The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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, Co!l:MUNIC.&.TtolHl from out fteJEtl of tobacco news, or views on topics or to l;he trade, sncb ns the crops and mftrkete, metbocJa of culture and curing, processes pf manufacture, new lrf plements and machineri', etc., etc., will at &11 times be welcome. lK!'OnT DUTY. -Leaf, 86 cent.e per lb. i tnred, w cents per lb Cigara valued at or less per M., 75 cents per lb. and per cent. ad valorein i over $15 and not over $ro, 11.25 per lb. and 00 cent. ad valorem i over tao and not over $45, P p"'r lb and per cent. ad valorem; over $45, s per pound and 60 per cent. ad An additional duty of 10 pet" cent. ad nlorem is levied on all imports, under Aags that bave no ro:ciprocal treaties with the United stites. ExciSE TAX.-Leaf, ftcc; mn.nuf&ctured, Qavtndish, Plug, Twist, 40 ceUts per lb Tobacco twisted or pared for nee by hand, 30 cents per lb. All ki'nd8Ftne Cut, 40 ceuta per lb. Smoking, 35 cents p'&r lb.; Smok ing, made wholly of steme, 15 cents. per lb. Cigars, $10 per M. Cigarette s, 5 per cent. ad valorem. 40 cente per lb. BUSINESS o 'IRECTORY. OF THE TOBACCO TRADE. ,-:o: NE,VYORK. TOBA.CCO viAUHOOSIS. Agnew William, It Son, 284. and 286 fugt,.street. ArkenbUTgb & llryan, au aad: 87 Broad. .&:rres, Samuel, Son & Co., 81 Broad. Baccm, Ol&rdy & Co., 181 Peul. "'Baker, B C Son & Uo 182 :FroD&. :Baldwin, n : H.&: Co., 178 Petr.rl. Bergmann, J. H., k C.o...:J 14T Water. 13eringer, L. & Co., Wii&er. Bondy, & Schwarzko(d, Water. Bramhall & Co., 87 Pea.rl. Burnett .t"Fu.nk.ha.u&er, 62 Broad. O:irdozo_, A. H .t: Oo., 169 Front. & Co., 61 Bowery. Connolly& Co., .jfj Water. Crawford, E. M,, .t Co., 121 and 128 Fro.ut DeeD, Jobn L., 'lS Water. De J'ord, !l'hayer & Oo., 44 \"\f.Ur. Dohan, Ca.rroll &; Qo., 104 Fronl.. Dubois Vandervoort & Co., 31 Watet. Fallens't.elo.L Ohu. B. & Son,-56 .,.ont. wl-. .t Co., 40 lllld 4t B....two. Ftty, w. Jl., 18Q..Pead. Gall, Ax & Kuchler, 178 and 176 Waler. e Gassert. & Brother, 151' Hart GeorgeS. & Co 89 Ptlrl $Dd 2S Th:i..Sre. Ha..m.,er J. C., It: Bro., 11-ti Peari. II&wldw J. S., 81' Water. Ha.yne!l, J. E. k Sons, 45 Broad. Heald & 1tliller, 176 Water. Ricks, 62 WaterJ IDllman, G-. W. & Co., l&S-Fr.ruelio, 9 Beekman. dOefZe 1>'. A a Bro,l a tlll Goodw!n, W. H. & Co., 207 &nri 209 Water. Hall, Joseph, 'j& Ba.rcla.y. Hoyt, ThomBB &; Co 404 Pearl. Ja.cob:r Sigmund, 19-l. Pearl. Kelln e r, L., 01 William. Lutenthu.l, C. H.1 217 2191 and-221 Washl[]gf.on. Lorlllard, P., 16 18 and 2u ChBmfiel'l!. U'Alptn1 D H.l Co., 7o'S, 71", and iY D )Jetzger !l. 1 TSl Water. lllak.le, A. H. & Sons, B6Bruadw11.y. & Himh,1S3 Pearl. &::, 1 Burling..f:llip Neude c ker k. Bros., 92 Wate-1. Pearl, A. & Co., 73 Fulton. Purdy, F. H k Co 10 and 12 Fulto n. & 'l'auaslg Dea.ncy. RosJ, & Co., 2\>6 and OS h'ultoll. Srtmuel1 1., 181 Matden lanf'. Hcheel Atlg. &: Oo. Scheider, Jtlseph, 2!6 and CKna.l. Sehmitt. .t Stol'm, 191 Peal'), C & Co ,_19l Cliam'*'s. SmyLh, ha-:t B o wery St.ra.l&.on, .John, D l Deaver. Watt1, H. H., 71') Bllwery. Whittam & Lawrence, 395 Pea.1l. lliPOU'rJ:RS AND DIA.LERa. Barber & l?ea.rl. Bondy, C. & ooS Dower}'. Oolell, H., 2U2 ChathBru Dess!lue r \V. lOS \rater. Fisher & Nelbelsel, 66 Cedn. Hess, B., 195 Pearl. Knoop, J. N., 181 Bowery. .., r..a.chenbrucb, N. & Dro 100 \hler. Lo.torre, R. Pea. tl. Lee Hrothers, '269 PearL Ucbtemtelo 8 1 and 8i,U. Bowery. McCafiU, John & Co., 191 GreetJwlch. Marcu9, Alexander, 31and 89 Bowery Mayer & Co. 151l Fron&. 1darorga, J. M.., 14 Cedar McReady & Kuhn, 211 Bowery. Merten.oJ1 f. W 'i'1 E!sex. 'f:u Rosenwald, E. k Dro.J 1!15 W11.ter. ):!aiornon, ltl &: E., 11a Pe&rl. Salomon & E!kins,l43 Wate-r Seitz, Charles, 882 l'ea. r l. Tag, Chll!$. F., 184 Front. Wellbacltcr, P 195 Pearl. JM:PORTERS OF PIP&S1 F.TO. Bolken .t Siefkes, 67.Uaidenlane. .J')emnth, Wllllam & Oo., 28 and 80 Llberty.l Kaufmann Bros. & Bandy, fjt ?![alden-lane. Lear, Oscat H., 90 Water. Loh.e & PoggenbUJ"g, 45 Uberty. lilllOFACTURERS Oi' MEI!:RSCHAU.M PIPI:i. K6.1denberg & Son, 6 John. I)I'PORTEil OF RAYANA CJGAJlSI. Se.hwerin A & Co., 61 Bro.arl. LICORICE PASTE DE..t..LXRS. Francia, A.. P., tOt Waler. Gomez, Wallis & Co., 29 & 81 South WliJl!lm. Grund, F. & Cu-ero, 118 PearL 1-eama.n, W. & A 67 Pine. II. M., Pead. LICOR[CE POWDER. DE.U.J:Ril. Weaver & Sterry, 16 8i:EDLE.U' TOBACCO lN!ft>l!:Crl(}tl .. Linde, F. C 1C Greenwich-BtreGt. TOBACCO PRESS, Uuthrle & Ca, 225 Front-street. MANUFACTURERS OF CIGAR DO:t.ES. Wicke, GeorJe, 26 Willettstreet.. OF TOBACCO TlN-rOrL. Crooke, J J & Co., 88 C1"01by-street. I DALTI!tiORE. TOAA.CCO WAJI.EHOUSES, Beck & Holstein, 61 South Gay. Brauns, lo'. L., & Oo. De Ford, Obarles D. & Oo., 8T Sou\h U.&y. Fiaher &: llancock, 4 Exchange Place. Oieake & Niemann, 7G Sour.h Charles. Quuther, L. W., liO Lombard. lU.NUFAOTUREh.S 1 ETC. f Becker & nro,., 94 Lombard. Bolenina, G. H., 202 Wed Pn.U. Eelgner, F. W.1 90 a.nd 82 South Cha.tlu. Gail, G. W .tAx, 28 Barre-street. ltolyen, Wm B. .t Bro., 14T Wm Parlett,BJ'. a: Oo., 92l(ombatd. Requardt, J. k Son, 68 Soulh Gay. Roleufeld, S. & Co., 20 South Gay. lchnleder, Joa. 81 Excban(e: Place. I Wekb, Wm. k SouUl Gay. Wllkem & Co.,181 we!& Pratt. IWIDBS. Lenrlng, D. & Co., I Oll...,.ad.t. ..lNU:f.Ad'rtlkiB8 01 l"LHS, rrc. Ftrgu10n, Gebrbyr ok Oo., 51 01&7:CZ.eei. DLOOI!IPIELD, OONN. PACKERS AND DE.UERS. J'Wey, J. H. & Co. BOSTON. :W:J..NUi' A.CTU&EBS, ETC. Bracketh F. B. & Co., U OeatrarWharf. Brown, JJ. S. & Co., 31 and 38 Broad OartuLb, H .1: Co., 46 llanoftl', Olark, Brewer A Somi 14. South Marte\. Cortlssoz, L A.ll, 28 North lla:rl.:et. DavenportJ J., Jr., lOT Purchase: Donovan, J.J., 8'ra.nd 4.0 HanoTer. Eckley_, A. A., 12 OenLral Wbuf. Fisher &-Co., 23 Oenttal Wharf. S3mnel Brcrl:he!J 6 Court-aquare '" Steele, Burrill & vo 9 ChaDge-ncnue. 8usmana. Brothtrs1 ll Onlon-atreel Waterman, Geo. T., 16 Oentral. Wharf. Whitney, U. A., .1: Co.1 21 Broad-Ml-Jd.. BROOK.LYN, E. D. YJ..NUrA.cru.ans. Btown, B. M., 220 Grand. CHICAGO. lU.lfU'J'..t.CTU.&EU. :}[ullen &-Diet.e:richl, 4t South Water. .t Adler, 89 Bont.b Water. Van Horn, South Water. TOB.A..CCO WJ..lliBOUSIS. Bodmann, Oharles, 6T-8G Water. Bnlbeara, MCLauebliD I; Oo., 46 Walnuf, .oi>D, V,, 7 Jtolabi. Kroha, i'e* &; West Fourth. Kallay, "KlcPnl, lD Ww\ StcoQ(l Newburgh A W&lnul. 1Uce .t Uoldttnltih, Walnnl Robert!! .t Johnson 1t8 Wed Colwnbla. Schott a: Ot&en, lT Mala. Spence Brothers & Oo., 52 Eadl' 't\rd. Sulllnn, J. T .t Bro., 89 DETROIT, l!IICH. Ca ... _!ll, 1'. A., A'rnL .o<&8T HABTPctB .. CON!'. J. &-Cl). J.I'&R&V..I.LLB, V&.. 1'0BAOCO W:J..NUJ ... CTUILERS. Jtead .t White. HA.RTPORD. CONN. MANU1'A.CTUp.BR8 AND DJ:ALEllS. Brown & !Zwe&girtt, 212 State. BIU'Dl:, J. .t Co, 71-71t .Uylllm. Oa1e, S. l:l. & 'L 98 .. Asylum. ....... I: lbu ......,...., !82 >lain. Farnham tl Bll'nel, Klug, D. W., IM !!tale. J[iq', Z. P 93 Pea.11e, H. l Z. K 2!2-224 State. Beymour, D. M.,'iM &; 161 Commerce. Wa\pbal A Lehnemaa, 214 State. Wlltox, n_ B., 169 .JI'Q.II&. Woodrulf, JosephS., state. KY. ..t.ND DE...i.DS lN 1 Manufactured and LJaf ;'l"obaooo, Segars, &e., &e., 44 Now-Yob:. Br 0'. 8. 'Bonded Warebouo, nd l>IJtrlct Mn-;yo.rk. can fo1ward tis thdr aoocls "lK liON," wlthoua pr.epa.yment. of lhi exelse t.&x.. ATT!1 GIVXN C'IVJ:N 1 WA'l'TI ,1; eo., New-Orleua, La. ..Bnoww, '!:;Co., W. c. W .&.TTS & Co .... l."t:e.nnille,Jod. Lil'erPOOl, Ill > WATTS, ORAliE & 00., PO'R TIB-8AL& OJI Tobacco, Cotton, and Western Produce No. 43 Broad St., New-York. Advances on consignmoots to our house lQ Liverpool, ,V, C. WattB & Co. !CS-a WM AGNEW & SONS, Tobacco and Gommtsswrr Merchants, 284 and 286 Front l!ltreet. .N'Etr-rO.RK, ll&.VE OM S.A.Lm .ALL DISCRJP'I'IONS OY) R 8. H._OWAltD-, NewVor'k SNODDY & HOWARD, oa THE SALE OJ' .. TOBAOOO, OOTI'ON, POJI.K, FLOUR, 'lito., .N'o. n Broad Street; 1H2 New-Yo.t.' 167 WATER-STREET, l.l, Central' Wharf; :Boston. 29-55.. I. B', BA.!fBOJlB. 1. s. H.AWKINS, (La.te ot Hawkins, Gutbrey 40arroll), o: r:e.e u.-Jr,.um IAiif has been Jess aetive during io great llli!IISIU"e to the lncre.sed llmul8ia of holde!ll.. Dellirl'ble qualities Gf t.IL and ... or let.f, ban not beeu so still' before in sometime. Tlae at.l411 amount to about ISOO hbds. 65 hhds. Ql&rksville sold at 11 c. gold ; 41 hhda. llis souri lugs at 7tc. currency; 80 hhU, eecti um to floe light leaf, 10 a 18tc. cold; be tween BOO and 4oOO hhila., moltl;r fur UjiOl't, within tlie limf(s o( current quotationa. Some large lots have been in treaty during the week for the European contracts, but thus far without success, there being a dllferenoe between the views of buyers and sellers Gf t a 2c. The tobaccos were mostly of a SUr quality of medium grades, and the nrJes of fered ranged from llc. a 18c. gold. Virginia -The stock on baud i& Jigbt, and the finer descriptions are vecy ftl'lll; There is but little offering in market. Scot.eb and Luuayce.J' ....... .. ...... --90--@ "'l o6 ........................... -:-60 ., eo ... ........ :.:.=ftj@H :. = "G.!:..,'' ............................. -sa. -......... .. ................... -28 -"1(." = DQKD'I'lC RBCKJPTS. T arriv&ls4uriJicihe '!t"eek endiqDeeem U.. 1Mb, -uat to 7'1'8 hbdfl., 81()8 Coaaipments TOBJ..CCO W..t..REROU!JES, Francke tl r Glonr .t Co., Malo. Pbelps, CaldV(ell & Co. corne-r: Ma.ln and Ten Roblnaon .t WUlelt. 141 and..US--Thlrd ltreti. r Leaf for Export and Home Use. Seea;u.' KcD&Dle( &lrby. & -ob, T6ltolala. Moore, Jonea & Miller, 141 MaiD. A. B., 183 Main. Tyree, J. H. 4 Oa.. ,. TBB8BURG, V&. Brown .-Co.,lllllj-. ;r Co. B&rrtt, 0., Centre W&rehouu. McUw&ine, J. F,, lll Bscamorfo. Tllnna.bDl, Mellwalne '1-Co. YemribleJ..J. B &-Cu:, 8 Iron: Froat, 8yeamort. Vowtg, K.. A. 4 Iron Front, Sycamore. PIQL.ID:aLPHIA, I 'dl&OOO w &UH'OUSJ:S. Armstrong, A. & E., 61 BOua.b. Froat. UoWin i-. Warloolan110Ci Nordi Wa.ter. Huctnor, McOammon .t Co, BT North WaWr. Conrkley A: Son, 11 Soutla l'rQDt.. ol; TKlU, 29ltorth water. "' .Meyer, (J, M: 6214'orlh Fronl. li'JcDowen tt i>J(hc&n; 89 North WJiter. 11 Sa.nlc, J. RIJJ,.ddo & Co., 81 North Water.7 Vetterlelq;l: Co_..._Ul Arch. DEA..LJ;as, lTC. BambergerJ.. L., &: Oo., 3 North Watef. ll&tehelor lti'Olher\, 8liT North Third. Br(.tner,__Letda &: SIJ!I_. 'thir4. DQuglau; Jolin, 18 .:otorth Shth. llchhOlf.Brot.hers, 182 North Third. Boyd .t Co., Sl Nort. h 'Pbltd. Hare, 'l'bomu, 4!J.i.....608 Mariner, Jacob, 138 North Third. MILchell, Tevls .t Co., 2TN SmlUt Brot.heYS, 121 North lftdtd, SWitz, A. K., corner Tblnl a.nd Bo.Ltonwood. & Co, l l';" Ntb Thk-d. 'fan Schalck, B. A. 508 Ohe.tnut. Wltth"u' E. L 20i North Front.. PITTSBURGH, PA. Grader, John, 119 Water. R. lr. W., 6 Federal. rBOVIDENCEi R. I. Oranl. & Co, 149 High-street. RICDIU:O:VD, Y 4 Deli & Reed, R. H. Harvey& & \ Villl!imi. London, D. II. Ma.rtJn, W. K .t Co. Neal! Lelgh &:; Oo. A. &: Co Pilkinton, R &-F,. T, Wil50n.t N. ST. LOlliS, TOBA.CCO W-AREHOUSES, Booth, &lw&rd B., W .Norib Second. Booth, J W. & Som, 189--135 North Second. Dameron :Brothers & Co., 166 North Second, Grantham 8. A. &: Co., 61 North Second. John&ou it. :Y:., comer or Sixth a.nd Wuhlngton. Mu.rNJ'1 AIUI.lew, 8'1' North Leyee. Rbodu,, Thomas 97 North Second, VIrden, Samue l 6! Comrnercla.l. WA.NU:FACTURF:nS AND IMPORTERS, Ere. Oa.illn, D 169 North Second DietericM, L .._.\. & Dros, SS'"Norlh Third. Oormttzer, 0 .t-"R. A: Co., 120 North Second. Fdedman, M. &. Co, S.') Nortta 8eec1nd. '"'-.... & Daaana.n,12 South Second. Bdwvd !t 1$4 North !-lain, P11l1 &-otta, 106 'l'blrd. Schroedt'r, T,eopold, 69 Cl1estnu1.. Austin, Wllliam L. A. H. CARDOZO & 00, TOBACCO No. t69 Ft'on t Street, A... R. CARDOZ01q C!. H. ANDDIOl, F'ltiD. VBOiT. NEW-YORK. Pa.rticulo.r t.ttention paid to the sale or other Westera Produce. -HEALD & MILLER, XOBACCO ljO. l'T8 WATERSTREET, NEW-YORK. a.r. PR.r,-ax, 1 :0ACBRA<;&-VIRGINIA TOBACCO WORKS PRINCE & BACHRACH, Flug, Twist, and Fancy Tobacco. .A.l!I'D A.LM-ltml\rnt1s No. 34.9. Pcal'l Street. /0., JLA'W'80ll'. .1. A.. 11lUOOL1ND. J B BOUCL .1.. 0. R.lWBOl'l, RAWSON,. BRIDGLAND & CO:, TOBACCO & COTTON FACTORS, Generai O.ommission Merchants, JIO. '1 BROADBTRBET, lll4 NE'WYORI. GAIL, AX & KUCHLER, Tobacco and Commission House. DEPOT Oil G. W. GAlL & AX'S ll:ANUFAL'TURES, BALTIMORE. 173 & 17 5 Water Stnet, 0. K. KING & CO., Tobacco Factors Iet, O....rnl'lius l)u JJols, } roseph B. Vamlervoort, M'll''l'l<<' ..,8.,.,'17' A. Butler. 14-26 ;;.).-:Ef'\"V .... T na\. PREMIUM VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY. HENRY M. MORRIS, G. H. MERCER; Tobacco &.nd 76 N. Y. Tobacco euita.b1e for the We!t Tndie a, l'!fextc o nnd Ce.n lral alW4-YI 35--60 WARREN NEWOOMD. H. D. NEIVCO"S, Virginia brights in prime order are ury firm, owing to tbeir present sc&rcity, and the or a still more limited supply in future Prime Virginia and New-York navys are in demand at full rates. Western navys are exceedingly scarce. Vil'ginia tens, new work and tax-paid, are held at firm rates with only a modert.te inqniry. Old tax-paid tens are very scarce: Prime Western half pounds are difficult to ftnd. New Virginia dt.rk WOJ"k descriptions is in moderate demand at good prices 1 -Feights.-Egagements are, to London; 50 brs. mf. tobacco, pfr steamer, at 60s. ; to Bremen, UO hbds. at 17s. Sd,; 500 cs. at 12s 6d. ; 50 hhds. Virginia, per steamer, at BOs. ; to Antwerp, 200 hhds. al 80 .. ; 400 s. on private terms QUOTATIONS Oli' WHOLESA.UE PRJC:ES, K>!ntucty.-Ligllt lear. Gold.. O:wrrttutv. 'frashy and frosted Bi@ 4-l @. Sound lngs,. .. .. .. .. .. '6 @. 6! lea(.. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1 @ g @Medium lear,.... ....... '*@12-J @-Flne ..................... 121@1 li -e.-CONSIG5MENTS At Jersey city since 22d : Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 102; B. C. Baker, Son & C"o., 22 ; Sullivan, Murphy &. Co:"; 1; J. E. Haynes & Sons, 1 9 ; J M. Camp bell, 35 ; Arkenburgh & Br)\'an, 66 ; J. A. Dodd, 11; Norton, Oo., 21; 0. K. King & Co., 2 ; A. H. Cardoza, 19; Murrell, Caruth & Co., 5 ; W. Newcomb & Co., 1; Rawson, & Co., 5 ; Heineken & Palmore, 17 ; J: 0. Havemeyer, B. BA.OON OLARDY & CO, Fore!IIU s.nd D_omeotio LeafTobacco, Importer & Commission Memhant, LICORICE, GUMS. :BEANS, OILS, HAY ANA SU GARS, &o. J:;' & )IAN'D TO:bAOCO. WARREN NEWCOMB & CO., ntton ltlttt tiJ;obltectt Fancy, ................ l;ij@1'l -Dp,-'fleavy leat Tra9hy and fro:rtf'd 1uga, !!OUDd lngt1., \ 5 8 Receipts for the week ending December 5tb, 1223 hbds., 4316 pli:gs. ; for the month Novem_ber, 5146 hbds., 16,554 pkgs. and Ql;ottou Aloo, Importers and >Iannfacturera or Low Leal, ......... ... 8t 10 Medium 101 Jr During week ending December 12th, lios. 99 Pearl and 62 Stone Stleets, ll'ew 1'ork. IMPORTS. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, .A.ND DI.A.LERS Ili Heavy Western & Clarksville Leaf, 181. PEd.RL-ST.REET, New-York. TH. H. VETTERLEIN TOBAcco 1COMMISSIO N MERQliANTS, 128 WATER-STREET, VETTERLEIN & .CO .. 111 ARCHSTREET, PHILADELPHIA. :BONDED "W (FIRST DISTRICT.! SECARS, No. 147 Water-street, NE'WYORK. 28-M rCITY TOBACCO AGENCY, No. I OA Front Atreet, NEWYORKo G: W. Hillman & Co., Commission Merchants, .U."D AGJ:NTS FOR TilE 6.llJ OJ' ta.ctured Tobacco. For sale on liberal terms. 44 John. C. Havemeyer & Bro., TOBACCO Commission Merchants, NO. 175 PEARLSTREET, 228 NEWYORK. I'J:I. NORTON'1 'l'UO. l. 8L.1UGBTER1 U. WHJDOJII, U. S. :Bon'!_ed Warehouse, 32d N'. Y. 80 82 W. H. AND COlUUSSIOlf MIJICBJ.lCT IN Jraf dt., No. 189 PEABL STREET, (UP STAIRS,) '---Bdween and Cedar St., ork. Jusl. re c e ived, a. l arge quantity or PenDsylv-ania r .ear Tobacco, AND Commissiou Merchants, 62 BROADSTREET, NEW-YORK. FlnHUOH, &. CO., Commission Merchants Fancy,. ..... .......... I arrivals at this port were as follows: Jfi&fovrl.-Common facklry dried Lear, 10 11 ltoledlum do. 12 @I From Havana: Gomez, Wallis & Oo., 150 do. 14, @Hi @-j)e!ecdon .lo. 16 @--"@bales leaf; .F. & Co.,62, 11 cs. cigars; v;,ginia.-!ltema, ound, .... .. .. 21' -Oatman & Rejd, 62 bales, 2 cs. cigars ; J. Co11UDoD l!JIII,.. .. .. .. -6 4.t "@--\}ood aorl be&vy ',..... 5 IIi @-Co.11ta, 4 cs. cigars; Pn.rdy & Nicholl!, 1; Ordlaary Leo!, .. f 9 -@-Medium do., .. 9 Oi-@-Schultz & Rossite, 1; Yznega dil Yalle & Good do., ........... n ccOU C 1 R. K 11 & C 18 F d B Fine do., .. ......... IS too ., ; ...,, e Y. o., ; e lll'Yi Fancy ..... ......... 1 1 !O @26 T Isaac & 8 G w Faber 10 Slrtpa, ._ .. ..... <. 10 26 -e; ; ; FOR THE SALE o:r OMo.-Common, ............ ...... .... : ... 4t @ 7 L E .A.msinck & Co fj Kunhardt & Co 5 TOBACCO, COT'l'ON, and otherproduce,andforthe purBrownandepangled, ......... ; ,,-8 @ 10 ., j j cll .. c oUiercbandbe generally. Qood fine red and -led ......... -11 @ 14 ll. J. Fanen & Co., 1 ; G. & R., C. K. 40and42BROADWAY, Plneyellowandfancy .............. -le Tru b II 7 T:A &C A L k a.nd 53 NEW-STREET, N.Y. Maryla-nd.-Qommon, ............... ..... -8i 6 m 1! ; scenClO uc L.H.FtTzuoan,ofKcotucJcy. meyer, 1; R. 1; Schrreder & W. WtLX.:B, of Pa. Fancy, ..................... -16 22 J]on, 5 C. A. Hubbard, 1 Carrington & Toos. 0. G ... LE, or Norfolk, Va. n F. ;7 1'*' :>.T a For the Sale of Produce Ga._BA.Jl L. HuoBJ'B, q.fBl. Louis, Mo. von,._ cu .OUll<:loe'aJ, .uw rop.- C V H k SePIIemetedwradpop.en, ........ : ... : .. ... .. .... --f.' 0.1 1 i 8. !unter, 12 p gs. AND PUROBASE O>' MEROH!NDISE GENERALLY. -40 No. 79 Front-street ...... .BONDY BROS. .D. SCHWA' RZKOPF, F!"r do. .................... -8.'1 Statement :of impor.ts and values for the MRnN&TANNADILL, MclLWAJNO&Co. \mfort1t."uttf .. ::.: weeJ61ending ofJ'etersburg-, a. ofPetenburg,'Ya. .ll..-llM l" New-Yor.t&Wrleof. -Valu.e_ Wl'appen, .................. ..... 80 @ 86 Dec. 8-SSlO p_tga. leaf ............................. 120,809 .A.N.D WTIOL:ES.U,.E DF:ALERS IN Falr to prlme do ...... ............... "T 10 @ 25 Uprt .... ...... .. .. .. .. 83,090 SAWYER, WALLAOE & 00., Flllen, ............................. .... -6l@ r o.e. ....... .. ............. HAVANA AND DOMESTIC Runologlots, ............ ,.... ... ... '-IQ 1J11G -L E A F TO B A C C 0 P<'I'MVIoania &.d-l-. EXP..OR""". ', Commission Merchant, Tobacco & Cotton Facrors, IIEWYORK. IMI'OBTKR or Running1otsj ................. ..... ...... -8 18 ...01 Tobacco and Segars Wrapp cleneral .Jterrhn11ts, NO. 40 BROAD-STREET, ilHIO NII:'WYORK. SPENCER BROTHERS C(gcwnmu".Meon/ DEALERS IN TOBACCQ, SEGARS, New-York. Jos. S. NANsONJ. f New-Orleans. OBER, NANSON & CO., Cammission l'l'o, 68 BROAD STREET, J L:!:o NANSON OBER & CO. ST. Loou. OBER, ATWATJCR &"CO NJ:WOIU.EANS. 28-M Havana, Fill en, ........ do. ... 16 1 ) 0 e wee en ng ecem er : 1 s., DJU.LEB .u.L ..:voos OF Yara,*ll()rted, ...... : dQ. ... 80 100 2083 pkgs. crude, and 57,698 lbs. L E A, F T 0 B A.. C C 0 1 (Ia \"ond,) ;:::= ag i= tured, Value of crude, $576,886; value of 162 PEARL ST. near WGll.St. Ambelema, uarmeu, (lnbqnd,) G ar-.;: to lanv,factured-T.u: um.' m BOJio. manufactured, including cigars, $lH,805 ; 80-82 NEW-YORK. 6'o,!''J 0.0'111 an

I1A4I Pkg Jtaw'4 li>L 83,11118 77 .S" 8.989 111 1864 86,810 "8'11 V28 LOVISVILLE, Dec 1 -The offenngs at the four auction warehouses Thursday Fnd&y and Saturday last amounted to 285 hhds and the reJecbons of pnces b1d were on 48 hhds., while the actual receipts of the week, end1ng on S&turda y were 104 hhds Priees for lugs and nondescnpt leaf declined on Fnd&y about !SOc. per 100 lbs The breaks on Monday numbered only 51 hhds. 10eludmg rev ews and reJecbons. 2 hhds new crop hght Je&f sold at $16 75 a $19 the former from Henry county On Tueaday the offenngs were 90 hhds w1th reJections on 25 hhds 1.1 hhd. old crop Dav1ess county sold at so 4 hhds Henry county at $5 25 a .18 25 t14, and .15 To day the offenngs amounted to 7S hhds ll"lth reJections on 21 hhds. The market was firm for all grades, but not quotably h1gher Among the sales we notice 1 bhd. old crop cutting leaf at $81 75 1 do from DaVless county at t37 75 Meesrs. M. B Nash & Co m tbe1r report or tbia date, say W note that sales are composed chiefly of lugs and low leaf; the proport on of really desirable quahtlea of good and fine bemg very scarce And we olso observe that they are made up pnnc polly of rev1em or hhds oft'ered before The arnvals of new cr.9p are very light but we may look for further recrupts soon the weather now bemg fine for stnpp10g out Although but comparatively few iUDples have been rec01ved still they have come 10 from nearlY\ every sechon of the "State and we are enabled to form some general 1dea of quality el tlte crop We have seen no md1cations that 1t Will prove a fine one but the contrary believe th&t 1t wlll pron ..Uy def!CI(Ult m substance and will much of 1t tum out badly worm eaten and mued w1th green We shall be able to more postlvely as to quahtywhen the rece1pts become more liberal The value of the tobaoco sold at toe severo! warehouses durmg the month of November amounted to $291 49J) 45 The quantity offered was 2283 hhds and the reJections numbered 388 hbds The total sales stand 1891S hhds Reoopts for past week 95 hhds 99 Toto! smce Febr:WII"y 1-37 821 hhds 9175 bxs and for same time 10 1864--36 019 hhds 86 JS7 bxs Toto! present stocks 10 warehouses mclud mg stems, 8492 hhds stnps of fa r color bas been made at equal to 12ld for leafy ll!d for good mddhng and lOid for short Thero 1s a very good general de mand for both leaf and strips, ch edy for old Tho samples shown latterly of the new 1m ports contmue to be of inferiOr quahty but some good tobacco has been produced also The AmeriCan Congress has arrived from New York w1th 170 hhds tobacco Quotatwns Vugamaleaf low &lid ord10sry 7d a 8d. m1ddhng Sd a 10d good and fine, 1 Od a 12d Str>ps short and common 12d a 14d m1ddlmg 15d a 18d fine 19d a 20d Kentucky Missour1 etc. leaf, lugs low and prd10ary Sd a 5id good ordinary to m1ddhng 6d a Bd fa1r and good to fine Std a 14d. Strips common 9d a !Od. m1ddlmg 10d a 12d fine leafy 13d a 16d Ma.zyland and Ob10 common, 8td a 4d brown 4id a 6d 1 ght brown to leafy 6d a colory 'lld. a Sid good colored to yel low Sid. a 9d fine yellow 9d a Did Cav end1sh, common 6d a 'I'd. middbng 8d a 9d good and floe 10d a 18d. N egrohead-nom mal LIVERPOOL, l'l"ov i6 -We have no transactions to reJllOrt worthy of mention. The market 1s qmet, but pnces are very firm. For Scotl:md and Ireland a small bustness bas been done and a few retail sales have been made to the trade Both m Liverpool and London a large bus10e111 has been done m substitutes The La.kemba bas arr ved from Richmond 'll'lth 448 hhds 7 half bhds and 861 berces tobacco and the New World has alao arnved brmpng 57 hhds BOTTEBDA.I!I, Nov 21 -Sales durmg the week melude 25 bhds. Maryland ex L&lla Rook 25 hhds do ex Isabella C Jones 75 hhds. do. ex Dmburg 70 bhds. do ex Clansman &nd 40 cs Cavendish ex Auto nett&. We quote, mew conditions, Jlaryland colored and fine yellow per t kd 85c. a 37c. brown fair and good, 28c a 82c. ordinary 11ltc a 20 c V UCWJ&, o( good and fine qualities, 18 entirely wanting ordinary Slc a 8Stc. Kentucky 19fc. a 89tc Ken tneky stems m llhds. per 60 kll 9 a llf do m packs 6( a Sf home-stripptd stems Sf. a 10 .._....,..Alii, l'l"ov, II -.A.t auction to day 1074 pkgs Java sold at lltc a 97tc average, 40c 2601 pkgs Java at llc a 91c average SOc ILt.-VBG, Nov I 'I' -At auchon re cently let ceroona Havana sold at 7 5 16 scb a 81 1 8 sch 25 cs. seed leaf at 2 S 16 sch. a 10 sch and 849 pkgs Porto RICO assorted at 2 sch a 4 8 16 sch ... BOOUS CIG.lll. ST.&JU'S WE have repeatedly called the attent on of the Revenue Department to the mfamous frauda wh1eh have been for a long time and are stili bemg perpetrated m th1s c1ty 10 tbe matter of c gar stamps Thus far we bear of no movements be ng made by the Govern mont to stop th1s scoundrel sm The guilty parhes are unmolested and contmue to flood the market w th their bogus trash and ennch U10mselves "th the losses of mnoccnt den! era who happen to come mto possess1on of the goods bearmg these forged stsmps The kna'P'es are dnVlng a truly bus1 ness, selling Government stamps by the load at two dollars per thousand (the present mar ket pnce) and then procunng the confisca tion of the goods stamped w1th their forger 1es thus gettmg full pay both as Government mformers and Qovemmen\ cheats. The m formabon we have heretofore g1ven 10 regard to these fraudulent practices, together w1th th&t furmshed by other parties, we CODSJder should have been suffiCient lo lead the De partment to thoroughly mvest gate the mat ter nod broak up th1s nest of thwves, who have ensconced themselves under the very roof of the Department. The Government can not plead the excuse of difficulty 10 expo81Dg th s rascaht) for t s no secret. It 18 a matter of common notonety to tl e whole trade and a comm18s1on appo10ted for the pUrpose would have found plenty of w1tnesses competent and ready to g1ve testimony that wonld have tracked the gmlty parties to their h1ding places Is the whole revenue bus 1 ess 10 tb1s City so rotten that no reform IS to he looked for ? The opm on that 1t 1s so 1s rap1dly grumng ground and unless the Government moves qwckly 1ls mterpos1tion will ne1ther be available nor desrred by the trade The present state of thmgs 1s not tolerable and Wlll not be tolerated If the respectable and honest porhon of the trade can not get pro tect10n from offic1al sw ndlers m any other manner they w11l get 1t by a resort to first pnne1ples As for ourselves 1f the Government does not take prompt steps to collect the evidence we have po10ted out for ts use and bnng the knaves tO JUStice, we propose to undertake to expose the swmd!e ourselves and pnn.t on Tm: ToBACCO LEAF the names of the rascals and the facts of therr rascahbes 10 full This 1s not our duty and we have no time nor money to expend m the detecbve serviCe but 1f the Revenue Department will not othet"Wlse oust these scoundrels, we will see if we can not force 1t to do so by a full ex posure of the r operat10ns and bus ness con neetions TOBACCO FIRE DISUBAlfCB TOBAcco fire Insurance company bas JUSt been orgnmzed m under excellent auspices the directors and share holders be10g among the wealthiest tobacco men of that City They are now ready to g>ve 10surances upon all k nds of tobacco property m every part of tl e U mted They are not however str ctly I m1ted to tobacco ll>KS, but are free to take other classes at current rates It IS a very safe nst tut on be ng bu It on a most solid foundat on The cap1t:Il!s .200 000 The open ng of the mst1tution was cele brated a short bme smce by a r'"herch e supper at tbe St N1cholas pven by the preo1dent and secretary The company of officers and other 10v1ted guests enJoyed the festlVltlCS Immensely and afier due JUStiCe had been done to the more sol d attractions of the banquet, the customary s upplement of toasts and speeches formed a fitt ng finale to the briihant occas on Among the toasts we are happy to notice one by ?.lr Moms, of the firm of MorriS & Chalfant m honor of THE ToBACCO LEAF We are h1ghly grat fled to learn also that t was drank w1th entbus asm and w tb the very of champagne and we beg leave to tender to the generous 1: ver and also to the company our own aekno3Viedgmenta m add1t10n to those of our representative pros ent on the occasiOn As an md cation of the b lSl ess standmg and rehabll ty of th1s mstitubon the title of wh1eh we forgot to state IS The Tobacco Fir!> and Marmo Insurance Company we the followmg liSt of officers J G Olden president A K Marshall secretary Drect ors-,J G Olden Joel Baker J T Sullivan Henry Besuden J T Johnson S L Your tee James B Casey Perry Ell s M Sweeney W M Bateman L S Brown F A Prague, J P Spence S K Stephens Jno We ghel Chas C Kohl A Burbeck THE COIDI:ISSIO.-ER TED.AL B.EVElfliE WE comp1lo from the report of the Com miSswner of Internal Reven 1e the followmg 1tems Of mterest to the tobacco trade l;levenue from c1garo and cheroots ISG8 ISM 181115 Spec1fic ta:xes graduated by the different values of the Cigars were 1mposed by the act of July 1862 These were largely 10 creased 10 1864 but under the act of March Sd 1865 the duty was made unifonn at ten aollars per thousand The aohCipation of additional tax largely m creased the manufae ture m 1864 and the supply: at that time has hardly yet been consumed TOBACCO-CHEWING A.ND S:YOJ:INO lS&S 1864 1865 .26TI 888 70816M 8 016119 Plug and fine cut tobacco were mamly taxed fifteen cents per pound until June 30th 1864 when the rate was mcreased to thirty five cents, and m March 1865 1t was sllll further mcreased to forty cents. The tax upon smoking tobacco was at first five cents, Increased to five cents 10 1S64 and to th1rty five cents m 1865 Smokmg tobacco made exclusively of stems was taxed at two cents until March 1S63 when 1t was raised to five cents In lS6<11t was 10ereased to fifteen oents, where 1t still remams The regularity of the manufacture has been largely d18turbed by expectation of ad ditional duty as m the C&&e ef 01gars The tax collected m 1S63 represents 23 680 056 pounds that of 1864 68 372 426 pounds and that o[ 186/1 only 80 089 020 pounds THE TOBAOOO LEAF. years consumption, while tlllrr growth and vgor very much The plants should not stand too tbulk 10 the bed not more than an 10ch to half an mch apart 1f they are too th ck they should be raked w1th an Iron rake afier the plants are about the b1gness of a fl've cent p1ece Tl e rake swtable for such a purpose should be a common rake Wlth teeth abOUt three lDCbes long slightly curved at the po nts teeth flat and about a quarter or three eighths Clf an 10ch w1de and 1/"tlf an mch apart Good, strong corn land 1s the so I best adapted for tobacco grow10g-ilot flat 1 but undulatmg Xew land IS preferable to old. The land should be V6TY nchly ma11.ured wtth good strong well rotted manure-ashes also used w11l benefit the crop mater1al17 The ground should be well ploughed and pulver zed fine by well harro'll'lng or cult! vating and then be marked as for com 10 rows from three to three and a half feet apart each way At each angle formed by the markmgs a sort of h11l should be formed and patted Wlth the hoe onca so as to form 1 bed for the plant whiCh 1s to be set. .After the ground '" thus prepared ""*the first floe ram the plants (the leaves of faueh should be about the s1ze of a quarter of a dollar) should be removed from the bed takmg great caro not to mash or brwse tliem whle takmg them up SETrmo Out -Proceed to planhng wh1ch 18 done m the followmg manner A boy w1th a basket of plants first goes over the ground droppmg a plant upon each h11l formed at the cross sections of the markmgs the "Better follow1ng takes the plant dropped upon the h 11 m h1s left hand while 'll'lth the fore nnger of h1s r ght band be makes a hole 10 the ground he then places the root 10 the bore w1th h1s left, pmching up the dirt to 1t on each s1de w1th the fingers of the nght hand taking care to close the d1rt well about the bottom of the root, alsp bemg careful that the roots are not bent up nor set too deep A sttck or dibble 18 sometime& used mstead of the finger for makmg the holes m that case care must be taken lost the holes be too deep .A. good band wdl set ten thon sand plants per day CuLTIVATION -W1thm a week after setting the hoe should be passed through the rows, the bard crust next the planta remond and the weeds cut a little plaster and jlshes m1xed 10 equol proportions may also be put upon each bill say a gill to each Fl'OIIl this time until the plants get so large that a cui tivator can nQt pass between the rows without flUnrmg the plants, the pound llholld be cultivated often enough to keep the ground mellow and free from weeds Cultivating IS a delicate operation requmng a lkilful ploughman and a steady horse elle many of the plants w II be knocked over or killed by the operation After the plants are become too !up to be cultivated 119ury they should be 111ell hoed, cutting the wMds, level mg the furrows made by the cultivator and dra"'llag a httlc eartti' to the plantS when re qUirid, and 1t w1ll need no more working. SA vmo SaED -Wben tile plants blossom the best should be saved for aeed, fifty p1ants bemg enough for seed to sow a crop of thrrty thousand pounds or a gill bemg enough to set four acres of land. All the rest should be topped when the bud 1s farrly formed TOPPINO -Great JUdgment 18 requ red for this operation H the plant 1s sturdy. and strong the top may be taken off at the eighth leaf from the root if not so strong, the top must be taken off lower down w1tb new bepnners the leaves look too good and they do not top low enough, and as a consequenoe have poor tobaCco the top when broken off should be thrown between the rows and suf. fared to decay W.J.thin about wo weeks from toppmg, the crop 18 generaUy it for cutting yet 1t 18 not hvt by standmg longer m the field From th1s time until the tobacco JS housed the grower experiences much vexat on storms and frosts may come and destroy the crop Wos11s, the worst enemy of the planter come 1n crowds as fast -as they come they should be o!f and k1lleil else they will rum the crop .A. flock of turkeys are of m valuable ass1sbmce m destroymg these m sects which they seem to do for the fun of 1t tWice m the season these worms appear and the only proper way to get rid of them 1s to begm m bme and wtth plenty of help go over over the whole flold plnnt by plant breakmg up nests kill ng such worms as may be !Ound and do ng so mormng and even10g until they finaUy diSaj>pcar SucKERING -The plants should also be suckered Suckers spr ng out ,.("great numbers Just where the le:tves JOlll wth the stalk Suckermg 1& done by p ncbm11 these off close to the sblk when they reaoh about the length of three or four mches JUS before cutt g 1t would be well to sucker agao, for 1f any are left on the1stalk they "'II grow to great lengths, even o.fier the plant has been bung up for cur11g CuTTING AND HANGJNGWhen the plant beg10s to yeUow or turn spotted 1t 1s bme to put 1t o.way It 18 cut off close to the ground turnmg np the leAVes and cutt10g off close to the roots by a smgle stroke of a hatchet, or tobacco knife made of an old scythe such as are used 10 cnthog up cor 1 After cuttmg let 1t he on the ground a short bme to wilt when 1t may be handled Without danger of tearmg the leaves 1t 1s then to be taken to the house to be bung The bangmg should be begun on the upper t1er of poles to w h1ch tho tobacco IS elevated by means of a platform and pulley or 1t may be passed by boys from t er to ber, to 1ts locahty for hangmg Bangmg IS done 1n the followmg ma.nner tile hanger stands 10 an pos1bon hanng for a footl old the poles on the t er below the one wh ch he IS hang ng he has a ball of fobacco me (a twme made of flax 1 procurable at any seed store) wh1ch for con vemence 11 earned m the bosom of the loose blouse geoeraU.r worn he stands w tb. the let\ s1de to the _pole on wb ch the tobacco s to be hung left arm over 1t the stalk of to bacco 1s handed to h1m by a boy whose duty 1t 1s to pass 1t to hm the stalk 1s then taken m the let\ hand a td placed agn10st the s1d <>f tlie pole tbe but prOJectmg an 10ch or tl\'O around wh1ch proJect on the t vme IS wound from left to r ght (the tw ne hav ng pre Vlously been fastened to the rope) the next stalk IS placed o the oU e s de of the pole JUSt f:ll" enough along so that the leaves of the two stalks "Ill not touch and polo b trn and so cant nue the stalks bemg hung alter nately on the s1des of the pole .A.fter the bouse 1s filled some put fires under the crop to I asten ts dry ng but lt lS found by experience that tl e practice not a good one STRJPPINO !\ftcr the tobacco bas become dry and well cured tl e stem of the leaf be ng free from sap the first damp spell of weather 1t w1ll become soft and plant then 1t should be taken down and str ppcd from the stalk. Stnppmg should be done as soon as after the leaf lS cured as the freez ng cold or wmter may be followed closely bybalmy days and as every m1ld day causes the stollt to exude JU ces wh1ch discolor the leaf. 1t S patent that the ea1l er the tobacco IS str pped the better 1t 1s Str1pp ng 1s done by hold ng the but of the stalk m the r gbt ha d so that the d1fferent quaht1es of leaf ma.y be seen and then w1th the left band str1ppmg the leaves from the stolk, keepmg the leaves held m the hand until about one thud or one half of a pound thus held Then w nd a leaf about the upper portion of the bundle for about three or four 10ches of 1ts length tucking the end of the leaf 10 the middle of the bundle to con fine 1t. Thec bundles are called hands While stnppmg the tobacco should be d1 Vlded into three qual1tics rppectivcly first, second, and fat keepmg each quality 10 bands by 1tse1f Frt qual ty tobacco s that composed of the best leaves bemg those that are not torn and are not dis colored &cond qual ty IS that whiCh lS or may have been discolored or torn 10 hand ling Fat tobacco IS that wh1cb remams m a wet, sodden state even after the stems of the largeflrrt quality leaves have become dry and bnttle bemg of a dark color aln ost black 1t IS the top leaves of the st4lk wh ch bad yet not become npened W th proper cultivation the grower need not be boU ered w1th th1s olmost worthless quality BuLKING -As fast as str pped the hands should be la1d m p1!es the d1fferent qual t1es by themselves the p1les should be formed m double rows the leaves bemg straightened before Ia d down the buts of the bands bemg outs de the po10ts near!,meet10g When the piles are earned to a convement height, BAy' three or four feet, houy planks With weights may be lrud upon the rows to keep them n place and to form a more com pact body and ass18t 10 the future packing Here let me say that all the hands that "ere too damp or soft should be exposed to the sun for a few bow-s, or else subJecfled to the action of a fire to dry them beforo placmg lbem m the bulk .A.ll the fat tobacco must be treated 10 th1s way before bemg la1d m the p1le Wh le 10 the bulk as we must now call the p1lod tobacco much care must be aken lest the pile lea"h 1f the slightest warmth IS perceptible the plle must be over hauled and rebulked m p1les of less height wtthout upon the top but generally the tobacco w11! condition packing m a short time when it will relll&Ul Without packmg without much InJury 1n the same shape for a long time If 1t 1S not converuent to pack however the tobacco had better be rebulked" 10 piles of greater het;'to aaa pressed mth heavy weghts. -In order to pack tobaoao, a!Mfle machlriery 1s reqmred as heavy prellfllle must be brought to bear upon the crqp :in order to get a reasonable quantity m a box, for all practical purposes, & !eyer r-ed of a scanthng properly arranged, or better yet a screw such as are used for Cider presses or to ra1se bmldmgs, 1s all that 18 reqmred The SIZes for boxes differ but the but s1ze 1s tbe folloWing three feet su 10ches long two feet four mcbes w1de two feet s1x 10ches m depth manufaetured from planed pme boards one mch m thickness w1th standards two mches square '""de at each corner fu nall to Hav10g thus yoU. boxes prepared and the u> good conditiOn the first soft, mlld day that comes proceed to packing the bun dies or hands of tobacco must be taken from the bulk and la1d m courses 10 the box lay10g the buts of the hands to the out. s1de of the box, alloWing the ends to lap over each other and endeavonng to keep U.e centre of the box a bttle h1gher than the edges-these courses to be packed as sohd as possible by the hand If any of the bundles are or have an II smell they must be exposed to the fire or surruatil s'(l'eet and dry before bemg packed. When the box 18 nearly full a falae oover Gust large enough to slip 10s1de the box) must be placed on tqb&CCO and pressed as heavly as poss1ble w1th the lever or screw power remove ft.e pressure and refill pres sure finally bemg applied to the real cover whiCh may then be tacked down A box of the s12e I have mentioned, when lllled should contam about four )mndred pounds oftobacco and thus packed Will keep for years Th1s concludes the labor of preparmg thiS beautifl)l crop for market Marketmg here has unbl of late been done through comm ij s10o houses m New York but our crop has so mcreased 10 amount that tiuyers and spec ulators have thronged the tobacco houses here dur10g the past season of str1ppmg HousEs -.A. bmlding twenty tour feet squaro and seventeen feet b sh exclus 'e of foundation wall s of suftie1ent capaCity to store the growth of one acre of tobacco The common SJZe of tobacco houses built w1th us lS about one hundred feet long by twenty four feet WJde posts seventeen feet long bmlt upon a woll 01ghteen mcbes b gb the buildings are framed w1th from bent to bent, for boardmg up and down the bents bemg twelve feet apart Toe boards {or clos10g up the outs1de should be a foot w1de, and at mtervals of about five foot a board should be bung 'll'ltlt hght strap bmges, to serve as a ventilator to admt 'iht and dry &II' and to e.xclude wet and dampness which ateriall,-damage the tobacco '"' color etc. These vent1lators or doors must be closed on frosty mghts but 10 f&Ir dry weather should be kept The tobacco poles the ends of which rest on the bent should be about th1rteen feet long two 10ches thiCk by SIX mches mde of 110me ligM t mber-elm or basswood IS used hereand when hungw1th tobacco should be from e1ght to ten mches apa.rt A large door should be placed at e end for mgress and egreEB The poles, of which there should be four llers, are laid fi"om oont to bent rest ng the ends of the cross beams 10 the bent tiers four feet four mches apart Such 1s the method of planting ra1s ng securmg and fitt10g market the tobacco crop as prac ticed our most succossful tobacco growe We ba\"e personally assiSted 10 the vanous departments and know from exper encc and per s onal observabpn that the Onondaga cou ty tobaeco grower 1s a successful a to bacco grower as any 10 Maryland or old V 1r Two years ago "e were do vn South and wtnes ed the modes of jllantmg and ra1s10g tobacco as pract ced m Maryland we found that the old pracllces of splittmg spearmg and pegg g were yet 'ogue, resulting m great delay 10 hangmg tobacco otherwiSe the culture and cure Similar to tl at prachced here The raiSmg of tobacco n many parts of Onondaga county IS a grana success Many of our tobacco growers have ra1sed the past year nQtw1shstandmg the seve drouth over one ton to the acre, and the average for past season IS full one ton to the acre The cost of r&Ismg the same cq not more than forty dollars per acre The crop boa been bought up by speculators a1 d at priCes rangmg from from fourteen to seven teen cents pound makmg a net profit to the grower of two hnndrod and s xty dollars to the acre The tobacco grown here IS known as the Conne<:tic 1t seed-lea! and JS rehed upon for the m&In orop Other var eties are grown The Spamsh long leaf and the Yard le&f are good vanet es, aud the large grower w ll not fall to plant some of h1s ground to the numer 0\19 cs TOBACCO llAliUl!'A.CTUU nr QUAT BRITADI IN the tobaceo n aoufa.cture about-seven thousand persons a1 e employed throughout the kmgdom of whom about one fourth are under eighteen years of age and the age at wh10h the children beg..n work IS before moe. Mr Cope and h1s foreman state that be fore certa1n alterations 10 their premises bad secured suffic1ent circulation of pure a1r not a day passed w1t.bout some one or other of the girls famtmg 01 go10g mto fits many were compelled to gve the trade up alto getber lo so tbat Mr Cope began almost to despa1r of making wom.en useful and h1s Co eman got qwte nervous and used to bum brown paper and do other tb1ngs to fQmigate and punfy the place and thought there must be something 10 the nature of WOmeR that made them unfit for the worl< IT may be of mterest to the growers of tobacco to inform them that we sllall com mence a senes of arllcles on the culture of tobacco 10 Holland wntten expresa!y for our paper by a gentleman thoroughly au fatt m the ubJect, m about two or three weeko Those wsb ng to subscnbe would do well to commence their subscriptions at once 1n order to secure the enbre senes THE CROP JN Couwry KY -.A. correspondent, wnbng from near Owensboro states that the crop m that reg1on w1ll prove a fa1r one at least The] leaf 11 genera!ly large but Without I!IUCh substance and will average about ten cents m market RanNU8 LAw IN LomsvlLLE -The Collec tor of Internal Revenue, by Jioom W ash10g!on 1s v1gorously en!Orc1ng the law requmng stamps upon dray t1ck.tta titJietli; and other reoeiJlts for the del very of property He w als& eJZed the stock and closed a gar for f .. Jse returns of goods made and l!Qld and for Improperly keepmg the reqwred books ---SALJ: DAllA.GEn ToBAcco -A large sale of damaged tobacco took place at the battery on Saturday afternoon It compnsed several tons from the buildmgs wh1ch fell a few days ago 10 Water street, and was slightly dam aged by wr.ter H was m two lots both of whiCh were purchased by S Jones erage of two cents per pound. IHE recommendations made by troller of the Currency 10 h1s report relative to an mcrease of the national revenue by a tax on cotton tobacco wb1skey etc. meet Wlth approval by a maJonty of the members of Congress. Wm would call the attent1on of the trade and the pubhc generally, to the card, wh1ch may be found 10 another column of \t:essrs C & L lf Frank & Co manufacturers of floe cut 11moking tobaccos and wholesale de&lers 10 plug tobacco and c1gar Their manut.ctory 18 at No. West S xth street and their salesreom at No 45 East Third street Cmcmuat1 MEssRs MosEs & Hrnscu of tb18 mty have d1ssolved partnership m the mgsr manufac turemg and the blljUness wlfi hereafter be carr ed on 1\y D H rscb 160 Water streeL TOBACCO LEA.F 1 !quare (1! inch) torS months $8 1 square (li inch) tor 6 months 15 1 sqnnre (H nch) for 1 year 28 15 28 1 square (2t ioc::het) tor 1 year 54 :N -e 1 square (3! ncbea) JOr 1 year 80 or We Wl.Sh to etafe here DISTINCTLY that no orders for ad vertlslng will be con dered uulelfl aceoJDpanied by the correapondlnk amoont be adhered to .&.DOLPH PE.UlL H. D DUMONT A. PEARL .t: CO mform lhe>r custome "I and the public r.bat U.., bave removed the r faotory to Ricbmond V a. where they w II be able to oupply them with a finer article of theJr brands than of late, such M Green Sea,!., Penque Turki.ah. of Vll"g1iiia Golden Bird 1 etc ete and h&ve llway on hand lhe eho1ceo1 Iota of Virgirua Cavendish and Smokmg Tobacco Depot 10 New York 7r5 FulLon street where orders w U be rece1ved or at Factory R cl mond Va. 86 61 Cau&loD All persons are caut oned ae:au et buy log any Slii!OKING TOBACCO purporting to have been put up by me as I have not m&Duf&ctured any aince April 1861 and none of tbe gennine h&B been 1:n the New York market ewce lhe apriug of lili I am pre paring for &.n immediate reau.mpt on of ts manufac ture when those desiring the genu ne article can be anppl ed by calling on my agente MeBI!!ra BULKI.Xv & No 74 Front 1treet JA.lii!ES FISHli:R JR RrcevoMD October 1860 83--tr Mi:SSBs J.6t: Y Gu.-n whh o ntorm tbe pub c anol tbe T ade espec ally t.hat they hae eitab abed a ma.nuractorry or c gars La Reyna 11tree No 20 BaiJaoa and Uzat t.Ley wll wo k notllng but tJ elr own CBt.EB&ATIID siC so or tobacco LA ESCEPSCIOW tJ t1 we nown tob&oco being the growth of their o wn plant!.lttcm and b Justlf acered lted the quality or the \ ue ta Abajo being the ntLtu ral product or tbe sol without be uae o! Pc uv an Guan o Orden for tlny of the dle eot stylea or th e above manu factory w n be rece ed and p ompt y attended to by JACINTO COSTA Bo e Agea&, No 191 G Ei:NWJO&:.SUE.tT N11w Yoa11: Scal"f"alaut 8moldq Tobaceo Bill &114 Nonteet Qenutae We now ofler"A:rr"sa e 100 cases jllSt recelveJ from their J'actorT ln R chmond V gin a of \bil celebrated brand lD p&pen a ao a quaPU yIn the,.. rloas rorwa of balet etc In lo 1 to ault pu chaae s f o r 'll'hlcb we au i1ae tole arnata In tbla m&rtet. BULKLEY & MOORE 'l4 F&OM'I' ST'RDT 41 tt A. Bare Chauce to Eua:ace IJI. a JUaoutac &u:rlna DuDeu We Vibh &o s e our .,-e ettalJ. liab&d bu!llneu of manufacturing rtne Cu Toba. os Wll ael ou stock on hand bo I Crude ll.nd l\lanuractu ed to Snn.LL conlllcament or be.t Cooaeellcot& Seedleac Tobaceo, by the eue or ln Iota to 1u11 atao I 00 bale Havaaa Irtllers, h gh fla.vortd wnt be 1old low to dole coiWlgomePtl by R S. IM bwid and duty paid Hanna and Yara Tobaccot1 W.-ppe,. and J'llle.y lo lob to lUll l"or aale bJ P WULIIAOJDa, Pau.L-IJTRJ:ft Yoaar. AIJ!o lou ot Ruana Clgart In varloUI braoda and llylet of rrq on lmportaloo. 8$-48 BRIGHT AND BLACK PLUG TOBACCO, JI:XOLUSIVELY OF MISSOURI LEAl' Our P lnclpal Bright Bra.nd Elllll & Burlew Honev Dew Do Extra. Sun Cured ltusour1 Do Plan_ter'i Choice H Burlew o Bright Pounds Perry Ell.J.I o Bright Quarter Pounds and Ten 12 IIAINSTREET 42-6T C INCINN.A.'I'I V. FUHRMANN, A.!iD DULER N IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC SEGAB.S, TOBACCO SNUFF AND PIPES -AJ:SO-CHEWING & TOBACCO lfo 1 Kain street (wests de 8 doo n abo e F oat) 42--M CINCINNATI Xllltri'A.CTUlt ERS OF F1ne cut Chewing and Smokins TOBACCO, J.HD W'IOU!U.LE DE.LLERS l'f .uL X DS OF E BRENTANO, lUIU:rJ'A.ClOBD OF .CD WDOLES.lL D.8&U8 !f DOIESTIC SE&.ARS, / -AU<>-PLUG A-ND SMOKING TOBACCO, NO 42 MAIN STRTEET STREET & WILLETT. M.l.NUrJ.CTtTRF.JtS O S EVERY BTYLE AND DESCRIPTION OP Plug Tobacco, 141 & 143 THIRD-STREET LOUISVILLE :S:Y D. S. BROWN & CO., DEA.LBB8 IN LEAF AND MANUFACTURED .1.1.30 lliPOJi.TF.ltS OF. HA X .J For nle' ow tJ00 easel Conn and Oh o Tob:acc o 4.2--61' LA WHENCE DONOVANJ )U,I'ilt:fACfORER OJ' Havana and Domestic C1gars, .um DE._ 'U: J.N Leaf .... Tobacco Meerschaum P pes Etc NOS 37 A 40 RANOVEl!.STREET 8 9 BOSTON a n 0 a rue A. A. ECKLEY, LEAF AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, NO STEELE, BURRILL & CO A b RiTJ. L DULU S ){ Meerschaum and Br1ar P1pes Snulf and Smokers Articles GeRorally 9 CHANGE A VENUE, 895 BOSTO.r H A. WHITNEY & CO LEAl A ?-1D MANUFACTURED TOBACCO &CIQARS, NO 21 BROAD-STREET, 'Corner of Central stre-et 39-M BOSTON J DAVENPORT, JR, IIi FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC leaf Tobacco & C1gars, 107 PURCHASE STREET, 8 8 U BOSTON I SAMUEL & BRO, lilA UFJ.OTIJR.US Oi Havana and Domestic C1gars, 131 JU.mEN LANE NEW YOli.K lfi"(D:TIBS J.1m SUSMANN BROTHERS, WBOLZ8..1U: DEJ.I.U:S N HAVANA & DOMESTIO OIGARS, Chewing and Fme Smokmg TohiCcoe Alao Importlll"l of lleanchaum and Br1ar P1pe1 of EY117 -riptioa,_ AND SHOUI!l!' ABTICLKI! Gli!IER..\LLY A large 11101'\meat. of :J&ncy Goode constantly on hand 9 UNION STREET -.$.-51 BOSTON ]ROADWELL & HADDEN EACLE TOBACCO WORKS. MANUFACTURERS OF JOHN GRAZIER, IC:I:. _..-.. .c::::.. lioo 119Watorud 166J'Int4t. l'lttlburg l'a )UNOI'A.OTOaRa Of .&.1.1. IUM-01' AND DEALERS IN ctiEWINI&.SMOKINBTOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO, BAL Tl MORE SPUN ROLL No 175 GreenWich street New York Fives :f:il:t Sl.x Our Brandl LA mOL and LA VILLA:I'BAlfCA Cut and Dry Smoking Tobacco eta .2 94 GRANT & COMPANY X.NV'J'.A.CTUJllmS 01' R cl W JENKINSON, CIGARS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION JU.I'OI'.!C1'UIIDS Of "-LL l.mDI OJ' auwm. 7obacco, &Jrm D.ll.D! nc ltgat,, luuff, liptl, ttt., ForeJVt & American Leaf Tobacw, LABELS RIBBONS ETC 8 FEDEBAL-8TJU:ET, d-94 AUE&BilJY CITY l'A 149 High-st., Providence, R. 1. .... T GI.UT Q-64 W .& B GliNT /


.. 7 / -. TKOS.-DOWSE & CO., BROKERS Ilf Manufactured Tobacco, NO. O!l WATER-ST., NEW-YO:RK, lli(ERS, BY PERMISSION, TO D1iB01S. V .umDvOOK'l' & Co., 81 Water-st. R0BlN80lf &: GnTB, 172 Water-st. .,ISBU & Co., Boston. Bll'OU'Ollt McO.uoa:mr &: CO., Ous. D. D1e:roa &: Co., BalLimore. 8'1'-Gt H. THIERMAN;N, COMMISSION MERCHANT, AND DEALER IN Leaf & Ma.nuf'actured NO. 142 WATERSTREET, NEW-YO:RK. CHAS. F. TAG, IMPORTER OF SPANISH, LE1FALETOBACCO, 87-61 !TO. 184 FRONT-STREET, NEW-YORK. E. SPINGARN, IN Leaf Tobaoco & Segars, NO. 6 BURLINC SLIP, NJC.4R W.ATEII-BT.BEET, NE"W-YORK. Tobacco Manufacturers. F. H. PURDY & CO., SUCCESSORS TO HARVEY & HA VIf,AND, TOBACCONISTS, & lZ FUL'I'ONST,, NEW YORK, Manufa.e&uren of all tlodi ofFr.(B CoT ClfEW(IQ and SOJ: I::IG TOlUOCO, Slrnn,SJ:QAU., etc. Dea.lel"S lo PLUO TOBJ.OCO PIP-a. et.c. The Brande they manufacture ll' one Suoh Ia1o.nd Bell, F!Ol'a Temple and Exq1118>te. N. B.-Would call tho attention of the Trade Parttcula rl' to tbelr new Dra.od of Tobacco, GOLDEN GEM, U1t6Uf'PaAStd. fly anyevtr o.lfe,ed to the [811-61 -. THOMAS HOYT& Co., TOBACCONISTS. ""No. 404 PiARL STkE.Jr:T, NEW-YORK, Manufacturers of all kind' ol1 FineCut Chewing and s-moking Tobacco, Snuff, Cigars, and / Havana Sixes OUR BRANDS F1NE-CUT CHEWIN01 SUNNYSIDE, HEART'S DELIGHT, NATIONAL. THOMAS HOYT & CO., New-York. HOYT, FLAGG &:: CO., Louisville, Ky. HOYT, FLAGG & CO., J Succc:sson to HOYT, BARBOl}R & CO., 107 and 109 Second St., LOUISVILLE, KY., of the following celebra,ted brands .t FINECuT CHEW)NG ToBAcco, .SUNNYSIDE, SWEET OWEN, ROSE-BUD. KILLICKINICK S'MOK!NG TOliACCOI, Golden Eagle, Cabinet. Grand Mogul, ChiiiUlcy-Cora \ HOYT, FLAGG & CO., Louisville, IL) THOMAS H'OYT & CO., New-York. GoodsF2rwardedtoanypa.l'tOftheCountry, A. F. c. RMAN, ADAMS & .OSBORNE "'"""" succESSORSTO Manufactured Tobacco,, INffES C. ADAM&, BROKEIUI Ilf Leaf & Manufactured Tobacco, LICORICE, TONQOA BEANS, Etc NO.' 91 WATER-STREET, Sl-61 NEW-YOBX. WALLIS & CO. EXTRA. TobBCCo manufacturers and the trade in general are particularly requested to examine and test the superior proper ties of this LICORICE, which, peing nowbrought t3 TOS'TINf. BUrLDHW, 118 W ATER.STREET, REW-YORK. 160 Pearl' Street, ( ..;Ji:f'ONI'I POOR RHT Of WALL STBEI"l',) NEWYOR:S:. J. S. GANS, it, 0 lHt(tO ,ltokttt NO. 86 WALLSTREET HuUdlng,) NEW-YORK. FaED. Fre. mn:a, FISCHER & RODEWALD, THE -TOBAOOO LEAF Wffi'l"fAM & LAWRENCI;, P. & G. LORUJ.ARD MA.IIVF AOTURERS OF .Tobacco, Snuff &Cigars, TOBACCO & sN DFF IANDFACWI ......... DBERS. 395 Pearl Street, lT ew York, Dan coDRantly on hand a larie &!180rtment. of Vlndala lllanafaetured Pure Im.por1ed. uava na aad Dom.ea&le (llp.ra. Allo1 a lfl"e&& .. utety ot English, French, German, and Scotch Cla.y Pipes. c;r" THE ONLY liANIJli'AOTURERS OP 'I'IIB AOIEIU-CAN BIRDSEYE SMOKING TOBACCO. D. H. M'ALPIN & CJ., JIIANOPAC1'0RE'RS Of 'filii CELEBRA'fED FINE. CUT SIIOKI.!fG TOBACCO, J.D DJCll.UI Dl Segars, Pipes, Snuff, Plug Tobacco, &c., &o., &o. MANUFACTORY AND SALESROOM: !Toe. 75, 77, and 79 Avenue D, 1'-65 New-York City. (E.5TAIILISIIED 1776.) 4. H. MICKLE & SONS, 81JCCU80Ka TO MRS. G. B MILLER & CO. 01' Tfl CEL.OllAT'D I Century Brand Chewing, Rose Leaf Brand Chewing, Cavendish Brand Jll'l, G. II. Jllllu It C...s llllewlllg aa Smoking Siesta Brand Smoking, TOB-ACCO, Eureka Brand Smoking. &, H, l!IICKLE & SON!il FOREST ROSE AND GH&PE Too&ooo, Genuine Maccoboy Snuff, Sh, Winnebago, BRANDS. I L. APPLEBY'S SON, l!U'UIJ.C'rUllBR OP TRi: CELEBRATED Railroad Mills Snuffs, 133 WATER-STREET. 29-81 A"EJf'".YORK. LINDHEIH BROS. & WHOU:S.\_L._: llt:AI.kRS IN Tobacco AND CIGARS, 4ND KeoraehaiUll, Wood Plpoo, and aU other Smoklq Al:tlcleo. 211 Conrtlandt-atreet, A LlNDHE.Ul. M. ULK. II. UNDRIIDt. (Near Broa.dway,) NEW-T.e.R!:. --De_pot of H. Wlllt,na & Co.'o Tobaooo Work1, Baltimore, Md. 84 E. ROSENWALD. & BROTHER, DIIO&'l'D8 AJO) IU.HUJ'J.Ol'1TllDS 01' All Kinds Havana and Domestic SEGARS, .A.XD DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 146 Wa.teratreet, (X ... :llaldenlane,) NBWYORK, M. & E. SALOMON, 'IV\'OHnl Ot Havana S'egars, .LEAF TOBACCO, -AND-u. 173 PEARLBTREET, NBWYORK, Establlahed 1850. BQN, IKPOKTZM or Hav.ana Segars and Tobacco; .URI, IIA!TUFACTURER OF SEGARS ... Dealers in Leaf Tobacco, 258 Pearl Street, near Fulton, F. A. Sarmonu, } w y L I 11. BoN. M ora. J. C. SEAMAN &. CO., MANUFACTURERS OF HAVANA-AND ALL KINDS Of FINE DOMESTIC SEGARS. Our PRO GLOJ&IA ET PAT:B.IA. And other Floe Branda conttandy em hand for lmm.edl&h u.rte. 191 CHAJIBERS-QTBEBT, BS-68 Betwun Wad.Cnveo. afl4 WHHWul. MOSS & F ALK, N.U.'trucrua&KS. or BEG-.AR.B, .'\D 1!0" LEAF TOBACCO, NO.7 BURLINGSLIP, ( Foot o r J c hn s.treei.J 222 New York. R. S LATORRE, UlPORl'D. OJ' 'l' O BA.C C 0 LEAF, Segars, etc., 187 Pearl Street, cQl'. \t JIEWT .e.Jllt; :r. 'W. MBBTBlVS,. No, 71 Essex St., near Grand St., ...... .... 3 E. M. ORA: WFORD & CO .. lliiPOBTlllll A.ND DE&LBIU nr kLL KINDI OJ' LE.A:F 121 and 123 Front t, &. II. 0uWI'ftD, } D J'DUtY, JR. 14--26 NEWYORK. HQLLANDER, FLEISHER & CO., Dea.lfn ln an ldnds of ADo, tmportere and!adurera of FINE CIGARS, 142 WATER-STREET Lovu a........... n w r. II. B. ... 0W'" II ()Ji.'Q., B. B......,... 211-JI5 C. & M. BONDY, lVnOL:P.:SA..LE OF..UEHSI TN Leaf Tobacco, Pipes, Ali'D ALL OTHEB SKOKERS ARTICLES. DOMESTIC AND HAVANA SEGARS, 358 Bowery, near 4th-st., 61 JOHN II. DEEN, FOREI,ON AND DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO. Oolbaecti01lt 8eed-r-t of my own Paoldng. 1'8 Strut, 27-lit ALIIAKDIR MARCUS, DEJ..I.J:R t!ll Havana and Domestic J.-N. KNOOP, me:. tl ..., 1.. a-whlesl dler In all kinds of .leoale dealera In all kil>ilt or / LB&P AND TOB.ACCO. { 271 Bowery, NEWYOBK, M. 1\'LETZGE R> 18-154 OSCAR H. LEAR, lllroBTD J.fll DEJ.LD l!f Hfl61'11Chaum, Bria!, Wood,' (variouskiodo ,) India.Rnbber, oBTEBS, LEAF TOBACCO For aale b7 the sole M:a.uuflclarer, 118 !'earl-street, New York. J. c.' Ca. a. a. IJnporters of ... Sega'l'R. JOHN STRAITON, IU Betlllflf' Streot. YliUB.RIA. F. G. c. 94 81!EKJIIA.NSTIIEET. ______ ...,:8:::0::::-Bil:.._____ .L DE 'BR..I.lli:Uii'R. 40--'12 1'. CORNilLIS, W. & A. LEAMAN, BROKERS IN UQUORICE PASTE, TONQUA BEANS, ETC., 8&-tl67 PIDSTREET. MANUFACTURER OF FINE CIGARS, SIGMUND JACOBY, ROBITCHEK & ONEIDJI. Tobacco Works, AND DEALER IN Leaf T.obacco, Ulf. P011rlt., cor Kaiden L&ne. :Manufacl.ureJs o r a11 .k.tnd1 of Smoking and Chewing Tobacco. T I N F 0 I L NEWYORK CITY TOBACCO WORKS, __ ROSS STORMS & CO VIrginia Leaf, lloo ol the w .. l JOHN J, CROOKE & CO., OF J' TOBAtCO CAPS, Cnt, 89-DI No. as k lEAF TOBAGCO _________ 8_"' __ o_r_. OUR BRANDS: .: Cbewln Tobaceo.-The eelb,.,led brliM SEOA.llS. ETCJ ETO. D. IDRSCH & CO., .um llllPORTERS OF &IEGA.R.&J,. lBO WATER-STREET, ( Cor. Fletche':treet,) "Golden 1 M"ou Rose,11 "l'avorlte-,11 "Green R\ftl'." Sm.oklac ToiNLeeo.-" Home Comfort," Cnb& Mixed, Mild of all brands, Turtl:\ah1 Pane y L1.-hi1 '' Btrd' ..,.e.11 Maceobor, French Bappee, Oon udScaich. TERJl8 CASH-USUAL DISCOUNT. Goods Warranted -Orden Promptly hecuted, 41>-G:i All ldnd! or Plul(, FID.e-cut, Smoidnr IDd {,'beWID Tobacco. Alao, lllte UIOltmeDt or .Lear 'l'Obaef!O CODI1antly OD. AAlld.. gr Country Ot'liorlp1'0mJ!t4iOitend6<1 to. :Jt & :s;; Y., No. '79 GRAVU:R-iiTUBT u.. 66 SAURER MANHATTAN TOBACCO WORKS. Carotten SohnuFftabak, No1o 1ss ... New-vort AUG. FSOHUL0 &. 00.1 f, .A. GOETZE & BRO., TOB cc" .. oRtrPA.-.. D o S'""'P. E. Pwi'TNa, 86 A.nnue A; WILLU.:W: You.ntcc, IS A A ft Ur AvtDDe B;, itt Graad...tree\; F. W.a.on.a, ..,-.rile partlcul&ratte:Dttonof&b.eTradelteaJledtotht 'Z :=::1:., .. "Grlbeldl Smoking Tobllooo..r." and "St. t0-62 Omer Reppn Sn!lfl'." -WHOLESALE DF..U.,ER fY Oonnectlcut SeetlLear and Havana TOBAOCO. A:Iso, Domeatlc and FIN Ill Imported CIGARS. / 158 Wator-etreet (up atalra), 8.1-46 NEW-YO:RK. If. LACHENBRUCH & BRQ., OF.4LER8 IN KINDS 0, LEAF TOBACCO AND SEG"ARS, -No. 165 Waterstreet, l'f. wcnnauou,} 'lll'W y.l\.n'f1' f. L&cnnava. (84-46) ];[;a' v;Q.JiN MAYER & CO., DJLUilRS JN TOBACCO, ... 168 Front Streat, comer llaiden, MANUFACTURED BY J. II. :VEN.ABLE co., PETERSBURC, VA. Alao, Manufacturers of Superior "Maccoboy," "Rappee," and other Snulrt. ing and Smoking Tobaocos of every grade, BALTIMORE TOBACCO WORKS F. W. BECK & CO., 1H6 III&W'e'YOftl<. SALOMON & ELKINS, IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC .urn .llL au. 01' &; BACBMAHN, (!ale or Ba.ltlmore,) H A V A N A S E G A R 8 IN BOND, .&liD DUTY :PAID. 76 Barclay-street, f(. Y. A large auortment Ot CHOICE SEGARS, RllADY FOR IMMEDIATE USE, Alway on Han4 SCHMITT & STORM, OF SEGARS, AND DEALERS IN TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS, A. SCHWERIN & ao. No. 44 Vesey street 1 NEWYORK. WITH ROr.y!'l'I!IN,B.U.TliiORLIIJ 16-&l W. H. GOODWIN & CO., MUIB'I'J.OTITUU o.r rullr-

4 .FOR HA.RVEYS & WILLIAMS, R Gary & 13th St8., Richmond, Va., J. SIGNO & CO., NorfuiK, Polnt, an_ d GENERAL GROWEF.S A>"D DEALERS IN .. Seed-leaf FROM PIER 21, N, R., T OF FULTONSTBEET, KAinJF.:A.OTUliED AND LEAF TOBACCO. HARTF01,l.D, CONN. on OommHrioft... CoD11pment1 of Merchandfse solicited. --,6.11 ordera a.tteJi.ded to Wilh dlaD&toh A.. r, II.UY.n. JRO. D. HUn:T. llf0.-11'. WILUUI&. --'82-68 lUCHA.RD PILJUJjTO!oi. 1:, T. Pli.EI!n'Olf. R. f!r. E. T. PILKINTON, The elegant Steamship NIAGARA, Oapl. Goo, W. OouCH, #' "l111t _.._: r!! 111; "'U t>iO' ,rl. liYtt leaves every Saturday at 8 o'c l ock P.ll. ,.,_,. 4 w-a".f 4' Excuralon Tickets Wued a.t reduced raiea. Bpeetal a.Uenricm paid to the aala of Lear and Manufa.cFor freight or passage, having superior tured Toba.cco, aad.Produoe generally. E. T,-piLXIS'rON, Manufacturer or all klnda Apply to G. HEINEXEN & l'ALIIIORE, V1tglnla Plug Tobacco. 46 Main St., under St. Hotel, Bt llG BROADWAY 3::::2-_:!IS.:._ __ B. M. BROWN, Manufact.urer, AND WIIOLES..U.E DEA.LBR IN FINE .-SEGARSSJ Crandstreet, BROOKLYN, E. D. PETERSBURG ADVERTISEMENTS. R. A. YOUNG & BRO., C 'CSNSSA{ .MQIJHANTS, Attend to the Ja le of V1rginl8. and North OaroliDa Leaf r!Eured 'I'OBAOOOS. I No.4 :8 PE'l'ZB.ftBUJIG, VA.. Rerer to Me88rs .Josun c-r'sj!oNS, NeWTork ; Hnn'! Ar: Gum:an; WlLLU.IIS, RlchmtlDd_, V&.;. T. T. :Baoou. l,resldenli Merch&ote' National Btt:ok: i R. RAYLA.ND1 Presid ent Natlenal B ank, l,etersburg, Ya. ft1J .. -J. E: VENABLE & CO., o. 8, Iron front, Byoa.more..street, PETERSBURG, Va,, Commission Merchants FOA TilE SAL:&: ,um PURCllA.SJ: OF Le f and Manufactured Tobacco AND OO'rXON. 83-46 J, E, VENA.BLE 4:: 4JQ, J. F. MciLWAINE, Cotton and Tobacco BROKER, Office wlt.b !Jr. A, G. Mob.w.liNB, Sr., No. 79 Sycamora.street, PETE,RilBURG, Va. Ordert and C()tl.8lgnmeots respectful1y 10\lclted. 88 'tli. Jl.l.L. ., a. LBJGX. .roa. P. swoaoa. NEAL, LEIGH & CO., GENEBAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND Pactors, Cor. of Cary & Virginia Sta., RICBlllOND, VA. c!LEs HARRis, fivemool ConsigJJnrents. J. H. FILLEY & CO) PACKERS & DEALERS -l!i-Fine Connecticut Seed Leaf :Tobacco, nLLET1 o. ""'au'" BLOOMFIELD, CONN. 'l'. G- .Tuovl. 217 TOBACCO B -ROKER THE AND GE>rJ>BAL PA.Nf, LIJUITED, COMMISSION MERCHANT, Purpose opening the;INew"W.,ehou.ea In GRRE!W K 0 B A TC fG Central Warehouse, PETERSBURG, Va,., will pay hit attention to the pu_rchaee of a l1 'kin<}fl or MANtl"ACTURINQ and LEAF TOBACCO Orders I!Ollcited. Refe(,S to T.A.KMJ.trTLL1 Mcll.w.UN:E & Co., ':'9 Front-street, New-York. "" 33-M BROWNLEY, BURTON & QO. WHOLESALE GROCERS AND O'm.m\.J Hala (paper wrapper). 1 lb. Bala Zouan, and other brands. 176 Maund City Tobacco Wol.'ks. D c A '1' L I N Fine-Cut; Chewing;_ & Smoking Tobacco, Killickinick, etc., No. 108 N&rth .Second Sheet, 178 ST. LOUIS, MO. 5. 4. OU,aTB.lll. G. 1'. R.!TCIJ. s. A. GRANTHAM & CO., 191 ST. LO. lTES. c & T b omwsston o Orders Filled for all Kmds ? f MERCHANTS, 'M:anufactured and Leaf 61 B. Second St., bot.l'lno i: Olive, 'l'OBACCO, sT. LOUis u-o. EDWARD B. BOOTH, NORTH SECOND n.., 1 St. Louis, Mo. I:DWARD F. MULLEN, SUOOESSOR TO T k &. Tobacco Dealer, !10. NORTH MAIN STREET, SAINT LOUIS, MO., WID keep a tnpply of .AU vf 7J. ba.?Co; ala"' L fcorlce P&ste. Leaf Tobacco Pur-chased and Bold on Commission. L.A. DIETERICHS & BROS., Tobacco SS N. 'l,!hlrd St., bet. Pine &Cheuau&, BT. OUIS, MO. MULLEN & OIETERICHS,WESTERN TOBACCO AGENO', No. 6'1' s. Water., ... : Wabasb-n., :t CHICAGO. .&. f'. Mvu.u, } Conaianments Respect-C. W. Dm:utcsea. fully Solicited. Ld!JISVILLE ADVERTISEMENTS. W. WATKINS, P. 0. BOX 600, LOUlSVll.LE, KENTUCKY, Co!Dlllercial and Prodnce Broker. S_peclal attenLlon paid to .filling orders ror TO&O-CO, LEAF or MANUF AC'l'UR.JID. 7-19 JNO. L. &lUlL CLOVER& CO., BOONE TOBAC.CO-W' AlEHOUSE, Ntq.t:i.. and Tenth, LOUisVILLE, :KY. J. G. "SPALDING & BBO.J Chewing Tobacco, NO. 109 MARKET-ST., Special &1vcn to the. sale nd puro::Lase of COTTON and TOBACCO. \ M-59 -..... A. B. & CO., _J.I(J1 M..UfUJl.OTt"R&iiS Oi' lil l!'fDIU (fUII:li!N 1 .LMERIO.oU( ROUSJ:, s E G A R BALTIMORE ADVERTISEMENTS. I __ 214-.State street, Lt'Wts Wood and CaJlo'l'fhiU, GE CROCERS A n 1\_'\ C\' C \"\.l\ l'.. \ 'b A!\"D MANUFAC'L' Ol' .. CHEWINQ AND SMOil:ING TOBACCO, No. 113 Mirr Street, LYNr,JIBti:Rc;, l' A. MciVER & BURCH, 70 Main St., Lynchburg; Va., TOBACCO FACTORS AND L cllf and 3fnnufactnred Tobat:co bougl1t. :iDJ s.olU on CQmmtssion Orders sollclted. Good and large < r 'Tlrglnla Manura.ctured Toba.Q.Co JOHN H. TYREE & CO. Lynchburg, Va., Commission Merchants For the Purohsc anti Sale of I lUnl ioblltto, S2-5S IN THIS HARXRT. MOORE, JONES & MrLtER, @etmnt. mtmlmnt.G". AGENTS FOR l'II. MOORE'S CELEBRATED XILLICKINICK & GARIBALDI SMOKING TOBACCOS. D.EALERS IN UUAMS A..'ID l'ERTILIZERS. No. 147 Main St., Lynchburg, Va. All orders f o r I ..ea.r,Sn\old ng, or Manuractured T obacco p1 omptJy attended t o 32-58 RICHMOND ADVERTJSEMENTS. R. H. DIBRELL, For the Sa.le and or LEAF & MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, Established 1844. Andenon's Wnr&house, ro1. 8th & realert ln alll1Dd1 of LEAF TOBACCO, .ND SEGARS, 94 L!ggt,) B.5,!oTI!!IORE, Con!ltanlly on hand a la.rge quabt.ity of Connecticut. and Tobaccos. 6S JOSEPH SCHROEDER, Jobber aa1l )ale Dealer ln Leaf, fllanufactured Wl@llB l a 81. EXCHANGE PLACE, 'j'ldrd doq1; Ea.t of South &1 BdLTI..]IIOBE. Leaf Tobacco raoetved on Cemmiaaion. C.2 C. M. MEYER, POMMISSION ME;RCHANT; roK TBE SAU:: Oi" 1eaf aM Manufactured Tobacco, ()IG.U.S, PIPES, ETC., No. 62 North Front Stl'tllt,. PHILADELPHIA. No.3 North Water Street, 4 -66 PEilt!D:EtPE:U. BUCKNOR, M'OAMMON & 00., Commission Merchants, Ilf A.LL Dl;S(IlliPTTONS OJ' LEAF AND MA.NUFAOTURED TOBAOCO. l7 & 38 N. Delaware-ave. \VM. EGGERT,, l'SEA.LE.R TN DOMESTIC AND SPANISH TOBACCO, SMOKIINC TOBACCO;S, 1:\CPORTio:ll OP MEERSCHAUM AND BRIAR PIPES. 42 -(li NQ. 82 WEST SECOND STREET,' CINqiNNA J'l. D. c. M'CAI lliiPORTDS OF BJ. VAKJ. SBCI.&RS, .lXD W'R'OLE!UU: ULUB IN All Kinds of Smokers' Articles, liCK I"'fTB-ST., NEAX XAD!-BT., U-liV LouisVille, Ky. r


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