The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (4 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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-..... r"' { 0 Organ of the Tobacco Trade f the United Stat The Largest Special Trade Paper in the World. VOLUME IV., No. 11 l WuoLE No 167. TBBIDI OF THE PAl'E.R. 1>\ngle Cop l eo .............. ............. 10 Cent Per annom.... . .. ................... To Enlrland and the Canadas, $l.laddltional per nunom fOr prepayment of postage. To Bremen, Hamburg and the Continent ot .a:c.rope, SUJII additional pox annnm r o r postal({)aDied by the corresponding BATES OJ' ADV.EllTIIIlfG, Single D ouble 1 Columu. Col umn. 1 ell" are (1 Inc b.) for 6 montbo .. $16 *28 to quare (1 \ncb) for 1 year.. .. .. .. fo4 2 equaree 3 Lnches) for 6 mo nths 28 55 2 aquarea t.n.cbes) for 1 ycur .... 54 100 3 3 lncheB) Cor \l 42 F.C 3 s quare for 1 en ..... 80 1 50 '"la&reo .;, "1''-\'W. M 100 4 f!Cla&retl 4 Inches for yntb s .. 80 150 G sqaare& 6 lacbes) !'or 1 .V'"'' ..... 160 800 AdTertleementl under tbfl nedl.n.2' '"'For Sale,. or "Wu.ted.., 12+ per l ine lor ever y in i!erlillll. All cbaDCM In the ad ,-en laements bave to be paid lbr extra. "o orde1'1! ror advertising will be conoldeMerdant, Rott..-tlam ett. -Salomon, S. 192 Pearl. 14. llorin or guilder .. Seidenberg .t Co., 19 Dey. let. cent ............ O .OO,j Tag, C baa. F., 1H Front. B,mffl-MASOFJ.IlTITRKRS OF B-N1H'F. lrth. rix thaler ..... 0'.78!-App!eby & Helme, 13S Wate r. 1grt. grote ........ 0.>1,0 (9 ) Lorillard, P., 16 Chambers. Ham/rnrg, htobec, etc.-1 0 35 0 Iloi1'011TRIIS OF PIPES, ETC, m. marc anco. Boiken & Siefkes, Maiden lane lsch. sehellmg. . . 0 02, 1 D b Will' .. c B d FORI:li!N WtciGIITS.-.A. kilogramme equals emnt Iam "' o., 403 roa way. 2.20486 lb8.; a Bremen pfund equals 1.011909 Konig, &leyer & Co., 96 William l b!!; a Hamburg pfund 1 06798 lbs. Lorillard, P 16 Chambers. n.-oirdupois. Schey, M. & Co., !4 Maiden lane. Exmstc Tn:.-Canndish, Plug, and Twist, t>< ooons. without the use of any machine l!r ceai. tJd. ualr>'""'' SKF.DLEA:r TOBJ.cco HISPKCTION. -""""""'""'""'_...,.!!!!!!!1!!!!!'!!!1!!! ___ .,.._.,. Linde. 0., 71: BUSINESS BIIIBCTOftY: TOBACCO P.RESSllltS. OP ADVBBTIDRS, Guthrie & Co., 22 5 Front. -:o:MAliUEACTUBERS OF CIGAR BOXES, NEW YORK, Henkell, Jacob, 167, 1 5 9, and 161 Goerck. TOBACCO wAREHOUSES. Wicke, George, 26 Willett street. Agnew '\Y., k Son, 284 and 286 Front stree t CIGAR ROLLER ..I.ND WRAl'PER. Ayres, Sam & Son, H Water. ., Bake r, B. C So,n k Co., 142 }'earl. Witt, H C., 5, Cedar. Be nrim o B. & D 124 Water. CIGAR llOX cnu ANn OTHER woon. Blakemor Parker & Co., 181 Pearl. Rodman&: Hepburn, 21g Lewi s Bow ne, R. S., 7 Durling SLip. KANtii'A.CTU RKR TOBACCO TINFOIL. Bramhall&; Co., 147 Water. Crooke, J. J 3 8 street Bryan, Watts & Co., 43 J.UCTIONEERS OF TOB.i.cco, ETC. Bu lkley & lloorP, '14 Front. Bett, G. & Co., 7 Old S lip._ u nzl & Dormitzer,126 Water. Hatheway & Arnold, 144 Water. A. H. & Co., 16 9 Front. Reed G. B. & Co., 84 Cedar CO!lnolly & Co., 46 Water. Cratrford, E. M. & Co., 12l and 1 2 : 3 Front. TOBACCOCUTT!NO M ACHINES. DeBrao).;eleer & Foote, 94 Beekman. Borgfeldt & Deghuee, 64 Cedar. Deen, Jolm L., '18 Water. TOBACCO LABELS. Do han, Ca r roll & Co., 104 Front. Hatch & Co., llt'Broadwa;r. Dubois, vandervoort & Co., a7 Water. TOBACC O LABEL ENG!U.'VElt. Fallensteio, Obas. B. & Son, 129 Pearl. Hoe y, Jos. 202 Broadway. F atman & Co., '10 and 72 Broaa TORACCO LABKL PRINTERS. F ielding, Gwyun & Co., llS PearL Brown, M. B & C o., :19 William C'rl\88er' & Bro, 160 Water. Gr eenfield & Co., 61 Beaver. PATEI\'T TOBACCO KNIVES. G unther, L W & Co., 110 Pearl. Napanoch Axe and Iron Co., 69 Murray Guthrie & Co., 225 Front. SNUFr J.IID TOBACCO BOTTLES. ff arris, J. T. & Co., 80 Front. Quinlan, Jer., 188 William. 1I""ld & Miller, I '16 Wale!'. TOBACCO BAOS. Hein e ken, G. & Palmore, 115 Broadway ,4sten, W. B. & C 25 PearL H icks, Joseph, 82 Water. TOBACCO BOXES. Hill man, G. W. & Co., lOS Front. Hammache r, A. & C o., 62 Beekman Hirschhorn, L.k Co., 140 Pearl and 106 Water; TOBACCO PAP&R w ABKHOUSB Hollander, L. & Son, 147 Water. J e ss np &: : Moore, 128 WiUiatn. Hunt, Chas. E. & Co., llO :.earl. elly, Robert E. & Co., 34 Bea-.e r. ToHACCO BARBELS. W. P. & Co., 16i Water Brigg<, A. T., 64 Rutge r Slip Kremelberg & Co., 160 Pearl. ALLEGHENY CITY, PA, Levin, 111. H., 162 Pearl. Jenkinson, R. & W 6 Federal. L evy & Newgass, Water. BALTIBORE: Lindheim, Bros. & Co., 90 Water. TOBCco WAREHOUSES. l,orillard, P., 16 Chambers. Bolenius, G H., 202 West Pratt. Maitland, R. L. & Co., 1 Hanover Buildings. Boyd W. A. & Co., 33 South. }fllrcb, Price & Co., 91 Wter. Brauns,}'. L & t.Jo., 1 I' Cheapside. .lbyer, Joseph & Solll!, 122 Water. De Ford, Charles D & Co., 3'1 South Gay. )[ayo, J. H. F., 105 Wter. GieokP, L. & Co. 121 W. Lombard. :McCa.ffil. Wm., 51 Bowery, Gunther, L. ''1'"., 90 Lombard. Mengel Charlea C., 56 Cedar. Kerchofl' & Co, 49 S. Charles. Messenger, H. & Co., 161 and 163 Maiden I. Loose, C. & Oo., 19 German. Morris, H M., 99 Pearl and 62 Stone. Paul, W m,, 41i I West Baltimore N a,han, L. & )Iaurice, 48 Broad. Richardson, J. &i: Co., 45 Lombard. Norton, Slaughter&; Co., oU Brd, Schroe,Uer, Jos. & Co., 81 Exehapge Place. Oakley, Cornelius, 96 Water. >le. of yielding suc)l a reveaue as our necessarily incr-eased expenditures dema6.dlelll Setting aside the valuable results ofthe experience of other na tions on this subject, they appear to have relied ex clusively upon their intuitive perceptions, and the end of their enactments wall ontt .t' the most miserable fail ures that has ever put to shame the vaunted capabilities of the human intellect. :And for their blind folly the country has ever since been suffering. With the greatest natural advantages ever vouchsafed a nation since the inauguration of the first human government; with a variety of climate adapted to the production of almost any plant, fruit, or flower; with mineral riches boundless and incalculable ; with millions oa millions of acres of thll most fertile of Sllils waiting to be occupied -'-with th"' t lin:,,..i t ....... "Y r and with no r;Jasou on earth why we ahould be poor, the country is to-day in a mO!lt d e pres sed condition-her commerce para lyzed and her industry a t a s tand-still, simply becaus e t h e in capa ble men whp undertook the revi s ion of our finapcial system miserably failed, not only through nat ural inability to rise to the level of the great argu ment," and comprehend the exceptio n a l position in which the country found i t self, but through their ob stinacy i n s t ead il y rejecting the wisdom of others who were thoroughly ve rsed in the sc i ence o f which they had not even mas t e r e d the a lphab et. Thus we find t hem increasing the number of articles taxed in the m ost s h or t-sighted manner, when the ex perience of e very other portion of Christendom w as .a unit i n f avo r of co nfining the imposts to a few articles, and in con stantly diminishing rather than increasing the numb e r. Thus our taxes have become like the locusts of Egypt, and are found everywhere-even in the bit of bread and sup of drink which the poor man puts to his mouth. In view of these legislative errors, and the present depre ss ed condition of the country, we propose to say a word about a possible remedy. This remedy, to our thinking, con s ists in the substitu tion of direct, f or the pre sent system ofindirect, taxation. In Europe, where government is studied as a )lCience, direct taxation is daily growing in favor, not only among statesm e n, but with the masses themselves. For the poor man can readily see how greatly he is the gainer, if, instead of payiug taxes to an indefinite amount on his food and. clothing, he can discharge all his obligations to the government by the payment of a certain moderate s um, and purchase the nec es saries of life at greatly reduced prices; nor doe s it need mllch arithmetic to show that our countrymen to day could better afford to pay even a large rate per capita in the way of a direct tax:, than they can afford to pay twice the amount indirectly. The only difference is that between an open, fair transaction, and a blind, hypocritical one, in which the tax-payer is absolutely cheated by a large impost un{le r the pleasant impression that he is 1 )aying none at nil. Of course this is the most absurd of fallacies. The whe els of gover.nment need to be frequently oilecl to. be kept in motion, and no citizen who enjoys the advantages resulting from the keeping of this administrative machinery in good repair, can a;void contributing toward the ne cessary ex pense. The question for him to decide is not whether h e will pay, but how he will pay, toward the support of the Government. He may pay as we are paying now, by indirect taxation, which, in our opinion, and in that of others more competent to jndgc than -we is the most extravagant and unsatisfa ctory sys tem ever invented. It is, as we have hinted, hypocriti c al, for while it does not call upon us to pay a cent into the common Treas ury directly, it collects a fraction not only whenever we l?ny a cigar, or drink a glass of ale, but also when we purchase food and raiment for ourselve s and fam ilies, and these fractions amount, in the aggregate, to a much larger sum than is required by the aetual necessi tie s of Government, and only a portion of which finds its way into its coffers. For wheneyer a tax-of one per cent. is laid upou any article of general consumption, the cost of that article is enhanced to the consumer near ly two per cent. Thus we see a tax of one-eighth of one per cent. levied upon our street-railway companies for each passenger carried, but the unfortunat e pass enge rs rors of either. The American Union 1s but pay not only the actual tax levied, but s uch advance as after all present s a less complication of peril than is visithe d ea l e r !fees fit to demand, and thus consumption is ble elsewhere ; hence we may expect to see within the diminished, business injured, and the entire commercial twelvemonto, the heaviest system put sadly out of joint. Contra t this with the. 81!'-ce toe days of the settlement ofLows1ana. Thetlde d will, :fut many reasons, flow toward New York, New a vantages flowmg from d1rect taxes. 'I he general Orleans, and. B'altimorc. The South will, Government needs so much money-.say :11300,000,000 a lily, reeewe the largest share, but there are districts of annually, if you please:for administrative purposes. It the West-Indiana and Mi880uri, for instanoe-tha.t computes the receipts from customs, and, for the balance, ?Ontain populations of French descent, e t irua< es the total population of the country, and diwh10h will aliiO be remforced by the new comers. vides that balance into so many portions per capita. In order, how ever, to avoid the necessity of the main tenanc e of a large army of officials for the collection of the tax it is found best to divide the gross amount into portions to be distributed for c ollection among the various States. Thus New York would be charged w ith so many millions, and Ohio with so many millions, for which the State authoriti es would be to the general Government. The collection of this amount by the States would be very simple, as it could 'be as sessed u pon the real property, and paid together v.ith the State and county taxes, and be collected by the same officials. To this plan, however, there would arise the objection that the o\rne1s of real estate would pay all the taxes, and that all others, howeve r wealthy, would go free. The inju stice of this arrangement is manifest. To obviate this, then, we would retain the present income tax, but make it more progres sive-that is, having no $600 or $11000 exemption, but making all recei of income s pay at least a small percentage of it into the public Treasury, increasing the rate progres sively with the wealth of the as now the poor man pays nearly as much in proportion as the citizen who se income crowds hard upon half a million. By an income tax thus made le ss unequal, and upon a per tax if al8o necessary, together with duties, we would rely for the support of the GoYern ment; and we venture to say'that the adoption of such a policy would be followed by an instant revival of trade, and a sensible a melioration in the circumstances of the large majority of our citizens. Abolish, we sa the taxes on whisky, tobacco, manufactures, and items now relied upon to raise, but whi c h do not afford, a. sufficient amount of revenue, numerous as they are. Let us simJllify the system upon the plap. we have proposed, and, our word for it, our :financial evils would epeedily disappear, like the early clond and the morning dew. W arp sirk of tll esc fl.'auds, arul tbP temptationq which our rotten sys t e m of' taxation constantly holds out for their com missi on The whisky trade i s corrupt to the core, and t he tobac co trade is rapicUy becoming so. Let us h ave an end ofhypoc riti cal shams and the attainment o f our ends by tor t uous and dishonest ways Let us c ome o u t squa r ely a nd say to eac h c itiz e n, You m ake so much money i n your avocation, what ever it may be, annually, and you are protected in your pursuit by an organized a nd costly government. We therefore assess you so much in proportion to your in co me, and we pl e dge ourse l ves not to impose taxes upon any article which you co n s ume, or to l eyy further trib ute npon yo u in any other way. In short, we consider the payment of this proportio n of your annua l income, as a full discharge of all c l a ims Government may have .against you !" This -would be clealing fairly with the citizen, and to t hi s complexio1,1 must we c ome at last." We have had enough trickery and chicane: l e t us now try a little honesty iu t he administration of public affairs I MINOR EDITORIA.LS. A'ITEN'l'IVE readers of T!J.E LEAl doubtless re!Ile!Ilber that the con cluding sect ion of the proposed law ado-pted by the Convention at \Vash ingtou last winter, cont .amed this provision: "And the eotmterfeitil}g of stamps be regarded in law as an oHEmce eq ual to the counterfeit ing of Government money, and b e similarly punished." This is one of the best provisions of the proposed law, and one rendered inevitably necessary by the adoption of the stamp Ryst(m at all. In yiew of this we were glad to notice t h e following telegram in the daily papers last week: April 29.-Wiiliam Wilson, a: stencil-cutter, wa s imprisoned to-day to answer before the Unite d States Grand Jury for cutting counterfeit United-States tr that there is something in them. This lit what is now ta.k ing place the1e in the matter of beet-root sugar. When England w en t to war with Napoleon she cut off the.. supply of West-Indian sugar by blockading the Frencl1 ports; but the great Frenchman tried the beet, found that he could make sugar better and cheaper tha.u that imported and made from the cane, Britain amazed, but could not learn. When the famine brok!.' out in Ireland twenty years ago, a learned chelllif'.t, showed Sir Robert Peel that beet-root sugar would rc establish the prosperity of the country, stop the flow of emigration, and support a heavier populatton than an v: other branch of agriculture; but the EnglisJ, statesman put off the 11ubject for consideration to" a mon' convenient season." Since that time many beeH induced to make experime11ts on a smallecale, but witl so little earnestness and savoir faire, as to have comll' to the c onclusion that" it could not be done." Recently however, an adyertisement in the London 1imM ha.<; op e ned the eyes of John Bull. A Mr. Duncan makes thrf'!> hund:-ed tons of eet sugar per week, and 11Dderselh the cane s ugar. This being done in England, hones t John is bound to believe it ; and when Mr. Duncan a11 norlnces that he will bui six thousand tons of beets an(l pay eighteen shillings (*4 50 in gold) per ton for them, John does not know what to think. One thing he know, that he has grown thousands of tons of beets an nually for stock-feeding purposes, which by the economical management have never been worth thnt price ; and the next few years, therefore, will see a great tride in the sngar-h<'< peciall y, as being most in need o f it-may derive soin., consolation from the reflection that they are not muth worse off than their fellow-snfterers in France and Gnat, Britain. This satisfaction, however, may be by the fact that in Englancl the period of depressi ou has apparently passed its climax, and that having for -a sum equal to $82g,ooo,ooo I! Vast as was this it was surpassed in the following year, when, by then viv a l ot' the cotton manufacture, caused by the increaser! supply of that staple consequent on the cessation 1 -t hostilities in the South, the exports reached the tot" I of ,917,53, or $944,000 ,000! Had this increa.'l>.:' continued throughout 1867, the export!! would have ex ceeded one thousand millions of dollars in value ; but instead of' this tley diminished, and the total of the ex ports of the year is only $906,000,000, or, to be exac' (, ,1S3,971. It is quite true, however, that this d crease is rather apparent than real. In 1866 there we r,, imported by Great Britain 1,377,040,000 lbs. of ra..w cotton, at a cost of '76,500,000; and in 186'7 the im ports of cotton were 1,262,464,000 lbs.,at a cost of only ,000,000-in other words, the decrease in the quru1 tity was 8 per cent., while the decrease in the cost wa..; 32 per cent. The ex}lorts of cotton fabrics in 18>7 were in value onlr, ,869,000 less than in 1866-that is to say, that wh1le the raw materialcost ,000,00 l less, the sales of the Illllnufactured material were not quite ,000,000 less. This is not by any means a brul showing, and it may be said that the cotton manufue turers in England have done better in 186'7 than in lLllY year since 1861. The decrease in the trade with tk' United States alone accounts for nearly the whole deti ciency in the exports of 1867, although the exports t" Australia were mtich emaller than in 1.866. But in th, face of this falling off, the British manufacturers se e lll now to be taking fresh courag _e. THE vintages of the past year on the continent c.l' Europe, can now be estimated both as to quantity quality, and although the season was not considered em. inently favorable to grape culture, the result is gene-t ally more satisfactory than had at first been anticipateout one-thud of the grapes. Th<> production of the year is estimated at about 45100H pipes, against 60,000 in 1866, and of 96,000 in 1860 About 10,000 pipes of 1867 may be considered of su perior quality, 20,000 good and medium, and the. mainder suitable only for the 8t ill and home COD.SWDf tion. In Champagne we ha ve to record a medium vin: tage. The grape was at :first affected by the unfavol able weather, and although the latter part of the sum mer was fine the vintage was oot ushered h unde r propitious Circumstances. At the close, howevel' fine weather again appeared and enabled those who ba<[ deferr e d gathering to produce a very good wine, b u t at the present mom ent .the vintage is doubtful, and mav in the end produ ce about an average. It is geyeralir


thought that the 1865's will be among ever produced. Claret is reported defietent m yu:ld, althouh it is satisfactory to learn that the new wme IS of a "'o-eod useful qu!!.lity, which will probably com pensate"' the 'growei s by thte price.s they will. realize the great falling off in the quantity. Made1ra IS factory both m quantity and quality, and although steadily on the increase is ill rat1o With the enor :mous strides of the two preoedmg years. The tion, however, will never equal what 1t was pnor to 185'1, when the annual average was 30,?00 p1pes, as a great portion of the land then cultlVated IS now devoted to the g1owth of sugar cane and cereals. On the Rhine and Moselle little sun and l1eat w1th too much wet and cold, have a most vintage. The unfavorable weather that accompanied the vintage precluded all chance of the grapes maturing, and pre vented their perfect fermentatiOn, thereby leavmg .an unusually large remnant of saccharme :matter which will cause the wmes to be m a most un condition when the beat of the spnng ap proaches. Owino to the vintage of 1866 also havmg -been so bad, the"' fine wines of 1862 and 1865 have greatly augmented value. WB give the following important rumor from ington for what it is worth, and may have something o:lfer about it in future. Almost any change would m this case be an improvement, it the c;e ation of more worthless and vemal offilIals Without m their efficiency : It is reported fi:om Washington that the Ways a.nd Means Committee have ao-reed to report in favor of making the Internal Reve Bureau an independent establishment, net under the control of the Secretary of the Treasury. They provide for one one and five deputy commissioners, besides a. The com missioner is to be responsible for the entue management --of the bureau and for the collection of the revenues, and to this he is to sole power of and appointing collectors,, and .their ass!st ants. The measure throughqut 1s of th1s sweepmg character." THE operation of the fifty per cent. clause of the General Bankrupt law cannot but prove beneficial both to creditors and debtors. It must make persons who -are operating upon credit careful about contracting bilities to such a.n extent that they cannot see their way clear out of their difficulties should they become un1ortunate. The great that the:y shall so husband their estates that they will be able, m case of trouble a.nd inability to pay, to show a balance sheet which w1ll enable them to realize fifty per cent. of tbmr debts from their remaining aesets, before them with the force of a. momtwn. It will make them careful, econonncal, and vigilant. As the la.w stands, it offers a premium to the prudent, a.nd cer .:tifies to everyone who has a watchful desire to be rea.dv for the worst that he must proceed slowly, but with certainty and' that he must not risk too much. It will rel!train that headlong ambition to "make or break" which has been tlle bane of business i.n this country, :md the cause of encouragmg over-indebtedness, similar in consequences to over-trading, and producing muc_h misery and unhappmess. The present law IS the most sensible one that we have ever had l,Il this --country, and will prove of vast. advantage to and commerce. It will control busmess and mould busmess customs with direct reference to its provisions. The sections which relate to involuntary bankruptcy, place a remedy in the hands of every to be used a!ninst an improvident debtor, the latter m a of wild experiment, and compellmg h1m to bear in mind the fact that there is a restraining power which may at any moment be exercised against him. The fifty per cent. clause was to have gone into effect in one year after the passage of the act, but as the appli cations under the latter were slow, and many worthy men sufferin.,. under past nnsfortune had not yet ap_plied for the "'benefit of its provisions, it was thought to be both liberal and to the penod dUf!Jlg which the favor of a discharge m1ght be allowed, w1th 'tlut reference to the fifty per cent. regulation. As a. .eonsequence, a. movement to this end was made some time ago. Mr. J enckes, of Rhode Island, who had of the bill, brought. forward in the House 'll. motion to postpone the ttme when the fifty per cent. should go into operation until June 1 1869. There was some objection, and finally a was ari"ived at, by which it was agreed to postpone the period until January 1, 1S69. In that "Shape the amendment passed. We can sca rcely expect that there will be trouble in relation to the matter in the Senate. The only point in doubt is whether there -will be such speedy action as to render the subject free from all uncertainty, so that the public may clearly un -derstand the extent of their privileges under the law in time to avail themselves of them. THE recently-published pamphl_et of :Mr. Ja.y Cook.e, setting forth the grounds on wh1ch he pronnsed com payment in his advertisement as Government agent for the sale of the first series of the Five-twenty bonds, is very clear and convincing, a.nd is deserving of special attention. Among other forcible arguments, he lays great stress the fact that no question of paying Five-twenties in any other standard than tba.t of com, was ever raised until several years after the loan had been sold that if in 1S63 or 1S64 such a question had arisen bonds could not have been negotiated; that the su'ccessive Secretaries of the Treasury have all declared that the bonds would be paid in gold ; that the bonds were bought by the people in reliance upon this declaration ; that the contract. was so understood and accepted by the whole country, a.nd that Congress al lowed the Treasury to make these repeated promises without giving any warning or hint of a. claim to modif7 or invalidate the contract m after .,yean. Fmally, he claims as a principal is bound by the acts of his agents, so the nation IS bound by -these acts of its Congres'! a.nd other repre11entatives, and that the contract must be interpreted and fulfilled in the 1'l6llBe understood on both sides when it was first made. He meets the objection that the bondholders are a j>rivileged class of capitalists, by the statement already made in the columns of TnE LEAF, that out of three millions of subscribers to the Seven-thirties, nine-tenths -were persons of small means; and he adds, The West took *32.0,000,000 of the tB31,000,000 Seven-thirty loans and this is as large a proportion as could be ex pected from a new and enterprising regwn, wheie money always commands higher 1-ates than a.t the. Ohio alone took over $9o,ooo,ooo, and Ilhno1s over *'70,000,000. The West was also a large taker of the Five-twenty and other loans. I ca.n substantiate these statements, for I have taken the trouble to analyze each day's subscriptions with the above result. Again, how "Can -the bondholders be considered a privileged class ? Du1ing the entire sale ofthese bonds they we1e offered freely, at par, to anyone. Even the owner of but *50 .:was not excluded, but hundreds of thousands of these Km&ll investors came forward from all p&rts of the land and were gladly welcomed. The small premium to which our bonds have advamced 1s no rmpediment 10 the way of anv one who really wtshes to obta1n them, and even now the dally demand from this class ofinvestms JS far greater than that any other class. What becomes then, of the assertion, that the ma.n who hold!! bonds is a. pnv1leged person?" Ix is evident that buf)iness activity is based upon the nmount of capital a commumty may be able to command together with the productiveness of Its employment.' All permanent prosperity and sion is, therefore, referable to these as a. cause. It IS 11seless however, to deny the fact that many if not most of the momentary panics, for the tune most del HE TOBACCO LEAF. struct1ve to the interests of trade, often arise from causes m which actual capital bas little or no concern They are not traceable to any derangement or lack of wealth, but rather to a derangement in the means by whJCh It is exchanged or made available. Money, though an mdispensable requisite to commerce, may be brought tempornrily into antagonism to it, and, in place of pro seriously derange the active interests of the coun try. This arises f10m the in:fiuence wh1ch tt commands as an independent power ill society Even in the form of a me1e representative of value, 1t carries with it for the time being all the force of actual capital. So true is this that Jt is found by experience that a. few capitahsts m Wall st1eet ma.y perceptibly aftect the business mtetests of the whole country, through specula tive operations in relation to the currency. But mdependcnt of premeditation or design, the most seuous results, pe1haps, have been occasioned through temporary msuffic1ency m the cuculatmff medium fiom accidental causes and sudden expansi"n of trade. It IS a well recognized fact that the requirements for money vary greatly at difl:"erent penods of the year, and 1f not panics at least gt eat inconveiDences often ensue detrimental to business m the extreme, f10m a want of the proper facilities to supply these demands, the inadapt ability of our financial system to the exigencies of the occasiOn. It is claimed that the finanCial system possesses an' advantage, an elasticity, in this respect, not existina in our own, through the power of the Bank of England to afford temporary relief on occasions of unusual monetary stringency. The S the lot we noticed Flor de Cuba, Conchas," igaro, Londres Prensados," "H. U pman, Reo-a.lita.,',. "Flor del Fulmar Cil.," Ag uila de Org Lon ," "Prog1e so Cubauo Conchas," :Figaro Rig. Brit. Cil.," "Henry Clay, Chic," "Ingen uidad Reg la Reina 1st," Cuban as Reg la Regna 1st," "Flor de Und1a Patriotas," "Leg1timedad Reg. Brit., 1st," "Reamillste Aroma Brema," and others. The prices broua:J:t were very fair, and the biddmg was spirited. vv e aive tiJ.t prices brought by several prominent brands: 4 bxs. "Partagos, J.on, 2d," $16; 20 "Espanolas, Lon. Prens.," $10 50; 11 bxs. ditto, $11 ; 10 bxs. "Espanolas R1g. Lon. CIL," 814 12; 20 bxs. "Espanolas Lon. Prens.," $11.12; 20 bxs. ditto, ill, tn 12, $11. 25; 3 pkgs. cigarettes, $122 50 per thousand bundles; 1 bx. "Londus Corte Cil.," $4 50; 2 bxs. "Espanolas Lon. Corte Oil.," $10; 20 bxs. "Londres," $7 75; 10 bxs. ditto, ill ; 7 bxs. "Espan ola Lon Prens.," i10 62!; 5 bxs "Jenny Lind B1eva.s," $12 62!; 3 bxs. "Le Grand .Antilla Lon.," $11!; 4 lbs. Pica.dura tobacco, $1 20 per lb.; 2 bxs. "Dutch Londres," $5.50; 2 bxs. $12!; S bxs. Garabella. Reg. Esp.," $13i; 3 pkgs. cigarettes, :h 20 per thousand bundles ; 5 bxs. El. Sella Con., $9 25; 2 bxs. Bremen, $5 50 ; 25 bxs. "Espanola Lon. P1ens.," 810!, $10!, $11. The regulatwn was adopted of sellmg in lots of 500 with the pnv1lege, and the entire sale must have netted something handsome to the Government, as 1,934 bxs. were disposed of: LUJltOrice.We have nothing new to add to our recent liquonce suffering fiom the gene1al de pression of the plug interest. Gold opened this morning at 139-g, and at noon had f..'\llen to 139s. .&change.The market in the fore part of the week was weak on account of the mcreased supply, and rates favored buyers, but towards the close, as the supply became low, rather than through any mmeased demand, It became firmer. We clip the following from the New Odeans Price Current, whiCh will not come amiss to many of our readers. Those who do business directly or indirectly with England understand what is meant by sterling exchange: also, why It IS that when it is quoted at 9f p1em. IS but really at pa.r. It bas been often ex plained, but still the question is often asked, Wbat 1s sterling exchange, and bow can the relative value of English and American money be ascertained?" The following are the whys and wherefores of the whole matter. The dollar formerly in use in the United States was the Spanish dollar (m silver), the value of which was 4s. 6d. sterling. 'l'his was taken, and has since been, a.nd still is used as the basis of exchange ; and to this cause may be attributed most or much of the miscon conceptiop as to sterling exchange in the United States. If $1 be worth 4s. 6d., what is the value in dollars of or_20s.? 4s. 6d.=4i shillmgs. 20 40 Then-= =4, or 4 dollars 44 cents, 4! 9 and 4-10 of a cent, or 4 mills. Now, supposmg the standard of American currency to be still the Spanish dollar, 1t is clear that $4 would represent, at par, the value of sterling. But that standard has been changed-first, by' a. United States silver and then by a. gold one, so that now the par value IS about 9t per cent. above $4 4, or $4 S6 per Hence, when exchange is quoted, say 109! to 110 in New York, it is about par-i.e., it is just as profitable to buy exchange at that price ffn a I emittance as it is to send gold. If the price be 111 to 112, it would pay expenses and 1 per cent. to 2 per cent. in addition, to send gold ; but if below 109!, there would be a loss in shipping gold. All exchange is calculated upon a. gold basts, but at the present time the usual business of the Umted States being transacted in currency, this has to be taken into account in settling any prwe, or sending remittances for payments ; and this IS done in the following man ner ; for instance What is worth in cunency, with exchange say at 109-h and gold at 40 per cent. premium? -4. Therefore -444. And 444 at in gold. Which at 40 per cent. premium=$6S1"31 m cunencv. The same process gives the true result, let the rate of exchange and premium on gold vary as they may .And, vice versa, to find the value of a g1ven amount of currency in sterling : A in New York wishes to pa.y Bin London the value of S,600 cuiTency in sterling. Gold is 136, and ex change lOSt. How many pounds, shillings and pence must he send h1m ? $4 at lOB! gives say $4 m gold. Which at 36 premium-$6"558 per sterling $8,600 Therefore-=,311 7s. 6cl, amouRt to $6 558 be 1 emitted. .And so again: What is the value in sterling of $1,000 in United States 5-20 Bonds, when quoted 11lf m New York, w1th a?ld at 134, and exchange at 108? rrice of bonds-111!, z. e, 11! premium. Then $1,000 at nt, premium-$1,115. 4 at lOS-say $4 SO in gold. Which at 34 premium=$9 per sterling. ,115 Thcrefmc ---_ 7s., value of $1,000 $9 432 in sterling. \V e quote sixty days Commercial Bills on London, 109-!@109-i; Bankers', 110@110-k; Bankers'; Short Sight, Antwerp f.5.17t@f.5.12t; Hamburg, 36@36-!; Amsterdam, 40!@41i; Bremen, 79-H-@ so. FreightaWe have no change to notice tl:lls week in the m&rket. Rates are nommal. The curJ"ent quo tatiOns are: London, 30s.; Liverpool, 30s.; Bremen, 30s @35s. ; Hamburg, 35s. ; Antwerp, 30s.@37s. 6d.; Rotterdam, 35s.; Havre, $8@$10; Glasgow, 30s. The engagements have been: To Bremen, 100 hhds. at 25s. ; to Hambmg, 100 hhds. at 35s., 155 bls. at $1, II:ONTfr L Y eTATEllENT OF T.S:E YEW YORK. TOBACOO lNS I'ECTION WARE BOU S ES Ky V &N C Hbdo Hhde 1B,729 684 4,491 218 18,220 862 1,9"16 117 Ohio Md Total Hhds Hbds Hhds 19 25 14,407 19 4,709 19,11G 2,043 :\lay 5th have been: 1,265 hh ck, 413 cs., 153 bbls., 3 7 bxs., 1,211 pkgs., 15 one -thild bx!', 1 bx. sample, 50 c s s.nuff, 100 do., 3 cs. cigaJS, and 15 bbls. ciga r hghters, as follows : By Erie Radroad : R. L. l\Iaitland & Co 20 hhll s leaf; Bryan, Watts & Co., 45 Mmrell & Co 29 Chas. B. Fallenstem & Son, 61: J. C. Jiavemeyer & Bro., 9; Chas. E. Hunt & Co 5 Drew & Crocket t L W '' 22; G?ntber & Co, 12) 8awym, Wallace & Co., 4o; F1eldmg, Gwynn & Co., 35; A. H. Cardozo & Co., 37; N 01 ton, Slaughter & Co., 26; G. Hein e ken & Palmore, 35; Blakemo1e Pa1ker & Co 163 B C B k S & ., ., a -er, on Co., 5; Ottin<>er & Bro., 12; P Lo-J 1llard, 26 and 10 pkgs. ; J. l\J:ayer & Son, 6 ; Bunzl & Dorm1tzer, 81 ; H. Shu bart, 7!J; Order, 409 hhds. 1 By Hudson River Railroad N ot'ton t:ll:mghter & I Co., 10 Blakemmc Parker & Co 11 & Co, 10; B. C. Baker Son & Co 6 J' K 'smith & Son, 5 ; L W. Gunther, 2. By Star Union J.ine Blakemote, Parker & Co., 20 hhds.; Watts & Co. 8; .Murrell & Co., 21. By Camden &_ AJ?boy Railroad: Sawye1, Wallace & Co 9 hhds Fieldmg, Gwynn & Co., 2 ; LindheJ.m B1os., 1.2 pkgs; Order, 38. ., By New Haven Railroad: Harvey & lJo, 37 bbls.; J. S. Purdy, 13 C B Ftsher & Co 6 V. 8. (Phila.), 4 cs.; Becker Bros (Balto.), 1; .A. Oat: man. 6. and 1 box samples; H .Avery (New Brunswick), 1 cs. cyprs; .J. H. Sanders, 15 bbls. Cigar. hahters. By .New York & New Haven Lme of Steamboats. M H. Levm, 50 cs.; A. Bijur, 1; J. Allen, 30; Frank Benttenmuelle1 & Co., 33 ; Schroder & Bon 30 Hol lander, Fleischer & Co., 14; C. C. Mengell,' 1 ; F. W. Belden, 13 ; H. & A., 7 ; JI.I. W estheim & Co., 10; .T. B. Cohen, 5 ; Chas. B. Fischer, 5 bbl By New York & Hartford Line of teamboats: Gail, Ax & Kuebler, 40 cs. ; L. Lmp, 3 J. Bornemann 1 Palmer & Scoville, 29, '.f. Bijm, I3; A. Gamble, 2; l Oppenheim, 4; C. F. Tag, 32; J. B. Cohen, 1 ; S CaspiOWJCz, 9. By New Yo1 k and of Steambnats. C. l\Iarsb, 6 cs.; S.M., 'i, .J. 1; H. Schoverling, 60; F. H. S., 22 bbls. By Peoples' Line of Steamboats: J B. Colt, 37 boxes. Coastwise f1 om Hicbmond: P. Lorilla.rd, 11 hhds. ; .A. S. 2; T. H. Rayal, 10; J. H. Mayo, 3; W. 0. Snntb, 3 and 41 pkgs.; S. Ayres & Son, 77; R W. Cameron, 18; l\1ailler & Co., 25 ; N. L. McCready, 20 ; R. 0. Edwards 100; Order, 2 hhds. l!'_rom N ol'foik : March, Pi ice & Co l7 hhds. ; P. Lonllard, 9; N. L. McCready, 100 pkgs.; Connoly & C_? 130; Dohan, CatTol & 173.; Buckley & l!oore, 4o; L. H. N ewclecker, 35 ; Lmdherm Bros., 30; Order, 3 hhds. and 40 pkgs. From Baltimore : Kremelberg & Co 40 hhds. ; C. I.-angen bach, 1 ; Chas. B. Fallen stein & Son 3 Mur rell & Co 10, Gail, .Ax & Kuchler, 25 'F. W. Beck & Co.,_ 3-'7; S. 40; .A. F. Danen"berg, 9. Stock on band M&y 1, 1866 16,294 Do do 1 1867 12,984 Do do 1866 Do do 18fKi 17,483 Do do 1864 18,00I Do do 1868 29,699 Do do 1862 16,121 Do do 1861 11,266 Do do 1860 8,07'2 Do clo 18119 7.()75 Do llO I858 8,056 Do do 1657 8,061 Do do 1858 2,593 Do do 1856 8,1126 Do do 1854 4,266 Do do 1868 4,951 736 601 885 ll 281 911 601. W-1 847 862 429 175 232 186 19 21 17 11 14 11 17 4 5 ll2 16 25 :l6 20 IS 5 Philadelphia, by New. York and Philadelplua Express P1opeller Lme: J?hn H. '70 bbls.; Dohan, Carrol & Co., 15 one-third boxes; L. D. Cross 25 bxs. snuff; Carhart & Bro., 25 do.; Marks & Febn (for New Orleans), 50 do; Conklin & Davis 25 cs. do.; Lichtenstein, Bros. & Co., 25 do. and 1 cwars; L. Sylvester, 1 do. i?rom New Orleans; Kremelbera & Co 2- hbds 01der, 7. "' ., v -, From San Francisco : Order, 40 pkgs. May %.-Messrs. C. LoosE & Co., commiSSion merchants and dealers in leaf tobacco, re port: 17,0'18 18,582 20,681 17,462 13,!!21 29,714 I6,4I9 13,180 8,679 8,074 4,403 4,023 8,029 8,517 4,497 5,139 Maryland leafis arriving more freely, a.nd the mar ket growmg more active. Shippers are ready buyers, and factors obta.m full _Prices for all descriptions of the crop, which m quality IS represented as finer than that of the previous year. In Ohio leaf we sales of 150 hhds., from 13c. to 60c., mostly old crop taken for France, and at full pdces. (The contract awarded at Paris on the 28th of Aprtl, and was telegraphed same day to the agents here, Messrs. Boninger Bros. who commenced purchasing.) We of notbmg worthy of note in Kentucky descriptions. The stock of both Ohio a.nd Kentucky is very small. Inspe_ctedthis week: 1,016 hhds. Maryland, 172 hhds. Ohw, 6 hhds. Kentucky, and I do. Virgima. Total, 1,195 hhds. Cleared this week, 789 hhds. to Rotterdam, and 5 hhds. to West Indies. We quote .Maryland: Frosted to coDllllon, 3c. @ 4c. ; sound common, 4tc.@5c.; good do., 5tc.@6tc. ; middling, 7tc.@9tc.; good to brown, 10c.@15c.; fancy, 25c_ @40c. Ohw: Infenor to good common, 3c.@6c. ; b.rown a.nd greenish, 6c.@ 7c.; medium and fine red,.. 7tc.@l5c. ; common ,to medmm, spangled, Sc.@Uc.; fine spangled, 16c.@20c.; yellow and fancy, 25c.@40c Total Delivered olnce THE BBOOKLYN' TOBACCO INSPECTION. Stock In tbe Brooklyn Inopect10n Wareho11oe, May 1, 1868 IONTBLY STATEIBNT OJ" STOCKS O"F !PA5UH TOB.1000 Hbds 3,68I 1,6U 5,800 5118 4,752 Hl.:1:a j;!f.':. 4,958 54 931 6,03'1 58 10,990 54 9S9 4,014 54 131 Stock on band Mal. 1, 1868 8,976 858 Do o 186'1 8,49-1 886 Do do 1868 7,206 m Do do 18til5 8,873 127 Do do 1864 7,169 2'.11 206 196 Do do 1868 1,8'1'6 91 1,1>81 Do do 1862 1,444 410 618 Do do 1861 2,736 101 80 Do do 1800 8,594 214 152 2,612 Do do 1869 6,till8 684 I78 3,709 106 :: Do do I858 S66 344 70 88 Do do 18117 3,773 4,676 546 Do do l856 i,71U Jti8 760 147 Do do 1855 2,440 817 00 100 lWNTBLT 8TATKllltNT Olt" TR'E STOCK OJ' 8BED LEU IN Till: TOB.A.OCO JNIPJ:CTION WAREBOUS!:B-'i'4, 76 & 78 GRZBNWICH 8TR:IET Stock on hand April!, 1868 4 211 caoeo. Recened dunngtbe mouth 1:039 u Total Delivered dnnng the month 5,25() K Total stock on hand May 1, 1868 IMJ>Oil.TS. 625 4,625 u Anwals at the port of New York from foreign port!! for the week ending May 5, include the followinrr "' constguments: From .Antwerp: Order, 30 bls. tobacco. From Malaga: Gomez, Wallis & Co., 50 cs. liquorice paste. From Havana. Th. H. V etterlein & Sons, S3 bls. tobacco; W. Eggert, 37 do.; J. N. Romero, lO do. J. H. Bournhardin, 8 do.; George Rapha.rd, 1 do.; J'ose A. Vega, 225 do.; Oelrichs & Co., 24 do.; Kunhardt & Co., 241 do and 72 cs. cigars; Lewis, Philip & John Frank, 16 bls. tobacco and 10 cs. cigars; Atlantic Ma.1l Steamship Co., 58 bls. tobacco and 2 cs.; Purdy & Nicholas, 2 .do.; Godeftroy, Brancker &"' Co., 34 do.; Acker, Merrall & Co., 2 do.; Park & Tilford, 2 do.; W. H. Thomas & Bro., 17 do.; C. H. Dennison, 2 do.; Samuel MeLean & Co., 1 do.; C. QGunther & Sons 1 do.; L. Livingston & Sons, 1 Lichtenstein Bros.' & Co., 1 do.; De Bari"y & Klmg, 9 do.; R. E. Kelly & Co., 14 do.; G. W. Faber, 6 do.; F. Probst & Co., 17 do.; H. J oes, 3 do.; E. Rosenwald & Co., 1 do.; Bouche. Fils & Co., 6 do.; F. Chazournes & Son, 2 bxs. do.; Order, 380 bls. tobacco EXPORT!> from the port of New York to foreigh ports, other than European ports, for the week ending April 28 include the following British North Amencan Colonies: 20 hhds., t3,S22 and 9,000 lbs. mfd., $700. British West Indies : 7 hhds., $3,430; 5 cs., $2S3; and 16,691 lbs. mfd., 83,169. B1it1sh Honduras: 5 bls., $130; 2 cs., $41 ; and 1,474 lbs. mfd., $344. French West Indies: 2 hhds., $905. Canary Islanis: 6 .hhds., $2,295. Cuba: 10 cs., $260; and 50S lbs. mfd., $12S. Porto Rico: 23 bls., $506. Africa: 103 hhds., $30,376. Hayti: 71 bls., $1,475. Mexico: l,lSllbs. mfd., $330. New Granada: 118 bls., $1,384; 5 cs., $250; and &,972 lbs. mfd., $1,588. Venezuela: 1,428 lbs. mfd., $444. San Franmsco : 4 7 4 pkgs. To Emopean ports for the week ending May 5: Liverpool : 8 cs. cigars. Glasgow: 1 hhd. a.nd 1 tub. Bremen: 72 hhds.,l24 cs., 93 bls., 20 bu., and 20 cs. cigars. Hamburg : 80 bls. and 97 cs. cigars. Antwerp: 27 hhds. G1braltar: 40 bhds., ISS cs., 10,343 lbs. mfd., and 1 0 cs. snuff. Melbourne 221,356 lbs. mfd. D01lESTlC RECEIPTS. Interior and coastwise arrivals for the week ending ( INSPECTIONS CO:IOIENCING JAN 1, '68, AND SAllE TDdll '67. Ducriptlon Thll Wu.t. ToUIJ Sa,., Maryland .... 1,016 3,312 3,428 6,714 Ohio .. .. 172 928 1,100 1 722 Virginia .. .. 1 18 19 21 Kentucky... 6 380 386 67 Missouri .... Total hhds .. 1,195 4,638 5,S33 8,531 E)(PORfS COMDENCING JA... ... 1, 1S6S, A1 D SAME TlME 1S67 Wlttre to '1 "" Wf6k Prt:til>u8l!f Total &tm4 li""' 1867Bremen... 1,15S 1,15S 2,967 Amsterdam.. 629 629 Rotterdam...... 789 1,110 1,899 England . 176 176 WeRt Indies 5 60 65 Other Ports. 33 33 6,005 535 22 Total hhds.. 794 3,165 3,959 9,529 L

THE TOBACCO 731 bu. Exported same time: To Bombay, 24 cs.; to Surinam, 4 hhds.; to Hayti, 365 ht: bls.; "to the Pro vinces, 72 bxs. ()f.lCINlUTI9 May I.-Receipts were more liberal during the earlier part of last week, but towards the close they fell oft" and are comincr in now only to a moderate extent. The market more acti'l'ity, and a considerable amount was placed on the breaks and disposed oi It. was of a better quality generally than that which has been sold for some time past, aud brought fair prices. The finer grades of cutting and manlifacturing tobacco are in good demand. Received during tb& week, 1,030 hhds. and 402 bxs. Exported same tilDe, 959 hhds. The sales at two of the ware hoUIIll lllllOnnted to 459 hhds. and 50 bxs as follows : A:t "Morris" warehouse, Casey & Wayne, proprietors (suooe1110rs to Morris & Chalfant), 199 hhds. and 50 bxs. leaf; lugs, and trash, viz. : 77 hhds. new Mason and Braeken Cos.-10 at a5@85 S5, 5 at $!6@$6 90, 4 at $7 lO@a7 60, 7 at as@IS 90, 6 a.t 89@*9 95, 5 at $10@tno 75, 6 at U1@a12 25, 5 at $13@*13 75, 4 at $14 25@.14 fi5, 2 at $15 50, 4 at t16@al6 50, 5 at a17 @1817 75, 3 at filS 25@a19 25 !l at a20@$20 50, 1 at $21 75, 1 at $23. 6 hhds. old Mason Co.-3 at 816@ $16 75, 2 at ais 25@f1S 75, 1 at .23. 31 hhds. and 5 bxs. new Owen Co.-3 at a5 75@$5 90, 4 at $6 25@a7 45, 4 at ts 30@.9 75,2 at aio@aio 25, 3 at a11@a11 75, 2 a' ai2 50@f!12 75, 3 at tll3@.13 75, 3 at .14 25 @a14 50, 2 at 81.>@"1J 25, 2 at *16@a17 25, 1 at a22 50, 1 at *24 75, 1 al <*27 75. 5 boxes-2 at $5 25@as 10, 2 at *17@tF 15, 1 at t24 75. 4 hhds. new Boone Co.-2 at as 50@*0 JO, 2 at a1o 75@al2 50. 3 hhds. new Seuthem 1 at a7 60, 1 at U3, 1 at $16. 24 bxs. Ohio seed lent: eommon, at as 10@1!7 50. 52 hhds. and 21 bxs. new ,,. a.-2 at 12 25@15 25, 4 at t6 75@.6 95, 2 at 87 50@ii7 so, 3 at as 10@$S 50, 5 at i9@*9 95, 3 at tiO@t10 '15, 4 at &11 25@t11 50, 6 at 312 25@.12 75, S at $13@.13 50, 2 at &14 25@&14 50, 3 at al5 25@tl5 75, 1 at ti6 50, 3 at a17 25@$17 50, 1 at $29, 1 at .31, 1 at t34, 1 at ass, 1 at $47, 1 at &55. 21 boxes-2 at .5@.9, 2 at .10@.11 75, 3 at 812 75@ $13 50, 3 at ai5 50@.16, 2 at i20@.20 25, 2 at t23 75 @&24 25, 2 at $25, 2 at a26@a26 25, 1 at a29, 1 at t45, 1 at &41. 24 hhds. new East Va.-1 at 810 25,2 ata12 25@$12 15, 2 at $13 50@.13 75, 2 at $14@$14 50, 3 at 75, 3 at $16@$17 50, 2 at $19 25@119 75, 2 at $23 50@$23 75, 2 at t24 25@$24 75, 1 at $27 50, 1 at $30, 1 at &32 50, 1 at t35, 1 at $43. 2 hhds. 11ew llhnois lugs, at $7@$8 70. By J. T. Sullivan & Co at Kenton 260 hhds. and bxs., 'iz. : 150 hhds. of Southern Kentucky and Clarksville leaf and lugs-4 at *3@i3 21'> 4 at 84 25@$4 90, 10 at $5@$5 75, 18 at $6@a6 65. l2 at $7@ i7 95, 16 at s@as 90, s at $9 20@a9 25, f2 at $10@ 810 75, 5 at 111@$11 50, 8 at $12@%12 pll 10 at $13@ $13 75, 10 at $14@$14 90, 4 at $15@$1'. 75, 9 at $16@ t16 25, 3 at $17@117 50, 2 at $20@$20 .50. 12 bright wrappers at $25, $30, 30 50, 34 $35 50 $36 $36 25, $tO 50, $41 50, $42, and $50. 25 hhds. i bx. of West Va. leaf and lugs-1 at ':o2 55,2 at $4@$4 25, l at $5 10, 4 at a6@$6 S5, 2 at $7@$7 05, 7 at $8@ $S 90, 2 at $9, 2 at $10@$10 50, 2 at $12@$12 25, 1 at $1410, 2 at $15@$15 75. 12 hhds. Eastern Va. l.!'gs-l,t'$6 90, 2 at $7 05, 2 at o -"\2; n 15; 'l $19 75@$22. 5 do. bngbt wrappers at $23, $24, $28, $33, and $315. 17 hhd8. new Co. leaf and lngA-1 at $6,2 at $8@$8 75,2 at '9 10@ $9 50, 2 at $11@$11 75, 1 at $14 25, 2 at tl5, 1 at $16, 1 at $1S, 1 at 3120 25, 2 at $21@.21 50, 2 at $22@ *23 76. 11 hhds. of old Mason Co. leaf and lugs, at as to $IS 50. 23 hhds. of Owen Co. leaf and lugs-1 at $5 35 1 at $6 75, 2 at $7@$7 50, 2 at $8, 3 at t9 60@89 95, 3 at 110 25@$10 75, I at !1!14 50, 2 at i\15 25@$15 75, I at a16, 1 at $17 25, 2 at $20 25@ti2I 25, 1 at $22 50, and 1 at a23 50. 22 hhds. Boone Co. lugs, ranging f rom 15 to ts6. Manufacturl'd continues dull, a.t the followin.,. quota tions: Fhe!', eights, and (dark), 60c.@65c. do. do. do. (light), 75c @80c.; bright pounds, 90c.@$l 25 Kentucky six twist, 30c.@35e. LARKSVILLE. Teaa., April 2,,-The market bas been actiYe during the past week at good prices for all desirable grades. Receipts are liberal, and we have heard of s:tles of 297 hhds. amd 1 box as follows: At the Tobacco by Harrison & Shelby, for the week endmg Apnl 17, GO hhds. and 1 box, 'iz. : 1 box of old tobacco, 3122; S hhds. good at from $12 SO @:lli6 Ill; 21 hhd .. medium leaf, at f10m 10 26@ $12 50; 13 hhds. low leaf, nt from t'T@ 9 80. At the Tobacco Exchange, by Hm1tb & Hukhmgs, 124 hhds. for the week endmg Apul I 7, at f10m *3@ 81 60. Meo, on the 21 t inst., SO bhd ., at from $3 150@4120. By Turn lev & Weathers, at the Ex c hange on Friday last, of 33 hhds., at from 5 50@ 90. JAUISl'ILLE, Ky., May I,-Messl'8. FBANCKE & ELLER, tobacco commission merchants, report: thouglt larger, show no imptO\ement in quahty, and 1nth a steady demand for all suitable gmde11 rate firm at last quotations. Actual sales since Nov. I, 1S67, .. 10,712 hhds. Sales past two weeks .... 2,510 hhds. Tiejections two weeks 227 2,283 wrappers and other sorts for home manufacturing were also in good request, and holders succeeded in obtaimng very full prices, within range of our previous quota tions. Towards the close, however, moderate receipts restlieted transactions somewhat, although the inqmry continued good throughout. Prices remain very firm. The sales of the week amounted to 277 hhds., as follows: 4 hhds. lugs at 7c., 4 hhds. leaf at 14c., 2S hhds. at from IOc. to 16c., S hhds. at an of 12c., and 191 hhds., a fine shipping lot, at -c., alL new crop; 11 hhds. new crop at Sc. round, 3 do. at stc., 2 do. fine wrappers at 35c., 5 do. at -c.; 2 do. old at llc., aud I9 hhds. good at 12tc. Arrived since the 21st inst., 719 hhds. Cleared since the 21st inst.: For Bremen, S52 hhds.; for I.iverpool, 400 hhcls., for New York, 32 hhds. Total, 1,284 hhds. Stock in warehouses and on shipboard not cleared on the 28th inst., 2,587 hhds. INSPECTlON OJ:' 'IOilACCO. Hhds. Burke & Sauftey { } 1036 H. M. Hayes....... From Sept. 1 to date. 814 Summers & Campbell. 99S Total................. ....... 2S4S Manufactured Tobacco.-If anything the market for mannfact'llred tobacco is even duller than at the date of our previous review, but w1th no change in prices. There is a good stock of the finer grades in the hands of wholesalers, but the supply of medium and common qualities is rather light. Arrived during the past week, SI6 packages. Cleared same time, none. PADIJt::AR, Ky., lprll 21,-The market during the past week has oeen acth'e, with a brisk demand and liberal receipts. PrlCes are good, and planters ( s ays the Heralil) have been well satisfied with the amount realized from sales of tobacco consigned to this mar ket. Very few hhds. have been rejected. The sales of the week hav e a.mounted to 604 hhds and 2 bxs., as follows : J}y Hale, Buclmer & Co., Planters' Ware house, 2!17 hhd8. and 1 box ,as follows: 4 hhds. at a16 to 35; 2J atl12 to au 75; 20 at $10 to $21 75 j 21 hllds., *" 90 to $9 90; 15 do. lugs, 14 to $7 45; 16 do. medium .8 totll; 24 do. good, an to uo; 4 ao 95 'to t7 90; 14 do. low as 95 to t10 75; iil do. g;)od leaf, 112 to $15 50; 2 do. $25 to $30; S -lo lugs, $5 20to t7 80; 12 do. medium, $S 10 to $10 75; 17 do. good leaf, $11 tQ $18 50; 1 box, $10 75. By Settle Brothers, Farmers' Warehouse, 307 hhds. and 1 box, viz.: 21 hhds. lugs, *4 10 to $6 75; 3 5 do. low leaf, isS 30 to $11; 25 do. good leaf, au to $ 1 3 25; 6 do. bright, $15 25 to $18 50; 3 do. bright l ea f at $35, $24, tiD; 30 do. good shipping leaf from $15 to $12; 21 do. medium from $11 75 to $10; 20 do low leaf and lugs at $9 95 to $4 95; 3 do. lugs, 15 60 to $7 90 ; 9 do. low leaf, tS 15 to $10 50; B do. good leat; 8ll 75 to $14 25; 7 do. bnght, $15 25 to 121; 10 do lugs, $5 25 to ti7; 20 do low leaf, a7 75 to $11 j lS do. good leaf, *11 50 to 75; 8 do. bright, $I5 50 to t23; 1 box bright lugs, $10 50. Pli:TERSBIJRG, Va., May 2,-.Messrs. R. A You G & BRo., dealers in Virginia and North Carqlina leaf and manufactured tobacco, report. The market is firm and active for all good tobaccos, and infenor grades are dull. We quote: Lugs, $4 @M; good do., 6c.@Sc.; fine yellow, 10c.@l3c.; short common leaf, t6@as 50; good, *10@$15 ; bright working, $17@$32. SMpping.-Lugs-com., $5@.6; medium, a7 50@19; good, $9@a1o. Leaf-lugs me dium, IIO@al4; good, $14@$18. Receipts tlais week, 2_77 hhds. ; r e ceipts last week, 161 hhds. Tota! receipts smce 1st October, 1S67, 3,706 hbd1!_ Inspectwns this week, 317 hhds. Reviews same time, 24 hhds. Total inspection since 1st October, 1S67, 4,237 hhds. Sold at publtc auction, 75 hhds. PRIL!DELPIIU, May 2.-The. market for leaf has improved somewhat during the past week, and there has been a steady demand at full prices. Manufactured continues quiet with commission houses, but jobbers are tolerably achve. The large amount of contraband material in the market continues to impede trade and is a source of great annoyance to heavy dealers. 'The sa l es of the week have been as follows. 14 cs. Connec ticut seed leaf at 8c.@25c. ; 20 cs do. do. on secret terms; 62 cs. P e nna. seed leaf at 9c.@30c. ; 13 cs. Ohio at 10 c .@24c., and 300 bxs. manufactured Virginia na vtes, 10's, etc., at 60c.@72<>. Imported durinothe week From Liverpool, C. w. Churchman & 300 qr.-bxs. tobacco-p1pes; from Havana, Jose C. Treana, 3 bls. tobacco; John Wagner, 25 ,000 1ngars. Exported same time: To Havana, 6,921 lbs. mfd., ,2,076 The ex ports of the month of Apnl have been: To llavana, 16,2!l8 lbs. mfd., $4,723; to Barbadoes, 5,662 lbs. leaf, I1,8S8; to Guantanamo, 14,700 lbs. mfd., $3,000. PORTL!ND, May 2.-The re has of late, says the Price Current, been qutte a demand in this ma1ket for manufactured tobacco for export, whwh bas had a ten dency to ad vance the prices. Our quotations below are for standard brands of fives and tens, Navy and Natu ral Leilf, besides which there are several favorite fancy brands m the market, with which our jobl> ers are con stantly supphed direct from the manufacturers. The demand 1s fair, and we quote as follows: 5s and lOs, best brands, 65c.@80c. ; do. medium, 55c.@65c.; do. common, 50c.@55c. ; Navy pounds, 75c.@90c.; Natural Leaf pounds, $1@$1 25-No imports or exports. Actual sales up to date ...... 12,995 hhds. Qu,?tations: lugs, hght, 5-!c @6c.; ST. LOlliS, April 30.-Messrs. HAYNES & HETn ee.@;C. j good Jugs, Jight1 61e.@7C.; heaYy, 7tc.@SC.; report: l ow leaf, hght, sc.@9c. ; heavy, 9c.@Ilc.; medium leRf, The receipts of the week amount to 370 hhds. noel hght, 10c.@l2c.; hca,y, 12c.@13 c.; good to fine, light, 392 pkgs, an increase of 42 hhds. over last week con 13c @15c. ; hea'i)' 14c.@1Sc.; selections, ISc.@27k. igned as follows: Leaf: .Smoking Jugs, 6c.@8c.; stripping By River Boats R. C. Turner, 2 hhds.; .A. A Gun9c.@l1c.; medium leaf, 12c.@1Sc.; good to fine, 200 tham, 1 ; S. A. Grantham, 1; WJtl. Spear & Co., 10; @30c.; selections, 35c.@40c. Mamtfacturing Leaf: S. Peltz & Co., 1I ; Buskett & Hanna, 1 ; E. M. Sam Common fillers, dark, 7c.@8c.; bright, sc.@10c. .. good uel & Son, 2; W. C. Woodson & Son, 1; Crai .. .Alex ti llers, dark, D!e.@llc. ; bright, 12 c.@ 20c.; ancler, 6; Chiles, Bassett & Co., 5; M. R. 8; wrappers, darlr, tlc.@12t.; bright, 15c.@20e.; good to Lenter & Co., 5; Cole & Bro., 3; J. W. Booth & Sons, fine, 13c.@l7o.; bright, 25c.@40c.; fancy bright oOc. 12 hbds. and 2 bxs.; Shryock & Rowland, 1 hhd. and @65c. 1 tub; Sterling Pnce & Co., 5 hhd11., 19 pkgs., and 2 MOBILE. &,rtl 26.-The market for manufuctured bxs.; Switzer, Plat\ & Co., 3 hhds. and 2 bxs.; L. A. h as been since our last, and sales have Deitrich, 4 hhds., 2 caddies and 1 box; Dameronros. been only 10 a retail way, at r.oc.@75c for common in & Co., 7 hhds. and 1 tub; Baker, Young & Co., 2 p ounds .-lf pennds, 80c.@*l for medium and phds. and 3 bxs.; John Sweenev, 7 hhds .and 1 tub J. *1 25 !oiro furoboiee. C. Tiemeyer, I bL; Chas. Seitz: 3 bxs.; Banks Hafnil M ton & Harwood, 150 caddies; J. A. Jackson & Co., 3 ONTRI!L, MaJ 1.-Reported by Messrs. BATH-bxs.; Keokuk Packet Co., 39 butts, Agent 0. & M. GATE & BRo. tor THE ToBAcc o LEAF: The market for manufactured tlus week shows little R. R., 40 caddies and 10 bxs.; D .A. January & Co. or no change, and in all departments of trade some dis50 caddies; D: J. Hynes & Co., 2 bxs. cigars; E. Hoff. appointment is felt at the amount of business done. man, 1 do. N otwith!!tanding the fact that the stock of Canada By St. Louis, .Alton & Terre Haute Railroad: R. F. in b.ond is comparatively small, little disBower & Co:t 21 hf.bbls.; J. H. Gear & Co., 25; t ife d h felder, P. & lJo., 25; Budde & Co., 5 H. Hemin(J'haus pos 1 1011 1 ma11 ste on t e part of jobbers to buy 4 R D b .A v "' largely; IUKl in order to make sales a reduction of 1-:1; ormitzer, 5 xs.; mton & Son, 22 cs.; W. to 2c. l;>elow nominnl quotations must be made. The-Spear & Co., 11 caddies; Wm. Johnson, 11 T. :Meininger, 8 bls.; F. Gobhart, 2 bxs. ciiJpp. & Co 2 S & Co freely and their to all 2; i H. Coates, 1 ; R. W. s' kgs. and 1 cs. ., but more partlCularly to the ncb, heavy quaht1es smtBy St. Louis and Iron Mountam Railroad M able for the German markets and for Africa. Fine Lamaroux, 3 hhds. By Chicago, Alton, and St. Louis Railroad J. Kaiser, 10 kgs. The market hail been Tery steady dun11g the past. week. The only observable change has been in medmm manufacturing and bright leaf, which ha\ e ad vanced. Common lugs and leaf have been languid most of the week. The Journal of ()omm erce says : "Tobacco, as far as the lower grades a re concerned was less active at a decline of about *I 25 per hundred. ?-'he prime qualities are the quoted rates be mg considered too low by buyers, who paid from ei BALKS PACJtAGES AND BOXES lL\NUFACTU'RBD .... .,;a:fi ... :ls:a-8:c .!1.,. .. < 7 923 !I' ...... ....... 0 .... GD)I z ltc !l' !l' .. ;ag( ... .. ;a ill 8t' ...... .. to :SiJ= --sg "' 0 ...... iil<>. 0 ... .,. i>ol!< < "' .., .., il: 0 ..... 23 6 3 . . 98 ... 66 ... 2,738 !l' ... ...; .. .... ,a 1Jt-..... s!:' .!!" o.!O" bi "'" Canada Central America Chth ... Ctsplatine Repubhc Cuba ...... Da01sh West Indies Duwh Guin e a .. Dutch Wes t Indtea French West lndiee. Hayti. .................... Japan.... .. ............ Mexico ................. New Granada. Peru . Porto Rico ........... Sttk.a ... Venezuela Other Ports. .. ............. .. ss,ota 1,4'74 10,627 '1'2,860 ClW,)IJTT!, Mardi 23.-During the early part of the lait fortnight tobacco fell one anna per pound but a 1eport havmg been spread in the bazar that the Government were in want of some 2,000 cases, th1s fall has been recovered, and today importers are fi1m We are unable to say whetlier there is any truth m the rumor or not, but we are rather inclined to believe it. Stocks are moderate. U,083 6,703 !103 1 803 6 724 ll66 17,440 BlfAIA, April 25.-Sup}Wes of new .Part1clo to bacco have been 1 ery insignificant during the week, a?d only sale, comprising bout 150 bales of 1ngh selection at ao per bale; has transpired. The demand for old fillers for the United States continues but on account of their great scarcity no sales of mO: ment have come to our notice.. There is no change to n_ote m c1gars.. IQ chewing have been no sales smce our last, and the market cloees with an abundant supply at from 22@123 per qtl. Imported this week, 10 boxes chewin e been no arrivals of Ameri can tobacco this week. MELBOIJRNE, A s., Marth sales bv auction have taken place during the past month-in fact, the bulk of the busmess done has been by th1s means. During the week ending the 13th ult. about 250 pkgs. were thus dispose c l of at-for tens, Dtd. ; hf. ponnds1 ls.@1s. 1]-d.; pounds, l s .@ls. 4td.; fancy aromatics, 1s. otcl. _; aromatw, Ls. 6td., apd gold-bars, Is. 9td.; wlnlst pnvatcly fancy aromatics brought 2s., and Gresham twist, ls. 5d Ex the Annie Lise,_ 250 pkg., lande d in rather questionl\ble conditiOn, were submitted to public competition and realised the following rates: tens, 9td.@121;d ; fives, 1!Jd.@12fd.; ht:-pounds, 12d.@12td.; pounds, 16-!d@ 17d. ; hf.-pounds aromattcs, Is. 3d., and hnst. 1s. 2d.@ Is. 2td. A parcel of Raglan's tW1St brought Is. Od. per pound. Later on, 150 pkgs. were distributed under the hammer at-for tw1st, Is. Iid.@ls. 2td.; tens, 9 f d. @10}d.; aromatics I s 5d 7d ; wh1lst privately 9td. for medium, and H.a.glans Is. 1d. Wtthm the past f ew days, by public sale, tens realized 5vd @ 10d.; pound s, 7d.@ls 1d, and tw1st -nll more or less damaged. Souncl twist brought 1<:. 2d On the WANTED-A LOT OF SELECTED STATE SEED wrappers or 1866 crop Addreoe, full part!Cil!an X R 8311 Arcb. street. Philadelphia CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF TOBACCO. CROP 1*-110 cases ftne scleeted wrappers, llgllt-dark colors. 100 """"" medium do. do. 40 cases binders b Ill ca..,. 1lllen. all of choice quality, ft>r oale In lote to ault _.......__ y JOHN L. 78 Wat e r street, l!lew York .--FOR SALE, LOW, S29 BALES VUELTA ABAJO OF lillrerent qualities, In bond and duty paid Tara. by X & B SALOMON, 116 llaiden Lane, New York. IMPORTANT TO MANUFACTURERS Tbe treatmeot or making clark tobacco llrht In color will be cODllD'lllllcUe4 by applying (enclosing poolag& a lamp) to C A SIECKB, 1116-181 No 124 lllarket atreet, FOR SALE '-1 OFFER FOR BALE MY FINE-CUT CHEWING A..'\'D SMOKING TOBACCO F.t.CTORY The houe Ia thre

llew York Commiuion Jlsrchauts. TBE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY. 0 ESTABLISHED IN 1836 United States Irterilal Revenue Bonded Warehouse, second fJollection District. CONNOLLY & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND IIOR THE SALE 011 MANUF A.f;lTURED TOBACCO, 141i WA.TEBSTBEBT,. NEWYOBK, Would c all t he atten tio n of \he Trad e to th e followi ng B r ande of VIRGINIA MANU'!' ACTU'RED TOBACCO: .las. Thomas Jr.'s ElDorado, .;ewel of Ophir, Spicer's Cream of Vlrfflnla, Louis D Or, Sap, Callego, Colden Seal, oyster's Queen of Hearts, i s Briton's Emblem, i s c. W. Spicer, W. R .Johnson & Co.11 .-.... C .a. WI ,.., "'t.. Diadem, Virgin, Old Dixie, Peerless John K. Childrey, J. B. Pace & Co., Harris a. Pendleton, Crant & Willams. McEner) & Bro. William Long, Thomas & Oliver, reaner nne, ,; 1 J T .. C. WIUiams & Co., & Chambers, {7b->27] s. W. Venable A Co And others. ROBERT S. BOWNE, Commission Merchant, '1 Burling Slip, New-York, Agent for the following Branda of TOBACCO: MANUFAC.TURED. SMOKINC. J:Ut the Thini (Poeket Pieeea). lt. C. Ia.yo' lfavy. :a.ward. of Industry 1Jt P. Clinton' Edra Sweet Pounds. Virginia s Choice." "Pioneer of the Old Dominion ." Oronoko. Just the Thing. City of Seed-Leaf Tobacco Inspection. TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. {JmtiJicates given for every case, and deliv e r ed, case b y ca se, as t o number of Certificate N..B,-1 al4o in MerChants' own StortiJ. F. C. LIN'DE, '"&:aaD'DIBI-lfGa. '1'4, '1'6, &lid 78 Greenwich lt. OFnCE. '1'8 Gr-'lricll lreet. Jl. 1!CBUBART: H. FRIEDMAN B. SCHUB.&RT co., Commissio:g. ALSO ID:PGaTBK8 OF A.ND DE&LEBS IN ALL XINDIJ. OF J LEAF T O B A C C 0. 1'0. 148 W J.TBR-STREBT, NEWYOB.JL. IRBY, McDANIEL &. CO., Tobacco Fao"tors, AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS,-140 GRA.VJ:ER STREET. NEW ORLEANS. 1'er tile .prellaae of' (Jotton, Supr, "'" 8ollcl,ed. w. YYJo:am. 8 X. PA.BXEB, ._of B ... co ... 6 Ce Late of LomoVILLE, K y PI IER i .CO., COI'ION AND TOBACCO FACTORS, .AND 'I 'II 1 .. --" ---_.....-IUOif I 181 PEARL STREET, NEW YQRK DBB..4.L .ADY .ANCES M...tDE OX CONSIGNMENTS. YIRGIBU AID NORTll CAROLINA TOBACCO A ; T H E T 0 B A C C 0 L E A F. New York Commission Merchants; --====-====== W:M. P. KITTRIIDGE. E. C. WHEE L O C K P. KITTREDCE 1: CO., TOBACCO C!tommission AGENTS for all the POPULAR BRANDS OF VIRGINIA TOBACCO, 164: Watm Street, NEWYOR.Ka .. Pouna.t. 1-\a,l f Pounds & Quarters. ,. Fancy. Ten1. A G Full e r Ga ribald i,_ Jane A ppi o Bal'!', Gold R i d ge. J P W illia m son Little Al l H ight F&shlon Gol d d o B lne Jacket S. W V en abl e, Levi athan Lady Fingers do., Red Jacket, V elve t R ose, Freeh Temptation d o., P each Full er's Pet, Pride oftheNavy, A tla ntic CableTwjst Tom Tbnmb Jimmie Fuller Ad miration do. May Peach :Baa k et Wheelock' s Pet, C able Coil do. Al exande r Garrott, National Eagl e Gold Medal d o lloston, Sai\'or o C ho ice, C alfee s D e li g h t, Chriotian' C omf ort. K earsal')le, Rosa Fuller, Moss R<>&e, N a tion s Prid e Qu ee n J T Smith, C haplin's D eligh t l!. J Chrl1tian IIangaroo Do g House, Piu e Appl e. Eleven O C loc k :Mr. J erry Prichard, R oyal. Brown, Jones & Di c k Swl v e ll e r Old S port. Ro hlnoon M ark Tapley, Jerry W)llt e H cCokle1 --,.... Tl e Old Sport S. E Wh ite, D e xter. A.l s o, Moy.A.pplc Pocket Pieces, :Ji'iq, N&ftll ... SNUFF I N BOTTLES, TIN CASES, &;c,, &;c. New York Commission MHchants. __ \ N. Y. Commission erchanta. DOHAN, CARROLL & CO., BULKLEY & MOORE, VIRGINIA COMMISSION MERCHANTS, NO. 104 FRONT-srREET, NEW-YORK, AGENTS F O R THE SALE OF The Following Well-known and Justly Celebrated Brands of Virginia. TOBACCO: GRANT & 'WILLIAMS, RUSSELL & ROBINSON, J. G. DILL, J. K. L. H. FRAYSER & CO., TURPIN & YARBROUGH, J. B. PACE & CO., THOMAS & OLIVER, GREANER & WINNIE, BARRATT'S CROWN, REUBEN RAGLArfD, GILMAN & MALLORY, CHEIVES & OSBORNE, DAVIS & SON, DUKE OF ATHOL. The 'ltt.ention of the T'l'atle is respee tfull ; t/ soli cUed. '1'4 :7BONr 8!rBBBT, NB" rOBJr. KREMELBERG & CO., :REWYORK, ..,., F. L. BRAUNS & CO., BALTIIIORE, Tobacco CommissiiHI Merchants. Several branN: o f Llcorlee Patc d i r e d import cona \a.ntly on hillld, and tur sa;e lA b ood. er dut..r 'l &ld, 1n I ota 1.0 suit pureha.sers 62-lloi CLEMENT READ, (!!; ;:) fBON, s::s : 17 8 Watm Street, New York, VIRGINIA AND WESTERN LEAF Al!Br Pu&n & Oo., 41Julla Bulldlllge, Water St. \\\1!\'{:\\.u.l\.\. ,.,_ 'l'fl'll IUU OT Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco lOS Water Stret, NewYork. Oouli .r ou 1 ""' .. reapect!u Uy 10Uclted and ord .. pT'OmJltl ) 8.1lod. 81-106 BUlfZL & 1 2CS Water-.t., New York, -mterthautti, .llfD DllU.KU 1 J.LL IllfDB Or DODSriClllD I'ORDG!f LUI' TOUOOI. e a 1h adv,.nces made o n conGgnmeat. of 1Dd M&Zlufae\ored 'l'obacoo. IST-101! H. TffiERMANN, COMMISSION MERCHANT, .a.ND DkLJIB ll'C Leaf & Manufactured T(}baoco, :1'0. 142 WATEB.STB.EET, lDI'W YOJUL JOSEPH HICKS, Commission Merchant, &Ill>-.... .. MANIFACTURED TOBAeeO, Bo. 81 Water-Street. EWYOBB:. B. C. BAKER, SOB' & CO. Tobaooo and Ootton Factors, Commission Ierchants, No. I 42 Parl 8tret, Bow:IUN C. BADB, JfliiW TCBX. BDWlN )(, B..._ JoBJii V ..&..!{ .._.JliJfGZ, B..t..KD 4r, Oo. New York. )M-8tl Clnclnlllltl. ROSSIN & DEBBAUER, WBOLKSALE J'l,..LLI:B8 .iiCefl:h..U w Leaf and Plug Tobacco, ALSO SEGA BS, No. 166 Wa.ter Street, :lew York. S ROSSIN W DB88A1Jl!R. Orde111lrom ihe Co11ntry prompUy attended to, Coo lgnm e n ts ollclted AND GJ:lll:BA L D'nW States Internal Revenue Bonded W arehoUBe, Illlrty. ,.IIJRGE WICKE. second Oollecnon District. 'WILl.JA.J( WJC.KE, FIELDING, GWYNN & CO., 118 Pearl St., Hanover Square, :New York. 110""' 11ra01111. N GWYNN & co., STIOHN & REI'RENSTEIN, Commission erchuts, 44 'W' ATER-STREET, XEWYORK.. SAMUEL AYRES, SON & CO., (LATE 0.11' aiCliDIOND. V&,,) COMMISSION MERCHANTS J.JID AG.DIT8 11011 '1'RB SALII 01' Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, 64 WATER-STREET, NEW-YOB.x. .8aw on ha11d a large of W.e -.arious gradee of MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, .,_*I of the bet& brands manu faetnred m Virginia and Nonh Carolina. A0, 8QLEI AGENTS FOR 'I'Blll CELEBRAlED Jack" & "Brown Dick" Smoking Tobacco ll:anut&c:tured by John W. Carroll, of Lynchburg, VirgiD.ia. "l'h.e wo brands are. beyond & U doubt, the Anest m&nufac\nred &nd aa IDCb we ill-.lte the c::: \he 'l'rade. lOG Louiaville, x:v @V.lUlUttiiJdDU Tobacco and Cotton Factors ... .. MANTIFAt.:TUJUmS 1lF .Al!D DOMESTIC General Commission Mer c hants. ... ... DIP<1Rft08 or FOREIGN TOBACCO, 26 WILLETT ST., N EW-YORK Best Material a.nd Superio r Make by S elf-invented and Patented Machinery. 1 2 6-1 WM. AGNEW & SONS, Tobacco and Commission .Mercbcmts, 284. and 2@6 Front t!ltreet. JrEw-roRK, Iai Tobaeeo for Export ud Heme Use. Leaf TOO.OCO baled In uy packace by hydr&n lia pr.-for upon. 14-11 II.&TBEW.&Y a AR.NOLD, coRNELius oAKLEY, GQifiiiiBROX TOBACCO liERCHANT .A. UCTION TB.A.DE B.LLES OF (B8TA1!LII!BED "' 1etu ) Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco and Cigars, No. 06 W'ATER sT'aEET 144. 'WATER. STREET, NE'W YORK. OppaoiteGo uvernen r Lane, New York. Thwr6dGy !hrouglwut t he& n C ashad v ancesmad e on all llmsignmentB L f T b Hhd d ea o acco In s an Bales, Retereaces : ll"""". BROWN & Pni

I l I T 0 B A c;:c 0 L EiA F. 5 N.Y. Commission Merchants. TRO!il, J SLJ.O'G_RTJtR. 11. H. WJSOO .. NORTON, SLAUGHTER & CO., Tobacco & Cotton Factors -.uro- THE CITY TOBACCO ACENCY, Io. 108 FB.OH.STWT, New-York. G. w I HILLMAN & co., 4!t.011UIUSiO'II mantlaautst .&.liD .oa 'I'D ll.ll.l: or J!I.I.NtJII' .I.VTtJBBD TOB.I.VCO, Bal'e always ou h&Dd a Jar&e anortment of Manuf a o IRINd Tobacco. J'or sale on liberal t.erml5. 4-6 \ L. w. GUNTUER, Baltimorf'. F. WI. TATOENHORST, New York. L. W. CUNTHER &. CO., Tobacco & General Commission MERCHANTS, l'o. 110 Pearl St., cor. Hanover Square, NEW YORK. Liberal advances made on consignments. SOHOVERLING & CHAPMAN, "' LEAF TOBACCO, 26 Seuth William Street 'NEW-YORK. Bile Beeeinn ol Jl, J., CltapiUII's Paekllc W. B. ASTEN & CO., :KADD$et11rem of all kinds of Tobacco Bqs, I ANI> SiiG Pearl.. S't:ree'f:, IIEW YORK. JESSUP & liOORE, 128 William Street, N. Y EW YORK A.. S'rEIN & Com.miuion :Merchanti, AKD Dtilo88 Ill ..lLL ...SOIIP'I'JOJI'I o LEAF TOBACCO, 197 DlWle-street, .... e---Yort. H. W_.,IIMKU, &., W -, ?!car manufo.cturera partiaularl:r favored. P M'Eft WAREHOUSE. loba.ct.o & lapetai H. .. & CO., HEALD & MILLER FOREIGN& TOBACCO .llJI,..!!!!!es ... .................. ,,,. .... Bonded Warehouse, 32d Di11triot, lfO.l'J6 WATER-ST., .NE'W'-YORK. A. T. BRIGGS,-llANU!"..t..t.'TURJ!R 011' Tobacco Barrels, Flour Barrels, Molaeaee Oaeke, W ater Dl\d all Jthe.r k inds o f CASKS. cso, New Flour Barrels & Hal f Barr<:ls & A large eupply conelantly oa balld, 01Tioe, 04 Rwtsera S lip, New York. TH. H. VETrEBLEIN & SONS, 128 W'-f.ter Street, N'EVV 'YORX:. VETTERLEIN &: CO., 111 AB.CH-STREET, PHILADELPHIA. BONDED "W' AREHOUSE, J'IBST }:HSTIUC'I'. New York Commission Merchants. WALTER :IIi:. BJ:AlllHALL. JOSEPH1 W MARTIN. CHARLES A. BRAlllllU.L. BRAMHALL & CO., lob aero 147 WATER ST., Between Maiden Lane and W all Street, HBW 'f'.ftli, Aih:NTS fbr the Sale or all Standard Brands m Virginia & Carolina Manufactured Tobacco, LADY FINGERS, GOLD BARS, TWIST, POCKET PIECES, MAY APPLES, FIGS, GOLD FLAKE, &c., &c., and SOLE fbr the rollowiag CELEBRATED Bra.adS or S M OK I N C T 0 B A C C 0 : THOMAS & OLIVER'S BILLY BIJCK, "K," VA. BELlE, STAR, SOCIABLE, ROSE, OLIVE, OWL CLUB, ROYAL SIGNET, GOLD BUG, D. C. IUYO & CO.'S VIRGINIA'S CHOICE, I'IONEER ofthe OLDDOMINION, OROtlOKO, G. P. PRESCOTT'S GOLDEN STAR, CASCARILLA, CROWK. Always on hand full lines of Smoking in bulk, .and GENUINE UE. JOll N llP.YA.S. CUAS. }'. AQ. DICKSO:oi G. W ,l.'m'S.) BRYAN, WATTS & CO., Tobacco and Cotton Factors, AN D General Corr1mission. Merchants. 48 HENR Y M. MOB.Iti5, 99 Pearl -stree t, New-Yor". COMMISSION MERCHANT FOP THE OF LEAF & ]IIANUF-ACTURED TOBACCO, COTTON, NAVAL STORES, Etc., Etc., Etc IMPORTER AND SOJ E AGENT IN THE U. S. FOR THE "M. & M.' BRAND LIQUORICE PASTE. G-UMS, BEANS, OILS, HAVANA SUGARS, ETC., ETC. Certificates of the MORRIS "M. & M." BRAND will be shown from the leading 111 ... utacturers in Richmond, lynchburg, Petersburg, Danville, Va., Brooklyn, St. lours, louisville, Covington, Pittsburg, Canada, Australia, and California. ..... A.DVA.NUES MADE ON CONSIGNM'l!:N'J'S. PLATT L. HOLLANDER & SOft,' WM. T. COLEMAN .t CO. T <>:a. .a. o o <> Commission Merchants. merchant8J New York: 1 San Francisco: No 117 Front Street. Cor. Ca!Ubrnia & Front 8 ts Agente in San Franeieeo for Sale of VIRGINIA lUANUFACTURED TOBACCO, HAVANA in and out of Bond,147 W'a'tc:r S't;Tect, IIEW YORK. LORiltARD'S CHEWING i.ORILLARD'S SMOKING LORILLARD'S SNUFFS. LORILLARD'S Plug Tobaccos end TOBAtroOS. TOBACCOS. PLUC TOBACCOS. Cranulated Smoking Tobacco. The v ari ous snuffs of our man11)'aetur e, oo Joo g and fa }J()lllJea ware HotuJe, 4111. tJoltectro DiltiJrlct, N. .... vorably kuowu in allseetlons, ar e offered at tbc follow. N R Century Tobacco. ln low prices. Pul'cbasers nrc warned .against tbe o. 1 ADz s..-. We Iunegivcn special attention t? GranulatedSmokWe arc pntt>llg up two k1nd s of Century ln tm:fod ing Tobaccos as thlB class is, when made or good mate-many spuriou s articles on tbe market, and tbe various We are constanlly receiving tbe.dncst Smr-Ctiiii'JJ) and Light In localltles ;wher e hgbt rial, gr-tly to cut s mokin s anti w e od'er a deceptions p r a c tised. Our goOld ................ 1 00 American, or line Rappee (plain) ,................. 85 facture Yerby's Old Dominion, bri!lht.... .... .. .. .. .. .. .. 80 Scented Rappee, Bergamot........................ 85 Pure Vlrl!inia L ea f .. .... .. .. .. .. ... .. 75 French, or coaroe Rappee ........................ 1 00 /Rose Lest, ................. ti5 AmericanGent1eman, 11ceuted ...... : ......... 110 ... H 55 ..... ......... ............... 110 Eureka, medium ........................ ,......... 4 5 Pure 'Vtrg>rua, plam ............................... 1 10 Tuberose, strona, dark. . . . . 45 Century In Bulk1\lr Pound. llbls., $1.20; half b bls., $ 1.21 ; kego, SUS. Rose Leaf White PJf light and mild........................ 40 ifl Ameclium,light-coloreU milcco. We feel aoonred that a trial will eon vlnce all of ito ouperior!ty over all other brands for the price. t m ; in kegs, 3 cts. per Ill extra. High To .. t, Scotch, (salt) ....................... Sll Fres b Scotcb, for dlpp!Dg.... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. !lO W" Ju 5lb. C loth ll&lee, wi t h Fan cy Label, same Irish Hlt::h Toast, or Lundyfoot .. .. :: ... .. .. 00 price as in bulk. In 1lb and i lb. bales Scents extra. All Snufl'a in half-barrels or kegs, 1 ct. per lb. extra. Fancy Smoking. (With Illuetr&ted Lsllels. ) Co ron e t otrong, 8 o z. papeCtable Jobben tbrongbont tbe CD LEAF TOBACCO, US WATER 0TREET, Nea.r Maidep. Lane, NEW-YOBK. CHAS. SIEDLER. VIIEUUS i, SEYMM, OOlll:!diS!!ION llll!aOj'U.IH'!! IN Leaf' Tobaoc HAVANA IN AND OUT OF' tiOND, Wo. 189 Peul-nnet, -York. WILLI .... VIGlD.KI S, llBAIU.JII! 'I' s.....,.,._ R 'BJf.nrU. G. HEINEKEN & PALMORE, ft.ommiJiiou 81-tttkalltf, JIS B ... dwey, N--York. 8podal alleullou J*d lo &be aalo of Loaf ro-. ..... ..... ad-PDW. -" UNKA.RT & CO., Commission llerchanta .loHD Dl\d .. lll fll ALL &L .. DB er f SEED-LEAF TOBACCOS, 166 Fulton Street, lfEWYORK, CB.l11LE8 E HUNT. CHARLES E. HUNT & O

6 THE TOBACCO LEAF. BALTIIIIJ)B.E ADVEBTISEMEJnS -c-___ l!JIJila"bdpl)ia "incinnnti 1\butrtistmtnts. lB. B. 008. A. M&U&a 1'11110. J. Vllftii&LliiN. A. H. THEOBALD, OP LL lr(JCD8 0. ... SEG.A.R.S,., ESTABLISHED IN l837. TOBACCO, FC.,..E, AND MARINE or cnrcnuu.T.r. OHio. COMPANY VETTERLEIN & Ofll.ce 1n Oomp&oy's curne:-< f Jr nt. nd Yln .. Btr:ects. .A..D D8.t.L.I& Dl 8:P.Aln8B: A.lii'D DOMESTIC CHARLES co., D. DE FORD & CO., C .iPITAL, $2CO,COO Leaf Tobacco, CheWin[ Tob!lcco, Snnlf, Meerschaum and Brier Pipes, J!r,w. cor. Tldrd &lUI Poplar a., Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Pa., SO-UTH GA YST., H. 0 BltUCE, JORL B'KEII, 1'. A. JOilN '1'. JOilNOv, W. Ill. DAl'IC.taAN DIRECTORS. ,TOHN G. OLDEN IIENitf BE80DE1!, JtHN I H. E C.IUUFACTU ..... A8D DULBU III :s. A. COUR'I'NliY, I J BAL'lmO:Rll D. wow00A0Rwo,ARD. PHILADELPHIA, PA. :Pouche. Bnu1f-Boxeo, etc. No. 81 Exchange Place, -." SECARS, pr J:.'olablil.l...Wr LO!"liLL&BDs TORArcnso Wll. c rEA::.THOB R. J'OUG81U.Y, DOHAN & TAITT .r. Richardson. G. w. Bishop. 'W.ll. Haight. IOJmNTAL CI'H TOBACCO WORKS ee er 0 acco are ouse, ......... $at-Bond 'W'a.,, MARTIN EYL, 11 S. WAHEH01JSE, PJIL'ITER & BRO., Proprlerors, .. _.._ L ._ --. BOYD, FOUGERAY l CO... T b (' M J. RICHARDSON A CO,, lf0.181 WEST PB.ATT-8TBilET. on T .. IS>PECTros LJ< or SPENCE BROTHERS &,. CD., 0 acco IJOmmiSSIOn erchants, TO I WEST LOAUJA1W STREET, rn--ana Leaf Tobacco, and other ::h.r--"AgenaforthealeofCeaaeaUoutSeed M .I.DOHAN, BALTIMORE M ""6 ... 0 nnauno leaf JXO. '1'. TAITT. 57 pl-eburg Pa D. Smokers' Articles rJCIUODIIULUT. U-llfCO.LL>Y. Pl T b s uffs & c .... Mllnull>ctnrero c&ll fDnrard their Tobaeoo in Bond wltll ug 0 acco, n IgA.l'!l_ PHILADELPHIA. ouCI'IIJlPATJN&theGoYernmontTax. a 'lUI' Jl 8cB -.., ICIIOR, M'CAMMOI a. co., JACOB M R J. w. TAYLOR, LOQJIGIDD, I'UOOIUOXli'ILIB.U.W! N """' CIJrCIJrKdTI, OHIO. Jo.J ::t'A.YLOE?S CELEBRATED qfi' -.J h """ 1! >U.NUUCTUREB OF SPUNNROLL WltOLI:I .. i.. SEGAR llriANUF ACTURER. e 0\"\'\.m\. "t\\ Aplllla lbe eelebnkd .... d. or Smrtl g ./ .... li'IIOLKIULJI DU.Ulillll!\' .. T-BAF TOBACCO AN.o Lea.f and Tobacco, TOBrQaA..,CorCQ Lone.Taok, Golden shower, CIGABS AlfD TOBACCOS, S E,......, S Golden Leaf, Boae, 116 J.o-'llvtlle, Ky., SNUFFS, PIPES, ETC. Ch k s'--to ... "" N rth Thl d S ero e, ....-, e ., etc, .._. "'' 0 r treat, F'ae&ory: 19!ll Callowhtll 8&ree&. EG..A.R.S. IP' Partlcularotteotlonpa!dtolho)>urchuenrLea 'ftb>TLAD...,.'"" Mo. 102 KAilr-ITUBT, limneD. 3d and 4th, &Dd oate or tllll1ufaclureu Tob"""o. (T4--tc6 -___ _;;:-'"....:..;c.lllc:c;c__......--=o= AAA.=----1110-181 PIIILADEL{'mA. EONLY AMUP.ue of aU kllldl of Loaf Tobaeco. DI.RBC'I' IMPOR'I'&RS .&.liD WHOLE.U.B V.ALBRS IX YARA "YOUNG T <> El ::-0 0 <> Yara "Our Hobby," GeneralCommission Merchant, lteten tn-ll'lrst N!\tnnA.l nank, Omaha., Nebra1kai J M. McOorul lc k k Oo., Oml\h&, Nt:braaka; Poland A; Patrick:, Omah-.. NetJraska; 1. W. Uonth k LouJe1 Mo.; Phlster .l Holt 1 Ohio i Thol. C. Duraat, ViM Prf"'hlent Unlnn Pacific N6...--York; lrL Rader A Jon, Broken, New l'ork; 0. Wells, Hartford, ConD. ; W. 8 Bu.ntoon k Son, Proyldeuce, lt.l.; J. A.. Dodd A Co no. on, Mass. -Havana Cigars, I RANCKE & ELLER, wo. 221 X&inreet, between 6th and 'Jth, lOS N. Water St., nd 108 N. J)elaware An., L01li8VILLB, al[, ? ara "Little Ones," PHILADELPHIA. '1' 0 B J\. C C 0 Conftantlyonbandalar;;t;ofCholceBaYanaDrandl. Commission Merchants, L011I8VILLE, K.Y, A:!.'D OTIIER BR.UmR OF E elBA Rs' Manufactured by .TOH:N BRAMllrl, / Suecmor to BRA-& BROTHERS, 28 Atlantic-st., Brooklyn, Snuff," 1167 Xalll-etreet, betwen 7th and 8th. BR_OTHERS I A. RALPH & co., Fine-Cut Chewing and SmOkin! Tobarco ... and sale or U7 Jl. Third St., aad U :!i. Seeoaod St., I PHILADELPHIA. No. IS Arch St., PHILADELPHI.,. SIIGABS, le-af and Manufg.Jured Tobacco if'HOM'AS HARE & SON ur Send :for a Price List. Anda8uperiorLund;rfoot8nu.1f. GS-lot lull\ I YBOLBUL'!: D"ALI!:RS '" ...... Irnm8 or 14..,.. ... r sxrra. >AcoR H. ITH. E. HEYMANN & CO BULKLEY'S STEAM DRYER FOREIGN AND "DOMESTIC SMITH BROTHERS Qt j Will save ten to twenty por ceut. to Manufao- AF AND MANUFACTURED omm -'"i1uJ turers, and dry without shorts or crisping. T 0 B A c c 0 0 X B' Leaf uij(;"i)'acc o, and leaf. SNUFF, SEGARS, ETC., L E HOLDEN No. 474 and 503 N. Seoona St., No. 121 North Third St., No. to Saa lgnaelo St., BanaL PHILADELPl'IIA. PHILADELPHIA p Order VICTOR PUIG, 2 Nw No. 2 Case's ..!l,pnle!orGaii&Al:'8TObaccoaodSnnJT. a. I foaL -ll0-16l lflveland, Ohio. MEMPHIS TOBACCO EMPORIUM. E. ACKERMANN, Succett10r til CHA8. C. AIENGtL. CO., Leaf, Manufactured, and Fine-Crrt Tobacco! CIGARS, PIPES, etc., etc., 250 FBONT-5T:&EET, l\1.F:MPHIS. TENN_ 193 a.nd 195 Jeiferson.-a.venue, (OORKEJl :a.t.TE8TR&B'I't) DETROIT, 111ICH. DJ:TBOIT PLUG TO.U.CCO JIAJIVJ'.&c'rO:BY, THOMAS K. BOGGS, K&'StTY.&.CTOaiiK OF ALL i:U!CDS or Plug Twist Tobacco. 31.7 & 31.9 Jefterson-aven.u.,., DETROIT. II u. B. TOBA.OOO WORKS." G. B. LICHTENBERG, wi.ur.&.cruaaa tn Fine-cut Chewing and Smoking TOBACCOS, .1m xowcruaa or TD oaLB11a.i.'flll) auD "KORlfiXG GLORIE" Fil!fE CUT. 46 Conjlress-st., East, DETROIT, MICH. All orden from abroad carefull7 execnted a\ the lowet ..... afod ........ prlceo. WM. P. WALLACE, :: A Ill Manu.tao\urer f all gradea of otpn.. Olpt .. ....:-. t Momutoetored and Labelled to order at lUI, Xr., PLOC TOBACCO, Grenup-etreet, c:m.pon. J:J. Buffalo ADAIII & CU., ._ ... JAMES ADAa & CO., TOBACCO, SNUFF & CIGARS. No. 207 Waahlngtoll-ltreet, BWJ-A.LO. !!1. T. F.C.W.GEYER& SON, CIGAR AftD lEAl Ii!ttt DEPOT. 347 and 349 lllaiD .. u-wt. B11F'P.&LO. !!1, Yo ';l'butrtistmrnt!. JOSEPH BARTON & CO., WhoiiMle Der.1era In Seed Leaf, and S!lanish Tobacco, Cifars, 8Bl1J'P, ClTT AJrD Pl.VG 'l'OJI.6.CCO, ETC, JOSEPH BARTON, Syraouae, N.Y. D.BENRIIIO,I24 Water St., New-York.


2\buertisemtnt.s. P. & G. LORILLARD'S WESTERN. DEPOT, k .. FOY & EARLE, Managers, 85 South Water street, Chicago, Ill. A coJJiete A-rtme' oc Lortllard Gooda<::Jae-lac, Sa11:11111, <::1 -pra. ...... VIR.IA TOBACCO AGENCY. WILLIAM !ioRN & co., ADAMS, GIBBS & CO., VAN HORN, MURRAY & COJU!IBifiOS liiE1:CRANTS FOR THE BALE OF Virginia Manufactured and Fine-Cut TOBACCOS, J.porten and \Yboleso 1e DeRlera lo Havana. and Do mestic OlgiU'III, Snu.Us, ew. llo. 146 South Water Street, CHICAGO, ILL. lioRT H. ADlllS, } JODN s. GIBBS. ---------------=18-"-118::;:_ <1, TAll UOilll. P, Bll.Bft80l{. CASH VAN HORN & CO., )lA. NOF.A.t:rl'URER.S OJ' GHOICE :FINE OUT qHEWDIG ..I.Nil No. 14 South Wa.ter-otreet, CHICAGO, ILLIMOIS. s. STEPHENSON, .AGmrJ' JOB PRODUCEM A-liD JUJUJJ'.A(;T 0 lt.BKS Or MA:NU:FACTURJtRS OY CUT CHEWING .UJD Plug Tobaccos, 36 SOUTH WATER-ST., CHICAGO. '76 TOBACCO. WORKS.". E. C MURRAY, Ide of Van Horn. & Co. MIAL MASON. b&.t.e o! WILl\ k Mas::m. :MURR.A. Y & MASON, lL&.NUFJ.OTtiREllS .\:D .OJALERS lN J.LL J:INDS OJ' Chewiog aud Smoking Tobacco, Nos. 22 & 24 Michigan-av., Chicago, Ill. KANSAS QITY TOBAOOO WORKS. C. C.&.:M'!WliLL. ... P, K'OOJUIICL CANTWELL. TRIPP. A CO., JU.Nl'J'AOTIJB.d& OJ' Leaf', Kannfaotmed_!obacoo, a.nd Chewing and Smoking TEJba.cco, E::H:Iol,JBIVELY COMMISSION. <::JGAKS, BT(l, T II E TOBACCO LEAF. 7 E !l!.P.I:LJIIRrON. Solicits oriie'l\jrom Dealers Consumers .Aildress:NP7 Pearl St;Ilidvmoncl. Va. MILLS & RY ANT, Tobacco Brokers & General Commission 011\ce in Tobacco '"xchange, Shookoe Slip, Richmond Va. Refer by permlulon tQ AliNE& F. RARV'EY, President. of the 8'\nll::, Ricbmoatf : JA ,,ES TROMAS, Jr., JCI:q., Richmond, Ya.; 8. C PreBltlent or the Plaot.ens' Bank, Rh : hmou'1, V .1.. i Me81r s II. & CO., 16\ and 1B3la;a.ic.leo-lane, New You::; & TDOltPSO:S, 15a D)et.nn. s ... RAPP c ;o.' PATENT SMOKING TOiiACCO CUTTERS. I ''HIGHLANDER," RED ROYER ''DICK TATER ,, SMOKING TOBACCO. 'J'hese established Tobaccoo. so well and favorably known. are put up in }(, a.nd 1 lb. balee or pouchc and In bulk, thus suiting the retailer and jobber .Man ctured on1y at i.he EAM WORKS L. L S. lf. M oC()Rh."LE. OF ARMISTEAD, LYNOHBUBG, VA W. L. BOWliA..'<. R. A. YOUNC &. BRO., General Commission gests that a man will be com pelled to sleep in his shirt after a while to prevent its being stolen.--We have heard of two very serious accidents to tobacco barns in the county last week. Capt. R. Y. Overbey had a large double barn entirely destroyed containing six than sand pounds of tobacco, which belonged to R. C. Overbey.-Mr. Geo. T;my, Sr., who lives upon the river, ten or twelve miles below this city, also lost a. barn by fire. He had crowded the tobacco of three barns into AND AGENTS F()ll TUB SALE OF One, and the lOSS WC presume VIRGINIA .A.ND C.A.ROLIN.A. is s. Williams, Esq.: Leaf and Manofaclored To.acco, lost a COJlSJderable quantitf of No. 4 IRON FRONT BUILDINCS, tobacco by roguery one mght Jlaud .Mathtne, 600 lbs per day. PETERSHU RG, VA. last week, probably over one Pollet .Maeblae,C Japatity, lbs. per day. thousand llOunds W b 1 Warranted supenor to onytlune; Ill the market e e 6 ronhe purpose. Fitted with i:HEVESfor anort!Dgtbe 1 1105' The Cl:ukesv1lle (Va.) Quid that he has no hopes of ever ma.cbine for grinding Stems. which. of 28th ult. contains the folfinding it." with our Cutters, make CO>ti'LETE ()UTI'!T for l'RE Jowmg; 'Another tobacco barn of Mr. TARING SMOKING TOBACCO. ur-11 'r bbed Corres p o ndenc e oolicited. }fills, Blocks, Beucli "l tam OW1le8 WaS TO SlllCe OUr K:nivoe, &c .. of themo.t opproved p,attemo, made to last reiJOrt. Probable loss 1 OOOpounds order. Address H. J\'1.. Sl'>1II'H & CO.. Rwnxo>.'D, tobacco. A fnend at onr elbow sug-. [<::onttuucd fro01 Page 3.] The impeachment trial is drawing to a close, and there sult will soon be known. otlee md Warehouse, No. 13 Dearltora"'t., .P.O.BOX 881 <::BIVAGO, ILL: Office, W eat Side Katn-at., between 5th and 6th, KANSAS CITY. :MO. :I' .ACTOR YIN Jf'GD'S .ADDITION. I R c i"ifnrts OSM10K ... cod weTOBACCOS CREEN SCENE, LONC JACK, tens (damaged), 51-d.@lOd.; aromatic' half-pounds, ls. ld.; aromatic twist, ls. 5td.; dark half-pounds, 7td.@ ls., and sound twist, 1s. 2d. On the 28th, 2:2 hf-tcs: damaged brought ls. 4d.@ls. 4td. per pound. lmported during the month ending February 1, lil6 : 36tl pkgs. tobacco pipes, ; 221 lbs. cigars, .; 2,234lbs. tobacco,, and 7 pkgs. tobacconists' ware, Exported same time: 15 tobac co pipes, ; 6,488 lbs. cigars, ,618; 90 lbs. snuff, :.l5; 10,264 lbs. leaf tobacco, ; 159,696 lbs rufU. llo., ,716, and 2 pkgs. tobacconists' ware, :Keceived during the month ending February 25th, 1868, 172 hhds., 1 cs., and 4 bls. eat; 847,491 lbs. mfd. 41 cs. and 18 pkgs. s nufl: Delivered same time, for home cons umption, 5 hbds., 1 cs., and 18 bls. leaf, 132,086 lbs. mfd., 47 cs. ciga rs, and 1 pkg. snuft'; for exportation, 3 bls. leaf, 222,192 lbs. mfd., and 69 cs. cigars. Total stocks in bond at :Melbourne, February 25th, 1 6 271 l1hds., 80 cs., 1,974 bls. leaf, 3;678,903 Jbs nlf. 16 Brid-t/<> AlO> LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA, TOBACCO BROKERS, WID pay parttcalar attet:tlon to the Ale llld purthaoe of I21J 8fie4tiirand l'falad ctaeea Cbewlllg. WARRE'-tl BURCH, TOB.A.OOO .uiD Geaeral tomlllssloaMerehants, 88 Comn&effe nd 111 BUlb Street, JI[OD1&'0IDU')', Ala. Particular atteniio to an aad pl'Oll>pt rcl!il'lll made. ,984. April U.--'fhere was a moderate business doing in N ortb American tobacco during the past week, and sales have been closed of 25 hhds. Maryland Johann'n tobacco and manufactures thereof reexporte! from the United States during the months of January, 1867-8, corrected to March 1 1868: Declared quantities and values, January, lbs. leaf, a4,202; 26,ll7lbs. cigars, $35,319; and 22,122lbs. smill, $7,234; total value, $46,755 January, 1868--27 315 6,725,and 1,720 lbs. cigats, $3 890 total 3a0,615. Decrease in value this $36 HO. Th; amount of tob. acco shipped from N to San Fra?cisco, via the Isthpms of Panama, for the quarter endrng December 31, 1867, was 4,560,280 lbs. leaf, etc., $445,650, and 71,500 lbs. manufactured, $17,888. The-. amount shipped from San Francisco to New York by the same route and for the same period, was 28, 76o'Ibs. leaf, $1,500. The following is a summary statement from the monthly returns of the collectors of cnstoll\5 of for.. tobacc? anll the mar;ufactures thereof, imported mto the Umted State s durmg the months of February 1867-8, corrected to Mal'Ch 21, 1868 : Declared quan: : tities and value, 1867--218,337 lbs. leaf *54 889 71,228 lbs. cigars, $105,215; and 828 lbs. .231 total value, 1!1160,335. 1.868--169,994 lbs. 11!51,324; 11,222 lbs. cigars, $32,462; 36 lbs. snuff, 110,, and other manufactures of tobacco to the value of $624; total value, $84,420. Decrease in value this year jjl75,915. Summary statement, from inonthlJ: returns of collectors of customs, of tobacco the "'towth produce and of the. United State;, exported the Un1ted :States dtmng the months of February corrected to 21, 1868: Declared quant1tws and. v-alue, 186i-8,221,532 lbs. leaf, *771,003; 226,000 $7,012 ; 10 lbs. snuff. 89 and other manufactures of tobacco to the value of itoo 623 total value, $968,647 1868-4,538,502 lbs. leaf' "'566 721 00 $ .. 26, 0 cigars, 2,000; 200 lbs. snuff, i590 and other manufactures of tobacco to the value of !li16S 962 totn.l value, $733,273. Decrease in valne this year: $2315,374. Summary statement, from monthly returns -of collectors of of tobacco re-exported from the Umted States dunng the months of Febntary, 1867-8 corrected to Ma.rch 21, 1868: Declared quantities and value, 1867-2,141 lbs. leat; $310; 25,749 lbs. cigars. $39,646; and 30,817 snuff ::mel other manufactures of tobacco, $5,163; total valul.', 1645,119. 1868-5,033 lbs. leaf, $2,304; 2,662 lbs. cigars, $7,220; 1,022 Jbs snuff, $1,268, and other manufacture to. the value of' l\680; total value, $11,481. Decrease in va.lul\ thi& year, *33,638 -------CORRESPONDENCE. THE OHIO SEED LE!F CROP We have received the followinrr from a. corrtlllpond ent at Franklin, Ohio, ana we be glad to receive s':ch communications constantly froJU our friends in dtfferent parts of the country. They thus have it in their power to double the value of our columns to all interested in the weed : EDITOR OJI THE ToBACCO LEAF.-.A little information relating to our crop will probably be interesting to the readers of 'fuE TOBACCO LEA.F and the friends of Ohio seed .. The last crop we have produced ('67 crop) 1s posJtively the poorest we have ever grown, being almost entirely devoid of color ancl gum. The drought of last summer prevented there being a body to the lea On the whole, we have the usual bulk but not the usual quality. The prospects for oU: commg crop are very so far as plants ars concerned. There will, w1thout be the larg est breadth of countryplanted m tobacco there has been for years past. Farmers have taken into con sideration the poor is placed on the market, and seem to thmk that this Is the year for a profitable cultivation of weed. TuouA.s LYNG. FnANKLlN, Ohio, April 26. m= The Paducah (Ky.} Herald, of the 29th nlt. contains the following items: "Several "'entlemen Crittenden county were in the city bringin.,.. tobacco for our market. A large tobacco proposed to be erected by some gentlemen from Hen derson. .A number of leading planters of Trigg county have been m our market selling their tobacco. They sold largely and were well pleased." The tax of one cent a box on matQhes last yeM netted to the Government.a revenue:of $1,500,000


8 i1T HE TOBACCO LEAF. 'JJBW YORK AliUFACTURERS. I ----------------NEW YORK BROKERS. LICORICE PASTE HOGLEN & GRAFFLIN!t Anhur Gillender & Co., W. G. ADAMS, Commission Agent, WALLIS & CO. F. W. BECK ct. CO., OWIIII:Rl!l OF PJ.1']1JfTS A.NJ) SOL Mor.l.Ol'VBDS Or PEASFS CELEBRATED SELF-FEEDING TOBACCO:CumNI ENIIME. .fHOMAS HOYT. & Co., TOBACCONISTS, No. 404 PIARL, STR.UT, NEW-YORK, Manufacturera of all kind a or F'mc-Cut Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, Snuff. Cigars., and Havana Sixes. OUJI. BRANDS fiNt:-CUT CHEWHI01 WN'NYSIDE, HEART'S Dli.LIGHT, NATIONAL. TllOMAS HOYT & CO., New-York. HOYT, FLAllowtac led ......... or: TOBACCO. BBIGUT, Onl'ft J(o. ..,__Nn,lbl. ._LaS. l1f)., e.. ...... Al.L8ll, oo., 88. NOTICE. oa Braado. PLANET ud IIAIL-"' 4JHOICE, hne beenBDol-lyiiDII&od ,.. to many of the Traae,ln ttHure &he wtl! a. ,..,.ped w it.h our name. llUOHAJJAlJ & LYALL, New-York. L. 1 BABllrlllS, A.aent, 16 lodl ... &., Boo .. L -:-A. Goetze & Bro., l'OBACCO & SNUFF, tiMANttATTAN TOBACCO WORKS, 1111. 118 and 185 Duae-atnet, IIEW-YORK. .1: H. IIICKLE & SONS, MRS. G. B. MILLER & CO., lOBI AJII)BIBOJr 15 00. SOLACE TOBACCO, 1141 1161 and 117 CID I21 CEDAR-STREET, Artbur GUloorler, Na.puleoo B. Ku.kaett. loeeph W, Or&.f, loaepb L. R. Wood. H. H. WATTS & CO -EMPIRE CITY Tobacco Works, No. 75 BOWEBY, NEW YORK, T. A. LA WRENOE & 00., (Successors to WHITTAM & LA.wRENCIC.) II(ANUJ'AOTURSIIII o Tobacco, Snuff & CiGars, 374 Pearl Street, New-York, Bae MGit.abtiJ oa bu.d tiMl>rDea' of Vtrctata l.tllanaaeanretl Pare .,.,..oklq, hnf'Or& ua,. aod. Dotne&lf! ., ... n. _. .... ot.Y of EJI.gliah, French, Gennau, and Scotch Clay .Pipea. ..... 'fiU ONLY IILUilnAOTUIU&8 o OUI BIRDUTII BIIOIWIG WM. H. GOODWIN & CO., .AKVJ'.&O'I"IJ ..... 01' nsa-rr' Tobacco, Snuff & Ciprs, .Jmf anb jlug loha"o, ftO't & .ott W .ATEB-8T IIV'IML .&liD IM Leaf & Manufactured Tobacco, LICOBICE, TO:WQUA :BEAKI, Etc., No. 84 WATER-STREET, w ... G. """"' New .. Yol'li. GOO DB FORWARDED. EXTRA. Tobacco manufacturers and the trade in general ar<:l particularly requested to exa mine and test the superior properties of this LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfection, is offered under the above atyle of brand. We are also AGENTS for the l'Bao. ::rmoua, HIUIBY Bonwlll). brand /' FISCHEl & RODEWALD. F. G. Acknowledged by COJ(Sumers to be the Tobacco Brokers, best in the market. And for the brand of .r_,icorice Stick llo. 2 HAliOVBB. B11ILDI1108. J G. B. (ll.l.woTa-SQudll,) In all respect.s equal to CALABRIA. NB w YORK, We are also AGENTS forthe brand --------G. J. S, GANS & SON. whichwillbefoundconstantlyonhand. T O B A C CO B R. Q t{ t R S' Root, select and ord.in11.ry, conat!lllt ly GOMEZ, WALLIS & CO., 29 & 91 Soatb. William se. ------110. 86 WALL-STREET, Tontlnft Building, LICORICE -PASTil: DAVID O NEILL & SON, EXCELSIOR MILLS Tobacco Br_ okers, I'Ul{E POWDERED LICORICE, llo. 172 PEARL STREB,T Cflraer ot Pine Skee\1 D.&. TID O'Nsn.t.. lr:BW-YOU. Dnuo J O'N.._ CHARLES F. OSBORNE, TOBACCO BROKER, NO. 15 OLD-SLIP.-West corner of Water-street, NEW YORK. :M. RADER &k SON, TOBACCO GUln Arabic, OLIVE OIL, TOli'Q'UA BEAll'S, ... eUler .............. ,. To"'-ttia&&l' -.. Ml ,, WEAVER A STERRY, IMPORTERS, 18 PLATT STREET, N. Y --HENRY M. MORRIS, No. 99 Pearl & 82 Slone-l ._!!fewYorllt A!fB 80ldl AG...,T, For the United .states and Canada, or ""' llwldrodo or laborlllmc llacltlnet In 1111! In tllelleol houon lA tlle coualr.r 1Mkat the T&lue of them, Ha'flog been In uoe o-roar .rean, thoroughly tertted, and Im.lch imprond, In all lla i>ll'll, we ci.D oood.ted. This Cutter took the M. H. LEVIN, MEDAL Tobacco .. Segars, q ,. S.dl r""'UQl 1 aLL lllll).t ... U# No. "W ATEJ;I. STREET, NE"W YORK. L E A F T 08 A C C 0, :Is the Authorized Au;en.t. 162 PEAB.L-ST, nea.r WaU .... WM DEMUTH I CO., No. 403 BR.OADWAY, NEW-YOB.K. Bi l'fEW-fORK. H.A.UCK,S CIBOUI.&Il TOBICCO BOIES. 160 Pearl Street, MORRIS -.. Ullf cw ,..ALI. IT-.1 Spanish B. D. ROBINSON, "M. & M." 37 ST.A_T:E STREET, CHICAMass .M:eersehaam Briar Pipes and Smokets' .lrtlcles geaerally. lM: liWE .A. 'T -R. W'holeeale Dealer .. $ortign anh igm Commission Merchant t'-f>a XEWYORK. Jl ....... Y nr k .auctioneers. ----GERARD BETTS & ()0., au4 oodeu Jkow &t. RECEIVED THE PRIZE AT THE PARIS EXPOSITION l AND LAP TOBACOO, Also, OHBWIJ'Q AJil) DOIDG TOBAOOOit ISS .A YENUB C, Between 4th -5th streeto. anufactured and Leaf TOBACCO, General .Auctioneers K..&LDENBEB.G a soN, fRANK, BEUTTENMULLER & CO. 100 .,_,day Slreel. D. H. MoALPIN & CO., J.ND COJllllliBSXO:N -KEBCBANTS, 'f OLB SLIP, door from Haaover SqUMe, ... w YOIIL The only Wholesale a.nd Retail lt:r.nnfacturera in the United States of GENUINE MEERSCHAUM PIPES, GEORGE B. REED A CO., AllBERS, :MOUTH-PIECES, CASES, &c. ()ELRBRU'ED FINB-CVT GENERAL AUCTIONEERS, LIQUORICE PASTE. RUAIRD&t BQILIX .A. ::t:ll .A. 'Y. ADDBESS ALL LET'I"EBS '1'0 (I JOI-IN STREET. db SEGARS, ANDDtU.aulll!f :LBAB' 'I'GJI.&.GG08 96 Jlaldeu Laae, 150-176 OW YORK M. F.A LK, Tobacconist, ::1!\To. ::1.4.8 'VV"aer S'treet, Bet. Ka1den Laae & Pine St .. NEW YORK. 79 an,_d 81 William Street, I LICORICE PASTE F. GRUND & CERERO, llCantcfaot .. of M, BROCK, MEERSCHAUM GOODS. amDo Dli:ALER IN Smoking, Chewing, KENTUCKY UAf TOBACCO. ROBITSCHEK & TAUSSIG, 236 Delanceyst., N. Y., aU .. .StlfJCTUitRR9 O f U t. l:tSDi! (,F cjfh.ewin.9 and @'oharrus. Princ.lp&l Brands: \'IROL"TtA LEAF, LILY, and IlElt(\ OF THE WEST. 93-118 NO. 19 DEY-STREE'J:', Near Broadv:ay, (M-116) New-YoTk. :M. STACHELBERG1 Y. NORIANlll, LA AROMA, AND LA .PERFECTt SEGARS, No 15 CEDAR-STREET. 78-103 SIMON SALODlON, IJIPOBTBIUo 118 Pearl'ltleet, !lew-York. ... C. J Ca. R. R. Ylf11RB.IA. F. G. C. .... rownsasn ttQuoatcs. FINEST QUALITY. Manufactured at Poughkeepsie, New-York. GIFFORD, SHERMAN & INlliS 120 WILLIAM-STREET 66-6'7 N:&W-Y -&RK. LICORICE PASTE. XB.EliiELBERG & CO.-, [ISM. Importer nf Ml .Deal..-in c. LEAF TOBACCO Out Chewing and Smoking Toba-ooo, ia'l', il9," Ul cor. Baretar, N.I!IW-YQ!IK And or Light and Work, Lump, Twtat., and Roll Tobceo, I llepperhan Tob1_1.cco Works, N. Y. I&Rwuo TOBACCO. I B Cht:wLog. J Xltd Smoktog. Tbe Celebrated SMOEIMG TOBA.coo. Gra.o.ulated, Young Amt:ric&! A Extra Long. Turkish. St"ud&rd, B Smo\::lng, Sp&niah, I E:dca C Smoklng, and other Nepwn.-, 8a.vory, LoQJt Smoking, Fancy Smoklng, Cvt:ndlsh, No. 1 Smoking, Tobacco. AND SECARS, IliPOarnaa orJ K. & C." and. J. C. y Ca Branda. No. 19_:;! PEA:Jl,L STREET, Weolferforoalelomaoufac&urel'laM thP.trodelngen eral the eaperlor wrllelt.&bllabecl b"'ndt f't Llcorlce Paate, K. &: C. al'td J. y -expre11ly-made tor th\JI and nerteetlv uare. JOHN A.HARTCORN, nmoru .... o Powdered Ltconce Root l?IME SEGARSs -AND-. Licorice Paste., Sell<>o .. b. Scen&e: l:'ostile (}, ll:.lU, 12 Oent.ral Wharr, Boo.toa. tor-, ..,., ror the E:.ogland Statetlt exeep\ CoDDvcdoa,, ----SEGARS, CIGARS. SEGARS, ouT l A r I A c@) Bole Proprie,ora of &he Renowned d!r DULl .... sNuFF. .01. 140 Pearl 108 wat.r-at. El Baco and Metropolitan Brands, L 0 HAZMANs PATENT Meerschaum & Briarwood 1\lo Box lllould r P 1 P E s TOBACCO BOXES & &1 MAIDEN LANE, Sheannan ftGB.E, 110 Water..treet. liUlllJFA.CTOB.Y, 97 .COlumbia-st. NEW-YORK. QKO. a. KIOIU.&. PW'D Ji, LA. WaarO&. Wll. llcCAFFIL, IVOCDBOA '1'0 Cllichester & Co. Sl NW-YORK, IMPOB1'11:B .&JfD DJ:aLK& IN Leaf Tobacco & Segars. 'lubat.ccu Uu bund.41r duty )D qu..n&Ulca tu vur*a&M!rtl Sole CHc.heetcr 1 celebraWd et<:otch Sod. for t&Ut dlpploc The Snuff J .. &Down a. I (JV.:I" the cnunt.ry. &ad l:c maaufact.ured lt can be by t.11e keg, hlllf t>ar o:r t.M.rrcl aucy .Suwklnt: Tnhacco of 11tl ldocb, u &lao asoed e&l '""lou ,.r F..jucy Art.lelet. -, ...... 0: lmi.T&II, AND DJ:A.LBR IN LEA.F TOBACCO, 33 NeW' ()llambe..,. Street, corner Pearl, PB.INOIP AL DEPOT, 7 a F-u.11:on. S1:ree1:, NEW YORK. Always and Reliable. Tblo USEFUL little'e Is tl. e GREATBST IN :VENTION of tbe for the bene!lt of SMOKERS redaciog tbe cost ofCtgars and Cigarett. ,s to tbe mere Co!!li or the Tobacco. Vry convenlen1 tD catryln the PocKET producing no smell, and adapted to tbe nee of att; Tobacco. In two sJzes and three BaAas, Mld PLATJ:D. Salllplt: :Macbtues, wtni 100 Wrappers, sent free of pi)!Utge on receipt o : tt.OO. The hla1lest Prize nwarded at the Fait of the AmeriQ&.n lnotlru1e, Sept and Oct., 1007. For particular- a4dres H C. WilT, IJ7 St .. eet, NMD l:ork. Beware ofintr!ogementa. 1 1 gen ullle have my lllUile printed en the bands l&tNIG, MEYER & DO'., DIPOIITD8 or G:E11JUINE & DUTATION 1IEBRSOJI.i'Dll, BBDIBWOOD, LAVA, Clay and China Pipes, Segar Tubes, Pouchel, 8epr c-, etc. BJDOkel'l! Sots, Segar Btanda, Aah ud lCatGh Boxes Card Basketa, eto., oto. 9i WlLLIA!I-S'.r ., up st'aln, near N.Y. for ,T, K ONJO Gerrnaoy, :\Innutacturen ot oil IW .TS' AND BANKiorsons BRIEFI.ESS LAWY.KRS, nor ANTIQ.UATED RECORDS. BECAVSE-It Is a RELIABLE INlJEX tbe opinion ot LIVli:,__BIIIN&NT bulllneos men of GRA.NTORS of credits, acquired 'IIJ' IDtlmate BuBINBIJS TRANSACTIONS for a LONu PERIOD. BE() A US-It represents tbe relative commerelal standing. u UNDERSTOOD among parties WHOSE BUSINESS leads them to EXCHANGE OPINION!! DAlLY in regard to tho TRUE MERITS, VALUE. AND RATES of all bulllness paper olfered ule. BBVAVSE-It bas been ADOP'l'ED aa the STANDARD WORK In WALL 8TBBBT, al10 by leading twuses THROUGHOUT THE COMMERCIAL WORLD. BJroAVSE-WE REFEU TO PROMINENT MERCHANTS, B!Ut'rta.inlng to the Trade. [ l&a-181] M. B. BROWN & Co. ., ...... u ... ,. AND COMMERCIAL PRINTERS, .. 99 & 101 William Street, Ma,i;A B. Brown, I N J h cnl(rte, ear o n.


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