The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (8 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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T29-00186 ( USFLDC DOI )
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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. .. "' ,.I .l'l tl Jl ail J ,. ) ,QF,gan Of 4 :IT : v.1 No; !11: J .< l J... II I() : 0 f II' ,. I ( I J I c/ 1 Da,JII! tef, 'TJUl J"B, r .Bader, 1t:. & Bon, l&O Pear .A. R .. 36 Central. ''-"., ... ,,,. ,.,.,,.w, a.,ey,. t a-._ ""'"'' 'l-', 1 Com-nd u dio, t1 jt I l l'ei .... .. .. 14,.00 'i'1'itor, C 14ii Wt'er. "Wharf." '-'rti B&Oelltll:o1!l'l' y, G1 'W,, GAIL !IJII9.!Sol""!!' I. j H lf.411D.411r1Jl1&118 OF 'l'OtiOOO. ... UIUFAO!'IIREIIIL "l'e' urg, an e Cqnpnen\ of OCb&11 LT..U..H"WIIter. ll m John 28 .Atlantic. It '* tor.pootage. llucbder D elancr, v ._::! _,. I To Autralla, etc f3.1hdd1Uonal per &llllnm ror Ed ton'' 8 .. B n &. "' J) :Bu6banan .. LJau. I K UCHLER,"& mons "' rp,, ,..,_ oe. lt> :..Rill..._ f'or ttnleu ..,. {IJtender, A.. a .,1141 tShe.OU. nfBTotberi, 8 to 1S Sedpiek Ill jf 1 J ... ,. f /I --* ..,Jl'HI' ... Gottie, F. 4. I a I .. [ -,'A. t "" i .1. ftVR."'lTTI.I. w lL ,Co IT d lOP w ter (' p )ff1 f I, .., __,...IlL._.. ,-I I I t u 11 H I !'>lll" I :a4 .. .,.. ""1" r:r.....,-t"'" .!t"' I. a & 09-,54 ---r-w,. .... .. ti lJp:f; ;rJlomas Co., 41"' I. Goldstein, 0.& Co., li7 Souili Water ,. iFrorll this .fotth: t.he toWoo trade ta es' a \'new fnell)for1Jeilri.r ................ 4o Lorlll d's'Wesiern'De"bt 85SpnthWater j P ,_.,,JIIr,tlle oamepn>tien;tiiP.D T .A at uo 87-4 r-4 ar departure. Long oppressed by hostile. a ta rlnl-!,'t. ,(" dr ,nore qoareo._.L Lll' lh 1 C ..I '1 ... Murray & M'aaori1 2! aBd M ...,.l!ftiiDTP; 'IF' Ail..ertNellea lhlhtP"tl<' *'68 a '" !'-""6""'"' &udh8gtm Bros., t 'IJWm RcndoJllh. h'Ostile interpretation pf that legi8la,tipn, tqer STBBET, \9'0 wltl oolamoo, &DDne Lo:rtll&rd, P.., l6,Cl8, Clidnbers. 8 Ub J L 11 aM 1" Walla.lh aveaue ta.llybl advane.'JL h.i b 'I '" h b .. f ... 'the nead ".For sate" ''Neudecker, L ., 143 Water. TOHCOO t "' o noxtotts enaeumeb 'ts, uut t at t 611prov1s1ons o .. 'WMMnh.f h f lll b 1c. ceDtlme .............. O.OO,lS. Y:&yer & Etie1in8,"l1!71'earl.l LoWenthal, 1!. & Oo., '76 }(ain. t: Re\feilue and mcar.a, ar,e t en' k,ept in officf, we gold spurs attached-value, 200." 1., A.W4f'dam... Rotterdam, .8t-B+IMM-. nr,roaT!ritS A"" J>z.uiua Young,..&.. N., 44 West Front. lumbus Delano 'was in Shoreham, Vt.1 in 1809, lJ;1011A>CC., Hafe7, Jlolmes & Co. lUi )Ve$t Second. At an age is parents removed to ,v.hio,-then a ?a, L?' to au;r w lt would ave een interests iooked after. Mr. Edmonston, of this city, Lubec, eec.-Lichleoa&ein.Bt1>htats&i Co., 121 )(alden Lane IT. State regarded as very .far West, -where young Pelano to praise, but we trust that has just returned frol'll there and reports the prospeots f,., lm. ... ....... 0 811(" Jall;l'!w& Co., 191 Glore, J .A, Broi., 17 &19 Sonth. subsequently studied law, and was admitU!il to the bar the 1\'tiW qojllryjs' ner "fill, give opportunity of b 1 ht laeh. schelhnr; .. : 0.02,1 l(iranda, Fehx l96 P.,al'l. liuu)vaff, .r. T & Co.,. -Tob. 'Ware. ,. I g I ........ 1111'1 WB!GRTS.-.A.i kilogramme equals Rosenwald, E. &-Bro.,.l46 Wa&er. ( OOUl!e; I I' 'IQ 1831. His political career in 1'844, wblm pi:ovlng thatr.w.e fllo lat.t.eM&S .ea(nestly as the t:or. 1 lbs.; a B"'rn_en pfuod eqll&ia 1 '09908 Salomon,. s. 19Z Pearl. 'J fi r < CJOR'l'l' 'he zwas to the House of Representatives lJ, y the mer. 1 T-heft! Cis, i fgc!i, n the Department PooR llinckley's epitaph, on his i:nvoluntary reCiirea lbs. T", Cha&. F.;, 1UI'roift 1 G.,.Tes (f.' W I .' 1 r '( .;.a' h :a li 'ld'f b 'J" T" ment from the fnternal Reveou Department, mwh.tbe oUdupots, w .1 1 .n BAVAJil..l. TOBAOOo. .' DA'NVILLE :;v.& Whigs. came '\Vithin t o t ,eon ou;.., e ue latter are -.. a& 'fki'.-Yme-Cut; 'rl.u'$', '14iat, T Y:u'*P1..l M M; Cedar 8 H. & Co! 1 votes o the nomination fur Governor. gen. ,era fl., wdh rr t<) <)O, mply, wnh the law, and only ask written in the words of that of the fop in the stony-:-F 'ii-'twlmd llyl tr&fid; deed .,., r f f DA TT&N 0. VJ -.-.r. r t '7 'I l Here lieo J!)bn Ge.toe. "'> r lMf .lliw iL lo Pf> .-1umed, or, I or BNun. H etl. & Gra111ln Tobacco-Cattin He was' a dlilega.te Jib 1860 to the Chicago Cof?.ventioq the exe it shal .be m!l,de as little burdenNo one Iaugho, no one Cl'le; otherwiee prepared without tbe use of any Appleby & 8 Water. 1:,... g that nomihAted''Abra:llam :Cine ln, and on the ouibfeak SQID81aB-pD!8ihle. J .il:tWthis n()t unreasonable.,. As I! :;'.; Me. Ill .fi Washington. f>'ne. I .,i r '.Oo.. ., f,.. 0, --'I !lreMed or aweetened, and on all. other Ui':'T""':' lievin & Hills 1Q3 and 196 Jeltcrson av. of, war 'w'as Coillfhi-s!lryGeneral to 'CUe rei! the bl;'w-omcialsliave but to pursue a course '\V E regret to see that youQg_ Grant has ::,sl of Ohio, ,iq which posit.Wu he dis-'1 e that of rated after trial on the. .charge of killing Rives Pol of _!>f I .UberlJ. Sig.!'or J.' & Co.' played great executi,ve ability and industry and t n lilreaeoessors, iwl-!in t y 1 will find tb,at t .pe la.Td Whatlever the good citizens of that 1Jte 1'1 1n sord; -f,1i.e W ?\J""ter i;loseph, !115 Broad' h h h "' ld b 'I thl G 1 G +h. 0 -rl 'II b 1. t d 1 -1=-- _.., 1n 't. th "' lrl t 1 11 G 's 0 or rolled ,. '-.If..' u H.AKTFOKD. <:Ol'l'l'l'. w 10 e ne u t1 ., enera overntnent assum-It ,.qr mm W1 .'-\e '!'!l"e Jii.. e J.ear y an o.,....,y.may .,..r 1.1 e ? or.""< a arge ca. s ran so;r l'l' 1 """' ,. r r __ .. lfANuuc-ruRns AND DIALJtRS. t d 1 f r li' h .., ; H keil! ''A i '"'-;:. f 1 t t act pold'Plooded Such an epithet, how J!artef. ...... 1J! 'dDoi.._, er IIL.4T rnJ:&. .Arlarna C. H. & Co., 137 State. e tue Sn'ostst ce, ''p a t otate, un o ""n ppeoa"'!> o a.p easan an even i II' aifttnj! llJ'ell!l!llfl Btoehtri 61 ,Yf a r. Bam-;' & Jerome, 236 St.rlte. w&j an unsuccessful candidate for United States the trade will indeJI take a 'eWIDeparture. ever, doelt.oot _excuse the course of murdered man, :::: S(lnator in IJS62. again faiHng by just two' v*s, 1 ','> 1 i, 1 'Ll ,' '1 1 ',1 whMb .....;_ 1111 .. 1 : 11; h lie tbt llq!la1!9J J"IIJ J' ClGAIUI. Seymour, D. 1f U9 and 1 P..LyRn Q11T......,'!'he 'Pro e 0 a oht1Ctans. poses to manajl the nld clearJh De lfary .& 'K!i11g, Broad. Shepard & ... t10n that l)ommat d 'Lmcoln and Johnson m 1 B64 a: d lit ::-"!hrrr -t _, < Yf -..... .,..-'tredl rno;l J.IIIJ '( v vf 1 < lUJudgYJg n4Mems sand when th eeJ>oun H. it. 99 Pearl lt He ,J!f!.: .,, 0 rtificate of election had been awarde\:1: Mr! Dell!. 0 i ,J. IWJTr lliOII,:J:Wlhps a?Cl poor Bmck gve. the F1rst 9f t;be pet Bl11l ,,.() E PAST;!: l>BtJoll:ll& YtJI&D, o., an .,.wa.o&O., 1' h d th t' f th' 1 1 fi eacli oihe 8 qiaract!l{ll p1eces. Let age 1ts Aod we dp Sj!e ')" P. & Wbittiha\1. .... J re e e prac Jce o e ega pro e .sswn somfi e deallif111Y the, I I ( 1 .. '"'-much._ worse tbafi ufapy of ,tl\e ,illuiiYWJS o substitute for tobaoco, ground, ry, amp, Echeverria,)(, rl\; ao,, 20 Beanr. j" .k & iKJJer f2t }[ : 'r years smce, and lias ecent,ly been -a very ul I 1 I r ,.Jrr--I 1 I who nAve already tilled the nosir.Wo ( 'I :>! A.;r.,,o2Pearl :-;wt IJ.:& io9Secoild df: Wb b' lrl. :r.e;.lti, M. H., 162 J:'earl. Newgas's, 173 Ws:ter. !Jin4heim, Bros. & Co., 90 Water. j,._"i!l&rd, P., 16 Ubambers. I ll,altland, R. L. &: Co., 1 Hnnover Buildings. llyer, Joseph & Sons, 122 Water, lti:Caffil Wm., 61 Bowery: Eeesenger, H. & Co., 161 aod 163 M:.iden I. :torr;., H. M., 99 '!t-rl and 62 Stone. iiiT.tlrto.n, Slaughter & c ... 41 Broad. { Oakley, Cornelius, 96 Water. Optmn, .Alva, 166 'Water 'J 'Ottioger' Biothe'rs, 133 'f.lter. !"&!mer & covi!le,'17Q Water. -11'!'arker, S.M. & Co., 181 Pearl I l'anJitMII, J\{. 0 I4,8[W ater R., South, William, L., Go! Water. :r'latt .!i N!n .. ton, 11 '1 Front. lllPr!cefWm. M. 1: Ott., 1111 Vaiden lane. .o jll,ad., Olement, 86'Purl. 'Rei81Dann, G .II Co, 179 Pearl. Soseabom, A.. S. & Co., 162 Water. Si.lomon, Y:. & E., 85 Maiden lane. ::!P. ho,tenfel, M. & J ., 168 Water. & Boo, 178 Water. H & Co., 14 6 Water. ligsberg, Cohen & Co., lt 9 Water. Colt & Co., 1':.>1 Pearl Smth, J. K. & Son, 41 Broad. Spiogarn, E. & Co., Burling slip. Stein, & Co., 197 Duaue st. Strehn & Reitzensteio, l76FroDl. 'J'hierman, Kuebler Co., 128 Water. Tli. H & Sons, 172 Pearl. 1 V:"eliu, Wm., 176 P e arl. .,;, Volget' kHuoekeo, 16.1 Eront Waher, R. S., Fear!. 66 Pine. Westheim, M. & Co., 1'17 P e arl, I WBcox, P9wer & Co., 180 Pearl. '>Yiooey o\ Smith, 62 Water. BEJUJ-LJ:H' Touceo INSPICTIOII. Warren & Burch, 88 nrerce street.. 0 1i e a est a a e ectlve e aters m e them. He'yill take fur granted. trust to, see the pivil Bill pass and abolish so ab-Linde1 F.()., street.. NEJARK N. :1. -a man 5'1wtrougbly on all the leadl!)g' toplCS c Hn } '!lin---'-: surd and inconvenient a system. v PIIJ:I!8U8, A 37:t Broad. \hat demand a .nd e .ngage fpublic attention of un. suop t'"l t.. ._ .h 1 d > j "' & Cp., 226 Front. C&18Pbeli, Lane.!( Cp., 9li.Broad. RJt81DBNT yi'Jln IS QT;,. y engage m re UT ,. 0 .., cuua sons. ,NEW ORLEANS, LA. pected i and admirably calculated to adRlirlis iv?i6ng tbe thteves, by '' E are 11orry to see :' growwg on the Henken, Jacpb, 293 and 296 Monne. Calla'!l'a.Y & Johnstone, 109 Graveer. ter with success the very, important 'department. pred_!l.Cei!Sor cJ.armgt}he moments of h1s ofpart of t.he portiOn of the ta'ke W,icke, Gt!orge, 26 Willett street. V&. d I :fic1al tlilriQl 11 J (, 0 the law tbetr own hands, and thEl verd1ct m the dwu sox cEou .4ND oTRIR wooD. Y OWJg, R. A. & Bro., Iron Front Blllldlnga 1 s thus to be place uodedr charged. .' h :..h 1 1 r l .1. -, Pollard case at Richmond ')Vill encourage it. The oth-Dingee, .P.M., cor. Sixth and Lewis. PUI .LA.DELPHIA. 1 I I Such 's the man an h1s recor 1W1t"' w o t e Tun ,ide,p, of iii! based oD> an er day a youngrman shot 'his sister's seducer deh.d in Rodman & Hepllurn ) 216'Lewis. 1 ) -roucco w .. auouus. tobacco trade will oe intiiitlate1y associated for the false theorv,' vir.. to be given as rewards C,anada-a ease wherein the assassiti ftlead much SPANISH CIGAR &IBIIOllliJ. Boyd, Fougeray & Co., 61 Morth Third. f <. h G .A\miral, Jos. J.\80 bedar. Buckoor, McCammon&Co: Waterf four years. He h .as before brm an fQr politicallsenicea; .. : Tbia corrupting idlla is at the greater provocation t an, could rant. Sttl, however Prolss Oscar & Co 25 White street DeanE, ., 413 'Chesnut. \ l I J 'bilt 'frot! which if honest' and capable he nee not QO.f,tol)l. of an .0 r Qilicial veqaljty. much we may sympathize with. the deed, ther!l is RO or toBA.cco .TtNJOIL. Dob.m & Taitt, 29 N:ort" Water 1 .' 1 nO: 1 I 'JX 1 1 ,1i;1 1 ---;-::!'' J the fact that snob cpurse leads to tbe disCrooke, J. J., 88 street. I. L. & G. W. 126 North Water. shrink. Certainly he. need not feal any: l'l'HB land 3ilJ!) 8 1Ji the bre. akiug of political regard of all law: wbicp means anarchy j and Jld an ,..4uCTIOIIEF.RS or TonAqco, IITC. Esenloh :"JI'm. & Co., South Water. I treatment from tho&e mte:rested in ,the weed. ( -slates apd th'eir are ho-lessly at sea. Meanarchy reign, whose life would, be wort, b an hour's pnr-Betto .It k Co 7 Old Slip &jHiss, 62 NQrth r h -' ., l lleDowe 1 A: Duncan 89 North Water IS true that rnterest has been J'ecentJly 10 thepeoplelllltP !JI.y, )!luga:ard, when told c ase ? TOBACCOCUTrlliG V4CR!liK&T, h L ._L i b .:t b o.:-... u T '' b k J'j'' Borgfeldt & Deghnee 86 Cedar ll,oore, S. &1 J .107 No< Wa ... r. anta<>'omsm Wtth the Revenue Department "uut t a_t;,...ay l'li'&ll> re&11.tug, ......,t 1t rea I 1 1 Brotncrs, 111 N"orth..Third. t b"' h It h .J b d t "b t l 't' : 1 '( 1 1 .JI 'J 11 1 AN old adage says that those who ll.vein glll!ls b.ou es f, Toucco llBELs. SChaick B A. 16 South Front: no y c otce; een 10rce 111 o a post ton . h ld h R ll' .L B' kl Hatch &'Co 218 Broadway .... I' .. c' 'i}l .... b r . I ; I R T.RiE Ill to be a borj:l. I\s s ou not t' row, stones. 0 IDS lllC ey H h .. :r & Co 2. 2 & n Nor'" etter.em ... o., .n.rc .by the lDJUSttce and corruptiOn of evenu\l o"'lv .f the past llhree years has been the history, of a c.on-Me.an1ljwill n_ot be mat nllly olianged its compo-ogy for his eccentric course, than that he-was "weak sJ offioials to mduce tbem S1 UUI as session. '! L_!._ D .emuth r% Co., 30 Liberty street. g "' u. 1 11 1 1 1 apt to Jlld"'e others by ourselves. J ffi 8 84 wr t t AUCTIONEKns. to work to harmony wtth the trade for the enforcement 1 : o a e, .an 11 am 8 ree Powell & West, 28 South Front. 1 0JJ:R Jnt.erp_al; Reye"ue.i0tllIals begm "to shtvel' and BRANDs. of the law. But m vatn, ,The complal!!ts to shake.'.' (lf early decap\tation, but ONE! of our leadibg dailies very truthfully Tou.&gco uP&R w llegraw, E. 0 1 t. lm. were disregarded at Washington, and the rascality was they need. not wex the!llselve until the "There are a scorUr chase our bonds, the latter were sold at forty cents on the dollar i they have since ri"sen to over eightf, thus the investment. Many ot the Germans sold out thmr Austrian securities, which rated at eighty cents on the dollar, and have since fallen to forty. Tho exchange therefore, produced a double profit, alike in what was saved and in what was gained. q; fJ I :roBi.CCO BR.OURS. C&U.a & Ruete, 129 Pearl street 1 F!aeber, Chas'. E. & Bro., 130 Wate;r. ll l'laatiet', Prederick, 2 Hanonr Bullcllng. 1-, J. 8 Son, 86 Wall. Schmidt & Trowe, 18 North. -o---incapables will soon be dismissed, but th,, e trouble is 0,, T is .. Jn. e ma.tte r1\{ which President Grant should lllPOltTKRS OF R.I.. v AN..l. 010-'.R.S. u ( I t I d GUmor & Gibson, 60 s. Gay. Business that the hands of the Executive are tie

I ht the intervale of Cabinet-making our grave and revMild Senators indulge a'esprit, as for The election of a chaplain was the only novelty m leg islation on Monday, if legislation called. Six or seven candidates were put m nom;natwn, an.d wlrlle Senators threw in their candidates' names for thiS office from all quarters of the cbo.mberin apparently un ending numbers, Mr. Grimes ventured on the perpetra tion of a jok!J, hoping to catch napping, not but the With imperturable gravity he moved the previous question at the end oft be n.o'? ination, in the hope f1om mere force of habit, ehe1t Wice-President Colfax the well-remembered 'lrWlrt ... : "Thll geJl\leman from Iowa demands pre v. l8 tlt.ere a second?" Mr. Colfax d1d not catch at the bait, but smilingly responded, "The Chair would inform the ge'!tleman from Iowa .the of the previous qaeet10 does not operate 111 this body. Whereat there was a laugh all around the chamber from tbo11e w-ho bat\ heard the Bally. A ;aBCI!INT lettet frouv Havana 8ay&: "'Ilhe mauu of tobaoeo in l.hil! capital han in hand a project to present a petition their gril.!vauces-, and asking for relief, to the Captain-General, to be by him forwarded to the Supreme Government. lD the document they will show the falling off, both in im portance and produetion, of thi11 important branch of Jndostry. 'lbe exportation of twisted tobacco bas dewHbill the last year fully one-third, and that of leaf tobacco baa ioorebed to the same otent. The .Prenaa advocates the system of export duties, and attributes the fallihg oft' to the free trade a.t declares t.bat the !Bland of C'uba calinot compete if;lrJbor With Empe, where employment is so much 'I'be difFerent oommittees of the late meetPaltu!e to discot1s abd adopt for the relief of the letand, have at last made then report, and in compliance therewith General Dulce has decreed from the lilt of March new export dues of 50 cents on each box of sugar, $1 50 on each hhd., $1 on each bale of tobacoo exported, and 50 cents on each thousan4 cigars. Also, an extra charge of 5 per cent. on the value actual import dutiee, and 25 per cent. upon I 'the both htdustrial l and commercial, save twa& p.y.leas than t250 taxes." J r I 11 ( f { "1 0 1 To on the crop of American tobacco for 1868 from II. London circular dated Feb. I, is of in terest: "It would be entirely a new feature if the fu ture course of the market is not alfected by anticipation ; hence it is patent to all, the crops of la8t yt>ar in. North America were large, the Western alone bemg estimated at 123 000 hhds., the :M:arylande over 30,000 hhds., and Ohio a'bont 16,000 hbds., whilst the crop of Virginia is placed rather above that ot 1867, making a total in all of about 220,000 hhd3. for the supply of the world; and, knowing full well thal 'substitutes, enter largely into the eirculation of supP,ly, that a lower scale of rates must eventually prevail, and were agen'ts in the mariets AJf supply in America and also. in !lf to endeavor to lessen the sangume antic1pat1ons of weold be speculators in the interior of the United States they would in the long run be the best friends to the1 actual growers, who otherwise by out of proportional>le rates for 1868 crops, migllt be mdueecl to plant as largely this season, the result of which eventually under such circumstances must be disas trous; these remarks are made as already ad vices have been received of high having been paid for Westem leaf suitable for stemming purposes, in consequence of which holders in this country of present stocks base their on higher rates, bUt they may depend that the trade neither ot this country nor e1sewherer will be guided otherwise tban by the question of supply and demand. It may be_l'roper to note, in particular izing the quality of the Western crops of 1868, that fullv one-third IS estimated to consist of low grades euitable for the Continent of Europe onlr, hence no rise in such qualities can possibly be llXpected. We refrain from giving any estimate of the make of Westem and Virginia strips, but it may be remarked that ehould the lowest estimates only be realized, the supply will be more ample than for years past. The stock inN ew York 1st Jauaary, being 15,911 hhds., the total stocks of other ports in the United States and open markets in Europe may be estimated at that date at 55,000, total 70 911 bhds., showing a decrease of 20,000 against the aa:ne period last year. The imports to this port during the past month were 348 hbds., the deliveries 1,108 hbds., and the stock is 15,909 hbds. or 5,'731 hhds. less than at this period last year." Wnn regard to the gas swindle, the following testi mony of Hon. Charles P. Daly, First Judge of the Cou.rt of Common Pleas, im th1s city, before the Legis lath-e Committee, shows uP. the rottenness of the system. His Honor s experience is neither nor singular : "I wish to state a circum stance in connection w1th my use of gas .. In the year 18117 the house I now occupy, No. 84 Clmton-place, was undergoing repairs, and trom when the house was locked up, I went with my fam1ly into the country. We returned some time in October. The house was completely closed during a period of about three months no pe1son had access thereto, because I had the key! shortly afte1 I returned, a hila was presented by the Manhattan Gas Company, cha1ging for gas dur ing the time the house was clvsed; I went to the office of the Company, rmd aw l\fr Floyd Smith, and stat d the facts to him ; he sa1d there could be no mis take on part of the Uompany-the gas must have been consumed without my he said that Mr. MintuTn bad recently objected to charges mad e on the ground his had been a yPar, while he was m EuroJ?e, but on exammatwn It turned out that be had left one gas-light burning, and it had burned the whole year, and that the charge, whicl. the company insisted on being pa1d ; he said that refi that, alae amou us \he entire of Missouri, inolu "ng will be reduced to 300 hhds., and ihat the increase or reduction in the amount total, as estimated by us, mamly depends on Lolll8ville, Ky., which we put down in 1,.500 hbda. We here remark that sales since the close of last month amount to nearly 500 bbds., two__ _...,:..._......,M.lrlf-.J-.nrl ihirde for and one-third for tbe home trade. ,A.rung the aales of the month we quote the following l&s IDOI!t or interesting : 220 hbds. old West-I-'.....,':-"''"'at p. t.; 46 hhds. new low Vas. at 6!c._; 22 new District lugs and leaf at stc.; 1 Mo. factory-dried leaf at llfc., all for eJ:pQl't; 5 new dark Clarksvillle wrappers, at from 13!e, to I West ern Lea:f.-Oilt.r market bas 1 h t in ac\ivi y, sa 'n on ti of about 1,000 hhds. Oft e 5 100 hhds. new Vir inia, and 304 hbds. new Westerp, and about lbr export. The Virginia principally lugs at 6@6}e., which are preferred to com mon vV estern, being in better order, free from dirt, and with more body. The sales of Western were of cigar leaf for the north of Europe-good brown luos and low leaf at 7t@l0c., and up to 14c. for good wrappers. There will probably be a large demt\dd tor this kina th" care iJ!.taken in assort ing. Thin leaf, IHilall 'lbre, and uniJOI'il brown color are the requisites. Of business during the month of February, the Cir cular of Messrs. c. B. FALLKlfSTJI: & SoN, cated March 5, says: Our receipts last montll, as wm be seen from statistics belo :w, exceed thoJ!e of. the same time last year by abo9t '7QO, hhds., thq.s O!tCe point towards the crop. The 9-oality and condi t i o n, althou00 to 2,000 bhds Buyers tl>,e pest. tion, whenever desirable lots are at a reasonable pncE', this accumulation, no doubt, due t9, the i 'rl.feri ority of the bulk of the receipts. 'All well bought and well ordered consigntnlllltlf will, we dar\! !lay, be di)l posed of quick ancl wqilst premature shipments may hang or l!lell rat a sacrifice. 1 Late ad vices from the spea.k or'a ment in both quality and order, ( arrd also ihdicate a somewhat eaRier dis:poeiaion. As will lie seen below, Virginia is figuring lD oaar reeli,. to an eneut. oftlWt? fifths, rec;koning frpm 1st Jauuary .Jaat, but 1t will be borne iu mind that one-half has through here in transit. On the other han a, it IS eri dent that our trade in Virginia tobacco is strtnl{ly on the increase, and several eliv and old houBell have made it their specialty. 'l'lae 6 tilt\ larger trade, so far withbeW, r ;wogld. a good proportion of the V'rginia crop to our doors. To judge by samples the late crop doE:s not vary mnoh tlie preVIous one, and seems to take the lower Our February foot lip the hse of 2,000 Iibil!t.', two thirds of which to the trade "<wrappers, llllpeciallywlien of bright or bright mahogany color. New shipping be gina to establish its own buill, which for good leaf of quality is at an advance of -!c. to 1c. above similar old atock, and for the common run of lugs and low leaf, 1c. to 1!c. below it. Our market is Marly .destitute of those decided and fine Clarksville and Western distnct lugs, and to judge by daily for such, we are satisfied that uniform, nioo parools would meet Ill willing market. In order td satisfy at onoo a large correspondence n the subject, and correct ettoneous lmpre!IIIIOns, we sub join all we know about the different Regie contracts : 1. Spain has awarded a fresh contract to the well known Mr. Verheyden, of Btussel8, Belgium, to begin with the first of May ne.J:t. Its fgr the current year to be from 10,000 to 11,000 bhds. of Ky. tobacco, of a. character better and more leafy than in former years, discarding, at we bate trashy logs en tirt>ly, but running on mlml' 'sbowr, lengthY', and leafy lugs, low and medium leaf in' aBIIOrted lots, the exact prop01 tion of which, and tlie prioe at ifhiclii the contract wat! obtained, not having transpired 7et. Nor are the exact terms of delivery known, bot It is thought likely that bf. the first of March next the year's codtract has to be filled, and that htis 'be contractor may find it good policy to finish out inside of t'b.e present year. Be sides this, 1t is surmised that the old contractor is yet in arrears to the exteat of at leaet 11500 bhd8. of sim ilar tobaccos, giving to Splrin1 about 12,000 hbds. from our incoming crop, old supplies of requisite qual ity being entirely exhaust4d. 1 2. France has, as usual, pubhshed her terms and wants. 3. Italy has not spoken yet, -but it is. supposed that the new ass0ciation, having entered on its business with a no doubt reduced stock, may allot liberal eupplies to the diftcrent subd1visions of tlfe Italian Regie, and make its shortly. W abstain from any est1mate on the wants ofltaly, but we state that last year the Italian Government, iu view of the new rangement, issued ver7 light orders, not amounting to more than one-third o 'tv hat that country took from us in 186'7, and also, that according to om best informa tion, a portion of former contracts remains unfilled. The three Regies together, uudQUbtedlJ want fully half of the W este1 n leaf going to New York and New Orleans on sale this season. Our manufacturers, under the new tax law, are aiming at their full proportion the Medi terranean, Antwerp, Sweden, and Bremen will call on us handsomely. Africa and the West Indies will take their usual proportions; and old stocks are, or are being, exhausted to -almost annihilation On all of this we base onr hepes that there will not be much trouble to dispose of OW' crop at satisfactory rates, the more so, as tbe portiOn reaching the sea coast, in the shape of leaf, considerably reduced, by the full amoun' of stemming going on West, amounting to probably 20,000 bbds. in the leaf, and by the retention of likely 35,000 hhds. for the Western trade. Nor is the crop any larger than our early es timates indicated; for the almost total failure of Mis souri is not to be overlooked, when we otherwise speak of a crop equal in size to that of 1866. These are facts, but notwithstanding all this, it behooves our Western friends to bear in mind that tobacco is raised nearly every where, and that as quick as we put up our figures out of proportion the consumption of Ametican tobacco di mimsbcs, and substitutes take its to a less or larger degree. W c must keep withm moderation, and by all means avo1d all such excitement last year proved so disastrous. The gold question is of much and deserving importance; for, say what we please, the pt e minm bas much to do with our currency prices. The heavy d e cline of late being based on the improvement of onr bonds in Europe, prom1sing to he permanent, should make us all attentive We take occasion to wa1 n our fdends against putting up or shipping to this ma1 ket any tobacco in less size than 1,000 lbs. net per hhd. Formerly, therufe ofourmarketwas o. deductiOn on all short weights of tc. per lb.1 this being no equivalent for the attending proper valua t10us of average lots, so'Ntc of ou1 most tHominent ship 15c., and 9 hhds do. old, at from 12-!c. to 15-!c.; 6 hbds. prii,ne qld Mo. at 12!c. a manufacturer hhds. old tow !eat, at 9fc. for Spain; 'l5 bhds. co4mon Mo. dry leaf, at ll}c. for England; 21 hhds. of old Mis souri fillers, at llc. to a manufacturer; 21 hhds. Mis souri short dry leaf, at 11c. for Erigland; 6 hhds. new Clarksville leaf, at from 11}c. to Htc. for ,eXJ.>Ort; 26 hhds. trash, at 5fc. average, in vanons lots to the home trade, etc. Seed Leaf.-Tbere was only a moderate business doing in seed during the past week, with rio features worth special comment. We quote: 1l1 cases 1867 Ohio at llc.; 4'7 1866 Connecticut 25c.; 45 cases State o" private terms; 22 eases State at 8c.; 150 cases 186'7 Connecticut at 50p.@60c.; 39 cases 1868 Ohio on pri vate terms. Spanish.-There is still considerable doing in Ho. vana, the sales for the week being 92 bales Remedios at 92c., and 500 bales of this anrJ other 'tyles of H.a vana at 88c.@81 01. The only transactions in Yara was a sale of 950 bales on private terms-being the to tal' receipts of a Beaver-street boose, sold to a leading firm. Manufactured.There was some activity in bonded goode last week, quite a numbe r of brigut pounds and ,quarters ljaving been disposed of. The mal'ket for fine, btlghts is said to be looking up. .'J;here also some 240 pkgs. of new da1k work sold for ex)>ort, a portion being made from new leaf, the remainder from old stEick. The eudden fall in gold. made quite a difference to exporters, but the prices were fair notwithstand ipg., ?'hflse new goods IIJ'e wanted for home con and the sa,les are, therefore, confined exclu sively to exporters. The si!6c ks of bonded goods here are growing "beautifully less," ami the receipts are ne-xt to nothing-only one skamer having arrived last week, and that not bringing more 200 pkgs. There is also considerable demand for medium bright aumm11r-made pounds, but the prices at which purchasers afe willinq to buy are very, very low. This shows the influence 1Jf the blockade goods, which, although they 1oom to .have altogether from this still abundant in the Southwest and the MississippL We understand that any quanti ty of bright work can l>e bought in those localities at' 40c.@45c : "tax-paid." The influ ence of the illicit goods is also seen in the conduct of the country merchants who come to this market. Those of this class who were formerly large boye. rs of tobacco during their annual visits, now seem to invest in every 'th\ng but tobacco. Groceries are indulged in but tJae weed is hardly touched. The reason is obvwus. These merchants will not pay freight on an article from N-&w York when they can buy the same g9P4& pheaper r.t their very doors. It is evident that the trade cannot experience an7 decided prosperity until the stock of blockade goods 1s entirely exhausted, So long as a merchant in New Orleans, or Memphis, can buy tobacco at 40e. per pound, professedly tax paid, without going ont of those there is not the alighest prospeo't that they will pay freight from New York on goods, of no better quality, that cost them in fmm 20c.@30e.-:-equal to 52c.@62c. tall: paid. Thus it will be seen tllat it behooves the plug trade to put forward every exe1tion to confisca"e and otherwise decrease the stock of illicit ROods. One -way to do this, is to urge on the passage of the bill passed by the Honse last session. This could be done by the trade sending on a deputation toW ashington. Two good men would be sufficient for this object. Or, what is better yet, the Treas01rer of the National Association, Mr. be empowered to act for the trade here. As he in Washington, the expense would be trifling. Bot in whateve.r way it is done, something should tainly be done to secure the issue of free stamps for tax-paid plug tobacco at once, and the putting into eft'ect the provisions of Section 78 immedJately J at\er their issue. Yfe published last week a very intelligent letter from our correspondent at Danville, V a., to bacco interest of that place. It wss ei'Idently written by Gne who understood what he wa's writing about, and contained several facts of importance to the trade. Our h\ls since boen called to ano.ther letter from the same town, published in theN. r: Herald of the 7th inst. What the writer says about a reduction of the tax is all very true, but he makes 'an egregious blunder with reference to in BroOklyn factories. We quote: "Dan ville, v a., March 4, 1869.After a mild winter we have a prospect in this latitude of a propitious spring and an early resumption of our chief industrial pur nits, preparations for the coming crops aml the handling of the great roont>y staple, to bacce. Danville is growing to be a quite important mar ket for the sale of leaf tobacco, though the manufac\llr ing interest here is not nearly of 11ucb magnitude it was from 1850 to 1860. The enormous tax: of thirty two cents per pounJ on the manufactured article has resulted in transferring this braullh of the bosines8 to other localities. Our people lack the necessary capital to succesafully manufacture the weed un1er the exist ing system. Consequently the great bolk.of the raw roatelial brought to this market for sale from the coun ties of Halifax, Charlotte, Pittsylvania, H>nry, Frank lin, and Patrick, Va.., and from Caswell, Rockingham, Person, Guilford, and Stokes, N. C., is reshipped to be worked at New York, Hrookl,Y,:n, Louisville, St. Louis, Augusta, or Columbus, Ga. fh1s is the heart of the fine tobacco-growing region of the United States. The season having fairly opened, the weed is coming into market in great quantities from the 11nrrounding country, but of the thirty to fifty thousand pounds daily sold here, nl)t one-fifth is held to be manufactured in this place. Dealers in the cities named have agents here who make their purchaRes. The great advanta,qe which a manufacturer in Bro20 bbls. hie scraps tor-oollvtrsioa hfo the lonaer article, or }he Ill! follows : same manufacturer may purchase of a cigarmaker ct;ar Bv Erie Railroad : S. M. Parker & Co., 1 '79 ; 8Cl'8p8 and cattings to be a-lso manufaowred into J. K. Smith & Son, 38; Drew & Crockett, 19 Murrell king tQbaoco. In such a case the seller must notify & Co., 90 ;JBryan, Watts & Co., 118; N,orton, Slaugliier the a ses8or of his district that such .a sale bas "been & Co., 19; Mayo & Co.1 23; E. made, and it is the business of that officer to see that Hunt, 14 i Lewis Bros. & Co., 10; Ottmger & Bro., n; the purchaser makes the proper returns to his asseJsor. Th. H. Vette.rleirr & Sons, 1 'T ; L. W. Gunther, 10; Oba. The Government only desires to get one tax out of the & Son, 14i Sullivan, Mu!'J)IIy a Co., 5; tobacco, and is thus willing to make these conce81ions a er, Son & Co., 4-1 ; A H. Cardozo & Co. in favor .of' its manufaeture. D. J. Buir & Co., 23; &bt. L. Maitland & Po a.' G1 Smoking.-The trade in smoking tobacco is overrun Heineken & Palmore 5 J. Mayer& Son with orders for cheap goods. As we have already re-Strober & Reitzenswi.n, '124; Order, 22>l : marked, this shows presence of the formerlairons 58 boxes. 1 of the blockaders. They have been demoralize as it By Hudson River Railroad; Cbu. B. Fallenstein. '& were, by the &boormal cheapness of that class of goods, Son, 29 hhds. ; L. Gunther & Co., 4 ; Blakemore and now that the suppiy of the latter is exhausted1their Mayo & Co., 13 ; Pointdexter &-Co, 1 ; A. R vie;ws are naturally moderate as to prices. We are in-zo & .J. K. Smith & Son, 20; S.M. PJ.rler .& formed that almost any amQunt of smoking tobacco at Co., 4; heldmg,Gwynn & Co., :t; Sawyer, WaHaoe& could be disposed of; but there is little 9r Co., 6 ; Morrell & Co., 4 ; B. C. Baker, Son & Co., \2" nodemandfortlie bettergrades We, however Do-Delln&1Co.,l;G.Reismann&Co. 12ce.; tice a shipment during the pl\st week of fine good& to len, 44; Strober & Reitzenstein, 43 b;,Xetl ; Order f. Demarara, West By Camden and Amboy Railroad: Blakemore, Mayo Cigars.There has been aetivity in 2 hhds.; Murrell & Co., 6; J. C. Havemeyer & and York made goods, but Bro., 107 pkgs ; Bunzl & Dormitzer 40. there IS nothmg domg m the finer qualities. Low-priced By Star Line: Sawyer, Wallace & Co., IS Havanas are also in demand, although imported cigars bhds.; J. K. Smith & Son, 6; Charles B. Falleusteiu & gene1ally are not called for. 3; J. C. Havemeyer & Bro., 81 Th. H. VetterGold opened this morning at 131l, and at noon had lem & Sovs, 11. risen to 131J. By Er;npire and Allentown Line; C. F. Tag 12'4 .&change.-'fhd market is lower and unsettled under pkgs. an increased supply of bills, mainly drawn agawst re'By New York and New HaYen Railroad. C. C. Men newed shipments of Government bonds. We quote: Se11,, 3 Bunzl & Dorm1tzer, 27; Julian Allen, 13; 60 days' Commercial .Bills on London, 108@10Si; e Cohen & Co., 6; w_ Eiseolohr, 8; J_ H. Bankers', 108!@108}; Bankers', Short Sio-ht, 109@ Sauders, 2(} bls. cigar-lighters. 109f; Antwerp, f.5.21i-@f:5.l'1!; and New Haven Line of Steamboats: Amsterdam,. 40-!@40#; Bremen, '18!@'78!. 1 r ...,.. 6hen, 40 cs.; Chas. F. Tag, 2'7 .i Thiermann was some improvement in the Irqcbler & Co., 15; Alva Oatman, 1 '7; Westheim: amount of busmess transacted last week but as thereB. Atwatel!, 1; S. Adams (San Francisco), 3{1; A. vi val was but temp01ary, it had no apparent effect op BIJur, 15; Wm. H. Goodwin & Co., 4 bxs. and 14 pkgs.; rates.1 p 1current quotBations are : Londqn, 3011.; Liv' Order, 12 c". erpoo 6d.@30s .; r e m en, 25s.@30s.; Antw&p ffom Richmond, Norfolk, etc.: Kreruel30s.; Rotterdam, Glasgow, The & Co., 6 bhds.; Chas. E. Hunt, 8; P. Lorillard, gagementll' were: Ta Liverpool, 25 small hhds. at 20s., 11; J. Reed, 9 ; A. D. Ohockley, 13 and 6 oos Mc-150 hhds. at 2Qs.@25s., 10 hhds. MdJ. at 30s., and 120 tcs. & Co., 10 hhds. and 305 pkgs.; R. W. Cari:eron, at 25s.; to 'Breimm, 150 hhqs. at 2'7s. 6d.,'imd1100 c.!s. 40 -tel!.; .H. A. 16 pkgs.; Yancey & SIDltn, at 15s.; to Antwerp, 61>0 hhds. Western at 32s. 6d. U'7 ; Dubo1s & 20; Saeridan Sltopk, !j62-oF WBOLKS..U.B PRICEs. Lindheim Bros., 51; K Hen, 3; Orde, 36 hbdt. aad Ktniucey-Ltght lear. Currency. do do Fair dll. IJI'" 6 Pkgs 1 Sbtpping,-a up. 1 @ Slf do do Fine do 111 10 ,F,rolQ BaJtimore: A. F. Danenberg, ct!. order Good ao .. .. 1!)1@ 9 Yara auorted do 88 t1 hhd d Coromon loaf... .... 9 Do. I Cut do 'IS 10 an 30 pkgs. .. . 18 11 Do If cut do 1 0801 I From Sa b C 1 & C k t Good n xan'lfoct"""' --Tullldperponnd. vanno. : on no y o., 8 p iP 1 Flne .. ... 13 @I( IN BOND. 6'o, 7'o, 10'o and 1:1' a uiEilST M M Selection 14 @15 Fine .............. ill E Alfl I ass., arelt '--The ueual 9!1@13 Good .'118 010 was done. laatweekineeedlea Weduote: 1nnoa.l8.;6 o do lea! .. 11 @!IS Medium . 20 C ""< v Beavyrear Commoa .......... 18 onnect1cut at 16}e.; 100 os. 1868 hio at Commonlup ... 8)o!@ 9 llmnd-Brlght' ( ) 1 t!) S ...., Good do. ...... .. VX@IO Extra line 411 0150 samp e o ; 2 cs. tate at llc.; -40 CB. Common teat Pule .. ........... .. 80 046 fillers at Be.; '75 ce. common Ohio and State onnri'tate Medanm It 13 Good ill 080 -"' Good ............... 11 ,.,.. Medium ,.,n fi terms; 12}o.; Floe .. .... 15 @1K Common 18 36 cs. Ohw fillers on pnvate terms ce. Cwtneoticut at 52tc. We quote: Connecticutand!la88achuse&ts Falrtago 8X 9X do do IJI){ d ) f. Good lalfll, old. 1 9 llalf-1\ounda -Bright-BeE) ea 1865, 10 16 j fillers, 1865, '/ to 8 j do 8SIJ,>t fine selectiOns, 1866, 30 to 55 ; good selections, 1886 Prlrnlop, new. 4.1( Medllllll ... 11:1 @ii 20 to 26; 'running lots, 186'7, 15 to 25; filler&, 1866, 7 Lnl>". do .. &)t' 6)t' 1Ialf-lbu711l -Daq.,.. to 8 wrappers 1867 35 flo 75 -'0 Medium Lear....... .. 111 IJI F'lne. . 118!5 ; lectil...,, 2 to. 30 ; .. 11 Good medium. . .... 31 fillers, 9 to Wrappera 14 Common .. 1 10 ao0c1 extra .. Mare It 8,-Met!lll'll. C Loos & Co., logo . a Fme ... . . IG oommission merchants -and dealere in leaf t.obaooo recommon loaf ... .. 10 1 MonldJ 10 port 1 GoodMedlum ............... 11 18 N-"'.ad nftlt .: ... : 110 Th ..... .... ... t4 e 7'llrtr-n-. .. .... _,. 110 @56 .ere IS no .material change in the market for leaf. Selectlono .. . 17 18 Fanev :rooo"""' -R t t 11 h Ohio -ln'or to good com 4 @ 11 :'."J.A:Jlple ... 40 0110 ece_Ip s cou moe sma t ough the quanti'y ia im.: : ti: : _040=.... pro.VID!J, and sales are limited, but prillee generally are Com'ntom'd''d 7 10 BriJrhtTwlat(VlrrJuia). 1111 _.., mamtamed. We note sales of Maryland of abHR 100 flo 80 hhds. in Iota, and of Ohio 50 hhds., latter taken by mon . .. 4 0 5H Seed and Havana, manufacturers, and all at prices witbin our range an-Bound common 6 per)( . .. 411 00 0715 00 d Tb h b Ke Good do .. 7 s Clear Havana do. .-@_ nexe ere ave <*!n no aales of ntuckd.,worthy Medt..... .. .. .. .. 811 IO)t' do Coun.l>eed. Jl6 oo oo of remark. Inspections for the week 215 bh -u .. ,.,.. Good to be brown lt @la do do Seconde 10 00 015 00 1 d d ,__ J Fancy 17 p N. Seed Conn. an an 22 ; total, 23'7 hhds; only 1 hhd. of UpperCou.,... .. .. 'J @1111 wrapper 00 oo Maryland remspected. E ... ported same t1m' e, 39 .. h.,.-. Ground....,, n.. a 011 Penn. do do do .17 00 00 A .... aom...ucut lJitd X..-ehu-Ohio do do do n oo oo to London per steamer CohdenJ 195 hhds. leaf., o ce. ..ttl &41l-LI4/. Conn FUier and Bt d d 7 hhd Wrappero, JSilll 10 @19ft i"r&jiPoy, .811 f. 90 Ma,..,land-1!' t d 3.L. """-'-d Fill en do . s g Rappee, il!'rench 1 oo ros e BOUD common 6c. Wrappeno,:1867 ...... ,. a @76 do plain : -811 @'7c.; good do., 7c.@Stc.; middling, 9c.@1'1c.; goo'd to ... .. .. = X: brown, 12c.@16c.; fancy, 25c.@Oc. 0/Uo--lnfe-Nno Y<>r.l: &J-LIGr.-s.-Amerlc&n Gentleman-1 oo r10r to good co. mmon, brown and ...,._-.. lectcd Wrappere, old 30 fJ Lic<>rico. Golll. o --IIIIW Fatrtoprlme .... .. 15 "R )(. Morrls"ll &M K-'7Tc.@8c.; medium to fine red, 8fc.@15c.; common to FWen.... ...... ..... 7)1 8)1 Don Qldoto. 115 medmm spangled, 9c.@15c., fine koangled, 16c."".,..c., Ioiii @16 LaCoronade ll d d \!!f4'V Wrap/:."' new Mlected @110 Bapana J8 ye ow o. an fancy, 25c.o@40c. mtucky-Common fftl'."n ... .. : .' : to good !:fs,' Sc.@10c.; common to medium leaf. I.Oc, 10 C3t :::. 8::; t: \? @14c.; go to fine, 15c.@l8c.; select leaf, !Oc.@25o. do new do. 80 = "Wa!llaEx"400 19 lliiBPECTIOllll!. COKKENCING JAN. 1, '89, AND 8.U[E '1'ndl '118. Fair to Good 1.\ J C. & Co . lkrip4onl. TAll Wi<.l:. .l'ro1>tovllr. ._ ,..... !1111. RuJ>Dillelolt,old .... 11 '16 "G.tiF'' . 19 Marvland 215 '99 '71' .. 2 do. do new .. t.'l @30 "Yaurrl&". .... 115)1 "" '" '"' .. 5 Fillere, old and new 7)t'@ 8){ "K & Co" N)t' Ohio ..... _.. 22 11 '1 130 '""" Ohio s..d-L"'f-llelee''Z A" 114)1 V ..... tlono,old .. ........... 1t1 081 "G.Z.". .... ISH Irgmia .... '1 7 l:J Folrtoprlme .......... 20 "C.kA." IIIH Kentucky... }k<> Fill en 7){ 8)1 "F l(F ll8 ""* New Aoeorted Lota. .. 11 u t. G. F." 18 Missouri .... Ne" lola 1 018 "A. O ; C" .. .. il)l F01'tllf!A -HaTna, Wrap-MF '' f ... ..... Total hhds .. 237 623 860 1,111 B&Y&DA FU'ro Com. do 'Ill @811 EXPORTS COJO[ENCING JAN. 1, 1860, AND IIAJO TDO 1881. WMreto, 2/IU WMt. 'IWqms1te on all goods; and a more equal rate of prti is the consequence." We quote for tax-paid nary,


TOBie at the ]ate decline, and lugs aN lo.,er. All is one bf the largest ever grown, and Louinille ia in a i 'ill 101.; best quality, -nd hipping qualities are also less ,actiYf!,j fro=-. the tact posilion, with incft!MI!( wtreh 68@60C.; interior, 66@/SSc;; 9riiflt poands, 62 that prices "here were relatively higher than at the seaunsurpassed adv twl to tbose Y fAi .re OCftlc,; b.ript D&YV 6&, 60@62c., "fru1t cake," 62c.; l!oard, ancl dealera ve, Aad resented in th eonie&i for premmms; a n a ditio dark navy 6,, 58@60c. In bond, very little of the old atock1. Tk &applies !baring the k laave \een from to this, the rtumber b Qle buye is much 1tock left.. Newt lbs. and lOs, 17@2lc. The re-llearlyall tbevarlOustobacco-growing districts, though largerthanlastyear;w hwnthve etft"ectt Mif)tlef wt!ek amount to 33 hhd&. and 669 bxs. very few samples of fine leaf were otfereq The recompetition and c9DJ.rund hiJh f1&uft!!! fo 'p111miu ThA exporta .have been: To Mauritius, 6 bxe. ceipts during the paRt few days were light, leaf. We are advised hat the fair will be gotfA!h u a! "I q\lote: tent, to Martinique, 10 hhds. and 1 pkg.; to the 00011 bad roads, which have prevented the farmers upon a seale worthy of the acknowledged liberality of 85c.@95c.; do., 2 cut, 09@1 15; Havana fillers, 95c. ntish Provinces, 15 bxs. Imported from Smyrna, J. hauling th...eir tobaoco. to convenient for and those of our busiaess who an @ 1 10 ; do. wra 1 50@3; Pennsylmnia Schnitzer, 40 c&. liooriee paste. shipment. The' frosts and Ice /,f the .p st wee\r bad mterest m BUC matters, the full det:arlf! of whi f1 !I o :wrappers, 12c.@25c.; Con-March 8.-ByTelegraph.-The market remains un the country jmpassable, and there shalllay;'before our readers at an early da ." fil c. "SOc.; Pennsylvania fillers, 5c. altered. but little tobaeco for shipment along the Kentucky March 8.-By Telegrapb.-On Thursday, saleR of 1/S @6t,c.; ?bio fillers, 5c.@6tc.; Connecticut.fillers, '411CHIA.TI, Iarelt t.-There has been. a fair de-or Tennessee Rivers during thai time. Messrs. J. s. bh'ds. low grade lugs to common leaf at $4 '75@\8; on' 16c.; IWfght_pounds, fine, 90c.@ l 20; br1ght medmm, aaiMl throughout the past week at full pnces. Re-Phelps & Co ;proprietoF!! oftbe Planters' warehouse, Friday, sales f 1,16 to. meP.ium, leaf t1f4 0 6c.@20c.; Kentucky, 6c.@l8c. ; have been liberal amounting, to 801 hhds., 55 in their circular today, say: The month of February @14 25; on aturd",. of 56 low .IJrade -' weet Na f.z,56c.@65c.; do. do. tP.ns, 60c.@65c.; b and balea, and 430 bxs. and kgs. e.?' ports witnesSed no cblU}ge inr ur tobacco ma)Jke,tl e-lugs to medi m leaf at $4 '75@12 ; today, sales of 44 ao. do. pounds, 60c.@65q. of week wen IJ99 hhds., 10 bbls. and bales, and ceipts were large-about 4 300 hbds.-and the in hhde. lu"'s o)d cutting at t5@2 a'he o th01 week; ve been: To Laguayra, bxs. and kp. 4,000 hbds.. As..we reported .In ou.r MONTRE!L Marc:b G -Mes9rs BATRGA'fE & BRo. 711 tbs. mfd., to Barbadoes, 191 lbs. mfd., Kr. 't)barles BOdm.ann een.Is us the following account ,.. L f b ld th : durmg the, month of February: To Kmg-. h as; circu1a port10n o to acco so m IS tobacco me,rchants, report. ,,1 ..ll,ton Ja. 2 416 lbs. mfd. t532. to Barbadoes lO s34 of &al olleaftob.:eeo at his warehouse t. e past market to the present tlme came from the Kentucky, Trade contmues deprtlssed-the amount nf busmess ll:ls :nrd' is 004 ' week 2 94>bhds., vrz.: IIO:hhds. of West VIrgmia-2 lower Ohio, and Green Rivers,with a fair shar from restricted by :the great. r he are' the inspections of tobacco since 05@2 75, 3 at $3 15@3 80, 8 at *4 30 @ 4 95 10 at. Hart CounD; _and only a limited :from. the whiCh have blocked the country. Janaary lst: *IS@IS 95,4 at l6@6 '70, 6 at 9 5 & at $S@S 95 Ularksville We think tl\e fol!oWing 338 iW150! 7 3t, $10@10 '75, 3 at tll 20 5 at *12', @22 5Q do dQ lus U 50@7 50, Gteen :ffi.ver leaf, downward as with a limited deinand th" cQmpetition 9 @'" '1 3 """ 14 75 t '"15@15 50 1 at "'' Tot1 cases 746 at .,13 ...,. a. o, a "' unt K' $ 7 59@"13; qp. do. lugs, $5@'7 o; do.1. f&, with a prospect of being ...,. 50. 4 hhds. of new Mason Co y, 1'. ; Hart County fancy wrapper o.jlo _me-laid down at a lower figure than for some time past. March S.-By Telegra,ph.-N change to report. 1 a.ti .. 80, 1 at .5 70,2 at $6 10. Jium leaf, t11@15; do. do. 60@9l50 ; Clm-'ksBusiness in American has oeen very quiet, with R(f:BlUOND, Va., Mareb G,-Mr., R. .A. MiLLS, to MetlSrs. J. T. Sullivan & Co. report sales at the Ken$10@15; do. lugs, $5 ,the market well supplied mall styles. Twists, of which bacco brok:er and commission merchant, reports: ton leaf tobacco warehouse for the past week as fol" the Purchase" we quote: bngbt, $20@30 ; there is a considerable quantity held, remains very slow .In. reviewing our market for the week I have lows: 102 hhds., viz.: 20 hbds West Va lugs and leaf-leaf, $10@15 ; lhgs;8'6@8. ng the past month we of sale. Leaf is unaltered, with only soe small lots nothmg new to communicate, and my remarks of last 5 at 8 at i7@9 '75, 6 a $10@ll 50 7 at *12 have had the pleasure of making sales of tobacc_os from in the market. Missouri and Virginia lutts are selling week are entirelyapplicable te t4is. Our market is @1:}. 24' hh.ds. of" new Owen Co.-lO a,t 1115 @7 5 8 Christian, Trigg, 'l,'od(l, and Logan Coun,ties; and at 6c .@7c. in bond. well supplied witli. all grades of ooacco except fine at s 25@9 75, 6 at $11@15 .' 25 hbds. old Mason and Montgomery, and Rebertson CountiCJs, Tenn., MOBILE F b 26 Tb t d d d d brights, wll ch re still scarce and inquired for; and, Bracken Co. leaf, lugs, and trash-6 at $'7 50@9, 12 at as high as 3H4 50 for leaf and $S for lugs. _The re-r ht t k ef 'u ad er/ exiS; wman t n while the offerings of bright wrappers have been rather *11@12 50, 7 at $15@21. 27 hb.ds. East Va. bright. ceipts from 'the Purchase" have been small. .robac.. {g sdocto fia gbr. ,..1 e 25quo e: in. excess of last week, the supplv i stilllbar.dly adewri/:pers and fillers at $15@55. fi b f d b d db rme an ex ra ne ng lrgmm, c. "' ; comt t th d d M d 'l b t' b 0 & W l t M cos rom t at are o. gloof o y, f:an .ave comt mon and medium 56o.@'75c. smoking tobacco dull at qfiurmla e o fie cmal? y y dlOnsa ut more essrs. asljy ayne reports sa es a orns manded good pnces, espemal y or m::y:m sor s. 1 a' 7 @il a d m y con rm me m my previousty torme an express ware'bouse for tba past week as follows: 94 bhds. and The receipt!! of the week amount to hh?s and gra es, oc. me mm an com on, ed that is an small percentage 34 boxes leaf, lugs, and trash, Yiz. : 3'7 hhds. Mason and 732 bxs., and the sales foot up 964 hhds. with reJections of strictly fine bnght wrappers m the pJ:esent cyop, Bracken Cos., Ky.-12 m.t t4 ll0@6 75, 4 at *? of prices bid on 94 hbds.; as follows: On Thursday the N EW ORLEANS, 1 -Sinoe our revtew judgi!lg. from the tobacco.coming forward at present @'7, 3 ,at $S 25@9 75:.' 10 at $10@10 75, 3 at $12 Pickett House so\d 71} hbds. at $2 85 for trash and the market has contmued qutet. Several parties have (and It Is now late enough m the season to form a very @121 60, 5 at tl3@13 7o. 27 hhds. new Owen Co., $HI 75 for manufacturing leaf. The Farmers' House been looking around, but the only sales reported have just conclUsion as to the quality of the crop). We have at $5 25@5 SO? & at 75, 3 at $'7 St>ld hods. at $8 40 Henry rugs to (115 been 77 bhds., of which 36 lugs to medium good, at a -very leafy crop, with good and {' t6 at 5 9 fall@9 Q, l,at $12 5 1 for Henry County cuttmg. The NmthJstreet House llc., a:t 13c., 8 lugs to fine, at lOtc:, 6 new, com?f leaf, but on of .the 1beav.y rams oocurrmg at *13 '75. 10 boxes OhiO seed leaf at fi5,40@S 75. sold 55 bhds. at $2 50 for trashy lugs to $12 for Clarksmon to ,medmm, at lOc., and 25 old, a mixed lot, from JUSt as a large maJority of 1t was a out ready for the hhd:. new West Va,.-10 at $4@.5 so, 3 at 16 10@6 ville leaf. TheBoone House sold 23 hhds. at $4 35 lugs to fine at an average of Ute. per pound. There knife, it i11 deficient in body and gum; taken, however, 8Q; .3 at $'7 10@7 60, 7 at ts'@S 60, 2 at 25@9 for lugs to $12 75 for Ballard County shipping. The are some orders pending, says the Price Current, and as a whole, it may be set down fair, and shippers and 75, 2 ,a\ $10 25, 2 at $11 25@11 50, 1 at t12 55. 24 Louisville House sold G5 hhds. at $2 so for wet lugs to as the stock is now quite Jair-about 1,000 to 1,100 manufacturers from abroad wou,Jd do well to send for bp efl new West Va.-5 at $2 35@4 10, 6 at *5@5 $18 25 for Henry County cutting. Prices ranged as hhds.-we ,'expect to hear of several round purchases wrd their orders, as our receipts and offerings are un8'0, 2 at t6 50@6 60, 4 at t'T '75@'7 90, 2 $at 7 as@8 follows: 1 hhd. at $19 75 1 at US 25, 1 at 817, 1 at soon. So far, the new crop which has been received, usually large, and the season is fast approaching when 25, 1 at 25, 2 at 25@10 50, 2 at 1 25@ 50, 1 at iln5, 4 at al4' 25, 1 at $13 50, 5 at 11\12 to though somewhat in body and substance, is t?baeco may be safely bought for shipment. Transac 1'7 50. 812 '75, 5 at $11 to 11 50, 12 at $10 to 10 75, 30 at better than was 11nticJpated. It generally classes m,e-tlons for the week amount to 914 bbds. 21S tcs., and March Sth.-By demand and sales $9 to 9 so, 30 at $8 to s 90, 31 at $7 to 7 95, 28 at dium to good, though there are some fine tobaccos. 50 bxs. I quote as follows: J;>ark lugs, common .to oO 12 hhds. at full pnces. ,, to 6 95 26 at $5 05 to 5 90, 27 at $4 10 to 4 90, We still quote new as fullows: good, 4tc.@Sc.; dar:K leaf, comm,bn to good, 7tc.@l4tc.; CLAftKSVILLE, Tenn., Jttarc:b &,-The ClarksvHie at $3 to' 3 90, and 4 at $2 to 2 85. On Friday the LIGHT. HE.HY. no.ndescript, bright fillers, Sc.@,16c.; medium to good 1'olJacco Leaf of this date has the following : The marPickett House sold 50 hhds. at $3 10 for trash to 25 Refused 6c.@ 'Tc. 'Te.@ 8 wrappers, 20c.@40c.; e tra brtght wrappers, 45c. ket maintains its usual firmness and prices fully up to for Missouri manufacturing..l.eaf; the Ninthstreet House Common leaf. : 8 @ 9 9 @10 : @60e.' our last week's sales; while this is the case with our marIIQ].d 10 at $4 65 fpr ltTgs to ,50 Barren Medium 9 @10 1 0 @ 1 We are mdebted to the ket. late private ad vices indicate that there has been a County cutting; the' Boone H at 30c. Good. "lO @l 112 \ .. @@ll';, tistiCs : decline in the Louisville and Paducah-markets of from for stems to $13 75 for Larue County wrapper; the Fine. .lZ @14 J u ..,. 38'wu POll "'6 P ., w.o&e wl"'"' one to one and a half cents pet'Pound. Our breaks this Louisville &Oldr&-5 ,qti IJ-@3 for trash to $10 '75 Choice selections : .14 @15 15 @-19 flhds. Tierces. Boxes. week were very: indifferent, and owing t? harsh for sbipping1 ; the sold !lt $5 10 for Fine wrappers .-@-6 @26 ll3 1 '75 weather receipts have fallen oif. The mdicatiOns are lugs to $11 25, for Chnsttan County Range Arrived since the 23d ult., 277 hhds. 5 bbls., 41 cs., 735 115 47 0 a! the will admit"; fit receipts will of 2r at fl4@'I4 25; 5 at .. la@l 75, 1 at $12, 56 bxs., 24 caddies, and 266 pkgs:, consigned as fol-' 666 134 65 be largely increased. MessrS. Turnley & Wooldridge 9 at $11@11 '75, 15 at $10@10 '75, 11 at $9@9 90, 17 lows: 772 15/ 49 sold 1il.hd-. this week for M r. Thos Beasley, near Dycus$ @Bas, nat $7@7 90, 15_at 90,'. 24at $5@ By .Sea from Galveston and Imiianola: Order, i 16'7 46 90, had been offered at both Pa 5 90, 19 at 95, 3 2 hliii ':,terns at 30c. bbls. r t -For he.oorrjUil}ODding weeko las year (ending Feb-ducah and Louisville oreakt s within the past.month, and On Saturday the \4 0,, -f!hds .. at By River Boats from St. Louis: B. M. & 29) trhe breaks were 6 hhds.; 59 tcs., and 48 bids off$10 30 at tbe former and $Ur.'70 at the latter re$3 25 for fiosted Ifhnois :z-5 fm ma : rl'i:tt'a.cturmg Co., 2 h s.; H. H. Bryan, 11; Irby, McDaniel & Co., bxs. The breaks from 1st OJl ber to 27th February, jected. This hogshead was of that class which the leaf. The Louisville House offered 15 bhds. Illinois 1 ; R. T. Torian, 34; C. E. Roach & Co., 2 ; Kirkpfi.V inclusive were Cou'l'ier-Journal delights to style, "the socalled Clarksleaf to-day which sold at $7 50@9 20 per 100 pounds. rick & eitb, 6 i J"JJo. E. King, 3; 8. 0 bdl. ville tobacco." Sales by Smith & Hutchings, on Feb. The Boone House sold 12 hhds. at $4 10 for lugs to $7 bxs.; Shropsbi Bros.>, 0 caddies; l!hl\re Bro.l',, 23 26 and March 2 145 vood leaf at ill@ 95 for common leaf, The Ninthstreet House sold 16 pkgs.; S. L. Nall\ts &l Bro. 30-; J. :e. S'alirann, Boxes. 197 3'91 12' SO; 25 medium ;t $10@10 90; a4"'low at hhde. at $91or trashy to $18 for Henry Co. cutting. From Louisville: H. H. Bryan, 2 hbds.: R. T. To95; 53 lugs at $5@7 90; B trashy lugs at $4 30@4 90. The Farmers' House sola16 hhds. at 84 05 for trashy rian, 165 i Jno. E. Ki[\g, ,2'1.1 J. H ..... 7,434 Sales by Harrison & Shelby, Feb. 25 and March 2, 73 lugs to $10 for old fillers. The Pickett House sold 20 Beadles, Wingo & Co., 4 i. Ho'Yard & g; : In 1861-'S .......... 5,655 1,624 596 591 718 bhds.-6 fine leaf at $13@14 12 aood leaf at $11 60 bhds. at $4 2Q for lugs to $9 '75 for com.rpon leaf. Wll i Ed,h E. Tansi!IJ ;Plj:h: 'f''o."'" c" -@1296; 12mediumleafattlO@l090; 2llowleafat Rangeofbids:$18,1at$16,3 at'tl225@ 1 .: 00 ottse, 2; Yon u nros.,l; a-ncrease : ........... 1,719 l,02S ... *8@9 96; 20 lugs aft5 30@7 95 ; 3 trashy lugs at $4 12 75, 1 at $11 50, 7 at $10@10 '75, 12 at $9@9 65, 12 swh, 1 cs ;,,L 1 Henrr Knox; 3. ecre!',Se .. "" 127 @4 90. sold for Messrs. Leavell & Co., 13 bbds., 5 at $6@8 '75, 30 at $7@7 95, 20 at $6@6 85, 19 at $5@ From at,.I: Van Horp & Go. 'Fhe in iJ.lleo st year were 2,123 hhds., oflugs, which averaged $10 50. Sales by Turnley & 5 90, 17 at $4@4 ll5, 9 at $3@3 95. On M.onday S. L. N asits & Bro. 6. 1 -242 tcs. and 230 bxs. Wooldridge for the week ending March 2, 112 hbds., as prices ranged as follows: 1 hhd. at $13, 1 at $11, 5 at Fro Lockport: O!'jie 4 lldllres; Jill )!pecnon of tobacco in hhds. in this city from follows: 4 fine leaf' at $14@14 50; 36 good leaf at $11 $9@9 70, 10 at $8@8 so, 1 at t7' 25, 6 at $6@6 75, 14 From,: Bayou Sara.. e. llice, 'l lilid. st October to 27th Februar inclusive were: 75@13; 25 medium leaf at, jjno 25@11 5?.; H;.low leaf at $5@5 75, 4 at $4@4 75, 3 at $3 20@3 80. On Tues By PoncbaW'ain Railroad: lrby, McDaniel & Cg_,_, WarehoWM!Il. Feb '-8.9. Pi:v'ly. In '67-'8. at @9 '75; 27 lugs :lot @7 50; 6 trash-at'$4 50@5 day the Pickett &use sold 65 hhde. at $3 25 for 2 5 cs.; Wackerbartb & Joseph, llS pkgs.; Order, 6.0. Shockoe. .... 61J4 591 1,185 1,581 DJ.-ILLE V .,. Th f, 11 trasby lugs to $42 for Christian County bright manu By New Jackson & Great Northern Mayo's .......... 551 645 1;:1"96 869 rn 1 a., 1uar, u,e o owmg ar,e a ,ew factming_ ,wrapper. this leaf was grown by w. H. Ruroad: E. H. W1lson & 1 cs_.; Irby, McDamel & Seabrook's ....... 519 u 1 066 7S9 of the late sales made at Crumpton & GnJ.velY. &; ware' dol h, .Ej;;q., an purchased by :Messrs. Robinson & Co., 32 pkgs.; S. Hernshe1m, 3. Public. . .. 500 600 1,000 house ; 1lot Woodson Coles, att60; .1 for C. 0 man, of this city. The Farmers' House sold Cleared the 23d inst; for Belize, Hon., 1 hhd.; Anderson's ...... 198 209 407 Jones, at $28, 1 for B. F. at 82ll, 1 forDra r hhde. a 4 25 r. luas to 10 50 for Hart County for, 66 hhds. Myer's ........... 2'74 182 456 & Eggleton, at $1 '7; 1 for D. l.t tao; 1 for ping. The House sold t'7 hbds. at $4 5 5 Stock m warehouses and on shipboard not cleared Sa.,ml.S.AC. Elvians,dat 1 forf,Dr.JG. A. Carter, for Tenne2see lugs and413 50 for good leaf. The on the 2d in st., 1,684 hhds. Total ....... 2,636 2,6'74 1 Or ear .' at ; 1 or as. son, a i Boone House sold 55 hbds. at $3 90 for trashy lugs to STATEMENT OF TOBACCO. Increase over '67-'8, 30 hhds. J for G. H. GamlOn, at $32 50; 1 L. H. Gunn, at *J..6 75 fl art 0 mty w app r. this) onse Ull o sold St;ock on band September 1st, 1868 ........ hhds. 2,183 February, '68, were 1,640 hhds. e lforJ.J.PraJ,at$20 ; 1 orS I.M. John2hh Brec i r' eCou to ib o "lap r t; $12 25 ivedpastweek ...................... 277 Theinspectionsoftierces,boxes, etc.,fromlstOctoaon, at. $18 50; 1 for L. H. Gunn, $S 1 for Geo. n Loui le se hds. at ived previously .. ... 1,396 ber to 27th February, iochisive, were: Eggleton, at 15; 1 for Tuck, a 24; 1 for $3 for trash to $10 for medium shipping leaf. The 1,6'73. ..----Number-----.. WOight Grasty, at *35 ; 1 for B. Hodges, at. $l5 1 for Rufus Planters' Uou11e sold 11 hhds. at $4 60 for trashy lugs WarehousE_ls. Feb. '69. Prev'ly. Total. in Feb. $22 50 ;th 2 Lf 1Smtthe att : 35 to $12 75 for Trigg Coun.ty shipping leaf. Range of 3,856 Shockoe .......... 6'7 396 453 23,3'79 fi ; $W} t 0 her do a" 0 r?w g 0 acco a bids. 1 hhd.. at $42, 1 at $1 '7 50, 1 at $16 75, 1 at $14 E ports past week.............. 6'7 Mayo'fi ........... 10 599 619 p2, s rom .. 0., per un re 25, 2 at $13@H3 50, 3 at' $12 25@12 75, 7 at $11@11 E-xported previously. 1,486 Seabrook's ....... 108 451 559 8 ,138 IS no '75, IS at f;l0@10 75 28 at t9@9 95, 18 at 1,535 Public ........... 87 363 450 29,367 ufaetured m market m suffiment amou -D Br9ken up for baling, city conA d '7 132 1"9 """' '40 W b n erson s .. .. .. .. ,u, .. othe.r kinds are n_ominal. e quote: c Ir-at $5@5 95, 22 at$4 05@4 95, 26 at $3@3 90. sumption, etc.... .. .. .. .. .. 63'7 Myer's.... .... 3 110 163 1'7,125 gmia, 90c.@$1 25 ; fine, '75c.@90c.; 6oc.@ Yesterday the Pickett House sold 49 hhds. at *3 05 2 ,17 2 75c. Snuffhas sold at $4 25@4 50. Fme-cut bas sold for trash to $14 25 for Ballard County mannfaetnri!tg Total ........ 472 1,961 2,433 11J3,56'7 at, for ,Sunny Side, $10@lll per gross, and $11 leaf. The Farmers' House sold 20 hlids. at $3 60 for Stock on hand and on shipboard ......... libds. 1,684 Add weight to 1st Feb ................... 220,454 @12 t ier gross. Stocks of sunlf and quoted trashy lugs to i15 25 for Owen County cutting. The INSPECTION OF TOBAcco. are 1Juge, aud the demand has been moderately act1ve Ninth-street House sold 23 hhds. at $3 05 for trashy Burke, Saufley & Hays, from Sept. 1 to date.... so s :tllr.;>Ughout the past week. Jugs to $14 2 5 for cutting leaf. The Boone House sold Summers & Campbell, 705 UNl)ERSON, Ky,. March G.-The sales of tobacco 40 hbds. at $4 50 for luge to $12 50 for 'cutting leaf. in Hl;lnderson reported as much larger for the past The Louisville House sctld 27 hhds. at $3 65 for trashy tel days, and prices bet t ell, The roads are in such a lngs to $12 75 for Hart County shipping. The Planters' 1ne'cbed condition, however, that very little can be Htmse sold 14 hhds. at $5 lO for lugs to $13 7 5 for Bal dlativered. lard County shipping. Range ofbids: 1 hhd. at $15 25, LINWOOD LJ.NDING, .1\lareh 4,-Sales by J. J. 2 at $14 25, 5 at $13@13 75, 5 at (112@12 75, 7 at $11 Tno:au&Go.,onThursdav,l!"'eb. 25,of11Ihbds.,includ @1175, 16 at $10@10 '75, 17 at $g@9 95,26 at $S@ 1ng 52 bhds. good leaf, 22 do. leaf, 15 do low leaf, 8 90, 23 at $7@'7 95, 21 at $6@6 90, 31 at 05@5 95, 12 do. lu"'S and 2 do, trash as follows: $-UJ 90, 90, 12 at $4@4 90, and 8 at $3 05@3 20. 13 90 50 $13 60 "'113 10 $13 10 $13, $13 40 The following is an exhibit of transactions for th!J ,., ,'1' '1f h tl3, 13, Jl3 80, a13 75, $13, $12 95, $12 95, $12 so, week and month endmg February 28, anu_ or t e cnr$11118, $12 60, $1-1, *12 90, $12 90, $12 90, $12 tobacco. year, as also the value of tabacco sold 25, $12 50, $12 95, $12 95, $12 60, $12 10, $12 60, $12 dunng the month of February: 60, $12 60, $12 10, $11 SO, $11 60, $11 60, $11 60, $11 For the For the For the Net 25 '"11 SO $11 90 '"1' 75 $11 ao $11 50 $11 $11 year. week. month. sales. Val. "' t ' PI H 214 30 117 110 ,.14 017 25 til 00. 1l 4'0, 1.11 :tO, u 5J), fll, 1 73, ill '75, $11 anters ouse. 366 .1324 ., 20, u 25, $11 50, s1o so, s1o, ,13 30, :1110 60, $10 so, Nf: 883 '7s3 $10 50,$10 50,$10, $10 60, $10 69,$10 90, $10 so, $10 Ninth st. House. 1,462 190 622 507 58,054 90 .,101 $10 40, $9, 90, $9, $9 69, $9 -95, $9 $9 10, $9, Farmers' House. 765 7o 360 334 33,687 70 ts 8 60, $8 30, ts 40, $8 20,$8 75, *7 50,$7 40, $7 Lou i sville House 1,783 347 870 791 83,187 00 407. f1 40, $7 '15, $'7 50, $'7 SO, $7, $'7, $6 90, $6 7 5 $ 6 Totalllllds .. 8 ,609 1 ,341 4,076 3,S04 3S0,884 42 9 ,l5 10, $5 10, a5 50, $5 95, i5 $5 60, i4 60, li!4 Ma,.ufacture d 1'obacco.-Stocks of all the popular Vi! 50, $4. 70, $13 30, $10 80. ginia, Kentucky, and Missouri brands are ample, and a fa1r fNUHBilRG, "lareh 6.-Mr. J onN H. TYREE, todemand reported aud prices are steady. Our ; ufactories are fully employed, aod the goods are In acu ve bacco commission mercnaut, reports: demand. We. quote : Virginia extro. lbs. in f"'ncy pkgs., Inspooted during the week, 94 hhds. Received an 81 tlo; Virgi ia fine bri gM, 95 to $1 05; Virginia me-sold during thesame time, 748 parcels loose, weighing dium bright, 70 to SOc.; Virginia commo n and mahogany 4 lbf:l. Tha opened in be early part of (new), to 70c.; Virgillfa fine lignt pressed, and 13 Oinch, e eek' with more animation, aba prices advanced $1.05 to 1.15; Ya. 85 to 90c ; Ya. f,ncy roll anti twist, 75 to 90rn; VIrginia pancake and fig, $1 to slightly; but towaTd the close it became le;;s active, 1 25; Kentucky fine bright lbs., 75 to S Oc.; Kentucky medium and prices again receded. I quote: Inferior and and mahogany, 60 to 70c.; Kentucky common, Ibs., sound, frosted lu]."'s, $3@4.; good, $ .4@5; fine, $5@'7; common 55 to .63c.; Kentucky and Missouri t lbs. and 14s, bright, 62t to ki $ @7 d d .. fi d 70c.; .K.entuck_y and t lbs, and long medium, 75 wor ng ugs, 5 i gQO o., "' 'I; ne o., to SOc. ; Kentucky black sweet t lbs aod 1 qs, 60 to 65c. ; $s@9; eura smoking do., $15@25; common shipping Kentucky navy, t Jbs. in caddies, 65 to 70c.; Kentucky navy, $6@7; good do., $S@l0; fine do., $11@12; e!(tra lbs., in butts, 6o to 68c.; Kentucky, old stock, lbs., 40c. Smo smoking do., $25@3'7; common w0rking do., $8@10; king-Gold Leaf, Favorite, No Name, 65c.; g ood working do., $10@14; fine working, $12@20; Derling, 41c.; Frmts and Flowers, m drums, 65 to 70c ; Frmts d d ,. -and Flowers in square, 70 te 75c.; Lone $1.40 to 1 45: common wrappers do., $15@18; goo o., .,18@25; exAndy to SOc.; Big Lick, in 1, t, and i lb. pkgs., 75 tra do., .30@50. to S:Sc.; Uncle J:Sob Lee, 85 to 90c.; .Brown Dick, 75 to SOc. LOIJISVILL .E, Marc:b j,-There has been a very ac-The GourierJournal has the following: "The annual Total ......................... hhds. 1,013 M.A.NUF.A.CTURED TOBACCO. There has been a good demand for common and me dium but not much doing in other descriptions. The stock is quite fair and quotations are unchanged' Extra No. 1 pounds, bright, 80c.@90c.; good m dium do., 65c.@'75c.; medium do. do., 60c.@65c.; common, sound, 55c.@60c; half-pounds, bright, 60c.@65c.; do., dark, 5 !c.@60c.; No. 1 5s and lOs, 57tc.@65c.; Navy, pounds, 55c.@60c.; Navy, half-pounds, 55c.@60c.: fancy styles, natural leaf, twist, pancake, etc., 90c.@ $1. Marchtir.-By Telegraph.-Nothing new in the market. P AD1f(:JD, Ky,, Feb, 27,-The cold weather this week has cl}ecked receipts somewhat, and the week's sales do not foot up as many bhds. as last week Offer ings ha been generally in high order,. and sales have been sa factory, prices having improved somewhat on those o he previous week. .A brisk and active market is antic' ted at full figures. Mess Hale, Bucker & Terrell report sales of 195 bbds. r the week endmg,Friday, February 26th, 1S69, were as follow : 3 h ds. drdinary bright leaf at $21 '75, *14, $ j 50; 14 do. good shippers at @13; 50 do. fair ippers at $9@10 75; 35 do medium leaf at t8 '75; 3 0 do. low leaf at $7 10@8 05; 63 do. lugs at $4 25@7. Messrs. Settle Brothers report sales for the week ending Friday, February 26th, 1869, of 274 hbds., as follows: 7 hhOn he sums due the Treas ury fro the &ad ndusijiii.l conhtbnt,i s 'for the year, with the exception oft ese wbe qtiotaa are less than five hundred escudos, or t250, The total clearances of manuf3ctured cigars from Havana amounted to 34,162,000, from January 1 to February. 15, 1868.; the export has to 23,2'79,000 GJgars durmg the saroo penod th1s year, showing the eQormous decrease of OOOin a .m,o a half; wheJeas the of: tlje af compare -versely thus: In 1869 it was no less than 1,124 960 while it was onfy 716,865 lbS, in which excess of 408,095 lbs. in tbe export of-this year' for e month and a half. a LONDON, Feb, %0,-Messrs. M:. RANDT s SoN & Co., by special report to THE ToBACCO LBAF say: In our market tor American tobacco during the week we have to report-a more active business in leaf and about 250 hhds. Missouri have been sold for Ire: land at about 4d.@6d. per lb. The sales of Western and Virginia strips have been only trifling, owing to the offering, but prices are very stiff and fine quahty IS much wanted. The American Congress has arrived from New York with 19 hbds. tobacco. LIVERPOOL, Feb, 20,-Messrs. WM. BRANDT's SoNS & Co. report : We have agaiu to report--au active busineAs during the in American tobac q, chiefly i,. Wel!&ernleaf and stnps, to tbe tl'ade aud dealers, but 'Virgmia has a1so been taken to a _modera e Prices are fully maintained, and striP.s of a useful cfass are e i.tlg decidedly dearer. Of Mary1anil tollacco h f is very limited. In Cavenaisb. a moderate business is do ing. The Missouri has. arriY.I'd from &ri'6lk Va with 76 hhds. tobacco. ., THE GOVRENOR!-THE GOVERNOR!-THE GOV ERN OR I TRY THE GOVERNOR I Juet out, a euperior quality of S.B:GARB, manufactured by ou.neiVIII or &he ll.neet Tobacco, and tbe brand copyrlgbteol, In which we guarantee entire s&tlefactlon. FOR SALE EVERYWHERE. (' Our autborlzcd Agents will be plea!!ed to call on Se gar Dealers in general, with this and a number of other brand!! of onr manufacture. BERG & CO., Manufacturers of Choice Segau. SALESROOM, 2G1 BROADWAY, cor WARREN STRR.B:T, N W YORK, FAC:t'ORY, STREET, m.\1t MISSOURI FA.CTORY-DRIED LEA.F. tive and. ftrin market all the week for desirable lugs tobacco fair will be held in this city, under the auspices and and the finer qualities are inadequate to the of the trade, on Wednesday, June 2, 1869, and will be demand. The cutting and manufacturing grades are in every particular equal, if not superior, in its attracin the most and prices are fully sustained, but tions to that of 1868, which was an acknowledged suc nonde&eript and mediums are still somewhat inactive cess. The crop of 1868, which is now coming forward, PHU,!DELPHU, Marc:b G.-The Trade Journal says: "1'1ade this week shows some signs of improve ment, and prices of manufactured tobacco are firm. It is quite likely that figures will advance, and very soon, for first-class brands.'' And this view is con firmed by the Commercial list, as follows : "The market is poorly &up plied with: choice d811criptions of leaf, and they are lield with eonsiderable Qonfidence. A better feeling animates the market for manufactured I The receipts of the week lAan been 9'7 hhds., 1 csk., 6 butt&, 60 kegs, 6 blll&, 466 CA., !13'ble., 5 sks., 121l bxs., W draw the atttenllon of Sblppero and :Mannracturen to oar otoeli: e 450 bhdo. Mleourl factory-dried leaf!n A8forted parcelo, embracing the Ilea name or that

'CO:&iMISSI.ON MERCHANTS '' Al{b AGENTS FOR THE SALB OF }; 1 and LEAF TOBACCO. c&. IJTaE:t:'l', l'iEW .. f WoW. c"-11 attention of the Trade tO the followmg most Celebrated ,-(i f 1 I I of ;1 VIRGINIA MANUFACTURED' TOBACCO: '- Jr.-'s lEI Oorado, Oladem, Jewel of Ophir, Vlrgir, Spicer's of Vtratma, Old Dlxl.e, 1 Loul.aiPor Peerless r J Ctltiam's Wine Sap, CaHego, olqhn Colden ea, a. 4 co., Queen of H .. rte, 1-, Harris A n\J "' .. JJWmbfem, 1-, C:f$nt A c .... apiCJtr, ( : '' & J 'w. R. Johnson ._ .CJM. Long, Thqmas & oliver, : c WUIIams &. -... Ven'a1)1e c ,o. Ferguao & Chambers, c Cwktb Tale, IJ. .. Clant, Watson & ,, I :.ltJt .. J JJ 11 "J t I' -J{l\E'MELBERG t.:' cO.,' \1) lhlWYO.I[,' j I ) 1 F. L.IRAURS'l CO., lt!UTDIOBB, Tobacco C81111liiWo. lerrlantl IREAI),: AD I ; IVIRrly Iava .... IAWi:ER, WALLACE & 00., No. 47 Broa.d Street, M. Commission. ; 129 PEARL STREET. N L. W G U S T H.EH, Haltnpore J;speQ,iaify of tlie Mark ,[LA ANOtA: I -iicii J ANi:!PAOTUllBns OF ) If I j ,. f i l .). I' lie. jlj4 lltnet. IROBERT L. MAITLAND & CO., T:Q'ItilGQQ ___ 1 Hanovtfll lJuildVngs, Hanovw New Yo'l'k. mail. to,lteFa. '!A. a: G. a: Oo., Linrpoo Also, an ltlnd or P:J:.oUGr Td:s.acco. I ,,'IJ ACOB BOX 11\S. upcrior Make 'and Quality, i OF CiDAR vJo.oo, I llnd 295 lUONROE S1'REJ-;T, YOUK. CORNELIUS OAKLEY, 'SEYMOUR, COLT & CO, TOBACCO MERCHANT, I (DTABLil!BlQ/ IN 1815J No. 96 'W"ATER STREET Loaf' Tobacco I L liy aeu.tnveated and patented .Machinery .,. Oppoelte Gouverneur Lane, New York, Hqvana, in ot4 of Bon tl, leaf TDbaccc in Bales, 189 PEARL STREET, N.=y r iWM ) .A:GN1ilW & SONS, I I ol h J <" fl ,. J I FOR FlS:IPPIN,G. a&nwanta, >DOsiioiiN I; L. if: NEU.DECKER, & .... Conup.iasion Merchant L. w. ER, fc. Q():, i fM4. and J.l'ront etreet. I p I b It m h l AndDe&!er Tobacco&General 1 I .r (!li. tHUtlUI,SUI Datta C!!b'trtgnnt. LEAF TOBACCO, MERCH4.NTS, -" NIOUP'rloo, j 143 Street, 1 ... I t -( Toba""'"'""" ..,_M.. ..I It u ., I D 0 lY.[ E s T I a J I """"' .AGJ:NT J'OR l I I 18 ...... Street; !few 'Yorlt, :t"i WATER. OTR.EET, .. o.llO Pearl St., cor. Hanover Square, '-"'V lUI Ju...,.. lBU se: "" 'I. 'r I I NEW y 1a .. ,.. hdrau.l FOREIGN NEUDECKER BROS., RIOHliOND, VA, Special el\enllou lothe.ule or l-

l I -r-> OHA&. F. TAG, I PORTER AlF SP A.NlSH., .... .._0. B. & D. BENRIMO, IUii-ili-DU UD NAl.DII m ua.. o 1t. W.A.TElbiJ'l'ftPT, NZ'II'-YORK, I'M.,.. -all kiDdl ot LKil TOBM)CO 1oo :IXPOR'I I llOJIII Ullll. M-108 IONBBR TOBACCO OF YORK. i FELIX MIRANDA, Capi-ta1, $200,000, IJlPORTER OF Organized under the laws of the State of New Y rk, Jll:)1uary 2 1868. H. W. HUNT, President. JOHN H. 'sANBORN, Sec'y :w. HUN'.r & Agents 2,l t'j ::s r et, New York; 16 .Centra Wh f. LEAF TOBACCO, AND OP THB BRAND OF I SEGARS, "RITICA," 191S Pearl Street, NEW YORK. I JOS. MAYER & SONS, 11211 .JI'roDt..-treet, 1 Dlerchants 1 TOBACCO PRESSERS. Leal To-preNOd Ia balet for llle Welt Indl.,, Mealea&, Oeatral, American, aod ot.her market&. 'l'OBAOOO F .&.CXED Ill' :BOGISHlii.A.D8. BASCH & -COHN, Commission Merchants, }.!I(D DJ!ALERII-. ALL JOlO)fJ fir teaf JA7:li G&llllill', No. 1.,_. BA.BL STBEET, NJ!JJr FOBJ[. ,':CHE CITY'TOB:A-cCO AC.ftCY, lie. 108 J'B.OB'r-&T.B.EB'.r, llewYM"lr. G. W. HillMAN & CO., ,Utr(butl, .. _,. .aa u u or ltlA.N11 .ACY1JH'BD rGHA.C. 1 -. .oVl a P Olle GOe, / lflm'fifacttu'el'l of the follo,.U.C Oelebrated :BnDcla ft o a>totw .w -....... II: o ...... ..... NA.T11RA.L LEA.P, I I p I ia'A.(JIB.I(J..l.T.-o.N, J _, X GOLDEN CROWN, I l' n' Oo'J.l\ ,. / 1rrno?, ,,,.JU:i:.LIIUNIJK:. Ill t'"'OlliB"T'A.L, u;, b Oldt DOJtiUI' ....... LYNJHB'II'BG, B11LL T BOT, Put up in eighth'\ ha)t"s, '@ld one pound in the ,!!lOSt modern Jlanufactured only 8'1G p It oar: I li Dl!trlet, Lpelabarg, fa. The au also wish to Inform the trade that the depot forT Ocol, dental, Dick: Tator, and Red .lT _. r urt1 ,' L. ARMt#tTEAD, -:. .. Q LYJlohbu.!g, i{ f.., is at the'ir Waleli.ouse "ana sar!oom, 90 Water street, Uew 'Y'orit. J u. I __ I HOME .. LIFE. ANY, (MUTlfA-h), -----H'l'1 No. 5184 BROADW4WJ, :.New York. In every respect a First-0 ass t 'P.-stitutio i Asse-tlll. Members, 1'6,000. j J J f' r 'llJ 1 'tA)I OFF JOERS: ('T 'IV A.LTE& GRIFFITH; President. J IL FROTHUj'G &..lM, C. RIKE I LT.IA.M L COFFIN .Kctuarf. A 1 "" .. r 11'\q l GOOf) GERM' AN AGENTS WANTED. NEW-YORJt. -. Olden for 'rooco and o.t&on eanlaiiJ 113-lei 1 .. \' lereantile t 247 BROADWAY, NEW Y() i M. BRADSTREET & SON, Volu .me 2' or our Commereial Repl)i18 .. issued o_n the 6th J nnuary, 1869, oorrected io dat.o of ISSue. 20,000 names odded llioce last issue. I j AL REVEIYE cr __,.,..." oiice to 'llaxpaJ CJ. 1--.. .. W e are now prepared to deliYe't.::t.&&''fOl-lowing_ &!?M u1eu alld DeliYer!eo at Tobolccu ud'1Sim11' Wanhoaoe, S11orekeper A.lso, EF AMD C1 S, d.U, o J,. .ol Jt168. The abaTe llll.d blallk81 ae Welt H aJl othen: jiullli&lleii.J)yful!' for the or taxpaycM!, are the THE Of INTBRN.AL RBV I!.NUil:1 .. 'fJdr'liTe' war'r'\n'lkd 16 :Books al.d mail upon Orders will be promptly lllle Upo!i 'pt of the money, or will be sen' by Expreu, C. 0. D. whell the am'onnt to be cotlected Ia $5 or lmlr EsTEE k SMITH, Internal R evenue No. Gl CEDA& ST., Nzw YoaK. Address P. 0 Box C086, N e York. F .. & Ce., { 1 G. C. EHRSAJ[, L .A B B X.. Iii DIJlCBD.\QST AND JUNUI'ACTUDZB OJ' For Tobacco an.t Shafting, Hangers, and large a .. ortment coilot.antl;r oo baild and pn:u.tociiO FOR TOBAC.OO YMCTORII!:B, Nos. ?'O & ?"8 Ebn. lit;rellt.. 22 & 24 North WUllam ...... B'.., Yllk. NEW YORK, I I ..


:lbutttistmtnt5. & CO., PHILAqELPHIA, PA., Commission Merchants: in Leaf and Manufactured Tobaoco, DOUESTIC AND IMPORTED S.EGA.RS. uITm STAT& o11DD WAR.HOU8 ar Colmgnen' ean fonrarcl tllelr Stocks without prepaying the GovtrDI11ent Tu. -B .. A. VAN AGENT FOR Lorillard's Tobacco & Snuff, Cigars, Havana and Connecticut Leaf, IN LOTS TO SUIT, If o. 18 S. FRONT STREET, PHILADELPHIA. Orders Soltctted. ESTABLISHED IN 1828. S. I'VGUET a SONS, IMPOBTEBS OF CIG-AR.&, Ancl lUji.JI.utaeturers oC FINE CJGARS, Mo. 229 South Front Street, Philadelphia. S E .,....._ -= 8 No. 81 :Exohll.nge Place, ..._....-'=-EIA:l:.T::J::D.(I;On.::m. 1,17 North Third Street, LOUIS 6 IE J.. DEAN PHILADElPHIA, I'A., 4 UlOJoD THII SUPDVIlUOlf OJ' 1 Send for Price List .... JORK JIOORS. B. & J. MOORE! TOBAcco aommission Merchants, PHILADELPHIA. SKE & co., J'ACOB MARINER liA.lfUJ",j,C'l"UBEB or .um nxJ..LJCBS m Leaf Tobacco .A.l(D WBOI.BS.U.. DBALKR IN J H T l...ft A 42 Soutl' Street, Leaf and avana owvco, BALTIMORE. No .. 734 N. THIRD,STREET, PHILADELPHIA, WM. A. BOYD & 0()., l'fo. IS 8oatla Clharl.,. se,, BalUIIlore. CHRISTIAN AX. CEO. W. WICKS 4 CO., Manufacturers' .Agenta for oa1 AU-z:p:::; :' 0 SEQ-:AH.S, -r LEAF TOBACCO J.ND .CIGA.RS, n DIULU. "' "'""' .&. "-==r' aARNER WO_!l'l[l &nd 11 ft. Clair-H. BPAJ!TISH AND DOMES,TIC N r21 N rt'--Thi d s Plrl:SBURO. .. 10!1.JCatn St .. Ht, betwee .. 3d .. ..., 4th, Leaf Tobacco Ch Willi TobaC1CO SllU[ o. 0 II r t., Brier I PHILADELPHIA, Pa, NEVIN & MILLS, LOUISVILLE, KY. J<.l!r4W. cor. Third &ad Popl&:r t.., Philadelphia.. L L. EDWARDS. GBO. W. EDW .ARDS.- u. s. BONDED 'WAREHOUSE. ------------=-(LATll WITH JJ. A.. VAN soa.ucx.) To baooo Manufacturers 5th DISTRICT, KENTUCKY. ct. WEST, I. L. & G. W. EDWARDS, FRANC1.K:E & ELLER .& U C T I 0 1\I E E R !i 193 and 195 Jeft'erson-a.venu COM:MISSION MERCHANTS, ... IS 8H&h Froat 8CnM ud. It Letitia No.125NOBTH W .AT.EB STBEE':l 2117 Main Street, between 7th untPJ'I' '"" AJID ALL BKouas ARTicus, coN 'NH8'P'I c\.fT u H MORRIS" Inspection wut Leaf Tobacco .A:a.E:EI:OU&::m,, CASEY & W A YXE, Pl'oprieton, Nos. 100, 102, & 104 West Front C'INCINNATI, Ohto, 68 WEST F01JRTH STREET -.,.,-., Seed-leaf rf'obacco, (Succc soro to 1 fiUd Co M h t IUB'l'J'Olll), mm1sswn ere an s .u.o..... R DB .....,.. A UOTJ;ON SALES DAilY FJLU.J:JUI IN OOlfQO!IOUr DEALER. IN Connectieut-Seedr t..eaf j 21.1 State Street, HARTFORD, CoDD. H. S1vUTH .&CO.n aer-chan.ts Connecticut Seed -Leaf Tobatco, NO. 20 HAMPDEN-STREET, SxrTn, l J. F JJmwELt.. f (9:>-120) Sprlngftetd, 11-. ,G. W. GR:AVE::'l,.J ,A1m \I'ULU I& Fine Connecticut Seed-Leaf r o c c o BOSTON .&DVEllTISEKl.ft, D. S. BROWlf tk 00., iibr&tea Brands of Tobacoo; Commissioo .. urn-.lQSNTS FOR T l ll BA'.E OF UP\NUP CICARS, PLUG AftD CUT TOBACCOS, FISHER & CO., Tooacco Manufacturers' Agent, Commission :Merchants, TOBACCO BROKERS, 11 & 13 Wabash Avenue, I& CBNTIUL WHA.RF, BOSTON. L eaf and Man ufaoture cl TOBACCO. P11.0T ANO EACLB. 1 IOlERC! STR.BET AXD 13 CITY WILIRV wnu.uo .... niiK.., .. .-liT L. C.loUl'O'IZJ.{ .. f ':.: i' :. VIRGINIA AND NORTH C AROLINA. Lea( anj Maaofaetured 1'obacco, .-'"to. 4 IRON FRONT BUILDINCS, PETEHSBURG. VA Together with a genen.J uoorlmcut of l'IPES nd 8](0JUI.Bii' ARTICLES, 11 No. 8 .,..,.,,.. ... eer &., Proc>ideJU B. I .......... C01'. Main and BUUitt Sts., LOUISVILLE, KY. CHICAGO_ W"Gooda aold to .J'obbcr unly. BollA.,. N J'moJ:a, Jo .. N l'18BKB. IUVAl!U. PRDrOIPE. AliD DOJIE81'IO OIG.ABI. IIMflebMm anrt Rrl&1" 8.._., CltDtr&lly. ExCIIJS\T .. )Y \VboltiaJI. 31 and 3 $ Brow.d&ree'-...... ._


.. J, H. PEMBERTON ever be heard more than twice on its merits. If thor0 wt,llg' Tobacco. y ZE PACKAGES antly to any required form. fpr Cu"Uul WM. S. KIMBA.LL. Rochester. N. Y Tobaooo C Mer ba.D.t DANVILLE, VA. I Orders for Leaf promptl,y attended to. RBFt:R8 TO MesOTo llE.\LD & MILLBB. New York Me""rs G HEINEKEN A PAL.ORB, New York. MeaN PLEI\S.\NTS & SONS, Baltimore. Jllr .ros rnoM Jn Blcblllond. JltL GARRET F WATSON, ll ;r. B VE)IABLE & CO, P elcraburg. Sllll 231 IT is said that when General Grant chews tobacco he always takes three chews. He never steps short of the tmiwn quid. "'ON"IRA(;f-lltiPOil ed from Eaton Thayer1 Internal Revenue Collector in Massachusetts, by applyiug_ to the house ef Vyse tl BESTED WIT-Sons, straw goods, in New Yorkj Koro asked them If they bad any claims for collection of goods that they had shipped; they said yes, and after a few weeks they -.11e case of' the prisoners Korn, Laidlaw, gave him t.wo certificates of tax paid on goods thea rrson, Wifson, and Theriot, charged wtth had manufactured to eighty or ninety thousan defrauded the Government of large sums of money m dollal'8 be was then in Caldwell's office; these pa collectina bqaus drawbacks from the United States pers w:re given to Caldwell in order that he might e?l Treasury''"Dep:rlment, came "?-P! by adjournment1 be lect lawful claims for goods that I and othe1'8 had shtp fore the United States on the 26th mst., ped Korn WM acting as clerk for Caldwell at the tim ; when the following testimony, throws Caldwell collected some of my claims; he applied seve able light upon the drawback conspuacy, was eh01ted : ral times after that on the Collector, stating that he George A. Mercer as follows: I am clerk in goods shipped by Vyse & Sons, and obtained cer the Accountant's dtnsion, Treasury Department; I ttficates from the Collector; I don't know that Thaler have particularly charge of warrants for money drawn knew there was anvthiog wrong; I have no knowle ge on the aiDUI; W&l'r&nts are issued from the implicating any coflPctor in receiving money for these Secretll.ry'!! 4tloe; tile came te. the Treasurer's office, certificates of tax paid; have no knowledge as against who issued drafts upon any Assistant Treasurer or upany Deputy Collector, except what Dickenson said; on the National 'BaQ,ks. When the drafts are pa1d before I left the firm only shared in a portion of :he they are returned to the Department, attached to the claims; at the same tlme tbey w;ere makmg np cla1ms warrant to be used by the Treasurer as his voucher; of this kind in whieh I did not share; after I introduced thev i}low t.hA 11umber, of. the Fifth report, parties to Theriot they helped themselves; their whfch contJJs the clatm ttself. The witness then, at was certified by Theriot; :Mr. Well wood finalthe request of the District-Attorney, produced warrants ly went Sonth; I left Korn, and don't know whether an.d drafts paid to dilferent parties on the alleged be any partne rship; I heard from Freer, Koro, fraudulent claims which are subjects of the present ac-and Webster some months afterwards that Freer had tion and amount'to about a hundred in number, covgone to Europe, and had taken all the money he could an amount of many millions o dollars. These lay his hands on, and they baa 1ost either $60,000 or drafts and warrants show the claims actually paH:l in t9o,o<1o; I heard also from I used to see him cash, which_ the prosec11tion allege are fraudulent. happening in Caldwell's office and also a't Distriet-At'torney also produced the correspondm.g I then ntlerstood he and Korn were then presentmg the cl9.ims from tfte Fifth Auditor's office, :.j>howing their same class of claims; Freer also carriedaway money be idj!ntity w4ll the drafts paid, and. the longing to me; first knew Wilson in connection with parties by whom filed. After compann bqut these-claims in Cedar Wbimster was there talk of these claims, drafts, and warrant.s, 1 of a b\ngle machine; I went to Wilson's bered the witness to make out a list witH 'Iii! certifi frequently to give him some drawoa(k 1 bad cate t'hat the warrants and drafts were identical, and a in the latter part of 1867, in Broad fnnn tbt\ reclCird ot the Treasury Department, "With Mr .. Whimster; he came to me t'o find out Samuel T. Blatchford testifi'ld as follows: Am t>n if I anythmg about Freer; some two months af uected with the drawbauk ,. tlice; .have itdiil ilf till me came .to me, and he coula p t t.beee claims and found none of them correct-aU trao clamu .. t: rough he would gwe _me a percentaie I goods were exported as set forth -o W\)Ul1ame as giVen by ao)c cert1 cates .rom ertot, :w1t no wntmg t ts I gave him my checks for these drafts; on them; Whimster pai me $75 ortl001ertbese ph k ere maie ayable to Mr Green certtficates ; there should have been fifty of them ; 0 testified folio' 1... ,/ ill Whim \fr me, th t a Tweot -third street New York City; nave resided drawoack clatm bad been dtscov rere he is sure his theory is tlie correct one, and all others are mistakes. Now, I am not going to say that or any other theory is incorrect, but I wish to examine this "bug" theory, and see if it will stand theoretical or practical examination. If it be correct, why does not the rust show wherever the bugs are found numerous, and why is the rust found to come where none of these insects are found? One would think in the case of some fields that these tiny blaek bugs" must be indefatigable ,pr that they ex isted in immense numbers, and were enormous eaters for so small bodies. Speaking of this theory, to1 an ob serving tobacco grower, this season, be told me that be bad a piece of'tobacco, on sevel'll.l rows on one side of the piece, next some potatoes, that were qovered with large numbers of these "tiny black bugs," et scarcely any rust was to be found, and that wher ever "the leaves were they did not turn this rust color, but a more whittsb and that in another part of the field where there -.,-v. re no bugs, and the plants were of ll ciiseased1growth, nqt' strong, there was plenty of met, The author of this thMry says he bas observed the11J. in the' .Wa.Pt bed, and that by sprinkling guano over the plants dri:res them away, and that where gu.auo was ap_plied in the! ,field thertl they wor'ked least, and the least rust was found. a;Jso peaks of a field io East Windsor manured wttb dilferent .qf fertilizers, and tb&t the growth was poorest, and the plants of tba't yellowish weakly growth, there the most rust oceurred, accounting for it that this "tiny black bug" preferred weakly plants, put that he would take a btte t'robl a $tQng growing one, althoug4 distasteful, for a reason that the inveterate tobacco chewer wou]d occasionally take a distasteful quid of for the want of better. Now, I think this theorist, and all oth who closely observe this rust, agree on one point ; and that is, fllst is uot as liable to if it does attack at all, healthy, strong, growing plants, as those of a more weakly or u healthv growth; therefor& wo'!11d seem that io or der to prevent rust, a11 preTention is better than core, that we should plantour tobacco oa eoil that is healthy, of even quality through the field, be deeply worked, well fined, well drained, and full of good, well-fined or gaoic manure ; and that we should set only good strong plants stimulated into an early and continuous growth, from the time they are set till matured, and that as sGon is maturity: 's reached be immediately harvested, as rust more general!>.' comes on near maturity Q{ the plant. Well! you w1l say, all this may be very well, but you have not give'n us our theory of the rust, 8t yet. True my idea of the e&iiAe of rust is, that tbEl.l same cause that brings r1,1st upon the wpeat and o h'er grain causes it on tobacco, ana that it is a fungus, largely dependent upon the weather and the state of health in the plant; (or all observing naturalists agree that fnogi attack the more weakfy plants, while a strong and healthy one is better aOlc to resist the at 'lck, and more frequently goes free; the eakly one seldem escapes. Th1s fungus theory would seem the more rational, ad fungus growth often J":rfects itself in three da1 and thus we often aee our fields of tobacco well developed with rust after a few days, when it w!'ls entirelf free. Good authority says that the seed of a fungi JS a minute cell, and that these cells being de from their plant are borne about in the air seeking a congemal resting-place, and that when a congenial plant is found they immediately take root and eat eut the life of the plant, as their life and growth are derived from the plant on which they fasten, fungus plant growth and atudy is an exceedingly in teresting one, and might be profitably followed almost unlimitedly, but I here leave it, as my limits are al ready extended, that the reader will find much ofioterest concerning it in two lectures delivered before the Board of Agriculture for the year 1866. the let.t.41r of' rod 11tio ; e spoke to Freer from decisions-which dispose of the matter in contro &bou the!Je clAiftls, anct be l!lrid be ould li vi to convel'8y, is tiKI pest: of our judicial system. For example : suit with Mr. a clerk there; Freer went before Doe sues Roe in thei Supreme Oourt. The defendant y at-elul8 -Otlce; Young came between makes a motion at Chambers which involves the mer four and five o'olook, was shown the papel'B by Freer, its and be is beaten. He t)len appeals to the General aod 1;be olaim ,r&e rather large and would atTerm, which decides against him. The case is next t.ract too much attention; he advised me and Korn to tried before a jury at the Circuit, and the plaintiff ob bave it .. ap to tllree ; he was not offered com pen tains a -verdict. The defendant applies to the Judge sat\oo at. the time I think be thought they wertl all who presided at the Circuit for a new trial, which right; he said iarger claimtS caused .!!mall motion is denied. The defendant now appeals to the claims would _go through tile DPpartment General Term, consisting ofthreejudges, where all the ot.biiJ ..w, ia the presence of Young about their facts put in evidence at the Circuit, as well as tl1e Irani. twieel were made into three, brought back whole 1aw relating to the case, are thoroughly argued, to N e'w y erk; this large claim had been certified by After due deliberation, the judgment of the court beTheriot. I met him in the neiglhborhooJ of the Customlow is affirmed. Laymen, not skilled in black-letter houie au'd proQured the paper; after they were mac\e lore, would now think it was time for the pertinacious I didn't think it was necessary to have Roe to stop. At all events, the public, after alfording them 1 Theriot ; they passed and the him five hearings, ought to deny him the further use money W received. We had a third each-myself, of their expensive tribunals for the prosecution of his Well wood and Korn. There was 10 per cent. brokerage private quarrel with Doe. But no; the pugnacious to Freer deduction of 5 per cent. to Theriot and Roe has a chance to fighi another round ia the Court other e.f>eoses, such as compensation to the J?eputy of Appeals, and th!ther he drags his worried and dis Collector that signed the bond l1:1, that were not 1n the gusted antagonist, and is there worsted for the sixth net ptoceeds. We continued fin the business; it lasted time, the bill of costs and the counsel fees having mean ahout three or four n;JOnths. During this time nobody time reached an altitude which throws the principal else pa 1 Licipated. The first tlning was to procure cersum iu dispute quite mto the shade. And now for the tificate of a Deputy Internal !Revenue Collector that denouement. Though the plaintiff hal' seemingly been t!Jx e paid. We would pay him perhaps successful all through this five or six years' contest, the or 1 e would sign tlle papers and put ?n the chances are that, from the failure of the sureties on the This latter kind is grown moetly for wrappel'8 to fine oiga'ts. It il exteo.Wely fOr that Jurppae u wetl as for making Havana cigal'8 hr )leo r' known to toe manufacturers. Much is also exported to foreign countries.-..&. INTERNAL REfENIJE MJ.n'DS, --L_ In the 'BeCood ease again11t Licbteoheim, noticed by us last week, some further unimportant evidence has been taken by the Government of the same tenor as that.already given. This is the case for the pros ecutiOn : that for the defense will be opened at the next hearing. 7 ticlea are removed from place where they miM., even t'*mdl they may be made for, or the materiitbi_ f'nmish \y, notber party. For the of law on this point, manufacturers are refen"Eiil't. sectioUB 71 11'1111 76, Act of July 20, 1868, IV. It is prescribed in Department Regulations, Series 4, No. 8 (Supplement), t.'hat each woOden pack&se containing tobacco, intended for export, must have. printed or marked thereon, the manu&otnrer's name and place of manufacture," eto., together with the gross tare, and net weight, the name and title of the inspector, date of inspection, and collection dis trict. When several auch packages are put in one package or cCUJe, the outer case or cask mnst also be branded, as prescribed, by the iDapeetoP. The omiuion of the reqmred brands from the individual wooden packages gr is an evjlsioo of the requirement, of the law, and can. 'ln n case be allowed. In. the case of Froud only one witness bas been ex amined since we wrote-Braud, Hoym11's partner m the 01gar busmess. Brand stated that in July .and 1867, he and Hoyme had a cigar fact?ry m the lghth Collection District. He saw 20,000 put up at Hoyme's separate factory in the Fifth Supervisor of Internal Distnct; saw the boxes stamped with the First District West Virginia. THOS. R. LAIRD, Revenue for Virginia and stamps; helped load the cigars on a dray, and afterRICHMOND, VA,, 'Feb. 1869. ward saw them at Froud's store (No. 137 Bowery). He gave Froud a bill for them in his (Brand's) name ToBAcco WonK FOR MARCH.-Our readers have had Hoyme ,was manufacturing in the Fifth Disduring toe fine winter weather, the opportunity tnct Without a hcense, and was already introu-blewith suggesied in our January notes of gettmg off their the Go\'ernment; Hoyme gave the cigars out to cigar hands the but troublesome work of putting to. and t.hese for all knew, their seed m the ground : 'It is well If they mtght lll Fnst DistriCt, The hearmg .have availed themselves ofit; if not, they should take then adjourned ';!Dtil yesterday. .Inspector Hess was the time. the state of the ground will allow. ?Ot present, to _W"ashmgton to attend to "!-et .It b.e borne'm, ho,rever, that they gain notb Important busmeRB m that city. mg m ttme by workmg: their land when too wet. Of the crop now in the house let the bulks be frequently INTERNA.L llEVENIJE DECISIONS. examined. They are liable to damage by heating, and should be promptly moved whenever it is ascertained -that the tobacco is becoming softer in the bulk; this ia-I dicates an approach to the condition when it will very soon be warm, and when it should be shaken out and hung astr,jde sticks in the house till thoroughly dried, After this, whenever it becomes soft enouab to be han dled with safety, and when the stems are still dry enough REPACKING SMOKING TOBACCO. ,. TREASURY DxP'T, OFFICE OF INTERNAL REVENUE, ( W ASHINGTON7 February 23, 1869. f To Alexander Fulton, Esq., Supervisor, etc.: SIR: I have received your ]ettei' of the 18th instant, in which you state that dealers in tobacco in Baltimore have considerable quantities of tobaceo which bavP been withdrawn from bonn for sale. Said tobacco is put up in two aud five flOnnd bal es or pa c kaaes, and each package has the stamps affixed the pay ment of the tax. You inquire if this tobacco 1s liable to seizure for not being packed according te law if olfered for sale, and if the owners will be required to repack and restamp the tobacco? In reply I have to state, that if the said tobacco was in bond at the time of the paSJI&f;e of the law, and has been legally after "t:he payment of the tax by affixing stamps covering the amount of tax to which each package was liable, the owners may sell the tobacco without a change of package and without violating any law which would warrant the seizure of these goods, or without exposing the selves to fines ev11rything has been done on thetr part 1n good faith, and the facts are in all respects as stated. Yours respectfully, E. A. RoLLINs, Commissiooer. Assessor Frazier, of Philadelphia, bas received the following communication on the same subject : TIUU.BllRY DEP'T, OFFICE INTERNAI.; REVENUE, t -. WASHINGTON, February 24, 1869. SIR: You state in your letter of the 23d instant t at there 1s Ilf you.r-> district a large quantity of tobaqso' manufactured "'DC!) 20, 1868, and pu up IJ re quirPd by the act that but unstamped,_nd you inquire whether tobacco can be solq without stamps. I reply, 11!> smok'ug or fine-cat chewing tobacco, or snutr, can now b old stamped as required by law, no matter "'.hen the sall'le was aou factured. Yours respectfully, E. .;t RoLLINs, Commissioner. THE NAME ON THE PACKAGES, 0FJ'ICB OJ' lNTEBNAL REVENUE, W ASBINGTON1 :Feb. a, 1869.-Sir: In reply to your letter of January 30, in relation to putting the proprietor's instead of the man ufacturer's na!De on the of tobacco, I have to bay, that secttons 62 and 68 oftbe act of July 20 1868 provided for putting the proprietor's name, lDI"tead of the manufacturer's name, upon packages of Whep. the proprietor's name, however, is put upon packages of tobacco,.l should not appear as the maoufaclarel''s, but.u the proprietor's name; that is, the tobMieo should not be arked or labeled as having been manufactured b!(, but for the proprietor; The rnanofaoturer's name m all lmses must be ut cigal'S. Very respeeLfully, THoMAs, Dep'y Com'r. FIIIlB-cUT CHEWING,; EDFI'OR ToBAcco LEAF.Dear Sir: I enclose you opy: o a letter fr Commissioner Rollins, which interests all t ea1ers, reading thus : Sm: You inqmre in your etter of 20th ult., whe ther j,clpqer ca _purch., fine-cut chewing tobacco in ubfs., or 40lb. f.-bl>ls., sell it out to ret.ailers in lots of 3, '6, 1-0, or 15 lbs. euch, cr whether they mugt buy i,p the prescribed packages, and sell it the same I reply, that re.tail deale1'8 are allowed to sell fine-cot chewiug tobacco at retail from wooden packages, !ltamped, as required by law. This is the only way such tobacco can be sold, exce t in one-half two, four, eight, and sixteen ounce packages. very respectfully, E. A. RoLLINS, Co.mmilllioner. B. A. V ANTCIU.tTK, 16 South Front street, Philadelphia. The follow ing circuJat has been issued by Thomas R. Laird, Super-visor of Internal Revenue for Virginia and West Virgiaia, which we publish as an item of much interest to those engaged m t.he manufacture and sale of to6acco: I. Regulations dated December 28tb;l868, isaued by the Commissioner of Internal R a quick and early growtha an importa t point in securing a profitable crop. It is not necessary to apply the mat;ture before ploughing, but better to put on the surface afterwards, whenever it may be convenient.-Baltimore .American Farmer. 1 ALL Bosa.-Bosh is an expressive word, although some hypercritical individuals may not consider it a very pohte one. We regard it as !n almost literal of the Latin et pretrerea nihil. All POI?tless speech!" unprofitable discussions may be destgoated bosh." It will presently appear why eO particular about the true of this wor?. We want to describe fully, but at the SAme time brtefl.y, many of the ted.i4Ju dt.cussions written letters, and elaborate editorials !lie payment of our N'atiooal de t, and casting aoont. m1 for the most appropriate combination of lettel'8 to enable us to do so, we have lighted on this word" bosh" and admirably suited to odr The Immedtate payment of the National de is not a questio!l of tile b.oar, pressing :ffi solution, but it is a question of l.he future the consideration of which may therefore postponed for a short period, without special prejudiee. 1 to the nation in general, or the bondholders in particu= lar. To say the least of it, its discussion is premature and, to a certain extent, injurious, because it distracu public attention from subjects of more immediate in to all, which cannot safelyoe deferred "to a more convement season." We refer to the lightening of the public burdens, to the equitable adjustment of our system of taxation, so that its weight may not, aa n'ow, press most heavily on those who are least able to beay it, to the perfecting oftbe currency fbr the dislri bnhon of our wealth, to the restoration of e State to all its rights and pn egee u a m ber of the Federal Uni011, an tnough last not least, to the destruction of those by means of which the public treasury to bo robbed o.f millions d.oll&rs annually. are the questiOns of the hour, the living illllllQII oi the day. Our wealth may, and we trust-will be so marvellously developed within the next decade that e aball find oo difficulty i 1 witli t -11 ently fig1 of our National etit. ore than this, the mterest-beariog portion of that debt may by just be very much reduced long the of its various issues. How to pay it whether 10 greenbacks or other lawful money is intents and purposes, not a question of of to-morrow. If, therefore, as mattets stand at yre11e11t. we were to write a long article on this subJect should expect to be told by our intelligent. readen'' it was "all bosh." "Sufficient unto the day is the evil That !s to say, let us do OUl' duty to-day, and 1t ftil ea&Ier to meet the requirements of to-morrow. ONE HUNDRED .AND FlllTY MILLIONS FOR Touoco. -From annual report of the Commissioner of Ia temal Revenue for the ar ending June 30th, 18 it appears the amount ed tiJ1e ta:f: en, cbeJ"Ptg and smoking toblc o as in rouna numbel'B tmeen million dollars, Add to this tbe cost of produotion and dealers' profits, which is estimated to be five times more than the reveiiJie tu, amounting to seventy-five million All railroads paid together leas than milhons, the msurance companies less than two and the telegraph and express companies not a million between them, so that and smoking tobacco arc really bigger things" 10 tbe Commissioner's than all the telegraph, or express and msurance compames m the United StMe!l taken altogether. The number of cigars taxed was six hundred millions. It is calculated as many more are used throna-h smuggling, making a tottil yearlyexp nditure 'n tile United. States of one bnndM and fifty million dollars for tobacco alone !-.Dayton (0) Ledger. A SINGULAR ToBAcco FLAVORING.-Last Tuesda,r night there was a "corn sh11cking" party at tbe resi dence of a German named Theodore Schultze about two miles from Fosttrburg, in Madison 'county. Schultze was formerly a tobacconist in Alton and while in that business had been accustomed to use "the extract of peach ker s," hatever they be. to flavor his tobacao. ome oftbis stuff he took witl him to the country, and, on the evening mentioned, concluded to mix it whiskey and, make ,...00 brandy for the delectatioq .of his guests. He did so and himself, George Griffint and Frazier drank horrible compound to test Its and effects. Ia tbree beul'B Griffin was a corpse, and the two otbera fearfully ill. They will probably recover but are likely to try Schultze's "peach brandy" a-dymore. Poor Griffin was boned on Thursday, and we presume the verdict will be, "Nobody to blame."-& .Loui8 & publican, Feb. 2'1. seal of the office. Mr. Dickelllson and Mr. Wh1mster apt)eal bond, the defendant will beat him on the exe and Mr. W applied to. tht!l!'e D puty Collectors cut10o, and so triumph in the end. 'fbis glaring abuse tnese certitida8s; tbe certtfieates of Kom were obtamshould be reformed. No ordinary civil dlt should CoNNECTICUT SEED LEAF.-Many inquiries have been addressed to me as to the difference iu the quality of the plant when grown in a higher or lower tempera ture, and also as to whether its fiae ,moking qualities are to be obtaineCl through culture, curing, long-keep ing, or are peculiar to certain varieties of the plant. As to any dilfereoce in quality when grown in different latitudes, I give the assurance of those better qualified to judge from taste (as I have no experience in the taste of the weed) that the "Connecticut Seed Leaf" is equal, if not identical, with the "Virginia Seed Leaf." The weed commonly called "tobacco" only becomes such after having passed through. a fermentation or sweat pecul' r to previously, it is elYJrely unfit for smoking, chewing, etc. This fermentation take!' place only when there is a suitable quantity together, and packed closely to prevent drying out, etc. Manu. facturers sometimes hasten this process of sweating by the tobacco in a small, tight room for from five to fifteen days, at a temperature of 110 degrees Fahrim beit. On a s alrseale u may be dOhe in an out-door bake-oven bytieating a piece of iron br a stone, and changing two or three times in twenty-four hours. In these cases t6bacco'is t'agbtly compre18eu in boxes, and should on no account be opened till the tobacco is cooled off. In common farm operations the tobacco goes this stage naturally, if kept in dry build ings, packed in bulk or boxes usually the following summer after atripping. 1t also goes through a second ary fermentatil,)n the second year. These usually free it of that green, rough taste, and make it "tobacco." No tobacco raised in a northern climate "'ill ha e as fine flavor as that grown on the islands of the tropic zone. Tobaeeo to a certain degree with age, if properly kept pressed in boxes, etc. There is a dilft!rence in quality of the same variety raised on dif ferent soils: also a difference with different va1ieties oo the same s01l, and no after-treatment entirely over comes this difference. Cuba tobacco grown in this climate will not have the flavor which we Ji.pd in th imported, be the treatment the best and. most tho10ngh. Undoubtedly, Cuba plants, started to be ready to sr>t as early as possible and avoid frosts, would mature bet ter than when set later, as that vatiety reqmres a some-hat long_er season than the Uonneoticu seed leaf III. The p1 actice of makmg cigars or c tiog smoking tobacco at ope place and temoving them to another place to l1e packed is in violation of 1 w, a d tb articles are liable to seizure while being transferre'a in bulk from the place of' manufacture to other premises to be packed. The maker of cigars of tobacco must affix> the stamps by law to be affixed thereto, before the ar-


OIBOVLAil TOBACCO BOXES, A. HAMMACHER & CO., Agents, .. BeeluDaa lt.. :N. 'Y. .. JESSUP & IIOORE, Street, N. y t' AP!R WAREHOUSE. l:obatto & Wrapping per,;_ 1. MEfBSCHAUM GODBS, Wholeale and Re&aU. Eotabllobed in Enrqpe, 1839. Baloabllohed In N,ew York, Repairing, Boiling, llountinp;j etc l'&tented Deo. 3d, 1887. oJJJl,.. 180 NORTH BT., B!LTPoaiJ 1 r b9budhJ NOTJCZ.-.All nfrlnliemenl8 npo11 onr mumfactnred or Eboo&D -!!....!.,, I J I J Ji "1 I J Pro,.. tf No. !Ue. 18 ... "'J.JIN I' PRiNTING nr


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