The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (4 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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' Organ of the. Tobacco:Trade. of the States: .The Largest. Special Trade Paper in the Wn:.lid VoLUJDI IV., No. 22. t WIIOLB No 1'r8. l NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, JULY 22 ,.1868. .l C. -( '142 FuLTOK BTJm:&.r, l. ftutOl TD PA!'EB. Wileox, Po, & Qo., 180 PearL Duddy, J. & Co., 4.9 Vine. 1 as a dealer in tobacco fot selling the products of his Jwn ............................ ,.10 Cent TDUCCO aao.uu. Frlngant, P. & Co., 47 West Front. e n s ... mt R .,. !fit manufacture. Manufacture" rs of cigars, whose annual .... ,..Gscber &: Rodewald, 2 IJanftnr Grieat' E. H. & Co., 3'1 Walnut. U. '-'--.a U. 1 h ll t d ., h 11 1 ., d _,. _, ..... .,. ..,, no: 3 1 M sa es a no excee s a eac 1 pay .,10, an aannm r prepayment or poa ans, J. II. & Son, 86 Wall. m.eyer, ny., 8 am. h ance with law, 'all tobacco and snuff by him before he removes any part theNOffrom tb& place ot manufacture ; that he will not knowingly '*'U.: pn: ... ., chase, expose oJ.t receive for sale any maoufo.ct.IUB!l to bacco or snuff. which has not been stamped 3J by law; that he will comply with aU the.requi.,..eets oflaw relating to the manufacture of tobacCO\ or IMlUff And the sum {)f the said bond may be ioereased ,&,m time to time, and additional sureties required Collector, under the instructions of the Comuti, of Internal Revenue. And every manufactqrer Jllw.ll obtain 31 certificate from the Collector of the who is hereby authorized and directed to issuet.hc-u setting forth the kind and number snuff-mills, hand-mills, or other mills and as aforesaid, for which the bond has been given, whilllh.cer: tificates shall btJ posted in a conspicuous place withia th. e manufactory. Aud any tobacco manufacturer who llluill neglect or refuse to obtain such certificate, or to 1illlep the same posted as hereinbefore oo.oon viction, be :fine d not less than ilOO nor IJlQ:te than. i500. And any person manufacturing tobacco OJ:IBHlft' of any description without :first giving bond 81J 86Eein. required, shall, on conviction, be :fined not. lesll t.b&n $1,000 nor more than $5,000, and imprisoned tor' not. less tban one year nor more than five years. .And. the working or pteparation of a.ny lllaf tobacco, or wltacco stems, scraps, clippings or waste, by sifting, screening, or any other process, shall be deemed JJIIIP" facturing. 'JIJ IINDiiD, -llilrg. -.., C'arded as a manufacllATBB OP ADVD'l'DDrG. Bncbanan & yall, 144 Glore, J. A. P. & .Bros., 47 Vine. turer of ci(wrs. No srecial tax shall be issued Single Double Edmonston, 8. .II Bro., & l!llS Duane. ll'ohnson, cT. T. &'Son, 89 Ra.Ce! We 1ay. before our readers to-day a copy of the Tax Colnmn. Column. Empire City :rohaooo Works, '76 Bowery. .Krohn, Felss & Cd., 63 Weet Fourth 1 C to any manuracturer o cigars until' he shall have given 1 equare(l tncl>)f8r'Umontho .... .-s Falk, M., 143 Water. Lll'f#!othal, S. & Co. r'lll Ml\in. 'Bil. as it,sed both H?uses of and now the bond required by law. E\'ery person whose busi-1 square (1 ncb) for 1 Ycor ........ !8 54 Gilleoder, A. & Co., 114, lllj,aud 111 Liberty. llay Rich F,rqnt.1 to, the Presidential vision, while f{)r ness ,make ci2:_ ars for others1 either for pay, upon 2 oqnAt'H (2 blclaee) rot i-U..Btbo t8 16 Goetz, F. A.. &: Bro., 328 Washington. Sullivan, Hnnl;s1& Co.'. L. h h fi Goodwin, w. H. & 2<17 &lid 2011 Water. Thornton, Phi!er & Co.,'lS):f,{plmond: 1 I _uts Although woeded Oll many of its more commtssion, on s ares, or ot erw1se rom material fur-. hquaree lnl:b.,)forlyear .... so 1110 IIMJ;Joaepb, 76 Barclay. Y?nng, A .' .,.44 WllSt Frlmt. striking absurdities-such as the 't>Qnded warehouse flished others, shall be regarded 'as a cigar maket. u:woorn,Joha A., 160 COMloCISSTON MERCHA 'I'S or Y.Prf. TOBACCOi to be maintainbd bv every manufacturer, and the E\'ery mgar maker shall cause his name. and residence lllcbef>) fori; woU.. .. '10 lJll'scb, D. & Co., l '14 Water. hr Hafer, & Co. U iWest Secoo4. J to registered, without previons demand, with the 5 squares (5lnch> ror 1 r""r .... tro 250 Bqyt, Tbomaa & Co., 404 PearL co"INGTO"' KI; $50,000 bo;nd to be based on real-estate Assistant Assessor of the di\'ision in which such ci!!ar 6 eq""""' (& Iache> 6 montlio. 88 lllll Hunt H W & Co W te 1 1 :.> j 6 eqaareo (G Inches) rort rear .. ... 160 300 l:e...;,, A., 1 a r, Sullh'lln,' J. T. & c:o., Kenton TQb. Ware-distingui11hed it a,s it from maker shall be employed; and any mannfacturer of ciLIURI!Ilce, T. A &: Co., 87U'o!arL Greenup the Ways and Means Committee, it B, still far from gars emplo'ying any ci()'ar maker who Rhall have nea--""" be Lee, Wm,., 2,611 Pearl r I 1 .. h h" d ,. d sr ld le_cted or refused to such entry shall, on Atl \o the bavo to Lilieothal, 0. H., "l"-221 W--uogt.oll. .r.raves, G. w, L e stratg tlorwar ... u euectJve mea ure we cou t b fi d,.. h ........ .. "'"" --, r ..J.. .A. .. t\)n, e ne 10r each day t at such cigar maker so paid ror extra. Lorillard, P 16, 18, 20 :D&N t; E1 V&. to see 'iVe have refurre -t, and wkliont bein ll'lf-ed, p.,..ed, or o&henriM 30e. ; Fioe-oot Sbortl," 80e. ; FIJJ.eocut chewing, ma4e with stems in or not, or however sold, whether looee or In packages, 40e.; Smoking, a"!"'t eoed, or b11tted, 4011.; SJIIGldag, sweetened, nemmed, or bu'Ced, 161!.; Smoklag, made e;wluaively of Items, in part of 1M!ma r.nd imitatioosthereor, Uo. On Cigarettes, Cigars, and Clt.erootl, of all di!ICflpdoo8, 1011de of 'leba.-or ,.ay Bllb etitnle tbereftlr, II.Ye doiJan per tmluaDG. Sauft'l IQan.Uactured of or any anbedtut.e, p1111d, dry, damp, pickled, 81\'lllf.. ed, or of all descrip\loDS, tOe per lb Tllliacco, llnty 8Ge. per pound, gold. Foreign O!gan, per poulld and 10 per eenc. 114 .,/ll,.em BU81NE18 DlltacTOtrY NEW "GBK. TOBACCO W .&li'EHOUS!9. .Agnetr W,, & :jops, 284 ao!286 Front street Allen, Julian, l '12 Water. Baker, B. c. Son & Co., l-4! Pearl_ Belden, F W., 194 Water. Benrimo, B. & D. 124 Bl"kemore Parker & Co., ,181 PearL Bowoe, R.'S. 7 Slip. Bramhall & Co., 147 Water Bryan Watts & Co., 43 Brood. & !lfoore, 7 4 Froo,. Bunal &; Dormitzer, 126 Water. Cardozo, A. H. & Co 169 Connolly & Co., Water. Crawford, E. M. & Co., 121 and 128 FronL & Foote, 94 Beekmrw. Deen, John L., 78 Water. Dohan, Carroll & Co., 104 Front. Dubois & Vandervoort, 142 Water. E"e;ert, Dills & Co., 142 Water. F:lleneteia, Chas. B. & Son, !ill Pearl. Fa,man & Co., 'TO and 12 Broao. Fielding, GtrynQ & Co., 119 ):'Ol&rl Gaasert & Bro, 160 Water. Greentlcld & Co., 61 Beaver. L. W. & Co.,llO Pearl. Guthrie & Co., 225 Front. llarris;J. T. & Co., 80 Front. Heinekeo, G. & Palmore, 68 Broad. Ricks Joseph. 82 Water. G. W. & C a., 108 Front. Hirschhorn, L.& Co l4 0 Pearland106 Water Hollander1 L & Sou, l47 Water. Kellv Robert E. & Co., 34 Beaver. Thomlll'l, ll' Willi:lm. KUtren all tobacco twisted by hand, or reduced from leaf into a Francia, nz.uzas. Robinson, J .A. the statute book, and the time of both Houses spent in be consumed, or otherwise prepared, withGomet, WllllUs & Co., 29 and lll S. William. Stone, John W., 198 M11io. out the use of any machine or instrumeut, and without Younger & Co., :Maio. perfecting the present measure would have been spent bein!! press ed or sweetened, and on all other kinds of Gruad, J'. Cerero, 1l8 Pearl. Kremelbtrg & Co., 180 Pearl. l'IONTGOMEBY, A.L&. in vain. It may be that this would be the best result manufactured tobacco not herein otherwise provi'den for, u0..,.;. H. ", o9 P-L Warren & Burch, 88 Commerce street. h d fi ll lab d a tax of 32 cents per o d ---. "'- NEWARK. N. :r. 10r t e tra e, as a more, care u y-e orate measure p un Llcoatcl rowoiR nEAL'IB& ld th b sed t th t u,-... th th On all smoking tobacco exclnsively of stems, or of Appleby & Helme, 133 Water. Rrinlzingbofter, W. A., 3'14 Broad. cou tln e pas a e nex file Slon. n1-1e er e leaf, with all the stems in and so sold, the leaf not hav-Gift'ord, Sber111an k Innis, 110 William. Oampbell, Lane & Co., 96 Broad. trade :would be most benefitted by such a course of b 1 .. orris H u 99 p 1 NBW ORLEANS. L.l<. 111g een prevtous y stnpped, butted, or rolled, and from "' ear" events, it were di1Bcult to decide; k t whatever han.h' h t f h t h b db 'ft We&ter &: 16 Platt. 1 Llehtenstcln, Bros. & Co., 79 Graviet". ,. :V JC 1!0 J?ar o t s ems. ave een separate y st PECIALTill:l! 110lt 'll'OBACCO -... JliiA.l'iCt:R:&.occ Irby, uncertain y it can mg_, dressmg, or m any other manner, either ......-Tual!lks. aL.manytacturin"' Sterry, F. W. & Co., Nos. 2 and 4 Platt. Elam, W. P & Co., Sycamore. wðer they sufficiently !illderstand the industry they bacco which bas paSsed through a riddle of tlili'ty-s'li ToBAcco INSPECTION. Young, R. Buildings are legislating upon to m ean anything-for until the.n meshes to the square inch by ptocess of sifl\ing; and on Linde, F C., '76 Greenwich street 1 d f: b 11 fi d f t b t of 16 TOBAcco w4uHouso:s. the trade cannot sett e own upon any satts ac!ory asts a re use scraps an sweepmgs o o acco, a ax tOB.&..CCO PRESSERS. 'N .Th" d t d Guthrie & Co., 2U Front. Boyd, Fougeray & Co., 61 'orth of conductin0_rt i(s bnsiJ;leSS. cen 8 PeT poun Bucknor, McCammon & Co., 37 North Water SEc. 62. And be it furthe r enacted, That from and. llANUI'ACTURKRS OF CIGAR BOXES. Heokell, Jo.cob, 15'1, 159, and 161 Goerck. Wicke, George, 26 Willett street. CIGAR 'BOX OI:DAR D 1 otBJ:R W.OOD. Rodman It: Hepbnrn, 210 Lewis. RUI,UONS. Almira!, Joe. J., 80 Cedar, Oscar Prolss & Co., 26 White street. IHNUI'"-CTUaER OV TOBACCO drooke, J. J 38 Crosby street. A. CTIOlUUCRS OP TOB.i.CCO, ftC. Bett!, G. & Co., '1 Old Slip. T'OBACCOCUl'TING ll.+.CHINES. Borgfeldt & Degbuee, Cedar. T()DACCO LABELS. Hatcb & Co., 111 Broadway. TOBACCO LABEL ENG .ItA VEil. Hoey, Jos 202 Broadway. TOBACCO LABEL PRINTERS. Brown;M. B. & Co., !Ill William. 1 :PATENT TOB.t.CCO 1t.!CIVF.8. Napanoch Axe and' Iron Co., 69 Murray 'SNO'Fr AND TOBACCO UOTTL&I. Quinlan, Jer., 138 William. TOBACCO A.sten, W. B & C., 25 Pearl. TOBACCO BOXF.S. Hammacher, A. & Co., 52 Beekman. TOBACCO PAPIIR Jessup & )loore, 1?.8 Willia.m. TOBACCO BARR>;LS. Briggs, A. T., 64 Rutger; Sl,ip ALLEGHENY CITY, P.&, Burgess & Bro. 44 South Delaware av. THE TOB!"OO FURS. .after the passage of this act all manufactured tobacco Courtney, Woodwar!!l &: Co., 47 N. Water. 'shall be put up and prepared by the mauufacturer Doh.m & Taitt, 29 N ortb Water. k Geyer & Hiss, 62 North Front. We are compelled to pause in oui pub1icati .on of the for sale, or remov -al for sale or con sumption, in pac --McDowell & Duncan, 39 North Water. k agS of the following description, .and in no other man-Moore, s. & J., 10'7 No\b Water. proceedings of the different Tobacco Fairs this wee n er: J. Rinaldo & CrANuucruazltll o scorcH SNO'PY. spread before out' readers-was delivered by Col. I .... S. throu,.,.h a rtddle of thirty-six meshes to the Ralph A & Co., 105 Bradford: We have received ft"Om: our Cincinnati square inch, all refuse scraps and sweepings t>f toPowell & West, friends a v Ji y full report of their Fair, which we shall bacco, in packa$es containing two, four, eight, and sixPITTSBVBG P..t.. .print at the earliest opportunity. Our friends at St. teen ounces eacn. Jllegrw, E. & Co., 31 St. Clair. L 'll d h a bl d l th All cayendisb, plug and twist tobacco, in wooden oms wt par on t e unavm a e e ay ll;l c appeark a i h 1 d d h 'PBOVIDENllE, u. I. pac -ad"'es not mg wo uuc re ponu s net wetg t. ance of the re1)0rt so kindly. furnished us. A e -et s ell vooden package shall hn e 'nted Hmt, Joshua, llG _..,_n Y n pn Kingsley, L. & Co., 9 Wcstmmster. or marked thereon the ma1iufacturer's name ancl _place RICHMOND, v ..t.. THE NEW T !I BILL. of manufactrnre, or the proprietbr's name and his trade-Greancr & Winne, 1 812 East Cary. mark, and the registered number of the manufactory, Hardgrove, Thoma.& J. TOBACCO, S::l.'UFF, AYD CIGAI!S. and the gross weight, the tare, ancl the net weight Mills & Ryant, Shockoe slip. h b h k j'-> 'd d h h Neudecke r Bros., c o r 26th and Main. Dealers in leaf tobacco, whose annnal sales do not of t e to acco 111 eac pac age; e t at t ese SE c 64 Ancl be it further enacted, That with.ia UU.r ty days after the passage of this act, every menefilteturer of tobacco and snuff shall place and .. pn Uw side and end of the bUilding within which hi4 bwliDess. is carried on, so that it can be distinctly seen, a. s.ign :witll letters thereon, not less than three l)lches in painted in oil colors or gilded, giving his full nama business. Any person neglecting to complf the requirements of this section shall, on be iin-ed not less than $100 nor more than $500, SEc. 65. And be it further enacted, That it iliaU .be the duty of every Assistant As9essor t4l keep a noonl in a book or books to be provided for the pul'p9ee. t o be open to the inspcetion of any person, of tne -wwnc and residence of every person in the mamdllcture of tobacco or snuff in his division, the pl.aoo where such manufucture is carried on, and the number qt. the .manufactory ; aud the Assistant Assessor shall ental; in said record, unde r the name of .each mannfaoturer, a copy of everyJiuventory req uireunda mame in the lump-room, and the nuJllber of &. and pounds produced in the press-room each Q&y},Aold_. consumed, or removed for consumption or re moved ftom the place of manufacture in bond. ... to what district; and shall, on or before the temh 4t1r of each and m.onth, furnish to the :Aasessor of the a true and accwate abstract l Jenkinson, R. & W., 6 Federal. BA.LTil'IIORE. TOB ... CCO WARIDOUSi?:S. Pilkinton, E .'!'., 18 14th. exceed 10,000, shall p:ty $25; and if their annual sal es 1 limitations and descriptions of packages shall not apply Rapp f?., 14th and 15th. exceed $IO,OOO, shall pay in addition *2 for every $1,000 to tobacco snufl:'transported in bond for exporta-PATE:!\T S)IOKIXG -ronAcco -cUTTEns. in excess of person shall be regarded tion and actually exporte d. such book of all such. purchases, sales, remo.val" made during the month next preceding, whM:h. at.kact shall lJe verified by his oath or .. 1 arid in.cas c of refusal or wilful neglect to. deliver the inventory, or keep the account, or furnish the' abstract afores;rld, hPshllll, on be :fined not less than $'00 no1 more than $5,000, and imprisoned not than s ix. m0nths.nor more than three years. And it sball be the duty of any dealer in leaf tobacco, or in any material used in manufacturing tobacco or snuff, on demand oC any oflic ; r of Internal ReYenue, to r r a tille aml correct v e rified by oath or affirmation of t he quantity and amount of such leaf tobacco or sold or delivered to any person name d in such. demanrl and in case of refusal or neglect to render such stat1: or if there is cause to beli eve rsu ch statement t n b e mcorrect or fraudulent, the shall make a 1 examination of persons, books, and manner as provided in this act in relation to fra\lds aml eva s ions. Bolenius, G. H., 202 West Pratt. Boyd, W A. & ,33 South .. Brauns, F. L. & <.:o., 11 Cbeaps1de. De Ford, Cbarles D. & Co., 3 7 South Gay. Gieske, L. & Co., 121 W. Lombard. Gumher, L, lV., 90 Lombard. Kerchoft' & Co, 49 S. Charles. Loose, C. & Co., W South Charles Paul, Wm., 451 \Vest Baltimore. Richardson, J. & Co., 45 Wes t Lombard. Schroeuer, Jos. & Co. 81 Exchaoge Place. )IA.NCJ' A.C'J'UP.IRS, ETC. Beck, F. W. & Co., 130 Nortl> Becker & Bros., 94 Lombard. Feigner, F. W., 90 and 92 Sou\h Charles. Gail, G. W & Ax, 28 Barre street. Parlett B. F. & Co., 92 Lombard. Wilkens & 181 Westi'ran. JI. & Co. b "' h' SPRINGFIFLD, 1u.""ss. as a dealer in le:'tf tobat>co whose n s in ess 1t IS, 10r 1 m SE c 63. And' b e it fwth81' enacted, That every perSmitlt, H & co., 20 Hampden. elf or on commission, to sell o1 ofter for sale leaf toson b e fore cbmmencin'g, or, if already commenced, beST. LOUis, MO. bacco ; a.nd payment of a specia l as wholesale fore continuing the mannfactnre of tobacc o or snuff, Catli n D., 168 North Seconi'l. dealel', tobaccon ist) manuf.'1ctnr e r of ctgars, or ma.nusha ll, in addition to a coptpliance with all other pro-Dormitzer C. & R. & Co., 20'i Market. facturer of tobacco, shall not exempt any person deahng Yisions of law, furnish, without previous demand thereHo.ynes & 'Heth, 00 Korth Commercial. in leaf tobacco from the payment of t h e special tax the r e for, to the Assessor or Assistant A ss essor of the district Leggat, Hudson & Co., cor. 2 d and Vine. I for hereby required But no fiumer or planter shall be where the manufacture is to be carried on, a statement, Busines s f,hangcs. required to pay a spec ial tax as a dealer in leaf tobacco in subscribed under oath or affirmation, ac c u-for s elling t o bacco of his own prodnction, or tobacco rately setting forth the place, and if in a city, the Philade l hiu, Pen n Scbater, r eceive d by him as. r eut from t e nants who have pro-and number of the street, where the manufacture is to H & b cigars. clissdlved. duce d the same on h1s ]and. Deale rs m tobacco, wl).ose be canied on; the number of cutting machines, ancSe b t '&; H c annual sales exceed $100 and do not exceed 81,000, snuff mills, hand mills, or other machin es ; the name, now e a er an e. h U h "'5 a d h en their annual sales exceed kind, and <1uality of the artide manufactured or r ) roNew Orl eans La -Sntherlin, Cal. 8 a eac pay "' fi h 000 ':!. 1 & Co. 'tobacco. dissohed $1,000 shall pay m ac c tt10n .,;2 or ea.e ;:;I,. m exces s posed to be manufactured; and if the same shall be a 'I\ aye ll & J h. st'on of 81 000. Every person whose busmess It 1s to sell manufactured for, or to be sold and deliv e red: to, any now a away o u 1 f: d b ff. h d l h Wis.-Ed ward Asch-or offer for sa. e manu acttuc .. to acco, snu or mgars, ot ()r person, as agent, or un cr a specta contract, t e d t bncco Herman shall be regarded as a deale1 m, tobacco. And any re-name m:ld re iden ce and business or occupation of the erman, CI"'ars an 1 1' d 1 k f h t l h h a 1 b f: d Secra itz "admiUed. now Edward tater dea er,. tqnor ea m, or ecpor o a o e mn, person ror w om t e sa1 artJC e t s to c manu acture As,hu. & C tavern oreatmg-house, who sells tr:\bacco,snnff, ormgars, or to whom it is to X deliv ered; and shall give a bond c mman t h' ..... l t tl l t f ___ sh 'all pay, m a 1011 o 1s spc ... -.a ax, 1e spema ax in conformity with t e provisions o this act, to be ap H Tl as a dealerin tobacco. 1\Iannlacturers of tobacco shall proved by the Collectm: of the district, in the sum of TuE AMENDE o::: e nue, and stamps when used on any wooden packaz.,. sha.ll be cancelled by sinking a portion of the same i n:., the wood with a steel die ; also, s uch are required by this ac.t, which stamps shall be fJK mshcd to _the Collectors of Internal Revenue 1'61lu.i.rin the same, who shall keep at all times a. snpph eqnal in amount to three months' sales sell the same only to the manufacturers of tobacoo an t snuff in their respective districts who have "iven bon

package contammg tobacco or snuff or for nim a label on whtch shall be pndted, tYtr -with the or manufacturer's. an St e nlllllber of the manufactory, aDd the district and ate iD which it 1s s1tuated, thC6e words has m NOTICE.-The manufacturer ofth11!1 tobacco })lied with all the requirements of law. Every pe b tione8 11 r the penalties of law, not to use t IS ... .... acco agam. 1 !I n turer ot tobacco who shall neg to ..plio* or affix such label to any package a_n;.amm1g l t 10 made by or for him, or sold or offere or sa e b for him. or any person who shall remove any deb. label so affixed from any such package, shall, on ...L..:' be tined $50 for each package m respect to eon .., on, ted ilbllh 6ft'tl11Ce shall be commtt Ibn 69 And be it further enacted, That any manu'ildarer of tobacco or snuff who shall remove, otherwise than 88 provided by law, or sell any tobacco or snuff widaout the .Proper stamps denoting the te:x thereon, or 'Widlout bavmg paid the special tax, or a: 11liJ8inld by law or who sliall make false or Jrau en ealirlell of manufactures or sales of or snuff, or wllo &ball make false or fraudulent entnes of the pur sales of leaf tobacco, tobacco stems, or other lD&telUl, or who shall affix any forged, fraudulent, or gonnterfeit stamp, or ImitatiOn of any 1'81J&ired'b this act, to any box or package conta1m!lg or snuff, shall, in addition to the :! provided in tbJS act for oft"ences, forfeit to tbe United States all the raw matenal and manufac or partly manufactured tobacco and snuff, and all machinery tools implements, apparatus, fixtures, boxes, ad and 'an other materials which shall be found ill t1te of such person, in the manufactory of I!Ueb. person or el"!ewhere. BBC. '10. And be it ft4rther enacted, That the absence 4 the proper stamp on a.ny package of manufactured tobacco or snuff shall tMt notice to all persons_that th.e tax has been aid thereon, and shall be prtma-facre evidence of tte non-payment thereo And such to 1taooo {)r snuff shall be forfeited to the U mted States. 8Jro. '11. And be it fwrther enacted, That any person wllo shall remove from any manufactory, or from any where tobacco or snuff 1s made, tobacco or w1thout the same bemg put up m proper packages, or without the proper stamp for. the amount thereon being affixed and canceled, as reqmred ],y law or if intended for export, without the proper 'stamp being affixed, or shall usc, sell, or tor sale or have in possessiOn, except m the manufiletory or a bonded warehouse, any tollaooo or snuff without f.roper stamps bemg affixed snd canceled ; or shall sel or offer for sale, for con-..8UIDJ!tion in the United States, or use, or have m posSI!III!!!OD except m the manufactory or m a bonded any manufactured tobacco or snuff on whiCh on1f.ftle warehouse stamp markmg the same for export 1Ja8 been affixed, shall, on convictiOn thereof, for each neb offence respectivt>ly be fined not less than *1,000 nor more than $5,000, and be imprisoned not less than six months nor more than two years. any per'8011 wno shall affix to any package tobacco or muff any false forged fraudulent, spunons, or countriit stamp, stamp which has been 'liball be deemed guilty of a felony, and on conviCtion 8ha1l be fined not less than 1,000 nor more than '&lld imprisoned not less than two years nor more than five years. BEe. 'lZ. .And be ic fttrtMr enacted, That whenever SDJ' stamped box, bag, vessel, wrapper, or of .:my kind contammg tobacco or snuff shall be emptied, ihe stampoo portion thereof .. ball be destroyed by the nin whose hands the same may-be. And any perwilfully neglect or refuse to do so, shall .fur each such offence, on conviction, be fined 650 and imprisoned not less than ten days nor more than SIX month& And any person who shall sell or gtve away, m who shall buy or accept from another any such l!lll ty stamped box, bag, vessel, wrapper, or envelope -' iuy kind or the stamped portion theff, shall for OM 't' or other persoa who 11hall put tobacco or snuff into any such box, bag, -.-1, wra_{lper, or envelope, the same having been either empt1ed or partially emptted, shall, for each such -dlimee on conviction, be fined not less than *100 nor cmo:re than $500, and imprisoned for than one 'Dol' more than three years. 8BC. '18. And be it fu'T'ther enacted, That the Com llliBBioner of Internal Revenue, upon the executiOn of lliuoh bonds as he may prescribe, may designate and -..blish, at any port of entry in the United States, 1loDded warehouses for the storage of manufactured and snuff, in bond, intended for exportation, 118leoling suitable bwldmgs for such purpose, to be ::reeommended by the Collector in charge of exports at port to be known as export bonded warehouses, tmd nl!led 'exclusively for the storage of manufactured 1obaooo and snuff m bond. Every such warehouse tlhall be under the control of the Collector of Internal Jteyettue in charge of exports at port where such wuehouse is located, and shall be m charge of an In t.emal Revenue storekeeper assigned thereto by the of Internal Revenue. No manufactmed :tobaeeo or snuff shall be withdrawn or removed from any boncled warehouse without an order or pennit from tJle Collector in charge of exports at such port, 'Which shall be issued only",.fortbe imme?iate transfer to a v881!el bywhich such tobacco.or snuff Is t? be exported to a foreign country1 as heremafter. provtded, or after the tax has been paid thereon. And such warehouse shall be under such further regulations as the Commts idoner oriutemal Revenue may prescribe. Any manu&ctured tobacco and snuff may be withdrawn once 110 more from an expol't bonded warehouse for trans to any other port of entry in the Umted States where an export bonded warehouse for the storage of manufactured tobacc() and snuff may have been established and such manufactured tobacco and snuff ao shall, on its arrival at second port of entry be Jmmediately warehoused m an export bonded for the storage of manufactured tobacco and snuff, from which it shall be withdrawn only as provided by law. SEC. '14. And be it fttrther enacted, That manufac tured tobllcco and snuff may be removed m bond fwm tJte manufactory, without payment of the tax, to be transported directly to an export bonded warehouse for the of manufactured tobacco Or STlJlff estab1iahed at a port of entry as here inbefme pmvtded; and the deposit m and withdrawal from any bonded ware house, the tJansportation and the exportation of manufactured tobacco and snuff, shall be made under such rules and regulations, and after makmg such entr1es and execuhn" such bonds and givmg such other additional sec:nty as may be by Com missioner of Internal Revenue, which shall m all. respects so far as applicable, confonn to the prov1stons ollaw' and regulatiOns relatmg to d1st11led S!Jmts to be depotuted m or Withdrawn from bonded warehouses or transported or exported All tobacco and snuff in 'Wnded for export, before being removed from the manufactory, shall have affixed to each package:an engraved stamp mdicatJve of such mtentwn, to be pro and furnJSbed to tboe several collectors, as in the .-e of other stamp!, and to be charged to them and -.edo\Dited for in the same manner; and for the expense M&ebding the prov1dmg and afiixmg such stamps, ..-ty-five cents for each package so stamped shall be 'd to the Collectol" on making the entry for such transportation ; but the provisions of this section iimit t'he line for tobacco or snuff to remam 1n :1 16. And be it further enacted,\That m all caaes a.bacoo or nff of any descriptiOD is maaufa<> in whclc or iu par<, up>n commission or TOBACCO LEAF. shall in his judgment, be most eft"ective for the preven hand at all times a. supply equal 10 amount to two Commi ssioner of Internal Revenue; and a hke or where the material from wh1ch any such articles are tJOn frauds in the payment& of such tax:. Lmonths' sales thereof, and shall sell the same only to tory and return shall be made on the first day of ever.y made or afe to be made, is furnish e d by one person and SEc: 1!2. And be it further That ev-uy per-the cigar manufacturers who have rriven bonds and month thereafter, and a hke abstTact of mventones IJlade' or manufactured by another, or the mason 'hefore'commeneiog, or, it already commenced, .bepaid the specml tax, as reqmred by Yaw, in their disshall be transmitted, while any such dealer bas any terial is furnished or sold by one person Wlth an nnderfon: continuing, the manufacture of mgars furrnsh, wets respectively, and to rmporters of who are such gars on band, until the 1st day of standiug or agreement with another that tbe.manufae WJth previous demand therefor, to the Assiilt&Dt Assesrequired to aftix the same to 1m ported 011 in the Aprft;il869 1st day of Apnl, 1869, all cigars of tured article is to be received in payment therefor or sor of the division a statement in duplicate, subscribed custody of customs officers, and to persons required by every description shall be taken to have been either for any part thereof, the stamps required by law shall under oath or affirmation, accurately settmg forth the law to affix the same to cigars on hand on the :first OO, and imprisoned not less than SIX months nor more than shall Wilfully neglect to perform any of _the duties of this act prescnbed for manufacturers of tobacco an_d 1 l Th 1 ll b three enjoined on him by law; or shall conspire or _col-snuff in the United States. '}'here. It Sxc 84. And be it /urtner enacte( at Jt s J a e slc. 90. Ancl be it furtl.el enac ted, That the absence lude with anv other person to defraud the U mted Shall be necessary to take any of such a1 tJCle.s, so tm the duty of every Ass1sta.nt Assessor to keep a record, f b f ld States, or shall make opportunity for any perso.n ffi ln a book to be pro\ 1ded "or the Eurpose, to be open to o the proper revenue stamn on any ox o c1gars so b ll d t rt d t 1 ceforthepnrposeof1epackmg a X- ffi d" 1 k 1 b Jib tcetoall to defraud the United States; or sa o, or omt po e o any p a the I'nspection ot any person, oft e name and restClence oro ere JOr sa e, or ep or sa e, s a e no I bl h mg and cancelmcr such s tamps, other thau the public uf: f hersons that the tax has not been pad thereon, and shall to do, any aUCT or llhall demand, or aocept, or .,.u.., p ... u.r:athnacrorea--too:tcctt-baYt-rrg-drr'Jm.-JcH." m;Pective y, twentyve, >y, one hundred, two nunm respect to said manufacture, or of any collus10n on attempt to Collect, directly or indirectly, as payment more than twenty pound&, and every dealei m snuff dred and fifty, orfivehundredc1gars each; and any per-tbetr part w1th intent to defraud the revenue, such rna-or gift or otherwise, any sum of money or other thing having on hand mme than ten pounds, to JmmedJately son who shall sell or offer for sale, or dehver or offer to terial and cigars shall be forfeited to the United .States, of value for the comproml8C, adjustment, or settlemake a true and correct inventory of the amount of dehver, any in any other form than in new boxes, and every person engaged m such fraud or colluswn ment of any charge or compl.,nt for any violation or such tobacco and 1muff, under oath or as abo\'e descnbed, or who shall pack in any box any shall, on conviction, be fined not less than 1100 nor alleged vwlat10n of law, except as expressly authorized affirmation, and to deposit such mventory wttb tbe As cigars m excess of the number provided by law to be more than $5,000, and imprisoned for not less than six: by law so to do, he shall be dismissed from office and sistant Assessor of the proper division, who shall Irn put in each box, respectively, or who shall falsely months nor more than three years. shall be held to be gmlty of ;a misdemeanor, and shall, med1ately return the same to the Assessor of the dts-brand any box, or whu shall affix a stamp on any box SEc 92. And be it .furlher enacted, That any manufacon convictiOn, be fined not less than 11,000 nor more trict, who sball1mmediately thereafter make an ab-denotmg a less amount of tax than that reqmred by turer of cigars who shall remove or sell any mgars with-than 15,000, and imptisonment not less than six: stract of the several inventones filed m h1s office, and law shall, upon conviction, for any of the above-depayment of the special tax as a ci

p enalty impo sed by law in o f th e n eg l ec t or d e linqu e n c y of the p e r s on ag_ains t wh om the tax i s a!llleBBed, and t he amount actuall'y paid in ac c ordance with the tenns o f the compromise; but no such com p rom i M e s hall b e made of any cas e a ft e r a auit or pro ceeding in conrt has b ee n commenced, without the re eommendation also the Attomer:-General: Provided, That it shall be iOr the Court at stageof such sot or criminal to continu e the same for good cause down oa motion of the Dis trictAttorney. 108. That when any of act.. or time of assessment the l!!ame shall be esof Inter':1 authorized to /rovideQ. for, o any cbange mremae made by this SE c A it .ftmMr That where not otheEWiae. tiis.ti:n,ctl-y; manifestly incompat ible with the intent thereof, the word "person," as nsed in ilriB act, ebaU eQBet,rued to mean and 'io1clude a firm, partnenhlpusociation, company, or corporation, as well as a natural person; and wordM of the mascu line gender, as \lPplied to persons, to mean and in clude the genaar; and the singu lar num ber to mean and include the plural number ; and the word State to mean and include a rerritory and Dis trict of Columbia ; and the word "county" to mean and paris h, district, or other equivalent territorial subdivision o f a State. SEc. 105. And b e i t furtll. e renacted, That all acts and pa!W of 110ts incon eatt with die provisions of this act are hereby repealed Proouu!J, That all the pro visions of said act shall be in force for levying and col lecting all taxes properly assessed or liable to be assessed; or accruing under the provisions of former acts, the right to which has already accrued, or which may hereafter accrue uader said acts, and. for maintaining, continuing, and enforcing fu!ns, fines, penalties, and for feitures incurred under and by virtue thereof. And tnis act shall not be construed to affect any act done, right accrued, or ,penalty incurred under former acts, out every such nght is hereby saved, and all suits and prosecutiQns for acta al:rea.dy done in violation of any former act or acts of Congress relating to, the sub j ects embraced in this act1 may be commenced or pro ceeded with in like manner as if this act had not been passed. And provided further, That no offices created by the said acts and continued by this act shall be va cated by reason of any provision herein contained, but the officers heretofore appointed shall continue to hold the aaid office without reappointment until their successors, or other.ofticers to per:form d!!ties, respectively, shall be appomted as provided m th1s act. And provided .further, That duty imposed by any existing law cease m consequence of any limitation therein contamed before the respective provisions of this act shall take effect ; the same duty or tax shall be, and is hereby, continued until &Wlh provisions of this a c t shall take effect; and where any act is hereby repealed !W duty or tax imposed thereby shall be held to lD consequ e nce of such repeal, until the resp e ctive cor reaponding provisions of act shall take effect. Sxc. 106. And be it further enacted, That in any case where there has been a refusal or neglect to pav any tax imposed by the Internal Revenue laws and where it is lawful and become to and sell real estate to satisfy t he tax, the Commissioner of Internal Revenue may, if he deems it expedient direct that a bill in chancery be filed in a district or' circuit court of the United States, w enforce the lien of the UniMd States for tax upon any real estate, or to subject nny real estate owned by the delinquent, or in which he has any right, title, or interest, to the payment of such tax. And all having liens upon the real estate 11ought to be subjected to the payment of anv ta .._ aforesaid, or f.laiming any ownership or interest therein shall be :oade parties to sn?h proceedings, a.if. shall brouifht mto court aslrov1ded in other snits in chancery m s aid courts. nd the said courts shall have and are hereby given, jurisdiction in all such cases and s)lall, at the term next after aueh time as the. shall be duly notified of the proceedin!!'S lll\less other wise ordered by the Court, proceed 'adjudicate all involved nud palls upm f a!Jd finally determme the menta of all clmms to and liens upon the real estate in question, and sllaU. ia all cases where a claim or interest of the United States therein shall be established, decree a sale, by the officer of the Court, of such real estate, and a distribution of the pro ceeds of such sale, according to the findina-s of the C h' '? onrt. m respect to t e mtereats of the parties and of the United States I SEc. 107. be it further ena cted, That the Inter nal Revenue taws taxes on distilled spirits fermented liquors, to'bacco, sntdf and cigars, shall held and to to such articles anywhere Withm the ex:ten-or boundaries of the United States, 'jhether the same shall be within a collection district or not. TIME OJ!' TAXING EFFECT. SEc. .And be it furtlwr enacted, That all provi sion of act whicli require the use of stamps shall effect at t.hc end of. sixty from. the passage this act; pronded that if at auyt1me pnor--to the e. pi ration of the said sixty d a ys it shall be sbown to the eatisfaction of the Secretary of the Treasttry that a delay is necessary for the prepal'llltlon and due dellvery of any of snell stamps, he shall authorized to nx a day not later than tho first day o:f December ne x t for putting aid to the use of of stamp!!, 1oto QPer&tidn, and shall gi "e pn?ijc notiCe of the day I!O fixed and determin e d upon, whtch day shall then be hoeJ.d and take n b e ,the time llrilim ttbat 'lrtWn of thi s 01!1; w ch r e quires the use of !!Ilia hav e cft"ect. _, THE TOBACCO J..JEAF I major portion of the crop is no longer in first hands, from importers, though increasino-, is still moderate; heim & Co., 1 c s ; Clark & Scripture 1 Bunzl & on New York houses bavin_g, through their agents, of the h!ls beendo"'ne on the basis of Dormitzer, W. H & Co., 4 bbls. P. Lo;il-' b een engag e d in .its purchase tor some time past. We speCie remittances. We quote 60 days' lard, 1 bx. Cl?ars ; J. H. Sanders, 20 bbls cigar lightcl'll. correct in our table of quotations onr figur e s on State CommerCial Bills on London, I09i@llO; Bankers', New 1' ork and Hartford Line of Steamboats: C. fillers, which, through a misprint, have been recently 110@11%; Bankers', Short Sight, llO!@llOJ; Paris, F. 'I a!!, 20 c s.; M. Metzger, 1 8 ; B. & D. Benrimo 20 given too low. We quote: 100 cases State at 6c.@8c.; f.5.15@.12t_; Paris, Short Sight, f.5.lli@f.5.10; Ant-M. Westheim, 18: Schoverling & Chapman, 100'; E: 30 cases State at 'ic.@Sc.; 140 cs. Connecticut wrapwerp and Switzerland, f.5.15@.12t; .Bamburg, 311-k & Co., 100; Gail, Ax & Kuchler, 6; Jupers, new crop, at 35c @55c.; 87 cases Ohio assorted, @36!; Amsterdam, 4ot@4Ii 40i@4lt; han Allen, 5; Palmer & Scoville, 5; M. Oppen h eim, 2; at 8ie. @9c Bremen, 79t@80 ; and Berlin, Ht@72i. A. L. Hugh 7 Spanish.-The transactions in Spanish tobacco1have Freights. -_The market without much By New York and New Haven Line of Steamboats: befm very limited, owing to the small amonnt on the cha!lge to notice, and a good busmess has been done W. IL <;:-utman, 3 hhds.: B. & D. Benrimo, 77 cs.: M. market. If anl good tobacco oftbe old crop can now dunng_ the past week Rates an: steady; the current Westhetm & Co., 12; M. H. J"evin, 216; D. Huck, 3; be picked up m Havana orders have been sent on to quotatiOns are: London, 20s.; LIVerpool, 20s.@25s.; J. L. ?assert & Bro., 3; M Paulitsch, 33; Buttzl & secure it, but specimens of the new crop will not reach Bremen, 20s.; Hamburg, 25s.; Antwerp, 25s.; RotterDonmtt:er, 79; Alva 1; F. W. Belden, 24. here before September. We quote 150 bls. Havana at dam Havre; $8; Glawgow, 20s. The engagements By New York and Line of Stmboats: 85c .@$1 05. were: Io London, 70 hhds. at -20s.; to Bremen, W. S. Chapman, 35 cs.; Dmmond L., 38. sale,s during the week have hhds. at 17s. 6d., 751 cs. at 12s. 6d., and 80 bls. at By New York and Philadelphia Express Fropeller been restricted, a nil mainly confi ned to contract $1 ; to Hamburg, 50 hhds. at 20s. Chartered, a brig Companx: W. P. Kittredge 27 cs. W m. Virrelius orders, which are now being filled. There are some of 320 tons, from City Point to Genoa, with 350 hhds. 201; Roberts, 15 bxs.; J. & 1. 0 inquiries for-t{)bacoo at 1 tc.; buttbe"fr.rties do not feel at 47s. 6d. By People1& Line of Steamboats: Morr1s & willin!! to inOllealle tUir livn!! fi"'ure, and, in Q::JOTA'l'IONS OF WHOLESALE PRICKS. Co., 44 C@,' Cook & Fredericks 1 bbl P Lorillard 1 ,.. Kentucq.-Light leaf. OUTf't!ICII Havana as't' do @ J S h a' G b ., consequence, no transactions are made. We suppose Coo:.mon s; 9 Ba-ll'll'ra do 86 @ 115 c nei er, 2; ar ert, Whitnell & Co ., 1; S. Bar-the entire of the week may be truthfully set Good da ...... ... ... 9Jf' 10 Yaa&I!OOried do 85 rett, l Common leaf...... .. .. 10 11 Namifaclured.-'Iax32cperpound. B S .n. E down at less than 700 pkgs., most of wl)ich went Medium lear............ 111 14 ""Bolmm p L 'lla d H 14c., he rematking that be could make more money at Medium teat............ 18 @15 Good ....... ............ 26 e r on, J; on r 4; oop, 150; tobacco at that price than by manufacturing it :::::: : & Vandervoort, J. D.Keilly,239; Heald himself. The goods in question were made only last VISeleeUono .. ... .. .. .. .. tO @ft ......... & Mtller, 26; Th. H. & Sons 100 G. month, and were of a good qua lity. Such prices are g :x do = W. Hillman & Co., 80; J. H. F. Mayo,' 4; L. H. well calculated the manufacturersinVirginia g= llipptnglugs ..... 9 10 Neudecker, 287 SAyres & Son 99 Dohan CarWorklngdo ..... 9,)0@10X ll'ancy ..... ... ..... .. .. 30 @85 l& 0 303 'w' p K' d '& c' pause, and, indee we from the re that they Frosted ... ... ..... ... 6 @ 7 Fine ............. .. ...... 1111 ro o ., ; 1ttre ge o., 178; Haw ..:.nark::L ..... 20 ..,.... kins, Guthrie & Co.,; Connoly & Co., 78; Buck th1s IS the he1ght of the best season At Danville, we Wrappero .. ...... 15 iO Flue ... .. ... ... ... 28 @82 ley & Moore, 152; Bramhall & Co 55 Orde;r 4 learn that two factories have stopped, that six are iQbd. -@hhFds. and 9 pkgs. ., working very 'little, and that these are anxious to logo.. ... ...... ..... .. S,JO@tO Nav--:-. rom Nmfolk; McKe nzie & Co., 50 hhds Olesell their leaf. In Richmond,. the factories are i".:1"..::."1eaf .. do .. :::::: ment Read, 9; H. Koop, 50; P. Lorillard, 9; R. E. only turning out .about half the usual quantity of =tionado ::::: : 11 K 9ellyk, 1; DMuboFis Vande. rvoort, 5; Lindheim Bros. g oods, and hopin!! Jor better thmgs in the OAio.-In'or to good com. 4 6 Thlrtv'woo ............... 50 ....3 kgs.; c Co., 8; R. W. Cameron 68 J Brown and Greenish.... 7 8 Fancy 7llWecooD '11 330 B kl & M autumn. only the factories that work Medl,amand4nered .... 9 15 ""yApple ... : .. .. ... ... 40 e1 y, ; uc ey oore, 221; Connoly & on e xport:orders aredomganything. In Virginia, the 9 3 Ladyll'ingero .. .... ...... 70 Co., 220; D. H. London, 51 S Ayres & Son 131 I eopang .......... 15 PooketPI-. ........ 50 B h 11 & C 69 L H 'N' d k 'R s' growmg pants rare suffering for want of rain, and Yellow do ,"'id tancy. liO JlriahtTwlot(Vlrgloia): 86 ram a 0., j en ec er, 199; Ooorowers assure us that even the present high pn'ce" Marylaftd.11' t d to com-"CBrtght Gold Bart do .. 86 Bowne 4 Dohan Carrol & Co 23 7 G W Hillmon.................. 8Ji'la 4Jf' .-Domeotlc &' c' w' ., of leaf do not repay them the cost of eo Sound commo11.. .. .... 5 5X ed and Havana, man o., 29; P. Kittredge & Co. 11 Fer-disturbed is the labor market in the Old Dominion. ... ::::::::: : ;tson&Co.,5;Hawkins,Guthrie&Co.,llS;Piatt& It would seem that the culture ofthe weed in that Odrd&ers,5hhds. section would never be the important interest it was UppcrCountry......... 7 @Ill N .Y. Seed Conn. om a tmore: Mmt an Co., 6 hhds.; fo_rmerly-thc war having aiven 1't a shock 1"t ...... 4 liil13 wmpper ........... l1 00 00 Chas. B. Fallenstein & Son 7 B1yan Watts & Co .,-.,omwUcut and",.. Penn do do do 15 00 @23 00 '' will never, m : only after a very long series of years a. ttsSUdL<4f. Ohio do do do .. J5 oo @j8 oo 15; J. S. Lieder, 2; G W. Hillman, 32 pkgs.; A. T. recover. The whole social system has been shattered, :;IT:,JW"' 1g rg .. 18 00 OO 00 12; 1<'. W. Beck & Co., 56; J. Nisson, 8; and it is only natural that the reconstructed iopula-Finei!Cicctiono,1866 .... 30 @75 Comm.-Cig&I:o, o s .. 8 50 @til oo H. A. Ritchie 28. Good do 20 @ill Cherootalllld 81l NMho-WMre to. n u W'eel 21,530 22,430 35,974 1, 1868, AND SAME TIME 1867. are. others not so euy of solution, which will spring lu, 8 .do.' J?udenf!ews & Co J : J. M. Co r l!ell, Bremen ... ... UP.m force as soon M the law collides with selfish 1 do.' Garrison & Al;len, 1 do.' Bmncker :Amsterdam..... ... interests."-We are afiaid that the amendment &. Co., 1 ;w. Bodisco, l d.P. ; Rotterdam. .... 1,I89 Prevtou 8i y T otal. &zm. t i#U 1861 .., 6,649 6,649 3,820 3 ,820 2,395 of Senator Sherman, permitting the whole thing to be shlp Co., 7 do.; H. 1 pkf} do. ; Havre Dieppe ... delayed until December 1-that is, until after election & Co., 80 pkts .C1gaMtes; rder, 152 bales Marseilleil...... .. 2,973 4,162 9,947 1,627 1,383 606 630 -was only a politic ge, and not introduced ont.of 0 acco. England ...... any consideration for t\e trade. The provisions of the 'EXPORTS Spain ......... 333 333 bill as th_ey now stan(), are certainly very contradictory, from the port of New York to ports other West Indies ... being in effect nothing more or less than three separate than European ports, for the week endmg July) 4th, Other Ports .. .. 89 132 89 132 20 69 propositions : First, that the tax shall be changed to include the following : 32c., and 16c. on the of the bill, and that the Dutch West Indies: 2 hhds., $655. same shall be paid by stamps; Second, that the DepartBritish North American Colonies: 1,004 lbs. mfd., ment shall have sixty days in wruch to_ prepanl the .246. said stamps; and Third, that the ptovillions re1ative to British West Indies: .4; hhas., $1,01!0; 47 bls ., $838; preP.ayJ!lent by means of stampe ehall.aot go into etl'ect 8 cs., 1569; and 1,185 lbs mfd., 1269. until December l. If this is not a muddle, we do not Bt-itish Honduras; 2 bls':, 40, and 1 cs., $54. wh&t is. Will any onf) inform us, from the bill, French West Indies: 6 hhds., $1,375. what the trade is to do from now until December 'P Is Cuba: 7 cs., $G49, and 1,0115 lbs. mfd., $234. the new tax o the old one to be paid? and if the new, Hayti: bl ., 1,682. as the stamps are not prepared, in what other way i s it New Granada: 3,800 lbs. mfd., $1,242. to be paid? The most simple arrangement would have Venezuel a : 40 bls., 8740, and 371 lbs. mfd., $133. been to have enforced the whole 1awsi:xtydays fromits To Europe an ports for the week ending July 21st: passag e and made no provision looking to a postpone-London: 8 7 hhds. and 5, 327 lb mfd. ment to December. The n it the stamps were n o t ready Liverpo ol: 97 2 t c s., 100 c s ., 212 bxs., and at the end of. sixty days some temporary 29,790 lb s mfd. 11uch as certificates of payment, could have been u se d Gla sgow: 42 hhds and 65 tcs until they w e re Under Sena t or S h erman's Bremen: 311 hhds ., 456 cs 78 bl s ., 5 hhds s t e ms, amendm ent tlic trade will have t<> alon g unde r and 3,69 6 lbs. mfd. the old Ia.w for another six months. is our Hambnt>g: 77 hh ., 121 cs.,'%312 bls., 4,656 lbs. that the stamp ystem, tairl'y carried out and intellimfd., and 164 cs. cio-ars. gently enacted, would prov e a r ea\ bo o n t o the trade ; A twerp: 3 0 h hds. and 127 c s bnt.{)ongre!ffl s e ems to have .put it in such a s h ap e that l bo m ne A u s.: 2 3 5,75 2 lbs mfd. months will hav e to e laps e before the re a l meanin g of Adel aide, Aus : 30 h f.-t o s Total hhds ... 1,189 14,096 15,285 27 617 Tobacco Statement.-Stock in warehouses J 1! 1868, 8,506; inspected this week, 900;' do. pre VIOusly, 21,530 1 Total, 30,936. Cleared for foreign ports, 15,2811; and reinspected, 2,406; total, 17,691. Stock to-day ID warehouStls and on shipboard not 13,245 ; stock same time 1867, 22,089. Manufactrtred Toba cco.-The market is still lifeless. The tax question is s e ttled, but particulars of the bill are not y e t fu1Iy known to the trade. It is understood that the tax 1s reduced to 32c on chewino and to 16c. on s moking toba cco. Some chanooe has made in the bonded warehouse system, ancl"'goods for export entitled to drawback. We omit this week on!' usual quotations, but will revise and renew them in our next wh e n it is hop e d there will be more E npo1ta: t ions.-Foreign: Fro m Havana, 6 cs. rn..,.ars Fisher Bro s & Co. Coastwise : 680 pkgs ., Frlck, 'Ball &Co. ; 5 3 0 do., J.Bra.ndt, Jr. ; 89 bxs pipes, 20 c s and 9 A. Se e muller & ons; 3 hhds., 9 tcs., Gail & A x ; 3 4 hhds Baltimo re and Ohio Railroad; 2 hbds., 20 pkgs., J. P. Ple asan ts & Son s ; 11 pkgs D. J. Foley Bros. & C o ; 8 do., H aw kin s Willia mson & Co. ; 6 do.; Hardy & Bro s the! provisions c a n b e arrived at. REC'EIPTS t h e a bov e o ur atten ti o n h a s b e e n Inte ri o r and coas twi se anival s f o r the week e nding e-d to ebtion 62, wniCJh pro ha and July 2 1 have been 1,427 hhds 5t bbls. 1,143 cs:, 159 BOSTON, Jnly 18.-The market s till c ontiuues. in the unsettled state into which the n e w tax bill threw it when it Jirs t came to be agitate d ; but stock s in the hands of jobbers having b ee n materially reduced and the ax question s ett1oo, for the present at least, hopes :1.1; entertained o a demand The r e ceipts of tli.e amount tQ hhds. and 407 bKs Exported s&me trme: To fnca, 26 hhds. and 6 cs.; to Hayti, 150 bls.; to the Province s 10 c s C ffte r t M pa.ssag e o f this act tob.rk and New Haven Railroad: M. WestD!NVILLE, Va., Jaly 18,-1\Iessrs S. H. HoLLAND & Co tobacc o c ommi s sion m e r c hants, r eport: The rec e ipts hav e b e en much smaller durin()' the past than the prev i ous w e ek and the marke t has 0been quiet, with little chang e in pri ces We hav e heard o f no transaction s worthy of noti ce Our quotations are abo ut the same as last report e d GALVESTON, July 11 -The r e has b ee n no c hano-e to notice in the m a rket for manufactured our Ia "'t and no sales of importance hav e transpired. The c e ipts of the week amount to about 200 pkgs. Quota tion s are unchanged. fJINIJINNATI, Jaly rf,-On Tuesday last the third annual Fair of the Tob:l:cco Trade Association was h eld in this city. The number of hogsheads entered fur competition exc eeded 1,900, and the quality and quantity of the tobacco on exhibition, says the. of Commerce, exceeded that of any exhibition ever held in this country. The warehou se s have since the fair been busily engaged in selling the wbacco entere d for and it has brought fllll prices. We have reAssociation a d e t aile d a c count of the fatr, whwh, w1th that of the St. Louis fair havebeen. crowded out .of this week's i ss ue by the Tar Bill The followmg have been the imports during tJa.e.. two weeks : Bod mann ltlorrls Kenton Whe e ler PlomtMB' Wharf Kiseel W. B W. H. W H. w .. H. W. H. J1oa.t Co .._,.;: J 1 il:hdo.JSD ay 83 2 44 a 27 a 2 1 3 u o 101 CL a ll ., 6. 48 3 8'1 0 8i o to 0 14 8 1 ta 11 .. 1. 51 0 72 0 48 0 17 0 1 8 0 10 0 11 0 .. s 26 0 llll 4 11 0 8 1 0 1 0 0 14 0 9 4. .. 9 48 4 38 0 3i 2 11 1 9 0 17 0 4 .. 10. 89 o 47 o 2'l a 14 o 1 s o 28 10 0 ,. 11. 7C 0 611 6 61 ll 22 o' 17 0 31 14 0 o ,.18.1182 8li 0 80 0 00 414 0 4!1 c 7 3 .. 14. 89 0 92 0 49 0 l7 0 21 1 11 0 t .. 15. 47 1 89 0 37 0 19 0 13 0 :10 () Q 0 ,Hl.860 US 0 28 010 0 19 If ,.1'1.980 99 0'1'1 147 028 0 8 8 Total amount of Imports ....... ...... 2,989 hhdo,, 149 boxes. The following are the exports fQr the lia,QI.8 c II'. &D. Llttleltllamt R. R. IR. R. Cln'tl JUt. Hhdo. B:n. Hbdi. Bxe. Hhda. BD.i July 64 ...... ........... 1'13 21 86 4 11 ..... .... ...... 1a St 4t s u a .. 7.. ............. ". 121 41 31 11 9 8 .. 8 ................. 10'! 20 19 0 14 6 .. 9................. 93 19 41 0 16 4 ,. 10 ................. 86 30 6l 7 1 .. 11 ................. 108 It to tl 13 .,. 13 ................. 100 110 14 3 7 .. 14 .... .. ......... 16'! 14 8'1 0 1f .. ......... ,....... 18 Iii 0 14 6 6.... .. .. .. .. 86 9 41 H lJI s 17 .... ... ... ....... f1l u 1t 0 1) Q. Total amount ex)JO DI SSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP.-THE FffiJII. h-Wore erutlug-under tile ume or ScliJDMI; day dis aolved by ID.ulual conoent. Either partner will ll&n New York, July 1, 1868. __ GEORGE STOIUL COPAR'l'NERSBIP NOTIOE.-'I'he underoltllle d have t.blo da lonned c opfttnerob1 p fortbe MANUFAC T URE O F CIGARS AND SALE" oF LW TOBACCO, u nder the llrm name of STRAITON, SCHMITT & STOlUl at No. 191 P!'l"l stree t JOHN STRAI'I'OJI.' I JOSEPH SCIDil'l'l' New York, July 1 1868. GEO R G E STORK. CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF TOBACC O CROP 1864. 50 Clll'es floe selec t e d wrappe!'8, light and dar k colors. 100 cases medlllm do d o 40 case$ binders. 00 caes ftller,'!,_ all o f choice quality, f o r sale in lots to salt by JOHN L D""""' 7 8 Water street, :Ne w Y ork. FOR -8ALE !-1 OFFER FOR BALE MY-FINE-CUT dBBWll{G' A.Np SMOKING TOBACCO :FACTORY, The hon8e 18 a bnc k i w Jtb m e tal roof, has a. flo ored tlry ce llar unde r the wbok l>!Jidln g stone toundation, and 1M built In the moot Bllhillal:.llal w1t h s mo k e-.s ta c k e n gine and b o U e r rooms attache d one boile r and he&ter, two No. 8.ftolaee eu.ttin .. mnchm es ll'On s t o n e roller, one large 1ron pre ss, with 1ate8t ment f o r ma king_ bale g ood s ; with a m ore than suftlcient nUDlber or rack.s for drYin g p urpo ses and, in facF, ev ery t hln!l belo nebur to a ant cl&s!!! C h ew m g a.nd S m okin2 T obacco F acto r y and"" a l T of the. be.,i m Pel: feet order. 'VIII also sell our branq ll'or Cllpit allm who wish to en,"&ge In the tobaeco ""' 0 I a rarro c lwu:e i s offe r e d The locat ion oft"el'S man y T e beet h t f o r s a] e i n Qtg"m&rket, and twt.ed w. s e l ec tm g le.llf toba cco. T o r te rms etc., ore UDi111ta :P btl K>: .. JOilWicy JlO, 1B68. GEORG WANTE'D.-A LOT 011' SELEC'l'1ID 'I!MJ!Ib or 1868 crop. Addres full particulars R. -.Alch street. Phtladclpbi a TOBACCO FACTORY FOR SALE.THE SUBSCRIBERS (about retiring ft'om til e blSiness) otrer for sale their Factorz 111 llrook. lyn with a goo4 eetabU s hcd bns;tnest, togeth e r with all tbe 1r lJr'aliiDI LllbeiJ all or the best matcrlabt and ... t>erlllet ....-. onler fi/C .....,.thing belonging to a IIJ'8&.elaM TobacQo PoicteOTi 1 Box Pactory, r e c e ntly d t t c d up, and l ease ot tbe Factorj, four To &IIY one wlshlni to enpge In the buineo a rant ll'o r t erms and p>U'ticillarl, apply 1o B UCIIANAK ., '.11.10. 174-tt Offic e lt4 Water -L FOR SALE, LOW, BALES VUELTA ABA.TO OF 41A'8NIIt qualltloB, In boad ftn d duty paid. Aloo, 40 M & E S ALOM ON ll5 lllat-len !Ano,lftw York.. '-"' 1


/' THE TOBACCO LE.AF. DOHAN CARROLL & QQ I ., I BULKLEY & MOORE, New York Commission Merchants I= =====N = e = w = Y = o =rk= C = o =m=mi=.B=Bi= on = M =er= c =ha= n =tB=;===== THE VIRGINIAeTOBACCO AGENCY. P. KITTREDGE. ESTABLISHED IN 1836. 1Jnited States Internal Revenue Bonded Warehouse, Thirty-second Coilect:on District. E. C. WHEELOCK. t!t .ceo 1 VIRGINIA Tobacco Commission Merchants, COMMI_SSION ..,.c II. P KITTREDGE i TOBACCO E, U11Ds-llce. 74o'l'6, and 78 Greenwich Bt. OFEICE, 76 Greenwich Sreet, ,_ 130 WATER STREET. .. 1L .BOHUB.ART. TI'. FRIEDMAN. ,. -.;.. II. SCBUDART CO., Commission ALSO ll'IIPOHTEHS OP AND DEALERS IN .ALL .KINDS OF, T Q B A C C 0. / 148 WATEltSTREET, NEAR NEW-YORK. IR8Y, "McDANIEL &. CO., Tobacco Fac-tors, AND GENERAL COMM.ISSION MERCHANTS, GRA.VIER STREET., .. NEW ORLEANS. ...... f'or the pureluue of Couon, Sqar, Molailses, &e., solieited. .. 1{3-. W1 'jrr.AJOlli:OBE, B. X. P .AB.XER, ot :n-... cmr. CLABDY & c ... o Late of LoUISV1LLE, .KT AGENTS for all the POPULAR BRANDS OF VIRGINIA TOBACCO, 16:1: Watm Stteet, PounGt 11alf Pouridt & Quarters. Faney, A. G Fuller GILrlbaldl... June Appta Baro, Gold Ridge, J.P. Williamson, Little All.tttQa CJENBil&L COMMISSION' DUDICBANTS, ( :1. Hanover :IJuildings, Hanover New York. .&4va.ncee made on."-9<>Diignments to lleasrL W .A. & G. lla.xwell & Co., Liverpoo M. LICHTENSTEIN. M. & J. SCHOTTENFELS, 'l'OBACCO Commission Merchants, No. 158 Water Street, New-Yoxk, Well-Known and. Celebrated Branlll! or. VIRGINIA '. TOBACCO, Virginia State, Globe, Continental, 1 Metropolis, Etc., Etc., Also, all kind o f PLUG-,.TO::FS.A.OCO B. A. BRUSSEL. LICHTENSTEIN & CO. KREMELBERG &: CO., lfEWTORK, F. L. BRAUNS&: CO., BALTIJIORE, Tobacco Commission Merchants. Sevei-al brantlclofLlcortce Paste, dirutimpcf"ttr con"tantly on h!!nd1 a1uJ for aale1 in bond er dQ\J ?aid, in lots to suit purchasers. 62-114 CLEMENT READ, .lBD Dn.LEJL IN VIRGINIA AND WESTERN LEAF ..urn IVLA N U F A 0 T U R E D T 0 13 A 0 C 0 LICORICE, CUM, etc., M-10' No. 85 Pea.rl-street, N.Y. MOSIS OT't'INGDt, !!.u 0-rm:an, Louls.,1lle, Ky .. OTTINGER & BROTHER, KENTUCKY. Tobacco Commissson Merchants,. 133 Water-Street, e Comer of Pine l'fEWYOR.K. Have constantly on band an assortment or all grades ot Tobacco :Cor E5:port. and Home Oouumptlon..,. J. H. F. MAYO, (La.te of Rlchmond, Va.,) 11 roa 'I'HK IU.l.l: o Leafand Manufactured Tobacco, 87 Water Street, New-York. reapectfully eollclt.ed au.d ord. .. promP\l:J llld. 81-1011 DOMJlSTIC .A.ND FOXEUh'V LEAF TOBACCO. Liberal ca1h 1\dvanees made on conalgnmenta of Lea"f md Manufactured Tobacco. 61-108 ECCERT, DILLS & CO., DOMESTIC and Importers of SPANISH TOBACCOS, 142 Wate r Stteet, New York nrBrancb, 82 West Second street, Cincinnati, Ohio, JOSEPH HICKS,. Commission Merchant, 4JID DaAJ.D llf MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, JJo. 82 Water-Street. E l'fEWYOR.K. B. C. BAKER, SON & CO. Tobacco and Cotton factors, AND Merchants, No. I 42 Pearl Street, BoW][AN c. BAKER, NEW YORK. li:DWIN )\1. BAh"ER, JoHN VAN AllRINoz, B.A.K:r:Rtlio Co. New York. ):J.l-86) LJincinnati. 1!1:. NOKTON. Taos. J, SW. UGDTJ Commission Merchants,. .1...-,.D DZALllllS IN .ll.L MSCRll"'''IOKS OP Ji.eatuek-, and VIJ'Irlnla I:JAF TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO, :No.3 W,illiam Street, "" 197, NEW YORK !: ....... fi NewYort. Clear IIUillu!acturers pa.rlioularly favored. SAW iEB, W ALLAOE & CO., CHIS. B. FILLENSniN & SONS, ..._..loa llero uts, TOBACCO .And Jio. 47 Broad Street, Commission Merchants, NEW 129,.PEARL STREET, N.Y. 91 'Water Street, (Between Pearl and Water Streets.) NEW-YORK. I W11. II ..,.,.,_ r.A.Jnlfll. ....__ BROTHERS, ., r .A .AND GENERAL FIELDING, GWYNN & co., l'lliOU. GUU>OJll,.;u,,...., F .A, db QQ., 118 Pearl St. ; Hanover Square, N'ew York. STROHN RBTZENSJEIN, COTTOII: TOBACCO FACTORS N. !, 1 )WE'\VYORE.:..._ __ _, AND Tobacco and Cotton Factors Do M'E'S'T I c J. H. BERGM:Amf. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AND Nos. 70 and 72 Broad Street, General Commission Merchants. FOREIGN TOBACCO, COMMISSION MERCHANT, :ND"GV' 'YOJE.'l.3!E. 7T 176 FRONT N.y. pri-oR'l'Bll AND WHOLBSAJ,.B Dlt.ALEB lB Seoteb, German, andDuteh. WM. AGNEW & SONS, ROBINSON & HEARN, W1ll!All WICliE. Tobacco and Commission Merchants, WICKE. GUT I'>I.BI. ll'oreicn Domestic 26 WILLETT ST., NEW-YORK :Best Ma.terial &lld Superior Make by Self-inv:ente.d and Patented :M:a.chinery. --->Uti = ----.:.:.)?6-;_;,1 284. and 286 Front I!Jtr-t. .-"f'EW.rOBK, 172 WATER-STREET, Leaf To"baooo, ,.\.11!01 'Importer &nd Mannf'actn.ret of New-York. RATJ:OBIW.:ULLDDf poUDds. 121 & 123 FRONT STREET Gouverneur Lane, New York. l!'orctme-not, :l(poUIIdl. 1. B. :Bobluon'l lfavy, LefT b........ Hhd d B I .. .I.AA 10.. a I 0 """" ln s an a es, "'""'Girl,)( I Iaabella, 10.. ll"a.e"' u.lo all llb>do of'-' 'l'obeooo ror EXPOII'I' .... F .OR SBIF.PING. Catawba1lO.. (t&-!48) BOO lliL a-10.


-. THE TOBACCO LEA F. N.Y. Commission Merchants. New York Commission Merchants: :New York Commission Merchants. JOliN BRY.l.N CHAS. }'. TAG. DlOKSON G. WA'l'!B. WM. VIGELIUS, Leaf ROBHBT B. KHLLY & CO. ,WALTER l'J. BRAJilliALL JOSEPH W. l\lARTIN. CHARLES A. BRAlllll.ALL. BRYAN, WATTS & Co., : l 75 Pearl Street, 'NEW i:.OBK. OiASt F. TAG, IMPOllTER OF SPANISH, UD ur AJJ. UliP& AF TGR Q. .T 34Beaver Street, IJM:PORTERS OF .BRAIIH.LL & CO., mobattll QUouunissiou i\trchantst 147 WATER ST., Between Maiden Lane and Wall Street, HBW TOftS, A.GIINTS for the Sale of all Standard Brands Virginia & Nortn Carolina Manufactured. T obaca11, Tobacco and Cotton Factors, Al\'D General Commission MBrchants. 48 N'E"gV 'YC>::E'I.::B:.. HENRY MOB.RIS, 99 Pearl-street, N COMMISSION MERCHANT FOR THE SALE OF LEAF & MANUFACTURED lfO. 184 F.&OlfT-STB.EET, I BT-62 NEW-YORX. COTTON, NAVAL STORES, Etc., Etc. :1 IMPORTER AND SOJ E AGENT IN THE U. S. FOR THE "M. & M." LADY.FINGERS, GOLD BARS, TWJST, POCKET p ,fECES, 1 MAY APPLES, FIGS, GOLD &c., &c., and t;;OLI: A.GJ:N'l'S fbr the fbUowing CELEBR.iTED Bran411 of LIQUORICE ., lhuow Bu:au10. DANIEL BDBIIIO. B. & D. BENRIMO, urn n .-.:A.LitltS tlf .. nw x.r"ns or LEAF TOBACCO, l2& 9ATERB'l'REET, ,,\'fii:W-YOliE: Have on sale all klndl of LEAP TO!IACC() for EXPORT ... llOJIIE USE UWIIDW"O..US. LEVY & NEWGASS, Commission Merchants, -i:ucticnt and Harana LEAF TOBACCOS AND SEGARS.. N<>. 173 WA.TERSTRE'IfT, U-UI NEW-YORK. JOHN T. HARRIS & CO., :rOBACCO Merchants, ')SO J!'RONT-BTREET, NEW-YORK. :londod WanlloUBO 'IIdrty-octond DIItrlol.. J Ollli81Tea,or Omtelponde!1111 ill !ltmlpe. H. WHITTAM, Plug, Twist, & Fancy Tobaeco, AliD ...... Commission Merchant, NO. 349 PEABL-BTREET, Nevv-York. A. OABJ>o&O CO., Tobaeeo & Cotton F actors, A.D General Commission Merchants, No. :Froni-street, New--York. F&f"D. DIOSI'. 'M, & E. SALOMON, Ill!'OaDS OJ' Havana Segars.: LEAF TOBACCO, WEST INDIA F.&O,D'UCE, lllo. 86 Jllaid.en-lane, l!rew-York. litOMTZ B.4.LOW01f. EXJ.};'U&L ESPECIALLY OF T:t{E MARK DE BRAEKELEER & -FOOTE, MANUFACTURERS OF Partagas, Espanola, La Bosa, SOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE CELEBRATED DRANDS ( HYACINTA, EL EL CONTESTO. STREET;. WHIL & GO., r Pi:n.e S-tree-t, 66 IMPORTERS OF HAVANA Bnd YARI MA:NUJ!' .A.CTUBERS OF THE CELEBRATED RAILROAD MILLS HACCOBOY, FRENCH ltAPPEE, SCOTCH A:ND LUNDYFOOT SIIUFFS. -..; MACCOBOY AND FJ,tENCH SIIUFF FLOUR. to IF .l.LSO XANUlfACTlT.BERS OF THE FINEST BRANDS O'f SMOKIN8 TOBACCOS, CI8ARS, AND PURE POWDERED LICORICE. ... .'"' \.,1133 WATER AND 85 PINEtSTB.DTS, ('"-.../' 1NEW-YORK DU 1811 & VANDERVOORT, A OATMAN, COMMISSION MER'cHANTS, suceeRsor to FOR tn'E SALE OF L -' ....&... Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, "' OATMAN & REID, AIID MERCHANDISE, Wate1 Street, NEW YORK. all styics And qualit ies dihest.,,manufuctor.lcs of for so l e or AY'ANA .. llD' J)EOJSB llll DOMEST.IO s M OK N 0 T 0 B A c c 0 = .. THO.AS & OLIVER'S BILLY BUCK, "K," VA. l3J;LJ..E, STAR, SOCIABLE, ROSE, OLIVE, OWL CLUB,: SIGNET, GOLD BUG, D. C. MAYO & CO.'S VIRGINIA'S CHOICE, PIONEER of the OLD DOMINION, OROtlOKO, G. Pi PRESCOTT'S GOLDEN STAR, CASCARILLA, CROWN. .Always on hand full lines of Smoking in bulk, and GENUINE PERIQUE. For these ELEGANT PIPfS J ARE PLACE-D DA.flrY IN THE TARIOUS PACKAGES I. LORILLARD'S YACHT CLUB SMOKINO TO'BA"CCO: Yacht Club Smoking Tobacco IS SOLD BY .ALL RESPECTABLE DEALERS. GUMS, BEANS, OILS, HAVANA SUGARS, ETC., ETC. Certificates of the MORRIS M. &. M." BRAND will be shown from the leading m .. ufacturera in Richmond, Lynchburg, Petersburg, Danville, Va., Brooklyn, St. louis, louisville, Covington, Pi _ttsburg, Canada, Australia, and California. .. r-' TJTR'ElRAL CA.IHI ADVANC'RJS MADE ON CONBIGN:M'EN;t'B. PLAT'J' l. HOLLANDER & SOl,\{ WI@ T COLEMAN a. CO., OX: o.EJ .A. o o o Commtss1on Merchants. CoDliills'ston New York: ] San Francisco: HAVANA in and out of '1 No. 11 '1 Front Street Cor, California & Front Sts 147 W'a-&er S'P'eet. j Agents in San Francisco f o r Sale of VIRGIN1A lllANUFACTURED TOBACCO. ,.. 0 When we commenced packing money in this brand the sa1esw' er.e comparatively money NEW YORK. LORIL LARD'S Varjouo o f SMOKING TOBACCO. was more frequen tly found. Now that the sale of it ha Increased very largely ln eve ry section of the country YACHT CLUB. See special the monw ;.--. mllll')' think 't-is ..Uo LORILLARD'S SIESTA. This is composed of tlta continned-; Sl h th r l\1 1867 b est bright Virgi$',' posseii.Bing the full. ftavor t nee t e 18 0 ay, .' the natural leaf. OVER >$20.000, L "'"''S lllA.GD" ""'" brl hi mild W in 'United Stafes notes 'Of various denomiMtions, wdre LORIL ...,._...,, a very g P bacoo acked In papers of ..t.a. CENTURY TOBACCO. LORlLLARD' STAR?FTHE WEST, Wlj: HAVE DISCQNTINUED, a low-pnced tobacco or very supen01: Bnt will keep on packing qualtty $100 DULY LORILLARD'S EUREKA. Is pronOllDCed by all ... bavo !ll!ed it best low-priced tobaccu ID&IlllliiQo We are reports pan:1es, m trued. both tM cty and counor, w o Mve !OUND GREENLARD'S 'lUBEROSll: 8 dar!< BACKS all o f whom assert that as1de from all extr LORIL endlsh 1 ul br"" induccmp!l);s cut from Cav p ug, a very pop ar ...,. 111. THE CENTURY '!'OB coo tho 'Now Englud Statu. IS THE BEST! LORILLARD'S-wHITEPUFF,llgbto.ndmild,agqcil .. lowprlced tobacco \11 paJ1crs are now scaled, thus secn..rrng to the con ILLARD'B CUT VIRGINIA PLUG. This Ill a umer the en4re contenw LOR p LORILL A.R"D new brand lately mtroduced and from the constant-l6, 1 8 20 et. ly increasing demaod, is highly appreciated in all parts of the connt.ry. NevrYor LORILLARD'S GENUINE IJIIPORTED TURXISH'_ We are now importing genuine Tnrkub leaf, whidr. L MONE Y CENTURY TOBACCO. The originality of tbls enterprise has caUedlorth a wide spread criticism from the prese. The pnblic have looked upon lt in various fways-somc it in good spirit, as an of princely liberality on the part of the proprietors; others looking upon it as a reckless and useless expenditure oC money, whiJ e Eome few prono11nce it a hnmbng; but the people generally, who bave purchased the Tobacco, nnd who have found it a good article, are fully con>inced that I bey bave re celved value for their money; while thO&e wer fortunate enough to tlnd Greenbacks bad tbe increased satisf11ction of securing a good articlo of tobacco and a prize in addition. THE CEFTUR has, wit.bin a very few months become, a most popular bt:and o r tobo.cco. Jn all sectl.ons o! the country, wher ever it is introduced, its increased demand is stlffi.ctent C\o"idence of its enccess. It is mannfa.ctared with great We..cnt..onflieiTeB, and. pack in various sized wood drnme, which enables us to 11ell it much.lowet: tban that imported already cut; we can safei:J' guarantee tilat thfs tooaceo will give universal' satisfaction, We ore many other brands too nldJier, ous to mention, alJ of which we reboromcnd to. ers 1\'ld to the. trade genenllly iP. LORILLARD, 16, 18, and !0-cbamers et. N.Y. .,. L ORIL;_LARD'S SNp-FFS. Are too long and !mown to neci comment; it will su111ce to say that the qno!ity ill unvaried, thai; they are alw&f8 reliable, and now what they haTe been for the ):l&Bt ceatng,. THE ONLY S'FANDARU S).'l;FFS IN Tllll: COU!'TRY. 0 TA 1 care from selections of cboice old l eaf, nnd entirely free As many parties are reftlling our jara with a aparlou' '1lele. we advloe purcbase111 to ex amine the packages IWd satisfy themelves that ou labels are not from any deleterious drugs. All good judges of tobacco LOR.ILL.A.RD I nnan_imousl! it THE BEST, and .we are de. termJDed to spare DO expense IA.Its mnnnfllcture, lmt, if possible, increa!!e our efforts to make it the STANDARD :16, :18, and 20 Chambers S,f;reet, N. Y. I BRAND OF THE DAY. .; P. W LINDHEIM 1JROS. & CO.,'. and Commission Merchants, ENGRAVING. AND PRlNilNG ') tABELS GREEN FIElD : & CO ., 6 1 Beaver Street, NEW-YORK. Orders for Tobacco &Dd Colton carefllll7 uecule!. 113-16-i P. LOIULLA.RD, 16, 18, and 20 Chambers st., N.y.:_ CHARlES, T. SEYMOUR,# te-af DrlVHA, IX &.Jill Ol'l' tli!' 18.9 PEARL STREET, N.Y. G. HEINEKEN & PALMORE, 18 1IJNII 'l!&reet, New tell. l!peclal -ttl! pa1a to tho oole nt lAIC T...._ Cot.ton, and JJbefa advaueea aranted. UNKART & Co:ininission Merchants, .AI.D DUUIUJ Ill ALL EDriD& 01' SEED-LEAF TOBACC 166 Fulton Street, :N'EW-YORK. i VIRG c. ciTY TC)aAoco ACENCY, JOHN. 1. sMITH a. soN, Leaf Tobacco, Glio. w108 FHJLROliTL:::-NT, ::wc-Yoork. Cotton & Tobacco 16e Water-Sreet. I, L. OASSEmr. 11. L. GASSEUT, ,. J. L. GASSERT & BRO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS M. H. LEVIN, lliPO .. n: Cf' 1 1 mH ., F Ac-roRs 220 New-voRK. UD .AQarrl J'O!l 'I'D B.U.!l OJ' AND General Commission Merchants, H .. mESSENGER & CO., 4r Bf'Oad street, x. Y. -FOR;8NiiiiM'oncioaACCO, M:A.l'RJJI' A.lTI1BBD :I'OBA.CJ(JO, BaTe always on band a l&rp auorlment. of Kannfac t.uftd Tobacco. Jor l&le oD Uberal terms. L.W.G"""""'II, Baltimore. F. WK. TATGEN'JJOR!T, New York. L I 0 ;-R I 0 E L W. OUNTHER &. CO., Tobacco & General Commission "' Ill A 1111 DIDBJf-lo&lO, "(, 0 :1: G-.P :1: E" :m &, ..... u --. ........ ..__ ;Jed, lUG IDULD8 111 YORK. DO!JISTI() LBA.J AND I!NllJACTURED TOBACCOS. ltle leftlnrs ol B, .L Ch&pliiiiD'S Paelblg. 61>-90 162 W11.ter-stnet, New-York. 111 AlWHBTUET, PHILADELPHIA. NDED WARJfi'ROUBE, rwr .!ftJU'O!._ NA.TURAL LEAl!', ORIENT&L, g VIRGINIA SEAL, OJi'J! 1 XX GOLDEN (JROWN, LYNCHBURG, X GOLDEN (JBOWI\'1 TURIUSH TOBA.C .K J'LL!lCKI!IIICK, ()0, -PA.CIFJ(J..t.TION, BULLY BOY, Z <>z.' Pouches, In Bulk, 5 lb .. lib,, lb., and 1<1 lb.Ralee aud llqs, and 1 lb. Ponchu, SEND. FQR A PRICE LIST. TJw f;'Ubscri.bers wie.b to guard,.. their customers the deception of ve.Tiens persons using a J Ln"bel i ll hnitation of theirs, and offering ror very inft.!rior tobacco, 11 .. <\.U Goods tu Boll<] au

THE TOBACCO LEAF JlALTIMORE ADVERTISEMENTS 1\.i)t)Ctti.5C1llCUf.5. "HARTFORD ADVERTISEIIENTS. -----------------Ill. H. VETTERLEIN. CH8. A. MEURER. THEO. J VEl'TERLEIN. B. T. VET TRLEIN. --------------------------------------------0 H BOD MANN'S H B d & 8 o. B. ADAMS & oo., ARLES I D .. DE FORD & CO., enry esu en ro., 37 sou-rn: GAY STREET, BALTIMORE rnspectlon&LeafTobaccoWarehonse D .. ---c z o.. A :a.. s, No& 57 69, 61,& 63 Frcnt & 62 6"-& 66 -C 0 fl1 0 N MERCHANTS o.uLv Cbewlag, Smoktag, and Lear LEAF TOBACCO, Philadelphia, Pa., For the Sale of Manufactured and Leaf Cigars, etc. D. HIEATT, CHAS. BODMANN, s D GooDWDI f .... ..... __ d, c 181 Inspector. Proprlotor. .......-wuc Oli.Jl. .GEORGE B. BARNES, 161, 163, & .Pearl-street, BaHimore Steam Snuff Milt 1 F. L. BRAuNs & co.! -. 11 CHEAPSIDE, COMMISSION MERCHANTS IN 0. BRJ..SHUR!. ( COlQIJ:B OJ' KLII:.TRIIET), P.lCIU 4BD D.ul.D II' Connecticut SeedLeaf R & co BALTIMORE, MD_., BALTIMORE. T 0 B A C C 0 Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, G. SON1 Tobacco Commission CINCINNATI. } Domestic and Imported Segars. th. e oldeot etabllahed manuiactory sooth ot 11-1\' '""'"'"-bating all tbe lalest iq>proved,.. 00 "'" \"'''" "''"""'"""' TOBACCO, United States chmery necessary to the bu@iness. we are enabled to offer SNUFFS unexcelled In quality, .,.,d ot prlces os low or lower than any other cstablitilinient and soHclt Uoe patrollllge of tbe public geDcrally. F. W. oLII C'MJ'B-lfD IUCCD.!OB TG F. H. BISCHOFF'S, pr-Consigners can forward their stocks without prepaying the tax. Deutscher AND OTHER CHOIOE BRANDS, 90 & 9:! lilouth Cho.rletreet, _:III::__ _________ .. l.Tl:M:O R E. B. F. PARLETT & W'U O L!i.:" ALl: Dt";.'\!..F. fb tf'i J RL'ULDO 8Aif_K_. _M._A_nB_EY_. ______ BIN A.LDO SANK & MANUFACTURED Tobacco Commission Merchants, Leaf and Smoking Tobaccos. llo. 3t N. a. No. 30 N.Delawareave., Philadelphia. SEGARS, ETC., Commission Merchants for Safe ot Same .-J:. UNITED STATES BONDED VIT.A.REH:OUSE92 LOMBARD & 5 WATE.[l.ST B. P'. ., litcd States Bonded Warebonse, First GBllection District, Pennsylvania. Ma COURTNEY, WOODWARD & CO., G ... Tobacco and General Commission Merchants TOBAcco, No. 47 North Water St. and No. 48 North Delaware Avenue. Mannfactnred Tobacco and SB[ars, PHILADELPHIA:, p.A_, 202 W, 'PRA'('fST,, "llll:O. a wooDWARD. 61 Bll.ltimm'" BOYD. .A.BTHUR R :J'OUGJIRAr, 'WJ(, C. rBASB. 'lliaUed. Statetl Bonded Warebon...,, BOYD, FOUGERAY l CO.J .AID WBOLaA.L D&1LDS or LEAF AND MA.NUF AO'l'lJB.ED 'Tobaccos, Segars, Etc., -..n A.Jentl for the ule of COamecticut lleed -le&f Tobllcco, t Nordl Tlllrti-.c., Pllktla4elph1a, 11DCIIOR, M'CAMMQit A CO., ., TOBACCO .. IN ALL DESCRIPTIONS OJ" tg the Government Tax. 1i ;BURGESS & BRO., o TOif'ACCO Merchants, J &OLJI. J..GU'l'S J'Oa DOHAN &_..TAITT, J obacco Merchants, fIt N. Water St., ad !8 N. Delaware An., K. I. JNO. T, TA.nT, IT PHILADELPHIA. BECKER & BROS., Wholeoale Deal-Ill &II k1Dd1 of LEAF TOBACCO, SEGARS, 94 Lombard-8treet, (near Light,) BALTiliiGBB. Cotlii\&DIIy Oil boaC a larp .,..,. .. _, o/ c....-aad RT&D& Tobaccot. 81 Jos. sosiO.iiJm. A. Ntoousao. JOSEPH stRROEDEB & CO., JACOB MARINER Commloslonandwholeoalede&!eroln ... Leaf and Manufactured e:m .GA.Rs, Tobacco and tJigars, Ul> WB:oLBSALJ: DULIIB I!!: No. 81 Exohange Place, Leaf and Havana Tobacco.J ::a.a..x..orxl!WEo::n.:m. Ito. 138 N. THIRD STREET. r J Richardson G. W. B i shop W B. Haight. lPHILADELFHIA, V, S, BONDED WAREHOUSE, J. RICHARDSON & CO., Internal Revenne Eonded w areholl8e TOJ::JAOOO No, 45 W.ESX LOMBABD SXB.EET, .... BALTIMORE, M.D. G I C M h liWlufactorers can forward their Tobacco In Bond wltb U. S. Bonded Warehouse No. I, Direct Importers or the b rand FLB C aod NM F C Llcoriee Pa&e. Ji',)r le, Itta ault bond or dut.y Jlatd No. 46 Walnut-street, Cincinnati. WM. A. BOYD &. 00., aa.,ancu"" .. , 202 l'.tttf anb, Bmmfadurtb J o lfN D U DDT. J II, mr COM.ISSIO.N MERCHANTS, JOHN DUDDY & CU., WJI .A.. BOYD. _. 'W1L A. BOTD, .rL 11. 8, liOlVDl!lD W.A.BEROUBE, 62-81 Commission Merchants S O R 'l'H.IC SJ.Ut Oli' a. LOOSE & _co.. 74-99 ijtnhacio 'ommission w. H. GLORE JR. c. o. GLOM. J. A. P. GLORE & BROS., .Um DEALERS lK Md. Be Ohio Lea AND No. 52 south Charles sa., Baltt.;.ore. hlllllllil.aiollll S. W. GAIL. AX. G. W. GAIL&AX, ..... (> OFFICE of; STOBEBOOMS, 4.'7 VINE STREET, C!NCIKNA Tl. 01110. .J.A.JI!:! 'B. OASET. DIA.L EllS I Y OHIO, KENTUOKY, MISSOURI, & VIRGINIA Lt!Af TOS4CC03t No. 3 9 Race-street CINCINNATI, 0. 11 NEW-YORK BRANCH KROHN, FEISS & KUI'tl'P.I.C!'118DS Or SEGARS AND TOBACCO And Importers ot .. lil(leerschaum and Brier Plpce AND ALL SMOKERS' ARTICLilS 58 WEST FOURTH STRUt fVhtwiug M 0 R R IS _____ c_in_o_il'tn..ti, Ohio. AND SNUFF _..,....._ lmpol'tel'l or ancl Dealel'l In Ciga..., Pipes, Snuff boxes, eto., NO. 28 BARRESTREET, Baltimore, X4. --DEPOT-with Gn. Ax I; Kucm.:a., Noo. 1'11 ... Water..,keot, New-York. 11-tl L. W GUNTHER, CENERAL Commission Merchant, .ND 'I'OB&lCO II' AlTTil, No. 90 Lombard-street, (O .. d"""' of El DEALER nr LEAF ToBAcco, Commission Merchants omee, No. "" Weat Front Street, J!'t>r the Purcl&a8e and Sale of Opp osit e Suop e iU'lon !3rldge, OHIO SEED and KENTUCKY LEAF CINCINNATI. OHIO. HENRY MEYER, COMMISSION MERCHANT, And Who l e sal e D ea l e r In oHIO & CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBACCO, 381 Main St., Cincinnati, 0. RICH_.. aD lU..LL.L Y. .Jan:s li.U.LAT. J. T. F. A : PBAGtTE. W. 1, DtJ!tn......_ Jlo 238 State-street, H.olRTII'ORD, <;ONN. L D BA.U. HAAS BROTHERS: III.Wal81J1 CONN. SEED: LEAF TOBACCO, .. um lllltl'FACf'lfllERS OP C:J:G-A.R.&. Mtdn-Sirut, H.&RTJFORD, (l0l'flr. D. W. _KING, AGENT. Seedleaf Tobacco, 184 STREET, l.J.41 ______ H:..::a.:...:rtfi.:..:.ord, Conn. H. & Z. K. PEASE, DLI.UU IW CONNECTICUTl Seed-leaf Tobacco, and _,. State-street, liAll'I':J'OJUJ, J()Jrll', L. .il.OWOlf, a, 9 1..-vw'. SALOMON & DE LEEUW, DI:J.LJ:M llf COIOIJ:CTICUr SEED-LEAF TOBACCO,' .&lm IU.lfUUO'I'O.D&S O No. 6 Asyllnnetreet, near Main llABUOllD, OOR \.'OlOECTIClJT OED-LUI' bacco WarehGase, 159 and 161 Commerce-street, EULRTFORD,OONN. -Parlleula aUotloD pa14 10 tile parehdlo, ,.ellbll, a1 oarin& of ,.... leat oo oolllllllooloD. D, M. SEYMOUR. -FULLER, CJo-lal Jlert,bata ad Dealen b .........._. .------.......-.. Seed Leaf,Tobacco, -CI ,-:, .... B. Mallll's "Penn Works;" ... Y Williams & Oo.'s "Globe Tobacco Works," U SOUTH DELAWARE-.I.VU11E1 Philadelphia. en era OIDilllSSlOn ere ants, outl'REP.O.YINQ the Government Tax. No. 39 North Water Street, r.o011 OJDD. lWIDuio" WILDliS. e110. EllliCKBOPl'. oao. :r. oKVBliUft R.llallay&B:ro., D EA.L&llS IN Kenton Tobacco Warehouse, J. T. SULLIVAN & CO., 214 S'!'A'rE ,-'. -:------P _HIL_ A n _EL_ P m.--A. LOUIS GIESKE & CO., G. KERCKHOFF & CO, WIVU.liOOU, _.llOOBL WROLBSALE DBALEBS I!( l t i g lJ ,l{ t til; IDpeelloa .. 1Dl .. lon sale SISSON &. HATHAWAY, Paeke:rs and, Dealers In e s. & J. MOORE, .urn DllLDS nr Q!louu. Jttd T 0 B A C C 0 l [F i @) No. 49 Sootb Otarles Street Nos. liS and 117 Wetl LEAF TOI;IACCOS,. Connecticut Seed Leaf Haw.,,. Jlaeo and Elm, ODicnnJATI. 0, Greenup-street, CovlnKton. Ky. TOBACCO' ; .GEYER & IDSS, (Sueseo,. to :M1111011a, AnzLo 1t1 Co.) .TOBACCO I 4JID Commission'. Merchants, Commission Merchants, Bo. 121 :wttt tombard Street, .nA:LTil\-ioBE. ua. ST. LOUIS TOBACCO WOUS. {r'.;:N: :=:. LEGGAT,HUDSONt&L_CO 13 4 Main Street,. HARTFORD, CONN. 107 North Water-street, JSAL'l'IKOBE. 8i N._J:'l:ont, PHF.Lt\.DELPHIA. 'tELLER BROTHERS, .,"'( (lbxeuort to T&LLBR, ANA.THAN & 00. ,) Whol .. ale Dea'-'6 in 1 LBAF TOBACCO AND SEGARS_ llo. I 1 7 North Thlrd Street, PHILADELPHIA. PHILADELPHIA. J A.JM:ES X.rtheast C o r. Thira and :Raoe Stl!., SEGAR MANUFACTURER, AND DJtALER lN Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, SNUFFS, PIPES, ETC. Faetory: 1921 CallowJUll Street, 180-181 PHIL.A])ELPHIA. ll.r II E 0 N L Y JIICBAEL W .A.RTIIAlf )[.lMUP&CTURBR8 OP TUB f J tl R d (llucceosor to BOLDIN & W ABTKAN,) us y enowne 'LT 0 :a .A. 0 0 0 YAAA "YOUNG AMERICA. Yara "Our Hobby,'' General Oom.mission Merchant, 10$ Jl, Water St., od 106!i. Delaware .An., I ara "Ll ttle _Ones PHILADELPHIA. E. MEGRAW & co.; Scotch Tobacco fINE RS, Lear, Segars. AK O OTliEll Bl\ANDS OF A RALPH C U1VI01VFACTOBY,!I8and55Randt. BATCHELOR BROTHERS 0., BAJUIERWOU:IIandOFFICE,SlSt. Clair-tt :137 N Tilii'd. St., and iS N. Seeond St. No. cs Arch St., PHILADELPHIA. 0 .Pl'RTS.B11R.Go 'J>4 ?ln:r pHILADELPHIA. tr Se;nd for a Price List a c. Gunt.!M. M. J omLPHIA, :Pa, ---.A.. H. THEOBALD, WM EISENLOHR, WARREN & BURCH, : TO::B.A.OCO .um OP ALL DKDB or DEALER IN & E Leaf Tobacco, SPANISH AND DOMESTIC AND Ala. f&ar 'tobacco, Chfiwin( Tobacco, SBI.I11', MANUF OF CIGARS, !Meerschaum and Brier Pipes, 137 South Tenth Street, Particular atteDtlon gtven to an CODI!iJlDlllonts, and prompt retu::' Jl;.. Vii. oar. Third and. l'Opl&r 1111., Pllila.delphia. PHILADELPHIA, JOSHUA HUNT, E. L. WJTTHAUS, POWELL & WEST' monm _.;u >rA:-;urcT Ul!El\OF HAVANA and UOMfSTIC StGARS \ { .NO. 207 RACE-STREET, !Je, 28 Soatb Front Street and i9 Letitia Street, ANn DHLR3IN "0'1.-' \ .\, \. v PHILADELPHIA. Leaf ancUianufactured Tobacco, \'-''-\.(\., Consignments Ctf Tobacco and Segars aollclwd. .,.. ir Depot tor B. Wilken& &JCo,'a :llaJUIDore Rererhyperm!soion to 116 WESTMINSTER STREET, _....__ Tubacco. 1leaers. DoiU.If & TAITT, Philadelphia. 1 Curry & Riclulrds' Btlilding, ProYidenoe, R. 1. llclun. A. 8. Blleu:a.&.llll & c.,. New York. JOHN BRAMH, to BRAJD:lll: _,. BROTHERS, 28 Atlantic-at., Brooklyn, OJ' ALL JUBDII 01' -.cnt Chewing; and Smoking Tobacco, I SJIG.AllS, Snllfi'.._ NEVIN & MILLS, Tobapco Manufacturers, f93 'ana 195 J elferson-avenull) ,. e KIIGSLEY & .CO., Manofacturem and Deall!ll! In Domestle and the CELEBRATED 1 UPANUP CICARS, PLUG A.ND CUT TOBA.tCOS, Together with a geoel'ftl assortment o f .PIPES and SMOKERS' ARTICLES No. D WeemC718ter St. P.......Wenee, B. I L KINGSLEY -SIMRI SMITH, E. W. DUKEHART & SON, CELEBRATED IUNUFACTUIIEBS OF EVERY GRADE OF Fine Cut a Sm.okfng TOB'!A.."'cco. Our apeoia.l Brr.'nda: Fine Out, GTI.T EDGE, BEAUTY, Smoking, DIGLBSIDE1 ](OBTllA O.Jif-an4 8alu Boom, cor. Beeo714 ..,.., Yolne Bu., ST. MO. I 126 138. TOSACGO Commission Warehouse, H. B. wn..cox,( MANUFACTURERS, No. 29 South Calvert Street, BALTIMORE, MD. Mound City Tobacco Wor\ts. c.& R. OORMITZER & CO., Nos. 169 and I 71 Front-at.,) LO'UIIVILLB AJIVE:&TIDIIDTB. D 0 A T L I N FIVE BllOTHDB TOBA.CC(rWORX:S. .,._, ... .,. .... .,...,...,..,,o ,, JOHM mtta, ..... --;;;-.., ...., '"'"" Fm' A c t a h & s ki &UDOl.PK .IIIUR, IICIOUOU.S r!NUR, 0 u I eWing, mo .ng JOHN RNZER A BROS., Tobacco, Killick.inick, etc., .owro.umnaas"' l'le. 168 Nenll Second l!itreet, Vlrclala, ana l'llbonrl lW ST LOUIS HO WUOLESALK DBA.LEBS IN L f T b & C HA:aT!'OllD, CoDD.. ea o acco 1gars, Smoktn(; & Chewlnc Tobacco, I; JOSEPH S. WOODBUFF1 und All Kinds of Smokers' :n.U.D 111 Articles, Market Street, bet. 2d and 3d Streets, ST. LOUIS, MO. Connecticut Seed-leaf; PLUCI TOBACCO, No. 13 Thil'4-atreet, I.ouiiVille, Ky. VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY. iHI "xv. ADAMS, G IBBR. & co.;' TOBACCO, -HARTJI'GRDt-(lGI!fl'. U.S. Bonded T obacoo Warehouse No. I, C M $ S Q C H JS L. WOODWORTH, DEALER l:N Connecticut Seed Leaf CEO. W. WICKS a. CO., Manufacturers' AB"fl!S for sale or ) VIRGINIA, MISSOURI, and KENTUCKY TO::EI.A.CCO, ALSO DEALZRS -xN _,LEAF. AND CIGARS, 202 Main Street, bet...,een 34 ..,_,.JLu;,u;;an ocVe., Chica:;o, II. 'Wo mal;;:o a Specialt-y o:C V .l.rglul a Tob.,c co. P. Lorillard's Western Branch. F -OY_ & K -EYS, 21. 'f State Stt'eet, ,L/ I' HARTFORD, Conn. R. A. CHAPMAN, TOBACCO, sitUfFRIID" CICARI, 85 South Wate'P Stt>eet, CHIC A. GO,. IU. ; Tobacco, EAST HARTFORD,COB.N. ... 5 t h DISTRICT, KENTUCKY. SANDHAGEN BROS., "'76 TOBACCO WORKS." J. S:IGNOB, FRANCKE & ELLER Who. l e sale Deal e r s in all kinds of TO::EI.A.CCO SEED. LEAF TOBACCO E.C.lll}:JllR!Y,IateofVanHorn,Hnrra,yoi;Co. .. ......... .um nr COJ[])IISSION MERCHANTS MIH MASON,late of Walt k Mason, c 1 Main Street, between 7th and 'sth, Al W!I:OLI S .lLB DE.U.ERS IM Leaf and Manufactured TOSACCOt llAV.llU l'B.IJi()IFE, AlfD DOllESTIO OIGARB. Jdeencttaam. anct BrlaT J:ltpes, and BmOken' Artlcl GeneraUy BxclulnlyWholesale 31 aad 91 Broad ... aree&. Botoa. M Bkn. JJ' ASR & BRO.NASn. A: A. ECKLEY, Leaf Manufactured TOBACCO BROKERS, LEAF AND MANUFACTURED Cot'. Main and BUllitt Sts., TOBACCO v \LOUISVILLE, KY.\ NO. 12 CENTRAL WHARF; 'lEST OF GIVEN. BOSTON. FISHER & CO., merclinntS i Commission Merchants, C J.Jn) I OBD ... OP ss CJlBftAJ. wu.P. onnectiGnt SeedLeaf Tobacco,' Fa.ur0111 X.liDD, HotunN.FI ...... JoiDI N. li'IaBD.. NO. 90 RAJIPDEli-BTRBETv -: BOSTON HIS'SDJ.LE S:V:ITli t J. 1'. Bmwut.. l (95-120) Spr1qftel4, Xue. &: CALDWELL, SOLE AGENTS ;y G. ,W. GRAVES, I'OB THE P..l.CEft AJO) DULKB IlC' Celebrated .Brands of Manufactured FiD.e Connecticut SeedLeaf Tobaooo, PILOT AND EACLE. r C C 0 t 1 COMMERCI! STRI!ET AtiD 13 CiTY WHARF, Danbury, Conoectlcut. w!LL

5outijern L olidls ordersjrom.'D .Adilress:NP7Pearl St;.lliihmond. Va. MILLS & RY ANT, Tobacco Brokers & General Commission Merchants, Offtce in ;Tobll.cco ';.xchange, Shockoe Slip, Richmond, Va, Refer by tQ F'. IB. UVEY, l'tl!'l'idenL of the Na.1lonal Bmk, Rit.:hm nAd, Va..; .f AMES THOMAS, Jr., Esq R\t:hmont;l, V&. S. C or the PhLotera' B&nll:, VII.. i Meesrs. R. )IESSE'SGEU. S; CO., and 1GS M"idt:olau.-, New-Yo &: JOHNSON & TUO:\tPSON, 158 Doston. s. R.APP Mun.u!a.cture'!. of t h e !allowing choice and well-known Ernnrls of VIRCINIA SMOKINC TOBACCOS m CREEN SCENE, LONC JACK, TURitTSR STRAIGHT GUT, LII.TAII:Ih JI(AYFLOW:i!R, VIRGINIA PRWE, OR&NGE !'LOWER, &l"OlU' FACTOH.Y: N,... 1-l ... Rle)ll1hon4l V.. DEPOT AllD Oli'PICE: No. '75 Folton_.,tree&,NeWltork, ONION J_ Establlshed 1839. ::S:.ARDGE.OVE, Only to THOMAS & SAMUEL HARDGROVE, Ian:ufaeturer, and Owner of tl&e fol.lowi.Jt(l lwanda of VIRCINIA PLUC TOBACCO : DARK. I I LIG-HT. T!IE liEST, I PEACH, SWEET ROSE, i CUA..."L'tlER, INDISPBNSABLB, WARD, V AlUETY, RARE RIPE, TWIN BROTHERS, BARROW. ELEPHANT. Main Strut, between 26th nsTEAn's jnstly celebrated HICHLANDE"" DJOK TATER," and "RED ROVER" SMOKINC TOBACCO. Fllrnioh 1t 'In any style and qllllltlly to suit J. W. CARROLL, Sole Manufacturer of the FamouS' and World renowned Brands of Virginia S!Jloking Tobaccos, LONE JACK and BROWN DICK, JOHN W. STONE, l93 Main-street, Lynohburji;, Va,, VIRClNIA LEAF TOBACCO. A.llo 1daautacturer of the following Cs: ex l!lanldlttU>&ory, 12111. Slreet. Jlrandt of -uo: LYNCHBURG, VA. IWEET SQNGSTB!l, GOLDiN 18 )lAir, aDd othera. o.aers reopeetflll]y solicited &nd promptly attended to. McCORKLE l BOWMAN: 'J. A. R 0 B I N 8 0 N F I i AC c 0 s' l'IIA.NUPACTUBEB OP THE J:)ELEBRA TED BRANDS OF VIISGINI.A. SMOKING TOBACCO, h"l"DI.A.N QUEEN, nnd JOCKEY CLUR Man.ufactory,, Seventh Street, LYNCHBURG. Y A. McDaniel, Litchfield &: Co., (Successors to XcDattlel & hby ,) General Oommiasion Merchants, No. 16 Bridge St..ut, LY.NCHBUBG, VlliGINIA, WID pay partteular attenll.on to the Bille ud purchase of llaufaetured. BmQking, &lld Leaf Tobaccos; FLOUR. GRAIN., A.ND Count'l"y Prodluce GeneraUy. Keep oonstantly on hand following brands: KcCorkle & Bowman's llcCorkle ell Bowman's u Gold Leaf," Wm .a... Bowman's ''Bolle or the l!d:lalllealpp!,:'.,faal Pittman' u Gold Lear.," J. C .Miuer'e "Fine I Oronoco," and other blandl, all ot their own manullu:ture. Olf.ce. 1:18 .JC&, M and llb. bales orponeheo, and in bulk, thus suiting the retailer and jobber. Manufactured only at the STEAM. WORKS Oli' L. L. A.RMISTEA.D, LYNCBBUBG., Y.A. 1 l HOGLEN & Q 'Wl(EBS or P.A.TEns ,JJ:D soLB M A.NUlfACTORD!.S or .._ PEASE'S CELEBRATED SELF-rEEDING TOBAtCD-CUTTING DIIME. Hundreds of th ... lalior.inlog Machlneo IIi ue Jn the bet!' hou .. e In llle COI!Dir;r &\ .. test the ?alue of thUD. l Having b een In use over four years, been thoroughly tes t ed, and mach hnproved tn an it!-prts, we cwn recommend if, t o t h e manufacturers of Tobacco as the best anrl most economical Machine for the purp o s e r.ow k nOWJl. Continuous r.o loas of bat.t more cut w \1h lub o r, more of cut, and hrithttr Toba.;.co, Uuw with rmy otller Cutter lo the worid. C Patt-n"ell in UaHed State3 Feb. l6Lh! Patented !:1 lJng lanU April 12th, 1866 Patented in France April 16th, 1866. !'ntcntm Geestemurrde, 279 hhds. from Bremen, 1 593 hhds. in the month of May. The :nost important sale was the b fi 11 and .. from total, 3,848 hhds. disposal of abou t 200. hogsheads low leaf and lugs for been 7'7 hhds. and 8 xs., as o ows: $17 50, $18 25@$19 25, and 6 boxe s at 05 bls., a9amst 4,215 hhds. 4,949 bls. last export, taken, we believe, by the buye r referred to im By Haie; Buckner & Co., $7 25@$19 75. B\ds rejected on 29 1_,'749 hnds and_ If,1.S4 bls. m 1866, for a cones our London Report, at prices which showed the holdWarehouse, 25 hhds. and 2 bxs., v1z.: hhds. at $5 60@$55, and 4 boxes at d 1 ii th f t "'''" 14 hhds. lugl!, $6 50@$9 45; 7 do. com$13 per 100 lbs. pon mg e Jg o tme. deWsirous oflrealizing A)>nut 150 to 200 hogsmoo leaf, $10 25@$11 75; 4 do. good Saturday-Market dull and heavy, !111STERDAM, July (,:_Of the different parcels of ea s estern eaf, of the common and leaf, $12 50@$13 75; 2 bxs., $9@tll without quotable change in price In Maryland :f?lacea on tlle marke t this week, there were classes, wer e als? taken for Ireland, at steady rate!'. 75. By Settle Bros., Farmers' '\Varethe nresent state of the market the disposed of 90 hhds. Transactions have been without In Western stnps the sales were unimportant, and house, 52 hhds. and 6 bxs., viz.: 4 hhds. offel"i'ngs fall considerably short of re any great activity, c hiefly on account of the enhanced for this description of tobacco the demand was only trash, &4 '75@$5 20; 21, do. lugs, $6 60 ceipts. Sales, 2'7 hhds.: 5 at $6 10@ pretensions of holders. Actual stock in firRt hands, m.oderate. _leaf is also inquired for in @$9 75; 21 do. low leaf, $9 70@$12 $6 90, 1 at $7 25, 3 at $8 25@$8 60 2 at 1,170 hhds. Maryland, 888 bls. Brazil, 1 50 do. Rio Liverpool, as :well as m London, but buyers and sell -75; 6 do. good leaf, $13@$ 14 50; 6 $9, 4 at $10 25, 3 at $11@$1125, 2 Grande, 13,844 do. Java, and 51 ceroons Havana. ers cannot agree as to price, and the sales, conseb "'24 "'14 "13 50 "10 75 25 @"' 2 50 2 t .n.15@"'15 50 1 B'HI' B 1 J quently, have been very few, and quite in retail. 0 xF., "' '" .., at .,12 25 .,1 a ., 11 11 raz I, nue 11.-0n the of the Virginia strips the stock is ver triflina and the busi$9 25; trash in boxes, $3 50@$5 at $16 75, 2 at $22 50@$24 25, a nd 2 steamer there was a very done nes s therein very limited. G!od bright Maryland& FETERSBURG, V a.. July 18.-R. at $30 50@$36, and 3 bxs. at $10, $12 50 m leaf tobacco.. About 12,000 bls. Cachoezra have continue in reque s t, but Ohios are quite neglected. Iu. A. YoUN(} & BRo., mer @$15 75. Bids rejected on J.O hhds. chan?e.d :ands our at from 5$400 to 6$300, substitutes almost no business. 'fhe imports of Arnechants and dealers in Virginia and at *5 acc<;'rdin, to maiks, quahty, and assortment. In rican tobacco during the month have been 1,415 hhds. North Carolina leaf and manufactured breaks were light, and have been sold also .about ,.0no bls. at difao-ainst 912 hhds last th b r' ""he pr1"ces b1"d be1"ncr sat1"sf:actory only t f 4 A 000 3 d t 11 "OOO fi p. te t o year-smce e eo-mnmg o tobacco, report: 1eren pricCS", rom ;J> 10r r s. 0 "' or a n 1868, 4,016 hhds., comp ared with 2,607 durin"" We have but little change to note in one was rejected. Sa)es 16 hhds.: 1 stems ees, for the mark Petanguy. Stock now on hap.d, same time in 1867 'fh d r f th th the market since our last report. The at 50c., 4 lugs at $6@$6 60, 1 at $8 10, '33 686 bls e e Ivenes o e mon 2 leaf at $10 25@$LO 7 5 5 at $11@ amount to 1,247 hhds., against 1,917 hhds. last year-demand is unchanged, and there has $1l 75, 2 at $l2 25, and 1 at $13. Bid BOMB!l', June 1.-l\'lanufnctured IS With since the beginning of 1868, 7,647 hhds. comparee! been no sale of importance to on 1 hbd. at :iHO 25 was reiected. and, and as t 1e_ parcel per Sa,qamo1e mate with ll,fHO hhds. same time in the stock The following are our quotations; lugs Tuesday-Owing to the heat of nll.lly enha?ces .the m first )landR, Iates are much at H,084 hhds. against 14,339 hbds. last year. Manu -common, 6e. to Sc.; good, 9c. to IOe.; the weather and unfavorable advices 19wer,_p{lorticularl,y as the demand for up-country c?n factured tobacco is dull, though the stocks are ..,radfine;Ioc. to 12c.; leaf-common, 10c. to from other marketB, ihe demand was bas fallen off, on account of the approachmg ually getting lower. 0 12c.; medium, 1:Jc. to 14c.; fine, 15c. to xatns UELBOIJRNE A J 1 Th N 0 sales of nne coal-cured Inlanguid, and prices ruled lower. Sales BREMEN J I f-Th d 1 us., one ,e market is very d d 52 hhds. : 2 scraps at $2@$2 so, 3lug,s ". n y -::. e a?tlvity notiCe as prevaifluctuating, and opinions as to its stability vMy con spegions last week, 35 hh s. ; o. at $ 5 20@$5 80, 13 at $6 @$S OO, 3 at ,mg> dunng J;]le tast N ?rth Amencan tobacsiderably. The bulk of sales have been on spec., and 1st ct., '67, 8,388 bbds. ; t IS $7@$7 10 3 leaf at $ 8 Sl)@$8 60, 9 at has nJly durmg_the week un?er the goods have not yet gone into consumption: week, 216 hhds.; do. last wee 252 i;9@$9 70, 7 at $10@$10 75, 8 at $n W.e append m thJs The notes of the montn follow: May 2-A consider-hhds.; do. since 1st Oct., '67, 8,176 @$ll 75, 1 at 112 25, 1 at 8113 25, 1 mterestmg from Circular _of.l\fess r s Gll' ard able parcel of inferior twist sold; price was not die-< hhds. at $19 25, and 1 at $20 25, and 13 bxs. & Oassebohm: to statistiCs we find that closecl, but reported to be very low. May 4-Pow-PHILA.DELFRU, July 18,-The. at S5 30@$14. Rejected bids, 32 hhds. we are yet far busmess done l.ast In lwttan arrived from New York with 65 half:tierces, 41 market has again been very dull. dur at $5 90@$13 75. fact ; transactiOns m heavy tobacco efi ected m Brequarter-tier.ces, 138 cases, 418 bxs. May 5 100 half.. in the past week for both leaf and Yesterday-The bl.'CW being small men smcc 1st are perhaps the'smallest tierces Eagle twist, price not disclosed. Mav 6on account both of the and the demand good, were more as far bac k as a verJOd years. The In Lady JJujfmin arrived 'from Boston with 397. pkgS.: fearfully bot weather and the agitation satisfactory than yesterday. Sales 19 feJence that .ust m the ne;xt months May 7-Sale by auction; sonnd pounds, Is.; haU:. of the new Tax Bill. There are bat bhds.: 2 at $6 80@'6 90,2 at 87@$7,95; a?tlVIthy J.& .ohv}bf\Jths enougkh, If we. takh e ponnds, 1s. 2d.; pounds, all faults, 3fd. May 8Venu transactions takinl? place worthy of 5 at $9@$9 90, 3 at $10 25@$10 50, 1 co.nst eratwn t e e stoc yet m t e tens, sound, brought 13-kd May 10....:.Parcel of fine notice. The Commercwl. List says that at $fl 211, 1 1lt $12 50, 1 at $14 50, 3 mtenor frolll: past .tmports, the lateness of gte tens quitted privately at 12d. May ll-8ale by auctimr the price of leaf at the at $20, t\25 7 5@$29 25, and 1 at $35 season, the ? 1gh ruling puces, the appearance of of Barrett's and Chie e's and Ol!borzte's fancy tobac0011-cen,tres continues very high, and a. 75. Rejected bids, 4 hhds. at $7 70 to a n_ew crop m the market, we must. confine ou_r ex pee Prices Aromatic twist, U-fd.; gold !!mrs, 14.fd.@Ilitd.; though the tax is reduced to Be. per $11. tatt?ns to only a moderate an \*l'lli' / !llsatisfactory tens, 13!d.; half-pounds, 10fd.@13td.; 297 half lb. there is likely to be astill further ad-We quote-stems 25c.@50c scraps tierces Eao-!c and Ragland's twist on private terms. vance, owing to the high prices of the $ 2 @$ 4 unsound and common lugs s5 tobacco of !ast year's crop s]1o. s good quality, M:ay 15-ale by auction: 34 half-tierces Raven raw material. Sales of 40 hhds. Ken@$ 6 75, sound!lugs *6 75@$ 8 25, dark finds favot our dealers. I fact,_old to 14td.; 44 bxs. Venus and Starlight tens, IO:ldtucky lugs at 9c.@llc,; 5 hhds. manu leaf $8 50@$12 50, dark factory-dried IS at present Trai_Isactwns m Ken@12td. May 19-Littleton arrived from New YQ lugs at IOto.@lltc.; 10 hhd!J. leaf t\9@$12 50, colory do. $12 75@ tflcky tobacco clm"l!lg the month, apphed: almost exclu with 65 half-tierces, 30 quarter-tierces, 378 three-quarter Clarksville shipping on secre t er m s ; $15 50, black wrappers $12@$1 5, meslvely to Imported from New Orleans, and bxs., .S8 cases. Masonic arrived from Boston with 2$ 25 cs. Penn. tleed leaf, fillers, at 6lc. dium color a.nd bright leaf $15@$40, though oul' pnces advance(). to meet the half-tierces, 25 cases, 25 three-quarter bxs. May @10c.; "50 cs. do. do., on"'"secret terms. fine and fancy do. $40@$75 1fl'l)0 VIews of they are to la.rge purchase on speculation, comprising 12rxo::. & SOIHI liner Price & Co., 2 and 1 tub; J. W. do. gqod, 12c.@13c. _coal-cured, combls. St. Domingo, and 434 clo. Braz,il. report: & Sobs, 9 hhds. and I sack; mon, !fc.@15c.; do. bnglit, I5c.@25c.; H!VAN! J 1 11 Th k . 1 The months operatiOns show Tery poor r esu lts, and Taylor, Robinson & Co., 1 csk.; C. B. do. fancy, 20c.@ol0c. Leaf-common 8 Y"' -:-. e et I e rnams Ill ex.1Ct Y there is very little to reporY, attempts at sale either Burnham., 20 pl!:gs.; J. C. Tie meyer, dark working, Qc.@10c.; do. medium the s ame state bs.t IepOited, no sales of any publicly or private-ly being fiuitless. Some small lines 1 bl.; W. )!. Obear, 23 bxs. ; F. Mitdo., llc.@l2c. ; do. good do., 12te.@ ml ot_ment ltdi fial e acc_umt u of .Barrett's twist (a l/ronght up to J:m Chell &'Co. 12 caddJ"es J. M. Anderd fi nd 15 @ a mg, ye o ers con mue very Im m eir y;e en .. or the best. but 'velil e't d b d t: d b.s 14c.; o. ne a wrappmg, c.< n 'I'h d d i' fi 4 z 1 $ eeme ran s, 11e su e-. son 32 A"'ent Pacific R. R., 23 ; Thos. 9c. ; do. sun-cured, I3c.@30c. ; do. Sions. .e or D';J,.., 9.uently, could scarce find a bidder. .A better demand &"'co., 5 cs: li cor ice. ll c o "Oc @35c for the Eu"'lish malitet, IS very limited. Chewlll, IS. ts expected when shearina commences about Au n.rt By Pacific Railroad: J.P. & C. W. 40c.@$i: and abundant, at from $23@$24 per qtl. Imported but til! that time, unless turn!--. Keiser, 1 hhd.; J. R. Ferguson, 2; Shipping Tobacco.-Lugs, very oom 21 bxs. expo rts for the same we do not expect any improvcmenr Dp. Brown & Barron, 5; J. W. Booth & mon and heavy weights, 6tc.@7tc.; time To New Yoik, __ .lbs. Tv:ists.-We fully supplied with excellent 1!811l. p & C 1 R 928,000 m;;;ars, and 1,500 pkts. m5arettes, to New 01ples m sound condition. Is Sd t 1 5 d k d fi Sons, 1 ; Sterlmg, nee o., ; do. medium, Bc.@9c. ; do. good, 9ic.@ leans 408 1bs tobacco an.d 4 000 cigars to Baltin10re 0 s. JS as e or Guthrie, 2 aud 1 box; Thos. Rhodus & 12c. Leaf_ English shipping, 14c.@ .' but the form e r figprc would buy a large parcol Co., 2 hhds. and 1 tub; Tutt & Baker, 21c. do. Continental shipt"ng, 14c.@ 31,000 do.' to Boston, 28,000 do. to Mahon ancl BmSound parcels of ordinary to good are worth 9.d. to 12

rrHOMAS HOYT. & Co., TOBACCONISTS. :No. 404 PuRL STREET, .. NEW-YORK, Manufa8uren of all kinds or F'.mt-Cut Chewing iJ.nd Smoking 'l'obacco, Snuff, Cigars, and H avana Sixes. qm1. BRANDS FINE-CUT CHEWIMOs DNYSIDE,. HEART'S DELIGHT, NATIONAL. '7HOMAS HOYT & CO., New-York. :HOYT, FLAGG k CO., I!ouisville, Ky HOYT, FLAGG & CO., Succeuon to SOIT. BARBOUR & CO .. 107 and tog Second St., LOUISVILLE, KY., of the followina celebrated brandt of Ji'.-z-CuT CHEWING TOBAcco, SIJNNYSfDE, .C:ET OWEN, R'OSE-BUD. huCKrNICK SMOKING ToBAccos. d Gol den Eagle, Cabinet, Gran d Mog11l, Chimney-Cora .l:IOYT, FLAGG & CO Louinille, Jt; ftUYT & co : New-York. : P S. SHELTON, Jr. J. L ADAMS, PLUG AND TWIST TOBACCO. .:JS.IGllT. C<>ka, N"ture'a Own llcptunc N:lJ P.:>n11ds a-nd Rn.lf Pou.udii, I \ N:J."t""Y Sixee. DARK. Palm., L a Purete, Sultan's 0\"".r-L, Wreath, Na-.y-Pounda and Half Pounds, "' Solace Sixea, llggie Mitchell Qua.rter Pounds, :1. L. Adams' XXX l2s, Victoria T e ne. DEGr!:\'W STREET, BROOKLYN. J. L ADAMS, Superintendent. STfl,EE1', NEW YORK. .acr.m, JNO. W. McELROY, 24. BROAD ST. ----uchanan Lyall, -:14-t WATER-STREET, New-York. 1ed ll:ranib ot: ., D.&.BK. { a--&n, lbs. and Xlbt. do., lba. &Dd ....... TB8 REGIJIJUi'T1 ;.('I. I .....-ro, J.('s. n l........ BBIGHTo >Eiabt,"' ......_NAVT1 lbS .i:l.U:lf, do. 6s. NOTICE. 'Doolonl&lldlllg tbat our IIY&Dda, PL&NE'I' and MAOHS' tJHOICB, han beon 110 cloae ly l wl taced .._ .. many of t.b.e Trade, in fa.,ure the package wW ...,_,ed wlt.b. our name. ,. li.UOR!NAlf & LYALL. New-York. BRACKET!r :& C O Agente, No. 14 Central A-. -Go-e-tze-&-=---a;o.; ,l'OBACCO & SNUFF, ._ M ANHATTAN TOBAOOO WORKS, 378' Street. NEW'IORK. .!.. H. MICKLE & SONS, .. / SOOOBSBOBS TO J. MRS. G. B. MILLER & CO., o S:I'NDS 01 UT-TOBACOO SNUFF. fiiO RE, 110 Water-street. MANUFACTORY, 97'-polumbia-st. NEW-YORK. f 'tl'a Jt LA qzo. B. MIOI1J:. BDW1DN. LA.WRZ!Ica. ,WM. M:cCAFFIL. BtJCCESBO R TO Chichester & Co. 51 BOWERY, NEW-fORK, Ud'C1RTER AND DBJaLER Ill q_f T o'h?..cco & Segars. I!Oolt" Jl:[aamfactut"er otr tlte BOUQlTr. BBOKIJfG TOBACCO. WoM;:u (lo boud or dul.y paid) w to eu.i' 1-IIU'1NIJ1All F I GUREd. -Agent f e r Ohlcb ... .er 1 celebrated Sooteh 8nulf. for the tet.b and dlpplog P"'P""""' The II -.wn nil over the coontr'y. and it maouractuTed. espret"ly. ..,.,tbbove parpose. lt e&a be hed byttbe keg, h&Jf bar .. "llrrel. t'Mcy Smoking Tobacco or all klnda, w alao a. goed oel]l_o;., D of f&lley .&.niaiM. ... -. I I.I.EDMO --___ ...__ TI-lE TOBACCO LEAF. WBW YORK IIANUFACTURERS. __ LICORICE PASTE Anhur Gillender & Co., 8tJCcm8SO B8 'I'O ,JOBll J.NDEBSOJJ & 00, ...... trFAOTtrJUUlS Or YlfS SOLACE n4, llti1 aftd 117 LIBERTY-STREET, l'Bml FIICIPB, llmmY ROD:SWA.LD. FISCHER & RODEWALD, Tobacco Brokers, Jl'o. 2 BUOV.ER B'UILDIIGS, (IUiroUB EQll'.t.D,) 104-119 NEW TORK, J, S. GANS & SON, WALLIS .& CO. EXTRA. Tobacco manufacturers and the trade in genera l ar9 particularly exa mine and test th e superwr properties of this LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfe ction, is offered under the aboYe style of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the 121 CEDAR-STREET, liEW-! f 0 s A c c 0 B 0 K a s s ; l osepb W. Gray, brand "" F. G. lrh L. a. Wood. WATTS & CO NO. 86 WALLSTREET, :Tontine Building, Aclrnowledged by COilSumers to be the best in' th e market. And for the brand of Licorice Stick .a -EMPlllE CITY CHARlES F. OSBORNE, Tobacco Works, BROKER I G.IL In all respects equal to CALABRIA. We are a lsp .A.G ENTS for the brand No. 75 BOWERY, A 1 G. Z., which will be found constantly on hand. Licorice Root, select end ordinary, constantly on hand. NEW YORK. T I A. 1A WRENCE & co., (S uccessors to WarrrAM & LAWRENCE.) IUNUl'AOTURI:R! o Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, 374 l'earl Street, New-York, NO. 15 west corner ot Wa.ter-atreet, M-101 J NEW-YORK. GOMEZ, WALLIS & CO., 29 & 31 ,So nth 'VUUam St. POST SOLE AGEKT, For the State o.nd Co.nada. OF TBE MORRIS "M. & M." BRAND Mass ALSO, a...n and .Leaf. .. T 0 B A C C 0 B A C S." TOBACCO, 100 Barclay Street. D. H. McALPIN & CO., YJ.MUF A.CTURERS OP TUB G TOBACCCrfectlv nure. Now flour Barrels &. Half Barreis, S t aves, & Hoops 194. PEAIU.STREET, A large supply constantly on hand, O.r. Lao., Ne"'-York. J. N I S S EN"" ,I 64 RutKer Slip, New York. E. SPINGARN & CO., Commjssio.n Merchant, SCHMITT & STORM, DEALER5 IN Plug, Smokmg, Chewmg Leaf Tobacco' & Segars, AND Ah'D nJW.EBS IN NO. 6 SURLINC SLIP, TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO NJI!..!.R W..!.'TER-sTREET, 30. Liberty Stleet, 191 PEARL STREET yORK. NEW YORK. Jo9xPa: smrmTT, r GEORGE STOI'I.ll. r AU.I\!I!Pni'A.lRM'. 6..1.11"1,. Wl"t'l'fP-'""" '11.)1 ft IIPJli4 ... W L..i-:NEW YORK. L HIRSCHORN & co., Corona Espana I F w ]l{ ... ca.; 140 l'earl and 108 Water Sts, MANUFACTUR Ell.S or tho f o llowing ccle bratcd l>rands of CI&ABS: GALIPlVO Knickerbocker OPOPONAX ;MARIPOSA, Partagas, I Sm;kb;i;-" o, c t' 1 1 PACKED POOK8T PO DOMES on men a l'Mented Dec. 3d, 188'7. DAME CAMILLA, I PACTOBY: NorlA lit., Baltl....,..e, cr. R 1 S T Q R I t OFFICE & DEPOTS 1 lsG Peart St., Mew' York. 1 N6'1'1CJ:."-.All io!'riDgements upon our patent, wherever lll&!lutactured Ol' Exroi!IUI nn. SAL, will bo PrOM: JUST I C lA, UNCLE SAM cutd. JOS. J. b1. COllEN. r JrlHNGANT. COHEN 1: MERCHANTS A:-l'D DEALE!S IS .ALL OF 149 Water-street, near Maiden-lane, New-York. P, FRJNGANT & CO., 47 We't Front, st .. Cincinnat i 0 X. 37 State Street,. Chicago,. Metal and 117 ooden : Show Figures, eke. RECEIVED T}\ PRIZE AT THE PARiS EXPOSITION! K.ALDENBERG & SON, fD \ S 8 7 The o nly Vlho!csule nnd Retail Maimfc.ctnrcrs iu the United States of Genuine Meerschaum Pipes, MOUTH-PIECES, CASES, &c., Repairing, Boiling, Mpunting, &c., &c., PORTRAI'I'S, &t. Ci;T TO ORIJER. (Send for C!rcnlnrs ancl P 1 i co Liets. ) STORES, 23 WALL STREET, 6 JOHN STREET and 717' .. Y. SON', :I!Canufa<:lure.o of MEERSCHAUM GOODS. Stores: !7 John, near, Nwau, AND 69! Broadway, near 4th St., YORK. Letter 6846 :J?. 0. All Goods stamped with our name and warranted genuine. Pipe:! cut to o rd er, repaired, mounte d, and boiled. & C,. STEHR, XA.NU!!AOTUJlB:lVS OF GenuineJ Meerschaum Pipes, SSt BOWERY, near Hester Street, New York. -/ PORTRA.ITS CUT. ON PIPES, lillliiiillll ... _.... IN STATUARY, INITIALS, Al!.'IMALS &c. :Eio:l.:l.:\:115 a:n.d. :atl:o"1.1:111;:l:n. tt make a Specially of AMBEBS of all ShaP.u ana Siu6 F.'LEISCHMANN & ) LAXt:F ACTtiEERS OP Brier Wood & Meerschaum Pipes, And all other Smokers Articles, No. 28 LIBERTY STREET, FAOTOHY-Nos. 4 & 6 Montros e AYenuc Willi amS b urgh L. I. E ROSENWALD & IKP 08TXR8 Or All Kinds Havana ar;1d Domestic SEGARS, .A.ND IS LEAF T 10BACCO, 145 Water-duet, (If-lrl&ldeolane.) lVEW-VORK. JOSEPH HALL, :POIKEN & SIEFB;ES,. (': IMPORTERS OW Meerschaum & Briarwood PIPES. 61 MAIDEN LANE, KOENIG MEYER & CO., \ JULIAN ALLEN, & Havana TOBJ.CCO, ONLY, 172 W'ater Street, NEW YORK. i:lrnr.aml!h Sto:re, 8 SIXTH 8TBEE'f, Plt&eb.,...h, 11oa & C[ SEGARS, .AND DJ!A.LEBS IN 96 l'llaldea Lau(1, 150-175 NEW YORlt. :atl: :atl: A. Y' :m B. Mo \n. uaoturer &:. 'W"h.oleeale Deer\er jnrtign anh Qtigm AND. LEAl' TOBACCO, Also, OBEWilJG AND SMOKiliU TOBAOOOB, No. 68 A VENUE c. Between 4th and Strcoto. NBW TORK. M. BROCK, Maoufacbrer cJ the Finest Brands of 329 BOWERY, NEW YORK. TOBACCO-GRANULATOR AND Killiokinnick .Mill. .PATENTED SEPT. lO:h,1stlT. The sierp!est ;r;nd mnst durahle lbcb'pe e Yer ln'i eDtet1 for ma.K:iu.t Kllliklnnic k or t ,baceo. Grannhtla flt.t!lLB t18 1l"elt at )$i.vf'l. W111 PA.Y fu1' ltteU verrH1.tle lbo.r, and ld a Vf!r y usellil BJlJl&!! for c:vcry tAbacconlst. A .so ooMUn,ly !In band t!ie l>f'M patent ha-nd l'Utt\r.Sl' witr"l atl lmprovfln1erlu. Fflr ant circulars, cal\ or &; PEGRU9, aa Ceda.s tr\ tr: E:AAN 15 CeniYal Wharf, B-D. o.u., J.aeut for the EnblWA excep& TOBACCO BOXES & Shearman Brothers, DIIUBRS Ill X.. AND llA.."\UFAC'I:UlU!R OP ALL IIXDS OP ') '-' l30XES AND Box:.sHOOKS, 'f Put up a.')d Shjppod for the Southern :iill:ar ket. We give epeeta.l attention to the manufacture of TO. B.:\.CCO BOXES CADDI:JBS, 'flleh t.r e mde fom the bel qulolltr of JUL.'I-UitlEil Jl1t)Al10llll, not liabl e to monld Proprietors or lhe ()elnmltla Saw A Planlag l!lllls, No.3 to 19 Sedgwickst., Brooklyn, N.Y. [M-S JEREMIA. H OUINLAN, 138 WILLUJI ST.,-N.Y. ._ GLA SS WARE, TOBACCO JARS, Plain and Labeled, Snuff Jars, Plain and Labeled, BO'l'TLES, GLASS SIGNS, A.nd cverythinfl' appertaining to the Trade. 0 [ 162-187] PATENT SMOKIIO TOBACCO CUTTERS. R. S. WALTER, \BEST TOBACCO L ABLES. FOR CADDIES, NAVIES, POUNDS,' ETC. FURl\ISHED BY t Segar Manufacturer, GEBUnm &; IMITATION MEERSOlUml, LAVA, Clay and China Pipes, Segar Tubes, Tob-11epr c-, .tc Connecticut, Havana & Yara '' LEAF TOBACCO, f1()3 STB1flT, \ ...... -. r Nssr11A14en Lane, NIIW YORK. F._W. BELDEN11; LBA.P No.;-194 Water-Street, nw Tou.,_ HA.TCH5& { CO., 111 BROADWAY (TnnityBuilding), NEW-YORK. HAUOR;!IS M FA BK, ioiES, Tobacconist,. Patented April 18, 1S6'1', A. HAMMACHER & co., Apntsi ... lllill"lk.,JI.Y ... _..o. 14.8 Bot. lfall*l & Pine St., .... NEW YORK 76 N. Y. .l L.lllGII ASSORTMENT 011 CHO-ICE SEGARS Smoken' Seta, Ash urf. Ka.tch Bo:ue, Cud to, etc. elo, 9i WIJ.LIAJ[.B'r ap slain, near Malden lane, N. Y, APDY (or J KOliiG II Soirs. Germa.Dy Maa.utacturen of UADY FOR IIIIUDIHI: US&, ALWAYS ON RAND. all liii.U uf "Pipes. BERM AD BATJER COM!oiiSSION llnOIL6JITII


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