The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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'. I I Qrgan of the TobaccoTrade of the United States: The Largest Special Trade Paper in the World. VOLU\lB IV., Ne 62. I WHOLB No. 988. f -U TD PAI,B&. W:esthelm, M. & Co., I '17 Pearl. elliCJe ... ........... 11 Ceata Wilcox, Po over & Co. ISO Pearl. P'lv"S;;;.;,m.-&i.iiM;er Yancev & Smith, 611 W!MJqj; TOD.&CCO BaOitlt.RS. To IINmeil, -Hambnrlr, and tbe Collillwat of Cattvs & Ruete, 129 Pearl street I1.1J11IIdtlltlallla1118r li'lscher Frederick, 2 Hanover Building. Ga J s .. .,_ w 11 ns, .,. ""'" 86 a 11r t1a ...,... ..,...14eNII, mil-.-Osborne Cha& F., 16 Old slip. Rader, M. It; SoB, Ito Jearl. :&A'OJ' .A.Dmrml(l, Jloda.,.ald, Henry, 7 R William .a.". 1 1 ool=. Textor, C. F., 148 Water. 1 =(llndl="r 6 montho .... fl3 liS luliUPACTUllJ:Rs or TOBACOO. '!" (11ndl for 1 ,.,., ........ 18 M llbehanan .t Lyall. 144 W as;r. l (I 'E'moatlal..l! 1'16 Bw$narD .,216Delancy 1ze&r .. ,. M 1 100 EdmQIIeion, S. S. & Rro .. !U3 & 2115 Duane. lfiadeo(lflaollft) '111ondl8.. e SJ IDcbeo)ror 1 yeor .. so 1!50 Gillende!J A. & Co, I II II, and 117 Liberty. '--'IDch .. ) f"r 6 montb Goetze, A & Bro., 328 Washington. 't 'll>Dch .. ) l>r 1 year. .11111 Good W U & C ""7 d "liP W Cor.6111o11tbo .. 111 1 Will, o., "" an a-. 11 for 1 teor 1811 1!50 Hoyt, Thomu & Co,, 40-l PearL I fQrll-tba .. 80 1!50 Langenbach, C. & Oo., 005 Centre. I 6 .. Cor IJOar., ... IftO ooo Lawrence, T A II; Co, 874 Pearl. -fll":dv menta on tbet!Ht,..elle8per Lilie nthal, C. H.; 217-"221 Washin..ton. ,IKII cmt t do..e lflld"PIIll!' twb Lorillard, P 1!J, 18, 00 Chambers. tb,e., ta.aeo, No lliiVlation McAlpin, D H. Co. 7fo-79 Avenue D. liJl(ler tbe n<:ailtn,c "Yor SaJe" Mickle, A.. H & Soo, 110 Water. or'''-W "til centa per lint 'lor every J.D. L H 143 Water. Pioneer Tobacco 167 Water ID tbe adverfuements have to be Rapp, S., 7 5 Fulton. adnrttolng will be conoldered., ,;,. llobitschek & Delancy t-...,.,upanled by the eetTPpondlngamoUllt. Scheider, Joe. & Cu. Bowerv. .'l'bh. fille irlllii!UliUJILY be adhered to. :MANUPACTUI WWia"lli. ll&usi, C 2 0 Libertv. b;':fliH, _w-m.Dn, hlester .t J'oseph, Broad or Ill UlY -aaief, ettlier rt1. 4ull W'&y 1 flit., a, twa flle p...-i Of ltltit6 I CHARCOAL P.IJitl8; ,..._, ol ....... ,elle B&Jer Bernllar4, 18 .lilortb William. illli-..,_.wMDII ....... .-hfwllt .,W.. lllHUBU 0. ..... PIPU., dletef itHih BaUer, B. & Brutber. 61 Wto,t.F,: 'of J)ltiw!t &All II ,l\!2'Front.' to\Meo; 1114 per lb. Luytlel Brothers, 165 Front. 011 '011 .ll her!pttolil,lliltdt ... ,.. ll.l.I(OP4d-iJ,RDS OJ' GOOOS. ........ y .....UtMeJthefmo,.p .. PolWt ldloe, i7J .. &II' 11_'6_92 BI'Oa. dway. eaW; 1--.ut o f OIGA: IIII. "'7-1 J'l)l .. J.., Ph. .:of .. ..-..-On ol w .. ,. 8ehrGe4er &; 11111, I t .......... nbll<!M for tobaecot, d.,., dulp, naoR7ul OF LJoo&e& PAat!L pleklecl,-ated, o.,.. o t herwt.e, of aU ct-.eril.'" J" 0., 182 Front. &iona, when prepared for use, a tatt of .82o. Morris, H. 11: 99 Pearl. per lb. .A.pd snulf-ftour, when sold; or re LICORICE Pisn DKJ.LKB8, f'or lise or consumption, shall be DuviV'Ier & Co., 9 Whitebnll and shall be put op in packages and "EeheTerllia, H. & Co. 20 Beaver." etalbpew In lhe same as snuft'. I Fran.!li'!, .\. P., 10.2 Pearl. 'l'.uuu.-Foreign TJatt & Newton, 11'1 Front. Price, Wm. M. k Co., 119 M aiden lane. .Read, Clement, 85 Pearl. Relamann, G. k Co., I79 Pearl. Roseab .. om, A. S. & Co., 152 Watel!'. Salomon, M. & E 86 Maiden lane. Sawyer, Wallace & C11., Broad SchotteDfel, M & J ., 168 Water. Schroeder & Bon, 1'78 Water. Schubart H & Co. 146 Water Seliga berg, Cohen.& Co., 14 9 Warer. Seymour, Colt & Co., !C.>! Pearl. Sm.ith, J. K & Son, 47 Broad. Spingarn, E. & Co., 5 Burling slip. Stein, & Co., 197 Doone st. Stroho & J;leitzen stein, I76From. Thierman, Kuchler & Oo., 128 Water. Vett.orltin, Tb. H. & Sons, 172 Peul. VigeliuP. W m : ,1,71! P earl. Vol<'-< uneken 16tl Front 3., 2{)3 Pearl. 6ti Pine SPEOIA.i..TIES PO:& TOBACCO M.!.NUFAO TURBRS. Sterry, F. W & Co. Nos. 2 and 4 Platt. FLA VOBING OILS, BEANS, ETC. Bull, B. W. & Co, H Cedar. SKXD-I.J.:AJ' INSPECTION. Linde, F. C., '16 Greenwich street. TOBACCO PRK8RR8. GuthtiP. & Co., Front. IIANUFA.C'lURJ:RS OJ' CIGAR BOXES. Henkell, Jacob, 293 and 296 Monroe. Wicke, George, 26 Willet.t str.ert. CfO.&.R 1JOX CKDA& AND OTHER WOOD. '.. P. M., cor. Sixth and Le'l'is. Rodman" 216 Lewis. SPANISH CJG...6R RIBBONS. "" A.lllliral, Jos .T., 30 Cedar. Prolss Oacar k Co. 25 White street. KA.NUJ'A.CTUf.RR 01' TOBACCO TINPOJL. Crooke, J J 38 Croby street. Or I'OB..t..CCO, XTO, Bett>, fl. & Co. 7 Old Slip. TOBAOCOCUTTI:NG KACHINXS, 'BorgfeUlt & Dcghuee, 85 Cedar. 'lOBACCP LABELS. Hateh & Co., Ill Broad way. Heppenbtimer, F. & Co, 22 & 24 Norui -William. TOBA.CCO LJ.BJ:L PltllG'TUS, Brown, B. & Co., \19 William. PATKMT TOBACCO KNIVES. Napanoch Axe and Iron Co 69 :urray TOB&CCO SIAL lNG WAX. Zinsser W. 19'1 W111iam. 1 TOBACCO BAGS. Asten, W. 'B. & C., 25 Pearl TOBACCO BOXF.S. Hammacber, A. & Co., 52 SMOJ\F.RS' ARTICLES I:TC. Demuth & Co., 30 Liberty street. J a8ii, A 8., 81 Wi11ia!U street. STENCIL PLATES AND BURNING BBA.NDII. lttckcox T. N. & Co 280 Pearl. TOBACCO P.&.PIR BO'XJ:B B!ld w Fullgrlllf, 188 F11lton street. TOB.&cCCO WARllROOBB. Jes:sup & M oore 19.8 William. TORACCO BARULS. Briggs, A. T., 64 _Rugel"ll Slip. PATENT CJOAR M.!.CRINll:l!. Prentice, John, 130 & l'S2 Maiden lane. OIGAna AND TOBACCO :M.A.NUFACTUREB1S BOOKS. Estee & Smith, 61 Cedar street JMPROnm MI:RCANTlLB AGENCY. Bradstreet, J. M. & Son, 247 Broadway. TOR..lCCO M"ACHINE WORK. Ehrsam, G, C., 'ltl & Elm, ALLEGHENY CITY, PA. J8tlkinson, R. & W., 6 Federal. BALTI"l'I9KE. TOBACCO WARI!HOUSES. Bolenius, G H 2U2 West Pratt. Boyd, W A. & Co., 3 8 Soutb. Branns, F. L & \Jo., II Cheapl6 Walaut." unanimous. Meantime, Section Seventyaght went iuto Blde!. *e..,. W tn -t aam It Casey & Wayne, I00-104 West From. operatio!l yesterday by limitation, 10 ., as fine-eutl terly wllat t :f' to term his in ...... Loeweotbal and Spei"IH, of the Coll.lmittee of the W hlugt.oo Conventign, JJt.ill remail! 46 the N aaiowal eapital, and are vigilaatJy c!,iag and illl tile lutere ti qf tile trade. Front chewing ifid smoking tobacco aod B!Jnlf are concerne(J. .&l"tit.ude, and t.h?&e Y(bO Jlun t'ear that; will Griest, E H. & Co., 87 Walrmt. It shoula' be understood, however, tha\ the law only follow 1 ll.la1Pple .I Predli QetBor! and ,abun Ai.traouau OoramiltioiM!r BID rwigned last sum-Co. appliCII to goqck offered for &ale, the Oommiasloner or reward \hem. ]. U.Ue, tbil iudepeudeuce mer, ,. ruiqnalton W ,. :; when A;. IPoauns, IIAt. some time sinoo decided that must J'{'joice the: lleart .fJf 1eftij llone1t eit.i.en. He tDal fiiiPOUttld, be woqLJ 'It Stick,. Besuden, Henry & Bro., 161-166. P..arl. this clas. s of goods mig"'ht be k....,t as loas tbeowner muss see in it a pledge f,bat. f.IMI.Chief _Magistrate w!ll alllil tile clote oi the p1'818n' 'niltratioo, Mel he has Eggert, Dills & Co., 82 West Second. r -da.e-. Fuhrmann, V 7 Main, ,pleased without repacking, .or restamping, ljlever stoop do the d\rtJ of faction, er. submit are 'm>t offered. As free stamps will pro bly-; to 1\)e bo011d haiHl .the tmall \O!ldtei>J who o.. Lowenthal, s & Co. 76llain. i ,voted by Concrress within the next few of course lleually udlett .cbe Wllne U.... A. to the corrupalon it agl\i.u oat of wtneky. The Mallay Rich & B"rother, West Front. the trad. e wrn not go 1lo th1 trouble of rep' ackiom. 9F tbli.t i$ in' tJie1 :::;. tbe MW PJe.jdent pMt .-ut to have deelint!d "ffom 93c. to.,.., in COil Sullivan, Hnka & Co. "'ff T L a 11 of new and BllC<'elllifut ftoaads upon tie revenue, Thornton, Potter & Co., .18 Huaa011d. the expense of .JOehtamping, but simply hold their u._ IIi faidl. wl!iile \he tax is 50c. What a commen\ ape' 1he eli Youqg, -' N., 44 Fro.nt.. until the free st11111p11 are issued. EnD lllould t.he ful r tf .aud tlte, c:La .... y.ot t)le Iateroal Revenue Bureau 81 at present. 00;\BI'SSION OF IIFD. Lt:O.. .. "- b .. 1 d _; Hafer, Holmes & "Co. 25' West Second. Coagrelll tefu.-. this simple act of juatice, we ment oti the' 4111...,., ""' will lie t e wa,!!Oial ahtthtes o:" iiJ d a. h d '1 of h aa .,.e Jllulleool! .,.. ; 0: _.. ese Lipooln wa tile ."' for \be .W. that evin & ,,., questions as are. connecte t 01111, eta t. e ilmoli.a&iollll. 1 AIU.I &1M .., .. t .. MQJ .t Ma b.._t lVoald IJeen -.Albie to D&lftll--. c.llU. closely cooeern t)e ? arid: the DIOftl ... ;I e of the pl ... ,...., wiAb tho nwcaliq of Uae &vae Fbr m.p_..,, 11. A. weed. Thu11, for e:fample, an,. ot adnnm .. b 11...._,. ......... th .. ..., t-a'-& ...-nd "Ol,d Hiclro"' iu ,....7 Juu llcno J & Co : . I e ":::""'I'IDIJ :T-..... e n..,w .... xoou "'' l-,;::!":j r, ..... ClO.QI, r; 1 tratton that even rem9tcly the .mt.emal R.evenue proP.OIJl!L ibat Grant was to be ,_ --, ""o Bureau, ... ecm.-quen,tly, tbe mode pf colleotmg the liiQIICl t.he L-.1 .., .. ....; t.e t h' ., ...,. ;.. Ada!Jl, o. H 11 co h7 Sta\i. Ll ....... d t tl -t __ .. __ P .--,... wro o .m urgme f" Jlad to 4>-m thal onl'' Brnes & illf Staw. _,,-el.'llmeb& aes, grea lll.'-"' our ............ him tlo....,oili U .. would avoi,d the petti -ind"!Pnminate d by the :Baas Brethers ._.. ,. 1 a ts. a?out plaee at W ashmg hiilt' woald lote by a reRideooe A more wute---to.n. to "T )Jipw that eltange l'endered hie charauter ot tbe b..-d earning. of t e ltiig ... ld not. Salamon 11 De d .l wdl Cf trade we l'ep--aoW.e.:-"ltu, .OO!J. Gn.nt Wall of a M iuveakld. If Congree..W-' Wut to see f.lom.-'l'llle "'i. me presen eotn sterner mOuM thaD ta.e.olha aaeken who inlftuhe-..:"'a SiMon k Ha&llaway, 18{ Main. : or affairs, lS an exceptional one. When tienal eapital. lOiteacl of being demorali* by hj8 tlley ir.dniKe in :!: similar luxnry. W""tlcox. jJ. 8., 1&9 Front the t!XIgenCJeS of a prolonged war demanded that t' w.i.-b tPf.-. ,._.2 llw... ._ ht h 1 l7-l and 503 Nortb Second: R D Th f LET the Senate repeat 1ltie Tenu._;f-Office law and Marinr, Jacob 734 North Third. evenue epartment. e stncture. s o auch mdepen give tle new President a fttir chance. Smith Brother!>, 12I North Third. dent journals as Tu.E however, bad the Theobald, A. H Third and h F C van Schaick B. A., 16 South Fron. t.: during the. past year, to open t e eyes o ongress to or scOTa II!IOFP. the true state of things. Thus we have witnessed a Ralph .a.., & S)o., 5 reduction of the tax on both tobacco and whis""NU:FACTURKRS 01' C l GARS. FIJ"et S. & Sons, 229 S. Front .I.OCTIOJIII:ERS. Powell & West, 28 South Front PITTSIIIJaG, P Ao Meg...w, E. k Co., 31 Si. Clair. I PRO "VIDENCE, ;... I. Hunt, Joshua, 116 W cstminster. Smith & Young 9 Westminster. RI(JIDIO!'II:D "\' &. Hardgrove, Tbomas J. Rapp S., 14th nd 15th. ReadN O 8PJI.INGFH'L:O., lt'IA88, Smith, H. & <.:o., :tO ST. LOUIS, IYIO. Catl'n, D., I68 North Second Dormitzer, C & R & Co. ; 207'Market. HaynPS k Retb, 100 North Commercial. Leggat, Hudon & Co. cor. 2d and Vine lljYDNEY, A118. Dixson & So.j"s, r.ot:. .. cco warehoue, 193 York, Forthcoming !uctiDn Salt's, By Gerard Betts & Co., No. 7 Olrl Slip, W C'dnesrlay, Feb. 7, at 11 o'clock, lu front of the st ,ore, for account of whom it may concern, 25 hales YARA T 1BAcco, I cuts, slightly 34 eases (5 and 10 pound bal e s) SMOKING TOBAO co. For account of whom it mav 100 casE'S choice LIQUORICE P AST.E, sound ky, and introduction or other reforms that have tended to make the impost Still, much remains to be done. The case of the tobacco trade is particularly a hard one, the tax being still double and treble the amount which manufacturers of the weed can pay apd prosper. As to the Internal Revenue Bureau-that has gone from bad to werse, until the abuses that characterize h are a stench in the nostrils of an honest men. Such, in brief, is the condition of affairs on the eve of a change in the National administration The most un blushing corruption stalks b.oldly in nearly every de partment of Government, and Gnly an iron will and great power can stem the tide, or change its character. Our new Prcs!dtmt has one of these, but not the other. He is unfortunately still tied by the Tenure of Office law. The old political stagers, of the same party stripe as the Executive, seem f en.r ful h e may prove too indifferent to ordina1'y party ties, and that thus it may be well to kee p some hold on him by which his action may be guided, or, if necessary, thwarte d. In no ether way can we explain the action of the Senate in refusing to repeal a law which was passed to meet the exigencies of a partiuula1 \ occasion, and to curb the will of one who was politically .hostile wHY does not the Senate "repeal'the law? Jg it afraid of Grant, llS it "WaB of Johnson? WE aFe told that Co'mmi88ipuer Rollins is anxious to resign. He can't be half ali to resign as the trade is to have him. r. f WHATtwe needat.the head oftbe Internal RPven" DPpartment is an embodiment of Honesty and Busi Capacity. Shall we have IT is significant that t.1ie are styling (j second Jackson--one of the few live PresidentF denoe bas vouchsafed the codntry. Tux Cuba revolution bat our dealer' ish tobacco possess their BOlds in calmness, v ainary advance having yet taken place. Jn-STRUCK WITH TERROR-The political gers when they heard of Grant's speech -another case of thehandwriting on the WILL it not be refreshing to have an J places competency and honesty above t l ble party services, as recommendations TrrE Supreme Court has jnst made tl cisi')n that contracts made prior to t.Lte legal-tender act, must be satidied in C ( est, and as it should. be. DJsTmci-ATIORNEY of N e e-Tigve who ; Y::liua rtant de e of the Ji s hun /and ConA cheering sip;n for. the future is Grant seems'determined to let the politl-na lave all the fighting over old sectiotal issues to and to apply lJimself to such practical meaaaretl "eoonir my, 1"\'trenchment, a fai .thful collection o' the revenue,. and the r ment of national de!-t."' Tleae may seem 'loble obJects to our ilorrd stamp wpe&ke.r&,.. .., -!luch as the masses flf all parties can r ..tdor6e. --E are glad. to note that Tux TonMJCo :L.JiU. is ap

2 the other two brancltes. Congt "' !leems determtneil to rnle and at present/ h thel Jr.:y:ecutn e uudet its thumb. thts a dtgmfied p!JI!!itwt f?r eithet ---:.../ TsE Washmgton correspond ents mform us t h9t the Otlm-.rttssion':'f 1 enuc ts.,prep: : u e d to fu, "8\ pt-tf d er wr\IJP for Q ounse pacl;ages lclli t atco, :fl?P'e s fo l>111 ounce and t "iO @ttnce packao-es of smoktncr tobacco, and wt appers fot "half-ounce for to+meoo wtll sh01tly be fttrntebed. Applioatton for these wrappe t s shou ld be made 't& t'he collectors of internal revenue undet the same as are now requued for the punt mg and elfvering of tl1e full wra'JiPCi's. ) --1 IT appe ars that the Baltimote Reven' ue officials have een "comma down" certa111 1lltctt plug whwh is sa1d to ha Pill Vu lma or'h a iltf. The Baltimore t ad sWutly assert't at \hey sllptp'ol.ft it to be genuine tax paid tf!bacco, and we h.a' e no 1ibis itletitsn tep.c.J! tJiem the -IJb lwtllly..((eret' of tt gfll ineness before handling tins 'class .Of goods. It ts best to follow the example of our u e he e who refu se to have anything to d a J uucle th1 m ,my Jn such a course onlyhes pctlect safety. THE TOBACCO LEAF THE TOBACCO MARKET. Some inquiry exists for low grade, old s tock, Schroder & Bon, 6 cs.; J. B Cohen, 40;' J. H. Wor1 which are scarce. man, 1 ; J B 1Jnr, 24 L & E Westhe"m,.r 9 G newt!lrop-but few Lh t ls. of the old crop appearing on ----'----rJ.old opened thts morning at and at noon wa8 R & 0 1 AI 0 1 ....,' tbe market 'The mat ket has b e e n ve1 v fit m for the 1 DOIIIIK8TIC, '-'"" s eismann o., S; _va atman, 42; Rossin & bast t.w k h d W.;tl1out change D 1 J 0 1 u W h 0 wee s, Wtt an a Yancmg tendency-the NEw YORK F b 16 e&saueJ, ppen 1e1m, 1; m. est eun &, Co, fl f b ,,_. e r E x chan.qe -The market IS depressed and rates of 15, H. Havemeyer & Bto, 3, B Atwater, 4; G. L. 0 uYr.,1 large, 111 which many European 1Vestern -zl a ( co11tlnues dull, the demand hcwg Stedmg and Ftancs ate lo\\er. The d e manil at the Gasse r t & Bro.,"l box; Otder, 20 cs 1 __ houses ate 1epresented. W e quote ftom sales of thls qmte retail in Its character. The week's sa l es amount moment IS unacc>;>untably hght, and the sup..PlY accumuCoastwise from Rtchmond N otfolk etc Fatman w1=ek-Com1nen mgs, 5@6c; good lugs, ui@7tc. ; com to 500 hbcls ,of ''hkh qturers have ken 219 l ates, h!lnce the depresstO pommelci'al pape Is not & Co' lS hhds ; Drew & 1' J D. ans, 11' mon leaf, 8@9c .; medium leaf, 9t@llc' good leaf, llt hhdsi cutters 38 l15 blids, l'nd ship though the supply 111 10 excess pf the de and. J Heed) 2 ; ]faro.h, Price C ., 5 UThV le, @ 1 3c ffi.?e 1_11f, 13 t liTo cho1ce selectiOns have pers d's llbds ... Old utlt. l!.h1J fie,-ht1iled,--oily, We quote 60 da)S' Comme r cial ... on London, 168f 10; Dll8t; Bankers', 109 @ 109!-; Bauketil' Sbot:t SLght, nlla.!d, lS and 6 tcs. D. Chockley, 3 rin"' :5\ ta..l-7c of e ece\pts BQ mer, and 12@20c for the latter. All other sorts nom 1 toot; Antw e t p, r.5 2 o@f. 5 6t; Hamburg, 3 g; 8 ; D. H Lund on, 3 hhds. and 4 tcs.; H. Koop, 28 con<}!tiol!, but. 0ba been taken at full mal and unsaleable, at least at present. &skingprtees. @36 ., Amstmdam, Brc en, 7 s.!i@7L._ hhdQ te W 0 S h k y prtees or acto1y purposes ur prices seem higher ate about dou}le saJ.!lDime lastF.!btuary, 8 -q)S; mit' 200 P gs.; aucey & than tlJOse ruhna mother markets "outd warrant and cont1tme .........._ io JWll --l!}e.i{l.htB _The market contmues dull, with very litSm1th, 105; J. S Hawkms, 42; Bramhall & Co., 47; whwh is owmg iu"'part to the foreign orders pressin,; -tie doing; rates are unchang-ed. 'rhe curS. Sbn"l>k, 268"'; indhet Bro 5s; N. :b. MeCready, ""Upon the ,-,._ 1 no-m:otmt to }"""'-:':. dttton. Expo1ts small, it appeanng probable that ottr t t t L d 30 L" 1 27 6 d 0 PI & N B uu.-,,., .. uu-,u stocK lias s een i.b lowest point for the !ftlMon. R R;ter: 5; & :Moore, 45; R. 1_75 bhds. per week, but willapidly this Vzrginza L eaf.-The stock or" old crop ts about ex:dam, 258 @ 3 0 Glasoaow, 303 The enQ:agemen ts F B It R L M "t'l d ._ C t1me forward, as' sbtplliients from Louisville and the nllSte a rft I. Del\' Ill the rna rom a IUlSJre 81 an '-"' 0 2 hhds.; H. u,)per c b 1 d b d 1 ;.... Q ck were: To London, 50 hftcs, at lOs; to Bremen, 400 l'tJ. Morns, u ana 26 kegs; ,M. Falk, 6 pkgs. urn et an are emg rna e more tree y ltet. d me .lb s ll e bowevet, daily e ca., at 22s. to RQtterdam, lOQbxs' at 35s. From W-ashmgton, D. C.-: R. 0 1dwards 9 hhd. the late upwatd turn w .2ur ,matket. 'W8 <\uot& a few pecte OF WHOLESALE PRICES. of the sales frOJll the dmerent warehouses: B!Xd Lea a.ided qwct dnrwg & lromuc}:y leaf turrency Hmna Fll rs do 7> @I 07 F'e), c. LoosE & Co Sales of 42 hhc1s., by Messrs. Smith & Hwtettings I"! oo ifllll. tj or1 !.1.11C!bl 1111" 7 l'araasarted I'I'J p5 @16 Moo1dy @--r a w. s mg, on e ruarv o 49 n s, as JOI!ows: $) 3 4Q, r a 1anwl,u w,iS 1 tl,).f extent of 50p 16 @18 Ll.ratPres"''iJ.extral!ne 15 WM stems to Bremen per sbtp Oce an. $13 40, *13 20, *13 25, $13, $13 10, t13 10,$18 not 1eahze the figures at w ucll 1t b\en a}'prn" d. The prospect is that, as all ol It ts old, J'Dd. an .haLf 1t wtll sttll fmther depre otticia slmve done quanelliti0 over 1t, until, when fiually sold, 1t wil1 scaJccly pay Ui bls. Y rn. supf.'4M sugat, wlttcfl' iY';:t:ff:.;.C"111111001ugs. J 37.l'@45, 3ic-@5ic.; sound common, 6c 10, $12 50, $12 .po, $12 1>0, $12 95, 812 75, 'tt2 $12 l"taij snitamed a sudden rise caused by the unf:n ot G?ail iibi.pptqrlu,old. 7 @ 9 1\llllcy 30 llli @7c.; good do 7c.@N c.; 9c.@17c.; good to 10, $12 20, $11 95, $11, ill 60, $11 50, u," 11 io, l "lliarklug do do 8 @10 Fme @i fi b 12 @16 f Oh" I do ., able news from the sugar producmg d1stncts of Cub1. ... 4Jli Med1u"!1 22 @25; ne ro\Yn, c c.; ancy, ,25 40c. wnfe8t:1, 10, "'1.0 60, $10 25, llO 30, tlo 11P. $10 75, flO tO, .exp enses of stori'ge. ,, IT will be seen by our reJJOrt elsewhE'rc that ex:Jn -spector LH;hte11he1m has been held for trial, and \\til m due tltne be'mdicted 'l:iy the Grand .T nry. As Commis sioner ();tE:il observed, the 18 contlictmg, and 'qu"Ite puzzlmg to itllo!le umtoqnainted with the ins aod outs of the Intetnal Revenue Department. the testtmouf! for the prosectrtion 1s very positive, that m rebuttal II! no le88 110. i must be acknowledged, how ever, t.}Iat: the cbtef Witness for tile Government IS a pardoned oonvict, woo befo:-e his incarceration the or an idvetienrt.ll blockade-runner. Sttll, it seems difficult to imagine a reason for the iuvent10n of Hoyme's testimony, presuming it to 1 e There is wmethmg rpt.ten m Denmark, 1f 1, can only be j,rrst,ed oot. Our onTy, anxiety' that it u1ay nqt. be earthed ;' otherwise, we lne mdffferent to h I r i I > I t erlljll\t, 1 1 'I I .. p ... A CORRESPONDENT at allegheny, a., W:TJLeS. tls' as fol!OIV8: "Our Asses!!Or intorms us that we are no%' ali of the to llfl any to co ou,r oom unless pat tment. Perhaps no paragraph it has yet published, ts dest1ned to prove so m1schtevous m its cons>qnenoes. As the'' mformatwn" was giVen m the Worla alone, it was doubtless telegraphed overt he eoun,ry by the Associated as a pH!Ce of speCial news. Cll"culat.ed m the IUral )IS truth, 1t w1ll rea. chly be seeQ. m how much troub\e 1t w1ll be f1kely to involve our \hends. The least the 1W01la can do m the js to discharge a correS])Ondent who de it into nubli bing so wicked an mventwn. Of course tl}e C,qmmittce no m(l)re power to :the matter thaiJ the .,edt tor of THE LEAF. Congress extended the ttme tQ the 15th mst' ana must extend it :agatp if It 111 to be extended, which we ttust It is That tbeCommittee even favor an extension-whiought in the West expressly for them, besides other stock too numerous to mentton. No fa1mer could spend a pleasanter hom than visitincr their ba1n and stock, and every one IS always -New England Homestead. "ll flom lw Mixed...Qon\ 10 @Hi nor to good common, 5tc @'ic; own and greemsh, itO 50, 25, '$10 10,810 10,$10 40, $10 60, tiO 10, miSBTil'inij) otiftlfd-"bf tim phmtus and Ueavy,Shlpl'\ll&'Leat, 12 @15 Gaod,fIr 22 @2!1' 7to.@Sc;; mediUm to fine red, 8-i;c.@15c.; common t b $9 60, $9 '1&, $9 90,$9 75,.j9 75, $S 95, $6 40, 16 60 raise fun.ds f<>r t/le gov11 91Jnt .hacl 1;CCWOJ.Cndeq the r::ar 14 m.edi ,um spangled, 9c.@I5c; fine spangled, 16c.@20c; *6 95, $6 95, $5 50, $,4 90 impositwn n. hiay have some-'Mi-rt -COin to good Vtrguua, extra yello'f do. and fancy, 25c.@46c. K e1teucky-Commou Sales 'by Whitlock, M'Kinney & Co, at Trice's Land h d 5T '' 1f.T t -q r Th"' l C'-l"'((! 8 @ QJt Fine "" to good lurrs Sc @lOc t d 1 f 10 f 7 hhd F b t to o w1th t e s 1 ues o nces. vm-Co'mlnoi!Ieat 10 @11 ao @2Q s' .; common o me IUm ea, c. mg,o 3 s., on e ruary 10, as follows: .1:;190, missiOrl recommend 'etohdoad-of;UIJ. ., gg = @He.; good to fine, llic.@1Sc.; select leaf, 20c.@25c. $13 10, $13, $12 70, 812 '70, 812 25, $1il 25, $12 H>, 812 I I and:. Jt!yebrf 3ooa ll gflg INSPECTIOh l:O)O(ENretpJesenttha'\no Boon4common 6 @ 7 perM 4500@7500 D ucy... 1 32 follows: $1410, l3,4,0, 13.00, 1 3 oo, 12.80, l'J 60, 1......_. h I Good do 'f rt!J 8 Clear Havana do +-@--u. Mis souu 111 80 7 f crops are gtowmg, (1 18 near )i.OTtJ. MedJll1l 8'>"@10Jt do conn lleed oo @40 oo 10 O, 1\).60, 9.40, 5.90, 6.90, 6 20, 7.90, S. 7a, 6.10, ri'here werw aoout l5Q sqld during the week Good to llf.e brawp 11 @15 do do Soeonds 110 oo oo with seven hhds. of lugs. A Yeraue, $9. 90.1.. 1 Fancy 17 @80 Y Seed Conn t Total hhds 40 307 3 '7 853 S 1 T '! at SSc.@il. r 1 1 ;I, sl 1 UppcrCatlil."" 'r7 @ll5 wrapper 110 tio @Ill! oo a es by urnley & Wooldnctge, of 12 hhds, on Mt. rji ea. f lId. ,Gn>llndlear,aow. Penn dodado1700@2800 Fb 2 ft 8 u Ex refined 32 f 11 .... d n_ -,.,. r t e poc ... ets o tue 1a -t ey Ptn71Ulvanta Sud-Loaf-"G c 450 Ib eases !;lii!X West Iudtes u '! .ne r do not h ea of at?t far:Ound '.Arm 'aiS" at the pOft ofiN'e\\1 Yerk from forqlgnpoits, I but e :'\car () r marke t IS qmte bare of 100. 'rli.ere tSJ3 mrt of bu.rerll on tfi mrraltbougb'It 11! tlrh& .frlenUa fwllllth!l fa; for' the week drng .Fe.bruarly HI, Wmmon au a the stock_generally m_uch reduced. ket, inql114i,ng tbt !\@ de-South should appel{J 1\\IW'l _t4ppe cohs.tgllments.: r 1 r) r 1 1 A "' ad, a nee quotatiOns, V)z.,; Tax-pJliJ}-Common iQf aellt!lttooal,l 6Qt te_ :ill -ou.l; inhow e et, must 4t e-on tbe E'Nm Diqglesteqt & Co., h cs pounds, 53C.@68C: ; -55c,@60c.-; .eluding .. black 'WhJ'penl 'lind -:au. kinds of amount of blockade sin I exanS "in .. Je ctibn. F10m Seville : 100 cs1 te. : ',t J ,5 2c.@S 50 i pounds, 6lc.@6.3c.; df1tti!l and oi&lings lt stands to reason' tba if1d a\lts I can pu1rch&se FIOm at.?<1lZ3S. Orc; gt od 2 at $16@16 50, 2 at *16@16 75, 2 at 815 25@&15 75, realtzed h e1e ---Hamburg: 17 bMs., 140 bls., SO cs do., 6c. to Sc,;1 low leaf, 9c. to llc. fair 12c to 14c 5 at 814@14 50, 2 at $13@'1.3 75, 11 at $12 25@&12 75 in IS unu.suallyr busk, and lbs. d,o. good, 16c to 18c. Old tobacco last 11 l\1; $11@11 75, 20 at $10@10 75, 7 at 89@9 80 26 especially for ,Old goods, m bulk, Rotterdam: 164 bls. and 105 three-qr. bxS: mfd. t10ns. at $8@S 90,24 at *7@7 95, 26 at $6@6 95, 25 at t5@ tuely neglected._ large m the <;l-ibraltar 391 hhds. Messrs. Cas\Jy & 'Yayne,proprietors of Mo'rrisware5 90,5 at $4@4 95, 7 at $3@_3 70. number of. _fe.ctortes, OW1Jlg to the extmct1on of 1the1 Malaga: 3,731 lbs .'manufactured. h?use, report safes the :week of 148 hhds. and 7 bxs, The sales of the week, endmg the 8th instant, sum ?lockaders, It Is will bave the effect of keep-DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. VIZ: 67 hhds a!!d Brae).en counties, Kr.-1 up 746 hhQs. and the sales of the season, aiuce Nov. mg the demand ahead of the Upply, an(l ,thus Interior and coastwise arnvals fo1 the week ending $7 35; 5 at $8 30@8 90 6 at $9 10@9 75 15 at "*1 b 1st, foot up as follows : 1 mg pnces. indignation exists at the February 1Qtb,)laye been. 710 hhds,, 19 tcs., 26 kegs, @10 75; 13 at *11@11 75 7 at $12@12 8 l\t 3n3 WAliEnousEs Sales of Rl'jectious. 20 11 false statement< iDthe World of Saturday,.to \he effect. 494 c., 2 bxs., 1,396 pkgs.J: and 28 hhds. stems, con25@13 75; $14@14 7S 3 $15@15 75'. 3 at li7 week that the ttme had'beeo extended, until Apnl, for thereSI seasen 1,738 1,037 892 packing and pf and fin. e-cut chewmg By Ene Smith, Haviland' & Co., 1 hhd t, I at 65; 2 at $7 50. 4 at is 50@9 80 2 ;t $1 0@ Louisvtlle. . H!4 \ obacco. Indeed, it 1s intimated by some that 1t Bryan, Watts & Co., 32; L. W. Gunther, 10-, Mdrrell 10 25; 2 at $11 25@h 75. &-1lhds. old Owen Co., Nmth-street. lOO only a ruse.on to mislead & Co., 123'; Ottinger & Bro, 44; Fielding, Gw-ynn Ky.-1 at 50; 2 at $9 30@9 80; 2 at $10. 35 bhds. ... 139 t1 a_ de. If se, \t Wa!l a stup1d first of Aprtl hoax., & Co., 4 7 ; Charles E. Hunt; 1 ; Sawyer, Wallace & new Owen Co Ky.-1 at $3 90 ; 6 at &4 35@4 95 ; p 'll 5 3 7 975 455 113 lt JS Stllgular JJ of 3DY standmg should em Co., 2; Chas B. Fallenstei11 & Son, 16, Th. H. Vet3 at $5 10@5 55 ; 8 at *6@6 60; 2 at 1$7 10@ 7 50; 4 lanters' 16 plo correspondents-w-ho. wtll 1ecklessly make statetedem & Sons, 6; John K. Smith & Son, 7; L W. 30@8 90; 1 at J9 80; 3 at $10@10 75, 4 at $11 menf;s that may gteat lOI:IB tQ the trade, Gunther, 5; B. C Bake, Son & Co 1 13; S. :M: Parker @11 75; 3 at $13@14 50. 30 hhds. and 7 bxs. new by dmg them to lflllieve tbat smokmg tobacco may & Co., 28; Blakemore, Mayo & Co., s; Qrder, 82. West a 1 at $3 80 6 at $4 15@ 4 90 2 at $5 80@ sttllll e sold m the. Q!d.Rackageeand wit)t.out paying &n By Hudson River Railroad: S, M. Pa1ket & Co., 5 S5; 2 at $6@6 30 2 'at $7@7 50 7 at $8@8 65. 3 addtttonal tax. Howevel', it is only keeping with 7 hhds.; Brfan, Watts & Co., 7, Dean McG}nms, 1 ; at $9@9 60; 3 at $IO@IO 25; 1 at' $11 25; 2 at $12 1 the p1 ev1ous ex pknts of !the 'Worla m regard to the Murrell & Co 7 ; Blakemore Mayo & Co 10 ; Juhan 25@ 12 50 ; 1 at $13 50 7 boxes at $4@ 14 25 weed, alltts statements having been mora or l ess Allen, 51 cs.; Order, 4 and 58 Charles sends us the state lllCi!lle ret and ttsdowuright b}unqe1s numerous and abBy Camden and .Amboy Ra1lroad: L. W. Gunther, ment of sales of l eaf tobacco at his warehouse for the y;r e advise o.ur smoking fri ends not to sac rifice 11 hhds., Murrell & Co, 9; Blakemore, :Mayo & Co, past week, Yiz., SO hhds.-70 hhds. of Mason and their goods, but to hold bn to tbeiilc, at least;' for the 5; J. K. Sm1th & ,Son, 1 ; G. Heme ken & Palmore, Bracken county, Ky., leaf, lugs and trash, as follows p1esent, until they can be sme that no rehef Will come 9; J. C. Havemeyer & B10, 128 pkgs.; Bunzl & 4" at $G@$6 10, 1 at $7 15, 5 at $8@M 70, 3 at $9 60 them:lrom Waehmgton. Onlr, goods ojj'"e:reafor sale Dormttzei, 2S7; .M. & E. Salomou, 36 ; E. Watzfel-IS at $ 10@$10 75, 6 at $11@$1175, 10 at $12@$12 75: m the. o J1d pac. k ages can be se1zed. Thts should be der, 14. 5 at $13@113 50, 8 at $14@$14 50, 4 at $15 25@$15 7b, borne m l(llmd. By Sta1 Umon Line: J. C. Havemeyer & Bro., 79 2 at $ 16@$16 75 2 at $17 75 1 at $21 25 1 at $25 9 Total . . 746 47 5 210 The receipts of the week amount to 489 hhda., signed as foll b ws : River from Henderson: Spratt & Co., 18 hhds; Ray & Co., 19; F. S. J. Ronald 2 Ronald & Bro 7 Gl Wh -& ., 1 over, Ite Co., 21; for Reshipment, 8. From lV!adJson: Boone warehouse, 19 hhds.; Ninth st1 eet warehouse, 8. F1 om Evansvrlle: Spratt & Co 10 hhds.; Ray & Co., 3 Ft om Nashville : J S Phelps & Co., 4 hhds. F1 om Kentucky River Pwkett warehouse 15 hhds Farmer's wmehouse, 29; Boone warehouse, 3'2 ; Ninth street warehouse, 7 ; Ray & Co., 23; Ronald & Bro. A Campbell (Va.) County coriCspondent of the Lynchburg Republwan says: The writer of this hap pens to be in possessiOn of information which enables Jum to know that higher and better prices were paid for tobacco in Lynchburg last year than was obtamed for the same g1 a de of the article either in Richmond or New York. Cigars. rThere is a decided improvement in low cs. ,hhds Owen Co;nty, Ky., l eaf, lugs and tlash_:3 at nsylvamas, although genetal market 1 s By Empire and .Allentown Line: Chas, F. Tag, 39 $3 50@$3 80, 2 at $4@$4 25, 3 at $5@$5 60, 1 at still torp1u. There IB al s o mqUJry for n e w N W pkgs. $13 75. 1 hhd. of West Virgm1 a at $8. 23 ; Spratt & Co 33. By IJouisville, Memphis, and N ashvi:le Railroad: cig&r seven feet long and weighing thirty pounds bas been made m New Hayen. It is of leaf tobacco, and is about a foot IU circumferepce. York made goods, whwh brmg $2 IJ?Ore than By New York and New Haven Railroad: Bunzl & CL!RKSVILLE, Tenn., Feb, ll.-171e TfJbacco those _!laiiu.1 g from the Keystone State. In tmported Dormitzer, J. box and 20 cs.; Rossm & Dessauer, 30; Leaf, a new and handsome paper, the first number of there IS httle. do1ng. There are large of H. Shubart & Co., 64; J. Mayer & Son, 4; Basch & which we have receiVed, gtves the following interest-German CJ ears the stamp, but IS no Cohn, 58. ing account ef the past week's busmess in that cit chance for them m competitiOn With domestic goods. By New York and New Haven Line of Steamboats: Our market may now be eons 1dered fully open for the Ray & Co 34 hhds.; B. H. Russe ll, 14; Ronald & Bro 11 ; Glover, vVh1te & Co. 33 f t & Co 30 C B B ll.f I t ; owen, 3 ; .., pore, Bremaker T q & Co., 12; Page, Ronald & Co her, 3. By Louisville, Cincinnati & Lexir


. THE TOBACCO LEAF. PB'I'ERSBI!&G, Feb, 13,-Messrs. R. A. YouNG & We quote: scraps nominr.l at $2 to 83 50; green lugs day evening, when a committee will report a consliappearance of the leaf. Do not wait ten minutes after Ronald & Bro., 2 hhds.; Farmers' warehouse, 16 ; Ninth BRo., tobaccll dealers and commission merchants, re$4 50@6; unsound old do. $6@8; sound do. $8@9 50; tution." stripping into bankR before bankina vour tobacco. street warehouse, 7; Pickett warehouse, 'l ; Boone dark leaf $9 50@12 50; dark factory dried do. $9@11 ; Bank it squarely, nicely, and a safe Warehouse, 4 Glover, White & Co., 6 port: 1 @ "' k I"'TER"' "L REVE"'IJE 1 b d h The market has been more .animated during the past co ory uo .,11 25 13 00; ...,ac wrappers, none; me ,.,. 11. Pace, eyon t e reach ot rain or snow. lace your warehouse, 5 week, and the receipts larger, although as yet there dium colored leaf $13@16; bright, none. hands, one by one, in the bank in a round torm L'"'""'"HBURG. Feb, 13.-Mr. JOHN H. 'l'YREE, to h be d ..,.. d f ll S '"' FR "''CISCO, Jan. 22,-0n the 19th in st., says In the case of ex-In!lpector Lichtenbeim, Commissionnot fan-shaped, nor in a sprawli'ng, sbi"ft!e'ss m"nner.' ., .. b as en no a vance 10 pnces. gra es 0 a 11.11 ,.,, d er Owen delivered his di!c:sion on the 12h inst. It Ob h bacco commission mere ant, t( a tr1al 7'h b I iii '4lxh ..... t < Dzc. ""' ,, We ooserve that many very badly frost e d logs are 3lfc.; 16 t boxes, Jessie Hare, gold leaf, 34c.; 34 MAAAifG AND OF" IMPoarED wrde as you nail them to corner pieces. This ... comin"' in f=m and Qtnit to quote cs. t Melon Brand, 5 to the round, 37c.; t WITuDtcAWN ExPORTATION. should be done in order to allow the moisture to pro-.: 0':;' : th&m becaufle their value is merely no,Jninal, beboxes, Nature's' Bounty, light pressed, -sac.; IO .;t oF THII: cusToxs perly escape when the tobaeeo shaU go into a sweat 40. .. ..... oo a,tl& bin()' no pre!lent demand for this grade. There may be boxes, Nectar Leftf; ht: pound8, 32c.; 10 cs. Ript'!, T&EABUJIY DEPARTliENT, Nov. 1'61 1868.-The fol : anrl also to secure you1 leaf acrainst and: lN soN SI!PI'. 80T11. Jx BoNn DEC 3 T "' -1 b d th hf. 2 36 t boxes Washoe, hi: lowiJ Re()'nlations and lnstntetioos concernin(J' imd : tma ge Make your cases of 11i11e three feet ... lllt'.l6l,IIOl-"'1Jit9 147,1!16 14,1111q 914U1 -"""'r. a demand for Jl!leh afte1 a wh er nL .we a VISe !'<"'at s Y L- ""' o h "' Lear......... Ul,ll',I.JIV 9Ejol,:m 90.401 .ns < 1 they be shipped at very, low fi,.ure PY qealers. Thei pounds, 4 'to the pound, 30c.; 5 cs. Solace, c ..,wlDg, port are transmitted fur yonr guidance, viz.: e1g t mcl!es l?n\, two feet four inches high, and tw

Le,S ... ..... .. S..!ltlt'lfO r, n 2616,4' 1 21",10, show" 15 gross; @4 50. warehouse for 8Xf<>rtation, the stamps J11acedon the fromoutside to outside. Make your cases from dry ClpN...... .. IS,Ii16,DI5 ll3,dl> 7 S,IH6,9i16 90 rn' fi h k' 1 hd 4 The exports o tb.e hve been: To British c boxes in of heretofore' i!>l!ued, uff, an..d keep them dry also for use. them. NEW ORLEANS, Feb, 10.--Thc market has been e or t e wee are 1 s., tcs., lumbia, 1 qs. ciga'rs, 1 cs. pipes, and 12 cs. tobacco; to will have mark:eo, a t 1C.C, pel' lb., uU:Cured d ,, as, tO _$7' 0@111 50 '-.. 4 d b h uv Y aD .. eli tO""'"' 2 o fi fu In k 23 8'. ciga @, 8 pipes, 999 boxes do., au 633 oxes qmrement, as well as to wliether the. cigars w ere cases or !ire falsely wei hed or marud: the latter olassing medium. The new crcp is coming OOilltllQn to me UQI, .!UU'.!l 0 n "' r 0 IDg, clay 4o., 2 p1pe stems, 59 boxes manufactured topropo3ed to be exported agree db 1M! JW, o. o acco, etc., remammg m e cerp. o "roper. WI a. y or o IDt ... exp an /"'" f. 1!1 r t llt ou1;r J16 )10gbds of first Odendahl, 15 ; S. J ..... J'>fasits & B1o., 37; Wackerbarth them. As cople tliem from a report light 36tc; 24 hf. boxes light pressed qua,ity in cas.e. If die tobacco is v ,ery light, thin & .Joseph 113 J\:layer 4'; Bres. 48 Brown & Freewh1eh appeared 10 verk reliable .Joumal Woodrose at 35@3.7c.; 8 cs. t boxes Rare R!pe, !1ght Imported by .,I& fr<>UUds Dllt of your FroU\ LouisvHi e : E. King, 13 hhds.; Henry shoulders bla_me be l attached pound in bond at long te!!d!ld t;o J?r from tbe secona qua)ity in each case. Always !!ilh your to Knox, 4; R. T. Torian, 7'; "J.P. Smith, 3 cs.; Tate & !Deanwhile, we Will while with an "if" at 5lc.; also 30 cs. i boxes, .,_and tore hacco into tbe cases. lf you do not sell it before it Co,..,. IIi l:u:;11.; L. 24 awaiting our contemporar;y s Some ago t lb., J. G. Dill's, 1s0lil,withan "if. 42to, Fnce, It any, your interior growth of tobacco, whether first or second pkg. lent paper as the W!Hg would conduCive to them-leaf, 15@25c. per lb. between the quantity And mtended to be exquality, by itself. This valuable rule should be strictly From Grand E core: Order, 2 hbds. not only of the trade of but of :P4b1ic by H. M:' NewhaU & parted.. ------;-,Collector. observed m pu.cking every description of leaf. KeepFrom White River: Bussey & Co., 1 hhd. ersm all parts of the count:y. In a Co., by orce of t.JY! o( t;6e Port and for ac-:A duphcate ofsuc' report lS to be a memorandum of the whole nJlmber of pounds you By Pontchartruin Railroad from Mobile: C. B. Block and courte?us pnv.ate letter, the edltor count whom it may concern: 1 trunk z;JOo Havana, to. the nav!llloJllcer, .whe"tt-tiMre lS and 1_10 permit have; he number of pounds of each kind, and mark-& (;1o. 15 h.bxs. and 18 pkgs. F. Goldsmith 36. Orcomply With our but, th'?s seized on Sacramento, ,Aug. ;3,, $115 per"i'd:.; 1 2,200 f?r .the of clgars for lS be un cases in which the respective sorts are packed dis der, 14. 1 far, no ha. been taken 10 'th&t; mn:enon. Will Havana, seized on steam 'er.:Sacraniento; Aug. 4,.(!117 SJlCh and retur4 ?f quantity of Cigar;s anrl tmctly, so you can refer to them without trouble and By New Jackson, and Great Northern the permit us to our suggestion f perM.; 1 trunk 4,100 Havana, seized on-bool'd steamer !1/imber;s of stamps ?ancellcdiJs made. The post the buyer at once when he shall call on to Railroad: S Herusheim, 'l cs.; Irby, McDaniel & Co.l SAV!NN!H Feb. 5t.-Manufactnred continues in Oregonian, Sept. 29,$105 per, M.; 1 trunk 2,950 Jf,:n:_aQa, .!l any! the quant1ty expofted, that your leaf. Bear in mind the fact that Con27. good demand at full p11ces with light stock We learn seized 0 steamer Oregonian, Sept. 29, ill125 per 1\f.; tmporteH., shall be subJ.eCt to m the tobacco raisElrS get high prices for their leaK' Cleared since the 2d inst., for Nassau, 4 '7 bls. that some of the new crop is exr.ected during the 400 Ha an o'h Orego11ran ; Sept. 29, g1 ven on will not allow it to go out of their handsStock iu warehouses and on shipbo!\rd uot cleared on coming weeti, which will consist of the "sweet.: worked," $11 ; 5oo Cio. ao. do. Clo., $l4'; 6oo do. db. M.'do:, $13-, qra r .h_ g1ven for sampling gars, a duect10n the s_ame reqlllrmg sdo1 ........ cont.1'nu<>d f:a1'rly, and the price11 d 11 e 0 a sa es 0 n w ( '. h cto er .. ..,99,645 72 $1, '703 76 $1,475 47 the cavity has the appearance of an im basin of as 10 ows: 1 hhds. The arrivals comprise the BeUona s.), wit N b 118 34 mi"lk. bt d e at' f:actory and fiully up to last R' B t Se t & c 1 hhd s A G""" ovem er .... .. __ __ /!._3, 2,013 92 7,173 11 o ame wer s 18 y 1ver oa s: n er o., .; n>n-7 hhds. and 225 oX1l!l, the Clara >Killarn, with D ,..., 4 41 0 week's figures Receipts are liberal The sales yes th & C 3 C 1 & B 1 J W B th & "S 1 y k ecem er .. ;-- '" 1 1,851 92 9,952 4 7 The f:_amiliarity o_f English newspaper 'writers with am ., ; o e ro., ; oo on, ; 161 packages tobacco, bo from New or ... ____ ___ ----h d 1 fA terday amount to 113 hhds., as follows: At Lynn Boyd S Peltz .i Oo 2 Christ .. n P.efJ:r 1 and 13 bxs :M :.._ L _, t e eta1 so mer1cao customs aud :a-ea is illus. ; ., LIV l".OOL, Jan. 30,-::::Messrs. M. BR.A.NDT'S 42.,6 Jl 18 $5,569 60 $18,600 05 d b -, warehouse, by S ettle Brol:ihers, 56 hhds. v1z: $21, $18, Fnedman & Co., C. & :ft. on; mtzer, 22; J. G. Y4 -, r !he London when it speaks ef $18 .. !18, 3\Jo, 4H5 25, $14 '15, $13, $12, $12, $12, Bell & Co., 3; \V. F. Obear, 19; & Bro., 1; tobacco this week 'has been A WORD !BOUT MAN"GI.,G .l"'D STRIPPflllG TOYankees much addwted the mastication oi $1.2 7.5, 25,-$12, ,au, .ll $11 75,$11 75, $Ll 25, Brinkman & Schlarge, 2 caddies; for Reshipment, 10 l 1 d d hhd .-. .,.._ -, v ,. l1 11 Ill dick tobacco." $Hl1 f:!Q 175, 810 25, tlO flO 25, $10 25, $10 50, butts, i csk. and 3 cs.; George Atherton, 1 cs. cigar. the reachJl!g !Un s, eon, .....,..,....,....,....,.._..,....,....,.._,_,_,_,_,_,_,_,..,....,.._,....,., $tO 50, $10, (!10.25-, 2 5, $9 55, .$9 65, $9 55, $9 60, By Pacific Railroad: ,l.ewito., & Co. i bbds.; 'mtmg of strips for the an6 and eaffor TO BA C()() FACTORY $9 95, *" go, !l, 65, $9 10, t9 10, $9,$9 15, $8 65, Brown & Bari'on, 2; J. W .. Bootft & &n, ; E. )1. l1elapd and Pnces.,of Leaf are unc?anged, bnt BY TAPPAN, TUCKER & f tobacco l!:fowe,s isl!aned to thP. fol lf'erretl; Planters' watebO'tfr!e, 5'r hhds., viz.: Sn4 25, & Co., a J. W .Hooth & Son, 1; D. Oatlin, 6; .j?.go"!,fro.m New Orleans, j"1th 39 hhd.s., the lowing tacta, relating t'o the management of leaf toLa-cco $U.::M\tl3 75;$12 D.Douglass,4 tubs; c. B. Bunham & Co.,4cs.; Erm (i),fwlth 1'7 fihils., the Ef!g.a .nd with 12 l',l 1 tu, $ll tn, in $ _11 50, _$.!._1 25, $11 50, $10, Wright & Perkins, 1 box; F. Stnith & Co., 24 cadhhds., !\nd tile With 8 3 hh 8 tobacco Do-not-put water on your tobacco at any time, nor DANll L $1{}, ito 25, $10 ll0. 25, 3\10, &10 '15, $10, dies; J. A. 14 fkgs.; for Reshipment, 3. from ew York. in any eonilition, while on poles, or before or after IIO 25! 1$10, $9 05, $9 75, i9 4p, By North Missour Railroad: Sterling, Price & M!j NZ!S, Feb, G.-Manufactured contmnes dull, boxing. You will lose largely on its price if ou AT AUCTION. --, B'. BURDET7,. AU:CTI9NEEIL .. 1'7 0.5, t1 90, *"; t'l fl&,-t6 -o M 20, $6 05, $6, Co.: 6; J. W. &etft tl; Son, 1. of so small lots middling quality at $25 per quintal "water streaks," ten_ dernest, and' rot. Do n "ot take BURDETI{ .DENNIS J;. C01 to 75,.-$9..WriQ.!iOj 18 25, $8 $8, Co. 2 hhds. Elder & Gt, e, y. t to 0).-:;ke arry change from our Q.f 14s.liJ 1aj Jli ger & Co., 20. The ( ncinnati Comme rcial ef February 6 h'ls the fol. may be too m01st, or even tOo dry while you are ta-plete t or llachloery tor ll&nurctualng Plur Tob&eeo, wlz. '"'eek. Marulabt'ured t ohacco is in fair forth<> St. Louis and II on Juountain Railroa,d: M. tam"The Independ'"nt Protective Ci!!armakers' king it down. In taking it llo'IV-nAr. om the pnles, use Hydraulic Preoo, No. a il>draatic Pump, H1frau11t l'lllllltalq Pot, abaJ>e" n 11 o; '1: "' t:l I f c h d "l f b h d J': a ,nd form. 8 of all klndo, Ret&lJre,.., !!&ew -.,'e(' ood qnalities at The lo'ler gralles .range enreanx,1 3 bhd!>M .A,ndersou & Co., 2 and). ,Pox; Union o mcmnat1, t e secon orgamzatwn o t e t e an care1m hand it, and also iu ..., c. from navanafillers, 98e.(!Y$1 .. In leaf Solzy & Fry., I hh1. and 3 bxs. kilid in th.e city, its second meeting last night in placing ft in the" stalk banl" .-Strip lt, ont immediMay b4o enmloedat anytime 'there bas not been !lluch business doing. -Sa.les.-of 10 i By Cbica:zo, Alton & St. Louis R,a.ilroad: Leggatt, Arbeiter Hall. About seventy-five persons have alor soon after takipg ttrdown. By so duiug, I HAVE TEU' DAY AD,\l.ITTED Y BKOTHER MR hhils. Kentucky lugs at 10tc.; 10 hhd!<. do.. manufac-.;Huds!ln & lio., 10 cs. and 1 ht.-bbl. ready become n1e. mbers of the organization, and a com-1t WIIJ s.tnp off the stalk mor1e (reely, and will not take HII:NR'l w. as a ln,111fi wlu here: turing' do. at 5 ,!lases seed leaf, The exports from St. Louis by rn:ilroad for. pas.t m\hee of twelve was appointed to thoroughly canvass any injury in the "stalk bank" by In mue nuder tho arm me E & wrappes, at 26c.; 3 0 cases Cmcmnab at' 2ilc.; 15 week have been as follows: By \)h1o and MISSlSSlp[li, the city in the interest of the new movement. Concases out of is left in "stalk 'bank" au y NJrodnce tenderness anl __ Pennsylvania seed leaf on secret terms. pkgs.; by St. Loms, and Ierre Haute, 4 hhds., persons who should become members by the next meet -decay o: th.e leaf. Do not haukR: one aud: OOcaoeo ftneselooted 0010"" I mported during the week-From ll&vaua: W. G. 2;5 butts, 25 bxs., 4 cadd1es, and 1 fk"'o; by North ing should be admitted upon payment of fifty cent!'. on e -tonroh Inches through tile butts Ill lar"e IOU"""'"' [llednun do. dG. h b 1 d M k 11 h b k h :1 o o 40 caes bmders Cochran & Oo., 10,000 cigars; S. Fuguet & SonJ>, MiRsotui, 21 hhds., 365 bxs., 'and 55 p gs.; by Pacific, The followm"' persons a\e een e ecte permanent a e. a t e an. s or s umlonn m s1ze. your so ae J!llo,.., a11 ofchmce quality. ror oale In 1018 to eut parell&>en 6,550 do. and 8 cs. do.; H. P. & W. P. Smith, 1 cs. 230 bxs., and 26 pkgs.; by St. Louit! and Vandalia, 37 officers: F. P. :Fink; Vic e-President, Herbest JUdgment selectmg your bt>st growth ut toby JUliN L OKII.'i, 78 Water otreet. ,.,.York. do.; Jno. F. Way & Co., 1 do. do. The exports for bxs.; St. Louis and Iron Mountain, 27 and 1 mann Lehi.nann,; R eco rding Chas. ballco by itself, and all late or >m, d!sized ).,a\e.s i ,.;ALE-T\VO HUNJJHED CASES OF the same time have been: To Ill.atanzas, &77 lbs. mfd., pkg. rota!, 49 hhds., 25 butts, 769 bxs., 1 hf.-bx., 35 bender; Fmaucial Secreta.:;:. Wilham; Treasur-by themselves also-makmg your respe tJVe SOl ts Ullll.l.' 'l'UB\C

mnE TOBA.CCO E. C WHEELOCK IM. P. KITTREDGE lc CO., I 4c!':" :":.rk Msrchants I 1_-fHE VIRGINIA...-TOBACCO AGENCY. I WM. I'. KITTREDGE r 0 B A c c 0 ( Coilect'on District. \\!JQlliliiQLL"if : ". COMMISSION JYIERCI:-;I.A..NTt:S I I I,'' FOR ALL THE : .J BRANDS 'oF VIRGINIA TOBACCO, AND AGE:li:TS FOR THE SALE OF ) MANUF-'ACTURED and LEAF TOBACCO. 45 WATER STREET, NEW YORK,' 164 Wate1 Street, NEWYORK. (J I 1 1 e11nd._ l Half Po.,da & Qual'lers. Fancy. Tens. A U 'nlle1-, Garibaldi, June Apple na,..,., Gold Ridge, 1!1.1' '''IIIa-, 1 Llelle All Rlgbt, F8l!hlon Gold do. Blue Jacket, I .IPW. Vooable,f. \Levoatbao, Lady j?inget)l do. Red Jacket, YoiYetJII)Oe, 1 r Temptation do. l'eacb. I 11 11 1 'o4e on.r&llo Na+y, Atlantic Cable Twlot, Tom TbtUDb, lie' r "'" r'lta Admiration do. May Qu\)Cn, II ......,1'1 < I heelocll!'oPet, cable eoll do Alexander, 1 I 11' jllll Nation s Prid e, O ue e n ofTrumpe. 1 J Ch 0plam'o I JL J. Cbriotlan, Il:angaroo, 11 1 1 -'lltHIH 1 ) lPhle Apple 1 1 Eleven O'Clock, llr. Toots, 1 i l .lllldc WpiiJj .lo I &Deft> Jlat>Zi., 1 'l lllaml, Jerry Wblte, t J, sport, ,( o C .L! lltlb.,.,.. Cberl'J FourS, White Pawn, -n&Yid Blackwell'& lllaad, hlmetto Fours, Dlack Plume, O.rW...::yunt', 41eK&ader, t J Palmetto Sn;et!1 Sancho Panza, VIctoria, 1 1 'twiD, S!&!I:"' Jl&ldwln's Gold Rod, Beautiful Stat, Peerlet:&, llKI.omttafile-, Yomr Thumb Bartl, C. L. ,Jonm:, ;l!.o.vorile PntmhJp:n, 0"'101a, Delta Pocket Piec e Ca,.t.on!), li&UOIIIll Hagle. Chri stian Premlula. ,ll.l'Litlle All Right. Portland 1 i' .it,..,> ...4pple, PoeJut-PiJ,rc';j.,, No'#fl SftM, d::e ', l>E. BRAEKELEER & FOOTE, .'.(1 }[ANUPAOTURERB OF TOBACCO INSPECTED OR SAMPLED. Ce:-:'.ftcates giveu for every case, and delivered, cas e by, case as to numb e r of C e rtific ate. :W. B, -I allo &le ;,. .Mercha?Ots' uw" Swres. F C. L:J:N'DE, Pariagas; Es.panola, La Rosa, .....,a:B.EKOUIIE8-::ftl. 74, '18. and 78 Greenwich St OFFICE, 76 Greenwich Sreet. BRA. 1!!0 WATER STREET. ........ SOLB PROPRIETORS OF THE BRANDS M. & E. SALOMON .HYACINTH, EL COMPANERO, CONTESTO. I COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AND IMPORTERS OP I Havana CigarS,teafTobacCo AND l\'EST lNDIA PRODUCE, ROSENWALD & Commiss,lon li:Imchanfs mul IMPORTERS OF HAVANA LEAF, Also Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO anq SEGARS, B5 La:n.e, 145 Water Street, N. Y. STB.liTON, 10 IDTT & IT8BII, I. PARKER 1: co. OF PfPff? I L I 4KD COTTON AND TOBACCO FACTORS DIIA.LUS IN LDJ.F TIBAOGO. COMMISSION AND .. No. 191 PEARL STREET, New York. JOHN STRA.ITON. JOBEPII SC!nri'JYI' GEORGE BTORil. NEW YOR". COMMISSION MEROHA.NTS!J ftO. t04 r .. AGENTiJ .FOR TnE SA.LE OF -GRANT & WILLIA-MS, TR IS OLIVER, ROSSELL & ROBINSON, GREANER & WINNIE, J. G. DILL;:.' BARRATT'S CROWN, J. K. CHILDilEY, REUBEN RAGLAND, l L. H. FRAYSER & CO., GILliAN & .MALLORY. TURPIN & YARBROUGH, CHEIVES & OSBORNE, J. B. PACE & CO., D'A.VIS' & SON '" DUK.E OF J\ THqtr. The '!ttention Trdde is respectj'tdly Boli.cited. & IIBB:CDAH'fS, AYD JOB'BERS OF 'I.IEAF. ., -TOBAGCO, KREMELBERG & CO., l'IEWTORX, ..... F. L. BRAUNS&: CO., B.&I.'l'DIOBB. To1lacco Co11l1llixsion Merchants b"t.n.\t or Jdeorlc Pa((', dirl't!C lf?l!JJM"ta,. !ion, t:ooat&nt1y o n, aud luc ill 8ood. r duty l l\ld in t.o sutr. purchasers. M-lU1 QLEMENT READ, NIRGINJA AND WESTERN LEAF .6JID MANUFACTURED TOBA0001 LICORICE, CUM, etc., 11' 0. 16 l'eo.rl .. treet, 11, T, OTTnt ..... Looiavlllo, Ky Ottinger & Brother, KENTUCKY No,-Water N_e"1' York. CommissiQn Merchants, L. PA.LMER I ,-- A H 133 WA'.l.'ER .ST., .;Conne. Comer NEW 'YORK. ,. >{ .PLATT & NEWTON f Succeasorn W .... Ill D Hirsch & Co.,. o. 114 ater Sw et, DE.&LERS IN ROBERT L. MAITLAND & CO., CQttQM) CH:NmlAL COMMISSION MmlCBANTS, ,_, 1 Hanover Buadmgs, New Advanoea made on Conaipmenta to Meun. W. A. & G.Ka.%well & Ca. Liverpoo OF Havana "LA AFRICAN A," "OLIVER T"WJST," LA MATILDE," ADd other well -known ftn e bran do. I Segars, !Wo. STREET, AND NEW STREET, RlllW TOII.E., -WM. T. COLEMAN A CO., Commission Merchants. New york: j San Francisco: No. 117 Front Street. Cor. C:>liforoia & A pots In San Francl co for S&le < C. BAn:n, NEW YORK. EDWIN M. JoHN V...,. AIIBp:I:W.lNT, ( SELJ.GIBERG, COHEN & M.! J. SCHOTTENFELS. Ofotnnri::i'nn IF' sole .& .. Dey W. Carroll' "LONE -d "BROWN DICK" Tobacco, ::EE:ID:Dil'JR.'Y :E.i. PEJR.JR.'Y, Suooessor to AYRES & SON, late of' Richmond, V'a., a'lft Commission Merchant for the sale of LJ!.iAJr AND TOBACCO, AND OTHER SOUTHERN PRODUCE, No. 64 Water E)treet. P.o. Box 6,73'l, Ne-wYork. CONSIG'N!UJ!::\'TS SOLTCITJ!:D. TH. H.' VETTERLEIN &. SONS, 172 PEARL STREET, _, I PATENT TEMPER TOBACCO-KNIVES, '!If I:TEK DI8CRIPTION, ADAPTED TO ALL THE DIFFERENT POWER AND HL'fD MACHINE3, MADE BY NAPANOCH AXE AND IRON CO., C. S. BRIGHAM, Treasurer, Napanoch, N. Y, 'Oar looc experience and extended taclUUe1 enable us to gu.&l'lllltee aatltfaetioa. --111 llew York Sa.lelll'OOm, 69 JOSI.All B. LEVERETT & 00. A. STEIN & CO.,) Merchants,e AND .D'&AI&R8 Uf .lLL b&SCRIPTION8 OJ' : THOMA$ KINNICUTT. KentuekJ' 81141 TiriJDia LEAF TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO, N9. 3 WDUam Street, 197 Duane-street,' NEW y !: NeW"' York. _________ O R _K._ Oiga.r manufacturers p&rtlcula.rly favored, llAWYER, WALLAOE & 00., Go..asslea lie elauts, DHAS. B. FALLENSTEIN & SONS. TOBACCO And General . COMMISSION MERCHANTS 1 Dommission Merchants, No. 41 97-1-tll No. J68 Wu tcr Stree&, .UD DJl.lLB&S IN ALL KISDS LE.A.F 149 Water-etreet, near Malden-lane, New-York.. P. fRINt"ANT & CO., 47 We t Front, st .. Cincinna1i, 0. FA T1'1.1:A.N' db CO.,' COTTOit 1: TOBACCO FACTOR Al'iD COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Nos. 70 and 72 Street, J:Sr:BI"'VV Y'OR.:&:., BORGE WICKE. ) WJrOJ[B B>'ii: OF J,tgar I 6 WILLETT ST,, NEW-YORK. e Best Material and Snperlor Kake by Self-invented and patented Machinery. NIEWYOiiK, w lLLIAM M. PRICE & 00., Agent. for the al e of the followlag t. DAVID O'JlULL. 11 OO.J gf aG n lr att-n, TOBACCO,. Captain Jinks, Charlie, VIrginia State, Globe, Continental, lletropolis, Etc., Etc., Also, all kiDd or e TCEI.A.OOC. J ACQB HENKELL, SEGAR BOX MANUFACTORY, (Sup_ erior Make and Prime Cl.uality,) OF CiDAR WOOD, I 19 Maldenlane, lli':llWYOBJL 1 .... --7 =---..... BROTHERS, TOBACCO' .... / AI AND GEIIERA.L Commission llerchants, JJIEWYOBJt, J, H. BERGIIAD .. COMMISSION and 295 MONROE STREET, .NEW YORK. DlrOllDB, ABD WBOLIIII.u.JI m r SCoteh, German, and Duteh 293 CORNELIUS SEYMOUR, tOll & CO,, Leaf y oba ceo No. 96 'WATER STREET Opposite Gonverneur Lsne, New York. Httvana, in and out of Bond, Leaf T obaoco in libds and Bales, 189 PEARL STREET, N. Y, FOR !'<'HIPPING. .I.BI, l'orelsn and Domealio Leaf Tobacco, Also Importer &11d llano!'adorer of SECARS, Bo 122 Front&Ueet, N.BVYORKo WM. AGNEW & SONS, fobacco and Commission Merchants I 284. and 286 Front I!Jtreet., .!DOLPU !TRoD. tltllB() R'Rlft:DSTEDI. STROHN &, REITZENSTEIK, L. H. NEUDECKER, I tnbattrr Qtmnmission lttitgant, G Bnr. PALMORO. E. M. ORA WPORD & 00. G. HEINEKEN & PALMORE, T ,OBACCO 1 roR.B:, D.iLBRs m No. 47 Broad Street, DOMESTIC .lD Ut.POJt'I'U8 or 88 BrNtl. Street, New Yerk. 121 & 123 FRONT STREET, BEW-TWlK. IU n 011 8li.JI .u.r. I>a

.. nl -' I 75 Pearl, .St-reet, r .NE'lV YO"kK. CHAS. F. TAG, LEAF TOBACCO. fRANK, 8EUTTENMULLER & tO. 'JI..I.NUJ'Acnnum8 01' SEGARS, AND l>BALBIIII Ilf 66 W G 96 tim!lf LAlfE, Lear gnd Tobacco, t .&CJI:NTS fbr .. the an Do. La ..Corona de Espana. l Do. M:. & M. Do. Don Quixote. Do. Aa Aa Standard !rands uf. rgi 8aroli i"''."'illiiiliiiUiiiiii:. Do. !.a c::, Malta. & lL" PO)V;DERED LICORICE. GOlii.JIDBIOlf DRClUNT ,TD IAj.ll 01' LEAF AND MANUFACTURED CO'l.TON, N.AY.AL 8M.B.ES, .tta., ;to., Ita, r t;::as}J. Ad va.uces xnade on Cousl1fnm.ent8o Always on hand cgaf : FAVO. IT "{ COS and SNUFFS,, for whi c h our bouse la s become famous, a.nd n6 e1ties, t o whi ch the attention of the trade is invited. Our past reputation for making first-class goods, and a' the ma!ket prices, we enBeavo r to ,maintain. an eaumeration of all our Yfl.l'Jous brands woul!l hardly enter into-the limits of a ajiliah!Uie.r.,.q,Jt attained. Yet the l'aet lllandepateDtforall wbolla-.. seen or will BCrfect clll&N can oe made-booehlng, binding d dllloh!Dir t1oe111 b7 a eoosiolt to be attained b7 hand. Tbe lillowlag cooallklte I!OIIIe ot 'Is moet Important n!atureo.: 1st. Tho rapidity and unltormlty with which are made. 1-.r' 2nd.1 'It eft"ecto a oav!ng of ten .per oentl,.,.rappers, (whlcb In ftne tobacco Ia a large I tem ) &1. It;nakea a perfect !lnl8h or th end of the cigar. (Practical Cigar l!akeno Will fnll appreciate th'-pecla l point.) 4th. Every c1gar made by It xusT smoke l'reely, owing In tbe lllct that the allen ...., _.uad and .straightened br tlle r4achln.,., and that"the bead a.nd body of the ctgar receive a nnllbrm 5th. Bkllliidlabor fs not reqolreQ. .Any intelligent boy or ta11ght In a ohon-to Opel!lt e it -two of whom, one at the buneber and !lie o J,her lbijshing, can tn&J(e f'9'D 11100 to llOIO ' D .. LIIII IW .ll.L """"' or ) L AF OBACCO, 162 D' Wap-at., I XDIE:P:E'I.C>'V;JII::C, lie Acency, 247 BROADWAY, NEW YORK; J ; M. BRADSTREET & BON 1 Proprjetom. s ]:iJ G-ARs, IIAimFACTUBEBS OP JoH 1. sMITH, so11, Leaf Tobacco, fine and Smoking Tobaccos, Cotton & Tobacco 166 Water-Sreet. Nos. 140"'Pear1Bt. & iofiV!aterSt 75 BOWERY Tobacco1 No. I 60 W!lter Street, New York. JULIAN ALLEN, Seed-Leaf & Havana '.I;'OBJ. COO, Volume 24 of our Commercial Reports will b e 'issued o_n the 6th January, 1869, corrected to date of 1ss ue. 20,000 names added siuco last issue General Commission Kerchants, / No. 169 Front-street, A. II, OARDOIO, PlUm, DROSt. SIMON S'ALOMON, I-mporter of an( Dealer in AND SECARS, No. 192 PEARL .STREET, 1 NEW TOJlK. THE CITY TOBACCO ACKNCY, No. 108 FROlfT..STREET, New-York G. W. HltLMAN & C .IJD .A.ODt'S JOB ,.liZ I IU.Llt OJ' IU:.I.NUWACTUBED TOBACCO, TI&ve alway1 en band a Ia ure U l fOJ'\tntnt. or-xanur ac tured Tobacco. For on liberal tLWm!l. 64: NEW-YORK. (Near Wall Street) H. MESSENGER & co., 002-illl ; NEW YORK. FAO'I'ORS AND 1'KPOBDM OD Dl' Genera commission MerGhants, FOREIINADDMESTICTOBACCO, 4'r Broad 8t:reet; .ff;-Y. o""'R 1 C E L I Gonnecticnt .SeeA ani HaraJlll I I I LEAF TOBACCOS .ln. l'fo. 178 UftlON FAC RY, ESTABLISJb;u 1839. 'It-tO& : :n:w-Yo:a A. S. RQSENBAU. & CO., lla!lllfactnrer and Ownlll' of the followl11g celebrated COIU:l'III8IO:N IIIBBCIIUT8 brudj ofVlB&lRNIA PLU TOBACCO: The Peach, DARK, Ult Jt a d mobattO', LIGirr. Sweet Rose, Variety, Ambrosia, oUS<>DIWJDl8 nr .. fl' v U. HIRSH. B)ltOie ofthe following Branda of VIRGINIA NA.TUBA.L LE.I.JI', VIJI,.INIA I!IEA.L, ;ltX GOLDEN CBOWJr, FA.CIJI'I(J.A.TION, X GOLDBN CROWN, KILLIIUI.'II(JK, ORIENTAL, OLD DOIU:INION, LYNCHB'IIBG, Bl!LLY BOY1 and TURKISH TOBACCOS. iii Put up Jn eighth's, quarter's, halrs, and one pound packages, in the most modern styles, Manufactured only I< (oar Fle&ory, 'No .. "3'u nth. District, LJDebbarg, Va. L. F. Rare Ripe, D611EST C LUUND f' -'l'he subscribers also wish to Inform the trade that the d epot for the Highlan<[er, Occi dental, Dick Tater, and Red Rover, manufactured by WIIOUeALI Of(IIT," Wa'te:r Street, NEW YORK. CTBra_. 8t.Nt 8 SIXTH STREET, Pltt.urclt, Pa C. LANGENBACH & CO. Manufacturers o! Fine Cut Qthtwing, Jmoking AND SNUFF, 205 and 207 Centre Street. 0. LA.NGlCNBA.CK, } lOS, 8ULZBAORBB NEW YORK. M BROCK, # Manufactursr of the Finest Brands o f C 329 BOWERY, NEW YORK. H. SCHOVERLING, (Late Sohoverllng & Chapm .. ,J D:&A.LlCB8 IN' BS'l'BB A SMITB, INTERNAL REVENUE S'FATIONERs: N otioe to Taxpayers. \Ve are now prepamd to deliver tlie fol lowing ooks, as required by the new Tt&X Law, approved July 20th, 1868, viz: Ciga r Man ... ufacturers' Dooke ........ Gov t -'orm 11 Cigar PaM Booko. Lear Tobacco Dcalera R ecord ........ Gov' t Form Tr Tob&eco and Snnff Manntaeturere' .Book, .inclgclhw.Fiu CUt, Chewing Smoking. Plug ana Tw is t l'obacco and Snutr .... Gov't Fora Record or Receipts and Dellverle! at SlloltExPI/rt Warehouoe, to bC kept by Storekeeper. Also, an th e blank fqrms required by the 'new :f .. 'l'ax Law, ,viZ: l TOBACCO, SNUFF AND CIGARS, As pe r Regola\lono, Series 4, No.8, dated Aug !, 1868. 1 The above 'Qoo s and blanks, as -well as all others by us fo{ the us& of tu'payers; nre the OFFICIAL FORMS PRESCRIB&D BY THE CO-MISI>IONER OF INTERNAL REVi:NUI;, and ate li.:Arranted to be correct. iJcl1edules of Books and Blanks furnished by mllil upo.Jl application. L. W. CUNTHE rc, CO., 1MamSt,bet.26th&.28th,Rlchmond,Va. G5!9o tsawater-s;,New-York. Tobacco&Gensral Comm'ssion ::L.v.[ A 0 ""'Y' 8 L. L.., ARIUIISTEAD, .. Lynchburg, Va., IS at the1r War.ehouse and Saleoroom, 90 Water street, Uew York. Leaf Tobacco Orders will be p r Oll;lptly filled upon receipt of the money, or will be sent by Express, C 0 D when tile amount to be collected i s $5 or over. MERCHANTS, : No.llO Pearl FOR BALli g Ltberaladvancesmadeonconsignmcnto. Granulated Smoking BALDWIN & fiK.LGRAFE, Tobacco. Manufactnrcl'!ll of EVERY DESORIPTION OF Tobacco Paper Boxes 138 Falton Stieet, YOBK.. :An y size Packages PRESSED INSTANT..LY' to any required form. r SEN'D FOR .CIRCULAR. WM. S. KIIY:IBALL, ROCHESTER. N. Y. M. PAULITSCH, Commission Merchant And D a.!erla L'EAF TOBACCO, I US WATER OTB.EET, Near Maiden Lane, NEW-YOBJC, WILLIAM ( Successor to LEE BROTHER81 ) ... "'.lnporter and .. ::::,-f tU\ 'J ANA U.:rD D EALE R IN LEAF TOBACC( 269 Pearl Stteet, Nenrl'ulton NEW YORK 26 SOUTH WILLIAM ST., NEW YORK, .,..-Reoeiver of B. A. Chapman's Packing. ESTEE & SMITH, Internal Revenue Stationers, Ko. Gl CEDAR Sr., NEw YORK.. Address P. 0. Box G086. K ew York. F. Beppenhelmer & Co., G. C. EHRSAM, LA. BEL S lYJACIIINIST For Tobacco and Cigars. A large assortment constantly on hand and printed to order. 22 & 24 North William Btreet, New York. AND JU.NUJ'AOTURER OP Shafting, Hangers, and Pulley& P'OR TOBACCO P'ACTORIES, Nos. 76 & 78 Ehn (003-254) NEW YORK.


THE rrOBACCO LEAF BALTIMORE ADVEBTISE:MlUt1 8 ::1:1'1" 188'7. (!Lindnnati 2\butrti.ernunts. CHARLES D ; DE FORD & CO., J?ODMANN'S UTU GAy STREET BALTIMORE (nspecnon&LeafTobacco \Varehtul8 Henry Besuden & Bro., TJDO. J. VJI'r'l"mU,.ZD, B. J. VET'l'&BLEIN. .. uruy:}::TT.ERLEIN & CO., PHILADELPHIA, PA., OoJJllDiMinn Merchants in Leaf a.nd Manufactured Tobacco, DOUE8TIC AND IMPORTED SEGARS. _.,..D TAT& ...... WAR&HOU8 3?" so Boa. 57 59, 61,.U3 FI'Oilt e2 61,"18 comins ldrt MERCHANTS ro{ t.he and. teat' Toba.cQ9, etc. D. HWR. DE.-'LKllS l!f eaa tornrd their St.oeks w:it.hout prepaying the Government Tax. -B. A. VAN :w-rr..XEN"S & \ lntw .... AGENT FOB Lorill d' TJJbacco & Snuff, Cigars, Havana and Connecticut Leaf. IN .to"X'1i!l TO SUIT, Ifo. 18 8. FRONT S'BUT,. PHILADELPHIA. Orders ISollclt:cd. ED IN S. I' 11CI1!J B=t.! s 0 11' & :a::..A. v A. t ren of' CIGARS, No. e kuth Froat Street, Philadelphia' h.W WOODW Tobacco and .AJrD o&an DUU. ur LEA.ll' AND Tobacco"', l'umen' Apnta for th.t 181e of ClaJleat;int l!eell teatro.._, 811'forlll Tlotnl .. t .. Ph .... el9'hla, BUCKNOR, McCAMMQI & TOBAC,OO O.aai11sicua.tnll1UI-. TOBACCO .ANI) s :a c:::.. .A. B. s 1 17 Third Street, PIULAD!LPHIA. lUJnJl'.rcmtma o .. AlDI WliO ........ :n,u.U '*-Leaf 7U 11. t"Nin sTiinr; lntemaiBermnre Bonded .... tai Cl'f ll'obacco Works, No .1.8.1. 'we.t Prctt Strut, .B4Ui.ll&ore, Md., llanntacture'ra of allldndo or T AND DEALERS tN OJI 1 WDOLBSALE DEALERS IN J.;. '!JZAR'. :lt'DO-wv.t.L &DlJliOAN Leaf Tobacco No."413 ,..,;_:b.ut St. 'Dim, 1 Jw:ii':"ru 'itf, ct 61 Mnla,) 5I Jtttl .,._ ...,. .. -, 42 South Chfules Street, iegat a BAL TIMOR I!. No. 49 South Clllarle8 Stl'eet UIIIID ...... -ol' General Coumiiilsion lterehants, --: w = M=-:::-.--=A -B=-:0==-=Y=n;;:--&-::---::O::-:o=-. :oA.LTI:M:o:n.E, Md. JAMES N. CLEMM;ER. No. 39 l'for&b Ya.ter $&11,'eet, HOFFl!AN GILllOR. FRANK GmsoN, lU4 lUanufattUrtd ilJ;o-Jwt.O Send ,.or ... ... T II B OK LY WIOILIIOOBL ,, OBNIIOORL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, .U.IO s. & J. MOORE, Justly Renowned T 0 B A C 0 0 'ARA "YOUNG AM.ERICA," Commission Merchants, Y-a.ra "QUI' H 101 llorth Water-street, "'" ; 42-11' PHILADELPrH A. lara _Des,_ MICHAEL WARTliAI', AWD OTHER URANTl8 OF (SucceeiOr to liOLDIN .& WARTMAN,) i l 'E 11 tGenemlOomnliau J4:erohant, "'TCHELOR s "llo -H.EBs ten. WaterSt. odlOIN.J?tlawareAn., 111 N. Third St., aad IS N. !lerAIU st., PHILADEu-HIA. PHILADELPHIA. tH:om:As HARE & so:N, uRalph's Scotch Snuff," .A. B. THEOBALD, .uur.Acmrua.o. .u; I111DB or SEG.A.R.S,. UDDUUIIIJI BPA.NIBR AND' D .O.MEBTIO ttaf Tobacco,.. Ch8Winl 'ollacco, SIHllf, Meerechiluin and Brier Pipes, 1'1'. W.oor. ... phlt.. .11-M WIEST, JLUCTI01\TEBR!i .. ..., COMMISSION .!RCHANJS, ... s.&ll JIM& St.nt' .. It r l.tlltla PHILADELPHIA. C'loDiien-'* of Tobacco_. Sepn 10llclled. Relolr by_J41rmloeloo to )(-. Do....,. & T .,.,..., Pllllldelpbla. x<-.A.II.-..u ..... eo .. Wm. Eise!!Johr & Co., A. A. ECXLEY, ( t ommifJtliou nch:aad. CONN ECT'II'UT SEED, HAVANA AND :VARA I.EAF AND MANUFACTURED L 'EA.F TOBACCO. I ,.; W;ter Street, rmtlDEL't'Hl!. No. 12 CENTRAL WHARF, BOSTON. W El!! Richards' Building, Providence, R.I. SMITH & YOUNG, Suoccsson to L KINGSLEY & CO Man tfaclurel'l! and Dealers In Dom .. tic ud the CELEBRATED UP l\ N UP C I CARS, PLUG AND CUT TOBACCOS, Together with a general ao!IOrico, &c., 54 .Jr.licl,ig:an Cia:'kt "fJ, e q. Svecbtlt>y of R LorlllRrd' Western F y & _KEYS, 11 MANAOERS, BOSTON ADVEB.TISEIIENTS. FI8HI;B .. Q D T-Obacco Manufacturers' .Agent, Commission Merchants, 11 & 13 Wabash Avenue, CHICAGO_ ar' Good sold to .J'obbers only, 23 CENTRA.L WHA.RF, BOSTON. ,l'JU,NCJ8 FI.Smm, :V...U.a..IC. FIBHBR, HORACE N FrsREa, JOin{ N FIBBBR. HAB.TJ'OB.D ADV.KB. TISBKBliTB. C. B. AN\1118 &. CO.. ..... O:J:G:.AB.B, ]t. W'. XING, AGENT. o:bat:c(), :-.I h:CTICU.T Se -ffiarrooacet}; 'Rod & Statf!-street, ........ SALUQN l .DE ,{"'-. 21';' State "'/ HA.BTFOBD, Coun. J. IGN 0 R aaown n.u.a 111 -tonnectioot Seed-haf T obacCiiL EAST RAltl'FOB.D, CONN. ,.... .&11 &CtMWiecl .. wttla H. SMITH & CO.,) lltW5ion. obacco, BuiD.u.R SKITB', l J. J'. BIDWEU. f (9:1-1!0) Spri-AeW, ..... .) G. W. GRAVES, UD DEJ.LI:B llf i'in.e Connecticut Seed-Lear r o a -a c -8 o t Danbury, Connecticut. l'lowoa eroy'llt .;,d '65. BOSTON A DVFBTISEM'JliTS. DUIIU. 8. BBOW'. -;i'.oi.S. B&OWll, J&. aD WD. 8 OOULB'PO., :o. 1. Wir .a: co.; IJiO"OBT.a8 DI!AL BRS IJf. Lea{ .. tO &CCOt d A'lrA AD'!loK!mo Mt:t:'ncnaum MUtt ri&r .ao.Umokata' Gtnera. .-botl-Mie. 81 and B J Boton.


JfQR Smoking Tobacca. 1 Datch E. Indies .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... Datch W Illdln.... .. .... ............... .. Freacll W. Indies ) JU.yti. ....... ; ........................... Kexico......... .. .. .. .. .................. New Granada ............. ................... .. Peru ................................... Porto Rico ......... ........................ !!jwediob Vi. Indies. ............. V ............ ,. .. .. .. Other poria .............. TouL ............... Where from. THE Easiness Changes. NEw YoRK CITY.-Char1es E. Fisc her, tobacc;,, etc.; Henry W, Fischer, aamitted; now Charles E. Flsober & Brother. &98,646 New York................. 663 ':,216 105 { 45 63'1 ll6,682 11'1,187 !7'1,106 Baltimore.................. 829 989 .. .... 16 .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 121 Boston.................... 144 41 21 .. .. .. .. 140 .................... .. ::::::: .:::::: ... ..... ::::::: .... :::::::::::::: :::::: ""877' 'io;4e2 ... i.9:2i9 ::::::::::::.::::::::::::::: :::::: ::::::: ::::c ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.:::: ... .. San Francisco..................... .. ...... ... 44 93 liN ....... .. .. .. 11 ..................... .. Other Porta ..... ,.:..:..:..:.:.. .:..:..:.:.:::. :.:.:.::..:.: .:..:..:..:.:.. .:..:.:.:.:.:.. :.:.:.:..:..:.: .:..:...:.:..:. .:..:..:..:.:.. .:..:.:..:..:.: :.:.:..:.:.:..: .::.:.:.:.:..:..:. Total. ............ 1,4011. 896 4,93t 985 1,470 8,454 105 45 '188 2'1,f69 67,669 296,646 TOBACCO LEA lr. wick, Georgia; and it is a noticeable fact that some ago young Ney-Count Ney, who was for some years French charge at Rio de J : : meiro, weU known to lllilny officers of our avy-visited tbe tJnl ed and set out immediately aft. arrival inN ew York for. that place, and remaibe several weeks in the neigbborbocd as the guest of famil wbo were independent lind bat not. likely tq receive a ordmary circumstances. mantic and service by tlle ing it, as 1\l,r. -, .....


THE TORACOO Arthur 8 Co., LICORICE PASTE LICORICE PASTE SON". F. W. BECK & CO., llABUI"AOTUiRBRS Q.P TIDI """"""""".., WALLIS & CO. lOBI JJI])DIIIm A 00. SOLACE TOBACCO, lU, li6, and 111 LIBERTY-8TREE!, ... 121 CBDAllSTUBT, &rUHir Gllloader, Napoleon II. Kult.-, IIW ,_h w a....,., vaa.. ,_,. L. L Woo4. I.:JOY_T .. ?' -.1 fl. _. Composed' o( -""' tilnli'AO!VUI!I 0 HoYT and JoHN F. FLAGG, Tobacco, Snuff &Ciars, PEARL STREET. 374 Pearllftreet, BewYoa .nv. 404 -r 111!'".......U,n...,alarp ........ ef NEW YORK, l l'tftthat& -mtttr.i 9..._.. ..... ftlldati-....oldq, I-.e>,...-.._,. Manulilcturers of all lnnds ot aa ao.-..... ClfCano .... ..... _...,., Fl!tiE CUT CHEWING J\ND .,...., Pru.oJa, Genua, ua lei&U SMOKING ClaJ :rt,_. : c James C. McAndrew, 132 FRONT STREET, 0..1 .n.,., 1181 P. 0.1 .:N' :m "VV Y' 0 :E'l. :JEll:. Exdlullive Agent for the Brsad of A. o. c. LICORICE, is now ready to SupplJ llanuracturers and Dealel't With his reeently Improved make. Parties will liilti it to their interest to ascertain prices before purchasiD( elae where. .. TOBACCO, SNUFF AND CIGARS. THOMAS HOYT & CQ. .... "7Ji Composed of THoMAs HoYT and JouN F. FLAoo, SUCCESSORS TO NI!WYORil. J[ WEBTHEII 411 00., BDD-UAI' AD JU.'YOA I .'r. Q .baooo, IJ'7 PURL 8TREET, BmW YOBJ[.' w. H. GOODWII & CO., ----Tobacco, Snuff &Ciprs, ........... .ou. ...... .leaf a .. w .. 10-41 ........ F. W. BELDEN, Ollelda Toltaeco Wertu lletfar llallutaetory. D. BUCHNER, (&we,.._ to BOBLTCfi,ECK .TAUBSIG) llANUPACTUBER OF OCnbarto No. 129 Pearl SWeet, NEW YO"-K FRED'ERICl FISCHER, Tobacco Broker, No. 2 Hanover Buildings, woorner or Water-HNet, 111-101 NEWYORK. K. RADER &r; SON. TOBACCO 160 Pearl SU..t, (noon ..- w.u.r. -.) E. JS.fiNGARN & CO., ,FIN"E ':UT HENRY RODEWALD, Leaf" I'll Dbll:A.LEBII&IN 8 and Smokmg Tobacco Tobacco Broker acco egars, AND CICAR8, '""' No. 5 8URLINC &LIP, uavana stxe, cheroot, 7 South Wilham St. & 63 Stone St ... 256 Delancey_!t., New York. NE-w-_;o"R.x:. -a.Buchanan & 144 W.U:ER-STREET, .............. oCtile fttllo.....a.q Clele ..., ... Bnul .. oc r.-4. Goetze & Yannfactmorof the followlog braodo ofKn.ucJWOII 011r pa-, "'"'"'maaalllctore4 or BnoBD roB will be :PATENT Wassermann, & JoSeph, Tobacco .. MaclliJi rMPQRTER,S .OF reaCiPI'"HNG JI:Leereltum, A' CRNERAL LlftE OP' SMOKRa ARTJ.CLEJ, AND NE':V YOBX ; T O B A C C O B A C 8. II ,;.. .(.. We beg to call the attention of liiDulllctaren te our ALFRED 8. J A F I" li. 1 Palen> Steve A.rraogemC8t for -Mailnontbllll ooc:. W. B. ASTEN & CO., Successor-lo Weller, Lederer 1J. Co., cessful opention in oeveral ol 'tbe lal!!eot tobacco factories. Tbirl7aa or .w......, or "'EW YOBBo.l8 North William st., New. York, ... BOXES AND BOX-SHOOKS, P. o. Box 8827. .. ..._ Sole k tile Ulli"!Q .S.Iateo. L B l0NII IIETEI U., up UJ.e Southern lllar. UYTJES ROT HERS, -.,. we po -= -tina 1o \ho 1111111u-..oor '1.'0-LIQUORICE PASTE. IMPOilTERS and GEIIUII'.& arnnTATIOli JIEERSOIIAUX A P FRANCIA '" BBIJ:BWOOD, LA. VA, oollable to DMIIIId; CLAy PIPES Clar &nd.Oirliaa PiPflo. Seg41;' .......... w. ... I t Of L'q ......... mpor er 1 wonce, 106. ff\ONT lOiPearl St., N.Y. .. : : JOlllf W STOD GBnR.Um wnas,} NEW YORK Apato tor I. KilltG & oe 1 J G .t; F. C'.ablll & Co .. xx. Mil'. and 'FGF brand, an B.ENBY LUYT):. Ill ol PbJeo. TS-1011 quallty, ror oalc at lowest market rata. __ -__ __ No. 9 3 Main Street, Licorice Paste. HERMANN BATJER & BRO., LYNCH.URC, VA., C&A BRAND. DU VIVIER & CO., 9 Whitehall St., !lew York. SOLE AQENT8 AND AXD IJIPOBTBBS CLAY Pl'P.ES, 61 WATER:STREET, BEW-YOBK. HOGLEN & GRAFFLIN, B. W. BULL &. CO.. PEAIPS 44. CEDAR ST.. . :. ': .. : Hundredo of U.eoo laboMaolq H'.chlnoo Importer. a.nd Dealere in Ia 1111 ln &belted ho1ilel lo the .cou.Dti'JIIl- -the 'nlue or \hom. ... OLIVE OIL, FI!lB ITALIA!l IB JAB.S IsiiBB!lTIAL OIL OF ALKORDB. PlJB.E XISSA.liLIX OIL OF ROSE. TONKA BBAJIS. V AlliLLA BEABS. GUM ARABIC. GUJI[ GEDDA. LICORICE PASTE. J C y C., M., M F., RR;, VB., And other Brands,1always on hand. Fo.,. Sale, in Bond o.,. duty paid, beeo t. UH ovn rotir yoara, ......, U.OrooPJr -..led, azul much lmpi'Oftd ID liD U. -p&n., We recoaimen4 lti to 'lhe IMilOfac\W'eh of \be bMi and mO.t eeooomleat lor t.he pai.poee JoOW Oootlnuea 1 no lon of more out. w4P leu labor, more cbpges of cut, and brlgb ,t.r To ... ceo, jbaJl w)lh lT....., Oultor In lhe .. :til Pt.tented in Ualted Etaa. l'elo. 1eih. htellted ID IIDclaDd April 12tb,llseG '. P.t-ted JnPn.oeeApr11oliW,'l&a Patonkd In Belpom Apdl-181h, l&Gf.. we o.r.o mallaracture DIULKJI IX Virginia Leaf Tobacco. l.6JJ. P. O.LLLAWA.r. JOHN P. JOH!III'fOL CALLAWAY A JOHNSTQfl, lu.c:ce.eon to CALL.\'W'.A.Y" Co., '!lntflaatf &II AlfiTI Ill THE IAI.E IF DlHJI' M:TUED TOB.l<, (hoQ.tJler St., NeuiOrlea" La. lliDions of Beed: Segars I oft'er for oale at lo"' prices -A11y quaollty ot Bne Clear Seed Segars, \ "(made UDder the new tax law.) VArious brand s and otyiOif!Mm '17J!II,In lot. or no lese than 10,000. Sam pies to be seen and for aale by !.EWIS SYLVESTER, (201-218) 141 Water Street, New York. "HIGHLANDER," "RED iiovu;....-. DicK. TATER," BY M. ECHEYERRIA & CO., Btnokl'nlr Tobacco. Pln! lachians, ReU.erJ; : : No. 20 BEA V:ER STREEJC!', NEW YORK_ S JACOBY & CO OSCAR PROL88 A co., aanCiGA:iei.nln ., SEGIAJIPORBTBR8 O .JJ'R&LLIXBIND!!. BOroN' S, lJQUOatG. 8111 w-.Joiqtlle Street. Bole Propriett'rtl otthe B.enowned QUA,LITY. II Baco and Metropolitan Brands, AND Tbeoe eotabllobed Tobaccoo,' oo well and tavOlllbly known: are wtup tn K,X, and 11b. bales or pouchel, and In bnJii:" thqo oalting the retailer &ad jobber. PATENT DRYER. llaomta.otnrocl ooly at the,lle&m woru of L. L. ..... -. A ... I.'J:OU.:Q, Lyocbbanz, Va. -. J'or roll putlootara, addreu at Ln===:;:::::=::===::-:-=:----:-;, -muCTUu .. ow.lLI.zJnaow MAYER a, EBELINC, T. A CO., 00'1" r I R andBIR!:.l Es, SNUFF. 1s7 PE.&.RL sTREET. 1 I tr gars, l'l'O:RE, 110 Water-etreet. JldtJPACTOB.Y, 97 ,COlumbia-If. ItWYORK. ---.. I' I. IIDII01f810Jr.. S. EDMONSTON &, BROTHER, 1 .jae-cut Chewing,and Smoking .o TOBACCOS, 213 & 215 Duane-st., lleYork. o.!.n-..n B&UIIII : EEVIVER, OIJRRBNCY, -BN aE&L. lal NEW YORK. DRUSBES, INKS, &c., at prlcca that del)' com.J!Oilllon Special &tteution to il1lr celebrated brand of 280 Pearl St.,. New York' OHA.S. Dl:OK.ENJ!I!I. W B SlUTB, P.M. DINCEE, of WUND Co,, N.C. FOI'IntdyoiSam'l A$r., Sea .t Co. VIRGiliA Ah IHTH CAIDLIIA Corner Sirr:tk and Louis Strem, AGENCY. COMMISSION MERCHANT. Yancey & l!!hnl"th0 SPANISH OEBAB, COMMISSION MERCHANT., AND ALL l.Vo. ea -vva-eer FOREIGN & DOMESTIC WOODS. NEW YORK. -E_D_W_A-:-fi-D-A-.--=-.-=-.--.=T--H-, A. T. BRIGGS, ll.ANUl" .MJl'URD o:r Manufacturer of Tobacco Barrels,. Pine Sears, Plour Barrell, Molal-o. ..... Wter and D all ether klnd1 of CAaKa. 181 Maiden Lane, Now Aour Barrels&. 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C; VOMMISSJON ME'RCHANT Sole o{ the and World' ... MMNI:a For tho PurchasQ .or all of renowned Brandtrof Virginia Smoking Tobaccos, ... ...... .. AND i.Q8E and BROWN ttl(; ::: COilllERCIAL PRIIfTBI.S, "-.uaun.r.tuT, 12&11: !ltree&o .... .. .... .. .. RI'CH!IIOND', "A-. LYNCHBURG VA.' . 99 k 101. William Street,. P. lllox-6 1 2 .' fl>llelled and' P_;Pur ... : lear John .. iS.-ENGRAVINO. '. a""' :!! ... PRINTING ... .!! tN H .!! I IIYery Braacb. ] h ....... 8 .1 ..... O "' v .Ji ...... .. ,i .s. n.::l AB ELS ..... l.! fi -... .:1! A Specaalty.


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