The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VoLUME IV No 27 } WHOLE No 183 TERilB Ol!' TU PAPB 8lngle Cop es 10 Cents Per annum 00 To EnJCiand and the Uanadas $ 1 048ddltl ert10lng will be eoll8lderetl, Jeeo accdlilpanled by the corresponding .amollBI. 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'I & Go SO F He nek en G & Pal nore 68 Broad mc.s 82 Water .:Euilman G W & C.;, 108 Front J:n?aehhorn L &Co 140Peorlamd 06 Water L & Sot 14 7 Water #Hunt lf. w &'Co 16'7 Wo.ter Ke111 & Co 34 K !bol)li!S 3 W11l am K1ttrea"fll.. 1', & Co 164 ltter Kremelbeg. Co, 16 0 J:learl Ievm M.ll 16 Pearl l e n &NeVm 61 Men"el CharleS: 0 160 Watet lless"cngcr I:J & CQ. 161 aud 163 M \lden I Mo s H M 99 Pearl an I G2 Sto e Nathan L !)'alll'lae 18 Broad N JSsen J rl(). LiJ>JJrts Norton S augt ter & Cu 41 Broad Oak\ev \.:ornemls 96 Water Alva Water Ober R. H & Co n Broad Ottmger 13 others 1 SS Water a! ne & Sco\ lie JJO}\ ntet Pappenhmme M S:lUM:oail Pauhts c h M He Pearsall M R 23 }lo u if\ W1ll ad Schottenfela M -& J 158 W Sclioverl ng & Cnapman 26 South W 1lham Schroed e r & Bon 178 Water Set ubart H & C n l4o Water NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, AUG 26 .. 1 8 68 J C PFIRSHING PlwrBmTO.R I 142 FULTON STliEE1' Sehgsberg Cohe.u & Co 149 Water Seymour Chas T ., tl PearL Sm th J K & Son 47 Broad Sp ngarn E & Co 5 Burling I!Hp Ste n & Co 197 Duane st Strohn & Re1tz ns e n 176 Front Thayer BPothere 146 nr aU! Unkart & Co 166 fulton. Vette l n To II & Sou: ,17'! PeaT gel u Wm 175 Pen I Volg e r k Huueken l6o Fron Walter R S 903 Pe rl We1l& Co 6tl P e JJI & Co 177 P>ar Whtttam H 349 Pea l Wilcox Power & Co ISO Pell I TOBACCO Jl :.b E BS Fltcher Fred erick 2 H tno>er Buildmg Gans J S & Son 80 Wall. M:ANUP.I.CrURltRS OP SNUFF Dukehart F W & Son 29 8outh Calvert Starr R & Co 2/l South Cal vert .-osTON Rraokett F B & Co 14 Vha r f BrQWn D S & (.;o 8l11n d S8 Broo1 Eckley A. A. 12 Central Wharf Fisher & Co 28 Centt'tl) Wharf. M tchell A R 85 Central Parker &. Caldwell I Cttrnmerce md J 3 (:.f y Whal'!: DBOOKL1(l'f l!f '1: MAN Ul AC UlC.KRS Dtalllllt John, 23 Buchanan & Lyall Rheltoo P S Jr 14.r. Dew1w llOX lo! .. Shcnn:\n Brothers 3 to 111 r;r Buchanan & L:vsll Hi 'Wa,ter Ed mons on S S & Bro., ji ill 2.15 .Dolllne Emp1re C1ty Tobac c o itO Bol'cr'!' hlk M 143 Water Adams, Gibjjs & Co p;a11 a e Lorlllanl's Western Depot 115 Sol t Water Murray & Mason 22 a'!l.d !!4 1flch g:"'\ ave Sud1age" Dlll' 17 West Raniloijl flllfE;rmf A.TI ventwn held at the Astor 1 use on 'Ihuroday last, the roJ>e 1 accounts gt>en m the dail) apers bemg mere skeleton repO'l'te, bes1des unusually ,1-ttl market reports and our ta.,blcs exports whtcll hnve "'cently been crowded out To accomphsh th1s we a e compelled to ) 1eld our usual ecl1tonal for thuvveek The RegulatiOns It A & (Jo 114 117 Liberty Goetz F a & Bro U8 Wuhmgt ou Goedwtn W H & Co md, 20? Water Hall Joseph 76 Barolll..l' Hartoorn John A. Hi()W Hirsch D & Co 1'14 Wat!li-, Hoyt Thomas & Co 40" l':ioMer '}.'obacco Factory 167 W ster R\orbl! A U Bowery Lnwrence T A. & Oo 374 Yeart Lee Wru, 269 Pearl, L1benUnd C H 917-?91 Washmgt01 LWiJ!o.rd P 16 1 8 >hers )layer & Eb c l!qg 1 so nnd 1M Pearl Mayer M (;8 A venue C Mc!l.lpln D H & Co 'fr.Jr Aven \ c D }lickle .A H & So11s 1 ll a te N L II & Co 6 \I a ter Rob tschek & Taus s.g l}(!lmcy Schmder Josep l BS J Schroedet & Bon 178 Water StftChelberg M l5 Ceda Str;uton Schtn tt &; Storm 101 Pear L llt.PORTERS J,Jili) DX..1.J 8 Frank,BeettenmuOJ!er & Co 96 Jacoby S: 1 9 4 Pea I L cbteuste n Brotl ers& Co l 1 [alden LaIC Lon!!Ard P 1 6>e s licCaffil Janies C. Co 191 Green\Hch llirauJl a Fcl x Pearl R o sen 1 ald E & Bro 14.5 W ute Sa lomol'l l:l Peo l Tag vhll$ F 1 <4 ,.Frout N:.A..'lUFA.C"''URr.RS OF SNL:Jii' App eby & Helme 133 Water Lor liard P 16 Chamber. Fringant P & Co t'l West Frt Fro t. Sui! van l!a kg & C"o Thornton Potter &o{)o 1 S Young AN 44 Wcstli'ront. CO:\IMJSSlON 011' MFD \O"BllCCO Haler Holmes & Co 25 'Vest Se..,eud 4:0VING'EON, Sull1 au J T & .Co K n 011 b.ouse G r eenup iJ'r Graves G W D.lNVILLE V <\.. S H Holland & Co 0 Ho;::len & Graffirn Pease s Tobacco CHtt ng E g ne DETU0IT, JIU:CH Nev n & M1lls 193 and 1Gu Jefferson av E"-ST H!!o.BTFORD Ohapml)ll,lt S gnor J & Co CONN HA.RTFOJaJI), (JONN, MANt;PACJGRl'.jiS AND D>OALERS Auams u H &; Co State Barnes Geo B 2 38 SUtiO lions Brothers u K n D W 154 St'tc P u e H & Z K 2 anti 2 !':to.te Ralamon & De Lee w 6 Asrl u uno o.E OLA y ymour D M 159 and 1 6 1 Ccwnw ce BntJer II & Brother 61 Wate Shepa u & 214 State Bergllllln-.1: H 1 2 Front. j S M>ERSC>8 Cro"by st eet 1 AJ1CTJO K> RS o nc Bett G & Co 7 Old Sl p TOBACCO CUT1INO Borgfeldt & Deghuec 35 Cedar TOBACCO LABELS Hatch & Go 111 Broaaway TOB\CCO LABEL Hoev Jos 20 Broad vay TOBACCO LABEL PRTNTERS Brown M 13 & Co Wilham rATENT TOPACCO N&panoch Axe and Iro Co 69 Murr:1y SNUFF A D TODlCOO BOTTLES Qumlan Jer 138 \V1ll am TODACCO BAGS A s ten W B & .C 25 Pea II TOBA..CCO BOX.E<::: Hammaehe A & Co 59 Beekman TOBAC C O PAPZR WAREHO"SB Jessup & l'rloo e 19.8 Wtlham Tos&cco BAnUELS Br ggs A T 64 Ru gero Sl p JI'LATTFN M:lLLS AND SHAPES Connolly & Co 45 Wate ,ALLEGHENY (JJTY, PA. Jenl<. nson R & W 6 Fe de r a l TOBACCO WAREHOUSES Dolen us G H 202 West Pratt Boyd W A & Co 33 South B a ns E L & uo 11 Cheap de De Ford Charles D & Co 3 7 So t h Gay G L & Co 121 W Lombard Gunther L 1V 90 Lombard Kerchoff & Co 49 S Cl a es Loose C & Co 52 South Dl aries Pa I Wm 451 W est Bait more Rchacdson J &Co 45 WestLonba1d Schroeder Jos & Co 81 Exchange Place ETC Beck F W & Co 130 Nortb Becker & Bros 94. Lo nbard l!elller F W 90 and 92 South Char e. Gad G W & Ax. 2a J;la,re street Parlett Jl F & Co 9 Lombard W !kens & Co 181 West Pratt LOUISVILLE K"l: F nzer J & Bros 13 Th ril F ancke & Eller 424 Ma n Hoyt Flagg & Co 107 :t d 109 Second Rob uson A. L & G Factor) 48 Fo rtl W rehouse nd Salesroom 137 Ma n WICks G W & Co 102 M n TOBACCO BROKE!l.S Nash M B & Bro LYNCHBlJRG VA Atm stead L L Carrol J t\ McCorkle & Bo vman 113 lib McDan e l L tchfi e ld & Co Robmson J A Stone Job W 193M n Younger & Co 141 l'rla n MONTGOMERY, ALA. W a rren & Burch 88 Commerce street NEWARK, N J Br utzmghofrer W A 3 4 Broad Campbell Lane & Co 9o Broad NEW ORLEA.NS, LA. L cbtenstel Broe & Co 79 Gra" e1 Irby McDat I & Co 14 0 GraVLer PETI RSBURG, VA Elam W P & Co 125 S}ca nore Young R A & B o 4 IrQn Front Bu ld ngs PHILADELPHIA. TOllACCO WAREHOUSES Boyd Fougeray & Co 61 North Th rd Bucko or McCammon & Co No Lh W >ter Burgess & Bro 44 South Delaware IW Cou tney Wood"a' I & Co 4" N Water Do\nn & 1 a1tt 29 North \\ ater Edwards I L & G W Nortl Water E1seulol' '"' & Co 117 Sout l Water Geyer & Hiss 62 N ortl .F ont McDowell & Duncan 39 N ortll W Mooe 'S & J 107 Nn \h Water San! J nnldo & Co 31 N'ortn Wate r Teller Brotl er. 11 '7 No tb. Th d Vetterle n & Co Ill Arch Wartman l\:1 cl lOa Nerth Water MANUFACTUR} RS DEAL'ERS ETC Bate,helor Bros 337 North Tn rd Dale James cor 3d anu Race Hare Tl '&Son 4'74 and 503 Nortb Scco ne Jacob 138 North Th d Sm th Brother 1 1 : Nortl Th d Theobnld A H lb rl and Pop ur W!tthaus E L '20'T Raee OF SCOTt:II SNUF:1 Ralph A. & Co 105 Ar h Po ell & West 28 South Front PXTTSBlJRG, PA Megraw E & Co 3 1 St 0 a r PROVIDENCE, U I Hut Joslua llG Wcstmnster Kmgsle) L & Co 9 est n n ster VA Grea n er & W nne 1812 East OILry Hardgrove ThemG lOBAOCO OU'ITETIS Sm tl H l1f & Co Sm1th learn bv the Cable that the Italian Sena ,e has mtified the tobacco contract concemmg whwh we ha\e already pnnted two letters f10m Flotence We shall give fur thet deta1ls as soon as 1 ecerved IEFit I S sa1d that an apphcatwn oi Peru Han guanG will de troy the msect whwh feeds on tobacco lea1 and rust wlll be refer prmc1pal to the transportatiOn of tobacco m bond, and th1 v but httle light on the amb1guous sectwns of the 1 w lawm fact rt JS most likelv th'lt the Departmell" w ll have to ISsue from ttme to tuue add1t10nal latwns to mte1 pret those we now pilot Thus far Revenue offiClals ha\ e been s1q,rtallv unfortunate 1 then attempts at eluc1 datmg ehe new act and 1 hhnd and obscure h 1 e theu ftequ tly been as to lead the trade to doubt w hethm the1 taken the trouble first clear!) to uncle1stanrl them lves what t'tey unde1 take te make plam to theu subo Jmates ancl the pubhc at large YVe refer elsewhere to the worded deCisiOn of Comnnstoner llns 1 espectnt a meetmg of the fine c t to acco manu factuteiS l.ield Atgust 5 and 6 m NewYorkC1ty has hee'n rece ved and I des rc th10ngb. you to hank tb. mes swne1 1 us no autuouty to al ow such d scounts eKcept wl ere I 1s expres,Jy conferred upon !tun by the statute In the c LSil of stamps req 1recl by schedules B and C he 1s auth01 sed to allo" a commiS wn not exccedmg fifty per cent except that to propueto1 s of artiCles nELmed m sched1le C 1\ho f m sh thetr Ol\n cites or rles gus he mav allow a commiSSIOn of ten p r cent on amo DIS ovei $500 (act of June 1864 sectwn llh) and m the case of beer stn.mps he 1 s req,mred to allow a reduction of seven aud a half per cent (act of July 13 1866 sec twn 52) but II c recent law 1mposes no correspondmg reqmre ments and confets n o co rcspondm9 aut! ont) m regard to the stamps to e sed upon toha oco anct snuff I The mstructwus r eq c.s ed m the th rd rcsolutwn wtll be bsuol to the p1 pcrofl:iccrs ntn earlyday Very respectfully 'TnO,BS HAULAND .A.ct1 g Com WM E L!>.WRE!'iCB HOW er street Af e r tlte read ng f tue J ette the m nutes of the last meet u g were read and upp ove l The P.RESrDENT then stated that at h s r quest Inspector Harvey had come to the bote! to make a statement 1f the Con ventwn pleased relat1ve to a recent Inspectto hy lnm of the tobacco n th1s etty smce the passage of the r ew Jaw He proposed that Mr Harvey sho d be mVtted to address the meetmg llfess '8 W ekes and Edmonston were appomted a commtttee to conduct :Mr Ha vey to tbe room In 1esponse to the reques t of the Conventton l'rlr HARVEY then stated the res ul s of hi recent nspectwn In tb.e 'I btr y secondD1str ct tb.ere are five ftcto e, All of wtucb. are com "tth tb.c Ia '' In the :Four I D1sl! tet he had found s x !actor es runn ng nlltn co pi a ICC" 1th t1 e proviS ons of the ne 1 law In theFt b. Dto ti!Ct tl ere are nne factories b 1t up to Wednes 1ay only one of tl em had tal en steps to comply w1tb. tl e reqmrements of II e l a v They had been not1tied to comply In the S xth D str ct the1 e are only two facto1 e's n c 1ther of" hlch were v s1ted I 1 tb.e Seventh D1stnct were five ftctonc3 the maJOrity of tb.em complywg In tb.e E_-}\'hth D s!l ct tb.e factones had not yet been mspectecl In the DIStrict of fo 1r factor es only one was runnmg and tb.ts one complied w11h tb.e law fb.ere are nmety four Cigar factones m tile Th1rty second D1str ct :Mr Harvey "ent on to ex plam w1th reg 1rd to 1lhctt factones that under t he old la" owmg tu the msuffictency of the penal amount of tb.e bond some fa ctones cnanged bauds every two months Undet the new law however the bon e can be made as large as IS tb0ught necessary by the authontles Mr Harvey c1tecl seve tl Lnst! nces m wh ch tbe factori e s had been se1zed and confiscate d aitbough ihe Govmnment lost notbmg because the setzure 'as L>efore a l::uger mdcbtedness to the Government had been CJeated the bond covered These b.a1 e ahead;: been reported ru T!lli LEAF ;lt tb.e hme tb.ey were made t\ e no ;v propose satd lfr Harvey to have a large enough bond nnd a I Secretary GRAI>"'T suggested a scale of pnces for IIDlOking and good bond We take the bond, but we have no r1ght to sav chewmg than" hlch they should not be sold at "hat pnce a manufacturer shall sell h1s tobacco We m llr F A GoETZ ofF A Goetz & Bro wanted four tend to make the bond cover all contmgencws nnd wanted them numbered 1 2 34 so that the pubhc mwht As some present were not acquamted w1th the fact the Chair not be dece1ved "' man stated that the new Jaw g ves the authonttes power to m The followmg resolut ons were tb.en passed crease the bond at the1r d scretwn Re8olved That only three grades of cut smoking tobacco be ]'[ HARVEY read Sectwn 63 whiCh ll;IVes the authonty In sold at not less than the lollowmg pnces Clear stem 30c reply to a q eshon about breakmg packages and remspectmg m1xed 40c No 1 smokmg 45c put by Senator N cks Mr Ilarvey stated that remspect10n had Re80led That there shall only be four grades of chewm"' twmg pnces respectively $l20 ,or a ttme by the Commtsswner m the case of tobacco sh1pped $1 90 and herem bond and whwh could be packed 'VIth greater ad v an l'rlr PIEliWE remarlnn" that we could not have too much of a tage m New York than m Detroit where 1t cam8 from In re good thmg offered the ?ollowmg resolution which w&.a also ply to a remark about retail dealer, l'rlr Harvey asked What passed IS a tetaJ! dealet? Does a man sellmg five pounds out of a Resolved That m the optmon ofthls Convention no tobacco package become a reto. ler? that was manufactured before or after the 20th July can be sold Senatpr NICKS -The dealers peddle five p"und packages all other than ill the origmal packages and properly lDBpected ex over th( country but the manufactuiCl cannot do 1t cept by retailers to consumers :Mr HARVEY -Th sIS plamly illegal He has a right to sell Secretary GRAI>"T proposed a untform rate of discount Mr: It on hlS own prem ses but not to peddle 1t Siedler stated what d1scount8 were allowed by the house ot The PRESIDENT -l\fr Grrer of Albany mforms me that Lorillarcl Several expressed the1r views but as1t was ev1dent there IS a g reat deal of thts peddling bemg done throughout no umform scale could be agreed upon the SUbJect was the country dropped MS r GRAJ> T thought tins was not forb1dden by the new law After a vote of thanks to the members of the Press present enator NICKS thought It" as the ConventiOn adjourned sm e dw Secretary GRANT then read from the law the section concern mg mventones .&lr SIEDLE!l. also read ftom the law and remarked that he had smce 1ts passage been applied to by peddlers to sell them fh e and ten pounds of tobacco but he had assured them that 1t was Illegal He further remarked w1th reference to the section concernmg consumers that all will be consumers un der the act llr 'liAR 1 EY read a telegram from the Comm ss10ner dated J 1ly 27 wh1ch Simply smd that all tobacco must be put up m the packages prescr bed by the new law :A:e thou"ht that set tied the package q est10n and that 1t lias useless to" occupy the time of the Com entwn discuss ng the subject }lr SIEDLERThe law regard ng small packages IS very clear It says that p!Wkages must be of such n s ze and no other The law as I understand 1t does not allow me to put p odd we1ghts m packages The PRE SIDENT -llfr Harvey says that manuJ1tcturers can put up any Sized packages proVIdmg they pay the on the next h1?'he r SJ?e Jllr SPEISCE ot Cmcmnati stated that factones m his sectwn had gone on under the old law 1nt1l the prevwus Tuesday when tb.ey had rcce1ve l coptes of the Reg lations and Immediately co npl ed "1th them In our d1stnct we cons1der a mann rctml dealm who sells over h s o vn counte r a peddlet IS not a retail dealer The dealer can sell a s much as he w s hes to a consumer but 1f I buy of rum to sell agam the law prov1des that f my tobacco ,. found m the market for sale m spectio n marks tt s l a Il l e connscate d The PRESIDENT -It tb.e m ent of the law that If five pound bundles a1 e found floatmg around they shall be seiZed :hlr SPENCE -Tb.erc I S clearl y a" eak pomt m the law w1lh respect to uvento11es If the 1 dea 1 s to know ho" much we have on hand on the ft1st of January we shodd mventory wl at web v as well as we sel l Senator NICKS -The obJect of the law IS to ascertam how mucb. tobac o was on hand at the me o f the passaae of the act and when It was cons 1med so we should chases llfr SPmNCE -Is tb.e manufacture safe n actma unde r the ustructwns of localwvenuo offic als after the passage of the new law? Inspector H<\RVEYWhere the local officer told the manu factmer to go on under the old law and where the manufacturer went on m good fa th he will doubtless b e protected but m cases where he knows h m self "hat the law IS and does not dtsobey 1t 1guonntly he cannot shteld hunself behind the ill structions of u. local ofllmal I 1 answer to a question by Mr P1erce of Utwa President LwTen<'<' '14 t pN\ 1 l'l-rlptto h cak t ty pound p acl "nrc for the pt r pose of pedal n., 1t Senato1 NrcKs remarked no tobacco can be re mspected m a dealer s hands In answer to a question as to wl o was tb.e proper officer to apply tom cas e local officers fa1led m the r duty to put a stop to the peddl ng of five pound packages Inspector Harvey sad that complmnts could b e made to h1m and that 1f he d1d not at tend to 1 t he hoped theJ would complam of h1m to tb.e COmm1s swner of IuteiDal Reveu ue l1 SPENCE -A very large dealer m Cbwaao assured me that he p oposed contestmg the constltut onaltty of that sectu ; m of the new law wh ch provides fo1 the 1mposma a new tax on tobac co now on hand after January 1 The PRESIDENT asked Mr Spence 'II he thought of the feas ib!ltty of adoptmg a umtorr::t scale of pnces Mr SPENCE -1 doubt w II ether It could be carrted out m our sectio n of the country where each manufacturer generally fight on h1s own hook but 1f 1t can be earne d through at all 1t can be done by New Yo k tak nl? the lead l unde r stand that you chd hale a scale for a whue foraboutthree years What 1s the feehng m tb.e West generally about the enforcement of the new In v P l'rlr SPENCE -1 cannot speal for tb.e West at large but so far as my obser vahon extends 1t IS the same as llere All the tax payers want to see the law put mto effect There are plenty of lltett manufacturers however who would be glad to see tb.e enfoiCmg of the stamp sechons postponed unt1l D ecembe1 I know of factones havmg JUSt been started apparently w th the obJect of talnng advantage of the present peuod when no stamps a c tcqu red Jllr Sml>LER -Jilr Grant Wishes to know whether rt 1s prac l!cable to fix a un form scale of pr ces at tb.1s t1me Tbougb. such a consummatwn as Shaltspeare sao;s t s devoutly to be Wl"hed Jt sePms t o me scarce l y pract cab le Althou"h many I e re agree wltl! the Lonllard scale severn.! of our have r ema1'ned away I move we tollow thelr example They want to sec how tbe cat JUmps and wll wa1t to see what we do We ate havmg L kmd oftt angulai duel 1 th nk tb.:1t th ngs have cone to that pass Ill the trade each tub mus t nov stand on ts own bottom The trade of the East and the West have been mvttedhe e to day aud!tavenot come but I do n t tlunk ve can complam of 1t when members of our own \ssocmtion stay away lir OETb.e West dtd not know the ObJect of tb.e meeh g and tb.e C >II has o t been generally Circulated Mr SIEDLEH -Some of o 1 Oll n Associatwn are absent It 1$ all ch ld s J?lay to under tal e to make a scale of pnces We of Lonllards by our own scale only as ong as I t pays ancl no longer We canuotgom to sucb. an arrangement unless all go n PwSLdent LAWRENCE stated that one ofthe two absentees was now p esent Seetetaiy GR<\NI -1 thmk 1f I were as wealthy as house of Lor Hard I would sell tobacco DJr \1 bat I pleased If we cannot come to au agr eement on fml let u. at least have one on snlace Tb.e meetmg to day 1s as large a one as tt IS poss1ble to brmg together you can nev e r get all the manutactuwrs to JOIB ll'h WICKS of Red Hook thought the umform sale of prwes a good thmg Senator NICKS havmg been ptev ously appo nted the chtm man of a commntee to d aw up a scnes of reso l t ons express mg the sense ot the meeting 1 egardm, the retuspecnon of to bacco I ow made a report l1 PIERvE read the resolutwus and made some the1eupon lir WM H GooDWIN ofthefi1mofWm H Goodwm&Co suggested that a resolttwn be drawn up askt g the Commts swner of Internal Ravenue to express h s v ews upon tb.e l'llr PIERCE d1d not want he opm1on of the Comm1sswner but :vauted tb.e dealers aua m anu factuters present to express v1e vs for the benetit oftb.e Comm ss oner I he reso l twns IHre then p o.sscd aud 1ead as follows Resolved That no tobacco cau be mspected except for the ma I facturet of the same Resolved That the practiCe of many dealers and peddlers m brealmg o 1g nal pac ll dealers rs clearly opposed to both tl1e letter and sp 1t of I e law Reso ved That the practiCe of ICinspcctwn I S not au tho tzed by the lnw and sho 1ld not be allowed lir thougt t tre last resol1t on m bad taste because rt took fot granted tltat offic uls had been m the habit of rem spectmg contnry to tb.e prov!SIOns of the law He cb.allcnged the gentlemen present to po nt to a case where an official had remspected tobacco M PIERCE said tb.ut remspcct on" as go ng on m r. tS v c1mty !1r SmoLER There used to be re nspec on under tb.e old order of thmgs bat 1 t has n' v been stopped I was on the pout the oth r day ot buy ng some goods wub. the d&sign ofrc paCkillg but n yIn spec or mfvrmed me that remspectwn was no Ionge allowe 1 I tlunk tlte resolut ons should be left JUSt as th4y are Count1 .1 dealers ought to be mfo1med that I e us pee twn IS no lo nge r allo ed A motwu to reconsider the resolutwn. was not put to vote .REGULATIONS f.ONt::ERlUNG T!XES 0.1 TOirUtO, t::IG!RS. TBEA8UllY Dlll"AllTJUNr Omcx Rimlm7l'l t Wash ngt 1811S f I TOBACCO AND SNU SPEOIA.L T.AXJ:S By Uie Act of Jnly 20 1863 the followmg spec a! tAxes are imposed DEALERS IN LXAF TOBAOOO From the paP-sage or the act tl epee & tax 8 mposed Ul)OQ au ftP.a.., leaftnbacco graduated according to the amount of anrrw:d aJee Wh "' 11 sa es do not. exceed ten thousand dollars the epecmJ tax: 18 tw-e en the IaN and for every one thousand dollars in excelils of ten tbonS:. ;: 1do two dollars addllilonal Who eeale dealers tobaceootsts lind 1".1:, hctl ""' or tobacco snwr and c gars are not exempted from thiS tax if 11 ._,, 1 1n;. tobacco ea DEALERS IN JU.Nmi'.ACTURED TOBACCO Every pe so:a whose bus ness it is to sc 1 or offer for sale t h acco snuff or c gars s requ red t.o pay a special tax grad d 0 When b s annual es exceed one hundred doUara &nd 8"' rn::.;" th o u101and d o llar s a tax offivq do Jars and on each one thonsandxoo e. of one tho dollars an additional tax of two dolla.rtrOOUars Retail dealers keepers of ho els tavernf!l drlnkJ..D ti are I able to tb s tax in add t on to other f'i)ec al taxes ] snuff o c !?ars to an a uo n t exceeding one h ndred dollars Bt t 0 s not 1 able to thLS tax tor sell ngthc pr:oJln.cts off: EXCESS OF SALES AND JIIOD'B OF RETURNING THX BA.Jllt. B y v rtue of he au tho ty g ven oo the Comm Sfl oncr ofintema.lReven Section GO it e he e y prcscr bert that dealers in leaf tobacco whft'le-n: 7t exceed $10 000 dea tn to'Ja.cco whose annual eales exceedtH OJO d ruttnurac n e r of c ga rs ann a l sales exceed 15 000 shall ort 0'1" be a the tenth day of Cflcb month make a return of the entLre SiDon t 1 t (()re Pales for the .J?recedlng month a.ud the tax on euch e,., U e g1 en amouut a p esc li.J d by a v will be ass:essed &fld rctnrn collect on on or before the Mt day or the month Whenever Mreb n.le: !re more or lesE\ than ono thousand do ars o A.n even number or fractional part of one tb.oasand will be carr ed to the sllles or the t'll '" mouth ..,. ...... tn ... Mannfactnrers of tohacco and snuff who aleo manufacture Ct!!'UB lll1 q ed to psy a. spec a. t&x a s c gar mannfactu ars o w JoC. rc The specia tax: mposed upon manufacturers of tobacco beto by the nt of the penal s m of the bonUs "of such b e the do t y of the as soon as the sa d bonds are died. w1th. the 00 I tvr to a ess the additional tax or $0 for each $ 000 in excess 1 VJ r 1 ';:;, amount of tbe penal of bond..: and retu u the same for coli!Jc 00 A d whenever any manura.ctu er or tobacco shall add to tbe numoor r hl.S cuttlngmacbUles pnmps bydranl cor ba.nd p esses suutr mills b a it n lJ or other mills or wacb nes so as to r equ re an of the amoH t or h bond t w I e duty of tl e tl.S"'C!!ISOr to such 10Cre&8e at u a r te r $1) for every $1 000 of mcrcase and ret rn the same to tb.c cone tor PACKAGES All mannfactnred tobacco t;nutf and c g!l 3 from and after the 1. 0 the la v arc requ red ac co rd ng to the provts ons or Section 62 tcf be P n t and prepared Oy the manufacturer for ss. e or consumpt on in th fo owmg descr ptions and n no other rna.uucr viz 1 Ca.vcnd sh p(u!P and twtst tobacco m wooden packaooes not exceed two hundred pounds net we gbt o aug 2 Al 1lne-cot che VJJlg t obacco n pacKages cout& n nrr on&-b.alt. r 0 tw foil e gbt and BlXteen ounces or n wooden conta. otu t 0 twenty forty and slxty pound s a .::0 tm 8 !O:mok ng tobacco o f every de!!lcrlptlon 1lne cut shorts wb ch have l through. a r ddle ofth rty s x: to the and all rP.ti cme and swdep ngs of tobacco 1n packages conta n ng fonr elgb.t nntl teen ounces each sa_ 4 Al sn ft' n packaaes conta rang one four eigbt arul j::. ounce' or m bladtler3 contain ng not exceed in ('I' ten pounda each J&ra not exceed n(}' t?ienty pounds each .::o or xu 5 A) k nds of tobacco not other v se _provided ror a package& coot.a ong half one two fon etght a.nd e xteeu o!lncoe each ID. ng E ery wooden packAge conta tobacco s reqwred to baYe pn.nt r1 o r marked. tbereo11.. the manufacturers name (l.Ud place of mauutactnM or th prop etor s name and b s t &de mark and the regtstercd number or th e uracto y the groes the tAre and the net weight ot tobolcro ,: 0 packa!!e t1:te Anifbpon every package or tobacco or snaff whether p11t u 0 wOO'! packages o otberwiee the law roqutre8o (Sec 68) that there oo.1 r t:{ or secure y dxed bY past n(Y' thereon a 11.bel the propr eLOr 8 or DUJ 4 t, er s name the number of manufllctory and the ditnrictand.State i1 h tis s t nted together w t1 the fol o nng at ce w 1 C NoT CE -The manufacturer or this tobacco ha.s complfed Wlth an t h e ro Q lrements of la,., every person I s cant oned onder peualttes 01 .LLw u l to. us th s package aga. n RATES OF TA.X The a ct mpo"'e:l b VI) of til.;{ on tob.!lcco viz' thirty two a teen centa p!r pound '1 b.c h ,her ute of tb rty two cents per po u posed] On a 1 ff p eplrei for u3e and on a 1 tmntr flour sold or rem J fo. nse or couP.umpt on 2 On a cb g tohacco fi e c t nlurr or twtst 8 On a I tobncco I s cd b) hnd o reduC<>d frotQ,Iellf into a condition"'..:


TOBACCO ill RE E mber the d s be e r on.


THE TOBACCO 3 te terms; 30 cases new Connecticut seconds at 2lc.; cases do. on private terms ; 650 cases old Ohio on 'vate terms; 200 cases new Ohio at 10c.@I3tc.; 125 old Connecticut at 16c.@25c.; 100 cases State on returned to htm. They cannot be returned to him m bulk. Very respectfully, Exports of Tobacco from the Port of New York. 1n addition to the Jock o!the owners, wh1ch !at er must not open wtth the same key a a the former OOLLJICTOR lf.A Y ORDEB A.DDITIORAL PA.U'DINOS AfteT' stores or premises have been approved and placed under Lnternal re venue lock the collector will re\llln the right of ordering addltlonol faotentngs to be pro' tded by and at the expense of the owners or occupants bavwg charge or the premleeo DUTJ1'!8 OY' IITOB1Utlii.IIPBB8 rhate terms; 250 cases Pennsylvania at 18c @22tc. Spams!L -There i s but httle doing m Spamsh, and Vj'e only note sales of 52 bales HM ana at 98c. There have been some arrivals of the new crop, but there have been very few sales as yet. E. A. RoLLJYs, Commissioner IsAAC HARVEY, Esq., Assistant Assessor Thtrty-se c onc1 D1stnct, New York. To Foreign Ports other than European Ports. Africa HOGSB:EAD3, ETC. CASJIS AND BALKS PACKAGES AND BOXES ... :!' .. .. J.., .. .. e-<>i:' .. a>t' .. .,_ z..: CJI:-" "::! "" "'" :li! .. s .. .!3= .Elf .. .,c tiJ., OO;j s..,a iil:l cj "'or; ... ... ... ------]20 306 21 98 ... .. . 20 1 6 .... It \o the Onty Of !he etorek-r alwa,. to i ortct-J ud e m&rks and number; niUDbor ud coote"'" from "bat place received, and wben llldor"Cif"iii eollector, 'he date tllereof, alo dateofreeelptolperlliltfordei!Yery; date of delivery, to who m dcll,er cd, and for what Jill-u opeollled Ia the permit or order for delivery and w!1l enter Ill the warehonoe book oueh f111"ther particulars ao may be pre ecnbed otfonnd 11ecee!&ry for the ldentUlcattoo oflhe packages, to tn!lnre the book tor thiB purpose must be furnished by Daily retnrns moet be furnished to tho colle ctor in charge of lhc ware of all goods rccen ed therein and delivered thererrom, as per Forms R FOR>! R Storekeeper o retll1"n o t aoodo r et.l ved t export bonded warehouse No of 1n 186 collection dlstrlct, State of on the day :Marks and I Number and By whom I When received I number!' ttoo of package, dCnnAlt.Cd and upon" bat ----I and contents ...... __ 1 order I ___ I I I Storekeeper (Sign """ -c I7Jcj 95 22 13 '101 756 J6 392 140 29 121 124 10 llO 126 3,931 123 2,564 59 1 3 7 ll .. -= "'cl .. 1!: There has been no offimal actiOn yet about bonded warehouses. Several dealers ha\ e made apphcatwn to be allo" ed to r e t ain them, and some have promised to pav the storekeeper s This is somethmg the Government ought tG do If economy is sought, why not let one storekeepet take chm ge of three warehouses? The expense would thus be div1ded, and the storekeeper would genet ally be a more fUJly employed, and, conse quently, a happier man As t tacle has been lately, bts position at $4-under the new law It is $5-per diem, has been a sinecure pure and simple. has been a slight improvement in the market dunug the past week, and rates have ad vanced, on account of the present want offretght-room, a great many of the vessels on berth bemg h eld for th"' approachin:Eoshipments of grmn The cnn ent quotations are. ondon, 22s. 6d.; Liverpool, 22s. 6d.; Bre men, 20s.@22s 6d ; Hamburg 2t!s. 6c1 @27s. 6c1., Antwerp, 22s. 6c1 ; Rotterdam, 25s ., HaHe, $8 to 810, Glasgow, 20s @ 22s. 6rl. The engagements w ere To London, 20 hhcls. at 22s Od ; to Btemen, 80 hhc1s at 22s. 6c1, and 800 cs. at 15s., to H ambmg, 600 bls at $11, nnd 150 cs at 20s Chartered, a of 1,451 tons to Ha' r e With Kentucky tobacco at 30s. --------;;;----------___ ___ ..,.... __ (Signed) SWrtkeeper Theoe return muot be full expllclt, and correct In all detail No goods are to be deli vered trom the wareboaH by the E!torekeeper ex cept upon the proper order or permit or tbo collector or the district II -CIGARS-SPECIAL TAX Jrfaoufacturers of ctgan are reqnlred topoy a epecml tax graduated accord mg to the amount ot tb etr sales When the annual ealee Go not exceed tlvc thQUsand do1la' the tax ten dollau aad for each. one thousand dollars m That our readers may see wha t the new stamps will be like, we append the ac1vet tisement a s 1t appeat s 111 the dally papers of this city. of d' lj thollNlld dollare, two dollan addittOn al STATEM.NT AND BO>""DS PROPOSALS FOll St:"PPLYING S:I"AMPS FOR TOBACCO, SNUFF, Every manufacturer or c t gare before gomg on wtth the buameas, l:S re AXD CIG \.R S .. QUirecl to a l:iWOrn ['tatement in dag:licato (Form !36) without previoue demand, to the assessor, accordli5'g to the provls1ona ofSectton 82 TREASURY DEP''T, OFFIC E OF ll\TERNAL REVENUE, t Ae BOOD as N'CCl\ ed, the tU!see.sor will transmit oue of theee statements to W ASIITNGTON August 15, 1868 ) Q-:i"OTATIONS OF WIIOLESALE PRICES tbe collector, together wltb a list or t b onames of allct:ar manufacturero and The CommJRStoner of Internal Revenue 1 s In cpa1cd to the amount of each one's bond as .determined by blm, In accordance with the proVIIonsorSect10n82 rccctve sealed proposals, until Sept 1, at 12M, forfurK entucky -L1ght leaf Currency ManufactUJed -Ta.x32cpcrpound n Jugs 9 IN :BOl g lnia -Common lugs 8 9 Fancy 80 @35 Fatr 9 @ 9Ji Fme 2.5 @a\) f.81d bo xes are to contain twenty ftve firty one hundred, two bnndred., and d 1lfty or f\ve hundred Ctgars each and no Clga.-can be sold or offered for oule 60s They must ha>e an appt opuate tgnette an or be deh\ered or offered ror delaery (except at retail by reta1l deniers) the Silt aces around the fin:ures must be mcely engraved WltlJOut packed or packed 10 rmy other form than as deecr1bed above ._.. ..._. oi m auyot hert baun ewboxes Second-Ft\ e hundted thousand stamps of iine steel G ood 0 @ 10 Medtum 20 @25 Good Workmg do 9Ji@I0Ji Half Pounds -DalkF 1osted 6 @ 7 F'me 28 :Medmm Leaf 10)6@13 Good ftur 22 HeMy ShtppmgLeaf 1 4 @17 1ufmor Wrappers 1 5 @20 NavyE\ery c1gnr mauuracturer ts r eqmred (Section 89) to burn mto each box: 111. o!l. h tl 1 d Wllh a brandtug' tron, tbe number of Cigars contained thercm and tbe name cngt ::t.Vtn g 111C es lll 8tze, "\Vl l ova COl nel s, an ofihe manufacmrer, and the number otthe d10tnct, and the StALe aod also a smtable 'wnettc Tim d-One hundted mtlhon Extra fancy leaf @Virgmta extr& M'z!soun -Com to good Fmc in" 8)0@10 :t.lould) 23 @32 10 @20 so @35 5 0 @65 (Section 88) to nfiL't e-ecarely by pastrnu on each box contammg cir:ars mann fi '"' h fact11red by or for him, a label, on "hlch mut be prlutcd, togetbe'"r '"th the stamps of ne steel engravmn:, Wit an appropnate vtg-manufactory, and the aud n ctte, and wtLh lathe-wOJ k des1gns a ronnel the '1gnette NOTICE -The manufacturer ortlile cigars herein contained ba compiled nnd the punted matter. These stamps are to be of with all tb.e requirements of the Jaw. Every pe111on Is cautioned under the\ eleven dtffetent kmc1 of vauous w1dtl1s and lcn"th a s penalttes of lim not to UP.C thl-l for ctgars .. ( ;:, .. .. maAmuK nns -ro nB nEGI.TEnno follows txl 5 m c hes, one kmd; ixl7 mches one kmcl, Conilnon leaf 10 @11 Negrohead TWZ8t llledhuu 11 Us norty 1'1J)() Gooo do 13 17 Fancy '10/Jaccos S elcctioos do 1 8 .May A r,pte g Medium and ftne r e d 9 @15 Bright TwiE!t (Vugima) Com n tom d'm pangl'd 9 @13 Bnght Gold Baro do l'me epang lcd 15 @20 Ciqars -DomestiC 40 @.'50 70 @85 50 @ 65 :t& Tbelaw reqmres that every clgnrmaker.shnll 'cane hiB name and reIdenco tx20 inches, two kmds; txl6 mches, two kmc1s, to be regu!t ercd w1th the a-. seE!sor of the m whiCh he sball h k !J. 1" J t ki 1 'Clle be employed, and tmpose3 upon the manufactorcr of c1gara a fine of $5 for lDC eo;:,, One lnCl; 4 X v lnC tes, WG 11ClS X lt. S, Yellow do and fancy 20 @30 Seed and Ha-vana, Maryland -F t d to comperM 45 00 @70 00 mon 3X@ 4}{ Clear Havana do -@<>achdy he employs nov c1gormnker who ha neglected or r efoscd to make two kmds Fu!t?'tlb-F t v e hundred thousand 1mpo1 tec1 rea-Is try (See Secllon '1 he attenllon or 11\l c 1gar ma.uufactm cr!ll 1 be cnllccl to tbiO plO"@lon of '>w, and asoiotant ...... or will see that Cigar stamps of fine steel cngravmg, Wit 1 a n appt 0 all cJgurmakoraareregiStered pnate vignette, and wtth lathe-work around the '!!!: RECORD BOOK ....... Section makestt the duty of every assiIAnt or lo keep 10 n book n ette and the punted matte1. These stamps a r e to be a record o f the name a ad residenc e or every person en<:Agd m the mauufac of fh e difl'e1ent denominations, of vauous Wlc1ths ancl turc or in his divis-ion 1 tbe number of the maouf"d.ctory, and the nurne h l and reFidenceof ever) employed. and to enter In oald book lengths, as follO)YS lx16 mches, 1ix18mc 14x22 manufacturer s name ao abat.ract o! hlslnventorleoaod monthly Inches, I7x26 inches, Itx34 m che. E' cry nscsor IS tn keep a similar record, and t o number the mannfac The gene I al featm e of the several stamps Will he pre-tortes of ctgars 1n h1s dft::trlct coD.lmcnciug with number one, add thence b 1 b h D c1 d t d forward consecu1Ivet1 and theee numbers are not to oe thcreaiLet chan"ed sen ec y t e apartment, an rawmgs or pnn e '!h e oumbermg or ctgar manufactories mut not be confounded wllh the des1gns of the m w1ll be fmuished by the Comm1SSIOner, sumlar reqm rements m the of tobacco and ennff II18nufactoriea but a ....... sepamteLumbcnng orench Is required to be made upon appltcatJOn to all "ho may ll pply therefor, with a "'"""""onmo bonafide mtcn tJOn of btddmg for the contract Each A !ant 'esoro Will lake opeclal paiD to ee that all c gar manufactnrero bid must b e aCCOill!)amecl by sample tamps of each comply w1tlJ tbe of the 86th Section m r e J u.tiou to 1mentortes (Form 78) m the cae or tobacco maoulacturers, and mke a peronal ex antl e\ er y c1enommatwn, and must state the p11Ce at ofl!telr tock as thcrem requ1red, aua >enfy the fact of uch exwlHch finished stamps Wlll be fnrmshed of such denomi The Comml,loner ofintcmal Revenue hao preocnbed black No 73 the natiOn and at such times as the Com)mssioner m:ty f orm or boot to be kept by cigar mannfactnren atad their or f monthly return arc to be made oo f orm No n These returns are required requtre, and SUCh puce must mclude the COSt 0 pack-to be made on or before the lOth da} of each and e\ery month, v erLI!td by inn: the same m a safe and smtable m anne 1 for transoath or affi rmlltton (See Section 66 ) ....... s"li'A1lPs portat10n, in packages of Auch s1ze as shall be dtrected The tax on all ctgarsls to be paid by otampe m the case of tobacco on ft om ttme to ttmc, and delivering the same to such per and a day h ereafter to be determmed b) the Secretary o f the TrCO'll'Y son or persons as may be npnomtea to r ecel ve them at not later than t h e !lnt day of December next 'l'bese stamps w1ll befnr1 "' !\ mshed to coUector to be sold only to cigar manuf4Cturero, who h n e given the warehouse of the manufacturer, 01 at such other bonde and pa1d tax JU thetr iliattlcta re ipectlvcJ y, and toauch olher 1 1 h h pe,.ons are uaweclui Secllou 8 7 pace or paces m the etty or town w me t ey are Pnor to tbe time wben stamps slhall have been furnished to collectors manufactured, as the CommiSSIOn e r may desizn a t e. -cig&l'l' before re moval for LJD or nle mut-t be tn\i;pecred sud s-tamped' ....... and a return made and tax paid as in tile case or tobacco and oouff. Ei\Cft biddet--mnst s tate Ill hts proposal the time "tthln """o'A.L oF mo"Ano "hwh, afte1 the completiOn of a contrac t w1th him, he The law makes no provllon for the removal or "'""'" In b( the CUfiOUl bouf!.e oftlceN, iu whOE!e d 11 b d T H A C custody such c1garo are bold. to ee that thete olampo Rreln aD cases affixed JCCt any an a 1 S.-HOMAS Ctmg Oill Any person 'v1sntng to whbdraw Imported clnan from bonded \\&re tnlSSlOllel bonoe prior to the time when snoll have 'fieeD lurulhed to collecto"' will obtain a certltlcat c from the collector of castomo or clllcer cuo' -Long grades ofbulk' goo as were unusually oc """ and quantity of active last week, the better grades not bemg m much This certificate will be preoented to the aoeor of the ditrlct whe r e the d emand. Among consnmers there 1s a <"'re[l.t d esire to cl.::aro are tore(! who will illl81edlately ...., tbe tax tbereou aud return tbe d d h b 1 1 b d 1 eame on a pectall"t to Ill collector un erstan eryt mg a out t 1e new aw, nt e a ers The collector npon rhc payment of the tax, wtll give receipt I @115 H M & Co," Sandf!Jrd Yara assorted do Sll @90 llt:PORTS. A11nals at the p01t of New Y ork from foreign ports for the week endwg August '25, include the followmg constgmnen t s From Hamburg C. F. A. Hinnchs, 1 cs tobacco. Ftom St. Thomas D. McArthur, 1 cs mgars F1om Ponce P H Stnrge & Co, 3,800 cigars. Ft om Port-au-Platte Eggers & Heinlem, 473 ceroons tobacco. F1om l\Janzamlla :Weil & Co., ()5 bls. tobacco; Emanuel Hoffman, 101 do. From Tampico F. R. Luddington, 1 c s paper F10m Ha\ ana. Th. H. Vetterlein & Sons, 24 4 bls. tobacco; F. Mitanda, 83 do.; Wm. Eggert, 46 do.; Schroder & Bon, 18 do.; Rtcardo Rodnguez, 1 do ; A. Danville, 2' cs do, Godeffroy, Brancker & Co., 408 do anc1 7 cs. cigars; Kunhardt & Co 174 tobacco ar.d 54 cs mga1s; E. Kelly & Co, 6 do; S. Gal huger, 1 do; Ch11s F Tag, 1 do De Barry & Klmg, 6 do; O elnc h s & Co, I do., J. Fernandez, l do ; Schepelcr & Co. 5 do, G 'IV Fabet, 5 do; 'fuplnnd & Bebian, 1 do, Park & Ttlfmc1, 1 do; Acker, Mer tall & Condtt, 3 do, 'i'l. ll ThomCh1Uer.} or the buildmg mshcd \\ Lth boxes in {o g;dr:i II & ctories and Box "'.r \\lth power, on ac iif.iE)(TFBrillrther lD better l:i)nd my prices arc fttll:r ten. per le e s than Ni \V No 221 Wahmgwo street N y or R H WHITLOCJ!,;, Rlcbmoa.t, ,. 1S14t JOB:." D FOWLER on the premise FOR SALE, LOW, 822 BALES VUELTA A.:BAJO-u"i dift"erent qualities, m bond and duty patd Also 40 Yara.. by 1 WANTED-A LOT OF SELEGTED STATE SEED street, 1866 crop Add reee, fall M R 825 Areb TOBACCO FACTORY FOR SALE -THE SUBSCRIBERS (tibout rcttrmg from the .. s) [or s.'lle theu Fa.ctory m BroOi.i: lyn Wlth a good'lhed bn .. tuess, "tth all th e1r L"be11(1.1 etc The !Wl.Cbmery, all of tbe be;!t and m perfect worlauc,. order concall'L'I of e\ cry thtng bc1ongmg to a firl!t-tlao:cs 'Iohacco Factory to ;b1ch B o x F.o.ctory, recently fitt e d up, and le'4se of1lle !fa ctory, four To any one Wl.ShHfi to enange in the JMgme!s n rare chsnce olfcred Forterme nod P."tcular!, awl> to BUCU for !Ia le tn loti 0 b' JOUN L .JlEEX, 7 8"1\atcr treet, l'ewYork. It


f-THE LEAF. Cc:::::aission Merchauts New York Commission Merchants; THE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY. WM. P, Kli'l'REDGE. E. C WHEELOCK ESTABLISHED IN 1836. llnited States Internal Revenue Bonded Warehouse, Thirty-secorto Coilect:on District. II. P. KITTREDGE 1: CO., TOBACCO Qtommission MANUFACTURED and LEAF TOBACCO. AGENTS for all the 45 WATIIB STREET, NEW TOBK, .. -wouldoaU ilia attention of the Trade to. tlie following most oelebrated .... POPULAR BRANDS OF VIRGINIA TOBACCO, Brands of VIRGINIA MANUFACTURED TOBACCO: 164 Water Street, NEW YORK. ..las. Thomas ,Jr. s El Lio .racio, .:ewel of Ophir, Spicer's Cream of Virlnla, Louis D Orp Vltlne Sap, Callego, Colden Seal, RoJULUI Ill AND LEAF TOBACCO Gonnccncnt Seed and Havana LEAF TOBACCOS AND SEGARS. 38 Street, No. 173. w..a.TEB-IITBBBT, NEW YORK. '19-104 JfEWYORK. ---------------------City of New-York Seed-Leaf Tobacco Inspection. TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. ; CertlJlcate s given for every case, and delivered, case by case, as to number of Certificate. N. B,-I also .sampl e in M erchants' own Stores. F"'. C. I...:I:N'DE, "WAli.EKOVIIE8-llca. 74, 76, and 78 Greenwich Bt. OFEICE 76 Green w ich Sr eet, BRANCH, 130 WATER STREET. I li. SCHUBART II. FRIEDMAN. H. SCHUBART & COa, Crlmmi5sion ALSO IJ'IIPOBT.EBS OJI' A.ND DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF LEAF TOBACCO. NO. 146 WATER-STREET, NEAR MllDEN-LANE, NEW-YORK. IRBY, McDANIEL-&. CO., Tobacco Factors,, AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 140 GR.A'VIER STREET,. NEW ORLEANS. RR' the puubuc or Cotton, Supr, JJiola8!1es, &c., solicited. Pouna Pounds & Quarters Fancy. Ten1. A. G Fuller Garibaldi Jane Appie Ban<, Go ld Ridge J. P Williamson, Littl e All 'rugbt, Fasldon Gold do. Blue Jackel, S. W. V enab le, Leviathan, Lady Fingers do., Red Jacket, Velvet Uoee, Fres h PeaChe s, 'Temptatio n d o., Peach Fu.llcr s I)ct, Pride ofthc Navy, Atlantic cable Twist, Tom Thumb, Jimmie Fnl! c r Admiration do. :May Queen P each Baa k e t WhEle l oCk's P e t, Cable Coil do Alexander, Mag Garrott; National Ea.!tle, Gold M e rta! do, Bo ston, Sa il ors' Choice, Cuffee1B D eUght Christian s Comfort. Rosa Fuller_, Moss Rose Nation's Pride. Q u ee n ol Trnmp2:, J. r.r. Smith, Chaplin's D e ligh t, R. J. Chr isti nn. Kaunoaroo Do g ).. Pin e Apple Eleven O'Clock. Mr. Jerry Prichard, :Royal. Brown, Jones & Dlcl< Sw!vellcr, Qld Sport. Ro bineon, Tapley Jerry White, McCorkle. The Old Sport, S. E White, Dexter. ;., May Apple, Pocket, Pl(l, Nat!y &c., "c. ., SNUFF IN BOTTLES, TIN CASES, &c., &c.' 178 :water Stre-et, New York, IMPORTERS OF: HAv.A.N A CIGARs AND A LAROE ASSORTMENT OF Vuelta Abajo Wrappers and of the best quality Cap_ i -tal, Organized under tho laws o f tile Stat!f o f New York, January 2, 1868, H. W. tofU NT, !?resident. JOHN H GAl\! BORN, Sec'y H W HUNT & CO., Agents, 167 Water Street, New Y ork; 16 Central Wharf. Bost on. STBAI,IN, IOB!DTT & ITOBll, fo.ANUFACTURERS OF ?f?} f P AND DIALIBS IN .TOBAGOO, No. PEARL STREET. New York. J OHN STRAITON. JOSEPH SCIDI!TT. GEORGE STODY t DOHAN, CARROLL e .C. C -...... Q I N. Y. Commission Merchants. .r ., BULKLEY & MOORE, 'VIRGINIA Tobacco Commission Merchants, COMMISSION MERCEE NO. 104 FRONT-STREET, -Ts, ... NEW-YORK, AGENTS FOR THE S.U.E OF The Following Well-known and Justly Oelebrated Brands of Virginia TOBACCO: GRANT & WILLIAMS, RUSSELL & ROBINSON, J. G. DILL, J. K. CHILDREY, L. H. FRAYSER & CO., TURPIN & YARBROUGH, J. B. PACE & Ca., THOMAS & .OLIVER,_ GREANER & WINNIE, BARRATT'S CROWN, REUBEN RAGLAND, GILMAN & l\tALLORY CHEIVES & OSBORNE, DAVIS & SON, DUKE OF ATHOL. The 'lttention of the Prad e is re spectf ully soli cite d : PALMEE. & SCOVILLE, AND JOBBERS OF LEAF No. 170 Watm Street, New York. L P .A.LMER -.A. H. SCOVILLE, Connecticut Seed-leafWrapperof our own eaaaee:ma .... D. Hirsch & Co., lio .. Jlr4 Water Steet, DEALERS IN New York. Leaf and Smoking Tobacco. ROBERT L. MAITLAND & CO .. J.ND GENEBAL COMMISSION MEBCJIANTS, <._ Hanove?" :BuiUilings, Hanove?".,Square, New York. Aava.nces made on Conaign.menta t o :aressra. W. A. & G. Muwell & Co., Liverpoo M. & J. SCHOTTENFELS, TOBACCO Commission Merchants, No. 158 Street, :tfew -Y ork, AgeiJts for the s!lle of the f ollowin g Well-Known and Celebrated Br!!llds of VIRGINIA TOBACCO, Virginia State, Globe, Continental, Metropolis, Etc., Etc., Also, all kind o f PLUG KREMELBERG & CO., NEWYORK, .lND F. L. BRAUNS & CO., BALTIMORE, Tobacco Commission Merchants. ScvCTal of LlcorJeo Paetc, mports. a:on,, constantly on ha.nd and lor IULle, in bond er duty J a.ld, 1n l<:ts 1.0 suit purchasers 62-ll4 CLEMENT READ, .1.ND DI.l.l&A IN VIRGINIA ANO WESTERN LEAF MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, LICORICE, CUM, etc., 5!l-10 4 No. 85 Pe&l-street !f. Y Moss OTTINGER, New York. MAxoTmrGsa_ Loalnille, Ky. OTTINGER & BROTHER,KENTUCKYTobacco Commissson lerchants, 133 Water-Street, C'!. Corner orPine, NEWYORK., Have on band an auortmeot. ot all cr&dft KeAtac k,. Toba4o f o r Export and Homo CoDIUIDpUOL / 127-Wl J. H. F. MAYO, (Le.te of Rlebm cn d, Va.,) .. u :roam. uu o Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, 87 Water St reet, New-York. Oonsignment.l respectfu.lly aoUcited &nd orden pl"'DlptlJ IIllo:Ja::&:. GEORGE WICKE. WILL[A.:M: W[QKE. lfAN'GFACTURERS''. 26 WILLETT ST.1 NEW-YORK. Best Haterial and Superior llake by Belf-inented an' patenied Kaohinery. LICHTENSTEIN BROS." & CD. Im.po'rlers and Dealers in -and Leaf, Chewing, and Smoking Tobaccos, 1.21 MAIDEN LANE, (Between Pearl and Water Streets.) HI:W YGBB. W"b'L AGNEW & SONS, .lDOLPB anon. GUIDO urrzns....,.,. Tobacco and Commission Merchants STROHN &. REITZENSTEIN, 2154 and 286 Front !Street. I i NEW-rORK, DB..l.LDS m R.l n OK IULE ALL DI8ClliniON8 Oil DOMESTIC Ah"D UIPO&TEIUI 011' Leaf Tobacco for Export and Home Use. FOREIGN TOBACCO, 77 176 FRONT ST., N.Y. Leaf Tobaooo baled In uy package by hydraulic press for e xpo rt. CORNELIUS OAKLEY, TOBACCO MERCHANT, (ESTABLISIIED L"?;j' 1 815,) No. 96 'W' ATER STREET Oppo site Gouverneur Lana, New York. Leaf Tobacco in Hhds and Bales, FOR FIF.UPPING. M. FA LK, Tobacconist, ROBINSON & HEARN, 172. W ATERSTREET, New-York. M anuf'a.oturers of the follo-wing Celebrated Brands of' TOBACCO, :ROlliNBOli &: BEAU' S PREJllUlll 9 INCH, 80FT P)lEBSED, llRIGHT. :ROllDrBOli & HEAli.Ii'B liAVY1 poUlldl &.lld ha.lf poun4s. N'o. 14.8 Stree-t. Gr&J1..8&DdAP!'icot,!4:1bs. Sailor s Delilrht,llavy, Itearl, )( ponruls. and H poanda. Bet. Matden Lime & Pine St., F=etme-no\1 !4: poudl. l. B. RobUIIoll'l N&Tf, -7or $ Kip.g, l6 poundL poundtl. NEW YORK Lu ... .&A.I.,liL lat fer Pika --1 # 9 7-loiJ WILLIAM M. PRICE & CO., to D4.fiD ODILL "' CO.,) 1 19 Maidenlane, :NEWYORlt. Wx.M.Pu .... .4. 1..-rn. 1 &.all YER. BROTHERS, TOBACCO' .,.. ...,..AND GEN:!:RAL COJnmission JfEWYOBK, J. H. BERGIIANN COMMISSION MERCHANT, DIPORTER AND WHOLESALE D'EALEB DJ.\ -Scotch, German, and Dutch Y and Domestic Leaf Tobacco, Al s o, Importer a.l.'ld Manufacturer of SECARS, No 122 FrontBtree t, N.EWTORL E. M ORA WFORD & 00.,. TO BACCO AND 121 &. 123 FRONTST REET !lne 0!1 IIO!e all lltDdl of Loaf !'>: IIXPOB'P lll4 e:om na. a-101


-/ THE TOBACCO LEAF. N. Y. Commission Merchants. !lli'.1ission Merchants: _:New York Con:.u:nisslon Merchants. JO!IN BRYAN. CUAS. F. TAG. DICKSON G. WM. VIGELIUS, Leaf Tobacco, KHLLY & CO. & n t mohattll IRY AN, A Tobacco and .Cott_on Factors, AND General Cornmission Merchants, 75 Pead Street, NEW YORK. CHAS. F TAG, IMPORTER 'OF: SPANiSH, AND _ALL Kili:qB OF LEAF TOBACCO. NO. 184 PRONT-STRDT, ; 87-$ .. NEW-YORK Street, .34 l J ver I 147 WATER. ST., Between Lane and Wall Street, I NllW AGENTS fbr the Sale of all -Standard Brands nf Virginia & Carolina Manufactured Tobacco, LADY FINGERS, GOLD BARS, TWJST, POCKET PIECES, MAY APPLES, FIGS, GOLD FLAKE, &c,, &c., and 4.8 EI:E'l.O.AZJ :N:JD'VV "Y"C>:R::S:.. M.MOBjRlS, 99 NewYor''. COMI\"'ISSION FO-R TRE S 'ALE OF & COTTON, NAVAL STORES, Etc., Etc., Etc. SOLE AG!llYTS fbr the f"ollowing CELEBRATED Brands of IMPORTER AND SOlE /'GENT m THE U. S. fOR THE "I'll. & M BRAND l:iiQUORICE "' P A.'sTE. BENRI:uo. il.A.KIEL DDRUfO. B. & D BENRIMO, J..);D D&.U..ImS lN .ilL KINDS Of LEAF TOBACCO, l24 WA.TER-STR'l!;ET, NEW-Y0.8K, Have on 1&!e all kinds of LEAF r OBACCO f o r EJU>OR:i lnd HOl\!E USE. FELIX MIRANDA, IMPORTER OF 195 Pearl Street,: NEW YORK. JOSEPH MAYER & SONS, SEGARS,. Leaf & Manufcrox. 212 .lilautfactared Tobaoco I strleo Nrd di' IM .I'ORT:S:R 01' HAVANA .. um DULEa m ... _t.o_ll'ob" reet fro m the heet m anufac rics of \"irgin!tt for u J c THE In lots to B Ull -,, D o M E s T I (J -. CITY TOBACCO ACENCY, JOHI K. SMITH&. SOH, L f T b NGo. 1W08 FHRI9LTL-M'AN' Cotton &. Tobacco ea;66 I I F AC'J:'ORS 220 NEW-YORK. fi ... lfD JOR 'tlll &lLEl OF MANUPACTURED TOBAOOO, Rave always on ha.od & large assortment of Ma.nufao Lured T obacco. For ea.le on liberal terms. L. w. GUNTHER, Baltimore F. Wx. TA:TGENBORsT, New York. W CUNT,MER & Tobacco & G eneral Commission MEROHANrr:s, !lo. 110 :Pearl St., cor. Hanover. Square, NEW YORK. Liberal advances made o n conslgnmemts. General CommissiOn Merchants, 4'4' B1oad Street, N J:i -..., VOLGER & )fhl!UFACTURERS IMPORTERS OF ANDJJEALERS l'N o z G-s, e z P E ss,, ce;hrwiun & TOB.ACCO No. 166 JJ''ront St1eet, G. VOLGER1 i c. KUb'"EKEJi. f New York. SCHOVERLING & CHAPMAN, A. S. ROSENBAUM&CO., DEA.LXRS ll{ CO-ISSION l!IEBCIIAN'I:s H MESSENGER & CO., e CU"'RTSR8 AND DlU.LnB Ill ,. FOREIGN & DOMESTIC TOBACCO, ""'D LICORICE. 1 6 1 a 163 R, Y, 11. JRSBDGO, emxn uaauou:.. TH. H. VETTERLEIN & SONS, 1'i'2 Peml Street, N'EVV 'YORK. S M OK INC T 0 B A C C 0: THOMAS_. & OLIVER'S BILLY BOCK, iVA. BEU.E: STAR, SOCIABLE, ROSE, OLIVE, OWL CLUB, ROYAL SIGNET, "GOLD BUG D. C MAYO & CO. 'S VIRGINIA'S PIONEER of the OLD DOMINION, ORONOKO, G. P. PRESCOTT'S GOLDEN STAR, CASCARILLA, CR.OWN. Always on hand full lines of Smoking in bulk, and GENUINE PERIQUE. LOR.XLL.A.Fi..D'S GUI\!IS, BEANS, OILS, .HAVANA SUGARS, ETC., ETC. Cer tificates oT the MORRIS "M; & M." BR,f,Nfi will be rho..Oa from the leading man ufact urers in. Petersburg, Danville, Va. Brooklyn, St. loUis, Lou1svlle, Covmg,on, P1ttsburg, Canada, Austr alia, and California. ....,_ T.Un CommissiQn Merchants, HAVANA in and out of Bond, 'Wa'ter S'treet, NEW YORK. ; TOBACCO. LORILLARD'S y a.rioue Brands of YACHT CLUB PIPE. When we oomrnenccISCONTDIUED, ,..,.. -I 0 Bu t on packln g LOIULL.ARD'S EUREKA pronounce d by an WJt::e D Al LY. have u s ctl it, the beat lo w -priced tobacco W e nrc c o n stantly recciYlng-rcports fror.l partiC5-, in ture d. both the c'ty cokotry, who GRltENIlACKS, n il of whom nsECrt thut uide from a!\ extra LORlLLARD' S TUBEROSE, a trong dark tobacco, <':!lc;TURY TOBACCO a very popular braner g &Bon, who werr;o.nt ever y pipe the p u rest Jllateri"L cciv c d vnluc for their 6oncy; "hilc t l)osc whO w e r e LORILLARD' S SNUFFS iar 1es onlE'TS1 by enclosin g same t.o us, \Yith full will receiv-e fo; en o ug\J to fiml.Grcenbacks hatl the their pipes by expresE. ;t. I Yacht Club Smqking IS SOLD BY A'LL P. LORILLARD, 16, 18, t .nul 20 Chambll]'S Street, N Y. sn.tisf:l.ct i on of sccuriug a good n.rlicle of tobacco nud a pdzc in ndditio u THE CF.NT]JRY h as, w ithin a. ve ry few bocomo a most popnla r br an.VO been for the p! century, TilE ONL-Y STANI}ARD I N TRE COl)'N:TRY. As m ftny are refilling onr jars with a spuriotts article, we advise purchasers to exam ine thctpackages and .satisfy themselves that our labels are not defaced. 1, P J,ORILLARD, 6, 18, Cllld 2Q Chambers st., N. Y. CHARLES T SEYMOUR., leaf Ef obacco 189 PEARL STRE'ET, N.Y. Ott!. W:.V. PA.L:l,lORL G. HEINEKEN & PALMORE. 68 Broall, Street, New Yorli: Special att.ent.lon paid to the of Leaf Tobacco anc I Cotto and llbera &dV&Dcel ara.oted I ,, C r 4 GREENFIEUJ UNKART & co., l!\flA T;;:.cco & r and Commission Merchants, OWNERS OF THE M OST CELEBRATED :BRANDS OF SMOKING TOBACCOS NA.TUI]t-&L,LE&F, 0 V 0 VJRflDHA SEAL, OLD DOMINION, J 0 XX GOLDJBN CRi)WN, Ll, =--"!0i ,_-. .,.,,,==aw:= RODMAN & HEPBURN, 210 Lewis Street,. r Y. --6'1 -Beaver Commission Merchants, Tl' AU. KINDS O F .. J SEED-LEAf TOBACCOS, Orders for Tobacco and Cotton cuetull7 execu te:!. 113-184 1. L. G:ASSE P.T 1 Jl, L, GASSE.RT J.l.r. GASSERT & ERG., COMMISSION Leaf Tobacco No. a 'c::o Street, New YQrk. M. PAUUTSCH, Commission ]!/ere han t An d Denledn TOBACCO, 148 WATER UTEEET, NEW-YOEK. BROWN & Co. T !baecoLaltel 166 Fulton Street, NEWY!j)RK. M H ,LEVIlf, ... r _.} .. L.E A F l' OB A C C 0, 162 PEARL-ST, near Wallst., Bi NEW .. YOR:X:. L. H. Nf;UDECKER & CO., aCmnmission No. 162 Water Street, York. I. SOLE FOR NEUDECKER RICHMOND, VA.; And other Bra.n.chl .. WILLIAM (S u ccceso1 to LEE BROTHERS ) Importer and of' LEAF TOBACCO, J.IDIXPOBTEBI!or l26 South William .Street, nud VETTERLEIN : & CO., 111 ARCH-STREET, SPANISH CEDAR jot SEGAR. BOXES fur nishedto suit COMMERCIA ... L PRINTERS, PHILADELPHIA. the Trade, i"M-LOGS or BOARDS. CIGAiBS. DEALER IN LEAF' Tonlcc(: :rtEW-YORI. ..uoDULBaS .. ....,. DODTIO LKAJ AND lt1e Jkcelftts pf B._!,_ Cbp.aa: s Paethg, 61>-to lGa R01f'iork. ---BONDED AREHOUSE. rmar_ Brokers In every description of ForeiBn and Domestic Wqod., Cons_lgl\ mente of Black Walnut Lumber and Logs solicited. 99 & 101 William Street, 269 Pearl M arti n a. Brown. 1 Near Jobn. Chariea ; NearFullo n _. NEW YORK


6 TH E TOB.i\000 LEAF. BALTIMORE ADVEBTISEMEJJTS ____ I HARTJPonn ADVEB.TIBEIWITS. E. B. VETTERL'BIN. Villi. A. IIIIEUR&. TBII:O. J. VErTIIRLl!IN. B. 'f. VE x ... AI & CO., CHARLES D. DE FORD J?ODMANN's Henry uden & Bro. I o. & co., c ::r: c.. A :J::1. s, VETTERLEIN 3'?' SOUTH: GAY STREET, BALTIMORE, Nos. 57 59,61,&63Front&62 64,&66 uuu.. W a.ter bet. Vine & Walnut Streetl, T 0 B A C C 0 MERCHANtS Philadelphia, Pa., COMMISSION MERCHANTS IN OAILYSAI.ES.AU. ARTuun n FOUGZRA!'. I DOHAN & TAITT, WholesaleDe&lerslnallldndoof wx. c. PEASE. OBACCO 1Juited States Bonded warehouse, T BOYD, FOUGERAY & co.J Commission Ull SEGARS, 94 Lombard-Street, (near Light. l BAL'l'llUORE. WBOLBS.&.L DBA..LBBS Uf LEAF AND MANUFACTURED T0ba.ccos, Segars, Etc., l't.rmers' Agents for the sale of Collllecticut Seed le&f Tobaeeo, 81 North Tllll'cl-tll., PhUadelphla. IUCKNOR, McCAMMUH & CO. TOBACCO ALL DBSCRrPTIONS OF 1 Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, :r N: Water Street and 38 N. Delaware Avenue, D. C. M CAMMOK. 29 N. Water St., aud 28 N. Delaware Ave., M. I JNO. T. TAhT. G'1 CoDetantly OD a quLDtJty of ConnecUclU w.nd Tobaccoa. 81 Jos ScnnOBDBD. .A. NICOLASSEN. JOSEPH SCHROEDER & CO.,. Commiesion and wholesale dealers i n JACOB MARINER Lea.f'a.nd Manufactured SE. GA:o:R.s 'l,obooco :tnd (Jigars, AND 'WHOLESALE DJ:n.:e. J. Richardson. G. W Bishop. W. B. Haight. No. 138 N. THIRD STREET, .PHILADELPHIA, 'U S BONDED ,., AHEHO'USE, J. RICHARDSON &. CO., 12!lrUl'n.TED STATES BONDED WAREHOUS E. c a n forward their Stocks "IN BOND,11 withpre u paym g t G hc GESneut T&ax. B --mtanufnrtur.etl mul f 0 C C M'DOWELLo & DUNCAN No. Internal Revenue Warehouse COMl'fiSSION l'fEJRCHANTS, AKD JO.BBEUS J N !aom. mJ'ssi'on Merchants, (FirstT Colle o ctio BnDlAstri c ctofPc ennosyh auin,) BALTIMORE, M.D. Mauufuctnrcrs can forwn.rcl their Tobacco in Bond with-1 out l'REPA YIKQ t h e Government Tax. SOl.B. A.GII:NTS l'OR AXD -LO'C'Oll!:-0-IE::.:,SL.::...::..:.=.:..____; ___ -:. = =DB::::R!=CJ<:-:W::::!L=U=:SS "Penn Tobacco Works;" Gene1al Commission Merchants, LOUIS GIESKE & CO., W, Y. Willi=& Co.'s" Globe Tobacco Works," No. 30 No .. th Wate .. St.reet, PUILA.DELPHIA. Tobacco Commission Mercnants, WK. BOOERT. J. n. FOX. P. DROHHDr7 T 0 B A 0 c 0 lA ll. s. Bonded Warehouse No: 1, EGGERT, DILLS & CO., 7 Dlred lmportPn M stJoer!or JI'LB, CJ. (Successors to WM. EGGERT,) nnd ftl'!l 7 () Lteortee Pate .For tala, ;n Jolll< N'o. 46 Walnut-street, 1uit bnyt:rs1 in bond or duty I Jaid, Cincinnati DE.ALU.S Df No 238 State-street, W.M. A BOYD & CO., anh-;Bb:nnfad:ur.elt COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 33 Sou&ll-11&,, BalUmore. w.n. A., BOYD WK. lo.. BOlD, JB. U. 8, BONDED W AREB:OUBE, G2-ST .rony m:mov. JOHN DUDDY & CO., Commission Merchants J'O R TJJ .E E.A.LK 07 MANUFACTURED T08ACCO? HA&TFOHD CONN DOMESTIC AND SPANISH L D.H.U:.. p 8 .... Leaf Tobacco, HAAS BROTHERS 82 WEST SECOND STREET, DIUUII$ trt CINCINNATI. CONN SEE of Meerschaum and D-LEAF TOBACCO,'D K&liiDFA.c:rUREU Or JOHN T. JttHN8iiH & l>I.A.LE!>.S JY No. 49 VINE-STREET, c. LOOSE & co.. CINCINNATI. Main-street, OHIO, KENTUCKY, MI8SOURI, & V:IF.C+I!EA D.&BT.POBD, LSAf TOBACCOS, OONN {g;ommission jt\teugants, ..... H. GLORE & "'hrd L .. ,U'.I,. CX, 10 ea AND No. sz south Charlea st., BalUmo .. e. 5. W. GAIL. CHRISTIAh AX. G. W. GAIL&AX, ...... n cnru 01' .u.a. KDIDe or S :p..a: 0 X IN' G'" {*!;hetving l!tobattD, AND SNUFF' _.......,._ tmportec-a of and Dealers in Cigar., P ipe$ Snult-boxes, etc., NO. 26 B.ARRESTREET, OFFICE of, SXOBEBOOMS, 4.'7 VINE STREET,. C!NOUUIA Tl, 01110. -"MORRIS" an'l Leaf Tobacco 'ViT C i\.SEY & W A 1'1\"E, Prollrietors, N oo. 100, HJ2,-& 104-West FI'Cnt Street, ('INOINNATJ, Ohio. AUCTiON SALES DAILY. No. 3 9 0. u NEWYORK BRANCH." KROHN, FEISS &'L"FA.Ie Packers and D3 and 55 Hand-ot, BUNER WO:&U and OF!'ICJi:, 31 St. Clair-e\. ,., ...,.A VIRGINIA, MISSOURI, and KENTUCKY fl1'1 State St'reet, / HABTI'OBD, Conn. Lorillard's Western Branch. &n N. st., Yr :for a Price 1 List. VIN & MILLS -.. HI I!IA.XUBL "P. l!lU'f.B. .. "T J.AC{l8. H. SlliTH. NE SMITH BRDTHERS. Tobacco Manufacturel"Q FOREIG:K AND DOMESTI C Maautoeturero.anaD.ealcrs iu ... ..., l.ElF AND MANUFACTURED C I G-.A. H.. S, TOBACCO, No. 121 North Third St., SEGARS, ETC., PHILA.D'EIPlUA No. 474 and 503 N. Second St., --' .. PHILADELPIIIA. I. L. EDWARDS. GEO. W. EDWARDS. .J!teemta. for & Tobacco and Snuff. (LATE l\'ITH n. A. VAN scRAICK.) 193 a.:1d 195 Jefferson-avenue: (CQlt.nlt. B.!TESSlRE.ET, ) DE'I'HOI A. H THEOBALD, I. L. & G. W. EDWARDS, General Mertbants, TC>::S..A-000 S EGA. R. S ,. General Comml;;ion Merchants; A.ND DB..l.LBR IX EET S PAKISB: AND DOMESTIC No.125 NOR1'H 1VA.TER STB SS Cont.tnerce and .1.8 Bibb Street, Ala. T b S 1[ F a Particula. r attention given to nll Consi!m."'lments, and Leaf TObaCCO, 0 i\CC01 00 Lear and Mannfactnred Tobacco constn'!tiY on hand, prompt returns made. Consignmento respectfully sohctteU. ______ Meerschaum and .Brier Pipes, HUNT cl-ww.cor.ThirdandPopi&ru.,Phlladelphia. Wm. Eisenlohr & Co., JOSHUA DRALEUS IN UIPO l:T.E.!.t AXD lllA"XL'"PA CTUREit OF E. L. WITTHAus, coNNECTICUT SEED, HAVANA and DOMESTIC SfGARS HA.VANA. YA.RA. m naL""'" NO. 207 RACE-STR!;ET, LEA'F TO :a. Lcaf.and l'Uanufactured Tobaceo, 1 1 7 HG Curry & Ric h a rd s J3mldmci, Providence, R. I. """ D epot for H. Wllkeu a:; C:o.' :Baltimore 1 w, Eiocnlobr. S. W. Clark. Phil. Bonn. -oklng Tobacco. POWELL 6, WEST' L : & C .O., J 0 HN BRAHM, S Mtnnfac urers and Dealers in Domeotlc and tlte 5\>Ceeoscr t o BHAl'!ll'!l & AU C J!l I Q N B B R. CELEBRA TE.D 2s Atlantic-at., B-rooklyn, COJIMISSION...,MERCHAftTS, lJ p U P C I C A R S, .U.L IUNDS Of' Chewin[ and Smom SECABS, &olJ a lluparior Lundyfoot Snuff. ilo. a Wit Front Street and u Letitia StiNt, PLUG A:ND CUT TOBACCOS, PHILADELPHIA. CoDBignments of Tohacco and Segars solicited. Refer by pcrmiseion to Messrs. l)oHAN & T.ArrT, Phi.ladelphi!L. 14cs ere. A. s. ... New York. Ton-ether with a of .l'IPES nnd o ARTICLES, .lro. 9 JVestm'itlstcr S t., l:ol'cvidence, R .I. L. KINGSLEY. SDIRI SlliTH. r TC>Eio.A.OOC>, R. A. GB4.PMaN, TOBACCO AND CIGABS,. L01JISVILL, K.T, TOBACCO, siiiff"IID ClliRI, GEC8GE FoY. 88 Souflji. Water St''eet, CHIC. 'A GO, nl. Seedleaf EAST HARTFORD,CONN. U.S. BONDF.D 'W'ARRHOUSE. 5th DISTRICT, JOIW Jl;. KEYs. SANDHAGEN BROS., Wholesale Dealers in all kinds of FRANCKE & ELLER, SEED LEAF TOBACCO TC>:J3.A..OCC> COMMISSION .MERCHANTS, AND Main Street, between 7th and 8th, LOUISVILLE, KY. Particular attentiou given to the purchase and sale or LEAl' AND MANUFACTURED TORAOOO Fine .. Cutting Leaf Tobacco. We have on hand a large and well-selected Stock of Factory-dried Mason s.nll Owen County Cutting Leaf, Put up erpressly for the trade. Cutters in want of fine stock will do well to give us a call. Orders promptly fille d. D. SPALDINC & SONS, ... ll to 11' l)l BULEn Ill Fm. e 'connecticut Seed-Leaf r coo t 1 coMlrEitcF. As-D 13 ctTY WHARP, Danbury, connecticut. wrLLI.AlC F. PARKY.n, BOSTON. UENflY r. CAI,OWELL, l ... on ha:t!__20S ------------


'J\{)ncrtlscmcnts. Solicits orilers}rom D s &j Consumers l Aililress:N!!7Pearl.St;Riihmumd Va. LLS & 1::{ Y. AN,..r, T obacco Brokers & Genernl Comnnssion JVIl'rchants, Of;lce in "'xchange Shockoc Slip, Richmond, I! d. Refer by t t'l A TS"Ert F. 1! \ r.VEY, I'rerH .. c f tht! n rnk, f.h-h:n oRl, Vn ; J.\ .. l'ES T HOMAS, J r E!'"'., RichmQnrl, V.1.: S. ,_: l'n:sidl'"1 tc.f tiH Plh.nM!n,1 na n k, I:.\..:hmm11l, v.._ i ll. .. & 'CU., JG :o:)ol ... ; n & .. J P ar1 st, D n st.on. a .. TURKISH STRAIGRT CUT 1o. : .... u, UNION FACTORY. Established 1830. I T :a: 0 ::t\.a:. A. s J. :S:A.RDGROVE, Only Snoceounds, t pounds, Navy lbs.,and i pounds, lOs. and l\lo. 4 IRON FRONT BUILDINC S Br>ght Work of all kinds. PETERSBURG. v A. d, CO., AND .AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF LTICHBURI MANUFACTURED CHEWING & SMOKING TOBACCOS, 1.41. Main Lynchburg, V a We are sole .Agents for the sale of Mr. L. L. justly celebrat e d cc HICHLANDEf'" aDYDsltC I K dTATtEtyRt," an 1tdB RED ROVER" SMOKINC TOBACCO. Furnish 1t 'in y e an quau 1 o eu uyers. J. W. CARROLL, Sole Manufacturer of the Famous and w orld renowned Brands of Virginia Smoking Tobaccos, LONE JA.CK and BROWN DICK. l'Ianul'a'lV heavy J"ndginofrom what has market less active, ow irw to the un -,_ "' f: E .o fallen within ou r own observation. vVe avorable .uropean aclvtces, the present have been shown specimen leaves of want of f r eight room, and the decline of tobacco, not unfairly culled from a large gold premium, which reduces the cur crop s ubj ected to "the hail, which we renc.v. value of Exchange; but should judge were scarcely worth sav the drawbacks to shtppcrs., in g Besides, we ha e been assured by !actors, on account of moderate st?cks gentlemen entitled to the fullest ere m warehouses, adhere to former pnces, clence tliat in portions of Chaptico dis and t h e few samples of Maryland taken trict and within the "branch hundred" lfor export ha\e been without material in this district, the tobacco crop has change from ?ur r cpca:ccl been completely ruined and the corn below In Oluo leaf ts nothmg crop greatly damaged. Other sect ions doing The agent for the French con of the county we l earn have also suf-tract st1ll k eeps out of the market, and f(ned with equal severity. St. Mary's other buyers for export also stand Beacon. aloof, by reason of the depressed con Tobacco shops in Paris a r c in of the German markets. The the gift of the Emperor. Ever y mornfiner gt:ades of spangled and yellow ing the Minister of Finance sends in to a r e scaree, command much the Emperor a list of the vacant tobachtgher pnces before quoted by us. co shops and their reputed value. On Ins}Jectwns thts >vcck: hhd.s. the :co lumn opposite list the Em(22 4o6 Ohw pcror o r Empress proc eeds to sco r e the (1te-mspectecl), and l,Ken ntLmes of such persons as a r e to be aptotal, I,60o. Exported sam e pointed; the } Jape r is sent back and the penod: 882 hhds., 290 do .. stems to nominations confirmed by the Minister Rotterdam per Arnold; 181 of Finan ce. The value of a Pari s s hop hhds ; 13 tcs., and 88 cs. manufactured, is estimat'ed at from to a to LIVerpool per steamer Some1set. We year. Those that are less than revise viz. : Marylandare in the rrift of the Minister of Finance Frosted, 3tc.@o!c. ; sound common, 6c. or the General of Taxes @7c.; good clo., 7e.@8Jc.; middling, 9c.@11c.; good to fine brown 12c.@ [Coatlnued froiD Third Page ] IGc.; f.feyer & Son prwcs. Imported durmg the week: 282 bbls 154 bxs. and 78 pkgs. ; G. From Smyrna, Order, 50 cs licorice Reismaun & Co 1 3 bxs. ; Order, 5 hhds. p_aste; from Havan:;., J H Sears, 29,000 Bv Camden aud Ambov Railroad: mgurs; Geo. 0 Sm1th, 20,000 do. The :Muriell & Co., 10 hhds.; Sawyer, Wal r eceipts for the week have amounted lace & Co. 10 Drew & Crockett 1 to 8 hhds. and 4 8 8 bxs. Exported same Ohas B. Falle;1stein & Son, 1; time: To New Zealand, 6 tcs., 1 cs., 7 more, Parker & Co., 1; J Mcintire, bxs. 169 pkgs.; to 40 hhds. 322 caddies. and o09 bls.; to St. P1erre, 44 cs., 14 By Star Union Line: H H. Ober, bls ., ancl 53. bxs. ; to Hayti, 43 hf:-bls.; 1 3 hhds. ; Fielding, Gwynn & Co. 21 : to the Provmces, 9 cs. and 29 bxs. Murrell & Co., 2; Foster, Gwynn & LOUISVILLE Ky., Aug,22.-Messrs. Co., 6 ; Chas. :F'. Tag, 2 cs. FRANCKE & ELLER report: S ales for By Empire and Allentown Line: the w eek amount to 443. hhcls., with 90 Ohas B. Fallenstein & Son, 14 hhds. r ejections The market opened dull and By New York and New Haven Rail lower ou J\Ionday, but under a better r oad : D. Hook, 2 cs. ; Bunzl & Dordemand, principally for black fill ers and mitzer, 256; Rand, Loo se & Rand, 1 common lugs; it fully recovered yes cs. cigars; W. Hillman & Co., 2 bbls terday, and closes firm. Offerings co n and 9 hfbbls snuff ; J. H. Sanders, 20 sist mostly of commo n to medium bbls. cigar lighters. grades. To-day a small lot of new Hart By New .York and New Haven Line Co tobacco, was sold by the of Steamboats: Ohas F. 73 cs. ; Ninth street warehou se, but being cut Palmer & Scoville, 155 ; D Morris, green and badly fired, it only brought 6; Julian :Allen, 1 i F. W. Beldon, 2 i lO!c. (}INCI!VNJlTJ, A ugust 21.-Reported exclusively for dark leaf, $9 50@$13; dark factory -dried leaf, $10@ the ToBACCO I;EAF, by order of the Cincinnati Board $13; col?ry do ., black wrappers, $14@$16; of,Trade, b.y its _Secretary, Mr. Charles H-eilly: ancl nommal, none offcnng; medium color and bright The rece1pts tor the last two weeks have been lio-ht leaf, *15@$40; fine and fancy do., $40@$75 if!IOO lhs. and the amount of leaf on the breaks has been cient to supply the great demand at present. ComS.\N FlU.!\' CISCO, July 30,-" Now that the re,ision mon leaf has undergone an increase of fiom 1c. to Jlc. of the ExciRe law has been accomplished at '\Vashin<" l Jer pound, and fine b right tobaccos from 20: to 2tc. ton," says the Uomme1cial Herald "we look for \Vc had a geat number of foreign buyers in the murproved 'trade at an early day. At auction 20 lbxs. ket last week, and from all appearances and circum Virginia hf-ponnds sold at 36-!c.; 15 cs. hf-pounds do in this market will go up still higher. 45c .@47ic. Exported during the week: To Victoria; I he sales of the week at Bodmann's and Morris' ware 1 9 cs tobacco and 9 cs. cigars; to Tahiti, 2 cs. cigars. houses amount to 549 hhds. leaf lu"s and trash at FOREIGN. prices from $6 25@$24 Z5,' 40 cs Ohio AlliSTERD!}U, August I.-Maryland.-The steady seed leaf at from $4 to $19 50 demand for th1s growth continued throughout the past The imports from August 15th to month, and sales amounted to 1,079 hhcls., mostly of date: 1 g:ood tLnd middling quality, at top figures. Importa Bodmann Morris Kenton Wheeler Planters' :r.Iiscel-tl?ns su.m up .to 2,117 hhds ., besides which quality we W H W II. w H. w H. w. H. "Boat Co. lane6u. stlll wmt. on to r nearly 3,000 hhds. which are shipped Hhds.Hxs.IIhds. nx. .Hhds.Bxs.ffiJus.Bx.Hhds.Bxs.IIhds.Bxs.Hhds.Bxs. to these ports. 22 0 20 3 18 0 10 3 11 0 82 40 00 10 11,. 24 o 19 o 23 11 o 13 o 7.i 11 21 and position of these sorts 17. 70 5 65 0 51 0 3 2 0 1 40 8 11 8 "' J S n o n 2 30 o 5 o 2 o 52 17 16 o remained quite unchanged, ancl only a sale of 65 hhds. "' 1o. n o 14 o 9 o s o o o 61 4 22 4 f th I tt t k f' h d b d 20 27 o 20 1 7 0 1 1 2 1 32 0 9 10 o e a er, a en or orne tra e, 1s to e notice Totnl amount of unport s .............. 1,0"23 hhds., 137 boxes. COlllj>o.sed for the greater pArt of less desirable The exports for the same time have been as fol quahty, and tf there had been a better selection on lows : I d l ld h b mn Sl_t cs won ave een, without auy doubt, of c., ll'. &D. Little Miami-Marietta& "reater unpo t R. R R. R. Cin'ti R.R. o r a nee. Ilhd. nxo. Hhds. :Bxs. Hhds. Bxo. AUGUST e.-There Las been more demand durincr iL: ::: : 1gg M IT !lr the past week, there were sold from first hands 250 :: iL:: ::: 1;'l }1 hhdsk. 3B5 do. Sonborn, and 388 bls. Java, 19. .. .. ll1 21 81 s 10 3 mal'"e r an LITAR. Actual stock in first hands, oo ........ ... ... 120 17 so 11 18 16 2,247 hhds. Maryland, 888 bls. Brazil, 150 do. Rio Total amount exports ...... 1,203 hhds., 252 boxes. LYNCHBURG, Augast 2.!,-Mess r s YouxGER & Co. Grande, 16,564 do. Java, and 51 ceroons Havana. re}JOrt; Inspected this week, 208 hhds.; so l d clmincr B_REiliEN, Aug 8:-A good business was done the time, 668 parcels loose, weighing 200,400 rm ron THE rm.., 0 '1 1\WNTH!!I IN 1868 AND 1867: chiefly navys aucl black quurters. Business in Ameri Md. & Ohio. Virginio. Kentucky. Stem. can has been very quiet; the week ending, 1868. 1867. 1861!. 1867. 1868. 1867. 1868. 1867. ho,vever, 'Vlth seve r al large transactions. Leaf is Stock. January 1. .... 1005 2235 135 175 1244 441 ch_atiged.' We hear of no transactions; of any note Receipts or 7 months. 5478 9961 24M' 2W3 4llG3 12185 4002 S8'i9 M1ssoun and Kentucky held firmly at 8c. 6483 12100 2542 2.'l68 5607 12626 5200 4700 Dellverles of7mos .... 5603 10806 21G1 2148 27&) 11717 3990 4507 NEW ORLEANS, August 15.-Since om r eview of Saturday last, says the Price Omrent, the market has Stock .Anguet 1 .... 800 1890 881 2'20 2821 900 mo 289 been qmct but firm. The sales during that time em CALCUTTA, July 9.-The Coringa, just arrived, brace 50 hhds good leaf on private terms ; 25 hhds. brought 100 cases of tobacco, which have not yet been African tobacco at 17 1-5c. iP lb.; 1 hhd. at 18c., 28 nt s_old. demand is very limited, and prices keep 16c., 6 at and1 at 17-!c.; making a total of 111 down. 'lhe prosl?ects for the future, say our aclvices, hhds. The offering supply has now become much re are not encouragmg, ancl stocks are more than suffi ducecl, and the receipts arc very light, and will continu e cient to meet any demand that is likely to arise. to decrea se as most of the old crop has already been JIAlUBURG, August 7,We have nothing new to shipped. Our previous quotations are unchanged report iu the tobacco market this week, and the sales Imported during the week : From Beli7.e, Honduras, J from first lutncls comprise 140 ceroons Havana 45 A v e t, 10 his. tobacco. Arriv ed since the 7th inst. 88 Porto Rico, 267 do. Brazil, and 22 cs. seed At hhds. Cleared since the 7th inst:: For New York, 116 public auction there were disposed of 248 c e roons St. hhds Stock in warehouses and on s hipboa1d not Domingo at from 3 sch to 7 15-16 sch. cleared on the 14th iust. 3,269 hhqs. Mamifactured Tobacco.During the past week there has been a mate IIAVANA, August 15.-There have been some parcels rial improvement in the demand for manufactured to-of Veulta Abajo sold tl.tis week at prices supposed to bacco, though it is still confined to the medium and be from $40 to 850 for four differen1; grades. No ani low er grades ancl e s have ruled firm, with an upmation is felt on account of the great disparity which ward tendenc y Soverallar"e lots have been sold at exists between the prices askedl1ere and those mlin"' fair prices .The stock o f de s criptions is ample. abroad. Chewing is still reoorted to meet with a Arnved durmg the past week, 584 packages; c1eared inquiTy at from 50@$24 per quintal, but we hear for Texas, 47 bls of no sales Imported dming the week, 28 bxs. chew PADUCAH, Ky,, August 17.-The market during the iug. past week, according to tho Herald, has been dull, KINGSTON, Ja,, August 8.-Tbere has been a slight owing to the small receipts, but prices ranged slightly improYemeut in the toba.ccq mmJ;:et since our last, and over thos e oflast week. The sales of the week amounted cavendish has been ,quoted at '2s.; leaf at @ 5s. to 57 hhds. and 4 bxs. as follows : By Hale, Buckner per lOOlbs ; and native leaf at 28s. per 100l bs The im & Co., Planters' Warehouse 26 hhds. at from $6 35@ -r.orts have been: From New York, 25 bls. ancl 1 cs.; $13, tLnd 2 bxs trash at $2@$3 25; by SeLde Bros. from Boston, 44 h bls.; from Falmouth, 1 cs. Farmers' \Yarehouse, 31 hhds. at from $5 30@,$15 75., LONDON, Aug. 10 .-Messr s BRAXDT's So:xs & and 2 bxs. at $7 each Co., by special report to the ToB.Acoo LEAF say; PETERSBURG, Va,, Aug 22,-Reportecl by Messrs. In the market for America n tobacco tli'is week R. A. YouxG BRo : there h as been some activity, and we to report Owing to the unsettled state of matters connected sales of about 150 hhds. medium class export leaf at with the manufacture of tobacco, the ma1:ket continues 4td.@4td. per lb. About 50 tierces new brio-ht Vir dull. The 'Change s hows but litL!e an i mation, and g in ia leaf have sold at 10d.@lld. per lb. ns "'well as most of' the ofliir ings are withdrawn. Nearly all of the about 50 tcs. Virginia strips, were at lOci. fac tories have stopped work. 'Fo1 desirable kinds of @lOtd. per lb. There have also been several retail shi pping prices are ..still very fair, but much lower than' sales of W est:rn st.rips and lea The arrivals comprise they have been Inspections this we e k, 268 hhds ; do th_e G_o'fl,stantme wtth 16.0 the American Eagle s in ce 1st October, 186, 9,524 hhds. Receipts this w1th 676 hhds., and Vtllc! Franca with 28 hhds. all we ek, 215 hhds. ; do last week, 234 hhds.; do. since lst from New York. Octobe r, 1867, 9,075 hhds. LIVERPOOL August 10.-Mcssrs. BRA:tfDT's PHIL A DELPHU; August 22,-Trade has been ex Soxs & Co. report: tremel y dull during the who l e of the past week, a n d The market for American tobacco: this week has been there has been no disposition to buy; prices, how e ver, very quiet. Sales have been of quite a retail character are fully sustai n ed Sales of 5 hhds Kentucky cnttin"' ant l confined to a few Western leafs and strips and leaf at 11c. and 30 cases Pennsylvania seed leaf at Mary lands to the trade at steady prices. The ar;ivals No exports include the Polar Stw with 104 hhds and 10 1 hhds PORTI,!ND, AU$' Ourrent reports and the Helen Clinton wtth 653 hhds and 16 1 hhds. the demand as havmg been fair during the past week, from New Orl e ans, the M!nnesota (sJ with 138 hhds and prices as. firmer. Quotations remain unchanged. and the Aleppo (s) w1th 45 hlids. from N cw York. and Imports, none UANILLA, June 18.-0igars of good quality are August 22,-Messrs. Mrr.Ls & difficult to obain. No public aucti on of tobacco is report: anno un ced, but the Government offers to ship 12,000 Receipt,s and 1>reaks fulL There has been a sli

ROMAS HOYT. & Co., TOBACCONISTS, THE TOBA f O 0 LEAF. Anhur Gillender & Co BtiOCIIEOBS TO NEW YORK BROKERS. ----LICORICE PASTE FREDERICK FISCHER, WALLIS & CO. .JORB ABDEUOJI' & co. B k .... CTUIUCR8 a .. ,. Tobacco. ro er' SOLACE. TOBACCO, No. 2 Hanover Buildings, EXTRA. Tobacco manufacturers and the trade-in ge neral OJ''3 p::LrticulOJ"ly requested to exa illine and test the superior properties of 114, 116, and 117 LIBERTY-S-TREET, &!fD 121 CEDAR STREET, Artl1ur Gi1l c nLir.r, Napukon B. Kukuek, NEW! fHiit. \V. Gra.y, 1oseph L. R. Wood. --__ H. H. WA'l'TS & CO., EMPIRE CITY Tobacco. Works, No. 7 5 BOWERY, (UA..'50. NoTICE,-All mMng<>mcnts upon our wherever rme-Cut Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, Snuff, Cigars, a.TJ.d Havana Sixes. OU.R BRANDS FINE-CUT CHEWINGt Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, NEWYORK. .:.:....:..:M----. _RA_D_E=R&-=--=so=N, LICORICE PASTE JUSTICIA, manufuctnrod or EXI'Oilli:D FOR SALK, win. be prose: UNCLE SAM cn_ted_. HEART'S Dli.LIGHT, NATIONAL. T}/Q) ;O:t:;:o C cliO; N:tture's Own, MANGFACTURF.RS OF Trrx NO. 36 CROSBY STRE:El', Neptu::.: c _':nvy Pounds and Half Pounds, Neptune Navy Sixes. DAlfK. Eailcr's ::a: gee, Palm, La Purete, Sulta!.l'G Own, Wreath, No.vy Pounds a.nd Half Pounds, &:Uor"'a Sixes, Maggie Mitohell Quarter Pounds, J'. L. AdaiUS' XXX 12&, Victoria Tens. : VA.CTO:R!:'"-145 DBGBAW STRJUfT, BROOKLYN. J. L. AD.US:S. Superintendent. W .ATX& STKEBT, N&w YoRK. Age!lt, JNO. W. McELROY, 24 BROAD ST. FINECUT Vir[in Leaf and Navy Chewin[, AND ALL KINDS OF SMOKING TOEA COO, 'AliD [l( SegJirs, Plug Tobotr.o, .SBUif1 Soulr Flou, &e. MANUFACTORY AND SALESROOM, Nos. 75, 77, and 79 Avenue o. 28 Liberty Street, D.C.U.ER lK 1 Buch-n & Lyall, KtNTUCKY UAf TOBACCO. JESSUP & MOORE, 128 William Street, N. Y t'APt:R WAREHOUSE. iJ;obattll' & atrtapping OSCAR PROLSS & co., IJIPORTEllS O'F' .ALL RINDS Ol'" SEGAR RIBBONS, No. 25 White Street, NEW YORK. M. STACHELBERG, l!UUP'A..C'J'UREP. OF TlJE CELEDH.AT:ED BRAND! EXCELSIOR M!LLS PURE LICORIOE1 Gum Arabic, OLIVE OIL, TONQUA BEANS, otllor l!'laYorlnp, rot To'llacccmJ.tll' rw 1&1 by WEAVER & STERRY, IMPORTERS, 16 PLATT STREET, N. Y. 19-81 HENRY !VI.. F1IORRIS, l'l'os, !10 p,.,.,.l & G2 Stl\ne,Ht.,_Ne""'York, I\ IPOR1'EH A,NO SOLE AG.EN'.r, 1 .For tho United StaTes and Uan&dn, I MORf':l S "rr &_!" nt" BRMiD 1 S11anis.h RICHARD D. F. W. Sterry & Co., IMPORTER&, Dealers in Specialties FOR Tobacco Manufacturers, TENT Powdered Extract Liquorice Nos. 2 & 4 PLATT STREET, 256 Delanceyst., N. Y., 144 WATER-STREET, ROBITSCHEK & TAUSSIG, New-York. YORK. lJ. NORMANDI, LA ARO][A, ANll LA PERFEIYI1 1p. o. ao:t.5527. ._'!lcon:ren oc the, lbUo' Celerated..._.. oc \ i NOTICE. ; I IUSUi?J. CTOlUHtS OF ALI. KI:s'DS OF (JfhtwiniJ and Principal Brands: VIRGL"\!A LEAF, KII.LICKINICK, LILY, and lll!lRO OF THE WF-91'. 93-llS [1803. C. H. LILIENTH -AL 1 MANtJI'..._C'l'UlU..R f ) Cut Chewing Q.nd Smokrp.g Tobacco, 21 7 219, &. 221 Washlvf(tonst Barelay, NEW-YORK. Ancl of Ltgbt rmd Dark Work, .Lump, T ... -ist, and Roll Tobot.c;::fo, Nepperhan Tobacco Works, N. l". 'l'Or.ACCO. I n Chewin.t;. I )Hld Swok : ng, \J'ni:er.;tabU lDg that our Brancls, PLANET o.nd T nc ISliO.!rtSG Gra.uutated, Cli.OICE, have been sOclose1yim1ta red Young awottica! A. Extr;l L ong, 'l'urldsh, .... -dcct:ivc many of Ttaae,ln tumre th.e will ndard, ll Smoking, f;pacioh, _. C tdJinr-t., I Extra.U Smoking, l'l!'rt-ocb. anrt olh1ll' .i&v-mood witJJ. OUT name. \'lir t\IUD .. Lon.:: Smoking, Fancy f;!mokiug, BUORANAN & LYALL. New-York. c :Ku. 1 "moklng, robaeco. F. B, iJRACKETT :& CO., A11;ent.., No. Central S N l:J F F Wbarf, Boston. Sce uted, French Ratulee, Congret!s. and Scotch. 1 \ A. Goetze & 'l'e rme L:bcra.l. Goods Warra nted. Otde r promptly SEGARS, No. 15 CEDAR-STREET, 7 8-103 P. M. DINCEE,. Corum Sixth antt Louis Streets, COMMISSION MERCHANT. -SPANISH CED.t\B., AND ALL fOREIGN & DOMESTIC WOODS. JOHN A. HAR'l'CORN,' \l.Uil'U P,\(J'rU .8.1ilt o>F 1 ., FINE N0.150 WATE-R-STREET.' ..!. 'I k&HD'J'AC'I"'&JmS 01 t JOSEPH HALL M. WESTHEIM & CO., M.&.!f'OrJ.Q't11U118 0, Ffll 1 I -roBACCO & SNUFF, M.\NtfATTAN TOBAOOO '1 Segar .. 7'? v. ... CHO'IOE SEGARS 177 PEARL STREET, :BBADY von 1 f (Up lltoaln,) -11 LIQUORICE PASTE. A. P. FRANCIA, Importer of liql1lorice, 102 Fearl St., N. Y. G. & F. Cahill & Oo., XX, MF, and FGN br"JTS L JE;f .A F. 0 > :Y3 A C C 0 14!> Water-street, nc11r Maide n -IJr.e, P. ff!lrl3J',N T & CO .. 4 7 W d r-.,.,,t, st.. Cincir.'l3!1. 0. X .. JOE'DXUTJE--X .. 37 State Chicago, Metal and W 0 Show Figures; &c. JULIAN. ALLENt Seed-Leaf & Havana TOBJ.OCO,. VVHOLE8ALK ONLY, W' ater Street, NEW YORK. @"BraaeJt Store, 8 SIXTU STREET, Pltt.eba!'Cti, la fRANK, & CO. A.."'iD DE.o\LBBS rN 00 l'llaillea Laue, 150-lro NEWYORK. JWI: llil: 4 y _:m ::E'I. & VVb.olesa.le Dea.ler "' jDreign anh 'igars ANn LEAF TOBACCO, Also, OHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCOS, No. 1$8 AVENUE C, Botween 4th and Streets bt.r.' BP..DOK, 329 YOR R RECEIVED TH PARiS EXPOSITION! TOBACCO SCN,I GR The only \n.w! cs:Jl o and: P.ctnil1t!":muC.1ctnrcr:$ in tile l.J'nitcd Stntes o f ... v .&.,i...l- J.'IL.U....La Genuine Meerschauui Pipes, AMBERS, fi'!OUTH-PIECES, CASES, &c., Repairing, Mounting, &c., &c., POltT!LHT31 DlOl\'OGRAiiiS, &r., .tr., (;IIJT TO ORDER. { Send f o r P:-kc STORES, B3 WALL STREET, 6 STREET and 717 ADDRESS ALL LETTERS TO 6 r -... ---db. SOl'J,. Manujacturers of MEERSCHAUM GOODS, 8t()m: John, ncar .Nra-san, o.. :A.ND 48 Jroa.dway, near Broome St., N.E..W :YORK_ 'Letter Box, 5846 P. Q, A. MULLER KANUF.60,:UBZRS' 0!' Genuine Meerscha1UD Pipes, 88! BOWE:RY, near Hester Street, :New York.. I' A UN nO lOtb 155<'. The ('}; e sn ... st. sirnnlest. m.ost durahlc MReh'ne e"9'!r witJ1 .. r .. b3.r, a.n!!) n ver) use!tl..l fer t:Vd y t l:sc ;t n \ ..t A :m, nu lt.,.r, I the P"'Pnt h!tntl .ruttk;'..,Qo:t wrt:"' .,. l ... J!l""' iJ.qu.r .v"'" Fn r .... :1u.q' .. ror &j(&ctaa .!!OBG!t 'ELDT & UEl.HiiT!t, J ) :i:A.AN', 1 3 (\nt.,td ).huJ, Rnstoo. J.faS.., Agent (O!f the St ... ,.----------BOXES AND BOX-SHOOKS, Pat ap ._'14 Shli>i>eUJl.:2'e -thern hhr-.., W e J(tve BfW"Cia.l ntt '!nt.ion to the m:mufMhtre of ToPOBTBA.ITS ClJT ON PIPE'"' BOXES ont;l ( J.\.IJDI!i:S, wh!ch oro l! from tbe b est. qua.Ht.y ot AILN-DlUED SYCAMORBs ... """'-...,. IN STArl,UARY, INITIALS', ANIMALS &c. notliable-tdmoa.ld. ::E'I.epa:f.r:I.D.s-,. :Eicd:l..:1:nt; a:nd. :D.!I:e>'U.211::1.D.c;. ;:; 2roprletors of the Colamb!a t Plilllblg Mills, We.,...,.., a Specialty of .AJJL:BERS of alZ Slw.-aNd Si:. 28 LIBIGR'.:J::'Y STREET, :!'i:ro-.:><:r 'V'o::.-k. F .ACTOHT -X os .1. & G trose A vonuo, 'Vi'ill iams burgh I .. I. JEREMIAII. QUINLAN, 138 WILI..UI ST : .l'f. Y. GLASS WARE, TOBACCO JARS, Plain and Labeled, Snuff Jars, Plain and Labeled, SNUFF BOTTLES, GLASS SIGNS, --sNUFF. 110 Waterlitreet MAN UFACTORY, 97 ,Columbia-at, NEW-YORK. (i n 1>-:ud M tlulv Jn quw.nLitic& t.o auu F,!..GURE&., 8 (':Clebnited SCotch Snuff, for .... p urposes. The'Ron!I i s inuro, Ll { I \ r co.:ntry. and i-t mam.:.factured expre.Hly rur uf-<, \ e }Jar4,1Qie. 11 c { w be lt'tld Oy the hu.lf bar ... J, (!." I. }';.LHCY :-:lbJ)k'n- of an 'kinds, a.e Slao a good oal-!Pt.'ljon !Hti&leil. 'J, h. Sl:GARS,; .Um DEALERS &.N" LEAF NO. SL-tr lDPoBTIBS. L e: A F T 0 B A CC o, TOBACCO, t>K.Atl iY.rrF:u-.s,"Rs:<:T 118 Pearlstreet, New-York. 145 Water-stnet. 191 PEARL STREET, 87-89 J. C. Y Ca. B.. B.. IITT, 38-63 NEW YORK. YNUB. .._. =GEO=RO:.::_:E .. T 0 B A c c 0 B A c S." SIMON SAL,OMON, R. S. WALTER, .. um DEALEJtS IN BEST 203 PEARL STRI!JET, w. B. ASTEN & co., rowonnno ttQUOtllCS. I>nportffl" of a in Connecticut, Havana & Yara QUAUTY. LBAF TOBACCO LEA.F TOBACCO, .AND D Manufactured at Poughkeepsie ; New-York. AND .SECARS, J?oua:a::Es, GiFFORD, SHERIHU & IN1HS Ba &'trea-t, NEW YORK. 120 WILLIAM-STREI:"":, No. 192 l?EA!LL rSTRE' NJ': W YQBK. 57 MAIDEN LANE, KOENIB MEYER & 00., UIPOBTB:CS UP G.ENUINI: & IMITATION 'VEHRSOHAUlf, BBt:I!IBWOOD, LA. VA, ClaJ and, Chilla Pipes, Seg:IU'. Tube1, Tobacco l!eg&J etc. Smokara' Seta, Ash and Match Eoxee, Card Basket, otc., etc. lio ., II{' tnlrs, "!"" ... l one, N.Y. for J. EhKtc & G crmo.ny l\lauul all a.4uf 'i>l11a. 79.-1011 A S. DXOXS'Nllf Near Maiden Lane. NEW YORK. '1. 8. F. W. BEL_ DEN, H.A UCK'S 56-67 NEW-Y-0RK. S. S. EDMONSl'Oif & -BROTHER, fine-:cut Chewing and Smoking .TOBACCOS, :n.a & Duane-St New-York. en Cwt.sf.n llRADS : RE'VIYER, CT)I!RENCY, JI&DJT,)I 6()..182 LEAF TOBACCO,. No. 1 94 VJatcr Street, NEW YORK. CIRCULAR ... TOBACCO BOXES, Paten ted April26, 1867. A. HAMMACHER & CO., Agents, 1)2 Beeiunan St., N Y, LICORICE PASTE. KREMELBERG & CO., 'nt'ronTE:.S OF j K. & c." and J. c. y Ca Brands. We for to manufa.ctu:-erannd the trade in g e n I eral thf.! scperl o r aorl wdJ cH:t bli sbcd brands o r Licor ic e ral!lte, K. k C. r.9 l J. C. y Cn, e:qm! r t l y wade tot> ili s P .nd \li!.J'!"'1llted P!!"' rcctlv ou:t!. HER MAliN COMl!.!SillO:'l loiE'ICHANTS I 61 WATER-STREET{ -----


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