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The Tobacco Leaf

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The Tobacco Leaf Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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j from our readerl, c....tetntne1tems woacco news, or view& on topic& of laterett to the trade, au<:b u tbo crape and markeh, meQaoda ol cal aud curl.Dg, procea1ea of JD&Du.ractant, new lm ('J11emcnte and machineey, etc., etc., will at all ttmea be l'elcomc. l.xPoH'l' DtJTT.-Leaf, all cent& per Jllr. i manuJae.., cents per lb. Cig&re valued t 116 or leal per 1 !., 75 cents pet lb. Uld 20 per 0111t. ad T&I.Ofe!l; onr US and not over p), $1.2(S; P, aDd 2K) per cent. ad .,uorcm; _, too and over 1411, P per lb. ml 110 1 per cent. ad Y&lo; over 1411, 13 per po1md alld 110 --er cent. ad .olforem. Aa oddlt!ODAI 4llty ot 10 per ad tillorem ls levied oiL au udOI' AagB pot have norcOlprocal treaties wit.h the United Staiel. Tq.-Leaf, free; manuJ'aetuied. Cayendilht !lug, Twltl to oonto per lb. Tobacco twloleoi or pre, arod for ... 1>1 hADd, 30 C.nto peilb. Alll 'lll!Jp""JL pe Braekdcer & Cornelle, !:14 Beekman. ])umont, H. D., Fulton. .Kmpire Olty Tobacco Worlul, Bowery. Git:selman, J. H., 108 Stanton. GUlcude:r,-A., & Co.,114, 116 and ll'f Libcdy. GoeUe, F. A., & Bro.,188 and 181'i Dnane. Goodwin, W. H. & Co., 20'i and"'209 Water. 'na.ll Joseph, 76 lJ&rclay. Uartcorn, John A., 193 Pearl, illri!Cbl.D., &: Co., 160 Water. Hoyt, :L"homas & Co., 404 Pea.rl. 1 .tac1".Jy, Sigmund, 194 Pearl. Kel ncr, L., 91 William. LLHentho.l, O. H., 217,219, and 221 Wallhlngtcn. Lodi.iu & Smith, 114 Fulton. J ,orllla.rd P. 16, 18 and 20 Chambers. :&I'Aipiu, D. h. & Oo.; 75, 77, a.nd 79 Avenue D. Mickle; A. IL &: Sons, 36Broadwa.f. Moses, Jobn G.l-.183 Pearl. Moss & Jralk, 'l J:Surllng-slip. Neudecker & BroB 92 Water. Purdy, F. H & C. 1'1' 1 1M Sta. a..,_., .o. L. A a .... 48 Fourlb. P,..o,IL,.A-Co., t'l BIOli'Hib. Jtobln.o11 a WiHtll, 14-l .... WI TbMd alftet .... a-'"""' 0-Wa\k.lna;Y. W1Clr.a, G. W.,-1M Mata. :W:Uletc_ J : .s.,ltT-.lW I'Wnl. L 'W:liiCHB1JaG, H'Oortle, 18ou. 1: Co .. na W.aiD. lllcD&DW M-lrbt. Hclvtt A Eurch, 'l'O MAID. ........ ,__., .tt Jdalu. Jo.. a, 1>111 ...,,. m. a Oii. :BBBPIDI!I, A..._at, CompbeU, :4a>;. '......... 1'111; ...... U.r-t. o'i.\.oX\. 1\\ :NO. 176 WATEBSTB.i:ET, NEW-YORK. VIRGINIA TOBACCO WORKS .. PRINCE & BACHRACH, JU.BITI'.10TOUBI OJ' Plug, Twist, and Fancy Tobacco. .lYD.,.., No. 349 Pearl Street. fi4. Ni.We GAIL, AX & XUC.HLEll, Tobacco and Commission House. DEPOT OP G. WT. GAIL & AX'S JIU.NUFACTURES, BALTIMORE. 1173 &: 17 5 Water Street, t&-fi INJI:W 01. K. KING & CO., Tobacco Factors Aim ounntslliDn \ltrchaut.!l, No. 24 -Broad Street. 0. K. Knoa, } Tsoa. J. Jl..urD, TID0. t:':l!l 8.ABL.&.. ls..t51 Acente l.n LoulavUle. A. 0. & Job.D 8. Brann ln. JONAS, ISAAC &: CO., 41fD D:U.UU Dl' FOREION AND DOMESTIC LEAF !NO. 178 l'IEWYOBK. I.U>ow >141> a4r"":'" """""''011.. ,!IT-M .. GOLD VALUES OF FOREIGN COINS. Great Brita.inpound ........................ ........ $4.84,0 le. Jbilling ........ .. _. ................... 0.2!,2 ld. :us .... --. ... ... 0.02,0(1) France- lfr. hnc ........... ........... :. .. .. .. 0.16,6 lc. centime. .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. 0.00,1(8) organ -of thfi TOba-;co Tr;ule ftf the United Sfates j Amsterdam, Rottenl&m, etc.-l.ft. tlorin or guilder ........................ let. cent .......... ..... ......... 0.00,4 Dromcnlrth. rix thaler'.: ....... .... ... .. 0.78X lgrt. grote,.... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 0.01,0(9) Hamburg, Lubec, etc.-' P U B L H .E D WEEKLY. I TEB!ILS, nr' { lly :MaU, $2. By da.rrier, $2.50.1 Bingle 8 cents. 1m. marc bnnco ......... ,., .. ,....... 0.85,0 loch. schelling. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 0.02,1 ./' NEW,-Y.QRK, WEDNES.DAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1866. W4ole No: 53. FOREIGN WEIQHTS,-A equals 2.20485 lbs.; a Bremen p!Und equals 1.00909 lbs.; a. Hamburg pfund l.(l6708lbs. avoirdupois. DE & CO., Gemmissi{)n Merchants, ..-Ill I r f111!!1i lured and 'Iob,acco, 'Segars, i, J I : I ""' a:e., f U W.A.TEB-5T:REET, NO'Ot-York. -Don.ded.;-32J 1>\rirlct, New-York. torw&rd ut1 tl;leir... g9!)(li without .. ROBERT BOWNE, 65 SOU:TH:.Sl:'REET, NEW-YORK, S. & General ;Commission Merchant, S.OLitoUJE;r POl :HODGE'S 6 KAYO'S CEUBRATED BllOXING TOBAcco; "V:'XRGrXN'XA C:E-IOXCE. ti0-101 H." W. HU;NT & CO., Tobacco Commission Merchants, 167 WATER-STREET, IK!;WcY@!.'I!K, 1.1. Central 'W'"har:t; Boston. 1L y imrr, 29-55 J B. SAQOBlf, SANDERS & STUART, --Commis&ion Merchants AND Tobacco Facters, 28 SOUTH WILLIAM ST., BEVIUU.BV 0. BJ.NDERS, } NEWY' OBK EDWJ.RD V. STUART. REFERENOE": Il H. Lony, Esq., Pre1t. Na.tlQI.n&l Bank or the Republic, N, Y. f Meseta. Duncan, Sherman A: Oo., Bankers, N.Y. Libera.! cash a.dTa.nces made on consignments. 49-14 prepayMent or-the excl86 tax. "" 23-6\l WA.-rs, Gtvr.< d!Co., t:Jvm., WA.-ro & co., A JD JORTB CAROLINA TOBACCO. I. P''""'"' J O S t A H MAc y 's s 0 N s S. HAWKINS, (Late or Jlawklns, Guthrey .t JACOB LORILLARD, NO, 80 FRONTStREET, resources nnd importance of the interest. To direct this interest aright, the Government must take hold of it-must grasp it m ust clutch it with hooks of steel and bands of iron. Men mus(; not. have the opportunity to manufacture tobacco without assessment i11 the towns or use it in the raw state in the pountry. To prevent this is a duty Which the Government owes not l ess to .itself than to the manufacturers. Under any system, it i s to the manufacturers it must ]ook for its revenue ; .a.:Dd it is bound by every moral tie to see that no impediment stands between them and the highest degree of prosperity. 'In a grapple like this in which the nation is engaged with insolvency, when it is upon every man to giv e his mite. 1country people have no more right use toba.cco in the natural slAte than !he residents of the city have to manufacture i t and evade 'tf?.-e tflX, or than either to smuggle good.;; through the Custom-House, or to rob a bank. The Government calls upon the manufact ur ers for the ta.x; it stands fa.ce to face with them ; it calls upon them alone; tbere is no middle man between ; the question is not between government and p1oducers ; it is between government and manufacturers, and manufacturers, by virtue of this responsibility, are entitled to every guarantee that can be thrown around them. Tiley sl>ould hae a perpetual lun on the consump tion of tM e indifea.>ible ''ighl under the circumstancelJ, and GO'Dernment wdl be ltnmindful of its duty if it Me8 not aecurc that right to. them. Tbis is justice, simple justice--nothing more. Not to do this, ls to bid a ma,..n or a carpenter to build a house and withhold from him the materi&ls to do it with. WMle manufactwred tobacc p _, VIGELIUS & DOHAN, & CO., Tobacco and Cotton Factors, .ANI? I. B. COHEN, Commission Marchant, ...:wM. A:e _NEw & soNs, TOBACCO. T OBAGlCO M:erohants, Commissibn'-Merohants, Commiasion !fo. 132 Frol')tstreet, A.ND DULSJt' IK .1.LL XINDS 011' 2S4 and Front iStreet, 182 and 184 No. !JI :11 ft NEW-YORK. Bowluti 0'. D.n-IR, :hw01 M. fuus, :NEWYORK. DA.k1rn & Co., B.A. VE OW S.u.J: A.LL 01' }:.__:4$-:__gs __ Leaf Tobacco for Etpm:t and Home Use. OATMAN & REID 11e::Jonded 82d Colleotlon Diltrlct, New-York. (84-86) Clnclnna\L B,EYNES 4o 00., NO. WATER-STREET, NIEW/e 'Y f,eif Tobacco t>aledm any package by hydrau, ,. s: HJRSCHQRN & CQ,, lio press for export. DllOIU'DS OJr SEGARS_,: tlommisdo:o Merchants, John H. Ganh -& Co., l. T. 8ULLIVJ.N & BRo., JOIDl.MURrDT, NO'jVYork. !! :l.ol''f O!f, SULLIV ,ut, ldURPHY & CO., Gf.otnmllinon Jftmftantli, Np. Street, Near Hanover Squaie, NEW-YORX. TH. H. VETTERLEIN & SONS, TOBACCO' CO MERCHANTS, 128 WATER-STREET, VETTERLEIN & CO., 111 ARCHSTREET, PHILADELPHIA. BONI>ED "W" AREHOUSE, (FIUST DISTRrOT. A. STEIN, Merchant, Commission 1 97 Duane-street, con.s\o.ntly on conalfPJment a large quaniJ.ty o Connecticut. Stale and OILlo SeedleafTo bacco01 Which will be sold In quant.IUea to ault purchasen. Ciga.r mamufacturers pa.rticularly f&vored. 18-88 MURRELL, CARUTH & CO., GENER.O.L ouuui.a!'lien 116 Pearl Street, Robt. MDJ'I'ell, H. 0. CaruLh, R. T. Pollard. DAVID & CO., AND DOMESTIC @'nbattn, I I 9 Malden lane, NEW-YOBX. 1'-89 WILLl"-H M. 600 BALES OLD QUALITY Jabana JfiUm nna F!B SALE, IN BOND OR DUTY PAID, IN LOTI TO SUIT PURCKAI!'ERS, BY ROBERT E. KELLY & CO., 84 Beaver-street. J .!. llRlDCJL.U(D, J, :B. :I!OO"CJ::, 1., IJ. R.\WBOlf, RAWSON, BRlDGLAND & CiT. 'TOBACCO & COTTON FACTORS, ASD. General Commission Merchants, :NO. 41 BROAD-STREET, NEWYORK. H A V A N A .um &.U..IIIIIf v os. 140 Pearl-st. &: 106 Water-st., (Near Wall-street,) To b a c co,. 2?-sl Nl:W-YORK. CHAS. B. FALLENSTEIN SON, .TOBACCO NEWTOBK. TOBACCO ttOO>JtESSEI} fft BALES, I'Olt. '11m lcxit"dl, West-India, Central AmerieaJ, Ml O'MtKR IU.RUT8. Allo, repacked In hlull. at short notice, -..,. CUTHRIE & CO., 225 Front Stroot, Y. t4-52 ESTAI!IL.lSHEO 21H54 AJso, Tmporten and Manatt.duren or SECARSJ 'No. 14 7 Waterstroet, NEW YORK, AND GENERAL Commission Merchants, NO. 66 FRONT-ST ., N. Y Alsn, fc,r BRANDT'S SONS&CO., London n11ule on couslgorueuta to tl..tem of Toba.c-111) .CtJttoQ, auct Tallow. 29-91 & FUNKHAUSER, 1,obacco & CottonFitetor1 AND (l)mu:1l !llonnnission :Wmbnnts, -" 5fJ.) NO. 62 SROAD-STREET, NE\VYORK. Cash advdnco;s m _ade on consig-nments to ua. ROBINSON & GARTH Cpmmission Merohapts FOit T rE SALE OF Leaf and Manufactu ;ed Tobacco JuliN B. Jous II. 0J.i<1'11. NEW-YORK. Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco. a7 Water Street, Du lqsepl B. Vm>& I NORTON, SLAUGHTER& CO.; Tobacco & Cotton Factors: )entral Gfommission llttr.chanfs, NO. 40 BROAD-STREET, S$-80 NEWTOBK, SPENCER BROTHERS, w. :EL FREY, DB!LU .&ND OOllVI!SIO:I MDOIUn II" Jtaf No. 189 PE.O.RL STREET, {UP STAIRS,) Between Molden Lane and Cedar St., JUJt received, a large quanUty of PennaylT&nla t.e.f Tobacco. 80-64 TANNAHILL, MciLW AINR& Co., GENERAL C()Dun.lssion Merchants Por the 8ale of" P.roda.Ce AND PUROiUSE OP GENERALLY. No 79 Front-street ......... NEW-YOBK.. :M.UTJ!I' A: TA.I't.&Hn.l., of Pete:nburg, Ya. 88-59 lfclvw-.wn Oo., of Pet.enbura:, Va. SA,WYJ;R, W ALLAOE & CO., Commission Merclwlu, No. 47 Broad Street,. DEALERs IN NEWYO"K. 49-101 46 Exchange-place ; NEWYORK. Virginia nnd North f.arollna Tobaeo Agtney, SAML. AYRES, SON & CO., .... (LaLe or Richmond, Va.), l&ommi:M(on/. llo. 31 Broad-stieet, (34-S6) NEWYORK. Liberal cash advances mMC on in band, BRAMHALL & CO., 37 PEA.RLSTREET, NEW-YORK.172 WATER-STREET, New-York. Manutaetureu ot &be Collowln&;" Celebra 1.ed Brande oC TOBACCO. BRIGHT, GKA.Piii uu Af'RICQT. Pll.&lU.,]r.lrt J'OROUlUlWT, )d's. I:R&.IUUlf 1 Jba. D.4.RK. I S4ILOJ.1ll DRLIGil'I'-NJ.VT Lr"'u: SuNSHADK, .l{a. lluOUOR'S AAA, nOs. Is.unu lOs, JULlAN ALLEN, Co:r;nmissionMerchant, Tobacco,' Cotton; and General D D ..... rir >LL tile amount of. illicit manuja<:ture carried on in populom cities, and who knrnca nothing of tlte quantity cons-umed in the raw state el8ewhe'l'IJ. a restriction suoh as this would aeem to verge _on aumptury despotism. Dut let himonce learn to what an extent the former prevails, equalling as is conceived, wellnigh half the legitimate manufacture, and then let' him take a journey through the States and see, as I have l'ecently seen, tbc LEAF TOBACCO large number who draw th e rudely-twisted leaf just as it Jeans the stalks from their pouches, and the demand wm n ot appear illiberal. Ak the soldier what is the prac tice in the South among the common people. BOUt AGENTS J'OR 172 W ATERSTBEET, Chockley & Oliver's Qelebrated Brands of A. 48-l()ll NEWYORK. V:mGINIA SMOKING TOBACCOS, ROBE, WHITE CLOUD, 41-85 HEARTS' EASE, LONE STAR JOS, W. J0S. HOY, J. N, NIVKN JOSEPH H9)' & CO.; Commission Merchants, No. 126' Pearlstreet, NE"W"-YORl'L D. H New. 'fork B. Buou.u:, Ba:runnah, Ga. South, North, East, and West, thC practice I. J'. CUJ.IY.JNGS, D ., Ho or ,, h J ...., of using tobacco in the natural state prevails, D H BALDWIN & and always did-now more than ever; but it '"-1 l should be permitted to now hero On Cotton and Tobacco FaLCtors, every pound raised and consumed in the ANn. country tbe Government, first, tO the extent of the tax sought from it, and the manufao General CommissiND 121 & 123 FRONT-STREET, N:EW-Y-e-RK, TOBACCONISTS' NA-TIONAL ABBDCIATION. ITS ACTION AT COOPER INSTITUTE CONVENTION REVlEWED-REPL:Y 'fO SECRETARY, ,MR .":BDWARD fM11P.ifacturers Bhamifully infringed." \ ... The words italicised have been so by uS, [ibtt the attention of the render might the ........... -1:" __ .., ernment taxes an article it confers a monopoly or u prerogative upon the so paying it, over the article upon which the duty is paid, and upon all like articles coming in competition with it. If this be so, let us see where Government and individuals would find themselves. rhe importer bring s all kinds of woollen goods into the United States, and pays a heavy duty upon them. With like justice be may assume that no '-TOJA.t, SEGARS, JI.B.OBEn, JC J '-'-"'"o r '''V>o ..&ND _New-York. Jos. S. toni!!. Nll WOrll-au s .&:liD "WllOLXSA.LE DKJ.LJ:RS IN SHIPPING FURS HJ.VANA AND ,DOMESTIC THE following is ti'om th e monthly report of the 'of .Agriculture for January. It is from the pen Qf Lewis Boll mon, the able of tha.t department, and will be read with interest, we doubt not, by those who favor a tu upon the leaf, as well as by those of opposite opinions.-Ens. ToBA.dco LEAr. woollen goods should be manufactured and consumed thatdid nol pay a tax equal to this duty. His payment of the duties gives him a n lien, a prerogati\ e ,_, over the farm ers' wool and his ..household manufactures. The domestic flanne}s .and jeans must pa.y an internal tax equal to the duty ;paid by this importer on like flannels and jeans. If he is not required to do this, "'the prerogative of the importer is shamefully infringed." Should the farmer-buy sume cottol! sheeting, and fill between an under and upper sheet of it a layer of wool, and stitch them so as to make a comfort, it is a use of his wool, like his present use of his unmanufa.ctureti tobacco, and upon this use of the woof he must pay an internal tax equal to the duty paid by the importer on comforts. '!'hat the might not be cheated of its dues, tbe prt-roga.tive of tbe importer not be sha.mcfuUy infringed that these u prior cbims ,, over that of th; grower of the wool to his homo use of it, might be duly enforced, a host of treasury officials would fill every neighborhood, to search the bedding and the undergarments of the farmees family; or to ::&.void his wra.th1 the treasury would furnish each one of these officials with a spy glass, and de clare by an act of Congress, duly passed and approved, that Monday should he the oom mon wash-day of the country, and the clothes Jine. be pla.ced in some open space which could bo clearly viewed through these glasses, at a safe distance to the officials. No farmer, or farmer's wife or daughter, should be allowed to have more than a single change of woollen guments, that the clothes fine might be a waving at testation to the number bad by the house hold. The justice of these taxes appar ent, for 11 wb-ile imported woollens in every form pay duties, no man should be allowed to mnnufacture for jlimself a. pound of his homegrown wool." Tbe policy of appoiritingthts host of officials is also seen in tbe fuct, th3.t now ''wellnigh half the mnnufa.c tured tobacco is of in populous Jltlo, ?'5 .f(i}Uen S6'ane1 N_ANS9N & CO., LEAF llil' _; 1 CommiSSIOn Merchams, us ... ,e ... ,,..e,;N. Y. (8&-60) c. c. sPENCER. "'tW ',t!.or I 110 68 aaoA sTHET,_ _Ciu!. BoJIDY. )IICBilL BonY. LEOPOLD sollWAR%.1WPP. 2H1 LEWIS SYLVESTER, NANSON OBER & CO., &r. Lom!. H. s cH UBA R T & c 0 ., OBKR, ATWATRR &CO .. Nw-OBLBANS. '2841 Import.en of and Dealers ln nllldndJ of JOSEPH 131 Ma_ldenlane. Leaf Commission Merchant. Tobapco and Cigars NO. 146 WATER-STREET, .un na.u.o 1 .. A:C Low Prlee111 Cor. Ca.h. (Near !,) Er, ScuUB_.urr, H. ARKENBURGH & BRYAN, 35 and 37 Broad St., INJI:W MALLORY' & DONNAN, GENERAL COMMISSION AND Forwarding MerchaD:ts, No. 5 WATER-STREET, Ww. n. U.U.LORY, ... c.:f.-w s OO>NAN. '" '". o r produce1 etc., solicited. Strict personal aucntlon P"id to the 1mr chase or Mercbandlae, etc. iM MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, No; 82 WaterStreet. NE.WYOBK, DANIEL H. LONDON, GENERAL CommissionMerchant, Thirteenth .l!t., Richlnond, Va..; Otftn for sale senral of the celebrated Vlrf1nla Sprlnp. Particular a.t.LenUon paid to tbe SaJe and Purchase of aU klndl of Tobacco, and adjuetmenr of cln.lnu agatn11t lllertbaot& and othen.. 82--:58 I. L IU. T10!1. L. J.,JUTJ:JI, J. o.nJ.Tiflil!l. J. E. HAYNES & SONS, TOBACCO FACTORS AND,G:sn:RAL Commission Merchants, 46 llroad-street, :NEW-YORK,, 1 aao s. JU.R.'P, E. :B. !GEO. S. HART & CO., 89 PE.O.RL and 28 BR.DGEST., :NEW YORK, on band and are consta.Dtly receiving !rom growen, on large ot CONN. AND STATE SEED-LEAF, Both Old and New Crops. Which they are prepared to offer in lots to suit purchasers. A. S. ROSENBAUM, Tobacc o Commission Merchant, .ui:D DULaR lN HAVANA .. D DOMESTIC LEAl\ & MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS. VIRGINIA. HANUF.AOTURED1 recehed on c':msigni:Jl(lnt, ror sale at. l oweat market. ra.tes. ...... H9 LIDEKTYSTREET. In November last a convention <>f the man ufacturers of tobacco was held in New-York The resolutions adopted by ib ask Congress to transf.r the internal tax now levied on manufactured tobacco, from it to the lenf, and express the opinion that such could work no i njul'y to the growers. It 1s scarcely ntcesso.ry to say that in this opinion we do not at al,L concur. lleretofere we have stated also that we regard the existing taxes on the ma." ufa.ctured article as so great they are lessening the use ot tobacco, o.nd m the end will deJeat their sole purpose--the collection of revenue-and will also injure the grower by lesseniog the dinand for leaf. The published proceedings of this conven tion have been laid before us by their able sCcretary, Mr Edwo.rd Burke, his owp address constitutes the most important part of tbc proceedings. so doing, our attention bas been called to the on the eleventh page, but it is "'rrested our attention when first reading hts address as published in one of the New-York papers. We propose to c:xamine the pn;inciple bodied in this paragraph, and m so domg shall give our dissent plainly an,d freely, but we trust n9t disrespectfully, to ome for w:hom we have no other feeling tbim the greatest respect and admiration for the: candid ex pression of his opin!ons. The paragraph referred to reads lows : cities by an illicit Assumptions of sucl:r" prerogatives call to mind what Hume has written of themanop olies graotcd by Elizabeth; who, like our government, was "often engaged in a death with insolvency.11 u 1fhe active reign of Elizabeth," snys Hume n had enn.bled many perso _ns to dis themselv8s in civil and military em ployments; and the Queen, who Wt\S not able, f1om her revenue, to give them any rewards proportioned to their had made use of .nn expedient wbich had been employed by he!' predecessor, but which never beefl carried to such a.n extreme as under her administration. Sho granted her servant"s and her courtiers pa.teu ts for mo nopolies; and these patents they sold to others, who were thereby t o rmse commoditi es to price they plrosed who put invincible up_on all coll). roerce, industry, and m the a.r. ts. It is astonishing to consider tbe number and importance of those commodities which were thus assigned over to patentees ; currants, H. MESSENGER & CO., tifroRn:ltS AND DULDB FOREIGN& DOMESTIC TOBACCO, __:::__:.::_____::.:..==::.-",_c-::-:':-:-:=---::--::-CO:=C H A.8. C. M EN C E L & CO. WM. P. KITTREDGE & ., d T b TOBACCO and o acco as' folsalt iroo powder, eards, calf-skins, felds, poulsQinbones, traib oil, 1ists of cloth, potashcs, aniseeds, vinegar, sear-coals, steel, aqua vitoo, brusbe:'o pots, J:>ottles, lead accidence, 011, cn.larnme-stone, 011 of blubber, glass es.. paper starch, tin, sulphur, new drapery, dned pt1chards, tranSf'ortattalll of iron ordnance, of lace, of born, leather, importation of Spanish wool, of Insb yarn these arc but a pnrt of the commodities which had been appropriated to monopolists. When thil! lfst was read in the Honse of Commons, a member cried: I& not b reail "" Ml' f\U111ber 1 said every .qne in "In its tobacco trade this country hM one of the most fruitful elements of. nation! wealth that ever blessed a nation, and in its and direction have one of the most interestmg problems that ever exercised the human lU tellect 'I' he crop _or 1Jl50, before alluded to, and the recorded manufacture of 1864, re quiring in its conversion about 93,000,000 pounds of leaf, with the annual exports av eraging in the" neighborhood of 150,000,000 pounds, 1:9nvey a comparative of the .. D 161 6 163 MAIDEII'LAJIE, lr._ Y. 1vos. lL IU88UQD1 8JDliH JoWl ....... ..--t .--Commission Merchants, C>o'm.m\. ... 164 NEW-YORK wa l'. x:ma,... ll. o. 'Wa.aa.ooL :>:oou .,:>t.,. (162 Watc:r-.Veet1 NewCo:rk. St. Louis. 124 North Second &treet. Jlem.phia. 22 ltleet. RN"ow..QrleiiWI, 81 14ogozinNtreeM


astomshmcnt Yes, I assure you, if go on at thUJ rate we ta bread reduced to monopoly bifore Pa7$iament" TO BE OONOLUDiro THE TOBACCO .MARKET. DOII!ESTIC NewYork. February 27th. WESTERN LEAF -The past week has been one of unusual quiet m the market, the sales amountmg to less than one hundred and flfly hogsheads all told Ihe transactions have been m small lots, and we note severa1 o; heav'y Clarl,sVJlle at 20c a 27c currency' 4o hhds. Kentucky sold at Gc a 24c 60 hhds do at Gtc a 24lc 40 hhds. do at 'rc a ISc Holders are asking very firm rates, but the news from foreign mark"ts the generally un settled state of the finances and trade of tho country, and especially the strong apprehen SlOns of a reactiOn m busmess m the lmme diate future, keep buyers from making any but the most cautwus ventures The conse quence IS almost a complete stagnation. V., !I"'"' Leaf IS Without any Important movement f:Jeeit-leof IS almost equally dull, the only sales bemg 60 cs OhiO at 14c a 19tc 45 cs New York State at 13}c' and a few tn flmg lots of Connecticut Withm the range' of our quotations Manufacl;ured has been tolerably active for all sorts the prmClpal actlvlty, however, bemg m VIrginia mfenor quahties at pnces ran&lllg from 15c a 55c Of these, some qmi:, extensive sales have been made The market for all good qualihcs lS firm, and full rates are obtamed m small lots Fi a>ghts -tngagements to Liverpool, 100 hhds at 20s to Bremen, 200 bhds at 25s 200 cs per steamer at 3Gs No charters for tobacco. Forezgn Exchange -BillS at 60 days on London $1 OH a $1 OSlt for commercial, and $1 OSf for bankers', Antwerp, 5 25 a 5 20 Hamburg, 86 a 80i Amsterdam, 40f a 41 Bremen, 'iS a 7S! Gold -Closmg quota bon Feb 26th, 1860, 187. QUOTATIONS OF WUOLESALE PRICES Gol{L (}ur'tt.'M'/1 81 .. --5@6 -@-1@9 --9l',!)l2t--121@14t--10 @16!-IJ!J---@-6@8 --81@10 -101@18 -181@17 Fine l'i' @lS --Beh:ctlons 18i@Zl -M't88016N -Common factory drie:0 Leaf, = rg:: do U (gl-16 @-Sclcctioll8 do 16 @-!t-10 @11 -@-12 @lSi--14 @lilt -IJ!J18 @1)2 -(g)-26-@---@.. @ 1 8 @10 -11 @ 14 16 (g} g2 lli. @ 91 -10 @ 16 -16 IJ!J -40 @.., --B6 @40 -25 @80 @ 9 -25 @ 86 -18 @ 26 -80 @86 -Hi @25 1>1@ 1 -10 IJ!J 10 20 @ 25 -15 @ 20 -4tll!) dorn, 12 W A G B J Taylor, 6' & Bcllmg, 6 C Lulmg & Co, 10 From New Orleams C F Tag, 75 pkgs J D Scott, 17 I:MPORTS. at thlll port for the week endmg February 27th were as follows From Havana C F Tag, 81 bales leaf' M & E Salomon, J1S6 R S Latorre, 264 Kunhardt & Co 215 E Hoffman, F Miranda, 145, Oa.tman & 101> A Lachmcycr, 1 case Cigars, Bombaiier & Co, 3 J M Wmans 1 A Schwerm & Co, 5, & F Probst & Co I 12 R. S Latorre, 1 M at $4 60 a $4 85, 15 at $6 a $12 50, 13 at $14 25 a $10 50, 9 at $21 a $28, 5 at $30 a $43 50 I On the 22d mst. 10 hhds stems old at $2 3 hhds do at $1 60, 5 hhds leaf at $6 a $13 50, 7 at $14 25 a $17 50, 6 at $20 50 a $35. Petersbu:rg, Februuyt2Sd. MARKET tolerably active, and well sustamed One bnght wrapper hogshead was sold th1s week at $105 per 100 lbs It was grown ;n Granville, N 0 by Mr E Dalby Jl(oblle, February 1 7tb. OnKwiNG 1s 1n better demand, but only for small lots We quote common, 30c a 35c medmm 55c a 65c fine, SOc g, $1 Smok mg 1s dull at 50<1: a 70c r TOB.A.OOO LE.AXF. successfully opposed. The re ceipts of new ground leaf could mostly be promptly placed, pnces however have receded, and }ow to fair average lots have Withm the last .days been selling at from 5i to 6t gts., at ;wh1ch fur. ther lots would find buyers Ari.vals from Baltimore durmg the month now VBnTISINQ Jlll TRE TOBACCO LJU:I' E Salomon, 16, Ph11Ip Dater & Co, 2 hhds 1 package Marcus & Baltzer, 2 cases' Kun hardt & Co 26 J Oliver, 1 C A Ro)>ert, 1 p D Kellogg, I Schepeler & Co 1 C Reed, 1 Gonzales & Co 3, Purdy & N10ho las 22 S Lmnmg ton & Son, 2 F de Bn.ry, R 6 Fabbn & Chauncey, 3 H Batyer, 3 E' Kelley & Co, 10, Ordor, 16, Skmner & Co 1 G W 6 Schroder & Co 3 Imports dunng the week 234 bxs 1 preVl ously 5781 bxs Chmce Havanas sell at $150 a 180 per M, mfeuor brands at $30 a 75 Seed leaf has been m moderate demand, aud holders had to subm1t to slight conces swns to effect sales SToCKS IN FmsT HANDS -Kentucky, 1750 hhds 1642 hhds Maryland, 2156 hhds Ground leaf, 438 hhds Ohw, 510 hhds Bay, 40 hhds VIrgtma stems, 8515 hhds. Kentucky S66 hhils l3eed leaf, 6061 cases tcs twi s t were taken for Adela1de at I3a a I6td At auction, quarter tcs were placed at lOtd a I Old Dmgo half !bs sold atiOd a lid Nectarille at ls 9td At auctwn on the 19th lt lb s. sold at G!d. a llid Western tWist, all fa11lls Sltd a S'!;d sound do Hltd tens, 9td a IOid Aromatic pounds, all 12td On the 20th mst, Carrier D6vo '' twist, all faults, sold at auc t10n at Sd a 21d "Eagle," do do at 12 a 17td "May Apple," aromatic do, 9d, pocket pieces, aromatic do 2s 6d all m bond Dunng last weok the 1m proved demand led to an advance of ltd. a 2d per pound on good half pounds and tens, but the pnces de mahded fOr iw1sts bemg proportiOnably h1gher than for other sorts busmeverpoo!--229 hhds $72,724, 50 cs, $2700 Total, $715,424 L<>ndon-398 hhds, $46,857, 47,23S lbs mnfd $12,885 Total, $59,242 San Franclco, January 2'1,h. D oRING the past ten days tobacco bas been largely dealt m at 1mproved pnces At pn vate sale several mvmces of V 1rgmm manu factured light-pressed new crop of cb01ce brands have been ULDIIlll Leaf Tobacco, No 120 Pearl-street ucl9 Old 81ip, ti8-78 lfBWYORK. MASERAS, GUAZA & co I Of01mmssron UfPOaTDS o HAVANA SEGARS, ... 1Jutch West Ind-9726 lbs m, $47'U Br>tur. West Indies-5 bhds, $2025, 10 cs, $6361155 bales, $8438, 55S3 lbs mi, $1496, 1 cs CJgall"s, $400 Total, $7995 French Wast lmd Also at same sale, 145 pkgs KilliokmlCk Smokmg, each 5 lbs, at :f Government tobacco, and claimS for that City P_o_n_o_x __ 142_9 ___ 7 _________ Cuba-467 lbs mf., $152 Hayt<-180 banes, $3280 New Grana.dar-85 bales, $1159, 7 cs $371, 922 lbs mf., $701 Total, $2281 Braz>!--1 cs $110, 1 cs c1gars, $700 22o a 2Blacco was sold there are further adv 1 sed of 125 cases light and for $1 50 p er pound, and m 1864 some of the hard pressed, at full figures, also 65 cs Oo;:",:Oo;;6 1 St Louis manufacturers paid from $2 50 to ed llllddllng 8 9 0 d t, Mr Western, i lba and 50 cs do hght-press Grt :from annary s o t t f t t d _, ., h h MARCH, PRICE & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS roa TJIR s.&LJ: OJ' Manufactured and Leaf Tobacco, Ootton, Flour Gram, Naval Stores, etc., 91 WA.TER-STREBT, 113-78 NEW-YORK ., 5 remarkable ,or 1 s wan o ac lVI y, an "-' over to St. Lou 1 s the palm for the 1g Exports tor week 1810 1,565 72814 216, b:x:s 1 12, i bxa, i1 x;petiericcd,.l smce Jan 1 3191 a 820 S2'1929 though a fmr mqutry has been ..... est pnces We are not sure, however, but Same time 1st6 IS 129 17268 1,020 900 FOREIGN d h b 1 t d th L. w. J'B.UL P n. o 'W'ILLDtu.xna, sbll the busmess one as een tml e New .. York may retain the honor for e ca.u. LMowUh8peneeBro1.&0o. Exports for Havana, February 17th. the total transachons Will reach a lower figure heaviest aggregate Onr correspondent does QUEEN CITY TOBACCO Lbs mJ. MARKET Wlthont specml actmty Fillers t Th 1 f th I < ls .,14s sst; 1 ossss thou for some t1me pas e supp Y 0 0 not offer any mt1matwn that any smgle ot C .,. '"' M. FR & ..,.K ._ CO., "'022 528 sss are m fair demand, and several. hundred bales tob h h "" """ .oi:LI.'O .,.. 186:5 1B 066 10 a! qualitieS of American acco W lCr are re 110 large 88 51x hogsheads was sold at those Succes'"'".., llARNEY, GIIEB!I & oo. b nnd sold dunng the week at $12 a $14 per b 0 h t d II d th Lonlovme, Fe D"uar:r qmred by t e ra e IS sma an IS ac;, rates and realized the sum of $19,220 How TH s-'es and receipts are mcreasmg, but Exports smce January 1st to Umted States ts, tb 1 ttl b done m oneref: "" a.1 coun 1.0r o 1 c usmess ever, our western fnends are amous 10r the m arket contmues steady and qmte firm Laf. Zbs] Ogarr Jlf. h 1 th h a ress of tobccg f 11 d t 1866 100 no M s s spect, w 1 c ere IS o. e vy P btgh prices, and we g1ve them u ere 1 forall good grades," Lth sole! at the four auc 1865 10 415 1869 which IS qmte unsmted, generally speakmg, Thmr markets at present range ahead of most aucl!on warehouses of 207 hhds, illcludmg St. J"a:;:o de Crs and Fillers_ railed ln Lance.ster Co 1 Pa., 1n 1863 took a great deal of care ln telectlug and buying and d1d not boy any thlnf but ihe bee of Leaf u we bough\ it for oiU' own. tue AI we haTe ltOppe:d manuract.llring cigars for the lalt two )tara, we wm clole thJ8 Leaf out at COBt. u has been 11ampled bJ Mt'rt. J II & J Benael A: Co of N y I FENDRICK DR08 fi1-GS 00LUXBll1 Lancaster Co 1 Pa. :Por Sale, in bond and dut.y paid, Hava.n& and wro.ppcl'l and fille r s Jn lo\4 to IUit by P WEIL-BACHER J. S. GANS & SON, TOBACCO BROKS88t. I NO 86 WALL-STREET, Tontine Building, NEW YORK :M RADER & SON, TOBA'c&O llllOKERS, d f. ..t "' o Pearl J {sxcmm DOOR XU'l', 45 bxs to Port Elizabeth 80 hhds to Afr1ca, 28 os, 8 bbls 1 2 bxs, to St P1erre1 and !iO bales to Hayti Philadelphia, FObJtUary lt4th, LR:Al' IS qruet, transact10ns 1n ma.nufac tnred are hght but priCes are firmly main tamed 200 cs. Pennsylvama seed leaf sold durmg theiweek on pnva.te terms Fillers are quoted at 4o a 6c 1 wrappers at.lGc a 20c Mason County and Kentucky luga at 5o a 9c, and wrappers at 16c. a 23c, 1 Exports durmg the week 12,4.13 lbs leaf, value $8007, to Port Spaw 8altlniore9 Jtcnrual"1' 24th. At Jersey C1ty smce February 3 Su!hvan1 Murphy & Co 21 hhds Bacon, Clardy & Co 44, Watts, Crane & Co 128, Cirnth & Co, 8, Sawyer, Wallace & Co, 58, Rowson, Br1dglnnd & Co 28 Wilcox, Power & Co 40 P D Collins, 28 Arken burgh & Bryan, 7 Goodman & M 8 Krem lliru;ET for Leaf unl!Snally dull no sales of Importance durwg the week PriCes nomma.lly unchanged Inpections, 93 hhds Stock m wo.rehotlses, gllla hbds. Manufactured 1s m unproved demand, and priCes are firmer, bnt Wlthout qnoable change Eecetpts are light and the stock 1s considerably r educed Sales have been to a f111r extent, quotatiOns same as In onr lait report elberg & Co 8 ll Baltllllore :Kremelberg r & Co, 12 bhds 1>f Rade1 & Son, 1 1 J H1ck., I7a pkgs J T Hams, 97 Neudecker Bros, 54, Reesman & Kappes, 20 Richmond, We a r e lookmg for a reviVal ill tho demand cavendiSh there has been more mqmry, and as the season IS a.dvancmg, especially fgr a a. moderate bus10ess baA resulted, fine caven 1 W ASHlNGrON, Feb 24th, 1866 SOUTHERN tobacco sh1pped m bond will I not, after Marcli 1st be lmblc to tax add1 tiona! to the rate at w h1ch bonded desirable artwle such as opens sound and of d1sh IS wanted, and the stock of Saeb IS low sweet flavor Sales dnrmg the past month Liverpool, February I Oth. were confined to 418 hhds, at from 5lf for WE have no busmess to report worthy 1} A RoLLINs, Com Internalll the foflowmg concermng to the proporhon of leaf contamed therem, httlemore domg The There se, With 6 bhds., snuff "-8nuff of all decnptwns, when ID SOme lDStances llS much OS 15 gts;'was ds b for US, ilr'hable to a -taX'" of forty h h f and the elora Wheeler Wlth 20 hh to acco, cents 1 pe l "o pr'epa-tion of t' o P""' but t en t e proportwn o lugs was have arnved from New York. ,_ Ln .ft n very small A ch01ce lot, but 10 hhds only, MonthlyRep<>rt -The transactwnsfor the matcr10! may be nJade beforl> or'ailer gnnd of fine dry leaf brought 23 gts 1 The am ;Q;;i;h of January amount to 1134 hhds 1 mg, and' may constst ofpwklmg, scentmg, or vals from C1ty Pomt dll'ect by the "Harz of 61 hhds stnps, 82 otfter processes '!'be {a_x accrues only on burg" and "Hermme," amount to 6'16 hhds hjlds. Vlfgmia leaf, 353 hhds Western Strip!!, the sale, eonsumptlon7 'oe removal for con tobacco, and 753 hhtls stems, while mdtrect 500 hhds Western le:if, and 188 hbds Mn.Y sumpt10n or sale, of snuff prepared for use VIa Bb.ltimore and New York 283 bbd.s more lands The market throughout the month The preparation for use, whether before or of tobacco were received has lbeen qmet, but as fhe soles have been after grmdmg, 1s held to be an esenbal part The recmpts of stems, 1 dependpretty regular, though generally small, the of the manufacture, and the party so pre ent of those whiCh came m by d1roct vessels, parmg the snuff IS liable for a manufacturer's We have JUSt shown, reaches a are difficult to control, ns they are frequently fair extent Vugmia leaf and stnps have license, under first paragraRh miXXd up mth Western stems One thmg, tho seventeenth section, and to pay tax on only been taken m very hm1ted quanbbes, however, IS certain, that the whole exceeds and tho prices obtamed arc not much higher his entire product" the sales, whiCh amounted to only 408 hhds than for Westerns" Some snles of W' estern there Is no absolute change m leaf of fine quaiity have been mad fo ex they ai e Irregular, some parties contmmng port to Africa at good pnces, and the Scotch to hold the1r stock mthdrawn from the mar and ]J-ish dealers have bought Western strps ket, selhng only whenever theyhave a m parcels of some SIZe at former rates, but cliance to obtam full ptiCes, while ot'bors the home trade have purchnsed spanngly, anil meet the demand Among-the sales effected only to supply their present requll'ements. we note some at from 4 to rth for a com Marylands have been dealt m moderately for mon fair article, at from 51 to 6i for me the trade, and a few hogsheads have been for dium to good brown, and at from 9 to 9{rtb export, pncesareunchanged, butcolorykmds for fine mahufactured Lynchburg Of Ken wonld fetch high rates. There 1 s a growmg tucky stems sales have agam been eirected at disposition on the part of holders to move off lower pnces, ranglng from 2! rtb for very thelf stocks of tobaooo, but buyers keep re common mouldy up to 3i for bnght served The Impor ts of Amencan tobacco dur good quality a sma ll lot of sweet flavored mg tho month have been 1673 hbds, against Missouri, such as used to pass for Lynch 1718 lnst year, the delivenes amount to 1160 burg before the Southern ports were reopened, hhds agamst 978 Ill 1865, and the stock 18 sold at 5 rth now 28,833 hhds., against 24,254 hhds last In Maryland leaf sales figure up to about year, beiil!J an excess of 4079 hbds In cav 1400 hhds this quantity, however, Includes endish we have to report a fair busmess done, several sales cft'ectcd to arrvc, whiCh only and pnces of sound have somewhat advanced have trt\llspired now after the respective vcs For negrohoad there 15 11 good mqmry, but as scls made their appearance Upon the I holders remam finn the sales have been hm whole, we can not represent the market as Ited the total sales or Illanufactured tobacco bemg an y more favorably Situated be have been about 40o pkgil 1 Hamburg, Februa.l'y 61llt ToBACCO Tu -It IS stated that the Ways and Means Committee are favorably cons1d ormg the propositiOn to tax all tobacco m the leaf mstead, as now, upon the manufactured article It IS thought this mode of taxatwn will prevent many and constdcrable frauds upon the revenue JOB PRINTING AT the request of many advert1sers, and li-ICnds m general, we are now prepared to fill orders for JOb prmtmg of every de scr 1pbon, such as cards, Circulars, posters, handbills, b11! heads, etc Tb1s arrangement may be particularly nc ceptable to many advertisers who may Wish cards prmted from the advertisement as 1t appears m the columns of THE ToBACCO LEAF Our rates are as reasonable as those of any other establishment of proper stond1ng m the mty, All orders mUst be accompanied by the cash Tobacco men m the country, who may WlSh prmhng done, may send us thmr orders, mclosmg a. reasona ble sum as earnest money, and we "til execute the1r comm1ES1ons at the lowest rates. TOBACCO-CUTTING MACHINES. For 1 a tlctl!nr$ and clr:mlars apply at No 64 CEDAR THEE r OPJ o s tel ost-Oflice New York 51--63 LEDERMAN BROS., WJJO E fiJ..LB ni ALL KISVS OY Leaf Tobacco, "DOMESTIC AND HAVANA SEGARS, 173 WATER-STREET, NEW-YORK. D 6! 102 JULIUJ l RDRII.lBK JOliEPII LKDKRMA.N --------SOLE AGENTS, No. 74 Front-street, We are now rccc vlng direct fro m Lhe manufacturer a limited qUantity or thfs very Ce.lebrated and Superior To bacco to which we In\ lteihc :mention of U e Trade BULKLE:Y & MOORE, SOLE AGENTS 74 Il'RONJ: STREITIT NEILSON & NICHOLS, TOBACCO & GENERAL 4UGTlONSSnst I No 113 P oa.rl street (Hanover square), 010 l'rELI.U lUCDOI..'!S, THORNE & PHIPARD H. D DUMONT, (' DeA.LEK U ALL KUiDS OF avonauuc rnaast SMOKlNG No 4 2 Wator street Now York ALSO T O BACCO PACKED IN BALES FOR JiLL MAR KETS. Domestic pnd Imported Se[arst OLDEST PACKING HOUSE IN THE CITY. sou 10' on N D lghl"' (Qr ''""'' olatloo of good '"'" sbed A Pearl s Tobacco Works Richmond, v a!. JOHN A. HARTCPRN, r ahm t not(" M 101 76 Tutton st, W y B:OLLANDER, FLEISHER & CO., Dealers In allldnd! of l f1 I @J lD 411 } NO 193 PEARL-STREET, NEWYORK. CAMPBELL, LANE & CO.r TOBACCO & SEGAR MANUFACTURERS, CALDWELL, NEWJERSEY, .. 0 95 BROAD STREET, NEW ARK,

... ._ r. w. n.c.K. E. w. amnEnT. F L. DR.I..t1NS THOMAS HOYT & Co., TOBACCONISTS, No. 404 PEARL STREn, NEW-YORK, ManufaCl:uren of all kind' or Fine-Cut Chewing and Smoking 1_'obacco, Snuff, Cigars, and Havana Sixes .OUR BRANDS FINE-CUT CHEW!N01 SUNNYSIDE, HEART'S DELIGHT, NATIONAL. HOYT, FLAGG & CO., Louisville, K.y. WHITTA}4: & LAWRENCE, MANUfJ.O'l'UR!:RS OJ' Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, 395 Pearl Street, New-York, tfan oeaataat.ty of..nd a large auorlmm' or Vlrglola lllaoolfaeiured Pure '.I'UJ'Jtlllb Smoktnc, ImporCcd Ha"Va na aad. .D.o.Dle11lle CJcan. .Allo, a 'fuiM7 of l:nglisb, French, German, and Scotch Clay Pipes. pr TUB ONLY MANUFACTURERS 011' TilE .Uf&BJ O.Alf BIRDSEYE SMOKlNG T-OBAOOO. lT-D D. H. M'ALPIN & CO., 'cELEBRATED FINE CUT ltaf {!l:httuing ------! .' um AI.L E.l!iDS 0,. HOYT, FLAGG & CO., SMOKING TOBACCO, Successors to P. D. CASEY & CO., DJULlmS lY Leaf Tobacco, 86 MAIDEN-LANE, P.D. 0AIIIT. H:EW-YffilK. L. APPLEBY'S SON, lU.NUUCTURER Or TJIJ! CELEBRATED Railroad Mills Snuffs, 133 W ATEB-8TREBT, 29-81 KEJf".YOBK. LINDHEIM BROS. & CO. .... A I ,)I; lll':A I.Ir:l1dl [t.oa. e u t M u .a i a u .au tt c. H JIU.l78 PEARI..STREE:r, (Cor. Fletcher-street,) ;Jtfuorh. 160 WAT1:R-STREET, :r Out Ohewing. and Smoking TobaCco, m NEw-vons:. 1117,ll9, a. 22! Mlo Bartlay, Eotbllohed 1850. ::!:,' IJ&hhod DarkWori<,Lamp,'lwllt,Uid Boll TO J. N. -'KNOOP, Nepperhan Tobacco Worka, Wbot ... tede&lor!naJtklndsot YOukera_N.Y. F TOBACCO 'IOIU.CC:O. Flue Cn\, Plala. Jftd, L E A Tbo O.lob"'l.od ud Swoe< Q,..ulaled, {y-oung America. t I!.YOKua TO.iCOO. -Turkllh, DOMESTIO .Al'iD st.andard:'suor,.; HAVANA SEC'"RS l!xt,. Lonr, I'Toneh, and other .,. Nonpareil,' Long CUt.. l'ancy Smoklq Also, Importet and J)Oe\er ln Meerachaum, Briar and LQCKITT & SMITH ,JiedalUoD, anil ShortCut. No. t, Tobaceo. Clay PIPI8. AT THE bLn STAND, Rose S<-00 131 BOWERY,.N.X: K.t.Nirf'AOTOMKI:.il_oP Scotch. Agenl r o r A Seh111 & C o.'s c e l e brated Snuff. HENRY D. SMITH' j TermoUbmJ. GoojiJW.,.,...Ud. On!onp,oDI)>tl!e> CHARLES SEITZ, TOBACCO -ESTABLISHED \ MDGCLX 16 & 18 CHAMBER sr.NY. Century"' Brand Chewing, Rose Leaf Chewing," Cavendish Brand Ch wing Siesta Brand Smol;drig, Eureka Brand Smoking. Genuine Maccoboy Sfl 1101..\UO:I:!'. .. lEA F T 0 BAG t! 0, NO' 1 BURLING-SLIP, ( F o ot o t J oh nSt reeL,j 2 2 2 New-York. R. S. LATORRE, l!iPORTER or '1'0,BAC C 0 LEAF, Havana Segars, otc., 187 Pearl Street, cor. Cedar, t l HEW-T-e-Rlt, F. W. MERTENS, N9. 71 Essex St., near Grand St., biU.U 111 leaf egars. which will be found equal to any now produced. 81-911 L. BERINGER & CO., Please send for Circular. wOLIIALI bULU:lJ Ill 16, 18 & 20 CHAMBERS ST., NEw-YoRK. :Manufacturer's Agencies: B. A. VAN SCHAICK. 503 Chestnut Street, Philadel. Se[ars, Pin[ and Leaf Tobacco, phia; A. R. :MITCHELL, 24_Broad Street, Boston. No. 148 WATER srnEET, U. S. BONDED W AREHDUS. 32d DISTRICT. New-\'ork. ... Al.l, OROER! PONCl'UAI.LV A'I:.,.F.NDEIJ TO. 30..(,6 --:0 :--. HENRY M. MORRIS, ABENHE!M, & CO., 99 Pearl-street New-York. Foreign and Domestic COMMISSION MERCHAN1T FOR THE rSALE OF w !)' h a.cirr i LEAF & MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, 148 W.ATER-STREET, COTTov NAVAL STORES Etc Etc Etc s.. nw-xoRK. .L,, ..... r IMPORTER AND SOLE AGENT IN THE U. S. FOR THE "M. &. M" BRAND TACKMANN & COLELL, im1J'OrLer.s o r fin d Whlh:i5'i.l e llc;tltl'il l n PASTE. GUM:S, BEANS, OILS, HAVANA SUGARS, ETC.; ETC. .Celebrated Patent-Chewin[ Tobacco -CHICHESTER & CO (Suceen o d o Seli>&Co ), PELLETS -., DEAT.En IN ... louis, louisvil l e, Covington, Pittsburg, Canada, Australia, and California. ouR 5I LEAF T _OBAcco-I'F" LIBERAL OA.SH ADVANCES MADE O N OON SIGNM:ENTS. Certificate of the MORRIS "M." &. M BRAND will be shown from the lending man. ufacturers in Richmond, LynchbjJrg, Petersburg, Danville, Vi., Brooklyn St. Havana & Domestic .LEAF T 0 8 A C C 0 S, 5 Plnttstreet, near Pee.rl, Leaf Tobacoo & Segars. Sole M:anutaetnren-or the CELEBRATED BOUQUET BliiOXING TOBACCO AND SEGARS,(M. 60} 382 Pearlstreet. :f. WEILBACHER. np'OJ.'I'D AXD DE. U,1n'l D1 .&.LL KIBD8 01' Tobacco (in bOnd or duty paid) 1n quantities t.o eult; pur cbftaen. Oi'den received o r an7 braud o_! Imported Segars, !Lt. 20 per cent. lese t.ha.n the markeL prlce. INDIAN FIGU.R&S constantly en hand c r carved to order c"""""''' .. .,b,ted aeoteh smur, ro, preotms lhe Tobacn. 0 & Cigars, 1 J,eej.h, aod dipping pnrpoeS The Snuff la known all over \;1 29-81 NEW-YORK. EMPIRE CITY TOBACCO WORKS, 75 BOWERY, / liRIN GO BRAQII. McREADY & KUHN, WhoJ!ea1e dealtr 1a all klnd1 or A.ND lilA.NVFA.C'.I'URBD tlui eouatrJ, amd h manu!fo(;tmed eq>resely for.__the &bofe h can be had by the hall barrel, or barrel Janey Bmok!lnf roba.coo nr aU kiolla. alao a a;ood ae-80.56 Wll. M'c.urrt .. 195 PEARL STII.E!::.--York. r M. M. GRODJINSKI'S Jl H. WATTS' T 0 8 A C C .O. 271 Bowery, NEW-YORK. AND DEW .DROPS. JOSEPH. SCHEIDER'S Vlrglnla Leaf &nd Manufactured oo mcnt, eooatanLiy on hand. 30-42 FISCHER & NEIHEISEL, N.rl7' Importer! and Deal ers ln an linda o! Tobacco Works. HAVANA"' DoMESTic '11'""""' a\. 246, 24s CANAL-STREET, N." Y. Jaf Qt.ohafCO 174 FULTONST., N.Y., U&outacturerot H opposite st. Church. Smoking and Chewing Tobacco. 56 OEDAR-STR.GET, (up stairs,) I -:o:-r0-41 WM. H. GOODWIN & co., ':M: BR.A.NDS. M. WESTHEIM & co., Tobacco:siiUit &cigars_ I s :mKG:XR. s, fta anb Jlu!J to-48 20'1 .t; 209 W 1119-1, .... -... SCHMITT & STORM. MANO F, \ C T URER5 OF i Honey De:w1 KlliJcklnlet, ND DK.I..LZRS u And other Branda. bAMIEL Bf!'IG. SALOMON 8 ELIOSERO, BING & SELIGSBERG, Near @;onueditttt Jtttl 177 PEARL STREET, (Up tl&ln, ) NEWYORK. M; H. LEVIN, 1.\II'ORT&ll. 011' SEGARo, .A .. :'m D.EA LEKS [N LEAF 212, Pen,rl Street ; Maiden Lane, LEA!=" T OB A C C 0, 191 PEARL-STREET, .J OSIU'II ScHIIl'l'r, } .,_63 NrWYORK. GIOR(lK S'roRW. 162 PEAitT. S T near Wall-st., .o s 2 NEW-YORK. N. LACHENBRUCH & BRO., T A. WIIOLEI.!U J.GU'J' OP BAGLEY'SJ DET-ROIT ..1..' CHEWING TOBACCO, NO. 60 NASSAU-STREET, r 40-60 New--York. DE BRA EKE LEER & ttQ R EL-IS, K Unl"FAO'I'I!RRD 01' "U FINE S _EGARS, .UID DULIRB 11'1 LEAF TOBACCO,, .. I1nporters of 114 BEEK:DIA.NSTHEET. & 0& BllA UELKKR. 4J)-92 SIGMUND .JACOBY, .M.A.NUF AOTUR.ER {)F. FINE CIGARS, AND DEALEB IN Leaf Tobacco, <0-11:> 194 Par.rl-at., cor.llalden Lane. NEW-YORK CITY TOBACCO WORKS. ROSS, STORMS & CO., lii:ANUF AOTURERS OF ROBERT BURl'fS, PUFF". JUDY PUCELLE D'ORU!ANS, AND OTBEB. BlUNDS 01' SEGARS. Bretanica, Imperia.les, de Londres, Regalia Reyua, I.ondres .de Corte, Operas, etc., etc. For sa.le by the sol e M&nufa.ot'tlrer. JOHN STRAITON, 61 RM11e1" Slh'f:flt., ARTHUR G ILL:&NDER&CO., 14 ux:assou T O JOHN ANDERSON & CO., JriUl( U J'.ACfUII.:IKS Or TUB SOLACE TOBACCO, 114, 116, and 117 LIBERTHTREET, 121 CEDAR-STREET, Arthur Glllender, Npol .. n n Kukuol<, lfl"''W-..,.A'l"l'lf' Joseph w. GDy, .-J:Zt X u-AI.l.t loseph L. B. Wood. 4f-99 LICHTENSTEIN BRO'S., WlJOIJI.UII .AlfD DULDI D1 ..... LEAF TOBACCO, &EGABB, All lrlncll ot Ping, Bmnldlu< and Tobacro.. : AIIO, a l&re anottmeni or Leaf '0Mceo couatantly on IUID4. -... pr -..., ordw P"""1"lv attlf -:1: 1T:L\:U. MAYER & CO. DIALERS IK LEAF TOBACCO, .lND lU.NU.l..t.OI'URJiltS OI' SEG-.A.Fl;S, 156 Front Street, corner llaiden Lane, 1t-26 l!li'fllel'QRK, S4LOMON & ELKINS, IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC .uD .llL Dnl OJ' 'f e 143 Water-Street, --=L;;;-. --=x .. E=LLNER, Ill William Street, AND DmAL&a ,. 1 ... 26 DOMESTIC SEGARS. 196 B. HESS, 196 HAVANA SEGARS, IN BOND, AND DUTY PAID.' A. SCHWERIN & CO., IMPORTERS, 61 Broad-street, Corner Beaver, 88-90 NEWYORK. SIMON SALOMON, DJ.J'OR TJ\D A4'11) l)0:\I.E S 1' J C A N D ALL OJP LEAF TOBACCO, 192 Pearl Street, NEW-J1J,lt, !!RANDS: FENIAN'S Pll.Itm1 FllfE-CUT CA VENDIBH AIIID "' SllOXIlfG '.... 0 Branch Depots. 2M and 60S Broadway, and 8 6 8 J.<'u l t.on!!lreet, Urook.iyn CEAD UILLE F AiLTITE. z .. 0 '" 0 0 WELL-KNOWN CAN'T SEE IT, OUJ!. CHOICE, AND o JOHN CORNISH CHEWING, AND VARIOUS BRANDS O_F SMOKINC, Also PLUG TOBACCO, SEGARS, SNUFF, and aU Articles apperl;aining to the Trade. M .. aNUFA01'URED .BY J M. VENABLE & co., PETERSBURG, v .A: Also, Manufacturers of Superior u Maccoboy," "Rappee," and other Snuffs. Chew ing and Smoking Tobaccos of every grade. JOSIAH MACY'S SONS, AG Eli!TS, 189 &. 191 .FRONT-STREET, NEW-YORK. \\"\.c, M. METZGER, Dealer in all kinds of F o reign a nd. D o mee tlc Leaf Tobacco, And ltl&nufa.ctu rer of 178t WATER-STREET, NEW-YORK. 219 JOSPJJ f;Jo;L.lOSBio!R O DAT"ID U :VT LEVY & SELIGSBERG, OALERS Ill Connecticut AND IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO. 246 Pea ri .. Street, .. YORK._ I & Dealers & Comtrnsswn MERCHANTS Wc.bnttl1 11d 119 bet. Pluo and l)edar-su., WEW.YORK. J. M. MAYORGA, UIPORTP.fl 0!' t Havana LeafT obacco, 18-80 U NEW-YORK. BARBER 4 DiaLt;RS lN .. LE.AF TOBACCO, AND lUNUFACTUREnS. Oi' SEG-AR.S,. 1 348 Pearl Street, L 8. DARBEll,l NEW-YffilK, J. DUNLOP. f .U.L KlNDS OF SEGARS MANUFActrnUD TO ORDER. LEE BROTHERS, LEAF TOBACCO, 269 Pearl'street, :NllfW YORK. 1 J. L. GASSERT & BROTHER DXA.LDtS Uf PEERLESS TO BAC C 0 Leaf Tobacco, J NC>. 157 BOWERY, HAV.AN .A LEAF TOBACCO. JOSE ENRIQUEDE SANTOS, NO. 30 CEDAR-STREET, NEW-YORK CITY, P. O. BOX 3209, Ha.vlng bl! e n appointed ag ent o r a p lanter i n t h e Ri o Hondo Island o! Cuba I Invit e o f flu e se p;ara t.o' exa.mlue my sto'ct o T ob M co. 1 teep alWay Spanbh Rlbbo us o r a n k ln d1, Thwl, S pauLih Papers, et.e., etc., Orden mall fa.lthf u.lJy r x ecut&d. JOHN G. MOSES, MANU FACTUnF.n OF FINE CIGARS, 183 PEA.RL-STREET, ( CORNE R CEDAR,) 4 3-68 NEW-YORK. JOHN L. DEEN, DEUEU Ilf FOREICN AND ooMESTIO LEAF TOBACCO. Connecticut SeedLea.f of my own Packing. '1'8 Jf"'afer Strut, THOS. DOWSE & CO., BROKERS IN Manufactured Tobacco, NO, 94 WATER-ST., NEW-YORK, BEFEis, Jrt PE!l'f!S8ION, ro DvBom. A Co. 37 Roenreow AGUTs, lU Water-It, FJSDI & 00., Doston. Dooooa, McO .utx()l{ .t eo., r.b.U&4elphla. cau. :D. Dd'om & Oo., -.... I 3 ALIXAIDER MARCUS, C lMPOJI.TK.i\ A.ND lU.!IOJ'J.CTOJlXR OJ' DUI.p 1 I-Iavana and Domestic .I uu k t r ;r ti th Briar, Meerschaum, Rubber, and China Pipes, Tobacco Bags, Tobacco and Snuff Boxes, Segar Holders, C IGARS, ltaff @'nlratta, Pipes and Fancy Articles, Nos. 37 and 39 Bowery, NEWYORK. Ol!lCAR B. LEAR, Meerschaum, BQar, Wood, (various kinds;) India Rubber, China, and Laya Pipes. English1 Scotch, and German CL.A. "Y P:X:PEIB. Segar Tubes, Tobaero Poo4 .. MEERSCHAUM. KALDENBERC & j i Portraits euL o u Pipes, N a m e s S hields, etc., etc., to flnesL OARVEO 'in t blll. e ountry on baod at trade prlcee. nepalrlng b olliag. mount.lng, ete .. done lo the best atyle. .Ambers of all kinde. No. 6 John-street, One bouse from WM. DEIViUTH & CO: DIPOR'l:ERS AND JUNUPJ..OTUitEns dl' Meer1lchamn, and Brio.r Eto., Etc. .. 20 LlbertYst-..eet, near William, 4.1-l>T NEWYORK. New-York & Vir[illia SteamshiD Comvany. THE OLD LINE, FROM PIER 21, N. R., FOOT OF FULTON-STREET, For Norfolk; City Poi:rtt, & Richmond. STEAMXR S G O TO TilE WITARF AT niOliMOND. .The n e w a n d e legan t e t d ewhe e l Steamship NIAGARA GKORG S w Coucu: Commander, leA.Ye!!l N c w Y orll: everJ Saturda y at S P.:u. 8.ARA'l0GA, ADoLPH L KING C omman,der, l eave s Ne w Y o r k enry W edoetda y at :J P H Dilli!: o l L ading signe d at the wha.rr. P tUfltllge r a ceom m od ationa urumrpas se d. G HEINEKEN & PALJIIORE, 1 1 5 llROADWAY. to and fro m all prt.rt s o r Vlr g, nla, N orth Car o lina, TeuneMee etc. !orwartled b y t he Co mpany' .Age n ts fre e o r ctmm1Hio n. 4.3-t.r B. M. BROWN,,J..ND WfiOL:IS.U.B DJ:A.LER IN F .tME 220 Crandstreet, 84-86 BROOKLYN, E. D. PETERSBURG ADVERTISEMENTS A. YOUNG & BRO., C2Nt12At. COMMt33tON MERCHANTS, Attend to the pul'chue a.od sale o t VIrginia and N o r t h Carollna Leaf Alanufact.ured TOBACCO S N o .4. IRO.N:rnon B uu.oJNGII PETERSBURG, VJ.. Refer to Me ssn. Joauu M.&cr 's N ew-York; BARnY & GUTUfm::L N e w : Y o r k ; U.t..VltU & WILLI.U181 Ri chmond, Va.; T. T .liR OOQ President Mer c bu.uts Na.tlo M I Daull:; R. PreskleoL National Bank1 Petersburg, Ve.. J. E. VENABLE & CO., No. 3, Iron front, Syoo.more.street, PETERSBURG, Va., Commission Merchants :rOn SALJ: .lbi D PORCDJ..SE OF Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco AND COTrO N ll8-4G J E VEN & CO, J. F. MciLWAINE, Cotton and Tobacco BROKER, Offi.c::e lfltb Mr. A, G. MclLw.&.Illlla, Br., No. 79 Syca.more-streot, PETERSBURG, Va. Orilera and c o nalgnment.s soll clted. 83 .51) CILES HARRIS, TOBACCO BROKER COMMISSION MERCHANT, Central W, PETERSBURG, Va., will pay hi perso n a l attention to the purchase a t a U klnds ot MANUPAOTURING and LEAF TODAO C O. Orden soll dted. PIPES, Reiere to T.&.NN.UULt., MolLWAL'i'B & C o., 791'r ont-atreet., NewYorL:. 83-69 SMOKING TOBACCOS, SHOW }IBURES, ETC., 2S and 30 Liberty Street. -. KAUFMANN BROS. & BONDY llll'OA!'DI OJ' FINE YEERSCHAUY AND BRIAR PIPES, Mf!'mo.tch.mtm :l'Nbu, Chi-n, Lava, am }YOO(lu Pipu2 8cga.t' Caay1 Tobtteeo BOt.Jt.,elf,_Jlubber anf'J Ptnu:lus, JlJatcl Safu, .tc., 4;c., .kc, .t.Jr .&Lil:R8 ur aMlOJKni!II Q S gG&RS, "'\ .AND J.LL OTB&R SMOKERS' ARTICLES, 6lMA.ID.EN LA.:WE, (Up Stairs,} NEWYOHK. J10IKEN & SIEFKES, IWPORTI!:R S Meerschaum& Briarwood PIP E S MAIDEN LANE, XBWYOBK. ;J. M. ZELLER, i'O R 0, CROPS ENGLISH ELEGA.NT A.ND CELEBRATED : Prince of Wales and New Rille PiDBS, No. 211 Orand-atreet, N; Y The admirabl e eo t orlng propertlel of these Pipes will be bl g h.!l_apprec.iated by all smokrs. o:: w-A lar(l6 quanU'v cons tantly on hand. 41-00 THE INTERCEPTER. PATENT APPLIED FOR. -:o:AN INGENIOUS IIIETHOD For ptiug U1e Nicotin e before arriving a t t he moulb, la i.pplled in t.hla atem, by means o r Inserting a Drnsh or Intercepter, whereby the eJf c cLI of t i l e Ni c otine are ent.lrely removed, rendering lt. the MOST AGREEABLE AND PLEASANT In u1e at pre5e 0 L d!Ly. The leading physicians and ot thiJI and In Europe prO>nou nee the meLbolf!Lppiied Lu the INTERCEPTER &II the efficacious iu aonulllog the usual dise u es at Lenda.nt on amo ldng. Que trl&l will prove t h e oorrec tneu and benefl.t. or u.slng thla stem abo ve &11 otbera. 4.4-36 OSCAR H. LEA.R, No 90 a.ter at. C. LANGENBACH, 148 WATER-STREET, .!'IIEWYORK, RecQinmends hlm.sett to the ,trade ror pa.c' D.nd r epacking CITY OF NEW-YORK Seed-Leaf. Tobacco Inspection. WAREHOUSES, .Noo. 871891 74, 78 nd 78 Groenwich Street, d 92 B.,..l&y Street. robaoco Inspected o r Certificates given for every case, and dellvere d case by case, as to number of certiticnte Storage 1nd Labor the lowest rat .. .... N B.-I also sample in Merclw.n.ttJ' oum .ttoJes. F. C. LINDE, Seed-Leaf' Tobacco InspectoJ ..t.ND WAREHOUSEMAN. 1._26 Oft! c o, 76 Greenw ich Street. GEORGE WICKE, SEGAR-BOXES, (Superio! M,1ke & Prilne Quality, ) ?J!' GED.A.Il WOOD. No. 2G Wlllcttstreet, 1UW-10Al _! .. ,: BROWNLEY, BURTON & CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS '"-'" No. 93 War. 8. BM1rtn; u 1 } JI!SSB w.DoRTOR, Va. ABKJ.IUK HORTON. Speelat attention given to the aale n.nd p u rchas e o r COTTON snd TOBACCO. 33-59 A. B. GA.B,LAND & CO., PETERSBURG, Va., General Commission Mer'chants AND FORW AlUJING AGENTS, lJuy and sell mt:r cbandlsc no d prod u c e ot e .. ery kin d The y tb:e i r v e:rsonal attentio n to the p urcb u e o r TOIJACOO and C O 'l'TON .Mr. b a s been an o l d oper at.o r oud o f toos.cco, and w o s !or & e ve rn.l y eo.rslnspeeLor a t Mme at t.b6largest. wa.reh ouJe in tll:e eity l) a rtl ell fav o rin g 111 with nrcle (ll e:a.n Msur e theroseiTes that the y will be filled with p.romptneSe: and 11:\ti!lfM\i.&n. 38-59 JAMES, FISHER, JR., e Commission Merchant P o r the Purch:J.Sc of M a nu facturing and Shlpplug LEAF TOBACCO, PETERSBURG, VA. -:o : to : Meurs. Dulkl e y & M oore, N ew. Y o r k i J., !L oaldo San k & Co., JJ D e F ord t Co r DaltJ.mare. 27-89 LYNCHBURG ADVERTISEMEN TS. A. B. RUCKER, & 133 MAIN STREET, LYNCHBURG, VA. Will give hla persouai.attentlo n to the fillinG' ot orders !or l{irg1nla. M a nura.etured ond Lea! Tobacco. 82-68 McDANIEL & IRBY, TOBACCO / LYNCHBURG, VA. JMo. Romr :MoD..u.m., } J.&& Ian. WK JlUINlR M'CORKLE, SON & CO., CROCE.RS A N D AND U A N UFA.C'f UilERS Ol' CHEWING :AND SMOKING TOBACCO, No. 113 Main Street, 82-53 LYNCIIBURG, ,. A.. MciVER & BURCH, 70 Main St., Lynchburg, Va., TOBACCO FACTORS .LVD 6tutrnl Lear a nd Mo.nufactured T o b a c co bnn ght aod sold on Comml.ealon. Ord ers 10 llclted Good and l a r g e noekl o VIrginia. M11.nufnetured T ob a cco o n bAu d 82-b S JOHN H. TYREE & CO., Lynchbu1g, Va., Commission Merchants Far t h e Pureh .ll.8e and Sal e or 82-:SS IN TI'II S, MOORE, JONES & MILLER, AGXN TS FOR. lll llOORE'B CELEBRATED IilLLICKINICK & GARIBALDI BIIIOKING TOBACCOS. DEALERS IN GUA NOS AND F E RTILIZ E RS No. 147 Main St., Lynchburg, Va. All orden f o r Lear, Smoking, o r Manufactured Tobaeeo rromptly attended' to 82-68 RICHMOND ADVERTISEMENTS. i 0 R. H DIBRELL, (!l:ommissigu :ro r the SaiC.and Purchase o r LEAF & MANUFACTURED TOBAOOO, E111tabfihcd 1844. Anderson's Wareltouse, 8th & Canal Sts., 12-84 RICHltOND, V A. WALTER K. MARTIN. & CO., ( F cnnerly N l'lf M ARTl N, So"' .l Co. ) Esto.blished 1846. TOBACCO <'!totumission :Fo r the Sale' and :Pur clw! e or kat Tobacco Shockoo Warehouse, Richmona, v;a. Reeeln a l way finest sel&c U ona from the crop1 of flr&f

. 4 T H E T 0 B A 0 L E A F -HARVEYS & WILLIAMS, Oary & 13th Sts., Richmond, Va., GENERAL R. A. CHAPMAN, TH. B VETTEHpN._ CKS. A. MIURU. THEO, J VTT
    N. B. T. H. a RAN E' L.H. SARGENT&: co., ... uimGETT & AGENTEORTIIE Commjssion MerchantB, ...... G W. GA{L. CHRISTIAN AX, G. W. GAIL&AX, PJ.CDR ..&.liD DB.&.LEJI. 15 .u:o1.&.0TVUIII OJ' .u.t. o Sleedleaf s M o x: .t. N a-,. EAST HARTFORD CONN 'IAJltatt", J..ND AGENTS J'OR SJ.LE OJ' MANUFAtTUltED AND LEAl!' TOBACCO. TobaCCQ f)U'rckaaM, em Cemmt&tton. Consignment of la1erchandlse aollci ted. 4Jl-9S AND SNUFF A. 1', H.A..RVBY, )), JlllTIY, .nfO H. WlLLU.lll, 62-ll8 niOUJ.llD l"iLDlf'l'Olf, L 't. !'J.LEili1'0lf, R. & E. T. PILKINTON, GROWERS .L''i'D DliLER.S IN d L f T b Leaf-Manufl.o. Connecticut See -ea o accu, J. SIGNOR. & CO.; -.woo-Importers ofand Dealert In Cigart, Pipes, Snuft'-boxes, eto., NO. 28 BARRES':I'REET, B<lmore, X BOSTON .... 169 FRONT-STREET. "'"' r TOB&CCO F&CTOB, TH No. 90 Lombard-street, PHILADELPHIA ADVERTISEMENTS. ) (One dOOl' west ot .lETIIun RAGEN. J.ur:Ee M. BOYD. WILLIAX 0 PliLUlL m$,:::'''1 o!' co., Leaf and Manufactu w,. n, H. L. M,._ SEQ.AJ=1.& TOBACCO, WM. H. MYERS & BRO., .AND WIIOL .. ALE DEALERS IN SNUFF, SE(}ARS, ETO., MANUF ACTURERS of SEGARS Leaf & Manufactured Tobacco, Nos. 474 and 503 N. Second-st., ., ..,..,L .. AL 0...,...,. 153 a.nd 155 Noble-st., F d D t' L af Farmers' Agents for the Sale of Con orel!!:n an omes lC e necticut Seed-Leaf Tobacco, Aaacco Commission Merchari.ts, NO. 76 SOUTH CHAltLES ST., (Bet. Lombard and PratWte.,) 61 BALTIMORE. H. WILKENS & CO., MONUMENTAL TOBACCO WORKS NO. 181 WEST PRATT STREET, ;BALTIMORE, MD., Manufacturers o r aJl kinds ot & I roporien of Oigars and Leaf Tobacao, and other TOBACCO No. 121 North Third Street, "'" 33-58 PHILADELPHIA. J. RI;NALQO SANK & co., No. 39 North Water Street, Co mmls SlOn Merchan. ts PHILADELPIDA. '" --M:::-:. =---=M-==E=Y=E=R::--LEAF & MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. C. No. 31 N. Water-st., and No. 30 COMMISSION MEiRCHANT, TBB = or PHILADELPHIA. Lea( and Tobacco con, 11 ligno" can IO stock of B-ATCHELOR'S ctlebraled Yara., Young America and other well-known brands.eoostant1y on hll.Dd, 8 T WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. E. W & CO., Tobacco Manufacturers, ..oi..ND WIIOU!SALt: DF..lLKRS IN LEAF .AND TOBACCO. HAvANA AND YARA TOBACCO, SOL .,., SUOOBOOOB .., 31 nnd SS B1oadotreet, Booon, F. H, BISCHOFF'S, JOHN DOUGLASS, Leaf, Finc-cnt, Tobacco, & Sc[ars. UNION F ACTOR'Y, 63 and 55 Hand-st. IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC CIGARS, SllUif, Pipes, and Smokers' Artic les generally, NO. 98 ASYLUM-STREET, u .. 42-67 Deutscher Rauchtabak, roo tta >U.NU>A""""" OP AND OTHER CHOICE :BRANDS, .. t BANNER WORKS and OFFICE, 31 St. Clair-st. PITTSBUR.G, PA. R. & W. JENKINSON, 3 7-02 HARTFORD, OONN. Havana and Domestic CI'gars, .90 & 92 South Ch&rleo-street, 61 BALTIMORE. No 13 North Sixth-street ll.i .. .'H' FA.OTORER 3 0:1 .I.LL l!INDS Oil' J.D.BURNHAM&CO., Manufacturers and Dea.le.ra in nn k!nds of Tobacco, Snuff and Cigars, AXD DE.U.U IN leaf Tobacco, Meerschaum Pipes, Etc., 1 B, F. PARLETT & CO., ti -ca NOS. 37 & 40 WliOLEeALJC Dl';Al..ER8 IN (Corner of Commer< ... t,) Tobacco, PHILADELPHIA. AND WBOLXS..U.E DEALERS IK Jt!l;af TOB.ACC.C.J, No. 238 State-street, l> ______ H __ CONN BROWN: & ZWEYGARTT, DE.ALF.RS lN !Leaf Tobacco, AND UANU7ACTUREnS OF ALL.. KINDS OF 212 STATE-STREET, Hartford, Conn. A. G. 'nnoW1:1. 25-62 H. J. ZWEYGAltTT, JOSEPH S WOODRUFF, DEALER IN Connecticut Seed-leaf TOBACCO, No. 233 State-street, HAilTf.'ORD, CONN, "uNN:ECTICUT SEED:LEAF Co bacoo Warehouse, 159 and 161 Ooinmerce-street, HARTFORD, Particular tl.tlentio o paid to t he purchase pftcldng, &Od curipg ct ner; lea f on eommlM!Ion. D. M. SEYMOUR. GRANT & COMPANY, llA.NUJ-'ACTUREBS OF CIGI\.RS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, .All']) DB.1LEnS IN F orei[n & American Leaf Tobacco, LABELS, RIBBONB, ETC,; 149 High-st., tm!fAY T, GRAI'\T, 39-&i W J.. B, ...... Corner of: Central-street, 1 39-64 :BOSTON: J. DAVENPORT, DULWI i lll -FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC Tobacco & Ctgars, : :107 PURCHASE-STREET, 89:64 BOSTON. I SAM:UEL & BRO., lUliOF.J.OTIJILKB8 o H 'avana and .Domestic Cigars; 131111AIDEN LANE, DWYORL Illl"'OI.TDS .lliD DE.ll.EBS 1K ,HAVANA DOMEBTIO OIGARS. &,.TOBAOOO Also Aleerschaum Pipet, Ta.bea, etc. 6 COUltTSQUW, :BOSTON, 89-M Our .Branda ; '1 Zouave," u La Promenade." SUSMANN BROTHERS, WHOII.UA.Lll Du.LmtS D1 LEAl!' AND J!ANUFACT11RED TOBACCOS, No. 27 South Gay-street, (Opposite Custom llouse ) W:M. H. JNO, \V. WELSII1 1CBA8, E. WBLSO:. J. J. REQUARDT & SON, WliOLD.U DULIWI Ill LEAF. TOBACCO, ..1liD JUDr.&.Cl'J'Oua& a \ No. 63 South Gay Street, near Pratt, :BALTIMORE, MD. .'JO-M HAVANA & DOMESTIC OIGARS, Chewing and Fine Smoking Tobaccos. Also Importers of 1soncllaum and llrlar l'ipeo of Every Deocrlptlon, AND SMOKERS' ARTICLES GD"ERALLY. A lArge assortmeat Faney Goods eoD.Italltly on hand. 9 UNION-STREET, 39-Ul BOoTON 1!483, BALTIMORE ADVERTISE.IIENTS. DitC.ll'UB L'E'nRIKQ. 1.1KBI D LEVE1UNC & CO., Merchandise Brokers, 3 CHEAPSIDE-STREET, B<illiOR:G, !liD. Specla.l aUention paid 1.0 \he aale of CIGARS, TOB ACCO, C,\NNED GOODS 181 well SA lrle rchanCHsc generally. REPBR TO Heasi"S. "i:J. : D D eFord & Co., B. F. Parlett. & Co., FERGUSON GEHRmG & CO., MANUFAOTURZRS Ol!' 2@.ritu: SMOKERS' ARTICLES, ETC., 62 No. 51 Clay-street, BECKER & BROS., Wh o lesale Dealers ln &ll klnd1 o f LEAF TOBAQCO, SEGARS, 94 Lombar d-Street, (near Light, ) HALTII!IORE. G S. Watts k Oo., b'e:.ndrlch Bro!J, L. M. Beebe, Darby & Oo., R 'Kraus. & Co., L, McMurray & Co., Jaa. Powel"' & Coostan1ly on he.nd & large qn&ntity o f Connte"rnt and Son, C labaugh & Barrltl, H. Scheverllng, 168 Pearl-sLreet; Havana Tobaccos. 89 DeFord, Thayer & Co., 44 Water-street, N ewY o rk. 11 BECK & HOLLSTEIN JOSEPH SCHROEDER, t Johlter and Wholesale in Tobacco Commission Merchants Leaf, Manufactured DI'POt o w. DECK. CO.'S T,?DACCOS, 6'1 SOUTH: GAY' STR.lm1', 81 EXCHANGE PLACE, Baltimore, Md. 1Ylid door .East of &uti St., P1u.g, Smoldng. Tobaccos; DomcsUc and Hanna '-Bd.LT:IMOBE. Olj:al'JI tor Leaf Tobo.cco received on Commission. W ... --.... A. K. STOLTZ, Wholesale &RetailDealerin Tobacco AJJD HAVANA AND DOMESTIC SEGAllS, Cor. Third & :Buttonwoodsts., PHILADELPHIA.. B. A. VANSCHAICK, f WUOLESALE DA..LER IN Leaf & Manufactured Tobacco, I'ORJ:nll'l .L"iD DOMESTIO .fl:EGARS AHB-. GEND-'.L DEPOT :1'01\ LORILLARD'S SNUFF & TOBACCO, No. 503 Chestnut-st., PHILADELPHIA. Also Sole Agents for Century bra.n .d. On hand, a quantity A of old Connecticut select wra.:ppera. Gt E. L. WITTHAUS, lt.lNDI'.&.OTtnt.D! o SEG..A.R.S,. .!tm Dll.tLD, Ill Manufactured and Leaf Tobacco, I 20 1 North Fron-t-sh-ee-t, "' PHILADELPHIA.. 1 Dr' Depot tor IT, Wllkena &-00. 'a Baltimore Smoklng 1 T o baceo. 21-19 GEORGE BOLDIN, lnCRAEL WAllTKAN. BOLDIN & WARTMAN, Tobacco & General Commission MERCttANTSr 105 N. Water-st. & 106 N. Delaware-ave., PHILADELPHIA. rsT On hand, 200 Cues Ohio Seed-leaf. 'DOHAN &.TAITT,_ J obacco Commission Merchants, 1Mantifactured & Leaf Tobacco, 291f., & N. M, L DOHAN, l \ills': 57 PHILADELPHIA. UlfiTED STATES BONDED W AltEHOUSE, LEWIS BREMER & SONS, WHOLESALE DEALERS I N anh lit.ohttm!, SEGARS, SNUFF, &c., No. 322 N. Third-s-treet, Between Wood aDd Call o w hill, LEWIS BREMER. 6 FED.ERALSTREET, 42-9! ALLEGHENY CITY, PA. EACLE TOBACCO WORKS JOHN GRAZIER, Nos.119 Water and 156 First-st., Pittsburg, Fa., l!ANIJFA.OTt'ItER Otl' A.LL KlllDS O.r CHEWING & SMOiWHl BAt. TIMORE SPUN ROLL. Fives, rens, Navy Pounds, Ha.lf Pounds, Six Twist Natural. Diamon d Twist, and Dry Smoking Tobacc O, et:o. 42-9! CINCINNATI ADVERTISEMENTS. RICHARD MALLAV r ileruer in all klnda o f --:o:-Ord81'B for the Pilrchase o{ Leaf Tobacco, promptly and osrefnlly executed. -:o:.:.....-122 West Second Street, Ml'flrXU Ll.c-. J.lfD KIM, CINCINN&TI, OHIO, M'LA.UQRLt!'. BRASHEARS McLAUGHLIN & CO. (Socceaon to 0. A. McL.t..trOBLJitl & Co.,) TOBACCO Commission Merchants, U. 8 BONDED WAREHOUSE NO.I, No. 46 W alnut-tltreet, Libera.! Advanoee on 209 ELLIS & Bp-RLEW, lU. !iUPJ..Cl'UKERS 0 'g ALL KINDS Or BRIGHT AND BLACK PLUG TOBACCO, EXCLUSIVELY OF MISSOURI LEAF. 4.2-67 V. FUHRMANN, liANlJF.t.. MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, & 38 N. Delawara-m. D. a. M'CUIMON, PHILADELPH f A A J BUCKNOR, Ja., W. HENRY NASSAU. .. c:ir UNITED Sl'ATES WAREHOUSE. C o n algno r s can f o rl\'ard their Stocks rN liON o without pre-paying Government TaL 61 lliPOil'l'Elt AND llEA.LII:R Jll J.l.LKih"DS OF Le"af' Tobacco NO. 21 WALNUT-STREET, ,_ .. Corner of Front-street, CINCINNATI, 0. Goo ds sold at 'he loweJt New-York Market rates. 42-G1 'WE OFFER FOR SALE GLYCERINE, TO DE USED IN PLACE 01' LARDS .AND OLIVE OILS FOR SNUFF, FINE-CUT, CHEWING, AND PLUG TOBACCO,. The SJ' ticle Is cheaper than oil, does not evaporate and f e r ment, and hence docs no' mould Tobacco. H4.RTlli&NN & L&IST1 Clnclnn.J. 0. NewYork Agency: L. DB11(1Dl'Al'fl 01 Wall-at. 4:4-(;9 69 South Water Street, 186 CHI OJ. GO. Eclipse Tobacco Work. VAN HORN, MURRAY & CO._ Tobacco Manufacturers, & I ALSO lU.NUl'.&(Jl'UREltS Ol' EVERY' V .llUETY 011 Nos 37 A 01' ...... MORniS. mu!J..,. FANCY Leaf Tobacco Inspection W AREHOVSE, FDREIBN &; DOMESTIC Nos.100, 1021104 West Front St., CINCINNATI, OHIO. MORRIS & CHALFANT, Proprietors. Auction Sales Daily. Orders fOl' Lear promptly attended to. 197 Henry Besuden & Bro., LEAF TOBACCO, 1611 1631 & 165 Pearl-street, (CORNER OF CINCINNATI .. WM. EGGERT, DIUI.Jill I N DOMESTIC AND SPANISH LEAF TOBACCO, SMOK!NC TOBACCOS, Al\"D U.trQRTEll Oi' 'MEERSCHAUM AND BBIAR PIPES. NO. 82 WEST SECOND STREET, t2-C.7 CliU'iiN NAT.I J.P. Sr!NCll:. T R. BPK;>OJ>, l ltl. COLYlll. SPENCE BROTHERS & CO., OV Fine-cut' (:hewing and Smoldng Dl:At.JORS r.S Plug TQbacco, Snuffs & Cigars, Ng. 52 East Third Street, cr .. rcxx.A.rLTll, OHIO. 20l BOD MANN'S InspBction &Leaf To baGco Warehouse Nos.57 59,61,&63Front &62 64,&66 Water bot. Vine & W alnnt Streets, OA.i'LY SALl'"13 .t.T AUOTION AND J.'t' PRIVATE SAUl or P.liSSOORI D. HIEATT, CHAS. BODMANN, 1\JS Inspector. Proprietors. '15 OLIVE-8'I'., ST. LO'IJIS, DO. JAMES RODDY, JUBl11'.!0l'UJLKB or PLUG r .A.ND :FINECUT CHEWING TOBACCO, 8MOKINC TOBACCO, J..llD DULII&JX IIIPORTl!lD AND DOIIESTIC CIGARB, llo,l08 North 8ocQnd It, (beL Loeuot ... V\11 oil.). ST. :I.OUIS, MO. C. M. OASWELL, Ba[leY's Fine Cnf CheWin[ Tobacco, No. 62 Olive-at., bet, Third and Fourth, .&.t ." K:lng's Sa.loon," under the Planten' Houae, And 63 Fourth-st., bet. Pine and Olive, 1ST. LOUIS, MO. Sold at wholeaa l e to the trade, in quantittea to 1Ui.4one up in papen1 or by the pound. A..l10 a ftne lo' Olgana and Goods. JOHN C. TIEMEYER, (Su.cceuo r to JOHN G. MAYER,) WBOUI.&.LE DB.J..LU. ll" ALL :1:11108 o r tsaf & 'MANUf acruaso TOBACCO, SEGARS, PIPES, ETC., 10 South Second st., bet. M&rket and W&lllut, ST. LOUIS, MO., ... H. S C ii: f'l.. Mound C ity T obacc o Works. D. CATLIN.Fine-Cut, Chewing, & Smoking Tobacco, Killickinick, etc., No. 168 Nerth IJeeond Street, 1'13 ST. LOUIS, MO LOUtSVILLE ADVERTISEMENTS. ) 'W, W A.TK:QfS, f, 0, OOX 1M, LOUli!VlLLll, KENTUCKY, CoiDDlerciai and Produce Broker. .....-8peclal attentiou p&ld to mllDg orders tor TOBAC.. CO, LEAF or MANl!FAOTURED 7-19 LOUISVILLE, KY., s.;, BONDED W AREHpusE "0.1. GEO. W. 'WICKS, BU,OOESBOR T O NOCK, WICKS. &. CO.; litbattAl' and QJJutton A.WP D 'ULD. lM :BAGGDTG ROPE AND TWINE, Manufactured & Leaf Tobacco, COTTON YARN AND SHEETINGS, lGS :PIIua-.t., bet. Third antl Fourth, LOUISVILLE, KY. .l LSO A.G.P'I' 7 48-68 W. R; BEATTY, CO.JPI.JriiSSION Tobacco Broker, MAIN, NINTH AND TENTH STS. (OI'POBl'I"'IIIOOD TOB.J.OOO W'-'.UBOUSK,) LoufBVUle, H.y. Parllculu Utent.lon &lTtb Lo the Purchtue and &tis 0 1 Leaf Tobacco 17-29 ll, J. ltlJ.RR. FRANCKE & ELLER, TOBACCO 153 lllain, bet_ Bullitt and Fifth, LOUISVILLE, Partloal&r att.mUoa. paid to the purcbue of Leaf and Oooalpmatl o t 8epn., lranttfaetlll'ed and Sp(Wlh To b\ceo, aDd all of Bcedleat, conatantly on band and. IOJld\ed. .TOUDS 0. I I:DNTH. TOBACCO AGENCY. HERM. PRALLE 1<. CO., lii.LI:VP4CTUaD8 or D 0 XES TIc, .A.JfD lMPOATDS O BAVANA CIGARS, 11 E.l'lfth, bot. KoiD It Karkot, Loniaville, :S:y. aUentlon paid Lo the purchase o f !fanuractured 'l'obacCOJ. Conalgnment1 rem:Pect.rully ROBINSON &: WILLETT, JI.UIJUCTt1BJ:Sl8 o EVERY STYLE AND DESCRIPTION o Plug Tobcco, 141 & f43 THIRD-STREET, LOUISVILLE, :S:Y, ROlliNSON .t WILLETT, 01' ZVU:r STILH .UID DDOIUPTIOM Oli' P L U G T 0 B A C C 0 1416143 'l'hirdtreet, Louisville Xy. Bd .Main aM Walfi.ii:t, "' GJ'O.HJJ'D, CB:.t.s. B.,.Houus, } late ftrm or CINCDJ:NATI. 0 dera solio'ted and prol))ptl ... :fllle4 'C 1&-6 Wuhblston N&l'Y Pound; Perrydo.; Decatur do.; 81\ r 1 oerlor do ; Black Hawlt do. ; Paul J ones do.; I'rimroi'e E. B. DINMAN.. Raweon1 Wilby&: Co, 21-13 New York Br.anch. -:o:KRQHN, FEISS & CO., llA.UJ'AC!'OlUtRS 01!' Segars and Tobacco, .1.lm DlP"K. P. n. 0. WIU.l':JIRAKDS 1 1cith Spe-niM, 1JrQ8. & Uo. t. & L, M. FRANK & CO., YJ.. .''OUJ'J.O'[tiBIR 8 or Finecut Chewing and Smoking "TOBACCO, AIIID W!lOLESJ.LE DE.U.JLJIS IN AI.L li:UiD8 OJ' PLUG TOBACCO AND CIGARS, No, 464 West Sixth st. (opp. C. H. & D. H. R. SALESROOM: No 5.1: East Third 42-04 CINCINNAJlE. BRENTA.NO, liA.SUUCrUUEn. O F AND W80U:S.lLll DK.I.LJ.Jl IN Dew, do.; .A.romahc Long Teu11; Super io r tlo.; l'ralU and Flowen, N&VJ' Half l"ound1. SAMUEL BEN. s. BOARD Unchlmt Broker, "'"""' a.wo or LOUISVILLE, KY. TOB&CC01 XEI!l', COTTON, 'WOOL, LB&JD, GRAI1'18, mGH'Wlliii8, And We.tern and Southerit No. 6,2 COID.Dlerelal Street, onve and Locttn 13trtetl, IT. LOUIS. B. PUI& Wilt. 0Tn. PULS & OT


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