The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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. Organ of the Tobacco .Tfade. Of the United States: he Largest Special Trade Paper in the World. VoLUME IV., No. 24. l l 1V ll'oJoE No 100. i DUI.OI' 1!1Dg1a Coplll8 ............................ 10 Cenle Hamlllu!r, 8114 dae CoDtllleld ot addlt!OD&I !'-JillDl tor tor iiiNiera tor tba paper -.tdencl. 1UIIHI -UUI OJ' .UWU!:pQJJ, 1 tiJ.uf.te (t 3 IIIUIItllL 1 """""' (llllCb for 1 year ...... to! M 1 oqUIII'IliO ( i hie o) f o r 6 montb1 28 115 if '"1-(21oe ll eol)rnn ,.,.. ... M 1110 ll !llla&rel f or & m911t111 41 tlll I! oqaareo 8 lnebeS) fol'l y..,.. . 8o tilt we>co1'1 per \housand; wh e n weighiRg exceediag three pounds per thoutand, per d10usand. On Snuff manufactured of tobacco, or any substitute for tobacco, ground, dry, damp, pickled, scente d or <'herwise, of all descrip tions, whe n prepared for use, a tax of 32c. per lb. And snuff-Hour, when sold, or re moved for u se or consumption, shall be taxed as snufl, and sh&ll be pu t up in packages o.nd stamped in the same mo.nner as snuff. T.oatn.-Foreign Tobacco, duty 85c. pe1 pound, gold. Foreign Cigars, $2 60 per pound and 2 5 per cent. tJd tJtJlM'em. Imported ei<>ars also bear an Internal Revenue tax of :M., to be paid by stamps at Custom House. (Revenue Act, % 98.) .. BUSINESS DIRE-cTORY OF ADVERTIUis. -:o:-.. NEW YOIII.K.. Tou.&.ceo w .ouneusrs. Aftllew W & Sons 28( and 286 Front street Allen, Julian, 172 Water. Baker, B. C. Son k Co., 142 }'earl. Belden 1 F W ., 194 Water. Benrimo, B. at D. 124 Water. Blakemore, Pl.llket & Co., 181 PearL Bowne, R. S 7 Burling Slip. Bramhall & Co., 147 Water. Bryan, Watts &".Co., 41 Broad. Bulkley & Moor, ?4 Froat. Buozl & Dormitzer, 126 Water. Cardozo, A.. H, & Co.. 16 9 Front. Connolly & Co. 45 Wate r. Crawford, & Co 121 and 123 Front. DeBrae kele e r & Foote, 9' BeekTllllll Deeo, J o hn L ., 78 Dohan, Carroll & Co., 10( Front. Dubois & Van.rlervoort, 142 Water. E gl!;ert, Dills & C o 142 Water. Fodlensteiu, Cbas. B. 11:: Son, 129 .Pearl. Fatman & Co. 70 nnd 711 Broaa. Fielding, Gynn &.Qo., 118 Pearl Gas serL & Bro, 1 6 0 Water. & Qo., 61 Beav e r. L. W. & Co., 110 Pet.rl Guthrie & Co., Front. .Harris, J. T. & Co., 80 Front. : Heinekeo, G. &. Palmore, 68 Broad. I Hicks, Josep.h, S2 Water. Hinman, G. W & c.,., 108 Front. Hirsebborn, L &; Co.. UO.Pearland 06 Water, Hollander, L. & Son, 147 Water. Kelly, Robert E & Co., Kinnicutt, Thomas, S Wilham. Kittredge, P. & Co., 164 Water. Kremelber" & Co., 160 Pearl. LeYiD, M. H 162 Pearl. Levy & N-gass, 17!! Water. Lind heim, Bros. & Co., 90 Water. Lorillard, P., 16 ChambeM!. Maitland, R. L. & Co., 1 Hanover Buildings. March, Pl'ice & Co.,&t We.ter. Mayer, J-.h & Sollll, 12ll Water. )layo,J. Water. McCaffil, WJV., 51 Bow.-Y. )Ienge l Charlet! C., 160 Water l!lel!senger, H. & Co., 161 and 168 Malden I. Morri s H. M 99 Pearl and 112 Stone. L. & !Iaurice, 48 Broad. Nisseu, J., JO Liberty. Nortoe, Slaughter & C11., '1 Broad. Oakley, .Comellu'l, 96 Water. Oatman, Alva, 166 Water. Ow, R. H. & ;E!road. Ottinger Btoihers, H3 Water. & Scovme, 170 Water. Pappeuhelmer, M., 38 Broad. Paulitsch, M., H8 Water. Pearsall, M. R., 23 South Platt & Newton, 117 Front. Price, Wm. M & Co., 119 Mlliden lane. Read, Clement, 85 Pearl. Reismann, G. &: Co., 1 'Ill Pearl. Robinson & Hearn, Robinson, H. D., 100 Barelay. Rooe,, A. S.' & Co.\162 Water. Rossin & Del!l'aner, 165 Vater. Salomon, M & E 86 HaiMnlaM. !lawyer, WallAce & Co., '7 Rroad. Schotteufels, M. & 'J, 158 Water. & 26 Sou'b -v,v:illiam, Schroeder & Bon, 178 Water. Stlbullart, H. & Co., 146 & Oo., Hll WateT. Seymour, Chas.'t., Pet.rl. Smith, :r. K. &: Son, 47 Broad. B. &: do., d BurDng sUp. Stein, & Oo. 197 Dune st. Bwoha & '141 J'ronL Thayer Broth.., Ull Uokart & Oo, 1M l'altoo. H &; Sons; 172 Bllul. VfRclia, w Jd., 1'11 Pearl. VG!f=v 1: Hnem, Hl'll FroM -Waite-, R. 8., fiOS Pearl. Well & Co. 116 Pine. Westheim, M. & Co., 17'7 Pearl. Whittam, H., 3 !II I' earl. WBoox, PDwer & Co. 180 Pearl. IOBAOOO BBOU&S, F'U!Ober & Rodewald, 2 Hanonr Building. Chns, J. S. & SoD, 811 Wall. O..borne Chas. F., 16 Old slip. :Iader, :H Son, 160 rearl. IILUlll'J'AOTUBJtBS. W, F. W. &: Co., 180 Pearl Brook, :H., 3!1t Bowery. Buchanan & Lyall, 1 Water. Edmonston, S. S. & Bro., lll8 & SUI Dut.nt. Empire Oily TobaDoo Worke, '16 Bowery. Falk, M H8 Water. Gllleoder,A.. &: Co. 114, lll,aod 117 Uberty. Goetz, F A... Bro., 328 Washington. Good1VID, W. H. & Co., 207 and 2()11 Water. Hall, Joseph, 76 Be.rclay. Hart.corn, John A., 1110 Water. Hinch, D. & Co 174 Water. Hoyt, Thomu & Co., 404 Pearl Hunt, H. W. & Co. 167 Water. Kerbs, A, 35 Bowery. L11wrence, T. A &: Co 3'14 Pearl. Lee, Wm., 269 Pearl. Lilienthal, C. H 217-221 Wa!lhiog\on. Lorillsrd, P., 16, 18, 20 Chambl!tll. Mayer, :M., 68 AvPnue C McAlpin, D H. & Co 711-79 Avenue D. Mickle, A. H. ,\Sons 110 Water. Neudecker, L B. & Co 162 Water. Robltscbek & Tauulg, 2 5 6 Delancy Scheider, Josepl t, 28 Liberty. ScbroedPr & Bon, 178 Water. Stachelberg, Ill 16 Cedar. S L raiton, Schmitt & Storm, 191 P earl UROM'EIIS aND DEAURS & Co., 96 MaideaLane JIICOby,S., 1" Pearl. Lichtenstein Bro&bers& Co., 121 Maiden Lane Lorillard, P., 16 ChatD bera. McCallll, Jamea & Co., 191 Greenwloh. Mirande., Felix. 196 Pearl. Roaenwald, E. & Bro., 1'6 Water. Solomon, S. 192 Pearl. Tag, .Chaa. F., lE' Fronl. XA.liUFA.OTURXBB OP BIIU.r. Appleby & Helme, 133 Water. Lorlllard, P., 16 Chambers. .. .. : 1XPO:R'I'IU 01' PIPJ:S, nc. Boikeo & Siefkea, r.7 Mlliden Demuth, William & Co,, 4 0 3 Broadway. ](onig, Mayer & Co., 96 William. Lorlllard, P., 16 Chamberl!. IIIPORftU or CLA T PlrU. Bat,jer, H.&: Brother. 61 Water. BerglUDII, I. H. ,1112 Front. MUITI'...L.CTITaKU or ._.POI'f"A r.v -11 n .t.:altO Gravier v A. i:lam, W : P. & Co., 126 Sycamore. Young, R. A. & Bro., 4 Iron Front. B'ui!ding s PHILADELPHIA.. TOBACCO W AR&HOUSES. Boyd, Foug el"l\y & Co., 61 orth Third. Buckuor, M c C a mmon & Co. 2 7 North "\Vater Burge s s & Bro 44 S o uth Delaware av. Courtney, W o od war.! & Co., 47N. Wate r.' Doh.m & T a i L t, 29 North Water G ever & Hiss, 62 Nor th Fro nt. Mc.Dowe ll & Dun ca n 39 Nor th. W a t e r Moore, S & J 107 1 N o l h Water. Sank, J. R i naldo &.Co. 'Sl North Wate r T el!e r Brothe r s, 117 North Third. V ette rlein & Co. 111 Arch. Wartman, :Mich., 1.06 North Water. MA..NUFA..CTU B E RR, l>J!:AL'EBS, ETC. Batchelor, Bros. 387 North Third. Dal ey, James cor. 3d and Rac e Tb.;&; Son, 4 74 and 508 N Second. Mariner, Jacob, 138 N ortb Thil d. 8mit h Brothe rs I 21 N'o rth Tl]ird. Theobald, A. H, Third and Pop lar : Wi t tbaus, E. L., 20'1 Race. DEALRS IN LEAF TOBACCO Ei.senlohr, W 137 S outh lOt h Q F S C OI'CB S...'IUFF. Ralph A & Co., AU C TIONE E RS. Powe ll & W es t 2 8 So u L h Front. PITTSBURG, P .l, Megraw, E &: Co., 31 St. Clair. PBOVIDENOE, B. I. Hun t J oshua 116 Westminster. L. & Co., 9 W e stminster. RJOHlttOND, V .l. Greaner & Winne 1812 EasL Cary. Hardgrove, 'rhomas f Mi!!s & Ry a n t, Shoekoe slip. N cudecker B r os., cor 26th e.od :MlUn. Pilkinton, E. T., 18 14Lb1 Rapp S 14Lh and 15th PATENT S MOKIN<7 T O BACCOC UTTERS. Smith, H. M. & Co. SPBINGFIFLD, MASS. Smith, H. & Co., 20 Hampden. ST. JA)UIS, MO. Catlin, D., 168 North Second. Dormitzer, C & R. & Co., 207 Market. Haynes & Heth, 100 .North Commercial. Leggat, Hudson & Co., cor. 2d and Vine. Tux SPANIS H Sar,Es oF L E, aiJCl has b e en sold. The Spani s h au t h orities hav e g iven further notice that on the 1st of Augus t tenders will b e received for the pur chas e of such portions of the growth of Cao-avan auu habella as may not be for the u s e of tbe factory and for the s upply of the mother country during the ensuing three years, such oveipltis being estimated at 280,000 quintals, e qual to 70,000 NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, AUG. 5, 1868. TIIB T.ll Bitt. A the copy from which we re the tax bill tW$ weeks ago was not in every re spect, and as there exists a great maud among that portion of trade who are not subscribers to TrrE LEAF for copies of that pot1ion v the bill that refers to tho t6bacco tax, we shall nex t week reprint it, and strike oil' an edition large t o satisfy all. Those, therefore, who wish a copy of tliP pew law-and every one in the trade noeds it-williJC us their orders in time. -------.---fluous of luxuries in one social circle, in another be-matters connect e d with the war, he emphatically allu: com e s an indispensable necessity. Again, an article ded to our loan or bonds, wbich at that time appreciated and n be compensated for by the benefi t that would accrue to Again, the use of the weed may have become so vital is the use of fearing when there are all tlte bl'igbt.est the trade from a prompt carrying out of stamp sysa habit with persons in every condition of life, that prospects for us in the future ? If to-day every hood. tem. In fact, that system of pay!!!fl!t of the, t1p:es was total a"bstin e nce from it woul1 seriously injure, if not was paid off in the currency of the countryt every holder the distinguishing feature of the Bill, natlwpelessly wreck, the con s titqtion. It has, then, be-of United States bonds has made a gooa urally looked forward to its pa88age with come a necessity_ in the strictest meaning of the wotO.. especially the Europeans t:Q,id tQe persons who bougjt _, our securities pay par, and, witu sOm.e m hope. The bill has now finally pa sed, but what dJ we But shall pretend t::> so intimat a knowledge ot Europe, did they ,.lend us their money from see? Its salient oharactflristic-the stamp systen\-is my habits. a:nd health, as to positively decide what They invested for their benefit alone, wit)l first forbidden to btl pat operation u'der mar oi rrJ,f not be a necessity iii my patticular case? purpose than self-interest. Yes it is true; when they sixty days, and then the Secretary c4 the Treasury i An artjc\e; be to me for my beeame holders of our bonds then t)lcir symplflthz was with us, and they were loud in wishing us an4 empowered to direct a still ftlrtber adjournBteDt unti comfort and cootinaance in health, while to my neigharmies success was it principle or selltah ihtei'08t December 1. In the name of common honesty and bor it m&y-super:ftuity. And Ia it not at that prompted such feefuags? Even aa it is &o:d&,, common sense, we ask, why this delay? Is it such a least bordering o11 presumption, to say of ah article of most of the bankers have realized fortwieli from mighty undertaking to design and print off a few thou. suoh universal consumption as tobacco, that it is a mere bonds, and as an in VCI!tment there is no bet.ter. IIIUld stamps to start .the tradP. ;,. the new system? r:ft 't t th t 't f th h 't? Let no one predict disastrous consequeDOeS to supe UI Y 0 e grea. m&]Ori Y 0 ose w 0 use 1 U n\ted States ; that cannot be. Let ua hope tltere is. H!U paym.c)'lts are hG!ders of bonds; ILUd to let ns adopting the stamp s;ystem-to have the taxes paid at to determine and collect this proportion s hould be the s ay, "Do not fear! By yhur duty td y ont the f a ctory, and the Commissioner will only be further-great end aimed at by Comrre ss. Then with our excountry and p e ople, your may ,&Uil'er, Itt t!lc d:1y f h 1 b "' h If h o is near at hand when you will surely get goljl fottbt.Jm; the mtent o t e aw y 1 s sumg su e an oraer. e p 1mses_ :educed. to the lowest pomt, and but do not be greedy and wa.ut it. Quce. 1'hd 'fl ()l uHfa.ils to do so without good reaso!ls, publicly assign e d, ea c h citizen paymg cheerfully hts JUS t dues, we should of the country is not and will not" P': staiM i Wi.l we shall be compelled to conclude that there is as little see the dawn of a political millenium in which our do pay at all times our q.eP. s1 witP: the money of' ou 1 honesty in the of the Bure au as there is native land would take a foremost rank among the N o_pledgE))Vas pay gold, except the I in his official subordinat e s nations of the earth! mtereAt, anxiety of some secteta rie!, ex-secretaries, agents, sub-agents, in orde r to TOB!CJO AS A LIJXURf, [Fon THE TbuAcco LEAF.] elfect sales, and thereby secure their commissions. If l'IIr. J. 0. Phistei, in bis remarks before the Cincinnati To,baoco Fair, published by us last week, struc:k the right chord r41garding the general practice of styling tobacco a luxury. "Now, I tell you," said Mr. Phister, "what we intend to do further: We intend to insist that tobacco is no more of a luxury than any thing else that we can do without; w bile we are en tirely willing to pay reasonable demands on us in the way of taxation, and do not desire to shirk one single iota of res pon s ibility, we do intend to 'fuss aud fight' with Congre ss until w e are set right ou this p oint; until the carri a g e the piano, tb e watch, the carpet, the fine bon net, the fine set of parlor furniture, the fine suit of clothes-in short, every article of wealth and luxury, are put upon precisely the same footing as tobac co, and exactly the same rate." Such, somewhat crudely expre ssed, is the great principle upon which the trade should ill8is t. Granting that tobacco is a luxury, why should it be discriminated against by hostile legisla tion? Either let alllnx-.uries be taxed, or none. But then the qu e stion arises-What are luxuries? It will be se e n at ouce that tne term luxury is, after all, rela tive, and n o t absolute: What may be the mo s t sup erIt any of them to pay gold, 'ana n A.LL A.D 1FT. cipal, 4ad they any such authority? Tpey, in'tlleh: ca We give place to the following remarks by a valued co,rrespondent, on an important financial question. While not agreeing with all the arguments adva.n.ced, Mr. Allen's experi!IDce with regard to the salee of our Bonds certainly e.n.title him to a respectful hearing: There are so many contradictory statements, views, and controversies respecting the finances of our country, that a few facts of personal exp e rience may give some additional conviction to those who may agree with the. id e as h e rein expressed 1 During the year 1 864 the w1iter wa s in Europe:, fo wardinothe interests of the Unite d State s had often be e n solicited, by persons much inter este d, not in the particular d e sire to do good to the U n ion o r its the n struggling cause, but a general wish on the part of e ach individual, who had any money to inv e st, to discov e r the true way of drawing: the large s t interes t on their money when invested. It was-merely a qu e stion if the U. S. Five-Twenty bonds w e r e go o d, or if the y woultl ever be paid. At a public called h y the U. S. Consnl at the Hamburg Excnange, held March 12, 1864, the writer a c t e d a s s n i l mle, we must and w,ill pay golt!. 'l!nt, for all the good and the lo\'e to our country, let the quei!J,ion of ,paying gold be alone; it will s-tu-ely Cm l(]w a y t o No. 485, n ear Bro ome street. I-u ::lk al s v !Ja 1 e a a t N o 2 7 J o hn street. Tht q n 2ut i r y 0f tobacco impmt erl into in 1_; 3 6 :LtnOllhLCd t o the l a ]ue of 2 U ,:J50,64t:J apd the <'X-lOrts tf 5 ,-.t,M j;, i is.


( CO'I'Tespondence of the L0'/1Jdnn Wfmu.) FLOREYCE,June Tobacco is the great topic of the day in Florel'lOO, Jrnd even those who n eve r either moke CJI! chcw have their mouths full of it. Nothing is taUmd of but the Government scheme for farming the monopoly, deriv nee tile double gain of a great improvement in U. o tioD and of a sum of money. ne:Lrly sufficient estimated deficiency of revenue up to the end of 1869. An operation of the magnitude and im patlwiee of the one pro_peeed was sure to find strong from various classes of persons. Some are against it because they conscientiously believe It dis -aliv eous and even disastrous to the State, which lii'ight .retam or ftselr,ffiey think, the large sums it is 'abou\to put into the pockets of a combination of bank Iastie treasurv bonds, they say, for the amount you require, with the guarantee of the tobacco monopoly, ana set to work yourselves to improve the manu ?ednce the -expenses, and increase the sale The proceeds from that source of re.venue, so prolific in :J'raoee, are aestined rapidly to increase during the next :fewtsrs,1Lnd why should you share the benefit with a OOJD}Jany of foreign !peculators? This sounds very pbiuii1ile, but the part1sans of the project reply br pointiDg out the superior facilities possessed by a pn vate aompany for effecting the des1red improvements, ana by maintaining that the contract secures to the tl'tlai!Cii:Q a fair sbare of' the advantages to be realized. Jf thetie advahtages be" large, they will be due to the pMmptitude and skUI with which the farmers effect illclt 'Work of .reform, On the other hand, many who are to approve the operation as doing that WhiCh the Government would have great difficalty in -&mg fur itself-as supplying it with a large and needed sum ofready money, and at the same "tune BB calculated, to improve the credit of the coun try-:woul'd prefer seeing the contract made for a shorter UnD. 'l'wenty years tney consider to be too long a which to alienate such an important branch of i'lle. and duiing its1.atter pot'tion the farmers ould be too easily pocketing very large profit They would like the time reduced to ten years, but it is un li\:ely that the company would consent to so ilisadl'antagOOUll a reduction i>f their contract. There IS talk of l'ixteeu ye&fl!1 the time for which the affair i s said to have been onginally projected, and which might l'ery well ooutent the contractors. the way fro the BrnnJ of Nassau to Flotetaee ia these horrid gdays. "'Besides," observes a wag. ''the :great tobaeoo questwn aoes not interest M. :Rittazzi, for he never amokes." If he does not return-and the odds seem his doing so-it will facilitate the Ministerial VIctory, of which, so fat as I can gather, the majouty out of doors entertain little doubt, always sup posing that-on this occasion, as on some former ones, Count Cam bray Digny is prepared to with the f eeling of Parliament, and, if necessary, to m!tke certain rea.aonablc concessions such as his financialfHends may also be induced. to...agree to. July 6. Doubts are cast upon the passage of the bill sanc tionmg the financial operation based upon the tobacco monopoly Should they prove well founded, the discord between the Government and the Chamber will probably have reference to the period for which that branch of the revenu e is to be farmed. The opponents of the measure seek artfully to spread a belief that there will be no difficulty in considerably reducing th:l term of twenty years, and to such belief may J:.c partly attributed the favor the bill has found in the bureaux of the Chamber. But it does not appear that a large reduction of time would be agreed to by the ing association. Besides that it would diminish their profits, there are other objections of a practical nature. Some reduction might probably be obtained, it is whether it would go as far as four years. On the ibse of desirable lots Havana sales have been limited to about 1;800 bales lrlthiD the range of our qnotatio111, and 2li0 bales ofwhich our stock is very hmited; of the latter articie we h1ve bad some recent arrivals from Bremen and Of new Yara the arrivals have been small as yet 1t shoWll well, but is too far back for immediate use 'In Manzanilla the market opened very excited, in ab.out three :weeks the whole crop was bought up, at !'ICes rangmg from '19 to $21 per qn\ntal for C. and T., and e44to $4'1 L., and i22 was paid for verv fine lots of C. and T." Manufactttretl.-There was some little doing in dark tens and qua1'ters at; 20c.@22c. last week, and the stoc k of tens and h a lfpounds is getting rather light. The sales of the week, however, were confined principally to fine new goods, which were bought for speculatwn. The re 1s some export t1ade, but not as much as there b e at this seas?n the year. The receipts of bnght are qmte :'nd there are apparently not many m the market; this 1s probably owing to the fact that so few of the factories are at work in VIrginia. From. Lynchburg we of no receipts at all ; at DanVIlle only about one-fourth of \'.be factories are at work, many those are preparations to stop. It I S needless-110 repeat m this co lumn that this abnormal state of tll;'lgs 1s owing to the high p1ice of le!l'f and. the quanti:ies ?f so-called tax-paid tobacco wh1ch the CO\Uitry 1s tlooded1 and from which 001ther Congress nor t he Revenue officials seem disposed to give us any relief. With reference to leaf. we are allowed to copy the following extract from the Jetter of a pr.omiuent deal r in this city, who is now in Rich mo'_ld, to his partner here: "I find," he says, "great ex01tement here about leaf, almost amountincr to a frenzy. People seem to buy without reference to"' price predicating their action upon the small <;rop last year' and the cert!l'mty oranother light crop this year. They do not take mto acl!6unt the stock of manufactured goods on hand in the market. M v belief is that unless leaf declines, the manufacturers will have t-o stop wotk and some will probably be -useportunity of upsetting the Ministry, should denounce the l?.roject as ruinous to the country and work in s idiously for its defeat, surprises no one, but let them propos e som e bet t e r means of getting the money. A great diminu.twn of the period would render the 1 edemption of the loan onorous to the State. But, say sotpe, let the farming of the monopoly cease m t w e lv e years, and the re demption be spread over twenty, the Government contmuing it wh e n the association withd1-aws. The SOCiety WOUld not agreeto this, and, moreover, It may be questioned whether the operation, thus ar ranged, would mspue the pubhc wrth equal confidence and admit of terms eq ually favorable. Italian credit has of l ate improved, but would a Government guman tec be as much relished as that of the powerful fi naucialleague which proposes to carry the affair throuah to the end? I b :we difficulty m believing the repgrt spread t!)at M. Sella proposes, as preferable to the to bacco operation, a simple issue of as much Ita lian stock as would produce the sum indispensably r equired to m eet the contemplated deficiency. 'l'he meaning of that would be the funds down to fifty or low e r and twenty millions of fran<',s added to the annual bu;dens of the cbuntry forel'er. The financial policy of the prcse!lt Government has been thus far highly s uccessful, smce1it bas Iaised the price -of Italian Fives trom forty-two to fifty-six iu CJght months' time, producing a proportionate reduction in the premium on crold which from fifteen per cent. has fall e n to eio-ht pe{. cent. The public is naturall'y disposed to its confidence to a Government which, office under mo s t unfavomblacircumstances and Itt a0gloomy cris1s, has succeeded in doing so mnch. And we know tiom Paris that the fluctuation-s of the Italian funds upon that ma1ket at the present time follow the grea t e r or less probability each succeeding day shows of the of the tobacco contract, there looked upnn With .'fhe will in cu.r a heavy re if 1t reJeCts the BiJ.l. Such aection would lPe by t.he resi!?jP.allwn of the pre sent Fmance !'bmster and a great d ep ression of the funds. It is probable that a tortJ;licrht will elapse be fore the debate upon the Bill will co"'mmence. e_xists among the plug trade relative to mstructmns smd to h:we b ee n r ece ived from Washington b y Coll ector Shook, to reduce the uqmber of bonded warehouaes, and have the tobacco all atored In one or two larger ones The plea for this step 1s the mo s t extraordinary one of W e say extraordinary," not that economy i s so unusual or so unde sirable a virtue, but because we find it exercised or pretended to be by The storehouse kef!pers, by new act, me pa1d by the Government, and to sa v e m the sa lari es of these the Bureau proposes to reduce their number. To a spasm of economy such as this is not the wish of the trade but those ha,ving bonded warehouses do object tohavm; them thrown on their hands in the middle of the sum':' mer, at a tn;ne when it is vory difficult to rent bmldings. We suspect, however, some othe1motive than economv for the propo sed step. Just now, with a Pres id ential coming ou, it i s tbe policy of our authorrtws to create new officials rather than to dimin ish their number. We understand that a petition i s in Ohio Md Total llhds Ehds Hbds continue light, thouh a little in excess of previOus week. The advance m gold causes a fum !"arket for all descriptions of l eaf. The 1\Iat yland crop IS taken. as tieely. as o.ffered, at full pnces. We also notice more mttnuy for Ohw but at this writing no sales worthy of 1 emark had effected In Ken tucky and other leaf the market is still quiet but holdCIS are very firm. Inspections this week 528 hhds. Maryland, 436 hbds. Ohio, and 12 hhds. Ken tucky; total, 9'16 hhd s No /Qt"eign clearances of tob!I.Cco this week. to Pernambuco. 12 cs. We renew quotations, VIZ.: Maryland: Frosted to co mmon 3l:e @.5te.; soulid common, 6c.@7c.; good do., middling, 9c.@llc.; good to fine brown, 12c.@16c.; fancy, 25c.@40c. OMo: Iufmior to good common 5tc. @'lc.: brown and greenish, 7!o.@8c.; medium :fine red, 8!c. @15c.; common to medium 9c. @15c.; fine spangled, 16c.@20c.; yellow spangled and fancy, Kentuc!:v: Common to good lugs commbn to medmm leaf, llc.@14c.; good to fine, 15c.@18c. ; select leaf, 20c.@45c. 19 01 24,'lll0 8,9/lO 0 27,518 1 132 19 61 28,71!0 9,854 1!60 3,10! circulatioq. among the proprietors of bonded warehouses stock on hand, Aug l 18()8 :M,I!M 19 61 25,M6 llhds '-Cbaniber' of Deputies. Mingetti was said to be also it, bot appears to have changed his oprmon, a11 QBt & 'fuw done, and others are likely to do. EiFEt as far as Ills innividual vote goes, Minghetti's s rt I& of q_uestionable yalue; tb.e prejudic e against birn, t.h i.rl. and out of the House, being so strong tbat Ids advocacy of any financial measure is more likely eo damage than to recommend it. Within the last t..,-o days tbe prospects ot the Tobacco Bill have decidedly improved. In the there is a chuge in its favor. one of thcD} its re :_... precipitately llecide on, whfoh inade a 1c1 illlpression; but when the matt<> to be in vestigated, it proved that there were only eight Depu ties present, out of upwards of fifty of whwh the consists, and upon the following day a more numereus meeting assembled, and Deputy d'Ancona, a mem.\er of the Right, and favorable to the Bill, was >ek>eted to the bureau in the general commit tee-a clear mdication of the feeling of the majority of that section of the House. Out of doon the partisans of certain wellknown who have no share in the operation, attack it m the strongest terms. Among men whom I believe to nointerest in the matter one way or the other, attd financial !.."llowled!?e at the same time gives them anthoritv in discussing Its merits, I find it for the mMt part loolted upon with favor. To judge it, how It has "been observed, sufficient information bas BOt JeC been supplied. There is one point especially dwbida the elnc1dation is very much demanded, and t.bat is tll.e rate the Government is to obtain for its 180 miiHons of bonds. It is urged, not without reason, that the guarantee is sufficiently good. and the interest and terms of redemption abundantly favorable for the issue to be made at a figure not very much below par. On the other hand, the sum is tolerably large ; Italian se -csrit.ies, greatly improving, cannot yet be CODI!idered in h1gh favor; the association, although it is aid to comprise many wealthy houses, both in Paris JlllCl m London; cannot find all the money itself, and the is whctber the public will find it if the is at. a very high rate. Of course the rate is fixed, b11t 1.he Government is bound to secrecy towards its wancial friends aDd future partners in the tobacco 'nle knowledge of the rate would greatly _.. the Chamber in coming to a decision. Meantbe opponents of the affair spread damaging and 75 was said to be the figure. Others that it to be done under 90. Pro 'baW,y !el'l rate IS 80 to 85, and if so, ready takers oagfll t.p be found for a much larger sum than will be The guarantee is excellent, as was shown by furnished. In 1863 the net revenue 1roiq lD France was 1 '11 millions of francs. Ia Venetia) tbe monopol_y yielded only Dl la'lt..fy, whife the eetimate tor the present ou ttie contract is to be based, is, V eaetia, ou'ij 8'1 DU1ftons, or Jiwo-iifths of the Frenen Smoking in tftiil eOftbtry is almost uninrsal, 1Ulil it ia t:lear that good l.llAbagement mut!t immensely preople resort to wash themselves mside and ont with nasty-1\DleUing water. But is be coming ba0k? He !>Wd ho would, but clti sa ? In a week or so we shall have the debate, and it i s a long distance to return all tobacco is also dormant. Some small lots of the new crop have arrived but it can h!'rdly be said to be y!lt on the market. We quote '16 bales new Yara on private terms 26 Havana at S'ftc. Of the busin ess for the m'ontb, the Circular of Messrs .. M. & SoN, has the following : The transactwns m Havana have not been to as large an extent as last month. The small stock of fine good!! and the price s which are demanded for anything at all su1table,. no doubt ltelp to co_ntinue the !?resent dulnese, and wlll last until, with receipts of new crop and lower pnces, we may expect a better A few lots of new .crop fillers have been re ceived, and !l'lthough good quality and leaf, are as yet Without takers. Sales are about 2 000 bales within our prices; 900 bales were fo1 150 bales of Yam were sold at f rom 90c.@92c for average l ots. A small lot of new crop bas arrived and shows a 'ery good style of tobacco for this market but price asked is above the vrews of our buyers:i The Cucnla1 of Messrs. J. S. GANS & So!< says: In .&change.-TI;Je advance in gold has induced a post pon e ment of purchases in the hope of advan tage by the delay, and this has l ed to a slight ';cc umu lation of bills 1tnd l ess tone to the ma1ket. W c quote 60 d,ays' Commercial hills on London, 109-f@109 t ; .Ban kers, Banker,_', short sight, Antwerp, t.5.I 81@f.5.13i; Hamburg, 35l@36t; Am sterda?J, 40t@4It; Bremen, '19!@79-!. Palermo : 5,000 cigars. M:r-laga: 36 hhds., 3 cs., and bxs. V1go: 240 hhds. Kentucky, 187 do. Virginia, 171 cs. and 6 bx11. samples. Melbourne: 175 hftcs. 100 qr .. do., 1,235 threc qr. bbls., and 502 cs. DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. .Ji}ez,qhts.-The matket has CQntinued without Interior and coastwise arrivals for the week endin"' much August 4th have been: 958 hhds., 20 tcs., 27 36'7 SPECTIONe COllllENCING JAN. 1, '68 AND SAME TIME '67 1'/tu We

' I @U9 75,13 at $20@*20 75, 13 at $21@$21 75, 9 at 122 @.822 75, 8 at $23@.23 '15, 7 -at 7 5, 3 at 825 @12!!50 8 bhds.Weatem Virginia-2 at $11@$12 50, 2 at 310@Sl6 75, I at $17 1 at 50,2 at $21. 2 hhd Eastern Virginia wrappers-1 at 28lc. and 1 at 47c. 90 cases Ohio seed leaf at prices ranging from $4 to $18 75. At Monis W arehonse, Casey & Wayne, proprietors, 207 hhhds. leaf, and trash, viz : 150 hhds. Mason and Bracken countles, Ky.-19 hhds. at 88 10@1$8 90, 12 at $9@19 95, 11 at *10@.10 75, 15 at $11@$11 75, 19 at 8 12@al2 75 13 at @$13 75, 19 at $14@ tl.4 '15, 14 at @115 76, 18 at $16@ 16 75, 9 at t 75, .8 at t18@tl8 7&, flat $20 50. 21 hhds. West =-2 bhdl. at $8@$9 so, 2 at $ 10 50@$10 75, 5 11110,4at 12@tl2 75,5at i!;I:>@$13 75,3 at 26. 33 hhdfo. East Virginia.-2 at 813@ a ;74, 8 at 25, i at tUi@$15 50, 4 $16@ t1i,li, 817 3 at a 18@ iH8 50,3 at $20@ $!0 60...a'-411 21i@t21 50, 1 at i22 25, 2 at $23@ $23 'To, 1 at--$24, 2-at. $25@$25 50, 2 at $27@$27 75, 3 at $31. 3 hhds. Southern Kentucky.-! at $141 1 at $14 50, $14 '1-5. The sales at Moms W arobouse for the week ending Friday, July 24, were 125 hhds. and 251 bGxes, viz.: 79 hhds. Ma!\011 aud Bracken Cos., l{y.-6 hhds. at $,'> 40@ 6 001 15 t 40@$8 90, 6 at 89@$9 8:S, 5 at $10@$10 75, 6 a t $11@$ll 75, 2 at $12@$12 25, 7 at t13@(113 50, 7 at 114 211@.14 75, 8 at $15@$Hi 75, 6 at $16@$ 1 6 75, 6 at 3n7 50@$17 '75, 2 at $19@$19 25, 3 at. 25. 46 bbds. and 10 bxs. West Va. -4: hhds. at $6 25@17 75, 6 at $8@$8 75, 4 at :119@ $9 80, 5 at $10@$10 75, 5 at $11@$11 75, 3 at $12 2S.. @tl2 75, 5 at $18@$ 13 50, 4 at $14 25@$14 50, 3 at $1.'>@*15 25, 2 at $ 16@$16 25, 3 at $17@$17 25, 2 a t *18@.18 25. 10 bxs.-3 at *6 25@$ 8 65, 4 at $9@ $10< 2 at 111@$1( 75, 1 at $19 25. 15 bxs. Ohio seed leaf (common) ranging from S4 to *9 80. The imports from July 25th to date have b een &s follows: Sth St. Bodmann Morrie Kenton Wheeler Planteft!' lllstel Wbart' W.H. W.B. W.B. W.B. W.H. lt\neou BoatCo. Hhdo.Bxa.Hbdo. B>:o.Bbda.B:u.Hbda Bxo .Hhds B:u.Hhds.Bxs. Hhdi!.Bxa Jnly 25 11 0 16 8 10 3 2 4 0 48 3 46 0 .. 117. 28 3 19 0 13 0 5 0 2 0 63 11 0 .. 18. 49 0 48 0 31 1 18 0 11 0 !19 10 3"l 8 .. 29. 82 2 3'l 0 80 0 u 1 0 0 41 0 11 0 .. Ill. lll 0 19 0 14 4 s 8 0 17 8 19 8 .. 81. 19 0 !II 0 18 0 4 0 8 0 28 ll1 0 Tow amount or Import&... . .. 904 hhdo., 69 bol:0811 8,..; 1:' European Ports. ll!ll il"..., ... s;"3 ]-aa "" .... iil;j .. ""!!"' "'"' "" .., "'"' Iii: ... ... .. ..., 1:=: I'! ..; .. ..: n t!..; !i it! .. et ".I:> iil:i: "'" o.w Cii.!; :: ""I "'ll ..., .. To 8..; ..: !I European Ports. O,!d;:l oo,:: It: .. ::::::: ... /::: 1,1182 ...... . ....... Bremen .. .. 849 l 94!. 6,872 .... -'.-'..: : .: > ... : : :.: .: .: .: .: : .: .: _: .: ........ .: ::: 9:: 1';9 ... .. .. .............. .. .. .... .. :! ;,;i() 418 14 ._.. G :::::::::::::: ................ Glasg:ow . 122 29i 1'78 Hamburg. . 77 896 .. 'ivo. "i,iss 4.,447 Havre . . Ill 20 30 Ltgborn ............ ... . .. 1129 1,961 .. 18 Lisbon... ................. . . .. .. 1102 Liverpool ............. .. 8h 727 8 ,33 3 .. .. 2it' .. @i? Lond on . . . . . . 609 2,261 18-l 871 ,.;_ fJi:' _eg "':i .. 42,108 23,146 20 037 ,,88'1 -l,lh 1,41-l 97,866 lif,601 1,94.-l i(ndowlerry .. .. . .. . . . 54 .................... 0 ................................. .. alaga .. .. . 36 86 36 3 3 3 MILita..................... . .. . tso .. .. .. . 68 93 93 93 .............. .... ... Marseilles.. .. .. . . liS 120 .. .. . . 11 .. ..... 2,381 l'l, .. .. .... . .. .... ... . 299 .................... GALVESTON, July 18,-We note the arrival of a few lots of bright summer manufactured tobacco. The market has been qui e t since our last, and prices are unchsnged PORTL!ND,lAngnst I.-The demand, says the Price There were put up at ublic auction this afternoon, 103 Current, for manufactured i s fair, and prices show no hhds. Kentucky, o l d anii sound a.nd.ofvery find qual ity, decided change, though the market i s unsettled by the black very yel low, and J.eYoW-'streaked, of direct im removal of the 8c tax. Imports and exports, none. portation from New York. ......:rhe es fixed have been :::::::::::::: ::::::: ... ::::::: :::::: ... .... ... iif L01JISVILLE, Ky., !ug, 1,-L-Messrs Fna.'WKE & EI.LER, tobacco commission m e rchants, report : Rlf:HRIOND, lug, t,-1\lessrs: MnL & RYANT reraised from 41 to 76 centimes per one-half kilo. There TouL ... ........ -s97 4,roo j"23,802l,l83 2u22 -1w 2,697 -:-::.-::-. --Our market, dull and lower in the fore part of the month, has r eeove red of late, and with inade9.uat e re ceipts, reports of l_arge sal es in New York, and a better home demand, pnces for low grades have advanced, port: have been sold, besides, 36 hhds. Kentucky at 44@55 Receipts and inspect\olfs have b ee n light durin g the centimes per one-half kilo. Exports of Tobacco from 8ll Ports of the United Sta.t:es.. past week, and themarket animated Prices have been BREMEN, Jaly 17 ,-The market for North Ameri: well susta i ned for all descriptions, with a decided ad-can tobaocoe during the week put hu not been quite vance on common qualities. The transactions for the so animated, although a fair b08iDe811 was done, mostly, past week have amounte d to 831 hhds., 149 tcs., and as usual, in tobacooa to be delivered. The sales of the 32 bxs., within range of the following quotations : week comprille 60 hhds. aryland, 27 do. Virginia, Mccnujaceuring 1obacco.-Lugs-Common to medium 35 do. Kentuckyt 211 do. strips, and 90 cs. seed leaf; dark working, 8c.@9c. ; good dark working.10c,@1 2c.; besides, to be delivered, 6 hhds. Bay, 82 do. Ohio, 330 sun cured, common, 9e.@12f about 70 hhds. low leaf, for export, at 3d @3td. per 50 ; Liggett 200; Lewi Nanlb. The ( s) bu arrived f'ro!ll New York with son & Co., 1; Brown & Batl"l'Qil, 1 tub.i Brookmire & 57 tiercee tobat!co. Rankin, 1 5 caddi es ; White, Co., 4. By North l'\fissouri Railroad: J. Booth & Son, 6 LIVERPOUL, July 2e".-Messrs W!L hhds.; & -co 6;l,mf.ire Line,12_; &Co. report: St ]! E ..,__ 10 Tllere has been a littl e more activity irr American to-er mg, nee o., "; a ne ouu, ; whittaker, Virden & Gmy, 1 ; Baker, Young& Co ., ceo this week, and we hear of sales of amn.1t 100-hhcls. 1 ; Mestemach c r & Bro., 5 S Grantham & Co., 4 ; H. lc:mg, dark" Western 1 eaf, with a few hlids of' low and IT u C C o .,.. B -w L .,., common kind s Some u sef ul dry l eaf and medium ru.c a.,., o ., ., ;'\t'll arron, "'; ew1s, .nan& C ,. d 1 b quality strips have also been taken by dealers and the sou o., an ox. d 'fh By St .. Louis andlndianap\)lis Railroarl : L. J. Clarke, t e e ma1ket generally is :fhm, w1thout any 53 bbls. ; J. B. Davis 10 kegs; c. & R. Donnitzer, 153 in prices. :Maonfr>ctured tobacco is dull of. sale. bxs.; S. A Grantham & Co ., 8 bdls and 40 caddi es. 'l'J.!e J!Jrin (s) has sJTi ed with 92 hlrds., and the NeBy Chicago, Alton and St. Louis Rallioad: J. P braslca (s) with 163 bhds., b ot h fro{u New York. & C. W. Xeizer, 6 bbls.; White & Erickson, 12 cadllUNIL(.. .t,: May 2%,-The Government bas given dies. aotice t t t i6 g e in read 40,000 .q,.Untal s for exBy Ohio llnd_]

. l T H E r T 0 B .1{ C C 0 L E A F. Cc=:::&lission 1 = -===='-N = e"-'w = Y =or= k = C = o = m = m = is = si = on = M = e = rc = h =an=ts= '= ====I DOHAN, CARROLL & CO. J N.Y. Commission Merchants. {THE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY. WM. P. KITTREDGE. E. c. WIIEELOCK. BULKLEY &-MOORE, p ,_ "O I Ill U t Tabacco Commission Merchants, T 0 B A C C 0 ESTABLISHED-IN 1836. lJnitad States Internal Revenue Bonded Warehouse, Thirty-second Collecton District. ..... & COMMISSION .MERCHANTS -NO. 104 FRONT-STREET, ' .,. L l UID AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF rMA_NUFAC_TURED .and LEAF TOBACCO. 45 W .'-'.l'RR STREET, NEW YORK, C.lyof New-York Seed-Leaf Tobacco Inspection. TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Certi.llcatea given for every case, and delivered. case by cas e as to number of Cer tificate. N. B, -I GlBo Bample in Merchants' own Sto>es. P. C. LIN"DE, ...,,.,.,ilii-lfcs. 74, 711. and 78 Greenwich St. OF.FICE, 76 Greenwich Sreet. BRANCH, 130 WATER STREET. l .. ., ... .... --,::JL saBIIBART. .... II. FRIEDMAN .. SCBUDART & -CO . Commission ; ALSO UlPOKTEII.S OF A.ND DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF, T O B A C C 0. / : : .NO. 146 -WATER-STREET, I NEAR MAIDEN-LAl'.'E, NEW-YORE. .. .. IRBY, McDANIEL. &. CO., "'.; 0 Tobacco FEJ.o"tors, AN .D GENERAL 140 GRAVJ:ER STREET... .. :I 0,000, Organized under'the laws of the State of New York, January 2, 1868,' H. W. HUNT, President. JOHN H. SANBORN, Sec'y H. W. HUNT Agents, 167 Water Street, Y ork; 16 Central Wharf. Boston. AXD M. & J. SCHOTTENFELS, TOBACCO Commission Merchants, No. Water Street, New-York, Age;t; for the sale of the following Well-Known and Celebrated Btdltds or V ,IRGINIA O BACOO, Virginia State, Globe, Continental, Mlltropolis, Etc., Etc., !Also, kind of NEW ORLEANS. ....... :: .: : DI4LDBI IN LllAF TOBAOOij 191 PEARL STREET, New York PX...UG- ....._. .... tile' purchRIIe OC Cotton, Sncar, JUOIRIISeS, &c., solicited. JOHN STRAITON. JOSEPH SOHMITT GEORGE STORlf. WM. H. t-nl\)fi:, M. LICHTENSTElli. B. LICHTENSTEIN. A. . . . 8. w. BLIXli!I[OBE, JUoo>t, CLABDY & Co. B. M. PARKER,. Late o r LomsvrLLE, KT LICHTENSTEIN paRKER: 1: .. :. ::: .. .PRICE & and Dealers i1'L CO!'fON AND FACTORS, COMMISSION MERCHANTS DIIIIQIJ.. ... .: Leaf, Chewing, and Tobaccos, 1.Q1 ..A.IDEN t! I o .... lSlPEARL STREET, NEW YORK. .. ;i;:nito...t.L .ADVANcEs .MADE oN coNsiGNMENTs. PATENT TEMPER TOBACCO-KNIVES, ....... ADAPTED TO ALL rt!E DIFPERENT POWER AND HAND MACHINES, )JADE BY IAPAlfOCH AXE .DD IRON CO., C. S. BIIOHAM. Tre1eurer, N1p1noch, N.Y. :8ou1Mi!J .. I aDd ut..nded Cadllti .. enable ... \0 nlbraciion, -;w-DA ..... y.u lilalelroom, 69 Murray-street. JOSIA11 B. LEVERETT & 00. 1110S KINNICUTT, STEIN & Commission Merchants,o J.ND DIU.LBBS lN ALL Z.BSCB.Il"TIONB O.f .Jieatueky aud Vtntnla TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACGO, No.3 William Stfoeet "" 197 Duane-street, !: ... .L" New-York. ;_____________ Cice.r manufacturers pe.rticule.rly f&vored. W ALLAOE & CO., Berehaats, 47 Broad Street, NIW YQRK CHIS. B. FALLENSTEIN & SONS, TOBACCO And General Commission Merchants, 129 PEARL STREET, N.Y. J.: 91 "W" ater Street, Pearl and Water Streets.) .. KrllW Yel\11 .NEW-YORK. FIELDING, & CO., r amno F .A. T:a/.J:A.N" db CO., ll8 Pee.rl Bt., HBnover Square, New York. STROHM &, REimNSTEIN, COTTON I: TOBACCO FACTORS, N : GWYNN & co., i COMMISSION Tobacco Factors1 n o I c Nos. 70 and 72 Broad Street, General Commission Merchi!Dts. FOB.EIGll' TOBAOOO, 'YO::E'I.:&:.. 7T 176 FRONT ST., N.Y. GEORGE WrCK"E. WlL-LlAX WICK:E. lUNUFACTU RERS OF 26 WILLETT ST., NEW-YORK. Best Matedal and Sup6dor M ake by Self-invented ; h rented Machinery. AGNEW & SONS, fobacco and Commission 284. and 2&!6 ,Front l!ltr-t. Jr'EWYOBK, JU Tll 011 UI,JI J>JI8Cl:t.IP!IONII o wf Tobacco for Export and Hpme Use. Led' baled In &DJ package by hyd.....,. ll.c p...a for 14-61 CORNELIUS OAKLEY, TOBACCO. MERCHANT, (ESTA:BLISBED I)[ 1815 ) No. 96 'W'.ATER STREET Opposite {\ouveroeur Lane, New Yorj(. Leaf Tobacco in Hhds and Bales, FOR SHIPPING ROBINSON. &, 172 WATER-STREET, New-York. Manufaotu;.ers of tlie follo-wing Celebrated Brands of' TOBACCQ, li.O:SIN&el'l' t. B:E.<N'B PREKIUirt 9 INCB, SO:rT PRESSED, :BRIGHT, li.O:SINSON & HEARN' S Pli.EII:IUllt NAVY, pounds and hal! pounda. an-148) 14 1J'BON'I! S'l'BBEX, NBW l."OB.B:, KREMELBERG & CO., NEWYORX, F. L. BRAUNS & CO., BALTI.ORE, Tobacco Commission Merchants. Several b "&nda of Licorice Pasto, direct i.mpcwta-constantly on b.11.nd,. and for ule, in b ond er dutJ ;>ald, In l ots to puit purcha5er!. 62-114CLEMENT READ, VIRGINIA AND WESTERN LEAF MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, LICORICE, CUM, etc., 511-104 No. 8!; Pe&rl-street, N.Y. laiOSI S 0TTL'< G ERt iuu O'rm. lfllo oll .llh>

N.Y. 'ommission Merchants. W:M. 175 Pearl CHAS. F. 'TAG, IMPORTER-OF SPANISH, .l.liD BEALER IB AiL KIHDS OP LEAF TORACCO. 11'0. 184 ROJIT.fl'l'llli::E'l', 1 37_. NEW-YORK. :J.u.aow BV!auao. D..t..XIEL Dnanro. B. & D. BENRIMO, .&JiD Dlt.U.KliS 1!1 .ALL EODS Or t LEAF TOBACCO, lH WA'rlCBSTBElllT, .N'BW-rORK, Have on l&le all klnds of LEAP TOBACCO for EXPORT 1114 IIOM.B USE. FELtX MIRANDA, DIPOBTBR OF 19o Pearl Street,: NEW YORK. JOHN T. HARRIS & CO., TOBACCO Commission Merchants, J; SO F.ROl'IJT-STBEET, NEW-YO.RK. Bonded W arehouoe Thlrt,l'.-x>nd Dllllrlct.. Joe T. liURlB. P. B. 8n.E.LTOll'. JL n. A. Rum:n, G. REISMANN & CO .. DULBBB n1 ALL KIX'I>S 01' 179 PEARLSTR.:EET, BettcU11 ana Ceda,1trut1, GOST!V } H&kll.ul" K.OUtO. ew-York. M. R. PEARSALL, Importer and Commfaaton llitorchant of HAVANA SEGARS ,-ANDLEAF TOBACCO, 1re. 23 SOuth'-Willi&m Street, .u BO&RITO," (12T-I'l!J NEWYORK TOBACCO PRESSERS. Leaf 'l'obaceo pressed in bales !or" Weoi l.Ddlea, J,lWJ., CeDtn.l, American, an.d otber markets. 'l'OBACCO :PAR.ILL.A.R.D'S A Genuine Meerschaum. For these ELEGANT fiPES ARE PLA.CE,D DA.IL Y I S 91 '!'HE f31'S'r-LEil' :rrE WORLD, ORIGI .AL f.p"9Cql!l!; -exelu'!lvel;r-IPES, "beautifully coveteil, afte r nn original and appropriate iJn: by .rr: ir rant every pi,pe.the,.p\lro.'lt material. Parties finding orders, l>y enclosing same to us, endorsed wilh titei full address, will receive t.llelr pipes by express. ... "1 liP" Yacht Club Smoliing IS SOLD BY ALL RESPECTA;BLE DE.A.L'ERS. P. LIORILDARD, :16, :18, and 20 Chambers St1eet, N. Y. A. li. CARDOZO & co., BAILRO.&D :. MILLS Tobaetm & Cotton Factors -SRUPPJII :MACCOBOY, FRENCH RAPPEE, SCOTCH AliD LUNDYFOO'l' SNUFFS.-JlACCOBOY AllD FRENCll 811 UJ'F FLOUR. rch&nts, "" ALSO MANUJ'AOTUBER8 OJ' : THE FINEST 'BRANDS OF N'o. 169 Front-street. New-York. SMOKING T.ACCOS, .ciiARS, AND PURE POWDEB LICORICE. .'"" WATER A..ND s5 .. PINE;sr:aurs, t .... q &; c.uwoz.o P'RtD, Dao8T. M. 4 E. SALOMON, C:ommwioil .lXDIIU'Oauuao DU 1011 & VANDERVOORT, A OATMAN, H a v a. n S ega r-s CoMMISSION MER'cHANTS, FOR T.R.E 84LE 'OF SucceRaor t o LEAF TOBACCO, Leaf and Manu:factui'ed Tobacco, OA.T.M:AN & ....., AND OTHER MERCHAIIDIS'E, UlPOKTS:R 0'1 ws'f Ilf:Ol.A PB.OD'UCE, 87 Water Sweet, BROS & l!l'o. 811 ew-YOl'l<. 8v&ene r NEW YORK. HA v A J.U. co., or all strtes and qnalitlee dl ll1ll ....... VIILULOKOf Of Je D 0 Msn I>EILUJIItS; I c Tobacconists and Commission Merchants, CITY Toa::o JOHfl K. SMITH a. ION, L r Tob. a nco, VIRGIONWNIERSAOFSTHEM](OOBTKCEI:BGRATEDTJfORAlfBDAS OCP cos so. 108 nolf'l'.a'l'UET, wYork. Cotton & Tobacco eal66 t G W HILLMAN &, CO Water-Sreet. ] N..lTUR.&L LB.t.F, HIB!IiT.&J.i I I IJ F A.C'rORS 220 NEW-YORK. VJRGINU. 8E.&L, OLD DOJIII.'IIION, "'tftfsawb, AND XX GOLDEN C::BOWNe } .LlCNOft.Uao, ........ ..,. 70 ....... or General Commission Merchants, H. liiESSDGER & co., ... .. N, GBI.'IIcUoi.NB TlJBIUI!IH )tiJ.Ifl1 .. .&c::T1JBBD TOB&OVO, BaftaJtra:roORhaod a la,..e_-ont of lll&DIIIM 4'1 Broatl Street, N. Y. -....., DIW.B8 18 P&Oili'IC.&TION, -Pouches. -l'abacco. l'or oate OD llt.a! """"' F.-.&U A DIMESTICTUACCO L. W GUNTuEn, Baltimore. F. Wlr: TATGI:NRORST, New York. L. W. CUNTH&R & CO., Tobacco & General Commission MERCHANTS, llo. 110 Pearl St., cor. H:a.nover Square, NEW YORK. VII5Rift In Balk, 5 lb., I lb., llllb Rlltl I! Jb.-los 'aud llap, and l.J. lb. PoucJIM, VOLGER HUNEKEN, .... f SEtiD.l''ORAPRlCEL!ST. J I L I 0 0 R J 0 E 'l'h1: ,ish to n .; ainr-t the dcecpltou <'r personR u ein" a MANUBACTURERSJYPORTEBSOFANDDEALERS b lN D L&.WK, T L:thd m uuilation of t h cfrjo:t, nnJJj B1'Unch Honse, J<'r ie d Bra's, 4 18 Sacromento Streot, San E'rancisco, Cal. .. '.n'"' \ No.166 Front St' reet, TH. H. VETTEBLElN & SONS, .... .J'DWI llRYA..V. CHAS. F. TAG, DICKBOl! G. WATTS.\ BllY AN,. WATTS 1: CO., Tobaceo and Cotton .AND !3-eneral Commission Merchants. HENRY. M:. MOB.RIS 99 Pearl-street, New-Yor". COMMISSION MERCHANT FOil THE SALE OF LEAF & MANUFACTURED TOBACCO' COTTON, NAVAL STORES, Etc., Etc., Etc. IMPORTER AND SOJ E AGENT IN THE U. S. FOR THE "M." & M." BRANa LIQUORICE t' PASTE. GUMS, BEANS, Ofi.S, HAVANA SUGARS, ETC., ETC. Cer tiflcates of lhe MORRIS "M. & M." BRAND will be 1hown from the leading m1n. uf acturers in Richmond, Lynchburg, Petersburg, Danville, Va., Brooklyn, St. louis, louisville, Covington, Pittsburg, Canada, Auatralil, 1nd California. ,._..LIBERAL CASH ADVANCF. B MADE ON CON'SIGl'IJlll"li:NT8. PLATT .. L. HOLLANDER & SON,1 \ WM. T. COLEMAN .t. CO., To::a.&.ooo Commission Merchants. Commission Berchdts, York: I San Francisco: HAVANA in ana out of Bond,' No. lll Front Street. Cor. Calltorula & Front Sts 14.7 Water S't:reet. in Son Francisco for Sale ot VIRGINIA MANUFACTURED flEW YORK. QENTURY TOBACC? LORILLARD S Various :Branda or 7hen w e commencecl packing money in this brand the sales were coruparatiYely coul!cqn(.'fltJy money was more frcqueully fOlmd. that the Mlc of it ha s increased very largely in cyc ry sccUon o r the country the mon ey 8-o widely scattcl'cll mauy think it is JW.ZI!& Ill liE ... bODSTIC LIIU AND IANUJ!CTURED 1tJe leeeh'ers of ll .l, t'laliJIIIU'I PleiiWJg, 66-00 168 WateMtreet, New York, II VEtTERLEIN : &: CO., 111 AB.CliSTREET, PHILADELPHIA. AREHOUSE, J'lllllr _l!_ll!TB.IO'!.210 Lewis" :N'. y. I Leaf and Manufactured r obacco SPANISH CEDAR fm SEGAR BOXES fu1nished to suit .....,, the,

6 HE LEAF ftii:O. 3 VJI:rTE&LEIN. Philadelphia, Pa., COMMISSION MERCHANTS I N II. T. V .E l'Ta&U:lr\ co., Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, Domestic and Imported United States Bonded Warehouse. lJf"' Con s igners can forward their stocks without prepaying the tax. JOSI!Pll BROOKE. NADDO SANK co Tobacco Commission Merchants, o. 31 N. 4 No. 30 N. Delawareave., Phlladelphhl. UN'J:TED STATES BONDED 'W" ARE:H:OUSE-X BOYD. W1r. C PEA..IJB. Vlllted !Kat.,. -nde .. Warelloa..., BOYD, FOU!iERA Y l C0.3 DOHAN &,...TAITT, J obacco Commission UD WJIOL&UL"' DULUS llf Jll.A.NUFACTURED fIt If, Water St., uti 18 No Delaware .lve., Tobaccos, Segars, Etc., :ru-' Ap!IU llale of OomlectiG1lt lleed I. 81 North 'l'lllrcl""' PIIUadelphla. 17 PHILADELPHIA. BUCK NOR, McCAMMON & CO, JAcoB MARINER T 0 B A c c 0 I IWIVI'.l.C1"11BQ OJ' -& IN ALL DDCRIP'l'IONS 0.. .&1m J)JIALJCB Ill BA.LTIIIOB.B .ADVEllTIUIIEIITS CHARLES D DE FORD & CO., 37" SOUTH: GAY STREET, BALTIMORE. MERCHANTS For the Sale of Manufac_?n"ed Tobacco, Cigars, etc. Stearn Snuff Mill F. L. BRAUNs & oo.! I 11 OH.E.Al'Sill:E, R. STARR & 00., 25S.Calvert8t., BALTIMORE. Being the oldeet csttl.blisbed mamf factory eonth or Philadelphia, auc! hBviug all the ln>proved ma,. chinc r y nece!sary to tha b tuinees. we nre enabled to offer in qWJlity,and at prices as Jaw or Jow erth&u any other <4&blb;hment ; &ildoOIIclt U.C patronage ot the public generally, a SEGARS,. 94 Lombard-Street, {near Light,) BAI.LTQIORB. Oonlb.ntJy Oil ha4 a 1arce fiU.&n\ttJ of 00111 a I r ud Bnn&ToblcCOI.._____ .. Jos. SOIIIIOallllll. A Nwo..-. JOSEPH Sf:HROEDER & 00., Commission and wholesale dealers in Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco and fJigars, BALTIMORE, MD., TOBACCO \.0\'\. 1\'\ e \'\.o.'\\. \,., Dtred J mportfonl cf the l!!uotrlot bnnd IlL B, C, on,d te.lll J C Ltcorlce PM"Ie. F.Jr eale1 in loti tc .ult bQJ'er.., i n bOild or datr pald. L. W. GUNTHER, GENERAL Commission Merchant, ......., TOB..t.CJ>CO ..t.c:TOR7 No. 90 Lombard-street. fi-.or lb:cllaate-plaee,) I BA.LTIMOB.E, liD. a4'f'Uieelllenm eo coU!pmaeat. te ..... .... l!tttciUULlti HAB.TP'ORD ADVBB.TIS'BJDJlTS. BODMANN'S H 8 d 9. 8 o. B. AD.&MS A, co., InS}Iection&LflafTobaccoWarehom enry esu en cr, ro., I 0 iuG .... A.ii.'ns Nos. 57 59, 61,& 63 Front & 62 64, & 66 D&.U.UI!.. ()hewing, s-kJ.g, ... Wate r bet. Vine & W a!nut Streeta, DAILY8AJ,E5nAOCTIONJ..J>TPRIVATE8AU LEAF TOBACCO T 0 B A C C 0 vxaarnu Mif!I!Ou'Rt 1 gs.: HDF:. WGoor!"'n"WIN"' t No. 137 .. D. HIEATT, OHAS .BODMANN, f ............... ...... _u ___ Proprlotore. 161, 163, & 165 Pearl-street, GEORGE B. BARNES, G. BR.4.Sillc..&.RS. a. BIU.SBUn s JB. G. BRASHEARS & SON, Tobacco Commission ants, l.l. S. Bonded Warehou5e No. I, No. 46 Wa.lnut-otreet, Cincinnati. Inspection anrl Leaf ffobacco "VV A.B.EEI:OU&:m. CASEY & '\VAYNE, Nos. 100, 1021 & West Front Street, 'I 't (Jbto. AUCTION SALES DAILY (CONNEB O .r ELIII-8TREET), L. B .IJ.t.ia. BROTHERs: IB CONN. SEEDLEAF TOBACCO. Seect-Laf No 238 State-street HABTJI'OBD, CONN. tnf. EOOZRT, I. nu .. LS.. GEO FOX. 7, .l:ntOBliOR EGGERT, DILLS&; CO. (Successors to WM. EGGERI',) D&ALERS IN I>OIIiSTJC AND SPANISH Leaf Tobacco, II 'WEST SEOOND lfltDT, ot .. ,j.Jb) XJ.IrtJI' .lCTO'aE&I 01' CXG-A.R.S,. MatnSireet, H..t.BTJI'OBD, ClONI'fe JOHN T. JDHN80H & SON, D&ALE RS I N OHIO, KENTUOKY, MISSOURI, & VIRGINIA LS4!1 TOB4CCOSt -D-W---:---. KING, No. 3Q Race-street A"'-E 1 .our NT. "NEw-voRK Seedleaf Tobacco, KROHN, FEISS & CO., liM STATE STRIE.-r, ... v,..aruaus-orl ________, Con,n. SEGARS AND TOBACCO Aodlmpcrterscf H. & Z. K. PEAS, Mterschaum and Brier Pipes DULJ:U 111 J,l.L SMOK,ERS' ..t.RTICLES, CONNECTICUTJ ,.: 13 WEST FOURTH STiJIET, &vwwnT:::_ncinnAti7 Seed-leaf Tobacco, S. LOWENTHAL & CO., state-street, )WftfrJ.C'fVB:I'U OJ' liABT.,OBD, PLUG TOBACCO AND 0, L lU.LOVOll'. L D. SALOMON & DE LEEUW, DULERB IN COIOIIC!ICtn' SEED-LEAF TOBACCO; AND li.U(li'F.A.C'J'U:R8Jt8 Oil' No. 76 Main-St., below Pearl, Cl 0NNATI, o. A. X?B:AQOO E. H. GRBST 151 co : CommlSSlOU" Merchant, (Successors ro & GBIUI',) DEALER IN LEAF ToBAcco, Commission Merchants OOlce, No .f.( West Front Street, FfW the Purcluue and Sale of O p posite Swopen o!Oij Bridge, OHIO SEED and KENTUCKY LEAF CINCINNATI, TOBA.CCO, HENRY. MEYEB., 37 Walnut Street, Cincinnati, 0. O&DEU8 :J'OR LRU C.AJLXnLl..Y J'ILI.Z:D. C X G-A.. R. &,. N o 6 near Main HARTFORD, COQ .,;ollliECTIClJT Bmm-LBAJ' bacco WarehGuse, 159 and 161 Oommerce-street, liUTFOll.D, COJI'Jl. P.,.U,lat Ueatloa paid to lht ""'""-Jl&Cidal, ... .. /Leaf and Mauufaotured Tobacco, Leaf and Havana Tobacco f1 Water S&rfflllllld 18 Delaware Anuue, No. 138 N. THIRD STREET,/ J No. 8 1 Exchange Place, :B.A.X..TXDOB.E. J Richards o n. G W. :Bish op. W.Jl. Haight. B. "WII.KEl.VS II. 00" COMMISSIOII MERCHAIIT, v. s. BoNDED wA.aEHovs:&, IOIUIEHAL ClfY TOBACCO WORKS An&9 O P ..,-PLUG TOBACCO, No. 14 Hammondstreet, S d Leaf T b -J. It CHARDSON & QO., o.UJlwmsor PJlA.'r'.l'-STBll.ll'l'. ..I:LL .a.L'1.D QOXISSION MERCHANTS, .&.L'I'IIIO.B, liD., AND lOBliERS IN -tl all-., ol aud ib.obatto, hoiin,. a il.olJattftC CI<;i!ARS, PIPEs, &o., ::=::;11 -""t 381 Main St., Cincinnati, Q, LEAF TOBACCO, BURGESS & BRO., iJnn.t:-a nmrca1 T 0 lffA C C 0 lG'i Dommission Merchants, TO No, 46 W.EBT LQMB.A.BD BTBE:IIT, ,.__ a Leaf BALTIMORE. M.D. v.,._.-a.n Tot.eoo, ana otheY JUCUIID>ULW.Y. UMESlU.LUT, J T BULl.' Cincinnati. 0. ee 0 acco, llanu1kctnrere can forward thetr Tobacco in Boettwita- Sm-L-' A -..!.-1 .,. ... !1. F. A. PRAoux. w. J. un.a.a. LOIJII a.::.PJIEP.I.Tll'!O the Governm=:: lrJJoDIII!. KDCKJ!OI'I', Ani'IJ: ... UJITDS-R. :Kallay" Bro., Kenton Tobacco w o.rehouse, .814 6'!'ATE 't i Clollll. .:m--...... ""' Commission Merchants, 'Wm. B. Man:a's Penn Tobaooo Works Jlo. 39 North Water BtT"eet, W. Y. & Co.'s" PHII.ADEI.PHIA.. U BOUTB --> 1r.o-. boy S. & J. MOORE, GEYER& -mss, TOBAcco. (Succeoeon to IIDctal, A.lftom.o "Co.) T 0 B A C C 0 Commission llerchants, Loui.s .GIESKE &: co., G. KEROKHOFF & co, Jr D i LII,...,. h J. r. & co .. t M' t.. 6 a n' tt .... n' laJQNe"'()o mlallloo Sale \':1/0mmni:SJ#U Wllotzu.LE "--4J t 0 .lDDULDSIJI ,.osm, Jttd iJ;obattO,. Nos.ll5andii7Wettfron-atreet, LEAF TOBACCOS, ll AJF f!) C @). :S.. 49 Sou.&h'll Street 11''" '-"" Rn"" and Elm, OINCINNATL o. Greenup-street, Covincton, Xy. Bo. 121 Wed Lombard Street, BALTIMOB:&. Md. ST. LOUIS TOBACCO 'WOU8, SISSON .a. HATHAWAY1 Packe..., -d Dealera In 1: Connecticut Seed Leaf TOBACCO, 13 4 Main Street_., .HARTFORD, CONN,., ':126-183. CommiSsion' Merchanb, BAL'riXOBE. E. w. DUKEHART & SON, HUDSON : IIUNUFACTllRXIlS OF EVER'lr Gll:nJEL:P. ollltTn. lAOtollJI.s>nTn. Cooper Tobacco Works. ..u.oon:E.u.xRSI>r k-J.L DB ....... tJI J.iA, J:biDI .. SMITH BROTHERS. GRAITLIN & JOHNSON,l LEAF TOBACCO AND CIGABs, MAN A 0 ERS, um-120) Sprln:t!l.eld, ll(._ -PARKER li ALDWiLL, G W GR VE SOLE AGENTS A s, J FOR THE PM:U'& J.ID Celebrated Brands of Manufactured Fine Connecticut Seed-Leaf Tobacco, PILOT AND EACLE. T 0 C 0 0 I COMMERCE STREET AIIID 13 CITY WHARF, Danburv Co t t wtLLIA>< ... l'Aiti

llolit:U:s orrlers from su.mers .Ail.a.ress:N!'7 PearlSt;:Riehnnond. Va. MILLS & Y ANT; Tobaeeo Brok:cr, & General Commission Merchants, Office in '='xchange, Shockoe Slip, Richmond Va. it S E 1:' of the NILl l o n:tl D'\nk, RkhrnOJHf, Ya. i JA.,IES THOMAS, ..,..1' by yte"'!!l A., ): r-., t P\1\nt c r b X:lt\nr:al Ban It, Va.. j Uesera. B. Jr. Jo: .. (l. ,;,\,: UQ,. .tR \f .. 153l'ear1et Boston. MESSr..:\ca;R, l:, L'' JG anli!!U3 :\I .... Iden-l:!:lt" !\.owJilo! "" !1. .. ---' -----Sg RAPP pt t.!J.o c:Loice a.nd well-l:;!l,.,wn Drn::.<"l,:; of SMOK C TOJlA COS : ;t IIIIC JACK CREEN SCENE, LO.-. TURKISH BTRAI&li.T cur. ONION FACTORY. VIRGINIA l'B.IDE, EortabU..hed 1899. J_ :H:.ARDGROVE, Successor to THOMAS & SA.l!UEL HABDGROVE, awfae!UrtJr and Owner of t11.e follonnds, t pounds, Navy lbe, and i pound, lOs. a llrtgh\ Work or aU kinde. ---S, 11, lfcCORKLE, W.L.BO'II'll.ll.f. R. A. YOUNC & BRO., General Commission Merchantr, AJoiU AGENTS :F'OR 'J' E :B-&A.t.'E OJJ' VIRGIN! .AND KORTH CAROLINA Leaf and Jlauutae&ured Tobaeeo, No. 41RON FRONT BUILDINCS, .PETERSBURG, VA. -G-ER. co., AND AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF LYICiftURI MANUFACTURED i:HEWINI &. SMOKUI8 TOBACCOS, 141 Main Street, Lynchburg, V a. 'We are for the sale of Mr. L. L. A>nsrEAD'sjnstl:r_cclcbrnted. u DICK TA'RIR," RED ROVER" SMOKIIIC TOBACCO. ...uru!Bh If n any otyTe lind quantity to oult Bnyers. J. W. CARROLL, Bole :llannfacturer of the Famous and World renowned Brands of Virginia Smoking Tobaccos, LONE JACK aad BROWN DICK. -ntaf'toJT, 12th SCI'eet, LYNCHBURG, VA. JOHN W. STONE, .193 Main-street, Lynchburg, Va., D2.U.U IY YlRCINIA LEAF TOBACCO. Jdaoura.cturer or tbe f o Uowiog CBOICJ: lh'ands o r '\WEE1' SQNGSl'ER, CRANBERRY, PIED!IJONl', GOLDEN 1ft SA&, aod othe,... omen rpect.ftilly ooneued and promptly attended to. M & 'J. A R 0 B I N s 0 N' F I NEATO B AC c 0 s' M.A.NUFACTUBEJl OF Keop cooa\&ntlJ Oilbandtbefo!!owlngbrands: THE CELEBRATED BRANDS OF lloOorllle & J!owman's bee!oloy_" lllleCorkle .. VIRGINIA. SMOKING TOBACCO, INDIAN Q.UEEN, and "Gold Leal," J. c. Jlllller'o."Jr!De JOCKEY CLUB. all Manufactory, Seventh Street. Ojlce, Z.YN LYNCHBURG, VA. ''HIGHLANDER.' "RED lOYER," II DICK TATER," McDamel, Litchfield &: Co., sA'IrnLTG I TOBACCO (lillccauon to llcDaiUed .t Irby ;J \1&.\.1.1 iL ra} :M:8lclla.nts, Tbeee -bUshed Tobaccos, eo we!! lllld l'a'fOI&bly UOD8 ----Jmown are pnt np I" X, X and 1 lb. bales or JIOII"'IM, Xo. Btreet, llld tn I.Uit. tbao tolling the retailer and jobber. LYl'iiCiiBUBG, VffiGINIA, KanolBctllted ooly at the S T E AM W 0 R K qd 1.-f 'ftbaccoa; OB JI'LOUB, Gi\...LJl.'lf, AND L. L. A.RMISTE.A.D, Country Produce Generally. L"ENCHBU..BfJ., Y ..4.. HOGLEN & GRAFFLIN, Olni'EII! or PJ.TKln'S .l.SD MLK '-PEAIFs cnEIRATED SELF-FEEDINa rcn-aurriNI ENIIIE. No .. M. of thee labor..,.'riar i n ute ln the Mst houatt ID the counlrJ &l ., test 1be value 'Of them. ,. Havblg bee!t In--use--oYer f011r yeaTS, beeD telted, aDd m:a.cb iaapro-red In all Ita p&rt!, we recommend 1\ to tbe tnt.DUfttctu.rer-1 of Tokcco u \be belt and mOlt ecoaomioal Machllle for-t.he purpose uon known ..,ContinUf lUI f.:!ed, r.o loss o! btitl, more cu\wlth lealla.bor, mo'"" chaoJre& of cut., aDd br11h1.n Tobacco, taao with any other Cutter In the world. Pattnted In United Elate'! Fen. !Gtb, Patented in England April 12th, 1866 France Aprl116tll, 1866. Patented In Belgium. AprU 1 8th 1868. We also manufacture Pill! Machines, Stem Rollers. AND PATEftT DRYER. Jl>r ru' ll addre11 tyis Cf,.ltter took the REAT PARIS EXPOSITION. POOL_., lfsg,. WA.''.I:'ER STREET, NE"\y. YORK, I,; tohe .Authorized .Aaent. !!\= 1 -CoMMERCIAL. PRINTERS / Connccncnt Bccd and Harana Wn:-' LEAF S AND SEGARS. 99 & 101 ..-.u Dtll"''' l.'foo ......... STJHUI'I', llilartin a Brown 1 Near John. l'UlWYOBK. crtea Be" THE TOBACCO LEA M'. TmtAcctl fLATTtNINS-Mttlt MD SHAPE&. ID maldll buin ... I have improved and seClll'Od Letters Alter an experience of twentyotl-;:' th\:.r; more !bacco is' pres in the oame opaee and time ;ron, to whic h through and tbrougb, countersunk and filed smooth to prevent imp. mills more doroble. 1 f t rinN :M cla1m ie fnlly set forth in my Letters Patent, and this is to caution the 'public ognms mnnu ac n d or nsl:g oald Patent unleee the right ba s been properly obtained from me ll llll!s will be stamped with my' nam e &c. T:bacconif!ts will find it grca.Uy to their interest to adopt tbcse Mills in then establisbplcnts, for economy in time, labor, and durability, a s well as cost. Wltb conJidence I refer to the tobacconists of this city. G F. MARKS, Pctcrsbnrg, Ya. t onndP.o Jonrr and short ten!, twist, etc., Far ordel'B tor any sty le ()f abo\oc, such as pounds, qunr er P n apply to CONNOLLY & CO., No. 40S 'W'ater St., New-Yorl.::. J COB HENKELL, .... ukuF ACTORY, (Superior Make and OF CEDAR Prime Quality,) WOOD, 157, 159, and 161 New-York. G9-t2t -1 1n order to give the TilE PIIIL!DELPHU TOB!CCO an opportunity to the1r deBOA.RD OF TRADE. fence.-St. ri.,mds Republwan, .July so. -WORK ton. AuG17S'r.-In th1s r egwn .The To?acco Boa1:d of Trade. the seas" been peculiarly fa.vo,;Philadclphla has haa the follow tnt able to th of the crop, and I I rules printed in OIU'd fo m, for genera bo d it has had its first distribution among the membe:ts of theand i _rap\dly Fre Trade: Adopted, July 9, 186!1. quent workinrrs witb the culvator and RULE I. The Inspector sha ll e eu:a second whieh draws earth ed annually by the Boa1d of slicrhtly' toward the plants, Will be. no:: of the. "ToJ;lacco of Phi! a ece;sary. Tlie working may be conphia," and hts duly tinned until the inte r lapping of' the by the President, sh.all elate from t e leaves endan"'crs their breaking. The first day of August, 1.n each year; tl?e tobacco wor':n so destructive some Board reser\'es the to revoke said times, and alwdys caus ing mor e or l ess commission, for suffi01em ca use, at any loss and injury to the crop, may be time. RuLE n. It sh.all be. the looked for in larcre numbers during the of' said Inspector, at h1s month. Their ;ppeamn ce will .be in nienlic, to respond to !Ill. oiders fiqm dicatcd by small punctures m the membe r s of thts Asso01at10n who may leaves when the worms are too small to require his services. RULE Ill. It shall be ob;e rvcd and they should be then the duty of the In. hunted diligently and clestrpyed before hwr Leaf Tobacco, rn cases, to z.emove they become larO'e enough to do th: entire top and bottom every damage. If they appear in great num case, from each end of whiCh he bers all the availab le force of' the farm shall draw two (2) hands or t?and 'an the turkeys that' can b e got to bacco from such depth as may, m "'ether should be to the work fairly represent the .chara cte r extirpation The toppin g of the and condition ofthe tobaccollO mspectedi crop be"ins when a sufficient number of RULE IV. The drawn shal !ants shall have flowered or b ttoned, be tied securely With twmc, anji ro make a rrood cftttipg. All 1ilJ. g affixed with l egi Y be taken' off so as to leave a with the seal of the AssoCiatiOn (to be lcn.,.th of leaf at the top, of some SIX provided. f'or t,b.e purpose). .Such tag inches. All so topped will be fit to cut shall be priQtcd n bl'ank, weights and in about thrtl*l weeks after topping. tares to be thereonl sudh plants as are topped will begin with the date of mspectwn aud at once to throw up sucker at the ture of the pee tor; a record ';-IO r foot of each lea Tliese must be he shall ke e p m a book, to be piouaea fully broken out as the y appear, thc1r by him for \Vheu tobacco growth bein < made at the expense-G is heated, or othervnse he the valuabl: leaves, whose body and shall so mark the tag .. H.uLE v .-The wci"bt are seriously iliminisht;d by the inspection .of to.bacco m.hhds be loss"' of the juices whi c h th.ese iu conforrmty Wit? th.e rules plescnbed vio-orous oittiboots. by the Tobacco mnst be all taken oni, as .other bouse RULE VL-N o Inspector, whtle th continue to "'row m the I b II b t trade wJse ey "' A iu office, shal uy, se ar er, 01, house and stain the finer leav e .. directly or indirectly, Ill leaf few of the finest plants of' the crop are tobacco, Ol' furnish inf'ormatJOni.n regard to be reserved for seed when topping. to ?J""him.; any The leaves of sucb plants, whc!l w e!l violat10n of' this shall be ripe are to be take n off, and tied up deemed a misdemeanor m office, and to and the stalk left standing till shall, \ Upon proof thereof: the se'ed are thoroughly forfeit his commtsstoo, ant:J be thereaftel Baltimore American J ihrmer OORBESPONDENGE. PROSPECTS OF THE NEW CROP. trade oftheir own State.-Richrnon(f ug, Aug. 3. HINTS ON THE CULTIV:lTION OF 'l'UB!CCO. EDITOR LEAF -;&ing a const nt. of' your vaiuable 1Japcr for three years past and a The Soutliern Planter and Fctrmer says: We had of' '\Ve t tert;t tobacco, I take method of laymg. be-occasion to address Mr. Dabney, on the occasion of re fore my friends and the readers of LEAF my views questing from him, for of our some to and information concerning the growmg crop of tobacbacco seed of a fine vanety for sb1ppmg purpm1es-the co. Reports from all parts of the country been Johnson Green-which he bad cultivated t ime and augh contractors holdmg hack in order to weaken it as much us possible, but as soon as heavy s hipment s bave b een showing the .large decrease and small sto c k remammg, the trade w1ll be more apt to comprehend the situation, likely. Of the tobacco that has been bono-bt for Regie the largest portion will be h e l d back' as0long as in order to make the stoc k on band appear large, and orde_r to influenc e the market until they have got the1r reqmre d amo unt bourrht. Jn co n seq uence of all those facts before us, an of prices will lle unavoidable, e pecia lly as the main o utsid e buyers held back in order to do better. Had they beeu m the market as the supply wo1Lld now b e unequal to the demand. Yon.K, A!lg:4, 1868. ToB.aoco OnsERvEu.. -----INTERNAL REVENUE S.EIZIJilES. The fuctory of Francis C. Archibald, at Sta o Isl and has been seiz ed. Inspecto1 Harvey. Mr. Archibq.ld ;vas engaged m the smokinll'i-Jl?se and mtenh?n of th1s question would be world and to wntc Immediately and stop their tobachome-made (Austrian Government monopoly) cioall! ..1\ltsoClatiOn, m :o sustam f'ea-sa van, a Ger. man this time, M. Keferco i!l if possible, and to order h as ?old last year. was agaiust. ouly ture of our orgamzatwn, to submit all stein entertainedno doubt that the ed 1ts destmat1on ot to be sold until further orde!s. m 1866, showmg anmcrease of a(),70J,486 in favor .r lea.f ti;Jl):).()co in cases, whioh we ?I' any smoked. But for them to h!'ve The E;cpre.'l3 very remarks that tobacco growers 1 867. On the other the sale of imported. (foreign of us may oow hold, or receiv e on done so they must .have been acquamtwill bear this fact m mmd and. send only to m a rket s made ) cigars was less by 2,438,609last year the num -commission, to iosp.ectwn as above proeel with' which a r e Wh the statistica l return s made by great t.h pbM,q_O stron"' tc\est iii the prospenty of Rtcbmond, to see the Chambers of' Commerce in Saxony, there are now are ... indebted to pe-that ft is 'mpohtic and injudicious for tlw Exchangd employed i ? that kingdom 11,607 workmen in the cigar c.W. Commis ioner W ell s and to lion. to adopt any regulation capahl f b eing manufactor1es, 'yho turn out annually above 750,000 000 e9 na'rd MJers ic s pf' th hew ( cr1u>ps misrepre ,to the as 18' c i gars, fur which they a ll;lillloz} a.pd. a l.otf o( which t would .be so d1fficul; to cx:p1am 11 .... Tax Bill. 1 fi 1 1 t do ars as wage!L lb. h ld The advaotag expecte c to rom t 1e rego a IOn '"nr ours rmn cou r ,. Gcrmn.n glazier of' considerable wealth in Brook' d J 11 a il U t U ltllnArtant-the lDl IN ry flC --9 1 suc h evastat10n on ones tv L d f lyn waa out to p1ison twenty-niull days for B l th :i h riou s Ri

THE TOBACCO LEAF. HOMAS HOYT. & Co., TOBACCONISTS, No. 404 PEARL' STRI!I!T, NEW-YORK, .Manufatlurcn of all kinds or Fmt.Cut Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, Snuff, Cigars. and Havana Sixes. OUil BRANDS FINE-CUT CHJ!WIMOt IKJNNYSIDE, HEART'S DELIGHT, NATIONAL. TJIONAS HOYT It CO_, New-York. HOYT, FLAGG Jo CO., Loulnillc, Ky. -HOYT, FLAGG & CO., ro HOYT, BARBOUR & CO., 1 0'] and 1 og Second St.., LOUISVILLE, KY., .Muafatlurcrt of the follow ins celebrated branu of FINECuT CHEWING ToBACCOs SUNNYSIDE, :sWEET OWEN, .ROSE-BUD. X:rLLICKINICK SMOKING To&Accos, 1 Golden Eagle, Cabinet, Grand Moglll, Chimney-Cora FLAGG lie CO. Loui .. Uie, It) HOYT & CO.," New-York. F. fS. cillELTON, Jr. 1'0 J". L. A D A M S, lL\:SUFACTt:U.Er: OP .\J, L PLUG AND TWIST TOEACCO BRIGHT. Sponge C.l.kJ, Own, liBW YOBX .AliUFACTlJJLEB.S. I li:BW YOB.X BBOKEBS. --Anhur Gillender Co., l'uo.7soHER & Tobacco Brokers, SUCCESSORS 'fO JOBll UDEEBO:ri & 00, QP \'lUI SOLACE TOBACCO, No.2 HANOVEB. BUILDil!IGS, (IIANOVBBSQUAR11,) NEW YORK, 1 and 111 "" J. S. GANS & SON, 121 CEDARST;RE:ET, HEW-y {Hilt T 0 B A c c 0 B n o K a R s J oBtph W. Gray, looepb L. R. Wood. 61-llt___ NO. 86 W ALLSTF..EET, H. H. WATTS & CO., -EMPIRE ClTY Tobacco Works, No. 7 5 BOWIIB1l', .Tontine Building, rn<:W-YORK. C .HARLES F. OSBORNE, TOBACCO BROKER, NO. 15 OLDSLIP, NEW YORK. __ -T-, .A-, & CO,, West oorner of w .. ter-atreet, RK NEWYO LICORIQE PASTE WALLIS & CO. EXTRA. Tobacco manufacturers and the trade in general ar0 particularly requested to exa mine and test the superior properties of this LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfection, is offered under the above style of bmnd. We are a.Joo SOLE AGENTS for the brand Ach:nowledged by consumers to be the best in the market. And for the brand of I ;ico rice St1ck G. B. In all respects equal to CALABRIA We are also AGENTS for the brand G. Z., which will be found constantly on hand. Licorice Root, se lect and ordinary, constantly on hand. GOMEZ, WALLIS & co., 29 & Sl South wuunm st. POST-OFFICE BOX 259. (Successors to WHITI'A.M & LAWRENCE.) ON otANUrACTUREII! OJ' M RADER &: B Tobacco, Snuff &Cigars, BROKEIS, LICORICE p 374 :Pea.rl Street, liew-York, l St t EXCELSIOR MILLS IJue OODII.&DU;r oo b&nd a J&.ge uoonmealor 160 :Pear ref J Vlrctala.Jt(anaftetured Tobacco, PUJ'e {sliOOIID oooa US"JI or I PURE POWDERED LICORICE, Ttlrkllb. 18mok.luc:;, lmporced lla-v"'"' aa aad Dometlc Clca.... -EWYORK.. G Arabi ..t.loo, a .,...a nrio&7 of : um C, Engliah, French, German, and Seotcll Tw-Ynrk AllCclOneers. Clay :Pipe. J" 0 L I V E 0 I L ,. GER!RD BETTS & tO., I:IF"' '1'1111 ONLY IIANUFAO'I'UBII&8 O 'I'IDI AIIDI-OAlf JllJI.DUYJ: 81l0Kllf& TOBAOOO. IT_. WM. H. GOODWIN & CO., IU.IIUJ'CTO&SU or J'Dfa-Girf Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, .ID D-.u.DS Df ALL 1DliDII o 1m anb jlug lobacce. 20'1 .t: 209 WATERST., IIWftlL H. D. ROBINSON, Commission Merchant General Auctioneers AND CO:M.KISSION )JE'RCHANTS, OLD SLIP, lllllW YORK. TIN E..,OIL JOHN J. CROOKE KANUJACTCRER OP TOBACCO fOil & CAPS NO. 38 CROSllYSTREET; ' Manufactured Leaf .. To B A C C 0 B S." TOBACCO, W. B. ASTEN & CO., Mannfactnrel'l! of all kinds of 100 Barclay Street. Tobacco Bags, D. H. McALPIN & CO.,. SIB Pear:J. S-tree-t. TONQTIA BEAll'S, .U4 otller J'Ja-mp, l'ol ..., tw ale bY WEAVER & STERRY, IMPORTERS, 16 PLATT STREET, N. Y. Jf..-al HENRY M. MORRIS, No8, 09 Pearl & 82 StonetOt.,_Ne-York, l"PORTE!l AND BOLE AOI:.-All upon our patent, -wherewr maaufiiCtured or Exro""D l!OB SALE, will be prooe-, UNCLE SAM co ted. COHEN & CD., JULIAN ALLEN, Seed-Leaf &Havana TOBJ.OCO, COY!MISS10N !t'IERCHANTS .l l> 1.> \U! S l.." A.LL J\D.'l!S f T":O 149 Water-streeT, nqr MAiden-fare. P. FRINGANT & CO., 47 We.t Front, st. Cincinnati, 0. WIIOU:8ALZ OKLY, W"ntcr Street. NEW YORK. i:!rBraelo 8 81XTJI STREET, Pltt.'Hra, Pa FRANK, BEUTTENMUlHH & CO. 150-175 XANUPACTUBZBS OJ' SEGARS, 96 lllahfeB Lane, RWYORX. Dll: Dll: .A. 'Y :m R. & Dealer ,. ttnh ANG LAP T08ACCO, il.o, OHEWDG Aim BIIOKmG 'l'OBAOOOS, No. 58 AVENUE c, Between 4tb and 5tb NEW M. BROOK, Manufacturer of the Finest Brands of Neptune N3v7 PoundJ Half Pounda, Ne::>tuno :na.vy Si::ar::es. DARK. Po.lm, LaPurete, Suitan'a Own. Wro&th. MA.Inl'FACTURERS 01' TH"W; CELEBB.t.TBD FINEC1JT ViriDi Leaf and Navy ChewinJL NEW YORK. JESSUP & J[OORE, 128 William Street, N. Y x .. db c 1 0 A R 8 37 State Street, Chicqo, J ...... _s .. .... I a29 nw YORK. THE PRIZE AT THE PARiS EXPOSITION I TOBACCO GRANULATOR !l"vy Pounda H:Ut' Pounds, Ji'llQr'll.&lla.ce Si.xos, Ma.ggie lloUtcholl Qua.rter Pounda, J. L. A.d&IIls' XXX 12a, victoria TeWI. FAC'I' ORT-1-l:>.DEmtAW STilEJand, all. of qulity, for o&!e aUwest markeliraO.... IIOTICE. that our Brallde. PLA.NET and ti I LOll II' .. han, boon 110 closel y lwllaoed i\e tit aa.S'ft mau:y olt.De Tr.ttle, ln to.a.ure the will a. ,..-.oped wtUt. ow name. BUOHAlfAN & LYALL. New-York. :r. B BRACKETT:& CO., Agenll!, No. 14 Central Wharf, Boston. r. Goetze $ \'OBACCO & SNUFF, : MAHHATTA-N TOBAOCO WORKS, .a Waahingtoa Street. JiEWYORX JI. J[ICKLE & SOl'S, 8CCCESSOD8 TO MRS. Q, B. MILLER & CO., .. OUT TOBACCO SNUFF. IDRE, UO Wa.ter-lltreet. ](A.lllJ:i!'ACTOB.Y, 97 NEW-YOllK. Wll. McOAFFIL, euccasoa 'I'O lhichester & Co., lil BOWERY, NEW-YORK, .&lfDH.iU:&U' teaf Tobacco & Segars. llnle J!loaawftleta""r or alae ar.DltATED BOU'QUET aoJtllfOr TOBACCO. ,_....,.0 (m bood or paid) m co oulo pur .... m J'JGUREd. ... All"ot fur Ohlchooler o Sooteb rcr ....... l'VIDM the t.etith and dtppin( -,urpOSEs. The le iaD;wl\&l l over the eountr3. and h maouf&e\cred ,_..,. .aove p&trUOte. It can be had by the keg baJ! bar TobacC(J of all kinds. u a11o a celltetlnD pf J,.ocy Ardctea. cut Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, 2t1, 219, I; lltl eor. Barclay, NEW-YORK. Aod of Light and DH.rk Work, Lump, Tlst, o.nd Rol t To b .. cco, Nepperhan 'J;obac9o Works, N. l'. AND .SECARS, No. 192 PEA.:RL STR"EET. NF!W FORK. JOHN A: HARTCOU, Of' LICORICE PASTE F. GRUND cm:wr!OG TnBACCO. 1 D Ohew\nj!, I }tild 'rbe OelebnloteJ. I G.raoulo.ted, Americu.! A Ex t "a Long, Turkish, -IRS B Smoking. 8vanish, '1:' "\'?, Jl1 CnhhwL, I Extra e Smoking, I Fce.neh. othe r Ji: .& '\l & J NepLun", BaTory, Loo)l( Smoking, Fancy Smoking, III.POBTII&II, 118 Pearl-.treet, JrewYor:S. J. o. ca. a. a. YJfUBBIA. .... F. G. C. No.1 8mokiol!, tobacco. s N 1J F F. N0.150 WATER-STREET, RC'lSe M1;1-C:COb()y, Frt!nch Rappee, Congre!l, and LiberaL Goods Warra.D.t e d Orden promptly ext'cnted. JOSEPH M.A YT....R & SONS, SEGA.BS:. Leaf& Manufactured Tobacco, 122.Water-street, NewYorll, I 'l'O Gravter-treet, NewOdeaa .. La. A. T. BRIGGS, llANU!f' ACTURER Op Tobacco .Barrels, Flour Barr.l Molaaeee Caaka, Water and all lither kinde of CASKS. New Flour Barrels & Half Barreis, Staves, Hea(!s, & Hoopo. A large enpply conotantl;r on hand, Omce, 64 Rutgers 811p, llew York. SCHMITT & STORM AND DEALER! IN LEAF TOBACCO, 191 PEARL STREET, JosliPH 80JIJDTT, I 3S-63 NEW YORK. ozoBOJC SToRlll'. r R. S. WAL T .Ell, I BEST Connecticut, Havana & "'! ara LEAF TOBACCO, 203 PEARL Near Malden Lane: NEW YORK. M. WESTHEIM & CO., IUlfUJ'-'.OTDUS OJ' JtlB .A.ND HAUI:8 :nf Qllontettitnt Jetd177 PEAIIIl STREET, ("Q"p Mlro,) NEW-TORK. S. JACOBY & CO., lllanafo.etarera or .... Dolionln CIGARS Sole l'l'opriet<>l'tl C>f the BenownecS E1 Baco and Metropolitan Brands, 19-\ :PBAJI.L.BTB.EET, l'OWDSRSD. UQUOtUCE. FINEST QUALITY. Mattllltlotured at Poughkeepsie, New-York. I GIFFORD & INNIS 130 WIJ.LlAlll.STREE":, 56-67 fi:EW-Y-&RK. LICORICE PASTE. KREMELBERG & CO., rvrt:ut'!'as oJ K. & c." and J. C. y Ca We otrerfor l!&le to mo.nutac&urers and the trade In the aoperlor aud we.lleeta.bllabetl brands of Llcorlce ftote, II.. .t C. aM J. 0. y Ca,"expreuly made tpr t.bll and perleo\lv ourft. Oor.lll&!denLn, Ne"""-York. J N ISS E 2 E. SPINGARN & I DEALERs IN Plug, Smoking, CheWUlg Leaf Tobacco & Segars, NO. 5 BUALINC SLIP, LEAF TOBACCO, NZAB IVA'I'EB:BTRZZT, 30 Liberty Mreel, NE'W-YORK. NEW YORK. .. .... .,._ "_..... ..,,.. __ .;.. .___ t TOBACCO LABLES FOR CADDIES, NAVIES, POUNDS, ETC. FURNISHED BY .BATCH ct._ 111 BROADWAY (Tnnity Building), NEWYORK. "s.aKOII'STO -F:-w. BELDEN,, t. S. EDMINSTON & BROTHER, HAUCK'S OIBOULAB TOBACCO BOIES, F.A LK, Tobacconist, cw \1 fine-cut Chewing and Smoking LEAF TOBACCO, TOBACCOS, 113 & 215 Duane-St., JlewYork. ... II&UM : UVIVIR0 OUBBIIINilY, ..,. BtiL. 80-lJi No: 194 Street, :NEW YOBX,, Patented April 26, 186't. A. HAMMACHER & CO., Agents1 BeekDiall St., N, Y. :zsro. 1-&8 8-tree-t, Bet. l!tlalden Lime & Pine St., NEW YORK. .... for a PriM .Litt. KALDENBERG d: SON, TbC" only W"bolcrole nnd Retnii Manufacturers in the United States or \&87 Genuine Meerschaum Pipes, .AMB-ERS, MOUTH-PIECES, CASES, &c., Repairing, Boiling, M?unting, &c., &c., POR.TRAITS, MOYOGRAlliS, !.c., &e., (;li T TO ORDF.Jl. (Send for Circulars and Pric e LiHs.) STORES. 23 WALL STREET, 6 JOB!i SThmwd 717 DROA :J>"W A Y. MEERSCHAUM GOODS, Stom : !7 J.ohn, niur N u&linll, 48i'Broodway, ncar 1lroome St., ""' .. NEW" YORK. All Gbods. stamped w1th out J:Jame and warranted genuine. P}pes cut to ord,er, repaired, JJIQUnted, aQlll bl)iled ..... toT ., .. T It C. STEHR, 1 .., ... liU....."rn'ftf.:TUJDC,Be 0.1' Geiuiae11 Meerschaum Pipes, SSt .BOWERY, uea Kester New York. ,. .... ; .. ON ..__ &>IN STATUARY, !NITIALS, ANIMALS, &c. a.:ncl. Dll:o"U.D. -t:l.:nt;. Cf1 We ........ a SpeoW>lty f AJICB:EBS oj llll Shapu an lot.b>Jr, and tJ a vc:ry tuetW.l ppuatQs for the hPct 'P"'teflt, tobaeeo"" :r w it, lL'l l .. \mpr )Vt-neJil8. 'PnT .,.,... cl cula.'-i', <;u.U nr .!lUGI'ELDT & pEGl!.UKE, oo o.a.... tT t e. K.t\ t\N, 1'3 rnl Wbll..rf, J;nston,. 'Mass.,. Arceot N.tSw uc.; {!\ r 1\1 o llo.x llloulcl TOBACCO BOlES & UADDIE&J Shearman Brothers, DULDB D L "I:J'DIBER. A':i!D lol&..'"ro.FAC'I:UUll OF .AU. OP BOXES A"ND ,BOX-SHOOKS, E'ut up '"?d Shipped for the Southern MarWe l:lve opeelo.J a t'!II


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