The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
Publication Date:
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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T29-00072 ( USFLDC DOI )
t29.72 ( USFLDC Handle )

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University of South Florida
Tobacco Leaf Journal

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' ,....--. :::--. -.... ...... J f $6'.i J ..... .; ......... ---. 6.Dl.0(1 .. ::: ... ........ Rotterdmn e\c.. 0.00t4 -.... -8.& llaiabuiJt, Labec, etc.. Organ of the of .. ; \, -1 ... HT tm. mare b&neo .. ..... ..... ... o..M.6 l9Ch.. .. ..... ... .... 0.02,1 P-. Wme .... -A .......... eqqalo ...... lbl. ; .aJlnimea.,_. eqUla r.._n..; a llamburg -i Yvef':. pfaod The .. La.rsea1: Special Paper in:, tlie .. r. !'.! ':' 'VVorlc\!': .. -t.1 l J -r; ..... il ... ., '' "''i&m or u+ut1iuwCi. "" .:i l11cli) S -Ji...:.,:: ... .,.flo l 1q1W'll ll G .. l.O -. l 1quare J i loch for lJar, ...... ...... 98 u!..--n a ..J 99Q.ll&rff tflD.chn for-SmOl!Jlul, ........... ti PUBLISHED WEEKLY. TDJU,Ill.t.DV&lfCB, J>,.o..rter,p 60 ............... ..,,,.., .......... .. { .--u. ,...,.. IJlf;, ._ a-... 1<1rlmab1, ... : ...... n -s8,..._ i.,_cb rore ........... "2 ....... Un lIJ...-,, ........... 9) 1U1.der Uie be&da1 ":ror or .;: 1 J 1 ) :,n 1!J cenb per line tnlMGon. -j ..... C. MacL & 00., af and Manufactumd Tobacco I .Com.m:"'.i"o"" .............. F. A. DHEYFJl, Merchant -.t.EAF TOBACCO,. ._ .lfcY J'OB .t.U IDlll 01-il :aID1:11, !'I IHI Cedar-at ..... N-"Yorl&. ATMAN & REID, HAVANA ( eaf To'baoco, 118'WT081l. 1 -SPENCER BROTHERS ;DWAI.K!19 IN '!! f9.B.lCCO. SIGARS, { ...,, ;:IIPPING FURS, sro. n .Kaitim ...... _l < r itew-lorl ..... AVA.NA SEGARS, -nr BOllD, .t.:Sl> Dll'l'Y !P .I.ID. l. SCHWB.III' & 00., vorters and Couiuion len:lantJ, 81 Bned-ltreo!&, eomer li9&Ter, ... :mllWTOBK. M..6.&aMClH, .. Ji.. P.6.hD. J ou.y 1 PARKER &. UAY, \ .. -I ...... BACOH, OL.lRDr. ca. 181 P!IA9'L&Tl'EET, llEW-YORK brt.t aJtA ptttJU c'fattor11, 111 .uoK-ITll.llT, PHILADELPHIA. .ONnlllD 'W ARE'.E'.OUSE, t (1'lU! D18'1'1.WP. A.. STEIN, 197 Duane-street, !lW-T iH!.K, E FQRD, TH,A. YER & 00., mmission Merchants, NEW-YORK, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1S06. Whole No. 90. L M Mblnil Mi. THE 91RGINIA TOBACOO AGENCY: .1Ul;1'Ji .Jl(J)" IOBTB G1BOLJX1 TOBACCO. I Established in 1836. ... United States Internal Revenue Bonded Warehouse, 'flrty second Collection District. i I l C 0 N N 0 LL Y :&:. ,: .-:, COMMISSION MERCH:AiNTS .J./ID FOR THE s>.i1 or I KANUFACTURED 46 Waterstreet, New-Y'ork, t.a r .. : r ,'{.i. O 8 I A H M 9 Y' S S 0 N S, 'is9 STREET, "' AO.ENT 011 r .M!ID NQTB: -CilOLilfA. ... l Ti 0 8 A 0 C 0 MACH I NERY, ; .,. ') ca.:mo:sa:o.-:m. .. n '..&:'w"l&<>N"' db oo., (Lill o COOK' & CO.)>ridg6port," BITl'IN&llll'' 8Y9&&11LlC P .amMll (cam TD .. eeo tlhapee, llox Baatl.11, lldli,-ud a1f'QAIAO()O lll&CJlll!t .. Y and ToollofUl.emolmproved.&11.d&ppr<1Teclat'fleL r 1 ;, r ,IWfor, .bJ permlaiaa, to 'fl.:Jli. D1Bil87 .... ........,., .., .... y.u. : T :H .JD. I > r AMEBICAN INDUSTRIAi ... AGBNCY, 40 a.JJ.d 42 BROADWAY,. N ew--York, G IVES SPtcfA?. ATTl!fl'ION TO THI: SAIJI OF -.. a' I I. ,{, O Leaf Tobacco, m oeuata"T GE*1Eatt.Y. Qll o-i...-1.. 'i0-40 \


/ / \ !. TOBA.ObQ. PowelI, Rockcastll", 80 i Ruasell, 671 -885; Rowan, 7402, S1mpsob, 720,21i8, Shel-by, 238,900; Scott, 300 i Spenoer, 43,680, Todd, 2,299,050, Taylor, 955,660; Trigg, 2,631,550, Trimble, Cl01375, Union, 11'41,470, Wayne, 11,4-81, Woodford, 11,800; Warren, 1,157,11 6 Wh1tlLy, 6G82; Was\lingtoo, '72,-400; Webster, 11707,601, Wolfe, 6816. Totw.1 61,062 ,240 .... --leti&l Government. Th11 tobacco, gathe)-ej 1111nedin&'fron>11>-\>:Jlill!CV.ts for By Eno &nd Hudson ri'"1 R. L. I 1 at 16 75; 1 at $8.25, 1 at $10 from oil the t<1b&cco-growioag Porilona ol toe thffe qaalitiee. Mutlnd & Oo, 40 hhda Barclay & Living25 ; 1 at *88 25 ; I at ${0; 1 t $48 State, the Rothsebilds' agent, following the The news from the Western markets is eton, 67, Rawson, Bridgland & Co., 12 i 20 bales Ohio seed ranging from $1 a usul course, bad had traneport:ed to without change. In Clarksville, yer, Wall.ace & Co, 27, Foster, Copeland & 75 mond and stQred in the 'Various tobic:co wanthe. ruling rate of sales from the planters' Co, 28; R H. Ar):enburg:b, g, 1'urrell. C& aa. NoTUIMr 8&h. houses of the city to await shipment tp wagons is Sc a lOc ruth & Co, 1; A & Co., 2, 1" M1:s.sRS. B.&Rftw BOOTH & Co, comoossion !ranee, taking froni eac:t,:;eh;:::c,j T!'r ulk M th thf' past Watts, Cr.,ne & Co, 11; Reyn Bt08. & forma! receipt for tho n r wu for ll>ill bomo ljtl4 oompnsed Co, 1 ; Norton, Slaught..r & Co 6; P. D. lows Our reeo1pts ol lear ..,.. light, and are in bis wanboofi!, io 'r19 qr Collins, .S; B. 0. Baker, Son & Co., 7; P composed mostly or lower qualities and com- !I tobacco a&tes." When. J:w 1'r'"'.Dl'P'8 t their .., 'ff&tlla, on M"erntt, Jr, 2 2, Seligaberg, Cohen mon lugs The stocks in market that have and the blockade was. in the ecount of whit they cons1der the high de& Co, 6; March, Price & Co., 1 i 0. B Fal not been offered amount to about 1800 bhds spring of 1811, e. large atnonnt of this toblK':tto mands of factors, the stagnant condition of lenstein & Son, 6 i A. P. Merrill, 8, Blakeand aho boxes. Total st.ooks, including re-still rema1ned 1n the Richmond WU'ehoU9f!_.. --L ed ,_ d lb p k & G 88 Oel h C the mu-aet for manwactur gooW!, an 1 e more, ar er ray, i nc s m. o, v1ew'1 may be set down at 2200 bhds. There Judge Crump, in his argument ot\ Ssturday, n1'08...-.. or having & better t.Ssortment or 196 pk' J. L. Gans & Son, 255 I Baasl & I I r b claimed that the Rothsclulds relig10U8ly ft 1': ""w"h.en the aew-p -1ves Wrapp-, c-taafery argesupp yo manulael< 1.U acco .... ..., ...... Domutser, SO i Order, 10, R. 0 on bt.nd, and very httle tor anytbmg spected the sta.te of war, and durlog le &!\d leil of all kinds, are 50; Ober, Nanson & Co 1081 i H. Scbu butohoice bright "natural leaf." Receipts con entire peqod of hostihtiea m9de no atte pt qmmu;H lngh .pieff. lot of bart, 11 Total, 272 hhds. aod t638 pkgs tlnue light, amounting to only 12e hhds for to get this tobacco out. tn:the sense that 8 hhds bright cutters sold at45c a 50c. cur-By Camden and Amboy railroMl: 'J"atts, lbe 1".eek, and leafqf the old crop tuitablefor thnt they did not """" A n>oll Jot'old Clo.rk .. illo wrapCrane & Co, hhds. J. Crockett, 2 R. t l b -c k d b """--.. b L' --, manwac ur D lS ecc:> ,.i.uer scarce. .a.. avade the bloc a e, t is 18 i ut pers, crop or 18681 quite dry and H prizy 11 AtkinBOn, 1 Blakemore., Parker & Gray, 19 j good many luas lrave bJ; ofl'ered since our read:rs will remember tbat the Goel"bment aald at 17c a 22ic(the same tn first rate Bunzl & Dormltzer, 416 cs., total. eg bhda., at, and the ma.rket bat beep doll for com was frequently importuned on ooll ia1'e btought IOc); & small 416 pkgs. mon lugs ; but there bas been a tolerablJ during the WU by tllN!l.I the lot bf Claru,i.Oe Wrappen auitable for Coaatwise from Baltimore W. H Good-fair demllnd for medium and good .manuf&c French Leglion I WUbiogton, bat with no quarter poancit broagh\ l7c. 4 aimilar lot win & Co., JO bhdL; ll. & J. Bchottenfoldt, taring lea[ Factory-dried tobacco has been other effect than tha.t permiE l{ll.,&iYeJl the o( Milsouri, rod ia oolor, but rather defl.-S Moore, T. &'Co 1 2; Ruete'a Son & Co., 10, quieL Sa.Jes for the week comprise 202 French Mloister-during the last months of cient in size, brought 18c. currency F A.. Goetze, 8, J D. En.n1, 10 pkp. i P bhds, con&i1t1ng o( 2, 82 Jugs, 89 the war (I tbil!k Jii lnuary, )1415.) 1111 Ih W .ts .. the tran11&cFithian & Co, 70, March, Price & Oo, lB; common and medium leaf; 23 good and Rlchmond ip. '91'ttb it.I, tion of the week .,.,-u the sale of 76 bhds. HenGail, Ax & Kuchler, 30 i total, SS bhds., 129 6 fine do also, 25 or 80 boxes new leaf, 77 t On tho 3d day of .April, 1865, Richmond deraon .couty "strippers,'" at le per lb curpkgs. hlids. were )Miiied, d'1tids on 74: were re caplt'ulated and the great flre swept over the rencr., Coastwise""frotn Va. and Noi:th Carolina Jecl.#:d. On Thursday, 100 bbds. lugs were cit.ti I do not know tho fact, hut priiume !lale1 mail)lg loaf attl0,00 o $10. 75 per 100 pounds stroyed Jn the 6re, as maa7 ll!f wards of 400 bbtls common and medium leaf Q, 349 Tannahill, 'Mel. & Co, 58; llarcb, We have no change to make in quotation!-, \varehousea were consumed llowever that for poi:g.e 1eqnsumption at 6tc. a 9c. Price & Co., 216; Heald & Miller, 129; bat wou1d remark that manufacturmg grades may be, four hund1cd hogsheads in the ma;et i.inato about the nolly & Co, 59; Neudecker Bros., 883, are doing rather better than they were a wa.rehouses of Jtn. ,.P'1br.ell...J:b W. W. u at our tut repoq,..eioept that pretty Bramhall & Co, 52, P. Fithian & Co, 29, week ago. Weisiger suMil'ed 0 -id .. the b....,.oA'eringa of Obio.bave wmomewhat weak S Tllton, 14.6 i J. Hand, 160, J. D. BfaDI, We quote scraps from le to 2tc.; chmaged Rotb schilds' bold the "t.c>b8"Q notes" for ... fot tbi.a deMt"iptwo. The sales 28; Dubois, Vandenoort & Co, 41; J a.ndcommonlugs from le a 2'6<:;; and these hogsheads gi1'en by D1brell and Weun-ae l;[blo, Ge. i 126 do do'a Sons, 811, 206 pkgs. snuff'j Liriog-good do. from ztc. a Ste prime do from gcr re1pecti1'ely in Our "tiroops enter; d It" fie.; l.iO do. ston, Fox & Co, 22 j E S. Thackston, S4l.i, "c. a 6c., common leaf from G!c a 'Tic. i u1g the city, in the confusion &nci--'tturry that do 4/f. ew, Sc t 2 at Velterlein & Co, 274 i A P. u .. rri.Jt, 1 ; 81 f'actory-dried IeaC from Tc. IJ 12c. medium ineviti:'blf slibh fll,e lDlli i 90 o, J)Jr, Cm JPiv.ta ter .. 40 Ayres & Son, 200; J H.F. Mayo, 4; W. 0. dark leaf from 7c. a medium dark fill tary authorities seize() eTerythiag that was cs Connoctiout &i lOc.. 4 !Ole-, 40 e.s. do at Smith, 36 j Oberi-Nanson & Co.,JA6, era from 6fc. a. lOc.; Deidium bright do at lil1 valuable U capturtd Confederat prop 86e., and t-lt t.ri at...bout lrnle all in ken & Palmore, 62, Roche, Bros. & Co., 2 from ISc. a 20c.; black. wrapper9 from 14c erty, o.nd 1.mona: the rest th\s :Wtb1child currencJ. bhds 1 Victor & D, 80, J. L. o,.-t.On, 2; a 20d 1 good and 6.oe tear from 20c. a 85c. toba.cco. During the suOsequent daya when hlea. the preiious.Week;"WO ca. Ohio 10 i Dubo1S, Vanderand fancJ.. bniht do. from tl per quiet was re stored upon 'J>TOOf ot Private lGc. 860 ca. do. qn privUI .tenna, Trted voort, &: Co, 11; 0. Beed, 22, 0 E. 'l)on.-pou.nd. To-da!, the ID&l'ket wu study, proportt being submitted, ttie JDilitary au..'* &i.e..; '1.l50 a. do. 00 \ )d'i?&te tenm, re burn, 81 Fa.tman &..Co, l.iO {atems); OnW-, with 11ln aC 1hbda. of lugs from $2.40 a thorities restorltd & large portion ifl.lfat had l"t 40c. a 62 t J Lf New-York from mand lbr alLd .. eriptloos, of tai mnu bu; receipt for 1t. To Colonel Loonns P t --v b ht k f foreign ptwta ,n*-,i., week endrng Nofactured ia "'pecia!Jy: better, &Dd aome small b B '---t.Uds a ptel'IOU.,.._r-r1g wor o 7 rl rof property in t e OUIDtoOU e, medium ii eejptajned. i.t the improvevember jftb the following consign-saies al.lo bb made for export. Prices and he, finding he no authority to ret {eel fa ts St k r menti 1 1 are well "With a pretty sure pros-lcasG it under the law, 1if ntiBfied that m11nd 001 ti n thoc 8 0 ,__.. .J .&.!.. "tir id' t a eset p one tgn, n as ey can F}'.Olll Havana-: Oatman k Reid, 10 b&les pect of their continuing so the United Stn.tes uau no..,,um_., 1., no Dot be materially increased by new work F. 10; Ferrer & Medina, 4:; Weqoote best--tu:l*id DlT pouqd:s and Cash hIS brain abollt the matter, but. at once b't J h ld C F. T ... .,. C. W Wilkioo, 6 E. Hoff. half pounds 7B"' a78, Knowlton & 41 e&GAll 130 boxu. 10 M1f do iO quarter Into t)lo--Roltt tltlJ,.as Jbe tobcco must follom Billa on London at SQ dsys, lOBt a < ......, Co 2 boxea cigars. do. to Cape of Good Hope, 80 hbds: and 82 -t reports Ille demand rw lu-i'aid ..... tl, witli llm'-supplies a11d .... wllbi+ tho fol...,lbg rangt : Ill" JM)!l'Q, l:tet pO'Dd Ii ... 9wMI. t. 5161 l"l!C!l... ..... 1 .tfS ... .16 .. .. .. JfomlluJ. :; .. .. l'l ... sooo ioo-:l lIOo:tiill l 00 Peterera, Noye91Jter 10 .. .. .. .. "' .. "' ..... lq@ 18 ABBIY.ALS of new crop are hght, and the supplies of old belng greatly reduced, busiJIHO ia very dDll Deoirablo qualiUeo of old are steadily tuatntained at run prices, bat infertor g1ades are lower. Some sales of hnght wrapper1 Qye been made at 180 a $50; and &ood moini&etory 1 .. r at $10 $22; New-OrJean .. llOTeJDIMI' Sd.. ,.. llA.RE.rr continues dull. Dema.nd for ex port exceedingly light, but stocks of sorts beiog small, factora bold them at f1rm ratee. No sales of unportance durmg the week, 1.nd quotations are mostly nominal Receipta:of the '!"eek, 120 bbds. dlcared, 10 hJids. for New-York, arid 679 hhdo. for VJgo, Spain. Statement of stock. .... .. iOH-Exported ptlf. three d&;r1, 81t kJl(ll1e4 pnvlOUllJ, lltT-4846 STOT '"" rm1 llrolr.enupfi.1r b.all.n11,cltycou1u.mpt100,eic:, f 106--"62 llDC41 i!eplember ieL. lste. Stock ou hand aod on 11Jpboard bhde 5800 Manufactured -Fine and medium pouncla of new bright work are in better demand. Old and unsound work is neglected and in reduced supply. Rece1pt.s of since September let, 6151 pkgs. same time 1n 1865, 8827 pkgs Norembs-r 7th -L11.ter &dvaees up to this date represent the aw kot as without further moYement or importance bhda. sold for baling 1t 16c a 2Sc. Receipts since the td lD.&t 1 40 hhds Oleared, 8 hhds. for Now York _;! I San Franclco, Oe&ober l '2'&11. J TOBACOO!!I haY"e !1-n Mlling lugely under the hammer and at low prices. Stocks of mmufactured. Virginia and Western are quite large, or the lower gra4es. Tho market ts dead, dnd we can add demoralized. Tbe salea .Uanspuing.,.. QfJ)o moment At auction on Ilse 10th in8I. Jones 6; Bendillen A:otd per cata1ogue a fine line Of Virginia mao uf&ctured stock on sixty da1s' credit, namely 62 01 .... containing 6 11x, E T Plll1nkton & Oo.' 9 inch, light l J \o ... pressed Virginrn, 86c. a 8Sc.; 14 cs do., 8 bxs each, do. preMed, 87 j-c. a 86te. ; -'l cs Planter's 6 bxs each, 9 inches light pressed Virginia, 85c ; 10 cs. Our Jewel Twisti 68-!-c 9 half bxs. Jas. Thomas, Jr. 's, Q,oowell T"1tlt, 6\fc.; 9 half boxes Ju. Thomas, Jr's, Swanano Twitt, 64c.; 2 cs. do. Nectar Leaf, half lbs, 62c 14: es.. Cabaniss, ollic; bu. l!olland 52c a 'li8e.; 11 l bn. :&filler's Sally -ii, llllc 12 hair bu Jas. '.llibmls, ;it;, Birds"Ja, lbs, 61\c.; 89 do do. Seml,l}.ole, do. 5Stc., 82 ca. Crumpton's Golden PeoCb 'hist, 86c. ; 25 ball bia J,.., Jr.'a Twin Roll, lb1, 66c. i 88 do. do. .Rvby, lb-, 65e. '6 ca. do Puu:ake, 19c. in bond 1 24: l bD. Boward'e lb&., 2Sjc., S2 do. Redeye do.,\loc. a zste, ; t6 do Bonnie Dell do, 28c. 52 Ro. Polndu.,r do, 36c. 87l:c. ; 84 do. .. & Kay do 84c. 17 cs. La. bs:a. 75c. 28 do Harvey Birch do., 54vetnm.cnt vendue, did T 1&1 ..dnftDM"p: 29 hhda tl600 ..,. Yata U If.ii a .1.20; 190 box Vi'tginian l f d I but Good = :; 1:1 blti., SU 458 11 Mo naTles at70c. a T6c ; 125 do. do. Ms t 70c. ,, J tbQ .sow o 1p as l'lne 18 """.r-1 1 1 ;the day of !e.le drew near C&fDP. tO aieelJooe, 12 lbs mf, tltaO}Y-- 3. .. a 7Bc. 70 do il&f1es at 62c. a 'TOc, ,,. Luip -ll.6 Jilida. 116 280 SB do do at lie. a lzOc.; 18 do .. fine Vir--and brought several. actions 1ar its recovery acll Lear 4i@. 7l liio- 1 1 10 tbe RMtlD..., C t ... They ignored th. Medium drled Le&t, s @II @-Hi ""ctt $288. 15;..!&Aa.1ietllom do v ..,, .,,.., do do itt:wiiBi -:i2n..-,.,.as : tqc. a 60 do common do. a.t S5c. a tUnfte.d &qd'brOught two SUl ed.10111 d o ..Jo lL@=.._-@-1 d ',POT.. .-r v up 8 I 2,861 ..J. .,;.u..t DibHll .ad m 'fll'" ... __ (!6589. 4-0c; 82 boxes bright Virginia detioue and -one m cbn.ncery ))""rits of in ,11,. ..... = 1 ;1 888 *6ir:19. tl.10. ..1 d L m d --A;;' ,, 1878 ]L-mf .. 8 Ellport for the week, 6176 lh m to Hl' 1unction issQ,ed, an t.,._e to paase ... ..... ...., _. ,i,_,;: G...i do 1' 18 ]) '(} 8 hL'- I t085 c. ..... int-0 custody of SCJ"g\'.'ant to .._ do 1 -1::_"'"19 --,_u,u,._ u.sana.-uu.., lllllCf va ue await the tel!olt of the aufl:I. was a moot ':\' ... fl 9( .. hluL!' $580 .. 111more_ Noyeber IOllil. ed question with thei Treasury ofllcl&la bore ... .. .. '+ i 1 1 ba...-mt., tlG. T.a:z market for le&f during the week has wbethM' theJ WoUl& recogr\ize the uthority = il :lAsnid J'",.t Indlf,.-6 eaa, 182&7. beeo and we have no important sales olthe :nustittga Court lB the .matter; but taPcy = 1 : Bri!ilh -1 to report. Maryland old crop and new ref.rence being ma.die to Waabington, it was Klddllng, 6 s hhd, $900, 6019 lba. m.f.1 11470. ground lea.vea are in fair demand, but com.....,_ -10 lf' m '' ther1;1 decided to recognize Lt as not to ru01. it 1 .... ow o_t ... week-806 bods., 1126 bales mon and frosted grades are dull. at present any aale ot the tobaCco IJwl.1-.f.. and CUH lMJ', 70 hhds., 167 bales, lnt{faoturtd i.s withoat change. The _........ ..., M hPIS stood the cue a.der the i'nsUtution of Pr!m iio. dcr. :! Sl,O'i1) lbs mf.1 and 68 ca. cigars. aupply 11 ample for present WI.Ilia but not. r ,lair do. do ... lar-. BriO'ht work ..... .-;.ny continues fiJj theR.a various c;:its, &Da had two",lnttrfiat.. illlll.., .a.. de. -l @ 12 T "'!'I! llltd&. Other CTUd Maourd '001"""' ..... .I -1 Sanolo.f'lot'I, = i i pkp 1m. at the improfea rat9t1. Quplatioos are u tDi; a.lie t fea I d08!.,0P1:._ To'4J,'1NID Ja l lo N"' &, 11,iMT .... 19;119 &,811,GTO .,. .81 d .,._.,.. 1 i Do nw._ luL;, ...... ''"'" 'f0,81'1' l,1'&,608 c'hanged 1. That the united atea a. n6 more xg-I:;..tliNtf.'-1-' hpl!Nilf .. legal claim to the tobte than it bu to lhe ._ ... . : : 1 Jlk 1 18". dlmmou:'.o1.. t I 1' ... ...., Pkp, 1211,fit 1n,1n 81,400 "'= ,..._ T uileneB. ,. "-l'IH .. .. .......... ..... o @ 'f Lb .. mr, 1,f.11' a Me ,<1GS 1,aoo,eoo ... ...- 1twaalo1IOW.old., 9 11> Mlddt e s 2. That under the law, no OBicer o .... --'."I @ll ue, ... r ... :. Governmen' had tb.e autho.rity to releue itt p::;;.:::. i ..'.J ii 1 quiet an..t' Without noteworUp"r. couatry .. ..... 8 8'0 ., "'.!.. j --no m:i er liowwell litidhi! r::-;.;.!.."'-:--u ..... = : tby change. Offerings ire m08Uy of inferior Do be -.. 'i is .Y ItTm'U!t be! added, t&t la.w ftlltn, do. fi g qualities and prices barely maintained Air 0...- J.._ :al.Ullllnr lotp. lalr, old, It at 13 Interior to rood comm.on 4 i 1 not roP outright; claimao!S 1 have the &GDDiac lo.._ coinmoo, do, ( 7 o C 6 suoh gra.4es. Brown and p&q:W s :ltl-: r Good and be nd an.I p.aaled 18 l j' .L ...... ., / _20 Ontbe8dinat.,sales were only45hhds., .. ,....,-.-......... ., .. Jn......,,., ftolD. tho Umted (1f \l\OY hve .., . = 3 raJlilDg from $8 a $12.50. toog enougb) Lhe '41U'1.pr5>perty told B.1uiDJ.Dc lot&.. o 8 11 The 5th inat, sales were 86 hhds of the PLD. bricht .. : J. ... t 1 oo i"" A.if!, and(.{ (dui,.-pa1d,) 200 @BlO sim?Jrgradura.npngfrom.$8.10a$17 .=,: i5 L P .ec1, but am n ,oi cer ei:orb1 HaYallA, 1190l'Wll, do. @ i lSO The 6lh inst., there was 1 a little more ac O\!urJqullilH,ou&otco11dldoo., ranee from_ 20 eo &..--.,rmm, .. do. @110 ,. ...,, -f. M 'iO taoli ooux;t posts. ,,-J U10l14d, r 'I .... ao @ i 10 tivity', anu nhds. sold, with bids on 15 hd .. dWa1to a 1Tbe of the :;Avised the S\: : ct;s.:;Dd,) = & g: it do. reject.Jd Prlc?es ranged from j2. 'lO a wanu Rothsch11do, of tlua remedy'. but lhey Amboi-Ovmw, (ID .. Djl.l 6 @-"to ty.T6 or 9' from $14 a $20 for ",.. ,.,__J to..., 1 .. f I' I e-..... \. :'I. """DA*' ...., Mm 1 SO!l"D.. ..... Half lb (dark) .. llO TO l .not be1ug ena.moured 9f we ;Pro1p1ec..,. ne\ er51 11 ud 12-T bhnces is (J. $12 25 for hhds ., .. h<t"' Ji : jig, M the .dtU with. _!i ... ,.fo, f lhe, D1,!"Ct Oom= --a=-@--and $18 for 4 hhds The lnspoetiot111 tbb.-.nek are 522 bhda. r lJT-tw=Yort,ftDe, --es o=--10 =!ti (ff-81' u I c1,-Ohio 5 bhds. K to k : { lorn;>y for Virgl'!l! fo,il oo-, ..... ,,. .......... '8 --OJ The 8th inst. 87 bbds sold with 12 "Je<: mary an en y, tJiem here if he oout.j. Ch&iid.ler's Ior-.,.-c, c -4'--@-tions. Price( ranged from $2 a $14 00. and 1 hqd. Vi ._..,... "S,r!iti Court.._ tho. otllc $.tf 1i;i. .. uce 11........ "i' -r'iO f= 40 CutlttltlM mflilthm and 1.xwi, t 20 oo -buoydt-;--no change to note, except on new 1ljjF tp and ; J A. Bro1rder r lanty ban "4JOUcod 16 a .. ti:! ..... 1aiq ... him = = = l= = ortl or nt.ea_ IOl,lo 25 per cent. thep.fl)d there. by tbia NewYork,ftD.-, -ST TO-t? -SCI -Th t.rao ti r th k 1'-l h ';;;; A;..l. Oo--... dhdlor, ti:i -;z @-26 VJ-tonru, Nft'",4'.lJ; P.un-.. e SIC ODS 0 e ree compnse 1,. '.:e 0 _went W poa.U, .... 1 d r1 00 hbds., tierces, aod bo:i:et, Opened ancl sold as ,., "t....Iilnd)avmg a.uocia,tedw1d:ibim'Mf.Eamea, ::ttuiu ::: follows .. O"e _o( the 8na.-. 1 o f h0, 'Xreasurw -20 1=-Common de. n. l oo i 10 "'" "' '! -7 ., W"tetn,lint, -----Eur lit:bl..,...9lnc:b,, l40W1Co0 Lttp,lowfllnl:llB. .'8.00 .. $-1.M j the plan ---:;-'r ,., t:: io 'ilS ao 85 l 25""'" 1 st Ltd, cowlllOn .. .... fan&edM. 10 OJ 1 .... 00 fir-bL ... nA-th_:r Friday, ... 4-;.: .... --........ -....,.._, .. .. .. .18.00 I 11.00 0 ....... 1.-r.., ...... -20 --At.Jlo,. .. l OO@i JO C:. .. .. ,. s.oo iG.OO ....... 11r:d am "inor...,hon11 and a W.tem,W,. .., &(SI 1 --r-Oosimoo, ... --1 -@0..-,..._ poua... 86 to ..u 11 U.00. 211 00 r.:. <>f.. precede nts .... U._., JJ ... Yon,--...1 t I -fl:i Oo-te1ri11, Sli to 16.00 21.100 -')>' l'!.tie, --'?. ...L.<-TO tu--w 80 Flneru.ahop.o7DaYypolUlll1, 'l'8 80 -... ti. ...... ''001""' .,11 a .qieAtimiraltyCoutrtii,andi_t.wu __ Com._.,, .......... ..,. -!16 &o-'lO 20 Ta i'IS ext.ra .. DCI01 IoJtnar .. so @-oo do do. de. da. .u.w ....-. 1a 'iD Fbc11rftftpln, ..en' rood .. ,,, 40 oo 1'1.W _3:? t;o:a,pply 1f here to a State N.groA.od Ttrilt...---llt'dlmn ''d pou11. .. :. GIS@ er laatomn ...... ;-. .... SIJOO ltl.tlO -! -1 d liO_far a.a t1!e ca_ ses it is VlrJi.nla, sound,. -O---l50 dp c\L do do. batr pound., t Ga@ 6i ,. ... ... JI lea&toMoeif for the week fl h ''dcb Ill-.. jll.ct "''*'*'' 3@ i: t :."' ... e ...,.. ecn ---Ir.i JO fp,llo.:quartll'D0un" ,+,. C onding NoT. 'ltl &l'e 185hhds.,10tcs, and. It -d ......., IWl&IMl,. --h -e-- r .__ 1n ,....._ d ,Ll.,. -1r n ,.,....., .. --to---__ el. -a.._ =--on C" !!-iudgo-yop"'took the of l\le odoua. Ta lir,..u tbli inek worl'-f"tlier small, Nov. 7th, 1824 bhds. sib1lity 'or tho paper under codider&ti.,. aftir ;', r':;.:",::..:"'.: :: = = :=: = = = :=: mosUy oollliltios of ioferior gradOI, lthousb q,;;.. Among arrivals are 289 balem 8 Juan de los Remedios fillers. Mooicaragua filren, 118 bales sold at 124 per qtl! Oigart.-rr'bose of the new lear -will nOt b!. abundant before a month or two. In the mea.n timeleading brands or old command full pr1ce1 noon 01' TOUOOO 18'C New Y0tlt, J1a.19l1."." lfoT. ltt,.. .rOt;.itC JWbor.i, laa. 1111 eo l'fOT 19'f tilJC $&.Lo Jaa....Jnto N...- .., ll,Ol'l Olo.cdaaati, Sep\. 1ri &o Ito Id 'l',tis New Orkall.1, Sepl. lsi t.o .No't liri,. 1,041 FOJtEJGli llPOBT! OJ' LEAF. i:!.. 4'.ii,441 P,5oCJ .. 11111., mi it,!ll i '" NEW YoRE:. To1J.cco T..u:.-Aa an mdlca tio..n or tho ellof lhe tobacco llWlufac ture of NfwM 01ty, and Its impOrtanl contr1Uu'1ion to the resources of the Govern ment, we may meotion that a aing!_e bOU"1 --.I>. &; J.JoorillaLd, ""4 In il!e mooth of October tobacco tu or $95,128 65, and in tho month or 'Jtomber $94,684 45. TU llBll\ lll'Ga1 KilDT, 't BU it lS couidend large ai>ropor lloo of the tobacco product of the counlrJ ia aold for slllpm.ent to foreign ports, the vital IDll""tanoe to the growers or haing good eiport market ean not but be apparen' ., a clance. F!ll: lhe distric' tlio choice of liea cblefiy Now-York and N'ew OAeana. '1he one or the other of these trW be ......U.1 to. the l"'Bilive advantars it can otfer The eoune or trade is detmn1n&f by lrid IMn, aDd it 18 not only inel'it&bkt, billtli for U18 Mghest interest of all, that commerce ahould follow the beat routes and avail itself of the best markets. The q_uestion for our Western fi'iends to de old., lben, w, wbicb iii the profitable way of-..kotlllf thtir 1tock. Ir Ibey eum ine the matter tlloroughlj, think they will dj9de m faTI>r or shippi"g ii to N"l'York. In saying this, we do not ignoro the great >latllnil ll'hicb the Misaisoippi nT C?GARS. ... -&... 343' Bowery, N. 'l I count on New..:Yorlr. we 4APlOrle able la11t sum mer to draw at.tentioa1 Nw :t'orl.-of -liod 16 toll and d._ld ronow .1 t 11 The loss thus caused by lhe competi -yeu hl.1sed your3elves, was yO'fip kies, an Jeeurrence should be a.volde.d__ by mal Np Yqrk tljeentiro rd ... 1 of 'l"tinent. "We hav e already the to ilif of :pohc;x taus 1a their 1qterest 11 Ill"" .. ti l, INTEUAL DtDU:I DOl&lOli 11 Last week a. proannent and enterp.rlBing -,; ffi B01'DING CIQA.JU J -lllPORTANT TO .11.lNUFa cotton broker of this city received an e er, by BERS. I telegraph, from a New Yorksbtpp1ng houiy, for a luge lot of 1taple beld h ere, which TREASURY deemed satfsh.ctory-in every respect but one. O.r.1"1a l.NTJiRMAL sn:Nrrt, t The obJectionahle cond1ti.on tra ae WASHINGTON, November 6th, 1so! :ithat tltie article wu to be' lfvtred n New- StR haTe recli,.ed yob\letter bf the:' York The 1nqu1ry was forwa.1dcd ult, mcl0ng a. letter Crom G Gum1 bJJ the seller, whether, aa th e cotton was Esq, in rela.ti oo to the bc:mding of eigar:, wanted for export to Liverpool, it could not In I have to say t;br.t the bon be ibippad dinctly fr o"l and or Mgars is prirllege whicih t!ie la,.. 1 a,..v the cust of i.rU1$po 1tali on lo NewYork to every m11nuf"cturer He CUI. exerciat The reply was, 0.. fre1ghts pe-r s teamer pr11'1lege or not as he sees fit. Before ci from the IAtteO ptif r.ii\eW a per lb for are ir tloe it to be aacerta cotton, and lh>m BDsfo:lf ]lUl.t dou ble that by an appra1sement., made by the &saed: rate, or td The coltCirl erchan4 intent on tho Beffre Clgln &116 comprom1s1ng th&-diftlottiy, then offered to fion1 boncl the law require that Che pay the difference in out ara freight bet1veen should be and after such paymen Boston 1nd 1NewYork, bot'*aftag:unmet by owner tha.y sell them where ar ibe objection that to ship -from Boston, by bii pleeaef. either or our semi.monthly line s, fould 'In-:tl'be n9Mlsor is. not warranted by .... VOlVe considerable, ana prob:1bly 1njurLOUS1 1 this office will not sanction any ayste del&J; while the landed in New.. constJ uctive bonIJofVlr&:i!U " but oftlie, which mfght the Carolinas 1\'ereas followa V"'1ni&,; bo multiplied seumg to 9 312 Iba 8'868 25C illustrate the great disadviin\age sufttred by r South daroITna, 104-,ti!ibs. t 1 the trad..e of Boston, on account of its lack of suitable ste&m commun1ca.t,ioQ.1 w.ith the mar -.::.....l.. -kets of the old world" THE TOBACCO CBOP. Aj prt1tent our Weslcra tiends cooeie:n their goods to both ports ""1v e would gest to them whether.., U,ey do not suffe r by dividing flum ltockaJ iii_..this manner If \ve are ulformed correct1y, foreign buyers have porchued stock 1n New-Orleans thi e season and shipped it t o New York at a cbcnpc r .rate than the salfle Pe b ou.htfo r in this market f did not realize as much as be would have done if he hacfconiigned bbfcrop direct to New York It ia a questibn, tli'en, for our We ster n friends to decide, whether by dividing their s tocks between the two market s, they not pla.y tnto the hands or foreign buyers and out of their o"'.'11 r On this sab)ect we may appropnately cife the opinion of Mr .ll. Rader, whose larg e e.x:penenOO as a broker entitles bis views to pe euli&r COllSldcra.ttQll.. He rs the'llil.fOO' ia tiow &'pfbflh g whien tllo imr orop ,.in oo to beg to *'ad., with *11 tncerity, the_ to our fr1enda 10 the interior to concentrate their stocks in only one market oo the sea coast. Dividing the stocks 1n more one port will create irngularities1n pnce.!I, which very raelf, if eyer, are tn. favor of the shipper." In eonfirmation of this advk:e we might add the reeommendation of scores of the mC>St e:s:ponenced and sagacious In.en 1n the, trade We h&ve apace, but for a. single F&llensteio & Sou. It is aa follows r (m;;: 4 c l.zvro1'1>n wri"dng tk>ili"lla\ co,unty YLJ S&ys fhe crOP or yield.d .far .. eo!ll.IMle!l; It good quality, and was housed in fj;:ape the W.e bea.vy frost .. A w"riter 1n the E,,......, 1 .Llllll s the tobacco ttop m. YirciDia id tb"dg of tho ctOF or 1860. Tho gtl qoolity IS {p llOlll8 of" the to] oounties, S\Jch a1. Diow1ddie, Pr10ee Edward, Atnelia, a .. l.&bor ha been winlins. hho J>Nloted and more attnkllTe brallda wlliol>riteo orthobomo markets, and ... consequanUy lligh pricea, th ::.., Vtry fair crop, actually above the l A corresponllent wnlcs from Owens Ky 'that the tobacco r:f6l' in that "POil been secu__red_1q good Condition, and p both [hoa I qvantil]" an 1uperil tive occasiooaUy ooly: for the want of su1ta-' ble kinds), as compa.rid. with the sluggll)t\niss of ti.. ao.i of dJ, I I ... eontioent of Europ.J, plarnly proves the su :A co.aUSP0'11Dmtr of the -R1chmond perlorlty ol New-York over any other tobfc ca. laudly on the pl.iDtert of co lllll'k:et in the world, and pomt&. out tbij Vf a teflJCtion of t.he r,.t q;f cha proper coll1'80-to be pursueJ. by_ our ..... 'friendS for to cco inspection. He Sa.ys. in J ID the mterlor. i f" aoo, prior to !bat lime, the charge rar "Io regar4 to consignments we would saf spectrng & hogshead of tobacco wu f as heretofore. Ili!laad o(..uing your prep.. ceRts :!'b .. ndw cbr.tgo twe tions for shipping to England, prepare for a hogshead, or four times as muc and at New York, a.nd make New-York the they dld m you four 111 groat Ooal dOp(>t of American. tobacdo, w1 fOW JI! you wen> lben So faa: fMm no on thts continent, and w1tl )'ou not compa.ra1ively poor' If My ct greatly modifi&d t ? ,Europe, in the was a for f1Bpection"' way Of I direct COOSlgnm.eD.tliJ I -Ioom ln the tJ.te W&l"J JVh1 Should it DOt be lair C ter10T. Let Europe call at our doors for fhe pex;is&tion at present' You.r uateOl of la surplas we bavo to do not conbas been subve rted, and yoUJ" present aign wbat we can sell to a ti'etler advanttge ers are inefficient and ttSpeD81Ve. Tot.. and quieJe cbani'd,


FOii ll&LJ:, Hawaaa Yara Tobaceo. old, of very Boe quaU\,y, !OT .. TUJ' low "7 aoAsn DJUAtmt. 1'o. 1156 W..1.Tu.-8'r11UT. Coa ... ameat of wrappers a.nd 6.llcrs; llba Yan. I. and n. Out a1,...,., Q '1 band, a11d for ,,.i., lo th lonR ...-kfl by l'. WJLRACHP.R, ta 8vm&, B<lmore, Md. 6'-lG W'or llale, low, 100 bllle. Baan a TGbacco, or dUrer-HU.. to Mlail and. paid. Al M 80 'fa.ra, tr M & E, *olee Vlralltla 8mokln1r Tobaceo.-Pr Ucul&r *'-Uon 11 &o our larp 11oell o f M oore' 0.IUlloa I!Ulcklalet, BUIJ' Bolep1 Winnebago, and Lone !m.ottncTobac<.lot,. tor 1ale In lol.1to1all purcbuen, B.1.WJUNS .t CO., OS Froat-at.reet.., New-Yorir. E$SENTIAL AND FLAVORING OILS, .... ... TONQUA BEANS, \ LICORICE PASTE P. G r fAA' WALLIS &. 00. IXTRA. Tolwlco manafacturen and tJie trade In general Ill'& plll'tloalarly reqasted to examine and tel\ the euperior propel' TOBACCO' A .:ND SNUFF, THOMAS fIOYT. & Co TOBACCONISTS, No. 404 PiAllL Sn.nT, t.ieo of thia LICORICE, whiob; king DOW l>roucht to the higbeet perfection, ;. ollilred ander the !'DoYe otyle of brand. We are also SOL'.!: AGE:lrl'S fur the bI'lllld r J F. G. 1 Acknowledged by consumers to be tbe 1 best in the market. And for the branll of Licori c e S tick G. H. 1r .a: In all res pl:!. .roaM rour. ;Jtaf hactn, Pure Otto_ of DOMESTIC AND IMPORTED CHAS. SHIELDS ; & CO., of QUI' pwtt-bnportatJon, oiL OF CERANIUM,' mi POWDERXD LICORICE, rroa ean1a.1i, A.ltO .. ge.tnl 1tock Q r Etl-.tW Olli, 9dl.pkd to and Perl'bmen -me. HOTH Bi FRIEMAN, SQ.ARS, uia PM.RL-STfl.EET, Jon Hot-,l ( MER OEDll,) l.lQUOfUCB c '"'-!:IQ' tw- -, BRAND. 1 : c:-LA_ WREN CE tJ VI VIER & CO., 49 Ceclar-4t., :Sew York i._ F. HIPPEllHEllllIR & CO., I.; (!aC'Cdl5or ti WtllT f'A"W .t e-(WJtf.iOr. > 9 "Whitehall-at., "'"""""'' ... 0f ..... "T!. &N Steam Power Print.era and Lithogra.phers, i 1 Tobacco, Snuff &Cigars,. LIQUORICE PAS'l'E. 23 Platt and 20 & 22 Gold st., near John, Now-York.: TOBACCO AND CIGAR LABELS. J. Lugo .biortm ent Oon1t& on Hand, Alo, Printed to Order. 21l and 24 llO"TH WILLIAM ST., A. P. FRANCIA, THE MAJOR & KN APP Importer of Liquorice, Engraving, and O .orbpjlly, -,..,,. __ .. ; r .. NEWWVORK," Jvi. -' HIW-T ffill:. GeriUl!i llotch 102 Pearl-Street, I. Y. ..u..''ftl ""' Claw Pi....._ G .l 1'1 Cahill .t Co,, XX, MJ' .t PG._'oraud1, all o f 1 upe r-l"lor qll&llSy, l>r ill.le a t lowM& 11i1& ratu. 1!1-611 MADDUX BROTHERS,, '":'Ji LICORICE PASTE forei(n & Tobacco, ,.;i. M'ALPfN & CO;, F. GRUND-& CERERO, Ullo :w.uror.1.CTHU18 or a1.t.OtOT!lHKM or" l.DPOBTBD.S. J CELEDRA' i;:o Fll'[.E .. CJJ1' 118 Pearlltreet, Jlow-York. CIGARS 1 No, 17 t Plant-et., JllewYork. J. c., ca. a. a. ffjtgi1t ltaf @thttlliug Yl'fUR:aIA. ...... F. G. o. L&1'11 KdlRrx_ 66-118 lfll. 8. IOfllK':I. N: M. NOI!tFLEET'& 00., Commissi n Mero1iants Kanufacturecl and, Leaf Tobacco, Jlamt., Biohmoud. .,. 86-1ss TOBACCO LABELS. Fred. Jlayer & 96 FUl.ton.-street. N. Y. ...... '"" l.lQUOtUCE. 'l'OBACCQ, 0 "''"""" FINEST QUALITY. Snuff, PJug Tob _iicco, Manufaolured al Poughk eepsie, N ew-Yo r k. GIFFORD, SRERMA!I & INNJS MA.NUr.\CTORV ANT> 120 WILLIAK STllEET, Ncs. 15, 77, and 79 Aven11 D, 56-67 '""' N owYork City. LIQORlo ""' l!loi>T C:'\ '1 :1eoutt:d In She .-d ror .am.ML M->i .,cJOS4PH M. ,SICHEL, J $118Yf FIGURES, -:rf C.,. 30 Ll.J;1u.l.,y Sliee-t, .. -; New-ifork.. Ml IACTORY oor. l i t ATt and 91fth Ito &Dd 1'Vl""UMd pare, .. Jto PL\BL-8ftEll, OW-YORK POWDKREP IJGORICi RllOT ... itcoatcs rastst S Alf FORD BRAlfD, J t v>..1 Sao Csenor .I: .JI ,.: w I H. MESSENGER &: CO., H 1\1 71-96 161and163 ilaiden.Jane, llf.Y. ;Dom estic e -egars, No. 1 58 Yroa'l .. h"tlet,: LlllOi&l

' 4 I J. L. Moiais & ...,, .. ,. ....... =....... Leaf Tobacco & Cotton Plug and Twist, F AcToRs, or lh follinriDf ihudl: No. 30 Carondelet-street, SPoNGE CAKE. BRIGHT. NATURE'S Q'\\'?l. NEP"l'UNE N'lVY POUNDS .lXD ILlLf POUNDI. l:IJJLOltS' BOLA.OE. NAVY POUNDS AND HALJ POtnml. J. L. .l.DAMS'S XXX lb. l4AGGil!l WT PIPES', Farnam-street, OMAHArNEBRASKA. ,.. ,. Rerer1 Nebruka; 1. JL MeOornrlclt..t. Co., OIIll.H, l'i$br.,..;. Poland & Pat rick, Omaha, lli'elu&alla;--.J. 'l DoMh & flt. Lol\l&, Mo. i I Ht>Wi Otdo.;-Tao .. Vice Prr.ldfti Union Pa.elflc NeY""ll:; Ill. a.dsr A \:Ion, Brokers, Ne;w-York; 0 \Ve[h1, Conn.; W I!, Ilunidou !; Son, l'rovideuct; R.. r. ; A. Dildd A Co., Bot tou, SUTPHfN'S HOIISf, fARNHll-ST., OIW, NmA8ij.. .... ,,. -.: CAMPBELL, LANE &...00., TOBACCO & SEGAR MANUFACTbRERS. CALDWELL, N&W-JRRSEY, t M BROAD-STREET, NEW.ARK, '8-ff NEW.JERSEY. PITTSBURG ADVERTISEMENTS. E. XEGRA W & CO., Tobacco Manufacturers, YSOl.Dil.i: OZJ.UltA J9 1 Lpr,.FiatGnf, smofili Toblll)Cll, & seiars. Ul!llOJi I'..OTOBY, 63 and 65 Handt. .um WOUI and OJ'FICE1 31 8t, Clalr01t. 'ft" & W. JENKINSON, -....urJ.VUU ()J' .I.LL or SIGN OF BIG PIPE A.ND SQUAW, Tobacco, The Oldest TobacCoiiousc in ., &1fD _..._. ....... "' Tobaccos, Cigarf!, :eipes, A.N.D SMOKERS' All'l'IVL._;;o Liberal advances ma<1e on coMlpmentt. r REFER 'TO Na.tionnl Dank:, Omaha Oma.h f recdv 001111 med\I et Leal ai:id Mauun.cwte' Tobaceo ror sale on eom.i.loD. 1 'I'BOMAB COPE, {or the fl.rm or otpe Dros. co ) MAJJA.GIJJODLU01'0 .. '"' JIMD-YOi"t-M'et11rt. 1l. MorrllOD .I Oo., &I llrqacllt.ree\. IT-at '. Ef.,1 .... B"OSTON ADVERTISMENTS:--rt W. BATCHELDER &. CO., y Mtnut..d1.1rm ot lr!DeCut Chewing and Smoking 'r,O.D ACC 0, .i. DJ:.,_K:RS JB l SEGARS, Etc., 12 Broadotreet, Dootoa, l!(a .. ,, 68-120 FISHER & GO., Commission Merchants, 23 CENTitAI. WHARF, 13-U> _:JVI, -J. GRODJINSKI, Importer o! Ohoicf Brandi of HA VAJlfA tlGAB 5, ;u:ici Ha na Leaf Tobacco, 91' WASHll'IGTONSTREET, BOSTON If J .... \Om Branch-608 BROADWAY, llS-93 NEW-'(ORK' =->4"""".._,T....._. WATERMAN & 00:, llf ,TO B AC C 0, 1'0. 15 CENTRAL WXARF, Jnuff, dt., II FEDEa.A-llTJU:ET tltll r 6f;I t CITY, P.&.. HARTFORD ADYEBTISEMENTS. WESTPHAL & LEHNEMAN,_ .. Seed Lea.fll SEGARS. !:'I 214 State lltreet, 'It 11ARTPORD, CONJI. 7ARNBAM & B.AJUJEs ., ...n or SJ!:GAR.S., 1199 1la.!n .. treet, llarttbrd, Conn. ci:TBr&noh-, llAAS.&.00.,.Leavenworth, Kan. D. W. KING, AGENT, Seed.leaf Tobaccoj ----T11. ft. Va:tt_... .. l,, Cits A. Mttiau. Tao. j Vsnaat .. ff. B. T. v &TT& .. Lllll VE T'F. E RLEI N & CO., PA., COMMISSION MUC. HANTS IN -& MAN"vF.Ac-w.REn Tc.00Acco, 06fuestic and Imported Segars. U1m:rn STATES BoNDED WAREHOUSE. Consignlt"S can forward their stocks tax. B. VAN SCHAICK, OLll.$J,_LI :oau.ia 1 CIGARS, LEAF AND MANUFACTUF\ED TOBACCO. AGBNT POB LOalLL.&.B.DtJ l!f'IJll'P .A.ND TOB.&-oc:l'O. l503 CHESTNUT-STREET, PHILADELPHIA, BOLB AGENT FOB CENTURY CHEWING. .AJID BOSE SKOXIJrCI '!'OBA.COO. Oa lluu11 BTREBT, 41-93 PHil.!YLJ.>Hll.. -11. Co.'1 BUd.more Stooldog '!ob&eea. i'l-79 CD0JMD MJ.DDI. llJl!R&gL BOLllIN' & WARTMAN, & General Commissiou MERCHANTS, & IO& J, Delawaro-ave., PHU.ADELPHIA. 31 r an pad. 200 Caw Ol:do B11J l-1'. .dtlltla .t.-..rL a'abarros, ... ...,-...... otrw"I; lluadlnlred, and llDO*' Tobt.COl'll "'"' l!()lloUrv \"VIO.. '!'JJ U -cor. Yorgan, .......... 1 lm,......flQf Oro.a.._, fit CJSCllm ST. LOUIS. Mo. ==" ... ii:.. ....... u. Norlh Cig&ni and other 1..::.. pr Ca1h order11 promptl7 ftUed \') P.ICHr.iOND ADVERTISEMENTS. VI. C. DONlilll 8mokers' 1Al'tinlee. .. '""""-. ..... ...... ,... ...... ,,.-. J. T. lallUlt-4BllO. A R. I!. DIBRELL, C!tommi.G.sion LEA.F & MANtJFAO"l'tJ'B.:llD 'l'OBACOO. .... u. ...... ... -Office. Oane.l, Thirteenth ond Virgiui& WALTER K. MARTIN & CO., (J'ol'lllcrlJ N. M. llJ.HDr, !OS .l Oo.,) :&et&bllabed 18&8. U'OBACCO Shockoe Warehouae, Richmoncl, Va. Blceln ahr&J'f Uie f!.neR fro-. &bl ..,. ti rul NorlA cr.r.Hftcs. 9:rt .. IRl'SL ... UJ[11m. AYRES & CO., t TOBAOOO Is OOTTON FACTORS, QDDAL Commllon and Forwarding .ToiJ. .'jrarr11, 99 Depot alao at E. L. W _ittbaua'a, corne.r J'l'ont and Race, Pbil&d.elphia. MJCBCHANTS, "9'-,1111, .all.Q'fUH .Ollll.l.B'l'J w. BHO.,.:.. "'IULUI .a.a- Lin< BROWN & RO.GERS, eor. or CuJ u4 V!rplla au., 11.iehmoDd, Va. ll-101 N. c. READ, sEGARS 1110B1cco, AND PIPES, Commission Merchant NORTH CHARLES sT nia :n111 Pu1CUJ!: .lll'D &J.U o &dJolning Sorthweet Corner cf BaltimorHU-, T 0 B A c c 0 ..... llAL"rlMORE, MD. PRODUCE. Onltn Pf'Olllptl.r ftlled, and CON8IGNJdENT8 11;1Uelted. 011.oe, No. 4 Commercial Block, IUCHXOlfD, V .l, MEMPHIS TOBACCO EMPOllUM. E'. .ACKERMANN, &CCUIOr to CHAS. C. H EL & CO HARVEYS & WILLIAMS, I PETERSBURQ ADVERTISEMENTS. ll&ry & 13th Sts., Riohmond, VIL., R. A. YOUNG & K. MA!':iUFACTURED AND LEAF 18'41 3, B. Vll:N.&.BLE & CO, CILES HARRIS, .... OB ACC 0 TOBACCO BROKEB ._ 1nM ..... ,Now-0r1 ...... t COMMISSIGN MERCHANT, CINCINNATI ADVERTISEMENTS Oentral WarehonM, PETERSBURG, Va., will 1:.1 ti.I ptttoOlll tle;o.tlon to purchue or all tinda ol Al.\NllJ'ACTURlNG am.I Ll!:AJi' TOBACCO 01'\len 1ulldte UU u>oao ... .. &II ... .. & LEAF TOJ3AQOQ, AND LEAF TOBACCO, )[ tJ 'h 4 th T -"'' M ,.t.t.SO tot.a 1.G11:11N ..:>a eep conlt&D on an e ._Ii_ k or &Miii Auatln &:: Newton's Qflebn.ted SW!eld. br&lld tt aod o,..ea foUb Gd ll-trW r.-." In Uie Weli&. Ci 195 lfo. 39 B.&C4Mt., ctnctWtt. Ohio. ga.n. 412 Nerth Foutb st., St. LowllJ e,, ............. lillJ ........ lalin .JP _,_.__ .. _________ Wheeler Tobaooo Warehouse, ... uL ,_ 01-=-PHISTER & HOW, Proprietors, J>YERALL, L E .... A .. Flmj .... T ... 0""1-1 cl&lc" 0 Gener;il Commia,si.on Merchant ..ltlfD lilU.::trt.1.6-ttmB" OJ' l'lllll' 14 West Front Street, "l!OICES< BllilDS ou11...,u1U. C.Ut"C.l.Jt"Jt"d'Z'.I.; OBJO. PLUC TOBACCO Large &ock1 of Ha.on doUttJ' OnUhaj and 8epr Lest ) No, 113 W-uhinglonavenue. lH ST, LOUIS, Mo. 14-09 w. e. ltC*B& t. r. 011..u.r.a.n. Leaf Tobacco Inspection l C. '&; R. &; cp. L afT b &Ci Noii.100, 102, 1-04-West Front.St., e 0 gars,1 CINCINNATI, OHIO. lmoktn1 "'Chewtn11 Tobac>';' CHALFAJfT and All Kind ot' Smoker p t J Artlcleo, .;_ rOp:fle Ors. 120 lforth Seoond Bt., C.M' Vlll 19&.. Auction Salet> Oaily. '" ST. J.nn.a MO Orden rOr i..ell.! 'prompU, U&o!nded t.o, ltT Henry Besud" & Bro., Dil.11111 DI' LEAF TOBACCO, 161, 163, & 165 01' RLll-BTREE1') 1 MADDUX BROTHERS & CO., 1 .. ..,; Plug,' Fine,Out1 Codneetlcut, and Havana Leaf Tobacoo, r,1coRiGJE PAS'I1E, HAVANA SE-GARS, &ft North BeooDd -ST. LOl.119, 1'10, L. i. Dl&tERICHS & BROS,, Toba.Oco Ma.nufacturera, No. S3 ..,.,, :rhiMj;;1troet, ..&I. Pf;, a I '9. MO. Ml Ll:J rt Jtta..._ MJ S T 1 N "Bl;tOE:;ER I. :a, LIQOS'M'. ... 11. LIGllt:TT & DAVBMAN, Chellll'ing Tp)numop .lD l>ULDI D U.L --t TOBACCO, CIGARS, SKl!IJ. Pl1l!I; lll'C., No. 12 South Second Street, J Foffs''ie e.rnum'I notel.> sT. Lours. l'd:. FRIEDMAN & CO.: DEALJi,lRS JN Leaf Tobacco C.E.641lS, PJPES, de., N o, 8& N. Second St. bet. Olive & Loowt. ITS ST. MO. J[ound City Tobacco 'Wotks. D. CATLIN. WM. 'P. WALLACE, (S ucceeeor to WllOLQJ..U DULliJt 1111 Jtgar, l.nbatc.11, Jn.uffe:, aftd 8moken' 'Arli-. $ole Proprietor" or Ui11 lnd"'W'orlc1.ic!ti.6"'::ned 1 (J&ICICB'll 11mG&a.-. Bamplea torwardaITilcitr'lbiiEBi:tSEMENTS. ChdaJ aoUcUe4 &Ad ptgmptlz #llod .! 1.., a ; 5 ,.., .. r


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