The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (4 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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rt----' Orgim of the TobacOO.frade.of the Uriited States: The Largest special Tn!de Paper in the Wor VoLmm IV., No. 8 l WHOLE No. 164. f TEUI Ol!' TlU PAPBA. Slagle Copleo ........... ................. 10 Centa Per &IUIIlm............. .. .. ............... 14-00 T1> Ji:a21and and the Canadaa, $1.9Ucldltioll&l per all1111l for prepayment of pootage. To Bremen, Bambnrg1 and the Oontinent OJ Bv.rope Sl 156 addltioD&I r.r alllllliD tor poetage. Te AMtNl!a, etc., 13.1 additional per annum for pootage. No orders for the paper considered, unlea1 accompanied by tb e correopond!Ju! amouBt. BA'rEI Ol!' ADVDTIIIlfCJ. Slllgle Donble Colwnn. ColuiDJl. 1 square (I 6 months ... $15 Sll8 1 oquare (llncb for 1 year ........ t8 04 2 squares (2 Inc eo) tor 6 rnpuths .. 28 !liS t oqaares Inches) tor 1 .. .. 54 100 8 aquaree 31nchel) for tl mont h .. 42 60 3 squares a iocbea) ror t ye. u ..... 60 150 4 .. uareo 4 rot 6 54 100 4....,. (4 lncbes for 1 year ..... 105 & oqual'ei (51ncheo for IHu onths .. 70 180 5 aquree (5 Inch eo for 1 year ..... 130 2110 G aqaarea (6 iochee) for u months .. 60 150 6 equareo (6 lncheo) for t Y"'" ..... 160 300 .A.4nrtlielmmll 'IUlder the ntllldlnl "For llale" "Watecl," lilt cents per line .lor every io'ertioementa llaye W lie will be c nt!-1, ..,_ ._ _.,.J*IIecl bJ tile -t. ftU rnle Wll!lln'OU.Biil' be adhered to. -GOLD VALUBB OF FORBID OOINS. iJrll4l Brit11iM. pound ... ...... ..... ..-; ls. ehitling ............... 0.14,1 1d. pe1my ... .. .. .. .. 0.011,0 A-.. ,..,._ lfr. Crane ................ 0.18 1e. eenelm\l .............. 0,00,18 Am.,..._, JlMIM'dtJm., 1ft. ftorin or suilder ........ let. oeat. . . O .OO,t 1rth. ridho.ler. .. .. 0. 'f8t lgrt. grote ... .......... OJ)l,O(t) Httmbrg, Lublc, dr.1m. marc loa...,o, ... 0.36,0 1$0h. sebelllog. ... -.. . 0.0!, 1 Foura11 WE'!oum .-A kllosramme eq,ualt! ll.to486 lbs.; a Bremen pfuM. equala 1.01909 lba; a Hambvg pfund ..,.at. 1.06'118 lbs. anirdupoia. Bxms T.1.x.-Cavendish, Plug, a11d Twiat, eo ltitute therefor, live dollars per thOlli!&Dd. Snllll', m&llufaotured of tobacco or any 1ubeti.tute, dry, damp_, eel, or otherwile, ..r all desen.pttoos, 40c. per lb. Tobacco, duty 3lle. per pound, gold. Foreign Cigars, $3 per pound and 60 per cent. ad BUSINESS DIRaCTORY OJ' ADV:&BnnBB. -:o: NEW YORK., TOBA.(JCO W .. UROI78119. Agnew W., k &na, 284 arid 286 Front street Mree, cit Son, 64 Water. Baker, B. 0, Son 4 Co., 142 Pearl. Bearimo, B. & D. 124 Water. Blakemore, Parke< .t: Co., 181 Pearl BowDe R. 8., Burling Slip. &-amhall &; Qo., 147 Water. .llryao, Walle & Co., Bl'9a4. Bullr.ley & lloore, '14 Front. .._. A; Donaltzer, 128 Water. .l. 1J. &: Co., 169 ,front. C...OUy tli Go,, 46 Water. I. X: & Co., til and 193 Front. DeBraekeleer &: Foote, 94 .,_,John L., n Wat..,., DQ11aa, c.rou& eo., to. rroat. J)abels, Vudet'\'oorl & Clo. rT Water. r.u-steill, Obas. B. & Son, 1 'TO Water Patman & CJo., '10 and '7'2 Broad. rlelding, & Co., 119 Pearl. o..en &: Bro 160 Water and 15'1 Bowery. o-teld II Go., 61 Beanr. Gu_.JII', L. VI. & Ce., 110 Pearl. Gll&larie &; Ce., 2115 Fronl Harris, J. T. II Co., 80 Fl'!>nl Heald & M.lller, 176 W atet". llelaekeo, 0. &; Palmore, 116 Broadway. BleD, .Joeepb, 82 Water. Rilb!Jan, G. W. & Co'., 108 Front. Hlrachbom, L. &; Co., ao Pearland 106 Water Bollionder, L. & Son, H'l Wat!!r. Haat, Cbu. E. & Co., 110 Pearl Kell7, &: Co., 3 Beaver. P. & Co., 1114 WMet. Co., 160 Pearl. Leilr, H. H., 162 Pearl. Le.ory & Newgu1, Water. Liadhelm, Bros. & Co., 90 Water. lMIIlard, P., 16 Chambers. llaltlaad,R. L. & Co., 1 Hanover Duitdblge. Jlarob, Price cit Co ll Water. -.,.er, J01eph & So111, 122 Water. Kayo, J. R. F., 101> Water. )leCaffil, Wm., iil Bowery. Keapl Cbarle1 C., 56 Cedar. Jl..euger, H. & Oo., 161 and 163 Maiden I. J1otr1e, H. Jll., 99 Pearl and 6i Nathan, L. & Maurice, 48 Broad. Nonen, Slau1hter & Co., 40 Broad. Oakley, Cornelius, t>6 Water. Oatman, Alva, 166 \Vater. Ober, R. H. &; Co., 43 Broad. Brothers, 133 W&ter. Palmer & Scoville, 1 'TO Water. Pappenbeiruer, M., 33 Broad. Paulitscb, M., 148 Water. i'earsall, ll. R., 23 South William. Platt & N'avon, 117 FroM. Prloe, W1u. M. & Co., 119 Mo.iden lane. Read, Clement, 811 Pearl. Re;.mann, G. & Co., 1 Pearl. Robinson & Hearn, 1711 Water. Robinson, IT. D:, 10[) Barelay. Belllabaum, A. 8. & Co., 162 Water. SU.oo, ll. & E. 86 1llr.iden l&oe. Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 47 Broad. Sehottenfel, M. & J., US8 Water. Solloverling & Chapman, 116 South William. Sehroecler ai Bon, 178 Water. Sebu.twt, H. & Co., 146 Water. ,.._ Cbaf. & Bro., 1119 Water. Bellpberg. Cohen & Oo., U9 Water. Slotiel, J ulioe, Pearl. Splngarn, J:. & Co., 5 Burling slip. &; Co., 197 Dll&n8 sC. 8\rohD & Beitseu1teio, 164 Water. Tllayer Broshers, 44 Water. TlaWrmaon, H., 10 Water at. Unkan & Oo., 166 J'ultou. Velterlein, 'lb. H. .It 8oa11, 118 Water. Vlpliua .t Sey111our, 189 Yalter, R. 8. i03 Pearl. WaUs, Or&ue:.; Oo., 4!1 Brnad. Weatbehn, H. & Co., 177 Pearl. Wilooa, Pow & Oo., 180 Peut. ftB.I.OOO ...._ Adams, W. G., M Water. .,..._ & Rodewald, I BtiiiiiJat. 8uu,J.8.& Son IaWaii. O'Neill, David & &;;, 1 U PearL NEW :YORK, WEDNESDAY, APRIL. 15, 1868. j C. PFIRSIID{G, I 142 FULTOX 8TJwnt.. 03borne, Chas. F., 16 Old slip. Rader, M. & Son, 190 PearL >U.NI7UCTURKRS. Beck, F. W. & Co., 160 Peart Brock, M., 829 Bowery. & Lyall, 160 Wa.ter. Dumont, H D ., 75 Fultou. Edmonston, S. S & Bro., 213 & 215 Duane. Empire tlity Tobacco W ork1, 75 Bo;wery Falk;M. 143 Water. 116,and 11'1 Liberty. Goetz, F. A.. &.JlrG., 18 3 and 185 Duane. Goodwin, W. H. & Co., 20'r and 209 Wa.ter. Hall, Joseph, 76 Barclay. Hartcorn, John A., HH Water. Hoyt, Thom:ll! & Co., 404 Pearl. Kerbs, A, 35 Bowery. Lawrence, T. A. & Co., 3'14 Pearl Lee, Wm., 26t Pearl. Lllleothal, C. H., 217-221 Washington. Lorillard, P., 16, 18, 20 Chambers. llayer, M 58 A. venue C., D. H & Oo., AveDne D. Miclt e, :!. H. & Sons, 110 Water. NelUiecker, L. H. & Co., 162 Water. 'lobltscbelt.& Tausaig, 256 Delaucy Soheider, .Joeeph, 71 William. Schmitt & Storm, 191 Pearl Bcllroeder & Ball, 178 Water. Stachelbei'J, M:., 16 Oedar. UlPOIKKE8 .1.0 DE.I.LRU Frank, & Co., 2.8 Liberty. .. _by, a, 194 1'\larl. Llohteosteln Brothers & Co., Sit .Pearl street. Lorlllard, P., 16 Chamberil. KcCallll, Joma. & Co.j l.U Greenwich. Rooeowald, E. & Bro., H5 Water. Salomon, S. Pearl. Seidenberg & Go., 19 Dq. Tag, Chas. F., Front. lf.I.HIJF.I.CTIIIUIJiil OP BNIJ .... App!ehy & Helme, 138 Water. Lorillard, P., 16 Chambers. IXPQll'rliiiS OF PIP1 ETC. 'Boiken Siefkea, Maiden lane. Demuth, William & Co., 28 and' SO Liberty. Konig. Meyer & Co., 96 William : Lorillard, P., 16 Chambers. Schey, M. & Co., 44 Maiden lane. IlfPORTK&S OF CLAY FlPES. Batjer, H. & 'Brother, 61 Water. Bergmann, .J. H. ,122 Front. JUNUP .. CTtfR11&9 OB lfl<&RSCKA l1ll GOODS. Kaldenberg & Son, 6 John, 23 Wall, and 717 Broadway. ')luUer & Stehr, 88t Bowery. 'Pollak & Sou, 27 John anIPANJla 'fOBA.CCO ltliiVES. Napanoch Axe aad lrou Oo., &9 Murray SNUPr .I.II'D TOBAOOO DOTTI.Ell. Quinlan, Jer., 138 William. TOB.I.OOO B.I.GI, .A.aten, W. B. & C., 26 Pearl. t TOB.U:<:O BOXKS ll&immacher, A. & 00., Beekman. TOBACCO l'APBR W.I.RBHOUSB, haaup & Moore, 1118 William. Francke & Eller, 4.24 Min. Hoyt, Flagg & Co., 107 and 109 Second. Leopold, M. & Co. Peynado, E. & Co., 222 Main. Robinson, A L. & G 48 Fout'th. Tuck & Woruack, 273 Main. Wicks, G. W. 1 Co., 102 Maio. L Yl'fCHB11RG, VA, Carrol. J. W. JlcCorkle, Son & Co., 113 Maio. llcDaniel, Litchfield & Co. Robinson, J. A. S$Gile, John W., 193 :Min. Younger & Co 141 Main. DIBIIPH18, TEI!JN, E., 1!60 NBW' A.RK. W. 1. Briatzinpofl!lr, W. A., 3'14 Broed. C-pbeli, Lane & Co., 95 Drilad. NEW ORLBA.NS, LA.. Liehte111tein; Bros. & Co., 'l'i Graner. Irby, MoDaaiel i: Co., Ito Gravier. OB.&:IIA.1 l'fBernd & A.bbott. PBTERBBIJBO VA, Ela.m, w. P. & Co., 126 Syeamore. PHIL &DELPHIA., TOII.I.CCO WAIIJCHOI7818. Armstrong, A. & R., 51 Soutb Fto11t. TOBACCO BA.RRIILS. Briggs, A. T., M Rutgeu Slip. Boyd, Fougeray & Co., 61 N ort:b Third. Bremer, L. & Sowo, 322 North Third. Baoknor, McCammon II Co., 37 North Water Burgess & Bro. 4.4 South Delaware a.-. Courtnoy, Woodward 47 N. Water. "' Doh.111 & Taitt, 29 North Water. TOBA.CCO L.I.B&L PRUITIIU, Brown, M. B. & Co., !)9 W'Ullam. A.LL:IIGIRBNY CRY, P..l., Jenkillaon, R. & W., ll Federal. B"LTniOBB, TOB.t.OCO -'\l" A.BXrtOU8U. Boleniu1, 0. H., 201 West Pratt. Boyd, W. A. & Co., 33 .South. BranD&, F. L. cit IJo., ll Cbe&psid e. De Ford, Charles D. & Co., 3'"6outh Gay. L. & Co., 121 W. Lombard. Gunther, L. "1"., 90 Lombard. Kerchoff &; Co" 49 B. Charles. Loose, C & Co., 19 German. Paul, Wm., 461 Weet Bahimore. Ricliardsoo, !': & Co., 45 West L!lnibard-. IIAJIUJ'ACTURIRS, .ETC, Beck, F. W. & Co., 180 North. Becker & Bros., 94 Lombard. Dukebart' E. W. & Son, 29 S Cal\'ert. Feigner, .F. W., 90 and 92 South Cbarles. Gll, G. W. & Ax, 28 Barre street. .Parlett, B. F. & Co., 92 Lombard. Schro e ller, J os., 8 I Exchange Place. Watts, G. S. & Co., 21 South Calvert .. Wilkens & Co. 181 West Pratt. BOSTON. Braekett, F. B. & Co., 14 Central Wharf. Brown, D. S. & IJo., 3I nnd 33 Bro:.d. Eckley, A .A.., 12 CenU&I Wharf. Fisher & Co., 23 Central Wbarf. Mltchell, A. R .. 311 Central Parker & Caldwell, l Commerce and 13 City Wbatf. BROOKLYN N, Y, MA.NUJ'ACTCRKIU!. .Adams, J. L., 1411 Degrall'. Bramm, John, IS .A.tlotle. Buchanan & LyalL BOX K.I.NI7JP.Ul'rl7aBRS, SherDI
    Water. Sank, J. Rinaldo & Co., 31 North Water. Teller Brother&, 117 North Third. Vetterlein & Co., Ill Arch. Wartman, Mich., 105 North Water. J(A..NUJ'.A.CTUB8RS1 oALzU, E'l'C. Daley, .James, cor. Sd and Race. Greenly, G. A. & co., IllS N .orth Twentieth. llare, Thoma&, 4 H and 503 North Second. Smith Brothers, 121 North Third. Taylor, j, K., 336 Markel. Theobald, A H Third and Poplar. WiUhau&, E. L., 207 Race. D&ALRRS IN LEAF TOBA.CCO. Eisenlol..-, W 137 South lOth. IIANUFA.CTUBXRS OF SCOTCll SNUPP. Ralph A.., & Co., 105 Aroh. AUCTIOt(I.ERS. Powell & West, 28 South ]j'ront. PJTTSB11HG, PA, BlumeMcheio1 Geo., 4' Seventh. Hey!, Mart., 333 Liberty. :Megraw, E. & Co., 31 St. Clair. J. W., 427 Penn. PBOVIDENtlE, B. I. Hunt k Bro., 116 W cstminster. Kingsley, L. &-Co., '9 Westminster. RIVHDI.OND. VA. .Greaner & Winne, 1812 East Cary. Hardgrove, Thomu J. Hoffbauer, G. & C.o .!Iilla & Ryant, Shockoe slip. Neudecker Bros., cor 26th an'd Main. Pilkinton, E T., 18 14th. Rapp S. & Co., 14th and 15th. BOCHE!ITBB, N. Y. Kimball, W. 8., 44 Main. Whalen, R. & T., lSi State. SPRINGJI'IFLD, Dl..l88. Smith, H & Co., 20 Hampden. !IT. LO 1118, JII:Oo Bernimo, Barton & Co., 7 South Main. Catlin, D., 168 North Second Clark & Overall, 118 Washington avenue. Dormitzer, C. & R. & Co., 120 Nonh See ond Falk, N. M., 206 North Seoon4. M_ & Co., 815 M'orth Second. Griswold, Orle & Co., 612 Nonh F011rth. Haynes & Beth, 100 North Oommerolal. Schroeder, F. H., 100 Soolch l'ourtla. &YIIA.4l1111 .. R'. Y. Barton, J011. & Co. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15, 1868. FRJ.IJBS IN TOaJ.CCJO, officials are negligent and venial, but have you gone to them a.nd resolved to give them no rest until your state ments are attended to? Do you remember the parable of the Unjust Judge? Have you noe flrith that similar persistence in this case would ensure similar results ? We urge om: friends in all sincerity to make this a per sonal matter. Where you know or suspect that to bacco is being put upon the market not ta.x:paid from a The position of THE ToBACCO LEAF with regard to fi d b ll kn cet'tain factory, make it your business to ferret out the t he rau s lJl to acco IS we own. In this matter, f: A ro. acts. .ew days devoted .to such mqmnes would as on all other questions whiCh have been renewed m b ld lt" t th h t h t f thi rmg go en resu s o e ones mere an s o s Its columns, THE LEAF has always based Its advocacy 't d t f bl th t d th h t tb. f. Cl y, an reac avora y upon e ra e roug ou e of.th1t1 or that measure on the broad groands o JUsttce, J. t If tl G t d teet' ffi t . "uun ry. overnmen e tves are 1ne 01en rather than upon tbe shiftmg qmcksands of expediency. t d t t' lf J' th d 1e t 1 urn e ec tve yourse ror e nonce, an supp men It has set 1ts face as a fhnt agw.nst tho wrong, utter y tb 1 th 'th y d 't 'th t 1 mrs o Wl your energy. ou can o 1 wr ou oss regardless of'the faet that such a course mtght not mf 1 t d' d 'th t red't t . h o persona s an mg, an w1 grea c 1 o your u to 1ts pccumary profit. It bas said to those m t e h t 1 b' .d 1 b 't' W fi d G c arac era as \'Wa 11J1 aw-o eymg c1 1zens. e tobacco trade who have sought to de rau the ovem-1 1 1 d t d bt th t f fi d a ways ree me me o ou e smcer1 y o our nen s ment, we caDitGt by word or deed suswh h th 1 f th ti d 'th ut k d if d en we ear em comp a1mn.g o e rau s w1 o tam yon tB your mtsta en course, an you are erti' tb 1 th 1' ht t t t t t exe ng emse ves m e s tg es o pu a-s op o ternu.ned to pursue It we henceforth part com-th W b 1 th t 1 d 1 h t' """L 1 h h ld em. e e teve a severa ea ers ave pe l Pany. Thlil 18 the language .LJ1Jii EA:E a ways as e t' d th c 'tt w d M 'th t:'. tone e ommt ee on avs an eans WI re1er and holds to-day ; for wht would 1ts reputatton be ence to certain Brooklyn factories, concerning which worth did it. stoop, only in a single instance, to become very bad stories are told. This is all very well, but it theapologia for men who have lost all sense of honor will be some time before any change can be effected in anll are dead to every lofty instinct of patriotism? the law, even presuming their suggestions are adopted ; What reputation, we say, should we have, did we con meantime, let these ge1_ 1tlemen follow the course sent to screen the ;wilfully and confessedly guilty for have indic:\ted, and we venture to say that they will the !lake of a few paltry dcil.lars? N ; wheu we bccollle perceive the results of such action long before an aucominced that TilE ToBAcco J,:&AF can be rendered swer.will be vouo}J.safed to their memorial. Such a course materially prosperous only ny such a course, we shall will also prove the sincerity of their complaints and it hasten to retire from it in favor of those whose con-lustrate words by deeds. It is related of Demosthenes sciences are more elastio, and. whose standara of busi-that, on being approached on a certain occasion by a neal! honesty is adjusted to a more convenient level It w.ho stated his case in a rather tame and in differ-. is our proud boast to."day that TaE LEAF has attained ent manner, as if he were not greatly intere8ted in it its present extraordinary degree of prosperity and pop. himself, the gteat orator aroused him, as with a thundcr ularity, by a rigid adherence to a straightforward policlap, by a" I don't believe you." This magical sentence cy, and by rectitude that has made no divergence, acted like a charm upon the cli;,nt. Stung by the "even in the estimation of a hair," from the line of eloquent advqoat e's pretended unbelief, he reE)tated strictest integrity. We make no doubt that we could his cue in the most earnest tones, accompanied by for to-morrow double and:trebleour profits, should we concible and emphatic gestures. So with these complaints sent to dabble in the dirty corruption, about the enormity of the alleged frauds. so long as slj_'mywaters have hopelessly berouled so many business dealJ:lrS content themselve& with mere complaints, what reputations; but we feel thankful tb,at we have never are we to think? Either they do not meim wh,j\t they felt inclined, even in the pre!rence of the' greatest temp say, or their disinclination for personal action in the tation, to sacrifice our principles to our pocket. When matter, outweig):ts their sense of the personal injuiry we reflect how common is the practice of black-mailing the frauds are causing them. And yet personal action among certain of OtJr contemporaries, and the fatal fa is the only solution of the difficulty-the only cility with which one may enter and pursue the down evidence they can give us of th e sincerity of their 1 m ward road,".Facilis deceJISIIa averni," entatioDB S;hall this evidence be given? An atlirma -we repeat that it is matter for self-gratulation tbat we tive an wer would..relie';"e the trade of much of the de b ave thus far kQpt our skirt clean and our reputation pression now experienced by se!Jurii.'g a revival of busi unsullied. ness in all branchesofthetraffic Honesttobacoomen Yv e make thMe remarks at this juncture because our shail we, or shall we not, :tight the thieves? siderable quantities will be imported hence from ahout the middle of June. It may be intcrestiDg to lrnow, that of some seventy-five millions of dollars Great Britain paid for the wheat imp()rted in 186!7, a little over and a of dollars in gold was patd to the Umted States, mamly to Csh fornia. This year we hope to do better. Te meet a foreign demand, we are, unquestionably, in a buater pcsition than we have been for three years. The> BtoOl& of grain in our own. market, it is trne, are nnni!Wally low; but at the principal primary marKet!, ineluauig the quantity on the canal, they are believed to be folly a hundred per cent. larger than at the period last year. So substantial a gain in suyphes could hardly fail to lead to an important reduction in prklc io the absence of a foreign outlet; but, as it we re peat that no material' abatement in prices woUld-..., probable until sucb titlle as au approximate reaalt of the next harvest can be determined. The fact. Ula& economy in the consumption of bread ia not so elllil.y praetised as in other things, is another reason ny there is likely to be no IDjterial fall in pricn wmi. tre supplies in all parts of the country brought up to the standard of the more abundant reara ; and as a. reduction in the rates of labor and pncea of .tured products depend largely upon food pro; ducts, a bounteous this year m1gllt weir baregarde..d in the light of a national blessing. THE great Vanderbilt-Drew quarrel h81! got iDto the Courts, and is creating no little scandal in lead ing counsel by cthe ears, and in the puhlic olean sing of a large !\IDOunt of dirty linen. With mo t of the questions at issue the general _public have little to do, and are natural_ly but slightly mtercsted; with some of the incidental matters growing out of the case. however, the public are vitally concerned. Lea"ring out of the question the manner in which the larg::e amount of extra stoc]<, said to have been issued by Drew, came upon the market, and reserving the right of examination into the power of directors to go to th lengths which the Erie directors are aaid _to hh<: reached to carry out a policy which they sayia one to the stockholders, there is matter for deep reffec-. tion in the cause of this controversy, which tile interests of business in a ll parts of the country. thing can be said iu favor of allowing the of two great lines of railroad leading to the West in the hands of a person. Not only are the interests of the city oi New York largely involved in the matter, but. those of the whole country. With attention has peen called afresh to the subject of the frauds which are alleged as being perpetrated in the manufacture and sale of the wQed, and because we do not wish to b11 understood, if we cannot always accept these charges as correct, as. in any way seeking to a pol ogise for the criminal or palliate the crime. We know that many will attribute to us thg worst motive.s be cause of the position we oe.cupy as the organ of the trade,' but those who know us better will do us justice. And in thi11 oonneotion we would say to tlie outside public, that no olal!s of men regret the of frauds upon the revenue more sincerely than the great body of the tobacco trade, whom we consider to be as honest as anyother trade in the country, and far more 'So than some others. This does not the fact of frauds, but it locates them and places the blame upon the proper parties. Is it strange, we ask, that a law, apparently framed for no other purpose than to ternpt men to steal from the Government, combined with -the seductions of revenue officials-as corrupt a set of men, as a class, as ever were appointed to office-should prove too powerful for certain ones among tobacco:men, who are neither more or less virtuous than their neighbors? Is it not strange, rather, that with such inducements placed, in their way by the very Gov ernment itself, there should be any honesty left in the trade? Notwithstanding this, however, we can point out hundreds of men who, setting aaide all moral consideration!!, could not afford to be dishonest, and are, therefore; from the very necessity of the case, up right i1i all their dealings. It is a great mistake, then, for the public, judging from World editorials and the effusions of half-informed and irresponsible reporters, to write down the entire tobacco trade of the united States, or any portion of it, as dishonest. It is the misfortune of that trade at present .to be con founded in the popular mind with the whisky iftterest, Ml OR EDITORU.LS As will be seen by reference to other columns, our correspondent, "Clarence," returns t.o the. license que& tion. He seems to .be ignot-ant of the fact that tobac conists have already to pay. &10 for a license as re tailers. What the trade needs is, to have a similar ob ligation extended to all retailers of tobacco not in the trade. Our correspondent a.lso advocates a ti>O license. As tobacconists are aheady taxed *10, we could not very well' outsidel'l! par $50 for the BBme J?rivi lege. The mQst we can ask Is, to make the11e o11tlliders pay the same as the .regular trade: This is the way, in which the matter strikes us, but we should be very glad to hear from other corrfilSpondents on the subject. As it is now, the druggists and saloon-keepers actually have the regular trade at. a disadvantage j fo_r while the .latter oannot sell without a license, the former make the amount of the license in. addition to their pther en ormous profits. New York Central and the Erie Railroad Compa nies. rivals for the bu iness of the .West, the of transpol'tation would be cheapened, such :renlt being for the benefit alike of merchants, and consumers. But with those companies llDited, not only would the freight that might be ca. ried over thei r roads be afteoted, but all competin roads wo11ld be cont rolled, in a measure, by the agreed upon by the monopoly, so .that if they werf inordinately high, more might have to be paid in all parts oithe country for transportation service. On th other hand, if with intention to break down opposition,. the monopoly $hould quite its forces to hamper and cr Qut the result must be an injury m stoc olders in the"c oomp<>nie$ on loi!SCs which 111\l'St react upon other interests, because the connection be_. tween capital engaged in business -and capital interested in. stocks for investment purposes, must depend each other in some degree ; and no. one can loee Wlth 'out some other person feeling the consequences. Asid from all other considerations, the interest of'the }nibli11 is rather upon the side of the Erie, that it shall 1,0 main tained .free from Central control and manageiiiMlt_ Leaving this consideration of the case we come tt:. another of much interest to the public: and very imperatively so to stockholders in corporations Of aU kinds. It is involved in the question w-.bether the lfueetors in a railroad company, or even a majority o tb" stockholders, have a right to carry the operations of the company beyond the well-defined objects for which the corporation was created. Eaeh or these contelltin,g is endeavoring to do something quite be:ron ( l the1r charter powers. They want to extend their roads to points far beyond the termini affixed to their own by the original cliartel'l!. They were allow ed to operate railroads between certain points tllev NEARLY all the accounts we are receiving from the in one direction endeavoring to get far the I which all acknowledge to ha e become hopelessly cor 1upt. Liquor and tobacco are usually classed together as the luxuries that must bear the heaviest burdens of taxation, and in the estimation of many but inconsiderate pmsons, a dealer in either at : ticle is no better than he should be: We hav e frequently protested against this injustice, which from ignor ance and a misunderstanding of the facts of the case. The gentleman w.ho writes so flippantly of Tobacco Delinquencies" in the columns of the World, and.the public generally, would be surprised cortld they be made personally acquainted with many of our leading men, and would recognize at once tile gross error into which they been led, in including merchants of standing with the conscienceless thieves who com bine to defraud 'the revenue, and who bring disgrac e upon the trade. Turning from generalities to matters of im port, we have a word to say to these gentlemen ; of high standing, who so bitterly complain of the disastrous effects of the frauds upon their business. To such we would say-Hw you done all in your power to put an end to these leaks in the public Treasury 'iYou, gentle men, know very nearly what factori&e in this locality, at least, are engaged in this business; have J'GU dqne your utmost to bring them to justice? We the revenue agricultural districts indicate a smaller per oentage of pomt authorized. They might as consistently sustained by fall-sown wheat from the rigors of t? carry their rails in the opposite direction. The ques winter than usual, the heavy snows having two recurs.....:. Have these corporations a right to act and prqtected the plants, thus ghing them an early thus, simply becallSe they are overgrown and power and vigorous start. As regards spring wheat, the sea'ful? BOB has been m9r_e_ than usually propitious for seeding in those sections adapted io this cereal, With the inWE are glad that our remarks last week coneemin .. centive of high prices, it is fr&r to prel!Ume that extra the details of the stamp)ystem, have brought exertions have been, a1td being, made .to increase suggestion from a correspondent in Baltimore with. re the area of land devoted to wheat, so that with an orference thereto. A of the proposed stamp is. dinarily favorable season, a large yield is altOgether given,, and seems We are glad to see th.t> probable. Such an auspicious result, however, would check Idea; adopted, as 1t seems to us a good one. W not influence our markets until late in the are of orinion that the trade can render itself no because all the indications point to a renewed exeffectua service, than in turning its attention to th;_ port demand after the resumption o.t canal navigation, practicd details of the stamp system, and in maki ugm which event there will probably be but a small sup the. results of cogitations public through ply of old wheat left when the new crop comes upon LEAF. They will thus come under the notice of ti\a the market. Our grain supplies became so thoroughly Committee on Ways and Means, and may have a depleted by the war and two short crops immediately mining influence in the framing of the new law. C t succeeding, that it require at least two good barhave had ell:ough of theorizing ; now let U:ll ha. vests to reduce pnces to the level of 1865. On the a few practwal suggestwns. other side of the Atlantic, as on this, the importanoe of enlarging the supplies of the cRscntial food products, appears to be fully recognized. In the great producing districts of England, young wheat is represented as looking remarkably strong aml healthy, and the breadth of land under cultivation is unusually large ; while accounts from Germany, France, and other continental countries, state that immense breadths of land have been sown with wheat, under the stim.nlus of high prices. The prospects in regard to the future, then, both at home and abroad, are encouraging; but that our markets will rule high until after harve;ot there is scarcely a d'oubt. The crops in Western Europe last year were hopelessly short; and, notwithstanding the heavy importations into England and France, from Russia, Australia, California, Chili, and our Atlantic States, the stocks are now greatly de plcted. Last year the imports Of wheat into Great Britain alone reached the enormous aggregate of 34,600,000 quarters(2'76,800,000 bushels) against 20,900,000 quarters (1St,200,000 bushels) in 1866. For the first two months of 1868, imports hflve been 5,365,0i16 quarters of wheat a.gainst 4,091,639 quart e rs in the same period year. From fact that the _bulk or these rmportatwns have passed mto oonsumptton, there can Marcelt be a question that Great Britain will require an immense impqrtat.ion this year to supply the wants of consumption, which, from the l',jlvival of trade in the oottcm diatQ.cts, it is believed, will be somewhat larger than usual. The major portion of the supplies to meet theBritiah de&lliency, will,ofcoal'l!e, be drawn from Rus sia, Prussi&, and Austria; but it is safe to say that con-Southern press have had much to saJ' about the Ramie plant, the culture of whieh has commenced in Louisiana.. This plant it appean wa.. ... found in the Island of Java, 'where its fike which is said to closely rel!lemble Sea-Island cottonhas long been used by the natives for the manufadiU'C o f in a way .. About ago the-plant was mtroduced mto Mex1co by a distmgmshed botani.s t and so that cultivatiqn was last fear at: tempted m and, .tt would seem, with eu.t1re cess. The prmCipal concluswns established Louis i ana. experiments are: Th:Jt the plant can be 'll'ery easil ,, in both the alluvial and upland soil of tl" Southwestern States; that its fibre is as strong and as fin!,' as that of flax or cotton; that itlis worth in &rope the best Sea-Island cotton, and four the best 11 land; that it may be made, in the climate of Loniaiena to yield four srops a year, each crop of more pounas,. than in any ordinary yield of ootton; thai; it not hable to be destroyed by the Qaterpillar or agencies so commonly destructive to cotton ani\ that it requires but little labor after th.e ground. i; and will extend its roots and itself incl:finitely in any that may be ma:t:ked ou t for growth. It 1s smd t,hat a few mills. i.Q Franc(}; have recentJ..y the fibre by mix 1t wHh cotton f?r snpcnor tissues, snell. u JaOe fnbrws; but the thus used has J.ieht, becaWio of suppliell, upon diilfonlty of 0 tracf:lng_ the India. The of that ClGIHr try, m have

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    ,. As this is the maple-sugar season, a few ra_tlts and.figInspectOI Har vey,on l\londay.seized 2U bbls. ofsmok'UreB on so sweet a subject may not be llnmt!lrbatmg. mg tobacco, oi the kind known as cut Cavendtsh, and A d sugar seailon is one when the ground Ul f!ozen made in Virginia. This tobacco was here by and warm days are .foll?wed ody dco.ld a steamer of the Virgmia Ime and stored ?n a ware-The nights being cold, the 1s e m 1 8 house m G 1 cenwic4 st1eet The nce the officials trace"! ..-rellll and dming the followmg day rt_ starts to a toban.QO deJll.e.r' m QatbJ!Xl.(ll3...stJ.:eet, where ttwas --o quantities and of bettCJ quality It OLll"-'' 1 -;;smzed for healing ho mspection m:11 ks-, arrd co nsequent g_ ld 'The sugar-maker's first labor 1s to tap hts ly not beinotax-paid. The tobacco, rt ts pretended, IS = w;hroh is done by boring a bole about two the refus e a plug facto1y; but has in 1eality b een --4n dePth in1;o the trunk of the maple. N he dnves passed th'rongh a swvc, and IS quite clean, and 1 in the spout, leaving a little room back _of It, 80 rrood smoking tobacco for any one who prefers smokmg tae II p may }).ave a reservoir to collect m. The 1ron Cavendish. d the bucket have generally superseded the In the ca_se of C. H. Lilienthal, whose warehouse was -wooa:ones, and are eoflsideted much better, I!Cized recently-, the p10pcrty has been to kee 8 sweeter a longer time, and less of 1 t 18 the United States M rshal, and a rece1ver been apup d. P till some farmers persist in using the funnel, tointed for the present until the _twenty days _a_llowed WBI!dte a sugar bush is found where the sap e"ore the return-day ha:_iVe exp1red. Mr .. Lilienthal ::-an oecasl t th th wooden t ld throug its wooden spou WI e will then robably give h1S bond for the as of old. When it i11 a good sap _day, at issue, and th.c case will be m Ute "baskets are usually emptied OJlte-rarel:{; tw1ce-the Courts. Meantime, of course, the busmess mll be and often but once in two or three Ift e w:oods conducted as usual. a-re tree from underbrush, the sa}) IB gathered With a In the Peatl-street case eferred to last an mteam. A pound of sugar to a bucket and a of sap, vestigatlon has been held, and a Will probably and three pounds to a tree, 1s an average .. Few be gi:ven in a few days.. We shall gtvc a -of our farmers make more than 500 lbs., the maJonty of the matter, together With the result of the JUdiCial wthem. only two or three bundled. In St. Lawrence qu.u-y, in our next Issue. Coanty there are many who manufacture four or five lmadred pounda m the course of the season. In 1865, 103 lbs. were made in Lewis county; 1,156,455 -lbs.' St and 102,770 lbs. m Oswego :,0 The whole' production of this State was lbs.; and of the Unitl!d 41,248,926 lbs 41 248 hhds. of 1 ,ooo J?s. each, valued at i9'T 338 '7o In addition to tlns, 2,524,680 gal 'f were made, at $3,155,850, tiie total yaluation of the maple sugar crop, t9 355 70. Thus it will be seen that the I_Daa,le is a considerable item among our agncu tural productions. -rn.. French source we gather some interesting ... oxa ,_, M ill I facts re a.rding the dressmg of Suns m arse es. n oar da g tanrung is one 0! the great branchet> of iadustf'; its products, elther dtrectly or when fimshed bv the !urrier, or morocco-maker, have numberless and a lications. The shoemaker, the hatter, the alHldler, bookbinder, the glover, the fanc,;y:-goods _...._ t the f:arrier etc all use a constderable JDIIU ..... c nrer, ., h" fi rti Each JOldicr in France uses t lrty rancs leather per annum, ar..d. who usc_ far -than this can be counted by m1lli_ons. Tanmng IS ef recent introduction in Marseilles. In estab of M. Julien, tanning kid and goat skms 18 tha i al business, and he has obliged_ to :f Jrlafacilities and to. devote hts .entu-e attention this lty The Juhen tannery ts on the Boule:..a n!i:Cilie docks, and occupies a space of 1,400 metres (about 15 000 square feet). Tl?ere are a ::r of buildings, the princip!ll bemg lltoriee hi h. In 1845, the year m whiCh 1-J. ClOIIUilenJ"d business, he employed only ten woi_king-and at the utmost he only used and fimshed :h::t 50 dozen skins I?er week. Now he regularly .t.1lmB out 2,000 dozen skins, and his employees <&00 embracing both sexes. The large trade m um; eata.blishment has made Marseilles the for of the skins formerly going to other places Jn the Yiaiait The importations in 1866 reached the raou!'"ngure of 42,000 bale&. I<'ormerly, all the skins Doom the rovince of Morocco, so esteemed by to Codon and until 1857 and Calcutta -.. were there. Now the arrive at Marseilles direct, and the provmces of Indta ... South Africa annually send gooas by the of thousands. Corsica, Sardinia, Naples, Algena, Greece, and Constantinople have all recently tupled their importations. .'l'uDI baa shown t.hat the French 1111fort;wlate mistake when in 1865, 1t refused om minTCilt in United S.ates bonds, and chose to alllcn"be itls oo,ooo,ooo to the Italian loan in pref-;r..,._ Tl!ose bonds cost her seventy, and m ibe market at forty-five, while our bonds, which might lane been bought at forty-five, have gone ul' to Wiot. 'tv with a good prospect of the1r bemg ---.---or e!J5fi.,, TuE WHISKY AND ToBACCO FRAuDs IN GALVESTON. W c are mformed of the following by A. B. Sloanaker, Esq., agent of th internal Some months ago he learned that tobacco ..and whisky were bemg in bond New Orleans to Galveston under cond1tt_ons _He. at onc_e set five de tccti cB at wOik on the mvest1gatwn, or, m the slang of the offimals, to pigeon the bonded warehouse of Crank & Dowlmg and G"eneral Inspector Douglas. Gn the return of 11-Ir. Sloanaker from Brownsville, he found in the c1ty one Col. Pliest, known in. mel'lt chcles as chief of tho N cw 01leans whisky rmg. On cE!lliigures, his aia wonld be ming oOOhhds. past week, valuab e. t1 ade, although we note a few sm;tll last week was from fair to midMediterl anean and Germany. Prices arc unchanged and dlinrr. Tlle demand usual at this season exists, and factors firm, expecting mme demand next mouth. 'fhe busi';;ess on the whole is 1athm better than at the cold here and at the west may, perioJ. I;st year. There is an ex cep it 1s thought,_ do to the young tional inquiry f01 low-priced goods in bulk, which is no &ed Leaj.-Busmess th1s week has vel Y e doubt predicated on the expecte d adoption by Congress '!'ll only note of 32 cs. Ob10 1 of the compelling smoking to be hereafter 17 cs, Uonneohcut at 30c., 1:.>0 cases Connec!wut on j put up in small packages There ate now but a very private 100 low g1 ade fQr cnttmg pmtew choice lots left upon the ma1ket. poses on to the. of the Spamsh-Ad vtees fiom Havana 10p01 t the market hohdays last weeti:, the maJor portiOn of the c1gar facto not so stiff as it has late] y ruled,-on account of favor1ies were closc e1, y sca1ce, the market bdng well supplied with one of the pecuhar of the anomalous German goods. condrtwn of the tobacco ma1 ket. w houses hiqu01ice.-In this artwle there is considerably mo1 e that sell to the South for are buy_mg very domg, as the factories me slowly getting to w01k. little, and the that usually cxrsts at this season Gold opened this mommg at 138i and at noon hacl is about dead 'Ihe calls a1e cbtefiy for medrum lowfallen to 138\ pueed goods, and the stock below_ 30c. has EJxchange-It> without material cllange, and sterling become greatly I educed. There Is a little more mquuy closes quiet th ug_h rates ha'Ve slightly advaneed under f01 fine goods, and we noti.oe a sale of 1/JO .pkgs. at vel Y a moc1e1 ate' supply. Under th.e heading of "A fact to fair pdccs. majolity of the mquiries are, however, be noted," a late number of the Roston bas as we have said, for vc1 y cheap work. It may be tbat the followmowhich may not be out of place m tb1s a few weeks will witness a change in this ICS})ect, but Bills of exchange on Englaml made pay at present prices are ruinously low, and goods able to the orller of a woman ar-e almost invariabll re werc mnde last autumn cannot be sold save a d..c?1ded tu-ned they are indorsed With the prefix 'M_rs. by sacnfice; and th1s in faee of the fa<'t that 1s qmte as the pe 1 son in who e fa or they are drawn, 1t beJ.Pg the high now as 1t was then, if not bighe1', with not the law m England that provided e prefix 'Mrs.' is prospect of a fall. At R1chmond and used it 18 not fol' W invite attention to figures taken right from the officnal 1 75 TwUJt = records at W aslungton. The rate has not been altcted Iup e:u 9 1'11trt:v-1'u1 w @eli smce 1865 we theref01e take the 1esults of 1865, 1866, leaf Ff:' 1:'::--40 and 1867. 'The articl e known to the trade as.fine-cut Good .do 11 @17 Lady FiDll"11! 70 == '-Selection a do 18 @20 Pocket PieceB W shorts yielded tax as follows : in 1865, $1,802 ; m 1866, Ohw -In'or to good com 6 @ 6 Br!gbt Twist (Vrrgtma) 40 "'6,252, In1807, "231,730. Now, whatcausedthisi:n-DrownanclGreemoh 6 @7 BngbtGoldBal1! do 40 "' ., Medlnm and line red 7;J,I@l5 Oiqars -Domestic 1 mense of '67 over '66, tf not the successful com'ntom'd'mspangl'd s @16 Seed and Havana, f ? C" Fme spangled 15 @20 perM 45 00 @'(() 00 of good tobacco under as reuse 1Yellow do and raucy ClearHavaua do ---uars 1n wh1ch it u'as less easy to cheat m thiB manner, Maryland,-F'st'd to com-do Conn t!eed 25 00 @40 00 "' mon 33<@ 4U do do Seconds 20 00 @25 00 show rational and plausible increase in the same period; sound oommon 4-" G N Y Seed Conn for instance in 1865, t3,087,421; in lf\66, $3,476,236; 110 ::i do do U = :J:: and $3,061,984. But it lil in smokwg .an be most clear y 1scernc an m Upper CoUJltry 3 a ao 18 00 @30 00 h h I 1 d a ted in these columnS Ground leal, new 4 @18 CO!lliDOn CagarP, 0 S 00 @12 CO t e very C anne 8 & I ea. Y 111 lCa (Jon1l.eclit:Ut and Jlassachu-Cheroots nnd Sixes 7 00 @10 00 Just so lon"' as tlre law IS retamed wh1ch allows the lowtt.Seed Leaf Selected 000 b th 0 F1Hers 4 @ 5)-l C G" u 25 with '66, orupwa1 s of -..1,000, m o yealS c n;t Ohw Seed Leaf-Sclec- F G F" @---o bined. And this, too, at a 'time when the branch IS uon @40 "P &.S" Sticks @---o known to have thriven well. Yet in a. year when, by IMPORTS. reliable data the consumption reached 130,000,000 Arlivals at the port of New York fiom foreign ports pounds, actually in .revenue yielded, for the week ending April 14, include the following a milhou below the sum 1t paid two years pre-11 k h 1 b d d consignments : when tt was we n.own t It ore !In From London: Lenow & Rust, 1 pkg pipes; Order, serious disadvanta!!eS. Dunng the tdenttcal penod m fi b f: t 15 cs. hquorice paste. which we have shown that ne to acco manu nc me From Havana: Ltvingston, Fox 156 bls. tofell off 2,500,000 pounds in twenty-fommonths, in the bacco; F. Probst, 80 do.; Rafael Vega, 40 do.; J. M. face of increased calls and every encourage-Malorga, 153 do.; M. & E. Salomon, 122 do.; L. F. ment and evidence of apparent prospenty, we find AnJa 200 do.; F. Miranda, 283 do.; Jose A. Vega, 206 inferior-g_radc tobacco rise m .revenue from do. 2 bxs. cigars; R. E. Kelly & Co., 100 bls. tobacco '65 to $893,540 in '66, and to *1..,758 906 111 67 and 9 08 C. Ives, 4 do.; Atlantic Mail SteamThe natural inference would be, that the characd God fti ter of consumption caused decrease of the one ship Co., 10 do.; Kunhardt & Co., H o.; e roy, an
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    u the day following our last report the market was uve at our last quotations; but since then the oft'ergeQerally been of low quality, buyers and Ilei'.bave been apart, and prices on nearly every grade have ruled lowe1:, with a decided giving way ye;;terday. The only exceptwns to the general decline were in of only as occasional hogshead (Jf a kiud which is scarce, and for which there happened to be an immedi ate demand. Sellers, however, submit very reluctantly ton. declin n.nd o( the 9'7 hhds. bid for yesterday onlv 46 were sold. Week's receipts exceed those of. th& vious week 144 hhds., amounting in all to 484 Speaking of tobacco, the Journal of Commerce sa-ys: "Receipts of this lcn.ding staple arc alren.cly in excess of last year's supply, same time, between 500 a11d 600 hhds. cent information does not swell the total crop beyond the original com't'ntation of 12,000 nhds. The qtmlity of the crop is umvertmlly. admitted tube excellent; but the better grades have not been fo:r:warded t.o any. extent. City in consequence, are obhged to buy of 1ennessee. An excess ol' the low qualities has had the effect to reduce quotations render ifi&rket less active for those qualities. characterizes the trade in he higher grndes 1W1!PEC!'IOM OF TOBACCO. Biike & Sauftey. } II. M. Ha;r.cs. Prom Sept. 1 to /la(6, SuiWilerl & Campbell Totalbh ,AD llraudaofiiiDGllng tobeeco1 also, a......., teliiiCeDia.hlli: from 1eaf cured by a process, cnh&ncing ite valne at lea1t one cent. AJo, cigars of various kinds rece1ved andoold on commission P!Jr 2t CARLE & CO., 584 Broait-u.?. TO LET-PART OF STORE AND OJ'li'ICE the Tobo.cco trade down toWD. A jobber in Seed Leaf rut part of hiillliOle and olllce to a l!ltJKi!!ll\lle party dealing 1.n emoldJ>jr chewing Tobaeco, Cigar.!, etc., etc. Apply at Pearl a.r ...a: L&ne,N. Y. 'DO'R-,lt.M..E, LOW', 8!2 BALJ!IIt' ABAJO OF .E :a-t q'GIIIWa, 1:8 lloud I&Dd dab' 1111111. 'hla, by M. & E. SALOMCfN, 86 Maiden IAD., New York. MPORTANT TO HANuFACTURERS.

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    VIRGINIA 'TOBACCO AGENCY. WlL P. KI'M'UDGB. I1DiiBd States h.tema.l Revenue Bonded W arehonse, Thirty-second Qollection Ditrt;rict. CONNOLLY-& CO., OOMMISSION MEROH.A:.NTS AND AGJ:N1'8 POR 'I'BE BALE OF MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, Would eall the ""nUon of lbe Trade"' lhe foUowlog DraiHio of :VU.Giln.. M.A.lf11J" .ACTUB.ED TOBACCO : Jr.'s El Do,.do," Diadem, Jewel of Ophir, VIrgin, .._...,. .... Cream of Vlrlnla, Old Dixie, Louis 0 Or, Peerless, CYiillln'e Wine Sap, Callego, John K. Cltildrey, Colden 8eal, J. 8. Pace A Co., tel''s Queen of Heart., ts, ..._ Harris A Pendleton, .riton's Kmblem, is, Crant A Wlllams, C. w. Spicer, McEnel') It Bro. C!tonrmission AGENTS for all the POPULAR BRANDS OF VIRGINIA TOBACCO, Water Street, Pounds A. G Fuller. J.P. Williamson, S. W, Vcuablc, Velvet Rose, FLdlcr'ft Pet, Jimmie Fnllcr, Peach Baket, Garrott, SailOrs' Cho1ce, Rosa Fuller, I. T Smllb., Dog HouFe, Jerry Prichard, Dick Swiveller, llark Tapley, McCorkle, s. E. Wbite, Half Pounds & Quarten;, Garibaldi Little All Rigllt, Leviathan, Fresh Peaches, Pride of the Nuvy, Wheelock's Pet, National Engl e Cn8'ec'o Delight, M0001Rose. Chaplin' Delight, Pine Apple. Royal. Old Sport. NEWYOR.K. Fancy. J110e Appfu Dar, Faalllou Gold do., Lady Finb>0KMISSION MERCHANTS Leaf and Manufactured Tobaooo, M WA.TEB-SD.BBT, DW-YOBK, 101 RODMAN HEPBURN, 210 L8111rls Sb;eet, R. Y. -SPANISH CEDAR fM' SEGAR BOXES fu_rnished to suit the Trade, in or BOARDS. CJIIN *'* L OOMIWI SIGN MIIIIOII4Jft'.8 ( 1 Hatwver :JluUdi ngs, Hanover -Squ/we, New York. Aavancea lli.ade on Coneignmenk to Keun. W .A. II e. II: Co., Liverpoo Broker In every deecrlptlon of Forelsn and Domestic Wood. Consln mente of Black Walnut Lumber and Loge eollclted. J. & J. JOS. SELtGSBERG. J II. COllEN. P FlllSG .. :.T. TOB.A..OOO Commission Merchants, X.. 168 W-8tJeet, A""* fGP lllo Die of tile 6>iJowtac ELIISIERC, COHEN CD., COMMISSION MERCHANTS .lND D E.A.I.BH8 IN AL!.. KI.SDS f\P LE.A.F TOBA.CCO. 149 Water-atreet, neir Malden-lane, New-York. P. FRINGANT & CO., 47 West at.. Cinol11nati, 0. PETER 8. MARCH. WM. H. PRiCE. :NEW-YORK. &. LUSTIG-, TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANT, Sole .A.genL for the tollowiug celebrated Brands of Tob acco: PBIDE OF THE UNIOI'!. NAVY, Pounds and Half Pound.. -PEACH CAKE, .&>RIGHT NAVY.._ QW!rter Pounds STB.A.WBERRY C.AXE, NAVY SIXES CHERRY SHORT-CAKE!..BLACK NAVY SIXES. ARNOLD'S 'WATER STREET. NEW' YORK l!. LICBTBNSTBIN. Ll I Vl...,nJa state, Globe, Continental, M.a.f!DIIa, Etc., Etc., ... A. BRUBilBL. aud fUigarJJ, Leaf, Chewillg, and. Smoking MAIDEN LANE, (Between Pearl and Water Streets.) RBW YeaB. GVTHB.IE & 00., HERMANN BATJER BRO 1125 Front-atreet, ., Commission Merchants AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Nos. 70 snd 72 Broad Street, vv "Y"elRK.. ,...OAGE WICKE. lfANUJi'A.CTURERS 01' 26 WillETT ST., Beet llateri&l &Dei Superior ll&ke by Self-invented d Patented Jlaohinery. .AriCT:CON TB.ADE B.ALEB OF Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco and Cigars, l..&.& 'W.A.TEB STREET, NEW YORK.. .1hMN lltMfl--v Th!Waa..-llwoughbvt Ca&li on cUl :Bo*ren-: l!N81'8 JlmoizR, BROWll & PnlcxnT, 9 Sooth WWiam 13Weet, IJ. y : WOOD loCo., Sontb tlllwt, N. T. WM. AGNEW &: SONS, Tobicoo nd Cwwiuion Merebauta, 284. and Bee Fro:IIU et:reet. N.Bif"'.reAK, BATS OIIJIIAU .loLl. o Iaf TolleeM r. kport ami Home Use. r-r T*-lllled Ill r..-.. 111 hrdJ'au. ....... for aporS. lf-tl --01' TGII.&.oco. n 184 W.A.TJIIB.BT., N.Y. -IIEARI, 172 WATER--STREET, New-York. :Manl';lftl.oturer of the fbllo-wina: Celebrated, Brands of' TOBACCO, CORRELl US OAKLEY, :aoJIJJUOX DAU''I PDIIIUII 9 I:RCB, IOBAGao WMCBA.R, ...::! "!"==:mv. nn, (8ft'.oBLI81111D 111 181&,> aad. llllf No. 9e .'WATER STREET Op)IOII&eQoayemewLule, New York. -.JtPG11114L I. B. .,, ll' ponndL -!Mia. Leaf T obaooo in Hhds 14ntl Bales, ,:::0. 1"' FOR 8HIPPING. J&l-. ... (M-148) KREJIELBE.RG & CO., llfEWYOBB:, AIID F. L. BRAUNS & Ctl., B&L'I'IIIOJU:, Tobacco Cilnon lerchants. S.YeJWibfoan""ot l.l.,orl..., ..,w, coDI\antly on luuld, and fur e&le, I.D r dut7 >aid, ID Malo oult purcl.asero. e&-U4o CLEMENT HAD, fliomaidoa UD D.D.L&a IX VIRGINIA AND WESTN LEAF UD M AI ltFAOT U ttiJ TO B AOOO, LICORICE, CUM, etc., .. :;:>-tM Wo, IIi Pearl-street, I. Y. -)loau OHmon, lifu ..:( OTTINGER l BROTHERi .-KEWTUCKY Tobacco COIIUilision lcrcbuts, 183 Water-Street, Com of Pille, K.BW Ba QOoolaDII,J on hand an--' ot au ..... o( '1'ebMOo f o r Expw\ lD4 a-Ol ..... lloili. lH-lt>l J. B. F. lU. YO, r.t R.lct.mlnd, Va.,) POl. .,ga ULI t6 leaf and Manofaetured T ohacco, 1011 Water Street, New-Yolllt. -.... ......... ':4':'' 126Water-et., llew-York, CHI. T, AIID ....... DI Ma.ttlrlBctltt8ci Tob&ooo, o. lU 'fi.I..,.-UDT, .W'I'OIIIL I. G. MJCKa, CO. Faoa., Comminfo.n .-.cha.Dtl, No. 14a P-rt .,_et, Bow.Aw C. B.&KER, Jill._. YOB.K.. EDWIN II. B .. KEB, JOHN VAN AWIIINOZ, .. )4xi!R & New York. )IIWl9 Cbclmlati. JOD L. DBD, a .t.JlD J0.8BEfl Or AND GURAL DUOIIha ... J) 'lniOULU.II IILUa Seetell,Gu CU'I'_._. Importer an4 XllllllMIINr flf SEC 11'8, .0. 111 hmwanet. .... ........ .&JfL .Wi l'twllaa&-, 121 A 123 FRONT STREIT BIW-T&U:. all'..,.,...,""-" .. ....a. ... -..

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    -"B. H. "If ........ ftO'IlTft, S"!-UG B l CO., TobaeH Cotum Factors -{fi)tnmd .tfommi:ssion nitrrbnnts, 110. 40 BaOADSTREET, t1-l48 1'. TJ.Q, IPO TER OF SPANISH, OJ) DB&IiBB I1f .lLL XDrD8 01' LEAF TOBACCO. lrO. 184 P'XO!'T-BTUET, 8T-G2 NEW-YORK. BAoow lJ.A ..... 'HEL DENJUMO. & D. BENRIMO, lounnililtiliDu J. MD .VB.U.KRS .Al.L XlaDS Or LEAF TOBACCO, lSK WATER-8'l'REE'I', .NEW-rOP.K, H&Te ono&le all kinds of LBAF TOBJ.CCO ror Ji:XPORT -lnd HOlliE U811. 152-103 LE'V'Y & lfEWGA.SS, Commission Merchants, ... DU.LD! D' S86d ant Huana WF T C8IS AD SE8Ail No. ITS WA.TER-ft'BlBBT, ft.-lot RJ:WYORK. ... _JOHN T HARRIS. & CO., TO ACCO g..;. . ...... ........ Commission Merohan.ts, 80 FBO!f'I'-BT:amET, lflilW-YORK. Bouded Warehouo Thlrt7-IOC01ld Dlltrlct. ... ...... H. A. lllonr, G. REISMANN & 00., mt-ton .A5D .DB.ALBR8 IN ALL IfNDS 01' L!Ar 1'11 STBBBT, .ll OlllR, I!IANEO" I CO ,) ._.btit!Dn fhta C Broad Street, l!l EW ORK. IAiral ..._ made on Cousigllmenta to ovatlvea or In Europe. JtrLIUS SICHEL, l!!uooesoorto L.. HEIDELBERCER. --Plll!, Twist, & Fanoy Tobaooo, DD .1..1.110 Coi'IURiaaton Mercha.nt, .; Me P.A.BL-8TBEiilT, New-York. A. B. CABDOZO & CO., Cotton Faetors, .... .l. B. CA'5.DDW. P.Ri:D. DB08t' )(. & E. SALOMON I ._milt'i.ou J.11NBTBBS o ESPECIALLY OF THE lURK FOOTE, Panag"as, EspanOla, La Rosa, Figaro. SQLE PROPRIETORS OJ' THE CBLEBIU.l'ED BRJ.liDS ... HYACINTH, EL COMPANERO, EL CONTESTO. _..,....,c-..... 94 BEEKMAN STREET. APPI.:EBY & SUCCESSORS TO liACCOBOY, s:O'rOJ( DD L liACCOBOY A.lm FRENCH SliUFF FLOUR. L......:.L.....-"" AL1!0 MANUPAClTl7.BSIIII .. irU Fl!iiSST 'JIRA.lii.DI-o.r GBO. W. BEL!Jil. SNUFFS. -SM8KINI TOBACCOS, crtAa, AND PURE POWDERED LICGRICE.i .. 138 W.&.TBB A.XD 85 PI'KB STBBiETS, NEW-YORK.( DU :BOIS, VANDERVOORT & 00., A. Succeseor to OATMAN & :REID. YOB THE BALB 9ll" Leaf and ManufaciUred Tobacco 37 Water Street, -ro1::: }H-26. NEW VORl{. UIPOI.TD o HAVANA ..t..RD o.a.u.u Ill DOME.STIC & 00., lterthantst 147 SIIJII., Between Maiden Lane and Wall Street, DW TGBI, ACJI:NTS for the Sale of aU Standard Brands of Virginia & Nortn Carolina Manufactured Tobacco. LADY FINGERS, GOLD BARS, TWIST, POCKET PIECES, MAY APPLES, FlGS, GOLD FLAKE, &c., &c., and SOLE: AGCNTS fbr following CELEBRATED Brands of S M OK I N C T 0 B A C C 0: THOIIAS & OLIVER'S BfLL'( BOCK, "K," VA. BELLE, STAR, SOCIABLE, ROSE, OLlVE, OWL CLUB, ROYAL SlGNET, GOLD..-BUG, D. C. :MAYO & CO.'S VIRGINIA'S CHOICE, PIONEER of the OLD DOMINION, OROI'SOKO, G. P. PRESCOTT'S GOLDEN STAR, CASCARILLA, CROWN. I A.lway1! on hand full lines of Smoking in bulk, .and GENUINE PERIQUE. tORitLARI'S CHEWING LORILLARD'S SMOKING TOBACCOS. Cranulated Smo'kins Tobacco. Century Tobacco. W c ha c given speelal a! leollon lo Gr8llulated Smol< We nre putting up two klnd8 of Century in tin-foil ing ToHcco::;, as c::lass is, when made of good mntcpaprs-.Dul k lit.d L(Jkt. llt localities where Ught riul. grcat1y superior to cnt Emoldngs; anQ we otfer n .fine cuts lire nfcd, tlc 1ri.t:ht Ccr.h:.ry 1 B preterredaboYC ma:\y varieties, any or whleh (price considered) all It is menufacturcd 1rom tbc.Ycry best sclec-will be found equal to unytbing tWlcl. The two new tione of old Jeaf, is free from r-hortP, nml cf a vmy snpehraml!', u ")."acbt .:'111b.'' which is of the finest rior 11nvor; it ls ut np in ftmcy bC'XC!!, and bright toba.cco that can be obtainccl, alld the wwn.itc old by all Jcopcctli!Jlejobbers, at $10 per gro.;. 'Pwr." 0 "' ry low-priced artide, will he round very .erwC. still continue io pack on HUliDEED dcsirahle;:"'::;ls. -. Bbls., per 11>. DAILY in oar Century Foil. Yo.cbt Club, VPry bright, Virginia ............... fl 35 Si ceta, H '" medium strong ............ 1 20 Magda lea. very n1Ud...... .. . .. 1 00 Yerby's O ltfnomlnion hri(:ht ... .... .. . . 80 PLuc Ylrgiuia tear, .......... . 75 Roec ;Leaf. u 115 Star vr the W<>st medium.::.... :=........ . 55 Eureka. mclliuru.' ........ :........... . . . 45 strouD', da.rk. .. ........... .. .j5 'IVhlte l'uJ!' Jlubt and mild ................... :. 40 T. Lear, '' ... .. ... ... ... .. 35 Gold Duet, .. .. .... .. .. .. .. 30 Century kl Bulk-.fu l'wnd. Bbls.--; fl.W; half bbls., k"llo, f1.28. Roae Leaf AND General Commission Merchants. 1&8 HENRY M.. MOB.ltiS, PeJ.rl-street, NewYor-. COMMISSION MERCHANT FOR THiZ SALE OF LEA]' & MANU.FACTUREU TOBACCO ., COTTON, NAVAL STORES, Etc., Etc., Etc. IMPORTER AND SO! E AGENT IN THE U. S. FOR .THE "M. & M." BRA-LIQUORICE PASTE. GUMS, BEANS, OILS, HAVANA SUGARS, ETC., ETC. Gertifl.,ates of the MORRIS "M. & M." B RANO will be shown from the leading ,._. ufaetur<>rs i" R;chmond, Lynchburg, Petersburg, Danville, Va., Brooklyn, St. Louis, Louisville, Covington, Pittsburg, Canada, Austtoalie, end California. ,_ AT. OA.STI ADVANCES MADE ON OONBIGlllM'ENTB. PLATT L. H8LLANOER & S 1 I I WM. T. CO'LEMAI a. CO. 'To lEI .A. c co Commission Merchants Couimission 11erchanta, HAVANA in and out of Bond, New York: 1 San Francisco: No. 117 Front Street. Cor. California & Front 81e .Agent in Sn FranciEeo for Sale ot VIRGINIA MANUF'A.CTURED TOBACCO. LQ.RILLARD'S SNUFFS. 147 'W'a1;er S-treet, NEW YORK. LORILLARD'S Plug Tobaccos and Clsara. PLUC TOBACCOS. \ \ The various mill's or our mo:no!aeturc, olongand fa-Jkmd&l Ware JiOWJ6 4th Oo/Ucllnn, N. vorably knOl\'U in r.ll eectlonc., are oft'cred At the follow. ing low prices. Purcbssers arc wamed .against the No. 1 R>:.u>e many spurious articles on the market, aml the We az:e COD.Btaotly receiving_ tb.e ._finest dccepUons practised. Our goode are always reliable; mollofac ured 'l'oba, OOc. ; foQ $T.OO per gro .. ; Olive Braaeh extoa foil, per gross, $6.00. We nre alo making a new brand of light colored cavendish, rnlled comet, vbieb we un eorillall7 recommend to the trade, requlr 111g_ a low-priced tobnooo. llbls., llalfbble., S()e.; kego, S8c. Bee-Brow11. Bble., SOc.; b8JC bbls., !ll; keg<>, sa. All of the above br&Dde are put np in 5 Lll. )lUNDLE 16 OZ.1 8 OZ. 1 .AND 4 OZ. r Al"lrnS1 AT BULl\. PRICES. 1 51 b CIIDB lO ocnte per lb. extra. _.. No CJUROE POE PcxAGE8 oR CAR'PACI%. P. LORIIJ:ARD tra; 1n 3 cts. per lb. extra. Hfgh Toat, Scotcbl (salt) .. . . . .. .. .. 85 Fresb Scotch, ford ppmg .................. ; .. .. .. 00 tw"' In 51 b. Cloth llalc, with Fancy Label, same 111eh High Toat, or LwlCiyfoot ...... ;.. .. .... 00 prif In buill:. In lib. ll.lld 1lb. balee, 5 C:> cto.; fu\Ir gA!Io,., !15 cto. extra.. t p AJ\'l'lCULAR NOTlCB.-Wbeu .)Bn ordered packed! c:;wNo charge for paekagCI! or cartage. f tbc pacla, aad lib-ad.une., UNKART & Commission Merdlants, No. 47 Broad Street,. J.. LINDHEH!. G. HIRSH. l>L LINDHEIM. THE. VIRGINIA TOBACCO_ WAREHOUSE. ) Havana Segars: TOBACCO 61 Beaver Street, SEED-f[if'"tosAcc TOBACCO, W. B. ASTEN &. CO., JJID W18'! I:J'DIA PB.ODVCE, o. .... d-Iane, Xew-Yorlt. .... Sll mu.l THJC CITY 'I'OaACOO A 8-Y, -.. 8 RtJI"lttrBQ"r. JlewYork. i, .lND FOUC;1ES, IIG &-tree-&, NEW YORK. eu, 1.28 William. Street. N. Y A. T. BUGGS, JUNlJl".lt.O'J:"UMR 0., acoo Flour Barrels, Molasses Callke.t. _Water IJMNI all ..,tiler kll\de Of OM-. .1.."..10, New Flot!r Bamlt l Half Bar:G", t11a4k, I& A large euppq C
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    ' 6 THE T 0 BAC C o L E .A F. Philadelphia, Pa., ....,._LBillM 8l'AlUBK :A.ifi) DO.aBIBTIO Leaf Tobaccu, Uhltf.ini ftlllscco, Bill, Mee.-.chpm and 8rler Pipes, il,.;l' oor. TJmd. t.Dtli"OIUr PhilaUlpbja. 37 SOUTH GAY-ST., COMMISSION MERCHANTS E. L. WITTHAUS, Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, :BALTIMORE, NO. 207 RACE-STREET, COMMISSION MERCHANTS :r;>omestic and Imported Segars. F-Ir Dpot !or H. Wilkens &: j:o.'a Baltimore Smoking Tobacco. For the Sale'of Manufactured and Leaf Tobacco, eto. WM.. EISENLOHR, Dl!ALER IN G. s. WATTS & co., Leaf To baoco, comn8810N MERCHANTS AND J'OBDETIS IN AND Manufactured Tobacco, M.ANUF AOTURER OF OIG.AltS, OP I 37 South Tenth Street, S E .,.R S States Bonded Warehouse. United Consjgners can forward their stocks without prepaying tl1e J Rlll.\ t.DO SANK. JOSEPH BROOKE PHILADELPHIA Kavan and Lea!, Smoking Tobacco, Snutra, l'ipea, etc., 2 t S. Calvert-st., Baltimore. r.tO POWELL & WEST, G.B.WA'n'O. v tt A UOT I ON EER S P. W. FBLGNEB. J, W. WOLVIli'Q'I'Oll. .1. K. BOLIC8-& I NALDO AND Tobacco Con1.mission Merchn.nts, COMMISSI'ON X o. 28 So nth t'ront Street and 211 Street, 3( N. Waterst. 4 No. 30 N. Delawareave., Philadelphia. PHILADELPHIA. of rf'obacco and S egars s oli cite d. Refer by pormiaeion to Messrs. DoRAN & 'rA.tTT, Philad<'Lphia. MesBrs. A. & Co., N-ew York. u:N':X:TED STATES BON'DED 'W" .A.RE:S:OUSE. KINS.EY T.A YLOR'S IOU 1110088801l TO F. H. BISCHOFF'S, Deutscher Rauchtabak, n AND OTHER CHOICE BRANDS, & 92 ilouth Cha.rlesstreet, BALTIMORE. F. L. BRAUNS & CO .. n oHE!1's:rm:; BALTIMORE, JjiD., nir c 1t Importers o f t hij s uo e r lo r br&nd1 FLB1 : l n l H r u }' 41 LlcHric.c P.H.ttte. F Jr s ate, i n lots t( 3 ,jt bufcn, in or d uty }-lttiJ WM. A. BOYD & 00., nnl:t llt:mnfiufuul:t COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 33 Soatlit.ll&., DaJ&Iore. 0. LOOSE & 00 .. Jto. 1mueil. B1JtH, P. A. PIUGUM. JOUR T.JOHR'OY, W. M. DA 'l'tliAN, /JIREOTORS. J'OBN G. OLDIN lll:llllll' DESUbB\ JO IN I. H. E. 0. A. McLAUGHLnr, JAM.JifjisAaft 'I'HII(). f'IR, w. a. llltJ tus. JOH'I T 8ULUVA!f ll. WOK lA VEil 1'. !1ft' aA.MUEr, L YOURTEE, &cretary. 8. B. illARll:LAND, SuNJ6yo,, Fire a.nrt 1\hrio"'l tA.'te'f'l "' J''\tP. JOliN G. OLDU1 Prwtd ..... BOD MANN'S lnsD Bction & Leaf Tobacco W arehonse lTos..57 59,61,&63 .Front &62 64.&66 W a.ter bet. Vine & Walnut Streets, DAILY BAT-11.8 n AUOTION .1.101> u PRIVATE UL!ltt VIRGINU, KENTUOKY, INDIANA, IWlSOO'IU. AND OHIO TOBACCOS. D. IDEATT, OHAS. BODMANN, \H Inspector. Proprlotors. a, G. BRASJfEARS & SOX, Tobacco Csmmission Mercnants1 ll. S. Bonded Warehouse No. 1, No. 46 Walnut-street, Clncinnatt. 2 C 2 IOHli DUDIW. MA-ACTURED TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO 161, 163, & 165 Pearl-street, (CORNER OJ' BLII-8TREET ), CINCINNATI. lf"o. 41 "'l! CINCINNATI. OmO,KENTUEJXY,JliSSOUlU,&VIRGl'BIA. W AREI-10USE, B. F. PARLETT & CO,, .r.;t-.,iruR) o Leaf ana Smoking Tobaccos, SEGARS, PIPES'; ETC., f:ohauo 'nmmission .... H.OLO!IR, '11 C .O.OLORE. LSAF T02AOC08t J.ND nu.U:,...., ur J. A. p. GLORE & BROS., No. 3D Race-street, > 336 Market-st., and Nos. 9 and 11 South Fourth-St., PHILADELPHIA. SOLE AGENT FOR K. C. BARKER'S AMERICAN -J.Uo--COmmission Merchants for Sale or Same, 92 LOM:BARD & 5 WATER-ST., u.. F PAULB'M', 11 Baltimore, Md. G. H. BOLENIUS, LEAF TOBACCO, Manllfactnred and Seaars, 202 W. 'PRAtTST., S. W. GAIL. CKRISTIAN AX. No. 19 Gennan st., Baltimore. 114. Be Ohio Deaf, .um "NEWYORK BRANCH." KROHN, FEISS & CO., ,_ OPPLOB 8'l'OBBBOOMS1 IKJ.llll>'l'.ltml.aaas or G. W. GAIL&AX, SMOX:I.NG, 'htwilg 8. 'VA..YNIL "MORRIS,. IBnnuv-and other ., )IA..K'UF.1CTUR.ERS .UI'n WBOL.ESA LJ: DEAL1Ut.S 01' ... I. '1'. tiU'LLIV.d. II. T'. avu.rf'- r.,._.-. Kenton Tobaooo \&rehouse, J. T. SULLJYAN 6 HO., JOBU. IApee&loil and ...... lon Sale or LEAF T09A:0808, Tobaooo Manufacturers,, --.-G r _ee_nu_P_-stJoee_t_. eo_v_m_ato_n_. _x7_-h ----LOUISVILLE, KY. FIVE BROT....,..., --.umtsston Mere ants, WIOBLHOO&L JCIJNHOORL TOBACCO & SEGAR. us. Bortd S. & J. MOORE,. MANUFACTURERS, p aUJX>t.rar .... ouOLAJJ N ..... D I. Water-st. l 38 N. Delaware-ave: T 0 B A c c 0 CALDW5:LL, NEW-JERSEY. Gl!ORGB W.]"IOU. "rum. .JOHN FINZEJt &, BRos., l:ttt c ,.,.. h HD G:EO. w. WICKS & co. ll.o.NpiACTUhEBSOF PHILADELPHIA. OtnmlSSlOn .lf.LerC ants, 95 NEWAB.It '\' Vira;tnla, Kentuch, and Mtourl ST.Il'ES BONDED WARETIOU S E. Con 107 North Water-street, Nl!JW .. lhu:cenors to :NOdE, WICB:B & co., PLUG TOBACCO, _'h'i ; :r<>ch .. ,. ""'" ltllOtl[ )'! G:-m PHILADELPHIA. Rtiscellane.ous. T obatco and Colton Factors Third-street, Louisville, Ky. (COBNI!ll BAUSSTRiiB'I',) DETROIT, li:IICH. BllRGESS & BRO., --BAGGING AND ROPE, I M .. LEOPOLD & co., DETROIT PLUG TOBACCO MAlfUFAiu!'ORY. MOOKLAR TOBACCO FACTIIY; :EDW .ABD Jr., Proprietor. BIRCH IUSSELIAlJ,.Iuager Loulfllill6, Xtf., 193 and 195 Jefferson-avenue, T 0 B A C C 0 J' A.:M:ES DA.LE'Y., BEMIS & ABBOTT, hdallklr!dsorMaculactoretTobacco,cotonY>rns. {THOMAS K. BOGGS,. 11.::.... ml'Ssl'on Merohants, No;;hMst 0Jr, Th i rd and R ae' Sts., f'1 t AI .A Jtf.I4H,j... .. p LUC TOBACCO IIU.IU---1\\\t.\'e,\\.a_\'\.\"'- < <. 00, gcn\s lor the celebrated brand s cl 8m o kl 8 '<"JI _.y IKJ.NOPJ.CTORBR OP E!NDS OV SEGAR MANUFACTURER, "'' 1'oba;eo: ..... ,.,WliOLB84LBuume111 d "VV> L"' ... """"' 100 Au D FA t CIGARS AND TOBA t/!P UA-3.11, 4# WlSt Greenup-atreet, CovinPll, Ky. lfim.Rlfarm'G"P e nnTobaoooWorks;" Leafand M::mufactured Tobacco, TQBACC LoneJaclc, Golden.Sbower, CCOS, i!:il ti:.""I;Will:i:ulll!&Cti'R"GlobaTob W ka" 0, Roso, J.IG Maiustreet, LoniVill-, w .rv,, Jrftoba--o. a.cco or SNUFFS, PIPES, ETC. Cherokee, 'Btar,etc.,eto, .,.., .&. """""" ti SOuTH DELli. WARE-AVENUE; Fa.etory : 1921 Callo'Wbill Street, G:!. "W:::''II 41'"""1 Portlo ul a r ttentl o n paid to the purcbaoe or r..a 31.7 ,& 31.9 Jefferson-avenue, Ph No.l02 MAINST:BEET, between 3d and 4th, and ""10 or Maufa c rured 'fobaceo. [74-mi pE-ATIII llndelphla 1&1-f!l PlflL ADELPDJA.. '-'" T "'-!!:-. p I p E S', LOUISVlLLE, KY. EDWARD_ PEYN-ADO & co., "U.s. TOBA.COO WORKS.'' 'IEf:..LER BROTHERS, UNITED STATES BONDED WAREHO\JSE, t.o TELLER, ANATHAN & 00.,) Flr3t C ollection Dl&t,.fct, PennaylvaD.i!.. rYholsa!o .D""'ftt;yonhuljt)ohf CHr,.a'lJIWana Drarido. J.l!ID BOLli .U.!iVI'AC'WJlU OJ' 'l'BB Oa.DIU.TltD BIUMD ":MO:R.lOlfG GLORIE '' I'IlfE CUT. J!ICil. 1\utfalo 2lbvertibtmtnte.' ADAMS_. C8.; IKI'Cca&Oll8 '10 JAMES ADA-. UAI.KU D' T 0 B .A (J C 0", SRU" _. a&A No. ll:ZYSTOPZB -TOBACCO WORKS. G. A GREENLY & co., McC()nnl c k .t Co Or nUt:.., PoJand &: Patrick :r. W Bll th & S()ns, l'!t. Louis, Mo.; Ph! ster & How, Ohio: Thos. C. DuraDt, Vle4tPnsident Union Pacilia: lht.ilro : ul, i M. Rader .t ion, Brokers, New Yo!'k; 0. lia.rtfOI'i.l, Oonn. i W S. Huntoon k Son, PtoYlJt. nce, H. I i J. A .Dod
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    ...... Managers, WaterChicago, Ill. VIRGiliA TOBACCO ..., ADAMS, .GIBBS & CO., ;' CO:mslfl!l:ON Jlli:DCBANTS 110!1. TliB sAUl 011' Manufactured and I'ine-Out TOBACCOS, Importers and 'Whole!!ale Bea.len ln Hnvana. and Domestic Olgan, Snuffs, etc. '' No. 146 South Water Street, BtmnY B. AD..ll!S, l CHICAGO; ILL. J""" s. G>ws. r IIR-9S (:,VA:( lJORN. }'",EMERSON. CASH VA"N HORN & CO., M.A.NUFACTUKERS OJ' l OROIOE FINE OUT CHEWING ,.., ..,. J.1Ul 1 I g\ntt.t o; No. 14 South We.ter-treet, CHIOAG09 .JLLI:NOIS. S. STEPHENSON, WfLLIAM M. VAN HORN & 00., !iUOCE8 .. Jl8 TO () VAN HORN, MURRAY & CO., OJ" lHN.Ii: CUT CHEWING AND PI ug Tobaccos, 36 SOUTH WATER-ST., CHfcAGO. '76 TOBACCO WORKS." E. C. MURRA Y lnte-<>f Vn !Iorn, llurr>y .I; Co, )lllAX. lllSON, \ ato ct Wolt !ll""on. MURRAY & MASON, lU.NVFAOTOBBJI.S J,l:D DL.'ALER8 lN ALL Xl,DS Oi' Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, Nos. 22 & 24 Michigan-av., Chicago, Ill. KANSAS CITY TOBAOOO WORKS. if, 0. CJ.STWELL. B C. TRIPP. )CJ P, M 'CORillCK. CANTWELL, TRIPP & Cll., J.GD1' JOk l'li.ODUcmt.S MiD MANUJrJ.C1'URBRS OP' HA.l.UFAQ'RRI .. OJ' Leaf, Kanufactnred Tobacco, and Oigars. Ohewing and Smoking Tebaccq, COMMISSll()N. CIGA.BS, SNUFF, ETC, F. B. BRACKETT & CO., TOBACCO Commission Merchants, No. 1.4 Oentttal Wha-rf, Office West Side Main-st., between oth and 6th, 1 J:-i:A...c'I"SAS CITY; MO. FACTORY I9 Jl'GEIC'S ADIJITION. HARTFORD ADVERTISEJIDTS. --0. B. ADAMS & 00., Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in CIG-AB.S, ()hewlag, Smoking, aad Leal TOBACCO, c. n. AnAlls t .No. 18'1 Stau St., o. F Wme, f F. B. BIUCJtEu, t BosTON, s. D. GoonWU!. Hartford, n ... uma. s. NtOW1f. BD\'IVD. S GOOLSTON. D. S. BROWN & CO.; IIUit8TDit oUit W!lOU8AL8 DIALBI!S Ill Leaf .and Manufactured TOBACCO. KAVA!!!. P&IlfOIPB, Al!D DOli:EST.rC CIGABS. lleerocb&am and Briar l'lpes, and Smokero' Artlel11 o-auF. -.clu1Tel7 Wlloleule. 31 and SJ Broadatreet. Botoo. A A. EOt!LEYI LEAF AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. NO. 12 CENTRAL WHARF .. BOSTON. FISHER & CO., Commission Merchants, IS CUTltAL WRAlll', BOSTON. Celebrated A1I'D DltALJ!ltS IN ... Banllfaeture4 Tohaeoo, 118 WES'.l'lUliSTER ST:REET, OlarrJ.t.Ricbanls'BuUdlng, Provlcloence. R.I. L. KINGSLEY & CO., XaDutaetarers and Dealers in Domestic and the CELEBRATED UPANUP CICARS, PLUG AND CUT TOBACCOS, a nora! uortmcnt Clf l'IPES and S' ARTIOLES, No. orProWd'ence, B. ;c, L. KINGSLEY. SI!tffii SMITH. B. SMITH &t 00.,) &\ f i., .. 1Co111octiCBt SemiLeaf !oucc_o R 10 lUliPDE-BDD;,_ l (1111-UIO) SprlacAeW, ...... .:a. J.. GEORGE B. BARNES, Connecticut SeedLeaf TO BAG No 238 State-str-t, HARTFORD, CONN', HAAS BROTHERS, DULiat II -CONN. SEEDLEAF TOBACCO, llD lU.lUJUCI'UR.KRS 011' CXG-.A.R..&. BABT.I.I'OBD. (J01'0f, D. W. KING, A.G mN'l'. Seedleaf Tobacco, 11Sll.J:II8 ll<' OOiliOC'l'ICUl' SEED-LEAF TOBAOOO, ... .&JtD )I&Jf'C7PJ.'a JMtiJ:. celebrated cc HI8HLA.NDE";" .,DICK TAT R." 8114 ROVER" SMOKINC TOBACC Jl'iirilleh tt ln any otyle and quant vt'o snlt lluyert. JOHN W. STONE; 193 Main..etreet, Lynchburg, V a Sole 1annfu<:tures of the Famous aap World nE ... LEtt IN r enowned Bran<.Lro irginia SmokiJUrl'obacoos, VIRCiftiA LEAF TOB,.CCO. J.tCK and BROWN DICICo 1 !lao Mauotacliirer ot lho roUowlng Ralanfaetory, 12'b et. Jlraod ot PLtcil LYNCHBURG VA. 1 'iWBIDT SOJIOIIl'liB, CllAIOIIIRKY, PDIIDIIONT, GOLDEN 16'1 BAR, aod lllera. Orders rcpectfi oolicited and prolllJIII;r attended to. J. A. R 0 r N-S 0 N' 5M:COiiKLE & BOWMAWN7' OF Manufactory, Seventh Street, LYNCHBURG, V .A.. McDaniel, Litchfield &: Co., (Sncc:essor8 to & Irby, ) General OoDlllrl_ss1on Merchants, No. :1./J Jlfl4ge Strut, LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA, Will pay attent1011 to the Bale andpnrchll88 of' Kuufa.ctured, Smoking, and Leaf Toba.ecoa; FLOUR. GRAIN, AND Count-ry P1oduce GeneraUy. B. D. DDI\bro, JOIBPB BJ.ItTOW, 24WatHott., New York. T81'.airt Gen ...... l, s,raCUft. MANVJ.I'ACTWBEBS OF OHOIOE Bl:WmS OI' VIRGINIA Cbewbtc llalokiD&' ToJNleeoa, LYNCHBURG, VA. W. P. ELAM & CO., @tquuuissiou AlO> TOBACCO. BROKERS, BJJcamM"e Slrut, F::B:lTEBS :SUEG, VA., Respeetfally soiieltCons.ignmente nnd Ordcr sgcnera.ll;r Terms. :It per cent. -----"'--------.;;-----J.. 1 CUB.L J. T OT.IRA..LL. .iBW-YOBK BBANOH TOBAOOO HOUSE. General Commission CLARK &: OVERALL, BBlflUIIO, B.ABTON & CO., 'WI! DEJ.LEBS IN Leaf Tobacco and Cigars, Jmollluc and Chew-lntr Tobaeeo, audaJJ 11.11141 oc IIJDlo.ll.era A.rtlele lr o. 'T 8oGtll .lhhl .. t., st. Louia, Mo. N .B.-A. IIIU .... ortment .of F&U!',Y C. & R. DORMITZER & CO., AlJD 011' TB.B CHOICEST BR!NDS OP bliSSOURI PLUC TOSACCO, No. 113 Washington-avenue. "' ST. LOUIS. Jllo, DICALK.IUI It< Leaf Tobacco, Leaf Tobacco & Cigars, CIG Rs, PIIB.s. etc .. oklnl' & Chowlntr Tobaeeo, No. 86 N. Beoond ou-re Loo....t -d AU Kin or Soken' t 16 8T. JAJliiS. .1110. &rtlete.. lao Jl'orth Beoond 8t.,-Viae.._ 1ft rtr. .nwn& Mil V. Cltl0l'00LD. ... ll. (JR.U.:, GRISWOLD, CBIE A C8., r W'IOLESA.LB D!ULBCS llf ALL ztft OW cE41Ui9n & AND l"r TOI!:\000, AL80' &tt'Ltl J'OR Austin a: :Newt.Qn11 Celemted EnBield brand of Ci1f1R. 812 Nertll Fourth Et., H. Lou, Bro. 14-119 J'. B. SCBBO.EDEB., JIA!i'UF ACl'llRER or Chewing Tobacco, .U."'D IKPORTKR OF HAVANA CIG.!.RS, o.180.11o1lth l'ovthu, I: Ul mata-atreet ST. LOVII!I BO, l{ound City Tobacco Worke. D. CATLIN, ALL OW. FintHlut, OhewiDg, & Smoking Tobaooo, Killiokinick, eto., 1'11 .. tea ll&nelo ft. LOVJII, KOo ....................... J.eaf anlt ftbtmfactunb AUIIJ---.. DOMESTIC, J.JID .. POiftD OJ HAVANA SEGARS, J!rorUa Seeoud atreet, .IIIO M-4t IIT.LOUIS, B. 0. GilA......, J M. Jo-. Cooper Tobacco V\T GRAlTLIN & JOHNSON, I XAliUPJ.C'rUUBI OP Flnecut Chewi_.. A 8mokinc V llL. 0 G @ P. o., rrox, o. Bole-....--. or lh eelobrale4 ltftDd Natali ttaeea CJIIewlDI. The 'Ba'timore Commercial says : The tobacco crop of 186'1, which is now coming into the market, is of a veey superior qualitv, a.nd the receipts during the past fort night have been liT" Thomas .D' ArJy McGee, Mem ber for Montreal iD the Canadian-Parliament, was aEsassina.ted one night last week in Ott:owa. --"$ hltUV1 ON 'TOE TOBlC()O FBllJ.D'8. We reproduce t JC following article from t he World' of Sunday, l.Jilblishcd th,e1.:in with the sensational bead ing, "Imu1cnse lt'rauf the only amount to less than 2,000,000 ; or, in other wo1ds, the three fac' tories aforesaid do nearly two-thirds of all the cl1eating goiug on. By all tueans, let us know more of these tre mendous ;tgencies for evil in the trade. If the lVorld bc liC\es its own statements, it ought not certainly to sup press their nnmcs 'y c arc glad to notice that the Wortp nefarious business it could assuredly succeed. It 1s sa1d that now at work trying, or appearing to iry, to fiml who these swind1ers are; but it is intimated that the1r movements are so well known by all those interested, tl1at dishonest manntactnrcrs have warninO' and ample time to set both their factories aml their books in order. Should the authorities make a searching examination, and call from among the aBe might be answered. Thirdly, and probably the plan, would be to l0wer the tax to a reasonable amount--say, about ten cents p e r pound." SALT FOR ToBACCO LAND.-A corresponde_nt of the Lynchburg (Va.) News, writing from: C?ampbell county, gives the following as the result of usmg salt M a ma nure : "I used salt as a manure for tobacco on the crop just housed, and am satisfied it is the best a:td cheapest fertilizer that can be used, Peruvian guano not accepted. applied a sack of Liverpool salt per aore, ailcr the June, on n piece of poOl' land, and the tobacco planted three days after. 'fhe l3r.!.d was 1M& thoroughly worked for thirty days after : alt wa applied, yet it produced a larger anr,l thicker .&rtiebi. than my highly-improved which were dused wiCia a heavy coat of stabl e-ma nure early in the spring, the tobacco planted bc1ore thQ 5th of J unc. I applied the salt on one lot broadcast, and on one in the row before bedding-the former }lrod ucerl the best tobacco. A neighbor used 300 pounds of Peruvian guano per acre on good land. The tobacco w as small and fired as rapidly as it ripe ned. Not a plaut fired where saU Not mo re than half au average crop was made in this n eig hborhood." ----------CORRESPONDENCE THE LI()ENSE QUESTION, E nnon OI' THE ToBAcco L:EA.ll' : I see by the last issru1 of your valuablejoumal, that the retail-dealer's license is considered by some a good idea. I am glad to have a response, ancl I expect to re ceive. others thr ough your columns I have been thinkiug of this retailer's license tor some time, say three I could then, and can now, see a great field for colfcctin17 a revenue any wh ere from two to ten mil1ions of dollars a year, with. VCl'Y smllll expense for collection, and by which no one could J'Casonably feel that they were oppressed I no.< tice one remark on the subject that attracted m:r attention, viz., a license-tax on all retail dealers in cigars and tobacco, other tlictn tobacconist s etc. ew. O ther than tobacco.nists! Ey this it would seem that; tobacconists a1c to be exempt from this proposed license. I must say that r object to any suJhow how easily we could pay this, we have only to look at the arriount of goods that w e arc obliged to sell t o make sixteen cents profit on, and h e re are the astoundingfhcts: Price. Proft.L 1 paper of c hewin g tobacco. . . . 10 :l 1 piec e of navy chewing tobacco ....... 10 3 1 cavendish tobacc o ............ 10 a 2 clga;s at 5 cents each.. . . . 1 0 6. 1 cigar at 10 cents............ . . 10 6. Tot:tl ............. : ...... .......... 50 21 There it i's, and over. A couple of pieces ot to. aml two 01' three cigars a so l d, pay the ta.r.. Ilere are the fact s and I shc:m!d bke to see some one attem1 t to get over them. am a fifty-d ollar man. I sp eak for mysclt: This I c onsider is an unusual oppor tunity th::1 t the trade h as now o:fl'ered to them, if the.J will only embrace it. The Commltte e on Ways and :Means (a.s T underst and it) a rc rcauy and wiilw g to bear any sugYcstions that ill thi"Qw 10\y light 6n this o f collecting rev enue .. If those in the trade, particularly men of any note, will tak1 the trouble to put bctorc :Mr .. Wells aml the gentt:men of the Co mm1tt ec, they w tll no doubt ac t npon tt., ard. wlwn it is a law, then you will have reason t<> for the fifty dollars will kill tbe rats. ULA.rmsc:s. BOil'l'OX, Al)l'il .:_G.__, .::.1_86_8 ________ __ PROPOSED FOR TtHUCCC. _: EDITOR oF THE Ton11.cco J.J.EAF: }ltht be ea.l'l'i c ] out (>ftuctually If eaoll sta.ml1 shoulc(he pl'intea in the style of tile enhj0..ined drawm"', with a check to caclt, to be scpnrat.ed wbl\!l the m;1ln stamp is by the und' to bt. kept by the same an
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    8 rHO MAS HOYT & Co., TOBACCONISTS, No. 404 PuRL STRE.ET, NEW-YORK, ManufaCturers of all kinde or f"me-Cut Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, Snuff, Cigars, and Havana Sixes. a BRANDS FINE-CUT CHEWING 1 .LID B&OIU& Ill Leaf & Manufactured Tobacco, LICOJIIOB, TOIJQUA BEA.B, zto., No. 84 WATER-STREET, w .... G A"'""' N ew Yort. SOLACE TOBACCO, ll4, ll61 and 117 LIBERTY-STREET, !Jon GOODS FOBW ABDED. 121 <:EDAR-STREET, &t1blll' Gll1ender, l'llm>. :r-s. JbM&T BonawALD, IIW-Tffillt.. FISCHER & RODEWALD. loaeph L. B. WooL H. H. w A7iTs & co .. Tobacco Brokers, EiV.IPIRE CITY Tobacco Works, No 7 5 BOWEB.Y, NEW YORK, T.A. LAWRENCE & 00., (Success o rs to Wmt'fAl! & LAwRENCE ) MJ.NVJ' .&.O'l'UitDI or Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, JJo. 2 HAliOVER BUILDI!IGS, (8.t.NOTBB-FQU.t.Bll,) 104-1J9 NEW YORK, J. S. GANS. & .SON, TOBACCO l3ROKERS, NO. 86 WALL-STR'EET 'tontine. lfulldlng, DAVID O 'NEILL & SON, WAL 00. Tobaooo the wade i.a general aT'3 part.icuWly req'llested to examjue and test the pWperties of this LICORIOIJ, whi to the highest is fll't!lred -.nder the above style of brant[ we are alaO smz for the brand' .,.. *'. Acknowledged. by eolUAIDlel'S J-.o be the best iu the 1Il8l'!nlt. And for the brand of :r,icorice Stick .... In all respects equal to CALABRIA. We are also AGKNTS for the branll z., which will be found constantly on hand. Licorice Root, select and ordlnarr, constantly on hand. GOIDZ, WALLIS & CO., -!&9 .a. 31 wuuam st. ------LICORICE P ASTih EXCELSIOR MILLS HEART'S Dli.l,,JGHT, NATIONAL. THOMAS HOYT & CO., New-Vork. HOYT, FLAGG .1< CO., LouiJYille, Ky. 374 Pearl Street, New-York, IJoYt 011 llud alarJe MOortmea' Of t'l ... ala lll-fllelared Toltaee.!!_r Pae Tilrll: .. b llmeklq, lrupone4 uaYa aa an4 Domutle ;lean. Tobacco Brokers, I'UltE _POWDERED ucoRICE, H:OYT, FLAGG & CO., Succ:aoon to HOYT. BARBOUR & CO .. lfYJ and J.09 Second St.. l.OUISVILLE, K. Y., -..u.auren of the followi"' celebrated brall4a of FJWECuT Ca1w1NO ToaACCO SUNNYSrDE, :sWi:ltT OWEN, ROSE-BUD. St.fOKINO ToBAccoa. Golden Eagle, CaBinet, grand Mogtsl, Chimney-Cnra.r, HOYT, FLAGG & CO Louinill .. K.) HOYT & CO. New-York. J. L. AD AM S, BBIGH'l', ..... Cake, Nature' Own, ..ietane NavyPounda and Half Pounds, Neptune NavyBizea DABK. Jlor"a Solaoe, Navy Pou.nda &ad :Half Poq.nda, era Solace, Sixes. Alao, pal """' of English, French, German, and Scotch ClaJ Pipea. .... 'I'D It: ONLY IUlfUI'AOTUU&S 01' 'l'IIJI AIO&I-0&11 BIIUllftl: IIIOIDIIG. '1'0.&.000. WM. H. GOODWIN & C01, MA.IfOP.A.OI'VaMI OP ..001 Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars; AD DL\I..D8 nr u. une o !taf anb jtug 11m a 208 WA.TER-&T.,. ... s llWftK. H. D. ROBINSON, Commission Merchant ..-SMOKING 'rOBACCO, Kaggie MitchelL Quarter Pounds, ...,., vuLDS '" J. L .&.cluu' XXX l:.ta, SegJrs, Plag Tohoteo, Sod', Snail' Floar, &t. Qallense Teaa, Victoria Tens. MA..'roFACTOI!Y AND SALES ROOM' Bo. 172 PEARL STR:B.:BT, Corner or Pine 8Lreet, DATID O'NIULL. lfEW-YO:U::. D.t.vtJ> J. O'Nau. CHARLES F. OSBORNE, TOB!CCO BROKER, IO. 15 OLD-SLIP, West corner of Water-street, M-1M NEW YORK. M RADER & SON, TOBACCO BROltiR5, ieo Pearl Street, (BEOOIID DOOB JUII'I' 0. W.U.L B'I'&Dr,) l&-68 NEWYORK. JiT ....... Y nr k A nctioneers. GERARD BETI'S & 00., .A .. uctioneers AND SEIDENBERG & 00., Gum Arabic, OLIVE O _IL, TONQ11A. BEA.XS, Aad etbw lPIMarlap, i'ln .., lit .-lal!:r WEAVER & STERRY IMPOltTERS, US PLATT STB.EET, N. Y. tt-8i HENRY M. MORRIS, Nos. 99 Pearl & 8S I \I PORTER ANB lOLl: AIHN'I', Far the United:Statea &ad Oanad&.' 01" TOR MORRIS "M. & M." BRANO SJ)anish Mass Licorice, G. & F. Cahill & Co., XX, IIF,1111d FGP brando, all of eup erlor quality, for oale at lowest market rates. 2752 .t; GRAFFLUJ .. .._. l# UNal .liW'ItY -IS TIIRF T ...... IIIHidreil1 of lheH hlllor .. ortar MacbiD Ia-Ia 1M lien ._..... .. ......, .. I tela lha ........ ..... ll&riac-Ia-..-foar ,.an, beia llhoroaJid7 --.11 .,.._ Iii all llo p-, we na --end lt to lhe IIWiul'aetUl'O!'f or 'l'ollacco .. the and eeooomlcal Kachla.e 6>r the perpoee DOW 0011'11. ConUnu.OUJ feed, no 1011--of Jttt, more eut with leu labor, more cbanttea of out, and brlshler Tobacco, tllaD with Oily oilier Cutler ID lhe world. .Patented In t[Dited St.t.tes Peb 16th Pdlent.od In England Aprll i2th, 1806 P.tented In France Aprll161h, 1866 .Patented l.o.Jlelglum Aprll18tlr, 1'886. We abo !DAilul'aoture M:acllinlls, Stem Rllllcrs. AND PATENT DRYER. 'lor full partlculan, addreea 'tOCLEN &. CRAFFLIN, Buckeye Toba.cco Machine Works DAYTON. O:E-XIO. ---.-.......... And othe r well-known Brande ot .Smoking 'Tobacco, PACKED IN POOKET POUCHU, Patented Deo. Sci, 188'7 FA(JT()BY: :J.SO North St., B_,U....W.., JIC4, OFFI.CE &. DEPOTS: 168 Pearl Mew York. NoTICB.-All infringem ents upon our patent, whereftt or E:uo81OWllOID t.lQVOatca. s B G :4 :a s -FINEIT QUALITY M111uf10tured.t Poughkeepsie, New-York. llo. 15 CBDARST .. QT, I!Ui.WJ .. Y QRK. 56-6'1 HIW-TffilK. SiliON SALOMON, Ln&porte-r af fnul. .Deakr in LICOJUCE P .&STE LEAF TOBACCO KREDLBDG & CO., AND SECARS, lKPOWIIIIt8 or J K. & C." and "J. C. 1 Ca Brandt. No. 19a PEARL. STREET, Weoft'.,.r.r-toiii&IUl(ac&IJNftmd tbetrarlelni!:ao o SEG .ARS, OIGAB.S SEGARS ClJT l U1 (C c Sole PToprletora of the ARD nr sNuFF 140 p t. 108 w ter..t. El Baco and Metrovohtan Brands, L E o, ..L oa. a PEARL-BTB.EET, I I : BEVIYII:R, OOEIUINOY1 ..... 8JIAI.. llt-111 Near Malden Lane, NI:W YORK. PIDIB SBGAR.S,. AND nALER IN LEAF TOBA;::CO, S:J New C-.aben Sh'eM, COI'JlSr Pearl, PRDIOIPAL DEPOT, 7 a :JP-u.1 -t<:D. a-tr--t, NI:W YORK. MEERSCHAUM GOODS !7 Johu, nwr Nuaau, .l.ND 191 Broadway, llear f&h NEW YORK. Lf!ltter Box, IJ846 P. 0. :ILl! Goodil stamped with o ur name and 'lnrrsnted ge uine. Pipee cut to order, repdlte d mounted, and boiled. e UlrSend for wholesale or l' A. MULLIIIJ & C. 8TIUtW, XA.N'UlrACTUBBBa OP Geoaioe sst BOWERY, near Hester Street, New York. POB'J'RAITS VlJT ON PIPES, IN STAT UAilY, INITIALS, ANUlALS, &e. il R.epa:l.r:l:na, J1i1 a d. We "'"kc a SJ>eelalt!f of .A.MBEBII of all lfltapes arrd PATENT TEMPER TOBAOCO-KNfVES, 01' B'flllt1' DI8C.BIP'I'IO!!I, ADAPtED TO TilE DUFERKNT POWB loiiD BAND M.UIIUN&II, MADE BY BAPAB'OtJH AXE A.I'D IBOI CO., C. 8, 8R18HAM, Trealllirar, lhpelltOIII, N. Y, Oar looc ecperloooe aad ecleDdad tadiiU... enabl e ua to poraalte oalllraaiMa. New York Salesroom. 69 lllunav.atreet... JOSIAJ[ S. I.EVEimTT & 00. 101-lN 1 CICAR AND CICARETTE ROLLER AND W.RA.PP ER &. SIEFKES, !MPORTKRS or OF THJI IM:nt' Ba.&.JiiD:i OF CXG-.Aa, ...... EL RIFLE_, ...ay, DW-'I'oM. Mill. PATENTED SEPT. 10<11, 1NT. The ( l e -lpeat., 1 n t m" ns DWEFJ.ESS LAWYER S, tl RECORDS BBCA lJSE-It Is n RELIABLE"lNlJEX of the INBNT b11.s inees .rno n of 'l'O DA ot acqUired b:r te B IN&IIl! Tfto&,NSAOTIONS tor a LONu BECAVSE-U rep resents the r e lative commerelal standing, ao UNDEIUITOOD among parties WHOS E BUSINESS leads them tol!X0HANGE OPINIONS DAILY In r eg a r d to tbc T R UE M FRITS, VAJ,UE AND HATES or all bnllneoa,.... olrea!d11-r Mle BIKlAtlSE-It boa been ADOP'l'ED aalbe STANDARD voa--.. ill WALL STREET, also hy I ced in h <,neo THROUGHOUT THE OOMMIIIMUIL W!IRLD, DB.l.LXRS 111 JU.liVIAC'IUaD OW SI&DI W BOXES AND 'BOX-SHOOKS, Put up and Shipped for the Soutbem Kat ket. We gin opeela.l a&tentloa to tl>e man.or TOBACCO BOXES an& to tho Trade. [1 .. 187] B:&CA1JS.B-WB I n;;fll:U '1'0 PROMINENT MERCHANTB0 AND lliLL BROlrnllS F a A sx_..s oF YEARS, BEPOR:f Cov'U'URCI n.... SlfBSCIUPTION PRIOE PER ANNlJI'II (TWO VOLVI'IIEM. RBVI!IBJ.. .IILjQ.D AL .1:"1(iiNTERS, .JANUARY AND JllLY, Wll'H U'qliiBlBS, TBB UPFICE. $8 k 14)1 L. BALLARD & co., Broadway and Reade Street. Rl!JJ':IS6c' N O W llE.AJ)Y FOil DEIJ.Y.8IIY. f


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