The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (4 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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.. I t ) (. ()rgaD. ... of the TobaccoTrade.of the United St The ,;Largest Special Trade Paper in the W odd;: NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY: 29, 1868. {C. PFIRSillNG, PBoPBDrron, 142 FuLTON f3Tmmor, r .. .... ....,. .......................... lO Oeata ApPleby II Helme, ua Wuer. '1>7.:::.-,. ........,; aa..-t ot J...a,; 110 ,.,.._ --l'w poeca..,. EdiiiOIII&oll. S. Bro., 113 6 Ill n.-. -., IL -- Empire Olty fob&eeo W orU, '11 .BolMI7. aa.,.... w'l M, ....-. ac-Falk, ll., l &.Oo., Ill Broadway. P.ATli.!IT TOB.i.COO UIYMI. Napan!l"h Axe IUld Iron Co., 69 Murray SNUFI' AJIID TOBACCO BOTTL'IS. Leverett, J. S. & Co., 69 Jlurray. TOBACCO B.t.G M.t.CRI!IJi : Howe Machine Co., 690 Broadway. TOB.t.CCO BAGS. Aeten, W. B. & C., 25 Pearl. PA.PBR W.t.aBBOVIIS. Je88up & Moore, 128 ToBACCO B.t.BJULS. Briggs, A. T., 64 Rntgen1 Slip. TOBACCO LABBL PBIB7JIBB. ., Brown, M. B. k Co. 99 William. Enamel Waterproof Finish, for Show Cards. Harris Fin\shbg Company, 36 Dey street. &LLBOBII:NY '(JITY, P&,' Jenkinson, R. & W., 6 Federal. B<DIORB. TOBACCO W .t.BBHOUIIIIS. Bolenius, G. H., 20ll West Pratt. Boyd, W. A & Co., 33 South. BrawJS, F L & Oo., 11 De Ford, Chatlea D. & Co., S'T South lAy. Giellk'P., L. & Co., 121 W. LombaJ'!l, Gunther, L. 'V., 90 Lombard. Ketclrol' II Co, 49 S. Charlee. Looee,.!.J. & Oo., 19 German. Pan!, w m., n West Baltimore. IU.!I'UJ'J..CTURUI, ftC. Beck, F W. & Oo., ISO North. I; Bros., 9.4 ),om bard. Dukebart, E., W. & Sou, 29 S. Calnrt. Feigner, F. W 90 and 92 8o1Uil Charles. Gall, G. W. oli A>;, 28 Barre street. Parlett; B. F, & po., 92 Lombard. Scibr9eder, Joa., 81 Exchaage Plaoe. Watta, G. S. & Co., 21 Sou ... Calt'ert. Wllkelll! II Co.; 181 West Pralt. BOSTON. F. B. & Oo., a Central Wharf. Br!!wn, JJ. S. & Co., and SS Broad. Eckley, .A. A., Ul Central W)larf. Fllher & eo:, iS Central Wharf. .Mitohell, A. R .. 35 Central., BBOQK.LYN W, Y, ; ( Bnrhr N II; Walllut. Caaey & Wa,JDe, Weetl'roll$. Duddy, J. "Oo., u Tine. l'rinpllt, p Oe., 4'1 w eBt ProDi. l'llister I; Bro .l.loi Wflll&l'ront. Worthlagtoa, .t'ewer II Oo. IIIPO-. l&.t.Jin'.l.GriiUIII, .t.I!D au.J.88, lleaudeD, llenrJ & Bro., 1111-1611 Pearl Baert, l>Ule A Oo., 81 W eat a.-L GlOre, J. A. P. II Broe., 4'1' Tlae. John80U, J. T. M Sou, li RaA Krobn, Felaa & 68 Wsl'oe&h. Lowenthal, B. A Oo., 'lll IaiL MaDay & BrodM&o, 1111 W s l'ront. Newburgh L., Ill Sohulte II Bqley1 Well\ ae-d. Spence Bro&hen Co. 51 .._ 'l'hiH. TbOrDton, Potter &; Oe., 11 u-oad. IN..__...._ Toillwou Fire aod ...._ Ina, Oo., oor. J'nU and Viae. c ... .-..AKD, O. TOB.t.cmo UTI&. BaldeD, L. ll 009Ilftft'OW, K. Y. GArlaDd, K Jr., ...-'M. JIJ,:r J. r. A Bro., x .... 'AD. w.._,.._.., GraYee, G. Y. D&WYOI'f, o. GtWIIin & J.-.., Toli. Wor)Ja. Boglea 6 Qnllla,, P-'a. Toh-ocn.illg BnglnL ........ ....,... Begp, ft. IL, 11 'l aad 3lll J'e.... HaDD& & Oo., llt and Woed.rard at'. LiclJtea'*l, Q.ll, 4.1 ObnptM L, BUt. Net'ia & 1IIIJs, lH IW!l.IM: JeiJsnOD at' a-n&eld "Bro.L.. "J..._ ..... W eUeJUierf, r., I JStllilll. .. BAft .......,. oemr. Chap-, B. A. Bipor, J. & Oo., P& BMmaa, J. 0., Third. ll.t..8.1'.mtJ-.t.BDD........_ Barae11, Geo. B., Ill &ate Burnham, J. D. Qo., 'Mud '19 Aaylom. Hau Brolllen. 112 11&\n. K.iag, D. W., 1114 S&ace. Oatman!.., lUI State P-, B. II Z K., 2!! aad liM liWe. s.JamoD f!l U. 6 AayJ.a. Seymov, D .... lllf aad till o-S.. ts Jlala. Wllaos, 1!1. B., 119 Pt.& &AY&IJA.t ..._ a.,._, :1. a..,.., Sao .r...-. .... ............... o..W...'Nftl .......... lAO-, KY. flu., J. II Brea., fnaaD lllllilr; ....... BeiMollaiJ...,. aci,t,l'laaa...m _. Leopol. .... : ,..,...0,.. 0.., ....... 'Wti"OIIo .l. I.. fl .._..... T110k .t W-.k, m Kala Wicks, G W. & Co., tot Jlaie. i. Il'rCBB1T.RQ, Y A. Carrol, J. W. llcOorkle, Boll & Co., 111 .)(ala. KcDaniel, Litchfield & Oo: Robinson, J. A. Stone, John W., 198 Younger & Co., 141 Main. liiJUD'HIII, TBNR. Ackerman, E., iiSO Front. NEWARK. !1. S. Briatalnghofter, ,W. A., Broad. Laue I; Oo., 95 Broad. NEW ORLB&NS, : L.A. Liebtenateill, Bros. I; Co., 79 Gra.,ier. lrby, Kci?aaiel II Co., 140 Gno;rier. Olii.AII.t., l'OIJJ. Bemis & Abbott. P.E';I'EJISDURG, VA.. Elam, W, P. & Co., Sycamore. PHILA.DBLPHI.A, TOBAOOO WARER0118118 .. Armstrong, A. & R., 51 South Froat. Boyd, Fougeray & Co., 61 lf orth Third. Bremer, L. & Sons, 322 :North '!'bird. Buckaor, McCammon & Co., 37 North Water Burgess & Bro., H South Delaware &Y. Oourtac,1, Woodward & Co., 47 N. Water. Doh.1n Ai Taitt, 29 N ortb ,Water. Dongi&SI! John, 1 S North Sixth. McDowell I; Duncan, 89 North Water. Moore, S. II J 107 North Water. Sank, J. Rinaldo & Co 31 North Water. Teller Brothers, 11 '7 Third. Vetterlein & Co., 111 Aroh. Wartman, Mich., 105 Nortb Wt.ter. ; UUJ'.ACTUllKR81 DB.&.I&U, rfC. Daley, James, cor. 3d and Race. Greenl,Y, G. A. & Oo., 26 North Twentieth. Hare, Thomas, 4'1-i and 508 North Second Smith Brotbers, 121 Nortb Thlrd. Taylor, J. K., 33Jl MarkeL Wittbaua, H. L., 20'1 Race. i:tBllJ:BS JM fLU. 'l(NU.CCO. Riseulobr ; W -13'7 South lU.lfUJ'ACTURKU 07 SOOTCR SHG'r. Ralph .&.., .t Co.; I 05 Ar::h. Blumenaehein, Geo., 4 Sevonth Heyl, Mart., sss Liberty. )(egraw, E. & Co. 81 St. Olalr. Taylor, J. w 42'1 Penn:. PROVIDB!WE, B. L Kingsiey, L. & Co., 9 W estmiMter. r BI(JH1110ND0 "Y &. Greaner & Winne, 1812 EDt Cary. Hardgrove, Thomas J. Hoft'bauer, G. & Oo. .Mills & Ryant, Shockoe sHp. .. Neuctecker BrQ!., cor ll8&h. and Mala. Rapp S. & Co., 14th and 16th. KOOIIBSTIIB, W, Y. ... pzs, :J. a;. Oo., 6 Burling lllip. 11 &Mia, /o...J 1 Duane st. Adams, J. 4, U5 Degraw. Bnumu, Joim, 28 Atl&niiC: Kimball, W. S., tol Main. Buchanaa & LfalL Whalen, R. & T., 18l State. S&nba Gli :Qeltzeustcin, 1M Water. UNO'r.t.oru.-. lll& .. Slmman Bro&bera, 3 to lS Seclgwiok. : ; '!'unabUI, :llcllnine & Co., iao Pearl. Brotb.el'l ; Water. ........,,n H., Water at. U8kan II Co.7166 Ful&on. Tb. H. & 8ouB, 118 Water. BuPII'ALO, Jr. y,-r & Oo., 20 Hampd_ eo ... .\; Co., 20, W ulliD&ton. jd.-L01TJS, ii:O, F. q. W. & Son, 347 IIIia. Bemimo, Barton & Co., '7 South MaiD. & ee7illour, ':18. 9 :Pearl. IL S., 1103 Pearl; J Co., 48 Broad. W'.W., .M. & Co., 177 r.rL C & Co., 180 Pearl 'I'OB.t.OOC1 Adalu, W. G., M Water. ....._ &'RodeWald, I H-JlaiWJic. I ',jJ ....... I "f., '1.1 Old lllp. -110 P-'. n-........... OMI. '&ov..aa Willi& ()WC&GO. Booth, E: B ., ua Seoond. ILUinr.t.orouu. Catlin, D., 168 'North Becolld. a. W Clark & Overall, 113 Washington a'fllllue Adami!, GihhB a. Oo., 1011 South ater. Dormitzer, c. & R. & Co., 120 Second l'l'Ukthal, E. & Co : Sou ... W,.w: J'alk; N .;101 North Seooad; Loi!Jitrd's Wlltei'D Del*, 86 Boll&b Watet. &-co., 85 Kol1h S.Oad. r )lurray & K&loa, lll and H lllohJPa &t't. Grlawold, Crie &. Co., 811 Nth B&tobenson, B., 11 Baynea /1. lli s-d. v&Diflpra, e. -II l'f&Mr. ptt. 1111 :=: '!ldrd... 1lofti, .. if. OQ., w .. ;,.L.....J... ""' rl. 1"" ..__.., .,.. ... aaunoauer, r. n:, uv ----. r CllifCOIQi ......... ;J r .. .. 1 Ollarill, ..,_.. ........ .\,; BldoD, Jea. 0o; I I NEW YORK, WIID'JIIIaDAY, JAN. 29, 1868. PROTEST. TuB ToBAooo LJUF has been charged in a Circular, by some gentlemen of the Western trade, with 'Qemg strongly and actively coDQIIitted against any reduction of the tax on tobacco. The ohaJwe is so pollitive aad prominent that we can not bat pay due attention to it. We have to r: First: TaB ToBACCO L.u was, and is, not only not opposed to a redoc"on of the tax, but it repeatedly ex pre88ed its wish to see the tax abolished ENTIRELY. But e uw, also, the impGflsibility of achieving even & red!IIMioa, d IJ-Ie as i)ajght be, in the COn di.tion of -... cal. &c01Id: which contains the charge against THli: ToBA.CCO LBAY, admits that. the plan of aboliahing JJ.ll upon geaeral manufactures, and rais ing tbe from a &w direct sources, prominent amoog wldob. ia clallified tobacco, is not only strongly endoned by Commissioner Wells, but also ably advo cated by the press, is popular with the public, and will probably be adopted by Congress, so that they will reftlle any action tending to :reduce the present amount Tlaird : 'l.lU.II aQ.ll\i.ssion uf the Oircular is in direct contradiction to the against THE ToRA.cco LBu, and: oD1y die correctness of our FoUrlk : THll: 'l'OB.WCO LBAF is as unseljiBIUy devot ed to the interests of the tnlide at large as any man, or any number of men, Do mMtel' how largely engaged in the kade. .llij'th : We fe61 that gentlemen pre ferring the above nnfouded charge against us have been !Md&tlle tool& of an Intrigue, the threads of which we beliuve we eee concentrating in ONE hand. SiiMA : Evuts new at Washington within a ahon time, aemonstrate whether we were right. course we are poorer by the difference. This so ,startling a statement, that it is well to fortify it by the details in black and white. 1860. 1868. Estimates. lllllllons. :Milllons. War Department .......... 16 95 Navy Department. . ... 11 36 Civil Service.............. 6 51 trouble is, that these Conventions insist on wasting time in purely legislative work, and considering measuretr whtch should not have been brought before them; and it is not only legislative, but judicial, extJCutive, fi nancial functions which these bodies are fain to arrogate. Gen. Hancock's comment on the recent resolution of the Louisiana Convention shows how it is with 'that body; the Mississippi Convention conducts inquiries into the validity of the charters of private companies ; the Georgia Convention talks of issuing notes of hand ; and the Virginia Convention is flooded with bills for temporary Wben the canal frauds were up for discussion in our State Convention, it was '?ro posed to instruct the Attorney-General to immediate ly commence legal proceedings to vacate such contracts, for fraud." When we add that the different Conven tions are inundated with petitions from the people on all sorts of subjects, and that each member seems to consider himself a second Demosthenes, a specimen of whose eloquence it would be cruel not to leave on rec ord for the admiration of the ages to come, it will readily be seen why so little is accomplished by these bodies which have so simple a task set for them-the revising, or framing, of State Constitutions. Everything outsid& of this is not only a waste of time, but a11 unwaranted assumption of powers which belong exclusively to other" branches of the State governments. If these ambitious Solons would restrict the field of their, theJ would greatly benefit the different communities in whose interest they are deliberating. So long as the Southern States remain unrec onstruct ed; and insists on indulging in such luxuries as military dictators, we may naturally expect an increase in the army expenditures over those of ante-war times; but why, three years after the close of the Re bellion, our army expenses should be six times those when the country was on a Peace basis, is a problem which we confess our inability to solve. But if there is some shadow of an excuse for increased expenditure in the army, there can certainly be little or none so far as the navy and civil service are concerned. We have been selling off our Monitors and have now no ports to blockade. The generally loose manner in which these estimates are made, and the fiU:ances of the Government usually administered, is well exemplified by the fact that Secretary Wells, fin !ling Congress in an economical mood-in oae direction-and ihat the people were de manding retrenchment in a tone t:Rat brooked nq delay, has revised his previous figures and cut tlrmn down one half I A similar operation should be performed by the Secretaries of War and of the Interior. As to the civil WE are glad to nottce that a bill has been offere4 the Legislature of this for the suppression of in decent publications. There has been no time when & estimates, which are over eight times greater for 1868 law of this kind was more loudly called for than at than for 1860, no man in his senses, but will acknowl present, when .our news-stands are infested with as edge that deep-seated corruption has thus swollen this of publications which no yonng person c branch of the public expenditures; and M,., Ward exever look at, much less buy. As they are r spread open to catch the glance of the public, it ill presses a wide-spread conviction when he remarks that needless to say that many young people do look at and "the war has fastened upon the country a vast horde purchase these disgusting prints. A fountain of moral of employees and contractors in every department, who filth is thus opened at almost every street corner in our are supported from the public treasury, and thousands city, the streams fr.lm which cannot but blast every of whom are of no practical benefit to the Govern good and wholesome inatinct in the breasts of the youth. they meet in their baneful We ment." espectally of the young, for the InaJonty of the Is it strange that people who obtairi their living by chasers of this class of literature (if it can be callell honest 4,ard work, should decidedly object to longer such) are those in the springtime oflife, whose passioDf< supporting the leeches who thus fatten upon govern are ardent, and whose minds are most susoeptible to. ment pap ? How these unnecessary expenditures have pernicious influences, being still nnprotectecf by. th&.. safeguards of established Frinoiples. There are, it i6 increased taxation, niay be realized by a glance at the truc,a large constituency o the statements of President Gray, of the Worcester Con people, but as they are nttel,'ly corrn}l* beyond the, hopeo vention, With relation to a manufacturing corporation, Qf redemption, we would not urge especiallegislatioa ftE l}llfJINTION !ND T!I!TION. which, he us, uses about two per cent. of all the on their beha.l It is a trite, but true, adage, that one. cotton consumed in th. e United 1 For the six cannot spoil a bad egg. These and (we are= pol,IT' to say) women-we mean those outwardly, and The problem of 'he DJIIioaal ti.nanoes is now engaging years from 185'1 to 1862, inclusive, entire taxes paid themselves, respectable-are the bad eggs of sopiet;r, the clearest intellects aai the most extensive business amounted to '10,524, making an average annual tax of whom we may avoid from fear of conta,minatiQD, eqMlrienoe of the land. While the war lasted, and the $11,'754 For the years 1865, 1866, and '186'7, the taxes whom we cannot in reason hop!J to reform. o.. the Government created a of the same company averaged $328,754 27, or 22 per the young, as we ha-.e said, it is different; Ia Oil, their account that we would have OlJ.r Legislatnre pllllf, fi.c'itiow! prQfPCrity, "all went merry as a marnage cent.onitscapj.talofi1,500,000. Whenwelookatfacts and our authorities strictly enforce, a more lltriWrea\. bell;" aad M one of stopping to count the cost. like these, we are impressed anew with the woilderful law than now exists to punish the vending of sn"ch "ia and COPt, actQn were too busy to ask oft.h41 Amerioan _character alid institutions in deceat publication&" as may be seen to-da.y oa alllao&5 whether plethora of work and money was likely to thus successfulfy bearing up for )e..,e y& against e:mry1lfl'JI'IH!Uild in tbia...oi'f qf Nftotr Y:or .k.-, be hereafter ,a -permanent condition of our national life, burdens of taxation such as never been d th d "th th h t f upon any people of modern t"mes. We are apt tor' eer FR?M of the of Buildina.-. an us were sa....., e WI g&rnenng e arves 0 m this mty, 1t a.ppears that not many more new build: the present, careless whether there would be a similar to the Europea n masses as oppressed" and down." ings have been erected during, the past; year than during hl.rvest in ihe future. If any in those insane times ever trodden;" but while in one sense their political liberties the year This wo.J;U. d militate against the exstopped long enough, in the mad race for wealth, to en-are not coequal with our own, their burdens of taxa-bcted reduct10n of rents In the spring, did. we tertain doubts as to the national capacity to keep up t' ] B t th h h t d 't" th ow that in Brooklyn, and the sobton are fli!S. u oug we ave s 00 1 m e urban towns of the metropolis, building has largelJ the then rate offinanciiU spl,led, those doubts must long months. astr we capnot argue alike powel'.C endurance increased during the twelve month. These new since have received ample Cl?nfirmation. The wave of for the months to come. The signs of the times lUI point accommodations for the houseless are generally erectecl apparent prosperity has now receded, and-left. the Ship to <_l()mmercia.l w.)iich will not permit 'the on the outskirts, and are within the pecuniary reach or of State high and dry upon a lee shore. To rescue her galled >..ile" to respPnd to th, e impositions (in a people of moderate means, 80 that we may hope fo:e will n h fi 1 nr I!Ome .relief to this overpopula.ted city. This reli6f can, from this perilous pos1t10n, reqwre a t e nanma double sense) of p romptly as of yore. If however, be but partial, and some other means must. be acumen and breadth of statesmanship which the conn the present omens visible' within the political horizon adopted for the large class whose compels them try affords. It is pleasant to reflect that in this emer mean anything, they indicate that a point has been to reside within the city limits. The con\inentalB]': 'genoy the busin11ss talent of the land is coming to the reached peyond which it will be dangerous for Con tem of living in "fiats," or fl9QJB, hall yet to be tried rescue, and taking the weighty commercial issues of the gress to proceed in its mad career o.f'lieaping intolerahere, but the difficulty will prol>ably be in keeping them 1 sufficiently select to be patronized by the bettor hour out of the hands of politicians, and app yble burdens upon a peo.ple, while, with.the who have an instincti;ve hol'J'9r of living in al),.anC ing to them the same sound sense and comprehensive same breath, they squander the nation!U wealth with at all a tenement house. We thinJt, hOw vision which are daily brou.ght to the ordinary commerthe most lavish profuseness. Beyond this point lies ever, that this difficulty migM be obviated. There ia cial relations of life, but which are rarely, or never, beshameless repudiation and universal Reno doubt that we can ouly look forward in the fu:. r 1 h ture to still higher and higher rents for separate upon the most unportant po ttiCa questwns t at public which open enemies were impotent to destroy, houses, as the ground on which they grows niore concern the htghest interests 'of one of the foremost succumbing to the insane policy of its professed friends and more v:aluable. We may build ho.,.ever, powers of the globe. In the step taken by the mimuIt will be well if the people awake to the danger of the ifin no other direction, and it is in this ability the facturers of the country at Cleveland and at Worcester, present situation ere it is too We have now pro" "flat" system :probably originated. But still anothe., we trust we see the inauguration of more intelligent acceeded (arther on the road to ruin than ever. before, and way of decreasmg rent is, by making access to the h t fi 1 d h 1 h h sh ll b k upper portions of the Island more easy. Wbere the tton with re erence to t e grea nanma an commer-tt IS or t !l peop e to say w et er we a turn a.c mty and county s.o IX1-UCh moneyyell.l'ly, and cial questions of the hour. The gathering at W orceswhile yet it is within our power. so little in it is a pitr that a portM.r;.Q.f the ter was especially remarkable for the high standing and amount has not been invested m an UndergrQWld Railcharacter of those manufa.cturers in attendance, com MINOR EDITORU.LS, road, extending to the northern extremity of prising as they did some of the foremost men of Ne-.;y Protect!ldfrom wind and weather, not obstructed THE murder of abo only seventeen years old ln a by the deepest .snows or other to tra.vel Bngland. prize--fight at St. Loms, lie being a J.>rincipal in the iog at 1!his season, a railway of this ch$1'-r be The burden of the Convention, as it is of all intellisame, should stir o .ur auiliorities to a.ct10n which ought operated with the regularity of Jllg)l gent. business men the country over,. whatever industry long ago to have been taken. The increase of these rate of speed attained with perfect safety. We !lfoW', they may be engaged in, was the imperative necessity brutal exhibitions iuring the past year inust have been with deep regret, the loss of the bill introduced at i\1,. of a large reduction of the expenses of the Government, remarked by every newspaper reader. Not only in this bany, last :winter, having this object in view, d h section, but everywhere throughout the land, they have cerely trust tihat the one now before the Legijl).ature that a corresponding reduction llllght be ma e m t e been of almost weekly occ'urrenee; although branded 'by will meet -with a different fate. c r taxation that presses so heavily upon the people. How the law and ostensibly: under the ban of the police. ---enormous expenditures have been, and still are, They have constituted the invatiable piece de G:kx. J.oHN A LoGA.N is 's&i.d to have bill, we all know in a general way, but we do not fully re?fthe penny press, and have greatly aided in debauchwhich he intends bringing before Consres)!, to seoure a r th until fixed in our memories by the official mg morals ?f the masses. The occurrence at St. distribution of .the offices and clerksh1ps in the a Ize em Loms IS exceptiOnal, both from 1ts fatal result and the n:tents at amonl$ the States and In hts recent report, _Mr. modestly sugextreme youth of the victim; but it is questi:onable swnal Distncts m proportiOn to J>Ppulat.t}o_n.uT!Lia. geats a doubt as to the necessity of an mcrease of whether the public at large would not be the gainer, did strikes us as rather petty business to be legislating about.. per cent. in tbe ordinary expenditures of the year these oftener in death to one or both Governii?-ent patron'!'ge, as present 1866--67 as compared with the expenses of the, fiscal of the participants; for m such a case we cannot but 18 an offence m the nostnls of honest D)en; .4o ;O fii f ase ()f 247 per cent over think that the representatives of the law would bestir not see how merely alt..ering the mode of year 18 or 0 an mere : themselves and put an end to prize-fights. It is only ,will do any good. Gen. .:l.pgan had better the of the 1851-61. He thmks, also, with that. the English suc ro?t of at .once, abolish \1! ore that an mcrease amountmg to more than perc nt. ceed ill giVIng similar 'ao great 18 the atmg a CtVIl Sernce, as proposed .by r. of in the anp.y outlay alone," seems excessive." This is watchfulness the ana public Rhode Island, bes\owi11g offi.ces qpop putting it with almost milk-and-water mildness. Busi ℓse sports as emphatteally here petent to them, none b fre fi th fli 'al latio h "ch ,may inas ill England, 1t IS an outrage that. our local author no other way of clearuung the ness me e rom e 0 ct re ?s w 1 ities continue to wink at them. Perhaps it is being too ington ; to tb.e pre)ICnt order pf thiniA ,by sensibly cloud the vtston of the Spemal sanguine to hope for the punishment, even of the ar speciaL legislation would to perpetual;e the share none of his he11itancy in condemning the laVIshrest, of the parties implicated in this latest viola\ion of Wbat we want is a new system, no ID.!lre refWJJl' Of ness' of the G9yequnent. Mr. Ward, President of the law.; but we ?f St. Louis will the old ; that is bad, !'lnd ,,0 : the civil service, the navy, and the (exclustve of now in session from New York to Texas, may -not be fd bounties a.nd..pensiooa) and the actual cost of the same charactQrized in the language of H.amlet : THE giving of dramAtic .Readings, re-inaugurated by 1860 ty bat and1 best, ra. FJ.nn.t K a.U m a,n.g .. tJat the 'D,ati.onal expenses have doing those to do, and leaving: Jhey .. tQnd o! uti &MQ biQuhed. per cent.} and of those thmgs W:hiqh 'it'ought to do! 'The ohief A f J I' f"'\ ... _.I ) ) f' 0 ..., r:: 1 -I. j i ,.. ., I. r "'


--.. -I 2 -rHE TOBACCO Uinment-eqnally removed ft:eqtient of the one and the sometimes obJectionable qnalttiee of the Readings are being extensively pat.naized b:y that large class of th, oommnnit)' who BeGII 11 purely mnocent and intellectUlly high-toxiecl ment. It is not, however, every one who can read mll-ciently well to hold the of an during "od occup14td by such entertamme!lts. es are mote rare t1lan those which, 1b goti9 make a good dramatic Reader, the therefore but little rell.son to fear that this ... di I a!l!i e&:!f tmtert.ainment will fall mt? .!Jrcpute as was captured, and co ntinued w orking his foundry, yhioh WBB sulJsequently &eUed and condemned. The present case is an appeal {rom a judgment of the UDite q l!ltates Clrcult Court of Eastern District of loonisi&JUL At fe days llfiQ, A ttorney-General Stan'berrJ moved to dismiss the a ppeal, in s isting that the ll8lll should be here on writ o( error. In this he was over ruled. Armstrong mov e d to file a plea of pardon, which the Attorney-General resisted. Leave was given, afte r tQ file t he Jftea. so the fl8lle will now De.lieari on .i t s merits THe ease is coniidered a leading on e whic h mus t decide thefollowing point s : First, wheth e r a se izur e and a c apture are the same ; s e cond, wheth e r the prop erty, liable to capture and prizes embrac e s land h eld by private title; third, whe ther property tainted by tl_le guilty consent of the owner is relieved by hi s pardon after cond e mnation and befor e sale ; fourth, wh ethe r the citizen, shut up in a place oc cupied by Confed erate arm s, can be held responsible to the United States f o r breach. of municipal 1a.w Ulider the command of the military force of the Confederat es ; and fifth, whethe r the Con stitution operates with its gua r antees wh e n t h e United States recover the city? llr. D. T. ha a ftso.. affecting the tobacco trade and m&Uea will luuon ofered at a fc)rmer m d"ered the tp tile NM,iefacti.on of all concetnl ing: Tbel:\\ ie, in .the ent ol Jllally of The tlaembers r;t ille joint committee whq the comiDJ88ton of d, gres\ dlaaage Mitt the trade ashington are D. to be a:p,PNhended from fire t9kacco lflrebOues E Thos. C and Wm. P. oo. the in the oily of Biobaond, a -'ire!I.__ p1 e rl6. st, and Messrs. oe for by insurance in any and W4erea8, The D. McAipm;"C. SiiMller, and D. Ca p fact is not as well known to. the plfnters in the conn-N. J.), on the part of the Fine-Cut inte st. tor try as it should That it is the ,Harvey also retlllDB to W ashinw: this evptipg In this tha t.ep fO pe of q..-. llJ. weir t it e s mercnants, and that all tobacco receJve1I for Oig ,__ has b .. L=J the merchants generaliJ:.he imured, unlen inebue -ille p 'W'eelt; but few ..... "IJ! : Sawyer, W allaoo & Co., I --.; oster, .-co., 3. By udBOn "Railroad: FieldiDg; Givynn 1-hhd. -B1 Camden boy Railroad: Fisher & Jlode-d..-.83 J;ilid&. : By New York and')l" ew Haven Line of Steamboats : Julian Allen, 5 cs.; s. Son, 15; R C .& 11. Hubbarjl, 7 & E. W!Et imer 46 Gail, Ar 6 (tJi-i+f) 2_ 'H 'It I e it a\'?ivi m it & 0 Sohottenfels, 1 done from the crowd of mcapables who m upon the pub_lic. Of the li!Q1Bl_and intellectual effect of these Readmgs, we can brthe highest commendation Whatever may be laid aljtolrlr. Dickens' artistic capabilities as a Reader, none oan. be in doubt as to the healthful moral tone of his entertit.inments. We could wish ti,a.t all public ex hibition,s were similarly inocnous. No ?De ?an h ear _the "ChriBtm&B Carol" read, or even read 1t himself, Wit hout being at least temporarily benefited. In the case of, our best Reader artistically speaking -we can only' .regr e t that her approaching series of ente rtain ments ..-a to be her last. It will be long before t h e THE S ecretary of the N av:y has s ent an important public Will be called upon to so true _and g e mal communication to the Honse of Repre sentatives, in sn intet.eter of the ma11terp1eces of Enrhsh po etry vi e w o f the contemplated reduction of the naval and --" mari n e force, in ac corda nce with the bills now before pro -C 1 db h H o ngress, and the resolution late1y pas se y t e ouse, TBll: Retrenchment Committee of the House o f Rep-tha t i t is unnecessary to proceed further at present in reported on the Gettysburg Asylum building or equipping ships of war. The communicaICheme, taking the lllllhe view aa already repeat edly tion r e vises and reduces the estimates submitted by set forth iJl the columns of the ToBAcco LEAF. The him to Congress, retaining only such as are deemed esCommittee state that R. France, P. A. Edgerton, a11d sential to the proper preservation of the property of S. P. Dickinson, professional lotte17-men, were em-the Government. Only those appropriations are now ployed to manage the affair, James asked which are indisl?ensable, and without which the having alBo taken part in it. A charter was obtamed service would be senousll crippled. The Secretary ftom the Pennsylvania Legislature under the shadow says that the importance o placing navy-yards in pro ot tlie names of Gens. Meade and Pennypacker as trusper condition, in cases of emergeQcy that may arise, has tees,. and .the promise of a3oo,ooo to the State Treasbeen brought to the attention of Congress in his annual ury, ,000 of which has been paid. A meeting of the reports and ip his e stimates submitted therewith; but -ttustees wl\8 called. Neither Gens. Meade nor Penny-as Congress nas shown a disposition to postpone to. a packer 'fere present, and only one of the future day the imprvvem ent of our navy-yards, he subnamed in the bill. A resOlutiOn Wl!.B passed makmg mits the revised estimates as to what is absolutely Franoe, Edgerton, and DickinBOn members of the Af!SO necessary. Those submitted with the last annual re ciation. Another resolution. was adopted, making port amounted to !47,417,18 3 95, and the revised esti them Supervisors of the Asylum. The character of the mates to ,924,478 03-a redu c tion of $22,392,705 92, -.obemo was also altered, so that only $Io,ooo instead of or about one-,half. We are glad to see the Secretary tsoo,ooo should be paid into the Pennsylvania treasury. following the lead of othe r heads of departments, in aidThe legal trustees met, and refused to ratify the pro-ing in lessening the heavy burden of taxation under Oeeding!f of the former meeting. Gen. Meade requested which the people groan, and trust the amended estiopiriio'n of the of the State, which mates will be adopted by Congress. 1fas in denunciation of the project, and to the e:ft'ect that all who participated therein were liable to indict-DR. RoBERT EARLY! of Lynchburg, V a., has com ment, Gen. Meade pronounced it a swindle, he piled the subjoined statistics of tobacco production, in a)l.d Gen. Pennypacker withdrawing. The report of pounds, for the year 1865, from the official documents. t.he Committee also throws doubts upon the motives of The late Confederat e States are, of course, left out of the Collector of the Second District of Pennsylvania, the question, as no r eturns_ could be obtained on ac whose endorsement procured the exemption of the count of the war. Of those State s from which returns s,Cheme from taxation, and mentions the are given, it will be notic e d that Kentucky ranks high est Postmaster-General of his recommendations of the as to amount produced: Connecticut, 8,167,681; Dela It likewise mentions additional cases of ware, 7,029; Iowa, 419,811; Kansas, 22,04 3 ; Keneitravag&Dt valuation put upon the property o:ft'ered tucky, 54,108,646; Maine, 7,280; Massachusetts, 5,746,dll the a farm bemg set down -at $60,1()00, 000; Maryland, 29,963,672; Missouri, 15,2 3 7,982; Which -was ohly a88estled for ta,liOO; the yacht HenMinnesota, 30,029; New Hampshire, 59,600; New Jietta at *50,000, while the owners' valuation was only York, ll,836,6Q9; .New Jersey, 170,'168; Nebraska, t'JO,OOO. exposure }jad been made, the farm 1,270; Pennsylvania, 5,512,096; Rhode Island, 1,479; ...rae Witllmawn. the di11lonlty in Pennsylvania, Vermont, 59,000; Wis!)on s in, 162,861. tlie Committee say, France & Oo. were elbowed out, on the ground, BB alleged by, one witness, that their char-THE Florida Convention, just organized, seems as aliter as wa8 injuring the concern, and a destitute of that very uncommon quality, common :Br. who had been suooessful in a previous sense, as its contemporaries in the other Unreconstructed ..-enterprise, After ten months' .oper&-States;it signalized its entrance upon existence tiln, the proofis, that not sufficient money has yet been by choosing as Its temporary officers an unbroken front to meet expenses. Mr. Hitchcock testified of colored men Two whites were sub.sequently elected t.hat the expenses were about 180,000 more than the as President and Secretarv, the latter with a colored Jeeeipts, only ,000 been received; and that man as &Bsistant, "and most of the subordinate offioers fbe. prospect of any drawmg was very remote. He are negroes." In the election to office of men destitute that some of the trustees met. at Philaof that ex.Perience and education befitting the control delphia on the lOth inst., and passed 8 resolution that of these pnportant bodies, the))e seems to have been a net f,roeeeds should be appropriated to object constant progress from the first Co11vention, that of the c1iarity. The :passage of nob a l'eiOlution at so Alabama, to the latest, that of Florida. W.e do not ob day, relieye the scheme from the charges ject to tbe Freedman on ac c o u rit of his color, but on ac JQade, and, like the withdrawal of the farm, is certainly connt of his obviou s inability to gras p the present situ&rupicious, if not conclusive, evidence against it. We tion in the Southern States To do this, education and a-nat that the Report of the Committee will open the intelligence are essentialyre -r e quisites, which but few, eJes of those have heretofore had faith in Gift En-if any, of the lately liberated probably, posse ss. len>rises. They are only variations of the old ,Plan of a great deal fOr a very littl-all which are Jett.abi to be founded on a swindle There is no rule of :Qfe of more general applica.tion and with. excep jions, than that whatever is worth having in this world lhul!t be paid for in llomething ; and any Joheme whloh promises to the contrary, should be reCoMPOSITORS, unfortunately, sometimes make mis takes,. and oars did so last week with the advertisement of Messrs. Kittridge & Co., changing Mr. Kittridge's initials," Wm. P .," to "E. C .," thereby creating the im pres!jion that Mr.Wm. P. retired from the firm. The types having last wee'k abolished Wm. P. Kittridge & CO., we this week reinstate thtm to their old atanding. ;ed by the public witfl the greatest susptcion. As rds the swindle, it appears that the p lio h&B been defranw, 40s. The engagements were: To Liver pool, 30 hh.ds. at 40s. ; to Bremen, 70 hhds. at t5s. THE TOB A C C O liiABD'l'. DOUITIC, !EW fORK, Jn. 28. Wester n Leaf.The demand for lugs and low leaf h&B increased, and the sarell'"of last week amount to QUOTATIONS OP WHO.LBii6IJI PJUCJIB. 1,100 hhds We note 550 hhds. Spain and the Medil'l'be folknrlng quotattona iepneeat prtce oflbi!IPIDir: Iota !rom lin& banda. terrane an at 6ic@9c.; 157 hhds. to England, mostly Bfgherrateao.redemaadedandpUdiGC torho!Diflll&llllfao. dry but including BOrne African hhds. ; 200 Light l..t GWNIIer hhds. for the north of Europe, old and new (Jrop, mostCommool"&": .. .'. = ly low grades; 5 hhds. to the West Indies, re-handled :" 4 @e balers, at 15c.; 150 hhd19; to manufacturers, mostly Medlamleat .. .. .. 11 JM!N (duti paldJ I oo f oo "'ll t b } din Good .. ... 18 ll& .... u't' do 116 110 11 ers, a "''" ut men g BOrne new wrappers Fine .... .. ..... .. 16+ 7 BannaFII'n do sa 1 at 14c.@2lc 32 hhds. to J. obbe-and 31 bhds. to cu Seloctlono. 18 a:IO YaraMIOrtet do fill 9!1 .... v Do leaf JfGIIIf!""""""'. -Tu40eperpoomd. ters. Commoa hlp. . 111 6'1, '!'o, 10" IUid 11"10. we note a more confident The Western markets have improved, and prices for Fine.... .... ........ .. .EIMada.-Brlghtstock are higher than here Little has been Selections .. .. ... it .htradne lil5 @80 d VirgtnUJ.-Commonlogs. Fine ............. 411 E one m the country, the weather being unfavorable for . Good ........... ..... aa Pr&arinothe crtlt for market. Good psg lugs. Medium Ill q. Good Wor do .... 10 a.-m.., ....... ... 18 e ed .uaf.ere h&B been a little doiiii. in low Common brig t coal Moold:J'., ... .... .... .. 5 0 d f d 1 f. b l h d cnred logs......... 10i Light PJ'eooecJ. dne ... ... ao gra. es o see ea ut amountmg to on y a g t eMedium do... .. u Medium do do 10 ma.nd. Prices keep about the same, and choice styles i: .... 40 H are very scarce. We quote : 20 C811es '64 Coll1lect1cut Common Iw... ... .. 1:+ Fine .... .. .. ... ...... 35 hhd.; Vietor & Duclnritz, Jildwwth; M lllld 1:0: pkgs ; S. Rapp, 10; Bramha,ll & Co., 1'1; W. H. McCauley, 8 Dubois & Vude,rv09rt, 21'1. From Baltunore: Thial.e Leeler, & Co., 16 hhda. S. Spear, :r; & 10 ; By Co., 6 l>ls.; F. W. Becli; &-Co., 18 jikg&; Oriler._ hhds. and 64 pkgs. . From lf ew llileans: Order, 10 From : S. Shook, pJt8s. I!LTIMORE. Jaa. !5,-Messrs. C. Loron & Co., commission merchants and dealers in leaf tobaoco, n-port: .. Receipts durins the li'ast week were quite 1iom.inai. The market remams qu1et but firm for all descripfionll of on acconnt of the light stoek, the advance i gold, etc. The sales during the week amomat to about 25 hbds. Maryland. Maryland: Frosted to common, ifo.@8jc.; tiCMitl4l common, 4c.@6ic.; middling 7ic-@9JC.; gOOCl brown, 10c.@l5c.; noy, 20c.@4.0c. Ohio : Inferior good common, 8c.@6c. ; bro and spangled, 8c.@ll5c.; good to fine red 15c.@20c ; yellow and fancy, 25c.@40c. Inspections this week, 112 hhdi Maryland {88 40 do. Kentucky (all reinspected) and gm1a. Total, 153 hhds. ToB:A.CCO INsPJWIIONS commencing Jan. 1st, 1868, and same ime 1867 : Thu w.a. .Prmowfv. Total. Maryland ... 112 165 277 Ohio....... 247 24.7 Virginia. . 1 1 Kentucky 40 36 70 Missouri.... .. Total hhds.. 153 448 595 Exports this week : To Rotterdam, per :Bllen BlfMarl, 1,110 hhds. leaf, 390 do. stems; to Rio de Janeiro., 9 bhds. ExPORTS commencingJan.1st, 1868,andsame time 1867: WMro eo. Thl8 w...t. l'NI>Iov.!lv. Bremen........ . 262 Rotterdam ...... 1,110 England .......... West Indies ... 9 79 4 ntrl. 262 1,110 79 9 at 3 7L. .25 cases Connecticut binders, on private Medium do lledlam llt5 Good leal. . 111 terms; 50 c ase s Connecticut fillers, '65, at 5c.; 16 cases =lll>lppuiM&t::::: 11 e Total bhds 1,119 845 1,460 10.1 Sta t e seed a t lOc Fllle o . 1B Inn!rlor ........ .. 15 p Loading tobacco: For Bremen, ship is S: h Th t S h to-Med. b't coal-<:ured leaf. 18 NfJf!ll.-r b opanu;d. ad erefrois somHe movemen m parus Good bril!ht do .. Vlrg!nl&, utra ......... 29 @at loading, 25s.; only tobacco vessel now on berth. acco, an VIces m avana are to the effect that Floe ao do.. 41 1111 818 BT:A.TEllEliT. the prospects for the new crop are very favorable We "'1 'Ill H Stock in warehouses let January, 1868, 8,500; ia quote: 3 2 bales Yara at tHI7; 180 bales Remedios :. n = ao iii spected this week, 129; do. previously, To= tobacco at 'i5c duty paid; 200 bales Havana. at 87-!c. Good do do .. .. 18 'I" ... :c-;;. 40 9,083. Cleared for foreign ports.z.1,4.64, co&st1riae @$1. :::::: lg 8 P i8 reinspected,l57; total, 1,621. i:jtock to-day in W&Manufactur ed.-For bright goOds, during the past 8 a BdabtTwii&(Virglllta). 40 houae a.iid on shipboard not cleared, '1,4.62. k th d d h bee li 1 b "' Brown and Greentah.. 8 8 Brlgllt Goldll&ra do .. 40 wee e eman as n tt e more active, lit .or Medlumandl!Mnd.. s Oloorr.-Do111011tlc llA.NUPA.m'UR:BD TOUCOO. d k k th h be r "t d be" Com'ntom'd"mspangl'd 8 Seecland Ban.oa, arfi wdort e mrteqmry dall very muh e kmgf Fine aJ>&Il3)e!l 18 perJI.. ...... lil5 00 @8000 We have again to report an excessively cJall market c on ne o qua rs an m ...... um tens, t e s toc o Yellow 10 ClearHavanado .. .. --o-foralldescri .. tions,andprices nnminal, at our nuo h h h l-ad ..I.-A earl do Conn. l!eed .... 1111 00 @40 00 r ,.. "J. ..,.. vr 1c l!.B we ave Y nma..,_., u a y mon .. P. do do ieconck.9!1 08 080 00 tions, as before given: hausted. Manufactured tobacco in bond on tbe 1 s t of Bound OOIIUIIIIIJ 4 N.Y. Seed CoDD. Vtrginia Potinds: Fine bright, 90e@tl 10; s08i J:anuary was con siderably le88 than that in bond on .. I 3: bright sound, SOc@IIOe.; mediam the .1st December, l!.B shoWD by Mr. Rader's circular. Good to line bnnra..... 11 OWerful. The whisky Jting haa been toe mach for the Government, and i1i now seems and Secretary of the Cincinnati Tobacco Association, Republican, to the eficot-tbat they are ooly trying to 125 lbs. bifd., tns. those planters who have tob&c!!O for market inclined to tey eonelnsions with the Court& writes us from Washington that he has reached that money into their own pocket, to the injury of tWa Cuba: 16 0691 bs. mfd 3 091 would do well to bring it in wiUtout delay. It is prob-" t h h h to t th ,. t" C t. N the 1 to Hayti: 129 bls., t2,868. high now as it will m_y, w ere e as gone e.c.xecu 1ve omovernmen ow, on y way more re-M bl Ti h h '----mittee of the Cleveland Conventton, and to place before from tobXlo is by 11topping the fraUds, and conexico : 20 s., 460 e ime8 says t att e toUJM.JCU market of Daurille A oom'JDO'OBARY very properly calls attention to the Congress the views of that body with reference to a. sequently the attention of the LEA.F has been partiCentral Amerjca: 1 cs., 50 is lookinf up. A gentleman who BOld his tobacco -nrious employment. agencies which exist in redv.ction of the tax on to}:>acco, and other recularly turned towards 'ur.!ring me88Ures that w6uld New Gran!'Lda: 234 bls., 2,262 and 6,820 lbs. tilfd., before C ristmas for a1 5 50, BOld f0111e of the ..,_e 'lildscity,andwhtcharenowinthe11.ood-tideof SllCCells, latingtothetrade. Wepubli,shedinarecentissuethe secure this end. of the stamp system 2 610 qualit:y last week for t4o. Another owmg to the derk:reaalon of basiness, which threws BO law proposed by the Convention, which was printed as seemed to us the most fea111ble method of Venezn_ela: tsoo! and 1t44 lbs. mfd., t388. eold hts lot there at the same time for t10, sold a.lo$.of t _._ mL h ld te tin" ,,_ c w ll rt. Fro fra d d h ad ted t. u-t will t Argelitine Republic: 2 hbds., 1475. the l!lmle BOrt l&Bt week for t28 26 many ou Ul .... r .I.De&e agenmes 0 on.. mp g an ,Ppenuu. "" OmmiSSlODer e s repq m a an we ave voca 1 ,uu we no rns F 2 bls. d k inducements that they will furnish situations to the un... is 1t may be gathered precisely what the Western sist on thia further at present, nor stop to re&Bsure qur an ranCisco : 8 cs., 33 an 70 P gs. LOIISfiLLI, Ja. ...-Messl'l. Fl'anke & Eller, employed in consideration of a certain sum of money, men want; and their numbers and standing in the trade friends that we are exponents of "the honorable To Europeaa porte for the week ending Jan: 28th: commisai.on merchants, report: paia in advance. The viotim paya tile amount demandshould certainly secure for them the respectful attenupon which they appear to entertirJn donl5tl!. We are London : 271 hhds., 80 bls., '16 llll, and 3501 'I lba. There is no lbnger any doubt that the last is' a eel, but rarelJ, if ever, obtaisla the promiled employtion of Congress. In the meantime, it w;ill no1; be many glad that the extreme, and, to our mind, impractica.bleJ mftiverpool: hhU., 1 tc., 81 and 4 930 I b.. 11lf'd. -short and inferior one, bJI}ly mixecl -with.-, ment. In this respec$, the native poor of our city are days, we trust, before Mr. Spence will be reinforced by views of the Cleveland Con'vent.ion r have been recedea B hh and of and buyers in the Kutem m--arriving ; on_our shores, acommittee from New York, which will represent the fmm, an.d that its membent are now in accord wi,th thE) reman: 99 ds., 192 bls 186 bhds. stems, and "26 will be disapJ!Ointed if they judge the e for whose benefit a lxm,o,.jlde has been. instituted views of the trade in this section. Between these gen in this section. cs. cigars few picked !ihds. sent as samplEls early In 'the-eeMD. CommleBionen cJf Emigration. Some such intlemen, representing the entire tobacco interests of the In relation tO the acticJI1 of the joint coD:unittee ofthJ and 34 b market, in consequeu.ce, and owing to aiuJitl tion, conducted honeetly,for the. beaefit of the it is of the last importance that there should trade in ,this city, we have to tlale that a bill has g cs. xs. ceipts, niles -very firm under a swad..y demand /qr would be a pablio benefaCtion. In the. meantime, be perfect accord respecting the policy proper. to be and that a lfave probabl b)l Gtbraltar: 89 hhds., 189 cs., and mtl. deSlrible qualitids of old and new. A large lQt...C ._ our authorities should lose no opportunity to crash and urged upon Congress, and we trust that our New York this time reaehed W wb,ere they tol The expto -""' oubjoo< oltiMi ;... We hav-&o ""-"!:11:,""" 4 By f & Co. tlii 8JICli. W.e lit ... Jio.llde in .aw 1aranoeof tobacco: A large representation of the. theviewa?f.t,heifi" e 1',;iniji_lt'ia thooll leaf; 'rot', fiat ill OttW ci&7 Aim members of the Tobacoo Exchanlh. B. them. It u to be Watta 4 B. in & I' ht to mar"Ket since fill Al'ong took the oath of aUegiaDce New Orleans 0. Nolting, Esq., in the chair, and R. A. .lli1ls 1e0-to act. in a friea :at,. Mid t tM j 1 t.lld F. Bullaia, 1 (I> ._.-en lOOM, Prioes I t .. ..


.. ... \}ley did the cloee of the past year. As aoon -as market fairly opeDII we shall give the 11tate Of the market eacll week, baaed upon aCtual sales. From indieations the crop Will be a small one and of inferior quality. NElf 08LK!I8, ln. a .. market during past w.eek, has been rather qmet, With, .an lm proved iaquiry, but, although constantly mc.reasmg receipts Lave enlai'Ked the stock on hand a there is still no room tOr transaotions of any magmtude, and parties having large otden to fill are virtually shut out of the market at pre1ent. There is a prospect .of a bet ter supply before aa the season for open naviga -aDd free anivalt 11 rut approaching. Holders of tilt ...U atock Oil ale are very firm in their demands, lllld it it owillg in no small degree to this fact, we preAIDe, that there hu not been more bnsiness doing. The nleB of the past week amounted to 101 hhds., as fol lows: 2 hhds. leaf at 15c., a lot of H hhds. (new crop), medium to good lest at 13lc., 4 hhds. (new crop) at Iztc., 1 old lug at 7c., 17 refused and admitted at 7}c., 15 frosted lugs at 21c., 1 brigB.t wrapper at 97!c., 1 do. do. at 25c., 1 bright lug at 9c., 5 fillers at 12c., 2 do. at llc., 6 medium leaf at lOc., 6 fair leaf at 14te., 12 leaf at-and 10 hhds. logs at 5c. 1jillb. We notice the sale of 3 b:oxes bright wrappers at 30c. 1jillb. Arrived 11ince the 14th inst.: 95 hhds. Imported same time: Brazos St. Iago, 15 bxs. Cleared since the.uth inst. : For Liverpool, 6 hhds. ; for New York, 18 hhds. Stock in warehouses and on shipboard not d.eared on the 21st inst., 1653 hhds. INSPECl'ION OJi" TOBACCO. Burke & Saufl.ey .... } } 587 HayeS' & Campbell. .lirvm &pe. 1 to date. 466 A. M. Summers . 369 J TilE TOBACCO LEAF. ment stoN8 not included)180 hhds., 4 bla., 14 bbla. 3,922 cs., and 450 bxs. Imports trom January 1st to Deoem.ber 16th, 13 166 bbllll, 2,986 balea, 12,'146 os., 453 bu., 231 f-bxs., 4,043 pkgs. prehensive statementof the depression, embarrasament, aid the of any meter would be the very m.eana and prospects of the trade, to the memorial addressed tnat distillers would prefer No form of meter eould to your honorable bodies by the Committee appointed be adopted under which frauds would not be at the National Convention of Tobacconists, held in trated. He advocated a tax on the oapacity of stilla, to Cleveland September last. In accordance with all conbe _previously ascertained. J'OUI&B. tained1in the above documents, we ask of you a reducMr. CATTELL, from the Con\mittee of Conference on .lliJS'l'IIDUI, laa. ,,-During the put> week tion of the tax, for the follawing brief reasons : F'irlt. the biU to prevent the contraction of the curr6boy, re transactions amounted to 100 hhda. Marytand,:t'rom The upon tobacco waS-t? forty ported that the Committee had agreed that the Senate different vessels. In other sorts the. market is quiet, centst 'at the tnne when _t!J.e :finanCJ&l neceBSities of should recede from its amenruhents, and to report the and nothing of consequence has been, done. The actual the country were of an extreme character, and when following amendment: -11tock in first hands, here at present is : 1,933 llhds. the aniount of revenue raised by internal taxation was Provided, That nothing h eJ::ein contained shall pre Maryland 1 254 blll. 400 do. Rio. Grande, 20 double that which is now deemed requisite. Since that vent the cancelation and d e struction of mutilated notea ceroons 79 do. St. Domingo, and '1,i76 bls. Java. period the rate of taxation o nearly all other product. and retacing the same with notes of the s ame charac HlMIITRG, Jaa. j,-There been no. arrivals and sources of revenue has been mitigated, and ter an amount. during the plM!t week. A considerable busmess has on many remOve &." 1\ri we tbibk, you will The r eport was agreed to and the amendment'adopted. been done in Brazil during the past season, mostlr at tlee to be unfair and oppressiv e' to an -industry so ex-The Committee of Conference on :the COtton Tax: steady rates for Cachoeira," and .at improving pnces tensive and widely disseminated emplQys bill in favor of that for "St. Felix," of both of which only a limited stock 110 much labor, and in which so large a capital IS incotton 1m ported after July 1, 1868, sh a'll. Ji'e cexelnpt remains on hand, The last ll&les consist pf 639 bls. V811ted. We have not, nor d9 we desire to avoid o .ur from duty. Adopted. "St. Amaro" and 165 bls. St. Felix," at firm prices just proportion of the burdens of ta.xation; but wl).en HOUSE. The imports until the 31st December have been: 1865, we see certain failure to ourselve s ili the future, and ulti-On Tuesday of last week the House proceeded to the 35,569 bls. ; 1866, do.; 1867, 401996 do. Stocks mate loss to the revenue ;w.e do, with great hope of sueregular order of busine s s, being the motion of Mr. BUT on hand December 31-1865, 6,48o' bls.; 1866, 15,914 cess, ask that the leuiency shoWll to other branches of LER to reconsider the vote ordering the main question d 1 6,. 740 d national industry be in somedegree extended to ours. on the bill r eported from the Committee on Reconstruc-o.; 8 1 1 0 Whenthe"orth-centtaxwas imposed.andfor, Th J 18 Th h be thin t .o< e, m stea o avmg t ose o c era Total hhds .......................... 1422 Cigarettes. as i cult to pay forty cents now as sixty cents at the by .the J?tstri c t 9onimanders .. He had off er-lL\NUll'J.CTUBBD TOBAcco. LONDON, January 11,-Messrs. WM. BRANDT's former period. The' reault is that, remaimng nominally ed his m obed1ence t o a umversa l cry to There has been a little more domg in manufactured SoNs & Co., by s pecial report to the ToBACCO LEAF, the same, it is virtually increased fifty per cent.., aud to that effect commg up from every Southern State. Mr. r I it Bhould z:each subscribers with equal We caumot see any help for this until the a}K)mi practice of changing the officials with every DeW .a.. ill reformed altogeUler, BVSIIISS l!OIQ.ES. New York City.-Foster, Copeland & and Com., dissolved; now Foster, Gwyn & vo. Bramhall & Co., tobacco; Charles A. Bramhall ad mitted. Philadelphia, Pa.-Smith Brother's, Tobacco J 01 L. Curly, retired. Ohio.Foster, Copeland & Co., Tobaoc and Com., dissolved; now Foster Brotheni. Ellia & Burlew, Tobacco, dissolved. SJ:rjngfteld, Mas&-Case & Mooney, Tobaoco, dissolved; now Henry 0. Case. INTERN!L REVENIJE SEIZIJRES, Inspector Harvey has seized, in Wes t Broadway plug-tobacco manufactory for working without a as no bond had been file d. The factory wa s located the third floor, but was partitione d off and entkely separated from rest of the building, with its own entrance and staucase, so that the othe r occ upants be ing in no way counected with it, so far a s c ould pe not Although there wa.s t obacco found m the pro c ess of manufacture, none liad b ee n completed, and, of c ourse, none shipped. There were live hand-presse s found on the and t he was not so good, nor the fittmg-up s o ela borate as in the cas e of several recent seizures The same Inspector also s e iz e d, at No. 163 Broad way, 3,000 dom e stic cigars, found wit.hout anr staiJ1p whatever. NEWS OF THE WJj:EK, 'obacco since our previous review, bot still the market say: that ellitent the consumers and trade are additionally STEVENS, of Pennsylvania, sp G k e brie yin support of must be as quite inactive. Sale s continu e to Sinc e the be g inning of the year, our market for burden ed. Third. Under the pressure of this extreme the amendm ent, which, h e s aid was called for by the llabaaa.-The foll o wing importan t ord e r has bee n be v ery light, owing to the discrepancy betwe e n the American tobacco has been very quiet We hear of tax:, the consumption of manufactured tobacco has very loyal p e ople of the South, and which was more in contssu e d to-day : HRADQU.ARTBRS DIS T R ICT ()11' ALA.Tiews of buye rs and sellers, the former a s king large r no sales worth mentioning, the transactions having largely decreased in all leaf-growing d i stricts, the -raw sonance with Republi can ins titutions than was the proB.AMA, M o ntgomery, Ala. Jan. 2'7, 1868.-Punuant to conces s ions in pric e s than the latter are willing to ac6een quite o f a retai,l charact e r. The imports consist and untaxed article taking its place. It is a fact which to leave appo i ntment of State officers in the General No. _1_6, series, from headquar cord. No change has take n place in prices and the of the Cella, from New York, with_ 67 hhds., and the will yet be more generally appreciated, that this movehands of military men, who could not po s sibly have ters of t_he Third Mihtary D1stnct, at the election to market continues to be well supplied, particularly with Nora, from, Baltimor e with '77 hhds. and 29 tie rces. m o nt, under high taxation, ism great danger of rapidly that local knowledg e whi c h would enable them to sebe held m the Sta t e of Alabama, in a c c ordance Si" h the higher grades, which are at the sam e time l east in LlfERPOOL, JanuarJ, ll.-Mes8,1'8. WM. BRANDT's a s the plant can be rais e d _from to l ect proper p e rsons Mr. KELI,EY rea.d extracts from a G enera l Orde rs No. 101, series o f 186'7, the polls sh demand. SoNs & Co. r eport: 1 Cahfomta, and vanous mode a .of dom estte preparatwn letter received by him from a member of the Arkans as not be op e ned at more than -three precinCt in e Arrived during the past week, 466 pkgs ClearedSince the of the year, a fair general can be adopted to fit it for use. This will encourage Constitutional Convention, urging the plan cov ered in c ounty in the State, and said polls shall b e kept open. none. business has been done in W estem and Virginia. leaf the growth of leaf in districts ,.not adapted to, it, the amendment. !!Jr.-S coFIELD suggested that if these and votes received thereat for four d]Vcs instead of .,. Th k f1 fi d h d I l d d S tl d S l t rfi 'th 't fit-'-1 lt th two days, anything in General Orders o.'102 to the PHILlBELPHil, Jaa. e mar e t or ne a n strtps to t e tra e re an an co an ome serwus y m e e re Wl 1 s pro MJ e eu ure m e appointments were left to the Conventions the result lesf i s firm on account of the small stock on hand. Missouri leaf h as f e t qhed 4td. for short, common qual -natural leaf-growing regions. All. e x peri e n<)e shows would q e to ,break up the Conventions themselves into contrary notwithstanding. All publi c bar-rooms sa Manufactured continu e s dull, with the exc eption of ity, and 6d. fo.r ro:ugh, coarse, dull brown, and that such a change; once e stablished, would likely be many irreconcilable J actions. BUTLER en ,tertained loons, and other/laces for the sale of liquors, at the black goods, in which descripti o n, owin&: io the gray and s tale. ; Marylands continue to be mqu1red permanent, and result in :J;aiJl to.__our interests, and end n apprehension of that. The majority of the members county seat s,_an all other wpere the polls !!hall mcrea s ing scarcity of s tock s a moderat ely act1ve busia.fl;er, and a good bulliuess has been done in this de1t as a source of revenue to-the Government. Vf' e think in those CJonvcntions were men j who had been tried in be closed from su o'clock in the eve ness is transacted with a prospec t of an adva nce in scription. In substitutes, t here baNe been no transacthis is on e of the st1ongest and most unansw e rable arthe fire, and he was quite ready to trust them : The nmg ?f the 3d day of'February till six o'clock in the prices next month, as manufactur e rs have stopped tions worth n o tice. Manufactured tobacco continue s guments that can b e produc e d in favor of a moderate House proceeded to vote by y e a s and nays on Mr. BUT-mornmg of the 8th dfu of February, 1868. By order operations and, before resuming, must b e satiSfied of re. depressed with a h eavy s tock. !l'he arrivals comprise tax on tobacco, and should be sufficient to effect a reLER's amend,ment, and it was reject e d by yeas 53, nays (f Brig.-Gen. ULIUS Ht..YDBN. S. C. GllllBmr, theN. B .Efaws ,frOO; BaltimorE(,with234 hhds.; duction, wer e no reasons. Fo'Urlk. We 112. The bill was thenpassed-Ye a s 123; nays 4 5 paid for nearly a year. Sales of 14 cas e s Connec't10ut Wm .. from Rwhniqnd, 40 hhds.; t1le Oity confufuntly that, With a ?orrect. system of The following is the vote in detail: seed at 13c.@52c. ; 41 do Pennsylvania d q .. @l2c; from N e:,-Orleans, wtth 10 hhds., and thtJ and a for mspect10n and coly EAS.-Me ssrs. Allison, Ame s Anderson, Amell, refused tQ adopt the 4 do. Ohio do. at 28c.@52c.; :300 bo.x:e s t Vlrgnna N a-MellRek, from New York, With 90 hhds. tobacco lect10n, a of tobacco to twenty Ashley of Nevada, Asb}ey of Ohio, Bailey, Baker, Senate JOWt resolutiOn appqmtmg a eommittee to vies, IO's, etc. at 62c.@72c. and 13 do. brigh.t at.75 c per pound 'Will result m an mcreas e r ather than dim1-Baldwin, Banks, Beaman, 'Benjamin, B e nton, Bingham, vestigate the alleged corruption in connection with' the @06e. t:lltiJI.;!R !ND MEMORUL Bf TIE WEST hution of the revenu e and will ex:ce ed the amount esBlaine, Blair, Boutwe ll, Broomw e ll, Buc kland, BroomSenatorial election, and adopted a substitute providing Tlie im_p?.rts of the week have bee n from Havana. r ERN TR!DE. timated by CQmmissioner Wells, as necessary or proper all, Cake, Churchill, Clark of Ohio, Clark of Kansas, for an investigation when the charges are supported by S. Fuqnet '&'SOns, 1 cs. cil'rs; :J. Wagner, 1 do. do. ; to be derived from this source W e do, there fore, most Cobb, Coburn, Cook, Cullom, Dawes, Dixon, Dodge, affidavit, which will probably end the matter, although 211 \lie. tOO&coo. ; MR. ---, IJear Sir _. w'e send you the earnestly and respectfully ask. you to establish a system Donne lly, Driggs, Eckley, Eggleston, Ela; Eliot, Farnsa pam:phlet has been issued and circulated, umnistak&-'Exporled' dorlBg the same time : To Havana, 13,520 nyingfonn of a memorial to ud of stamps, inspection,. collection, and bonds, upon the worth, Ferris, Ferry, Garfield, Gravely, Gris-bly pomting out the parties concerned. lbs. mfd.,'l2,86ti. ask you to: ootain, at the earlitS\ practical $be basis of a,ppepdix D to ColllllliJll!ioner We,lls' wold, Halsey, Harding{ Higby, Hopkins, Hnb-Florta.-The delegates to the Reconstruction eo.;. al..._ -J.... k r d h t f 11 th ..:. ......... u--of ... d -bol"'and thl\t the tax on all fonns and styles of chewmg tobard oflowa, Hubbard of West Virgmia, Hulburd, Hun vention met at Tallahassee on the 20th ms t. "''-e-. Jaa, mar et unng t .e past urm stgna ures o a e -!" ... .. .,.. '--ceo, fine-cut, plug, tWl"st, bo reduc e d to a uni..._ ,;eelt has been very act1ve for season. of sale and commission dealeri Ia of your city d bm rate of twenty cents pe;-pound, and also that the ter, Ingersoll, J enckes, Judd, Julian, Kelley, Kelsey, barely a quorum present. Temporary offi08rJt were new _have been very especially l?ose m vicinity, who are willing to>8Bdorstr it. Recent eveau fifteen-cent rate. on be extended to all kinds Ketcham, Kitc hen, Koontz, Lawrence of Ohio, Lj.ncoln, chosen, all of were nt!roes. Subsequently, '"&. Old 1 s very scaroe: demand ex18tsfor all rend e r it altogether bJutObab1e that a reduction of the and qualities of smoking tobacco and fine-cut shorts. Logan, Loughridge, Marvin, Maynard, McCoultry, org_ani":"tiOn was e as Dan-able grades at pnces Wlthm range of our quotatiOns ta-x: to a uniform rate ()I ten cents per pound, can at the McClung, Mereur, Miller, Moore, Moorhead, Mullins1 tel RichardS, Puesident, and "'briity Whiter(llillltor o Sales amounted to 19'7 pkgs. On Tuesday, some good pres ent time be accompliahed. Since the CleTeland ConMyers, Newcomb, Nunn, O'Neil, Orth, Paine, Perham, the. Florida of Jacksonville, bright brought *29, and on Wednesdl\y, although the vention met, an exteDainly erganized movement has OONGRBSSIONlL PRCHJEEDIIGS, Peters, Pike, Pile, Plants, Pol81lld, Polsle.r, Pomeroy, white men. A negro was elected Assistant Secretary grades sold were inferior, two pkgs. of olq bright brought been inaugurated, to abolish all taxes upon general manPrice, Raum; Ro_!)ertson, Sawyer, ScliencK,: Scofield, and most of the subordinate officers are negroes. 8215@.30. On Thurs'day, 1 hhd. fin:! lugs sold at ufa c turcs, and raise the revenue from a few direct sour$le8; SEN ATE. Selye, Shanks, Smith, Spalding, Starkweather, Steven11 dinances for the ,relief of the people, prohibiting th8 the highest prices obtained thls sea s on, -and to-day prominent am ong whl4ilt classiJled tobacco. This plan is Mr, HENDRRBON introduced a bill to fund the public of New Hampshire, Stevens of Pennsylvania, Taylor, sale of any prop _erty on an exeou,ion, and for the col-lot of good s hipping brought tl23. We quote: strongly endorsed by Commissioner Wells in his report, debt and to amend the banking laws of the United Thomas, Trimble of Kentucky, Trowbridge, Twitchell, lection of taJ:Ill!, an\! ordering the release of all persons Luge-Common, light weight, $3 40@ 4 150 ; fair, is ably advocated by the' press, is popular with the public, States, which was referred to the Committee on Finance. Upson, Van Aernam, Van Horn of New York, Van now imfrisoned n?n-paymentof taxes, weIJrl*Bse., 85 good, *7'f ISO; to fine, 1120@$ 35. and will probably be adopted by Congress. This, with It provides that, for the purpose of paying off the com-Horn of MiBBouri, Van Wyck, Ward: Washburn of Loldllaaa.-In thll Convention, Article, 9&: Of Leaf.-bommO'n, t7@t8; medium, $11@1112; good the removal of the 'tax upon cotton, it is estimated, notes, three per cent. certificates, and Wisconsin, Washburn of Indiana, Wasbume of MassaConstitution, providing for the election of two SheriftS atemming, @$14 i goodand $14@$16; shipwill r e duce the revenue ninet;y-one and a half million, other outstanqing in<,lebtedness payable in lawful money, c husetts, Wel!cer, Williams of' lfennsylvania, Williams and two Coroners Parish of9rleans wasadopted ping, *15@t18 ; goon, wut each year) preceding the war, :were: In 1858-59 3,939 against any redUction of the tax whatever. This is tificate, note, or other evidence of indebtedness of the Mr. Laflin were absent, the latter on account of -the have no1.bcen paia; and: applicatibn tor a hhd.s; in 1869-60, '7,6'76 do.; in 186o-61, 8,88'7 do. most !Unfortunate at the present crisis, for will United States, except legal-tender notes, which are not s e rious illness of his brother. I r e medy, uch as there Will not liANUF.ACT'URBD TOBAcco. lilcely be taken by the public at large as a true ezponto be funded until decided by Congress; and the new Mr. from the Conf e ren ce Committee on the of the Dl8trict eourt until tJI.e first Mondar,in. The quantity of manufactured tobacqo shipped from ent of the honorabl e trade, which we beliei1e it is not. bonds sh.all be exempt from all taxation by State or lo-Cotton Tax bill reporte d that the committee had The matter was laid before Gen. who Richmond to coastwise porta during the year 1867 JVBS Commissioner Wells ha!i taken strong in favo r cal authority. Section third provides th_at the limit of agreed to recommend that the Senate recede from its reply, says: "Thes') partie$ are not remedyleBS 'for as follows: f an immediate reduction of taxation, consistent with $300,000,000 in amount of circulating notes shall be reamendments, and agreed to the bill with an amendment they can to of the Qo.Jlrt, who, by a. Cases. . . 5,307 Qu .. rter boxes .... : 3,3'72 an economical administration of Govenm1ent. He has moved, and that any national banK may receive eighty fiadding followi?g wordds: f" andJ c o1 tton importhelld law of th1 s State, 18 authorlzed to hold adjourned or Boxes ............ 12,970 One--eighth boxes.. 126 to topacco and cigars in that schedule, twenty Jfrr cent. on the value of new bonds tlte rom formgn countnes on an a ter u y 1, 1868, s a Special Tenns. The Court can best Three-quarter bxs.. 20,290 Packages. : ..... 5 ,158 millions a s the amount they should produce. Congress reas11rer in notes for circulation, ed this does not be from rr. Schenck the rights of all parties concerned The Major-Gene Half boxes ...... 30,231 ...... . 1,373 will not likely go below his estimate; the tendency will exceed seventy per cent. on its pa1d-up capital Existan fi operat10h o t e rfeportH, an the reasond tlferefore, 'directs that yo u instruct the Bureau Agen: Third bot:es ...... 1,289 beintheothe.r_ direction. Mr. Wells, however, states ingbanksarerequiredto substitute bonds of the new w .,t econeree!\Ont erarto the ousehadagree Total packages. . . 80,116 in his report that 20 cents on chewing and 10 cents on issue for those now deposited, in an equal amount, bear-to It. d Aftd erdsomhe th{ previod?s quesdtion wbas O_ourt of the pansh _to hola at once a Special Term of The aggregate coastwise exportA from Richmond smoking ill suggested and favored by a portion of the ing the same relation tQ circulation and capital as resecon e an t e conierence rtoport tsagree to y his Court for the tnal of these eases complained 04 in 1860-61 were reported to be 119,408 packages of all trade, and also gives it as his opinion that with the imquired by this section in the case of new banks, under 6'7, nays 79.-:St:r. ALLISON jlllOved for a new Comin case of a failflre or refusal to hold said tht sizes. proved metbod of collection at present rates, the amount penalty of forfeiture of old bonds and winding up of mittee of S cHENCK moved that the Bureau Agent will once mal!!e such 11eizure of b The coastwise shipments of smoking tobacco from would largely exceed that which he assigns to it. By their affairs by the Comptroller of Currency, in which new Committee of Conference, on the part oftbe House, and property, and sell the same, as may be requisite to this city, during the year 186'1, were 38 hhds., 151 b:ts., taking his figures and data, which we believe to be case their notes are to be paid by a sufficient amount of be instructed to adhere to the bill, as he found that the secure the Freedmen in their just dues." 3.53 bbls., 315 kegs, and 1,589 cs. within the true limits, and byleaving smoking where it legal-tender notes, which may be issued in excess of the Senate was under Nlrtb t:arellaa,-The Convention passed resolutions I M E B noll' is, we think it can be clearly shown to Congress, four hundred millions heretofore authorized; but if the SPEJ.KER mtlmated that 1t was not parliamentary to referring to the divisions of districts of the State. ST. LOIJ S, Ia, --essrs. B dOTH & Co. beyond any reasonable doubt, that, with thetJtamp sysamount of Uuited States notes and national bank notes instruct a Committee of Conference. It was suP.Posed est bl' h 1 cod d .., ho to report: h h b d d t 1) :fhle c ttu:n'tt f (J nfi Mr S a lB a peua e an re.orm so ol, ....... to _. The receipts of the week amount to only 4 hhds. and tem, t e tax c ewmg can e re uce tq twenty together shall exceed seven hundred Ullllions, the bonds o. h o l eeMo .. -o the supreme and inferior courtll of tbe V cents, and that stdl a of twenty millions or updeposited by the banks .may be delivered to them on Wit urew t e r n.LLISON motwn WII;S a15 .,.,'-4' 250 pkgs. erv little busineBS is transacte d excert in can be confidently upon tobacco and receipt by the Treasurer of the amount of their outto.;-Messrs. Allison, of Iowa; of Mame, and Seutla Convent:on adopted a resolu a pnvate way. in the warehouses are very light, Cigars. We CIUUlot but think the leg1tnnate standing notes in United States notes. The fourth secof Kentucky, were appomted as such twn Gen. 9anby to suspend the of and holders are finn and are not Gft'ering their supylies. iurers and will be almost. i1_1 ?f tion provides for creation of a sinking fund by the . under for three month_s; also, inOnly 9 hbds. were brought under the hammer m the such a reductlO!l, and to acco!llphsh 1t, we believe a d1-retention of two--sevenths of the interest accruing on Mr. 'w: AS.HBURNE, of llimms, from the of the of the to &d the Com past of which were sold at steady prices. rect and uneqruvocal expre88lon from the trade must be these bonds depoSited to secjli'Ei ci.rpulating notes, in conA:prqpnat10ns, l,'eported the Appropn_atwn ventwn m prepanng busmess; requel!tmg G@. we rote t!Oraps nominal ; lugs, 4!c.@ '7tc.; commade to Congress, and that speedily, before memsideration ol' wllich thaeapital of banks t&the extent of bJU, .It W to P-p.nted and recoiillllltted. to exel_llpt o!le hundred acres of land from sale'f mon lea '11c.@9c. ; medium leaf, 9c.@ 11C; good shipbe"" be committed in their to other measures. the same is invested. in bonds so deposited, all shares of The btl! and ,000,and to suspend sales of property by ttia leaf, 11c.@13c. ; factory-dried leaf, 7c @13c. i darlt Vigorous and Is and we can stock therein, and circuJ.ating notes, shall be ex000. Iu. Wtt}l the b1ll, Mr. W ashbume preSheriff for threemonths. era, 6e.@B!cNo o:ffenngs of black wrappers or onfy_ be the deSired by every empted from national, State, and mqnicipal sented. a m. the fonn .. He Conserv:ative Convention, at Houston, bri.ff:t leaf, and prices for these grades entirely nominal. one mterested his tnne, thought,_ to The bill furt;her that from. July 1, 1868, to Jan. stated that h1s m havmgl the has Its session was a stormy J.'Q.e e following table shows the receipts of tobacco at the work. In addition to memonals, It 1s abso-1, 1869, one-eighth part, and after last date, onewas t_hat t_he Comm:ttee _on nugJlt be tlnally adopted declare an unalterable St. Louis, in hhds., for the J!ast ten years, but does not lute to acc:omplish our end, that a fourth part, of the import duties may be paid in United m connect10n With the I revl8ed estl!"-:'tes nat1on to oppose negro suifrage; advise voters to defeat include what was m boxes andl representmg the trade, at large meet m States notes. Also, that wheoo er the amount of nam by the Secretary of the Navy, whos e ongmal estiproposed Reconstruction Convention if possible-1867 i ,Jihds. 1R,583 1862 h ds. 13,050 Washington early part of next month; and we trust tiona! bank notes shall exceed the sum of three hundred mates amounted to betwe e n and 1!48,0'00,if not, to elect delegates who will oppose negro suffrage. 1'!!66 13, 7'75 1 8 61. 8,5 0 5 that you will Without delay select one for that purpose. millions, the Secretary oft he Treasury, with the advice 000. Mr. BUTLER suggested iD add1t10n to that, the In the McMahon resolutions passed 1865 ...... 16 480 1860 .... 11,966 In the new classification of taxation whic'lt appears and consent of a majority of the following-named perSecretary of the Navy had on band an unexpended advocating a recogb!twn of the of the issues 186 4 42 860 1869 9,0'06 likel,r to take place, it is important that tobacco sons viz.: the Comptroller of the Currency the Combalance of $15,000,000. Mr. W .ABHllURNE assented to of the war by the arbitrament of the sword oa a basis 1863 19,3 25 18 58 ... 6,721 be not placed m a false position, and ifwe:fail to obtain missioner of Internal Revenue the of the thl\t statement. Coml_llittee, h_e said, deemed the of theabrogation of the ideas caused by the war and & S!N FR!HIM. Bee, the prerelief now, it will in all probability be two years before Senate Comq:littee pn lfi.aance, the Chairman of the m thQ suffiCient to OlOOt Tecognition of civil rlgllts, all'd full eqll&lit1 aent dull state of the market, stocks of both leaf and we need expect any. House Ways and Means, shall retire an of the sery10e. He ealled attentio!l to to all before the law; declaHng that'it is thii .. l'iiterest. manufactured are, SaJs the Commerci!ll Herald, opCINciNNJ.TI, Jan; 23, amount of Umted States to such excess, so the that by thts. b1ll, reported by a of all t9 r_econstruct the-State of Texas under theRepressively large; nor ts it ofanyr1111e sales, for 8cirit metei'B wae up. twe. to Se ,cr_et.ary of t_he N avt, that that offic11r had the la_w .and not partlBan n8es Will be rega lla. at 40c.; 2 tW. Eutern leaf, 19c; 2 cs. do. do., 13c. [FQRM.OF The gueiitlon was on an .amendment, by the Coiilllllttee reVlsed hJ,S estrmates to that they l're pleased Ulat the P.rl nt ha& lb. To the Hon. Senate, and Howe of Repruentativu.-., on Finance, providing that the present Commission of *25,000,000. r. 'f'ASHBURNE satd he h "been thts declarartoa hij oiicial approval Ci1ars.-IJ:nports during the 'fe&r will ilcarcely ag-The manufacturers and wholesale dealers the Academy of Soi81loe shall be to the ((om-to .that fa ct.. t w as PU:pose e.x:ammmg West sixth &!Ulual sessiou fl -gregate five mi1rHiuaB, ohietlr of high-cost Havana. The 9f 11obaqco, m tre. oity of ---, .86lliJit miision. In answer to a;q*ion by Jilt. Gliimes, Mr. the billm those revlsed estrmates that West Vu-ginia. in Whee mg on urift' in vogue i8 largely prohibitory; the 1'98'111t of ita ycttP atilention to the l'UJW'.N that COIDDlission was .composed he had moved Its recomnnttal the 21st inst. .r. Stevenson, fonner President of operation has been to bUifd up aeverall.afge local Dlli,Il'll We and the _..tDoll, enst8 tbr. M'Ptto&. 'Hillard 8114. JileJoy, an engineer and a I the Senate WBI! re--elected. In the Honse, MJ;.. H. e wlaich,ander the oiroamataocei, are doi.Dg a reduction of1iu. To av01d repet1t10n, we beg w I'Bfer naval officer. Mr. Glml:BS opposed the amendment, To ouR TRANSATLANTic SuBSc;RIBERS.-We have re-MeWhorter of Kanawha was and lucrative bUiiae&l. I you to the report of Commissioner Wells, with refer;J ..eying that it wu one o1 the absurd in ceived so complaints froiq this class of our subMr. W P. Hub of Ohlo ; Clerk. The Gove:Uor'& the enee to the' e.xteDaive fra11'da,.ia Jlllnnection with towO'tld to employ meremathmatiCl&nl knowmgnothmg scribers that we mnst now notice them in way. message was read this afternoon. It is a clear and con Tol)aCco on rir1 to the _pol'$. of Baa l>e-bacoo, and to ..the data )Vhich c Y{ e :w;o)lld mechanios. Mr: ColiN:BS& took !Ule view, TaB Llu.Jr is mailed regnlarl y evbry week from oi-ciae diiplayblg n enoouragiug exhibit ot tiilltl30th, &om domeetio Atlamie pom (Govern alao 10licit your careful attenti n 'for I fu.ll a'lld c'om-bWrilihg to be something of a mechamc He and if the its duty as it the aft'am of the State, r ..... I .. o ... 1 l" J. f SIO' I


. -THE TOBAOCO' LEAF .., lfew' York Commission itsreh&uts. lfew York JIIeiochanta, New York CGmmissien liierch.aatll. i'g r ,[c 1 I lf. T. QGmmtsiJlon CO.,. BULKLEY & THE VIR,GINIA Tf?BACCb AGENCY ..... ,,.uiilA_: :ANIJ CAROl.ll.& DOHAN," CARROLL & VIRGI N IA 1i .. .000 Tebacco Cebllniasion Vm-ehaD.ts. ESTABL18HED IN 1838. f" United) States Ir.terrfO.l Revenue Bonded second do of f :VIRGINIA MANUFACTURED Thomas J .r.'s ElDorado, Jewel of Ophir, Cream of : Louis D Or, Cif!ia"''s Wine Sap, Callego, Colden Seal, Diadem, Virgin, Old Dixie, Peerless, Joh.n K. Childrey, Royster's Queen of Hearts, is, J. B. Pace IL Co., Harris IL Pendleton, Cmnt 1L Wi1 lams, McEnery It Bro. Wftliam Long, Thqmas & Oliver, s. W. Venable & Co., And others. Briton's Emblem,, t, C. W .-Spicer, w. R. Johnson It Co., Creaner & Winne, T. c. Williams & Co., Ferguson It Chambers, ROBERT s. BOWNE, .oco 'Commission Merchant, 7 Burling Slip, New-York, Agent for the following Branda of TOBACCO:, MANUF,ACTURED. 8M9KINC. Jutcthe (Pocket Pieeea). f .; J J D. C. :.&yo' lla.vy. : Bewari of IndUtry. B. P. Clinton'slktra Sweet Pounds. "VirgiDia.' Choice.", "Pioneer of the Old DomiD.ion." Oronoko. lut the TbiDg. '\I' M.ANUF OF VIRGINIA: Harmony, Temptation, Garibaldi, J e_rry White, C. Carter, Independence, Atlantic Cable, J. II. Walker, Look and Buy, Dixie's Delight, :Frontier, Elbert, G. W. White, Old Dominion, Innocence, Paul Pittman, E. White, W. T. Stovall, Old Virginia, Fanny Evans, Eureka, John Bull, Golden Age, Cavalier, :Randolph, :Magnetic Yoke, J. P. Williamson's Tom Thumb and June Apple, l!leCorkle's Virginia and Gold Keen & 'Rankins' Virginia Crown, J. A. Patton, C. W. Spicer's May Apple, Fuller & Wilkerson's Gold Leaf. l'IliE-CUT ; SubJ.?me and Oronoko. 1 SKOKING : Zephyr Diamond, etc., etc. .SW Oft; l. II. Venable's "Carolina 1111-101 Wm. P. Kittredge E. C Wheelock. The FoRewing W ell-known an,d J Oelebrated Brands of Virginia :VOBACCO: & WILLIAIIS, RUSSELL &: ROBINSON, J. G. DILL, J: K. CHILDREY, L. H. FRAYSER &: CO., TUR_PIN & Y ARBROUGij, J. B. PACE.&: CO., THO.AS It OLIVER, GREANER & WINNIE, BARRATT'S CROWN, REUBER RAGLAND, GILMAN & MALLORY. CHEIVES & OSBORNE, DAVIS & SON, DUKE OF 'I'M of Trade is respectfully solicited. -VIRGINIA TOBAPJCO AGENCY. 18 Old-Slip, corner of' Water-St., SOLE ACENTS FOR KBEMELBERG & CO., 1 NEW:J'()Biit, .li!D F. L. BRAUNS & CO., BALTDIOBE, Tobacco CIDillissiot lr:ehantt Several llaid, In, lots to au!&.....-.... 1111-11' CLEMENT READ, Ql!g mmi.Gdtta VIRGINIA AND WESTERN LEAF AXD MANUFACTURED TOBAOOif, LICORICE, CUM, etc., ISS-104 lfo. 85 Y, UNKART & CO., Commission ll:erchants, J.JI1) DtiLal Ill J.LL KDM OJ' THOMAS & OLIVER'S CELEBRATED VIRGINIA SMOKING TOBACCO& SEED-LEAF TDBACCOS4 .166 Fulton Street, Jl'EWYOBB: LEADING o J. H. F MAYO, (IA.te h Cto ....,. ttoNI. F. C. LI'NDE, 'WAMW41D: Ir011. 74, 78, aDd Tl 8Nenwici-R.; O.noE, 78 Oreenwioh-atreet s li. FR .IEDM.A.N. B. SCHUB.AB.T d co., Commissiou. Kercha:g,ts; AUlO UIPORTIUUI AND DEALERS IN ALL KINDII_Oir 1f0. 148 '\VATE:I-STREET, ) AGEN"T.S I :J'OR ALL TBJt POPULAR BRAIDS OF VIRGINIA TOBACCO, 184 Water I NEW YORK !OS. 8ELIG8BEliG. J. M. COHEN. P I'RINGANT. SELIISBERI, COHEN a C COMMISSION MERCHA.Nit$: ., ..urfD DBA.LBI.B JN .lLL :lll'fDS OP L.A..F ar:po:a.A.CCO'? 149 Water-etreet, near Maiden-lane, NewYork. P, & CO .. 47 West fi'Ollt sl .. Cineiftati. 0. PETER S. MAROH. WM. H. PRICE. EDWIN P. MARCH. I ,I._ lo. 147 'Wa-&e:r Nw YORK. TOBACCO Commission Water Street, Hew-York, .Agen..a. for the sale of following I,JII C81elntlll Brud8 Of TOBACCO, Virginia Stata, Globe, Continental, Metropolis, Etc., Etc.", Also, all kind of PLUGr I H Wate..-.t., N-York, 8'erekaat, DOIID'D4lllD lftiDGI LUI.,..., Uberal euh ad..-..... 011 01'..... o1 Lellf r.Dd --'l'ob.....,, IT-t H. TmERMANN,: COMMISSION MERCHANT, liD nAI&Il m Leaf & Manufactured Tobacco, BO. 14i WA'rlmSTB.EE'r, llll!IW. YOBX. HICKS, Oommission raa,....-m1 NAIIJACTIIRED tACH, 1 -, :.o. U Water.atreet. NEWYOB.K. .. & 00., MARCH, PRICE co., co., Oommiuion llerchants OHAI. B. FALLENITEIN & SONS, TOBACCO .Ll

r ) I -.. THE TOBACOO LEA. F. 6 Jl'er \.h .... er Pre .. ee AND PUBOHAilll 0111 -AlllliBll -.aALLY. l'llo. 130 :Pearl-street ........ JniiW-'lrOBJL ......... ol; j .. -=?''-J of ,., .. B.&uow BD!wlo. i cn:a. BIQIBUio. B. & D. BENRlMO, loui,li.oa MD a.AUU ....... XIB'D8 Or : TOBACCO, .... -,v A T:IIB-8TB:BJ:IIT, NEW-YOllE, .... Ga'oale Ill o/. I.EU -'JQAAOQO ....... UBll 52-108 / L. B. AIIIUWK & 00., ,.. .. .. v \MERCHAN, l_ jeprJJ ad illlatt.o. clb :EJO:EV" --1881 DE ...BRAEKELEER & FOOTE: h Commission Merchants .,HAVANA SEGARS, ( xe. U Bl!Ei6.fAN-iT Err, lfMw Pf:"l, .NI'IWYORR; ,<.;178 Water-Strel_!t, Net.c-York, 1 IMPORTERS OF C I G S 1 AND 'l' 0 0 C 0. [ l! I, :Afl 1 JQHll T. HA A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF Q B -'A Q c O VUELTA ABAJO WRAPPE_RS AND FILLERS OF THE BEST CONSTANTLY ON HAND, IN BOND AriD Dli1Y 'PAID. : Oommiwn Kerollanta, __. -GCO. W. HELME. a110 NJIIW-YOBX. .......... __ ftltQIIII ...... ._ P.L-.,JL ILA.-. M. R. PEARS.A.:VL,. lapafta' _. 'r"'nnf" of HAVANA SEGARS LEAF TOBACCO, lro. as loUh WiUiam Btrwt. I.A. BOIUJU'l'O, (U'I-1'18) IIEWYCRK PALJUR & SCOVILLE. --Ull'f:a:, PALJIBB a eo., C,om.m.\.<&t:\.ol\. '\\\ v.t"e.\\..\l.n.\."&, ... .. LEAF TOBACCO, Ne.IJO-W.w-.t., New-York. IL B. 0-. J. B. C.a.T.d. B.. H, OBU & CO., (Sa_ ... n 'w 01 ... IIAJ:i!ON .t CO. ,) No. 43 Broad Street, lllJlW -l' 0 :aX. .& .... o..&aJJOm .. a '11, 't; i:. BAL0'011, ,...... ltt!l, ... WBI'l f"J.9:Qt1CE, lro. "'JIJiid-. ,.,., :..W-Yorlt. ,........_ Ill ......,...IW.OKO> 0 li:A.:tro A.C'l'11Bml8 0. TJD OELJIDBATED I RAILROAD IIILJ-8 SRviT_. I O.,R -BRANDS:' .1A r -:aaa:GlSOT, :o&liCK lU.rPD, BCO'l'Cll .&JrD ttJJmUOO'l' Slrol'FS. )(ACOOBOY .!liD FRROB1-ufll I"LOV.B. .. ;) .ALIIO JU,NI1ftOftJURS o' Tllf .,.._ or : CIS,IIIAIS, AND 188 WA.T:mt AlfD 85 Plli'E STB.EEi$, : NEW-YORK./" ou BOIS, .VANDERVOORT & CO., A. OATMAN, Buacessor to O.ArJIAB' tk REID, IJIPOJlft]t OP HAVANA D9MESTI Leaf Tobacco, I JOD BBY.t.JI. 8 y Tobacco aii.d Colton Paotors, t6; 20 Cham (l New ,:fiat J. ;;;;; ;, 'i ftillteil in 1Iq &lohatc#S & Frne llu/.1:. SNUFFS-Contlnuad. ;Fancy Brl.&ht Tobaccos, f Bb. '"f' ,... }X J OADD-. -..I .,.,.,. .. 1 ""! Jonnle lleb, Rough and ReAdy Twist ........ i bo:reo New York state Shorts,oom.... .. ... .. 90 OldDomlnlon" ........ 1 1 en oolor ........ $110. posed of oar best 1 BxUS. J!ccncn, ne.w iorilcle lor.:dlJJIIUIK'-.. .. 90 J. 11. Covln.llton, ........ Bee Colldlr. medillill illle1riirp. ... \50 High TOOAt Scotch ...... a...... .. .. 8G C&ble Coii.Jl'oU, 12-lnch Twiat.......... .. .... La Ro...._ .. bright':' ...... ... l GO ..._,.AUtheabove bran4s Fr68hScotch,lordlpplng: ..... ........... 90 F. A. Swanson's tancyt-lnchTwlot. ........ JD:ifiiiiilo, 1 u C&veoilall. browm .'.. 110 ,.. .l.ctt J!tr lb. ex klab .. Lnscloue Chew TWiSt ...... : .......... .... :.. La Roe& de Satll&o, Comet.1JslltbroWJI. 85 t!'.\1, AU In-...,..., 1* LaPintaTwlst ........................... Pumarlep, Bee,b:faWn .......... '"' eo lti. ,.. .. FFV H H 1M ... Bott Am. JllokerCiub1 Soft Pressed 1-blch ...... .. lla IJidla, Fine Cut Che 1 -In Jl'tll. lll!d l'tiptri. l All &uka, ltb the of American GenUe-...,_ Oliver 8LacJrJ'In!!'*, ... :: Comet, Jtiiiilil' 4e ....._,' "!' ntl maa, Demla!to, amfl'1lre VlrgiDia, lnl and+ lb. bottles; Millie Fleur, 6-lnch bar ...................... pu ..-. t ..-. I>CIIIilidll. ltO'jJer do&; ba118, e!5 per doe. Pocket Pieces 3-lnch bar ............. :.. .... 8eed. Century (1100 pack-Shorto, C olho, embraciiiJr Benry, MeekG. C. Griffins.... .. .. .. .. .. .. ...... C&banao, k I llnreka. medlllm .... .... .... .... 411 len]!urg, and liillJaJ: Counties, a., and Caswell Co. Somethllur:Bnra, \ ruberooe, otrong dark. ........ ............... 411 N.c., illll4 other IUloaa lllllnts; to Dark Sweet Tena. Blf!ecnlfo. White Pulf, ... .............. ... (() whiCii tbe attention ot LA:aoz llm CLOSJ:"Bu'nuus Is ;r w. ,Jooeo Nary.. .. ... ( ....... .... .... boxes. t.a A,.;;;;t Oeidla r. Leaf, ,. ,. .................. 3l5 reopectnilly solicited. George W Crowis Navy ..................... i Lt. G old Duet, .................. .... 80 We .. ol'e!'IDI them In Boad or Tax paid, at leBO Brl ht Ilia Teno ................... : ....... t '' Pr!JaceooDIIgllle!'ll, IKa, of the aboveBrando, In i bbls., 1 ct. per lb. thanmarketprlceo. Rt/van Winkle ....................... Colncbllaa OolpMJitol, extra; In 8 ets. per lb. extra. We oball lie glad to ohow .1:bmn to deolen tn Fm Perceys .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. " s;ir In 5 11>. Cloth Balee with Fancy Label, oame ToBACOOI, as "'".f" assured we have the beet ..,. Standard ............................. t La VlrlatoA-._ oortment"'fiii,J fall 1 St.Patrick .......... ......... ... ... t, iand" LaPalma!naY&D&) CaD nrournewlorand YACBTCI.Ullllmadel'rQmtbe Wealoo eepon nd 80 ozeoand B.B.Petel'l! .............................. .. t Centary .. Concha. tlncst Vlrgilli& r-1 tbat can be proC.,rea, mol lo the W"''te"'i = r= Youth's LonEt Tens, In fancy,....... Cldcllo8. Imported Havana Coocl. be!!t Smnkmg Tobacco in tbe country. Th(\ 0 0 g are some 0 .. ran Standard Long ens, fancy.... ... . . elddt. I'll ,. lrl.8ht Pound I'Dch, ._ .. --. sliCNrittia.. ;A.H- .. ('!I'll!. ui.-J,ollolo.J AAAA, t ......... f:ltT<>n!:, 8 oz. pa-. ......... ........ $1 50 AA. ,, A:7*'1'Gold Lear .. Where oar Gooda oolcl at llireDI&r ....... ._ ... 01ll Vil'l!lnla, .. .. ........ ; ........ .. ''10 ; t J G&l),pld < ..... t .. I a. y N SCH cK, ....,.. 'D-.. Tabl\ e l"ruacais 4 oz. papeno .. ............ .. .. 110 J Hanell\ AA ... f ,. ,. ,. .. ,...--. :: .. ":.*) 100 J.J.Pritdlett'e : u :: ....., .. Mtld ., panlth, .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 8G .llalella. .. 16 Soatl Frat St., 1'111111MWphJa. VJeNe,._ _.....__ Nary .............. ...... 00 .Jllnlille Fuftel, ':i.-" Venui .. SNUFFS .Mag .... I' : TwllrlluB ........ A. Andenoon ...... .. .. Golden Stir, sort a R MIT'eHELL' m -lifo.,.. D. C .Mayo & CO.. P"'""ea .. . r ; Bb1o ,..,, Re ward Blne !11>11-ofVIqrln-8$. CeDtral Sti, Jlel!t.en; livma Rose acen ted .......................... $ 00 In Fancy ....... ... "l Ia Salt Prcsed, Illl PlhMib e 1 Amerl<:an, I'' .. ppee ...... .. 1-. 85 .u a : : H .. : : Flora de.cUmd.o .uv-. CoDdJa de Bepll&, Seent..lJ;Caiollee, .................... .. 8G AA 1. a _,....,. .... FOY .L + J llari&Vi', od)lftl'le ....................... 1 0Q ... :: : Wt&tr ... :: : : "!' tHt r!'""Vlrtato cl.mcn.:an seen ted ._... .-....... 1 lQ May ower .. .. -.. ek,Lewls ,, .. . f.a PIcml!!ro ...... ., ............ ...... ....... __ 110 Oce ol3 .. ... ...... : : :: rave --.-..... X :: 85 n r--st:., C A de vUlarY VIllar llntebrao. Pn.-Virgltlla,plAia, ............ ............. 110 Hancock &Paylor Sure,.TIUDg ....... ._ r ,. 1m .All *ood6 o( our warranted abt t mildew mu s ty, or flOur, nnd to leer Ill ell alimate& and bear sl!inm'l,n j ali of tl!e w.!M:.I4-No C l,nrll" for Packages or nil; a nilflii'S 'ae,.; old nl n<>tt prices. Uval t o the tl"'de. 'FOBACCO WA-REHOUSE. BROS. -& -CO., Commission Mercnants, VIRGINa SMOKING OBIBifT.I.'l., OLD DOIIIIIiiOl'f1 GBl'flJib 'I:17Jut ... TOB.l.C. WAT.R S"r'IIEET, NEWYC)RK. House at 406 .Sansom Sireet, Ban Thanciseo, Oa.l. I PATENT TEMPER TOBACCO-KNIVES, JACOB -' IRBY., McDANIEL & -COMMISSION MERCHA 140 -GRAVIER ST':a.EET. NEW .&Da&A.UIUD ., Collicticnt 8884 and Hama 61 Street, .I


THE TOBAOCO lJ E A F. ;p .. t... ( .. A. B. THEOBALD, ESTABLISH ED ...... ]?Jrlladel,phia, Pa., .&a- CHARLES D. :QE FORD & CO., or Conaigners can f9rward their stocks without prepaying the Covernm te.L l '') J. allf&r.DO Ull1t. WK. Ill. ABBft. JODPJI BBOOU iN A.LlJO SANK & co '"'l'pbaooo ... o 31 N. Wtlter-et. & No. ao N. Delaware-ave., Philadelphia. J :KINSEY TAYLOR'S ceo '' W AR:i:nHqUSE, DIU...Ulll OHIO,KERTUOKY, :IIIBSOURI, & VIRGiliA LEAF .TOB4CCOat lo. 336 arket-st., Nos. 9 and tt South Fourth-St.; PBII.ADELPBIA. lOLl AOIIIT J'OB K. c., BARKER'S


& G. JA}RIIJ.ARD'S WFMERN DEPOT, & EARLE, Managers, -.... 85 South Water Chicago, IlL .a.--& Lo........:.,. IID.afto Cl P,.. ese, s. STEPHENSON, j 'l'vua, .I Co., QliiJior, ILL. "'76 TOBACCO WOiltS." 1!. 0. :IRJUA11ate of Tan I Co. 11U1a JUIOII;la&e of Will$ .I ....,.-MURRAY & MASON, IIUIJJ'.&--.AIID M.ALDI IJI ALL KIWDIJ W Ohewillg and; Smoking Tobacco, Nos. 22 & 24 Mlohlgan-av., Chicago, Ill, KANSAS 01'rY TOBAooO WOBXs. LO. DJPP. 11-(1' 1., TRJW & ea., .lOIDft' 70a PJtODOc:am. IUlftJJ'.A.C"'''JJCBS OJ' X.lBtJJ'.lC'MJUU Or Ku:afaotlmld 'fobaooo, kud Oiga.ts. Chewing !tnd smoking Tabaoco, li!XiiJLUBrvm:.rcoKI!UBBION. CWA..IIIilo Slllll!' .. o .... C. Ollce, w. t 11141 K&ln-lt., betw-lith and 6th, 1 Ollee ud Warebeue, No. Ia Dear\oi'Jiol&., KANSAS (.,"J:TY, MO. ;BOX 881 CBICJ.&GO, ILL. ,.. .1J1 Jl--;;}i/&'8 _,WDITION. ..,.. .. ollcUod.!l!!!!! .... y"""' .... :ro:aD ADVBR TID'iia. DliTB ....:.... >"" BOI'lOJr --A. R. MITCHEL:C. 1SALOM6N' &: DE LEEUW; ........ JI8Pm' l'IIAN QUEEN IUid JUCK E Y CLUB. Manufactoi'J, Seventh Street, LYNCHBURG, VA McDaniel, Litctdield & Co., (IIIICI:eiiOn to Kc:Diudel & lrby,) General Commission Merchants, No. :1.6 Bridge 8-et, LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA, WillliiiiJ p&rUeolar attention to the ealeandporellase of .._,..,t111'ed, llmokinr, and Leaf Tebaecoe; :.LOUB, GBA.IN, AND P'I'Oduce Ge'IU3'rally. .l... a I '!! f -,..,...,., :n.&NUF A(;TtJ)IEB8 OF OHOIOE BRANDS OF VIiGmr.A cewlllc -4 Smok._. LYNCHBURG, VA. W. P. ELAM& CO., @f;OlltuiMi "'etthautJ 1TOBACCO BROK.!RS, )tiS 66-eet, FE.TJil;BS:SUBG, VA., lleepeetl\Jif aellelt Colllllpmata aa 0n1e111 g.,nerally. Tmns. 2i per cent. llll'lt'l .y.A_ T8 J:ut Gea..-LIIJnc-.QIW.YQBJC BBJB()J[ TOBAOOO HOUSE. .... o '1'IIJI BBJOUMO, BARTON & 00,, CBOICIE:U B&UIDS OJ Jolljii!OUII.I Leaf .. ,...,...and,. 0 PL.UC TOBACCO,. utWV Igars, .lfo. 113 ,. Jmolllac lhwwnc Tobaeeo, a .u4aiJ 8T LOUIS M:o 1.HJ9 kiD .. of' 8ol D,ELMAR, Director.To the 'Co1-lector of Cu s toms, New York. 1 Bft:lres. O n WritB-Accickntal Omissf,on of &.-Under the Act of Congress, appr.Pved J;mie 30th, 1864, entitled "An A c t internal revenue," etc., the instru ment is not forf e ited, nor is the _penalty incurred by tn a ccidental omis s ion to affix a United States Internal Revenue Stamp thereon. The forfeiture of the 'f)enalty .and the forfeiture are both enibraoea one entire, OOIIJleQted J;i:ollQISition, and both rest on $ facts, .the OJiliB!:l,lOD of the stamp, with intent to evade the provisions of ih e Hatc/Woc'k v. Smcyer, : 39 Vt. The refor e a ni.otion to' dismiss a suit for the reason that no stamp :was:affixed to the writ, without alleging that the omission was with mtent to evade the r _Provisions of the statute, was held Id. 'REEXPvidee thd wliere any indebted to the U:n1ted' -states -altall become insolvent, the debt due tot tiM 1Tnited Statell be first satisfied, and that the priom7 t!tereby ee tablished sh all be deemed to extend m debtor not sufficient propert7 to pay all .b.debts, make a voluntary 11881gmo8nt therect 'Wben, a manufacturer :makeil' an assignmeai of his manufactures for the benefit of his tim tax upon them accrues the assip ment, .and be assellled upon Dial-ket vald at the time ot assignment, and returned' to the Col lector, who s hoUld demand pa;yment of the same by th assignees as a preferred claim. ) ASSIGNKENT TO 1 CRJ:DITOB OF KANUli'A.cruRBII O:J' -BUPI'--LIB.l'J, =t: When a manufacturer makes an ent of lUa properly for the bene fit of his OJ!editon, e becomes J.ia.. ble to a tax upo n all the taxa'blo whioJa. pass by the assignment. The passage into the hand!fGt the a8aignees is the fulfilment ot a oollodltion,. which. renders the goods liable to taxatiOn. 1 UDder the Act of June 30, 1864, the tax upon became a lien from the day jrescnoed by the Co:aUnissionerM their payment in favor f)hlie :United States;" upo.n the real and personal or the manufacturer (Secti o n 8 3). The day prescnbM,bJtli.Clomm.issioner was the .last da,y of each and every month. By the Act of JUly 131 1866, such a tax Is made "dueJand on or before the last day of each and every month, (Sec. 11) ; and is a lien in favor of the United State from the time it was due and payable until paid with interest, penalties oosts that may aoorue in additioa thereto, upon all and rights tQ property be' longing to the man turer. taX, mnst .be sold within five !.l i is th\'1 siOIJel.'l by e, a sale to be made llt 'II. greater distance. I $ p SALE 01' :titAL .JCS'.!:.A'al .;oB TAX AT llliiiriJroH PRIOB-v .\ ... ...


.. LEAF fHOMAS HOYT.& Co.) 1 .. ") .&\;. TOJMCCONISTS, .. No. A'.' STanT;' t .... At bar .. .., W...., and. c and lpr&.. roo.. BltAift)S' : Pl\'1-CtrT cii!WIWG. ttiiiM\Jysma ''! \m ll8UGHT -. IJ' r J NATlONAL. C r .r.( "rnoMAS ROY'I' CO., IIOYT, PLAOO CO., ..-..w., ltJ. ,. l!OY:T" ,F;LAGG & CO., J. L. ADAMS, ......... -. r t ;,... J IIIII W.iJt. .... .........__, I '. .B$CJJE'l'o B'a&ue' Own. ...,._... rC!alldi. '' .: {\ t'. .. l'olmUo ............... ......... d' 1 J. u., 'aMo Vietol'ta Teua. 1 ..,. OBX LICORICE 0 w .. G .. ADA:: t w.A.LLI$ & 00. _. ommJssion en iQa A1DB11D1 II -. --,. Tobeooo ma1lfilaRren aDd the Wide ---"" '* ... Leaf & Kanufaotured Tobaooo, in paenl are to SOLACE TOBACCO, :.-:: nt, ant 11 w .. a. ......... Bw-Yort.. :o:.=a':!t16 111 CBDAi'-sTXBET, ooo:qe ; We an allo 80LK b ct. .. IIW-T-&Bi ...... ......, ..,. ._._,.AlA P. G. FIIIHu & a...,EWALU. rlt Aobl>wleapl bJ oouameri to be the ---=.. ill ...... .:.... B ,__ beetm"'-....-kA 1ma H H. W A T T S, 1"0.-.v o1 Uoorioe 8Uok .. -. -PI'RE CITY Wo. I JWIOVD I'IILDmes.11 G. B. .... .r. equal to OALABRU b f W 0 k s I ... w K. Wure aJao AGK)1'1'8 for tlae blaD4_ 0 r wbioh ....... liOo '75 BOWERY, 'J, IS, GANB & SON, seleel COD-T9BK. TOBACCO BROKER8, T. A. LAWRENCE & CO., N0. 86 WALL-STREET, LICORICE PASTE\ (Suooeerlon to WBI'rUJI & L.urUHOL) Tontine lilulldina:, .OU.NUJ'.AC'l'UUU Ol' 41 llr'5:W-YORX. -8XCEL810R MILLS DAVID a: SON,, PURE POWnEREJ) LICORICE, 3'14 Pearl Street, ll'ew-York, b B k :r 0 acco ro ersl Gum Arabia, W'INIDia To......_ Pluoe 'l'ilrllb._ _..._.. llo. 1 '11 PllAllL ST:&mrr, -... .a. ca.-; a-.. : .... ,.... of o-ol Pt.o ...... Jiagliah, Pre&eila, IJl4 llootcJl DU"m 0'11....._ OW YOKE. D&1'1D I O'M......, Ol&J Pipea. T CHARLES F. OSJOBNE, liP"' 'I'D @J.Y IWfiJI'Ab'ftJUIII OPIU ........ cwr ...... IIIODI& fttiOOO. 11-11 TOBA(XJ() BROKER, WM. H. & (jQ,, IIU'OI'...,.,... -,......, WO. 16 OLD-ILIP, OLIVE OIL, TOWQ'UA BEAJrS, ... ... IDl 'l'D,IICT &M' ua, llr ..... W R 8T RRY, IIIPORTERB, US PLAft IT. Y. ....,. r obacco, Snuff & Vlft111AI Wen oonw: of Water...v..t, .............. JIIIIIII.. YORK. HENRY M. MORRIS, Ira zmb K RADER & SON, 10'1 & -...... TBBo-ST., roaA.cco B F. GRUND & CERERO, JOSEPH SCHEIDER'S =ums, us B' 4TIOll' AL o.. doer,_ BmoTerllqure, aaw YOU. J. O. r Ga. B. L Works, IHIIE IEED & co.; vu' :r. G. o 79"' GEIERAL rQWD aiD t.JQUOtUCE. ....... ., ... sc Ce4ar llreet, F -QUALITY. l)f1:..; DS. N-llload""'7, NEW YORK. Manuf'Htlwe It Peutlll[eepaie, New-York. I --. WWUll KWlckilllck,l SEIDENBERG & CO., 6&-&7 Ji&W-T-&lii. .And o&her Bru1el.. .. ...., ,__,_,. P .AJITE. ROBITSCHEK & TAUSSiG. :I'O&BIGll' DOBESTIO 2Qe Delanoar-st., Y., K;aEDLBDG & CO., or .&.u. J:I!ID& 0 IKPO&'I'a8l o.J fll:tt-t.. NO. DEY-BTRllllCT, "K.I.G,"IMI"I.O.yOal'lrnda. and O"'lldJltfttn /lahuos, ... We ntr.r r.r oaJe lo ODd IIJo lradola N--111 a,, (M-111) oral ..., 1111petltlfo' 01111-eotobllohed brood o r Llcorl"" .._......._ Polte,-L .lo 0. ...a J 0 T Oa, expr-11 tot IIIIo "._ .. llrondo : VIRGINIA U.ll!', IULLIC.IU.'fiOJt, J QUW A H A B.TCO'D 'W 11111.-te\ aad ...,.r&Dted perlectiT ou,.. 1 LILT, aad DR0 01' TBll 11'11ft. 98-tlS .11.1.11 o _-A.L'I J I :r:tli'E PoWiftlnid Root Licorice :Pasteo Q80ll C. :a:. LILIENTHAL, ......,...,.,... .. Oat and 81Jloking Tobaooo1 I.'J, Itt, .a; Ill WlllldrlltM-t&. cer. Bllrelay, 10. 148 WATER-STREET 1 NIIW-Y.OllK. J.Bd or Ut!fa\-11ut York, Lump, 'flot,-&oR To___ b.-, Tobaeoe 11....,....,_. are invited to lrepperhan Tobacco Worka, M. WESTHEIM & CO., xmlne our and teat their quI-Yoaken, N.Y. cowl'a va.ow.l B Ohewlall IHIIIII!aloldDr. IWI!Ir-.,. ,... lty. .. O&Uo Gr'U111ned, .::I ,.... A ---1 Turldob, ...&:...-e:=tklll-:-R & CO .. lll'f 11-.., 1' 177 PEARL STREET, t8f & 163 .AIDEIILA.JifE. -te4, l!l&oOOboJ, I're11cll lloppee, c..... ......., (Vt....., ..... .,..,....yoRK.. OX:,":. Llbero.l. Goodt prdon .,. w-voRtt. .. JosEPH MAYLR & soNs, s. JACOBY & co., E. _................. G ._.. c ., ... -..-..Dialonla AU Kinds Havana and Domesti'c :ov., fiOBADOO s E .A. R s OIGABS. SEGARS, I TOBACCO_ LABLE. S WILLIAM LEE, (Bac:eeuor lo LDl' liROTHI!ala,) X...po..ter. aud o. ]fOR CADDIES; NAVIES, :fOUNDS. BTCJ. FUBNl8BBD BY 1011 em.&-. HATCH 4. CO. 111 BRO.A DW A Y (Tnnity Builclinl, 11EW. YORK. ..... Jll I ..... __.,_ F. W. BECK & CO., CCO FACTORY-No. 130 North-st., Baltimore, Mel. OFFICE and DEPOT-No. 16Q Pearlst., N.Y. IJID JIOioB P.t.DJI'DJI BltANJ)S: Fino-Cut-Naturl\l Brag n.nd Catawba. Bmo.kins-Bhrulj(h&l, Die I$Jl, Four ,.EL RIFLE, A ce, ,Elephant, Canister, eta. -...Y, mnr-..a. ......, THE CELEBRATED FRAHr IEUITENMUlLER & to. 'SEGARS, "' .&JI'D DULDB Df "GO:BXO:OO IA114Jr l'oac&.au. No. Llbel'tJ IHree&, 115().1'15 tmW YORa. Always Uniform and Reliable. __ __;;:;;:::;.---GRAFFLIN; LEDERMAN.......... _...., ____ ., .PEAlE'S CELBATED SELF-FEEDINI tew.- Jtaf lo&atca ......... .,u..........._,.........,. ta-m .... ._. 169 WA.Tlla--..... 1' '. .. _.,__ ........... ........ -__ .. ,...,-""-"'""' -.) ......... lD 110 N1ll IB Ito ...... no111 --.rnoo _,__,or.,_.._ .. W H ....aad-oorrw,_ ........ ,... ORN ...,.. --. IJIPOII'rBR 0 r .. ...._ ..... 110 ... -., ...... 4 liil:' ...... .4. edwlthl-labor,-...;;...,...,_ d!l '11./U.UIU-tf auu ...... .... 0... ,_, Ia ... -. Alld Wllol-Dealer ill allldDda ol -ill 'Q'altod aw. M. tid>, DOJOI8'rUI OI&ABS _UD LB.U' !tllOOO, PMelec!ID ...,_ Aprlllllb, 1816 ...... 1 .. a..lnJ1 44 .... 1.1M, t265......,. .......Ill ,._.&poll 1M, t-.1 .Palelded 1D Bel&laa -'PdJ18111, 1-\ N E 'W' Y 0 :S: -. ..,__, D. RE::t;:;N"HA:tl:b, -PlU Jacmaes, -BaDen. IIA.nFActvBn o:F Jjn tJiu.U Aad Dealer ill all ldDda 111 PATENT DRY R. LB.&F T ()f: '.robaoat ..... ...... _.:...-;, .,....,. ....... Thla Cutter tQek tt1e SCHRODER c!t =130N, MEDAL at the GRtAT EXPOSITION. .. LUKB Esq., Ulll1F.&cTumo:rBtiAU No. WA.TEJi. aTBEET, "NEW YORH. _... .. x. Apnt;; Dealers In .Leaf T ceo, ., rt!I=.IIIIIG8---} --.r-YOl't. M. F.A LK, J ST., NEW-YORK: TobaccoDiat, .......... I C {-:'"' Plae NCY ... ...... I. UTH I CO., 144 SOUTH. 'WA'l"ER CHICAGO, Meerschaum and Brtar:Pfp;4 and'iiirof ArtirJea l[emally. POL db S01'T, ..... tae-( MEERSCHAUM GOODS. SWIULAT &tena: l 7 alilr 1111u1 KtHicJdDnjc.k.. Mill. 691 Broadway, near tk SL, N11l'W YORK. All Goods stamped with our name and warrao,&ed Pipes cut tO order repaired, mounted, ond fwliled. CJT'Sen d for whol esa le or t ctai..l circul a r The Superior Pipe No-w in Od .. T.AKIII BY UIIIICIW ._...,._ 9-P. COOPJR & CO., .o. 107 FROT 8TR T, ', IIWYORK. WomiiA:a-IOnGulDNON IIii;cirloro a! lllli!:'Ddl or BRl.A& r t Leaf & Manufactured ot \he BeDowDed dD m I Sit Wtr-::" New-YoriL, El Baco and letrQolitaD Branb, 1.;. '*1 ... 0 &A cc 0' II. & 'O::...BTJI'.I I .. li'A II .....__. 1 ..... -a'DT ...,'D ...... 4 ...., .... ..,. < 11 --tO rter-&..-&. New..Orl--Lao ,... .ou:uw.-D.L.IWI.D.L (If-.._laDe.) llllportfms of it' .... Hil l.J I I OorE..IIo.YoSnPt.uo,ING'. A n-..T "' .' NBWW:O.K.. 1-eel'IChatm, Brtlr, IIi Clay Pipr .J... : L. ()(. \.Jv A.IU1 JOSEPH HALL1 All Other SmAets' Artleles, ete. ... u.---L--_._._101,_ SEC} ARS,. Ili Segar IIanJifactw:er, .. CUTLERY.-__ ; 11 .. Le8.f Tobacco & 7e hrda,..ue.t., v .. ... =-. II \::1 .o.. 6 8URLIIIC. SLIP, A r..uo .l!IIIO&-ftntno or & Co., i'a& 140 Pearl-at. .t 108 Wattr""-111148 QHOICE SEGARS I CA(l Niw Y ..... K 11-a :Nlt:WYC.JKK. "&;..J,.:"' ._.1 IIIWTORl ---u .. -. laJ*Wot.ullllldaur E;Ula,f. I ba.Q90 & Segars. SCHMITT & STORM, ---T-"-:&::J_c a _1 .L_B_._I.,._R _&_, .... ALWAYB o nnscnAut no m' JWIJIJ'.AO'I'JIUII8o .... 11 ..JI. LEVIll', 1M 10 .,..: s 1 GARS,. LA AIW., ill LA, PRIJm T.-1. .. -nd .. s ... .. ...._ Cl A a. .uuacco a ears, -.aa.r._... ..... pr .. ob .LEAF TOBAOOO. .-11 .--....... ._,.a : L RAF TABACCO .......... ..._.,_. ....., .. ._ .. _..-. 181 PliA.BL B'l"BD'.P, : Ici. 15 CD.&lL-I'fBUT, ""' llalnlrft, i .... vAn-..1 .... ..... E. lll :PU&IA'l, _. Wall.C., a-.-.. r at o ... B.lMMERSTElii I .... M 3 lniOIIJIInlfeaf Manufactured TOB 40COt.t .: -..74, W am ... ..;' ll{ .... TOaK. Pipes, Arllelol 10 Jlinr.Y8K 1111-l'lt { 11


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