The Tobacco Leaf Journal - Organ of the Tobacco Trade

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The Tobacco Leaf Journal - Organ of the Tobacco Trade

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The Tobacco Leaf Journal - Organ of the Tobacco Trade
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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f I I I Collllft1 2TPca.rL .. 1..-liahlwn'-D' :ti .1; Cd 118 PearL I 3" :rc:, 12'2 W..att_Stcond.... Benrlm9 ll t'D 12! Water Nll:wbu.rgh A:Scb6U I!L .. rP 1.. lligan ,of the Tobacco Trade of the United States. The 1 Larges-t' Specn .. a1 Trade PUBLISHED I" NEW-YORK, WEDNESDAY, JUNE ICHAS. C. MI!:NCEL' & CO.rl ROBERT s. BOWNE, teaf and Manufactured Tobacco 1 56 lledar-streec., N.eW.YbrL St, 12-i North Second. "" 1 KemphiB, 2i:l AdaiDJI:b'e&. [ New Orleans, Bl Ma!;lld.o.eiltrett. 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW-YORK, "Tobacco, Cotton, & General Commission T IIOLE AllERT :FOR KODGI!:18 .t JIA TO'S CELEl!RATED Sl[OICJlfG TOJIACCO "VXH.O...X::l'\TXA.. c:B:oxc:E .. 50-101 the 'VV'orld. v { By M&ll, e2 TUJU, II ADVUCB, B7 Carrier, p 60 t BlJl&:lo .OOploa. 8 oenta Whole No .. 68. mont I bavo prop9sed, there would be ob tamed a revenue or $28,000,000 Who, jhen, Wtll obJect to th1s spectes o ta.:z::' It ls the opws1tion comes from GOLD VALIDIS OF COINS GreatBril.!t.Inpound ls shillmg ld penny France-1& 1ranc 1c centimo Am111terdam Rotte.rdam, etc.lB. .florin or guUder let. cent Brem.enlrtb r.b: th&ler 1rt. vote, Bam burg Lubec, etclm marc banco leeb schelli.Dg "484,0 t I T 0 01!!,6 1(8) 0004 0781( 0 01 0(0) 0001 FoBJ:ION W:nans.-A kilogramme eqnala :l lbs a Brrmcn pl'tmd equals 1 09900 lba. a Hatnbnrg pril.nd equal! J 06'798 lbs avoirdnpoie I < J Northwest, and m Pennsylvarua, 1S: a tobacco from whxcb ar.e manufactured c1gars of thts cheap charactet 1 Hergmii..DD "i. li & Oo 122 )'ront .1; Otttm 17 Main.. .. IJerJDgeJ: L l--Co, 1 48 Water Brothen I Oo 52 Baa' T\1r.d llondy nrotben & Schwar:Jtool U.S Water Sullivan; J 'r IJJro. 39 R.s.ct. rr Bowne R B. 'LBurllng Slit t I flLABKSVILLEi YA .all'1 I \ I F A UREYER, I V'IRGOOA AND NORTH CAROLINA TOBACCO. 1 Commission Merchant u o s I A H M A c Y 's s o N s -1 the tobacro growers, and an account or thlS] mterest and the fear of seem10g to levy any:. ta:.x..on: the Prc:tducers We'imust iJes1st:. To a. suntla1: ol}JectJon when. the cotton quest1on was under< consJdemtio'n 'tha LtiiStiogmshed chau:man Of the rc.{ilted that the tax neild .ngb be by the plnter \be cotton may-J:i1e :remoY..ed from one collodion to aoQther:Jn b1!nd and tbe dut1es or to.x wdl thus be practJCslly [poJd. by the rurchh.ser Under my &mendm,nt "the manu BJ l.Dlposmg a. level tax, puttirrg the. samo bur l'oad lfch er & Burell TC} Malo Llndhelm Bros ,tOo 26 Courtlandt. Moure Jone. .l Mlller 14T Malo LorUJard Jacob 80 Pront. Rucli:er A B 183 lla.ln. Mac y 1 Jo1Li.h 8on1 IS9 and 1!11 rl'onl Tyree J ll .t Co alarcll lr ce & Co \11 Water MEMPHIS, TENN Mayer Joseph 1;, Sow 12it )'oakr E l!JS li'ront lti!!ngel C l as. C &Co MCedar ltiODBIS.t.NIA, N.Y. Merecr G U 't& Ws.tu l:btri; E. I Menlll A. P aGNew NE-W A.HK., N J. Me&sebgcr ll & Co ..lGl andl6S lane. it:'UO '96 Broad MI!U cr 11-1 lTSi Water LA.. Mc.r Ia ll .U W !"earl G2 Slone How11.rd Pteat, Dl$ .t Nortou, Sls.ught ... .t. Co 40 Mengel Cluu! 0 & Oo o Ndl .P6vid & Co 119 Malden lane & 30 Carondelet Overkt 1 J L. l'i41!ruut Om. &.D.&., NEB 1 almer & Sco\llle 1-0 'Water & Abhm )! Co, 849 Pea.rl J D k D C Farnham st. Haw11on BrlOLll S<:HW.lUIOPr JOSIAH TOBACCO GBNSaat CommissioJ! 323 street, N'ew-York. IJberal ca1h advances made on coJUlgnments. JULIAN Commission ALLEN, Merchant, .l.!ID DIULli:& 1!1' .lLL Klli'DS or LEAF TOBACCO, 11'12 WATERSTREET, MONTGOMERY .S..100 NEW-YORX FISHER & HANCOCK, C.omm.""'"''O'"-)(1. ,1 NO. 176-, WATERSTREET, .. NEW-YORK co., .P-.E4,RLSTREET, ROBINSON & CARTH Tobaooo Ootton a.nii General Commission MerchantS r ... I L ')r !l I'Oll TBJ:I ,8ALE OF -pvr.. A.ODTI Jiea Chockley &: -ouve:r'e Celebra.ted Bru:da of leaf and Manufactured Tobacco 1 172 WATERSTREET, Jamr D RoBIIfSOl'l' Jon 0 Gun: NEW-YORK. DO BOIS, VANDt:RVOORT & CO., 1 IO,R TU.I SJ...I.::I OJ' leaf and Manufactured Tobacco 37 Water Street, -viRGilfiA 'sHOX!!_G, TOBAaqos, ROBE, l'I:EARTB' E4BE, WS:ITE Cj:.OUD. LONE STAB 1 D 8 .. loa A B""" 142. _:::_" r:UANII'rl HOFFM:&U, -idld&Bono,LouJ,vUio Kr B .. aman,Oallhle!'roo,... 181 PEARLSTREET, 111.:; lfa\lonaJ.Ba.nk,N y Andenon.I;Wataon.St.:Laoii,Mo. PJ PIUNC' r,.. IIKIDII! El: uiUI. ['],., M h 1 New-York. VIP.G ir'l;\ TOBACCO !1'111 VIrtually plly' t&x on 1! when he removes 1t for Then tobacco growers are m the ruts of usage (l.nd must be educated to kno)IV> their o.wn mtcr ests Nor the ooosoiJler.find foul\1 the daty(falls on h1m m etiher 1nstance, and 1f DCJ htgher It lS no. ma.tteT h1m whether 1t be levied .. between 1ts gro';vth and manufacture 0!" afterward 1 but the consumer really pays much less by th>S levy of tW1lrrty cents a pound on then.w tobacco .. THE VIRGINIA TOBAOGO W4REHOUSE. t I -"' I 1 J. S. HAWKINS & CO., Commission Merchants I 58 FIIONT ST!!EET N Y Fof the pale of.lfta.nura.Ctured J 8 8 J' T.IJVI.RTON 1 JOil H -'IBOIII'SOI!f KREMELBERG & ro NEWYORK, "'/ J.liD j F L BRAUNSr& CO BALTIM9RE, 'I Tobacco Commission Merchant&. Several brand or Licorice Paatc, dirtd imp()rtf1r I tum tllltly OJ:\ ha..nd and. cor aale, to :botid r duty p11.1rt n l11ts 'o ault nurcha!er1 62-114 A.. J?'MERRILL, JR., r (Succe .uo r to GOOD't,IA,N A: nutl >entrat I ( No 38 New atreet a.nd S8 Broad NE"W-YORK ... t Corre!ponden\a In LouliVUlet, Jikun PORT&i, J'.liD'.U iOo I) ,5'(108 B. VE-TTERLEIN, I A.ND IIULRJI f Leaf and 'Manufactured W;'ch escape the tax Tho are nearly prostrated nt pres ent and ask for redress Th<> leg>hmat<> ceo suropt1on of tQbaceo 1s np6 more ihan balfr wha.t 1t was, Governmebt bemg a loser equally W1th the honest manufacturer The Lou1svtlle Board of reported sales of but 35,112 hogsheads of tobacco for the first ten months or 1865 agamst G8 832 for same month,i; o11864 For the year 1865 the m t'he returns of c'bewmg to bacoo was fifty e1ght per cent and of smok L mg-,;obacco stxty two per cent a}ld.. aU th1s t"' 7 I J II'Be mDJly -mousand .employes been thrown O\lt of busm; ss. Tbe e..xctse on tobacco m the leaf 1s foutid to work well 1 m other a.nd I hope will yet be adopted here MR MoRRILL trlfSt the gentleman from Pennsylv'anm (Mr Myers) W1ll not deem me ungra.ctous or unkmd if I do not take tlme to .reply to what ho has eatd I Wlll merely sn.y tha.t I hope the amendment w1tl not be adopted The amendment of Mr Myers was not agreed to Tho Clerk rud as follows Th c next best tbmg, probably, w<>ul4 \>e to levy y_lh tbe leg1sla l1on up'on tlus subJect say carl not resort to ap ad valorem duty for fear _Qj' the numberles s frauds whwh will \>e commUted I -"-' do not know how strong that.. fl1'1711Pleot J ought to. be cons1dered They thmg n1th to cla.5S1ficatwn ihat 1t J I J opens the aoor for more frauds I thmk 4oweve \ that fiy a JitUe wholesomo legisla.' tion we prevent_rmuds 1 p etther case But certamly, as a queslton of prmc1plc JUSt 1 1 I m as yon approach tho levymg of ta.xa.tton a pc ordmp to the value of the a.rhcles tax:M, you appro:rch that prmc1ple of wluc'h every man )Vtll feel ought to be re garded m apporhomng the burdens o the Gove'inment (Here the hammer feiq -'Mr Chau4an, we nrc all fully aware of the ahihty and tenac1ty of purpose of the gentleman from Pho (Mr Schenck) He does not yteld a ha1r s breadth even when t.he comqnttee are d)spo'scd to ac commoda.te htm I rather tbmk: however th at the ComiDlttee of Ways and Means have mvestiga.ted th1s spb;ect more extenstvel,r. than the geotleman from. the Daytoq d1stnc't of (r, who appears to have looked at 1t only on the s1de of the lowest pr1ced tobacco ... It 1s a.q old sub;ect, and one whtch ha s l:>een mvestigated at every sessw.n of Congress for the last four and one Dittmar Loul&, 197 PearL Jenkinson R. .t W 6 Federal Dumont II D Ttl Fulton Hegrs.w :r. Co 81 St.. CW r Empire City Tobacco Works 70 Dttwery VA, J .l.L 103 mueoder -!=1 Dto 'iifrtMNfnin-._ Ayt"n 8 a Co -(I()Tefb(II'-IILreet. ,TH. H. VETTERLEIN 1& SONS9(, ', BUNZL Tobacco,' Leaf Tobacco; f!;!'-r Commission ... _..,. lfew--ro.:t: '[ COMMISSlVl,"lJJJI; IJ AN:r l ) ... D&lu> The 9.entleman s colleo.gue (Mt:L'awrence, stated tba.t the re-.: enue commJS9Ion \vh1cb baa made a. report on th.f:s subJect not VIStted the West The ientleman m1s fbien The revenue commiSSIOn dld not any report on this not tial'mg the trme devote to 1t !f th ey hod had lr!Oro hmc they, doubtless would h!lve Cully mvesfiga.ted tbts quesbon, as they dtd others Upon the subJect, and look considerable testimony, wh'lch will dou lft lc s s be of v&lue hereafter, 1f opportunity shall be W 'u A: cJ 20{iii: A. til' l':lne Morris, M 99 PearL LlCOIUCii POWDU DJA.LKIUI Gi.f{ord Sherman & lnnla, 120 Wllllfolll WtafU & Sterry, 16 l'l&U. v SUD-UJ.l' !08 JNBPii(J'l'lO 1 Linde )! 0 'I'O.Il.lOCO PB:IS8 Guthrie & Co 226 Front. Thorne & Phi pard 42 Water JU.NtrrACTURD.!I 0,1' CIG""" BO,XD ... B.. Delaneu KaUenberg I H 12ri Goerk 1 Wicke, Gt:Qrge d lrL\NVI'ACTURD. 01' TOB.&OOO 11M-lOlL J J .b Oo 38 AUC'I'(Q:NJ:ERS o %0BA..OOO, DO Ntilllon & Nlcholll 113 Pearl TI)BAooo:-cUTTINg lHtterbolf f W Gi Cedar I:JUiA.Jl .if40JIIQ BIFber I 8 1$1 B{O&d TOB.&.CCO L.l.BJLS Hatch & Co 1 111 Broadny BATlliiORE .. 'lOBAOOO W A.lllBOUSKS Burt, N E.. 'tllouth. &yd w A 1'. eo sa Sou\h Braun, J B & Co. 'l1 llanoTer Brauns, i' L. & Oo :U Cheapside De .rord 1 Cb.arlel D .I; Co. 8'l Gay GLeeke, J.Aull & Oo 121 Wet\ Lomba.rd :;: 168ouLhOh&rlOL L. W 9!t Lombard MoUat.e\111 J 0 & Oo tJaul1 Wm., 'f'* "' t I'C BecRr .\ Broi!l 94. Lomtlaid:. Dolenlua, G H. 202 Wed :Browu & RogeH, 2 NOI1h hlgner,l!'. W.1 90al1d 92Soutb. C!t&rleL Gall G W & A:x 28 B& llytrs Wrn.. R .t M l'ratt. Wa\I.II,G S &Co, Webb N ,j Brother Pratt. Wllkeoa &: Oo ,181 We.t Pratt. JIBOK.DS. Leverlog.J! & Oo 8 Ob.aPfllde. CONN. PACKJBS J.!'D D&..UiilUI :rtner J II & Oo BOSTON. JUl(t]J'ACTDB.IUUI, :ITO Draekett -. B.. & Oo 14 Oeatnl Wllarl Bro1rD D 8. .1; Co., 81 and 88 .Broad. CanuLb H. &: Co .t6 Banoyer Clark, Brewer .t Sons, 14. Sou\h MarkeL OortllliiiOz LA..&., 28 North Markel D,.vflllporl:! J Jr 101 .Pntcbue f! U'l and 40 HanoveY liieidey A. A l'l Central Wh&d. :Jlt,her A: Oo, 13 Ceacrtl Wbal!t &muel...t Brother 6 Court-equa.r.t Steele Durrill &: CO' 1. g Cha.DIJe+annue Sulm&llD Drot.hers, \1 UnioHtreel.. waterman, T .1; Co liS OeftFal Wharf 'tlhl.tney, H A &: Oo 21 Broad.-8\l'eet. BBOOK.LYN, N. Y. :W.lNUI'.A.OTURn8 J L.141CoiWXIbl& Srowo B M.. li!'lO Grand. Hille W W Pioneer Tobacco FaeLory BOX: lU.NO'PACTUREBS Shearman 9 k) 18 Sedplek. II'. ., ll 'll' -Totu ... c .. '""' VETTJ;'RLEIN 8i 'CO: a ._uwso" '-' ....,.,., ... ooCL A ouw90a. "?!IJI R.A" q U fo' ,, 1'' ,., '' ''"'"'h 111 A.RCH-STRE__ET, II r,, RAWSON, co' Tobacco and CommiSSIOn i-tchaut. PHII.iADELPtiiA!. moB "CCO & comTON F l f1TORS DEPOT OF -n) BONDED "WAREHOUSE. 1 .ll l lUI 1 G W GAIL & AXS MANUFACTlJIIIlS, ,. -'""Ill (l'l.RBT DISTRICT .1. J..!IID BALTIMORE. ... i' J 'T & TIRo JliiJq'{ ltmtPHT, A S T E I N t "-l Clm;tnnatf 0 o) General ComlDlSSIOn Merchants, 173 & 175 \Vater Street .. NewY"'k _, SULLIV:Al{, M1JIU'HY &:-CO.' 1 omm1sslon ere ..,..... .,. ,NEWYORK. "" I [ "' .. YOR 'I'HB SJ.[iil OJ' : ,'l'OBAOGO, ... o J. c [!o: J. J. "' AN rO .. .,. 1 I W.iES'l'ERN PRODUCE, Iillo 3J1Jllroail&D,rl!ll6liewota, 'b J N:Elf YORIC. f'tW.l SPEED, t. CO 46 C.rondeM st: New BPEEO DONAH O &f CO 1 42 lrfadlson at.. MemJ?bls COZART, STOOJURD & 00 8:S a t: MobU.e. ''On mga.rcttes, or small, made of tobacco mclosed m a or bmder and not over three and a. hal( 1ilcbes m and made Wtth twisted heads the market valUe of mcJuded) not over e1g}:lt dollars per a tax of two doll!lrs_por thousand when m!rket vnluq ill c>ght dollars' and not over twelve dollars per thousand (tax mcluded), and on cher.oofs, amd __;;:.:._ uB. c. BAKER, sov & l'fn..,' 14oanstOreportupontbeexped10ncyoCsuch Tobacco, Cotton, and Western P.rodu ForeJcn and Domeetlo ---D vv No 43 Broad St' l'lew-York I ror. b H A V AN A S EGA WS' and Cotto!f Factors a tax Now, sll', I have scarce ly a hope thal Adn.nCM to oar honee 1D .... ei:LL. -.a.;.-o acco, IN BOND. AND DUTY PAID d I < 1 .J..RD J such o.n amendment pass thur Hous, Live...,W. W C Wat!ll & Co. US-681 With the oomm1ttee aga.mst 1t, but I thmk 1t Alto,Im-Uid--... ot A. SCHWER "'I'V & co.,! Merchants, duo to the manufacturers of tobacco ID the w .. M AGNEW & SONS, I 8ECAR8, N F t t o. ron ... ,...t, ) 1 Umtea States, wbo have held convention 1u Tobacco and GollUIIISSIOn Mercha I No 122 Front-tltreet, IIDDOrters and Collllllixsion Merchants, -. .. "'BUD, ;NEW all our greot Clhes and unammoosly asked is--M r !'fE'WYOitJ[. 1 &DWllf 1l. B.u,a; BJ..QII.& Co., li. t 1 that' this ta..x rna. ... be madcrSpeClfic and um 294 and Front etreet. 6I Broad-atreet, liorner Beaver, ""'-Y"> (84-jl) 01aob>u I ,......rOB:Ii THE ss-iO KEW'YORK. t.. olsuar H L. G.&:SII.n form m order toJprotect the GoTernment and NE, CITY TOBACCO AGENCY1 S thel"selv.cs agamst fraud, that !he>r propos1 1 1"-"" 9 .. ._ .u nrsolUI'To 0 No. 108 Street, W.. H. n F R E J. L. GA SERT & BR.q,. bon shnll not be passed by m silence ,_D Leaf Tobacco !or Export aud Home u NJI,W r OH.K. ......... COKM!M101 ......... I Coml:lllSSJOn J Nfcrc liants, MR HooPER{ or Mnssachuselt -1 would LetJ' Tobacco baled m OilY pockllfl'l by hyd ... G. w : & Co., raf or lfl!ttS, tkJ I l ... ..... .," ""'"""' I mqulte of the gentleman \Vhother these wert licp-forIpOTr. 1-"' av 1.1 Leaf Tobacco and',J conventiOns or manur.cturets or producers I Commission Merchants, l'fo. 189 PEA.RL ST.llltn, I l or tobacco ") C A 'D'V BROTHE'D S, '!,\baooo. .. .,. BRIEN & CARRERE, matter of whom the convenhonswere com I For oalo 0. .. TANNAHILL, VaiLWAI"TL' & Oo posed, 1f the tax thy propooo 1S JUSt and 1f AND lJ( 4LL kmDS OJ ;IIIII .W. .L1 .LI ,flf .j/ J L, ; t > Lli1. F -J. C. HAYEMEYER &; BRO., GENERAL 1 11 wt!lemblo tho Government to get as much TO B A ceo' {!!)ottttu 4ndllr!l, Commission Merchants c 11 South Wllham;street, + I by propositiOn of the CQm 616-90]14;0 WATI:R.ST, N:EW-YORK; 1 r DAVID. O'NEnL & CO., I POREGN AND DOfo!ll:iTIO I 1 19 Malde., lane, NEWYORK lut FTQBACCO, J I 8maiJ-Fl(lera and W-rappers, ANA. SEGARS, J'OR $ALE, 'l'N OR DUTY PAJ:D, lN LOTS TO SUIT PURCR.A.SERS nY E. & CO., Por &he 8ale ot NEWYORK:.l. ---Now, who lSI tb'"re to complam of a. ta.x of UD GENERAL Commission Merchants, No 175 Pearl atreel, ll 1JIBDOM NORTON, SLADGHTER & CO., factors. JJ:IJ ftntral GfnmmiSlliqn .lfltrdt!llds, :NO. 40 BROADSTREET_,_ H > 9W>:GJIR,: .S. L FAL1ENSTEIN & S8N, TOBACCO -AND O&N}IRAL Commission Merchants1 FO WATD !IT, lf y .Allo for WM BRANDT'S SONS 4 00 London adnnocl mflda OD CoDilJllmCnts to them or T obac-cd OoU.on and Tallow 29--81 AND PUROJIASII 01' HllBOIIANDISE GENEIU.LLY c A R 'D .,. R E ... c 0 -'"" "" the kind havo sugestcd? Certamly the No 79 Front-street NEW-YORK. 3 -c 7 .... oliDE=T STR"ET, Government should not, for by this means ll.iR'l'm. T4lflf..IJJ]l.L & Oo., I n lV"li'W .. o'DLA W'r of l'etenburg va 83-tll o1 Va. the Government would recetye tl)o tax SAWYER, WALLACE & 00.1 M BROD &: co' I earlier than m the other way. and It would C v reoe1ve )t more sureJy, beca.uso there are not PDlllllSSion .m.erc S1 1 half as many aven11es for fraud at the first eomJDi&Blon RtrchaDtl,' -""""' ... -""' pm ... l>l ALL .,.,., .. produotion of tho arbela .. there are aft'or I Leaf To'baceo, ward When 1t 1S m the oj manufrlc N "'-7 B d St t i !:': r ture the tobacco goes mto the hands of thou ear& ee -or..,n_. of operatives, who make It up m out-of. \), .,., ro\li ree I Ill P I tr t ., Y I ..1 N. W YO IlK. ,::;ers from the e:untr:r wtllmeei'"n. the-way places nnd defraudj;hc ---)lesults, we shall get a larger of rev VIGELIUS & SEYMOUR, r UNGER & WOLLHEJM, onuo 1Jl thos ,uy Acoordmg to statistics TOBACCO (lommlwon Merchants. the P'oduohon of tQba.cco m oountry m ,_,. 1865 was one hundred and e1ghty five rmll 182 and 184 f'EARLSTREET, I l source at twenty cents per l'ound would be WIUJJ.K VIG:IUUS l OluPLD T .!!niiiOO'R f !1.8-98 TOBACCO C8IIP:l\ESSJD 11'1 BA"Ul roB m, lcncan, \Vest-India, Contral Alllcl'ICQ, J,liD JU..I.UTI. Allo, ropacked In IU<\11 al U.lll'\ \J' CU1'Hift1K o\ CO Sll5 :l'rol\1 Jf T tT41iil.18tiBO lUI 188 l'epr $12,ooo,ooo, or $1,000,000 more thim ro-Jt).Rl(, cCived under the gr.esent mode 'Of taxahon 3 ISAAC' & CO, ..... FORE!ON AND OOMESTIO LEAF TOBACCO, NO. 111 WATER-STREET, NJ!:W .. YORJt. IJ.bcral cub advaneet made on ooD.IlgnmenW. The revenue oommtssJon el:um that the 'l'OV enue hereafter b y the present system from tobacco wlll be $18 000 000 annually, but that 1s a. mereguess I have only to say that If we can obtiD n such a sum by that system Jt must be upon a far greater number of pounds of tobacco than "as ra.lsc:d last yea.r In the yc:>.r 1860 there were produoed tn tbJ.S country four hundred million pounds of tobacco, upon wb1oh, under tho substitute follo"1ng t J u On Cigarettes, I or small c1gars, made of tobacco, mclosed a wrapper ..or1 bmder, and Rot three and a half ooche$ m length a.nd on c1gars made With twisted heads market value of which (exclustve of the 'ta.x) IS not over SIX dollars per thousand a. tn.x of two dollars _per thous:md. r' l On cheroots and mgars kn01'D as short SJxes, and c.gors made w1th paated heads I the market -value of wh1ch (ex:ctuslfe of tax), 1S over e1ght dollars per tholll!and, and on all c1garettes and ctgars, the. ma.rket value of which {uclumve of the tax) 1S over SIX dollan and not QVer rwelve dollars per thousand, a tax of four dollars per tliousand 11 On all CJgarettes, cheroots, and c1gars the market value of whtch (exclustve of tu) Is over twelve dollars and not over twenty dolliLJ'S per thousand, o tax 'of ten dollars per thousand "On all etganttes, 'and Cigars the market value o which ( exeluSlve of tax) 1S over twenty dollars and not over forty dollars per thousand, a tax of twenty dollars per thousand .. 1 On all Cig&retieB, and cheroots, '1he ma.ket valu& o( whoch (exclus1ve of tho tax) is over forty dollanl per thousand, a t&:< or forty dollars th,ousand T I had tho honor or havmg some bme D!go an amend!nent to tb1s bill, was substanti&lly the same as the one I ba;..e Just offend, except \bat I have changed rate and made 1t exclus1ve of the tax mstead of of 1L I found that by followmg tho 1dea mtroduced by the ComnuUoe of Ways &nd Means, and mal;10g tho {mce m clus1ve of the tax, It would rnvolve us m th1s absurdity for mstance, when the pnce of mgatS IS up by mcludmg the tax, by liDpOSIOg a t&X Of twenty dollars a thousand on c1gars over twenty dollars thousand, you mclude the c1gars orJgmally cost: mg SIX dollars a thousand m the h1gbet cln.sses But the wholo matter ts ma.dc fatr by lea.vmg tQe tu entirely out of the com puta.tlon of the pr1ce, and makmg the t:lx rest. upon the p.rtce of the ctgars of the tax, and, while the same result 1s amved woare not mvolved m the absurdity I havo stated Now, S)J', to go back to the subJect and purpoee of, this amendment generalli," I mtgbt to some extent what I satd before m re-gard" to tobac:co It ts however, to do ,so It IS sufficient to slate thatby the eDsqng law, puttmg a!\ upon, & dead level, making all pay ten dollars a thousand, you havp utterly crushed out the Whole West.ern mterest m tl1e pro duction of tobacco and 1ts manUfa.Cture mto I hve U} Dayton, Ohto, a little of some thxrty thousand mha.b1ttu1ts Before you put your tax on as you have done, we were makmg there mne mtlhon cheap c1gars Now we do not make one The whole m terest has been destroyed W1th the de struchon of the mtcrest ID the manufacture of these common twisted head Cigars, the mterest connected w1th the growth of the to bacco has hkew1se been destroyed In the d1stnct whteh I represent v; e ratse nearly one half of all the tobacco ra.lSed m OhiO, and the tobacco rruscd m that m that State, 1n &Jl tbe Western States, m the gwen for tbc complete mvcsLrgatJOn of tbc question Tlie gentlemttn f1 om Oh1o proposes to go back to a system of legtsl:ttion which we h&ve already tncd and found 1t alt:bost an entll'e fa1lur6 The testimon Y of all the assessors, co lJect o r s mspectoro;:., and oth'r revenue officers here at :W aslungton, l S agn.mst the propos1tton Let me, as an lllustra.hon sliow what the result was when we had agrn.duatlOn of tax upon Take the ycnr 1864 Tho tax upon cgrs at three dollars yelded about $1,200,000 at 01gbt dollars; U,lOB,741l7'8 1 at fitteen dol Iar s $386,978 42, at twenty ilve dcllars, $78,442, and at forty dollars $9462'I"Th1s shows conclus1vely the result of gr:tdmg the tax wcil be that almost c'Very c rgnr taxed Will be taxed &t the lowcsi dutv; I llave a. letter from a tobacco1 manufac turer at DetrOit a ssertmg the same fact "He goes on to say 'tWhen I ca.Jleq on you Tuesday last on the tobacco tax I forgot to say a word re gardmg the c1gar tax I am not :r. manufacturer of Cigars, but deal m them qu1to largely, ,and I noticed when we h,ad, the graduatmg tax that 1t )Dade no drffereoce what pr1ee we for the etga.r.s, the stamps were always the three dollar stami? l :t.m opposed tn toto to R graduating tax. What eyer tax you put on have \t umform If you adopt the graduoted tax you "111 make a Dlliitake I beheve cigars wJll pay a ten dol lor tax eas1er than any other" Now gentlemen may suppose I am ad hermg a httle too closely to tbe b1ll m not allo'fmg or congeotmg to further exemptions and further reduchons Let me read a letter from a. Western collector He says, m effect, that a.t the next sess1on of Congress we shall have to go back to the old rates of taxation, and declares our b1ll Will produce much less revenue th&n 1S an bCipated He adv1ses that w.e mo-re slowly He also sa.ys th:t.t the IS now making a far less slrmgent enforcement of the law thts ye&r than last, and that th1s Will make a wdJ\dlfference tn the revenue. Now, :Mr Charrmnn, I am opposed enhrcly to the r&te offered by the gentleman from Olnoi and t6 hls whole system of esbma.tmg the amount of-tax on the value of mgars ex cludmg the tax, orr the market value. '!here 1s no rnark,et value except upon ctgars whtch have patd n ta.x It JS a.gamst the law that o.ny shall be offered m market except those which have pa.1d the tax IJ.:hcrefore the gentleman's absurd1ty rests upon his own shoulders en,tue1y r) (Here the hammer fell ) Mn PAlN&-I d1ffer altogether w1th the cha.rrma.o of the CQmiDlttce of and Yca.ns ns to the experwnce which the Gov ernmeot hns had under the late law and under the law now 1n force He has told you, a.nd others havo told me twenty times stncc: thts d1scnsston OOmmcnc.ed, that the old c1gar tn.x wa.s a fatluro, and that the sys .tem now m forc e lS fa.r preferab le to that or any otl1tr Now I say, s tr, that the ex:pen cuce under the law enacted m 1864, and m force for a great part of 1865, and the expe nence of the country smce the law of 1865 went mto force, all go to s how that the old l:tw 1s better than the new one I Will rcfe1 to the figures Let us refer to the tuxes collected on cgars durmg tbe fiscal year end mg June 80th, 1865 For the fir:st three quarters these taxes 'l'"'erc collected under the old and not under the ne" law, and I call the a.ttc:ntion of the comm1ttec t o the I I I I I I


now n fo co w c 8G5 t at s to say at the om he fou qua f ho But the new i>w wh h was n f c du og he a t qu tc y elded only $ 4 348 90 G n I men 1 see tha the o d aw s twofold no c p oductive than the new a11 du ng the same pe od time. Now when we come do n o the fis nl year cndmg the 30th of June 1866 and contrast the c cnue y clded by \w new law for the fl st tb ee qua,rte s ng 31st day of Ma h Ia t, w h he rc nue ytelded n he fis year 1865 by tho old law wh h xp rod at thoend of he fi sf throe qua ers of 1865 we find the QI ow ng resu ts h I cad f1 om sta cmcnt futt n me by he Comm ss oner of lnteroa Revenue The o d aw y e ded $8 048 126 66 and the new aw only $2 6 51870 From all these figures I say t can not bo demons a ed tha the o d law wa.s a o al failure and the new law a camp e e su ess I appea. from the nssumpt ons and nsse tions of those who clamor so loudly nst an ad-valorem o a graded "" to the facts and flgnrcs of tho Comm ss oner h rose! On the con ary s r cons der ng the d s advantages under wh ch th3.t a.w opera cd I dec a e my conv cl.ion t at t unm st&ka.b y demonstrated he sup o ty of an ad alo rmn or graded tax tn> th s dead level du y of the comm ttee For under that law whc c tliere was gmdo. ion ana whc e the taxes were asses ed on different va u s t was, n.s tL matt r l()f courso, necessa y hat the o shou d be a vast amount of mach nery su gestcd and perfected by exp r enee and put n force by well prepared egulat ons But such ma ch nery was u e ly wan mg '!hat sy em had to run a one, so fa..r as rcgu tons we o concerned It only ran three qua ters of a. yea and there was no p c on n the n strumen & es for wo k n0 out ts r su ts (Here the hammer fell1 MB. LAWRENCE, of Oh o -Tho d st rr gu shed ch:urman of tl e Comm ttce of W ys and Means ha em nded us that my col league (M S hen k adheres o a I h s pur poses w h great terlac y S r t s a v ue that he has earned o m g t earne d from the chatrman of t!ie Comm hee of Ways and Ueans h ruse f If the r enue comm ss on had made a repo upon h s subject of the taxa on of c g s and to blloeo and if hat report had been n acco d ancc w th the v ews of tlic Com.m tee of Ways and Mean I sbou d ha e hes a cd somewhat 1J fo e ask ng tb s comm ttcc to challgc t But as I ea n f om the man of the Comm tee of Ways and Means that COIDIDISS On d il not mves( gate th S sub JeC at a They nade .no repo t upon t and I be th s om= tee, h cfo e to e member hat vo ng down the recommcn dation Qf e Comm t ee1 of Ways and Means they n. e not vot ng down the recom mendation of t e nuc omm ss on .The s ngle quest on now p cs ntcd o the com \ s h s sha ga s h a e man ufactured out of he low p ccd tobacco r01sed m Ob o and o h Wes ern S a es pay o.n equa. amount of ax w h c ga fDan ufac urcd fro n he mo c cxpens ve nod val uable tobacco sed m Connect opt? Th I I .us tho 9ues on p esentcd for h cons der;> ton of he c rom ttee and t s ems to fDC that, as a q\lest on of naked JUs e the propoSltion s so bold as to st ke the con sc ence and the JUdgment of e c y man wlio hears me Mr Ohn. man the va ue of be n anufa turcs of Oh o tobac o s gene s y from seven to t n cents pc pound that of Con ex end t bacco (H e he han me fe ) Mn tAWRENc of Ob o I w hdro1\ amendment. MR STEVENS I mo e to amend am ndme of the genUe!nan f om Oh o (M i'!ehenck) by st k ng out the fo O'fln Boat Company Th s hogshead for $40 per ).00 pounds \ SECO>"D P Ell To li. II and T Ma1 I coun y tKentll ky Prlm F a.z e J C Gedge C !L Ho !:hans, \John Ane T omas M o o c, A. N ulsen W iD llor s J S llett d M;ussolmalJ C MDouald Samu,cl Nock Sr W I; Snow Eu Hob ook Jr F Do e r IIy Bu ew R cl:ta d Wheel A J q ay L P II. Lan CIGAR LEAF JUDGE "\V am L nd cy chru tn.nn M H C Bu ock -Schanzenbachc W 0 Pew her on M Leopold Foree R. L L w s Wm Cardy Wm Hy S u k Goo Meadows Wrn Spaid ng Jol n Home D Conwy F a k II:al F RST PREMrux Awa d d to es No s Maso coun y Kcntu ky P rem um $75 g ven by the Lou sv le and C mcmnat sod for $2U Thefitpmnwaso the s cond and 25c currency 9 S.

t 1 j l l J z GILLETT, & C{)., (8UCCCS!Or3 to SAMUEI, 8EiDOf ,EY,) rmportrra and of L E A F T 0 B A C C 0, Nos. 15 nncl 17 Broad-st., 0. L. GH.U.."'!'l',} G. II. Jo,.s, B&"""-6-N ADOLPit OTTO. 0 3: ... I tv' Ahf(l, Asenb for all bran,Isor Chewing and $molllng T obacco. {lg..:.l20 EllERY BElVI.IS, w. 4}1 ii BALER OF TOBACCO .AND AI.L OTlilln GOODS FOit RXPO UT INSPECTOR OF LEAF TOBACQO. GS-96 '1 .INDIA. WH.>\.H.F, BOSTON, D.IUB. t A. G. 0J.lll'ltNT.IR, HATCH. & QO., Trinity Buildings, 111 :!'lEW..., YB!i,K..' ., :;; La.,UI"lA. fil\IJ. Show C&rd>I lleigned and .)rft1"1" l'leBSe fpr.,ut}JLatcs. Gll-18 : src:at1J.----succt'S90 A tQ N kj)O. t r:J r:.tPOO.TJI.Roll. V rr. UriiJ ,.,, nomEsriRK STRAUS BROTHERS & r. F I :N .. .-'.l>D D &.U. E.RS IX !' Leaf .Tobaceo, 74 WILLIAM-STREET : M. STRAUS, 'NEW-YORK. S. STRAUB, } o. (}<)r,DStJUl'f S. PURK, IN SEGARS & TOBACCO, NO. 178t WA:rER-STREET, 66-91 LOUIS DliJMAR, Ull'QBT!CB Ot ..L'iD )[J.NUPJ..O'l'UBXB OJ' 1 sncaiist 66-91 197 Pearl-street, MADDUX BROTHERS, DR-'LKB.!I IN Forei[ll & Domestic Leaf Tobacco, .COD lrUS(iJ'J..CTtlliEBS 01' OIGARIS, NO. 171 Frontst., NewYork, LRWIS lliDDUX, GG-11 8 W H. D. lh.IJDUX. M. BROOK,-... M4N1il"A.CTURAR Oi' TJa :rlN'I!ST .BllJ..!lUS OF A>n SOLE PATENTEE '" EL"'ii:I:FI:lii1 350 HOUSTON-Sf., !u:w-'t iiK. G0-91 Buchanan & l yall, -:r ,.f ,.. .,.,. -<"'I 150 WATEIH1:REE'F, New-Yoz.k .. '. M.auntlletnren of the ro'i..fowlntt tel'eb.ra ted D.rantb or I 'DARK. I ii PL.UfST-N..lVyt lb s. T 6.uLOR 'Il CaolOif, do., 1b!L. ail'!! Pam o T.B RmoaNr, MS. W.liiJIU(OtObl, Xs, /'; SUCS:.llUJli'S, llllt, TliOUIIIICil, 1\)a. BRIGHT. Oua l'BT, J('s. 1I' 'T ... -.. ,..., II 'I I M-'r9 ... r:r J.n ... ( '-' -.. -( 'W:ALLIS & 1 E XTRA, t'l'&bado manufacturers and tho tti!.de in general are particularly requested to test the t i es of this '.LICORICE; which, bemg no"C )lrougb,t 'to the highest-perfection, 'is ofie'red the above style <>f brand. I 1acWe l!Te alao SOLE AGEliTS.foT ibe 1 bra nd F. G. t\ckn.o.wledgeil b y ccnsJimers to bestin the market. And foT the brand of Licorice Stick t" ,._,...,. T rr .... G.1)H. 'Tf 'T' n ,.!? EJ,IGHT, :. NATIONAL. OM'' 1 j l ,' "f Bee -............ 0 ........ SO LOJlgSmokng .1 ..... .... .......... 6o ""'wJul J s I 't:!.,1m .. 1J Ma.ccoboySouff ..... "" ....... .. 1 .==90 N0.1 rooking .... .................. 60 .-'""'' 11 oJ S I h "0 T L f '1l ,. 34 co c ., ca. e a ............. ........... t -r .,_ G J 0 :;vi: V: )!:: u()';f L High Toast .. .... .. .. .... .. j' l90 old Dust. : ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 30 -Coarse French Rappe e ................ 1:00 ,No.2 Smoking ................. r.... 28 TONQUA BEANS, Iri shHigh'l'oaat .................... no Cut Stems ......................... 26 ,, tot.:..:;11.. 11 'lU rl And other ili'J&vorinae, for use, tor The Century Ohewing .w;ill be found an unusuttHY. chotce n.rticle. .,end foF eircu1ar. Jlleby .-1 1 .-! :J \ -wEAVER & STBRRY, .J. ; 16, New-York ... :,,. 1 -I -r llilanufacturerll' Agencies: FOY EAR"LE, 85oSiiiifll Water, YOUR. .. J; TEE, :fiSB.ER &; CO., 94 West Second, C'fucmnati;'> 11. A. VAN 16 PYATT ST N y SCHAICX / 503 Chestnut Stl.'81lt, Phil" elphia ; A. R. J !N-81'" '> ., .J '- JIITCIIELIP,'-24 Broad Stree t; Boston. I S Nl('S!Dlll SWEET 0 EN. u HENRY-M. MORRIS, ROSE-BUD. 99 Pearlst., NewYork1 KrLLIICKINICK SMOKINO TonAccos, r t' PORTER A.ND SOLE AGENT, G o l den Eagle Cabin. et,. or ru.;, "UnJt't.d $tatcs and c,aWlda, .OI''I'lHI MOR I S "rf. & M."'BRA .. .._ a:.s Lieorice, Grand Chimney Corn .u. HOYT, FLAGG & CO., Louisville K) THOMAS HOYT & CO., f JOHN MOSES,, J 1 !INE 183 PEARL-STREET, ( a .ORNEc GUMS, WHITTAM -& LAWRENCE, MANUUO'l'URtns o r.. ,LIQUORICE, PASTE. Snuff 1 ,,; --;,A. P.' FRANCIA,o,, 395 Pearl st:r:eet, New:torkL leo I t f 1' .0 ... 1 ce JJ.voeo,.laj n 0 : AKD fl :I :;t. 0 7'. 1A o COll!flK\1 cpWING, I W AND VARIOUS BRANDS OF SMOKINC, Also PLUG TOBA:UUO, SEGARS, S:tiUFP> and all Art' cles .. apnertaining t 1i I o) \H .. '5;! .tiH -to tire Trade a j l)Y ,. NOTICE. NO. 8.6 W AL'L-STREE,'l', 1 I Tobacco f Works, -Undeniand1D g Lhat our Brands, PL,&N;ET :Lnd 246 248 CAN AL-STR.EET N Y SA.ILORt 'ORLEANS, .L'fD OTHIR BRA.t'IDS M SEGARS Reg&!iri Breta'nica, Imperiales, M. RADER & TOBACCO BROKERS, JO 16Q Street ; { CHARLES F. (JSBORNE, TOBACCO BROKER,' 66-101 NO. 15 OLD-SLIP, r West corner of t, NEWYORK. GOLDEN GEM, \0 their new Brand o r Tobacco, rja ljondres, BwWa :Reyna, tRegali.tol, 1 Oonchllll, E S THACKSTON L.. VA. CQ., ; LOBE & POGGENBURG, ._..,. ll.1 :B ....... Stre-B .rijj:f" S olfd,''Jand Catawba, SMOKING: Shan hoi Big Injun Four Ace Elephant, Killickinick, Turkish, etc. 0, /('f:, "{, In o!I"etlng tbh PIPBt.o U.e ptl bllc, w e fee l tcal"t'antul iu 1ay)ng It COil)blnes a n the advantagu I() l ong desired by CONN OIE!SEUR3. RU.LEUD Ulltll thl.s s lmf}le dvra.blot., and pipe wart invented.. b ao eonst! t t burna &\I -the TobaccO and koCps while smokln.v. The reservoir a t the bottom all Ute &al11f:la.anil nicotin"-It La e:L!Ily kept aod not liab le t o get out of order lLs f .owtr, and reeommeDII. thiJ; NA.TlON A L PIP.El In eyery w a y ftlr the use of t he ., """ -SOLE AGENTS, c 'Jb!t o :M r:p: o Y T & 404 PEARLSTREET. HOGLEN & GRAFFLIN, 1 OWTBRS Oli' P..UNl'a J..Nb J!O!- .W. J..loiUI!UI'I'17RIR8 o t )r PEASE'S CELEBRATED SELF FEEDING TOBACCO-CUTTING ENGINE. T' r: undreds of these lo.bor-sa.ving Machines i.n in the bestt h ouses in tho Mtest 'the value of them. Cont;,_inuous feed._J:l.O loss of but.s, more changes o.( 9ut, brighter Tobacco, and more cut with less labor tha.n with o.ny other machine in use. It has been greatly stro.ngthcnod and improved in the: year. We also ma.nurti.cture Pluft Mo.ehines, Stem and Dryer. FOr full a.ddress HOC!-EN &. CRAFFLIN, BUCKEYE TODA.J;)V SOilE' AGENTS, MACHINEs: o : 74 Front-street, P or partJ.eula.n and cl r cula.ra, apply a' No. M CEDl.R:-f !fi?0 T g&El', NewY ofkl. lil-ts-rr w J.!!.\J .!1:!:1 w .... .u. a re nor dir7ct. the manu!aclurer, n quantity of t.hls vert C ele brat-ed and Soperlor T o baccoLto which we Inv i te the or the Ttade BARBER'S-rCELEBRATED _,Segar .1. A J ,0. -'" J .( II BUL' i(I,.EY ;& M ,OORE, SOLE AGENTS, 'ft; fi4 NEl:LSON & NICHOLS, TOBACCO & "GENERAL N=-90' R. S. LATORRE," IllPORTD. Or No, 32l Pearl-st., near Pook-a!ip, 'Y<1rk, 1' c 0 L AF, v.. \ .. .. ... i I Havana Segars,. eto., lff7. Cdr, Cedar, S4 & Bowery, New. Hw-nu:. w.J.V.tEarND\rs, h iA.NUFA,CTURERS OF t fit J.. ot _, S E G A R S ? l{_o._ 7I Essex St., near ,..Gl'&lld St.1 A..''oiD DEALERS .'IN J. LEAF TOBACCD, 191 PEARL-STREET, ..., tt;'l( f.., f. iii' -f ... .,. i#tlf w.:P _tgars. T. A. II&UD m BAGLEY' S .L. BERINGER & CO., DETROIT FINE-cuT Seaars, _Pln[ and Leaf Tobacco, CHEWING TOBACCO, ,No; 148 WATEB BTBEilT, NO. 74 WILLIAM STREET, New-York. N c-w--York:. DE BRAEKELEER & FOOTE, lLUI1Jii'.lC1t JllJ!flS 01' c I .. ''T:'u PAULITSCH A CO.,; LEAF TOBACCO,'.) Forllli ., No.94Beekmanat.,nea.rPea.rl,New-Y ork. (j li -8o 1 e Proprlet.ort and or celeb rated l.a -= I) a ll a t .c a Perfecclon, El Comp&n:ero, and El Oont.e1to Y 1 brands ot Cigars. -BRESLIN & mGGIN. S 148 ":ATERSTREl'f, 1 An wf } ) I AliTIN l11!CH, i8-40 NEW-YOBX.1 S E G A R S .... LEAF TOBACCO, No, 131 "'"""'} 66-oo IMrn:W'Ii'IJil.ll( : J', DIQOIN!.!. _GEORGE WICJ74 FULTONSY., N.Y., a Tf <1-72 Opposlto St. Paul's Church. DOMESTIC s I i!htlr.lttto and-S E G A B. 1 ,17 Per!-st., bet. I'IIMI ... CJodar.:sUo, -;-s9---B H -I::S_ s -=--' :. '' ,h.SO .OUl.l!!R Uf I 'J abana: .L NEW-YO K. (:1: Leaf T THORNE li. PHIPAI'tD, B R-OS. R. ,0. L '1 -:;1. Iii -,"" !"M. W'UllamarulPearlBta. New-York. ... S"Taln:T a v U n .J\ tn. f l,j rn-,0!><-uO IN, : 1 ,. CEDAR Y Manufaetured Tobacco WM H. GOODWIN & co., ... NEW-YORK. No.,42 --- --i q [: J,jrD -" i ......,. uou__, TOBJ.dco PJ.CKEp IN IJU,J!S ,D;OR ALt T b s uff & c co r ram;. ,. .. 0 acco, n tgars, .FLEISHER' & .. T H Wood Pipes, and all other smoldns .... ...._ "' u..,.,. ,. Deale> hi an kwda or IM>tnollce. lm an) flag r 1]' J B A t JOSI:PH M:AYER & SONS, 1 r r f .. ...SJ=J Ql-A E s 'I _;:: 4-J ....... 111 LIND IIEill. (Nea.r tO"' a 208 .!!so, Importers and Manufacturcn or I<."PUK. !o-48 IIVGIIIl; F I: N E 0 I GARS, H. Wilk;;,. & Co.'s Tob....: ------------------------'' 147 WATER-STREET llld, M LEE BROTHERS, Loul HoLL .umi:R, l, s. n. J'L,.mm, tW @'tn E,' ROSENWALD & noroauu"" ... ouwoaus oo H oLLA'!"<11. ""0"11!'S UA;S 61 Xa.idenl&lle, New-York 'i!:S BROADWAY lloods to and !rom all parta o f Vlrglolt,. North C a rolina, Te.DoePl!e,. ro:r"anled by' the Company' Agenta o r coml'!li8rslon. 48-tf 76 Barclay-street, N V A LAROE 011' CHOICE SEGARS :U:J...DT FOB UUIEDIJ.TE USI, AL'WAY8 ON HAWD. Poucheo,PipoBtoms, ll.f.,l,lO.,'and m TIBI.iRTY-STREET, WICHT & M .ITCHELL, I-' ( ............ 0. Tobacco SEGAR BOXES9 4.6Liberty Street, (uP, stairs,) .. HEW-YfmK. No, snvaterotreel, New-York. L E A F T 0 B A c c 0 s .{ .. r DELANCEY-STREET, ... f ., NEW-YORK. .I'''"L,."Lll'.... 41-99 -"' J.H.WIGHT & CO., 5 Platt-.treet, near Pe&rl, Bet. RUJge -MANNA TT AN TOBACCO WORKS. 51 Exoh&nge-]llaee, Baltimor e 11-11 NEW YORK. rr AU ocdon pcompUy atlmdod ... 60-SIS JOHN'n!::.PEEN' Nos.l83lto!Sl fw-York. I. Ha, mburger & C ,o,,:rt E ISPINDEGALARNERB IN & co. JOSEPH HAU, -..-Segar Manufacturer, FORI!:ICN AND F A GOETZE & BRQ '""''""or L f T b & s LEAF TOBACCO. ....... ., MeBrschanm and Bruyere Pines ea 0 acoo egars, Conneotlcut Beed-Ie&f of !111 llWil Paok!Df, TOBACCO AND SNUFF. l' 1 NO, 6 B-URLINC SLIP.1 7 8 Jrakr Street, _.The partlcular or th eTrade 1!. called totb NJUR WIC/)!9111\ "Garibaldi Smoking Tobacco,'' v,d "St. All other Kinds of Smokers' Artiolos, SHill NEW-YORK. Q u ll'+ om ... er ftappeo finutr.' .. lQO DO l4ftoidOQ .. )ItlQJ l'feyrYQrk. IWIIIfil"'U.M .ua. .... 11004VIo Ullo,Kdifll{O#,U'' -122 Wtlfu .. *trcet;-Nc,vYo,rk, A XI) '10 Grarlcr-&rect, New-orlcau, La. 46 ALEXANDER MARCUS, :Havana and Domestic CIGARS, IDnhattn, Pipes and Fancy Articles, No. 31 Bowery, f 'HJiWYORK. lii-M n um OTlRJt Gnt, Chewin[, Smokin[, and Plu[ TOBACICOS9 SEGARS AND SNUFF, 206 & 208 Fnltonst., (near Oreenwlc b,) N, Y. OUR BRANDS: Cit ewing Tobaeeo. -The celebrated brands u _Goldtn M ots R oso," "Favorite," "Green R1Ti.'l'," Toba<:co.-" H o me Comfort.11 Cuba Uind, Mild 8(Jl(lklnl!", OrRoubt.ed of Q ll brands, lrucy "Rtrt1111 Eye." sccntet.l. Ma.ecoboy, li rcnch P.appee, Con greu, and Scotch. TERMS CASH-USUAL DISCOUNT Goods Warranted.Order s Promptly Executed. Est&blilhed 1860, J. H. CIESELMANN, Manufacturer of all ktnda of CHEWING & SMOKING TOBACCO, AND SEGARS, .. n DEALER IN ALL SORTS OF LEAF TOBACCO, M7 Principal Draud: VIRGI N LEAP. lOS Stanton and 169 Ludlow et., NEW-YORK. I. H. X ATJ.ENBERG, 1U.IIUI'J..CTtni.ICJI Or PAPERING DONE TO OROER. NO. 125 GOERCK-STREJJJT, NEW YORK. :Br,.nd.l, La bela, Plain and Fancy rs, con .. tautlr ou h&ud, NO BOX MOULD. TOBACCO BOXES & CADDIES. Shearman Brothers; D&J.l.l:llS IN BOXES AND BOX-SHOOKS, Put up e.nd Shipped for the Southern M:a.r .. ket. W e give spe<:lal attention t.o th e manufacture of TO BA.C

,. --.. (' LEAF TOBAOCO, r lix ehugo Bulld!Dg, Jlllhst., wr. W uhlogtODave., 61-ao HORRISANIA. BEMIS & ABBOTT, Commission Merchants) Farn"-m-at., near .Pioneer Block, _,-, OMAHA, NEBRASKA. l" OOzudgbinent.i ; \.. ..1. SUTPHEN'S lOBACCO JAKNHAI-ST., OlAllA, NEBRASKA: : SIGN 011' lliG l'Il'E AND SQUAW, TELLER, ANA THAN. & CO., UTD l!a H.I.Qilf. .J.lll&S K. BOYD. WtLLU .Il 0. PI.I..S&, United States Bonded "W"a rehonse. LEAF TOBACCO HAGEN, BOYD & CO., G o-m.m\.s s\.o\'\. e\\.o. X\. "1. s The Oldest Tonacco Honse in Nebraska. E. HEGRA w & qp., WHoLESty.E,RETAIL,ANDaor.riDSsroN Tobacco Manufacturers, ) ..1-l,.:.....J.U r" J;IULUSlll J.XD WJIO!.BS.lLB DUI.Uif 1$ Tobaccos, Cigars, Pipes, Leaf, Fine-cnt, SmotiJI! Tobacco, & Se[ars. A.liU WDOL&SA.LJo: DICA.LUS JN LEAF AND :MANUF ACTUBED S E G A R S Tobaccos, Segars, Etc., 117 NORTH THIRD STREET, Farme"'' Agents for tho sale of Connect!out Seed-UNION FACTORY, 53 l'I.Dd 55 Hand-st. AND ,u-81] n. c. s....... ChewiD-B "ro bacco, t'_,..L:W_e_mo_, ttc THE afcifMOND C!VENDISH COM 6 FEDERALSTREET, 'I P!.NT, .._..' AILEGHEBY CITY, PA. P111'pQM oPf:lllq ibeh New Warebouael lD GB.EENOOX 0 l'ftRU'l',l'.lll!I;Y-IITUET,aodROBERT-STREETNo"b, EACLE TOBACCO W RKS. lmm"''"'""' op.,.,....the PriDo' Dock, LIVERPOOL, ou JOHN GRAZmR 1be;ll&of.So:J:and w1UberMd)'t.o recdreconlpmerits or .. rlf"'tMta,.. B01, 119 Water and 168 First-st., Pittsburg, Pa., Batchelor. Brothers, IUNUI'J..cr1J"'&J:IUI o HAVANA AND YARA CIGARS; llflltrtll Tblnkt., ftlld P Jl'ortiLSewad-st., Alarpatoekof Yo:UDI America .Jv-:1. other well-known 81 OLl!I8ALlll AND BET JOHN DOUGLASS, Internal Revenue Bonded Warehouse TOBACCO .... General Commission Merchants, No. 3 9 North Water Street, PRILADELPRIA. C. M. MEYER,' C0Mit11SSION ME'RCHANT, I'Oa TD B.&U o TOS4CCO (Of &be J!nn of Oope Bro5. A Co.,) IIJ.SJ.GING DIUO'J'OR. MUtJJ'.lC'tlJJU!:.R Of .u.L JUNDS C.P a .... ...... "-CHEWINB & SMOKING TOBACCO, BALTIMORE SPUN ROLL. D u At. U a, Leaf Manufactured Tobacco, BOSTON Ai?VERTISEMENTS. P1Sm1R 00., Commis-MeroMhts, J93 CEIITllAL WXAJUP, l'a!JIOII JIUD, J I Fivea. Tens. Navy Pounds, Ha.II Pounds. Six Twist NaturaJ., Din.mond Twist. Cnt and Dry Smoking Tobacco, etc. ..... c HARTFORD ADVEBTISEMENTS. ,........ WESTPHAL & LEHNEMAN, Jro, 13 North Sixth..treet, (Oori. ot Co-oe al.,) 11 PHILADELPHIA. A. K. STOLTZ, W'!IA..LB f)ULJII IN -........... f'...,. 11 BOSTON. ,, J I Col:l.n ;e'd Lsa Tobacco,!Snuff &.Segars, ;. ....,,..,,...,. 1 B. F. cor. \Third and Buttonwood sts., CLARK BREWER & SONS, $nuff.'ana .obuicn, U. 80ll'TK XAB.XET..ST:aEET, IR-28 BOSTON. GEO. T.1;WATERMAN & CO., W'lrDLEUI.II DElJ.DS = E ,r:,__ .A R S PHILADELPHIA. f:::l l.Jso dealer ln aU klnd1 of Leaf Tobacco. Imported and 214: ... Stat6 street, Dometllc Sepn or aU kinds, on hand, and for ule at the lowest euh prices. -HA'RTFORD, CONN. H. :a. E. L CONNECTICUT :SEED-LEAF ToBACCO WAREHOUSE._-: Manufactured and Leaf Tobacco, TiO.B A C c ; oJ, 1 :69 F RON. T North >1 PJU:LA.DELPIDA.. ... !'it. SF Depot for n. Wllkenal:; Co.' Baltlmore Bmokln& Tobacco. 21-79 IT.. 88-68..i JOB.If R. 'I'QDD. ISAAC A. CORTISSOZ, KUVI'..I..O'l'OBJDI OIJ i.LL .DIID(o: 1 Jrom:mt NO. 28 NORTH MARKEt ST. J I BOSTON. ,._,, F. a. BRA:CKETT &.. CO., ;: TEAS -J.ND14 CENTRAL WHARF, a9-64, H CARRUTH & lO BA!fOVEJ!.STIIUT, ... -.&a, '"" J ,_ 2g2 89-:it BOSTOlf. No. 23! Stpte-street, __ ; ..l "AI You LlkeO and 110ht.rmer11 11 \ H..&.n.TFOBD, CONN. G!-ST PKILADELPBIA .l bnbda ol Clpn.. .. f ,, .. BROWN & "ZWEYGARTT, I O.L"."'"" A. A. ECKLEY, j 1!1 WOLTJEN &ROTHERS, Leaf...: Trobacco, c L E s LEAF AND MANUFACTURED ,' ...;...;,icrTrruml. o AND SEGARS, Y ALL KINDS OF CIGARS, Leaf and etc., N 212 -STJI;T:E_jSTREET; '""1 NOR-THIRD-ST., 0, 12 CENTRAL WHARF," D;antbra, O Aleo lleeneh&um Plpea, Tube, -$. EAST HARTFORD, C J.'U.'t, Jlli:BSRS. II&!LD4:lf1LLER New-YmON, "PRILAIIELPHIA, pr"' UNITED STATES DONDTm WAREHOUSE. Con lignors ca.o tanrard their Stoeb "Jll :a01m," wi.IJlOu& prepay1ng the Gont'DUleO\ T&x. ti'l l?MITH BROTHERS, SEGAR MANUFACTURERS SEGARS AND TOBACCO; TOBACCO L YlllOl!:BURG, VA. ... MOORE, JONES & MILLER, 6t1ural (11;ommill.lliou .a.OJ:NTS i'OR 11:. II:OOB.E'S c:ELEllliATED KILLICKI!fleB: t GARIBAlDI SMOKING TOBACCOS. DEALEWI JN GUANOS .AND FERTILIZERS. No. 147 Main St., Lynchburg, Va. All ordet11 for Leaf, Smokiq'. lfanura.ctund Tobacc. Jl.romptl7 at.t.ended to. 82-68 READ .t WHITE, Tobacco Manufactory, I!'A.BMVILLE, Vir.,mia, IU.NOPACTUREU OF "C. C. IIIOAD," } : '"OLJJTON .. "HUNTER,' lr.!'a. 11\'V WIRT" uoiJJVJN,. "'NECTAR," NaTy Pound, 61 COBONBI',''l8'1t Twl". L J. CliRIS1'11lf. D. IIIII, LRA "B. WE LLS, & CO., BROWNLEY, BURTON & CO., AUCTION & COUISSION MERCHANTS, GROCERS J.l(D J.Gis:TII FOR TB:I SJ.l.& O C\ "1\.\i: '\_ :\ MANUFACTURED & LEAF TOBACCO. '\JO'ffi.'ffi.\.'6%\.0n '"e'C'e\\.0.\\: 1>, No. 93 Sycamore-l!lltreet, W. B. BMwnn, } JauW..-BoJ&TO:ll't PETEBSBUDG, Va. AJu.a"- Bnro. lll*lal atten1Jon glnn to the u.le and purchase of CO'DTON and TOBACOO. S8-51l tl1 Herchauilhe re!pecttully toilcHeil, 68 Il[ajn-at., Bichmond, V&, M-fl9 Established 1839. UNION PLUG TOBACCO PAGrORY. ELLIS & BURLEW, M.t.NOUO'l'O'RII:R$ Or .U.L :lUiDil 01' BRIGHT ANQ BLACK P _LIJG TOBACCO, JlXOLUSIVELY OJ' KISSOURI LEAll'. O..r Drlgh\ Brand: *-Bwlew HOII.e'Y Dow; Do.., BUn .Cured IWioarl; Do. Pl&nler'a !;119101 A ltt"""'ollrtlrhC l'oullda Porrf llllll'a Brlght'Qu&rter Poun.da &nd T .!n .' U HAINSTREilT, OINOINN.ATT. LEAP & MANUP AaruRED TOBACCO, No. I Iron Front Building, t NO. 17 MAINSTREET, SYCAXORESTREET, Front and Colum.bia., PE1'ERSBURG, VA. ."INCINN ATI, 0. LIMUti. PEDLIS. 68-68 CD.ARLRS l'fl Ul 1'7.--;-;;-..,-;;,---;----;--'"''7.;:-:::;:=:::;::=c..:::_ Shockoe Warehouae, Richmond, Va.. W. p, hal b,M --;;t;iUikl B'inu 18815. [&f.-.$ ================= u/-YorHranchLeafTobacco Warehouse. ESTABi.ISHED) IN .,1837. L. NEWBURGH, L: \ J MrQ..ra. :lll'll DIULQ D' ..&..U. J:llfm 01' --:o:-,'af' "rob.acco 11 I i: No. 21 WALNUT-STREET, CHARLESxD. 'DE F(}R1l & 60., a ...... ....... ..... rr"' ui.r.i.K 37 SOUTH GAYST., Cl' V" BALTIMOR MERCHANTS ., COMMISSION WE OFFER FOR SALE GL 1'0 BE U81W IN PLAOB OP LARDS AliD OLIVE OILS .... SNUFF, FINE-CUT, CHEWING,t\NI1 PLUG TO _BACCO, : ; .... The article la CI1eaper tban oil, doea not. enporate and nd hence dou not ntOuld Tobacco. BA.JtTfti:&Nw_Ar...L..U:S2.'-.. 'Jb,e'!n'nit("0 .. NewYork Arenc7: L. BRuoou. GT Wal14. CINCINNATI. Wl(! .6., WDB, G U. L J OCNSO:ll J50. W. JfAtJ%T0 r!i-108 '1', .R, DUDLBY', Fonnerly ol J. A. Brldgland .too. CHICAGO ADVERTISEMENTS. Eagle Tobacco Works. ROTHSCHILD & ADLER, JlJ.NlTJ'.&.Cl1Tl:lE1l8 01' Plu& Tobacco, J.lii'D W'BOLES.&LK DULKBS Ill .. ear, Fine cut Smoiing Tobacco 1c Cigars, 69 South Water Street, 185 ,CHICoii.QQ, Eclipse. Tobacco Work. VAN HORN, MURRAY & CO., Tobacco Manufacturers, Nos. 37 & 3D 9. Water-street, CHICAGO. Turner. Van Hom A Co., Quincy, m ISS MULLEN & DIETERICHS, Wl:STERN TOBACCO AGENCY, No. 4.7 s. \Va&er--&l.1 c:or. Wahasta-n., CHICAGO. E. r Mtru.ll:!f, I Constll'tlmenta Reapoot.-0. W. Durrlalc:as. f fully Solicited. ST. LOlliS ADVERTISEMENTS. DAMERON, BROTHERS & CO., WOOESSORS TO DAMERON._!'()., :.:_Factors, ''l" ( --''11., tt: For the Sale of Maimfactuied ana Tobacco, Cigars, etc. I ... 1,. BALTIMORE ADVERTISEMENTS. I G S. WATTS & CO., CO!IIDSSION MERCHANTS AND JOBBERS IN Manufactured Tobacco, )LUI:'UrJ.CtDR&RI 01' WM. -EGGERT, DBJ.LU Ill' 'DOMESTIC AND SPANISH F. L. & co., LEAF TOBACQQ, BALTIMORE, HD., '"" "'MOKINC TOBACCOS,-&, CO., > ...,,.,..,... : --EEilSCHAUM AND BRIAR' PIPES. Tobacco Comnuss1on Merchants. 82 wu'l' IIECOBD BTIIU:r, Several branW of L1co.rlco direct lmJ)OrlA( r LL ; J. I '\ ., tlon, const.a.ntly em hand, and for sale, in bond tlr dutj! \J 6t-:8T Cl'lfCJ11'111'ATI. pa1o, ln loU to autt purcbaaers. -,., J P ... pea. t ,_ 1' ... IPIIl'l'a-, LK,(l()L'I"TW. JOHN B. BRAUN CO., r. SPENCE BROTHERS & CO .. J'OR 'fUll SALiil OJ' Lear, Manufactured, Smoking, t Fine-Cut Chewing l;:obac"o, 'i Segars, Pipes, .Etc., Jro." 71 Hanover-atreet0 near Pratt, < BALTIMORE. 02-Si WM. A. BOYD CO., anh :ilanufadunh @;.obau.a COMMISSION MERCHANTS No. 33 SouthIJt., Baltimore. WK. A, JlOTD, II, 1' Q .QS. W)(. A, BO'YD, r '0. B. 'BONDED WARJ!:lHOUSE. 6!-87 _1 f I : U PI a ... "TF" w.&ll'I'II'AaU 01' Chewing and SmekiDA' DUt.1:RS Ill Plug Tobacco, Snufl's & Cigars, No. 52 East. Third Street, OHIO. 1!1)8 I ) BODMANN'S I lllX]lection&LeafTobacco 57 .59, 61,&63 Front & 62 64,& 66 0: W a tor. bet. Vine & W aJnut Streets, D,AILJ; S.tliF..S n AUOl'ION .UD .&or PRIVATB 8AL1!l OJ VJRGlN[A, KENTOOKY, INDIANA, MI.SSOOIU, AND omo TOUAOCOS. D. HIEATT, CHAS. BODMANN, Inspector. Proprlotors. 'COMMISSION MERCHANTS,. B'o, 168 11, leooud-tt., cor. & .. Ill ST. LOfTIS. W". L TIJUDIIIO. J. T. JOHNSTON & CO., lfJ.XtJ,.&Ot0118JI&(II' AU. tiXDI 01' P.LUC AND FANCY CHEWING TOBACCO, .A.L80t IVPOit'BIII! .UID DBALII'III lJI 1 FOREIGN .t DOMESTIC SEGARS, 15 OLIVE-8T., ST. LOVI8, ItJ:(), .JAMES ROD.DY, IUlllii'Aontllft OJ' -.. \ PLUG AND FINllCU':t'. cHEWING TOBACCO, 'SMOKINC. TOBACCO, J I IJIIPORTED AND DOKESTIC CIGARS, Ro. 103 :North Second It, (bet. and Vlue .U.), 8T. t;OVJS. 1!1.0. C." M. CASWELL, 1101 .. AGnfT I'Oa IT. L00f8 t)J' Bl!IDeY's Fine Cnt Cbewing Tobacco, No. 62 Olive-ol., beL Third and Fourth At u Xing' Saloon," under the Planters' House, And 63 Fourth .. lf., bet. Pine and Olive, S 'T. LOUIS, 1<10. Sold at wholeea1e to the kada1 l.n quaoiltln to ault. done up In I*Jl'tii'S, or bylbe pcund. Alto a fine Jot. Cigar and U.nebau.m Good1. JOHN C. TIEMEYER, to JOHN G .}lJ. YER,) IlU'OaYBa UD WQt)LBfU,WC DUJ. .. fill J.L1. 1:1508 or n r"d ttl purchase or 4:af an l Ka.nutaciW'ed OoDilgnmfl!lte of BQara, Manufactured aild SpaphA Tobaceo, ud aU klnde of Seedle&f, ConstADtJy on band. and rwpect.tu.JJy eollohed.. mDJI.&lii'IU.Ll.& IVLlU'S 0. &U!i'TD. TOBAGOO AGENOY HERM. PRALLE.& co., ll.&DJ'.A.ORB..U& o P9!Jt: .Q"P or HAYA;NA '1'1 E l'ifth, bet. Jlain & Ka.rbt, Louiaville, Xy. PtriOIL8l attenUon paid to the purebue of Manufactured and Leaf Tobaccoi. Con s lgnmentll respedfuU7 10Ueltcl New-York Branch. CHILES, BASSETT & CO.,. o @;ommiG$iou Tobacco, ..-1: 141 & 143 THIRD-STREET, Tobacco -n. No. 38 North Second at., up,olalro, ROBINSON & Wl!,!.llTf, ST. 'LOUIS. ... 1.1' KUVI'40rvau8 Of' 8TD1' B'TTLS UD J)I80&Jnro.JI 01' PLUQ TOBACCO lf-T#ll-._ "9!!"!1!-. 1!. l.?illJtlllp, .-J. FALl( 4 Pe'rrydo.; WBOUIULJ: D..._UU Ql" perlor do.; Blac:k llawt 00. Pul Jonn do.; Jtaf mth l} Qt.olntctD, Superior, do.; DOMES'l'IC, HAVANA SEGARS, 54 1N orth Beoond stree'ilt 0 ST. LO 18, !I o B.Qi. B. BOAJ1D1 Broker, LOUISVILLE, KY. ,iut--C!IiUt C!lihtwiug & CO., \ND Segars and Tobacco A. mETERicns & BRos., '"'"rte,..orandoealerslncigart, u: ... ....,....... 1 Tobacco Manufacturers Orden !or""Let.f 1oUdted and prnm.ptJ7 IWed. BEFERENCEB: Glover & Co., Boone Tobacco Louln:tlle, K';..,. Spratt A: Oo.,l'icken 61 .. lo"'' Pbelp!". Cald'll'eU .t Oo., LoulavlUe .. Plpn, snuft'-box .. etc., lfi:ERSCRAUM & BRIAR PIPES, "9.o, AND.#L SMOK!iRS' ARTICLES, No. 33 North Third street, BaJtlmore, Jl(d. V[,Mt ll<>l. P< ana Ohutn A!'. "111'.&r.n'r ...... Till. 811!. Ax & Noa.178 11...,. CIJI!'CINNATf L W llUNI'fl'ii'L'lR l. )(, J'!l.A.NJ:, P. D. 0. WILLKBILli'IDI, o .\1 A_ ,LJJ:I JAto V>UA a, .,_ >< c CENE'l\1 (;. L. M. FR!NK A CO., Comml.ssl'on 0'1> hant ... Q.l J l'i!'!!l!'!lt GJ')f!Wiflg and Smoking l:OBA'CCO, No. 90 dD w!w,a.u. DIUfua ,. au. xums 0 l'LUG TOBACCO AlfD CIGARS, ) D6p6L.) IF Ubenl adnneemet:j.UI made oa con.BI;:nment. to 6-H I CIBBATI ST'. J.QUIS, MO. P. !E ADLER1 SOOOtsSOK !1'0 :ED\YA.BD i', ... acco DealQr, .0. 18i trORTll IAII!fT LOUIS, HO., 'Wp.l keep a RPI7 or 4-u .J?ucrf.Piion' of To bacoo 1 alto, Lle


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