The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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Physical Description:
1 online resource (4 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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T29-00070 ( USFLDC DOI )
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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NO. t04 FRONT-STREET, NEW.:.YOI\K, '1: u Bonded Warehouse 32d Diatri()t, < .. NO. 176 WATER-!IT.i .. r 1 C to 0 ... :).1v ;f.a ( 'f";.,3.. n f;, !1 :ARKENBURGH & BRYAN, IHII 86 and 87 Broad St., IN!i.WVOI!allt. H DSSENGEB. & CO., .&D m FoBN A DOMESTIC TOBACCO, .... C Otl\. m \.So t.\o'a. "\\\ "-'t e \\.o. 'a.\ So uh a 'lea t

\ ro B1JII801IIIIDB AliD ADVBllrlllllll. Such were the snuff dev ces of old copper colo ed artists and such the fash ona. ble mode or mb b ng the sweet-scented dust o s and lad e Has e her been ., by wh te nventors 1l The ml ts SlDlple profitable cheap and dur&blc that n these respects t can not be beaten .As reS,Vds the Sina:ular a.ttr bute-so foreign if ch cf des1gn-of commun eating an .u11' perfume what modern engtne can t' Of the sn ffiog tubes t m&y sarely be. sa d wh le for clennl ness a.nd econ btnJ:J they are far super or to fingers and tliumbs, I.Jla pbilososb cal pont of v ew they TF.I.E TOBAOOO Brtt h N. A Colones -41 bx $1148 19 289 lbs m t3109 LEAF. til ers nt Gc a Be 20 do Penusyhan & wrappers at tOe. a 16c 9 do 4o. ll!hrl at 4c. a 6c. 1 bal"' Ranoa at a t1 II 2" do. Yua two at $115 a $1 25 363 bxs \'.iJ'Iima-oav es and lOa at 68c a 75&. liO bxs do at 46c a 'rOc. 70 do Western na.v cs 60c a 70c 86 do lOs at 65c. tJ -68c 2o bxs. baght lbs at Ilk 14 do tine br gbt lbs at $1 a $1 2 8 b .. do Jitney at J 10 a $ 15 4 do mcd urn at SOc a 90c 17 do from England Total 2615 hhos 16 4&8 bales aga nst 21lll! llbdA 14,114Aiba1M h na t me year Stock the 1st Sept 1500 hhds Kcotudi.y 137 do V o a. 85 do s en s tM2 hUes Havano lSo do Bra.U, 250 do Yara S ock tl c st Oct 1276 hhde Kentucky 41 do V rg n a 8ll do Item 125 bhds K'ary land 2929 b I s Havana.., 184 dn ll az I and 250 do Yaro. October Gtb "eek f om first h::mds compnse Ma yla.nd of "h ch 09 belong to t more demand IP act sales -------ate the oldest illustrations extant of eleva.t mg dry substances through P pes by atmos VIBGINU TOBA.OOO CJLOP ca.rrymg the QUALITY-PROBA.BLB EA..BLT lU.RKETINO -GE!"ER.AL COKD TION OJ V R :"' 011tl:6. IA.RK.ETS ETC MARYLA-ND lear li n fa dema w th sales or upwards of 800 hhds oul of quotat ons Oh o lS n moderate r equest and e report sales of 150 hhds n fe or to brown and spangled at a4o0"""7itt2 per 100 lhs Kentucky s wl ol y qu et and d fficu t to move 'Ve quote would I ave been matle l nd 11ot.J been so 1 ghtly suppl ed w h desJra.Ule sorts Our stock s st I further reduced by 390 hl ds forwarded to other n a kets Present &tock on hand tso hhds ll&ry land 1. 7 do Kentucky 1428 pkgs Bra2 J 20 cs seed 109 ce oons, 8068 bales the piles are to a convement hmght, say throe or four JeOt, heav1 pliDU With .telghla may De !a1d upon the rOWs;-10 keep them m place &nd to form a more cow pact body -IJl the futun I 1 llerelel,.. ,ji. the hands ij too damtf or iboWd be expoafd to tbe aun for a fewlle.lio, or oloe the act1on of a fire to dry them beore placii\g them ,. bulk All the fat tobacoo be tre:'.l.ted In this way before laid m the p.1le W bile 1n tAo bulk, as wo must now call the plleb&cco Will cond uofl for packing 10 a >hbrt time wli& 1l w II remam w \bout pack ng wu.hout !llUch 1PJ1111 ttl the shapelor that there lS more oa}"W aod more com petition among the dealers n tobacco than a.moog the dealeta..J.D &D1 ..,_culturtl Lynchburg Petersburg and R ehmond are a.U toDaeco markets a long ue. ILit..u no* eonTen1eotto pact however the foboicicoliaif bellor be 'r<-bulk Ill pilea or gr .. fer ..a prOI;IiOd oth heavy we1ghts. r pj.QEntQ; J In add uon to our Ilumerous lllld houses, purchasers from a.broad have the market With a 1arp ud roiidy In ordinary t mea ftJjDltJ"I are 111. to throw thm tobattouses dur og tle past IIO&SOD of stripping BIIrOBY 0!' llliVP!' AXD IIH1JPI BOXES JNl)Ulf 8lf0ft' KILLS-Slmn PISTOLS to P'Orr IIA.Jaally no He e b nils lhe mllkmald to the O'li'l And tbel"e fat beep ln u y JlU u s browse !EC'riON 'VII Fond eoo ng turt e. lb.rouih. tM me&to,.11 tUraT 'iT .And 11ympbs aad llh pherdJ oW len rood lllf'Y Wz w 11 coneludf w th a few remarks on snuff boxes native a.nd fore to complete those scattered through 1,h1s chapter And flrat of the pnm ttve snutf m Us Of these a. wntcr m ths NWJ York Lt.raT1f Wold, for 1884 gtves the follow ng account. He says Old Brazilla.n Indmos were the fathers of snuff. a.nd 1ta fabncators. Though counted the refined, or n other words, the most of Amenea.ns, n one respect the r Laslo was a.s pure as that of the fash 1onable world of the West Thell' snuff hn.s never been equalled nor m s1mplic ty and tnglll&llt)' thou 1D1ploments for mak ng and alung t. The followmg 1s a descnpt on of the r m ll lllg aod oniliD{macbiuery It COD818ts or. alab of Jac&ranh (""""""ood} reaemb mg a spatula. the l ength ten.lnebes, of which five are taken up lit .the handle The blade four 1 ches wide .,,d nearly hm an mch th1ck m the m ddle but redueed to & quarter at the edges. There waa a canty n the ceotre and the ent rc face of the lDstrument was covered Tho pestle or rubbbr was a smootl Iy pol 1Shed cy!indnCld stlci Of rQIIO-wOO!I, !lllle Jncbes long and thrr-e fqurths of an lOth 1n dl&lDeter \he upper pari was squared the lower eJild bevelled and eons derably worn. Now let us see bow. owner put th s appauatus m p1a.y In the first place he took a aeat oo a log ou tpe ground dr.c v from a ,huspa common y suspended over the l' ght shoulds:r a few p1eee1 'of diud lea ves of to. b&cco and placed tbefn n {be ca.'Vltyof the slab Then graspmg h&ndlo of the m II m one b&nd be begms to gnnd them with tho,1 name Nelsons sh p first amcd so many were par t cularly aftcrGarr cklsJulll!je, tllaUttiY&lle\t the wood of the true cross n quantity wh ch had been calculated to be s ffic ent We he ngn. n reglS ered wo k s -by pe s le Ol" rubber n the other the slab rcstJng cbtua,ctet nnd tho int...oduct.ion on the knee or lap In a few momenta the betTy as n decoro.tJon aa :we leaves ore reduced to & powder .mucli finer cons:tluo'ct,,d of 1l. which bas been tha the mortar o old make-in n word fo a portwn of lhe root of the tree one of ts rich a.nd fNg'I"QAle snuff. Not a f.ragra:p.ce bosses be g cut n o :1. racdal on of Shake due to the substance ground but to thellla ten111 of tbe m ll I THe heat developed by -flf ;::es of China tort6Jse slicll ana hom tho fr ction of two p eccs G(Jacaranda evolves arc bot cons dered, goad for souf!._by connp s a del c ous aroma, :wh ch mpregnatcs what _. sell s as they a.llow t to beeome dr.r -b)o e1cr s ground between them 'l'h s was the nwckly Horn s the mn.tena.l for the Scot secret of the super10 ty of pnmttive snutl'"' sh mull but 'bba.ts an entire horn well a knowledge of t may be worth somethmg to modern manufacturers stopped by o. cover almost p uggeU n the open ng and the c1 mn.te of Scotland s colder This art cle bemg the next and than our own. Very neaif't'oo4eD thing was to tunsm t 1t to tbl dest nat on ere lt grew cold or ts" odor became weakened by boxes cove ed externally w th a 'Aporation The apparatus for this pa.rt of var ous colored TarWJ.s &Dj the btminess was a double tubo conSisting or two tbtn I ghl, cyl ndncal and parallel bones lbttrteen aches long three e glitbs of a.n mch bore and sl curved pro Bably the leg bones of a spec es of They were umted by a nea.t and omamenta.l p ece of needle or platted work. The upper ends were flntsbed otf Wtth 1 ttle round feiTUles or wood oppos te oods had DQ add t ons The re&der bas doubtlcs ant etpa ed the rest Quamt forms are as common to snuff No sooner Was the triturat g ope ation end as to tobacco pipes. ed, than the pestle was dropped and tl s was a, la3y 8 nod o a d w th thr.eruls of "double tube taken up the plam ends p unged prna.mental stitches were mto the smok ng po.,der and the ferruled ones apphed to the nOStrils-the mouth bad mean &ously adapted to ftld lhf'Jragrant wh le been nbalauon ,_., __ A ccled snako whose folds ly folloited and tbe warm scented powder n a trice was ddrused over the olfaetory! Tho apparatus was then hung round the neck, and the propr etor f alone, arose we may a!jd weat 011 ) lf'1 nuolelng frequently when aa maay were, and when tho pl'l.,. wu low 'kel>t their crops on hand for two or tliree ye&rl!l waldng f6r a ': the pr ce. Th s JeUOD b,.owenr is tho scare ty of mooe;r they will hurry market '--tlim IIR8SIItles ooolpel realize the-profitao .. f .,;;.,6<-'1!1 1cs. ,total The 16th nst. sales 103 hhds re.Ject onl!l IR.Inapect ons this week hhds Maryland ( oclud nc 65 hhdal r0)08pecled) 208 hhds Ohio and if""Kentucky total, 783 hhds Cleared 4 hhds to West Ind. IL The present stock on h:md s nom naly Java.. e pyt week f!:!im !!tst honlfs, 68 V rgJ!l'>r10 do Mason county 27 do .Mary'land .w finn tiie nnge of our quobtions Ma.rket s mprov ng PreSent stock 963 hhds Maryl'l!'d &.Qdn-Kbntucky 102 do stems J bales Java, 1077 do Mawlla 2074 do Braz l 1343 Ha V'nna 48 do Yara. and 83 cs seed leaf We quote Maryland coJoo.rmd fifte yello"' 85 27 c ao brown fatt good; 2Bc a 32c do ordinary llj;c. Vngu:u& heavy and line, lo rman. end 65 bales c ...... oa al4t 4 16 16 sch bx& ( The 17th ost. salosJlll bhds reJect ens i Ill ces, $9 65 a for 121 hh,ds 50 a $40 for 6 bxs. old !.of. Tbe 18th mst sa es,J.23 bhds 12 pr ces, $2 05 a $14 25 fer hhds $22 75 a '26 76 for 2 hhd tJl.,a ;!?U for 7 bxs \ The 19th ost. sales, 90 hhds' reJec\ipnj, 15 sales of a hhds, &t $2 50 ao'$2 05 30 at fS a $3 90 15 at a $400 6 at $o a $5 90 7 at $6 15 a '6 80 4 at $7 5 a $1 75 4 at $8 a $8 n 8 at $9 a $0 25 4 at $10 a $10 75 4 at $11 a til 75 1 ot $12 a at $14 a $H.25 2 at $15 a $17 2 al $26 75 a $28 25 ll' bxs at $12 25 G $13 2 at $14 a $2400 2 at $25 a $25 75 2 nt $26 1 at $27 2o Total sa les from the 12th to tbe 19th lost 1nclua1ve 'lOS hbdi. reJeChOni!t 58 do L York .I to I ear s or ex c ellent quality: Wade an,9 Haynes. '\Vo quote common MANCBESTER.-P k nton s warehouse W -o 5c for to good 5tc to 7ic Tet:y N Garnelhod P H 6ory Sjc to lOjc common and mednlm loaf fie F.UUlVILLJ:.-Ft.rmville w..,ehO!lle, lleDJfr to Sic far to good lli!e sales. pcla will be 011 exhtbltlOOL for prlftte oaleal At auct on 120 hhds. Kentucky IIQUnd, ex H Ida und Cano sold at SOf. a 37f. 77 hhds do ex Hilda nod Car o and Gen. Mo. Clellan were olfered and 47 bbds. sold at 32f. a 88f. and SO bhds. w thdrawn at 20 So 54 hhds do ex ClrcassJan Eries son sold at 81 a 69 tl!5 ex Hilda und Car n sold at SOf. a all the &hove sales were by the 50 k los To-day a sale of sundry lots was mad late to &Scerbun prtecsm time for the mail Imports for tho week endmg the 6th 1nst 32 hhds 31 bales from En,land, 43 bales from llamburg also 3B hpds 69 pkgs from Hollnd n Rece pts ftjr the n ne molltbo1his year 2380 hl ds 263 bales from New York 9G83 ba es from Ha.var:a, 9 Ayres 130 do from hhds 30 tinleo G braltar 10 hhds. 22 blllos from U11',9 all times. --Bllllli:UI Cl!AJ!Gill PsiL.o.onrsu -Hegarty & Fullmer Clpi' llew llrm-W B. Hogarty P Fullmer / PnoTIDEl'ICB R. L-8. W Cox & Co. to bacco d!Qot.ed now llrm-Roi4 a, Camp boll tho concctp. a.t V rgm a C ty baa IMeD attached by a promment cred tor l Tbia 8na 11 indebted to parties 1n tbli mtJ for mercbul diae aold to the amount of fifty or s ny oand dollars th s they oll'er to compromise at twenty five cents on the dollar It wW probably be accepteown to the tobacco trade of Cincinnati, tiaTe recently enlarged the>r buBUleaa by a branch e&tablishment m tb111 The New York house has attained a good dogrM 1ts nternal revenue tu: on -.tea or c gars for the month or September lui beic DOt less than tsooo The long e:rparlmoo and well established roputat on or tho firm roeommend them especially to the The r place of bu&nesa n this c tyts ai No 171 Front READ & WHITE'S TOBAOOO FACTORY FARJI:VILLE, VA, (I:!TllLJSUD l!He)' Maaut&etu. us of Ule wei knon braa4a or IIIIUII!I CONNOLLY No. 1 CALVIN BUNTER-soW: br 0.... BO 7&CJo New Yo k. C. 0 READ WIL WE!T-co d bJ Dv.bof. VaaftrTOMI AO. CLIITON-10 d 1))' &. 0 1:4nn:Je .& 110 or b N:IC'tAB NAVY POUND OUOlD'I: ... SOUTHII:BN QUEES ..&USTRALlA 'I'"!''m. 8.U.. POUNDS, and LONG and SHOIT !ENB L11JO'I!. l'l 18t FITHIAJ' & CO., TOBACCO Alld Genaral O!l'"mlu!eJJ )(erobaDIB, Jro 48 Water.a'l Jr..,. Ym. Usual Advancee made on Conaln mente AND FLAVOR ING OILS TON QUA BEANS, AROMATIC BARKS AND ROOTS, LI CORICE PASTE, Gulli ABAIIC 01.191 OIL ETC, ETc w H Schteff'elin & Co., ss 137] 1!\I:POJTUI AND JOIBt ... OP DRUGS


' -----------J ONE M:ELLION : _,,_. --n,,-. ., : "B:R.ANDS, From $12 to $l8 -per Thousand. ,. -FOR SALE, DJ LOTS. TO SUIT, LE!:WiS .. ea .. THOMAS HOYr.&co., ,..", ; -' '' H. EJitman, AUctioneer, W .. CARLE, '.' 11. Y. OIG.U. AJ1D 'NBAOOO.&GUM, Nao. 49 -.... :rriiaT, 1Mb Oc&ober; M 11 o'e&odl: .... -., nd Mle .... Mh :ib;"220 Fitle Ct&-l.n. No. 4o4 :PuR.t SnuT, _., r i Manu&fillfa"l o f aD ol FineCut Chewing_ and Smoking SnUff; Cigars, uld Havana SiX6. 80 uvu GenUJ.u lli&U'.II. 106 B&lH8mo.u.& i!'QPa9oo. :) F' 'I:' OUR BllA:NDS FIN...CUT CH!WIKO a Bo..t.leaf 'l'obocoo, S&lu Haan.s "l"obaoeo, .. Line of ImpQrttd. Pipaa, r-,., .,._ 111 u, N :a.-.1.' ooo ooo-ftu a,..... our r.,lil&r HEART'S DELIGHT, podlwarruted. Lob w adit. Part.IN ba'fln& pd tor NATIONAL. ou nplar wade or prl.n.t41 Alet, 1111d. Ia I&IIIpiH, Tkq 1bcnaW. beU' Ill m1D4 VIM bllfen from all aN CMIM&\lf IIAIIIDI, ud our r.awa. lor IAoUDt: _. .... ................ J. w. CARLE. 87-U ....... UUI Yara To,aej)O, ol4, ot "f!tT OM qQ&lllf11'01' 11M TWJIOlf bT -. a. .- lWIBilt .tD_,UU.., wor Bale Cb., ap.ooe tO"Eo,tOO 1!"4 Jtpn. .... ., ot.l,llljla tr.dl \ ... .., I'll. UOPP, 1 Jtukllil lltoct, IIWI.oa and lfoW. 1tl.1 8G-Ii GaUIIPOin, L. L CMIR ..... eaU of BaTalla 'IIIUP;en eu.t; allo Tan L ud n OIR &1...,. oa. Ua4, and tor hi. loti at &1M LQa& !1Mi bf WEILB!OHEB,-ill &erEii!Pi btd, :a.Klmoref t&-%1--' ... r ...., low, tlltllafn u.,.'M' 1ob&C09t ot IHit ,ll&llslw.ln 'boD 1.1111t pldd. AIH, ae'rua, tir ....... n !. 86-6T JUU>ULua,lllw'ork. TJqla1a oldQ ToHeeo.-..,.. THOMAS HOYT & CO., NC11York. H.PYT, 8; CO., Lomnille, JCr HOYT, FLAGG & CO., Suece.tan b, HOYT, BARBOUR' & CO., o7 and J 0<) St., LOUISVILLE. K,Y., l *" lllao.t.aurcn of the followlar tdcbratcd bnnu of FINI CUT c!!IW:ING' ToBACCO I ltnnn'SIDI, SWEET OWEN, ROS!BUD. KILLICKINICK SMOX:INO "'-.1 I "!!"den l!aclc, Cabinet; OriDd Mogul, Cbimncy..CDra.o, HOYT, FLAGG & CO., Louirnlla, It) THOM 110Yi-& CO.'f New: York- : : to Oilr llqt ltiJqt of ..... ... nttA'P .... AN ..Jacka.otiq'fobaeco., .Dl \111 \J.D. m J ed,J'tYork .- "'-70 ;c. r .r BOo:rB:& REEliiD-l !Jftaf -' ,m ,""' u ue ......... It ,,;..,. rlor quality, at lowart Pil&rke.t X... JhlmuL K-118 1 Wv. B. H.I.DDUJ:. -WilLEY & TEMPLE, TOBACCO BROKSR8t ... General Oommission Merchants, Lombarcl-.treet, va ., WUl pn lk'lc' Ule purobuit iAd W0 or TOB.&.c'CO. r N. M. NORFLEEll' & co., ...... Commission Merchants SJIOlUNG TOBACCO, \ r UD hJ..UIU-nr Beg&llf Pip68, Snulf, Plug TDbaooll, ao.. ao.. ., W. &: A. LE!MAN, LIQUORiCE 'PASTE! 'l'QllACCO FLAVORINGS. IUNUJ'ACTORY AND SALESJI.OOII : -ETC., Manulaotured and Leaf No..__ 76, 77, and 79 !fi'RBBT; .. 14-<1 lfewYork City. MEMANUFACTUREDTOBA-. WM. DEMUTH l CO";, t'OWDSasn l.lQUOlUCS. .._.....,. .. alll!r..,ta,..rrn .. .rauerllrlrhl .... -........ -.. Flllt:ST QUALITY, t TOBACCO m (J k t J; t t tJ' Jl Monufootured ot Poughkaepeie, New-'l'crk. Meerschaum a.nd Briar GIFFORD, SHERMAN & 11HHS :!':J!:!:" ot dalm to thlll&ook. 110 WILLIAli-B'Ilt.EE1, oiOHM w. aTOll Iii:, p I p $ S ,56-67 NIW-Y-&rut,,... ..... LOHBUR ... LICOKIOJ: "PAST. J'OSliPB-LOW. Toe A-c.coe,. SHOW FJ8URES, r-, _KREXEL:BERGr & -'EJ. O;; nrPOBHat 07 HAVANA. SEGARS, 28 and 36 "K. C." Brand. POWDERED LICORICE ROOT UD ., -. N Y.ort. .. M I AOtOlLY oor, lit An. &D4 27th 1t. N&llo nand 13 Front:-st., w.... ..... -(}A -w:.F 1. t.:, 't .... r ... ._; .-. -.111.0 1r INIEWYOJ.llll(.. "' ........... '. f -. Chichester & Co., TOBACCO ... Leaf Tobacco & Segars. Fred; Xayer & Co.; 1. 96 N: X-Sole MaauAecurer oC the mwm!IATIIID aovQnr IIJ[OX:II'Ill.TOBAcoo. s A Nl' o a D B a A N D {Ia Mad oz ID qUJUtdcl &.o Nlt plll'-(:huem. -,, 1 r TOBACCO LABEU of eviry dieorlptfon ueoutad In llyle. lol4l put. toe Ohlchtl&lr'' ce\ebrat.N Scotcb !rlua, tor ,.._.,..,.,_..,.. '""'"' ,_ ,,...,,. '' Warranted Perfect. ly Pure, kaon alf onr 16 (IOQDlrr, Ud b uprmly ,.. tbe &boT pupoa It CUI lit W b., \& leg, balf bar ..... -: --. nl,w bunl. .. Tke StalDford MannfaetuMn[ Co., LitiENTHALsoo. Oout&' OD ht.nd1 llld. fat l< by 'C' "TCH & CO ...... = ... H. MESSENGER &: CO., ., .; Cut Ohewing a.nd Smoking Tobacoo, 71 9e 161 and 183, N.Y. TrinitY Buililinga, 111 t1r, m, ,.., --.r.r, 1'1-W-Ti-RE. :::a:.r upt <d J)arJr. Work, TtriJt, r.nll aou To Toneoo Labebl and Sho Oanh llepperhan Tobac90 Workt, &ad u:eou.ied. In the b.-lt.Jle l'cmtera, N. 1 ...... 111L4 for ett1ma.CeL Grr'J'8 CUWIIrG .I.OCO.l B Obcwlnr, MUd S!Dol.lnJ, Thll 0.\ebras.t IUIOIPG f084COO, Qru.We&td, JOSEPH M SICHEL 1 o-.1, o -klnr. '"""and """' !liepW.D .. 11.9'0J'11 Lou: llmo.klnco ilmokill(l "LIOORICB PA.rrE, C G., BRAND. 'fOB.lCCO M&NUFAOTU&EU are r"-aut.ed to It&t the ..pi lit Uit. 1fbloh will bt AIU&d lliISPIO'l'.S ol tJd; IJI.OI\ UNQUl:ftlONABLJ:and TeJ71JUPE-:Kl0.& W. !!c A. LEAMAN, Agwts, IJaccellor w Y.&.RDUilG:.t 00., O&Tctd.ltb, No.llmOklD&. Toti&CCQ, ntrona""' .... 8 N tr P P lfo. 8 .... W.J.lllaa .H v .a N A-' ADAMS &: OSBORNE, ARTilURGlLLENDER&CO Commission Agents, 168 reaM&ree&, ,.. t c.-t x..-..z..,., <"">I --York. ,.,..,_ .. Leaf & Manufactured Tobacco, A B ... 80:18 JOHN ANDERSON & co., ,,_atCJI, 70RV.l Ddt, Elo., .._.,\1.-.......:1 UW J 01' uw NO. IS OLDSLIP, SOLJ.CE TOBACCO, MRS, 0, I. MILLER & CO., SNUFF. ITOJIZ, 110 'Water-1tzeet. JldlJJ'ACTO:S.Y, 8'1 NEW-YORK. tnLLU."'J"UJll&. BOW'.D ROBERT BURNS, JUDY P110ELLE D'OB.LElANS, &.ft 8'l'II'Q BUlmS OY/ STRAUS BROTHiRS & CO., : SEGARS. H4,'116, ani 111 LIBERTHTREET, au IJI 'l'OB 121 Cl!Dll-BTREBT, irthv GUleadcr, .,._ .. _..., liiW-Y-&nlt. I "-N or FINE SEGARS, Buchanan LyaU, tSO WATER-STREET, New-York. r a-rt8JII!!Iafddae f'ollowtaaWii:IJnlr ............. c ,. ITOBACCO.J -KONIG & KETBR', DII'OilUU or &Eli OlliE & IJ[ITATION 1lEEl!SORAUl!1 BBHlBWOOD, LA. VA, Clay and ChW. a.,ar Tnbeo, r""-Pouolleo, llopr OUM, etc. S-l!olo, s.-llt&IWII. AN JUid llatoll Bow, lla>ER & SON, TOBACCO BBOI(EBS. 180 Pearl Street, THE -P. & G, ....... .. .. MANUFACTURERS @F TOBACCO AND U S. BONDED WAREHOUSE, 32d ) r .. : .,1_ ... =-;--:o:------o "' HENRY MORRIS, 99 o I COMMISSION MERCHANT FOR THE SAL1i! OF LEAF & ID.NUFACTURED COTTON, NAVAL STORES, l:tc:,Ji:tc., Etc; IMPORTER AND SOLE IN THE U. S. FOR THE "M. & M." BRAND LIQUORICE PASTE. "" GUMS, BEANS, OILS, HAVANA SUGARS, ETC., ETc. of the MORijiS "M. & M." BRAND will be ahown from the Ieiding ., in Richmond4 P'etersburg, Danville, Va., Brooklyn, St. lou!t, louisviltet Covington, Pittsburg, Ca nada, Australia, and California. W'" LIDEiu.L C.A.Sit.A.Dlt ... MADE ON CONSIGNJio:NTs. J -, ; '--.. ,. THE MAJOR & .. KNAPP En(?;raving, Manufacturing, and Lithographic Company, 449 BROADWAY, NEW-YORK, 1URNIB!l CADDIEIJ, NAVIES, POUN DS, FINE Ill L E A F 'J:l 0 B 1\. 0 C 0 321 PEARirST., and 34 and 34t BOWERY, N .Y,, and 79 GB.AVIUST., lfewOrlella, ----------r. W. Bl'!CK. W F L. F. W. BECK & 00-, TOBACCO M!NUPAtTURERS, 44 VESEY-STREET. NEW-YORK. FINE-CUT CHEWING: Notural B,_g:WSolld, and Catawba, SMOKIIIO: Shanghai 81g lnjoia; Four .Jfoa: ElephiOt, Turkish, etc. 11-ltl -:II, STACHELBEIG, M. WESTREIM & co., o., ftll -..1 lllllfUPJ.CtrUK.,.us. er m HW1clre1i1 of theae Ia.borHirill&: Maekfnu, ta. uae in tlle but hon1ea in tlle oountry, at$nt tile value of them. LA liiii!DI, LA uou1 m LA tmJOH B s, Continuous feed, no loaa of put.a, more ohaaaH of brJa:hter Tobacco, and more eut with lela labor than with any other maoh.ine in uae. _S B a.& B.., ... 16 CUAB-8-p.DT, It haa been l(l'eatly &nd imro-... 4 in the l)ut ye&r, We DllollUfaoture Pltilf Kaohillea, Stem. Bollen, aad. Patent ......... For full pa.riioulara, addre1 S.EG.AR.S., ... ..I.SD Dlal.l:b lll' Leaf Tobacco, 86 11AlDBli.LAD, "' P.D.c.uu. --"< F. w :B.IT'fERHOfF'S tHAND TOBACCO-CUTTING MACHINES. lor parUeular llld c;lr(rularj, appiJ' a\ No. N OIIDAa-'l'&DT, oppoalte 61 .... BARBER'S CELEBRATED Patent Segar Machine. JU,.t: 24th, 1862. 848 STB.BliT ; NEW YORK. -I. S. BARBER, Sole Agent for the United Stateo. > H. D. DUMO!'(T, Fine Smoking To"Qaooo, < ,. __ ... J 'Virginia_,. "" "' Genuiile Latakia, Turkish, and Killickinick. r J.l.S(I f>EJ.UII. IN &it) nbnmt Qt:igars, fULTOIMTRE!T, NEW-HRK. THORNE & "PHIPARD', I HVORAUUO t'RS88t No. 42 W!i -tor .. tre:et, New-York, P.J.CKE]) IY BALif8 TOR ALL Jl.11lOLDEST PACKING.HOUSE IN THE CITY. N. for tr&fl41(lftr.t!Q.n turD11bed t llort notle.-, lil-1 0 1 PartlH d..Uou ot or waatill( applr to .) J A MilS .ADAMS &. 00., .t.cuU JJr .the lt&te of New-Yott:, 'W-St :am.A.Lp, y. .... LFfAF"' 'l'OBA.CCO, Ito. 18-1 Watei"'Btreet, ,.,_IQ w. 'If [ti [)( lt'& 11'0 noW' rete!'f'lhr, dtnet from Ut.-a Umtted. qlWriliJ or t.hlt ftrJ delebraWd aal tobacto, to whleh m lnTite the atifbU.on BULKLIEY a,.,:;,,... ..... ,: ( U.U6) 11--York. BO.Lil AGICNTS, ..... H LEV-hr ........... .LU.. Ll'l 74 (r II' IIIIPOtn"'a or Tobacco and TOBAcco & GENERAL .. ................ l AUCTtOtttt1!fc..l\ L E A F T A C C o, 4 iet PEARL-8'1', near Wall-at., No. na -82 NEWYORK ..... r;r, S. ELElliS & CO., IMPORTED AND OOMESTIC r 177 !'EARL STREET, (UpNin1 ) -lfi:WYORK. r --. I ,.SOHRODER, & BON, OJ' Segal'll an,d TobMCo, '1. JlAJtVFACTUREB. OF BE&AU :, Brier Plpeo, A!'i'D J.LL 01' 8 M:O IU N C T 0 a A C 0 0 ,:16 .Liltro7-otreet. lf. Y. [7an C. : 01' .&.U. _I:Ilfll8 o FINE-OUT CHEWING, 1lMO.IUNG -TOBACCOS f .:f 81jrUFF, I --,. R. S. :J;.ATORRE, _, ; Uil'Oana Ol' IJ..,.O BA:b C 0 LEAF, s.g..., etc., 187 Peuliu..t, Olllar, U, I.. ,' RW-TRE. :F., W. 14ERTENS, ,.. I No. 7! &t.;\fnear :Grand Bt., -iNf!f;W,'tf@OO.IX, X \HH.ftm Jtaf i;nbatu anh 81-llll L. BERINGER &: CO., < ... Seaars, Pln[ and Leaf Tobacco I r, I NO. 14.!:1 _lBTRI!hET, New .. \'ork. c.F U L 0 '9,1; f'Oi)I()'!O.u.t.T 'f'O I ...... PAULJtSOH & SCHLES .. t I ._ v LI.DIII!f -.,. and Domeatlo Leaf Tobacco, 1 a WA'rEli.-BTRBET, n fWBWY .. Il. GEOR.BE WICKE, S E&( A \If B 0 XE 8. (Su}l!'rior' Ma.b -OF Cl!IP.AB :WOPD, No. 26, ..l I r ,r II'EW-TORI: Deater 1A &JI;p 11111 D:tnHIIItic Leaf Tobacco; And or -S:SG4:J:ltS2 178.1 W ATER -STRJ:ET,_ II'E'It till:. z ll Fila-CUt Chewing and .... .a.--' Andala.periOrLudJfeotlntdf, .. A J:ABGP. AS80RJ'I;(ENT Ol OHOIOE .SEGARS UUIT JOR IIIIODJJJ.ft V'I!V1 ALWAYS ON l!AND. J. M: MAYORGA, TIN FOIL. KAII'MANN BROS. & ... 8, I JOHN J. CROOKE &: CO., ., r IUBUJ'.f..O'n:'J\08 OJ' MHRSCHAUM&' BRIAR riPES, TOBACCO FOIL & "BOTTlE CAPS r L And all other SmOkers' Artlcleo. I 11-10 All, Kinds and ..., ........ "' ( Kew-YorUJil'lillia SteamshiP cmnnany. .. lfO. 38 SEGAR,. s. FINIE TOBACCO A CICAJI.. THl< OLD LINE, Ne"W!"York. li'Dnv 1'"'" "1 N R (' "--;:: 4,ND__.PE.U:D8 ."!( ..... 61 Jl&iACIIn-lane, BnrYr:t. r A"P/'1-.l..a.A lfl t S. HIRSCHORN & 00., L E JOSEPH SOHEIDER'B SEG ARB. .,._....., ,.,..,! '"""'T'_. _,,.,.,. "on.t.Y ... GOTOniEWnAnPATR!CllUOND. AND H llfBWYOfl1r. -... .._ _. ... _. ... ...._.. JOSf;PH MAYER & SONS, Leaf & Manufactured Tobacco1 122 _Newllork, K.U'lll' .lotnb:l o The Celebrated Solar CifY roBAcuo woRKs. Tobacco Works, lfo11, 140 :Pearlst. & 106 WaiOI"S\, J l' Me, US OANAL-STRWT, N. Y. <'"'IV'""''''.l "" DA VlD o Em .. a .. 2o-s r IVEWYOr,.... Smoking and Chewing Tobacco. Sucoelior to ALEXO'Db llOI8 6 co -:0:...... I ,.,. ...... p, Baao11er._ DIJiabl, GlllllllaDche l'

4 P J. MORRIS & CHAI.PANT, ,....,. ..... a.... Leaf Tobacco -& Co.ttop. Plug and Twtst Tobaceo, .. !PONG E OA.Ul. NA.'WU'B OWN J !OfTtn B .... TiiPOUNilB J.NJ> ll.lLI' PO-DARK. BAlLOU' JOL.AOJL NAVY POt7N D8 !AND ll.lLJ' POtnrnS. J L. ilAIIS' S XXX U.. IIA.GGim HITCB:Iia.L QUA.R r J R P OUNDS. (lJULLDJGE 111,; VICTQRU 101. TWIS'J I. L .ADAMS'S COR.ON:&'f NO. t, 181. 416 COLUIIBIASTBEET, BI\OOKLTJf, IE FIIID, THAYER & A gents 44 Water-st., .New-"''orlr. M-7 9 ,r BEMlS l_ABBOTI._ o:. C, 1\\ e..-e\\At\.'\1., vTOBACCO, SEG.AR.S. p No. 30 CarondeleMISJ::eet, u. JO.AMPBELL, LANE & CO., TOBACCO & SEGAR I IIIAMUFACTIIIERI, CAL.DWEi.l., .NEWoi&:RW.Y, 'I fj 95 :B:aaAl)..STREET, nw 48-'111, t :.w.noBBM:r. "I PITTSBURG r. TR. H. VJ:Tl.wt' aD CHI A .lhtrau. Tno. J. VznnuJN, B T Vrrrau.a.l & co., Pwx.mEL'l'HIA;-1, PA .. "" I; 'll"li. !i 1 COMMIS&ION IN' LEAF, & i M.ANuFAcTuRED EJT _. .:.rJri. ....... "' 1 .... '!-.., I ,Y >.to A l'E1J.ER1 1 AJI.TBillliUgDr, J'f".,t'-, .. JIYD WII..l.UK (!, United States ;pg:q.ij,ed "W.rel\o'p,se. e. 1111COJ1u.&, a. II. M'CORKLE, SON & co., CROCRR& ', a UifD IU.NUJ' J..CTUUitS o:r CBEWlli'IJ All]) ftaACGO, No 113 RICHI\iiOND R. H. tlmJWd .AD OOI"l''lf. 6, E. VJilU,BLB & CO, WEIOLI8.u.Ji' D Kll.II:JI Ill Laaf, lannfactnred, ud Fifll:;Unt 1otitcco CIGARS, PIPES, eto ., etc. :ME.M::PE::Is; TEN Cao-pfDJIBI r Mempbh. Rtehmoni11 Va. "Nelton Co., a. I CROWDER & co., Tobacco Agents, And Gener!U Oommission Mero)l&1lts, _,_ (No. 214! FrontSt u s. Bonded Wi!reh ouse Wo. 1 DllPHIS, TEN:tl, !79104; -CHAS. C. IIENGEL Be CO., "" q MANUFACTURED AND -roB.&oco,. W. J. HAWKINS & CO., ll.dVI'A.ftt7DU Of' I.) Plug Tobaceo, IIIPIIt-'it.. llos. 717 and 719liorth Second st., ........... -: "' 0 ... LEAF TOBACCO, ST. LOUD.Bo. K J. ,G .. .. "' '"' or -Ohollltlq.To'ba.oti.Qi.. .uo n:Ii.aa m ..t.Ll. Emil dt --f 'MB.lll'.O, cww, nm, P\PB8, nv., No. 12 loatll Socond Street, IOfl's"""-'H""'J ST.LOUIS, llD .. : HAGEN, BOYD k CO., CILa HARRI8, BRO:S:E:B. Sl Magazine-s t ., lfnr-You.t n W a\er-n. ftr,LolftS1124.Steolld-tL 161, 163, & "165 ... l'tLFJUEDMAN &CO., > s'-k G .. n,'s L .. 117 B'l'JlDT, 1 41413 I J.JlD 'WlfOLJISJ.L W JIULKQ ll( LE::AF AND MA1illJF Etc., CI1'Un ,_e. pvehMe or Vlrl'a.rmaa' Apntlfor the -.Ieot, CcmlleOtlettt Rnnnu.s: J. 'l' h ol'!lii..J'r:! P.&q.; S C. Jto blAIOn. leal ToiJaceo Prea't Pl:m.t.en' Nadon:1.1 ""l!l.!l.k, Richmond, Va.; H 61 North Tldrdt., Philadelphia B eesenger .tOo. J61 M al.d6n-Jace New-York; &: 'TJ)(Im Jnon, 1Ci3 P.ri-llkeet, lkltlt.on; -G2+8i Internal Revenue Bonded W arehonse ..... ,. ... D. Ill. LilA, CHRISTIAN, LEA & co.,. .. .AUCTION & CDMiiSSrONIERCHAHS, CO ... GeneraJCommissi.on.Merchants, & LEAF TOBACCO. lfo. 39 Borth Water Street, ,.. nalgnmcnta o t t"tapeeVully toltclted, PliiLADELPHIA. as ll&in-at. lUcbmond I 6-t.-81 Establi$ed IB39. C. M. MEYER; UNioN PL'uG TOBAooo rAOTOBY. ..,........, 1111-IIDN IIEICHANT, BROWNLEY, BURTON & CO., WBOLUALE GBOC:&lUI .tJ .,..,..., .. ,.,. .. ,..,....,...,.,.,. ..... ..., .., ..,. 3!J-&i BOSTOif retlo n f1# c:outr,' &nd a TWQ rtDeraJ .... t.ace rib S w CQX ._ CO ,._ the ..... 1de a IX. ,.. .. ........ """'"" .I. SAMUEL & BRO., H a v a n a an"d" o;;;'e;tic Cigars, (!B[lWmG-& MIGKlBGTOt!Accos, BEFlilB8 TO ID:SeBS. 1". C. WJLLIJ.Vi I; 0 0 .1 DuvWt, V a. IIR. .U& TRO-..s, Va. liiiPORTIDlS llD D1Uoaa JB' llA V ANA, DOMESTIO OIGABS,. TOJiood A ls o afi-endmnm Plpee. 'Tubea, l-w. 6 COUB.T..sQU'AU, BOITOll', at -M. SUSMANN u,r and Plug Tobaccoo, &!lull', and lnnnktft nd, !R!e d ,r,;,;, .&n oJ I'!..,h Bt., Bo!I.L7'1JfiQBE. f Leaf Toba.ooO HHi'f'td OD. OoiiLJD.ialliOa. M I A.ll orden Jb1' Leaf, &nek.!Dr, or J.Ou1 GIEQX. wh.uu. & WHIT ..... Loms GIESKE & co.; Tobacco Manufactory, lU.. HUJ' -'.O!'Ua U O J' .lXD DR.U.a Ilf MERCHANTS JOHN B. BRAUN & 00., TOBACC8&COIIMISIIINHOUSE Leaf, Manufactured, Smoklng,t!ld Flne..Cul Chewing TobtSegars, Plpee, Btc., N o 71 DeU J!l; BALTII!IOD, a. W. GAIL AX. G. W. GAIL& AX, W W.. on. OJ' (1 S :U: 0 ::r;r: X N G 2 'Cheuriug l#hlltt#, ANO SNU!='F' JMO. C. HOLLSTEII & CO., RICHARD MALLAY, Deldu llll allldadl et :o:Orden for \be Pnmlwe. of Le&! Tobocoo, promptl;r ud careftill1 e:uouted. -o:-122 Welt Second Street, ..,._ u.o .b;p .... (IJN(mlfl'.l.,.., D!W.DIIll< & I Laa.f Tobacco, CIQ4BS, PIPBS, No. 86 N Second St., bet, Olive &: Loouet. LTG ST. LOUIS, MO. 111 -. -,..-... ........ ... J. E. HAYr(ES, ., MANOFACTURED' TOBACCO,"'" No. 4 1 VIlnlB TBDlT. "" T4--Q9 Cllf'otlfltJI, -CH,OAG!> ADVERTISEMENTS. 38 Eagle 'Tobacco Work. liiiJ.llOJ'.lOTqR.BB OP Plug -t-obacco, J. ANDIVUOCKSAOomERSIN', .. l'ill6. Cnt Smokilll Tubacco & cwrs, I&nufactUNd ,,.._ DOJt>eNio aad .. V. FUH,RMANN, ll.llfUrJ.OTURli:B. J.I!ID .0Lt.LO; tJr IMI.,ORTEU ANI.> DOMESTIC S .. To b. ceo, tililJPF, AliD PlPE!l _..,.._ CHEWING I SJOKING TOBACCO. Ko. 7 )[a.ia-st'reet, (west ehle, 14oon above Pronl,) 4'1-!'>l-CINOINNATI. 186 69 South W ater ran, L'-ll!a-. G .. 'f


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