The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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T29-00068 ( USFLDC DOI )
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University of South Florida
Tobacco Leaf Journal

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t -"' -"' 8U81h8e DtHCTORY OJ' 'lliB TOBACCO ftADJI, 1 ( C. P!'IRSHIII'G, PU'liLISDB, t No, 142 Fulton StNeL f GUieU, loaea I Oo., 13 Broad. QrodJlDtkl. II. J., Ill WuhlDJ'\AD., S.mllel I lirot.ber, I Oourkqv.are iuawln Bro$ben. II Union....._ We&trm&D, Geo. T. I Oo.) 16 Oeo&nl Whuf, BROOKLYN, N. Y. X.u'UJ'.&.CTUUII& ... Adami, J. L., 416 Oolu!Uia, Bnrnm, Joba, 18 Atlaatlc. BuclMnan 1: LJall. Bdae, W'. W., PlonerTebacco Factory. BOX lf.A.NUJ'.lCTURJ:IlS, 8bearman S t o lS Sedpick. BIJPP&LO N. Y. Adams .t Co-. Pateil CJHJCJ.t.GO. KAXD'I'.lOTURIU. Gibb s A Co .. 109 SIUt:h Water. n.,._,atbal, B. lc Oo., 161 South 1t&ttr. CIN. ft&ctJ&olt, J!. &, 111: Old..Up. VeDabJe, J. M., I Co. Buln M11!a. .v:.xvucruuaa. VenabJeR 1!. w., 110 8JCitllOre. .A.ppl.tty 1 Helme, 183 Water. Yo11111, A. I Bro., t Iron iye&tnore :&.ck, '1. W. I Oo., 44 Vney, PDIL.I..D.ELPHLt.. Jlrock, II., S:.0 Koutoa. TOB CO -......n. LJ.U.118 Water. .A.C WJ..B.IROUSIS. o..r, P. D. I Oo, 841 ArmRroDg, A. lc :&., 61 Soa&b DelJIM;bleer H Boktln I Wanma.n, 106 NOI1h WMer ........ M""'"" c ,--'"'"w.:.... ISiihiO l-;.-o.J \l....:l"'-,_} '-.;J'.......-' ; ) 1ft'. Jr&nc ...... .. .. .,, 0.115.1 : le. ce!ltlme ..................... :: ... :. 0.00,1($ Organ of the Tobacco of the United States> Special. Paper 7 I 1> i.:n. NEW-YORK, WEDN:"E O CTOBER 10, l866. t. '. Whole No. 85. -. Rottmlam, ete.-11. Ioria or IQllder ..................... :, l8 P.t.TBNT IO:Da.t.VLtCJ PBBIISES (oam adJ..._<><),' Shape, Box Ranch, Secm.eah1 Pollllhtqlldla, TOll.&. COO lii.&CDJ't'ifWR nd,. 'l'ooltofthemostlDlprovedandapproveddyles. 1(J' ..... t :aeror, by permloolon, to W. W: Bl1D, 11'1 Water--, Manufactured and Leaf fV t AND .COUlfTRY PB,.OD11CE GEriluJ.LY.' T "7 Broad Street, 011' I L G. W:-tGAIL & AX'S JlANUII'AQTYRJ;s, J oil "' 173 '&: 175 Water' streei, J -=---=--"-" V.::...=li1t'C{:.::: BIINZL & DOWIUER, JAMES L. I!'CCCESSOR TQ -I ,_. "!] J'.AMES -HU!ffER, & .oq:; .1 Commission &_ J :MERCBANTt m -17' :I'RONT..ST., IIEoWYOliJt;:'; J, B. 166 New LEAF NEWYORX. C:O'UUUiS.!If.l\tl li: J, rn'IJILUC, -'J -t E I. lng ham oo-logan In boi.l u4 dutypald/ D 10!-'!f .A. SHARP. & 1!1ADIGAN,. PLVG AND M.t.NVP.LCJTVRliD ... ,.,..,....or Commissi9n MerchantS, T 0 8 A C C 0 au4 And Agents tor the Sale aad Purebase of Alao, Dealers in Domestic and Importers bO .. DULDS nc a ::I "l' ;l MANUTAOTURED, SMOXmG, AND i:J:)j eP-ot No. LKAJ AND IANUJA.oiiJRM('f1lt!CCtiS, TO.B.ACCO, --182 w ..,. .-t, RnYork,' o, NO.2 -A.DWAY, NEWYOBK. '"'sliiliiiN &.. B. c. -'UAKER soN & -cO. m ,ulP. [tr90] D .,_ TobaL .,. .. (61ouu.uilllliO'U co and Cott .on Carleton, Darvies & .. Co., .. ... .. D ........ "' commis A>'D..,.. l. t D 0 M E S T I C No. 'j nJPORTBR.h. 'Faq,, N.Y.\ Meam,. NEW-;, YORi. 'l.J 11_'6.: 38Jiroad And 36 New sta., .lkll...aine.llr:os.,.N.Y. ; WaltCrD. Davldgc, t:sq., \ ashlng M. J. DOHAN ..u.E1. raaM1..N ton, D. 0.; Dr. 1'hos. E WUaon, of Wli!Kln, Peter & Cq., TIIOS. OAR&0LL, J, T. TJ..l'!T. a rf' NEW'TOBK. v f Loulnme, Ky. 'loi-SG U. S,llo:nded Warehoue, Hd 001hediD ....... .... -.,ted tiy o'ARUO;ON, 'N, .. o;,,..,; c. w. J. C. HA V.EMEYER & BRO., OBAPMA>\, LIWpooJ. t" .,_go ( (!!!ntton M. & ::E: SALOMON, ""' GENERAL Commission Merchantsj '[.&.XD UlJ'Ollttl9 o No. 175 Pearl&trect, H a van a s ega r s, ___ -:-:c-:-LEAE 'TOBACCO, CHAS.-8. FALLENSTEIN &. SON, ..... _, -TOBACCO WESl' INDIA PRODUCE, ANDGE!il!IUL .. -,, d:"J j '..0 "' Cummission Merchants, 170 WATER-ST., 11'. Y. A lao Ageut.s ror WM. BRANDT'S SONS I CO., Londo& Llt.en.\ advanea made on eonJigumenta to 'bem ofTob.aoco, Cotton and Tllll ow. 21:-81 .A.RKENBURGH & BRYAN,' 36 and 37 Broad St., H. MESSEN(JER & CO., .AlrD DJ:ll.l:a IS FOREIGN&. DOMESTIC TOBACCO, .... 181 I; 163 IILUIIERLARl!, 1'1, Y. J. H. F. liAYO ; : (f.tte of }PehmoJl,d1 l"a., ) 1. eo\\"-m:" M:"o"" 1\\ J'oa TKI a:u. Leaf and T obllcco, 167 Water Street, New-York.' and orders Psf-i&:r HARVEBTII!G THE OROP, ... AN experienced grower in J gives the following as the most apprMed method : u This is an important season, and generally c0111mences about the first of. Septemb

-b&cco getting to np thn there Is of ts be ng cut too soon many a crop be ng se nously DJUred by bemg biU"Ves ed befo e perfect y mature The p ant shou d never be cut wb le the dew s on the leaves but walt until I s oif. say ten o cock, and wht tobacco 18 cut from that time unt 1 two o c ock if the day s hot, will need cloae a ten on In abort, the who e operation from cut ng m the field to the bang ng upon the poles n b&m needs c!U'e as a. lit le carelessness or inattent on w l damage many do Jar& worth No hand should be &I owed to handlo I who JB unw II ng to use and perform every operat on JUSt as dU'ected or c se by break lng of leaves or st ck ng fingers th ough them etc. he ma.y do mo a do.mage than h s wages amount to The p ant to be cut allould be taken by the left hand cot ca e lOIS y by the leaves but ca eful y by the atalk, and as ca efully leaned over to g ve a chance to llf!e the ax wh ch shou d have a handle about one foot long Cut the p ant wnh one blow ay og t carefu ly do" n w th the top to the sun f t s a. d o berw l!e the leaf w 1 bu n bofo e the mam ala k of h e leaf Will w t suffiCiently to adm t of band! og Et'eo 1n that pos on t may bUl'n unless at tended to but not as soon After ly ng unt pretty we! w !ted aod before burn ng turn It over and wilt the otl er s de When so willed that the mam stem has lost most of Ita bnttlene&s load as expla ned abo c ak mg bold of the but of the stalk ay them careful y upon the arm and aga. n as careMly upon the load. If the day be very hot, uao uped1t on m getting to the shed else II the d stance be great, the load may hea which will spo I the leaves for any th ng but 411ers When earned nto the abed f qu to warm they llhould be lef on y one plant deep upon tne floor and scaffolds If the day be cool and they are to be bung up 100n they may I e much tb eke They should never be bung upon a po e less than a.. mcbes n d h If wed p ecea are used, eaw tbem JUSt that f pol s ate used, aee that they are about that (or f any thins or less w1d\h "' u od he plan s w 1 baDg so close that the chances of po e an great y Increased They are fostened to U.. polo by a half hitch It requl es two hands to bang them one to hand them another to t e them The poles should be about e ghteen nches ap&rt and the number bung upon a twelve foot pole will depend upon the s ze from twenty four to thirty so ngulotiog them that when thorough y w lted they w ll scarcely touch each other If bung tb cker than th s a little unfavorable weather W1 cause more or lOIS pole burn, oweat, and mould er the tobacco ll! hung the building shou d be ao thoroughly vent lated that there w 11 be a CirCulation of our through every part The nntilotora shou d be kept open dur og all fair weather unt 1 well cured down Dnnng ltorms shut the doors and exclude as much wet as poe&blo be ng cautious to giVe I a thorough Tentil&t on aga. n as soon as the ram ceases When t s cu ed enollgh to bo husky n dry weather exc ude all hard" nds that w I! crack and damage theleves When the leaves are so much cured that there s noth ng about them green but the stem a moderate qu&nt ty of wet weather w ll not o Jure t but rather mprove the color a.s the up of the stalk works 1 ough he stems nto the leaves durmg the mo s t weatbe until the stalk has been well ozen after thiS takes place the tobacco should be p eked rAX ON LEAl!' TOBACCO 1 ACTION OF..,TBE C OA.Jl.lU.:S:ERS UN ON IIAt the recent Convent on of the C ga r makvs National U n on wh ch assembled n Baltimore on the 4th of September last the Comm tee on Pet tiona to Congress repor j!d the follow ng preamb e and resolut ons BALTDIOBE Md 7th, 1866 WMrecu Tho preaent depressed cond on of the mdllStr al nterest connectetl "1tb the m&nufacturlng of c 11 o ng almost en tirely to the want of proper leg s ati on upon the aubJect we tho Cigarmakers of the Un te<1 Sta es of Amer ca, as se mbled n Oon nntion at for the pu pose of dev a ng means for a1 eTl& the t respe ful y subm t to the publ c and our rep esent &tiea m Congreas the fo low og.facts The present h gh mte nal revenue wb ch s of a. mfzed natun lie ng a specific ann an ad tu on c gars m ts xesu ts w 11 be very pe n c ous to he t ade by throw og he whole trade open to fraud .Aga n the great d &panty between he ax on the d fferent paes of smoking tobacco wh cb s as mu h a luzury u e gara, and comes n compet o n with our trede will throw at le .. t t o h rds of ourVa!oed That the fair mode of ax ng tobacco ,s by p on the 10 tba the who e tion or tobacco w ll pay an and be a sure mean a of p enn I r'.rba. if the 2 .4nd be t fur IUr Ruolff{.r. we wou d ta.s can not be ev ed on he revenue earneatJy recommend ha.t h be 80 equa zed be so amended and tbe ta.t smok ng tobacco that the d fferent grades l!a! to that ev ed on will pay a tax nearly o:li w 1 partla y obv ate agara, per pound w,lla ned of. the difficult es 9% thor R..olTEIER., Botoa Oetober 8th NtTBING or mportance do ng n leal Man ufactured s n good dem&nd and at fu I and stead, pnces for home coniUmpti'!'L The export demand less aot te We quote for tax p& d navy lbs and t Jbs of best qual ty 72lc. a 7& and for med um,o65c a 'TOe. quar er pounds 'TOe a 75c. and for lOs 62}c. a 'TOe n bond navy ba and t lbs SOc a SSe. quarter pounds, 28c a 82ic lOs 2oc a SOc nfer or quarter pounds and lOs, l8c a 22c. The rece pis of the week havo_.been 1801 bxs and 28 hhds. The exports have been 51 hhds and 52 half bhda to Africa 50 balea and 75 half ba es to H&yt and 58 bxs to tho Pror nccs Phlla4elphla Oet:ober 8tll TH market s dull We note s&les of 10 hhds of Ken ucky at 6c. a 15c 20 cases Connecticut wrappe a at 25c a 65c. 9 0 do do fillers at 9c a 12c. 7 do Ohio wrappers at 15c. a 25c 80 do do fillers at 5c a 9c 25 cases Penna. Seed leaf round at 5c a 7c !'I' do do wrappers at 12c a 20e 86 do do II era at 4c a 7 c 70 do on secret erms 15 do Havnn& at 95c $1 10 21 do Ya a at $1 25 150 bxs V rg n a nav e& at 'TOe a 'l'5c 405 do do lOs at 70c a 75c 850 do Western nav es at 60c a 'TOe. 450 do do ! 65c a 'TOe 100 do do at 671e 35 do fioe V rg n a ponnds 90c. a $1 25 100 do br ght son pressed at $1 05 50 bxs me dium do at 50c. a SOc 16 bxs common do llaldlaor .. OCtober Ida Tna market ahowo no matenal change lbryland leaf IS n l&ir demand for finer quallt ea but neglected tor common. Ob o s more I!Cti'fO, and aa!es reach upwards of 450 hhdo at pnces rather ravor ng buye s. Ken tucky .. qwet and nominal We quote : 3 gi ll 8 & 18 t .. Inspections th o week, 844 hhds. Maryland 556 Oh o and 6 Kentucky-Iota 1406 hhds C eared th a week 793 hhds to Rotterdam 12 to L verpool also 1 cB8 bxs to Tnn dad 81 bxs to Nassau N P I do to Span 8 8 8 .Manufacturd-Reoe pta are fa liDg oif. and WJth a less act ve pnces are more favorable to buyera, but w th n the fol lowiDg IID ta Bleb.m.ond., Oetober G&b 00 00 .. .. .. .. .. 10 80 .. 1!0 BO !10 110 .. n MESSBS. M WI & RuN report or the to bacco mar'ket for the week ending Saturday tho 6th nst as follows Our breaks have fallen oft' yery !!l.'l .. ohl The old'brop s alinoat Olatksville, Va. !era sold at t20 a $81, takeDiostly fur home manufacture halos 2d cil!' Vuelta so d n t $37 be ntfout the best of the crop ) et appeanngnd comprlSIJJg 4ths at tiSO 5ths at $83 pa at $48 7 hs at $22 and Sibs at $15 pc pts come n &lowly but when sod pfices. We quote as general range foJJW &rr vals, lsts to 6ths $200af,300 6ths l60a$200 7ths $!00a $120 S bs $50 a 0 9ths $25 "$86 ac cord ng to qual ty and bulk Scraps are rather dearer a. 50 a $6 Recortes $6 a $7 per arrob'\ 0 gar1 Marke mprovcd s nee ast American ma Is. fi om the Un ed States are sl 1 ted. Stocks here st !I modera e p icJa rly m& nta ned o d eaf searce new la.ble for some time o come About sial cheap c gars sold on prvate terms but rjOrted at $12 perM ,4,.. ""'" Jlan11 has been conSid erable amm&t on m our market the past... !1 se oral severe and qu teea ly f 011 s resulting n ma.n fest qtu y to a. la.rge number of crops 1 throughout the State espec a y on low and !li!t.JL lfthe pleasure of snuft'tak ing Lord Stanhope once made an est mate of the t me wasted by a snuff take If we suppose th s practice to be pcrs sled n fo forty years, two ent ro yeo of be snu.ff taker's I fo w ll be ded cated to t ck me h s nose and wo more to blow ng lie ends by dec ar ng that a proper app of the me and money thua lost to tl c pub c m ght cons ute a fund for the d scha go of the national deb 'I he fo ow ng out ag ous attempt nt sa z []g be bab ts of snuff ak ng o excess appca ed n the London Jo u nal about h y years ngo A prov nc l pape s ays tha.t o. gentlcrno.n n DcvonshU'e has n ented 'f at he ca ls l\ snuff. p sto t b:ts wo ba s, and be ng appl ed to the nose upon touc ng a. sp n0 under then w h the fo e finger both nostr Is are ms antJy filled nna a. suffi quant ty dr ven up t e head to last he who e W. W. RUSES PIONEER TOBACCO FACTORY, <) between warren and meets, Brotlt11ilo I H. W HUNT & CO., 8elllng1fAgents1 167 WateHt. NY and 16 Oentrr.l Wharl; ]IQatoD. Liberty 8allor' Fane,. De1lanee Bear A ral .t.merlean .National J CllAS. APPLEDi BRANDS Pioneer FraU Cake Sterlln, Moone Vernon Oeean M:onareh La Manola_, Jl'rnU Ofl"eriD :tiourmahaJ Sonny Sou.tb International Hu.e'-Nectarine Satlor' (Jhotee Sweet HPicr Bird ., Nct Roc Bud Plantation Great OrcaD The Bati Puritan, Fandauco vuron Hoculator eo-2 ....._ GEO W HELll E APPLEBY & HELME SUCCESSORS TO L APPLEBYS SON, MANUI.:l B OF THlll BAILB.OAD IIILlf.t OUR /BRAND&. a MACCOBOY FRENCH oltAPPEE, SCOTCH AN MACCOBOY AND FRENCH Ill\ ..U.SO HANOFAOTUB.ERS OP TilE SMOKING TOBACCOS, CIGARS AND PURE PQWDERED LletUE. 133 WATER AND S5 6PINE STREETS, NEW YORK LEW S!. 03S PITIL P PALE: ANUI!:L J Lilli.O MOSS, FALK WHO 1[ ALE DEA. ERS SEGARS AND LEAF TOBACCO, No 195 PEARL S';I'Rll;.ET N'EAR & A QEN N e v York so e proprietors of the CRITEJUO and day! 0"0 Q U"lm. bart, n P ttsburg Po 1Y'a.s nea y destroyed by fire on the 2d Loss es at s done oftener wh le most houses of ex 880 000 nsured for $ 6 000 tenSive transact ons make almost d ly n qu res, so that they may be nfo med of every l THE RECORD OF COJIIIEBCIAL STANDING WE I ave n th s c ty thea mercant le agen es whose bus ness t s to a&certa. n the commerc a stand ng of coun ry mer cba.nts for the pu pose of rcpo t ng the to certa n par es who are subscr be s to these agenc cs and wl o may be n the course of busmcss transact ona appea ed o by ooe or the o her couot y me chant for c edt These three mercan Jc agenc es are. Messrs R G Dunn & Co 293 Broadway J M Brad treet & Son 247 llroadway and Me K I op & Sprague 87 P k row Each of these agenc es hns branch offices all over the count y but lo no other c ty of the Un ted States s an odependent agency of tb: s k nd outs do of the branch officea of these tllreo pr nc pal offices Ono of these three agen C\86 baa been we be eve n exlStence for more than seventy years The Dree have h,._ 1n New i'ork alone each from !II ,y. to fifty clerks, exclns vely m their par ticul&r c:.lliDg of nvestigat ng the of mercanti e lllem. !i'ha expensea of each concern are Tory h gh and st ll more erpen s ve baa been !lie coUfCI on of the r n formation the re.sult of long, s of labor and a lav oh oullay of money The rates of part e pat ng n t!\e n(ormat on gathered ranges from $100 per year to '600 and $!0QO ,Each. pf thesp threJOSS. PHJ:Lll' lAid<, EM.l.NUEL J LDION TO THB TRAD.J< pemut and a.ccount book system s obnox ous and degrading to us as c zens of the U n ted States or America. Ruol t7 75 lS at <> $12 75 ll at $13 a 16 25 7 at .17 a $20 75 11 at $23 a $27 75 1 at $81 7 hhds V rg n a,-.2 at $6 60 a $10 25 2 at $ 5al'T 2at25a45 25 hhds Mssoun lugs and leaf-8 at t4 90 11 at $5 a $6 4 at $7 50 a $9 oO 1 at $52 1 at $'1'7 S hhds Southern Kentucky-1 at $S S at $10 2o a $14 50 4&1 $15 a IS 25 St Lout Oetober 4th To market opened heavy and has rulod du dur ng the greater part of the week. P ces of low grades have ranged lower but med um and good manufactur og leaf has been w thout mater al change The sh pp ng demand has boon I ght, and most of tho tobacco sold has been bought for the c ty fac tor es The breaks continue to cons st largely of reVIews The rece pta of the week havo mcrca.sed a. 1 t le over those of last week amounting to 1S9 hhda aga nst 160 Sa es of the week amount to 247 hhds. con &s og of 1 scraps lO!Iugs, 93 common and facto y d ed leaf 43 medium Ill ers &nd black vr&ppers, and 9 good bnGht and fancy wrappe s 48 hhds we e paosed du ng the week, and b d.'i on 20o we c reJeetc4. We now quota s craps from ic to 2i<; damaged and common lugs from lc. to 8c fa r and good do from Bo to 4rc pnme do om 4Jc to 5!c common leaf from 5lc. to 'Tie fac ory dr ed laf from 7c. to 12c medium dark fille s from 8c to 12c medium bnght do from 13 to 20c. good and fine from 20c to 60o. wrappers fro111 io 20c. and On.l.wpec od T Whl!IIJ Ootobtt111,181f, ............. New Orhan Oc&ober 84 SA.tEI during tiM last rune days comprise 12 bhda. Charleaville Juga at 4tc 9 hhds. light leaf at 6}c. a lot of cho ce selec t ons for Max co at 25c 8 hhds. frosted lugs at Sic. 16 hhds. I ght Juga at 4c 12 hhda Olarkav lle refused at 4Jc 4 hhds. wrappers at 12c The s ock on hand a but tho assortment 11> good and firmly held We quo e n curroncy Rece pts s nee the 21st ef September 298 hhds cleared same tune 944 hhds. namely to L verpool 185 hbds to New Yor!r 809 hhds iTJ..T:SONT OF STOCK. E kpn band S lit, 866 Arri td pat b ee day Arrl od p elloull.J' FOREIGN BaTaDS, aeplemher 28 'th bbdll 1 'l :.--121 .29 .... liARU7 more act 200 hales V uelta AbaJO fillers, 8ths 9 hs and Capadnra sold ai 126 00 per 'ltl 80Q baloa olok once a year cons dered perfect y uselesa, and t baa been found necessary to han IJ OuR reade s w 1 a not ce n our of the Sd wsL of a sala of extra fine leaf n the unprecedented rate of '1000 per 100 lbs Th s s he h ghest pr ce ever pa d n any ma. ket m the world Such an ext a.o dinary transaction e_v dcntly deserves to be nve,t gated and on eade"' we n. c confident w ll be gad to the full pa cula We have JUSt l ea rned that the ot was bought by tho extens ve firm of 'Neu4ocker Brothers and s bemg manufac tu ed at the spac ous factor es n R cbmond and St. Lou s n o the brond cal ed the Even ng Star As we 1 ave heretofo e sta ed his ra e spec men of le f s a pro duct of G annl e county N C and was a sed by J J Adcock. The 1 onor of ak ng tb s the g ea. test sa e on record s due to Mr D T W llinm s The e yet remam two mportan tems to )le ascerta ned the amount of eaf n this lot and how t be p e c ous art cle will taste when made up or course tl ere will be a gene a! cunosity to try the Even ng Star and we would sug gest to one capable of Judgmg 1111d ap preCI&t ng a real y supe fine tobacco-the very cream of the crea'm not to fail to try thiS brand How long t w !I be beforo th 8 .1000 lot w 1 be manufactured and Jvery where on sa e we can not say but we pre sume very soon for the :firm has large Jfe sources haVIng factones n two of the great tobacco c ties o(. tjle country and establ sh ments D New Yo k R chmond and Lou 8 The house s represented n New Yo k by L H n RIChmond by C W &; P Neudecker and n St Lou s by C P N eu decker WE would call attent on to the chang e n the firm of Elkms announced n th s number The new firm of 3 S Elk ns & Co. aasumes the busmess at the old stand under the most flatte ng ausp ces, and will doubtless ncrease the env able reput&tion of 42 MalH ru Ofuclnnat Oblo :BOOTH & R. l> Otto of Rose, OIL OF CERAMIUM, PURE POWDERED LICORICE, m e&r uUy el t.ed oot. .uao a seDOIU': stock f El Ua 0 lll adapt.eji bacc nlsa and P UJ BOOTH & FRJ;EMAN 83 90 w H'EUN LEO I DR UG"Sj INDICO, COR:S, SP9NCE FANCY GOODS, PEBFUKEBY Etc Etc ESSENTIAL & FLAVORHfG OILS TOJ!ITQUA BE..UiS, AROMATIC BARKS AND ROOTS LICORIOJt PASTB GUlli ARABIC, OLIVE OIL BTC ETC w DRUGS_. ll0-13 l 170 Will am at...,ot. l!fow l'oril


... =---. 'if. PITFIELD GEORGE, (ESTA.BtJSHXD 1158,) Licorice Paste, Gum A-rabic, Tonnna Beans, OLIVE OIL, Etc., for TobacconU;i3' u'Se. rru all\'ay S th e n.: tlcl-.._of tn : store ror 81-184 Cary Street, ntchmond, Va. FINE lllNUFACTUREllOBACCO. Three and lllt.y jlaekages and Farl e y B! lgllt. .T08ACCO u my {93 M4in-";tftet, Lynchburg, Vlrg1tlla, (.or ule, conllllling ot my Cranberry," Pledmont Golden ..,.,.,..adloiitr brands. .. Im,-he the of dlalerll to this stock. JOHN 111:'8TONE;'I93"MalrHatreet, I.. YNCHBURG-. Va. s:S:,.iMoNs o"' & J. I.-M:Uto;A.O'l'Uu.n8 01" 1 !'" .J fine-cut Chew,ing and Smoking WB;A.CCO"' ', 213 & 215, New-york. Ova OELRBJU.;.JU:I BliAlU>S: RECELVER, CURRENCY, GOLDEN SEAL. S0-1112 REINHARD, JlANUFA.CTURJi:R OF LEAF TOBACCO, and 10le pat.cnlce of 4he brand {OENl'RAL .PARK." 93 A VENUE B, 001'. Sixth -st., N. Y. 0. QU'l'T TG--101 .. 1.1J.OOB1'. 11 .. G ,IIOUO'M'. s .r ACOBY & CO., lUilt',OUJ18 J.!m DB!LERB nr .u.L KINDS 011' SEGARS, JJID D:&A.UUlS Ili L'eaf Tobacco, 194 PEARL-STREET, Qor. [1&-lot] W."R. FORTIER, IlU'ORT.Ia Oi" THOMAS HOYT. & Co., '(OBACCONISTS, No. 404 PI!ARL ST!lin, .Manufad:uren kin_dl ot fipe-Cu CP,ewing Smoking Tobaeco, Snuff, Cigars, and Havana Sixes. OUR Bl,I.ANDS fl'NE-CUT CHEWING' SUNNYSIDE, HEART'S DELIGHT, NATIONAL. THOM)I.S HOYT & CO., NewYwlt. HOYT, FLAGG & C fj., Louinille, Ky. HOY'J', FLAGG & CO., .. Successora to HOYT, BARBOUR & CO., 107 ap.d 109 Second St, LOUISVILLE, K Y., of the follow jnl' llelebuted bnnat ef CuT CHEWiNG ToBACCO SUNNYSIDE, SWEET OWEN, I ROSE-BUD. KrLL!CKINICX: TOBACCO!l, J Golden Eagle, Cabinet, Grapd Chimney-Corn .... HOYT, FLAGG & CO., Louisville, It) THOMAS llOYT & CO., New-York. LICORICE PASTE '\VALLIS & 00. EXTRA. Tobacco mannfaoturera and the trade in are particularly requested to examine and test the superior propel" ties of tllis LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfection, is offered under the aboye style of brand. -We are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand F. G. Acknowledged by consnmel'l! to be the beat tn themarket. And for the brand of Licorice Stick r I G. a ; In all respects equal to CALABRIA. GOMEZ, W 4J.LIS & co:, .. .29 & 31 LICORICE PASTE, EXCELSIOR MILLS PURE POWDERED LICORICE, Gum 'OLIVE-OIL, TONQUA BEANS, And othm Flii.Vorinte for Tobaceonie:ts' uee, for ltll!l py -WEAVER & S'J;''ERRY,. Importers, 16 PLATT-ST N Y. HENR'Y M. MORRIS, 09 Pearl-at New-York. ItnpGrter and Annt., f o r the United S1alu aud Oan ada. of t.lle lWRRIS 1 lJ. .t :P-1." DRAND Spanish Mass Licorice. HAVANJ\ AND-YARA l:..EAF TOBACCO, Wo.ter-atreet, Ne:W:York' myowa,llelecti and would do 'lit:ll by giving me a call, aa by 110 do-&CHAPMAN, .. J bit SbY.'.spllgj from fl.nt baud. 'l'fo-101 ')JW.p:S I!C -ADOLF .' I ... OJOCLXmDS" .u attn' ... DOMESTIC AND IMPORTED "T:PBACCO, -lNO 36 BOWERY, NEW"YORK. lU. WES & GIDDINGS, PACU:Bll AND Dt:AL"IRS llf Connecticut 1 obacco liul HAVANA FILLERS i Plug tobacco, Cigars, Snuff, etc. 8!; BrJd&:eport, L "JACOB, HENKEll, lEG AR BOX MANUFACTORY, & Prime Quality,) OF OlllDAR WOOD, 1117, 159 and 161 ,._.., NEW-YORK. JOSEPH LOW, Dtl'ORlEB OJ' HAV AN .A SEGJ\lRS; Nos. 71 arid 73 Front-st., -1N1 rn; 'W. V @li{ IJ(. Gt>-1" mBAtCO J Fred. :Mayer & Co.; 96 Fulton-street, N. Y. K _..___...._ TOBACCO lABELS of -..very desorlptioll executed tn. auperior style. J '.M:_ \..I ... 'lMP'O.ItTBR Ol' H:AVANA h )jtm :aU.MUrAoruncn OJI 'S'egaDs, .... No. 1G6 :ll'ronttreet, _.aidm-laM, (07-92} N .ew-York. A. H. :MICKLE & SONS, ... IJUCCES90ml To {f' I L MRS, G. B; MILLER & CO., ..lll-'ot"'. CUT TOBACCO .. SNUFF. q. STORE, UO Watef -street. H Columbia-st NEW-ORK. sOABS, i8a P&ARL-STREET, (OOBNER OEDAII,) I. C.!LAWRENCE tJ &: MAJifUFAOTURJ:R8 O:r Tobacco, Snuff &Cigars, '" 395 Pearl Street, New-York, llan corut : m t ly oc hand a large of Virginia llianuraeture.d To bace_!t_, .Pure TU..rki!UI. limoklng, .uava It ... aa and. Dom.e .. lc c.....-. Abo, a grea.t 1'atidy of English, French, German, and Scotch Clay Pipes. t2lr 'J;RF: ONLY OF THE .AMER.I-OA!i BIRl>SEYI!l SMOKJNG TOBAOOO. 27-6i iflt M' ALPIN & CO., CELEBRATED FINE CUT' UQUORlCS C&.A BRAND. DU VIVIER & CO., 9 Wbiteha.ll-at., New-York, SOLE A.GENft A.ND IMPORTERS. ..... LIQUORICE PAS1'E. A. P. FRANCIA, Importer of Liquorice, 102 Pearl-Street, N Y. 0 & F, {lahUl & Co., XX. MF .t FGJ brandl!l, o.U ofJupe ri o r qu a \lty, fOr 53-Je &t lo"l'i'e&t market rnt.u. 2"7--l:i2 LICORICE PASTE F. GRUND& CERERO, IJIIPORTERS, 118 Pearl-street, New-York. R.R. 80_ 8 F. G. C. W: & A. LEAr\1.!\N, .Bl'.OU:P.S IN SMOKING TOBACCO, LIQUORICE PAS'TE m DR .l.XD"hJ14LD:XN 6 SOUTH '''IL.LlA.l'ti S'rREET. No charge for fi.Jling orde rs. -rowosnso UQUORtCS. FINEST QUALITY. Manufactured at Poughkeepsie, New-York. GIFFORD, SHERMAN & INNIS 120 WILLIAM-STREET, 56--M NEWY {HlK. LICORICE PASTE. KREMELBERG & CO., Uli'ORTJ U I S OF t t ":n.. & C." B.rand. .' We. han now on baQJ], and olfer for sale tG maDuractnr. en and the trade lD general, a auperlor article of Lleortce Paate, ";K. l C brand, exprtul.r made tor thlauutrktt.1 and warranted pcrfectl.r pure. 160 PEA.l\L-STREET, NEW-YORK. POWDERED LICORICE ROOT Leaf Tobacco & Sole lllaooCaetnrer oC be S A N F 0 R D B RAN D CELEBRATED BOUQUET SJlOXING TOBACCO. 'l'obooco (.ln bond or dut:r paid) In to auit purchaser& INDIAN M.!..lftrU .ClVB RD, .AND Warranted Perfectly Pure, Solo Agent Cor Seoteh Snuft', lor presoetvlng the teeth &Dd dlpplax Tbe Snull IJ k nown all over country, t.Dd Is mJnJ#faeWred lor the above purpo1e. It cp.n he had p;y tbe k!g,, ., ........... ..... col The. Stamford Manufacturin[ Co., Con1!antly on hand, and for ule by LILIENT1ii:QS. Out Tobacco, MESSENGER & CO., !11, J19, Washlart .. -st., wr. Barelay,1 _.1._ 9 s 16_ 1 _a_n_ d 16 3 M_:al_d_en__le._ n....:e,_ N _._Y. NBW-YORK, .. Aud 9r Lighf. aud: Work, Roll To- LICORICE PASTE. baceo, i i' tNepperhan Toballco 'Wor!O = I l!ild Smoklu 'lb. 8MOa.Jila-IJO'OilTP.II.oU!D lU.IlUI'ACT11JU:RS o Amerlca! A Lonr, .., .-(l> F I N E S ;G" A R S Standard, "ll StnbkLng; Spsnhb, :.C. '<::<' Cabin,., "ll!xoi'kO..,Oklo!kt '""'' aod olh" TOBACCO MAI\"'Ul!'ACTUREIUI ars nqueated t.o tui :.t.J:Jt 111.erltt or thla brand, which will be found in A LL RESPECT;:! of tbe mo s t UNQUI!:STION.!B(E and Yery SUPE RlOR. quality. 'w. & A. LEAMAN, Agents, .tD DJ:Uitll3 Df ,.. l .Nept.une1 B&vory, 'Long SL"iloldng, Fancy Leaf .J1.nfto, oavcndbh, .,T Teba.oco. V -. 79-104 No.6 South Wllilam. t. P. & G. MANUFACTURERS OF TOBACCO AND SNUF:r, P LORI LLARD'S r : aentut!J J\fE.W-YORK. DEALERS IN PLUG TOBACCOS AND CIGARS AT MAKERS' PRICES. / ,. ... Cent?"Y Chewing ............ : ....... $1.25 Star ofthc West Smoking ............ $0.65 Rose Leaf . . 1.00 Eureka u . 48 eavcndish H 0. 90 Tuberosa,. . 46 Bee .. .. .. .. .. .. .. SO Long Smoking :.... .. .. .. .. .. 42 Maccoboy Snuff ............. ,....... 90 No.1 Smokiog ... .. .,, .... ,.... 88 Scotch .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 90 Tea Lea!.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 84 lligh Toast .. .... .. .. .. .. .. 90 Gold Dust .... 30 Coarse French R&ppee ............... 1.00 No. 2 Smok(n, g .... ..... .'..... 28 Irish Righ Toast.................... 90 Cut j3tems,:."" .:; ,_ ... _....... ... .. 2G Th-a Century Chewing will be found an unusually chOice-&rticle. Sen'd for circular. 16, 18, and 20 Chambers-street, NewYork. Jhnufacturers' Agencies: FOY & EARLE, 86 Bcmth Water, Cbicago; YOUR TEE, FISHER & 00., 94 West Second, Ciil.cinnati.; B. A. V AB SCHAICK, 503 Chestnut Streetl' 1>Jiu.delphia; A. R. MITCHELL, 24 Broad Street, Bolton. STAB LIS H ED MDCCLX 1 _6&18 CHAMBER ST. NY. :--_ -: U. S. BONDED WAREHOUSE, 32d DISTRICT. ,.. --:o:--HENRY M.-MORRIS, 99 Pearl-street, New-York, COMMISSION MERCHAI'!JT FOR THE SALE OF LEAF & MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, COTTON, NAVAL STORES, Etc., Etc., Etc. IMPORTER AND SOLE AGENT IN THE U. S. FOR JHE "M. & M." BRAND LIQUORICE PASTE. GUMS, BEANS, OILS, HAVANA SUGARS, ETC., ETC. Certiflcates of the MORRIS M. & M." BRAND will bo shown from the leading man ufacturers in Richmond, Lynchburg, Petersburg, Danville, Va., Br.,oklyn, St. Louis, Louisville Covington, Pittsburg, Canada, Aust rali o, and Califorr.ia. I ar LIBERAL C.l'lSH ADVANCES MADE ON CONSIGfiM..ENTB-.. THE MAJOR & .KNAPP Engraving, Manufacturing, and Lithographic Oompany, 449 BROADWAY, NEW-YORK, I ')'OR,'USH ror CADDIES, NAVIES, POUNDS, FINE CUT, and every other description, in superior and satiafact<.ry styles e 71-122 .. --" T.EWIS MOSS. PillLlP FALK, 1'/.I:C>SS db F Ull'!JRTRRS OF AND WHOLESALE DEALERS fOSSlCN ANO ftNS OOMSSTtC GSCARS AND LEAF TOBACCO, 79 and 81 William Street, N. Y. Th e rollowln.r CELEBRATED BRANDS constantly on h.&nd: CRITERION and WASIIINGTON liVING-. [ft-120 H. H._WATTS'S FINE-CUT CHEWING VBTO" TOBACCO EMPIRE CITY TOBACCO WORKS, BOWERY, NEW-Y K. J ....... i1t}W.ILLIA)['ST-,EET1 I 'IV'!rl"" ADAMS & OSBORNE ( Coinmission Agen'ts, p s. PURE, ll>JCCKSSORS 1"0 J.Nll DMJ:ERS I!lf ollLIII 1111 JOHN AND_ERSON & oo.,, Leaf & Manufactured Tobacco, &.!J'OBACOO, SOLACE.crTOBACCO. w NO. 17Bt WATER-STREET, 1W116, and 117 LIBERTY-STREET,' ....... -----==c..:.:..--=:..=.===-6 _6-_91 121 CEDAi'-STREET, KONIG & MEYER, AT\ba:r Glllendtt1 OP TOBACCO BROKER, NO. '15,-0LD-SLIP Napoleon R Ku>.uok, HEW-Ye-Jllt GENUINE & IMITATION OTBXit. BB.u(tfs O E. S. THACKSTON, NpTE, & EXC,HANGE BROKER ,. No.l2 Old SllpJ oor. Water : street, !Mrn:'W'tr'li{llL {! fJu8. A. TB.!.CUlOif. H ... """ &i-!S .kl Buchanan> & .Lyall; t50 WATER.:STREET, ..... \' r< 1' New-York. ti... tb,Do,rtQ -ted BranD or NOTICE. V.14enU.D.dlq that our Braudt, PLA.."'NET ild 8.A.ILOR8' CHOICE, h.a.vt been 110 clO*elf lml laStt tilt to dtcelve m&ny or the Trade, tu future the ,...... wiD be Ramped with our name. BUOKANA.N & LYALL, L, B .UA.BliEI31 : A&:ont. Ui_ lll.lllalt.1:, fO-'IV SEGARS. EADIE &. SMITH, BROKERS IN Regalia 'Bretanica., Imparia.les, T b d S Rega.1ia de Londres, Reyna/ Manl)factured 0 acco an B[arS, Regalita, Oonch.., .. Londres ,de Oort"' Ope;ms, eto., etc. 131 MAIDE{'ILANE, F.or aua .b7 the IOl.e M&nJlfaoturer.._ JOHN ..STRAITON, if:l)i....:r "'r ade .JOSIA H MACY'S SONS, AGEN'l'S, 189 &. 191 FRONT-STREET, NEW"YORK. LICHTENSTEIN BROS. & CO., FINE S E G ; ; A R S, LEAF TOBACC-O, 321 PEARL-ST ., and 34 34t BOWERY, N. Y., 79 GRAVIERST., NewOrlealll, P. W. BICIL &. W. fllEBERT. P. L. BRAUNS F. W. BECK & CO., TOBACCO 44 VESEY-STREET, NEW-YORK. FINE-CUT CHEWING : Natural Brag;"" Solid, ond Catawba. SMOKINQ: Shanghai Big Injun, Four Ace, Elephant, Klllloklnlck, Turkish, etc. "\''N\)\i\.'L'L, 4-4. "'{. '.r,HE NATIONAL PI.PE. In thl.t PIPE \o tb.e pUblla, W"e feel tlUJt'f"G1ttd la say{Df thau lt oornbiiietl all the advantagu ao long de.lred. by CONNOISS!URS, l'IEI'U llUl.l.Z:&D uo.Ul this tlmpl6, and seonomkalplpe was invented. It ls 10 constructed that U burna all the 'lobaeeo and keepa ooot while !lmoklnlf, The rnenolr a' the bol.tom reeehe &1.1 the and It Is ke;4 cHa-Jt, aud not. liable t.o gK out \"'order. \he coostrucUon, and dwralri/.Uy recommend the NATIONA.L PIP In every way tor the use of SOLE .A:GEN. T1S, I SIMON SALOMON, Ili.PORTED .AJ);.,P DOlol.ES'l'lC .U:D .ilL DXD.I OJ' LEAF TOBACCO, 192 Pearl Street, 1'-111 i1W-Te1llt. LEDERMAN BROS., llOLU.U.J: 1!1" ,U.L lUllOI 01' Leaf Tobacco, UOJIIESTIC AND HAVA:NA SEGARS, 173 WATER-STREET, NEW-YORK. 61-lH Jr. STACHELBERG,' IU.lftl"rJ..crtrua OP 'I'D CELDIUTD IIUXDI) LA NORlAND I, LA AROMA, AND LA PRJICT 0 SBGARS, No. 15 CEDAR-STREET,, 78-103 MliW'YOillt, BOIKEN &. SIEl'BES, IKPOBTEIU!I ql' :Meerschaum& Briarwood PIPES. ................... FLEISHER CO. Doalm In U kinds Ill t I A r 1Jr l t f!l. AJeo, Importers and. Manuracturera of FINE OIGARS, 147 W ATER-BTREET, Louu HoLu..'rnEB, S. B. FLBllm!R, "'w II. HOLI..J.:!IDEn 29-M + I. Hamburger & Co., Meerschaum and Bruyere A1J other Kinds of Smoken' Art.iclea, -106 56 Maide:a-lane. New York. M. WESTHEIM & CO., MUil"UCflfBIIIII OJ' .ora; SEG-AH.S, .lJID DUURa Ill Qlionuetticut 177 PEARL STREET, (Upt&aln,) -NEW-YORK. SCHRODER & BON, Havana Segars and Tobacco. '"" .liAO, JlANUFACTURER OF SEGARS .. THOMAS HOYT & CO., 404 PEARL-STREET. 5,. MAIDEN LAlfE, Dealers in Leaf Tobacco, "' 258 PeQ.rl Stre'et, near Fulton, H 0 G L E N & G ll A. F F L I N ; OW1UUIS OJ' P-'.'rEli"TI!l UD tot. K.U:UJ'.4C'I'aQ.ll OF NEWYOBK. l'.A.I!omlo ... t wYork. R. S. Uow .uv, U. D. Dtta&TT, New-Orleao; C.ULD' h-. I. lL Boll", f M l' V CELEBRATED SELFFEEDIN8" P. D. CASEY &. CO., Hundrec:la of l&:'>F;N"till& t 'taf 'tlhamr anh .itgars. X.UD"J'.lC1tTal:B8 OJ' CI G.RS, .Q Da.LLDI II It-a LEAF TOBACCO, L. BERINGER & CO., Sole Proprietors and Manuf&e\Urert of the celebra\et La l:l OompaB:ero, &Del D Cout.e1to .-.o_wu D&.lLUII s .... Se[ars, Plu[ and Leaf Tobacco; s EGARS No. 148 WATER S'l'REET, i HAND [BULKLEY & MOORE ... LEA]] TQBAC. CQ, c:r n1. lusCtuA .. LLY No. 1a1 w,.terstreet, c PAULITSCH & SCHLESINIER, TOBACCO-CUTTING soLE' 'aGENTS : .,_00 I>JIIC''W 11'/al:{, DLIi{IJ\, lOD..u.liO:S, ... ,. rATSNT fLUC Tobacco Wolks, r -174 \ .f' -: 1i ew-"i;ou. NO. 19 (tH-llli} New-York. M. H. LEVIN, Ulror.crJ:k o r T LEAF TOBACCO, PEARL-ST, near Wall..t., .o ,sz ,'<' NEW YORK. J. S. ELKINS & CO., IMPORTED ANn OOMESTIC ......... Ull UI. .,.. o r. 'BAI' 140 Water-Street, NEW YORK., ---1 91 -WILLIAll-ST., NEW-YOltX, : :urtr..LC'2'tJUi J.IlD DJW.D Ill DOMESTIC 148 WATElt-STREET, GEORGE WICKE, SE&lR.B"OXES, (Superior llake & Prmie Quality,) 0.11' OEDAB WOOD, No. 26 JEW-TORr METZGER, Deller In aH t.lnda of Joretsn and Domefile Leaf Tobacco, .Ud Maaufacturer of SEG.ARS2 178i WATER-STREET, !'lEW-YORK. .JOHN BRAMM, _, lo BKA.JIIJtl & -OTHERS, 28 AUanllcst., Brooklyn, Fine-Cnt cn-ewini and sm.okiBP: Tobacco, II!IG.AU, .. s w E E T : t:O S z G '.A R S A:od a hptrior LWI41foot 8nu1f. ..... Jo-...:.. ..-41 Fine Tobacco, HES.$, M. BROCK, I 4 iWIVI'.tarq.D or ro: mrar ot r I -:;;;_mmisslon Virginia, E SPIN'ulL.lLN-IU. v ANI-... "s'EGARB, Perique A = ......... XErn8 Leaf Tobacco & Segars, ILEAF ToBAcco, Latakia, NO. 6 8URLI,ItC SLIP, u'' Turkish, and sr.-' Killiokinick. .......,.,..';,:... .u.u. .......... ;,.. ..... ..... ..., JOHN UOODnso Leaf & Manufactured The Celebrated Solar CHEWING, 11-ao NEW-YORK. HBW Yort & Virginia Steamship ComDanY. THE OLD LINE, FROM PIER 21, N. R., 1'0 Gra-vler-1treet, NewOrlean, La. .. Cot, Chewin[. Snionna,'.and PloK CHARLES SEITZ, NO BOX MOULD. TOB.I.C CKJ'Sj] TOBACCO BOXES & CADDIES. LOBE & POGGENBURG, Meerschaum and Briar Pipes, OX...A. Y' :PZPE&. UtliSORlllM AIID TVIII:t Segar Cases, Tobacco Boxes, Match sates, Tobaceo PGuches, Pipo Stettie, .um -4 S'l'OCJt OJ r fOBACCONISTS'. ARTICLES, Liber!J Street, (np otnin,) If. .... } u NEW-YORK. SEGARS AND SNUFF, Sh B th 206!: 208 FuJtoo.,t. (ne&< a, ... wloh,) !f. Y. SEGARS. .... ro ers, OUR BRAl'lllS: Chewing ToiJacco.-The celebrale.d brands )\'co:=d,'' Mou Rose," "Fo.voriw," Smokln:t Toba.rco.-" Home Comfort." Cuba P.lind, l1Ud Smok!.nJ", of n.U bl"andJI Turtl.h li'at.ey "Blrd'1 Eye." SnnO'".-RoJe Maccoboy.French Con ,reu1 &ot.cb.. TEB.M8 CASH-USUAL DISCOUNT. Gooda Wfll'l'IU1te4,-Ordon Promptly Encuted. (M-60) aa;a Pea rlstreet. ..._ JUL.fUS TACKMANN, i:mporterof and Dealer In Havana & Domestic LEAF TOBACCOS, I! Plattstreot, near Pearl, ,._.1 NEW-YORK. BOXES AND BOX-SHOOKS, .Put up and Bhtpped for the Southern :llf:ar .. 'kat. We live ape.elt.t attent;ton to t.he of TO DA.C(;O BOXBS aml CADDIES, wblch 11.r_e mNe froom best qu11.Uty of ltlLN-DIUED warrcmk4 not eo mo-uld. J> .. ,rlel4n of tho Sow & Plaalllg llllls, toG.a


W, 0. KOMUll, J. L. ADAMS, MORRIS & CHALFANT, _._,.,.c.,................ Leaf Tobacco & Cotton Plug arid Twist Tobacco, FAcToRs, Ot the tollo1Jing Br&nlll : BRIGHT, BPONGE CAKE. NJ.TURG'S OWN. NEPt'UNE NAVY POUNDS AND HALF POUNDS. DA.HK:. NAVY PbUNDS ll."D JULF POUND!. J. L. ADAMS'S XXX 12L )JJ.GGIE MITOUELL Q.U.!RTER POUNDS. OHALLENGE 16s. VIcron.u 10.. J. L ADAMS'& OORONE'I N0.1, 1Sa. 416 COLOMBIA-STREET, BROOKLYN. DE FORD, THAYER & CO., Agent 44 Water-st., NewYork.l 64-'i'!J ABBOTT, FOR TIIS SA.U: 0 1' TOBACCO, SEG.AR.S., ... PIP F. S1 Farnam-street. OMAHA, NEBRASKA. .I ltefa:-" b'F-PI"t "Ittl.lonfl.l Bank, Omaha Nebn11l:s; 1. H. lUeOormic:.: A: Oo.1 Omal,a, Nebr!Uila-.t Patrick, J. W. Dootli k SoiUI f:it. Louill, )fo.; Phlsutr &: H ow, Cl:-clnn:di. Qhlo Thoa 0 Durant, VfeePrt'!lident Union r>nelflc R>l.ilroarl., 'Ne,..YCirk; M. Rader .t U rolr:f'rs, 0 W eJlt Hartford. Pono.; \V.S. 11 unt.oon & Son, Providence, It-11. ; J.'J.... .Dod6. & Ce.,>Bo,.' ton, Mas:L SUTPHtN'S 'IWUSt, m.N'Illil-Sr., tWA; NBBWKA. 01' BllUA --...J ..... The Old !lSI Tobacco -Honse in H ebraska. No. 30 Carondelet-street, ,.., .. _;CAMPBELL, LANE & CO., TOBACCO & SEGAR MANUFACTURERS, CALDWELL, NEWJERSEY, 'I .urn 95 BROAD-STREET, NEWARK, NEW-.TERBEY. FIITTSBURG ADVERTISEMENTS E. MEGRA W &; CO., Tobacco Manufacturers, Leaf, Fine-en!, Smoking Tobacco, & Se[ars. 'OliiON F A.CTOBY, 53 a.nd 55 lra.Dd-st. BA!IlOll WOIIXS &Dd On'ICE, 31 at, Clair-tt. Pl'l"l'SB'IJRG, PA. B. & W. JENKINSON, autrrJ.artra'aa o,-J..U. I:I:!'IIS or Tobacco, .um WlJOLSI.AU DE.UBJUI DC Juuff, iipt$, ett., ,_------.--.-Ctt1. A Matttu. Taao.J. Vr.TTULZJN. B. T. VITI'IIUIII VETTERLEIN & c 0.' PHILADELPHIA, PA., COMMISSION MERCHANTS IN LEAF & MANUFACTURED ToBACco, ( and Imported Segars. JF 'UNITED STATES BoNDED WAREHousE. Consignors can fOrward their stocq without prepaying the government tax: B. A. VAN SCHAICK, CIGARS, LEAF AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. A.GENT POU. LORILL.&RD'j SNUFF A.ND TOBACC(). 503 CHESTNUTSTREET, PHILADELPHIA. SOLE AGENT FOB CENTURY CHEWINO AND ROSE SMOKING TOBA,CCO, On b a nd, a large lot of fi.-11' M. B. DEAN, -413 CHESTNUT-STREET, PHILADELPHIA, MANUFACTURER OF FINE SEGARS, TOB,ACQO; '.SEG::A.RS,' ETC. TJm. LABGEST STORE OF THE RIND. IN THE UNITED SUTEB; AlfD THE L..lllGEST AND BEST ASSORT:MENT. 81:ND FOR .A PRICE LIST. TELLER,nAMATHAN &: CO., 'll'li OL'ESll.S n..&.LDII m LEAF TOBAB.CO ilD SEGAR_S, .l.liTRtlll :l".lC itN'. .I.I.JIRS lol, llOYD. WILLUif' 0. PIUSL United. States Bonded "Warehouse HAGEll, BOYD & 00., ,I.JrD WWOLRii!IU.lC mu.r....-nr W&. .miDIIa M'CORKLE, 90N & CO., CROCER8 ND C '6\.0\'\. 1\\ e\\.o.\\.\, .llfD KJJfUP..lCl't11LDS OJ' CHEWilfG AJII'D BIIOxnfG roBACC01 No. 113 Main Street, -L%l!ICIID1JRG, '\'A, ADVERTISEMENTS. R. H. DIBRELL, t@ltrthant P'or the llnd Purcbue or LEAF & MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, b1abla.hed 1844. Office. Oanal, between Thirteenth 1111a WALTER R. JllARTIH .t"CO., (Pormnl1 N. M. llllml, Boll 1: Co., ) Eeta.bllahed 1846. TOBACCO lex u.. Sale IUid Purehue or Leal 'l'o"o.cco. -Shockoe Warehouse, Richmond, Va. Reeel.Ye alwa.n the aeleetiolll from \he erolfl ol F'ir"'rWG an4 Nor/A Ourolina. ..,.. HARVEYS &WILLIAMS, \Jary: & : Sts., 'J.ljohmond, Va., GENERAL. 1J7D J.GIKTS J'OB ULJI 01' AlQI LEU rOIIACCO. Toballna Leir Manuractuml TOBA0008 No.' I&OifRO:sT ll1,1'1LDDG .. PETRB.88URG, V.t. llefer to J!et:IML JoeuoM.t.OY'I Bot. New-York; HUDJ A Gtrntam,.New York ; ll.l.'f&TJ & _WlLLI.I.III, RlchiD.ond, Va.; '1'. '1'. Baooxs, Prealden Merch&Dk' Na\.lonal Ba.Dk i B. R.lTLUD, President National Banl:1 Petenburg1 Va. 83-ll9 J. E. VENABLE & CO., No. 8, Iron front, BJ'O&ID.Orestreet, l'ETl!!BSBUBG, Va., Commission Merchants ll'o. 2 NORTH CHARLES BT. cLPHl!. LEAF AND lllAliiUF ACTU'JimD Topaocos, Segars, Etc., Farmon AJ!enll for thll< ot -t Seed leal TobaoDe, 61 Norlll Tla.lrd.-.c Ph11adelphta. RU.tlli!iO'CSS: J. Thomas, lr., Esq.: 8. C. Robl.n10n, Esq., l'rea't Plantcn' National BaRk, Bl chDlODd, YL; H. Ileuenger & Co., 161 Malden -lame, Newl'oH; J o lt.naton A: Centra.! W a.rehoW!e, PETERSliURG, Va,, ...W. pa,y h'-penoD&l atienlloa to t.he purcbue o f a n klndl of IU.NUJIAOTUJUNG and LBAI TODAOOO. RICHARD MALLAY, Leaf Tobacco, Cltil.fiJlS, PIPES, ek ... MADDUX BROTHERS & CO., DULERa Til \ Llber:Ll adnnces made o n constgnment.l REi'l!:ll TU li'irst Natlomt.l B"Kn:k, Omaha OmablL Natl.onal ()aplh:a.; 1:. N cOormlck A: Co., Omaha; Wm. It, King A Oo., O:Mba.; WaiL 4: Ma lOn, Otrlcago, lll,; &: Fhlll.Jelplda, Mep ham R1a o A: Co., !'it. Loulil, Mo, J.D. i!UTP'II!:Jrf. [62-ST} I D. 0. SOT-P,8..,. Livero,ool \:aE RftmMOND ()!VENDISR JOM : .. .-, l'Of, LIMITED, B. JEFFRIES'; $nuff, u,nd No, 8 St. Qalr-sL, Plttsbnl'i, Pa. r 111""' A uaortment of PIPES a.nd TOBACCO, of beat (j,uallt:r, kept on hand. HARTFORD ADVERTISEMENTS. JOHN DOUGLASS, Internal Revenue Bonded W arehonse TOBACCo ... 1 lio. ,3.9 North Water Street, C.M. MEYER, COMMISSID.N MEICtiiNT, -'IDUI.a .. ThompfWn, 103 B oetoo. 6281 : i:i!A & i GENERAL AUCTION & COUISSION .MERCHANTS, .l.lfD .lQRN'f'S l'OR Tim B.&.U 0, MANUFACTURED & l.EAF TOBACCO. ConalgnmenLs of M respec tfully solicited. 68 Jfainat., Richmond, V&, 64-S9 Established 1839. U11IONPLUG TOBAOOO FAOTORY. THOMAS T. HARDGROVE, Orden 110liclled. to T.tJ!UlllLLo Moll.w.&.n!JI 1: Co., 79 New-York. .... 88-68 BROWNLEY, BUR'fON & CO., WHOLESALE GROCEI\8 ND\Yo%\.0'1\. No. 93 Syoa.mor&-atreet.. Wlf. B. Dao'Wlll.m',} JauW. DmtT01 PETEBSDVBG, Va, Duuoa. Bpeclal attention given lO aala and purchase llf COTTON and TOBJ.OOO. aut oPfDm. &helr New W!ITMottBH JnOR!ENOOJ[ of LMt and Mallufa.cturei Tobacco for ,TliOK.A8 C. n. 0. LattJ wit:h Bpenod BroB. c6 Co. QUEEN CITY TOBACCO WORK_S. C. & L. M. FRANK & CO., (kluceePONI to BARNEY, GREEN & CO.,) lf.l.lfUP.I.C'Tt111.Dil Of' .ll.L IU:SDS CJ' athruring & @nbacrn, NO. 49 MAIN STREET. Factory, Dll.l/,(11'-, Ohio. UINJill, J, DAVIS, .1R.. mwm, GARDNER & CO., TOBACCO eommusioa Bercha:ots, No. 8 WEST FRONT STREET, -Det"l'tecn : uatn and Walnut Streeta, CINCINNATI, 0, Oozulpunentll of VIrgin!& Tobacco !Ollflted. 'f4-99 V. FUHRMANN, lUNO'J'J..CTtrRER .I.S'.P DII:.U.U: D1 AND SEGARS, 'l.'OBACCO, SNUFF, AND PIPES. CHEWING & SMOKING TOBACCO. No. 7 Jl.ainstroot, (west. sltle, 8 doon abon Fro ct.,) 42-l'i4. CINCINNATI. New-York Branch Leaf Tobacco Warehouse. L. NEWBURGH, DlPi)RTIIR .l.lfD DULEillll .&..Ll. UliiDI 01' Leaf Tobacco NO. 21 WALNUT-STREET, Corner of Front atreet, CINCINNATI9 0. Good& aold 'at the New.Yorll: Market rattt. 42-61 'W'E OFFER FOR SALE GL YCERIN'J:, fO BE USED IN .PLACE Oli' LARDS AND Q L IV& OILI ... All Kinds of Cigars; < r-"' 'C A>1l lfL'WUCTlJRDS or .. .,. ... :r,-r. ALL KINDS OF CIGARS, lioa. 474 and 603 li. Second-at., Leaf Tobacco 163 and 'on Merchants, SNUFF, FINECUT, CHEWING, AND PLUG. TOBACCO, WHOLEtALE'TOilCCO DEALHS, ... t "J T'OBAOOO Foreign aid Domestic Leaf TQ'Jiao.oo. o;uti ITATESTBEET, -"\VB5TII'IELD, lttA..SS. l HarUbr4, vll IIA.BII. I ,_. ,. ( EAST HARTFORD, COliN. J 13F" Al_l ordero attended to "'th l. H. FII,T.EY & eq. rAC_KERS & DEALE-RS -JB'-ll Fine Connecticut Seed. Leaf Tobacco, I BLOOMFIELD, CONN. "a. ID<*L f 111' -S. W COX & CO., Manufacturers or all grades of i:llirlEWIIG & TOBACCOS, Aho Dealers 1.o Leaf and Plug Tobaccos, Snuff, and Segars I nvento-rs and aolc m&&ufactnrers or tho eelebrak-1!' "BONNE DOIJOIIE," \he snd brier plpo in tbe markeL 1 Slate-st. Ooiw., DANVILLE, VA., J..ftel-a.u or lhlrt11e&l'l u a Dl&Dnf.aclnrcr ancl dealer lo th" cl..,. or Brlfh" po1ri1 alone ln thll! l'eglon or coUDt.ry_. and a veQ JUIIU&l &equalntance wit.b lhe plari.Wn ud IILIUI1lfac'&iren1 ol"vl bit Ill a RJIIFBRS T.O l-I.ESSRS. 0. WILLIA.III a oo :DanvUie, Va, llR. JAB. Ja., Rlcbm.ond, Va. KR. G IUUmond, V'" MR. LA.NGHDRNIIr. lolR. '"J'tE. v:INABLJ: Pel.ersbVg. 1dE8i&8. PLIAiiANIS t-60N81 B&lilm{lre. 111!81&11. BEALl) A NeYork ::Y:R...JII!f&Y .Dld0581'0N, .a..ioMa, Ga. MR. J. J. JONIC8. llobUe. JIB; T. ':'PlTTd"N, N ew-Orluns.. -MOORE, JO.NES & JlliJ;LER, ltntrat ..lQ J:NTS zo ill. KOORE'B CELEBRATED XILLICKINWJ< f. GAIIIBALDI BllOIUifO TOBAceos;DE.llE!t8 IN GUA.NO,S AND :rERTD..lZDts. No, 147 Main St., Lynchburg, Va. JOSEPH SCHROEDER, -J obber ud Wbolel&le Dealer ln Leaf, Manufactured 81 EXCHANGE PLACE, Third OO.r Ead of &uth St., BJ.LTI.VOBE Leaf Toba.coo received t?n Oommblaiou.. M All orrlen for Leaf, SmeldDf, or K anutadattd"'rob&ect LCV!J omu. FREDJIBit:K wn.Dii"S. GRANT NY ,,..,.,uy ...... .,..,_ -.._.. READ A WHITE, --LOUIS GIESKE &. co., CIGARS OF EVEJI.Y DESCRIPJ'ION, Tobacco Manufactory, -O'U.UUbl.-iO'Il nr F AIU4VILLE, Forojtrn & Amertcan Loaf Tobacco, KAJ 27 Poarl-aU:.Ot, o.' JOBM DUDDY. .1. II. 8.1.!1'0. 'JOHN DUDDY & UO,, Commission Mi:nchants ., f FOR THE S.I.UIIJi' .. MANUFACIWIL TOBACC8, No. 41 VINE-STREET. CINCINNATI. CHICAGO ADVERTISEMENTS. No. 85 N, Second St., b .et. OliT& Lolu&., l1'1 ST. LOUJ81 MO. lllound City Tobacco Worlr.& D. CATLIN, Fine-Cut, Chewiug, & _Smokblg Tobaooo, Killiokinick, etc., llfo.Jes Nercll Seeoa ltHet, __ .! 1'lll ST, L01Jtl, J. E. HAYNES, 38 NORTH ST. LOUIS, MO. Eagle Tobacco Works. .... ROTHSCHILD & ADLER( ., X:. U"O'FACTURERS 0' Plug Tobacco, J. A. BRownEll, .&IIDW H O LISllEDUURSI. COMMISSI-ON 'MERCHANT Fine Cnt Smoking Tobacco & Cigars, 185 69 South Water Street, CHICdQO, VIRIINIA TOBACCO A8ENBY. ADAMS, GIBBS & CO., 00MMIS$10N MER C HANTS J'OR THE SALE OP Virginia Manufactured and Fine-Cut TOBACCOS, Importen and 1Vboleule Dealen Ill Havana uad DomE'&tlc Cigt.TS, Souffil, etc.. No. lOS South Water Street, Run H. ADJ.MS1 } JOUN S. GIDBL CHICAGO, ILL. ST. LOIIJIS ADVERTISEMENTS. DAMERON, BROTHERS & 00., 8UOOBOB8 TO NA.NSON, DAMERON &; CO. Tobacco :racto:rs,. COIDIISSION MERCHANTS, No. 138 North Second-st., 19 1 _____ -=ST. LOUIS. o, O, WOOL :L w. BQSOK', C. C. MENGEL & CO., D..,.., ... autt i.o'IJlUto, PIPES, Etc., No, 128 li o:rth SeGODd at., St !.quia, Ko. NEW-YORK. 2 58 3llJiacazfaeat. ,Ur(l, 1", lf.J..I.BU81'.1.D'l' W. -OTI'E". !'. 0. UORMA.J!IY. OT'(E, HQRMANN & CO., (Swcctaon to "Pull t Otte), 1 111lf1JJ'AC'nllln Oi' .l..l.L DID& or Plug t Tobacco, 1 ..l.liD PULD& JN SElG-AR.S .,. J'm!O'k1iug lllbacc.o, 413 North Third 8t., ft. LOUIS, B'O'e OUR J'IUIICI.P AL BRAIIDB : EL DORA.DO, NATURAL LEAF1 .. : IJin, NATURAL LEAP, ............................... 9 '1 EXOILSIOB. POUNDS, ............... ..... ....... 12" BA]ilA.NA. J'IG, ....... ....... ...... 8 14-W JAMES .RODDY, ar PL'IJG Al'ID Fl:NECUT -CHEWING TOBACCO, SMOKINC TOBA.pco, IIIPOR'fED A1ID DOKESTIC CIGA11,8, IJo, 103 Kortllleooudlt. (bet.. Lbcun an.d VIae I ta.), ST. LOVIS, 111:0, i'OR THill BAI.JF. OJ' Manufactured Toba.cco, Domestic and J'onlp Ci gars, Licori c e Paate oim, TonqU& B-.u, &Dd. Tobacco K&nuf&cturen' Fl&voriugt No. 29! MAINaBT., Loubvllle, Ky. ttr' Leaf and W"esWn Plug Tobacco boofi'bt on Ol'4er. 'i't-10. LOUISVILLE, x.,., U.S.'BONQED WARU.JNLI. GEO. W. WICKS, SUUO..aBOB 7'0 NOCK, WICKS 4 CO., lo-battO' an:4 JJro DJ:J.LD 111 BAGGiliG ROPE AND TWlllll, Manufaotureil & Leaf:'Iobacoo, COTJON YARN AND SHEETINQS, N07 to2nalna1., be&. Thtrd. am.d JI"barOa1 LOUISVJ:LLE_, KY, ..... ..,.. ,... Celebrated Smoking Rose & White Cloud SMOK-ING TOBAOOOB, OP RICHMOND, V.&. .... FIVE BROTHEltS TOBACCO 'WO:ID. .IOJill :mmlll., U1'f ftD., .. llfH:;0 lf'lcaoL.ll J'IJ&a.. JOHN FIN.ZER & ;, ll.OU.I.CI'11'&SJI& OJ' VII', kea&aelty, aind ..__art PLUG N4-18 Third-skee t, L oulayillf, J:y. "7&-!91 II M. LEOPOLD & 00., (!l:ommhlsiou CIG..lllS -AND TOBACCO&,., 116 l!laiDotreea, LoaJIYWe. Ji.J't Pari:lcu:lar a.ttentlon ))&ld to t1 pvdlut of 1M1 :aact 1We fit MADQ!adlued :a'ltJaooc. [TM21 SAM. B. MeG ILL, lPOit':n:R .IWD DUJ.Q 1X HA.V AN A CIGARS, VIBGINA AND XD7UO&Y 'If @ lll ({J 9 Snuff, Pipes, and every variety or lmokiAt Tob,coo, Wi. GREEN-ST LOUISVILLE, J:Y. HEINSOHN, ALLEN & CO., THE ORO IC:t,ST l'INJCo.OUf cuwmG & 'TOB.l.CCO. .T,_B.SMJ'I'II, -! .P.svrm: LOUISVILLE, KY SMITH-BROTHERS,_ ,. A&aoY. CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, Fl!llfCKE &: ELLER, .... ..,_.., ,. li'obacco Commission CIGARS, TOBACCO PIPES ETC 153-Main-street. I 'I L01JDVILLE, KY, No. 206 Nortla ll'ourlh a1reet, above Pine, a:w-Jfarileo-IIU' atttmtklft pall to the ptu'Chue or tear ST. LO,UIS. .J u.a Mt.nufactu red TobJCco. FACTOBY, 12l"North Third atreet .-Consl.gumentJ of all k1&eb of Tcbacc o, 82101 PBlLADilLP.HU Olau Leaf, apn .-naM.n&V oa b&Ad aad ...,...... ;--;-===--=== __:__ ltii.r eulicbed. SCHROEDER & HARTUMG, ROBl.NSON & WILLETT, O'I..I...LL SDlll 01' JfdVJ'..lO'I'O"IDI 07 ,; Plug Chewing Tobaccos, :.vEBY B'l'YLE D:llSCBII'TIOl\T DoMESTic SEGARs Plug_ Tobacco, lfo, 180 Nor&IL IUotn ..,...,,, f.lf & 143 THJRDSTREET, ST. LOUIS, MO. k. .. ouu. FALK 4 MORELL, "'nniOLa.I..LJI P.1lAM nr Jtaf anh Unnnfiuiunll-DOMESTIC, .lliD IJO'mrrDI Of HAVANA' SEGARS, li North Second atree'ilt ST. LO 1., 1110. L. A. DIETERICHS & BROS., Tobaooo Manufacturers, No. 33 North Third str .. t, lla. Pi.,., at&d (YwRn.ut, ST. LOUIS. MO. WILL IAM'l,L. 'tAUS TIN, BROKER IN .4.LL X.J!'mS ()l LOUISVILLE, KY., ROBINSON .t. WILLETT, IU..ID.I.Qftius nDT ftTLII .UD Daoart't'IOI OJ PL'IJG TOBACCO, 111 a 143 rbird-ot:roet, Loultvllle, Ky. WubiallOD Na.,. Pound; Perry do. ; Decatnt do.; Ia Mrior do.; .Black B&wk do, t Jonet do.; 11oney Dew, do.; Aromalic .a.onr Telle; lapetior, do.; w-. &Dd J1owen, Naull< POI.I.Ddl. WM: 'P. WAIJ,ACE, (Sncceuor t o Wallace Brol.1 ) Ds.u.&a IK Jrgar11, Juuff-, and Smoker' Arliolea. Sole Propri!Wr of &he 01lebra\ed and W o r ld-ReDOYDed. CRICkET SEGA.]I.. Sample at rat., oa eolkMiltiOD. I 18 West Lt'" -, Ta4to'IIJII'I8I, llld. 'i'f-99 TOBACCO AGENCY. -HElM. PIW.LE & CO., D 0 M E S 'I' I C Leaf' Tq'baooo, .a: AvA :N"l .... c i GAR fiil. ST. LO'IJlS,-KO, KEWALliAliY, Ind. 33-o DETROIT ADVERTISQf!;NTI!;. '' .(


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