The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (4 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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T29-00151 ( USFLDC DOI )
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University of South Florida
Tobacco Leaf Journal

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li L I f No; baoco, thanks to Congrel!ll and St.lleOqpifllt .. ..... .u Fuhrmann, V., 'l.l(ajn. It -' Ill .. 11t have had a.udiene 'th d -'"'' d ti Per'1lllllalil ........ ..... ; ... l" & a11., J80'ftii'l! Glore,1. A. p. & Bros., .n Vine. t!. .,a p, '-t.. p t! q, es Wl 1 an aouresse pe tmns to, n&l Revenue Bureau, is becoming rapidly dem.oJalialcL lWok; K.1 Bowery. lobtii!IIID, J. '1'. o\:Scn, 39 Raet!. -th,e Committee on .a.Qd' are goo8. eitizent!, : W e 'hardly dare to picture to ourselV'ell in whatoeoodition ,., UICI'Ibe ot Bbtl!IUlu & Lyall, 144. WM. 1 KUim, F .. &;Co., 113 West Fourth. 1a d the' d h 1 1 t h f d b lll>ujll..., .fA'ftlltbti,S. ,&II'Co. 76Jlain. NEW WED;KESDAY,JU:s-E 24,1868 u tra vu'le eastt emepto smcenty,an t '11\ Rich & 1111 West Front. be $0 l]y the Committee. We do not .it. The trade walks, like one in a dream, on the brink .. l,-43 SW!iian, & Co. claim for th t d h _,::....,:_ ( "'-' h.,Q,.1 Sh .. &'Co., ullt'r 'fluirl'ltoll, Pe>ttl!r & Co., lBifunlnoJid. ') UDUR THE TJ.I t ra e any saper ........ t!l..,...,.,..nese, o a. mg ..,.... pretnploe. A}llt be wilohdra'W'D in. time JLA:tJ8 mr Gl)dt. :t A. & Tou111, A. N., 44 Wesl; Front. __ o r t? the.sethh 1mpnl11e& that tt sually and saved, or pttsbed headlong into the yalmias abJ'U p :"'\"'< Doabllt W\ H .t'\lo., tt O>MJ!Iill8lO" uucs&IC'l!l br """toBAcco. . prbmpt human action, bitt Wll do claim for the h()rlest Th be I fi f h ...__.. CO"-t., !'-layw. Hafer, He>1mes & co. !It West Second. The act10n of Congress m directing the Comtmtt,ee portion of th h b t h. t h ese 00 Y gnres 0 speeo mn K re. 1 au-e (Hi& tll!P!ltll' "' Ill! 1 1 _.._._ .... ll 1 1 . eooug rams o "'!.a t e .tr 01rn, 1,11; maips Members ot Congt:ess and of th& Com-llqaare(1i .. ,_ ... M M :o.,IJ)I .. _I'{4 I l..l ""' oo'f:rNG;riN,, K. .:. on Ways and Means to report a new tax bill, has had the \bat is to m;ttee on Ways and Means, to say whether ..... .. n MG-. 1511 & I.!G. 40oi PaH. : 1 1 J. 1'. )t c'o.; lf J!fO'Il Tob: Ware t ,,..... -,. ) lf.1'P'.' & CCI.' \e7 wu.. .. ; houll&j Gre<(ip ..o l.. ; : / th1s regarding m the .MYJ, tbeyr any might or shall not, become frightful rea, 1 1 4 F :37.i.. n 1, I .lh .I. eNN. r Conu;w.ttee now recommend a tax oftbtrtytw:o tnstead -that the tl'ade WilllleH mere tobaooo andthcGovetn, 1 Mrt'1W!':;: : 8Mel .,..,. .. ""'' .... w r T G. W: J tc 11 J-' h 1. !Ill OR f.DITRI1L8 ._ ..... "" .....!r ; J ....... :., 1 of fortv cents per as liefore We tllis fen eot more w J en t'+e'tax-rate,Ji! at twen- 1 ,.. -t.ili'e W'O.J..k; .-a ......... 8. f ........ t tt:i' 1'1i, '. >I[ :, : t r .. ::!1 1 1".' 16 oo Oralllb ,.oli. WoJrc! sign &f returning rea8o111 on the part of the Commit .ll !W D en 1 1t 183:t They also BY advertisement in other columns it ril:be aeen by tort,_.. ..... too 300 Kayer, :M,; 5'f d\; c. Hog! en & Gralllln, ..Pelil&'li Tollaoeo.Gilttillg f d W ld t h .t d ilqurish m9re luxulitwt1y the trade that the Ji.nnual Tol...----FQ: .. ,a, J.,o...:aville .A.dTer\.llelllenM dle ... ...._DilL Itt 0 ?it ,:..en tee as o goo OUleR. e 'W'OD no ave 1 un et d h . .. .....,.,., ....... ... ..... or"Wlllit6il,"'llt'aMitlrfl!lr 'llluiWrlt'*"ln' M!Tf o.,f ,. MJ$: un ert eprovlstOnsofablllthat. fosterw aDd proteotl! Ky.,willohroa.the8th proximo. ... rtton.. to be ) ". 1 & k d \iJs however, the this: a it;; l!lkb. a one a'Sr baolt to is an interest.ingoae, and the attendance trQm ,tbat seo'g, .. U'ftroo. llA N, reduction. The great any redl).ctlO'Ii ,now 18 tlie to lind which hamtion of the OOOlltry will dou.btl.ese be large. We are 7o:; w t ... cha It! I 7""":Tr I I 1 I ( J J 7 'I I. i J n J r -r glad toaotiee the inorea8e of th T baooo i'aira ia &ulMieilii!redto. t& 1111 n ...... :) .. 1 ;, to take the wind. out of the sails of the Fraud Ring, R, a.od a\)co st.liy.tha. !'rovs-. ese 0 ,_.,.. ._... nu!Qbtlnnd popolarity. W.e f'ecot:d thia week. ...,...,_ IGN 00-.. _. ns : 'I : cott11 and to render tteb' nefarious operations unprofitable. tons of almost every-secttOn ,Any )Vdl snits J,-. held at P.adueah. On the .eame .a..-OOLD'VJ.M1ES61i'FORJ: -"' lbel.r,')(hii!Cedar-:r 1 ::r ... 1 ,.,, ,.,... tOo ""'t' th t h h --' t..t'l.. L q,4 Britts,..,.. 1--.js A.JUJi>u EllS" : 'll&ktrrJ. _. AD nlfAL llli Any one .M....-....ted wit);), the snbl<>et can see at onee zumtl. ee a w at6'!er UljUNS t e .,. ...... ;m-WJ.tu. owsville the St. Louis Fair is held, uad l,_tot ... ,, ........... 84, 6 C. H. &Co.,l3 7 State. I' that a reducttQn p( cents1s not enough. to attlrW a law t)l'at "'ives t'Q its feeblll!-pul1!atioM direct!! tend new vigor into Uw several 0 .... o ., .. ..... O.Qi!O this wished-for end. Let C()ogrets enact a uniform a p1entif'n{ golderf llt.reatil i'nto 'he. itbii9 tobacco industry, and do .necessarily conffiot with. l 0 J.8 M Calli.' J & c 191 G wbh p H & 'z K 222 and 224 State H 1 :p 1 each as eaeh to itself r. ::::: o:"' ;, .!.,-;;:'l. .. W;;; ,;;::;.. :. .;;.,. ....._ ; '"" W -Y _., on ,n of tho wood doolt obou'jl,_ thou, to t,n.. tho 1Yiftu in tho ..., ond $ '"'"''""'"' '""''i'l W A,.,.,.dcu., elli.-: Satom4ila, !1. 19i Pearl. '. tlli Thatn\eto:!e. in, Ol' twenty on the. grades, and ten on the a....,.e ,PBI'IIgr&pD, abrillt I' a olai!J>inteDt upon benefit-wish. our ihends this yl!aT, even more than nswil. 11 tor1a or SeldeQI!e"' .II Co. 19 J>e:r 'Siitpa' & .uuer, "1 "' State: iDg itself at the e D'li 'f df th "'-'-Wh 't J 1oi.lieai. ... o oo,4 Tag, h.,. ho _,od, they reporto tho follo'!""l! ""'' "" !h" '.pejldd, Jn ,..,.. ......,.., : f IGtril.' Nasil, )(.. 8 &J3ro, ti.oB that means actiYity are plaft. -pr11-ctical men, '!tho., ofwhlllleven!laetbey may 18611, the 1mportat10n of lemons !rom atl'IM?'jircieawu = 'J1 v.a.. instead t.he t? a be at feast the of 'fu. Sborttr,la" !bide 'wHfli L. livin" standar.=a the starvin"' ont of the Fr.and u: ... m ,all 'Its ramifications and technicalities. ""-e'S'eare 1 86'1 132. 060 bbxes' Here we'1 """' J,'hing' ...... ,. o u r a)wle;. entire mqte tt; l4lfltllll. WI!Jl 'A'. P..;). 8 ,_ Job w .... _. ). trade frMn a.pMhy to energy,'fl'OinMmmcrmal death to ., ., __ ._1 R ..,_ ., h .,. .,a.l..: 1 treb'tmltlie imports of. oranges. ''lllis 4oes. 'ndl; look -81roldll6. 1111 11r .._ il'tibd 'll'ttelu...-'" ... 11 ., r .. -,,G J!llte,,.... evenue Dllre&U t ey 'WIK _.,on hl "'d f ......: pan of steau r.ucllmi&Mionstbereof, usc. 1 11';':,-"'', Yoll!liJer Maip. commercial life! It remains, iit great measm'C; for the ree'd "and' on ''eil!tems can bold no moe e a o the On 01....--aad Cb.eroow of JU: !r&. 6 u.....t. t AJ.t&;. b ...a: u 1 less the trade m tliel!e arttllles each of the oi1ler ..,U cJeU!l*GIIII,.--'6ti U e.M <\: trade to.say w .ether the '!'bet be contmltiRg with the them. great ports !:if entry would Show a stitute therefor, btt .,.....,. ,. \ fi,Pwi: NE..,..L 11 ;6. rule of th!' and du.bopast who al'e!g selvejlllow best iO vent tllei.r (the own Since tb9 close '?f rebellion tli sllippi!'g .lep. -P.fl L.:...1. Brilit.Dngbofter w A 87t BI'O&d with might and main to reduce tobacco to the diegraeeknavexy .... The Gomtmtteemay have confidenee m the .a""Jilll'ed strength, d ''N.rr ....,._, lhiM!IlliB'\!&ter; ..,_ ... Brod ..... rr h'.I....J-hh .... _t f h'""""fi .. '-Dut':itiere' ate 0! 0 1 :. -;""jl Jqnis, vampbell, ..-ue"' 0'' .., a fullevel of distilled spirits. Ttre lat"ir become P "":"' "' te to catc .. t 1'"' 11nt or other articles of 6ommerce with o!!e connrrleB. --'Brim.- --L\ I '!Bfr O't'fr"i'lti c.od lJ f!'lf 'We. }eS!I method StOne haS for many yearS been of'co'tJi-pound, i* ""poucl TOBA.cco liANUFAC r:sco., i i -A te\v il!l"* Let the Committee, being abnnda;tt in Italy 'Simly, Vici-and Der CjiU.I. f&.o .,..nrel7'. rirBERS. EBIBtJBG 'VA.. I t ,l> I / "'f7" 7 1 .,.. ......._...._ y, 1'. w. & n.1 Nos. 2 4 Platt. PET J.. <(. the: weed 1fl the -teroal Revenae officmls, and tbey will obtain oru gn.v ..,...._fr ';-l....lh llin 'flolds l)eiJ aU81N8 cTORY 'suDLBAJ' IIW'J:ctiOI!. !leon be ro6k.ed aiOOtJg the infalbotts infortnation. The gl)nttemcn whom the Times Sl?-uders t. I! or r JJ'l1 'Ji .Jn I., I ,.. 1/ aid h C 't i fi f i fus' s h '''In m ""J r em um ... anCG f& Pall!llns. 1 PWLADELPHI,&. ,. 1 officials t __ ., e ee n o,rm uhc. Mft 1et bas fiaud fretght do .not eqtta1 of Gcathrie &: Co., 2211 FropJ. TOII.A\)po' w.uxsous:u. are saptin I the lQIIlldatlol18 &ee institutions b,v w ... a! t e rom mmes: Its use is lD IWIUI'A.CnJaus 0., c1out BOXEll. 1 Boyd, & 9o., 61 ,N' onh '1'blr4, 1 'i/g .. aqqepted al\d actA!d upon? :, 1 1 sulphupc amd or ml of VItnol. ..... w.: A: lton!l ,.ana Front stve,et JIIC!IIb, 1611, ud \61 GOCJrek. McCammOjl & C'o., 27'N Clrii>, W ... Qu I Tile .7ilhu in.eoll'Bis&ent"" t0uclu! the vital t of manutactory of this article at; mJthaih; Bker, B. (j, \Yicke, Willett Bullless & Bro., 44 Sooth av. J. . 'l J>O'lD at which enormous quantitltlll ()f' qlnh are d 'lt1 Bel41eD, F. w JKlfaler.. pro.LR .......... ,. AMD o:rtn:a WOOD. Courbley, Wood wart! &:tit.i'6'tersi 10. 'the very nex\;lpatagraph to the' ode II' Th' a t f 'DI..:r dPttn: iase1hL.. n-:S.rimo.-B ililJ .,. WU1e11. n I JtM -,;;-:k'1le( ..... -L' w Dolr.m & Taitt, S.Nortb Water .. J 1. ., ,/ I I ,. 1 r c ''1. i 1f 1 I r ,, nn.a Y e 8 .me IS rue o ... .,... a e 18, l.):ereurq,210 e 1&. -, I{ ,,, ,.,..:....;!..,..:.:.... ..... teays: . tp .M( Bo"f'!e R. 7 BlltllU !illv. \J&stJ .t:O 1 ){pl)owell &: Duuoan, 1; -:tinr;J-. 1 ,, "Wre Ili.USt of the whtslcy; tons -rere tmported last )'ear. As oil' of '* & 'u,o.'14.'i '\'rater. 1 JU.JIDra.oftiiU 0 TOBACCO TIN-rOlL.__ 8. J., J'O'(No Ji Wa r. ,; ,.., ;', to fifty be a Step ip.'_tb,e reqUisite in teflning petl'Ole 11 Dlanll-Bryaa, del., 48 J.;J.; ss Cl)(lsby & 31 y;.alte a\k.ared,t1).14e f'imllB of the 8th wpuW re*r unfacture ;has be,an stimulated in nroportlon f:l) t I I .ul'lmO""' .. or TOBACCf. rrc. I.l1: \ .,,, \ in8t.1 'an ofl!O and c'o'ntr.dictory a say: so. im.d this qf The tima p'i-oba'bl,t w."!li..J QG. UU'roJlt. G. & Co., T qtd Slip 1 :Web., acter-combining so IJlUC,h with so much falsetlw pijOteJ:tlPP q! mo;e our P'f,ll sulphur w!fi oe 0111Ql.o11J & O,g,; 411 Wat,r. i r ;,: I kTp. '( WhisJty 8fl,d .the ln\lisnen HOes n9t. that plaQe ?f the not ull(tl' CraVri'prd, &'Oo., ttl an4.123 II i5U r- r .. r f frQm o il,lictt tlOn qome down .. a Umit t QODl. ... M-h. & eo: "' !'ey, cor Sd ,. we. The p;J:obablllty is fraritf wi.U but "'ith the of'ihe tc reian-4rtiQle. .. ....... J'l 1 the more glarmg of1ts a.n9,thatthe't:ry,sprywill'c.;>n 1 ,' =:. Vaude;;.=t 011 .. ;'14 Water. Hoe,-, .::1 : I J :r. : -ettt'ts ()Bt by lla.ytilg' 1rith ; tu bw w. 'the prOIJ9Slld be mo.-. e snbject or labo r is Eggert, Dillll& Co., 142' Waler. '/ --' au;w.. fi'L ........ u .... U .......... and P.op'-. that is to h<> con"-ned .to Jemslat,IQD upon the' tWo the HotWJ appears at to It 1S mterwoven the destinies and happm-. trln-::. lllt'Pe&l"l. '1 .,.-.,--r t .,.,..,..,,_....,,, .. ,_ ... ..,. n. ,.. [ I Y u, 11 ,-_ I 'I Vnk h 1' '1 .f' :'1..1 h f h h f:.Ut... "":"" ur.r-...n Co '10 allil .. ,u. A, Qo., I. :& L ; l): JlrCil i, so'nrces of revenue : I< h t e S.,tlPILJtUtnngent tent 0 t e nman .:I Whoever, therefore, can = ... aJ-{lo. llS PearL ,li.J,,..n J"u'cco ltli!VIES, I DKAJ:M 1 ol 1'1"\..w d iM ,I t I il' jjot.lll thJI. at the JlltlfCY: oflts.. eontr'b.nte to .lts to a more aP:' s-r!'& li,! 1M Napanoch Ase an Iron do., 61l :Murray w. Sout.k 1Qtb. "w;"' d t-hys an eadlqs m toravtah qnce ;J.'Ju! gresev,ttng the greatest ap,P.Brent stnngency PNllatmn of 1ts value IS a benefaptot <>.ft.l cn.ctii'&elnl 81 Beaver. nuu AI!f D TOBAcco nomu. -.u:11r4::.U......; sccues are OS: :e in Mr. Stevens' l'IJSolution, preten$ed will too and '"1'; Gtilltti,t>r. t, W. & Oo., 11:0-Pearl.., Quinlan, Jer., 13'8 WilHam. ; 1 Ratpb A.. & at., 100 uct 0 thlr fu lltQd, t.M 00 u 8 yel!t!jrday Tax B1:-W. _the ew:tent of its capacity, evflr. the oftboliC cqnt&nd for Ou&luill "'i t '' .,osAcco BltJs. are on t e m ftl'(. re '!1 no and tbe of wguld ,appearless and JtB Nat10ns Nl well u Ba, J. T., ?l .frrqot. S :.} .1 1 l Aateti, W. II. tAl 0., 211. 1'8rL 1 '' lAck of wJth to 011!Jer any othet: mcth.q9. Even however tbe owe t'helr io their suC:OO and & 8 ljl', 1 'IOJu,eco.I!O>IIU>fl control the deCISiOnS of committees a':ld the SCtlOn of effieacv process is ContiQgent on' the nower which li.Dd e""-1t BIOitiJ,J .... ater. Ha181U&lher 4.11Co 112!IJ,ellkmaD',f ,. llfi'PlJWtTB9, P.&.. th H e Wh the war;sand :M:tii\JlleiDbel'l!al).ow t .>' ,., If r ...,_ !J. ,... 11' mllman, Q. 1: c ... m&'Fi'GK I B I PloU.B ovs E & C.-!3.1 ... Clair, e qua y .. d lntt:}gnty a,nc& d,i.ty -pf tlie owclSls With ltS her.c'hil rea that a.n obectteooeto Pi or Blnblib.OI'II,L..t Iilii, l.!lOP*rl;&na 106 ,...,., ',, ruQClt::l ll!8 ... I 'J.' themselves to be pestered Y tlil! ve appli!-tiQn. Wbatever t.he amount the 'tax imposed, lla''.. is ol1edieoce to the h!gh Dl811(4"' f ....... : BUander, L. a&er. ; 116 WestminOJter. 1 to the arguments _of a clast upon bellefi.tlllg tpe g.evices ith which its is forti wso'beclience to ft a disoti;clience to G!a RY 84 t!tr :!. ''!'., t4 Jthrgel'lt,l!llp, Kingsley,). .& Co., II ,. at JilP,t clear. As a pwof tied, the recontrneliion of the a.nd the intro tl}1' ks from this and no 1..: in Kell;1:,-:w: oo: ............ 11' lttft, ..... I aJ(JJPIOlii'D, ... .a. of goOd thtlse are wep as of new elemllut.s into thi&, bl'Jln9h of. the serhietefy' of the world can we or 65 de.; 160. ha:rt: I letrkiitlm(, & w., 6-I & WitP.lll. Eut means. of .theft facts, Vlclil.-:, essential to pr&Veation 'of idlers we eannot. !'t the e 0 tljato r.Zi:_esiLI., lfl PearL 1 aAt.TJa--. f 'Hardgrove, 'T.mas J. I r or to matnrll P an mcteasmg revenn..., ey are ,fra.\ and the, qo,mpiete of sunk ia the ,wale ot MlJ to Len .t. Kew.-. 1 'lll r 'l'OB!tow wAAiIID. I f' nw & Ryant; ': at best of doubtful uttlity. :Sp!Jclal Comqtll!SJ91ler the, constituted as. it ill, )Vith the same ab-individual. or peopJe h !kclL "'eo., Bolslnllls. G. R., !100 WJillt Pratt, I. Bioi. cO.. !!AI Malo. 1 of the Revenue and the otliciali of llP impunity trv.ths wb.ich have PJe.,.. 0 i_6 Bu\tlllng8 I t ;:,1:\:ili 1 I : .' fl O:f:t kp.awe$. apd ,;elieq llPPiil t'o, above, to in' t'he llarcb, Prijle .&.IJo .. 9J Wlloler, .....,....,. &' eti.; 'S'1 'Sbllth Gay. PA.TEKT sMOKIN'G TOBA.CCo-cu'rrlm. I ql11 e n e,... ts ter the law, we are lf1 ass.nqung e'\';cltt nniDJ,llb>lr .. bly, Annf"DIIA lk,.er, i\pns, '122 vyawr., I\CA/.,lJI W. Lombard. Smith, H. M. & :Ton If not, the fact wonldbe conclustte M t'o tile ho predi.Oa.ted uppn. ill. a' : ..1! atiOn of strict tee iAal t9theiqtosterityb;;n.e&s ?.Qt. ..J r.:;; ... ;. ..... H. c.;' .... ,....: ",'' .;' ofth,. oft! .. : ... ;,;,..; .wijl ""'"' -n ... ,will .. -.... all"'' w-of OoWbtuia ... Jhitel .... ifMNeliJ.. 'Paul m WHt 'I :: .rj:, L01!U o 01 -When we mfonn:our readers thl!t of[.$ fa.r,asr thlly go, tlte.y 1;JC a.cpompanied 'F,pr t; BlcbMi.,.;, J ":t D., l;;a : "r;Jl the &11U,le is taken np oft?e present t "'eepipg tl!e or the, Treasnry e m'l\llr ... !i'm,ulate ... 11 Co., 41 BI'QIId. Schroeder, Ja:C, ,Dormltz81", c. & R. & Co., .!OJ Market. ., revenu e system, and assert tons of tile meapac1ty .of. the even now. o mto J1lfll t"b4iie IJ,"8&fo Oakley, corM!ias, N'Wat8r. 1 Beck, F. w. & co4tao li.!f' &e: ,r officials to honestly admiQister aoy law, however deftly 1"-JUst'S(); the Tima lltrikes tire nail on: the he.L IIet -. ) --=-= a ?'-;t 8r 183 :f." v allk it tO! honeatly enfolee the Internal &v1mue act, as ghat bo o'! God' ability JlUfi Clay !!tort\! .4t caviW; eire npen tlie .w elratige his ski&, or the leo &to ,.; Wbut 1 doJlle&CW t,.. the p&.ril spot : Tiill as a wJch J)rompts us to :work; we hou,::::: ,Sawyer, ,T, \ap ,, 1 :1 '*' and &va11a, 11eed of vanous C6DVa:tt1oD last Wiutei la.bol.9d, 'Wtthoat effect, to o,Jnto the. few honest al' tncapable of i'-:V qn every smiling and cheerful 80. itt Braai*l. i& Aw..rt: brandl!. 1 B J vey t:() tilfu obtnae intellect!! of the. Committee on W a.ys ing truthful adYice tp the 9D Ways 4Wd part by t.he a1d. which we have I 'P."A,I.J.rJJ..l4f> De....... N ;ruhESl Juifa 'Means. Hit.liert.o-the hlgi latidn of CongrHI! has offaitJhfullyexeeutiog any law 'hat the Comlt. be, tobeBO Dlhentorlhousawork.d Our people _., "l\ ...;: .., !Cos o., .. __ ;' ad'. __ 'L-i d d d Le rcmem rt atwe avepaase Oetie., Q,., 140 ...... aox JU.llcr:"ct=. .l2 o'clock, at Na.vy yard, BJ,'ook been .lDUlll,.._. t? the tr :ts .ll'l. cmuo;m 11\l ng treate mit tee' may reoommen. an ":"ngre!IB pw. t ns the desolation has followed the smoke dgornck. lyo of the Burtau like naughty who t aU kp.ow was have a clealilllDg of th1s foul Augean of will hav.e to be. built up ; tl18t the a & 08.\ 11 Bllflinl!i :&dl-, Gl._ .t:Co., IH wiJigana.n. of ProviSWtll apd ?lething of t'bc! goed fur them, and the itdbotlOiliOll whom. oC the Jimes, the above i!pasm of sense, off that have been iatd waste, once inbal)J.t,ed by & & Vpn6 !t. r t. lollrlllJrd!l ::,::m Water. Navy Departmeat) 3,679lbe. mfd. est vains aB'd P enalties genel'llltf produced the llappwst at a tan<>'ellt agam, and asserts that the t'rauds 1n people, are now no more. The inllabita '8troiiB" 1,6 roo }lvray 211 aaa 24 .... ave. tobacco t scattered over the So th k t' l aid ana -'-- 1 Water. San_,\i'IJltiMlkS Co q$}. ,nps P:"' f aoqd, whi Worthington, Power a do. "!i'" J sonroe of fraud, and has ilriven the strwghtforward 1s more capttal mvet!ted m the latter, and the fiii:udm those earlier' aays when the"'States -...:e ... Yilcher & Rodewald, 2 HanoTer Building. ity, and brought a12 per M.-22,000 v ....--Gaaa, s. & Son, 8 6 Wall. 1MPOBTns, KAICD'I'AOTUURS, being sold. dealers and worken in the "\leed to the alternative of ring in that article have been longer at work. To gether in tho golden chain of amity COilOOrd, wlaidt .O.borne, Chas. F., u Old slip. Beeuden, Henry & Bro., 161-166 ear


TOBACCO LEAF. h the continued business..dtlressioll. tain clue that can perceive n o !eDledy the medium of intlation. All previoes scientific investigation is with them no fOrce, tor liie ve cated to believe at business pros-IINB holly updll )I .9f .in on Short ; Antwerp, ur, Hamburg, Amsterdam, 4ot@4If; By New York and Philadelphia Exvtess .Ln,.,.,u,,. a e Company: BQ.Dtl Ill Jt11 J ..,d, tbJl"' .o- 156; Ni sen. 1; VigfliJu 6; ll 5,.. ..,..u. p d a y ecline duti lit past and "' M. Sickle, I cs. cigars. t 25@.13 '15, 18 at @ 75, 13 at t16@.16 75, '1 at 8 '15, 5 at 25@119 75, 6 at 75, 3 at @tt2 50, 3 at 59 hhds. new Owen Co., 10 at 75@ 85, 4 at l .. 75, 5 at u@n 60, 2 at. 75, 3 at t14 25@.14 75, 3 L''l"< 1 t)l 53 a. n ttl; P. at $t 7 3 tl) t '10 6 lt $ 0 'i!5@ 1() '15, 4 at 50@$1 75, 4atl(!a@$i2 '15, .. t s not diliult to ;fa4e tbif Jn volving such dangerous consequences to tlie well 34s to its iegitimate I!O'Ilree. As MOOey 1s, &8 it y .the index of trade, it is generally reKII""'"" 'lllt:l'!181 e&use by which it is regulated, in of wbat-it reall is-the means through wh1ch 1ts 1m:acre IIIAnirest. Now, one wolitd supj)Ose thf; inO!t supetlcial observer could pereeive that the market. clasea dull. .But.Jitil'e. bullineia was Pee_ple's Lifte of Steamboats : f'hltip Bernard, DO!IIESTIC. rough rates are nominally Th!f curr.ent 11 9hla.; .l}.au1fman Bros. & Bo_udy, I; LedmJI&n Bros., NEW fOBK.Iue 23,, ,. Ul6tatloall ar': Lon 011, ; n erpqol, 16 (li. and 2 crates; D. H. Wh1 te, 1 cs. cigsf, Western Leaf.-The market has rela.vsed into the remen, 20s.@25s.; Hamburg, 80s.; Antwerp, 80s.; ]3y New york and Bridgeport Line of S mboats: 5 at. u 2i@tl3 75, -8--at-tH@tM-f6, ._,. *15 75, 3 at @.16 25, 6 at '15, 1 at $18 25. 5 boxes-2 at iS 10@18 60,,.9 A2 25@ 50, 1 at $15 75. 12 hhds. and 5 boxes new East. Va.-1 -at"'$1'8; 2 at 50@.'20, 2 ,t fi @tl 5b at t25 ISO@t25 '15, 1 at $27, 2 t-at t'3'8. 5'bxs. ......._1 at 2 at $2Q@820 50, 1 at t27 25 1 at f2S. 5 hhds. new Ballard Co., Ky.-1 ._. f31 f33@ ofb.isineSI could in no. way :00 proPJ?ted liJ !'A1 expanaion of the CJrculj1.tmg medilllll. largely in excess of what it was at. any ifsuch a view was of any force b usmelis prosperous; but posi.a M ilftlaitS is directly m conflict with the theory. Jmlliellt a far larger amount of curreooy io the values in the pen!)(l-wh1ch can n?t be demed, aud unc1er Cll'Cumstances of busmess depres eion-Wbtlt grounds are there to look for improvement in aft"ai.n in the direction of expansion ? Some to maintain that the value of the currency ia in no way connected with ita cinMlation ; bot if ita does not ariJe from its exees s over and a.bova what it ill represent, we ahould be glad to have 'tltele116W.li8hta on economical sciences ))C)int ottt any other naMlt.ble and satisfactory cause. There is but one law to things which are made the objects of ueW.nge,.arul whether they oontain value in them.taerely express or indicate it, is a matter of 310 MWilf.delloe. Its is precisely the same in OJIII CM8 aa hi the other. To 11Uppo&e that by any fal'.a. .lriMalie of the olrculating medium the interest of 'rade call be promoted would seem to be a abl!urd worthy -.lw lateiy heet1 lntrole inferior illuminators to refined petroleum. At last mail dates the l>Ul'll&d p&ssed two readings, but, judging from ,8ti'tnu'eus resistance it was encountering from 'the dealers, there are some grounds for iJW defe&t it These dealera. PJaintam _petroleum, to be a. good, merchan.table 14, not ignite under a temperature of 100 whereas, by the terms of tile bill the standatd. baelleen raised to 1l0 deignitWi .r.>lnt to be from the first &sh, or vapor, given which, would ?a 120 'to 126 aegrees permanent 1gmtl0n. This, it is aftlrm.ea. W(l'llld almost pui an end to the petroleum iracJA, of t'he tr nited KinlSdom, since, unless it were re. .tined t(lr British consumption, it., would be u.selE!f!B to sinp to British outports for orders, l'S they could only go to a :Dlal"ket. Furthermore, it is stated that. no accident has ever traced to retined petroleum, thll consump tion o has lugely inci:eased, the deliveries Jn alone, the past winter, reaching from 50,000 to,.l9(>,000 gallons weekly, chiefly among the p_oo1er c-11, It was .farther stated that tae effect of the pr(lpeae4 measure would be to cause a sort of :with refen)IIcc to home manufactured by the of Aniericau thns It was on the Con-ancl if the proposed unneeessary rest.rictions be .mea out, the i.mportatiq,n must be still further re QOmmerce suffer. It\ 1867, Antwerp imltq less than 317,7 f5 barrels of petroleum, Bremen 45,000, Rotterdam 107 7'l 000; while during the same periOd Lon dou1" only Liverpool 7S,SOO bar ,.re'l& e e-,:Uting Act of Parliament not atlow ,JO.OJ'e forty gidlons or petroleum to be stored in 'tfi!Y ouse Qe&r a. d.,relling, although the present .ltlid eta:tldard of ignition, we are told, ill above or American. Hence; it' is cont'lj,at measure before the House of Coliimons Ji'buel' on the results of experience nor the science, .qd can have no other etlkts ihf.ri thoee ot raising tlle price of English miner al oil as a snbstitute1 thus consumers pay P,rioe f91-" an inferior artiCle, and of trans 1G otlier an important branch of 11J. J 1 .' J I < rq :A riaicat jn the. national banking system is a If" the ofexistin"' 11Iis111lderatood or ignored, tM whole fabric wifi togetbet, to the injury of every material the country. lt is in po:wer of me. who favor alhya a couservt.tive course, if "17.' llbite their id. to secure is good '1!1. t .and to remove its defects, by a ooncert the evils past The ':uiqre than ant, ot'herhaii contnbuted to with the J!0p!e, ia the nnlform value "'ililbh held throughout the UniCJb. tO the system it.selftMn the cir!It: W)idh was 1f there old-fashlbned iP. Vec)utclw-pn Jl'Olrach'uiUfody. 1t is eonttary to : o r trade a note 'in :'r bi a rernoce. town U1 allot have ,ltil!'..., .. \limd tiMi IICOilrit.y, but a an ... WJW.e all were ali,ke '"-' uot but t1t6' mo-Jlore will 'be'ested '1'lie c'h'ief w'bicb "Will iUWt the re'tfie taCt that all tlae is -dt)Cm Government IM!IIlUrities. If a '.ch..,ge; waa t4enationAl banD t(> the ltbf or the in whioh bttt under the saJIIe form in "'liich thisa ,ea'u.R of any paper money riot ofUn!tecfstate& bonilli, the wOolc! line a wholesome mflnence 'pPn the legtelation The pressure of aixtee'n 1i\lnClreil' =a to one is pOW to 'fl6 I!UC J resisted. The corruptin,g power of such an utd be enormous if it were for any 1 purpo*, but even when it is employed sb1ely v : 'fdr regarded by }>rojectors !1.8 entirely proper 1 an(\ 1t!lltimate_ the result 1s mUch to be The 11Gls l1ym; eubled aome time ago to secure the conofmterest-bearing certificates in which to keep of that deemed to be neceuary to the o1 theircredit; and wellaverecen,tlyseen '1\El el\ict. of that measure ppon tbe finances of the 4 : The mMs of these inetitntions 'bad their spare ;:RJpas .itt these and other similar and tried to more conservative asaociates into accepting 'ttiem a proper payment of balancea. In other wordS, theY !lad .kept JlO true cash reserve, and when it was !! they -'rilrted to t11m1fer their securities witli in J to ctite into the hands of those wh9 had means, ... thus it-class goods, while infenor qua.litie1 CoJDDlon Jeat ... .......... JO 11 :IJoaldJ ................ JO Meesei,Jger, 2; Bry,IUl, & Co., 13; l Oatman, are negl""ted. OfYara there is ve!'l_ little on the mar Medium do ...... 11 13 ......... !If) L. W. Gunther, 21 N.orton Slaughter Co Wequote: IIOO'bls, & Co., ;*1 02@.110. .Brownu4Greeni&h s ......... 'll ens e1p on, 10; .Maitland Gail Ax during : gg. &16_Ku?liler, 33pkgs.; S. Rosenbaum, i ; M. Falk, have been confined w a few dark quarters for eh1ppmg; Fine opangled..... ..... 11 Brlpt GoDoJd J!itot tlo .. ars h Yellow do and rancy. 111 Oilltn'"-mettlf F N 0 1 Th" I L brigh$ and goods 10r consumpt10n 'lemg m,ore .lftJ"!/ltmti.-F'llt'dtocom. Seect'md Ba-rq, rom ew r eans: 1e e, uler & Co 55 hhds.; @$33 60, 1 M .39, 1 a.t 149. Kenton warehouse, J. T. &tJ!ivan & Co., ps:o2 63 hMs. and 12 bxs., viz.: 3Tpkgs. East VU.. gm:m-18 at i ac $2'1@$33 4 at 3 at U0@.47. 2 @tli7t. 63 Owen county, leaf and lugs-'1 at t9@.11, 16 at @ IU, ll at .14f@.Hf, 16 at au@a18f, fat .22@127 4at *28@.33f. 80 hhds. So. Ky. and Tenn.-6 at lf@$10, 7 at *10@.10i-, 11 at $11@*12, 4 at 101 hhds. M4son and Bracken Co., leaf, luge,' aDd traeb-38 atts IO@ai2,17 aU12t@$12j-, 19atfl3@., llaU15 @$HI, 10 at ti8@120! o at 8 at tt'1@.82t. 62 pkl!e. West Virginia, leaf and lugs-10 at @tl2, 11 at '13@$1f, 19 at $14@t1s, f at -f$16 8 at .17@.25. l The imports of the week have been as follows : 1lodmawa Jlorrlo KeDtoD Wheeler l'lullen!' = IJIIeeT-W. H W JL W. B. W. B. W B. Boll& Co laBhde.BnlllLdlo.JinBbda.Bn.llbds.Bu Bbch lin Jlbch.Jtu. Bze .Tometl.&to lit 01111 o 1 '8ao a-. s ,.l"-1010811 1100 0 6 8 8 0 118 0. ,115.8110., 8 4.'1 0 0 0 s 0 at 0., lll.'lS 0 '19 0 M 0 Q 0 11 0 Ill 0 11 1T. Ill II 81 8 19 0 S 2 10 0 48 0 41 !1 .. 18..18 8 18 0 15 0 11 0 6 0 "' 0 0 ot illlporll ................ llhdt., The exports for the same time have been : t W I t th l f Bound comuron ... ,.... 4 II -BaV1111A d11 .... -= 9.,, 1 1 C., B'. & D. Lltde IIJaDd x.tetta 11 usuallv "tagnant owing to the renewed agitamon .................. 4M _perK ............. 00 00 Bry!'n1 Watts & Co.1 161 Fa.tman & Co. 1 Order t1011 regardmfa the tax. e a so no e e sa e o Good do .. .. 5l tJi c1o CoDn. Heeq .... 1111 oo ., R. R. B. B. 01au R.R. some 300 pac ges, mostly brip;ht;, f: exl'krt, s!:.! 011 BlLTiMOIE; Juile 20,-Messrs. C. LoqsE & Co., ........ ...... andfMpackagesfortransportatJOn.oato t ;mar et. .......... .,.,,,. i : r 1!11 j 1rr8p":'.:<:' ... commission merchants and dealers in lea tohacco,l lL:::::::::::.:m *J :i =: 1 : : From we hear of a few brll!ht faetor1es .. pJJOJ Clobntl'f ........ s a 80 do do .. ts oo oo rc}ort : 11 ............... 1re 1a u 11 11 10 to but r.. .hi t .. A "-' .. .' J .... @18 c lo Fdlllo doddos 115 oo oo .. 18... ........ ... ... 116 n 48 ., 11 ...... .., .. v 8 pmeu A 01 .. ny Ovn8(lqucn..., oue .,.,.,.,.....,,.. "" ... .......,, onn. er an t. nspections of Ml\ryland leaf are again light,; planters 19. .. .......... li9 80 t11 o a Ma.nUfucttlt'efS are as .. .. 15 @811 being engaged with their farm work are forw&rding but Totahmount u:ports ..... l,Siflllhdl., tK Iilii. h'ndO!I-!, and tl!at, an end be iS:: :: sS 3J uil Stxeo,. 1 00 0 00 little to market,' and with a good demand from shippers; DlJQILLI, V a,, lue 18.-Messrs.. S. H. HoLL.unr spee Y. put tot ll ac-. Good do .... !Ill @Z := rnces are fftmly mainta1rled. Ohio is coming in qui&e & Oo., tobacco commission merchants, ntport. ttobn of O'ltlongt'\11!$, toe best time for working bnght rs do 11ne 'pl&ln ... -=!: 115 freely, but buyers have kept out of the market for tl)is Reoeblta and olferings have been larger demand to aooo I! !I.':.W' passing rapidly away. June has nearly N.., .Yor.t &ea-z..a.r....-Bci>tcll" Lnnd;rt>ot. 111. t10 description, and we are without any sales to rennrt aCtive, and pnc.e. ot the lower ve ruled goM, and we presnrue no definite action can be expect-: =@ 1 holders continue firm. We note sales of so hhda,.rVir: .... ..... thll.n dmingtJa.previQnsweek ed relat;ive to tobacco before the middle or FRlllero. --1 ........... 1 4 8 LicorlctB .... Goltf; Cu7'1't11C?/. ginia and Kentuc ... y leafWJ"th1'n our range ofquoftt 1"ons. have deCliae4hda. 'l'be of the present staO'nation. MeantW....-l>!n3" D11lrKet & Co.ll bx. Cigars. Vugmla..... 116 116 44 tende.ncr oftne remains :firm for all de&irable From Rio .Tanmro: J. R F. Mayo, 3 bxs. tQbacco. Kentucky ,25 675 700 250 for wh1ch. full {>rices within tbe range of All xinds of leaf keep up at the Virginia tObacco ceoFrom Havana : M. & E. Salomon, U 'bls. tobaCeo; Missouii.. .' 6 6 our quotatwus were pa1d. Lugs contiriue tO 'be tliinly Very common lugs-so common ae to be almost A. Gonzalefl, 80 do.; F. Miranda, 203 do.; A. n:presented and to i8 goea ._.116, both tOP llbip-pnnnngs--sellat Lynchburg at 7c. See what reflu!ts 361 do Strohn & Reitzenstein 8 do Total hhds .. 1 754 15,413 17,167 27,199 pmg and purpo.ea; aadeacripts and from these high figures Tile commonest kind ofponnd & Co., 155 do. and 12 cigah:; lfimhardt EXPoRTS co.!lHENCING JAN. 1, 1868, AND BAHE TillE 1867 ba.dlr cond1twned tobacco were with more can!}ot be laid down here. for than 22c., whereas &; Co., 58 bls. tobacco &nd 51 CL cigars ; F. Prpbst & WMre to, -hLt Prer!IJiul11, Total. Bm7tl am. tAM. cautwn and sold somewhat lower. The tone of the can buy the first quahty of bnght for that Co., 13 do.; C. D. Schm,idt, 2 do..; Ferrer & Mediaa, 1 BremeJI.... 2,173 2,178 7,994 market was slightly easier toward the c lose of the weelr figure, even under .. we "ust !'I the m1ddle do.; C. W : Ruprecht, 2 do.; Park & Tilford, do.; W. ... 1,041 1,471 2,512 1,587 without, however, e:trecting a quotable decline t? 1186 thts tate of things altere If H. Thomas & Bro., 2 do.; Oelrichs & ('o., do.; T. Rotterdam ...... 1 2,9'18, 2,973 7,968 tobacco of Louisville is now ac&ivelv engaged in g1vc us a lower tax we shall see the pogus ta.x.pald Van Rossum, 1 do.; HowM>Il lves, 2 do.; Wetzlar Bros., England ... 20 287 807 606 the preparations for the regular anuual fair. which will goods spt!edily leave the market, and thf,llegitimate ar3 do. H. Dallllf 1 iS Jiinpr, 12 f Henderson West Indies ... 10o 105 53 held on July 8th and llllooeeding The reticle as!y ;1dvance. With reference. to the proBros:, 1 d as 8 uw '!P iu "' 1 ... 100 l Cuba .'18 cs tl an<\ 19 6lfi lb!l mfd; U 323 6 5c.@'tlle..; medt m bright sound, 58c.@65c. ;-.common Rejeetions . . 72_ 1 0 ..... g_oodi! if not so :l prior to January 1, 1S69, and l!Otaxeil ., '. ' '1 sound, 50e.@56c.; otber qualitie!l out of conditl"on "'" The Board of Trade have recommended"new section America 4 $1a2. from (R 1117, already pub fished in this column), "' hich pro-New. .531 lbs. Jnf1., range 20c.@4fic.; bright-quarters, 6Sc.@75c.; fancy Actual up to date ..... .20,388 -hllds for an inspection by Government on the passage Braztl: 2 b::ttt Clgars, tM9. styles, 70c.@B5c. ; black tens, 60e.@ 680; black sweet, lugs, light, SO.@to. do. heavy, of the new law, and the affixinu to all !!'oods now 6'o V:enezuela. 1 h hd.; ,8380; 30 C8., ,0112, anl 2,47S i lbs., 00c.@64o.; Navy, pounds and halves, 61c.@G+e 91c.@l0le.; 9e.@101i. do. b;avy,.llc. q "' b s m.,... .J.. "O Im_pQrlations.-.!Foreign: From Havana.: C. G. de Gar: """ll.L. edi I f 1 hand of a stamp of Thts would be a x m.: li!Uo 1 d" -fl1l .,.y m nm ea.' 1g t,llc.@13c.; snfticicnt safeguard against fraud anil. not be an unneReP.u'bhe: 1'1',89! I be: mfd., $3,866 men 111., 2' os; c"!S.ti eo. 1 do. ; Fisher @He. ; good fine1 hght, 13fc.@ l5c. ; lSc. eessary burden upon the trade. in the case of the ob-China 1 IUS. & Co., 4 do. : Dix & Stemer, 1 bx. do. i Brown, @17c. i select10ns, hgbt, 16e.@l8o.. do. heavy liSe;@ noxious reco'IItmendation by the Committee beilig a(\optSan Fra.neiiJOo: 'l'9 08: snd :I Shipley & Co., 1 dd.' E. w. Beeker, 1 do. Coastwise: 20c. Cutting 8Je.@9!c.'i Btrip-: ed, tobacdonow pu hand would gradually decl'e!lSC in European ports June 23: 12s hhdsl A. Semuller &-&ns; 49 do., 106 pkgs., B. M. 11c.@13c.; l!led1um lea.f,ac.@18o.; good t& value llDtil the dav of next year, when it could London. P" hl.d s., 20 tcs., sm li cs; Hodges, ; 35 hhds., A. .dD.. ; selectwns, 2&c-"""35o. ....., Y. -r,.. .-t H d h t-'-"' h t'" id .... v hhd K ""'' ..,. continues quiet, witlr no k .... .....,.,,.. oulle IS now "em$: ac "u upo nul! prov es no emce: 200 s. y. 1 t t mar et remams acttve for all and ........ 8 1111 the tax rate, alteririg tlie soo-. Malta: 6 Cllf 'i t ransactlOns 0 taking fully up to quQtations. Fine ye lu .... __ .,2;. :... 1_. ""'"II "Th __ :r a d:r. Ge1 .,.."''-r ., '" I' tured is duller than ever, on account of the unnn .... :-ty ;.;..._. .. -..-_, ...,. ons o tne o u ul : e tax IS .reuuce t noa: S1 n11as. ""''" cAd.u u .,.,.,...... pe"""" more in demaod + ... = :.o.._ -J: e gall d" 'lied i.Qt rid he' 'fbfi(' \J.ll h "--"-respeCting weD Dl uf bsal of the new taJC bill what L ""' ....., cents per on on 1st1 sp 1 e, a t Sydney: 2'bnall., ff5 t re&qT Ws.l 3 ouls., and 4 cs is qoinni bei,; one by contraballd.deale!... and wee .. OWIBg &o the very Htilited nta_,_,t tllat liht'l are the proposed rates on tobacco antl.'8n'nff'wh18h ell'&_ II :Melbourne: 874 pkge. r h 1 0 d "" We quote: be -l'aet,UJ.1ed d ld ed f. i>t t e ,...ttet are re rte l to have a good supply 9 n 1-te IIUI1lw an so or J'emov Ol' consllm,. wn : .j 1 bOIII:Esnc Btcli>1:8 't hanil. 1 rflOOipts of tne week have been 09 hhds. "'.nor to common frosted lugs, 13@16 0.0; or On suuJ f&J '"' ... -lt-,li!K-..,..111-....,.NJ week; Fwm An lugs, $6@*6 50; good, to 60@18 50; ex-for tobacco, ground, drr1 1 pJ,9kled, -'Intenot and! for endmg d 4; R tra pnzed lugs, $B 50@a12; common $li scented. or otherwise, of all descri.{ltiOilJ'\V p'tepated !3d have been, 2;213 hhd11., !' Ct1tW., 4.'f.bbls., 9'11 0 de j earson, 1,100 bxs. tobac<,oo @t6 50; good working lugs, '1@tS 60 use, a tax of 32 eents per pound; aM cs., '23 h -bJOI., 2,840 pkg&, and 4 cs. cigars; C9lllligoed r 500 po.S. rom Havana-R &rgeBB &-extra smoking luas,= O ""IIIUIIOT When 110ld or removed for use-O'r coDsumption, shall be aa foUoWtJ: .. 'J n, Slltilton & Co., 1 bbf. shlppiD_g, @. 17 50, good sh"'lp "'O #' d b U 1... ByE nd C"-B F 11 & So 65 ettel. ; Order, 201000 Exported ll&nle time: To .a hi "' -........:as snu.., an s a ...., .put up m au ne ... .,.1 roa : u-. a en ... em n, L 1 3 d nne s ppmg leaf, 112@$18 extra -..wn .. 1_,. 60,.,.: d th 11 _... hhd Blak ore, Parker ._ Co. 171. Br.,an Watt lverpo_o 5 08 ; to a ena and a market, 181 o -, -""" -pe 1n e slWI.e BUQ. on uuewwg s.; ezp. "' ... ; II 8 Pi b d .: common wmppers leaf, $18@1!0: gqod......., -.. wbacc!)J fine-cut1 plug, or on al I & 'Go., 330; Norton, & CO:, J'. K. Smith to t. lerre,_ 55 XS. an 41 pkgs.; to Hayti, 22! h $20@880; extra wrappers leaf. ... all tobacco tWisted Drew & Croekett,160 ; Jijeldiug, Gwym-& 1 tobacco crop continues by haM or rMnced from the ieafinto ai!Onditio'D to be Co.; 01 ; J1 D. Keilly, 2GI R. L. Maitlud. A Co., 65; hue 12.-Reported exclusivelyforttW rnsb, and prices are well mainta z, coaautlled, M' etherwise prepared without UJI8 .of T. H. Mayhe(l, 77. ; & C\>., 26 J. Tou.&.ooo L'lu v, by mder of the Board ofTrade of Cincity of money and abundance of _,_a any machine cr inltl'UDlent., P'1!ased Reynolds, ;'j Eirtg tobacco, which ean be passed & :PalmoM, 1 ; L. W. Gantbet drl,Co., 13 ; F"la.ncke & taken by specu a.tors. Receipts h&ve been liberal Tbe the Prioe contrast 'With the through a riddle of six:tcel'l meshes te the sqUJire iDeh, Eller, l!; GWJnU &. CQ.. 31 ; C. W. 8a1es oftlm ;week amognt io S97 hhds. and 22 bxs. !1.8 sho"":tt moye anunatJOn on MODday Tuelld the aud, on a.U.-efuse1 scraps, and sweepinga on toba'CO, a cs. 41', pkgs.; Unlcirt & Co,, 44; Order,-26.7 hhds. follows: demand bmng no longer oonBned to the l&wer !!f!!':i:.... tax of cents pe1 pound. The tax_., is By Hudson ltiver 1 Railrs>ad: ;R. H. ArltenbUtgh, 6 Bodmann's wa.rehowse, 3o0 hhds., viz.; 350 bbds. 0!1 the coutrary, as 1\>otn t;__ aa1!""'::,"s'" to contmue the same as a.t regard to hhds.; Bryan, Watts & Cb., Otd$-, ft!id SO pkgs. Mallon, Brsclten, and Owen Cos., Ky., leaf, lugs aod II 11 h d r-..., --; .... t he change from 40c. to 32c:, we speak elsewliere'. The By Oamden and Alllboy Railmad: F1eldmg. Gwynn trash 7 at t6 19 t t?'-"' 90 14 $ Y or t e gra es a ove ntediu11). The transf h ld b "ll d d Jr.. .r1.. 2 ""d ... T Sl .... c 7, B. c a 'l!!'. at ., 90, jf at aetiona for Saturday, Monday atld !1'nes y foot up other secti<>ns' o t eo 1 are un erstoo to l'ftl1am --:,.;-, 8 .,. s. i aug.,....r p., ; $9*9 90, 82 at $10@$10 75-, 3l'at @$11 ''11>. 3'1'at 220"hlids., of which 2 hhds.lugs'. at ....... 2 unaltered. :Ba,ker & ()At 7; Ppj.w <;Jrockett, 11; .Blake. S12@$12 75, 28 at *18@.13 'li, 17 at $14@,14 75, 27 at 7fo. 1 t 8.1 d -_. .... no chai;tge to Mte, a little llUp more,farlter & Co., 9; Cbas. 'a. 'F,.a.llfi!18tein & Son, 24; at 815, 13 at $16@.16 75, 24 at .17@.1'1 7 5 2llat&ll 1' a .,-c., an 6 at stc.; 1 Hlo., 7 at 9'% 6 ply trade ljeing all Utat aow characterizes tb_ e market. J. K. Sin.ltb. & __ 16; Murren & Oo., lz; Bry:tn, @$l8 11 at, t 19@.19 7o, l4 at a20@2o 7b, 6 Q hi M U l'c., 2 at 186 22 at 14ic., l38 a& )* fi at 161.'., Oigars..-Dul'ing the past week there has bee'n eonW'nttil & Co., 115; Sawyer, Wallaoe & Co., 10; Clen'lent 1 26, 7 at t22 26@$22 50, .; .at $23 @123 se, 1 at l..f at 16fc., 2 at 170 the remafud er a t -. Since sidetiihtdoing in aU grades of In low grades Retd, l(lloplrg&; J. Cupenter16; WeilACG., I ; Order, $Mll5, 8 t2p 76, 1 at 1 at ao, 1 at 182 25 then the market bas contmued aetlve at fii:m A .At Caaey & Wayn e propne-t::transactionsemhra.ce about l90.lihqs 'UC In ted ld B !Ol.o-u T \ 0 Ober u hhds wp t to"'-'"'f l.h-1-an-1 1(\ bva, y; .. 1."' hhde ..:. ..... w ds. at. IOc. per poiD.ld, 8 d llc.., _. Impor Clgar!l, o llll..,...-....,n, ...... ; I _...,--'"' '"' ....... ....._, Ufc., 5 at 12L.., 4 at 1 .. -.,., at 1-'-, a ..., ,Jpmetbing doing at low :fi.gares. A lift-& Co., 1Z9 cs.; J:Sunz\ .b 50. IUld Bracken Co!J., Ky.-16 atl'1@*7 85,9 attS@t8 1 h l! t Mo. S" ""' .. 't"- t-L...U-preva"-"n the trade -nerallv. Bv New YorkandNewfhv. en Railroad: B.A. 'Von 9 06 10 t.lnil'llt1 ., '1 a 11 at 17<'., 1 at 18jc., and the remainder ,_ _.__,110 ..., ." -" o 16, at $11@*11 -. otal sales for the week, no bhds. Quotation&-


From Natehz: L Weil, 'T By New Orlean"t and Great Northern Rail road: Jeby, !lcntruel & Co., !0 cs. By Pontcharttlbl Raitro.d: Floyd & Johnson, 3 0$. Cleared since the lith inst. for Liverpool 777, Havre 54, Bremea 3,.., w'Yotk Ul2 bhds. Stock in ware houses and on llhipbo&rd net cleared on the 12th inst., 4,o9s hade. SIOek 1, 1867, bhds. 3,191 Arri'flld pu& week, M8 Arrived previoosly, 11,2:19-11,817 Eip.tal t,392 15,008 SlO :Bnmed, 28 -10,010 8004 on hand ud OD shipboard 49,1188 INIIPSO K ..... .. .., 390 ............ '' ....... 1,8s4 1s,o79 976 11,017 121 426 922 4,932 14 CASES A.."'iD BALES. P.A.CL\GES AND BO:US. order. capltallata who wlah lo -In the to'-o -llllelar!M & rare cb&nee lA otrered The loCatloll1 wren 'l'iie leaf !8 datly otrered for sale Ia oar market :::..-,._ oulted In oeleCt\ng leaf tobacco. For te,....;, etc., the Lo11U!TILLII, Kr. January 00, 1808. GBOBGJi J,


Statea.Internal Revenue Bonded Warehouse, Tbirty-second Colteceon Dlstrlat. -I'" .. & -. -. ----Pi MISSION MERCHANTS r f ... : .. : : ,\ND AGlL.'iTS FOR THE aJt.LE OF' . : ,.i.: W 'iJF'ACTURED and LEAF TOBACCO. I ',. (''''. 4& WATER STREET, NEW YORK, JJ.iifid attention of the Trade to the followii;lg. most .. .. .. Brands of I : .f]-IN_IA MANUFACTURED TOBACCO : OoraCio, Diadem, -I' .11ewel of Ophir, Virgin, eream of Ylrlnla, Old Dixie, ....... L. Louie D Or, Peerless, Gilllan;tlle Wine 8ap, Callego, John K. Childrey, .. .. .. Colden Seal, J. a. Pace & Co., of Hearts, it, Harris a. Pendleton, Briton' Emblem, it, Crant & Wlllams. c. W, .plcer, McEnerJ & 8ro. tlo"nsen & Co., William LoniJ, Crean.,.Winne, Thomas & Oliver, T. c;-.urtama co.,. s. w. Venable & eo f'erli&a.eft Chambers, c. P. Word, Caleb Tale, J. R. Allen, Little Clant, Watson f& M6CIII, and others. ..... Oo@mission Merchant, -:; "i 7 Burling Slip, !few-York, I 1 .. T .. -Aeent for the Br,pds Clf f ... : .' 1 ... : .. .. T ... o ... B A #c"''c''lt .-:- "" l.,l.. ... IIA .. UFACTURED. SMOKINC. ; t.AA: (Pocket Pieces). "Virgiuia' a Choice." r D. 0. BA7o'1 Bavy. "Pioneer of the Old Dominion." :Qf Induatry. I Oronoko. -J J,l. tnfnt.on's Extra Sweet POUD.dL Just the Thing. -City of New-York Seed-Leaf Tobacco Inspection. TOBACQO OR SAMPLED. Certl.llce.tes given for every case, and delivered, C&Be by case, as to number of Certificate. X. B.-I llloo sample m Mercltants' """' Stores. F. 0. L:J:N"DE., W.IJIDU1JSD-llca. Tl, 78, &ad 'l8 Greenwich lt. OPftOB, T6 Orenwieh llreet. ,l ][, SOJmBABT. H. FRIEDMAN ... B ... SCBUB.&RT d! CO., .: _-C.ommissiou :Herchall.ts; .4L80 -411 lliD'OKTBaS 011' .&11 B.&LBKS IN J.LL lDlOJ8 _()I' L -EAF 10, ltfJ WA'l'BJH!BBJ:T, .... THE TOBACCO 16/: Water Street, Pouna ll\a1f ,.ovifd lc Quarwrto "'ney. Ten1' A. G Fulle r.. GarllMIIdi..,:, J1111e !:pplT & C ,_:,) (.. .-.lGJ!ml 70'& !filii (W ... '!Leaf ManUfactured Tobaooo, '. M WA.DKr-IDaT, nw .. Yi*x, r ; ... q-band a 1aaorlm811t or t..e .;.rtona cre4eB t/. t '1' TOBACCO, ALIIO, !OLII AGDTS JOlt 'I'D CILJI!BKA'l'I:D Jack1 & "Brown Dick" Smoking Tobacco 26 WILLETT Sl.1 llall.......,. bylolm W. Carroll, ot lqaebbnq, Vir&fnia. ftllltt Mrii bn11tf1 are. bey011d an cloabt, th4 mulll'atand, ud u 1111111 ...i larite the ....... WI,..,. 101 GRANT & & ROBINSON, J. G. DILL, J. K. CHILDREY, L. H. FB.AYSER' & cp;, TURPIN & YARBROUGH. J. B. PAU & CO., ,.THOllSlOLIVER, GREAiiR t WINNIE, BARJArt'S CROWN, REUBER RAGLAND, G.ILMA}f & MALLORY, CHEIVES & oSBORNE, DAVIS & ;SON, DUKE OF ATHOL. The 'lttention qf the 1l-wn paoking D. Hirsch & Co., Ko 174 Water 1111 -... nl!A.Liins Leaf nd Smoking Tobacco. -' '. \ M, l B ; A. BRU&IiEL .. -' ,r .Imp;tntr'' tua.a ,,.. 1 f' J I t a ) .. l 1 / 1 ., I Leaf/ (1114fpr, Smoki:Jlr I.: (&twim '_;' i. RBW -YGBB. I KREIIELBERG. 6 CO., KBWioYORX. oUJ) F. -L. BRAUIIS CO., B&L'RII.QU. Tobacco Cooiliou lert'ham Several b...,ula of ft.tb, -, eonstantly on hand, aDil -..., ID .,_ er duty l ald,ID.luta COIIllt Plll'c:buera. 8&-114 C'-1;.ENT ltE.l), t!i,omtniJidoalnrhaut AD DalLIII JJt AND .. '!ESTERN MAN UFABTU RE It TO B,JD DO, LICORICE, CUM, etc., M-1a.l llo. 1 :Mo .. s o...,.c,.., Jlu Oftlsoa, ... N.,..l'ork. llJ. OTI'INGER l 'B'ROTflER, KENTUCKY -Tobacco IBl'CflmltJ, 138 e Oon>or-afl'llle, W.....-rGaK. &a,. ceiiii Uy on bud.;. .. .. ......, ":rb&CC9 f o r 12T-19 I --aura. l-eaf and Manufactured Tobacco, IP Water New-Y.ork ......... .DliZL 120 Wate,...., .__.YIM"k, .lSD ,!lloUD& Illl Ji.LL ....... -. ..... Llllonl c:atb ad-1111ade ""' .,.......,_. of .teal &Dd U,U.ut-red ,.oboeco. GT-108 DILLS &. CO.J! DCALEns nr DOMESTIC and.lmportars &f SP .A.NISH E. M. ORA WFORD & CO.._ : TOBAO'CO .,..,. ....., l nthlut!t, 121 & 123 FROIIIT-STitiEt.T UW-t#IiK. oil_, ...... -


THE T 0 BAC 0"0 LEAF. j 5 MO O THE SALE OF Brn PASTE. E Certiflcates or the MORRIS M. & M." BRAND will be ahown from the leading mufachrrers in Richnrond; lynchburg, l"etersburg, Danville, Va., Brooklyn, St. Covington, Pittsburg, Canada. -1'rrn'l11.ttA.T, OAFII'R' A :l)VAN'C'lr.S MADE o:N cdWBIGNliiJENTS. PLATT s!.!!WTON, L. HBLLAIDrR & SOl,' WM. T. CotEMlN & co., Co si ltv CHABTEI C. U.&:I:L, Leaf 1111 !MidacbmMr T ll1ltM Ciitiifslion 160 WATER BTllEET, JlfBW 'I'OBJ[."" )f (5 lilflino l t'f!lii:O Ina.,........_. HAVANA CJIH U'D DEALD. Ill' LEAF TO:sl Sti!WtfCt NearFuJton -ro


and Manufactured T Domestic a.nd Imported SegarS. :rlorthea!t O:>r. Thi.-d and Sts., SEGAR ltANUF AC';('URER, L'E A F etc. LOUISYftU, .67 59, 61,6; 631'rml' 82 H.. 68. Waser bet. V'me6; Walnudtneta, .... .I.IIDOmO TV D. HIEA.Tl', OJI.Mf, t11 lnspeotor. Proprl..,... ......... G. nunu,.ra. 6tll.r.l!J8TB.IOT, .&N __ Dealers in al ll:i.QD.s of FRANCKE II KLEB, UB:D-I,BAF TOBACCO TOB&.OIC'O Jiii&CH.l TS, A:rn U7 Main t.... .._ :nts and 8th Je lG A. R S LOU 17 st lia.nd,olph Siree-;' ....... LEAF TOB CO, 161, 163, & 166 Paul..._, <-o--), NCINNATI. NO. I:Z CENTRAL WHARF, __ --___ BOSTON. l ... Connecticut-seed Street; ""-'/ JU.BTJ'OBD, CoDD. R. qlJ


:ElfPIIJml'roN. l)olictts ordersjrom if Consumers Aili.ress:NY7 Pearl ,St;lliClvmond. Va. MILLS & RY .ANT, Tobacco Brokers & General CommtRSion Merchants, Office in Tobacco Shoc:koe Slip, Richmond, '!1. Jldor I>J penalnlon 1o AB!VER P. DARVEY, Preolden l of the Nat ronal Bnt, Bl chmo\o8 "\':>. JA 'rES THOMA!, .Jr., Etq., Rletrnlen ti, VA 8. 0. Prn\dtnt o t the Pla.nter&' N Atlocal &nt, Rkhmrntd, v., i B. IID!ISf!NG& .t; CO., &DtllGa Mlltden-la:le, Mess;a. ..'!:; TIIO UPSOS, 15-S Pearl a t., Botton. s. RAPP UNIO:N lli'A.CTO:IiloY 'rHo::!.&: .As :Eonabllllhed 1880. ::E:A.RDGROVE, Only to THOAS & SAMUEL RAJUlGROVB, k ati.! OWitet' of the follflwinll ._....., I VIJUWNIA PLUC TOBACCO : DAB.K. LIGHT. 'I'D 'IIE8T, I Pl!ACIJ, II SWEET ROSB, I CHA.RJIER, INDISPIINl!Al!LE, WAIW, VARIE'l'Y, 1 RARE RIPE, TWIN JmoTliBRS, BA!UtOW. AMBROSIA, ELEPHANT. Ma4n Street, between :l6t1" 4 :lSth, Bicl,mond, Va. GREANER &: WINNE, r li.J!lcCoKU.L Tobacco Manufacturers, 'GR. AI. a, MBROh ".dn W. L. Bo1fll.uJ. Noe. and 1 EAS'l' ClARY TRZET, j enera .um BA!.a ;rc RICHMOND, v A. VIRGINIA AND NORTH CAROLINA llallntacture1'8 of Choice Brands or Ploc Tobacco, in Leaf 8 ad Mannraetu_red To ,au' pollll48,lOI. and II No.4 twbtl I'IIOT '8UILDINC8 PETERSBURG. VA. d,. 00., AND AGENTS FOR 111m II ALl: o lYICHIURI MAIUFACTIRED CRill I. IIIOK( TOIAICII, 1.41. Main Street, Lynchburg, Va. 11 We are oole for th"a.oaie of :Mr. L. L. AKil!TE.u>'sjaatlr_celebra*i u JoUCHLAIIIDI!R DICK TATER," 11114 ltKD ROV.R" 8MOKINC T011ACilO. it'ID any styTe and q11&11t1ty 10 suit Buye1'8. J. W. CARROLL, JOHN W. STONE, &Je Manufacturer of the Famows &.Dd World DZ4LQ, IX VIRCINIA LEAF TOBACCO. LONE JACK and IRCIWN DIC -nae .. .y, t!Ub Mree&. LYJlCBllURG, VA. Ordere reopec:t1bll7110jldtet and prempUy attended t.. R 0 BINS 0 N It TO.BACCOS, l'll.t.l'l11:11' 0:11' THE CELEBRATED BRANDS 01' ''VIRGINIA SMOKING TOBACCO, IND,IAN QUE'EN1 !IDd JOCKEY CLUB. Manufactory, 8eventh, LYNCHBURG. VA. McDaniel, Litchfield & Co., (Sa,_ to McDaDiel It .kby,) Get!erttl No. :J.& .Briolfe LYNCUBUBG, VIRGI,NJA., wm pay particulor a r .don to the of .............. k!M:.-.:Nr'r ; Countru Pf'()dttee Generally. OVERELL'S Keep constantly on baDd the followlag lleCorkle Bowmlll u Bueleior n llcfJolae Bowman's UGold Lear," wm:L. "Belle of 'the J(!llllelppl P&ol 'fiiiiiiiiiila "Gold fl. 0. Jmit;,. Orolloee,.. &lid GUier bnin41. .. of their own munllu:ture: 01/fee, 118 .......... ,-;r.YNCBB *Teo \) '' GHLAND RED ROYER 11 DICK T SIIOXIIJG TOBAC The..,. eataliHI!hecl ; Tobeccoo, 110 well aad lilT known. are put up in )6, J> an4llb. bales or poucb aad In bulk, tbuo snltlng the retaller'and jobber. llaantactnred oaly &t the STEAM WORKS THE TOBACCO LEA lP. J MANUFACTORY, (Superior 'Make and Priine OF e ;EDAR WOOD, Goerck Street, New-York. Regular Annual .. Tobacco Fair, UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE TR.ADE, TO BE HELD ON 1868_ LIST OF PREFfiUMS. 2Bt 'Tth .. of. ..... 2d do. . . . 150 2d do . ............. 3d do. .. ....... . . IOO 3d do. .......... -. ...... ... C"".,.-Be.IJibd. Catli.llg Lea!: 8th Cia ... -Best Five Hbds.: lst l'remlu111..................... $I250 1st Premium ... ........... : ... u cr-. 9th rn,;!.:,... 2d do. do. . I50 lst Premium ........ ..... ..... 414 CI .. -Be'i!t"Hhd. Black Wrappero. . 200 2 est rescmblinothe honible Stygian is prod.uced in Tennessee anely on acoount of the immense hou se on the 16th June 1868, the President, uicotine, as the pig-tail, negro head, etc., i s amount of tobacoo raised Jtt the West, Colonel Aug. Leftwich, took. .the ebatr, and much more hurtful than the milder hut on acco unt also of the incidental S. J>. Halsey WI\S appointed Secretary pro tern. The qualities. It is the nicotin e whioh, i1> commercial tlpt spring committee,. compose of C. W. tatham, T. C. S. considered to be the cause of the tremor, up througb It, dii:ectly ana malrectly, Ferguson, J. A Hamner, J. H. Flood, ahd J. BaldlJ. palpitation, so fre quently betw,ey tlte W 8l!tenl Crenshaw, who were ap1J9mlied by the to pre-fethi: g shulking. As this and &kitnor 'f tliiw.: \lit *lis the pare rules and regulation for the guidance 'of the is much more 4bundautly absorbed from depot and Ulrlile1i 1m> tb\ t staple-Bal.. .AsiOCiati offeNd s-., which, after I!OPJe j\mend cigart1 than in llJDokingpipes1 tl1e former timor)'l should ossess ft is concede aoopteit with great huanimity, and are as more <>&en occasion drsperla. th t if'We cou1 drnwthe tobacoo here llowtj ; Tollaoco is an article o general and ft would bting pul:'<;lh&Be here. W e ..., lsy. That Inspecto rs, ill drawing "the two itakM o{the fast increasing and yet sl10uld r eas ona'bly 1 ex:pe.c and confi'dsample, should aUernate at least with every other hogs not of necessity. For thts reason, many ently try to get this trade for several h.ead, by drawini the near 'the bottom 'or tOp, Eurapean governments have considered reasons. :We are in about the same a11d in tlie apd.libOald the outside of the hO!!"B it eo0nentiy proper to make it produce latitude .j&S ;K09t.ncky.,; w.e t"e nearer to bead indieate d.iffe1eut rades, draw (rom each. Zd. "'n large revenue returns. It has been s ubit than Ne#York; 't11e Cdst of t1anst i?} u the samp t e Qt jected to. P.01:tation ..t8f.niqtnat. in prop wn til Its tribslc value thh.A tey-; dwyag\1!18 1aoU can have mmoor pic mg the same, unless It h&ll ben or any other article. ngl1111d bas pl::lced their tobacc? stored in our State ware di;,ifgared g; then su taken off a custom duty offrorrr h uses ana Jl!spected 1ree of expense and sJ.U the label on the flake of three to seve tit:Q.e&. its original cost. our port charges 11re much less; and we the bottom break. 3fl. That in no case, either at public The theq( "ts its importation have lines of steamer8 owned :py our o1 pri e.,sa le, shall sample be mutilated by the Jlt ecified ports. Some own citizens, and for that reason pnrchaier. All pcivate sales to be strictly; confi.'j'tiVoe ... P,tl LA! anage the manufa cturQ to aid and encourage an so dential between the partie s 5th. The minimu m bid and sale of it themselves, / otbers Ja here nd to .which_ shall be ab public sale shall, when heavy impo sts and taxes upon It more as tlie tobacco trade, under *7 be 10 cents; froru.$7 and up to $15,25 cents; Notwithstanding all overnmental Liverpool and Bremen. Every anange from $15 to $25, fifty cents; and from $25 upward, one restrictions and this g ental di ment i8 made here, and every facility - I J, T tij 1p9re-;:: -hilst t e ct:,iM of York to retain an advantage accidentalshall be knocked and the seller only reManizes one .. 0!' sro.o n -,.,. has mw ncri ancl morP. ly acquired and to which she can Ia'> AO lJi(le ownames. On motion Capt. C. V. Winfi-ee, a resolution was passed, the appointment of a committee of tbree, by the to examine and report to a su[).; meetmg what would be a fair voluntary co m to for .del ivelingloose pan:cls of tobaooo, atld. for said committee the appoint-Capt. C. V. S. W. Shelton, and S. S Da.o v1dson. On motiOn of C. W. Statham it was J! esolved That copies of the constitution and of be furnished the of tl iOit "J'lth the r equest that they publish the same. And furth e r, that the Secretary and Treas urer to hav e a numb er of copies of said consti t oh and regulations printed -in proper form for the of the membe s, and copy framed. put up at each W(i. e house. On motion the Assomatwn adjourn ed. AuG. LEFTWICH, President; S. P. HALSEY, Score t pro tem, cpRRESPONDENCE. THE TARIFF ON t:IG!RS. T.o the Hon. RoBT. C ScHENCK, Chairman of the on Ways and Means, Washington, D. 0. JJear In regard to the proposition of chano-ing the tariff upon cigars, I would remark that the "'two dollai'S pet pound and twenty-five per cent. ad valorem w:ould result disastrously to the hom eman ufac tunng mte1 est It would place correspondin<> arades ot foreign or Havana cigars in direct com with finer grades of domestic s the tendency of which would ?e .to cle8troy th(tt most imprYrtant feature of the. It needs no ar"'ument to show the lack of wisdom and injustic e of a scheme when we consider the immense disparity in numbers citizen11 depenacnt. upon \wo involved. Jt'ar bet ter would It be that Q tax Ill tariff fltey a1-e, while they are just now o-eting settled down into regular working order, alterlng: merely the !Lninistra. tive features of the law. facts I to p ent mt your serions c.onsideratwn, bearmg heavilv f'.POI\ one of Qlll' largest and most rmportant Qf iJ.Iustry. Respectfully yonrs, A. 'W, FOOTE. NJi:w }"tOf!OQflds, too exp rt o( map-t? 't.lle; J!rOJMt,,of 'WhiCh It e.n take to the number mistaken nfactured tobacco bad decreased to less ttre y disapproved, there was a diS as to the parcel sold, OP if the parcpl..t uot fatrlr e. bib-, than 7,00.0,000 pounds. The cn11Sion of various matters connectecl ited in the pile. The purchaser df':i b it aft e price of leaf tobacco hacl during tEe witn t'he trade. Some found fault furthel"examination which is to b e same time increased from 9 cents per with the sys t e m of ifispeetion here. it is knocked off, believes fro outside lb. in 1861 to.l3 cents per lb. in !8G6. rom e. lisen n t the is MOt 6ne, shalt have the (See the report of M. Rader & So for t--e m tter, 1 see 4:1 the as I 1 g h ho ;!iead broke a1A r, 1861, and the of oommer ce ail.d not prol:iablyfu a" egula ng .uro correspon th sample be may deCline to navigation for 186:6.) of 'take it. i-()th. frlGl' y-bidding and bidding by the from Balt1more durmg the past admmistratJOn. It was obJected that owner or part owner upon tobac him r year were about 1,10,000 hogsheads, persons were turn a i114' t t public sale, is fraud, an upon satl.sfacl.ory agaiust 7o,OOO in, 1861. The tmde o o ll 3 J.)I) "deJP. io jiU 11ro f i u Qr of this association he Baltimore in leaf was larger than in.;:ey qu IT J;l\erl o ;11 l;ie J i y expulsion. llt,h. T a.t of that produced by tli'e mistaken policy "denounced in tl\.e old adage, A. BU .I.CTUIUIR Or' lHA' 'Uti i.:(; .. Ucrt"/uut.t.a in Tobac o 'Barrels, P'lour llalftl. MolilSRa Caaka, Water ancl I e JUld Plug TQbacco, aUutherklndotOAette. ALSO SEG.A : n .s, tlew Flour Barrell &. sta-u- H No. 165 W atcr etreet, 1iow Y orko 1 c OGfll S. ROSSIX. W. DESSAUEit. A large oupply cOllll&lltly OJl bou>l!, 1 ()l"dero from tllc nt cn'c:d lo, omoe, CJ4 Rutsr 811p, flew Yol1l. Ulld co.,.i;,:lllllOUijl olidlcd. year since 1861, The inspe ctions for that knowledge in ll.ll tobacco o1feood for sale known as r epr izelf, (that is, the parioii awollllt.ed to 63 000 hhds., administering the in which. such as is bought here from Jll'l qllaers and and the s)lipme\lt or deliveries to 72, qught, to oocl might be-lla if the "faa shaU lteand sold in the pamc 000. The fell atotaldL riur or owb,r, owner held responsible very little Kentucky hlr\ing been ment of inspecto :tad politics. Orie o 'or the correctness of sample; and if the commis broug_ht here. A N e'v York house Cif' fie 110ciation alluded to sio.n merc)l.ant sbafl fail to make such a nnouncement writiiigone in Baltimore a few days above i s to io11pectioi\S. when seUing sucb tobaooo, be shal O!Jilible ago, stated that the Wes t ern crop, to be There are some d eale r s here who think to t he buyer, but in no other case. 12th. to pre." delivere at th seal>oard this will the system of inspection .in sen..e the bigli characY!r o{ ijynchburg Inspectors in "AU work and no "play Makes Jack a dull boy" We should gl.a.d to see our other manufacturing houses fqllowmg so good itn example. tir'Htlle, Bucl

81701D180118 ;tO lOBI ABDDIIOII a. 00, .... 111Jr.aaruah8 c>r ..-. [ SOLACE TOBACCO, 114, 116, and 117 A:fD 121 CEJ)AR-STB:EET, NI}WI J 47-91 --+--, PUD. :rl.aa&, 'I am;.y 'Jlollf' FIIOHER & RODEWALD. Tobacco Brokers, ,. ,-,o. 2 (IIA1rcrr-I!Qu._, JOt.:m- --NEW YORK. J. G4NS & s61i, TOS-a-CCO BROKERS, N:O. 86 EXTRA. Tobacco manufacture-;. and thd. tr.ade in... genera l particularly requested to exa mine an4 of this LICORICE, Wbieb, being now brought to the highest perfection, is offered under the above style of lR'e-.0. We are also 1'30BJ!l AGENTS for the brand "F. &. AckrWwledgoo by consu.mers tO be the best in the market. And for the brand of GRAFFLIN, OWliBU OF PJ..TXKTS A:SD 80U' Jf.tNUF.A.CTUDERS Or '( J FEEDING TOBAC.._ 11-laEIIIiE. !l:andred ................. bo uoe In lhe beat b-ID Ute ooakJ'. teet tbe alae oC tloeoa. 7 ,_...,J! Ulorl>acllly leolied, and -ch S...,... Ia -'4' au Ill puts, ....... IOIIIIIhJIIIr __.:r: I.Q II to Ule maa..-_ ttl Maileo u beet aud m ost .............. .....,..,., e purpoee now Jwown. OoatiDaeat ,...., ,. I ol .,._, ...... ... I .... ..._.,-.&lld brlcllter Tobacco,-,.ull .... ,..... C"*r In Ulewodd. & P<llled In Ulllled litit.. ,._ Mill, l'HOMAS HOY. T .&: Co., TOBACCONISTS, H. H. WATTS & CO -EMPIRE CITY Tobacco :works, No. 7 5 BOWERY,-Tontinf'l Building, Licorice St1ck I G. B. PalfDMd Ia JQslaud tlplll 1 ... 1816 I Jd Smo ag Tbhcco, S F OSBO. RNE In all respects equal o CALABlUA. CHARLE We are a lso AGENTS for the brand .!"'AIItniOJtGDR PAIO&D .. POCKT POUCH:I8. No. 404 PEARL STREliT, NEW-YORK, ManufaB:uren of all kiado of TOBACCO Plni lacllimls, Stem Relrcri. r Patented Deo. 3d, 1887. .&.ml Jf.A.C70.,: UIO Nertlo Bl., .BcoUf.....,.e, :JCRYER. N ) r11J)JJ. Fot u11 particular a ddress s ... IJ &. C Buckeye TOO!icoo !laohine Works, > DAYTON. OHIO. OFFICE 4< DEPOTS 1 168 Pe.n St.,' Mew York. r ., NoTrcB.-All ipfrlta.ents upuu our 6r'brp'l"J> J'OJI ,AU, will be prose cutecl.. Thfs 'Cutter took the -v. -r::.r -"'' :M:. If.' LEVIN, MEDAL rlnp, fOt ..... WM. H. GOODWIJ( & CO, m u by I or rJXroU'l' co:musSION MERCHANTS, wEAVER STERRY, Tobacco, Snuff &Cigars;_, t 7 OLD +--DIPOli..TERSj ..... -...-Ill ...... o } from Hanover Sq"""'', RIW voaL [ 18 PLATT STREET, N. y fear anb jlug. -olnttf.O, ; T I N _.F_, ? I L ,: _____ .:...__, __ OLIVE OIL, TONQUA BEANS, .. Jo HN .1. if noo uE !1)..48 0 1 I IIW YIIL r \. 1'1/. .. .1 "' 1 'CPJ.C'l''CRER or B. D : ROBINSO:If ';', l ) 'Commission Merc!Jant B AC 8." W. :B. ASTEN & CO., :ManufactUrers ofallkl.nds or 100 Mreet. ,,-ro D. H. McALPIN & cq., I NEW YORK. 1 J I RECEIVED THE AT TH.E .e.AJU.S l 8:l NEWYORK. Patculed 1867 A. HAMMACHER & CO., Agents, I!J 8t., N.Y. llli!l: :DIE A: 'Y -JR. Manuf'a &. Dealer anh :igars 1 Ali" LIAP TOBACCO, Also, OREWIBG .&liD Sl(O!DG TOBAOOOS, No. o8 AVENUE C, Between 41h and Mil Streeto. NEWTORK, :t1l B}l.OOK, of tit. Finest Br.anes of \ C I C A R S, 329 :BO"\Y.ERY, NEW YORX. ---' JESSUP & MOORE, LTQ PASTE .ViriDn Leaf an. d Navy Ghewin, .128 William ,Street. N. y -A p FRANCIA J. m noo o 1 PAPER WAREHOUSE. ', BMOKJ:NG TOEA ceo, I t t f L KALDIENBERG 01\1', TQBACCO_ The only Wholesale and :Retail Manufacturers in the United States of Bailorrs Solace, Palm, L::sPurete, Own. f, 3u.vy Pnunds p.nd Haltl'oundll, Si.xo:;, Mitchell Qua.I:ter Pounds, J'. Il.' XXX: 12a, I ... DDULIIJISJ. mo'-tri',C.(t & Wtttrp.p"g. -nptmpo. r e 9 I q I!.IOnce, Plug Teboeo, Snllll.' Flou, &:. .n.t Jtll' 102 p 1 St N y ,. 1 ear ., Ct NUINE MEERSCHAUMPIAE S KillickinniJfk ill. MANUFAvTORY AliD SAI:JlS)lOO?i!, SEIDENBL'.RG & CO G. & F. cahlll & Co., XX, MF, and FGF brand, a il Nos. 70, i7, and.79 Avenue D I fl '., I. I ofouperiorquallt:r.foroaleatloweotmarketrateo. N York_, J;lt.y. WPOBt&BS o AND DEA.LXBS IS ; 17j 62 ... -;JOs.t:;}?H :::;oHBIDE!t FOREIGN & DoMEsTic niCORICE PASTE Victo:ia Tens. FAOTORY -1;;> STn.cBT, J ADA:\181 SnQcrintelldent. '' AIDUmS, MOUTH-PIECES, CASES, &c. llJJmlAIJU5(i t .. P .l.TE:\TLD 10 h,1SCT. ...... OFF!C:i s \VA TEn STnzET, NEw YonK Agcr.t, ;r!.:o. >V. BnoA,D :E'osToN. I Buchanan & Lyall, I 144 WATER-STREET, Jlew-York. .IIUauJliacCIH'en ot: ce 't&Uowtuc ceiebra led ot: TOBACCO. D.&.III, I 28 L ibert,y Street; \ Smoking; Chewing, J AND ., KENTUCKY lA"f, TOBACCO. & T AUS'SIG, 2156 Delancerst., N. Y : W.l.:mu C TOA.KRS b' lLi Ji:(:(DS OJ' I,. ll I F. GRUND & CERERO, NO. 19 DEY-STREET, 1 JOIPOaTB... (64116) NewYork. i18 PIIBI'l'ltnet, lle:wYort. OP !llB Ci.l.DUUTBD DJU.NDS 11-a LA. AND LA rnurn J>OWDJ!tlSD tlQUOtltCS. s E G A R 'S, "' i QUALITY. Mnufaoifrred at NewYork. Ufhmin1J nd i'Dbauos.. ) No ; 15 G IPFO. RD, 9. INNIS 1 1 ,1 lll r PrincipaiDranru: VIRGINI A}LEAFLKI I,LJCK!lqC.jt, 0 1 tfi1ur .J 1 ., ,1 .... J l LJLY, and llEIU) or 'firE W(Sl'. [98,.lti D mOlf ... S A 56t-6'7 ,, N:&W-y -&RK. IIUI.oa'R Olro1oa, aad 1 1 I 1 A '.L1 ... ... c:'o LICORICE PASTE. PORTRAITS, MONOCRAMS, &c., &c., CUT TO ORDER (Send for Circulars and Price Liats.) STORES, 23 WALL STBEEP, 6 JOHN! STREET, and 7 :I. 7 ; JEI' :Fl. C> .A. :0 -.gv .A. Y' I .A.:UL LETTERS 'I'O 6 STREET. IUU&IIT: I I lu.NOI'#.CTUBu o .I:IA.E" ,.,E...,.....LBERG ._ CO an P .. Cut Chewing and Stt1okirig Tobacco 1 r AA -Q. r iF; A .2 I Wshlelff", eor. I AND SECARS, Dmtct .. o"n<'G oncco., )I "'oiOclecclvemiDJOfUUI'l'raGa_ID!QLur,lhet>acltllfii:W"' YoogAmulc&! A ExtnLong Turkish ., Al'UForuua o r tl P o "wd' d L" e R Mlf&m:a;;'A.";H& LYALL. I ICQriC QQ "'F B BRACKWIT.r a; C O .a.-nts N 14 Central savory, LoollSmmnh g, J.b .. Wh&rf,:Boston. .. O C'Lv.,.od lsh, No. 1 8lllQktur, 1 f \ A .1.u1 I Licorice Pa.sieo 'ferma Goods Warranted. Ordc'i' proll)ptlr 11 N Iii W Y 0 R K. encutt:d. 1 f JOSEPH MAVl:'R L SONS, ,. M & Tobllooo Manufacturers are invited to tA. Goetzs & Bti; aulrlJ.J'AOIIJ&DS o .lr./.J Ufo examine our Brands, and teat their qual SE G .-t,;1R lS ',.' 1 EiJ S, ity. -. IN STATUARY, INITIALS, ANIMALS &e. MANHATTJ\N TOBACCO WORKS, / Leaf & '.ltlJ,2Jtrtit\t. Jttd-Wtnf. I H ; .. MESSENGER & coi tP l'<.?BACCO & SNuFF., Waalaiagtoa street. Water-eneel, l"iewYorll, I l 0' ..,.. AD I { -. .177 PEARL STREET, 161' & '163 MAIDEN-LANE. I 11 1 H, .IC][LE & 80If8, .!0 '1 1 :rrnW"-YORK. PATENT, l L .. & tJu .. w. RIOnABD D M'Gs4w. OUVERY BY .. MRS. G. !1 MILLER & CO., ... ., .... .... .u; "j"D o sEG A OIGAaa r.. w. ste......a' ....... o ...c;lo.....l:'i! J _,. u; ...,. 7 C. S. l'r!lalurer, Napanoch, N. _. OUT l A r w c @l. El BSole J>ropd;rlet;s d IMPORTER 8, Our loog .. LEVEJmrr & 00. SNUFF:-. -Ioa. 140 Pearllt. ct 108 Watlr-lt. fall 8, t iTORE, uowater-street.' tt-Sl I 1 Ne..;,.-Yp:.!k. In SpecialtieS E ROSUWALD 1 BROTHER, & SI.E;FXES ilA!I.UFA.CTORY, 17.COlumbi&-lt. SCHMITT & S'l'ORM, E, & CQ; .. FOR J.N, 'utrW.'l'URJ:M or or, c .. ., ......... c.. JUN1JP .. oruJIB.ll8 or IN Tobacco Man facture s All Kinds Havana aud Domestic .Meerschaum & ] r1arwood .... -.... SlGARS, u r, P .TPES lloCAFFIL, 'ANDn:a.u.aMm BURLINC SLIP, Now.2&4PL!TTSTBEET, LEAF TOBACCO, '" 51 M.4IDEN I ... .,_, .., LEAF TOB.:A-000, BZAR w .. 145 Water-tnet; Chichester .._ Co NEW YORK. <-lbldenJue,> 1 Ulo ., 191 PEABL STBEET, I ll-8 Nlil'W'-Y,OHK. N NB"'''ORK. NBJYTQBK. : !II 80ftltY, l'iW-YORK. JOUPH BCBXJT1<, 1 o NW YORK ..., ...,..... .,. ,.. l "".,. ........... !'... P. 0. Box IU527. 1 """ ..... ..u.. 81&LU... G&OliOB S'l'Omr. r """"' .. R. a. TER, T '!P S ce l e b rated Scoll:lt 8ouA',I'Ilr Connecticut, & J Yara I! r' 76 Barclay-street, N. Y. reStrvong tlltetUl ond dlpplru; p..,....., II CO 1 .HATCH_&, CO., kbon t.he cnDntry. Jd l maoufa.etured LEAF TOD.p ltcau be had byt.hekeg, hal( bat raney Sonokln& TobAcco of all kioda, u allo a.-J eel 203 P EABL STREET, l :teco.lono!l'cyArll


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