The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (8 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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MOON, l'ton,, Buul DOI'mit.zer, 126 Waler. C.Noao,. A. H. & Co.1189 J'roat. (lohen, f. B, Hl7 Wa er. It, J. B., ltl! PeRri. Coouelly & Co., 'li Wawr. Coot II &ublneon, 11)() Crawford, E. H. Co. llll aocl 111 DeBI'IIekeleer & Foote, Of Beetmao. Deen, John L 78 Water. Dohan, Carroll & Co., !Of Prell\. Dreyer, F. A., 16 Cedar. Dubois, Vandervoort .t Co., ll7 Waler. Cbu. B. & Sou, 170 Water. f'ay & Co., 4 7 Pearl. Fielding, G"J'nn & Oo. 11 & Pearl J'oeter, Coflel1111d Co 8t Water GaiiSI!r\ & Bro, lie Water _. tn Bowel'J'. GreeoHeld &; Co., 61 Deaver. Guntllt'r, E. W & Co. 110 Pearl. Guthrie & Co., 226 J'ront. Barril!, J. T .tOo., 80 Front. Heald & Hiller 176 Water. Heidelberpr, L, 849 Pearl. Hk:ke, JOIH!fh, 81 Water. Hillman, G. W .t Co., 108 Froot. Hit'Rhhorn,L.AOo., 140Pearfand 106 Water. Beinelleo, G. & Pelmore, lU BNadway. luao, Glllta,., HO Water. Kelly, .Roben E. & Co, 8f Kremelberr; & Co., 160 PearL Lederman Bros Water. Levin, ll. B., 162 Pearl. Levy & Newgus, 178 Wawr. Llndbdm, Bros. & Co. 90 Water. Lorillard, P .t. G 18 Cliambenl. Maoy'a, Ja.lob, Sons, 1811 1111d lt1 Pnai. )l..Jtlaod, R. L. & Co., 1 Honover S..Udinp. )(arch, Priee & Co., 91 Water. )(aytr, & liollll, 122 llayo, J. H. J'., 1011 Water. Jrlc(Jaflll, Wm 61 Bowery. )(eup;el Ch&riH C., 116 Cedar. Kenlll, A. P., &6 New. 1le&lleuge r, H. & Co.; 161 and 188 lllalden 1. Morrill, H. Jof., 99 Pearland 62 Scone. N&tbttn, L. J., '18 Pearl. No.wo Slaughter .!1 Co., 40 Bfoa4. Obftr, R. H & Vo. f.ll Brvad. Brott..r8, 188 WMt. Palmer & Scovilw, l'fO Water. Papp<"DbeiBier, M., Sll Broad. Pa11 kaeb, M., 148 \Vate. Pea]8>'ll, !1. H 28 William. Prie< W m. M & Co., Ill )(alclla laae. llracl, Clement, 86 P....t. Lle-nn, G .k Co, 1'TU Pearl. Robhl8on & Henrn, 17:.1 \V. ter. RoPe .. IJaurn, A. S .k Co., 162 Water. Solomon, M & E, lldPn laD&. l!awJer, Walloce & Co. 67 Broad ilcbeUeofel, 11. & J., 168 Water. Sebroeder .k Boo, 118 Water. Sebubart & Cn., 1411 Water. Seita, Chas. & Bro., 159 Water. Seljr;.bcrg, Colltm & Co. 119 w.-. S. & Son, 178 Water. 8pillf!ar11, E .k Co., i Burllog allp. S!ei, A 1117 Du,.ne st.. Strobn & Reirzenatein, 166 Watn. T-hill, Mcllyaine &I Co. 180 Pearl Tbanr Urothert, 44 Water. B., 142 Wat.:r ot.. Uakarl & Co, J66 Fuhon. Ve&terlin, B., 122 Wuter. Ve&&o rleiu, Tb. H. & Sooo. 1 Water. Visell11 & 189 p.,.rl. Wane C raue & Co, 4ll Broad Wftl&hEim, M. & Co., 17i p.,.rl. ,--..-c... x, Po,.er & Co. 180 Pearl 'HBACCO BROU:U. .Adouu \V. G ti4 \'{ o1 er. Ftacbe; & Rod.wainth, E 8, l t:l North S ."COaJ. Cdtl n, I>., ISS Nnrth Second Clark & Ov our ed_,. tion this northern country. ln a teleg Jatej]. "New .a.rcha ngel, describing t"he cer. monies attendant 11pon the formal tranl!fer aDd de)i of Russian America to the United States Go-Yemllle we are gravely informed that a.Irge concollftle ple ,had asseniblea, "'Americans, R l!llit.n of all classes, Creoles, a.nd Indians." It willdoubtfess

. 2 TaB political reform of the Emperor of Austria thee arc-have oo!lle .to the o} the masses in 1! raurc wh? are begmnmg. r r similar Uunng the to Pans, h o was greeted, on passmg ljh.tho revolutionary Faubourg St. Antoine, wit:b Libert)' as it is in Austria." Once regarded llW the p.ialwark of despot)sm in Europe,. Austria lias becountry on the contineut; and if the o( Baron Von Beu t are carried out to their legttimate end, there is little' but in :1: years she will resume h e r anC1ent leading posttJOn among the nationalities. All this, llcrfvever: .Jtas an anarehieal elfect upon her less liberal and Napoleon has more to Tear fram the inoe of euoh measures upon his own subjects than tftmr the sohemes of Bismark or any more pr9miuent :bject :of imperial uneaainess. Napoleov talkr; much ala)ii& reform a.nd mlwh alklut his which he atdonioally a.Bilerta is "Pea.oo"; but $e French "don't NB" the reforms, and the world at large does see his and preparations for war. him ]Mit ..We his false policy, cease pratmg hypqcntically iboiat Peace, and follow liberal example 9f Austria ldlile is yet time. land. Aait unequal and unjust y From :New Orleaus; Nortou. and home at prices within the PBTERSIIJRG, Va., Nov, 16th. could not wen have bee:a. devised. 'Nc have in e bbds; FNielding, GiryonnE& Co., 'Z L. B: i..._ of iorbmer notaptions. The bulk of hiJ*enls wr M. P. Bx.A & Co., tobacco conuniasion tobacco trade, f\\-ex:a a series of so-called reg From otfolk: R. dwar -; ouv., eont1 to c to rovin ccs The o! thJ: repOJ-t: tion s which seem invented for the sole obiect of callSing 21 pkgs; J. D. Evans, 67; S. & Son, 100. week have been I096 bxsand 29 hhds. The export!! have 0 k t h b d J F Phil d 1 h' b N k d Phil-.:> 1 hi b T Afi. hhd B W ur mar e as een very ull for the last two weeks annoyance and loss to those who are so unfortunate as rom a e p 1a, y cw or an '""e p a cen: o nca, 4S s; to nttsh est Indies 2 ii 1 d E u 11 c s J b & s 'I'h. d b s p '1' or ugs an common grades. We think, however, for to be to do b ineliS under .. lt would x ress er o. : aco y ons, I" cs; cs an xs; to t. terre, JJ 1guelon, 27 cs and 36 bxs; h d s 00 a on, e e 01 tt lein & hf.bxs and l sample clll&e; S. to the 'P vinces, f5 cs1 !U bxs, and 142 pkg'll. t e past 1 ew ays there has been a better feeling in the "" N --"" common grads. The gs.jlave been li!t and e the W sotne GS " n.n,d best attention upon th From Rotterdam: Kornemann &.Co-., 400 xs. pipee0 doubt1ess wttl during'the '\Y:inter. to good, 3 to 5 i. leaf, new, 6\ to 8; gQ04. sj-, :financial wants of the country. Trade is everywhere 200 do. The sales at t.he various warehouses were 630 hh and I 2i The new crop Seelllli t, lilww JDOre qUility stagnant, a]ld 'men aresulfering from suspense F m Y : llnig C t Mo bls. and 110 as and clearness than the last. ten times worse than the worst 1"ealitf. Otmgresa can, A. Oatman, :r"3 do .. ; E. Meter, 109 do. i J. L. Ga8sert At wa!l!Jouse: 206 hhds. and 100 boxes, PIUL!DELPBU, Nov. 1tt. if it will, do much to abate tbia abiiOJQal condition of 48 do.; Wilcox & 140 do.; Oelviz : 206 hhds. Mason and Bracken county, Ken-The market for leaf during the p311t week !Hit been things, cause a bri ker &w the nchs ;1:; Co.., 361 do.; John }(o() I, 50 do.; Wm. Eg-tucky, lugs, and :trash-4 at ; 14 at $6@ dull, but prices are steady. of coJD.m.erae, ancl qnicken th,e para.Iyzed inqnstry of.the gert, 96 do. ; E. H. Crawford, 55 do. ; ltunhardt & $6 95 18 at $7@., 25 14 at. $8@$S 9ti 13 at Sales of 1 o hhd11. Ke.tucky low leaf at.. 8c.@9e.; ao. nation Will it be done? We pause for a.Tep!y .' Co., 41 do. I and s 5 cigars; R.. E. Kelly & Co., 11 bls. t9@$9' 90 i 20 at *10' 'i5; l't at $11 25@tn '75; cases Penn. seed lcnf at IOc.; I9 do. do. 2-4 Qe. Oiya ;s.-This a r icte has at last felt the Uu.pttlse of_ tobaeco 21 cs. mgats.;, 'F. :MJl'&llda, I 3t bls. to'-eco. 11 at 25; 12 at *16@.16 75; 9 at tl'i@ti '7 50; do. at 3c.@t>o.; 42 cases Connecticut seed at &f@ll>o.; the upward movement in, and price11 are, in and 1 cs M. & E. Salomon, 124 bls. tobacco 8 at $1S 21>@$1S 75; 11 at *19 50@.I9 75; 4 at *20; 1 d Oh' d 5 @ consequence, a triB.e stiffer, the sales are exceed-and 1 c Co., 79 Clo. ; Godeffroy, 7 at $!1 25@$21 75 ; 2 at $22; 3 at *23 50;, 6 at $25@ 6 In been no change, and we in.,.ly limited and the trade is affected by the dullBta.ncker Co., M do.' .1? & Degener, 10 do. i f25 71J; 2 at *26 50; I at *28; 1 at $3I 50; 100 boxes have heard of no transaction of importance. which is weighing like an incubus upon other Purdy & S Philip & Frank, 7 do.; De Ohio seed leaf, at prioes ranging from to 120 25. Sales of so bxs. Virginia navies, lO's, &c., at 62.L..4 braucne!l of the tobacco interest. Barry & Klmg, 5 do. ; C. F. Camana, 3 do. ; F. Probst At the Kenton warehouse, J. T. Sullivan & Bro., pro7 d d b h .,.. Liquorice-! as-usnal at this season, dull, ith &, Co., 3 do. i J. Low, 2 do. i Weston & Gray t.. 2 do. i prietors, 222 hhds.: 2S hhds. West Virginia leaf and 2 Hanna, small sales at reeent quotations. W. H. 1 do. M. !f. Delgadot 1 00; .1''. ChaI at 6fo. to 10c.; 5 at no. to 4 at I3o. to ..._ _.,.., ., zoumes & Son 1 do W C Pickersgill & Co 1 do 2,SS2 >uS. uuu., .,I,109; to Guantanama, 16,956 lb!!. leaf, Goltl opened this morning at 189!, and at noon had ., ; I4ic; 5 at 15c. to 1 at 19c.; 1 at 26c.; I7 hhds. 15,435; to Rio de Janeiro, 1 cigar case, ss. ri s en to )39i. C. F. 1 do.; Morgan! 1 do._; & Sage, Southern Kentueky-7 at 6te, the trichime, :ue P,eiyhes.-There was a degree of animation in Europeaa porte, for the week ending November 12th, By Morni & Clmlii t 120 hhds.: 4 West VirginiaJt((JBMOND N IGth rapallilil St. LQUis. W,p also lejiorn from the East the market during the earlier part crt the week, but toinclude the following : 2 at $S 15@$9 60; 1 at .12; 1 at 120 ; I16 hhds. Mason OV' ihalr a ltitude of worms have bcon dis-wards the. close it seems to have subsided. The current B1itish North American Colonies: 675 lbs. mfd., and Bracken comrty leaf, lugs, and trash-1 at $4 20; Messt\. & RYANT report: iD the common codfish, eo popular an article quotations are-London, 35a. ; Liverpool1 328. 6 d. ; $262. 7 at $6@$ 6 00; 6 at *7@$7 75 ; 7 at $S@$S 95; s at Out market for the :past week has been rather inao-partll of the country. These worms were Bremen, 35s.@40s.; Hamburg, aos.@40a.; Havre, A2s. British West Indies: 7 hhds., $1,S96; 33 bls.l .. 71i0; $9@$9 95; 8 at $IO@tlP 15; 9 at $11@$11 75; 8 at tive. Breaks and recetpts are very ligltt, and prices f...t torae llO tenacious of life that an hour's boiling 6d.; Rotterdam, 308.; Antwerp, 4 os.; Glasgow, 358. 3'7 tee., $1,156; and 1,498 lbs. mfd., *366. *12@tl2' 7 5 ; 4 at tl3@JI3 75; 9 at $l4 @*I 4 75; 7 remain without any noticeable change ilo to kill them. The fish in. which The were-To London, 41 bls. on private British Guiaua: 6 hhds., e1,665. .at $I5@$15 75; 5 at $111@.16 75; 4 at $17@*1 7 50; Below we give the ransaetions; I70 hhdt., t7 tcs., found was .a a.nd inferterms, and 246 boxes, at 4s.; to LiverCuba: 3,8*4lbs. mfd., $776 l> at *lS@$18 75; 3 at 19 Bii@$19 75; 2 at ; 6 at and 82 bxt., offered and sold as follows: eaee froOl this discovery 1 s pool, 1,10 hhds., at 821!. 6d. ; to Bremen, 100 hhda., at Hayti: 2 hhds., e790 i and 60 bls., $I,HO. .2I@$21 75; 2 at 122 50; 3 at a Z6@$2S 50; 3 at Ma111Ufa{)turinf/ Tobacoo.-Lugs-Commoa to mewe prefe!' for evlcle!lCil 6d., 50 hhdll. at 85s., 35 hbds. a.t 40s., 20 hhdll. at Mexico: 3 cs. $295. $24@$24 '75; 4 at 25; 2 at 26 25; 2 at dium dark workmg, 5c.@9o.; good do., .@12o.; sun llubject !lp tht' savory artlCle 450 bls. at $I, 61 30s., 550 cs. mfd a.t 221!New G ;ranada: 224 lbs. mfd., $56. *2S 25@*28 50; 1 at $l!8 26. cured, common, 7c.@l2c ; do., o.@18e. i coal 9f 16d.J to Hamburg, 1 30 cs. Clgars, at 40s:; to Brazil: 6 ce., 31700. At .th e Wheeler tobacco warehouse, Phiater & Bro., cured, common, 9c.@I5c.; do., lpigh 12c.@25e. i Janey, 50 Ilhds., at Qhartered-'A bark to GeDutob West Indie&: 596 lbtt. mfd., propnetor&: 81' hhck., 10 boxes, as follow.s: 20 hhds. Leaf-Common dark working, '1c.@9c. i 'Soutberner.s at present greatly tear a war ?i noa, wi:: hhcl8,1 at {0s,1 and a British bark to Gib To European porta for the week ending November good m10kers, at t'1 80 to 19 so; 15 medium lea.f, at medium do., do., 10c.@14c.; good do., .do., 16c.@l7c.; dGe6t an4 with some reason. At any rate, 1t raltar with tobacco1 for-37s, 6d, 19th: 15! to 1 36 roUDd lot, hags and common leaf, at fine and wrapping, 18c.@2Ic.; &llll cved, lic.@2&c.@ S,300 iba. mfd., (4'7 cs.) $9 i5; 1 Solithem Kentucky, new, at 40c,; IO 11Hlried 32Caj .. n, 20c.@a5e.; do., do., t h ala tfj W1th this Q.UOTA.TtoN!! oj WHOLESALE PRICES. Liverpool: J29 hhis., 17 hlfhhds., 25 cs 247 threefine at 241c- 10 boxes Ohio l!eed wrappers at 16c to me um 0 ex ra, preveu sue acL d 1 l'l'befoDow!ngquotationsrepreseniprleeorshllli>lnl!lotstromllretlumao. 1-. lb o' /!hipping Tobacco,--1uge-Vetlc.onunonandheavy we ue glad to note that one eWIS n f}ey, a coHfalillr p&ldtor lobjllacosidlalil9 rar !lome -urao. qr ..,xs., anct 12,792 s. uu "' c. h ored delegate to t1ie Virginia Convention, has been ar-turers.J BTemen: 83 hhds., 188 bls., j01 cs., U hhds. stem8, Rooetpta hgbt. P110011 rather lower than last week. oo.@6te.; medium., 6o.@ c.; Jood, 8c.@l2lcJ. fior us1'ng 1ncendiary lan.guage "calculated to ar. ou .... ....,.. -JIIIolrtoprtoM ........ Ill .@110 151 cs. aeed and leaf., and IS 01. mfd. LO IJISVILLE Nov u'tll Lcaf-&lglish shipping, 18c.@22fc.; ontiHentalship-COI'Il.lnonluga ... .. .. .. 6 @ 6i RWIIIIng Iota ...... ... 10 &011 3 @l8 @23 :ray the W'bites blacks ag&lDilt each other." Thi 1s Good do ........ 7 I'UJeno ... .. 4 Ham bwg : 66 bls., and 120 ca. cigars. ..,.,' pwg, c. c. c. .... I.t .... """ld be T.he diflicukies of reconstruction are Com.mon leaf ....... .. 8 @10 Wrapoo Qenoa: 413 aad 3 cs. ....... ples. Messrs. l.'luxCK!!c: ... rn.:m.., commissiOn hl.el'chant!!, Stemming Tobacco.-Leaf-Common, 12c.@Hc.; ......... Medium lear.. .......... 11 @12+ j>fn ..... ( through t.ltis thronged fucili. Virginia -Common luge. 5 0 6 Fine. ... ... 45 @llO mfd. Sales for the week amount to 282 hhds, with "1S re..., .... ..._ uu it does.the ...... sage of vehicles and the general =.u,;:::::::::.:::::::: I jectiOOii., showing a larger proportion of rejections than rices aedind firm. =.:.:':: .... Tim removin"' ofallobstruc-GoodWorklngao ...... 10 01l. oaa-a .. ... .... ...... :l6 B!LTIMtR., lt&ll. usual. Ofgoodand:fineleafverylittlehasbeenolfered, avecompnse Y owan m umqu tiell,an ..........,.,...... e CoiiUIIou bright coal t lnre,tor ............ ..... 5 IO l\ieesr. C. LOQS"' & Co., commission merchants and h b lk f h ....__,_ f d manufacturers and shippers have been buyen, but tio= ..__ the side1f'&lb.--qarrow 'at best--such as sta--!Jge ............ 10f tined ... ... 10 ceo ...,. t e u o t e unoa .. s COll&lstmg o non escnjts. the larger port1 0n of .... __ 6 ,_ ___ .... UVIU ht do .. .. 1-l. 16 .D1 nm do 0 ...... 80 @40 d 1 oaf tobre:co e ort M f: d b d h ._ .l\M _.. ......... ttonen' lhopsl...,pte-stalllt,.andprojectingcellar-ways, Gooabrt do .... 18 .-Brlcht-eaersm ,rp : anuacture to accoqmetan unc ange. Week'slales:l69hh 18_641 .. ,_ j.i',, woald be another eeeond only to li'IDe b do... JW, @31 ancy ................... 40 @415 The receipts of eaf continue very small, and the mar-d bo R CommOII leat ...... ... Tine .. ............. @88 ket firm at full prices for all deiiC1'lption in oontridera-LTN(;BBIJU, Nev. lltll. an 6 xes. eJected and pa&lled,6'l hhds, as follows: pavement, and equal y a p-..blic benefaction. do ........... 121"' ............... iii @80 '1'h da M k t ct' t full 'th l !eat:::: 18 .... 28 e Btock in .,.-srehouses and the pros-poMrte .. ssr& OUlJWI:JC & Co., eommission merchants, reof 56 !t 6@l:':s; r"_,,.._ __ jH. leaf ..... jg 1& ::::: : 50 row :re;:'at af ,.ryland as follows: Th< o1 loose while small, have been 2 at .8 50@8 70; 2 at t9 40@.t 110; 5 at .10 2.5 i. D.,. ... ., 1<'--.t;-1 ""'--.n.IJ!c@3!c. ; sound common, 4fe@ larger Lnis week than lut, gomprise some better @$10 50; 3 at *ll@t11 60; 20 at t12 90; 2 a.t @ 111, ,.., ... ......... ._. 10 iii 6-ic-; ;gOO; also, 3 boxes at t6 60@ THB TOJIAOOO KDlt&f. 3: fancy,0.20c@40c. -.P:t." --, """18 .w.i.H znareJJiaU increase u to $24 75 lOOtb. Bids on 5 bads. rejected. I'aelory drlod leaf.. .. '* :P'Imey Of hio we notice sales of about 306 hhds, of which Chnstmas. We quote ortlle .JiWclay.-Market active, and J)rices full. Salell 83 DO ... TIC. =am ll.v :::::::::: = MO were taken on speculation, embracing ftne de4c.; low lugs, 3-!c. to 5c. do., 5c. to 7c;; com, 7 SO, 2 at SlO !O ... :o.; 4 at tT"l&.:- -1119 lev. Jttll, 8efeatom1 IN .. ... 1& t ......... n 110 UG6 scri...,;elll!f, on an average of llo Very little let\ in mon leaf. 6c to 9c sbipmtng IOc to I5c b ht u .. .....,.- -O.UO.-ln'or to goo @89 Cld'::" :25 00 :!;io 00 and spangled1 Uc@20c. ; yellow and fancy, 25c@40o. The market during_ the past week has been quiet and ,..., Satur(lay.;-Market steady, and sale8 14 i at MeiiiU"B. Lorillard, who appear determined to lny in IIIOft ............ -6& do ileeomiMII oo P oo Of Bay Tobaccos, there is notlling in the market. unchanged. Receipn continue of a limited charll.Ctet, ""' Ht ;,I at .,7 10; 2 at $9 95 ; 2 at *ll 26@111 75 ; e _;,1 So1UIIleommon .. ,. .... @ 4 N. y Seed Ct>IID. In leaf -e have no -es r"'"""" bmt d lth h th d a h be d h at tl2 30 1 at ti6 a.nd 1 at tiS 50, OOXtiS at II< :t\illaupply of tine g-.ues. Good do II+ II+ 11'1'11pper 1'1.GD @!l5 oo u .,... "' an a oug e eman as en. goo t e supply of these we note 360 hhds. to the sonth of Eulledlaaa ... .'::::: :; : 'ii PuD. do .. iiO. 4c. 00 1: 110 holden artdirm at the l&te advauoo previou.sly noted. fering is poorly a.saorted and too small to admit or room. $3 80@U 1!) I OOlt. and rejecied, IS hhdt. fope,ll3 hhds. t4ctocy.,dried Missouri for England, 4 15 = .. 00 00 Inspected this week: 432 hhdll Maryland, 43 do. for large transactions. Conaequently the only sales re.Monda]!.Buyers nnd sellers were apart to-day, and hhcls. to Ge,nn,any, -67 hhds. wrappers and fillers to mana 5 :J Ohio, and 44 do. Kentucky. Total, 520 hhds. ported h ea a few ... n lots to the city trade for two-thirds of the bids were rejected. Sales 16 hhds-hhds. to J. ohhers, and 54 hhds. to Boston. -.&ed-Ltf.-8electod Cbereota &iKrsh: .... 'I oo @10 00 I J d manufacturing purposes .at nr<>vious quotations. Ar-1 at 15 SO; 2 at 16 10 ; 2 at 17@*7 20; 8 at 88; 1 at _.,......., b n. 14 h'h w,,laGL ... .. 65@65 commencmg an. It, I86,,an same d. "...... r-hh1 n!M;and2atl12!ji)IOOtb. Passedandn-iected,32 .. We no cha.nge ill prices, U:t .. eg1e ea1, w 1c ::::::::: @11 i:h.:::::;: :l time 1866: nve smce e...... .: 63 ds. eaf; and I,l65 bxs. hhds. 11" ""'crlecte..t might nerhaps be bought at some .. nu. w ,&t. !W0 ; 2 at $9@$9 80; ,. FWere do .... 6 @ 7 800lb. cases .. ..... JW, --K t k 43 4' 689 2"" d Q F B $13; and 1 at f26 l001b. Bids on '1 hhd r&-& all()te: iO cases o i Conn. '64 at 35c@45o. ; 5 8 New York &edLl.f.-f!le-:G. C." 410 ll> co. o---o eu uc y 6 '" I3 cs. o; erge, 134 half bxs. do. 'n" .._ Jected Wrap.-. 18M... 30 rJ "Wallllb"400 .31 ;: -@ 1\r 7 17 6" S k 1 J. ected. Qlllllll Conn. '66 at ."30c@32c.; 90 cases old Ohio at m r1 15 "F G" 450 .. 29 cJ.lSSonn.... 1 .. toe 1D are lO hd on shipboard not cleared on Ge.; ca&es old Ohio at; 'lie.; 150 Ohio a.nd Peunsyl.. -4 6 o" <111 -@ the 12th inst., I,397 hhds. Yeaterday.-Themarket was active at f'ull prices, with _,;., <>n and ordimary grades, ........... 11 400 17 e-Totallibds 520 60,680 61 i)OO 42,018 1 :11en0 OF TOBACc o sales of 40 hhds-18 scraps at $2 15; 1 wet at 55; ._.., ........... ..., .!"rpP41f1, uew .... .... 10 :?.fF&n"" 250 .till C1ll-:1 ,.. lO 1 70 t 9 d 1 af ,. ., jDe1s &t 4 c. .. :....... s 4 A.O.C." J5n .23 t= Exports week: To Hotterdam, per Theresa, 720 Burke & } } 201 ugs at_. o o, an 11 e at ,.s 90 to .Is; r:d S 'h d 1 I'!!Jenl ........ 3i@ 5 "Ynnrtla" 400 17 hhd t L' 1 't'--t I35 l hds t H H &. .-,_ u n.. < l and I box at $7 IOOfu. PMsed and 8 hhdll. iM.-The qw.etu e m reporte ast &tJd.IM,f.-"F. G. C." 11!0" .t!Jl -@ s; 1vcrpoo, IALI a, 1 ;_ o avre, ayes ......... p s. ..r.ororn 10ept. 1 toG ate. 161 T 1 &t.illcontinues with :very_ limited sales. We quote: .. .... 30 16 ::&Z.Az.;; -:: -1:;per :N ett1e Merryman, .83, do.; to R10 Janeu:o, 8 hhds; W. T. Noel....... 29 We quote scraps nominal at ic@2!c; ugs, 5c@7tc; J. -,.nme .. ... --. R d G b d 1 f d d common leaf., 7t-c@a.L. medium do., 98A@1 J-lc good JlilO'b&MBat 200 Havana at l15c@l 10, and 11111ng Iota ........... to 14 "C. &A." .till -o to ottet am, per ntten erg, 633 o. ea, an 200 o. :. p 11 Yara at 95o. 3i 6 = :: :: l= stems. Total.................. . .. . . 391 leaf, 11fc@l5c; factory-dried leaf, Sc@15c; Alalalf(czcttH'&Il..-There has been some little movettons ............ 15 P ... .l&i o-EXPORTS commencing Ja.u. Ist, I867, and same time MANUJ,'ACTURED TOBAcco. dark crs, 6c@9ic; bright 10c@25e; black wrapment in manufactured since our last report, but the DOMES'l'Id RECEJl>TS. 1S66 : TOO supply is fair, with a good assortment oft'ering. pers, 13c@18c; good and fine bright leaf n&lllinal at 26c general phase of the trade-is dullness. Interior and coastwise arrivals, for the week ending WTwr to. 7'1111 W.;.k 71.141., &lm U....1886 The demand, however, is limited, and transactions have @50c i fancy do. nominal at 60c to 21> per lb. We note sales of oo to 5-y specnlators, the deu:and portion of the stock of desirable quality is Ad isfrom the Virginia. manufacturers are to the By Hudson Ri vcr Railroad : Norton, Slaughter & Loading Tobacco : For Bremen, Leocadia imd J o-from manufacturell havmg been confi11ed to a few small held for further advan(!e, au.oiher p'9 ; 1\lessrs. Hope, 3; C. Read, 1 hhd; C. B. Fallen dull market. Sales are limited, and prices, though not the large vperator. The demand being thus red'llced grades which we have sligJttly to advance, viz.: com. &heJ.r ltaliaE!IIS course for the next It is stein & Son, 1. quotable lower, are in favor of buyers. We repeat as to the requirements of city manufacturers, must nccesmon to good leafy' lngs, &l@St, and low to eoDlDllitioal.. questions, lay on the tab1c for a brief gars. 0 SOc. soiiDd, 60c@73c.; other qualities out of Exports for the same time to New 11@12 gts for round lots of common to mediiUll and period, while Congress endeavors to reconcile mutually By People's Line of Steamboats : B. & D. Benrimo, condition range from 20c@50c.; black sweet half pounds, York.-. . . . . . . I344 fine leaf, sound leafy lugs of bright color and good fta-finaacial interest., and arrange some methoo cs; J. Friend, 1 ; G. Reil!lllann & Co., 39; H. E. sound, 62c@!l'7c; and as to condition, oown to 20c. to Liverpool ......... -........... 437-I7S1 vor, which are in demand &f@7t gts, and inferior to ofretieftOr our suffering merchants. These were the Rtggs, 6 bxs. Westem; 5's and IO's common to best, 45c@Mc; Whole stock in first hands and on low lugs, 4;i@15l gts .-, iD the hour of the Nation's trouble, who were Coastwise, from Richmond: II. Koop, 59 hbds; S. half pound, common to best (dark), })Oc@65c; do. do. Ofshit'lp1.bQards stock t.b. ere .re .. m. a IDS; 1.n .. :;;...t 1495 01' Virginia the supplies continue quite -..oag tbe fint to come nobly forward and subscribe Rapp, 2; G. Re.usemus, 100; Huffer, Tool & Son, 35; (bright), 75c@90c; p01!ndll, common to good, 60c@80c; hi n.a and the trade in buying had to submit to higher aeroualy of their wealth to provide the moans of preDubOis & Vandervoort, 2, 6 tcs, and i60 pkgs; R. S. pounds, extra fine, 85c@90c hands about.... . . . . 600 prices, so that we h:we to alter our qnotat10ne ll1l folthe Union, and it is bUt simple justice that their Bowne, 7 hhds and 40 pkgs; J.D. Kelly, Jr., 2.4 hhds Navy: Pounds and half pounds, 55c@6Sc. A portion of which is withheld from the market. lows: Inferior and low lugs, 4f@6t gts; common to ....,..N neoessities now should be duly regarded in the and 50 pkgs; N. L. :McCready, 61 hhds and 182 pltgs; IKPoRT..t..TioNs. The principle sales of the month have been on private good do., 7@8 do.; good substantial do. to low leaf, S-f legislation of These difficulties J. May's Sons, 5 bhdsand 12 pkgs; S. Ayres & Sou, 1 Coastwise: 58 A. Sopumacher & Co; I63 do., terms, but few inconsiderable have been made @11 do.; common to good medium leaf, llj@l3 do. ar.e from a crude and iU-dev111ed system of taxation. hhd and 347 pkgs; Dohan, Carroll & CO., 80S; M. & Broe. Beninger; 10 do. and 36 pkgs, Kohler & Noltpublic. The sales of the month sum up to 2S7 hhds, Neithflll men nor any other class of merchants, J. Schottenfels, 2I; J. T. Harris, 8; R. W. Cameron, ing; 2I5 do., J.P. Pleasants & SOns; 1S do., McCliesh, The following quotations fully represent the nding the above grades; good to fine leaf, whjclf1s as a olaaB, desire to evade the payment of their just dues 45"; Spofford & Tilles ton, 2S ; Buckley & Moore, 92 ; Roves & Co. ; 3 do., W. H. Brown & Bro. ; S do., Grif. prices in our m.arket, viz. : contained but to a. small extent in the recent ..IIH'pplies, "Wlnml Uae support of the Government, but what they Bramhall & Co., 46; Marcl1, Price & Co., 125; Confiu, Bro. & Co.; 50 do., .A. Seemuller & Sons; do., J. light, 4 to 4t, heavy, 5 to 5f brought fi:gm 14 to 17 gts, and selections f110m IB to ao is t6at these necessary burdens shall not be noly & Co., 103 ; Hawkins, Guthrie & Co., 12; W. C. Heald & Co. ; 580' do. and I hhd, J. Brand Jr. mon.lig.Dtr4ot-to, y, 5} to 6i hhds. farr, light 19 gts. The stoclris rutoge er not to the onerous. They ask that the same Sm1th, 201:; L. H. Newdecker, 17; W. T. Coleman, 59; Sf to 6, heavy, 6 to 6i'hhds.; good to fine, iglit, 1Ji to etnan liut especially searoo and wanted 11.1'6 the princifles which men generally bring to Th. H. Vetterlein & Son, 245; Mailler & Co., 17; OrBOSTON, Net. lliJI, 6t, heavy, 7 to 7i hhds.; common leaf, light, '7 to S various grades of strong lugs and low substantial leaf all other commercia transactions, be applied to the. der, 5 hhds and 32 pklrs. The ma.r&et continues dull for leaf in conseqq.ence of heavy, 8 to 9 hhds.; medium leaf, light, Q to 11, heavy: which are certain to fetch a further advance, if not elaboration of such a system of taxation as shall do From Baltimore: Seligsberg, Co en & Co., 1 hhd; the smallsupJ?lY on band, which does not admit of ex IO to 12 hhds.; good leaf, light, 12 to 14, heavy, H to otherwU!e to be obtained. credit to the intelligence a.nd patriotism of our legisla.Gail, Ax & Kuehler, 24 pkgs;-S. Shook, 133; F. W. tended operations. There is very little change to no15 hhda.; fine leaf, light, 15 to I6, heavy, 16 to 17 Virginia stems continue to sell readily and at a fur. tors, and aid, not impede. the general business of the Beck, 6; M. Falk, 11; A. F. Danenberg, 6. tice in manuf&etured. A moderate demand hu existed choioe, light, 17 to 20, heavy, 18 to 22 hhds. ther advance, choice Lynchburg are worth from 8@ ..


TH s and then granted THE TOBACCO' MARKEr. DOJIEBTlC. NEW YORK, N O'I'1J1CIUI8 12r1L Western Leaf-Has P8euQOmparatively 1,40!> hog!hends, more than half of which consisted of fine Ma!IQD. and owen <;OIUlty and Gr cut$g tobacoo, pur e fd -by 6dl' large Messrs. P. & G. 'Lorillard. appear to have almost their contract11, hav!Ai only taken 209 hqgsheads smce our last report. notice, beiU of 150 hogsheads lugs to the M.editel'nl.nean, and 60 wrappers and tQ Boston, the l'Cmainder being sold in small parcel!! to the home trade. Holders are very firm. Reccil?ts co?tinue small, with liberal exports, the stock 1s bemg gradually duced. Seed Leaf.The transactions in seed leaf were limited during the past week UI)Jtil Friday and Saturday, when considerable movement took place in Ohio and Pennsylvania for export. The sales were 320 cases Ohio at 8!@9; 190 cases Pennsylvania at 11-i; 360 casefl Ohio at 9; 180 cases Old Ohio at 7!; 83 cases State at lot; 350 cases Ohio on private terms. There is reported to be a scarcity of choice Connecticut and of Ohio. Spanish.:-spanish tobacco has been very quiet since fil'llt, the total sales not amounting to over 400 balel!l, at from 85c. to 92c., arud some few bales of fine wra(>pers at from *1 50 to $3. 11f!ln1ifacturel2s. OFWHOLKSA.LK li'RICEI!. !The following quotations represent 'price of sb!ppiog lots Crom ftrst hlmds. Hfgher ratea are demanded Rlld paid for tobacco suttsble for boD>O maoaJac turere.] .IU>I*Jch.-Light loaf. (Ju7'1'tncy. Fair I!J prime ............ liO P 1 Corr.mon ln!jS...... .. .. 6 6l Runnmg loto ............ 10 @liO Good c1j .. .. .. 7 F. Ftllers ..:.&8.". .. w" .. .. 4 @ 6 eom!Mm leaf.... . 8 @10 &D&, rap-Medluml,of ............ u + .... .... cnt.rcimg lfl!ll. .. 9 l4edlom ................. 112 Good .... 10 Common ................ 15 .. t .. 10 12t ..... .fine.::::: I, a Medlmn t do...... 14 I to B er, 46 hhds leaf; R. L. Maitland, 32; Fielding, Givynn,._.& acco in as is imposstble for them to comply mth the offimal reqmre ments. The tobacco men appear to have been placed, by the exercise of an indiscreet and indiscriminati ve offi cial zeal, in the s:ame category with the whisky dealers; while in the ca1se of neither do the rules go to the real root of the evil complained of, or tend in the slightest to visit just upon the heads of r eal offenders. If our law-m:akers and law-executC}rs were inspired by an honest desire to put an end to the fraudulent practices of which they complain, they would soo n find an efficacious method of compassing this de sirabl e consummatio n. As it is, the whole thing is turned into an official farce by the known inadequacy of the means adopted to secure the end proposed. If 1t is IMPORTS. really the wish of the officials to prevent frauds in to-Arri yals at the port of New York from foreign ports bacco or whisky, let them take counsel of some honest for the week ending November 12th, include the follow d ealer in either commodity, and guide their future action ing consignments : by the sound advice which willl be readily given them l-''rom Liverpool: Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 8 hhds. tofor the The whole troruble arises from entrustbacco ; Order, 50 cs. licorice paste. ing the frammg of important regulations to men who, l-''rom Manilla: J. A. Andrews, 1 ca. cigars; Order, however well intentioned, do not practically under1 do. stand the details of the trades they undertake to regu-From Havana: L. Anja, 212 bls. tobacco; A Oatlate. man, 158 do.; JOI!eph Beckel, 53 do.; Felix Miranda, (.!igars.-Cigar s in the general quietude 15'1 do.; J. M. Eggert, 81 do.; J. )1. Mayorga, 110 do.; of the tobacco interest and we have no change to note Kunhardt & Co., 285 do., and '10 cs. cigars; F. Probst, 129 bls. tobacco and 1 C!l. R. E. Kelly &-"Co., 54_j)ls. tobacco and lO cs. ci al'll; Godeffroy Brancker & Co., 2'1 tobacoo '! Ol!o. eigirs ; L. Gassert & Bro., 102 bls. tobacco and 1 es. cigars; Schroe cler & Bon., 25 bls. tobacco and 1 cs. cigars; A. T. Stewart, 1 do. r e ll & Cc., l d ; ,Pa & Tilford, 2 do ; s & Bros., do. rdy & Nichqlas, 3 do. ; L. Phi.ijp & J. Frank, 2 dor; De Barry & Kling, 14 do.; G. W. Faber; 6 do. ; A. P. Francia, 1 do. ; F. Chazournes & Son, 1 do. ; Franc.ilj Spies, } b do. from the port of New Y to foreign rts, than ports; fo w e"k iDg inc lud e tM foUowing: Danish West Indies: 637 lbs. mfd., i343. British North American Colonies: 15,Q62 lbs. mfd., $3 205, and 2 011. *711. British West Indies : 9 hhds., l-,._z; & f!l tJ 26 ; and 4,928 lbs. mfd., $790. British Guiana: 3 hhds., $800. -Cuba : 8 ,094 lbs. mfd., $1,805. Hayti: 1!0 bls., 1$4"00. Central America: 500 lbs. mfd., $125N ew Granada: 211 bls., $2,225; 13 cs., 1633; and 6,728 lbs. mf'd., $1,674 San Francisco : 8'1 cs. l eaf, 3 7 cs. mfd.1 ahd 3115 pkgs. To European ports for the week endmg November 12th: London: 9 hhds., 120 bxs., and 58,500 lbs. mfd. Liverpool: 122 hhds., r8 tcs., and 52,750 lbs. mfd. Glasgow: 89 cs and 150 bxs. Bremen: 82 hhds., 228 bls., 83 cs., and 158 bskts. Hamburg: 20 hhds., 868 bls., 45 bxs., and 155 cs. cigars. Marseilles: 186 hhds. and 43 bxs. Bordeaux : 347 bxs. Naples: 427 hhds. V f)riice : 187 hhds. Genoa: 566 hhds. Oporto : 18 hhds. The total exports fiom all ports of the United States for the week ending November 9th, were: 2:242 hhds., 775 cs., 3,106 bls., 25 tcs., 20 hhcls. stems, 423 pkgs., and 60,844 lbs. mfd. BALTIMORE, Nov. 9:rH. Messrs. C. LoosE & Co., commission :merchants and dealers in leaf tobacco, report : With continued light receipts, sales are restrictt'ld. The demand for shipment is fair, and prices maintained. :Maryland: We notice some receipts of new crop Mary land gron.nd leave s, which are tal...oen at a wide Tange, 3-!c@l3c as to quality and condition. Sales amount to about 500 hhds. We revi,se quotations as follows: Frost&d to common, 2-!c@3-!c. ; sound common, 4-!c@ 6-!..s_ middling, 6-fc@ll_tc.; good to fine brown, 10c@15c.; Taney, 20c@40c. Of Ohio there is but little doing, for want of Since our last about 75 hhds. were sold. We quote: Inferior to good common, 4c@6!o. ; brown ancl spangled, 7tc@l2tc.; gQod to fine red and spangled, 14c@20o.; ye "I'{ and fancy, 25c@45c. Of Bay Tobaccos, there is nothing in the market. Kentucky is held firm ; sal es sma ll. Inspections for the : 504 hhds. Maryland, 42 do. Ohio, and 63. do. Kclltucky. Total, 608 hhds. INSPEC"l'IONS commencing Jan. 1st, 186'7, and same time 1866: DfAC1Iplioa. ftla IVIU-. Maryland ... 504 Ohio ....... 42 38,169 21,235 69 581 17 ....., 35,673 21,27'7 !IN1888. 28,400 15,387 183 297 112 Vll'ginia ... K-entucky 62 Miuourj. ... 69 644 17 Total hlids.. 609 60,0'11 60,680 44,329 Exports this week: To Libe ia, lhhd. ; to Demerara, 2 do.; to Mayaguez, 1,385lb. manu, and to Liverpool, per bark Kathleen, 163 bhds. EXPoRTs commenoillg Jan. 1st, 1867, l!&me time 1866: WA. at $11; 17 at $12@$14 ; 10 at t lbs., at 2 cs. Sailor's 'Virginia Solace, a.t..5 ; $14 50@$16; 16 at-$17@$19; 5 at $22@$23 50; 14 ap.d 13 cs. smoking, 2-lb. bags, at 22c. Also, at auc- at $23 75@$26. tion, 18 cs. Connecticut seed leaf, at 28c.; 6J,bs. Sales at the Wheeler tobacco warehouse, Phister & 2d cut, at 86c.; and 56 bls. do, 1st cut, at 6Bc. Bro., J:roprietors, for the week ending Nov. 8, 1867: li'OB:JII&Jf, 65 hh s. and 101 boxes. 40 hhds. Mason-county lugs HAV AN NoVEMBER 2D. at *7 90; 15 do. Mason-county wra_ppers, 50 .@$17 50 ; 1 0' hhds. Mason-county good wrappers, at The demand continues sustain ea. for ahnost evt!/ $20@$23 75; 65 boxes Va. seed 1illers ana common scription of leaf at. high rates, and the bestqttal e wrappers at $5. 60@$12 50; 35. boxes new becoming scarce lqgs and leaf, brought from $lli to $45 Cigw s.-The l eading brands are in fixst-cla s .man11facturcrs h g large ordtll'I!U LOUISVILLE, 8TH. whil e second-class factories have but few. Messrs. FRA.NCKE & commission m e rchants, sales of 55 boxes chewing tobacco ex Stan tripes report: from Ph.iladeltphia, at $24 per qtl The e of the The new tobacco year, commencing with the 1st of week have be en : ToN ew YorkJ 251) bales and 91,598l:bs.. November, opened with a comparatively large sale of tobacco and 1,457, cigars; to Philadelphia, 20,606lbs. 121 hhds., and an increased demand for des irable qualitobacco and 43,000 cigars; to Bos ton, 58,000 cigars to ties, which has been kept up since, and we have New Orleans, 20,000 cigars; to Antwerp, tfis. to report a very firm and steady market. bacco and 512,000 cigars; to Vigo and Cadk, 5 The total sales for the year foot up to 41,042 hhds., at fbs. tobacco, 240,500 cigars, pkts cigarettes, and a value of $4,434,758 24, against 34,902 hhds year, 2,000 :lbs. scraps; to Barcelona, fbs. tobaccol 18'1,and total direct receipts 30,850 hhds., against 24,140 000 cigars, 24,071 pkts cigarettes, and 1,000 l:bs scraps; last. year. Stock in warehouses November 1st, estimated to l\fontevideo and Buenos Ayres, 207,500 cigars and at 3, 'TOO hhds., and about 1,000 hhds., mostly re-dried 70,000 pkts. .;igarettes; to the Canaries, 19,500 ci fine-cutting le&f, in dealer s' hands. gars and 1,200 pl):ts to Tampico and Mats-Sales since 1st of November amount to 532 hhds., moras, 415 fbs. tobacco, 209,400 cigars, and 1'1;6,148 with 88 rej ectione Of new, little has come in so far, the pkts cigarettes; to St. Thomas, 65,600 eigars, 1115,495 low stage of the river preventing larger shipments. pkts cigarettes, and 100 fbs. scraps. New cutting leaf, rather greenish, sold at $16 50@ LONDON, OCTOBER 28TH. *17 50, leafy lugs at $9 50, and trash $4 40. M W B S essrs. M. RANDT s oNS, uy special report to LYNOHBURG, Nov1uumn' 9TH. THE ToBAcco LE.AF, say: Mesers. YouNGER & Co., commission merchants, re-In our mar:Iwt_for American tobacco during the .PSJt port : week a good bus.ness has been done at steady pnelfl. W have nothing new to report in the tobacc 9 mar-No sales of new nnports haye place, but of ket, no eales having be made since our last report, tobacco about 250 hhds. MisB?un Jeaf have exoept loose pAl'nels, whi

TOB @4 lfew York Commision Merchants. York Kerclwata. ..!L-.:.-. Kew Yait Commiuien lrferolaaata. n n:aaiNIA ToBAcco AGENcY. viRGINIA uo xoaTa cAaoLJII !OBAccn. D'o:HAN, cA,RROLL & co .. BULKLEY, 11oou, VIRGINIA h ESTABLISHED IN 1838. 8 0 fll 8 COO Tobacco Commission llercbanta. 11i39 &191' FRO_NT ST,REET. ACKNT8 FOR THKJ SALK OF l 5 ( I Uaitecl States Ir.ternal Revenue Bonded Warehouse, ThirtyCOMMISSION second Gollection District. VIB&Illl& A.lm KORTH CABOLDIA NO. 104 FRONT-STREET, & co:, MERCHANTs .CONNOLLY L:..eaf and Manufactured 'Tobacco. BEW-YORK, AGENTS FOR TB1I SJ..LII 01' AND AGJIJN'I'I! rOR TH!l SAL& OF .MA.NUFA.CTURED TOBACCO, [46 WA.TEBfiTBEBT, l'llBWYORK, 'W'ould oaU &be U&enllon of lbe 'l'rade to &be following Celebrated Brandl of Tttomas Jr.'s El Dorado, Jewel of Ophir, -,:leer's Cream of Virginia, Louis D'Or, lam' Wine Sap, Callego, Colden Seal, Wo,eter'e Queen of Hearts, is, Diadem, VIrgin, Old Dixie, Peerless!. John K. Childrey, J. B. Pace & Co.,. Harris & Pendleton, Crant & Wil'iams, We oft'er Tn.cle the tbllowing Branda, ftoom 1101118 of OLDKST AND BEST MANUFACTURERS OF VIRGDrU : Harmony, Temptation, Garibaldi, l erry White, Atlantic Cable, 1. 1IIL Walker, Look and Buy, Dixie's Delight, G. W White, Old Dominion, Innoceilce, Paul Pittman, Old Virginia, Evan., Eureka, 1 ohn Bull, < C. Carter, Independence, Proatier, Elbert, 8. E. White, W. T. Stovall, Ooenica, The Following Well-known and Justly Celebrated Branda of Virginia TOBACCO: GRANT l WILLIAMS, RUSSELL l ROBINSON, J G. DILL, J. K. CHILDREY, L. H. FRA YSER l CO., TURPIN & YARBROUGH, J. B. PACE i CO., THOMAS & OLIVER, GlEANER & WINNIE, BARRATT'S CROWN, REUBEN RAGLAND, GILMAN & MALLORY. CHEIVES & OSBORNE, DAVIS & SON, KREMELBERG l CO., JIBWTOII.Jt, ..... F. L. BRAUNS l CO., a&J.'I'IIIoaK, !obacco Cmtisdan lerchntl. Briton's Emblem, is, GUman & Mallory, C. W. Spicer, w. R. Johnson cl Co., T. c. Williams & Co., E. L. Stanley & Co., Joe. Ta_ylor, Golden .&p, Cavalier, Randolph, Magnetic J. P. Williamson's Tom Thumb and 1une Apple, McCorkle's Virginia and Gold DUKE OF ATHOL. The 'ltuntion of th4 is rupectfully solicited. CLEMENT READ, .AlOI D:alUa .. ,Grean6r & Winne, .-onnery 11 Donald, A. W. Taylor, And others. B,PBERT S BOWNE, c .coo Keen & Hankins' Virginia Crown, Gilliam's J. A. Patton, VIRGINIA AND WESTERN LEAF VIRGINI:A SMOKING TOBACCO AGENCY. .t.IID 0 o MAIIUFACTOIED TOBAOOO, BRA ... HALL ... CO LICORICE, CUM, etc., ... .&f.L CJitl ., 51!--104 Ho. 86 .Peafl..Jtreet, N, Y, 18 Old-Slip, corner of Water-St., .,,o.w ...... .-ao.. ... ":,ao.. La. Merchant, C. W. Spicer's May Apple, Fuller & W"llkerson's Gold Leaf. SOLE ACENT8 FOR WA'l'TI CJllAD a: 00., "' THOMAS & OLIVER'S n d T b F CELEBRATED VffiGINIA SMOKING WBACCOS, .... 7 Burling Slip, New-York, "'-LEADING BRANDS : 1 SNuFF: 1. Jl. Venable's 'Carolina Belle." ROSE, .OLIVE, RQYAL SICNET, S T R, VA. BELLE, K." 114-tm JOB. SELICJIJIJRG.. J. M. COBZN. 1'. PBJNG.I.NT. Agent for the following Brands or PllfE..CUT : Sublime and Oronoko. TOBACCO: MANUFACTURED. SMOKINC. SDKDIG : Zephyr Pn1f, etc., etc. Jut the Thing (Pocket Pieces). "Virginia's Choioe." D C Kayo's liavy. "Pioneer of the Old Domilaion." Beward of Industry. Oronoko. J,. H. F. MAYO, (La.t.e ol Rlcbm"lnd, Va.,) 0 1 Jl. P. Clinton's Extra Sweet Pounda. Just the Thing. POl 'fD S.U.I O.P LI88BERI, COHE CO.,.. F A Y & C 0 o, COMIIISSIO:N. JIEJlCBANTS J COMMISSION MERCHANTS .!tiD D2AJ.iEI Ui .ALL KINDS Ot' TO:B.A.CCO ITY OF sHU-lEAF TOBACCO L leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, 105 Water Street, New-York Oouol-ta retpoctfall.r IIOIIeiW .............. And Importers of r:rhBACCO OR. SAMPLED. o.t.lloa&elll'YID. for every oue, and delivered, cue b;r eue, u t.o number or eertltlcate. Sto,... nd labor the Loweat Ratee. No Ootton Stored with Tobacco. ..lT. .11..-l ..,.., tampl 1/C.,.,ants <>ru. 148 Wafllrltreet, near Malden-tarie, New-York. '" FRINGANT & CO., S3 W1lnut-at.. Clnohmatl, O lllled. '!!!WI!'r llavana Leal' Tobacco, NO. 4:7 PEARL STREET, BU.NZL & DORMITZER, (Opponte Produc. Excha-"!1'1 ) NEW-YORK. 126 Water-.t., New-York, u : F. C L I Jl DE, W.ABDOUU:I: Nos. 74, 78, and 78 Grasnwich ... t. OFFICE, 78 Greenwioh,street. .. FO TER, CO., Tobacco and Cotto:a. Paotors I. & J. SCHOTTENFILS,. H. FRIEDMAN. -80HUBA.RT. -. TOBACCO OOIIIISTIC ll'D ftUIU' LUI' Llheral ouh &bill ... made Oil oonolpof lat B iSCBUBJLRT d! CO., Hercha%;lts ; AL80 DU'Oa'A'BJU .t.N .DBA.LBRII IN ALL .IUlQ)8 OP EAF lfEWYORK. c -... E. & 00., DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF Pill[ smobn[ Dmfiltie 8Jlll Impm1cd S81an, and Smokors' Articles GDncrany, lGZ aoura warsa CHICAGO. & W, pi.AJCWMOBlll, B. ]1(. PABXER, ;Lak Of BAOOJI, Cl.J.BDY .II Qo, Late or LouteTtLLa, KY 0 E, PARKER 1: CO., COITON AND TOBACCO FACTORS, AND .l 181 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. :: .,i ,UBBBAL ..4.DV.ANCES MADE ON CONSIGNMENTS. !HI VIRGINIA AND. NORTH CAROLINA TOBACCO AGENCY. United States Internal Revenue Bonded Warehouse, Thirty second Collection District. J AND .4&ENT8 FOR THE S.I.LIIi OP Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, 64 WATER-STREET, NEW-YORK, 1laft aln,. OD b&ncJ.a large of the nrious grades o MANUFACTURED ,IIIOt' of the belt brands manufactured _111 Virginia a_nd North Carol!n., .4LSO, SOLB .\GENTS BOlt 'fllll CELEBRATED .,J,one Jack" & "Brown Dick" Smoking l KandAotiRecl by J:olua W. OarroD, of LJilohbllJ'!, Virginia. WQ brancla are. beJODII all dftb&, U.. 8lMI$ ... u 1Mb ,. the ...... ......... taM. ,J. I JOI COMMISSION Commission Merchants "'" --Hd Tobaeeo. GT-108 No. 15B Wa.ter Street, New-York, H. THIERMANN, 89 WATER-STREET,. Oomtia-.!lp,) NEW-YORX, PETER I. MARON. WM. H. PRICE. EDWIN P. MARCIL Agenlsfortbesleof thefollowlna COMMISSION MERCHANT, MARCH, PRICE t\ MERCHANTS, Well-lnown and Celebrnlell Brands of VIRGINIA T OBACOO, Virginia State, Globe, Continental, Metropolis, Etc., Etc., Al!!!01 an kind o f PX.."''Or TC>FI.A.OOC>. 4KD DJIALD Dl Leaf & Manufactured Tobaooo, 110. 141 WATDSTBD'l', llliWYOlUL JOSEPH HICKS, Commission Merchant, 1 91. 'W" ater Stree-t, MANifACTIIIED tACII. o. n Water-Street. GUTHRIE &; co., CHAS. B. FALLENITEIN i IONS, .. 2211 J"ront-atrHt, T 0 B A C C 0 "1ft :NEW-YORK. Commission :Merchants And General c. BAQB., so & co., lOBJf u. BRYAN Wl TTS & co. -.oao &. W'UI'I, TOBACCO .... ;RESSERS. Commission Merchants, Tobaooo and Cotton Fa'otors, Leaf Tobacco pre18ed ln batn for tbe West. 1ndles1 Mtll: ..lJID Tobacco and Cotton Factors,. t7o wATER sTREET, N. v. Commiuion erohanta, GENERAL -..utD-CHAS F TAG WIIJ.TAM M. PRICE & CO., llo. 142 wo. IMPORTER. OF SPANiSH, .A.:J:) II!!IT:E'a.ll!lli!IT, 84 liE.A.VliiK-BTRmmT. AlA Weekly Trade Salt8 every Tlwrsday _through01J,t the Season. Ca8h advances tllllde on aU Consignments. I, B. COHEN 9 "DOLI'Il ln'aOIDL oviJIO &llTZUS'rEIN. AGENCY .ro:& ALL EllrDI liP IIIDAB :11.IBJ101ft. A. Rererenoos: 9 Commission soHAoYectEaRr-etBreeRtO, T:EYRorSIL.I 0 AT MAN, TH. H. VETTERLEIN & SONB, .!JI'D JIILJ.LIIa .. .w. lllllll8 Clf JIULDs IB 11 Buooeaaor to 128 Wate1 Street, L W @JJ C @Jt D 0 J I 0 TOBACCO &; REID, FOREIGN TOBACCO, AND GERER.I.L IWPORUII OP N' E 'W' 'Y 0 :e. x_ NO. 187 WATER-STREET, n 164 WATER-ST., N.Y. Commission Berchants, HA. v .ANA IIIWYNL VETTERLEIN l co., FIELDING, GWY.NN & CO., ROBINSON 8t, HEARN. 4d, 'W ATER-S'J'REET, AJID D:u.LKR JJ( DOMESTIQ Leaf No. 47 Broa.d Street, NEW YORK. DUBOIS, L, [H rtrhn H\.5, J'OR TFI.I: f.ALX or Leaf and Manufa c tured Tobacco 37 Water Street, Du } JotephB. Vandcnoon, E!i1. Sailor's Delight, Navy, Pearl, J( poundo. poundo nod Jli p o und a. 8 E CAR 8 J!'orget-me,not, J& pollllciJ o f Lsaf Tob&oco for IXPOIII' &.lid -" ...... i---, .0. 1'16 W ATER.S'f,, Tobaooo for _&>:pon IDd Home / 110MB 'UBI:. -.101 ... ... a-. U NE'W-YORX.


LEAF. Y.Commieefa ew York Commiuion llerchanta; 'c. a. LORILtaeo, Tobacco& T0BACGO !1J FF M.Al't.UF AO ERS, LE F 8.mmtl +ammnion :gltrtgtmfs. 110.40 .WOAD-8TREET, tw4t II&W-1'&RL TANNAHILL, &oiL W AINE & Oo,, G.I!:NKB.Uo Gommission Merchants For tbe Sale ef Produee AIID l'll.KCB.AIIE Ol" IIJ:&OHAIIDJIK &DBRALLY, No. 130 Pea.rl-street ........ NliiWYOBlt. B. VETTERLEIN, ftonnui.ssi .!.aD IN _Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, 122 WATER-ST., NEWYQAK. L. E. AIISIB'CX & CO., 1 0 148 Pearl-.....t, Y'., MERCHANTS! BRAEKELJ!ER & FOOTE: Commission Merchants And Mabufacturen of HAVANA SEGARS, No. Q4 BEEKMAN-STREET, lftJGr B'BWYORH. JOHN T. HARRIS & CO., TOBACCO Merchants, .J 80 :J'BOl!J'T-BTBEET, NEW-YOBK. ....-Wanbonae 'l'bi.V-eecond Dl.uto&. tP. s. .,...._, l& o-. REISMANN & CO., nlls,;toa lltrtbaa._, 16, 18 & 20 Chambers St, New-York. WE C.AI.L SPECIAL ATTENTION 1'o tile IJ(PROVED QUALITY of our FINECUT cHEWING TOBACQQS. L-ellal>llns nato meet &he requlremcnls of the Jallf.:U.I,. ol -THE CENTURY CHEWJNG Ia of a be&IIIIM IWI,a.t plolftl eel or, .,&de from eueful oeleellono of a. Ia,... otock of Cbolee Old Lear. II Ia llael7 ... _.., 1Ni: eac, tnoe-lbOrta, an4118greal popularity, dally lncreaslag, ill ample evidence of ka merlla. THE CENTURY IN TIN FOIL. 'l'be lm111enee popalarily of our Century Poll, put up Ia elegant solden wrappen, ball faiiJ eet.blilhed u a -that ills the BaiT 'robaeco In &be coulrJ. $100 IN U. S. NOTES PACKED IN THIS BRAliD DAILY. Ja order to eonface eonaa.mera of tbe unrivalled qaallU of thll Tobaeeo, W'fl have adopted tht. pLin u an e:zira to eo .. _.. 10 It, beleJ coDYIDeed 1.bat one trial Is umetont to fully eotablllh Ita reJMltatlon evertwhtre.. AJ on enormous demand h113 bcOD in a.ll p'rta of the country for Centur1 Tobaceo, e haye beea COlD pelled 10 eul& all, to pat up Bright u well .. U&rk Tle aannfHiol'tr. GRANULATED SMOKING-TOBACCOS. As tbls elas of T obacco, "hen made of goou material, l 1!1'll>rlor to Cot Bmokln,, as lh'o ract ls be -'W'ell-kno Btanet.. YORIIt. IRBY, McDANIEL a, CO., JJ Pao"t<>=-:!a, AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHA TS 140 GRAVIER STREET. NEW ORLEANS. or.-en the purcbale of Cotton, s....,, .0....., N. LACHENBRUCH i, BRO., JOHN F.1tiFERT, Dealers In Ql1 kbld1 of D.f'LU JW Lr'EAF PaJMFS CSDA noaaos a :m o-.A. n. 8 or Segar< Water Street, (Up Stain,) PLA.NE:O AND I New-York. Goerck St., New-Yoxk. UNKART & 00., 1 :BAG: BOXES & mnm. 166 :Fulton street, Shearman Brothers NEWYORK.. J DB..U.KRS fl: J. S. LEVERETT & CO., lllBCDJ.:ns .&liD .&Oi:'\TS OP TDD ELLENVIlLE GJ.JASS WOHKR, BOXES AND BOX-SHOOKS, Put up and 8!liPO<\{or tho Sputobern Mar-Jn> lJAJWF .J.CTUltCRS O J J.WD !) llf All. J:tXDB Or 1 Hanovm Builil!lngs, Hanove' r Sq 'uare, New Ymk. L!A!F Advances made on Consignments to Messrs. W. A. & G. Maxwell tk Co., Liver poo RAILROAD MILLS OUR -'BRANDS'(' SBVPP. SNUFF & TOBACCO BOTTLES, 69 Murraystreet, We gtve opee.lal att.nlton I. O.e .. nu-ure o! ToBACCO BOXES all' 179 PEAIL-l'rREET', Baw.... Pin and a.dar ,, .. ,.to, eVI'U. V W.W.18K.Uilf1 } ...___.., ...,.._._ lew-York. Y. R. PEARSALL, :ra.a--&114 ,...,.. .. of HA. VAliA SEGARS lEAF TOBACCO. ll'o. 23 Boaih William Street, u. IIOUIUTtl, IIIWYORK PALJtiER & SCOVILLE. ""--"' IIJllTB, PALXE:a at eo., ..,.,_.,., LEAF TOBACCO, lie. 170, New-York. ... .................. ozaaiiiUta'll\ Wrl.ppv of .QV GW11 .. B. o.a R. H. OBER & CO., (8aeouoon k> OBIIll, NANBON .tr CO.,) No. 43 Broad Street, NEW-YOBK. Uberal Advances mftde on Cowrlt;nmenta to ourselves or Correpondcnts In Europe. VIl&GINIA TOBACCO WORKS -:o:-. L. HEIDELBERGER, ........... Oftmla 01' Plug, Twist, & Fancy Tobacco, Ce .UfD J.LM miasion Merchant, lfO. N8 l'W&BL-I!JTBElllT, 17 8 Watm-St, reet, Yo'rk, .AND FINE TOBACCO. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF VUELTA ABAJO WRAPPERS AND FILLERS OF THE BEST QUALITY CONSTANTLY ON HAND, IN BOND AND DUTY PAID. BREEN FIELD & CO ., 61 Heaver Street,. NEW-YORK. Orden cor Tobacco and Oou., carefully exeald. GUSTAV Commission ISAAC, Merchant, No. 140 WATER STREET, llewYork. COOK & ROBINSON, IIAYID.....,. .................. COMMY('c; ON MERCHANTS LEVY & lfEWGASS, ,...,....,.. or A!llt w8oL..w.& DIIJ..LJ!JJII" Commission erchants, HA V!lf! AND YOIESTIC CIGARS AD D COJmecticnt 3uod and Havan ._._, Freoeh A Genua. Oaf Plpts1 .&.. x. cR.DOzo co., LEAF rAccos AND SEGARS. l'fo, 1'2'8 W.I.TEIIo4T&BET, Bpanlab Ribbons, Prenoh ana Enllab Wax Motch el Pueea and Punks, Turkbh, Vfr.tnta, an1 all A ldadll ol Bmoklnr, Fine-Out aad Plr Tobacco. 100 Barolar-st., (lli-1118) New-York KACCOBOY, FRENCH B.APPEE, SCOTCB .&liD LU:NDYFOOT SKVFPS. IUCCOBOY AllD FRENCH DOll lLOtrl. ,,... ALeo IUNUPA.cmJBIII,II OP TSil ..-r BIIANDS OP .......... ... <1. -.:: SMOKIN8 TOBACCOS, CIWS, ANI) PURE POWDERFJ L-ICE. 133 WATER AlfD STB.EE1'S, NEW-YORK. G. HIRSH. M. LINDHEIM. VIRGINIA TOBACCO WAREHOUSE. LIND HElM BROS. & co., Merchants, Tobacconists and Commission OWNERS OF THE IOST CELEBRATED BRANDS OF VIRGINIA SMOKING TOBACCOS N&'I'17RAL liR&P, VIRGIN.I4 SB&L, XX GOLDEN CROWN, X GOLitBI'f CROW ll IL LJ()KJI'IICJK., ORIENTAL, OLD D0i11JNJON, L'WNCHBVRG, anti. GENUINE TURKISH TOBAC co, In Bvlk, i 11>-. l Jb,, lb., and 1-i lb. Dqa anol Bales, and Jb, p08 .,.. SEISD FOR A CIRCULAR, We &lao be& to call attention of the to the various Brands of Virginia and Western :Plug Tobaocoa, of which we have a large stock conata.ntly on hand Bond nnd Duty paid. 90 WATER STREET, NEWYORK. 2 Branch House at 406 Sansom Street, San Francisco, Oal. PATENT TOBACCO-KNIVES, 01' EVERY DI:SORIPTION, ADAP:rED TO ALL THE DIFFEII.E!i'T POWJ:B. .A.ND HAND IIU.ClliNU, MADE BY NAPANOCH AXE AlfD mOll CO., c. s. BRIGHAM, Treasurer, Napanoch, N.Y. Ov loc Street. JOSUH S. LBVEBETT & 00. J>roprletors of tlae Clola111t11 S A; Ptaolq lll1lll, 141'-i NE'W-YORH.. Be. J\ to 13 lledgwJU:-et., li. Y. [!IN .I.FPAl:RS IX WASHIRGTON this date the amounts, viz.: 61tuetal Grant has issued an order As security for c:irculatmg no.tcs, $34 0, with a view to the instruction and 634,250, and for depoBits irf publi c rooequipment of the army for any continneys, ISS,030,450. 1 gency in which communication by sig The following from the Chief nals may become necessary. of the Divi.sion of Rational Ba.nk ReThe pub1ic debt statement jus t issued ports has been ma c to the Comptroller for the month of Ootobor, shows the of the -Currency : total clebt to be $2,6 15,502,848, and the .':, ... total amount of coin and currency in the SrR:-I have the to be $133,998,398. The report of the General Land Of. following as a of t e work fice Commissioner shows, among other done in this divU!ion by the eighteen things, t11at the United States is three gentlemen and iadiell employed thousand miles in advance of England therein, in the month of October, 186'1: on our route to China, Japan, and the J,etters written, 63; letters numbered, Indie s There Me fourteen hundred b1 iefed, registered, and filed, 2,195; letr million acres of public land undisposed ters copied, 311 ; reports anctf'y, IJour ob'd't scrv't, tics, who will probably bid in the Govrernmcnt shares. JAKES T. OWENSTEIN, Gener:tl Grant has issued a circular 1 quef of Division. to the Freedmen's Bureau CommissionThe receipts from internal rev eu ue for ers in the South, directing tJ!.em to take the week amounts to 14,031,000. WEST INDIA PRODUCE, 115 Broadway, New-York. LEAF T .OBACCU, ll'o. SIS Kafden-lane, lrew-York. possession of all property which was It is ascertailltd fi:bm an source 157, 159, and 161 Goerck Street, New-York. abandoned by the" owners during the that the Government will be ready on war and wllich although still borne on the 25th of this month to proceed with the as dba:ndoned, is now in the the trial of Dn-tt1. It seems owner' s po&Session. Time is given the l t? be the desrre on both old proprietors tmtil the lst of January sides qf the a purel y llpeolal atteniiOD pald to the tale of Ler Tobac co uno Oot.ton, and IIbera ad'I'Ulcea ,.anted. T...... .,. t1ERY c;1 ,., liloarn UJ.OIIOll. 912 &Ali'UEL 84LOWM US WATER STREET, Nea.r K&iden Lane, NEW-YORK. 69-121 '.I:' HE CITY TOBAcco ACENcv, A. S. ROBENBA.UII&CO., Charles Seitz & Brother, .f o. 108 PRO:NTSTUET, IewYork. CJOl1IIDSSiol'f. MEBCJH&NTS COMMISSION MERCHANTS, I g; MACHINE CO.'S '' to make formal application for their that Chwf-.Yust1ce Cha se sna ll .sit property, :1lld in case they do not make With. Judge 0n tnal suchapplicationtheywillthenbeejected. In of fact, 1t Ill poss1bic G. .. Cigars and' Leaf TobO:cco, I ':!a!i:::...... i 699 BROADWAY. N.Y. .., 611-90 162 Water-street, liew-York. 11 1.. -------------------------------lliw"TJJ on band a 1---et lii&Dufac -Tobacco. ForsaleonUberaltenns. t4 THE HAR. RIS. FINISHING CO.'S .. 3 .. RRw Doa1.11o. D.lNI!L DENRBO. S. SELLING & SON, J.. W. Gv.,..., r. WK. T.&TORNaoaa1, t7 W, GUNTHER & B. & D. BENRIMO, om ... AlfD 00JIIIl8SIO .... CIIAX11l Enamel Water Proof Finish for Show Cards. CONNECTICUT SEED-LEAF TOBACCO, .IJID DBUIIIIS 111 AU JI[]DJI or !obacco and General Commission No. 171 Water-street, New-York, and 194: and 2H Sta.te-atreet, Hartford, ColUl. LEAF TOBACCOt MERCHAIITS, 124 WATEB-BTBEET, NE'W-l' ORK, lio, 110 Ptatl-n., oor, !laTe on ale all kinde of LEA.JI TOBAOOO for JIXPOnT Hvlng a buyer In Oomaeotleul Val Uld noME USE, le7, we are enabled to soU a$loiT ftrareo. 128-148 I Oar :Enamel Finbh not onl,v atfol'ds protection 'rater, but Jt cnhaocf'6 tho beauty .c.nd 1lneneu of PlaiD of Colored Lltbogt'MJ,)Ls. by the colo r s m'lre lntens llLd the outliu\:S mor e cllnlnot. I c. ll the only floiih ror Show-Cards tllBt gives Dutabltty, FJIICJJNjS,. aud &eanty. A Card w .. u mounted 1s Always aud 111 bOre or M goofl pnsHlon in the ehow wlneiow; wherea.!l, a Card badl;y mounted, (r n ot m ounted a.t a11, finds no fa.vor, t!Bcl ls got rid of as toon u poulbJe. 8110IV-0&rds and P1cturos or Framed In any desired. men Carda fintahed U not lee, tree of charge. gt veD, and all ordere, large or tmall, prompt)y etcourery packed and corre ttJJ' hipped. THE HARRIS FINISHING CO., 35 Dey Street, New-York. --------During the week there has b een rethe trme of tr1al may bo postponed m ceivcd from the Printing Bureau of the order that arrangements may be made Treasury Department fractional ourrento secu re a joint cy amounting to $317,100. The ship1 ments during the same period were as The Madison (Wi.sco:wiin) Jourfollows: To the Assistant Treasurer at nal estimate& Fwohilclria-..aajor:Ly for New York, $200,000; to the United Goven10r at e,ooo, and claims fliillt it States D epository at Cincinnati, :1\100,cannot fall Defow ,O

: .. )I PBILADBLl'BU. ADVEJlT18FKQ1.'8. IN M Manufactured Tr'obacco I estic and Imported Segars. I States Bonded Warehouse. Consigners can forward their stocks without preparing the Gov tu:. I I. IUIIIALllO SANK. JOSEPH BROOIUL DDD ANK oo .. Tobacco Commission Merchants, .::> No 31 N. Water-st. &. No. 30 N. Delaware-ave., Philadelphia. J r KlNSEY. :!'A Y WAREHOUSE, No. 336llarket-st., and Nos. 9 and 11 South Fourth-St., I PHILADELPHIA. SOLE AGENT FOR K. d. BARKER'SAMERICA-N IVIich.ipUl Pine-Cut Chewins Tobacco, 0 And whol-le dealer in Domestic and Imported Segars, Sad, Bdarwood and ._.._ and llmokera' Articles of every deecriptlon. 0 United Bonded Wmhonsc, Firsr Collection DistriGt, Pcnusm.81ia. WOODWARD & CO., Tobacco General Commission Merchants, No. 47 North Water St. and No. 48 North Delaware Avenue, 1 A. COUilfl!iiU, E. A. WOODW ARE._. U WOOJlwA.IU>.l A. & R. Armstrong, TOBACCO PHILADELPHIA, P A., DOH4N &t. TAITT, T opacco. Commission .I.OIIllft roa 'filii lALII o COMMISSION Manufactured&LeafTobaooo, No, 51 Front Street lltu. us N. DelawMH,..,, 1 (> IL L DOHAN, PHILA ELPHIA. lNO T. TArrr, 6T ... -.-"->'0U -<>&..c:BA_r. IDlO&J' Bllll. PHILADELPHIA. UliiTD ITAT:U BO.DJ::O 'WA.UHOVI& Will. C. PEAill:. l)a.ltod. Bonded Warehoa.e, BOYD, & CO., -JOHN DOUGLASS, TOBACCO. .tn o.llsaa nr LEAF AND To baocos. Segars, Ere., l'armera Aceta 1&18 or Connecticut Seed; le Tobacco, 81 l!foi'Ch TJalrd1&., PhUad.elphla. LEWIS BREMER & SONS, No. 13 North Sixth-street, cm-JUJr of Oomm ConstanLir oa l11lria a large aatprtment ot CONNEct' J:5 lCUT, OIHO, onu SEED-LEAF TO q -B.&.CCO, also HAVANA and VAliA TOOACCO. General Commission Meroha,nts, BUGKNOR, M'OAMMON A 00., No. 39 Nortb. Wate r Street, PHILADELPHIA tommission Merchants, wrou.oou. oBIIooaa. S. & J. MOORE, LRAl' AND TOBAOOO. a1 N. Water-st. l 38 lt Delaware-ave. D () r.rc. \llfc)NJ A. I llt'CKNOR, 1., W NASSAU, f;1ir U: Sl'Ai DANISH LeB.f' I! Wlln-SICOND Sl'RUT, -CINVIN':N'A'l'I of Meer110haum and Brier-P:iPia, B. F. & co., & Leaf Tobacco w. GLORE &: t.SAf T08ACC08t JOHN T. JOHNSON 4 SON, No. 41 VDTE-STRElllT, ""') 1'-01 CINCINNATI. same, M d. & Ohio Leaf," No. 39 6 6 WATU-8'1'., l\lo, 10 Cermanst., Baltimore. Al(D -11 Baltimore, Md, "NEWYORK BRANCK." 5. w. GAIL CHRISTIAN AX. OFFICE 4 STQBEBOOMS, G. H. BOLENIUS, G w GAIL & AX 47 VINE STREET,] KROHN, FEISS & co., "' WIIOI&S.I.LII DI:4LD 1 OIJIOII\UIATI, OlilO, .nucmruas 9 T b M .r. t A LEAF TOBACCO .... or ... OTU ... =..,.,. o ('; ----SEGARS AND TOBACCO, 0 aoco anulaO Ul vii.:>, s 0 K: :I N G o """"" oamm And lmportero of Lear, Fine-ciii, & Segars. 1pufact1lred To,a=o and Sel[ars, lllbacco, Leaf Tobacco Inspection i NO. acMI w. PRA!.TT WAREHOUSE c UNION FAOTOBY, 113 and IJ!I Hand-at. ,... in.oin.n,.t:i, Ohio. Vll-144 mn woau,.. 0 .,.....,. 31 01a1r-n. 11 Baltitnora. D 0 -------. BECV"'D'D A BROS importers o and ealera'" rgara, N'os,lOn 102, 104 West Front St., .. Lowx.'ITBJ.L, PITDBUR.O. 'PA .A.D.A \Xo Pipes, Snuff-boxee, eto., QEOB.GE BLUJIENSCHEilf, Whol-Dt&lenlar.Uidadoor NO. 28 BARRESTREET, Cl INNATI, OHIO. S, LOWENTHAL & CO,,-W'IIOLaULIII>ULBilm LEAF TOBACCO, MORRIS & CHALFANT >Ullll>.=-aaor I d tl pt """ Buttmore. ... Propn etors. PLUG TOBACCO nrn i"'GAUtJ "'" a tJtlm IOUo!! s E GA. R s c;JrDEP01'-wltb GAlL Ax & KUCIILEB, Noe. 1'13 4!1 lll ll&l, r iii ,.., r. nd 175 W&ter .. treet, NewYork. 11-ta Action Salel Daily. ..., 1n10LZB.U. DJW.Da or 8 94 ombard-Street, (near Light, ) L, w. GUNTHER, OrdenforLeafpnapi!Tdea4e41o, ltr LEAF T 0 B A C C 0 MOKING AND CHEWING TOBACCO, BAJ.TIIYJORE. I ... ..... .... qll&DtiC,ofCouect\cct a'i"" 0 GENERMAL h t,' N.Y.BranchLcafTobaccoWarehonse. '14-!o. 76 No. SEVJ:NTR-8T PITTSBURG, P.l.. JOSEPH SCHROEDER, OmmlSSIOll erc an MARTLN HEYL lobher&DdWhole>&lel>elerla >.XD L. NEWBURGH, Leaf Ma fa t d TOBACCO FACTOR, nu c ure N 90 Lombard-street, .... uol>ut.nrN SCHULTE & BAGLEY, Succ esoon t.o YOUitTIE PI,SBEII t 00. 11wmoman or ) D. SPANISH & DOMESTIC 7 q"\ 0 B A c c 0 81 EXCHANGE PLACE, .. adnaeemenll made on .., ......... ':s .. l f! r 'l.lB t c Tobacco 4} Third door East of South St. No. 51 Walnut-st .. Cincinnati, O. .....,.uuoruaDS .......... oLOSJ.Lo DlW.-111 No. S3S LIBERTY-STREET, ... BdLTIMOHE. H. WILKElVS 1&. SBCARS, Pittsburg, Pa. 'l'obaooo reoe!V"ed on Commtooton. 5! IONUJENTAL CITY TUBAC CO WORKS ar'" Ealablifed 'llmol!r Ott)/ Ordinanc lMT. 94 West '5eooDaooo, and Began. ont nEP.o.YINo tbo Government Tax. oKo. KIIBCHOF!'. &Eo. r. UNVERZA-GT. BtCII ... ., .... IULLAT. Plug, Snuffs & 'NEWARK ADVERTisEMENTs. LOIIJILQOIIIIID.UIS. GIESKE G. KERCHOFF & CO., R. Mallay a Bro., No. 62 East Third street, W. 1\'B,OLEIIAL:&DEALEBSIN ouuasnr OHIO. W. A. BRINTZINGHOFFER, Qt;oult Jtttl 1 h !Iolii :a;oREIGN o! UD DSALDS Ill No. 49 South Charles Stl'eet, dl' .e a Jl w ll' lt tt 0', THORNTON, POTTER & CO., Fme Domestlo Our.ars. Ill a @! [g) a BALTIMORE, Md. Nos. 115 and 117 Wett Front-street, m!l'F.WTU1ES or ..... ltl>(J>B 07 All Kinde of LEAF T08ACCO (iilJ If' IJJ (iilJ B (ltl!uro,RnconLt1 Ohio i Thoa. 0. Duraot, Vice Union I'Mific H:loilro:.vt, NewYo rJc; l\1. Jon Oroktc"ra, Now Vork; 0. W e lls, Hartford, Conn ; W 8. U untnon & So .a, P rovlr.lcnoe, R. 1 ; J. A.. Dodd. & Co. Do. oo, Ma.s&. .TORN BRAMM, !!u,_...r w BRA.l'IIM & BROTHEB81 28 Atlantic-st., Brooklyn, ILUflJJ'AortJRER or J..LL J(JND8 or, Golden Lea:!', Cherokee, Golden Shower, Rose, Star, etc., etC, No. 102 MAIN-STREET, between Sd and 4th, LOUISVILLE, KY. U, S. BONDED WAREHOUSE, 5th DIS'l'RICT, KENTUCKY. .116 Main-street, LoniiiVille, Ky., Tobacco. BUFFALO .ADVERTISEM:El!I'IS. 317 & 319 Jefferson-avenue, DETROIT. Pllrticular attE-ntion paid to the purchase ot Lea1 nnU sale of l!,liw.ufactured T vbu eco. (74--1 :.6 Heinsohn & Allen, ADAMS e CO., MANlJPACTtrBERS OJ' s E G :a s Tobacco & General Merchant, 117 NORTH THIRD STREET, lOS N. Water St. aud 106 N relawnre-ave., Fine-Cut CheWinK and smoking Tobarco, J?RAN OKE & ELLER, LOUISVILLE, KY. AN]) SOLE )[A..NUJ'ACTtl'B.Itll OP 'l"lm CJtLDAll'ED BRAND "MORNING GLORIE" FINE CUT. 40 Congress-st., East, DETROIT, I'UCH. No. 207 Washington-stree.t, BUFFALO. N.Y. U-93-PHILADELPHIA. KEYSTONE TOBACCO WORKS. A. llun J w a. j, "DalCdOI<. -:o:ORIENTAL. SNUFF WORKS. G. A. GREENLY & CO., A. RALPH & CO. """"ncl"'nEBsor No. 105 Archst., PhlladeiP't--.. :M...utUFA(.'1'UK.IUi8 OJ Plain and Fancy Smokiirtg RAPPU, AND JL\CCDBOf SNUJr8, .... 0 B A c c 0 VEEY SUPEIeverol yeuroln tloe maaut .. tun: ofOtlnetl Seor $o Herm&n & .IU.y), Manufacture:!' of Cigars. "-XD WHOLDU..L.8 DEJ.l.D d MANUFACTURED TOBADDO, COUepBlock,No.22lf. Harrisburg. Pa & .... t r P. W. l!lD!'t''o (ldebroto B.i &mplea IODI w th a' wbol.,le prlots 4!! c l! upon,oollcllo.t.loJ!.. Otlice and ronm, II: No. 30 Weat Loulsianaatreet, ::; Seed Leaf, and SDanish Tobacco, ctgarz, BliUI'F, CUT AND PLUG TOBACCO, ETC. PHILADELPHIA rora-.t .&.Jt'JTobiiCCO ao.i.tlnalt It r nnror A n)!oor nBI.I. CO San lgoaelo lit., CIGARS, PIPES, etc., etc., 70 Ao Orden """'IYod :.,. VICTOR PUIG,II Deo.IJ)Yn, f

r THE TOBACCO L E .A F. M;ILLS & RY ANT, ,. .. ........ con stantly advancing; above the Park, w e rrow to P a. LORU.I.ARD'S wmrER The EIJening P06t gives the iutpresting sec a ra.pi ad an ce, which will be more astonishing Gl Tobaeoo Brokers & G.eneral Commissioo Merekants, account of the mercantile developm :- York: FOY & EARLE. Managers, Forty years a.go the P .. at he corner ofGa.rincreas e ofpopulatiOA. Olllce in Tobacco Exchange, Shookoe Slip, Richmond, Va. den and William 11treet s, in this city, employ,ed fiv@-1 r. ----.. 85 .South W a.ter-street, Chicago, Ill. aerer bJ w .AUlD B:&&VEY, Jrelden' or u.. N&lloDal B nlr, llcll"aOild, Ta.; J.UtD T&o:aus, clerks, the administratwu of General '"Ba ilies. OOVERNHENT SEJZO:aB 011' A. TOBA.OOO BOlJSB 1r., l'.tlq;, !Ucbmond, Va.; 8. 0. ROBINSOltr, 1'reeldenl ot tiiB -n lllallOilal llaak, lllcbmond, Va.; H. The mails lOl' the Southwest wel'e sent lly one man, AT R CBEST:I:a .. -oemplete-..__, LorUlar4' Ooo.b-nleWtllc, lhDoltl-a. l!laaft, ll JDIIIINGEI. "oo., tel and 168 Malden lan e, NewYork; .._ .... & Boston. generally once or twice a week; the m&il so small I Q ...... e&o. that the man carried it under his arm over the North For the day or two rumon hal'e been circui.a-cm:IO.A.GO, ILL. 118-98 C, T.lN norur. P. XKDBOIJ, CASH VAN HORN &: CO., K.UII17&C'1"1111DII o OliOIOE FINE OUT ""'OHB ....... rw..,lll""G A liD Jmokiug m,bacrlll, No. 1 4 Soutb CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. S. STEPHENSON, 1'0& Plt:ODUCEM AID o L6rJ; Me.nufactured Toba()co, and Cigars. EXCLUSIVELY COl!lliiUBBI..,.trcet, IUcbmond Va. Our Post-office which .has never been more satisfac-but the firm was allowed time in which to make payosrOT AND P&ll'ICIPAL No. '78 wmaa ... Jreet, New-York. torily managed than at the present time, now employs ment. At that time Richard .Ketcbum was appointed :JII"tab1:lhed., 1888. over five hundred clerks and four large-s ized four -h orse Government Inspector of Tobac co for this and wagons cany the mails fiom the office to the railroads. i t is c laimed tllat he connived with the nrin to "-rub Union Plu. TobaCCO The average weight of these mails daily, over sixty out," as it is called, this indebtedness at the rate of tons. Last week one Ewopean-steamer mail took from $2,000 011 $3,000 per month, the books of both. partie s THOMAS J. HARDGROVE, the New York post-office sevent y-ni ne thousand letters being made to agree, so that the Governmellt woul d Only sncceMOr to TBOJU.a .a. BABJ18'1WVJ:, -and the mail for Havana took over eight thousand not be apt to detect the fraud. It ie also stated )lanuracturer ana O wner of the !ollowlllg Celebrated Brap.d or Virginia Plug Tobaccos: The circulation of the Independent required las t week t.he monthly sales of the house were reported at a DUIK. LIGH>J:. two hundred and fo:.:ty United States mail bags. The much lower figure than they 1eally were, Ketchum I'M 1Jest, Peeetf1111)' ooHc!ted 111d promptly attended to. lti'a ll.t.B, and otbe IMported and Domestio Cigars. No. 6 Asyl=nstreet. near Mai <:. 35 yentraletreet. ooR B()STON, MASS.J FISHER & co., I rosacco caowsaat Commission Merchants, Commission Warehouse, 23 CENTRAL WHARF, H. B. WILCOX F'lu.Nm s"F'rsmm, I. BOSTON. Nos. 169and 171 P'rontst., Jo"" N FtsliER RAB.TJ'OB.B, Conn. GEO. T. WATERMAN & CO., L. B. BA..AI!I. l' ... B.UI 00--liiEB08U'J.', ilD BllOD.R IX HAAS BROTHERS, DEAU88 IR. T 0 8 A C C 0 CONN. SEEDLEAF TOBACC NO 15 CEliTlL\L Wli:AJLF J.BD ..... OP .l""'t 'Y .I'""U. s Q.:J. 'l'.lf.4TUIJU, L .. 88-68 a:osToN. .... a. roDD. !18!1 Mafn-Srred, F. B. BRACKETT & CO., TEAS JI.&BTFOBD, (JONN, D. W. KIN AGENT, Seedleaf 1ll4 STATE 8TitEI!tt, ____ H_artf1_ord, H.&. Z. K. PEASE, IIIALJIIIl Ill CONNECTICUT _..,_ 'r 0 BA C C -G6 J Seed-leaf Tobacco, a. and State-sti-eet, J[A,B'170BD, 14 CENTRAL WliARP, 39-64 A. A. ECKLEY, LEAF AND M!NUF ACTURED TOB.&COO. GEO:RG;F; B.. BARNES, Connecticut 8eeciLeaf TOBACCO, NO. 12 CENTRAL WHARF, No 238 State-.trMt, ___________ H&BTF'eBD, ()Ol'fllf. D .. l& S. B&OWLf, 1.&8. &&OWN1 JR. EDW"D. S GOULI'l'OM: D. S. BB.OWJI & CO,., -TaS.llla,.,OJMlUDS.u.aam Leaf and Manufaotured TOBACCOt llAV.lJJ.l l'.BilfOIPE. ABD DOJD!S'liO OIG.lBB. 11-..m and Briar Pipet, ud 8mookero' Alilclol e.-aly, Exclaot.dy Wbolll&le. 11 and SJ Droad .. sree&, ....... J. W. llcELB.OY, L OATMAN., D:U.LD 1 t A r l rD lB @l. ALL KINDS OF OIGARB, 212 State-street, U.TJ'OIUI, COlfB. 8. WOODRUFF, IIULD D1 TOBAOOO BJOIB Connecticut Seed-leaf 'TOBACCO, U BROAD STREET, BOSTON. H. SMITH & CO., ) merclian.ts J!Jo. 1183 8aY-atreet, HAaTli'OR.D, (JONN, J. D. BURNHAM & CO., Connecticut Seed -Leaf Tolacco, 'P o&ucco. $n.uff, tutrl NO. 2D HAMPDEN-STREET, W e make" epeelally of P. 4 G. LOB.ILLARD'8 CELEBlU.TBD Hnsn u SlllALD8 Ill', .U.SO DIALDS l1t 1'1 UG and OUT TOBAIDOO!f, !opUJer with a 1enerut aeoo rtm enl o > f Plpeo &n4 llaH*en' rtlclea. Bo. 9 Wesmnnatvltraet, Proviiiemce, B.. L uoJilDOTIClJ'l'" BZZDLE.AP bacoo Warehouse, 159 and 161 oainmerce-street, HARTFORD, COliN. Partleular allentlon paid lo \he purcbaae, p&cldlll, &104 curing cf new leaf o n commt.lon. D. M. SEYMOUR. G w GRAVES BISSON &. HATHAWAY, _;; Packel'tl aad Dealers In Seed-Leaf Connecticut Seed Leaf T O t) "'ft C C O TOB:A-000, t 134 Ma1n Danbu!Y, Connecticut. HARTFORD, OONN. li&-ltiS. .Cir"_Now_ on_lland 208 Cllel crop '6& IIDd 'llll [109-121 R. A CHAPMAN, J. SIGNOR, IIIIOWD .IJIJ) Dl r.I.DUII.lliJ>DULI&Q Connecticut Seed-Leaf Tobacco, 13r All onlera attended. to with EAST HARTFORD; CONN. ElST JlARTFOBD,CO.NN. J. A. R 0 BINS 0 N J'IIANUFACJTVaBB OF, THE CELEBRATED VIBGINIA SMOKING TOBACCO, INDIAN QUEEN, aml JOCKEY CLUB. Manufactory;Seventh Street, s M. 1lCCo11KL11. W. L. BoW>UN. McCORKLE &:BOWMAN, t OF OHOIC:E BRANDS OF VIRGINIA ()hewing -d Smoklnll' Tobaceol!i, LYNCHBURG, VA. LYNCHBURG, VA. w P. ELAM & co., Me iel, Litchfteld & co., l! IJtttbanttj (81lccea110r to McDatliel & Irby ,) AND General CollUllis!l1on Merchants, TOBACCO BROKERS, Ko. 1G Bidoe St-Jeet, 125 Syca1nore Street, L1:NCIIBURG, VIRGINI:A., PETERSEVRG, VA. 'ill pAy rn.-l;lcular J'l"lou the .ale and purchase of R espectfnll.r solicit Consignments and Orders generally. Jlllt.n'llla!Dt1lred1 iwr, and Leaf Tob cos; .. Te"'l'IIIS""","'lli:""""P""'r"'cen""""t .......................... ..,.....,..,... .... FLOU.B, GRAIN, AND Country Prod uce Gener ,tlly LOUIS ._ J). BDJlDIO, JIIJ lKPORTElt. 01' .A.ND DIULEAB IV HAVANA CIGARS, Bo, 100 .llolltl :l', a 611 Jla1D.IItreet ST, LOUIS, liiO, OTTE & DOBJIANN, (8aceeuon to Put s .!: Otte), .IIU V F.lOTDJtB.B OP .A.LL KINDS OF Plug Tobacco, AND DB.!LER.'') JN SElG-.A.Fl.S Alm Jmnkiug lglqatt!O', 413 North Third St., ST. LOUIS, lJio. OUR :PRINCIPAL BRAlfDS: ELDORADO, NATURAL LEAF, ............... 9ln. NA.TcURAL LEAF, ....................... 9 EXCELSIOR POUNDS, .................. _12" BANANA li'IG, ...................... :::::::: ::::.:::.:::.:::::: :: '" 74-Qg BULKLEY'S STEAM DRYER Wil! save ten to .twenty per cent. to Manufac turcrs, and dry wil.hout or crispin g It is adapted to cut.;, lumps, aud len f. Circu lars free. Address L. E. HOLDEN, No. Casos "Butld.lng. Clfweland, Ohio. A. T BRIGGS, MANU.F ACTUREB 0.1!' Tobacco Barrels, ,.lour Barrels, Molasses Casks, Water and all other kinds of CASKS. AL80, New Flour Barrels & Half Barrels, Staves, Heads, & Hoops. A large suppl y constantly on band. Office, 64 Rutgers Sllp,'New York CIGARS, TOBACCO PIPES, ETC., No. Nonh PourUl&reec, above Pine, lJI ST. LOUIS. li'ACTOBY, Ull North Third atreet, Bll-10'1 PHIUDI:LP HU .. H 0. Go .um.rm. J H. JoBll80. Cooper Tobacco Works. GRAF!'LIN & JOHNSmi, MANUI'ACTUnE'RS O.r Fine-cut Chewing&. Smoking lfll rn lO crJ P. 0., DAYTON, 0 Sole manufacturers of the celebrated brand Naiad Queen ChewlnJ. Under the law of Congress donatin g money to relieve sutl:ering in the Sottth, $ 440 ,65 0 were di stributed in ten States dming the fiv e montl1s of its operation. Georgia r eceivecl t he largest amount, $ 125,100; South CaroliJ1a the next, $104,000; and Flo1ida tl1e $ 1,000. The force in the D el)artment of WaRhwgton, now commanded by General Emoq, is considered inadequate for the protection of the public stores, and will be increased so that they may be ready for any emergency. Ge neral Sherman on his arrival >vill probabiy take the command. The national bank.notes i ss ued during the week were $80,330, and the total amount to dat!l $304,367,971. From this i s to be deduct'"!cl. the currency returned, including worn-out 1 10tes, amounthtg to $5,084,745, leaving in ac tual circulation at this date $299,283, 230 The fractional qurrency redeemed and destro_yed during the week amoun,ts to $416,403. _!ind by $[lt of in interi?r and in tbis.-[Rochester U.nion, Nov. 8 StateJs which keep a large ;tloatmg cap1tal here for m-EXAUTNATION oF THB .AOat1on of a bank d1rector I S comparaard Ketclmm. We can only give a brief report of his tively gone. One of the-pldest dry-goods commission testimony. He states that ill April, 1865, he was apmen recently declared that he had JU()I'C work thirty pointed tobacco inspector for the Twenty-eighth coli eo: years a.go in se lling on eigfit months' credit one tho us. tion district. He maae his head-quarters at tlt,e store and dolla r s wot th of goods in selling :fifty thou-of Suggett, & Kimball. Soon afte r eu.teri (7 upon the sand d o llars now for cash. This change can only be duties of his office e had a conver n Mr. Bugunderstood by l ookiug at Chicago, where the dry-goods gett in regard as to how they could defia\ d ibe house s are selling six millions dollars worth of dq ,rneut. Mi. Ketchum s&ys c '1\ot Temcmber goods a year. In all tbe ls.1'ge Western citie wbolesal whether he first made the suggestio ; q,o Suggett-. houses arc any one of which is more It was then agreed that in could be done in thil! way: goods than fiye merchants in Now Y Q!it old in the agKetchum would repm't the sale of _a lot of tobacco gregate thirty years ago. ,... say of the weight of eight hund poundH o.t seven The change in busine shows th powm of Now hundrell pounds, and o n e-third of th tax on the defi York. One of our large houses iwo thousand ciency he .to have and Suggett & Kimball twocases of prints of one kind. The morning's mail thirds. .Anoth e r wa13 ad b!ltween Mr. brought letters requesting the firm to reducll the price Ketchtun and Mr. Suggett, when the deta1Is were more till they coulcl command purchasers. Before night this fully agreed upo n. At the third meeting Mr. "Kimball entire parcel had been sold, by telegraph, to the wholewas.present. The agreement was f;oithfully carried out me1cb::mts-in the Western cities, and in five or six by both parties, Mr. Ketchum receiving his share of davs tli.Q goods were in th !mds of the Western puT-the allegetl fbud from the firm. The :firBt money he chasers by e:xpt-ess. l\Ier cha ndise can now be sent receivell was one-third of $450, the amount of the tax fiom ew Y to Orftaha, a. distance of three 011 the cleficicncy in sales u_p to that, date. _. Ia.tters and miles, in time than was formerly required to went on in this way un til the fa1l o:(' 1866, when, Mr. rea<:h Albany. Ketchum says, the amo .nnt (lne \he Governml!llt was Tt\.e largest houses m the South and West now gen$15,000. About that tune two Government inspectors erally lmV<> reeited by the firm when he w ot pre Central Park are taken up; Uni on Square is tm-ned into On hi s cross-examilra.ti.on Ketclw t u at in st9res, and Madison Squat-e will soon be wanted for the the year 1822 b.e waR sent to State Pril!d to the of cheaper at $50,000 than they now appear at $20,000. the Co1lcctor of Internal Revenue, and there lJl(, Mr. The price oflots is no object to a man who can count A ll en, t liC Collector, and :Mr. Sngget!. !h-. Allrn achis p1operty by millions ancl l1is yearly income by hunc used him of having defrauded the Government., an d of dred-s of thousands havin g connivecl with :Mr. Kimba.H ful' the same pur-Forty years ago u.lmost all the men in this city suppose. He sa y s he ocnicd the charge qut Jearn. posed. tobc worth one hundred thousand dollars cot1lcl mg that :Mr. Suggett bad made a statement implicating be .counted; now no one can CO\Ult tbosc s npp ose(l to be him a n d 1\h. Kimball, he thought it best to make a:conworth a million-lel}ving out the large overgrown es-fess ion, aml did so. :tates of three, ftve, te:o, twenty, ::me l even sixty This i s the s ubstance of t4ll>timony. -It 18 milLions of clDll:trs. This increa se of wealth requires an by the clefence that :oo rclian ee d Mr. inm, of all the;mce of life. 1\Ien have in twenty Ketch um's statement is ow co hov.i'Dg him. years iue1e ased t h eir h ouse rents from $500 to !1;2,500-tot4lav ing once been convicted of crime. Mr. Kimball and the lnttc.t is now as readily paid as was the former has his tlefence, and asks that publilrjudgment be susIndeed, the genemi wealth of tho city has in creased as pended in the matter Wltil such a time n!' al l the facts much as the reJJts. An inve stment iu real estate at the ru appear.-L ochester l _Tnio n, Nov. 9. present high pri ces, pays a better average mterest than when prices were oue-third the present value. Prices arc no object; provi .ded the people have the ability to meet them. An American will freely pay five dollars for a dinner, if it pleases him, sooper than fifty if it does not sn it ; for, as a general rnlc, he considers comfort of more value thaa money. Our true policy i s to ornament and improve the city. Twentl millions of dollar s can ba expcndecl above the C entra Park which, in the end, 'vill not cost the city a cent Such im11rovements will bring millions upon millions of dollars into the city, the ta.. on which. will more than pay the in terest on thQ outlay. Americans nrc drawn to Paris by her improvements, and the money they spen d in that city tonc:Res the p\llsc of aU the in dustry of the FJench nation. New York can afl:'ord to make herse l f a s attractive as Paris, or as any other city in Europe. It i s time to tum the tide aml brin()' Europeans here to spend their uwney. Make om city :cttractive, and they will do so. 1 Nothing s hows the in crease of ]\1" ew York more than the cha:Qge in the nature of the business of our most res pee tab le r eal estate auc tioneers. A few years ago Me_!lsrs. A J. Bleecker & Co., Ludlow & Co., :Muller & Co., Wil kins & Co., and others, had large auction sal es cvet:;vfew days-in fact almost every clay1sales of from :fifty to two or three hundred lots at a. tune. Now they se ldom have a sale, : mel the lots disposed of are above the southem end of t h e Central Pl:Lrk, nearly all the lots below h:w ing been built upon. The real-estate transactions of these fitms a1 e now probably much than at any fo1mer period, but. the sales are private } Large buyers and sellers leave the auction room to cpngrcgate in the real estate offices and negotiate in improved propeJ1.y. Again, within a few w eeks large sales of lots have been made by Mess1s. A. J". Bleecker & Co., some miles fiom the city, and at prices lots could have been sold on Union Square thirty cars ago, which are now worth nearly $100,000. It i the_ wealth of New York -which i s building up an immense city all around it. In eyery direction within :fifty miles, towns and villages are springing up; and all re to be a part of New York. During the last thirty years we ave seen real estate BUSINESS CHANGES. NEw_ YoRK C!TY.-Robert L. Maitl:md & ()o,, Com. dissolved; now Robert L. Maitland, style the same. Blakemore, Parker & Gray-J. W. -Gray retired; now G W. Blakemore and S. M. Parker; under style of Blakemore, Parker & Co. Connoly & Co., Tobacco-James M. Gardiner re tired BosTo:s.-Loring B. Barnes, Tebacco Broker-Fred. P. Barnes admitted ; now Loring B. Barnes & Son. BaLTIMORE.-Rcinhardt & Loose, Tobacco and Com mission, dis solved-H. Rcin.fiardt retired; now Conrad Loose; under style of C. Loose & Co. CniCAGo.-J H. Brown & Co., Cigars aml Tob a cco dissolved; now J. W:. & Shipma n Fox; nnder sty le of J. W. Fox & Bro. DETROIT.-K. C. Barker & Co., Tobacco; uew firm -K. C. Barli:er, general, and Charles Duch:fi m e special partner. RocBESTJm, N. Y.-Suggett & Kimball, facturers-l\Ir. Suggett retired; now W. S. Kimball. INTERNAL REVENUE SEI:61UREB.-A tobacco house in Hicks street, Brooklyn, was se ized recently, was released by the Metropolitan Revenue Board on } i 'ri.da y last, and again seized on Saturday last by Harvey. Inspector Lichtenheim, of the Tobacco Department, has recently brought to light a fraudulent tl'n.noactbn in '3. cigar manufactory in Forsyth street, wJlile the books of the concern w ere discovered in anothei local ity. A partial examination of these led to the diHcover y that up to 1\fay, 1867, fraudulent returns of manufac ture had been made whereby t.he Government was the lo ser to the amount of between $!1,000 and t\10,000. The case will undergo immediate and thorough ex amination. There is a .vague rumor floating about, which we give for what i t is worth th;;it a large consignment of tobacco has been irregulaTly shipped and is now on its yray to this pmt. The lns{>"Ct.01'8 are on the watch for 1ts aJ>pearance,


8 THE LEAF. IVBW YORK 81 A'NUFAC'TURB1l8. B'BW YORK BROKERS. LICORICE PASTE TOBACCO Ll\BLE Anhur Gillender & Co., W. G. ADAMS, Commission Agent, WALLIS &:. 00. xTRA. FOR CADDIES, POUNDS, ETC. FURNISHED BY HATCH & CO., THOMAS'H:oYT-& Co ) I TOBACCONISTS. b NP. 404 PEARL,. NEW-YOJUt, ,MaauMure'rs o( all kinda of fine-Cut Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, Snuff. Cigars, and Havana Sixes. OUR BRANDS FINE -CUT CHI!WIMO J IUNNYSIDR, HEART'S DELIGHT, NATIONAL. THOMAS HOYT & CO., New-York. HOYT, FLAGG & 00.1 Leuiavillc, Ky. HOYT, FLAGG & 90., s.acc-to ll I I HOYT, BARBOUR & CO., tO'] and 'lOCJ Second St ., J..OUISVILLE, KY., II.U>Yhauien ,(the ldlawlnr e.W.ntc4 ltnn4a ef F.1NE-CUT' Ca1w1NG Toucco1 r SUNNY&lDJ, OWEN, ROSE BUD. ICuucKIMrcK. SMOKING ToB.ACCOl, I GoldeR Rllll, Cabinet, \ Chimney-CNa t HOYT, FLAGG & CO,, Leainillc, &.) 'fRO.MAS HOYT & CO., NewYork. J. L. AD AM s I BBICJHT. Sponp Call:.e, :ll'uure' Own. .ieptune l!I"M7l."OI&Dda &Del Halt I'CNildll. Nept-J!l..,-81.. D.A.BJ[. aa.ilor's Sol.aoe, l!l&V7 :fouadto &lld Half Powl4a, l!lailor' Solaoe, 81se8, M .. cle Kltolaell, Quuter Pounde, J, L, Ad&mll' XXX 12-. Clllallenp.Tene, Victoria Tene. J'.ACTOIIY-ld Dltl&A'II'...,.._,., IIII New York. PrincipoiBrand VIRGIN!.\ LEAP,Kll.LICKI!IIOK, JOHN A. HARTCORN, Powdered Llcon'ce Root LILY, and BBitO OJ THE WEST, M-118 01 g,tc: '"nH:. LILIENTHAL803. :FXHE SEGARSj -.AND-The Most Superior in Use. OR I> Kit$ TAKliN BY 1'HIC SOLI! AGE!Il'll, HINDE, DRAKE & CO., 77 PEARL STRE,T, NEW-YORK. W. B011RG'OlGNOll ll 80101 1mporton of 1111 k'Dda of UIUCJU.Uiol AJID BB.IAR PIPES, .t.nd s-..oken' articlel pnerai!J'. P&t ea\ Smokers' Tongue Prot110tcre1 81 !fus>.o 8Tnllll1', N.,.YOBC. J. ll.HlDURGER. POLLAK: & SON, li:J.Btrr.&CTtrRERB OP Meerschaum Goods, 27 John St., near Nassau, & 692 Broadway, N ear 4th Street NE\V'-YCRK. All Goodtltamped wkh our Nume ant! WAJ'I'ftnted geon!ne. o rd e r, repair e d, mounted. amJ boiled. KOENIQ, MEYER ot. CO., DIPOIITDI or; WILLIAM LEE (Succeuor to LEE BROTHERS,) \ !-porter -d Manuilooturer of' JJD'IJJ @!&USe-AND MALim ellfJ I.Uif TOaACCO, !168 Poeer Near l'o.lton, NEW-YOitJC. A lTG. 80Bt7L 00.1 2115 &: 217 G'I'UI.dltroet, 'Ml..lll or ACI'11R.&Jt OP PARIBE!., tdAO J)_.B eABTll, GROBBB HOJ.&.U, DER, 'r.Alll\0 ROTHSCHILD. Also the George Peabody" Jl),1d n.,{j M. BROCK, lf.!JftnrACTUBI!Il 01' 1'lD ftXISl' Bft.A.M'Dil Or C:X:G-AR.&. .liD I SOU PATENTBB "'J 0 1' TilE CI.l!JUUrED' EL RIFLE, 819 BOWERY, NEW-YOU, ...... LEDERMAN BROS., Jmf anh itgarst 159 WATER-STREET, Fletoh.6r.arHt,) 110 NE'W-YOJUL W. Jfortign i:obattq anb ctigars, And Wboleeale Dealer ID &II klntla al DOXBSTIO OIGABS AJID LEAF TOllAOOO, 8ranchel t 860 44llalden Lint, 12415 IINadwa)', NE'W' Y'ORKo D. REINHARD, MABUF ACTUREB. OF FINE CIGql And Dealer in all kind or LEAF TOBA()()O, 93 AnB, .,...._.:. of '"""U. IHftet. NE'W' YORK. GRAN UtA TOR A.ND KilliokinniDk Mill. PATENTED SEPT.10Ut,186T The che&peat, ot ... plnt and mool durabla.fent hand. eotttr.g m&ch'ne wltb. all ltel't. tmpr'lft018DU. for c.hculara, can or addreaa BOBGP'BLDT II oppollle lloe llowYort G. K!All', 18 Oealnl Wharf, Booton, llau., .lplll. for lbo Netr Eni!aod n:oeP' Oom>eellolll. lit NEWYORK and BREMEN r.TEA.'.I'II8HIP COMPA.l'IY. 0 :&: li!I.A..'JP ::m-X.. :II:-:m. STEAM TO BREMEN, VIA. SOUTHAlY.lPTO'N'. 'Jut Chewing .. NO. 148 WATER-STREET, A. Goetze & B 2 1'1 219. Wnshlngton-st., cor. Barelay, NEWYORK. Tobaooo Manufacturers are invited to B. BA.BNEB, qent, 16 Botlea. J. HAMBUR8ER & CO., Imperters of Meerschaum, Briar, and Clay Pipes: GEBUIIfE & IlliTATIOlf JtiEEBSOHA.UH, BBIJIIBWOOD, LAVA, wellkno1m Un!sed States Mall Stenrue110, WESTEllN ME'l'BOPOLIS, NORTHERN LIGHT, ATLANTIC. 'BALTIC, WI regularly fro u New-York :mU. lkemtn othe:r !Ja&uraa,., u foUoii'B: June15 and 29, I .Ju l y 1 3 m H I '1 i, I Au g 10 and 24, Sept. 1 and Oci. 6Md 1g 2 nod lG. ror rrclghl and l>se apply to ro NEW-YORK. I IJ or Light and Dark W o rk Lu m p, T w ist, and Roll To-M. WESTHEIM & CO., eumi_ne our Brands, and teat their qual-, .... ..,...,... ... ,. .J.rc, ,, Tobacco Works, or nn ity. TOBACCO & SNUFF' ,.ursa T ...... ooo.l Y.. BE Gr. -D :R<.t 9, H. MESSENGE,_ R & '00., I li e ( e1cbrn.tcd SMOlllNG 'I'OD.lCCO. ..., --- tuung \mt..ric a I A Extril Long, Tluklah, 4 f. O:tndl).rd, D Smoking, Spa.nlah. fttt-M'ft.f4..,.-ttt "t 11\t r MANHATTAN TOBACCO WORKS, l'alan ct, lllxtr&C Bmoklcg, 11reneh, IIOd oilier II' "'" -161 & 163 MAIDEN-LANE. '"ess and ...... JI'EWYORK. E, ROSENWALD & BROTHER. L b cr:oL Goool s WatTaotd. o,d .rromplly s. JACOBY & co., ilD ll.UIV'I'.lC'I'URJ:IIB er JOSEPH MAYER & son. All Kmds Havana agd DomestiC IU1<<'FOI'n&BBsrqu. s:INOB Ol S E G .A. R S CIG.ABS. SEGARS, CUT TOBACCO Leaf & Manufactured Tob&ooo, Sole Proprietors ot &he RenOWDed nd L E A F .uT DOL; i C C 0 U2 Watertreet, New-Yorko El Raco and Metrovolitan Bra s, 146 Water-tnet, 8.1.: 194 PEARL-STREET, (NoarM&lden lan ,"t.tEw-vonK. S .TO'r'l.,, 110 Water-street. ....., Oor.'Mo.tdeaLau, NeW'-York. -"--------:--=-::-:-::----L'"" 1'0 GravterotJtJ'eet, NewOrlea-, .... __ __ __:::._: __ 1 -MANUFACTORY, 97 Columb.ia-tt. "' R, S LATQ'D'D,.. JOSEPH HALL, NEW-YORK. a \vroaHa Segar Manufacturer, ww "'' mr.... GliO.JUIICUJI. BDW'DR.UWRoUfNllD, :=========---==== BRAs, and SILVJI:B PLATED. l:lampie Machines, wlth lllll Wrappel'8, sent free or p ostal'! on receipt o tt.OO. Tbe igb ... t Prize aWIIrded at the Fair or the American Iuotltnt e, Sept. and Oct., 1867. For parl.lcnlar11 address clJas rs SEGA D 1 Ct.!clte.:Ore c eiebrated Scotch Snull',for NO 8 BURLINC SLIP uo oa.u.a,. u. .... .,..,. nd porpcoee. TheBnull' 1 fi. 0 NJIA./11V.ATJ&B-8TB.Illf'l'., LEAF T OB A C C 0, L \!J '@ tT_. NE'W-YORK.. 182 PEARLST, near Wall-st., MILa.--Ill ftEWYORK. ll'c>; .. n, r ""Y An.k;..,.., Ni}<;, HoO Pearl-st. & 106 Water. t' ... amio.II'IOa. ( Ne: u Wa.U -11t.reet.) rw.vnol!' S. S. EDMONSTON .t BROTHER, SCHMITT & STORM 1 or lolANUI'AC'NJitERS 01 1[, STACHELBERG, nm ca.Da.&RD BUlii:IB iA MWIDI, LA .!lOlA, LA PKRYIOTt Dol Dol .A. Y' :m El. Ma.D.ut'noturer & 'Whole-le Dealer .. H. C. WL7T' lf7 CodCH' Street, NtJV> YOTk. Beware or All genuine have my ll&me printed on the ballde. TIN FOIL. 'N, MUNDAY, STENCIL ENGRAVER, JOHN J. CROOKE & CO., No. 82 Veaey Street, IIUMUUC1'CBI:II8 or Bet. Greenwich & Wosblngton Sill., nw TORlt. fine-cut Chewing and Smoking TOBACCOS, SEGARS, I.ND DIIJ.LJI:r.s 1M LEAF TOBACCO, sGARS, lonig t nttb 3'1lomts'ic OLigars AIID L.A: TOBACCO, fOil & BOTTU CAPS BnsineBR :M"arking Plates and amental Designs eajtraved at the shortest notice and in the best possible style. 213 & 215 Duane-St., New-York. 0..a C.IIBa .. ....., B&o.IDI : 'llnlTDl, CURIIENO!', OOJ.D:ut l!hL. 80-W 191 PEARL-STREET, ==-L._ IIEWYOIIK. No. 15 CEDAR-STREET, 78-103 NEW. .. Y Qll:\<., Alii, OIIEWIIIG AID SJIOXIJ'G TOBACCOS, G8 AVENUE C, 1'1TEW YORJt, NO. 38 OROSBYSTREET, Stencil Iuks, Brushes, and Alphabets oonstaAtly on hand. CONNECTICUT SEEQ LEAF TDIACCI, crop or 1864. 203 CASIIII Flli'E SELECTED WRUl'Uiit CASII8 BINDERS, 100 CASBs FILLERS, All of Choice QualitJ, POR SALE, In Lots to suit Purchaael'll, by JOHN L DRBN, 78 '\ &.. New York. For Bale, tow. s t Jlalea V11olta AhiJo. :1 dllfereot qualltiee, ill bond and dutJ paid. Aloo, Yara, bJ )(, & E. SALOJlOif Ill, JUnia X...n, Nt-, ......


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