The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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Physical Description:
1 online resource (4 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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T29-00109 ( USFLDC DOI )
t29.109 ( USFLDC Handle )

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University of South Florida
Tobacco Leaf Journal

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1 I IP .. Exmu Tu:.-Oanndhh, Plq, JD4 IJ'.S.C,. d:otp& bLher.tle pr o vided r o r, oi&. per tl.; ., hand, o r from lear ln\o a conllhloa .. ooanmed wltbou.& the UN of aD.J machbw or.........., ud without being oetened, ot. oi!Mnrlll ....,..;.. Oo. ; 11 Flne-eut. 8horw," 80o.; I'IDaaS c:IMwtlll. .... w ith .teDlll. D or not, or bowuer 1:014, ............ 1D 40c, i Bmoki.DJ, nee&eoed,........, ....._ Oo. nreeteuecl,......_ ....._. 1fo.l mokW.. m&4e of ..._ or lD part ol ,._ ADd 1mltati.ODI\hertof 1 16o. On Clpr., ao4 a.eroot. .r all dwwlpla., mad o of tobacco or IUIJ .....,,In..._ per thousand. Bnult, manuf'act11l"td or & dry, damp, plekled, or o&berwt.t, Gf Ill ..._. t.lona, 40e. per llo. L J &. .I. B. Commission Merchant, .. .ur IIII.U.a II" AY-._ 1!1f' ,u NO. 117 WATEWTIIUT, I -t_1 .IW.YHL CO'OK & ROBINSON, HAVANA AND DOIEBriG CIGARS Spanish Rlbbcn, French and l:cdlalL llll.tchtt aad hah T ud; tah, ani aU tl.ad1 ot 8 m ekln g Flne-Cu' CbJna:, .ad .Phi&: 100 Barolay-.t.,. (ll2-2_GS) IJIBW.a'l'J!BET, NRW-YORK. !. & J. SCHOTTENFELS, 'TOBACCO Commission Merchants, No. 158 Waoor Street, New-York, Well-Inawn and Gelebrated Brands of VIRGINIA TOBACCO, Virginia State,,-Globe, Continental, Metropolia Etc., Etc., .A150, all kind or 1 8 9 & 191 F:r;tONT STREET, J ACENT8 FOR OF VIRGINIA AND NORTH CAROLINA. D_..,,. BmD L E C C 0, ;J. B. COLT,. 165 Pearl-street, N "ewYork, LEAF TOBACCO .... 78 Water-st. NewYork. CONNJ:OT!CUT B.El:D-L!!A F of m t ol'l"n COMMISSION OOJ...D VALOKH OF .FOHKJ.Oil WJNil. Grear. Brit&l.Dpound .. .. t&JM,I 11. h1Jl1Ag ......................... o.Ji&,.i ld. JMtDilJ' .... 0 ( ..... _n.,._ ltr. IJ'&DC , , , 0.1' lc. centim e ... 0.00.1(11, etc.-lll. donn or ..................... let.. Cell\,,,, -, ,., ,,. ,,. ,,,, 0.00.' Bremen-lnb. rl.:l: tb& ............................ 0.'18)l J.Kn.. ............ . .. . . . O.Ul,O(It etc.-llll. wart:. btluoo.... ......... .. . . .. 0.811.0 lKh.. ecllelllu J'oiUleM WEieiiTI.-A ldlognmme t..ilK815 lba. ; a breaum. ptund oquall:l l.IN\Milbe.; a J:il.lll.Dali: pi'Uld. Q(,luabll.utmltllb&. &YOlrclUpol.a. MERCHANTS, NO. 104 FRONT-STREET, I ), J I r.J .. NEW-YORK, rbir v J.GENTS fqB Tl!E S..I.LIIi OP .. Fqllo']Vi"ng Well,-kllown &n_ d Justly Oelebnted 1klmda of f .. r ot WEB T INDIA PBIODUCE, "I No. 815 Xatde:n-lano. -lfew-York. V:oarrz ULOXOJr. !1t U LOM(tl' ol THE' ClTY ACENCY, B. VETTERLEIN, No. 108 lfRONT:BTREET, N'!"-York. 15trthant G. W. HILLMAN & CO., .; d,._ .. .... ........ ,. Leal' Tobacco, >. 1 WATER ST N YORK &Jwa,s OD hand -..onta' ot Maoa.rao .....,.. r Wted Tob&CW. 7or uLe on llbwal t.1rm1 M ,J..,. ....... M-90 "U, 8 .BOud&d Wa:ebau e, 32d Dt1tr1ct, L'. E. AJ[SINCK" & co., 148 N.Y., HANTS, l0G-l80 A. TOSCA1i0 & CO., 11J:ontmi!ll!iOU Havana and Ya.ra Tobacco, No. 30 Cedaratreet. Now-York. Consta n ti y o n bar.d a U kind -of S pau !lb. J.l bbocii u.l rapt!r. n DE BRAEKELEER & FooTE: Char l es Seitz & B ro ther, COI\1MISSION MERCHANTS, ) Commission Merc hants Ao.d Dealen In And M anufacxuren of Cigars and Leaf HAVANA SEGARS, '1&9 'T.t..TER STilXET, No. 0.4 BEE.K.MAN -STREET, Clo, Fletcher St., NEW-YORK. Nuv L'e.-1, .NZW.YOBK. u .. tc:s


TOBAOOO LEAF, 00 OR S SAL OF Etc BRA D fro .. Co To{ I I l


I t / QEOC.Gii: WICKJ:. 1\'lLLU.ll' WI!X .. .J'oxrst r 26 WI.LLETT ST., Best Material and Superior Kake by :Je:f-inventorl ,;.,d Jbohinery. .. t 12G-l ,1 G:JO. W" UIWI. ... .. ... L. f80li, 1 IDHf' .) '" ft"'ll'.f.. ll :; ... 1-(ll OUR CELEBRA.T;ED BA-rtJ. ...., '{f!j SMOKING VIRGINIA VIRGINIA. SEA..L1 X CRO"'N, XX GOLDEN CROWN, OBIBNT.&.L, GE-NUINE TtJRKISH TOB,\C Do. ...... f KILLICKINIOK. OLD DOJIJNIOR". L"l'."NCJIDURG1 ete., 0\e., !Me. co, 5 lb.1 1 lb., 1-2 lb., & 1 lb. Pkp. I f, .... and Kentucky 90WATERSTREET, I .. $!... CIRCT.Jl ... A.n-.1 406 SA..NSO lfi S'.rR:E"ET, SAN F'UA.NtJJSCO, CAL. .... 711 GRAVIER ,STREET,'; 1 llfPOll'nltS or i." ,., J 3ll PEARL" STREET, J THOMAS HOYT & Co : TOBACCO_NISTS No. 404 :Snur; NEW-YORK, Manul'attUrcra.. of all "klbclt Of r Smoking Tobacco, Snuff, Cigars, and Havana Six .es. OUR BR{I.ljl>S': ;}'ifi !-J::UT 'tlitWJkOt GUNN.VSJDE, HEART'S DF.l.JGHT, NATIONAL: THOMAS HOYT k CO., New-York. ,. HQ.,T.J', FLAGG &: CO., Looi...-illc, K7. HOYT, FLAGG & CO., SucuttOn to HOVrf, BAI\BOUR & CO .. 1 and 1 'ex.! St.. ,. 't-fl, LOUJSVtJLLJt, KY., Jlan.fa6:urers 0( the following: e-elcbr2ted bun..l1 of FINE -eUT Clfi!WING ToBAcco. SUNNYSIDE., SW 2ET OWEN, ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. A DAY II WALLIS & 00. Centur.,. Tobacco. XTRA. TobMco ID&Ilufacturen ud the trade in general are partiouWly requeeted to examine teat the .. In order to overcome a. natural prej11dioe that exists against New Tobae.s;oa, and being ties of thil LICORICE, which, beial ,r1111y convinced tha.t, where the CENTURY brand is once its qualitiel" witt be DO'W brought to the higbeet perfeatiob;1 ,.?!zed the plan of puttiug mo'acy in the papers, as nn extra inducement to is oft"ered under the above style of brand.: aomers to lt a trlal. We are aJeo. SOLE AGElrl'S for 'Iiiia loste4d of a. lla.ndrccl Dollar Note in one paper, as we have dono heretofore, wo han brand eqpcluJ.ed to vary &mount. but ill all to allow tb.e aggregate to be lhe same, namely : F. G. .. .... Acknowledged byoonaumen to beth HUNDRED. DOLLARS A DAY I beat in the market. And for the bran ... ,...;_, l. -of Licorice Stick On MONDA-YS, we will P,lace a HUNDRED DOLLAR NOTE in a paper of Century, and, in addi G. B. (ODe Paper.) tion, present. the fin.der with a. box of Century. 1o all ta aJ to CALABRIA. Oh TUKSDAYS, we t;ill place i lileacl:i of TWO pilpcrs of Century n FIFTY DOLLAR NOTE, and, reepec equ 1 {Tw" Fape:111.) id additiOn, Present the finders with a pound bag of Yacht Clnb Smoking To-, We are also AGENTS for the brand 1 .L. bacco, pr'onounood by all Lobe the bes t manufactured. 0. Z., On WEDN&SDAfS, we wiU place in esch of F!VE papers of Century a TWEYTY i>OLLA.R which win be foun(l constantly on band. 1 (Five Papers.) NOTE, to e!\.Oh or the finders a half-pound of Yacht Club. Licorice Root, select and. ordiDAry. con-Oil .TUURSDA.YS; we will place in of TEN papers o f Century a DOLLAR NOTE, prcllantly on hand. (?eu Paper&.) each findor with a. sack of Pure Virginia. Smoking Tobacco, n. superior GODZ, WALLIS & CO., I article. '.' ff-68 19 k S'I SouOlWIUiaBI St. On Ff\WAYS, we will place in caoh pf papers of Century a .nVE DOLLAR NOTE, prerapers.) sentlng t o tbe fl:ndera a half-pound bag of Eurcku., a superior Smoking ,J Tobacco. ,,J. V Lo I O.ri SA.TU,RQ.4.X,S. yr:e 'IFill placa.La.: each of F!ETY of Century a. T\YO DOLLAR NOTE, and (Fifty Pnpcrs.J present tho finders C!W wi\h n. p ape r of Century. I" I' _,n_;.) t :I .. I i EXCELSJOR .MILL& v PlJRE POWDEREii LICO-JUCJ, Tbe abov e nroscut.!l of Tob.'kcco Will b:J' given, on demn.nd at our store, or t.hat of of our Agencies,..\o 1tbe findeN bt the Bills, o'h stating marked thereon. '" l ;'Ne)'rc _n;ta1dng tho of very Lcl"l.f, r.n d ha\'O devoted overr. from m every respect, 1 G1JAi Arabic, OLIVE OIL> -,. .:.:;, 'i.! D 11. JU.(. A Pure Article of Chewing Tobacco. .. .:T ,Q., -:;. r M4 oUa ;rl&l'OI"lDp, fOI' To1Mcellllta' .... )... I _., -''J PARTICUL<\S .,. WEAVER & -Bn:RRY, '" '._ 3l:i::A '), .. : .. .IMPorte" .. reports ha\'C been put i .a. .Jo. Ticw to oUr rcput:J.tion ; we the public tO place no fii.ith in. t.hem We w .(:ontmtt e to JlOO dinly m p:i perS of OENTURY ROSE-BUD. ....1 18 p,. 'TT ST ... y KnCrCKINCJ( TOBAj::CQI., -------'::::..= ....... =-=-:-:._:;":_"" __ ror.A.CCO\ fll.rQter r I !". I.J 1 Parties !n ing aro to the numbers on t !lo billa. Dem:tuds for 6J w1ll not b e a.tteudcd to. Golden Eagle,:-' Cabinl.o(, I MANU'!:' ACTORY t .., 'antl1 Prime Quality,) I( ... I .OF CEDAR WOOD, 'Ill I i57, i59, and 161 G.oerck Street, New-York 150 WATER-STREET, New-York. ._.,_e"hlren_or 1be"f'oUowtac ted Bl'llDb of' TOBACCO. .. -; -NOTICR. Uadentuad1q \b&$ our Brand., PA.IfBT iadl 8A.ILOBS' tl.D.OICE han beea eo ilzlltMod, u t.o deceave muy o! the 1'1'&4tt, ln_ f\ltW' &be .Pck.c wW 'amped. III'JLb Olll' nama. ... BUOHAIIAI!f & LYA:LL, New-York. L IB. BABNE8, :Aaent, liJ.ti.a...a&., BodoD. BRAND. DU V:J: VIJE:R & CO.; 9 Whitehall-st., NewYork, SOLE .t.G,E.NT!IJ A.ND IMPORTEJUI. UQUORICE PASTE. A. P. FRANCIA, f-1' Importer of Liquorice, :t02;:I'earl-8treet. ll. Y. o & F, Cablll .. .t: eo., XX,.M:rj&r:,FO:r btiWdll, an ehul*- rlor for afle at lowut Jnket l't-llf LICORICE PASTE F. GRUND& CERERO, JBPGBTBall, 118 Pearl-street, B"ewYork. i. o. ., oa. a. a. 89-1!1 CB.U. $BIBLDS. 100 1011!, CHAS.-'SHIELDS & CO., I f ,., 11 v I 01' l.... f "and LithographerS;' 1 2S Pl1tlllrfd 20 & '-:12 Oold ot., neor Jo_ hn, New-York. --=---==---------"1'11UliR'; F. G. O. "::::If F. A. rowoaaao tlQUootca. FIN.ST QUALITY. TO B A <:YCO LAB'LES FOR"'CADDIES, NKVIES, POUNDS, ETC u 1 4 -1n r FURNISHED BY f ;, J HATCH CO., IUVANA AND DOI(I!8TIC CIGARS, LEAF, CHEWING, Mlnllflotured ot New-York. GIFFORD, SHERUR & lUIS BROADWAY'(Trgllty NEW-YORK. 1110 WILLIAK-STJIUT; J -'-' ...... .. TOBACCO & SNUFF, SIOKING TOBACCOS, PIPES, MANHATTAN TOBACCD WORKS, Ul lUld)II_ DIWIHtreot, l111WYOU. .... r.W.DCL &. '\V, SIEBERT. F. W. BECK & CO., TOBACCO MAIUFACTURIRSc. FACTORY_:_Ro. Northst., Baitlmore, Md. OFFICE and DEPOT-No. 180 P-rlllt,, N.Y. .l'iD.e-Cui-NaturaJ. B.rq and Catawba. 8mokina-8hanabat lUa Injun, :J'our Ace, Elephant, Waehina:ton. CanJater, etc. THE CELEBRATED : "G0B51:U:U:O Always Uniform and Reliable. & GRAFFLIN, O"WlfKa 01' P'J..'PK11T8 J..:llt IOI..JI _. PEASE'S CELEBRATED SELF-FEEDINI TOBACCG-CUTTINI ENtiN. J HOC LEN No. l .Jz-!sku HDDdredl of thNe labcJr..u"rlnr lD. ue lD. the Hd Jn lhe cou.n'Q" alMil u.. ftiiM of l.bem HaTIDc beeD lD a.e OTU' fo1U' JU.rt, bee \hot'OQJhly te.ted, aad much llllprwed Ia au Ue paril, we Cion eonMenUy recommend It kl the ot u lbe r r-' &M maR .enomtea.l Kaehkl.e raP dM aAI purpoee rklft known. OonUnnwt feed, no of bde, more eus.ub labor, DIOI'tl cbaDtB or elll, and ..,...._ 'fobuoo, lbU wUb aay other OuUer Ia t.hclrOI'ld. 0 0 1 ln' Untted 8L&tet reb. lath. Paiell.ted ba ..&prtl ]i,h, 1886 P'*-kd In lTaQce April Jtth, lSN. ..l"dta\ed m 1 .868. W c &180 Pill! lachillcs1 StCill Rollers. PATENT DRYER. / run parlJ.c\ll&ra, addree& r; .e J 'T" DEMUTH & CO., SOUTH W A TEE., CHICAGO, Importera and Ma.nufaeturera __.t J -=1U81'schanm and Briar Pipes and Article& [enerally: -:li"XG-VR:EJ&, :IIITO. : _KIAIMIR, PJStOI & l"U::F"F. ruDY Pt t:LLE D'ORLB.Uta. .U OTBII BlU.JfDIJ OJ' SEGA]lS. Bret&Dico, Regalia de Londrea, &oga.lita, {oOudres de Oorte, Imperl<ll. l!oglia Reyua, Ooucbaa. ove ..... eto.. elt> For We by the sole oiOHN STRAITOM, R. S. LATORRE; '1 lllfOBT.&A OP t1 () T TO BAC C.O LEAF, Ili.v&na Segan. e10., 187 Pearl Street, cor. Cedar, f f.IW-T&U. N F. W. MERTENS No. 71 St., near G:rand Bt. J ......,,. ... Jraf (tuharro ana .Stgars. 81-83 O I E. SPINGARN & CO., --DEA.l.tEBS I:N r Leaf Segars, NO. 6 BURLlNC &LIP, lf'...f!I'&B-ilTB.IJf'l'. tr_.. lll" .EW-"ORK ." ..... .&.a..a. .u.Do........ S. SELLING & SON, MJ..L"PS J..lfD QO:IOCSS[ON' IUBCIIilTB 111 CONNECf!COT o. 1'18 ew-York, ud 194 and.JaU State-trtet, Hartford, c.a. J BaTlag a eooatao& buyer In the Oonnect.lcut Vel ley, we an eoabled t.o eell J(lw G,-orea. ua .. \48 ., .. 5_6_-6_7 .. I ,:p. P O W<>:N"T, LICORICE .PASTE. "-MANUJACTUUR OF ALL KINDS OF .r Faney and Segars, Smokers' Articies. I 1A.1 H. MICKLE & SOl'S, ,, ,I.II a 1 '"""""""''... WILLIAM LRE, (Sueceuor to LEE BROTimRS,) " all.d Man!' .C I 'I J )I" ,. loL I MRS. G. B. MILLER & CO., CoctanUy oa band, lbe !net' and moet celebrted. bra.nda of TIROINU. rklg and Smoldnr ,1: ; :J. tti '' lUWOJ'J.O'!'ti'UU OJ' J..LL li:IIDS O t P-t r .o;J,1J S4 s:: N. y, 1 OUT. !'oNccoL f THE VIRGINIA.,AND NORTH CAROLINA TUBlCcm'!GINCY. !. .... Hv t J t. 1.' STORE; 110 )(AllltlFAC'!:O;&Y; $7 CQJ.1!lllllia-st. ,, ..I 1 .I ,_; .T t.JIII' United States Internal Revenue Bonded fiiStriot. ..:.' '}.!...:j :.r :-:t w ... c.LJ.Wllur:.. uo .. ancniL JWw'os.u-.rJtD"cL NEW-YORK. 1 J r T f 10 9 !ft11.1,.u SAMUEL AYRES SON & 31 2&6 Deht!'oeyst., N. Y ., Gflttating and Jmokin!J iiobauos. Prlnelpa.l Brandl : Vli\GINU. LJ!:A..F, KILLICKUUCK, LILY, and R.IRO 011' TRE WEST. 9a:-U8 .AND AGENTS PO& 'tDE SALI OJ Leaf and Manufacttited 1Tobapco, Wm:. IcCA.FFIL, 8t:ICOIIIIOI. '1'0 Ch,iehester & Co &I BOWERY, NEW-YORK, 1 IJIPOin'tl!. J..IID D.B&Lft l.S I 64 WATER-STREET, NEW-YORK, J. 1'1" "' ... '. RAve alw-ays on hecla. hugo a _isortment of the nrious gradee of. 1 r I.;eaf. & Segars. Sole. lllan,u..taeturer er lbe ... r MANUFACTURED 'TOBACCO, _:IJ n. totlh be -d cd Vi !''l'.d N ? .. .l 1TU m01 e s& bran s .m.anuut.otur m rrglnta an .. j ) ALSO, SO.L"E AO:.NTS fOR TOE CELEBRATED IIRLE1ll!A'fllll BOUQ.UET O:Oitlli'G TOII.&.OOO. {lD I:N>nd or duty ptUd) m q,ua.nL!Uel toO aalt par "Lone Jack" & H B:roWn Dick, Smoking TobaccO ehaetra JNOIA'i"' l'lGURl!a Sole .olgftl' klr Cblcheaten celebrated Scotch 8Dd, ror prftl'l'"flUI the and dipplD&' ?Ufl)OIM, The &.d II kllOwn & l l Ule eo1111try,and h uprHtlJ' It c&u. be bad lrty the b.&Ir w-Manufactured by John W. cArroll, of Lynobburs ; JancJ Smokln&" Tobaeco of aU)ducJa. a.a &Do a 1"<1 lect.lon or :ra11c,r Art:lc& 'l'h ... hro brands are. beyond aU tho fineJt a..s tach :r IDvllo lbe IIPOOlalouet>tlon of &he Trade. ( -' 1041 Esl,rr,i .. ?o t ] (lf\l!:l "D'E'>"Efle!lAA\frfrlll'/rrl). .A. l c, H ,_ O ut Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, Tobacco Comm1ss1on: Merchants.- .. ...... ,.y, AUCTION TRADE 1 BAbES .. OF .. T?r'Qt an \!_ort, Lump, and n.on To-Leaf and :Manufactured Tobe:ee'o and Cigars, Works, 67 BROAD-W Y < "o "'"""'-I B ""'"'" I Mild Smo>.ln< t 'l'h tt .. l 'I"OBAOOO. OranulR\.eoJ, BemiWeeltly Trade Sales, Konda.ya and ThundJ" Jh Beuon.llan. l'lw.rt..: ... r A Loux, Turtlstl, day, e ep,em.ber 2d, 1867. n So1otlng, Sp&.nlab, Ca.bln,.t, j EJ.tra 0 Smoking, Pr .. nch, and other jl,.,.(lry, Paney Smoktnr, POB. SALE, U. > J B&lliU&GU. C ,vo:rulb, o, No. l &no\:lrag, T o bacco. Por SaJe, l ow, S2<:! ba.le11 ''uelt.a .Abajo, of dll!'er ent. bond and dnty paid, ..&lao, ao" Y&ra. U, & E. SALOMON, S:S .. New-York.; Choice Vlrctnla Smoklna Tobaoeo.-ParUcular attenUon Ia reque&ted to our ta"rgo atocll: of Moore'a Genuine .K.Ullcldnlck, Blll:r Winnebago, and Lone Jack Smoklnr Tobacco.. for 11alc inloia t.o aW.t purchaaen.. b7 J. 8. RAWIUNS k CO., G9 E'ronHtreet, NewYork. 64-76 -CAUTION. ,J 11. R. OL.Un, bavlug be;!n dlm.lie e d froru DlJ empl o y u O.A..NVASSER, baa no authority t.o collect any moneys for aublerlpdODII or a.dveltlsementa In the '' TOBAC,UO DE.ALim!J' REFERENOE BOOK."' 1 ou.Id kke Uata mean also o f lnforml11:1 the ibat I bave no eonnec&loo or dlrecLiy or lndlrecUy, ftatever, in &ny paper to be pub1!11hed by said ll, R. Clarke, or n. R. Clart.e l Co. ISilO D.l.VIIfi.A., 89 and 40 Park row, New. York, AuguR 1867. CONNECTICUT SEED-LEAF TOBACCO, crop or I8G4, '15 O.tsa Bumus, 100 0.4.818 PILtlkS, All o:f Choice Quality, FOR SALE, In Iota to 111it purcha.aers, by 180-14'1: JOHN L. DUN, 7 8 \Y&, Ne York. FOR SALE, In Lots to Suit Purchasers (ln boad: or duty pa.ld), J. HAMIIUIIEI & ca., R lie S.:entl'd, R'ap p.:!e, Oon gnn, and Imp6tteri of L bl'r!\l \Varrant, d O rder.t Jmto<'tl .f Meerschanm, Briar, ant: Clay Pillcs, ... _"'"_\. ----------AI .ldl Otller 8mollen' Artldel, W T. A. LAWRENCE & CO., CU;;t'LERY. p -" '/ CARYE. D SHOW: FICUilES. No. 55 Maiden Lane, llEWYORJt. (-to WBI,A>I LA WRUO .. } JALEXA.NDER ROSS, ; BROKER Ill all ][!ado of In-CUT Tobacco; Snuff,.and Segars, .um-SmOkin!1 Leaf, and PIUL !ebacco, No. 80 Front St., NEW YORK. .... TOB&0008 ol all8nadl .at FIELDING, .GWYNN & CO., Wit. H. GOODWIN & CO., 119 Peart St H'-n.OYer Bquare, M ARABIC, OLIVI OIL, ETC., f-TC., T na a.u.. .,. W. H. Schieffelin & Co., swroTn .AND so or DRUGS, 85-137] .D. H. McALPIN & CO., Vir[in LeaJ and Navy Cbeiin[, ..,.. ..&.o .u.L 11:1 or sMOKING TOBACCO. JJID DlLUJitll II lepra, Plq Tobacco, lnuft', Bud Flour, etc. MA.NUP..t.croRY A.ND IALICSROOM ; Nos. 7B, 77, and 79 Avenue D,, 14-80 NEW-YORK 0/'I'Y. Smokill[1 Cbewin[, & Kcntncty Leaf Tobacco. MY )3;;'A N .US. Hyko, '" I VIUitJt.rd, WI.Jm.,bago, 8&olter .. Delfa:II&J Clll1e Blncb(', Pnc!'boutaeJ Pe11.cb, flora l, Hone y Dew, J;iUicklnk.kJ A'1,dotherBr&lldo. and B-REMEN io T:CA..IJISH 1P CO ;up A. NY. 0 lEE E A :P E 1!01 'X' X.ll: :L'J:!::. STEAM TO BREMEN, Vf,\. 80"VTHA.l11;n'QN'. rhe weJI.tmoW"D Gn!te.l Stl\te' Mall N011TRE!tN ATL.A.i-11 -riU. '01\L'"!"'IC, !rom NewYorl: :'Ill< I tf'(':":ll'n c \'ery other !iator,\a f, r 1 lullo; ., : Hi an< l"l'.), I J r.n: I J.u .... 1 J IIi"\\ Se :t, T A.n. { L No. 64 WATERSTREEl;, .1 j ... "' w... Q ........ ,. N GOODS FORW:.Ji'DED: u rrScHilit & ionEw.F.U! .... f Tobacco Bro ers llo. BURDDIGS, lN-110 NEW-YOF'IK. J. S. GANS (\L U T OBACC o B RO KnRs, .. NO. 88 W ALI.4TREBT, Bulldlnll, '-'-" ... lfi:W .. YORJ[. DAVID O'OILL & ON, BrollT 07 OHOICE REGARS ._IUoDT I'OR nPIDUft JOHN J:. CROOKE & C O., I(UflJI'.&.t:TtRii:Rjol "olo" fOil & [ A P S 1110. 38 CROSBY -STREET.' N .... w-Vntll. ': NO 'BOX MOULD. N. LACHENBRUCH &. BRO., TOBACCO 'BOXES & CADDIES_ 11 DeUen In all tlnds or 1 143 Water..treet, All m7 ill Ot my owu Mteot.loa tmportatJoa.. Purcbuera ...-oald do..._..l b7 li" & c&!l, u by eo do-lDJ t.hty caD bll.f from tin' band.. 'JI-1 0 1 LEAF .. :re:. :; Stairs,) L. umsER.. llo: i'l'I:PEARL STREET, HD iUJiriJYJ.O'fti&P Or ALt. :U:WDS o New-York. rAND BOX SHOOKS, -----'----------.Put Up and Shipped tar thesouthern Ka.r>-SALOMON, ,., ..... ,.,,,,, .t< .. tl!e,: ., uf&et .... rTO-..... DUOaUD oozs:r1o &A.Vco u oxEB hktt TT Oomer of ft'W .. YOU. < DU1D I O'Nau... 11. H. LEVII', '""\0 ..... CHARLES. F: OSBORNE, T J!ga TOBACCO IIANUPACTUB.DS Or SEGARS, SEGARS, msde from U!e bell' CJ.Ualky of lUU-p IUED 8YCA-'0Ra. r -Proprletort or Colo \Ia Saw t Plaa!Ac IDIII, Wo. lo lit 8otlgwiok4t.. Jlnloltlyn, Jl, Y. [OU AND DEALtiS )N LEAF 'I'OBACCO, 191 PEARL-STREET, 88-01 NEWYORK. E. ROSENWALD & BROTHER, I'0anu .alfD -...-ur.croBDH er All Kinds Havana acd Domestic SEGARS, .urn DbUU 1 LEAF TOBAOCO, 146 Waterotuet. \ ()1_11 ...... -.) N"R"W-Vf)ftJl, ... M. PAULITSCH, LEAF TOBACCO ., LD-SiiP LEAF TOBACCO, THE TOBACCO DEALERS' 8 PB .;.L-ST WrJl 1 -liO. liS O r 1 .:, '" 1 .... Pearl Street, 1 ....... near ot., w otw -='-'-... REFE EN-CE BOOK .a11 14-D R JOSEPH MAYER & SONS .... ,., NEWYOR.i. FOR 1887 AND '88. s 'EGABS. M. RADER & SON, LEDERMAN BROS., Names and o:;;;;olal Standin" g Leaf& Manufactured Tobacco, TOBACCO r.:?" r. '),. Q: or ... D .... n ..... .:..r..-n -Jill .............. .," ......... ...., 180 Pearl street; an.u TOBACCO and:+ciGARS t 159 WATBRSTli.BBT, Ill THE 1JKITBb STAT-, 18LA.lVD OF .... '0 Gra-vle.....C.nea, La. .. J. S. LEVERETT & CO., OOKMlUZOIII lllbClln"S .!JlD .. OCJmS Of ft8 FUechef"-w!Nd,) IU&O.PE. (&zoo" D09& 1lo.ft "f'LL ..J;nuRJ (lURA, ANn rai-PR[NOil'AL tLAOES' IN 11-63 lfEW OaK.. 110 NE"W-YORK. 1 CHARLES H. WIRGIIAN; -II. STACHELBERG, Will be ready ror dellve1'1 by about tbe lai or Au !us next Publtabed 1n quarto !wm. A llmtte or Adven.lum.e.nb wiU be tatteD AJrVJ"J..,crtJllb. w mm oc.uuno! !.A JIOUANDI, LA AlOIA, AND LA PERYEC'Tt Commission Merchant ELLENVILLE GLASS WORKS, following : ............... : ........ ,. ................ 140 One bait p .... : ................... 126 -SBGARS, No. 16 CEDAR-STJI.EEf, 78-103 II!E.W "'fQRK. No. 6 South Wiltiam-atnet, NewYor.k. I LEAF TOBACCO, LICORICE, ETO. M:Olicikd (lnt./.faUla.fuUr nMJuted. [101-12-i] 1oo-m SNUFF & TOBACCO BOTTLES, 69_Murrayatreet, NlllWYORK. LEAF TOBACCO, old WATER STREET, atar --Lult, lllliiWYOBX. One qu&rler .. : ......... ,, : :Ea.::b a49ertlser tnUt419 a COp1J. 8ubecrMloo, HJ. Orden pro1Dp ,51y aS ended to 1'17 JBA.&C VEGA;Publ .. het'B Arnt, S.9 Pak Bow, NErw .. yo.RK. 0. Box nos. : lH-:LOG )


J. L,. A AM s I o r TU rot.l.Oll'hlll IIRU'DI: B1liGliT. lponae Na.t.W'e'a Own, ..ieptune aud ihtt Pounda. Neptuue Nvy 8i%ea DABK. Navy Pouod.a a.od Half Founn. htlor-'8 Bolaoe, BIX>M, lhggie !lltchell. Quarter ... J. L. Adama' XXX 12a, Cha,llena:e Tens, Victoria Teo. DllclU."'I'B'fUir'l', IIIICOUTK OfrlCE--e6,Pa-.uvi'IIU&", Nn" YOJll[, 'fri[I!JL .&.LB DULU IIi' FOBI!liGlf KANUFAOTUB.ER of Fin..e. J)omestic Cigars. All Klndo of Lf:AF TOBACCO ON HAND. 374 Broad llewark, N J. JOHl!r ;JIRAHM, SuccnNrJo BB&JtiM & BROTHERS, 28 Athintlc-st. 11 PO!I.TUIAUO'I TOBACCO, .. SEGAR.&,. .... I FI p E S\ .lii'A, I EIIR.ASU. '7 .. 1 "' .... '! n' r &1m tiiOXEH -A'R.Prdi.liil, ... .. ) Fa.rq_h.aJn. Omaha. Nolr. _}jgn u Big Pipe BOSTON' FISHER'&. CO ... Com:missiaa CM:erchants. 28 CEiiTB.AL WlUB.J', FauC'I'\' l'IIIIEil, l'&ucm K. J'uwu, 11 BOSTON Houoa N. l3-i6 1 J olts H l'liDRL GEO. T. WATERMAN & QO.l III.-c&&Nr, ALL KINDS OF L 212" State-13treet; .. _:. Jii '.TI'OtD, COIN. JOSEPH S WOODRUFF, D:u.L.D U bonnecticut Seed-leal TOB .. AQCO, TOBACCO, 110. 16 -cllrrfli.U WIU.B.J' lfo. 283 lltate-atreet 011:0, T, WATUIIU!I, l t-14. D.&.RTPOIID. CONN. o ... l") a&..68; BOSTO ... a !!!!:...__ J. D. &:. '19 A.Qil'UIIIII-e.,._, ""eb &Dftlluy 8tllal l!l01W. L. & CO., o HA YANA ....... ,< .... ro....... Connecticut Seed Leaf -Te&cce, PLUG and OUT TOBAOOOii, t NO 21l HAMPDEN-ST!DT 1$b a (leDtral auortmeDt o f J Bmokert' .lrtlelel, HillSDAL e B lll't,B, f Ko. 9 WutmiuterIU.t.J Jl, ; I, J. F. Bwwnt. Sprlqfleld1 )(a .. J.Jfl) JOBBKRio o r --. -T TOBACCO, Rl:, AIID 01' OJXOIXXA.'l'I, Oftl.ce Sll Oom.pUJ'J buUdinl DOrlbeu& comer of JroDt, _. "flae l&rNtl. _} Ul' POQ,OOO' n x:! 'I .. } p ,'l a., IN U.AJ! BRUCE, r W II. BAT.MU. N; B .UIUEL L YOURTD, &crd4f"r BODMANN'S ufactu red To lupeJ:tioolLea!Tobacce WUBYII -Noe. 67 69, 61, & 63 Front .02 64, II 66 Jmported Segars.':. War.ehouse. DltOOKB. '., co M erchants, JOHN DOUGLASS, ;t'OBACCO :t'JI)O 1 No. 13 N DETROIT, m:icu:. DETBOIT PLUG TOBACCO KAJhJF.LilTO.RY. 8411 and Me Kam .. treet.' DV.F.&.J.OO, If. Y. FIVE BROTHERS TOBACCO, WOUS a l. t .IOJu n."tZII#, :UN nr u:u, J!llftu., JIUIJOt..I: H 'II"!.J::K 0 nl(-(1!:11,;, JOHN FlmR & BBOS..,: I k.t.IIIVUOl'Ullii:U l)r I 'lr&lnJa, K. eutnckr, and lrlluoQri PLUG TOBACCO;' No. 13 Third street Louiaville K y 74-99 ., M. LEOPOLD & CO. Q!:omm!ssinu 7 J.JID WDOLEI!ALII DLU.ERI Jll


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