The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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T29-00165 ( USFLDC DOI )
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University of South Florida
Tobacco Leaf Journal

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I ; 1'.-1!t I 1 1 Orli;an .OfJhe TObacC(} Tr: or r [ tlie United StaWs:. The .. :14 .. l.sfi$ er, lj:1\f r I' I i rrt < 'l'JIDI. TD Vulger k Huneken, t'66 Fronl BOSTON. : ) ;}J i L i '!]_:is. 1 ?tJ:ier so The class that was by .thIn& 'WaY'et9 t!inp! ine: S. & Co., 31 and SS Bfosd. t! P. '-.. !J! U> = -h d :.:. .tl .. ..._ .,.....,__ 'Westneim, 11. & Co., 1'1'1 PeaH. 11 A.,'12 Cootral Wh .. f. ,., them to jnlltice. Wte knew that iff BiJ\ckley wail notoa no means anu no I' easant.or .. t.reto Conttnl!nt ot Wilcox, Pol!'er & Co., 180 Pearl. o 23 Central Wh .. f. I . . r c I, iJ.861.8. r_icfflsly_ tli@'iiig:tJ. MIVtf 1 iUiimtllf were lo,ofocok b&ti!f! 1D101a6>r,pee111ge. [I .1 t.. 35 Celjtral.
  • n, 86 Wall. r r ., 1' ..l-1 '.,; t THE ... D OF' raiDE, 1 e are .:.M..Jbal_ l ... ... -. '. r It. r.,;., r ...... I, _...__ .... "' q_q chamcs, and' 1 sJ.Dii.O 1 .Dollble Rodewald, Henry 7 So.nh '3 IJ 1 '18' I h....-ur. ednesday, l&st-tlle -proee.tiogs in the Internal pendmg innstigation and the conviction forced itseU' ..Ud wealth uf United State!! h&v -J,: > I \ Collliim. Columu. S&o11e. I d :t:i111 1,1 Bii \11, >f 13' ,I, 1ulul :' P 'it' ff h 1 ,..,., 1 by the .labor and induriry. of Oat b ftNt 6af!.DU.. ...... ".,Hi J, It V,...Jil{P. J ull invespgation befol'lll Commissioner Guttmanpo t at fol !JC?me popi:Uation' :111 .F. w. a Co., 160 fe&JI, .1. 110<1 1 3 &op 1 1 to IWhi. cl! have already -aev!OKOO considerable space pf( s let wi! all theDJ(!re L t .-ror 1 ,..r" ... = 10080 Brock, ll, 31!9 Bowery. 1 :if r .,. ) ; 'l ; n i'i'llll:. L .. E AF-wer-" bronal.t to a sudcien close bv. ,the the drop. That a die) .II mOQtu.. ... I;_ )Juobuao & Lyall, H4 Water. r : & Cb:, 11 ID11l" -!! ... ,-,f' th 1 '"'d ... h l ;; -r De.Lander;JVrp.: 849 Pearl 'IAJri.oudfe:WeHeii IJepot 86' Soittk'W-,r. t eolara\i9n of that" on a careful .. ofof e au OT e an !Uno other iiM!Mwy:. ift 41nelleo) fm-l_yOIIr ..... :tllli : llltbltoilstmJ, S..S. k Bro. lUI... G. 'll-*1 & .._, It llhblpa ne. view of the evidence he found nothing to implicate doubt.' PI) d.lly [OU whio\1. .II. o:ft"ers suo genero s ana tttte-J 'l'fBIIarD8 lolcael1fr4lnl>a\l .. '18 1 ta\k,'ll., lSWater. eli 'ufcl "L' 1erla'l"r meveryaphere,ud04l8oun. Thiilllt'tok 1110 QIIJetlder,.._:&Co.,m, us,aa41lll ,.1 .altfDIIf.U'S, who had appeared before .. a dliiMIIi-6 i "'1) l'ftr .). ,.,.r ,. .:. liD aoo., 3:t-, F. A. & Bro., W ... r t 1 ; 20 .... QO:! ,.. .t,llft9,11U1!. 1 L 1 a'ild no. COIIaeetion had been elltablished implicat, JUSt from. abd;m blow gr.antll t.o our shorrs, aqd whic)J. constitutes JUl u.,..n..c. IJ.all, r r 'J"" 1 L of-the any fraud on, or any con-wllereof he sp(Jll:e, 'that the. President was firmly deterpart o!the material wl'!alth of the countoi>y. : ; i11e ... ,.Wt!jp w ban to be llarloora,.Jobn ..l., UO r L :;! :: lOC)-)M r 'he interests cf the Internal Revem;ae t rqakq-a thofO!JSJ.i' of ,Internal r pa_ldtfll' ._......:.. .... 111neh, D. & Oo., l'Z't w.w. r I ,'1 J ,.()o, 4 .. De&ttiiDent. 'Tbis eoded the case so 'far as :Messrs. Reventte &ffw during ta. 04tUli!B ,Qf: paneling IISP.EtTJOI ftllalt '. 1 llioordtl!l :l!l!"bofth__..... _,t. Hoyc,' 'J'bOm .t Co. PearL -1r ..... _:.t;P.*Co., A.'rWIH'li'Ne.t.: If r r accbat ....--ue ...... .a.. 36Bowerr -Ro L ed but 11000 ill, vestJ_._I._, .Tha. Bin ekley i'\V81! allowed to oontinu8' l ,.nf,J : r, I ....., a._.... .. ...,o, were ooncem ; &-I ila ,LBTI'Bx FBO){ ..l1f tNTERNAL :K:BVDUJI t wrrl 2u Pearl ; ,n !J:f, Lll!im, 1 1 .;.. < 'ifterwilrd, John D. M.oHeory, the principal winess ihe ffter hi& .re-up in' t" city with 1 --. GeLB v ALlJ&II OJ I'OUJCDJ OOINt;lo () ; H tl't-2111 w l 0 ..... f( ..,.;_;;,at. t"-.. n.: ...,;,;a a.--ted an41 tak"'" before c !nJrtoey. aJld -.f-.a' ... OQuDBel,' shows that EDri'OR OF Tsx Toucco L-.J.P-Sir : SOme .._. dJaar '> t ,.,_X.& UPAptugu; V><..-, .,._ ... "'-' I I I f I .. Lo d, P., 16, 18, 20 Challl--., J')lfl '>' ........ -Betlr!-..:Btb \tf-th Pearl'"! ; 'siouer 01\bol'll on warrant4 iiiW!d Oil t)le ll!ffidavlts of 1fery were desmce I aecidental y picked u fragment ol Tkx. : i :.lJIO.IIOd' ................ '11;, lll!lef1l1Dial.,at;,l8t'.-.s.tad, n ICh Yes Loeb-. d.&m' l :N Pik dl r. h' 'th to "IIM"_tlte:r.wter ".fo up-ToBA.ccQ ntainetlt-.o ........... _, ........ o.ttol cokle. ii o., -. :1". 111, ll r 1 Jr an ue e, a gmg 1 m "'1 or three of an article mt1ci&ing .r-ltl. ,_.,. .. :. 0.02,0. i. 1 t 't -w:-. .-mitted. -.rilful sad corrupt petjury 1n swear 'DO save the. impro'IM!ble Revenue Regulations ClOIIoeti:ribg fthe to. .: .. : ... 0.18 16'1 w ."Jli .... I[ I .. QooimiuiDner Gottman, 'fihile giving testi of :McBemj, iii to pre-baeco shiP.ped in bond. I preiuioe 'lc.' ....... o.oo,is. DeiueJ &b;;,;, '16 Jlain. :.mony caae, that he had leell Loeb count a F1ll of 'qme' a wan, in two of the highest oorc&siOIMCLby the a+-pc: A-........ =.-d' :-' j;JlJ..W. 11, WUmt. I :notes 1 Willar& 'I{Qtel ;.in washingtOn and "f\er Qfti9ers of the 'it" then, that tlieee t.o-oomihlt a &aud;--whet.her 11poD .ta.r .Go........-er. Serill et... .... 00 .. S\ach lber 1l .l5 0 d SIWl-raa, "*w Co. \ ... '. geut.-en. Qa8t:l.r wit.lid.nur an ill dealer was not iu .. : .... ;: ... .. o ,t s!i..dtt-& s':o! 191 Parl. ll'bo.;..o.., Potter Oo., ward give; 11. siniilar : roll to. Commissioner Rollins, - d fi' the Department, which .the"' elect-regaVtlleas the houe, nor tor "tt(llj"mii. ttrelb&i'Pfllllcl eqtirrlsl.OI909 ll!l't.lld&, J'elix, 196 Pearl. I I t A.l'I'B1l'BY, .f)Ol'Jl'J'.' '/1 I actwns. ... COIWDltte or exammatiOn I& f .. b d d 'dd peared to think this a very Jregj ua It \lfiiDa ettuals Ills. .Kotenwald, E. & Bro.,,lU Wa.UF. (, w. r I I ill default'. we re 0 a liT f!Dtm officlal-n en that the matter wu:Dil t& . Ralomon,S.192Pearl. B..&.l'I'VJLLB, VA. 'Th i:l ......... f t h t di eft1l fu c s that to "titfhold from thep\iblic,. an!l thus et,Jsure longer you, !'Dd as it'was anditill Ptag: To--Tog, ChM. F.184 Front. !l. H.1Jollan4 !4 Co ........ US. Q e, mos r leal!_e of .P9wer to' that are daity d ,niinin; port. ance and. interest, both. 'to dea).a,aoil&Mao--baeco-&ldllef< IIJ !Mnd, or; rro,n o uun. 1 1 lilA. 1 e, has ever been our of" JUStice. A r ,., leaf lett ... .-..uoa to be c.oni!OM!ld, or Appleby & H\!lme, 133 & Grafftin, P-' prosecution commenced am1d the derision and scorn of of the This is the ment, I propose to state 'the U l it. :wU Slid .:-....;.....! wit.hoiJL the uae of t.nj' Goetze, T.A. & Bro., 3z8 Wal!hiugton. .. b 1 that r Mesll'l!. Johnson and Mo<:inl.looh have: i.Wurred. -t:he reason\ fol'iits ll8k ::y-..-ot Lorillard,P., l6Chambers. ... ETB ':rd:J 1 on all. other IVPORURS oF l'Ins, II'I'C. : Nevin & .198 J:itiLI:Jon n.' Very curtly rnied out bf by thll Commissioner; Are to wume squarely and honestly? : with. The regulation in force att &-r of ID&IIUf&e:tureli tqb-not her':'u otherwllle Boiken & Siefi\oosl'y b'iltt..lcVor rolled, Bayer Bernhard, 18 North William. HA.KTFO.IlD. CJOl'l'l'l'. f ,> e couose ; c. urt er Y e unWI .lP? 'f.:l!i atten.tion to t'l).e of Augait 1,,; hy 1 the and from which no :part of .,._.. b.rtre J.IIPoRr.o:as or CLAY PIPES. nNUFMJTJJRltJIS AII.D ox.uns. uNunCTuuas o MuascuuM aoons. King, D. W., 164 State. Y '"" ., thing i'l!1proYeil beyofnd a 'peradventure tha't' if>' where i rumkages are .l..I: eied:tO t.h wnt'k.-..;R -...-1 J Ka1deab'erg & Son, 6 John, 23 Wall, and 71 '1 so l .ong sleoaer of collepted qy_ that' the ,ot in 1 die 9r tbirty-si:t ,14 the 119-nare mch 27 John and 692 Broadway. 1 Seymour, D M., 159 11nd 161 Cqmmeree the prosecllbon would has finally _h;en al G overn_th e n't ,' to: f:ap.ll at' mat;.kei weights of by of. s1ft1Dg; :.ftilbSe soraps and, Sbep!'rd 2H State. 'owed to d. rop b y the Comlinssloner, If It 1 wodld1m!t.k_e 11lt.le Ha_v.m. ,beenJ, .. o 11witb> ,.ne: eoii&okH'-sweepings of IObaeco, 16c. lb. MA.NilFACTUBUII OF WOOD AND SissoD, & 134 ain. d d d fl'e 1 h # nfl h;;h! fed_ fte t U wif' ]i 1 On Cigaraof all deopriptions, made of Tao l'IPRS. Wi!c'ol<, a B., 169 Front pelled to LSCharge the' defen ants for-want. of I er<;nce 0 i {' :WAll I a r l s s lp-Ill .reeelpt; and! ttaltettlie --re-baoco' or an.y therefor, thqu F. Eletschmann Co., 28 Ltberty. Woodl'llff', Josepli S, 233 State. proof to substantiate the charges preferred. Iilep."t m f>dnti; .Sljbn ,ls the case; llllllllj number Dditioos are h d tb; 'l!tnd t1 pet thoU IllPO:aTERS OF H.I.Y.6.NA CIGAliS. HA.VANA, CUBA.. IU short, died Slmply for want 0 breath, a_, ..._,.ey mnst make its rcgu}nt)o'D.s ccor:lss nto t e ,.Istory o t e terna .ne euue ..J, .. .-' .' 1 PASTE. Jlnzer, 1 &Y. Bure)lu, the mat;k at which t l)e 1 11rfNrttO ''t;&F it e 'llll.t ertWr' to the distant exported in toe lorlginal packages. the 1 will 0. u. .,._.._, ..-., t!amp, Ltcoawt 1'A.S'l'11 !!'rancke &'E\ler, 424 Main. officials of that ,will very l>roperly point ?f while enclQSing to !'lo!lbih. the qnantity in the per-pickled, ec<:nted, or otherwise, uf descrip-Duvivio:r .& Co., 9 Whitehall. '" Flagg & Co., 107 and. 109 Second. the finger of scorn to the lat<;&t 4a of its elf;isteoce as h18 ; W are far &way from m1t. .If "\\:Ithdrawn oonsomption, the,.. ta,x. -.ust. tions, wnenprejlared for """ a tax 82c. Ecbev.ema, M & Co., 20 Beaver. Robmsonl.A. L. urth; .Y A.meraca, l!articulatl)"'lWhtle tlie Indmns overnm our be pa.d on the qoolltity as QJ'iginalLy This per ll>. And snuff-flour, wheu sold, or re-Francta., A. ;P,., 102 Pearl. and.Salesroo'!': one of our gloriOUS Ameno&n mst1tnt10ns Such a country tHat we m:ustlt.'ave the papu to know how to' regn1a.tion imnljed the .....,t. >Lmoved for Ull"tOr cOUBI&mpJ-ioo.;alia!\J>e taxed WaiVs &Co, 29' :!1 s. William. I ks G w & Co lOt"am '. h be{; I d I .,.... r pa y 1 ,..,_. ""snuff', and spall be pnt and & Co. 160 Pearl ;o-BAcdo we 11ay as never .ore n p aye out m any bacco staai.ds froth to year." place manufiwture, befQre 'the 1IIINe lltBmped in the ea'me manper as snuff. Korns, 99 Pearl. Nash, ll. B. at :Bro. 1 ,. J [ of our' llOUrts of ate the S'Cenes they .., --. was thorough and honest-that, in tbe.J'i-.llll'il4lllfl' Tllln.-rorelgn Tobacco, duty 36c. pet LIComcE Pow on DEA.LliJtS. :v sometimes witness,-aild while giving the :flug!_!aciou.s IT gw, us to be able _tq our readers knew the contents. of each -w: wa.t. 'the P po0uunndd, 'J.o,. racegnnt. & Helme, 183 W 11ter. Jt ( Binckley all t"e, credit. he may think t.:a due for hi& 'for tooacco are bemg raptdly prepared, law reqUire<:l, _and else. And .it T "" Gifl'ord, S!lerman & Innis, 120 William. vee k1 & B W'IIWI 113 M&i ,t 't ,..... .. .anli wilY be ready for 'the trade at an early date. The because of thts presumpt10n 1that a MiNuFAC McD::-,i4t Lite:&etd iG Co. :share, m_,!ue we no depnve_ a tht:ee months' su?' made. to the Commissioner to Cust4m Hoo!!f. .Acl, 'J'URBRS. }\obinspn., J. A., .>: othl(r .lugh polled the wuea wl:tile the1 ly must:fir.:st be accumulatl'tl they can'be put 10 and published in the Regulations of'Joly 28 r Sterry, F. W. & Co., Illj)jl. 2 and 4 Platt. Stone, John W., I JJ,,in.101 1 .. marionette' ,Binc'ldey { slimply danced to' fiddling-' ci.roulation', DllOOI!sarily delays the' worlf:, and .the further republished in the of MJy 1 w:IQeh. stNEs r Younger&. C';?.i 141 iMI'11" '. J I J of any portl'o n o f t.h'e <...1orv .... -"=-Ii they "a v e unnecessity of en !ling them to' California may postpone reqpired the tobacco to be .. :.....__ :..c U FLAVORING OILS, BEkNS, ETC. 1'1101'1T!!iO:NilnlY A. LA 1 "' T 61 1111 ,.,_ ).I ) th to a. t ftb St S t' r r 1 t th h ..,.d I"'._._-:-o'J'.A.DVDT Bjill,. B.W.&Co.,HCedar. Warren&!Bureh 88c0 d dth 1 w r. t t tl e l'Q euec o e amp, ec10ns.or a.ew arnva a e wkre onse. o er ---il'l-..-:o:.snn-L-in roa"c c!J'L.l b ..i.\. "'- nl J d..., f' -" l-m ..08.._000 raDI!lllls. Oamphqll, Lane & Co., Bl'l}ad. ;Pr mineut a pat m 10ne,' l!nte .... a.\fi ent .out o alirornia, t.he tiine they ha!e ,that they might what W.!!"l to Agnew w k So'lna2 w:28!.. and 1186 J'ront slireet. Guthrie & Co., 1125 Frollt. c II l'I'&BJ:W OKLBAJI'S. ..... ''lh v 'could ti!l!ve''' si'r d..!....Hu<>'h' McColloch sJcre.: teaeh'ed he'tlf, all the Cpllectors ,In. the cnuntry Will cer,hfy tQ, o.nd aJJ ms,.,.,.,tars A len, Julian, 1 a,..,r. r I a away ohnslbne, 109 Ol'ltveer. r 1 f I "' I I id ..1 'th ftl. t l It i b bl h h h.-,.-. Baker, B, k do., !42 nNuucrunRS or crG.oa uous. Irby; i Co., 140 Gra:rier. ary -ef the Tr asury; An<>ot, S7 .w .. ter .. rou.occo-cuTTING I>LI.CHJNES. :&J;cDowell & Dunean,.S9 N'ordi Water d .11 d h's am 't'on' a}l 8 0re d Fa''" e;x:nertence hwh could at a la-rgejtiscount, s1.0ner ,fin11lly adotlted the rule as pnblish"d bon and. Egg;ert, Dills & Co., & De.,huee 35 Cedar r M s & T '1'o7 N \h w"ate 'l n e or I mum I I"PJ! u 1 "< ,_.,., "n E 'b h fi d d" .,. F 11 Cb IJ & Son 129 p arl o oore, o a u t 1at "lt ueserves spectat mentton. very precauti n as rst Jt 1n prmte 1orm m Se ies 2 No. 9 72 Broau. _,.08.._000 _uuns. Sank', J R1naldo & Co/ 31 North Water. .ure, &llii "'tter, the hal result ,of sucb been 'taken 'with regara to couhtlirfeiting, e paid on to.x-pa1d -at the factory (pro}lably with the eonuivuwe ...J.' che mmeu .,. w Zinsser W & Co 197 nilllam 'KA.NUrA.CTUURB o SCOT4JR SNUrr. u u k' d h t b d A .>.. h 1 f ) d h "fW .. os. Ralph .1..,/J; Co., 105 'l thtJ Secretary and President dir responsible for smo mg ? o acco e.,.stf ms_pector 'an. t en you others exclaimed. "Wiia Ler.e!* AaWu,rw. 'D. & c., 25 I:e,rl. 1 A.ucrtoNx:t:RB. January, Apr1l, and uly, 1869, 1b1s theoptmon of prom; :a loose and unsafe regulatwn !" .J have to. .-.. Le u, s, 1n Water 'I I roucco uous. PoweU & West, 28 South 'Front. this untoward result. We say "untoward-," however, inent Internal Revenue officials that thj} be for. y quJ:. consideration, and, if pOssible, your ehaetL' "Jh \ re;r' & c'o 90 w ak.. Hammaoh,er,.A .t Co., 52 :J3eekman. < .PA. without at all' reflecting on Messis. Rollins or Harland, [ollr lJDOIJ!}lS, as the stamps will not be pre dat1ont 1s th1s: Inasmuch as the Government .is com-Oha.;.'bets. roMcco uPBR-w'.&RimousB: E. & Co., Sl c: Ctatr. I hi or private capacity! far as the in. pared untjJ. oyer four after the p:JSsage of the po the inspector who :makes tire JllaUlaad, .B. L. & Co., 1 ;J!dl,dipp. r JeBBIIp a; Keore, 1?.8 Willin 1 ,.-vesti!zatinn l b'efore CommisSioner G 'J:' tmAh has resulted act. To 11 would at the factory before hOoding, how is a.bso-Jlayer, Juseph & Sona,,1, Toucto'BuaELS. Y-' to be and !t pJOJ>O the Jn lute safety to .be Shall the ..,. :Mayl), J. H. 87 W, Briggs, A. T., M RnlgeNSIIp. gs '' -. -,s' f in placing them in a more orcdita le position before the prmc1pal Cltle ,to that .end. Wl.e 'Wew d resume that the mspect10n tlie factorv is .. )lcCalfil, Wm., 5!1Jowfll'y. P.A.TDT CIGAB' JUCBINBS. t &ICJJiliiO.KD V& tlie '.t bJ' "-0 h t'J d I t th t 'th fi 11 'L. h f h b 1 uoL..,.. JtlesSenger, do., 16-1. allil !8& )(aldeu l. Prentice, John, 130 &: 18211laiden lane.. 0 yU 10, w:e. ear 1 Y 1'ejoioe, ;an regre a e spect u y suggest, up'Yever, t 1 t ere 1s to El any honest, and therefore' require every to fH. lforris, H. anll CIGARS AND TOB.&.cco I>LU!UPJ.CTJIJYP\'S & as "cy superficial cba'racter of the ;pto .ceeding does not give the tr3Jle for the repeal of this unstripped or opened on arrival at. the bOn thoae-,. Nissen, J., ao Ltberty. 1 I BOOKS. slip.' greater vwlue to the verdict in their favor. We speak provision altogether. It can!'ot .be defended for a Yours "truly, Wll. CB.AJ4DS.. Norton, k-Ce., J..:t .,._ &: sm 61 Cedar street. Neudecker Bros., cor 28th and lt:aiu. mo!llent on any or constitut10oal (Jround, and WASHINGTON, D. C., Oct. 12 1868. Oakley, ComeUua, t6 AL CITY PA. Pilkinton, E. T., 18 Htb. of the result untoward in a larger &nd .more general Congress cannot do oetter than reconsider 1ts action in Alva, 16& Wt.tei'. R pp S 14th and 15th sense. The investhration in question was undertaken, h Ober, R. H. k Co., Broad. Jenkinson, R. & W., 6 Federal. ., t e prem1ses. Ottingetfll: Wl).tet;. '. ..... l'IIA. Harland, to accomplish a great .public gooli by Tocco wAuaous>:s. Smith, H. & Co., 2o '"lf .. ;T"-. FoR the. falling off in the of emigrants, inP ur b M 148 w Bolenius. G. H., 202 West Pratt. ..-thoroughlyexposing the iniquities which, for the past dioated. by a .statement of the Bureau ofStatistics,-viz: a ltsc ., Sou,. ... W""-Boyd, W. A. & Co: 83 South. ST. -.viS, MO. I 1 R B h b 283 65" f'-'-h fi () 1 d' J 30th 1868 Pearsall, M. 'R., 211 ,.. uwuu. ra d Catlin, D., 111"8 Second. eighteen months, the nterna evenue ureau as een vr e s a year en mg une &\Newton, 117 F,..,t, 'ta Gay. ,Dprmitzer,C. & R. & eo., 20'1 Mark t. t,he a large sense, the opu _ntry car,es very agai!l'st 311,996 and 330,'705 for the two preceding Price Wm, M. 4> Qo., 119' llaidep. ne. L k c w. L Haynes & Beth, 100 North Comme ial. years,-we find compensation in the fact that a better i.. Leggat, Hudson & 'C<1.; cor. 2d an ine. little about ,per3onallhy,-dass of foteigners are now seeking homes in the New Robinsen & "Wm, I'll & Co, 49 S. Charles. Bllsiaess -cibaages, save that it ie properly grate u s ou 1: ey prove to ave World than ever before. The accessions to our populaRobinseo, H Loose, P. &Co., 52 Sputh Charles been and efficient in positions of such ext:-aor tion from Germany, and of whom we are likely tore .. c 1 2 W"-Paul; Wm., 451, West Baltimore. l 1 1 1 b h Roseabl(nm, ..... .. 0 o --.. J .. Co wLo .... By reference to our advertising a1nary, temptat.iOI _t,-O. r to what extent tliey may be imcetve arge num orii .,.,tore t e v. ear IS over, are geoer Salomon oM. & 86 Maiden luae. 1 Ricbardsoo, "' ., l5 1 est mb, ar,.. 'l l f h h l ed Qe., 4., Broad. Schroeder, Jos. & Co., 81 Exchange Place: columns). it will be seen 'that Mr: plicated; but it insists very that !1 fair and ar y peop e o som means, w o ave reso upon J., 168 Water. arc. W. B. formerly, of the fia:m ti .11 e f 'th ;ffa' f tib De t.m t sh 11 b emigration, not as a desperntely-chosell remedy for Scho,.erlillg 1: Cliap1An, 26 South William. Beek, F. W. & Co., 130 North. of Samuel .Ayres & Son, has opened. u expos 0 e a us 0 e par en a e misfortline!laUto t as a carefully and deliberately Schroed.Sr & Bon, 1?8 Water. Becker & Bros., 94 Lombard. a tobacco agency 'at No. 62 Water made. When the inquiry that has so suddenly and adopt6d pi tOr ving their condition. They SeJigsberg, & Co., 149 Water. Feigner, I.'. W., 90 and 92' Sonlh Charles. street. Mr. Smith is .wldely and ridiculously closed was commenc!!d, we hoped that argae thM, 011t capital could do well, as Seymour, Colt 111: Co., !':.\1 Pearl. Gail, G. W. & Ax, 28 B.rre Ureet. d of... b d b th th 'fi / Smit.IJ, J. K. & f!9n, 47 Broad. Parlett, B. F. & Co., t2 Lombltrd. favorably known among the tra e, in spite of the imbecility of Binckley and the many ave one, Y e1r n t Smith w. B., 82 Water. Wilkens & Qo. 181 West Pra&t. both in this city and at the South. tall swearing of McHenry, something was really 'and wbitth ,j)o. If BuriiBg slip-KuuucrpaBBB ol' S:!fUPJ'. r h d h f h some a. ,_ o qw.., as we 1 no e Stein, & Co., 197 Duane st. Dakehai:t;J'. W. &Sob, 29 South Cahert did Ruth treat Boaz to be aecomp 18 e m t e way o s owmg up tel'. i'llg off ih lriah emigration luls been most Strehn & Reitzeustein, Starr, B. .t Co., 26 Soulh Calverl. hi ? Wb h ll d h' the generally-admitted corruption. We looked for. marked, but, as in the eaae of the Germans, a better Vetterlcin, Tb. H & Sons, 172 TOHAoco LABBLS. roug y en s e pu e IS ears h Vigelius, wm 175 Trowe, 18 Nortb. and trod upon his corn. ward to an early and complete humbling of t e class than ever before are now coming to this cvuntry. fJROP PROSPECI'S. There is a large tobacco crop this year in White County, Arkansas. The tobacco crop of Bracken County Kem.i:y Jl been injured by Wlllt weatber.;n J A Danv1lle early in Oc-.,ber wroh!o: I am sorry to have to report that 08pliin The111a.. .. Barksdale, of the most enterpming .and. altilfaJ planters of Halifax County, had the to .burn a bam which had seven newly-Otrrm yellow tobacco crowded into it. port_10n of the tooacco crop of this secfioD of; dle court try 1s yet on the hill; whet. h .er waiting for Cite-bit& or: the frost, 'this deponent. eayeth not.' At least one-Iourth of the 1com Qrop of has not been cured to escape trom" frost. The. sal?e IS true of &Dd..tobaceo. ':!:'he Lou1s v 1lle Journal says ; FroUl a CIMI!Rutticat10? to the of tbe .C 'f!ade Mr. S. Ray, propr1etor of the Lou1sville tobacco w we learn that the tobacco crop

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    .. -. TOBACCO L E ... 1\. F. I

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    tobacco this week and he only sales which have been -effected have beed the following: 24 'cases Penn. seeJ leaf at 17c.@l1lc., 40 do. wrappers at 15e. @ l8c, 6 do. Connecticut t 13c 4 bales Havana at $1 15, 50 bxs .tT a.vy t13s. at54c.@70(l{, 27 o.ltght 73c.@75 'l'he !" CONNECTICUT SEED LEAl!' TOBACCO. CROP 1864. 50 cases fine selected wrappers, hght and da1 b:: colol'!. 100 cases medmm do. do. 40 e&ses bmders 30 <:ase tllleul-.. all of cholce quality, ror tta.le tn lots to !tlit pu rchasef!l by JOliN L DEl'N, Water sb:eet, York. 0 of Tobacco from the Port of New YorlL HOGSHEADS, ETC. TOTAL Expo_:ts of Tobacco from all Ports of the United Sta,tes. ===--=-' HOGSHEADS, ETC. CASES AJ\"'D BALES. PACKAGES AND BOXES MANUII'ACTUREJ) a Where to. ., ., ..; ..; g.!i ""' ... :lt' 8t-_,. :!l "'" -" wo Sgi ""' :::8 ""' "'" P..> i:l: "'" .;;! o> .. &::--.., h 481 1 ,039 New York ................ B<i orlf .......... Bos&nn ... New Orleans ... ..... l>htladelphia ,_., PQrtlalld ............... R10hmond .......... San Francisco Othel' Ports ... 7' .. ... !'' Total. WANTED -A. TRA. ELER!:lHIP IN TOB-ACCO, Cigar!, or Fancy Gond!, by n. young man of lar2'e a.cqnalntanee and experience m thi;l tr&de, references g1ven AddreEls Tobacco TraTeler ,.obaeco Leaf, l42 FultOn !Net ll!llt 200 O TO $10,000-$2,000 CAN BE INVESED In the machinery and tock or Lear Tobacco and tlte well known t>rands of& Fine Cut Tobacco Manufactory in a etty. or the machinery, brandt, and good jobbm.'l trade or tbe above wtth a. JlOod trade. or a eausfa.ctory partner, w1tb $10 000, wonld be received Need ff'nnds ie the onJy rea!on for e.ellln.!!' A partner to continue tb.e b"J.ftinee.s oould bellrercrred. Addret!ll L Ofll c e or 'fOBACfJO Lr:u t.H1 4t TOB!.CCO FACTORY FOR SALE, and premises to lease if required. Machinery neuly new, conQlllttng, in part, of Hydranlic 250 bor,.,e power Donkey Eogme Retamers, Shapes )hils, Hydraulic Box all complete, and lD the beet of mnning order etc, w1ll be sold separate or toe;etber or wtll let the pre mleei\ wltn u11e or euttre mllchinery on reasonable terms Satuated m the Nwth Dastnct of ctty For parttcul&ril tnqn1re or ,LEWIS SYL'iE:!TER, 141 Water street 1,S29,llc6 1,841)14..4 28,0n'j 2,467 ,70' ( 4,862 !,657 160,6".11 183,41!0 I HAVE 'l'l:flti DAY ADM[T1rED At:! PARTNEICS Kll J B COLT, formerly or ISS Poor! street and Mr JOEIN GOLlAscR. Tltetyle of the new firm! SI<:YMOUR, C!OLr &; CO. The btlomeM wmile cootmued L,t tb.e old l'tand, 189 Pearl street 187 3t CH.\RLll:S 'I' srntOUll'. TO 1'0BACCONIS1t:! WANTED BY A YOUNGMAN a sttnatton aa Snles!U3.n or A.8s\stant ba 6 y-.n' espen' ence in the trade, ie a good penman ; not afraid to work. Bettt dtJ rt:ference Add res. 11 A R ." Oftlre ToBAfoo LWAP. FOH t;AL.E LOW, 1:!22 HALES VU.ELTA ABA.JU VIr dill"ereut quahhee, in bond and dutw p!lid 40 Yara, by \ }I & E SALOliO.N, S5 Malden La11e, Ne.w YOlk ... J

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    H 0 B A 0 0 0 LEAF. ::e-= C::-;;Jission Msrchants THE VIRGINIATOBACCO AGENCY., ESTABLISHED IN 1836. wlL P. KITTREDGE. E. C. WlmELOCK. DOHAN, CAl __ ;)LL & co.,! N.Y.Commission:Merchants. :. BULKLEY & .MOORE, VIRGINIA Vailed Stales Internal ReYenue Bonded Warehouse, Thirtysecono Collect:on District. C!tommission COMMISSION' MERCHANTS AND AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF .AN,F'ACTURED and LEAF "rOBACCO. 4i WATBB IITBBBT, NBW 1fOBK, W..W.U the' aitention of the Trade to the followingmost Celebrated Branda of :M.A.NUF .A.CTURED TOBACCO : ..lae.o olr.a ElDorado, Diadem, Jewel of Or.hlr, Yirg_ltt, SploW'-iJO.ft..;--m of YIFKin a, Old Dlxfe, ...... Louie D'Or, Peerleael. Callqo, John K. .. .. Colden Sear, J. a. Pace & Co., of Hearts t-1 Harris A Pendleton, : .: )Briton' mblem1 t-, Crant & Wlllams, c.. aptcer, McEner) & Bro. w. w. .lohnaon It Co., Wltltam Long, It Winne, Thomas Oliver, T. C. Willlama. Co., 8. W. Venable & Co '*ambera, c. P. Word, Caleb Tale, J. R. Allen, Little Clant, Watson & McCIII, OUHam'a Wine Sap smoking. C'lllam's Dead Shot. BOBBitT S. BOWHE 8c: CO., ., TOBACCO Coinlsslon lYiercbtults, .. : :/ Burlliig Slip;l(ew ;r-N' :I s s EN""' u ............... Commiliion .llercbant, LEVY & NEWGASS, c Jllq, Smoking, Chewing Commission Merchants, AND .._ D.u.t.Ua m LEAF ... TOBACCO Connecticnt Sned and' Havana ae LEAF TOBACCOS AND SEBARS. Ro. 1'2'3 WA.TE&4TBBBT1 f't NEW WORK. ft-10& Jn:W-YOR.JL -City of York Tobacco Inspection. TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Clerii.lieMe8 given f o r every cas e and d e liv e red, case by cas e as to number of C e r tificate .B.-I Clloo sa mple in Mercha nts' o wn Stores F. C. LIN"DE, "WAY*84*11D .CI. 78, &Dd 78 Greenwich St. OFI'ICE, 78 &r-wich Breet. BRANCH, 130 W A.TER STREET. M. & E. SALOMON COMMISSION MERCHANTS; AND IMPORTERS OF HavanaCigars, Leaf Tob a ceo AND \l'EST INDIA PRODUCE, -&5 La:ne, NEW YORK. IRBY, McDANIEL &. CO., Tobacco Fac-tors, AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, .. 140 GRA. VIER STREJ:;::T. I .. NEW ORLEANS. w .., .,.OJDJ, :a..otlii.-'.CLuDr Ce. 8, J(. P A BXElt, Late Of B:Y PI E I:-' 0., .A.IID TOBACCO FACTORS, AND 181 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. PATENT TEMPER TOBACCO-KNIVES, -*fUO., ADAPRD TO ALL 'l'JD!: DUFEB.'EI!I1' POWEa. AND RAND JUCBINES, IIADJ: ay .&PoOCH an .um mow co., 0. S.aRIGHAM, Treaaurer, N1perioch, N.Y. -.... ._. llaw-a-ed flldlld enable ao"' -'" II&IW&etioa. Iew-York Br.leBlOOJII, 89 Kurray..treet. JOSIAJI S. LEVERETT .& 00. TIIIDS XINNICUTT, A.. STEIN & I t!lr.J' 8D4I Ylqtala Commission Merehanta,e J.'!fD DUL&aS ur .u.a. or I.EAF TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO, A 3 lVUUarn Street, .. l 197 Duane-street,'....__ NEW YORK f+1 NeW"' York, 164 Water Street, 1\TBW YORK. Pouna Quarters. Fancy. Tltllo A. G Fuller .,. J""" Apple 11&1"11, Gold RWge. J. P. Williamson Little All iught, Fublon Gold do., Blue Jaoltet, 8. W. Venable, .. Levlatban, Lad:r Flagel'll do., Reel Jaekel, Velvet Roee, Fresh PeWe .Pke, Ef#, Nll BO..e, .tc. SN'UFF IN BOTTLES, TIN CASES, &c., &c. SCBRUDBR & BON, 178 Watm Stre-et,New Y,ork, IMPORTERS OF E( .. AV AN.A 0IG .ARS AND A LAROE ASSORTMENT OF Abajo Wrappers and fillers of the best quality PIONEER TOBA9CO COMPANY, OF BROOKLYN, NE'VV YORK. Capi-ta1, $200,000, Organized under the laws of the State of New York, January 2, 1868. H. W. HUNT, President. JOHN H. SANBORN, Sec'y H. W. HUNT &"'CO., Agents, 167 Water Street, New York; 16 Central Wharf. Boston. : ITIUITOB, IO:.JTT 4i ., .. jAANUFACTURERS OF ?f-F jt f P AKD A : No 191 PEARL STREET, New York STJUITQI'I. JOSEPII SCBlo!T.TT. GEORGE STIJRK. JO& BELlG8BERG, J. II. COBJ:N. ., ., t..'f J.LL UJIDS or L:JB'A.F T _OEI.A.CCO. 149 nell Malden-l1ne, New-YorL P, FIIINGANT 6 CO., 47 w .. t Front,IL Olnolaati, o, > AJID COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Noa. 70 aMI ::N oad atreet, w: 6 WILLETT ST., NEW-YORK. COMMISSIOj_ KO. 104 F j :.rREET, liF J:A, A.GP' .1!: lULK OJ' The Followfug Well-know .tStly Celebrated Brands of Virginia 1 j GRAKT 6 WIU.Ils,. ROSSELL l J. G. DILL, J. I. CHILDREY, L. H. FRAYSER l CO., TORPIK & Y ABBROUGH, I J. B. PACE 'co., THOIU.S l OLIVER,. GREAIER l WINNIE, BARRAns CROWN,, BEOBEK RAGLAND, GILliAN & .MALLORY, CHEIVES l OSBORNE,. DAVIS & SON, DUKE OF ATHOL. { PALMER & SCOVILLE, A.>ID JOB BERS O F c LEAF TOBACCO, L. P A LMER --.A.. II. SCOVILLE, I No. 1'10 Water Street, New York. Fl D. Hirsch & Co., Water BWeet. DEALERS IN Leaf and Smoking Tobacco; .. .... ROBER T L. MAITLAND & CO., 113 GIIN!DlAL COMMISSION MIDIOIIANTS, t.. :1 Hanove'l" lJuUdings, Hanove-r New Yo'l"k. .64va.ncea made on,CoDiignmenta to llessn. W. A. & G. :Ma.xwell& Co., Liverpoo M. & J. SCHOTTENFELS, TOBACCO Commission Merchants, No. 158 Water Street, New-Yark, At;en U for Lhe sale of the foll owing Well-Inown md Celebrated Bruds of VIB.G::tliiA 1 .. TOBACCO, VIrginia Stlte, Globe, Continenti!, Metropolf., Eto., Eto., A.t.o, all lr:llld of M. LICHTENSTEIN. B LICHTENSTEIN A. BRUSSEL. Ll H !'avaua aud Leaf, Chewing, and Smokiur 1.21 MAIDEN LANE, (BetweeD am Wier Streets.) J A.COB HENKELL, SEGAll. BOX .ANUF ACTORY, Commi88ion :Merchant&. .,. KRE.MELBERG l CO., '!'ORB:, ....,. F. L. BRAUNS & CO., JIALTDIORE, Tobacco Comiislion lercllutt SenYal """'"'' ofLieerlee .a.U>, :ion contt&ntly ort 1iand, aod. 101' aalc, 1A >aid, In Ma to suh purcb&!el'll. ._1U CLEMENT READ, .lD 01l..U& lJI I VIRGINIA AND WESTERN LEAF M A I U FA 0 T U R E 0 T 0 B A 0 0 0 LICORICE, CUM, etc., Jro. H l'e&rl...ue.t, Jr. Y, M o Si s OTTnOo.a, New-York. OTTINGER & BROTHER, KENTUCKYTobacco Commimon lerchants, i 33 WaterStreet, C Corner o f Pin e l'IEWYORK., Have cocatantly o.n hand a.n usortmeut. of all cradel o Ke:atuc k y Tobacco f.>r E." port. and Home Oonamnptlon.""' 127-10' J. H. F. MAYO, (Late of Richm o nd Va ,) C, o"M. m\.% %\.o"" 'N\ roam. a..u..: a. Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, 87 Water Street, New-York. Conolrnmenta reapect!ully aollciled and orclon promf!IIJ lllod. 81-101 R. 8. WAL TE'R, I BEST Havana & Yara LEAF TOBACCO, .'l03 PBARL STREET,, Near :Maiden Lan e. NEW YORK. ECCERT, DiLLS & CO., IN DOMESTIC and Importers of SPANISH TOBACCOS, 142 1J"ate1 Street, New York. 82 West S econd Street, Cincinn ati, Ohlo JOSEPH HICKS, Commission Merchant, MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, llo. 82 Water-Street. E NEWYOBK. B. C. BAKER, SON & CO. Tobacco and Cotton Factors, AND Commission Merchants, No. 142 Pearl Street, Bowx.A.N C. BAI GYORT

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    THE TOBACCO LEA .Ft. N. Y. Commission Merchants. New York Co-..unission Mel rehants:7-. New York Commission Merchants : New York Commission Merchuts. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WM:-VIGELIUS, Leaf ROBERT y & .n( l for ther ila'S' :-Sales 1 90, 4 nt $1: 'J.0@$10 7jj 1 CO. WALmMBRAmiALL & mobattD atommissiottiJerthants FOR THE FOLLOWING BRANDS OF I 75 Pearl Street, .NEW YORK. F. TAG, IMPORTER OF SPANISH, A1fD DNLa m ALL IIliDI OJ' LEAF TOBACCO. 110. 184 ROlfT-8TB.DT, 1 B7...el lnlW"YOlllt 9.aaow Buuuo. D.ura. Daanro. B. & D. BENRIMO, .lliD DIULSRS D IDSDS Or I.EAF TOBACCO, UK W.A.TER-STBEET, :NEJV-rORK, Have on oalo rJ1 ldoda of LEAJI' TO:B.A.CCO for EXPORT IDd HOJO U!E. 112-108 AND OF THX BRAND OF r' SEGARS, "RITICA," 1915 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. JOSEPH MAYER & SONS, SEGARS,. Leaf & Manufactured Tobacco, 10 Grawler-"'treet, Ne,wtrleana, La. C 6 G. REISMANN & CO. @:ommtssiou G'OSTJ.V Jt .EISVA.N!O. } .. U.EXAliDKR B.EidMllN, J[BIU(.U( M. R. PEARSALL, Importer and Comm.lMion Merchant of HAVANA SEGARS -ANDLE.A.F TO B.A. COO, No. 23 Bguth William Street, LA BOS.J.RITO," (127-178) NEW-YORK ..lND TOBACCO PRESSERS. Le&f' Tobacco pre!t8ed in bales for the Indies, !lex Jean, Central, Ame rican, and other markets. TOB.A.CCe P .A.CKED IN HOGSHEADS. R. H OBBR. J. B. c .. n:s. R. H. OBER & CO.,. {Sue<:naora to OBR, NANSOS &: CO. ,) No. 43 Broad Street, NEW-YORK. Liberal Advanc es made on -to onrsetvea or Corrospondcnto i!l Europe. WM.R. DELA:NDER c;.r Plug, Twist, & Fancy Toba.cco, Commteeion Merchant, NO. 849 PII.A.BL-BTREET, II:' New--York. A. H. CARDOZ8 .t 'CO., Tobacco & Cotton Factors, Geaeral kr 'ri1111 No. 169 Fron_t-etreet, New-Yo..k. ... No.19St PEA.BL STREET. CITYT Jro. 108 ,. .G. w. J L W Gt':l .lL80 MANOP .A.C'nJllEIIII r mE Pln:ST 'DR.A.ND8 Dl 1111 & CoMMISSION MER'cHANTS, VOLGER & HUNEKEN, >ANU1'ACTUBBR8lMPORTERS OJ' AND DEALERS L. w. CUNTHI! a. co., IN T R G al c 0 X Ciilr.A. .P XE"' EJ s, OutWW 011 ener ornroJsston & TO:::EI".A.CCO Bo. 110 Pl St., cor Jlanover Square, 'Ni '*66 Tf' t St t NBW YORK. O .L .1! ron 1 ee IJberat'ad .. New York. r _LEAF T C C 0, !iavana iego .tgobatttt, 26 South William Stree t, ....;; JU.SO DULIDLS IK -"NEW-YORK. / ., ---I DOMESTIC LEU AND JUIJ1IACTTIRllD TOBACCOS. 6IHMI 162 Water .., lie,i'York. TH. H. VETTEBLEIN & SONS, 11'2 Pearl Street, N' E 'W' 'Yo VETTERLEIN; &: CO.,. ln AR01lSTB.EET, PHILADELPHIA. BONDED "IV AREHOUSE. 147 WATER s'9r., t SPANISH. MASS LICORIC1 mriE'ft'll' 'eBB'. viz : H. M. Morr1s Extra.. Between Maiden Lane a nd Wall Street, 5 a,. AGI:NTS fbr the Sale of' all Do: <9> Standard Brands of Vjrginia & North Carolina Manufactured Tobacco. LADY FINGERS, GOLD BARS, TWIST, POCKET PIECES, .MAY APPLES, FIGS, GOLD FLlKE, &c., &c., and BOLli AGIIN'I'S fbr the fbll4?wiDB CELEBRATED Brall4s of S M OK I N C T 0 B A C C 0: THOIIAS & OLIVER'S BILLY BOCK, "K," VA. BEttE, STAR, SOCIABLE, ROSE, OLIVE: OWL CLUB, ROYAL SIGNET, GOLD BUG, D. C. MAYO & CO.'S VIRGINIA'S CHOICE, PIONEER of the OLD DGMINIGN, OROtf 10, G. P. PRESCOTT'S GQLDEN STAR, CASCARILLA, CROWN. Always o n hand full lines of Smoking in bulk, .and GENUINE PERIQUE. Do. a 9oron de Espana. 4 Do. DUn Quixote. Do. Aa A.a Aa. Do. 'La .C @ de :Malta. --Ul I Q8M.KISIIOR JI&RCJIANT FOB ;.THE SAl.E Oli' LEAF A D A UF TDR T 8ACCO, [CQl'TQN, N.d.YAL STQBES, .&:c., .{;c. Cash Advances :mode on Consignments. LORILLkl{D, MA.NUFA.CTUBERS OF' Yacht Club Smoking, Siesta Pure Virginia Rose Leaf a Tuberose White Puff ; " "f' "\ Chewing,',; Golden Bee : 1 Cavendish Cornet ., \Rose _Leaf, B rr ., ee Plain Light / Long Smoking 'Tobacf HAWANA 1 A'R' 1\SALER IN LEAF TOBA(lel 2G9 Pea.1l .'earTulon NEW YORK REENFIELD A CO., 61 Beaver Street, NEW-YORK. l L. GASeXBT. AND Dl:ALZ:RS D1 ALL OJI Le8.f' 'l:obacoo, No. 160 Water 8tr-t, New York. SEYMOUR. CtJL T & CO., af I bacco Havana, out of' Bond, 189 PEARL STREET, N. f' J G. HEIRUE i,a.._ "Jol'l. & CO., w Yorke i IEl1D$JID U., RIOJI)(Oim, VA.J .AnCl oeb.e':, -weD-kno....-n Br...,.d&. RODMAN & HEPBURN. 5110 S b eet; SPAN rH OBD.AB fot" SBG,lB BOXJI8 to -the Trade, i"' LOGS ot" JJOABDS. l j I 1 DNkers In every clescrtptlon ot'IForeiKD and Wood. menta of Blaok W-'nut Lu r end L ... ..,lolted. .JOHN BB.Y .uf. BRYA WATT ., Tobacco:and Cotton Pactors,. AND General Jommissiorl .... rchants, 48 BR.O.A:D ifo:a.:s;. ,,._

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    I ['J' ......... THE.-TOB.ACCO LEAF_.._ JPhilalldpijia. '2\'i:luertt.s(mtnt.s. BALTIMORE AL VEB TlSE Ill E:N 1 S t <:::: .. HARTFORD ADVFRTISEMENTS rH. H. VliltnatLEIN. MMISSION MERCHANTS Leaf and Manofact United tr Consigners can forward their stocks witl:wut prepaying the !t1ove:.:"nment tax. ;J. co .. Tobacco Commi.t;sion Merchants, No. 31 N. Water-st. a. No. 30 N. Delawareave., PhiladelphhJ, UNITED ST.A.TES &Irtitcd States Bonded W areho iirst c ctibn Distript, Pennsyiv a. COURTNEY, WOOD'\V ARD & CO., To _. Ge al Commission Merchants, No. 47 Not'lh Water St. and No. 48 Nor% Delaware Avenue, J. J>.. COURTNEY, E. A. WOOlJWARO, H WOOOWARD. AnTfiUU R. !'OUGBUAY. WM. C. PEASE, '(;ailed States Bonded Warehouse, BOYD, FOUGEl\A Y & CO.J .L"'W WBOLitS&.Lll DJ:.U.II:a8 Q' LEAF AND MANUFACTURED Tobaccos, Segars, Etc., :J'amMra' Agents for the we of Connecticut Seed leu Tobacco, til Nort-h Tblrdet., PhUadelphla. DOHAN & _TAITT, Tobacco Commission 211 N. Water St., aad. 28 N. Delawue .he., :r.r. I. DOIIAN1 JNO. T TAUT. G7 PHILADELJ!HIA. LEAF T0.B .. A_CCO. uramr ToltdccQ anl 'No. 202 W. PRA't:TST., 61 BECKER & BROS.,. Wholee&le Deal en to all klnda of LEAF TOBACCO, SEGARS,. 94 Lombara-Street, (near Light,) Cauatantly o u han a larre qaantltJ o f' and Ba..-ana Toba.cc01. 81 Joe. SCHROBDEn. A JOSEPH SCHROEDER & CO,, BUCKNOR, McCAMMOK & C[ JACOB MARINER Commission and in Leaf and Manufactured lllANUl'ACTURER OF 1,obacco anti BElGrAH..S, AND wnoL .. sALB DEALEn m No. 81 :Exchange Place, TOBACCQ lN li.Lr. OJ" ... o. LOOSE & CO., mse 66 lL!ler a, rN, tors. J .... A..;I OHN DUDDY & CO., Commission Merchants FOR TUB &.i.LE o/ MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, No. 49 VINE-STREET, CINCINNATI. '0. B. & oo.;, r I and Deale11 In hE.AF.1'0 C. CO, 161, 163, & 165. Pearl-street, CINCINNATI. 82 WEST SECOND STREET ( CINCINNNTI mporters of Meeraohaum and Bn'er 42-67 Jpea. JDNN.T. JDHNSDN & SON, OHIO, KENTUCKY, MISSOURI, & VlRGINT....A Qewllig, Siilolllll, ud Leaf TOBACCO, C. D. An..,.., } No. :1.87 SIGle Bt., O.F.Wt o., s. n. Goonwm. Collll. GEORGE B. BARNES, Connecticut No 238 Statestreet, H.4.BTJI'O.O. ., ()0NN. L.D.IU.. .U. HAAs BROTHERs: 11Ul.Q8 IX CONN. SEEDLEAF TO.ACCO,, .UiD WAlfi1FACTtrllJ:U OJ' CXG-A.R.S1J Main-Street, HA.B.T"OBO. lliAP TOBACCOSr D. W KING, AGENT, filhturin9 AND SNUFF -.o.LO<>-hnporters of and Dealers In Cigars, Pipes, etc., NO. 28 BARRESTREET, Bo.!ticore, Me!, _.-DEPO'l'-wtth GAIL'y. \ x .t; Kuoau:a, NOll. :Uld 175 New ork:. 11--U L. W. GUNTHER, CENERAL Commission ]l(erchant, .um TOBAC<:O FACTOR, No. 90 Loinbard-street, (One door wes1. of fi:xcha.uzepl&ce ) I BAL'EIMOP.E, l'liD. W"' ad"Y&D.<::ementa made on cona.l(nmeut. .. '""' ftC} lilA NOFACTURIRS 0 1' OFFICE&: STOREROOMS, SEGARS AND 4 7 'v N E S T B El E T, And Importers "'' BE, C SFJY & A B, Proprietors, Nos, 100, 102, & 104 West Front Street, (;INCIN. A.TI, Ohl1>. 53 WEST FOURTH STREET. Ohio. 92-144 -wM. A. BOYD & CO., and iii! o COMMISSION MERCHA-NTS, No. 33 SoJlth St., llaltlnaore. Wll: A .BOYD J R U. S. BONDED WAREHOUSE. ---------------H. & Z. K. PEASE, D.I&.LU tlf CONNECTICUT Seed-leaf Tobacco, !i!22 aud 224 State-street, HAR'I'FOBD, QOlil!r. L. R .DlC LUUW. SALOMON & DE LEEUW, DXA..1.EB.S IS' CON'lOCI'ICUr SEED-LEAP TOBACCO,' TOBACCO E H GRIEST & c X AND m'llncrums o -c M h t (Succc :n & GmEST) Q. .A R. S,. Oillill l SSlOll ere an c M h t No. 6 near Main, ommiSSIOn ere an s HARTFORD, coNN. DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO Ollicc N:. 44 W t Fr s Foot me Purcluu uncl sure of CONNECTICUT SEED-LEAF 1 cs ont treet, OHIO SEED and KENTUCKY LEAF T b W h Op posite Snopc n io u Bri dge, 0 acco are ouse, CINCINNATI OH"O TOBACCO, 159 d 6 0 --------' 37 Walnut Street Cincinnati 0 an 1 1 MEYER onosus FOR LEAF CAJ:EFULLT >'JJ.r.on HARTFORD, CONN Leaf and Manufactured Toba cco, :1 N. Water Stmt and 38 N. Delaware Avenue, D C Leaf and Havana Tobacco, .J Rich a rds<.'u W. B. Haight. H WILKENS & CO., No. 734 N. THIRD STREET PHILADELPHIA, TIIORNTON POTTER COMMISSION MERCHANT, D M SEYMOUR And Wbo lm:al c D ra1cr in J '1 A ,J. r PliiLADELPHIA W.HENRY NASSAU. _,_ W'" UNITED sor..TES no.rwE)) WARJI)fiOUSE. fJ&nsignors can forward their Stocks "m BOND H {>repaying the Go vernment Tax. l 'nternaiRevenue Bonded 'Karehouse J. Monumental City Tobacco WorKS1 OOMMISSION MEROI-J:ANTS, J No. 181 WEST PRATT STREET, BALTIMORle, MD, AND JOBBERS l.S SHEPARD & FULLER, -()ommisslon Dlerehants and Dealers 111. BunGESS & BRO., ''l T 0 B A C C 0 'M''DOWELLOJ!.& nuvc A 'llT nntl iiilobntt.o, Manufacturers of >tllkintls of .W. .1."1 .tU1 OIGARS, PIPES, &c., cSlll.O'l.itU!)' UU1l ELP/fU. .T<>:EJA-C:OO :AND General Commission Mere lfl&er 8'-o d 1.00 N Delaware lt. IIHt LPHIA. (LATE WITH B. A. VAN SC HAJ. CK.) I. L. & G. W. EDWARDS, "1"0:&...AaOQO AND General Cnmmission Merchants, ND 125 olfrH w ATEB BTBEE7 Philadelphia., Pa. -J.ear &Jul t T eoantal!llr on band. re oollctted. 1 1 7 yth Water Street, Pft.!DEL'PIIU. s. w. Clark. Phil. Donn. BALTI:MORE, JliSCBLLANEOUS. dJII) Geaeral Jtlblll8slon Merelaaats, 8 8 C?_.;,e and :1.8 :Bibb Slreots, .!!loa &comer)' i Ala. Particular attention given to all and prompt returns made. JOSHUA HUN+, IliPORTL R AND MA.Nt:PA C T URlm 0!' HAVANA and DOMESTIC DEALE !l Hi L afbt Maaafadored Tobaeeo, 116 WESTMINSTER STREET, CUrry & 1Uchartls BnUding, Providence, R. I. U.B!ILLIUK. ... A.PBA81JW. ,..,S,DU........ POWELL & WEST' L. KINGSLEY & co., Kenton WBfehouse, AUCTIONEERS J. T. SULLlYAII .COIIIMISSION .. MERCHANTS, U PAN U P C I CARS, , t..s. Sale l{o, 18 Soath 'Froat Street aad D Letitia Street, PLUG AND CUT TOBACCOS -J-peetloa aDd Cle-08 PHILADELPHIA. or II !ted. Together with a !l"nernl n .. ortmcnt of PIPES nd TOBACcos Consignments ol To\lacco Segars so c SMvKl!:RS' ARTIC.'LES LEAF ReCet"bypennloB!onto '" 9 t t St p id R L :Mo88rs. Do!UN & T.urT PhilAdelphia ""8 m.ns cr '' rov cnc, Greenu:p ... \l'M$1 ( Jton. K:r. A. s.l! & Co., New York. L, KINGSLEY. SBI.IU SMJ.Tfl ,.... E. W. DUKEHART & SON, CELEBRATED MANU FA C'IJUR:E;: RS, No. !l9 f;outh ,CaltJ6rl St1eet, : BALTIMORE. M,D. Jl.UiUFACTURERS OF BVElr GRADE OF FlD.o .CUt ChewtD.s a Smolr'n -POB COO. -Our special Bruda: GILT EDGE, BEA.U'R, Smokiug, DGI.lBIDE, IOITAlU OJI'oe GM /MI .......... -. BeeoJo4 """ Tine St.., S'r. LOUIS, :BfO C.& R. LT%ER &_tO., DEA!.EllS TOBACCO A G B c D I I Eft ...... ._.,-. FOil""fllE SALI!.Of'o .J, and Smoking-Tobaccos, Oiga.Js, dnuff, Clay Epes, 1 \cori% &c., .tl"n. 54, JJI. =.__ __ w __ iln 1<: of VII'I!ft:rtia Tolhl. d. P. :Lorilla.r 's W: FO_ Y __ & K TOBACCO, siiUffRI D -c 8.6 tPeet,' CHICAGO, ;cu. j J 2 u_ :th TIJ!AC Wt1R( 11. 126 188. roaacco cnowsast Commission Warehouse, H. B. WILCOX, <: I Nos. 169 and 171 Frontst., HARTFORD, Conn. DUURDf Connecticut Seed-Leaf T QBAcco; No 23;1 ST.A.TE STBkET. HARTFORD .. CONN. ORTH, orioecticut Seed Leaf Tobacco, FRANCKE & ELLER, SEED LEAF TOBACCO -Co ti COMMISSION 111ERCH,\.NTS, A y & MASON 008& 2117 Main Str-t, between 7th and 8th, i/1"1 IG .& R S 9 LOUISVILLE, KY. ;--'-I. J.t...:: _.P..Ji& 9 Partlcnlar qtte;ntion given to give us a call. Orders i) ll t prompti,r-tlled. ..l.. I HAVANA PBINOIPE. AND DOMESTIC OIGABS. Do 8PA.l.U SONS, MeerscO&alll and Briar Pip .. and Smokers' ArUoleo llio. :t1 ,. 11 s-, .ICf!. Generaur. Exc\uaiYe l:r Wholeule. 31 and 3 J Broadtro>f>t, Botoa, M B. NJ.Sn G. P :'
    PAGE 7

    \ 'JUtncrti5cmcttt5. Bolicits ordersjrom Deabers /,;Consumers .Adaress:N97 Pearl St;lliilvmond. Va. MILLS & .l-<.Y:ANT, Tobaeco Brokers & Genera Commission Merch.anls, LA R TURKISH f\TRAIGltT I;UT, ,-VHtGll'll.o. .:'.tuDE, SPORl'. ()Ra.NGE FLOWER, FA.CTOU.T Nu.l-'" .. strN'!t Gil'Junnn_d J D&J'O:r AJijj Pltl. OftHlB: No. 75 Ji"alto IOtr<><>C,Nm.vYorl<. UNION F.k ;:y, "EstaJ>llshed 1830. J_ ::S:AR. D Only tQ THo::lrAS & llHJEL liARD GROVE, a QutncJ of the following celebrated bru.nd& of V'RCINIA PLUC 9f!A eo: ,, LIGHT. THE BElT, PEA.CH, SWEET ROSE, I CIIAR.MER, lNDISPBNSA.BLE, VARIE'fY, RARE RIPE TWIN BROTHERS, 1 :BARROW. I AMlJR OSIA, ELEPHANT. Main befwe,en 26tlt .28tlb B iJ;l,Ptond, Ya. ______ .,...,. ___ 'W.'IJ. &Wlux. GREANER & WINNE, R. A. YOUNC lrr R ., General Commission Tobacco Manufacturers, -., MOl!. 1810-12-14 "nd 16 EAST CARY STRET, AGENTI5 FO'ft TBE OP RICHMOND, v .A. VIIWINIA .A.ND NO'RTFJ: .A. I Leaf and Manufactured TiJtaeeo, Mannfactn rers or Ch01ce llrands of Ping Tobacco In l'ounds, t Ius., d l pOW!d!, lOs. and No.4 IRON FRONT BUILDIIICIS, Bright Work of au kinds. PlllTERSBURG. V .A. ""C>UN"GrER.. db co. AND .\GENTS FOR Tl;E SALE OF LYNCHBURG MANU FACTORED CHEWING & SMOKING TOBACCOS, :14:1 Main Street, Lynchburg, V a. We are sole Agents for the sale of Mr. L. L. AlnsrnAD's jnstly celebrated "' "'DICK TATER," and "'RED ROVER" SMOKINC TUBAC CO. Furnish 1t in any style and quantity to suit Buyers. J. w. JOHN w. STONE, Sole Manufacturer of the Famous and World .193 Main-street, Lynchburg, renowned Brands of Virginia Smoking Tobaccos, LONE JACK and BROWN DICK. DEJ.LER IN VIRCINIA J.EAF TOBACCO. Also Manufacturer of the f ollowing CHOICE .. ltlanUO.e'&ory, 12t.h Streee. :Brands or LYKCHB'URG, V .A.. 'tWEET SONGSTER, CRANBRRRY,PIED!IIONT, GOLDEN Orders res pectfully sol!c!ted and IPromplly attended to. !511 J R 0 INS 0 N ---.,.CT'IJ' ER OF F I N E T 0 B A c c 0 s J TliE CELEBRATED BRANDS OF VIRGINIA SMOKING TOBACCO, INl>l.A.N QUEEN, and JOCKEY CLUB. Manufactory, Seventh Street, LYNCHBURG, VA.. McDaniel, Litchfield & Co., to McDaniel & Irby ,) General Commission M.ercharts. .No. 1/f Bridge "!trcct, LYBCHBlJBG. VIRGINIA, WllJ pay partlcul!ll attet.tlon to the s&le md pnrcbaoe of ... 'llf&ctvecl. llaoldllg, and Leaf Tohcai.; FLOUR. GJI,A..IN, A!'iD (JQunt-rg P-roduce Ge-n,crally. .. Keep constantly on hand the following brands: McCorkle & llowman'e "Exeelslo>:," McCorkle & Bowman's u Wm. L. lJowmap"s "Belle of the M!ssleehlp!," Paull'ittman's H Gold Leaf," J. C. 1tfiller's uFine Oronoco," and other brands, all of their own manufacture. ..., (}Jli.ce,1 .. 11.JCPPENuE n ..u pplicaliou -oract s will be promptly fille d upbn of. >o money, or will be bf 'xpress; C 0. D., l.Jilu the illmoun t to be collected is $5 or over ESTEE & ,SlliTH, Revenue S ta tioner8\ Xo. Gl C "'" ST.,' NEw YOi tK. A < l ilro P .,O JOI<>x r,osr,, J\'ew Y ork. YlfiGINIA AND CAROLINA TOIACCD lGENCY. "'W""-B-S JY.[ I T ::S: (Formerly r;t' .Sa rh' l Ayres Son & Co. ) Comn;tission Merchant for the Sale of Leaf ann Manufactured Tobacco, No. 62 Water Street,. Ne'v York. L. HGLLANDER & SON, TO::B.A.CCCli HAVANA in and out of Bond, 147 'Wat;er NEW YORK._ AND AGEMTS FOR THE SALE OF .M!NUE!CTUtED. TOBACCO, 109 Gravier St., New 01leans, WILL Tim CoMING. W NL\N SMOK.E? --The Evening &rir, u Pl:liladelphia,who regards smo'king as the urrpardo l\ble sin,--asks this question, and says: "In all prob'ability, yes 1 It is a sad con1iingency to contemplate such a coil yet felJlinine folly is drifting toward tobacco. We are told by some of our exchanges tliat a Eoston cigar dealer makes the startling statement that be sells an aver.age of three hundred cigars a day for ladies' use, and thinks that at least one thousand are smoked daily th'e fair ones in that citv. We are told by another exchange that one af the amusement(s of the 'girls' of Erie, in our O'Wn State, is a smoking contest. This shows female smoking is not a Yankee notio!l, but that, like the Grecian Bend, it is able to c out anywhere. We are sorry for it. It do to niak'tl fun llr,DY longer of the snuff-chewing ladies ot'the The cigarette-puffing ladi of the. North are quite as abominably ridiculous." If th use of tobacco, in any form, is bene:llcial to men, why is it not just as good fo women? To see a woman smoking or '!,hewing is more. than to see a man engaged m th llame bad h bit, simply because tpe contrast between the refinement of true wom4nly cbamcter and the vice, serves tQ present the V'Ulg pt'lictioo in a ronger light. There are b t few smo or chewers, who would consent to live a wo man who was either a confirmed moker or chewer, and yet these same overs of the weed do not feel that they are trespassors upon and pro priety", by their wives ith tobacco smoke 1)r bcsmaring them with its juice. T)J.ere is, undoubtedly, a growing inclination among women to use tobacco, vulgar and disgusting as the practice is. Nor, can we wonder that such, since at least nine tenths of the men, old and young, use it in some form and claim to derive a great benefit from it. If Jllen do not want women to use tobacco, why not cease to use it themselves, and admit frankly that it is a vulgar, disgusting, and injurious habit? The effor s made by men to justify their use of it can have no (Jther effect than to convince women that use it too. A PLEAS Sur.PRISE.--Mr. H. Tapkin"' an ,1ld and muche steemed attachll of tb'e Bodman Tobacco Warehouse was thi morning greatly Sl rised by being called upon by iho many shippers and buyer of that old and house to .. LEA}'. d,

    PAGE 8

    .THOMAS HO.YT & CO. THE BA ( Anhur Gillender & Co., LICORICE PASTEL: :ICE F .JOBlf AllDEIIOll & CO, SOLACE TOBACCO, 114, 116, and 111 .lWD 1!1 CEDAR-STREET, A.rlbar GUieoder, N B. Kuk:uck, Jooepb W. Gro,, Jooeph L. B. Wood. !iJ}W-Y e-B.K. T. A. LAWRENCE & -co.; (Successors to WmTTAY &; LAWRENCE.) MlNm .!.CTOIUI:RI OJ' J C. McAndrew, 132 FRONT STREET, 01-, IJo:e 28, P. 0.1 Exclusive Agent for tho Brand of A. 0-. C. & EXTRA.' T nufa.cturers a nd the trade in gen; r eq u ested to min anu. t the supe rior p r ope rti es of tllis LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfection, is offered under the apove style of brand. We are also SOLE AGEN;TS for the brand F. G. Acknowledged by consumers to be the best in the mark et. And for the brand of I"icorice S tick G. H. CIGARS: Pearl Crown. Corona GALIPAVO Well, ETO, F. W. BECK & ADd other weDII PORTER .f.NO SOLI AGENT, For the United States a:a.d Canada, 01' TBJI MORRIS "M. & M." B"AND Spanish Mass Lieorice, FRANK W. STERRY, I!ICII..\.Bl:) D M' GRA w F. W. & Co., IMPORTERS,Dealers Specialties FOR Tobacco Manufacturers, PATENT Powdered Extract Liquorice Nos. 2 & r1 PL!TT STREET, NEW YORK. P. 0. Cox DD27. LIQUORICE PASTE. An4 or LlaM aa4 LQlllp, trwlat, an4 &oil To ba.cco, lfepperhan Tobacco Works, Yonkctra N.Y. ca&:.,..uo 'I'OBAoco.l B Chewing. 1 )11111 Smokbtc. "The Oelebi'Med SKOIUIQ TODJ.OCO., Granulated, Young 1 A lb:Lrn Loor, Torkieh, 8it md&rd, B Smoking, Spanllh, :IO j S8 CB.OSBY STREET.' A. P. FRANCIA, Importer of Liq worice. 102 Pearl St., N. Y. ... & SNUFF,. ....... WORKS, I C Smoklnr,l Froncb, and other Neptune, 8&vory, LoD 8m0ktnr, Fancy Smoklnr, Ca\t="odish, No.1 8moklog1 Tobacco. 18N1111'11'. & .e KaccobIA:"l t!.GU Sote .Ageul f ur oelebrat ed Bootell 8nulf, ror ,.;e...rwtK the teolll ,...,_. 'l'be Is Wwfl a' ovtr the couatlr"'-, eEpNial7 Jl!rtlle ooe pur"*-.. _.. h had brlill balf bar- ,. hney Sl!>oklnz -at all ldnda, u a11o coM ooi ...SOn f ncy Altlalel. .... All Kinds Kavana aod Domestic SEGARS, AJI1I DLU.UII IK toEA F TOBACCO, 146 Wahretreet, F. w BELDEN,. rownsasn ttQuoatcs. FIN.8T QUALITY. Tobacco Brels, Flour aarrefa, Mola ... a Oa.U, Water and all,.ther klnda ofCAaltS. Manufactured 1t Poughkeepsie, New-Yol'k. J..:..SO, llfi Flour Bamls & Half Barre;s, SIMs, & Hoop GIFFORD, 8HERJAN & INNIS A large supply co118tantly Gil hand, 120 WILLIAll-8TREE:1, ,64 S I _IP, '!lew York.: 56-6'7 N:JllW-Y-&RK, .. TOBACCO BACS." II to u.e -of """-Ia Uae on4 --klal ....,biDeJtr tile purpose now known. ContlD.U8UI fd, D O )-O( .... .aGrt eu\ with l ess lUor:.morH cb&Dfl88 of cut, and brighter Tobacco, tbmn wllh any other Cutter lo .the world., ll:sol.ED IN w. B. ASTEN & co., _LICORICE PASTE. l'M, ISG6. We &lao m&nufi.cture Pill! -athines, Stem Rollers. LBAF TOBACCO )(anulllcturersofallkindsof XREJIELBERG & CO., Tobacco DaBS, !voTuoorJ ,. .. No.1 94 Water Street, YO:aK. --------------M 8ROWN &c. Co. AND PATI"'T DRYER. J'!lr full add""' AND "K. & C." and "J: C. y Ca Branda. PO U C:E1ES We oft'er for sale to tDd U.e lrodeln gen :t era.l the Hperior well-est&bllabed brandl of Llcorh:e Slrl Pute, K. .t C. aad J. 0. y Ca, expreaiJ made for thla NEW YORK. -----=--------::fl=A.--:;UCK"B &. 13uckeye Tobacco :Machine Wt-rks, Wlt ZilfSSBB. & co. OIBOVLAB or This Cutter took the TOBACCO BOIES. Tobacco Sealing Wax, MEDAL at the GREAT ?ARIS E:XPOSITION. llliiiii6 l'Mented April I&, l80T, L U K. E P 0 0 L J: B B .A,HAMMACH.ER & CO.,Agents, 197 WILLIAM STREET, No. ,-.:oe WATER STREET: NEwq4oBK.. fll BeelullaD s._, N r. NE II' l"QJC.K.; Is the Authorized Aaent, Bad -.elllille, C:.pacHJ, .... .._per uy. hwer Maelllu, t:lpad&y, 1,018 IIIIo Jill' uy, Warranted IIIIIJl"rlor lA the ..W for U.e puiJ>OOe. Fitted willa 11\IEVES for -'IDe Uae cattollicco. We make aloo a IDIICIIID fer grlndill&sa-. whidt. wUb ov Olt-,llll&lull a collf'I.BH foe r .t.BilCQ .. mux& TftA"tb>. Correspondence oollellecl. MUla, maca. Beaell Knine, the moet_ approved patlel'lll. made te order-IWCII'IliSB H. M. SMITH & 00.. ; BlOHXOliD, "( .!.,

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