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The Tobacco Leaf

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The Tobacco Leaf Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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! I Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States. C. PFIBSJIIliG, PUBLISHER, No. 142 Fulton Street. Vol. 1.. G. W. GAIL CHRISTIAN AX. G. W. GAIL&.A.X, S 0 X :IN G, llJ;obatto, AND SNUFF, -AlSO-Importers of and Dealers in Cigars, Pipes, Snutr-boxes, etc., NO. 28 BARRESTREET, Baltimore, l!lld. --DEPOT-with G.uL'-Ax & KUCHLER, Nos. 173 MCI1'75 Water-street, New-xork. 11-63 DE FORD, THAYER & CO., Commission Merchants, AND DEALERS IN Manufactured and Leaf Tobacco, Segars, &e., &c., WATER-STREET, New-York. Dr' U. S. Bonded Warehoruoe, 31ld District, New-York. Bblppers can forward ua their goods "rM :BOND" without ortbe excise tax. WAftS, GIV"EM & Co., GITBN, WATTS & Co., Paducah, :K,.. Ncw-Orleana, La. DUJNJBRI!ON & Co., W. C WATTS & Co., EnM't'iUe, Ind. LiverJOOJ1 'EDI WATTS, CRANE & CO., :FOR THB SALK OF Tobacco, Cotton, and Western Produce. No. 43 Broad St., New-York. DU BOIS, VANDERVOORT & CO., FOR THE S.llf.E OF Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, 37 Water Street, Oornelius Du :Ooi., } J ooeph :0. V audervoort, Carlos A. Butler. NIW-Y-&lUt. HOLYOKE & ROGERS, TOBACCO FACTORS AND General Commission Merchants, 162 Water Street, G:BD. 0. HOLYOKE, } H. B. ROGERS, JR. NEW-YORK. N. E. MILTON & CO., Agents, Loui111ille, Ky. 1-18 SPENCER BROTHERS, DEALERS IN TOBAttO, SEGARS, AND SHIPPING FURS, T H SPENCER, } I L. SPENCER C. C SPENCER (1-18) A. H. CARDOZO i & CO., TOBACCO No. 169 Front Street, Advances made on consignments to our house in W. C. Watts & Co. 2-14 A. H. C.Uloozo, } ....... .!"'..... 0. B. Alm:UBON, PBD. DllOBT, NEW-YORK. CONNOLLY & CO., Particul&r attention paid to the sale of other PUBLISHED WEEKLY. NEW-YORK, SATURDAY, MAY 27, 1865. GAIL, AX & KUCHLER, Tobacco and Commission House. DEPOT OP G. 'W. GAIL & AX'S lL\NU.L".A(,"''URBS, pr-It should be borne In mind lhat our reports rep....,. MD' lhe wholeeale market only, aad lhat,ln purchaaes of omalllota, advanced prleee will be demanded. THE TOBACCO tiBKET, Nmw-YoRK1 May market during Qle week has shown an increased firmness, BALTIMORE. especially in Leaf. This has operated to a 173 17 5 Water Street, considerable extent to curtail transactions!NJ o/j!j a w @11({11{. some of the largest houses indeed having vir---------------.-taall withdrawn their stock from the market, 0. K. KING & CO., 1 ... lillg at present. The belief that 1 pricea uaust rule in the future, seems 3-Hi ltl.t"'-ttrl "'"*-il'ilf!li.Ow It be founded-on these grounds: the com\!JJI MUH M II lightness of the last crop ; the cer-No. 24 Broad Street, a great falling off in the next crop, o. K. Kmo, } the disorganized condition of labor NEW-YDRK. l the great tobacco regions of Ken2-14 Agents in Lonisville, A. 0. & JohnS. Br8Jlllin. ifeky, Missouri, and Virginia; tho increased of production, which for some time will Smith Palmer f. CO under the heavy taxation neces-. J CXI 1J _,.for the payment of the immense national .cltlt, and also the loss in the war of full three hrths of the Virginia crop of1860-for it is > DOW proved that nothing remains there that Clan have any material influence on the market. These reasons are so strong that they LEAF TOBACC1 d'ectllally counteract the tendency of the tllling gold market to bring prices down. .4ND JOBBERS 011 No. 170 Water-street, H. SMITHL L. PALMEK, A. H. SCOVILLE, NEW-YORK. F. L. BRAUNS & CO., AND KREMELBERG & CO., The following comparative statement of the IJ'ices of Kentucky Leaf and Manufactured on the 1st of May for twelve co nse cutive years, may be interesting in this connection : x ... tucky. 1854 ........................ S i 1855 ........................ 10 1856 ............... ......... 12! 1807 ....................... 16 1856 ........................ 1!1 18W ..................... .. 11 18&0 ........................ 10 1881. .. ................... .. 9 18ll2 .. ...................... 12! 1868 ........................ llO 1864 ........................ 80 1865 .......... .... ......... 26 uanroacea. 24 29 32 24 llO llO 17 30 65 65 70 TOBACCO The sales during the week fully sustain our previous quotations, and comprise 676 hbds 12-114 HEW-1'-e-RK. ot different grades-a good part for export. { Cll. 00 per ;year, b;y l!ll&il. TEBJIB, Il!f ADV AliCE, 1.1!0 b;y Carriers. 5 cents Copies. Ohio Bwl.-!ta,f. .. ii I lil>retgn.-Havaua, Wrappen, (duty paid,) .... 1 liO @ S 00 Havana., auorted,.... do. ... 1 00 @ 1 00 Havana, Flllen,.. do 9() @ 1 16 Yara, assorted,......... do. ... s.a @ 1 00 Cuba, assorted,... do. .. 75 != 85 St. Domlogo, usorted, ... (Ia bond,) .... -6 1 2 Ambelema, Giron ,.t Carmen, (in bond,) 6 ;-._ 29 Hanlifactu, lS's, "7's, and S's-Best ............ 65 @-70 Medium, ... ........... M @--60 Common .............. 46 @ 00 lO's, and 12 'o-Best, .................... 70 @ -13 Medium, ................ 82 @--66 Common, ................ 50 @--60 Half pouuds-(Dark,) Best, ............ 70 @--72t Do. .Medium, ........ 6l!t @-61 t Do. Common, .. M @60 (Bright,) Bee' .......... -90 @ 1 00 Do. Medium, ....... SO @-65 Do. Common ....... --@-May Apple, Pigs, etc.-(Brlght,) ........ SO @ 1 00 Lady's Flngcrs. (Finc Bright) ...... .. 1 50 @ 2 00 Pounds, (W Edra Fine, bright, .. 1 10 @ 1 50 Pine, .............. 65 @ 1 00 llledlum, ............. 70 @-75 Common, ........... M -66 (Virg!nla,) Bnra Fine, brlghl, ... 1 00 @ 2 00 Fine, ................ SO 90 .Medium, ............ 70 @ -7 5 Commo!l. ............ 80 --65 Light Preosed-Virgiula, .'............. None. (Western,) Floe, ......... 1 80 @ 1 65 Do. Medium, .. .. 1 00 @ 1 20 Do. Common, .. 70 @I 1 00 Navy Pounds-Best, ................... -68 @ -75 Medium,.. .. .. .. ...... -62 (tj)-65 Common ............ 06 @60 Navy Half-Pouuds-Rest, .............. -68 @-75 lledlum, .......... -62 -66 Negrohead Twist-West, ............... 85 @-90 Oity made, .......... SO -85" Oigars 1 Cabannas Seed and Havana, perM., ... 50 00 @ 75 od Do. Clear Havana, do ...... 76 00 @100 00 Common Domestic and German, 12 00@ 20 00 Seed Lear,... .. .......... 26 00 @ 40 OG Swlao Cigars (Vautier l!reres), ......... M 00@ 60 00 Swu./!.-lllaccoboy, .......................... 90 @ 1 00 Rappee, French, .... ............... DO @ 1 00 Do. fine plain, .................... 85@-95 Scotch aud Lundyroot, ......... ..... 1 90 RECIIIIPTS from the interior and domestic ports, for the week ending May 23-1246 hhds.,_ 444 pkgs. Of the auivals from domes tic ports, nearly the whole were from Balti more, comprising 34 hhds. 1.3. 1 at $16 25, 1 at $16.50, 1 at $19, 1 at $22 1 at $22.60; 5 hhds. Mason county, private sale-2 a $18, 2 at $28, 1 at $35 ; 1 hhd. Missouri at $40 ; 38 cases Connecticut seedleaf at $18 round sale, not accepted ; 12 boxes Virginia, ranging from $4 to $7. '76. Receipts light. ST. Lours, May 20.-The market yesterday was steatly, with a good demand, and much firmness manifested on the part of holders. Sales were-1 hhd. scraps at $1.20; 11 hhds. green and damaged lugs at from $4.60 to $5.80 ; 'l hhds. factory do. at from $6.80 t& $6.20; 7 hhds. planters' do. at from $7 to $7.60 ; 4 hhds. common shipping lea.f at from $11.76 to $13.60; 3 hhds. medium do at from $15 to $1 '7 ; 2 hhds. common manufac turing at $18.75 and $21.75 ; 8 hhds. medium d9. at $25.50, $27.25, and $27.50; 2 hhds. good do. at $36.75 and $47.75; and 8 boxes at from $4.20 to $28.60 per 100 lbs. Bids 40 boxes were rejected. PHILADELPHIA., .May 20.-'l'rade in both leaf and manufactured is extremely dull, and pric es remain without essential change. Ex ports for the week ending the 18th instant, none; imports, none. 1-13 Western Prodnce. BACON, CLARDY & CO., POR TUB SALE OF & GARRISON, nn.d at.otton Seed-leaf is rather qll.Ult. We note sales of 624 cases mostly of State, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, at rates ranging from 6t to 22. Some Connecticut of inferior quality has been sold at about the latter figure. Consignees-Snoddy & Howard, 16 hhds. ; Arkenburg & Bryan, 126; Morton, Slaughter & Co., 16; Bacon, Clardy & Co., 145; Du prez &iT., 16 ;Watts, Crane & Co., 162; A. H. Cordozo & Co., 17; Fatman & Co., 209 ; Cone & 8., 50 pkgs.; H. Koop, 12 hhds.; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 382; Ober, Nanson & Co., 17; C., & Co., 11 ; J. M. Campbell & Son, 2 ; Barclay & Livingston; 5 ; J. C. Havemeyer, 28; C. B. Fallenstein, 16; Oelrichs & Co., 2; Classon & Co., 10; Ruete's Son & Co., 6 ; Order, 85 pkgs., 26 hhds.; Werter & Oo., 39 pkgs. ; W. H. Smith, 100; A. J. Cra.wforo, 4; J. Scheider, 10; McRey nolds & MeG., 11 hbds. ; De Ford, Thayer Co., 20; Robinson & G ., 6; Gail, Ax & Kuchler, 2 ; Lindham Bros., 3; G. S. Hart, 40 cs. ; C. D. Smythe, 1 ; M. Poppenheime r 3 hhds.; Kremelberg & Co., 1 ; Moore, F. T. & Co., 2; Barney, Green & Co., 49 pkgs. ; R. BALTI!lORE, May 20.-There is some de mand for Maryland and Ohio leaf, but the offerings are light and holders are firmer consequently transactions are limited. The sales tha.t have taken place realized better prices than previously. Maryland rules at $3 and upwards for good common to fine brown; Ohio of same grades, $5 a $18. In Kentucky leaf there is nothing doing. In spections for the week ending the 19th inst. 830 hhds. Maryland, 222 Ohio, and 27 Ken tucky ; total, 678 hhds. Exports, 290 hhds to Amsterdam, and 6 to West Indies. Stock on band, 18,552 hhds. There is little or nothing doing in manufactured, and quota tions nre merely nominal. There have been some recent arrivals from Richmond, but the question whether they are to pay the tax or not has not yet been decided, and conse quently no sales have been effected. LEAF AND MANUFACTURED CommiSSion Merchants GENERAL TOBACCO, No. 45 Water Street, TOBACCO FACTORS, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AND DJ:..A.LERS JN No. 73 William-street, New-York. Heavy Western & Clarksville Leaf; W. ALax. BAllo, 111' A""''"l"""'ll. rar-.l4bmli:NTS Ill" ST. LoUIS: llcssrs. 0. Garrison W. J. BACON, & Son, Nos. 11 & 18 North Second-st. 5-17 W. D. CLARDY, OBER, NANSON & CO., SAWYER WALLACE & CO. @l#tttwn and lobutto J. S PARRISH, DR. J. D CLARDY. 1 2-24 New-York. .AND t)ommiBUoD arellantl, VETTERLEIN & CO.J 'l' 0 B A 0 0 0 COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No, 68 BROAD STREET, 4-16 1 w. E. SNODDY, LoalavWe, Ky. R. 8. HowARD, New-York. SNODDY & HOWARD, FOR THlC SALE OF TOBAOOO, OO'l"rON, PORK, FLOUB., Etc., .Wo. n Broad Street, 1-13 JOSEPH D. EVANS, :J'OR TB:J: SALE OF Leaf a;n.d Manu4ctured Toba cco, 81 Water Street ; NEWYORK. ARKENBURGH & BRYAN, :35 and 37 Broad St., 1-13 WM. AGNEW & SONS, Tobacco and Commission Merchants, 284 and 286 Front Street. .N'EW"YOBK, UJA VE ON S..U.B ALL DESCRIPTIONS OF leaf Tobacco for Export and Home Use. Leaf Tobacco baled in any package by hydraulic press for export. 1-13 ROBINSON c!c. CARTH, Commission Merchants FOR THE SALE OF' leaf and Manufactured Tobacco. 85 WATER-STREET, .JonN B. RoBIKSON, loBJI H. GaTB. 6-1 8 NEW-YORK. No. 47 Broad Street, 2-14 NEWYORK. THE CITY TOBACCO AGENCY, No. I 08 Front Street, NEWYOKK. -:o:-G. vV. HiHman & Co., Commission Merchants, AND AGENTS :ron 'l'HB SALE OJ' MANUFACTURED TOBAOOO, Have always on hand a large aosortment of Manntachued Tobacco. For sale on liberal terms. o-n G. HEINEKEN & PALMORE, 115 BROADWAY, NEWYORK. (5'1] GBO. W. P.AL1l0Q, GEORGE S. HART, (United States Bonded Warehoue,) 111 ARCHSTREET TH. H. VETTERLEIN & SONS, 128 WATERSTREET, 12-24 HEW-1'-&RK. T. J. !dOSES. D. lllli8CH. MOSES & HIRSCH, MANUFACTURERS OF 183 PEARL-STREET, (COR. CEDAR-STREET,) 13-25 ;Je.tu nrlt. A. STEIN, Tobacco, Cheese, Provisions, Etc., Commission Merchant No. 39 Pearl and 28 Bridge Sts., 1 JI'OR THE BALE OF NEW-YORK. Liberal Cash Advances made on Con-4-16 signments. J. T. SULLIVA-N & Bno., JoHN MURPHY, Cinclnnati, 0., New-York. RoB'T HAJOLTON, New York. SULLIVAN, MURPHY & CO., TOBACCO FACTORS No. 1.03 Peal.'} Street, Near Ha.nover Square, NEW-YORK. .A.LIIO, Tobacco baled to order for Mexico and 4-16 West-Indies 1 97 Duane-street, (Bet. Greenwich and Wasbington-sts. ) 1:!1'" Has coDBtantly on consignment a large quantity of Connccrlcut, State a.nd Ohio SeedleaCTo bacco, which will be sol d In quanti \lee 1o suit purchasers. Cigar ma.kers p&rticul&rl;y fa.vored. 13-68 I HAVANA TOBACCO. 200 Bales of Old Fillers FOR SALE, IN BOND OR DUTY PAID, IN LOTS TO SUIT PURCHASERS, BY ROBERT E. KELLY & CO., 18 65 34 Beaver-street. K M > nufa.ctured is and prices are bart:ly lrustained. little activity there is, seems principally confined to bright pounds and short tens. Little is done except to satisfy immediate wants, most qf the transactions having more or less of the character of forced sales. Exportation has be en quite active, as will be seen by a compa.rison of the figures for the present and the previous week. We have 2194 hhds., 2058 other pkgs. crude, and 24,-8lt7 lbs. m, against 650 hhds., 2058 other pkgs. crude, and 68,489 lbs. mt: of last week. In value there is a gain also of $168,679. It will be noticed that the increase in exports is in crude, there being this week a marked fall ing off in manufactured. Receipts also show a.n increased activity, the amount being 1245 hhds., 444 pkgs., against 491 hhds., 646 pkgs. for the week preceding A slight deduction should be made from this, however, as the reports from Jersey City cover a part of the previous week. Still the receipts remain unusually large, the largest that h&Ye been reported for several months. In Foreign imports there is no noticeable change. The following figures show the en tries at the Custom House for the last four weeks For the week ending 18th May, to bacco, 561 pkgs. ; value, $8186. $9724. L. Maitland, 90. FOREIGN lxPORTATIONS-206 bales, 61 cases cigars, which were consigned as f o llows : From Havana : C Luling & Co., 146 bales ; C. Rook & Co., 6 ; M. Rodriguez, 60 ; A. Schwerin & Co., 5 cs. cigars; L. E. Amsinck & Co 16; S Livingston & Son, 1; Stehn & Wulfing, 1; R. E. Kelly, 29; G. W. Faber, 2 ; J. E. Santos, 1 ; Purdy & Nichols, 3 ; F. Probst, 1. From Manzanilla : Thomas Owen, 8 bxs. tobacco, 2 cs. cigars. ExPORTS for the week ending May 28-2194 hhds., 2053 other pkgs. crude, and 24,887 lbs. manufactured, of which were sent to London-i6,181lbs. mf.; value $64'72. Limerpool-100 hhds., $42,183; 8 cs. cigars, $892 ; total value, $42,5 75. .A.ntwerp-251 hhds., $38,703; lO cases, $579; total value, $39,282. D REKCII-41 0 bhds. nlued at .......... 208 bskts .. .. ..... ........ .. 1106 CL, .................... 481 bales, ... 4 cs clgan ................. 189 bhds. stems ...... .. .... $68,977 1,922 68,972 7,709 2,876 9,682 PoRTLAND, May20.-Themarket shows no material change. The demand is very mod erate, and transactions are made only for im mediate wants. Imporga, none. Exporta, 1100 cigars to British Provinces. NEW-ORLEANS, May 12.-Tbe market lS bare of transactions, and quotations are most ly nominal. 1 hhd. good lugs sold at llc. 1 do. good common leaf at 15c., and 1 do. fair at 18c. per lb. Arrived since the 4th inst., 66 hbds. Exports, none. Stock on hand' the 11th in st., 1067 hhds. Inspections for the week, 8 hbds ; since 1st September, 1864, 560 hhds. HAVANA, May 12 .....:.The market continues languid. The drouth in the country, which has for some time prevented the val of new tobacco, is still raging. Trans actions are insignificant. Of low-priced fillers s ome further sales have been made at $7 a $8 per qtl. The demand for medium price cigars for the United States is improving; leading brands a l s o are in better request for England. Exports from 1st January to date, this year and the corresponding time last year: Cigars-1866; M., 48,685; 1804; M., 71,850. Tobacco:..... 1 865, lbs., 1,670,63l); 1864, lbs., 3,520,401. Exports to the United States: Cigars-186!>, M., 2999; 1864, l'l,-3 84. Tobacco -1865, lbs., 75,707; 186.4-, lbs.; 1,10'1, '136. LIVERPOOL, May 6. -Business has been quiet since the commencement of the month,. and prices continue firm. BREMEN, May 6.-The circular of the house Tol&l .. ......... ..... ....... *149 688 of Carl Focke, represented in New-York by C. Gilnaltar-80 hbds., $11,520; 199 cs., W. Walter, says: The market at this date is 11th May, tobacco, 108 pkgs.; value, $6615. Cigars, $13,486 $7030 i total value, $18560 generally weak. A good quantity of KenOadiz-846 hhds., $85,398 ; 9 samples, 4th May, tobacco, 830 pkgs. ; value, $5262. Cigars, $11,014 27th April, tobacco, 465 pkgs. ; value, $4784 Cigars, $9113. tucky, however, has been disposedl of for the $233; total va.ltte, $85,631. Spanish and Italian markets, and the demand Venice-270 hhds. ; $146,000. Our Havana reports, it will be seen, notice an increased demand for cigars for this mar ket. shows that still more will go to the same desDutch West Indies-5 bbls., $160; 1098 tination. The stock of suitable qualities isr lbs. m, $1092 j total value, $1152 small, and the feeling in this particular is. British West Indies -11 hbds., $3185; rather firmer. We revise quotations up to dste as follows: 4200 lbs m, $840; total value, $4025. Kentuc""ky. _Sales :. 129 hhds .. ordinary, French West Indiea-13 hhds, $3500. Kenutel:y. -Light lent. Hc b l $1 5 partly light frosted, at 6 gts. and partly Frosted and trashy lugs, ........ -6 @ 7 ayt1r-50 a es, 0 0 ordinary heavy Missouri at 6! gts. ; 162 bhds. Souud lugs, ... ................ H@ 10 Venezuela--! hhd., $350; 4 bales, $129; Low lnf ...................... 10 @ 12 to-l value, ..,,79_ ordinary to ordinary light at 10 a 12!-gts; Medium leaf, .................. -18 @ "' "'"' t f f t d d' 1& British N. A. Coltmies 3088 lbs mf., quo a Ions are, or very rose or mary, 4 a Do.-Heavy lent. $692 41 gts. up to 21 a 22 gts. for prime selected. Froeled and t.rashy lugs, .... .. -@-.Maryland. -Sales: 25 hbds. good ordinary 12 Total value ofexports-$499,046. Medium Lear, ................. -16 Exports since 1st January, and for cor-to fine at 10 gts.; 74 hhds. mixed <>rdinary to Good to fine, .. ........... -21 @ 24 din d 1 t brown at 7t gts. Choice and selections, .......... 27 @ so respon g periO as year : 0/do.!8ttm .s. IJuy. Ohio. Gr'dlwf. Hd. Ky. Inferior to good common, ..... .......... 5 @ 7 h.hi.l/1. Ol'Uik Pkgo. Manuf'd llJs. Stock at April26, .... 709 38 478 IBT 19M 087 Brown aud spangled, .. ..... ............ -8 @ 11 1865 ........... 29 ,813 82,693 1,946,975 Arrivals IInce, ...... 116 .. .. .. .. Good aud fine red, ...................... llit @ 15 1864 ........... 18,063 20,286 1,207,671 .Fine yellow and faucy,. -l6 20 LOUISVILLE, May 20.Market continues Stems and ocrapo, .... .. ......... .. .. .. 8t @ 8 Maf'l/land. active, and prices have been steadily improvBlack frosted,. .. .. .. .. .. 1St lli ing for the last few days. There is an active Fine and good brown, ................ l2t liS inquiry for cutting and shipping lea At the Paucy, ......................... .. .... -16 20 sa.les yesterday the following was the range ConnecUcul Setdkaf.of prices: Trash, $3.25 a $8 .50 ; lugs, $4.80 a $6.85; light, $7 a $9.55; common leaf, $10 Ruuolngloto, .................... ...... -18 @ 26 a $13.75; light do., $4 a *19.75; extra to Do. New Orop. a $25; and 1 hhd. manufacturing :NtM-York&l-lt.of,-CINCTh'NATI, May 20.-Tbe following sales .. ::::: : : :: :::::= took p l ace yesterday at Bodman's warehouse: 1I 21 hhds. and 50 bo:xes, namely, 9 hhds. PennBJJlania Seed-lof.Mason county-1 at $4. 75, 1 at $7. 76, 1 at Wrappem, .................... ........... 10 @ 18 Do. oelcc&, ........................ -18 @ U $9.60, 1 at $9. 75, 2 at $13, 1 at $17.25, 1 at Flu..., ............ : .............. ....... G } M 8 "'18.76, 1 at $20 6 hhds. Virginia-I at RWlDinglot., ........................ ... 10 @ 13 111 'I' 83 U S &Jes, ........... .. .. 1 8 7 19M tl8n 99 291 Stock at May 6,.. 875 33 478 131: 1855 6080 P.S.-Stocks of Kentucky tobacco will probably be diminished to about 4500 hhds. NEW CURING PRocEss.-:Mr. M. R. Shalters, of Massillon, Ohio, writes us, and claims to have discovered a process by which, in the space of four or six hours, any green, unmar ketable tobacco can be cured, and made of the color and nearly the same flavor as the old, which has through the o :rdinary te dious process. He bas applie d for a patent. If his claims are w e ll f ounde d, he has certain ly a most wond erful discov ery.


2 ColOUN1C.A.'l'lONS from our readers, contalnlng items of tobacco news, or views on topics of inte rest to the trade, euch a the crops and markets, methods of culture and curing, processes of manufacture, new im plements and machinery, etc., etc., will at all times be welcome. lht lrobacto NEW-Y.ORK, MAY 27, 1865. SlltOK:IlfG AND TEMPERANCE. IT has been, and is constantly, alleged that smoking leads to drinking. It certainly never induced our Saxon ancestors to drink; and they were notorious drunkards. The Eng lish, as a nation, were hard drinkers long be fore the fumes of tobacco crossed their wine and beer cups. They are probably less given to drink at the present day than at any period of their history: and while tobacco-smoking is on the increase. The Turks and the French smoke much, and both arc csscntiall,sobe r nations. But let us come to individuals of our own .country, to tlb.ose whom we have h a d opportunities of knowing, and give the result of our own practical observation. As a rule, we can pronounce that all great smokers are temperate men, and most of them extremely so, very many being water-drinkers, and par ticularly when smoking, as the use of wine and liquor s destroys the palate for the appre ciation of fine tobaccos. On the other hand, very many who do not smoke, and who are the most vociferous in condemning smoking, are habitual and daily drinkers of wine, beer, and s pirits. Few drunkards smoke, at least to any extent. If they :it all, it will be found that the love of drinking led to the use of tobacco ; and not, as is often asserted, that they were induced to drink from smoking. Many mu.y think these remarks too bold and trenchant; but let our look carefully around them, in their respective circles, and they will not fail to find their experience con fum our own They may find some ques tionable exceptions to the rule ; they may find, here and there, a sot who drinks and smokes ; but take away from him his tobacco, he would be a sot still. C IGABS AND CIGA.BETTES. A CORRESPONDENT writes to inquire respect ing the distinctions which the present law and the decision_s of the Depart ment make between cigars and cigarettes; As far as the impositio11 of taxes is concern ed, cigars and cigarettes, if they arc made wholly of tobacco, are both considered as one article, and subjected to the ten-dollarper thousand duty. The only cigarettes, that are recognized as such. ; are those which are made of fine-cut smoking tobacco rolled up in paper wrappers. The following is the latest dejlision of the Revenue Commissioner on the subject: "Under the provisions of the amendatory act' in relation -to cigarettes made of tobacco inclosed in a paper wrapper, it is evident that ca.n be none which can be 'valued a.t not more than five dollars per hundred packages,' inasmuch as they must be valued at least at the cost of the tax and making be yond the tax, which is itself five dollars per packages. Cigarettes, therefore, made of tobacco inclosed in a paper wrap per, not subject to inspection as. cigar ettes, but subject to duty at the rate of five per ceiit. tad valorem. T,he tobacco of which -such cigarettes are made, being a species of manufactured tobacco mentioned in the law, will, however, be .necessarily inspected as manufactured tobacco, and the tax assessed at the rate o f thirty-five cents per pound. "The term. ci. garette, originally the dimin utive of cig!Lr, must be confin .ed strictly to its trade meaning, which is descriptive of smoking tobacco cut and made fine and indosed in a paper wrapper. Any so-called -cigarette containing any tobacco other than smoking tobacoo, cut and made fine, or in -closed in any other than a paper Wrapper, must. be c,!assed and treated as a cigar. "All cigars, cheroots, and cigarettes, made wholly of tobacco or of any substitutes there for, are required to be inspected.1 This will inclbde cigarettes properly so called, inclosed in tobacco wrappers, and all cigars and che roots made of tobacco or of any substitutes for tobacco, whether made entirely of tobac-nearer to destruction. I will not enlarge on this ; you know if all ; you know that the evils which environ us to-day are but a tithe of what will surround us twelve months hence. Twelve months hence the honest manufacturer will be COQ1pelled to lock up, if things continue as they are. 2d. To make an effort to save ourselves be fore it is too late. You, sir, by years of un remitting labor, have acquired a handsome fortune, and established a business which in itself is a start that few of the millionaires of the world had at your age in life. But, sir, the Jaw taxing tobacco, drawn through the ignorance of our legislator s in the interest of dishonest manufactur ers," has pronounced on your business and decreed its destruction. Will you stand quietly by and see it perish; or will you make efforts for its preservation, commensurate with the interests at stake? Many a man can acquire a fortune who lacks the nerve to defend it when threatened by unwise legislation. This I find to be the case with many of our manufacturers. They. look at their ousiness, the work of years, and see it doomed. They are clothed in sack cloth and ashes. T .hey are broken in spi rit. Their every sense seems stunned by the mag nitude of the calamity that has fu1len upon them. Is this the way to meet misfortune? W auld it not better become us to rally our senses, counsel together, and use the means for our salv.ation ? Knowing you, I feel assur ed that your response will be in the affirma tive. Let us make an effort to save ourselves and business. Dishonest manufacturers, and the ignorance of our legislators and of the public, are the only foes we have to contend with, while the interests of the revenue, of bond holders, of all stockholders in National banks, of every friend of the government, are our natural friends and allies. Why ? Because we go for increasing the revenue from tobac co. The highest interests of the revenue and ours are identical. What we need, it needs, viz: A latw that insutes tlw collection oj' tlte ta x on all tobacco usea -in tlte count ry. Henceforth the question with the press, in the cabinet, in Congress, in Wall-street, everywhere, and. with everybody, will be, "How is it with. the Revenue? How does it yield? Where can it be increased ?" This government must soon stop borrowing, and commence paying its way as it goes. What amount will it take to do this? Let us see : When all the account s are in, our National debt will be so swelled that it will require at least to p&y the Interest ............. .. $200,000,000 The expen.see ot t.he Governmeat before the rebellion had r eached ..................... 100,000 ,000 .Additi onal expenses for standing army, and of increaeed navy ....... 100,000,000 Total ................ --. ........... $400,000,000 '!'his estimate is too low, but let it stand at that. To meet this demand we ;tre abundant ly able. We cu.n carry our debt of $3,000, 000,000, but we cannot trifie With it. You and I will see the time when people will in quire as earnestly how we can meet our ex penses and pay the inteest on this debt, as did they how Lee's invading army could be turned back. It wUl be done, but' not .as easily by paying as it was by borrowing. Tho sources of revenue will be looked after with a lighted candle before we are through with this matter. Think you, sir, that tQbacco, a lux will be allowed to slip through with pay ing the small amount it nQw does ? when it might yield easily $30,000,000, and if press ed, $501000,000 annually? Tobacao, if wisely flreated, can pay oneeighth oj' tlte needed riJ'I)enue of the Gacco comp&re: so as to weigh it down. Here it will keep sweet in a ta.ffata n1a.ntle, his a.rmes brown and Fo-r taste and for smeu, and in nice order for packing at a.ny time, no It bea!'fl away the bell naked; buskins made of the pilling of osiers; From them both, wherefOr tbey are: matter what the weather may be; if :it was b,is neck bare, hung with Indian leaves ; his For all tbeir bravado, conditioned properly, it will not change a face brown, painted with blew stripes; in his It is Trinldado, particle while in the condition bulk. Mild, That both their noses will wjpe nose swines' teeth; on his head a. painted Oftbe praiseolheydeslre, soft, pleasant weather is the best to pack .. ,....,. ,_.Ill"' ,...,g """ ,...,g ,...,g JPerceot.ofMhatter wicker crown with tobacco-pipes set in it Unless they conspire tobacco in. The best tobacco prize is one 6 !"""E:o. e&r ., '< 1ll'-< ... ..., of ammon!&, plumes of tobacco-leaves; led by two Indian To sing lo tbB!une of his plpe. known as "Page's Prize," but was first in:: =oNrrNUED. ,.... ,.... .,.\Per cent. of pearance, exclaims: TOBcco CULT""'" IN w.ARyr .... D. of practical planters. It is very cheap, exrn ?' o. oo 9? p to eoluble ln bydro) A m. :g 01 :0: is chlcric acid in "Ph. Fob, foh, what umell Is here 1 Is this one or your peditious in its working, and being easily -----------7.:&0hc::=-. delightful objecta? BY w. w. w. BOWRIE, ESQ. taken down and put up, may with conven;:-:;;: i" ? !'" e O!(actu&, Ulsyouron]yscentlnrequest,Sir (Concbuded.) iencebelOOVedfromhonsetohouse. ::: &l "' "' etc., in the aob.. Oommuni 8e1lll'UB. What fiery fellow ls that wWch emokes o much 1n the moutb p TobiJ.()cO sticks are small round sticks, or As to the size of the hogsheads, the best ? jp .. cen(. of a)cohol )?1 Ills the great and pulssanl god of Tob;..,co. are split out like laths, &nd are about one inch size is the ultimatum of the law, "fort-y inches ;..b, Indl coriUo waqqon. r -\Per cent. of a&echaha ha h tWa ln my opinion Is lhe tongue or ru;ually larger at one end than the other, and most any wood will do to saw :into hogshead !. rlne matter ded,ttced 1 .., _, ig l:l 8 from the obtained re Antipodes. they should be eiglit or ten inches longer than stuff; the best, of course is that which is -------,-------'-="1:::00:.:h::=-1----M..,..,na. N o 1 remember It very well; llwBBihe lan the joists of the tobacco house are wide apart. strong but weighs light, such as gum or beach, b' h 1 N h h d h 1. The samples were dned the woody :00. what elgnlflea il, Olfaetu? If the tobacco is of good size, six or seven or rrc or pop ar. o ogs ea oug t to fibre and extract were also dned at 212, Ol. 'l.'blsis the mighty Emperor, Tobacco, King of Trini. plants are enough on a four-feet stick. When weigh over one hundred pounds, aud staves The watery infusions of all contained ammo.J+do, tba.t,.ln being conquered, conquered all .Europe, In first hung up, the sticks should be a foot or drawn out of red oak, or other oaks, which 1 ., h h h' h Ulem paT Ul.bute for tbelr I!Dloke. fift h t th t b k th b t h h ds b t .... t tl maca! salts. The sa ts .rom t e as w IC tobacco. Eifronqeor.qle hisingo, een me es apar .tis e o acco cures, rna e e e s ogs ea u .ue oo cos y, were soluble in water consisted of sulphates, .JMveUn.fto coth ma 1,.. cocU.i nqo they may be pushed up closet:. After a house ought not to weigh over ninety pounds. carbonates, phosphates, and chlorides : the a. Expeller orcalarrho, blinlsher of all agues, you(guts' is filled, some planters put large fires under it, Having now got our tobacco in good order, oolf.aaln for tbe green wounds or a non-plm. bases bemg and lime. The solution Toladao .Al Ytlleam .,.,..,..,I parda pora 81 bacco. Vucard01W>b,piltostuplo., parcaM, iinaromuch liked by buyers. The cost of labor and were soft, or had an ill &mell, ought to have abundant. Hydrochloric solution contained tolUBinfo, carocibato acrlbua. loss of wood, and the risk of losing tobacco, been laid aside to be made sweet and dry, by an abundance of lime. 01. Genius of all swaggerero, grossest enemy to pbyai-and the house too, are great objections well a few hours' exposure to the sun. The same Uans, aweet ointment for sowre teeth, first knot of good telurged against .firing. The better plan is to precaution must be observed while packing. 4. A trace of manganese a trace only of 1 hi t r ift w1 d t d tb owa p company, w n spre& e have sufficient house-room and hang it thin in In putting the tobacco in t _he hogshea.d for phosphoric acid in watery solution. wingo of time, hated of none but thoe wbo him nol and of so great deserts _that wboso 1s acquainted with Wm houses not too large, which have windows and packing, a man gets inside, shoes o.ff, andllays 5. Contained abundance of oxide of man"'"'t 1' ht d d d can hardly forsake Wm. doors so as to awu1 1g an ry a1r, an one bundle at a time in a circle, beginning in ganese. 6. Abundance of oxide of manganese 7. A mere trace of oxide of manganese, and a trace of oxide of iron ; only a trace of alumina. 8. A trace of oxide of manganese ; quan tity of oxide of iron very great; only a trace of alumina. The following are the results of the analy sis of the fresh leaves of tobacco by Passelt and Reinmann, (Mag. Phar. XXIV. and XXV.) Nicotlna, ........... ........ ....... Nleotiaoine, ... :. . 0.01 Bitter .. 2.81 Gum, ................... .' .................... 1.74 Gluten and Albumen, ........................ 1.81 :::::::::::::::::::::::::-:::::: Malate of ammoola,..... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 0.12 Sulphate of potasa:>,. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. O.OlS Chloride of polasslnm, ....... 0.06 &lal&le and nilrale. of pol ... a,. . . 0.10 Phospba.te of lime, ............................ 0.17 lllalate of lime, .... __ __ ---.. -... ... .. .. 0.24 Bltlea, ........................................ 0 .09 Llgnlne and trace of o laroh,.... .. .. .. .. f.V7 Water, .............. .... -----.... ....... .. 88.ll8 Total, ............. --............... .. --.100.811 TOBACCO IN EUROPE. BOOKS AND LAUDATORY SONGS, MIL BRAITHW AIT concludes with invectives agaJnst the three captains named in the title ; a short historical account of tobacco suc ceeds ;* and then comes the following : TDlE'S SONNET. Sweet youth, IIDoake not tby lime, Too precloua to abuse ; Tb'..,t filler feala to choose ; What may redeeme &hat prime, Thy omo&king age doth loooe t Good Oldman, eye lhy glaooe, See, how tbOJ!e oandl doe fall None can a gralne recall : Old houres doe qulcklf _., ShaU 11llO&ke couume them all Love's Lady, whom &llDDe, weather, Yea, the least airy touch, (Complexion !tis such) Hay talnt ; clnge not your feather, Tobacco may doe much. Shunne smoake, East, West, North, South, Love's Lady, Oldman, Youth. In a totally different spirit did Sir Robert Aytoun (born 15'70, die41638) write the fol lowing sonnet on tobacco : Forsaken of all comf'oris but U.ese two, lily faggot aod my pipe, I sit to muoe On all my crosses aad almost excuse The Heaveoe for dealing wllh me u tbey do. Wben Hope steps-In, and wltb a l!m!llng brow, Such cheerful expectations dqtb lnfWie As makes me t.hink ere loag I caono' choose Dut be some grandee, whatsoe'er I'm now. Bul having spent my pi,Pe,, I That hopes and dreams.are cowdDJ-botk decel'fe '!'ben marl< I tblo conclulon ln my mind, It's all one tblng-bolh tend Into one scope'l'o liTe upon Tobacco and on Hope, The one's but smoke, the oLher is but wind." In o, MS. vol)lrne of poetry in the possession of Mr. J. Payne Collier, is a poem on tobacco, which seems to be an amplification of Mr. Butler's BUJJse against Tobacao (Gough's Norfolk .MS., 43 Bod!. Lib.), and begins thus: Two other works on tobacco are incidentally mention ed: 1. "A pleasa.nt poetic all paradox in the praJae of the plant, wherein is learnedly proved, and by impregnable reasons con\rinced, thal Tob&eco is the only sovereign ex pcrimcntall cure, not Only for the Neapolitan itch, but generally for all maladies incident to ms.n'a bl)dy., 2. "A little Tract, entitled Tobacco, publi:lhed by especlall direc tion of the author upon his death-bed, dedicated to Humph ry King, one well-experienced In the benefit, and prac lise orthat herbe, and printed tor Will Barlow (with Tob&c co a.rmes) then keeping ehop in Graelous-strectc. '' I The latter words seem to bear out the reby closing them in bad weather, e:tclude the the middle, and each circle is extended until mark made by Sir Kenelm Digby, in his and dampness, which materially damage the onter circle touches the staves of the stmJations upon Religio .Medioi: "Who was the tobacco, besides injuring the color of it. hogshead; a single row of bundles is then ever delighted with tobacco, the first time he After becoming dry and well cured, the stem laid all round the edge on the heads o.f the took it? And who co uld willingly be without of the leaf being free from sap, the first mild last circle, then across the hogsheads in par it, after he was a while ha.bituated to the use damp spell of weather it will become soft and a!Lel rows, the middle being always raised a of it?" pliant, and then be stripped off the stalk. It is little higher than the outer edge. Tbis is The writers of this era abound with allu-first pulled or taken oft' the sticks and put in called a course, and these courses are continued sions to the use of the "divine weed The piles, then the leaves are stripped off and tied until the hogshead be filled. The man who poets and dramatists celebrate its sway. It in bundles of about one fifth or one sixth of a is packing presses with his.knees each bundle. is recorded that James[. sat out veryuneasipound each. The bundle is formed by wrap-in each course, as he lays it, and often stands ly :the performance of Dr. Barton Holiday's ping a leaf around the upper part of ,the upon his feet and tramps heavily but cautiousJ:echnogami a, or of the Arts (played of for ab?ut four inches, and ly, all round and across, so a.s to get in as at Woodstock, August '26th, 1621), in which tucking the th.e !Diddle of the much as possible. One receiving hogshead the following song is sung: by way of conflwng 1t. There ought, 1f the and two false hogsheads fivefeetlong, making ; 1 quality of the crop will t>ermit, to be four fourteen feet four inches of tobacco, will weigh Tobacco's a Mus clan, "! sprtsoftoba.cco,"Yellow," "Bright,'' "Dull,'' fi;om nine hundred to one thousand polinds It deocenda in a clooe, and "Second." When the tobacco is taken if well hand-pa.cked, and in fine order. This Through the organs of the nose, down, the cullers take each plant and the almost ceaseless roUnd Of labor With a. relish that inTiteth. This mt,kes me llln,;-80 ho, so ho, boyes, pull off the defective and trashy ground and that is necessary to prepare for market this Ho boyea oound lloudly, worm-eaten leaves that are next to the big important staple of our conntry. It will be Earth ne'er did breed lk d th h tb 1 t t joml weed, end of the sta an en t row e p an o seen that I have endeavored to be as explicit Whereof to bout 80 proudly. the next person, who strips off all the bright and plain as possible, and have studied the"l'oba.cco ls a. Lawyer, B1s plpes do love long cases., When our braines it enters, Our feete do make indentures; Wblle we seale wllh stamping paces. This makes me slng, &c. 'Tobacoos a Physician, Good both for ound and sickly; 1TIJ a. bot perfnme, That expells cold rheume, And makes it ftow do'tflla quickly. 'Tbls makes me Ug, .&o, Tobacco is a. Traveller, Come from the Indies hetber i It passed sea and l&rJ.d, Ere 1t came to my hand, And scraped lhe wind and weather. "'.'b.1s mak:e!l me sing, Icc. Tobacco !a a Critllcke, Tb.B st.l.ll old paper tlll'netb, Wbooe labour and, Is as smoke In tbe alre, That ueends t'rom a ragwhen It burneih. This ma.kea me el.og, &c. Tobacco's a.n ignis fatuus A fat and fyrle vapour, That leads men about Tllllhe fire be out, Consuming like a taper. This make. me slng, &e. T.obacco is a Wbyfller, And cries' huff snu1f" with turle. His plpos, his club, and llnke, He'a the wlaerthat does drlrake; Thus armed I fear nol & furle. nu, makea me eing so ho, a ho, boyes, Ho boyes sound I loudly; Earth n eer did breed Bach a jodal weed, Whereof to boast eo protidly. leaves (and if there be any yellow leaves, he greatest simplicity of style, supposing that lays tltem on one side until he has got enough to be the most suitable to the subject u10der to make a bundle), and throws the plant to consideration. In Wit's Recreatiom (1640), is the follow ing joviality, entitled, The flrywmph of Tobauo

THE TOBACCO LEA}:!, 3 niue hereafter to any i dividual, the highest gratffleation wnt be ex1 perienced by the author. and h e will fee l amply compensated for his labor trouble by the d e lightful. reflection that h as c ontributed a small share t o the advapcement of the great planting inte r est, and [he r e b y been of some use to his countrymen. l (From Clreufl'r No. 82.) DrTEBNAL u ? NUE DECISION IRELATIVE TO THE AC OUNTS TO BE KEPT BY JU.NUFATDRERS OF TOBACCO, SNUFF, AND CIGARS TREASURY J)EPARTKENT, } Office of Re'Oenue, Washington, May 10, 1 86o. Ir is hereby prescrib ed that the account equired by sec tion 90 of the Act of June 30, 1864, a s amended by the Act of March 3, 1865 to be kept in a book by manu facturers of and tobacco, shall be, in manne r and form, a.s indicated in Blank No. 62, iss u ed from this office or in substantia l accorda n ce :t herewith; and that t h e account required by the same sect ion to be kept by manufacturers To-ba.cco, Cigars, etc. 11-28 L. W. GUNTHER, PATENTED FEB. 7,_1865. This Ptpef>havlng an Improved Metal Water-!locket, wlll be :fonnd to be the best Smokln:: Pipe f'or the :following reasons: 1.-The Water-socket being detachable, can easlly be cleane d when neceaoary. 2 A Reservoir is nttaehed, wWeh unscrews, and be ha.lf 6lled with water, wherein the Nicotine of t e O b&eeo is received, thereby preventing .. Stem or Bowl, and securing a pure only, Ul be d 3 -Ill consequence or Its construction, this w oun the healthl .. t and cleaneot p ipe eve r Introduced. 4.-A great se.vlng of Tobacco wlll result from its use. TherefOre, every SHJoke:r who glvefll 1& a trial wlll r eadily pronounce U a healthy, aad eeonomteal Pipe KANUPAO'l'CREil BY LOUIS S.AAR:BACH & SCHWARZ PJIILA.DELPHIA.. TBOBAS HARE, lfBOLIISALJI DliLEJI Ill LL DBDS Oli' WM. H. KERN, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC CigarManufacturer. Leaf and Manufactured UD DULX& 11( ALL KINDS TOBACCO, SNUFF, SEGARS, ETC., Nos. 494 and 503 N. Second-s t., 153 and 155 Noblest., PHILADELPHIA.. Agent for GAIL &; Ax's Tobacco &nd Snutl' 11 J. RINALDO SANK & CO., Commission Merohan ts IN LEAF & MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. No 31 N. Wat er-st., and No 30 N. Delaware-ave. J. RINALDO SANK, Wbl. M. ABBEY, JOSEl'B BROOKE. PHILADELPHIA, IANUF ACTURED AND LEAF TOBACCO. No. 339 N Third-s-t., 7 -19 PHILADELPHIA. PETER BARTHOLOMEW, lannfactnrer and Dealer in Cigars, etc.s MILFORD. SQUARE, Bucks County, Pa. Constantly on hand all of Cigars. and for sale a.t the lowest cash pnces. 12-U W. WATKINS, BOX P. O 5GG LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, Qt.ommerciai tttth \tjr.o-J:uue STATES BONDED WAREH OUSE. Con sig n ors can forward their Stocks "n< liONo," without preSpecial atknUon paid to filling orders f o r TODAOO.. p&ylng the Governmen t Tax. 7-1T LEAl!' or MANUFACTURED. DOHAN & TAITT, Tobacco Commission RBFERENOES. Blesllrs. R. Anmao!l &; Co., New-York; W ATT3, Co. N ew-York; NORTON,SLAU GIITBR & Oo., New-York, M:: WE would call the atte ntion of m a nufac to the claim s of the Eureka patent, for 'Which llr. W. H. Hardin g i s agent, 184 Wa street. In t hese times when taxes and -the cos t of labor and material are so much advanced, the value of any inve ntion which .may enable the manufacturer to lessen his .expenses cannot but be m achine claims to save two thirds the time and labor required for hand m a d e cigars and as it is in use where any one who cb09ses can satisfy himself of its merits, there is no exc use for ignoring it. CENERAL Seedleaf Commission 164 STATE -STREET, AND I pr-..t to AN, President Be.nJr. Louisville, Ky. ; W. C llm, Cashier Commerc>al, Bank. Louisville Ky.; J. G DJ.BanT, Cashi e r Citizens Banko Louisville K y lle aors Sru-rr & Co., Pickett Bouse. Louisville: Ky:; F. S. J. RoiU.LD N inth-street HoDR,. Lolliflille, Ky. 7 19 BOSTON ADVERTISEMENTS. FISHER & CO., Commission Merchants, 23 CENTRAL WHARF, TODA.C: l(J O FA.raed .America .. FINEOU7' OHEWINO TO::::._ ___________ JJ.A.COO. 7-19 LEWIS BREMER & SONS, WHOLESALE DEALERS IN SEGARS SNUFF, &c., No. 322 N Third-s-treet;, Between Wood and CaUowhill, LEWIS BREMER. GEO w BRJJ:atER, 'n'l" l "f'l' 1 ri'lll'l' 'OH'f!, THEO BREMER, Ol> ;J;J;;U:,(J::U:Tall:;(.(i!> <1: lOS. A. BREMER. 7 19 D. L. TINGLEY, Tob a cco and Segar WAREHOUSE 8 North Third-s-tree-t, PHILA.DELPHIA.. A gen l for the sale or Barney, Green & Co.'s cole bre.led Queen Olty Tobaccos, Belle or the W e st, Burole, Clnclmlatl, etc. 8-20 JACOB MARINER, lLANUFACTURKR OF K. E. li'DOWELL. M'DOWELL &: DUNCAN, TOBACCO AND General Commission Merchants, No 39 North W ater-street, PHILADELPHIA L. BAMBERGER & CO. I I1IPORTEB3 AND lUNUJ' ..I.CTUBlll!ff OJ' DB.U.IIIR9 nor 3 N. Water-Street i 19 PHILADELPHIA. 118 W ATERSTREET A. J'. CARMAN 9-21 NEW-YORK B W B URR. M RADER & SON, TOBACCO BROKERS, 160 Pearl Street, (S!OOND DOOR EAST OF WALL STBII:E'r1 ) 2-14 NEW-YORK. J. S. GANS, lob acco ltoktr, NO. 86 w A-STREET, (Tontioe BuUding,) NEWYORK. ,Chas. Theo. Rne te's Son & Co. I Tt H3Attr & B JlU!}KEIS, 79 Wall Street, Frum. FIBCHEIL FISCHER & RODEW AlJ), TOBACCO BROKaaat 3-15 No. 2 Hanover Building, Hanover Square, NEW-YOBX. CHAS. H. CALISCH, BROKER IN AND LEAF TOBACCQ, N"o. 193 Street. 1 1 3 E. W. WILLIAMS, IIHit&KEl HURT & MANUFACTURED Leaf and Smoking Tobaccos, SEGARS, PIPES, ETC. Domestic and Imported Se[ars, Domestic & Havana J. C STEINER & CO., No. 43 Broad. Street, NEWYORK. UPJIIUOifOBS IIUBl7J'..I. 01'VJtB118 o & Jli':D Dll.oi.LDS nr .oU.L lmiD8 or -A.LIIOCHEWING & L:EAF TOBACCO, IBCABS WHOLXSALK DEALER IN A L L KINDS Olo' r tBA Leaf Tobacco & Segars, 3-111 Mesara. W A 'l'TB, CRAN1J A: CO .t; 00. J. H. CAMPBELL .!; SONS. Leaf' lllld M:anutaetured Tobaeeo, Plpee, and A.rtte le gen erally. Commis si on Merchant s for Sale of Same, 11.28 Labels Brands a nd Ribbon s, 20 SOUTH GAY-ST., BALTIKORE. No. 138 North Thlrdstreet 120 N. THIRD-STREET, ADAMS & OSBORNE, BROKERS IN LEAF AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, 2 09 W estminster street, 92 LOli:BARD & 6 WATER-ST. JOIUJr D BoT, .Jean.&. BUilT. 13-26 PROVIDEJICE1 lL I. B F PAlll.lli'l'l', IlL D S.a.vm, J FOWLIIIB. 11 -28 J. M:. CURTIS, li.IJitrA.OTUIWl .IJID WHOLIIULII DULIIB IX Jabana & Qtigarst CHEWING AND BIOJOlfG rOB.ACCO. -ALSI> in all kinds of Leaf Tobacco, lll:eer, Rubber, a.nd German P 1pes, and only Mannfa.cturers. of Gen uine Black Hawk C1gars, NO. 118 WESTDIINST.BR-8TBEET, 13 R. L Baltimore, Md. G. H. BOLENIUS WD:OLESA.LE DEALER Ill LEAF TOBACCO, Manufactured Tobacco and Se[ars, NO. 202 W. PRATTST. 1 1 -23 Baltimore, J. D. HASHAGEN C. Scl[]i[EYDER H. WILKENS &. cq., l!ANU.F..I.OTURERS OF PHILADELPHIA. J O STEI NER, gr-A large otock or Regalia, Britannica, and various G G. KNECHT, kinds eonatantly on hand. Particular attention paid to a!IC ordera. B-20 7 19 A. B. FRECHIE, GEORGE J. WilliAMS & CO., S egars Liquorice, Tonqua Beans, Etc., No-9 1 W"ater Street, Smoking, Fine -Cut Chewing ToIlll'ORTEB .U."D MANUFACTURER OJ' ltaLtttfndnrm anl:l W G AJ>.urs, w H OSBORNJI. (&-115) bacco, Snuff, and Domestic and Havana Cigars, -ALSO-IMP081J:Il8 O V LlilAIO' 'I'OBACCO, Havana and Bremen Segars; NO. 181 WEST PRATT-ST., .L'ID DEALER IN Leaf &:c. &c. 230 ARCH-STREET, IN liVERY DB8CR1PTJON O P pI WEILBACHER, Wood Pipes& Smokers' Articles. nrPoRTER OP ALS O Havana & Prtnctpe VEGETABLE IVORY GOODS s EGA R s, 011' XVBRY VARIITY 1123 (Bet. Charle s and llanover-sta.,) BALTIMORE, liiD. 7 19 7 19 A.N8 HA..VA.NA LEA.F TODA.CCO, 19 5 Pearlstreet New York. N 0. 23. 5 Race-street, Agent for the sale or V l.rglola Leaf and ManufaePHILADELPHIA.. lured Tobac cos. 12-?.1.


BEALD & TOBACCO 1JrO. 1'18 W.A.TEB.STBEET, -NEW-YORK. C. & M. BONDY, W HOLJ:SALIIl DI!IALEIIS IN J. M. MAYORGA, JXPOB'l'D o :r Havana leaf Tobacco, 5--1'1 14 CEDABSTBEET, NEW-YORK. JOHN L. DEEN, IliPORTBR ..uiD DB.UBR I N FOREICN AND DOMESTIC Leaf Tobacco, Pipes, LEAF TOBACCO, .&liD ALL OTHER SKOXEBS' ABTICLBI. A ND KA!IIU FAC'I'U RIIRS 01' DpMESTIC AND HAVANA SEGARS, c( 358 Bowery, near 4th-st., NEW-YORK. S. BERNSTEIN, Havana and Domestic SEG-ARS, No. 1 0 2 (Near Hano veHqaare, ) N Y UNITED STATES INTERNAL REVENUE. "l'h<' undersl:med bavlng a pracU c a l knowl!ldge and con llderable experience l.n tbe lNTERNAL REVENUE BUSINESS, '78 w-ater Street, 1-1 8 P. LORILLARD, SNUFF AND TOBACCO MANUFACTURER. SA.LE STORES, 16, 18, and 20 Chambers S t reet a-us NEWYORK. EMA;NUEL HOFFMAN, IKPORTJ:R .A.l!ID DJ:.u:IR IN .A.LL IUJ>IDS OJ' LEAF TOBACCO, No. 151 Water Street 1-18 .. '\f@RK. E. M. CRAWFORD & CO Il'IIPORTERS A.N D DEALEllS TOBACCO LEAF. BARNEY, GREEN & CO. JU. NUJ".A.CTURltRS OJ" THE OELI:EIBB...A... TED A LSO JUNUFAOTURERS O F liVERY V .UU::ETY 01' (jffOEWill(t & S!MKmG TOBACCOS. Put up in styles to suit the trade. OGiee aod Saleroom : 49 llain-Street, Cincinnati 130 Reade Street, N Y. Prloclpal Depoaa : No 8 North Third-Bt. Philadelphia, Nos 49 51 and 53 :Blackstone-5-1 '1 St. Boston. A. PEARL, IlllPORTim A1fD KAlroF.A. CrtrnBR OP Turkish and Latakia Tobacco. SCHRODER & BON, LEAF TOBACCO AND LEDERMAN. BROTHERS, Wholesale Dealers m .lLL rmros o SE::GrA.FI.B, tEAfTOtJACC0258 Pearl Stre et, near Fulton, P'1 .. .e-. BSCHRo-. omm, } ,1 111'1 A 'Mh!IYArL. ..... u A.,.,.. w y 1t.. Havana and Domesti c Cigars. SAMUEL H. ISAACS, DJ:.UJIR I N BEST LEAF ..uiD .UL IUI P enaJIIea, e t c.. connected wlth the Revenue .. :Dep anmena. LEWIS SYLVESTER 131 Maiden-lane 121 a nd 123 Front Str eet E. :u. Cll.l WFORD } D. l'llllRY, Ja. NEWYORK. STERN, JONAS & CO., AND ARCHER'S GOLDEN BIRD S EYE. Cut Periqu e Louis i ana. Bmoking Tobacco. ](AlroF .A.CTORY .A.ND SALES ROOK, JSro 73 Fu.lto:n. Street, N o 21 Cedar Street, JOSEPn SINSllEDOm,} WIA\[0) II? 156 Fron t Stree t, c orne r Maiden Lane J. A. HARTCon:N. (1 1 8 ) l!:. 1111" u 1 13 l?@RJK. SEG-A.R..B, W:M. DEMUTH & CO., PIPES. 6 7 MAIDEN LANE, -: 'I NEWYOBK. 6-1& GEORGE WICKE DEALERS IN WUso n'sBuildlng {2-14) NEW-YORK. Aub, Seligsberg & Co., NEUBURGER & RICE, ](ANUFAC TURERS O F CI;TY OF NEW-YORK S E G-.A.:E=I. S $ m # h t t r t i tl t-, Seed-Leaf Tobacco Inspection ... it WAREHOUSES, (Superi o r Mak e & Prime Q u ality ) No. 26 Willettstreet, SBCABS& 56 Cedar Street, Meerschaum and Briar N os 37, 39, 74, 76, a.nd 78 Greenwich No 178 w ater str ee t, Domestic, N E W Y 0 R K 92 Street. 11-23 NEW-YORK. J. L. GASSERT & BROTHER, DE.UERS Ill Leaf Tobacco, NO. 157 t-21 NEWYORK. L, IIBmliLBBRGIIR YIR81NIA TOBACCO WORKS PRINCE B ACHRACH & CO., 1-13 NEWYORK. S ANSHEL & CO ., DLlY.lNA J.lOl DO.UISTIC SECARS, 48 Beaver Street, s .AN!IJJJIL. } N liiCHAELIS. NEWYORK. Havana and German Began in Bond for Export, ImDorted BEG-.A..R..S, 212 Pearl Street, near Maiden L a ne, 1-13 NEWYORK. JOHN McCAFFIL & CO., DIULIIIIS IN SEGARS, SNUFFS, A large assortment of flne Segars always on 1 18 hand. L. KELLNER, 91 W illiam Street, MANUFACTURER AND DEALER IN 1-13 DOME STIC .SEGARS. J. & D. SCHWARZ, DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF L INDHEIM :BROS, & CO,, m .lLL Kums OF WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. LEAF TOBACCO, M .. T Also Importers and Dealers in anu..1actured obaCCO Pre h, Eng1:.1. Germ B Ro ood 197 Second Street, nc ....,.., an, myere, sew and IndiaRubber Pipes, Between Av en ues A and B, N E W Y 0 R K, No. 191 Greenwich Street, P::EPES, SMOKING TOBACCOS, S HOW FIGU R ES, Etc. 29 and 30 Liberty Street. 4-16 LOBE & IKl'OilftBII OP Meerschaum and Briar Pipes, 0::1:.11.4. "Y P::EPES IIU880HA11M A D AM1118 ti&OIJl 'MJW, (Betw ee n F ulton and De y,) A large assortment of second-hand Segar Boxes in Segar Cues Tobacco Boxea, llllatch Sa!ee, Tobacco every orand Ribbons in every co lor constantl y on Ponehee, Pipe stems, CIGARS, lUKUUC'liJIIBB8 Olr .1liD DULIIIIS Ill Plug, Twist, and Fancy Tob a cco. .lJID ALSO POIIrBB&UOJ' Lea f a nd Manafattured Tobaeeo. No. 349 Pearl Street. lliflW .. Y ORK. E. ROSENWALD & BROTHER, AIID DE4LERS Ill LEAF TOBACCO, ... !1 145 W a ter-street, {Near 1tfalden lan e,) NEWTORK., 2 6 Cortlandt-st r e et, (Neil;" Broadway,) A. LINDHEI!ll. M.JIALK. Ill. LINDHEJII. prDepot of B Wilkena & Co.'s Tobacco Works, Baltim0%e, Md. 9-21 WM, H GOODWIN & CO., ll.ll!I U r.lCTUiliiiiS or l'l:W. OII'r 20'1 & 209 WATERST., 7-19 lf!'D ''"' Joml MoCAYFJL,, t J llfQCum .. f 3-15 NewYort. band a-15 W M H IRSCHHORN, Domes tic and. I mp orted No. 1..28 Pearl Street, NE.lR JJAN OV E R STRBJ:T1 2---14 SOLOMON, SPEAR & CO. SALOIION & ELK I NS IMPORTED rAND DOMESTIC = 130, 132 & 134 Maiden Lane cor. Water-st. Arter I ocl'lla:r, 143 water-n. NEWTORK.. 4-18 L I CHTENSTEIN B R O S., (Successors t o G. SCHOTT & SON.,) TOBACCONISTS, No. 175 Washington Street, B e tween Cortlandt and D ey Sts., 4 16 NEWYORK. SEGARS, ETC. E T C AND A COIIPLJITJ: STOCI: 0.11' TOBACCONI S T S ARTICLES, 4 5 Liberty Street, (up stain, ). I'UD w ... LoBB, l NEW YO"D'I7' JII8TUSI'. l'ooollnll11G. f 8-11) .....a J. RESCHER, DEALIIR I N IMPORTED HAVANA SEGARS, Meer schaum and Briar Pipes, .A.ND TOBACCO, JSro. '73 "'V'\Tall Street, 1-18 NEW-YORK. OSCAR H. LEAR, DIPOBTD .lJ!D DIULBB IX 1.96 B. BESS, 196 BERG & CO., S t.Petersburg Segar Store, 429 BROADWAY, ..... .,_....., .. ........ --BOLE MANU FACT UR ERS OF THE All kinds or Plug, Fine-cut, Sm o king and Chewing Tobacco. Also, a large a esortmeat or Lear Tobaeco Meerscha1liii, Briar;W ood, (various kinds,) Indiac o n s tantly ou hand DJULBR Ill Connecticut Seed Leaf Tobacco, H a vana Domestic Segars, :Manufacturers and Importers of Segars, Pa tent Cigarettes, Amber and Meerschaum Pipes in Great Variety, WHOLESA.LB AND .ETAIL, G o l d Medal and Chewing T obaeeo. SEITZ & CO. DXALBB8 IN LEAF TOBACCO 1 2 382 Pearl St., and 258 East-Ho u sto n St., 4-16 NEW-YORK. 1 95 Pearl-at (uptairs,) near Factory, 9 W alker-street, N. Y. NlCW-YORX. A J. CRAWFORD & CO., H PINNER, N LACHENBRUOH & BRO., B R OKER IN lUIIUr.&ClUBBU .lliD WBOLEI!ALB DIULBilll m DEALERS IN ALL KINDS O F 34 & BOWER Y N. Y., No 79 GR.lVD!:R-BTJUtKT, N B wORLEANs, LJ.. 5-17 JOS. MAYER &. SONS, DEALERS in all kinds of LEAF TOBACCO AND SEGARS. f22 Water-Street, LEAF T OBACCO Segars; Leaf, Plug &Smokin g LEAF TOBACCO AND AND 6-18 NEW-YORK. SECARS, TOBACCO. No; 165 W a ter Street, 91. William Street, NEW-YORK. A. H. VAN 6-1 8 N O 194 WATER STREET, Near Fulton, NEWTORK., DROKER Ill REISMANN & KAPPES, Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, Dealers & Commissio n 1-1 3 79 F r o n t Street NEWYO.RK. ROBERT BURNS, PUPP., MERCHANTS IN .llL XDIDS OJ' aud 119 Pearlst., bet. Pine and Cedar-sts., N LACHENBRUCH,} 1UttW -YQt:111' 1 LACBENBRlJCH. 3-l:i SIMON SALOMON IMPORTED A ND DOYESTJC AND .UL KINDS OF LEAF TOBACCO 192 Pearl Street, I 1 3 NEW-Y-&nlt. LEVY & SELIGSBERG, lliU.U:U IN Connecticut Seed-leaf, A.ND IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO. 246 Pearl Street, NEWTOBK.. 6-lS JOS. SCHEIDER, liANUll'ACTURBR OJ!' ALL KJ:!iDS OF Rubber, Obina., and Lava Pipes. EniliSh, S cotch, French, and German OL.A. "Y P::EP:J!IS. fubts, febauo Pouhea, Ditto .. a H Bolra. PIPE STEMS, Andia Ia.rge variety of tanoy articles appertain ing to the tobacco trade SOLI! DKPOT FOR SHAKER PIPES AND KOSSUTH BOWLS.; No. 90 -w-ater Street, 2-1 4 48 LEoN 8ACH8lli. NEW-YORK. SACHSE & AHRENS, DBALERI! IN HAVAN A A N D DOMESTIC SEGARS, m>n Jl1lti11t'lmi7'1TWffl Importers o:fthe best quality o:f 'l!.!ru!.E!Ym 4-16 MEERSCHAUM PIPES. ALEXANDER, BROTHERS, .:ruDY PUCELLE D'ORLEANS, 5-1 7 NEW-YORK. AND OTHER DRANDS O F SEGARS. Regalia. Bretanica Imperia.les, BegaJ.ia d e Londres, Regalia. Reyna, Rega.lita, Oonc has, Londres d e Corte, Operas, eto.;eto. For sale by the sole Manufacturer, .JOHN STRAITON, BALTIMORE T O BACCO WORKS. F. W BECK & CO., SUCCESSORS TO BECK & BACHllfANN, (late of Baltimor e,) TOBACCO M.ANUF ACTURERS, liTo. 44 V ese y Street, 8 H i NEWYORK. Manulllcturers o f and Dealers i a No: 1.0 9 South Street, (Bet. Peck S li p and Beekman Street,) NEWYORK. TOBACCO. FACTORY: 100 & 10 2 Walkerstreet. DEPOT: 2 0 5 Ca.Dal-atreet. All kinds of Plug, Fin e Cut, Smoking and Chew-After Xa.y 1st, 246 & 248 Canal s treet, ing Tobacco, Pipes, Segar -Oates, Reeds, NEW-YORK. 5--1'1 1 -13 ][atches, etc., ete. TOBACCO COMPRESSED lit BALES, I'OR THE Mexican, West-India, Central AND OTHER IU.IlKBTS. Also, repacked in hhds. at short notioe11by CUTHRIE &. CO., 225 Front Btreet, N, Y, 1 -l.S ESTABLISHED 1836. I purpose to conduct ihe same upon the same general principles that now govern the "Ne York Tobacco Inspection" in heavy Tobaccoe viz. : To Receive, Sample, Reweigh, and Tare, Store, Issue Certificates for and Deliver, Case by Case, according to such certifica t es. The necessity for such a business'ID.ust be apparent, and I myself that m y many years'' experience in the Tobacco Trade renders any further or more particu lar reference (so far as the. trade o f this city is concerned) superfluo u s F. C LINDE, Seed-Lea:f Tobacco InspectO.Xl' AJ>ID W AREHOUSEMAN 1-1 3 Office, 76 Greenwich S tre et. THE EWI\EB..& SECAR MACHINE,recently patented in the United States and Europe,_ and but little t.ime in use, has given ENTIRE:. SATISFACTION to all who h ave given it a Its construction is simple, and yei so strong, that it i s impossible f o r it to get out of order ; and in' practice it is proved that TWO THIRDS THB' T I ME AND LABOR expended on hand-made aegara IS SAVED by its u se. Segars made by this machin e can not be distinguished from tho&e" made b y band. They are EVEN and SMOOTH,. SMOKE FREE, and can be made of any shape and' size. Narrow and tender Wl'llppers can be worked to a dvan tage, and SCRAPS that could not be used. by hand labor can be worked into the filling. It is economicaJ, and can be worked by a child, who, after bnt little practice, can make from I 600 to 2000 segars per day. The necessity for such a machine a t the present day, when the taxes are large and the cost of labo r and material so advanced, is apparent; and it is very much needed to enable segar manufact urers to reduce the cost of their goode. For further particullll'l!, send for a circular, which will be sen t free, to W H H ARDINC, SOLE AGENT, 18-1 Water Street, N ewYork. (Jounty, State, and township rights for sale. Agents wanted, i o whom favorable terms will b e-. o:tfere d 1-13 .1 L. PATENT HAND TOBACCO-CU'ITING. MACHINE. Any kind of tobacco, from the llnest to the colll'tle8t, may be cut with this machlne l.n any place, whethe" store or chambe r TWENTY DIFFERENT KINDS; .lliD From 100 to 200 Pounds may be cut by this machine in a day and without liD;,>_ extra exertion. Prlce.A No 1 Ma chine, wltb a Press, holdl'ng live pounds $130. A No ll, with a Press, h oldin g t en p o unds, 1 160. PLANER & KAYSER'S Sewing Machine Depot, S -lli Sol Bowery, K r


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