The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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, f Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States. C. PFIRSHING, PUBLISHER, l PUBLISHED WEEKLY. \ $2 .00 per year. TElt](S, Dr ADVAlfCE, ) No. 142 Fulton Street. f Vol. 1. G W. GAll. CHRISTIAN AX. G. W. GAIL&AX, M.Al(UJ' A.CT1J'Rltll6 (IJ' .ALL XINDS OP AND SNUFF, Importers of and Dealers in Cigars Pipes, Snuff-boxes etc., NO. 28 BARRESTREET, Baltimore Md. IF DEPOT-with GAIL, Ax & KueBLER, Nos. 173 ll!ld1711 Water-street, New-York. 11-68 DU BOIS, VANDERVOORT & CO., FOR THE SALE OF Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, 37 Water Street, Joseph D. Vandervoort, Cornelius Du Bois, } Carlos A. Butler. 14-26 NEW 1' -e-R:Jt, SPENCER BROTHERS, elladan/JJ DEALERS IN TOBACCO, SEGARS, DE FORD, THAYER & CO., FURS, Merchants, Commission AND DE.ALF.RS IN Manufactured and Leaf Tobacco, Segars, &c., &c., 44 WATER-STREET, N ewYork. l:llr 0. S Bonded Warehouse, 32d District, New-York. Sblppers can forward ns their goods 61 JN EOND," without prepayment or the excise tax. 1<1-22 W .&!"ftl, GIVEN & Co., GIVEN, WATTS & Co., Paducah, J-'}-'! !!!!!!!!""!!!!""!!!!""!!!!""!!!!""!!!!""!!!!""!!!!""!!!!""!!!!""!!!!""!!!!""!!!!""!!!!""!!'!!!1 BALTIMORE. .,.It should b e borne In mind that our report& repre-aenHhe wholesale market only, and that, in purchases ot sol d at 15c a 22c. ; 90 cs 12c. a 14c. ; 50 173 & 175 Water Street, advanced prlces will be demanded. cs. at 6c. a lOc. ; 20 CE. at 38c. bas 3 -Hi THE TOBAOOO w&B'K;5 sold in small lots a t $2a$3forwrappers,aad ---------------$1 a $1.10 for fillers 73 bales were sold on NEw-YoRK, June 7.-There has been but O K KING & CO terms not made public. The demand for ., little change in the market since our last Spanish is, on the whole, improving. Tho Tobacco Factors issue, the hold ers cont inuing finn and buyers holders of fin e grades of domestic Seed leaf AND J..yielding to their demands only so far as netltttflaut,, '[ cessity compels. We can hardly expect, in are firm, and are looking to a. more active market for home consumption. The quality No. 24 Broad Street, deed, any escape from this state of things till of the later arrivals of the new crop show s a o. K. KING, } the present supply in the cons uming markets slight improvement. Tnos. JJ. HAND, NEWYORK. is cons id erab l y r educed The general stock, Tm:o. DJ: saw.. .Manufactttred.-The market for all grades 2-14 Agents in Louisville, A. o. & J ohns Brannin. mcludm g new and old, is known to be light, f t l d II Th 1 Smith, Palmer &, Co., but t his will not be sensibly felt in the marcon mues ex reme Y u e .sa es are k scarcely sufficient to furnish a base for quo. ets for consumptio n which are rat_her overstocked with the old, before about a couple talions. There is a slight movemen t in of months. we should expec t that this bright pounds, and a. little d emand for half pounds. Navies are less active Good scarcity wou l d naturally show itself first in qualities of all kinds are held at firm rates, the producing districts, and thence gradually extend t o those places which receive from and the poorer articles are sold for what they w ill bring, which is generally a mere fraction them their supplies to present AliD 10B BIIR S OJ' of their real value. Good half pounds, in appearances the great tobacco-growing d is-LEAF To B A C C 0 bond, have sold as low as 20c., but that is be i tricts of the West are already beginning t o feel the effects of this falling off in produclow the market, and they could not every No. 17 0 Water-street tion. The prices in Louisville, day be bo ught at that rate. and St. Louis are already relatively higher 8Mtth6'1'n Tobacco is beginning to arrive in 9-21 NEWYORK, than i n the places to which the purchases antd there hasf been es------------'-' ____ are to be transported. This condition of afa IS e a very ex ens1ve means o commu-F. L. BRAUNS & CO., AND KREMELBERG & 00., TOBACCO fairs could not be any length of nieat ion with the Southern ports, we may time, unless t her e were very strong reasons for expect to receive soon what remains to come. It throughout the whole regi on. Those marThirty-five steamers, and an equa l number of ket s have now, for a eonsiderable time, been sailing vessels, are already advertised for regpowing more active with advancing price!!, ular trips to the various ports of the South and indicate that we shall feel a. very good indication of the vigor with which NEW-T-&B.K. the same movement here very soon, probably the Southern trade is to be reopened and pros within next six Ol' eight weeks: Some of ecuted. We notice a few receipts during the the more sagacious tobacco men among us the week from Richmond, and are already preparing for this event, and are Charleston. 12'24 quietlj buying up largely from the western The p rices for the wholesa l e market r evised -------------planters. up to date, are as follows : BACON, CLARDY & CO,, That the asserted lightness of the stock in K6ntuc:ky.-LigM!eal'. CNrrei'Cfl Gold. Truby and frosted lugs,. tij@ Tt 4f@ l>t .wbtr,. .. .w 111 "'d M.wtt.wu 4a"t.wttl!! the West i s not the result of a large drainage So1Uld lugs,............... 8 9t 6 } '!JI.y M.\'.\'.Y ftM "" "' in this direction, will be very evident from a 1i GKNIIRAL COMMISSlON MERCHANTS, .AND DIIALI'.RS IN Heavy Western & Clarksville Leaf, UI PEJ.BL-STREET, W J, BACONt_ W. D OLARDr, J. S. PARRISH. DR. J. D CLARDY. New-York. VETTERLEIN & CO., -'1.1 0 B A 0 C 0 (tTniled States Bonded Warehouse,) 111 ARCH-STREET PH!t!DitPI:U!! TH. H. VETTERLEIN & SONS, 1 28 WATER-STREET of the receipts in.New -Yor k this Goodlollneleat, ......... 16 @22 lZ @15 Choice eelectlooa, 28 1 @20 year and l ast, from the 1st o f January to the Do.-Hea-yy leaf. u Trashy and froated lugs,.. 7 @ 9 6 @ 6!31st of .111&y: Sound lugs, ............... 1 0 @12 7 @ 9 :: ::: :::: : : :::::::::::::: : ... The receipts in Louisvill e and St. Loui s s how an equ ally ma r ke d falling off. Accord ing to the statements publish e d in our last i ss ue, t he amoun t received in the former place, between t h e 1st of November 1 864, and the 1st of May, 1865, was 1 2,993 h hds., against 24,280 hhds. for the correspon di ng s i x month s in 1863-4. In St. Loui s the re ceipts since the 1st of January to the 31st of May amount to o nl y 5994 h h ds against 11, -8 1 2 hhds. for the same tim e last year. Low ................ 13 @liS lO @12 Medium, ............ 16 @19 13 @liS Good lo fine Leaf,. .. .. .. 20 @25 1 6 @18 Choice eelecUoos, .... .. 26 @80 1 9 @22 Ohio Jnrerlor lo good common, ....... ......... 0 @ 7 Brown and opangled, ..................... -8 @ 11 Good and fine red, ............. .. .. ..... 11+@ 15 Fine yellow and fancyr .................. 1 6 @ 20 Stems and ICr&ps, .... .................. 8t@ 8 Jlaf'1J!and. -Biack frosted,.. ........... .. .... .. l)t @ 6t : = : ::::: _.::: :: ::::::::::: :.:= Fine and good browu, ............... J 2i@ Hi Fancy, .................................. -16 20 i!Md.-uaf.-Wru.ppers, ....... ....................... 22 @ 40 Do. l!dect, ...................... ... 45 @ 60 FUlers, ................. .. ...... .... 8 @ 12 Runnlnglots, ............................ -1 5 @ 22 Do. New Crop.Wrappers,.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .............. .. 1 5 @ 22 ... Yor.l: &t4-leaj.-Wrappero,.... .. .... .. .. .. .......... .. -16 @ 2 8 Do. select, .............. .......... 24 @ 28 Fillers, .................................. 7 @ 9 t Runnloglots, .......................... 9 @ 14 Pewnsyloania &ed-leo,f.-Wrappero, ............................... -10 @ 18 SNODDY & HOWARD, FOR THE BALE Ol' TOB'A.OOO, OOTTON, PORK, FLOUR, Etc., No. '2'1 Broad Street, G. HEINEKEN & PALMORE, 12-24 NIW-Y.e.RK, l!tl' i i w A. STEIN, The stock on hand in N ew York on the 1st of J u ne was but about 5000 h hds. above the r eceipts since the 1st of January. It i s, how eve r some 2000 hhds. greater than last year at the same time; and i n deed, w ith the ex cep tion of two years, greater t h a n it has be en on any 1st of June d uring the last twe lve years -as will be seen by the foll o w i ng state ment of the tobacco inspection: Do. s elect, ................ ........ 1 8 @ 2 4 Fillers, .. ................................ 8 Runnloglots, ....... ........ .. ......... -9 @ 18 Ohio New ... York. .OIUU C 1\.f' h t OIDIIDSSlOll lYJ.6rC an } 4,-1)2 JOSEPH D. EVANS, l'OB TID: BALli OF Leaf and :Manufactured To bacc o .81 Water Street, 115 BROADWAY, NEWYORK. GUSTAV H:t!:IHJ:Kli:N. [5-17) Gxo W P .ALlii.OBB. GEORGE S. HART, !ler.chant, FOil THE SALZ OF xEw-YoaK. Tobacco, Cheese, Provisions, Etc., .ARKENBURGH No. 39 Pearl and 28 Bridge Sta., NEW-YORK t 97 Duane-street, (Bet. Greenwich and Wa.blagton-1&8.,) Has constanUy on consignment a large quantity of Connecileut, Staie and Ohio Seed-leat'To baee o whic h will be sold In qnanUUea to suit purcha.oers. Cigar manufactur e r s particularly favored. 113-38 MURRELL, CARUTH & CO., GENERAL & BRYAN, 35 and 37 Broad St., Liberal Cash Advances made on Cons i gnments. J. T. BUioiJVAN & BRo., JoBNliUJIPHY, 116 Pearl Street, 14-1&6 Cin cinnati, 0., New-York. RoB'T H.A:Irn.ToN, New-York. Robt. Murrell, 14 NIW-Y-&RK. WM. AGN:EW & SONS, Tobaoao and Commission Merobants, 2814 a.nd 286 Front Stre et, KEJrTORK, HA. VE ON SALE .ALL DESCRIPTIONS OF Leaf Tobacco for Export and Home Use. SULLIVAN, MURPHY & po., TOBACCO FACTORS 'tneral lfler.chants, No.103 P earl Street, Near Hanover Square, NEW-YORK. ALSO, in any package by Tobacco baled to order for Mexico and 4-16 West-Indies. ROBINSON & CARTH, STERN, JONAS & CO., Commission Merchants LEAF itoRSBACCO 'IMo'D """" s T .. OF .a: ....... ......, a aaufl:etUJ"'a leaf and Manufacture d Tobacco. 85 WATER-STREET, Jl,. JIOBlll!lON J.w It G.Alml 6-18 NEW-YORK. 14-26 01' II: llo. 178 Water Street, NEW YORK. ---DAVID O 'NEILL & co., FOREIGN .AND DOMESTIC I 19 Maiden lane NEW-YORK. Dum O'NKILL. 14-89 WlLUAM M PRJCB. 'o/1 2nn of ;!iUttz FOR SALE, IN BOND OR DUTY 18-65 Dr L OTS TO SVIT Pl1BCliABEB8, BY ROBERT E. XELL Y: & CO., 34 Beaver-street. Va. ana Total K y N. 0. Ohio Na. Mda. Stock May l, 16i ... 11,488 .. 11 18 1T,489 Beceived since...... 8,004 .. .. 1 ,8,005 ToW ......... 20,487 llellvered since. .. 8,218 SIO<>k June 1 186.'> 11109 Same time, 1SM .... i Same t.ime, 1868 ..... 88,1le6 4 Same time 1862 ..... 19,6110 189 Same time 1861 ..... 12,411! 1,061) Same time, 1860. .. .. 9,D8S 8To Same time, 1869... .. T,929 261 Same time, 1868..... 3,814 1520 Same Ume, 1857. .. 4 468 M6 Same lime, 1866.... 8,1215 380 Same time, 1866.... 234 Same time, 1854.. ... 4,725 291 11 11 u 19 21 3 0 2 10 19 20,46T 1 8,219 -18 11,188 4 111,014 88,082 19,806 13,488 1 8,110 6,084 5,024 8,MT 3,844 !),016 THE BROOKLYN TOBA CC O INSPIWTIO!I Stock on hand, May 1, 1861! .................. hhds. 8,617 Received Blnce ..... ........... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 866 ::::::::::::: : : ::;: : : : :: : 9':Jg Stock on hand, June 1, 1866 ................... hhda, 8,528 The stock of Spanish tobacco is also ful l y up to the average, as the following compa ri-, son shows : STOCK O F SPANI S H IN NJ:W YORK Saqua!a-OtM&-Haeaa. Ouba Gr,854 1i1 60 385 220 1 ,0150 94 205 1,648 a o 2,048 7 5 1 610 411 1 7 8 86T 1,117 290 84 The whole stock, as may be seen, is ample, but not excess ive. How far the falling o:ff in new crops w ill co unterbalan ce this and influ ence prices is at pre sent, to a con s iderable ex tent, a. matter of conject u re Owin g to the causes which we h ave men tion e d a b ove, transactions during the week have bee n quite limit ed. KENTUCKY. -We not e sales of 60 hbds. good to fine Leaf; at 21c. a 25c. ; 'TO bhds medi u m, at l7lc. a 19c.; 46 hhds. low Leaf, pn l't in poor condi tion, at 1 2c. a 14-!c. ; 105 Wrappeno, .. ............................ 10 12 Do. select, ...... ........... ........ -14 @ 2 0 Fillers, .................................. -6 @ T Running lots,. ......................... .. 8 11t lf'rnoT @ 62i D o Common, ........ 60 @ 015 (Bright,) Beat ........... 90 @ 1 60 Do. Medium, ...... SO @ 8l) Do. Common ....... -@-May App le, Figs, etc.-(Brlght,) .. 80 @ 1 60 Lady' s lllngero. (lllne Bright ) .. .. .. 1 60 @ 2 60 Pounds, (W est'n,) Extra lllne, 1 1 0 @ 1 60 ............. 8l5 (a; 1 60 Memum, ...... ...... 70 @-71S Common, .... ........ lll5 @ 6b (Virginia,) Extra Fine, bright,... 1 00 @ 2 60 Fine ................ SO llO !lied um, .. .... ...... 70 @ 71> C ommon, .. .. ....... 110 @-6IS Light Prsoed-VIrgin ia,. . None. (Western,) Pine, ........ 1 80 @ 1 G:i Do. Medium, .. .. 1 60 @ 1 20 Do. Common, ... 70 @I 1 60 Navy .... .. ......... .... -68 @ -75 Medium, ........ ....... -62 @-G:i Common, .. ..... .. .... 156 @80 Na-yy Halt-Poundo-Beet, ...... .. ...... G8 @ -Til ..... ..... @-61) Negrohead oomloal, .. -SIS @-90 'Coty made, @-80 Common, .... .... -18 @-25 Half peuoda-(Dark,) Beoi, .... .... 80 @-81) Do. Medium, ...... 2:S @-8 0 D o Common, ........ -18 @ -21> (Bright,) Bes t1 ..... ...... 45 @-60 Do. Med ...,, ....... 40 @-4 5 Common, ...... @--Pounds (Western)-Exlra fine bright, .. 60 @-M Fine, ............... 5& @-60 Medium, ........... 40 @-40 Light Pressed (Western)-Bine, ........ SIS @ 160 lledlum, .. -TO @-SO CollliDon, ... .. 00 @ -60 Olga-ra.-(Domestic. ) Seed and Havana, perM ............. 60 60 @ 75 60 Clear Havana, do ..... ........ 7 5 60 @160 00 Do. Connecticut Seed,... .. ......... 85 60 @ 60 Do. do. Seconds .......... .. 30 00 @ 40 60 New-York Seed Conn. Wrappers, ...... 26 60@ 81160 Penn. do. do. do. .. ... 20 60@ 2 5 60 Oblo. do. do. do. .. .... 00 @ 25 00 Common Cigars, ...................... 12 60@ 2 0 60 Snu .ff. Ma ceoboy, .......................... 90 @ 1 60 Rappee,Frencb, .............. ........ 90 @ 100 Bo. fine plain, .................... 8l5@ 9 5 Scotch and Lundyfoot, ................ 90 @ 1 90 RECEIPTS from the interior and coastwise, for the week endingJune6tb, are 1 7 77 hhds., ( 5 cents Single Copies. No. 15 823 pkgs. Last week the amount was 1742 bhds., 520 pkgs. O f the coastwise arrivals, 1 58 hhds. are from New Orlea.ns, 152 do. fr o m Baltimore, 1 00 pkgs. from R i chmond, 1 0 from Charleston, and 5 from Savannah. The following are the names of the con signees: Bacon, Clardy & Co., 211 ; Krem elberg & Co., 95 ; C. E. Hunt, 8; Snoddy & .Howard, 8; Oelrichs & Co., 2; A H. O&rdozo & Co., 8; R. & A. Darnell, 3; J. W Price, 93; Sawyer & Wallace, 326; R. L. Maitland., 347; G B. Raymond, 1; Murrell, Caruth & Co., 30 ; P. D Collins, 11 ; Duprez & T., 9; Ruete's Son & Co,, 6 ; 0. K. K ing, 51 ; A. H. Baldwin, 4; C. B. Fallenstein & Son, 2 ; Hei-, neken & Pafmore, 8 ; 1\IcReynolds & MeG., 2 ; Arkenburg & B ryan, 38; Watts, Crane & Co., 341 ; Fatman & Co., 50; Morton, Slaughter & Co 9; Sullivan, Murphy & Co., 4; J. M. Campbell & Son, 8; J. Eager & Co., 65; Ober, Nanson & Co., 8; De Ford & Thayer, 9 pkgs.; 0. Wermester, 22; J. H. Bergman, 187; J. D. Evans, 37; Bragg & Wisson, 10; DuboiS' & Vandervoort, 100; R. S. Walter, 26; Rob inson & Garth, 99; W. H. A., 4'7; Barney, Green & Oo., 61 ; Bunzl & Demoritz, 4; J. C. Havemeyer, 10; E T Donnell, 5 ; order 3 hhds., 25 t ons, 124pkgs. ; E. H. & Oo., 2. hu>onTATJONS for the week, 547 bales to bacco leaf, 84cases, lO bbls., and 16M. cigars Last week the imports amounted to 690 bales and 63 cs. cigars, and for the week pre vious 205 bales, -61 cs. The names of the' import ers, and the q uantities received are as follows: From Havnna: E. M. Crawford, 1G bales tobacco; Hoffmann & Co., 8 ; F. Miranda, 82;. H. Knight, 73 ; M. & E. Salomon, 52 ; R. E K elley & Co. 119; Schroeder & Bon, 17 Janson, Schmidt & Co., 62 ; C. F. Tag, 118, R. E. Kelley & Co., 22 cs cigars; Reynard' & Ba.chem, 3 ; R. W. Leavitt 3 ; L. E. Am sinck, 7; J M. Ceballos, 3; C. H. Hubbard, 1 Carrington & Co., 9; A Godefroy, 1 ; F. Hi randa, 1 ; W. Cohen 1 ; J. S. Watt, 16 ; V & E. Salomon, 4; S. Camancha, 1 bx. ; Purdy & Nichols, 2 es. ; Stehn & Wulfing, 2; Schroo cler & Bon, 1 ; Linnegan & Son 1 ; P Van RoBBum 1 ; Spence, Montague & Co ., 1 ; Jan sen, Schmidt & Co., 1; M. J. Fassin & Co., 1 Kunhardt & Co. 1 ; C D 'Orville, 10 bbls paper cigars; E. D. Morgai;l & Co., 13,000 cigars ; 'S. B. A. Hunter, 2500. From Mata.nzas: C. E Bartrand CiOO cigars Martinez, Gonzales & Co. 1 cs. ExPORTS for the week-'149 hhds. 987 pkgs cru de, and 17,643 l bs manufactured. Last week the amoun t was 327 hhds., 851 pkgs crude, and 27,403 lbs. manufactured; and the previous week, 2194 hhds., 2053 pkgs. crude and 24,387lbs. manufactured. Of this week's exports there were sent to L i 'llerpool-234 hhds., valued at $111,858 Glas gow-82 hhds., $13,800. BUilu--*14 hhd1. valued at ....... .'. $84,6 f1T!S bhdo. otemo... .. .. .. .. .. '1 ,82 8 668 ca ..... .... .... :.. .. .. .. 1!6,895 186 bale, ....... ... .. .. .. 4,ttl 2 cs. cigar.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. GG6 Total ........................... .. .. $ 124,018 Hamb-urg--4 cs. c i gars, $650. .Aj'r ica-5862 lbs manf., $1641. B'l'i t i s h N. ...4.. Colonie s 5 hhds:, $1164 9469 l bs. manf., $2708; total valu e $3872. C uba-2322 l bs. mf., $65 0 Hayti -102 bales, $2286. Total value of exports1 $2 5 8,72 0 last week, $165,008. prev i ous week, $499,046. Exports since 1st January, and for the cor responding period l a s t year : hhds Orude P kqs .1/anuf'd lOt. 1865 ........... M,llSt 1,99z ,on 16M. ....... 15,41>1 24,004 LoUISVILLE, June 2.The market continues active with an i n creasing demand for good cutting and manufac turing leaf. The prices for infe rior qualit ies are not so full y sustained. Receipts continue light The break to-day amounted to : 344 hhds. with a rejection of the pric e s bid on only SO hhds. Common light lugs f4.30 a $5 ; com mon heavy lug s, $g a $8.90; li ght leaf, $9 a $13; good to fair leaf, $16 a $ 28 'i'l>; 1 hh41. Metcalfe county manufacturing leaf, 40.25 ; 1 do. Ballard county do., $46.2 5 The sales for the month inc l ud ing to-day, have amount ed to 1),268 hhds. ST. Louxs, June 2. Rece ipts have largely increased, and offerings have been quite libe r al. Holders hav e been demanding better prices which has led to a l arg e number of re jectio ns. The market c los e s firm, and prices are slightly higher Sa les f o r the week, 21 5 hhde Re j ections, 21 5 hhds We note sales of s crap s at $2 a stems, $1 a $3 ; green lugs $3. 60 a $ 5 ; factory, $5.10 a $6; p l anters $6 2 5 a $8.50; common ihippin g $8.60 $13.75; medium do., $14 a $17 2 5 ; c o mmon manufacturing,. $17 a $ 2 2 ; medium do $28. 75 a $30; good d o $34 50 a $4 3 7 5 ; fine do $60 50 50. BosToN, June 3 There is no visible change in the marke t The few sal es that have been made were rather in favor of the buyers Firstclass goods, howeve r, are firm ..


Receipts during the week, 511 bxs. and 15 hhds. Exports, 60 bxs. to Honolulu, 99 cs. to Melbourne, 3 hhds. and 24 cs. to Africa, 1000 lbs. to Hayti, and 5 hhds and 1 'T bxs. to the British Provinces PoRTLAND, June 3.-Quotations arc nomi nal; and the demand very moderate. Im ports, 1 pkg cigars. Exports, none. PaiL.u>ELPmA., June 3.-Business continues in the same state of stagnation as during last two months. Sales arc insignificant, yet at prices fully up to quotations. Receipts, ---. Exports for the month of May, 1 hbd. leaf to Barbadoes--value, $246. BALTIMORE, June 3.-There is an increased th a av&ngllos rinue note ; And bOth of tbeln doe worlil! upon the lbro&te. The one wlthlnlt, aod &lui ollaer, And th' one pNIIANIIl'IIWII:e 111Uittllr\1otber, For there doth meete, I meaoe at Jalle and plio-, More ef theee beastly, base tobacco fello'1!'811, Than hence to> any prop bane t:..Juat doe _,. Excepting atiD the plqhoUM and lbe i1fiN1, 8edll to comon lo' so double chollked> J aat bacon lllII\Ie, And liU the JII'IIT; Nature' contem with lll&le, Cromwe ll b e lieved, with King James I., that growing tobacoo in England "then by to misuse and misemploy the soill of this kingdom ;" and he sent his troopers to tram p l e down the growing crops wherever th.ey found them. It is recorded that the soldi&a smoked at the Protector's magnificent funer al, as if to publicly triumph over their recoT e r e d liberty ETe lyn, in his Diatry, on the 22d of October, 1668, notes, that the Protec tor's funeral "was the joyfulleet funeral f ever saw ; for there were none that cried but dogs, which the s oldiers hoot ed a. way with a barbarous noise, drinking and taking tobacoco in the streets as they went." The Puritans, .from the earliest days of their plantation" amongst us, abhorred the fume of the pipe. Ben Jonson notes it, and the puritanical Jmtiu ODerdoo' tail s again s t it in Fawe. A citizen' s wife, in Mnrs ton's co medy, The Dutclr. C(Yilrtezan, 1605, preparing fQr the e ntertainment of her fri ends, says to her servants : 1 Perfume this parlor, it does so smell of prophane tobaooo. I co uld n eve r endure this ungodly tobacoo, s in ce one of our e lders assured me upon his knowledge, tobacoo was not used in the congregation of the family of Lov e (a r e ligious sect then notoriou s). Hutton, in hi s Follie/a .Anatomie, 1611, speaks of a Puritan who h Abhorres a. aattlo suit, a vel"et clot.k, And sayes tobacco Ia the de Ill's smoke." Pe nn, the Quaker, disliked tobacoo Clark son, in his LijtJ of him, records thi s and says. that while in America be was often annoyed by it, but here submitted in good humor. On ce on h is way to Pensburg, h e stopped at Burlington to se e old friends, who happened to be s moking ; knowing hi s dislik e, they j)Oncealed their pipes. Percei'ring, from tbe smell when he entered the room, that they been smoking, and discov ering' that the pipe s had been hid, he said pleasantly : "Well, friends, I am glad that you are atlast ashamed of your old practice." Not en tirely so," replied Samue l Jennin gs one of company; "but we preferred laying down our pipes to the dange r of offending a weak brother The old colonists Who planted tobacco wer-e equally severe against Quakers. Thus, iD what are termed the Blue Laws" of old Vir ginia, 1668, we find it enacted : "Every mas ter of a s h ip or vessel that shall bring in any Quakers to reside here after the &rst-of Julf' n ex t, shall b e fined 5000 pounds of toba cco.n This is followed by another : Any perso n inhabiting this country, and e ntertain ;...., ....... Quaker in or near his hou se, to preacll 6r t eac h s hall, for ev ery tim,e of such entertai n ment, b e find 5000 pounds of tobacco." It .. t


. \ THE TOBA OOO LEAli' 3 HARTFORD ADVERTISEMENTS. PHILADELP HI A ADVERTISEMENTS THOMAS HARE, WllOLBSALE DULBR IK .ALL RINDS OP WM. H KERN, was t be cTUstom in the colony this period t o pay inv ariably all fines for crimes in po unds ot'tobacco. It mus t no t, h o wever b e t o o hastil y infe r red f r om tbis that the "religious wor ld" di d J.D.BURNHAM&CO., MANUFA.CTORERS A.ND JOBBERS IK THE FOREIGN .Cigar. Manufacturer, leaf and Manufactured AND DKALKK IN ALL KINDS 0'" n o t smoke Some sectarians pride d them s e lves o n i t ; an d when they s t ab l ed t heir horses i n our cathedra l s, fumi gated them also w ith tobac co In t h e C o nference "between a Pwritan Preache1 and a F amily of his Flock, printed i n the (spwious) posthumou s works 10f Butler 173 2 the p r e a c h e r exclaim s before dinner: ---I must crave tb.y l e ave t o light On e pipe to whet m y app e tite;" .and in the Rwmp Songs mention i s made of .one o f the S a i n t s who wa s a lover o f the IJipe: 89.1l oway with tob acco I1111plred, S tate Quack 0 (TO JIB COIITlliOJm.) CIGAB. F o R the w ord cigar-by som e write r s in d should be half tilled wUh water, wherein the Nlcot.lneof tbe To bacco Ia received p reventing ita pusage luto tbe Stem o r Bowl, and eecurlng a pur e taste of the Tobacco only, 3 -In c o nsequence of Ita con olructlon this will be found th,ihe<hleal and cleaneat p ipe ever lutrod uced. 4 A great s aving of Tobacco will resul t from Ita use Therefore eveey SJnoker wh&&lves I & a &rial, wm readlly p.ronounee U a healthy,. clean, and economical Pipe t IUNUFA.CTURICD BY LOUIS SAARBACH & SCHWARZ PHILADELPHIA. JOHN DOUGLASS WllOLESA.LE TOB4GGO OS4LSRt No 1 3 North Sixth-str e e t, (Corner of Commerce-ol ,) 11-63 PHILADELPHIA. HAGEN, BOYD & CO., KA.IIUF A CT!JRE&S OF TOB_ACCO, SNUFF, S E GARS, -ETC., Nos. 494 and 503 N Second-st,. 153 and 155 Nob le-st., PHILADEL_PHIA. Agent for G.ut. .tAx' s Tob&ceo and Snulf. 11 28 J RINALDO SANK & Commiss io n M erc hants !if LEAF &: MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. No. 31 N. Water-st and No 30 N. Delaware-av-e. 1 RINALDO SANK, WM. M ABBEY, JOSEPH BROOKE. PHILADELPHIA. UNITED STATES BONDED W AREBOUST!t Con signors can fotwa.rd their Stocks "IK BolrD1 without prepaying the Government Ta.x. 7-1 T I DOHAN & TAITT, Tobacco Commission Merchants, 2 9 N WATER-ST REET A,!()) 2 8 N_. DELAWARE-A VEliiUJ:, M. I. DOIIAN, JNO. T. TAITT, EMORY HISS 7-19 PHILADELPHIA. BUOKNDR, M 'OAMMON & 00., Merchan ts, I N MANUFACTURED AND LEAF TITBACCO 7 -19 No. 339 N Thi:rd-st., PHILADELPHIA.. P J rER Manufacturer and Dealer fir Cigars, etc.s MILFORD SQUARE, Bucks County, Pa. (J()nstantly on hand all kinds of Cigars, a n d for s ale at the l owest cash pr ices. 12-24 W. WATKINS, BOX P. 0. ll66 LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, anh Jlron-uce Speeial attention pnld t o tllliDg orders for TOBACCO, LEA!!' or MANUFACTURED. REFEB.ENlJ E S Messn. R. A'fXI!IlBON & Oo., New-Y ork; W.i.'M'S, C run 4 Co., New-York; NORTON, SU.UORTliR & Co., Kew -York; II. RAJJHR & SoN, New-York; W'ILDRR t: New-Yort:; JoHN 81fLLIV.i.W & SOlf!l, Baltimore, Md.; Wll. TA>:Lott &: Co., Philadelphia, Pa. ; J B. .t Co., New--York; W. B. Pre&dent Peoples Bank, Lollisville K y. ; W. C Htn, Cashier Commercial B&DI<. Lo!li!ville, Ky.; J. G. BARR&TT, Cashier Banlt:. Loalnille, Ky.; Messrs. i!PIU.TT & C? How.e, Ltiulnllle, K,y.; J!'. S. J. RoNALD, Nwlh-elreel Louloville, Ky. 7 RWIIARD PILKINTON. E T. PILKINTOM R. & E T PILKI N TON, Commission Merchants, 46 lllalnstuet under St. t11artt s Hotel, RICHMOND, VIRGINI A,. --<>--SPECIAL ATTli:NTION PA.ID TO THE SA.LE OJ!' Leaf and llaaufaotured Tobacco and Procl.uce tpnerally. 11!-U CHAS. T. CHJCKHAUS. .!NO D&ALBB 11( FISHER & CO., State street, 12-24 RABTFORD, CONN. -Commission Merchants, BROWN & ZWEYGARTT, ROBERT BURNS & PUFF CIGARS, No. 64 South Cayst., ALL DESCRIPTIONS O f T OBACCO 37 i1. water-st. & 3 8 11. D e lawareave., J t 9 .au, 23 CENTRAL WHARF f BosroN. Lea DICA.LERS IN FRANK FRICK, PHILIP A BA.LL Tob-acco, 11-23 8 .\t.TtMOliC, MD. Leaf and Manufactured Tobaccos, NO. 61 NORTH THIRD-ST., A. J. BUCKNOR, <]: waoLKSALIC AND aKTllL, W HENRY NASSAU. !iO, 176 Broidway VIR&INIA O:OKI!fG tOBACCO, J:TC., 1 :I'UIICJIB K. ,_, 13-26 11-28 PHfi.ADELPmA. ur' IiNITI!lD STATES BONDED WAREHOUSE. ConI NEW YOR signors can.fonrard their Stocka "IIi aotro," without pre (Howard Hote .) 11 a paying the Government T ax.. 'l-19 121"" .lgeDt for lll'o!IIOD's Tol>acco, Toledo Ohio. 13-8& ..Tom! R. :FI!IIDR. CLARK BREWER & SONS : JUJroPA.CfUBDII .UID DB.AL&II8 Dl 14 SOlTTH VABXBT-STREET u.! s BOSTON. M ENGLAND TOBACCO WORKS. -:AD.AJ(B, BATCHELDER & 00., llUitJUOtUI\BRll OV .lLL OIUDIIS Or ; fine-cut, Chewing, and Smoking TOBACCO. Salerooms : No. 5 Chatham row, AKD XA.NUI' ACTURJ:RS OF ALL KINDS OF CIGARS, .U.S01 A.GPTS F OJ. c. Brcmaon s Celebrated Toledo Tobacoo 212 STATE STREET, Hanford, Conn, A.G.BBO'IfJ(, lll-lM J ZWBYOA.B'l"r. S. S. CASE & CO., Dll:ALERS IN IIIPORTED AND DODSTIC CI&AltS & TOBACCO, 98 Asylum .rc. HARTFORD, CONN. B RANCH HOUSE-'78 D ear born-st reet ChiJi!IBBBT H AmAJIS. 18 N. W B ATCHBLDBB. cago, Ill. I>Il'ORTBBS OF l]lr Oollii. Seed-leaf Tobaeco received and sold on EICBJEBG & ELLER, CollliDlsolon. 12-8T ESSIIAN & HAAS BROTHERS DEALERS IN l .!liDDIIALE1181'!j_ ( ,.r; CONNECTICUT FERGlJSOll GBBlt.IIG CO.'. lriar a Wood SMOKERS' ARTIC!-ES, ETC., No 61 Clay street, { BA"LTIM:OHE, SOLJI: JLI.lOn'A.CTUBIIR AND 8UCCIII!IlOR TO F. H. BISCHOFF S Deutscher Rauchtabak, AND OTHER CHOICE BRANDS, 90 & 92 South Charles-street, 11 -28 BALTIIIOBE. :JOIESTIC SEGARS, SeeCJJeaf Tobacco, WM. wELSH & SONS, i 6 9 lllfilk street, A.IID MANUFACTURERS OF 1 BOSTON. ;sr otthe Eureka and 18 L SAIIUEL & BROTHE::R, DB.&LimS II( { and Doma.tic Cigars, TOBACCO, No, 8 C oa,rt quar e Boston lfanllf&etnrera of the brands Am eric,.;. Zouaves 18 CIGARS, L. B. Hlls, P. B. HAAS, J. BaeXA.N, H.B. IIA.u, M .B.Hll!. BABTJOBD, CONN. fW"' Branch -HAM .t: 00., Leavenwori.b Kan. 12-M JOSEPH S. WOODRUFF, Dli:ALli:R IN Connecti c u t Seed-leaf t ..... IliPOllTBBII OF Aim D:BA.LZR8 Cigars, Foreign and Domestic LEAF llD JL\lroF ACTtlll.ED TQBA.CCOS, No. 27 Sout h Gaystreet, ( Opposite Cnslom House,) WH. H Wli:LSII, JNO. W. W I!:Ll!B CHA.s. E. WIW!II G. GIIISJtB. 11 23 :BALTIJ[ O RE ED. NIIIlii.ANN. G lESKE & NIEMANN W ILLLU( C. PB.ue. A. K. STO t.!TZ, Wholesale & Retail Dealer in Tobacco AlfD IIAVAIA Aim DODSTIC BBGABS, ..L ... Cor. Thir4 & Bnttonwood-sts., PHILADELPHIA.. :r-t Tobacco, Imponed and Domeulc Segan of all 1dnda, COII!ItanUr o n hand, awl for 1111le at &be loweet. cuh prices. 11-23 B. A VAN SCHAICX, WHO LIISALIC D :U.LU IK GEORGE BOLDIN :BICR&E L WABTKAN BOLDIN & WARTMAN, Tobacco & General Commission MlaRCHANTSt 105N W ater-st. & 106 N Delawaru -a!e. PHILADELPHIA. SIUTH' Segar ManufactUrers, Lea f & Manufactured Tobacco, AND IN KINDs op. DOMICSTIC 5 egOf5, i:Oii(}CC05, J1tpe5, &c. .GE NERAL DEPOT FOR LORILLARD' S SNUF F & TOBACCO, No. 1508 11 -28 -PHILADELPHIA. LEWIS BREMER & SONS, !tttlt ;utnn ufittrdt tt.abnu.a, SEGARS J &c., N. Third-street, Between Wood and Callowhlll, LEWIS BREMER. ri?RIL!B-ILPHU., JOS. A. BREMER. f-19 D. L TINGLEY, Tobacco and Segar_ NO. 121 N. THIRJ).8'1REB'r, ABOVE ARCH, PHIL.ttDELPHLA.. NO. 38 8. CHARLES-STREET, ABOVE LOMBARD, BALTIJJCQBE, MD. COR. lrBIRJ>.STREET .A.ND P.IINNSYLVANIA AVE., WASHINGTON, D (], dr" .AaMI48 for K. 0. JM.BKEBS Cktebr'i:Ued .Am&P"klat> l!'INE-OU1.' OBEWING '1'0 B.AOOO. I 7 -19 II, E li[' DOWBLL, J K, DlJliCAN, M 'DOWE L L_,_A TOBACCO G e neral Coiilmissio n Mercha nts, No. 39 liorth Water-street, P HILADELPHIA fW"' krifa;n,d, Tobacc o con8tantlg on Ttanll. 7-19 L BA:MBERGE' R & CO., DIPOBTIIRS .AND lUNUJI'A.CTIJ"RERS 011' CARMAN & BURR, SUCCBSBORS TO ALEXANDER HARTHILL, BROUI\S IN Manufactured Tobacco, 11 8 WATER-STREET A 1'. CARMAN, H. W. BURR. 9-21 NE:W-YORK. H. P 1NNER, BROKER I N LEAF TOBACCO 3-15 AND SECARS, William Street, l!fEWYORJL M R4J)ER & ... .. TOBACCO B ROKERS, 160 Pearl Street, (SECOND DOOR EASr O F WALL STBICET,) '--. 2-14 l!fEW-YORK. J. ,S. GANS, l obatco ltoktr. NO. 86 WALL STR E ET, (Tontine Bulldlug,) 13-88 lfEWMYORK. Chas. Theo. Rnete's Son & Go., R. CARRUTH & CO., llll'O&Il"IBS WBOLIIS.u.B DIIALIIB8 IN ALL DESCRIP..TIONS OF TOB.A.nCO L eafTobacco Q Commission Merchant s No. 233 State-street, SEG-.API.S,. BJJilKEl$, WAREHOUSE 8 North Third-stree-t, CIGARS, PlPES, ETC., Wo. 46 Hanov e r -street, .u -. PROVIDENCE ADV E R T ISEMEN TS. BUIT & BROTHER, A.NU DlULDS 01 A.LL XDIDS or 12-24 HAR T FORD, C ONN. BALTIMOR E ADVERTIS E M E NTS B. P. PARLETT & CO., MANUFACTURED Leaf and Smoking Tobaccos, SEGARS, PIPES, ETC -A.LIIo-NO. 7 8 SOUTH CHARLES-ST., (Bet. Lombard and Pratt-sts. ,) 11-2 3 BALTIMORE. S. ROSENFELD & CO., DEA.LERS IN P H ILADELPHIA. fW"' Agen' for the sale o f Barney, Green k Co.'s cele brated Queen City Tobaccos, Belle of the West, Bumle, Cincinnati, etc, 8-20 JAOOB MARINER, loU. NUFACTOitEB OF 4 Dom81tic and Imported Se[al's, Domestic & Havana CHEWING & LEAF TOBACCO, -uso--AIID WHOLI!SA.LE Dll:ALER ni A.LL KINDS 011 L a b e l s, Br a nds, a nd Rib bo ns l 1 @l 3 N. Water-Street T -19 PBILADELl'HIA, J. C STEINER & CO., Leaf Tobacco & Segars 2 0 SOUTH GAY.ST., No. 188 North ::Leaf' aad M:aaufilc turecl T o baeco P ipe, Comm iss ion Merehants for of Same, 1i,28 BALTIMORE. PHILADELPHIA. J. 0 s-... aad llm.ok.era' A.rUe l u cen eran,-. ., .,,. _.__ 'I"D"DST tr' A wP etoclr of Regalia, Britannica, &lld. nrloaa G. G KNECHT, w.,.loULUQWr street; 9 2 LOJIBARD & 5 J.D.HASHA.GE!f. C.SCHNEYDBII. ldDdseon.atantlronhand.. Panlcular&ttentlonpaidtoall O.H.DASH. 120 l!f. THIRD-STREET, 7 -19 orders. ----------18-26 PB.Ovmucz, B. L 11 $ Baltimore, Ma: H. WILKENS & 00., GEORGE J WILLIAMS & CO., J. ._. CURTIS. IUNUFACTURKRS or A. :1[. FRECHIE, .IlL 1t1mnfadnnrs ltllb 1 G. H. BOLENms, Smoking Fine-Cut Chewing ToIIPOB'l'E B A.N D lllAl'IUPAOTURli:R O:P m EVERY DIIBCRIPTION OJ' -u,. bacco Snuff, and Cigar s Domestic and H a vana Cigars, Arti 1 xuu.A.orvUD.I.liDnn-cll'r LEAF TOBACCO,. WoodPipes&S m okers c es. CIIEWfiJIG OD IIKOXDI'G TOBACCO -A.Lao-lMl'Oil'I'ICil$ or U.\F TOBAOoo, Leaf Tobacco Dealer in all kinds Tobacco, Keer-"Manufactured Tobacco and Se[ars, Havan a and Bremen Segars Rubber, and Gvman Ptpes, &c &c. 111111 only Manufacturers of Gen-uine Black Hawk Cigars, NO. 202 W PRATTST., NO. 181 WEST PRATT-ST., NO, 118 WEST:MINSTE&o-STKEET, (Bet. and Hanover-sts.,) PRO VIDENCE, R. L 11-23 ":Baltimore, 11 -23 BALTIMORE, MD. 230 ARCH-STREET, .'1"-19 VEGETABLE IVORY GOODS 7 -19 OJ' BVBRY TABIKTY No. 235 Race-street, PHILADELPHIA. 79 Wall Street, i 14-26 NEWYORKa FRBD. P'IsCIIBR. FiaCHER & RODEWALD, ... TOBAG.GO 8 -1o No. 2 Hanover Building, H a n over Square, NEW-Y ORK A. H. VAN PELT, leaf and M anufactured Tobacco, 126 Water Street, 1 4-26 NEWYORK. ALEXANDER BROTHERS, Manufllcturers of and Dealers ia Rl,AIS Ali ill(tll No. 109 South Street, (Bet. Peek Slip and Beekman Stree t ) l!fEWM Y ORK. All kinds of Plug, Fine-Cnt, Smoking and Chewing Tobacco, Pipes, Bega.r-Cai!es, Reeds, oo :Matches, etc., etc. ..


. {ESTABLISHED 1776:) lfA. H. MICKLE & SONS, SUCCBSSO R S TO MREl. :G. B. MILLER & CO liA!IU.P.AC'1UIIllllS OP ALL l unclersijiJle<), hanng r. praetler.I knowledg e and conlllderable experience In the INTERNAL REVENUE BUSINESS1 Baa associated himself "!lh an member of tbe Dr.r (late an omcer lo lhls departmeni at w aslllngton ) and 1riU paJ their exclusive attent.lon 1.o the .l.c1juatment of' Erroneous Taxadon, A.,.. Seizure., 9-!!1 DepartJu.ent. LEWIS SYLVESTER, 131 :Maiden-lane, GEORGE WICKE, Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, Domeetic and lmponed m DJULDB"' AU. DIIDs c:r S E Q.-.A,Ei_ s. No. 128 P earl Street, 'NUB IIANOT.t;R 8TREJ:T1 201 It 209 WATERO.ST., 7 1 9 II!V ill&. SOLOMON, SPEAR & CO., ( Sueeees ors to G. SClBoT'l' & SoN.,) BERG & St.Petersbprg co., S TOBACCONISTS, f tore, No. 175 Washington Street, 429 BROADWAY, 4-16 B e tw een Cor;tlandt and D e y Sts. NEW YORK. SOLE MANUFACTURERS OF THE .A large assortm ent of s econd -band S eg a r -Boxes in e ve ry tirand. Ribbons i n every color constantly on hand. 8-111 SALOMON & ELKINS, IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC .., .&.ND ALL xnrn s Ol' 130.132 & 134 Maide n Lane cor. Water-11t. A.ner It ot: :May, 143 Water-at, NEW YORK. LICHTENSTEIN BRO'S., WHOLESALE AND RBT.IJL DE.ALBR S IN $-1 8 tEAF TOBACCO, .AJIID ..1. COJIPLI:TE STOCK. OJ' TOBACCONISTS' ARTICLES, 46 Liberty Street, (up stairs,) Ji'Jum. Wv. Lon, } NEW YO'D'I7' Jt!S'fi!S F, POOO!IIIllt!IIO. 8-1 6 A.A., J RESCHER, DEALER I N IMPORTED HAVANA SEGARS, Meerschaum and Briar Pipes, ..I.!'ID '!'OB.lCCO, N'o 7 3 "'V'Val1 Street, t +-2 6 NEW-YORK. OSCAR H. LEAR, IIIPO!I.'l'llll .llU) D IIJ.I.Ell IN SE&tR BOXES, Kanuta.oture r s a.nd Importers of Segars Pa tent Cigarettes, Amber and Keel'l!lchaum Pipes in Great Variety, WHOLESALE A.ND RETAIL, Gold Medal and Knickerboeker Chewing Tobaece. SJ;GARS, ETC,, ETC, lleerscha;tim, Briar, Wood, (various kinds,) Indiar e cently patented in the United States and Europe and but little time In u e has given ENTIRE. SATISFACTION to all who have g iven it a trial Its construction is simple, and yet s o strong it i s impollllible for it to get out of ord e r ; and in prac tic e i t is proved that TWO THIRD S THE TIME AND LABOR expended on hand-made l!eg&l'8 IS S.A VED by its use Segars made bJ this machine can not b e distinguished from made by band. a re EVEN and SHOOTH,.. s:MOKE FREE, and can be mad e of a n y shape and size. Narrow and tender wrappers can be worked to a dvantag e, and SCRAPS tha t could not be used b y hand labor can b e work e d into the fillin g It. i s e conom ical and can b e worked by a child, who, after but littl e practice can make fro m I 600 to 2000 segars p e r day. The n ecessi t y for s u c h a machine at the presen t day whe n thetaxes are large and the cost of labor and material so advanced i s apparent ; and it i s very mucJi need e d to enable segar manufacture rs to the cos t of their gQods For furth e r particulars send f o r a circular, which will be sent free, t o A. J. CRAWFORD & CO., Factory, 9 Walker-street, li. Y. :-1 7 NEWYoax. .ARD ALSO O R DB B.lLB 011 Lea'f ancl J.Uanofactured. Tobacco. No. 349 P earl S treet. ROBERT BURNS, PUFF. A N D OTHE!\ BRAND S O F SEGARS. Reg alia Imperiales, Reg&lia. d e Londres, Regalia Reyna, Oonohas, Londres d e Oorto. Operas, etc., eto. AND A L L KINDS 01' BALTIMORE TOBACCO WORKS. LEAF F W. BECK & CQ., 192 Pearl Street, S UOOESSOBS '1'0 14-112 !EW -T-Glllt. B ECK & B ACHMANN, (late o f Baltimore,) SAWYER, WALLACE & CO., TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS; t) aaioa R areltuts No 44 Street 8JDaJ I S-1 5 NEWYORK. No. 47 Broad Stree t ADAMS & OSBORNE, 2-H NEW-YORK. BROKE R S IN LEAF AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, JOH N L. DEE N I KPORTER AN D DEALE R IN F OREION AND DOMESTI C LEAF TOBACCO, LEVY & SELIGSBERG, IJUWUl. Ul Connecticut Seed-leaf, AND IJI[I'ORTERB OF HAVANA TOBACCO. 246 P earl Street, NEWYOBK, 6-1 8 JOS. SCHEIDER, liANUFA.C'flJRB B O F ALL KDroS ClF &mKIH' & (EEW!HG PA.CTORY: 100 & 102 Walker-street. DEPOT: 205 Canal-street. Segars, liquorice, Tonqua Bean s Etc., No. 9 1 W'a.ter Street. 'tS w-ater Street After May 1st, 246 & 248 Canal-street, Rubber, OhiDa, and Lava Pipes. EuliSb, Scotch, Frmtch, and Gtlrman : P::J:PEIS. SeF 'hbel, Mum Petdles, lltllens PIPE STEMS, large variety of fancy articles appertain ing to the tobacco trade. BOLE DEPOT FO B SHAKER PIPES AND KOSSUTH BOWLS. No. 9 0 W'a.ter Street, NEWYORK. 48 NASSAU STREET. J.ox S ACH BJ:. SACH S E & AHRENS DEALl


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