The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (4 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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,. r' .. Oroin of the Tobacco Trade of the United States: The Largest Special Trade Paper in the W or d. r, voLUME rv., No. 12. t WnoLE No 1GB. TBD OP 1!HE PAPEB ::il.ngle Oopiee ............................ 10 Cents Pe.j::;;.il .md.iho c.i.Bd8S; $i .. itnnum for prepayment or postage. To BJ'emen, Hamburg, and the Con tlaent ot .Enrope. St.!S6 additional fer anndm for postage. T<> Aoetr&Ua, et.c., l3.1.&dd!Uonal per annum for for tbe paper tOilllldered. nnlees &e companled by tbe corre spo ndlnl( amoaat. llAT:SB 0!' ADV.EllTIBING. Doubl e Column. Column. 1 "Q.U&TC 0 Inch) for 6 montho. .$15 $23 1 quare (linch) For 1 yeat... ... 23 M 2 iiquarea (tblebes) 6 months .. 23 55 s quare !'Inches) for l year ..... 100 U I!!'el 8 10cbes) for 6 mouths 42 &I 11 squares 3 l.ncbeo) f01 \year .... 00 156 -< "''uareo he& I (Ol' 1; ruo.llho M 100 \ !!Q.IIAl'Cil 4 II' ) r .. r 1 JI'A r 106 20o 5 !!Q.U&reO 5lncb e) f6r ti montlll! .. 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L. & Co., 1 llanover Buildings. March Price & Co., 91 Water. Mayer: Joseph & Sons, 122 ""ater. Mayo, J. H. F., S'T Water. }!cCaffil, Wm. 51 Bowery. )(en"el 0., 66 Cedar MCS:enger H. & Co., 1Gl and 16:S Maiden I. .Morris H.'M., 99 Pearl anl 62 Stone. L. & Ma.u .. ice, 4S Broad. Norton, Slaugllter & Co., 41 Broad. ()akley, Cornell WI, 96 Water. Oatman, Alva, 166 Water. Obor, R. H. Co., Broad. Ottinger Brothete, 133 W&ter 'Palmer&: Scoville, 1'10 \Vp.ter. Pappenheimer, ll., sa Broad. Paulitsch, M., 148 Water, Pearsall, ll. R., 23 South Wlliam. Platt & Neto11, 117 Front. Price, Win. M. k Co., 119 Maiden la11e. Read, Clement, 85 Pearl. Relsmanu, G. k Co., 1711 Pearl. Robinson k Hearn, 172 Robinson, ll. D., 100 Barclay. Roeeabanm, A. S &; Co., 162 Water. Rossim & Dessaucr, 16:1 Water. Salomon, M. & E., 85 M11iden lane. Sawyer, Wallaoe & Co., 47 Broad. Schottenfel, Y. & J., 158 Water. & Chapman, 26 South William. Schroeder & Bon, 178 Water. Sclwbart, ll. & Co., 146 Water. Seitzr Chas. & Bl'o 169 Water. i:leligsberg, Cohea & Co., H9 Water. ichel; J uli"' 3-1,9 Pearl Sping'arn, E. & Co., 5 Burhng slip. Stein, & Co., 197 Duane st. Strohn & Reitzenstein. 176 Front. Tha.;rer Brothers, H6 Water. Thlllrmaun n., 142 Water st. Unkart &; Co., 186 Fulton. Th. H. & Sons, 122 Water. Vigeliua A: Seymour, 1S9 Pearl. Walter, R. S., 203 Pearl. Crane &: Co., Broad. Westheim, M. & Co ., 177 Pearl. Will:ox, Power & Co., 1SO Pearl ) TOBACCO B&OUaS, Adamo, W. G 64 Water. Fischer & Rodewald, 2 :Iaoover Building. Gabs, J. S. & Son S6 Wall. David & Son, 172 Pearl. Osborne, Chas. F., Hi Old slip. R11der, M. k Son, 166 Pearl. JU..NUPA.CTU'R.Ii:RS. Beck, F. W & Co ., 160 Peal'!. Brock, M., S29 Bowery. Buchanan & Lyall, 144 Water. Dumont, H. D., 75 Fulton. Edmonston, S. S. & Bro., 213 & 215 Duane. Empire Ciiy Tobacco 711 Bowery. Falk, M., 143 Water. Gillender, A. & Co., 114, 11 117 Liberty. Goetz, F. A. & Bro., 328 Washington. Good wiD, W. n. & Co., 207 and 209 Water. Hall, Joseph, 76 Barclay. Hartcorn, John A., !GO Hoyt, Thomas & Co., 40!l Pearl. Kerba, A Bowery. Lwrcnce, T. A. & Co., 374 Pearl. Lee, Wm., 269 Pearl. C. H., 217-221 Washington. LorUiard, P., 16, 18, 20 Chambers. )(ayer, )(,,58 A venae C. JlcAlpin, D. n. & Co., 'fl'i-'19 Avenue D. Mickle, A. H. & Sons, 110 Water. Neudecker, L. H. & Co 162 Wafer. Robltschek & Taussig, 266 Delanoy. Sob"ider, Joaeph, 28 Libcrtv. Schmitt & StQrm, 191 Pearl Schroeder & Bon, 178 Water. Stachelbera:, ll:., Ul Ceda!. UIPOBTXRS I..NO DEA...r.'KRl'l Fmnk,Beuttenmueller & Co. 96 !laidenLane Jacoby, 8., 194 Pearl. I.ichtenetein Brother!!& Co., 121 Maiden Lane Lorillard, P., 16 Cha.mbers. McCaffil, JomeM & Co., 191 Greenwich .Rosenwald, E. & Bro., 145 Water. Salomon, S. 19:! Pearl. Seidenberg & Co., 19 Dey. Tag, Chae F., 1 Front. }(.A.JIUFACTURI:RS .. 01!' SNU"i'll' Appleby A: Helme, 133 Water. Lorillard, P ., 16 Chambers. 11lPORTa.IS Of PIPES, IITC. Boikea & Siefkeo, 67 Maiden lane Demuth, William & Co., 4Q3 Broad w:>.v. Konig, Meyer & Co., 96 William Lorillard, P., 16 Chambero. IIIPOIITRR8 or CLAY PIP.F.S Batjer, H. & Brother, 61 Water Bergmann, J. H. ,121 Front. IU.NUFACTUID&jl OF IIIIIRSCIUUil GOODS. Kaldenberg &&o, 6 John, 23 Wall, and 717 Broadway. Muller & Stehr, SSt Bowery. Pollak I; So11, 2'7 John ani! 692 Broadway IIIP01n11118 Of DAV Al'IA QIGAKS. Schroeder & Bon, 17S LlOO&lC P A.8T. D.EJ..LJIIUJ Fr&ncla., A. P., 102 Peul. Gomez, W.UUs & Co., 29 and 81 S. William. Grand, F. I; Cerero, llS Peat!. Kl'l!lllelberg .t Co., 160 Pearl. Messenger, H.&: Co., i611la.iden.lan& )(orris, H. lf., 99 Pearl. LIOIIaiOK rowoRn DEALERS. Appleby A: Helme, 133 \Vater. Gilford, Sherman & In11is, 120 Wllliam. Morris, H. M., 99 Pearl. WeavR & Sterry, 16 Platt. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 1868. Fringant, P. & Co., 4'7 West Front. Griest' E. H. & C<>., 37 Walnut. Meyer, Hy., Main. Worthington, l'ower & Co. UlPOBTBRS, MANU1'ACT UBERS. AKD DEALERS. &!!u\len, Henry & Bro., 1.61-165 PearL Eggert, Dills & Co., 82 West Second Tuhrmann, V., IT Main. Glore, J. A. P. & Bos., 47 Vi,ne. Johnson, J. T. & So11, 39 Race. Krohn, Feiss & Co., 63 West Fourth. Lowenthal, S. & Co 7G Mnin. '&{allay, Rich & Brother, 1 II\ West Front. Sullivan, Honks & Co. Thornton, Potter & Co., 18 Hammond. Young,. A N., 44 West Front. Cll!lMISSION MERCHANTS OF KrD, TOBACCO. Hafer, Holmes & h Co ress was inun-Cigars (last year) $14,000,000 4,000,000 3,661,000 dated ; let a similar tide of opinion b directed upon our national representatives ann the high tone an. d manly 'll!llth which is coo ducted." Such satisfactory and really worth more than gold. THE TOB.UCO LEU II E!IQL!ND. A subscriber in London, Eng. writes: It! might presume to advise you, I think you have suffi cient subscr ibers here now to the paper to jUBtify yoa in having an agency to receive payments in LoDIIon.'' We expect to be in Liverpool, and a few days after in Loudon, by the 12t,h of and shall then take proper steps to establish an ag cy there. We take great pleasure in making th quaintaoce ,of our $21,661,000 But all these estimates arc based upon the taxable production of cigars remaining the same, whereas it can not be doubted that the revenue from this source, under au improvea system of collecting the tax, at the present rate, ought to be doubled, probably quadrupled. For it would appear from the amount ofr'evenne derived from cigars at five dollars per 1,000, that only about 14,000 000 pounds of tobacco is consumed in this form, while we estimate the smoking consumption at forty millions. Under the system of small packages, as to smoking, recommended to the Committee, we have an abiding faith that the taxsble production of smoking tobacco will exceed this estimate, and surely the con umption of cigaJ'IIl ougli.t not to be less. Peyuad_ o, E. & Co., 222 'Main. KobinsoD, A, J,, &o G 48 Fourth. 'l.'nck & Womaok,__!1,73 Main. Wicks w. & )(ain. Engli&h friends. -----SBCO!(,D. A ta.e o.f twenty cenes on chewing would be satiafactary to tl.e manufacturer; and inasmuch as experience bas shown that the Government cannot rely upon its o wn officers for the fuit,hful execution of the revenue laws, it i@ of the higheet importance to the Gov ernment. that the law shall not be felt to be exacting a.nd oppressive by those upon whom it operates directly. The interest of the Government and the manufacturer a.s to the payment and collection of the tax:, is not autagonistic, and surely it ,is not the part of policy to ig nore the wishes and to disregard the interests Qf a class, from which so much of its re,enues are collected. On the contraq, if the good will of the manufacturer can be secured, and th.e rate of taxation and the mode of its collection commend themselves to his sense of justice and fair dealing, he will become the roost efficient agent of the Government in detecting and exposing frauds UJ.>OTh tue re\'P.'IliW. If by the OjX'ration of the law he is arrayed in hostility to it, and is l>rought to feel that his business is unnec e ssarily and unjustly oppressed, and that all the fruits of his industry and toil are but s o much tribute to the treasury, the Government has gon e very far towards rendering the law inoperative and inefficacious. We hav e the most abundant evidence in our possession from all the impmtant CIGAR ROLLER AliD WRAPPR&, Witt, H 0., 57 Cedar. CIGA..R J:IOX CEDAR A.'ND Ot11X& 'WOOD. Rodman & Hepburo, 210 Lewis. VA.NU .lCTU'RER Oi' TOBAC CO TSFOIL. Crooke, J. J 38 Crosby street. .._UCTIOliEEllS o TOBACCO, ETC. Bett, G. & Co., 7 Old Slip. Hatheway & Arnold, 1U Water. Reed, G. B. & Co., 84 Cedar TODACCOCU1'TIMG XA.CRINi'..S. BorgCeldt & Deghuee, 64 Cedar. TOBACCO LABELS. Hatch &; Co., Ill Broad wa7. 'l'OUACCO LA..BEI. Hoey, Jos, 202 Brolldwa) : TOBACCO LABEL PRINTXRS Brown, M. B. & Co., !19 William. PATENT TOBACCQ KNIVE$. Napanoch Axe and Iron Co., 62 Murr ay S!iUJ'.I!' .A,NO TOBACCO BOTTLES. Quinlan, Jer., 138 William. TOBACCO BAGS. Asten, W. B. & C ., 25 PearL TOBACCO BOXKi!, IIammacher, A. & Co., 62 Beekman. 'IODA.OOO r.&P.ItR W ..&BltHOUSB.. Jessup & !!oore, 1?.8 William. 'fosAcco BARRELS. Briggs, A. T., 64 Rutgers Slip. ALLEGHENY CJ:TY, PA, Jenkinson, R. & W ., 6 Federal. BA LTIIU:OBE, TOB.OCCO W A.R.IIBOt:'SF.S. Boleniu s G. H., 202 Weat Pratt. Boyd, W. A. & Co., 33 South. Brauns, F. L. & tJo., 11 Cheap3ide. De Ford, Charles D. & Co., 37 So uth Gay. Gieske, L. & Co., 121 W. Lombad. J Gunther, L. ''1"., \lO Lombard Kerch off & Co, 49 S. Charles. Loose, C. & Co., Germnn. Paul, Wm., 4r.l Baltimore. Richardson, J. & Co., 45 West Lof11.bard. Schroeder, Jos. & Co., 81 Exchange Place. JIA.SUI'..t..CtURF.RS, T.T\.. Beck, F. W. & Co., 130 Becker & Bros., 94 Lombard. Feigner, F. W., 90 and 92. Soudl Charle&. Gail, G. W. & Ax, 28 Barre street. Parlett, B. F. & Co., 92 Lombard. Wilkens k Co., 181 West PralL IU.. NUFA..CTURERS OF SNUl'P. Dukshart, F. W. & Son, 29 South CaherL Starr, R. & Co., 25 South Calvert. BOSTON. Brackett, F. B. & Co., 14 Centml Wlutrf. Brown, D. S & Co., 31 and 33 Brood. Eckley, A. A., 12 Central \Vhart'. Fisher &: Co., 23 Central Wharf. Mitchell, A. R .. ::5 Central. Parker &: Caldwell, 1 Commerce and 1 3 City Whalf. .BOO.K.LYN N, T. )(ANOFACTURKRS, Adams J. L., 146 Degraw. John, 28 Atlantic. Buchanan & Lyall. BOX IU .. NUFACTUKERS. \;;herman Drothers, 3 to 13 Sedgwick. BUFF A.LO, N, Y. Adams & Co 207 Washington. Geyer, F. C. W. 1!: Son, 347 and 349 ll:ai.u. CHICAGO, M:A.NUB..&.CTURERS. Adams, Gibbs & CP. 109 South Water. Lorillard's Wester 85 South Water. Murray & Mason, 22 !lnd' 24 Michigan ave. Stephenson, S., 13 Dearborn. Yan Horn, C. & Co., H Soutlt Van Horn, Wm. M. & Co., 36 South CINCINNATI, TOBA.CCO WA.REHOUSER Bodmann, Ch!Lrles, 57-66 Water. Brashears & Son, 46 Walnut. Casey & Wayne, 100-104 We8l Front. Dnddy, J. &; Co., 19 Yine. L TNCHBliRG 1 .&. Armistead, X:. L. Carrol, J. W. McCorkle & Bowman, 1U Main. McDaniel, Litchfield & Co. Robinson, J. A. .. Stone, Johu W., 193 Younger & Co., 141 ]!lain lUEMPHIIl.. TENN. Ackerman, E., 260 Frout. MONTGOMBBY, ALA. Warren & Burch, 88 Commerce street. N:BWABK., N. S. W .A. 3'74 Broad. Campbell, Lane & Co., 95 Broad. NEW ORLEANS, LA. Lichtenstein, Bros. & Co., '19 Gravier. Irby, McDaniel & Co., 140 Gravier. OMAHA, NEB. Bemis & .Abbott. PETt.:BSBUBG, VA. Elam, \Y, P. & Co., 125 Sycamore. Young, R A. & Bro., 4 Iron Front B11ildings PHILADELPHIA, TODA.CCO WABEDOUSF:S.. Boyd, J;'ougern.y & Co., 61 North Third. Bnckuor, McCammon & Co., 37 North W"ter Burgess & Bro., 44 South Delaware 1\V Courtney, Wood wat.! &. Co 47 N. W a.ter. Doh.m & Tai tt, 29 North Water. Geyser & Hiss, 62 North Front. McDowell & Duncan, 39 North Water. Moore, S. & J., 107 North Water. Sank, J. Rinaldo & Co., Ill North Water. Teller Brothe1 s 117 North Third. Vetterlein & Co., Ill Arch w' artmsn, 105 North Water. YAiXU'ACT U JtERS1 DI:ALERS, Jl'l'C. Batchelor, Bros., 33 7 North T!Urd. .l)aley, Jame., cor. au and Race Hare, 'l'h.;& Son, 474 and 50 3 North Second. Mariner, Jacob, 138 Nort h Thitnd 15th. BOUHES'J.'ER. N y, Kimball, W. S 44 Main. Whalen, R. & T,, 1 8 State. MASS. Smith, H. & Co., 20 Hampden. :ST. I.OUJ:S, MO. Bernlmo, Barton & Co., 7 South Main. Catlin, D., 168 North Second Clark &. Overall, 113 W n.shington avenue. Dormitzer, C. & R. & Co., 120 North Second Falk, N. M ., 206 North Second. Friedman, M. & 'Co. S5 North Second. Griswold, Crie & Co., 612 North Fourth. Haynes & Heth, 100 North Commercial. Schroeder, F. H., 100 South Fourth. :sYBA.CliSE, N. Y, Barton, Jos. & Co. THE T.U ON To complete our former reports on the vartous efforts for a reduction of the tax: on tobacco, we gh:e today the following and petition, that the tra;de in general may becorn,e acquainted with all that has been done: REASONS FOR REDUCING THE TAX ON TOBACCO. points in South and West tlw.t tlt.ey be satis-Jion. R. C. ScrrENcK, Chairmctn Committee Ways fled with a tax of twen;ty cenes on che7oing tobacco, but and Means, o.f Representatives-SIR: The under-that a M,qher rate tcould be disastrous to t!Mir signed, on bel1alf of the Convention of Tobacco Manu-TmRD. A higher rate than twenty cent-s will not b e factnrers, held at Cleveland on the 1 'ith and 18th Sep perman ent because of the opposition of manufacturers tember, ult., respectfully submit to your coniideratiou and their fixed conviction that. thelr business cannot the follo1Ving reasons why the tax on chewing tvbacco prosper under a higher rate. Every future Congress should not exceed twenty cents per pound. In offering will be urged to reduce it, and this ever-recurring agi these suggestions to your Committee, we assume that tation will unsettle prices, stagnate business, and de whatever duty is imposed will be prepaid, and that range the revenues of the Government. The tobacco such reforms m the prese .nt system of collection will be trade needs and demands a stated and permanent reve adoptcct as will effectually prevent all evasion of the nue system, just to the Government as well as to the tax, either by manufacturers or by the collusion of the manufacturer, and to which the wants of the country manufacturer and the officers of the Government. We will accommodate and adapt themselves. doubt not that this can be done, and that it will be FouRTH Tw enty (20) cents per pound is double the done by the present Congress. cost of the raw material of much the largest proportion FIRST. A tax of twenty {20) cents per pound will reof pli1CT tobacco made and cousurnei in the United alize a larger revenue tlwn Commissioner lVells esti States."' The present high rates of taxation have driven mates tobacco and its manufactures. should p1oduce, nearly all the best grades of tphacco out of the market, viz.; twentym'illions. For the year ending 30th JuM, andfourfifth softhe ent,ireconsumptionoflumptobacco 1867, 'the revenue from tobacco and cigars was in round consists of the cheap In the of things, numbers nineteen millions of dollars. Our proposition it is impossible to realtze a profit on the manufacture of is that under a twenty-cent tax on chewing tobacco any article in whicli so large a proportion of the market they will produce between twenty and thirty (30) value consists of the tax, which is advanced to the Gov millions. ernment before the sale, and which can neither be less-The only difficulty in establishing this proposition ened nor increased by the superior skill, enterprise, or in ascertaining the annual domestic consumption industry of manufacturer. If the tax be forty maD'Il.facturcd tobacco. But meagre and unsatisfactory cents, and the cost of labor and material sixty cents, as our statistics are, we believe that it can be demon-the chance of profit to the manufacturer would be much strated that the people of the United States consume better than if the cost of labor and material were twenty annually not le11s t itan one hundred miUions pounds of cents. In .the on an investme!lt of cents he tobacco inclndiu" plug fine-cut smokin" and snutt: could reabze hts profits on one-th1rd of the market We the i's' much la;ger, but prefer to I value1 while in the former his profits be on on the safe side. We adopt several distinct and fifths of the market value. So tha:t the htgher the rate ascertained data to reach this conclusion. One of these of tax the less the chance o.f profit to the manufac turer, is to be found in the report of the Commissioner of In-evm though all tobacco paid its tax,. ternal Revenue showirw that there was $65 'i 000 col. FIFTH. Th e present htglt rate of taxatwn hcu greatly lee ted in for the last fiscal year manu increcued the consumption of the unmanufactured arti-1 factured tobacco equal to 1 707 098 pounds. The cle, and this consumption must increase indefinitely un wholc of this tnx :Uust hnvc bg'en on goods less the people are provided _manufactured shipped in bond, and supposing the quantity of tax tobacco. .Tobacco can be and 18 ra1sed m every State paid tobacco that found its way across the Roc) we are sure they will be !nder the reforms reoOBilllelldt'd to the Committee. It is in smokiug tobaceo thst tb.t frauds have been so universal, and if the taxis not put at. such a :figure as to induce the consumption ofthe11DJD3n ufactured leaf as a substitute, there is every reason tv believe that the taxable product of will not fall short of fifty millions pounds. OUr figares would then be as follows: ''iO mills. lbs. chewing, at 20 cents ,._ .fl4,000,000 50 smoking, 15 '1 ,50f},oon It bills. cigars, *6 per 1,000............ Making .............................. t29-,000,000 as ,the probable revenue under the above rates. In conclusion, we trust we shall be pardoned in upon the Committee the importance of taking Bpe8(1, action in reference to the matters above submitted to your consideration as well as to the mode of collecting the tax, We need not inform you thatevel'P.'heretmr business is stagnant and prostrated, and the Gove-rn ment is being daily defrauded out of Jts Many manufacturers are now await1ng the action of Congress to determine whether they wili coutinll!t' ot abandon their busine 11, and in the manufacture ofp.t-.g tobacco especially. lt is of the highest ii:n.portanre tu those engaged in it that Congress should come to-IK definite action as early as is consistent with-ita otl.r duties. We have the honor to be, Most respootfolly, your obedient eervants, J\. II.. Bcacn::R,... J. P. SPJDrCJL W ..lSHINGTON, D. C., February 29, 1868. N. B.We append hereto a copy of a petnion; t"" Congress subscribed by the manufactwws and tf!litoksale dealers of the pri.Dctpal manutacturing poinwof tlt" Union, pra:ying for a tax of eents on and fifteen cents on f!mok:ing' tobacclq, many of them h(;'. lieving that on smoking will produce a revenue than any higher tax, and preferring that r.Jitt>_ These petitions have been presented to a-nd 11ppropriately referred. To the Hon. Senate and .Home of Repre.sentati11e11 : The nnqersigned, manufacturers and wholesale ers of tobacco, respectfully solicit your attention to tile condition of the interests we represent, and t great necessity which exists for a reduction of tax. 'fo avoid repetition, we b e g to refer you to the report of Commi siouer Well with reference to the e;deu;:.i\ e fraud in connnction with tob::.ccc, and the wllit>l.r hc exhibits. We would also solicit your cateful attentioil fQr full and comprehem;ive statement of the dopreS&um, embarrassment, and prospects of the trade, to tlie me morial addressed to your honorable bodies by the l'u"" causes, everywhere abundant. Purchasera were customed and .in view of the exigeoci1i"S of the nat10n, pat the tax w1th more orless ness. The reverse is now true : the i1l greatly H hanced in value ; labor is in excess of the demn.nd; money is scarce, and the values of all commodities b..."" fallen. When we consider the present ability of tht' consumers to payJ we think we arc correct in aaset:ting that it is as difficult to pay forty cents now as t twenty cents per pound will result in an rath,,


1'H E TOBACCO LEAF. twn, 1md bonds, upon the basis of appendix D, to Com .mjssioner Wells' report, and that the tax on all fonns and styles of chewing tobacco, fine-cut, plug, twists, etc., be zeduced to a uniform rate of twenty per pound, and also that the rate on _smokmg be extended to all kinds and of smoking tobacco aud fine-cut shorts. 81. Louis, Mo.-Leggett & Dousman, S. A. Grantham & fu. Lewis N anson & Co., Chnst1an Peper, John l-IeF U, W. F. Dieterichs, Damereon :Brothers & .:m Catlin Brown & Banon, J. B. S. Lemome, }icier & Co., Whtte & E;\rickson, Wm. M. l"'rice, J. W. Booth & Sons, Clatk & Overall, Fisher & Harris, Leggatt Bro. & ButlCJ, Lewt s Brothers & Co R W. Lewis & Brothers, Thmmond & Co., W m. Spear & Co., .J\.1. Friedman & Co Shoryock & Rowland. GlasgOIIJ, .Mo.-l\1organ Feazel & Co Chicago, lll. C. B. Heartt & Co., Mernck, Allen & Co., B. Loewenthal & Co., Hibben & Co. Mich.-K. C. Barker & Co., Eccard & Co Scotten, Lovett & Co., Hanna & Co., Duncan & Hanna, L Rosenfield & Bros., Mowrv & Co Rothschild & B10., P. Henkel. Monroe, Mch,::_J os. & Co. IJctyton, 0/iio,-Graffiin J. P. Wolf & Bro., Munday & Laubach. Toledo OMo.-Bronson & Messinger, Bdl1 Emers on & t'o., Chase, Isherwood & Co., Benson & Woodbury, }fay, Hathaway & Co., Ketchum, Bngham & Co., W o:rts, Nash & Co., Secor, Burdan & Co., .Tames Dority, J. G. Holywarth, Foster, Acklin & Co., Loew enthal & Feiss, F. Bunde & Co. Parkersburg, W. Va. -R.IL Colville, Marlow Brothers. Cincinnati, Ohio. -Spence Brothers & Co., Harris & Co., S. K. Stephens & Co., Thornton, Potter & Co., Joseph Ilow, John J. Gegar, John L Robbins, Schulte & Bagley, Charles Bodmann, Babbitt, Harkness & Co., A. W. R M. Bishop & Co., Henry Burlew & Co., Baker & Co., N. H. Sinclair, F. P. Chalfant, J. A. P. Glore & Bros., Eggert, Dills & Co., Casey & Wayne, :.F .A. Prsgue, P. Fringant & Co., Barber & Stout, Phister & Bre.1 R .Mallay & Bro., J. L. Roberts, H. X ruse, G. Brashears, Son & Co., Wells, Jones & Co., It C. Hunt & Co., Bishop Brothers, Maddux Brothels & Co. W orlhington, Power & Co., Hanks & Crawford, ohn T. Johnson & Son, Henry Besuden & Bro., Hafer, Holmes & Co. Covington, Ky.-J. T. Sullivan & Co., W. J. Rich, John Gates & Co., B. Musselman, W. G. ll[orris,.T. C. Dugan, James N. Snider, W. W. Allnutt, L 0. Prather, W. P. McLaughlin, W. F. A. Moore, .\Iursh & Peacher, Gedge & Co., J. Harklcrodes, Moore & Senour, Thos. Dempsey, S. F. Creighton, T. T. Mann. Louisville, Ky.-l\fus8elman & Co., A. L. & G. Robmon, J. S. Willett & Co., A. J. Musselman, John Finzer & Brothers, Wm. E. Lancaster & Co., James Clark, Spratt & Co., H. Wirgman, D. Spalding & Sons, W. B. }ii. ash & Ronald & Bro., Glover, White & Co., Fr.meke & Jl;ller, Murrell & Weller, C. G. Tachan & --<::o., M. Leopold & Uo., George W. W1cks & Co., Edward Holbrook, E G. Wigginton & Co., ,V, B. 1.1:mghrldge, Hoyt, Flagg & Co. Richmond, Va. Wm. H. Grant, J. B. Pace & Co., Turpin & Yarbrough, }ary & Brothers, J. B. Royster & Co., Jos. G. D1ll, Pemberton & Grspevillc, Thomas & Oliver, Jno. K. Chlldrey, R. A. Mayo, P. H. Mayo & Brother.!. C. J. Baldwin, Neudecker Brothers, L H. Frayser & l'o., E. J., Turpin, Thos. J. Hardgrove, Lawrence Lottier & Co .Alex. Cameron & Co., Greaner & Wmne, Samuel :U. Bailey, Jas. H. Grant. Cleveland, & Oo., Babcock, Hurd & Co., W. A F1sher & Co., McMillan & Co., W edeman, Tiedmann & Kent, Sholter, Paul & Uo., II. L. Rosenfield, L. F. & S. BurOn their part to submit to the filling out of their penruts, or bonds, by the Assessors, who charge tor the same the sum of three dollars, and frequently three dollars and a half. I thought that this was very onerous upon some of t:'he small manufacturers, and believed that such an 1mposition was the mere personal act of the &sessors, and Jn Wlllch they were not justified by the Department at W a.shiogton, as it must be admitted it w.::.s very m1j ust -towardll the poor man. To satisfy myself upon this point, I directed a letter upon the subject to Uommis Rollins, and received in reply the inclosed letter, -which I truat 7ou will publish for the benefit of the traie, and wh1ch will show that the Assessors are comto furnish blanks to all who may make ap1ilication for the same, and which can be filled up by whom they may elect. 'l'rulltlng that you may give this and the letter of -co.miuioner Rollins a place in }'I)Ur valuable journal, I am, respectfully yours, WM. McCAFFIL, Yew York, May 7, 1S68. No. 51 Bowery. COJOliSSIONER ROLLINS' REPLY. --'i'B&u"OBY DBPABTXENT, 0PFICE OB' lNT REVENUE, [ W ashmgton, April 16t.h, 1S68. f DOBESTIC. NEW fORK, May U. Western IAOf.-In our l)ast few issues w9 have noted a more hopeful feehng iu this department, without much increase in transactiOns. Dur ing the past week, however, there has been decided activrty, with of fully 2,000 hhds., or about as much as during the entire pr_9ccding month. The busi ness bas been well distributed between Regie and other shippers, the home trade and Lugs arc one cent h1ghei, and all grades tend upward. The beliefin a short crop appeats to gain ground, notw1thstandmg continued libm al 1 cceipts, and the llrospccts of the next planting, which have hitherto been the principal check on the buoyaney of the market, are not nearly so favotable as they have been. Owmg to unseasonably cold ancl wet weather at the West, as here, fa1 me1 s have been much impeded w1th theu wo1k, and the planting which promised to be unusually early, now threatens to be the reverse. There is still abundant time for this, however, and it is only the serious conse quences of a second fmlure whiCh 0110s importance tQ the delay. SeecZ Leaf.-We have to note quit<) an improvement in busine ss during the week, with a. decidedly hopeful feeling. We quote 100 cases Connecticut on prnate terms; 105 cases State at 7tc.@l0c.; 76 cases new Ohio on pnvate tmms; 250 cases Oh10, State and other fillers at 4!c.@5c.; 150 cases fillers and binders on private terms; 27 cases State at 1 3c. ; 12 cases new Ohio on private terms. Spanish.-There IS only a fmr business doing in Spanish, although prices are very fi1m m Havana, and there is not much coming on. We quote 103 bales Havana at 98c.@*l 06t, With respect. to the sugges tion of one of our leading dealers in Spanish tobacco in reference to a League of dealers for purposes of self protectiOn and to enable tl.:e Govemment to securt; a more faithful and effectual collection of the tanff, we are glad to state that the idea is daily gaining m favor1 and that if the proper personal efforts are 11ow made by those interested, an o1ganization will probably result which will la1gely mcrease the .Public revenue from Spanish tobacco, as well as greatfy swell the returns of those engaged in handling it. The great difficulty seems to be in finding an individual of sufficient public spirit, and of enough faith in the ultimate bene fit which wJll accrue personally to himself, to devote a portiOn of his time to canvassmg among the trade and to talking the matter up. W c do not tf1ink it would be a very difficult t'ask to ize such an Association as the one proposed. Say 1t is composed of only ten or fifteen leading men, who are determined to do all m their power to stop the cheat mg and to compel an honest obedience to legal de mands: ten men wo1 king with a will can accomplish miracles, and there must be at least ten honest dealers in Spanish tobacco who will make this effort in behalf not only of the general good, but of their own pockets. Mantifactured.-Tbe transactiOns m manufactured tobacco last week were extremely Hght. The inclement weather doubtless had somethina to do with this result, but the whiCh lie back o' this are the gen eral stagnation wh1eb, notWJthstanding the advance of the season, appears to stlll patalyze the trade. There were some Boston men m town, butthc sales probably did not amount to I)10re than 500 One of the bad features of the market at present IS that manufac turers are wnting here from V1rgmia to say that they prefer to sell their goods tax-pa1d. Of coutse, if they arc really tax-paid no one can find fault, but if the man ufacturers m question mean by tax-paid what is under stood in Brooklyn and other localities-tax-paid in name, but in realitv smuggled out of the in violation of law ai1d through collusion with the in spector-we can assure them that there IS already a sufficient quanttty of that class of goods upon the mar ket. We trust we are judging uncharitably of these gentlemen. but thell' proposition just at this time certainly wears a peculiar look. The tax is high, sales are very slow, and still they a1e they mean to pay the income hone stlv-to lose the of so much of their capital in unnece$1larily paym geth tax at home instead of s hipping thc11 r theds in bond, as bas heretofore been rgoocustom. terms. Wh1le our regular merchants-men of v.robtty ports the week ending 12, include the followand standiog, whose business are the result mg cons1o-nments: of long years of' reatitude and perseverance in wellF10m f.IVerpool: Ordet, 252 cs. liquorice paste. doing-are standing idle, the)' see their less honest F10m Bremen: H. Batjer & Bros 3 cs. pipe neighbors growing rich, and their own respect for, and Hambwg: B Bayer, 2 pkgs. pipes. obedience to, the laws, made, by a lawless and infamous ]1 rom Hottcrdam : Dun were & Co., 1 bl. tobacco ; body, the instruments of theu own commer-A. A._ Schocbart, 1. pkg. do. ; J. H. Bergmann, 1,400 Clal rum. bxs p1pes ; H. BatJer & B10s., 450 do. Korne-We oopy the following from the New Y01k Tubvne mann & Co., 400 do.; Fisher & Rishernaus, 30 do. rhe StOl y the three. factories in Brooklyn that From Cardenas A. w eillet, 3,000 have a capactty for turnmg out 20,000 pounds per From Havana: F Miranda 104 bls tobacco W day," has alrcadr been in the IVmld. "\Vc Eggert, 40 do.; VICtor Pmg, '161 do.;. Atl!\ntic '!tfaii heartily agtec tb.e"Tr-tbune, b?we_ver, m all says Steamslup Co., 229 do.; Godeffroy, Brancker & Co., about the necessity of a reorgamzat10n of our whole 72 do. and 25 l'S. ciO'a1s Kunl1a 1dt & Co 154 bls Intemal Re.nnue Dep:utment": "A Brooklyn cOI_restobacco and 50 cs. A. A. J 1 mmer, 2'' do ; pondent us that the only effectual remedy agamst Bal'l'y & Kling, 9 do.; Scbepeler & Co, 3 do. ; Aymar tbecumve!sal frauds on the re, cnue by t\)bacco mann1 & Co., 1 do.; Baron G. De Wellerstedt, 1 do.; Pnrd facturers IS to Icqmre of tobacco put on & N !Cholas, 6 do.; Acker, J'iiorrall & Co., 2 do. ; Par{ sale t'glers dishonest inspectors and 2 hbds., $771, and 205 bls., $<>,041. revenue thieves. no doubt the stamp s)-stem lfexico: 20 bls., $440. would be more efficient for collecting tevenue 011 beth N e_w. 463 l,bs. mfd, 116. tobacco and spirituous hquois. But, m addition to the ChuM mfil., $1,834. stamp system, there are needed a reorganization of our San Francisco 6 hhds, 69 cs., and pkgs. wh?le Internal Revenue Department; a vigilant prose-To European ports for the week endmg May 12: cnt10n of all offenders, a removal of all slow, dishonest, London 16 hbds., 12 tcs., and 10 cs. or inefficient assessors, inspectors, and collectors, and Liverpool. 50 hhds., 10 tcs., 10 cs., 70 three-q1. bxs the appointment of new men after examination by and 4 cs. cigars. a Board ofEuminers. 1\loreover, 1tis not improbable Glasgow: 12 es. that some plan of holding officers pecuniarily respon-Bremen: 80 hhds., 96 cs., 240 bls ., and 150 hhds. sible for the loss of revenues may have the eftect to stems. secure that vigilante in the collection of the whwh Hamburg 92 hhds., 20 hf-tcs. 155 bls., and 121 Cil. is needed. If every other piau fail, it would be cheaper cigars. and better to farm out the whisky and tobacco Antwerp: 21 hhcls. revenues to the highest bidder, at public auction, and Genoa: 10 hbds. let them be collected on speculation, than to leave them Malta: 7 cs. as they b.:ne heretofore been, almost wholly uncol-Palermo: 18 hhds. and 2 bxs. samples. lected." Havre: 2 cs. Clgats. Smoking.-There was cons1detable activity in the Sbanghae: 20 cs. demand for smoking tobacco last week, and there were DOMESTIC JtECEIPTS, transactions in almos t all the principal grades. Uheap Interior and coastwise arrivals for the week ending goods were especially called for. We note the 'presJHarch 12 have been 2,230 hbds., 87 t cs ., 405 cs., 59 ence of several Western buyers, as also the receipt of bbls, 11 b_ls, 98 bxs,, 68 one-third bxs., 3,602 pkgs., lar.,.e orders. and 5 cs. cigars, consined as follows: G'igars.We have. nothin"' new to add to our recent By Ene Railroad: Drew & Crockett, 33 hhds. leaf; repo1 ts, there bemg but little activity in the various Blakemore, Parker & Co, 210; Fielding, Gwynn & grades of goods. Co., 56; Murrell & Co., SO; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., Liquorice.-Liquori' Gwynn $1, a_nd 50 cs. cigars at 40s ; to Antwerp, 30 hhds. & Co., 28 hhds.; B. C. Baker, Son & Co., 10' Order on private terms 70 k s. We would call attention to our quotatwns which we Jfy ew Hayen Ratlroad: Whittam, Haney & Co keep constantly revised, and endeavor to ma'ke them a 23 bbls. smoking; A. BtJUI, 6 cs. leaf; Henry Harris, true 1 eli ex of the conditwn of the market. If our 1 box cut; J. H. Hendrickson (Red Bank, N. J. ), 1 cs readers have not notwcd many changes recently, rt Js mgars; A. VanDusen, 2 do; I:l:. Avery (Freehold, N. only becaus e the1c have been none to make the un-J.), 1 do.; W. Hathaway {Branchport, N. J.), 1 do. precedented dulness of the trade since last 'autumn By New York and Hartfo1 d Line of Steamboats : J. makmg quotatiOns almost stereotyped. As trade IS Bijur, 19 cs.; S. Casp10wicz, 1 ; Palmer & Scoville, 12; now opemng, however, we shall pay especial attention Cohen & Block, 56; M. Metzger, 2; C. C. Mengel, 1; to this department, and our pat1ons may rely npon 1ts W. H. Jacobus, 6; B. & D. Benrrmo, 3 general accuracy. By New York and New Haven Lme of Steamboats: oF WHOLESALE PRICES C. C. Mengel, 1 cs. ; J. B. Cote, !8; Schroder & Bon [Tho follow!ngquotottonsrepreoentprleeofsWpplnglotefromllrsthand 34; lf H. Levin, 3; Seligsb;:r Cohen & Co .. l!4; Hlg)ler rates ore demanded and paid for toblocco owtob1e for home manuracF & C 4 B t E turers 1 o., ; -<>. ggert, 41; J. L. Gans, -IJght !eat. Currency Fmen -4 @ 5;; l'; M. W esthmmer & Uo., 10 ; Ft ank Beuttenmucllcr g:;ronl.jg""",' s @10 & Co., 34; Wm. :M. Price & Co, 7. Common leaf 9 @10 Hpe,. (ctuty pllldJ 2 oo @3 50 By New York and Bridgeport Line of Steamboats: leaf .. g H:;:::: 15 S. :Marsh, 22 cs ; F. H. Snyder, 22 bbls. 1 1 9 7 do @ 92 By Peoples' Line of Steam boats: W. Hoofer, 11 cs. .,... -a ...,ac,ur.d -'l'&x40cperpound W -.f p "-Co Do Heavy leaf "'BOIID 5'o, 7 .. 10' and 12' m. nee '"' ., 2. Coastwise fiom RIChmond and Norfolk: Chas. B. Common leaf 111 @lli lledlam flO Fallen stem & Son, 5 hbds; Fatman & Co 39; J. H. .. ::. 10 @16 F. Mayo, 6; R L. Burwell,5; Cbas. Lulmg, IS; R. : Bxtra11De 55 @00 Hagadorn, 30; T. H. Royal, 10, B. F. Lyall, 5; Chas. Vorginiugl'd 1g :8 per lll \ 45 00 @1'0 oe zest & Co., 1 ; Bryan, Watts & Co 2 Kremelbe:l & ClearHnana do .. -e_ C L. Yellow do l'allcy iiO do ConD. t!eed WI oo @40 eo o., 27 ; W. Gunther & Co., 4 ; 'l'h. H. Vetter ein Jlarylan4 F''ot'd to tom do do Secondo flO 00 @#II 00 & S bl F W B k mon .. 3}0@ CJi' N y Seed Cona on, 5 s.; ec & Co., 37 pkgs.; M. co'fo""' U'l '\lo do. g: 8; S. Shook, 44; Gad, Ax & Kuchler, 9; Lichtenstein llecllu 7@ IIi Ohio do do do ta 00@;; eo & Co., 19 lne browa @1& Coo F'Wer &Dd St. From Philadelphia, by Now York and Philadelhhia @Ill wrapper 18 00 CliO 00 E p Upper OoltDtrr 8 Ill Common Clrn, o oo oo xpress ropcllcr Line: Strohn & Reitzenstein 6 Is. 4 @IB ... Sl.zeo 7 oo o oo L. Benedict, 5 bbls.; J. Hoyt & Co., 9 and 1 'cs. A 15 @'II .. = tl Oatman, 1; Wm. P, Kittredge, 5; Vigelius & Sey-Fillero do 5 @ s ao line plain __ @---86 mour, 22; Clement Kead, 8 cs. mfil. ; Dohan Carroll & Floe toe!eetlono, 18811 liO @4115 Scot.cll .t LlllliiJfool 85 @---110 C 6 S th rd b Good do iiO @!II Common 0---65 o., one1 xs., .. rs BALTIMORE, May I.-Messrs. C. LoosE & Uo. liO a H .t =l Commission merchants and dealers in leaf tobacco, Fair topriJDe 15 "G C" lb ..,port: .. WallieBx"fOO' u ce :f I=@--@ lot .. 1 : 1g "F. a .. -@ Maryland leaf is coming in more freely, and finds Wrappero, new 16 "G & F 400 Ill --= rtady sale to sh1ppers at full pnces. Ohio leaf conRunntng lola 10 @18 "JO&Co" 400 n 1' Filler 4 @ 5 "MF&RR" 250 .. .i3i l-:l tmues m 1ght receipt, with sales of 250 hhds., t:lken &ed-Lif-ao @811 :: 3= =: for Bremen and France within the previous range of Fau to Prime .. 10 @25 "F G c" 250 .. .23i @--@ priees. In Kentucky we have only small sales to note lots 31 : ;; 3= and prices are held firm. Inspections this week OMo &.d Loqt:-Selee::cc @---=: prised 1,096 hlids. Maryland {14 rem!pccted) 243 Ohio .. : "B' 0 F.. ;:a 3= -o 35 and 6 Virgmia-total, 1,aso hhds: Runnln11 Iota .. 7 @Iii "P 11:s" Sticka :*'i @-=3 Cleared this week, 324 hhds. Maryland out of ware-IliU'ORTS. houses,_ 307 hh.ds. Virginia, 115 do. stems, and 2 do. scrjlis m transttu. Arrivals at ihe po11 of New York "'rom ... ore1'gn 1 .:1 F d .. aryran .. : roste to common, 8c.@ic.; sound common, 4-}c.@5e.; sood do 5tc.@6;tc. mJ MlSSOUrl .... Total hhds .. 1,380 5,833 7,213 10,42 9 EXPORTS CO!U!ENCING JA.'\ 1, 1868, AND S.UlE TilliE 1S6'i. B W7lere to u .. Week Pmaou.rv To#l. Bam t!mel867. remen... 324 1,158 1,482 2,967 Amsterdam .. 620 629 Rotterdam. ... I ,899 1,899 England . 176 176 West Indies 11 65 7 6 Other Po1ts 33 33 6,005 535 22 5 Total hlrds 335 3 959 4 294 9 534 L --'' m b .LO acco.-To Bremen, per steamer B erli,t, 631 l1bds.; 115 do. do stems, 2 do. do. scwps; 90 bales do. To Demerara, per bark lit. Lau;... renee, 10 hhds. To Halifax, per Bntish schooner Clws l do. do. Tobacco in warehouses Jannary 1, 1868, 8,506; mspected th1s week, I,3SO; do. previously, 5,833. Total, 15,719. Cleared for forcion porta 4 267 d "' an remspected, 451 ; totat, 4, 718, Stock today m and on shipboard 11,001. Tobacco remams unchanged. Sales pnces nommal as before :Vif'ginia Pound$: Fine bl'lg?t, 10; good br1gl1t sound, 80c.@90c ; medmm bnght sound, 75c.@80c.; common sound 60c,@73c.; other qualities out of condition, rar1ge 35c.@50c.; black sweet half-pounds sound 62c.@67c and as to condition, dow!! to 35c. common to best, 45r.@65c.; half lbs., common to best (dark), 50c.@65c. ; do. do. (bright), 75o.@90c.; pounds, common to good, 60c.@80c. ; extra. fine, 85c.@90c. Navy.Pounds and halts 55c.@68c. Importations.-Coastwise: 167 l1hds., Bro8. Bomn ger; 90 do., B. M. Hodges, Jr. 67 pk"'s Gail & Ax 4S & Co.; ai do.,!. Heald & Co ; 5 do, D1gges & "\Vmn. May. 9.-Inleaf (we intend to stereotype t?Is phrase) of consequence has been done du nng the past 'Yeek. lfanufactured IS quiet, with a demand trom the trade Wlthin range of previous prices. The long-expected "opcnin. 15 hhds. and 5 bxs. new West Va.-3 at $510 @*5 so, l at $8 80, 2 at $10 50@$11 50, 3 at $12 7W@ $13 25, l at $14 50, 4 at ti5 25@$15 75, 1 at $21 25. 5 boxes-2 at $6 80@$9 95, 1 at $12 25 1 at ti3 50 1 at $15. At .the Kenton warehouse, J. T. Sullivan & Co., propnetors, 270 hhds. and 11 bxs., viz.: 173 hhds. Southern Ky. and Tenn.-13 at $410@$4 SO 7 at $5 24 at $5-l@$6, 18 at $6 15@$6-!,11 at $6 40@$S!, 23at$6 60@$7, 21 at $7i@i7t, 10 at $7 60@$7 so, 10 at $7 90@ $8, 22 at est@t9, 10 at ill@$15, 4 at $28 tao $88 and $46. 10 hhds. Missouri-5 at $6 55@$7 io, $10@ $10f, 3 at *12@$12f. 15 pkgs. Eastern Virginia-2 at 810@$Iot, 4 at 2 at *IS!@$19:1, 4 at *20@ t22, 3 at $2Si, $21t, $30. 43 hhds. Owen & Co.-4 at $6 10@$71;, 8 at $S@$S:l, 3 at tiD, 5 at tlO@tllt, 7 at $12@$13,5 at $l4@ii5, 6 at *16@$18 5 at *19@$24! 19 pkgs. Western Vuginia-4 at 8st@t,a at *8@*9, 6 at il0@$12, 3 at t14@.15, 3 at $18@$20! 1 at sot 22 hhds. Bracken Co., Ky.-6 at *8@tn, 5 at t12@ *13, 4 at ti4@$lli, 3 at 816@tiBt 2 at ti9@t20! 2 at 82I@$24t. .' During the month of April, nine hundred and fifty hogsheads and thirty-six bOxes of tobacco were sold at the Kenton warehouse. G_J.LVESTON, May 2,-0perstions in manufactured dunng the past week have been limited The stock offering is large, and coDBists chiefly or' fine grades. Receipts for the :week amount to about 200 paekages. We quot':: chmcc V a., 95c..@$1 25; fine do., 75c.@ 95c.; medmm do 65c.@75c. The market is bare of Navy, Western, 65c.@75c.; smoking, c O!Ce, .,1@ .. 1 25; fine, 65c.@*l; medium, 4lic.@65c.; common, 25c.@45c.; solace, *11 50@tl2; Sunnyaide, tn 50@tl2; Garrett's sQntr, t4 65@t4 85. LOITISfiLLE, Ky., May 8,-Messl'!l. & ELLER, tobacco .commission merchants, report: The market smce our last has been Tery excited un der a strong demand from shippers and manufacturers from the East and West, and prices advanced tc.@ 1 c. on lugs, and on all grades ofleaf. and closed very firm at this advance. Sales for the -v:eek amount to hhds., with 87 rejections. Receipts continue tl_) arnve freely, and show some better

The total sales and the value of the tobacco sold during the month of April are: Pickett house, 1,373 hhds., amounting to ,496 15; Ninth street Warehouse, 96S hhds., amounting to ,293 13; 13oone-street Warehouse, 816 hhds., amounting to $8 9,022 10; Louisville Warehouse, 1,283 hhds., amounting to *155,458 41 ; total, 4,440 hhds., amount ing to $51S,269 79. Total sales including reviews s in ce November 1, 1867, 15,730 hhds. LVNtUIIJU, May I.-Messrs. Yo1:so&R & Co., tobacco commission merchants, report: Received tor this week, 231 hhds ISO l1hds. last week, an increase of 51 nhd s Received the same tune, 1,226 parcels of loose tobacco, weightog 36'7,800 lbs., being an increase over last w ee k of'T7.700 lbe. 'The market has remained active, and prices are firm without change. We find a large quantity of tobacco in s&ft order, which has a tendency to deprices. W c continue our former quotations. MeiDll.lL, MAJ I.-Reported by :Mess rs. BATH G.ATE & B:ao. for the ToBAcco LEu. Our market shows more animation this week, and so me stg ns of a sprmg trade are at l ength observable. Sales of Canadian manufactured tens have been considerable, though at a very low figure, one lot of 150 boxes chang ing hands at 22c. Fme tens of Montreal manufacture are in good demand, and selling at 16c.@l7ie. in bond. The change indicated in the Canadio.n Excise .duty on common and tim cut, given in our last week's report, bas not taken place, and there is now little probability of its doing w American black and freight goods have been in g:ood demand, and a large amount ,of business has been done, at prices, however, whwh are 110t very sll.ti!lfhetory. We note saleA of one lot of black tens at 2oc., duty paid, and a lot of bright tlbs. at 36c. Orders from the country have come in freely, a.nd there is now some prospect of a constderable re duction of the stock acctunulated during the winter. We quote black t selling at 27tc.@32ie., duty paid; Navy, 29c.@32tc. ; bnght ts, 32tc.@40 c.; bnght 9-inch >;oft pressed, 55c.@60c.; fine bright pounds, 50c.@60c. No transa.etion in leaf of any extent ha s come under our notice. A lot of' 250 hbds. of l\Iissouri lugs is oftered at 6c., but buyers are not so eag er, now that the duty question is settled. A sale of 60 bales in ferior Turkish on private terms is the only item worthy of mention. THE TOBACCO A. & Co., 9 and 27 caddies; J. W. Booth & Sons, 12 hhds. and 1 csk.; R. C. Turner, 5 hhds. and 1 box; Hedges, 2 bxs. ; L. J. 8 pkgs. ; J. M. Anderson & Co., 10 bxs.; Wh1te & Co., 2 pkgs.; Agent 0. & M. R. R., 25 kegs; Glaser & Co., 2 bxs. ; Moody, Michel & Co., 94 caddies and 10 bxs.; Lewis & Clark, 20 caddies ; Senter, Collier & Rankin, 1 box and 1 tub; J. Tiemeyer, 1 box; Mulligan & Co., 2 pkg&. c1gars. By Pacific Railroad : ,V. C. Woodson & Son, 4 hhds. ; J. P. & C. W. Keiser, 3; Wells & B1o., 1 ; S. Peltz & Co 2 ; Ch1les, Basset & Co 3 J W. Booth & Sons, 2; Brown & Barron, 14 hhds., 6 hf. hhds., 3 tubs, and 3 bxs.; D. A January & Co., 2 hhds. and 1 box; Sterling Price & Co., 6 hhds. and 2 bxs. ; Thomas Rhodus & Co., 2 hhds 1 tub and 1 box; Plant Bros., Platt & Co., 2 hhds ancl 1 tub; Lewi s N anson & Co., 1 box: l\f. D. Heltzel! & Co., 1 box; Moody, Michel & Co., 1 box and 1 csk. ; Craig Alexa nder 1 csk. ; Brinkmann & Co., 52 caddies; D. Dillen berg, 16 do. By North Misso uri Railroad; J. W. Booth & Son, 6 hhds.; LeWis, N anson & Co., 10; N anson, Dameron & Co, 10 ; Chiles, Basset & Co., 4 ; Sterling Price & Co., 3; Baker, Young & Co., 1; J. S. Mackay, 43 ; E. l\1. Samuel & Son, 4 ; H. H. McCabe & Co., 4; S. A. Grantham & Co., 3 ; Dameron & Co 4 ; S. Peltz & Co., 2 ; W. C. Woodson & Son, 2 ; Whittaker, Vir den & Gray, 6 and 1 box. By St. Louis, Alton and Terre Haute Jtailroad : S. A. Grantham & Co, 16 hhd s.; G. J. llclmriQhs, 45 bxs.; M. Friedman& Co., 25 bls.; L. J. Clark, 12 kegs; J. .'l.. Buchanan, 10 do. By Ohio and Mississippi Railroad : Basset & Co., 3 hhds.; ,J. W Booth & Son, 1 ; .]. A. Jackson & Co., 10 bxs. snuff. By St. Louis and Iron Mountain Ratlroad ; Bnskett & Hanna, 3 hhds. and 1 box. By Chicago, Alton and St. Louis Railroad: D. Catlin, 4 hhd s.; J. G. Cozzens, 8 cs. cigars. Both shippers and manufacturers have been in t he market everv day, and price s have ruled pretty steady, but the preponderance of medium qualit1es bas caused these grades to go off a httle low e r than our last q not a tiOn ; while on the other hand bright leaf ha s be en scarce and very firm, nnd common lugs have sold w e ll. All hand s are somewhat disappointed in the character of the tobacco of the last crop co ming forward, there being much less bright. leaf than was expected. Sa l es from Thursday to Tuesday, inclus1ve, amounted to 214 hbd s., and b1ds were rejected on 86 hhds. and 4 bxs., as follow s Thursda1-Sales 28 hhd s.: 5 at $5 30@$5 80, 5 at $6 @i7 90, 5. at $8 20@$9 90, 7 at $10 25@$12 75, 5 at 813 50@13 75, and 1 at *45-and 9 bxs.: 7 at $3 40@ $9 70, 1 $1:J 25, and 1 at $40 per 100 lbs. Bids on 1 6 hhd s at $5 90@$45 75, and 2 bx s at $3@i18 w ere rejected. Fnday-Sales GO hhds 3 at *2@$2 051 2 at $5 50 @$5 60, 13 at $6@$7 60, 14 at as 10@$9 so, 21 at $10 @*12 25, 5 at *13@$16 50, and 2 at a21 50@.28 25-and 5 bxs.; 2 at .5@$7 70.2 at an 75@812, and 1 at ass 25. Btds on 15 hhds. at *6@$20 25 per 100 lbs. were rejected. BADITRG, April 21,-There continues to be noth ing doing in North American tobaccos. In Brazil the demand for Cachoeira remains animated, and 1,716 bls. per &lara, consisting of 315 patente fine, 390 patente, 588 prima, 384 secunda, and 39 Rej'ugos have been sold at 4tb., and 1,347 bls. do. ex.-Gylfe on the spot, consisting of 34 pa.Unte fin e 479 pmente, 382 prima, 366 BOOI.tnda, 54 tertia, and 34 Re:.fugos at 4 11-16b. St. Felix has been comparatively neglected. LONDON, April 2S,-IIessrs. Wv. BRANDT's Son & Co., by special repert to TuB ToBACc o LEAl', say: The tobacco market here continues very firm, but the business this week in American has been entirely con fined to the sales of Western strips, of which about 200 hhds. changed handS; varying m price from 5!d.@ 10td. per lb. Tnere is a good, fair demand, but no ad vance m prices as yet. In leaf there is nothing what ever doing. Substitutes have been taken pretty freely. The arrivals compnse the Eliada from Baltunvre w1th 65 hhds., and the Cella (s) from New York "nth 89 hhds. tobacco. LlfERPODL, J.prll 25,-Messrs. Wx. SoNs & Co. report: There has been a good inquiry for good useful West e m strips, value between 7d.@l0d. per lb.; but on e ith e r side of these figures there is but little demand, althou$h in all instances full prices haYe been paid. Of Virgmta strips the stock is light and the demand is lim ited. Virgima and Western leaf continues compara tively neglected. Substitutes are dull of sale. Cavendish there is rather a better dcUland, and more busme ss bas been done, chiefly in the common kinds. The arrivals ot American tobacco include the Palmyra, with 15 hhds., the Isaac Webb wit,h S4 hhds., the Denmark (s) with 1 hhd. and 2 tcs., and the Edith with 16 hhds., all from New York. MJ.NILL!, March '-We have nothing new to chronicle in the tobacco market during the past month. The Olano has just cleared for London with 8,000 quintals, which will be sold on account of the Regie. Cigars arc and the government is OCCUJ?ied in the task of endeavonng to better the workmansh1p. M!T!NZJ.S, May 1,-Thc market is well supplied with manufactured, but there still continues to be only a moderate inquirv. Sales of 127 bxs., fine brands, at t31 per quintal, and 72 bx.s. common grades, at $24 per qtl., on three months. ROTTERD\M, !prll 21,-The market for North American tobacco has been dnlL during the past week, and we ha'ic no transactions to record; 422 cs. seed leaf, to arrive per Jolwnrut, via Antwerp, were offered in the market to-day, but without finding purchasers as yet; 2'76 bls. Brazil, St. Felix, have been. imported, via AntwCI p, and 25 cs. Cavendish, pe1; Ida from N o.rfolk; also received from Java, per Alhambra, 139 bls. Java, head-mark S., and 85 bls. do., S. S. BIJSINESS tDUGES. York Gity.-Vigelius & Seymour, tobacco; dissolved; now Wm. F. Vigelilll and C. F. Seymour, each on his own account. .Springfield, .Mass.Dean & Whitcomb, tobacco; dissolved ; now J os. Whitcomb W07eester, .Mass.-S. and C. Baker & Co., cigars; Exports of Tobacco from the Port of New York. BOGIIJIBADS, BTC, CASKS AND BALES. PACKAGES AND BOXES llANUFACTmCBD ... To Foreign Ports other than European Ports. ..: Africa ................. .' 4 :=-:...... ........ 33018 Argentine Repub.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 7 .. .. .. .. .. G .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .......... : .. Braztl .. . .. ....... \.".. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 5 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. !&,flli'T Brit. A'!atralia..... ""; .... : .. .. .. 15 ............. 16 .. .. 1,011 221,356 221,351 Brit. Gumea. .. 3 3 46 .. ... .. 65 .. .. .. .. l,U3 l,Ull !,:WI Brit. Honduras .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 9 .. 1.4H Br1t N .A Col .. lHl .. .. 0 ... :. :: ::: :: : :: ::::: :::::::: 110,627 Brit. W. Indies 20 20 104 2 2 274 7 8111 819 Canada .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 35 36 326 .. .. .. .. ............... .... .. Central America. .. .. . .. 12 .. .. .. . .. . .. .. .. ..... ...... .. Cluli.. .. .. .. ..... .. .. .. .. 229 .............. 1 ............................. China. .. .. .. .. .. ... ....... 100 .............. .... !1,878 11,878 2lUi7() Ctsplatine Repub..... .. .. .. .. 4 .. . ................................. ........ 10 Cuba........ .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 19 19 42 .. .. .. .. .. .. 9 S,1B7 3,1S7 Danish W. Indies .. .. .. .. . II 3 3 !16 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 5,n6T Dutch W IndieS .. .. .. .. .. 2 2 2 93 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. lll!,4M French W. IndieS.. .. .. .. .. 110 .. . .. 66 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .......... Hayti..... .. .. .. .. .. 2 2 39 ll05 205 2,938 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 21! Japan ................................................................................................... .. Liberia .................................................................................................. llexlco .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 20 20 40 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 3,411' New Granada .................. .. .. 1 .. ....... .. .. .. 1,164 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 463 463 : ::: :::.::: '""4' ""'4' ""'s' ::::::: :::::: :::::::::::.:: :::::: ::::::::::::::: ... Vellezuela. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 7 .. .. .. .. .. .. 183 ............ .................. ., .. 7, &t Other ports .. ........... .... 281 .. .... ..... ...... .. .... .. ... ....... ........ J,'i!lr-TouL ---------------1--:----36 3G I 890 284 284 5,730 . . 1,027 232,8911 232,8" 1,66f.li07 To European Ports. ------------------------r-------1---+-.. .. .. .. .. 21 4 8 694 .. .. .. .. .. .. 1,423 .. .. .. .. .. .. ......... Barcelona.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. G25 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. -Bremen . 230 302 2, 988 836 553 6, lii6 20 28 ...... Cad1z .. .. 1,235 4 8 ...... Genoa .. .. .. 10 10 41 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Gibraltar . 40 993 188 1,222 41 ..... 10,8-llt .w 9:>'1 Glasgow .. 1 ll 12 12 129 1 182 ... .. .. ...... Hamburg........ .. .. .. 102 102 194 155 235 2,267 .. .. .. .. ... 172 .. .. .. .. .. .. 4t,2M ........ 18' :.::::: .:::::: "'"'3' ::::::: :::::::: ... Lisbon .. . .. .. . 302 .. .. .. ........... 1 1.. .. .. .. 2 4.'13 Liverpool ........... .. .. 60 6 208 1 8611 92 10 10 3116 70 'iO 414 .. ... .. .. .. London................... 28' 10 10 691 .. .. .. .. .. .. 3110 .. .. .. .. 449,91& Malta .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 161 7 7 6'1 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. Marseilles. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. lOIS .. .. .. .. .. .. 11 .. .. .. .. .. .. 153 .. .. .. .. .. 11,558 Naplea.. ... .... .... .. .. .. 299 .............................................. Palermo ............ .... 18 18 3 0 ....... ...... ....... 2 2 2 ....... ::::::: ::::: :: Rotterdom . . . . . . 162 . . . 100 25 ... : .. : ... ::::: .. :: :.:::: ::::: 662 ::::::: :::::--:::::::: ::::: :.:.: ..... ,. ::::::: :::::::: Other porls. . . . 2 .. .. . U1 14,0:!> ---f--1--------------:-:--::---1----''--TOT.\L,............ 469 1109 11,697 1190 1,016 12,624 '12 93 I 1,666 10,341 815,2-lO Exports of Tobacco from all Ports of the United StateS'. HOGSHEADS, BTC CASES AND PACKAGES Ali'D NEW ORLEUS, May 6,-The market for leaf during the past week has not improved on the modrate state of activity noticed in our last as prevailing at the close of the week previous. This is accounted for by the high views of holders, which are much in excess of those of buyers, and the former show no willingness to make the slightest concessions in order to facilitate the latter, on the contrary, seem disposed to wait until the receipts, whwh are coming in vet y freely now, increase the stock on hand, and thereby force holders to lower their pretension s The inquiry is good, especially on the part of buyers for. export. The market closes firm and the transactiOns which have taken place have been within range of previous quota,. The-sales of the week have been: 22 hhds., at 13c., round; 2 hhds., at 20c.; 1 hhd., at 7-!c.; 1 hbd., at 14c.; 5 hhds., at -, and 60 hhds., in lots, at irom 10c.@16c. Arrived since the 28th nlt., 963 hhds. Cleared since the 28th ult., none. Stock in warehouses ll 'nd on shipboard not cleared on the 5th inst., 3,530 hbds. Imported from : E. Troesgros, 55 bls. tobacco and 2 bxs. cigars. Saturday-Sales 30 hhds.: 1 at $3 10, 5 at 85 10@ $5 90, 8 at M@$7 60, 6 at 8 10@*9 90, 5 at @ $12 75, 1 at 25, 2 at i15@*15 25, 1 at $16 50, and 1 at $28 50, and 2 bxs. iS 50@$13 25. Bids on 4 hhds. at $7 90@$12 per 100 lbs. rejected. Monday-Sales 3() hhds.: 1 at $4, 2 at $5 80@$5 90, 9 at $6 20@$6 90, 12 at $7 10@$9 90, 6 at $10@$12, 4 at ana 25@$14 75, 1 at $20, and 1 at $81,-and i bxs. at $6@$8 per 100 lbs. Bijs on 19 hhds. at $4 90@ 12 per 100 lbs were rejected. dissolved ; now W. T. Moore. Pittslmrg, Pa.-D. 8. Lindsay, tobacco, etc.; now Where to. -Ill ,.; ..: Lindsay & McCune. i :e: u I il j i !I ii u INTERNAL REVENIJE SEIZURES, -____ _:_ _____ 14_!_"" _______ "'_ 114 111.! IXSPECTION OF TOBACCO. Hbds. H. M. Hayes.......... From &pt. 1 to date. 814 Burke & Sanftey ...... { 1036 'nmmers & Campbell.. 1126 Tuesday-Sales 69 bhds.: 5 at $5@ 5 90, 17 at $6@ 7 90, 14 at $S@$9 90, 16 at 16@$12 50, 6 at $13@ R In t H --f th N' th rr t t h Amsterdam. .. .. .. .. .. 629 ..... .. I ... .. .. ........................ .. evenuespec or ess, o e m lS nc, as I Antwerp..... ... .. .. .. 21 2'1 5 9-l .. .. .. .. 1,413 .. .. ... .. ... .. .. .. ..... 131,22., seu.ed a tobacco factory at Greenpoint, L. 1, for workBarcelona Total............ . .... 2976 $16 75, and 2 at t2S liO@il127 50,-and 12 bxs 8 at iog without a license. Tl1e alleged owner was not I Bremen ..... .'.'. :::::::: '"978 924 7,u29 "426 "217'j' u;82i .... :: ""2o' ""so':::::::.:::::: upon the premises at the time they were visited. His Cadiz. 1,2Su 1 2'1" Manufactured Tobacco.We ate again without any $4 30@$9, and 4 at 10 76@ 18. Bids on 2 hhds at change to report m the market for manufactured tobac$ 1 40@$1 50, 30 do. at $7 10@$21 50, and 2 bxs. at co. The demand is very light and the business is rc-11@$33 50 per 100 lbs. were rejected. case was turned ov e r to the District-Attorney for proseCa.lcutta .. .. .. 281 281 .... .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. cution. Genoa .. 04 81 ....... -stricted to a few trifling lots sold now andthen to city Yesterday-Offerings were large, and sales 66 hhds.: Gibra.ltar . . . . 1,004 188 Inspector Harvey has seized about $500 worth more Glasgow . . . . 2 12 of the so-called "trash" wbich certain Virginia manuHamburg . . . 528 1Go 80 -69,28f -consumers, or for filling small country orders. There is 1 at $1 75, 30 at $5 20@$9 'iO, 33 at $10@$19, 2 at $23 a good stock of the finer qualities here, but the supply @$31 75,-and 4 bxs. at $S 25. Rejected and ill medium and common grades, for which the r e 1s passed 30 hhds.-bids $5@$23-and 1 box at M 50 some little inquiry, is Arrived during the past per 100 lbs. factnrers are sending to this market, but which the Gov-Havre .. .... .. .. .. 49 1_, .... .. .. t 1 1 t l f k' t .. .. .. .. .. 932 8 emmen c a1m lS a very gooc ar lC e o smo -mg O Lisoon . . . . 302 . . . . . . . . bacco, and should therefore pay a tax of 15c. per pound. Liverpool. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 400 2,D4l ;o 4117 week 267 pkgs. Clea'red, none. Stock in the two warehouses, May 1. 1,323 hhds. The manufacturers who make such consignments should London . . . . 1,178 10 81c7 4!t.ll'f1 ; make a note of the fact that the officials here a re on the Malta .. .. .. .. .... .. 1&1 7 o'T PETERSBIJRG, May I.-Messrs R. A. YouNG & and 42 bxs Bro., commission merchan.ts and dealer;; m Virginia and 'V e quote sc rap s 50c @$4, lugs 4 25@$7 50, com North Carolina leaf and manufactured, remon leaf S@ 10, medium do. $10@$18, good ship port: pinO' leaf $12@$14, factory-dried leaf $8@$13, da1k lookout for it, and that 1f dis cove red it Will be seize d n: ll ll,f>J!' and confiscated. "Trash," when passed through a Palenao. .. .. so 2 ... :: .:::::: :::: sieve, makes a' cry fair quality of s moking tobacco, and Rotterdam... 1 ,450 150 26 . the manufacturers afore said appear to be acting on a Vi g o 562 7 ....... The tobacco market continues with very little change $6@$9, black wrappers $11 50@$15, bright l eaf i n prices or feeling since last week's quotations. We $20@$75 per 100 lbs. knowledge ofthrs fact. Africa 847 20 124 120 ...... .. ... .. S3,ffl8 In the case of the Barrowcliffe factory in Brooklyn, irgentme Republic 7 19g ... quote: LugR, $4@16; good do, 7@89; nne yellow, SJ.N FR!NtJISCO, !prll H.Tobacco of all kinds $10@i13; short leaf, common, $6@88 50; good do. continues neglecte d, and there has b ee n no change in $10@$15 ; working bright, $17@$32; wrappers, comthe market since our last report. No transactions of mon, no@$14 ; good do., $20@$60. Shipping Lugs : moment have ceme to our notice, and prices remain un<;ommon, $5@$6; medium do., 17 50@$9; good, $9@ changed. Receipts during the week, none. Exported recently seized, and which is now under inv est igation, .'. : : .' .. .. .. .. 1u 19 :.:::: ::: :::. :. ::::: i::':::: .. ...... 2o,Mno decision has yet been reached, and 1t IS extremely British Australia... .... .. .. 1 !121 .. .. .. .. .. 1,235 1 2111,35& ...... ,OM,'i9!l doubtful whether the factory will be r e leased or the British Gutnea .. .... .. .. .. 3 46 .. .. .. .. .. 66 .................... 1 1,248 ...... 1,24-:{ proprietors prosecuted in the Courts. British Honduras 'l 9 .. ....... ...... 1,4'1'4 1,4'1-t" .l NEW KIND OF TOBJ.C, '10; Leaf, $10@ans. Rece1pts this week, 360 hhds.; same time: To Honolulu, 5 cs tobacco; to Victoria, 2 do, last week, 217 hhds.; total since October 1, 1S67, 'cs. do and 11 cs. cigars. Tobacco on the way to the 4,065 hhds. ln'spections this week, 3S'l' hhds.; total do. port of San Francisco, April 13th, from domestic At-A n e w kind of tobacco has of late years been intro siuce October 1, 1867, 4,622 hhds. The sales at public lanti c ports (Governm ent stores not includ"'d), 23 hhds., duced in Brown County, Ohio, and BracJ,;:en County, auction during th e week amounted to 260 hhds. 15 bl s., and 2,340 cases. Kentucky. It takes the name of \Vhite Burley, owing PBILlDELPDU, May 9.The improvement notice d FOREIGN. to its sim1litudc in size and texture to the ordinary 1 1 f h b fi Burley tobacco, for many years grown in this section, m our aKt m ea een ully sustamed throughout J.MSTERD!M, !prll 18.-The market for North and to its almost whtte color, when thoroughly ripe. the past week, and there has been a steady dem and at Amencan tobacco 1 e main s quiet, and from first hands The quantity per acre that was produced in the year of fu ll prices. Taxj>aid, manufactured, remain s almost at there h,as b een sold this week but 71 hhds Ma1 yla nd. d h 't b h k 1866, an t e average prtee 1 rou"' t m mar et, arc a stand-still, wh' e fraudulent trade1s are reported as The othe1 so 1 t s are equally quiet, and there is very Its highe s t recommendatiOns. While it produces fullv doing a handsome business. Th1s argues well for the little doing. Sold to-day 100 bls. Moldavia at secret equal to other kmds of tobacco, it never fails to cure a vigilance and honesty ofthe Philadelphia Revenue offiThe actual stock in first hands compnses 325 db h 1 E h 1 d 'f' l S f hhd ,-. 1 f' p goo r1g t co or von w en cut ate an green 1 1t c.ta s. :ues o 5 s. trgml't ea at 20c.; 12 enn. hds. 888 bls. llrazil, 400 bl". Rio Grande, fi ill b h h b b eed 1 f. d' escapes re e zmg, Jt w cure ng t, w en ot er to aceo s ea, me mm wrappers at 19c. ; 35 cs. Oluo at Sc. 4,365 bls. ava, and 51 ceroonR Havana will be either dark or green. It was hoped by all to@ 12c.; 20bls. Havana at 1;1@&1 12; 25 cs. Conn. at Sc APr.IL 22.-Sold today 10 hhds Maryland exJEllen b d 1 d h k 1 d f h .,. b N d 1 ,. d acco ea ers an cutters, av:mz now e ge o t e 35 xs. avy an 10 s at iOC.; 16 Ste1cart. Market unchanged. White Burley tobacco, that aftertlus year the seed would combmon at 23-!c.; 2TOhcs. Nhavybt's and ten's at 68c.; B"DI Brazil Mar"' & The campai<>'n bas flood the country, and supply the various markets in !4 .xs. twist at 6Gc. ere ave ecn no exports du1-' "' "' ing the week. been opened by the sa le of 2,000 bls. St. Felix J.I ... G., 1S68 with a lugher order of cutting leaf and at lower and 500 do. Bastos and Sobrmho at 5 500 for 3rds, P.rices but in this they will be partly disappointed. IUCHJIOND, May 9,-Messrs. MILLS & RYAN'.r re-7$1500 for 2d, 911!500 for 1st, 128000 for Flor, 15lli500 fhe record that this tobacco at the annual toport: for P., and 20t500 for P.P. there have been bacco fa1rs at St. Loms and Cincinnati, in July of last In our market for the week past we have taken 1 ,500 bls. Cacboeira T.G.G. at 5f500 andpatentes )'ear, e xcited the growers, and seeing their interest was to report receipts and breaks full, with prices for desirfinos at lO!iOOO, but m .., iew of the alarming progres to limit the growth as long as possible, and monopolize able kinde iitlly en tsined, while mfenor and frosted which the rise in pri ces had made on 'Change, all transthe supply in the market ot this kind of tobacco, they kinds (in bad order/ ha'e lbeen somewhat neglected, and actions were suddenly arrested, and to-day there are saved very little seed. At the St. Louis Fair, Mr. P. rice!! have ruled sightly in favor of the buyer. (We no buyers in the marke t. Sellers remain tirm in the1r H. Bracken Countyl Kentucky, entered two note a larger importation of the present crop than usual demand of 5$800@6l!OQO for the regular assortments, hhds. of W bite Burley for cuttmg leaf, and 'Was awarded trosted, and sh,pped to market in doubtful order.) as they pretend that the quantity which still remains the first and ROODd premiums. Tne hhd. of best toindications are that the crop will be taken in the interior is insigmficaut. 'fhe total of the crop bacco brought t58 per cwt. There was then only freely by shippers and manufacturers, and we are coofiwill, after all, be very small, and the hopes of )l(llders about ten thoul!and lbs. of White Burley tobacco re dently expectmg a brisk demand throughout the seathat the preRcnt state of affairil will be mail)tained may maining in the handJJ of which were entered son at enhanced prices. Below we give the transacbe easily realised. in the Omcinuat1 annual tatr of July lOth, 186'1, to comtions. Hhds., 911; tcs., 256, and 76 boxes sold as pete for the ten best hhds., and:. were awarded the third folloWtl: BREMEN, J.prlll7,-The market for North Ameri premium. In conneetwn wtth the aqove statements we Manu+'acturingTobacco.-Lugs-Common<-omed1"wn can tobaccos was active, and a fair busmess has been h "11 1 'J' gl'l'e t e 10 owmg estlmoma s: dark working, good dark t'l-!@t9; done during the past week. Sold ex:Store, 40 hhds. NovEMBER, 1867 sun-cured, com., t'i@$10; do. do., good, $11@812; coalOhio, heavy brown to heavy eolory; 13 hbds. Vrrginia, We, the undersigned citizens of Higginsport, Brown eomtmn,t!J(jt\5; do. do., br1ght, $15@825; do. heavy to middling; 9 hhds. Kentucky, heavy to midCounty, Ohio, and deale1s in leaf tobacco, take pleasure d o., fancy, $20@is40. Leaf-Common clark working, $7 dling; 78 hhds. stems, and lfi cs. seed leaf. In West in (for the benefit of tobacco in the @t9; medium do. dQ., t9@tll ; good, do. do., *12@ Indtan and South American thm @ilOO. Brazil, 60 baskets Varinas m rolls. this vicinity 'the last five r.ears, bas been l3Mpping Y cry common and heavy D! f J.lU, May %,-There has been nothing new to thorou ghly tested on an qualit ies of soil, both old and weights, 85@86t; medhtm, $7@$8-!; good, aD@tlO. chronicle in the market for leaf or for ciga!'ll during the new, and has never fa1led to cure a bright qolor; there--Ensliah ahippicg, 4.*20; Continental sh1p-past week, and no transaction of importance has transby making rt by far the most tdbacco tha' ping, tl4@t20. pired. The only business r eported m chewing was the is produced in this section of u,y. The &emmill g Tobacco.-Leaf-Common, $9@$12; good, sale of 10 bxs., ex-Store, at $24 per quintal. Our quota-pnce per lb. for the white 1S66 was :&om 21S i13@$16; iJJ\e, tions are from $22@ 24 per qtl. The exports of the to 50 per cent. h1gher than for .otliir kinds of tobacco. ST. LOUIS.ltlaJ 'l.-Mcss rs. H.n-Nl<'S & IlETli week have been: To New York, 103,520lbs. tobacco and We would recommend it to tobacco-growers everyport: 1,85 8,50 0 cigars; to New Orlean s, 44,000 do. and 4,200 where .-B. B. GARDENER & BRos., HrTE & I ... ouDoN, The receipts of the week amount to 384 hhds. against pkts. cigarette ; to Boston, '72,500 cigars, 500 pkts. DuGAN & DRAKE, H. L. YOUNG, DuGIX & Eurs, T. 363 last week, a gain of only 21 hhds, consigned as cigarettes, and 100 lbs. scraps, to Marseilles, 652,000 M. PARK. follows: cigars; to Cadiz, 371,244 do., 19,534 pkts. cigarettes and By River boats-Ohiles Basset & Co., 2 hhds.; 9,146 lbs. scraps; to Barcelona, 10,500 cigars; to terling Price & Co., 17; Shryock & Rowland, 4; J. Genoa, 3,000 do.; to Stockholm, 55,000 do.; to Gijon, P Callahan Co., 12; Thomas Rhodus & Co, 12; 78,2{)0 do. and 1,056 pkts. to St. Sebastian, Howard & Hmchman, 1; S. Peltz & Co., 1; Gilkeson 74,300 cigats and S,298 pkts. cigarettes; to Corunna & Sloss, -i; Dameron Bros. & Co., 3; W. C. Woodson and Santander, 30,800 crgars and 892 pkts. cigarettes ; & Son, Baker, Young & Co, 1.; B. w. Alexander, to :aivadeo and Aviles, cigars; to the Canaries, 1; Nanson & Co., 1; Cratg Al exa nder, 2; S. J 371 tobacco, 59,700 c1gars and 2,S30 pkts. cigarettes. Ouro, :rovembe r 'ith, 1867. During the present year an emirely new lind ot' tobacco has been brought to onr market. It is called White Burley, and is grown in Brown County, Ohio, a locality producing some of the best quality of rutting leaf. It takes the name of White Burley from the color it ))resents when g-rowing, being almost white when thoroughly ripe and ready for housing. This is British N .A Colomes . 6 20 139 4 68 '12 ll29 1.,.. 9,000 ,5(1,627 Br1t13h West Indies . 3 0 'T 114 2 6 312 . . .. 7 1 819 16,691 '13,&iVCalcutta..... .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .. .... 100 .. .. .. .. 71S : .................... Canada .. .. .. .. 1 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 35 70 604 .. .. .. .. .. 799 .. .. .. .. .. .. Central Amenca. .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Ill ........... 1 .................. .. Ch1lt . . . . . . . . 229 Cllma 1'12 : ::.: :. : : : : ::: .. .. 5:s7s ::::::: .. Cisplatme Republtc Cuba Damsh W esi Indies Dut..:h Guinea. ........ Dntch West Indies French West Indies ... Hayti ............. Japan l'tlexico .......... New Granada . Peru . . . .. Porto Rtco . . . 4 ....... 4 5 24 ......... 2 144 29 445 20 8 ....... "' ............ :... .. .. .. ... .. .... ., .. 9 I 3,13'1 9,603 242,76-1, ;; ; : : :: : ii r .. .................... : ................ 9,9')1\ 43 ............ i .... 2or::::: ... 1:iin -s 1,144 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 463 6,9'12 .... 45 .. .. .. .. .. .. 2s 1 .. .. .. .. e,'TtR< 1 12S 2 3 Sitka . .. ..................................... ................ ... .. .............. Venezuels... ..... ... .. ........... R ........... 18S 826 Other Ports. .. .. .. .. . 10 873 7 118 711 Where from. New York ........... .. Baltimore .............. .. 504 759 5 278 12,587 sa 724 18,264 72 21 :!,693 794 6,462 90 149 126 Boston ................... New Orleana.. .. ......... .. 4 208 645 207 3,7ll3 7ll 1,091 1,2511 1,868 . . 210 Philadelphia ......... 6 77 . . . . ... Porilaad . . -. . San l'ranciaco. ......... Other ........... .. .. .. : .::: : ... 7 1 46 "453 :::::.: '""o7' ,!: ... .. 70 110 .. ..... ....... 890 Total ............. 1,2usT2,s28 21,116 1,046 22,76G 72 USO 6,066 a large and leafy tobacco, and is likely to stand at the head of all the different kinds of tobacco now raised for cutting purposes. It is adapted to all the different qualit1es of good strong tobacco sOli, and i s said never to fail to cure bright. We think it is well adapted to old land, as it produces a heavy yield with a good 0olor, two requisites for a paying Clop of toba< The in troduction of this kind of tobacco in oui I:trket has attracted the attention of dealers and cu1 t '. and has brought a higher average price than any v r kind of tobacco. Th1s fact, w e hope, will secure f.,r it a fair trial by the tobacco growe1s in every sectio n of count r y. D. HlEATr, W. REILY, S. G NmtVJLL, In s pec tors of Cmoinnati Tobac co Association; CrrAs. BoDIU ... 'fN, Jr, ofBodmann's Tobacco Ware house; MoRRis & CnALFA..."Ht and 111<1tldarable style, eepeelally by ROBRRT ALBRECilT, II'! 'I'hll'd a-a04 Sixtieth streeto, J(\ew York. &ld. Also, 40 Y, :!!II_ }[ & E 85 lllalden etr'!'ort: IMPORTANT TO MANUFACTURERS 'be tr atment ofmaklag dark tobacco light lD color will tie COlDllllllll.t:ated. by applymg (enclos in g po stage otamp) to C, A. SIECKE, 1115-161 No l:M Market street, Phlladelphia, Pa. FoR CHEWIXG AND SMOKING TOBACCO F.A.Ci'l'OR:&Iloaoe 1 tbree-otory brick ; with metal roof, bas a tloorcd dr7 eeaa the wturi. balldlng, s tone foundation, and io built In the me..t wul! m&nud wlll, etc For capltollstg who wi&h to engai;:C m the tobacco baslriOso a. r.ue chance 1e. oft'cred Tbe loeat10n cers many advantaaes. Tfie beg or leaf daily otrerctl for sa l e in our rwnftct, and manntacturer-8 can alwaY' he Etnltcd in se l ecting lcnf tobacco For-('tc, the Lovt! \ ILL'!!, K'r:., Jan\Ulry :n, 1863.. GEO:RGK .. BBXM801Uf,


.. ... 4 THE TOBACCO LEAF. Kew Yodt Commission Msrehauts. THE VIRGINIA TOBACCOAGENCY. 1836. lJnitea States kternal Revenue Bonded Warehouse, second . M LICHTENSTEI N B I.IC HTENSTEIN. A BRUSSEL. LICHTEN TEIN BROSs C O Im11ortms a n d D eale1 s i n lUI and Leaf, Chewing, and Smoking Tobaccos, 1 2 1 MAIDEN (Between Pearl and W ater Streets.) !ifEW TGBB. GUTHRIE & CO., HERMANN BATJER & BRO 225 Front-street, Commission Merchants CHAS. B. FALLENSTEIN & SONS, TOBACCO N.Y. Commission Merchants Tobacco Commission Merchants. "' .. KREMELBERG & CO., :NEWYORK, F L. BRAUNS & CO.; BALTUIORE1 Tobacco Colllissiw leNhants. SeveT&I bMLn!W.BU "' Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco COTTOI i TOBACCO FACTOR AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS_, Nos. 70 and 72 .Broad 8U..t, liG':m"GV TOlRB:.. WJLLU. ll: 26 WILLEn ST NEW-YORK Best Material and S u periot lla.k e b y S elf-inventell and Patented Machinery. 126-\ biDSTIC LBAJ AND D-NUJAIJ'ftJUD TOBACCO& :r. o, .Engw""" Britwlo OolotoU.,Icrioeb. OFPICBI, 4 8 BROAD ST., NBW Yi:>RX. 8.'\-90 182 Water-nnet, lfiWTork. Represented In Liverpool b:r H&NRY PuoH & Co., 4 India Bulldln p Water St. FIELDING, GWYNN & CO., us Pearl st., Hanover Square, Bew York. & ElziiMN,"""' N. GWYNN & CO., Louia't'We, K,-. Tobacco and Cotton Factors .,... ........... ADD D 0 M E s T I c General Commission Ierchants. WM. AGNEW & SONS, Tobacco aud Commiaaioa Merthauts, 1184 and 286 Il'ront l!ltreet. JrEJr.rO.RK. (At Tobaeco for Export and Home Use. tiiPOnus w r POB.EIG. TOB.A.OOO, 1T 178 li'ROBT BT., B .Y. ROBINSON I. HEARN, 172 WATER-STREET, New-York MBnuf'aotu:rei'I'I of the Celebrated B T luod& 14.4. W" A.TEB STBEET, NEW YOBX. New York. m5*tt,J>(poomdo. l. B. :BolaiUOa'l Bt.'I'J, -" """ ... t. I po ....... WffkliJ ZifJik Sale8 every Th u rtday tkrovglwul the &aeon. a .... h adtJa ...... made"" all Leaf Tobacco in Hhds anfl Bales, 'li: I .... tO.. llefercncee: :roresm. B m n nm, BBOWlf .t Pn

N. Y. Commission Merchants. .. NOMOX. 'I'BOfl. SUUGHT&R. D. IL Wl8001l. NORTON, SLAUGHTER & CO., Tobacco & Cotton Factors -.AD-Gfammission ltlr.cgnnfs1 NO. 41 BROAD-STREET, n--uu_ *llW-Y-&RE: CHAS. F. TAG, OBTER OF SPANISH, A1ID DEALER IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF TOB1tCCO. lii"O. 184 FB.ONT-STREBT, 87-62 NEW-YORK. Dl!fftUIO. 1l.&_SIEL 0 KSP.iXO B. & D. BENRIMO, :#mmh;:;iou J.Jro DR.UiillS 1!11' .lLL I:I!DS OP LEAF TOBACCO, l24 WA'l'ER-S'l'BEET, :KEW-l"OllK, HaTD 0D: ale all kinds of LBAF TOB:ACCO ror EXPORT lDd HOME USE. ri21 03 LIWI& Ji8W .. JIIL LEVY & NEWGASS. Commission Merchants .lSD [If Connecticnt Seed and Havana UAF TOBACCOS AND SEGARS. No, US W ATEBIITBBBT, "-101 :REWYORJt. JOHN T. HARRIS & CO., ... TO 8 A C C 0 Commission Merchants, ") 80 FBOlllT-STBEET, NEW-YORK. Bonded Wuehoue Diatrlct.. Jon '1'. HA.UIS. P. 8. BlnLTON, JL If. A RtcH&T, G. REISMANN & CO. ftommtssioa lltrtllaat.s, .lXD DB..U.' J11( ..U.l. KI'NDS Or l iJj ) lB 4\ 179 PEARL-STREET, Betwu,. Pin and 81f"Utl, ewYork. j M. R. HAVANA SEGARS LEAF TOBACCO, Io. 23 South William Street, L.A ROS.ABITO," (197-178) -NEW-YORK PALMER & SCOVILLE. ,.._ .. ixrrB,P.&LliDaco., om.m\." y,\.o"l\. ll\. '6 ..... _.,. LEAF TOBACCO, No. 170 Watw-et., New York. o.aama. "-L_....u.. .,...,.,_ o6 0111' B.. B. 0BER. l. R. C.A.TY..:-". B.. H. OBE:tt & CO., (Suceuaon to OBi&, k CO,) No. 43 Broad Street, NEW-'liORK. Liberal Adva.ucos made on Ccosic11menta to ouaelvea or ta iii E::rcpc. -------.JULIUS SICHEL Succcs8or l o L. HEIOII!:LB!1:tCER. .W.l!IOF..lC'l'nD Cll' Plug, Twist, & Fancy .lliD ALSO Commission Merchant, NO. 349 PEABL-STBEET, 64 New--York. A.. H. CARDOZO & CO., Tobacco & Cotton Factors, .&JID General Commission No. ].69 Front-&tr<>et, Ne-w--York. fRI'..D. D&OST. :M. & E. SALOMON, '#mmit':liou .J.D IIIPO&TKitB Of THE New York Commission Merchants: Bea-ver Street, OF DE BRAEKELEER & FOOTE, MANUF ACTURERS OF T Pa?tagas, !Jlspanola, La Bosa, PigUIIo. SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE CELEBJllTED DRAliDS OEO. W Il AEI?l:EBY"'& SUCCESSORS TO APPLEBY'S SON, OF THE RAILROAD MILLS !IACCOBOY, FRENCH RAPPEE, t;COTCR AND l!ACCOBOY AND FRENCH: SNUFF FLOUR. .. AUlO b!ANUl'ACTURilRS Olr 'J'IJE P!SES1' 1lll.AKD8 OJ' SMOKIN8 TOBACCOS, AND PURE POWDERED LICORieE. .133 WATER AND 85 PINE STREETS, NEW-YORK DU BOIS, VANDERVOORT & CO., FOR TD"n SALE UP Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco 37 Water Street, h{-26. NEW ,YORK. TIN .F 0 I L JOHN J. CROOKE TOBACCO fOil & BOTTlt CAPS 110. 38 Qll.OSBY STREET, A. OATMAN, Successor to txPOaT&n or HAVANA I DOMESTIC Leaf 166 Water-Sreet. 220 NEW-YORK. SAWYER, W ALLAOE & 00., eo ...... la H ava. n a.. Be gars: TOBACCO BAC 8." No. 47 Broad : IJ!AF TOBACCO, W. B. AlftTEN & CO., ._.D W:BS'.r .llfDIA. PRODUCE, No. 85 Kaiden.J&ne, llrew-York. IIOSI'J'Z Ill 8)(.U{UEL B.U.OKO.J THE CITY TOBACCO AGENCY, Io. 108 DOft-l'.rBD'.r, lfew-York; G. w I HlLMAN & co., ft...t.,i.oa l'trtllaut.s, .AD .CHIM'a PO& '!'D S.lJ.II or BANV .. ACTVBBD rOBAC:C:O, HaTe ... .,. oa h ... d a 1-_,, of lfo.nnfac "'""--..... Olllllleralloralt. r. w 'l'ANBNuousT. NewYurk. L. W. CUNTHER & CO., Tobacco & General Commission MERCHANTS, o. 110 Pearl St., 'cor. Hanover Square, NBWYOHK. IJberal adv ... ceo made on consij:nmoote. SCHOVERLIHG. & CHAPMAN, LEAF TOBACCO, 26 South William Street, 'ftEW-YORI .. 11anuJlu:turet'f! of &llltinds of To'bac!_o Baas, l POUC:E1ES, NEW YORK. & liOOB.E, 128 William Street, N. Y HEALD & MILLER, TOBACCO 'ommiSA,iou Bonded Warehouu, S2d Dittriot. JrQ_ 1'71 WATER-ST., NEW-YORK. A. T; BRIGGS, ::ts:ANU!'.L.(.;'1'tJ.RER 0"' Tobacco Barrels, Plour Barrett Mofuasee Ca.-.c.e. Water aP1d all vther ktnC!a af CA5KS. A :Jm, New Floor Bam&! lL Half llar/1l0t, II. A large aupply conotantly oo llancl, .. Oftlce, CS4 Rut1en1 Slip, New York. NEW YORK A. STEIN & CO.,. Commission Merchants, .J.ltD DULBI8 Ul ALL DESOJUPT10JI:8 OP LEAF TOBACCO, 197 Daane-meet, ..1... STUll', B .lr ... New-York, ,Ciar manufacture.,. puticului:r favored. .... LICORICE. 111 6 111 :.AIDDUim, 'f, MDT ... .... L..-.. ., ........... ..-..wTH. H. VETI'EBLEIN & SONS, 128 Sfr_eel, N':m-w-"Yo:aX:_ VETFERLEIN : l CO., 111 AllCR.S'.rB.D'.r, PHILADELPHIA. BONDED W .AREHOUSE, Jlllll'fT 0 BAC co L E .A F. :New York Commiallfon llerchants. WALTER 1L IlRAlliiALL. JOSEPH W. MARTIN BRAIIHALL & eo., 1\trchantst 147 WATER ST., Between Mniden Lauo and Wall Street, nw YOLUES de!irable ::ood. B r o w n S n u f f s ..,. Bblo .. p<'r I h. :p .m.Y In our Centur.rr oiL Yacht Cluh, very bri!,.,(, Vin:loi" .......... ... 1 35 Bbl s or Jara. Rie.ta. medlumtroug ......... 120 .\!accaboy,Ro sescenten ...................... $ 90 Century In Bulk-.1\r Pmmd. Bblo. tL20; half bble., kcge, IL:r.l. Rose Leaf is a. medinm,li ght-co1orcd milcl, aromatlc '.fob::.cco, and l ) ceomc nverypopu1a.r braud in New York St.:Jtand England. Bbls., $!.00 ; half btl;., $1.01; ke gs, $1.03. Cavendish. very mild ................ 1 00 American, or tlnu Ruppce (plain ) ... ... ........ .. 85 Ycroy" Oltl J)oml uloo bri!lh\ .. .. . .. .. . .. SO Sccutcd Rappee, Bergamot.... ................... tl5 Pore Vir;inia Lear, .... . '76 Fren c h or coal'l!e Rappcc. ... ............. 1 00 Roec . .. .. .. H.'S American Gentleman, ec.ented .................... 1 10 Star of the West, mcUiun1. .. . ... .. 55 D cmig_rtJ, wi ne flavor ............................ 110 Eureka mcdinm... ..................... ...... .. hi Pure Virginia, plain ............................. 110 TuberpAe. strong, . 4.5 White P rur, li ght oU1f, ............ 35 Gold Dust, 1 30 Yellow Snuffs. Scotclt Salt;, ol= Irish High Toast, or Luudyfoot ................ .. rl;;c !S iu bulk. In llb. au:1 } lb. bales, ;:; cents extra. A.llSnutr sln. h:llC-burrcls o r kegs, i ct. per lb. e:x.tra. Fane( Smoking. Bottles. We are offering Lbem ln :Bond or Tax pa!d, at leR tbnn mnr l\e t _prlcee.. We ehall be glad to ebow them to ill l!'llon: ToBAccos, a.s \VC are a!!eurcd tbat w e have the best u sortment of n.ny honee tu the city. I We aleo keep on hand Hl&ck 'robaeoos of a.ll and grades, uf Vhg!nia, W<>stcrn, and N ortb. ern .,.__ factnre CICARS. :il eing desirous of making tl1is a veryimportantt.!'BIICll or our ousinees, we have oflatedevoted. mach atteatir:a. I to it; and have no hesitancy in l:!a.ying. that our 91Pr&. I in point of quality and prices, arc oot e:xoelled by UJI' responsible manufacturer. Retailers are reepectfnlly reminded th&t all gooch <*oat ,._ manufacture can be purcbacd from all ..,.etlll!ls )d.. bcre throughout tbe country, tbuoflllviDg-ailoe aat of traosportatJon. Large postere, fancy ebow-eardo, deoorlpti.v& liete, .tc., fumisb.Cd upon applicattoo. (With lllustratcd Label s.) AIISnnJf, \Vith the exception of American Gentle-BRANCH ,_.OUSES ma.n. Demigro, and Pure Virginia, in 1 aud i lb bottles; pounds, f.lO perdoz.j l1alves $6 per doz. .o\merican Gentleman Demi_gro, aud Pore Virginia ; pounds, 812 per d o z.; ha1ves, $6 p e r do z The B:runch Douses sell 011r goacb K ar' All the YellowSnutfs!ncans, $5 per do<.; half facturero pnooo: we nro making a new brantl of light colurc:l C&vendib caJled Comet, which we can c ordinlly recom111Clld Lo the trade, rcquira low-pri ced tobacco. Bble., Slic.; halfbbl!!., Bt.ic.; Bee-Brown. Dbls., SOc.; half bbls., 81; k egs, s u .All of tho nbove brtmds are -put UJ) in 5 J.R. 16 Oz., 8 OZ. AND 4 OZ. A T BULK P!\1CE.!i. [ 51 b. cane 10 cents per lb. extra.. NoCn.ARGE ron P..t.cKA.o'l:s O:R CJ.KTAjjL. cans, $3 per doz. ; $2 .; c k' -Bladders. ut Smo ng. Bbl Scotch . ............ $0 11o B hl. l fi Extra Scotch ........ . . 00 ]>t'!tlb perHigh Toaet Scotch, Ealt . . 85 ..... $0 -t. ..... $0 2 6 Fre' h Scotc h ... ....... 'lO No.1. ............. 30 N>. 2 .. Mixed. . ... 28 Cut Stems., .... 2S t bbls. 1 ct. p e r lb. extra.; k egs cts. }Xll" lb. extra ; lG oz. S ox;., 4 oz., and 2 oz. papers reduced to hnlk prices. Prices of Jars, net. the a hove brn.nUs in ::; lb. cans 10 cts. per lb eta.; one gallon, 30 cts.; two gallo n s, e:::::tra.. : 40 ctl'l.; three 05 etA.: fonr gAllons, fJS ds. t;:r No charge for packo.gcs o r carta ge. j PARTICULAR NOTICE.When ]an are ordcrecl packeU, I the will be charged extra. Chlcaro .., FOY & EARLE, 85 Sonth Water St. Boston, A. R. MITCHELL, 35 Central St. Philadel phla, B. A. VAN SCHAIOK, 16 S. FropiB&i.. P. LORILLARD, 16, 18 & 20 Ch8.mbers St .. New or P LORILLARD. ENGRAVING .UID PRINTING Bvery Branch. OHAS. SIEDLER VIGRIUS & C011MIS n ON MEt:ClfA.!'lTS 13! Leaf Tobacoa;;. HAVANA IN AND OUT OF 80:\lb, No. 189 Pea.rl-stroct, WrLI.JU'I VJOKl.ZUS.. [t1L165] Cnuu:s '1'. 0, G. HEINEKEN & PALMORE, 115 Broadway, New-York. 8pecb.l attenUoo pllld to tlte t.lf' flf Le.,. a.u: : Ubera ad .. ancn Entered aooo:rding to A.ct of CoD:;reu, i.D. t be 18681 by JOSEPH IIOE Y, iD the Clerk' oftht Dit\rlc t Court of:he Ualt..J StAt for tha Southern Diltrieto( Ntw York. Specialty. UNKART & 00.,, Commi ssion M:ei'ciallf;s;, LINDHEIM BROS. & CO., and Commission Merchants, 0Wlf.BB8 OF lfHE MOST CELEBRATED BRANDS Ol!' VIRGIJS"IA SMOKING TOBACCOS. : NATURAL LEAP, OKIB.TAL, VIBGINI.I. IIE.I.I.o, OI..D DOliiiNION, XX GOLDEN LYNCliiiiUKG, X GOLDBN ClBOWN1 GBNVIIOI: TURKISH .TOB.I.C K IL LICitiNIC:K1 CO, P.I.CliPICA.TION. BULLY BOY, 2 oz. Poaehee, Balk, 6 lb., lib,, 1-lb,, and 1<1 llr.Balee and ...... ancllo411o. Poocbee, SEND FOR A PRIC)l: LIST. GREENFIELD & CO., 61 Beaver Street, NEW-YORK .A!iil) D!t.tUJI8 fW ALL N' ., SEED-LEAF TOBACCOS 166 Fultcn Street, Orden for Tobacco aod CoUon cr.refaUJ execute J. Cu.o.JU.Eo E, Ct.u110q 8 B Jilllft" ns-1 M 9 .HARLES HUNT & 00.., & & Ylrclnla C M 1 .LEAF TOBACCO omm1sswn 1 t:rc 1an ts, MERCHANTS DUJ.DI Dl ALL ..... M J No: 110 Pearl Street, Leaf Tobacco and Segars, ... 110 ...... JfE'WYOBB. M. PAULITSCH, ... \ -. lOW-'I'ORL '.Fhe subecribei'B wil'h to guard JbeJr against the deception of \ 'ariouH ))CJ'@one usio_g a Label in imitation of theirs, and off ering for sale !l very inferior tobaCCO. H AJl Goods In Bond and Tax pAid." Commif:;:sion lVIerchan t L. H. NEUDECKER & CO., iltohntto QLommissisn No. I 02 Water Street. New Y FadOYJ Va,, Warelloase .t ale l!lHIIi!l90 WATER STRE1ET, N.Y. Bran c h House, Jo'ried l!ro's, 4.18 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, Cal. ... c c K. SCBBY & CO., lmporten lllld Wboleoale Dealen lo all kinde ot Meerschaum &: Briarwood Pipes, Smollera' ArUelea Gel!eraU,-, No. 44 MAIDEN LANE, JleiWefll Wllllam 1md N-.u Streett, Netv Ycn k, WILLIAJtl LEE, (Succ..,or to LEE BROTHERS. ) Importer and Manuf'aoturer of' HAV Cl ARS, AlfD DEALER I1f LEAF TOBACCO, 269 Peatl tffireet, Ncar Fulton. NEW YORK. < t S

1\buttti.stmmts. 011& A.. IIIII:UBEIL THEO. J. VJ:l'TBRLIN. B. T. rTIIRLElll A. H. THEOBALD, VETTERLEIN & co., Philadelphia, Pa., .._ aUDFJ.CTIJ&IB OP .f,LL 01' 4f>, SEGA.R. .IJIDM.U.&&I SPANISH AND DOMESTIC Leaf Tabacco, ChBWinl Tobacco, Snnf, MeeNChaum and Brier Pipes, E. L WITIHAUS, Manufactured Tobacco NO. 207 RACE-STREET, COMMISSION MERCHANTS IN Domestic and Imported Segars. a;1r' D<>pot for lL Wllk811S 6;) Ce.'a : Baltimore Bmoklnlf Tobaeoo. T 0 BAc C 0 LEA F. ESTABLISHED IN 1837. .--:o:-37 SOUTH G.A. Y-ST., BALTDIORE, I COMMISSION MERCHANTS For the Sale of Manufactured and Leaf Tobacco, Cigars, eto. J :\butdismttnts. FIRE, AND MARINE INSURANCE OF CllfCI:N'If.!!o.Tl, OHIO. COMPANY omee ln CompaoJ'I building, nnrtbeut corner or l'ront and 'lne at.reeta CAPITAL, ; 1200,000 E. C. BRUCE, .10EL F. A. JOHN T. JOHN'O!I, W. at. BAT!ll\'JAN, DIRECTORS. JORN G. OLDEN IIENRY BE!lUDE!I, I. II. E OAUPE!!TER. 0. A. blcLAUGliLlll, SAMUEL L YOURTEE, &crtlarv. S. B. NARKLAND, 6UI"f:tl/Or. Fire JUI PIUVATIIIULIIe VlBGINU, KIIN'I'UCKYL!,NDIAIU, llll!I!OURl 1 AND omo 'lVBACOOf. JA)IF.S CA81!Y 1'fiEO. Rm'IIR, W 1}. )IOIUIIS. Jl)ll>l ,, Jl. WORrHINGTON, J.\ 'IES P SPENCE. JUliN G. .I'Noid6nl. WM. EISENLOHR, D. HIEATT, OHAS. BODMANN, Leaf :r;bacco, Steam Snuff. F. L. & 00: :-__:"peotor. nited Sta.tes Bonded Warehouse. LEAF TOBACCO, 161, 163, & 165 W nsigners can forward t h eir stocks without. prep aying th tax. IIHiai.OO MNK. WM. ll. AUBEY. J08' 8PB BliOOKE. J4ANUF AOTURER OF CIGARS, 137 South Tenth Street. PHILADELPHIA. ----------R. STARR & T BOLBAECMc.'o G. BRASHEARS & SON, 2as.ca1vertSt., BALTIMORE. T b r 's M h t o acco s10n ere an s, -.... -.- IIILS, OEO. J'OZ. .._ (COBlfBB or IILJI-II'I'UI!T). CINC.INNATI. cblnery noocsary to the bulneso, we are enabled to nlreet lmportors ot suoerlor b,....d, 'li'L B, C, U. S. Bonded Warehouae No 1 DYLLS ._ CO. offer SNUFFS unexcelled in quallly,a.nd at prices a.s 1\nd M.ltl y C Licorice Pa&e. For aate. tn Iota tc" 1 A _, IN AX. D 0 sAN "17' ... ._ c 0 POWELL lr, WEST' !\:!' ; t.nd sol1c1t bayrt, In boml or duty J>&ld. lio, 46 W&lnuwtreet, C 1 nci n natl. t .B. WI .,. .&UCTIONEER.S WM. A. BOYD. & CO., L ;)....,,aaM ... .,.,..a..n.till"m.m. 2W DOMESTIC AND SPANISH ,obacco Con1.mission Merchants, COMMISSION"'itERCHANTS,. F ... l'tnf anh DXanufadurth (t.obaa.l\ /OilliUVDDY. asm Tobacco II Waterat. 4 No. 30 N.Delawareave., Philadelphia. N .. 18 Soatb. Froat F. H. BISCHOFF'S, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, JOHN DUDDY & CO., 82 WElT llECOXD ll'BDT, UNJ:TED ST.A.TES BON"DED "W".AREH:OUSE. Deutscher Rauohtabak, No. 33 SouUl Ballllaore. Commission MerohantS ... or MeS8l'8. DonAN & TAtTT, Phllodelphla. AlfD OTHER CHOICE BRANDS "" JIOTD. 1l'lL .o. DOTD, a. o SAUl OP ll KINSEY T A YL.OR'S TOBC,CCO. eoaelllk>utb.Charlea-atreet, 132-8'1 u.s, :BONDED WAREHOUSE, MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, J8HN T. JOHNSON & SON, DUL-llf f9 WAREHOUSE, Mrket-st., and Nos. 9 and 1t South Fourth-St., PHILADELPHIA. BOLE A GENl' FOil K. C. BARKER'S AMERICAN B. F. p ARLETI' & CO,, C. LOOSE' & CO,. 7(-99 :No. 49 _OHIO,XEH'UOKY,MISSOURI,&VIRGINIA WIIOUIAU DIALBM Of tSAF TOB ft "" Leaf 'T:baccos, Qrnmmission l\ltrtgants, ,.II. GLOBE, '" c. o. GLORI<. SEGARS, PIPES, ETC., A>o'D nuLzus m !f.. A. P. GLORE & BROS., N .o. 39 Race-street, :. Md. & Ohio Leaf, caNCINIUTI, o. 8. F. hBloii'I'T, t1 AND u NEW YORK BRANCH." Md. No. 19 German st., BaltlRJore. KROHN, & CO., G, H. BOLENI1JS, &. W. GAIL CHRISTIAI't AX. OFFICE & S'rQREROOJKS, uunet11UII8or o&.uu u G. W. GAIL&AX, 47 SEGARS LE.A.F T0BACCO, ....... -................ ,. M llannfactured Tobacco and s :rr.d: 0 X :I N G 0 WOE$" C Am". .-::-;WAH& & "M"RRIS" 63 WEST FOVRTR BTBDT. HO. :102 w. PRA'[.TST., 'htwiq lohattO, CinoinMti, Ohio. 91-I 61 BR.ltimorA. AND SNUFF Inspection aftd Leaf Tollacco s-Lo........,...r.. Jco wm.. BECQR & HB.OtS., _...,_ Wlloi-Doalentaollldlldaot tmporter10f DuleNin Clpn, :L\.SE". & WAYNE, Proprietor!J, S. LOWENTHAL l CO,, L E .A. F T 0 B.A. C {jQ' PI pee, Snutr-boxee, eto., Boa, 100, 101!, & llli Weat. Front Street, uvr.oC'lVlt-or NO. 28 BA1tftES1'RE.T, .CINCINNATI, Ohio. PLUG TOBACCO ill i!JG.ABS, BaltiJaoft. 114. -:a:-u-cT :I 0 N SA. L E S DAILY. .lJID Ill ,.. D'!POT-'Irith a ... rr., .u N .... 1'11 L E A F T o a A c c o, ... SEGARS. 94 I.ombard-Btreet, (near Light,) &lid 1'111 Water-etreet, Ne ... Yor!L u..a ... N ... OV"""G .a.. a ,.,. lio. '16 Jlain-st., below Pearl, L. w. GUNTHER, TOBACCO CIIICIIIIIATI, o. 11JI'IOJI' 71' ACTO BY, 53 and 511 Hand-at, dealer ID &nd Imported Segara, Snuff, Brlanrood and Keerach&um Plpe1, aad Bmokera' Articleo of every deocriptton. fl) Jtatas Bonded iarahonsB, First Cnllection District, Pmsylvanii 11B.TNEY, WOODWARD & CO., t\bJmo and General Commission Merchants No. 47 NOPtlt Weter St. and No. 48 North Delaware Avenue ;l! A. &9ll11TNIIY, 111::. WUODWAIU, '!mll&lllL WOOIJ'WAIID. PH:r:LADELPI:I:IA, PA. a _,._ WOUI ud OI'J'li'W' 11 lt. ClAir-at. eo-u,. 011ll ... r.l&rp .......,. of 0.. I M "' .U ---v-, a .. PJ:n&BVRO. 1<0& Jo. A. Naoou.a GEORGE BLU!IENSCHEili, JQSEPII StHROEDER. A ()0,, waoL8e.ALE DEALBa IN C ommieeion and wboleeale dealers in lipt" nf aU Leaf' and Manufactured AND cHEWING TOBAcco.' Tobacco and tJigars, Pouches, Bnulr-Boxea, etc., No, 81 Exchange Place, .A .larse 1\oek ot Cigars en band. No. 4 BEVENTfiT., Pl'l'TSBURG, PA. J G. W. Bishop. W. DOHAN & TAITT' MARTIN HEYL, u.s. BONDED WAREHOUSE, J. RICHARDSON & CO., l\?M. <'. PEASE. saa&"" Bonded Warehouee, ABTDUB lR.. :r'OUGBBAY ID, FOUGERU I; CO._. '\\\ ue\\0."-\Y. .&liD 1nl()l.ES.t.LK Dll..t.Laa& II( :t.:&&CI' AND MA:Nlt71' ACTUl'U!ID Tobaccos, Segars. Etc Tobacco Commission Merchants, TO B .. C O ana iio-lratto, 19 N, Water St., and 28 N, Delawart An., CIGARS, PIPES, &o., for the l&le of C.DDectlcut Seed-M. 1. DOHAN, -leaf Tobaeoo, JNO. T. TAITT. 5-; No. 333 LIBERTY-STREET, No. 4/'i WES!l' LOMBA.BD STREET, BALTIMORE, M.D. Pittsburg, Pa. Manufa cturers can their Tobacco in Bond wit h out I'RKPAYL"iq the Government Tax. 0 h t, Commission Merchant, soHuLTE & oromJSSlOll mero an DEALER m LEAF TOBACCO BucceuonloYOURTD FISBER.lCO, .llQ) TOBACCO P.&CTOa. Omce, .J4 Wc8t Front Street, No. go Oppoite Snpcn,ion Bridge, / :0. CINCINNATI, OHIO. --IJ1oersl --:;=jp-.. .. __ .. __ I-l:ENRY MEYER B. WIQ!N:::; &. co I IOITTTWtiVII ., COMM18810N MERCHANT, l1UAI1111A1 CJH TOBACCO WORKS A11d Denier In JI'O. 181 WEST PRATTBTB'IIIITOHIO & CONNECTICUT B.ALTIII:OBE, MD Mouuafacturen ot all kllldJ ef Jmoltbi.; & 6pttmin_g iJDbacus, LEAP TOBACCO, Impol1en of Cigars and Lea.f Toba.coo, a.nd other 381 Main St., Cincinnati, 0. Smokers' Articles; mCIU!IW,;::::;. -:-+---m ... nLL&Y. sm. P lllf1'1111Uft Tobacco Age,;J.ts51 lUJIU I'AOTO'&EM Ali'D W110LM.l.L8 DuJ.stS Ill SECARS, 94 West '3econd-street, Cincinnati. tor LOJ'JILL.\RDOS TOR.&flCOS. E. H. GRIEST & 00. ( Saccessors to &NNBR & GmxoT ,) Commission llerchants For t1te Purehallf!l anrl Sale of OHIO SEED and KENTUCKY LEAF TODACCft, JACOB J. W. TAYLOR, llAliDF.iCT'UlUUl OJ' TA. YLOR'S CELEBRATED R.llallay & Bro., DE.AU:RS IN 37 Walnut Street,;Cincibnati, 0. OBDEIIS l'OR CABBPULLY J"ILLKD LOUIS GIESKE & CO., G. KERCKHOFF &CO,' t$Dmmi1ttiina WKOLllSALl< DULE";' IN 1111::::1 --==--;::ACT.A.URER oF IN .l.LL DESCBIPTIOJrS OP B. B' rza:e and Jlanufactured Tobacco, AND WBOL>lS.lLl!: DEALBR L'( SPUNNROLL TOBACCO, 12i PENN.J!TREET, P.taaeba-r:. 8& Ia1er 8trreL und 18 N. Delaware Avenue, Leaf and Havana Tobacco lt'C:UIMON, N I 38 N THIRD J Conatanlly on hand a large q uaniiiJ' of Leaf, Smoklog llllUi:NORSJa. PJ11LADELPHIA. o. STREET, rob&o>, aod BONDED WAREnousE. PHILADELPHIA, N .,......,..,.. eaZl forward their Stocks" L"f BOND" with fttJQ:rk Revenue ]onded Warehouse w T 0 B A c c 0 1Vl nowBLL & DUNCAN FOREIGN and KA.:NUF.A.CTUBER ot Qwnmission Merohants, Fine Domestio C1gars. G :o, AH Kinds of LEAF TOBACCO 80LlC .&.Gr.NTS 1'0& Iaoo:s "Penn Tobacco Works:" W.:Y: lii1iams & Oo.'s 11 Globe Tobacco Works," i!l mum DELA WAB.E-&VElnT.E1 eneral CommisslOn Merchants, coNsTANTLY oN BAN. Bo. 39 North Water Straet, 374 Broad Street, Bewa.rk, B. J. -------Phlladelph!_!: B1IOBY Hrse. GEYER & HISS, 1lEBciiB, AJioriiLO & Co.) TOBACCO .&JID Commission I'Wollt. PBIIADBLPDU., 'TELLER BROTHERS, .._,.w TF.Ll.ll:lt. ABATKA.N 00.,) lrloole-1" Deoofmo in T-'RAF 'rOB.A.CCO A 'lin SEGARS_ L7 North Th1rd Street, PHILADELPHIA. PHILADELPHIA !llf11KI. UOOR&, JOHN liOOR'E. '> S. & J. MOORE, TOBACCO Commission Merchants, 107 Borth Water-street, 62-114 PHILADELPHIA. J' AJM:ES D.ALE"Y'o l!torthell&t C.r. Third "ud Raco Bts., SEGAR l'I'U.NUFACTURER, .AXU .DR.&.LE!t 11( Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, SNUFFS, PIPES, ETC. Factory : 1921 Callowhlll 180..181 PDJLADELPIIIA. B a:r.v -mll'A01'URZB8 ... IIICBAEL WARTON, J'tlSil]y Renowned rovldtmce, It. I.; J. A. Dol.ld & Co.1 on, Ma:iS. ''Ralph's Scotch Snuff" .roHN BRAMM, E CIGARs 1 Suoceasor to RRA.MM k BROTHERS, lf-'m OTHER BCAIS"f>S OiF WarrAnted snp eriortoanysnnffmadc in this co untry. 28 Atlantic-st., Brooklyn, Manufacttuetl by 1<1Jil!nOTl!IWl or ALL DItwn, and To b aW>. IOI(N FI!IZIP, UN FINZU FKOD. &UOOL.flf IUilr.:tnt "-t !I:ICIIOU..S .FIXZJ.!.ft. GEOR08 W. lnOKII. N. FUflkF. JOHN FINZER &. GEO. w. WICKS & co., Ml!li:DS 01' Plug aad Twist Tobacco. 3'17 319 Jefferson-avenu-E>,. I BDW ARD Jr Proprietor. BIRCH IUSSELIAll, &. La!o qf LuvUrillo, .lrJI., PLUC TOBACCO, Co'tillplll, ly. DETROIT. ADAMS 01., "u. s. TOBAOOO WORKS." BCCCAfM>'!'TO G. B. LICHTENBERG, JAMES ADAM8 4.,.. CO., Jl.l.St"rJ.CT UJli'B. Oli" MJ.B'UYAO'I'V .... .uat DtiLER8 Dl Fine-cut Chewing and Smoking T 0 B A C 0 ... 0\, TOBACCOS, SlUFF & CIGARS.' 'r:: No. 207 Waehlngtoll-itl'eM, RIJII''li'.&LO. K. Yo SOL KJJJIUJ'.lCTU&D Oi' TB Cn.DI.Jl.1 T J:D 8P.A.:x0 MOBifiNG GLOBIE I'I:N'E CUT. Cona,ress-st En8t, DETROIT, _XICH _.:._' -----__ ... c. w. GaYila.. -Commission Merchants, Fine;_ CUtting Leaf Tobacco. t ROSENFIELD &: BROS., F a W GEYER & SON TOBACCONISTS, We have on ha.ud a large and well-sel ected Stock of Factory-dried 23 and 89 .Jefrerson-ave., Detroit, CIGAR AftD Muon and Owen County Cuttin( Leaf, .. LEif 'iitl!((6 BilY 257 Jl&lnatreet, betweea 7th and 8th, LOUISVILLE, KY, BROTHERS I A. RALPH & co. rrn o.cnt Chowrn rr ond Smolrinrr Tobarco Pani:ular&llonlloaslnntotbcpurchaaeandooal;of m.& 1'00'4 St., aad Ill N. Sf!eoad St., u u r. WI .IUllr. 1 L f d PHILADELPHIA. No. ts Arch_ St., PHILAOELPHIA. SJ:CI.a.BS, P.a an Manufactured Tobacco. Put up expressly for the trl!de Cutters in want F I N E c u T T o B A c c o of fine stock will do well to give us a call. Orders 347 and 849 KaiDatreet, promptly filled. All on!Oro tram abrond ouetullv ueeuted at the lowest BUP'll' A.LO. N. Y D.; SPALDINC SONS, manllfactaril!gprtces. ----... 1.1. ro 1.7 '"""""' s-, .z;..y.uu, x,. _____ lt:ir Send for a Price List. And a suporior Lund;yfoot Snuff, OS-1011 ------------!a SA>CUEL P. SKITll. JACOB II. SMITli. E. HEYMANN & BULKLEY'S STEAM DRYER MEMPHIS TOBACCO EMPORIUM. li'ORElGN AND DOMESTIC SMITH BROTHERS. trt'"ttf

) ---r. & a WESTERN DEPOT, t: FOY & EARLE, Managers, 85 South' Waterstreet,. Chic ago, Ill. ..1.' (Joa'Plete..l.a .. l'bllen& of Lorillard' Goob(Jhe""ln&:, Smokln.:. Snaftll, C::l Vla.IA TOBACCO AIENCYl WILLIAM TOBN & co.; ADAMS, GIBBS & CO., VAN HORN, MURRAY & CO.;u r 00llllML."810N )IEr:CnA.NTS FOR THE 011' ldANUI'ACTUia:ns OF l'INE CU'l' CUEWDIG ,,ND Manufactured and I T b TOBACCOS, P lug o accos, Importers and Whol .. Ale D eAlers In Havana and Do 36 SOUTH WATER-ST. CHICAGO. Citrons, Snuffs, etc. l{o. 148 South Water Street UBIIIT H. AJ>J,.JIS,} CHICAGO, ILL. Jo:slil S. GIBB& IS-93 C. DOA."f. P. li!ll.IUtSOX, CASH VAN HORN & -CO., '76 TOBACCO WORKS." F.. 0. MURRA.Y, Horn, HurrJ.'f i Co. MIA.b MASOS,l::t.te of Wilit .t;. Mason. MURRAY& MASON, s. STEPHENSON, liANDFACil'llfiJUt l>ULI;RS L'f ALL XrNDS 01' Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, Nos. 22 & 24 Mlchigan-av., Chicago, Ill. XA.NSAS OITY TOBAOOO WORKS. if. C, ClStWEU.. n. C. TAlPP, 11... ?. JI'COiliiiClt. CANTWELL TRIPP & 08., J.QaT JOB. rRODVCKBI!i'D JI.UfCPAC"fURD8 OP )I,UU::FA(.'Tt'Rt:)t6 OJ' Leaf; Ka.nuractured Tobacco, and Oignrs. Chewing and Smoking Tebacco, E:X:CLUSIVELYCOMMIBBION. CIGARS, S'N1JFP, ETC, Ollce aad Wuehotie, No. ta DearMn-st., l',O.IOX 811 CHIVAGO, ILL. --BOBTOll ADV.BRTIIBKiliTtl. F. B. BRACDTT & CO., TOBACCO Commission Merchants, No. 14 Central Wharf, O!Boo Woat Side lll[aln"lt., between &th and 6th, 1 EANBAS CITY, MO. FACTOT1Y I.'i Jf.GEBS ADDITION: HARTJ'OB.D ADV.RRTISBJOliTS & Manufactwrers and Wholesale Dealers Ia Oaewl.a,;, S.ok&., aad Leaf TOBAOOO, c. H. Aru.s, } :No. 13'1 State St 0. F. WING, d, Co ll'. B. BumaTT,}. BosToN. s. D. GooDWIN. Hartfor nn. :::. JAL, _a_o_o.,.-,-., -.,-,_--.-n-,.-D-. s aoouroK. GEORGE .B, BARNES, D. S. BB.OWJI tk, CO., P.t..oua .un ..&.Ua IN --..,.o ........ nuL"""'" Connecticut Seed-Leaf Leaf and Manufactured HAVAIU !n OIGAB& T 0 B A 0 0 0 Meenobaam aod Briar Pipet, aod Smoken' Anlclee BxcluoiYelJ' Wlloleo&Je 31 aa 31 Jllroad-treet. Boa&on. No 238 State ... treet, HABTJII'ORD, flO'NN, 'Hi'As LEAF AND CONN. SEED-LEAF TOIACCO, TOBACCO. cxG.A.Rs. NO. 12 , QOB'B'. L. SJ.LOI!Ollf. A. DB IUVW'. SALOMON & DE LEEUW, DIULERS JJ< CONIII:O'rlCU:r SEED-LEAF TOBACCO, AWD lU.NUFACTUR:&EB O:r C X G-.A R. s. No.6 Asylum-street, near Main, HA.BTFOllD, con uollliECTICUT SEDLEAI' bacco Warehouse, 159 and 161 Oommerce-street, HARTFORD, COD. atteaUon paid 10 \be pac:klnc, ... nr!Diof .,..leaf on oommllllon. D. 1!rl. SEYMOUR. -----:,----SHEPARD & FULLER, f81.tllioa Jlerehuts &ad Dealen 1.a Seed Leaf Tobacco. 214. STATE STREET, Dard'orcl, CeDD. BISSON II. HATHAWAY, Connecticut Seed Leaf TOBACCO, 3 4 Main Street_, HARTFORD, CONN. ) 1116-188. roaacco caowaaa' Comllission Warehouse, H. B. WILCOX, l Noe. 1 89 and 171 Front-et., -liAR TFORD, CcllllL I JOSEPH ...... -_.... .Connecticut Seed-leaf Seedlea Tobacco, T 0 B.A. 0 C 0, EAST HARTFORD,COII. ........... 114 CJOIOI. ..... ----J S I G N 0 R, L. WOODWORTH, --.&Jilt DtiJ.D IW :DEA..LE:R :IN Cannecticut Seed-Leaf T abacco, _. THE TOBACCO L E:P.PIL.KIN'rONo ,.f)olicits _fFI'ders from s .AJ.ilress:Ng7 Pea rl St;:Ricl vmond. Va. --------MILLS & RY_ANT, Tobacco Brokers & General Com111ission :Nierch.ants, Olloe in Tobacco Shockoe Slip, Richmond, 'I! a. i to AB:NEl": F HAEVEY PrMhlenl of t.he Ntt..1tonaJ n .. nk, Jlkbmod, Va. i J.\. \IES THOll!.!!, Reft!r by "' .... R" h t1 Va. Messrs H. v s c rrc:side n, of thtJ P l, NAtion al tc mnn Jr Etq. Rlchmono-, lt.., & 1-" Pearlst lloJtoo. .& 00. 16\ aod. 163 Kew-You. ; MeMe. .. w S. RA-PP a CO., Manufacturers of the following Bhoice and well-known Drands of VIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS : CREEN SC"ENE, LONC JACK, TURXSB: STRAIGHT CUT, LATAKIA, MAYFLOWER. ORANGE FLOWER, VIRGIWIA PJI.IDE, ll'Oll1'-CTIH\1" N Fln.,.-nlhlr""'' Uldamon41 VR. AND PlilSClPAL OFFl :R: 7R '"UUauu"''reet New __:__ UNXON-FACTOH.Y. :Eeta.bllshcd 1839. T ::Ei 0 ::l!t.([ A. S J. ::S:A.RDGROVE,. Only Successor to THOMAS & S.uro:EL HA!IDGROVE, an4 Owner the (ollolo Manufacturer of the Famous and World renowned Brands of Virginia Snroking Toba cc os, .19 3 Main .... treet, Lynch bur::, Ya. D&.&LEa J:i LONE JACK and BMWN DICK, VIRCINIA LEAF TOBACCO Manufacturer ot Lbe following CBOJCZ BaD.uiBetory, 12th Stnoet. .ilrande of I'Lvo : LYNQIIBURG, V.A.. \WEET I!QNGBTEB, CR&NBEil!lY, PIEDM ONT, GOLD E N h e April term, 1868. In the prosecutiOn of the case Inspector Hoa"'land stood almost alone. The Revenue officers of district, a nd the citizens generally of Hannibal believed in the innocence of the accused, and the SecretarY. of the :rreasury ":as petiti oned to with draw the smt. Durmg the trml there was unusnal cbmor that :Mann was persecuted. The Revenue In spector m ade two t rip s to Was hington to urge the D epartmen t not to r elease the factory until the case cou ld be heard fully in Court. The Treasury Depart ment orclerecl the Revenue Qfficers of the District to make a thorough examinat i o n of the case, a!ld they re_ ported that tl1e books showed that the Govemmcnt bado been defrauded of more than $40,000 of revenue. The second hearioY of the case was concluded on the 21st of the present and Mann_ was convicted on one count of the indictment, and his property. confiscated, amounting to over $25,000.-St. L ou is JJe mo cra.t, April29. F AXC Y ToBACCo STATISTrcs.--'l'he official H()'/tMtvr is progressing steadily with its reports on tho l&te International Exhibition which will probably bo finisb,ed. about the time that t h e last bit of' iron work is ele&red. off the Champ de : Ma rs. The report on t -obacc o appeared the other clay, l)ut it contains literall y nothing worth quotinfr it be the following bit of fil.acy statistics : The people of France take annually '1',691t tons of equa l i n amount to a colonnade of thirty columnR, ea c h as large as the Napoleon column in the Place V en dome; ancl they smoke l8,H I tons of tobao co which wot1ld, when compressed, be sufficient w fo;.m an are h as large as the A r c de a\ the end o f tbe Elysecs, with' its foundation. Be sides t h is, the l<'rench people smoke anmmlly 28 tons or four-souR cigars, or n early euough to re:wh from Pam to Bayonne; <13 tons .of at three sons each, which would r eac h from Paris to St. Petersburg; 1 '18 tons of tw0sous cigars, which would r each froat Paris to Teheran; ancllastly,])OOr things! 2,7;.14 tons ofonesvu cigars, whi ch, laid end to end, would go round the w-odd:" The who amused himself with thil' bit of fi,.nrinp;, tr.kes the returns of 1864 as his basi:;, ancl loses 20 or 30 per on his total!", as oompared with tho se of later years. Order rcopectfull y solicited and promptly attended to. BAR, aDd olbel'l. J. A. R 0 BINS 0 N nuuFAcTuBER oF F I N E T o a A c co a THE CELEBRATED BRANDS OF VIROINI.A. SMOKING TOBACCO, McCorkle & Bowman's ".lll:celslor," McCOrkle & INDIAJ.'il QUEEN and Bowman' "Gold Leaf," Wm. L Bowman' CLU. B 4 \ Belle or the Mi8 Bi!!sippi .11 Paul Pittman'& .JOCKEY Gold J. Miller's "Fino S t O ronoco,, and otber brand s, all Maflufactory, Seventh tree of tbeir own manufacture. LYNCHBURG, VA. OJIW!,11.3Mal-neSt.,LYNCHDUBG,Ya McDaniel, Litchfield & Co., (Successors to M cDaniel & Irby,) General Merchants, No. 1/l Jlridge St .. eet, LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA, Will pay atter.rlon to the sale and purchase or lla.nufactured. lmoklng, and Leaf Tebaceoa ; FLOUR, GH.AXN, AND Country GeneraU11 11, D. IJ"B'NllTIIO, JOMPII J..'I'Ollt 24Water-ot., N.,York. 78 East Geo.-e-ot., l!JT&Clllt, .fEW-YORK BllABOH TOBAOOO HOUSE. BEXRn.O,BARTOX & WHOLKB.ALS .DI:.lli.IS ll'f Tobacco and Cigars, Joldac and Vhe-taa Tobaeeo, aadaJI .ll..llld of'llmokera' ..l.rdele. No. T llolliJl, lt. Loall, Xo. N .ll.-.... M....;;;;;;;, or l'uey Goottt.-eJ C. & R. DORMITZER & CO., ....oc.-&.LII DIU.UII D' W. P. ELAM '&CO., ..t.:SD TOBACCO BROKERS, L25 Sycamore Street, :F?ETEESBVEG, VA RespecU'nlly solicit Conslgnmen\8 md Ordel'i! gencmll ., 1 'l'erme. :lt per cent. l.. J CL.Uta. J. T. OTl!.Jt.ALL.. CLARK &: OVERALL, General Commiuion Merchan ts .AJ1) .lliVJ',AC'I'CRU.. 8 OF TB CHOICEST BRANDS OJ' MISSOURI PLu c TOBACCO ..._ No 118 Waahingtonavenue, f" ST. LOtiJS, l'Io. 9 It FRIEDMAN & 00 ., DULIIIBBI!f LeafToba.cco&Cigars, Leaf Tobacco kiDI' ... Tob-, CIOo!IRS, PIPES. ett'., and .<\II Klndl of 8ao1Len' No. 86 N. Second Bt., ,bet. Olin & l.ooo1Ht A.rtlele1, UO B'onh s-ad Bt., VIDe Ill., ftY 11'1'. r.nn n J:. x. GRISWOLD, CRIE & CO., r -. m:...!dUUI lJotU.LRMS lH ALL lUlfDS or 2{Jttivn & !.EAr T08ACCO, U._a! t WX.C t.uetin A ('.elebn.ted B'11111eld of Cig&ra. Glj XertltFoarth > t.. !if ....,,,, ... f4-ft9 F. H. SCHBOEDEB., _..' liAJiiiU.FAL'TTIRER O.P Plug: u Chewing Tobacco, llfl"'ORTER O.r I'll 8'1'. LOfll"-1110. :N. 11. FAI.K, -.-za- Jeaf anb Btanmacturib CD1 &Ia IUIR7I'.a.crr-ma -DOKESTIC, ............. HAVANA SEGAR s. M BorUL lleMDd "'"!, ... liT. L01J ... .,. B. C. G&ADu J. M. JTobaccp Work GRA.lTLIJI(. JOHBSON, I s. IU.RtJP.A.cnraDI OP FinecutChewing & 8mokii ng 'n' @ w (0 (Q (D) HAVANA CIGARS, P. o. tl l!nle' manu-on or tile cel-d ltnlld l'fala :l'o. 100 So::tth l'oarth..,t:reet, II Gl Xab.-atreet Qaeen CbewiDII- T. LOUIS. MO. Mound City Tobacco Work. D. CATLIN, Fine-Cut, Chewing, & Smoking / Tobaooo, Killiokiniok, etc., Ne, 188 Nerlll Seeeab Btreet, oata:oel'J', ats, Pllrtitlllar attatioa l!iTeJI 111 Ill Coulpmtttl, llld proJDpt retumt 1118Cle. ToBACCO .IN TE!!>.'lfESSEE.-"\>Ve q uote from the M:ueh r eport of the Aaricultm:al "Our ery correspo ndent wntes.: has_ been, but stock-raising p r obab l y wtll be, o!lr speomlty, t he op i n ion is now general that there I S no money m the former.' In Henry county, tobacco wheat, and corn were the chief crops before the war, bnt cotton has since taken the place of tobacco, for the future our correspondent thinks' the latter resume 1ts old po sition 'One good h and can cn lttv ate two and. a half acres of tobacco, 15 acres of corn, acres ot wheat, three acres 6f herdsgrass, ancl one m late potatoe.s, with the foll owing resu l t : zt acres tobacco, at 1,000 lbs. per ac re, 2500 lbs. at 8 ce nts,. . . . . . . $200 15 acres corn, at 40 bushels per acre, 600 bushels, at 40 cents. . . . . . . .. 240 10 acres wheat, at 8 bush e ls per acre, 80 bus h e l s, at 81 50.... . . . . . . . 128 3 acres grass, 3,000 lb8. per acre, 9,000 lb s ., at t cent ................................ 45 1 acre p otatoes, 60 bushels per acre, at 7u ce nts, 4 5 $t'i50 Estimated expenses not more tha n . . 150 $500 '!'h e lab o r to rai se the two and a acres. of to bacco is noS; more than is u s u a l!y to ra1se that amount of corn but the lab or 1n s uck e rm g w_o!min" is much greater. The great n r 1':.\Ismg this crop lie s in the fact that the corn c r op harvested before the r e i s much to do with the toba cco except planting. Yon lwu sc it about -the 1st of September, at which timE: yon are ready to sow your by t.he 1st of October all fanners ought to have thmr whea t m, and be ready co rn ; this done, your _tobacco is ready tor 11tnppmg and for 80 that an industrious farmer can all the be engaged wi1>h his crops, except a few weeks m the wm ter.' ToE PowEit oF PREJUDICE.-TI1ere is a known London physic!an who the posstble oniem to sll1(lkmg. flll.JB-me<}lc,l r eteree t? tw.o insuranCe offices and a gentleman who applied to h1m fot inspection little while ago, ca me away greatly depressed his life': had been r ejec ted. The matter was a serious one, masmuch as the apphcant was a professional man, with a large incom e that would die with him and he was the fiither of a numerous family. H e known his to a medical who thorouo-hly examined nim, and declared him to be as somfd as a b ell. "Whom did you see?" said the friend. "Dr. --"replied the apklicant. '' Oh, ,, I see and h e you wh ethe r you smo ed ? Yes. "W Dr. ---is referee for another ; apply to be insured there Dr. -never recogmzes faces ; h e won't know you,' and when he asks you if you. smoke, you. needn't tell a fib, but you can -put h1m '?if m some way." The applicant appeared a before Dr. -who did not in the least recogmzc h1m. At the end the examination Dr. --said: D o you THAT DETE(.'TJVE !-The Philadelphi a Trade Jown(tZ is Aomewhat sati!'ical at the cx p eqsc of a oertain official of the Revenue J)e partment, whose field of usefulness lies in that city : "An ad vcrtiscment under the and authority of om eRtoemcd Oolloo tor of thu Port appea1s in the (Jaily papers of date, which, upon examination, elaborat e ly la.y-11 bMe the meamw ss :mel 'capacity for absorption,' of th:t.t 'Special D etective,' on his romul of petty seizures. We are i ntorm c d, thrvugh the afim:-said advertise ment, that claimants for property S<.'izcrl for viola tion (?) of Customs Revenue, file their ola.ims within twenty flays. As an examp l e of the pn.blic zeal of that from W we q11 from the list of articles se ized1 the following items; 'From Rt;earnship .Star of tb'c U.nion, four bo:Lcs Jellv, three papers s m oking tobacco, eigh t paoka.ges ci.,.a r ettes, two bottles of -Fiori:tl:t and V crbcn:. water.' Cgmment is nnneecAsa rv. Public faith -in the adminis tration of publi c eco norny 110 animwr, since the aclvcnt of that 'Special' frvm Washington.'1 B.m Lyii cbbnrg B 8 ,J::hlic(!, sa.v-s: A venerable o-ent1ema n from Halifitx. eonnty eatne to towa yestenby,"with a fine mule team and a 8pl.mdi d lot of tobacco. Having realized over :t bnndrcJ. dolla rs b-y the sale of his tobacco, the gentlema n naturally brated the happy event in sundry flagons of stron"'. J nd of his amaz ement and virtuons iiiCiig when l10 fouml that hi s mules an d money _had both b een taken away from 'hi1Jl by' his frienlls, who also shut ilown on hi"s whisky and c m e lly insisted on the old man'8 returning home Having hl..-en r e qneatecl by him to advertise these false friends as thieves and mara.ud e.rll, we take this occasion to do so. Anyhody who interfer es with an old mao's innocent is unworthy the name of Christian, and ought to be sent to Congress. ____ _..;:, __ TuE Fll.Auns IY ST. J...oms.-We are glad t.o seethu the extreme penalty of the Jaw bas beeR inJlieted llpoD. certain of the rogues who swindle the GovemmeR' azul ruin the t rade J n St. ;LQqifs. A that city sayll : "Gaef Glazer, Fred. Luehow, aad J 3rnes Cole, who were convicted of affixing fal!7C brauds on tobacco, have to impn. onment jn the: County.' Jail; andto pa'y a tin e of $2 1000.. The fradnlently branded and the factory baTe been co nfis cated."We trust that this scnte'nce may be r fully carried out, for, however much we may with individuals, t h ei r punishment to the fu!l&.lt e:r.tAlal is only simple justice to the trade at large. vVe have seen a cir cnlar signcd by Mr. Edwwd Burke, which l'ays: "Having discontinued my OOil Rection with '.nE TOBACCO LEAJf7 etc., etc."-ln order to prevent we wish to Rtate thK it was TIIE TonAcuo LEA"' whi ch discontinued the scnioea ofl\11'. Burke as long ago as last November. m"' The British :revenue returns for the endi.J1g March 31, show a total of


THE T 0 B A C C 0 L E A F. liBW YORX lfBW YoRK BROKERS. Anhur Gillender & Co., SD'CCBSS08S !'0 lOKI A1!1DEBBO:N & CO, 1 soLAClrTOB.Acco; ll4, ll61 anu 117 LIBERTYTREET, .1!(0 121 CEDAR -STREET, A.rt.ilur Uillc-n,1er B Kukuek, Jo101' h \\". Gu .. v, JoteptJ. L. lt Wood.. &f-Oil NEWY 1)1llt. W. G. ADAMS, Commission Agent, Leaf & Manufactured. Tobacco, LICORICE, TONQUA BEANS, Etc., No. ll4 WATERSTREET, li. G. An.1XS. Now"'Ym::rs:. GOODS FORWARDED. Faw. FlBcRXR, Hll1mY RODltWALP. FISCHER & RODEWALD. LICORICE PASTE WALLIS & CO. EXTRA. Tobacco manufacturers and the trade in general :tl"'l particularly requested to exa mine and test the superior properties of 1 this LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfection, is offered under 1 he above style of brand We are alao SOLE AGENTS for the brand ... F. G. fi-lOMAS HOYT. & Co., H. WATTEf& 'TOBACCONISTS, -EMPIRE CITY Tobacco Brokers, llo. 2 HANOVER BUILDINGS. Acknowledged by consumers to be the best in the market. And for the brand of StiCk G. B. In n 11 respects equal to CALABRIA. No. 404 PEARL STRUT, NEW-YORK, Kanul2aun:rs of all kinds or Chewing and Smoking 'Tdncco, Snuff. Cigars, and Havana Sixes. in\ANDS FINE-CUT CHEWriiiOo 'lllllf.Nlr.iiDE, Oli.LIGHT, NATIONAL. l'fOVT & CO., New York. QY"J', FLAGG .!& CO Louisville, Ky. ___________ ,,_ 0.Y11 FLAGG & CO., Su.euon to HOYT. BARBOUR & CO .. l!Y] and 1-09 Second St.. U>UISVJLLE, KY., Whtnruf the followiDG telebnted braue of CtJT CHEWING T $\lllliYSIDF., :oWiET OWEN, ROSE-BUD. hucEJNKl( SMOKING TOBACCOt, Tobacco Works, No. 7 5 .BOWEll, NEW TOKK. 104-U9 NEW YORK, J. S. GANS 6 SON, !TOBACCO BROKERS. We are also AGENTS fbr the brand Q. Z., which will be found constantly on hand. I.icoricc Root, se lect und ordinary, coostantiy on hnnd. 1 GOliiEZ, WALLIS & CO., NO. 86 W ALLSTREE'f. 1 29 & 31 South WilHam st, Tontln<> Suildi"ng, i LICORICE P ASTIJ'. T. A. LA WRENOE & 00., Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, .,, DAVID O'NEILL \1 EXCELsioR MILLs 374 Pearl Street. New-York, u ... OOIU!t.Dtly on br.nd & "'"" .... nmeatof T 0 bac co 8 ro k e rs 'I l' u ltE POWDERED' LICORICE, Vlrldnla M.aaofat'&ar"d Pu.-. I Turlllh mportetl uava l ,..0, 172 PEARL STREET, aa and Dorue.-tle Clcare. "" .AIIo. a .ritJ' of Corner or Plne Street, English, French. German, and Scotch I C!ay l'ipea. I O'NEILL. !fEW-YOU. Dum J. O'NEJu.: ...-THE ONLY o no: 6-PRI-1 CHARLES F. OSBORNE, o.uc BIRD8Bill IIIIOIUNQ IT-Ill BROKER, WM. H. GOODWIN & CO., IUKOI''l'UUB& 01' r1M:U1' Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, !ra anb jlng_ llcrt al09 W.A.T:ER.ST,. !CMB IIW'IML NO. 15 OLD-SLIP, West corner of 116-107 NEW-YORK. M. RADER & SON, TOBACCO BROICIRS, Gum Arabic, OLIVE OIL, TONQUA BEAll'S, -..U:, .U.w Pla-.w!Jop, _. 'l'MIIccftlllll' -. ._ WEAVER a. STERRY, IMPORTERS, 16 PLATT STREET, N. Y. -. HENRY M. MORRIS, Noa, 99 Pearl & 62 Ston-t.,_NewYorll, I MPORTIIR AND 80LJil AGENT, HOGLEN & OWl'IIEM OJ' PA.TEh"'l"S A.:SD BOLE ll&lfUP.&.Ct'Uillm S or PEASE'S CELEBRATED SELF-FEEOINB TOBACCO-CUTTIN8 ENIIME. Hundreda of lheae !abol'savlng raeblnes ln me 1n Lhe best houses ln the country at t.f.>st the value of them. Having been tn use ovrr four Je&rl51 beea thoroughly teoted, and much Improved in all lt.a-p&rts, we can confidently recommend it to the manufacturers of Tob&eeo a.a the best and mo!t economical .ltlacbine.for the purpose r:ow known. Continuous no 1oM of hu.ts, more cut with lus labor, more changes or cut, and brighter Tobacco, tll8.Il with an,y other Cutter ln the W()rlU. in United Feb. 16 t h Patented In England April 12Lh, 1006 Patented In FraDce April 16th, 1868. Patented in llelgiam April 1Sib 1866. We aleo manufacture Ping Machines, Stem Rollers. AND PATENT DRYER. Por full particulars, addre&l J.IOCLEN &. CRAFFLIN-; Buckeye Machine Works, DAYTON. OHIO. F. W. BECK & CO., OF TH11: a.. E 1V "D' X 1V E And other well-known Brands of Smoking Tobacco, PACKED IN POCKET POUCHES. Pa.tented Deo. 3d, 1867. FACTORY: :1.30 North St., OFFICE & DEPOTS: 1611 Peart St., Mew York. NOTICE.-Ail inftingemente upon our patent, whereT manufactured or E][l'()stm FOR SALE, will be pi'GIO tutcd. This Cutter took the M. H. LEVIN, MEDAL at the GREAT-PARIS EXPOSITION. Tobacco Segars L u K E p 0 0 L :t;:, E s q., -+"" ... L .... .. .,.. ... I No. STREET. NEW" YORK. LEAF T OB A C C 0, Is the Authorized Agent. 162 PEAR.L.ST, uear Wall-It,, WM. DEMUTH I No. 403 BROADWAY, NEW-YORK. I. DEMUTH & CO., 811 NEWMfORK. HAUCK'S OlllOUL4B TOBACCO BOIES. Patented Apr!) !!6, 186;'. Eagle, Grmd' Mop!, Cabinet, Chimney-C(Itlkr, 160 Pearl Street, H, D, R 0 BINS 0 N' (noolfD oooa IWI'l' 01' w.u.L en&a',) For the United Btatea and Canada, 01' TKB MORRIS "M. & M." BRAND 37 STREET CHICAGO. Spanish Mass Meersch_a!llll and Briar Pipes and Smoke;s' Articles generally Jfnrtign anb igllfs IIOYT, FLAGG & co:, Louiaille. It) IIIGYT & C01 New-York. J. L. ADAMS, Commission Merchant 11 nso, IJttll au4 J'kDW lignrtS, &t., AND. LEAF TO.ACCO, Alao, OIIEWilfG AliD BKOXIJ'G TOliAOOOS, N9. 58 A VENUE C. BJUCK, IU'NUI'.A.CTU'ne& Or TH'& FJXIIIt 8RAl'l!tS o CXG-.A.B..S., """ PAT:E:NTEE EL RIFLE, 144 WATER-STREET, New-York. fttUo...n.c Celera ..,. ......_or \ ROBITSCHEK & TAUSSIG,. I tA NOBMANDI, LA AROMA, AND LA PERFECT! f 0 OSRED LlQUORtCS. FINEST QUALITY. I SEGAR S,. Poughkeepsie, New-York. 2!36 Delancey-!:it., N. Y., Letter Box, 5846 P. 0. _____ 3_1_9_RO __ WE RY, DW YOli.X. TOBACCO -GRANULATOR NOTICE. OU1' llrr.mJs, PL.&.NET ood .I.I..CHI:l'll' 4: 1)4 I(JI(, have IJec-n an ch:)Sely tmltM.'ed ._ .. ..,....te ....,y of ia. TtiLn. Goetze& JUXUI'.t..C'lVAIZII& ()II : roBACCO & SNl:!FF, &\NtfATTAN TOBACCO WORKS, JfEW-YOltX. OF AU., 011' and Prlncit>al Ilrand" VII\GINIA I.EAF, K!LLICKlNICIT, LILY, and BElt() OF TITE WESl'. 98-118 U J (18tlil C. H. LILIENTHAL Jol.Uil1f'A.C1"DRir.R Olf ) Cut Chewing and Smoking Tobaooo, 2a7, 219, & 221 Washington-st., eor. Barclay, NEW-YORK. And of Light &nd Dark 'Vork, Lump, Tw ist and RoH To b<1C:CO, Nepperhan Tobacco Works. Yookers, N.Y. CDEWIBG 'l'ODACC'O.l n I llild Smoking. Celcbmtttl SMO:UXG TOBACCO. I Granulated, Yo11og .America.! A Extra I.oug1 'J.'u.rldsh, Sta.ndand, B Smoking. Bpanbh, Neptun,., 83VOt"J', Loott Smoktog, Fa-ncy Smoking, Cabind, I Extra. C Smoking, I Fnnch, anrl otht:r Caveot.lisb, No. 1 Smokl:J{!', Tobueco. sNUPP. Scented; MaccoOOy, French. Rappee, Congres111 ancl Terms Liberal. Goods Warranted. Orden pr01!lp11y ex:ecut.t!tl. JOSEPH 1\lAY.t;.lt & SONs,-SEG.ARS2 Leaf & Manufactured Tobacco, No. 15 CEDARST:REET, 78-103 N:EWcY()RK. SIMON SALOMON, Intporter of" a .nd Dealer in LEAF TOBACCO AND SECARS, GIFFORn, SHERMAN & INNIS 1211 'WILLIAM-ST:3.::U:T I "NNW-TfffiK. --LIC9RICE PASTE-=XREJIELBERG & CO.,. IllPORTEilS 01' 1 K. & C," and "J. C. y Ca Brands. No. 192 PEA.RL STREET. We o:fl't'r for 8Ale to ma.nuractur::-s Mod tile tn eTa! aaperlor an(l brAuds .. t Llcorict' l'.atP, K. & 0. aad J. C. y Ca, expre88lJ made for thl8 matket and warnnted perfect Jv nnre. :NEW l' .D.. .D.L ,0 G rawlcrOIJreea, NewOrJea La. 11-1!1 NI'!W-VOR.K. .. ., -S JACOBY .... CO E. ROSENWALD & BROTHER, NE"W-YORK. US. G. B. MILLER & CO., L. HIRRUHOR.N & UU WI ., IDOB'RIII .uro JU.Rr.&CTUilDB OJ' tiSOUCITUIWlll or ....... IUII1l8 o ., Manu!ac\arere or and Wbole.le llealerllln All Kinds Havana ar;ad Domestic : 0 G_:!}-RS, CIGARS. SEGARS, ClJ.T '1' BACC.O 11 Ill (Iii) fg)J 14 fil rM Bole Propl'iett're of the ltenowned .&JID Dur.l:aa n (f)) If' 1.11 lit \:1 El TI d M t lit B d L E A F T 0 B A c c 0 SNUFF. lloa. 140 Pearl-st. & 108 Water-tt. oaCO an C f0P0 an fall. 8, 146 Watertuet, & L EDMONSTON &, BROTHER, f1m-cut Chewing and ,Smoking TOBA.CCOS, D1aue-St., llewYollk. B&AUII: UVIVER, tl-81 (NearW&II4red.> PEARLSTREET, (lhRII&Ideo-laDeJ l'f1iW-TORK Cor. AIA!dcn Lao, Ne-,;v-York. .. .lrBWVORK. SCHMITT & STORM, SEGARS, AND DltAJ..ERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 191 PEARL STREET, JOBBI'II Sclnrrrr, I GEORGE STORM. f R. S. WALTE. R, BEST Connecticut, Havana & Yara LEAF TOBACCO .'l03 PEARL STRJEET, Near Maiden Lane. NEW YORK. D. DUMONT, lllANUF ACI'UREB OP Pll\TE SEGARS, .AND DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO, 33 New ChaDlbera Street, corner .Pearl, l'RINCIP AL DEl'OT, 76 :Ji"-u.1"to:n. Stree"t, NEW YORK. E. SPINGARN & co., JOSEPH HALL, DEALERs IN Segar Man:ufacturer, Leaf Tobacco & Segars. 76 Barclay-street, N. v. NO. 5 BUF?LINC SLIP, A LAaGE OF CHOICE SEGARS 87-81! NE.d.ll W.! 1'Eli-S'I'/IEET, NEVV-YOH.H. .T.Q. ll'lnl'!q'A11"'* '1111 .. .,.., ..,..,, .,. BlU,DT ron IY.11BDU. TE tl'SK/ ALWAYS ON HAND. TOBACCO LABLES FOR CADDIES, NAVIES, POUNDS, ETC. FUR.l'fiSHED BY HATCH t & '".CO., Ill BROADWAY (Tnnity Building), NEW -YORK. THE CELEBRATED "'GOB:Jl:UO:O Always Uniform and Reliable. ---........---------------------All Goods stamped with our nome and warranted genuine. Pipe s cut to order, repair ed, mounted, and boiled. for wholesale ur rutail circvlar. & C. STEHR, )[A!IPORrBliS OB ENTION or the age for tbe bene4t or re-ducing the coatofCignraand Cignret-.l8totbe mere cosl GENlJINE & IIIITATIOJ llREBsoB:A nv of the Tobacco. thePocKP:'r .BBilD.B.WOOD LAV ..,..., prodncii1g no smell. and ndapted to tno use of any Cia d A, Tobacco. In_ two sizes and three s1yles-JAPA>n< En, Y an China P1pes, Segar Tubes, BaAY, e1:1d Sn.n:n PLATED. Sautp:e Machines with Tob ......__"'_ .__._ 100 Wrappers, sent free or postage on receipt o t '$Ul!l. 1 .. v_, -.-CU., Me. The hll!1leet Prize awarded at the Fair of th e Amerlll&Ji Smokers Sets, Segar l!!t&lllls, Aob alld Katoh J!ons CAM Inetit.U! e, Sept. and Oct. 1867. For pattlculnrs address I etc.,,etc. H. (}. WITT, r;; Ceda..,. Street, Yo'I"J.', UlJ up near 1\b.lden-lane, N.Y. of infringements. '11 genuine have my name 1 f'nr 1. & ED!'is.1 Germ:my, iUnnufacturcl"8 of pnlltcd on tho bnnds 1 .a SJJJTION NOW READY i'OJ! DI!JTJ'IKBY. Shearman Brothers1 Dl.u..JIB D' BOXES AND BOX -SHOOKS, Put up and Shlppe


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