The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (4 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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T29-00135 ( USFLDC DOI )
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University of South Florida
Tobacco Leaf Journal

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.,... T ) Organ of the Tobacco Trade. of the United States: The Largest Special Trade Paper in the W Qrld. V0L1110 IV., No. 9. t Wa:oLB No. 1!18. l !DIU 01 TIDll'AftL J. 8.. Ill Wall. flllllto.,Me ............................ tl Ceetll O')leiU, Darid. S,q, l'lU'eui. To B.-, ... a..tllle&t ol KANVJ'ACTURII:R8, =-r.::.=ibr App'.-h;,.\ Helme, lBs Water. Beck, F W. II Co., 160" Pearl 0 fw. all& ...,_ urue,. -Brock, 11., 820 Bo,r"". -.uwi>Jih- npllti'IIJCn8loftBt Bllcbuaa& Lyall, 1111) wa&er. u U dTB:&TIIIJfe. EdmonRoll, S. 8. &i B1:0., 218 & $16 l>l&ane. S!J>g!e Donble fll1'1re Vhy Worlu, 'TG nowery. CoiUIDJL ColulllD. Fall<, 11., 143 Water. l == & ;: ;-;::;;;. 0:: .......... u ... '" "' '""'' ......... t ...,..., (t 1 t.rf 18 116 F. !. & 'Bro., 18lt .,wl18li Daae. 1,..= fit 11-.... : IK 100 Goo4win, W. B. .t Co., aad :.'! 1 : Ball, ,Joeeplt, '18 Barclay.:.,. 4 ..-.... 4 tor 6 iilcmaiB M 100 Hai1oortl, A., 14!1 n 4lmlllcbH tor 11-... .ios = Hoyt, '1'fiOIDu .. co., .o, Pearl. 1 == !1 Kerbs, A, 81 Bowqy. taebn .,. 1 ........ 111 La..._, f. A. II Uo, Pearl. lllchel f9r t JeU .... eo Lee, Wm., 111 Pearl, ; A to 'uder u.e "Por Bale" 0. K W .. till --J*' I!Df 'b IMr1 in. Lorilta,d,'P., 1 11 20 ici.a.,... 1n the ... ..,.. ..... 1111ve 10 be M,ver,ll-.4>8 .-C. ,' tbr...:ft,; :filled. wa Go. :&-aD. ftl .-....m: ..,., &. H. & Sons, 119 Wa18r, 1 rale un' I Neudecker, L. a. & Co.; 162 wu.. '"""+. Robit.ebek Taussig, i6G DelaJIC7. QOLD V .A.ttv J'OaKtGM COINS. &heidet, Joseph, '19 William. Schmitt & StOl'm, 191 Pearl .t1 poud .. : .. _.,84,0 Sclooroeder .t Boo, 1 '18 Ware1. 1& ahllliq, ....... .... a Oedar. 1 peoar ........ : .. IIIPOR'UJIIII..I.IID DL\LOIIIS A-11-J.l'rallk, Beuttenmueller 41 Co., ll8 lf'r. fraao.. .. .. .. .. .. .. 0.18 W., Xaiden lr.oa. le. .............. O.OO,lS ,..,,-8., 1f4 Petlrl A.uc...m, .RoUMdtJm, eU.-J.Atllateni!l.eln Peut 111. Iorin ... '"<'. LoriJIIIrd, P., I lc&. -' ............... M.oCallll, J_.. 1111 OriHawlatv '" 1 Roaenwabt, ll. Bro., w I!IL!bihaler ............ O.'l8f 1 lwt-pote ................ 0.01,0(e) Beidenbeq. 0.., 19 Dey. : ....... ..,, .Lo.hH, '*-Tag, CW.., P., U4 Ftonc. I lm. -llluoo '. 0.33,0 a. I!t.. 1.:" IQgj l)bewJng made with KAJillPAUTIIU&S OY KII:SUCOUUII 080011., ....... n'oc, or -how..-eQld, whether Kaldellberg II l!oa, 6 Jolin, 23 W!ll,ao4ft'f Ia.-fill packazet. 40c.; Smoklna, IIW'Iit!t .. BrO!ldway. -.1 r but 40; 8tnAkU!g. l'Dllak.&< 8oa, 27 John aM 692 Broadway. 'or clUIICOAL PIPES. "filmoklus. 11tem1, or i,n OWer, C. P .t Ce., to7 Front. -put of &teas &JIIIIml\adomltherlf, lllt. .QirOIIlii:U 01' RlT..&.NI. m &tl. Olpi tiRo ... of Schroeder lt. BOn, I'll ole pf 'x-u._,.,., or enb-..... ... LJCOI.OCK U ... IUIIIIia. IDWF. ot: ..,.-,P'Rllou,.J...P.,lOltPll&rt ....,...., 1!lckleli, -a-. GiiJilea, W&llill .. Co., 118 _..4111 & Willlu;. .. ,.tberw of aU -..,;..unn 40e. per Grund, 1;. 6;.Jlerero, 118 p,_ll. or .,. .,..., :r--... -.. X::raelberg & Co., 160 Peerl. P, .. F T 11acco d.oaty s5c pe;. )lblmen[t, H. &: Co., 161 )(aide lu&. llli'JI.-or.,... o ....._, 11 "9 r Forel1 $1 poun 61 Be!lver. A! Jiron!. TOBACCO BAGS. Barris, J. T. & C.t'., 811. .l!'rtlllt. W. B. & C., 26 Peorl. Heald .\: ]tllller, 1711 '\\:ale<. TOBACCO DOXKS. Heine ken, G .t 115 BroadwT Hammacher, A. &; Co., Beekmo.n. Hio"ks, Joeph, 82 Water. j TOBACCO PAPIIR wAitKBOOSII:. 'B:iUtoan, G. W. & Co., 101Jl'ront. Hll'l!chhoro, L .tCo" UOPearland 108 Water Jell@up & Moore, 1?.8 William. Hollander, L. & Son, 14'1 Water. ToBACCO Buaus. Hunt, Chas. E. a Co., 110 Peart. Briggs, A. T 64 Rugers Slip. Kelly, Robert .E. & Co., M Bet.dr. :on&cco LABKL rarNTI!Its. Kittredge, W. P. k Oq,, l&4. < Brown, M. B k Co., OD William. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 4, 1868. .l C. PFIRSHING, ( 142 F'uLTO!Ir f!Tlmm. & Son, 46 Walnut.. Cuey & Wayne,10(1-1Q4 WeM Front.. Duddy, J. II Co:l 41 Vine. Fringant, P, & Uo., 47 West Fro11$. Pbiater A: Bro., 14 West Front. Wortbiagton, Power &: Co. lKPORnff, KANITI!'A o., .Sg .se '"'$"" ttl"' ttl. .. ... f;!: ... CASES AND BALES. .. ..; I ,..; a i:' i:' -., 8., .. .0 .Ef! 0-"'" "'"" .. f;!: ... r 11ANUPAcmntBb ... PACKAGES AND BOXES. "'' ... ,..; ,..; ,..; :' ,c>:Cifi !J :e,g o.wv .... ... .. !:1! r.. ... 13: "' ---------1---------1------,---------'r.. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 8 6'1 .. .. .. .. .. .. 5 ................ .. .................. -Argentine Repub........ ... .. .. .... .. .. .. ll ................................ ............................ .. Brazil ........... ..................... .. ...... ....... ....... ,.. .... ....... $obult..: &: 9i West $eco11d. Spence Brothers &: Co., Eao Third Tbdrnton, Potter & Co., 18 Hammond. We print to-day a complete statisticl\l. Cl'mpi\ation of the ex,ports. of tobacco from this port and from the other tobacco-exporting ports of thll United States, showing how large .the exports were guring Ule past week, during the week pn\'ious, and sinee tile beginning of the year. We have bad the introII:ALDM. Tho subject of mot:ttity, ()r talherimmor. ality, is a wide at time in England, and is one which can be debated wie h equal propriety in our own' country. The oonstant}y-occur ring defalcations in financial institutions, the ruin of long-established houses through the deception and tricj.ery of trusted agents, and tho frauds which are only too' common in the collllft(lrcial world, both. upon consumers and upon the Governm<'nt, show thai some-thing is indeed "rotten in Denmark," and tl\at the pres ent order of things' calls ioudl y for radical reforms. The cause of these deplorable lapses from the ot rectitude, both_ on this side the Atlantic and upon the Barnes, Geo. B., 2&8 Stace. Burnpat)i, J. D. & Co., '17 and 79 As7Jnra. Hllllll 282 Mai,n. King, D. W., State. e&UDa.n L., 21 State. l'reee, H. k z ,K., 2i2 "!!d 224 &late .t De Leeuw, 6 Asy\um. il'eymour D. ll. 159 nad 161 dommcrco. tlaoQ lSol Kaln. WDoox, H B., 169 Front -other, are too well known to need more than passing mention. The haste to be Tich and the passion for ostentatious di&play, arc tJ>,e rocks upon which 'many a. makes on the sea of life. Men start out with high .hopes, good plinciples, infiueritial frien'as, and more or les8 moneycapital on which to base Woodo:uff,)oaeph 8., 23:1 State. ) 0 their CO.JU-mcrcial vpnturcs. At .first-all goes Amoothly; l pu_t the 'Y\>UUlJ merc1111nt is smitten by the fever 9f RA.VA:WA., C'Ca& 'f.,_n, E. &: Co., 40 San If....Clo INDIAN4POLIS, JllfD, W11U.te, W. P., 30 W. Loiaiaiana.. a:a.NsAS crr-r. xo. O..hrell, Tripp & Co., lWn at. L01JI!IVJLL-, KY Jlnrer, l. "Bros., Hf'Tblril. ilalaneke- -, .1 t,eopold, &: Co. J'JD"do, E. k Co., 222 Main. Robinson, A. L. & G 48 Foal'tb,. Tuck&: Womack, 273 Main. Wicks, G. W. & Co., 102 Kain. LYNCHBURG, V !l. Carrol, J. W. McCorkle, Bon & Co., 113 lbin. McDI\niel, LitcbAeld .t Co. Robiw;on, J. A. Stone John W., 193 Main. Y ouugcr k Co 141 Main. l'IIEM.PUI8, TENN. Ackerman, E., 250 Front. l'IEWAJIK, W. Briutzinghotler, W. A.., 374 Broo.d. Campbell, Lane & C o., 9ii Broad. l'I 'BW OBLE&l'IS, LA. Lichtensttin, Bros. &: Co. 'T9 Gravier lrby, llcDaniel & Co., 140 Grc.Tier. OJftA.D&, NEB Bemis & .Abbott. PETt:BSBURG, VA. Elam, W. P. & Co., 1M Sycamore. PHILi\DEJ,PHIA. TOBA(.."<:lO W AkEHOU ItS. I a spoealatitlli, and a.:t' on,oe the slow hilt enre ro&d to fortune bec()ltieS a _dusty highway in eyes, the very sight. Of which is loaih!IOme. He Cllnnot. remain in it another )nomon,i., 'and quickly a,Mnd.ons the high dard ofJ>Uf!IDei!IJ morality to his fathers Steadily adhered, fur the doubtful practices of the pro: From. this thfte his oour P. !l_own-"' rd. Even in the cx'ccptional when b.e 1_s "--,,.,. furo-r tl>oae of justice and fair-dealing, &nd that consciouli' reci.1. without which the wealth of Crrosus could not pur chase self-approval, or dignify its posse into a citizen, to whose high-toned morality the State might point with pride. No; the re\:kless specu lator, even when he succeeds in retaining his ill-gotten gains, is not a chatacter' to be envied, nor a useful mem ber of society. It is not such men who found schools and colleaes, who establish charitable institutions, or I whose names are pronounced with blessings by the The speculator is as careless of the claims of others in his hour of sueces8, as when Ile was still struggling to attain the pinnacle of fortune. To the question, "Am I my brother's keeper?" the speculator answer, decidedly, No !:' While these truths are undeniable as general pripci plcs, it is not often that we meet so s_t.arf!ing an illus tration of the old adage, th,at Honesty IS tJ:e best policy," as that nQW furnished by certain cotton turers of England. 'rhe adage bases its argument on Armstrong, A. k R., 51 South Front. Boy d Fou"erav & Co., 61 North Tbird. Son, 32Z North 'l'hird. (lncknor, McCammon & Co. North Wascr Burgess & Bro., 44 South D elAware av. Courtney Woodward & Co., 47 N. Water. Doh.>n &'Taitt, 29 North Water. Douglass Jolou, 13 Nortb Sixth. the low ground of commer cial expediency, which is not exactly the strongest that might be urged, but which may appeal more forcibly to. the depraved conscience of the speculator than any higher one. Once make the speculator believe that his f:.worite schemes will not pay, and you have done more to d' snade him from Brit W. Indies............... .. .. .. 9 22 43 ISO '1 't 'T .. .. .. 10,2110 28,891 Canada ............ : .............. .. .. .. .. .... 30 lll _. ...... .. .. .............. ,, ... Central America ..................... . . . . 1 ............ ......................... gt!ll ........................................ ................... ..... 1: ...... 1 .............. ooa .. : ....................................... : .. .. .. 48 .48 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 8,860 .,ua. Cisplatine Repub.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2 .. .. .. .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..... J l;tte Cuba ............. ; ...................... .,; .. .. 10 10 9 9 210 1,113'1 W. Indies............ .. .. .. 1 2 41 1>1 ...... .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .. 1,2811 Dufch W. lndiee.............. . . . . 80 80 ............................ 19 S .. 'lU French W. ........ :.... .. .... 46 110 ao 62 .............................. : .......... ......................... 1.... 1 17 684 814 ......................................... ::::::: :::::::1::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.::::: New ............................. l ....... I H5 201 825 .. .. .. .. .... .. ... .. 2,108 111,181 23,0n Porto Rtco ....................................... 1.. .. .. .. .. .. l 'T ......................................... v eiJezuel ........................................ r ...... I 20 40 ................... ............. ; '" Other porta ......................... I !"""'l'"""i""'" ............................ 1,'13'1 .1,'1111 Tom ...... ... : ...... 1,1nsl 2,318&4,1>4ll-;:;:;;;; ,..; 8; 1!; l 8 .. i-"c.w .. p .s p .9 1! .. .. .. .9 e .9 .. "j .. ii ll>J!> "'iii Ill,/!> "'"' ttliij t:< &: ... ;II .: ... ... ... 13: ________ 13: _____ Antvrerp.. .... ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .... 164 318 .. .... 478 820 1 .............. I ........................... ::::::::::: .. 23;, .. .. 1.,1io:i .. rii7. ,353 .. i.46i ::: :::: :::::. : : j::: :::: .. "77o 'is:s67 .. 1a:sii Cadiz ... .... :: ........... . 48'1 48'7 ................. ... 11....... 3 I S . 1,200 t,IC .. ..-.-.:::: ::::: .... ":iss "soil .... 5;; ... s:is.. ::::::::::::: r: :::: ::::::: ::::::: i))iii Glaogow ................... 1 1 1 1 . . . 40 .... ... ....... 34 4,182 ol,18' 4,1 ::::::: .... ) ::::::: ... .... : ::::3:: Leghorn..................... 271 2'11 932 ......... ... j t u ................. .. -Lisbon .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 302 302 302 ............. T. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2,478 2,478 1;4'18 .. .. .. 389 l,ll2 .. .. .. LZ9l 25S SS 36 SoU . 9,319 G1,04S London .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 91 164 4-91 10,1 479 1!3&. .... .. .. .. .. .. 68,619 111ll,046 ................................................... [ ................................................ Malta .............................. 161 161 ......... .... 1....... 153 HiS ...... ....... .. 1 ... ::::::: .. ::::::: :::::):::::: : ::::::::.:::::::::::: i""'' Oporto ............. ........................................... l .............. ................................ -Rotterdam ........ .1 ....... 62 St ....... 50 160 '""; .... ........................... Venlce ............................................ ......................... ................. ......... Other To European Ports I l. F..Zports of Tobacco from all Statee. HOGSH&A.DS, ETC. PACKAGES.AliD BOXES. to. ---I .. ,..; m ,. ,..; m ,..; l! l i! j i il i: : I i iS u J f I D r ,.. -o:t; .. "" .. J :::: : :::::::::::: ::::: :;. ::::::: ... ::::::::::::::1. .. ::::: ::: .... Bre!"en.................... 2301 268 ll.lT 69 I 1,9'16 .............. '..... -,-,0.. .... u,ea Cadoz.. .... .. .. .. ... .... .. .. .... 9.Si 4.87 .............................. :.. .. S .. .... 1,900 l,il Genoa .................................. !. ..................... \ ......... ..... .......................... : .. Gibraltar................... 14 .. .. .. 816 66 .. .. 664 ........ .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. tJ.,IIf Glasgow.................... 1 ...... 1 ....... ....... 4ll ........... ,.. 34 4,182 ,..... 88 namburg...... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 385 ... .. .. .. .. .. '129 -......... .. ... 29,755 .. .. .. ....,... ... ::::::: :::::::::::::: .. .. i;, ..... 3. ..... g.::::::: :::::::r:-::c Lisbon .... .. 302 .. . 802 ...................... ............... -. 2,478 "" 1.4-'11-Li, erpool........ .... .. .. .. 18 20 298 36 .. .. .. 84+ .. .. .. 108 8t,4M Londoll........ . . . 91 . 785 . 792 ...... . . . 68,6111 1'111 :::::::::::::: '"ii;i' ::::::: :::.::: :;::::: ::::::: : ::: :: : "'i63' :::::: .:::::::: Marseilles .......... . . . 48 . . . . . . . . _. .... ,.. ... :::::::::::::::::: :::::-:: :::::::::::::: Venice .................. ... ::::::: :::::::l ... ii 6 : : :::: ::::.::: .. 2.; ::::::: : !:::::[::::::: :::::::::::::: ::::;::: :: : / ; ::,: ::1 .:0:. HO. / .. -.., HT Brhish N .A.. Colonies........ . . . 24 1...... . 2 ............. t 58 .. .. .. .. ... .. &,Me Britih West Iuliia.......... 20 28 6 ..... : rso. '1 .. .. .. 'l .. .. .. .. ... .. ll,o211 Calcutta.: .............................. 1....... .. .... .. .... 100 .. .. .. .. .... '16 ............. Canada : ........ '.......... ......... ..... .. .... ....... 108 219 ...... 400 400 ................. ; .. .. > : : : : : :: : : ... : : ::::::):::::: ::::: : ::: Cuba ...................... .................... 1 .. .. .. 10 1....... .. .... .. .... ll 210 1,21lY 811,4111 Kremelberg & Co., 160 Pearl. d Levin, M. H., 162 Pearl. I l Enamel Waterproof 'Finish, for Show Car 9. LeTy & Newgan, 1 Tll Water. Harris Finishi K Compny, 3G Dey street.. Llodheim, Bros. & Co., 110 Water. 1 ALLEGHK!JY CITI, PA. McDowell & Duncan, S9 North Water. Moore, S & J 1 107 North Water Sank J. Rinaldo & Co., Sl North Water Brothers, 117 North Third. Vetterlein & Co., 1 Ll Arch. their further prosccut,ion than you could have accom plished by assailing. hirn with a whole of moral precepts. As an proposition, as. well as a simple statl.'ment of facts; honel!ty pays best i'n the end, hut the difficulty lies in making the dishonest ::::::: 1;.;:::>! ..... :;::::: ::::::: .' ... :::::: ::::::::::::::::::::: ... Dutch West Indies .......... ; ... J .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. SO SO ............. .. .... .. .... 19,191 U,'lll lfrenclt We s t Indies .............. .... M .. .... .. .. .. 92 ........ .................. '. .......... :::::::1( ... ... ... ... ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: .. Lorillard, P., 16 CbiUDbers. 1 JeokiDon, R. & W 6 }'e4eral. 11aor'a, Soua, 189 md .1a1 l }{i.it1and, It. L.. & Co., 1 H;1nover "Build IDJ;". BA.LTUU:OKE. llarcb, Price .t Co., 91 W &ter. 1 Toscco w AJeareall111. R.,a Soucla Parlelt, B. F. & Co., 112 Lomb4lrd. Plat& & Newtoll, ll'f-:tront. Sclu-oeder, Joe., 81 Exchange Plece. Prloe, Wm. a. o\,011., 119 Kaldi!DWae. Waus, G. S. & Co., 21 Soulh Calnrt. Bead Clemen&, 85 Pearl. Wllkeoe II Co., 181 Wen Pra"'G. & Co., 1711 ,Peart. B08TOI'I ..Jobioaon II Hetrn; 1U Wlter. Braclu", F. B. & Co., a Central Wharf.. l .. bh .. on, H. D. 100 B&t10\ay. Brown, & 0o: 31 nod SS Broad. ac.-ba!lllt 4. Jl & Oo., LOll Eckley, A. A., 12 Central Wharf. ilialomon, II. I, 86 )biden Fisbtr & Co., 1!8 Central Wharf. WJOI', .Wallaop & Co 1 4'1 1 lli\cheJI, A.. R .. 36 Centra.!. .)(, & J., lli8 IOIIOerlln!!:'.t Cllaplllan, U SoollfiUiaa. B&OO&LYIII '1'. BQII,l'l8 ; K4>1VUCftla-0.., 14f! .Adama, J. X.., H6 Degraw. ..... ChilL & Bro,, 119 BI'IIIDCI), John, 28 t .__ "-ban & Co Hf 1fa!W Buch ..... n LJ.all. htt Prl so'x x.i.!IVP.&CTII'itW-a C.., 1 Barlln1 .Up. Sherman Brothers, 3 to 18 Sedgwiet. JlieiD; 1.., liT !)eabe sL B1JPP.I.LO, K. Y, t-oba& Reij&eustein, 164 Water.. Adamo A: Co Waalaington. Tan11ahill, lolollvaine Co., UO Pearl Geyer, '1. 0. W Bon, Bl7 1111d Mt Kala. Thayer BrotiUI.-_ 44 W',.ter t CHIC&GO, H., Hi Water... KAIIVI'ACTVRKU. Unkarl &: Co. 186 Jl'ulton. So h W T.-erleln, Tb. H .\,Boos. Ul8 WateL .A.damA, Gibhll & Co., 109 ut ate?. A:SeylliOUr, 1811 Pearl. Lorillard'e Weatem Depot, 85 Soucb Water. '* R. 8., tolll'eul. Murrav & YMon, tll and ti llichipn ave. !!tepbe'IU!On, 8., 1S Dearltom. 'Wa* Orane 81 Co. o.--. c So h W 1er Wealhelm, }L & Co. 1'17 Peart Van Horn, C. o., 1.. ut & Tlleox,Power & Co. l!IO PMrl. Vu D.orn, W.,;1 ll. A Co., 86 South : aaoiPS. onrolWK&TL W '1'0114000 W 4UR00118& A4a-, W. G M ter. n4..._ ...... __ ..... 6T-H Wate&'. Bod&wo.ld, ll 1It.BIITI!r Dll ..___, j, Wu.rtman, Mich., 105 North Water. M.&.NUV,\CT'ORERS, D'BALKR.St JI'IC. Daley, Jamei', cor. Sd and Race. Greeolv, G .A.. & Co., 25 North Twentiet.h. Hare Thomas, 4'14 and 503. Norli!.Seeond. Smith Brothers, 121 North Third. Taylor, J. K., 336 Mark et Theobald, A. H, 'l:hird and Popl.a<-. Witthaus, E. I.., 207 DXJ..L'ERS IN LlUP TOB.&.CCO .. Eisenlohr, W., 131 Soutli I.Otb. MA-5tl'P'..i.CTUBBL" OJ'11COTCH llffQ'J':P.. Ralph A., .t;' Co., 10.5 Arob. PI'M'SBlruG, P &. Blumenschein, Geo., 4 So!YSDth. Hey!, Mart, 838 Liberly. Kegraw, E. II Co., 31 St. O.w. Taylor, J W., l1enn,. PKOVID-CE, a.I L K:iDgstey, L. .II Co., 9 Weetmloe&er. Bl HBOI'JD, TA Greaoer & Winne; 1812 :Ka!l Cart' Hardgrove, TholliM J. Hoft'baner, \i. o\ Co '00 11 I trader, or b e lieve it. lie sees quick protlt11 in a slight departure from tho line of fair-dealing, but he not foresco ul.tim:tte loss :which a :::::': ::::::::-:::::::::::::::::::: "22' ::::::: :: ::::: ::::::: ;:::::: : ::::::: Ne,.. Granada" .... : ........... .. : : ....... ....... 145 20 823 :..... ....... ....... 2,108 8411 D,tll PQrtoRico ............................. ,. ....... ....... ....... 17 ............. : ............... .......... Sit\< ......................................... ...... ............. ............... .' ....................... ; .. .................... ""ii' 80: ....... '"'io' ::::::: '"'6o' "'488' :::::::::::::: '. lero................. .. ..... 1 Tptal. ........ ........ ---;;[-w,A561,062-1 : o1a I 9,1!07 46 t6o 2,803 108;M9 so,101 1,111,811 sistence 10 such a course mevitably enta1ls. To such we commend profound meditation on the ;fullowiJg facts: For several Lancashire facturers and I.ondqn merchants have. bC\111 using Wh-ere from. ;1: an.inferior stll:ple, and even short quantities in York ................ 951 29l 7,10'1 l,IJII2 .636 &,IIV6 46 11088 108,011 80,1011,oi.&,Mt the fabrics sent to market in other countries, a.u:d >es-B .. Ltimore.... .... .... .. .. .. I !4-l 8,317 ... n I ..... ..................... ......... .1'.... ... pecially in India. Tiw deficient weight and qualitr are Bo:fton .. .. ............... -' : ....... :! ...... 1 13 5 .. .... 30 4'Tll ....... .... 1.101 : .::.::::::::.::: ::: ::::: :1 : ric heavy and gives it a :fair appearance; but! when it Other Porte ............ 1 ................ :.. .. .. .. 1.08 ... ...... ., .. ,400 400 ....... ....... 1 comes to be worn and washed, it becomes' ilimey and ------1 1 r Total ... .f .... :._.... 951 I 3M lO;IIr>& 1,062 I 1,618 9,1107 46 Oil 2,803 IM,o...., SO,I!Ot 1,tl1i,Hl iWeak Some_times it wi_ll hardly endure th; ., 1 .., }(ills & Ryant, Shockoe slip. ;Neuclecker Bros., cor ouulll.aia. Rapp S & Co., 14

... QuiTE a crood deal of exettement exists in Virginia among the fv bacco inspectors of Richmond, Petersburg, and Lynchburg, who were to e ousted from office on the 1st in st., in pursuance of Gen. Schofield's order, already published m THE LE.AF. The local press assure us that these gentlemen are all capable, and give universal sat isfactwn to the trade, but that they are turned out in con sequence of therr b e rng too honest to subset ibe to what is known as the "iron-clad" oath. It seems to be the general opmion that Gen. Schofield will be unable to get any <:ompete'rit and upnght natlVe of the State to take the prescribed oath, and tnat he will have to import "forer"'ners" to fill the positions. As he has recently done thrs in the case of a lucrative office iu the etty of Richmond, to which he has appointed his brother, he may be able to fill the Tobacco Inspectorshrps in the same way; or, as the J,yncbburg Republican suggests, "If not properly partral to hrs own relations, or be hasn't enough of them, it is the auxwus desire of thrs community that be will confe'r these offices upon other N white men who now rule over us m the uni form of a once glorious nation and the swords of brave men. There are a dozen such here even of our hmrted acquaintance, whose appointments would be cheerfully received and respected by our people tl preference to the white and bl11ck vennm that seek to crawl into the cushwned &eats of respectable and competent office holders, and befoul them wrth therr repulsive slime." We shall watch the course of affairs with interest. Later.-Since wnting the above we notioe that tors will be appointed m Lynchburg, without taking the' oath. Too cotton trade of Cincinnati is said to be on the incre&Se and several new houses have been started there !within the past few months. The first jobbers re port unusual aotrvrty at thif$ season among all grades of Southern crops, and large sQ.ipments are bemg made East. The mills buy principally from between-men, brokerage being very The trade predicts a cotton crop the commg summer of good quality, and abom five-etghths of the average yield. THE coal-trade of Pennsylvania is said to be looking up since the commencement of the new year. Up to the end of the week ending Feb. 25, there had been sent to the market of anthracite and bituminous coal, 4'77,GB7 tons. This amonnt exceeds the transporLatron for the same tinre l.ut year by 9'7,668 tons. Last we k probably carried the excess beyond 100,000 tons; so that from this showing, at the same ratio, an increase for the year of 600,000 tons may be This will tlot of course, reach the extraordmary mcrease brought 'about during the most active per rods of the war, vhen the demand for coal was enormous; but 1t IS a ver.r fair average increase, and if by any accident the country should become so settled dur1ng the year, that its future financial and industnal policy could be con sidered permanent, the strmulus given to the use of coal would be very great. The consumptwn, many case, however, must steadily mcrease, as the trade has been recently suffermofrom a reduction m the amount ofin dtlstry of the dunng all of which time the stocks have been gradually running lt>w. The weather, on the principle that it rs an ill-wrnd that blows no one any good, has som.Jwhat offilet thrs depress10n in manu factures, in favor of the coal dealers. Along the Hud son Rrver, and we doubt not in other portions of the in terior, the coal-yards are exhausted, and teams are now engaged m hauhng coal from Rondout a d other centres. Coal IS cheap enough at the mines, but the "reat cost of transportation and the/ exactions of mrddle-men, make it come high to the consumer. sales sin to making 2,400 1s more an average Feltunry these only atbut 500 bhds. were !!Old for and the entire amount may be said to be of common quality. PRICES Tli.e ()Illy chang iu ices dn i t e tb has een L llanao vane of' o m n le f Ml t nor ho"' mlnur-'-oo leaf b s all a o b retnamed t uns eable "' .. -. The receipts of new-m:op am c1ncreasmg, but ali ii-@ 1 yet there is no inquiry, except for a few wrappers. F=-rranna, w ... .,: @ fJeed Leaf-;The weefk was exceedingly dull, the Pl"'l (duty J:l

mm 6'1, 1' ;1ft and 11' been in town, and the sales have been mamly y order, ... Zt .' .:. J: which is equivalent to saying that they have been lim.i-Medium !eat. ..... .. lit Medlwa ................. = ted. The stock of '66 is the mam brand now on hand, .. = .... lG 8 anfdhthaht is far from bhe.inhg gooddlDh q1duality.f ,P7ric1esafeven @ 7 o t JR, owever, are 1g1, an o ers o 6 e are .. ... t s Good .. a also very firm. Of the business during the month, the Good.shlpp!ngluga 9 lO MecU1UD.. II Good Wor!t do. 25 @811 I been sma ut t e 1g prices par >Or t e new crop Fme ao do 41 @50 l"lne. mduce holders here to exsect a. better business. In .! .. 1 7:1 lloald7 ..... to S b 1 ""' Ncgro/1.6iJesObio at 3}, 4!, 5, 6, 10, 14, 35; oommon 'lfd"y 00 00 600 cases Pennsylvania at 4t, 6-l, 10, nt, 16. Since do llo"".!o"U = ,Jan. 1, 2,425 cases of seed leaf have been exported, <'.oodtoftne brown ... Ob1o do do ere. 16 oo @23 oo "{ d h 'od 1 Fancy 17 @25 Conn Flller and St agamst 4,48 cases unng t e same pen ast year. Ground leaf, new 4@13 wrapper .. .. 18 llO @30 oo Snanish. -The recent transactions have chiefly ConrwJicrd a..d Mauat:huCommon Clgan 8 oo @18 oo "" ..u.s .. d-Leqf-llelected Cheroots &lla Sl:lletl 'f GO @10 00 been confined to Spanish, of which we note sales Wrappers, 1S6f. 55 @65 Snulf;of 150 ba1es Havana at 85c.@95c Prices are high, do ddoo 41l9 5 ll("accoboy... -...., @-00 "' ,. @11 Rappee, Fnmch -@ 1 00 and will' probably rule higher, as the new crop, al Wrapgero, 1866. 15 do line plala ....._-@-85 though good in wrappers, is deicient in filters. The .. a& = .. ": =a Cubans call it a better than Qrdmary peld, but 1t rJ @llO wrll not probably .affoi d any abundance of the tobacco Fillers do .. 5 @ s ooo lb.'*"" :u m demand m tlns marlret. Of the month's transacNew uaf-Se-:G c" 460 lb ca.29 I= I' !ectad Wrappers, 1864 00 wameEx"ll 31 tions, Messrs. J. S. Gans & Son report: "Of Havana Fair to prime 15 "F G '' 4150 111 fillers some 1,500 bales have been taken, ranging Iota :: :. I from 85c .@$1 10, and nnearly 190 bales Yara, I and II tg "a<)"?,. 2ii .cut; I cut, 80c.@85c. ; cut, *1 05@$1 11. Average Fillers 4 @ 5M "Ynurrla" 400 .. PenMfllTJ(JIUa Sad I.Laf uF G C." .:mo .W lots, Selectlona ... ." oo @89 ''G Z." W Manufactured.-There was a little more inquiry last Fair to Prune 16 "Z A" week, especrally for modium br1ght goods. The stock 1011 f:M ;;g !J!:" of bright goods under 30c. is said to be very small, alOhw 26 @40 :. though there are plenty of fair lines at a little above t!one fi A k d liO!\-n!LY 8TADXII!NT Or !'l'OCK.B 0 .. BPA.lfiBD: IJ'OaACCO thrs gure. s to prrces, we qote no very mar e Havana CUba. l!&lma. Yara. Clenfalrot change. Parties who are looking about the market b&l"" baleo. b&l NJeo blllioL want to buy at figures that, compared with those which reb 1 1868 ii ruled last autumn, seem low. Taking into considera1*' 11 tion the general uncertainty regarding the tax, etc., 110 purchasers seem to feel that they 11hould have a marked ,., h d d if h Stock on hand llatch 2, 1868 4,1i1 it ..., TABLES compiling the amount of the incomes in concesswn lD t eir 1avor, m or er to m emn y t em ....... Great Britain show an aggregate of ,000,000, for which contend any transaction whrch rs an enonnou estimate of national wealth, and now The stock smce thQ first of January has yet it is only ten or twelve times greater than the anbeen considerably reduced-probably to the extent of nual government expenditure, which would devote JlO,OOO pkgs., as the to?acco sold has generally about one-tenth of tb()se incomes to taxation. But the j off the ettber for ex,IJOrt or consllmptwn distnbution of these incomes is shown by the Sa.turday I? drstant sectwns of tbe country. Were trade Review to be anything but gratifying as a source of lively, tL_e present stock would aot p_ro?a?ly un.til real.natwnal prosperity or pride. Thus takin"' a district the working s:easoo beg10s; but as It IS ImpoSBrble to of a oo people, there may be 8 manfacpredic_t y the "Chambeing for only the best tobacco-that ha.ving an aroma her of but that useful mstitution 1s al rather than the pungent kinds It is evident that the ready crowded wrth work, and 1t appears leg1t1mate manufacture of cigars rs entering on a new phase. WABB,BOUID. r K,y, Va & N.C., OW.. XII, Total bhde hbdl. hlidl. llhlla. hhda. 111,0110 Gill 18,614 M Tolal ..... 16,7Si 58'! 19 116 'i;lclh erell olnce 2,589 88 Stoek on bawl Ma!'eb. 2, 18!i8 .:II,lW 19 m.. 718 Stock in the Brooklyn InspectiOn Warchouse_llarch)i, 1lMI8 stock Mareb 2, 18(i8 llONTHLY STATIIllENT 01' STOC:X:S 011' 8EBD LE..l.J" TOBACCO 18,11110 Stock on band Feb 1, 1868 .' 6 c <>&. Recened smce J 18CJi IMP OUTS. !5,881 u 11121 n ... 4.-759 u Anrvuls at the 12ort of New Y.ork from 'foreign ports for the, week endmg :March 3 molude the following consignments: From Leghorn: Davrd Taylor & Son, 317 cs.l,iquorice paste. From Sev1lle: Gomez, Wallis & Co 160 bxs. liquorIce paste; 01der, 200 do. From Havana: Alva Oatm:;m, 85 bls. tobacco; ,Ra fael Vega, 30 do., Hy. Krught, do. ; Godeffmy, Brancker & Co., 34 do. and 25 cs. crgars ; R. E. Kelly & Co, 12 bls. tobacco and 3 cs. cigars; H. Brister 120 bls. tobacco and 1 cs ciga1s; Atlantic Mail S. S. 0., 6 do ; Kremelbe1g & Co., 46 do.; Kunhardt & Co., 41 do ; l\1. H Leon, 4 do.; Lewis, Philip & John Frank, 3 do ; De Barry & Khng, 2 do. ; L. W. Faber, 5 do ; Purdy & NICholas, 2 do.; J. C. Leon, 1 do. R. GusRada & Co 1 do.; L. E. Amsinck & Co., 1 Wetzll).r & Bro., 1 do.; Wm. Usher, 1 pkg. do.; Or der, 101 bls. tobacco and 1 cs. cigars. EXPORTS f1om the port of New York to ports, other than European pot for the week ending Feb. 25, include the followrng : New Granada: 145 bls., $1,521, and 2,108 lbs. mfd. i537. llayti. 225 bls ., $2,'725. Brit1sh West Indies: 5 cs., $313, and '7 pkgs. mfd., $4'71. Cuba: 210 lbs. mfd., $48. San Francisco. 2 hhds., 334 cs., li 1 bxs., and 75 b:z:e. snuff. To European ports for the week ending }laTch 3 : London: 49 hhds., 42 tcs., 105 cs., and 68,519 lbl!!. mfd. Liverpool: 13 hhds., 3& bxs., and 33 e& cigars. Bremen: 116 hbds., 366 bls., IIH cs., 181 bhds. Melnt!, '170 lbs. mfd and 3 cs. cigarR. :aambnrg: 29,755lbs. mfd., and 165 cs. cigars. Antwerp : 8 hhds., 232 cs., anli 25 bu. mfd. Rotterdam, : 42 hhds. Glasgow: 1 tc and 4,182 lbs. mfd. Lisbon: 302 bhds. and 2,478 lba. mfd. "L<:ghorn: 271 hhds. and 3 bxs. sa.mplee. Groraltar; H bhds and 65 cs. and proper that questions affectmg the tobacco mterSmoking.-Among smoking-tobacco men we hear ests should be consrdered and acted upon by an assocraless of the general dulness than with any tion of dealers in tobacco. We observe tlrat an asso-other branch of the tobacco interest. There are some ciation to be known as the "Tobacco Associatwn of ev-idences of the approach of the usual spring tr:;tde, Baltimore" has 1;14len OJgamzed m that city. Its object and the sales are chrefly to supply orders for known is stated to be, "to foster and promote, in every possible goods, and very httle for speculation. Quite a numbc11 way, the intetests of the producers, sh1ppers, and manu-of hues of low and -qtedmm smokmg in bulk facturers of the staple the projectors behevmg that all changed hands dunng the past week, at somewhat im expense s:lv'ed in products is so much saved proved rates. Icdecd, au improved feelmg seems to to ih' producer. The primary obJect, therefore, 18 to prevail, the generallmpiesswn havmg gained ground, economy m the expensea toba.cpo m the way for rea.s we are unable to say, among bulers, of insl?e ction charges, storage, transportation, etc., and that Congress will not change the present tax. 1here to elevate the character of the inspectioJ;Is, a matter m are a few Western J purchasers in town, but none from which all pl2nters :l.nd dealers are so much interested." the South, and no California orders have recently been The Baltimore Sun, in a notice of this new organizareceived. We also note a considerable increase in the tiob, says: "/I' engaged in the trade have now demand for Virginia in pieference to Maryland and taken. the initiatory steps towards making Baltimore W este.rn goods. There have been recent large sales of A BosTON contemporary complains of the smuggling the great tobacco market of the country, and it rs the following brands: Virginia, Belle, Star, Ro@e, on the Canadian border under the present order of pleasant to know that the,r are giving the matter that Olive, and Gold bug, and also of Pioneer and Virginials things. If Farmer Hodg-e, of Vermont or Maine, it practical consideration wh1ch its importance demands." Choice. Business during the month of February was aays: can buy ten yards of British ftannel for seven1if--Rkhmonrl 'W7lig. J considerably better than during the correaponding DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. Interior and coastwise arrivals for tlte IIIMliug March a, were: 285 hhd!!., 2 tcs., 309 os., a.l 911 pkgs., consigned as follows : five per cent., his inexorable conscience never will sue----. month of last Y'ear. ceed in driving hipt to buy, instead, ten yards of ExPuss CILL'iGES.-The following are the cha.nges Liquorice.-We have nothing to add to our recent American flannel at one hundred per cent In proof 'fhich the express companies have agreed to carry out: reports regarding liquorice, the demand for which i a this assertion, it is alleged that there are now in lifll The Merchants' will relinquish its local business steadily, if slowly, improving profitable operation on the little island of Campo' oh the New York ana 'New Haven, the Hartford, Ne'w Gold opened this morning at 141, and at noon had bello--known Fenian fame-near Eastport,. Me.s no Haven and Springfield, and the Boston and Worcester n sen to 141 iless th&n sixty dry The number roads, and. give up business entirely on the HousatOIJi(l, .Efuchange.-Tbe market during the past week bas is doubtless exaggerated, as the island is scarcely large HlJ,rtford, Providence and Fishkill, and Naugatuck mads. undergone but very little change. the latter enough to accommodate so :nany stores, but the fact The Adams Company retains possession of allrts routfs part, rates in some instances becall,le a trifle lower; but that there are dry-goods stores there is sufficient to il-except ihc New London Northern, Providence ar.ld the market closes firm for the leading descriptions of lustratc our meaning. No legrtimate trade could supW orcestcr, Shore Line, Providence and Stonington, Foreign, under a hght supply of Bills, pa1 ticnlarly port them, and therr very existence rs of fraud. and Prov1denoe and Boston railways. The Americl\n those drawn against shipments of p10duce. We quote Of conrSE\ 1t 1s impossible to absolutely prevent smugCompany relinquishes bUI!iness wholly on the Conncbsrxty days' Commercral Bills on London, 109t@l'09t; oling on so extended and wild a frontier as the Canatiout River road, aud gives up local tra,ffic on the BankeJs, 109!@109!; Bankers, short sight, 110@ dian; but strll much m1ght be done to stop the oqtton and Albany. These arrangements take effect fro llO b ,Antwerp, f. 5.18f@f. 5.131; Hambmg, 35t@ ward flow of gold and the mward flow of British manMarch 1.-Neto Haven Courier, Feb. 28. 36i; Amsterdam, 40!@41i; Bremen, 78j@'7-9t. ufactures. The Government owes It to our owu Ftelg!.ts.-The demand during tho poot week fell off depressed trade that be p1evented af! far as has recluced the tariff on tobacco 'from 6 considerably, but this a fair business poss1ble, We a1e poor enough as 1t i.., and ne e d all rO\tQles 20 kopeks per pud, t 4 roubll)s 40 ko,Fitlka. was done to aud the Coutment. Rates in some By Efle Railroad : Ottinger & Bro.. 1 bbcl leaf Cha.s. Se1tz & Bro., 6 ; Th. H. etterlein & Soq, 1 Chas. E. Hunt & Co., 6; B. C. Baker, Son & Cetr, 2; J. C. llavemeyer & Bro., 10; Fatman & Co. 12 or too, Slaughtei & Co., 1 ; Charles B. & n 7 ; Fielding, Gwynn & Co., 2 ; Murrell & Co 7 # R Hoffman, 25 pkgs. ; Bunzl & Dormitzer, 45. Sta1 Umon Line: Rossin & 10 hhds.; Ottmger & Br ., 3 ; Murrell & Co., 3; Chas. Seitz & Bro., 5; Bunzl & Dormitzer, 18 pkgs. By Hudson Rrver Ra1lroad. & Co., 8 bhds.; Order, '7. By Camden and Amboy Railroad: B. C. Bakel'). &. Cq, 3 hhds.; J M. Mayorga, 18 pkgs.; W. H. t:.tood 8 ; Bnnzl & Dormrtzer, 41 ; S. 23 ; Vigehus & Seymour, 7'7. By New Y or:k and' New Haven Railroad : M. Pau litsch, 2 cs. ; Gilil, Ax & Kuchler, 6; P. Holcomb & Son, 6; Levy & N ewgaSB, 50.


E. R. & Cq;, !U ; .V\J'U .. L!, Order, 12 hhds. Bl.LTIMORE, FA. lie srs. C. LoosE & Co., cqmmission merchant dealers in leaf toba'Cco, re-port: .. There is o.r: no hm"' domg m l eaf for wwat of tock in fuctgrs' hands very small aud held firm though nom.illal 'n theuec ase of sale&-Iio esscl at present lo:tding. J 'ary;fand: We quote frosted to common, 2:c.@3i?5ound common, 4c.@4tc.; do., 5tc.@5tc. ; nnddling, 7tc.@9tc.; good to fine brown, 10c.@I5c.; fancY. W e uo.te interior to gpod. common, 3c.@6c.; and 6c.@'7c.; medmm and fine red, 7tc.@l5c. ; to medium, spangled, Sc.@15c.; fine spangled, 16c.@20; yello.w ilo. and fancy, 25c.@ 40c. About 20 hhds. of spangled Ohios we're sold $c. 0 5c. InspecteQ. this J> hhds. Maryland_ (26 hds. reinspecteq) jlnd 21 do. 0 iQ. Total, 77 hhci s ToBAcco INSPECTIONS commencing Jan. 1st, 1868; and same time 186 'l : Tlds Week. Prevloullf11: 'll>lat. MaryiN!(l,... 5., 369 fi2 Ohio........ 21 93 14 V irginia..... 3 13 KentuO"ky 140 14Q Missouri. .. .SatM t;m 1867. 1,543 171 2 Total hhds.. 77 932 1,029 1,716 Exports this week : To West Indies 2 hhds. and 2,801 lbs. mfd. ExPoRTS commencing Jan. 1st, 1868, and same t1me 1867: W71tre to. 7 his Wuk. Pretiously. Bremen........ 659 Rotterdam ..... England ...... West Indies ... 2 I ,llO 8-1 30 Total. 659 1,ll0 84 34 Total hhds... 2 1,'!82 J,'l84 TOBA.CCO STA.TEME:!'T. !Jarru; am" 186'1'. 3,475 2ll 5, 242 Stock in warehouses 1st Janul!l"y, 1868, 8,o06 ; inspeetea thi week, 77; <:to, 1}08 .. Total 9,491. Cleared for toreign ports, 1,8'85; coast'Y1se and reinspected, '27-'7; tota1, 2,115'2. Stock to-day m ware bQUSetl and on shipboard not cleare?, ,,329. Manufactur ed Tobacco-Continues sales, which arc quite light are still made mthm our range, whi.cb we J1ere blpeat, viz. : Firginia Pound.B : Fine 90c@S 0 ; good brlght sound, 80c@90c.; medium bright 7o @SOc.; cqmmon sound, 60c@ 73c. j other qu lit1es out of conditiort range from 35c@50o.; black sweet half pounds, sound, 62c@67c ; and as to condition, down to 35c. 1 ble SQ d,.in f t week at extra 1ngl1 pnces. We qtlote fo! o'Ws Primipgs, $1 50'ation. Busmcss througho;1t the coun try is represente'a as almost at a JObbers retailers havin"' crowded themselves w1th tobaccos m anticipation or" an ,increase gutie and we can oql:y wait till spring a_nrl a _reductiOn of stocks .cr ea td a de mand. Meao.yhil pnce o comm_o to. fa1r goods are well maitltain nd an t ng hke a demand, would probao y advance, common to good 10'8 bringiJlg )4c. @19c m.Jqop,d Of American considerm<>' the aulness of th times, a fair quantity hns been place!}, :inciJlalLy of 10's and Virginia and some e b -;gll pounds. Of common pouncl ontof tker lis a excess in the market;T and the are una abte at any'price. n In leaf. w is no improv 'YC tff very li le beib0 offered, holders. to the re s so e s 'ng trade m Um tat We give this week a of the etc., of ci 21 '!34 Caveadlsb, lb!! ....... .. '17,'!!). '3M 5'420 Common-cut, Tbs....... .. . ;rou 130 23, 1 09o Fine-cot, lbs ............. ... .. fi,OOi vaiue Lear imported dnrillf t c month l>r 1 68, lbs ....... :127,606 $196,79 H U '' U 186'l1 ,'",,,,, '70,7'14 7 ,836 NEW ORLEA.NS Feb. 26.-Th fllarket during. the past week has wlth6b.t cba.nge. _Transaction s continue to be on a limited sc ale, and ch1efly confined to of city manufacturers._ ;Buyers have some di s position to operate withm the few days but their offers are not fully up to the .VIews of hold er!!, who are, in view of advanced ppces now cun-ent in t e tobacco-growing districts, somewhat ex acting in thei r demands. The accounts from the coun try are to the effect that the manufacturers are buying up eve hing of he o.Id cr?p, and at !ln hanc e d price s, and tbs, of cqurse, 1s havmg effect on the values placed upon the rops of new. The follow inn-saleshave c me-under our not10e: o hhds. low -at 3 hhcl s. old leaf at l6ll., 2 hhds. new crop at l6c., 2 hhd11. Clft.rk'sville at 16c. 4 hhds. low lea at :!,c., 1 h d. old c rop 16c., 3 hhds. .new medium to common leaf at an average of 12 c ., and li old lu!!'S at an avtlrage of 'lc. per pouni l I We have 0' no chan<>'e to make in our prevw us quotatwns. Atri 0d since the Itlth inst.,l24hhds. Oleared11ince the 1 h inst. For Buatan, 1 hhd. ; for New "!( ofk, 5 hhd. Stock in on shipboard not cleared on .the 26tlr 2,553 h!'llis. S'J'A,THMENT OF TOB,...COO. Stock bn h ;nd Sdptcmber I, 1867 ..... hhds. 3,191 :AmM siMe t.,, .. ................... 3,419 Total. ....................... 6,610 E"p. oited since, SeP.tember 1, 1367 .... 3,5-l7 Broken up for ba1liug, consumption,' e tc., since Sept. 1, 186'7....... 510-4,057 and lO's, common to best, 4 5c .@65c.; half lbs., conunon to best (dark), 50c @u5c ; do. do. do. to best (bright), 75c.@90c.; pounds, commol:t .to good, 60c.@80c. ; do., extra fine, 8Sc@90. Stcc;k on hand and on shipboard ..... hhds. 2,558 .Ni:wy.-Pounds and halfs, 55c @68c. llANUFACTUKBD TOBACCO. We hav<;:' to the continuance of a very_ fair deCoastwise: 5 tcs., G. W. Gail .& Ax; 10 cases, mand for manufactured tobaccos, more espeetally for J. Heald & qo. ; 17 J>kgs., Kohler & Nolting. the medium and co mmon qualities, whether sound or BOSTON, Fet.. 29, -;has again reunsound, and the market is steady at our previous quo lapsed into the state of 111actJv1ty whw_h characterto.tions. The stocks of the medium and common dtJ ized it for some time J?ast, and from wh1?h 1t gave some scription& have materially reduced; in fact, the faint hopes tl1e week The_trade market is cretting quite bare, whil11 the supply of _the are apathetically awa1!mg the of the dehberabetter grades, for wbieh the demand has at nq tnne ti. ons of the' Congresswnal C?mJ.?1tt e on Ways and bee n brisk, is 'l'ery ample. 1 Means, and until some concluswu 1s arnvecl at by that Arrive. d during th,e Rast week, 22. 7 .' Cleared: body iu regard to tax_ on o, there see ms to. be For Texas, 3 pkgs. no prospe c t of a rev)val In busmess_-In l eaf, nothmg COMPARATIVE ARRIVALS, EXPORTS, Al\"'D STOCKS OF TO of COnsequence bas b een done durmg the week, nnd BACOO AT NEW ORLEANS FOK TEN YEAR5-FBOM SEP manufactur e d se lls only in small lots t the trade, sufTEMBER 1 EACH YEAR TO DATE. ficient to supply their immediate necessi t ies. The rff': HBDS. ceipts of the week have shhds _2ji6 bxs ExYems Arrivals. Exports. Stocks. ported during the s_ame t1me: To. :Mauntms1 42 ps. -ll 3,547 !l,51i3 100 bxs. to Havt1 30 bls and 68 h-bls. Impor c a 66-6 . 1,7 5 1 7,881 1;817 during weck:F;.om Manilla., Order, 1 cs cigar -6 4,107 151 31576 t;INNN1.TI, Feb, 28,-Thc market during the past 1 864-65.. . . . 783 89 18 week has been active, and pric es well sustained There 1863-64.. . . . . 190 166 289 is new tobacco coming in, which ets h, 1 86263. . . . . 10,062 2,650 good demand, at stift'prices The sales at two of the 1861-62 ........... 978 16,090 warehouses have amounted to 326 hhds and 82 bx;s., ... : ... ......... 16,80!), l ,97.1 as follows: l859-60 .................. 15,355 22,276 16,448 At RodUla.n' warehou se, 210 ds. and 60 .............. 1 18,014 2 4,502 21,98 viz.: 140 hhds. Bracken and Owen Co., Ky., Imported. froD_I the interior from_ SepteD_Iber_ 1, 1867, leaf lugs and trash-16 at $7@.$7 45, 22 at $8@1!8 90, to date, and durmothe correspondmg penod m 18!56: 11 $9@$9 70, 12 at $10@$10 75, 5 at $11, 9 at $12 Thisjear, 3,419 hbds. leaf and i9,900 pkg. mannfac @l12 75, 6 at i13 25@$13 50, 7 at '25, 2 at tured. Last ye{lr, 1,751 hhds. leaf, and 16 126 lps. m 0: $15 75, 3 at $16 25, 10 at $11@$17 75, 12 at $18@$18 Commission at New Orleans for eceiving and forward21l, 2 at *19 211 3 at $20, 3 at S21 25, 4 at $22 50, J at ing tob (exclusive of charges actually incurred), t23 1 at $24 3 at $27 50, 1 at $28 75, 1 at $29 50,1 at per hh Storage and labor, per IllQnth 75c. per tao' 50, 1 at $31 50. 70 hhds. W es t Virginia, 6 at $8 hhd. tO, 2 !;8, 2 at. t 0@.10 75, 3 .at $11 25, FREIGIITS. 2 at $12 50,6 at tl3 75, 12 at $14@$14 75, 3 at $15 25, By sail : Bremen; 50s.; Liverpoel, 47s '1 Hl@ 1fl 'l5, Qat $11, 1 at $18, 1 at $19 75,__ 2 at ew York, $6; ::Sosto $6. 120 1 at :1 2i, 1 at 23, 1 at *32 2/i. 60 DO@i9 75 2 at *10 75, 1 at 1\13 75, 2 at. $15@$16 50 d on r t etm 13 cs._ drices. The SUJ>J>lf .tob'acco is nearly exna?sted. @ 50. 27 hhds. and 9 hoxes Owen Co.-4 & There is a gopd and U)lprovmg demand for allaesuable @ 7 70, 8 at iS 25*1i :2 at $10 -40@*1 5 4 grades, especially working lugs and leaf. _The t M 2@al 8 $14@$14 fiO, 4 11ales of loose contmue laro-e the grades are chiefly at *15@.15 50, 2 at $16@$16 9 boxes-2 at $5 30 lugs. The Wliig of the 2Bth 'ult. says : "A consider*6 90, 2 at $7 25@*9 15, I :t.t $11 50, 1 at $13 50, 3 t.ble pioportion of the tobacco sold at the Exchange at $14@$14 -215. every day is dii!posed of rivately. .The extent of Matc:h t,The receipts during the transactions .does not appear on. the books of Captam past week hav.e not reached the lar<>'e amount which ,beppard., 811 would be the case if the Exch11nge were came in the week previous, but the market has proper! organized." T e sales ?f week amount to been quite acttVe, and prices ruled fully up to 654_hh s., 61 an 57 bxs., w1thm range of the folquotations. The of th1s dat_e says : "There loWMJg quotat1?ns : I appeantto be a dec1ded rmprovement m_ the tobacco Tobacco.-Lu_gs-Common to me market.'clering that the roads are m an almost dium,darkworking,*3i@$7;good,, *7t@$9; sun impassable condition, the receipts at the w;trehouses cured, common, $6i@$8 do. do., g?od, *9@:1\13 ; coal sre very large. The sellers are kept quite busy, and cured, common, $1 0@$14; do. do., br1ght, *15@$25 ;, do. pl,'ices are looking up." Thc.gre.ater part of the toba_cdol, fancy, dark workmg, co receh,ed has been of infenoll' grades and mostly m $7@$8; medmm do. d $9@$10, good, do. do., $11 bllld order. Some few hhds. of nne yellow lugs, suita: @ ,t15; fine wrappin $16@$1 7; sun cured, $12@ I INTERN&L REVENUE SEIZURES, We have no seizures to report during the past week, the officials engap-e d in wor1..-ing-up old cases and trans acting routme business. We would call attention to the sales of confiscated prope'rty, noticed elsewhere. tlfjiAit l.G.UN. Q:F' THE TOBACCO In a late number or f your val able trade journltl, I :find a table showing the comp1rativc amount of tax paid by the various manu facturers o Toledo and Cincinnati, and upon examina tion there are about forty manufacturer in Cin cinnati, rc;;ur in Toledo, seven in Detroit; and upon furliher tesearch I find that the forty man faetur r Gmcinp.ati do no ay as e )v Detroit and only pay a trifl e more than the fo r of Tofcdo. I s It possible that Cincinnati, a commer cial centre, having superiqr facilities .in the _eurch and manufacture of tobacco, pays only' about the amount of tax as a small lace lik e Toledo, or not' near a Jllll as ekm rememo11r, anght, iu. Qw C eye nnd t 1 e r e was a gr!lat

--nmzon ==(J Bew York Camlllilaion lll:st'chauts .lrew 'York CommiYion ll:erchants. Y. Comm181dcm erckut& tHEV'IRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY. llRGINIA. AID BOR!B C.IIOLIIA !OBACCO. DOHAN, CARROLL & CO .. BULKLEY&: 1838. United s-tates Ir.terna.l Revenue Bonded Warehouse, seoond Collection District. CONNOLLY & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS UID ..l.GI:N TS II'OB 'rW: ll.l.Lll o r MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, l.l W.&.TEBBTBEBT, JIIEW-YOBil, W 01114 ..U lbe -tloa of lhe Tncle to die follow1D1 C.klw&lfd Brandl ot VIB.Gil!fiA.'UF A.CTUB.ED TOBACCO : ... Thomas Jr.'s ElDorado, Jewel of Ophir, 8plcer' Cream of Louis D Or, Cllllam's Wine Sap, Calleao, Colden &ear, ao,ater's Queen of Hearts, ie, Briton's Embleft), e. W. Spicer, W. lt. 'Johnson Co., lc Winne, 'T. c. Williams & Co., Ferguson lc Chambers, Diadem, VIrgin, Old Dixie, Peer len, John K. Childrey, J. B. Pace & Co., Harris 4 Pendleton, Crant 4 Wlllams, McEnery & Bro. William Thonias & Oliver, s. W. Venable & Co And others. .ROBERT S. BOWNE,,. TUB .coo f"JqmiUission Merchant, '1 Burling Slip, New-York, Agent for the following Brands of TOBACCO: SMQKINC. 1 luat the Thing (Pooket Pieeea). "Virginia' s Choice." D.lO.. Jla.yo al!Tavy. of the Old Dominlen.'' SONS, 189 &191 FRONT STREET. I AC&.TS P'OK THill BALE OP' I VIRGililA AND XOB.TJI CAB.OLiliA. Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco. We F. L. BRAUNS & CO., JIAJ.'riiiOBE, Tobacco COII!inion lnantt Fn"" or ,...., ...._,.. 'JQ'fl.1 on b .. nd, aud fur ...te, lD. boa4 er d a 'J" .-l.d, lD. 141te l.o 1W.t pwchasen.. ._1 1 CLEMENT--READ, VIRGINIA AND WESTERN LEAF M A N U .FA 0 T U R E D T 0 B A 0 0 0 LICORICE, CUM, etc., 15l>-104 No. 116 P-lltreet, B. Y. llousOnUioa, N"'-Yor1>.:. H.n:o..-, Loll!nllle, .,, OTTINGER.&: BROTHE!, KENTUCKY Tobacco Commissson lerchaDts, 133 Water-Street, C.. eo..,erotPille, liEW-YOBK., Have conot&Dt,IJ 011 han d an a-t rll Ill.,._ .. Kealu.ek7 T ollaceo for E.po<'\ oDd Home C._,mp"on '. J,' H :t,. IYIAY O \La_t e f" fltQI>!Ill, \'';L,) \'; 0 \ ",, .\,.,.. \. 1\\ \(.\' \:.\\.Q."" \ Beward of Induatry. Oronoko. K.'P. Clinton s :Extra. Sweet Pounda. Just the Thing. W P KITTREDft '-CO .. ., ROBERT L. MAITLAND & CO., ,,.._ T'\ft: su. or L eaf an. d Manufactured T o hacco, of New-York Seed-Leaf Tobacco TOBACCO COMMISSI(JN }iERCHA NTs; TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. r GI:NJDlAL COMMISSION 1.. 105 Wate r Street, New-York. Oi)nslruu .. on1en prolllpU AUd. < J I given for every case, and d elivered, case by rose, as to number or C ertificate. .. B,-I' '" Xwchanto utm F. C. L:I:N"DE, -"'1fADKOIJIE8-l'fCf. '14. 'i8, antl '18 GrNo.wlch lt. OFFICE, '18 Greenwich ltre e '11. D. FRIEDMAN ... :a. SCHll"BAR'T & co., Commissio:c. Hercha:n t s ALilO .A.GEN'TS JI'O:B .ALl. TlJJS 1 Hanover J:fuadings, Hanover -1Squa'1"e, New YO'l'k .6.4vanoea made on Consignments to IIeiBl'l. W. A. & G. KuYell & CD. Liverpoo I l. HOLLANDER & SON, WM. T. COLEMAI & CO., POPULAR BRANDS OF VIRGINIA TOBACCO, I I 184 Water Street, Commission Mercharits. Commiaaion erchants, J .:u. NBW Yh'RK ;new j Sari Francisco: HAVANA in and out of No,. H 7 Front S treet; Cor. C4Hr6rn la &l'ront S:e 1 P -0 L 0 0 0 141 wa-.e:r St;reet;OI Agento i n San Franclco ror Sal e of -c 0.' ;tANt,iFACTUR E D I YORK., yt-COHEN 1:. 1\!ERCHANTS BtJlfZL & DORIIITZER, 120 Water-et., N_.York, DOD8'1'1C AJD JUDO LUI' TOUCD. Liberal cub ad.......,.. made ,.. ......,_ of r-md H&DIIfoct11H4 Toii&CCO. IT-108 H THIERMANN, COMMISSION MERCHANT, .. N D DliA LEll lN Ilii:POBTEBS OJt' AND DEALERS liN ALL KINDS OP .. .Jo.!'ID DI'.AL'R' Jl$ l:i .ALL L:J)ilJS vi- t' { T 0 B A C C 0 LE.AF I. & J. SCHOTTENFELS, L eaf & Manufacturea Tobacco, NO. 142 WATER-S T :JtEET, NB:W:YOBX. 0 .NO. 146 WATER-STREET, :NEW-YORK. McDANIEL &. CO., ') Tobacco AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 1 t :. ) o/1 I rf j n { J' NEW ORLEANS. ...... ftMo Ute pureh..; or ()otton1 8apr, Jlol8118e. ; &c., rollcited. 8. liL PARKER, Lat e of 'K T & JIL.&.lal!f.OBE, I Lase p t l!AroN. Cl.AI:F'S.AOOC>. OHAS. B. fALLENSTEII & SONS, .. TOBACCO JOSEPH HICKS, Commission ;Merchant, .umJJtii.Da MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. o. 82 I liJ:W-YOBK. B. C. BAKER, SON & CO., Tobacco and Cotton F actors, .. liD CJommission Jierchants, No. 142 Pearetteot, Bowlu c. lu.&.-, ..... DI K B u : u MewTork. lfEWYOR. U.. n .u.d .t n .... A. L u s T X Gr' .lXD And General JOHN L. DEEN, TOBACCO PRESSERS. {1,.., M h t TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANT, lndl< l Mez. ere. an; s, Sole AgeJ!t for the follow ing celebratcdBrnndsofToba coo: 'l'OBACCO:i:'ACKEDilll:S:OGS:EEADS. 170 WATER STREET, N.Y. .un;onnor PRIDE OF 'l'HE NAVY, Poundo and :S:al! Pounds. CHAS F TAG 'lii7ILLIAM M. PRICE CO., L I .IF T Q B .ICC 0' C:EERRY SHORT-CAKE, l!LA.CK NA v x SIXES. '( .. 1 1 H UZ. 78 W t t N y k ARNOLD'S TENS. -IMPORTER OF SPANISH a er- ., ew-or. corro. 1 N .. :.!!!!"' &o"BRo., LE1F10BACCo: I I I I I Al!fD IJIIPOB.TEB.S OJ' I 0 NO. 184 FRONT-STREET, j NBWYOJU[, .............. 0 a LAY PIPES II II NEW-YORK' LEAF TOBACCO, I. J uB: J. ALMIRALL, I LOUIS NATHAN & MAURICE 61 WA 1 NEW -YORK. -'l.i.aftt "'"'"I ONa .... -Yrta. L 181 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. -----V ""...,., v v.& :.u 48 Broad St., New .....:OW.A,T.,. ... A "fttl!t..T _._ ., Wl'QRTO& ... DULIR "' ..:-.L"-LJ:a. ..._,....., uts N ATltAN & M Atnacli: recceiTe or cro udlf r COMMISSION MERCHANTS. ., n:p Cnfla.r-lreet, NeW"Work,. .L ..4D'V ..4'N C:Jf'l MADE JIIGINIA AHD NORTH. TOBACCO. AGENCY. I Leaf and lllanufactured Tobacco :b 'or El'l(llaot4 .e ltCtket OPPICIIf, 16 BBOAD ST. NEW Y ORK. RepreH11ted !a L!v..,_l b y HJUi Vir&inia. !'hese two ara. beyond all donbt, ftneet ma.nuta o ture4, and 11 IIICb we lnrite th e -lOt ... Tobacco and Cotton Factors ...... Dtil.DS.. C v ...,_ n o M E s T 1 c O:MltllBSION: .m.IIWHAN?, 26 WILLETT ST., Geacra l (;ommission ltlercb anrs tiCLt.c'2 -J. r r oxts, WM. .& SONS, fabacco and Gomnnssxon Merchants, N EW YORK, NEW-YORK B.A. V& O N fU.L:& J..LL DESCJIUPT10N 8 OJ' J..D OP J!'OB.EIGX TI 16._ WATE.B-8T.; N Y ROBINSON A HEARN, 172 WATER-STREET; New-York. Ma.nufhcturers of the folloW'ina; Leaf Tobacco for Export and Home Use. CelebrateQ. Bran. ange G irl.).( ....... I h&bella, IOo. lle!' erencea: """ """""-WN CJU 4U'eet, N.Y. FOR AEIPPlNG. lllFORTBR .UfD W BOLB84LB D:B.ALBB II( Sootc.b,,' German, ..... D1lt.oh CltAT flUB, Foret&n and Domeattc Leaf Toba .. ,o, Aloo, Importe r and Jllan allletliPOr ol SECARS, lfo. 122 Front-.Ueet, !fBW ........ t. M CRAW FORD & C O., TOB,I).OCO


. Y. (Jommfeaiop .... -:I ..._.,__ ftORTON, SLAUGHTER l CO., Tobacco & Cotton Factors 8.mtral Gfanmtission Jlm:banfs, NO, 40 eAD-aTREET, ..U.ciLW AINE & Oo., Q.Ufll.B,.I.L Wntltnillio erckants For tlte Bale or Protlaeo BD I'U&CUABII OJ' 'It-DISK 8DD.lLLY. !l'o. 180 ....... .I!Jli:W-YO.BX. -'*-. 'l'on(A....... 0..., -. ............. Y&. .,.........,. ..... S...O. Duuao. B. & D. BENRIMO, LEAF w .A."':EBI!ITB]jl&T, }I'EW-l'OP..&, Bn. ..1. au ......, at LIID TOll.lOCO ror ... 'liOid. 62-108 DE &AEKBLEKI. & F OOTB: Commission Me:rchants Aod Wanufactwwa .r I HAVANA SEGARS, No. 04 BEEKMAN-STREET, .,_.l'HrL. NEWYORK ... 'l'.JI.uJuo. P. S. Bln:Lro, Ia. II. .l. ltlcnY. G. REISM.!.NN & CO M. PEARSALL, .. ,._ u4 .......... Kenbzl$ef H.l.V H.l SEGARS -.lNLEAF TOBACCO, lf o. 28 South William Street, u JIOU.Bif'O," (l!IT-U8 ) NEW-YORK PALMER & SCOVILLE. .,.....,,."' UIITJl, .PALDll &: co., LEAF TOBACCO, llo. 170 Water .. t., New-York. B. B. Oaa. J. B. Cn. R. H. OBElt & CO., (flni .t (0. ,) llo. 43 Broad Street, NEW-YORK. VIRGilfiA. TOBACCO WORKS :o:. ..JULIO! SKHEL, M.A.RP.lCJ'IV&D o l'Iug, Twist, & Tobacco, ........ ....., Commission Merchant, .-o. Me P:ll.A.JlL-STllElil'l', .. New--York. A: a OA.llDOz o & CO., Tobaeeo & Cotton Factors, No. 169 l!ront-et,....t, Ne-w-York. t M:. & E. SALOMON, ttti1Jioa ...-n J.Mf'Oa'I'DII o r W Bl!IT Ili'DT,&. P"llODUCE, ... U 'f' -lltfle, .-.rYoA. ........ -. Sll TOBACC'O, THE 0:0 LEAF. 6 JOHK BBY.ul F. TAG. TT ., I CII: ....... BRAmHALL" oo.:BROXBU< IoNero @Jo -si n ltnthautst BUBHBT B. Kill Tobaooo and Cotton Factors,, ...... General Cemmission. ts, 34 Bea"trer Street, TOBACCO, n 'ESPEOIALL Y OF THE lURK CIGARS I A UROt .... i'c" 'ili'ext!' Lusc10us Twist ......................... La Rosa de Somtiago, Come t, llgblbrown. s:; tra, and In kegs, 3 eta. per All SnUJfa m hal! barrels and kegt', t. pe< La Pinta T":!st . . . .. .. .. .. .. Pom&rl ega, Bee bro\\'D 80 lb Bottle.. F F V ............. -................. Glmelia, ... .. Am Jockey Club. Sort Pre88e d 11-lbcb llera.... La India, Fl. ""e Cut Chewln.,-171 Foil cmd Papers. A Snnlrs, with the exception of,Amerie&\1 Gentle.. &Oliver's LadyFingers, . Cumet, Regalia, In 20thtl, Bejplla de 1o RegiDL "' man Deml!!rO and Pure VIrginia, IIilandHb. bottlee; 1hlbeFieur, 6-locb boJi ....... ........... .. per !'OIL per p-oaa. t;tti p6r doz. bul f a $5 per doz. Pocket Pieces S..incb bar ............. ..... Century {StoO pack-Shorts, composed of and Pnre VitginiA: May apple ed In this 11r8nd ourbeotChewlnga IG ()() pounds, sa per haifA. Slfpe r doz. Otto Ho"":"n & Co., Ba nana .... .. .. 7th Regiment, Connectleut Seed. ............ SJ.O 00 All or the allove Brando. t'F" All-th e Yellow Snulrslti C&Do, 16 per d01. ; bal! R. D. Hall .. . .. .. . J'arta&ia l 7 00 In 16 oz., 8 oz. 4 oz. and CS!lf, $3 per doz.; q uarter, p per doz. Fashl n, sort pre ssed, S.inch bar.............. bo::t.. TobeNo8, C :tv Ddbb........ andi papon_, same pr ceas .Dladcl Frutt and Flow e rs, fod, m fancy paper........ L& Vietoria, -.. G 00 I b lk J L ..,.,,. M Rose n -. u Bright 1 -4 Pounds in Fancy Caddies' C t Smolllng Scotch ...... .. .... .. $() .,o 92 Rose of Sharon, Peacock, i)7j_: ll&ria, Extra Scotch .. .. .. .. .. .. . . 00 9'2 --I Bbl. To&l!t Scotch, &It....... .. .. 86 87 llllrck&. 8t J fl'l!l!b .... ..... .............. DO !1'2 Dark Sweet Navy Half Pounds. QatnteEseence. moklDg .. to 32 .,0 el) Violet, . 3). )lf1d, NO. 2 ..... of J&rll IN PAJCCY C A.DDIXS WITH XL'EGJ.NT AND J.P'PDOPRUTB Sielta, il\4f _) ..... 28 Oo..t Stcma. .. !c(j. half cts. ; ODe ga llon, 30 eta.; two gallons, fO Standard, Own, j 1 ct. per lb. kcg13 lb. e:xt:ra, lli ete,.; three 05 fonr gallons, Meta. Century, Old Nep tune, oz. A oz., 4 oz ... and i oz. bulk prices PART.IOUt.M NoTrca.-w nen are ordet'\..'d padr-Arctic. Johnson's, ed, the packagl;j! wi,JI be charged extra. Otto, & Co., La .PerftlctiOB, ( cranulated smoking. Bbbl., ,.. Garibaldi, vcrybluml, Virgln!a .............. ... $1 85 "PLUC TOBACCOS. Dark Sweet Quarter Pounds. _Siesta u -rr medium atrong........... 1 20 Y. Jupiter, Standard Hon ey Dew Simaocao, ., a very..mDd............. 1 00 Bmukd 4th Diltrlt::t, N. 1 Y.,\'l,l'' Old Dominion. brlgbt.. .... .. .. .. .. .. 80 No. 1 Rum: SraUT. Dark Sweet Pounds. de Oro. Por,: 'l"..irlalbJja Leal:, ;.: 7 5 We are consU\ntly receiving the llneet Stng olina, MeekG C Gnffins . . . . . . . Co.banaA, .f...oDdre:! dark ..... ::::::::::: : :::::: !u lenbnrg, nnd H ali fax conn'tieB, Va and Ca!!w e ll Co., SometbingExtra, WhitPnl!',llghtMdmlld ........ ............... 40 Dark Sweet Ten .. 1'. .......... ............ H5 rell"ctfullysollcited. i LaEmpe1'8d oraEagenla, TrallaquiiiOa, Oql\\ .... .... .. .. 00 We 'I' offeting them in Bond or Tax paid, at le ss 'Bright r.avy, Tens ..................... ...... t PriDCIJils Dllgmero, In 6tbl, f:tir It r th e above Brandt!, In t bble., 1 ct.. pedb. th,.. m_.ltet Rlp van Wtnkle ......................... .... x -.. Conehltas Coqnetteo, We r.Ind. to@.bowthemtodeaten:itl:PINE Perceys -H .. !') lh. TJalt!S, with Faney Label, eamc TOBACct: s.-s c !lre that we have the best as-St!tnclnrd.:.._.'.' .' .' .... .._.'.'. '.'.".'.'.'.'.'.'. B.nd Jt La. Vfriato LoOd=t,. lnicu h1imtk. In tlU. nnd. J :Bales P eta. extra. sortmen ... d'1rtn7 !3:ou!c m the Citf. St. Patr ick .......................... t1 1-antl J:( La Con We a lt:o keep an band Blatk Tobaccos of allst zes and E B p t crs 1. Century CODdL ac l>r<',ucl, i'&taT CLUB, Is nlBue fro.m the J!t'3d.,. of V lrl(i"'" Wcotern. and Northern manuf acture. e .... .. .... .. ...... .. a,,ot '\1\XJniA Lc6f thot nc t, Strong, 8 oz p3pers ..................... fT !50 Ayer' Gold Leaf.. Where nr &oocla are 11014 a$ CirCIIlar Pri-. Cuhunct, .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 5 25 J.C. Baldwin. Extra Yaney ............ tlanlca Old Ylo.:ln!a, .................... 2 70 llngh_t, t J. GAlland .. ...... ................. ; ... llO .... Prenuum,f.. J.Harrell,AA .... t" a. A. VANSCHAICK, .. .;::-:::::::..................... 100 J .J.Pritcbe't'e A ....... ...,.,......, :: : : : ; : : ;:::::::::::::::: Jimmie 16 South Front St., Philadelpllia. r..;:-, =d.-Regalia. SNUFFS. ;; Min clel JJ s "' DC Mavo & Co p d A. R MITCHELL, LaParezade:Mato, 'Medicuoa .. ,,..., ,.,.., ., La lntlmedad D._Ha nbl or Jan. Rewar d o[!Dduetry .B& e Bell ofVirglo- 1___ l'.., ,.' l!oce.>bov, Roec scented ..... ..................... t; 00 In F'aney ........... t ia Sort Preed, 13 Central St., BosfAJn, Ramlllete d e"""""' =i& del Rey, or1lceB.JlapJXe (p1ain)................... F1i :: ..... : : El P11me to, I' >;ccntedP.JlP.:, cfllllWOt.................... . SIS AA auk:ins rag.... ep1a, Ei'rollCh orCoaraoRappee .................. 100 Countllimnrck "" .T.S.Watson ...... FOY It EARLE. IJooeMoriaVIcbot, ReplladeConcha. A.meric.;n Gentleman, ocen t .ed ... ........... I 10 'lolny F lewer Nick Lewl ....... La Viriato, J!lrf Cllka,!lzro. ................. ........ 1101 : ....... Graves ............ X" t 86 South Water St., Chicago VIJ:glnia,J>Joln. ................. "'.. .. I 10 Hancock & Paylor Snre Thing ........ t A -FANCY SMOKINC. -: wAll goods of our manufacture warranted mildew, beoome musty, or flOUr, and to keep m nil climates, and bear shioment to all oorts of the world. W No Charge for PackR"e or Cartage. PlnJ;t and Cill""' ""' ol\1 R V"tt p.,joos. Usual _________ D&TIDL!n'To ... 7 ....... A Llli'DHElM. o. nmsn M. LISDHEDJ. & VIRGINIA Leafllf&ob&CCCit LIND HElM BROS. & CO., Connecticut Seed and Havana QJT obacconists-and Commission Merchants, OWlfERS o:r THE xosT CELEBUTED BR.AJrDs o:r Tt-l()f NEW-YORK. .. ""'soc ... VIRGINIA SMOKING TOBACCOS G. HEIKEKER l PAL.ORE 1UT1JIUL L&ur, OlliBI'TU, A. VIRGINIA. SBA.L9 OLD DOIIIINION1 .uo """'"'"""" o XX GOLDE.c'V CROWN, LYNCHBV.KG, and. !l!fr gc .f b 115 Broadway, fhw-Tork, X GOLDEM CROWN, G NVINB TVRIUSH TOB.I.c-6 .R\1}ltl}l an" 00 attn, Special aUehtl ,.W l.e t1aa ..a. e( Lear T obacco omd. I K ILLICKI !UCK, CO, J.LSO IJI .._ OoW>Il, } rn Utdk,;; lb., llb.,1Ib.,and 1lb. Bap and Bales, andllb. Pouehe.. DOIES11CLIAJ m IAWUJI!crtliiD IIBACCOS. FOR A CIUCOLAR. 66-110 IU lfewYork. VIIELIU HAVANA IN AND OUT OF BOND, a.l ...... w 38 Ci.OSBY STR.EE'f N.-w ... '\ ... .... .. ( 'we :\la o beg to onlll.he a.ttentlon of the Tro.4e to the v&rioua Brands of VirGilli,.. a m l '\Vuste1n P lug Tobaccos, o f whicl1 we ha.vo a J.arce stoek constantly on luma. Bond and paid. GREEN FIELD & CO 9.0 !VATER STREET, NEW-YORK. '' lJNKART & CO., Commission erchanta, tiAecos, BAC 8." .8. A$TEl'f &. CO. :A:. "D. BRIGGS, :M.\.!Hr-. \.O'TUIU:):t Olr' Tobacco Barrels, Plour Barra"rs L'.'lolus.saa Casko:, Water a"d n!l Jther o f CASk8. No. 47 Broad Street, NEW YO"K .... A. S'rEIN & CO., Commission Merchants, AJiD DU..t..U8 IJI ll.L bl!SCRJP'rl()S!J OV A F 'ii'QBA._CCO, ( "New-York. 128 Wa.ter Str et, I N"E"W" Yo;:sx:. VETTERLEIN & CO., Branch HoUJe at 406 Sansom Street, San Pra.ncisoo, Cal. 61 Beaver Street, .. -a NEW YORK 166 Fulton sveet, WBW-YOilll'------PATENT TEMPER TOBACCO-KNIVES, C11t '"ay HIJC)alPriOII, l'p .lLL TUB DQJ'J:UNY PO'II'Bil .lNb D.I.ND JUCIDNQ, ll.lDB BY liJ.PABOCH AXE A1ID moll CO., ( ,.., C. 8. BRIGHAM, Treaaurer, Napanooh, N.Y. Ow lo,. eaperieDoe ud ealellded faollllleo ealll>le ao parantfe ............. ew-YorkSalearoom. 69 JOSUll S. LEVEBi.rr & 00. 18-lM & .HEPBURN, mo Lewis, .11'. Y. I -r SPANISH CEDAR for SEGAR JJOXES /uirnished the Trade, iii LOGS or BOARDS. Brokers .in of Fortign andJDo.mestic Wood: Conelgn menta of Black Lumber and Logs solicited. TRE H!.RRIS :f.,INISHING CO.'S Eilamel Water-'Proof for Show Cards. Our hame l FjnJah nnt. an; alfo1'd1 proteetlon agatnst water, hut lt. enhances tbP beauty and Aoeneu o1 PlaJn or Colored Ll\bogr&)Jh!, bJHDH uod Beauty. .A. Card ll'dl mounted hJway& ""CJ-Jtab\e H.ntl ,., ur f 14 s nojl P 'tJ or a Ju toe t'h11w wi.Do.ow.; s C&rd badly Jnounled, r>r not m 1aoted at an, .fiu fts nu favor ..... ,.. 11 rid of u ... nHn pO&!!:Ible Orden for 'robaooo and Cott.oll c&retatlJ aecute J. 113-lf.l --------=--=....,.,.-,--,.,...-----.-::------t.L 'eu.M. J. L. GASSERT & BB.O., Commission Merchants, Leaf Tobaooo and 8egara, ao. 180 Wa&er-ct., &lid liT.....,., Jnnt'YOJUL M. I PAULITSCH, CoDlmission erchant Arul Dealer (D LEAF TOBACCO, US WATER Near Maiden, NEW-YORK c.u.Ru., 11:. liUlft. B lltnft' OHARI.ES E .. li'DllT & CO .. i Kentucky a. Ylrcinia LEAF TOB..AOCO MERCHANTS, No. ue -_..,,_ DWYOU... L. fl. NEUDECKnl & CO., llttrcyants,. No. 162 Water t,; 'York, A6BJII'l8 'PftJl BEUDECKE:a BJ.OS.; 'JUDBVOliD, V4. .A.nd r o1ual prJDlpt. l y executc;d, U,.r oa securely paokt!d and correctly !hipped, 1 ComD11.8810D llerchant, Ia9 s'-'llEEr, 56 Cedar Street, :nor. Fletcher St, NEW-YORK. ..... leeelvers of R. !, Cll.llpman's Patklng. Omce, <14 Rutgers Slip, f!lew York, THE HARRIS F INISHING York. 114-16:1


6 f RLElN & Pa.:J COMM18SION MKRCHA T8 IN .AVD DRALER tN BJ;'ANISH AND ;ooxftTIC Leaf t)Jg fetcco, W, Meerschaum and BrlerJPipes, :N. W. cor. Th1rd :bilHelplda. u TTHAUS, im. 2M RACE-STREET, SOUT: H GAY-ST., BALTIMORE, H. 0 BOOCil, JOEL B<\KEU, F A. PRlGUE. JOHN W. M. and "fine nm;o[ons. 81260,COO JOHN G. O!i EN, HENRV BESlJDI!)\'1, JO IN r. ROIBIN>\ 1!. E. CARP Tllll T C. A. McLA HLI:<, B. B. !II ARK ND, &rotvar. J 10. OASEY !l'HEO. 1\llUR, W. G. Mll'l:.lll S. JA lES P SPENCE. JlJHN G OLDEN, P.ruidMt Henry Basuden & Bro., COMMISSION J MERCHANTS For the Sale of Manmhctured and Leaf Tobacco, Cigars, ato. q Dome tic and l:mported segars. bEAF TOBACCO, United States Bonded Warehouse. Consigners can foi'Ward th.fir stocks without prepayi g ;r. RINALDO 1 Tobacco Commission Merchants, 110.31 N. Water-st. a. No. 30 N. Delawareave., UN'ITED STATES EON'DED VIT AREHOUSE. 80LI!I AGENT FOR .. K. C BARKER'S AMERICAN G. S. WAT'l'S & CO., COQISBI AND JOBBERS IN ManUfactured Tobacco, lft.NUJA.O!"'RBfiS 0, I!IOLB XA..NUI'.&C'Tnll..:B .UI'D 8tl'COE8!0ll TO .J F, H. BISCHOFF'S, Deutscher Rauchtabak, AND OTHER CHOICE BRANDS, F. L. & ilOHEAPSioE{ BAL TIMOH, MD., TOBACCO nlrecl lmporturs of the s unerlor br&nd PL B._ (), l1 S. Bollcj.ed Warehouse No. I, Ind. y (',l Licorice vr 1!&10, ln lots (( :wit in b(m1t or dut.y pail1. No. 411Wa.Iiiut-street, Cincinnati WM. A. BOYD & CO., .. '"' aonslonmnt 2e2 Jtaf nnir :Wnnnfndurclr ab.oblU'.C.Q 11. ...,.,. -COMMISSION MERCHANTS, DY & 0., ,Bo. ss Soah- ... aalUmQre. Cemmission Merchants WK. A.. BOYD. Jl, r. GE8. 'WJ(, .BOYD, D. 00 & 9:1 South Charles-meet, U. S, BONDED W ARE:S:OUSE. -708. TBB 5..U.B o MANIFACTURED TOBACCI, BALTIMORE, B. F. PARLETT & CO., DI:AL.EHS IN "" No. 41 VINE-B'l'REET, "" CINCINNATI. 163, & 165 (OOBNJ:B ELJrITRIUif), CINCINNATI. .I. B DtLLS.. QZO, 1'0%, EGGERT, DILLS & (SilCCCssort! to WM. EGGERT,) DRALIRS IN I DOMESTIC AND SPANISH t Lea' Tobacco, 82 WlBAI.BRS IN t.f OHIO, x::EN'TUOKY, M1'3SOURI, & VIRGINIA Leaf and. Smoking Tohaccos, SEGARS, PIPES, ETC., -.t.UOtSAf TOBACCOSt ato-ha:ttn .::::.,or;-.... hou1.1o ... .&rulwholesaledea.ler in Domestic and Imported Segars, SnuJr, llr!arwood a.nd Meerschaum l'oucl>ea, Sn.u1f-Boxe.a, etc., BA.LTIIIIORB. ud 1'15 Water-etreet, Newark. 11_. J{ y 1)\J Slillll ,;;=;tst;;;;;;.:' 1. w. .. L. NEWBURGH, SCI'IULTE & BAC,ll .. EY, WOODWARD & CO., Commission Merahant, toYounBuum&CQ, Tobacco 0 and General Commission Merchants, T 0 B A c c 0 a No. lL llN A .. ... No." 47 North Water St. and No. 48 North Delaware Avenue, ., 81 PLACE, ) 'RA1'lf'Dr f ---C&trlt'l!NH, No. 333 LIBERTYSTREE Thrddoor.&stof&, .. ......... ,., --.4,....,..,. _.. SECARS, ._A. WOODWAilD,-PHILADELPI-J:IA.., PA., B.4L7'IJILOICJ/!!.. ___ -"'!. .,....,. 94 Weat Seoon.d-ot:oeet, Cin.ain.nat.l ---DOHA.N &. TAITT, w. Pa. iom A. & R. A rmstrong, r b r M r.A.. YLOR; .... J. RICHARDSON & co., N0-181 WEBT PBAT'L'-B'l'UlBT. >'ORDIIINI!PIOC7JOJfJ. .l>tlOIIU!SIOll iW.X or SPENCE BROTHERS 4 co., TOBACCO 0 0 aces liOffimission ercnants, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, LE..\F TOBACCO, J .._._.,..,...... I .. aun ooam ULZ o SPUNNROLL AND IOBBRR8 IN Jl1Ulltin.8 & iJ.olJIUUI; 14 Weat, o. Flne-c ut ()betrJJL; a ad Saek S" IOMMISSIOM MERCHANTS, "' PLuG To B A o co, ._.....r r.a .. T"BJLGCO Q 127 PENN-STREET PJU8bur:r. CIGARS, &::o. O' Ohio Seed-leaf alWays on h lid' ID I ulf"ba,en. 1 U J 1Io. 51 S.U.tli Front Street, N. Water-st., A N. Delaware-an;, No. 45 WEST LOMBA.RD STREET, lll'&f8 and Leaf Tobacco, and other ,. .... .. 01 Ooll&tant l y on hand a Jarce quantity ot Leaf, !molting 0 E -e HS A.J....I....AT T h S & Q' .. PHILADELPHIA. JHN.OI roJ>acco, and BAL TIM R M.D. Smokers' Articles. RICRUD IULhY. JAM Plug 0 acco, nUilll tgl:t'MZ_ ., G'l' Manuracturers can rorward their Tobacco in Bond with11 O. B -.., ............. J!e.n>. o' AKTIIUR n. FOUGJ:UAY. EMORY HISS. PHILADELPHIA. out REPAYINI> the Government '!'ax. o. KJ:RCI S'l'REET, NEW A.R'1? >OJ< tm; ""' QF .. II JWJOO, abo IIA.VANA and YAR.I. TOBACCO. !19-16l General Commission Mercha-nts, --72. NEW-.TERSEY- .,.. Manufactured and Leaf T oba;:;co, BALTIMORE. MD. and ether J. T. .. Cl BRO., BIIGKNOI, :'GAMMON a UO., No. 39 North Water StTeet, No. 273 Main-street, between 7th nne\ 8th, LOUISVILLE ADVER'I'ISEMENTS. _ch_ol_w_Ch_e_in g _T"_ba_cc _os_. ------------JnpecUon and COJDDJ.lalon Sal" PHII.ADET.PHTA JllisGtllantons. LOUISVILLE, KY. FIVE BROTHERS TOBACCOWORlts NEVIN & MILLS or WIVllLKOC&B. l()BJ;JOOORI. I BEMIS & ABBOTT, [; s. BOIUiRd Ware.W.. ss-Jp r Couo .. an.-(t M'CAMliiON, PHIT ADET-'lnTIA. a. ..l IIUCIUIOil. Ja., .uA .AU' .U. W-1!KNRY WAlisA trt 11r SNI'JIID 8TM.IIS BOND liD WAREHOUSE. 0m1 Qft& forward M: Stoob "'111 .OKD," lt) Jou\ pre ,,, ... .. r-"' "'"'""' BURGE$8 & BRO., T G B A1C C 0 }J[erchants, IOLWI &0'1'8 _.,. w-m. B.'s Tobacoo Works;" Willia.mB Globe orks," USOUH PhUadetph Ia. 107 North Water-street, T b d C H F t No 13 Thirclltreet Louisville, (ccm .o.TBS-Slnm,> DETROIT, l!IJ BIRCH JUSSELJAN, lauagtrll .. PJIIUDELPHIA. 0 ;, J' .A. JY.r E S D .ALE "Y'" And all kind or ManuractareJ Tobacco, Cotrou Yarnr 1 a. u. p L U Q T d BA C -. Nor Cor. Tliird and &.c Bts., F r n ams t r e: ::: t. de. Alao, Arento !or tbe celebraled or Smokl 8 u 'lfBOI.ll.ti Ohio; Ttloa. C. Duraot, Prrsident Unl(m Pollc U"Hrnn.d, New-'"ol'k. i At. Bader A ion, Brokers, New-York; 0. W. 8. Hw.ntnon A:; Son, Pcolfllea 1 1.1 J'. A.. on, Mass. Golden Leaf, 1M Maln-ureet, Lo-.uvtlle, Jl:r., Cherok-alarre&o.. lite, m-Partleolar attention paid to tbe I'Urebue cr Leaf DETROIT. :No. 101 XAilfll'BEE'l', behi'en. ad alld -lth, ud of'll&lllllactured Tobacco, B. :B!.OOO WOBXS." L y_ .EnWAJm PEYIADO & CO., B. LIC:iiTEl!iBEB.G, p OTHERS, UNITED STATES BONDED WAREHOUSE, J'OFlN BR.&.MH, u. s. BONDED wAREHOUSE. ... ...... CTOI& AH!I.l'IIAN. 00.,) Firs\ CoUection Dlatdct, Pemllylvanla. Suooeuor to B R l'lll!J: k BR9THBRS, "'th DIS"' ... IC. T XEITUCKY I For tbeoale .-I purd!ue of all klndo of Lear TobaCC<>. in iftg .and Srnoki ng .....,...;m .... :MICHAEL WART 2s Atlantio-k BrJoklyn, ,.a . HaDIRRC'l'v"'aPOn .. s, TOBACCOS, JMEAP' i!'O ACCO WARTMAN,} ,....,.,,nO'l'UmoHu.uxDOor fRANCKE & ;ELJ..ER, o. 22 .. s R s Tobacco & Ga Merchant, Fine-Cut .belting a SmliinW T.oblrco, __!:01JISV,LLE, 4.6 lllliJ. 11'7111ot'th Third Street, 18$J,Water8t.ndl06N.Delaware-m,, G TOB e II) c._w.a_ P11ILADELPHIA. PHILADELPHIA. AndaSuperiorLun:yfootlllhdr. '. ar' r b I. ROSENFIELD BROS., F c w GEYER & SON nYs-ToB& wo&xs. ACE Nev. -u Commission Merchants, Fme.-tuWng .19.e o acco. TOR A "reo ISTS, o Ao. RnAJ.PIIIE. NTA1.Lw. wSoNoD!IIDULFFs. Aw. '"" G. & GREE:N: LY l CO., BK JOHN C. RER.IYJ..,A..N, 21iT Kaln. .. treet, bttwee 7th and 8th, We have 011 hand a large and well-selected 23 and 89 fiffersol'l-a'Ve., Detroit,, CIGAR .AftD .lL KANVIIWrua-o A. RALPH & CO., L01JDVILLE, KY. Stock of :Factory-dried ...,.., .. ...,_,..or' ni;'!;;"'..., !'lt'.li'!&' 'l!'Jib1f).lL6'.z1'1All 11:\ll:'..ft.d -rPiaOi'n. aiFAancyCSmCokinOg No. 1oD 111 Cigars. Xuen a.u4 Owea County Oattinf Leaf, "sTA._ _oF 11 OIT" ll.\VIDA'\l..l.'-1'1\11 JlliJ!Jlt'Ul, CCOBOY SllUJDD t i Put up expressly for the Cutten! in wa.nt FINE C U T T 0 B A C C 0. SCOT(lll, .&APPlE, AND lA 11 Fl), MANUfACTURED TOBACCO, haae d of fine stock will do well to give us a call. Orders .. 1 347 and 8 4 0 l!!IWI.-atreet, Of UBY SUPIIIUOR QUALITY. B'_,_ ..,. T'"'--' ..,. _,_,__ p ParifcoJluo>oallentloa r\nn to the pore "" .. le of n"'mptly 1llled. 1 A.llord ... -.....a __,.,117 neca1041 at.lhe loweatJ BUJI'JI'A.LO, N, y, Has. 25 & 27 Iforth Twentieth street C&BD.-The suoscrobor hlng uct.'. !ll-: "C" AC'tl'ERMANN I :0 Hunfaotond aad to order allowed Wholaale Dlalen ln. It,.,, d u.. f d SMITH BROTHERS. turers, nnd dry w ithout short)! orcnsptng-... I : WHOLE&a.LE KATES. T 'hnn UMI an l'Mm acture Manu!llCturcro and Dealers in L f .uTn EXPOnTnsbor It is adapted to cuts, lumps, and lea.f. co, I = llampiOI .... "' lhe at wholesale prlotl seed Loaf, and SJaniSl ou ... TOBA' C 0 ,..... ... 1""'4 A "E: ..::::::::11 ea 0 acco Circulars free. Addr686 L af M n tn d and F' c t T b ljaponoollcl.lalloD. O!liceaudeampleroomp, Ill lllnl'FF,ClJTAl'lD !'LUG TOBACCQ,ETC. SNUFF, BEG: s,'ETO., '""' .& ......:::.-4 .... L. E. HOLDEN, e l ann at: re lllB n 0 acco, No. 30 West = JOSEPH BARTON, Syraouee, N.Y. liDrt. 47.4 603 N Secondst., No. 121 North Third St. Ne. CO Sau lgoac:lo St., Danua. ...,.o, Case's Bulldinll', CIGARS, PIPES, etc., eto., lliDIANAPOLI!! IIIDIANA. tli 8 &. D BENRiuO 12A W t St New Yor"' 153 and 155 Noble-st., Orden recolvecl TICTOK PUIG, 2 BRO.illli'AY, Nw .._.. 250 FRONT-STREET, 'P ";: '" '9 a er ., ._ PHILADELPHIA.. PHILADELPHIA Pa. l'o&L 1111-161 1-flveland, Ohio: MEMPHIS. TENN. lii-101 -QPPOIJITB UNJON JJE. OT. ,.... ror a..n.. oo

/ .. / P. & G. LORILLAR.Jit1. RN DEPOT, FOY EARLE, 1danagers, Sf) SouWaterChicago, Ill. oC LoriDar4,. 6:ooda-Ciaewlac, StDoldJIC Snaft11, Cl A. (lo ...... ----Pl'llo-if.&NUPAC'l'ttRl"..ltB OV I'IN:t ' OHOIOE TINE OUT umHn"'IW:nntv(l .. ND j'mokiug lobatto, No. 14 South Water-otreet, 1 CHICAGO, ILLDiOIS. S. STEPHENSO ud liDIEeLUBIVELY COMMISSION. Ollee ud Warehose, llo. 13 Dearben-6&., P.O. BOX 881 CHIV.&GO, .. ('..o.:l41.ameDl S aoUclted. .,. BOSTON AD:VERTI8EJUBT8, A. R. MITCHELL, I t OD-.x, D.8POT l'OB P. & G. LORILLARD'S TOBACCOS AND SNUFF B. IIJULU Jlf Imported and Domestic Cigars. -,. 3tS Oentral-l!!ltreet, BOSTON,. MASS. ll..UiDI'AOT.IJUB& UD .ALE.U lN .ALL XDiDa 0 Chewing and Smolring Noa. 22 & 24 Michlgn-n., Chicago, Ill. KAISAS CITY TOBAOOO WORKS. 0. u. c. 'faJPP. X. P. M'o(nauqL CANTWELL, TRIPP & CIJ.; )I(.L!iUPJ.QTUHt:ltS o Chewing and Smoking Tabaccoj CIGARS, 81HJFP, ETC, Ollice, West Siao ll&ln1t., beteen 5th and Gth, KANB.A.B CITY, MO. .F.AUTORY IN Jriiiigs .ADiJITION. HARTFORD ADVERTISEMENTS. L IU.LQllOY, Jq L&MJW. SALOMON & DE LEEUW, DEALERS IN OONNJ:CTICU1' SEED-LEAF TOBACCO, .UiD ,)UNCFJ.CJ'OUE.S OP C X G-A! Ft. s. No. 6 Asylum-st1eet, near Main, B.ABTI!'OB.D, COIIIN. FISHER & CO TQBA 0 C st Commission Commission Warehouse, 1a cmmw. W'JL\B.P, H. B. l BOSTON. Nos. 169 and 171 Frontst., BARTPO,B.D, GEO. T. WATERMAN & HERS COl'lll'IIISSION l'IIERVH.&NT, UD BROKER OIA1Jift8 IS T 0 B A C C 0 J }OIACCO, oo: CDTRAL WHARP, d G.AR.S,. .. L lllft.o.&ljOOB, ss-68 BOSTON. !18!1 _,a. '1'01111. R.I.RTPOBD, 'IWTT, JONES &: CO., (8uccenon to BAIIlUJI:J, SEDGLEY,) Importora and llono!MtuJ>a.Dd ..... crop '6lo &Dd GG. [100-lkt J 126-lllS. R. J .IS I G N 0 R, 1 a--.olBB .ll{D KALD ur Connecticut Seed-Leaf lobac EA!IT HARTFORD, COD. ElSl' .. IF All erdert to wUll T l O B.A. 0 0 0 LEAF. MILLS I & Tobacco Broker General Commission Merchants, Office in Tobacco 7.xchange ; Shockoe Slip, 'Rk:hmond, Va. Refer by perro!!: stnn to AllNER F. HA.IRVEY1 ptef.ide t of National D', RichmoRd, 'Ta,, j JA. 'IE! TIJOMAS, J E R b d Vo S 0 R60INSON President ot th_, Planter\. NHtlor.&.l Bank, Richmnnd,"'va ; Messrs. H. r., 1c mon 153 p :1 Bo t.o & CO., l6t 168, Ncw-Yont; liee3-s. & TUOllPSON, I n. S. B.APP. & CO., of the following choice and well-known Branda of VIRCINIA sMOKINC CREEN SCt::NE, LONC JACK, i TURK!.SII BTRAIGHT CUT, VIRGINIA P.RIDE, OR.'I.NGE FLOWER, SPOR'l' VA.CTORV': 1-' RhliDlontl 'ra.. AND PR!'\t"li\1. 78 Ne:w .. Vol'k. FA.C.TORY. 1 1 lEBtablllilhed 1S4a9 I ::S:..ARDGROVE, 1 ODIJSueeeoeorto'l'liOMAS & SAMUEL HARDGROVE, x.. .....c of the foll""""r' I VIRCINIA PLUC TOBACCO: DARK. j LIGH_T. I THE BEST, I PEACH, SWEET ROSE, \ CHA1uOm, 1 JNDIBI'KNSABLB, WARD, VABIBTY, RARE RIPB, TWIN BROTHERS, BARROW. Ali.DBOSIA, JCLEPIIANT. Main Street, between 26th ce 28th, Bichmoncl, Ya. f GRE4-NER &-WINNE, G.>IG.HoFFBAUER & co:;uTobacco ShippiDg and Tobacco Manufacturers, coMMISSION MERCHANTS, NO!!. lSIQ-12 14 and 16 EAS1' CARY STREET, OFFICE: Tobaccc Buildi"U, I RICHMOND : VA.. CIIMOND VA G. DOF!IBAUER & CO., j RI .r t Dry) Ste$Ilille: l and Prizing, Manufacturers of Choice Brand o f Plng Tobacco, in .JoliN R. KEliR, Mana,.er. 1 :J Ponnd>J pounds, Navy lbs, and t pouodl!, lOs. and Btemmery Corller !It-and Cary Streets, R;; j AND AGENTS }'OR THE SALE 0,11! LYNCHBURG CHEWINI & OS, Main LyncJ1b2:1-:r:g:-a. We arc sole Ag e nt. f o r the sale of Mr.IL. L. A:wsTUD' jasU:Lcelebrnted HICHlANP,EII," "DICK TATER" and" RED ROVER" SMOKINO TOBACCO. Furnish 1t in' I (! Manufactory, Seventh St,reet, LYNCHBURG, VA. McDaniel, Litchfield & Co., (Soceessors to McDaniel & Jrby-,) r General Commission Merchants, J,'T"o. 15 Bridge Street, LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA, Will pay paruculor attention to tbe so le and )l[a.aufllltured. luliking, d Leaf Teba.ccos ;.. FLOUR. GRA A:N:D Countrv Produce GcneraUy. 93 Main.-strel"t, DI:J.LER IN I VIRCINIA. TOBACCO.' Alto Manufacturer of the following Came :ilrands of PLUG: 1 ..WEET BONGSrER, CRANBERRY, PIEDMONT, 19 BAR, and others. MA.NlJFA.CTDRERS OF CHOICE BRANDS OF VIRGINIA Chew-log and Smoklu.-Tobaceos, LYNCHBURG, V .A. W. P. ELAM & CO., .ND TOBACCO BROKERS, 121$ Syca-rttore Street, PETERSBURG, VA., Respectfully solicit Consignments and Order generally. 'l'erms, 2t per cent. L. 1. CU.BE.. .1. 'f. ou:JU.LL. CLARK & OVERALL, General Conuhusion Merchants B, D. -.tllo, JOBPB BAJI.TO!I, 24Wat..&,, New-York 781ut, S,racase. AND .a.CI"tRi'RS 01' TDK lEW YORK BRANOH TOBAOOO HOUSE. OIIOIC.&'l'l' BJUilns Dli'..NIS SOURI IKO, BARTOW&; co., uc TOBACCO,Leaf Tob;;bB DEA;;; Cigars. No. ,:9 jmoktne -d Cbewlna T North Becond St., "'"'ar Vine m sT. r.nnT -n bet. Pine Uld Cbeotnut, ST. f,OlJIS, Mo. Particular attention given to the sale ofOQtton, Tobn.cco, r.J.oorlce; 'Hmlp, i'loU't'. Bacon.. eta. 7 4-126 Mound City Tobacco Works. D CATLIN, Fine-Cut, Chewing, & Smokil!g 1 Tobacco, Killickiniok, etc., No. 168 Nerth Second Slree&, t. Gll.I3WOLD. .K. IL C.dlR. GIUSWOLD, CRIE & CO., ,_ JoJ_J;S.U.l' D U L&IIS .ALl. OJ' AND ,.-ollACCO, V.H t t.ustm & Newto:t\;; Guffiel. brc.nd <.igar.. G !! Nrth l'aortl\ >t:. t. I M is Uo. F. H. SCHROEDER, JIA1iiUF AcrURER 011' Plug Chewing Tobacco, H-AVA.NA /CIGARS, ... 100 J'om:1!1tniet, &: 621 m;m-atreet. ST. LOlJU., 1'110. 1'11 ST. LOUIS. lllO. "I N. 11. FALK, Jtaf zmb Ba:nufadnrtb m;.ab!ft.o, jJ.,8() ll.YVJ'J.m-:rBD. OJ lOMESTIC, AJm DIPO&'HI. o HAVANA SEGARS. 54 North @""I Fractiona c ren,cy r eceive d 118 ft : om the Printing Bureau of he Treas _:_B._o._a_ .......... ul'y D epartment for th:e week endin!' Oooper T'o acco on Saturday, $462, 000. .for-G:&ATI'LIN & JOHNSON,I warded the Umted JU,NU .... CTU:URII oP States DepoSJ.tory at ilialt1more, Flneout Chewing 4 SmOltlnfl 000 Assistant Treasurer at St. Lpms, fi'l'l rn l1'l l1'l fi'l'l Mo.: *100,000; Assistant at-l1f \Ill ;.a; lOll 9 New York, $100,000; to Nat10na Banks and others, t200,540. Notes amounting to 8100,0Cll) were sent to United StaLes Depo!litory at Baltimore. Total shipm ents during the week, i520,-I 'J IMF='O RJCASONS whi.. all cautious bul!ln .. men a'R.4.NTING ORl!Dl'l'S ollou*III.Y.., .. ....,.ARD'8 CHAI>TS' REFERENCE GCIDE" the Pltllll'ElUi:Nctr.&IIOVB ..a:l>lkbiill.,paWCatlbDO. DECA USE-Tbe ratings are a REASON LATER tnan ANY OTHER. Relere,ce Book. fi. ANY BEC.&LSE-We have SUPERIOR soureeo ,r procuring lnformauon, which cannot bll obtalne 1!y other parties. -Y M .,..,_. BEC.& lJSE-lt Is the ONLY work THOROUGHLY roVleed BDd rated SEMI ......... '-"'-=-NUMBER of prominent ohicwd h=Iaq,reaidao! allli"" ""i[orte BECA.lJSE--Itis NOT made up from UNREU:ABL onob Rb"'N F'lersone BRIEFLESS LAWYEitS, DO!' A riQ'O-A S. BECA.lJSE-lt Ia a RELiABLE INlJEX ol the oplDion of LIVB, GB.4,NTORS of credits, acqhlred by Intimate l!USINESu 'NlAliiS.& to the bill now proposed by the Committee of:W ays an d Means, in wbicli it is specified that a stamp shall be affixed to each cigar. !Believing that such '!' would be dtrim ental to the journeymen <)i annaker's interests by increasing his labor, and to the mau"facture r oy a large in c r ease of the cost of pros and WAereas, Such a r.evenu e law would inevitab1y injure busin ess thereby rendering the e of cigars, profitles s throwing thousands of workmen out of emp loyment, and compelling honest, conscientious manufacturerB to close their business ; and Wluweas, The Thirty-ninth Congress of the U nitM States Tepealed the unj-nst and obnoxious r eve nue law on doml)stic therebx relieving our trade of an undue proportion of the share of the ational debt, nece ssarily imposed on the industrial inte r ests of the country for its mainterian ce and support; therefore be it Resolv ed, That we, the cigarmakers of the United States, do app.cove (If a ta of $5 per thousand on dom estic cigars believing tbe same to be in conform ity with .right and jus ice to ou r honest employers, and giving thousands e mployment who are justly entitled theretb. EesoliJerl, at w earnestly solicit Congress to r epea1 the obnoxious law now e nforced, com pelling cigarmakers to take out permits to work at their l eg iti mate business. Res o lv ed, That w e earnestly approve of the present tariff on imported cigars, and hope the same will remain unchanged. Resolved, That w e earn estly r e quest the Congress of the United States to alter the present system by SS!liing the stamps to the and to mcreas e the penalty tor violating thfl Internal ReYcnue laws. We resp ect fully ask your boay to givc us, as and journeymen cigar makers, a favorabl e consideration of the foregoing pre amble and r esoha tion11, and your humble petitioners will ever pray, etc. TOBACCO We make the following extracts from the Monthly Report of the Director of the Bureau of Statistics, corr ected to January 31st, 1868: Imported from forei n ports into the lJ nited States for the month of N ovem b e r, 186'7, 550,915 lbs.l eaf, $171 ,660 ; 37,072 lbs. c ig ars, $104,535; 1,5 91 lbs. snuff, $412, and other manufac tures of t o b acc o to the value of 81,407. Total for four months e nding Novembe r 30, 1867, 1,582,548 lbs leaf, $514, 777; 113 ,933 lbs cigars; $305,234 ; 6,939 lbs. snuff, $2,385, and other manufhctures of tobacco to the value of $7 ,4'73. The following amount of tobacco0 the growth, product, and manufacture of t h e United States, was exported from the United States during the month of Vovember, 11;167: 21,220,491 lbs. leaf, 480,000 dgars, $ 19,610; l ,6'23 lbs snuff, $648 and other manufactu-res of tobacco to the a ln e of $'235,339. Total during the four months ending November 30, 867: lbs. l eaf, 10,655,751; 649,000 ciga rs, 6,309' lbs snuff; $2,896, and, other manufactmes of tobacco t o the valu e of $1,173, 530 The sub joined amonnt of tobacco was r e ex ported from the United Stat&; ducing the mo,nth of N ovemher, 1867: 72 $ 1 6,722; 2,294lbs cigar s i5,440, and ot mrumfac.tur s to the value of 83,230. Total for Jour m onthe ending Novembe r 30, 1 867: 946,947 lb leaf $389,363; 14)!,385 lb s. c i ga\-s, $195 ,426, and other manufactures to the valu e of $10,404. The following is th.c averag e yield of le:tf tobacco p e r acre in the diftcrcnt States of the United States, and the average prio c per pound on t he first day of ,January, 1 868 : Ma ssachusetts 1,100 lb at 22c.; Con.necticut, 1,26 6 lbs. at 23c.; New York, 533 lbs. at 14c.; Penn S}llvania, 7.21> lbs. at 9c.; 1\faryland, 453 lhs. at 12c ; Virginia, 690 lbs at 12tc.; North Carolina, 652 lbs at 17.3c.; Georgia 515 lbs. at 30c.; Alabama, 600 lbs. at 34c.; 500 lbs. at 25c.; Arkans!LS, '7l4lbs. at 23c.; Tenn essee 620 lb8. a t $ 1 40, VVest Virginia, 690 lba. at. 1 '7c.; 1.\.entu cky 552 lb s at 9. '7c ; Missouri, 802 lbs. at e. ,,IllinoiS, li'i3 lbs. 89. ; '.Indiana, 809 lbs. at ()., Ohio, 66'7 lOs. at 10c., Iowa, 656,)1;1 at., 23c. In California, i43 acres were devoted to tlic cultivation of the prbducing a total ,yield o 63 017 lbs. OF METROPOLITAN BOJ.RD. 1 It will be seen by the followil!g order to Collectors that the Metropolitan Revenue Board has bee:1 dono away with, and certain matters befor1:1 that :6oard de volved upon the local officers. Rules are presc ribed for govemment of cif1eetors in ma"king seizures of all kinds in their and, other districts. TREASURY <;lfficc of lltCOJI\ cnu } AS1UNG 1'0N 'Feb. !l, 868. R: h beeil' decided to withdraw the .. etro .politan Revenu ccrtail\ matters w.hich have for some time past bee n enacted upon by tha Board, will neces rily b e d evo lved upon the local district officefs. By .t:eference to instructions, er e 3, dl 1'2, (RBco:RD, Vot. V, pp. 156, you"'ill see tha ollectors ar(l reqnired:-in-'!IR eases-when hav e s e ized property in their own diatncts, to report tl'te to the Di t.rict Attorney, as well as to the Commis s ioner, and wh en seizures are maae by other offi()e rs than the. Cpllector acting in his own distciet, the seizing officer i at once required to report to the Colle c t o r, turning over the custody of the property to him. As it is believed that cases may aris e in our district' where injustice will be done to c laim a nts, if cases may not b e more summarily disposed of than by reference to the officer or by trial in co t't it' has been d ecideCL 7 H ENORAVINI ..:llli n ;i PRiNTING !.! .. "] _-! ... !l lABELS i!. A 's 1 t pec1a y. that in a ll cases where property is seized by you, or by QKe. of subor.diJ_Jates in your own district, the same not bemg a d1stlllcry, and not in value the sum of $1,000, it may be releaseCI. by you if .i$ shall appear to your satisfaction that the waa without stdficient cause. If the property is a distil lery, or exceeds $1,000 iD value, the same may be re leased by you, if it shall appear both to. yourself aad the Assessor of your district that the seizure was with out sufficient cause. If proceedings ha,v. e been com by the District Attorney, proceedings may be d1scotttmued by the concurrent act10n of yourself ancl the Assessor and the District Attorney. If_ seizure is made in your district by an officer re portmg to tpe Collector of another district, the cus tody of the property will be turned over to you, and the same will not be r elease d, except with the oonctu' rence of both Qollectol"S, when it IDlght be released by yourself alorte, if seized by you within,our district,; the of the o your district wLll be requ1r e d if the property IS of that d esc riptioll which brmgs 't within the rule laid: do.wn above 1.3 to the of the Assessor. If an officer, rep9rting espec1ally to you, makes a seizure in another district, you wil\ advise with the Collector, and, if the case quires, with the A ssessoJ: of suc h district. It will be your duty to report to the Distnct Attor-n e y :'ll cases which are of '1 character as in your optmon to call for l ega l proceedmgs. If there is a dif ference of opinion between yourself and the Assessor, or the Collector of another district cases of such a as to call for joint action, you will report in detail to this office, or to the Deputy Commi ssio ner, iC 'there shall be one at the time stationed in New Y-ork Very E. A. RoLLINs, ------Esq., Collector. Commissioner. THE LTitTcHBURG Tmucco lNsPECTons.-On yestel'aay tbe fonowing named p e r sons 'were reco mme.nd e d for _th e inspe ctorships of the warehouses of the city, and the1r names 1\'Cre forwarded to district headquarters f o r appointm ent, thro ugh tl1e regular military course.: Friends' Wprelwus e Palmer G. Strong, a New York man, who has carried on business in the city since the end of tile war, and is regl!.rded as a strictly col' rect and honorable man. Martins'. -Chas. E. Dibble, formerly a li eutenant in the l<'ederal army. Married the daughte r of Mr. W m. H. Watson, of this city aad considered a worthy man, L.J7Wh's .-Isaac R. 'Rey nolds, of Am'herst; Union man, quite old and in firm. Liberty.-Joj:tn Boisseau, native of Virginia, consisten t and avowed 1Jnion man, well known in the communitY' and highly resp ec ted. Planters' -H. 0. Pollard o Franklin county, of whom we know nothing. it ia stated that Mr. Strong will retain l't:lr. Powhatan E. Haynes as his deputy; that M.r. Dibble will retain Mr. Nat. Bowman; that Mr. Reynol(ls will retain Mr. E. Newman Eubank, and tl}at Mr 'Will:ret;aiJl ,Mr. John T. Taylor. These gentlemen have long acted with fidelity a nd acceptability as inspectors, and therr -.:eten tion will cond uc e to the popularity of the va-rious warehouses with which !they: ar(l col)llecJ; and t th:l genera l inoorest df t:l]c to aceo trade. hese recomm e ndations er ade by Col. Cooley, after care ful ana con s u1tations"With owners of the warehouses, the leading tobacco d e alers, and t h e most influ e ntial and. prominent men of the town. In effect, the owners of the warehouses selected, the inspect.Qrs, as the only cqndition impo se d oy tbe authorities was that the appoint ees cottld take the requisite oath of of fice. Being limited in. this wise, the /entlemcn mo s t interested made th selections indicate above with ref erence to the c a pa city, integrity, and g enera l fitn ess of the diff erent aspirants. It is ui:i'derstOOd that the pl\l'" ties n amed are all highly acceptable, and that DO doubt exists as to their confirmation. Whilst our own citi, zeus are generally aware that the gentlemen appointed as deputies will not be re q uired to take the" iron-clad" oath, we m e ntion the fact for the information of their friends e l scwhere.-Lync/dmrg Republican, Feb. 28. ------SMOKING RAILWAY CARRI.AGES.-Perhans the m os \ satire our assumed taboo of railway smoking 1s to oe foun d li\ the story of Joseph Pa.x:ton's meeting Robert Stephenson in a first-class carriage in 1850. The fir s t, who, as a railway director, had just b eetl sitting on a boma of inquity into t.he condu c t .of a wish e t? A how-to his the Immortal sketch h hall .JU t 3n, a jnec e of bl ting-paper ?f tho 'Orrginal id a of "the rystal Palace. ".Stop a said Stephenson, "let me light my mgar fir st We need scarcely repeat that smokin" is dead against railway 1 aw. Th di,c igned "Gt;nville:' 'and "Edward Ryan," bunz up in .eve!'y railway t erm_mus, c1eno unqe stern penalttes o( forty shillings and mstant removal from the company's: premi ses to those who pres um e to enjoy a whitrm a cania<'c o r on a platform. So far has the strino-encr pf tibese } )ro b itions be en tliat some smce a gent1eman was pros ecuted virtually for smoking his cjgar on Barnes common. It seems to u s that 'the time h as fully arrived when these nonsensical anacbr(r nisnis should be abolished and a sensible concord&& framed, iq wliich ar.rangements sh.ould be..made fur. doe accom moda tion of smokers, so as not to interfere with the c o mfort of non-smok ers especially of ladies. "IJWUlarity" is a very good in its way, but the theory that smok ing. is an habit is no lol!g;!r-tenabl e We have states!pe wh smoke; there are biShop s who smoke; the Heir to the Crown and ]LR.H. the Co m mander-in-Chiet; Mr. Bright 11tnokes; Th o mas Carlyle and Charles Dickens M"e both stanch the w e ed. Let us listen to the dictates of common sense, Md wq be 'lain to d 't t it is n o re lorgi<;'Ll-tQ prdhibit in a railway carcia "'e than in a French Cflfe or a blic cet.-.Londci Te/;grap h. One of the most remarkable and dete rmiuf!d of tobacco '!as Fagon, the phySICians of Loms XIY:.,. who felt 1t to be. a sol em n act of.dnty to declaim against it in tlieAeademy. Uub:.r tunate ly, the presiding officer at tbe sittinp; wht-re Fagof! made his eloquent attack; the Doctor's wea'kQess snuff, and t o ho!d an opei1, well..r ep l ems hed s nuff-box Within reac h of his fin.,ers just at the 'lose of every fin ely 1ounded caused those uncon sc iou s fingers to plun)!,'e l':tch t1_mc mto the well-known, and b e:.r a i lli!iint pmch to the Doctor's length, tl is course wound up 1118!rll1fiOODtly m a hnrlicam of sneezes from the speake r which "brought down" bl1e Jaughter and. aJ?ploose o:( p e&ent H o\\-,e\-er, Fagon tutnedL tlte l:iy pomttng out the cir n!n tances as au 'rgument the mmte.'nf.'1 hi th"olv It showed d.e oniac jnf).u e nce i' the dol' of tll.e drug :1"',.. 'I ., jilt ..


JWBW YOIIX U FHOMAS HOYT & Co., No. 404 PuRL STRDT, NEW-YOltK, Mallllfiatucri of aU kindo ol T"me-Cut Chewing an.d Smoking Tobacco, Snuff: Cigars, and Havana Sixes. OUR fiNE-CUT CHEWING 1 ... HEART'S DELIGHT, NATIONAL. THOMAS HOYT lr CO., New-Yorlr. 'Ho YT, FLAGG I< CO., Loullwille, Kr. FLA:GG & CO., ;IIOYT, BARBOUR & CO .. 1 0'] and 1 0<) Seco,nd St, l.OOISVILLB, KY., lbllowU., eolHrata ........ el '.FINECUT Toucco, SUNNYSIDI, UV&ET OWl!N, B.'OSE-BUD. SMOKJ.NO TOBACCOIJ., Golden Eagle, Cabinet, " bran" o. z., which will be Cottnd constantly on hand LicoriCI.e Roo llelec\ and Qrdinar:y, _con-stantly on ha.nd ,r; GOVBl. W & \iO., t'l-11& 1 !It:. LICORICE' P ASTB. HOGLEN & OW'JIKRI OJ PA.TKIITI .uiD SOL a \.. PEASFS CELEBRAlB LF-FEEDINI TOIACeo-cnr.l a.IIL Hundreds ot lh-labol'-ta..tns Maebm. In,.. In the-h.._ In a& ... _,...lfthem. Having been In uae o.,.. four yean, .,orollll>l7 leetod, aad mach lmpt"OTed In all it parta, we can coiifldmtly recommend I& t.o t.he manutactUPen of 'l'oltacco as Use llooC and moa ee<>DGIJ!Ieal Mochlne lbr 'he pa:rpoM now known. Oolltlnuoaa teed, no loll:... of MU, more ..,, 1llllo 1 ... labor, mote cut, &nr Circul ars and Price J lmpOfter Of_ li- A:.. __ ::J:J .A. 'Y Aactionecr. Salesma.n. Pearl St., N, Y. SEIDENBERG & CO,,; of quality, at lowel!t market rateL c::l" "''''llllo..T,' ss ru;w.-.YORK. w. J.Duign anb ,iprs, And Wbolcl&le D\!lllor In all kiDde of J)OJOlSTIQ OIG)I,S Branches: 860 Broadwly, 4411ald0n Lane, 1265 NEf"i:V:. &c ]IIVb.oleeale Dealer I l!i* ttigm LML.rOIIAdcO, !. rOKBWX.G TOBAOOOe, ..NO:. 68 .AVENUE c. .... J'...J K, Tobacconist, Dua.nrITUR, llawuu. ornex-s6 P'ti111r6ftB&T, N-You. ----. G.&F.Cabill&Co.,XX,l\IF,a-;;'dFO F bo aud ail! ADDRESS A.L:i. :LETTERS "''O 6 JOI-J:N D<1' DE.U.XI\S Ilf .LICORICE PASTE db Segars, Plug Tobaooo, Snuff, Snufr flour, &a DOMESTIC W. MoELROY, Brok"r ll BBo.u. 1ft., ,....,_ t'. HARRIS & CO., 8ell1ns Agents, .. ,._ STDR, Hw YoB&. & Lyall, t50 WATER-STREET, 5ew-York. fbUowtac (Jeleratetlllraauot: TOBACCO. DARJ[. .NOTICE. .. .,. .... &.ttentahdiog OUt' Bnnde, P LA.NET and \ ILCtKtt' hae bt:ton BOOIOHITfmlt.a od '"'to deo tive of \be TrtKe,lo f11wr package 4c w i th. Oll'l' n&a'le. BUOHA NAN & LYALL, New-York. .L. B. BARNES. 15 Iudl,...t., Booton. (A Goetze & Bro., roBAqOO & SNUFF, 0 MANHATTAN TOBACCO WORKS, ..,._tu ai.d tis nw-YO'u. 1.1. H. IIIOKLE & .. MRS. G. B. MILLER & CO., MJ.JVYC1'VUU t.'P .AU. 01. 'OUT TOBACCO --:coRE, 110 Wa.ter-atreet.'. JIANUFACT9RY.; 97 Columbia-It iu;\aJ,.YORK. :wm:. 'oOAFFIL, auocaa u & '10 & Ce., .,.,_ MANUFA<1l'OR A.ND SALESROOM, Nos. 75, 77, and 79 Avenue D, NEw YoRK CITY. JOSEPH SCHEIDER 79 and 81 William Street,; DEAIJI:B IN Smoking, Chewing, AND KENTUCKY UAF. TOBACCO. ROBITSCHEK & TAUSSIG 256 Delancey-ct., N. Y., and I Prlndpill llrandll ; 1'1RGIN1A L.EAF, KlJ.Llf KIYICK1 LILY, and llEI\0 OJ' THE Wll:Sl'. 98-llS Estc:ihB:. LILIENTHAL803 IU.ND'I'.&C1' URII.R OP ) Cut Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, 7, 219, Ao Wasblu:J:tonst., cor. Barclay NEW-YQRK. And or Light and Dllrk Work, Lutnp1 Twbt, :md Roll T ob&eea, Nepperhan Tobacco Works, Yoiikttrt, N.Y. T nnJ.CCO.I B Ch e wlll g 1 MUd Smoking. 'fLit! Sli.OI:lXO 'I'OB \c\'0., Granulated, Young America! A Extra Long. Turlilish, f:t,.l\dt.rd, B Smoking. t.;,H.t}ltJ ... I Bxtr.a C Sn ; oktng, I Ji're>nch. oth@'r 8&TOTJ, LooK Smoll:tng, Ca.vt:nd.ish, No. 1 Smoking, Tobacco. IINUPP R r>&e Scentn.I, boy, Fnmch .Rap pee, CongTHS, aa t Ter-ma Liberal Goode Warran'{'(). Ordtn promptl y ext"Cukd JOSEPH MAYER & SONS, SEGARS,. Leaf & Manufactured Tobacco, 51 BOWERY, NEW-YORK. 111,_,.@11 ..DllaL.8Sl.J( ,.1 & Segars. f!TORM, !lo Je lllal"'.tu rer of tbe IBI.JiiB)LAT:ED OM:OK-llfG TOBACCO. l s ,_,, G A R s \)n qr duL" 10. quqtitka w ole. l'ur-' '-............. Pl!JtlllF::S: AND D.......,.. nr J!o.l .... r H OOebrat.ed &cok:\ Slnd!'. fur _..,."' til1"''" HOI Tbel!ouft' 1 LEAF TOBAOQQ tl1 ) Y 'l:'r the C'lUfttrv. &o.d lc Q.l&nt!fllC:tUred .... r. II cau lle oy tba keg, bttlf oar bnno! 191 PEARL STif.EET, htcy Tolt.aoco ()l a.ll .. llo a suod ""'-JOIBPR 8oB:xrrr, 1 leua.iu u t( )i'.noc.y Arl.irAe"" Gzom 8TOK)(. ( ... ......,_. f ... -I. I. EDMMTON & BROTHER, ........ .. fine-cut Chewing and Smoking TOBACCOS, -ms a: 115 Dune-St., Wew-York. 0.. o--OUB&IINgl'. ...... P>&L. ta NEW YORK. WALTE"'R, NEW YORK, Uti. F. GRUND & CERERO, NO. 19 DEY-STREET, lliiPO&TIUISo 118 Pearl"'treet, 1iewYork :Noar 1Jrood1.cav, (G4-11G) New-York. I. C. y Ca. B.. B.. nnfR.B.IA. ..... F. G. c. I NOR:MANDI. LA Ar.on AND LA PERFEC T 1rowotuu1o LtQuotucs. 41 S E GAR S FINEST' QUAt TV. Manufactured at_ Poughkeepaie, New-York. No. 15 CEDA:B.-STll.EET, GIFFORD, & INNIS 11!0 W!LLIAM-STUET, 56-61 NEW-Y B-IlK. SIMON SALOMON, LICORICE-Impv-rter of uud nealt"' i u LEAF TOBACCO KREMELBERG & CO., I.l(P0&7Pt:.S o r I 'SECAP.S "K c "" ."and "J. y Ca" Br a n(is. No. 192 STR.F:lET., r f tH' tol n n l th ... gen 11 .. !!ollpr>rlur anrl f'!t el>t Lill&,.,l e r l ur name and w a rrant e d genuin e Pipes cut to ord er, rerni recl, mounted, and boil Ill! rif"Sen d f o ; Mleaa l e or retail circular. ) PIPE. "The Most Superior Pipe No-w in Use. OllDRJil TAKiiN BY T.Hli SOLit AGUN, C. P. & CO., 1 No. 107 FRONT STREET, NEWYORK. 11. & CO., IU.wrt;ers. a.nd Wllole6jlle Deal ers In all kinda 9f Meerschaum & Briarwood Pipes, J Smokers .Arucl .. Generally, No. 44 MAIDEN LANE, Bet\""' WJj):&m and N!!!!88!1 Jl.tre ets, Neu1 York. -.;:--------lOBlCCO BOXES, P a t ented April X, 1867. r A. & CO., Agents, lleekmao St., IV. '\_-1r lnlp.lrttt_rij of u thi f .A:.'\0 PmPES, _,..,.. ..r GElfOIIE DIITATION .llEERSCII1Ull, BBIEBWOOD, LAVA, Clay and China Pipes, !Uga.r Tubea, Tobacco "PouChes, llefar c....,, ete. Smokers' Beti11 Segar lltan, 11MT. 1 --+---."l'"'"l -;r-v-;---t--- CICAR AND CIOAIUh'TE :ROLLER AN:J? \v.RAPP.I I. TOBA.CCO L B FOR CAPDIES, NAVIES, POUNDS, ETC FURNISHED BY BATCH & CO., Lrr':&:OG-R.A.PJEIER&itt 111 BROADWAY (Tnnity Building), NEW-YORK. .THE CELEBRATED PHIDlJdiSS ) -"GOB5taao Alw ay s U nifo;m ail:i Relia b le. JWllLIAM 1LE E 1. (Socoe-.or'(o J J:j': JIIWl'llllllS,) a.ncl; Mauuf"a.oh1,r0 r of' FRANK, OEUTTENMULLEH & CO. JU.Jro111AC'11111JID8 ot' SEGARS, ..ot..5 DliA.L.IIRI IX ltlil4.1' r.fQBA.CiJC!lQ& No. 2ft Uberly Street, JI."WYORX & SIEPRES, Metrsrluu!m & .... CoMMERCIAL PRI11TBU. 99 & 101 WJiuua Stroot, P I :P 1: S. 6,. MAIDEN LAD'i:1 li '11"' TO.'t.X. Mutla B. lear : o.n.....,.,. r


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