The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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.. of the Tobacco Trade of the United States: The VOLUlfE IV., No. 38. l WllOLE No. 194. l D:aJO OJ' 'J:D PAPKR. l!btgle .. : ..................... tO a,;;!itie CaiddP: llllllllllt tor prepayment of To Bremen, Bamburg, ud tho Continent ol Rl.I'O)Ie $1.118114ditional per aanom for pootage. To etc., $3.1Uddltloul per annum tror tor the paper an!-ac-ied bJ \be corresponding amou:at. lU.TEB OP ADVEllTDil{G. Sl.ngle Doable Column. Column. 1 (linch) fer 6 montlul .... $15 $28 1 oqnare (t \llch) for 1 year ....... ll3 54. 2 oquare (2 1ncllce) 6 montbe. 29 55 z oquareo It Inches) for 11ear .... M 100 s equarea for 6 mon\bs .. 42 .In 8 oqnarea tlebeo) for 1 ye&r. . 00 15(1 4oquares 4 I fer 6 montbo M 100 4eqnares fort yoar ..... l65 001) 1 oqnareo (5 Inches) for 6 moatlul '10 llla oqnareo (5 inebea) for l year, .... 130 2601 Q squares (6lncbeol for 6 montlul .. 00 15(1 oquuee (6 iocbea for 1 ,. ....... 1110 aoo Advertiaements onder the nead.ia2 hJ'or Sale" .,.. "Wanted," eenta per liDO lc.-eo*7 16-In the aclvertieementa bne to bo advertiolng will be eontJdered, UD lee auomJl&Died by the oorreopondlng amonnt. 'l'hle r.a!e will""' dlA>ILY be odbered to. -oOOLD V ALUJlS OF FOREIGN COINS.. S., 208 Pearl. Welt Oo., M Pine. Wfllltheim, M. & Co., 1'77 Pearl. Wilcox, Power & Co., 180 Pearl. '1:9BJ.CCO BROKKRS. Fischer, Frederick, 2 Hanover Building. Gans, J. S. & Son, 86 Wall. Oi!borne Chas. F., 16 Old Rader, M. &. Son, 160 Pearl. Rodewald, Henry, 7 South William and 63 Stone. lli.KUI'.ACTUURS. Beck, F. W. & Co., 160 Pearl.' Brock, ll., 329 Bowery. Bncbanan & Lyall, 144 Water. De Lander, Wm., 349 Pearl. Edmonston, 8. S. & Bro., 213 & 215 Duane. Falk, M., 148 Water. Gillender,A.&Co.,1H,ll6,and 11'7Liberty. Goetze, F. A. & Bro., 328 Washington. Goodwin, W. H. & Co., 207 and 209 Waler. Hartc0111, John A., 150 WtLter. .{Uracil, D. &; CJo., 174 Water. Hoyt, Thomas & Co., 404 Pearl. Kasprowicz, S., 277 Greenwich. Kerbo, A, M Bowery. Lawrence, T. A & Co., 874 Pearl. I..,e, W m., 269 Pearl. C. H., 217-221 Washington. Lorillard, P., 16, 18, 20 Chambers. llayer & Ebeling, 182 o.nd 184 Pearl. 1rlll1t Brit tn:lloAipin, D. H. & Co. 7r.,79 Avenue D. pl..nd ............... $l,M,O :Kiclde, A. H. &Solis, 110 aler. d 1!!. ahilli ............ L. H., 143 Water. ld.JMliUl1 ......... 0.02,0 Pioneer Tobacco Factor.r, 167 .M-.ceRapp, S., 75 Fulton. !Cr. franc ...... .... 0.18 Robitschek & Tansig, 266 Delancy 1c. centime ........... 0.00,13 Scheider, Joeeph, 28 Liberty. Amst.rilfnn.Roll..-daTII, etc.-Scbroeder..t Bon, 17B Water. lfl florin or 1:11ilder. . Stachelber&', M., U G cdar. 1o:i. cent ...... 0.00,4 Straiton, Schmilt & Storm, 191 Pearl. J1rotn\tf'l.-1 1 lMPORTKRS .AND DEAL"ERS 1rtb:. t!x thaler. . . 0. 78t Brad, 11.; 131 Maiden T.ane 1grt. grote ..... -. .. 0.01,0(9) Frahk,Beuitenmuellcr & Co., 96 MaidenLane Hamburg, lAr.; a Bremen pfand equals l.:Oillllbt "Miranda. Felix, 1 96 Pearl. lbs: a Jhinbnrg pfund equala lbs. Rosenwald, E. & Bro. 146 Water. uairdu{lllie. Salomon, S. 192 Pearl. ExCLSE T..x.-FI.n..CUI, Twist, ToTag, Chas. F., 1E4 Front. baeQO t!titted by hand, or from IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO. leaf into a condition to be consumed, or Mayorga, J. M.; 14 Cedar. otherwise prepared, without ue of->tANUl'.I.CTURERS OF SNUFF. machine or instrument, and w1thout bwng .Appleby & H elme, 138 \Yater. nTessed or sweetened, and on all. other kin.dB Gcet""l, l!'. A. & Bro., 328 Washington. (,{ tobiUlCO not bere1n othenmse L o rillard, P., 16 Chambers. provided for, 32c per lb.; tob&C:CO, IMl'ORTEaB OF PIPES ETC. exclusively of stems, or of lt!O.f, wtth all Boikcn & Siefkes, Maiden lane stepis in al)d so sold, the leaf not hav mg Konig, Meyer & Co ., Willi:\m been previously ;; tripped buJ.teD, .cr J:ollllld, Lorillard, P., 16 Chambers. "nil from which no_. l?"rt of. stems h.ave CHARCOAL PIPES. bc&.1l sttpo.rated by stttppmg, dressmg,_ :Sayer Bernhard, 18 North William. Q1" ,in npy Other mauoer, e1ther b e f6re, tllll' IMPORT.KRS OF CLAY PIPKll. ;ng, or after the prooess of manufactunng; H. & Brother. G1 W:.ter. Finc,cut Shorts! the refuse 'Bergmann, J. H. ,122 Ft-ont. ing tobacCo whtgh hos passed.thropgh ". !dLuyties Brother3, 103 PParl. die of thirty-sir. meslles to the square mch b of siftin,;. r efuse SCraps "and >IANUFACTURl!RS OF MEERSCHAUM GOOnS. Y pr_oeess ftobacco 1.6c per Tb .Kaldenberg &. Son, 6 John, 23 Wnll, e.nd 71'1 sneepmgs o B oadw y On Cigars of s.\1 mode of 'To r a back.e & Kllqr, 424 Main. flagg k Co., 107 and 109 Second. A. L. & G., 'Factory, 48 Fourth ; ire house and Salesroom, 187 Main. Wickll, G W. & Co., 102 Main. TOBACCO Nash, M. D. & Bro. LYNCHBURG, Y A. Armistead, L. L Carrol, J. W. HeCorkle & [lowman, 113 Main. McDaniel, Litchfield & Co. Robinson, .r. .A. Stone, Joh!' W., 193 Mnin. Younger & Co 14. Main. l!IONTGOI!IEJI.Y1 ALA. Burch, 88 Com street. NEWARK, N. ;J. Brintzinghofter, W. A., 874 Broad. Campbell, Lane & Co 95 Broad. NEW ORLEANS, LA. Callaway & Johnstone, 109 Graveer. VA. F.Iam, W. P. & Co., 125 Sycamore. Young, R. A. & Bro., 4 Iron Front lluildings PHILADELPHIA. TOBACCO WARl!HOOBES, Boyd, Fougeray & Co., Sl North Third. Bucknor, McCammon & Co 37 North Water Burgess & Bro., 44 South Delaware av. Courtney, Woodwar.t & Co ., 47 N Water. Dob m & Taitt, 29 North Water Edwards, I. L. & G. W. 125 North Water. Eiscnlohr, Wm. & Co., 117 South Water. Gl>yer & Hiss, 62 North Front. McDowell & Duncan, 39 North Water. Moore, S, & J., 107 No\h Water. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, NOV. 11, 1868. TO OIJR PATRONS. Mr. GRAFF, the energetic business agent of THE To-B.A.CCo LEAF, will in a few days start on a collecting and general business tour southward. He proposes to visit the several tobacc;J centres of Vil.:ginia, aa well as the cities of Baltimore and Philadelphia. In making this annou"ncement, it '"seems necessar1 to bespeak for our represents.tive a kind receptien at the bands of the trade, as that is a11sured in advance. It .only remains, therefore, for us .to again eXPf'!SS our sense of obligation at the nvaried conrteou.a Wt!atment THE LE.A.F has ever received from its Southerq patrons. While we endeavor to make onr journal acceptable to all we cannot be insensible to tJ1e lkct of its unusual success in any It is our earnest wish that the pleasant relations of to-day may .. be long continued. The t:lgarmaken and Jlanufac:tttnrs. At its meeting on Thursday last the Cigar 1\lanufac turers' Association took the first decided step in its his tory as an brganizatiou. The case s tands thus :-Before the formation of the organization .strikes had occurred in the factories of 1\Iessrs. St1:aiton, Schmitt & Storm and of Mr. Stacheiberg. When the Society was organized they were still peni', and J.t all the earlier proceedings the strikes iu question were con sidered the first bu8iness that presented itself for con sideration. When a Oommittee of Arbitration was proposed, it was resolved that tl1e aforesaid strikes be the :first subjects considered by the Commit tee. 'rhus it will be seen that, although it cannot be said that the Cigar Manufacturers' .Association was organized ex pressly to take action respecting the strikes qaetion, at leal)t it may be truthfully asserted that, as the Society was designed for the protection of its members from strikes and other dictatorial action on the part of t .l1e cigar.kakers, the action of the men employed in the shops named was considered as the tions of every firm represented in the society with its wo rkmeu. With tl1ese views a committee was ap p&io.ted. to wait on the Executive Committee of the Cigarmakers' Unions, to submit to them a proposi tion for the submission of all matters in diepute to a Committee of Arbitration to be composed equally of members of both societies. As we have said, this committee. M inat.rueted, if appoint-a, to jirst con sider the strikes that had already occurred. At the mMting of the Association on Thursday, the Commit tee of Conference made a report that the Cigar makers' Unions refused to consent to the proposed arbitration, because they would not reconsider their action in the matter of the strikes which had already taken place. They argued that the Association, while having a perfect right to deal with any diffilrences that might arise in the future, had no right to go back to transactions of the past. Taking all things into consideration, we consider this one of the most extraordinary pieces of logic ever put forth: If any member of the Cigarmakers' Unions can inform us by what process of reasoning he trall!!forms an event that is still happening, into a thing of the past, we should feel obliged for the tha't wilts at the part of ter now Btaadla .. of the situation. v not only struck 1biJher wages and obtained them, but they Mve suCOOIIlfully intimidated an Association, organized expret!l!ly to1Mt down theae and similar strikes. It is true several Of the manufacturers have indulged in a ,little talk ahout "severe euurea," but the najority soom to be eminently" men of peaee,"and indisposed to resort to harsh ness 110 l011g as anything can b!\ accomplished in the way of 'Paeking-down. Tbustlla at latest ad vices. Wo not dil'!p&Bed,_ hewevel', to reflect upon the action of eitbor the. manufacturenl, or their employes. The former ll'ave a perfect right to yjeld :Ul that the latter ask, and such a course )s dollbtlesll 'fell calculated to nromote the h3T mony of t.lte trade. JlQt it Dft"'Pe well, when it is proposfd. to. trr an erpen1D8Dfit to lltick to it lQIIg enough to out whether anything valuable results? We ourselves in favor of a resort to arbl tratiC!n in t\le case of and' other ,be tween mastei'B and :men, we regret that the Olgar Mannfucturers' Ai!Sooiation has not insUlted that the ju tended should be in tbiB wtly, or not at alL We agree it is hard for the iirms whu euf. fer, a. principle is either worth sacrifice11 to tain, or it ia worth nothing. As, we uQd.ersta[ld the matter, the Cigar Manufacturers' Association was fotm ed for the urpb e of putting doWII strikes and 8ettling differences b tween emplbyers and employed in some sensible and equj.table,wanner, So far as we know, referen'Ce o a Commhtee of Albitration wu consi.deredb,Y the' entire' Association as a sensible and equitable of a,greernent. Yet, notwithstanding this1 we find a mnj01 ;lty voting fQr a direct abandonl?ef1t u the cig-ar-men bad in the extreme. Unless the latter are more than hu man, they will naturally argue that have little to. feax: from tbe proceed,ingi o the Association, Jlnd wilL be disposed to ventrtre on still fnrthr>r. IU!&l!lP1iiops. The manufaC;tnrers will find that they have y.i to the battle of prineiple, and that the work has been rendered none the easier by the c6ncesllions they have just made. THE TOBU(;O STA..I'tiPS.. Stamps for tobacco have been furnished to the Collectors of the Scc.ond, T.hi.rd. Fourtb, ann-Dlstricte. stamps will probably be given out today. The various sections of the country are now pretty general,ly sup plied, and the use of stamps probably b e compulsory after the 23d inst. The Continental Bank N <>te Company are at work night and day upon the various denominations, so theri n ee d be no doubt about a supply for the future. In giving orders, the trade. should not call for too m(tny at once, as it only renders t he work of fully supplying the whole country more difficult, and does no good to the mann facturer. A month's supply at first is ampl l>, Wm., 175 PearL 16& : .:tf' TOB .,CCO LABEL Hoey, Jos. 202 Broadway. TODACCO LAllEL PRINTERS. Brown, M. B. & Co., :19 William. PATXNT TOBACCO KNIVES. Napanoch Axe and Iron Co., 69 Murray TOBACCO SBA.LlNG WAX, Zinsser W. & Co., 197 William. TOBACCO BAGS. .Asten, W. B. & 0., 2u TOBACCO BOXES. Hammacher, A.. & Co., Beekml\n STENCIL PLATES AND BURNING BJ.V.NDS. T. N. Hickcox & Co. 280 Pearl. TOIIACCO PAPII& WAREHOITSIC .. Jessup lc Moore, 1?.8 William. TOBACCO B .. nx.LS. Briggs, .A. T., 64 Ru17ers Slip PATENT CIGAR MACHINES. Prent"ice, John, 130 & 182 Maiden lne: CIGARS AND TODACCO llA.l\'lJFACTURER'S BOOKS. E s tee & Smith, 61 Cedar street. .ALLEGHENY CITY, PA. Jenkinson, R. & W., o Federal. BAL'.l'IltiOBE. TOBACCO W'"ARIBOUSXS. Bolenius. G. H., 202 West Pratt. 'B'oyd W .A. & Co., 88 South. F L. & \Jo., 11 'Cheapsiue. De }'ord, Charles D. & Co., 37 Solltl.t Gay. Gieeke, L. & Co., 42 South Charles. Gunther, L. 'V., Lombard. Kerchoff & Co, 49 8. Charles. Loose, C. & Co., 52 South Charles Paul, Wm., 451 West Bnltimore Richardson, J. & Co., 45 West Lombard. Schroeder, Jos. & Co, 81 Place. MANUli'.A.CTURERS, Beck, F. W. & Co., 130 North. Becker & Bros., 94 Lombard. Feigner, F. W., 90 and 92 South Chiu'lea. Gail, G W. & Ax, 28 Barre street. Parlett, ll. F. & Co., 92 Lombard, Wilkens & Co., 181 Wes \ Pratt. Wartman, Mich., 106 North Water. MANUf'ACTURERS, DIU.LJ:RS, ln'O. Batchelor, Bros., 33 7 North Third. Daley, James, cor. 3d and llace. Hare, Th.:& Son, 474 and 503 North Second. Mariner, Jncob 734 North Third. Smith Brother; 121 North Third. Tl-1eobald, A. H, 'Third and Poplar. Witthaus, E. L., 207 Raee. SCOTEI SNUYF. R"lph .A.. & Co., 105 Powell & West, 28 South Front. PI'lTSBUitG, P A.. Mcgraw, E. & Co., 31 St. Clair. PROVIDENCE, B. I. Hunt, Joshua, 116 Westminster. Kingsley, L. & Co., 9 Westminster. RICBI!lOND, VA. Gt-eaner & Winne, 1812 East Cury. Hardgrove; Thomas J. Mills & Sbockoe sUp. NeudcckerB,<>s. cor 26th and linin. Pilkinton, E. T ., 18 14th. Rapp S., 14th and 16th. PATE:ST li'MOKING 'TOBACCOCUTTEllS. H. M. & Ca. SPRINGFIFLD, l!lASS. th, H. &: Co 20 Hampden. .ST. LOUIS, l!IO, Catl'n, D., 168 North Second. Dof.lllitzer, C. & R. & Co., 207 Market, Haynes & Heth, 100 North Commercial. L!!ggat, lludson & Co., cor. 2d and Vine. SYDNEY, .A.US. Dixson & Sons, tobacco warehouse, 193 York. Forthcoming Auction Sales. By William Topping and Co., 132 Church street, 'rhursday, November J 2tb, at ten o 'clock, a line of fine meerschaum and briar pipes and holdel'$, and cherry stems. hat revented them from r ec ousiderinotheir action? purchase.s_ of goods m spnng and months, w P "' trade dunng the remamde r of the year exceedFar bettl:!r _to :lorn an, untenable I ingly light. But our great railway system, with its tl .1an eomphcate the s1tuat10n by stubborn persistence fast freight lines, in connection with the telegraph, in the wron"'. Bnt the cigarmakers tell us, that if the changed all this. Interior merchants now purchase cigar manufacturers will not now upon rev1smg compar_atively bills, and repeat. the operation h tion of the Unions in the case of the strikes many t1mes durmg the season, thus any ad van t e a.c tages that may accrue from fluctuatmg priCeS. These mentwned, they may 10 the !uturc do the fan and honchan 15 nacre if the speed of trains w e re lessened and the ears was quite a "change of base." Ccrtamly the back-and increased, anJ. yet the present means of bone of the organization cannot be very strong, transportation at the last accounts were inadequate to THE A,gricnltnral Bnreau at gives at!' aggregate amount of stock hogs this season below the usual average in all the States, except Lonisiana, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Minnesota. A Chicago sfatement represents this as incorrec\, and ventures the opinion that the result will show an equal amount with that ef last year's operations We shall sec. the excessive prices wltich Tuled through the snmme1, and for the fall so far, have brought for ward large still it is claimed th:tt for the legiti mate business of the season we shall have a plentiful supply. It may be The pork-packing busi .. ness of the year has alrea :ly commenced,-began on Monday last in Chicago, with sales of 1,500 head to two operators. Still, it is not expected that a full busi ness will be inaugurated before Christmas or New Year. Hogs, first-class, have been ruling at 10, 9, and 8 cents per l OOlbs. gross, and light weights at 7 to 6}. Mess pork, bulk meats, and bacon are closing out ai high. figures, and more or less of appFehension is felt that holders of hogs will fix their quotations at. a rate too high to justify very heavy investments in the business of packing. w e hope this fear may prove unfounde

/ \ CtG.uta-CAUGHT IN nnAcr.-l1"or some .I' ..... r. Charles of !lo.91 street, Lhia lplllltities of mgars m man .: length determined to solfe the mystery. .., recently, Edward Hey, a youth of 11 &eD years the place alder pretence of --...r brother-in-law on the prem- 8cialll aft.enrard& Hanle_y was l8een leaving the ..st1t a basket containmg sa'ldnst, sweepings, 6eig suspected by det.eotia-Hayes, ot' the '1!h0ad 'l'Nciot, wa.a taken m chargt'. In the bottom OGftiJe 'W'BB-found a quantity valued at tao. and tile prii!ODer tindi himself caught .. aetective Hayes hat at different be'hd taken eixteen boxes ofcigal'L Hanley .,.. belwe Jatice Hogan ad oqmmitted to 1M or-til for trial TOBACCO 1 Lboee beillg matters of speoulation only. Last season pound hundreds got on the paymg lantet11 had it aU their own way, for, although t.hey any at. aU. Now, tAB r ea l trouble as tJla fac ri ht a.oout the deficient size of tbe1r crop, the tory. It was there the :liauds were comm1tted, and deman! proved a failure, and operators had to deal all the bo.!?us tax-pmd good.s successt;1lly put along with a difficult and dechning m)rket. We all mto cuculat10n. To meet th1s d1shonesty, Uong1 ess look hopeN,liY. towards a better tb11 coming very p1 p_erly adepted systenl. and abo lished ear, but wlnle we have some good re4sons f'or OtU" all m qf the tax. & far,, so I{Ood. hopes we also ha' e manv cb:mces a"ainst us, and those Bad the Committe e on 'VaY.s and Mearts confined Itself must 'be thrown in :f.wor of operators. Among the to theee refo.rmt!, all would have been well. &.t-1lO chances ao-aiwt a successful year we may count ho ttue to the1r bungliug antecedents, t}le:y could doubtful 'situat10n of Europe, which, in spite of lea>'e well enough alone." Some ?DC-Jtl an untow all peaceful assurances, may, at any tim_e, 1esult in a tun ate moment for the trade-was With attack war between F1ance and Prussia, or, what would be ?f ,"export warehouse on the bram:" Notwlthstand worse in a "enc1a1 Euro ean war. We hrwe also to mg the fact that no charges wore J?refer1ed the conte:UplatEfthe "Goldlfremium," which might snffer, Class B (the old prtvate .bonded ones), although seemingly low enough now, a further decline, and that 1t had been and over agam that and Jflake transactions ddliuult and unprofitable on theY: were honestly manage?, and were, m !act, a pro urobases a arently low now. With one word, the tect1on to gove,1nment, 1t was annoupced tp-ey must on a lower basis than present must be abolished, and export bonded ones prefensions of planters indiCate, if a. remuner.ative busim the1r .. Bllt was to the Commtt ness may be counted on with anything hke safety. teo that was nilposstble for the to sop According to what we learn from Virgima, where buy h1s at the factory mto so m1.1ch ina bas been be un on a small scale, that State. for consumpti.o? and so for export, and to "have fn the right direction, and as yugmta th_us the proviSion to. be that tobaoco takes her old position a!!ain, in both the stze and might be withdrawn for from t!Jese w.are quality of the crops," as aleading Tobacco St3te," her houses on payment of the. tax. _Tins pro, ISO voice must have much weight with Western dealers. these new warehouses agm_n partially on the basts of The Virginia. crop of 1867 was generally of dcfeotive tho B warehouses, the the quality 8t 1 ll it was sought after and caused even bet convem:mces for the transact10n of busmess whiCh the ter and richer Western leaf competition. This !atter had afforded .. This and allowear the cro is robaly larger by 3 000 to 5,000 hhds., mg the transport.a.t1on of m bond ance-tn!ferted the infinitely better, w'hile a portion, the at the earnest representa.t10.n o_f the trade-made well-matured early cutting is reported as excellent. new warehouses anomalous wstitutlOns that were nmth At the !lame price, the Western leaf will keep 1ts er fish, tiesh! nor fowl: 'fhey were not export bonaed own, or even take, where it is deserved, the preference, m the s'r1ct sense of the word, and they but to get an ad\'ance over it, quahty and quahty were not pnvate bonded of the of alike, would be impossible. Now, if we are rightly in known as ll. 'They, m short, combmed all the diS formed, some few purchases of good tobacco were lateadvantages of boodcd ware,houses w1thollt of 1 made in the neighborhood of Danville, Va., at about the compensatwg ildvant:lges the trade lve cf!nts all round, lugs included 1 This seems to be und_er the old And th1s 1s of low indeed for good tobacoo, and tbeee sales may affaus matter of goods mtended been influenced by peculiar nece11sities not exactly JD for export, whiCh such a pother has l!een dicating the intention of buyers on full opening of made, it see!lls the destgn of the department to all the market. Still they point towards a lJlUch reduced thll m the way of trade posstble. basis. Thus far we hear of but one of a loose N otwJthM&ndmg fact that such goods must bear an ere in the Ularksville District, on t.he buts of 8e. for expor;t st.amp which l!'t the factory, they t.hepleaf and 4o. tor toe Jug part, and the quality of the cannot _be shipped after the1r arnval here, unlo.>ss first crop may justify the price. If we take the lug pro-stored m an bonded warehollfle; If only J?laced be that the Secreportion ofth1 s puroha11e at one-fiftb1_the P.ri.ce paid is therein mgbt, cannot be w1thdr3wn Without au 7jc. all around, and this, in our cand1d opm1on, would paymeJ?f ot a months storaga Under old system, ,., fiL the uury hae decided t t manufactured not do for an average purchase rate of the entire crop goods mtended for were, on maKmg out the ud cigars imported ti m foreign coun in the Distnct. Seven cents all around for the Clarks proper pape!'l, taken from one ,essel to another lellaiftd to han inte revenue stamps ville crop might(?} be safe, but su cents much more on the1r arnval here. the expense storage bas ... and cancelled, unless sald articles are 80, and probably more advisable. In regtons pro-to be added to th': other 1te:ma that mto the cost ftoom the custom house fo consumption or ducin less valuable tobacco, a much lower basis of the Th1s seems to be an unJust. and unneces_.., ilr Uaited Stata. This is a on version in the must ie lodopted. "Here," the and larger and to be part of the pohcy of oppresand willl{re&tly relie111 the imbrting business will begm late, not before .May any way, and s1on winch has been recently adopted by the Depart Now, if CommisSioner fol ow the there is no use in crowding our market before that ment to'Yard the 1 81entary'usample, and make some cmversions to the time, and consequently there is no hurry to begm ope Very ],ttle done last week 1u act.ual talle reganiug uport bonded warel!luees, the I!Cveri-ratione. Regular shipments should not begin before transactiOns, but mncb 1s cl(peoted from the takmg iJ et tile 1I4W' law would be greatly mtigated. the 1st of A ril next, while of course we do not advise of the stamp systen:. It may be .noted that an our friends o entirely abstain trom shipments so long. mvo1ce of was receiVed he;re durmg the week, .' Oommercipl BIYS: THE ToBAC Now and then little forerunners might be started and stamped accordmg to the regulatiOns of new law, co J.w&io Ulat 'We crib its itms. We admit result in profitable sales. But such little shipments from tho factory ot Messrs. Thomas & Oliv e r, at RICh lJut as that paper bas fnquently paid us and their result should not serve as a. for later mond, Va. Thts was the first lot of stam11s that had a .mutar iOIDpliment, we thought we .vonld take from and larger transactions. Those little shipments are recei!ed in thiit c1ty. '!XI; Toacco LEu a. guid pro que. Howe\'er, we more frequently bought by shippers, for the of was last week a .slight. Improvement cberiab JO hard feelings tOward editors of THE showing theu European friends the quahty oi the crop, m the Ctgar over the week prevwus.. A good LaQ: &Ill if they willi!Cnd us a. box ol prime Havanas, 80 as to induce them to send order$, and not so much many new lots of I 864 goods have-made ibeu appear- ..-Dr give tbein a puff. for a profit. Hence, to take the result of such as a ance and offered from $10@$12, In r f ---guide for fntnre transactions would be enoneous. Pennsylvama good11 constdera.ble busmess 18 ,Apnm tobacco merchant expre;sed to us the Among the sales of the month we mention: 200 bhds. Pnces >aty .fJOm. $16@*I8. There a1e nry few c1gars other day, that General Grant would ap lu"s for the Mediterranean at 7 }c. @Btc ., 160 hhds. ot low grades, ctty-made, on the ml!"rket. What are honest burineu men to positions in the Internal filfers at 9 c @ 1 0c and '10 bhds. wrappers at 14c .@ J '1c. offered lind qmck sales at li18@i20, 1f well made. Department. They are certainly very much to nlug 35o hbds. cutting to a jobber Gold th1s morning at 1351}, and at noon had ---at p. t.; 291 hbds. Ohio River cuttmg to a mannfacfall en M I35,. ture., also at p. t.; 100 bhds. Africans, in-.. arious lots, .&change.-The market '_VaS firm m the begmnmg ART.We regret to announce the sudden deat from ISc. @ l Gc.; 91 hhds. "old" Green R 1ver leaf of the week, but became towards. the close nuder Mr. Tbos. A Lawrence, of the firm of Messrs. ))a0ra1csnotrtcd gdo01d 211 _.......,__ b h SblpplDg,qommonlllgs 8 @ 8X 19 @00 market is of comparati\ely small interest. stock of goods m bond here contmues a out t e same, Good .ufacturea -'lax:l:lcperpound. ..... M edmm l eaf 10 @11 lN BOND 61s7 7's, lO's and 12's. ca..1.... durin!! Octo.ber, however, a_mountmg to.well mgh ages. This amount w1ll probably suffice for aU the Good 11 @t2X Fme @' :3,500 'hhds., were m full proportton to t e Size o our demands o t e tra e unt1 next season, as :l ea Selecttons 14 111115 Medtum -, h f f b d 1 th d d Fme 1!l @14 Good ,. -.pplie!l, they lacked generality. 'fbe export months of the year are not propitious 'ford businesds. .. about nalf of the transactions, rested on tb We have made so many pro ph es tes regar mg tra e Hoavy leaf Extra fine 1 lower g'raaes, and. tobaccos were difficult, p10spects and with so little success, that we prefer not . ... soli, on a still dechmng scale. Manufacturers and JObto nsk odr agai n until the omens arc more Common leaf 10)1 Med1um I b h fi 12 13 Common ben! shared in bargains offered, and thus there was favorable. e can on y 1epeat, w at we aTe o ten Good H UJo' which paid, except the more colory kinds said befo1c, that if it were not fo1 the large quantities of }.me cutting. W. e ha\'e now at a scale of of blockade goods scattered over the country, tnt de in ir!Jb"" -Common J u gs s 9 Half -Brt&bt-l!t'C68 which forb1ds further concesswns, except on manufhctured tobacco must expenenee an early and 8 = 1;_. "later on" when the new crop sends forward its powerful revival. It is tb1s presence of an unknown Workmg do s 0 @115 au @40 35 @40 tlm;RJling {(ost, during the night o'f the 8th of Octohow to reconcile this pro \lSi on so that It shall not so @tO -..._swept the countrv. One-tenth would be an outp1ove a lnuden to the honest trade. '!'his nn. "gbt mon per:U: 50 oo @70 oo J h d h f p d Sound common @ 7 Clear Havana uo -@-of tobacco then still in the easilv have been done a t e suggestion o res1 ent Good 7 8 do Coon lleea 25 oo @40 00 _.,....,. tobftnco regton of the country, whilst m some Evans to the Committee on Wavs and Means been Medium-S.J>@IOU do do Seconds 20 oo @25 oo ,_...,.,_ Good to lice brown 11 @15 N Y Seed Conn for instance in the important "Clarksville adopted, :l.nd a stamp been provided for genuine tax-paid Fancy 17 -'lO 20 oo @25 oo "and in 110 more tban one-twentieth o-oods. This would have obviated all objections that 1 f:{g :/g n 88 ...-i to)lcbed. ln MlSSOIHi, however, where the have been 1 aisecl ngamst the principle. armnuttcut arut Maeaachu Conn Filler ana St. J:'""O"'" f h" k h h d ld b aettsSeed 'Leqf wrapper. 20 00 @SO 00 portion of the small turn Otlt o only 10,000 But even as 1t IS, wet m t e ouest tra e wou e Wrnppers, iSGG 10 ilf, tr. 12 oo W 00 :w,a.. for the ent!re State was yet fields, this largely the aain e r if every kmd of tax-paid tobacco bad @ 8 an<\ Sbe 8 50 @ll oo t'Q growmg, and sappy condtt10n, the lnJUry, as to be after January 1, 1869. There might be Good do 20 85 @-oo IJ\Wjllll'to 'us by reliable correspondents, amounted to occasional hardships in the case of a few genuine goods, = = a ruin 1 The quality of the crop e\'erywhere, but when it would thus opet ate in the case of one pound wrappen>, new crop 35 @75 Scotch & Lund) foot 85 -90 d Jd h k h Seconds 20 @.'lO Common -@--65 again is described as good, a!ld !he of le"'itm1ate goo s, 1t won operate as a c ec m t e Fillers 9 @ 1 2M Amcncan Gentleman-1 oo out:-g m Vtr21ma and the Clarksville Dtstrtct, case hundred pounds of Ille gitimat !!OOcls. Every NeJJJ Ymk s..a Loat:-Sc so Lcortc Gold wu t' ..... _. Iectcd Wrappers, old @41>X H M Morris, M & }( "excellent.' The tobacco is la1ge and l eafy dealer knows that the proportion of 1 1y tax-patd to l'airtop< & Jollll 99 bla.. tobacco aud cs. nes s 'fhe receipts of the v. eek amount to 131 hhds. Cigar ; R. E. Kelly & Co, 26 do.; G. W. Faber & al)d 331 Exportea same time: to Haytt, 50 hf. Co., 2 dq. ; Schroder & Bon, 2 do; De Bary & Kling, bls.; to the Pro\inces, 7 hhds and 30 b:-(8. 6 do.; Peter V. King & Co., 2 do.; Irving & Willey, CINUINNlTI, November 5.-Repotted exclusively I do. ; Royal Phelps, 1 do ; Ribon & Mnncz, 1 do.; or TnE TQB o LEAF, by ordeT of t.he Cinoiouat i Russ1an Consnr, 1 do.; Latasa & Co., 1 do.; Purdy & Boa1d by 1ts secretaJtY, t. Charles Reily: 2 do. H. lves, 1 do.; Park & Tilford, S do ; has been qnite a droop in the market during W. H. 'l'hoJllas & 6 do; Ae frequeutll alluded Venezuela: 15 cs.', 1731 ; 12 bls., $508 ; and 2,007 to 'the filcl. that the ma.rket now boa t.s of eix mswad ol lbs. mfd., $730. four 4uct10JJ warehouses, and Mr Ronnld, of Farmers Brazil: 1 hhd., t212. Warehouse, jnfprms us that tbc first ol U. FG1Der5' San Francisco: 13'9 pkgs. hoiiSe took place to day, when 5 hhtls weze, ore-4 UMi To European ports fur the week NoveJilbef IOldasfollol"ft. 1 hhd. at l'l, l t $J.2 75, a.nd 1 atl2 50 lOth: I hhd new crop lugs at $6 70 ami 1 hbll. new crop leaf a t London: 29 hhds., 41 cs., 476 bls., and lbs. tll, both froiD Warren county. We are also infonne d mfd. I that the first hogshead was llOld by the vt'tel"'an Elisha Ap Liverpool: 86 bbds. and 1 cs. cigars. plegate, m hl8 87th year The receipts of the week have B1emen: 56 cs. and -l28 bl11. been 50 bhds. 218 bxs., 50 hi bxs., 27 caddie., IIIMi 21!! Hamburg: 10 cs. and '1 cs, cigars. pkgs, eoDI!ignad as follows. Havre: 29lbs. mfd. By nver from Cmmnnati: A L. & G Robini!GII', b:xs GeDeva: 70 hhds. awl 1 ce. cigars. and 10 pkp ; George W. WJCks k Co, 41 b&s. aDd 15 Cadiz: 252 hhdll. pkgs. L. & N. R. R, 83 Order 29. Gibraltar: 2G hhda. and Ui,ft8 lbs. mfd. From HendeNon: Spratt & Co 9 hhds 2 cs. Fro!Il Nasl!'tille 8 hhds. DOlQinfl I&EC&ll"rS. From Memphis : Order, 3 hhds Interiur and eOIIIWile..-iftla for the week endmg Nov From Madison 81.hetreet Warehouse, 8 bhds lOth. have heel) 11Ws., 10 tea, 86 bbls, 21 hfbbls., By Louumlle, Mempb1sa.nd NasbTJlle l'aliroM: J. Smith, I 57 cs, 3'1 b.u:z 'tin .. 1 ,218 pkgs., and 50 b:xs Snuff, 4 hhds, Glover & Co., 4, Ray & Co, 5; R & Bro., 6; .A consigned as L & G. R binson, 5 bxs. G. W. Wicks & Co., 3 hbds., 40 By Ena Rajlroad-Earclay & Livmgston, 28 hhds.; R b.xs., 50 hi bxs, and 5 pkgs; M Leopold & Co., 15 bxs and L Mmtland & Co, 3 Bryan, Watts & Co 6 J. Hoyt, 6 25 pkgs, Order, 7 bxs. and 12 pkgs. Order, 35. a.nd 36 hxs. By Lomsv!lle and Frankfort Railroad Order, 20 bxs., By Camden and Amboy R:ulroad-R. L. Maitland, 9 27 caddies and 40 pkgs hhds H. A Ritchie, 5 pkgs. J. N1sson, 15 J Read, I The sales of the week amounted to 176 bhds., 'Wltb re 23 J. Scbne1der, 6 Jections of pr1ces b1d on 25 hb.U.., within range of Jhe fol By Star Un10n Lme-Bathgate & Bro (Montreal), 15 cs lowing quotations. By Emp1re and Allentown Lme-Chas B FaUenstem & Trash. . . . . . . 3 50 to { Sou, 70 bhds. Trash), Lugs............ 6 to 6 By New York and New Haven Ra1lroad-Hamson & Lugs, common ..................... G 60 to '1 59 Carpenter, 13 cs., A. L & C. L. Holt, 7 Reuben Cohen, Lugs, good. . . . . . . 8 50 to 9 1 Jacob I bbl. Leat; common .............. -;. . 8 50 to 10 50 By New York & Hartford Lme of Steamboats-A L Leaf, medium ........................ 10 50 to 11 50 Rosenb aum & Go, 60 cs.; WesthCJm & Co, 5, A. L & Leaf, good............ ....... 12 to 14 C. L. Holt, ll. tine ........... ................. 16 to 20 By e-..Y !thd New Haven Lme of Steamboats-Leaf, cutting, good to fine ...... ........ 18 w 30 Geo. Bence 6i Co 1 cs. Gall, A.v. &. Krohler, 4I B Leaf, fancy and wrapper ........ ........ 35 to 'i 5 At1vater, 3 Rece1pts of l'lew crop are as yet light, planters av&Jlmg By Ne1v York & Bridgeport Lme of Steamboats-J themselves of the favorable weather rorpl'lzing and gettmg .Mayer & Son, l box. readv for market. By New Ymk nnd.fbiladelphia Express Propeller Cc.-ManMfachtre< l, 1868, AND SAME TIME 1867 Barrett, 40; De Van & Mason, 200; J. T. Phillips, 40; Whereto 1hi8 wu.t Prmoulllv Total BamtJ tt,..lll67 C. A. Whitney & Co., 154; J. B. Steadman, 61; W. Bremen .. . 531 10,78I 11, 312 20,013 Van Borthnysen, 485; J. 0. Lenore, 28; Order, 66 Amsterdam..... 716 6,'178 7,494 6,032 By New Orleans, Jackson and Great Northern RailRotterdam. .. 556 5, 789 6,345 19,461 road: A. Bower, 2 bxs. Havre and Dieppc 594 594 4,195 Cleared since the 27th ult. for New York, 8 bls.; Bordeaux...... 1,438 975 2,415 2,476 for Liverpool, 1 p.: for Vera Urnz, IO bls.; for 'tamMarseilles...... 1,003 1,003 1,958 p10o, 16 bls. Stock in v.arehonaes and on shipboard England....... 2,941 2,941 1,547 not c leared on the 3cl inst. ; 2049 hhds. Spam ... .. 789 789 630 oF TOBACCO. Hbds West Indies 186 186 102 Stock on ltand, September 1 st, 1868 2,183 Other l'orts.... 9'1 97 58 Arrived week ................... 20 Total 3,24 I 30,033 33,274 56,640 Tobacco Statement.-Sto. ck in warehouses, Janua1y I 1868 8 506; wspected this week, 243 bhds ; do l1hds. '.l'otal, for for e io-n ports, 33,297 bhds; coastw1se and remspected, 2,58l Total, 35,8'78. Stock to-day in ware lJOuses and on shipboard not cleared, 8,429 hhds. Stock same time in i867, 16,08 8 hhds. Marnifacturecl Tobacco.-The tr_ade is still complainin" of the sales of f1 ee goods at priCes under the cost of which embarrass transactions Of goods in bond, causmg an it regular market. Importatwns.CoastwJse: 210 pkgs. tobacco, Fr1ck, Ball & Co.; 237 do. do., Hnwlans, \V't!lmmson & Co.: 189 do. do., J. Heald & Co., .52 I do. do., J.P. Pleasants & Sons; 1 hhd to the same; 5 do ,RIChards, Leptwich & Co.; 20 hhcls. tobacco, ancl :.! cases cigars to Gail & Ax. BOSTON, November 7th,-There has been no new feature to not1ce 111 the market for either Leaf or Man Arnved prev10usly ................. 37239 2 Total ................... Exported past three days ........ Exp01ted previously .............. Broken up for balmg, city consump t10n, etc ................... 2,5'7l5 366 160526 Total. . . 2,049 Mamifactured Tobacco.-Iu the ea1lie r portion ot the week there was scarcery anything doing in Iota of Man ufactured T obacco ; a. few small sales of CommQJJ and Medium, embracing all the business; towerds tlre elose, however, a better demand arose for the higher grades, though the bulk of tbe business continues to be in the poor e r qtalities,-tbe stock of theformerislightand of the lattet moderate, though ample for pFP.aent rJnire ment s The following are the nominal quotations: Extra No.1, lbs. Bright, 80c.@90e.; Good Medium, lbs. Bright, 65c.@70c.; 1\feflium, lbs. Bright, 150c,@6 0c.;


.,..------Round, iiOc @55c.; Mcumm and Common, Unsound, -c @-c; Half pounds, Bnght, 60c.@62}c.; Half-pounds, Datk, 50c @55 c.; o. 1, 5s and lOs, 55 c.@ 65c.; "Navy, lbs., 50o.@60c.; Na\ y, {' lbs., ()Oc @60c.; Fane'' Stvles Natural Leaf Twtst, Pancake, clc., 90e. J J @.1 00. P!DIJC!H, Ky., November G.-Messr". H ,u..r. BuCK& Co. report : To enter a detailed ctrculsr of the yeat'R sales would be a long a document fore emy glance at. U:t raJ markelo, gtnng an 1)11tl mate sing 31st Octobet, 186\7. The crop of 1867 betu shott of the crop of 18166, and our sales ami re ce1pts increasing v\ E'1 1400 hhds., clearly indicates the maanitnde our -m:u ket IR fast gaining. The increase in our"rece1pts thts year 1s chietly owing to the turmng of {lumlerland River Tobacco this market about 1500 hhds., which were l't;ct;ived ftom Qhristian, :Montgomery, and the counties borderrng on and adjacent to the river as tar do'\11>'11 as the month, caused by the ad' antages our market possessed o er the Clarksville market m point of prices, whteh was fmrtber evinced by buyers purchasing upon the Clarksville !ll&rket and realizing a good proftt by selling the same upon this market tluourrhout the season With the general sattsfactwn given "'our Cumberland River patrons, and our increased :f.'\cilities for handling' tobacco, together with a fine and crop, bot4 in rund Kentucky1 we confidently upeet to mQre !.han dQ.I.\\Ne our of the past year. It ts useless to revi,ew the particular ad vantages om market possesses. '.li':o the observant, a few 'leading facts will at once show the position Paducah occupies to the tobacco-growing 11orttons of Tennessee, and Uhn01s, places lher the most accesstble poini in the West. For mo1e 1than 100 miles in any iirection you 'lUll find tobacco the leadmg product, which, wfuln. seelcing, has to pasl! our very door. Wi h er adga .. ion to the Gulf the entire and soon uil; it at once places her where the 16'w water is never a barner to her com melce. Tile .Past vear l,>een ne of activity, ex ceeding the expectations of all. "During the months ot Jlarcli, April, May, ana ;Tfme, the bulk of our tobacco "'as sold. Our buyer$ tcpreiSCnting all the markets mel-mlr market with an energy and determinati that it shoula no be to any market in the West. In proof of winch we have not shipped 50 hhds. for acooun' t yoat. e refer to those who pat t onized our-ffitl,rket, to say how they were satisfied. PETBJISBITIG, Va. Nove her 7,-Rcported bv It A 'roUNG & BRo., Commis!! Merchants Tbepolitical of the election last \\eek greatly asststed to break down the already dull martiel -here. Bnt now that the great event has been decided, we look forward to a steadiness and increase, or at least to more atwntion to this and other branches of our trade. The stock on band JR hght, and receipts have beeen smart The Petersburg correspondent of the Richmond IJispatclL says: "The afferings of tobacco are small, and the reQeipts light. Probs.blv if the market was active, a large quan tity of loose tobacco would be b10ught m, as i.s ctUs tomary nt this seafion. Under the pr.esent depression i t is to the 111tercst of planters to hold back, and put nothin" on the market but primmgs. These as well n;w they w1ll at any tim', and, m fact, com mand good \V e would ad v1ce plantel's to bl"d n no burry to sell, but rather to !bestow careful a.ttention m curing their ctops, and wait for better mices. These will be sure to come m due time." We quote ptimmgs, Lugs, $6 :>0@811 Dark $9@*15, bright $17@$19. Recmpts th1s week. 43 hhds; do. Last, 55 hhds. ; do. since 1st. Oct., 2,71 hl).ds, Inspections Revenues Tot.. I Oks ... 19 2 }'75 Westhill 12 3 85 5 2 63 Centre :. -. 6 1 94 42 8 PRitlBELPHIA, November 7.-B iness mall ey artments of the tlade qUiet, but there IS no < hange to note m prwes. The Uomm List .Sllys. "'The halycou days of the contraband! s 81 e ths't oming tD n close. 'fhc 23cl day of tills m nth Will ,P JDCY :;h,c stlljllps into uRc, a11d the 1 ade lo fonht d o a t ail :md legitimate busin i' futme. In' iew of the s of 31 cases l"enna. Seed leaf s at G @Sc.; 37 cases Oluo, lots, at 10@121-c; .100 boxes 1\boufactured NavieR at 60c@65c and some 'right at 66@80c. Imported dut ing the week, from Havana, S. Fngnet & Sons, 27,000 Exported same time, to Lagnayra, 643 Ius 1\itd., $277. Tho of the mo11th of October have been. to B.u 4,430 lhs. 1\ltd., ilHH::!; to Ha\ana, 3,43llbs. 1\U'd., li!I,200; to K111gston, Ja., 1.,1161llh5. Mid., $352. RICnlUO'ND, 7.-The market throughout t he whole of the past week has been w1tho11t ammatton, on t<:count of the recurrence of the penod for monthly settle n tent and the strmgency of money market. Recetpts ,md breaks are l1ght, nnu but-f7or rev1ews the amount of husmess "ould be llgh t Prtces are unchanged [ 'be s o t week a to 3.J:! hhds. 5 tcs., and l 3 hxl!, 'tt'hm 1 nge of the foil wmg ILCtu 11.) Common to medmm dark worku1g, $7@$_9; good dark WOJl(iDg, mn cured, eumruon1 $8@,$12, sun, good, $13@$14, coal-cuted, common, $10@ cool cured, br1ght1 $15@ $J5; coal :eured, fancy, $l0@$40. c mmoo dark workml!, $9@$10, mediUm dlLrk workmg, $11@$12, ,e:ood dark WOiklllg, $12 1i0@$l4; fine aWd Wta.ppmg, $15@$19 : D.ALES. PACKAGES AND BOXES To Foreign Ports other than European Ports. ltUT1NZ!S, October i!O.-Manufactured is more abund Lnt aml uude1 less inqUiry than at the date of our last 1ep01t, at f1om $22 @$2! per qlllutal a EGArt' MANUFA.CTURERS' A8SOCIATlON OF NEW a YORK -A. Htate d of lbP. 1.1( M \NUFAC rUitER8' AS s UC lA 1ION'" tv1lltw on lllU ftSD:\ 1: the ln::;t. at three o cloctr .ll Dt th:c tJNITEn 81':\ r E S llO' LEL corntr or <1. d \Vttter to tmportunt .all IDD.llUht.cturer:i and membcrd urc ur,:cnLly STRA.T'I'ON S ecretary DISSOLU T IO N C O PA.RTNER:lHlP-Tiw c., prt nPnlup herctornre the name or Blnkemme Pu.rker & C o 1 h t H l been d 11Prhed .Mr Ueo W Ulakemorc r et;i r c d d 8 M Par J.te r w11l enuuuue t ht'l busmel'.'l'\ o.t the old "'taurl under Lhe M PAit. KER & CO und will liqu idate a.ll tbe of Che form e r Hrw Mes..o.rv. Gr;o w BLAXlnroaE, r H F J.[AYO and J A )f.K!:!I 11 Bl AKI!:MORl!. nave fomted n ror the uou ot th e Cotrou anrl "1 obaccu bu"'wee a t Nu H llrO&d !trcet unde r the ot Dl.ak.ewure llllyO .. .... 1aa 7,07'7 466 4,10V 2L'7 ............ .. CROP 186l. W c:1e flne selected wl1lppero light and darlo oelon. 100 ease jlledlum do do. 411-Ctte blndel'l! l 30 case filler II or choice quahty for sle In lo11! IO"''Ia>L .,.._ by JOHN L 78 Water d hMetofore by the and unt\J&r l!rl .. .,.. a d firrn $1 No UU J:'EARL aad lOti W ArEJR S rRKETS 1""4 _.,. -Jtp"W'\ FOl{ :->ALE, LOW, 1 >\.L&'l VUBLTA ABAJU 01 dUlerent quaUues, In bond and duty Alo, 40 Yara by M c't F. SA.LO,!O!i M Lane, New-Y-Ilt FOR S!\,LE-TWO HUNDRED OASES 011' il'AU TQB 1CCO, motly wrappers A fine lot an rt eb&p JOIHN D SAFI'ORD Deler, AmiJOov l:t m1Iee 'Wfilalll)..,.., Addre! Bdlc Irl .. P 0 OnonJa g n Co 1 N y .....


/ I I ::.7e-= ":';;rk Msrchants. ====== = 'THE:viRGINIAerbBAGCO AGENCY. .. 1JJlH8Cl States Internal }\eventie Bonded Warehouse, Thirty-secona Collecton Djstrict. COMMISSION MERCHANTS A.'ID'AGENTS J'OR THE SALE OF 'MANUFA.CTURED and LEAF TOBACCO. 4,5 WATER i'r&EET, NE"\11' YORK, OTi1d oall thell.ttlention oftheX!ade to the following most Celebrated .......,, : :Bra.nilS of VIRGINIA: MANU!:ACTURED TOBACCO: 11 ... ThOmas .Jr.'s OoraCio,. Diadem, of Ophir Virgir1, 8ploer.i Cream of 'Vlrlriia, : Dixie, L 1ouls D Or, Peerless, Gilliam's Wine :sap, Callego, John K. Childrey, _.,.,. Coldel't &ear,.. J. B. Pace 4. Co., .ft-oytJter1sQueeen Harris 4. Pendleton, Briton's Emblem, -1<1, Crant &. W iHams. c. w. Spicer, McEnery & Bro. w. R .Johnson & Co., William Long, Creaner & Winne, Thomas & Oliver, To' c. W-tUiams Co., s. W. Venable a. Co. Ferguso.D c P. Word, aleb Tale, J R. Allen, &Jttle Clam, Watson & McCill, -1JIII_Iam's Sap S".'okinr. Cllll am's Dead Shot OWNE Be CO., ceo Comlriissio lYierchants, 7 Burling Sip, New York. LE\\'IS, JOliN F RANK, I:MPORTERS OF Segars, and Havana Leaf Tobacco, 39 BE.AV E R S T R E ET. N'e'W York. JJ.MES H. BLA.K EMQBE. 111AYO i CO., otton and Tobacco Factors, AND COM1WISSION MERCHANTS, o. 41. Broad Street, Ne-w-York. New-York Tobacco Inspection. TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. given for .ever y case a n d de liv e r e d case by case, as to number of Certificate. t B,-I IIIMI &le in Merchants own Sk>rea. -. .,,, 76, and 78 GreenWich St. OFEICE 76 Gre8llwich Sreet. BRAN C H 130 WATER STREET. M. & E. SALOMON 111HE TOBACCO LEAF. W.M._ P. KlTrruroGB. E C WIIEBLOC K Ill. P. KITTREDGE 1: CO., TOBA-CCO C!tolnmissiort -AGEN T S FOR ALL THE POPULAR BRANDS O(VIRGINIA TOBACCO, DOHAN CARROLL & CO. N.Y._ COmmissionMerchants. I BULKLEY & MOORE, a .ceo VIRGINIA Tebaoco Commission Merchant6-00MMISSION MERCHANTS, r .,0. t04 FJ\ONT-STREET, XEW-YOB.K, .!.GENTS .FOR THE 84Llil OF 164: Water Street, l\TEW YOR.K. The Following Well-known and Justly Oelebra.ted Bra.nds of V'll'ginia. Pound'" A G P ull e r J.P. W11li&meon. S. W V enable, Vel ve t Roec, F nller's .Jimm i e F nll or, PeaG4 M ag. Gor r ott., SailOrs' Clioice Jnn ller J. T S mith Dog llou5e, Terry P r i cha r d Dick S w i v el1er, M ark Tapl e y, S .E. White, Challenge r D av i d .Baker J r C harles Barr})t1 V i c toria, Pcerle!!!!tr, F a vorite P remium, N ational Eagl e Half Pounds & Quarter .. Gariba l di, .. ,. Fancy. Jnne Apple Bare. Fa.shi.a n Gold do. Little A ll Ri ght. Levi a t h an F re s h Pooc beP-. Pride ofthc :Mo rgan Wbeelock 'ol'et, National C u ffee s De}Jgb t M oss R o s e Chnplam" s Dehght Pine A p p le Royal, Ol d S p ort, S ancho Panz a Venus Peach B l oo m C. L Brown B l ackwell s ll!laod. A lexander Twi n S i s tcre., Indo m itab1e, O s co 1 a, Premium. Lad y l"'ngel1! do. .r c mptation do. A tl lln t i c CabJe T wi!:ot, .... Admlratlo n do. Cll b lc Coi I d o. Gol d .Medal do. Cbri.tlan' Comfo rt, Nat i on s Prid e R J Eleve n 01Clock, Bars 1 .,. rldc o f t h e East Flora T emp 1o, Cherry Fau re, P a l metto FoUrP, Palmetto Sixefl, Go1d Rod, Fou r Thumb llars, Delta P ocke t Piece, L ittle .All Right. Ten&. Gold R idge. Bl ue Re d ,Jacket May Queen. Alexander Boston K ea rf.'.arge. Q n ccn o f Trum ps ltanga roo, Mr. Brown J o nes & RobiDt\0111 Jerry White, 'J' h e Old S port, Dexter, White Fawn, Black Plume Sanch o Panza, Beautiful Star, C. L Jones, Capsto n e P ortland .Alao, MG!( .Apples, Pocket P(eceB F i u1 :A""a"JI Sbu1 &:c. &c. l 'l 8 Water Street, NeuJ York, IMPOR'f"ER S OF HA. v A.N A CIGARS A N D A ASSORTMENT OF Vuelta Abajo Wrappers and rmers of the best quality TOBACCO: GRANT & WlLLIA.S, RUSSELL & ROBINSON, J G.' DILL, J. K. CHILDREY, L. H. FRAYSER & CO., TURPIN & YARBROUGH. J. B. PACE & CO., .. _THOMAS & OLIVER, .GREANER & WINNIE, BARJlATT'S CROWN I REUBEN RAGLAND, GILMAN & MALLORY, CHEIVES & OSBORNE, DAVIS & SON, DUKE OF ATHOL. Tlte -zttenticm of the Trad e is rupectfully s olicited. D. Hirsch & Oo., .... .. ............. Jfe-wYork. -RORI;:RT L .. MAITLAND &. co., '-I .un OOMMJSSION Mlm.OIIANTS, c KREMELBERG & CO. NEW-YORK., .U:.D F. L. BRAUNS & CO:, BALTDIORE, Tobacco Commission lerchanrn. b anlll or Lleo:rlee Pa.-tc #.mpor t flconstantly on ADd f ur sale, In bOild. er duty ;mld, in }(1\S to purcbasera. 6 2-114 CLEMENT READ, V IRGINIA AND WESTERN LEAF MANUFACTURED TOBAOOO, LICORICE, CUM, etc., ISS-104 No. 8& Pe l atreet N Y. Mo .. s OTrupon and IJom o C oo.r:RK1X, Jl'll"' "'.. ''"'A., \... ,Pig a.r ma.nufa.eturers particula.rl y fOLvored. -SAWYER, WALLACE & CO., CHAS. B. FALLENSTEIN & SONS, TOBACCO And General H W HUNT, President. JOHN H. SANBORN, Secy H. W HUNT & CO., Agents, 167 Water Street, New 1 6 Cemral Wharf. Boston. S T B41TON, IG R III TT & STORM, jAANUFACTURERS OF PfF} f P BIALIRS IN LD "' T8B.l0 08,i No. 191 PEARL STREET, New York. JOllS STRA ITON JOSEI'Jl SCUM;I T T G EORGE STORlll. ,. JOS. SEL!GS BERG. J. M._ COllE:<:. S ELIGSBERG, C OHEN A COMMISSION MERCHANTS LE.A.F. T OB..A.C.CO--9 w .14 near Maiden lane, N e w-V ur k P. FRINGANT &. CO., 4 7 Wct Front st.. Cincin n a t i 0 F .A. .-, CO., COTTON I: FACTORS, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Nos. 70 and 72 Broad Street, Y"oa.::B:. ujiQ: MANUFA CTURERS OF 26 WILLETT ST., NEW-YORK. Best Materi al and S u perio r Make b y ,Self-invented and pate nted Ma.chlnery. 0 WM.. AGNEW & SONS, Tobacco and Commission Merchants, &; REITZENSTEi"N'STlll, & Y. 2!!14 and 286 Front !Street .:rEW'-roRK, 1U VII: Ollt!ALE .lLL DESCaiPTION S o:r ALSO DEALKRS IN lio. 4 7 ;Broa d Street, Commission Mer chants, Leaf Tobacco for Export and Home U se. 1 2 9 'PEARL STREET, r t y in anr package b:r DOMESTIC AND I :d POF.T I:l\3 O F FOREIGN TOBACCO, 7T l7!J l>,RONJ! ST .. N OF Havana "LA AFRICANA, OLIVER T'WIST .. LA MATILDE," .And o the r we ll -know n ftne brands. Sega:rs, No: H BROAD STREET, .UO'D 60 NEW STREET, Q Xl&W TOiaE.. M & J. SCHOTTENFELS, Commission Merchants No. lliS Wate r NEWYORK, .Agents f o r the sale o f the follow ing W ell Knovro crn Celelmrtlli Brands of vmGINIA TOBACCO, Captain Jinks, Cbampagne Otarlio, Virginia State, Globe, Continentnl, Metropolis, Etc., Etc., Al so, All kind o f PL"D'Gir-TC>JE3.A.COO. JACOB HENKELL, SEGAR BOX MANUFACTORY ,. Make and Prime Quality, ) OF CiDAR WOOD, :!98 and 295 MONROE STREET, NEW :UK. CORNELIUS OAKLEY, TOBACCO ROBINSON & HEARN, (EST.I.BLU;HED IN 1Sl5,) 172 wATER-STREET, N o 96 'W'A T E R s T R E E T New-York. O p posite Go u verneUr L a ne, New York. Leaf Tobacco in H!Jds and Bales, FOR l"E:IPPING. M Tobacconist N'<>. 14a S't:re e't B et. Malden Lane J; Pine St., NEW YOR K. s--a ""' }'"""' U&!.. Manufacturers of the follow-ing Celebrated Bra.nds of' TOBACCO, ROBINSON a: HEARN'S PREMIUM 9 INCH, SOFT PRES SED, l3RIG'HT ROBI NSON & HEARN 'S P REMI'UM NAVY pounds and half p o u nds. and A pri c ot X lbs.l Sail or's D elig ht, Navy vo u n d s : m d .79 J.lf Unrls. Forget-me -nQt,XpoundB. J. B. Robin s on's Navy, F o res t p o unrlfl. / p o u nds Luscious Ln.xnry, 3d' lba. Buchnor'3 AAA, 10!. 11 Orange Girl, J;! 1 Isabella 10:!. U C ate.wb.J,lQo. ( QG-'48) .&JJD n.tLD 1W MANUFACTURED TOBACC O llo. 82 Water-Street. NEW-YORK. :B. C. BAKER, SON & Tobacco and Cotton Fac tors, J.ND Commission Merchants, No. I 42 Pearl Street, Bowll.&.N c BAKER, :NEW YORK. EDWIN :M. B AKE:S JoHN V }JJ:{ AMRINoz, B.u;:EB & Co. New Yor k ) 84.-Stl) Cincinnati. J:x. Noaroll. 'l'a os. 1. 8UU O B'RB. ll. H. wmOO... ... NORTON, SLAUGHTER & CO., Tobacco & Cotton Factors -.AliD-Jlt m gnnts, NO. 41 BROAD-STREET, 97-1 4 9 WILLIAM M. PRICE & CO., to DA l'ID O'lOILL .t CO.,) ltaf ihahatc.u, I I 9 Maldenlane, NEWYOBX. w.._ M.l'lu ... A..l.4rn. 1 ... YER BROTHERS, TOBACCO AND GERB:JtA.L Commission llerchantsr _'W' ATER-STREET, NEW-YOB.J[. ----J. H. BERGliANN COMMISSION MEIWHANT, DlPORTBR .AND WBOLJI:S..u.E DEALER IN Scotch, German, and Dutch Y Foreiltl &nd Domestic Leaf Tobacco, Also, Importer a n d Mannfac lu rer of SECARS, No 122 Front-street, NEW YORK .E. M CRAWFOR D & 00. 708!}itCCO A.!'iD 121 & 121 FRO NT-STRE ET, NEW-Ye-RK. ::i.J.VP ClJ Mle &11 Jdlnd! of Leaf lt:X:?() U"" !:.:;3 SO!o!>l t:SJC.


I. Y. Cmnmiuion Merchants. New York Commission Leaf Tobacco, 175 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. .miA.S. F. TAG, Bea"lrer Street, E SPA. ISH, .1.11., KDrDs LEAF TOBACCO. 110. 184 PB.OliT-8TREET, --TOB.& T H E TOBACCO L E .A '.F. 5 I New York Merchants. New York Commisaion llerchants. WALTER lJ. BRAMIIALL. JOSEPH W. :MA:RTm. CHARLES A.. BRAVHAT.I. HENRY IYI. MORRIS, BR A HALL & no 99 Pearl and 62 Stone lreet, New 4J,J.L U ,, IMPORTER AND SOL AGENT IN THE UNtTED STATES mterchants. SPANISif =MiSSlliicORICE 147 WATER ST._, viz: H. M. Morris Ertra. Between Maiden Lane and Wall Street, HBW YGft, Do, - ACJDNTS for the Sale of aU Do. La. Oorona de Espana. Standard Brands of Virginia & North Carolina Manufactured LADY FINGERS, GOLD BARS, TWIST, POCKET PIECES, MAY APPLES, FlGS, GOLD FLAKE, &c., &c., and IIOLII AGIINft Jbr the fbllowiJls: BraDds of Do. M. & M Do. Don Quixote. Do. f Aa Aa Aa. + -Do. C::!: de Malta. ""D(r arran. 'ted Bu.per1or -llanim. SMOK fNC TOBACCO: POWDERED LICORICE. t B. & D. BENRIMO, mmiJl,i:On t .l1fD Dlil..DS Ilf J..LL I:UDS. OJ I.EAF TOBACCO, 1.24. NEW-YORE, .llaft oo oole oil !tt.ds of 'IOIUCOO Cor EXPOI:.:r llld UOidE USJl. SJ!JGARS, Rl'l'IOA," Pearl NEW YORK. JOSEPH MAYER & SONS, Lc2f &; Manufactured Tobacco, 10 Gra'VlrNtrert1 New..OrJ.aeo, La. G. REISMANN & 00 ... Ct:Si.'' l!L.I!!JIJtnC', } .Al.&S.JJCDD...amiW.i.D, BIU.&.!'f ltOENlG, !few-York I M R. PEARSALL, lmJII1!Ir &Ill Co t ...._tof DE BR.AEKELEER & FOOTE, l!ANUJ'AC'l'URERS OJ' Pa'rlagas, Espanola, La Bosa, Figat"O. flOLE PROPRIETORS OF THE CEL EBR.t.TED BRANDS HYACINTH, EL COMPANERO, EL CONTESTO. 94 BEEKMAN STREEm. BIL & CU., iMPORTERs 0 THOIAS & OLIVER'S BILLY BOCK, "K," VA. BELLE, STAR, SOCIABLE, ROSE, OLIVE, OWL CL!JB, ROYAL SIGNET, GOLD BUG, D. C. MAYO & CO.'S VIRGINIA'S CHOICE, of the OLD DOMINION, OROl'IOKO, G. P. PRESCOTT'S GOLDEN STAR, CASCARILLA, CROWN. Always on hand full lines of in bulk, .and GENUINE PERIQUE. C01dJrtiSSION MERCHANT FOR THE SALE OF LEAF AND MANUFACTURED-TOBACCO, ()QXXON, NA YAL STOJ,ES, .t-o., .toe., &o. Llbernl Advances :u>ade o:n Co:n,..lgnn>.e:nts. Havana Leaf Tobacco, 14 Cedar Street, NEW YORK. MANUFACTURERS OF Club Smoking, S' ( v -.-Century Chewing. Golden Bee Cavendish met nose Leaf .Bee. t t! ,Plain Light HAVANA SEGARS -ANDLEA TOBACCO, 113 liftth William Street, L.A ROB.ABITO," (127-178) IIEWYORK 66 Pi:n.e Stree-t, A A and YARA ....... Long N ;,. o. ..L. i No. 2 Smolting Tobacco, .. or GUTHRIE & CO., 225 ll'ronktreet, .l ) Commission Merchants !::P_FA{APFI&BY.\ ___ a1110. ;, anm. TOBACCO : APPL.:EBY & I.-IT-pn"oed In bal .. for Wet In .. es, Mn; \_:_ I SUCCESSORS TO lean, CenuaJ, American} and otht:r markt:tl. '1'01U.CCO P ACXED IN li.B. Oaa. J. B. C"''"" B. H. OBER & CO., (Sncct-lo &. CO J No. 43 Broad Street, NlilWYORX. Liberal lior.noe mado on Contig:nmenta tn oursolvoa or Cornapondenu m Europe, W. it. De Lander ....... .. Flug, Twist, & Tabl.cco, ..... Commi&&ion Merchant, NO. 349 l'EABLBTBEET, M ew--York. A. B. C,tRDQZO & CO., __ Tob a ceo & Cotton Factors, ..... General COlllllli!alon Merchants, No. 169 Frout-str .. et, :New--York. A. U. CAROO!O. 7RI:D. DROS1'. RAILROAD .. MILLS IIACCOl30Y, &EliCH RAPPEE, SCOTCH AJJD LUNDYFOOT SNUFFS. liACOOl30Y AND FRDOII 81 Oli'l' FLOUR. -q> ALSO OF THE FINEST 'BRANDS OF SMOKINI TOBACCOS, CIIWIS, AND PURE POWDERED LICORICE. 1 .1.133 W A.IID 85 Pni-E STREETS, '' tNEW-YORK.( SIMON SALOIION, DUBOIS a. VUiiERUORT,' I A:. Imp<>rter of any llraztch iJ i'.;; i i (I LABELS r; A s It 1'1 :g .n. pec1a y. &. CO ., 61 Beaver Street, NEW-YORK. Orden Cor Tobacco IIDd CeiAoa can1ull7 n:ecute l 113-:i&! G. HEI EK a PlL.ORE, I / II Street, Jork, 6peeial A&&eolloD pe.1d to-the aa.te of Lear Tob.1.c e l a. DI. -. 11114 ..... ad-81'&Died. S:MOEilfG. 'l'OBACCO e ;, L, GASS.CnT. u 1 .. NATURAl. LII!:AII'1 VIRGINIA I!IE&L, GOLDEN :R0111FJI', P.A..CIPICATION1 X GOLDEN CROWN, I I KILLIKINICK, OAI.Bl!IT.&L, OI,D DOI'!IINION1 LYNCHDURG1 BULLT -Y, aad TURKISH TOBACCOS. Put up in naif's and one pound p ac k ages, in the most modern styles, Manufactured orily !t our Ji'adory; 36 5th Distritlt, Lyntllibarg, Va. Tho subscribers also wish to inform tho trade that the depot for the Highlander, Occi. dental, Dick Tat?r, n _n<1 RQd Rover, manufactured by L. L. ARMISTEAD, Lynchburg, Vn. is at their and Saleroom, 90 Water street, New York. M. PAUUTSCH, Commission J.\.Ierchan t : WILLIAM LEE, T to LEE Z:npnrt.Pr .;\1 BAVANA ClGAn.s. um D.: A.I,ER m Lfl.f ':0BJi.CG' l\o u r j ::n 1\ .. 't ... ... .,... ,-..--(. \ l 1 3. L. GASSERT &. ,BRO., L. H. NEUDECKER, -COMMISSION MERCHANTS QL.ommission ittngant; I No. I ater Street, New York L:i:::J lN AI.J, KJNl'S OP 80LE AOZNr J'O,R Leaf Tobacco, NEUID:OOKEI BROS" RIOHMOND, VA. No. I GO Water Stroot, New York. And Qther ""ell-k:novvn Dra.uds. RODMAN & HEPBURN, 210 Le111ris Street, l\T. Y. SPANISH CEDAR for SEGAR BOXES furnished to suit the T1ade, in LOGS. BOARDS. Brokers In every description of Foreign an-d Domestic Wood. Consl",; ments of Black Walnut Lumber and Logs solicited. J'OEIN Bl!YA.V. OIIAS. F. T.AG. DICKSON G. W BRYAN, WATT CO., Tobacco-and Cotton ,\XD General Co1nmissio1 :r.::Jl:::=!.cc:>.P.'i..:::l> J:.\;'E"'DV 'Y"OJR.:S:,


6 THE TOBACCO LEAF .. Philadelphia, COMMISSION MERCHANT& Leaf. and Manufactured Tobacco, and Imported. Segars United States Bonded Warehouse. ,. "'-':LOITUZV-' F A. :!'RAQl]l!, W,J,I)UnPOWEl.L a. WEST' Tobacco W a1ehouse, AU C T 1 0 1\T E E R. S AND J. T SULLIVAN & CO-. COMMl!SION MERCHANTS, ,._,,. n 1 1 Sal No. itS Sou:tLI Front Strtet !llld l!9 Letitia Street, JJ-peeUon and C'01nm on e PHILADELPHIA. o l Consignments of Tohacco sad Scgara solicited. LEAF TOBACCOS, 1\[CSI!rs. Doll"-'< & 'l'AlT1'. Philadelphia. Orenup-!reet, Cov'nl[ton, Ky, Mrosrs. llosBKBAtiM & Co., York. Manufacturel'!l and Dealers in Dome& and the Leaf n.nd Manufactur ed T:tr:D uP AN uP c 1 cAR s,TOBACCO BROKERS, PLUG AND CUT TOBACCOS, Cm. Main ancl BttU-itt Togcthc with a gen cro l a,.,,,.,-tmcut of l'IPES und lill;t'ICLES, LOUISVILLE KY. .. 9 St., Prct:idcllce, R.I. L. KINGSLEY: SlMRI BE -5T OF '16 TOBACCO WORKR 1-! C MIAh l!.e of k Muon. t:=' IGN:aO.R H. sxrrH & co.,) E;rimmission. MURRA & MASON' AYD Joanr.oor "'-:'"'ACTC&ERS AKD Qfo\LF.RS .. Al.L tt!ND8 Gollllllcticnt $eed -Leaf Tabacco, NO. 20 HAMPDEN-STREET, Ohewwg and Smi>king Tobacco, Nos. 22 &. 24 Michigan-av., Chicago, Ill. 9 S-120l Sprln:tfle.ldt.Df-. FISHER -. & co., Commission Merchants, 23 CENTRAL WH.ABF, 1 hlll'ca1'Jn:n, E:JonAc w N. Frsrma. N. Fl>'llRL :BOSTON. Q-. W. GRAVES, _) I'JJ.CIEB AJI'D DEi..LBu l!f Fine Coimecticut Seed-Lea.f To s --a c co t Danbury, Connecti-cut I D!'" 90S (1101 crop 'G& ID

' I 9"utntrn MILLS & ll'\:IA & Gmwral Comnl!/sion Merchants, ceo C:x.chan9e, Shocko! Slip, Riehm Gild, ;a. ,..,...... to f. l'r<'i.oii'Vont. of,C\eN'Iifkon.,l'Dm Va i ..... .,tiiMferoQd' y uf tn_, f'lanter'"' B11.Dk. V-. ; H. ....... oil ce.: 'M\ j & 1;).1 Pdrl Bt 1 tl:flon. UNiON :Jl"ACTORY. RA loWillg cbojce a.nd wellk':lr"\WD of O'KIN.C -TO ACC.OS 1CRI! SCENE,. TUF--..nOVT, Vi Dlllh. r&W.E, 8P 1'. J_ Only St""""oor .to 'n!O:MAS &'t s.uw:iu ___ ,_,........._of tke folwwl..'(l <"--led l>rewM of 'VJIIC II'LUC TOBAO 0; DA .. :H:. !!'BE liEST, 1 PEACH, SWEE'r ROSE, ARD, VAJ!l&'rY RAR!i; :aiPE. TwiN BROTliERS, "itill&OW. AM11B8jl""', f ELEPJIUT. w-:16th & flStlto Vc. ---------.----,-----GREArfER. l WlNN!, GrER. ., Ooat.i AliJ) ..t.laN'TS FOR THE SALE OF IUH &nrACTURD CHEWIII &. IMDIIII TDIACCIIL 141 Main Street, Lynchburg, a. We arc l'<>r Ill& Mle or11lr. L L. AMJBTJlAD'IJ!!otlr. celebrated MJOIIUI ""DICK TA .... IIDd .. R.D ROV.R" IMGIUQ 'JOMCGG. Fll _, MJie lilld qaan ty to oult Bareft. J. W. CARROLL, l!ole MBDufacturer of the Fa,m{)OUII and World I'OC'Wned Brands of Virginia Smoking Tobaccos, LONE JACK and BROWn DICK. LYNCHBURG, VA. Onion "'l-lfnlly IOllclted aoo attended to. J. A. ROBINSON, M..I.NV:FA(lTl]RB& Oil' THE CELEBRATED OF VIROWIA SMOKI'NG TOB.A.C, INDIAN QUEEN, U>d JOCKEY CLUB. Manufactory, Seventh Street, LYNCHBURG. VA. McDaniel, Litchfield l Co., (Su-llllc and purchase or Xanu!a.:tured. llmoldnr, aDd L,eaf Te'baecos; FXA>UB. GRAIN, AND CO'ttntry Prodt!e G-ene?-ally. A. A. ECKLEY, LEAF AND UANUFACTURED TOBACCO. NO. 12 CENTRAL WHARF,. BOSTON. .193 L:Yneh'burE. Va., YlltCIIIIA. LEAF TOIIACCO. Allo> Jlaaura-et 111e .,....,. illish the result be has attained. Yet the fact tands patent tor all bave Wwlllaee, ad judge for tlllcDtBelveo, that be bae invented machinery, lmplP. tn ito construction and ....... _.11'1dcli .perll:ct ci.!,'IU'8 can oe made-b!Ulcblog, biDding 8Dd ftnloblbg them by a co'!tinnoos pro-, _. W.u1UiifiJrilolty and precteion lmpoosiblt: to be afLIIined by band. Tbc following conetltllte some et -l _....aullbrti!lty with whicb cloars are made. C ,,, R aaavlngIUS'!' emoke freely, owing to tbe tact that tbe llllers are equalized and etnllrhtened bJ tbe machinery, and that the bead anu body or tbe cigar receive a uniform pressure tbroogbout. Sib. 81rllled labor 18 n<>hequired. Any intelligent boy or girl can be taught in a abort tJme to operate It -two or wbOm oaeat tbe llaneber an the-otber ftniohlng, can make from lOOO to 2000 clgurs l"'l day. 6th. The machines are not e."tpeuive, and ocettpy not more space than an ordinary Sewing machine, wblcb tbey mach resemble. 'ftb. Fine cigars made by tbls m:t.eiline will coot but $2.50 to $3.00 per tbousand; made by band !be coot i!O from $10.00 to S12.00. To sam the matter up, I nowprcaont to tbe public in tbis lllJICbinc an acccmplished fact, whicb bas cost me )ear8 of labor and expend.Uurc to 11ttain, and which, withoat e gotism, I can say hB8 never before been ,..,.cbed. Among JDaDnl'acio.rer!! it bBI! long been desired but scarcely boped for, t.bnt some otber means t.ban .band work mioht bo ooce...ofully Introduced to economize in tbe proilucUon of cigars. This macblne will ot only cffe<'t a. ecoooa:q Jm manufs.cturing, but will make a :much better .cigar thD.n can potaeibly be _..,by hllud. 1 invite tbc criiUcal examination of machine by experts, all others wlo feelollfticlently interested to call. :J 'Dl e mAcblue can be soo n in 01peration at 100 and 132 Maiden Lane. '" PRENTICE:-Patentee, New York.' JOHN BB.AliiiM, 8oeeeeoor to BRAl!IM & BROTHERS, .. 28 Atlntic-st., BLAKEMORE. MAYO & Co .. QJ;oUo-u nua (!;q\Qccq inrtors. .AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 4:1 B1o ad S{reet, C!wwin! and Bllii.Otin! T!lbarco, SEGABS,, Att of the co:nbustion oftobac: o : ll'e wn.te1 e '"I<: 1 une w 10 Otter TEIE B.ALTillOREI Ton.ACCO ExcHANGE free carbon amm b lk 1 a 1 t hem h:ivc m new. The Rnn e rcmarb fur -The Tobacco Exthange r('CCntlv in ciple ot0 1 'car omc a me ' a, 01 a Pld.111 ther, in comparing tobacco \\'l h 01 her : t ,.Jes "na;, I B 1 'tl "i c ll e, an empryeuma IC su;Js n.nce, an fl 1 h' h b augumtet 111 a t1more, w1 1 "' essrs. b.Jtte e 1 t 'fh t th t' j c:-roune on w 11: to aeco hokl< 0 firm a fo j11..,. is tltat 1 x rae e wa cr I s 1 n e orm o f 1 & Bonn as auctiOneers, prom vapor,, the carbon in the form of minnte RnR o neal y mesy luxury, IS the least injurious It gr<'at benefit to the pl anters of pcnded throuaceo." The over-h 1 d f' 1 1 t 1 e oc y, aHn o na ure o an .1. d t ca >mite !let -o pure Jasers as 1n1g 1 ammonia ht t th t "' f 1 h t WOJ m;m u. u s m rt a quretns wh+eh exhaustion. h t t 1 b 11 1 1 e exac compo<ion c w 110 1s as ye h d L:' r..: nppen ancy t 1 e. !0 acco 0 crce unknown: it is this that o-ives tel the its ecnliar v)ng fQf -.,....U.. Important to a; ar Ma .. f!Jcre, uo_ nmong buy odor; .it adheres veiy po"'werfull to woollen ; and untl! "Y'e can la.bor, .oa::'.' -t 01 The mar 'Kct "as a close one, con and in the COIJCerJtrat d fi Y b I t the cull to n 11 rntihCial neeess 1t.,._.,f an artt6cra.lltte., 0 fi <1 f h e ot m, rs so o noxwus as a mos t lJ u h ld 1 ne to of eah? l commtesllon to be intolf.' rable. 'Die bitter extract is llo '<'sinous ub-tot :JNbo dWI o Its Wltb. t.hP.! ?reJrt to atselt; housc-t e re,...t. o w reI was sow stance dark color, and of intcnJl('ly bitter tnste. a .as It may be thought to _prevents the :WU.ND,-.-itll <'bite. otc. Tbtl sales and low The is, }Jrobabl) a componnd bod hnvln an alkaloid as llhiOuuctJOn i!e..ll)fimtely wor.;c. tbe cbeapt m uc, were not to be blamed-for thcJr chd l y, g --..,---h .. b -'t d 'th t ces Its t not Yolatiie, and on1y lea1es the prpes I THE CIG.Ift'M _na....,IJRDI!io.,. t.oJIJIU>JTfO"'' t en es ?ll .er c .c!rcums n by bemg <::}rned along the stem in the Hn1dform. The oao-Ill TbhlllfOC'1 a ""'lmrlothat tbeymoybc Now all 'this IS remedied under the variations e t k' d f t b An nd]ourned meetm.,. of this Al!sociation was held wbentb<>Jlraadlsltct. Dan'tpareha;;cauyotbe;unlil preReBtl!ystem, and both merchant anc1' tobacco that mtvandous...,m fs 0 0t the United States Hotel '()It Thursday President. 100 eeciiiC abiWil llnmr With theExecl)tlYe Committee of the -f. aod Blanks furn1ehcd. by that country is rshoulcl be opened, tf' "' h' h a ''"' posslbl<' spite of the thousands who show then: teen years, m w JC peno toro ... an questionably what is commonly called a" cburcbwar ('.Ontemnt for the arumentil U.sed by to be reimbursed. The Irl<()tt()p(}ly for den., or" kmo-clay.'' A'iter the clay pipe tho meer haesent')'ear il'l next wholesome. A pipe with a. meer and an ltoo'k ,PI:l'Oe lMo the ments of_ the We have no wisb "'to enter the lists. It. .the gross, ,400!000 net. Brit scha.1Wl an amber m.outhJJiece, and a. clay stem, our that is more amusing to wn.tch the combat. 1t Js to effect \t:try 1mporta'llt sav easi'ly rellMV3ob!e een a company., Wlth a oeap1tnJ. m of venient. -'It is ()f 110 slight if a. man must occm ? '' !toin',g the roun4" Qfthe papPrs during .2,000,000, :all of which daey sn? for !tim te ,he care& I of the mn.pner in which it MJ: .. under the last week, but is destitute of the scrThed theapsclvcs, and itbey m iis fu!ne. A y, by practient. ttoo co-ver stqpefaotliea is iilO pleasurable advantaO"I\ is con ltlllg the' i'nanufaetureN, it is calculated that e1ovcn pounds of 1 thesum ne()eSSai:Y for tlle loan -and for deriqed. DUI.Y !be .called :the soothin,. iuflgence m case :Strmto &hmltt & Std-1111 sbonld 'go to work tobacco per anm1m is a moderate quan-wo;'ldng the The .ftHice of .tebaooQis :Wont by a porous the adyance rates. Vie_. alee some fity. for the 4abitualsmoke It is then wh1eh the ebhgatJJoQn s Wlill be ; !!!:sued 'l!' pipe.,or w&l-ma. pao/-ttole m H?stal-mo&rate d.o the .extent of three clean the _I shoul(! not. be ID of harsh mea.s times over." Now, this n ecrl ments .. 'I.Dhe,J,talutn Go:v-emmeut 1;; t6 pi peg .ef.the miJ.c1ed0rms af in the twenty at this time, tlaYe.og\ven. :&1il not alarm anyone. It Is a mere pre-shm1e m tke pr!iXlits of .the Irn11nopdl pay f01 th. Ulte;ci'lt especially .if the 'llObacuo 'lte strong and the p1pe fmc, m conespondellce With lJmons th.e baceo would no Joubt, if i nhate d, deon :m:1d reclemptton .of oQbhga tmokW. g g1et.tly y The major part is really burnt., that is says, the advan_tages rore!;ented ef paiitatiw, a.l J>eQSatio. n .:il6 th011gb the h-eart. were B oN: .1 that. we tell u, m;ge. Inclee1of .a.ll.thc mtermrttent, we tamtness m a y expenm1ced. Ex-hJ a.tepor t lll wrrtt.el l>y "1'1' rtunded remark It speaks ltaljau ajfcnnes prcsooted oi late tlreme .smokin<:rl i s ;all;o very i nj1uiou s to the or"aiJof Costlgnn. The c1g:.trmakers fc111-ill"'l' Y :h "'.'14 natural of _the "many tloousands who smoke. :ro the_ publiQ, this .seems t-o the iF:re nch In _cQ!iG tant smokns1 the pupt w_as one of the \ reasOns { (\'but wa11t ,,f then ounce a day, or a dozen of safest and most profitalie. <)t the eye are d:lated., owmg to the .absorptwu of ULCO 11tated the l.>c th:J.t the As-cigars or more a day, and thus pass The aris Figaro publishes 'tl1c fol tisel .and the y,isioa is hnpait>ed by strong light; but socJatwn permit Messrs. Slraitoo,_Sdhmitt & storm tiJ through-their lungs the carbonized l.,wi11g interesting of the tot1ac the syJ;Upoom wb ich of .ala affee.ts the i s the 1 put at work at the adv:tneed rates. va.por of some twenty-odd p_ou_nds of cG AsiA_ prodnees ar.mua:lly'J:55, reteut-iou of on the !lf'ter tbe eye is with-ScnRo.Px:R offered an amcnument that ll'lcssn;. the weed annually." 1.f ow, tlus 1s mere ooo tens; Emape, 141,000:; Amerl(Ja, drawn from thlDl.: Loog a.lso a ffects the mu-Sti arton, & storm, ahd be allowed nonsense. They do not pass the "car-12S,00(!1:; .A.1iica, I Z,OOO; and Australia,_ cGus membrane 1<> 1 the mouth, eausing over-secretion to. settle ther present differences with thwr workmen bonized vapor "-if that may be .taken 400 tons. The umu:A .eon&lllmption i.n fiQm the glandtl, nml a peculiar ooreness <>f the throat, wrthont to this Associa tioh. The amendment as the term for smokeFrance :averages. snuff. 7,800 t ol*l ; with enlargement of ,the first weU described by was acceptcu. throngh their lungs_ a.t all .. The ;;moket smolcing tobaooo, .chewi ng_ to-Dr. Gibb, aHd sore throat." In Mit; STAc .uE'LnERG: If you permit :Mes,;rs. Staiton, draws tho smoke mto h1s mouth and bacco, 756 tons; :wd CJgu of vanous some pert>OUt\, mto larynx and & Storm togo to wotk, I must submit. The As then puffs it out, as anyone with the denominations, 3,004 ton8 The volume lJron ehia. l tube, and the f1ee. carbon of the Rtnoke i cle socratwn do not sustain ns as ,tht y seemed inclined to do least observation mn.y sec e \ery day. of snuff is equal to thirty eoiumn;;;, e;te b there, g!ving a d:.t.rk, almost; jet eql.oi _to t.ho at former n Jeetings. ou ut of this diflicut W o should have th?ught_ that the fact equal. to the th_e sec retiOn. wo:st e!fects of moderate sinokmg are :he bcsL way .'J is compulsion in the of a smo k e r couglung vwlently should smokmJccted proposition; that' was all. He wan1;ccl iog"that devotees of the breathed circumference of our globe. ?'he ::mti gre:J,t .man!' statistic_s, ann gives t-he iollowiog as _the the e it would smokC'. \.Y e are not usc tobacco -league, therefore,. w1,ll have result of Ins ('.Oilelusrons.: rcgatd to consumptiOn, be fOL the 1nt_e r es t of all to. Y9tC agarnst 1t. I snppOI'Ied of tobacco, any more tbau JOmmg m the plenty of roo m to operate 111. there had come under hts not1ce cases to the total nuru I to recerye th.e Sl\pport of', the Association. y 011 counterblast against it. We mf.'rely TnE nephew of Thaddeus Stevtjns bcr of 361. Out of this total, there were 225 persons as well look the matter iitthe fa.ce now. y011 intervene _to prevent such state who was to have $100,000 of the Great who did not smokf.', and 136 persolH! who did or Wtll to do it some ti!fle or What the m.e11 _bcmg supposed to i 1:est on a Commoner's wealth, if he abstained ten who had smoked.. Thus, o ,ut of 361 consumptive per want IS not more mo ney, but fewer hours to work, foundauon.-[ Me(J.wctl P;ess years from liquor and tobacco, or would sons, those who d1d smoke showed an excess of 89. Mr. STOR)I: If you vote down my proposition, yorr and .1 be obliged to surrender it to the orphans Out of the total of 361, there were 230 males and 131 must be ready to .vo.te to ciOf!e r cannot avoic1 it. You tion: new firm; W. J. Hoodles and, cancer; consumption, and, chronie brol)chitis-have proposition from the The meetina will will find it at Pitcher's. Light a meer Carl Finke. been made withotit any sufficient evidence oi reference be held at tl1e same place. 9 )


8 THE TOBACCO LEAF. Anhur Gillender & Co., LICORICE PASTE LICORICE PASTE L HIRSCHORN 81KJCKI80a9 '!'I) I .THOMAS HOYT & co: Composed of .. THOMAS HoYT and .lpHN F. Fuoo, 404 PEARL 'STREET. NEW YOB.l(; Manufacturers of aU kinda ot FINE CUT ,CHEWING AND SMOKING 101111 .DDBISOI' "' 00. a4JIOr&U'IIJII .. ,.f' V I lt116. SOLACE TOBACCO, 114, 116, atd 111 LIBERTY -3TREET I Ul> 111 CEDA.B.STREET, AribaratnfJildfl', .... Nopolooo B. &UDK, !P'W-y n.n'll" ,_.. w. a-, ;jill T. A. LAWRENCE & uu., (Sucoesaors to WBITr.ul k LA WIIJ!NCJ:.) ll.UICUOTUUII8 o Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, 374 Pearl Street, NewYork, BaTe ooDit& oo h&Dd a l&rp u.orkMU ef Vlrdllla P1ln ' !hiloklnc, por&ed aaY& aa auol Domeelle Clpre. Aloo, a .,.,.. nrla&7 ol English, French, German, and ScotDil Clay Pipa. James C. McAndrew, 132 FRONT STREET, Or, llo"' 28, P. 0., :N' E ""PV T 0 :EI.. Exclusive Agent for tho Dra.nd of \ .a.. o c. LICORICE, is now ready to Supply Tobacco :Manufacturers and Dealers With his recently impro>ed make. Parties will find it to their interest to ascertain prices before purchasing else where. T 0 B A C. C Q JF THII ONLYMANUnorouu o. 'l'IDIJoiiDl-li:BW YOB.K BROKE __ B._ S Q.tJi &JJU>IIEYa I!!IOJaR& T08.&000. IT-II SNUFF AND. CIGARS. WM. H. GOODWIN & co., FREDERICK FISCHER, THoMAs HoYr & co. Tobacco:snuff&Cigars, Tobac. co Broker, ...., .......-....... IDIIllO.. No. 2 Hanover Buildings, Composed of. .i) jt THOMAS HoYT and Joo. F. 1mb .Jug (lluom-SQuAn,) 104-1S9 N t;: W Y () R K 6UCOESSOU TO 10'1&1108 'WA'l'J:B-sT HOYT, J/LAGd & 'co., 10-fl IIV'ftliL )o5 H. D; ROBINSON, LoWISYILL& ;.K" ,, J. S. GANS & SOl'J, TOBACCO BROKERS, 110. 86 WALL-STREET, ouR BR. D ... CGmmission Merchant .Tontine Building. Fine Cut Banufactured and Leaf ----.,-----suNNYsm&. CHARLES F. OSBORNE, HEART'S TOBACCO, TOBACCO BROKER,. SWEET OWEN, WALLIS & CO. EXTRA. Tobacco manufacturers and the tmd.e in geneml ar9 particularly requested to exa mine and test the superior properties c.of this LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfection, is offered under the above style of brand We are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand F. Cl. AckBowledged by consumers to be the best in the market. And for the brand of Stick G. II. In all respects equal to CALABRIA. We are also AGENTS for the brand Cl. Z., which will be !bund, constantly on hand. Licorice Root, select and ordinary, conatantly on hand. & co.-, or tbe lbUowlllc brat.ecl bNIIida O( CI&ABS: OPOPcONA MARIPOSA, GALIPAVO Well, & Eve, GODZ, ALLIS & co., DAME !l9 k Sl !k>al WUU.ID 8&. POST.OFFICE BOX iliii-RISTO HI, JUSTICIA. LICORICE PASTE EXCELSIOR MILLS PURE POWDERED LICORICE, Gum Arabic, OLIVE OIL, TONQUA BEANS, bd etHo: b 11r IIJelly WEAVER & STERRY, IMPORTERS, 18 PLATT STREET, N. Y. ....... HE-NRY M. MORRIS, Nos. 99 Peal'l &: 81 S&on.,..&.,j'iewYork., IMPOR"ER ANI> SOLE .\GliNT, CAMILLA, RECEIVED THE PRIZE AT THE PARIS EXPOSITION 1 K.&LDENDERG & SON \ 8 8 7 Tbc only WholcMle nnd Retail MIIDnfaeta'rere in the United States or Genuine Pipes1 AMBERS, IIIOUni-PIEC, CUES, Ao., Repairing, Boiling, Mounting, &c., POBTB.&I'l'S, Mo. ... CIJT T8 OK OIL (SOlid fer Clrcnlan nad Prn Lioto.) STOltES, 23 WALL STREET, 6 J'OD STREET and 717 n A LL UTTERS TO & o101111 8'fWJiT. --,-POL F. W. BECK cfc. CO., And other weD-known Bnulda or Smoking Tobacco, PACKED IN POCKin' PeUOM Patented Dec. 3d, 188'1. FAOTOBY: 230 l'f'-Bl., .--...,, ..... OfFICE. 4l DEPOTS 1 160 Pllli St., lew Yllll. ......,. m&IMifaetw-ecl or :ro& wJil becutet!. JULIAN ALLEN, Seed-Leaf & TOBd.CC8, WIOUUI.I OII.T, 172 'W'a;ter Street. Yo ITBraJOdo lho ... 8 I!IS:TII .,_._, rali,P" FRAIK, BEUTTENMULLER & CO. XAXUJI.6C't'UBBBB OP SEGARS, .AirDD'&.U.IIMDI' .... TOa.&.G YO& PLATT & NEWTON, ro IOO Barclay Sb'wt. 110. 15 OLD-SLIP, JOHN A. n. H. McALPIN & CO., We8l corner of For the United'St.tes and C=ada., or Tnr:. MORRIS "M. & M." BRAND \1M. T. COL AI a. C'O., Commission Merchants. r Manttfaetlt'f'er of or Tu M. RADER &: SON, TOBACCO N0.150:WAl iail'EEI, m.u.L"'"""o' 160 Pearl Stre(lt, 1 ... {sJ:GoND oooa UJI'f or 'lULL II'Sim,) M WESrnfrriJ:V & 110 Piag Toooree, Sanll', S.d Flon, k. tfi-6S NEW-YORK. V > MA.l't., I'J. Y., NE\N' ;::. o ISCELLANEOUS. ---GERlRD BETTS & CO,, General .A.ucUonee1s AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, '2' OLD SLIP, .... NEW-YORK.'ut ... ..crtrPJUt!l Or.' .I.L L JaSDS or ::-IJ.WOB-.. U,ft. ... ';""&,'':'"' L ......... -,, ... ] nnd [ uw ......... or.., door from HanoTer SQuare, w-. III"VUI \ uc anan ya Princlplll Brands: L.E.u, KU,LICIU:IICK, ---, 1 -, LILY, and llERO O.F TilE WiST. 98-118 ...L. .L' 144 WA'I:'Ett.tstntn I 1 .... : .. Jl!&aU!:ile&unn of &u CJelen.lecl Bnulf-qf I OoR Pat', l! .ACliJ:-NVr\ th::. '"UA.:>t C:l,t. NOTICE. !'lst;.,t>nu..o] [1803. C. H. Cut Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, 2 1', 219, 2:H Wasllln,:tonst,, eor. Jlarelay, NEW-VORK. :\nt l {r Ugl1t and Dark. Worli:, Lump, 4flst, and ltoH Tcr NTERS and Maaufai:l:urer s KOENIG MEYER & CO., biPOB.TBBS UPI GEl OIBE & DfiTAl'ION :r.JEER.8CJJU..UV. B:ax.JIWOOll. LAV.t., or A y PIPES l ..Clay and China Pipet, Segar Tubes, __,j Tobacco Pouches Segar Cues etn IO<:l JEARL OmJ i BW.ts, etc,, eta. Ncn r Old S lip, 9o WILLIAMS'I ., up stal::"!, nca'r N y NE"\V YORK. KOXiG & pt!a. l'S.-100 HERMANN BATJER & BRO., OO:tDIISSIO:> AND IMPORTERS OF CLAY PIPES, 61 WATER-STREET, NEW-YORK. HOGLEN & 0\'lSF.!tS 07 .A:\'TI MASUFA CTUf:l!:k3 or Iluodnlolo ollbtH lla.:blnes Ia U>e ill the-..& -...e. 111 tile country a& lt:s\ the value ot aHm. Ilv)llg been Ia --s'o, ...... thoroughly and mMII ......,_. In a.ll 1te c a n confid!!ntfy reeoemt'Dd it to the rnanufacturera (If Tc'-acco at the be1t aDd JDOit ecoa.omlca.l .Machine for tbe purpose co..known. Cont.louau feed, no loll of buts, more cu' wiLh leu labor, more etiaDgee ol cut, ADd br1gbter 'l'ebaeco, than with ftDJ otber Cutter ln lh.e world. ; .... Patn!ed In United !tate fob. lGt h. Patented in 'England A.prn 12th1 1so6 l'-ted In ho:h"' .Aprllltlii>, ISOC l:1 Belgtam .AprU 1Sth1 1866. We aiR manuf&cture S<>le abe Tub.W.: 0 lin b1>1ad M dut. 6' Ill &Uta l-0 Wt J 111as..-rs. r!f .. atu.;s. A geu t ror i!c:olch Soulr, ror pres.. rvmt! th_e llf\tl The 8D.ul' ts hnun A 1 l over anLI. 1.- ctured rtr the 01ohove tr ca.u he laad. Dy the kc:, b&.lf bat LEAF Jma.r.En ,V B. & CO., TOBACCO Mauuracturersorullklntlor KREMELBERG' & 'CO., Tobacco Bags, J>!POnms o. 0 Machines, : Roller&. o.-. )'aucy .a. kloda, .. abo a pod oel\,cTi o n u f P.u.iC.Y Artlcte.s. S. S. EDMON$1._. &, &BOTHER, Mo. 194 Water Street, ___ NEW YORK. M. B. BROWN cfc. Co. IJel r firw-cut.Ch.ewing and Smoking C AND TOB-+.-CCOS, OMMERCIAL PRINTERS ) 213 a: 115 Duane-st., Ne\TYort. 99 & ,101 Willium Street, o.i.....:... Baa: RBTIV.ER, OJJKUII'gr. Martin B. Bro,.,r. 1 Johr; JOWI!W IIII.U... lt-UI Charlo: .,.. AND K. & C." and "J. C. y Ca Brands. .\XD FOU w e otr,r for sale to munufaclure:a and the lradelo gen 515 S'treet, eral t.he enperlor and welleMAbllflbccl brands ot Uc:orlct: P.llte. K. ,t 0. ed J. C. y Ca1 e"""Presely mAde for thls market and warra.nteU perfectlv l)Uf'e. 1 1. v Y 1r ru!l partlc:utar;!l adUreu HA UOK'S WK. ZlliSSIJL a: co., Tolmoo Wor!t,l, cmoULAB !"' TOBACCO BOXES, OJ'. T_his Cutter took Tobacco Sealing Wax, at the GREAT PARIS EXPOSITION. A. HAMMACHER & CO., Agents, f97 WILLIAM STREET, LV P 0 0 Esq., No. :;:oo WATER STREET, NEW YOUI-i:, Ts the .. Beekman St N. NErf' PATENT DRYER. \ York.: 1 San No. ll Front Street. Cor. Colifornla & A In Vl&GINIA MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. M. .. llauio:t.rer of tl:o Finest Sraaet of 329 :BOWERY. NEW YORK GRANULA11R Hillickinnick MilL The ciJ 8''iJ"te5t, 1iDr1 duralJe l[lleb1M e'?el'" 1or 1nfutlno( .KIIIlKiculciC or d_.>ar ... t'"Co. t:t..-1':: s lilt ... u at lc-o.VPI \\'111 t.oll.v tnr Hflel f wlrh l ... a n l i; n. vcr':J o"SC'til vp_pt1ra\11S !or c:v.-ry t A to, Cill!'tr-tral.ty (\n bt>!l.t pl<.tent hnr 1 tl"'ba .cro f"tlU.h;'( ""ctiUu -i\1 a 1 hnvr"v'"fl .,.ut!\ t,.nl" p .. tkul l : :w\ C3.1l or X:OR C tELDT & (lo Co:da<-'--C, 18 Ac;en1 for the .Kevr t:.xcel'\ _--""-------No ]lox lflould TOBAGCO BOIES & CAIJDIE&J' shearnfan Brothers, nruuu m L J.N.D JU.SOFAOTUaB& OP .A.Lio EL'OS Or BOXES AND BOX-SHOOKS, Put up a.-,.d Shippctl for tile Soutllern :irll:ar ket. We "he specl&l attention to the manufaetaN .r ToBAC(;O ... XES whloh ot .uLK-DBIED IYCAIIORB, .l'roprte&en er the l!raw A; .Mlllll, Wo. l9 11rooklJ'!l1 ll'. Y. [51J.S F, lcppcabelmer & to., L.ABELS For Tobacco and Cigars. A large constantly on lland and pnnled to order. 22 & 2' hth William Str..,t, Now York. PlTtiT IMOKIIO TOBACCO CUTTERS. l!:md (]apadl;f, GOOibs. per


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