The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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c. G. B ste.msr .,23, 634 Total-' Half po ..... ......... 85---40 t;4aS,960. n -, .., .... t, ............ 60 @70 Do. Medium, ....... :-60 HamlYurg-28 cs., $840; 280 bbls .,a'r'lS O Do. Colnln.o n, ........ -40 @- ,Beat. .... ;. .... 90 @roo 7 cs. cigars., $32Y2; 23,05lHbs. mf'd,$4662, .. Do. Medium, ....... -'lO -81> Totat-,"'2'. Do. Common ....... -@--" '-' 'k l'lgs, etc.-(Brlgilt,) ........ so too hhds., 113,400 lbs,,. .. r_, p .. ( ""iJ'iDO BrJabt ) ... "" 1 20 @ 1 .0' r ., oo-liTic. o ....... Extra Pine, bright,.--@-mf., $&1,400. Total-$55,400 v S "'i. -.,.,.. WoJl TP. BAL!r ....... ., t..... Leaf and T e!> ..... ,.., 00Attl, tR ............. G W 'GAIL & AX' S MANUFACTURES, ...... "''""'"',.-815. (a,1QOJ fYL' ANC &NUFF, ........_ '.fiP. SPENCER BROTHERS O. K. KIN. G & CO., YORK, .Tafy 1-There is but llt-Mecuum, ............. 15 3= se vrI'Cf"lia-4 cs. $60& ; 12,037 lbsr and, lritb the incrmed, brisli= = m, $4810. Total-$5410. ness ia the e.:rport trade, 'every thing is u,ht Pr e .. = = British We.rt I ndies-! cs., tl16; 1 hhd.,. lmgorten of and Dealers In Cigars, Pipes, Snuff-boxes, eto., r l _, ; ./. TobacOo Factors AND usaall)"quiet. Dulness, however, is to be 't260;'10&bal(,s,$1822; 240lbs,m,t181S eipected at this season, when all bullinesses N I' Do. OommoD,* .. t 50 iQi 66 '' lh th 1 avy OWlda-Bett, .... .............. -OS @-18 French Wes f IlltuU-4 hhds., """"00 411 e ctty anguish. Every body who can Medium, .......... -.... 60 66 """' No. 24 Broad is a; b" fti. d N H<. Common, .............. 40'@-=-M cs., 12209.' TtJtal-$4209. -DEALEB8 IN Stutfll ll.qtlmui$, NO. 28 BARRESTREET, -) IF DEPOT-with GAIL, AJ. 8T. Kucw.EB,Noe.173 TOBA ceo C! EGARS and 1'15 Water-etreet, New-York. u-es !ND aJ, 1 DE p 'QRD SHIPPING FURS; THAYER & GO., $fo. '!5 Zane1 C h T H. SPENCER, } omnuss1on Mere _ants, 1 L sPENcER, r. C. C. SPENCER. (14-26) Al\'D D:S..U.El\8 Ill ManufaotUNd and Loaf Tobacco, Segars, A. H. CARDO.ZO. & CO.,-TOBACCO rrangmg IS a a1rs an gomg o1f into the avy ;Pounda-llellt, .............. -68 @-76 } eon ntJ-r. The hot, dampweatbel' also, Medium, .......... 60 @-M Bri:tisl G't'titJna-2 bhds., $106 1 ; 11 ca., TKBo. J DE BABLA. NEW-YORK. Nan,.faew .. BoND. 1 $691J. Total-$1760 is 10 S"erely trying to the keeping qualities 10'und 1i'-Beah .. .. .......... 80 I= 66 t-14 Agents in Louisville, A. o & Jolui s. Brallll1D. of tob&eeo, still fl!r t'her tends to discourage um, .... : ........ 80 Hayti-2 hhds., $1305; 73 bales, $2865. Hal! = 25 Total-$4l'TO. transa('tions No one wants mor e of the ar Do. IMedlum,J ...... .. cs ., l(} bll.les, .. 350. To ticle Oil his hands than he can take care of. Do. Common, ....... -18 -211 ., "' (Bright,) ...... ... 4o'S @-1111 tal-$589. Leaf.Receipts this week are a. little less Do. !led um, .. ... c40 @ -.46 Common,. .. -@--New-Granada-85 bale" $1289 475lbs.. ()""'" """' \."-.. \."'"" than the average for the previous four weeks. Pounds fine, bright,:: 60 @-66 ..., 'V """" .,.., '"" ,._ h l' tne,.. 50 -60 mf., $185 Totru-$1874. ..,.:x:porll!, owever, are largely-increased be1 Medlum1:::;:::;:::-40 in g nearly Sales amount to:' Up L ght Pressed ne, ..... : TO @ 90 Comparative statement of exports and .... ... ., Medltt!ll; .... 80 @-80 Smith, Palmer & Co., wmle of 650 hogsheads, mbatly of common Negrobead Twist, .... : ... values fur weeks ending and medi .&.a nd et -{Do @-' Bhd. Pkq8. Lb,. Mf. Val..,, 1 E A F. ,. um a prJCCS are, m the 't,l1>1''md -.u.c.) July ll ... 1,660 11,773 20:1,82T 11o 1 0 B A C C 0,. m atn, welt sustained. Some ........; tugs:-1!ave c.;4 "H. Havana, per 50 00 7.5 00 Jul y '. al& 44S 4t.Mt 11Z,Il46 4.4. WATBR-S'l'BEET, IF U.s. Bell4ea DIRtlc\,NewYorl<. "'"D JOBBEl\8 01' :SII!I j .... ar vaoa, clo ................ 711 00@ 100 00 J u ne 2 T...... 4TS 6 7 8 12,780 been so\d a.t a reduced figure; but under such =;.: ........... Sli 00@ 50 O J June 20 ..... 1114 2,1178 108,811 7110, 811 o o. n ...,, ............ 00 00 @ 40 00 J11ne 18... ... 989 1,012 19,052 829.806 Sblppen caa ,.,...,.,. us thw 80"-"ur110o,'1. wftloou.. 'No. 169 Front Stre:e prepayment of !&be ucllle 10--2 ., A. H. c.uuiolo, l errcu1113t&nces that it can h;mily be called a Wrappen, ...... 2 6 00 a:s oo, June 6...... 749 981 'lT,MS 9118,'120> b th k 0 0 do. .. .... 20 00 00 llay 60...... 89'1 Sl>t '2'1:1408 166,001J; c angelll e mar et. 'Fme qualtties are held g:to. do do. do. : .... so oo @ 23 oo r 'f: 9-21 NE y tirn', and the dltferenoe between the views .. ........ .. ..... 12 oo @ 2() 00 Amount of exports since January 1st, and f NEW-YORK. llo. 170 \ct'ater-street, WAT'rll, Grnnrr .t Co., Gr..-, WATTS & Co., Ky. Jilo.w,Od.,.., La. B.aoWN, Dv. I ..... Co., w. o. WATTS & Co.L P&i't.icular attention to the eale of other 14-m WteiD l'roduce. -;q,., laL I.ivertiOOI, ., ... W A:!fTS, CRANE & CO., 45&uumJi,,ion J'OB 1'Bll SALZ O"J' VOORHEES & GARRISON, Commission MerchantS AND TOBACCO r ACTORS,, 11.nd Western Prodace. No. 73 W:illiam7street, New-rork, No. 43 Broad St., IF m-uAchancwmau o5 {Jqttri(l"mMits. -ae 11111. to our bouseln '!!F. DAMIELE. GAIUUf!Oll. Liverpool, 'W. C. Wtftl & Co. 1-14 COBBE8PONDENT8 IN ST. LoUIS: M essrl!. 0 Garrison CONNOLpY 8t CO.: : .. LE :roB TlDI SALW or AND MANUFACTURED .. No. 45 Water Street, NANSON OB.IIm & Co., Olll!B, ATWAl'IIB & Co., &Son,' &13North8econd-et. _HEALD & MILLER, TOBAcco 10.22 NO. 1'76 WATER-STREET, CITY TOBACCO AGENCY, No. I 08 Front Street, EWlCOBK, St. Louie. New..OrlellDB oBER, NANBoN & oo., G 11r H 1 -1=o:-& c L auiflolratto efad&"r:l n man o., ........ .L CommJSSion Merchants, COMMISSION Ml!4RCH.ANTS, A1ID AGENTS POB TilE S.I.LI! OP A_._H._ soo ...,-v_m_ L _:E_ _______ W_-_O_R_K_, lnd sellers is less tban a.:fiw Maccobo, .............. .......... 90 1 oo for same timo last year: weeks llinee: Wh tb u bara h:"ch, .... : .. ............... 90 1 oo HMe. Pkge OJ"U4.6. #a< nwJ 'tHlJ ._ en e :ue c cter of Scoteh and "t' .... .. .... .... -815 @ 9:> 1S6lL ......... 86.160 411,015 T. L. BRAUNS & 00., B.itTIH-&RE, 'IfREJ(ELBBBG--& CO., "tOBACCO the-stock becomes known, both -un ''00 ........ .. ... 90 @ 1 oo 186& ........... 211,781 81,400 2,880,4t8 partiea will doubtless quickly come to an un- Not atrlc:tlyaound. tTISVILLE, .Taly 8, -In view of the derstanding. This question will be decided .l>OilESTIC .RECEIPTS. reported falling oft' in the growing crop, tho now in a few weeks. Received, for the w.eek ending the ll_th inst., marke t bas shown an increasing firmnesL "The prospects for the growing crop in the from the inU!rior, and from gomestic ports Business at the warehouses bas been quite are improving. r The drouth has been 1876 pkg&, 89 live ly, and prioos, although sOmewhat ftuctu suooeedecl by eopiob8 rains, and the plants Consigtlii;lll!lts from the interior: Ober, ating, are fully up to our pre'rious qruotstious. are ,reported as lOOking finely throughout Na.nson & Co., 6 hhds.; Co., and in some instanc es slightly beyond t hem. ne&rl J tbe entire toba.coo region. But so 208; J. Pool & Co., ,22; & Son, The r&uisville Journal of the 6th inst.. 12-U great has been the faUiDg off in the extent of 88 ; 0. K. King & Co : 64; Barclay & pving speaking of crop prospects in Kentucky, says: -;;;;-------__.!._;_ ______ landjla.nted, that prices in theW estern mBJ;ston, 28; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 242 ; Order, The tobacco crop our leading prod.ucl, bids BACON, OLARDl' & .. CO.-, kets continue to show an upward tendency 127 pkgs., hds.; W. R. lett, 4; Bnto be of a v-ery indifferent quality and small UW-TffiiK 'I&" batt# and :.oUsu basert on tile apprehended deficiency in the con, Clardy & Co., 246 j J. w. Price, 62 i R. yie!d. This fac t is producing a marked etfect next.,crP So strong is this upwat_d L. & Co., 857; J. Crockett, 3; J. L on our market, as was shown by the sales to-GENEIIAL mept that it seems to-be but little affected by Gassert, I ; Rawson, Bridgeman & Co. 22; day, when notwithstanding the news ,r a COMMISSION MERCHANTS, adverse reports fr9m other markets. Tho Murrell, Caruth & Co., 53 ; ,a. H. Cardozo & decline in New:York prices here adTanced, AND 111 continues, no matter how great the deCo., 11; Ruete's Son & Co., 5; J .A. Dodd, th bea.vy sales Heav Western & OJ..a.rksv:ille Leaf cblle elsewhere. 20; H. 22 ; Fatman & Co., 40 pkgs., 1 trr. LbtJis, Aly s. -The muke t has Y I The from 1;11arketB show.!! no hhd. ; &.. Co., 6 ; Barclay & Livingston, been quite active duriiJg the week, and prices 181 PEJ.BL-STBEET, 1mprovemenl. '.!:he English and 18. ; & Co 8; Vetterlein & Co., 67 ha.n ranged. fully up to onr previou11 quotaGerman markets are J:!lCeiving moderate ship pkgs., 1 IThd.; F. Heitz, I ; Norton, Slaughter tions. To day, however business is duller, J. s. PARRISH, tz..u NewYork. and Uiaking steadt..ll:ll.les. The A us-& Co., 32 pkgs.; J. S. Gans, 36; 'H. Schubert a.nd sales rather in. favor of buyers. DR. J D CLARDY. J ... 1' k & c 37 >..: D E .;; w t 1 a 1an stoc be increased, by this week's o. ; .J. "' vans, 4 6 ; C. F. Tag, 8 0 ; e quo e as c osmg sales: 18 hhds. green V E T T E R 1 E IN & :.C 0 -shipment.'!, over six to.ns. In Havana. J ihe C. B. 9 i Barney Green & Co.: 12; lugs, $4 30 a $4.90; 18 do. factory do., $ c demand for supplie11 for the United States is J. C. Havefueyer, 13; J. H. Whitlock, 20; a '$5.70; 4 do. planter' s do,, $6 a $8; 17 .do. ']_1 C) B .A 0 C Q 1 &tiJl continued. The California market is enJ Levy, 2. ".. com shippinl'!le af, $8.40 a $11.75; 4do. metirely inacti ve. Consignments fro,m domestic ports: dium d:o., $13 a $14; 1 do. com. mfg. leaf; The stock on band in New-Yorl;c is up From Baltimore: J. M. Campbell, 1hllds.; $18.21i.: 2 do medium do., $21.75 fl $25.60 ; wards of 20,00 0 liogsheads. Jn some grades, Sawyer, & Co., 59; S ulli van, Mur 1 do fine, t55. (United States Bonded w,reboale,) however, there is repOrted a. comparative. phy & Co., 9; L. H)lffer, 2; Watts, Crane & Our reports of the crops in t.lie 111 ARCR-S't:Q.EET, searcity, especi&lly in fine cutters and sau Co., 27 hhds., 2o pkgi;. ; Heald & Miller, 25. stllt e that the tobacco fields are looking finely cers. j From Philadelphia.: B arney, G r ee n & Co., .Tnly s.-Tho market is pull, No. 58 BROAD STREET, MAMUFACTUREO TOBACCO, llfiiP'IIMYJ""''cu.e>0!j'l!YS on hand a large of MAnn- 1/tJ"' ft' factnrcu Tobacco. 4-15 Seed -lea f i s ve!JI dull. We bear of sales 127 pkgs. but with no chan ge in prices. Receipts for I I J I TH. '.H VETTERLEIN & soNo, of some BM cs mosfly for expQrt at: onr Frt@ 6 i t. Oh -y 1 18-$8 I.ow Jooat, ............ 10 @lS 1 @ 0 r rn IIOREIG;" 1 1 1s qu1e 10 i s coming in freely, but Medlvm lear, .... .... i .... The arrivals t'--- 161 b 1 s.ales &re_ hght, and s tocks '"re ac cumulat'm g Good1;o fine leaf, ....... 16 1t @111 !Or ,.., we....,. are ., a es, a .. .. 23 tS lj) @20 ceroona leaf, and jO cs. cigars, ..40J M. ci m factors' hands. Truby and ltOIIred tu-p!.. 7 9 l e 1 gars, again&t:4ilo .ha.les, 812 ceroona leaf, Inspected this week 116 hhds lhryland Liberal Cash Advances made on Con-4-10 signments. :XEWYOB.K. 2-14 J, T BEo., JoHN MURPHY, otncinnatl, 0 .1 N ew-Yofk. 1 ., J J'' .AI9ffiNBUB.GH & 3s st.,:: RoB"r" ILdln.TOW, NC"!York. MURRELL, CARUTH & CO., 1 r SULLIVAN, MURFHY & co., GENERAL TOBAGO@ F .. MYf()RS r .. 8ouDd Juga, .. .... '" r 10 @ U '[ 9 1 902 d Oli" 19' 1 d K ; 1 Lo"' tear, .... : .. .t.. v. .... 1 a .S 10 @19: cs. cigars; rlast week. o. 10, o. entucky. Total .. ..... ... i210bhds; r { oodto line Leaf; .... .. .. 20 211 Consignments 110rom .\-r '" Jd, :..; aelectiep,'> .. : .... 2& o. 11 : .nenan uleared this week 1211 bhds t R tt qUo.-, Franeors & Co : 48 bales ; E M Crawford 56 0 0 erWa V r .. renorto goocl C01QUIOQ, ........ ,::. .... ..., 6 @ 7 _A s R b lL c .... I dam, and 15 do. to Demeran.. Total-1226 opaogled, ....... ... '" .... ... s @ 1\ osen aum a. o., TJ7; n1bort & Munoz, hhd 1 Goochud ftnered, ........... C ....... -ltl;.@. ,as s own y custom-bouse retums, took "'lace wareh h I Wlf; .AGNE. SONS, Tob\ccm and Commission Merchants 2SCi and 286 Front 1 J'IUers, ........ .. .... .. ........ .. .. -6 @ 10 for tbe weeks e li ding 1' ouse oil t. e JONAS & CO., FOUIGN AND'DOM-I'"' ........... < ............ t::> 22 5th mst., 18 hhds. o f lea f were disposed of v Do N ew o p Jul 6 _1 892 k Va. lue I d n _, DEALERS IN Wral>pen, t ... ..... .................... 15 t Y C l 11 ga.leat.. ........ ........ ....... tao7SO n t I .LEAF:;TOBA CCA. -h Do. Select, ....... ................. -25(!!188 J 119-garo .... '.' .. ......... r ................ t s :ns -Ti, fti c u, iitl. i\' att J'lllera, ......................... \ ...... & @ 8 2 2 136 le quo a ons were; ommo n mfg leaf, .V "'"1 ... r ....... ? ... 1 6 .23 .June fi$7.25 a $11-50; me dium leaf, $14 a $18.50 ; [)c I ;:. :Do select, .... ........ ....... : .. :24 28 .June .. .. ................. ''''.... l27l,al4 ne rear, $25 a $26. Two hhds. fin e shipping M Jd J Fill e ro r 5 @ 7 c-.............. ....... .... ... ,luT en ane, 9 1 .J.' .......... .. ... .................. 2 t,r.Ds l ,eaf brought $25. No lugs nor ii>ri g h t lear NEW ., B s t c P ga .......... ........... ".t. ... i>. 111668 :fti d Fif _. -YORK; ;"""ama :. ,_ lgaMJ ................ .... ,-_ ..... o e re. t eentJercesofstrips,ctommonw NEW-rOBK, HA:TE 0!1 SALE ALL DllSClUPTI.91B or Leaf 'bbaceo for. Export anj Use. tiD .. No 178 W at Street I rappers, ............................... -10 s J'une1 -6t2J>tgs ........................... ... 1117: 9 m d 'hd ,;. &r 1 DJ.VID O'NEILL. WILLIAM M. Pruos. J'lll Do. select, ........................ -18 @ 24 Cljnoril ...... ...... .. !!' ...... ... .. ... 21:s11 e tUm, Wel"e v1t rawn at $18 a '1122. RCOBIN.SO. N .eARTH, TOBACCO EDEWINBYAOLERSK,: 900 BALES OLD QUALITY Ommlss 0 M h t 1 \... !'{{ ........................ J ........ 9 '124 tion a l advance, based on advic e s from the 1 n ere an s I'OR TilE J .. !luana 1 .ers an.u .............................. 5 @ 7 llXPORTS. West I m ti a; ............ ; ...... ...... -8 ,llt The export;! f o r the weekendingJulyll sa-r ... 0 F cncan, "cs-lima, Central American, FOR SALE, ll :w 166 0 h h d '"'7 NEW-ORLE.l.NS, .Tunc ao.-Themarkef: 1 lC prea('fo}' export. ......... avana, rappers, ... (duty paid,) ... 1 J50 @ s were s., 5, 3 pkgs. crude, nnd 2 0 5 ,t 1 o.J AND OTHER MARKETS. IN BOND 0 HavaD3,11850rted, .. d o ... 1 00 @ t 00 7 I S a n comp etc standstill, and wre with-Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco: ,.Also, repacked in hhds. at short notice, by R DUTY PAID, : ::: ::::= 1 ;g 82 voafluweh, i$c4h8w,6e:8e. sent t o out a sale of i mp ortan c e to l'eport. A l o t of ..,.,. .... uba, .. .... do. .. 7 0 @-s o u 5 bhds. good so l e t oil. d ealer at 21 c e nts. 1.,.2 WA 'J C U T H R 1 E Jl. CO .u LOTS TO SUIT :PURCHASERS BY S t Domtogo, 3!!SOrt e d ... ( I n bood,) .... -6 ""J 2 Li z 522 hid TERSTREE'l', 1 Ambe:en\a, Olr .. n & Carmen, (in bond,)_ 6 ;= 20 'llerpoo -1 value, $ 1 39, 121; Arriv ed s i n c e the 22d inst 7 8 -hhds J J0oRifmr BH NEW-YORK. 225 Front Street, N.Y. ROBERT E. KELLY & CO., Hanu.f actu red.-Tu PAID. 53,348lbs. mf'd. $21,047 T o l nl-$160, 168. porte d sin c e th e 22 d i ns t. ex1 6's 1 s, and S's -lle s t n ominal, ..... -@ -_ B 654 hh 1 6-18 14-52 EST A B L I SHE D 18 3 c5. 13-65 34 B st t M e d ium, do. .. ... --@-remen -d s., $158,8 33; 455 bttle .o, Stock on han d Sep t I 18()4 5!)4 hhd eav erree C ommon, d o .. ... --$10,1 39; 287 ceroons, $ 4 1 87; 4280 cs.; $242,, stock a t thi s date 747 ao .' s.


'11HE TOBACCO LEAF. 1\DVERTISEMENTS. 8A.N PBANCISCO, .Taoe 1&.-Tobacco of all kinds is neglected and prices are entirely nominaL Even a.t l sales have been and not sufficient to fix quotations. tion of those who could nft'ord to use the bet ter qualities J f goods being about in the rntio of their number mpared t o the others; and sucll must be its reliance in the future, or it will perish. Men will not and ean not aft'ord to smoke cigars to that extent that will make the business ordinarily remunerative to the manufacturer or dealer Jf they have to pay either sixty or one hundred dollars per thou sand for them. The inebriate will tum to common ale and larger bier when wbi&key is fifteen cents a. glass, and devotee of c:iprs will not hesitate to r e linquish his idol or take to the pipe when he has to pay three times what it is worth to obtain it. Dealers must be able to sell a. fair cigar at retail for from four to five cents, or the business must be abandoned. It is a great error to suppose that because cigars are what are called luxu ries, the people will have them, be they never so dear. The very reverse of this ia the case. i6 no artkle which enters into our do1 mestic consumption that can be so easily or with so little inconvenience dispensed with. Sjlks, sntins, and jewels are luxuries; but they are luxuries which will be in unceasing re quest, howl'ver expensive they may becqme. They are luxuries which fashion has made necessities. Not so with cigars; fashion would ostracise them; and but for the force of habit it would have succeeded in doing so long ago. But habit itself, potent as it is, is powerless against the cogent reasoning and vigorous opponency of high price. The amend ments of ..April 1st are an improvement upon tile law of July last, in so far as they make a reduction of seventy-five l?er cent. in high not against the assumption. A 11rincipal ish white and puffy. The blood, being tbio. patron of h.o1uie, who in 186{ a.lso exudes ftteely, and a cut surface bleeds all his stock there, in 1861S took only 'lObo for a long time, and may continue to from it, buJing the balance probably from inconveniently, even in opposition to remedieS. irresponsible parties who paid no taxes N But the most important change is exerted on is the case of the 1lnn referred to an isolated those little bodies which 11oat in myriads in instance. It is the rule-the all pervading the blood, 'and are known as tile red globules. rule. Something must be. done to remed)' They lose their round 8hape, become oval and this state of things. What Is the remedy ? irregular a.t their edges, and instead of ruD A. return to the multifarious an/1 complicated ning together by mutual attraction, a good schedule of rates of last July? Far frarf sign of their physical health, the)"' lie loosel,y it 1 It js simply A retum to the commonscaered before the eye; and indicate to the sense comprehension of the requirements of learned observer, as clearly as though they the case in the first place; and, in the second spoke to him, that the man from whom they place, an immediate and entire transfer of the were taken is physically depressed and de tax to the leaf, where it belongs. plorably deficient both in muscular-and men ., My next letter will .. treat of tobacco and I tal power. Think of that, ye insatiable snuff manufac t ure, smokers, who can never arrive at pipe or cigar buyers can be found for a ll that the planters can send here.-Bichmo11Cl Republic. agle Tobacco Works. !'O:U:IGlf. .-HAVANA, _.._e 80.-0ld1lllerseontinue in active demand for the United States Jll!ll" ket, and full prices are paid, both for inferior JDiddling and superior, viz., $12 a e28 per qtL Of superi{)r, strong and flavored, com para.tively little is forwarded, the supply being extremely light. New Partido and second class Vuelta Abajo continue to come in on a very limited scale. quality does not generally suit buyers, and but few shiipments aTe being made. Cigars arc in better request, and prices are well sustained. AN'J'WERP, .Tune 24.-Thc demand bas been very quiet during the past week, and sales a.moyot to only 134 hhds K'lntucky at previous rates. Receipts are 26 bhds., 110 bales from England, and 15 hhds., 150 pkgs from Holland. R.OTTERDA.l'll, .Tune 24.We note sales during tho week of 31 hhds. Maryland, r e cently arri ved. Prices are not changed. AM:STERDA..'II', .Tune zt.-The receipts for the week are 1818 pkgs. Java. Stock on hand, 'of North .American : 686 hhds. Mary land, 105 do. I):entucky, and 15 do. stems. lone 26.-Sa.les this week : hhds. Maryland, 282 do Kentucky, 8'1'2 ceroons Havana, 83 do. Ambelena, 892 do. Carmen, 20 do. St. Domingo, 542 pkgs. Brezil, and 298 cs. seed-leaf. priced cigars, and no further But this is not WHY TOBACCO SHOULD BE TAXED I1f THE enough-the commodity is still too dear. True LEAF. it is not the tax alone; which is only ten dolTo the Ron. H. Mc(Julloch, Secretary of the lars per thousand, that makes tbem so, but Trea.!ury _. it is this combined w .ith t,he high rate of wa SIR: To you, as the chief officer of the govges and material that does it. ernment upon whom devolves the arduous The assumption that the habitual smoker duty of indicating as well as of providing for who is not willing to pay one cent to the the fiscal requhements of the nation, I most government in its hour of need on every respectfully solicit leave to address a brief cigat he consumes, i s lacking in patrioti sm, series of papers in relation to the tobacco and is not only impertinently gratuitous, but cigar manufuctut:e of this country as affected is egregiously i ncorrect The majority by the present syst em of taxation, with a. are unwilling to do so, simply because they view to impart such information as will assist caa not afford it ; and1 furthermore, because in arriving a.t a correct appreciation of their they believe that in being compelled to do so condition and of the most feasible mode for or relinquish the practice, they are unfairly the accomplishment of their relief. dealt with by the government. They can Barely three months have elapsed_ since the perceive neither equality nor justice in ha.v amended revenue law went into operatioli.J ing to pay ten dollars tax for a thou san d and tho worst C.'ears of those engaged in tho cigars intrinsically worth perhaps five dollars, several manufactures of tobacco are being while upon a. hair mattress worth fifty dollars, reali%ed. Whem it was definitively a,certhe tax is only three dollars ; a coat worth tained last winter, that CongTCI!s would not sixty dollars, -only three dollars and sixty accede to the universal desire of the trade to cents, and so on of every other lnanufa.ctare have the ta.x wholly transferred to the lear, a. of the Cigars and all other manu portion of the trade-cigar manufacturers factures of -the tobac c o plant should be put especially-were disposed to welcome any upon the same footing in reference to taxation change that would relieve them from some of that other manufactures are. ,They should the more obnoxious burdens of the then expay no more an4 no less than other manurac isting lr.w, a.nd most of them hailed with compny. In addition to being luxuries, it parative satisfaction the amendments thereto, is clp.lmed, and especially by legklators the which took effect on the Ist of April last. world ov er, that cigars should pay a hi g her her e were thos ; e among them, how ever, who duty tban other owing to the fancied they saw in the one rate of tax upon 1Ausual profitableness of this branch of in. all cigars, irrespective of grad which the dustry, the most of them conceiving that the amendments prescribed, a danger to this in perc entage of gain is of-the most sati sfactory terest greater th:an any contained in the ori gcharacter. Now the truth is, there i s scarcely inal. They tho ugbt they could discern Yo-a. pursuit known that i s so miserably remuNOPOLY looming up in the distance. Subse nerated. The evidence .in s upport of this as quent experience bas demonstra.ted their sasertion is found in the sma ll number of men gacity Monopoly already occupies the ground engaged in it who have acquired a. competen in the near prospective. One after another cy. With an extensive ac q uaintan ce in the the men of small means, unable to maintain trade, the writer is aware of o nly two firms the unequal competition with their wealthier which have become affiuent by the manu neighbors, are disappearing from the field, factur e of cigars. A mere subsistence is and capital, itlh resistless strides, advances the only r eward the majority receive for a. to cover with its shadow tbe places where life of ceaseless toihnd vigilance. The busi they stood. Trade ia naturally aspiring, and nes s has been aptly ea.lled : A VERY ooon the humble buyer of a shilling's worth, equally POOR KAlil's BUSINESS." It is a small com pen with the of millions, pre fers to deal sation for the thousands of manufacturers at the most pretentious marts. This is an bankrupted or the next thing to it, the mul ambition as common to human nature as the titud e of operatives thrown out of employ d esire to live, an.d cosT is the only limit to its ment or driven into illicit manufa cture, invnrjable as well a.s universal practice. En-and the greatly diminished revenue which able the occupant of a marble front to sel l as must follow, that a finer quality of cigars can cheaply as the dispenser of wares in an edi be had today for a f ew dollars l ess per thou flee of brick, and though the goods of the sand than they could be had for fonr or five latter are intrinsically worth twice as much as months ago. The is not all tinsel-it of the former, the counters of the first is made up of many varieties; and though a will be thronged, while those of the second few men will occasionally expend fifteen cents will be deserted.. Through no act or choice for a good cigar, the grea.t bulk of our people of their own, bu.t by the s impl e force of cir demand them at considerably less. The fiscal cumstances, the wealthy cigar manut'a cturers, year ending the 30th June, 1864, saw re and in in s tance, their fait hful allies, the turned to the R evenue Dl'partment, as manu blockade have got comp l ete pos within the year, nearly five hun sessi?n of the trade, what is left of it By dred million s of cigar!! The fiscal year ending levying a unifono aud high rate of taJl; upon 30th June, 1865, will record scarcely th1 '0e cigars, the and s ale of thechea.per hundred millions Why is this? Surely not grades, upon whaich the sma ll and middling because our actual ne ed is any less now than manufacturers used to depend, entirely before; the appreciation of oar people hds prevented, inasmuch as they are thereby not changed-they like cigars to-day as well made relatively denrer than the better grades. as ever. It is the maximum duty No purchaser will buy an ordinary article during the former year was three dollars and when for a trifling advance he can obtain one fifty cents per thousand, and during the that is vastly s uperior; and hence there is nQt forty dollar s and ten This, with the now, and will not be, any d eman d for what incree.sed the constantly increasing eva used to be low and medium priced cigars. si on s, of which we shall speak in a subse This necessarily drives out of the a.rena all quent paper, the result; there i s no those who suppi lied tlae market with this class other earthly cause of goops. lifor can they avail themselves of A s ingle illustration will make this appar the prevailing but fitful demand for the better, ent. A smal l n e ighboring firm, whose popc1us or because many of them have ularity for thirty years has been such as to not the facilities for thtir production, lack the mak e their establishment a.lmost a landmark requisite mean!", and are without hab itun l in one of the busi es t thoroughfares of this patrons; and the capitalists have al city manufactured and in 1864 265,000 ready got the fidd, and hav e Lad it for years -ci gars I n 1865 their manufactures were These two cla sses of manufacturers hav e al133,000, and s ales about' 100,000. If ways been distiinet; they have bad separate not to the reason just given, to w hat is this custom ers and separate oon s umers, and it terrib l e, this alarming disparity attributable? wouW be easier to coax a. torrent from its The same carl!, the same prudence, the same cours e than 10 induce the followers of the one attenti on, and the same prevuil to trans fer th eir devotion to the other, except eri here both years. There was no l ack of when the b e tween the compe t i tors i s eft'ort every thing was done that should bridged by an a.ppro.ximation in price. been done durin g the latter ,Year that was And the s e dislinction s s hould stil l be predone the previous year, arid that had bee n served The grades of cigars, to don e for many preceding years, and yet the which the majority of our peop l e h ave been fact of this appalling decr8;lse is befure us. ac c u s tPmed, a s e>Seh ti al to the wtll being Should it be claimed that the exce s s of 1864 of the trad e as i : s the ma t eria l of which cigar s was owing to the unusually brisk demand of are made In pas t, the main re: iance that year, it may be answer .. d, that such is a of the trade fosr support bas been upon the nnturol inferenc e and wo uld b e a correct one, middling and p(Jorcr clas ses; the consump if the avera g es of the ten precedin g yea rs were ROTBBOBILD & ADLER, t'OB.lCOO Jlf EUROPE, ( Oontintidd ) lUJI111' .A.CTURidlll 01' AND WHOL:UA.LII: DIULUUI U1 NotwithstaJing the restric tive policy of the English laws to benefit colonial growers, eft'orts were made to it in Great Britain. Prior to the year 1'1'82 it was ex tensively grown in the vale of York and Rye dale in the North Riding of Yorkshire. In the latter district it did not excite the notice of regal authority, and it was cured and manufactured by a. man who had formerly been employed upon the tobacco plantations in America; who not only cured it properly, but it the proper cut, and finally pre pared it for the p ipe But in the vale of York the cultivators met with less f11vorable circumstances. Their tobacc o was publicly burned, and themselves severely fined and imprisoned. Penal ties, i t was said, to tbe amount of ,000 were paid. In Scotland it was successfully cultivated during the Amer ican war, in the neighborboad of Kelso, Jed burg, and a few other places; and succeeded so well that the produce of thirteen acres at Cra.iling realized at the low rate offour pence a pound, which only wu allowed to be charged for it to government, to whom only by act of Parliament were the cultivators a.l lowed to sell the leaf, or they might have ob tained treble the prioe. The act of the 19 Geo. S permitted Ireland to grow tobacco free of duty for home consumption ; but it was never cultivated there t o any great ex tent, and in 1828 its cultivation was entirely prohibited. It was a. piece of jocularity nmong the lower classes in Ireland, about a century ago, when transportation to His .Mnjesty's plantations in North Am&rica '' was a puoishll)ent, to term it being sent to his Majesty's tobacco manufactory." Leaf, Fine Cnt, smOkin[ Tobacco CilarS, 69 South Water Street, 18ti C. B. HEARTT, MANUFACTURER, I am, sir, with high esteem, most the last I fully Enw.un BuR Although the widest differences prevail in --respect to the products wing from difftlrent THE NATIONAL OOlfVEl'ITIO:R. A U:Ttmt PROlf .co,L. BJUJ'ORD, PRI!SmEll'l' I KENTUCK:Y AGRICUL'l'URAL SOCIETY. N State-Strut, 186 CHI:O.AGOEclipse Tobacco Work. VAN HORN, MURRAY & CO., 1 "AuGuSTA; Ki., July 7, 1865. "0. Pfwht1lg, Etq. : cigars, kinds of tobacco, and differ ent pipes, it is to be observed tba.t such dift'er ences ap due to quantity rather than quality, and that in every variety there are present certain bodies of which the smoke may be said to be composed. Tobacco Manufacturers. Sm : I notice in the laat number of your paper a suggestion to change the hoiding or the N atiottal Tobacco LouiS ville New-York. I call a meeting "or the commiUee at an ea.rly day, and lay your before them Kentucky is only anxious the general good. The preseat tax law is defective, and suits no one. "As to the present prospects for tobacco, the in Northern Kel)tucky ha11 been much da.magecl by many farm ers have replanted times. Tbe bot, dry weather is doing great damage to the growipg crop. Yours, truly, "L. J. Bwtoan.'' First, there is in all tobaeeo smoke a certain amount of which ma)' be ered as innocuous, unlesa it be the b eare r of soluble substances which possess active prop erties. Secondly, th. cre is present a. small por tion of fiee carblm, whose existence may be proved by the ad of driving the smoke through cotton wool. The carbon is deposited a s a fine powder on the cotton fiber, render ing it dark and dusty. 1t is to the pr.esence of this that the blue color of the smoke is due. Those.denseclouduvhicb the energ etic 8moker blows fortb, and those deli cate e ddies, ripples li os. 37 & 39 S. Water-street, CHICAGO. Turner, Van Horn&: Co., Quinc:y,lll. 1108 -........ ST. LOUIS ADVERTISEMENTS. DAMERON, :BROTHERS & 00., SUCCESI!OU;J:O JI.Uij!ON, DAJ4ERON 1: CO ., ,..obacco Factors, .ciD OENEJUL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 168 N. Seocmd-at., cor. Green-at 1 91 ST. LOU'CS. -----TRADE WITH TliE TOBAOOO MONOPOLY. and curv es which the artist i n tobacco watc he s with so gratified an eye, are all due to an 'Ill most infinitesimal trace of free carbon. It is this carbon which, in confirmed smokers, set on the back partQ( the throa.t, and on the lining membrane of the bronchial tubes, ere ati.Dg often a copious secretion, which it disThe pipe mny be usefnl to the sportsman ; for Doctor Fors t er, in his KaZ enila r of the Months, says when tobaooo smoke bangs lazily in the air, scarcely moving, and pre serving a. strong aroma., "it is almost an in fallible method of judging of godd scent" for that day; us he observed from his own habit of constantly amUlSing himself with a pipe early .in the morning. Another mode of using tob.acco smoke-to throw off the scent" of the worst kind of animal, a. cruel jailor-occurred in the Paris prisons during the Rt>ign of Terror, when cofiUDis!$llries searched even there for plots and implements, depriving the u nfortuna.te of "a needle t o dsrn hose with.'' "Two shifty citizens," says Carlyle-"determined to def,:nd themselves by tobacco; they light their pipes to begin smoking. Thick darkness envelopes them. The red nightcaps opening the cell, breathe but one mouthful : and burst forth into Orders Filled for all Kinds of Manufactured and Leaf THE Portugul'se government hasa.t last done a good thing in abolishing the absurd manop o(y in tobacco. The importation of that Inti cle of commerce is free into Lisbon and Oporto customs .of Portugal proper; and into those of Madeira. and Azores, from whatever country imported, will be subject to the following du ties : Tobacco roll, $1 100 rs. per kilogrnmme, ls. 10d. ; tobacco leaf, 81 300 rs. per kilo gramme, 5s. 9d. ; tobacco cheroots and cigars, $2 per kilogramme, 8s. 10d.; all other manu fttctured kinds, $1 600 rS.. per kilogramm.e, 7s lei colors almost to a. coaly appearanc e Thi rdly, there i s in the emoke a p ortio n of ammonia, which plays a very importan part. It is the amJPooia that bites the tongue after long smoking ; it is the ammonia that makes the smoker's tongu e and throat dry, inducing him to drink as he SUIOkea, and that partly exeites the salivary glands to secrete so fre ely. The ammonia also exerts an influc:nce on the blood. Fourthly, cwrboniG acid is always present. This may b e shown by dipping the bowl of a pipe holding burning tobacco for a few seconds in a. long bottle containing a little fresh lime WWJ'. After the space in the bottle is charged wit! smoke, withdraw the insert the stopper of the bottle, and shake the lime water briskly, so as to -bring it into contact w ith the vapor. The Hme.wateJI will become of milky whiteness, owing to the formation of carbonate of lime. The tobacco-smoke mas t not b e driven into the lime water by the breath, as the breath contains carbonic acid. The sleepiness which follows on the prolonged inhala.tiun of tobacco fumes, as well as tile he a dache and may be fairly attrib uted to this agent, which, in so small a pro portion a.s five per cent. in air pro duc es the symptoms apeciflfd. Fifthly, there is yielded from tobacco smuke a produce h(JIDng an oily called by Vauquelin "njcotine. On examination, however, it is found to be a compound body, and the term 11icotine is not now applied to it in the manner suggested by the abov -enamed chemist. The "-oil" derived f rom tobacco by condensation pos sesses poisonous properties. S ufficient may be obtained from a Havana cigar, weighin; sixtythree grains, to eicite poisonous, but not fatal, symptoms in a rabbit. The "oil" yields, on furth e r analysis, evidence of the presence of three bodiesa fluid alkaloid b9dy, called nicotine; a volatile substance having an empyreumatic odor ; and an ex tract, of a dark resinous character, having a bitter taste. Respecting these, it may be briefly stated that all symptoms of tremor, palpitation, and paralysis, after smoking, seem to depend on the nicotine ; the peculiar smell of stale tobacco smoke, which hangs so long on the breath of the amokOT, and on articles of clothing, is deri ved from the vo l atile empy gubatance; and the nauseous sbarp The suicida.l tendency of thtse monopolies is well shoWn in tlie experience lof England and France. The latter country, with seven millions more inhabitants, and more gelleral consumers, realises less .5-om its monopoly and lic ensed home production than England wilb its customs duty, exorbitant a.s it is. In 1849, the tobacco revenue of France as only ,285,000; but if equally producti.-e with that of England, it ought to been ,57 J,. 800 ; so that France loses by its grasping, and by its trimming with rustic proprietors, abov e a. million a.od a quarter a year I In England it amounted in customs, in the same year, ex of excise, to ,425,040, or c lose on four and a half millions. This exceeded th e sugar duties by ,350, and was larger than the cuatoms on any one orticle, tea excepted as great a fiRcal, indeed social, as itself; for the last amounted to ,471,4!2, being ,000 above the excise on malt, long the pnme prop of the British treas:ury. VIBGilfL\ TOBAOOO. Tux Petersburg .Expreu, of the 8th inst., !!ays: "There are some 4:50 hogsheads of to baooo in belonging to the French government Some of it ia stored in Centre and some in the otber warehouses of the city. We observed yesterdaythat it was being shipped. Additional hoop s are placed on the hogsheads, and they are shipped by lighters from our wharf to City Point, where French vessels await their cargoes. At the time of the evac u ation of this city, this tobacco was separated from that owned by individuals, and constitutes the bulk of that not d estroyed by fire --liEDICiliA.L VIRTUES OJ' TOBACCO. Co11tlntl44, IN Brittany and the Limoasin, where they scarcely smoke at all, is the standard of in telligence higher than in the north and east, where they smoke outrageously? Eyerybody ought to know that exactly the contrary is the fact. As to paralysis, II. Yox:eau (de Tours) did not -flnd a sing l e case among all the smokers of the East. "The reason is, llllys II .folly, "that Oriental tobacco con tains no nicotine." h e adds, with great reason: "Drunkenn"ss is unknown ; and the feverish excitementa or ambition, and or the desire to make rupid fortunes. are muc h l ess s trongly than in France." He accuses the cigar of s-epara ting the sexes, be came one sex d oes not s moke. But in the East men and woRlen are eq ually addicted to tbe narguilbe, and remain separated all the time. Finully, if tobacco be an inftlction, a nauseous thing, destructive of good manners and morality, poisonous for individ uals and s ociety in one of his col l eagues recommends him t o write an .eBSily on 11 Why d o peop l e smoke?" No confirm e d smoker can ever be said se l ong as he indulges in 1be habit, to be wdl ; although it doell not follow that he i s becom ing the subject of organic or fatnl d ; sease be cause he smokes The functional dbturbunces to which the smoker subject are presented in the blood, th e stomach, Lhe h eart, the ner vo u s s y s tem and the glands of the throat a.nd moutb. On the the prolonged inhala tion of tobac c o prod u ce s chang es which are very mnrked in cbamcter. The fluid is tLin n c r than is nat uo al, and in eztreme c:a ses paler. In such cnses the deficient color of th e blood is communica 1ed t o the body a.llo gether1 renda;:rin g the exte roul surfa c e yellow -taste recognized by every unp racticed smoker, when be takes a. foul pipe into his mouth, is duo to the bitter c:dract. It is this which creates vomiting in persons unaccustomed to tobacco, and of which the body becomes tol erant al1er a time. [TO B8 COftli(Dm. } TuB following notice, published in Freder icksburg, Va .. r how s steps are being taken for tbe taxation of tobacco: "ToBACCo HoLDERS.All persons holding manufactured tobacco nre notified that, with in ten da.,;s from thisdate (7th), they must appear at my office and furnish satisraetory proof that their tobacco was manufactured before September ht, 1889. Ir they can not furnish such proof, their tobacco will be im mediately placed for inspection in the ware hou se on the corner of Charles and Amelia streets. "Those failing to comply with this order are liuble to confisca tion of their tobacco. ''T. A. J&BB, Alll't Allleuor. -CoxsmEUBLB quantities or cotton and tO bacco are being to light a.t M ontg om ery, Ala., and a brisk i in be tween that place and Mobile, via. the Alabama river. -----VIRGIN!.\ ToBACco.-From the best infor mation to be there seems to be no doubt that the stock of leaf tubacco in the bands of plaroters is comparat i v ely s m a ll, and that the !'resent price is likely to a d vanc e because nf the fact that thl're will be no crup madtl in Virginia this yenr. We le:orn .5-om an old fril'nd, a merchant, that good l eaf sdlroved by tak ing a pipe as well as a sermon from either. In many eases of religious melancho1y, where long prayers are great re lief ma.y often be expected from a pipe. The late Rev. Robert Hall, or Leicestel" a truly pi:1us man, and from his talents an honor to the l't!ligious community to which .he be longed, found in a a remedy for the mel ancholy with wbich he was affiicted in his younger years ('rO n COnJKUIID. ) IT is stated that the Spanish government have met with another severe los.'! i n the de struc tion, by fire, of 88,000 quintals of lea tobac co, stored in the warehouses in tbe prov ince of Cagayan. Wx would call the attention of our readers TOBACCO, EDWARD B. BOOTH, 25 NORTH SECOND ST,, 19 St. Louis. Mo. R. M. JOHNSON, Superintendent State Tobaccco 192 Ware se, Cor. Sixth-st. & Waahlngton-av. ST. LOUIS, MO. EDWARD F. MUJ,.LEN, SUCCESSOR TO '1' .t E. MULLBN, Tobacco Dealer, NO. 184 lfORTR KAIN STREET, SAINT LOUIS, .110., Wllllt:eep a coMtant aupply or A l l of 7b. llMCo; also, Licorice l't.sle. Leaf TobaoeO Par-chased and Sold on Commission. 1811 L. A. DIETERIOHS & BBO I Tobacco lla.nufacturers, 33 N. Tlalrd St,, bet. Pine & Cheaaoa.t, ST. LOUIS, M:O. MULLEN & DIETERICHS,: WESTERN TOBACCO AGENCY, Ne. t7 s. W'"r-&t., eor. Wabull-av., ) J:. 11'. MuLLn; } Conaicumenta BeQteotc W Dtrraucns. fully Solicited, WILLIAM L. AUSTIN, 1!! ALL KINDS OJ! ST. LOUIS, MO. Orders aoliolted aad Jll'Omp\lJ' filled. J'-4 8, ll, C&IBIU. ANDREW MURRAY 4 CO.'S Tobacco Works. Mahulactlft'en and Dealen In aU dncrlptloM of Chewing and Smoking Tobaccos, O.rli'ICE, NO. ST NORTH LEVEE ST. LO UIS .Ill([) :o : OUR B RAN);2 S. Fine Cut Chewing. I Cut Smoking. Z e n ith, Long Cnt, B e r I Lac lede, J:x1ra, Spanish Mlxl!d, Leade r Killickiniclr. P a cock 1 l b Ba.le s. o u r ll' v orlte i lb. Bales to the com munication, which we give in an other c olumn, addressed t o Bon. H McCul lo c h, of the 1\-easury,Oy .Mr. EJ. 1 ward Burke. The writer i s Secretary of the Tobacconists' Na!ional ana is 're ll known f o r his wri t ings and labo r s i n behalf of the trade. Thi s article, both for the importance of the subject and the ability with which it is treated, is worthy the at tention of every ..American citizen, and every tobacco man especially. P nch,.nt:.s lllb a. 8&1@'-B\ lly llowIA!tlt.. Cnnoola&>onl'>tltll Bale"' Blll7811'..JJ.Lt.p. Tllllt'a tbe M .. uer, /l Clatoo, In Gaud Olnch l Plaa:a J b o IIAies (a>aptr P owh .. tan I lb. Dalea ZoU&n, and b rand& 1711 Mound City Tobacco Works. D. CATLIN, BEN. S. BOARD, Tobacco, Brokef,_ LOUISVILLE. KY. Orden !or Leaf aollclted aacl promp&ly Allect REFERENCES: Glover & Co Boone Tubarco Warehonae, Louln11le, Kr. Spratt. A On Pickett '' u u Ph!lp!l Cal dwe l l A Co, LoulavlU e u Hon&ld .t Bro. NlntJ I1r .. e\ Andrew Graham, l.oulavllle Kv.; .ru. '1', 'Edmonds, Loui a ville, Ky ; Oeo. W WlckJ. l.ouiovlllo, Ky; SnortdJ & llutr ard, Ne .. 'l'ork ; Mill' til, Cl'llth & Co Ne,. York. JB4 EUROPEAN ADVERTISEMENTS JIUB tJU(71'UUJI 01' .UL DIII!CIU1'1101i8 01' Fine-Cut, Chewing, & Smoking Tobacco, eto., No. Nor&Ja 8eeond Street, (178) ST. LOUIS, x o. J. W. BOOTH & SONS, Tobac:c:o &. General Prodac:e Commission Merchants, 1Vo1. 133 & 1361V. Seeond St., James w Bootb, ST. LOUIS, K .O. John N B oot!>, 'Jho n taa Uootb. 174 1L .. ORA.RTB...UL G W. J K OUX"lB.& .. Liverpool Consicnments. s.A. & co., THE nicnMtN ;OM Commtsston & Tobacco P!Nf, Lll trll'ED, MERCHANTS,. Purpoae opening U > tlr New W t.rehQuaea In GREENOCK STRUT, and IVtr\ dt-J:crlp tf n n anrt .. IIPECJAL ATl' IINTION lllvt n &o ...... of Leld Tobacco, aceo for A!t.ll1lft.dul'er ana cltaltrsun or"er. (181 ... 4 I 1 f J


-THE TOBACCO LEA)j'. LEOP. SCHROEDER, IOIIUPOTVBD .UOD DIIOLml PI Havana and Domestic MAYER BROTHERS, D. w._ KING,. JIUDJP.I.CTOIIDSOJ'DOiolllmO.urDl10'0llftii801'1UV411.1. -AGENT s E G .& R s ,"" -. I AD WBOIEU. m Tohaccoj .FRICX & BALL, .I-GENTS I'OR BALE OJr THE P.A-rtq-1> LEWIS BREMER & SONS, 'WBQU8.ALJ: ,PliAJ,.ERS IN anh A SEGARS, &c., I No. N. Tllird-s"treoA1:., aawr, ete., lfO. 69 CBEBT:RVTBTBBET, All Kinds of Smokers1 Articles, ...., Wood ana Callowlilll, "'t) ;, LEWIS BRlrnER. ST. L01JU0 1'1, All ordero for maoufactarlng special braDds or tobacco prompt17 auenKDTlC l. 212 BTA.TJ: STREET, A. G. BROWN, Hartcorcl, Coon. 1iU4 H J. ZWIITtWITT. S. S. CASE & -G!-G!R& AI l'n>E&, VEGETABLE-mRY GENEIU.L DEPOT J'Oit And W..Wrn Uld l!o11"'ern Prod11ce generall.r, J: No. 82 Co-merelal Street, OUte and LoeaeUveete, ST LOlJIS. (179), __________ THOKA.S &RODUS, 'l}nchaut, No. 1'1 North Second Street, SAINT LOUIS. IF Oonalgmmenta of Tobacco 80licbed, and erders 'for purchase of 'Tof!aCQp Jll'omptiJ a""Dded 1o.. (180) LOWSLLE ADVERTISEMENTS. $nuff, 14 SOUTH KARXET-BTREE { 18-28 BOSTON. NEW ENGLAND TOBACCO WORKS. -:ADAMS, BATCHELDER & 00., lf.6.1Ul,J.CTURD8 01' J.LL GUDBS Or Fine-cut, Chewing, and Smoking TOBACCO. Salerooms: No. 5 Chatliamrow, DULERS Ui DtPORTED A:RD DOMESTIC LORILLARD'S SNUFF & TOBACCO, No. 003 Chestnut-st., PHILADELPHIA. 7-19 01' EVERY V .. UU&TY No. 235 Race-street, PHILADELPHIA. : D. 1. TINGLEY; WM. H. KERN, and Segar Cigar Manufacturer. CIGARS & fOBACCO, 98 Asylum street; HART-FORD, CONN. XAN1JP.I.C'rURER8 OF FERGUSON, GEB.BDrG & CO., BRANCH HOUSE-'78 Dearborn-street, Chiand 'UtOO.(l cago, Ill. SMOKERS' ARTICLES, ETC., urCoon. Seed-leaf Tobaeeo received ll!ld sold on I ll 0. 51 Clli.y-&treet, Commlatlon. lli.ST l,Z-!4 BA"LTU.:O.B. ESSMAN & H4AS ;BROTHERS, F W._ FELGNER, wAREHOUSE, l'lll na.&LD Dl .I.LL ov IANUF ACTURED AND LEAF TOBACCO 8 N orlh Third-tiil'tree"t, PHILADELP.HIA. IF Agent for the ll&le of Barney, Often.Co ... cele No. 339 N. PHILADELPHIA. brated Queen City Tobaccos, Bene of Weat, Burnie, 7-19 ClllC!nnati, ete. 8-20 ") .. EDMUlNDS l BROWDER, FALLS CITY Tobacco Factory, BOOT<. IIBIIRT H. 13 ADE.lLEI\8 IN BOLZJL\lroPAcrtTDBAN?>81l00118SOB'f0 JACOB MARINER, PETER ARTHOLOMEW, CfvJrJIEcrl'XCUT S d I f T b F. H. BISCHOFF'S, or "" Mannfactnrcr and Dealer in eifars, ctc.l. -!. ee ea 0 acco, Deutscher Rauchtabak, & Havana \large ltock. of CHAS. T. CHICJ[HAUS, M. B .IL&..&.s. tlods coll!lanl!y on hand. Particular attention paid to a U Old Bac, I41o &IIIII lhe. Old Boclr1 1&'8 and 12'a Ana a Belle, 1'' u<.l JilL Prairie '""" to .. ud n.. Golden, C'a. G"""n RIYt!r 1bL Blrd'l Eye .,,., Hall' Dime, ti"L Poel!.et P1ect>, 2fi1'L 18-41 169 )(ilk street, BOSTON. IFOwDenoftbeBureka&D4InlomarBrands. '18 JOSEPH S. WOODi.UFF, IF Bra&lch -BAA8 & CO Ltoavenworth, Kan. 11oM W. WATKINS, L SAKUEL & [DEALER IN BOX P. 0. 116.6 LOUISVII..LE, KENTUCKY, t Seed-leaf DIULDS m Qt.ammercia:I anh 1Jr.ah.u.ce Havana Specll\1 attention paid to lllllog orden for TOBACOO, UIIAP or MANUJ'&C'I'URBD. and Domestic Cigars, T 0 B A e c 0 aBPBaBN()Bs. -.liiD' H--. B. &Co., JllewYork; Oo., New York S...IIQftoa a. Oo., New -York; 111 &Du&S. WILDD a: MuUJB, Ne-York; Jou ... ilm House,) W.11. H. WliLSJJ, Jwo. W, WIIIUU, CuA.S. E. WB1.8B. 11-28 G. Guex... En. NIDI&lf.lf. GIESKE & lliEMAKN, Leaf Tobacco a orders. s.:ro I THOMA_ S HARE WBOLU.Lt.K DULKR m .&LL lt.UrD8 01' ., FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC Leaf and Manufactured TOBACCO, SNUFF, SEGARS, ETO., Nos. 494 and 603 ll. SecOnd-st., 153 and 155 Noble-st., PHILADELPHIA. AgenUor GIL .t .Ax 'II Tobco and lonl!'. 1128 Commission J. RINALDo sANK & co., NO. 76 SOUTH CHARLES-sT., 0 0 m m iS S i 0 n Me rc han t S (!Jet. Lombard, and Pratt-ala.,) : 111 11 23 BALTIMORE. LEAF & MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. nECK & HOLLSTEIN, No. 31 N. Water-st., and No. 30 +' N. Delaware-ave., 1 ... 0 B A cc 0 J. RINALDO BANK, AD I PHIL ELPHIA 'JO:

I 't{ 'L f-' I j I 4 E. ROSENWALD & BROTHER, P. JJI{PORTJ:R Oi' BltODII TN IIIPORftll!' AND IIANUFAOTURERS Ol!' --teafand Manufactured Tobacco; All 126 Water Street, .r 1 .AND DII:ALEas1 IN 14-26 E A F 1" -0 B J\ C 0 Q, ------------141S Water-dreet, (l!'l'i8tJ!BBD 11't8.) (Near 1\lalden-laoe,kw-YORK. A. H. IUCKLE & 801'8, -D_-n _______ .. 8UOOII80U1'0 l.1RS. G. B 'MILLER & CO., UAJIUr.l.crtlUIIS o DiS CIIUaUTIW :Kn. G. n. JDDer a; CJo.'s C:bewtllr aad !llllokblg TOB.A.CGO, 196 HESS, ,.,... Connecticut Seed Leaf Tobacco, Havana 1 "!.U Ali'D t f '1 "f t 1 SAMUEL H. ISAACS, DJ:!ALER Ill BEST LEAF TOBACCO:. SJ:GB.S, BBT. :&BOOKS II: &BAlD, JtEW.YORK. AND A.Ll.j OTIIllll R. s. SMOKERS' ARTICLII, J, IMPOBTZB oP r 51 Maiden _I..ane, &. 1L l'IJo .. ;llli,.;iai'ALL7ilfll8I:a (NearHanover-sqaare,) mt f' UJ teO, Street. IMPORTED AND DUM.fSTIC acn&.80&WATi&-1T., STATES .!T19 llW JJIPORTERS AND JI..UitTr AC'rllm:RB. ..... .4 Meerschaum and Briar SMOKING TOBACCOS, SHOW FIGURES Etc., 2S and 3 0 Li'berty Street, 4-16 Be"WYork M:eerschamn Q.nd MUliCHAUM AMUl 8KOAl '1'\11118. Segar Cuee, '!obaeeo BOJII!I, Xatcb Satet, Tobacco Pouch-, Pipe AND .A COKPLJ:TI STOCK: or TOBACCOIUSTS' ARTICI.!S, 4fi Liberty Street, 8-15 NEW-YORK J. RESCHER,. DE.lLER IN No1. 87, 89 74, \'6, 8nen9illll *ne&, iDd 9liJ llarolaJ Street. Inspeof.ed Ba.nipleci. for eury._, aad delivered ease by case, as to npJtef Storage and Labor the lowest rates. : N. B.;-I uho 114mpU in MerclianJ'IJ ovm ,to.., F. C. L;IND Tobacco WAF.tEHOUSE;MAN. J H-26 Oftlce, 76 G .reenwich l.J ...... INTERNAL REVENUE. The haTing a practlcal knowledge and con dderab!e ezperJU>ce Iii lbe BEKG. & CO., St. Petersburg Store, 429 BROADWAY," !Nirn:w .. SOLOMON, SPEAR & CO., : It B T '8 B A Q e JMfORTED SEGARS, recently patented in the United StateeandE111'ope. 143 Walker-Skeet; Meerschaum and Briar Pipes, and hot little t ime in use, blt.IJ given ENTIR& INTERNAL REVENUE BUSINESS, Baa aosoclated h1mi8ell WW. aa e mlneat member ot the Bar (la t e on Offi-ln tlU d'J>artlll.eDt' a& Waehln gto n), and 'IVill pay thelr exc luaiv e attention to the AdJnstD1eD1 ......,.. .. .a..MI!Ismen&a,


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