The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (4 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States: The Largest Special Trade Paper in the Worlfl VoLmn: IV., No. 20. WHOLE No 176 TEJUIB 0!' THE PAPEB.. Single Copies ............................ 10 Cent.o Per aunwn ................................. $4.00 To Jlnlrl&nd and the Cana.das, $1.04addltioualper U111l1D tor pre:sent of postage. To Brem en, amburg, and the 01 Enrope, 11.156 ditl.ona\ per annum for'poltage. T& Australia., etc., 13.12 additional per annum for for the paper considered, unlese accompa.nied by the corresponding amouat4 RATBI 01!' ADVEETISJlli'G, Single Double Column. Column. 1 square (1 inch) fQr 6 months .... 1 -square ( 1 inch) fot 1 yt'ar ........ JS 2 aqus.rea (2 for fi months .. 28_ 55 2 squares (2lnches) for 1 year ..... 54 100 3 aquares (3 inche) for r. 42 SO 3 squares (3 inches) for 1 year ..... 80 1110 4 &fl'uBJes (4 inches) for n m o :.tths 54: 100 4 squares (41nches) for 1 y e11r ..... 165 200 5 SQuares (5 for 6 months .. 'i'O 18Q 6 IIQ.n&reB (5 inches for 1 year ..... 136 2;W 6 squares (G inches for fi m onth8 .. 80 150 6 sILY be adhered to. GOLD V .A. LUES OF FOREIGN COIN'S. (}roat Brita in pound .' .... ......... $f.84,0 Is. shilling ...... ....... 0 24,2 ld. penny ................ 0.02,0 .&anclfr. frane ................ 0.18 lc. ceatime ................ 0.00,18 .Am1ttrda m, Rott!ffdam, etc.-If!. florin or guilder ....... let. cent. .. .. .. .. .. 0.00,4 Brrmenlrth. rix thaler ............ ID.78f 1grt. grote ................ 0.01,0 (9) Hwurg, Lubec, tc.-lm. mare banco ......... 0.36,0 lsoh. schelling. . . 0.02, 1 FORKIGN WEIG.HTS.-A. kilogr&ml\'e equals 2 20485 lbs.; a. Bremen pfund equals 1.09)l09 Ibs; a Hamburg pfund equals 1.06798 lbs. avoirdupoi s. ExciSE and Twist, except as otherwise provided tor, 40c. per' lb Tobacco twisted bv hand, <>r reduced leaf into a condition to be consumed without the use or any machine or instrument and without being sweetened, pressed, or prepared, 30c.; "Fine-cut Shorts," SOc. ; F ine-cnt chewing, made with stems In or not, or however sold, whether }Qose or in packao-es, 40c.; Smoking, sweetened, stemme<:l, butted, 40c. ; Smoking, not sweetened, stemmed, or butted, He.; Smokiag, made exclusively of stems, or in part of stems r .n d imitations thereof, 15c. On Cigarettes, Cigars, and C,beroots, of all description, made of Tobacco llr any substitute therefor, five ,dollars per tbmnsand. Snuff manufactured of tobaceo or any substitdte, ground, dry, damp, pick:led, scent. ed, or otherwise,' of all descrip t ions, 40c. per lb. TARIFF.-Foreign Tobacco, duty ;l:ic. per pound, gold. Foreign Cigars, $3 pound aDd 50 ner cent. ad valmem. BUSINESS DIII.CTORY 0!' ADVBRTIURB, -:o: NEW YORK, TOBOcC60 WARKBOUSJIS .Agaew W .. & 8ona, 284 and 286 FEont street Allen, Julian, 1'12 Water. Baker, B. C. Son & Co., 142 Pearl. 'Belden, F W ., lH Water. Benrimo, B & D. 124 Water. Blakemore, Parket & Co., 181 Pearl. Bowne, R. B., 7 Burling Slip. Bramhall & Co., 14'7 Water. Bryan, Watts & Co., 43 Broad. Bulkley & Moore, '74 Front. Bunzl & Dormitzer, 126 Water. Cardozo, A. H. & Co., 169 Front. Connolly & Oo., 45 Water. Crawford, E. M. & Co., 121 and 123 Front. DeBraekeleer & Foote, 94 Beekman. Deen, John L., '78 Water. Dohan, Carroll & Co., 104 Front. Dubois & Vandervoort, 142 Water. E"'r;ert, Dills & Co., Water. Cha.s. B. & Bon, 129 Pearl. f-atman & Co., 70 and 72 Broao. Fielding, Gwynn & Co., 118 l'earl. Gusert & Bro, 160 Water. Greenfield & Co., 61 Be..-er. Gunther, L. W. & Co., 110 Pearl. Guthrie & Co., 225 Front. Jlarris, J. T & Co., 80 Front. Heineken, G. & Palmore, 68 Broad. Hicks, Joseph, 82 Water. Hillman, G. W. & C0., lOS Front. Jlirschhorn, L. & Co., HO Pearland I 06 Water, Hollander, L & Son, 14'1 Water. Kelly, Robert E. & Co., 84 Beaver. Kionicntt, Thomas, 3 William. Kittredge, W. P. & Co., 164 Water. Kremelberg & Co., 160 Pearl. Levin, M. H., 162 Pearl. Levy & Newgass, 1 Water. Lindheim, Bros. k Co., 90 Water. Lorillard, P., 16 Chambers. }la!tland, R. L. & Co., 1 Hanover Build March, Price k Co., 91 Water. Mayer, Joseph & Sons, 122 Water. Mayo, J H. F., Water. McCaflil, Wm., 51 Bowery. Mengel Charles C., 160 Water Messenger, H. & Co., 161 and 1633 Maiden 1. Morris, H. M., 99 Pearl and 62 Stone. Nathan, L. & .Maurice, 48 Broad. Nissen, J ., 30 Liberty. Norton, Slaughter & Co., 41 Broad. .Oakley, Cornell us, 96 Water. Oatman, Alva, 166 Water. Ober, R. H. &-Co., 43 Broad. r.: Ottinger Jlrother, 133 Water. Palmer & Scoville, 170 Water. Pappenheime r, M., 33" Broad. Panlitsch, 111., 148 Water. Pearsall, M. R., 23 Soutli William. Platt & N'e;vtun, 11'1 Front. Price, W m. 1.1. & Co., 119 Maiden lane. Read, Clement, 85 Pearl. Reismann, G. & Co., 179 Pearl. Robinson & Hearn, 172 Water. Robinson, H. D., 100 Barclay. Roseabaum, A.. B. & Co., 162 Water. Rossim & Deesaucr, lM Water. Salomon M. & E., 86 Maiden lame Sawyll<', Wallace & Co., 4'1 Broad!,' Schottenfelt, M & J, 158 Water. Schoverling & Chapman, 26 Boutlb. William. Schroeder & Bon, 178 Water. 8chubart, H. & Co., 146 Water. Bellgaberg, Cohen & Co., 149 Wal ter. Seymour, Chas. T., !89 Pearl. Smith, J. K. & Son, 47 Broad. Spingam, E. ii; Co., Burling slip. Stein, & Co., 197 Duane st. Strohn & Reltzenstein, 1'16 Front, Thayer.Brothers, 146 Water. Unkart & Co., 166 Fulton. V etterlein', Th. H. & Sons 172 Pearl. Vigelius, Wm., Pearl. Volger k Huneken, 166 Front Walter, R. S., 203 Pearl. Westheim, M. & Co., 1'17 Pearl. Whittam, H., 349 Pearl. Wilcox, Power & Co., 180 Pearl. TOBACCO BROKERS. Fischer & Rodewald, 2 Hanover Building. Gans, J. B. & Son, 86 Wall. Osborne Chas. F., 10 Old slip. Rader, M & Son, 160 Pearl. MAS OI'ACTURERS. Beck, F. W. & Co., 160 Pearl. Brock, M ., 329 Bower y Buchanan & Lyall, 144 Water. l I l Edmonston, S. S. & Bro., 2'!3 & 215 Duane. Empire City Tohacco Wor.ks, 75 Bowery. Falk1 M., 1431V a ter. Gillender, .A..&; Qo1 114, 116, and 117 Liberty. Goetz F. A. & Bro., 328 Washington. Goodwin, W. H. & Co., 207 and 20? Water. Hall, Joseph,. 'i6 ,Barclay. Hartcorn, John .A.., 160 Water. Hirsch, D & Co., 1'74 'Water. Hoyt, Thomas & Co., 404. Pearl. Hunt, H. W. & Oo., 167 Wat er. Kerbs, A.., 35 Bowery. J J :twrence, T. A. & Co., 374 Pearl. ) Lee, Wm., 269 Pearl. Lili enthal, c. H., 217-221 Washiqgton. Lorillard, P., 16, 18, 20 Chambers. Mayer M., 58 A..-enue C. NEW YORI{, WEDNESDAY ; JULY 8. 1868. Fringant, P. & Co., 47 West F.ront. Griest' E. H & C<>., 37 Walnut. Meyer, 381 Main. Worthington, Power & Co. UlPORTERS, ll'ANUF A.CTURERS ; .A.SD DEALERS. Besuden, Henry & Bro., 161-161) Pearl. Eggert, Dills & Co., 82 West Second. Fuhrmann, V ., 7 Glore, J A. P. & Bros., 47 Vine. Johnson, J T. & Son, 39 Race Krohn, Feiss & Co., 63 'West Fourth, .Lowenthal, S. & Co., 76 Main. '!llallay Rich & Brother, 111> West Front. Sullivan, Hanks & Co. Thornto n, Potter & Co., 181Iammond. Young, A. N., 44 West Front CO}!MISSION MERCHANTS OF MFJ1. TOBACCO. Hafer; Holmes & Co. 25 West Second. COVINGTON, KY. Sullivan, J. T. & Co., Kenton Tob. house, Green11p. DANBURY, NN, Graves, G. W. DAYTON, 0, Ware-. r. Gra.flfin & J o.biison, Cooper To h. Works. Graffiin, ,Pease s Toba.cco-Ct1tting E ngme. NEW YORK, WEDNESD.AY, JULY 8, 1 868. THE T.!X BILL THE SENATE The Senate took up the Tax Otl Monday, and rai>idly than one-half of "the Its consideration was doubtl ess conchid e d yesterday ,j It will now: g9, to the Housefor i _n, Ol' :e-jectio'n of, the Sen::ite's amendments, after which, if no Committee of Conference is called-for, it will be sent to the President for his signature, when .it becomes a l::Lw. .. The 115th, or at latest the 20th iris t., should witQess this r esult. far as tobacco is cqncerned, the Bill that the patient must hav e time to fn!ly recover. They must remember, too, that op.r finances are still to bear ranged on a satisfactory basis before we can hope for the permanent prozperity we once enjoyed. Still, the coun try-the great interior especially-has been practising economy so long, that it must now require many things which cannot longer be gone without. Old shoes, chesses, bonnets, harness, a g ricultural impl emen ts, and other n ecessities of a ruml vopulation, may be used for a certain periOd, after which they nmst be supplied by new. The years succeeding t he war have been years of retrcncpment to and the time cannot be far taut when drpleted stores of all kinds must be increased. Thus, in sp ite of currency troubles, we argue some trade during the next two months. Besides, the Pacific slope, where good, hard specie is still the medium of exchanae j 0 will be sending her buyers to our markets and turning their gold into om greenbacks, greatly to their own remains the same, save with respect to' the sect ions readvantage. j C. PFIRSHING,'BIDOIIa I 142 FULTON STJUI:BT. McAlpin, D. H. & Co., 'lr.-79 Avenue D. > Mickle, A. H. & Sons, Water. Neudecker, L. H. & Co., 162 Water. Robit schek & Taussig, 256 Delancy. Scheider, Joseph, 28 Liberty. DIICH, '' Nevin & Mills 1113 and 196 Jefferson o.v. EAST HA.BTFORD, CONN, r lating to the manufactured article, wilich our plug friends succeeded in e:etting consideraltly ameJiorated before the Finance Committee of the Senate. Had our Looking at political elements which enter into trade calculations at this writing, we do not see any portents ill threatening the financial future. 'l'he Presideu tial campaign will doubtless prove an interesting if not ceut.oftheirtotal cost. During the rebellion of the principal N Ot'thern roads were laraeiv increased partly transp01'tation for account' and many observers predicted that whell' cease4 the receipts would fall off. But events. have de the of the The earnings, mstead of decreasmg, have steadily mcreased dmino the last three years, and, at the present rate of development, it would not be safe to hazard an opinio n as to a limit of the progression. Illinois is a notable ex ample of what railToadshavedone for the United StatCE In 1810, that State contained a population of 12 282. in '1818-at the tim e of its admission into the a; a in 1R20, 55,211 ; i_n 1830, in 1840! 476,183; 1ll 1850, 851,4'70; 1? 1855, 1,306,C.76; and 1t1 1860, I, 711,951. The exact mcrease since 1860. there is no means of ascertaining, but the ratio has been no l ess, certainly, than during the preceding decades. a1though within that time Illinois furnished over 264 000 soldiers to sustain the flag of our common coun'try. There are now between 3,000 and 4,000 miles of railroad complet e d in Illinois, at a cost_ of not less than 11120-o.oo,ooo, and other lin es are now in process of tlon. These have developed the resources of Illinois to a remarkable extent. Figures such as these are more effective than any igures of speech can be in conveying a notion of the wonderful growth of the West throngh the potent influence of railroads. To sav that in anothe.t: decade of years not less than two railroads will spa.n. the continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific and tha. t a good 'Portion of the intervenin"' area, from the Rocky Mountain,s to the Mississippi, will be covered by a netwotk of railroads, similar to that of Illinois is scm:eely too broad an assertion. And the developzdent of and varied resources that must quickly follow can. fail to stimulate ou_r comme:.:cial progress be'yQnd anythmg that has been Witnessed m onr past hist&ry and c ause the public burdens to sit lightly upon shoitlders of the people. Schroeder & Bon, 178 Water. Stachelberg, M., 16 Cedar. Straiton, Schmitt & Storm, 19). PearL IMPORTERS AND DEALERS Frank,Benttenmueller & tJo.,'96 en Lane Jacoby, B., 194 Pearl. Lichtenstein Brothers& Co., 121 Maiden Lane Lorillard, P ., 16 Chambers. McCaffil, James & Co., 191 Greenwich. Rosenwald, E. & Bro., 145 Water. Salomon, S. 192 Pea,l. Seidenberg & Co.; 19 Dey. Tag, Chas. F., 1H Frontr : J MANUF ACTURJ.:RS OF SNUFF. .Appleby & Helme, 133 Water. Lorillard, P., 16 Cham IllPORl'ERS OF PIPES, Ere. Boiken & Siefkes, 57 Maiden lane Demuth, William & Co., 403 "Broadway Konig, Meyer & Co., 95 William. Lorillard, P., 16 Chambers I:ILPORTERS OF CLAY PIPES. Batjer, H. & Brother, 61 Water. Bergmann, J. H. ,122 Front. I MANUFACTURERS 011' Ml!ERSC!!A Ui\1 GOODS. Kaldenberg & Son, 6 John, 2 3 W aH, and '117 Broadway. Muller & Stehr, Bowery. Poflak & Son. 27 John and 692 'Broadway MANtrJ'ACTtr&i:R 0>' WOOD Ali'I) MEERSCHA PIPES. F. Fleischmann & Co., 28 Liberty. IMPOR!ERS OF KAVAN& CIGARS. Schroeder & Bon, 178 Water. LICORICE PUTll DEALiRS, Francia, A.. P., 102. Pearl. Gomez, Walli s & Co., 29 and 31 S. William. Grund, F. & Cerer<;>, 118 i'ea::rl. Kremelberg & Co., 160 Pearl. Morris, H. M., 99 Pearl. LICORICEJfi'OWDint DEllERS. Appleby & Helme, 133 Water. Gilford, Sherman & Innis, 120 William. Morris, H. M., 99 Pearl: Weaver & Sterry, 16 Platt. SPECIALTIES FOR TOBACCO MANUFAC TURERS. Sterry, F. W. & Co., Nos. 2 and 4 Platt. SEEDLKAF TOBACCO UIBl'ECT!Oll. Linde, F. C., 76 Gr"llnwich street. 'l'ODACCO l'l\ESSERS. Guthrie & Co., 225 Front. MA!IUFACltrBERS OF CIGAR BOXES. Henkell, Jacob, 157, 159, and 161 Goerck Wicke, George, 26 Willett street. C!G..lR 80X CEDAR AND OTHER WOOD. Rodman & Hepburn, 210 Lewis. SPANISH CIGAR RlDBONS. .A.Imiral, Jos. J., 3{) Cedar. MANUFACTURER 011' TOBACCO T1NFO!L, Crooke, J. J 38 Crosby street. OcUCT!OSEERS OF TOBACCO, ETC; G & Co., 7 Old Slip. TOBACCOCUTTlNG MACHINES Borgfeldt & Deghuee, 85 Cedar TOBACCO LABBLS, Hatch.& Co., 111 TOBACCO L.o!EL ENGRAVER. Hoey, Jos, 202 Broadway. TOBACCO LABEL PRtNURS. Brown, 111. B. & Co., 99 William. PA1'EN1' !l'OB.CCO KNIVES. Napanoch .Axe andiron Co., 69 M'urray SNUFJ' LVD TOBA()CO DOTTLES .. Quin1an, Jer., 138 Wil)iam. TOBACCO BAGS. A.sten, W B. & C 25 Pearl. TOBACCO BOXES. Hammacher, .A.. & Co., 52 Beekman. TOliACCO PAPER WAREHOtrSB. Jessup &; lloore, 128 Will lam. TOBACCO BARRELS. Briggs, A. T., 64 Rutgers Slip ALLEGHENY CITY, PA., Jenkinson, R. & W., 6 Federal, TOBACCO WAREHOUSES, Bolenius, G H., 202 West Pratt. Boyd, W .A.. & Co., 33 South. Brauns, F. L. & <.Jo., 11 Cheapslde. De Ford, Charles D & Co., 87 Sooth Gay. Gieske, L k Co., 121 W Lombard. Gunther, L. 'V., 90 Lombard. Kerchoff & Co, 49 S. Charles. Loose, C. & Co., 52 South Charles Paul, Wm., 461 West Baltimore. Richardson, J & Oo., 45 Wes t Lomb:trd. Schroeder, Jos. & Co., 81 Exchange Place. lfA.NUFACTURERS, ETC. Beck, F. W. & Co., 1 30 North. Becker & Bros., 94 Lombard. Feigner, F. W., 90 and 92 South Charles. Gail, G W. & Ax, 28 Barre street. Parlett, B F. & Co., 92 Lomb&rd Wilkens & Co., 181 West Pratt. -MANUFACTURER OF SNU>'F Dukebart, F. W. & Son, 29 South Calvert. Starr, R. & Co., 25 South Calvert BOSTON. Brackett, F B. & Oo., 14 Central Wharf. :Brown, D S. & Co., 31 and 33 Broad. Eckley, .A. .A.., 12 Central Wharf. Fisher & Co., 23 Central Wharf. Mitchell, A.. R.. 35 Central. Parker & Caldwell, l Commerce and 13 City Wharf. BROOKLYN N, Y, MANUFACTURERS Bramm, John\ 28 .Atlantic. Buchanan & Lyall. Shelton, P. B., jr., 145 Degraw. BOX lU. NUY ACTUR.P.:RS. Shei'IDan Brothers, 3 to 13 Sedgwick. CHICAGO,. Adams, Gibbs & Co., 1!4 llichigan ave. Lorillard's Western :Qepot, 85 South Water. Murray & Mason 22 a.nd 24 Michigan ave. Saudhagen Bros., 17 West Randolph. (JINCINN A.TI, TOBACCO WAEEBOUSES. Bodmann, Charles, Wate r. Brashears & Son, 46 Walnut. Casey & Wayne, 100-104 West From. D11ddy, J. & Co., 49 Vine. Chllpman, R. A.. :!, Signpr, J &; Co "' HA.RTFOBD, !LUIIFACTUREIIS 'AND DEALERS. Adams, C. R. & Co. 1,37 State. Barnes, Qeo. B 2 38 State. 1 Haas Brothers 282 Main King, D W., 154 Pease, H & Z. K., 222 and 224 State. &Iamon &: DeLeeuw, 6 Asylum. J f .. I Seymour, D. ll., 159 and 1.61 Comme ce. 1 Shepard & Fuller, "21-j. State. Sissob & Hathaway, 134 Main. Wilcox, H. B., 169 Front. Wo()odruft', S 233 State. Wooawortl;!, L. N,; 217 Sta.te. I HA. V ANA, CUB.\., 1 Heyman, E < 40 San Ignac i o I : LOUISVILLE, KY, ;.1 Finzj!r J. & Bros ., 13 Third. Francke & Eller, 42!. M!Lin. 1 Hoyt, Flagg Co., 107 and 109 ; Robinson, A. L : & G., Faetory, 48 Fourth; Warehouse and Salesroom, 1 3'7 Main P l Wicks, G. W. & Co., 1()2 Main. TOBACCO BROKERS. M;. B._ & llro. 1 ,-: .'l L YNUHBlJRG, VA, ( ,Armistead L L vH Carrol, J. W. l[ciJorkle & nowman, 113 l\I a i h. I McDa nie l, Litehlield .s; Co. II .lr 'd Robinson, J. .A.. I' v.: a Stone, John W., M t lin. 1 T Younger .!1 Co. 14'1 l\'Iain J. 1 p DIONTGODIERY, A.LA., 'l Warren & as Cotp.m, ercc strek ') .J 'NEWARK. N z. Brintzinghofter, Wd. A.; 3'74 :B\oad )I Caofpbell, Lane & o.1 96 Broail. riw O&.a.EA.NS. LA., Licbteniteiilt Bros. & Co., 79 Gravier. rirby, MpDMiil.. CQ., 140 Grav!er. PE'I't::Q.SBtrllG. VA., Elam, W. 1.", & Co._. 126 1 'young, R. Bro., 4 Iron Front JiluildiQgB --,:IL&DELPHIA., tpRACCO WARBHOUS!Elj. Boyd, Fougeray & Co., North Bucknor, & Co., 37 North Water Burgess & Bro., 44 South Dela.,.are !lv. Courtney, Woedwarli & Co 4'7 N. Water. Doh m & Taitt, Water. Geyer & Hiss, 62 North Front. & Duncan, 3!1 N or ,th Water. Moore, S. & J., 107 No\h Water. Sank, J.Rinaldo & Co 81 North Water. Teller Brothers, 11 '1 North Third. Vetterlein & Co., 111 .A.rch. Wartman, Mich., !06 North Water. MANUI'ACTtrRIIBS, DJIALEBS, ETC. Batchelor, Bros., 337 North Third. Daley, James, cor. 3d and Race. Hare, Th.:& Son, 474 and 603 North Second. Mariner, Jacob, 138 N'orth .Third. Smith Brothers, 121 N' ortb Third Theobald, .A. H Third and Poplar. Witthaus; E. L., 207 Race. .. "'f .._ J DEALERS IN EAF TOBACCO. Eisen,lohr, 13'7 South tdth. IU.IIUFACTURERS Ol S/!UU, .. Rjllph A., & Co.1, t Q5 I ._ AUCTIO_:'EXRS. u I Powell & West, 28 Front. 1 P Megraw,1E. & Co., 31 St. Clair. B. I. Hunt, Joshua, ll6 Westminster. Kingsley, L. & Co 9 Westminster. RICHMOND, VA., Greaner & Winne, 1812 East Cary. Hardgrove, Thomas J. }fills & Ryant, Shockoe slip. Neudecker Bros., cor 26th and Main. Pilkinton, E. T., 18' 14th. Rapp S., 14th and 15th. tl r .. t PATENT SMOKING TOBACCO-CUTTERS. Smith, H M. & Co. SPBINGFIJ;'LD., i!IA.SS, Smith, H. & Co. 20 Hampden. ST. LOUIS, MO. Catlin, D ., 168 North Second. Dormitzer, C. & R. & Co., Ma r ket. Haynes & Heth, 100 North Commercial. Leggat, Hudso n & Co., cor. 2d and Vine. Business New Ymk Gity ...:..A. R. Van !)eus!Jn & Co., 'vhips and cigars; consolidated with the American Whip Co. Thiele, Seiler & Co., tobacco com., dissolved; now Richd. Thiele, F. Mortz, and Rudolph Hagedorn, under sty le of Thiele, Mortz & Co. Conrad Seiler & Co., tobacco com. New firm-Conrad Seiler & Conrad Kressi:ier. Tannahill, Mcllwaine & Co., to bacco com. ; dissolved; now Robert Tannahill. -St. Louis, Mo.-Morgan, Frazil & Co., tobacco; dissolved; now J. M. FraziL Cincinnati, Ohio.-Sengstak & Wernig, tobacco and general com.; new firm ; Thos. Sengstak and J os. R. Wernig. --o-lNTER.'\'A.L REVENUE SEIZURES.We have no eeizures to report dur ing the past week, the officials hav ing been exclusively occupied in working up old case.'>. cigar and leaf dealers been equally energetic, they, too, an exciting one, but .that it will disturb the course of might have procured in their favor. Those trade, as did the campaign of four years ago, we do not secured by the plug how ever, were only anticipate. It is true momentous issues hav4i to be de obtained, so to speak; at the "point of. the bayonet," cided, and the best interests of the land may be greatly and after the most strenuous exertions. :Member; furthered, or the rev .erse by the result ; but there were to their private residences, and will be none of that intense popular excitement which holed in season and out of This i s the spirit which commands suc cess, am1 the manufacturers of plug tobacco, especially, have reason to be that it was exhibited on thi$ occasion by the ir r epre sentatives. Of the Bill as a whole, and as it will probably b ecome a law, we shall speak in detail so soon as .. we can obtain copy of' it in it s ame nd ed form. Al thgugh we do not entertain any very extravagant hop e s of its snccj_\ss in its treatment of tobacco, there are cer-precl udes its subjects from engaging in the ordi nary occupations of life, that have charactelized for mer encounters of the opposing political hosts. The contest will turn upon measures rather than men, which always gives to a canvass a more quiet and AMIDST the commercial lethargy and depression thoughtful character. The great question of questions which, to a greater or less extent, exists throughout dudng the ensuing four years, will be a financial the whole length and breadth of the. United States,-a one, and_ one which will be decided by reason condition of thingsr as all intelligent observers are aware, directly traceable to the late civil war-there and argument than by frenzied personal appeal or the are certain most encouraging of prose lo quence of the stump -orator. On these questioifs, we perity; that should not be lost si"'ht of by the. des thin).c, the great body of the people have made up their pondent. among may be tain improv.em.ents on the old law-notably the stam1> {ninds, and they will seek to be represented at the noted t!te steady mflnx of European emigrants, whic h White Hous e and in Congress, by the able thinkers assuredly holds out the hope of an adjustment of the if not offaet by inimical legislation in of and labor, through such of the nation, rather than by the superficial and blata multiphcatwn of domestic products as cannot tail, ant aspirants for office, who nev e r grow weary of prosooner or later, to lead to a reduced cost of subsistence truding themselves before the public gaze. The masses, a'!\d, in turn, its correlative-cheaper labor. Thus we opine, have for the most part grown weary of these the statistics of immigration at our port fall a little bags of wind. No matter under which party banner they the last_ year, but the perother directions, sbould hav e a fu1orable influence upon the course The, r eductio n of the tax we consider too slight to produce any appreciable e:ffect. Much will depend, however, the manner in which the provisions of the new law are carri e d into effect, one of the most pressing needs of the country to-day being honest ,officials in the Internal' Revenue Depart ment. SIX lt,IOUI On entering upon the last half of the new year, a briefrl'!view ofthe financial and mat e rial situation may not be ill-timed. The old year closed upon us shrouded in the gloom f uncertainty, and anxious as to the future. The feverheat speculati9n of the war had ended, and a fictitious had given place to a commercial stagnation which J;IIight be the darkest hour before the dawn, or might prove the precursor of still more terrible and far-reaching disasters. The tptal failuFe of some of our oldest houses, the temporary sus pension of others, and the absolute paralysis of r eta il trade in_6ur large ciJ,ies for a)welvemonth }):lst, served .to increase the darkness of the p-resent and the fearful forebodings of the future. passing through a 'ndvel phase of our financial expelience; We had left behind the era of an abundance of paper money, which during the war, rendered us indifferent to the great rise in values, and been lifted, like a stranded ship, liigh and dry1Jy the contraction of the currency, whil e values .remained liS exaggerated as ever. Our plexmg_ }>Oht_wal s1tuat10n m Europe, in may ralLy, they feel that the weighty issues of the connect10n with the depressed condition of maml>faccall for the best iuteliect that has been vouch-tuling industry in all parts of the Old World cannot safed us a and that' mere talkers, however fail to so stimulate the human tide setting ow: fluent, can bling us no relie For ourselves, occupying shores, as to bring up the aggregate of 1868 to the fulL a position outside, and independent of parties, we are avera$e of prolifi_c in respect, notwith-. the pause m the Insh eiDlgration. Political free to say that we shall bat! wtth smcere pleasure the writers m Europe aaain prophesy war between France electioJl of the former to our national legislatur., whnt1 and They 0affect to see in the mutual distrust. ever partisan colors they may hitherto have worn. of the two caul!le and panl.y the What we look for are men who shall find leisure from result of excesstve armam.ents,-:-I_n the restlesE. ness of the French and the susptcious pohey of tune that 1s usually absorbed by duties, t6 indications of an arbitrament of arms, not very st1}dy the tobacco other commercml mterests of Whether these anticipations are destined to be realized the country, and who shall dare to legislate in their beor not, it is certnin that the unsettled state of afihlrs in half, no matter of what party stripe the mem\>erJ> of Europe has al_ready set in motion a .class of that' interest mav be. These are the kind of men we men dift'ermg very matenal_ly from that which has in past years sought homes m the New World. This need at .,Vashington-more statesmen, fewer politicians; movement is pai'ticularly apparent in Germany where and it is not the least of the encouraging signs of the a class of men possessed of a considerable of future, tbat the great body of the people of property are their native land, to escape &em a all parties are determined that henceforth they will war syatem makes. both property and life iasebo so represented. Old party ties and watchwords are cure. To ao mmodate tJU.s eftlux of bone and sinew from fatherla d, two additional steam lines have lately receding in the of the Past, and will soon be lost been Bremen New York, and in Oblivion. Now, let us have the party of Uncommon there IS every promise that they will reap a rich and Honesty and Common Sense. abundant harvest in the way of a passenger traifie. ------Such a class of emigrants, at. once intelli"'ent indusMINOR EDITORULS, trious, and measurably independent wilY m; Jlladl.y WE are very willing that our enterprising contempo rary, the Paducah JJri-Weekly Herald, should habitual ly copy the New York and other market reports pr!l pared especially, and at considerable expense, for THE ToB.A.cco LEAF, if it wiU reciprocate by the courtesy of occasional credit. We consider this, neighbor Herald, a not unreasonable request. others interested in the manufacture or sale ofluxurics, themselves .. burdened 'ith the large stocks that the briskness of trade just subsequent tQ the close of hostilities induced them to carry, and which the subsequent rigidity of the money-market had SJYCE writing our market report wherein we refer, rendered unsaleable. But not only dealers in articies under the head of "Smoking," to the provisions of the welcomed here. There is plenty of ;oom for ali. th:lr. may come, and a wide field wherein they can labOr with profit to themselves and with great benefit to the country. Most of these emigrants pass on to the Great W: est, cheap land, and a teeming sot! are 1rresist1ble temptatiOnS to thrifty settlers. The Southern States, too, have many attractions for these new comers who have been accustomed to mild cli mates ; and when reconstruction shall become a :fixed fact; we may reasonably expect to see the "Sunny South" fairly glow a varie-ty of products hithertO. unknown to that sectwn. Even now the a!?rlenl tural interests of our Soutl;tern a;e unde;:'going a great change, through the expenence of practica. l settlers from the Nothern States. Cotton tobacco and cane, which in former years were the agri' tural supports of those States, are part.ially not only to cereals, but to a great variety of Vui.ts and vegetables, which it is found can be produced there at good profit, inasmuch as they anticipate by many weeks the same products of Northern culture The numerous steamers plying between this port and have for several weeks past come heavily freighted, m great part, with these early fruits and vegetables; and the same may be said of all the principal railroads by which the North and the are interlaced. The new settler-s in the South are thus demonstrating that these vatied acrricultural industrus can be made to pay quite as well, "'or even better than more staple products; and it is not improbabie that this is destined to become one of great magmtude m future years. The Pacific coast Stat('s are also reaping the su bstantial advanta""es of a l.alg e influx of settlers from the .Atlantic and Europl' wh?, att_racted by the vanety and prolific resources o Cahforma and Oregon, Washington and Ariiona, arc to reach those States and Territories at a very tnflmg expense, as compared with former years. To an and equable climate on the Pacific slop<>, are added h1gh wages, steady employment, and an im .. from were experienced by the early settlers. fhe acqmsttion of the from the Old World, we regard as one of the most en couraging indications of the time for notwitlsu.od ing the depression of trade and the burden-s of taxation will be lightened by the of la.bor the diversification of industrial interests and the of luxury found themseh"es in this predicament. Our new Tax Bill regarding this kind oftobacco, we have large d!lalers in groceries, hardware, dry goods, and learned that the trade are indebted to Inspector Har other were in the same bo a t. As these vcy for changes which have been made in the stocks could not be held forever the natural re sult fol: hill, as well as for the regard mg smokmg made of leaf, etc., whteh Will probably belowed and pnces fell. Before the close of the year cotcome a law. Mr. Harvey assures us that the section tongoods.ha' dcomeowithinreach.ofthemostmoderate ( 66. line 19,) ,as it now stands, is as strict as it purses, and woolens had declined in proportion. Faccould well be !l;Dd is the tories for the manufacture of both staples had Ion a been gate11 on several vanet1es of fraud whtch 1ns experience . 0 has tau(l'ht him are generally practised and by which working on half t1me, and owners were evervwhere re-th G "' t 1 1 t 'f M e overnmen oses arge amoun s o money. r. ducmg exp e nses. 1he close .of 1867 was, have smd, Harvey is certainly qualilied to draw up a stlin"'ent the more gloomy from the absolute uncertainty which enactment, and we trust that the provision in question prevailed respe ct ing the future, and from the utterinabilwill be productive of all the the revenue and ity of our business men to prophesy either good or th_e honest trade that he now ant1mpates evil for themselves during the new year. Economy and the close furling of the sails of the commercial ves sel, was on all sides regarded as tl!.e only safe counsel that could be offered or followed under the peculiar existing circumstances. In looking back over the past six: mo}ltbs, we are thankful to note that thus far these gloomy prognosti cations have not been fulfilled by the course of events. It is true that trade has not greatly improved as yet, but within wh en we say that the outlook is far brighter now than it was six months ago. The first event of the new year was the rapid rise in cotton, the proceeds of which, however, unfortunabely found their way into the hands of the speculators in stead of the planters, the crop having by that time come under the control of the former. The rise, however, had its good effects, as it gave new life to our despondent Southern fliends and whispered hope to their dejected hearts. At theN orth the large stocks have been greatly reduced, and our city merchants are looking forward to a blisk fall trade within the next eight weeks. This, of course, will be when compared with the sales of ante-'beUurn tinies; but they must remember we are yet only convalesc e nt after a mightychil convulsion, and IT is universally conceded that the develot>ment of our vast and varied resources in the interior, and espe cially in the West, is due more to the building of rail roads than to all other agencies combined. Our broad and fei'tile prairies, our expansive forests, and our mines of incalculable wealth, have all been opened up and util ized by the instrumentality of the locomotive; and what that potent agency has accomplished in the past, is the best earnest of what it is destined to accomplish in the future. The railroads of the United States sustain re lations to the wants and to the industries and commerce of our country, far more intimate and important than those sustained by the roads of any other people. The markets for the produ cts of nearly the whole of the United States, are with_in a belt of territory lyina irnme diately upon the seaboard. 'fhevalue of such is in exact ratio to the facilities that. exist for sending them forward. Transportation by rail is rapidly super that by all other modes. Railroads have also supplied the perfect means of social intercourse between the most widelyseparated portions of our vast domain. The gross earnings of the railroads for the whole c oun try are said to eqnal about twenty-one per cent. of their cost; those of the Northern States, about twenty-three per cent.; and this ratio of earnings to C@St is claimed to be-steadily increasing. The ratio of expenses to earn ings is believed to be fully seventy per cent., and the n e t earnings of the J{'ort hem r oads six and a half per 1 f uuau.r p o The signs ot the times .woald seem to pomt to a new era of prosperity ancl rap1d of resourc es surpassina anything that the h1story of the nation has yet recocled. L'f Denmark there are now 2,500 miles of wire and 89 t ele grttph stations in operation. Only the Morae instru ments are employed. 0 ut oft he total number of station s 53 belong to t h e Gov e rnmen t 21 to private


and 15 are railway .public telegrams. It is whether all the lin es and companies shall be handed 'fhere is a uniform charge message of twenty words nametl 89 stations. In the oftelegrams was 309,150, ont whi?h l7Yi66 w!lre between inland stations and 13 3,590, mcludmg a sma ll n tra11 inland and foreigP stations. n thm gh aU th 1n mp er, the Only .conditiob reqllir iilg and that the alphabet us be trausmissible by the .Morse instrument. Money to the maoan' of fifty rigsdalers (f21 50) can be made pay-uble at any post-office by means of" the telegraph. .-1111t deposited at the post-office, from wh1ch an olicial then orders the payment to the ad dreiB The telegram, charged as a single mes8age., is the only expense paid in addition to deposited amount. Messages from places where there 1s no tele(J'raph office may be sent to the nearest of the Govern telegraph offices, either by the post or any other c : mveyance. Such telegrams must be paid by common postage stamps affixed to a place marked on the form. The fOrms, together with printed envelopes, may be had at any post or telegraph effice. On the back of :tbeae forms is printed an extract of the rules and regu l.atioos for the transmission of messages. The stamps are cut otr the forms and sent to the financial depattmeut, together with the monthly cash. balance. It is the intention to extend this arrangement also to the t>rinte and railway telegraph offices The Government permits telegrams to newepapers to be sent. be fore private telegrams. Out of the fifty-three statiOns belouging to the Government, twelve of the less importaat are combined with the post-office .. 0!1 lines, however, this arrangement alternates w1th speCial :ielegraph offices. '11m arrival in this city of _Ron. Anson aeeredited Envoy Extraordinary and 1\-Iimster rlem from the Chinese Govenun:ent, by two h1gh dignitmies of the Celest1al Emptre, IS an eveDt that has awakened renewed interest in the future oommereial relations between the United States and Cbiaa. For ages, until a wall of sepan.tion has prevented the AsiatlCB from n:ee contact wnJt the mvilization, arts, commerce, pohty, and re of the western world; but mercantile enterprise, stmlulated and by the great value of many Chinese products eepec13lly that far-famed herb that c11een but ne'e; inebriates,'' has ovet thrown the bar riers which a jealous spirit of seclusion had etected and maintained against those who were regarded as "out side barbarians." The beneficent results of the new commercial era that is thus being inaugurated, it would be diftl.cult to overestimate; but the fact that the trade of China has the in piring influence of a more enlightened policy, trow to 8300,'000 000 the last e1ght IS somethrng of an of what may be expected in the near future. The trade of that vast empire, which includes within its sway nearly one-tenth of the habitable globe, and more than one-third of its population, is not only enlarging its volume, but is making itself a new channel. Ever since the dawn of history, the commerce of the East bas been constantly chauging its routes and the derots of its trade, building up, wherever it flowed, cittes of vast population and wealth, which fell into ruin and decay as -the fertilizing streams were withdrawn. Every chan"'e bas been a remove further West, till at length it0has reached the New World, which may be regarded as the ultimate tftule of its progress. San Francisco is henceforth to be the WI!JStern, and New York the Eastern, of the .commerce on our continent, through wh10h it will reach &'ID'OJlC as it once did through the and Western Asia, but more recently by the Cape of Good Hope. This wonderful in the current of Eastern Asiatic commerce, only awaits the oompletion of our great national the Pacific Railioad to give it full fruition. Sagac10us observers London must.. give place toN ew York, as the centr:e of the world's exchanges, and surrender the sceptre of indnence which her wealth and position have 80 Ioag enabled her to wield ; recent events would 8eeDl to give force to the conVJCtlOn. .For nearly two bmtdred vears the East India Company mon?polized commerce with China, and for after theu monwas broken the British continued to control the of that trade; but the indomitable enterud matchless energy of the Americans, have at overcome the advantages which Great Britain '"thas obtained and the tide has commenced to set in this direction.' In its relations with the United i!t placed on a lever with the most favored na'ti0118 and its geographical position, supplemented by and electric telegraph, muat sooner or later give olll" CO\lnt.rymen imyortant advantages. Wide as i!l the iielcl which is opemng before us, the probability is that H dJe short space of a of we .shall maryel tbat we bad so little 1ts magmtude, so 1m forsecn the wonderful developments impend and -prepared so tardily to take advantage of a wh1ch promiees and readjust an iJil}IOftallt branch of the world's commerce. FBON the report of. the. Department Agriculture ...,.,.gleaD some interestwg 1tems: The Ind1an corn crop is retm-ned by States as follows: New York, 20,500,000 bushels, an average of 30.1 bushels to the acre; Ninr Jerlllly 9 730,000 bushels, an average of 33.1 b1ashe1s to the Pennsylvania, 30,457,000 bushels, u. average of 32 bushels to the acre; and Delaware, 3 Gai :000 bushels, an of 16.3 to the acre. Of New York raised 13.812,000 bushels, an average of'l-+.6 to the acre; Jersey, 1,508,000, an average of 1-i Pennsylvania, 16,515,000, an average of 12.5; and Delaware 685,000, an a-verage of 9.3. Of oats, N cw Yck raised 48,626,000 bushels, an average of 16.2 to theaere NewJersey,6,628,000,an average of27; PennsylvaQiS: 59 000 000, an average of 30 ; and Delaware .2 '111 000 of 16.6: Pennsylvania, it will thus be raised a larger crop es, year, New York raised 24,925,000 bushefs, an average of 84 bushels to the acre; New 2,,23,000 bushels, an of 56.6; Penasylvama, ll,727,000, an average of 74.4; and Delaware, an average of 41.6. The pot3tO rot was destructiVe 111 New Jersey last year. Of hay, New York 5,339,000 tons; New Jersey, 450,000; Pennsylvama, 2,424,000. and Delaware 89,000 tons. The large!lt average yield of hay was in Delaware, one and six-tenths tons -w the acre. In New York it was the smallest, and two-tenths. In Pennsylvania and New Jersey 1t was one and three-tenths tons to the 'l'hroughout United States the largest average of ?mn was Kaas 38.6 oushels to the acre, whilst Ohto had 28.1 :md 23.8. The smallest average yield was in South Carolina, 9.6. Of wheat, the largest average yield was in Connecticut, 17.5 to the ; and the elldllht was in South Carolina, 6.4. Oh10 had 11.61 aac1 Dlinois ll.4. Of oats, the largest average yield was Iowa, 42 bushels to the acre, and the i_n South Carolina, 11.1. 0 hio had 31.1 bushels, and lllmo1s StU. Of potatoes, the largest average was in Florida, 143 bwihels, and the smallest in _4!.6 Several StatesVermont, Georgia, Flonda, Lomsmna, Texal!, Iowa, and Kansas-raised over 160 _bushels of pota toes to the acre. Of hay the ywld was _one and .nine-tenths tons to the acre, and th1s occurr e d m KanBY, Iowa, and Nebraska. The s mall est yield reported is one ton and this occurre d in :Maine, K ow Hampshire, Vermont, 'south Carolina, and Al:;\bama. steady !tis the continue quiet this no cb::tmrel!t buyers and sellers appearing willing to wait the r e sult We wouHhmll the att;cntio,n the crop aDd pr ent planting, T indications Globe rep01-t of the debate on w t #eceipts will be 310 l:l!n as copied e ewhere an to which dvices ali t.o the gro ing crop coJmtctil1g,, .lit will r ay al. :Missouri and Clarksville complain of drought, wb .Liquo ce.-f! hltve nothing-nl!w'to repo t. other set,;tions report rains. }qld &e(l Leaf.While there has Mt D. great dc111i uncQanged. three 1 doing in seed leaf in this locality, the ttlarl{et very &chah.q"."-'tite market ts%mef, BJ 11 rat ill most much excited, owing to the ..transaction.s in neW CUll lli!tiUlees, a fraction higher. Commercial Bills con necticut at the East, at what are generally considered tinue and the drawers of Bankers' have ta en r-""M1ln!eil.lis highly speculative prices. It is very difficult to say adva.ntl\ge of. the increased demand for remittances how long these will be retained, but it is probagailll!t Con pOlls, to put up the rates. We quote 60 able that there Wlll be some concession ere long, aldays' Commercial Bills ontLondon, Bankers', though there can be no doubt that the tendency of llO@llOjt; Bankers', Short Sight, llOi@llO!; Ant prices is steadily upwards, owing to the constant dewerp, .15@.12-!; Hamburg, 36@36-!; Amsterdam, crease in the area cultivated. We note sales of 95 41@41 ; Brem(>n, 79#@80. cs. new Connecticut fillers and binders at l4c.; 1,100 C8. Freights.-The matket remai.ns without change to sundry old common at 6c. and upwards. notice since our last, anti rates are unaltered. The curOf the transactions of the last month, the Circular of rent quotations are : London, 20s. ; Liverpool, 20s.@ Messrs. J. S. Gans & Son savs: "The last has been an 25s. ; Bremen, 208. ; Hamburg, 25s. ; Antwerp, 25s. ; exciting month for this article, however, mostly so for Rotterdam, 25s. ; Havre, $8 ; Glasgow, 20s. The en new crop Connecticut. For shipping demand and home gao-ements were : To Liverpool, 100 hhds. at 22s. 6d. ; consumption 2,500 cases of old tobacco have t-een sold, to ':Bremen, 233 hhds. at 17s. 6d., 754 cs. at 15s., and 54 viz.: 1,000 cases Pennsylvania, at from 9c.@14c. ; 1,000 b1s. at 81. Chartered: A Norwegian bark from City cases New York State and Ohio, 5-!c.@16c.; 500 cases Point to Venice, with 550 hhds. at 45s. Connecticut Wrappers, 20c.@55c In new ConnectiQ'"JOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES. cut some 3,000 cases have been sold, partly on the Kentu cky-Light leaf. cu,.,..My. Yara Moorted do 85 @90 Place of its production, and.lartllJ here, with considerCommon Juga SM 9 Han!{fac!ured.-Tax41leperpound. Good do lN .ao.ND. 6 s, 71B, 10'1! and 12's .. able re-sales; prices ranged or Fi l ers from 9c. to 12tc., l ear. .. 10 Fine ........ ....... !IS and even 15c. has been reported for onesaleinthecoun.. :::: @}t ..... :::: .. .. try; for Seconds, 16c.@18c., and 37c.@55c. for Wrap-Fine ......... 17 @IS Common ........... 10 @i8 Eers. The bulk of the sales, however, consisted of FilSelection 1H (!JI:i1 Po u nds -Bright.-Do Heavy lear Extra line . .a @80 ers and Seconds, but very few Wrappers having been Commonlub"' ..... .. 9 nx Fme. .. .. ... . 311 sold." ood do 10 @10.)0 Good . .... ... liS """" Common leaf. . 11 @18 MeillUm . 15 i29 t:anis/t ....:...There has been but little doin0ur t Gom. to good Virgum. extra .. 28 fi2:nres, as the new crop cannot be worked here untillate lugt1 SM@to Fine. 25 Common leaf 10 @11 Mouldy . . .. 10 @!lO in the fall. The sales are 2,500 bales for home trade Medium do . 11 IH N-: uF. G. F." If .24 @--@ We have good news for our plug friendfl. Takin0'IIS." Sticks 2Gl --,.. Havanaas,t, do "K. & C." . .2b @--@ the adf ice of THE LEAF, and not qmetlv accepting the Hanna Fll'r do 85 1 15 outrageous treatment of the House, delez,!Ltions of the xo::o plug mterest from this city, Maryland, virginia, and. 710" .. .., N.c. Ohio. Md. Total. Oh10; last week presented themselves before the FiHhd. HM. Hbds. IIhds. Hhd C f h S d ll d h Stock ou hand June 1, 1661 ..... J ,Ot4 1t ra 21,ll06 nance omm1ttee o t e enate, a1;1 ca e t e at tensince 6.727 374 7,101 tion of the Committee to the many illiberal and op pressive provisions which charactensed the Ta.xBill as passed by the Honse. The delegations were received with great courtesy by :Mr. Sherman, th_e Chairman of the Cotnmittee, and listened to with respect by the several-members. It was easy to be seen, however, that the majority were not (riendlv to the wishes of the trade. Especially was it apparent, we are sorry to record, that Morgan, of New York, was in disposed to make any concessions, although so many wealthy tobacco men reside within the limits of the Empire State. From this o-entleman and from :Mr Morrill, of Vermont, the tracfe may expect opposition and legislative injustice. To offset these, however, it should be stated that has a noble advocate in the person of Senator Alexander G. Cattell, of New Jersey, who ably assisted the delegations in their efforts for justice at the hands of the Committee. While the latter would not listlim to any arguments in favor ef a further reduction of the tax, we are glad to state that the delegations were enabled to obtain two im portant concessions w)llch considerably modify the rigor ot the measure as passed by the House. The first of these was the striking out of the section and its attendant provisions, which compels each manufacturer to maintain a bonded warehouse. This was one of the most one;rous provisions of the new bill. The bill, as it, now provides that the manufacturer sha.1l ship his tobacco in bond for home consumption, or export, or he shall pay the tax upon it at the factory, at his option. The seco11d concession refers to the number of shipments in bond which shall be per mitted. The bill provided that there should be b"ut one shipment to a bond e d warehouse from which the tobacco had to be removed and tbe tax paid. The Committee, by a bare majority of one permitted a single additional s hipment before the payment of the tax-would be compulsory. Thus tobacco may be shipped in bond from Virginia, or other place of m:.nufacture, to N cw York, and thence r e -sb1pp e d to San Francisco, Baltimore, Boston, or oth e r port of entry. After this second shipment, however, 1t cannot again be trans ported in bond. President Evans labored hard to eon vince the Committee of the rank injustic e of the provis ion which compels all tobacco now on hand not sold after January 1, or July 1, 1869, to pay a second tax, but without avail. So far as the section could be made to apply to the bogus tax-paid goods, it would doubt less be just enough; but the trouble is that tobacco that has actually paid the tax comes under its provisions, and the Government thus asserts its right to commit the fl'agrant injustice of compelling a certain kind of goods to pay a double tax. Of course the provision does not apply to tobacco in bond, as that, after the passage of the law, will pay the new tax {32c .) wheneverremoved. Smoking.-Trade during the week, awing to the same causes which we enumerated under the head of Manufac tured, partook of the latter-'s dulness. The new taJL rates of 32c. and 16c. are gener .allyregarded as we char acterized them last virtual uniform tax of 16c. on all kinds. The silly provision about stems and leaf will have the same effect as the present provisins, and no one win pay 32c under the new law as nooiiepays 40o. under the old. The only trouble is that the new act will perpetuate the old swindle by which chewing tobacco is passed off as smoking at 16c. Quantities of this bogus smoking are seized every month under the present law, and the new bill as origmally reported would have had the etfect of shutting down the gates. It provided a tax of 40c. on all smoking tobacco not made exclusively of stems, and of lOc. on all made exclusively of stems -Total. Delivered s.tnce . . .26. B I1 1,388 . 6.239 290 I9 til 28,819 8,5511 Stock on hand, July 1 1668 .... .. ..... 28,!!01l I ,0118 19 til 24,780 Brooklyn Inl'peCtioa-Stock 1 Receh ed alnce . . ..... Hbd. 5 ,1141 .. ... . 2,478 Total.. . . . . . . . 8,419 Dellverea tince . . 1)3-Stoc_k in tbo Brookl111 lnopectlon Warehouoe, July I, 1868 . : . 7,075 Do clo do do do July I, 1867. . f,S9i S TOCK OK B.UO) 1K ,.BB l!CBW TOll& W.A.UJIOU'!B .. KY. V. AN. C. Ohio. Mil. Total. Hhtfo. Hhdo. Bhdo. Bds. Hhil Stock on hand July l,IS67 .. 11,!131 624 43 ll5 !1,9t3 Do. do 1866 ... 19.:171 1,0:11 19 llti W,838 De. do. 186/i 20,004 300 11 18 20 883 Do. do. 1864 .... 1 14 4 I7hta Do. do 1S68. . 47.078 5 'l7.087 Do. do. 1862 !18,37'T 18ti 18 20,Ml Do. do. 1861 14 .258 858 39 Do. do. 1860 . 11 188 1,129 5 i 18 ,a&S Do. do. 18G!I... ... IO,l80 3.'15 10,815 Do. d<>. 1858 8 ,4(17 !181 8 894 Do do. 11157. 6,601 668 ij:l69 Do do 11!116 4,585 814 Do. do. r;y; 4,lK2 iiti5 Iii C,SlO Do. do. 1854 5 ,775 233 rri,428 ll()JITHLT 81'AHKJ!lN'J! 0:. l'roCkl OF WANl81i Steck on hand Jane I, 1863 . 6 ,480 710 Received Blnce. . 3 ,241 00 29 91 Total .. 9,'1'11 Dehvered omce . 8 828 lj() 29 82l' 271 Stock on hand Jul1l, 1866. . 5 1 898 Do do. 1867 6,044 Stock on hand JuiJ t, jStiti 7,600 Do. do 1865 4 ,119 Do. do 5 ,!1:)9 Do. do 1863 1,357 Do. do 8,III8 D o do JSU1 1,9.54 Do. do. 1860. 3,184 Do, do 1859. 6,6 l H Do do. 1858 1,asr D o do. 1857 ,643 Do. do. 1858 . 5,0"17 D o do 1855 . 3,186 Do. do. Iss.!. 5,206 60. 2t 1>50 75 144 !152 276 l,ISS l!S 121.; !01 00 55 IO(; 313 WI 1!l5 8 ,39'J s ,ooo :1114, m 8 ,756 189 sss s m &;7 1,004 290 168 xoxT.a::..,_Y sT.t.TJOUtl'i:T or srOOK TRB Crn OJ' 'JODE &BED-LJ:.AJ' lRS.t.EC'NoN WAr.EBOUSES. Stock on hand June I, 186!i 4 ISO ca R e cetved sln ce . 04 2:095 u Delivered since .. : ....... : .. Total stock, July 1. 1S68 . ...... 4 948 rnPORTS. Arrivals at the po1-t of N e w York fiom foreign po1 ts for week ending 3" uly 7th, include the following cons tgnments: From London: H. 2Uessenger & Co., 1 bx:. From Bremen: H. Baetjer & Bro., 1,488 bxs. pipes; Order, 825 do. and 300 c8. do. From Manilla: Youngs & Co., 2 cs. cio-ars; Brown Shipley & Co., 25 do "' From Havana: Lawre nce Anja, 230 bls. tobacco; J. M. Mayorga, 140 do.; F. Miranda, 122 do. Robert Clime, 63 do. ; Lichtenstein Bros. & Co., 56 Egg ert, Dills & Co ., 52 do.; A. Gonzalez, 30 do. ; 'fh. H. Vctterlein & Son s 30 do.; Livingston, Fox & Co. 40 do. and 1 cs. cigars; R. E. Kelly & Co., 31 bls. to hac co, 6 cs. cigars, and 1 do. cigarettes; Scheinlinsky, Lotz & Co., 20 bls. do.; Kunhardt & Co., 55 cs. ciaars; De Barry & Kling, 17 do.; Godeffroy, Urancker & Co., 17 do.; W. H. Thomas & Bro.,2 do.; Acker, :Merrall & Co., 3 do.; Park & Tilford, 1 do.; Howard Ives, 3 do.; J. J. Welsh, 1 do.; Baron Von Gerolt, 1 do.; H. J. Barclay, I do. ; Kremelberg & Co., 42 do. ; F. Probst & Co., 1 do.; Conund & M. Oonuti, 1 do.; Order, 1 do. EXPO&TS from the port of New York to foreign ports, other than European ports, for the week ending June 30, include the following: Danish West Indies: 1 hhd., $375. 96 $21233, and 1 cs. cigars, DOMESTIC R1tCEll'TS. Inteti01 and coastwise for the week ending Jnly 7th, ha-ve been 1,391 hhd8., 87 kegs, 1,668 cs., 48 bbls:, 1 hf-bbl., 311 bxs., 3,143 pkgs., and 1 cs. cigars, cons1gned as follows: By Erie Railroad: Frank & Eller, 7 hhds.; R. H. Ober, 12; Drew & Crockett, 37; Fielding, Gwynn & Co., 35; Bryan, Watts & Co., 132; :Murrell & Co., 61; J. K. Smith & Son, 7; Norton, Slaughter & Co., 46; .f. C. Havemeyer & Bro., 58; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 17; Sullivan. Murphy & Co., 23 ; Foster, Gwynn & Co., 21; A. Urbana, 2; L. W. Gunther, 23; Chas. B. Fallenstein & Son, 33 ; B. C. Baker, Son & Co., 26; Wilcox, Power & Co., 84; Blakemore, Parker & Co., 45; A. H. Cardozo, 12; T. H. Magbee & Co., 20; R. L. Maitland & Co., 88; Unkart & Co., 48 bxs. and.l26 pkgs.; Bunzl & Dormitzer, 46; P. Lorillard, 10; J. Mayer & Son, 20; C. F. Fay, 47; McCool, 16; J. L. Gassert & Bro., 9; H. Kauffman 19 Strohn & Reitzenstein, 39; Order; 129 hhds. By Hudson River Railroad:. Tkorne & Co., 8 hhds. ; Blakemore, Parker & Co., 3 ; G. Reismann, 82 bxs. ; Order, 15 hhdi1. and 96 pkgs. By Camden and Amboy Railroad: Drew & Crockett, 8 hhds.; BlakemoJe, Parker & Co., Chas B. Fal lestein & Son, 10; B. C. Baku, Son 20; Saw y cr, Wallace & Co., 28; Norton, Slauahter & Co. 2 3 ,. ld" G L. C ,., .l'te mg, wynn oz, o., 11 ; Murrell & Co., 12; A. H. Cardozo, 2 ; W m. Vigelius, 82 kegs and 80 bxs. Lindheim Bros., 17 pkgs. ; Order, 6 hhds. By Star Union Line: L. Sylvester, 10 hhds.; R. H. Ober & Co., 15. By Empire and Allentowl}. Line: R. H. Ober, 2 hhds. By New York and New Haven Railroad: S Jacoby & Son, 2 cs. ; Seligsberg, Cohen & Co., 7 ; F. W. Belden, 5 ; Levy & N ewgas s, 5. By N York and Hartford Line of Steamboats : :M. H. Levin, 290 cs.; & Chapman, 91; M. Wroth, 7; B. & D. Benrimo, 1 ; A. O atman 20 Seligsb(lrg, Coh en& Co 131; Gail, Ax & Ku'caler: 164; A. L. & C. L. l{olt, 5; J. Mayer & Son, 5; Levy & N 14. By N fJiN York and New Haven Line of Steamboats : A. Oatman, 32 cs. ; B. Atwater, 16; Selie been as follows : ,Bod M rr1 K t 5th St. mann o B e n on Wh e e le r Planters' Wharf Misee1-W. H W H W H W. H W. H bt Co laneoua Hbds.Bxs.Hbde.Bxs.Hhdo.B:n.Hhdo.Bx Hhdo Bu.Bhd8.Bxo Hhc...& June 2ll 5810 57 8 56 'll 8 0 8 6 411 11 41 1!9 (I 214 01914 4011 so. i6 0 liS 8 ill 0 9 0 0 0 8"T 7 311 11 July 1 29 0 Zl 0 20 0 5 0 0 88 8 Ill 14 2. 20 4 21 0 11 0 8 0 I 0 11 3 Ill 8 18 0 16 0 40 0 2 0 3 0 42 2 32 11 Total amollllt of lmporls .. 9S9 bbdo 1118 boxe> The exports for the same time have been : C 1J & D. L ittle MlamJ Jfarlet ta & R. R. R. R Cbi'hRR. BWe. B.a. Bhdl J1u .a..., .au._. "" ...... 9230SO 20113 29 .. lN tO ll 11 a 1 30 196 10 4 1 9 14 1 July 1 '. 120 20 83 lll 3 2 ... 981121 5 lli4 a 46 10 1 o Total amount exJ>Ortl! .. 1 .(10 bbdo 1et b:n. 0 'l'he of the past week have been as follows : Bodmann Morrie Kenton Wheeler lDcel W.B W. H. W H W. H W H .I&DIIOtU! Boat Co Hhd Bxs Hhd8:Bn.Biodoo.Bx a Bhd8.Bx Jane 89 3 7 2 3 47 2 2 3 4 4 49 a i 96 ,; .. 23. 108 1 96 2 99 10 10 0 6 0 1110 20 10! 10 24. 47 0 51 0 52 ll 11 8 9 8 8ti so 89 11 25. 58 o 49 1 36 o H e n o 88 u 46 19 26. 41 2 51 2 29 1 10 0 10 0 107 30 91 ,, S8 5 20 0 43 4 5 0 8 0 Sl 40 41 II) Total amocnt Imports.. . . 2,114 bbda., 86l bxe. The exports for the same time have been : C., H & D. LltUe lllami )(arietta & R. R. R. R. Ckl'tl R R Jane Rbdo. B.n. Hhdo. B:u. Bbcls. Bu: .. 126 B'J 47 11 40 3 2:3.. I47 47 84 10 11 t 24 . I90 10 68 4 11 1 0 25 .... 201 19 2I 7 0 1( 26. I40 21 92 ]8 2 27. . 126 8ll 49 12 IO 5 Totalamoant expone ... .. 1 008 bbd.!, 2114 b:u. D.l.NVILLE, July S. H. HoLLA:!iD & Co., tobacco report: There has been a talhng otr 10 the receipts for the pas_t week. and stemming tobaccos were very act1ve 1 and puces firm and advancing. Yellow manufacturmg tobaccos, both and wrapp e rs, are and command good pnces. Our quotations n! maw about the same as last reported. L!Nt!STER, Pa., Ja1e 30.-Mr. F. FExnrucK re ports: 'Fhis week the market has been active in seed lea & Fry sold 500 cs._ old leaf, a running lot, pnvate teriD:s. F. Fendnck sold 553 cs. old, run nmg_lots, on pnvate_ terms. JohnS. Gable, 801 cs. old, lots. on_pnvate terms; also 70 C!\. old run mng lots, on pnvate terms. Both the old and new of Lancaster Co. tobacco are nearly all exhausted The hail-storm, a few days aao has done some damage to the tobacco plants in the end of this county. JUif 3.-The market yesterday and to day md1cated more firmness for the lower grades ofleaf. with, however, a steady demand for all grades. Among the sales to-day was a hhd. of Mason countv cuttino leaf, of at *18 50. This is a high for that quahty of the staple. There were no choice lots of cutting or manufacturing leaf on the breaks to .. The sales of the week sum up 623 hhds., with 83 and the Eales of the season, since November 1st, amount to 23,591 hhds. Quotations: Lugs, com mon, 7-!c.@Stc.; lugs, good, 8J.@ !Oc. lea common lOtc.@12c.; leaf; medium, 12J.@14c. iea good 1qc' @16c.; leaf, fair to selections, 17c.@2o.; ieaf, good to fine, 18c.@:25c.; leaf, fancy and wrappers 35c.@'15c.-Journal. July f.-Receipts have not been qmte so large as they were last week,. and prices of lug_s and short leaf have not ruled altogether so high whpe good grades have been active and without change. We quote: Inferior to common frosted ; coml)lon shipping do., t6@$6 50; good shtppmg do., $6 50; extra pmed do., $8 oO@ *12 ; common work1ng d? @@6 50; good working 87@88 50; fine workrng do.; 88@.10 extra smok common shipping leaf, 86@87 50; good shippmg do:, 89@$1 0 50; fine shipping do., 812@818; extra smoking do., $35@$40; common wrappers do good wrappers do., e20@$3o. extra, o@ $230 uO. Hamner & Bass made several high sales yes tefday1 getting the best price of the season for a lot of nne yellow leaf sold to Mr. Joh.B. w., 3d MONTRE.l.L, JJy 2.-Reported bY. Messrs. BATHGATE & BRo. for the ToBAcco LBAF: The little activity that prevailed in our market soma. weeks ago has again given place to that languishing


T '!' .tJ. E A .1;1 f I r I '!'I I ) of tiD 8 which has bien of all Co., 1; Tutt & Baker, 3 ; Sterling, Priee & Co., 3; buainess Je the oommencemen' f _the year, and J. l\1. McCreary, 1; H. F. Fellows, 2 and 1 box; even the prospect of good a!!-fair p_nces seem U&llclC>oiRII. .i' !!J ., 3 l b; since our last. We quete, *23@ 24 per qtl. Imported during th!l week, from Philadelphia: J .. K Marquette 10 bxs. mfd. The exports for the same time have ?een: To New York, lb to 1 4P _Igan, to ha,e f.'liled 10 imparting any hfe mto 8 I am & tiona. Montreal tene are Bnsmess m Co., 2 tubs, 1 box, and 3 caddies; Liggett, Hudson and 10,000 ttes: o Boiii:OD, ,000 to Philadelplifs, 26,0 o do. ; to Vera Cruz: 1,000 ao. bri"'ht .. bas to sm_all Co., 6 bbls. an, 656 A.rnved previously, 1 2,828-13, 484 16,675 Exported past week -496 Exported -1 0,468-10,964 Bro\ EU..IlP for bahng, city cODaJmp-840 tion, &c., since September 1, 1 867, 28-11827 Burned, 8t.ock on hand and on shipboard 4 ,848 T:;:c;. to date. f311: Summ ers & Campb ell. l ) 3036 Total. .................................. 7119 Manufactur ed Tobacco.-The market for tured t oba cco is very un ettled, owmg to the ag1tatw_n of the tax: que stion. Should the. tax _be r emo v e d, 1t would ca us e a correspondin"' fall m pnces, and h e nce purchas ers are h ol ding off f'?om the m::w-ket, and f ew, i f any transactions in round lots have take n place auring the past week ; while the retail d emand ha_s considerably les se ned even for the. c omm o n a nd medt u m grades (which haYe bee n most l.n re q u est for.some time pas t). The stock is ample, WJth t he ex:ce1 )t10n of medium which is rather light. We to quotations which are now nommal. Cl eare d clurmg the week: 'For Florida, 69 l'kgs.; for Texas, 5 P!DiifJ!R, Jon 21,-The market, as was to_be expected the week after the fair, has not been so actne .as usual and prices were a shade lower than last week, but fir m at the present Sales by Hall, Buck ner & Co Planters' warehouse, of 137 hhds and 6 oxs., and by Settle Bros., Farmers' warehous e, of 120 hhds. :and S bxs & Bro., 1 d. and 1 cslc. ; ,Bu ey & Co., 1 bx. By St. Louis, Alton ::mctTerre Haute Railroad: Lig gett, Hudson & Co., 4 hbds ; Spaunhorst & Hackman, 12; S. A. Grantham & Co., 3 cs.; Thos. Rhodus & Co., 24 bxs. hoorice. By Chicago, Alton, and St. Louis Railroad! Wm. Rhedneger, 1 bl. and 1 keg; J as. Baxter, 10 cs. cigars. B}'l Ohio and Mississippi Railroad: Shryock & Rowland, 5 hhds. By St. Louis and Iron l\fountain Railroad: F. F. Ro zier & Co., 2 hhds. The market has been dull and heavy tbroughout the we e k, and offerings have been below the receipts. Sell ers not feeling disposed to make the which buyers have expected, they have stored a good deal of their tobacco to await a more active demand. Sales from Thursday to Tue sday, incluive, 250 hhds. and 22 bxs., with rejections of prices bid on 131 hhds. and 7 bxs., as follows : Thursday-Sales 74 bhds.: 3 at $6 60@$6 !)0, 14 at $7 10@87 s at 8S@*S 70, 10 at i9@89 90, 9 at *10@$10 75, 10 at $11@81l 75, 6 m 12@ 12 'Ttl, a at $1 3@813 7:'/, 3 at $14@$14 75, 3 at el5@$15 50, 2 at $16@116 50, 2 at $17 5Q@II9 25, and 1 at $51. Rejected bids, 57 hhds. at $6 25@$29 25, and 3 boxes at $7 25@$13. Friday.-Sales 74 hhds.: 6 at $6@ 6 90, 10 at a7 20 @$'1 90, li at S@$S 9\), 9 at $!1@$9 90, 9 at .10@ $10 75, 11 at $11@411 75, 5 at $12@$12 75, 4 at $13 25@$13 75, 2 at &14 25@$14 75, 6 at 75, 1 at $16 50, 1 at $17 50, 2 at 819 50@$1 u 751 and 3 at $22@$24 75, and 13 box es 5 at $5@$9 so, 7 at $10 75@$18 25, and_ 1 at $27. Bids l'ejected on 22 hhds. at $6 60 to $18 75, and 31:ioxes at-$&-50@$19 75. Saturday.-Sales 42 bhti!.: 3 at 1!6@16 86, 4 at *7 *7 40, 5 at $S@iS 70, 8 at t9@.9-90, S at *10@$10 75, 5 at $11@$;11 75, 1 at $1275, 1 at $13,2 at $ 14@814 75, J at $ 15, 2 at 816@817, 1 at $21, and 1 at $34 25. Bids on 16 hbds. at 86 30 to :1517 were rejected. Monday-Sales, 17 hbds.: 1 at $2 20, 1 at $5 SO, 4 at $6 40@$6 65, 3 at $7@$7 60, 4 at $8 20@M 9!:1; 2 at $11 50@$11 751 1 at $ 12, and 1 at $131 and 4 boxes at 50@$:'7 60. Rej ected bid's, 14 hhds. at 86 40@ 12 25. Tuesday-Sales 43 .hhds.: 7 ar86 2 0@86 70, 7 at 87 @$7 90, 4. at M 40@$8 70, 8 at 9 @89 90, 5 at tHO@ 810 50 3 at 811 25@811 75, 4 at $12@$12 75, 1 at $13 50,2 at $16@816 50, 1 at $17 25, and 1 at S l 9 50, and 5 boxes at 10@86 75. R ejec ted bids 22 bhds. at $6 20@M5, and 1 box a t $ 7 30. Operators seem t o be hotding off fon .Congressional le"'islatio.n. W e note a d ec lin e in lugs and common om l ast reYiew. Yesterday the-marke t wa s highe r for good fillers, but otherwise it was without improvement o r chang e Sales 68 hhcls. : 1 at 90, 14 a t *6 30@$7 90, 1 8 at $8@89 90, 33 at $10@816 25, and 2 at 821@$23 50, and 3 boxes at 89 10, iHO@ $25 Rej ec t e d bids, 18 hhrls at SIS 60@$14 'i5. We quote: stems, none offering; scraps, 1 76 o $4 10; sound lugs, 87@M 50; dark leaf, 8 71>@*14 50; do.rk factory-dried leaf, i10@8 1 3 50; colory do., ti4@17; black wrappers, $12@$15; medium colory and bright leaf, $16@840; fine and fan c y do. $40 @$85 100 lhli. A contract was made on Friday: for the shipment of 130 hhds. .to Liverpool ; via New Orleans, at 42s. 6d.-about two-thirds of .the rate via rail -and New York. This is the first instance in our knowledge of a through bill of lading for tobacco to Liverpool -.-ia New Orleans. Juae 1 e e *h e p week has been dull for all kinds, and the sales effected have been 428 bls. Brazil, Amaro; 3D2 do. do., St. Felix; n:r-ap. dct., and 76 oe. seed leaf. LON Jaae 20.-l\:lessrs. Wl!. BRAYDT's SoNs & Co by special report to TaB TonACCO hEAP, r.ay: our tobacco market here remains firm, but the sa les of American Wiltwook ha e been qni.te in ret. ait, _and principally i,n W.estem strips. !'small lot ofmtddhng, principall Henderson strtps, has been sold at Sd. per lb. ':(lu;re lias been mOM inquiry for exp?rt leaf .. The steamer U e lla bas arri ,ed from New 1: ork With -! hhds., 54 bbls., and 50 hf.-tcs. tobacco. LIVERPOOL, June 20.-}}:l essrs. w)[. BRA.'!DT'S SoNs & Co. report : There bas been a rather better business done 111 Ame rican tobacco this week, chiefly in useful Weste rn strif!s, and some light-colored l eaf has also sold. B e vond this there bas been little done, and pnces =:-re without alteration. Substitutes are dull. In cavend1sh there is only a retail business doing. The a rrivals prise the Scotia with 20 hhds and the P ennsylvama with 95 hhds. and 16 tierces both from New York. MA.T!NZ!S, Jane 27,-There is a large stock of manufactur e d tobacco in second bands, and a request prevails. Sal e s the we e k of 60 ?xs. mtd dling 'quality at t25 per qumtal on montlis. RtTTEKDIM, June 16,-Sales haYe been c lo sed since our last of 'i5 hhds. Maryland ex-Inca and 100 cs seed leaf ex Germania. The public sales to be to morrow comprise a variety of different sorts, which we have specified in a previous issue A FmsT-CLASS NoTICE.-We are weekly in receipt of complimentary letters from our subscribe!"!', but we ar.e not so often similarly favored raries. The followincr firstc lass notwc I S an entlrtJly unsolicited one from the colu)III.IS ot a journal new to, our exchang lis Tlte tJhi cago Pric e Ourrent, ?nt which is in the eigl1t year n secr e t terms ; 52 cases do. at 23 Ohto Seed Leaf at 15c.@60c. ; '73 boxes Virgnua N lbs., ctc., ,at 6 0c.@72tc. Imported this weP.k from Hanna: John Wagner, 3 cs. cigars; S. Fuguet ,t,; Sons, 1 do. The exports for the same time have been : To, 2,752lbs. mfa., $610, and 8,483lbs. lf., to Havana, 6,958lbs. mfd. $1,391. Exported dunng the past m onth: To Havana, 25,365lbs. mfd., $4,99S; to Bar"h\tdoes, 2o,59S lbs. mfd., $5,947; to Matanzas, 8,81\7lbs. mfd., S1, 777. atciMOID, Jaly 4,-Meesrs. :MILLS & RYA.NT, toS!N FR!NtJISCO, June 11.-Thep;eneral market for tobacco i s extremely qu-. public offerings exerci.aiag a clepressin"' effect on private business, and no trant. actious wo;thy of medtion have taken place. At auc tion, the following loti of 1,1cw crop Virginia, compris ina 10 c s 1\Iiner's Choice Twist, in order, at 52tc.; 16 cs. Our Cllildren1 half pounds, 46c.@45c.; 12 cs Hall's Fio-, 10 bit ., 10lbs., 651-c.; 48 hf. bxe. Cable Twist, :&'eebon, 64c.@62o.; 32 hf. bxs. Cable Twi t, Alic e Rrqwn, li9tc.@58c.; 44 cs. Citron, light pressei, 9 inch, 69c.; 13 cs. Lefort's Navy, 54c.@5lc.; 20 cs. J.u s cions Luxury, 65c.; 3S bxs. Shelton's 12i.nch light press e d, 68c.@68fc. Also, 11 cs. ConnectiCut Seed leaf, 10-!c. Im11orts from January 1st to Ju1st: tcs., 4; hhds., 60; bbls., 2 ; bales, 1,313 ; .c 3,076; bxs., 47; ltf. bx T 3Sl; 358. Tle X ports of the week have De8ll: 'l'o'1few n, 8l' tobi! eco; to Victor;ia, 311 cs. 11 1 hl, do.( n ToBACCO IN !NDIANA.-The tobacco planters in Southern' Indiana are putting in a large crop the present season. plants are _remarkably large and 1lne-lookin"' aQd it is believed 1f the weatiter prov e favorable that a larger tobacco crop will be grown in this aection of the State the present senson than ever before. \W'e gather these facts agent of one of the tobacco houses in j;he lJnited -y;ho has recently visited every county m Southern in which tobacco is growu.-New Albany Oommerczal bacco commission merchant!!, report: The market continues acti,-e for all kmds. Con81d erable salea been made within the for ment to Kentucky and Indiana says the lVhig, and buyers and sellers t'ml idently more ci\leerful than they were ten days a::o. Prices also areO:bigher baD they were then espeoiaUy for the lower g des of d manufacturin.,. : -Bales amouftt to 1,323 h s., 21? tcs., and {i4 bxs ., range of the following quotatiOns : LUGS. LEAF. Inferior aoq c:ommQI\ .... 81$ QQ@ 7 50 8 50@10 0() tl.e way to the port of San Franm.eo, tft"ft, dotic Atlantic ports (Government storetl not included), d ., 7 4 bls., l,l!'Oli ., bn. PORBif,ON, !MS Ul, Joe -The roru;ket for North eri t bacco h n witho1Jt..,nuob actSvity_d r its, wcr the past week, and sales amounted to 47hhds. Mary bun only at firm prices. 30 hbds. SCtnborn had to be tob sold at very low description not being much., &ouaoht after. rActual &toek in fint hands: 'i2' hhdll. l\laryland, S88 bls. 1baBil., .1110 do. Grande, 15,005 Medium. . . . .. 8 00@ 9 00 Shipping, I!;QOd ...... 8 60@ 9 50 do. fint.! ...... 10 00@12 00 Working, goo4 do. M:ary1ancl and 31 hhds. strips. In West Indian and outh tobaccos there w e re sold 94 ccroons Havana, 2,122 do. Cuba, 1,1>60 d. c>. -"= -"= SJC-; European Ports. oo= "'l:l ""' = iij'i "'= "'iii c.: ... "'!l"' ... .. 1'$., ... IS ... f;l; ... ... --------------::::::: :::::: m :::::::::::::: .. .::::::::::::: .... ::::::: Bremen .. . 630 530 5 460 862 862 11,389 . 28 .. :. .. 729 .... .-.-.::::::::::::::: :::::: :::::: :::::::::::::: "'4i8' :::::: : ::::: : ""i4" :::::::::::::: : :;oo G e noa... ............................. 128 ................................................................ Gtbraltar 1,029 1,346 41 40,111& Glasgow .. .. . . 6 5 175 . . 178 .. 221 . .. li,NI Hamburg.............. .. . ... 29'1 29'1 3,466 715 112,1 Havre . . . . . . . . 61 10 ... . . . . . . . 2,915. Leghorn................... . . 1,4 32 . . 18 ................. ...... s . ..... ............. ..... ::,;,;.; Lisbon . .. . . . .. 602 . . . . . ., .., .. Liverpool. .. ......... 210 210 2,816 3 5 35 640 U1 151 784 . . .. 100 860 London. .. .. . . 217 217 1,869 3 1 31 748 ... .... 464 ....... 498,606 Londonderry .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. 54 . .. . .. .............. Malta ........... ,.................. ... 160 "J.. 63 .................................. ,-: U8l Mliroeilles.. ................ 16 15 120 11 . .. 168 2,970 2,97IS 1;828 Naples.................................. 299 ............................................................... .. .. .... ... . .. . .. 2 .. "' .. u ...... ....... 160 ...... 25 ............... .. : .. . :. . : 600 .............................................................. .. 1,38 7 ;. ..... 211 ....... 4 Q ther ports................ . . . 2 ...... . 241 . . . . l4,01d T ouL ... ... -gn -m 19,m 1,2251,225 20,849 -1-;l 2,254 2,970 910,&71 I Exports of Tobacco from all Ports of the United States. HOGSHEADS, ETC. CASES A.l\'D BALES. PACKAGES AND BOXES. Where to. 1,200 40,li1S l2,Mll Ill, ... 2,915 1,881 l'T,BU e e orts of cit rs, etc ., from all ports of the U uited fioom January 1 to date lo,y s : To 40'Z cs. c "'ar s ; t o Liverpool, 98 do and 17 bxs. do. ; to Glasgow, 15 cs. do. 131 do.; Ha burg, 2, do.; to Havre, 4 do.; to Canada, 24 do. and 435 cs. liquorice. orth A n COlo s, 8 cigars and lO bxa.. 'pes; to Daoiah West Indies, 2 4 do. ; to Brazil, 5 do ., 2 bxs. do., and 8 bx:s. snuff; to ew Granada, 2 pk'gs. do. ; to Cu a, 2 cs. !fo. ra1tar, 1 c cigan $Dd 10 cs. snuff; to Cadiz, 156 lbs. do.; to China, 36 cs. cigars, 6 cs. pipes and 1 pkg amb e x0 to Japan,3 cs. cigars; to V e n ezue la, 1 bx:. snnft'; to Do.tch West Indies, 912 lbs. do. to 'Re'pnblic, 1 JS. cigars; to Cisplatine R e public, 164 pkgs. pipes; to Cronstadt, 10,000 ci"'ars 'to Sitka 2 cs. do. ; to other poTts, 33 do., 1 cs. cigarettes, 1 pkg. pipes, 1 bbl. snutt: 1 bf.-bbl. do., and 1 ;s. C ONNECTICU T SEED TOBACCO CROP 186f 50 eaoes ftne s e lec t ed wrsp pero, light a nd dDrk colors. 100 cases medmm do. do. 40 cases b lndo re 30 ftll en! a ll of choice qnality. ror sale in lot s o stut purcb.uen b y JOHN L. 78 Water street, ))je w York FOR SALE !-I OFFER FOR SALE FINE-CUT C HEWING A !\'D TOBACCO FACTORY, The hous e loa three-story br;ic k w 1th m e tal r hai! a floored t1ry cellar under the whole bnildln1 lone rocmda'*", built In the most !Ub sta ntlnl manner, DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP.-THE FIBJ[ berelofore existing the uame pfel!!Dltt & Slorm iathls dardlatoivellbJ aatual...,.. 11ltliet )lll!l;ner'WIJII!p In llqu i daUon JOSEPH SCIDIITT New York, July1, 1888. GEORGE STOBJL RBKOVAL.-1 have thts da,y remoYed from No. 61 Poerl ltleet. JOliN III'RAI Yew York, July 1, 1868. __ COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE.The underolned have this _dir r._ cop&rtn eNbtp for tbe MANUFACTURE 01!' CI G ARS AND SALE OJ!' LLUI' TOB.'I.CCO, under tbe !lrm name of tlTRAITON, SCHMITT & STORJ[ t Oo., 12'hhds. and 1 tub; S. A. Grantham o., 1 3 hhds. and 1 box; W. C. Woodson & Son, 1 lid. aqd 1 csk. ; Chile s Bas$ett & Co., S hhds. and !! bx ;, B: W Alexander & Son 4 hhds. and 1 box ; M. Fried& Co., 1() butts and 3 caddies; J. R Ferguson, 54; J. J. Sylvester, 12; Liggett, Hudso n & Co., 2S h-bblo.; Stifel & Benson, 107 bls. ; E. 0 Stanard, 9 bxs. L. Helin, 2 ; J. C. Tie meyer, l JUV!Nl, JaDe 27,-To}aooo co and tra ctio s are limited a few of new Par til}o ta t e markets. Prices are quite "' however, a gradual decline of the "','and in vi e w a the inCl:eaiiug a a further and more important fall i s confidentl ex pected Average assorted lote are worth.ll o I3S. The stock on hand of new Partido is at about 6 000 bls. Receipts frqm the V eulta AbaJO are still small, and consist mostly of inferior lots Cigars.-Business is v ery dull, and ll!os t manufac turers hae reduced the number of operatl yes. One or two ha\ c comm e nced using new 'Yorking a limited scale. Chewing-!& abundant, With no sa e TOBACCO FACTORY FOR SALE.THE SUBSCRIBERS about rct rin g Crom the 1> "ineee) olfcr lot ttle th&ir FaetorJ In Brook a good etablisbed bnom es toget11erw!lh alltbelr ........ Label, e mll<:nmery, all of tbe best materlnlo &IMI!n wor.king onler, cons o! of e;c1')1.)tillll' belonging to a drst-claslo 'l'obacco Factoey, to which Ia added Box t<>Jelpl= par tner oiguing In li qoidatwu. ='KFISCBlm. NBW Yom;;, June 15, 1368 RODJI:WAIJJI The undPrl!lgned members of tb e l ate firm ill each contin ue tbe Tobeuat busmeN on hls 111!1i1 rFRED'K FISCHU NEwYORR, June 15,1868. ---r.-;.--,..! ... RODEWAAD. .. >11.


THE --B'ew York Commission THE VIRG INIATOBACCO 4-G ENCY. ESTABLISHED IN 1836. New York Commission -'llerchahts; Wll. P. KITTRED G E. E. C. WH:EELOOK. WI. ". A CARROLL. & QQ.,\ B'. Y. Commission llercMnts. et.'GGO .1' OGMMISSION MERCHANTS, States Internal Revenue Bonded Warehouse, Thirty-second T 0 B .A C c 0 Collect: on District. :.. J A 'J\'I!i'1\Tr A Q 'IO 1 1 m; NO. 104 FRONT-STREET, .. ,, t.r /-.f JtH h t NEW-YORK, s,. _.: AGENTS for aiJ the ., 1 ; The Well-known and Justly Celebrated Brands of .Virginia. 'MANUFACTURED and LEAF TOBACCO. 4ii 'VA. 'rEB S'J.'.REET, N&:W YORK, lrinlld call the attention of the Trade to the following most Celebrated Brands. of -YIRGINIA MANUFACTURED TOBACCO: lu. Thomas Jr.'s El i:lorado, O:ewel of Ophir, Splcer' Cream of Virginia, Louis D'Or,. Cllflam'a Wine Sap, Callego, Colden Seal, ..... Queen of Hearts, is, Emblem, is, c. W. Spiced, .. W. R. Johnson & Co., Cleaner & Winne, C. WIUiams & Co Fercuson It 27J caleb Tale, Little Clant, "" ROBERTS. Diadem, Virgin, Old Dixie, Peerless, John K. Childrey, J. B. Co., Harris 4. Pendleton, CrantA Wlliams, McEner) It Bro. WiJiiam, Thomas & 011ver, s. W. Venable a. Co., c. P. Word, J. R. Allen; & McCill, and others. j I POPULAR BRANDS OF VIRGINIA :J I 1 ::>JtQBACG(): 1.64 Water Street, NEW YORA.. 1 1 Pounoc )o\alf Pounds & Quarters. Fancy:---Te;:,. m .GRANT & WILLIAI{S, & OLIVER, A G G ari baldi, .Tune AppJo Bat'!', Gold Ridge. J J.P. Williamson, Ll ttJe Al!Right, Fashion Gold do. BlueJacket, RUSSELL & ROBINSON, GREA.l'fER & WINNIE, S W Venable, Leviathan, Laj.iy do., R.t!d Jacket, Velvet R o.e, Fresh Peaches, TemptAtion do., Peach, J G DILL BARRATT'S CROWN F11ller's Pet Pride ofthcNavy, Cabl e T w i s t, T om Thnmb, J t Jimmie F ullcr Morgan, Adm1ratiou do. May Qu een J K CHJLDR"'Y REUBEN RAGLAND P each B aket, Wheelo$'s Pet, Cab l e Co i I ::LYN, NE'W' YORK. Ca. pi "ta1, $900,000, Organized under the laws of the State of New York, January 2, 1898.' H. W. HUNT, President. JOHN H. SANBORN, Seo'y H. W. HUNT Agents, 167 Water Street, New York; 16 Central Boston. I i' I PARlER 1: QO.,-MARCH, PRICE & 11, 1 ) 1 COTI'ON AND 'f!l,!ACCO FACTORS,. COMMISSION-MERtHiNTS, I 1,i 91 'W' ater Street, 181 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. ,LJBEB.A.L .ADVANCES M.ADE ON CONSIGNMBNTS. JACOB H ENKELL, BD>K I MANUFACTORY, (Superior Make and Prime Quality,) ; OF CEDAR WOOD, NEW-YORK. F .A. .-, 00_., _', COTTON i TOBACCO FACTORS, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Nos. 70 and 72 Broad Street, pRGE WlCJ:\E. 'Wl LLIAM WICKE, ()JI' .., Jfo. 1'10 Wate' r Street, New Ymk. 1 ,L. l'.A.LMER --' .A.. H. SCOVILLE, Connecticut own packing m D. 'Hirsch & Co., .. No. I! r 4 Water Street, 'JDEALERSIN New York. and Smoking Tobacco. ROBERT L. MAITLAND &. CO., AND GJ:NJ:BAJ. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, (. 1 IfanovUI" JJuading'!J' HanoJ)er .,square, New York. .A4vancea made on Conaignm.enta to W. A. & G. lllaxwell & Co., Li verpoo I M. & J j SCHO.TTENFELS, TOBACCO Commission Merchants, 158 Water Street, New-York, Agents for the sale Q f the following Well-KnoWll and Celebrated. Brands or VIRGINIA TOBACCO, Virginia State, Globe, Conti,nental, Metropolis, Etc., Etc., .AlsO, an kind o r PX..'O"Gr ; TO:FI.ACCO M LICHTENSTEIN. B. LICHTENSTEIN. A BRUSSEL. & CO. Imptnters and Dealers in J!hnrana QUigat.!Jit I oi Leaf, Chewing, and. Smoking Tobaccos, It 1.21' MAIDEN LANE, HKW YGBB I (Between Pearl and Water Streets. ) FIELDING, GWYNN & CO., .ll>Ot.n Ofton. GUIDO 'I""WriW. US Pearl St., Square, New York. STROHM & REITZENSTEIN, N. !,._co., and Cotton Factors 1 n o M its "'T 1 c AND General Commission Merchaiits. WM. AGNEW & SONS, Tobacco and Gommission Merchants, and 286 Front l!ltreet., 1 Jt"EWFOBK, .llm JIIPORTE&S 011' FOREIGN TOBACCO, 77 176 FRONT ST., N.Y. & HEARN, 172 WATERSTREET, New-York. 167, 159, and 161 Goerck Street, New-York. ... 1!1 PATENT TEMPER TOBACCO-KNIVES, Leaf Tobaeeo for Export and Home Use. iJt-'-\+ lt-61 CORNELIUS Manu:facturers of the :followina; Celebrated Brands of' TOBACCO, BOBDIBO.. 1: BEA.lLJr'll PREJI1IUJI1 9 INCH, 110Ft I'UMED, BBlGHT, 1P'KIBY DUCIUPTION, ADAPTED TO ALL THE DIFPEREYT POWER AND HAND l1AOHINJI:S,l1.ADE JIY :IAPANOCH AXE AND mON CO., 26 WILLETT S1.1 N EWYORK C. S. BRIGHAM, Treasurer, Napanoch N. Y. TOIIr'J81lc Upfrlence and extended CadUties enable Ul to gu.ttantee satbfaetion. I 'l._W 'Hew-York Salesroom, 69 Mlll'l'ay"' treet. JOSIAH S. LETI:RETI' & 00. Best M:a.terh.l and Superior lla.lfe by Self-iuv:enta{; and Pat e nted Machinery. .. --..--......-.--------{ TOBACCO :MERCHANT, (EST ABLU!HED lN 18l5 ) No, 96 W'ATER STREET o ppooiteGou verneurLaoe, New York. leaf Tobacco in Hhds and Bales, FOR f;!HIPPING. BOBilfBO .. 1: HEAD'S PUJI1I1Jll1 1U.VY1 poundl &nd half pounds. &nd A.F{cot, Jllbo.l Ba.i.lor'a Delight, N&vy, eazl pounds. pou.nda and Jl pounds. JorR8t-me-not, poundo 1. ll. Roblllson'a li&vy, Forest K\!lg, !.(pounds. 1 pounds LnsciOUII Luxury, J4: lbo. lluchnor'a A.AA., 10.. Or&nge Girl J4: vonnd. jla&be!la 10.. Little ", X ll:>o. 10.. (9&-148) Tobacco Commission llercl:mnts, .. KREMELBERG & CO., NEW-YORK, L"D F. L. BRAUNS & CO., BA.LTIM:OR.E, Commission Merchants. Several b,.anrll o f Llcorlce Patc, dJrect i.mporta-:ivn constantly on and for sale, in b ond er dut7 ;>a.td1 in lots t.o suit. p urcha!ers. 62-114 CLEMENT READ, !t\.trthant VIRGINIA AND WESTERN LEAF ..... MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, LICORICE, etc., 15il-10 4 No. 85 N Y MoSns!pmenlo reopeet.folly oollclled 111111 orclon promp&IJ IIJJod. 81-lot BUNZL & DORMITZER, 126 Water-st., New-York, DO:DSTJ(l AYD FOKIIG:Y LEAF TOBACOO. Liberal e agh made o n conalgnment. of Leaf Uld Manufaer.ared Tobacco. 5 7-1 08 ECCERT, DILLS &. CO., DEALERS IN DOMESTIO and Importers of SPANISH TOBACCOS, :1.42 '1Vate1 Netv York. [W'Ika.ucb 8 2 west Second Street, Oincinna.ti1 Ohio. JOSEPH HICKS, Commission .Merchant, I.JID IJUJ.D ut MANUFAC.TURED TOBACCO, lio. 82 Water-Street m JrEWYORK. B; C. BAKER, SON & CO. Tobacco and Cotton Factors, I AND Commission Merchants, No. 142 Pearl Street,. BoWM.Al'l C. BAKER, NEW YORK. F.nwur :M. BA:KER, JoHM VX Bu:zn & Co., New York. )34-86) Cincinnati. h Noaro.-. TEos. J. SU.UGHTD.. :B. H. WJBDOv.. SLAUGH1'ER & CO., Tobacco & Cotton Factors <.enual afommissi:.on, Nq. 41 BROADSTREET, D7-149 WILLIAM M. PRICE & CO., (!u-n to D4 VID O'lQILL II 00.,) lta K m'shattD', 11, 9 Maldenlane, li':IIWYOIU[. WM..M.h ..... f .LJArft. 1,.. BROTHERS, TOBACCO" / .,._...ND. GENERAL Cogt.,!Dission )KEWYORK. J. B. BERGIUNN. COMMISSION MERCHANT, JJil'OR'I'BB .lll1l WBOLE!!ALII DIALliB m Scotch, German, and Duteh

LJ1VY&,NE Commission Gtnmeeticnt Seed and Havana LEAF. HCOS AND ShAHS. 113 W.&TER-STBBBT, 'lt-10& NEWYOB.X. JOHN T. HARRIS & CO., TqBACC. O Com1isaion Merahants,. 8D li'Bell'l'-IIT{t:BIET, NEW-YOBK. G. aEISM4NN & CO ... tsst.ou Wtrrrlia.U, ..D DULEBI J!f J.LL XI!Il'D8 OP' t 179 PEARL STBEL"f, Betwurt Pin anc:t Eew-Yort. M. R. lJIIptriiE u4 (!ommf-11)11 Kercll&llt of HAY A.NA SEGARS i-ANDJ'o. M South William Street, (121,:-1'78) liEWTORK LUr Tobaoco prened In b&!H ll>r tile Woot lnclleo, )fexleau, Cenuoal, ............., ancl Qlber market&. 'l'OB.A.CC?O :P.A.CZ:ED l:Jr KOG8liiJBoU)8. R. H. Oasn. J. B. CATSS:. R. -H. OBEB. & CO., (Su"J"oro \o OBlR, NANSQll & CO.,) NP 43 Broad. ]f. WHITTAM, UJWP.AC'fUUK (lr / THE Jl'ew York Commillfml Ketch-ants: Be$ver B "ESPECIALLY OF THE MARK ... LA DE BRAEKELEER & FOOTE, :MANUFACTURERS OF :E!arlaf}as, La Bosa, \ BOLE PROPRIETOliS OJ' THE CELEBIUTED B!Ul'IDS EL COMPANERO,:...EL. CONTESTO. ---. ... .. Eev & \ J SUCCESSORS ':t'O '-APPLEBY'S 1\0N, II o MILLS .. IIACCQBOY, FR:&NCH RAPPU, SCO'ltll A"b trtft>YFOOT. SNUFFS. ... MACCOBOY A.l'lD SlltJPF 01 Plug, Twist, & Fanoy:_Toba.cco, DU BOIS I. VANDERVOORT, tJti'QilSSION MftGtiANT.S, -wo. 349 PEABLB'l'l!l!D!I'l', Leaf and Tobacco, Co Ne'W-York. I A. OATMAN, -Buccellaor to OATMAN & REID. IXPOilTE:R o:r A. H. CARDOZO &: CO., HD DIPOBTDB OP s e.g s T0Bo4CCO, &liD 1r a'f' UI':DIA ODVC:i:, liTo. 85 Ka.iden-lane, ........ ILS.I.L!>KOt THE GITY Tq8ACCO ACENCY, fi 108' FI.OJI'l'.I!'Jbft, l!Jew-York. G. W. HILLMAN & CO., ommtssiO'U IJID .l.-s ,.,. .... uu1Jij l!l&NU .&CT1J'BED TOBACCO, Ban alwa.Jll on baod a latp"-\ of M-ao tund Por eale OD liberal term!!. L. W. G""'l'llli:B; Baltimore. P. w TA'fG!lNilORST, New York. AND OTHER MERCHANDISE, 37 Wate1 St1eet, Eugene Do Bois, } NEW YORK Joepe B. Vanderv<}Prt. Manufactured Tobacco of &11 styles and c:tualities rect from the hee.t msnnfuetori es of Virginu1., for sale in l ot s to sui t JOHN K .. IMITH ct. 181, r FA.C'rORS AND General Commission Merchants, 4 ':' Broad St1"eet, N. Y. Vtfl HUflaElf, MANUFACTURERS Ufl'OJI.'lli;:RS mf .HiD DE RS IN 0 ::1: G-.A. :E't. &, .P ::1: ::E" :m ... G. c. &., 1111 OHAI. B. FILLWTIIN & SONS, TOBACCO .And Ge1terca HAVANA 220 SA V:/ iER, W Al,LAOE & 00., tJelssleD erelauts, No. 47 Broad Street, 197, 14 I Cigar manufa.cturers pa.rtlcularly favored. Commission Merchants, H. liEBSENGilt & co., -IJID DUJ.IIII .. t29,PEARL STREET, N.Y. FO&Ea&DOMESTICTIBAGCO, ..,. THOMAS KINNICUTT, LICORICE. 1111 a 1111 JDBI..UO:, T, ... ........... .... L. W .-CU 'I'!H & CO., :&entaekT ahd YIJ'Ilnla Tobacco & General Commission I,EAF TOBACCO; "''=--L&DaOU. T 0 BAC CtO LEAF. -:xew COJDDliulonKerchants. JOSEPH W. MARTIN CHARLES A. BRAMHAI,I, BRADIHALL CO., JDmutiS U 147 WATER ST., Between Maiden Lane and Wall Street, RllW lf'IJBB. A.CIIINTS fbr tbe Sale or all J.WIJI .BHY.\N. C.IIAS. F. TAG. DlqKSON G. W .i.'rTS.\. l BRYA WATT & co., 'Tobacco and !:ctttonFactors, Gene al. Commissio e lut s. -&II aa.o.&.:O &T:R.::m:Jiti1". l.V voa:JEi HENRY :II ORRIS iW COMMISSION MERCHANT THE SALE OP' Standard 8rarnls of Vir1inia & North Carolina Manufactured-Tobacco. LADY FINGERS, .GOLD BARS, POCKET PIECES, LEAF. & IIANUF AOTU-OBA000: D MAt APPLES", FIGS, GOLD FLAKE, &c., &c., and COTTON, NAVAL STORES, Etc. Etc., Etc. IMPORTER AND SOl E AGEN-T IN THE u. FOR THI M. M." BRANa SOI.:C AGJ!:NTS fbr the C'ELEBRATED Braaclll or S OKI.NC TOB CC.O: THOIIAS & OLI\tER'S BILL BUC-K, "K," VA.' BE-LlE, STAR1 SOCIABLE. ROSE, OLIVE, OWl: CLOD, ROYAL SIGNET, G{)LD BUG,.._ LIQUORICE (PASTE. BEANS, DYANA. S, llect#':ln .!Ntrict, N. a:., vorabl y knowu are o1l.'creU at tbe :ronow. Century Tobacco. h No t RPD STBD"r We ba.egivcn &pcclalattcntlon lug low prices. Purchasers are warned .againt t e 1 Cranulated Smoking Tobacco. We arc pulting up .two kinds of in tin:!oil ing Toba.ccos, as this class is, when made cfgoodmntc-' many spudoua articles on the market, and the various We are constantly receiving the.dnest Stn!r-em.D papers-Dark and Lzght. In locuht1es "here light ri al, greatly superior to cut 8 mokings i and we 0ftcr a deceptions p ractised. Our goods arc always reliable; manufac t ured Tobaccos from llir(Jin.ia and NortA 0.... t c "d t 'c bll.!lht Century s preterrcdabmo d d to mvo cut,ro'ct"on made or the bed Una embracing Henry, Bedford; Ptttsyhania1 une cu s n r U.:,; .,. rrreat many varieties any or hle h (price cons1 ere ) ..... eo "" burg, and Halifax counUet!, Va., and Caswell all otbns It is manufactured lrom tllo very best sclcc be found equal to anything 80ld. Tbe.t.wo ne w material, aud arte u original <4 f;}Ur owe, enN. C., and other famous manutactminn" points to......._ tions of o1d leaf, 1s free from nud ora. very supc braudti H Yacht -.Jlub," whlcb 18 mndc of tbo finest abling them to avoid compcptionjrom any source. of LAneB AND CLOE!ll fim.RS r10r fl.\'01; it is put np in fancy boxes, and bri ght ,tob:tcco tbatcao Oe obtained, and the uwtiue ...e,ing them ill lkmd or Tax paid, !old by all resp,ecta&le at taO per grO'IJ!. Pufr, ., n very l ow-pr iced article, will be found very t ., than market d bl d B S f r 1 We shall be pad to llllow tllem to dealero lA Pa. 1/irWe still continue to pack o"" ntrNnnEn DOLLARS cm c ::oo Il 1 1 r 0 W n ,., u T S ToBccoo, as we are aseured that we have the best_. D.liLY In cur entury 9' Yacht Club very bright, Vir"inia ............. $1 35 Ilbls. OT Jars. We &lAO keei> 011 hand r n .... C F "1 I b s., per 1>. oortmeut ol &DJ \be t -...1 Stcsra. :: :: m;;A'itm:L'trong .. 120 ... t no ,._ S lk p, ]3 nd Magdalen. verynnld .... ... 100 Amemau,orfiuellappec (plam) ......... 85 factur' i -ntury 1n u ac_co. We. nred that a trial wtn con(With Tilustrated Labels.) ". all of tts over all othef for the All Snntrs, with the exccptiott or American Gentlc-pnce. Coronet, strong s oz. papers ....... ......... S'i SO man, Demigro and Pure Virgiuio, i. n 1 and t lb bottles; R_etoJiers are ree""ttall7 reminded lbat all goods of....,. -' DW111111Clure Clll be po...,.,_ from all rea!"'clable9ol>bero throughout the COWlky, thus saving ttme and.....,. of tran sportauon. Lal"@le po8\el8. llaleJ llllow-cards, descriptive l'iM-lists, .k., fumltlioed upon application. r I l[lRANCH HOUSES. nb 90 h'fbbl 91 k no" 11, .,$_00 Cnlwnnt, 525 pmmdo1.ll>pcrdoz.;llalves,$6perdoz. .s., c.; i4l e:., c .; egs .. N'>-} tma JOl'>: 4. Old yj;.,1n1a 3 00 !<-,....,jlcatl Geutlemau and Pure 1 o .... ,............... -o .,, Tbefollawlng BrlllK:hlillull86seliourgoodaat-\ per gross i OhYc Brauch extra foil, per gro!lf!1 $().GO. Taba c Fnu.cais, 4 oz. pa.pers .................... 110 pouuds, $12 per doz.; halves per doz. lacturen' price. ArmY, ..... : .. 100 W',AllthoYellow!lnu111ijncaua,$5pcrlloz.;half We nrc aleo making a new brand of light colored Mi1d Spanish ... :. ... .. ... . 85 cans, $8 per doz.; quarterS, 12. ..-Cavcndieb, culled % Nayy1 ... ... .. ....... 90' Ch. 1ca;go sm>\L FOY & EARLE, 85 South W a.ter L Comet, Blad.dera: Cut s m o k 1 n g. I Lnrgc. which we can cordially racommcncl to the trade, requlr-. n$!: a low-p!'iced tohacco. "Bbl.s., S5c. ; haltbbl@ .. S<._; Bhls.n Bbls. per }b. per lb, High Scotch, snit. . . . n" .... OS St. ....... $0 21. FroobSCotch, .......... ---, <10 No . .... 80 Jld. > J .... 25 Mixe . ... 28 Cut ems ............ 251 $0 92 92 87 02 Boston, A R. MrPflHELL, 35 Central St. Bbls., SOc.; half bbls., 81; kege, 83. All of the abme brands arc put UJ> in l) Ln. )lUNDt.E 16 03., 8 OZ., "-ND ( OZ fAPEWJ1 AT B'QLK P&'((J!:B. .1 5 lb. cans 10 cents per lb. extra. CHARGE FOR PACKAGES OR CARTA :X, l bb,lo. 1 ct. per lb, extra; kegs a eta. ;crib! exfrn; G oz 8 oz., 4 oz., and z.o z papers reduced to bulk pricee. ** All the above trronds In 5 Ill. cans, 10 cts. per lbc:rlm. ..No char!.for package or cartage. Prices of Jars, net. 'Philadelphia, Half-gallou, 20 o;.ts.; one gallon, 80 two pJlons, 40 cts.; three ga llons 55 cts : four gallo n s, 65 cts. B A w lV 16 a rl' _.. dtL WbemMoiS arerdenld packcdl o Y .Aft D .I1AI v.aa., 1.-J l'!uu the l'ckllge wW b&,j)llarjecl e:ilrl. LC>RILLARD, 16, 18 & 20 Ohamb.ers St .. P. LORILLARD. til. i % L INDHEIII BROS. & CO., and Commission Merchants, OWNERS OF THE KOST CELEllli.ATED :S:B.Al'rDS OF VIRGINIA SMOKING TOBAOOOS l'l TUBAL loE4Ji', OBIEWTAL, O) VTRGI:IIIA SE&L, OLD DOMINION, XX ClKOWN, LYKCRIRJJlG X GOLDE:oi OROWN, GENUINE TOIU.C .:JI RlLLICKI!'fiCK, CO, I -'! P .'-CIFICATION, BULLY BOY, 2 oz. Ponehew. 6 In Bulk, 5 lb., lilt., 1lb., and lGrB '-\ish to g:u&!d their euetotner s aguinet the d ece ption of var1oue persons using a Label in imitation of theit'9, andofrering for sale a Yery inferior tobacco. 11 All Goodti. iu Bond and Tax paid.', }'adoi'Y at Lynthburg, Va., Warehouse i. Sale Booms 90 WATER STREET, N.Y. 61 Beaver Street, NEW-YORK. Orden for Tobaeco aod Oot\oll ueeuteJ. U8-1M 1 II. L. tU.psERT. J. L. GJlSSEBT & BRO., COMMlSSION MERCHANTS LND .)IT.L :KlNDS Ol!' fear TOhacoe, York. M.PAUllTSCH, .And tn L. H. NEUDECKER &: l:nbatto :mnntission !leu No. 182 1fttter Street, New Y..._ 80LII ron MERCI:U.N'I'S, o. 110 Pell.rl'1t., cor. Hanaver Bquate, No. 3 WilUam Sh'eet, NEW YOBK. Branch Rouse, Fried Bro's, 418 Sacrnmento Stre et, San Francisco, Cal. L:AF TOJ.Ut GC 0, J"EUDEOXEB BBOS., RIOID(QJ]). --liiEW YOU: Llber&l ad.Tances made on conelf&maenta. & oHAPJW, A.8.;!2!!1B.4.UK&CO., D".u.:me "' co N lldattR.&N'l'S LEAF 26 South William Street, JEW-YOBJL. I.LBODJW.DII,. bmMitJ LIAJ AND IAIDMYftlliD lolt a..l-er L !. PaeiWig. 116-90 lU New-York. TH. H. VETTEBLETN & 1':'2 Pearl Street, N" E W" "Y 0 E. X:. VETTEBLEIN l CO., 111 AB.CR-STllEET, PHILADELPHIA. BONDED "'V AREHOUSE. JIBST .. _IS'WC'!-RODMAN & HEPBURN, 810 Lewis Street,. R. Y. SPANISH CEDAR /01" SEGAR BOXES furnished to BUU the T1"a4e, la LOGS or BOABDS. Brekera In every description of Foreign and Domestic Wood. Conelsn ments of Black Walnut Lumber and Logs solicited. US WATER !6TREET, Near lllllden Lane, NEW-YOBK. CHARLES C. DNGEL, Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco Commission Kerchant, 160 WATER STREET. l"EW YOBK. .And other well-kno-wn WILI.IAll (SucceI!Or to J,EE nnd MauuJa.ct.urer o HAVANA CIGARS AND DEALER Di LEAF ToBl 269 Pea1"l Street, NcarFnlton \ NEW YOBJt. >Hid


6 THE TOBACCO LEAF lUlf.TPou ADV.IB.TISEDliTS. II. VETTBRI.dllli. 'l'itao. J. VBI'TEIUJII!i. B. 'f. VB l"TdLEll\ ._ co., BODMANN'S H 8 d & B o. B. ADAMS "" oo., CHARLES D. DE FORD & CO., enry esu en ro. 37 .soUTH GAY STREET, BALTIMORE lnspecnon&LeafTobaccefanbat&e O :1: a. .a. VE:L*riRLEIN & Philadelphia, Pa., COMMI881011 oMaRCHANTB IN eaf arid Manufactured, Domestic and ln;l.ported Segars. United States Bonded Warehouse. Nos. 57 59,61,&63frcnt"&62 M,&66 "".....,,. COMMI liON MERCHANTS LEAF TOBACCO, For the Sale of Manufactured and Leaf Tobacco, Cigars, etc. AND oalo Touocos. D. HIEATT, CHAS. BODJUNN, Steam. snuff Mill. F. L. BRAUNS & co .. ttl lnpector. ProprloteN. 11 OHEAPSIDE, .. BRASn.W. G ....... HUllS, JR. R. STARR & CO., 25S.CalvertSt., 'AL TIMOIIE. BALTIMORE, MD., G. BRASHEARS & SON, Tobacco Commission Mere :Oirecl lmporlers of the. rlo r b randt PLB; c. 1.1. S. Bonded Warehouse No. I, and llltl J' CJ LteorJee P .. &e. For aalo, in lola 14 161, 163, & 165 Pearl-atreet, (COlUIJ:B or IILII-B'l'BIIII'I'), CINCINNATI. ..... BOGaRT. J. B. Dlr.LS. QBO POX EGGERT, DILLS.,; COHO>P (Su cce.,ora to WM. EGGERT,) "' eatt bayers, In bond er dat,. pald.. Being the oldeot establlohed manufactory 110uth ol and having all the latest Improved ,ma. chtnery neceasary to the business, we are enabled to o1ler I!NUFFB une.xcelied In quality and at ptices as low or lower than any other eetabllabment; and solicit the patronage ofthe publlc generally nou DEALERS"' lfb"J:J.Tf u-'f CINCINNATI,(). Seed! Merchants ror Sale or 'Same ..... d. e_ Ohl"o Leaf Tl mllWj"11Uttf l,.. "NEWYORK BRNcH.'' IJI;.!i,O J,g J.J UNITED STATES BONDED "W".A.BE:H("')USE. 92 LOMBARD &: 5 WATER-ST., .&liL .lb'D L 1 "" lifadr States Bonded Warehouse, First Collection Distriet, Pennsylvania. Baltimore,_fi1:d l'lo. 52 south charles st., auhD.ore. KROHN, FE ISS & co., !._ 164 STATE Co-r.rRTNEY WOODWARD & CO G. H. BOLENIUS, ;, W. GAIL. CHRISTl AX. SEGARS,.ANDTOBACCO lU> -., ""AI.aft 1 -, G w GAIL & AT And Importers of H. & Z. K PEASE, LEAF' T0B -, ClloiCU.UlATI. OHIO. .Meerschaum and Brier Pipes D.u.LUII 111 and General Commiss1'on Merchants .... ............... KDIDI.. ) AliD ALL ARTJ.CLES, coNNEcTicuT I .A.UJ,)tui Tob'lcco and s .. .u.n E. JA.liE WA.>"NB. 63 WB$T JOUB.TB: STB.UT. -No. 47 North Water SL and No. 48 North Delaware Avenue, Dl Ill! ll U ll, O K I N" G '' MOR-RIS Cinoinn>BWBU.. u wKo. H. wooD,uu. 61 BR.ltimnl'A ANO SNUFF S. LQWENTHAL & CO,, and -.& State-etreet, ..... DOHAN&_ TAITT, PLITG TOBAGCOANn i!IGAI!B, K&a'RO"":.:::. BOYD, FOUGERA.Y &.CO.. T b f' M h \ .o.e NO. 28 BARRESTREET, CJINClNNATI, Ollto. .. .. ...,. oLZS.u... ......._111 SALOMON & DE LEEUW, o acco LOffiffiiSSIOn ere s EGA. R s B<!J:lon, ... D.A.".ILY. LEAF T 0 8 Ace 0, -DUJ.Ds 'IX CORncmCITI' 94 Lombard.Street, (near Light,) .-DJ!:POT-wttb o .. & Noe. A 'IW' No. 76 Main-St., below Pfarl, SEEDLEAF .TOBACCO,' .19 N, Water St., ui IS:J, Delaware .be., BALTUIOHB. "'d 175 Water-otreet, New orl<. 11_. &I.o I INCI AT I, 0. .un OWba.ecos. Segars, Etc., for tile l&leof OolllUIOticut lleed leaf To--, 51 ..... .... L. W. GUNTHER, E. _____ P H IL A D _EL_ P HI .A. JOSEPH Sf:BROEDER & .:o., Commisscl.OENnERMALerchant DEALER Ilf LEAF TOBACCO Commission Merchants RARTI'OBD, con. A North Tlatrd-.&..9 BK.NOR, M'CAMMt TOBACCO JACOB MARINER J Leaf and M .r. t d omce, No. "" "\Vest Front ,Street, :I!'<>r tle P !r>.NUFACTOREM OF AL:."Em>! or SHEPARD & PULLER Internal Revenue Eonded Warehouse LEAF TOBAcco, LUG TOBACCO, -.... -"' or CJt.all!lltll Mercwts aa4 Dealers 11!. Dmnmission Merchants, JPiins & iJrnbatcos, 3811tain St., Cincinnati, o. No. 1s Hamm9ndstreet, c:=CO, TOJ:SACCO 4u WESTLOlllBABD SXBEET, a Cincinnati, 0. _.._..; _IIAV G al C .... n. M h Bond with lga:s anSdmLkeaf and other> J>M ........ LAY. J, ,., SO'LLJYAW. F. A. PRA011L ...... D.,: ..... SOLJil AGD'I'8 10& !JiB. B. Manr.'s PeDll Tobaooo Works ; R.Jt: .Vfllliams & Co.'s "Globe Tobaooo Works," U ; SOUtB ener OmmiSSlOD ere ants, outPR>:PAYIN .. theGoverwnent1'u. 0 era c es. R.llallay &Bro., Kenton Tobacco Warehouse, 214 STATE eTitiiT, lio, 39 North Water St-reet, "'"'"oman. ruoucE wu.uss. "" o:so. P. mm&RZA.IOORI. I WHOLESA.LEDEALERSIN I @'.ahutt.O', IDpecllen ... on Sale .. rs4 Philadelphia. II S. & J MOORE, .unD .. LUSIII 'OUU. Jttd r..raf LEAF:. Connecticut Seed Leaf T 0 B A c c 0 fb [!!I jg) 1m\ ?!!! R.,.,. ___ .ltlm, onromu.TI. o. Oreenup-atreet, CovlDaton,X;r. TOBACCO, -...... OIIr.IR; r llaou Bill. GEYER & HISS, to JhaoD, &CG.) lr1111 Ill (il V No .t9 south Charles Street Commission Merchants, No. 121 Weat Lombard Street, BALTIMoRE. ])f:d.__ ST. LOUIS TOBACCO WORKS. 34 Main :ro7llorth Water-street, B.A.LTIXoRE. E. W. DUKEHART & SON HUDSON & _CO., '126-183. HARTFORD, CONN. TOBACCO AJID Commiuian' W.,chants, l MANUFACTURERS OF EVERY GR.WE OIJi' t1. --.Front, PBK..ADBLPBU.. =---------TELLER BROTHERS, \; :J Olu / General Commission Merchant, Yara "Our Hobby," ara "Uttte ," OTHER BRANDS OP 19' If, Water Sto, u4 1011 N. Delaware An., PHILADELPHIA. ''Ralph's Seotch snuff," I N E Cl&" Warranted superior to any snnJJIIIade in this cODIISrJ, Mantifaceilretl by E. BBGB.A W & CO., Tobacco )ta.nufa.oturers, _.......,......._ .. Leaf, Fine.cnt, Smolill Maceo, & Bc!m. t1lriOli :1' .C'l'OBY, 33 ud 1515 :Hand-ft. BUilD WO&D aDd OFYIOll, 81 lt. Clair. CE&:.EBRATED No,_29 Calve1t Street, 8AL TIM ORE. MD. LOUIBVILLB ADVli&TIUlllllf'IS. lOllS FINZI" fiN J'IS&m., il' FBBD FIS'!BR, UDOLPH .l'Ili'DR, ldCJl0LA8 YIS:U..R. JOHN FINZER & s., :r n.AO"''tTll1UUi or VJI'IIIDaa, Kea&aeJp, an Dltuourt PLUG TOBA,CCO, 13 Thlzd-stnet, Louisville, Xy; LOUISVILLE, KY. U.S. Tobacco Warehouse No. t. CEO W. WICU & C .O., Manufacturers Agents fo_ r Eale of Pine Cut a Smokin& Our special Brands: Fine Out, GILT EDGE, BEA.UTY, INGLESIDE, !IDNTANA O.tJice an4 Bale Boom,.,... Tle 8t., sr. LOUIS. MO C Mou11d City Tobacco W 01,. C.& R. DOR"MITZER & CO,, n CATLIN. ;,.soU!!ULS DEAL'EUS L"i Leaf Tobacco & Cigars, E'ine-Cut, Cbewing1 & Srnok!:1g Tobacco, Killickinick, etc., -Smoking &, ChewlnAf Tobncco, nnd All Kind o:f Smokcn' Articles, 1'11 l'o. Nerlb .. ST. J .OTTI .,.n :l07 Street1 bet. 2d and 3d. ST. LOUIS, MO. VIRGINIA. TOBACCO AGENCY.' ADAMS, GIBBS & COMIIIIION RC A T :E'OR THE S : \ U .: Or :Ma.!lufactured, Fine Out, and-Smoking Toba.ccos, Oiga1 s, dnuff, Clay Pines, Licorice, &c., -.-ro. 51! Michigan ChicagfJ, .111. We tnako a Specinlt;y of ,-ira;rin1a Tobacco. TOBACCO Commission Warehouse, H. B. WILCOX, ( Nos. 169 and I 71 Front-at., 1 RAB.Tl!'ORD, I JOBErJI s. WOODBUIT, II:LU.IIII 01 Connecticut Seed-lea.f'l TOBACCO, li o. ll88 13\ate-ltreet, R"-BTJI'O.., COl'll'f. L N. WOODWORTH, DEA.Llil:R Il"f Connecticut Seed Leaf State Street; 11.1ftDVlLG-... lllTCHELOR BROTHERS RALPH & CO., Ul N. Third St., aai II .1'1. lfeeoad St., No. a Aroh St., PKILA KLH lA. P!fiLADELPHIA. IT Send for a Price List. "'-..'/ HAB'l'FOBD, CoDll. R. A. CHAPMAN, VIRGINIA, MISSOURI, and KENTUCKY P. Lorillard's Western. Branch. B. 0. G&MrLJK. J )!. Jo-. 'mOHAS BARE & BO!f, DULJ:IIll U UL lJII)(M O:l U>nrBL P oxn;a. lACOB H. SMITH, &iFAND TOBACCO, 'J U 01i1F, SEGARS, ETC., 0 :J: Io.. 474tand 503li. Seoond St., No. 121 North Third St., ...ror Gllil & PHILAD:ELPHIA, Pa. Cooper Tobacco W"orks. ALsO DEALERS IN GRAITLIN & JOHNSON/ or LEAF TOBACCO AND CIGARS. Flnecut Che'\IVing a. Smoklng lj]l l]l /i:, {!) {!) Streot, bottcee .. 3d and 411, P. 0.., .IJ..A YTON, 0. lrtle manufacturer. o! tbl! bra.nd 5ala4 Q.aeen Chewing. U. S. BONDED VV AREHOUSE. lith DISTRICT, XE:NTUCXY FOY_&_K_ E .YS, MANACERS1 ceo, lUFF 8/J South Water Street, CHICAGO, m. ---, -.. -.--'SANDHAGEN BROS., Wholesale Dealers in all kinds of '7 6 TOBACCO WORKS." ........... DBLa ... Seedleaf EAST HARTFORD,CORI. ....... .. J. SIGN_ O H. THEOBALD, WM. EISENLOHR, KUCFAOTU&&a or .lLL '"'"*or DEALER IN SEEDLEAF TOBACCO 1!. C. MURRAY\ late of Von Rom, lkrriiJ' .t Co. ---.uJJ ........ Ill MI.AL a\o of Wal .t Jlu MURRAY & MASON, Connecticut Seed-Leaf Tobacco, .. '/11.-RIIEN IL BURCH, TO:::EI.A.OCO Leaf Tobacco, BP ANISH A:ND DOMESTIC Tobacco, Tobacco, 1nl11f, General Commission Mereltants, 88 Cotn........,., and 1./J Bib!> 8-t,, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 257 Main Street, betw-n 7th and Mh, LOUISVILLE, KY, rarticul!u attention given to the purcha!e and sn.le of LEAF AND MANUF AOTURED TOBAOOO -rschaum llnd Brier Pipes, "11. aor. third &lld :Poplar HI., l'ldladlphia. :MANtJFA.CTURER OF CIGARS, 1 3'l South Ten*" Street, PHIL.AD:BLPlliA. Particalar attention given lo all Conslj,rnments, and JQSHUA HUNT, Fine-Cutting Leaf Tobacco. .. E. L POWELL lc, WEST' "'"" We have on hand a large and well-aelOOted HAVANA and UOMfSTIC SEGARS Cutting Leaf, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Put up e:rpreasly for the trade. Cutters in want NO. 207 RACE-STREET, lo. iS Front Street ud !9 Letitia Street, Ao<:> oB m of flae stock win flo well to give us a call. Orders -o ..... ... .\. "\, .. PHILADELPHIA. Leaf and lUanufactl&r{ld Tobacco, promptly :filled. consignments o.fTot>accoandSegarsoolicited. .:J.Hl -WESTMINSTER STREnT D. SPALDINC & SONS, JL wn. .. () .,_, Refer by perll)i .. lon to Ll ... 11. 1e 11 Oflo.pel Street, J. JJe:JIIt .or .... -., O.l ....,..,..ore M ... ,.,. DollA'N &TAITT, Phlladelphl Curr yi!O .i chnro Buildin g. P..-o.,idence, R.I Toba.cco. Mcesrs A. S RosE,."BAOI & Co., Nw York. -----------. JOHN BB.AliiM, NEVIN & .1\KILLS, L. KlNGSLEY & co., )!. B. NASH. G. P NAS!I \. .... r 1o BBA.ltll!I .tr; BIIOTIIEBS, l.l'.l. Manuf acturers and Dealers In DomeeH c and tM M. B. NASH & BRO. Leaf and Manufactured CELEBRATED 28 Atlantic-st., Brooklyn., 01' ALL DJmS OJ!' Jim-{rnt and Smokill]; i'ollarco, SEGARS, JIJI:oS Superior L und yf o ot Snuff. ilS-109 Tobacoo Manufacturers, uP AN uP c 1 cARs, TOBACCO BROKERS, 1 PLUG AND CUT TOBACCOS, Cor. Main ancl BuUitt Sts., \LOUISVILLE, KY. T ogether with a general asf!'O-:iment of PIPES and SMOKERS' ARTICLES, BJ..u;.8 S1R!:.l:T ) OF REFll!'JlNCES 9 St. P1ovidence R.I. !IIJ:(JH, L. KINGSLEY. SOIRI SilliTII. AND CIGARS, 17 West Randolph CHICACO, ILLINOIS. B()STOli ADVIB.TISEMiliTS. Di.lU&:L S. BROW I', JA.S, 111\0W:i, J&. KDW'D. 8 001Jl.BT01( D. S. BROWN a; CO., UIPO&ftllS .l!I'D DB4LUS llf Leaf and Manufactured roaacco. IUVJ.IJA PRINOIPE. Al1D DODSTIO OIGABS. lleeracbaum and Bri&r P ipta, and Smok.en' Artlcl O.nerally. ExclualTelY Wholeoale. 31 and SJ Broadatreec. Boton, A. A. ECKLEY, LEAF AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. NO. 12 CENTRAL WHARF; BOSTON. nor .. lmlUU .... o DIULlllll "' ALL ItiBno or EAST JL\B.TFO:aD COlllf Chewing a.nd Smoking Tobacco, Noa. 22 & 24 Mlohlgan-av., Ohloago, 111. IF _._. e&1Mded to wHil BOSTON ADVEB.TISEDNTS. H. SMITH & CO.,) FISHER & CO., .i;oiiLmiuioR &erc&..nta 1 .uD ,ro-or COrnmj8sion Merchants --.2a cEN'l'JW. WJWUP, Connecticut Seed Leaf ...... JI'JJ.l!IC18 K.ll'IIIBJIII, N. FxslllDI, Jon N. ll'IIIBIIL NO. 20 HAJIPDENSTRBET, I BOSTON. HI>SD.I.Lwi!IIID,l J. F. BIDWl-120) Sprla.-fleld, --PARKER & CALDWELL, SOLE AGENTS, POKTHE Celebrated Brands of Manufactured Tobacco, PILOT AND EACLE. 3G. W. J'.t0Ua .._.. DUUll Ill rme Connecticut Seed-Leaf c cot 1 coMMERcE sTB.f!ET AND 13 crTY wH.mF, Danbt,lry Connecticut WILLIA)( F. PAR.KER, BOSTON. HE>!RY L. CALDWELL f on hand 208


... /lolictts orlenfrom 'De s eonsainns Aili.xess:N97Pearl S't;Ilidvmond. Va. MILLS & RY ANT, Tobacco Brokers & General Commission Merchants, Oftloe In Tobacco Shockoe Slip, RichmondT \'a. ....,_.,. to ABlfEP.. ?. JUI;'\'LY, (rt-..:c Kld>IDM In ,.. In U.e bat ho11101 Ill lhe couuU)' a&-... HaTing been l&e o ver rour ...... thorouplJ telted, and much Jo .. llf.fott!, ... --' I& lo llut ._..,..._ of T,..,_ II b' and moot oeonomlcal MachiDe for the r:.owknown. Contlnuoal na 1011 of b.W, lltaft' eut.wlth le!s la.bor, more cba.oReB of euC, and brichtu Tobacco, tUn with &DJ ot}}er Cut&er .. the world. e l'lllonted In Ulllted 1-hb. 18th, l'atenkdln 'EDtiiU>d April 121h,1sM Patented In Fr&nce .4pr\116tb,IS66. Jlatented in Belgium Aprlllilb, !886. We allo manut&cl n.s, liD. 165 Wllter Stmet, Iew York. B. BOStmi. W. DESS.'>.Ui:R. Ordera !)om the C011Dtry promptly attftded to, ud Coul.rmnenttt Mo1lcited. I LCIUIBRJ.-'11 ... .. ef Leaf alid Teba.cco '-,,.. .... JUolU.& .c......., ......,.. OniCllll, 48 IIJIO.AJ} 11'1'., !fSW YORK. Repreoenled In IJ-...,.... br 1 HJalJn' PveB A Co., laiUa St. M. B. BROWN & Co. AND COMMERCIAL PJUliTERS, 99 & 1 1 1tllfm. Street, llartin 8. Bro.wl. l Qllarte Su. n!!" lear John. THE TOBACCO LEAF. TJIE'B1J1!Rl)Eli!TE OD tlm"TtltfFF OX CJG!RS. compete with our own int!nstry. no tariff that-allow that. Le -those who llllloke mtport<>d debates on the abo ve c ig a r s pay a little higher. From every We have re cently paid a viMt of i tg. as in the part of the count ry we are flooded with wareb l!8j an aa oentain the k t the Pbilap et i t ions to protect this industry I it may be mteresting to our read e rs to state ll:i\fe consider to do it, ancl I l!elieve we ere TJM! o mercantUe men genHous e if it understands the quest1 among-tiie wns of e town ; we are not a. ware House was in Comwill do it. Now, I havP. the fir-u tiBt a real. lt e pliJlde or lolft has ev,e to to co nsid e r the Inhere iri aoswer to the figures of tht>m to gaze in wo1;1derment and Jl}l t'!leir Tu:IU\Jiirr .lo'uou;co a lively di sc ussion took Uhairman of the Com"llittL-e of it is saicl that they sink into utter-in gnifiof the fbbtteco uties and tariffs that and l\feans: when co npared with the Albert ise made to the upon imported cigars. Cost of Pare Ifavana Tobacco made They are supposed to liave no charm or interest for any of tobacco for of proin the United BUttes-intd Uiga1s. person whose property does not lie within their_ walls; present only .. posed t amendment to iacrease the Wrappe rs, 1>ix pounds, at $3 50 .. 1\21 00 they are little xnown, and perhaps less cared for; they Embassy." Our pnuw, .. ""'! specific upon and imported Fill e rs, fourteen at 40. 19 are the creation of men who aTe fast passhtg BiW&y tiom Rnssian procliviti(Js, for ., tobac 'to two dollars and a in us; the requirementg of trade have outgrown their oa members of the embaSBy which he was supported by Judge K el $40 60 pacity, and they are not now anythingli,kc adeqnatc to th.c!ILas urnt up, which is not y et the case. ley, wh? macbJ the fQllowing remarks on Anrage cost o f making. . 20 00 meet the demands npon them; they were bnilt by those proiW.l!e has, to a great extut be.!n carried out. the subJect, after Mr. Washburne's pro Packing and shading.. . . 5 00 who did not foresee the immense strides which the comand have tried the-new tobacco 'in a meerschaum po al to withdraw his amendment. Mr. Ten boxes, with trimming. . 2 50 merce of the port would make; and they are desperately a!ld [. quiet yard, and the decoration of 'the westernentrance such is the case, scarcely anything red.aining in tbe pipe G r stricken out, we ask-that-the am e nd C e r tainly this enough, ancl I hope thQ suggests tho linesafter smoking a little white ash, almost like ment of the tlema.n f'wm ssachu Hvuse will so consider it. "Creeping where poUie is en, and the smoke bemg fragrant and not making the molltA setts [l'tlr. Washbm:nel maybe adopt ed, A"""lotdplallclo.tbel"l'grecn.". ata\1 hot.-London Toliacco Revielc. and that we shall not drive these rec ent. WoRK FOR THX: MoNTII.-This is_ an The entrance is cut in a plain brick wa'll1 and R C ly imported citiz e ns back their nativ e Important season m the growth of the here JS .nxed a crane, for the purpose, we of EVOLT Dr A IGAR MANUP4(lTOBY.-For some time land, to manufactare goods r our contobacco _crop. !fit be now well set, the lowering or raising hogsheads of is the empl.oyed in the Governmen t 'Cigar snmption. We illWt'oal first hoemg sh ould be completed as soon a quaint-lookin"' machine and upon exaffiiriin it we manufactory at more .than four thousand taxes and revenue, more from as be. It consists of a very careful find was" in the year 1 i.lf. We whom eam therr clmly bread m that establishment, fine Spanish cigars to-day, than we were work:ng about young plants, dethe The first thing tbat stdkes us haye of. the.c)lfficulty of getting their under t,Jle old system. I 9onld ask the stroymg every sprig of grass, and leav-IS that lntild$gs are strictly speakincr not warepatd, and the arrears due to tbern. One day last gentleman from assachusetts what is ing surface light and clean. If the houses at all, but a of sheds, lcadin"' month brok.e out into: open rebellion, which mlg.IA his precise amendment ? 1\Il-. WASH weat .her be very &ry .and hot, and the into the other. There aTe d,ivisions nod have been ttendc? with senous consequenc es, but fut--BURNE, of M.saa.chusett : To add fifty surf.'lce has ? eco m e at all hard, very of'sheds to the number of about twenty, with a large restncte to an m g de. lV: cents to 1\lr. KELLEY: great care will be req\llrad, else many the c.eowtt. The eds nearest to the river run the of the ry, k his That is a I believe it to )le I und er-plants will b e killed by .the east to while. othei'J tun nortft to ';r mspect _t o e wor the stand the gent! n from Iowa [Mr. of the roots. Immediately after thts south. The length of the wareh6mle is feet, wom ll armed Wit presented .Allison], who represeuts-the Committee workmg th'.l plow or shovel be the breadth 330 feet; space was )&bout such a as e gath_ered round of Ways and to say that s o far run, so as to throw the ea1"th from the narc yards the main block of sheds 'beincr clamorlllg for their wag hi111. a h c consent to that plants. The secend ploughi ago. The roofs arc )lnless th(ly were that e }f} forced to re a icb -had not underthrow 1t back, aml the wmdoWI! 1 let in at the sides. The to and: then finding no safe stood.->'Pbe.ludge seems to consider it will draw a ea;th carefully to the roofa, cross beams, aud stays are all of wood. The he mglonously let d'rop from the balcony a t. a:d...wnage that 'mportation plant, and nd the h1l.l of any that sidetfof each shed are filled almoat to the roof by iomto the IJOUl"t below, a tl of 0 lasS entirely :lnd. that !Uaytave appeared smce the first workbacco, three hogsheads being gene1_-ally piled one on the his excited fair oppon evei! th vier in .cigars w lul,v for some W though not very des truetop of the other. W.ben is sent out the coop-tory, barricaded the place, am w11en summoned. ti IJIJlOI'ting the-tu'bilaeb of which to tive at th1s .stage of the growth of ers take a hogshead, bre:tk it up, andre-cooper it in a to capitulate by the Minister M Finance ..,... Havana cigars in this city-the tobacco, should be, nevertheless, ex_tlr thoroughly substantial manner and at a moderate came down, in P1 0J?"'ia per'ttona, to en, too, are impo tions, and. con pated A g?od flock turl-eys But ooo reat damage to tlie toorder, tliey treated his Excellency with grea$ e our cereals, but r all this, we the IS Will keep In whteh as th on tne most pdmitive want of resp ect and a torrent of crocker and tileiloilfM force the smokers of good to use subJeCtiOn, and If they bec?me at seal l'aere i 11.0 proper machinery to mise the hurled at hJs official head. Troop lfh e n sent for, an arti<>le that is much inferiOr to the meroqs, houl(l be dnvefl regularly ho"'shealls and place them gently on the scales but and the ID:anuf:lctory had to be stormed before it wu "importedcigar." The tobacthrough .the-fietd,morningand evening. they arc _pulled ana. d!'a'gged about as though they which was not effected without lly loses its ftt.vor by t e sea rAmencan Fatmer. were 3S suscepttble of da,mage as bales of rags. 818t.ance, and many blo":s ':"ere inflicted with the flat .of vovs!!"e. Is, tlattt "BCeritTh leaf to d d h their swords, some of which ctUliM J!eriou s wound&. CIIAllGES PN TonA co I'N 'MlRYLA.ND. e 18 rn an 'an t e percentage ot One young heroine, who was consp!cu.;msly foremast in ..., to, as a -Tlie .4mer1cal):farme. Mr. W m. 1oss to tbe may mus t. be very great. the affray, exerted herself to suoh an ertcnt that l......- evaporated rich.' !lfcl>herson, SuperinteJtdent nf Labor The coopermg fl-nd weighing go on m all sheds k dd 1 .11 d ""' .. production. an.d Agricultul'd C!\IIB bfl 'II: of snpennt.endence of the prOJler offi:emlfl, who ta en su en Y 1 an confined there and then a. heavy taxe those i aet f the lai;e s1t m ?ttle wooden hut11 and ei?ter the vanous wor}l: son: Two .h. nndred of. the. were who conlcl form e r! lnxuriate in ...,.. done n their books. The machmes d f, th whiCh only mdnce tlietr oollll"liae8 to I'epah ma&H L egislature in relation to char"'es on 1 use m e pur-to the Royal PalaQe, where they created dist urbaw:e.. c igars, to s the tobacco, whm ill te the effect"" that pose of the tobacco m the hogsheads are of The Queen appeare 0 .the \..con '-n i n'" articles which som are, eve..-.r hogshead of tobaeoo which has the oldest type, and_ are worked by. hand. Ink h' f h rtl _.,_ '1 u fes from any 'J deed everyth\ng ah9ut the warehouses pomts to th te t em, d ng t T !tOO bee)l or may be sold, at e whw_h cause t em to retire a er some tim e fit! o d wbatever. One or the tobacco warehouses by the. grower conclusiOn that the work has been done m the wctrkmen Jn the bcllll1M) -IIAnt a to come two houses m onest employ or person in whose name the same m old. way fo J alf century. In this rc>b e-" \Qb aking up be !nspected, shall, from and after the the LIVeFpeo rehouses to t e rescue of their theW, .b y are nc exp iration of three months after said COl}t! ast to the at St. s Dock:, have a serious tllrii bot t'hey teft the .,eessif,;!.teq to use a am amount of sa l e be .chargeable with storal!,ins to ascertain thousand pounds sterling wortl!. of tobaooo has been &bowing that the actual bid had been 53 eents. Mr. E. them at length. the tatllltof the prospects, and de tr i t.\lis Jlipe, aid it certainly does not sughas consequently to pay aboutl409 for making ltis n.Mr. l!aid : The I that very little ha been planted, "' very htgli der Of intelligence on the part of fortunate bid at the sale.-:-.&. :IbuU BepWJ/ican:. had desired to see adopted is one ma, perhaps les!l tban :was ver .. th., caw: be-Cnstnld be most nate in trade, and certainly the best epitaph that can t : t)je fac' f !J:ltdersto 1re a.te them for their time and labor. Such dispst!OliB. There ara no and although en. be placed upon the toJnb of a citizen is that wbidt s tfllld Ni'llrn to '-1,r, chairman of an immense amount of monlly ha gines would have an abwilant supply of water on all his phila ropi.c Bfrit to.bfve sprlmg' fto0 tbe the Committee of Ways and M eans late years been taken from the county h!l'nds, .it i evident that should fire break out dbrin.g a purest sources or clian'ty. mabs a new argument against the tariff: for breadstuffs that our people haYe b1gh wmd Jt would sweep alon hqle s. W"" .A 'l'.<>bacco is about .t& 'be established He says that we are already getting a been to the, necessity of at The warebouses are highly infi the.y are most in Baltim fitted up Tobacco large number of these imported cigars. ralBlng a amfunt of dangerously and would go bke matchchange of Richmond. It wiU be located in the I do DOt want them to come in and wheat for ome consumptiOn. wood. A smoker V1Sltmg the tobacco warehouses at house, No. 5 South Charles street.'\ -...


THOMAS HOYT.& No. 404 PIARL STRUT, NEW-YOR.K, Milnuftluren of ail kinAa of rm.e-Cut Chewing_ and Smoking Tobacco, Snuff; Cigars, and Havana Sixes. O'U.Il FINE-CUT CHEWING a -.JNNYSIDE HEART'S Di.LlGHT, NATIONAL. HOYT& CO,. ._Yorla, HOYT, f.J..AGG II CO., .Loui.wille, Ky. H'OYT, FLAGG & CO., Succaaora to HOY1, BARBOUR & CO .. 107 and 109 Second St.. l.OUISVILLJ!, ltY'., Jlaln(atlurer of the followiDC cclcbrabd brall .. ef FINECuT CHEWING Tou.oco. SUNNYSIDE,' :swZET OWI!II, ROSE-SUD. ICILLICKINICit SMOit:f.Ne TOitAOOOI, Go l den Eagle, Cabinet, Grand Mogul, C)Umncr-Cora .. ,, HOVT, FLAGQ 1r CO.,.........,It) HOYT & N.!yedt .. P. S. SHELTOll, Jr. SUCCF: SBOll TO .I. L. ADAMS, 01!" ALL KTNDS 0!!' PLU& AND TWIST T9BAGGO O:r' '::IP. ii'Ol.!.OW:NG B RA NUB; !lR IQ.HT ilpong-e Cal.:e Nature's Own, N e p tu::.o lind Pounds, Nary Bi::a:ea. DARK. A Pslm, Su.:!.t:.n's OW!l, LaPurete, Wreath, TOB WAnJ!'ACTVUBI. I IOU .IDDIIU 6 00. ....,,.aru ... o ,.. SOLACE TOBACCO, 114, 116, and 111 LIBERTY .ugt 121 CEDAR-STB:U.T, lfiW-T&it. H. H. WATTS' & CO -EMPIRE CITY Tobacco. Works, No. 7 5 BOWIIBY, NEW YORK, THE DW YOlllt BllOD:U. -------------------------FIBDHEI I IDDEWALD. Tobacco Brokers, Io. I BAB'Onlt BUILDUII. .......... J. S. GANS & SON, TOBACCO BROKERS, WO; 88 W ALLSTREET, Tontine Bulldlnc, I TOBACCO LEAF. LICORICE p A.STE L HIRSCHORM WALLIS & CO. p_ co,, IEXTRA. 01 Tobacco manufacturers and the trade in general aT'3 particularly requested to exa-140 Pearl and mine and test the superior properties of 108 Water Sta., this LICORICE, which, being now brought MANUFACTURERS to perfection, is offered under the above style of brs.nd. ot the following c o le-We are allo SOLE AGENTS for the brated brauds of brand F. G. AckRowledged by consumers to be the best in the IJl..arket. A n d for the brand of Licorice St1ck G. B. In all respects equal to CALABRIA. We are a lso .A.Gl!:KTS for the brand G. Z., which will be found co nstantly on hand. Licorice Root, sel ec t and ordinary, c o n stantly on h and. CIQABS: T 1 A. LA WRENOE & CO,, West corner of Water-street, St. (Successor s to WmrrAK & L.o.W'RE1lcB. ) 66-107 NEWYORK. POSTO FFTCElB U X 259 OPOPONAX MARIPOSA, DAME CAMILLA. J USTI C lA, biA!iUUCl'UUIIII or M. RADER & SON, 1. I C Q RICE .lobacco,Snuff &Cigars, TOBACCO BROICEBs, 108. SELIGSBIIRG. J, C O HEN. 374 Pearl Street, New-York, EXCIEI=,.I R MILLS Hue OOOit.oDLIJ 00 baad a larg --or 160 Pearl Strett, Manotaetar" Toltaeeo, Pure DOO .-01' w..u.L ,_,_,) PURE POW RED LICORICE SELiGSBERG, CDHEN I Tlu'kleb ISmoktn::, lmporce4 DaY&- 1 CO:at:MISSION MERCHANTS A!'iD I:f .A!.L KIYD3 OJ' co., aa and DoweoUe () ... n. K ... "' ari"'" of 111-118 WEWYOB. Ellgliah, French, German, and Scotch Clay Pipea. Gum Arabic, OLIVE OIL, LEAF 'wro:aA..cco. 149 Water-street, nur Malden-lane, New.York.. ., .... l'ID! ONt. Y IIAJIUUO'l'UU&I OJ' 'l'lb j,IIDI-OAN BIBDIIIrDI 8110JWIG TOlUOOO. 1'1-11 WM. H. GOODWift & CO., o Tobacco, SnUff & Cigars, ... Dti.LIIII8 m lrJ..I. ane OJ !mnb jlug 10-48 80'1 & 108 W.A.TEJL-8'1'., 81WIML GER!RD BETTS A; tJO., General Auctioneers '.l' J. N .J:i' U l. L JOHN J. CROOKE TONQUA BEANS, bd otller Pla'l'lll'lllp, fOl Tobtocconllto' ue, ._, l&le .by WEAVER ct. IMPORTERS, 16 PLATT STBEET, N. Y. ilt41 HENRY M. MORRIS, No. 99 Pearl k 8!1 Stonest.,_NewYorllt I:YtPORrER AND SOLE AGENT, H, D, ROBilfSON, TOBACCO FOIL & CAPS .. 110. as Spamsb Mass Commission Merchant l...1 N.....,.:-v ...... Jl[anufa9tured aJld TOBACCO BACS." 1"0BACCO, 100 .BardGfl Mreet. D. H.,-McALPIN & CO., ar .. unrrAC'l""P"RKRS or Tl!1r CELEBRATED F'INECUT Vir(iH Leaf and Navy ChewinL UD .J.LL lUilD8 or w. B. ASTEN & co., Manufacturero of all kind of Tobacco Ba&s, POUCHES, SiB Fear1 &'tree't, NEW YORK. JESSUP & :MOORE, 128 William N. Y FRANK w STERRY. RicKARD D : WGBAW. P, Fa1111 ANT & CO., 47 West r'ont, st ChlelnnaU, 0. co ... 37 State Street, Chicago, Metal and Wooden Shc;W Pig ares, A c. RECEIVED THE PRIZE AT THE EXPGaiTIO No.v7 &nd Half Pounda, : a.ii'Ol"3 S' orace Six,., SM@KING TOBACCO, .IJQ) DALDI Ill PAPER WAREHOUSE. lsbltto & faptr' F. W. Sterey il Co., K.&LDENDERG d! s 01\T, .Maggie Mitchell Pounda, J. L. Adama' XXX 1118, I Cbalienge Te::13, Vtotorla 'l'ena. l"!,CI'O&Y-H5 D E OIIAW St'BIIII'l', a-au. Till. J. L. ADAJIS. ..... tendellt. WA':'X R STa&B'l'._N Y08&. .&aent, J'NO. W. MoELBOY, !M 1lao.u> Sr. .........,._ chanartl. t lfew-Ywt. To._, S.d', Sad l'lon, it. MANUPACTORY AND SALESROOM, Noe. 7D, 77, and 79 Avnue D1 New-YoPk Cit,-. J 'OSJ::Pli 28 Llberty Street, DULEB lN Saaokiag, DJU.LJIBSII( --NO.6 BURLINC SLIP, TOB ... .., ,LEAF TOBACCO, uz..ts WATZR-srun, 80 Liberty Street, Chichester & Co., 191 PEABL sTREET,, 1'1-at NE'W'-YO.RK. NEw YoRK. TO B'rA voo LA B L E s \ e EsT FOR CADDIES, NAVIES, POUNDS, ETC: viC:uUs."'dl ... caiiiilllil to ol P"" Connecticut, Havana l _Yara BA:TFCuRNISHHED&BYC 0 1o1o A p n t for Ohlobooler I .-raled l!colloh I!Dulr, for 9 -rvt nc the_b. and dlppiDI! pot'(looeo. 'fbolkmtr b LEAF TOBACCO, t -., Jaowallllovrtbecoanlry,aUtJMD,_,red_,_, y ..A.. \baabo vepur('O .... E'ET. ....... -... ....... or Urret. fl()3 PEABL STB ii.MJJWoldncT-or allldl!do,uaii>Oapdoot- 111 BROADWAY (Tnnity Bufi.ll .. -), NEW-YORK, l>o&lonot .t.rdclol. N-Maldea Lane." NEW -YORJ(: "'"'6 ............... t. S. EDMONSTMI & IRI1liEI, ........ Jiae-cut Chewing and ,Smoking TOBACCOS, m 6: 215 Duane-St., New-York. 8n Qm.naAno Ba.t.IJ>II : !IEYIY.llilt, IQUBRIINOY, --80-tn FRANK, 8[UTTENMlH.LER & CO. FA L K, D& m, IWRJJ'.LC'1'VBIDII o Tobacconist, LB&r. S S No. 14.8 8'tree't, No:-1 94 WaterStreet, NEW YORK.\ --1 96_1tlahlea. Lane, -'F s::a,..,.. l'f.BW YORK:. Bet. M:atd\!11 Lue & Pine St., .......... NEW YORK. ..... for a Prlee U.t.. The o nly Wboleule awl Retail Jlaafactnreftl In the Sial es of '\687 ...... ._""r Genuine lleersohaum PipeS, AMBERS, MOUTH-PIECES, CASES, &:c., Repairing, Boiling, Mounting, &c., &c., POK'I:K.U'lS, IIIONOGRlliS, A;e,, A;e,, C:lTT TO ORDER. (SQDd fur Circllluo aQj Price Lio ) STOllES, 23 WAll STREET, 6 JOB STREET ud 717, A Y. MEERSC-HAUM GOODS. .A.Il Goods stamped with our Plpes tmt to wrder, mounted, and boil e d. r 88i BOWERY, near Heater Street, New York. ,.._ ,.. ...... ,POllTR..l.ITS'JClJT ON PIPES, Ill IN STATUARY, INITIALI!I,,ANDlALS, &e. Bepa:l.ri.:a,a,. .. ::Eioi.1;f.1r:l.a .,.CS Ire _,.., of .AIB:IIB8 of ttU ...,_ ....., IHH F. PLEISCHM.Al\TlV a CO. MA.NUFAC'I"''!'RERS Q}' Brier Wood Meerschaum Pipes, And all other Smokere' Artlclee, No. 28 LIBERTY STREET, ::asr e"'IV 'Y cora. F.A.CTORY-Nos. 4 & 6 ll!ontrose A v enue,. W ill iams b u rgh, L I E. JIOSENWALD & BROTHER, IIH'VBTp!ll AliD ll.t.IIVUC1'1!1LD8 OP All Kinds Havana a1,1d Domestic SEG .A:..RS, .IJID llhl.ns '" IKPOR'l '.IBS or Meerschaum & Bri P 'IP E S LEAF TOBACCO, 146 Water-treet, "-JIAII)EW I I JJE, (II-llaldetl lue,) l'fBWYORK. JOSEPH HALL, Segar Manufacturer, 76 Barclaystreet, N. Y. j, ASIIORT1411NT 01' CHOICE SEGARS &UDT J'Oit DIJIDt4B VU. ALWA.Ya Ol'f OWI11llS810ll WP.JP-'F'fUU7. AXD IMPOltTI:IUI POB S.t.U, will be. PI'OIII cuted. JUL;IAN A 'LLEN, Seed-Leaf &Havana TOBJ.CCO, WHOL!Ut.t OIJt.Y, Street, NIEW YORK. 6!1 Beekm-St., N. Y, lM:. .A. "!r' -... Man.uf'aoturer & 'Wb.oleeale Dealer .. ,anh


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