The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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Twist 4.0 cents per lb twitted or prepared !ot U!C Py band, 80 een&e per lb All kinds 1'1ne l!ll, 411 c., to per lb Smoldq 815 conto per lb., -tqc, IUde whollJ' of 15 pet lb Ciaar-. 110 per)[ Cigarettee, G per cent. ad valorem Sod, 40 cnte per lb BUSINI:SS DIIII:CTOIIY OJ' TOB&CCO TJ.&llll, -oIV PlllliiRING, PU:BLISJIE.R,} No. 142 Fulton Street. I ..._.Vol. II.-No. 14. DII'OR'RRS1 JU.NUPA.CTUR'IRB, A.ND DliLJ:II8 Bel.sen.ll'7 1: Bro 161 118, and Pearl BnldaDo R., .g }fain Inert. Wm WI& aBnrlew 12l1Ialn rrau,. 0 and L. M & Co 46 East Third 4 4D Main i'uhnDum, V 'I Main Jtroba. ........ Qo.1 53 West Fourth -...u .t: Co "'1' PearL llallaJ, Blebanl1 129 !lewlnlr&b .t; 8cbott 21 Wamut. llcbot& .t; OUeo. 1'7 M am lpenae BI'Othen & Co M Eut T\1rd 8Gillna, I T .t; Bl'o 00 Race PezlbertoD r:NVILLE, rA I .4.YTON .. 0 HOlien A: 0= Pease a Tobwo Cut.tiDJ Er.glne BOIT, l'IIICR. NeTln I MUll, 9'l and !14 Jc11'cr10n avcnne. BAST II.&RTFOR., CO!'iilif. I I .&aMVILLB, v A.. I'" TOU.OCO M'.UrfUUCl'UILERS ..... & Wbllo. .11\&B':tFORD, CONN, IUJIDJ.uJ'l'DllDS D:ICA.LDB. 2M'Waln State L.JGia: .. PNM1l'f. c Z: K. 2H-124 Stati:-SIIrmo_nr, D M 1 i'w & 161 Commerce. W..tpll&l& LebnemaD., 214 State 'Whcox H. B 1ftlt ftunf.. woorwr, Joaeph e.. 288State LOUQVILLE, K.V. t9i Jlelaeohn. Allen .t Co BoJ1. J'laa A: Oo.:.t &lld 109 Second -............ l'lftb. L. A: G 48 lourlh Pralle, &.,&Co n l!aat r1Nl. llclli:llMoalJJfllleU.. loll and 1'3 Tblrd street. s.ldblf, SoDa, 909 211 Chapel Wlllb, G 'W, 109 Kala. WWett., J B., 111' lit Tblrd LIIICHII11BG1 VA. "=r-eo us...., .btl,. ....... Butch. 10 Malo ...... JGDM ..t kmer 141 Main -,A D.,188lllabL """ .... H.. Oo liD'. .. ., ...... On&K&Oo.,t ... t VA. a., Co na...tnet ......,a .... ae tswL e t:'ir.'. Oo...!" .,. .w ...... Rardii'OV8 Thos. I Barn11' wun.m.. Jl&rtiD. W K a: Co Mllbr & Ryaot Shoeioe Slip Pearl A .t Co -Read1 N () 4 Commercial Blo c k lfUtcit!hN H &OCHBSTEB, N. 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HAVANA AND YARA Jtat BO SO Cl!DAR STREBT, !!EW' -HRK.: ltpoll: of GOO t;o lOOO.bul!ls o.n hand manui!U. I'BONT BT, JfEWYOBB: t:> 'JliJ, rr oJ 1o r tJH q 1 0' t Jj .r ot I h luo 11ft the .... l "'I il La.rges"t &peeia:l Cl) I olft II! CHAS. C. MENQEL & CO., Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco .... 56 !le""'Yol'k. \ 1 St LouJ. 11!4 North l!eco .. Jlteelo IJ '\ lllemi>hla, eo.......,......_ / New..orlealu, 81 .__ """"' ,, I 1 11fi'OitJ'KIL8 01' t "' 0 t HAVAWA c I I "' 1 UD I fil-101 Y I a&.eafo C 1: a.,.. a&o&U.OU, rr BAOO .. .t. IIIP. -No. 181 Pearl-etreet, .... J ll GOLD, BOA.OB k f:fet J I li01J-Grllou, .I COTTON .t. TOBACCO .&CTOaB .... C.tU.DU OOIDDitJOII n..-U'lf,; Beter toW P Ln-erlab, "Preet. Baalrtllw...l'ork D I ......... Ilona, Lo"'"!Jlo, Ky, B.-h>UIIJ Ka&lonal Bank, N Y anaenon 1: Wallloll, IL LoaJt, Mo. 61-108 s .. -f TH. H. VETTERLEIH 80lfS," TOBAOOO COMMISSION MERCHANTS; 128 WATEJISl'.RI'"-T, -" 'lf @!ilil{. VETTERLEIN & CO., 1u' ARCH-STREET', l PHILADELPHIA. :PONUE:O W" AREHO:trsE, DLBniC'I'. I Commission Merohan1:4 197, Duane'"!Street, :.lift i t) J n pJ"" Hu consb.DUJ OQ .. WEe 0 "CoqWie1Jt, &tate aad OhiR le u anQ their never IN TilE Of REP11._ENTA..TIVESI \. --I >UY 22D, 1866 I 1dle pme, whico IS the through t;d 'll "'! J.U' _..., ---C t w ICha German J e:x;ternal air Ma. that the rli!e; be At Y,.e Jlafo that the House resolve 1tsclf for tlie Coinliuttee of the Whole on the I& he Siite of tbe b' 'on the special" order .. are attentive .:Tbe mot ton -,taa Bgl'eed \0 o their 0; dissent, So the rules were ... and the have the .Jious; acoordmg!y -Tesolved 11!'-lf. mto the t, and of ;j!o ,Wbole on 'the State of the gtven m the cbatr), and sma!l the eonmdention of the spectal order, bemg of tho II!'"\ r a bill o! the Honse (No 518) t o amend an fD,fward act entitlei" An a.ct t O prOvide mte'n\at re:v on IS giVen enue to support the Governmlnt;to paymter tqe est on the l'_ubhc and for other purp<> of smoke ses," approved June 80th 1864 rn,nd acts b t F \ J L I JDOre :ve emcn ., or imenda.tory. tbereo dotibtltul, the head, IS s lightly-m o"MB l!mb!Easoii-M"r Chairman I am 11, clined townrd the nght !j.h?_ulder, and from fuTor!of a high rate --;;f taxation the &r the left corner or the' curlsjgently ticles of toba;;oo, ,01ji;.rs, and snuff upitards, M flne1 as a eobweli, th1s dubiOus tb&t articles made from 1 t whilf." He concludes lh&t the character or a Ate now altogethct too cheap and too cas1 Jy from his mode obtamcd br_ those who uso them. 1 regard BmOkiiigfas weJJ &8 liy hiS phrenOl<>gieaJ the use Of theSe &S tlie nUIO&n dAvelopmenl !...... d ..... 'IJ < u r r '" One of the popular song, the Voih L1edM", of Germany, .s defoted to the pra1ses of the J>lpe m the followmg stram ill 11 W:hen m7 pipe burna b llght ana clear, TlLe sodJJ: nMd not eiJTJ' here And. ae l.b.e amoke f&detln the wind, Our fl.oetln! !Uef brlngs to mlo4 1 Noble weed I that ,) t And art wltb calmest pteaurea rlre 1 "Heaven l{.a.n1 \bee eunablne and warm rain, 1 And to thy planter health and girln 1 r. ; n r. 'l'brouah friend ot my ao'ntude. Whb. hope aDd patlentA I'am endued 1 Deep llo:Q Illy wUhlD m.yi}leari, "' r Alld "res and torrows al11depart 'Thea let Doa"" smoken ;';.u forever .., Shall &heir hard words trueJ.rlends dlasever f Pleaaure 1 too ran to .,_,t &W&7. Ill'" plpe,f o:r what t.he railera ea:v I 1' 8" I I l I Wben cool thy dre at.Ul warm. ( me When frleDdl a::e :fled th,-preseoce ebarma me U thou art. full1 though p11r1e be bare, J l IIDOte, aad eutla.wa1 all care 1 The Pers1ans speedily mvented the luxu "!OUS mode (of drawing the tobacco smpke through and sp coolmg; It., ( bcfor(1 1t waa !t 1s to smoking what 1ce 1s to N c&nder m h1s TabaC()ldgta (1622) ..,.ves two sp,eclmens' or these p1pes, one of wh1eh WJ' copy The tubes, he says, ire made of gold1or silver for the ricb1 and of ordinary metal for the poor The tO' bt.cco IS bttrned m the cup A, the1 smoke drawn through the perfors.tlons at B ; the eup fitted m another at c_, "to' wh1ch 1 attllcb.a hollow tube wh1ch descends to bottom. rot tpe glass vase 1 a Droad saucer, n, preTellts ashes or spnrks !alhng on carpels or the floor, B is the cap WhiCh fits over the moutli of the, glass, and Is ll:eld firm by' a ScreW r 'Fbe p1pe o IS used for mhalation, It qmte the water1 and as It IS ccs tha.t -curse the country, n.nd I believe that they ought to be taxed as h1gbly as Sible If the tax should not mcrcase the revenue, I hope 1t will decrease the use of tobacco r 1 lregard the use of this article as a barba rous practice and m confirmation of this idea I refer to the trade s1gns wh1ch I see on Pennsylvarua avenue. At the door o every tobo.cco store I see the of a half naked ot a. crazy negro, or a monster, repre senting, I supposCt a heathen god or some other bemg, holdmg out tobacco, &nd snuft", as &s to say, "If you want to be a heathen, a savage, or & monster_, use tobacco" And I soe that the pracllce 18 preva1ling to an alamnng extent, so much so thilt even little boys nre =g tobacco I see httle negro boys, not more than four feet htgh, walkmg the streets 1ntl} ctgars m thetr mouths, costing, perh&ps, twenty fivo cents Mn GARI'IEL:D -Is nof that a "mv1l ngbt f [Laughter ] The amendment was not agreed to The Clerk read a follows u On cavend1sh, plug, tWist, a.nd all other liu[ds of manufactured tobacco not herem provided..for, a tax of forty cents per pound." No amendment being offered, Xbe Oleok &S follows On tobacco tmsted h;r band, or reduced from leaf mto a. condibon to be consumed the USC Of &.ny ma.chine Or mstru ment, ana wtthout bemg pressed sweetened, r eoak12Ct.ion of Uib lliiVument ll el&boratelf deIIC!'lbed In 1!:!J 1M /Jlam, par MM1 De La ll1:lvp1 Lends XIV W Klog of .Slam. tn lGe't aod 1688, wbo.J&Yltin ue at &be court of tha\ Jdng, &Dd W haft been mucli. impt't!ttted wiUl las novelt7 &Dd 1Plea4or He \hem u FQTided wUh plpe1, through -persom flitb' ltlloke ln company hm. one J:LooUL 'i. stemmed, nor butted The a.mcndment was agreed to M&. MORRILL -I move to msart after hne twenty two hundred and five the followmg "On smokmg tobacoo, sweetened, stem mcd, or butted, a tax of forty cents per poun1" The amendment was agreed to MR ScuENCK -I move to strike out" twcn ty," m hne twe .. nty two hundred and etght, and msert ten I propose to .lbllow up this amendment, which relates to etieap, ordmary fine cut Smoking to.hacco, With an amendment wh1ch shall also make It posstble to manufacture cheap mgarl! .., ... frhe present amendment, continmg 1tsolf eXclusively t'o fine-cut smoking tobacco, I will, m a word, e"'Xplim So fM as tobacco 1s concerned, whilo1t related to that whrch 1s used for chewmg, I made no propos1bon, be cause 1t Jdoe.s not a.ffect any mterest I repre sent, but so far smoking tobacco IS con cerned, either fine cut or used m tb.e manu of c1gars, 1t do.cs affect "'great mdustria.l ptfolmt m m,Y' State and m the West, and affects It, eveu w1th the amend ments to the. ex1stmg law proposed m this l.all, to a rwnous extent. Fme cu,t smoking toba:coo 1s JargeJy manufactured from the tobacco leaf rn1sed In the Western States The tobacco leaf 15 a different from the Southern tobnceo Southern tob&eco h&a a. glutmous or gummy character, which ena. ble you to manufacture from 1t plug, caven dish, and the vanous forms of chewmg to bacco But that same tobacco .seed sown m our Northwestern States produces an arttele wh1ch 1s not capable of bemg manufactured at all mto chewmg tobacco It ts dry, and IS used only for the purpose of smokinj!: I spoke of fine--cul I mean smoking to bacco This smokmg tobacco, made out of leaf r&lSed m Oh10, Indiana, Michtgan, and mall the Northwest, burdened by thiS tax which IS now proposed of forty eents, can not be produced or used at all, and the proposed tnx will, therefore, defeat !be ObJeCt sought or alfording a revenue to the Government Let me tell Y.Ou bow 1t operates This same smoking tobacco, as manufactured be fore the Government tax was leVled upon was made somewhat m th1s way and at this cost m1xmg the leaf and the slem m the proportion used, d was worth two and a half oents a pound Makmg thiS half leaf and h&lf stem by the process or cutting and dry mg and putting It mto a condition fit for smokmg costs an average of fi,ve cents pound, making a total of seven and n. half oents Now, 1f you put upon that a tax of twenty cents, as proposed by thiS bill, you Will make the entire cost twenty seven and a. half cents per pound, or more than three times the ortgma l cost of labor and stock to the producer If you bnng the tax down to ten cents, tt w1Il sttll amount to about seven teen and a. half tax mcluded, a.nd the Government w11l get 10, full share, and m?r


iTB.E thou ts ful share at the lowest pr ce for h ch the art le can poss bly bo so d Hodge & M&yo of R chmond-& finn very nflme s suffic ent guarantee for ce lence of whatever they offer to I In the mak ng of tl s brand part cula.r y careful to seloot cho ce leaf. and prepare them n the The effect of the adopt on of the p OVIS on n he b 1 ns t stands w be to destroy the manufacture of s mok ng tobacco out of our ommon leaf at the W" est. Th s leaf can be bought anywhere at teo cents a pound but n what cond ton s t bought It s: not cut for the purpose uf smok ng It lS not manu facturcd n any way Step mto any I ttle grocery sto e n the West and ask for smok mg tobacco a.nd t he keeper produce a ro of ordina y l eaf tw s ted up we ghs t out, manner The resu ts of thell' daotly shown n th s article now .. f<>I:ee wh ch s unusually sweet, clean and f agrant. We commend t to all who have not already tned t The sole agent m New York c ty lS RobertS Bowne No 7 Burl ng sl p and I onds t over the counter at teo cents a THE TOBACCO MARKET pound It scar cd away by, tbe IIODI!TIC and Q;ut at hiS o vn I ouse w a. common New """...r...J) knife or rubbed to p cccs and smok'\(1 and Tu,.. market t.lil WUt 8 o1Lh!rds J>f iiJL any law wh ch cha ges more than, f"piiCkages. 1 ke ten cents a po nd upon th s ptod u t; f 11 n eVJtab y prevent any revenu e at same depr "V"e the peop e of the advantage o the use of t n thiS countrv rl 0 IJiijlf.\Viuralon;oart [Here the hammer fell] 1 r MR MoBBILL ) ave no but what t IS the pn wse of the H0use tq jeAve the law so-that we sha)L obta o a large reve nuc from th s soufee a.nd I v.ery much doubt whQthcr when we ;get through Wltlrth s b I the l;>w "1\' be as o!h that obJect. As t now stands, the 4-"ll' Ill more 9c currency and some small lots swtable effective than we have ever had t W"b are for cutt ng at :.6c a 16e. a very few parcels :rece v ng a Ia ge an ount of e enue gong ns h gh as 17e clll'l'ency 100 hhds ever befarc ved from t!P,s sou ce b own Kenta.cky lugs and low Jeaf mllost teg.u hat ma te As b e Ia v now the tax.. on s mok n0 tobacco of a I k n4s a.nd m ons the eof not otberw se p o ded fo s th rty; fi e cents per pound On ng tobaccoJDac\e exc llli vely of s ems t s fifteen cents a. pound ['he comm ttee Botoa lila)' sea n LEn s firmer for all sorts su tabir for manufactunng the supply he ng cons derab ly reduced an m !'act nearly exhausted Pn cos have cooaequently advane (tom two to tbper Jb. on U. .. e clescrip ODS For the week ending M'ay 98th Manufactured rema ns n good demand at From F Miranda, 266 hales leaf fu 1 pnces W th the final aettloment of the W Brod 200 Kremelllerg .t Co 16 Kun tax question we antic pate a steady demand bard! & Co 181 cs......., B dela Reonda, for a I brands and qual ties. 5 Schroder & Co 1*' 6 bhls. paper do W" e quote cho co W estero lef at 20c a Suckworth & Sumders 1 "" R T Floyd 28c good do 12c a 20e. common 8c. 4 A Sch .. mn & Co 28 Watt & G sey '2e. or tie. a 12c llaoufactur .... best 6 T S Wbltman 1 Sjm ngtoo 5 'flavy lbs:' and t lbs: tax paid '"* a 80c R .Koll!>y &>jtlo ill Tlii'd N chols COJilmOn to 50c a 6llc best lOs, 65c a 6 Xremelberg & Co 48 A v'3 Rosenbaum 70c. common to fa 50c "OOc qwuter & Co 9 W 'B od 1 L E Amsmck & 50e. a 65c No fine goods of th a aoscnp-10 1 do scraps F Probst & co1 12 M li"'' on the market. In bond lOa, from 25e. A Lev n l5 Phil It; Fran k L v ngs a 82e. quarters, 211i<: a 88"' trne t lbs ton &, ;lon Lillo re .& V 0ga, 1> 411c 1 &; Go >!> W"odd, k'Oo" l ilJ< TM rec01pts of llle weok have been 764 From Man Ira Bro & Co 5 cs boxes: The exports tbr tbo. same time have c gars .uo 3 been 6 hhiis to Cayenne and Sonnam 51 \ EXPORTS fTnfl:[7 11::'1' boxes' and. }0 b&!"\' to l!lt. p errc, 10 b"!oes to From the pot oLNew York for the week Hayt and Z hhds and 46 boxes to the endi.9 May 28th wei'e n quan pro 0 PloUa4elphla, lllay S&Oa C!)DC us o after '4 long and pa cnt gat on tl at to mpose one. ratowas better for a n e cs ee haps m ght g ve.the Gov c nment an equal tliilOunb_pf revcmue They the eros e &!!reed up0n the rate of twenty ceo s per pound os tb y five on y five ceo s more than t now s on tobacco made exc us vely of s ems; lli\d fifteen cents ess iha.n under w ot9;er p ovts on n the l aw as t no"" stands. We b e eve that that 11 be sat sfac o y Cc ta g y r we cxpe t to dfJ o any cons derab e amoQP..t of e enuc t ought not to be reduced; below blc effect on pnces Manufactured -"lhe general cond on the marl18 ()the CTUd pkp ""' '""" .. .., ToE rna ket ru es qu et and steady t pre v ous rates The finer qualit es of leaf are espec ally well ma n n. ned On the 18th nst 1 hhd hr ght wrappers from Metca fe county sold at $65 and 1 hhd A V rgtnlllleaf at $180 100 lbs. ) To day offenngs bl,lds reJections 82 hhda S hbds.>i!..a $2 95 50 hhds. at $8 05 a $41l5 28 &I t5 05 <>47 95 39 at $S a $10 75 50 at" .11 a $14 75 at $)6 a $!8 25 3 at $20 75 "!.98 XJ (71a.clillaatt lllay S6tll ._, _.""" unchanged and steady .,. th good dem&nd for fine bngbt manuf11.ctur ng and cutting leaf. wb ch are rather scarce Saleo of leaf at Morr s and Cfu. fant's e liousc, for the week, end ng 25th May com pnse 109 hhds and 10 bxs wiJh. 12 tons. 56 le&r rugs and trash 15 at f,3 a $3 75 $4 25 1 at $5 2 at $6 25 1 at f,7 3 at $9 a $9 75 5 at $10 a $10 75 1 at $11 75 5 at $12 a $12 75 4 at $18 a $18 50 i at U4 2 at f,60 a $15 75 1 at $16 1 at $17 75 8 at Sl8 a t18'25 3 at$ 9 25a $19 75 1 at $20 1 at $21 1 at $26 75 26 hhds Kentucky-2 at $10 2-at $11 lat $13 25 2 at$14 a $14 76 4 at $15 a f,15 25 5 at $16 a t16 75 1 at $17 1 at $21l lrat t21 8 at $22 25 a t 50 2 at $25 50 27 bhde V rgm a leaf and lugs 5 at $3 a $S 75 1 at $550 4 at $7 a $7 50 1 at $8 50 2at $9 75 2 at $11 a f,11 75 1 at t12 50 1 at $18 25 1 at $14 50 1 at $16 75 ) a t f,17 75 2 at $20 26 1 ar tll9' :. at t5alat on will allow bus ness aga n to become settled Imports and exports thiS week -recent &dvance m gold has nduced ncreased firmness n the market, but pr ces arc w !bout quotable var ation New crop and coot nues n bJ sk and 18 readily taken as fast as t arr ves In old crop there s bat lillie d014 Oh o "' fa1r request, sales being made this week nf several htlljdred hhd11. new at firmer pr ces Kentucky 18 dull sales of about 60 hhd of all descnptions at current rates. Rece pta of manufactured leaf are 1 ght for the season though the nspectiona Slnce the first of January ndic&te a. conSlderable n creaae compared Wltb tho """'" time last Y":!'/' Th s, however partly attributable to the re nspection of old stock which if correctly ascertamed would materially reduce or figUres below represent ng the stock n warehouses Inspect ons th s week, 81>4 hhdo. lhry 521 Ohto total 1875 hhdo 9 hlj._ds for West Indie&. 1 at $18 26 2 at $14 50 ,1 at $16 1 at IDiiRi 50 and &J22 and 8 pkgs bnght V rgm a at $88 2rf' $1M and $200 B ds on 92 hbds. reJected or .the hbds passed Among the reJections were b ds of flM $1SO and f,199 /)0 on three hhds fancy To ilay the nst the eales were 2 hhds green lug at $2 20 a $2 80 hhds factory do at $8 40 a $4 6 hhds. planters lug at f,5 90 a f6 80 7 hhds com mon eaf at $7 30 and $8 26 a $9 80 hh.ds medium ohlppmg at $10 25 a $11 75 2 hhds. good do at f,1S 25 a $14 60 2 hhds mod um manufactunng at 116 a $16 60 l hhd good do at $20 75 and 5 at a ..... 1 .... IHIO "'I 00 800 11508 eoo 1100 lt 00 15 00 600 ltOO 11 08 \18 00 15 00 18 00 IGOO MOO M 00 100 00 :New-8rlean M:ay 19tll THE market has b-active, aad ssles th s week for export amount to 190 hhda. of wh cb 148 hbda. sold on pnvati leni>s, and the rest, rangmg from lugs to floe leof, over aged l'le Ml lb. SoW! aalos have been made to c ty trade at prenous ratea Rece pts th s week 5U4 hhds Cleared none Stock n warebousas and not cleared lhe 18th nst. 6906 hhds. .Manufacturld lS qwet and dull, w th a drool> ng tendency excepl for bright pounds, wh cb are ecarce Blolunoml, ]11:aT ll80. THE market 18 w thout Aoticeable changs except a slightly mcreased firmness u con saquenee of the adTance n gold. Good grades of sun cured manufacturing leaf are scarce and n actin demand Fancy wrappers still command high figures Reee pts are licht-the farmera hold hack tbeir atoeka tbr better prlceo On the nat. sales at the BxcbaDge were 8 loto loose at 6G<: 6 b:u. at 815 a 120 4 do at *21i $41 3 do. at $116 tll8 4 de at 8120 a t175 1 tea. at t200 7 hhda. at $8 70 50 U at 87 a 18 at $13 a $19 50 3 at 121 a i 8 $80 a $8S and 1 at per 100 lbs Pe..,nl>ul'i M:J" Slolo Goon grades are well mamtaiDod but inferior kinds are low Sales yeaterday 114. hhds at 20 a $28 50 per 100 lbs Soles the 2181: DSl. 55 hhda. &t $1 fM t>-tl9 !IIIBliJ& ,... kaaaa llla7 U&IJ. r adVlces.l'rl!l!> the country confirm the prevwus &Cl>Ounta of the nneDIIIpled ravaaes of the drouth. The c:rop will ------Hamluuy lla&J ll&h SALES from ftrsf are I w ted th s week to 2411 cr As m every other branch of Southern ndus try every thmg almost was done by and what I ttle mach ncry was used -..:&'! of the most uncouth and clumsy descr ption It requ red a long apprenticesh p .. sons to do what IS now done smoother and bet er by AUTOMAT C KACDINEilY mproved Huse advantages w th a small e r 1 ands over every one else-inaoeo per weelg and tbe number of hands n al depa.r ments s x hundred All the mach "'::J and boxes are made on the prem ses The propnetor n tends sqonjq ISSUe a 1i'l>lk. 11>"11 the manufac I,W!>.&Jl'tour.e of tobacco embody ng same Before the war the resu ts of hiS vet y extcns ve exper ence try and reorgan ze or rather 'revolution zc, wh ch bas enabled hrm to produce bet er to the whole procesa of tohacce bacco more finl8bed and perfect hn any but&t the beginn ng ofthe.,..beh\on I ageoc es are .. tab by a sense of patriotism and duty he ro-I P and his sales m st turned, and t s at the North wb this branch of bu81ness has thmed so well of late that this well known manufactu....,.h&S not only done much to sh this neW'"d"l r : !*tinent of labor on a flrln e.adcpl<'d baa s but has gaaned a name and reputat oJ equalled by few f any other manu act trade. ) JU. I:INO A OIOIJU.T.&. Wlien the poorly constructed and mi!lfec live machinery uaed n this liUSIDOSS at the Sooth was proved to he comparatively 11:9rth lesa and t became ev dent that tho producer who hu no sympath cs w th the manufac turer would w llmgly ship tht f:lfl'terial to a Northern market w th a better pnce a great hue ane alODOj wb ch Mr Hose ptJented for wnnrpug .,. moiSture great aupenonty 18 sho'fD over the old fash ned plan of haptiZiDJI \ht leal; or f j are, !>f tbem; reported very much dlll8lll s fl,ed W tlr tile ,present. ... l!ape lof the b II and determmed to procure ,at II f!U"ther mod fi cat ona The .b ll as t stands at present s as follows mo. a L .G.'l 011 anulf of tobi1!co or ry sui>Sti(ute for tobacco (IIJ: or damp p ckled of all descnp lions when "USe--or sale a tax of forty centa per poun eavoadi8h plug, tw st and all other 11: nds of manufactured tobacco not herem otheNiljo lor 11 of forty ents "' On tobacco twlst.e{ ,by hand, or reduced from leaf illto r' cslljli! on to hi' consumed without the use of any machme or nstru m..U, and w !bout J>emg pnssed !11feetened or otherwfse prepated a tax of th rty cents per pouoil On fine cut chew ng tobacco whether man uilctured w th the stems n or not, or bow ever sold, whether loose n bu k or n rolls packages papers, wrappers or boxes a tax pf forty ceals per pound On smok ng tobacco of a 1 kinds not sweetened, nor stemmed no butted nclud ng that made of stems, or n part of stems and m lations taa of ten cents per pound On c garottes and small c gars made of to bacco and nclo:ed n & wrapper or b nder and not oYer three and a half nches m length and on c gars made w th tw sled heads, the market Y&lue of wb ch (tax ncluded) not over e ght do Iars per thousand a tax of two dollara per thousand. On all other c gsrettes and mgars the marbt value of wh ch s over c ght dollars and not over t!Veb dollars, a tax of four dol lani per thousand On al otherc a tn of four dollars por thousand and forty pe cenl ad .alorem Prr move to llllleDd th portion of the b ll by add ng a pronso that the taa assessed dol J*d Oil OJgUS and Clg&rettea or-4omestl'c manufacture shall also be as sessed and patd on all c gsts of fore gu man ufaclure n add ton to the dut es now m posed by lihr Lat.r -S nee going to press we han re Larger adverbsements must be mu pi en t on otthe abOve Ie.;g'th for whioh the rates w 11 be multiplied accordingly No or& a for adry ., l! e.f< uted . Y' sub'!': besso!'}l

A. PEAlLL iofonns his cu.sromers and t.he pubUo t.bat he bas removed his factory to Ric b lllollod, Va., when be will be able W aup'pty them with a finer of his brands than of late, such aa Green Be!!!, Perique, Turki'!!l, Latakia, l'lower of Golden B1rd's Eye, *-' etc., and bu al way on band t.he_ cboicest. Jots of Virginia. ;w d Smoking Tobacco. AUCTION NOTICE. .. GEORGE WELLES NICHOLS, Auctioneer. ., ('" t" -V & 1 US 1 &1RGrnLR Oi' .r ,.,, -Manufactured Tobacoo, ... ..,.; ... ON II.A.Y 30th. 1866, ""'l't' QO.Ol;OtK, )Vli'!ill!!'TUE .S:OOJII!, ... ..) .... 2000 p&ckagea prhne Vlflbda Manufactured Toba cco In lne oJ.dtrt .l. 1 66 FOR SALE, LOW, ,_: -Bt M. & E. SALOMON, THOMAS HOYT, & Co., TOBACCONISTS, No. 404 PEARL ,Srlln_:r, NEW-YORK, M3nufaQ'uren of all kindi of ,Fine-Cut Chewing and Smoking TgJ:>_accq, Snuff, Cigars ; and : ;, I:Javana Sixes. O Ull : RANDS FINE-CU T CHEWING 1 .SUNNYSiDE, HEART S DELIGHT,' NATIONAL. ,rTHOMAS HOYT & CO., New-York. HO;YT, FLAGG k CO., L ouisville, Ky. L -J 95 Ne"W"-Yorlc. HOYT, FLAGG & CO., Labels. & co .. HATCH & co.; c 'v \.107 and Jog Second St.,. Trinity Buildings, 111 Broadway, Lou1sv1LLE, KY., T -&il\:, Manufaaurea of the following celebrated branlll of Labell and Bbow Cards FINE-CuT CHEWING ToBACCO I ... u:ecu.l.ed tn tbe bed .Pa..t MDd for atiiilak.. 66-'lS .&. B. CXLE & SONS, MRS, G. B. MILLER & CO-., ... STORJI, 110 Water-meet. UlivrACTO.ltY, 97 eo1uaibiaat. r rt-!IOW:::Yo -RK. SUNNYSIDE, SWEF.T OWEN, ROSE-BUI). KJLLICKINICK SMOKI-NG ToBACCOS, Golden Eagle, Grand Mogul, Chimney-Cora.... \ HOYT, FLAGG & CO., Louis?ille, IC.) THOMAS HOYT & CO., New-York. JOHN (t. MOSES, K.&..NUJ'ACTURXR OJ' .. iE;;;: .. "kFINE CIGARS, FlN. E SEGAitS{ 183 'PEARL-STREET, LEAF TOBACCO, '- GEJ?A.R,) ( LICORICE P A.STE WAT.T.TS & 00. EXTRA. .. Tbbaooo manufactureri and the trade in gen,eral aie partio)llarly reqneet.ed to examine IID!l teet the superior proper ties of thiS -LICORICE, .. which; being now bri>ugnt-tLtJV1CTtlflft9 A.lfD lllf'O&TIUI.J Or SEQ-AR.S,. T dJ" R. 8. llll'OI.'l'D or BUCKE-YE TOBACCO .CUTTER. TOBACCO and SEGARS ;;."'!'. J.'ND DlU.LI.RS Ill" Leaf' Tobacco, 'T-. 116. li!AIDENLANE, P.D.O..n. HEW-Y-a-RE,, RITTERHOFF'S PATENT IMPRQYED -&. Parties deSirous of purchll!lng, or wfwttog ln!ormaUon, applyt.o JAMES ADAMS & CO., 69-St Agentr tor the State of llew-York, BUFFALO, N. 'Y. -BULKLEY & MOORE, TOllACCO-CUTTING SOLE AGENTS, T MACHINES. No. 74 Front-street, Jor parUeuJan and elrcuiiU'I, apply No. M OEDAR-TRBET, oppo.sltt, NewYork. M-GS BARBER'S CELEBRATED Patent Segar Machine. "We are= now reulvlng, from the manufacturer, a Urolted quanUiy or ve1 Celebrated and Superi o r To baCco, to whleh we tt'lvite the of tl1e Trade BULKLEY &. MOORE, BOLE AGENTS. 74;-_ NEILSON & NICHOLS, TOBACCO & GENERAL P,..U ,ENT.ED JUN. E 24th, l&e2 r ou: tu:n..Soll. 348 ;PE4RL, STREET, NEW YORK OO-'i6 O'f 'If !CLUB NIOifOLJ!.. ,... LOCKITT & SMITH, 'l_ t S. BARBER,. HENRY D. SMITH'8 Sole Agent for the )Jnited .States. AT WHOLESALE, No, 321 Pot\rl-8t;1 near Peok-8lip1 New-York, ... 34 Iii MJO Bowery, New York. 79 G.ravier..atreet, New..Orleanl. SCHMITT & STORM K.lNUPAOTURERS OP SEGARS, .J.ND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 191 PEARLSTREET, NO. 74 wnLIAll-STREET, Nc,w--York. DE BRAEKELEER A FOOTE, K.J.lUfi'J.Cnntna Ol' J F, Havana B,gara, etc., 187 Pearl Street, cor. Cedar, 'l mv.-:r-. P. W. IIIER!l'I:DIS, .... lfo. 71 :Bnex Bt. Gi&na St. -,J;V AJENHEIM, PAULITSCH &. CO., DI.J.LU8111 C I G A B."S, UID Dli.l.KRI! VI LEAF TOBACCO, 94 Beekmanst ., near Pearl, ;1.-W .U -'J .U Sole Proprletoort and K&nufacWren of the celtWAWd f.a Perrecdon, El Oompafiero, and i!1 Oontetto 148 WA.ft]t..STB.EBT, OlganHI. GGINB, :.._:,.,__ .. t __ .... _' __ NE_w_-v_oa_ x_. !kULmii'IOI&;k. f SEGARS GEORGE WICKE, LEAF TOBACCO, &EQAR BOXES, No. 131 Waterstreet, ."P. mu,} 6>-iO 1', M. & E. SALOMON, IKPO&TD8 01' H a v a n a S e gars, LEAF TOBACCO, WEST IliDIA PRODUCE, No. 85 Maiden-lane. Wew-York. 212 IQU.Jitii:L IJ.LOli.Oll SEIDENBERG & CO., UU'()BTIUIS 01' .tJID DICJ.LDS J!f (Superior Make & Prime Qua.ljty,) OJl' CEDAR WOOD, No. 516 Wlllettatreet, 'ftEW-TOIII: M. METZGER, Deale:r .lo allldod ol J'.orel(n and Domettlc Leaf' 'T'obacco,. SEGARs: GOODS ji'OBW ... BD1CD. B. CALISCB, I. I. GRODJINSII'S H. H. WA 'M'S' ,., or 'flU nnB'l' BR.IJ(M or 6l FACTORY, cor. l at Ave. and 27tli at. C I G-.A R. .f!i r.ta.,_) 11101. "'n!.e above Machine hu been l.n a ucoe91ful bl)e:rat.1on for onr fhe .rtan, lri thil d,y, Drooklyn, Willfaoaburg, a.od eiHwhert, to ot those using them, and can ba seeo a\ 848 It welgbe but 14. Ibs., and can be opuated by a. ebtl d U or 14 of age. ONil BAND can \urn out I to lSOO'Ilne a Celebrated Patent Chewin[ Tobacco PELLETS. OUR BRANDS: & DOKESTIC IT8i WATER-STREET, NEW-YORK. 2lt f ... C. H. LILIENTHAL, SOLE PATEJI'TEE aruvr...Onrri.a t.t f. ""' ,. ......... ,.,., Out Ohewing and Smoking Tobacco, E L RIFLE, 111,219, t !fl Wublogtoo.-st., oor. Bardar, NW-YORK, J 110 HOVI'l'O .ft., ttl A.Dd or Lltht. ud. Dark Work, Lnmp, hid, ud Rtll To Buchanan &. \1,. .. Tbe Celebrated and Sweel Grannlatfd, t50 WATER-STREET, -.; O&nDdiib, "CxkaLma:, J'renda, other V k Looa: Cu.l, Fa.ncf $Dw\.lq j lf 8W.&0f o,.. (" Kedalllo111 aod 8bO'RC11L No.1, Tobao4o.-ataeturen or the CoUowlac , TOBACCONISTS, 10 at IS oLt'ON ...... NBWYO:It:K, llaDaf.utanaot .all Jdttd:l,or flu Cn.CDWlG and Bxo.: pe 'ha.loeo,I1Jfvn>, S.U.: ete.. Dtalm tn Puro Touooo """' .w. fte Ron lsludlloll, li1Gn ... aoco ........ Pipelllllll, Bega1ia de Londroo, Bega.lia Reyna, Oonches, Lcmdm de Oorte, ()pemlr, etc., etc. For tale b7 the 1ole M&.llufaoturer, JOHN STRAITON, ---Nl> E.S.Ti:IAOKSTON, MANUFABLE & co TOBACCO NOTE & UCHANGE J; )I V EN lfos. Water-st., PETERSBURG VA B:g,OKER 10--'11 '. JUW-YORK j TOJACCONISTS' ARTICLES, ARTHUR GILLENDER & CO., Aloe Moftufacturers of Superior "Maceo bey," "Rappee," and ether Snulfo. Chew' JOSEPH MAYER & SONS, No. 12 Old Slip, cor. Woter-otreet, ing and Smoking Tobacco of every grade. 46 Liberty Street, (up stsiro,l 411 f .. NEW-YOBX. JOHN ANDERSON & CO., CJus. .... ... .JOSIAH MACY'S SONS, AGENTS, s E G A :a s' as9 "' ,9, FRONT-sTREET, NEwvoRK. Leaf & Manufactured Tobacco, U.WT"D"B.D8 01' 'lfB:I -7. H. CIESELMANN, 1880 SOLACE TOBACCO, CHEWING .. &sioK:ItiG .. TOBACtO, 114/116, and AND SEGARS, '\ .... DliAUBIB ALL IORH Ol!' LBAl!' TOBACCO. IIJ Prlodpal BraDd: VmGIN L"IU. 121 C:BDAB.STREET, Arthur OUicnder, NopoloonB.Kutuc, "'"W-T-e-RJt Joteph W. Gn:r, :I :fA: t Jo.eph L. B. Wood. 4-f-OO J. H. "ft'-..MtiVaut. H MITCHELL, TACKMANN & COlElL! H. 1 SEG.i.:R No, ss waaerRroe, t EM ToBAccos 210 DELANCEY-STREET, J. H. WIGHT l CO., II Platt-.treet, near Pearl, I Bet. RiJue and Pitt I. IIWYIL 108 S&aa&oa aa4 l)i9 La41ow .... NEWTOKK, 61 tt-81 r NEW-YORK. C:i'r .AllordenprompUJaUendedto. 60-85 MANHATTAN TOBACCO WORKS. JOSEPH HALL L :11. N01o1su rs Dua...trut. New-York.__ 1. Hamburger It, Co., & CO., A.LWA.YS _ON RAND. SEGAR BOXES. F. A. GOETZE & BRO., -Pi-Leaf Tobacco & Segars, 76 Barclaystreet, N. v. PAPERING DONE TO ORDER. Toacc .. .. no' SHUFF. and pea, 5 BURLINc sLIP, Lae:A.SSORTMENT OF NO. 125 GOERCKS'1'REET, A All """ "1()l,lll Jr. TETJ-STREET. CHOICE SEGA.RS_ NEWIOBK.. :.t "Garlllaldl Smoking Tobocoo" v,d "St. All other Kinds of Smokers' Articles, .,_. -Omer RIPP" snuif." *lQG 05 ...... _. ................... ... ............ 'tO GraYJcr-tree&, NflwOrleau, La. MARCUS, Ill n .u.n.1 -E:avana a 'nd Domestic CIGARS, iirhattn, Pipes and Fancy No. 31 Bowery, B.LT.l.RDST., JfJ:WYORK. '9-6& AND DROPS. Or4en puctually a.tu!nded to. A liberal a,J. 1)Wed. Gool:a wa:rra.nted. !emu eaeb. 174 FULTON..ST., N.Y., c7-"iS Oppoalt.e lt. Paul'a Church. CHAS. F. TAG, IMPORTER OF SPANISH, NO. 184 FRONTSTREET, NEW-YORK. LINDBEIM BROS. & CO. NO. 19 DEY-STREEr.r, Near BroadtMy, (6.4-116) New York. M. H. LEVIlf, .JOBK BB.AKK, Sue \o BB&liiM & BBOTDEH8, 28 AtlanUo-ot., Brooklyn, I MI'Oal'KR Or Tobacco and Segars, Fine-Cut Tobacco: J.U Da&Ln IN J.LL lllJOll or AQcfa laperior Ludrfoot Ind. G&-1< LEAF TOBACCO, 189 PEARLST, near Wall-at., \.(}.89. SALOMON 1: ELKINS, IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC REISMANN & KAPPES, Dealers & Commission MERCHANTS ... .ll.L....... lobAUO. a:u.ct Jtgarl, L B A I' I' e B A C C ITt Peartst., l' aod C.ur-111., 140 Water-street, Til W'EWYOKK: ... J. M. MAYORGA, lXPORDB OP DOKESTIC SEGARS. Havana Leaf Tobacco, 'wBOLEBJ.LJ: DllLDS lN M-89 ManUfactured Tobacco14 ,..::_::_ __ =-B.-=H::::E=s=-s.---,:-:4 1,' C1CDAKTKEBT, AND CIGARS, J..ND JJO'OR'l'ERS 01 Kemohaum, Woocl PI,.., &Dd rJl other BmoldDf .Articlll; !18 Conitlandtstreet A.. IJNDHBnl. M, .ALE. ll. LINDHKIII. (Rear 'HEW-T-&Rlt. 'IF' Depol of R. Wlikt)la a; Co.'o Tobaooo Works. Ba.Ulmore. lid. lfi E. ROSENWALD & BROTHER, UIPOJI.TERS J..!'fD MANUJ'.J.ClUJI..EBS Or Commission !Merchant, IIIIPOJrriUI. A.ND DUUJ. D" HAVANA .SEGARS, J.lfD J.I.L Dlttll OJ' LEAF TOBACCO, BO. 14 CBDAJI.I!IIElll! B t t. WIUiamandPearlst.., NewYork. W-M. H. GOODWIN & CO., T obatco, Snuff & Cigars, n Da.&J:DS 1 LL tnrDII o HOLLANDER, FLEISHER & CO., Deelen in all Jdnds of t r ur .ltU\ t .. Abo, Imparten aod.Jiuuataeturen or FINE CIGARS, 147. WATERSTREET, -lttir-!ork. -All Kinds Havana and Domestic SEGARS, lew TOrt & VirliDia StcamslliD COIDpany. ltltb .DJag -...::.BB IEROLD LINB, .I:AV p 21, lf. R., A.ND DU.LK'RS ll( & 209 WATER-ST., II'OOT OF FULTONTl\EET, IIVYIIL For Norfolk, Cit,Point, & Richmond. L E E __ B R O T._H E R S l!ftillDS GO TO THE WHARF RIODliOl

4 J. L. ADAMS, w MORRIS & CHAti!;T';" I 01' J.U. OB Twist Tofiacco' Tobacco & Cotton ) F AC'J'OR}:;, 01 Uul lollowing 8BIODT. UONGI CAKL<> NA.TURI.'S OWN. DABK. No. 30 Carondeletstreet, ( "";"'") : l'IEW:OIILE.US LA, J L CHAS. G. MENGEl & CO., '1. L POUNDS AND IIALP POUNDS. XXXUL IUGGIB CIUARRll POtrBDS.' Qll.lLLlii!GE lDo. TWIST. I L. ll>.t.JIIl'l! OOBOOT ]I 1 I S.. 4t6 COJ.OMBIA-STREET, BRoOKLYJII'. M-T9 ... "'B .1 :,...,. -B'""Trrii.T C,'b\.o'l\. MANUFACTURED AND LEAF TOBACCO, 8J-Ka.gazinest., New.-OrleiUll. (' N q-T'ou, (61-10-i] &r.,tMSecoDdA THE Cn A. M&UltJa, B. T 'L.r:TTEI.LUJI VETTERLEIN & c 0.' W U N ITED S rA f. o ntp WAREHOUSE. Consigp.ors can forward n:a; 4\tV YV "-... 1 r-n LANE & CO., TOBACCO & SEGAR their stocks without prepaying the governm ent tax;. 'B. A VAN r 'MANIFAmRE!Ii WliOUl! .I.L11 J)Ul.D IN ..._ ,. j_ 1 CIGARS, LEAF AND ACTURED TOBACCO. 820 Crandatreet, NIEWJERSEY, ... U-88 8ROOKLYN. E. D. 4 E. I'! IU.Jl71'&cm1Ua .UD DULV. Df Havana and Domestic Segars, LEAF lubose hDdl"& Jlfth-T !J?o., 181 Pearl8t""" New-YO'rk.-St..SS MILLS & RYANT, Tobacco Brokers and General Commission Merchants 'l'obacco Exchange :Suildiag, Bhockoe Slip RICHMOND, VA. Foreign and domeatle ordera f or the 1mrel1ase or VJr glnla Tobacco IOlldted.. Rtrn.nora: J .\ThomiLII lr., E6CJ.: 8. 0. BobinJOn, Esq., Pres't P lanters NationaL Bank, Rlchmoud, Va.; IJ. BeueBger .t. Oo., lGL Maiden-lane, New York; Johntt.on k Thompon, HS3 PearJ-strce1..,Boston. t; LEAF & MANUI'AID'URED TOBACCO, Bhockoe Warehouse Richmond, V a. W D GIMON hal bun. Iii-fi re 1885. [64.--89 -------ESTABLISHED IN 1837. 't\J>li" I < --:o:-I ') lJLii;&'8 f' .. .0 NO. 21' WALNUT-STREET, CHARLES_ :Q. ,:p:& ;FORD & ... w:m-' oll'JJ'ER Fo:R 'SALE 87 SOV';I'H GAY-ST. BALTIMORJ!, t COMMISSION' MERCHANTS r For the Sale of Leaf Tobacco, Cigars, etc. .... ,,. B"L TIM ORE ADVERTISEMENTS, .. F L. BRAUNS & CO., 11 Cheapa;ide1 BALTIMORE, MD., ... J ] GLYCERntE, !'0 DE USED IN PLA.Oil Of LARDS AND OLIVE OO:.S -SNUF'F, FINE-CUT, CHEWING, AND PLUG TOBACCO, DAMERON, BROTHERS & CO., TO NANSON, DAMERON & CO., Factors,. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, -wo. 166 B. second-at., cor. Green-st.,,. -J91 ST. z.orrrs. l', L. TJURDIN Q J .II'. [OHNSTON & co., I OW .llL KINDS OJ' FANCY GHE:,WING TOBACC01 .. \ .1LSO DIPQBD!lB Am DU!.II:IUX j JAKES RODDY, JUlftrJ'.lOTDaJ:a -or -,-PLUGfA:ND FINE-CUT CHEWING: TOBACCO, 8MOKINC TOBACCO, J .i..!mDU.LDIK I Illll'Oli.TED AND DOliESTIC CIGAli.S, :.0. lOS North 8ecolld tt, (bet.. Loc111t:and VIne llti.), .S':l'. LOUIS, MO._ I C. M. CASWELL, IOU AGIIln' roa 11'-LOtmJ or Finecut ChcwinR: Tobact:D1 No. 62 Olive-st., bel. Third and Fourth, J..t ,u Xing's Saloon," under the Pl.a.JLten' llou And 63 Fourth .. t., bet, Pine and Olive, !ST. LOUIS, MO. &Jd a& wholesale to the trade, In qunUIJtt to .Wt, dooe ur In papen, or 1J1 the pound. A11o a fl.nelot Clpn anll lfMl"'ehaum EDWARD F. MULLEN, f!UOOESSOR T.O T .t E.lfot.LEN, TobaccocDeale, IIO. 164 IIORTH li!All'l STREET,' SAIKI&' LOUIS, M:0,1 1 W1ll keep a suppl7 or .dli (),/ To-o f>oooo; also, Lloorlc:e Pas&e. Ltaf TQbaceo Pur chnsed and Bold on Commission. 188 t Fine-Cut, Chewing, o Toba.cco, Killiokiniok,:etc., !l'o. 188 Nnh ,_.. Street, ST. LOUIS, 110. 118 J. E. HAYNES, Tobacco Broker, J 38 NORTH:SECOND-ST., ST. LOUIS, MO. LOUISVILLE ADVERTISEMENTS. J 1 W. WATKilfS, lo _l', 0. BOX lie, LOVISVILLB, llliNTI1CKT, r. 1. BJ'.u.DUI'O, TJL, L JL 'W'. D.IP.ll.DDI'Ii. D. SPALDING & D!WoKII8 JN ct. Manufi}Ctljred ", Noll 209 and 211 Cha.pel...neet, L017J]JYUILB, 5Yo J. S. WILLETT, 11oi in A ;rlu ftrr.!-11!, bet. Kabo a-'ll"", L'OUIBVILLE, K. -:o:-, IU.JO)'JAcrtrll08 or ,... cm.uur&D Mount looJ.a Dut1 ud. :People' Choico F E-CUT ""CO. d s. ..... r l.Otnl D.UCXL X. 1. IO.UR, TOBACCO 153 Jlain, bet. Bullitt. and I.OUIBVILL.E. .'KT,no.u P&rU.Cu!ar aUenUoa paid to the and )faoQfactw-ed;o, r' l -Oonslpmeatl of BeP!I, lfanllf'acturtd aa4 Spaalah Tobacco, a D d an ldDdt or eoD.It&lltJy on h&Dd a.nd. respectrnlly IIOHc:lted. SBGARS, t""''.._. .,lM) 'W'B01.18.U.& llk.U.Dll Dl All Kinds of Smokers' Articles, (',; 901 nn"K--I'l., DAB, n-u Louisville. Ky. DETiiOJT ADVERTISEMENTS ..


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