. Carl A. Honeycutt of orchids and roses. performed the ceremony. Miss Maida Camara was maid The bride is the daughter of of honor. She wore. an aqua Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. gown of lace and silk. Selma Klaus St. John St. Her husband Huesca was _lower girl. ' Henry Garc1a was best man. PAUL J. McCLOSKEY, M.D. Announces the Resumption of hia prac:tice in Association with ll. HUGH DOUGLAS, M.D. and DONALD P. GRUENDEL, M.D. for the practice of OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY Commencing August 1, U66 503 W. Platt & 10069 N. Fla. Ave. Phones 253, 932 Ushers were Raymond R. Klaus Jr. and Danny U. Beda. Robert Anthony Lopez was ring bearer. A reception was given at the church social hall following the church service on July 10. Mr. and Mrs. Camara will live at 3410 Laurel St. AUTO AIR CONDITION YOU CAN HAVE AN EATON UNIT, TODAY. EASY BUDGET TERMS. PAYNE & PROTANO BLANKET CLEANING SPECIAL! 2 for $179 Regular $1.00 for first Special, 79c for Second Packaged in Plastic Bag For Summer Storagel 20 LOCATIONS IN TAMPA TO SERVE YOU BETTER! INSTALLED 2009 Florida An. Phone 229-869. love lYRICS m timeless btamonbs The eternal beauty of a fine djamond enhances these exquisite Orange solitaires. Balance of design and the brilliance of the majestic diamonds make )lese masterpieces of the jeweler's art. Registered tllf• American Gem Soeit\)1 110 Franklin St. Ph. 229 Honor Comes To Lillian FOR HER work in the field of mental health during the past eight years, Mrs. Lillian Craigo of Ruskin has received na tional recognition in the Marquis 5 edition of Who's Who in American Women ... She was appointed by Governor Burns to serve on the committee of the Professional Advisory Council on Rehabilitation of the mentally and physically impaired ... Com ing here in 1948 from West Virginia, Mrs. Craigo taught at Wimauma Elementary School until 1956, then entered Florida State University to work for her master's . . . She's to become the medical social worker in Sarasota County this month and will participate in the Medicare home care program. They're There WE REPORTED on Evelyn Barchard not long ago ... She's in Brevard, N.C., studying at Transylvania Music Camp ... Studying with her at this seven-week Bre vard Music Festival is Diane Kell, daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. William Kell of Lace wood Road. Europe Bound SOROPTIMIST I M MEDIATE past president Lois Williamson leaves for Eu rope early in August . . . She'll tour the Continent, then go to England ... Tampa has a sister Soroptimist Club in Saffron, Walden, Essex, England, and Lois expects Mrs. Williamson-Headed for Europe. to spend a week there with members ... Several parties and meetings have already been arranged for her ... She also plans to visit the new Medic Alert Foundation in London . . . Seeing that Medic Alert bracelets or disks are available for those who need them is a prime project of local Soroptimists. Keep in Trim • Summer Social Special ADVERTISEMENT AT WINN.DIXIE, KWIK CHEK, PUBLIX MARKETS, AND OTHER 0000 STORES TOOTHACHE . . -Photo b;r Charlie Mohn was social for and guests of the Temple Terrace Fnendship Club . ..(\. dmner-dance, a summer special event, was held at the Bahia VIsta Restaurant and committee chair man, Mrs: Robert F. Woodward, left, posed with two of her helpers, Mrs. Damel Saunders and Mrs. Fred J. Mappus, for the picture above. ADVERTISEMENT Summer Clothes Require Top Care, A new liquid product is de-Good Appearance! signed to combat nailbiting and thumbsucking, the manufac-By BILL TIDWELL turer reports. T h e liquid is It's mighty important to the put over the nail cuticle tip I life . and looks of your clothes . ' . ' to glVe them the complete, pro-and underside of fmgers. The fessional fabricmanufacturPr says it is formu-c a r e you get lated with an ingredient deonly at Spotless signed to remove the pleasure Cleaners and sensation from both habits. Launderers with o u r Sanitone * * * M a s t e r Dry The influence of buckles used cleaning. by the renowned French shoe Y e s, w h e n designer, Roger Vivier , on his your clothes are much-worn much in-style wide returned from b kl d h • h to th any of our 20 uc e oes, as gone e convenient loca-head. Wide buckled tions , they come "Bill" Tid 11 bucklettes and sprays are bemg back to y 0 u we shown as the latest word in looking and feeling like the headwear. Styled in rhinestone, day you bought them ... with wood, silver and gold finishes, special finishes added for soft these accessories are for great ness and body all spots removed safely and scientific occasions. ally ... minor repairs made ..• * • • and expertly pressed on profes-Travel mates in various lugsional equipment-a press that gage sizes are roomy enough to lasts .. You get so. much more tag-along on any trip. In lovely than Just drycleanmg. FINAL CLEARANCE LADIES' SHOES ' MON., TUES., WED. 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Imagine What It Will Mean To Your Youngsters, Personally and Socially, When They Have The Ability To PLAY THE PIANO lr Is A Priceless Asset-Yet So Easily Wlthi11 The Means Of Anyone-Thanks To By IDA JEAN KAIN A young woman walked into her doctor's office and said firmly, "I want you to help me to reduce." (What she had in mind was an appetite depressant.> "FINE!" said her doctor. "You need to take off 25 pounds -and keep them off. I can Ida Jean Kain help you, but under one con-•l dition-you must really want to Toast, 1 sUce, lightly spread lose that weight." Glass of skim milk "Oh, I do!" his patient as Bl k sured him earnestly, figuring he ac coffee would then prescribe something to curb her appetite. LUNCHEON THE DOCTOR reached in his Choice of: Cottage cheese, % desk, but instead of writing out cup Or Lean meat or fish, a prescription, be wrote out a 3 oz. diet. When she brought up the subject of pills, he explained Green vegetable or salad with that anything of the sort is a 1 Tbsp. French dressing temporary crutch and no real Glass of skim milk solution. Furthermore, he cau-tioned that with her high blood Late Afternoon. Pickup Apple pressure, she should not take or 8A oz. cheese, cup of hot anything of the sort. He pointed tea "DINNER out that the dehydrators also were foolers. By that method, water is lost from the system and while this might register Lean meat, 3Y2 oz. cooked as scale loss, it doesn't actually weight change body fat. Yellow vegetable, cup in three months. She has held her weight at 138 for three' years. Both reducing and weight con trol are a matter of eating. Send stamped, self-addressed 1 on g envelope for Revised Cal orie Chart. Address request to Ida Jean Kain, care of this newspaper. Post card requests cannot he answered. JENSEN'S INC. QUALITY MEN'S WEAR Clothing for "Men of Dimension" Sizes to 60 1309 S . Dale Mabry ARTHUR SMITH'S "RENT-TO-OWN" WEEKLY LESSON PLAN If You Buy The Piano You Get full Credit For All Moniu Paid In REGISTER NOW FOR OVR THREEMONTH LESSON PLA.N In Our Air-Conditioned Studios This wise doctor convinced his -------------------------!patient that there is only one Green vegetable, cup safe .and sure way control Gelatine dessert or fruit appehte and reduce weight, and that Is to eat three well-balanced Glass of skim milk meals a day with calories cut to allow nature to draw on , . stored fat for part of the fuel the doctor s protective d whtch was about 1100 calor1es, nee s. this overwight lost 26 pounds HERE IS the food pattern by which this overweight reduced from 164 to 134 pounds. BREAKFAST Births ST. JOSEPH'S July 10 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Burkel Citrus fruit Juice, half glass Mrs. Harvey Kelman, 3618 Pearl Ave., Or: Slice orange or half grapefruit with non-nutritive Gerich, Tarpon Springs, girl: Mr. and sweetener t!,r:; 1 egg Stanley Sender. 810 w. Hiawatha, boy: :=---=A=D-=-V=ER.:.:.TI=S.::EM.::EN=.:T:.__ __ Forum Swimminn Reckart. Valrico, boy; Mr. and Mrs. '2 Kenneth Jones, 2910 W. Paris, boy. P I 0 July 11 -Mr. and Mrs. James 00 pens Allee, Winter Haven, girt: Mr. and Mrs. John Bray, 8720 27th St .• boy . .July 12 -Mr. and Mrs. Jack ShinTAMPA, FLA. AUGUST holser, 411 Broxburn Ave., boy: Mr. and Mrs. Morris OchlpinU, 1716 W. Clifton, 5, 1966 DUES WILL BE IN boy; Mr. !'nd Mrs. Petruccelli, J CREASED SO JOIN NOW. Mr. and Mrs. Wllmon Reddick, 8320 CALL 877-9481 for memberDahtla Ave., girl; Mr. and Mrs. Milton ship in the finest Private Club in the South. Great entertainment Mrs. Marcella Olds Jr., 1715 La Salle St., -great food -complete facili ::,o,rda Bodle Bell, 2418 s. Ra ties for men and women. Sauna :::.:=-.:::.:..::.:.::.....:..::..::.:__ _____ _ Bath -swimming p o o 1 -Roaches? Meeting Rooms -Card Rooms • G AND Call Terminix 835 But we like finicky customers at Galloway's because we're finicky ourselves. We go to a lot of trouble to manufacture our furniture to high standards and we find that people who are hard to please appreciate our efforts the most. We're talking about people who are hard to please in many ways-design, price, color, detail, comfort, durability, livability, etc. After all if people could find all these things in other furniture stores, who would need us? For over eight een years hard to please customers have made us feel wanted, needed and, pardon our sentimentality, loved. Aren't we lucky? OPEN MONDAY and FRIDAY 'til 9 P.M. • FURNITURE • CARPETING • DRAPERIES • BUDGET TERMS • DECORATING ASSISTANCE PHONE 876-1457


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