The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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of the Tobacco. Trade of No. 43.) "uv"" No. 199. f INE88 DIRECTORY '. -:o: NBW YORK. TOBACCO W AUI>'IIOIJSES. Agnew W., II Sons, 284 and 286 Front street A.lle.-Julian, 172 Water. Ilake;, B 0. Co., 14.2 Pearl Belden, F W .,l94 Water. Beorhno, B. & D. 124 Water. lll&k-re Co., 41 Broad. Bo,.ne, R.' S. &: Co., 7 urling Slip Bramhall & Co., 14 7 Water. Bryn, Watts & Co., 43 B ulkley & .Moor<', 7 4 Front. ()ardozo, A. H. .!; Co., 169 Front. Jatt & 117 Front. Price, Wm. 111. & Co 119 Maiden 1aue. Re .. d, Cleme nt, Pearl. Reismalln, G .& Co., l 79 Pearl. .Rnhinno & 1]2 W Jter. Bweabaum, .A.. 8. & Co., 162 Water. 111. & E., Madeo lane. Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 47 Broad. Schottenfel, M.. & J, Water. Schover1in,z Iii Chapman, 26 South 1William. Schroeder & Bon, 178 Water. Seli!!Sberg, Cohea & Oo., I 19 Watelr, SeP:.our, Colt & Co., L>1 Pearl. Smith, ,J K lit Son. 47 Broad. 811Jilh, W. B., 62 Water. Spingam, E. & Co., Burlmg shp. Stein, lit Co., I 97 Du .. ue' Strebn & Reitzenstcin. 176From. V ettrkin, Tb. H &I Sons, 17:1 Peurl. Vigeliue,Wm., 176 Pearl. r LIOO!Ul!E PASTil DRA.LERS. 'Duvivier & Co., II Whitehall. t Ecbevcrria, ll. & Co., 20 Beaver. Fra.nciA., A. P., 102 Pearl. r Gomez, Wallis & Co., 29 and 31 S. William. Krcmclberg & Co., 160 Pearl. UCORICE POWDER I>EA.LERI. .Appleby & Helme, 138 Water. Gilford, Sherman & Ianis, 120 William. Morris, H M., 911 Pearl. SPECIA.LTIKS FOR TOBACCO TURERS. Sterry, F. W. &; Go., Nos. 2 and. 4l'l&tt. FLA VORINO OILS, ETC. Bull, B. W. &; Co .;44 Oede.r. SEED--.iJI!AP TOBACCO IKSPROTION. Linde, F. C., '18 Go-eenWich street. TOBACCO Pl!.ESIII!RS. Guthrie & Co., 22ii Front. M.LNUWA.BOUSL J eBSup I;; MOGre, 128 William. Tou.t.cco BAaRXLs. Briggs, .A.. T., 64 Slip. PATENT CIGAR HACHINl!,8. Prentice, J oho, 180 & 132 Maiden l a ne. ClGARS AND TOBACCO MANUFACTURER'S BOOKS. Estee & Smith, 61 C..dar street. ALLEGHENY CITY, PA., Jenkinson, R. & W., o Federal. BALTIMORE. TOBACCO W A a! ROUSES. Bolenius, G. H., 2U2 West Pratt. Boyd, W. A. & Co., l\3 South Brauns, F. L. & I.Jo., I 1 Cheapl'ide. De Ford, Charles D & Co ., 87 Sout.h Gay. GieskP, L. & Co., 4l South Cnadee. Gunther, L. W ., 90 Lombard. Kercholf & Co, 49 8. ChRrle._ Loose. C. & Co., 62 South Cho.rles &ui,Wm., 451 West Bnlt.imore, Scbroeller, Joe. & Co 1 81 Place. WANUi'AC'J!URER' trr(l. .fleck, F. W. & Co ISO No1th. Becker & .Brns 94 Lombard. etgner, F. W., 90 &t\d 92 South Charles. Gil, G. W. & Ax, liS Barre street. Parlett, R. F. & Co., Lombard. Wilkens & Co., 181 West Pratt. YORK, 'YEDNESDAY, DEC 16;' '1868 or 8NO.F; Star r, R. & po., 25 South Co.! vert. I I TOBACCO LABELS. Sebmidt & 1rowe, I North. JMP01t1'RRS or H VANA Cl .Lag_ Gilmor & Gibson, 110 8. Gay.' .JIC)ft'el'J. .Br:ackett, F. B & Co., 14 .ce..traJ. 'wbarf. Brown, {) .$ & Co 31 aDd 8'3 Bro:.d. Eckley, A. A., 12 Ceotral Wharf. 'Fisher & Cjl., 23 Central Wbarf. 1 lllitchell ; A. R .. M Cenu-.1. Parker &. 1 Commerce and Wharf. 18 City IUIOOKLYN W, Y. TOR.t.COO W AREBOI1SIIS. Boyd, Fongeray & Co., 61 North Third. Bucknor, McCammon II Co., 27 North '\'"ater Dean E. J., 413 CbesnuL Courtney, Woodward & Co 4'1 N. Water Dob 1n & Taitt, 29 N"ortb Water. Edwards, I. L & G .'W.l25 North Water. Eisenlohr, Wm. & Co., 117 South Water. Hiso, 62 North Front. McDowell k Duncan, 89 North Moore, S. & J., 107 Nolh.Water. Teller Brother&, 117 North Third. Vetterlein & Co., 111 Arch. Wartman, Micli., 10:l N&rtb Water. lllA.NUti'ACTURJ:RB, D.ALERS, ETC. Batchelor, :Sroa, N;>rtb Third. Hare, Th.;& Son, 4.74 and 503 Second. Marine r, Jacob. 734 North Third. Smith Brothers, 121 North Third. T8eobald, A H, Third and Poplar. Van Schalck B. A., 16 South Front.: >lli CIOAIIIl. Fuguet S. & Sons 22\1 8 Front. .&.trCTlONE.ERS. Powell &; West, 28 South Front. PITTSBURG, PA.. Megraw, E. & Co., 31 St. Clair. PROVIDENCE. H. L Hunt, Joshua, 116 Westminster. SqUtb &: Young 9 Westminster: RICHMOND, VA.; Greaner & Wione, 1812 East Cary. Rardl!"ove, Thomas J Rapp S., 14th lllld 16th. ReadN. C. SPBINGPH'I.D, MA.SS. Smith, H. & Co., 20 Hampden. ST. LOUIS, ltiO, Catl'n, D., 168 North Second n ormitzer, C. & R. & Co., 20'1 Market. Haynes & Heth, 100 North Commercial. Leggat, Hudson & Co., cor. 2d and Vine. SYDNEY, AUS, Dixson & Sons, tobacco 193 York. NE\Y YQJtK. l!l, 1 -.---:-r-:-:------------TOB!C()G AND THE INTE.,. .. T AI. There is one-remarkabie fea aboot the Ueport'Of the Commissioner of too of 86 u w rra ea, power. ; 1 C RQYUlll: Me Wie t.rH injury in his ;o 6. \lt ia the block e :&as 'becJt out under Mr. Rollibs' ruling. howenr, wisely made a provision tnat will still bring the block-. aders to if we but obtain its immediate forcement We refer to the provi s ions of Section 78, regarding the stamping and repacking of tobacco "on hand January 1 and July I, 1869. This section was aimed directly at the blockaders, and it is, to say the least, significant that we find Commisioner advocating an extension of tlte time. Such an extension one of the factories recently seized at Cincinnati, a man would help the blockaders much )'D.ore than the legitiwas found engaged in a dark roooi'in stamping pack mate trade, and it is only in keeping with his previous ages of tobacco by with counterfeit ihsp ecaction, that Mr. Roflins should rtcommend it. It is for tion J;Uark This was an instance in which the fraud tunate, however, for the, trade, that there is some one was brought to light ; but for pne discovered, there are else in w ptshington competent to act in the matter be scores of cases in which the f1aud is ne er detected, sides Mr. E. A. Rollins. Let th-e" trade petition and where .the whole shameful machinery is in successunanimously for the free stamrs which the Commission ful operation at the present moment! Thus, it will be er thinks would be liable to "misuse" (! !),' and seen, that the frauds were committed at the factory ; against any of time, ml we shall be able and that they were so committed because of the facility still to see justice done on the men who, fqr the past offered for their commission by the old credit system. fodl' months, have been setting the law at defiance and Such was the state of affairs when Congress took ruining the. legitimate ttade. matter in hand. It right in abolishing the llredit -----system of payment, but it erred in not tracing the Annual of the Louisville Toltaeu Market. frauds to the factory where they were c ommitted, --1 Still the iniquitous provision was clone away with, and The following articles appenred in the Louisville pa the honest trade wete given some adv anta"'e in their I pers more than n month ago, but the great pressure of competition with the blockaders. The credit syste m matter on our caused ?Y the recent stl:ikes has prevented our reproductiOn of them llnttl now. was, on the 20th of July, 1 808 as dead. to allmtents They will prove of interest to the trade of all sections. and purposes, as the law s Lycurgue made [Sam the Louisville Courier.] for the government of Sparta. IS true the stamps Too much importance cannot be attached to the leafwere not the n ready, but Congress had clearly :1nd e xtobacco of this city-. Its ill the re pressly ordered that t8c tax should hereafter be 'paid suit of certam fixed laws ot trade, whiCh, a1ded by amth l f th rr d t th f: t 1 h' d pi e capital, business tact, liberal policy, fair dealing, I ?11 e sa eo e o00 e ac ory: un ess s tppe reasonable charges, and attention to the inter m bo11d for export; and tt was the pro:vmce of the Com ests of the planter and buyer, have placed the market mtssioner of Internal Revenue to provide such regula-in an enviable prominence, and, with a fair apprecia tions as were ne cessary for the collection of the rev, enue tion of the situation. an intelligent until the stamps were read y provided tll.1ess anty to planters that their tobacco, shipped to this and Meerschaum PrPBS and CIGA& j tat defiance, and the old repealed system re.vtved by market, will receive that care and protectiOn whichdts HoLDEns. the Commissioner. The legitimate trade, who bad delicate character demands. 'l'hese warehouses are ll,687 tl,180, The stock on hand at Pickett Hou!le i!l as foHow.: 359 hhds. 'leaf unsold, 327 hhds. leaf sold, aod 275 hhda.. stems, totall,l61 hhds. The gross sales at the street House, of which Messrs / J. S. Ronald, R. W. Ro!lald, and W. A. Ronald, Jr., .are proprieto111. amounts to G,'TSl hhds., as follows: 1867. No.'bhds. Amount. Novembe. r ... .. 410 42,012 M ;., ::: .'..... 344 29 -9'Zl' 186,!l. January' ...... ....... 410 41,6'12. Februarr. : : : : : .... : . 460 e March .. ; ::.: ..... ;.: .... 1,129 April.;;; .. ;.; .. : .. :;...... 968 113,2il3 13 May ....................... 1,062. 1&7 014 _, 'June ..... ...... :.:.: ..... 701 11624466 July... .. ; !'.' '.' ; ; .... '10,o'l&1 August .... ::............ 336 1"3,314-M ............ ,", 235 81 Ocfo"l::el: ..... .' .. : : .' 21:r .. 2'8,0_:JQ 5 '. 6/151 2'a The stock on hand Qctober 31 amoum. to 400 hhds... Tho actual sales of the .Boone Warehouse' of w Wm. E: ;P. H.. Glover, and A. G. Glover are proprietoftl, amounts to: 1867. No. bhds. Amount. November ............ ;..... 222 $ 31,372. 48' December. .. .. .. 160 I 1868. I January 219 24,'509 Btr February.................... 319 March ... ,,.: .. '59 90,551 II' April. .... 658 8910221 May . 904 l3S,l'llU. June ..... : .......... :. 113,&8& & July ......... : .. 48,786 August.... .. .. 208 31,6tt 4.& September . 163 22,tWRS October ..... ; .. .. so 11,102'881 4,610 2'1' The 11tock on hand October 31 amounted hhds. The sales of the Louis.-ille Warehoul!e fortbe tobacco year ending October 31 were divided betweeD Messrs. Caldwell &; Co. and Messrs. Rark Co., its present proprietors. The house was transfetted to Messrs. Samuel &y, H. C. Mitchell, and T. B. Overton, January 10, 1868. The sales prece ding_ cbs transft:r were as follows : No. hhds. November, 1867........ 67 December .. .. 96 January, 1868, to lOth ...... 29 Amduot. 12,0'10 12,'133 (Co a,4as ,I& l. 192 lti' The following are the actual sales of the house from.. J.1nuary 10, 1868, under its present proprietiX'ship: /


Hhds. fl1Jttl;o111n Line: B. C. Baker, "Son New Haven Railroad: J. W. Laing, ... Yor New llaven Line of Steamboats : fnUy 1!-astJil.u ] t!iat Democrat. our1jlei .... and busineRs men nerall the ._W>rlta 1_a.aaty . ............ :M.nih................ ..... SI2'J. :A:in'il.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 161 lll&y -................. 1,459 J.sae. ......... : ............. 1,141 J111J ........................ 613 trade is not 8U both. mtenqfi:Jnum of the largesho bales. Havana a& -. .@14o.,pld, ia bond growing State iq the Union, and here we have a larger Havana at BBo.@. 05, duty paid. ltlarket is deciJeflly 11tronger for nur'lber of buyers than any inland market in the counduring the week was decist':rhng, rates now closely approximate the t ; Seligsberg, Cohen & Co., 100; l'ti. Pnre & Co., 34; Rossin & Dessauer, 27 ; A BIJnr, 10; Bnnzl & D01mitzer 4 ..... It.... . . . . 384. .. .-her ................. 2 !l07. ll,609,2R9 05 Tile atoCk on hand October 31 amounted to MO ..b.hda. duriD2' To-lllocOYe&l'. try, and there i ,always a, brisk demaud and active T4e large l!ale w e of was one P.Oint. T11e adv nee h,.as been infi11enced qy autiuipa co!llpelitian tor 11 grades and of tobaacco is h eld, since an tta-lly-w.ffiedtscrepaney l.retween l!i!;rht and time owned as follows: R. J. Usher, Robert Dunlop, "\Yoodpeculiar which take it oqt of the ran"'e paper. We qnote: 60 davs' Comme1uial Bills on L on folk & Glenn, J. John Dnnlop, Spalding of ordinary trans&ctions. W e know of tlon, Bankers' 60 day s 109 }@109# Grota and rales. &Jion,-G. C. Nevtlle & Son, G. Vaughan & Co.,8B. W. had the.y .heard of the matter in timE', who would have Short Sight, 110k@110 j ; An'twei p, t:5.2o@ _By ,New York & Philamore M-a.-Co 2 D LJ L ., ....,.. .. .. ; :, oudon, l4; H. Rodewll'ld, 19; G. F. 8 ; R. l.i. 6 ; A. D. ChooJ.Jay, .13 aud 4. tel! ; W. 0. SrJ!Ith, 1 hhd. and 2 tos. ; Dubois & Vander voort, 9 hhds., 307 pkgs.; Bulkley & Aioore, (ij); Bram & Co., 175 Dohan1 Carroll & Co., 109; Wm. P. OS; J. D. Ke1lly, 486; Hawkins, Guthrie & Co., 100; J. Mayer & Son,ll; H. A. ll. L. McCready 12 ; Collllolf Co., 25 ; J.UNbeim Bros., 15 ; S. W. Shelton1 28 ; Order 2 hbdl. aud 100 &Gdngagements were:. to Liv1.8........ .. . .. fro .m. Jan. 192 pkgs. .li:rom Baltimore: Kremeii!Ierg ,.e R. L. brook & Son-manufacture more tobacco, and par m e rits anrl demerits of the free stamp question, the e1pool, 20 hbds. at 100 hhds. at 37s. and 2,843 29,508 $3,715,014 311 mote tn on the !fame, than the whole city of Cinuinnat1. more intelligent deciding in favor of their being i1.0sued 60 tons mfil. at 30s. per ton measuiemebt. to Gibral1.Q, 19GB., ......... 500 :ne e..p. of ia everywhere admitted to be t at which .t.obacoo lB.hangle<', and hy Government. In this connection we would call attar, 124 bhds. at 810 in gold. -.t.w'e oee oftbe ever and will probably .eqmpJpllllODB charged 1!" companson to other tention to a provision of the law that bears upon the 'IOI,OIO hbck., but, taking conaiderati.on tbt' 111111 tll1-h!'l attracted th.e attention of.Hellers of subject, and cannot do it better than by answering the Q':JOTATIO:!{B OP WBOt.ESALB PRICEs. Jillil the aggregate of the cropa of'G7 and &om all and thu11, together w1th the full prtc!" comments of a co:rreg.p6 ndent who writes us from .... : ",......18)( .. _c'::'trlA!ol wtl.. ._ ---e ,wo ave-e This fact olJtafned, and pro_mpt payments for. \Obaceo sold, 18 Chicago, After notic111g the action of tl'le meetin!l Good do .... .. .. 8)( Y lJo. H cut do @411 ... ., ta tl d d tb 'b ket Each f h --..:1 b h' b d d d Commoo leaf ...... 9 10 .ll'olll4fli<:Clll'lld.--Tullicperpouod. II the probalrility of low prices uring the to-COliS ft. y ex.ell. m., aoea O 18 mar o t e ..._.e m t at c1t.y, w 10 we cop1eu an en orse Mdiom !eat............ Jg t 111 -... 5.,, 7'o, tO' .. aatllll's :reareoaeaoiagN()Y.l,'BS,andi\,oan Everyhogahead 111 in a l'e@@!lt \IJI!ae; be aays: "Therellolutionsofsaid lA 1 :)( ........... ... iii! .at 1J: dtM flrmneu at. renamerative ri.oes will be the Mpar&tely to the. h1ghest b1dder, -:,1tb a reserv.ed meeting, 1111itb ,much plausibility, complain that it would Seiectlono.............. If 1& lledtam .. "" """" 20 iii featGt'etl ofthe market. PThat LouisYille b1d the 11eller; eyery hogshead 1a sold on .1t1 be ,a great hardship fqr dealers to lie forced to pay a =:::. :::: 1:'1i: 1s toMoco aeatre of \he ia everymenta for what 1s fa1rl and those havmg second tax on stock bought by .them in good faith and leaf hlga i 11 &xtra ano ............... 411 3: M:ntland & 36 ; G il, Ax & Kuebler, 16 pkgs Frem W ashmg:ton, D. C.: A. D. 9 4 Wad11.. Fernandina, Fla. : :M. StraUH, li I!LTIIIOR1 Deeeahr 1%.-MeuJ'tl. C. Lo0811: & Co., Commission Merchants and Dealers ill Leaf To bacto, report: .._._._.itted by thoae whn are in a poaitton \0 judge and a h_a_;erdan which bad once honestly '(?) paid one tax. In endon-10 @80 ,..a1181ilf and whO have aaacient magnanimity to ad eqw.. vo&DCe .or t. e ""'"" pnoe t e mar et auo s. ing t.bese plaa .. ible are you sure you know M::!'oe ........... 10J(;i' MecHam ................. 111 Tberearemanyand whereofyouwrite? If the stocksonhandbavebeen ....-.,...... fbr tbia tG aome of which and one per oent.. on a.lea. Oar proprtetora bought in faith from manufaetnrera who have r.i:.".;ua..;:::::::::::::. -...... ..._. aUued, -d iaconneetioo with which pay for tobaooo 110ld on the day1t lB sold, al"!&,YB adhonestlv pa1ci one tar, the position in the resohttions is Vtrvlda 1 s HlllfhutwU. -Brlgbt:.:. ..._. vuotng the to aellen,and never.!"atttng to well your editorial is timely 3: a stnck, and light reiihrt.s vi aU de scrtptlons, traneactions have been restriet.Nl the week. There is no now loa8ing toblaeeo Shtp Ore&t We is chartered to eeme. aNillld from New 'York to load for Rotterdam ; capacltf llloat 1,200 bhds. Sales of l\farvland have -II and are principally tu" a\ quotadons. II Oh10 we hear of sales of 160 bhcl11. COialllon frosted to good and fine red at t6@1u,' averar'ng about tB 25 ; and 80 hhds. fine red and co161" lit tl 00. For Kentucky we note a fair clemand for ca&t.iiag JI'I'PO&" ea. Inspections this week-142 bllda. (t rein11pected),l Ohio, 15 laW1. total, 158 bhds. a..rect-ns bhds. to last week); 28 hhda. 41e Jaaiero aH t JaW.:: to St. Lucia, 8+:.@*; IWIMI...-on, 6e.(i7o.; gOCNl o., 7i@Sjc.; milhllillg, .. 17e..; fine broWD,I2e.@lle.; faacr, 26e;j40c. a.w.-u.rior to good 6ie.@7e.; b'rown aad gne11 ... @Sc.; mediam &o fine .... lic.@l6c.; a ate me dium, ; liae lte.etee. ; yellow do. ud ,._oy, Uo.e. r 181 oa to good liiJI, le.(j 10e. ; COIDmon!te Uc. ; to fiDe, 16c.(ll8c. ; aeleet ._ 20c .-, it1&'411taWilblllea\a. Of these there are twentyfour, aad oolleet the pal oft. e purchasers. In add1t1oa the and ja11t. Bnt if trat.b should reveal the fact that the r .... t..r: ............. '.. ..:.Do.ii:.:: : ... u Ollll the wain-ezceeda ll,OOO,GOO ....... -:' Ul -.na6WJ&uren DOW' here, there !Ill be great balk.ofnob atocik W&ll held by enterprising deal10 11 l"'lle ............. ...... 118 e II Opentias t.laeee fiMI&ctriea are die aeuoa aeveral aore; _amoagat wbtch w;e era wha bought it. of illicit manafaCtaren and broken ....... : ::::. 1. .. ::::::::: .0:: leaf tob&oco in. t.hia .. rket aad ootribu'e i::{ -t.iall the mammoth establwbmoea of P. Lonl at CJ:!: scarcely eqal to the tax, would it be right . ... ........,. .0 tile IM!Iliitr aed whioh dilltin s.he for OVerDIIleDt toiamiab the stampa to enable these ":5:ieii.'. ........... ""nlebatiaufellowa: ID ewo e I mento contiane to 1"1111 the tobaeco tradeby ander Jl.edl.... .'.":.'.'.:.'.'.'.':: 11 D09 enaliag OD_llbin atnet_llelow aelling, u here&ofor.,-who pay their taxa h hu ....... 110 l"AorOIUJI& &JrJa-db.., aacl Of Winch he wtll unfortaaaMJJ laeea .a.e pr&mice aacl ..... policy of 0.\" JD' .... ._ ..-. e1 11..,.-&l.Ualter W.JI'.Pngoi;'RolM.Danlop .... .rine-e.t,whicbahoalcl Govel'DIDeat etc.., \0 eaable i .'. .... ,... .......... Jf. D ..... Q. v ................ .. goocl ., .... ,. tbe tobacco-growera cltalera in ilfioit goods to""' the bulk or 81Dolting nd o &'!iii"" "" IU & Keville A Soa R. R Woeltolk at Co W Own, TnmWe, lleary, aad CfiTOll, aa tobiaeco froiD cbeap chewlag &oNeco; while thoae who would pay .. 10 ir_..::: ....... l'n..J"If!.' ... Bro., Geo. Dap1ly. theae couUee ia oosaoedeclu perior to any other,ud their tuet ... roroea tGiet their machinery stand au a IDOD ........... : .. ioN .... ...... t). at Sou. A. E. Barp, l'"eter Mr .. alwaye the 1tlilt to 1!. had. II'Ut wlti1e reata _. iDtereat. accamalate apoa them. ; r .WufuidJe n.-Lue.Co B.idea&biam-ot.he.t.ablialuaeu .... aeveralotbu uitjU De.tJ.t Jl.edl .................. I I)( ,., CDoul.hed ...... u. ..,._-w, 8. lbthewa, B. w. Bo.&wll' bt, p: ... Jookiag for ... .,.,.a&e iil the mate men Ollt oft.he or the Ring?., maay n 00 ........ .&. r------B coaut::lear. The DeW crop nroiDJ ... to lie a large otlioiale do. Tl11la let our law-onvel'll be How, .... 1 .......... ., ODe _vo-,,..nviA. ,. _.._, .... '0 be ..-. L.1 ....b ..,. _, Grolllldle.r,....... I """ do do do .. lTOD OD Vo., Geo. Glever a\; Co. oae, W! to coae m 'aurt y. "e. ave then. ahatt .. -we. tal'etl from tbe wbat? If """"'*'"' 0111e, ., do do .. lT oo oo nz 'pp .awl Mr. llalloT from wtth who have talteo great to Conlfl'MI ProPeeea to re. reli,ef to dealers CoU u4 B&.,' will laa\'e establiabmeota an tlaia city learaua regu:d to the and the nlet 'he eomtng ho14lag Jetfaftllate 1t.iuuyto pronde t.kaube. Fllleri '., ::::::::: s Or'::lr"ara;.;;;_-.i.:f::t!!: ...,. tebaoco year. The goeat redr7ing hoae -:&ted, wtll reach from _so,eoo t.o 10,000 aum.,.abaHoalr oan show :.... eo .&a.tril-.tL of N .. York, will alact be Ill operatioa largeat of pntVIOIUI Jear. Tlae by nti.afact!HT p have once paid :11;:>1nc tout ... 16 .. ......... 815 .... tile llf J......v, 1869. It ia here wortlt ot' re' ohbeinmmeaae salea will be fally ta,ooo,ooo. a tax. Let tum produce the ODI(Infti .,..:.;.,:::: a: e = 1 :g J .b'lJ d d h -lleoaililll .. ..... ; """' Scotch" LDIIars, tiona, old .... : ......... Ill f! .. .. ::.:.:.:::.''.'.'.'.'.'_'.'.: Graham EsQ. wh'f: is a eiu:n' abroad, lncludtn' all \arts Northwest, and By the 78, the Government lias now '::J(rsx =)( anti a buyer. more tobacco the Canadas. hey ave mvanably found better asin .it s possession (i.f the law has been faithfitlly executed) ;oorleol .... 9 @lOJf .... ... ..... .. 13 .... i.J...U. Y lUll io the and we doubtakortmendtshfor their purposdes an exact inventory of all the !!enuine tax-paid goods @14 :::::::: :: .. t.i&felyaa f'lt,all t eaame demaB W1 eXIBt season, now)nthehaadsofdealers,and,wben One ofthelat.. ..................... :)( '-" y, very largely augmented. The capac1ty ,qf the c1ty ter applies to have the tree liamps affixed to his goods, HAanal'll'ra do 8G @115 ..................... GBln:BAL BtJYII:JII!. warehouses this season to handle and store the crop to he mnst first -show that they are on the inventory in the w G1'8.lallft, W. S. Collins, W G. Meier, J. G. the advantage and sa.'.isfaction of the plantet is also Go,e rnment's hands. He also furnish ...... J"olln 0. B. Hunt, P. V Duncan,_ W. which, together with the incre.ased evidence that the tax has been paid, by the productio n : .a..,.arly1 J. G. Haa..brough, J. B. -Turnley, E, M must result ip making Louisvill q the leading of t.,e receipt, etc. e llnt the authorities to be very Dnae, Mr. Falconer, : Mr. Paul, Mr. Schanzenbaoher, market of the country. The a.ece8sion of sev-particular; in case the free stamps are bttt if the !:K.ll.. Jiash & Bro., J, F. Heinsohn, R. L. Lewis, P eral Lregular buyers for the season is a!fswred, including official!! ordinarily careful, there will not a pound of -.ian, J. T. Edmunds, Air. Korb, Mr.. Backrack, the. horill1 1rd br:snchti establishment from New York, the bloclalde goods be stamped free. If a dealer de Wei&haus, W. Hiram Smith; Ed. White, Spencer whlc wi requtre rom 1 200 to 1, 500 hogsheads of mands a CE'I'tain amount of free stamps, he -must first .te.g. D. Bridges, W m. Bridges, E. S. Read, J. H. leaf per annuin, aH of which is to be purshow that he bas properly returned the goods in his lllaulcan,John ThompsGa, John M. Smith, A fl. Smith, 0 ase at the warehouses hert>, and we can confidently monthly inventory. Then the inquiry as to the pav'&::lloPhenon, Mr .A:ubrey, .John Smidt & Co., I<'. Jan-look for the market \0 be vastly increased during the ment of the tax will be in order. Now:, as a matter of "nleodore S!t year was a small one, be .the amount great or s mall, the Government ought to J.aae. aud Breckinridge counties. This class 9f tobacuo even less than anticipated, yet Louisville received a full know on th, much larger than said, is not large as dealers have been shy of. this c lass X1llituekv in the counties of Hart, Boone Taylor grown for years; and it is a. safe estimate to say that of !!OOds for some time rast, in consequence of the 1'.1 the sales in Louisville for the present year will double lheene, Cutl;lberland," Loga.n, and Todd, as also in the threatened te-taxation. et the 1rennine goods be 'oRiver finds its way io this market, and the sales of the year just closed. The demand for all provid ed for, and then let the blockaders be made .llaj'lli'S at Clarksville and Paducah are constantly sendgrarles, especially cutting leaf, will beso much inOI-eas to suffer for their misdeeds. The tobaqc o, snuff, and -mg tobacco, purchased at those points, to thi11 market, eel tliat the entire product of Henrv, Owen, and Trimcigars should, afte r the issue of the free stamps, be a1lll find the difference in prices such as to evable them ble counties will find a ready mark'et here. The addicompelled to be stamped and packed as the law directs. hand11ome profits, and still 1arger shipment tion of two llew warehouses, the Planters' and the The extension of time to the first of April for ciga r8 .pa7 t.e e xpected in the future. But there are other Farmers', each admirably adapted to the business in and the first of July for Ca,endish, will be nnnece ssary '&roes in operation which are ttOtniueuce to every respect, increases the storage capl\city of thnity if free are furnished. The trade wants the Lnaisville a.s the great tobaeco mart bf the co .uutry. fully 15 000 hhds. This enables the enterprising wareblockaders killed off if possible, and only some very 'We allude to its tobaccCI manufacturihg establishments. housemen, with their six imme!'lse warehouses, to he stringent provision rigidly enforced will accompli sh it. 'Of'tlaeae there are b.fte!en in' full operation in this ciiy. ahle to readily handle and store during the season 175,-We noticto that the trade in Philadelphia have also -rlroae engaged in manuractuting plug 'tobacco are as 000 hbda. tobacco. actt>d in this matter, and appointed the following comfciUows: mittee to proceed to Wa.shmgtrn to engineer the mat'E. L. Holbrook & Sou, j', S. WiHett & Co., Finzer TH& TO:BACCO ltABXET. ter in thll Rouse: Thomas Hare, William M. .Da.., A 0. Brnnnin, W. B : Lortghbridge, Abbey, John Vvoodside, William D. Geo. 115Ce., W. Hopkins, W : A. Lancaster, Taylor, Forcee DO!'IIESTIC. Fite. We see that Mr. Washburne bas already preU5 Co., A. J. Musselman : sented to Congress the petition of certain cigar dealel'!! u 8moking tobaeco there are three establishment8, NEW 18RK.. Dec:, 15, and manufacturers of Free port, Illinois, asking an ex.,._: Western Leaf-Has been very qniet. our last, tens i on of the time. We think onr Freeport fri e nds in :Bert, Flagg & Co., Serb & Perring, A. L. & G. Robsalt>s being restricted to 453 hhds., of which 135 hhds. error, and that the issuing of free stamps woulci meet lugs and low leaf to the Mediterranean, at Sc.@9c.; 22 thE>ir nece ssiti es mor e exautly. We also find the fol ,AacUn cigars we now recollect of: hhds. dry .Missouri to England, at 10:fc.@llc. ; 25 hbds. l o wing in a late issue of the Richmond WMg, with .. yer & Bros., Leopold & Co. filler11 aad wrappers to Canada, at 8 tc.@14te.; 52 hhds. reference to the same subject. Our contemporary will llr. J. L is a regular and large buyer iu to manufacturers, at 8c.@9ic. tor fillers, and 15c.@17c. accept our acknowledgements for its kind appreciation: 1JIPORT!I, Arri vats at the port of New York from foreign port!! !or the :week ending December 15 include the followmg .COnSI<>'nments: 'From Hamburg: Strohn & Reitzenstein, 34 bls. Havana leaf' tobaeco F rom Havre: H. Batje r & Bro., 2 pkgs. pipes From Manzanilla: Chanes & Chappell, 989 bls. to bacco. From Cardenas: W etmoro, Cryder & Co., 1 box cigars (6,000). From Port au Platte: Eggers & Heinbcin, 500 ce roons tobacco. From Havana: H. Levins, 189 bls. tobaecn; Woil & Co., 167 do.; A. Gonzales, 121 do.; M. & E. Salo mon, 231 do.; J. V<'ga.,-100 do.; F. Miranda 193 do. n' 3 do. ; Acker, Merrall & Coudit, 1 do. ; D. & L. soh.n, I do. ; C. W. Rupt'et ; ht, 1 do. ; Purdy & Nicho las, 1 do. ; Atlantic .Mail Steamship Co. 1 do. De Ba.rry & Kling, 2 do.; Tripland & Bebian, 2 do.; d. Go<'lait, 1 do. ; DoHner, Potter & Co., I pkg. do.; Order, 6 cs. do., and 911 bxs .. do. EXPORTS From th e port of New York foreign ports, other than Eu1opean ports, for the week December Bth, include the following: Danish West In 4 hhds., $1,387 ; 20 bls.; $400 ; and 565 lbs. mfd., $226 Dutuh Wet!t Indies: I hhd $167. Canada: 10 bls., $315, and 4cs. cigars $705. British North American Colonies: 20 'cs. $800 and 11,895 lbs. mfd., *2,340. Britiflh West Indies: 9 hhds., @2,372, and 2,912 tbs. mfd., $71:1. Bl'itish Guiana: 4 hhds., 81,200 French West Indies: 6 hhds., $1,189 Canary Islands: 20 hhds., $6,106. Central America: 40 $80Q. New Granada: 1 cs., $44. Venezuela : 3 hbds. $7 65, 6 cs. 63 1' 5 797 lb 'I' "'> I S, mfd., $1,782, and 1 . black, 54c.@57c. ; good pounds bright. 62c.@ 'iOc.; do. lOs and half-pounds, 63c.@68c.; fine pounds, 75c.@90c. .bnp01tations.-Coastwise: 11 stems, J. P. Pleas ants & Sons ; 17 empty pkgs., C. W el't & Sons ; 12 do. do., Uonlter & Co.; 13 do. do., H. G. Vickery; 11 pkgs. tobacco, J. Heald & Co.; sundry pkgs., auudry Y persons. BOSTON, December 1%.-The market (or all k1nd e continues without alteration. Messrs. Lo1in.g B. & Son, in th eir report to the Commercvd .Bitllkei n say: "bf:lnufactured is selling in moderate and at nnchar.ged. The supply of stluups for tax hardly eqnal to the demand, caul!iag aom e mconveruence at pnsent, but the difficulty can euil y be overcome. With due vigilance on the part of the proper officers, a Iorge revenue may now be: saved to the Government if they are disposed to do so and when stamps make their al! they assuredly w1ll, the Government detectivea ttbould at once seize the goods and put a stop to the illegal traffic from which the regular t1ade have already suf fered hea\ily." The receipts of the week amouut t o 392 bxs. Kxported same time: to Valparai.Bo to bls. and 4 cs.; to Bombay, 100 cs. and 1 box Africa 10 hhds. CINUINIU Tl, Dec ember 1%.-_Says the Jowmal o f Oormnerce, there is but a limited amount of leaf oom iug forward, and the sales durin"' the week have bee n quite light. Pri'ed. In there is only a modemte busimf88 doing. We quote"&Malll8l'ket for l'lle88rs .Mt:Douald & Qq., wanufacturel'!!, for wrappers, the latter for new ; 10 lihds. to cutters ; The New York TonAcco LEAF for the current .. lltreal, Canada. consume im-ISO hhdii. to jobbers; ancl 29 bh:ls. for export, on pri. week is a valuable i ss ue of that excellent organ of the 11ll!D88 quantities of leaf anrnually, and, as an in dux vate terms. We have no chauge to. note in prices tobacco trade of' the United States. So zealous, out4lal eJttent of the busiocs.s, we lUll)'. very properly state Factors are willing to close out at quo tations, but conspoken, and intelligent an advocate of this important llaat one concern, that. .of .Mei!Srl!o E. Holbrook &.Stin, sider them lower tban they arc likely to replace with mterest, merits the cordial support of all parties conpayaore revenue tax. tba.o is colle!:ted in the new crop. Scarcely has beP.u done in this cerned in tt,e l?rrat staple. THE LEAF watmly favors emb1acing the .city ,of Cincinnati. .. the manyet, nor do we see any immedJa.te prospect of' buyer and prompt orgamzed achon by the trade to secure an Uilal;l)riet! of this city 'od of ptber w.hich deseller coming together. ame ndm ent of the existing i!1ternal revenue law. We ...W.-.heir supplies fro!ll tbi$ ::na:kat i s a cons tm1t Se e d Leaj:-Tberc is but little doing, as nsnal, in have frequently urged the RJChmonfl manufacturers t demand for the finer q;Wities of which, seer! lt>af at the close of th e yea1. The trade at present form an organization for the ptomotion and protection .dam_g the past year, dealt iu by is altogether r etail for cou!!umption, aud if the present of their gen e ral interests It is surprising that they do .Ye!al'll. Geo. W. & Co., who have acted as the high pric es of etops are maintained, it will btl not do so. 'In united effort there is str ength.' The trade .,_ts of' Virgi nia this flaturc ofthe trade long ere the1e is any export demanrl in conseqnenct'. elsewhe r e hnve l e d off in protE'stsagainst the 78th sec.4ariag tbe past year has contribnted to the ad vantil'l(llS We q11ote: 125 C$. Ut. 18!>6 and 1 865 crops at l 4c. ; t i on. Suiel y Rich mond h as some int erest in its modi-"'era hav e enjoyed who \vranted Virginia le.1.t; and has 60 cs. 1 867 Ct. at 23 State at 9tc.; 33 c fica tion. We hope that the manufacturers here will, in facilitated the ma.. uu.footuriug bitsiness ot the Ohio 1867 urop at Be. some form, unite in the emonst r anues against the en.Spunish.-Tlwre is bnt little doing in Havana, and fi1rcement of the 'i8th section nntil, as proposed by our We have ghen more t .hau usual prominence Bnd still it->S!I in Yara, altiong h loJ the latter are Ne1v York contemporary, it is amended by authorizin!! -.pace to the annual review of the Louisville tobaueo lirm. Notwithstall(ling the la1ge stock of Havana on the Commissioner of Iuternal Revenue to jiee ....:u-li.<-t. Our object is to gi,c tobacco growers 'thruughhautl, tlwre hnt little that nally uhoicE' and avai l -stamps for ALI. tobacco now on hand, on which the 0'!4-We State all the reqnirt'd in rt>g.anl tu :lltlt'. A" t.o Yara, we twte the arrind of 1,500 t a x has hcl?n actually paid." To European ports for the week endinc:r December 5th.; 0 OWEN AND !l.\BON COUNTY Liverpool: 1 hhd., 2 tcs., 21 cs., and 8,588 Jbs. mfd. Trash, per lb. -. ......... -lliamarket, and to pomt .out the adva ntages it poshales within a lew clays. Thu old stagers h the bnsi -Smokiny.-Tracill has been quiet, being affected by The is a large one, and we arc c>uli-do uot autitip:ttu auy gnat btring< nt'Y in in the uncertainty as to what will do deutthat it istbe best market, all things consiclert>d, in this mticle, the pn.plwcil's of short th e provisions of the 78th se (tion of the law. The JJUntry. Our la,!-'ilities aru atu l 'i5,000 or urops, ett-., mrd dto in the l'XperieJice of a mon tnmo r i s that the time will he extcndecl. There .bhds. can easily be haudfed.hele Iu adtliliou cprtain sompoeh the hnR been so methin g dniug in oraf and 2 cs. cigars. Ml'ciium Lt'af ............................ Hamburg: 253 bls. Fine Ll'af............ ................. Gib1ahar: 289 hhrls. and 237 cs. hright and sweet ............... Algoa Bay, C. G. H.: 98 threeqr. bxs. mfd. VIRGDIIA. DOMESTIC RECEIPTS, Common to goud Jugs .... .... ... ,,, .. Interior and arrilals fir the ending Jlledinm Leaf. ......................... t8 Sc 16@20c 1"@16 c !1@26e 28@35 c 5@ 7 c 8@12c 12@18 c Decernbei.l5th have beo;>n: 244 hhdl'., 6 tcs., 295 Cl'., 6U Fine Lent ............................. bxs. 44 ht .. bxs., 1,709 pkgs., and 1 es. dU'ars consi.rned bright ....................... as folJOWR: 0 0 OHIO SEED LEAF, 28@35 c By Erie Railroad: Fielding-, Ghpm & Co., 7 Fillel'!', pPr lb .......................... Norton, Slaughter & Co .. Chnl' B. Fall< llsllin & Jl.fedinm Wrappers ..................... Son, 2; E. Hunt & Cn., 4; Munell & Co., 6; .J Fine ........................ c. na,emeytr & Bro., 10; OIdpr, 64. ............................ 3@ 5 c 7@10 c 12@18 c 20@30c By Ri;er Raiii'Oad; Barclay & Lidngston, MANUFACTURED. 15 lthcl!t, Tcnl', anrl navy ft:.tll sweet ... 06@ 68c TJBtf Un;o.n R L.llfaitland & Co., 10 do do light ................ 70@ 7l)c 1 ;1 &. C ett( J em on, 112 aud 50 IJxs.; Bram-Brig Itt Ponnds ......................... 90@1! 35 JaB C o.,diO. L K

.. -3 8!_,.,NIIIrcla the latter .. or the .week .,,.rate detree of bat dOMJII the firat th1ee aayB tbera was hardJv tldngcJoing. Sales were aft"ected of M hhds. ail: one lot. of lb frU:an) having beea taldm jOr to at 14 and 10 hhd8. brit;ht w of for home consumption at 18 aocl Ha. lfll. bhdB. low leaf brought S!c., 1 do.l8c. lti. The offering supply is very light, &Di reoeipta are'limitecl. Prices artJ nominally unaiooe the 1st inat., 8 hbds., 32 cs., 100 bxs., oonaigned aB tollows : IUftt Beata ftOm &. Louis : Mayer & Bro., 21 .... f L. Bro., 116; W. Van Bentbuysen, iof'; W. 10tl B. Woods, 6. .lillian Johnson & Co., 5 pkgs .cllftliM!llti: L. Gnntber, 8 hhds. By POI!Itdlartrain Railro&a from Mobile: W. Van BenthwJ111!n, 161 pkgs.; T. Hemsbeim, 10; Order464 By lfew OrleaDB & Great Railroad:. Calleway 1 Johnson, 100 bxs.; Oraer, 32 C8. Cleared since the 1Bt inst., none. Stock in warehou!lel! and QD thipboard, not qleared on 'the 8th inst., 1,698 hhda. ln'.LTEJldT Oi' TOB.A.OOO. Hbds: Stock on hand September 1st, 1868... 2,183 Arrived pal!t WC'lk .. ... 8 .AJrived ........... .. 452460 otal. . . . . . 2,643 Exports p.-week. . .. .. .. oo pt? ............... 735735 Broken up for baling, city consump u..o. etc. . . . . . 21 o-945 aOekOil b ol and on sbipboard .. bbda. 1,698 JNSPECI'IOl'l' 01' TOBACCO. Burke, I:Jautl! & ... : ..... l From Sept. 1 } 220 Slllllme & Campbell ........... f to IJate 188 . hhds. .. ()oo/Jeo.-Busintlss in tnamtf: r .. ; ade continues pene.ct1Y s g to ,t,he 01*' n of the revenue Jaw8. A of uncertaiutr and mistrust seems to ede. .-41t ..... eontinue bgbt, though sufficient to m requirements. We refer to former quotat.H., wltich oontioue unchanged. during the past ti,ve. eceipts of new, though yet een more 1iboeral; but they have const8t-O'ff tad: grades and tobacco bas not been properly handled or cured, for thanthc market for good-conditioned, men;b&lll,able. qualities have been realized. The sup ply good old and new crop, !s far below the daily requtrements of the trade, and pnces are sustaiped. .Amona t,he sales were one hogsbl.'ad redned cutting leaf! whicll brougbt t!O 75. The sales of the week to 228 hhds. with 36 rejections of pricps b!dae on Thursday-1 $20 75,2 nt$14 @$14 25,2 at 13 50@t13 75, 6 at i12@$12 75, 3 at $11 ll6@$ll 75, 3 at $10 25@$10 75, 6 at i9 15@ $9 65, 3 at $8 25@$8 85, 4 at $7 70@$7 80, 4 at $6@ 16 65, 5 at @$5 90, 6 at $4 15@$4 95, and 2 at ta 15@*3 85. On Friday-3 hhds. at $15@$15 75, 1 at 'so 3 at $13@$13 7:>, 2 at $11@$11 25, 7 at $10 4t10 751 3 at $9 7e@*9 90, 5 at $8@$8 50, 6 at '7@$7 90, 5 at M 05@$6 45, 2 at $4 20@$4 60, and 2 at $3 20@$3 90. On Saturday1 hbd. at au 25, 2 at 8Ul@l\13 50, 1 at $12, 2 at $11 25, 4 at $10@810 75, 2 at $9 55@.9 80, 1 at 88 30, \ '2 at a7 20@$7 80, 2 at (c6 20@$6 60, 1 at $5 10, 2 at $4: 30@)$-i 50, 2 at *3 30, and l at *2-'10. On Monday -1 hhd. at is14, 3 at $12 '75, 1 at ill 50, 5 11t 810@ ato 75,3 at 65@$9 85, 3 at $7 05@$7 85,1 at $6 85, 1 at $4 90, 1 at t3 80. On Tuesday-1 hbd. at 813, 5 o.t $11@ 11 75, 12 at $10@4110 50, at $9 25@89 70, 9 at $S@i;S 90, 9 at $7@$7 30, 7 at $6@i6 45, 4 at $5 30@$5 90, 3 at $4 30@$4 55, and 2 at $3 50. Yes terday-2 hhds. at 812@$12 25, 3 at 50, 6 at @$10 50, 5 at *9 25@$9 95, 9 at $8@$8 so, 5 at $7 @87 60 7 at $6@i6 90, 3 at 5 55@$5 70, and 4 at $4 @$4 so: The total offerings pnd sales to the 5th in st. -the current tobacco year, commencing November 1st-sum up as follows : Pickett warcboutll!, 345 hhds. ; Ninthstreet warehouse, 161; Boone warehou11e, 129; Louisville warehouse, 195; Farmers' warehouse, 43. Total, 873 hhds. We quote as follows: Shipping. & Owen Co. Cutting f.eaf. Lugs .................. 8 7@$10 $ 8@$11 Low leaf .............. $11@$}2 812@$15 :Medium leaf.: ........ $12@113 @$19 Good leaf. ............. $14@$15 @$24 Fine leaf .............. i1.5@$16 $24@$28 Choice leaf ............ @$17 8:J0@$3S :\[aaufacturing lenf, black wrappers 812@$20 bright .. *20@$40 fancy .. $50@$60 .'(be receipts for the week have been: 92 hhds., 25 bxs., and 58 caddies, cousigned as follows: By River from Cil!lcinnati: Nash 11 bxs.; Geo. W. W1cks & Co., 10 and 20 ca,ddtes; L. & N. R.,24. From St. Louis: Spratt .& c 9 hhds.; J. S. Phelps & Co., 1. Madison : Farmers' W arcl10use, 3 hhds. ; '"Boone Warehouse, 3; Ninth etreet Wareh!)use, 2. -From Henderson : Ray & Co., 3 hhds.; Spratt & Co., 2 Boone Warehouse, 1; Ronald & Bro., 5. Kentucky Rinr; Ninth-street Warehouse, 5 bbds.; Farmers' Warehouse, 1. From Green River: Spratt & Co.; 2 hhds.; Ray & Co., 10. Bv Louisville, {Cincinnati & Lexingtm Railroad: Pickett Warehouse,:} hhds.; Ninth-street Warehouse, i!. :Sr Louisville, Memphis & Nashville Railroad : Spratt & C> 5 hhds. ; Gllover & Co., 7 ; Ronald & "Bro., -4; Pickett Warehous-e, 1 and 1 bx.; Ray & Co., s hbds. and 3 bxs.; Tacban & Co., 14 caddies. By Louis and F1ankfort Railroad: Farmers' r Warehons!!, 2 hhds.; Boone Warehouse, 4; Ninthstreet Warehouse, 3; Louisville Warehouse, 2. LYNl:BBIJRG, 12UJ.-Mr. JoHN H. TYREE, Commission Merchant, reports: Reeeipts of Tobacco continue small. The market bu been rather more active-, and prices rule ahont the ame as last week. Fine yellow is very scarce, and would command good prices. 'pETERSBURG, December U,-We have no change to report in the market for leaf this week. Receipts are still coming in slowly, and business is inactive. The following trom thu &press will show the receipts and inspections of tobacco since the season commenced: Receipts this week .. <.. . . . . . 35 Rec(ipts la.Rt week. . . . . . . 24 Total since Oct. 1, 1868 ....................... 524 The following will show the number of hogsheads inspected the past week, audl the total since O('toher I, 1868, to date, at the various warehouses in this city: Inopectlon. Review. Tot\1. Oaks ........... 6 .......... o ........... 212 W e8t Hill. .. . 4 . . . 0. .. .. .. 94 Centre ........... 6 ............ 0 ............ 113 Moore's. . . 8. 5 . . 83 Total ....... 24 ..... M s. . . 502 .. a ."-:1 "*en,'ell in tJ!e To Eutotean Pone. .: II ... lU.t-la a../)4 II tnaJonty t ute stnall,btockadc ilictorws bavmg volun tarily clQPed-a tacit hut tt'ro11g tmirnony to the e'ffi cacy of the s system. Tw6 selaures, ll.Oifever, Boxes. have' been reccntly.maile in Brook! n. 1Jeputy-Collec150 tor Birk -Imtriet seized 'he tobacco fac\ory of John Thompson, io Qu:ty: near asbington street, Greenpoint, for -remo\ing with a view to defraud the United States Gov ernme of revenue tax:. The quantit,y of tQbacco seized as 2,608 pounds. Th,e seizure included, also, all the machinery u?ed in tbe p!'epara.tioJl of the mate rial fOI' sale. The :fixtures of S. Baum's 296 ......... 120 307 Decrease ..... . 146 The exports of leaf tobacco from Richmond since 1st October were : Froin Oct. 1 to Dec. 1. Nov.; '68. 1868. 1867. To Bordeaux. .. . 'il4,815 To Genoa . . . 909,400 To Halifax ... :........ 20,944 11,380 To Rotterdam .... 336,511 336,511 To Venice .. .......... 264,600 Totallbs ......... 336,511 357,455 1,920,195 Mot>t of the Virgiuia tobacco now sent to foreign ports is exported via New York. The exports of stems last month were 441,466 lbs. to Rottetdam. ---.. The quantity of manufactured tobacco shipped in bond from 1st October, this vear a11d last, was: Chewing. Smoking. October, '68.. ... . 940,757 8,223 November, '68. . .. . 371,526 1,603 0 8113 tobaccGfactory, cotner Cott and Union avenutjs, Greenpoint, were also tor failure to keep the books prescrib d by law. It should be understood that these seizu res are simp I. steps preliminary to a HOGSHEADS, ETC. CASES .um B..U.XS. PACKAGES.U."D BOXBII. llA...'WP.AC'l'UJUa) -,::. jhdicial investigation, and do notimply either the I guilt or innocence o be accused. A perfectl,Y inno-Where to. ,..; ..; 1 cent manufacturer is liable to, .aud lu. s case 8l': 8 ..c ..; not be prPjudged by tl1e public. i.: h .h !1 li L. Lippman, Charles W .Mauj r, and ;r. Schloss -, 1 1 "' .., P.,... 0:: !!:. ."' it: 1.t werebrougbtbe re.UnitedStatesGommissionerJonet', .:i -. :1 --------------------t---1 on a cb,arge of conspiring defra'nd the Gover nm'lt '" "' .' 7 1 90 4156 .. : ...... .. 1411 ---' f h I t d b Antwerp.................. .. 30 1 662 0 .... .. ........ .. o t e tr)terna revenue m;J.IlU to accb. Barcelona........ .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ti2il .. "" .. .. .. .... .. .. 4. ...... 6,0'79 IS? 304 It appears that Benj. tn.I.n lbaoy; made .several B--"'r""!J. ............................... _. ... 2963 .... ......... 413 ........ )i>i" ................ .. 'er No.17.SecondDistrict,Ne Y.r' .... ct tho-1ii !1,61 .. Totnl lbs 1 31" 283 9,876 ctober, bearin!! the MauJ"er labP and .. the schloss H ................................ 6,'71 20 ll,2o(; .. .. .. .. ..... 1,960 ....... """ "' .. .. .... .. brand and on the 17th Dctobe S60 0 i'lii chewinoo ....... 'u.. ..... ... .. fi!lli .... .. u ............. 4Q ...,,,ul Same time '67 ... 1 811 565 45 416 labelled and branded as the ::::::: ::::::: ::::2 : 1:: :.:.:.:::: .... ::::::. : ::::::: :::. :/:::::::::::::: .... Decrease.,............. 499,282 35,540 _sales; that Maujer is a manufacturer of tobacco in Liverpool., .. ............. 3 42 .. ... ...... . ... 1 ,IH$ : 12 438 32 [The. tax accruing on the tobacco last in Secund DiRtrict, noll that ::.::: :.::: : :: .... .... 'ui .. .. 144 1,ft9 t .... .. .. 826 ....... month. Is (!118,888 32; on smokmg tobacco, $246 48. the only tetUl n he made. m the month of October Malnga ...................... ::: :: .. .. .. t ...... .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Total,$119,152 80.] poundsofchewmgtobacco .. Mr. John ltfalta ................ ; ................... :::::::::::::: ... _. .... ::: .. ST. LOifiS, Deeeaber IO.-Meiisrs. Haynes & ..Beth Assessor of m the Dts Marseilles. .. .. .. ... .. .. .. 90 2,893 .. .. .. .. .. .. ......... .. .. i .. ... ; .. ... .. report: tnot, was the only witne_ss and his eVIdence .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .. ....... ....................... :::::: ::::::: 12,600 U,92r. OJterin"s have been small and of low quality. Prices went to prove quantitY. fer wl?telll:eturn was .. .... : .... .... .. .. 5o 79 7 43 43 .. .. .. .. .. .. 2 .............. ... ---. b"' a Th b d bl" b ';00 pounds. Ltppman dentes al11mowledge of MauJCI" T te ...... .... .... 0 .... .... 1 .. 160 : .. .. .. 26 ....... are mnc ange ere IS not enoug omg to esta ts d M d U k 1 d f L' A .... .... .... ................. 87G ...... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ".' ... .. .. pl'icts, and our quotations of most grades are consean a now e ge 0 :ur...... ........... ........ .... 600 ............................ :; :::::I::;;::: :::::.:: ............. ne!tly nominal. Sales from Tbul'sday to Tuesdav tber exammat1on 111 case wast<;> been yes-Vg_o ................................... 14,064 ....... .. ; ... 371 ....... ....... 16 ..................... .. !I 1 hhd d 1. h d b' d 26 terday. "\Ve shall giVe the result m our next 1ssue. Afnca ..... .. ........... 10 ... 1,159 ............ :. 806 .. .. .. 2J!I'i ............... tnc !EIVC. 30 a. an 4 !'xs., Wit rt:wcte t son Argentine "-"bhe.... ... .. .. .. .. 2i 20 .... .. /"' ... .. .... d b d hhd d fi II 0 .. .... "'"' I 791 ..,.... hhds, an one ox an one passe as o ows: n .... .......................... .. .. 100 290 .... 'i" .. "; ,. i ...... Ct,:sa;. Thursday sales of 19 bhds. 2 at $5 5 at $6@6.90 1 at TnE ToBAcco r:s-AusTRIA.The last Branl. .. ;...... .... .... .. 20 .. ..... 6o ....... ....... 'n .. ";.;. .............. .. (i7.50, 2 at $8.20@8.80, 3 at. $0@9.80, 2 at $10@1'0.25, oft he contains the official accounts of ......... .. ........ .... '15 .. .. .. .. .. 1,'190 ::::::: .. ... 1 64u 3'\G&o 2 atill.50@11.75 and 1 at $12 and 2 boxes at $4@ the sales of tobacco and cigars for the first six: months Brt!-h Guoea............. 4 ....... 139 ....... ....... 110 ....... :::::::1 '"": 128 6 II, f b" th G h If f b A Bnusb Honduras.. .. .. .. .. 9 43 121 ,. $15.15. Bidson9hhds.nt$8.40@13.50werereJected. o t 1syearm e erman a o t c ustnaamon-BritiobN .A.Colonies ....... ::::::: ....... 2lw"'"'2o' 36 379 .............. 40 .... ., On Friday only 2 hbds. were on the breaks, and bids archy, compiled by the Finance Department at Vienna, British West Indies......... 9 :; 488 1 1 182 1 ,197 lt,s9i 9:ss6 l!29,'ro5 on t'lese were rejected at $6.50@10.25. On Saturday from which it appears that the receipts amounted to Calcut;a ............................... .. ... .. .. .. .. .. 732 ........ .... 7 800 !1'1,U4 sale! 2 hbds. at $5.80@5.90, and 3 bxs. at 83.10, 84.10 19,655,944 ftorins (of which 8,598,2!J8fl. for cigars, Canada......................................... 10 23 933 956 ........... .. @4.!0. Bids were rejected on 5 hhds. at $4.90@6, anu 1,812, 770fl. for stmft; and 0,244,870fl. for smoking to :::::: : :::: :: ::; :::: ..... ::::::: 65 ::::::: :::;::: ... ; :::: :: ..... 1 bek have been: 27 caca of the fourteen kingdoms and _provinces of Venezuela..... . . . 3 18 6 ., ::::::: :i76 ...... .. .... .. .. ................. hds. 33 bbls., 1.a cs., 227 bls., 1 tub, 35 bxs., 200 oadthe German half of the (exclusive of O!herPoris................ 20 ....... 683 86 ....... 1, 180 "'"98" ....... "]64i' ... 31....... ill,'l74 diee 40 p kgs., 6 cs. cigars, and 1 box: do., consigned as Huno-ary, &c.), from which we learn that the largest T tal ----88,-----------__ .. .. _. ____ ,_ .... .. follcws. of cigars was in I.ower Austria (111,663,0 ...... ....... 1,00i .. 109,t50 1,930 437 66 344 99 11 1"-177 d d 2 -., 1201 1'11 8 KU" !t Br River : Howard & Hinchman, 2 bhds.; Childs, 550 of home rnanutacturc an 1,774,343 foreign), and & Co., .1 ; Stifcl & 200 bls.; Brinckman the smallest iu vina home made, and & Sm, 20 cadd1es; for reshipment, 27 pkgs. 4,100 foreign). Of cut tobacco, the greatest quantity .,._,__B, Pacific Railroad: Whittaker, Virden & Gay, 1 was consumed in Bohemia {5,215,146 lbs.), and the Where d'()pl. hbd.; J. W. Booth & Sons, 1; C. J. Helmt'icks, 1 bbl. smallest in Gallicia {97 ,282 I \Is.) & Co., 1 cs.; McKay & Hooo, 1 box; Scott & Son, :o caddies; Leggatt, Hausmann & Co., 9; B. S. Gra & Co., 20. ; Geo. B. Samuels, 1 cs. cigars ; J Chrisie, 4 do. do. ByNorth Missouri Railroad: Tbos. Rhodus & Co., 1 hht; McCabe, Wright & Co., 2; S. A. Grantham & 0., 1 ; J. W. Booth & Sons, 1 tub and 1 box:; Shry,rk & Rowland, 49 caddies; C. Dillenberg & Co., 1 bo1 cigars Chicago, Alton & St. Louis Railroad: Leggatt, Hud-on & Co., 2 bbls. ; Chas. Lutz, 6 and 40 caddies; L. A 24 Lbls. and 9 ByOhio and :Mississippi Railroad: James Morfn & Co., 3 hhds.; D. Catlin, 10; Taylor, Robinson & Co., 3 mel 5 bxs. ; & 1 cs. cigars. By St. Louis & Indianapolis Railroad: Shryock & n.,wland, 5 hhds. ; F. :Mininger, 7 his.; C. & R. Dornitzer, 20; U.S. Snb. bxs.; Gordon & T., 9 cs; 52 caddies, and 13 pkg11. Tbeexports f1om St' Louis by railrrad during the \wek have been as follows: by Ohio and Miss., 56 bxs. a1d 92 pkgs. ; by Chicago, Alton &; St. Louis, 15 hxs. 90 pkgs. ; by St. Alton & 'l'ene Haute146 hhds, 6 kt>g!l, 20 cs., and 3 by Noth 116 bx:s. anrl 87, pkgs. ; by Pacific, }8 and 2 1 9 pkgs.; by Iron Mountain, 34 bxs. and 11 "MARY," said an olcl Cumberland farmer to his daughter, when she was once asking him to buy her a new dress," why dost thou always tcaze me about such things when I'm quietly smoking my pipe?" "Be cause yc are always best tempecd then, feyther," was the reply. "I believe, lass, thou'st reet," rl'joined the farmer, "for when I was a lad, I remember that my poor feyther was just the s ame; after be bad smoked a pipe or twee, ho wad ha gi'en his head away if it had been loose." 'fHE Cincinnati Ttmes gives the following wonderfnl piece of information: "It may not be generally known that New York horses chew tobacco, but thev some times dn. On the ferryboats it is not unusual" to m e n <>ivin" g their horses a "quid," which the animals not chew but swallow, and there is a popula.t idea that the stimulant is good for their wind. The Dayton (0. ) Lulge r wittily says: "There are \ "cry few transactions in tobacco. IL is claimed thnt the recent elections had a dl'pressing eflect on this Western staple. It ought to have been otherwise,for we are told that one of the chief characteri11tics of th incoming administration is smoke." New York................. 44e 290 47,621 882 394 6'7,302 98 '11 Baltimore.................. 41,826 ...... ...... 7116 '1,6'18 42,'798 189,130 5,9SI,!i4.A Boston..................... 10 1,297 I,OOII 48 i "'",ij' 4116 l,IH1 t&,847 .. ::::::: .... :::::::::::::: ............... :::::::::::::: P?rtland ....................... .... .. . .. . . 18 .. .... .. ... 4,978 .. .. SD,tlt' R1chmon.d .... '....... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 8,040 .. .. .... 'i9 3,860 .. ... '6,d6'i San Francisco ................................... .. 4o .... .... 9o9 .... .. .... .. .... .,.... Other Ports ................... ;......... 001 ....... ::.'.'.'.'. 110 ....... ....... ............. ___ ___ .. .. .. .. 1,046 .. .. .. .. !!s Total. .. .. .. .. .. .. l,OOt 884-1,93P ------- ll:t H;t77 61,61!1 Wt1,1!7f 6,&N,1r3 t l A society has been formed in PariR to oppose the u11e 60' CASES FINE OLD CONN. SB&D CUTTINGS FOR S.lLE of tobacco .. Each mem?er pltdges himself to abstain, In Iota to oult P=llaaers. ,.. and to use h1s efforts to mduce others to abstain from BBRSLIN & R;drautir: .. Tobar.r..: all comptec.e 11nd 1u the he:-t oi rnnnmg e c.;j will be taold .ue or her. or wil1 lt't 'hu pre mlttei wlt11 ot the entire nutchinery nn l e .. m s A'e:o a Fine-cut con nee ed whh abovrl. which will be l't'ltti tt or Bt'J>l'!'"tt". tr S ituate in the Ninth Dletrict ut this chy. Fur psrtlcu larD mqnlre or LEWIS SYLVESTER, 141 Water otreet. JOH)I D. S.'\.Fii'ORD, D..Je A.....,y 6 milliS weat ofS Addressll<>lle 1 1 P. 0., Onondaga Co., ri. Y. ::.--CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF TOBACCO. CROP la&l. 50 Clll!es ftne !!elected wmppe l'!!. light &DQ dart<..,...._ 100 c:ases men lam do. do 40 cas<"S b i ndere. 30 rase ftllo"' all ol' cbotee quality, (o" ll&lo Ill lobi 141 olllt b y L. '!8 Water street Nev.v Yo1't rroRAf!C O CUl'TING:'l .-2n Cases ohl Connecticut, 1861 clear and In prime order, ror ale In lots to 011it. FOR SALE, LOW, Sz2 BALES VUELTA ABAJO OF-Apply to WILLIAU LEE, Pearl etreel. dllftlNlllt qualltae., In bond a n d Also, 4D Yara lL & .&. SALO!d:W, '3:i Mli11!l0 .Laae, "-'h$:


VIR A(fiENCY. -_ E ABLI.KEP IN I -. ..._ Stts ReYenue warehouse. rr.J-secoDO' 1 l I District. (ill@., (!tommissitnt COM-MISSION MERCHANTS .. .. .... A;GENTS FOB ALL THE AND AGENTS FOR THE 8.\LE OF MANUFACTURED arid. LEAF TOBACCO. POPULAR Of VIRGINIA TOBACCO, DE BRAEKELEER & FOOTE, HAVANA SEGARS. 80f;lli PBOPBtm>Bf!, / C v ... if' :, .-94 BEEKMAN -:"'-.. EL 'tONTE$-!0. C9MMISSION MERCHANTS . AND IMPORTERs::op y faaCigars,LeafTobacco AND ___ 'ft_ 'E_ S T _INDIA PRODUCE, =-.. nuatm nnt 0.0unl"ttl ... :.., Jomrnissioll. Mcrchaut ior the Sale of 8 B :n. L a, :n. e' !Hl'MESTIC AN]} JHfiUJAC'I'UUD TOBACCOS Laaf a-nd 1\'h,nuiaoturml Tobacco, 1112 Wa.wr., New--'iork. 'ft'atm 'r-;wt. :.\icw York, --Sele A.eooy W.t.larroll's LONE .JACK" -cl DICK 'rob...,.,o, :EEBI:N'KY' x.. 8aooeesor tO 'ezA.l\11'.r.. A YRKS & SON> late of Rjohxpoad, Va., Commission "'erohant for the sale of LEAF ANDJIA.NUFACTURED .. AND OTHER SOUTHERN PROPUC., No.64 Water Street. P o.-nox 6,HG, New. York. COXSlGNitiE--SOLICITED. __ 172 P.E.ARL STREET, .. .: .... : .. :: NE: w YORK.___ 511U.IT ON s=umTT & ;TQBll ,, r m _,- .. ,. 1 ,;:-; v \ D I I I. M. PARKER 1: co. OF .. Ql'rrON AND FAOTOR. S BB4LEBS IN LEAF TOBAtlOO, OOMLSSION --No. -191 PEARL STREET, New York -181 Street, corner of Ced4r, J OHN STRAITO!'I. JOSEPII scmrrTT GEORGE sronll. --. . NEW YORK. 10S. SELIGSift!lHG J. 31. COII liX SELIISBERG, COHEN_-I COMMISSION ME:RCHANTS A3D DCAtU'tl.:i 0' A.U. VIr' I LE.,&F arro:aA.-dco.; 149 Water-atreet, near Haiden-lane, Jofew-YeriL. .. P, & CO., 47 frwrt, at.. Clttcln!!atl, 0, t F.A. & 00., COTTOII: FACTORS, COMMISSION MERCHANTS I N< 70 and 72 8road Street, PATENT TEMPER TOBACCO-KNIVES, _., DlllCIUPTIOS", ADAiTEil TO. ALL TUE DIFFEltli:N'I' POWEB: .A!CD UA.'ID H.lOHINES, MADE BY MANUII'ACTUI\EBS OF NAPANOCH AXE AND mON CO.,. C. 8, BRIGHAM, Treasurer, Napanooft, N.Y. .._ aDd faclllt""' enable "' to gu;na.nt F. L. BRAUNS & C:O.; BAL'I'UIOBE, Tobacco. Commimon 1rchants: .CLEMENT READ, UJ>-IB YUmiNIA AND .WESTUII LIAF MANUFADTURE T I LICott1CI:, CU., .ea.. 1111-104 W!l. II ._1-m.e&,B. 'r. _GeJIUI-. HA V AHA. ill ud oat tl BEST Conneotiout, Havana & Yara LEAF TODAOOO. .. ,... 208 PEARL Near Nltlden Lane NllW "i DILLS & Ce., DK,.l.Llm.SIN" : DOMESTIC and Importers of ROBERT L. MAITLAND & CO., SPANISH TOBACCos. f t -I & .H2 W ater .St1eet, Nt'tt! J'orl.' >1]) 82 Set'Oflu Stnlet, GE:NEll.Ait. '---1 Hanover Buildings, Hanover New Yorlc. Advancea made on Consignments to Messrs. W. A. & G. Maxwell & C:>., Liverpoo DB .(LIN&: OF uavana Seg&is, "LA AFRICAN A," "OLIVER T"W'IST," BROAD STREET, AND JOSEPH HICl(.S; Commission :Merchant, .&.:tn oa.u.-1111 MANUFACTURED TOBACCO: 111 ; .No. 82 W ater-Stnei. NEW-YORK. B. C. BAKER; SON & CO. T9bacco and Cotton :Faotors, CoJIUD.ission_ No. P.earl Street, BowMAN C. BAX:EIL,.... :NEW YORK.. i:DWL'i :M:. BAKEJt, J oiL"i VAN & Co New Yorlf._-. Cincinnati. EL Tiios. '.t. suhcBTEi. 11. It w;;;;. 8 LA MA'.I'ILDlll,'' A n d otbor well-known fine brands. 60 NEW STREET, :nzw TO:l\11!. o .. :. NORTON, SLAUGHTER & CO., Tooaeco & Cotton FactoJ'i M. & J. lCHOTTENFELS, DommisSi.on Merchants, No. _uj Wntcr IWYOIIIII:, ,. -.A,.""ntl! he eole or the !oDowtug liell-hwn aJJd Celebrated llrands ef TOBACCO, Capfain .. Cbampa e Virgin State, ContineRtnl, Etc., Ete., .AZ.,. 1111 kind ol f' JACOB 'SEGAR BOXeMANUF CTORY, 0 ( SIJj,)tll'ior Make and Prime Quality,) OF Ci AR WOOD, -1>:i n.ud 2S.i l'tlOlVUOE S'I'UEET, ElV YORK. CORNELIUS OAKLEY, TOBACCO MERCHANT, (ESTABLl!lUJID L..-1315,) No. 96 'WATER STREET Oppoe!te GouYerncnr Lane, New York. Leaf Tobacco in and Bales, FOR !"!13:IFPING. RUBINSON & HEARN,-1 W ATtRBTREET, -Ne-t-York. M.anu:fa.oture of the fbllo-wing Celebra d.Brands ;,f' <5tntrul NO. 41 BROADSTREET, 97-H9 WILLIAM M. PRICE & 00., to DA TID O'JIZILI. 6 OO.J I I 9 Maldenlane, lnfiWYOBK. ..,.. I'Mlil, I.A. Jun. 1&--a THAYER BROTHElS. TOBAOCO AND G EIIIIB.AL Commission J[erchante, liBWYORL J. H. BERG1U.D CO)\MISSION MERCHAB'r_ Dn"'BTKB Ali'D 'WBOLJ!l8A'Lll: W and CMY I'EHI, ll'm'ei&D and Leaf To'baooc. Aleo, Importer and Mannl'aciDrer of ...... SECARS, No. 122 Front;.&Ueet, NEVYORK. Cig01r manufacturers particular-ly favored. SAWYER; W ALLAOE & 00., CHAS. 8. FALLEN STEIN & SQNS, TOBACCO WM. AGNEW&. SONS, I fcbacco and Commission Merohants, uoSTROHN & :IT .A L K o.nd 286 Front ISt;r"""t. Ill' m:r 11 T b TOBACCO, ROl!llrBON & HE!lN'S PREMIUM II INCH, SPfT l!BIGHT. E. M. CRAWFOReD & OO.r TOBACCO .. _bs:in Bel'ell -is, t .No. 47 Br<>ad Street, ..4.nd (}cmeral xEW.roRK, o accomst, N"c:>. 143 l!;l'tree't, Bet. Ma.tdcn Lone '.t, Pine St., I a .. VII C11 BALl .ua. I>I:I!CIUI'TIO!III OJ' Commission Merchants, ;l'af Tobacco for Export and Home Use 129 PEA L S bued in t1111 pwk"ffe by h:Ydrau1 R TREET, N .Y. rorexPQrt. FOREIGN TOBACCO, 1T 176 F.RONl' .. N.Y. NEW .YORK. Sed tor rrt,., l.lot DOMESTIC "i .. ..Lm:t I )!POr!.TIUtS OJ' ROlliNSON & H BN'B PREliiTUl!! NAVY, pounds a.nd h FOunds. and Apric ot, lbs.l Ee.ilor's Delight, Navy, Pea.d, !it pouods. pnunds :1n11 p unt1& Forgetme-n ot, 36 do. 1. B. liobmson's Na.vy J> 1 tu ""' Ln cioiV! J,n>.."ll!J', M Buchner' AAA1 lOa. C>&nge Girl, if'""" / J &-123 J!a.'" OOllllle 4!1 kimla fJ! l..eal {U J!.'lf.f'6JlT o..tlf Cl!"!J, r,r...uw,


.. -'ftHAS. F. T.IG; IMPORTER. OF SPANISH, AliD HALER ill ALL ;(CQDil. OF EAF BO. 1.84 DONT..STlLUT, 8namr O'BBIX6. J?. & D. ;BENIUMQ, o nd:;$i.ou LEAF TOBACCO, 1.26 WATEB-BTBJ:ET, NEJi-l"OJIE, Ba-.e.,. o&le Ill klDdt or LEAP T O IJACXl for F.Xl'OltT lDd HOIIU: US111. J?i:I.IX MIRANDA, UIPORTER Oll' HAVIll LEAF TOBACCO, AND OP TBB BRAND OF BBGABS, "RITICA, 19G J"ea,rl SU>eet:, IIEW YORK JOOEPll JIAF..Jl & SONS, ,. SEG.A.RS. Le&f & M&nufacturud Tobacco, "te ... a. llllwurt.,. .. -. La. .. a:. REI8KA.NN & co. : llatlult, m &D. mXM t:1' tar 119 PEARL-BTREE'l', u-I't1N _, M. R. PEARSALL, 1m,._ u4 Xerchant ef HAVANA SEGARS I I r.EAF h t3 SoUth William St!eet; & CO., 225 Front-etrcet, CGDiaw se:ion Merchants I TOBAOOO PRESSERS. Leaf 'l' pre-eed \n b&1P8 f o r tfte 'W' e'l t kOD, OeDWal, Amerloaa, aD4 o\kr u>rk,sa. TOBACCO i:'ACKE:PIN JIQC>BHEADS. R. H OuR. J R. H. OBER & CO., (SUctdiiiOrt tn OB&r ., 0 'f .& CO', ) N? 43 Broad Liberal Advances mado ''l;l to cursel 'es or b --Capi-ta1, SOOO,OOO, Organized under the laws of the State otNew Yorkf Ja.nuary 2, 1868. W. HUNT,, JOHN H SANBORN, Sec'y H. W. HUNT & .CO:, Agents, 167 Water Street, New York; 16 Central Wharf. Boston. 66 SUCCESSORS TO L. APPLEBY& SOB, liii:AllnTI'AC'l'UllliiBS OF THE m:LEBRATED lUULROA:Q ... MILLS SHUPP .. l'!ACCOBOY, lt.APPEE, SCOTCR An LlJNDYFOO SBUFFS. MACCO.BOY A'ND FRENCH SlllJFF FLOUR. A"LSO M.!.'NU.FAC'Ml!EI!S FINEST -:BRANJ?S OP SMOKING TOBACCOS, CIGARS, AND PURE POWDERED LICORICE. 133 WATER AND 85. STREETS. W. B. De Lander _.:__ ___ DUIOIS&.VANDERVOORT, A. Plug, WIBt, & Fancy Tobacco, COMMISSION MER'cHANTS succeRsor to ... .lLSO >'OR THE AU: O F I OATMAN & .REID9 Commieeion Merchant, Leaf and Manufactured Tobaccv, Uf PORTt:n O P JIO. 348 l'LUlLIK'lt:&:_., AND OTHER NeW'-Yo-rk. 3'1 Wat.;,.,. St1eet, M HAVANA -----------=----Eugene Dn !lois, t NEW YORK A ...,.. 0 A nnozo &; B. Vaw!Ol"\'OOrt. f A.A.V CO., !tlanufactured Tobacco of all style and CJ.tllllitie.; di rcct from the I>Cst ma.noractorlee of Virgin1a. for . .b..W, ORa..NGE J!'LOWE:B, Sl'OiR 1 A.C1.'t.Ht\ : N 1' i!.litlt, .. .ll if".hmo11d .. lllo!l'01' A!Hl PP.I:'>llll',\t, OFF I C I!:: !llo. '!';; Fnfton-*troot,Ncw-York. A. L I NDHEIM G HIRS H. Me,ntifactitrem of the following Celebra.ted Bnnda of .. ("" VIRO.,W a te r street, Ho w York Commissio n Merchant Antl De-Ale r {n LEAF TOBACCO, 148 WATER !JTREET, NEWYOBK. WILLIAM (Succcs60r to LEE BROTHERS ,) ":Znport e r nnU. 1'11anutacture:r HAVANA CmA B S AND lHAL:Elt LEAF TOBlcct 269 ]?ee l&ct fbat tllc liners are eqtllllloed an n stnoJgb6omed lir. 1 .atld tl 1 bad body olbe d&au'et:elooloa -u"' tbrouP>ot Sth.-tllil..-a .__1je.....,.. -two Ill wllom, eat the -llttD!i>er aDd 1 lfe "t!Jer ftnlhln g Clll1 maltrlrililk!liiii".!IBld2&H per diiJ'. 6th. The machin e s JU not apeu!!lvt>, and occupy nut more 1paee than u.ordfDary 8ewmg which tber__rnnch rer.emble. 7tll. nue cigar made bytfils mac e will coot bnt $2.00 I"" Ibn,_.. lDJide by han4 the 110.00 to .00. To sum tbe ma\ler up, I nowJ)No!lln t to th'liJmblie In thiemaclllne wlllchhaaoost m e Jenl'B orla.bor an call. a New York. ENGRAVING ,!i:'O .iND PR.INTING d ,.!! u .s ill 'llive!l"Y Branch 'll .ii .$ o3 U LABELs .. -= 1: A ""' lt .:1 S o;:,pecla y. liREENFIELD 8i, CO., 51 Beayer Street, NEW-YORK. Or4m r .. .,.._,... Mnii>IIJ ._w l. -.AJIJ) J)J!AURIJ--ll'f AU. or f 100.!' Tabaooo, 1 Ho. 160 Water' Street, New York. SEY U COlT Leaf obacco 189 PEARL ST N. f G. REINEKE & PAL M O RE, Spacial ..... ..,.,. ..... '"'"or 1'. Oot.lon, IIbera ...... ,.... M. H. LEVIN ... ...n:. Tobacco and Sag5i ... _n .DIALI':al A U lfJ:'I: f'll LEAF' T()B '()CO, 1ft PBUL-11', Ot&l Wall-at., ft RWYOf No. _143 Water Street, New-Tort NEUDEOKI'R BROE!., RICJHMOND"; VA. & 'I HEPBURN, t 210 Lewis N. SPANISH CEDAR. for SEGAR BOXES fu1'n-ts1W

. UNI-r.b 8TATI:8 IIONDIED WAREHOUSE. fll>uurs can rward their StHlks without t B. A. VAN SCHA AGENT .E.OB torillard's Tobacco & Snuff, Cigars, Havana and Connecticut Leaf, lN J.urs To surr. Jo. 18 8. FROB't STREET, PHILADELPHIA. Orde:rti!l Sollcttod. TABLISHED tN: a SONS, IMPOBT s. .A.N" .A. CIG-.A.:l:=l.8, &1&11 .. aaftle&arere of JI.INII: C.IGAB8, tl29 South Front tH:reet, Philadelphia. states. iw.Li Fjrst Collection District, PCIUYlmia. Manttl'llctureru of all kind a or olrinc and Ohewiilc. TobaQoos, Mill. F. L. & co .. R STARR '00 BI\L'I"'MORE, D., ., TO B C C 0 2158.Calvert8* B.AL TIMORE Belq tbe oldeot eatalll .. hed manntaetory -tit of Phlladiilpbia, and having all the lateot Improved ma. cblllery necer1 to tllti huineeo we are enabled to oll'er t!JiUftS nnheelled In qoalltr, and at pr!eeo 1111 low of lower tlwt lillY Otbaf eelabiLOiuneot; 'Mdaoliclt tbe patronage ?l'tbc ll"bllc geaerallr. ntren lmport.H Cit t'-1" S rtnt'r. o r br.-nd II'L B, .,, 11nd Mft y J..lenrke Ph. '8 .-r t-ale. i n loti tc 1\ bll)'t-N1 fn biJR I Or' dut.r I'ILIl SC.lilYl.L..ltl' a 'J.'.ltO WE, F .. ... ................ G. SON, Tobacco Commissioo Merchants, U. S. Bonded W.,ehoun No. I, Jro. t6 'Walllutreet, Cincinnati. JOHN DUDDY & Commission 1vTerobants .-ult ULII or-MANUFACTURED TOBACIO, No. il9 VIN:E--STREE'l', CINCINNll7"4-99 LEAF TOBACCO, 181,. 183, & 165 Pea.rl..:atreet, ( ..... OI'a.JI.ftUIIt), CINCINNAT&. lrll. liOODt'. 1. L DIU.S. o-.o. ..._ r. IUaCJDIOr7 .... ----. BARNES & JEROME, Co'ID.Jnhllilion Merchan:t.lil., P-.kera and WholeMie e.1en In EGGEB.T, DILI.8"' CO., o State street. (lla-n to WM. EGGD'I',) oso. 11. BAJINU. H riTfORD, 1"--, Conn. Seed leafT obacco, JS AUG. 8. JIUIOJUI. "" I "'9"11 DOMESTIC AND SPANISH .. -.-: .... .. -r-. __ ___:_.:.:...:.:..:...:...:....:.::::.!. ...:. ... ::.:..= .... Leal" Tobaooo, HAAS BROTHERS, U WEST BECOaD 11'BDT, Dl&lollll 1J1 tmlJ')rten or CONit SEB -LEAF TOIA 4J..t1' .&liD auxo.Actvaaas or JIJIIN T. JMS8N & -'" 1, -omo, KENTUOICY, MISSOURI, & VIRG'INIA CXG-AR.&, U!l MnStrtd, BAB'I'Peao .. CI:VCJN:VJO.TI, o. LEAF TOUACC08, COURTN Y, WOODW A.RD & CO., d rc al 0 1Y.J: h ts, F. JL BISCBOFI"S, obaco(;) an , ommJSSion ere an Deutscher Bauohtabak, & Printers OF LABELS, DIUUIISIX I o. 30 D. W. KING, AGEN'I'. No. r NOi!lb ater St. aad No. 48 North Delaware AveiHIS, AI OTHER. CHOICE BRDS. t A. PA. OO & OS llollth Oh&rl-t!'eet, 'Itt H. WOOMP:UID. tt BALTIIIQU, 18 NORTH STREET. .f1 h : MD. aUjj W.O' llttll,. "NEWYORK BRANCH." KROHN, FEISS & CO., 154 STATE STREET, Hartford, Conn. ? -C4 __ Wx. c. Pfl,.:;rrruu a. J>OtJocru.r. DOHAN & 'l'Al:TT; B,..P, PARLET-T' & CQ,, 11nited Hooded Warehou..e, 1niOLU&LB DB.t.UIB n< GIB9It11', Pln:nP'.U1C'R W!LHKN..:B.A.OCC>, SMITH BROTHERS. I OD ,_OUB,U.JI DE.U.US D' .&LSO l>B.u.ERS "01 Manuf,t.ctmC!r! and Dt a.lers in Leaf, Finc-cnt, SmOUil! 'rollaCCO, & SC!al'S. LEA.F_ TOBACCO AND CIGARS, ONION FACTORY, 53 &nd l>li B&nct-1t. 8.\llrNU 'WOUS &lUI OD'ICE, Jl Bt. Clair... 10:1 .ifa* &owe, "'-;u _..., 4U, .. G I Q. .A. :R. S, COMM-ISSION MERCHANTS, No. 121 North Third St., 11..: 18 SOirOI Freat Street ... lit Letitia St', PliiT 'DELPUT .& p PHILADELPHIA. l.IA a, IAMJISVILLE, &Y, NEVIN & MILLS, of Tobacco-'. Began eolicited Refer 'b( ...,_loeten to Jl-. DollAH .t;TA.l'l'>, Phlladelpohia. K<-. A. s. Rod>i'B'-Vll & Co., New York. .lAo. .!>. .... vu."' CALLAWAY&. .IOHNSTO,_, Succe...,rs toSUTm:ru.n;, CALLA WAf" Co ., f3.mernl atnmmlssiou W AGTS Nl. Til Ui. DF M.KIJF.ttTUEED TOBtvtO, PARKER & CALDWELL, SOLE AGEN. Tf!i FOR TD.E tebrated 13rands or lf_!..."luifactured Tobacco, PILOT AND EACLE. U S DONDED ( L EDWARDS. GEO W. EDWARDS. 5th DISTRICT, KE.L'ITUCXY. 1. L. & G. Tobacco FRANCKE & ELLER, TO:B.A.O'CIO TO:B.&CICIC> 193 and 195 Jeil'eraon-avenue, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, General Commission .257 Main Street, between 7th and 8th, JVo.1.:liJNOB'l'H JJ" A'l'EB S'l'BEE'I ((JoB!et. .llLlU' :Jm3T PF P.EFEP.R:o!CES GIYEN. Nos. 115 and 117 We s t Froot-atreet, Bdw= r.uee and 1:7 I Front-at.,, HARTFORD, CoDJL JUHPR I. WDIHifF1 DEALER ty Connecticut Seed-Leaf TOBACco; No. 233 STATE STREET, HARTFORD .. CONN. L. N. WOODWORTH, DEALER IN Connecticut Seed Leaf 217' State Street, HARTFORD, CoDD. R. A. CHAPMAN P".I.OIUa dill Da&.L.&K .. Seadleaf Tobacco, EAST HARTFORD,CONN. ....... J. SIGNOR 8110WU UD HALD Ul Seed-Leaf T Dbacco, EAS'l' RAJ.T:FORD, CONI. 7" All of'dera atteacle4 to wtSil H. SMITH & CO., ) MURRAY & MAsoN' ms' lOdBB-Lo f T b : IWIVFJ.CTO!IBU J.SD ..... ua. "' ALL J:tXIl or Connccticnt ee ea G aGCO. CHICACO, ILLINOIS. BOSTON ADVIIRTJSEM1NTfl, it .. rl'!-ctiRQm Nnl Kr!rtr P i p .. .-, &(jd t)mtlterw' Artlolea G:ntratty. .!xctuaiv I : n and 3 s Bru .. dohee" u.,sloo. Chewing aad Smoking Tobacco. NO. 20 1iiA:MPDE'N-STREET,_ .-Nos. 22 & 24 Michigan-av., Chicago, Ill. HmmL !>-120) Sprln:;fleld, Man. BOSTO;i ADVERTISEMENTS. FISHER & CO., :) G. W. GRAVES, .P J.CI:D .t.liD l>.JU.I.E& I!C Commission Merchants Ffue Connecticut seed-Leaf 23 C:EN'l'R.At WHARF, l"tt&tJtJ l"mii'EII, F riAN('[!' K. P' l l'iHa. Uon.H'f.l! N l"ts uso_ :,..., N. FISIWL BOSTON. :' T 0 a"A C C 0 t Danbury, Connecticut. tB"" on _b&ad_lm-erop 'M. [lllt-Ul -'I


waaR.&IIITK., .&'I' flO. .1 1111<1 tllli!!P !t'-tt-"r all klocll New 1Ubbo11o1 ud Dies altered WuJl changoo;blo Type Dates far Topacco Re' enue Stlllllpi .1. M. TOWER, .54 Brooc:hoay, N Y' :aa-rU & SMITH, lttTERltAL REVENUE ST .ATIONERS. Notice to Taxpayers liJ"O now J!nlpw-ed to dehver the fol owmg Books, as rcqwl'(xfby the new Tax Law, appro,;ej July 2Qth, 1.868, VIZ. Gov't rorm 7io Clgl\' Jlalrably JmllwL are I'll\ Jl 11M 1111 bal or poooho, _.In balk. II 11111H retailoor ud jobber Jlanoftoc 111'<4 c at die 8TilAM WORKS 01' L. L. AHMII!I'X'EAD, LJINCilBUBG, YA. w. Sole Kaiwl'aatllrer of the and World renov.'nC'd llrlada of Virginia Smoking Tobaccos, LONE JACK and BROWN DICK, l',-, l'lth Street. LYNeiiBUllG, YA Ordcre rQflleCUblly oollellcd ond promptly attended to. nREIGN lUARKETS. AMSTERDAM, Novftlber 28. The mat ket. continues acltJve, "'ith a good ihnn!LJ!(l tor and sales have uansp1red dunug the week of 7'1. hhds. f10 hands. I111 the course of \'he few above 1,000 bhds. Maryland have passed f10m t orst to second hands, and our actual stock hBA been reduced m consequence to 695 hhdll.. Maryland, 11,421 bls. Java, and 319 biB. Brazil. Oo the there will be oft"ered at pubhc sale 6 9'8 bls. Java and 300 do. Hunga1y. ANTWERP .Noveber 28.We ba' e agam no percept1ble change to repot t ln the pos1t1on of the market for North Amencan tobaccos. 'fhc demand. 1 s \emporanly without actiVIty, but puct>s are tully sustained at prev1ous quota'ions. From first hands consequently we have heard efno trnnsacttons, wbtle from second hands there have been r esold 11everal small lots of Kentutky. In -South American tobaccos sales were efi'eoted io fcmr lots of 345 bls. Havana, 4th Vega. of tecent importatl'ln, 'fhe noeipta oftbe wet'k bave been 66 hhds er Anna Cecilia from New York, 10 hbds. and 137 bls. from 39 pkgs. from Holland by the mterwr. Stollk oo hand N ovetnber 1st, 1868 : 11 Z hhds. Kentucky, 231 do Vu gma., 15 qo. Co., 400 bls. 'furk1sh, 623 do Havana, and 120 do. Btaztl. Aruvals in November: 67 hhds. Kentucky, 5 do. and _335 bls. Sa1es and exports m 34 hhds 44 do. Vugmta, ;nd 670 bls. Havana.. Stock on hand .N o_v. 30th: 45 hhds. Kentucky, :.;52 do. VJr gi ma, 15 do. Mason County, 400 bls. 288 do. Havana, and 120 do. :Braztl. BRE:UEN, Nov. D. H. W ATJEN & Co, 1 epresented m New Yerk by CnAB. LrrLING & Co., repo1t: Our market for North Amerwan tobaceo contmuesdull and'll, ellpeCJal ly for all the grades of l!larks vtlle and W lea. I. Sales are con tined to 324 hhds, pa1 t of whwh at auc tiOn and at ngam lower rates than those indtcatcd by om !a st. quota to wPiich we beg to for tic!ul,1rl! :trregnlar as pnue.a arto, I S nnt to illlJ:KIIIIllblu to g1vc the co1rect .. T1f)) valu .. bot we expee\ tblt hJ ana&her'thefinebrigh,leafmCJrehely; -ICJ Pric)eaofllllqn nlft1ain n changed, DeWestle public ule of 424 hbdt. Clarktville of of 10 wusold at 8d. to tens of manufactnre selhng at tlgarmaken' 1Joloa-4Uetoas aH last yea 'a crop which ill to come oft" on lld., antf eelected 4hds. are taken at 9d. 14c @17 ,c. in booq; Montreal, 15c. 1Hser4erly tOD(ad. The < alletl meeting of tins tictUook place at; 15th Deoember, our malkl't '\\ill regam to 11d ; for export there has @18c., wttl.' a moderate lltock the the House ) afrt;mot:n, tat eo'rne fits wonted lltabtlity. In tlle demand, but. the supply.iofftnmg IS not while -our manuiactutets are A from Vestfhld, Mass, December 9, sa)S IWm E. Lawrenlll', the Ia meautime we to coflfinn .that a rmitahlc. Vilg,ima. stnps v.;ete t'a.kAn maurly woJkmgon orde1s. Bnght tohac j1he dd!JcultJE'!I between crgarmake1sanrl the calhng the meetmg to order tile PlUicleM sa1d: l:trntb the 1 ot law .urd goo tqthe advantage ot tbe Gpvernment 1fthe law to ouly 328 hhd.; lngs of fan IS 'er y lim1t< low as kin-ds 1ue read1Ly at cunent gtadcs ts hd1t. Th1s week the transacdanc-CJ, and ate to secur the a pp oiutment of lmHl p.wJ tbe tax and made returns aecorrl111g to tlae low to medium ltat' from 8 to puces, we h em of sa les of abont 200 t10ns f1om titsthands compttod leaf from hogshewis at 7d. to 9trl.1'er lb. (mcluil V11gml.\, !l541J1s and 169 ce10ons to make arHsts, and to whom the protectiOn b e felt. 10 to i It gts. Our stgck 1s likel;y to mg one parct'l 9f aborlt 13/S Ha\ ana. of the community Wln be intrusted, Mt E. Bu KE was here to act a.s &ecretary of eontin eon the decrease fur some ttme Mary lund and Ohws ha ve been mote 2,-Messr It is pla111 that some suc h measures arc taken, the m eeting. The follo'rmg .Me mona) was then reaee!I general for nearly 6d. w 1J:t4. Balf,.poanda demaod work '?r a days in same room with WOIDMI, And it ie only tlloae who er leN tbaa tile still 80 that we may expect au active all lunda. In Vtrgttua leaf the tranuo-very sloW'. Aromatic aDable at half of American pricea: proportiODL -Tbe jo1ilt. OCC1tp&ncy of the the great. mauof dealers m tobacoo haYe fllliy 80 more ample 1UpplirH. The last. sales mMiua qualities been taken the rabbieh which 1au latterly beeu I'OODl 1ro111HIIftd mea was only sinc;e July, koowu1g t.lte law all toNcc!e were effected on tile ba11i11 II to IIi gts. freely tor Ireland, the fine and ee.nt frea America hu comyletely de-&ea:p01'811f &AU; .but \lie rules of tbe C1pnnakers their h&nds January 1, 11169, te t. .....,._ with .... for fair to good t.beee grades are of. sale at ltroyed the and even a ef very Union furbade even this, aod the oftieers ot the local new st.ab,lps, u required by Aid law ol rlily 20, 1111. prices we consider .....,.., _. we ,asked; stnps are goocl, otrered .Guiog the mootn failed UniOn here l(eiDed ellg!l' to enlone *'-liw to its ut Senator Nul, of Elmira, oft'eJed Ute folloWing ould av t.bat a lerp baai,gess OOIIW qW.. but some sales ha.velleen madeat, tCJ briflghal.f.ofitl'raioe priee. ,V\ havl' most letter. the' dey the five men, iion: -be done if quality and llleetion aliould titiady rates. Wil!'tem leaf been p.twe of Jboilla cigars but bemg in JC\Hig Jln .... dil 41ialrietions. of the Uoion, left. Harrison &solved, All the 8diMl ef the of tum out suitable to tfie want!! of the dealt m to a dry f'ew ""bande priues rtill high juy 70s .' & 11M tbua .began. The remainmeetiog, looking at their own aii04Jaeo..Go'fem111811t .. trade Of new ground leaf the first sound oiOderlltel>:-atZed leaf bemg most-ua bon4. der ortlieir eniploteea, all Union men, 8000 after Withmtcrest, that the of selling ,.,.... tobaOO. ... suppiies ot 19 and 20 hbcJt. were re in demand, whillt tbe large, coarse, fJrew, proteftiug that they i& Tl'CIIIl no cboule snuif without stamps should J.8 = .. W ceived and promptly sold at tit aud 81 overgrown !oaf ie very In of.theirmrtt; but-at the comma.nd of the Uoioo.. Har the htof January, 1819, M CCMdMplJM bf tlfu ..... gts.. according to the repnrte ot t.he Wntem lltnps alae pnumpal ha\e 'fH.II: PoPULAR VERDICT olC Toucco. rison & aoaeptlog the sit.uawou,andref118mg of July 20,1868; that. the e:xte .. mo.trfeaid time wOOllY quality 1 cce1ved from Ba1tibeen in the com'!lon filling quahtu.s up -lb. PartoD's crusade against the to yield any of iheir mend, legal, and inco& work great mjury aJld .. GovenMtlllt, more, we 1\""ere not prepared to see ., to &he good naedtom for cutt!ng weed ia not likely to do much toward right to employ whem tl!ey pleased, looked in other and o those manufacturers paying tMir 'taxes. useful an artJCle. and to judge from JMI11I08I!8; tbe fine quahttes for spmnmg the s ppreiSion of smoke or smoker8. quarters for wOrliiii!D. Fhe came in a day or two Letters were then l'f!Pd i'Joq't Me""" J.peoce Brat, these sample character of the and cuttiug scarce, com The loug struggle ween the votancs trom New York, arrh 4tg on Saturday mght, and fell Cmcinnat1, from the trade at t'rom tbJ crop we cntlll e to look fot a vC'ry ia1r mand lngh pnces. Of Mary lands. the and the opponents of tobacco, which mto the band I! of the Cigannakers' Umon. The U mon, Pres1dent of the Sy1 atuee .Bl'. D.(), 8alarticie. Of OhiO f28 hhus were sold, ad Sectioa 'i3 .. plaee..the for mixed lots o t bt own and colory, lc c ted. 'l'h';_ 1m ports the month at an end. The world smokes, JUSt as attacked the new-comers with threats and intimidatiOns, tion f:1irly before the meeting, and l'llicJ: All we 1raat; wbil8 in one intan.: e 10 gtN c 1 e gt anthave been 3 6 hhd11., 1,640 the world eat8, antl Rees as httle n eces and "'itb such thorough eft"ect that on Monday mornin!! 18 that Congres111ihonld stick to its ewa ed for a rathe r hette1 pa 1cll By these last yea1-smce the begmnaog of 1 868, for defimdmg the one practJoc not a man of them dared to be a.t work, and all left Mr. W. H. GooDWIN then offered ihe following, eales the stoc k has h ee n conslcli'Jably 12,491 compare? with the other. It 1eoognizes ev1ls atismg town Mr. Harrison, who is most of the t1me occupied which" as ado-pted: retluced, and "e thmk the new growth 111 1867 The months dehveues have from O\ersmoking just ns it rccogmzei 10 New York, proceeded t.o Philadelphia, and thert' Resof:ce1'\\ arded them Hon CommissiOner of Rl!'icnae be n.qnellfecl market 1 f of lrght quality and of t ed last year-Bmce the begm!nng of more alarmed' by stbrills of pa1.alys1s to t ht s town-. Oti1ers were procured f1om other place, to forwrnd t o the President of this AsllO<'iation a list d tsh color Bay is too dear, and the 1868,14,340 hhd!!., compued Wlt.h 18,produced by cigars than by repmts nJ anrl Harrison & Carpenter's establishment IS now m of snch stamps, and to whom wiMm funnshedil quahty of "hat 18 l eft too httle responrl505 hhd8. m 1867-and the l'tock IS 20,apoplt'li.Y trom roast gooBe. It full work lAg orde r, tm ning thousands of cigal'!l the Dtpm tment-sa Hilt to be in inry peaceful 1ime of it. On Sunaay 8ENATOU Nix I bt.o!Wve l'llforct-,- ,_,... ... fevel of a\)pntlO gts to here we cannearly cllared of the way with a about the n ses o1 Ilir!d and blacken ed hi s !"yes adnpterl "1 tnted by seed l eaf Stocks 1n first hands as yet, that Go\ ernment will soon re st would, we be he\ e, ere th1s have and nose, several teeth, and caused th e c lat et Res olved That this m ii:J l'Nl til Kentucky, 3,257 hhds. ; Vuguna, turn to the of former years, and adopted the plattJCe, as their s1ste 1 s to flow copitmsly. King, after tho affrav, Jied for Con-a.s 1t a nd urge tte eti'f" ement as enacted rn he 1 062 do; Matyland, 635 do ; ground offer CJut this will l)Ot come up for tnal for a month Mt. C.A:Yl'llELL be heHd that theJ was a good one has been nothin' ev. an WI no e c 111 1 on no en1 t 11Ur IS spec1a miSSIOn m t own was to nymg' smo mg o a.cco a ceo s per 1 J w ek, whil e Ill othm kmus t le IUELBOtlRNE, A11s., Nov. 2.-to thC""plea s llr e up Monhsts dnve the t)Pn Umon out. Hts P.lll11Shmcnt 1\11. , w ,1th D ea n Close 110w ana then a harsh to the n ecess1ty for ac tton, nod wuts wLll be the .1110us s zctl stampli op to l$:oz. sho:1ld be allollted there have heon dlspo cd of 1 '14 reroons 95 ht:-t cs 35 qr. tcs, 565 three q bxs, word again st. ao enjoyment wlnoh lte fn arrest ol'l a dozen o r mote of the to be 1p1 i n ted on pape1 et .lsbellil Ui!t' I by the manu H"vana., 428 do St. Domingo, 014 and 267 cs. The twist will be welcome, regards as purely sensual nnd nJ( e)'lm the }li'OC(:edmgs. It howe\ C I, facturc1s by the p1mte1 who. oow pnnts tl: e stamp!!, as Btazrl, and lHl bl8 lnmana At public and the tens mav find a sale, but thl' omist occaswna'ly m a kes a fuss abou Jt:trtUf fllit wmd of to lay all blame upon the it ill, in our o pw w n, affo1d additional sccunty to the sale the followmg l ots were got ltd of aromatic w&ll lea\ e the owne sa setions the waste of mon e y it involves-a waste C1ga.1 makers' Uni'ln, That body 111 th1s town numbe1 s Go' e rmnent, and also t the nufa otu r c r 144 ceroons St Dommgo, at pnces loss. 'fhere have b ee n numei'Ous and very curiously great, if we assume that in,rii'bcrs and many of them are mdustnouR and Senator Nix oft\wed a re so l 1011 that; the m ttec o f rancrin, .. ft om l scl. to 4 1 -IS sch. a nd 1 trcte auctron sales the month; tobacco nas 110 eft"ect either for good or order-loving who lo;ud no a id nor app10val to a Committee to proceed to Was hin g ton tta P. there appeats t? be -.ery little dmng, 0111 15-!d @ 16d. n ad1ly, I3aJretts, sound, up extent of tbeir last dollar. But they claim the ught P ric e!' rule so h1.,crh thlt no ma1gm IS l elt to 18d; eagle, 131rl Tells may be h h f: to control their own bu s ines s and heir own d 1 t d 6d @1 In Spam, w ere t e manu acture -. ., to opc1ate. Giqars-The movement qnote Ill> to ll'Zu ; 1 poun s, 8 d b h C t aft"atrs w1thout pestil ent and malicious interfe rence, and A s b 29 327 monopoliz e y t e rown, mgats o noti'a employs 2,000 at ftorn t22@23 per qmnta e Imeto er 9 -301 P gs. tws, 4 ., "'ersous (women aud eh1ldren) in makports ot the week awount to .71 bxs. hf.pounds; l3i<) ; aromatic hf. poundsf t' d f 1 d ld d d 10d t 11s d @ mg A goo pan o 1an s may manufactured. ,Ex ported time: to 12o; .; o. poun 11, ; t\\ IS ..New York, 107,953 lba. tobacco, 638,000 lbd. October 9id.@.1 1!d., hunish 300 a d a y, but takmg tiffaver L f. d nld@ aO'e at 200, gtves a daily supply o 200, cgars, and 2,000 pk ... tc h .-poun s, 1"1!" 114 ; aromatic 000. The manufa.ctoly at Selllle em BaltllllOle, 41,(}00 ctgtrs; to New. OrtWis t, 1s 9d. wxtra fine); Janey, 12!d d 3 d b 41." t .. l @9l.d ploys n o l ess than 9,00U men an wo leans, 5,800 lb. tobacco, 130,500 ctgars, @134 ; ars, 1 z" ; ens, o( 'f b 1 I d C d 0 r ad @ 1 nd fi men These 9,0 00 may e ca cu ate and 3,6i0 J)kts. .to a rz, utober 2410.. ; \ es, d 1 d bf d as fu1 msbln!!, on an a1 erage, eaeh 12,573 lb tobacco, 1 3,555, an l Htr ; tw1st, 16 ; aromatic d.oun s, d Bib 'd .:o d d 11 @12d altogethe J, 2,250,000 ; a d 2.100 pkt. cw,.,:11ettes, to 1 .oa 4,000 @16 ... ; o poun s, d i\J B d M .f'. d 2 to this number the 200,000 rna eat a ci,,.rs to Ba1cdona, 1 R,OOO ctgars a nd Stuclc in 071-.-anuJacture .-1,55 "' s '1'1 h 11 "32 th laga, and we have 2,450,000 of the 3,000 pkts. etgatl'ttus t" t. wnu, -tcs., 1,102 q r 1 c ,. J ee q '" f: d d 1 S TT. rj whole manu actme m y 111 pam 2l,OOO c1ga1 s .&nd 93,25 pkts mgarette; bxs. and bxs., 9,65\ cs unmanu ac-to 'fene11ffe, 250 lhs. tobacce, 30,000 tured -305 hbd s and Ctiks., 19 cs 2,116 alone. CJQ:at s, a nd Il ,675 pkta uga11 to l eaf: T 11 d I I 4 000 The French manufacturers classify tlle Omoa, 1 ux1 o, an za;,a., ctgars. J'IIO,"''fR EL, Buu-.. 4 vanetJes ot tobacco used m m anutac LfH D{)N, Dec:embct 2,-1\Iessts. GATE & BRo, Tobacco CommJ8sJou Met-turmg as follows. the Vugiman, stJong WM. BRANDT's SoNs & o. H'pOtt: 1eport: v ery aromatrc, and highly \:>lucd for THE NEw Russu.N TARIFF-In the deliberntions that preceded the alte1 atwn of tlie tanft" that came mto operation m July was latd by all the r chan s t bat were examin ed befo1e the Commis,.ioner on tl e fact that the smuggling of tobacco mto R u ss a 1 carne I 01 to a most enormous extent, and that lt c.ould on.' be put down hy a consichrah l e eduction of the duty, winch "ould of pre\ eut as there woulJ in that case b e no fur 1t would no tonger .pay, the nv nue would he tully corupen .,tted for the loss of duty by the addJtwnal quantity law tu lfy '.Ph1s s o n11d arlv1ce \Ia howeve1, lost on the RuAstan Commis,wners, who :tppcm to be much acc \Jstomed to contr,1baud t1 ade thaL the couu try li4"noL -From the monthly state!llent of the Liverpoal CnstollllO' Qtli cials 1t appeals that the mont-h of O c t()btr "-t. the ilnty collected 011 tobllic..:qo trom the shi wa1eho11se amonntei:l to -76,722 12!!. !Ill, Itt ,-H2 Ill the correspo lllg m nth last yl'a.r. It W1ll thlJs Lbe seen that, l:olllllart:d w1th the b't 1wrioo, tlww an inm month Qf no less thau !l,249 ISs. lid, D11. J l!xure!ISQJl opin1on thaL s ine.e had JM\i Jle r\1e\Jt in Englaml, r;UJtlti('t! had.lwcome r ess I 1 de' 1 thPI e rearwu to bt' hev e tl i',Q,lll'llt. II t I fi ed f m< l mcholy entbno-m oon rm ll.t In m 111y o M I 1 c r I' WOU!cl be lliYhly OOllCfitJ! a \ t isalllty, a "' Om m.u ket for Am 1 ican tobacco The !!tagnatwn character JStJc SMutl, the KeJJtucky, strong, lat ge lcat-dlll inc-the m onth not been ac of the st>ason seems to ha\e fauly ed, very chotec; the Mary lund, hght, ttl e "bnt a hn1 ncss beeii,IJl, the With a du ll m, u ket, odenfetouQ, luge l eafll d, aud good lot done'" ul.'ady all t he ttan:;-md no ,tawactwns .of. auy to pipes; the Havaua, unequaled for Cl tnhacoo 4 toubles 40 cop. \VnEN tohal'e l iuto'Emope it was : t much v .I neLl ao; rl t;l cl.ltn e wlH!ll smokl'd tor e 0 1 rl ;nedH Hml t1e)l of Jts leaves 'fhe ll'al ned -upp b 1 1 Oil \ V mlil i'lll!Hl 111 1t r('me1l v for ev actwus ntav Rnm up ah nt 1,100 HljlOI t fins state ot howeve1, I I d I h h 1adr<. Prtcc>s geneJ:J.ll)l 1\'tre Wit tout jllot uct>R no tsapporutmeut, t 1e altet:J.tion, though \\e u liy upott tile commu111ty lool, :!otw,ud hopefully t111e usef 1tl ci.Jsses ot st t ps as 1 .rt to the 'l"lllg tr ad,, w hJCh, f1 om the ge11 A of tobacco et s 1n fitme r in consequ ence ot theil Rcardty. e1ul lwaltb7 ,.,ta.e ot the couutry, 1!1 ex-Detrmt, 1\ltcb., employs l'lghty hands, In Vir 1 tuh 1c<.oo Ut'ell mot c l'"dcd up 111 l('a\"('1'1 '(")h.), 1 1<_ra1 nucl em pPr IIJ.); a11d of all (', 20 \: per Jb (a.bont 7. t:18 k. (about 2" rlt" unmadl'; ... f!e'r 'l'olacc,., .. .__ d J ot-tft 10 J an w..11 lfltJQduc.:d b ll!l(''lll nprn ai:Jou Y the Po rtugnt ee luctnl" o t ll th ft,... I c l [ 1 0 It more \Jrt\11'8 nn eVu.>> y clnP an ns< tllll c h e "wnOl' lll t of "' 'l' HEill' ts 1 c to l' that the mha l. tt 1111 h1 of I he \\' Culltment allrl the alJc nt ..5 1 1. tn for th_ e I'"' PdfiO 'lt;un!! FtJrllLII"lat1g t:;ok!mutJs .dlt.-ovt:l e Ne.v Wotld.


8 Anhur 1: lttflSfloft1 -w --. WALLIS & C6. r -lOMAS HOYT & .ctO. Compo s ed of fDIUS HoyT and JouN F. FLAGG, Aa. 404 PEARL STREET. -NEW YORK, .l ld'annf .. ctUl"ers of all ltinds ot FDIE CUT (;;HEWING AND SMOKING SNUFF A ) CIGARS. T:IJOMAS HOVT & CO. 0 t'll :PIE.\Rio. -8:NHIET, "B:Jriv YORK. lOIIII AIDEiSOli oo. & rfl11 James C. McAndrew, EXTRA. IJU 'U"' ""L C l 1 1 'l U '0 A C C 0 1' manufacturers and the .trade in U .;1 l.i .U 132 FRONT STREET,. ge neral. ll,l'q oartiGularly requested to exa-mine and teSt the superior properties of \141 \J b, r.u:l 'l7 I F UJ'l'Y o.-, D""' 8 P. o., this LICORICE, ,vhich, being now brought "' 1IIT ::m o,gv "'2'" C> :u:. to the highest perfection, is offered under 121 CEDAR -ST R E.E T. d f t he above of brand. or tile IOIJowing """" n u ...... ,.,, Exclusive Agent fo.r tho Bran o We are olmo SOLE AG'ENTS fior the braled br:uK!a or .... 1, B Kukuc-.. t.YlrnY' w..., 4T uv TTu;u.;u. Q. C. brand .A P. a. CIQARS: T A LAWRENCE & 00 A cknowled.,a-ed by consumers to be the .,. L I a 0 R I a E I best in tho market. And for the brand of (Snooeasors to WHITTAM & J AwRB!fC'E.) I Stlck owing Well, ._ ...... SECRETO, ADd other weU.Imown Blu4a ot Smoking Tobacco, & be PACKED IN POCUT J / Patented peo. 34, 1887. T ol.lNOsrACTORfl!fii!&OI'c is flOW ready to CJ. B. nu 111ars In all respects equal to CALABRIA. 1J D J Supply Tobacco Manufacturers We are also AGJ<..'NTS for tbe brsnd 374 Pea.rl Street, fiew-York, d D l a Z., OPOP.ON an ea ers Hne ooiUt.aALI;r on hiDd a laqjo -..he which will be f.ound constantly on hand. With order, repair ed, I{!ounooq, and boiled. JULIAN' ALLEN, Seed-Leal' & Havana TOBdCCO, WIOLIULI l)JIL y I 'J.?'g Wa'ter stree-t. NEW YORK. t::rBracllll&ore, 8 UJITII 8TRIU!!T, Plttah ..... Pa FRANK, REUTTENMULLER & CO. lfANUI!'.ACTurum.9 OJ!' BEG R 100-l';V PLATT .. & ... _, WM. T. COLlMAN & CO., Merchants. New York: 1 San Franeiaoo: N 1 U Front: St>eet. Cor. Csllfornla tProrn St Ill ,san fqr lla'k of VIRGJXIA"' T9 ns & co., KENTUCKY liAF hJlscBLLAnous. Leaf 'IobaOCO & Segars, ROBITSCHEK & TAUSSIG GERlRD BETTS & l:O., NEW YORK. P. o. Cox 5527. -------......... LIQUORICE PASTE. >i.lKiPA&rt:ni:us Ol' Brier Wood & Meerschaum Pipes, And ali c>thQr Sm-okors Articles, No. f 2 8 LIBERTY STREET, 329 BOWERY. NEP!'ORE. -TOBACCO GRAN II LA TOR .. l 'General Auctionems ""> 6 iJRU .. C uP, 2156 Delancoy-st. 11. Y. 6& W'A'l'/e.tlf'll,rl!, 1 JoND :Y(AB.K.. Ol' .&U Jtzlli:DS or COKJIUB8ION JIEBOR.A.lf'l'S. "'!!lfl!!r -.. --. -and jmthin!l i.JfAt. r ,. eLD SLIP, .. [ all dNr l'!oa n.n....,. SqiJlll'e, II&W YOIUt. nan y Pr;uclpal Brarub: VtRGlNIA Ll!ll',KILLICJtiiiiCit, r.l.' J. .J:i'. 0 I L J LILY, &Dd HERO OF THI! WES'l' PJ.-118 ... WJrfR-sTREET bhl'a tetl BMOIUNG 1 '0D.A.C00, Graaula.ted, 1 C RRWISG TOBACCO I D 1 Smoklng. Young America! A Ex:t.ra Loug1 T"nrklsh, B Smoklog, Spanish. Cubint-t, I E.tra 0 Smoking, Frtnch, a.ocl other Neptun Savocy, Smoklng, Fanc y Smoklng, CaYt:udis!l, No. 1 f!motlng, Tobacco. 'SNUF'F'. Scented, Maccobo,r, .French Itappee, Congreas, and Scocch. 'llnms Ubcral Goods Wananted. Orden executed T. I. HICKCOX & CO., STENCIL PLATES, Plain and Fancy, for Tob&eco. BURNING BR!NDS, for f:igars, BRUSHES, Il\'KS, &c ., at that defy competition. 200 Pearl St., New York. S. JACOBY & CO., Manufaettii'IIN Wholesale Dtale i't In CIGARS. Bole P-roprietc>rs of' the Renowned El Baco and Metropolitan Brands, 19.\ PEARLBTRBET, Cor. Mald e n L&nc. N e"W'-York. MAYER & EBELINC, 187 PEARL STBEET, NEW YORK Bpeciol attention called to OW' eelebratea br.Uld' of CI.J:A.S. DICK.E:NS. E. ROSENWALD & BROTHER, IJI!'Otrl'EII8 ol.llll IUIIIJI'ol.cmiUJUI 0. All Kinds Domestic SEG.! RS, ... oi.I!D D EB11 Ill LEAF TOBACCO, 146 (11-. ll&ldoa-laDo,> N''RWVORJI:, F. w. BELDEN,, D'&&LEB 1M JiO. 38 CROSJIYSTREET. New--Y'.,n JESSUP & JIOORE, 128 William Street, N.' Y PAPER WAREHOUSE. lobattO: & Uravpin4J lapm OSCAR. PROL88 A IJIPORT'Bl18 OP ALL KINDS OF' SEGAR RIB.BONS, No. 211 JVhite Street, NEW YORK. II. STACHELB.ERU, KUUJ'ACTURXU. OF THil CI!J.BitBA.TXD BB..AJU>S .A Nl.:IIAHDI, LA AltOIA, ANll LA PERFEC'n SBG.ARS,. No. 15 CEDAR-STREET, 78-103 NEW .. P. M. DtNCEE, Corner SUJ;th and Louis St1eets, COMMISSION MERCHANT. SP ANISB CBDAB., AND ALL FOREIGN & DOMESTIC WOODS. A. T. BRIGGS, Jl.Al\-u!" AO'NTBEB 01!" Tobacco Barreis, Flour Banele, Molauee Oaeka, Water and all vther kinde of CASKS. L-:30, New Flourllarrels & Half Barrels, Slaws, & Hoopt, A large BUpplf COIIB!alltlf Oil band, omce, 64' Rutgers SliD, .. ...., York. .. TOBI\CCO BACS-." W. B. ASTEN & CO., "Yc:>rk. 4 & G A\cnnc, W illiarnsl.u r glt J.. A. P. FRANCIA,' Importer of liqtaorice, 102 Pearl St., N. Y. G .t F. C-b. 16th, l'&tenled In England Apr!! 12th, 1B66 l'd lel>ted In loetio.r &o BB.A.ltiM 4: B&OTHEBSt 28 Atlantic-st., BTook.lyn, Fine Chewing and Smoktn! .Sl:GAJUJ, l.n4 LlpldJ!oo' IDidt 118-lat r 1


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