The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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C. PFIRSHili'G, PlJBLISBER, No. 142 Fulton Street. ) Vol. 1. OF THB TOBACCO TRADE, :o: l!EWYOBK.. TOBACCO W .o\,IUIHOUSitS. AA'new, Willlam, & Son, 284: and 286 Front-street. Arl8 Pearl Smith, Palmer k Co ., 170 1'raLer. Snoddy & Hcma.rd. 71 Broad. .SpenceT Brothers, 75llalden lane. Btelo, A., 191 Duane. Stern, .Jooa.a &: Oo.,11'8 Water. Su.Ulva10, Murphy & Co., 103 Pearl. Vdterllelo, Tt.. H. & Boos, 128 Waler. eo.,48 B.-J. TOBACCO BROKERS. Carmao, A. F., 118 Water. Eadie k Harrlotl, 181 Fllcher: & !Wdnald, 2 Banover-aqtare. Gaoo, T. S 86 WalL Rader, H. .i: Son, 100 Pearl. Ruete'llt Cbaa. Tbeo. Son .t Co., T9 Wall Van Peat, A. H., 126 'IValer. ll.ui9'A.CTIJRI'&8. Beck, PI'. W. & Co., 44 Veaey. GUleoder, Arthur .t Uberl;r. Goodwin, W. If. A Co., wr and 109 Water. Lorlllard, P.,16, 18aod 20 Ohamben. M'A!J!n, D. U. & Co., 71, 'l'l, and. 'It Avenue D. .Mlok.le, A. H'. &: Sons, 86 Broadway. ll-.t i'alk, T Bw-lioz ... llp. .Joseph, 246 :t48 Canal. Straltom J'oiUJ et Beaver. Walto, .n. n., Bower:r. 1 AND DKA.LXRS. C. & M.,ll58 Bower)'. Oblcldlaao, (JIU!ea T., 176 B...,..way. R, 902 !Jb&IMm.. lfaTo] J. a;-14 -cecsar. Water. Salomon,)(. & E ., 173 Pearl. Salomon & EUdos,14.3 Wa\er. Wellbacmer, P., Pearl. IMl"'RTE'RS OF PIPES, ETC. Bolten A 1!111 keo, 67 Uaidelaoe. Domulh, WUll&m .t Co., 28 and 80 IJberty. Hamburger, J". &t. Co., 56 Malden lane. Kawma.nn Broil. & Boody, M Malden-lane. Leart Ollear H., 90 Water. Lobe .t lPaggenburg, 4.:1 Lll>erly. IJD'ORT:SRS AND ll:.llfUJ'A.crUR&RS OF CIGAJl.S. Aoohell, B .t Co., CS Bea,..r. Berg & Co., 429 Broadway. BermiAIIIDJ B ., lOll Pea!. Kellner L .. 91 William. llooea 6o Hlroeb, 188 P-l. 88KDL&.l.J' TO.BA.COO lNSP.IC'TlOII. Uncle, P. C., 76 Greeowich-alreet. TOBACCO PAI:88. Gulhrle & Co 2:1& J'roDHireel. IU. NUFAOTU&DIII OP OIGU BOXItS. Wicke, e-p, JOll!lllll& 111..._ B.&.LUoE !'aooo. For sale on liberal terma. A. B.&WSOR". J. A. BlliDGLUfD, 1 8, BOVCL A. C. BJ.WSO!f', RAWSON, BRIDGLAND & CO., TOBACCO & COTTON FACTORS, General Commission Merchants, NO. 4.1 BROAD-STREET, NEW YORK. G&O. I. B..l RT. "K, V. 8fti.At1'. GEO. S. HART & CO., l'OB THB BALli: OJ" LEAF TOBACCO, llo. 39 Pearl and 28 Bridge Sta., NEW-YORK. Jomfl(UBPBY, New-York. J. T. SULLIVAN & BRO., ClnciDoatl, 0., RoB'T HAMILTON, New-York. SULLIVAN, MURPHY & 00., TOBACCO FACTORS .Jfterthants, No.103 Pearl Street. Near Hanover Square, NEW-YORK. A.L80, New-York. Tobacco baled to order for Mexico and West-Indies. STERN, JONAS & CO., SAWYER, W ALLAOE & CO., '-16 DJ:A.ll!:RS IN _,oaadllioa Mtrchuu, LEAF TOBACCO, No. 47 Broa.d Street. 16-53 NEW YORK. WM. AGNEW & SONS, Tobacco and Commissiou MerchaJits, 284 and 286 Front Street. NEJr-roaa:, B.l VII ON BAlli: .U.L DIBOIIU'TlDIIB OJ' 14-26 IMpOtten aM ._..,..._, Ol' llo 178 Water Street, NEWYORK. TOBACCO COMPRESSED Ill BALES, lciican, Jest-India, Cettral AmcricaB, A.lfD O'rBilLilL IIU.IlLK&Til. Allo, rtpUU4 ill lUI. at lllC!ft by CUTHRIB 4 CO., He&vy W estem & Ola.rksville Leaf, 181 PEd.RL-STBEET, W J. BACON, New-York. W. D. CLARDY, 12-24 1. S. PARRISH, DR. J. D. CLARDY. VETTERLEIN & CO., 'l' 0 B A 0 0 0 (United Stales B onded Warehouse,) 111 ARCH-STREET, PBILAD-ELPlU!, TH. H. VETTERLEIN & SONS, 12-24 l.B8 WATER-STREET, NIW-YttRK. A. S'l'EIN, Commission Merohant, 1 97 Duane-street, (Bet. Greenwich and 'W aablnglonsls., ) And 350 HOUBiODSt., IF Bas constantly on cona1gnment a large quanUty of Conneetlent, State and OhloSeetlleafTobaeeo, wblcb wW be &old In quaolltlee to onlt pnrehaoen. Cigar m&nufa.o&urers particularly favored. 18-88 MURRELL, CARUTH & 00., GENERAL 116 Pearl Street, BoM. Morrell, B. 0. Carulh, R. T. P ollard. 14 DAVID O'NEnL & CO., FOREIGN AND DOIIfEI!TlC i} nlr attn, 1 19 Maiden lane, NEW-YOBB;. DJ.nD O'Nmu .. WILLIAK M. P1l1Cll. 900 BALES OLD QUALITY. Jatnma anb I'OR SALE, Reports of the growing crop in the West are confirmed as very unfavorable, a falling off of one half or one third being now con sidered as certain. Seed-leaf.-Old crop Connecticut bas be come exceedingly scarce, aDd manufacturers are finding difficulty in supplying themselves. New crop is selling steadily, both for home and foreign use. Among the sales reported are 75 cs. wrappers, at 82c. a 20 do., at 18c. a 22c.; 25 cs. New-York State, running lots, at roc a lljc. ; 6 cs. do. fillers, at 'Tc. j and 10 cs. do. wrappers, at 23c .. .Mamifactttred.-There has been no change to note. The best qualities of goods continue tolerably firm. It is, however, becoming every day more and more notorious that an illi cit trade is undermining the regular busi ness, and, unless checked, must eventually ruin it. Tobaccos of almost every description are daily offered at prices such as no manu facturer could live by and pay the tax. The conclusion is inevitable that large qual)tities of stock are continually thrown into market, escaping the excise altogether. This i s not only true of smoking and chewing tobacco, but equally so of snuff and cigars. Until this abuse is remedied, honest manufacturers and dealers can not hope for any great improve ment in their business. QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES. Kem..OOy.-Light lear. Gold. Ou.-rency. Truby and !rooted laga,... 6 @ 6t T 7i Soaod tuga,........... ... 6r 8 !lll Low !eat,........ .. .. 7 @ 9 10 @ 13 Medium lear, ............. 10 @11 14 @1 Good lo ftne leal', ...... .... 12 @16 16 @22 Choice seleclions, .. 16 @20 23 ll!l28 Do.-He&vy leal. Traaby and frooled Juga,.. 6 @ 6! r @ 9 Sowld toga,.. .. .. .. 7 9 10 Low Lear,. . 10 18 @15 Medlnm Leaf, ...... ...... 18 @15 16 @19 Good lo line Leaf, ........ 16 @1S 20 @25 Choice oeleellon ........ 19 26 @80 Qhio.-In!erto.r to good common, ................ r Brown and epaogled, ..................... 8 11 Good and fine red,... .................. 11! 16 Floe yellow and fancy, ................... -18 2:S Slem.e and aenps, ....................... 8l S .Ha"1/lan4.-1r Fine and good brown, ................. 12!@ 1S Fancy, ................................ :-20 @ 25 ll i 1 j Forft9n. -Havana, Wr&ppet'l, ... (dul;r paid,) ... 1 60 Havaoa, Ullorted,.... do. 1 00 H&vana, J'lllers,.... do. 80 Yara, IUSIOrted,. do. 8CS Cub&, uoorted,. .. do. ... TO 8t. Domingo._ -rted.._ ... (In bond,) ... -6 Ambelema, ulroo .t uarmeo, (io bond,) -6 @ 3 @ 110 @100 @-20 No 24. lO'sTand 12' &--Best, ,._,. .... .65 H alf pounds-( Dark,) Best, ........... 00 Do. Medl:um, ........ 00 Do. Common,* ...... 40 (Btighl,) Belt ........... -90 Do. ltledium, ...... 30 Do. Oommon ....... -May Ap ple Figs, etc.-(BriJrht,) ........ SO Lady' PIDKera.-(Flne Brlgllt) .... 1 20 Pounds, ('IVe.t'n,) ,Extra Pine, bright, .. 1 00 ?We,-. ............. M Medium, ....... 7 5 Common,* .... -51 (Virg!nJa,) Extr& Floe, bright, .. 95 Floe, '-. ....... 80 :, gg Llght Pressed' rirginia, .... (Weatern1 ) F i n e .... .... 110 Do Medium, ... t 70 Do. C ommon,. : t)O Navy Pounds-Ues t, ... r 65 \ 4sg pavy Half-Pounds-Best, ............. 65 Medium, ........ 60 -M @-llO @ -40 @-M r&-M @4.:1 @-80 -@100 @140 115 @100 @100 -90-@-7:1 @-M @-'180 75 (a) M -70 @-illl -M @-70 @-M Jlwn.ufad:lwed.-L'< no,.,. -iO' and 12'o-Best1 ... ... .... ..... ... -25 so Med wo, ................ 20 -2ll Common,* ............. 15 @.-20 Halrpauocb--{Dark,) Best, ............ 21S @-80 Do. ........ 20 @ -2lS D". Oommon,* .... @--20 (Bright,) BO!!t, ........... 411 @ -00 D&. Me., 48 hhds.; T. Hoyt & Oo.,lQ; Barclay&: Livingston, 48; Arkenburgh & Bryan, 827; Snoddy & How ard, 69 ; B. C. Baker, Son & Co., 151 ; J. M. Campbell & Son, 99 ; J. Crockett & Co., 4 ; Heineken & Palmore, 13 ; Rawson, lBridgeman & Co., 7; 0. K. King & Co., 72; Livingston, Fox & Co., 151; L. Beranger, 25 plkgs.; Gail, Ax & Kuchler, 2; Stero, Jonas & Co., 343; Kunhardt & Co., 50 ; S. C. Paxton's Son & Co., 208; Dubois & Vandervoort, 165; W. H. Price & Co., 6 hhds.; C. H. Lilienthal, 9; Bung! & D., 42 pkgs.; P. Lorillard. 27 ; C. R. Somersvail & Co., 35 hhds.; H. T. Teer, 2; Ruete's Son & Co., 4; H. Dunlap, 1 ; J. L. Davis, 2 pkgs.; Thomas & H., 3; Bennett, Van Pelt & Co., 8 ; D. & W., 8; J.D. Evans, 113; A. H. Mickle & Sons, 10; T. H Magbee, 18 hhds.; J. Hirsch, 1; Sullivan, Murphy & Co., 19; C. W. Walter, 1; F. Her tz, 1. Comparison of domestic recei(llts for the weeks ending Ter. Aug. S ................ .. :::::::::::::so .... July 18 ................... 120 ::: ::.: FOREIGN IHPOIITfl, Pltg8. 6,l5611 3,28'1 1,848 1,242 2,849 1,008 The consignments for the week are as follows: From Havana: Jansen, Schmidt & Ruperti, 162 bales leaf; H. Knight, 229; Chichester & Co., 60; S. De Visser, 52; H. Almy, 87; R. T. Loyd, 80; F. Probst & Co., 180; C. F Tag, 249; F. Mir&nda, 78; J. E. De Santos, 15; R. E. Kelley & Co., 52; Santa Rosa, 1; Order, Cigars-A. Schwerin & Co., 18 cs.; F. De Bary, 4; R. E. Kelley & Co., 38; L. E. Am sinck & Co., 5 ; G. W. Taber, 1 ; !Schmidt & Bro., 2; J. S. Watt, 4; R. T. Loyd, 6; Fisch er & Keller, 2 ; Livingston & Son, 4 ; H. B. Hart, 1 ; J. Durand, 1 ; A. Jaoonlet; 1; Pur dy & Nicholas, 1 ; Santa Rosa, 1. From Manzanilla: Rivera, Cardlllza & CO., 84 bales. From Remedios: Ritter & Towmer, 1 cs. cigars. Comparative statement of imports and values, as shown by returns, for tlle weeks ending Valu. Aug. 4-SlT pltga. leaf,. ................. ..... 18,880 Ctpra,................................ 18,Tn July pkga. leal',......... .. 18,018 Clgara ................................. 8t,4811 J'qJy pkga ............................... .. .. .. .. .. 16,888 J'uly 18-914 pkga..... .. .. . .. .. .. 18,47T Clgara. . .. .. .. 18,8111 July 8-18112 pkgo...... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 80, TBO Clgan ................................. 18;718 EXPORTS. Leaf Tobacco for Export aacl Home Use. US l'ront, N. Y 1-r Tobacco baled in any paobge by hydrau-lic preM In' export. 14-611 t.a E 8 T A B L I 8 H E D IN B011D OR DUTY PAID, Dr LOTI TO IIUIT PU1UliiADBII, BY B.OBBRT B. :aLLY & CO., lUI 84 BeanMtreet. Jl-' PA.ID. lS'1,l'11, and oomiDal, .... -Mecuum, do. -()oaua.oa, 4o. -@-The shipments for the week are, HS'I'4 bhd&, = 1543 pkgs. crude, and SS,'T48 lbs. manufac..


tured. The stock of also sell the preter b, 'Coftee wLtbout tobacco crude, S588,994. 1 9 ,'763 Tm1 and as regards is meai salt.' Sucl;t are the words little imtllto'l'elllellt. e bacco particularly, the of Dr. WJ son, who, with Dr. Bruce, seems ing five lHmdred pounds ofleaf at one tim'e t? l!ave been somewhat doubtful cess of re 'lfe -.quired. There were sent to ,value, 6000 ; total, 38, 0. brancb I L'hltld !fliear at ...... ..__ .... of the maauActure seeDII lkuost ho Y all o_f the man rs of tob paralyzed, The of better cigAr manufacturers included, w ere identical however, does not appear to be suffering in and harmonized so f11r as to be equally affect the same proportion; in fact through for gotiJ or for evil, by the 10ame leg\lila rit how much t1_llt origin of tl1e pip e s found in Scotland will b the result. It is aad tEngland, but which doub ts both g e ntle stems and scraps are equal to about 83i per men have dispelled by furth er inve s tigation. Li'Verpool-l'f!4 hhds., :v..aluc, S'i6,823; 59 tcs., $16,582; 1 cs. cigars, $50; total, $93, 455. cent. of the weight; but he cuts it all, and con [TO coNTtNoBD.] hhds., $64, '740. Gib1alta-r-8'i hhds., $4400 ..if.rica-94 hhds., $21, '750. Gen o a-61 hhds ., $13, '720. llrunul<-606 t'ilido., valued at ........... t2G2,410 141 hhdi! 111 ..... .. '........... 7,097 4 3 cerooru11 .... ... ... l 020 = T,ot;>l;::-., ................... HAMBU .BG1 50 CS. .. ,, 98halee, .............. 2!l4T lbo. manufactured, .. .. .. 4,000 SO cs. dgars, .... .... Total value, ... .' .. .. .. : ........ U,226 Dani4lh lYest Indies-1 hhd., $488. West jndif those of Messrs. Moses & name of tobacco, which is ppHeable to the & J. Maxwell & Co., in their ad vices o( this Hirsch, 183 Pearl-street, which are manufac raw material generally; but in other respects say: There b,s been q_uite an active tured from the very first Havana fillers and these.Jnteresta do not compete with eacll. market for leaf this month, particularly dry Connecticut wrappers, and are preferred by other, either in the purchase of l eaf or sale Missouri, the common and ordinary grades of manyconisseurstotheimportedarticles. In of the manufactured articles. Leaf adapted which are now held at td. a 1d. advance, the matter of cheapness, also, they lead the to the uses of the manufacturers of chewi'ilg which has in some instances been realized. market, and show that not only in. quality but tobacco (plug a.nd fine-cut), belongs to a dif Soft, fleshy Tennessee lea.f .. J?een in in price, our domestic manufacturers can comferent \Jnily to thaLof the cigar leaf: It is request, at 7ld. for medium parcels, up to pete :with the best foreign ones, provided they grown principally in Missouri, Kentucky, 10d. a Ud. for Africans. Our stock of this have a. fair field. TennesSWJ, and formerly Virginia and North description is much reduced, and buyers at The opening of the Southern markets is Carolina, andisof a fat, heavy-bodied descrip present have' little to select from. Strips have already beginning to impro'l'e t@e cigar trail@tion ; whereas cigar leaf is that known in been rather more asked for ; good are a slow old business connections are being renewed, commerce as Suxl-lea,f Tobacco, and is the sale, at 14td. a15d.; common, at 10td. a12d. and new ones established. Tbia house to of Ohio, Pennsylvania., New-York, AJII8TEBD.&l11l, .Jnly ....,. The. market which we have just referred, is finding a good Connectlfrlt, and Massachusetts, and is the continues moderately active, and we note sales demand in the far South, where one of the only tdbacco adapted to purpose of r cigar from first hands during tlie week :of 10 hhds. firm, Mr. Hirsch, was formerly well known; l'm,Akiina on account of its fine, silky texture Marylaad, and 1300 pkgs. Java. Prices \1!1. and all indications seem to point to a speedy flavor. So distinc&, indeed, is changed. Stock in bands, 1282 hhds. resumption or the old trade relationa between cle of seed-leaf from any other type of Maryland, 51 do. Kentucky, 15 do. stems; the two section&. {oba. grown in this country, that any cir14,3'77 pkgs. Java., _a!_ld ;12 C!!. ...----' of abundance or scarcity of other BOTTJU&DA.lll, .:fDIF t2. -Sales from THE CBOP Ilf COlniECTICVT. tob4!os affecting tb9 prices of the. same, does first hands this week1 hhds. Maryland, and TaosE who have bad g()(ld means of judg-not reict upon seed-leaf any more than if 216 ceioons Yara, aUull prices as last quoted. ing of the in tbo valley for tbe these crops bad been of hay, or a'lly thing imports include 34 hbds Maryland, and growing CI'Op, lltat&-'that they are far else, iptead of tobacco. 2628 pkgs. Java. satisfactory. Oo!.f .about three fourths of The diil'ereoae ln tho character of these to:a:.&.MB1JBG, .I'DlJ 21.-ln North-4-mer-tl;le usual _amount of land has been planted, baccos is no less than in the mode of handling ican, during the week, there have been no and the worm bas committed such nr.,owllllbl and cpng the same. Leaf for the manurac transactione in first bands to report, with the that the ground has, in some ture or chewing tobacco requ,ires smply to be exception of 167 eases seed-leaf. The market to be replanted several times, making the packed in the dry est possible order to Jn'llf>etd is firm, but without any change in prices. present growth very backward. -The leaves ferm!tcltion and preserve brightness of color ; Other sales from .firl!t hands are 380 coroeJlllol have also been badly eaten, so that trom whilwiga.r leaf must necessa.rily pass through and 45'7 pkgs. Brazil these combined causes there must at least a ,ellod of feniientatioo, without whuh it uently gets the benelU of it-thus in this i loqe obtahiing a 31'eat advantage over the cigar manfiicturer, who not only can not work the &teml and scrap&, but i8 compelled to sell this 33t per cent. of w eight for a mere trifle to the manufacturer of smoking tobacco. [TO BE COXTJNUJW.] BISTO:BY OF TO;BACCO-PIPES, CIGABS, ETC. Ancient Irish Pipes-.Antiqui o.f_ Smoking-Oriental Customs-Fai'1"1J P!PesEngli8h Pipes, etc.. TOBACCOPIPES, CIGARS, AND TBE. SIIO&EB'S PARD'HERIU.LU.. THE "Fairy pipe of Iretand may be ly accepted as the most ancient form of the tobacco-pipe use in the British islands. This popular name with the I"rish peasant is some times changed for tq&t of "Danes' pipes." 'Ehe Scottish peasantry, with the same feeling, term these minute receptacles of tobacco "El fin a d.wit.h equal desire to aqtedate their history, call them, also, '"Celtic pipes." This popular Jove for IISsociating eld things with the most ancient times, 01' with super natura.! beings, js llqually the result o,f a love of the marvellous, inherent in vulgar minds. There are also persous of poetic temperament, who by no means to be claased among these ; but who, from their mental CQnformation._ prefer poetic dreams tD prosy realities, and who find no difficulty in belie'!' ing an assertion that upsets a generally re ceived i'aet, in pref41renco to the fact itlltf, if supported by a hundred proofs, any one of which is stronger than those on which they build their theories. .Such persons have not scrupled to qo for vulgar tradition i and ought lus.tily for the Collie and D&flish origin of tobacco-pipes ; and with equal oonsistency, have their superhuman o.rigin, as the works of the Irish fairies. Why make possibility tile-limit llr iogenio-..specn lation, which has outstripped all probability? Once "oui et' bounds," the poetic tendency of some Irish anti uaries carried them to the 2 0 0 0 pieces Spanish r ibbon s for sale low; and also '700 bale s Havana Tobacco, o f different q ual ities, in bond and duty paid, b y M, & E. Salomon,-1 '73 Pearl;street, el\I.York. MOSS & FALK, W..lNUFJ.CfURI R S Of SEGrAB.&,._ ---.U(l) DBALERS lEAF T 0 8 A c C 0 222 NO. 7 BURLING-SLIP, (Foot of Job to $6.20; p anters, ANTWERP, .JQI,North Amer-be a falling oft' in the coming yield of a woulJ be entirely u11jit for the pwrpose to ica.n is nothing doing. Manilla is more third, and perhaps a half of the-usual amount. which it i8 The cigar-making inter active, a.i advanced prices. Of "old crop" the 'country is thoroughly est, then, being in eveey respect separate and Receipts this week : 392 hhds., per Solid, stripped. distinct from that of the manufacturers of from New-York; '784 bales bom. Sinope and che g and snuft; we can see no good goal of their wishes with a wondrous, and t.o Llverpool n _s nments. them, a satisfactory rapidity. In 1784, a short piJ?C was saihere. ufacturer of smoking tobacco, while at the Tobacco-stoppers of the age ot George IJ. same time we feel justified in opposing a cohave been founa with Roman remains in Eng alition of that interest witlr others, the eft'ect land, and engraved as Roman bronzes. Copof which can only be to give an.undue a.dvan -per ccins, from Charles H downwards, have tage to the manufacturer Qf. smoking toba.cco been found at great depths iii the ground, and over the manufacturer -of ; and it bemixed with Romm l'emains. One mode of comes neceasary fol-ua to consider whether accounting for this may be in the faeillties af the proposed taxing of leaf. tobacco woufd not forded for burial by deep fissures in seasons operate in favor of the smoking tobacco man-of drouth, or boles of rabbits, rats, or moles; ufacturer and lgainBt the manufact.ureT of another in the results of the constant turning cigars. The ma.nnfacturers of smoking tobacco of the earth by the plough; and the fact that depend, in a great measure, fbr their supply Roman antiquities are sometimes a very short of the raw material upon the inferior growths distance below the surface ; and another, and of the country, such as Maryland, Ohio, etc., probably the best solation, thai in a.IJ exCIITa leaf which has not the bCidy to-Adapt it to the tions the ground from the sides rolls 'down fo manufacture of chewing tobacco, and does not the centre, for the first time, at possess tho qualiflc:atione to nmder it availathe bottom of a hole, that which came-from ble to the cigar manufacturer. This leaf does the top. We may be certain that no au then not require further attention to its curing than ticated discovery of Celtic or Roman antiqui is ordinarily bestowed upon the raw material ties, where the grotind has been entirely un for the manufacture of chewing and disturbed, includes tobacco-pipes. the prices Yary but a few cents per pound ; S o metime s thes e advocates for anci ent whereas seed-leafforthe mh.nufacture of cigars, s m o king prove too much. Thus, wh e n 'the v11ries in price from ten to seventy-five cents Turkish Eulia Effendi assures u s h e per pound, the intermediate values being de-found a tobacco-pipe imbedd e d in the w all of tenniped by many circl]..mstances of color, an edific e constructed before the birth of Mo soundness _of leaf, of fermentaiion, hammed his desire to make flavor, etc., etc. In addition to the doubly sure," by declaring it still to the manufacturer of smoking tobacco of be-the smell of tobacco i>moke, 1eads us to COll ing able to avail himselof'a eheapm: and lesa clade, with the author of a paper in the Quar tluctuating raw material, it is a well-known terlylleview, No. XXV., "that smoking, hav fact that a pound of smoking tobacco will last ing at first been probioitea to the Mob8.Jiiiiie longer to the consumer than u.-,pound of cigars, dans a.s an innovation, and contrary to the thus presenting a strong to the principle of their law, the pipe had probably use of the former as a economy. been inserted in the wall by some lover of to Under the existing law the tu on smoking bacco, in order to ful" an argument for the tobacco, say on 400 pounds, which is about antiquity of tbe. 1111d therefore of its to the weight of 81Je cue of la.wfulness." .Attempts of another kind have would be $100, or twenty-five cents per pound. been unblushingly made. "The Koran has The average yield of l,ligue-fto!D a ll&se of seedbeen appealed to, and its modern ve111lona leaf of 40Q.Iba. woold he abo-at UJ,OOO, and at even furnish the .American name. A tradition the average tax of $16, which iiJ' a.ssnmoo as a al prophecy of Mohammed is also quoted by fair average in the calculations presented at the Sale, which, while tt centradiel:s -the assumed Cooper Institute, the amotint paid by the cigar existence of tobacco in his time, foretells that: manufacturer wou14 be $225, or $125 more 'in the latter days i,bet:e shall be men bearing than is J!aid by the smoking-tobacco manu th _e. name of Moslem, but not really such, and facturet:_ 011 t'be same weigbt oflea But theso they: shall smoke a certain weed -wbieh are not all11ftlae by tAt tobacco E I[ the prophec.}\did not manufucturer of smoking tobacco under the bear on tbe face or it saeft unmistakable evi exhlting law, over the cigar maker, tending to dellpl of being the invention of aome M.oslem koop smotingtobacco tb&-:reacb of even ll'!eetic of later times, it would furnish no bad poorest classes of coosumers, while proof of Mohammed's right to the title of false are virtuallyexclqded, lind their consumption prophet; for Sate quotes, in the same prelim is greatlydiminisbedveuaiDGfl& ose n hili.ti'"l inary to hia editilln of the Xoran, which are in better circumstanges. 'l'b,e man ufacturers of chewing tobacco, snuff, And !molting tobacco, while they purchase the raw Dr. CJolaod dlomi.the subject at once, .b;y...,.lag Ute llblurllflleo wrl\len abonl pipes found In Ireland need not be adver\ed io." in Net D -Y orkM essrs. E. Morrison & Co,,. 41 Broad street. CINCINNATI ADVERTISEMENTS. BARNEY, GREEN & CO. OP THH OELJE:S:R...A. TED I TOBAOCOS. Put up in atytes to suit the trade. OW.ce anclSalesroo-: 49 Main-Street, Cincinnati 130 Reade St reet Ii. Y PrJnelp>tl De pots : Xo. 8 North Third-St. Philadelphia,_ Nos. 4 9 51, and 53 Blac k stone-5-17 St., Boston. Uty Ord.lauee ta 18&T.AI -:o: Wheeler Tobacco Warehouse, PISTER & HOW, Proprietors, F o r the Inspectio n and Commllslon Sale o1 LEAF i'OBACCO, 14 West Ff'ont Street, CISCI.NSJ'r, OHIO. Large Stocks or Maaon CoW>ty CuUing and Segar Lui Seed,leatahrayaon hand In l ots to bu;yerr. L. B. S.ARGi:,NT & CO., Commission Merchants, lannfactnred and Leaf Tobacco, I, T. l!t1LLIV.A.N1 81 Walnut-street Cll'fCINNATI, O .... 204 X. v. 8WD.I"1.W. 11'. I. llmiiUJr. J. T. SULLIVAN & BilL, Tobacco Paoto:.s, And Dealers In all klnda of LEAF TOBACCO, .II:MJ> cootant!y on hand the Largeat Sioct of MUOII and Owen conoty and Redrled Cutting Leaf Ia tho Weet. m lfo. S9 Race-at., Cincbmati, Ohio.


'W, G, liiOIIIUI!I. R. P, CJIALF.lln. CHICAGO ADVERTISEMENTS. HenJJ,&Besuden & JBro., -,c. a. r-s: DK.ALDSJN MANUFACTURER, LEAF TOBACCO 21ft 186 C::S:IC.AGO. 161, 163, & 165 PetLrl-street, (CORNER O F ELM-STREET),_ 194 CINCINNATI TOBACCO WORKS, 118,UO,U! Ralaofl.,l. 19 & U Ba ... OIIdst., CINCINNATI, OHIO. S. B. NEWELL, '" Uanufacturer or all kinds or E-clipse Tobacco V .AN HORN, MURRAY & CO., :, Tobacco Manufacturers, r Nos. & .39 S Wate':".;'street, J CHICAGO. Turner, Van Horn_ & Co., Quincy, Til. 15 8 ST. LOUIS ADVERTISEMENTS. DAMERON, BROTHERS & CO., SUCCESSO"RS TO NANSON, DAM ERON & CO., fine Cut Chewing and Smoking ToIIJ'I'obacca Factors, bacco, Killiclrinick & Paper Goods. A.No GENiillAL 199 BOD MANN'S Inspection&Leaf W arehonse, Nos. 57, 69, 81,&63 Front,&62,64, & 66 W a.ter, bet. Vine & Walnut Streets, ClftCINNATI, OHIO. -:o:DAILY SAL)S .l'r A 170'1'10N .. um .l'r PRIVATE SALE or VIRGINIA. KENTUCKY, INDIANA. M ISSOURI. AND OHIO TOBACCOS. COMMISSION, MERCHANTS, lfo L186lf. l!eecmckt., cor. CitM114t., 191 ST. LOVES. Orders Filled for all of Manufactured and Leaf TOBA.CCQ, BY B. BO,OTH, No. 27 NorthSecond Street, SAINT LOUIS. lW"' Consignments aLT obaceo solicited, and orders f o r the purcbase or-Tobacco promptly atteoped to. ({00) M. & CO., DEALERS IN' Leaf Tobacco, Clfif./I.RS, P-IPES, ere., No. 85 N. Second: St., bet. Olive & Locust, 1T6 ST. LOUIS, MO. s. Jr. O!Eil!&L. l\OBIDIT L1lll. ANDREW MURRAY & CO.'S Tobac. co Works. and Dealers In all d escri ption s of Chewing Smoking Tobaccos, OFFICE, NO. 87 NORTH LEVEE, ST. LOUIS, MO. -:o: OUR BRANDS. Fine Cut Chewing. Cut Smeking Zenith, Long Cut, B est, La.cled$, Extra, Spanish Mixed, Leader. St. Lonls Mild, Seal'falattl Killickinick. Peac ock 1 lb. B81ea. Our Favorite l lb. Bale!. Pocabontas 5 lb&. Balet. BUiy Bow -Legw. Contolatlon 5 ol:10 l.bL;Balell-Bl.lly Tll&t's What's the MaUe;ll OI&Jioll,fn 8andiHDch Plug1 lbs. llll!es. (paper Wl'apper). Powba._ 1 l b Bt.les Zoll&ve,!'lld other bra.n,IIS:' tr.l Mound City Tobacco Works. D. CATLiN, liANUFA C'IUR.ER 01' ALL DESCRIPTIOKS OF Fine-Cut, Chewing, & Smoking Tobacco, Killickinick, etc., f 3 HARTFORD A ivEBTISEMENTS. L. w. IGUN'JJHER, WESTPHAL & LEHNEMAN, CENERAL Conn. s;;d Leaf Commissio! BEN. S. BOARD, Tobacco Broker, LOUISVILLE, KY. Orders for Leaf solicited and promptly filled REFERENCES: Glover & Co., Boone Tobacco Warehouse, Lonlsvllle Ky. 8p1'8tt & Co., Pk:kett '' u n Phelpt!. Oaldwell & Co T.oul.sville Ronald & Bro r n '""' u Andrew Gr&bam, Loalnille, B:y.; J l"l '1,'. Edmondo, Lonls ville, Ky.; Geo 7 W. Wicks, Louisville, Ky,; Snoddy II; How o.rd, Ne.,..fpr)l-;. Murrell, Oi.rnth &.Co., New.Yorki. 184 '1-19 AND JLI."NO&UTB. RICE & Importers of Havana & Manu facturers o f Domestic Cigars DEALERS lN JWCH1 INGLISH, AND TVJWSH Smoking Articles, ws Walut-llt., 11et. F1ftli and streets, Clffe1!UfATI. No. 41' s. Water -st ., eor. Wahashav., CHICAGO. 'E. F Muuu, } Consignments Respect-C. w. DlliT&BICHs. fully Solicited. WILLIAM L. AUSTIN J BROKER LOUISVILLE ADVERTISEMENTS. W. .Box P. o. 1>66'tomsviLLE, KBNTucri, Qtonmttrniif lriih.ttte orde!'l for T OBACCO REFERENCES'. : ADAMS, BA'TOHELDER & CO., K.I.:SVP.lC'l'ClllilU! OP A.LL GIUDES 0&< Fine-cut, Chewing, and Smoking TOBACCO. DliALERS Ili IliPOllTED AD DODSTI9 & TOBACCO, 98 Asylum street, HARTFORD, CONN. BRANCH HOUSE-'18 Dea.rbom s t reet, Chi-IN ALL ltll'IDS OF Leaf Tobacco, Messrs R. AT11:11180ll k Co., New -York; W .ATTS, Cn.AHB & Co., New -York; NoRTON, S..ue,_ &-Co. M. RAD:&B.t BoJI, New-York; WtLOBB lr-MoBB!S, NewYort; JoliN SoLLIYAlf & SoNS, Baltimore, Mel.; Ww. T.AYLOR & Co., Phil&delpbia, Pa. ; 1. B. ALlllUJJDBB .t Co Bankers, N ew-York; W B. HA>VLTOI<1 President Peoples' Bank, Louisville, Ky.; W. 0. B1Ta, Cashier O<>mmercial Bank, 5 Chatham. row, ca.go, Ill nil. Seed-lea f Tobacco received and sold on aJ1J'O :c (rn Commission. 12 ST. LOUIS, KO. Loiifs"\'ill e Ky. ; J. G. BA1lf!tl'l"'':' (lqhler Citizens Bank, HIISRY H ADU!S. N. W. BATcm:LD:U. Louisville, Ky.; M essrs. SPurr .A: Co Pickett House,, Louisville, Ky.; F. l!. J. Roio':u.D, Nlntb.street Hoose, 13 EICHBERG & ELLER; Orders solicited a.nd promptly filled. Loolsvllle, Ky. 7 111 .._ ...; lii'PORTER S Oi' --.r W.M. Z. OLOVER, SN O. L. SAMUEL VIRDEN, I CLOYER & L SAMUE:t & BROTRER, DEll..BRS IN smARS,-;roucco, HEJlP, oouo'Jr, wooL, IIBAD, .iflld..E.Jr"'s7Ji:U.JET _.. 169 llilk street, GRAINS, IIIGHWINES, BOSTON. ADd Western and Southern Puduee genernlly Between Ninth and T enth, Owners o f the EurekA nnd Ingomar Brands. 18 No. 62 Commercial S&l'ee-&, 16-41 .. LOIDSVXX.lOE; KY. BetweerlOllveandLoclllltStreels, ST LOUIS J G spa--i'DI-NG--BRO _,(1=79)'---------I .ft.L Qt" ., J. W. BOOTH & SONS, Tobac;eo &. Geeral PrM.uee IUNOFACTUIIBilS O F ALL KINDB OF -.Al!DHavana and Domestic Cigars, .Chewin-g To, Merchants,. TOBACCO, No. 6 Court square, Boston. ... NO. 109 MARKET-ST., Between F'lnt and Brook Street, EROWN DEALERS IN AND ll.lNUFAcruRERS O F ALL KINDS or' orG..A.Rs, ALS O AGEl'ITS FO]t C. Bronson's CGlebRT'f -r-llDdo TobaoOb ; 212 STA'TE-"STBEET', Hartfbi'd, Oli:D, .. .A. G. BROWN. 12-24 H. J ZWEYG.ut'l'T. JOSEPH S. WOODRUFFi D.l.lo.LER IN Connecticut Seed-leaf Depo$ with Lindheim Brothers & Co 26 Courtla.ndt.street, New-York. FERGUSON, GEHRINQ-& CO., and :Wood ARfiCbES, ETc:; 12 24 No. 51 BALTIMORE. F. W. S OLE llAliUl!' AC'l'O'DB Aim BVOOIISSOII" TO F. B. BISCHOFF'S, Deutscher AND OTHER CROICEUANDS, 9 0 & 92 South Cllarles-atreet, .. 'BA.LTIHORE. 1128 GEO. HAF.BR & ao: {Saoaetecn i Tobacco Mmufaoturer, TOBACCO, sAL"J:tMoRE AD.VERTISE MENTs. G. S ..t T b r..:r an d D t' c H d D ''t. a BEC17 &-HOIIDSTEI"T egars anu 0 acco _,ay a an ..;._ OpleS lC LOUISVILLE, KY: avana an omeSt.lC I r LEAF r l c I G A R s' -:e,_.. PIPES, 'rOBACi c o MEERSC:JIAUM & T6bacco etc :a E AND s : No. Blaelutoae. Street, .AND -. Manufacttref-Tobacco and Se[ars, AND ALL ARTICLES "'' !J W!llett'sNav,.:,Jbs. I!Jld-+lbj!. l Ooge's.Navy, lbs. lb& ilO BOSTON, .General Cn'1B'Inisslnn -l&rchantsl No 202. '; P R ATTST.' 53 W NO. 59 CHESTNUTSTREET Willett' s Long'ng 12s Will etts ru'n gl!S. Uc .JIH Ull est Fourth Street Willett's &1. rullllll\g Ills: WIIlets'o80$. e.40 BrlghUb11. an 'W.I..LinJt'.t.ND'VItiBtm ... ST. Loms MO. Wlllett's1us runnlng14s ftDVERTISEMENTs. r, 67. r;..O-.o'D' G 11-:2.. 'Daltimo-r"", 201 CI-c"'DI..,.ATI All orders !or manufacturing special of tobJCCll.D u .L .u. .a. x [ .L v ., ___ "" __ promptly atten4ed1a. l!l2 LOlliS FIU.JICD, ._ s. J:LLI!ll. CASEY, NOONAN & CO. 0. & R DORMITZER & 00., FRANCKE & ELLER, .. ., C M h -woL1IB.ILBDB.AL ... "D avatm & lnlbmt ti Jt ar GIESKE & NIEMAWN OIDIDlSSlOll ei e ants & merdiants, (!!} io'"-ba:c"co. S. ROSENFELD & CO., DJ:A.LERS IN Domestic .and lmDorted Se[ars, CHEWING & LEAF TOBACCO, M UFA= OTDBF Smoking & ClleV'ing Tobaeeo, < 424 m:alDst., bet. Bnllltt & FJfib, Leaf' and. Man,P!&einfed ID.l. s Sl. o'rn M e .ts, AN "I 'm.:;.u ACCO and All mnda ot illlo ers' J LOUJSV'ILLJ:, KY. and StDoller.'A.rtlelee" ,CmaeriBJto>. \J '.... Articles _. .,. .... 2'5.9-Westminsterstreet, .. wo. 76 SOUTH c:JiAB:LES-BT. ,_ Labels, Brands, a nd Rlbbo ns, JamesB.Casey,} ,-.Particular attention pal the purcbase ofLeafancf 20 SOUTH GAY-ST Jos. J No onan, CINOINNATI. 120 North Second St., near Vine St., Manufactu"*''l'Oimieo7 ...,._ 18-25 I (Bet. Lombard a.nd Pra\!,s le.,) -1 --'0 BE. J. X.. ltOBIRTS. 1 ,111. LIGCIITT.. W. E. Yager. (11T) ST. LOUIS, ]1[0. p 11 -23.. 1 1_28 _______ __ BIUiaYJI.AU SJUJI. w R BE-ATTY J. .: cuRTis : FRicTr & B LL '1ITM" WELSHr&< s o,Ts ROBi B'fS & J0H SON LIGGETT & DAtrsv.ur >I.AliUFACTUIWIANDWUOJ..IIIA.LED&..ILJ:Rl!l ..u, ; .w., DJULUS >!.Al!UFACTllnBS 0., IlD'ORTERS o An 111ULiiRS IN LOhto,KenlllCQ,Missourt,&Virginia -robaooo, TdbaCQQ Broker, l\la)XUfattittttr Cigars, foreign amiJJomeStjc eaf To'bacco., .AND D:&ALBIIBill ALL MAIN, NINTK"AND"'11!1'JTH STS -ALso-LEAF AND IIANUFACTUUlfTOBACCOS, TOBACCO cmn 8l'f'ftrFo PIPRS :Me (oPPOOrut'Bboa'!'ll!UoeowllilmcJIIir,).., ROBERT'BURNS'&PrlFCIGARS, No. 27 S ,9utl(9-ay:street; MANUFAGTUit TOBAOotJ-r 1 "! 1 '' ... ...; and only Gop.-(OppoS{te Oul&m Honse,) I .so&ttlf Second Street, I LoufliefUe, -.y. uine B lack llawk .. No. 84 South ay-st., No. 138 West tMdmbia Bt., --No. 118 wEsTMINSTER-sTREET Wll. H W:&LSH 201 CINCINNATI, O. llamnm'a Hotel ,) ST. LOUIS MO. ginn to \he Pnrc hue a.nd 13_ 26 PROVIDENC:E, R.' I. = 11-23 llAt.'I'IMORIII, MP. ;:::: 11 28 BALTIMORE, 0 -


4 THE TOBAOCp LEAF. PHILADELPHIA ADVERTISEMENTS. JAGOB Ml.RINER, D. H. M' ALPIN & 00., T. CRICKRAUS. & CO., DULDS JJ LOBE & POGGENBURG, JOHlf DOUGLASS, waox.a .. u .. s JUNUI'.I.CTURER 01' UDJ'.I.CTOBEII8 OJ' Tllll CELEBRATED FINECUT SEGARS, SNUFFS, Meerschaum and Briar Pipes, 10B4CCO Domestic & Havana SBCABS 3 .I.IID WIIOLBB.I.LII D&.U.II& I!! ALL Kll!lllll Or ltgar-t vmenru sxo:mm ToB.a.coo, LEAF TOBACCO. WBOLZI!AL& A!1D l\&T.UL1 A!8cJ J>ealertt ill O::E.aA. 'T' PZPJIII8. MlllleoHAVII Alitll AUIR UOA& n1111. llegr.r au., T.o1laMo B-, Jlatoh ....., Toltaeoo Pouch-, Pipe lteml, .No. 13 :North Sixth-street, (Comer of Commerce-at,) 11-68 PHILADELPHIA. L. BAMBERGEJl & CO., S E DlULIIRII IN lfUlBAIIfDt 3 B. Water-street, T-19 PATENTED PHILADIILPBIA.. THE PAT.tql' ?> FEB. 7,1865. 'rGB '8& No. 138 North :rhlrd-s&ree&, PHILADELPHIA. up-A large stock of llegaJia, Brhallnlca, and various kinds collltantly on hand. Partlcal&l' attention paid 10 all orden.. 8-20 BUOKNOR, M'CAIMGN & DO., Commission Merchants, [!( All DESCRIPTIONS OF TOBACCO. 37 N. Water-st. & -38 N. Delaware-ave., A. J. BUOKNOR, D. 0 :WCAMMO l 'PBILADELPIDA. A J. BUCKNOR, Ja., W. HENRY NASSAU. p-UNITED STATE& MI)NDED WAREHOUSll. Con elgnors can forward lhelr Stocks 111 BOND," without pre-paying lh' Government 'h:x. 7-19 THOMAS HARE, WHOLESALE DE4ImR I. ALL :z.nms Or FOREIGN AND DOME STIC Leaf and Manufactured TOBACCO, dD ..LLL lllllllll OP TOBAOOO, Segars, Pipes, Snuff, Plug Tobacoo, &c. &c., &c. MANUFACTORY AND SALESROOM: :Nos. 76, 77, and 79 Avenue D, u-65 llewYork City. (J:!'IABLLSHED 1 'IT'-) A. H. liiCXLE & SOl'S, 8UOOIISI!0&8 TO MRS. G. B. MILLER & CO., 11A..NUFAOTURDS 01' TRS CBLBBUT&O !Irs. (<, B JIUier A; Co.'s ()bewtDg aull SatklJIC A.. H. MI()K.LE k SONS' FOREST ROSE A.ND GRAPE TORA.CCO, G B. Miller & Co.'s American Gentle man. 14accoboy, &nd Scotch ... SKUFF, 36 BROADWAY., WK.Jl.LAWRUO.. .t'-89 New-York. :No. 178 Broadway, (Howard Hotel.) NEW-YORK. .Asen lor BrclliOil'e Tebacco Toledo, Ohio. J. M. MAYORGA, lllPOBrlCR OP Havana leaf Tobacco, Engliah, German, Bruyere, Rosewood, and India-Rubber Fipes, No. 191. a.z.eenwi.oh Street, (Between Jl'ulton and Dey, ) 3-Jli NewYork.. SIMON SALOMON, IIIPORTI!D All<'D QOKISTIC ..L'i!D A COJli'LIITJ: STOCII: OP TOBACCONISTS' ARTICLES, 46 Ll'berty Stleet, (up l!taira,) hJUJ. w ... Lon, } "U't:'W YORK. .1081'1J8 F. Pooousoao s;.ll) .l."t..:. J. RESCHER, DBALRR II! CEDAR-STREET, AND ALL KINDS OF NEW-YORK. LEAF l IMPORTED HAVANA SEGARS, -S- 192 Pearl Street, Meerschaum Briar Pipes, Havana and Domestic 14-52 NEW-1' ffitlt. SEG-A.JFI.S. BON, No. 73 'V'\Ta11 Street, 14-26 NEW-YORK. No. 102 Peo.rl-s'tree't, (Near Hanover-tquare,) NEW-YORK. M. & E. SALOMON, IMPOB'l'lmS OP Havana Segars and Tobacco. WM. DEMUTH & CO., MA.N_U"FACTURElt OF SEGARS ::t D!POll'l'IIIRS AND llANUPAOTUBDIII. Deafer& in Leaf Tobacco, iii 1.. t This Pipe. havtn: an Improved JDetal Water-socket. will 1Je f"ound to b e the best Smokln&" Pipe f"or the Collowing' reai!IODI!I I SNUFF, SEGA.):tS, ETO., Nos 494 and 508 R. Second-st., 153 and 155 Noble-at., PHILADELPHIA, Agent for G.A.IL & Ax's Tobacco and Snuff. 11-23 258 Pearr Street, near Fulton, OV ta 0 t f tl eJ' f t I t-" t t F A. S C HRODER, } 1lilt .. Vt)fke 1. M. BoN. ,_., "' Meerschaum -and Briar Havana Segars, JOHN ANDERSON' &00., ICA.NUFA.OTUBUS o r THE LEAF TOBACCO, WM. H. GOODWIN & CO., 1.-The Water-socket being detachabl e, can easily be .cleaned when necessary. SMITH Segar Manufacturers, .U[D DEALERS IN ALL XINDS OF 2.-A Heoervolr Ia attached, which unscr.,..., and should be hal f fille d with water, wherein the Nlcotlne of the To bacco I s rece ived, thereby pre venUng Ita pall!!llge Into the Bowl,andoecurlng a pure taateorthe Tobacco Segars, iio6accos, ]J 'ipes, &c. ILU!t!FACTDUJIS OP JJJIB-C O T Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, 'lllate ) .. PIPES, SMOKING TOBACCOS, 3.-In conoeqlll!llce of Ita comtructlon, thb w ill be fOUDd the he ali b lest and eleaueo& piJM! e..-er lnLroduced. 4.A great saving of Tobacco will result from I ts use. KO. 121 N THIRD-STRBET, AllOVE ARCH, PHILDELPHIA.. Theref"ore, everr Smoker who dves It a T trial, wUl readlly pronounce Ua"heal&hy, NO 33 S. CHARLES-STREET, ABoVE LOlllBARD, -clean, and eeonolilleal Pipe I B.ALT:ntcOBE, JJCD. IL\.NUJ'ACTURED BY COR THIRD-STREET AND PENNSYLVANIA-AVE., LOUIS S.AAB.BACJI & SCJIW A.RZ, JY .All KINGTON, D. C. 114, 116, and 117 Libertj-atreet, AND 121 Cedar-street, Arthur GUiender, Napoleon B. Kukuck, 'I.Tl:'W YORK Joseph W. Gray, H-89 J.lLI -o Joseph L. R. Wood. pr W110lual6 .Agents jqr K. 0. BARKER'S 0-PHILA.DELPHIA.. llf'aUd l!'LNE-OUT OBEWI.N(J TOJ G. !'dOBBS. up-A mwal t o fM tT'Ode, and Of'dw um BAOOO. 'f-19 D. HIBSOH. pr01nptly me.rntn eo. 11 -23 J. RINALDO SANK & DO., HAGEN, BOYD & co., Commission Merchants OJ' II! LEAF MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. !lo. 31 N. Water-st., and !lo. 30 AIID wnoLitSALIIII DnLxRS liS' N. Delaware-ave., Leaf and Manufactured ,EHILADELPHIA. No 6 1 NORTH 'l'HIRD ST up-UNITED STATES BONDED WARBHOUSJl Oon 'I lllpors can forward lhelr Blocks "rK BOIIl>," W'ithout 11_ 28 PJIILADELPJIIA. payiug the Government Tax. T 7 WILLUH C. Plu&B. K. E. llf!DOWBLL. 1. X D'Uli"CAI'l. M'DOWELL & DUNCAN, 'rOBACCO .urn General Commission Merchants, No. 39 llorth Water-street, PliiLADELPliiA. LMJ aM T.I.LL-18 CITY OF NEW-YORK Seed-Leaf Tobacco Inspection. W ABEJB8, KOI, 8"11 89, 74, 76, &lid 78 Uftelnrtellltreet, and 92 Barola7 Btnet. Tobacco Inspected or Sampled. 248 Pearl Street, Oertilioatee gfven lor e.,.ery cue, and ease by ease, as to number of certilicate 13F" A gen' tor the sale or Barner, Green 4 Oo. 'a cele brated Queen OU;J' .8tlle ot t ile W *, Blll'llle, (Jinclnnatl, etc. 8-110 TOBACCOSo LEWIS BREMER & SONS, Alao; John Leaf Tin H 0 OLELL I3F" DI!PCtt Of H. Wilkens & Co.'s Tobacco NBWYORK. Worb, B altimc ro. Kd. 9-Ql 6-18 Storag e and Labor th e loweat rates. D:llli.I.LKBS Ill' .Jtaf anlt Jatm!adnrtlt SIGAB TOBACCO, Chatham-street Snuff 196 B. HESS, 196 FELIX MIRANDA, YBOLIIIIf.Lil JIK.I.LD Ill UllOIITD OJ N B.-I also 111mple in MwclumU!' 010n storeB. SEGARS, SNUFF, &c., No ... N. Bet__,_ Wood lUid OallowllDI, LEWJS DRIDIJ:IL GEO. W BRII:IfJ:R., 'Oft!'!' .1.. fiJi''f Dft'f .1. THEO. BRKifii:R, ;!Ojgjill:a;(An'Zifii:AlO a;;r;;ur,, JOB, A. BREMJ:IL '119 A. ltl. I'RECHIE, Ilfi'OBT8B Al!]) lUlftJI'ACTUBJEB OJ' Domestic and H avana Al!]) II( :Leaf Tohaccajl k llo. A..BOH-STBEET, t u DEPOT, 202 Chatham-street, N.Y., Smokers' Articles, etc., etc. Recommends bllwell-uaorled lllocl: o r Ba'f'ana Wrappers llauufactory ud Sal Room, Jlo. 75 Bowery, and J'Wera i CoADectlcut. NeYorl:, and other kiDdtl of Beed.JeaC or "-e-qullty,at the LOW181' RATJ:8; be II EWYOR K, llldeo all !dada or Gall II Ax'l, Bllcbof'1, anCI ao..i Broth -:o: en' German and l'ancy Smoldng Tobacco, u wallu ai!<)Od aelecllon of hllcy Goocla, ete. !115 Jnn received 1500 cue1 old CloAnedlcu' Seecl, tor ale In loti to sub purchuen. P. LORILLARD, SNUFF A D TOBACCO MANUFACTURER. REIS:MANN & KAPPES, Dealers & Commission MERCHANTS Oonneotiout Seed Leaf Tobacco AD Domestic Segars, 195 Pearl-st., (up stain,) near Kaiden-lane, ._111 NEW-YOBK. P. WEILBACHER, Havana Leaf Tobacco, 198 J1'BA.RJ.oft'RBBT, NBWYORK, .lJID 11.1.1111J&-or 'l'lla N.liiJ) or IIBQ.I.IlB RITICA, 1'1-69 In Havan a GEORGE WICKE, F. C. LINDE, Seed-Leaf' Tobacco AND WAREHOUSEMAN. 14-26 Dlllce, 76 Greenwich Street. C. & M:. BONDY, WHOLIISALII: DIIALIIRS IX Havana&Pnncipe SEQ AI BOXES, Leaf Pipes, S E G A R S, (Superior Jlake & Prime Quality,) AD ALL = u = HAVANA. LE.&Jr TOBA.OOO, OJ' CEDAR WOOD, 196 Pearl-street, JlewYork. No. ae Wlllett-etreet, DOMESTIC AND HAVANA SEIARS 868 BowelJ, near 4th-st., lbe ... ot 'lrPD Leaf IDd M-ai IEWJORI. lt.ll


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