The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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!" -- Organ of the Tobacco Trade. Of the United Stat s: fhe Largest Special Trade Paper in the World ,.... Oft., J'APU. Coplet! .... ........................ lQ Cent. Per-aJidDI. .......... .. I.-. o$4.00 To and llle C..dM, t1.04addltional pet aunlli!l lbr p,.__nt or post&lf" To B....,.; and the Contll\ent O! B11rope,l1.f6 addltloNol r.r nnllm tor pootage. To Auetmllk, etc1 p.1 additional per annum for f.; tbe pape r considered, uuleso C C 0 11Wanled by tbe aniout. OF Al)V.B'B.TIIIKG. Donllle Column. Column. 1 sq_uare <1 Inch) fo< r> montbs .... f16 1 8 quare (1 Inch) for 1 year .. .. 2!' u 2 'qdaret (I inches) for IJHmthta .. 1(;.00:; 2 squares (2 iochea) for 1 "1:1t 5-f Ql\ 3 sqnares (3 inches) for li 42 3 squares ye ,.. .. 80 4 f<>rfl mo M 100 .< s quar e 4-tntlaesf fnr I ; or .. 105 20o 5 so.uares (5 inches for G 1unutht' r;o 130 5 sqnare (5 inches for 1 130 .. 250 G fbr m 1 uth'-t 150 & q narct (U inches f or 1 ) or .. 300 nnde1 !:'""' Sal_c" HWanted,;' cent-pftt hne ror f:\ery tn a el'tion. 1 t b All ehanges In the erh!!f'tllcn e .I.I.D-ve o e advertising will be col_lBideredl unl e .. accompanled by the oorrepondmg amottnt. :rbis ru!e will INV.alBI.UU.T be adh ere d to. _,._ GOLD V .A.LUES OF l<'OREIGN C01NS. G!'dll Bl'itc, etc.1m. marc loanco ...... 0.35,(' lsch. schelhng. . . 0.02, l FoaxtaN -A. kilog,..mme equals lbs.; Bremen pfund equal&l.09909 lbe; a Hamburg pfund equals 1.067981 lbs. a voirdupoia. ;ExmBB Tu.-Oaveodieb, Plug, and Twist, ucept u odlerise provided for, 40c. per lb. ; Tobacco tisted br hand, or redluced f r om leaf ln&o a condition to be con!umed tile use of a"y .machine or instl'u llleDt, aa4 wichous belns sweetened, vre:ssed, OC' olhendao prepared, 30c. ; Fin&-cut ShiM't.s," SOc.; Fine-cut chew!ng, made with in or not, or however sold., whether loose or In packages, 40c.; Smolung, sw!'"ttced, etemmed, butted, 40c. ; Smoking, not or 15c;; SmokiRg, made cxclustvely of atems, or m part of stems c.nd imitationsthereof, Uc. On Cigaretlel, Cigars, and Cheroots, of all descriptions, made of Tob.aceo or any sub ecitilte therefor, I!Ye dollara per thousand. Snuff, manufactured of &obJA'W er any eubstitute, gryand, dry, damp1 p101dN, srcented, or otherwise, of all descnptlons, 40c: per lb. Turn.-Forelgn Tobacco, daty Me. per poond, gold. Foreigll Ciaars $3 per pound nd 50 oer cent. a-1 w.Jer... 8USIN&88 DIRECTORY 01' A.DV.BRTIRlUI, -:o: NEW' YOR&:. TOHM!CO WA.UHOUSXS. .Agne w W. & 284 and 286 Front. street .A.vr es Sam & Son, 54 Water. Bake;, B. G. 8on &; Co., 142 .Pearl. Benrimo, fl. & D 124 Water. Blakcmor;. PoLrker Co., 181 Pearl Bowne, R. 's.. 7 Butlinl; Sl.lp. B ramhall & Co., 147 Water. Brvan Watts & Co. 43 Broad. & MoorP, 74 FrGnt. Bunzl & Dormitzer, 126 Water. Cardozo, A. H. & Co., 169 Front. Connolly & Co., Water. ,. rn, 172 W.1ter. Robinso:1, 11. D., 100 Barcly. r Roseabanm A. S & Co., 162 )Vat e r 8 Ross im & Deili!allcr, 166 \Vater. S...lomon, \1:. E, 86 Maiden lane. Sawyer, & Co., 47 Rroad. Sch ottenfel M & J ., 158 Water. Sc hoverling '& Chapman, 26 South William. S chroed e r & J3on, 178 Water. Schubart, H. & Co., 146 \V'ater. Se itz, Cbas. & 81'0., 169 Water. !!'.eligsberg, Coh e n & Co., H9 Water. Sichel, Julius, Peh to secure any more fa we tp-day to con o'ur remarks to those vorable terms than those accorded by the new tax bill. }19rtions of it referl'ing w the tobacco inteiest In Members of Congress representing tobacco met.r must glancing at t part Ll 'lfhich treats of the be appealed to by written letters, and tpat weed, we ftn that tlf is ally raised to a uniimmediately, as the bill will probably be acted upon as form rate of forty ,cents, stem smiHrlug tobacco, fine-cut soon as the Chicago Convention has adjourned and 1m shorts, the refuse of fine-cut c ing wbacco "which peachment been finally disposed of. This is the last can passed through a I sixteen meshes to the opportunity for the present to effect a reduction of the square inch," and refuse so 11nd sweepings of totax; but if the plan we suggest be earnestly tried, it baooo, being the only of the weed that are will prove more fruitful in results than any method tax:ed less-these being condtwtned 'to pay a duty of heretofore resorted to. Let, therefore, the tobacco men sb:teen cents per pound. The tax of thirty cents in every sec tion of the country combine and draw up on "topacco twisted y and" is ralsed to plain, written statements of the condition of the to forty, while that on shorts is rebacco interest and the crying necessity for a reduction duced to sixteen. Snuff i il to be taxed forty of the present high tax-rate. Om recent Convention old or removed for at Washington dealt entirely with the Committee on use or consumption, i to bet ed a nuff. Thus it Ways and Means. This is all very well, and, doubt will be seen that 'the tax save in on e ess, resulted in good to the trade. but how much more instance, either been raised 'k4tpt at the present high might have been done had these influential gentlemen figure, in spite of the remonlh'iuces of the trade and from various sections of the country-East, West and the patent evidences of the irijury which is being daily South-gone to their respective Representatives and by a continuation of the pJ'('scnt state of things. presented the case of tl1e tobacco trade in forcible We can cong.ratulate the trade, 11owever, on one thing, terms? As this was not done then, let us do the next by way of compensation : the recommendations of the best thing now, and bring the personal influence of the Washington Convention last ..rinterwith regard to the trade to b e ar on these gentlemen in the way we have collection of the tax by stamps md the size of the packdescribed. ages have been A by the Committee, and, We cannot l e av e the subject without a word as to the we .irust, will soon bcc0111e a law,. )'hils iB a great viccourse of THE LEA:t' with regard to tho reduction of tory in itself, and we look for most decided benefit the tax. For the policy we have felt it our duty to to the trade as the result ofits adoption. As to cigars, pursue, as is well known, we haYe been stigmatized by om warning to that interest in our last issue, was not certain parties, nnd our conduct ascribed to the worst given a moment too soon. We find the odious ten-of motives. Because we would not blindly follow the dollar tax recommended, and all the benefits which course dictated by a few who sought to control the enJia.,e accrued to 'the trade since the adoption of the fivetire trade, we have been visited with the displeasure of dollarimpost will be swept away at blow those who thus attempted to dictate. Not to be Thus are we brought face to fuce witli another epoch driven from that line of action which our judgment in-the history of the tobacco intel'l!st. With that intaught us was the only just one to the entire trade, terest never more depressed than at present, fincl we have steadily pursued the e\en tenor of our way, and the Committee, whose duty it j, to inquire into the subnow not only have the pleasure of seeing that policy I ject, recommending an adhel'f'ncc to the high rates of endorsed by the great majority of t .he trade, but find tax.atil)n 1'f'hich pl '-Jc. to ita present our predictions of probable course of legislative depth of depression, and this in face of the universal tesevents fully realized by the developments from day to timonv of the trade to the evil results of such a policy day. If the members of tbe Cincinnati trade who in the past. It is true we are to have the stamp 8yshav e so unstintedly denounced T.uE LEAF for its al tern, but this will probably lose half its efficacy with leged opposition to a redtiction of the tax, have any out such a reduction in the rate of taxation as ex:periopprobrious epithets left in their stock of expletives, cnce has taught us will be just to the trade, while, at they should prepare to launch them at that illustrious the same time, se(uriug a sufficient amount of revenue Ohioan, the Hou. H. C. Schenck, Chairman of the to the Government ; in fact, the introduction of the Ways and Means Committee, and whilom General of stamp system without any reduction of the tax-rate, is the Volunleer forces of the United. States, but 'over to place that system at a disad vantage, and to offer a: whose acliievements as a military i kincl premium for its successful e': asion. Enough has been charity draws the veil of oblivion. Certainly their de written to convince Congress-;-if it is open to convicnunoiations would be more profitably directed against tion-that a uniform tax of twenty cents, collected by this doui];hty resident of their own State, than against means of the stamp system, would yield the Govern-the unfortunate TOBACCO LEAF. The Honorable Mem ment all the revenue it seeks from tobacco. That ber has far more power to influence the course of legis amount_ of tax would, we feel sure, be paid by the lation than we can possibly have, and if there is any trade with alacrity, and be generally considered an imvirtue in the loud-mouthed condemnation of the Cin partial impost. To double that amount is to continue .cinnati gentlemen, it should be tried upon him rather the present de;\d-lock, and to urge those so inclined to than upon us. But we will not pursue an unpleasant find some means of evading the tax altogether. We subject further. The gentlemen refened to will even have the great11st faith in the stamp system of colle .c-tually, if they do not now, see their mistake, and their tion, and in the great reduction in the amount of fraud feelings towards THE LEAF will assume a more friendly which its adoption wi11 occf(sion; but must character. As we l1ave said, the developments of not expect too much from it. To vote its introduction every succeeding day attest tho wisdom of the posi1 while still retaining the taxrate at forty cents, is like tions we ha,'e from time to time taken, and we are. pouring water on a fire with one hand, while with the quite content to have om course thus commented upon, other you deluge it with oil. The high rate is the oil even if some of our ftiends labor under temporary that feeds the flame of fraud, while the stamp system misapprehension Our wish is, and always has been, i11 the water that tends to extinguish it, These two to faithfully repre sent the trade in all its interests, and instruments, however, must be used in concert, or else if, in so doing, we ha1 e given offence tQ individuals, one neutralizes the other, and nothing is accomplished. we can only express our regret, and remind them that W c can the trade, however, that the new we are not the organ of any particular clique, or bill has not yet become a law, but has only been report-party, but aim at securing the "$reatest good to the ed. There is yet time for its revision, .and the striking greatest number." out. of the objectionable portions. To secure this end -----the trade must at once bring to bear the lever of per- 1 !SSOUUTION OF THE TOil.Ut:O TRlDE OF CINsonal influence upon members of Congress. Conven-CINIU.TI, tions and printed memorials and mass-meetings are all very well in their way, and to a certain extent benefit the.canse sought to be advanced, but a somewhat inti1 mate knowledge of the Congressional consciencefor Congressmen haYe consciences of a certain kindteaches us that no mode of" influencing thetn. is so effec tual and speedy in its effects, as that of petsonal injluende ARTICLES OF L"iCORPORA1'ION. Kn01o all JJfen by these Presents, That the under signed citizens of the State of Ohio, and residents of the City of Cincinnati, having associated themselves to gether as a Board ofTtade, in said city, for the purpose of organizing theit association as a body corporate, un der and in pursuance of an act to authorize the incor poration of Boards of Trade and Qhambers of Com merc e passed April 3, 1866, do, under their hands and seals, make this their certificate of sucli organization, and declare, FmsT. Said As soc iation shall be lmown by the name of The Asso c iation of the Tobacco Trade of Cincinnati, and shall be !litnated and shall t ransact its business in the City of Cincinnati, County of Hamilton, and State of Ohio. zation and election of officers, by giving notice specify the and place of such meeting in one or mo:re da1ly papers published in Cincinnati, for five days pre vious to the day o.f such meeting. .In 11Jitness Mhereof, the undersigned have lereto affixed their signatures and seals on the 26th October, 1867: J. P. Spence [&all, Joseph P01Rr r Seal], John T. Johnson [Seal], E. lt Griest [ &alJ, !frederick Besuden r Seal), W. J. Dunham [&all, Rich ard Mallay r B e all, George W. Harral! [&all, John. T W eig_hell [&all, llenrr Besuden [Seal], A. J. Thorpe r Sealj, D. A. :Mitchell L&alJ, Jacob 0. Phister S. K. Stephens r S e al], Robert Hedger [&all, 'M.. V. Sullivan r Seal], k. P. Stout r &all, Geo. A 'thornton [Seal], V. P. Collins [Seal], David Smitla, Jr. [Seal]. Signed, sealed, and acknowledged before me, this Twenty-sixth day of October, 1867. r Seal] SAM'L L. y OURTER, Notary Public, Hamilton Co., 0. STATE OF OHlo, Hamilton County, ss. : Be it known that on this 26th day of October, 1867, personally ap peared b e for e me, the undersigned, a Notary P,ublic m and for said county, the above-named, J. P. Spence, Joseph Power, John T. Johnson, E. H. Griest, -Fred crick Besuden, W. J. Dunham, H .ichard Mallay, Geo W. Hanall, John T. W e igh e ll, Henry Besuden, A. J. Thorpe, D. A. Mitchell, Jacob 0. Pbister, S. K. Stephens, Robert Hedger, M. V. Sullivan, E. P. Stout, George A Thornton, V. P. Collins, and David Smith, Jr., all resi dents of Hamilton County, Ohio, and in my presenc e signed, sealed, and acknowledged the foregoing certi ficate for the objects aRd purposes therein set forth. ,.._.._.., In testimony wlwreof, I hereunto set SEAL my hand, and affix my Notarial Seal, -,-. the day and year above mentioned. S.ill1L L. YOURTEE, Notary Public, Hamilton County, Ohio. STATES OF AMERICA, Omo,} SECRETARY OF STATE'S OFFI CE. I, William Henry Smith, Secretary of State of the State of OhiQ, do hereby certify that the foregoing iB a. true copy of the certificate of incorporation of The As sociation of the Tobacco Trade of in this office December ad, A. D. 1867. In testimony wltereof, I have hereunto su'6seribea mr. name, and affixed the Great Seal of the State oi Ohio at Columbus, the ad day of December, A. D. 'lBtJ. W:M. HENRY Secretary <>f StAte. BY-LA'WS OF THE ASSOCIATION OF THE To:s.Wco TRADE OF CINCINNATL : J AR'ICJ,E I.-KEMl!ERSlliP. SEC : I. This sliall be composed o' ac\ive and honorary members. SEc. II. Any person tobacco at auction, deal ing in leaf or manufactured tOb"cco, snuff, or in manufacturing tobacco, or cigan, or being Acting Inspector thereof, in the cities of Cincinnati, Coring lOTI, or Newport, if approved by 3 majority of the Boaid, of Directors, may become active mem'ben of the ciation. SEc Til The annual membership fee of active mem bers shall be five (5) dollars, payable in advance, and upon refusal or failure to pay said fee, their names shall be dropped from the list of membership. SEc IV. The Board of Directors may, by unanimoiD! vote, to member s hip any person who, from emmence 111 the tobacco trade, may seem entitled to such consideration ; and such honorary membership shall confer all rights and privileges of active during life, unless withdrawn for cause. But not mor: than one person shall be so admittlld m any one SEc .V. Any person, being a member of the .AsSocia tion of the Tobacco Trade of Cincinnati, at the date ot' the certificate of incorporation of this Association lll&f become members hereof at any time within six .. from the adoption of these By-Laws, and every pers.-ou becoming a member shall sign a copy of the certifi cate of inoorporation, to bii provided for that pnrpoee. ARTICLE IL-MEETINGS. SEc. 1. Fifteen active members shall constitute a q,uorum to do business at any meeting ,of the Associatwn. SEc. II. The Association shall bold its annual meet ing on the first Monday in December ; and on the first Monday of March, June, and September, thereafter. quarterly meetings, filr the transaction of the general business of tho Association, shall be held. SEc IIT. It shall be the duty of the President to call such meetings of the Association as he or the Board of Directors may deem expedient, or as shall be requested in writing by five active members of the Association at such times as they may designate. .ARTICLE III.-ELECTIONS, SEc. I. The election of officers shall be held at. the annual meetings in December in each year, and the ofi. cers elected at the organization of the Association sball hold their office the remainder of the current Ytl in which they are elected. SEc. II. A register the names of the members Tot ing shall be made, .and a majolity of' the whole number of votes cast shall be necessary to a choice. ARTICLl: IV.-DUTY OF OFFICERS. SEc I. It shall be tho duty of the President to pro side at all meetings of the Association and of the Board of Directors. SEc IL rn the absence of the President, or the event of his er of his death, or other diBa,. bility, tho Boara of Directors shall elect from the Presidents a President pto tem., who shall perform, fot the time for whi c h he is chosen, the duties of Presi dent upon individual members. For what do these gentle men care for the g e neral sentiment of the tobacco trade upon the tax, or on any other subject? It can have no b earing upon their indi1 idual interests, and it is only as these a r e affected that your average Congressman is touched. C a .ll him a rogue, or a blackleg, 'and he hears you with indiff e r ence ; but as s ur e him of the defection of even a single vote ftom his support at the ncx:t election, ancl Sir Congressman b e comes the m ost interested of listeners. We w e re forcibly stmek, in this con n e e tion, by an incident related to us by a prominent leaf dealer in this city who went a .bont a year ago toWashington to engineer the reduction of the tax on cigars In the prosecution of his mission he cal l ed on a prominent Representative from the Empite State, and, after sev eral refusals, finally succeeded in securing an interview. The Hepresentativo received him coldly, and listened to his views with indifference. Our friend retired, nothing daunted, and determined to make the Repre sentative turn a more ear to his statements. To this end be wrote to the most prominent tobacco dealen in the Congressman's district, req 11est, i ng them to SEcOND. The of the Assocbtion shall be to secure the b ette r regulation of the tobacco trade of Cincinnati, to promote its interests and influ ence ancl to collect and disseminate information concerninQ: it. Tmnn. The und e r s ign e d m e mber s of t h e or ganization known as the A ss omation of the Tobacco Trade of Cincinnati, and ha,, ing in view the incorpora tion of said Asso c iation by means of this certificate it i s understood and agreed that the present thereof shall b e considered and held to be memb e rs of the body corporate hereby constitut e d so far as to en title them to participate in its organi:r.ation and the first elect ion of permanent officers. SEc. III. It shall be the clnty of the at tend all meetings of the Association and of the Board of Directors ; to keep an accurate record of the trans: actions of the Association and of the Board of Direct ors. lie keep a of the membership, and au account w1th the members ; collect and receh-e aU money duo the Association and hand the same over tu tho Treasurer, within ten days after its receipt, and k eep an account of the same, and make monthly re turns thereof t4> the Board of Directors. He shall f o r reference all documents and papers received bv tb.., and local and genc' ral stat1stwal mformatwn placed m hts hands relative t..1 the trade H e shall, under the superintendence of tlte Board, conduct the c orrespondence of the Association preserve a U official communications received and r :. tai.n copies of all his official pf\Pers, and' hold his books and papers subject at all times to the irJ,.. spection of any m e mbers of the A sociation and tr; hancl ovet to his successo r whenever duly and qualified. SF.c IV. I t shall b.e the duty of the Treasurer to J'(' ceive the funds of the Association throu(J'h the hands of the Secretary, and disburse the same"' on orders m drafts of the Board of Directors, si"'ned by the Presi dent of the Association and by the See rotary; and keep accurate and fa1thful account of the financial concerns of the Association, and make a monthly return of the same to the Board of Directors, FouRTH. It is a{!recd that when a certified copv of this certificate shall have issued by the Secretary of State, ancl the act of incorporation completed, of such Association, any five of t he may call a meeting of the members of the Associat ion for organi


2 and a detailed statement to the Stout, o. A Thomton, nual meetmg m December of jr, J P. ence, John T. JohJns 9 -Havan&, WrapSm1th, 8 ; P. Lorillard1 6 ; Dre w & Crockett, 7 Chas. Common l eaf lf-@10 pers (duty paid) 2 ()() @8 50 B F 11 t & S 2 J H F "'I lllediumleaf 11 @14 Havanaas't' do @ a ens em on, 1; ayo, 11 and 35 Good 15 @16 HavanaFJJ'rs do 91> 1 1 5 pkgs; Lmdhenn Brothers, 32; J. D Ke!lly 8 0 Haw-----Jlbd, 1 .. Hbdol a.-Hhdo.f ... April 29 lliJ oo 71-o---0---0-, 76 81 :oo 0 0 0 May 1 93 0 0 o o 2 98 20 0 0 0 0 :: 4 61 60 29 10 15 10 .. 5 79 0 88 0 10 0 SEc. VIII. :l\Iembers of the Associat10n the $rvices of either Committee, shall notify the President of the Associationm writing_ Both parties in the controversy shall sign a bond prepared for the ptu pose, carrying with It tho power of a confession of judgment for such an amount, and in such manner as may be decided by the Committee. ManufactU?ed -The expenence of the past few months in manufacturecl tobacco has been that one week only di1l'e1eth from another m and last week was no exception to the rule. The and the new tax b1ll seem to have taken what little animation remamed out of the busmesR. As Lo the b ill, the general feelm g see ms to be one of disgust with the enti1e s ubje ct, and a is exhlh1ted to let the whole thmg go by default, as Cong re ss seems detennmed to do all m 1ts power to enco ur::wc fraud and imp ede busmess. It will be observed that the new bill re g ulat es the size of the packaooes of pluotobacco in a very a rbi t rary maune1, and whiCh 1ender the law very difficult to comply with even by those who honestly desne to obey Its p10visions Those best qualified to Judge say, that r t wil l be next to impossible to put up plug tobacco m the manner 1ecommended by the Ways and M eans Commrttee Again, the regula tiOn as to the bondmg of tobacco for export, seems to us absurcl, ImpractiCable, anclmJnnous The b1ll piO vides that the tax on all tobacco :shall be paid at the factory, whiCh is a JUSt proviSIOn. Not content With this step in the Jight dnectwn, howe\ er, the Commrt tee, hke the fwctiOtiS cow m the stor7, at once p ro ceed to ov e 1 tmn the varl of milk bJ obhging the manu fact mer t;n< SEc I. Th1s AssoCiation may, by a t\\ o -tl.uds vote of the members p1esent, motl1fy 01 amencl these l.n1 s, bat ouly after thirty days' of the p1 pposccl amendments shall have been subm1tted to the twn. Anothe r absurd featme of the new bill IS the pro posed regulation regardinothe tax on dealers and manufacturers of cigars an8 tobacco, whiCh are as fol lows Deal e 1s m tobac co when the annual sales do not exceed $5,000, $10, and $2 for each $1,000 m exceAs of $5,000, manufactme1s of tobacco, each $10, and where the penal s um of bond of manufacture1s of tobaccb ex ceeds $5,000, $2 for each $1,000 in excess of $5 000 manufacture1s of cigars, when the sales not exceed $5,000, $10, and $2 for each $1,000 m excess of $5,000; Cigai-makers, $1; manufacturers not otherwise provided for each :tno; dealers 111 leaf tobacco, when the annual sales do not exceed i25,000, $50, and $2 for each $1,000 excecdmg $25,000 Thus 1t will be seen that the dealer only domg a moderate busmes13, is taxed more m proportion than the one whose transactions amount to much more, for out of the $5,000 on which the small dealer has to pay $10, all his expenses have to b e p:ud while h1s more pros1)erous neighbor do es a busmess of: say $10,000, and only pavs a tax of $20, or JUSt double, notWithstandmg the fact that his second $5,000 1s ne arly all clear gam We are sorry to see that so JUSt a p10viswn as the pi'Oposecl tax on ull sales of Cl""ars and tobacco by those not 1egularly engaged in"'the busm ess, sho uld not have been co ns1de1 ed and endorsed by the Committee ; but it seems to be the fortun e of this unf01tunate body of men to do those thmgs wh1Clr they ought not to do, and to leave undone those thmO"S whiCh they ought to do W1t b all the mform,ltiOnllec:s sm y at theu command, and wrth the entu e tobacco trade standmg r eady to tl1rov. the &nnhght of expenence upon dm k points th1s opmwnated Committee have seen fit to t1 ust 1 athe1 to th e1r own un: :uded judgment Thus when they have, by any chance, stumbled upon a good proviSIOn-as, for exampltl, the adoptiOn of the stamp system-they have saddled rt w1th s u ch 1mp1 act1 cab le detmb qs to connte'rac t t he good that would otherw1se 1 es tilt Thus the stamp system is 1 endeiCd :pm tially ine ffecti' e by the 1etammg of the p1esent hwh taxrate, and by the absurd proviSIOn with respect to tobacco for expo1 L m bonded warehouses, noti ced above. In fa ct, the enth e b1ll, at least so far as tobacco and whr,ky m e conce1 ned, appears to be as g reat a failure as Impeachment 1tsel Ou1 fiJCnds went to W as hin g ton and l abo 1 e d hard w1th the Comm1ttee whose Chamnan IS Mr Ge n Schenck, but apparenl y w1th httle eftect The Comilllttce had already made up then mmds to adopt the bta mp system, and all that om fi wnds sa1d about the nec essity of a 1 eduction of the tax, ap pear:< to h a e been so much b1eath wasted They asked to1 hrcatl :wd ha' e 1 eceivecl a stone -and a :stone wh1ch, "1\ e tem, will the trade strll farthet and fa1ther beneath the dull waters of sta<>"natwn I t 1R too much to p1 esume, doubtless, that the lllustuous Schenck w1ll find any mo1e time afte1 attendrng to his labonous c1utiCS JJJ lll:JII'Iiactmmg pu hhc opmwn on Impeachment to Llevote to so tlifhng a matter as the tobacco tron. Between the neces 1tv of com 1ctmo the P1estdeut "' Medmm leaf }g = Ch!ls. B. Fallen stem & Son, 5 L W Gunther 43 I6 @I7 Poundt-Bnght-Frscber & RodewlJ.ld, 9; W. P. Kittl"l(lO"e 13 pkgs Selections :Ut:a11De t8 J\f Falk, 48, F. W. Beck & Co., 12; S. Shook 109 Plr!11nia-Commonlugo @Good 80 @40 H. A B, 20 Clement Read, 89 Or(]er 2 Fair luge @-Medium 24 @80 v Good Shipping lugs @Common 18 @20 .., rom Philadelphia, by New York and Phllade;?.'hia Good Working do @Moaldy 5 @10 E p 11 Li W E b Common bright coal Light Pressed, line 50 @00 xpress lOpe er n e lll ggeit, 3 ls; C. cured lugs -Medmm do do 30 @40 Havemeyer & Bro, 38 cs J Scheider, 4 bbls L. Medium biight do @-Half-PoundB -BnghtS 1 n R Good brl1!,ht do Fancy 4035 @4S Y vester, 3 noss, oberts & Co 5 bxs J os. Hic ks, do 2l> = 14 h bxs, L D. Crossmond (for Mobil e ), 25 cs snuff, Medium do I= Pounds -Dark(for Galve8ton), 25 bxs clo, 1\fcKcsson & Robbins 50 leaf 28 do do; Lichtenstein Bros & Co., 25 do do.; lear 22 wo_Oadkoe.fideold. & Co., 25 do do' A L. Reld (Galv eston), Med b't coal--cured leaf @-V!rgmta extra 28 Good bright do Fine 2l> F1 o m New Orleans: S. Shook, 48 pkgs i'loe do do = Monldy 10 to good tJ BOSTON, 16.-In leaf, as usual, th e 1 e continues leaf do' F'::: 40 !iO to be nothmg doing, while manufa ctmed e nJoys a Good do do 18 17 steady demand, at pnces witbin 1ange of previous Selections do 18 @20 nu11bt 1'wJst (VJrgmJa) 40 quotatiOn s So rt that the prediCtion of our Ohw -In or to good com 6 6 Bright Gold Bars do 41 @60 fr i encl the Bulletin, in last week's issue is Brown and Greemoh 6 @ 7 Olga,. -Domestic h h b c1 Medlumand ftne red s @15 :seed and Havana, wort no IDOIC t an lS un erstandm"" of the .Amende d Com'ntom'd'mspllllgl'd s @13 perM 45 oo @70 oo Interna l R eve nue Bill, in th1s, whe n "'it says that the Fine spangled @20 Clear Havana do @-b h Yellow do and fancy 20 @80 do Conn 25 oo @40 00 tax on to acco as not been morcased thereby [how -F'et'd to com BJi 4}{ s:cod 20 00 l> oo about smokmg ?] The 1ece1pts of the week hav e Sonnd common 4}{@ 5 wrapper 17 oo G oo amounted to but 24 hhds Import"Cd same t1me: F1 om d o )lg LlVCl nool Orde1, 600 bxs clay pipes. Exported same Good to fine btown 10 @15 Conn Filler and St tim e To Cape Town, 3 0 bls and 91 bxR ; to Cape de Fancy 17 wrappe r 18 00 @llO 00 V d t l > hf d Upper Country a a lll CommonCigrus o s s oo @!2 oo CI s, 13 uws ., 14 0, and 65 bxs to Surmam, 4 @18 and SLxes 7 00 10 oo 5 hhds to Hayti, 50 h bls. to the Pwvinces, 1 3 seti8Seed Luif 85 @-00 pkgs 1dsg:' 15 @35 Rappee, rcnch 1 oo Fme selechons,1800 J = 95 CJJNCINNATI, lUay J5,-The ma1ket dnung the past Good do 20 @2l> Common @-65 week has been actiVe With an advance of 1c. to 3c on 1g rs Gentlemanaai" .. all gi acles of lea There bas been a good demand for New Yo1kSel Ltaf-Se H M ]){orne "M &N cutting leaf of good quahty, and the s al es have given lected Wrappers, old 30 @45 300 lb cases 24' @-f: Fa\r topnme 1 5 "G c" 450 lb co 29 --@ IDOl c satt s act1on to sh1pprus than at any p1evrous time lots ::, this season; low grades, how eve 1 have met w1tb httle Wrappers, new 16 @80 "G & F" 400 .. 80 -attentiOn. R eceipts ha\ e be en hberal, footing up for Rnnmng lots 10 @IS "JC&Co" 400 27 @1 k hh 1 F1ller s 4 @ 5 250 .. m t 1e wee 1,643 c s and 34 bxs. Exported same PennBylvamaSeedLtaJ'A o C" 25o" 2.s @--@ tune, 1,,54.8 hhds. and 159 bxs. Bre aks werelarg(',and SelectiOns 30 @35 Ynurrla" 400 27 @--@ th 1 h Fair to Pr=e 16 F G c" 250 2ll+ @-e reJCCtrons were ess t an u s ual on oftermgs. Sales Iota @'g "t f ;; amount to 1,110 hhds and 152 bxs, as follows onw Seea Lt

; THE goods, which are sold below the cost of tax paid It to be hoped that if the tax is to be retained, more stringent laws will be mlactcd for its Jil!thful col..leotion. We repeht quotations, though but nominal, viz. :l?i"r !Jiwia Pounds: Fine bright, 90c.@$110; good bright sound, 80c.@90c.; medium bright sound, 75c.@8()c ; common sound, 60c.@73c.; other qualities out of con dition, r!\JHP &om 85c.@60c.; black sweet half-pounds, sound, m:@67c.; and 11o11 to condition, down to 35c. lVesterrb-5's and to best, 45c.@615c.; half to bl.9tt (dark), 50c.@65c. ; do. do. JJO\uia:s, common to good, 60c.@ dn&; 85c.@90c. Navy -Pounds $8 75, 14 bhds. good leaf *12 OO@tl5 50, 4 hhds. nt $16 50@16 75. By Little Bros., Farmers' warehouse: 10 hbds. lugs at 15 85@17 90, 15 bhds. low leaf at $10 00@$10 75, 33 bhds. good at $12 00@$16 00, 2 bhds. bright at $17 00 @818 00, 1 bx *14 00, 7 bhds. logs. at f6 iQ@ 7 55, 10 bMs. low le!U' at 18 16@{11 '16, 17 hhds. good at 112 OO@t15 00, 8 bhds bright at $15 50@t28 75, 7 bxs. at Ill 75@2150. PITERSB1JRG, May 16,-Messrs. R.. A. YOc.; selectrons, 30c.@35c. Manufacturing Leaf. bad Tow ard!! the latter part, and-up to the --Common fille1s, dmk, Btc.@9tc.; do, bnght, IOc@ close of to day's sales, a marked 1mprovement was llc.; good do., da1 k, lOc.{ltllc.; do., blight, 12c@ noticeable in all grades. Shipping and stemmmg <>Oc com1no da k 12c @l3c do b ht tobaccog w er e very active aPd prices fi1m and ad' anc ; n wrappers, r G ; ., ng Vic @20c.; good to fine, dark, 14c @18c ; do, bright, incr. vYe note a g1eat scarcity of lugs so far m the 25c. crop, and they ate much m request. Yellow According to the As essor's hooks, the total receipts mq.nufa c turm,., tobaccos, both fillers and wrappers, Me of tobacco from 1 to 1\'Iay 1, aggregate m good supply and at comparatively low pri ces The 14,467 hhds., valued at $518,820 Of tlns amount sales of the week have been 1,098 hhds., 292 tierces, and 4,287 bhdg. were received during the month of Apnl. 74 boxes, within Iange of the following quotations }lfamifacturi11[12'obacco .-Lugs-Uommon to medmm LYNCBBIJRG, !Ua) 16.-Mes:srs. YoUNGER & Co, dark working, $3i@t17; good dark working-, $7t@ 9; tobacco co mmission merchants, report sun-cured, com, $7@$10; do do., good, $11@$12, coalWe l:uwe little to note m the tobacco market cured common $9@!1\15; do do, bught, $15@$25; do. during the past w ee k. The J"eceipts of pressed tobacdo., funcv, 20@ 40. Leaf-Common dark working, $7 cos me increasing, "1\hile those of loose parcels are @$9; medium, do. do, 9@$11; good, do. do., f\12@ decteaRmg. Inspected dnung the week, 259 hhds $14; fine and wtappmg, 19; sun-cmed, $13@830; against 231 last week, bemg an increase in bhds. ot yellow wrappers, common, $20@ 35; yellow: wrappers, 28. Received dtumg the same t1me, 1,014 pa1cels of medmm to extia, $40@$100 loose, weighing 304,200 pound 1 s, being a decrease in Sltippinrt Tobacco.Lugs-Very common and heavy "e1ght ofloose tobacco of 63,600. The market has been weights, $ii{t@$6t; medium, $7@Mt; good, $9@ 10 active, and prices firm at fotmer quotations We Lcaf:-Englisli shipping, 814@120; Continental ship hear of great complaint among planters m regard to ping, $l4@t;ZO. tobacco plants. They say that they ha,e been' ery Tobacco.-Leaf--Common, $9@$12; good, senously damaged by the fiy, and some r epoit that their $IS@$l6 ; fine, $I7@$20 plants beds have been entirely destwyed. Should the plesent unfavorable weather continue for a few days ST. LOUIS. May u.-Mess rs. HAYSES & HETD relonger, it will greatly dimmish the c1op of tobacco in port the sollth and southwestern portiOns of thrs State. Receipts and have been larger, the demand more active, and pnces of the lower grades have ruled MONTREAL, May 15.-Reported by Messrs. BATH! bicrher than durin<>" the previous week, and the better (',ATE & BRo. foi TaE TonACCO LEAF I qu0alitres have be:n steady and firm tbrou,.,hout the The market has ruled qmet mnd steady this week weeK Recerved 480 hhdS. 3'"':1mst 384 of prevwus have not been so large for the t\1 o 1 week. "' "eeks pre\ ions, the only worthy of mention beSales from Thu{sday to inclusive 286 hbds. ing 300 bx tens, of :Montteal manufacture, and 500 and 28 boxes Passecl rejected in the same paddies bugbt solace at a figu1e much heloiV nommal t1me only 77 hhds. and as follows. quotations. Inferior ten a1e being offered at a' e1 y Thursday-Sales 81 at 81 40 1 at $4 10, low lot as low as Sc. iu bond; good to 1,3 at $5 10@ 6 80, 15 50, lS at $9@$9 so, fine, 15c.@l'7<>. 27 at $10@$12 75 5 75, I at $16 75, 1 at The husmess American tobaccos has been ac:h e, $19, and 1 at ifi35' : 5 :at $5 10@$7 80, and the stock bemg large and "\\ell-assorted, a considei" 2 at $16 75@$17, and 1 29. Bids on 15 hhds. able amount of fine goods has been placed, although at at *+ 10@$28 50, and 1 box: at !8 9ll per 100 lbs. were :figuies wh1ch are unremunerative to impm ters, who reJected. have finally !lllbmitted to a droline after boldmg out Frtday-Sales 36 3 at ... sll@t.5 60, 10 at for some considerable time. Bnsiness in leaf appears to 6 30@$7 30, 3 at $8 70@$9 70, 16' at 25@ 12 75, be at a stand-st1ll. We hear of domg. The ancl 4 at $13 25 $14 25 19@i\37 75-and 4 bxs. at new confining the of leaf t9 licensed ts ll) '16, H. Bids on 8 hhdl. al to 70 manufacturen;, It tafl"Ied mto effect, w1ll have a ten@$15 75 and 1 box at $15 per 100 lbs. were t ejected. dency to limit operations considerably. Saturday-Sales 46 hhds.: 1 at $5 30, 8 at $6 70@ NEW ORLE.US, May 13.-The market for leaf dur7 90,4 at $8 20*9 70, 17 at 10(8*11 5,11 at 812 26 ing the p.-I,. "&as shown more af!iQlation than at-@$1, :00, 2 at *15 25@ 16 60, and 2 at 824 and any' time before during the present seasvn, and the sales 5 bxs., 4 at 1113 IO@ili6 10, and 1 at $18 25. Btds on 23 amount to fully 820 hbds The den;and throughout bhds at $6 and 2 bxs. at M 50@$17 50 per has been active, but it has been chiefly confined to rich 100 lbs. were reJec.ted. heavy wbacco whetnerlul7sorleaf.ofthe Clark:IIVllle anil Monday-Sales 42 hhd 8 &t $6@$U 60, 1 at $7 80, Vi" estern descrlptions fot':England and the Continent. 8 at $8 40@, 9 75,22 at @ 14 60,2 at $22@$25 75, leaymg the hghter sdi ts, are mo1e partiCularly and 1 at $33 25, and 2 bxs. at 90@$9 per adapted to the French ma1ket, temporarily Btds on 12 bhds. $6 50@$lo 21i, and 1 box ao 2o J\ othm" has transpired tequirinO" any in our per 100 lbs. were reJected. former quotatiOns. Holdms hn1e msistecl oil gettlll" Tuesday-Sales 80 hhds. 1 damaged $4 30, 2 at full ptices, but they: have at the same t1me the d; $5 20@$5 60, 14 at $6@$6 95, 7 at $7@*7 90, 10 at $8 10 maud f 1 eely. The receipts are now lllCteasijg mow @$9 50, 36 at $10@$12 75, 5 at fn3@ll4 50, and _3 at rapidly, and the .f+ice ( ) urrent learns that thel'll i8 con*16 50, 18@ 19 50, $21 25@$36, and 8 hxs.: o at :;ndclabie tQbaOO on the way to tlils market, wh will 70@ 9 60, and 3 at $12 75, an 7@$20 50 per 100 lbs replenish and render 'tho on sale sull :more at-B1da Qn,,l2 hh4 at a..o.o, and bo at o 40 t1act1ve to bu.rers, who have, brtheito, been mncb te rejec ed. Btuctcti in thmr operations by the waut of !a1 ,.,er sppYesterda-y the detnd was steady and prices ll'n phes. We notice sales as follows, vtr. 151 hh"ds. lngs changed. Sales 58 hhds. 2 at $4 90@$5 70, 14 at $6 10 at 7tc TOund, 150 medium to fine leaf, at an a' et @$7 '10, 7 at B@ P 80, 34 at $10@ifi17, and 1 at $23 25, age of 131-, 5 hhds. l ugs at 7, 104 hhds. leaf at an a1 er and 9 _bxs. at $3@ 22 75. Bids on 31 hbds: at S6 SO@ age ofl2-!, 1 3 hhd!'. lov. admitted at 10, 1 hhd. at 20, 21 reJected 4 hhds at 12t, 1 hhd. at 13, 17 hhds. at -, 35 hhds. We think thnt the crop of '67 wrll fall short from one frOOd to fine at 15t, 16 hhrls. do. do, at 1.5, 6 bhds., do. to two thousnnd .bbds. in om State from former esti do at 16 do to at 14!! 14 hhd good at mates. 14, 14 bbds. do. hhds. at 12t, 7 bhds. at 10, We quote scraps 50c. to "3 50, lugs 5@$8, common 3 hhlls. medmm at lOt, 6 hhds. at 111, 12 hhds at 10, l ea f $8@810 50, medium do. $10 50@$13, goochbipping 8 lrhds. af and 1 box tobacco Tobacco on the way to the port of San Franctsco, Apiil 21, from domestic Atlanttc ports (Governm(1nt stores not mcluded), have been 14 bhds., 15 his., and 21294 cs. FOREIGN. ANTWERP, April25,-The market for North Amer ican tobacco presents no new feature worthy ofnotwe, and during the week l1as again manifested but little acth ity. The only transactiOn has been 25 bhds. Ken tucky arrived f10m LIVerpool. The receipts have been: 169 bhds. and 105 bbl per Johannes, from New Y 01 k ; 5 bls per .J)olOtVJS Norberla, from ana; 49 hhds. and 38 bales from England, and 9 hhds. from Holland, by the interior. !MSTERD!M, April U,-Tlie market for all kinds dming the past week bas been very quiet, and the sales of North American tobacco have been only 10 hhds. Maryland, The actual stock on hand to date is 315 hbds. :Md., 888 bls. Brazil, 400 do Rio Grande, 4,814 bb. Java, and 61 ceroons Havana. BREMEN, April 25,-The durirlg the past week for North American tobacco has continued and the market hBB shown a fnir degree of activity. The sales have b n1 rom store 0 hhd browa middling to owu; 18 heavy to middling hb st 699"011. seed leaf. In South American and West Indian there were sold from first hands 258 o v 26 dQ, uba, 345 do. Carmen, 5 do. a yra, 1 b B 25 do. Cumanacoa, 30 bsktltl V.aH rolU, and .0 do. do.leaf / BAMB1JRG, !trll .U.-There continue to be very little doing in North American t o, ind the mar ket has been dull "titbout any trail trollS worthyof notwe. For other kinds there has been a good demand, and we note the following ffOJ!l rst bands, viz.: 30 ceroons new Ha' ana, 1,010 do. St. Domingo, 1,665 bls 13razil, and 300 rolls do. At pttblic auction the following parc&ls were disposed of dwing the week, v1z 536 bls. Brazil, 6t@6 96 sch., and 105 bls. Rico from BAV!N!, May 9.-The reduced stock of old leaf and the late l ess encouraging reports from the United States markets have contin ued to check, to some extent, the operations of buye 1 s. N evertbeless, prices of superim fillers are fully sustained at $35@$40 per. qtl., while medmm and commo n qu11lities, wbwh nre entir e l y neg lected, can be bought at a considerable reduction on former quotatwns. The demaqd for new Partido is rather weak yet, arrivals coming in but very slowly. Good ave iage lots continued to find ready buye1s at $40@$45 per bale. It is generally anticipated that wrth larger receipts a heavy declme in prices will place The reports from the German markets bemg also anything but favorable 1especting the first parcels of new Part1do arrived there, buyers seem to have with drawn fiom the market, and, in conseqnen ce, no sales of importance have come to our notice. Of old, some 500 bls. of mfer or fillers are sa1d to have been taken for New Yotk at a P.rice supposed to have b ee n about $16 per qtl Chewtng enjoyHafarr at 23@$24 per qtl, but we have heard of no sales. The exports of the week have been: ToN ew York, 5S,309lbs. tobacco and.I,464,000 cigars; to New Orleans, 6,000 do ; to Baltimore, 20,000 do. ; to Liverpool, 42,000 do.; oo Havre, 20,000 tlo.; to Marseilles, 10,000 do. ; to Genoa, 93,000 do., to St. Thomas, 549,000 do. and 135,000 pkts. cigarettes; to Vem Cruz, 107,000 cigars and 482,150 pkts. c igarettes; to Porto Rico and 20,000 c1gars and 64,000 cigarettes, to Aspin wall, 312 lbs. tobacco, 184,000 cigars, and 7,140 pkts. cigarettes. KINGSTON, Jam., April2t.-The market for both leaf and mannfactuted is tolerably active, and last sales were made at 1s. lOtd. tor Ca\ end ish, and B 15s. for leaf. Imported clurmg the week Frotn PhJladelphia, 21 bls. ea t and 27 bx .. ; f10m New York, 18 bls. and 9 cs. 1\)af; and 2 cs. mfd.; from St. Iago de uba, 29 bls. leaf and 5 cs cigars. Exported same time: To London, 1 cs. tobacco ; to Li \ e 1 pool, 2 cs. cigare. LONDON, Jllay 2<1,-Messrs. Wbr. BRANDT's SoNs & C<'l. report. Om market for American tobacco during the early part of the month was extremely quiet, but latterly there set m a free mqurry for Western strips, wluch was willingly met by holders, the result has been that the. transactions of the mouth sum up a fan total, fitlly 1,100 hhds., w e belie' e, ba1 ing hcen sold. Of these about 800 hhds. were Western strips, which includ e 500 hhds. sold in the last week of the month; we can trace sales of 150 bhds. at 7d. to std 200 bhds. at 6fd. to Iotd., and 200 hhds. common for Ireland at 5fd. per lb Some Henderson ships were sold at 6d. to 6!d. for shoi t and shortish, and 7td. to 7td. for middling leafy. Prices were well supported, and the finer quaht1es, of whwh the selectiOn is hmrted, are now held fm hlgher rates ; the ordinary kinds arj also more inquired fo1, the stock of such being somewhat re duced, but the medmm classes, which compnse the bulk of what is offered m the market, arc less eagerly looked after, though they me held fi1mly. In Vi1grma stnps there )las been little business done, and their positwn rs unchanged, the long, fine, rich descriptwn have been inquired afte1, but are held above market value. Thfi transactions 10 Western and Virginia leaf have been very hmited, and we believe are confined almost I to 60 hhds. fine Virginia taken for the nse of the navy, and 100 hogsheads Western taken for Ireland at std. to 6td. per lb. Maryland and Ohio tobacco continues for the oolory descriptions of the former even there IS but htMo demand, and it will require a change iu the tastes of the trade to bring these tobac cos again mto fav01. Statrst wally, the posrtwn of the weed is good, but we think much depends on the out tutn of the piesent giowmg crop. We are prepared for a short supply of tobacco this season but the stocks het"C are ample, and although we consider prices wilt be well main tamed we cla1 c not expect higher prices generally, unless there be a partial failure of the 1868 crop. 1'he imports during the month have been 263 hogsheads against 268 hogsheads last year-since the liegmnmg of the year 1, 885 hogsheads compared With 1,866 hogsheads in 1867. Tho deliveries of the month have amounted to 1,086 'hogsheads against 995 bogs heads last year-since the beginning of 1868, 4,704 hogsheads compared with 4,272 hhds. in 1867, and the stock is 'Dow 19,163 hogsheads against 21,376 hogs hew yeai. Substitutes nave been dealt in to a fair extent, at steady priCes. For Negrohcad thme is no demand; of Cavendish there have been 11evetal im ports, and we Ieport some sal es of tens medium qltahty; puces are ve1 y little changed, if anything a trifle in buyers' favor; fine tens and blacks \Veet half.. pounds wanted. LIVERPOOL illay WM. BRANDT's Soxs & Co. repo1 t. A large business has been done in American tobacco clming the month, the prmcipal t1ausactwns bemg 111 \Vcttcrn str1ps, whwh were taken rather freely by the trade and Irish de ,1lers, and some sales have also, it is said, been made on speculatiOn. The medium and good qualities are quoted at +d. \0 Id. dearer than in Feb I nary, whilst the commo.Dcst sort& are very difficult of sale, and the finer g 1"llde me in very limited demand, though the p1ices of lOd to llcl per lb. have been more common this month thau A parcel of very common, mean, t1ashy HendeJ> Oit ,trips was diSposed of at std. per lb. In Western jeRI a mode1ate quanttty changed hands, there having been svme inqmry for ex polt to the Contment and Afuea, but the trade only operated to a limited extent, though some sales of dry leaf were made for Insh roll ancl snuff pm p'oses; about 70 hhds Missourr were sold at the end ef the month at puces 1anging f1om 3]-d for qnahty no better than lugs, 4.!jd. lot common 1 ough up to and 6id. for better quality. The transactions in Vrrginia leaf and ships were not of much 1m poi tance; a ,rmr ee l of about 40 ticrces VIrgima stups realizccl full pnces In : Mary land and Ohw leaf no change; the coloqr classes find some .favor; but the other ktQCls :ne qntte neglected. The 1m ports during the month ha\ e been 249 hhds. agamst 539 hhds)ast ye,u, su1ce the bl'givmng of the year 2,249 hhds. compared with 1,399 hhds. in 1867. The delh eues of the month are 1,423 hhds. against 3,070 last year, leaving the at 19,836 hhds. com Eared with 16,620 hhds. in 16G7. Of substitutes only Java has been inquned for, the other gro\\ ths being neglected. In N eg10head have no business to 1 e port; but for ca, en dish there has been a fmr demand at somewhat dearer rates fo the middling grades, as the stock of these 18 much re:luced, the common quah ties are dull of sale. ROT1'ERDAM, !prU 29.-A better inquiry bas e.x isted for :Maryland throughout the 'Past month, bnt the stock is small, thereby restricting operations. A lot arriv!ld at Bremen fouad buyers here. We have heard of sales from fir11t hands within the past few Exports of Tobacco from the Port of New .York. To Foreign Ports other than E11ropea.n Ports. To European Ports. Anhrerp ......... Barcelona Bremen .... Br stol: Cadiz Genoa Gtbraltar Glasgow Humburg Havre .. Leghorn. Lisbon ... Lrverpool London .. Maltn .. llarseillcs Naples .. Palermo .. Rotterdam Y1go ._.. I) ther pot ts T01'AL HOGSHEADS, ETC. .. ...; .,;a .. 8&' .... ... .. "' .. ""' -"' ""' "'" O.IA or "'" f:l);l --------CASJI:S AND BALES. PACKAGES A.c'ID BOXES lllANUFACTURIID lie. .. iii 819 "" ,.:a.,; <5:::'"' l>ojl);l ---.. .,A".; .,...; .. i:' :!l..; Ji .... "!! ...=,., iil:; s!l ..:;. ill! ... ,; l'oj! "'ill "'i:i "":!! iil)l ... ... ... 88,01S o a o o o o e o o o 1,108 a' :S:g;: .:::? !3:::: rn)!l "'a O.l< or Pol >, ------------ .. 20,037 1,01l . 221,So6 1,0M,709 12,641 .,J. ,.; :;e;; --1,.-t,u .. 00,627 12,095 U,965 .. ....... 6,878 llt,ll'lO 4,502 246,53'7 8'"' 1!,067 e,u.o 1 576,!48 1,200 12,382 1,224 2,4'73 '18,2711 449,916 2,38 1 1 Exports of Tobacco from all Ports of the United States. HOGSHEADS, ETC CA.SES A-"'D BALES I PACKAG!:S AND BOXES MANUFACTURED :1111Where to Amsterdam Antwerp ............ Barcelona Bremen ... Brtstol. .. Cad1z Calcutta Genoa. Gtbraltar New YOt"k Boston New OoleAns Phtladelpbi& Portland. &n .Fra.neasco .. Other Ports Total ... .. "' ... 8i:' ... "'i:i ... U6 .. g.w -t Jf '"i S5,2'i6 1,200 29,670 10,2'T4 24'7,123 8,8'TS 52,479 days of 25 bhds. l\fd. ex-Baltimp1e, and 15 bhds. do. MARKING PLATES ACCORDING TO ORDER In the ex "Ellen Stmoart. the beot and mooidurable style, espectally the latest ror Pack!k hy ROBERT ALBP..ECHT, 9"27 Third avenue, between Fllty nmth &Dd Slxtiet h street-s, Nm \ York 4t THE NEW TAX-BILL. WANTED.-A LOT OF SELEcTED STATE SEED wrappers or 1866 crop Addres, full particula,.., }[ R 8111; Arch THE l'CEW DEPAllTIIlE:NT PIWPOSED lJ1 Til:(:: street, .Philadelphia WAYs AND MEANS OF TllE :!i Ew CONNECTICuT SEED LEAF TOBACCO. BILL. WASHING'IOY, Tuesday, l\fay 12. 50eacslloesqlcctcd The object of the new tax-btll to-day in the IOOcasc.mcdlam dp do H G 40 CtWCS btndCI'!l ousc by eneral Schenck, in tcated by Its title, 30 ftllcr.. all or choice quality. ror sale ln lots to sutt Jllll"l:hlioera namely: AIJ act to reduce mto one act and amend by JOHN L DEEN 78 Water :New YO

1V'ew York Commission Msrebants. THE VmGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY. ESTABLISHED IN 1836. 1Jniied States Ir.ternal Revenue Bonded Warehouse, Thirtysecond Gollection District. CONNOLLY & CO., OOMMISSION MERCHANTS AND AGENTS J'OR TB:R U.LI!l 01' .MANUFACTURED .... _[U WA.TERSTREET, l'IEWYORK, Would eaiJ lhe' attention ot lhe Trade to the Celebrated Brandl ot VIB.GiliJ:A. MANU!' A.OTUB.ED TOBACCO : 0 ElDorado, Jewel of Ophir, .,.. Cream of Vlrlnla, bm.eia: ... -GMIIam's Wine Sap, Callego, Colden Sear, 1tt_,Mir's Queen of Hearts, i, Briton's Emblem, is, 'C. W. Spicer, ..-.4 ,.,. -w. w .Johnson co.. Oreaner It Winne, '1'. c. WIUiams Co., ; S'wpson & Chambera, Diadem, Virgin, Old Dixie, .... !... JohnK. ghlldrey, .J. a. Pace A co., Marris a. Pendleton, Crant A Willams. McEner) It B!o William Long, Thomas & Oliver, s. W. Venable a. Co. And others. ROBERT S. .GCO Commission. Merchant, 7 Burling Slip New:York, Agent for the foil-Ing Br1nds of TOBACCO: ANUF-ACTURED. SMOKINC. Jut the Thing Pieces). lt. C. Kayo' llavy. lleward of Industry. :P. Clinton's Extra Sweet Pounds. "-Virginia's Choice." Pioneer of the Old Dominion." Oronoko. Just the Thing. City of New-York. Seed-Leaf Tobacco Inspection. TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. 'Qaltifica.tes given for every case, and delivered, case by case, as to number of Cert ificate. ll..JL-I also sample in lrfer', own Stores. F. C. LIN"DE, '14, 76, and 78 Greenwich Bt. '78 Oreenwieh Breet. B. SOHUBAR'l'. JJ. FRIEDMAN .. B. SCBUDART co., camm.issic%1. j ALSO D!IPORTBRS 011' AND DEALERS IN .I.LillUNDS OP TOBACCO. 110. 148 \V ATEB.-STREET, .. NEAll. MA.IDEN-LA.llll, lfEWYORK. IRBY, McDANIEL & CO., Fac-t<>rs, AND GENERAL B.MMISSION MERCHANTS, 140 GRA.:V:tER STREET., THE TO ACCO LEAF. New York Commission llercbants; WlL P. KITTREDGE. E. C. WHEEWCK. WI. P. KITTREDI 1: CO., TOBACGO C!tommission AGENTS for all the POPULAR BRANDS OF VIRGINIA TOBACCO, 164 Water Street, A. Quarters. Jm B&..,, J.P. Willlam sou, LitUe All !tight, F""hlon Gold do., Blue Jacl Jerry Wb1te, McCorkle, ,- The 0111 Sport, S. E. "!!'!'lte, ..,. .. J?"xt.;; _::., .uso, .ltCGy.Appk,i'ocket Piece, Fig, Ncvu Sllllle, .It-IM No. 86 Peo.rt .. treet, l!l. Y, ld"ous fun.'fGBR, York. OTTINGER&. BROTHER; KENTUCKY... -:-8 Qotnor otl'ille; NEWYOBK ., Have comtantly on baud au auortment of all lfJ'&dt!tl, G4 Tobacco for Export &nrtment of the Tarious srades of MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, a priaiDs moe' of flle beat brands manufactured m Virginia and North CaNliD&. ALSO, SOLE AGENTS FOR TilE CELEBRATED "Lime Jack" & "Brown Dick" Smoking Tobacco Manutactured by John W. Ca.rroll, of Lynchburg, Virginia. ..._ W. br&Dd.J are, beyond I,U doubt, linee$ manufaowred, and &e aucb we in'rite Ule ....... &be Trade. 106 ARNOLD'S TENS. 0 'WATER STREET, NE'W V.ORK. Noa. 70 and 72 BroaCI Street, "'E"O::.::..:K. Jl.'OKGE WJCK.E, WU.l.IA:V '"'ICKlt, M.\NilF'.ACiTRKRS OF GUTHJUE & Represented in Liverpool by H:&NBY PUGH & Co., 4 India Buildings, Water St. FIELDING, GWYNN & CO., .l>LPB 8T10Jr.L CIUIBO B.trtTZUBT.BI'lf. ns Pearl st., Hanover, New York. STROHM i, REJmNSTEIN, N. GWYNN & CO., Louillvme, Ky. '.ommtSI.t!lhtU Tobacco and Factors D 0 M' "'T 0 General Commission Merchants. J.I-!IS) :RertreDCilll: liliOCKER, WooD & Co., 62 South N. }', FOR SH.lPPING, AND GENERAL JIIEWYOR.K, J. H. BEB.GDD. COMMISSION MERCHANT, Scotch, German, and Duteh Cf.AY PI.SI, Foreign and Domeatio Leaf Tobacoo, Aleo, Importer and Manufacturer of SECARS, lfo. 121 Front-street, l'IEWYORa.E. M. CRA WTORD & CO., TOBACCO 121 &. 123 FRONT-STREET, IIW-T-&RK, line on IIIlo al l l:llldlet Leat To.._ fclr lllU'OU -a:o.m l!BP! a.tOil <. "}.-\ ..


. \ ( ..... ) N.Y. Commission lleroha.Dts. TBOS. J. 8LJ.DGUTJ1, B. a 'WISDOIL ftORTON, SLAUGHTER& CO., Tobacco & Cotton Factors -J.ND-mmbnnts, NO. 41 BROAD-STREET, 97-149 CHAS. F. TAG, IMP TER OF SPANISH, .&liD D'ALEB. IN ALL XIKDB OJ' LEAF TOBACCO. NO. 184 87--42 NEW-YOBX. 9:..1.U O W B.VIRI.. O 1 D..t.SlB.L BUUKO. B. & D. BENRIMO, LEAF TOBACCO, l24 WATER-STREET, NEW-l"O:RK, llae on oale &II klndo of LIUF T OB ACCO for J:X:PORT mtl HOME U SE. 52-108 u:w ....... .... LEVY &; NEWGASS, Commission Merchants, .l.D DIU LBB8 Uf Connecticut Seed and Havana LEAF TOBACCOS AND SEGARS. Ne. 173 W..t.TER-8TREET, JlEWYOB.K. JOHN T. HARRIS & CO., TO 8 A C c o Commission Merchants, ) 80 J'BO!T'l'BTBEET, NEW-YORK. -.... -. lloncled Watehoue 'l'hlrl7.,."""d D i elrlct.. JOB11 T. H.ulwl. P. 8. Smn:ros, JJI. n. A Rican( G. REISMANN & CO., omustioa ilnchaut, l l A f @llD 179 PEARL-STREET, BettDHJt Pine a n G Ctd{}.r New-York. M. R. PEARSALL, Importc aDd Coii1DIIIal011 )(ercb.&llt of HAVANA. SEGARS ,-AND-LEAF TOBACCO, J'o. 23 South William Street, 0L.A ROB.ABITO," (12T-178) NEW-YORK PALMER & SCOVILLE. -toiMITR, PALKE:& & CO., ..... -... LE F TOBACCO, No.l70 Wlter-1t., New York. ... .. &_ ....... ur ....... c6-owz B. B. OBB&. 1. B.Cta. B.. H. OBER & CO., (8uoct...,l'11 w OBlR, NAN10Y k CO ,) No. 43 Broad Street, NEW-YORK. Liberal .Adftl100a made on to curselvoo or Correspondents b Euor,e. JULIUS SICHEL Suceeeeor to THE TOBACCO LEAF. & New York Commission Merchants: New York Commisa!onKer.chants. JOH N BRYAN CIIAS. l'. TAG BRY WATT & CO., Tobacco aDd Cotton .Pac ,. .AND General Commission Merchants, HOBERT H. KELLY & CU. wMmo iiiWriiAij:m & lobncco QVonunission 1\trchants, 34 Beaver Street, OF 'ESPECIALLY OF THE MARK DE BRAEKELEER & FOOTE, XANU FA CTU REBS OJ' SEOARS. Partaga.s, Espanola, La Bosa, Jl'igatIMrlcl, JJr. :!'-Century Tobacco. vora bly kno w n i n allS preiCITCdabo \e grc;t mauy varieties. uny of which {price con s idered) guaranteed to giv e e n tir e oatiofaction; Jllllde of the beot {::' 'Kecldea-1 1 othc ra. lt is _mannfllCtnred trom ibe ver y best oel ec -wUl b e fonnd equal to nnytbln g sold The two new material, and after an original proce s s ol onr .-, en N "e: and other f1111ouo o r o ld lear, f ree from o horts, nncl ofn very bupe-brand, "Y11eht .Jinb," which ls made of the Jlnest abling t hem to av oid c ompetition from any s ource. the ah"!'tiOD o! L.uwla .uro CJ.oea Btrr.Dl. nepec\-r ,_ nor fla vo r ; t Is pnt n p in fancy holf.gros boxes, and b:iht t o bucco that c an be obtained and the "White f'a!Wl'l' lc' b II bl j bb t to a e are unonng them m DoDd or Tax paid at oo u Y rcs pccta e o er s a "' per 81"'"8 Puff, very l o w-prlced artic le, wlll be round V!lfl' tbau market prices. ..-we s till co ntinue to pack mu : a=-nr.:&n n o u._..,. desir a b le ::ood. B r o w n 8 n u f f 8 t-o t':..!JRF Bbls per lb ....,.. ,_we -e...., .,.,.. p.on.Y m our Ce ntury F o ll. C t u b very bri ,.h t 1 35 J!Ll s 0 J-of aay boueeln the city,_ o ng. .. ... "" .. c> We Mlao keei> hand Blacll: T bat.ooe fall .._ S iesta. : : ;; medium e t ron g ......... 1 llO M ac"'! b o y Roe !!Ccnt ea .......................... $ 90 and grades o! y;;':iDia Weatern .':.a Wortb:..u J!b le., $ 1.2 0 ; half bbl. $1.21 ; k e g 11.23. M agcl al cn. v e ry mild ................ 1 00 Amert cnn, or fine lta ppee (p lalu)............. ... .. 8S ractUJe muu., Yer b y s Old Domunon brl!lht................ .. .. SO Scented Rappec Bergamot........................ 8S Pur e Vlrsrlllia Leaf, .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 'i5 Frenc h, o r c onroe Rappe e ........................ 1 00 Rose L elit, ........ n. ti5 .American Gentleman, scented .............. 1 10 Star oftbeWest,ruedium... ..................... 55 D em lg_ro, wi ne llavor .... ......................... 110 Jlelngdeslrousofmai o f CASKS. L:' .1W, New 11our BUrell &. Half Bar:cV-Y q:tl.X CHABLES C. IIEB&EL, leaf and Manufactured Tobacco .AliD Commission erchant, 56 Cedar Street, (IIEW YORK. HAVANA IN AND OUT OF BOND, Jl'o. 188 P.rl-med, -'o4:. 'III'IU.Ull 'l"roru""' OluaueT.--a. IIDI'.IJ:U. ........... G. HEINEKEN l PAUIORE. '.o:mmhsiou 18 IIUII Stnet, lew 'Yerl:. VNKART & Commission llerchants .&.MD 1l' ALL I:U4t5 61 J SEED-LEAF TOBAC I 166 Fulton Street, JlE.W-YOB.K. CiuJu.:&o E HUNr CL.UII08UB. li111ft' CHARLES E. HUNT & 00. Kentucky A Vircinia LEAF TOB.ACCO MERCHANTS, No. 110 Pearl NII:W Y011a1, L. H. NEUDECKER & Qtobauo Qtonnniss' No. 162 Water Street, New York,; J'EUDEOKER JIROB., RIOJnlCiWD, YJ.: .And other Charles Seitz & Jlrotheii, COMMISSION MERCHANTS. And Dealen Ia Cigars and ;Leaf .<1 U9 WATlma 8TBII!ET9 Clor. F1etcher li"-:., b1J E W. YC XJL 114-lGli


THE TOBACCO LEAF lll!Jilaadpl)ia )l'i)ncrtistmcnts A. H. THEOBALD, .orvr.A.CT1J&U O P ALL K.INDS IN'O'l, W .'d. SAMUEL L Y OU II. TEE. &ertla'7f. B. 0 !\IAR KLAND, SuNJtyor. JtJHN. 0. OLDEI', Pr...uln( COMMISSION M.RCHANT8 IN Pl .. e R n l "' r 1n R't.c .. ... t r11 ... _,. '""t .... and L WITTHAUS, Manufactured Tobacco BALTiliORE, BOD MANN'S Tobacco W arehonse Henry Besuden NO. 207 RACE-STREET, Boe...57 69,.61,& 63 :Front & 62 64, & 66 COMMISSION MERCHANTS Domestic and Imported Segars. \'-\\:""' tJr Depot for 1L Wilkaa Ill Ce.'s : BrJUmore Smoldng Wat e r bet. Vine & Walnut Street&, For the Sale of Manufactured and Leaf Tobacco, Cigars, eto. LEAF TOBACCO, AND OWO T08.1.CC08 nited States Bonded Warehouse. ------D.HIEATl', CHAS.BODMANN, Mil t F. L. BRAUNS. & co .! ue ..,. ector. 11 O:EII:APSIDE, BRJ.S-WM'" EISENLOHR, Leaf BaltimHe Steam Snllff 161, 163, & 165 Pearl-street, Consign e r s can forward their s tock s without pre paying the lire .-ernmeni tax. ANll -... IR. s ARR & BAL TIMORE, MD., TO CO (CORN:!B Or J:Lli ITill:liT), G. 'BRASHEARS & BON, CINCINNATI. MANUFACTURER OF OlGARS, 137 South Tenth Street. PHILADELPHIA 26S.CalvertSt., BALTIMORE. Belilg the olde.t es bl bJI, h s d mau nt"acto r y so u t h of i_j I)\"<\. m\. ... ,.\.()\"\. )\'\ \!:\' e\"\.o. ""\ '3 fhiladt!Jphla. and having ttll the latel!St improved ma-chinery to bu.einess. w e a : c enabled to Plrt('t fmporvrs r.r 3Une r lo T br&ndt FLB, c l off e r S NUFFS qnulit y,und a t prices as 1tnd .... M. y ..,, Ltebrice P.M"'t e F..1r sa l e ln lot! tt Tnoacco Commission Mercnants, '"' EGGJI:RT. J .11, rLLS. CIO. J'OX r &:IIWBliO .r'P J. RINA L DO !tANK. Will. H ABB EY. J OS&PII BROOK&. _____ ,_ __ U. S. Bonded Warehouse No. I, POW LL 1&, WEST' low or lower th:m &Y and solicit ij ait l>u .... c r.s, in bvnJ nr riuty paiU. J;f.I!1A.LBO SANK & co .. AUCTIOl\TEEB.S 1ho WM. A. BOYD. & CO., EGGERT, DILLS & CO. (Successors to WM. EGGERT,) No. 46 W al nut-atreet, C i ncinnati DIU.LUS JN 20\l T b C M h t AND Nrs r. w. FELGNE.&"'-. T .... 'laY t .... & o acco ommission ere a n s, COMMISSION MERCHA '"' u!100 Merchants f o r Sale o f S3me, LOMBAR D & 5 W A TERST., li. tr \l ll L lt1 Md ."row):.,. -JJ8. more, --. G. H BOLEN IUS LEAF TOBACCO, Manufactured Tobacco and Se[ars, '1110. W. PRAT,TST., 61 B n lt.i rnol"A. --BECKER & BROI!S., Wh ole l&le Dealers lD all tJnri o f LEAF TOBACCO. ... .. Leaf, & Se[ars. 94 Plpea,and Bmoken' Artfclea o f every descript ion. e UNION FACTOBY, 5 3 and 55 Rand-at. B.i.LTIItJORE. .......... w ...... O...,.IC""' -c--t. Coo.llt.antly O D buulal&rp quan ti ,,. o f CollDedlcus a.od ed StatBS Bandel Warehansc, First' Collection District, Fennsyivania. ...a.... ...... A NICOUB:M WOQDW ARD & CO., .. and. General Commission. Merchants of all Leaf' and M anufac tured No. 47 North Water St. and No. 48 North Delaware Avenue, SMOKING AND CHEWING TOBACCO Tobacco and (}I gars, ;r. A. COU R'lNEY, N 8 E h Pl M l'IIBOOD'IIVARO, P:E-III.ADELPIII.A, P A Pouches, Snu fi'-Boxes, etc., o. l X C ange ace, 0 W O ODWAitll. .I. large alock or Cl g a o alw a yo o o hand. No. 4 SEVENTH -ST., PITTSBURG, P A DOHAN & TAITT, MARTIN HEYL, W:)l. C.. PI:A.BB. .:V DJ&ed Bondetl Warehoa...,, Tobacco T 0 BA" c C 0 19 N. Wlhr St., ad i8 N. Delaware !n., llOYD, FOUGER.U l CO., 11'80LMti.a 111 No. 333 LIBERTY-STREET, J. R ichardson. G. W. Bishop. W. B. Haigh t. U.S. BOJiDED W.t.DEHOlJSE, J. RICHARDSON & CO., OOMMISSI O MERCHANTS, AND J O..BRERS tN and iobamr, C IGAR S PIPES, & c., No. 45 WEST LOMBABD STBB ET, BAL Tl MORE, M.D. "3:.lU.ll' .a..IfD KAlil1F AO'l'OJUIID "Tobaccos, Segars, 'Apatl CIIIMciUftt .... 41 Nortll Tlal.rll-.. Plll11Kelphla._ K'. t. JNO. T. TLU"l"> 5T PHILADELPHIA. Pittsburg, .Pa. -------------------------" ICIIORt M'CAMMOI & co., J'ACOB 'Ill A 'DT'I\.TER OBAOCO IU.IIUA.CTV RK k Or 'X' .A YLOB.'S OELEBRA.TE:O J. W. TAYLOR, J.OVII GlWSR. LOUIS GIESKE l CO., :omudJIJSiou DI!:,U.Jlft8 JX e -C LOOSE & C Q No. 4 9 VI:NE-STBEET, 74-9g CINCfNNAit. OHIO,KENTUCKY,MISSOURI,&VIRGINIA Qtobawr l\teuymrls, ..... H. GLORE, JR. c. o. GLORE. LSAf TOBAC C OSt A1ro DEAilEliO '" J. A. P. GU)RE & BROS., No. 39 Race-street d & Ohio Leaf f ____ o __ AND o 19 Germ a n St., Daltl.m.ore ;, W GAIL. AX. G. W G .&.-t:JF .CftrU-OJ' ALL DlfW 01' 't" \ s ::t..a: 0 K I. N a; OJUJf!CCO sj ..... r K x,> CINCINNATI, OHIO. BALTIMOR1 KD. IJbenl &dT&ac emeot.a made en .. !ll".UrtJF.ACT UR.Ind-street, Cincinnati. IOIUIENT!L CITY TOBACCO woRKS IrO, WEBT PBA'l'T-IP.l'Bllllll'l'. ..ALTIKOBB, liD., lloaor auor Jaolins & iJobaccos, Imponon or Oiga,n and Leaf Tobacco, and other Smoken' Articles. -. ..-.... G. KERCKHOFF & CO, WHO.LBSA.L:E D:EALBRS IN COMMISSION MERCHANT, 4nd W holeoal D ea lr In OliiO & COilOCTICUT E. H. GRIEST & CO. ( Sucees.Ors to BA1 ral Commission f811i. PBIL.l.DBLPDL\.. .,TELLER BROTHERSf TELLER, ANA.Tfi.AN A: 00,,) B.&P 'TOBACCO A N D SEGARS. II-" North Thlrd Street, PHILADELPHIA. N tlllQrk 'Jlbtrtistmtnts. lnternal Revenue Warehanse w. A. BRINrzNGHOFFER, f M WBOLDJ.L a nowBLL &: D1JKC.II FOBEIGir and l!olANUFACTUBEB of Pine Domestic Ct ars. .""". dKlnd of LEAF TOBABco General CommissiOn Merchants, coNsTANTLY oM IIAND. No. 39 North Water StTeet, 374 Broad Street, B'ewark, B. J. Plql.ADELPBIA. 6i S. & J. MOORE, T .OBACCO Commission Merchants, 107 North Water-street, 62-11 4 PHILADELPHIA. J D.ALE'Yo li Oor. T hir d and Ra.eo Bts., SEGAR MANUFACTURER, .. DK .. U .ER L eaf and Tobacco, SNUFFS, PIPES, ETC. Factory: 192 1 Ca.llo-whlll Street, 18!HS 1 PI!/L.ADELPIDA CJAMPB.ELL, LANE & CO., .TOBACCO & SEGAR MANUFACTURERS, CALDWELL, NEWJERSE" 195 UOAD-STREET, OW ARk. "'-l9 Nl'IW' .. TlllRflli!V Jlli.sttllantons. BEMIS & ABBOTT, FO R 1'111 S.u.B 0 1' .TOBACCO, SEG.A..FiaS,. A.:SD B 01\ILiY JWnirJ.Cl'U!IBM OPTBB IIIC'RAEL WARTIU.lf, PIP E S F arna J;n. strt, OMAHA, NEBRASKA. .Justly Renowned (!iuee cssorto BOLDIN & WARTMAN,) J:ffARA y o .uNG AMERICA. T .a. 0 0 0 .AND Refers to-First N<fln&l Oa.nlt, Oma.ha., Nebraska; 1. M. M han M cCo r mick k. Oo., Omaha, Polan d & Patrick 'Yara Our Hobby," ere t, Jmh, Nebr&Sk; _J. W. Donth &; L ouis Mo.; ----P hist.e r How, Cinclnw.t!. Ohi o ; 1.'hos. C Durant, Vice-to N Water St an( 106 N Delaware Ave. P ri'Si dent Uoloo l '&ciic llilrorl Ne .. York; & L Ra,IT, !UIC:I-1. DETllOIT PLUG TOBACCO MAl'lUFACTORY M. LEOPOLD & CO., lWtrthants. .. AND WHOLKS.A..U .DEJ...t.BRS IN ciGARs AND TOBAccos, Plu g aD.d Twi s t 116 IIIain-s t reet, LouisvuIe, Ky., Tobacco. P MUcu 1 a r atteotiob p ai d to the Jiurchase o f Le af 317 & 319 J e:ffersonaven.ue, "'!d sale or ltanullo.ct;.;re

P. & G. LORILLARD'S WESTERN DEPOT, .4 FOY & EARLE, Managers, / 85 South Water-street. Chicago, Ill. TDIAtCO AIENCY, ADAMS, GIBBS & CO., COMMI&SION MEI:ODANTS FOR THE SAL E OF Virginia Ma.nufactured and TOBACCOS, ;r.:tponen and wholesale DeRien in Havana and Do. me!tic Clg:ne, Snuffs, etc. No. 146 South Water Street, HENRY H. ADlliS, } JoBN S. GUIBB. c.. vu .uoaN. CHICAGO, ILL. 6 S 93 P KllBBSON. CASH VAN HORN & CO., lU .. NUF.A.CTURE!tS O.F CHOICE FINE GUT CHEWING J.ND WILLIAM M. VAN HORN & GO., 6VOCi::SMltS TO VAN MURRAY & l.IA!IQ'FACTUr.ERS OF Fl!''S TOBACCOS AND SNUFFS. 81W.D .. Imported and Domestic Cigirs. 80 Central-street. 1108TON, MASS. PARKER lr: CALDWELL, SOLE AGENTS I'OBTHB Celebrated Brands of Manufactured Tobacco, PILOT AND EACLE. 1 COMMERCE S1'IIET AND 13 CITY WHARF, WlLLIAX ... PARKER, BOSTON. HBNBY L. CALDWELL. JHIAII I. IIIIIT .1011111& IIUIIT. _HUNT & BROTHER, lliPOaD8 .t.IID :ll.uru.ACt'llBBU (g. HAVANA AND DOMESTIC SEGARS L. KlfiGSLEY & CO., llan!J}facturers and Dealers in Dometltlc and the CELEBRATED c. H. A UillB, } :N Q, 13'1 Stale St., O.F. Wmo, D Goouwm. Ha.rtford, Conn. GEORGE B. BARNES, P J..CD:a AND DILl.U:!t JN Connecticut fCo 238 State-street, HAR'I'PORD, CONN, L 7. IU..u. P.JI.BJ.M HAAS BROTHERS, llUI.l!ll8 IN CONN. SELEAF TOBACCO, .AD KA!{UI'J.CTURS.U or CXG-A.E'I.S,. !1811 Main-Street, D. W. KING, AGENT. Seedlea Tcha.cco, 164 STATE STREET, ti-M Hartford, Con.n. -----------------H. & Z. K. PEASE, OJ:.&.LJ:Re 111 CONNECTICUT Seed-leaf Tobaooo, and State-l1tl"eet, RAB'!'POlll>, OOlfi'W. L. IU.LOKON. a Dlll LUVW". SkLOMON & DE LEEUW, Dlii.JatS lN CORNECTlCUr SEED-LEAF TOBACCO, 4RD liiMtri'.ACTIJill:'ES OJ' c :J:G-A..R. No.6 Asylu:nl ... t1-eet, near Main, JIARTPOBD, COllrlt \iOliDCTICUT bacco Warehouse, 159 a.nd 161 Oommerce-street, HARTFORD, CONN. 1'11111..,1ar .,_lion paid 1.0 Uoo parcb..0, pacldDc, &at oarlnc of DIIW IMt oD collllllilllou. D. lltt. SEYMOUR. SHEPARD &: FULLER, uP AN uP c 1 cAR 8, Seed Leaf Tobacco, PLUG AND CUT TOBACCOS, Togetl.ler with a general Msortment or !'IPES and 21 4 8 TATE STREET' l S)[OKEHS' No. 9 Wutmi,..ter St., Providence, B. I. Hartford, Coan. L. KINGSLEY. SIMRI SMITH. 1 :m. SlllTH &: CO., SISSON &. H4THAWAY, Packer and Dealers In l;oDtJRission. dterc&.anta Connecticut Seed Leaf .._., I OBBKR& or TOBACCO, Connecticut Seed Leaf Tobacco, 3 4 Main street. HARTFORD, CONN. ft 10 J[A][PDEB'S'l"BEBT, 1 12&-188. IlUII!DJ.UI 8JmH, l J.F.Bm....,_ f (115-120) 8prlncGe140 ..... G. W. GRAVES, Fine Connecticut Seed-Leaf T 0 B'"'A C C o t Danbury, Connecticut. go Now ou hand 90S ..... crop 'H UJd '6:l. [109-121 R. A. CHAPMAN. Seedleaf Tobacco, EAST HARTFORD,CONN. J. SIGN 0 R, TOBACCO C:lOWSRS' Commission Warehouse, H. B. WILCOX, Nos. 169 and 171 Front-st., HAR 'l'FORD, ConB.. & JOSEPH B. WOODRUFF, Connecticut Seed-leaf T _OBAOCO, No. 283 Btte-atreet, 1!1-ll H&RTPOBD. COJIIl'r. L. N. WOODWORTH, DEALER Connecticut Seed-Leaf Tobacco, Connecticut Seed Leaf EAST HA.RTl!'OB.D, COD. ..-.&.U n6ll'l ataa4e4 to witll /.. 21'1 State Street, r L "' / BA.RTFOBJ>, CoDJ1, THE TOB,ACCO LEAF. urilersjrom D s i;Consumers .Ailil.ress:N97 Pearl ,St;:Rii:Jvmond. Va. J\1ILLS & RY ANT, Tobacco Brokers & General Commission Merchants, Ofllce in Tobacco ""xc hange, Shockoe Slip, Richmond, Va. Refer b y -perc!l!sln n tn AOJNER F. of theNa1iona\ D>tnk, Rlcbmolll1 Va. ; JA'1ES TIOMAS; J ... Ellq Rkhmonfi, 8. C. UOUINt!ON, l'csldet.t or the Pl&ntert.' ltidunnnd, V.t. B. MESSE!\'G ER J;; CO. 10 1 llmJ 1G3 "KcwYont; Meas .. tc. & Pearl-at, DO:Bton. S. RAPP a CO., Manufacturers of the following choice and wellknown Brands of VIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS CREEN SCENE, LONC JACK, TURXSH STRAIGHT CUT, MA.YFI.OWER VIBPOR.RGI1,NU. PRIDE, O.&A:NGE FLOWER, FACTilKY: Nn. 1-'Ftn .... llhbrnond VA_. AND Ofo'lo'll'l:: ,n. '18 '"llllauu ... treel,. New-Work. UNION FACTORY. Establlshed T:S:O:!!Ili:.AS J_ ::E:A.RDGROVE, Only Successor to THOMAS & SAMUEL HARDGROVE, }1Ca,.,.faetu1'6>' al4 O wne1' of the fol!owtn!l ulebrated. !n-and of VIRCINIA PLUC TOBACCO: DA.R:K. II LIGHT. 'rim BEST: I PEACil, SWEE'l' ROSE, I CHARMER, INDISPBNS.ABLI!:' WARD, VARIETY, RARE RIPE, TWIN BROTHERS, BARROW. AMBROSIA, I ELEPHANT. Main Street, between 26th d) 28th, .Richmond, Ya. GREANER & WINNE, Tobacco Manufacturers, Nos. 1810-12-14 and 1G E. INDIAN QUEEN, and Bowman's "Gold Leaf," Wm. L Bowman's JOCKEY CLUB. B e lle or the Ml88iulppl," P aul Pittman' o .. Gold Leaf,11 J. C. llillcr' S HFine Manufactory Seventh Street, Oronoco," aud Qther brand, all LYNCHBURG, Y A.. .. Ya. McDaniel, Litchfield & Co., (Successors to :McDaniel & Jrlly ) General Commission Merchants, No. :16 Bri1> BflreeW, Tobacco, Killickiniok, etc., 168 Nerlll Secoad Street, 1'!1 ST. MO. Psrtlcalar attention give a 1e all Coupnte, aJid PJOIIlp. rtlllllll Jllllile, PATEIT SMOKING TOBACCO CUTTERS. ''HIGHLANDER." day that emancip;ttion had not. "1 0 10," "DMIP TATER," interfered with fiis pursuit in. 1JINI1 WI' the least. He hired the negroes-. SJIO][ING TOBACCO. he once owned, ancHsaid that These eet&bllshed Tobllceoe, so well aad favorab ly they worked, on the who1e, fJet.... known, are put np in){, }9 and llb. bales or pouches, t el' than before, and as they ........ and In bnlk, t hus snltlng thb retailer &nd jobber. u...._ llannractnred oaly at tbe no wages for idle tinw, he found 8 T E A M W 0 R K 8 free labor much cheape r tflaa-or slave labor. He raiRes tirst-claaa L. L. ARMISTEAD, shipping leaf tobacco. Our LYNCHBURG:, Y.A. formant said that his w. L. BowliWC was that of all his who treated the freedmen R. A. YOUNC & BRO., ly, and paid their wages p11D S. 11. McOOIIKLJ!:, "eneral .. t ually. He is a ll ll n but a thorough free-labor man AND .t.GEN..S :roR Tl E SAU: oP and we hope will soon be a good:. VIRGINIA AND NOR'rH CAROLINA Republican." Leaf aad Manufactured have illibeallantf.:... No.4 IRON FRONT BUILDINCS, lords down in Maine A travele :r-P ETERBBURG. v A. through a count17 town in PowerMublne, ()apadty, 2,000 per day. whe1e there are no hotels ob--Warranted enperior to anylhmg In the market I A th t' R d' 1 1 d 1 d rorthe purpoee Fitted with SIEVESroraooortlngtbe n_en JC a Ica JOmna, tame o gmgs With a farm. er. h' a St h" h published rn NashvtlJe, has the follow The next marnincr inquiri[lwe ma e r:uso a mac me 1or gnn m g eme. w 1e I "Th f f h fi h' b'll 0 with our CUtters, makee a co,oun ouTPIT tor FKB mg : e owner o one o t e nest IS 1 the farmer said 'eig tyMills, Block, Bench farms in a great to five cents for meals and Knive, &c or the mO!t approved patterns, made to baccogrowmg regwn, as the lovers of and twenty-five cents fOr squirtorder A-ddress H. M. SMITH & CO.. tl d 11 k t ld th th b RioBlloNn, VA. 1e wee we now-o us e o er mg to acC<>-JmCe over the floor. [Contlnue. d from Third Page.] referred. whatever relates to a partic11lar class of subjects, as follows: Division No. 1-All that rel.ates to specia l taxes and taxe on sa les and gross receipts. No. 2-All that re lates to stamps. No. 3-All that J'clatcs to the ti\xes on distilled spirits ancl oils No. 5-All that relates to the taxes on tobacco, snuif and cicrars, and fermented liquors. No. 6-All that relates the bonds of reve"!!Ue officei'S and others, and the keeping and settlement of the acconn ts of co ll ecto rs and other officers.-A new class o! is created, the same as r ecommended by Special Comm1s wner "V ells two years ago, called Supervisors of the l'tevenne, one of whom is to be assicrned to each j uclicial district of the country. It is male their ness to superintencl the genera.! collection of the nn e anc1 to report, from time to time the manner in which business is transacted by assessor; and collectors. They are also invested with the power to rotate or change from place to place all the sub-officers, such as guager s, and stotekcepers, whose duties are prt.scnbed and salaries fixed. The bill prescribes the duties of assesso r s and ass istant assessors and the method in which taxes should b e assessed; 'and also fhose of collectors and deputy collectors and the method of of taxes. It provides tor proceedings wh!'re se tzures and restraint nece ssary in order to msu1.-e the collection of the tax, together with the regulat1 n for the conducti,ng of suits, remission of taxes,_ and th. e comprllmisi_ng of fines and penalties. The bill prov1des for attentiOn to f r auds, and penalties and drawbacks, and the fourth "l.ivision of the act em bmces several comprehensive and comp lete secti on s with regard to the execution and filing of bonds The fifth contains several, or miscellaneous section s, bri.ngi:1g together, in a complete manner, and under separate all the provisions of law relating to eac h separate department. Iri these respects the bill, it is claimed, will have great superiority over the ex isting statutesa supe riority which in fact charac t er izes t he entire bill. The next de11a1:tment embraces the special tax form erly known as hcenses. The num ber of these is greatly increased, probably double. The rates are very generally advanced, althoucrh some occup a t i ons formerly taxed are now exempted ."' In this sec t i on the manufacturer's tax of $2 per thousand, or one fifth of oue pe r cent ., is retain ed. The next of the hill is stamps, which has not been greatly ame nded. The succeed in g department embraces a variety of special taxes, including those ou banks and bankers, passports, and taxes on the articles me&tionecl in what is known as schedule A, which in cludes carriage>:, watches and pianos The old division of gross r eceipts is abandoned, and in place thereof, each source (!{ taxation stands by itself The bill provides on snuff manufactured of tobacco or any eubstitute for tobi!-Cco, ground, dry, damp, pick ed scented, or otherwise, of a ll descriptions, when prepared f or us e, a tax of forty cents pe1 pouna; andsnnff fl.our, when sold o r remov ed for use or consumption, shall be taxed as snuff, and shall be put pin packages and stamped in the same manner as s nuff. On all che w ing tobacco, fine-cut, plug, or twist; on a ll smokin"' to bacco, not made exclusively of stems; on all twisted by hand or reduced from leaf into a cond i t ion to be co n sUilled, or oth erwise pteparecl without the u se of any machine or instrument and without being pressed or sweetened, ana on all other kinds of manufactured tobacco not herein otherwise provided for a tax of forty cents per pound. On all smo king tob acco made exclusively oi stems; on all fine -cut shorts; the r efuse of fine-cut chewing tobacco, which can pass through a riddle of si teen meshes to the square inch, and upon all scraps and sweepings of tobacco a tax of s i x teen cen t s per pound. After the passage of this act, all man1o1factured tobacco is to be put up and prepared b y the manufacturer for sale or removal, or for sale or s nmpti on, in packages of the following description, and in no other manner: All s nufrin of 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16 ounces, except yellow snuff, whwh may, at the option of' tqe manufacturer, be put up i n bladders, not exceeding ten pounds each. All fine-cut chewing to bacco and all other kinds of tobacco, not otherwise pro vidcd for, in packages oft, 1, 2, 4-, 8 and 16 ounces, except that fine-cut chewing tobacco may, at the option of' the manufacturer, be put up in woOden packages of 10, 20, 30, and 60 pounds each. All smoking tobacco, all fine-cut shorts which can be passed through a ridaie of sixteen meshes to the square inch, and all r efuse scraps and sweepings of tobacco in pac k ages of 2, 4, 8, and 16 ounces eac h. All cavend i sh, plug, and twist tobacco in wood e n boxes of the followmg d im ensions: Outside measure-Eio-hths, 7 inches squa re, :1ucl 14 inc he s deep; thirds, 10 in-. tives -in Congress assembled : We,_ the undersigned, cig _ar journey men dealers m Cigars, growers o f a dealers m seed l eaf tobacco wo u l d most respectfully. to your honorable bodies that the present .' rate of mternalrevenue tax on cigars at &5 has proved t? be the most equitable .and satisfactory rate of tax.,_ twn ever assessed upon our branch of industry, and we deem the proposed f rate ftom 5 to on& cal culated to work injuri()tlsly both to the tl13de and the revenue. The present rate of as high as the commof:l c!ass goods can bear, and M they constitllte the maJonty ot the goods manufa ctu r ed if not en by a fair and_just rate of taxatio.'n it will sult a. great depressiOn of tbe trade in the anicle, throwmg thous::mds of persons who now obtain their living by that tTadc out of employment also will to d d ) a. great eg1ee, 1scourage growth of th.e leaf in six of the now tobaccoproducmg States_ yv e can see no reason for the proposed. cliange-buif.. to mcrease the revenue. We t .he1 efore would beg leav to pra,Y your honorable b?dies to try the;.et... collectmg the re':enue on cigars by making the Bt81DJ' a revenue stamp m!Jtead of an ius ector's statn.J?: 'sola' only to ticensed n i tq; frl!'t an count 1 vmg that Its su l?erwr efti.eie y to the present plan wil! provide a !!a.tistacto r y r evooue .tLis branch indttstry, without any ch t it ion. '.t'he grand jury a& aga det:nll,,_ y, ses.


.. 8 THE TOBACCO rHOMAS HOYT.& Co., TOBACCONISTS, No. 404 PEARL STREET, NEW-YORK, Manufotfturcrs of all kinds ol Fme-Cut Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, Snuff. Cigars, and Havana Sixes. OUR BRANDS FlN'E-CUT CHEWrNGt HEART'S DII.LIGHT NATIONAL. .THOMAS HO\'T & CO., New-York. 1-IOYT, FLAGG .!o CO., Loulaille, Kr. HOYT, FLAGG & CO., Succcsson to HOYT. BARBOUR & co .. & Co., .JODI a. 00. or 'l'll'a SOLACE TOBACCO, 114, H6, and 117 LIBERTY-&TREET, AND 121 CEDAR-STREET, H. H. WATTS & CO., -EMPIRE CITY Tobacco Works, No. 7 5 BOWBBY, NEW YORK. T. A. LA WRENOE & 00., (Successors lo WmTT.U[ & LAWRENCE.) OIANOJ'ACTUR!M OJ Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, 374 Pearl Street, New-York, Ban ooutamly on bud a larJtll' :t.Mort.meDI ar Vll"ltlnla l.'llanataeturetl 'l'obaeeo, Pare lmpor&ed UaYa lit& alltd CJI(ar. a 11'5t uit;w of English, French, German, and Scotch Clay Pipe1 .... THE ONLY M.&Nm.U!'fUURS o TD ..t.IOIU-DW YORK BROURS. W. G. ADAMS, Commission Agent .A::iD DAOE.Kll It( Leaf & Manufactured Tobacco, LICOBICX, TO:NQUA BEUB, Ete., No. 64 w,.. o. An .. .,.. NeW"' YOJrk, GOODS FORWARDED. "->.PJBOBliB, BDBY RODllWu.D. FISCHER & RODEWALD. LICORICE PASTE WALLIS & CO. IEXT .. A. Tobaeco manufacturers and the trade in general. are particularly requested to exa mine and test the superior properties of thi8 LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfection, is offered under the above style of brand. We are a1ao SOLE AGENTS for the brand F. G. Acknowledged by consumers to be the Tobacco Brokers, ma.rket. And for the brand of I ,JJconce Stick llo. 2 HAlfOVBlt BlJILDIBGS, G. B. ca:uc.TBB-Squ....,.,) In all respects equal to CALABRIA. lOHn NEW YORK. WeareatsoAGENTSforthebrand J. S. GANS & SON, TOBACCO BROKERS, NO. 86 WALL-STREET, Tontins Building, 1\rli.lW -VO >?Jl' --------DAVID O'NEILL & SON which will be found constantly on hand. Licorice Root, select and ordinary, constantly on hand. OOIDZ, WALLIS & CO., 31 South WIWam St. LICORICE P ASTB: EXCELSIOR MILLS Tobacco 8rokerS11 l'UltE POWDERED LICORICE, No. 172 PEARL STREET, Corner or Plne Street, D-A.VID O'Nv.1LI .. CHARLES F. OSBORNE, Gum Arabic, OLIVE TONQUA BEAJ(S, HOGLEN & OWa'BRS OF P.l,.Elfl'S AJ:D BOL'f H.&JftJP.i.C"fUtUU\S Olr Hundredo cf lheoe MadWJeo lo. UJe in the best hause1 tn the country at test the value of them. Raving beea tn use over for yeaf'!l, beeR thoroughl.}r and mueh lmpr-oTed In aU its we can coDildentcy recommend lt to the manufa.cturert of Toltacco a1 the bt:9t and most economical Machine for the purpcse now known. Oontlnuous feed, no loas of btlta, more eut wt1h less labor,more changes of cut, and brighter Tobacco, Ulan with any otloer Outler In the world. e Patented in United Peb. 16th. Patenled in England April 12th, 1800 Pa.tea.ted Jn France AprU 16th, 1866. Patented in Ilelglum Aprll1Sth, 1800. We a.I.Jo manufacture Ping Machines, Stem Rollers. PATENT lor full partlcularJ, addreaa ... OCLEN lr. CRAFFLIN, Bnckeye Tobacco Ma.ohine Works, D.A YTON. OHIOF. W. BECK & CO., And other well-known Brands of Smoking Tobacco, PACKED IN POCKET POUCHZ8. Patented Dec. 3d, 1867. F.A.CTOBY: North. St., B .. ltmo,..,, N:4. OFFICE & DEPOTS: 161i Pearl St., Mew York. NOTICE.-AII infringements upon onr patent, '!rhe!'eftll manufactured or EXP03n POR S.u.E, will be p-. en ted. This Cutter took the M. H. LEVIN, MEDAL at the GREAT PARIS EXPOSITION. Tobacco Dliind, Segars L U K E P 0 0 L E' E S q o ot.&B 10 t.L .,.,. I No. W' ATER STREET. NE"" Is the Authorized A2:ent. WM. DEMUTH I CO., L E A F T OB A C C 0, 162 PEARL-ST, near Wall-st.., Si N EWYORK. TOBACCO BROKER, O..t..N BIRDUYK BMOJrniG TOB..t.OOO. 1'1-11 J 07 and 1.09 Second St.. WM. H. GOODWIN & CO._ b4 otllr :rJa'nlrblp, 1'01 'l'o...,.,lllt1' .... ., N 403 BROADWAY, NEW-YORK. HAUCK'S CIBCVLAB LOUISVILLE, KY., Mmfa&re11 of tile followinc celebrated brando of F1mCuT CHEWING ToaACCOt SUNNYSIDE, liW.GET OWEN, ROSE-BUD. K!LLICKINICK SMOKINB ToBAccoa.. Eagle, Cabinet, IUlllO'll'.lCTO..U OJ' I!"'W-c:rut' T obacco, Snuff & fear aub flug tO't & 101 WATER-ST., IIVIIIL NO. 15 OLD-SLIP, West corner of Water-street, 6&-107 NEW-YORK. M. RADER & SON, TOBACCO BROK.ERs, WEAVER & STERRY, IMPORTERS, 16 PLATT STREET, N. Y ill--81 Htl'HtY M. MORRIS, Nos.l>9 Pearl-k [\!PORTElL Al\'0 SOLE AGIAOTORY-14/.i DII'Guw ..,......, ........_n. CniR-811 ll'aon sraor. N-T-. ijO SELLING .A.GBN'I'8. Banufactured a.n:d Lea.f "FOBACCO, .l.OO Bardt.r.fl D. H. McALPIN & CO., XJ.RtJi'ACTURTat.S OJ' 'I'D JhwY nr k A uctioneen. GERARD BETTS & CO., Ge'IU3ral A.uctionee'rs AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 'f OLD SLIP, door from Hanover Square !lEW YOaK. GEORG 8, REED I. CO., __ CELEBRATED :FINE-CUT GENERAL AU'CTIONEERS, LIQUORICE PASTE. Vir(iH Leaf and Navy Cbei1ll[, e .. eedar Street, A. P. FRANCIA, ..lli'D ALL KINDS OJ' SM0KING-TOBACCO, ., .llfD DllLXU nt Stgfti's, Plag Tobouo, Snll"1 Snlr Flovr1 &eo AND SALESROOM, flio. 715, 77, and 78 Avenue D, Ne'" York CitY ..:..---JOS.ti.J;J H. Importer of Near Broadway, GEORO:Z B. XEED, 10:a Pearl St., N. Y. SEIDENBERG & CO., WPORTERS OJ' UD DBA.LF.KS IN FOREIGN & DOMESTIC G. & F. Cahill & Co., X:X, MF, and FGF brane .. _ped wiu. Ol1t' ome. BU01URAJJ & LYALL. New-York. .B. BARNES, Apnt, 1-. Dootoo. 0. Goetze & Bro., r.oBACCO & SNUFF, MANtiATTA-N TOBAPOO WORKS, llll 8 Waohingtoln Street lfEW-'!IIRX. _,i: & SONS, MRS. G. B. MILLER & CO., 2156 Delanceyst., N. Y., and Prindpl\1 Rra nd!!o: LEAF, Kir1LlCKINICK, LlLY, and HERO O F TilE Wli'.ST. 93-118 Ko,,.UI1>U':!.L [1803. H. Cut Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, !11', itt, a; HI cor. aartJay, NEW-YORK. And of Light and D11rk Work, Lump, Twist, and BoD To-bcco. Nepperhan Tobacco Works, N .. Y. ouswrso TOBAcco. B ChewiDa. f MUd Smoking. 'fhe Celebl'&ted. S:M'OI:IBG TOBACCO. Granulated, Young Amerlc&! A Extr& Long, IJ'urklsh, Stllru\ard, B Smoking, Spanlab, Csblnt-t, Extra 0 Smoklngt Frtneb, aud other Nelttan,., Savo-ry, Loog Smoldng. 11ancy8moklDr, No. 1 8m.oktog, Tottaoco. SNUFF'. Scented, Maceo boy, Prench Rappee, Congreee, and Scotch. Terms Liberal Goods Warranted. Orden promptly executed. SEGARS, Leaf & Manufactured Tobacco, No. 15 CEDAR-STREET, 78-103 SIMON SALOMON, Impo't"tf!r of (lful. ''" LBAP. TOBACCO AND SECARS, 56-67 LICOB.l:CE PASTE. KREDLBERG & CO., J){P()Rrns otr "K. & C." and "J. C. y Ca Brands. No. PEA.DL STREET, Weoll'f Licorice Pute, K. & C. Md J. C. y Ca, expreuly made fol' this JOHN A, HARTCORK; .... uuaru ... Powdered LICOriCe Root FIME SEGABS, -ANDLicorice N0.150 NEW-YORK. Tobacco Manufacturer are invited to M. & CO., examine our Brands, and test their qual.a.lfUrJ.onraat\ or ltlf lty. BEG-AR..S & CO., 111 :BROADWAY (Trm1ty :Building), NEWYORK. H. D. DUMONT, S. S. EDMONSTIN & IIIIOTHER, liANUPAarumm or THE CELEBRATED Fine.:.cut Chewing and ,Smoking TOBACCOS, 118 & 215 J>uu.Bt.. Rew-Yo& .._: ........ OVIIUROI', -MAL. -----..... PIKE SECJJLR.S, AND D1':ALJ!:R IN LEAF 'I'O:BA.CCO, 13 New Chaaabera Street, Pearl, l'JUIOIP AL DBPO'l', 7 8 lr'D11:o::n. &1:r--t, NEW YORK. RECEIVED THE PRIZE AT THE PARIS,_EXPOSITION I Between 4th and 6th Streelo. KALDEN_ D E B G a SON, fRANK, HfUTTfNMULLER & CO, The only Wholesale and IJ, Ma.nufa.cturers in the United States of GENUINE MEERSCHAUM PIPES, AMBERS, MOUTH-PIECES, CASES, &c. PORTRAITS, MONOCRAMS, &c., &c., CUT TO ORDER (Send for Circulars and Price Lists.) STORES, 23 WALL STREJJ?T, 6 JOHN STREET, and .717 EI:R.C>A..Z>'VU'A.."Y. ADDRESS ALL LETTERS "1'0 0 oiOI-TN STREET. POL BON', JCanwfactt&rertJ of MEERSCHAUM GOODS John, ncar Nu.liSilu1 .UD 691 Broadway, nenr 4th St., NEW' YOR:IL Letter Box, G846 P. 0. All Goods stamped with our name and warranted genuine. Pipes cut to o rd er, repaired, mounted, anlty of AMBERS o( an Shopu Gnat l!li::ea. PATENT TEMPER TOBACCO-KNIVES, 011 EVERY Dli:SO!llPTIO=t AD.nTED TO .H,L l'HE DlFFEllE."iT POWEll AND llA :iD WCHlNES, MADE BY NAPANOCH AXE AND mON CO., C. S. BRIGHAM, Napanoch, N.Y. OW" long experience anJm. F VENTION ofthe n"e for the benefit of SMOKERS re-0 ducing the co>;r a LARGB NUMBER of promlncm shrewd hueinefls men, real debts of all reported, BECAUSE-It is NOT mace upfrom UNRELIABLE Information obtained\ by INEFFICIENT I'l'INERANT p oroons BRU:FLESS LAWYERS, nor AN'l'IO.UATED RECORDS. BECA U .'liE-It to a RELlA.BL lNI>EX of the opinion of LIVl!:, EMIN!!NT hnineoe men of TO-DA GRANTORS of credits, acqnired by Intimate BUSL.'


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