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The Oracle
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The Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
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Tampa, Florida
University of South Florida
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The Oracle (Tampa, Florida)
The Oracle.
n Vol. 1, no. 8 (October 26, 1966).
Tampa, Florida :
b University of South Florida,
October 26, 1966
University of South Florida
v Newspapers.
University of South Florida.
USF Faculty and University Publications.
1 773
t Tampa Times, USF Campus Edition
Tampa times. USF Campus edition
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USF oracle
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/ Homecoming I t$J I tEQJ 1 t$J lt$J I@J In Pictures, Page 7 VOL. I-NO.8 UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA, TAMPA, OCTOBER 26, 1966 Subscr ip tion Rete Page 4 Legislature Jolted By Parking Report The Student Association leg islature plowed through a jammed agenda last week as it heard a jolting report on parking, abolished the Book Exchange, approved numer ous appointments, elected a president pro tempore, and set up a procedure for provid ing "personal contact" be tween representatives and students. The meeting was held Oct. 17. Senator Tim Bradley, chair man of the traffic committee said, "Parking fines may rise next year and cr $5 registra tion fee per car is proposed." He said the proposed registra-SAYS KIRK tion fee would be used to pay off costs of more parking facilities. HE REPORTED that the outlook for any real improve ment in the parking situation was bleak. "In the future it may be a question of whether we have space for parking lots or buildings," he said. The number of parking spaces on campus has remained the same for two years while reg istration and enrollment has jumped considerably . AFTER HEARING t h e parking report the legislature Inflation And High Would Go Together sailed into a packed agenda. The student book exchange was formally abolished. The action, expected for some time, cleared the way for dis posal of all books still :in the exchange in the SA office. SA OFFICIALS said tHat the exchange couldn't be con tinued because of the lack of people to run ittand keep the books. Limited space was also a factor. Also passed was "urgent legislation" designed to give representatives more personal *** SA Plan Explained The new method of represen tation is not reapportionment according to Jack L. McGinnis, R bl . oernator'al interests. "How many eco -2CB, the representative who epu Jean gu 1 submitted the resolution which candidate Claude Kirk opened nomic students are present his talk Friday in the Teachhere," he asked. Afterwards was passed by the Student Asso ing Auditorium with a chal he warned of the qangers of ciation legislature. l t H . h . . inflation that might accompa"It's just a means of better enge 0 Jg campaign sign communications," he said, bearers in tile audience for ny a High administration. debate. "with 300 people getting one let-The candidate expressed ter it's more personal than 6,000 "You will get your chance surprise at the amount of getting one." to debate," Kirk told several hands that showed after he persons who were booing him. asked how many in the crowd AS McGINNIS explained it to Another remark was directed could vote in Florida. At inThe Oracle, the idea of the plan to a student carrying a large tervals, Kirk directed reis that representatives of col sign reading "This is high marks to various individuals leges will have a specific num country." including an insult to a beardber of constituents to ed student. they' are personally responsible. In an attempt to bring the Prior to passage of the resolu governor's race closer to the Kirk talked for about 15 tion, college representatives USF Student body Kirk posed minutes and then stood out' were generally responsible to several questions to the audi side the auditorium shaking all students within their college _e_n_c_ e _re_g_ar_dJ_.n..,;,g_th_e_ir_v_a_ry_.i_n_g __ h_an_d_s_. _________ and there was no division of re-MONDAY, 2 P.M., CTR 252 Hearing Set For Students To Air LA Suggestions A "no holds barred" hear ing to get suggestions on how the College of Liberal Arts can better serve student needs will be held at 2 p.m. Monday :in CTR 252. The meeting ii" the first of several planned by a LA Com mission on Students, one of six undertaking a searching self-evaluation study to guide development of the liberal arts program. "We invite all students and faculty with suggestions, criti cism or advice to attend thi s open hearing and give us the benefit of their thinking," Prof. Steve Yates, commission chairman said. Other members of the com mission are Dr. Robert Gold stein, chairman of History De secretary, Dr. Jo seph Aubel, assistant profes sor of physics, Dr. Graham Solomons, associate professor of chemistry, and Prof. John Lawrence, assistant professor of zoology. A student member is to be selected. "This is truly an unusual opportunity for thinking and concerned persons to present searching and imaginative ideas which will help in devel oping an even stronger liberal arts program at USF," the commission said. Since everyone may not have a chance to discuss his ideas, the commission asks that suggestions be jotted down for compilation. They need not be signed . Additional conferences are planned with individuals and organizations, the commission said. sponsibility among the rep resentatives themselves. Under the new plan, students are still represented by the col lege's full complement of rep resentatives, but now the con stituents are equally divided among the representatives for communication purposes. "This doesn't mean that if a friend of mine in my college isn't on my list he can't come and see me," said McGinnis. He emphasized that every representative of a college rep resents equally student in t hat college. It 's just that now one representative is given the responsibility of perso!Jally con tacting • a certain number of stu dents within that college. McGINNIS SAID that the plan had been discussed for about a month He said it was hoped passage of the resolution would encourage representatives to take an active interest in their constituents. Other legislator s were enthu siastic about the idea. One commented: "It's what we need to combat apathy on the campus about the SA." -Oracle Photo by Tony Zappone Sleeping To Beethoven's Fifth Tbe sign in the Humanities Lounge says c'No Food or Drinks Allowed" but it doesn't meption sleeping. The soft music to have a. psychological effect on tired students and the picture above shows what sometimes happens . contact with their constitu ents. The legislation urges that all representatives be "personally responsible" for USF students according to the students• college. (See related story this page.) THE LEGISLATURE then took up administrativ.e -ap pointments. Judicial appoint ments approved included Bill Lamkin, 3LA, chief justice; Tom McCullen, associate jus tice; Rosalind Hall, 3CB, as sociate justice. Five senators were appoint ed: Rick Neuman, Mike Kan nensohn, Tim Bradley, Frank Wilson, and Frank Winkles. APPOINTED as representa tives to the College of Basic Studies were Cam Wallace, Perry Spoto, Rick Catlin, and Joe Kalish. Two appointments were ap proved to the College of Liber al Arts: Joe Ellis and Alan Weiss. One representative, Marga ret Turney, was appointed to the College of Education. The session wound up with the election of Tim Bradley as president pro tempore of the legislature. ------Gamma Gals Trick Guy At His Game The man who tries to trick Gamma 5-East next time had better beware. He may get caught in his own trap. Last Thursday night, some unknown male called 5-East and tried to make a date with the girl who answered the phone . She accepted, and then identified herself as "Linda Peters." It was decided that these two individuals would be in front of Gramma at 11:30 that night so that they might meet each other. .M; the prescribed time, three bewildered men (far Mr. X had brought along moral support) watched ap proximately 20 girls stream out of the lobby. A whistle blew, and the girls, in trench coats and curlers and carry ing the 5-E banner, lined up along the sidewalk, When Mr. X asked which one was "Linda," all the girls took one step forward in unison and said "Take your pick ! " Names have been withheld to protect the guilty. Oh, yes, Mr. X "'ever did end up with a date out af the deal. Richard Jaworski Named Editor Of i..e. Magazine Ri char d Jaworski, graduate student in English whose writ ing has b een published nation ally, will be editor of USF lit erary magazine "i.e." for 1967, Dr. Arthur M. Sander son, director of the Office of C a m p u s Publications, an nounced. Jaworski has had some 30 poems published in "Poetry Review,'' "Encounter," and "En Avant." He was adviser to the Jefferson High School annual while t eaching there for two years. He also as sisted in production of "Four New Poep/Tampa Bay," are cently releas ed poetry long playing record. Jaworski will a ppoint an ed itorial board to work with him in selecting manuscripts for publication in the spring issue . Announcement will be made shortly on procedure for submitt:ing manuscripts . Any one interested in working on "i.e. " may sign up at Office of Campus Publications, CTR 224. On The Air . At WUSF Television A group ot bronllca;;t sludurts wa(ch as pre pare for a. practice taping session in the basement of the Library where the \\'USF-TV studio is located. Sue Lambert, 4EN, Lyla Baldwin, 3EN, Cecilia Moss, 2CB, and Marilyn With. Education And . Entertainment BarlA EMCEE Jack Espi nosa broug ht' down the house with his Spike Jon es imita tions a Ia Jerry Lewis. The Highwaymen followed with antics and songs and before the night was over everyone seemed to be singing folk favorites along with them. Both the Trio anc the High waymen r eceive d standing ovations and the Highwaymen had to stop their encores only because there was another concert at 10 p.m. About 500 attended that performance. Sunday's events included a morning "folk" church ser v ice in the Teaching Auditori u m Theatre, and an after noon choir and band concert in the Fine-Art Humanities patio. About 300 attended the con cert. Miss Aegean Applications Candidates Due Friday cl e was complete with a play . • by play announcer and uni formed cheerleaders. There are only two more days in which organizations can submit their nomination for Miss Aegean . SATURDAY AFTERNOON, the largest crowd ever to wit ness a USF sporting event, ever 1,000 students, staff, alumni, c h eered like a foot ball crowd as USF dumped the formerly undefea ted Flori da Gators 4 1 in soccer. The eve nt h ad all the flav or tha t could be expected and more so with the spirited USF concert band playing the USF fight song, '\Tau Kappa Epsi -All nomin atiq_ns must be in the Aegean office, Univer sity Center 221, by Friday. No applications will be accept ed after this dat e. Judging begins on Nov. 16. Two sets of judges, one of 1 fac u lty and staff members and another of prominent ba y area personalities, will j udge the contestants on scholar ship, pers ona lity , service, activities, and appearance. Miss Aege a n 1967 will be cro wned at the Miss Aegea n Ball which will be held on Saturday, Nov. 19 in the CTR Ballroom. The dress will be semi-formal and ticket sales will be announced later. Miss A egea n 1967 will receiv e a $130 scho l arship.


2-THE ORACLE-Oct. 26, 1966, U. of South Florida, Tampa Honor Society At USF Receives USF Student, Wife Die Consol idation Debate Slated Sailor Circus Headlines Family Night Friday New Members In C:rash South Of Sebring "Focus: Parliamentary De A USF student and his wife graduate and a member of Delbate,". sponsored by the Bulletin Board Athenaeum USF's honor socidied Sept. 30 in a two-car calliphi sorority. Club, will have. as lts ' d u s HI h 27 1 topic "Resolved that HlllsborThe Sarasota Sailor Circus will be the feature attraction Friday at Family Night, a special night plfU1ned by the University Center for married students, staff and their chil dren. The performance of t he Sailor Circus will top the night's activities. Tl)e show will be on the lawn near the TAT. ety for JUDIOr an semor s1on on . . g way , some McNally is survived by his d ffi d 20 th f s b ough County Should Have A women, de1lec6 te o cebrs an II_tl es o e rmg. . parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Consolidated Government " in a ,; .:::::: .. ',' welcome new mem ers reKilled Instantly were Michael McNally Lakeland and two sisd b t t b h ld M d 7 30 tl . • • e a e o e e on ay, : Official Notices 1 p .m. cTR 202 cen y. John McNally, 24• dnver of the ters, Mrs. Patricia Ann Tum-i CTR 252 Notices tor this column should be sent to cHURCH OF CHRIST: 1 p .m. CTR 20o4. The society, which walg estatJ... car, and his wife, Nancy, 22, of mond Gainesville and Miss n H d T tt Director, Office of Campus Publications, cHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION: lished "to honor women of out-8732 46th St. Tampa. Jane • J . arb ee , amhpa ahorney The circus is made up of 1alented students from Sara sota High School. It has re ceived widespread attention and acclaim, and has been in vited to tlppear in Europe as well as many American cities. cTR 224, no later than Thursday after 1 P.m. CTR 213. t d' h 1 h' d 1 der ' • and mem er of t e c arter noon's campus mall tor Insertion the fol SA LEGISLATURE: 7 p.m. CTR 252. s an mg sc oars IP an ea . The other driver, Robert M. Mrs McNally is survived by of H 'lls borough lowing wednesday. JSU: 8 p.m. CTR 200. ship " requires a 3 0 scholastic commiSSIOn 1 sTUDEN.T sTUDY ROOMS: The tol BETA 21! DiscussiON: • p .m. RAR 235. • 1 Bowen , of Pal metto, was taken her parents Mr. and Mrs. Paul County will speak for the lowing rooms In the Business AdmlnlstraPRIDAY average and complet on of at t H ' hl d G l H 'tal . .' . I .t' lion Building are available to students CIRCLE K: 2 p.m. CTR 200. . o 1g an s enera ospl S1ebert, M iami, and a brother, s id e as study rooms: BUS 316 , 317. uc ARTS & EXHIBITS COMMITTEE, 2 least 60 credit hours. No more The cause of the accident was Ro 0 'ti .11 b t"" Activities will begin at 5 p.m. with registration and a family dinner in the CTR. R. s. Cline, Dean p.m. CTR 204. th e er cen t of the women ger. ppos1 on Wl e presen qo College of Business Administration UC MUSIC COMMITTEE: CTR 205. an on p unknown, but the McNally car al h ld b p 1 B h 'ty tt y MEDICAL SCHOOL AI'PLICANT$: Dr. SA P1JILIC RELATIONI COMMITTEE: in the student body may be tl ed th t f A funer serVICe WaS e Y au UC man, Cl , a orne T. Lewis. aulstant dean and CTR apparen Y cross e cen er 0 Oct 2 at Sebring and a memorifor Plant City. chairman of the admlulon• commlltH of WlNDJAMMIIU: CTR 215. members duPmg any term. the road and ran broadside into . . Afterwards the children and other family members may enjoy free use of the recrea tion room or various other en tertalnment including Walt Disney cartoons, "carousel" rides in the Cl'R elevators, golf cart rides, games of fun and sklll and fortune telling. tl!e admissions cbn1mlllee of the $chool SA CABINI!T MI!.TtlfGM• CTR 226. The president elected last eh' 1 a! service was held Oct. 8 m All students and staff memof .Medicine of the university of Miami, uc RECIIt.ATION co MITTIE: CTR ' the other v IC e. Lak 1 d bers are invited will be on campus Nov. 7-1 to Interview 1$6-E. term is Gay Ferrara SecretaryM Nall e an • WAnNER BROTHERS filmed a short subject movie of the circus in 1953 entitled 'Under the Little Bigtop." medical •chool aprllcaHfi. All students MOVIE: "Lady In 1 Cage.'' 7:30 and • • • c y was a semor rna;;;:;:;;:;:;;:;:;;:;:;;:;:;;:;:;;:;:;;:;::::::::::::::::;;:;:::::::::::::;;:;::::::::;;;;; to medica school 1111• year are p .m., FAH 101. Treasurer IS Magdalen BesJoring in chemical engineering . strongly urged to make an appointment FAMILY NIOHTt a p . m.: b h d L ' d E k All family night activities are free. Tickets may be picked up at the CTR desk. to talk to or. Lewis. Appointment• may Pholo Posl'l$1 CTR tot sem ac ' an m a riC son, His degree will be awarded postIIi madewith or. J. o. Krlvanell, chelrFortune TeJIJnt CTit. 21a1 IIi assistant dean of women is h 1 man, Medical Sciences Advisory Commll Cartoons CTit 241 ' umous y. tee, 201 LIF. .TODAY 252 sponsor. . Duk At USF he was enrolled in the cARIER LICTURE SER.ti!S: 2 p .rrl. MOVII: "Lady In a C•g•" 7:30 p.m. Other officers are Pam e, work-study program and was a DANce, t "f CTR 248. Vice • _ Merrily Ta1 member of USF's 1965 golf FLU sHoTs: , , , , , , TlltiDELTA, .. 3 p.m. team, and was to have played cTR 226. C'tlt 201. 1c ourg, em ers Ip C!I • on this year's team. COLL. OF EDUC. FAC. SEMINAR: 2 CQFIII!I! FOR UNIVIRStTY SCHOI.o man and Paula Faulkner ProjM M N 11 1965 USF J Ab m R "tal p rr1 PHY W ARSt 4 Jl.m. CTR 25s-6. • • rs. C a y was a ac:ques ra ICI ; . THURSDAY MOVII: "Lady In I Cige," 7:30 p.m. ect Committee Chairman. L TB ASSOCIATION PRESS CONI=I!R. FAH 101. be h • • Set For Saturdaf iUoTSt 1 p . m . , CTR Plaeement Services Arthur Y ales and CLABA BELLE, the Clown, will pose for pictures with the children. There will also be a coetume parade, with prizes awarded for most origirtal, funniest, and most beautiful costumes. Snow cones will be. served before the parade. Jacques Abram will present sciENCE FoR PRI!SCHOOL: p.m., viewing on campua on tht dates listed the Umvers1ty and the commuMeets Tonight : o 1 A M 0 N D R I N G S 226. OrgiHlxallons listed below Will be Inter . . d CHE 208. below. Check with Placementr ADM 280, ity ar p trl'cl Ann Aden >& .ij a piano, recital Satur ay eveARTIST SlliRtiS: Shirley Verrett, 1:30 for Interview locations, d"cr and n e a a , . , ;1; nlng at 8.30 •the USF Theap.m. TAT. •1 AY Interviews. csee last week's for Lynne Borus Vicki Faest, 1 The entire USF faculty lS d m D CINTIR LUNCH Marie Hintz, 1 Patricia Hogue, invited to the general f•j:'. tre. 2 p.m., of New York Parks and Patr1c1a Patterson. held Monday, during the free and "Sonata, p. Y O "'ANO coNCI!Rl': Jacques Abram, 1:30 5 :GO Miss Nancy • Store 0 58" b Ch SOCCER: USF vs. Miami, 2 p.m. • t um n, es ,,.. hour for 13 new members Of PI pin. p.m. TAT MONDAY n:: M E 11 h norary mathe-c.Oaelt LI!C'tURI!. S&RIII: 2 p.m. 7 :00 conver•atlon NOTI CEI u ps on, 0 Abram has been sqloist With TAT, Rop. sam GIHbons, H. z. McCon 7::!0 The Stock Market • matJCS fraternity h!JI , U.S. Civil Call Your Doctor • approxlrnately 70 major sym-HI!ARING ON STUDENT NliiDS: 2 8:00 "KnockY" and the Sllants M of D ff A New members include Robert phony orchestras in NtJrth p . m . CTit 252 Arb en ra ge Alatt Archer, 6MA; Martha H . America and in Europe, inCampus Date Book $:oo T01tlt THuRsDAY Bruce; Gerald Louis Hefley; eluding many re • engage-TODAY Mlu 1>4ancy's sto.p u1 J h I lin kl •MA Ml 2:00 P .M.: 6:00 NASA Men and Space l 0 n g S • "J ; • ments With SUCh <>rChestra& as FAMILY NIGHT PLANNING MUTING: 6:30 Insight Obael Henry Joh,...,ton 30B th N y k Philharmonic cTR 47. 7:oo The An•wer ''t"' ' ' e ew or ' UC PERSONNEL COMMITTiil!t CTR 7:30 The Stock Market Rosa 0. McElrath; Jltml:!s c . Chicago Orchestra, British DEMOCRATS: CTR 201. Moger; William R. Opp, 4EGi Broadcasting Corporation Or-seNIOR AccouNTING cLuB: cTR 202. 8 :3o 1 spy Patricia Lynn Patterson, 4PH; chestra and Danish State t:oo Ate ot Allan D. Perkins, 3CB; Mary Radio Orchestra. CTR s:oo erothfr Buu Cleta SchWartz, 4MA; Denise D. COUMctLt CTR Store Stre 1 I 3MA d G Prior to joining the USF WillER SKI CLUB; CTR 713. Ycu ng e D, j an ary READER'S THEATRE Mli!ITING: CTR 7:00 The Humanities (CII 20)) Vann Sturm, 2EG . faculty in 1963, he was an art-21!. 7:30 The stock Market Dr. Frank L. Cleaver, associist. teacher in the Royal Con Spock servatory at the University UC MOVIES COMMITTIII!! CTR 1 :3 0 Y sitting. Bedrooms, 2 baths, Brand Newll Air conditioned, Double Garage. Large Flor 17. TRADE Ida Room. Temple Terrace area, Reo duced by builder $2,500 for quick sale. lt. RIDES 988-5757 or Offered, Wanted A.K.C. Boxer puppies. Six years. Beau ties. Leave number at 935-7635 20. PERSONAL NOTES OPEN SUNDAY 11 A.M. to6 P.M. DUCHESS 1160 , 9 Fowler & Nebraska 933 No Appointments get acquainted o1fer $15 Regular .Cold Wave 7' 51 ;:::,or 150 4 9 5 J Wave Hair Cut Haircut Shampoo I Receive a free Conditioning and Set 1 Treatment with any other urv ice. This is a $1.50 valueJuat }Lt I for USF Coeds. I The New DUCHESS 1 Open 7 Days a Week I 11609 Nebraska & Fowler • .1. ...._ Phone 933-1513 I I I I I I I I I 1 1 in the maiC1:'itton Plaza .B s I) Phone 834-2251 ca.aLil U(,Oft Lp: z::..l.---_•j 4 • of our military and commercial business provides . openings for virtually every technical talent. As you contemplate one of the most important decisions of your life. we suggest you consider career oppor tunities at PJ!att & Whitney Aircraft Like most everyone else, we offer all of the usual "fringe" benefits, in cluding our Corporation-fin a nced Graduate Education Program. But, far more important to you and your fu. ture, is the wideopen opportunity for professional growth with a company that enjoys an enviable record of stability in the dynamic atmosphere of aerospace technology. And make no mistake about It ••• you'll get a solid feeling of satisfaction from your contribution to our nation's economic growth and to its national defense as well. Your degree can be a B.S., M.S. or Ph.D. in: MECHAN JCAL, AERONAUTICAL, CHEMICAL, CIVIL (structures oriented), ELECTRICAL, MARINE, and METALLURGICAL ENGINEERING • ENGINEERING MECHANICS, APPLIED MATHEMATICS, CERAMICS, PHYSICS and ENGINEERING PHYSICS. For further Information concerning a career with Pratt & Whitn ey Aircra ft, consult your college placement officer-or write Mr. Willi am L. Stoner, E ngineering Department, Pratt & Whitn ey Aircraft, East Hartford, Connecticut 06108. Take a look at the above chart; then a goocf long look at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft-where technical careers offer exciting growth, continuing challenge, and lasti!'li sta• bility-wl\ere engineers and scientists are recognized as the major for the Company's continued suceess. SPECIAUST$ IN POWER ••• POWEit FOR PROPULSIONPOWER FOR AUXILIARY SYSTEMS. CURRENT UTILIZATIONS INCLUDE MILITARY AND COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT, MISSILES, SPACE VEHICLES, MARINE AND INDUSTRIAL APPUCATIONS. Pratt & Whitney f:lircraft u DIVISION Ol' UNITEO R"AI'T ca"" • CONNECTICUT OPERAnONS EAST HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT FLORIDA OPERATION$ WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDt\ An Equel


EXTEND THANKS THE ORACLE o,t, 26, 1966 , U . of South Florida, Tampa 3 Greeks Plan Activities ' . Following Record Rush f?4 r Scheduled } t .j. ' :1 Nov. 14-21 Rough Humor Said Key To Political Cartoons The Sixth Annual Intramural By HARRY HAIGLEY "People," Mauldin said, "like Kirk speaklng in the University The Oracl e Editor rough humor. They like Center followed by a bonfire," . " , . to get outside of themselves." and he got no further, as appre By FRED C. SLAGLE Talos has set Oct. 29 as the the University Center on SunDay Tea was held Sunday' Oct. sp?nsored by the AssociI m not used to au(ljences S . . b . f D C k ciative Democrats applauded IFC Member date for a Halloween costume day, Oct. 16. Members of Pi 23 at the home of Mrs . Sam abon and the U?1vers1ty Center or public speaking. In fact, we a It ? roc the idea The s eaker finished . party. On Nov. 5 the men of Kappa Alpha Chapter at Florida Davis in Carrollwood. Program Council. . cartoonists are a cowardly lot," ett Mauldm sa, 1,d a carth t 1 . t p At last rush ls over; maybe Talos will sponsor a car wash Southern College were in charge Representing Kappa Delta in The tournament IS open to all said Pulitzer prize winner Bill toomst should have .a strong .. e s a emen ' however , with the fraternities will get a as a money-making project for of the ceremony. the Aegean Contest, and. Mauldin kicking off this year's moral code, be' w ell. mformed, :::e. rally for the soccer chance to tak: a deep breath for the fraternity. Tickets may be Officers of the pledge class 19, Will be Barbara Molman. the of Homecoming activities I as t make sure ,he s right, then g a change . Th1s was the purchased fro m the brothers are, Ho\vard Segan, president, Other KDS who will be contes-IS the only mtramural activ Wednesday . punch ahead. rush ever lteld by th.e IFC With and pledges of Talos. Fred Belcher, vice president, tants Bettie Ann repIty ?n open both orBut Mauldin, none the less , Apparently Mauldin swings Airlines Representative about 250 men attending the varTALOS also is helping'with the Mike Blanner, secretary, Jerry resenting Inter Hall Residence garuzations and students. d'd ell t . b f k . his punches in the right direc ious rush parties. Sheriff's Boys Jamboree a benGiglia treasurer, Bill Dudley , Council; Gail Reeves, repre Registration is now open but 1 an eflxc . en Jod. 0 :epillthg tions since his work is present-To Speak On Monday At th . t th I t f t ' ! . . . . ill 1 N 9 Th h an over owmg au 1ence m e ' . IS P?ill , e n er ra erefit for the Boys Club of Tampa athletic and soc1al charrman. sentmg Cratos Fratermty; and c ose . ov. ose i . . . ed in syndicated form to news-mty on of all and Sheriff's Boys Ranch . A Chapter Officers of the Pi Leslie Horton, representing mg to partip.pate may register ng AuditorJUm mterested, papers throughout the United Jack . Westfall, of would like s paghet t i dinner will be held at Kappa Alpha colony are, Rebert Arete Fraternity. for the tournament events at from all outward State. for National J:end Its deepest Plant Field Nov. 20 from 12:30 Starkey, president, Harold KesTRI S.I.S. CTR desk. The to.urnament will Signs, . This is ' uite an accom !ish-Will on and thanks to the entire Umverto 4 p.m. sler, vice president, J 0 e Tri S . I.S. has ele cted com mit-be conducted durmg Mauldill JS presently with the m n r q m n } to a JOillt .n:eetm? of the Busi sity comm uni ty for t e i r Free door prizes will be given Abramovitz , corresponding feetee chairmen for the year. T hey After the of Chicago Sun Times as a politi t fo a a who got a ll of ness C!ub and thoughtfulness and consJderaand continuous entertainment retary, Mike Bagby, secretary are: Pep and Publicity, Jan each participant will be ill cal cartoonist, but he is best re-Fnday afternoon off to drat a the ServiCes Career tion during the Fall Rush. of will be provided. Donations are and Jeff Donahue , treasurer. Duke ; Service, Linda Doble; Sof?rmed by mail of the d ate, membered by World war II vetquarter pag: for he OpportumtJes program. 1966. We would particularly like $1 per person cial Mira Bergen. Intramurals time and place of each event for eran s for his "Willie and Joe" Stars and Stripes . The talk will be at 2 p m in to express our appreciation to The tickets. may be purchased D It zDtELTA ZETA d . Standards' which he registered. cartoons. HEATED POLITICS? the Business .Au. M J k' E' h lbe e and f e a e a was represente ill . . . • ' . . . rs. ac Ie IC e rg. r . from any Talos brother o the Fire Prevention Parade Chns Chnstian. THE SARETT Sweepstakes An "active participant" in One incident just bef-ore Mauld1tonum. Anyone mterested m Duan e Lake the Un _ Iversity pledge. Monday Oct. 10 by President The annual Pledge Party has Trophy, a memorial to Lew SarWorld War rr and on the scene din came on stage brought a the airline industry and the field for therr efforts m coor. . ZETA Pm EPSILON Rose Marie cah and been set for November 4 at the ett, poet , professional lecturer observer of both the Korean and large number of chuckles from of business is invited . dinating the arrangement Zeta Phi Epsilon (ZPE) weiSusan Villareal 'and Carolyn Cruise A Cade Club-. and teacher of speech, will be Viet Nam wars he presented the audience. A speaker was Westfall will speak about Naand the food service C tu1 t' t th b ' ded t th ' .' corned new pledges by uonormg Lawson ongra a tons go 0 e asawar 0 e campus orgamhis views of the present war telling the group about the tiona! Airlines and the airlift inWe also like to them with a formal afThe Tampa Bay Alumnae and team winning games zation earning !fie most points. and the life of a cartoonist. Homecom ing activities for the dustry, and what the future and Mrs. June.tta Anderson an fair at the Tampa Sheraton last the Zeta Chapter from Florida WJth KD and Tn Delta. Th e Trophy will be engraved week w h en he said "This Frio pportunities are that it offers fbJllis ff?t ihe Saturday. The new pledge class Southern College celebrated Stage decorations for homewith the name of the organiza"THERE IS room for more of day we'll have can The airline industry is one of th u. en. 0 . was sworn in Tuesday night at Founder's Day a t a Banquet at comfing hledas been da p rojtion and be .pl aced perthe Willie and J oe material in for governor, Claude the fastest growing today. eir m:'a ua e a1 . m . the brothers' meeting. the Kin 's Inn Monda Oct. 24. ect or p ges an SISters. manent diSplay m the office of . . ., . preparations and their serviCe ZPE welcomed Bernie Abbott g y After their meeting Tuesday , the Department of Speech. The now, said, to t?e rushees. to the meeting who accepted an KAPPA DELTA Oct. 18, the sisters entertained individual winners in each of . but It wont be by me. I wa. s Fillally, a thank you goes to invitation to be a co-advisor The Kappa Delta Founders' the pledges at a PlZza Party. the four tournament events will ill World. ll, and knew It our IFC adviser, Dean Charles working with Mr. James Swan be awarded plaques. from the mside and thus I could Wildy. In recent years the Sare draw (about it.") LAMBDA em ALPHA son. TAU EPSILON pm 'GHOUL' DANCE SATURDAY Sweepstakes Trophy has been "There is a vast difference More t?an 120 members Chi Sigma Rho is happy to anwon by the Judo Club, Kappa being an observer guests will attend Lambda Chi nounce that it has been accept-Ha/f-PriCe Bargaln Delta sorority and Lambda Chi bemg able to leave any time Alpha's annual "Ghoul Growl" ed as a colony of Tau Epsilon Alpha fraternity. you want, and sitting in some this at "the O?d Phi. Chi Sigma Rho will be ORGANIZATIONS enter hole the war,:• he said. fellows Lodge tn Tampa. Mike known as the Phi Beta colony of Fo' r Weekend Mov,e' t t' ... ts . h f th Mauldm, after bemg ques M K 1 h wo par IC!pan m eac o e . . c enna, socia c airman, lS m Tau Epsilon Phi (TEP). ts b t tud ts . tioned from the audience, com-charge of arrangements eve n ' u no s en may par d th f h 940' SIGMA EPSILON COLONY . . . . . ticipate in more than one event. pare e army 0 t 1 . s TO STAFF, FACULTY & STUDENTS: IF THE SUNDAY EDITION OF THE NEW YORK TIMES WERE MADE A:VAILABLE TO YOU, WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED? PLEASE CALL 932-7715 UNIVERSITY EXCHANGE BOOKSTORE 10024 • 30th STREET EN6TAS . Verdandi Fraternity was for Dial 400 and Win _free tickets Auburn Um:'e':'sity Oct. 27-29 at It is to the advantage of organi the present force f i ghti n g m The pledge party was held at mally disbanded Oct. 9 and its to weekend . movie . C!R the. of College zations to enter the maximum VietNam. ...._ ______ _. ______________ ...} the Tampa Cruisacade Club on brothers inducted into Sigma movies committee will g1ve Umons Region VI Conference. f . ht tud ts _ . Saturday night , Oct. 15. Enter-Phi Epsilon (SPE) as pledges in away at least. tickets They are: Jean Bageard, Presi-0 of Poetry "THE of WW .rr were -----------------------. tainment was provided by the the organization of Sigma Epsi per begillmng this week. of the CTR Coun will be limited Ito narrative po some 150-million who "Last Knights." Ion colony. The .are good for the of Jud1 Koepcke, etry, the primary purpose of got the war over and FORMAL ind!Jction of the The ceremony t 0 0 k place week m which they are won VICe of Program which must b e to tell a story . hell out he said. • hel.d last .sunday after a formal dinner with SPE . " . of WashStudents may read a long poem It was a CIVIlian army, who • mght durmg an unpressJVe cerDistrict Governor w i 11 i a m L a dy I_n a .cage will be mgton, Dave Lichtenfels, provided the excerpt can "stand wanted to go home . were emony: Parents anq Cz:.oss, assistant dean of men at CTR movie weekend.' It Will tary of the Program of alone . ., The entire reading may ?edJCated, and they a goo? were mvi ted, and share.d w1th t he University of F lorida , and be show n Fnday at 7.30 and Oakmont, Bob not excee d five minutes. Judgbut they were b asiCally CI the brpthers of E notas, m conother Sigma Epsilon notables 9:45 p.m. and_ Saturday and Chairman . of the ment will be based on the vihans. gratulating the new pledges. present. 7:30 m FAH 101. AdSpecial Events Committee, ?f s tudents compre hen s ion of and "The army -of today is made CRATOS Sigma Epsilon has comple ted JS 25 cents student Tampa; Betsy Gordon, responsiveness to the full meanup of professionals who are The Student Affairs. Commitits most successful rush culminaSaturday. man of th e Arts and E.xhlbits ing of the poem. trained to fight and win." He tee to accept Sigma Nu ting with an initiation dinner at showillg IS. a Special. Comrruttee, of Tampa, and The general topic of th e exsaid he thought as long as there fratermty on the Branch Ranch in Plant City will be fiJI' 25 Jane Personnel temporaneous speaki n g is "The were armies in the world, a brothers are awaiting their las t Saturday. Music was procents if they tell the ticket sellCommittee, of Miami. United States and tlte Far strong United States force pledging ceremony which will vided for a party afterwards by er they about the Hallow These students will meet with East." On the d ay of the event, would be needed to protect our take place within the next two A Bottle of Blue, led by brother m Tm;:, other the participant will draw a speinterests. weeks. Ron Shaw. Lady . ill a Cage sta,rs Ohvia and umversiti _es. Florrda, cific topic , be given time to But he d,idn't characterize TALOS PI KAPPA ALPHA de Havilland as a Alabama, M ISSJSS!ppl, a n d prepare it, a nd will then deliver h imself as either a "hawk or a On Oct. 15 Talos held its anA tea, honor ing Dr. Roberta w oman who becomes trappe? m Georgia to disc uss prob lems, a four to five minute talk. Judgdove." nual pledge party Hills Shearer, hostess for the Pi her home e levator over a ideas, and sb.are expement will be based on knowlMauldin sai d he got hi s ideas borough County Wildlife Club. Kappa Alpha co lony, was held weekend. Her ;Uarm brmgs a nences they have had m college edge of topic analysis of topic fo h. d' ted t 1 b T l ded b d nk d d bl r . • • r IS syn 1ca rna er1a y he party was we 1 atten Y m the Umvers1ty Center last ru ar an a owzy pros I unJOn WIJI'k. organization and deHvery. .. 'ttin . h t b th fo b t the brothers, alumni , and the week with members, University tute who loot the house. They While at the conference they " . . . SI g ill a 0 ., r a new pledges The pledges began staff and offi'cers of USF are followed by three savage .11 b 'b f INDIVIDUAL Responsibility an hour each mornmg. He said . , WI e responsi le or conductd So 1 D. d " n b th h. th'nk' r their pledge period by throwing fraternities and sorori t ies invi t hoodlums who proceed. on an ing a discussion group to be atatn . Cifa M JSor e: t WJS ake. e 1 JS fr1 mg Imes crrh?uhPresident Larry Hilker and sev ed orgy of wanto n vandalism and d d b d f h opiC 0 anuscr1 p pe mg. ar om ongress, w IC era l newly pinned brother into A formal pledging ceremony sadis tic brutality e l er;:: ot er Participants will compose a five leads you to LBJ, to our foreign the Hillsborough River. for the new pledges was held in CTR to six .minute or P?licy to yiet Nam, the "Gobi' b h 1 " G g g persuasive speec h which will be arr pollution that leads nght CAMPUS UNIVERSITY APARTMENTS OVERLOOKING USF 1 BEDROOMS Furnished or Unfurnished 30 St. (No. of Fowler) 932-6133 ms rillg your g ou s roups " d 1 . ed fr t t th b t S t d t . . e Iver om a manuscnp . back to Congress." o e :om 0 par Y a ay a ART CONTEST . Judgments will be based on se9 ?.m. m The Prmcetons The Annual Advanced USF l ection of ideas, relevance of "A GOOD cartoon," he sai d , will entertam. ?ress for Hal Art St u dent Competition will be ideas, language, style and deliv -"shoul d, at th e most, onl y take l oween. There _ costume Nov. 14-30. All USF art majors ery. the reader two or three seconds contest. AdmiSSIOn be who are full time students a nd in Participants in Radio Speakto understand . If iJ: doesn't, cents per stude n t. Tickets will studio art courses 300 level and ing will deliver a three minute you're d ead. Th e day of the go on sal e the CTR desk Oct. abQve are eligible to enter. news broadcast on an interna 'label ' cartoon is long gone and 24. They will also be sold at the Rules and regulations are availtiona} event of significance. One the reader appreciates the car L' ht A G G p t ill able in the Program Act ivities minute will be spent reporting toonist assuming he knows Sally Ann Coffee Shop WE WILL DISPLAY & SELL USF ART WORKS FREE DAILY LUNCH SPECIALS Vegetables, I . MEAT Hot Cuban Bread, Ice d Tea or Coffee. In Maye's Sally Ann OPEN 6 A .M. to 12 P.M. . Ig f 0 • thar CTR Office, CTR 156E, and at the the event and two minutes on something aboltt the subject." tickets go on sa e e CTR desk. commentary and eval u ation of "President Johnson, is easy to desk Nov. 1, to Judy Cash prizes will be awarded it. Judgment will be based on d Hi f f f l d Cochran chairmanof the UC . . . raw. s ace sort o oats an D C , . Th d to wmners, accordmg to Betsy the event selec t ed, the analysis is full of 'things' " he said as he ance ommittee . e ance, G d Ch . f th Arts d al . . d I' ' , f th t 1 f th or on, arrman o e an ev uatJOn of 1t, and e IVdrew rough impressions of LBJ one o . e bmosS popdu arNo e5 and Exhibits Committee. ery. whom Mauldin called "Big year, will e atur ay, ov . at 9 p.m. Mighty Manfred and Daddy" a nd "El S up erbo . " his Wonder Dogs will perflJI'm. Parker, Gbbons Talk Commenting on political carTicketS are 50 cents each. toons , he quoted one editor who FOLK SING CONTEST said, "People don't read them DOGTIRED OF RUNNING AROUND TRYING TO GET A CHECK CASHED? Then ••• RUN NO MORE LIGGETT-TOUCHTON of Temple Terrace is pleased to an n ou nee another service for USF students. When you need to cash a check, iust come in and visit our complete drug store, bring your student ID card, and your check . SEE US TODAY You'll be you did! TOUCHTONREXALL DRUGS of Temple Terrace . Corner of 56th St. & Temple Terr . Highway The annual Folk Si n g Contest For Career Serles editorials but they sure see will be held Friday, Nov. 4 at 8 -----------------------p.m. Winners in both profession m Sub Shop c ,n; Sh lh 10018 -30th Street, North lfu 0JJee 0r Phone 932-0976 al arid non professional categ o Dr. John W. Parker, associ ries will be awarded prizes. ate professor of English, will Winners' names will be en give latest information on graved on the large trophy in graduate schoo l opportunities '"" th h D N h in t h e Career Lecture Series Ellen today and Congressman Sam m Music Committee a r e C O M . Gibbons Will speak Mon for administrative se rvic es, announced that the Hillsbor ough congressman and lon g time s upporter of USF, will t alk on careers in public ser vice at 2 p.m., Monday, Oct. 31, in the Teachng Auditorium Theater. A reception in the lobb y will follow. SONATA ••• • -.----18 KT. WHITE OR YELLOW GOLD 1, chairmen of the event. day. The sale af tickets for the Parker, widely known jazz Gator Coa s tline Specia l has pianist, will talk at 2 p.m. in '" been stopped due to the lack of the Engi neerin g Building, Also on the program will be H . Z . McConnell, U .S. Civil Service office , Atlanta, who will discuss opportunities for federal service. I interest. VIEWPOINT A . Chambers, as The Viewpoint p r o g r am si stant dean of administration # s ch e duled for Oct. 26 at 2 has been cancell ed. "Seminar in :m Lon e liness: Existe nti a l Anxi -USF ety" will be presente d in s tead, onNov. 4 . SERVICE cl: Six s tudents will represent the . Univ e r s ity of South F lorid a at b SPECIAL I ill 1 . PRESSURE CLEANING At Near Dealer Co•tW e Own 2. LUBRICATION $49 5 W Our and We Ca n @ Give Our Cars Away I f we 3. MINOR ADJUSTMENTS ALL I w...... %. m I RENTALS ELECTRIC --1.50 Per Day 4 Day Minimum STANDARD--75 Per Day -• ELECTRIC • MANUAL PICK OUT YOUR CLASS RING NOW! SEE e PORTABLE * BEST PRICES -510 FRANKLIN STREET TAMPA, FLA. 33602 PHONE 229 0816 * BEST SERVICE * COMPLETE PARTS BAY AUTO SALES & SERVICE, LTD. INC. 3500 FLORI DA AVE. AMERICAN TYPEWRITER Co., Inc. 2512 Temp le Terrace Highway PHONE 932-0059


Commentary Editorials And Oct. 2 6 , 1966, 0. of South Florida, Tampa -4 Homec oming Woes Homecoming has come a nd gone and the success of it is s om e what debatable. For no matter how many t i ck ets were sold the basic f a c t i s that the whole idea lacke d d rawi n g power. There was no intense ath l etic ri valry to bring back grads . No real "tradition" s u c h a s a unifying show or observa n ce. We can't castigate or bl ame the Student Associat i on H omeco ming committee . They tried h ard a n d under the circumstances d i d ve r y well. Complaints about the q ua li ty of entertainment may be valid but not realistic. The comm i tte e so m e time ago issued appeals for suggestions and sent out l is ts of en tertainment available, the i r pric e s . 1 and the money they had to s p en d . The ,biggest handicap the com-mittee worked under was that they've only been in existence since last summer -a formidable h a ndicap in trying to line up big name speakers and entertainers. Approximat el y $10,000 was bud g eted for Homecoming out of the a c tivities f unds. And when that kind of money is being spent we ' h a ve a r ight to expect our money's wor th. And yet is it possible to plan a $10,000 homecoming for USF? One that provides more than $10,000 wor th of fun fqr the participants and good wm for the University? We think that the SA should s t a r t thinking now about next year's homecoming. Planning s hould be on a year-round basis in s te a d of a few months of frantic pl e adin g , hoping, and sweat . And the first order of business for the new committee is to decide what can be provided for grads to c o me home to. Your Chance To Be Heard USF students and faculty have an unusual opportunity to h e l p shape the progress and operation of this University for years t o come. They can do so by vigorous par ticipation in the self evaluatio n study under way by the College of Liberal Arts. Study com m issions will look into curriculum, co ll ege organization, instruction, fac ul ty, off-campus matters and stude nt needs. The Commission on Stude nts i s calling an open hearing for the fr ee hour Monday in CTR 252. La t e r conferences are planned with pus leaders and organizations. Here is an exceptiona l opp o r tu nity for students to air gripes, a nd present ideas which may we ll in fluence the direction in which the LA College will move in b et ter meeting student needs. While this study is concerne d essentially with the College of Lib eral Arts we anticipate th a t find ings and suggestions may we ll be of value throughout the U ni versity. The Study Commission will s pend many hours of research and s tudy o f s u c h que st i ons as: Do we at USF identify s uperior students a nd g i ve them challenge and op p o r tunity? A r e different programs n eed e d f o r " under achievers"? How can s tudent profe s sor rela tionships be improved despite mas s enrollments Z Is there ade qu a t e growth in student matur_ity and leadership? Are students ade quat e ly invol ve d in ca mpus life? These only suggest the range of the inquiry. , We have heard the criticism that USF s tu de nts by and large are concerned with th e g rind for g r ades and diploma at the end. We do not buy thi s. We believe there are many, many students deeply in t ereste d in t he p r o gres s of the in sti t u t ion t0 be s t s e r ve g enerations to come. We u r ge everyone with info r ma tion , with ideas, with deep con c erns to become involved in the six c ommissions' work and help USF make a great s urge for ward . Sandspurs In Your Coffee 'And When The One Great Scorer Comes To Write Against Your Name, He Writes Not That You Won Or Lost-But How You Pla yed The Game.' 'Dorm Life Not-So-Bad USF Is Friendly Editor, The Oracle, Friendliness is contagious. As new students here at USF, we felt we should writ e an answer to Miss Peggy Apgar. Our experience has been exactly opposite to that of Miss Apgar : From the moment we located our room until right now mid term we have felt a part of the school. Indeed, within 10 minutes after our ' arrival, we were greeted by one of the returning girls (also an early arrival), who took us to lunch on campus and gave us a play-by play description of USF. Contrary to the attitude which you have described ( " I have enough friends, I don't want any more " ) , we've been liv ing in an atmosphere of " There's always room for one more." As a matter of fact, the last "jam session" I experienced was held In my own room, led by my room mate and co-author. When our door is closed , we ARE studying, not attempting to analyze the reasons why our neighbor ' s door is closed . We agree that the cafeteria situation does become congested; however, when we just join strangers, we do so with the atti tude that we ARE joining, not intrud i ng , and their friendly interest soon con firms this. We may have weathered a diffe'rent initiation to dorm life than Miss Apgar h a s , but after seven weeks we feel com pletely at home. We certainly have not encountered any of the attitudes whieh Miss Apgar has. And we hope that our experience. prevails with the majori t y , CAROL HOLLINGSWORTH LA3 ANA MARTINEZ ED3 ments had been posted , articles nad ap peared in The Oracle, and f our radio sta tions had broadcast the information you needed. AND STILL YOU, and almost 6,000 others had not heard enoug h about the SA elections to warrant your casting a vote. Why? Mike, you further s t ated that you have been able to find out nothing about the USF s t udent government. Yet a few weeks ago , posters and radio stations pleaded for students to a t tend the SA re treat where a great amount of informa tion (including a speech from John Har per, our president!) concerning the USF Student Association was freely given. Only a handful showed up for the occa sion. IN FACT, we have here at South Florida a very strong studen t govern ment, or rather a po te ntially strong one. Each of the three branches of the SA has well defined powers, a nd th ey are pow e rs. The students control $38 out of every $113 collected during registra t ion. And we have the definite backing of an Ad ministration who is more than willing to have a good, importan t , and responsible student government. So what is the problem? T he missing link in student government is the student body. The SA will alwa y s be just as strong as the studen t body w a nts it, th a t is what is meant by govern ment " ..• by the peop l e." T he SA is a m outhp iece; you, Mike, and the rest of the student body must su p ply the words you want u s to say . 1 S o come by our o ffice a t CTR 219. The d oor is alw ays open. Pick up a Con situation. During the g e n eral e lecti o n s , listen to the cand i dates and then vote . Most importa.nt, Mike , tell a friend. i n this very newspaper! We students sho ul d be chastised. We are misusing our ample parking facilities! I am willing to admit my guilt if someone will please explain how this misuse is taking place. How do you mis use a parking lo t , Mr. Hill? After th i s has been explained to those of us too slow to understand such a sim ple process, please inform us on the dis tance between the FAH building and the new Business building. It seems just s h o r t of 347 miles when you have oto walk i t b e tween classes. Many students do. This entire situation would be laugha ble if i t d i dn't affect so many people, and didn ' t promise to get worse instead of better. Who' s the planning expert on campus? Possibly he should be more conc e rned with STUDENT MISUSE than w i th the misuse of inadequate campus parking facilities . J. BOLTON PHILLIPS, This Is Homec o ming? Editor , The Oracle : One glance at your Oct. 19 edition would reveal to even the most illiterate p e rson that the joyous event known as "Homecoming" was taking place the fol lowing weekend. If I may appear naive I ap o logize since I am one of the " unbel ong in g " commu t ers. . How ev e r , I w ould like to ask what Home c oming is being celebrated? Ap parently it is not the soccer team since our r i ch ( ?) alumni are being hustled off t o a nearby country club for an alumni golf tournament which is slated to begin one half hour , after the start of the soc cer matc h . Are we participating in ihtercollegiate golf cart drivin g ? Gene 3CB Oracle Gets Compliments Congra t u lati ons ! Congratulations to you on a job well done! The first issue of The Oracle was ,indeed an achievement to be proud of for years to come. . According to custom here, your first iss u e will be framed and placed on the wall in our Student Publications area along with the other f irst issues that we have. Daniel E. Thornburgh, Adviser Student Publications Eastern Illinois University' Charleston, Ill. 't Was A Pleasure It was a pleasure to receive a copy of the new Oracle and I was glad to be put on the mailing list for the first issue. Congratulations on the new baby and keep up the good production. Marni C. Melle n , Department of Sociology Parsons College Fairfield, Iowa Pro f ess i ona l l ook i ng Job Have seen the first issue of The Ora cle and want you to know that I'm much impressed -a splendid, professional looking job I You certainly must preside over a hustling staff; I thought the content was quite lively and varied, lots of art and good ads, too. Congratulations to you and your troops. Hope you can keep up the pace! Dick Bothwell, Staff Writer St. Petersburg Times Read It W ith G r eat Interest Congratulations on Volume 1, Number 1 of The Oracle . I was lucky enough to receive a copy and I read it with great interest. It is a credit to you as a leader in the field of collegiate publications, a credit to the University and to the staff. Keep up the good work. Patrick W. Kennedy, Assistant to the Director The Newspaper Fund Frinceton, New Jersey Telegram Reply Congratulations on The Oracle! Mrs. Mary V.l'tf.abry, Department of Journalism Texas Southern University Houston A N ice Bri gh t B eaco n Warm congratulations on your first Oracle! It looks mighty good and we offer all best wishes for your students to keep up this pace-setter. Succeeding generations of student edi tors have a nice bright beacon, sky high to follow, and may each follow the gleam and stay on the beam. Their pathway will be well lighted and in tum they can emit light by reflecting in their news stories and editorials all that is good and substantial about your growing , boom ing, blooming institution . Our very best to each and all. Our reaction to it is most favorable as you must understand and we are grateful to have been included on the list for a copy of this f irst issue out of your shop . J. Robert Walker, OHice of the Dean of Men Purdue University Lafayette, Indiana Agent 08072 for SIYC is back on the trail in Slovakia again and has some in teresting words for us in his latest report. ' for your n ext class, e s p ec ially if it' s four furlongs distant. T his is because you've onl y got abo u t 2 m i nu tes and 50 s e c ond s l eft. Need Student Support An open letter to Mike P i scitelli: I read and reread your lett e r in The Oracle last week and your well written stateme nt sti mulated s i ncere soul searching. Unfortunately, 1 have as y e t f ound no sure fire solutions to your que s tions, but I believ e that I have a t least defined part of the problem . JOHN CHAMBERLIN Executive Press Secretary SA Department of Public Relations Parking Problems After p a ying my third parking ticl{et this tri mester , I h a ve fallen in to a deep stat e of depress i on and s e lf criticism . I know it must b e m y f a ult th a t nobody c a n find a plac e to p a r k . Mr. C l yde B. Hill and Mr. Andrew C. Rodger s s a id s o SDS Speech Ba n Spur s K . U . Furo r "Well, I'm now a student at the Uni v e rsity of Lower Slovakia (ULS). I got caught in the registration line last week with Ethak" (08072's girl). Our agent says that it's just as well though. "It's really a pretty good deal," he says. "This will give me an inside look at the ULS campus. Besides, I was about to be n a bbed i n the Slovakian draft." ZER0-807'Z SAYS that one of the big problems at ULS is getting from class t o class on time, "for one thing," he says, "you only have three minutes, 1 0 sec onds between classes. The reason for the 10 seconds i s thal's about how long it takes to open the doors aroun d this place." 08072 WENT on to exp l ai n how the 3:10 time allowance and the tough doors are all part of the ''Physical Selniotknuf Program" (or simply "phys sel"). ''The phys-sel program," reports 08072, "is based on the fact that all students at ULS have at least four consec u tive classe s each day. This is carefully prear ranged on a special computer and it's nearly fool-proof." Z ero-8072 reports that all students ex cept seventh octomester seniors -ULS is on the octmester plan, which lasts six weeks -are required to take phys sel. "Even if you've been a professional tetherball player and have served in the Slovakian army for four years, you've gotta take it," says 08072. Our agent d es cribes the ULS phys-sel program. "Each prof here is issued a stopwat c h when they join the faculty. At the end of every clas s session, a giant gon g dongs three times and all the stu dents line up beside their desks." "THEN ANOTHER giant gong dongs and the last one to the door's a rotten egg. I learned right away to sit nearest the door in each class." "A s soon a s you get out the door -if you make it -you take off like all h e ll He says a s soon a s y ou make it thro u gh the next classr oom door, the prof is standing the r e and cl ick s his s to}r watch . "For every s econd over 3 :10.0" says 08072, "yo u have to do one pushup. " You say that it was just two days prior to the e le c tions before you he ard about them a t all. Yet general announceHe says that once Ethak knew o f f our students who rode t o ge t her i n a warth o g pool (ULS students' mode of transporta tion ) . T h ey trie d to o u tsmart a prof by hopping on t heir wart h og and g i ddya}r ping over the hog tra il to th ei r next class . "BU T WHEN the Klan (ULS s e c ret tpolice) spott ed th e wartl\og parked in the wrong pe n, t hey issued each of th e f o ur s tu de nts a hog citation . The four s t udents didn't w a nt to chance the l oss of their h og to th e ULS cafete ria , s o t hey d idn' t try that tri ck again." Ze ro-0872 say s that the o ne hope that ULS s tud ents had for ge ttin g f r o m class to class qu ick l y was an offer made bv a local p e ppe r mint jui ce brewery. "The Sch ubhe iser Brewing Company offered to build a mono r a il around ULS provided tha t Schubhe i se r could run a di rect pe p perm int ju ice pipeline to all th e student dorms." "Preside nt E lc a ro lik e d the idea beca use all o f the alu mn i would be able to see U L S's sym m etrica l hog trails from t he air. A n d th e alu mni were all for the idea b eca u se they could com e / back each fa ll and see the bri g h t , new , w h ite b u ildings o n an air conditio ned tour." " THE D EAN OF sun dry aff air s," says 08072 "was s u rprising ly eno u g h i n favor of th e monorail. With the dir ec t peppermint ju i ce p i pe lin e, said th e dean, the students won't have to snea k pe pper mint j u ice into the dorms all the tim e and it will be o n e b ig h a ppy f amily." "B u t the d i rec tor of p h y s-s e I squelc h ed the whol e t hing. He th reatened to resig n if the monorail w e nt t hrou g h, and that settled that." Our agent ended h i s r eport by say in g he woul d have to q u i t now. "I'v e g ot to practice my push ups," 08072 said. Next Class In Bus. Ad. Building? LEXINGTON , Ky . (CPS) ad ministrat i on ' s refusal of a student's re quest to deliver a socialist talk at the U niversity o f Ken t ucky may prec i pitate a free spe ec h controversy there. Brad Washburn, a member of campus Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), tried to obtain permission during the week of Sept. 25, to speak in the campus Student Center , but building di r ec tor Frank H arris delayed the request until the S t udent Center Forum Commit tee c ould draw up guideline s for s peak ers. Di r ecto r Harri s said Washburn ' s speech was delayed until the college c o uld " prepare for s uch occasions." He a dde d that the s peech could result in ph ysical v iolence, since only two weeks ago students caused a near riot when SDS operated a booth in the Student Cen t e r . Washburn had contacted Harris be cause events in the Student Center must be coordinated through a central office. Ha rris i ni tially agreed to Washburn's r eque s t to speak, Washburn said, but l a t e r dec ided t o delay it. Harris told Washburn th e speech was postponed be ca u s e Student Center p o li c y does not pro vide " f or this type o f thing," a c cording to t he stud e n t. W as hburn als9 quo ted Harris as say ing, "If you were go i ng to talk about so meth i ng like the Democrati c Party, they would )e t you do it." Harris later sa id he m a de th e state ment facetiously, but a dded that if a speaker were to talk about non controversial subjects, there would be no chance of violen c e, and theref ore s pecial precautions would be u nnecessa r y. Harris h ad discussed Washburn's re quest w i th V ice Presi de nt for Student Af. f a ir s Robe r t Johnson , w ho said that con tro versial d isc u ssions w o uld m ean more t o t h e campus if put in an "educational contex t," a nd that s uch speeches should be pre s ented in the "framework of intel ligent discussion." Reacting strongly to Johnson ' s re marks, the college • newspaper editor Walter Gran t wro t e, "Obviou s ly one will tend to think ideas with which he agrees are intelligent and those he 6pposes are not." "If the administration, a nd Mr . Har ris particularly , were in t erested only in Washburn's safety in light of the recent trouble on c a mpus , they had but to call the campus police," the editor continued. Freedom of speech e xists on campus, because no student has tried to extend it to its lim i ts, Grant said . The newspaper challenged the fa c ulty a nd students through student governt .nent o r the pi ck et line to show the administration they would "tolerate no less than complete freedom of expression." / I Vol. 1 Oct. 26; 1966 No. 8 every Wednesday lrr the school yoar 1111 UJIIvtrslly of Soulh Florida 4202 F o wlor Ave . , Tampa , Fla . , 33420. Second class mailing permit pending at tht Posl O f'lce , Tampa , Fla. Printed Till Tlmts Publlshlnl Company, St. Circulation Rates Single copy (nonstudentsl ----------------lOC Mall subscriptions -------------S4 School yr. Till Oracle Is wriHen and tdlltd by students 11 the University of south Florida . Editorial v i ews herein are nat necessarily those of the USF admln• lstrallon. Offlcou Unlverslly Center 222, phone 9814111, News, ext. 6U; advertising , ext. 620. Deadlines: general news and ads , Wednesday for followlnv Wednesday; letters to tclllor 4 p.m . Frldty, clusl fieds, f a.m. Mond ay. Harry Halgtoy --------------------Editor Larry Goodmen ----------------Ntws Editor John Alston ------------Mlnaglng Editor Julian Efird --------Aut. Mtntglng Editor L .. Sizemore -------------------Sports Editor F l o Felly ---------------" Fettura Editor Polly Weaver ----------Asst . Feature Editor David Dukes ------------------Advertising M1r . Prot . Arthur M. Sanderson -------------Publisher Prof, Steve Yalts ----. General Mgr,


FOUR GROUPS VOTE NATIONAL AFFILIATION Fraternities Initiate 175 Pledges To Begin Tomorrow USF will open its seventh annual Artist Series Thursday with a concert by Shirley Ver rett, one of the nation's leading mezzo-soprall<)S. The series includes a con cert each month from October through April. Each concert will be in the Teaching Audi torium (TAT). The opening concert by Miss Verrett, who has become well known for her portrayal ARE YOU DATELESS TONIGHT? Pine No Longer! Our CUPID COMPUTER will match, select and introduce you to your MOST COMPATIBLE single dates. You will receive their names and phone numbers; they will receive yours. Now, the Science is Chemis try-and ROMANCE is yours! Mail the coupon below for our FREE COMPATIBILITY QUESTIONNAIRE. -----------------TO: MATCHMATE! 'MATCH I X I P .O. Box 7024 MATE X Stewart Station Richmond, Virginia 23221 Please forward me one free com• patibility questionairel NAME--------------ADDRESS •• --.--------of Carmen and Jocasta, will be at 8:30p.m. Other concerts in the series are: Walter Carringer, tenor so loist formerly with the Robert Shaw Chorale, Nov. 17 at 8:30 p.m. Claudio Arrau, master pian lst, Dec. 8 at 8 :30 p.m. Helen McGehee, soloist and first dancer of the Martha Graham Company, Jan. 12 at 8:30p.m. Paris Chamber Orchestra with Paul Kuentz conducting and Adolf Scherbaum, trum pet soloist, performing works from the 17th to 29th centu ries, Feb. 5 at 3:30 p.m. Fine Arts Quartet, one of America's great ensembles, presenting string quarter lit-" erature from Haydn to Bar tok, March 16 at 8:30p.m. Beach Aria Group directed by William H. Scheide, includ ing instrumental and vocal so loists , April5 at 8:30p.m. Tickets can be reserved at the TAT box office, ext. 323. Season and individual concert tickets are respectively, $5 and $1 for students, $10 and $2 for staff and Founda t ion mem bers and other students, and $15 and $3 for the public. HIUM'S GREAT ROAST BEEF SANDWICH at the SILO DRIVE-IN ONLY 69c FREE CHOICE OF 10c BEVERAGE WITH PURCHASE OF BEEF SANDWICH Through October 31 •• JllJTCH PANTRY F.AMILY RESTAUR..AI'IftS & SILO DRIVE-IN HOURS: PHONE 626-9910 Weekdays 7 a.m . -11 p .m. Fri. & Sat. 7 a.m. 1 a.m. 56th St. & Ave • . Attend Nat . ional Conference Gessman To Give Lecture Series I Dr. Albert M. Gessman, pro fessor of classics, will present a series of weekly lectures on the "Languages of Ancient Judaism" starting Oct. 30 at the Adult School of Jewish Knowl edge, Temple Schaarai Zedek , Tampa. The first lecture will be on the history of Hebrew and Aramaic. SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER!!!. FOR U.S:F. STUDENTS, FACULTY, & STAFF COMPLETE ENGINE STEAM CLEANING $6.95 THROUGH OCTOBER 31st J.J. 's .UNIVERSITY CITGO I CORNER 30th STREET & FOWLER AVENUE CALL 932-4931 for FREE PICK-UP & DELIVERY f .. :: THE ORACLE-Oet. 26, 1966, U. of South Florida, Tampa -I $7,000 GOAL Mormon Group Organizes New Campus Club United Fund Drive To End Saturday Sara Howell, Mrs. June Pre. vette, and Margaret Chap man. Other campus campaign Members inculde William J. Deyo, Mrs. Sandra Brock, Dr. T. C. Owen, Mrs. Rebecca Spries, Dr. William E. Morris, Mrs. Harriet Deer, Manny Lu coff, George J. Cowell, Mrs. Phyllis Marshall, Bob Brown, Tom Schulz and Clyde B. Hill. this is Skyline College Village in the shadow of the University of South Florida e e e WITH 6 DELIGHTFUL MODEL HOMES PRICED FROM $12,800 to $16,350 Here are Tampa's most exciting new homes with ample room for entertainment, for storage and for all the ac tivities of your busy growing family. We've already sold over 300 homes in the University area .•• now we have the delightful n:ew 1967 furnished models ready for your inspection. G>me out and examine the Skyline home •.• then compare feature by feature to homes costing much more. There is a Skyline home to suit almost any budget ..• almost any way of life. See them today just off Fowler, on 29th Street at 109th Avenue. 6 5k.gJ:ME BUILDERS INC. 10909 29th Street 935 '


BrQhmans Gore F-lorida's Gators 4-1 I By JEFF SMITH Zaggari was awarded the kick 3-0 and tied Florida State Uni Sports Writer after a Gator foul in the penalty versity 2-2. The loss to USF was South Florida's undefeated area. . !:he Gators' first defeat in two Brahman soccer squad won its Eleven mmutes later, freshseasons, and the UF record fifth straight game this season man forward Meyer stands 103-10-8 since 1953. in stopping the Universit of a pass to Zagarrt, and the llttle . Florida Gators 4 _ 1 before :orne forward from St. Louis put the . COACH Holcomb 1 000 USF Homeco f Brahmans on top 2-1.. South J1m Houck, John Horvath, Bill 'Defensive fffilng anshl d Florida held the lead entering Sharpless, Bob Drucker, and during the 100. d spar e. the final period. Brian Holt as USF's defensive perto as ne1-stars in the game. He chose 0RI'..CLE Oct. 26, 1966, U. of South Florida, Tampa & ther team was able to score. GATON COACH Al Moore had Meyer and Zagarri as offensive FWRIDA DROVE deep into in the fourth as standouts. H • T d Brahman territory in the final five UF players were InJUred. arrlers oppe minute of the second period . Three Gators left the game with SOUTH FLORIDA travels to USF deflected two shots, but leg cramps. Coral Gables. on . Saturday to . , . ., . . Jose Parra blasted the ball past USF ' s Pete., Tumminia fired meet. the of Miami s Gators and M1amt.s 21:35. time a 19-man field. goalie Jerry Seifert giving the the ball to Bill Yates, and he Hurncanes. Th1s will be the Humcanes stomped US F s Nell Jenkms was top harrier Gators a 1-0 lead 48, seconds beput the Brahmans ahead 3-1 first game between the two cross country squad in for USF with an eleventh .. fore halftime. with 11:16 remaining. South clubs. a triangular meet last Sat urday place finish. Florida iced its first vict_ory Coach Dale Lewis' Hurricanes on the Brahman's h_ome course 1. LaGotic, UF THE FIRED-UP Brahmans over the Gators on Tumminia's had a 8 1 mark last season, los The Brahmans visit M,iami 11. Jenkins, USF opened second half scoring on goal with about eight minutes ing to St. Louis University 6-2. Dade next Saturday. 12. deGuehery, USF freshman forward Jerry Zagarleft in the contest. St. Louis won the 1965 NCAA The Gators scored a low 23 13. Steere USF ri's direct free kick after 6:41. SOUTH . Championship. with Miami pulling 41 and USF 17. USF FWRIDA ran 1ts 1966 71 M ' . , 41 1 ded "' "" . record to 5. In its short twoHOLCOMB 'd th t M' . . . Iaffil s . u a nme18. Keegan, USF .... .,0.,,.,,,. e ...,. . • sru a Jaml teenth-place tm1sh 1 year history, USF s soccer should have a better offense squad has a 7-1 home record than Florida. "Four of our reFLORIDA'S Frank LaGotic a french Honored and is .4-3, on the road. . maining games are on the transfer runner from Gators are 1-1-1 th1s road, and tt's always tough wincruised across the USF campus By Boston U. D D I year, haVIng defeated St. Leo ning away from home." ahead of Miami's Blackburn . awn Ue 1 . and Barker to place first with a Dr. J. French, USF M dean ementus of academic at-Dueling at dawn to meet the R e .I e c ts u p set fairs, recently received the bon-1-M 9 a .m. deadline for a tennis Political Union orary doctor o.f humanities definals match last Monday. Kappa \ gree from Boston University Delta's Judy Garcia and Carol To Hear fair where he gave the dedicatory Zeh defeated Tri Delts Nancy I n d e \ p e n d en ts the opening of a new Start and Donna Ur 6-2 and 6-o. Speak M d The match, originally scheduled On ay Dean French was honored for for last Friday, was resched-Jim Fair, Tampa politician, his "contribution to n6table prowed for Slillday night, but the Quarterback Joe Williams Three west 20, Two East 6 will speak as guest of the Politi -grams of g e n era 1 e duca-Oracle Pholo by Rich Whitaker lights went out before the match drop-kicked a 38-yard field goal Ground East a, o cal Union Monday, Oct. 31 at 2 tion. . . . " Scenes Like These could be played. and threw a 50-yard touchdown 4 p . m. in University Center 248. He is director of the Florida • • • 'I'he Basketweavers and the pass to blocking 'back AI Dec-Three west Fair has been a candidate for College Teaching Project under P.E. Majors , undefeated worniedue as the Rejects bounced In::::g 'if::: mayor in Tampa, chairman of a grant from the U.S. Office of Arete's cheerleaders were jubilant most of the day as quarterback Bob Rolilltree Jed the upset of Enotas 26. Both teams were represented on the sidelines by both cheer leaders and their pledge classes who dis played colorful banners. en's . basketball teams, battled dependent Machine from the top 2-1 the local Elections Board and Education and teaches part for first place Tuesday as the spot in the Independent League Ground East candidate for United States Contime in the College of Educa-dr .' Four West 1 season aws toward 1ts close 9-6 last week. one East otg gress. He i s also a. World War IT tion. next. Tuesday. Entries for table GRI took over first lace with League veteran. He was the firs ' t USF dean of QB R tenms and volleyball t b p Last weeks Results S b' t f h' t lk ill the Colle f B St d' d S kit mus e m a 4-1 record on the strength of a Talos 41, Klo o u ]ec o JS a w be ..,. ge o as1c u tes an 0 Un 'r,e e p e s e to the lM office today, by 5 6-0 win over Kopp's Killers. In0 "The Prison Spook Comes Back later first dean of academic af-f 1 p.m. . ZPE 24, Chi S igma Rho 6 To Haunt." Fair was convicted fairs. 'I Competit ' , t bl dependent Machine, P. E. Ma -cratos 37, Chi Sigma Rho 0 1 Jon m mens a e d B d d standings on a civil contempt charge in tennis is tr .th f' t ]Ors an ananos are ea -Enotas 6 o-o A B s ong WI 1ve earns 1 k d f d 'th 31 Arete io-1 Tampa and as a resul t of this, Of's Cnofas 26 6 tied 2-0. and Cratos head or secon Wl 6 he characterizes himself as "a _ the Fratermty League with the Talos politica l prisoner." GDI's leading the M i X e d Eta remains in first place in Tau Ac cor ding to members of the League. Alpha and Beta und"the Andros League and could Verdandl 1 so p lit' l U . F . rl d JUST ARRIVED B LEE SIZEMORE 1 f ted t .. have after press time clinched Chi Sigma Rho 0 tea mon, aJr Wl rama-• Y ater Rountree had Arete in the Cratos and ZPE, whom they ea earns are Two West and • . . • Phi Sigma Xi tize his plight with the use of Sports Editor end zone. face back to back today and to-Ground East, respectively. An the champiOnship. Today Next Week'• Sthedule Field priso n bars during his talk. CORDUROY JACKO$ . A Rountree -to -Jack Shiver morrow. dros is led to date by Zeta at In the Alpha League,. F?ur 1 Fair also sometimes refers to TO MATCH Arete .ended the by flare pass, a combination that . 1-0. West and Two East are stillllatBeta 3 East vs. 4 west 5 himself as the "wizard of id." CO Enotas m the Fratermty . League worked all day, put the ball on ENOTAS still can get Today at 5 p.m., is also the tling for top honors. Four West The event is open to the public. RDUROY JEMfS last Saturday by crushmg the the Enotas 34 From there chance at he overall tJtle if entry deadline for men's I-M is 4 0 and Two East 3-0. Three Thursday 1 Those interested in 3oining the Bermax SAE petitionin chapt 26 6 . ' the r . h d Th h . . . Enotas vs. ZPE g er . Rountree skirted left end to the Y • llls secon . ey ave soccer. Play w1ll begin Monday East sttll has a chance wtth a Kopp's Killers vs. GDI 2 Political Union have been jnvitWestern Wear Enotas had won 25 games Enotas one. A few seconds later been m the championship game Oct. 31. ' 2-1 record. 3 vs. 3 ed to attend the meeting, Nov. 7 without a defeat during the past John Lund caught a pass over the past three years. WOMEN'S BASKETBALL STANDINGS Three East knocke? One West Sigma Rho two years en route to the center to tie it up Larry Edge's As it stands now two teams P8EMk tw 3 o out of the top spot m the Beta -oround west vs. Beta 4 west 3 • ' as e eaver.s. 2 o L b t L f 12 2 t overall intramural football title. kick for the extra point sailed will represent each league in Iota 1 0 eague y v1r ue o VIC ory. SHOW YOUR I.D.!!! GET THESE SPEOALS ••• As a fraternity, Enotas had wide. the tournament which will begin s 1 Three East is 4 -.01 while One S • h L d never lost and previously had Arete scored again on its next next Monday if weather permits o West is pe1g fS ea S only two other fraternities score series of downs to make it 12_6 . and there are no first place ties Kap"" Delta g -Fratermty League can Coed on them. R tr t k 1 in any of the leagues If ties do NEXT WEEK's scHEDULE be found elsewhere on this page Bowlers t.ii' Olill ee oo seven pays to . TODAY t . M • ICE CREAM SODAS 20c Arete Ail-Star quarterback cover the 40 yards. He did it all playoffs may be played ,s vV:: Della In the Enotas-Arete game story. G' . . m -------candidate Bob Rountree picked on passes to blocking Shiver-this Saturday. . . INDEPENDENT LEAGUE Spetgbts contmues to • SUNDAES 25c th Tn Sos vs. PEM Last Week's Resulls dommate the women's individu • • • • • • • • • • • • • e Enotas defensive secondary the clincher a three-yard toss. 'Roun'ding It Up Basketweavers vs. Tri Delta P.E. Majors 19, GRI 1 3 I . . . -BANANA SPLITS a art 'th h t d d' A Ed • ki k MONDAY eananos 36, GDI 6 a scormg m the USF Bowling e 40c P Wl s or an me tum gam ge s c was no good. Areta Enotas Iota vs. Kappa Della GRI 6, Kopp's Killers o Cl b • • • • • • • • • passes. He clicked on 24 Again Enotas was unable to First Downs 10 Gamma 5 vs. Rejects 9 ' • . 1 .0 Lavicka with a high GARDENS RESTAURANT of 3:> tosses for 448 yards and all move the ball as the half ended. T tal y ds 5 Epsilon 1 vs. Tri D ella GRI four TD's. He also hit on an O • ar 303 117 Basketweavers vs. Tri Sis lndep. Mach. 3-0 game of 221 and Jim Smith with .. l extra point aerial. :::: 0 of 595 lead the ARETE DEFENSIVE back end zone in seven plays again Passes Att. 36 21 cErattos 2 o Kopp's Killers St . p no as 2 1 eve Denms held Enotas' quaron a two -yard pass from Roun asses Comp. 24 9 Chi Sigma 1 1 ANDRos LEAGUE Talos 1 Last Week's Result terback Larry Prichard at bay tree to Shiver. This time th e Passes Int. By 3 0 ZPE 2 Theta 24, Zeta o with three interceptions all in extra point try succeeded with Plillts 1-43 1-15 vKIOc:la dl o 2 E t standings th . p . er n 0 2 Th"eta e second half. Rountree tossmg to Lund to enalt1es 4-50 1-15 ALPHA LEAGUE make the ount 19 6 Two West 2 o i:r;:bda Enotas scored first with a c Two East 1 o Alpha League 65-yard drive on the first series Prichard had three passes in -Debate On 'Anv"lety' 0 1 Last week' s Result A 0 1 Four West 12, Three East 6 of plays. Prichard hit All-Star tercepted and Arete could not Ground East BETA LEAGUE 2 o Four West Standings end Rick Brown on a 33-yard fly move the ball lilltil late in the Postponed 2 Weeks Four East 1 o Two East h Ro Three East 2 1 pattern on fourth down. game w en lilltree again enTh v . d one west 0 1 gineered a 42-yard drive to paye 1ewpomt ebate has Two west o 1 one west ENOT!iS HAD combined a dirt. been postponed for some two Four west ANDROS LEAGUE 0 1 Four East 22 d b Two West yar. rlill Y Pnchard and a This time the Arete uarterweeks . An exact date will be 1 o Beta Lugue 2-2 1 1 H ().3-() HO J.o-o 2 ().1-0 G-1-0 0.2-0 0.4-0 roughmv penalty to put the ball b k . ked q forthcoming Eta 0 0 1 Last week's Results on the Arete 28. An 11_ ard los ac p1c out end Don Rothe! MIXED LEAGUE o Four East 6, Three west 6 and a six d yt G s on a 24-yatd yarder. Edge found Due to a shortage of free F 2 o 0East 0 (forfeit) Hogue rss ? the mark this time to put the hours during the day, the dis 6 Prl.cha d' xtr .rotwn s game on ice 26-6. cussions, which will last apTwo East No. 2 o 2 Four west 13, one East 6 r s e a pam pass was . t o ' Two West 6, Four East o batted down. loss dropped Enotas into ely three . hours, are to I-:================:::=:=:::::::::::;:;; Th th 800 1 a thtrd place tie with Zeta Phi be held m the evenmgs. SEASCOPE Of NORTH TAMPA en e. -p us crowd got Epsil (Ed N t S d . a preview of what was to be the on . 0 e: tan mgs Th e debate will be conducted RENTALS SKIN DIVER'S AIR STATION REPAIRS story the rest of the way elsewhere on thJS page are corin seminar fashion with three "We Sell and Service Diving Equipment rect through last Wednesday as groups of students under the di 'M Authorized Sale' of Dacor Diving Equipment led Arete from reported by the Intramural De.rection of Dr. Donald Allen, Ashl SAFE FILTERED AIR -the1r own .30 to the Enotas one partment). sociate Professor of Sociology, 7400 NEBRASKA AVE. Phone 234-1101 before bemg stop ped. But the ARETE AND CRATOS discussing the topic "Loneliness Arete defense held and Pri top the Fraternity League ;:.; a nd Existential Anxiety." 1------------------------chard punted to the future Phi . . Delta Chapter's 38 Fo 1 mg s WJth a tie m their game All students and fac ulty of -======= =:;::u:r :p:a:y:;s last week the only blemish on U.S.F. are invited to take part r either's record. in'the discussions. The debate is Fidelity Union Life Insurance Co. College Master Guaranteed by a top company. No war clause Exclusive benfits at special rates Full aviation coverage. Premium deposits deferred until you are out of school. Joe Hobbs Jim Hall fred Papia Ray Newcomer, Gen. Ageni. 3843 Kennedy s•vd., Tampa, Florida Phone 877-8387 Enotas, in order to win the sponsored by the Student Politi tille again, must now beat both cal Union. JOHNNY'S RESTAURANT 13102 NEBRASKA AVE. PIT BAR-B-QUE AND FREE SALAD BAR FROM 5:00 8:30 P.M. BEAT THE PARKING PROBLEM LOW COST Transportation PRICES START $2390 See Bill Munsey-He is your fellow student at U.S.F. HONDA OF TAMPA 2301 S. MacDill Ph. 258-5811 DON'T MISS m Comer ol BEARSS AND NEBRASKA OLD TIME MOVIES BANJO AND PIANO BAND FREE SHELLED PEANUTS It's Correct For CAMPUS From JACK PENDOLA Sweaters are very essential and certainly these are campus correct from Maine to Florida. On the left is the popular pullover, V-neck. Available in wheat, blue, ivy and Chianti. S-M -L. $20.00 Shown on ri gbt is a handsome rugged 7 5% wool, 25% mohair cardigan by THANE. Colors of wheat, cloud blue, blue, ivy. Chianti and oat. S-M-L $22.50. VALUE IS SPOKEN HERE. t1Campus Correct Clothes'' Franklin at Madison


\ Time For Homecoming Saturday's homecoming crowd waits in line for the annual outdoor fest. The afternoon cookout followed USF's 4-1 victory over the University of Florida's undefeated soccer team before some 1,000 persons. • . .• 0 •. _ •.• . • Swings D As u s , F 'Turns Out t ,, Oracle Photos By Rich Whitaker And \ Bob Polzer And They Danced Away THE ORACLE-Oct. 26, 1966, U. of South Florida, Tampa-7 Flaming Spirit A Friday night pe{)-rally, complete with bon-fire, initiated weekend homecoming ac tivities. Students were treated to a dance following the pe{}-rally. Homecoming crowd jams the new USF gym for Friday's dance. The weekend marked the last use of the facility for some months, since the Door must be replaced due to faulty construction. Singing Down The House The High\vaymen break into a song during their Saturda:v ni2:ht nerformance which drew \ a standing ovation from the audience for their comic antics and music. I Scaring Up Spirit Boasters in the form of the team mascot, a Brahman bull , and a lowflying helicopter which buzzed the soccer field, helped rouse a crowd at Saturday's homecoming. Putting Gators Down A F1o'l'lda goalie watche s in vain as a Jerry Zagarri kick leav es the Golde n Brahmans undefeated for the season enters the net in Saturday' s 4 soccer victory. The win '


8 -THE ORACLE Oc:t. 26, 1966, U. of South Florida, Tampa BATTLESCARS DON'T HURT I Turns I 'Hammerhead' Knocky Old Time Fun To Ragtime Fame By JOY BACON he learned to play the tunes on the Ragtime Pianists by "Down accompaniment of Parker. Paul Sta!f Writer the piano rolls. Beat." Wesley "Doc" Evans is the . He has recorded the complete other member of the trio. At the age of Dr. J?hn Wh:n works of James Scott and Scot "Doc" has been called the "GaW. Parker acquired the mckou or :me, .• Is Joplin. This summer he probriel of the Trumpets"'. name of "Knocky." The tny ;tiler ;gan t hmg h unb mto duced several recordings trac-Parker defines jazz as "col piano player banged down on a ti exas •. t: ere tre ing the development of jazz I e c t i v e improvisation You the keys so hard that one of the ng WJ coun y ues from 1895 to 1915. He is presentmust have musicians to. have flew off and left a . ly working on the recording of jazz, not just scores. There is a lastmg scar on h1s head and Knocky would go. mto the all of Jelly Roll Morton. spontaneity together that can so John ,became Knocky. and start bangmg Parker has over 60 LPs in the never be reproduced again. This Parker, now a USF associate plano .. ?tt:n other musiclans "scads" of records he has is what gives it significance; professor of English, learned to would JOm m and a bo,nd wuuld made. Many of these have been nothing is ever the same, it is play the piano by watching an be formed. with Dr. Edmond Souchon, a always 100 per cent different." .,;. old player piano. By following Parker has been named. Jazzwh? plays Parker turned to teaching the keys as they plunked down, man of the Month and Kmg of gu1tar and growls w1th the when he realized that the leeKNOCKY PARKER "Collective Improvisation" tures he was giving in early college about jazz In discussing jazz, Parker stressed the posltion .. of Jazz states that "Jazz is an expres m always sian of the art form of the pea the m.s1sted that I pie. It closely parallels with the this dlrectwn (of teachother arts of the age. It is close mg). ly tied in with the literature, poThe University of Kentucky etry, pictures. In the 20's the created a tailor made course in songs of the motion pictures are American studies for Parker's closely allied the music show doctorate in a combination of ing the histdry of the times." Education and English. . . Parker, who is now studying . Because of piano with Jacques Abrams, ap1s now domg a peared at the McKay AuditoriserJes of films ?ut out . by urn Sept. 24 for a Hillsborough WUSF-TV of old movies. Board of Mental Health Benefit. He plays to This past summer he appeared class1cs. The. in concert in St. Louis at the Knocky . and .the S1lents, JS opening of the Thomas Jeffershown Fnday mghts. son Archw_ay. Parker came to USF SeptemDuring the Week of Oct. 2 he ber of 1963. He finds the stu was at the opening of the New dents here "dedicated, active Orleans Disneyland. In Novemcreatively. Students are serious ber he will appear with the here, and are' in every sense of Oklahoma City Symphony. the word, students," he said. Nightclub Playing Cop 1 Is Bus Driver, Student By JOY BACON , chiatric assistant for an Army chology or politics. He instructs Staff Writer Disciplinary. younger pupils in the distinction M A J -(4SO) Jones is taking a double between "may" and "can." USFarvtmd t. . onelss h' al major in sociology and interOnce a child learns to say s u en , 1s a o a sc oo " " h 11 b dr. th d disciplinary social science with may, e 1s a owe open futs Iver m e morm?gts afn a minor in psychology. He first the -bus door (under the strict a ernoons, an orgarus or su ervision of Jones) nightclubs in the evenings, and went to college 35 yea_rs ago for P . a squad car patrolman for Indione full year. For a time he at-In talkmg about college life, an Rocks Beach on theweektended both St. Petersburg JunJones feels perturbed when ends. ior College and USF. teachers cut or are late to H h li-"' 37 tat d Jones says school bus driving classes. He feels you can get e as v'='U m s es an ., d t h. t hildr .ed 1s a great lab for psychology. WJs om rom books at home, Jtst wd 0d c h eln,. no3 w5 md.affrrJ ' Students are unbiased and un-but the teachers bring in the a en e sc oo m 1 erent . d. . f. t h d f h. h t t H . . all preJU Iced. He now dnves an 1rs an m ormation w 1c sGa esh. .de Y 1 average of 350 students to and students need. rey oun us 1ver m n l-ana before moving to Pinellas from day. makes At school Jones is searching County where he has lived fQr four trtps dally,. two "for wisdom and tools to do nine years. one JUmor and one something about it (wisdom.)" H I seruor high school load each Jones says he is here for the e a so has worked as a rnamorning and evening. d chinist and toolmaker, and once . . e ucat10n, not the degree for supervised 5 ,000 men in Indisays the v1tahty and more money or status. ana. He also has served as psy,?f keep.s a Jones, who is 49, will gradu _________ __::_:_ son alive: Kids, he sa1d, ate in April. He hopes to be able a reflectiOn of the commumty to attend graduate school in soZip Code A Must socio-economic sphere rather ciology. than religious and racial." So -------far he has had no problems with After December either nationality or race preju-Aid Tops $1.5 Million dice on his buses. USF De f Ad For 2,500 Students an o mlsswns, Jones is also a traveling Robert L. Dennard informs teacher. His bus rides are filled Some 2,500 USF students will students and faculty that they with instruction for the stuhave received some $1.5-million have until Jan. 1, to convert dents. During the course of the in financial aid this year. This is their second and third class ride home, students may disabout 500 students and a $300,000 mail to the zip code system. cuss religion, philosophy, psyincrease over last year. "It is our understanding," he _______ _::_ ___ _ said, "that federal postal au thorities will not accept sec ond and third class mail after that time unless zip codes are used . " According to Tampa Post master J. A. Gonzalez, zip code cards are being deliv ered to Tampa area residents. The cards have spaces for the addresses the receiver wants "zipped." The cards will be mailed to the post office and returned with the addresses coded. 5 COMPLETE DINNERS $4.25 • Five Individual Meal Tickets To Students & Faculty Only. • Come in and ask how to register FRANK & RITA'S RESTAURANT 22ND STREET AND FLETCHER AVENUE Knocky, at piano, performs with Red Hot Profs. THE PRESIDENT'S -NOTEBOOK SA Man Dave Shobe Power Behind Homecoming Around June 1, the annual Florida by the Highwaymen and and his committee chairmen of the Southern Unianother group that seemed have been given invaluable asver.;;iti e s Stud ent Government promising for the program. sistance by Dean of Student At Association (SUSGA) was held During tha concert, Dave spoke fairs Herbert J. Wunderlich, Di in Jacksonville, Florida. The with the agent of the other rector of Student Organizations conv e ntion was attended by group and was informed that Phyllis Marshall, University over 100 soutll ern schools and the group no longer played for Center Director Duane Lake, booking agents representing dances. and Coordinator of Sports Acover 200 entertainnrant groups. tivities Murphy Osborne. For Dave attended the day During this time, Dave was their assistance, the Student As conference along with five other working with the Dean of •.Stusociation is appreciative. To the delegates from USF and he was dent Affairs, the University Homecoming Committee, the able to gather information and Center Director and the SA SecStudent says con form judgm;mts on some of the retary of Finance in order to gratulations on a fine job. ente rtainment groups available. work out a budget for the enter You may wonder why I give In July, the SA President and tainment. Among other things so much detail on the Home Homecoming chairman attended being considered were the cost coming program. WeiJ, some a concert at the University of of printing tickets, of adequate students criticize tbe SA for -----------publicity, the number of people Jack of aQtivity. Combine the Fact. that -we -wiU spend $35,000,000 in in .1966 might pretty . '67 VOLVO$ At Near Dealer Cost We Own Our Company and We Can Give Our Cars Away If We Want To. * BEST PRICES * BEST SERVICE * COMPLETE PARTS BAY AUTO SALES & SERVICE, LTD. INC. 3500 FLORIDA AVE. attending, the cost of providing a planning of a program tOO size varied program, and hidden of Homecoming, with tbe Fresh cost in contract "ryders." man Orientation Program, a ("Ryders" include such stipulaStudent Disconnt Program, the tions as the kind of spotlights SA Newsletter a retreat at used, the number and size of taChinsegut, mechanim of bles on a stage, the number of USF's first Who's Who in Amer water glasses on a table, and ican Colleges, a dozen other the kind of amplifiers provided programs, and the innurnarable by the university.) committee meetings a student The beginning of this trimesgovernment must attend ter found Dave anxiously await--. put these_ all mto summer ing the return of signed enrertrunester with one thrrd tainment contracts and the exand then you have a-fall' pansion of his committee into uka of the SA does m a various sub committees. Miss summer trunester. Jill Young headed the publicity Until next week-committee, Mr. Larry Cranor John Harper the activitias I President (mtramurals, piCmc, etc.) comStudent Association mittee, Mr. Jeff Donohue chaired the entertaJnment committee, and Jane Mahone Center . UNIVERSITY / AUTO. SERVICE CENTER TRUST YOUR CAR TO THE MAN WHO WEARS THE STAR EE! • Complete Lubrication with each Oil Change. • Do It Your5elf Car Wash Vacuum, Soap and Water Provided. • Pick Up & Delivery for All Maintenance Work for Studenh & Faculty. 2911 E. Fowler Ave. PHONE 932-3387 headed lha sales commitUmvers1ty. of South tee Flonda students w1th professional assistances in the areas At each and every step along of reading, vocational guidance, the way to providing you this personal counseling, tutoring, Homecoming Program, Dave speech and hearing. EXCHANGE BANK Invites all USF Faculty and students to stop by today. Y,ou' re always welcome at The Exchan9e Bank of Temple Terrace, the friendly bank who is always Large enough to Serve You e •• Small Enough To Know You 9385 -56th St. 988-1112 dull reading I for everybody, except: Those who want to continue to have the possible electric service at the lowest possible cost. Those who would feel good knowing the supply will always keep of the ever-increasing demand. Those interested in a healthy $35/000rOOO boost for this area's growing economy. When we make sizable expansions like this, you can seldom see the effect because most of it is behind the scenes working for you. But, our 1966 expansion program money, if placed in buildings, for example/ would build five duplicates of the new Exchange National Bank of Tampa building or nine Curtis Hixon Convention Halls. THE ELECTRIC COMPANY PEOPLE 1500 employees dedicated to providing YOU with the best electric service at the lowest possible cost. Tampa Electric Company POWER FOR PROGRESS AND &mER liVING ElECiRISALLY SINCE 1899 r I


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