The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (4 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Organ of the TobaccO Trade.Of the United States: The Largest Special Trade Paper in the World VOLUliE IV., 6. } WHoLE No. 162. TEDB OF THE P.l.l'E&. Sbogle Cop\ee .... : ..................... :.10 Cents Per umum...... .. .. .. .................. 14.00 Ml4lbe Caoadall,t1.04addltioaalper t111nam f & Co., 91 Water )layer, Joseph & Sons, 1211 Water. )(a.yo, J. F., Water. ,JI[oCaffil. Wm., 51 Bowery. Jtlengel Charles C., 66 Cedar. Jl-oger, H. & Co., 161 and 163 Mniden I. Morris, H. M., 99 Pearl a.nd 62 SlOne. J.fat.han, L. &; Maurice, 48 Broad. :Norton, Slaughter & Co., 4.0 Broad. Oakley, Cornelius, 96 Water. Oatmau, Alva, 166 Water. Ob&r, R. H. &, Co., 43 Broad. Ottinger Brothere, 133 W .. ter. I Pa.lmer & Scoville, 1 '70 Water Pappenbeimcr, ll., aa Broad. Paulitsch M., 148 Water. PeBraall, M. U., 23 South William. Platt & Newton, 117 Front. Price, Wm. M. & Co., 119 Maiden lane. Read, Clement, 86 Pearl. Reismann, G. & Co., 1 '79 Pearl. Robinson & Hearn, 172 Water Robinson, H. 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F., 1.1> Old slip. Ra er, H., & Son, Pe&rl. IU lJI'AcruRBRS, Beck, F. W. & Co., "lao PearL 'Brock, M., 329 'Bowery. Buchanan & Lya.ll, 160 Wa.ter. Dutbont; H. D., 75 }'ulton. Edmonston, S. S. & 'Bro., 213 & 215 Du.ane. &mpire City Tobaeco Works, Bowery. F.alk, M., 143 W llter. Gillender,-A. & Oo.,114, 116, and 117 Liberty. Goetz, F. A. & Bro., 188 and Doa.ue. GQodwiil., W. H. & Co., 207 a.nd 20P Water. Hall, Joseph, 76 Ba.rola.'y. Hartcorn, John A., 14!1 Water. Hoyt, Thomaa & Co., 4.04 Pearl. Kerbs, A, 3S Bowery. Lawrence, T. A. & Co., 374 Pest\ Lee, Wm., 269 Pearl. Lilienthai, C. H., 217-221 Washington. Lorillsrd, P., 16, 18, 20 Cham)>ers. Hayer, H., 58 .!nnue C H11Alpln1 D H. & Co.1 'lr,-79 Avenue D. Miokle, A. H. &Sons, 110 Wa.ter Newlecker, L. If. & Co., 162 Water. Robltschek ..t Taussig, 256 Delancy. Scbeider, '79 William. Scbmit.t & S&onn 191, Pearl Sclaroeder & Bo;{. 17 Water. Stachelberg, M., 16 <:ed&r. IMPOR"rr.M A.KD DF.J.tERS Frank, BeutteniiNeller & Co: 28 Liberty. Horn, W., 44 Maiden lane. JII,OOby, S., 194 Pearl. Ul\btenstein Brothers & Oo., 321 Pearl ilreet. Lorillard, P., 16 Chambers. McCa.fil Jo.mee & Co. 191 Greenwich. Rosen'lll'ld,.E.& Bro., lU Watar. Salomon, S. 192 Se\denberg & Co., 19 Dey. Tag, Cllas. F 184 Front. llLUiUFACTIIRXRS OF BNUIP. Appleby & Helme, 138 W&ter. Lorillard, P., 16 Cha.mbers. .. Brashears & sOn, 46 Walnut, Cuey & -'f.yfle, 100-104 West Front. Duddy, J. &-co., 41 Vine. Fringant, P. & Co., 47 West Front. Phister & Bro., 14 Ylf est Fro.nt. Worthington, Power & Co. tllPORTERS, KANUFACTUPJUIS, AND DJ:ALERS, Besuden, Heury & Bro.; 161-165 Pea.rl. Eggert, Dills & Co., 82 West Seeond. Glore, J. A. P. & Bros., 47 Vine. Johns'ln.. J. T. &'Son, 39 Rnee. Krohn, Feiss & Co., 58 West Fourt!t. Lowentha.l, S. & Co., 76 Main. M:allay & Brother, 115 West Front. Newburgh L., 01 Walnut. Schulte & Bagley, 94 West Second. Spenee Brothers & Co., 62 East Third. Thornton, Potter & Co., 18 Hammond. INSURAIIC& OOHPANIES, Tobacco Fire and Ma.rine Ins. Co., cor. Front a.nd Vine. 1 CLEVELAND, 0, PATIINT STIIA.ll: TOBACCO DRYER. Holden, L E. COVINGTON, K.Y. Garland, Ed. Jr., Mooklar Tob. Fy., Greenup. Sullivan, J. T. & Bro., Kenton Toq. Ware Greenup. DANBURY, CONN. Graves, G. W. DAYTON, O, &JohQSOD, Cooper Tob: Works. Hoglen & Grafllin, Pease's Tobacco-Cutting Engine. DETBOIT, l'IJICH, Bogg, Th. K., 817 and Jefferson av. Hnna &Co. 112 and lH Woodward av. Lichtenberg, G. B 46 CongreBS st., East. N'lvin & Mills, 193 and 1!l6 Jefferson av. Rosenfield & Bro. 23 and 36 Jefferson a.v. Wellendorf, F., Brush. EA.ST HA.RTF'OBD, CONN. Il7 Cedar. C!G.I..R 1JOX CEDAR A.ND WOOD, Rodman & Hepburn, 210 Lewis. VA.NUI'ACTURK& OP TOIIA.(JOO Tllii'OIL. Crooke, J. J., 38 Crosby street. AUC1'10liKJmS OF TOBAC001 l!:TO. Bett, G. & Co., 7 Old Slip. Hathow&.y & Arnold, 14.4 Water. Reed, G B & Co., 84 Cedar TODACCO CUT!Ili'O I>UCBJ!IBS, Borgfeldt & Degbuee, 64 Cedar. TOBACCO LABELS. Hl!teh & Co. 111 Broadwa.y. TOBACCO LABEL BNG-RA.VER. HoeJ, Jos, 160 Fulton. PATENT TOBACCO lt!IIVES. Napanoch Axe and Iron Co., 69 Murmy SNUI'P A."D TOBAOOII BOTTUS. HA V A.NA., CUBA, Heyman, E. & Co., 40 Sa.n Ignacio. INDIA.NAPOLJS, IND, W alla.ce, W. P., 28 Louisiana. K.A.llf!!IA!I CITY, 110, Ca.ntwell, Tri'pp & Co., Muin st. UU:I!!IVILLE, K.Y. Finzer; J. & Brlls., 13 Third. Frsnoke & Etler, 424 Main. Hoyr, Co., 107 and 109 Leopold, .M.. & Co. Peynado, E. Co.,.222 ).fain. Rob so A. L. & G 48 Fourth. Tuck & Wo !!'73 Maift. Wicks, G. W. & Co., 102 Main. LY["'CHBUBO, VA. Carrol, J. W. lloCorkle, Son & Co., 113 Maill. McDaniel, Litchfield & Co. Robinson, J. A. Stone, J'ohu W 193 ll.Un. Younger & Co. 141 Main. IBEftPHilil, TENN. Ackerman, E., front. NEWARK., 1!1'. ;s, BrinWngholter, W. A., 3'74 Broad. Lane & Co., 96 Broad. NBW ORLBA.NS, LA, Lichtenstein, Bros. & Co., '19 Gravi01'. Irby, McDaniel & Co., '140 Gravier. OI!IA.DA., NED. Bemis & Abbott. PETt:BSBVBG, VA, Ela.m, W P. & Co., 120 Sye&more. Quinlan, Jer., 138 William. e PHILADELPHIA.. TOBAOOO DAtJij .As ten, W B. & C., 25 Pearl TOBACCO BOXES, Hammacher, A. & Co., 52 Beekman. TOBACCO PAP&.II WAliEDOUSB. Jessup & Moore, 1?,8 William. TOBACCO BARILBLS. Briggs, A. T., 64 lluger Slip. TOBACCO LABilL PRINTSRS, Brown, M, B. & Ob., :Jg Wii!i&.m. Enamel Waterproof Finish, for Show Cud11. Harris Finiah.i g Company, 36 Dey &tree\. ALLBG&.til'fY CITY, PA. Jeukinsoo, .R. & W., 6 Federal. B,t.LTilii:OBE. TOBA.CCO WAUBOOS88. Bolenius, G. H., ll02 West Pratt. Boyd, W A. & Co. 33 South. Brauns, F L. & I.Jo., 11 Cheapllide. De Ford, Charlea D. & Co., 37 South Gay. Oieskf, L. & Co., 121 W. Lomba.rd. Gunt.her, L. W., PO Lombard. Kerchoff & Co, 49 S. Charles. Looee, C. & Co., 19 German. Paul, Wm., 4.61 West Baltimore. lfA.NUF.A.CTUn.KRB1 ETC. Beck, F. W. & Co. 130 North. Becker & Bros. 94 Lombard. Dukehart, E. W & Son, 29 S Feigner, F. W., 90 and 92 Sooth Charles. Gail, G. 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Armstrong, A. & R., 61 South Front Boyd, Fougeray & Co., 61 Nort.h Third. Bremer, L. & SoDB, 822 North Third. Buoknor, HcCammon & Co., 37 North Water Burgess & Bro., 44 South Dcll\waro n ... Court.ncy, Woodward & Co., 47 N. Wa.ter. Dob.m & Taitt, 99 North Water Doug!""" John, 13 North Sixth. -McDowell & Duncan, sg North Water Moore, S. & J 107 North Wa.t.e.-. Sank, J. Rina.ldo & Co., 31 North Wa.ter. Teller Brothers, 11 'T North Third. Vetterlein & Co., 111 Arab. Wa.rtma.n, Mich., 106 Norll Water. .DULBRS1 ETC. Daley, James, QOr. 3d and Race. Greenl_v, G. A. & Co., North Twentieth. Hare, Thomt\8, 4 '74 a.nd 503 North Second. Smith Brother., North Third. Taylor, J. K., 336 Market. Theobald, A. H, Third and Witthaus, E. L., 2U7 Race. DSALERS ll'l LKA.l' TOBA.OCO. Eisenlohr, W., 13'7 South lOth. >IAliVFACTUBlliUI 01' BCOTCn S.NUn. Ralph A., & Co. 1 0 5 Ar.b. A.U CTI0!1EBRS, Powell & West, 28 South Front. PITTSBURG, P A. Blumenschein, Geo. 4 Seventh. Hey!, 1\lart., 333 Liberty. Mcgraw, E. & Co. 31 St Clnir. Taylor, J W 4.27 Penn PROVIDENCE, D, I, Hunt & Bro., 11 S \\' cstminster. Kingsley, L. & Co., 9 Westminster. BICHlU.OND, VA., Greaner & Winne, 1812 Cary. Hardgrove, Thomas J. Hoft'bauer, G & Co Mills & Ryant; Shockoe slip. Neudeeker Bros., cor 26th and ll11in. Pilkinton, E. T., 18 14th. -Rapp S. & Co., 14th and 1Mb. I ROCHESTER, N, Y, Kimball, W. S., 44 Main. W!talen, R. & T., lSi State. SPBINOF'ITLD, l'IIA.SS< Smith, H & Co., 20 Hampden. ST. LOUIS, 1'110. Bernimo, Barton & Co., 7 South Main. OaUin, D., 168 North Second. Clark & Ovenll, 113 WaBbingWn a.venue. Dormitzer, C. & R. & Co., 120 North Second Falk, N. ll., 206 North Second. Friedman, M. & Co., 85 Nort.h Second. Griswold, Crie & Co., 612 Nortb Fourth. Haynes & Beth, 100 North Cornmercia.L Sehroeder, F. H., 100 South Fonnh 8YBA4l1l'8 .. N, Y. Ba.rton, J os. & Co. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1, 1868, and restaurants. In cases where the yearly salell of this article would warrant paying for a license, one would be obtained ; otherwise, the sale would be abandoned. We can see no reason why the retailing of tobacco in its various fonns should not be subject to LICENSES FOR RET&ILERS 1. QMD SIJG-a tax in the form: of a license. As we have said, it is GESTION. not fair to ask the manufacturer to bear all the bur den, and the cost of the proposed lioense is so small A correspondent ("Clarence"), wdtiog trom Boston, that uo me could complain. Again, should such a tax made in a recent number of THE rLE.&:r a suggestivn result in a larger revenue than is expected, the tax on which, if adopted by Congress, would, we feel con-manufactured tobacco lp-ia-ht be reduced, the cost of vinced, prove of the greatest benefit to the Government the article thus diminished, and the conslimption necesand to the trade. It "as to compel the retail dealet in sarily increased. Thus tbtl retail dealer would be the cigars, tobacco (chewing. and smoking), and snutr, to gainer in the end, even in this view of the case. take out a license for the same, for which the nominal There is one suggestion of our correspondent's letter fee of ten dollars might be charged. Thi2, if properly which we must protest ag&iust. He proposes that Go,. carried out, would result in a large addi&ion to the re\-erwnent should empower cigar manufacturers with the enue, an4 would scarcely be felt the parties paying authority of a revenue detective, to enter and search it. In this way one great end of a proper system of any place where there is a suspicion that cigars are be taxation would be gained-the equalization of the bur-ing manufactured fraudulently. This wc;mld be instiCI.en, so that it 'fOuld press impartially upon a}\ cla86es tuting a tyranny of the worst description. No man's busi alike. What Government has determined to do is to ness would be safe from the inroads of pigmy meddlers raise a large proportion of tlk revenue from liquor and or the injurious assaults of actual enemies. It is bad tobacco. This, in the abstract, seem!l eminently just, enough under the pre8ent regime, when the, proper offi-especially so far as liquor is concerned, a man may cer can tlnwarrantably enter and search your premises, abstain from the latter at will, with detriment to seize your gooils, :md ruin your business. To give this his health. In the cases of a few, however, a like ab-authority to your neighbor, who is naturally interested stinence from tobacco, after being acenstomed to its in your failure, would be to create a business despotism use for yeare:, could not be persevered in without the of the most galling and irresponsible character. Our most serious results. Generally speaking, however, it correspondent will readily see this after a moment's re is proper that liquor and tobacco, which are flection. His idea of having frauds promptly punished not necessities to a large proportion of the population, and cheating around the board st.opped is a good one; including the women and children, should be more but the be would delegate to e\' Cry manufac heavily taxed than articles which every man, woman, turer is too important a right to be exercised by any and child are compelled t,o consume in their daily lives. but those who are responsible for their acts, and who We mean, of counsted officials. in these articles to discover the best method of taxa-We trust, however, that Mr Wells and the Commit tion. It is a significant fact that in neither article has tee on Ways and will give earnest attention to this best method yet been discovered. The. frauds in the license question. Instead of increasing the already whisky matters of common report, and acknowl high tax-rate on tobacco, should they adopt" Clarence's" edged on every side; while those in tobacco, while not suggestion, they will adopt a more certain method of nearly so large in proportion, are still greater than they increasing the revenue from tobacco; for it is the uni should be, or than they could be, were a proper method versal testimony of our Internal Re..-enue officers that no devised and adopted. Taxes on other artioles of consump-tax is collected with so little expense to the Govem tion are collected; why not on these? It <.oertainly cannot ment, and so thoroughly, as that obtained from license be because those engaged in the manuiil.rture and sale of fees and stamp-duties. 'aftixed elch cigar, and which was actually propoeed for the 8erious consideration of the trade. It will not prove a bufden, as the latter would have done, nor ca-n we see any valid objection to its adoption. We Y i t is singular that it WM first proposed not. by any of our leamed legislators; not by any of the members of the honorable Uommittee on Ways and Mean, who ar. surpO!!ed to breathe an atmosphere dense with statiati ca infonnation, and whose minds are said to be iD con tinual labor over some more perfect system of collec. t ing the tax on whisky and tobacco; not even by lllr. W eUs himself, who is .reported to have made the latter a8icle his espeCial study-but by a /ractical mau, a: ber of the trade in Boswn. An here we eaannc IMit stop to draw the moral of the great superiority o f legislati011 by practical men, over those statutes wliieh are :&amed by gentlemen no doube, but who do not happen to spemallyundenrtand the su.Qieet,. on which they are called uJ>On io Jl. _. could have a tobacco law framed by iDtelligent aml honest tobacco ,men-those iatimate?" with the practical of the bustaeaa-we Bhoald probably have a nearly' perfect act. When a man_ wishes b. watch rnpaired, he does not take it to ablack mith, although the blacksmith may be a straigbt fot"Ward man and a good mechanic. He-goes, instead, to the most skilled watchmaker of his aequintSJle(>. So with the tobacco-clause of tlie lnternab ReTenue law A man may know a great deal aoout whillkY- and notlring at ali about tobacco, and _yet he may be, b y the foroo of circumstances, compelled to MsiiR in tho_ of a tobacco law. In such a case, hia OJily course 1s to talle advice of some intelligtmtl aad llalart tobacco man, or men, and allow hi& judgment to be-:U! ftuenced by theirs. We cannot blame men foll not OOiug acquainted with the technical details of a business they have never followed ; but we must blame them wheu they obstinately refuse the advice ef those wile know precisely what they are ignorant of, and whe11 they arrogate to themselVes miraculou& d i.netantaaeou,. infonnation on subjects which they cannot undeJ'11Jtand. Humility alone makes ignorance ble ; but when joined to arrogance and a, is unbearable. IT seems that the whisky tax isoften. --paid only for the puryose of obtaining bona-fide tlliX receipts,. which are deBlgned for use in oonve;riag illicit lots goage..l and branded to correspond mth trhe receipts. -Wbea the receipts grow I;Lale, the tax is paid on a new let. and new receipts obtaiped, to be used in a like maa ner. The Government :&as arrayed against its etro& to collect this tax, many of the most asute, shrewd, cunning and_ unprincipled men in the country; they-ba.-.e defeated every eifort thus far, and will probably do tkt 1ame in the future. The actual amonnt now collootl>d is only about &25,000,000 per annum, and of this Gov ernment gets but a trifle after the anny of d goods for points in the interior shall not for dishonest officials :md the law appears to cent rise in he price of (:Ott on is ind11dng Jllany of nc 1 V!')'ed ut. once to theil' places Gf. destination, anfl have been framed for the very purpose of holding out planters to. abandon their first intention of planting r the customa-<.!utie s paid only 0!1 their arrival there. or temptations to violate its provisions by shielding the l1eayy crops of corn. Cotton is. again resuming his in other the ?ill that whenever' any h 1 h f1 d anment sceptre, and they bowthe1r necks to the former mcrcha!ld1se shall be 1m_ported mto any port of entry o r perpetrator t rfugh thmr very ooseness, t e rau s m IGng, forgetting the lessons of the past. It is astonish-the U mted States, and 1t shall appear by the invoit."\' tobacco would be reduced to a minimum, We do not ing how a people once infatuated with an idea, will and bill of lading, or either of them, and now refer to the cigar blockade-runiters, but speak of cling to it in desperation, hoping for its final triumph that such merchandise is consianed to and deetined fi1 all branches of the trade as a whole, and of this we although bitter experience must proclaim its folly. another port of entry, it shall be lawful for the owner. think we may safely affirm that the larger number of grand idea, around which the hopes of Southern aariagent, or consignee of such merchandise, to make entry culturists continually revolve, is cotton. Cotton "'ac-fer warehouse and transportation, and on the exeontion men composing it are honest and upright in the strict cording to them, is tlie only panacea for bankruptcy: If ?f a bond, as in case of withdrawal for tran!!pOrtation, sense of those words. And they are so under so, it 'is on the homceopathic principle-similia Bimilibus m a sum equal to double the amount of the invoie!' tions that would cause many to stumble and fall? curantur/ for no one can fail to see that an exclusive value of sueh mercliandisc, 'the same shaU. be delivereil. Thus it results that the trouble lies with the law and the reliance on cotton is one of the principal causes of the to the owner or consignee, to be transported to tlre dishonest men who undertake to execute it. What we present commercial depression at the South. In view port ;s destination; and such. merchandise shall Df} of the facts, well may the Journal referred to exclaim: be subJect to appraisement at the port at which it WiL"> want, therefore, is to have the Internal Revenue act 1 d d b h "How long must the Press inveigh against the suicidal. an e ut e same examrnat10n and appraiaemen&. amended so as to secure the largest amount of revenue policy of .an exclusive relianc o.n cotton? Is experibe requll'ed had at the port of destination with the least nnnoyance to the tobacco interest. ence nothmg? Is the sad cond1t10n of the people noth-if such merchandise had been entered for consumptiozy As to the general provisions of the new law, includ-ing? Shall the prosperity of the food-producin"' conn-and the duties paid at port in it first arrive.f ing the stamp system, we have already dwelt at length, tries of the world, as compared with our and was landed. An afi?.endment has been made to the d!-1-cing go for nothing? Is the present bill as It shall be lawful for the owner, agent, and what 1 we now desire is, to say a .word in favor of htgh pnce of corn, m the face of what was pronounced or cons1gnee, to make entry of such merchandise :fi .,. our correspondent's suggestion. This is, as we have an overwhelming crop last fall, to lie passed over as of transportation, and on the execution of a. boml said, to make the retail dealer bear his 11hare of no import? T'Yo months ago one of cotton would '!hich bond may be at the port. of ar: the common burden. One resulting advantage not purchase th1rty bushels of corn-tt was worth less nval or the port of destmatwn, to the ld b h ld h G than half the actual average <;:ost ofmakin"' it in a fair ofthe collector thereof, and the maybe forwarawou 0 t e power Jt won ; gtve t overnsea!on; and yet with a sl_ight advance, whlch may be In this the interwr cities claim thattb!.'m:nt over the JUSt In only a fluctuatwn, and not sufficiently great bill w1ll be of advantage and th1s and all the large mt1es of the U mon, mtllwns of to rende r 1t a profitable crop with such labor as we now to them. It mil at least. allow inland importem too! cigars are annually sold that do not pay a cent of tax. haye, our planters, w!th an infatuation astonishing control disposition of their gor;>ds, b;r allowiag_ them Made in out-of-the-way places they are brought loosely to those who are outs1de the vortex whiCh revolves to perfect the necessary papers at thetr" own h db k t db th' fi t' t th around the 'central idea,' are preparin"' to plant a houses. The journals of the interior claim other an as e an Y 0 er ur tve means, 0 e heavy crop to the neglec t of the cereals. We earnestly for th.eir patrons from the different saloons and stands that use them. A few urge upon our friends to pause before it is too late. a provmcml sheet talks in this grandiloquent faahion!ll' stamped cigar-boxes last the latter a lifetime, as they Corn has never been too abundant in the South-it canthe metropolis: "It will prevent some delay at. tbe. are never allowed to become empty, but, like the widow's not be too abundant, Look upon the past two port of !"rrival, it will. show to the country what... cruise of oil, are mirnculously replenished from day to years-see what hopes were bmlt upon cotton, and how proportton of the 1mportatwns are due to the interior d w th 1 d t t k ]' fallacioustheywere-mayyounot be deoeivedac.ain? andthusputanendtothesystembywhichNewYorki' ay. ere ese P a_ces rna e 0 a e out a Remembe: the hundreds of thousands of dollars a place on the road to the actnal points.Jii. would be more Government llnperl your up North for corn-remember own imdestrnat10n, has to cont:ol the business of tlw Ylston, and a. watch coulcl be mstttuted over them, as the po':enshment as the consequence of that sm01dal policy country, and cla1med _nght to dictate names of the vendors would be registered, and their wh10h forced to do so, and plant more corn L Plant busmess men all other Cities and States !,. Trtl.'* places of business. But, eyen should the Government la:gely, the ac.res of seems to us on the .!! hi_ghfa!ntin' or&u. h d 1 bl k d th1s sttff oflife, wavmg m the su:nmer sunhaht of 1868, but we are qmte wtllmg to have our.mtenor be unable t? get Its s t H l oc a e-runners, attest your abandonment of old rdeas and tge adoption ahead and see what they can accomplish. "A fair-fieh small vernnn, whom 1t rs diflicult to ca.tch, and scarcely of a new regim e ." We can heartily endorse every and no favor" is all w e ask for New York and am "" worth the cntchiug individually,-it would at least se-word of the foregoing. planting friends at the satisfied to see her of any cure a large revenue from sources that yield none at all South to f-.... York Ohw du.rrng the ten years from 1850 to 186 { accordm"' to the census returns, was 6t per ceut. If they mamtam the same averaae dnriu'{ the present decade, the increase of property rn those two alone will be sufficient in 1870 to pay the who:u debt, and le a v e besides, a surplus of $300,000.-000. 'I he annual percentage of increase of property i:J IT is a little singular that the idea of raisin"' a por-the loyal States from to .1860 was 8t per ce-nt. tion of the revenue from tobacco by a license t:t'x on all At same an_nual gam, the mcrease of these Stat"'" retailers, should not have suggested itself to any of the alone for the mght years ending Dec. 31, 1867, experienced gentlemen who have the subject of taxa-be $10,087,ooo,ooo, or more than four times the runom1t. tion in and who have it much time and of the debt. This is clearly too much to assume ana' thought. It rs far. more pra.ctwal the proposed considerin_g the absorption the army of 80 cowJder-.1. : method of collectmg the tax: on by a 1 blc a port1on of the mdnstnal force of the country, it;;. \ r


1HE TOBACCO LEA E. U! probable that four pel cent. would be Dearer the truth. .At this rate, the gam of the non seoedillgStates for \he 1:!J"'bt years from 1860 to Decembe1 31, 1867, would be sum sufficient to pay the debt, with a Slll"plus of $1,500,000,000. The conat:ant ,growth of population and accumnbt10n of wealth m tb1\i country WJll act as a stead1ly augmenting power to lever m h : fting the burden of om pubhc debt In h1s 'to CVugress mDecembcr, 1862, J;>re aa esthate of the p10bable fi1ture mcrease of our population. Assuming the average decenmall.ncrease to be a4.6 per cent.,-and m no decade smce 17 90 has the ra tio varied two per cent ,-he prediCted that the popula tlOU or the Umted States lJl 1900 would be 103,20 8,415 Ronls. The gain in propetty m the non-secedmg State:s 1iom T8!1() to 1860 was rather over 126 cent. Esti matmg the future decenmal mcrease at "only one-half or 63 per cent, probably far below what will prove the actual result, and leavmg out entuely the 1'lcceding States, the valuattOu of the loyal States m the yoar 1900 w1ll be *77,350,00(\00Q-a sum of wbJCh the present debt is less than three per cent. These figures :tre curious and interesting, teaching a lesson of pauenoe under our present financial burdens as well as hope for the future. A LICENSE tax on all dealers in cigars and tobaoe.>, other tba.n tobacconists, would have the eftect of catfDK off' & port10n of small comer-grocery and &dewalk bu!!Uless wh1ch now flourishes so luxuriously, and which iii generally contraband. This traffic is too to attract the attention of the revenue officials to individual cases, but such a law .as we propose would "' sqaelch" 1t at one swoop, and would re sult in an e1t0rmous gain to the pubho t1easury. The gain also to regular tobacconists who a1e now compelled 1u pay a.lieen&e-fee, for wh10h they re9eive no protectiOn would al!IO be very great ; m fact, such an enactment wonld only be srmple justice to the cigar trade 'file Government owes them some relief from the lDJUriOWJ oompetrti.on of the sidewalk and hotel dealers who .uerainmg the regular busmess. If;these parties WISh to engage m the busmess of tobaceorusts, they should rlo it in a legitimate way, and not seek to mjure the .trade by uderhand a.nd illegitimate operatrons. It 1,; part1es who support the illiCit hand-basket man uf:tetoriefl, who do not even pay the five-dollar tax to the Goveroment, and would not pay even fifty cents. J3y all means let us have this general hcense-fee, Mess1s. U,gislaten, .and then trade w1ll soon be ud of the mcubus tha.t now weighs upon It. bustion waa perfect that m neither case was res1dual ashes more than so peJ: cent of the coal used In the lat ter part oftbe exper1ment1 themcreased useful &ftect of pulverized goal over lump coal rose from twelve to1!h1rty per cent., owmg to th,e acquned skill of the firemen m mcreasing and regulating the heat Assummg that the heat generated by pulveuzed coal1s barely equal to that genemted by lump coal, the expenments solved most atiSfactorlly the que 1on as to what IS to be done w1t the vast quantities of fine fuel ich now lie at the mouths of oo!!.l mmes in this co'Ulltry an din Europe. Statistics show that while the mines of G1eat Bntam yield m01e than 100,000,000 marketable tons of coal per annum, about 30,000,000 tons more of waste coal me left at the mmes The percentage of waste coal :l.t the anthiaClte mines of this country IJ> soiWhat le than at the bitum1nous coal mmes; yet It has been estuna ted at 25 per cent of the whole we1gbt brought to the surface The ut1hzat1on of this waste con.l would vn tually add one-thud mo1e to the value of the annual product of Amer1can mmes, and eventually cause a correspondmg d1mmution of the piices pa1d by the consumer, therefore 1t may be safely n.ver1ecl that no improvement bas been lately proposed whtch compares in geneml Impoitance w1th that whwh would make avmlable the waste p1oduct of coal mmes The mven tors of this process of utihzmg fine coal, It is said, are about applymg their apparatus to locomot1ves. Pre vi ous expenments have demonstrated that at least onethud of the air reqmred for combustion, should be ad mitted above the fire m the locomotive, and the remam ing two thirds undet the grate-bars. Still, the waste resulting from rapid and Imperfect combustiOn reqwred m the locomotive, IS very large. It 1s claimed that by pulverizing coal and admittrng it in combination with au above the ordinary coal fire, the rapid generation of heat IS successfully accomplished; <'nd what IS still more Important m the locomotive, that there IS an almost entue absence of smoke and particles of uncon sumed coal, which, m spite of" spark arresters," have thus fm been the d1sagr eeable and dangei ous resultants of accelerated combustiOn The tnal to wh1ch we have referred 1elates only to bitummous coal It would be mterestmg to know whether the same advantages ca n be gamed by pulvenzmg anthracite, wh10h reqmres a much h1gher degree of heat fo1 1ts combustiOn. T.HE TOBACCO MABKEr. DO!IlESTIC. IVEW fORK, March 31. Western Leaf-'l'ne Improved feeling noted m our last contmues and although the sales are small m amount, they a1e numerous, footmg up for the week 550 hhds., and p10m1smg to be fully 2,000 hhds. foi the month 'l'he1e IS an entue absence of English or Con tmental demand, manufactme1s here and m Canada be mg the punmpal pmchasers. The light 1ece1pts have a1ded m stiengthemng the market and promise to be about half those of March, 1867-which 1at10, It IS suppoJ'!ed, applies to the present crop as compa1ed with the last. Should the new Clop contmue to arr1ve m th1s proportiOn, It would do much to sttffen priCes, or pethaps lead to an advance, but If pushed fonva1d be fme the Reg1e and heavy sh1ppmg demand auses, 1t would tend to depress the rnmket. We have no change to note m p11c es Old tobacco IS neglected, unless of the lowest grades or black re handled. New wwppers sell readily at fan prwes, but round lots ra1ely pay a p10fit on mvo1ces Lug8 a1e still out of stock and a1e wanted. A:u:. somees of mformat10n fmmsh evidence that the lTmted States must m the fnture be the great rron-producmg country of the world Allowmg for the produeticm in anO related to each other geog1aphically, as to admit of its product10n, not merely wrthin IeasonableJimits of cost, but on any terms whateve1. The Situation of this 09untry, as mineral resomces, IS pe-cuho.r. Looking across the Atlantic we find Sweden &eel Leaf-Thete 1s a little mo1e domg m mgar stocks, and pnce s a1 e fully rnamtmned N otiim"' IS yet bemg done m the new c10p among jobbers stock of '64 1s about exhausted, and those of '65 and '66 are beconnng ve1y much 1educcd Pnces ior '67 are very h1gh, and tf the quahty of the tobacco keeps up they will probably be maintamed, but should this deteuor ate, a cons1derable reductiOn must take place We quote 200 cs Ohw wrappe1s on puvate te1ms; 30 cs. Pennsylvama filleJs at 5]-c, 50 cs Ohw fillers at 4ic.; 37 cs. ConnectJCnt at 35c. ; 30 cs. Connecticut at 22]-c 30 cs State at 7tc. -wnhan abundance of the nchest p=trve 01e, but no Spanish.-We not1ce an exc1ted ma1ket for Spamsh tobacco, with sales of 600 bales Havana at 90c @*l 10. Thesefigmes show a dec1ded advance on thoseof e1o-bt weeks ago, and are largely due to the speculation whlch has sprung up here in consequence of the advance m pr10es m Cuba. The mdicatiOns all pomt to a mamten ance of these figures m the futrue. Il\IPORTS 55 @00 2'J @28 1 8 @:10 5 @10 w @f(l 3() @40 @45 @ll8 @liO coal Russia. IS well supphed w1th the former, but can only develop mineral fuel enough for her wants. So (){'Austria and the States oft;he Zollverem Italy ism the same category with Sweden, Algrers is no better 110fl: Spam does not ut1hze e"ther her rron or her coal 1eso urees. France, \Hthout coal or hon, maJ.tams hm present mn.nufactures of the latter only by vast impor "tatlo ns of both coal and Iron. The coal field of Be10'mm iH 1estricted. Prussia ba1ely supplies Its own Upon Great Bntam, then, devolves the burden of supplying Europe and the world With tJhe manufactmes of Jron until we shall become het competltOI. Tbme is somA doubt, however, as to her ultimate ability to furmsh the amount of coalnecesRm y to sustam he1 present SCll.le of manufacture. Thus, rt will be seen, no t1me sbould be lost in imyH:ovmg om methods of manufac ture, and m st1ll further developmg om g1eat natiOnal Wrth \!llCh resomces we can essay any undertaking, however ambitiOus ; for in the bright lexiCon of the youth of natiOns, as of mdividnals, "thetc's no word as fa1l." __ Gmu.T complamt'is made m San Franc4;co of the -'Slowness of the steamers that now perform the se1 v1ce between that city and the poorts of Hong Kong and Y okobama. It IS satd that the B1It1sh Overland Mail reaches Rona Kong ten days sooner than those bJ.: the Pacific Mafi Stea.mshrp Company's vessels lt IS S&ld, moreover_, that these Clafts are not the best aclapted for nangat10n m the Chma ea. T4ey are 11plcndu]Jy fitted and may j1,1stly be entitled ocean palaces; but for the China trade they convey the 1dea of being great, wall-Sided, vulnerable structures Typhoons are not gentle and lovable'thmgs,-they" deal with paddle-boxes and side-wheels ':):'hose ponderous shafts may be twisted or b1 oken in the filnous embrace of a 1agm"' s()a. The htcrh and towet ing s1des offer a surface to t'k grasp of a ho'l\ ling burrJCane A year 01 two mo1 e of expenenoe wll, probably, prove that a less 1mposmg tyle of ntn al architecture would have been bette1 smted to tlull trade. Strong, low, sharp pwpellens, bark-ngged, -w1U1 rrrea.t length of beam, such as are m use m the German Ocean, may yet come mto vogue, and the p1 csent steamers be put on the Panama wute But m any cat>e, the quahty of speed must be consulted and seemed. Mamifacturecl.-'l'here was considerable 1mp1ove ment last week m busmess, wh10h was almost entirely confined to b1tght goods The fact 1s, that this direc tiOn of trade 'is a necessity and not matter of ch01ce smce tJte style of black goods m demand-tens and quat tel s-ate not to be had, the stock bemg qmte ex hausted And the 1emark apphes aenerally to both bnght and dmk tobaccos, that onlv the cheap "'rades a1e selling wh1le the finer quahties "ate almost neglected Pmchase1s seem w1llmg to buy when the pnces are low enough to attract them, btt do not seem mclmed to mvest at even moderately h1gh :figmes 'l'h1s state of thmgs cannot much longer contmue, as the stock of cheap goods IS bemg rap1dly reduced, and buyCIS w1ll soon have to turn then attention to :finer quali ties or not pmchase at all, for 1t will be some time be fore the factm 1es Will commence work acram, especially on bnght goods Ad viCes fiom Ly.nch'burg 1epresent that no p1epaiat10ns are beina made for w01kmcr and the prospect IS that 1t will be "'May or J nne any thmg Is done One leadmg br1ght bouse m th1s 01ty bas rece1ved letteus dunng the past week from then corresponclents m Vugmta, asking adviCe' as to the prudence of an early resumption of opel at1ons, and the answei mv::mably was to wa1t. In Pete1 sbura and RIChmond the1e are seveial manufacturers on datk work, but pnnmp:i:lly on expolt oideJs::._the to bacco made bcmg shipped duectly to 1ts destmatwn, and not a pound of 1t findmg 1ts way mto this ma1 ket Of the sales last week we make the aggregate about 2,000 pkgs of whJCh 500 pkgs weie fo1 home con sumpt10n, but all taken off the m:11 ket and all medmm bught pounds; 500 pkgs bught pounds ancl dark tens for exp01 t The chat acter of the remamder we could not learn Auivals at the port of New York from f01 ewn ports for the week ending }laJCh 31, mclude the fgllo" mcr consignments "' Fwm London l\I Kelly, l cs p1pes. From Liverpool I\ Loulla1d 1 box pipes, 01der, -.-l'he present generatiOn IS an active one, and those whose business calls them to "go down to the sea m sh1ps" do not care to spend mote t1me than IS absolutely upon the bosom of the g1eat deep, even al tb.ough jt be m a ftoatmg palace A SERIES of carefully conqucted expenments have made at Boston by a Bo:nd ofEngmems appomt ed by the Navy Depaitment, to examme into the va 10116 methods of employmg anthraCite and bitummous -eoal A seiies of expeuments, each lastmg f01 ty-01ght l1out s. abowed the IelatiVe hea tmg power coal m lumps of four mches each, bmned on a grate, a for.eed blast under an ordmm y tubnla1 b01ler, the same kmd of coal, one-thn d m lumps, bm ned on a and two-th1rds slack pulvenzed, and dnven m above the tire w1th a forced blast Unde1 comht10ns as nearly a.s practicable, 1t was found that an .ll\' of one JMJUnd of lump coal evapoiat.Jd stlbs of wJJ.ter from ateQJ.peratm e of 140 deg F'abrt; l at $29 75; 1 at $30. 55 hhds. snuff, CC1ns1gned as follows new West V1i guua-3 at 5 25 ; 1 at f!6 ; 2 at $'7 30 By Ene Raihoad: Reynes Btos & Co 39 hhds lea @$7 SO; 4 at li!B@;$g 40, 5 at $9 40@*9 90 9 at qhas. B Falleustem & Son, 29 Saw;ier, \Vallace & 'r6 8 at $11@$11 75 1 at il 2; 2 at $13 ; 1 Co, 10; Chas E Hunt & Co, 16, Clement Read, 28; at $14 ,5, 4 at $15 50@$15 75, 2 at $18 50, 2 at $22 Bryan, watts & Co, 2.2; Mmrell & Co 19. J<1eldma r 8175; 1 at 26 50, 1 at $27 1 at $32 50 150 bxs Gwtinn & Co, 10; G. H. Mercer 2 L w I Ph1o seed from 4 to $18 50 G k "p ' At M h eme en "" almoJe, IJ; Sullivan, Murphy & Co, 1 OI ware ouse, Casey & Wayne propnetors 7,; Norton, Slaughtei & Co., 15; B. C Bakel'; Son & Moms & Chalfant), 188 hhd11 20 Co, 10; Blakemore, Parker & Co, 375; J. Mayer & bxs., vtz 77 hhds and 5 bxs, new Owen CountyI Son, 34 pkO's.; Vanous, 108 hhds at M 55; 7 at $5 15@ 90; 9 at M 20@ 90. \8 at By Star.lJmon Lme: Sawyer, '\Vallaec & Co, $7 05@$7 90, Qat *8@$8 90, 3 at $9@$t 30; *10 hhds.; Ottmger & BJO' 8; L. Sylvester, 7; Murrell & @$10 75; 3 at $11 25@$11 '75; 2 at $12@.12 50; 6 at Co. 6. 50, 4 at $14@t14 75, 5 at $15@.15 50; 3 By Hudson R1ver Railroad: Chas B. Fallenstein & n.t'$16@jj;l6 75; 2 at *17 25@$17 50, 2 25@i1B Son, 45 hhds ; Murreh & Oo., 3; J K nntb, 20; L 50; 2 at $19 5 b ts-1 at $5 50, 2 at t7 25@i9. 2 W. Gunther, 6; G II. Mercer & Co., 4, Norton, at 25. 9 bbds re-dned Owen Co.-3 at liB Slaughter & Co., l ; Various 284 pkgs. ., 50, l at $19; 1 at 1 at 823 50 2 at f25 25@t25 .By Camden and Amboy Railroad J3el1 zl & Dor-75; l at *27 25. 6 hl1ds new East V1rgmia-2 at ilO'; tmtzei, 41 pkgs.; Stroh & Reltzenstem, 34 2 at $16 50@*17 25, 1 at $18; 1 at ifl23. 51llhds !WI{ By New Haven Railroad: W Eisen.lohr (Pin! ) 2p Ma on Co.-7 at $5 20@$5 75 3 at i6 20@t6 50 7 at Seligsbwg, Cohen & Co, 74, H Shubart & Co, 19; s: t\7 10@$7 90, 3 at $8 40@$8 S5, 6 at t9@f9 60 ;' 6 at Solomon, 1 t10 25@tl0 75; Z a1 $11 25; 4 at tl2@t12 75. 3 at By New Y01k and New Haven Line ofSte,amooats U3 59@$13 75, 3 at $14@t\l4 50; 4 at ti5@6lS '%5 Smith Bros 28 es ; Sehgsbe1 g, Cohen & Co 24; Hol-2 at $16 50@ 'i 7 5 l nt $20. 6 hhds. old Mason C : lander, Flmscher & Co, 4, :0 Atwater, 18; W. Eg at $7 10@ $8 90; 3 at 9 30@$10 25.-31 hhds. gert, 41 ; C F. Tag, 2 bls. and 15 boxes new West Vhgin1a-3 at i4 30@.4 '15. By New York and Hartford of Steamboats S. 3 at 60; 2 at f6 1 0@$6 30 ; 2 at 17 50@*7 'iO ; d Sellmo& Son, 5 cs ; Lederman Bros, 50, Palmer & at $8$8 90; 4 at 9 75@ilO 75; 4 at &11@611 'i5; Scov1fte, 20, J. If Bowman, 2; Julian Allen, 29; s 3 il2 50@$12 75; 2 at 13@.13 50; 3 at tl4 Jacoby & Co, 3, J Opf?enhermer, 3; R. Gardme1 2. $lo 50, 3 at 816@110 50. 15 boxes-3 at *6@86 5o; By New York and Bndgeport Lme of Steamboats: 3 at*'! 80@$8 90, 2 at $9@$9 75, 2 at t10@tlO 50; Bunzl & Dormrtzer, 39 cs., Jules BerlinaCJ 14 Juhan 3 at $11@$11 50, 2 at 112 25@$16 25. 7 hl1ds Mis Allen, 50; H Schovetlmg, 1; J. Hoffman, a: llOUll-3 at tltJ 75@$9 75; 1 at $10 25, 2 at a13 25@ Peoples' Lme of team boats J no. Vam, 1 bl. i13 50 1 at 4 50 and l nhd_ Old Ea. t V a. at i5. Coastwise f!Om R!Cbmond J H F. l\Iayo l hhd LOIIISfiLI.E, K) arda %7.-lUeSSl'l! FRANCKE & C Lulmg, 51 ; H. Koop, 31 ; Th H V ettc1 Jem' & Sons' ELI.ER report: 37, E 3 ; W. 0. Smith, 8, J T. Hams: We ha.vt to repm t f01 this "eek a m:n ked increase r BLorJllm cl, 12, J" J\IIacy's Sons, 29 ot both quantlt'y and quahty of recmpts, the sales of a1 es, Fallenstem & :Son, 17; E S '!'hackthefo1e part ofthewcck bcmg the laJ e1lly, 210 ; Jrde1 30. ment of 1 ce fo1 all desi.Jable g1ades fQI some time to I om Philadelphia, by New Y 01k anct Ph1 lade1pb 1 a come Expiess P10pellCJ Co.: Vi, 3 9 bales to West Indies fi d '2"' '-' Ml l l to lOo,;; ne o do., 10c to 15c. common wrappers .i aryan< Frosted t& co on, 3c.@4c. ; sound 15c. to 20c. ; good do., 20c to fine, 25c. to 75c. common .4-!c @5c.; gooTi clo 5!c @6!c nnddlmg, no extra W1appe1s selhng. good to fine 10wn, 10c @15b fancy MO R 25c.@40c NT E!L, March %7 .-Reported by Messrs BATH Ohw Infenor to good common 3c @6c brown and GATE & BRo. for the ToBAcco LEAF g1eemsh, 6c @7c medium ,.nd 'nne red He @l5 c '\'V'Ith the exceptiOn of a httle exCitement in conse common to medmm, spangled, Be @ 150 fine span

eupply of the better gradee, while the stock of the lower qualities i very much reduced, very few parcels been received recently. Arnved during the pa.t!t week, 352 pkgs. Cleared past week: For Bremen, 2 pkgs. for Florida, 24 pkgs. PIILlDELPIU, Mardi 28.-The market durrng the past week forall kinds hilS been without any change to notice. Leaf continues in fair request at well sus tained prices There is a good demand especially for Pennsylvsniaeel!d leaf; while CoonectlcutlS almost neglected, although late advice re_present prices as very low ; in tact, rower than are ruhng at the place of pro dacnion." moves off slowly The sales ot'tbe paet ._..were 10 hhds. Kentucky medium leaf 14ac.; J nn. aeed leat' fillers and wrappers at o.I'J1 ao. dO. do., fine at 18c.@18tc.; 1<& ca. lb. at Hc.@BOc.; 215 cs. Ohw at 25c.@50c.; cs. Cl)llnecticut at '8c.@48c.; and 300 boxes Virginia NPie8, IO's, etc., at 60C.@72!c. Exported during the week': To Matanzas, 7,953 lbs. mfd., $1,996. Rl are 28,-Messrs. Rn.NT report: Our breaks continue ,-ery full for the season, but the market is rather heavy, Without any noticeable change in pnces. The WMg states that most of the tobacco now aruvm" IS m such bad order that 1t must be sold for the best that ean be obt::uned it seems, ho\\"'' er to be thl' pr"' nihnli!' impressiOn of the trade that pri<;les wdl not g=-> below the present figures The sales of the week amount to 1,070 hhd!l, pkgs, tcs, and bxs., withm range of t he following quotations : Manu:factww g 1obacco.-Lurrs-Common to me dium darkw01l-t :j;8 @$7; gooa', $7-!@$9; sun-cured, common, ; do. do., good, $9@i13; coal-cured, common, 10@'::: ; rlo bright, $15@$25, do. f.1.ncy, $25 @ 40. Leaf-Common d: :ullworkmg, $7@88, medmm do. ao' $9@$10; good do. do' $11@$15 fine and wrappmg, $16@$17 sun-em ed, 812 @ $15 ; yellow wrap pels, common, $20@$45 Tobacco.-Lugs-Ve1y common and heavy weights, $5@$6-}; medium, ; good, $8!@$9. Leaf-Continental shipping, $13 @$16 Stemmiu9 Tobacco -T,eaf-Common, $9@$10; good, tni@$14; fine, $15 @$ 16. Stems-Very common to gocd, $1@$4f ST. LOlliS, March 26,-fe s1s n.""Es & IIETFr, tobacco bt-okers, report : Dm ing most of the week the market bas been acthe and firm; but as the rece1pts increase buyers are less &ager and the market is less ex.ctted. Week's receipts, 276 h!)ds "' e note a deehne in scraps, and an ad vance in black "II rappers. Fine and fancy bright leaf is n.lso higher The sales from Thursday to Tuesday, mclustve, amounted to 184 hhds., with rCJectwns of pnces btd 011 73 bhds. and 3 bxs., as follows. Thursd{ly-Market active, and prices full. Sales 44 hbds. ; 1 at $5 70; 4 at *6@86 50; I e. ; 3 at a2 40@$2 60; 1 at $3 30 ; 7 at a5 20@$5 85; 8 at $6@$6 65 ; 4 .lt $'7@$7 80 ; 1 at $8 10; 2 at $9@$9 50; 2 at $10 50; 3 at $11@$11 75; 1 at f13 2.'i; 4 at $14@i14 75; 2 at $15 50; 2 at $16@ *1675, 2 at$17@f!I775; 1at$1875; andla $20; 13 bales at Ss 90; 3 bxs. at $7@$7 20; 2 do at $10@ aio 50; and 1 at 3125 Bidl on 16 bhds. at $5 to *12 60 were rejected. Saturday-Market active and buovant Sales 36 hbds. 3 butts, 60c.@70e.; 1 scraps, $2 60; 3 scraps, U 10@$4 60; 2 Jugs, $5 50@M 75; () do, $6 @$6 90; 4 at 1!8@:1i8 80; lleaf$9 80; 5 at $10@$10 71}; 3 at $12 76; I at 13 25, $14 25, $15 25, ant1 84R 25; 4 boxC!s at $0 10 @ $8 30, and 12 at tll 50@*29 per 100lbs. Btds on 9 hhds. at $5 88@$14 we1 e l Monday-Receipts are increasing, and buyers stand ing otr, consequently there is less anunatwn in the market th:m laMt week, but no quotable change. Sales 13 hhds 1 at $1 70; 1 at 1 95; 1 at M 85; 2 at $7@ t710; I at $8 90; I at $10 '75; 2 at $12 50; 1 at tiS 75; 1 at aa 25; 1 at 25, and.1 at $20 75, and 5 bxs. irom $5 to 20 25 per IOOibs. on 15 hhds. at il75@$17 50 "\\ere rejected. Tuesday-There were more bnye1s, and the market steady and firm, wtth sales of 46 hhds 1 at 10c 2 at ii55 90; 5 at $6 40@ 6 80, 9 at $7 10@ $7 90 ; 6 at il!S@$8 90; 5 at $9 20@$9 90 ; 5 at tJo 75; 2 6t an; 4 aU12@.12 75; sat $13@$13 75; 2 at j$14-25@,$14 50; 1 at $15, aud 1 at and 1 8 bxs at $4@.26 per lOOlbs. Passe d and rejected, 24 and 1 box. Yeste1 day-Poor lng8 were n Ehade lower, but C'lher gtades weie "\\ll,IOnt quotable change. Buyers and we1 e apart, and the mm ket mactn e. Sales 39 hl1ds. : 17 from $5 40 to 9; 19 from $10 50 to $18, and 3 at $20 50, $23, and $28, and 12 bxs. fiom $5 70 to :1143. B1ds on 29 hhcls. at $5 50 to 50, and 6 boxes at $9 20 to $30 25 rejected '' e quote scraps, l\2@$3 50; lnO's, $5 50@$9; com mon !eat; $9@$10 50; medmm $10 50@$12 50; shipping leaf, $12 50@$16: factory dued $8@814; da1k fillerf', black wwppt'!S, $13@ 8118; bnght leaf, $15@$50 per lOO!bs & T.ER repott It IS now conceded that the p1epatat10ns for the "ext plantmg m our State certainly mchcate the "settmg" of the extensi' e crop, perhaps, e\ er known this may have the effect to unsettle ,alues for the ttme being, but can only be temporary, as the "luxu1 y" mnst and w1ll be go' erned by the mcxorable tradl' law of tm1pply and clemand. \Ve ba' e cstlmatecl both to own sattsiaetion, and l1a\ c no hesitancy m confi dently asserting our opin1011 that plices must rate hwh until tbti J> broke, and 0 The hl'ld a 'called," but rather mformal meetmg on Thmscla), the 19th to the subject ot "premmm"' for the season of 1868. The 18th of .Tum' was decided upon as the day for competition, and a committee appointed to snbscriptiong; noth mg was ehc1tecl in regard to p ackages, we1ghts, etc., and w e infer will not be until the Rubsc1-iptton list is wade up. The pnzes are cxpN ted to equal or exceed $3,000 tn value, and the exhibino11 of tobaccos will be Ruperb. In tlas connec tion, am1 !'ending the flllther offiCJal actwn of the As sorJatJOn we ouhl om f1iends, mtending to compete, to a880I t and seleet theJt prerrunm of sueh a lUllform eolor, length and quality, that when bratzed t'10 sample,. cannot be dtawn from the same package thro\\ ade all hail or otherwise 1n the least nnperfect leaves; do not r1sk a ingle leaf with only one or t\1 o of the qualitie named, and de ficient in the others; aim at uniformity-, C\ en in number of leaves per band, and never tie more than from five to eight leaves in a hand; hang up until something definite i decided upon -arding pack-lges, weights, etc., and then when "in !P'der" braize with unusual care. It may be unnecessary to state that Jt w 1ll 1eqnu e "fancy" leaf to carry off the first prizes th1s year ; owmg to the dry warm weather of last fall and wmter, the "cure" was all that could be desired, and per consequence there is a greater proportion of good to fine tobaccos than formerly. POREIGN. A.MSTERDAM, Mareh 1.-Thee l1as been a good business -done in North American tobacco during the past week, and sales from first hands amounted to 131 hhds. llaryland from different vessels. The actual stock on hand to date is 216 hhds. Md., 110 do. Ky., 969 bls. Brazil, 400 do. Rw Grande, 21 ccroons l:lt. Domingo, 20 do. Cuba, and 4,626 bls. Java. THE TOBACCO !NTWEKr, Marth 'J,-The market for Amer ican tobacco bas a5 2551 '1'04 1406 00 22 460 5'12 497 12:2 1fl82 121'1 Sl'omFel:r 387 11\l-1 466 30 200 235 117 8 1 30-1 641 758 403 Stk Mo.r2 278 1357 512 009 G!i 2'2 200 357 41 1678 578 605 881 We have alluded in former cuculats to the condttton of om tobacco market, and to the of its ptesent mactwn. T1me has only confirmed om 'ie"ll s, and "e a1e unable yet to ptedtct ho'Y long thlS state of thmgs will last. There IS every year, and at this season, a strong efto1 t made on the part of the trade to break the ]lrice of old tobacco and bring a decline before new tobacco comes fairly to market. The old crop becomes at once uni\ ersally dispataged, wh!le the new one is extolled in its quantity and quality, any report to tho contrary notwithstanding. 1\fuch of th1s transpatent de\iec is at work to-day, and wonld onl) desen e a passing notice, were it not that circumstances lend to it a strong support. The trade last year, actmg under the same policy, but with a better fotmdation for tt, succeeded in bnngmg the price of lugs to three grote duung the spring, and m creating a longing for that new tobacco, the quality of which would fill e''ery expectation. Hence, when it came to market, p1-ices being moderate, were made at once on a large scale without a thought 1Jemg to the pos stbility of an overHtocklng, and a nBe m the prices was created bv the demand itself: l''rom June to N ovem ber, the tradl! took 12,500 hl1ds. of Kentucky alone, partly on the strength of the ehances of the day, on the st1'ength of the unfa, orable reports about tile 1 w crop, and "1th a vie\\ to provtde agamst 1ts defie J y. A pause m the was meVItable. It has no\1 !.tsted four months, and 1t JS the longer pro tlacted, that the quahty of the 1866 tobacco has not pro,ed Itself equal to all ex peetntion; that the appear ance of actual famine in many parts of Germany has greatly curtailed the inland consumption; that the new mop not bcheved yet to be de\ 01d of good quahties; that negie orders must II\ ll1 1868, and that the mauguratwn of htgher pnee8 m American markets ts not an mcentne to a of busmess. Thus matte Is stand, and we le:n e om readers to draw their own conclusiOns The dnlness noted in Kentucky tobacco has pervaded other so1 ts, except, perhaps, stems, whiCh are scarce In the fe,, mstances where a s le was made, holders bud to submit to some concess s, not more so, howe\ er, than is always during dull time," and we repeat our quotatiOns I:Centucky and V1rgima-Common and ftosted lug!', light, 4@5 ; sound lugs, 5@6 ; hea'i y, 6@8. Low leaf. hgbt, O-i@9; hea .. y, 8-f@10 1\Iedium leaf, light, 9! @11, hea>y, 101@13. Good leaf, light, U-f@l3; heavy, 1;lt@l5 Fine leaf, light, 13t@I5; heavy, I5t 1 7 (leaf), light, 15t@19; heavy, 17-!@20 1\fnrylancl-Common and f1osted, 3t@5; sound, medmm, btown, .5f@!l; fine colory, leafy, 10@17 Obw and Bay-Common and brown !cat, 5@8; good bright, St@ 10, fine and coloty wmppers, 10-f@20. Stems, mamt per 100 lbs., 2-f@9; stnppers, 2-f@4t. C!L(;UTT.\, Feb, 8,-We ha>e uo impro>etnent to note m the marl, e t fo1 manufactured since our last Sales contmue to be made 'et y slowly, ease by case, and are qmte insufficient to wot k oft the 'ery heavy stock at present in first band. The up-country, de mand seems to have almost completely d1ed away. GEORGETOWN, Demerara, March 9.-Leaf sell at 18c.@44c. per lb aB to quality. :Manut:wtu1 ed tobacco is wanted, at 36c., m ttb. lumps. Ditty, 24c. per lb, impot ted m of less than 800 lbs. H!MBURG, !Uarcb 6,-Tlere is nothing doing in North Ame11can tohaceo In other kmds the sales made this'' cck f1om firllt hands amount to 84 cct oons Havana, 405 do St. Dommgo, 136 bskts. Vari?as leaf, 102 bls. Brazil (ST. and 100 Ukrame. At public sale ther e were db posed of 15 hls Esmeralda, at an :.H eragc prtce of uml 43 bls Brazil, at an average of 2@5 7-16sch. Allnecl f1om Bahia, per Ernest August, 686 Brazil. The Rupphe of the new Braz1l c10p ha' e so fat been hm1terl, but then quality, although dtftning matenally, ts, on the whole, app10' ed of, and two small lot, of 155 bls and 55 bls. ICspectivcly, ha' e found pmcbasers; the fo1 mer at 5-f b for 4t b for Prime, and 3 h for Seconds j a11d the lattet at 5 b for Patentes, 4 h. for Prime, and 2-!f b. for Second.. These quant1tie are too limited to enable ilealers to form any dectded opunon regnrclm"' the CIop, but, as before stated, 1t is expected to be The imports from Jan. 1 to Feb. 29, amount to 4,119 bls. Stock on hand Feb. 29, 360 bls. H! V !N!, lllareh 21,-Sevetal parcels of new Partido tobacco, mostly conststing of fine, handsome early l eaf, haH come to hand, and were cltsposecl of at prices kept secret for the most part, bnt supposed to ba\ e been on the of about $10 per bale, average The re IS not much demand for new tobacco, and it is not likely that the high figuTes at whwh the market has opened will be sustained. This, however, wtll chwfiy depend on the reports from abroad. Old fillers are in request, but on account of the small stock on hand very ltttle business has beon done durmg the past week. In cigars there IS nothmg of mterest to mentiOn There IS now a better supply of' chewing tobacco on hand and a less active de mlmd at from :(121@$22 per qtl Impo11_ed during the week, 31 bxs The exports for the same time have been. To Boston, 28,000 cigars; to Baltimore, 6,000 do.; to 4-nt"ll erp, 355,500 do. and 2,000 pkts. cigarettes ; to Cadiz, 6,464lbs. tobacco, 272,000 cigars, and 10,440 pkts. cigarettes; to Bilboa, 7,500 mgars and 1,820 pkts. ctgarcttcs; to Falmouth, 7,500 mgars; to St. Thomas, 5,159,000 do. and 338,026 pkts. cigarettes; to Pabasco, 15,820 do. .KIIGSTIII, Ja .. Mare 10.-Latest llfllcs of Cav-endish were at 10!. per pound in bond. LOIIDO!I, Mardi 16.-1\lessrs. WM. BRANDT's S Ns & Co., by special report to the ToBAcco LEAF, say: Our market for American w has been extremely quiet, and e OIUUIOt ntpt>rt. aoy transactiOns of importance; indeed, the onlysale w;e have heard of is one of 20 ):.l,J.ds. stnps. otwith-standing the limited demand, ld eep d doubtless more activity will be w:n a d of the month. The French Go ern men co to closed on the 28th of Apnl next has just been adver tised, and tenders are i 1ted for 1 00 tons l eaf, 4,500 tons Kentuck leaf. and 2, ns M fl nd leaf--all of the crops of 186S-87, and :\It to be deliver ed in France this year. The quantity is 2,600 tons under last year's contract. The of A'll).eriea.._ to\)aeco this week consist of the lJ ?1/,, Penn. (s.) with 30 hhds. f10m New Y or'k. LIJERrOOL, March 16,-1\lessrs WM. BRANDT's SoNs & Co. report ; A good business bas been done in American tobacco during the past week. Tile demand "as chiefly for Western strips, value under 8d. l)er lb., but a few "OOd strips for specia l purposes brought full rates. A of about 20 hhds. Henderson stlips were sold at 7d.@ 8!-d.@9d. per lb. For leaf, the inquiry has been limited, but some sales we1e made for export. Virginia leaf l1as been asked for, but at priCes below the news of holders. Good :Ma,Jylands a1e wanted, hut Ohios a1e neglected. In manufactured tobacco there is only a retail demand for good cavendish The aqh als com pi ise the IJenrnark (s) with 18 hhdR, the American Ea,ql e with 16 hhds, the Palmyra (s) wi 2 and the Glenhaven with b hhds. and 4 tcs. tobaceo, aU from N cw York. ROTTERDAM, Mareh 11.-Tbe :uket for orth AmCI ican tobacco :fit m, sale have b 111 effected clmmg the week of 49 hhds. :Maryland, exBaltimme, 30 l1hds. do ex-Dinsbury, 33 hhds. VJrgmta importe d fiom New York, 23 bhds. stems, and 15 ce1oons Ha \ana FORTHt;OMING .lUCTION S LES. By GERARD, & Co, No 7 Old Slip, Wedne day, Aprtl I, at 11 '''rlnl'l;-. in front of store, 6 C!!. seed tobacco, and 150,v\JO .::.nmest1e cigars, of f:worite brands. BUSINESS t;H!NGES. N cw York Citv.-Lichter.stein Bros. & CJo.; tobacco ; chssolved; now A. Lichtenstein and M. Greenspecht, unde1 style of A. I,ichtenstem & Bro. Bo;:ton, Mass.-Sherwm & Co., tobacco commissiOn; d1ssohed. Plnladelphia, Pa.-S. ""'" Owens & Lindsay, tobacco ; d1ssohed; now D. S Lindsay. Baltimore, 1\fd.-\V m. A. Boyd & Co tobacco; dis-solved; now B. F. Gees. St Lo11is, l\Io -Leggat Bros. & Butler, tob'acco; dis solved; now Leggat, Hudson & Co. INTER!UL REVENIJE SEIZIJRES. On Saturday, Inspector Harvey seized four cases of smoking tobn.cco at Pier No 21 N R. On Monday of this week, the sa me Inspector seized 39 cases of a Simi lar brand at the same place. The cases bear inspection marks, which would indicate that the tobacco was manuExports of Tobacco from the Port of New York. To Foreign Ports oth thao European Ports. Afrle& Argentine Repub . BOG8JIXADS,BTC .. "'l:-ll3 c;;:i ... Brazil ....... .......... Brit. Aue&ralia Brh. GuiDe& .. Brtt Honduras Br1t N A Col Brit W. Ind1es Canada.. Central Amenca Ch1ll Ch1na Cisplaune Repub ..... CUba Dllmsh W Indies Dutch W Ind1es French W Indies . Hayti ..... .Tap&ll.. .. Libena Mexico .. New Granada Peru. Porto R1co Vetaezuela. Other ports .. "'" ... CASAS AND BALKS :f ..; ..; !l' -s ll.w ;]= "':. ... 6 20 1,2D8 a,743 "" a: I !li:' Su t: Si: "" ooa "-t:il j;i:: PACIUUBS AND BOXBS "" ll:Ss ... ........ 0-"' ... j;i:: 6,9'711 20,8'11i IO,l!.TI 78,1 : 3., 7( .. 35>,7 :tUtl 1,4H 1,7"f7" 18J,HIS JII,2'!!;"i. ............... 6,107 U_,IH U,71:tU,.'! _.., 8t' _.. ...... l!i "'"' .. ., .... ""' .,: .. "" "'" '"!! ot" P..j;;:: !>': ooa i: -= ai "'" !>': I! ... ... Where to. 4;o25 factured prior to 1863, and bemg removed from the Genoa. : Third District of Virginia, it would only be liable to a I G1braltar : tax of 5c. per pound. Experts, howe\ er, pronounce Glasgow .. 1,20U the tobacco to be of recent manufacture, of a rich qualil ::mburg tv, and such as should properly pay a tax of 15c., it not of 40c. per pbund. L1sbon. Inspector Harvey has seized 21 bbls smoking Liverpool tobacco in Fulton street, a portion of which bore conn-London terfeit inspection marks, and the remainder none at all. Ott im cst1gating the matte! it was found that the tobacco came from an up-town factory and the case was Naples there(or e turned O\ er to Cullecto1 Callahan of the Oporto Ninth DJstJ1Cl, who proceeded to seize the factory. Rotterdam \Ve shall o-i, e next week the detatls of the tnal of a r;mce. seizure case before one of the Brooklyn courts. It IS Repubhc significant as showing how little weight even the most stubborn facts so!lletimes have wtth either judge or Brazil jurv. Br1t1sh Austraha Br1t1sh Gutnea ToBACCO STATisncs -We make the following ex tracts from the February Repo1t of the Director of the Bureau of Statistics The following is the amount of foreign tobacco, and manufactures thereof, imported into the United States during the month of December, and for four months ending December 31, 1867, cor rected to February 6, 1868-declared quantities and values: Dunng the month of December, 384,086 lbs. leaf; $103,358; 28,868 lbs. cigars, $88,096; 1,839 lb8. $517, and other manufactures of tobacco to the --.alue of $2,767. Total \alue, $194,738. Durmg four months ending December 31, 1,738,7121b8 leaf, $544,462; 120,217 lbs t 1gar, $::J35,044; 6,759 lbs snutf, 311,922, and other manufactures of tobacco to the value of Total 'alne, $891,582 The followm!! is the amount of tobacco, and manufactures thereof, -the growth, p10duec and manufhctm e of the U mted States, exported ftom the rnitecl States dmmg the month ot .December, and for fonr months ending December 31, 1867, cort eeted to Feb11ta1 y 6, 1868-declared quantiBrlb5h Honduras Bnt1sh N A Colomcs British West Indu.-s .. Calcutta Canada Central AmeriCa Cluh Chma.. Cisplatme Republic Cuba Damsh West Ind1es Dut.h Guinea Dutch West Ind1es French West Ind1es Ilayb Japan I .. theria Mex1co Kew Granada Peru Porto R1c0 S1tka Venezuela Other ties and 'abw: Dnrmg the month of Decem bet, 8,169,, TJtal -489 lb8. leaf, $946,394; 106,000 c1gars, $5,050; 158lb ----$357, and other manufactures of tobacco to the Where value of $184 ,555. Total value, $1,136,356 Duling I four months ending December 31, 67,561,335 lbs !eat, N 8Te1w York .:, ., lb jf ., tnnore '1'7,127,555, 625,000 Cl!!:.tTS, ;;>25,750; 6,040 S snn I Booton $2,835, and other mannfhctnres of tobacco to the value New Orlan of $l,046,884. Total value, $8,203,024. The follow1 P1111t1delphia ing is the amount of forC!gn tobacco, and manufactm es Portland thereof, re-expoltccl from the United States during the Total .. I 219 1 12,581 I 2,280 I 1,046 15,247 lH a s102 t2,71l 12,\l-t.t -l9,2tlu .. 11,5r.>l 8,!!611 10,2?4 ts'l',Oenne HICk, an affidavit sent to the commissioner of clr .-1 that he was the mformer in the Rapp ancrcdat Havre I 2d Lot !ii),OOO ldlogrammeoj to be delivered at ManoeiUea 4,500,000 kllogrammeo Keutuckr tobacco oj tile 18f>6 and 1867 crops otrnllar to the three type ma.rk.ed Jl;&.. KB. KC., and dmll.ed iltto ro._.. 1st Lot 1,000,())) kilogrammefol, to be delivered at Htnre J Sd Lot l,OOO,OCIO kllokranwnN, to be deUvered atMaNet!Jes 2d Lot 1,000 000 H 11 Havre 4th Lot 1 500,000 11 Bordean:r Third 2 000,000 kllogrammeo }faryland tobacco, or the 1tl66 aud 1867 crop, Slmllar to the three type lllA.rl lots bt Lot 800 000 k1logrammes, to be delivered at Hovre 1 2<1 Lot 800 000 lrilogTSmmeo, to be delivered at Bq,d..-u 3d Lot 400,000 kllogr:ommes, to be dJlllvcred at Maroellles, A dlft'erent eealed proposal be acnt for each lot Copt AS of Cahtet"$ cles Cb.arges' are depo1nted at the Consulate General or France, No 2 Bowtlng G.ceen,. where they ean be seen dally, from utto a P 11 NEw YoRK, March 2::1 1868 Tbe OouNJl General of France G&lJLDB:BE BOiJ ....... tJ\ FOR SALE 1-I OFFER FOR SALE MY FIN;E--CUT I IMPORTANT TO MANUFACTURERS CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCO FACTORY, The hou"" 10 a three story briCk 1 wtth metal roof, has a 1\oorod llry cellar under the whole The treatment of ma.klpg am tobacco light in color will bo co--!d buJtding, stone 1ound&hon and built in the most subatanbal manner by applytng (encl011in.g pO&.tage atamp) to \! "tth hnck smoke stack, engme and boder-roomtl attached 'rhe mnchlnery conslsta in one upnght engine, large boiler and heater two No 3 Pease cutting C A SIECK!: macblnei!, one iron stone roller, one iron pre!!l@., wtlh b.tcst improve ment. for making bale goods, together WJth a more than suffi.ctent number 155 107 No li-t Market street, Pa. of raeka for dr,rmg purposes and in ftlct everythin!! belon$'tng to a nrst.. .,--cla!!la Fine cut Ch.cwwg and Smoktuoo Tobacco Factory, ana all of the best matertflli!, rn perrect workmg order WUlal&a sell ou.r labels, gooda wtll, etc } ... or capttahst who wtsh to engn(JI'e m the tobacco manufacturmg busmo88 a rare chance 18 offered Thu locatfou otft!rs man.r anluJ:'I!Ij, The or loa r is datly oifered for sale 1n our market, and m.annfneturcn can alwa.TB be sutted in selecting lestf tobacco For etc add reM the undenn.,'lled LomHILLB KY JanWiry 30, 1968 GEORGE E Hll:INSOH.l'{ T O LET-PART OF STORE AND OFFICE AMIDST the Tobacco tnde down town A johl!er 10 Sood Lear Tobacco would .rent part of h1s store and office to a respons1bl e party deahng m smoking or chewing Tobacco, etc nmg a good education deaires L flituation Ul the QU!ar or Tobacco bueinen baa Ud. seven t -.. .._ rience in th18 branch COIIl'iders hin:iaelt Upo tbe ot IB wUllng to 1ea'e New York cit," lbcaa, .,.,::: or the couutrr Boot 'of city Add,.,.. B s. LlTTLII: _______ __:

T H E T 0 B A 0 C 0 L E A .F. \ lV' ew York Commiaaion Jlerchants; ================ Kew York Commission llltsrcbauts. York Commission Me-=rc= h =an=t= =====I N.Y. Commiui911 Merchants. 'l'BE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY. ESTABLISHED 'IN '1838. Wll:. P. KITTREDGE. E. C. WHEELOCK. P. KITTREHE 1: CO., TOBACCO DOHAN, CA_RROLL & CO .. ceo United States Ir.ternal Revenue Bonded Warehouse, Thirty. second Gollection District. C!tommission COJY_IMISSION MERCHANTS, ... CONNOLLY & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND AGENT!! J'OR TilE B.&.LE 01' MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, f 65 W .I.TERTBEBT, REWYOBK, Would eall 'he of the Tr..Je to 'he foUowlor OlebralOd llr&Ddo qf VIRGINIA JIA:N111' AOT11B.ED TOBACCO: hs. Thomas Jr.'sll Dorado, Jewel of Ophir, Cream of Louls-D Or, C:lHtam's Wine Sap, Callego, Colden Seal, of!R'=r's Queen of Hearts, is, ..__ Briton's Emblem, is, :C. W. Spicer, W. a. "ohnaon I& Co., :'1 I& Winne, T. C. WIUiama I& Co., t:wpson I& Chambers, Diadem, VIrgin, Old Dixie, Peerless, John K. Childrey, J. B. Pace a. Co., Harris .a. Pendleton, Crant 4 Wiliams. McEnery I& Bro. William Long, Thomas I& Oliver, s. W. Venable I. Co And others. ROBERT S. BOWNE, .ceo Commission Merchant, 7 Burling Slip, New-York, Agent for the following Br1nds of TOBACCO: MANUFACTURED. SMOKINC. hit the Thing (l'Qoket Pieces). lt. C. llllayo'a Xavy. of Induatry. 111. Clinton a ktra Sweet Pounds. "Virginia's Choice." of the Old Dominion. Oronoko. .Tullt the Thing. Qy of NewYork Seed-Leaf Tobacco Inspection. TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. given for every case, and delivered, case by case, as to number of CertWcate. 11. B.-I al8o sample in Jlercha nts own Swres F. C. L:t:N'"DE, OFI'ICE, 76 Greenwich Breet. li. FRIEDMAN.,_ B. SCH.UB.ART a CO., Commissiou Herchauts ; ALSO JIIU"ORTBIIS OF AND DEALERS -IN ALL KINDS 01' AGENTS for all the POPULAR BRANDS OF VIRGINIA TOBACCO, 16:1: Water Street, Pounds. A. G. Fnller, J. P. Williamson, s. W YeDable, Velvet Roee, Fuller's. Pet, Jimmie Fuller, Peach B&i!ket Mag Garrott, Sailors' Cbmoc, :ROfl& Fuller, J. T. Smith, Fresh Peaches, I>og HoDse, Pride or the N:avy, Jerry Prichanl, Morgan Dick Sw!veller, Wheelock's Pet, Tapley, National Eule, McCorkle, Cuffee'"' Detrght, S. E White MOS1! Rolle Half Poundo I. Quarters Chaplin's Delight, Garibaldi, June Apple Ba.n-, Little All Right, FashioD Gold d o. Le,iathAn, Lady Fingers do., NEW YOR.:S::. Temptation Bars Alexander, -'l.tlautic Callie '!'wist, Boeton, Admiration do. Kearsarge, Coble CoU do. Q.ueeu of Trompe, Ten111. Kangaroo, Gold Ridge, Mr. Toots, Blue Jael, Kav .A.pple1 F!f1 N"l'f .ec., .te. SNUFF J:N BOTTLES, TIN CASES, ,&.,,, &c. SCBBODHB & BON, NO. 104 FRONT-STREET, T. NEWYORK, .AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF Tb.e Following We-ll-known and Justly Celebrated Brands of Virginia TOBACCO: GRANT & WILLIAMS, RUSSELL & ROBINSON, J. G. DILL, J. K. CHILDREY, L. H. FRAYSER & CO., TURPIN & YARBROUGH. J. B. PACE & CO., T,HOMAS & OLIVER, GREANER & WINNIE, BARRATT'S CROWN, REUBEN RAGLAND, GILMAN & MALLORY, CHEIVES & OSBORNE, DAVIS & SON. DUKE OF ATHOL. 'I The -zttention qf tM. 1httle 1s rMpeef/ttT1,t/ solicited. 1.78 Water Stre-et, New York, IMPORTERS OF JACOB HAVAN-4D CJG.A_RS&AIG H ENKELL, fl(l ... j 00. ( A LAROE ASSORTMENT OF V UELTA ABAJO WRAPPERS & FILLERS OF THE. BEST QUALITY ConatanOy on hanoi, ln Bonol anol Duty palol, PATENT TEMPER TOBACCO-KNIVES, 01' EVERY DJ:8CRIPTtO!t, ADAPTED TO ALL THE DIFFERENT POWER AND HAND MACHINES, M&Dil BY NAPANOCH AXE AlfD mON CO., C. S. BRIGHAM, Treaaurer, N1p1noeh, N.Y. Our lom.c esperlei:lce and e:11:tended r-aciliUez enable u to ruarutee Mllataot.iou. lOi-lM New-York Salesroom, 69 llurrayo6treet. JOBI.AB: B. LEVEB.ETl' & 00. RODMAN & HEPBURN, 210 Lewis Street, N. Y. MANUFACTORY, (Superior Make and Prime Quality,) OF CEDAR WOOD, 157, 159, and 161 Goerck Street, New-York. &9-121 ROBERT L. MAITLAND & CO., .urn GI:1VIDI4L COMl.'VDSSION MIIBOIIANTS, 1.. 1 Hanover JJuadings, New York. Advances made on Cotiaignmenta to lte881'a. W. A. &; G. ltaxwell & Co., Liverpoo SPANISH CEDAR for SEGAR BOXES fwl'nished to suit -----------------------the Trade, in LOG-S or BOARDS. PLATTs !!WTON, L. HOllANDER & SON, Brokers in every description of Foreign and Domestic Wood. Consign WM, T. COLEMAN II. CO,, To EI.A. o co ments of Black Walnut Lumber and Logs solicited_ .--Commission Merchants. Commission llerchants, J. )1. COREN. I" I JOS. SELIISBERG, COHEN & co., COMMISSION MERCHANTS TOB.A.CCO,.. 149 Water-street, near Maiden-lane, NewYork. New Yrk: 1 San Francisco: HAVANA in and out of BoncJ," No. 117 Front S treet. Cor. California & Fronts .. S-treet, A genii in San Francisco for S&le of VIB.GINIA. MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. 1 J11 EW YORK. I. & J. SCHOTTENFELS, ..J LEAF T 0 B A c c 0 P, FRINGANT & CO., 47 We.t Front, st.. Cincinnati, 0. ,P-E_T_E_R_S_.-MA_ R _C_H-.---------W M -H.P R -1 C E .---------E -DW_ I N P M A _RC--H. TOBACCO Commission Merchants, lfo. 158 Wa.ter Street, New-York, :10. 148 W ATER-BTB.EET, NUR MAIDEN-LANE, XEWYORK. IRBY, McDANIEL &. CO., Fac-tors, AND GENERAL COMMISSJON MERCH_ANTS, 14:0 GR.A.VIER STREET, NEW ORLEANS. ........ :l'er tbe purlhase of' Cotton, Su,;-ar, Molasses, &c., solicited. ,n_ W_ m.aXEllORE, Lare er & ce S. M. 1' ARKER, Late of Lomsvn.LE, K y MARCH, PIHCE & COc.,COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 91 "W' a'ter S-treet, NEWYORK. A.. LUSTIG-, TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANT, Sole .AgEnt for the following celebrated Brands of Tobacco: l'BIDE OF THE UN.IOJ.!!. NAVY, l'ounde and Half l'ounde. l'EACH CAKE, .t>RIGHT N A VY.J.. Quarter Founds. STRAWBERRY CAKE, .t>R1:GHT NAVY SIXES GUTHRIE & CO., 225 Front-street, Commission Merchants .J.ND TOBACCO PRESSERS. Tobacco pressed ln tor the Indies, lean, Central, American, and other m.arkttl. TOBACCO PACKED IN HO('BHEADB. CHERRY SHORT-CAKE._:BLACK NAVY SIXES. t:, ARNOLD'S TENI:l. CHAS F TAG ':>'?' 'WATER STREET. NE'W YORK. Agents lOT the sal e or the following Well-IlloWll and Celebrated Brands or VIRGINIA Virginia State, Globe, Continental, Metropolis, Etc., Etc., Also, all kind of TOF'S.A..CCO. OHAS. B. FALLENSTEIN I SONS, TOBACCO .A.nd General Commission Merchants, t70 WATER STREET, N.Y. M. PRICE & CO., to D4 VID O'NBILL CO.,) BULKLEY &: MOORE, VIRGINIA Tabacco Commission Merchants .. .... ..,: f4 'I'RQN'L' B'L'RBBT, NBW :I'OBJ[, KREMELBERG & CO., NEW-YORK., ..1.111> '"'t 1 F. L. BRAUNS & CO., BALTIKORE, Tobacco Commission lerchants. Several brmdo of Lleorl.,.. Pak>1 dlNCC i,.,-. conal&Dtly on and. fur l&le1 in boad r du&J' >ald, ln lota1oo Bulli purtb&sera. 6e-114. CLEMEN READ, &Ill> DJULD Ill VIRGINIA AND WESTERN LEAF .J.liD MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, LICORICE, CUM, etc., No. 86 Pearlatreet, N.Y. Kous OnmGIDl, New-York. Hu Loal .. llle, lly, OTTINGER & BROTHER;' KENTUCKY---.,; Tobacco Commimon lerchaDts, 133 Water-Street, Corner of Pille, JfEWYORK ., Have coDII& on haod an UII011meal of all e( Keatoek:r Tobacoo for E>:pon and Home Ooonmplloli.r 121-152 J. H. F. MA. YO, (Lac.e "' RJu b.moud V.a.,) roa nm sA 1.11 o leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, 105 Water Street, New-Yol'k. 'NHSigom .. otM &Dd orcJ.t. proiDpGJ dl!t!'ri 81-101 BUNZL & DORliiTZER, 126 Water-st., New-York, .liD DE.u.mts 111 J.LL nmM! or DOMI!STIC: AND JOIIIGII LEU ToB!oot. Liberal eath }Dade OD c.ollllgnmeo.tll or Leal Ma.nutaetand Tobacco. 5T-10S H. THIERMANN, COMMISSION MERCHANT, AND Dli:ALJlll. IN Leaf & Manufactured Tobacco, NO. 142 WATEB.STB.EET, JOSEPH HICKS, Commission Merchant, .............. MANifACTURED TIUCCD. Io. 8S Water-Street. lrBWYORK. B. C. BAKER, SOlf & CO., Tobaooo and Cotton Factors, U'D Commission llerchants, No. 142 Pearl-street, .Bow1wl C. IIADII, .. 'II'DI .... !lew y Ol'k. NEW-YORK w, (&HMI) Uluo;ionatl. ----------JOHN L. DEEN, @!JtrrhaJit UD JOBlU:R 01' LEAF TOBACCO, 78 Watr-at., New-York. UKEIJORE, PARKER a: CO., HERMANN BATJER & BRO ., LEAF TOBACCO. CONNEcncUT I!El!D-LEAJI' of .,. owD pa<>li!Dg. inlra.0', F.A.DRYER, COMMISSION COITON AND TOBACCO FACTORS, .AND .. 181 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. LIBEB.A..L .ADVANCES M.A..DE ON CONSIGNMENTS. fHI YIRGINIA AND NORTH CAROLINA TOBACCO AGENCY. United States Internal Revenue Bonded Warehouse, Thirtysecond Collect1un District. SAMUEL AYRES, SON & CO., (LATE OF' RICIDI0l'IID0 VA.,) COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND AGENTS JIOR '1'HB SALK OJI A.liD IJIPORTEB.S 01' CLAY PIPES, 61 WATER-STREET, NEW-YORK. FA. db CO., COTTON 1: TOBACCO FACTORS, AI!D COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Nos. 70 and 72 Broad Street, N'E"'V 'Y'O:E'l.lEE.. ._;()RGE WlCKE. 'WlLLIAlC WICKE. YANUir ..lCT'GRERS OF NO. 184 FROXT-STREET, 1 19 Maldenlane, liEWYOBJL 87-62 NEW-YORK WJI. M. 1'111111, 1 ... t .L JT.D.. A. S.ROSENBAUil&C0.,1 LOUIS NATHAN & MAURICE, COJJ.IftiSSION MERCHANTS 48 B1oad St., New YQrk. AXD IKPORTXJ&S OJ' an.ct l.obatt.O', Lour & MAURICE rec:port. a-u Ma.nu1acturers of the f'ollo-wing Celebrated Brands of' TOBACCO, HATHEWAY a Jl.IU.\TOLD, coRNELius oAKLEY, :aoBnrsoN "HEARN's PREIIIUII[ 9 INCH, SOFT l'REIISED BlUGHT. ALSO, SOt.E AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED GQIIJIIMIQJI TOBACCO liERCHANT ROBIBSON i; HEA.Rlf'B PRE:mlJit NAVY, "t.. Jack" & '' llrown Dick Smoking Tobacco .A. UCTION TRADE BALES OJo' (ESTABLISBllD IN 1815,) pounds and half pounds. Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco and Cigars, No_ 96 W' .A.TER STREET Grap_e and Apricot, )61hL I Sailor's Delight, Navy, Pearl, l& pound&. pounde aDd Ji pouode. H&nafactured by John W. Carroll, of L.JDQhbw-g, Virginia. 1 4 4. 'W ATE B S T BEET, N E 'W yo B K. Opposite Gon'femenr Lane, New York. Forrit-menot, 3!C poUlldL 1. B. llobinaon'a Navy, Fokiit King, -"' pollDdL 1 pounde. bnnda are. beyOild aU doaln, Ul9 maDof'acturecl, t.Dcl u aaob we lnUe Ul 'IVwilr n-.-. &IMewry Thwlday throvglwut t'M Sta.scn. Cash ad111l11.Ces nuuk on all Ccnsignments. leaf Tobacco in Hhds and Bales, Luscious LUIUry, 3!C lb.. Buohnor's AAA, 10.. ..__ E*ellllel: M-111. BIINl

K. Y. Commission Kerchants. .81 NOM'OII. Tnos. J. SUUOII'rJIIl. B. H. li'JBoo>r NORTON, SLAUGHTER & CO., Tobacco & Cotton Factors -.lD-rEW-YORE, Ban an oale all ldndo of LIAF TOBACCO tor EXPORT IDd BOMII U8111. ........ Uin. L&W.DWCII.l& LEVY & :NEWGASS, Commission Merchants, ConnccUcnt Seed and Havana LEAF TOBACCOS AND SEIARS. l'l'o, 173 W .A.TBB-STBBET, '5-lot JrEWYORE. JOHN T. HARRIS & CO., TOBACCO Commission Merchants, .J 80 li'BOBT..STBEET, NEW-YORK. lloiMed 'Wanhoue 'l'hlrl7..,..Dd Dlllrlct. T. n...... P. B. !!ma.mK, JL B. A. Rcan. G. REISMANN & CO., emmtsstoa ""dsaats. .. .i.D D&.l.LRI tJI J.Ll. IJ!UM! o ll A f i rD lB A t t rB, 179 PEARL-STREET, Pin d1&4 Ooolar .. truta lew-Yort. M. R. PEARSALL, Importer u4 Xerchalat of HAVANA SEGARS LEAF TOBACCO, Bo. aa South William Street, L.t BOUJU7'0," (12'1-1'1!) flEW-YORK PALDR & SCOVILLE. -to IIJII1'JI, P.u.JCIJI CO., eu,\\.o.n.\.y,. AJID_ ... LEAF TOBACCO, No.l70 W....,_d., New-York. &.. PD.IID. .a.. a, 8a.fti.La 011 ov cnn B B O!lttR. J. 11. c .. no. :a. H. OBER & CO., (Sueot-n t.o OBIR, NANEOll' CO.,) No. 43 Broad Street, NEW-YORK. Liben.l Allvaxu macle on Col12ignmenta tG OIU'Iehea or Oomapouden ts in --..,.---JULIUS SICHEL, Successor to L. HEIDELBI:RCER. IWmr.lCftlU& .... OF 'ESPECIALLY OF THE MABX LA DE BRAEKELEER & FOOTE, liANUI'ACTUURS or Parlagas, Espanola, La Rosa, Figaro. SOLE PROPRIETORS 01' THE CELEmUTED llRANDS HYACINTH, EL COMPANERO, EL CONTESTO. 94 STREEil". GI!O. W SUCCESSORS TO APPLEBYS SON, OF THE CELEBRATED RAILROAD MILLS MACCOBOY, FRENCH RAPPEE, SCOTCH AND !IACCOBOY A.UD FRENCH BlnJFF FLOUlt MANOJ!'ACTUBERS 01' :rnE Fl::o SrBD"r. PLUC TOBACCOS Century obacco. We hacgivenspecialattentlon toGraoulatedSmoklog low .. Purehasers are warned .agaillst.the We are putting up t.,.o k i nds o f Cent'Ol'1 In un.fol ing Tobac c o s a this class it, when made of good mate-many spunous nrbcle on the market, aud the vanous We are coaof.ultly reeemfl th. e 11net Slll(C-papers-.Dark and Light. In localltieo where light rial, &'le&lly to cnt makings; and. w e otrer a deceptions practised Onr are always reliable; .. f.:":C: 111 c cuts are nsed, the bli&ht Centnry 10 pretcrredabO\e great many varieties, any of 'Which (price considered) to give entire made or the beat burg, lllld B::ifu: eounUell, Va., ani/ Caswell OOIIJII.Y. al l otbtrs. Jt is mnncfactured rom thricee, < We ehall lie jdad to ebow them to deale,.. in li'I!III #irWc still continue to paek J: JltiNDtu:D DOLLARS desirable I:(>Ods. Bbl lb a r 0 w n s n u f f. ToBACCOO, ....... are 8Hnnd tbat we have the belt ... s., per sortment of U>y hoaee ID Ule cit,-. D.liLY in our Centnr,r Foil. Yacht C-1ub, very bright \'irclula ................ II 35 Bbla. or J.,.., We aloo keep OD land Black 'l'obaecos of all W.. Siesta, mcdlu"! strung .......... 1 20 MIICC'!-boy, Rose se .......................... I 90 and gradee, of Vhglllla, W..tern, and Northern maaR-, Ma:ro, wiue ftavor .............................. 110 Beinl!deeiroueoflllllkingthlsa'feryimport.antbrandlt Century In Bulk-hr Pr!und, Bbls 11.20; half bblo ., $1.21 ; k0Cf!,l!.23. I Roe c Leaf . . . ... 65 American Ge ntleman, scented .......... . .. .. 1 1 0 Eureka, medium' ................................. -15 Pure Virginia, plaiu ..... ....... o .......... 1 10 of our we have otlatedevoted much attentka Tnbcrooc, otronco, dark. .. .................... 45 lt; and have DO heoitancy ID ea)'ing, that our C!gan., Wbite Pull' mild ....... oo... ..... .. .. .. 40 10 point or qualltJ ... d pri.,.,.., are not excelled by .... Rose Leaf i e a. medium, light -c oJorccJ mild, ntOmatic Tobacco and b a s become avcrypopnlnr bnwd in New York State and New England. llbl., tl.OO; half bbJ., l:ego, $1.03. Cavendish. This popnlar brand is grf the nlxrve brands arc pot up i n t!l LB. J'UlmLE 1(} OZ., 8 OZ., .a..ND 4 OZ. I'.A.PXRB AT :BULK PIUCES. l olb cans!O eents per lb. extra. IF' No Cn.A.:R( Fresh Scotch, for dJP!llllg. .... .... .. 00 ben thro11ghout the eoDDtry thuo saving time Irish High Toast, or Lundy10ot .......... o.... 90 of transportAtlOD o 1 t lb Larv:e-]>Ot!ten, ranc:7 ebow-cardll, dcacrlptive pni.'Jto' All SnuJl; JU half-bll!Te!S or kegs, c per ex .. a lists, '&e.,l'llnliehed DJIOD applleaUOD. Bottles. .\llSn n!l's, with tbe exception of American GentJe. BRANCH HOUSES Coronot troug, s oz. paper .................. $7 50 man, Demigro, and Pnrale Virgillia,!dn I ani]llb bottles; Calumet ..................... 0 25 pouuds, tlOpe.rdoz.; 1:1 ves, f5 per oz. Old Vir..rtuia .......... .. ..... 3 00 American Gentlemanhal, Dem!3,r<>, adnd Pllre Vlrginl&; Tbe following llr&Ddl BOilees oeli onr gooda at mall:l. T&bac Fi'lmeal, 4 oz. papers ...... .. 1 10 pounds, ll2 per doz.; ..-per d hill! fact urers' pricee : Army "'' u ........... o .... 1 00 A11 the YeUowSnuus mcaus, per oz.; J\fild Spaui eb S5 ca ne, $8 p e r doz, ; quarter!', Navy ......... o .. 90 Chicago. Cut Smoking. B I adders. small. FOY & EARLE, 85 South W a:ter 'St. so Bble. i Bbls 90 per lb. per lb. Toast Sco tc h, oal t .. 00 ............ 00 85 Long Smoking ....... 3'2 St.. ............. $0 2G FrCab Scotch........ .... ............. 00 B7 92 t bbls. t ct. pe r lb. kegs3 cts. per lb. extra: 16 oz., a o:r.., 4 oz., and j papers reduced to bulk p r ices. All l b e a bov e brands in 5 Job. cans, 10 cts. per Jb extra. c;lr" No charge Cor packages Prices of Jars. net. llalf-gallou, iKl eta.; one gallon, 30 cts.; two galloue, 40 cts.; three gallous, 5.5 cUi.; rov-r gallon&, 65 cts. PARTI CULAR NoTICZ. -When }4rsare ordered packed, the packag .. will be charged extra, Boston. A. R. MITOHEIJ., 85 (J&utnjl r St. Philadel phii." B. A. VAN SOHAl OK, 16 S. FronfSt.--. 16, 18 & .20 Ghambers,St .. New ork ... CHAS. SIEDLER. VIIEUIIS A SEYMOUR, t COliiiHIIISJON UltCHA.NTS lN Buoceaaor to Flug, Twist, & Tobacco, DU BOIS, VANDERVOORT & CO., A. Jo)l]) Leaf' Tobacco, Commission Merchant, 1'10. 849 PEARL-BTBEET, New-York. A.. H. CARDOZO & CO., & Cotton Factors, General Commilaion Merchants, N<;>. 169 :Front-street, New-York. M. & E. SALOMON, Comi-iou :.lfmmiJSJiiou I'OB TDI UU or Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco 37 Water Street, Oomell,.DaBolo, t =:: ) U-!11 !IIW-T -&IUt TIN FOIL JOHN J. CROOKE TOBACCO FOil & 80TTU CAPS NO. 38 CROSBY-STREET. -OATJ!IA:N' & REID, HAVANA ,j,:SD .DULU 1N DOMESTIC Leaf Tobacco, 166 Water-Sreet. '!1!0 NEW-YORK. SAWYER, W ALLAOE & 00., Havana Segars, .. TOBACCO I.EA::F TOBACCO, B .ACS." NEW YORK! LINDHEIII BROS. & co., No. 47 Broad Street, .... D WEST liDIA. PBODUCE, No. 86, Jfew-York. ..... .._._ tll THE CITY TOBACCO ACENCY, Jlo. 108 PROliT.STUET, Bew-Yort. G. W. HILLMAN & CO., mtsstou .lGUTS J'OR t'BB B.UB Of lii.A.l'I'U.I!' A.CTUBED roa..t.cco. Ba1'e alwa7i' oa. hand a. a.aaortme::nt. of Manu fao Wled Tebaceo. l'or l&le on liberal terme. U L w G tlNTOJ:R, Jlaltlmorc. F w T.A...TGB:NUORST, XewYork. L. W. CUNTHER ct. CO., Tobacco & General Commission MERCHANTS, Io.llO Pearl St., cor. Jlanover Square, NEW YORK. Liberal achaneos made on conaiamllents. 80HOVBBLING & OHAP:MAN, --LoEAF TOBACCO, 28 Seuth William Street, NEW-YORK I lolt Bteehtn f ll. j, (lf!apmaD'S Faekblg. W. B. ASTEN & CO., l!anuftlcturers of all kinds of Tobacco Bqs, AND POU'C:H:ES, DG NEW YORK. A. STEIN & co., ) and Commission Merchants, Commission Merchants, LEAFLBToBAcco, OF 197 Duaneatreet, (; l'l'.t.TUB.A.L LBAP, OBIBWT&L0 JESSUP & llOORE, .... ,., lhwl'ort. viaGirn.a. sE.u, oL DOI!IINiol'l', 128 William Street, N. y Cigarma.nufa.ctureroparticularlyf&vored. XX CJBOWN, LYNCHBURG, q> X GOLDEl'l' CBOW1'1'1 GENUINE T1JBIUl!IH TOBA.C-PAPER WAREHOUSE. H. :MESSENGER & co., KILLICKil'fiCK, ()0, & :aT rapping FOREIIN ESTie TOBACCO In Bulk, 5 lb., llb., Bales, and 1-4 lb. Ponebee. tlrl We o.Ioo beg to oaU the &ttention of the Trade to the various Brands of Vir-HEALD & MILLER ..., ginia a.nd Western Plug Toba.ccos, of which Wj!l h&ve a large stock const&ntly on L I 0 0 R I 0 E band. Bond and Duty paid. T 0 B A C C 0 181uaiWDD-LAD,Jf.T. 90 WATER STREET; NEW-YORK. 2 @;omnai,;,.iou t-Ill =.-;==--Branch House .n.t 406 Sansom Street, San Francisco, Citl, Bonded warehouae, s2d Dlatriot, JfO.l'M WA-::;:;:."I.;ORK. TH. H. VETTERLEIN & SONS, A. T. BRIGGS, lf.A...."'fU!!"AC'M1R.ZB OP Tobacco Barrels, Flour Barrel, Mota- Caek Water and all uther kinde of CASKS., New Flour Barrels & Half Barrelr, St"vee, Heads, & A large ouppl7 conotantly on ha.Dd, Ofrlce, 64 Rutsera Slip, New York. Welter .Street, N' :m "W """'?' 0 :a X: -VETTERLEIN & CO., 111 A.B.Cli.ST:B.EET, PHILADELPHIA. BONDED W' AREHOUSE. nRST .ISTBIU'!' THE HARRIS FINISHING CO.'S Enamel W a:ter Proof Finish for Show Cards. O..r ._111'11116 DO& ont,. ......, ..-uo .. agaiHt waler, but It o nhanceo the beaov &Dd JID-11 ot PlaiD or Oo1ored Llibolfapba. b;r readerin&' &be oolon more lntenae &lld the outline-a more 4lLiDoL n Ia the oDl7 llulth to. -w-Oudo lllal al., .. DuraWJI&J'o ..._aeu, ... a-utJ', .A Oard b mou-11 u.r.,. aceop&P'-. t.Dd lllturo eta SOOd pooUIOD Ia tbe ahow w!DAow; .,. ....,..,a Cud WIJ' mOGDioed. c-r DM lllOe DO favor, d le got. rld or as loon &I pou\ble. 8hoOa.rds aud Picture. M nr Ji'n.IDet In any e&:rle detlred. 8pectmen Oarde ftnllhed at 1hort notice, free or eharse. J.-o g\vOD, aDd ab arcl .... lao'p cr IIIJIL1I, promptiJ' u:ecu&ed. Carda "curol,y _.ed o.nd correct17 ohlppe

6 THE TOBACCO L E .A F. .< Ill. B VB1'TIRLIIDI. lriUIO. J. 'Va!'I'DLIWI Philadelphia, Pa., :1\.lrocrti.stmrnts A. H. THEOBALD, 01' ALL I:IND8 0. &IE s,. JrD DaJ.Lea JX SP A.:NI8ll .AJI1) DOKlllSTIO Leaf TobaccO, ChcWiDI Tobacco, Sllll1f, ... and Brier Pipes, 'If. W. cor. Third u4 Poplar ata., Phil&dalphi-.. 1!-f' COMM18aiON MBRCHANTS E. L WITTHAUS, eaf and Manufactured Tobacco, No. 201 RAtE-sTREET, Domestic and Imported Segars. ar D"]]It for lL 1VllbDa &i Ce.'a :Baltimore Smoking ToD&cco. \\:\.U., BALTI:BOB.E ADVEBTISEMEJiTS ESTABLISHED IN 1837. --:o:---. CHARLES D. DE FORD & GO., 37 GAY-ST., BALTDIORE, COMMISSION MERCHANTS f'or the Sale of Manufactqred and Leaf Tobacco, Cigars, etc. ToaA.CCO, FlrtE, AND MARINE INISURAIIC. OF onrcnur a.Tt. OHio. COMPANY Office ID Oomp&DJ'& IMlllfllllJ,_nortlafMMt c..irncr of iront and Yloe atreet.a CAP -ITAL, --,000 l>JRE01'0R8. H. 0 Dl)UCE, JOliN 0. OLDEN, JQEL U nrt \f.,.,._. R '"'lf" tl\tr_, -,,.,."\ JAMES Jt. CAllli:Y THEO. ROYIIR. W U. Ml)k"IS JOH'l T 8ULLIV4N, H wn&HINUTON, I A WEI! P 8Pli:NOll. JOBN G. OLDI!N, Pr..tdmtC. BOD MANN'S [nspection&Leaf Tobacco VI arehouse Henry Besuden & Bro., llos. 57 59, 61, & 63 Front & 62 64, & 68 W a.ter bet. Vine & W a.Innt Street&, DliLY B4T-E8 n 4UCTION "" ., N VIBGlNU, ltii880 1, D....._m United WM. EISENLOHR, DEALER IN Leaf Tobac o, (l. 8 WATTS & CO., D. HIEATT, CRAB. BODMANN, 1=<' L BRAUNS & CO ttl Inspector. Proprlotors. ... ----,--. .L.J LEAF TOBACCO, 161, 163, & 165 Pearl-etreet, Consigners can their stocks without prepaying tlH! o-,-e.-nment tax. J. Rill ALDO 84Nit. WM. M, 48BEY. JOSEPEl BBOOKE. .urn MANUF AOTURER OF CIGARS, 137 South Tenth Street. PHILADELPmA COl>! 0 MERCHANTS 4ND IOBBERll IN lla.nufactved Tobacco, uurA.oronBRS ov SEGARS, HA.LliRS rN B:avau and Leaf, Smoking Tobacco, IID.'IU!II, Plpea, etc., 21 s. Calvert-st Baltimore. 9. 8. YJ.TTI. )f, YOLfll(H'Olll' 1 IL llCm:APSIDE, llAL TIMORE, MD., TOBACCO \ \) 'i>'<'> \.0\\. Pir .. t import .. rs of t he FLB, C, nd ltl y Lfcurlte E\sr sa.ld, in I ota tc ".t 'LJ.'ll Tobacco Commission Merchants, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, e No. 28 Sout._ Front Strett and 2!1 Letitia P. W. FELGNEB., F. H. BISCHOFF'S, Deutscher Rauchtabak. ;rmf &nl:r J O!U{ DUOOY. -J. -ff ... D Leaf' Tobacco, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, JOHN DUDDY & co., 112 WElT SECOXD STBUT, Jk, 31 N. Watorat. 4. No. 30 N. Delawareave., Philadelpht;a. PHILADELPHIA. Conf'!ign m ents of Tobucco nnd Sog:l rl!-B01ic i tcd. Refer by permission 1\tessr8. DoHAN & 'J'AITT. Plnlarlelplna. UNTrED ST.A.TES VT.A.REHOUSE. AND OTHER CHOIC E ERA!oDS, No; 33 Bal&lmore. Commission Merchants of "lfi>(; DOTD, B F. O&E. 'W1L J.. BOYD, lB. A. 8. & Co. York. J. 90 02 South Cnarl t!!JJtitre.,t. _fl:.c._--:::--::c--:c:c:-:::='-=="B=' .;.L TIM5) R B. F. PARLETT & CU., U S BONDED WAREHOUSE. LOOSE & CO POQ TBB 8..lLB o.r I MANUFACTURED TOB.Cia No. 41 VINE-BTRfET, CINCINNATI. JQHN T. JIHNSON & OHIO, x;::-:.rmoiY, MISSOURI, & VIRGINIA KINSEY TAYLOR'S TOB4.CCO M ;'U"Fp; lcT c o Leaf Sm;kin g Tohaccos. SEGARS, PIPES, ETC QLoha:ttu w .B. GIDRE, JR. J. A p. GLORE & BROS., C. 0. GLORE. tEA1 rosaccost AND DH..olL'lmS IN o. 336 Market-st., and Nos. 9 and 11 South Fourth-St., PHILADELPHIA Commiuion Merchants Sale or S1me 92 LOl!UlARD & 1i W h. TER-S1 .. s F. PA.R.IJ;TT, Ma. & Ohio Leaf, AND No. 39 Raoe-e:treet, CINCI:V:V,t.TI, O "N'EWYORK BRANCH." SOLE AGENt 1'0!1 K. C. BARKER'S AMERICAN E. :MEGRA W & CO., Tobacco Manufacturers, ______ : ____ Baltimore, Md G. H. BOLEl'IlUS, &. w GAIL AX. WRULJ!Rl.LK I))I,AJ .:rt G IL .. AX.. LEAF T()BA.CCO G. 'Y..: .. ... Manufactured Tobacco antl Se[ars. s o x: I N' a--? litO. 202 W. PRA1:TST., flihtwfa!) 6J. Ba_ltimore. ANO SNUFP .HECKER & BRQS., Wbotn.le Dealen in a.ll tlod1 of' LEAF TOBACCO, .... tm portera of and In Cigart, Pipes, Snuif-boxes, eto:, NO. 28 BARRESTREET, Baltimore, Kll. ..... DKPOT-trltb Gut._ 4l< & Kuom.u, Noa. 1'11 !lad 175 New-York. 11_.. ichigaD Fine-Cut CheVTing Tobacco, Leaf, Fine-Cit1 & Segars. 94 AJid wholea&le dea.lerlll Domaatic and Imported Segan, SnWf, and Meerschaum UNION FACTO BY, 53 lloDd 55 Hand-at. BA L '1'1!'11 OK E. and l!moken' Articles or every dcocription. E) Cono\antly OD bud. larp quantlo, of \Jo........Uom .... L w GUit R B.AlflfD WOU8 &nd OFJ'JCJ:, Sl lit, ClrJrli. ian""T"'-e.._ lll 11'fHE td States Bonded First Collection District; Pennsylvania. PxrrsBURG 'P.. JOSEPH SCHROEDER,. GEORGE BLUMENSCHEIN, ... lD l D Commission merchant, COURTNEY, WOODWARD & CO., waoL ... LKDm"' Leaf, Manufactured m Tttbacco and General Commission Merchants, of all No. C N PL C (Ouo door""" or bob-p-,) No. 47 Nol"lh Water SL and No. 48 North Delaware Avenue SMOKING AND CHEWING TOBACCO, 81 EX HA GE A E, ; liALn.O:R.E. KD 3 11. COUR'l'N&Y Pouches, Snuff-Boxes, etc.. Thrcl door Etut of &mlh &., w-Liberal Olhoa-11 ....... OD .. JJ. b. WuOOWARu, PIIILADEI .. PIIIA, PA. tau It k f Ol al hand B.d.LTI.,tiORE. ...-.. 'lll>IOO. H. WOODWAIID. e QC 0 ways on Leaf Tobaeoo received on Commioton M a W II oB:El'f8 & ....-.-DOHAN &. TAITT, MA.RtiN HEYL, No. 4 BEVENTH-ST., PITTSBURG, PA. .. ._.,., J Richardson. G. w. Bishop. w. B. Haill:,ht. IOOOlft!L CIH oBACCO wonua 1 & R. Armstrong, TOBACCO ... lJo. 51 Soath Front Street, PHILADELPHIA. ARTHUR R. POUGERA..Y Wll'. 0 P:B.SE. l.faite4.8ea&08 Bonded Warehouse, BOYD, FOUGERA Y l CO., 'l\\ A:OW WH0La81LJ: DK.&.LDS IX r obacco Commission Mercnants, JUlS, PIPES, &o.. lmporion ol xo. 4/J wEsT LOMIIAB sTREET, Oigara and Leaf Tobaooo, a.nd other BALTIMORE. M. o. Smokera' Articles )IAnufacturer can forward their TobaccQ in Bond with o u t REPAYING the GoYcrnmP-nt Ts.x LOtrJa OIICSI:.K.. ewo. G:SO, 1', l:JlfnBZ.I.Oft LOUIS GIESKE & CO., G. KERCKHOFF & CO, :;mmit'tciO'Il WHOLIISllE DBALBM IK UD l>tiLBU d @lonn. Jttd lobatto, l!EAf 11o. 121 West Lombard Street, No. 4D !!ioulb Qlarlee 8lreet BALTIMORE, Md. :BALTIMORE. LEWIS BREMER & SONS Soltrorlbe Oetebra\ed Rose Bud Ntwat'k ')lbntrtisemtnts. -' l'lnec ul, In roll!. !onisnillt 'J\onrrti.stments. E. W. DUKEHART & SON, CELEBRATED obacco Warehouse, Internal Revenue Bonded Warehouse w. A.. r.:: .. v 322 NORTH THHID STREET, OP FOREIGN and MANUFACTURER of ll. s. BONDED WAREHOUSE N o. 13. Fine Domestic C1gars. TUCK & WOIIACK, e..,,_I'Ty oa huna a larce auortment or CONNECTTOJ:SACCO All Kinds of LEAF TOBACCO COMMISS[ON MANUFACTURERS, No. 29 .Smtth Cctl ve1t Street, BALTIMORE. MD. D:CIT, 0810, and SEED-LEAl' TO -.uOBBKOORL TOBACCO & SEGAR GU AND .:MANUY'Aarn'ii:n 'TO:sAooo. S. & J. MOORE, MANUFACTURERS, Jl I. 38 B. Irelaware-ave. T 0 B A c c 0 cALDWELL, NEW-JERSEY C. ._ J. :W_'('KXOR, .... }}KNl\Y !'IOASSAU PHILADELPHIA. Commission Merchants, 1 95 BRoAD-sTREET, NEw AB:K. 41\-T2 NF....:W F.V W" @TATES DONDilO WARKT!OUSE. rw "ttt1out 1 ,r .. BURGESS & BRO.; T 0 B A C C 0 .tb:nmission Merchants, '1m. B.'i! Penn. Tobacco W arks ; \I::Y.Wi!liams & Co.'s ,.Globe Tobacco Works," U SOUTH DELAWAll.E-&VE:NUE1 Philadelphia. TELLER BROTHERS, 107 North Water-street, PHILADELPHIA, J .A.JY.J:ES D.ALE'Y'., No:the>l\ C>:. Third a:>d Race Sts., SEGAR MANUF ACTUR:ER, Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, SNUFFS, PIPES, ETq. Fae,ory: 1 1 CaHowblll SUeet, 130-151 PHILAIJEL!'IIJA. UNITED STATES SONOED First C o Uectlon P ennsylvania. to TEt.L'ER, A.NATHAN &: fXl.,) in LEAP TOBACCO. AND SEGARS_ l 17 North Third Street, PffiLADELPHIA. Tobacco & General Comm'ssion Merchant, .lli.srellaneou_.s. BEMIS & ABBOTT, I F )D i ALB OP TOBACCO, .lSD PIPES. F r n a m s t r 2 t OMAHA, NEBRASKA. tt')--Fi rst :ia.'innB. l Hank. Omaha, J M POll TBit SAL1o: 0:<' Manufactured and Leaf T :No, 273 Main-street, between 7th and 3 th, LOUISVILLE, KY. li, ruai\T. LOUISVILLE ADVERTISEMENTS. -FIVE BROTHERS TOBACCO WORKS, .IOlfl'C' l'"OfT.Ra, &O'DOLPH J'INZim., B R N FI.NZIUl, FRED. NICJiOL-'3 JOHN FINZER &; BROS., 0 W IUA.NUI'AC't'OitUS OP GE W ICKS & CO., Vlr:Pnla, Kelltucl., aud l'Plis8oorl SuoceaontoNOCX, WICY.I &; co., \ PLUG TOBACCO, T b d r u F t No. 13 Third-street, Louisville, Ky o acco an ac ors, _74-99 .BAGGING AND ROPF., M. LEOPOLD & co., And all kind or T o b"""" Col Yarno. Ql:(ln:Jltni.S.!li(ltl t.-k'. Abo, Agentl for tbe nlebn.ted brUI:dJ ('I( Sm.>kl g J.!m WBOLESALX DK..i.LBRS :nr 1 Tobaceo: LoneJ'ack. Ooldeu Leaf, Cherokee, Golden Shower, Bose, Sta.r,.eto., etc. No. 102li!AIN-ST:BDT, between 3d a.lld 4th, LOUISVILLE, KY. U. S. BONDED W AREHOtrSE. 5th DISTRICT, KENTUCKY. CIGARS AND TOBACCOS, 116 Main-street, Louisville, Ky., C2!r" P"rtkn1ar paid to nr Leat 1011 ule of l:ml.lftu:t:..oretl. T vLacco (i4-l:.G EDWARD PEYNADO & CO., For the sale and purchase ot &1J or Leaf Tobacco DIRXCT UfPORTIRS AND WUOLIS.f.LB Il( Havana Cigars, FRANCKE & ELLER, No 222 between Othand '7th LOUISV,ILLE, M>.Y. l:land a I arg-: lot ot Cholce B'av&na Brand!lKROHN, FEISS & CO., OFFICE 4; STQBEBQOMS, ..... UUOtVRns o 47 VINE STREET, SEGARS AND TOBACCO O!SCIJINA'I'I, 01110. And_Importen rf I Meerschaum and Brier Pipes, Jm n cA&S ; !'. 0 ;";; s. wms, 53 Cincinnati, Ohio. 9-l-I" l!lll LowaTH.u.. .14001 WCASEr & WAYNE, Proprleton, S. LOWENTHAL & CO,, mrul Leaf' Tol;acco j Noo. 100, 102, 104 w i Fl-ont S tro ot, PLUG moB"A4Jic"'co- lin .erG UJO C.:INCJNNATI, Ohio, .1 U 1U1 JlDI) AUCTION SALES DAILY. 1 .urn WBouuu.La .. u .aas IB LEAF TOBACCO, N.Y. BranchLBafToba&eo WarBhonse. No. 76 xam-st., below Pearl, 74-99 _. CINCINNATI, 0. L. NEWBURGH,. IKPOR'l'l:i:l. ilD DIU.UR IN SCHULTE & BAGLEY, SPANISH: & DOMESTIC. to YOURT!E PISHI:R A CO l [ f t lB t @)l!l Tobacco No. 51 Walnut-st., Cincinnati. 0. 42-VT Wheeler TobaOOQ Warehouse, PHISTER & BRO., Proprietors, J"lJB TJI8 IJJIPJCUl'IOX ,u;D CUlOUSilOif 8.i1.X or SECARS, 9 ll West "JJeoond-street, Cinoinnati. Agents f>r: L0rl1LLARD'8 TOBA('CJGL -L .. ODLn& SPENCE BROTHERS & CO., LEAF TOBACCO, 14 West Front-st., 0 FIDe-cut aad SoUag T.srttO !tkl Co. Cnti n 'l snd &'!flo I T 0 1CJ) Ji 0 OLioSeetl-lt:llflllwa. [ Ht6 j D&l.t.U&al. nroiUBD ,,.LL&... ...... mwT. Plug Tobacco, Snuffs & Cigars, B..llallay.Bro., No.62 EastThk'd Street, DU.LUSI" omo. POTnR & CO., Elm, CINCINNATI. 0. MA.YUF.!.CTtasaa OP .UL OF PLUG TOBACCO, iiDctroit '.Jtihlcrtiscmc::ts. ttas J omr u .uuu. aouaar Kaun i run HANNA & CO., TOBACCONISTS, 112 & 114 Woodward-avenue\ DETROIT, MICH. Manura.ct urt-rs ()f th'3 l'RB!IUUll: nnd other C hoi .... Tob.t. ccos. NEVIN & MILLS, Tobacco 193 195 Jefferson-avenue, (OORN > n DA.TESSTRK..,,) DE'rKOliT, J.UJCH, DETROIT PLUG TOdACCO l!llABUl!'At,;TORY. No. 18 Hammondstreet,. Cincinnati. 0. .J T StrLLrvAN. K. V. SULU\" .lN 'W. J. DUit::...,. Kenton Tobacco Warehouse, J. T. SULLIVAN & BRO., J"Ok ma aa4 4lomlaloa Bale or LEAF TOBACCOS, Gr .. enup-atr&et; Covincton, Ky. MOOKLAR TOBACCO FACTORY, :t..DWARD GARLAND, Jr., Proprietor BIRCH ltUSSELIAlf & lanufadure-: IAio of InuioeU, u, Kv., of Cbeteest Brands ot THOMAS K. BOGGS, Oil' .AU. or P L U C Plug 'rwist TOBACCO, Tobacco. 31.7 '"'\ 3 1 0 DETROIT. "U. S. TOBAOOO WORKS." G. B. LXCHTENBE.RG, MA:SCFA.CTURW& Or finecut Chewing and Smoking TOBACCOS, A X D SOLB HA.l'it'J'A.CTU8EA Oll' TfDI: CIILIDIU.TBD "MORNING GLOIUE" FINE CU7. 46 Conares$-St., East, D:ETROIT, MICH. Greeuup-atreet, Covington, X;y. Buffalo :2\burrtisrments. ADAMS CO., s uccsesons To JAMES ADAMS 4. CO., 1UlllJII'J.Ol'UliUI8 UD DU1.BBB Dr TOBACCO, SNUFF &. CIGARS, No. 207 Waahlngtoa-atreet. B1JI!'JI'ALO. l'f. T. .-. j J. a. w. ora. OH UU.JiCS GK'r.._ K.EYSTOR !l'OBACCO WORKS. -:o:S. A.' G}lEENLY & CO., lOS !.Water St. nd 108 1\'. Ilebwart-ave., PHILADELPHIA. ..+... JlJ.LPB. J. w. WoeDSID 8. A. lh!CDRtcc:soK. ORIENTAL SNUFF WORKS. k Co., 01aaha., N cbra.sK,.,; Pola.n ti & Pa. t.rlcll:, :lmab.:t., Nt!bM:L'S"ka; J W Uo-th &: Srm'i, Louts, Mo. j trtist e r & Row, Cl O hio i 'l'h o s C. Durant, "lcaPrt>!ir:lent Union Hachic Ne'VYf>r\;:; r.t. lla.der & lon, Br()l.:ers, New-York; 0. Wt!ll81 t:fartrord, Conn.; W S. l:ht11Loort & Sou, 1(. 1 i J. A. Dodd. & Co., Boaon, MaM. J 'OHN BRAM:M, 3uee ... o r to BRAMM & BROTHERS, 28 Atlantic-st., Brooklyn, Commission Merchants, ll57 lllaillatreet, between!. 7th IUld 8th, LOUISVILLE, KY. Fine-Cutting Leaf Tobacco. I. ROSENFIELD & BROS., TOBACCONISTS We have on hand a W.rge ai!d well-sel ecte d 23 and 89 Jefrerson-ave., Detroit, F. C. W. GEYER & SON, .K.A!IOfAUnl'&EBS Or Plain and Fancy Smoking TOBACCO, 25 & 27 North Twentieth street Ql'FJCE, ti Nlll'tll. WaU..b' .. t, PHILADELPHLJ.. ,._115 HAK.t; 'ffliO'\.tQf.6.U DU.L&Il &UfbS OP' AND DOM.KSTIC leaf and Manufactured __, DUFF, BEG ETO., -474 &nd 503 11. Second-at., 168 &lui 166 lloble-.t., A. RALPH &, CO., No. lOG Arohst., ) ... UYAOTUBKJtS OP' ._ IUlfO'PAOTUKJrR OF ALL J:lMDB OF RAPPEN, AND MACCOBOY 'SNUFP&. p C t Ch d S 1r Or VERY SUPERIOR QUALITY. me-n ewrng; anu moamg CA.RD.-The acted 8JI Superintend. To barco, Porlloular -UOD given to I be purchaoe and sale of leaf and Manufactured T obaeco. llS-lOQ ent for several years in tbe maout.eitlre of !'lcGt ch SBGA.BS, Snulr, guar&rJtett tr&de an article Ute ger.tu.ine ... d 0 lupe 'or LUD.d""oot Bn, or wblen. cu not be aurpaued 1a th1a country. A.l.l. n .,... u.u.. 99-125 A R4uP.!:L -----S AllfU'!:L P. llllTH. IACOB H. SXITH. E. HEYMANN & co .. SMITH BROTHERS. UD ll.XPOBTDS OJ cx ... GOA.iis, Leaf Tobacco, No. 121 North Third St., PHILADELPHIA, Pa. No. '0 Bllllgaado lit., Bavaa .. Onlen recel,..ed PUIG1 11 BaoD1U.!', Nw I oaL 11(/-161 :BULKLEY'S STEAM DRYER Will save ten to \wcnty pe;r ceut. to Manufao turcrs, nnd dry without shorts or crisping. It ia adapted to cuts, lnmps, and leaf. Circulars free. Addresfi L. E. HOLDEN, No. Case'" BuUdtna, l Ohio Stock of Factory-dried or Tno caLna4TBD Ji(ason and Owen County Cntting Leaf, STAR OF DETROIT" Put up expressly for the trade in want F 1 N E c u 'I' T o B A c c 0 of fti!e stock will do well to give us a call. Orders promptly filled. D. SPALDINC It SONS, All orders from abroad carefully eiecal.ed at the lowest m&Dufaetarl"i prices. Jro. 11 to 17. (,.,...,.., B-, ll:.fl. _____ MEMPHIS TOBACCO EMPORIUM. E. ACKERMANN, l!lle e oooor t.o CHAS. 0. MEMOli.,. CO., Leaf, lannfactlll'Cd, and Finc-Cnt CIGARS, PIPES, etc., etc., 260 Pll.OlfTSTR.EBT, MEMPHIS. 'l'ENN. 01-101 WM. P. WALLACE, : :" Ma.nllfacturer of all gradea of Cfpn. Clgah ; Mauutactured and Labelled tq order at IOwea :il WBOLEB&LE lii.I.TE& ;: l!ampl Hnt M tho trade a' prloeo :1111!'0 oollollatloD. Office t.n

' l!l)icago 1\buertiscmcnts. -------------------P. & G. LORILLARD'S WESTERN DEPOT, FOY & ARLE. Managers, 85 South. Water-street, Chicago, Ill. .& .&uor&lll-C ot:' Lorlllard' Goode-ChewlDc, SmokiDa'o l!lnaflll,' Cl IIUIIo .... TIBACCG AIEIICY. WILLIAM & co., ADAMS, GIBBS & CO., OOMMISBION MEitCllANTS FOR THE SALE OF Manufactured aDd Fine-Out TOBACCOS, J.mporten and Wholesale DeAlel1'1 in Ha"!Vana. and Do Clga.n, Snu.A'&, etc.. 5o. 146 South Water Street, J 0101 B. G JJIBS. C. BOMN, CHICAGO, ILL. M-OO CASH VAN HORN & CO., llANUPACJ'UREJ'.S 01" OHOIOE FINE OUT CHEWING UD VAN HORN, MURRAY & l1.A.NUY .A.CTUEl:RS 01' CUT CUEWlNO A.."'D Plug Tobaccos, 36 SOUTH WATER-ST., CHICAGO. TtrBliJ:R, V..&.K BonN A co: Ju.. "'76 TOBACCO WORKS." F .. 0. MURR4Y late nf V1m Rorn, Mu:rra3" .t Co. AllAh MASON, iat.e of WRObOCBM .Alm JIANIJPACTt7RU8 OP WJ.St"FACTVRTJUJ o Leaf, llanuf'll.otured_!ob:wco, and Oigars. Chewing and Smoking Tebacco, COMMI88ION. CIGARS, S!"VFF, ETC, Ollee allll No. II r,. P.O,BOX 881 ma:1 ..... PARKt:B, .BOS'1'0N. __ JOSIAH D. NUIT. JOSHUA HUNT. HUNT 81 BROTHER, }lU'OBTBR8 ......-JIA.NUFACTUiRERS OF HAVANA AND OOMEST1C SfGARS .llfD DK.&.LEBS IN Leaf !lUI MaaataCltored TobaClClo, 116 WESTlfiNBTER STREET, Corry&Richardo'Duilding, Providence, R.I. '""' Hartford, Conn. H. ct. Z. K. PEASE, DU.LJ:IIII llf CONNECTICUT Seed-leaf Tobacoo, aDd -.& H.&.BT:I'OlU>, ::<> ... 1\ DB LaKtnr. SALOMON & DE LEEUW, DEALERS JN CONDC'l'ICUT SEED-LEAF TOBACCO, AND .MANUP'J.CTUklCRS 011' CXG-A.B..S,. No.6 Asylum-sheet. near Main, RARTl'ORD, CONN. coliNECTIC'UT SEED-LEAF bacco Warehouse, 159 and 161 Oommeroe-street, HARTFORD, CON1i. Pa.nleu!&r al&olttl!n to \M pDI'Cbue, pacldDf, u4 aa.rlnB or new leaf on comm.i&on. D. M. SEYMOUR. L. KINGSLEY & CO., SHEPARD & FULLER, llanufacturers ana Dealers in tic and the CELEBRATED Commission Merthants and Dta rs In UPANUP CICARS,S dL fT b PLUG AND CUT TOBACCOS, ee ea 0 aCCO, Together with a general ... ortment of I'IPJ;.'l:; and 214 STATE STREET SMOKERS' ARTICLES, No. 9 Wet"'(,..ter St., Pro.,idence, B. I. Hortford, Conn. L. KINGSLEY. SD!RI SMITH. a SMITH & co.,) !fle rcluutfs 1 SISSON & HATHAWAY, Packen and Dealer in Connecticut Seed Leaf JliD lODBRI o TOBACCO, Connecttcnt Seed Leaf Tobacco, 3 4 Main HARTFORD, CONN. 1 126-lSS. 110. SO BAJ[PDEliSTBEET. lbsao&u:8MJTB, l iJ. r. Bmwxu.. f (9:1-120) Sprlncfteld, lila G. 0 W. GRAVES, PJ.Ckat J.liD DE.ll.Jm n!!l Fine Connecticut Seed-Leaf T o nvA C C 0 t Danbury,_ till': New on b81lcl 208 ..,.. crop '64 8tld '65. [1.09-121 R. A. CHAPMAN, TOBACCO Commission Warehouse, H. B. WILCOX, ( Nos. 169 and I '11 Front-st., BAR TFORD, Conn JOSEF11 '1Cticut Seed-lea Seedle3L Tobacco, T Q;: 0 0 0 EAST HARTFORD,CONN. -''"" (JO!IJI!t. J. SIGN OR, L. N. DWORTH, IISOWD .lD DULD Dl Connecicut Seed-Leaf Tobacco, Connecticut Seed Leaf BAft BAB.ft'Qli.D, con. HARTFORD, Conn. ;/ 21 r State Street, \'/ / THE TOBACCO LEA.F. Solicits flrdersjromDealers .Adilress:N97Pearl St;Jliclvmond. Va. MILLS & RY .ANT, Tobacco Brokers & General Commission Merchants, Olllce in Tobacco "'"xchange, Sbockoe Slip, Reft>r by permi!Jfiion to of the Na.1ionnl D'l-nt, 'VL; JAMBS THOM S, Jr., F.sq., Rkhroom1, V&.; S. G. Lhe Nathmal Ba.o, Richmond, Va i )lesBn. B. MESSf"GER. & CO., 16l aDtllGS New-Yon, ; l;:; Pe.&rl-tt., Duston. s. RAPP co., Manu!acturers of the following choice o.nd well-known Brnnde of VIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS CREE. N SCENE, tURXttiA C\IT1 LA. I liiA.Tr.'."WlR. LONC JACK, VIRGINIA. PRIDE, Bl'Ol!.T U.RANGE FLOWER, F\.CT\J{.V : N' l.t. Ftf,t>f"nt.lai-trN. Rillmon.t DEt'OT AND ._o. '78 \VUibtmtretat, Ne"W'Work. UNION FACTORY. Established 1839. I:H:A.RDGROVE,. Only Successor to THOMAS & SAMUEL M:a,.ufaeturer .. nd Owner of the folZourlng celel>rated l>r<1M6 of VIRCINIA PLUC TOBACC::O : DARK. II LIGHT. Tn:E BEST, I PEACH, SWEET ROSE, I CHARMER, INDISPENSABLE, WABD, VARIETY, RARE RIPE, TWIN BROTHERS, BARROW. AMBROSIA, ELEPHANT. Main Street, between 26th c:e 28th, Bichmond, J7'a. _____, --GREANER & WINNE, Tobacco Manufacturers, Nos. !BlQ-12-14 ancl !G EAST CARY STREET, RICIIND, VA. &. ROFFBA UER. D. TID:Eli:.A.WN. G. HOFFBAUER &. CO., Tobacco Shipping and COMMISSION. MERCHANTS, OFFICE: Tobacco Ezehange Building, RICHMOND, YA. G. HOli'PBAUli.R & CO., Dry Stemmingand Prizing, Manufaetu7crs of Choice Brands of Plng Tobacco, in JOHN R. K't'KR. Manacer. Pounds. t poUDds. Navy 11> ,and t poundo, lOs. and Stemmery Corner 21st and Cary Streets, Bright Work ot all lUnd. j RICBMO.ND, YA. ;y-ouN"G-EFl. db co., AND AGENTS FOR TRE SAI;E OF LYNCHBUR8 MANUFACTURED CHEWINI ct. SMOKINI TOBACCOS, Main Street, Lynchburg, Va.. We nrc sole for the eale of Mr. L. L. A>nsT>:AD's jnstly cclebreted HICHLANDER" DICK TATER," &Dd "RED ROVER" SMOKINC TOBACCO. Furnfsh lt'in any style and quantity to suit Beyers. J. W. CARROLL, Sole Manufacturer of the Famous and World renowned Brands of virginia Smoking Tobaccos, LONE JACK and BROWN DICK. .._.ot:aetory, 12th S1l"e'a BAit, atl4 olllen. S. M. McComu.t:. W. L. BowiAl'l'. McCORKLE & BOWMAN, OF CHOICE BRANDS OF VIRGINIA nnd S1nok1Dg robaceo-, LYNCHBURG, VA. W. P. ELAM & CO., AND TOBACCO BROKERS, 125 Sycnmore Street, PETERSBURG, VA., Reepeetfully eoUci& COD!IigmaeDt.a 1111d Orders gllncrally. Termo, 2t per cenL L. J. CL.!JtX. J. T. OTEJU.LL. D, D. JOYPR Jl..l.ltTOlf CLARK 1l OVERALL NewUrk. 18 East Geneoee-st., Qt. J .U:W-YORK BRANOH TOEA.OOO HOUSE. General Commission Merchanta BEllfRill!tO, BARTON 81; CO,, WJIOLMALa & JR Leaf Tobacco and Cigars, jmok .. l: and Tobaeco, &lldall kind oc 81noker ArUeJe lfo. 'l llolztll Jl&ID-at., St. Louis, Jlo. c:F' N.B.-..\ ftlll ... ,;;;;;;t of llauay Goods,..Ja C. & R. DORMITZER & CO., .1ND IUNtri'J..CTUJLJJIS or TBB CHOICEST BRANDS OP MISSOURI PLUC TOBACCO, No. 113 Washington-avenue. "" Sr. LOUIS, l'llo. 14-99 M. FRIED:J\{AN & CO., lN WBOL .. m DULEU.. Leaf Tobacco Leaf Tobacco & C:tgars, CIG.!IRS, PIPES. ell' t1mokln5 & Ch.cwtn;; Tobaeeo, No. 85 N. Second st .' bet. Olive & Locuot, aDd All lUnd or Smoken l76 S'l'. LOJII". nt Article, 120 North Second St., Vill BC-m 8'1', LOTTTOR. o V. U k lt1WOL.D. E. II. f.a.JB.. GRiSWOLD, CRIE &; GO., r WIOLKS..lLH DEALEitS !N ALL M:INOS & AND u;_<' .. U.8Cl -\:E:S1'1:1 J'OH. tl ::.stin & N ewto,:';; Celt 1m ted Suffield bra.nd of Cigars, 612 Nortli fgurtll >t t. lo'liS. :&:o. F. H. SCHROEDER, KA.NUFACTOP.ER OJ' Plug Chewing Tobacco, Am> lliPORTE.C. OF HAVANA CIGARS, Bo. 100 South Fourth .. treet, & 621 Jlaiastrtet .T. LOUIS, 1'110, Mound City Tobacco Works. D. CATLIN, Fine-Out, Chewing, & Smoking Tobacco, Killickinick, etc., l'lo. 168 Nerlh keond 8tree1, 1'11 1'1'. LOU MO. N. m:. FALK, YBOL-.a.U -.....a.aa' IJ' .J.eaf anh Wanufacturdt DOMESTIC, 61f.D Uli'OB'!'U D HAVANA SEGARS.' 54 North m:o. B. 0. OR.ULI:<, J M. Oooper Tobacco "Works. &RAFFLIN & JOHNSON,' .&.CTtmERS o:r Finecut Chewing & Smoking lj1 rn y:, including labor-s.aviu!S implements and machinerY., and apply these With and energy, with a tl;torough system of manurmg and cultivation, I am satisfied we should hear 110 more complaints on the part; of the owners of the soil of their inability to do more than meet expenses; but, on the contrary, from the many advantages a bountiful Providence has so lavish ly bestowed upon as, would in a few years become a. prosperous, contented, and happy people. Feeling I bave already trespassed too much upol!l ,your space, 1 will conclude by promising to continue the discussion of the subject (should it be a"'reeable} at some future giving the kind of soil, system ef manunng, cultiVatwn, and general management of the two crops referred to above; also the management vr tobacco furnace, etc.-G. W. DoRSEY, in Mw-ylaml li'arme?. THE SxUFJo' TRADl: IN E.-LAND.--A recent London circular says : The Customs again allow us to ship gro1,1nd offal or snuff for drawback, but scarcely oon ceal their iuteution of applying to Parliament for act to do away with the privilege or right. The trade contend tllnt ::\Ir. Gladstone perfectly understood that the offal bad not a market value equal to the duty, and that in allowing it to be shippe d for drawback, in t'h'e form of snufl', was for the purpose of putting tbe.&i'i.Sh and foreign manufactme is, as regards duties, II@On n equal footjng. The board say (we know, that the drawback was given to encourage trade; now, it appears to that the only way to settle this matter is to seek an interview with the right honorable gentleman, and get him to declare what engagement he entered into with the trade, and if he says. he clicl engage to give manufacturer drawback on their offal, we scarcely think his successor woul& tbi<..k,oj pucliating his engagements. :Mr. Gladstone is not cult to sec, and what he grants to the delegates of trade unions, he would refuse to such large revenue coll( ctOI'S. as the British tobacco rnanufa.cturers." --------------------A :V OHJ? OF ADvtcr:.-:-The Danville g'ive8 the tollowmg good advice to planters, winch they would promot e their interest by adoptincr: 'V c think if the planters generally wonld "'ivc attention to the order condition of the tobacco, an.i ibving it to market m a better shape, they wonlcl rean.oo uno1'e for crops, and bc amply repaid for tnl!tr addttiOnal p:tms a;nd labor. Very small parcels, for in stance, sell to a dJs..'1dvantage. A dealer will pay UY.J11e per hundred for a hogsheacl m tiercc of fine leaf, he will for a banclfnl of the same article. The tobacco should be carefully hamlled, ancl tied in small bundl atid, if practicable, prized in or tierees sc. ;:.hat it willuot be liable to be pulled to pieces :lml' trail!t;nle'tl nvon. A little n.ttentioa to these hints, in the prepa tton of the we e d for market, will be compensated the higher prices received." ---------------------THE 'fRADE.-gives us plca:nrc to nounce that the old house o l\Iessrs. l<'. B. Brackett & 9o., No. 14. Central \Vharl; Boston, former] y to eeo JObberS, arc now manufacturers and arrents fe.r ,the 'OOds rcali ze:'high rates, whilst the medium and sorts are difficult to place, at the it proper values. We could wish that we could see this state of thin"'s in England with home-made goods. Is it hopin"' much that the da; ma.y come when ci"'ars, manufactured from rea.lly fine Havana tobacco, will be considered of more value thau Havana or Continental make when manufactured from rubbish ? We know that the woril 'Foreign' has a pleasant sound with the British pub lic, but we believe that this prejudice mi<>'ht be over come by perseverance, but it is necessary 0f01 our own manufacturers to become convinced themselves before they can attempt to convert others ; we only know that Hamburg, Bremen, and Belgium manufacturers, ;v1th cluty to pay, compete successfully in the Zollverem w1th llavana-nutde cigars." Columbus (K;r.) Dispatclt says: "A note from says most ot _the farmers in that locality mtend ra1swg tobacco this year instead of cotton. Their experience in cotton during the past three years has convmced them that tobacco is far the most profitable crop in this section." Indiana is devoting much attention t$ the raiSmg of tobacco. The crop last year was larger than ever before, and probably each year for some time to come, will witness an increase. Sarrmel Reeves bas recovered a verdict of against the Memphis and Charleston Railroad for damages to a lot of tobacco by flood. .m= C:ollector of First Pennsylvania Dis tnct (Pbila.), has smzed 1,200 bbls. smoking tobacco on which the tax had not been paid. Parisian ladies have adopted the fashionable custom of an after-dinner cigarette. The1e are 340 tobacconists in the French <'JU>. ital.


fHOMAS HOYT & Co., TOBACCONISTS, No. 404 PuRL STREIT, NEW-YORK., Manufatturcn of all kinclt or F,me-Cut Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, Snuff, Cigars, and Havana Sixes. LEAF. 111lW YORK KAlfUP'AC'flJll.ERS. ,Anhur Gillender & Co.1 _, lOBll .&Jil)BJUIOI II 00. SOLACE TOBACCO, 114, 116, and 117 .,., 121 CEDAR-STREET, 11EW YORK BROKERS. W. G. ADAMS, Commission Agent, -'.liD Jlf Leaf & Manufactured Tobacco, LICOJUCE, TONQtTA l!:BASS, Ete., No. 64 WATER-STREET, w ... G. AD..... New .. York, GOODS FORWARDED. Pun. Jl'mOBU, BullY RODlfWALD. LICORICE PASTE WALLIS & CO. EXTRA. Tobacco manufacturers a.nd the trade in general 3J'3 particnlarly requested to exa mine and test the superior of this LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfection, is offered under the a.bove style of brand. We a1eo SOLE AGENTS for the brand \r\hlll' Gllleoder, FISCHER & RODEWALD>. loeph L. R. Wood. P. G. Acknowledged by consumers te be the best in the market.. And for the brand of IJicorice StiCk H. H. WATTs& co: Tobacco Brokers, -EMPIRE CITY Tobacco Works, No. 7 5 BO'WimY, ----::-:NEW YORK. --..,..,-T. A. LAWRENCE & 00., (Successors to WH.ITTJ. WWREIWK.) OW llo. 2 RA110VER BUILDIBGS, B. (U...o,..,..!!,) I In all respects equal to CALABRIA: lOC-Uli NBW YORK, WearealsoAGENTSforthebrand J. 's. GANS \Y; T 0 B A c c 0 B a 0 K R s' Root, aelect and ordinary constantly GODZ, WALLIS & CO., la9 Sl Sonth William St. NO. 86 WALL-STREET. LICORICE PASTil \ HOGLEN & GRAFFLIN, Olflii'BRS 01' PA.TJ:IM'B AJiD 80LR lt{.ufU.AO'l'tTK8B8 ()I' 1._ PEASE'S CELEBRATED SELF-FEEDING TOBACCG-CUmNI ENE. (. llGIIdredo of theM Hachlneo tu 11M In the heot houoa In the St., BolU.,...N, JJC OFFICE & DEPOTS 1 168 Pearl St., Mew York. NOTICB.-AII Infringements upon onr patent, wbem&Jtnfocinred or BXPOMD I'OB SALII, wiD. be culed. &VR BRANDS FINE-CUT CHE:WfNO 1 "KJNNYSIDE; T obaccoJ S.nilfl & Cigars, Tontine Building, lll"t'>W-Y0Rk DAVID O'NEILL & SON, EXCELSIOR MILLS This-Cutter took the '' M. H. LEVIN MEDAL at the GREAT PARIS EXPOSITION. T b ... ro ..... d.,. S HEART'S Dll.LIGHT, NATIONAL. THOMAS HOYT&: CO., New-York. HO.YT, FLAGG k CO., Loui .. ille, KJ. 374 Pea.rl Street, New-York, Ban on h.&Dd. a latlff' --..nraeat of Vlralnla 'MannraeCnred Pare naY& na and Dom...,ue C ... r LUKE PooLE,. Esq.,. o acco an egars, '-!'Ill D"Kl.D llf AU '-'1-.;T,,. ,,, Tobacco Brokers, PUllE LICORICE, No. 172 PEARL STREET, .a.loo, ..-ntlo\y of Gum Arabic, OLIVE TOXQUA. BEANS, No. 209 "WATER STREET, NE"W YOR.K, LEAF T OB A C C 0, _________ ___ 162 PEARL-ST, uea..r Wa.ll-st.., HOYT, FLAGG & CO., Succenora to BOYT, BARBOUR & CO .. 1 0'] and 109 Second St., LOUISVILLE, KY., ._laaurora of the followinc oelebrate4 braa of lNE-CuT CHEWING ToaA.CCOc SUNNYSIDE, :sWi.:ET OWEN, ROSE-BUD J;n.LJCKJNrcK SMOKING. TooAccOJ. Golden Eagle, Cabinet, Gnnd Mogal, Chimney-Cora HOYT, FLAGG &: CO., LouiOYill .. MOYT & New-Vodt. d. L. AD AM S, aucU.CTUilU OW J.LL I_(lfD8 OW I, ug and luriJd 1 .,-ba.cco 01' TO roLLOWII'O a.t.DB : BRIGHT. liPallll.C&Ite, Nature's Own, Navy Pounds and Half Pound.a, Neptune Navy Sixes DABX, Navy Pounds and Half PoW1411, ..._.,.s Sola.ce!J Sixes. lllasgle llrlltohell, Quarter Pounds, ;s. L. 12a, enae 'l'eaa. Vio.Oria Ten11. Doou.,...,.....,,lllloonnr. .-wle:E--80 FRosT STBlln. Mrcr YoJUt. SELLING AGDTS, .rotrN T. HARRIS ct. CO., !!0 FRONT N.Ew YORK. P'. B. BRACKETT A w...u,,, JlooTON. Buchanan & Lyall, t50 WATER-STREET, Ne,....York. English, French, German, and Scotch Cla.y Pipes. ...... THE ONLY MANUUOTUUAS Or TIDI J.IOlU OJ.N BIRD811Ylll SKOIWIG TOB.t.OOO. IT-II WM. H. GOODWIN & CO T obaccoJ Snuff & Cigars, fear anb Jiug .t: 209 WATER-liT., IIV Tilllll\. H. D ROBINSON Commission Merchant Manufactured and Leaf TOBACCO, 100 Barclay Street. D_j_ nn O'NsJLL. CHARLES F. OSBORNE, TOBACCO BROKER, NO. 15 OLD-SLIP, Wet corner of Water-street, M-10i NEWYORK. M. R4DER &: TOBACCO BROIC.EBS, .U.S oUMI' J'la't'Ur!Dp, fOl ue, llr .. 117 WEAVER & STERRY, IMPORTERS, 16 PLATT STREET, N. Y. 160 Pearl Street, MORRIS DOOa Ull'1' a. WALL .,..or,) Spanish NEW-YORK. jll'Aw-Yntk Auctioneers. GERARD BETTS & CO., General Auctioneers .A.ND COllrlMIBSION MERCHANTS, '2' OLD SLIP, Oll'l door from Hanover Square, l'II&W YOillt. --------... DEMUTH & No. 30 LIBERTY ST., ll l '1 l V1l1 May 1st, to 403 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. co., NEW-YORK 37' STATE ST., CHICAGO. DEMUTH & C 1 ., RECEIVED THE PRIZE AT THE PARIS EXPOSITION I KALDEl\TDEB., G SON, The only Wholesale and Retail Manufacturers in the United States of GENUINE MEERSCHAUM. PIPES, GEORGE B REED &. CO., AMBERS, MOUTH-PIECES, CASES, &c. D. H. McALPIN & CO., 1aU.Ntl'P.!CTORBR8 OP TIIB c-..LEDRA.TED FINB-cu_ T GENERAL AUCTIONEERS, LIQUORICE PASTE. D.mPAIB. :ni&" :gQJ:LIIiG" RQVIi'lllliG" be Vtr[lH Leaf and Navy ChCWill[, lalearoom, lo. 84 lledar Street, A. P. FRANCIA, PORTRAITS, MONOCRAMS, ct.c., ct.c., CUT TO ORDER Importer of STORES, 23 STREET. UDDEAURBUI 1 Plug Tollocco, Sulllr,' Flour, A;e. Auctioneer. Salesmnu. 102 Pearl St., N, Y. 7 7 ::13 B.<> .A. :J:l ""DV .A. Y'. ofsupenorquallty,forsaleatlowestmarketrateo. ADDRESS ALL :LET""I.'.ERS '1'0 6 JOHN STREET. MM."'UFAC'l'ORY A:Nl> SALESROOM, SEIDENBERG & CO,, cahill &Co;, XX. MF, and FGF brand, ail Nos. 7G, 77, and 79 Avenue D, -__ JOSEPH SCHEIDER 79 and a 1 William Street, DBALJI:R IN" Smoking, Chewing, AND KENTUCKY lEAf TOBACCO. ROBlTSCHEK & TAUSSIG, 236 Delanceyst., N. Y., FOREIGN &; DOMESTIC LICORICE PASTE F. GRUND& CERERO, lliiPOBTBaa. 118 Pearl-.tnet, New-York. J. 0. y Oa. B.. B. NO. 19 DEY-STRE;E'.I', New-York. (Gi-116) BroarJMav, II. STACHELBERG, TlfURBIA. ..... I\ G. 0. M.&.S!J,-J.CTCR:&Ii. 011' TBII: OltLEBRJ.TJU) BRUDS Nourunt, LA AROMA, AND LA Pnncn POWDE-RED tlQUOtUCE. SEGARS, FINEST QUALITY. Mnufactured at Poughkeepsi e, ew-York. POL SON', MEERSCHAUM GOODS. Stores: !7 Jpha, near Nassau, Al. ""DVa.-ter S-tree-t, Bet. Halden Laae & Pine St., NEW YORK. had t'or Prlee .U.L M. BROCK, JU UJ".ACTU&;:R O.r TH.Z li'Dri'Sr or .UD SRK. .A_nd or Ltgbt ancl 'DKrk Work, Lump, Twlat, and Roll To. bdcee, lfepperhan Tobo.cco Works, Yonkers, N.Y. B CIJewlllg Jlild Sm(ikln& The OelebnL.ted SlCOB:IMG TODA.COO, Granulated, Young America I A Extra. Long, Turki sh D Smoking. Sp&rdsb; (.,'utimd, I E .dra 0 Su1oklng, French. and otber N cpt.unt>, Savorz, Lon.r Smoking. P&ncy Smoklnr CliVdldlsb, No. 1 8moklog, Tobacco. SNUFF, Scentcn e1"al the anpertor and welle!!flt&bl1abcd brands "' noorke NP!Tr 'f'ORK. Ptiate. K. li C. a.scl J. 0. y Ca, exprealy J'Mde 1\>r tbla JOHN A, BAR TCORlf, marke ll!ld warrant.eU nore FIH:rtS'iG.uts, Powdered Roo1 NO t48 WATER-STREET, NEWYORK. Licorice JPastec Toblilooo Mnut.cturera are invited to M. WESTHEIM & CO., examle -eur Branda, and teat their qual-01 """ ity. BEGr.A.::Fl.S ... H. MESSENGER & CO., 177 PEARL STREET, 161 t63 MAIDEN-LANE(tlplllllrt,) NEW"-YORK 1'0 .. La. ._.. liiTEWVORK. E R e GREATEST IN of the for the beuofil of SMOKERS,,.,. duetng the coet ofC1gars and Cigarettes to tbc me ro oost <>f lbe Tol>acco. V ry c o nvenient to carry In the PocKET no omelll and adapted to tbe usr of ""; obacco. Jn two P. zes and three l!tyl ce-JAPANNID P.fld SILYB.R 8ar.a.ple Machines y,1th WO Wrappers. sent free ot p n etage on roceipt o 1$1.00. hlgllr ,st Prize aw11rded at the Fair of tho Amorloan ln!tllnle, Sept. ond Oct., 1867. l'or partlcnlars &ddreo. H. C. WITT, 51 Ce(lat' Street, NNe ofintringemcnte. All genuine bave my I.l:UD.e printed ctu the baJJdl' 57 MAIDEN LANE, N Kfl'-l'tJXH.. V.CNDRA & BuURGUGt<. lmp()ritsra or &J-J k n.!_. f f lLEERSCH&!:K AlSO lllllAil Plt:IES, J.Dd Saaot.ero' artlclet genorall7. Pakal Smokers' Toque l'rotectora, 61 N488.L.tJ !Y&BBT, N'wYoac. lOENIG, MEYER & DO., Dt.POatus or GENUINE & IMITATION lmERSORA.UM, BRIER WOOD, LAVA, Clay and China Pipea, Segar Tubea, 1 Tobaoco Pouohee, Beiar Cuae, etc. Bmolr:ers' SetB, Segar Stands, Aoh and ll& &.:eo Qud a .. lr:eto, eto., etc. &U .. S11'., up near '!alden-ane, N, Y. JV:ents for J. KV::oi;G k SoNs Germanf Manuf&cturen of aU tands ut 1'1peli. (Near Wall-,) .o..c:o 1 ,. .... -Jlaltlea.Jane,) lli-Sl lfEW-YORK Oor.MaidenLanc, Ne-w--York. NRWVORK. XANUFACTORY,D 1 Columbia-st. SCHMITT & STORM, E. SPINGARN & JOSEPH HALL, WILLIAM LEE, NEW-YORK. XJ.MUJ'&crumme o:r DEALERs rN Segar Manufacturer, (Suecesr LEE nn.OTRERS,) -.fuWU>Ja. ........ len& RDW'DK.UWlti!SCL s, Leaf Tobacco & Segars, 76 Barcla-street, N. Y. J:m.porter and Mnnuf'aotureL' of' HAUCK'S CIBOULAB W ---I Jllji'Jm <011<1ARSt M. LEAF TOBACCO, NO. TOBACCO BOXES, Patented April 26, 1867. Chichester & Co, 101 PEARL sTREET, 81-llll NEw--YoH.H.. !.it BOWRY, NEW-YORK. 1 Jooin-11 SCIDfi'l'T, l GoBGB SToJUl r ll&AltT POR IMXEDU.'I'& tJSB, ALWAYS OlV WI\Nl). lliPORTBa AD DBALO Of teaf Tobacco & Segars. Sole Mnnfaetrer oC the IJILEl!llATED BOUQUET SXOXIJI'O TO:BAOCO. '!'oba..:t:o Un bond-or dut.v Pliid) ID qua.n\lllel t.o &ult pur......,,., !NOlAN FlGU!l.E:I. _ao.H-Agent. fur Chich eater 1 ce1.ebtated Scotch 8oWf. ror the teeth dlpplng purpo1ea. The SnuJI' Ia wn AU over the couotr,J',IUld l manutactared expresaly ,_the puroose. It e&n1bc bad bJ" the keg, liaJf bar .. ftl. or barrel Jlanoy l!moklni Tobacco ol all klnda, u allo a ped cell ..... to. "1 Articles. a a. DKOJC8tmr. 0 I. DII:Oif'BI().W. NEW YORK. R, S. WAL TER1 BEST Connecticut, Havana & Yara LEAF TOBACCO, 203 PEA.IlL STREET, Near MaldOil Lane, NEW YORK. H. D. DUMONT, s. EDMONSTON & BROTHER, Bt.NUP.+m'ITIIBB 01' ,...,.o .. =-o FINE SEGARS fine-cut Chewing and Smoking ,. TOBACCOS, Ul & 216 DuaDe-lt, Hew-York. ... en-.. ...., Jl&uDI : BBVIT.I&, OUBBBNOY, ...... BbL. 110-tn 33 Mew Chambers Mrees, eorner Pearl, PtmJCIPAL DEPOT, 7fJ S-tree-t, NEW YORK. ........ ,...... ...... TOBACCO LABLES FOR CADDIES, NAVIES, POUNDS, ETC. FURNISHED BY HATCH. & CO., s. Ill BROADWAY (TnnityBuilding), JEW-YORK. 269 Pearl Street, NearFulton, NEW-YORK A. HAMMACHER & CO., Agents, Beekman 8L, N.Y. REASONS why all caution bnslnes men GRANTING CREDITS should lrive B&LL.&RDtS "MBRCHAt.TS' BANKERS' REFERENCE GL 'lll3'' tbe PREFERENCE ABO VB ALL slmilarpubticatiou: BEO.& USE-The ratlnlrS are a SEASON LATER tban ANY OTHER Reterence.llook. BECAUSE-We have SUPERIOR sources for procuring information, which cannot be 'lined bJ ANY other parties. BECA.U8E-It Is the ONLY work THOROUGDLY renoed and rated SliHI-ANNW : bY' a L.A.RGB NUMBER of p rominent shrewd buelues men, all plac r ;,a.-BBersons BRIEFLESS LAWYERS, nor Ali'.riQ.UATJID OORD BECAUSE-It iB a RELIABLE INliEX of of LIVll:U.EMINENT bns; of credita, acq by Intimate B SlNB88 TRAN BECA.USE-lt represent the relative commercial otanding, aa UNDEI!STOOD WHOSB BUSINESS leods them to DCHANGB OPlNIONS DAILY k. I to tlte TRUE MERITS, VALUE. AND RATES of all busluees paper olrered !0r BECAUSE-IthasbeenADOPTJIDuthe ST.I.NDAKD WORK. In WA.LJ BET, alsobJ leading honsee THROUGHOUT THE OOMMERClA'L WORLD. DB


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