The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (4 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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i r t I I I Bx01n TJ.:r -Cavendl!!b, PltJg, aud. Twtst. aB ot.her'l!'lle provided for, 40c per lb,, Tob&eco twlriod b 7 ba.nrJ. or reduced fr o m leaf into a. condition to be eou 1umed without lbe o f ao.y or InatrumlfDL, 11ond without being sweetened, pressed, or oth&t'WIM prepa:rt!d, BOc 1 "!'IIle eut. ShortJJ," 80c., Fme. eut CbeWs, .o&de with lteiWiln c,r r.1ot1 or however told, whether l.aH or In packalea, fiX: Smoki ng, aweetened, atemmcl. or 4&. Sm ok.lng, nreetened 1 1t11mmed, or buUtd, amoklnr1 made exclusively or &tem&, or I n pan ot .tem and lrnllal.lona thereof, tf.c. On, Olg&r.!l, and Cheroot! or &11 deterlptiou, made or tobaoco ur any ltlb!tltute ther6far, ftn doll&n per Lhou.aaDd. Bnufl', manufactured o f tobacco or an7 IJUbnlto.te, Jl'Oillld, dry, damp, pickled, scenled, or othenrbe. of .U dtacrlpo tlow, 40ols, Vanderv o or t .tOo, 81 \\'akr Jr'all elli!Ullp, OhM. B & Spn 110 '\ ah:r } 'atman & Co 10 and 72 Ltrot ul. Yay & Oo 41 P&arl Jhunan &:: Co, 4ti Wa.t.:!r l'o11t.:ir, Oopel&nd ,1: Oo, 3 9 Water .t .tiroJ..ber, 11)0 Water and Bowett Grtl.nfielo:J1 T 1'6 .Be1n-cr Gu..n,ber, 1.., W & Co 110 Pea:rl Gu.Ulrle & Co., 2'U5 Fronl, u...,ne,. J, T. ;Co., 80 Front, lla'l'l:ldna, Guthruy & 'Qo 5S lia&ld & .Miller 176 WatCr HeJueltlerger, 1., 849 Pearl. Hleta, &J Water. Hillmll.n, G w & Oo., l!:IS Front Hlntcnlwrn, 1. .t Pearl IJ1d 106 Watet' llelno::ten, tl, 4 f'almore, 1 Hi Bread w ay. Hunt., H W ll Co ,lilT Wa\er',, It() Water &.euy, E. .tOo, 84. Beaver. I< Co, 160 Pearl Leo.h:rllii.An.tlrOII, 100 Water Levln.. M H., 102 l'i!t.rl Lev.r k Water Llll clhetm Hro&. it Co., 9Q We.ter Jslah, 5ona, 159 and J 91 F r on t Mah.i&Dd, .ll. L. & Co, 1 Ua.uover HDUillnGI Marcil, .t-Go, 91 Water. Mayer, Joacph &. Sons. 122 Ma.,yo, J. 11. I', Wat i r Mc0a.ffi.l, WU1,1 61 &wt'ry Mengel. Chas 0 & Co, 06 Murill, A. P 86 New. rdt:ll,ens(!r, ll, & Oo, 1G1 a.nd 168 Malden lane. llorrla, 11. ll 99 Purl tul.U 62 Stone Nort.oll, &: Co, 40 Broad Ober, N aniiOn & Co, 48 Broad OV.wger B ro\bera. Water. & Sconlle,l70 Water M, 88 B1oad PaUhtscb, M 14 5 .l'ear&aJJ, al It. 9::J Sou'h. WilliAm. PriG\', \'un. 11 c t,;o. 119 lane Ree.d, Clelb.ttlt, S:i 0 & Co 179 Pearl Rolun_.,.u HeaTD, 112 Water. A S. /;:. Co 1G2 Water l!iJomon, 1:1. 'A-E, 83 M"&!.den lane Salo:moa, 81Iil.oo, 192 Pearl S..wyer, & Oo, 41 Broad, flll. It J 1.5S Water. t Bon, Its Wat-er Bcbu!Jfrl.t Co 146 Water. t)e\L11 Cb&a I; Bro, 11').9 Watl!r O.beD JJ Co, 149 Waler EeU1ng, S .t don, 11'3 8vluJ1ar u Elk Oe.,:; BurUng 8llp Scclo., A 1!1 D uane. Reltfoe!!.stOi'ln, l(ij Water Ta nnab!JI,ll.cllvalne & Go 180 Pearl. Tlu.yer Bru$J:i.era. 44 Water 'Ibl ermann, tl. U2 WateT TOSCD-1}01 J. A. & Oo, SO Vt:er l eln, H, In \'etWrleln, Tt-. 1I I; Sons, 129 Water .t Se1wou.r,189 PurL Wau.'l, Crane k Co, 4!J Breai W estuclm, &I k Co, 17T Pe arL Pow11r & Co:! l E O PearL TOBA.CCO BROnRB A.dal1ll, W o->.. 04 Water J 0 ,1H 0 W11'Ler )'!seller & Rod ewald, 2 Oanonr B ul ldln g tiii.D!I1 J 8. .t So il, :SO Wa l L O 'Ndll, & !:!on, 1T2 Pearl r Olibot'ne Chaa. J!, 10 Old 81\p. Rader, M k Sqa,160 Pearl W iq"mau, Cha.s U & South WUllam lU.NUI'.,Ctti'RERS. Appleby&, Helme, 1 88 w .. llo::ek 1>'. W A Oo, 160 P earl Jlr ock, M flZ!J 8ooli'..,r)' HuPaa.uan A: L y all, 100 Water Ed.Jl:oonslon, S S k Br o 2ta and 2Hi Duane Ulty Tob a cco \Y-ork! JJowery Glllender A, & Co 114 u6 and UT O u etze, I! A, I: JJr o ,138 and 18ri GGO!Iwln, W. I I &: Qo, 2 01anla.lden lane.. Koni g i; !l.f('yer, 'tO W\lllam r Kra.euJer,l'l81rOr lt. Oo, 82 Lib erty );e & M.rer, r:g Ltbtrty. CIU'l, 20Lioerty UI.POJ'l.Tl!;B.S 011' OI.AY PIPis '" llll>l.ier, H & Drotller, G l Wa.\.er N A :t-Ur.A(.."':ITRERS Oli' liEKRSCHUAM: GOODS Po' a.nd Son, 2 i JOhn and 002 :Broadway ULI\O:B.Tl!!llS OJ' lU. V A.!U CIG.UB. Aml!lock, L E. &: Do 1.48 P ea,rl l!:lehroede.r & Hoa, 17 3 LIOOR!OB .PASTE Dl:A...L:iRS Du. VtvJer & C o 9 Wblteball .Fu.nda., A l' 1Q2 Pearl Gowez., & Co., 29 k 3ll!uutb W1Ulam. Grunl, i!' & Cerero, 11 8 PearL J(temelberg & Oo 16\l Po?.-r l )(eueoger, H It(};, lGl Maidau lane llqrr4, .1:1.. M W Fe.-rL I,oiCORJOK DULIRS .App leby &;Jlelme, 1 83 Water. lu GUf<>n.l, Sherman .t'lnnls lZwortpKf.on,l'owe-r II: Oo. ;. U(P()U'l'BllS, Y:Jt.!ftlJ.ACTtfAUB, i!W D.&.LU.S, BesUd.eii, 'Renr,-.t Bro ,161, 163, a11.d 166 Pearl E,gert,l>llll'&: Oo !2 Wes' SecOtld. Fraak, 0 and L M. & Oo.k46 EaR 'l'hltd 41 ll'ain. John1on J T & Son, 8 9 ace Krohn, Feiu.t West .Fourth. Loweatlla l 8. kco, 16 Main. Ma.ddtu: B r others .t Co, 2 7 PerL ).la.llay It Bretber,_!15 Front. Newburgh, L, 61 w a lnu \. &buite .l_Bagley 94...\Yes\ Second Spence Brotlteral Oo IS2 East Third 1Thornton, Potter k Oo ,18Uallllllo1Ml. 1NBUR.lNCB C!OlO'ANlES. _, NO. 117 WATER.STREU, lltll'NYML '. COOK & -ROBINSON, C .OiiMISSIOM HAVANA AND DOIESTIC CIGARS1 o l I I M .. r 'fh&lllll, Freotb & Ger .. a (laJ _PI,.., Spanlib Ribbon!, French and Ehglllb Wn Mtcbea, Fneeea audo Punke, llld au kllldl of Smt.k lnJ, l'iDe u:ut. Cbewing, and Tob&c:co 100 Barolayst., (112-108) New-York. Fillers and Wrappers, ...., HAVANA SEGARS, FOR SALE, IN BOND OR .QU':\'Y PAID, IN LQlfi 'I O BUll' PUI\Cll.ASIJRS, BY ROBERT E. KELLY & CO .. S4 BEAVER-STREET. Mous 0TTilfGm, New-York: 11.1-X OTT!ROEk. L o ulavllle, K.y OTTINGER & .&ROTHER, KEN.TUCKY' Tobacco :.Commisnon Merchant; I t J ( .J J Cone ?'8 W11tor-et., llew:.York. u' CONNEOTIOUT SEID -LEAF or wr ow:n pi.ClWIJ Gomrnission Merchants A nd. Mttltlf.\chmn of _HAYANA, No1 1 9. ..BUK..\!At'fST_.R&T, NEWYOBJr, ADd Dnlen b Leaf 116, 9 WATER STREET, Cior-FMc!o

ba f. PIRST AOI Bill neaa D o '1 of Adve sers Ad e t or ComDllM Oil .Mercb of ew Yo P.&.GB: ....... te pn sc n any way conne t Tob&cco trade LEA ROBERT L. Tobacco an and 55 27 s and 2 0 cs a MERCHANTS h a b n toba co


U. S. BONDED WAREHOUSE, 32d DISTRICT. .:o:-. HENRY m. MORRIS, 99 Pearl-street, New-York. CQMMISSION MERCiiANT FO. R THE SALE OF I LEAF & MANUFAC 'tUEED TOBACCO, COTTON, NAVAL STORES, Etc., Etc., Etc. IMPORTER AND SOLE AGENT IN THE U S. FOR TflE "M, &c M." BRAND PASTE. OIL'S, HAVANA SUG.A:RS1 ETC., ETC. Certiflcatea oi' MORRIS, M. t; M : BRANO will be -a11own troom the leading manufactu _rcr..s in Richmond, Lynchburg, DanVille, Ve., Brooklyn, SL Louis, Co'J.ingtoo. P:th,butg, Australia, and California. nr LIIJE:RAL ADVAJiCiilb MADE ON CONSIGNMEN'I'S. 6"SOUOE WICK:F.:. WILLIAll WTCJ:lt YANUFAOTURERS Ol' 26 WILLETT ST. NEW-YORK. Basi Material o.nd Superior Self-invented o.nd Patented :Mocbinery, .J">LEBY. W BI!I:UIK. APPLEBY & HELME SUCCESSORS TO L. APPLEBY'S SON, lolA NUl' ACTlJ'BlClul. OF 'l'lUI CELEBBA TED RAILROAD MILLS "' OUR /BRANDS ; SRUPP. liACCOBOY, FRENCH 'RAPPEE, SCOTCH AND LUliDYI:OOT SlitJ!'FS, MACCOJJOY AND FRENCH BII'O'FF. FLOU:R. ALSO 01 TBII ldaf BRA.NDS OJ SMOKING CIGARS,' AND PURE POWDERED LICORICE. ; 133 W AND 85 PINE STREETS, N.EW-YORK. '"'-9tv"\;\. 7'-0C! -;;-,. :.,, ''" .. ... \---,f'.,t -l:lSL! '. LIND'HEIM, BROS. & CO., ... Tobaccos. OUR CELEBRATED BRI.NDS OF VIRGINIA SMOKING TOBACCOS 'll.l. SEAL, .., X GO..LJ ,lEN CBO,Vt1 n XX GU,..LDEN CROWN, ORI.EN .r.&..L, GENU. ll'fE 'I'URK.lSll To'u,l:C cc t, H. MOORE.& CO.'S GENUINE no. KILLI()KINJC.K, OLD DOlttJNION1 LYNCRBlJRO, etc., e.te., e tc. c; lb., 1 lb., 1 lb., & 1 Jb, Pk;:. Virginia.' and Kentucky Leaf Tobacco. [t 90 W ATER-STREET,, NEW-YORK. SEND FOR A CIRC"ULAR. 2 406 s ,\NSOI'fi STUEl E, HEART'S DELIGHT, NATIONAL. THOMAS HOYT & CO., 'New-York. HOYT, FLAGG &; CO., l.ouin"ille, Ky. WALLIS & 00. EXTRA. Tobacco manufactnren and the trade in general are panioularly reqneated to examine and teo\ the euperior properties of tbia LICORICE, whiob, beiag now brought to the highest perfection, is offered under the above style of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand F. G. Acknowledged by consumers to be the best in the market. And for the bran of Licorice Stick G. B. In all respecta equal-to CALABRIA. We >re also A GENTS for the brand G. Z., which wiU be found constnntly on hand. Licorice Root, select and ordinary, con stantly on hand. GOMEZ, WALLIS & CO., 1 V-7-AS fl9 k 81 SoatbWllli&Dl St. LICORICE PASTE, EXCELSIOR MILLS PURE POWDERED LICORICE, HOYT, FLAGG & CO., Gum Succeuon to HOYT, BARBOUR & CO. 107 and 109 Second St, LOUISVlLLE, KY., Uanufathn:n of the following eelebnted brancl1 ..,, FINE-CuT CHEWING. Tou.cco, OWEN, ROS'E-BUD. KILLICKINICK SMOKING ToBACCot, Golden Eagle, Grand Mogul, Chimney-Co" HOYT, FLAGG & CO., LolliniJie, &) OLIVE OIL, TONQUA b4 otMr l'l&tol'iDC', '"for ToleCioii1att" a..;,_ -br WEAVER & STERRY, lmPQI1ero, -' 18 PLATT-ST .. N Y. HENRY M. MORRIS, :Nos. 90 Pe1rl &: G2 St.Onc-t.t.NewTorlr, l\11'0Rl'ER AND SOLE AOI!lN1'1 ror the United Sta.tee and Canacla, I ()r THK THOMAS fiOVT "eo., Wnr-Yurk. ..,. MORRIS 11M. & M.'' BRAND & Co., Spat.lish .Licorice, .......... -"' JOHll AliDEKSOir ... ;oo.'ii ___ J' M .. Utir.lOTURPB ()r tim SOLACE TOBACCO 1141 116, and 111 LIBERTY-STRRET1 ... 121 CEDAR-STREET, .i.rt.bur GUI.adtll', Napoo.,.. B. Kuoct, "'"'W yan,. 1oteph W. Gra:r, l'l:b 'tnili.:D. Joleph L. R. Woo4. ..... Buchanan & Lyall, 150 WATER-STREET, New-York. MaaaAc1aren oc tb.e Collowtac flelebra ted Brandll oC TOBACCO. D.ulK. Pl.UR1<-NATT [bA. And }(lb&, fiULOa'll OHotO.C. do., lbe. abd Pam o 'l'ltll. R2GDOIN1', W .d.IIUIMO!II, .1(1. BRIGHT. NOTICE. Undentandlng that our Brands, PLANET and I!IA.ILORS' CHOICE, bave been 110 closely lmi t&ted n.s Ul deceive ma.ny of the Trade, In tut.ure the package lrill be .tamped ll'lth our name. BUOHANAN & LYALL, New-York. L. B. BARNES, &.gont, l:S IndJalo, Boston. ucomca c BRAND. DU VIVIER & CO., 9 Whitehall-st., New-York, SULE AGENTS A.l'iD l.l71POKTEUS. LIQUORICE PASTE. A. P. FRANCIA, Importer of Liquorice, :102 PellrlStreet, N.'Y. a :a: I', CahUJ....t. Co., XX., MFI& .FGF rlor qua !It,\', fer sale a\ lmnt market Yat.ea. 21-tt2 LICORICE PASTE F. GRUND & CERERO, DD'OBTBBS, 118 Pearl'ltnet, New-York. J. C. y Ca. R. R. F. A. Goetze & YlfURRIA. -F. G. C. Bro., rowDanaD uQuontca. TOBACCO & SNUFF, FINEST QUALITY. Manufactured at Poughkeepsie, New-York. MANHATTAN TOBACCO WORKS, GIFFORD1 SHERMAN & INNIS B"OI. 1831Uld 186 DU&ILHitreet1 UW YOU. 120 WlLLIAJ[-STRF.ET, NEW-Y-0-RK. 56--67 LICORICE PASTE. A. H: MICKLE & SONS, Bt:OCB!!SORS '1'0 KREMELBERG & CO., : LIIIPOIUKMS oJ MRS. G. B. MILLER & CO., 1UJ1trf'.!t1'111UUU3 ()r ..I..LL DJID8 ()r r :r .!I CenturJ" Tobacco. In order to overcome a na.tura.l that a1way3 exists against New Tobaccos, and being fully convinced that, where the CENTURY brand is once used, its superior qualities will be nized, we h ave adopted the plan of I>Utting moucy i.n the papers, as an extra. inducement. to sumers to give its. trial. Instead of a single Hundred Dollar Note i n 9ne paper, as we have done her(ltoforc, we have concluded to vary the amount, but in eJl cases to allow the aggregate to be the same, namely : ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS .A .DAY;I On HOXDA.YS, we will place a. HUND_RED DOLLAR NOTE in a pa.pqof Century, and, in addi(One Paper. ) tion, present the finder with a. box of Century On TUESDAYS, we will place in each of TWO pa.pers of Century a .. FIF'rY DOLLAR NOTE, an.d, (Two Papcra.) in addition, present the finders with a })Ound bag of Yacht Olub Smoking To-bacco, pronounced by all to be the best manufactured. .. On WEDNESDAYS, we will pl!ice in eacl.J. of FIVE papers of Century a TWENTY DOLLAR l(l. i'ivc Papers.) NOTE, prc:renting to each of the finders a half-pound bag of Yacht Club. On THURSDAYS, we will place in each of TEN pa.per3 of Century a TEN DOLLAR NOTE, pre(Ten Papers. ) senting C:&Cb tiutlcr With a. Bioi of Puro Virginia. Smoking Tobacco, a superior artic1e. On FRIDAYS, we will place in each or TWENTY papers of Oentui'J a FIVE DOLi:iAR NOTE, pre! (Twenty Papers.) senting to eao\r of the finders a. half-pound ba.g of Eureka., a superior Smoking r I On SATURDAYS, we wiH p1ace in of FIFTY papera of Century a TWO DOLLAR NOTE, and (Fifty: Pa.pera.) pre3ent with a paper of Century. "-.' ------,. -The above present3 of Tobacco will be on demand at our store, or auy of our Agancies, to the fiudefa or tbC Bills ron stalirig 'tbe number marked thereon.. \Ve are making !he CEN"TO"RY from selectionS of the very O l d Leaf, and have devoted every care to its man. ufaCture ; it is free from Drugs, a.nd, in every respect, A Puri of Chewi,ng Tobacco. PARTICULAR NOTICE. .As many f&lse report.s have beon put in circu13.t.ion1 with a view to lnjare our reputation, we beg the p ublic to place no faith in them. We will continue to $100 dally in papers of CENTURY TOBACCO until further notice. Partios finding money are particularly requested to note the numbers on the bills. : for the presents of Toba:cco, unaccqmpa.nied by proofs, will not be attended to. ,.. : J P & G.-.:-'tORILLARD, 16, 1.8 & 20 Chambers St., N.Y. JACOB HENKELt, MANUFACTORY, l (Superi or C!nd Prime Quality,) OF CEDAR WOOD, 157, 159, and 161 Goerck Street, New-York. 89-121 onu. smELDS. JOHN FOilST. CHAS SHIELDS .&: co., JIAN.UF ACTUB!IlBIS Oi' Steam Power Press Printe'rs and '23 Platt and 20 & 22 Gold at .. near John, New-York.\ TOBACCO LABL:SS FOR CADDIES, NAVIES, POUN. DS, ETC: FUliNISRl!D BY ,; HAT'CH &. CO., Iil .BROADWAY (Trinity Building), NEW-YORK. r D MANUFACTURER OJ' .ALL KINDJ!I OF Smoking Tobaccos and Segars, ALSO IMPORTER QF AND 1:->' MEERSCHA..UM AND BRIERWOOD PIPES, '. l. W. BECK. W. SIEBEllT. F. W. BEOK & GO., TOBACCO FACTORY-No. 130 North-st., Baltimore, Md. OFFICE and DEPOT-No. 160 Pearl-st., N.Y. BB.A.l'iDB : FineCut.-N&tural Brag nnd C&ta.wbL Bmok1Dc-Sbnahe.1 Bla IDJun. B'OUJ' Ace, Elephant, Wuhiuaton. Caniater. etc. THE CELEBRATED "GOB5tU:U:O'" Always Uniform and Reliable. HOGLEN & GRAFFLIN, ()li'"!QU' Or PA'I'J:!fJ"S JJD lOt.. 111.&.9J.OTRDS 01' PEASE'S CELEBRATED SRF-FEEDIN8 TOBACCG-CUmNI ENIIME. No. Bundreda or tbffM labor ... ....m, llaehlnes h1. "11M 1n U. lied hun lD t.b COIIZilrJ' U. test. the Talue of them. Havillg been .I,_ ute OTer four 7ftl'l, beea thoroughly tesled, an.d much Improved In all Ita put.ll, 'lfe c11a confidently reeoiDIDelld H t.() t.he manufa.cturen or T olacco u t.h be1t. and m011' eeonomlcal Machln.e lor tbe now ltnown. OonUnuea.1 nn loa-of butl, more eut..wtth le.labor, more cha.DRe8 of cut, and brlghtel-Tobacco than with IUI;r olber Oulter ln tbe -r1 PatenWd..ln United l!t.ate!IF'eb. 1Gtb, P&Mat.ed.ln lllqlaad A.prU. 19th, 1886 P& In Aprl11&.h, 1866. Paieb.W tn Bel&:hua AptU 18th, 186e. Pli!! lacllincs, Stem" Rollers. PATENT DRYER. :ror tall patlculan, HOCLEN 4 CRAFFLIN, Bnokeye Tobo.coo Maobine Works, .I!4:Y':fON, OH'IO. WM. DEMUTH a. CO., 30 LIBERTY ST.. N:Ji:W,-YORK, .) ... '. HliAIMEI, PISJOR & OF, REAL MEERSCHAUM AND BRIAR .A.Ll. OTHtr. KnfL'S. Or PIPES AND SMOKERS1 ARTICLES IN GENERAL, 32 LIBERTY-STREET, Patent Improved HAND Meerschaum Gopds, ....... SCHRODER & BO:tt, '_ ..-... Havana Segars and Tobacco. """ MANUFACTURER OF SEO.AnS .,; Dealers in Leaf Tobacco, 178 Watcr,Street, r...t ... f .. NeW" Yorft SEIDENBERG & CO., FOREIGN & DOMESTIC (M,..llO) New-York. .JOHN HARTCORN, Jrll'rE SEG.I.BS, N0.148 WATER-S':(REET, NEW-YORK.' M. WESTHEIM & CO., AlfO" ()r mr SEG-.A.:R.S JJfD tt..u..a Ill 177 PEARL STREET, (Up IMln,) 1 -NEW-YORK. S. JACOBY & CO., llanul'aduen cf aod Wholeale Du.!en Ia CIGARS Sole Proprietor. of the Benowned El Baco and Metropolitan 194 PEARL-STB.El!T, COr., New--:-rork ..> ROBERT BUB.liS, JUDY l'tl\ELLE D'OBTjBAJ'S, '1'0 ::flAC 0 0 LEAF, Jla-llegua, etcr., 187 Pearl Street, cor. Cedar, IIW-TfH. F. W. MERTENS, No. 71 Essex St'l nflllr Grand Bt., !NJ fE 'W. 'ti' 0 fl1iil( .: .......... 'Qtoharttr anh' cScgars. 81-53 MAbiiNES ... 27 John St., near Nassau, & 692 Broadway, N m 4th.,,..., NE;W-YORK. E. SPINGARN & co. All etamped "llitb our and ll'armnted genuine. DEALERS I,.,. I For prtlcu1an and clrculart apply to BORG FELDT & DEGHUEE, o .. ners of Patent. No. ClW,\lts:rRE.Er, oppoal: \.be PostOf6ce1 New-York, or to 0. K:\AN,13 C entral Doaton, l'!fau As-ent for the New-Engltwd m.l1:8, except. Connectlcul. FlpMI eutt.o order, repaired, mounted, and boiled 1 ,__ ..,. ""'" Leaf Tobacco & Segars, KAUFMANN BROS. cl BONDY. .... NO. 6 BURLINC 8LIP MEERSCHAUM& BRIAR PIPES,' And IJ other Smokers' Artiole;, S: lj3ELLING'& t SON, DIUidlUI US. do, Londrea de Corto do., Partagas, Cabanu, La llap&nola. :t.a Puma.rieg:a.. 111-136 Smokers' Articles. CIGARS. P,lnclp,.,Bund" VIRGJOove purpcae.. It can be haW by the keG", bH.lf l>a.t .I rel, or banill. IEL AYRES, SON & (LATE OF RICHMOND. VA..,) iSSION MERCHANTS AND .AG"INTS li'OI. S.U.11 Of :rallo y Smoldni Tobii.CCO or an \dl}dl, u tJtQ a IWd lee\ion ot Fot.11c:r Art.lclea. E,,c,:;,'"il. LILIENTHAf: o I U.N D ,.J.C1Uili!.B 011 Cut Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, 2 1 11 &. 2!1 W11.sldu;-ton St., to r J!;artla)' NEW-YORK. eaf and Manufactured Tobacco, 64 WATER-STREET, NEWYOB.K, A ntl o r Ugbt aod Dari. Work, Lu.up, T?.i&t, nnd Roll ToN eppcrhan Works, Vor.k'D .ALE1HOOll' THE. CO.'S" 'HOWE MA.DHIWE "Lone Jack" & Dick" Smoking Tobacco Nos. 75, 77, and 79 Avon.Ue 0, .ti T. A. LAWRENCE & co., ,..... NE!"-l'ORK C{TY. :; (l!u"""" to WID TUM. LAWRINOI,) JOSEPH SCHEIDER'S Tobacco Bag' Nlac_hine. : Ka.nufactured by John W. Carroll, of Lyuchburg, Virginia. Theee two brands are. beyond all doubt, th4 finest manufactured, azad u 1uoh we iDl'it.e th eopoolala-llon of lhe Trt.4e. let parative cbe.apneaL Common frosted continues to be pedeetly n1glected. No sales in tround leaf by reason or the non e.xistenco of stock. PO& II&Lll. Tobaceo Store f"or Sale.-The onder.lgned h& &one into uot.har blain..,, olfen h1l -'Ore, with ltae. dxtllf"el', et.c., for aale. Thb g a rplendld. (lppor tuni\yfor a young mLD with 1ome caplkl to gel. a w-ell-es tablhb.ed and,.-e buDefl, !t hulng been carried on alread_v for nea.r17 ten :rearw.. .t.Mre.., periOD ally or by letter, G. LUDJ:WIG, >IANUPAC't'URI!ItO OJ NATIONAL = TO Ill' THE WORLD. T & Kentncty Leaf Tobacco. oa ao DomeUe Claar, .&.bo, a .,.eat lrilJ of .... English, French, German, and Sco, tch Clay Pipes. pr TBE ONf.Y MANUI'AO'I'URJ:RS Of '1'11"1 A.lliRIClAN B1B.D8IY& 81f01UNG.TOBA.000. tT-a -:(1:_ MY BRANDS. Ibko, VIneyard, Wi.Q:utbrt.!lO, Sruoker'B .Jnllgbt.J lJ\a.ncbP, PocahonluJ Peach, FlorAl, .1-Jcoey Dew, t KUllcldu(ckJ And other Branda. Tmproved Gutters. t I. (l''oot-pol!'er, Band-power, and ielfPtdlog. ) i"r H&k.l.Dg FLOe-cut fromPlug. ---oj,. ..Ll!O, Holmes' llllprovwl Tobaoco w ,lth guide, cut1.lng an:r de -lred length.. )'or aale by -... ... 1 lil. dbdty!.t.reet. New-Yari:. G. B. T.U.BOr ,i 00., 141 .Milk treet, Boi\.aD, Ma11. A Large Assol ment Constantly on Ho.nd, & Bnarwood PIPES. 1 ,.. liT KAIDEli LANE, 22 and ,24 IIORTH WILLIAM 8'1'.; .. Alao, ])rinted to Order. ---==-:-.,..c.. ELKINS & ,1 "'"' m. IMPORTED' AND1 Ml4f. &ft4 ...{ .... I .M. BR'OcK:, :IUlf1ifJ'J.CTt1lf,olla-OJ' 'I"U-I'Ufllli'l' hJ..IfDtl 01' t .... :1 r ) ... ;,J,2SOLE ... 01' 'I'BB C&.I..E:I!UtJ.TUI BLUfD EL RIF;LE, -BOWUT, IUW'TOJill:. L.IDRSCHORN & CO., SEGAES, 1 lL\ta( :Jroo. 140 Pearl-at. .t 108 Water-ft. li--11 WEW-YORI: JOSEPH HALL; Segar 16 Y. A LA.BGI! .dSOJt.THENT OP CHOICE SEGARS -. ... ur ro. Dlli&DiJ.n mm, ALWAYS 0N HAND. T I N F 0 l ,;L JOHN' J. CROOKE & CO., J 01' :TOBACCO fOil & CArs J. S. '(MNS' & SON, LEAF TOBACCO, TOBACQO __ 8ROK!a8t IMI' would do ell by gt:ring m a call, u by 10 ap: NO BOX 'IOULD. wg wer blit fTO m lil"l>t hand. 76-101 -_ NO. 88 WALL-STREET, ... y N. TOBAGCO BOXES & CAIJDiEK Q'NEIL'L & Shearman Brothers, -rb B k &EG-.A.R.S., DULDSil( .. 0 a ceo ro e rs, 178Y, Water Street, (Up Sta.irs,) L NATIIAN L..umt:nROCH, l New-YOrk. .a.IID K.AXVJ'J.Q.rtJ.idR or +LL K:IRI-0 1' No. 172 PEARL STREET, Ohio remains a favorite as the crop still continues to show an excellent quality. Sales have reached the figure of 1265 hhds. prin cipa.lly to arrive, and there is room for fur ther sbipment L Tbe prices gra.ntod do not vary from our last quotations, and all we may add is tha.l the low gra.des are still more neglected than before. 127-129 < 810 and 811 Llber1JHreei, Pa. NEW-YORK and BREMEN and at the ract.or:r of E. IIOLMBS .l SON, L.Jnn, Mala. it t Corner o( Pine ISU"'"'''"''"'"" r r BOXES AND BOX-SQOOKS SIMON SALOMON, l'dt up and tho Bou!horn_ :l.roror bay, all that appeared in tbe market was eagerly puTChased at very full prices In all196 bbds. were sold at from lOt a 12 gts. for mixed lota of fair quality. ln one instaBce about 14 gts. was paid for a sma.ll pa.rccl suitable for the north. In seed leaf a steady business ia coing on, without prices having undergone any markvd change. Stocks in first hands:. Kentucky, 909 hbdB. ; Virginia, 220 hbd. ; Maryland, 599 hhd.s.; Ohio, 7 hhds. ; Virginia stema, 160 hhdB.; Kentucky stemt, 129 hhds. ; seed leaf, 0820 cases. Cll.otec Vlrclnla Smok.lnc Tobaceo.-Par Ucu1a;r a&H.D\lon ll to our large atock of Moore' Qe:ulu I1Wctlniclr:1 BUiy Bowlep, Winneb ago, and Lone Jack flrnolr:lng Tokcoo1.., folr aal e ln loU to suit. purcbaeers, br J. 8. fUWKINS I CO., {tS :rront-1\ree" Nelt'-Yar"k. 014-1& JOHN F. EIFELT, f DaJ.LE.a IX l'RlME CEDAR BOARDS For Segar Boxes, PLANED A...ND UNPLANED, 157 Ooerck St.; New-York. lif-1 ... For Sale, low, baler-V\l elta AbaJo, of dUrer ent quall\lea,.in bcmd aod paid. Alto, 80Y&ra.ll7 )f .A; a. ULOMON, H.uPUL.&, Coaneelleac 8eedlear To"ltaeeo-Crop' o(" 1884.-200 Cuet Jne SILECTD WIU.PP.&BS for 1alt In lote to uH purchuen, bf JO:mt L. DJD", 7i WaLeM\ree&. New-York. WM: H. GOODWIN & CO., .J.NDI'J.OT1JKa.a!l OP PTXe-croT Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, .-n OJ.L..ul IW JLt. KIDI OP: feaf anb jlng, \101 & 200 W.A:TER-ST., IIVill, !o-48 STEAMSHI.ll' COMP.&NY. --STEAM TO E MEN, SO"UTHA.MPTON. FOR SALE, In Lots to Suit Purchasers ,, Monroe Tobacco works." The wellknowtl States Ma.ll l:!t.e&IW:rll, WESTERN METROPOLIS. NOBTBEBN LlGH't!, A'l'LANd'l. .. liA,TlC, (lD. bond or 11111.7 1*1d) 200 BALES Extra Fine Yara Tobacco, ALilO, Havana Fillers and Wrijpers, -AT-A, S. ROSENBAUM & CO., 162 Water St., 127-lW JOS. SEDLACZEK CO., Manura.cturt!rs of Ftnc-Cut CH.EWING AND SMOKING TOBACCOS, Sole Mo.nufo.ct111'0rs of the Celebrated Bro.nd of MICHIGAN "ROSE-BUD" Fine-cut Chewing. Monroe, MICHIGAN. DEPOT: san regu!arly rrom New-York and Bremen ever.y aturday, lUI follcwa: June US and 29, I July 18 and 2'r, I Aug. 10 and 'U, Sept. 1 and 2l, Oct. l'.i and 19, Nov. 2 ando16. and pusage apply t.o V. PRECUT, GenerA-l PUBenger Jr.Keat. ISA.A.O TAYLOR, Pres., 40 Broad way, NewYorlt 1!. a'mr S. S.EDMONSTON & BROTHER, Fine-cut Chewing and Smoking TOBACCOS, )!13 & 215 Duane-St., New York. !191! Qa!le4 : street, New-York. ooa cnuu .. o Buo,., REVIVn, Cl1BKZNOY, W, llALElGB. A-gent. GOLDEN D..U.. SO...llt SCHMITT & STORM Jd"A.NUPJ.O'RJUICS 01' SEGA.RS, ..U.."'D IN LEAF TOBACCO, 191 PEARL-STREET, 88-IS NEW .. YORK. E. ROSENWALD & BROTHER, IKPO.TKRS er All Kinds Havana agd Domestic SEGARS, DULEU Iff LEAF TOBACCO, 146 Water-otroet. .. M. PAULITSCH, Commission Merchant And Dealer In LEAF 1U8 WATEI\ STREET,, !'l'etr &i.

n u L. ADAMS, 01' rB J'OLLOltllfO &B.4.XD8: BRIGHT. Sponae C&Jr.e. l!Jahu,. Own, ..leptuue Na"7 !'otmdtl and Balf PoUDcla. ll'ept.uDe Navy Stu. DABB:. kllor'a Bolaoe, Iran and Halt la.Uor-'a Bol&oe, Si:J:ea, Jl.aasle Mitchell, Quarter Pounde, J L. A.dam1' XXX 12a Cballmlpl!'eu, Vfotorl& Tell8, E:iiEGRA,Wk CO., DllGUWS1'UWT, B.RCOJ:LTlf, P&ul.-MUI'I', NnYou:. Tobacco ManUfacturers, ... b -. ... .. u nr1 DE f'ORD, THAYER a. CO., Bellina "' Lea4 Fine:cnt, SmottDR: Tobacco, & Se[ars. UNION :J'AC'I'dBY, 53,aud 11515 Hand,.t. E HEYMAN"N & CO Btili'EB woxlcs: &nd oiTici1 31 St. Cl&ir-st. ., :PI=Slll1'RO"A nna'-SIOII gltrtltliiUJI, GEORGE 'BLUJ(ENSCHEDI ----. Leaf Tobacco\ ot, .. lo. 10 BUIIDL .. : H ., .,. ,.,.,,,. 1 VICTOR PmG,, .,ND, C EWINQ TOBACCO, VA,LIIU -'i!!'""-'+'i !;_ME & QO.,_ TOBACco & SEGAR MANUFAmRERS, CAL.DWE&.L., ltEW-.IE.RS&Y, 811 B1lo4D-8>ru:&T, :nw -._,. IIDIJW-.TER81DY. .JOHN BRAXX, Succ_. M aa..t.!IDI 4: BaOTHERS, 28 Allontle-st., Brooklyn, Fine-Cut Ch6WiiiR: and 8mokill! Tobarco, .aaAU, ADd fluporlor t1Uid:ytoot IDull'. _. TOBACCO ACENCY. JOHN C. HERMAN, (lklcc-.or lo ..t ll&1), 0&-109 Manufacturer of Cigars. J.ln) 'lf'ROUBU.J: Dz.uaR )I'( MHUFADTURED TOBACCO, eou.,.lllbct, n. Thlrd-st., Barruburg,Pa, Aamlf'IT P.W' .... IIDeJ' .. Oelebrat.eIES 8P.11.0E. JOHN' G. OtbEN, ', BODMAN N 'I:> Manufactured Tobacco, lnijlection&LeafTobacco Warehouse r Henry & Bro., !loe.67 69,61,&63Front&62 64,&66 D t' d Imported Se ...... ames lC an acw. D!IDY eALII!uAUO!'ION .. "PIU'fU.B l!.lLII,. UNTUOK.l\ INDlANA. WISOUlU t United States Bonded Warehouse. -l!ir Consigners can forward their st?cks without. prepaying the Government tax. r 1, RINALDO !AMK .. WM. H. ABBEY. 10SEPH BROOKm. J 3. RINALDO SANK. & co Tobacco ConJ.mi:::lsion. I J No. 31 N. Watorst. a._ No. 30 N. Delawareave.,. Phllade!phla.' UNITED sT.A.TES BONDED B. A. VAN SCHAICK, .lGEliT FOB. LORILLARD'S SNUFF. AND ..... \.... TOBACCO No. 16 SOUTH FRONTST., BEL.OW MARKET, (FormerlJ' at 503 Chestnut.Street,) PHILADELPHIA. --o;-Dealer in. Segars, Leaf J\'dctured J. KINSEY @ 'W No. 336 Market-st., and Nos. 9 and u south Fourth-St., PHILADELPHIA. BOLE AGli:NT FOB. K. C BARKER'S :AMERICAN Michi8aD Pine-Cut Cliewi:D.-'1"4) And dealer in Domutic ud Imported Seg&rl, Snu1f, Brf&rWOM &nd Ko....,haa.Di and lmoken' Articles of every deiCriptfon. AND OHIO ToB.AOOOS. I}, HIEATT, QHAS. BODMANN, 101. ... Inspector. ProprlotOr. 0. lUUSDA..U. .. G. BRASHEARS -..... ,, Tobacco Conimlssion -U. s. Bolfded Warehoun No. 1, Cincinnati. CASEY,_ & CO., Oommission Merchants Manufacturers' Agents, 25 VINESTREET, Jog_ J. Nooloi'.&.K,! W. E. YAau, f ,,. CINOIII1fATI. IOJni DUDD Y. t I,H,Ml'I'D, JOHN DUDDY & CO;, Commission Merchants roa THll B.lLI: OJ' MANUFACTURED No. VINE-BTBEJIT, 11'1 74.-99 CINCINNATI. HAFER, HOLMES & CO., (Buccessora to G.EO. TI.!..FER A: CO.,) To b a ceo Commission 'Merchants, A.l!lD oWJrlm$ o BONDED WAREHOUSE1 No. 25 WMt Second atreet, .Bd .Ma(n Waltttll, GBO. HA.J'&It, 8 lloJ.-..8,}0fthelatr!11nnof CINCI!Uf'A.Tl E. IJ.. Dtua, J Wllb1 ;i; Oo. 21-il} W. CJ. II OIUilll. r J', CIU.Lr..llr't Leaf 'Tobacco Inspection WAREHOUSE, N os.lOO, 102, 104 West Front St., CINCINNATI, OHIO. MORRIS & CHALFANT, Proprietqrs. Auction Sales Dai,ly. Or'din tor""'UarpromPt\r &4nded IH N.Y :BrandhLeafTobacco Warehouse. I LEAF TOBACCO, l611 163, & 1135 Pearl-stre'et, (CORNER O:r ELX!TREBT)1 ... 'Wlt, EGGERT, 1 B. DJt.l.S. G,&O. I'Ol: F. KDlCIItfOf'F, ; EGGERT, DILLS & co;, to 'l\'J.J .Ji:QGF,;&T,) Ds..u..mtS L'f DOMESTIC AN,D SPrAliiSH Leaf Tobacco, 82 WEST U:COliD STREET, CUICII; and State-street, B:ART:!'ORD, IOONN. GEORGE B. BARNES, P.!CU:& 4l'!D 'D:u.LEB l!!l Connecticut 8eedL.eaf T9BA-OOO, CO...NN. o. a. aiCIU.IUl&Olf, 83-GS BOSTON. -. ... ,GiLLETT, JONES .. l CO., (8DOO.Ifn11 to IUM:UJ:J MDO'J...EY,) j r Jmporiml ana Conneo Otft Seed-leaf .. T OBACCO, LEAF T 0 ,B A C C 0, r Jfll. 15 e.Dd 17 Jroflll -at, I .. lrt < J I! HARTFORD, C "ON!'I L. ....... } I J. D.l BURNHAM & co.., allt.IWibotCb,e'l{iagaml Smoking ,...,. -"'O "'-lum_ reei, Cnu. bWs.l.fla,. United State.; War'ehouse. BOYD, & CO., C,om.m\.%1\\.on .ABO D1.ALtl.8 llf DOHAN & TAITT, Tobacco Commission Merchants, AD .&omrn 10a nm 11.u.z or Manufactured & Leaf Tobacco, !9!f. Wator4L, k II 11. Dtlawan-no., U, I. DOHAN, "\ PHILADELPHIA. VWITJ:D IT,nlll BOlfDJ:D W ABEIIOUU:. JOHN DOUGLASS, TOBACCO @;omnduhJn LEAP AND MANUFACTURED Tobaccos, Segars, ;Etc. Panton' .&pnto for lht I of Connecticut Seed No. 13 N,rth Sixth&treet, leaf Tobacoo, 81 Norda Plllladerlpllla.-. .l'!il> jQ)rtur of rul, PHILADEL:PIUA. !ole .&,eo.t. tor tbe Celebnted Rose Bud Michigan LEWIS llll:EJIER & SONS .... ,,,.,..," e J Tobacco !"'Warehouse, rnternal Revenue ]onded Warehouse J O UN liOORII. s22 NORTH THJRD_ sTREET, 1 M'nQWVLL'a.. ngvr.&J lltl ... ConataU.v oa haod a. or OONN:EOT-.... TU.ISA\.iCO ICUT, \ ,OlliO, aud I'ENNBI'L'vo\NIA SiED-.LI!AF TO.u.D G.OO "'' HAVANA ... u ... TOBAcco. ...m General Comnuss10n Merchants, IUCKNOR-, li'DAMM'ON & 00., No 39 Borth .. -Commission Merchants, ...... Loo ... S. & J. MOORE, i LEAl' .ll.AII Ul'.AOTUJl.ED TOBAOOO. 31 It water-st. 1 38 N. Delaware-are. T o B A--C c o PJIILADELPHIA. ,Bau:un R ace end Elm., CINCINNATI; 0, 0. J T, :)'ULL IVA:'i', M V SIJLLll'lf. Vf, ,I, DUII'D.J.X. MOOKLAR TOBACCO FACTORY EDWARD GARLAND, J'r., Proprietor. BIRCH IUSSELIAN1 Manager &.iranur111:turer, .Lott Q/ .Ky of the Brand! o f PLUC -TOBACCO, Greenup-street, C o vington, Xy. -"' 1N 1837. ....... --:o;--CHARLES D. DE FORD & CO., 37 SOUTH .GAY-ST., BALTIMORE, COMMISSION MERCHANTS (-::/.:ra For the Sale of Manufactured and:Leaf Tobaootr1::Cigars,:eto. ... II. BALTIMORE ADVERTISEMENTS. j G s :w.ATTB.&.Co., OObD U SSlON MERCIU. NTS Al\D.JOBBERS IN Manufactured Tobacco, liLL"WrJOit'ltwta o F. L. BRAUNS & co., 11 ,QREA.PSIDE,, iALi!IJWORE, MD., TOB A-,COO D. 0, lr'OAiflfO!'f.! A. J. BUODO&, W. DORY NA88Au. ---UNiftD 8TA1'18 BONDJ:D"'WA.B.I:ROTniz, Coa IIJI!ora can fenrll'd lhelr 8Wetl !.-lthout 11r Commission Merchants, .107 Wl'orth Water-street S E G A R S D D&A.LtlU! IN' r lmporte111 or tbe superior brand1 PLB, C, ll.lld y C 'L,te.orlu Pa'Ce,. l'o r saJe, Ill lot. to auU. buyerii, in bond paJinl t.k G.fllr1:lmeal Tas: 31 Gl--114. PHIL:ADELPHlA. Havana. a.nd Lea!, Smoking Tobacco, Snu1fs, P1pe11 etc.1 2 I S. Calvert-st., Baltimore. BURGESS & BRO., MICHAm. WARTMAN, u,wom..,,._ ,. .... m-;;,f c co c "'""""'"oLrnwrMAN,), F. W. FELGNER Co __ -=-_SSion Merchants, Tobacco. and ifeneral COIJIIJilSSIOn .... ...,..UOTUhD hn au=oeo TO MEBCHANT, F. H. BISCHOFF'S, w. Y. Williams&Oo.'s tos !' wat .... t. ODd 1oe N. !HIwm-ne., Deutscher Rauchtabak, U .BOUTB DELAWAIIE-AVliirTIE, PHILADELPHIA. .ABDOTHER CHOIC-E .}!RANDS, W.M. A. BOYD & CO., Jl;' tnf nu.ll; litRuufudurUI @;.ohRcc.o COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No, 33 SoulhH.; DalU.more. Will, .1.. liOTD. B, C .SU.: WH. ..l BOTt lB. U S, BONDED WAliEROUSE. cz-sr ::M:It...LS & Tobacco Brokers & General Commission Offloe In Tobacco Exchange, Shookoe Slip, RiohnluM, Va. Refer bJ to ABNER P.11ARVEY,l'tcalden' of the National Rkhmoad, Va.; JAVILS THOMAS, Jr., E1q., R\ehmood, ,.a.; S. 0. ROBINSON, President of the Pla.nt.era' Natloal Bank, Richmond, Va.; llenrs. B. .1E.3SENG'ER & CO.,l6l antll63 illaldeo-laru:, Mesa:. JOIINSON & Peatl-al, Boitoo. s. RAPP co., Manufacturers of the,. following choice a.nd well-known Br&nda o f VIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS_ : SC.ENE, L.ONC JACK, TIIRIUSH STB..UGB.T CUT, CAROLIIIE COUNTY, otANGE PLOWER sPoRT. l!'AOTORY: Nn. 14 Dlebnond v DDL'OT AND PRlN'C[I?'Afi OFi'lCE: No. '2'8 'VIlllamatree1, New-'or11:. N. M. NORFLEET, GENERAL t)ommission CARY-STREET, .Bet. 13th a11!! flrg:ini.a, Riolunond. Va. attention tCllho sale of LE.lP AND M:.l.NUFA.CTUKED TODA.VCO. lOS N.C. READ, Commission Merchant !'OR Tim l'mtCns.:. .All S.I.LB OJ' TOBACCQ OniKa PRODUCE. Orden prompUy filled and CONSIGNMENTS 1oUclteil. Office, No. 4 Commercial ...,. 64-89 I .... .. BICBXOND, VA. t WALTER K. MARTIN&"CO., ,.oa,mm. .. u.t. ... ...... u.a (Y"m'"' N. M. "'""" Box Co .,) CHRISTIAN, LEA & CO., Jlllt.ablilhe. d 1846. GENERAL T ? A c c 0 aUDTION & CO:UI8SION IERCHANTS, (!l;ommssxou l}trtbaut.G Jor tbe 8&.1 and Purchue of Leaf Tobaecot Sh k W h R hm d v QomdgnmeD\1 of 'Herclllllaile rupeCtfallf 808Cikdgn & t :..:.:.:.::::.::::.:.:._ __ 8. l.l'coa&u, s. M WH. K:HOHIUL OSBORN, PATTERSON & C o ... SAM. M'CORKLE'S SONS 103Syeamorost .,Petenb":g,Va., GROCERS eomDiissioa lle:t>cha ts' ,,. J'OR 'nil l"ttllCJUS E J!fn S.U'I OY 4 \ %.\.(}\\,. ..lND MUl'tll'..lCTl'RI!BS or CIIEWING A!fD SI!IOK!IIG TOBACCO J a. P..lM'EilSOY. 1.. M. f)'UIJflJ..lca.. No. 113 Mainatreet ( 100... .._ r-TOBACCO AND ()OTTON. .R. o, 'W. P. OTTo. T, (l, BOIIJLCIIIII, OT,TE & HORMANN, (SacceHon to P uis & Ottc), II...&.!Hl'P'..lCT U RI':lt Oi> "'I..L J:l:(ml Or Plug Tobacco, so DEAL IUI!i IN I mgk iug "w .JO'lOHU'I, 413 North Thi:rd St., ST, 11 OUR PRINCIPAL B RANDS: EJ.. DORADO NA'J'OUAJ LEAI', ......... ..... ...::: ::; :::. :::: :::12 G 11 it-99 ------------F. H. READ & wHITE'S : l J. H. PEMBERTON, lJANUFACTUR[R OJ' COMMERCIAL BROKER, Plug roBAOOO PAOTORY, PARMVIT.LE, VA., (III!'UBLJBIW) 1S4:6J Manufacturers of the celebrn.ted Bran do of 32$ .Lur:b.P.s : l NO, 1, }Sold by C o n 'n olly New-Yoxk O. O. BIU ... }Sold by Dllbol.i, Yander-'VIU. \VES'.r, v oort.&Oo.,N. Y CLIFTON, Sold by R. 0. NECTAR POUNDS. and A USTRA.LIA.N TWISTS .. SOUTHERN Q.llEHN. IJ1lLF POUNDS LONG AND SHORT 10 L1JMPS. Are prt>pared to ordl'rlll In the atyle. DANVILLE, VA., Aner 1\U of thirty &I a!acturcr and, dtaler 1n tbat. o f Brlghl Tobacco 8YO'W'IJ. alone 1n region or countr)', aDd a verJ general acqu:tlnl.a.nce w ith t.1e pl&.nters and roanutacturen, hl!J eenicee u a pvct.lll; er o t TobaCco. REFERS TO .MESSRS., T. C. WILLhMS 4: 00., DaoviUe, Va, J.!R. TI!O'r!JAS, JR. R ichmond, Va. MR. G. F. WATSON, Y:t. M i t WM. LANGlJORNE LyociUHlrg .P.IK.. J, 'VEN AT:ILii:, l'e t ersl}u rg. MESfru:l. J.l, PLEA S AN)'S k SONS, Baltimore. M!ESHS. HJo!ALD .1: JlolrLLER, NewYork.. .MR. liE.NRY EDMONSTON, All!Jil.sta., Gil. 0 Mlt, J. J'. JONJo:S3 ) l obHe. Mlt!"1\ 'P .PA!l!T .N, New-Orleans. 12 -74 P. & 6:: 1 WESTERNDEPOT, FOY &: E4-RLE, Managers, "l, ,,, 85 Soutli Wat'erst;reet, Chicago, Ill. --'"""'f .. "' A o:f I.rorUJal'4?JI; Goo.UfoiChewiDJI't SmoklnQ;, tlnam., ca. aar, etc. --l VIRGINIA TOBAUCO AGENCY. 1 WILLIAM M vAN HORN & co ADAMS 'GIBBS & co comnSIIION FOR THE sAL o V A'N 'HORN, MURRAY & CO., .. lmportert aod Wll o leaale Dealers l.n Havana and Dog (' ,I 1 36 SOUTH WATER-ST., CHICAGO. 1 11'0. 146 South Water Street, vuuoa.'C .1: co. Qu!NOT ILL. n. AJ.Ms } cmo L"" ' .JOIOI' s. .GfBB!. I IL, "'76 TOBACCO WCRKS." I 6S-93 C. )IOtU!. l'1 li.ERSO!'. CASH VAN HORN & CO., MANUTACTURERS OHOIOErrnE OUT OHEWING ,Juxl@kiug No. 14. South Water-street, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. s. STEPHENSON, .AOUT FOR l'RODLJC"IUII J..ND lri,UIIl'I" ... CTOR B RS OJ' P.. 0 MURRAY\ lat.e o r YalJ llorn, Hurr.l,J .1: Co. MLAL MASON, ate or Walt .t M:uon. MURRAY & MASON, lof.I.NIJUOTt'RERS. ..ll'O DI ... Litlt5 nf .AJ.J li:U'IDS O and Smoking Tobacco, Noa.. 22 &. 24 Michlganav., Chioago, Ill. 1 KANSAS CITY TOBACCO WORKS. li, C C.I..NTWIU., r B, C. '1'JUPP. 11, l", lll'co:unox. j)ANTWELL, TRIPP & CO., L f. u II.A.NUuCTatlaa o eo 1 uanufactUied Tobacco, and Oigat'S< Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, EXCLUSIVELY COIIOI(ISSION. CiG.&HS, SNUPP, ETC, omee ud W.arehonse, 1\'o, 13 HAVANA CIGAR's, Ro, 100 South l'omth-atreet, & _621 Ma L '..n-stnet, LOUIS, l. 11, SllM'tr, J, I Ot':ll8f', ..,. S. r. B:Wl '1'U SMITH e!l.UTHERS, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, mGAnsf ros!c'co'" PrPEsr Nohoo North Ponrtll&trcPt, alu.tvc'PIe, /. ST. LOUI"J. FACTO BY, 121 N ortb. Tb;ird sit0et, SZ-l01 PHIL.\D!l!.l'lllA. LOUISVILLE ADVERTISEMENtS. GJ.:O. 0. 'I'UCI l,,.,t,., o f \'a. IJ. S. BONDED WAREHOUSE NO. 13. TUCK & WOMACK, OOIDIISSION i'O n THE S.I.Jl 0'1 Manufactured and Leaf Tobacco, lh. 273 llain-street, betweqn 7th and StJ:L, LOUISVILLE, I(Y. rr. 8 Wa-re/JQU.Se f o r CoUb n and TobrltcfJI "" N. F URXT, GEO Sue 'CKS & CO., Trcxs & .. GG.! And nll l:lndl of M de. Abo, Agcnta f o r Tobaomo : Lone .Tack, Golden Leaf, Cherokee, No. 102 M'AUf-STREET, t L'OUISVILLE, U. S. BONDED WAR 5th DISTRI!JT; XENTU<. FRANCKE & Ell X o B A. c c G ourla&et-.lwo"mmi-''1'D. M. SEYMOUR. 14 CEJITRAL WHARF ...... TELLER, ANATHAlf & CO., ____________ _:P..:h.::I.::Ia:.:d:.:::.IP.::h::.i=a. 90 &; 92 South A R.ALI' I t J W, Woo:VSW'L 8. .A. 'f.IR)'IDRI OJ:!O if CoNB'A.DLOOI!I. P.O.EOX 881 CHICAGO, ILL. O ffice, Weat Bhte ll&lil .. t.1 between 6th a.nd Gt.h, CIII'Y, MO. 'l' 0 D LU:. c (J) SISSON ;,;; H"'tHAWAY, ORIENTA-L SNUFF WORB:B. BALTI.IIORE. Cons!gnmentuollolted. F.A..OTORY .( N Jf'f)l!UC'B .ADDITION. A. A. ECKLEY, Leaf .,., LEAF TOBACCOA. RALPH ., co., t; B F PARLETT & co No. r 05 1 scorcH, Leaf RETINb HACRD_T_ &v Lhoot SE, .,_,,.. ....... ADAMS & CO 0 acco OIDllllSSlOU Jllerc an Sr Roocaso .. ., A>DDUL<"!." HA"Nl\T iAME:S;AD_.AMS 8t. co., ,; ommin11ion F AND MAN:TJF A,C'lJURED NO. 12 CEifFRAL lNH,\Rf, 'I BdSTtnt. "' yQWII, J.U. III ( .), -'1 ,... I T o o o t e .Danbury, on bfU;1d CJ'Op 'M [109;-1'2t &., JtDraal.aT, -L. J:<:I NC:HsLEY & CO., lllrOTns mr .. 8 4 Mairr Street, -HARTFORD, CONN. l'fI'!B-1 .... ... R CJQPliAN, A.i. PiQUa J.,.D Da4Lft II ..... ., S eedlea.f Tobacco, EAST HARTFORD,COlfff. 1 J. 117 BORTH TliiRD STREET, .. 41-93 PB!ti.MYHU.. .... ,. :' ,. ... A.M. ll'ucour. '"' 0. W. lmOIW.L. A. M. FBEOHIE & 1 lfti'I'A.muBaa& OJ' -S -EGA.JlS, ,UID WBOLIIIU.LII pULUIIl'l llauufllrnlrtd null lobll(tlll', 70 llortb Pblladelphi&. XBYSTO:O: TOJI..ACCO WORXS, -.;o:-..... .i.,. .G. A. GREENLY & CO., .111VJ'..lCI'PIIIS 01' Connscticut Seed-leaf T1o ; F4cydc'o EAST :fi.AR'l'POllD, OOli'N: '!Toe. ll6 & 117 !lorth Twentieth meet, ...... :Lu--;_.-1"11 to wtth d.iapl.fd! ; fJIIM/8, 4T NortA 'WqtwdNd, ... ., .,. U-68 ti-UG PHILADELPHIA. PH.ACKFILLEYERS & DEA"-LER00s .. J!A_J,l.E, r -- FOREIGN .A :Kl) I)().,UJ!:S'I'fC Leaf Tobacco, Tille Connecticut Seed-Leaf and Manufactured .....'J:OJIA.c;co, SNUFF, SEGARS, ETO., "' an4 1103 N. Second-st 1113 .111d 11111 lloblHt., I BLOOMFIELD, CONN. H. SMITH & CO., 1 _,6.._& Jon J. n .ur. .. H AVA N A Cl G Ali s I < ... ,..... .. .. I Connecticut Seed -Leaf Tobacco, HAR.E & LEEDOM, -PLUG and OUT TOlfAOOOS NO. 20 HAMPDEN-STREET, with a geueral or ncl l!moll:en1 Artlclea. IhiiSDJ.LE Sra, } o. 8 Providence, R, I. J. J<'. (95-li!U) Sprln;{HeJd, 4 J.lBD.-Tht! moecrtlun bt.tniai:teil'aiiBnperlllkn\ox\ t\'\ c ... c.\\.u.n.\%, For the !:lie and purchase o r a U klnde t-f Leaf Tobacco. Dli!.KCT ..l:'iP 'llo'rJQ),VHR I5IJ.IoF.R.S IN Havana C iga_rs, No. 222 Main-ttreet, between 8th l.nd 7th, K Y. Coo&tantly on band a llr.rg d lo t o! Cl1oico Havana Drandl.


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