The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Rader, M .t Son, 1110 Peer!. Rodewald, Harry, 7 fl. WDUam. Tutor, C. f. as W 011' TOBAOOO. Buchanan & Lyall, l.'W> Wa\!!r. Buchner ,Delaey. Edmonl!ton, S. B-" W.O., '!18 & 215 Duane. OieselmauD.J.IJI, 1&8 Ludlow. GIUender, A. A; Co., 114, 116,and 117 Lib-'1. Goetze, F. A.. & Bro., 11!8 Washington. Goodwin, W. H & Oo., 21)7 and ?.clP Water. Hoyt, Thomas & Co., 484 Pearl. !.angenbach C & Co., 21lli Centre. LilieDtbal, 0. H., 217-221 Washington. LQrilliud, P., 16, 18, 20 Cb.ambers McAlpin, D H. & Co. 711-79 Avenue D. A H & 110 Water. eJide c ke. L. B., 148 Water. Pioneer Tobacco Factory, 167 Water Rape. S., 76 Fulton. SchPJder, Jos. & Co., 75 Bowerv. ltANUFACTUllERII 011' CIGARS. Broclt M., 329 BowerJ. Fh!nk, Beuttenmueller & Co., 96 MaideJlla H .. rtcorn, &, 161'1 Wa\er. Hirsch, D. & Co., 174 Water. Hirachhorn L. & Co., 140 Pearl. Kasprowicz, s .. 277 Greenwich. Kerl;ls. A Bowery. .,. Lee1 W m i69 Pearl. Ma)"el' & Ebeling, 187 Pearl. Smi\b, E. A, 131 Maiden lane. Stratton, Scl;lmitt & Storm, 191 Pearl. AND DEALERS Brod, V., 131 Maiden l.ane Jacoby, S., 194 Pearl. Uchtenstein Brothel'e& (\o., 121 Malden Lane McCaO!l, Jamea & Co., 191 Greeawicli. Uiranda, Feltx, 196 Pearl. Rosenwald, E. & Bro., 146 Water. Salomon, S. 192 Pearl Tag, Chu. F., lH Front. DlPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO. Mayorga, J'. M., 14 Cednr. .t Bon, 178 Water. VANUFAdTilRERS Ol' SNU7P. A ppleby & Helme, 133 Water. Goetze, F. A & Bro., 328 Washington. Lorillard, P., l6 Chambers. IXPORTtfl\8 01' PlPZS, .ETC. Boiken & Siefkes, )1o.iden lane Utassi C., .20 Liberty. Wasserm&nn, Palester & Josepb, 235 Broad way. I PORTERS OF CLAY PIPES. Batjer, H. & ll.rother. 61 Water. Bel'!(ma nn, J. H. ,U'.! Front. Luyties 1 6 5 Front. M A NU.PACTURERS 011' ll!i:ERSCffAlnt (l00TI9. Pollak & Son 27 Jqha and S92 Broadway. llfP O&Ti.RS OJ' RAV'A A CtGAilS. lYe ;Bary rond. Fran]j: L B e&ve.r 'LICbRICE I'.O.STE. f' .: t I NEW YORK, PiiiL 6, 1889. II'. Y YANUFAOTUBIRI. Jo'hn, 28 Atlantic. Buchanan & Lya,ll. BOX KA.Jrii'OJ'..t.crURBU. Sherman Brothers, 3 to 13 Sedgwlet. .CHICAGO. Adams. Gibbs & Co., 34 "Michigan Goldstein, C. & Co, 167 South Water 'Lorillard'a Western Depot, 86 Water. Hurray & Mason, 22 and 24 tlichig&D avP. &uidhagen Bros.: 1 'I West Randolph. Smith, J. L., 11 and 131 Wabash avenue. C:lNClN!I'ATI. TOBACCO WAR.kROU8J:8, lledmann, Charles, 67-66 Water. & Son, 46 Walnut. Casey & Wayne, IOo-104 Weet From. Dnddv, J. &'co. 49 Vine. Fringant, P. & Co., 4'1 Front. Griest, :E H. & Cu., 3 7 Walnut. Meyer, Hy., SSl Main. Worthington, Power & Co. UIPORTERS. VANUFACTURF.R8., .&.KD D"AL1:RA. Besuden, Henry & Bro., 161-165 Eggert, Dills & Co., 82 West Second. 1 Fuhrmann, V., 7 Main, J'ohnson. J. T. & Son, 39 Race. 1\:rohn, Feiss & Co., 6 8 West Fourth. Lowenthal, S. & Co., 76 Main. Mallay Rich & Brother, 115 West Fron Sullivap, Hnks & Co. Thornton, Potter & Co., lit Hammond. Young, A. N., 44 West Front. CMC::lf'SS10N 011' )(FD. TOBACCO. Hafer, Holmes & Cn. 26 West Second 6. Jefferson av. EAST HARTFORD, CO,gN. R. A.. Signor, J.' & Co. HARTFORD. CONN, ll,A..t\UPACTGRIRS AND DJI!.ALER9. Adams, C. H. & Co., 1:<7 State. B arnes J erome, 236 S tate. H11as Brot h e rs. 282 M ain. Kini!.J). w 1 5 4 t t e P e a se, H. & Z K1 222 and 224 State. Salamon & D e Leeuw, 6 Asylum. Seyli\our, J). M., 159 ,and 161 Commerce. Shepard & Fuller 214 State. Sisson & Hathawav 1 3 4 Main. Wilcox, H B., 169 Front Woodruff Jpseph ,S, 2 3 3 tate. Woodwort b, L. N.1 217 State. HAVANA, CUBA. ttn --r NEW YORK, WEDNK&Jj>.AY, APRIL 6, 1869. 1 TOB..U:CJO BEFOitR THE !lEI AT, I It seems to be the fate of the tobacco trndc to see all measures looking to the in9reased of the commerce in the weE;d, fail jn$t qn the eve f tlj_eir c6n jnthe shnP.e f>f law .As our re ader!l arli aware, th l'l! were introduced irl the House of Representative'S at tbe la t session, by the Cha;rman of the Committee on '.Vays ana J\Ieans, certain amchdments w the tax la\V of July 20 1868, rc;garding whisly a rld tobacco. With reference to touaceo, the amendments provided-first, for the numbering and signing of the revenue stamps for the. payment oftbc tnx second, for the filing, within sixty days, ohta.tements of the oftobacco, snuff, or manufactured prior to No, vember 23, 1868, O)) whloh the duty bad been1paid, bot which were not stamped; tliir for the n, by the Commissioner of lnternal evenne, of special 1rce &tamJtl for the latter class of goods; and, fourth, pro hibi:ting the' withdrawal frqt1 bQnded warehouses of tobacco, snuff, or cigars, unless put up in lawful pack ages and stamped. The biU COrRpl'ising these amend ments 'passed the House, but failed or'eten being intro duced in the Senate before the ose of the st!ssion. A qew bill, h(}wever, covering on y whisky tobacco, was in the Honse on the opening of the Forty-first' C(}ngresR, and, after some debate, finally passed last week. It was immediately taken up by the Finance Committee of the Senate, which, on Saturday, reported a new bill, the portior:s of which relating to tobacco are as follows: That ction Sixty-seven be amended so as to require that bere11fter all special rev enue stamps for the paymer. t ot tl:e taX' on tobacco and snuff in "package s of on e pound, or more, in weight, sh:lH be ttnmbt!red in continued s<:ries fc furnished, who shall date and sign t h e s at p. r g.istry, shall b e of the. amounts and the unmbcr 6f thestamps furnished to any Coli vtor ; 1 and >---Jl. THJERVAJ!){, J THIERMAN",t --*. Co out:l.y o:o. must be done quickly, as Co ogre. s Rtands adjoumed on the lOth inst. Should froi stamps not be grautc..od uow, the loss to the trade would be immense. We do no1 etc., and eveything pel'tainhfg to revenue hws. in orde r to enable them to frame a tariffbill by the next session o Con gtess. The y will }'IPI1lmbly exteOO. their visits ftom 13M-ton to San Franei co, commencing ali New York in J\Iny next. h is nn impertinence on the part of the S enate Fi nance C(:)mm\tt e e to pretend t o kno.w more abo u t to-bacco than the H ouse C ommittee on Wuys and M ean The idea is absurd. presume that be exigencies of business would permit holde rs of the old s ock to retmn of it nntil another year in thofuiut: hope of justice b eing finally done them, so that the aujo rnmeot of'Congte s with out the of the oesired would be to saddling the trade ,1'\th a hea\-y los It is too late in the day to counsel fnrther action, and Tmr story is tol d, aprot>08 of the lf(l.called revol11tion, we can only await tbe effect of the arguments that have. in Cu1;m, of an NngliFh. gentleman-'-an impartia l ob already been urged The trad\l it is consolinG" to l now server-who lately r!lde on bot' bal\k through the "' whole of' the "insun etio!lary a; each v il-18 ably at by tw? membe1s of lnge he ani inquired the insurrection WhS. the N atwoal Tobacco Assomat10n, who wlll nse every "At--, many miles ahead," was the invariableeffort in theh pcl\-rer to secure a cons1,1mtl1ation so much He reached Havuna without -finding it. to be df?sired, and who can, being ,on tbe ground, take in tan.t advantage of the varying occurrenc es of the hour. .llllNOJt EOITORULS. rl W 4>-YTo' URusu THE 'sue .free f o r g ennine ia!x ;paid t 6baeco. TviE xrY-F IVE internal R evenue storekeepers a t St. b.a"'e ru:dcr\lcl to ; IN the dcluttc oh the whi kynnd tobacco bill G en. Butler desired the Honse to be v ry careful bt.w it passer 1 th e bill, because in relation to cigar !'tamps, stamps cou !d no\v" be pt'()()nred in New York at. 2 the th<'lnsand, only R little more when filled up, :.tnl whrch 1vete viwy diffieult to detecr. lle Ciistributed somu specimens of tamps among the membe rs. A t., 99l'earl. Uooilldll J'.J.STK BACCO tNSPJ:CTHJN. "Stone, John W., 19 3 Min. l!IONTGOMIUlY. ALA. Warren .!1 Burch, 88 Commerce street. statement of certain Washington correspon, FoR the seventy-five or positions, inthe office d t that the new Commissioner or Internal of.Superintendent of the lJmted States Treh.surv, there en s, are more than fiftee)l hundred: applications Revenue, Mr. Columbn!! Delano, stated to the stampe or else pay the t&x; tiMs caRnot be clone withol}t rank injustiee to tbe. a.a ta paid. goods, I t UR have tbe'free stamps. By an means an immediate end to the present-l!rwanl etate of ai-. CU3tom Hquf!!!. Linde, F. C., GI'Uenwi<:ll $treet. .. BUSINESS. DIRECrORY CW A.Dfti&TIDU. -:o:NEW YOBI, roBACCO W AILEBODSIIS. Agnew w. ai Sons, 284 and 286 Front street Alle11, J. i Co., 172 Wa"Ler. Baker, B. C. Son k Co., 142 Pet.rl. Basch & Cohn, 167 Wa\er. Belden, Y W, 1114 Water. .Benrlmo, B. II D. 114 \VaLer. Blf.keroore, KaJO & Co., 41 Broad. Bowne, B.. f!. I; Co., 'I Burling Slip. Bramhall I; 611., 141 Water. Bulkier & .ltf_.., '14 Front. Cardozo, A.. B. I; Co., Front. Connolly & Co., 46 Water. Crawford, E. Jl .!1 Co., 121 and 128 Fron,, DeBro.ekeleer & Foote, 94 Beekman. Dohan, Carroll a: Co., 104l'l'OID\. Duboie lot Vandervoort, R'l WaLer. Ewrt, ,n;n. & Co., 176 Water. FAllensLeln, Cbas. "B., k Bon, 129 Pearl. Fatman & Co., 70 o.nd 72 Broad. Guaeri & Bro, 160 W1 Pearl. Smith J X:. & Son, 47 Broad. Sping;rn, E. & Co., Burling slip. Stein & Co., 197 Duane st. Stn>hn & 1 'l6Fronl. Tbierman, K. chler & Co., 128 Water. Vetterlein, Tb. H & Sons, 172 Pearl. Vigelius, Wro., 176 Pearl. Volger k Hdneken, l6t1 Front Walter, R. S;, 208 Pearl. Well & ,Co (i6 'Pine. .M. & Co., 177 Pearl. Wiklos er & Co., 180 jpe&.rl. Y ancev & Stu ith, 62 Water. BROKERS. Bern&rd, Phil., 143 Water. Cattus & Ruet e 129 Pearl street. Fischer, Chas. E & Bro., 130 Fischer, Frederick, 2 Ilanover Bwldmg. Gans J. S. & t;on, 86 Wall. OBbo:.Oe Cllas. F., 16 .Old slip. TOB.&.OOO Gutbri11 & Co., 226 Front. VANUF..t.CTUREIIS oj OIOAR BOXIB, Henkell, Jacob, 298 1111d llll6 HonrM. Wicke, George, 26 Willett street. CIG.&.R UOX CEDAR .&MD OTII&B l'OOD. P. H., cor. Sixth and Lewis. Rodman & Hepburn, "216 Lewis. IWANJSH CIGAR RIBBONS. Almira!, Jos. J., 30 Cedar. Prolss Oscar .It Co., 2r. White atl!eet. IIANDrACTD:.EJI. Ol' TOBAqlO Tlli:tOU Crooke, J. J 88 Crosby street. ADOTIOJIIE.8 Or TOBACCO, ftC. ll. & Co., '1 Old Slip. TOB.lC()()oCUTTIJIIO JUCRUJDT. Borgfeldt & 8:1 Cedar. TOB.I.CCO I..A.'DLS. Hatch & Co., 218 Broadway. Heppenheimer, F. & Co., 22 & 2t"North William. TOBACCO LABEL PRJNTBBI. Brown, M. B. <\ Co., \19 Wj)jiam. TOBACCO SEALING WAX. Zln88er W: & Co., 197 William. ; toRACC?! B.l OS. Asten, W. B. & e., Pearl. TOBACCO BOXEI!l. Hammacher, A. & Co., 52 Beekman. BM:OKERS' E'I'C., Demuth & Co., SO Liberty streel JaO!e, A. 8., 8! William street. STII!RCIL PLATES AND BURNING :SRANDB. Hl.ekcox T. N. & Co 280 Pearl. TOlU.OCO PAPER W..lRG.HOU-SB. Jeseup & Moore, 19.8 William. Ton.a.cco BARRELS. Briggs, A. T., 94 Rut gel':! Slip. PATENT CIGAR MACiirJ:I1!:8. J qhn, lSO lit: 132 Maiden lane. CIGARS AND TOBACCO lLANUFACTURII!R'B ROOKS. Estec & Smith, 61 Cedar street. IMPROTJ:D IIERCANTILK A.tliNCY. Bradstreet, J. M. & Son, 2{7 Broadway. T-OBACCO Jl.A.CHTNE WORK. Ebr811.111, G, C., 76 & 78 Elm. Mclntoscb Brothers, 184 Lewis. ALLEGHENY CITY, PA. Jenkinson, R. It W., 6 kderal. BAL"rlliiORE. TOIUCCO WARJ:BOUSES. Bolenlne, G. H 202 West Pratt. Boyd, W. A. & Co., 38 South. Brauns, F. L. & lJo., 11 Cheapside.. De Ford, Charles D & Co., 3'1 Sonth Gay. L. & Co., 42 Sou'h Cllarlea. L. ''V., 90 Lombard. Kercholl" & Co, 49 S. Obarlea. Looee, C. & Co., 62 South Charlea Paul, Wm., 451 West Baltimore. Schroeder, Jos. & Co. 81 Place. J'J' Starr, R. & Co., 2p Sou\lt Calvert. TO:SACCO LABELS. I Schmidt & Trowe, 18 North. ; 11'-POR'lEllS 0. BA.V CIG.&.BS. Gilmor & GibsOn, 60 Gay. BOSTON. Brackett, .F. B. & 00., I{ Central Wharf Brown, D. S &"Co., 3'1. &.nll.38 Broad. Eckley, A. A., 12 Central Wharf, Fisher & Co., 23 Centrlll Wharf. Mitchell, A R .. 35 C e ntral. Parker & Caldwell, 1 Commerce and 13 City Whatf. NEWARK:. !I'.,J". Brintzingholter, W. A., 374 Broad. lampbell, Lane & Co., 96 Broad. NEW OBLB.t.'NS. L'A, Callaway & Johlll!ltone, 109 PETfo:R'JBI1RG. V&. Young, R. A. & Bro., t Iron Building PHILADELPHIA. t'OBACCO W AR.llBODBIIS. Boyd, Fougeray & Co., 61 North Third. !Jackuor; McCammon & Co., 37 North Waterj E. J:, 413 Chesnut. Doh.m & Taitt, 29 North Water. Edwards, I. L. & G. W. North Water. Eiaeolobr, Wm. & Co., 117 South Water. Geyer .\ Hies, 62 Nonh Front. McDowell & Duncan, 89 North WaLer. lloore, S. & J:, 107 No\li Water. Teller Brothers, I L'l North Third. Vo.n Sebalct B. A., 16 Sontb Front. Vetterlein &: Co., 111 Arch. W artroan, Mich., 1011 N'ertb Water. Woodward Brothers & Co., 47 N. Water. lf. &J'iUr.a.CTURERS, DR.lLWB.S. "TO. Ba\ehelor, Bros 330 & 387 North Third. Rare, Th.;& Son, ('14 and 5 .08 North Second. llarioe.r, Jacob .. 734 North Third. Smith 121 North Third. Tlieobald, A. 11, Third and Poplar. KA.!fUI"ActURCR.Iill 01' SOOTeR llftJI'J'. Ralph A.., .t Co., !i VANDFACTURERS or Ftl'll: CIGARS. Fuguet S. & Sons, 229 S. Front. PITTSBURG, P&, Allen, Julian & Co., 8 Sixth Ave. llegraw, E. & Co., 81 St. Clair. PROVIDENCE, K. I, Bunt, Joshua, 116 Wpstminster. Young 9 Westminster. RICBIDOND, VA., Hardgrove, Tliomas J. Rapp 14;th and 15th. ReadN. C. SPRINGPIFLD. l'fA88. Smith,.-H. & Co., 20 Hampden. ST. LOlJIS, l!IO. Catlin, D., 168 North Second. Dormitzer, C. & R. & Co., 207 Market. Haynes & Heth, North Commercial. Leggat, Hudson & Co., cor. 2d Vine SYDNEY, AUS. Dixson k So us, tobacco warehouse, 198 York. Senate Finance Committee, that "the adoption of the proposition to give fi-ee stamps to tax:-paid would be a virtual abandonment of the revenue from tob::.cco for a year.1 With such testim.ony, it is not strnnge that the Committee should have decided to strike out thil seot.ions providing for free stamp&, but the trade will very naturally inquire on what ground Commissioner Delano based so extraordinary a state-ment. He certainly could not have consulted with any one practically acquainted with the actual condition of things in the tobacco business, or he would have at rived at no such conclusion. If the truth could be known, it would probably be found that the Commis sioner has been taking counsel of theories rather than facts. He knows that, on general principles, free are dangerous, as opening a wide door to fraud ; but had he looked fully into the present law regarding in ventories, he would have seen that free stamps for tax paid tobacco could not be made a means of defrauding the revenue. As we have often explained before, the Government has on its books at Washington the exact amount of old tax-paid goods on hand, or ought to have if the law hl!-8 been properly et:!forced, and the proposed amendment provided that no officer should grant free stamps unless he personally saw the goods and was cer tain of their genteinen .ess. With these safeguards, we cannot see how the Government could be dtfranded of any of its revenue from tobacco by of free stamps, ellpecially to such an extent as to make their gift a virtual ahandonment of the revenue from tobacco for a vear." Such a charge, with all due respect to the new is absurd, and cannot be supported by any logical argument. The trade at _large will deeply regret this action of the Senate Committee, as it doubtless foreshadows that of the Senate itself. There seemed so little objection to Ton.acco WORK FOR APRIL.The free stamps in the Iiouse, that our friends bad come to tobacco crop in (be houses should be con regard the adoption of the rree-Ftamp provision, in tinnally looked after, tha\ it may be got some form or other, as a settled fact. The action of into condition for packing. AU that bas the Senate will prove a. rude blow to these The lain any length of time in bulks may be slraked oul and hung upon sticks to be issue of free stamps is a simple matter of justice to the thoroughly dried. lt will then beincon-trade, "S Wl"thout them the Jaw of_ 1868, which dition, when soft enough to handle, to be u packed down in close bulk, ready for the requires the payment of a econd tax, becomes one hogsbead. Let the whole crop be strip d b 1 1 W p.ed from the stalks at the earliest time of the most unjust ever passe y any eg1s ature. e pos ible, that it may he got tu market. .certain,that Commissioner Delano cannot have lclOkThe-tob&eeo stalks make -valu91ble man h k ure, and should not be throw11. out of the ed at the subject I horoughly, or e would not now see door for the rain away much of to interfere to prevent tbe trade receiving its manifest their' v&lue. Keep tham housed tUI you mean to apply the.m. 'l'bey make ex:cel rights. It is to be hoped that the House will insist lent manure tor potatoes, if laid along the on its view oftbe case, and,that a compromise will beefuenches immediately over the sets. Give fi d Tb" h l'kel th t b h h tobacco bei:ls constaat attention, picking ecte ts t!! t e more 1 y as e wo ranc es ave out tile gra8s whenever It can be taken also disagreed on the subject of an extension of the time hold of I.Jy th:e fingers, and dressing we11 for the withdrawal of whisky from bond. The Ring with tine sufficiently to cover all appoomucc of pltinls. There is no speci-wanted the time extended a year, but the House sternly fiC for gettiug cler of the fly which. proves refused to grant any extension. The l:lenate Committee, so destructive to plant beds, but rapid growtll Is Lbe !Jest security .. Whatever however, by the u.dvioo of M:r. Delano, extended it two aei)UI'es this is the best protectton. months to J nne 30. Thus it will be seen that there will 'frrE President signed the Tenure-have to' be sowe compromise .mtered into concerninoo of-Office bill on Monday last. 0 T 1 d 0 "the 'age" [ wh1sky, and our only hope for free stamps 1s that they rrE ve octpe e 1sn w in this vicinity. may be ms1sted upon. Whatever IS done; however, I:F free are not at issued, :we fe(!r the stock of tobacco, will prove as in as the widow's of oil. I \ No e:reater legislative injustice was ever perpetrated than is now witnessed ill <'JoagresR, in the discrimination between whisky and tobacco, and in favor of t e for mer. THE vote i the Honse on the resolution not to fur ther extend the time fer withdrawing whisky from bond ed warehouses, was 89 for to 59 against-just 30 ma jority in favor of an honest collection of the revenue. MR. JoHN W. DouGLAss, ofErie, Pa., who succeeded Mr. Thomas Ha.rland, as Deputy 'Commissioner of In ter,nal Revenue, has entered upon his official The office-seekers have already miti.ated him. ANOTHER bond robbery! The thieves-we beg their pardon, the light-fingered gentry-have reduced the business to a scie!fce. It is a branch of their profession which offers very large rewards for very little risk. GEN. Schenck says tha the tobacco stamps are ptint ed in so coarse a way, and on such coarse paper, as to be easily counterfeited. He believes that the government is losing revenue largely on account of the almost worth less character of the stamps. WE have heard of" strikes," of kinds and degrees various, but the most original that has yet fallen under our notice is the "strike" of twenty-two Of the Michigan State Prison for higher wages. If the prisoners had struck we should not have been snrpl'ised. THE Albany Knickerboclcer, of Monday, publisbes a defence of Mr. Benjamin Payn, in a letter dated Bos ton, April 2. As we have thus far given only one side of the story, and are unacqua!nted the factR in the case, we shall gi\e Mr. Payn a hearing in next issue. SuPERVISOR Creecy, of New Orleans, is at it again. On Wednesday last be seized two tobacco fac tories in that city, belon15ing to J 11lius Flatow and J. D. Fritz, for alleged frauds upon the revenue. Mr. Creecy was one of the e[!ergetic officials under the Johnson regime, and dese ves to be retained uuder the new administration. THE pressure of office-seekers upon the new sioncr of Intern a.! Revenue is said to be something fnl. The pressure is increased by a knowledge of the fact that that official has now t'ull power to nominate his selections for offices direct! y to the President, instead of waiting, as was done under McCulloch, for the confir mation ot the Secretary of the Treasury. THE ap;t::ointment of Mr. J. F. Bailey in place of Mr. Sheridan Shook, as Collector of the Thirty-second Dis trict, seems to give general satisfaction-Mr. Bailey having fought a !pliant fight with the Whisky Ring in his up-town To Mr. Shook's name the Washington dispatch, announcing the above fact, J;Illikes tl.tis addendum: "who, having refused to resign, was removed." THE Committee on Ways and Means announce that durit.g the recess of Congress they will personally ex amine into all the Custom-house warehouses, revenue fairs! MR. J. F CLEVELAND, Mr. HO\"'I. Greeley'tt br olD' 'k!port .elsewhere,. Mr. Inspector Hess ha!3 bur!lt biB lagers in his latest efforts at bringing certain parties to grief. Froud,.. Lichtenbeim, and Funk, woom be barged with defrauding the Government by thholding the tax due on cigars, have been

( the bank& of the cities ot'N _Baltimore woold lose the "tion. The ooiJ State& withdrawal of the thirty -to the Controller'& estimate, afJ' loses &19,000,000; Rhode lo!la!Ml a <000; and Ooaaeottcut, a little over CoxmsstOifBK DBLA:t<> iu11 a ciNUlar---to which parties interested !5ho11ld not (,.jJ to giYe atten tion-1elalive t.o notice to partie11 chsTged w!th failure, ueglect, .PI\ refusal to make true returns of gains, profits, aud income_ re& tion, and as the stock of this descr1pt10n of goods JS rapidly d.tcreasing, haye been enabled to get better prices, as also to dispose of old stocks which until now, there was no disposition to operate Fo; export there is in quit y, except for fillers, and as tb? of this grade 1s m erely nominal, transactions are limited. Of the new crop, the principal sales so far have been. of Ohio, to the home trade for re sale the views .of shippers generally considerably the prtces expected by hold e rs. The sales for sh1pment will reach near 1,aoo cases, at from 15@22tc.; one fine lot teported at 25c. round. In Connecticut and Penn sy 1 vania, the transactions are limited to :smslllots buy ers preferring to wait until values are more be fore paying the high prices expected for these sorts. In New York State there is no disposition to operate and we have no sales to report. The sales of old mop are-t,aoo cases Connecticut, lOt, 15,17, 19, 22, 27, 45, 50, 55c ; 400 Ca8e8 State, a, 12, 22tc.; 300 Ohio 10i, 11, 12-!c.; 350 cases Pennsylvania, 8J, 12t, 28c." Spaniah.-:-We d.o not hear of any extraordmary movement m Spamsh tobacco, althouo-h there is a fair business doing at prices that have tul:d for some time past. We quote: 110 bales Yara on private terms 60 bales Havana at 81 Hi; 250 bales do. at 92c.@fl 05: Of the business during Marc], the Circular of Messrs. M RADER & SoN has the following. "There has been a good inquiry for ua,ana tobacco durin()" the month caused by some speculative purchases by parties whd buy to hold, believing that the present disturbances on the Island must lead to eol1anced values for one of its most prominent. The re some inquiry for low and medmm quaht1es for slnppmg but little could be done, as the views of holders of aood s are fa: above the exporters' views. The sales and resales WJll reach near 3,300 bales for consumption ; 500 bales were sold for export at from 22@26c. gold, in bond; 1,000 bales were transhipped. Wilh the exception_ of ?ne .sale of 989 bales, taken on private terms, and wh1eh 18 held for re-sale, the transactions in Yara tobac co are of a johbmg character." The Circular of Messrs. J. S. GA.Ns & SoN also says '' Our stock is ample, with continued large receipts ; the sales include 3 000 bales of Havana, part of which is for export. bas been a D1Aa active d for of which 1,500 lee have a.ged ba'-Cl 1000 ba been i'BIIHleo by mbinat' ot bous llere, of wtMeh a pare already arrived." .MfD!factured.-Last week may be eJIIJIIIIei amo the q aet ones, a very limi buin"flS beiag 8ne. 25. Q-:JoT.t.TIONs oF waoLBSAU By Cam Amboy Railroad: Murrell & Co., a KmtuMy.-Light leaf. ou,._, Ba-l'Jlra c-. .. !t hhda.; R. Sl tham, 20 pkga.; J. C. Havemeyer & =log.eomJDOilrago &Jitft do do 7ilr .r. Bro., 33. :: : Ill j;:;:" : M By u ., s.,...,, Woll.., .. eo.," llledlumleat...... ... v 10 L Cac _. 'Ill OM hhfb.; R. n. 19 R. L. Maitland Co., Good 10. '" It Cwt t -II 1 H D-.L c ... Floe 1a ; ennan ...... os. ... o f ; Fatl68n Oo. ; C. S4lectlooo .. .,, 15 1 'l''o --lt'L Baker Son & Co 7 ,.. __ .. & Co Lllrbt cutting lup .. 7 a Floe : 18 '' ; .......... ...,.. t ._ eyer ao do 1ei( 11 15 Quod Bros., 13a CB. He&Tyloaf llledlam 10 By. New York & Ne-Haven -=aL Oooilmonln .. .. T 7)1 COIIUDOII ::::: .. ::. 18 '" ouat 7'trilt 10110 1: he1mer, 13. .I' me . 13 @14 TTIIrlJI 7'rJJ Coastwise fi R1 h d N .J.O lk, Belectlono .. 1\snq rom c mon Ono etc.: Fatmao & Ohio -mor to good com 'l' AJ>ple -:. 11040'!0 Ce., 16 bhds.D Chas. E. Hunt, 3 Chas. B. FalleDstein Brown and Greeniob 'f 8 Llld)' Fln...,n & C 2 J E lledlum od ftne red t 13 Pocket pf0Ce. o., ; vans, 23; D. H. Loudon 7. makeCom'n tolD'd' m spaagl'd 7 o Brlgbt Twist (VIrginia) 311 S: more, Mu.yo & Co., 1 ; J. Macy's Sons, 3 P. L'on"Jlard, Fine yono... 11 @M Brtgbt Gold J!ara do 311 1 hhd d llarylalld.F ot d to com--Domeotrc ., 1 tc., an 6 hhds. l!ltems; S. Rapp, 5 hhds, and :. 1 per Havana, 40 oo fi oo 19 P.kgs ; A. D. Chockley, 11 hhds. and 1 tc.; J. D. Good do 6 @ 7 Clear Havana do Keilly, 40 tcs., 11 do. stems, and 149 pkga., J. L. Ames, Medha 711@10 do Coon l!eed !II 00 00 18 t Th H V 1 & So Good to be browo n do do Secondl 10 00 00 cs.; etter em ns, 29 pkgs.; W m. P. .: Ji @85 N 10 oo Goo Kittndge, 72; Bulkley & Moore, 284 Connolly & Co. Grtlundleaf. new 8 @lSI Penn do do do 17 oo 00 63; Dohan, Carroll & Co., 183; Lind'heim Bros. 103? Co11nulicut and M'""'chu Oblo do do do. 17 oo oo D. L Perry, 15 Dubois & Vandervoort, 178 H1 eald' sui &.a lN.({. Conn Flller and St. Wrappen, 1860 10 @1R9 wrapper 20 oo 00 & M1ller, Raymond & Co., 3; H. A. R1 tch 1 e, 24; FF!lnllers .,do 8@ CommouCigaro.o 1500 2000 W. 0. Snutb, 2, E. H en, 4, N. L McCready, 17, e selec:uons. 18e6 80 @M Cberoota and Blxeo 8 liO 11 00 Good do .. 20 @25 Sm4/f.Bramhall & Co., 3 ; Order, 3 hhds. and 84 pkgs Runmng lots do 15 @26 Mile<:oboy. 811 @-110 F B 1 H H Fille r s do 8 @ 9 Rappee, French __ 00 rom a t1010re: offmau, 7 hhds.; J. Egbert, Wrappen, 1867 311 @75 ilo line plain -811 1; Blakemore, 1\fayo & Co., 5 W m. H. Goodw 1n & Seconds 20 @-'10 8eotcb & Lundyfool. 8IS 110 C Flllors .. 10 Common Sll o., 3; D Buckner, 2; C. H Lillienthal, 12; A. L. & 110 @&0 d;;i;;can OenueuWi= = 1J:i, C. 0. Meyer, 3a; F. Fisher, 7; Huffer Toel & Co 41 Fair to prime .. 15 @80 H M Morr!a" 111 & M H M. sl>, J. Schottenfels, 1 ; A.Rearl, 1 ; &Jigs berg, Flllero 8)1@ 9,1& Don Qnjote llG & C 22 k M F lk J Running 18 @16 L&Coronacle o., P gs.; a 25; B. Stafford 15 G Wrappero, new selected. 35 @110 Eapana if! W. HI lillian, 5; Thierman Kuchler & Co J 6' Ma'rch Runmng lots 17 p H M.M: ll8 p & C ., Flllers .. 6)1@ 8 EK reOned 8i o., 20 ; A. F. Danenburg, 10-; 8. Shook 44. Pen.uvtvanta S..dLt.a.f.-"G c 458 lb cases 20 ]'rom B t 0 d a4 hhd Selectlons,old Wrappers 20 @M "JI' G" 460 OS OU : r er, B. GO:t" do : 215@: !prO 3.-Messrs. C. LoosE & Co., Runnlng Iota, old 12 "G &F" 211 commJSSlOD merchants and dealers in leaf tobacco redo do new ll5 @80 "Ynurrla"' 25)1 port Fillel'l!, old and new 7)1@ 8)1 K & Co" :M 26 M 1:: Receipts of all kinds of leaf are still light and the Fair to prime 20 @llO "C & A" =JO market for Maryland continues firm onder active FtUers 9l(@ 9){ "F MF" oo" demand fi h "c B New A .. orted Lata 11 @H F 0 F .... rom s 1ppers 10r rem en and Holland. The N e w Wrappers, m lor.. 14 @I8 "A o c" daily offenogs ate picked up at full prices. In Oh1 0 Foreign -Havana, Wrap-uM.F n d K k J p er t t"ll 1" h b Rece ived eince 28. Kentucky, and 10 V1rgmia; total, 536 Cleared 3,481 tbts week, 4 hbds. to Palermo, 500 lbt'. manufactured to __ __ Spam, and 175lbs. do. to Sao Bias. We repeat quos are s 1 rg t, ut ""Oods will soon begin to .. a,48I tatwns Maryland-Frosted, sound common __ __ t89 tlr.@7c.; good do., 7c.@8fc.; middling, 9c.@l7c.; good Stock on band Aprll1, 1889 18,069 2,492 fine brown, 12c.@16c.;..iancy 25c @40c OhioI f JIIONTRLT 8UTJUIJ:NT OJ' THB NEW YORit AND 8ROOKLYll TOUOCO IK rior tO good COmmOn @t7 'b d ? he SPJOCTION W ARJOHOUg > Y" C., rown an green IS Kr Y & N c. Ohio Md TotaL medmm to fine red, Sic.@tsc.; common to Steck on n&Dd Man:b 1, 1869 Hh::i Hbd:. llhd@cs medmm spangled, 9c.@15c.; fine spangled, 16c.@20c.; Received oluce .. .. 1,701 iiOil 1',1101 yellow do. and fancy, 25c.@40c. Kentucky-Common Total ............ JI,46I w ---si 'iUM to good lugs, ae.@lOc.; common to medium leaf, 10c. Delivered olnce .. 2 ,084 81111 15 1,46t @14c.; good to fine, 1lic.@tac.; select leaf, 20c.@25c. Stock on b&Dd Aprll1, 18!19 9,377 880 19 '10 10,1 44 COJDI.Bl'ICDIQ Ju. 1, '89, AND 8AJ1B Tiio: '68 Brool&lyn Imopectlon-Stoek, ll&rcb 1,1868 :I"Mt Wid:. Total. ...... -1s6s Received olnce ....... t.l'lll 3a3 1692 20'15 14IIl : .... 115 253 36a 721 Totalol'ltlr, Aprlll. 186U a,S57 JI.ONTBLY ST ... TBXIilfT o STocK. n1 Tn Crry or Nw Yoa.. BoD Lw.A. TOB.l.CO O ,IBIP.I:OTIOH W .A.U BOU8U. C10ee 3.'791 1,H8 Vtrgmia. 10 10 20 14 2a 28 224 Mi.ssoun .... Total hhds .. 536 1955 2491 2376 EXPORTS CO:aur::KNCDIG JAN. 1, 1869, Al'fD 8AMB TIKiil 1a6a lt'7tm! to. '1 hil Wid:. ToW. &Mw ""'"1888. come m. St.range as it may :'ppear we have heard of a f10m a Vir""inia planter asking the pnce o.f new bnght poundP. Unless made during an exceptwnal week of snnshme, they cannot possibly be even dec!'mt. and June are quite early enough for workmg brtght leaf, and none must know this bet ter than the manufacturer. Still we see new work on the market hue every spring a.nd sold at a sacnlice. F1om Augusta, Ga., we learn that the stock <>fcornmon so und goods has become reduced very low and a demand ex1sts for that class of goods if they can be bought here at a. moderate figure This indi cates that the stock of blockade goods is bein"" reducAd at the South, 1t is a cheering omen. IfCongre .. s would only us free stan;tps at once, the price of maufactured t o allco would 1mmediately rise as the circulation o_f ill}cit tobacco wou1d be stopped, The revenue offictals mfonn us that goods are bemg stamp ed to-day in as manut.actured prior to Nov. 23, and thts cheatmg work wlll go on until the first of July, as long after it as possible, f free neu'!'!:.\ stamps are not Jssued at once. Only a time a""o there was in thie city a& lot of good11 :l(Wde of n;w tobacco, but wh.wh bore a stamp date prior to N ovem ber 23. Now, 1t was of course a physical imposstbility that the tobacco could really have been made in No vemb4:r. ".l'he topacco was growing in the field in Sep tember, and could not have been worked in the month following. This instance 8peaks volumes on the tobacco shows the fallacy of Com miSSioner Delano s assertion the issue of free stamps would be a v:irtual gtving up of the. revenue from tobac co for an enttre year. On the contrary it would have directly the opposite effect, as it would cnt off the stream of blockade goods at once and forever. By all means let u1 have the stamps. .. ll,'l19 OOG Bremen........ 1162 1162 115a Amsterdam .... Rotterdam ..... Havre & Dieppe Bordeaux., ... the 11moking trade there is a difference of opimoo about the freeJ stamps, whwh diffetence is \ 'ery dictated by self-interest. Since the in troduction of the stamp system en the 23d of N ovem ber last, .the smoking trade has wttnessed an extraordi nary revival, and from tpe first of thts revival old ""Oods (unstamped) have been entirely neglected. would look at the.m, holders were not disposed !o submit to sacrifices, as antteipated the Issue of free stamps. Meantime many of the small. dealers have been cempelled by the ne cessities of to .buy stamps for the few pounds of tax:-pa1d goods 111 thetr possession. This class, and Lhose of the trade who never bad any tax-paid goods, naturally do not now care for the free stamps They say it bring. back on the market the long: cut, and certam goods whi c h are now shelved away, and which would be put on the market at low rates, thus breaking the back of the recent advance For, this, however, the issue of free stamps rests prmc1ples that are not altered by the pressure of par tt.cular cases. The law of July 20, Ia6a, which pro Vides for the payment of a second tax, hrclearly expost facto and unconstttutional, !'nd the only way out ot the moddle-tb? only way to nght the wrong, is for gov ernment to 1ssne free stamps. It was done in the case of whtsk:f,-why not m that of tobacco ? Some are so evil-mmded as to say that it is because the whisky men spend the most money-but of course that is only scandal. The business durin..,. the week has been good and the demand for medium ';nd fine goods has ed, the supply of the latter being any thin a but a bun dant. "' Cigan-The transactions ih cheap goods last week bas been asuallately-confined to Peonsyl va!lta and New York made There was also more 10 q111ry the better.g:rades. Imported cigars are quiet, and swatt some dectsion on the freesta!.flp qnestwo. Gold opened th1s morning at 131-B-, and at noon bad fallen to 131-!. ..lib:chang e ...:.Cootmues very weak, and rates are lower. In the present" temper of the market, it may be Sl>.fely assumed that no large sales of even the best six ty liays' bankers' Sterlin!f can be effected at oYer I07i, this 1s an etghth below our max1 mum at;e almost down to the point at whtch speCie m1ght be Imported at a slight profit. We quote : 60 days' Commercial bills on London 1.06f@I07!; Bankers,' 107t@107j; Bankers,' short sight, 108@10at; Antwerp, f5 30@ 5 23!; Ha.mbnrg, Amsterdam, S9f@40; Bremen, 7'T@77f. market has been somewhat more acttve dunog the past week a good busine88 was done / !)(PORTS. Arrivals at the port of New York from foreign ports for week ending April 6th, include the followiDg consignments : From Cienfnegos: Domin""o Yanes ti bls. tobacco From South_ Pacific: Bras. & Co., 42 bls. to bacco. From Central America: W. H. Knoepel, 3 cs. cigars. F1em J. L. Gassert & Bro., ali bls. tobac co; L. AnJa, 25a do.; M. & .E. Salomon,'l43 do.; Kre melberg & (Jo., 50 do.; Mart1al & Co., 40 do.; E. Guiter roz, 30 do.; Wm. Eggtlrt, 26 do.; Kremelberg & Co., 22 do.; F. Probst & Co., 322 do.; Robt.. E. Kelly & Co., 309 do. and 9 cs. cig11rs ; W. H. Thomas & Bro., 40 do.; Acker, Merrall & Condit, 1 do.; Park & Tilford 1 do Lewis, Phllip & John Frank, 8 do.; G. W. Fabe;, 6 do; De Bary & Khng, 14 do; S. Livingston & Son 3 do \ Cordova, 1 do .. ; L J:> Morton, l do.; F. P;o bst & Co., 9 do.; Atlaottc Steamsh1p Co., 11 do. Order 267 bls. tobacco. EXPORTS From the port of New York to foreign ports other than European ports, for the week endin" March 30 include the following : Canada: 23 bls., $364, and 7 cs ci

-----------.. ) THE TO j pounds COIDmOn, 60c.@ a 90, 62 ,. do. '1 0., choice, 75c.@ at @4 95, 7 at $3@3 90, 1 at &2 25. On c ; o. uo., and trash-I at $4@4 90, 17 at $3@3 90, and 2 at $2 70@2 75. aL $3 so, 8 at $4 @ 4 85, 13 at 85@5 95, 8 -t $ii @ 6 so, 10 Yesterday the Planters' bouse 12 hhds at $5 5 0 7 @ 7 85, 9 at 8@8 00, 6 at. $9@9 50, sat $10@ for lugs to $28 for a hhd. of tolerably b1ight Hart coun10 75, 2 at $11@11 75, 4 at t12@12 75, 1 at $13, 1 at ty wrapper belonging to E. B. Clark, ot Hardyville. $ 14 50, 1 at $17 25. 58 hbds. of n e w Wes t V a .. -1 at The Louisville bouse s old 5 6 hhds at 3 30 for trash to $ 3 85, 9 at fit 15@4 95, 11 at f15@ 5 85, 5 at $6@6 90, $11 f@r Hart county medium manufacturing leaf. The 1 2 at $7@7 95, 7 at $8@8 75, 8 at $ 9 @ 9 40 4 at i10 25 Boone h o use 87 hhds. at $3 30 tor tra:!h to $18 75 @10 75, I at $11 50. 3 5 hhds of new Owe n Co Ky.-for Owen county cutting. The Ninth-street hou se sold 1 at $4, 4 at $5 2 0 @ 5 6 5 2 at $ 6 20 @ 6 4 5, 8 at $7@ 65 hbds. at $4 55 for lugs to $21 for Henry county cnt7 90, 1 at $ 8 70, 3 a t $9 25@ 9 50, 2 a t $10@ 1 0 75, 1 ting. In the sal e s at the Ninth-street hous e were 8 at Ill 50, 2 a.t f12@12 50, 4 at 13@ 13 75, 3 at $ 14@ hbus. (the mtire c rop o f J o hn Chi s holm, o f Henry 14 50,1 at .16 ':'5, 1 at n7 25,2 at 18 50 @ 1 8 75. 15 county,) which sold at $10,10 50, 17, 17 25, n 75, 1S, hhds. of old Mason Co., Ky.-3 at 19 50 @ 9 75, 2 at and per 100 pounds, the average bei11" $16 15 per $10 50, 4 at $11@11 75, 2 at 812 @12 75, 1 at $14 25, 2 100 pounJs. The Farmers' bouse svld 60 hhds. at $3 50 at $15 25@15 50, 1 at $18 25. 25 cases of Ohio seed for trash to $21 for Owen county cutting. The Pickett leaf, prices ranging from t9 to t23 75. house sold to-day 112 hhds. at $3 10 f o r trash to $20 From Louisville: H. ian, 10; Fairchild & B t 1; John E. King, 2; F. From Cincinnati: Irby, cDamel & Co., 2 es.; low;J.y & Johnson, 10 and 10 boxes; Co., 7. From N\\tc e : aim e From Arg!yle: I er & QD, 1 By Ponchartr'lin Railroad fr0m J\{o}JiJe: J. -yv. Per son, 4 ht:-bxs.; C. B. Block & (;o. ; 5; S. Herusheim, 41 pkgs. ; E. C Creecy, 2'1. 1 ,.. By New Orl eans, Jacl: nd estern I i} road; S. F J. 16 hhds.; R. T Torian 4 S. Herns heim, 1 CR.; Irby, 1 0 bxs. ; Call o way & Johnson, 150; Dr. T. Chanpin, 6 T. & S. H e nderson, 11. l By New Orleans, Opelousas, and Great Western Railroad: De Blanc & Beer, 1 bf.-bbl. Cleared since the 23d inst., for Porto Rico, 2 hbds. Stock in warehouses and on shipbo;ud 'not cleared on the 30th inst. 3,235 bbds. STATEMENT OF TOBACCO. Stock on hand S eptember 1st, 1868 ........ hhds. Arrive d past week ............... .' ..... 316 Arrived previously.. . ..... ; ......... 3,055 2,183 3 ,431 5 6 14 Exports past we e k ............. Exported previously .......... 2 1,620 1,662 Broken up for baling, city consum pt.ion, etc. . ...... . 717 .A 2,3-79 Stock on hand and on ship boar ....... hhds 3,236 INSPECTIO OJ' TOBACCO. Burke, Saufley & i(om Sept. 1 to Summers & Campbell, 811 .... 2,000 Total. ..... ... : ........... ... hhds 2,811 MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. The market for manufactured tobacQo has been for. the past week, only a jobbing and re tail busmeas bemg done. Quotations arA unchangeq: Extra No. 1 lbs. bright, SOc. to .90; good medium do., 65c. to 75c.; medium do. do. 60c. to 65c.; c ommon sound, 55c. to 60 c.; medium and common, unsound, -c. to -c.; balf.lbs. bright, 60c. to 65c.; do. dark, 57tc. to 60c ; :No. 1 5s and lOs, 57tc. to 65c ; navy lbs : 55 c. to 60c.; nav,r half-lbs 55 c. to 60c. ; fancy styles, na turalleaf, twst, pancake, etc. 9 common, $tl @8 ; l e af, good to fine, $9@ $18 25@18 3 at *17 50@17 2 at $16 75@16 50 16. CuUingLeaf.-Lug:>., $6@8; common leat,$9@ 3 at (115 75 @ 15, 3 at 814 '25@14, 4 at $13 so@ 12; good to choice, *14 @ 25. .Manufactttring Leaf.13, 2 at $12 75, 1 at $11 75. 41 hhds. new :Maso n and Com1non fi!lers, $6@8; common wrapper,_ $11 @12; Bracken Cos.-5 at *10 50@10, 3 at $9 6 0@ 9, 2 at common bnght wrappe r, $1'11@25; iiu_e bnght wrapIS 40@8, 4 at C7 60@7 50, 5 at $ 6 60@6 10, 15 at per, $10 @60; good $8@10; mahogany wra p5 85@5 Oii, 7 at 90@3 55. 23 hhds. new West $10 @16; goo d bnght wr!l p per, li2 5@30 1at$1650 1 at$15 251 at (;1475 3 at $1350@13 Tbesalesofthesixauctionwarehou esforthcmonth 3 at au 75@12 25, 1 at' ill 25, 2 at $10 50 @10 25, 2 of March and the current t obac c o ye a ae as f o ll o w s : PADUCAH, Ky., l"Prlli.-The Herald of the 27th ult. says: During the last ten days, tTllllsactions in to bac co circles have been un1J.sually brl.{e, and on yester day the receipts wete the largest ever received here in one day, and emhraced more tban 300 hhds., as follows : Per Amada, down the Ohio, 8 hhds. to Hale, Buckner RICHMOND, fa,, April & Tet,rell; Per Tyrone _from Cumberland, 85 to Hale, bacco broker, r e por ts : 3,-Mr. R. A. to-Buckner & Terre ll, and 27 Settle Bros. ; per Rapidan Our been poorly Bl_lpplied for the past 2 at t9 80@9 15, 3 at .7 80@7 05, 1 at $ 6 30, 5 at WAUBOUIBS, VALUE. *5 50@:2 85. 3 hhds. newc Southern Ky.-1 at $10 25, Plante r s' bou se 321 107 103 $12,92 4 76 frem T e nnessee River, 16 to Hale, Buckner & Terrell, week Wlth d e strable tobaccos S Ultabl e for shipment and 10 to Settle Bros.; per Wm. White; up the Ohio, 8 whil e for m a nufacturin g the supply has to Hale, Buckner & Terrell, and 9 t() Settle Bros.; per liberal. The marke t rul e d firm, and the advance Quickstep down the Ohio, 4 to Hale, Buckner & 'fer noticed in my last we ek's report has been fully sustain r eB, and 4 to Settle Bros.; and loy the Paducah and ed. Below I give the and transactions: 677 Gulf R. R., 52 to S e ttle. Bros., and 42 to Hale, Buckner hbds., 233 tcs., and 55 bxs., as f o llows : Dark lugs lit & Terrell. Sale s within that time sum up to 232 hhds., @8c.; dark leaf, 9@T5c.; bright lugs, 8@10c.; fdncy as follows: On Thursday 35 by Settle Bros., 24 by logs, 15 @3.'Jc ; fancy leaf, 20 @ 40c.; faricv extra 50@ Hale, Bu ckner & Terrell, and on ye sterday 92 by Hale, 65c. The WMg says: ''About a hhds. of Buckner & Terrell, and:: 1 by S ettle Ba:.os. very fine dark, rich wrappers, suited for fine 'black 2 at 80@7 4ii. 1 Loui s vill e bouse .. 2,600 817 695 73,059 77 April 5th-By Telegrapb.-Tobacco continues firm Boone bouse .... 2 ,4 7 3 854 s)s 81,630 95 at full rates. Ninth-s t. house .. 2,13 7 675 630 61,759 90 4JL!RKSVlLLE, TeBL, !prll 1,-The Clarksville Farmers' house .. 1,227 477 4I S 3 9,430 69 Tobacco Leaf has the following: Picliett house .... 3,923 1,157 1,051 97,045 04 Our receipts still continue to increase; tobacco is now coming in from all the counties around, generally in too high orde r for keeping. The market, however, i 'l'he since our last report were oomposed solcfthe pa1t week at 14 75@15. These. are ex principally of t-ugs nd leaf rangiagi"rom low to..medium ce t1olisJ.. as few such have appeared in the market this #rm, and price s fully sustained. The demand for high grades in good order is active, and full satisfactory prices are obtained. Sales this week the largest of the season, mostly of iufelior quality. Receipts this we e k are on the incease. The following are the sales of the different warehouses: 212 hhds. sold bv Smith & Hutehings for the week euding March 31, as follo;s: 17 hhds. good leaf, $11@12 25; 39do. medium, M 50 @ 10 75; 50 do. low leaf, 118@9 40; 90 do lugs, $5@7 95; 16 do. tl'allb, t3 60@4 75. Sales by Turnley & Woo ridge, for the week ending March 31, as :follows: 12 good leafl $ll@l3 25; 32 medium leaf, $10@10 'TIS' 43 low leaf, 1118@9 95; 50 lug:s, $5 @ 7 90; 5 trasfi'y Juga, 3 80@4 90. eates by Hamson & Shelby, f theending reb 31, 1868, as follows: 10 le.-. Ul @12 25; 14 medium leaf, $10@ 10 85; 18lo leaf, $ 8@ 9 -75 ; 35 lugs, $5@7 85; 6 trash, *3 70 @ 4 I Oldt, April I.-The Dayton urnal reports a very active movement in leaf, chiefll the prod oct of Miami and German townsbi It esti-mates that over t1,000,000 will be distribu in that country for the present crop. EUNSVILLE, lllar< %7.-Messrs. MA NB& & Co. sold 12 hhds. of tobacco price11 ranging from $6 15@1810. The att quite large, and a gtowing int. eTest eems ta awaken ed in our citizens to do all in their power to make thia city a first-class tebacco market. HUlTFORD, !prll 3 ,-There is no change to report in the market, since our last. Quotations for seed leaf: Connecticut and Massachusetts, S@12c t.; wrappery lots, 18@45c.; fine wrappers, 50@60e.; New York State fillers, 7 t @9c.; average lots, 12 @ 22c.; wrappers, 15@ 40e.; Pennf)ylvania and Ohio fillers, 7@7 t c.; average lots, 9@20e.; wrappers, 12@35c. YARA.-Havana, common, 80@85c.; good, 95@*1; fine, 81 02i@ 1 10, currency. Yara I cut, 7 5@ 8 0c.; II cnts, $1 02@1 08 ; a'\'erage lots, 85@88c., cm-rtnc,y. Manufactured tobacco, black work.-Comm.on and medium, 12-!@18c.; good and fine, 20@30c.; do. bright work, common and medium, 15@40c.; good a.od fine, 50@85c. LINWOOD L!NDING, Tenn., !prill.-J. J. THoMAs & Co., of Linwood Landing, sold on .March 25, 25 hhds., as follows: 6 fine leaf> $13@14 50; 3 7 goo d l e af, $11@ 12 75 j ra medium leaf, .10@10 75 ; 29 low l e af, $8@ 9 95 ; 35 lugs, $3@7 95 ; 10 tras $2 10@ 4 90. LOUISVIL"LE. Aprtli,-The market durin& the past week has been buoyant and firm throughout, and clo se s firm. Receipts, owing to "the impas s abl e condition of the roada in many localities, hal\;e been light, but farm ers are .vrepared to send forward large s hipm e nts, and at a_n early day uimsual activity is antic ipated. The receipts amount to 1,6il6 hhds. and 296 boxes, and the sales UJl 1,092 bhds., with rejections of prices bid on 73 hhds., as follows: On Thursday of 1 hbd. at 75,1 at 816 CiO, I .at 1 at $12 75, 6 at $11@ 11 75, lO at $10 @ 10 75,23 at $9@9 90,17 at $ 8 @ 8 95, 18 atc$7@7 90, .at $6@!) 9.5 27 at $6@ 5 90, 13 at fl4 @4 95, and 2 at $3@3 70. On Friday-Sales : Pickett house, 25Jlh4f. at $5 !l5 for lugs to $11 for shipping l e af. FariiUlls' 17 hl.d!l. at $ 3 3 0 for -trash to $1 5JJ;lr.JDedil bri rapp { house, 1!) 'at t3 90 t'e t,..b oo 1'1 26 Ur Owen county cutting leaf. Boone house, 2!J bhds. at $3 75 for trash to *10 25 for medium leaf; Louisville hous e 28 hbds. at *4 50 :(or trashy lugs ot $13 for shipping leaf. Planters' house, 5 hhds at *1 23 for Simpson county lugs to $14 75 for Trigg county leaf. Range of bids: 1 bhd. at $17 25, 1 at $14 75, 1 at $13, 2 at $12 25@ 12 50, 7 at $11@11 75, 12 at $10@10 50, 18 at $9@ 9 86, 17 at $S@B 80, 13 at 117@7 50, 15 at $ 6 @ 6 90, 19 at $ 5 05@5 90, 12 at $4@4 90, and 6 at $3@3 95. On Saturday-Sales : Louis ville bouse, 27 hhds.; M for trashy lugs to $18 75 for Henry county. Boone h@use 2 7 hhds.; $3 S5 for trash to $18 for Owe n county cutting. Ninth-street bouse, 23 bbds.; $3 90 for to $17 for Owen county cutting. Farmen;' house, 17 hhds.;*3 90 for old fa ctory I ugs to $18 25 for Henry county cutting. Pickett house, 3 1 hhds.; $2 25 for trash to $15 75 f o r Owen county cutting. Range of bids: 3 hbds. at $18@18 75,2 at $17, I at $16 75,1 at. $15 75, 3 at $14@14 25, 6 at $13@13 75, 4 at $12 @ 12 50, 3 at tll@ll 75, 7 at $10@W 75, 14 at IS@S 90, 3,6el 4,087 3 ,7lli $ atl3 951 J4: grades-b t few fine shippers and fancy wrappers being Reason. lt is a fact well known that there are now in this Th k offered. e must again call thc};ttcntion of our farm-market orders abroad suffiuient to take up all the ere 18 no cbau.,.e repol't this wee in the marr d L d b t 1 f d d b' k "' ers to the fact that they arcl sen inoo most of their to-goo ugs an s or ea a apte to s 1ppmg purposes, et for .tna11ufactnrl'd, eit.h e r ia price11 or activity. bacco-to market too hi!!'h in order"', and when that is and m good order, even before the French order is on By T elegraph.-April lst.-Sales of 2'29 hhds. at b k t d h the ease blJyert! will not pay as much for it as they t e mar e an at t e current rates now rulin" which $4 50@15 50. April3d.-Sales of 89 hhds. at-for logs would if the article were put up irL.., 1\re better at a.ny previous time this to, and for cutting leaf t;l2 75. pril 5t-b.-Sales of dition. The 'br eakll y-esterdat and the day previOlll mdebte'd to the arne pape1 for the folio in()' 83 l.hds. lugs to medium leaf, M@ 11 ; fair, fl6. dis{llaycd a great deal of t6bacco, certainly too soft in statlstte@ We" b'r ks fort epa t five weelts were : <> April S,-l\11. H. YREE, to"case. Wee.k eudmg Hhds. Tierces. Boxes. bacco commtssu?n merchant, reports:. Part of the large shiJ5ment b1'0aght Oil of the Cum-Feoruary 27 ......... t'05 167 46 thts week 7!1 hhds. 9,6 hhds. last. berland River by the yrone to .Messrs. Hale, Buckner Karch 6 ........... !Jl4 218 60 Reoe1ved _a.nd so!d th1s week, Apnl 3! 357,900 & Terrell, was from the celebrated Burksville region, 18 -. -...... 698 167 49 lbs. showmg an mcrease over last 10 loose ot above Nashville. We are glad to see the tobacco from 20 .......... 761 206 58 lbs. The market at the first of the was bnsk, that section tur?ing to this mahet, and as prices here 27 ..... -.... _'176 203 26 ba.t toward the close became less aettve, although are full and sat1sfactory we ma;r look for a luge busi For the C!lrrespond10g week oflast year the breaks p ' trade of our city, and who have of last week. Some of the offerings of good leaf, how-very, recently visited the tobacco-grewing di i.rict$ of ever, sold as low as 8c. and stc., on account of their Total .... 10,861 the West, tbat extraordinary eiforts are being made by hi,qh-<;ase d or wet condition, but the same tobaccos iu In 1 8 67-'6S. S,975 the agents of New-York comaii .. sion houses to induce sate keeping would have brought lOe. to lle. to send their tobacco W that by rai_l. This dilftlrence must be attributecl to the fault of the The mducements offered for the adoptwn of farmers in prizing, and not to the market, for all to haccourse are very great, and bot for the peculia ad vanco whose wilt condition rim ders shipping it to the sea tages in many respects which oar port possesses over board dang-erous, must be taken by rehandlers, and as all others, should expect to see a very large portio n they must be paid for their labor in drying and repriz ofthe tobacco tr11de diverted to the Atlantic cities. As ing it, of course they must buy it cheaper than specu it is, we are not so sanguine as to expact that our re lators can alford to pay for when in good case. Re ceipts from the West will soo'l be large as they were ceipts by rail and the river continue full, while those b e fore the war, but we do anticipate an liocre ased from the country per wagons are light, it tbe pres share of the tobacco with each succeeding y e ar. ent bright weather holds.on for a few days, the roads Theinducementsnowoff'ered.for shipping by this route on will be dried and the "weed" will pourm from all the the score ef cheapness are, in fact, very great, and there counties. Sales yesterday at both warehouses is every prospect that they will continue to be so mcluded 71 bLds., as follows: 54 by Hale, Buckner & throucrh the Sl:!as on. Be ides the very m a terial redue Terrell, and 17 by Settle Bros. Hale, Buckner & Ter ti on which b a s taken place in the river rates of fi ight, rell received yesterday morning by the J(llm Lumsde n the rates by sea are also v ery reasonable. ShiP.ments to 5 hhds. from Burksville, Ky., one of which sold for13tc., any extent can be made to Liverpool at 30 sh !ling per: and would have brought more if it had not been in too hogshead, and to London at 35 shillings. As a high order and prized too bard. :.t'he tel\mer Richmond market where tobacco not nly keeps well, but at the took 325 hhcb. from here on Sunday last for N ewOrleans. same time loses little or nothing in weight N e w The same paper of the 1st in st. says : Since our last Orleans is unequaled ; and a s it is brought to her review on tl:te 30th ult. a large business has been done levee all the way by water ttansportation, the hogsin the" weed," and the market closed y esterday even hc!ads are eceived m good order. Shippers of la1gc ing buoyallt under heavy receipts. 'Within the past lots, too, by this route, have another important ad vandays 3D$ hhds. have been sold, and the 0ff'erm"8 tage, which is, that a consignment, how e ver large, ca' n embraced siderable quantitie s of good serviceable be kept togethf!r, and n()t scattered along, a few begstobacco, solbe of which had been n eatly handled,-bnt heads at a time, as is generally the case by railroad. cona greater p.-t of was in high case, tied in large bun veyance. tu our impToved bu s iness facilities, dles, and ro,pghly and carelessly prized. Bidding on strips and other tobacco s s ent by this route for ship Tuettday and yesterday was perhaps more spirited than mt!nt abroad can g e nerally be placed on shipboard for some d 'JS previous, and prices were eomewbat direct.IYi from our oocks. ancl, consequently, without firmer, but d1d not ad1 ance perceptibly from our last 2,521 1,241 S03 1,446 warehou e ch81'ges." We continue to quote; quoted figures, which we repeat below, as indicating LIGHT. HEAVY. the bids for the last two days: Trash to common lngs, Refused ...................... 6@ 7 7 @ 8c. 4tc.@4-ic.; good lugs, 5c.@ 6tc.; co mmon leaf, 7tc.@ Common l eaf ........... ...... 8 @ 9 9 @ 10c. S :fc.; medium, good, 10tc. @lltc.; fine, Medium .................. ...... 9 @ 10 10 @ 11c. ll-c.@12-c.; lllllectioas, The.saes yestt!rGood .... ..................... 10@11 ll@l2c. d a y and day before included a number of hogsheads Fine .... ........... ........... 12@14 12@15c. of pie-bald wrappers, for which there was a good deChoice selections ......... .... 14@15 15@19c. maud at their full value, ranging from 15 to 20 cents. Fine wrappers .......... ........ -@-16@ 2 5c. On Tuesday Settle Bro!!o. sold 97 hhds:, and Hale, Arrivt>d since the 23d inst. a76 hbds., 54 cs., 1 bf.Buckner & Terrell 104, and yesterday Hale, Buckne r bbl., 497 bxs., 9 hf.-bxs., 20 caddies and 140 pkgs., con& Terrell soli). 54, and Settle Bros. 53. The Paduca h signed follows: and Gulf Railroad brought in y es t erda y 7 S hbds., By River 'B.oats from St. Louis : L Gunther, 22 cons1gn e d as follows: 41 to Hale, Buckner & TerJ;ell, bhds J hn E K.l so R T J' 07 E C 2 8 to S ettle Bro s., and 9 to Fowler, L e e & Co. for re .; o 1 !!, ; onan, J ; Uoacli & Oo., I9; Kirkpatrick & Kt!itb, 56; Cochran shipment to New Orkwls. Up to this date, Settle Bros. & Co., 6; H. H. llryanl & Co., 6; Beadles, B1 os. sold 2,006, and Hale, Buckner & Terrell Wingo & Co., 12; C. Crow & C o .. 2; S. H. Kennedy 2,0 0 9, 'making a total of 4,015 hhds. sold in this & Co., 1 ; P. & S. H e nrlerson, 3 ; '\Vacbrbarth & J o-market since the beginning of the season. seph, 80 bxs.; Thayer Bros., 49 pkgs.; S. L. Nasits & PHIL!DELPDIA, !prll3.-There is no new feature Bro.,,.6. to present. The Ovmmercial Lut says: "ConsideraIncrease ........ 1,886 1,280 Decrease. . . 343 Tpe breaks in March, 1S68, were 3,320 hhds., 645 tierces, and 428 bo xe s. The inspections of tobacco in hhds. in this city from 1st Octeber to 31st March, inclusive, were: W ARBHOUSES, MAR, '69. Plll!lV1LY. TOTAL. 837 1 ,185 2 ,022 '&layo s .. .. 599 1 196 1 795 Seabrook's...... 524 11066 t 'ooo Public.......... 664 1 '000 11664 Anderson's .. .. 231 '407 '63S Myel'B'.. .. 297 4il6 753 IN '67'68. 2,420 1,371 1,306 4 6 593 693 Total.. . 3 ,152 5 ,310 8.462 6,92!1 Increase over 1867-'68, 1,533 hhds. Pt1blic warehouse was reo enedMarch 1st, 1868. Tbe insp ections of tic rces, boxe s etc. from 1st Octo ber to 31st-March, incluRive, were: ,----No. 011" Pxos.-----. WEIGHT. WAREHOUSES. MAR., '69. PllEV'LY. TOTAL. IN MAR. Sbockoe. .. 14-4 463 607 liO, 799 Mayo's . . 314 619 9 B 3 100,480 Seabrook's. . 113 559 672 34.835 Public... . 152 450 602 48 878 Anderson's...... 154 179 <133 49,370 Myers ......... 1 2 7 163 .290 40,600 f -.Total. ....... 1 ,004 2,433 3 437 962 Add weight to 1st March ............... : ......... 304:021 --'--Total. .. ': ........................................ 718,988 Loose, previously reported .............. 1 ,842 615 In March, at Shockoe ..................... 102:000 In March, at Public ..................... 3,096 1,997,711 Total weight since 1st October......... 1\7 16 694 SPRINGFIELD, .. AprH 3,-Tbe market for seed l e af, says the N. E Homestead, remains about the same as last week. There is but little doing in the n e w crops, and the seems to be pretty well sold out. W e quote : Conn ec tJCut and Mas sachu setts seed !eat; wrap pers, 1 8 65, 10@16c.; fillexs, do., 8@9c.; fine selections 30 @ 55c ; good, de., 20@ 25c.; running lOts, do.: 1a @25c.; fillers, do., 8 @ 9e.; wmppe rs, IS67, 35@75c.; seconds, do., 20@30c.; fillers, do., l 0 @ 12o. ST. LOlliS, April 1.-Mr. J C. AY:XEs tc;>bac o c broke r, reports: m o<'era t e The quality of the off'erwgs has not tmproved, and fro m the character of the last crop v ery li t tle, if any, i mprov e m ent i s lo o ked for. The city and othe r Western m anufacturers are shq,pers attend the s ale s and m a ke o cl:a b1ds but g e t very littl e The small margin for Shipper s to operate upon will not a d miL of their rna kinO' acceptable bids. Most of the week s ellers have I oiipo&i\ion tp go abot. r but yesterduy I rs uvel'l 11111 d h lf f h b'd ,an oneo t e. 1 rE>jected. Sales from Thursrlay to l'!cluslve, amonnt to 419 bbds. arm 19 boxes 'nth l't>Jeottontl of.prires bid to 3 bxs., On Thursdaay-Sales 16 hhds.: l at $3 60, 2: at fl4 60@4 70, l 3t eo t at. 6 'lo t 1 at 3!7 2 at to :j0@9 !lo, 4 at flO 25@10 '75 nn :t at tn2 2-$13 60 a.1d 4 a *-' tp' o ere n I o h hds. at 85 30@ 13 'ff>. n i-td'a' 20 hhds.: l at 82 60, 4 at 1!4 20@4 90, 3 at $r @a 5\1, 2 at $6 50, 1 at 8 gt), i t 5@10 Q at Sll 25@12, 2 atfl3, and 3 at $14 25 tn5 25@is 5(l :w_d two boxes at 113 8,'j@A 10. 'Bids were r1 : on 2 hhdM. at 4 i0@6 65. Oa 22 hbas: 3 at *3 40@3 90, 6 at *4 @4 so, 5 at ia@ a 90, 3 at 86 30@o 9 _2 at t7. 40 @7.,45 and 3 at .*10, and a..boxes & 20, t6 20@:. 6 60. B1ds were reJe cted on hbdlj.; S ao to $!1 and 1 at $26 so. On 1\io i.Jdds.: 3 at 11 2r @I 60. 4 at $4 @ 4 90, 5 at to 20 7o at. $7 20@7 90, 3 at $ 8 40, *10@12 2 at a 13@-13 5o, a'!d2aU14.25@ 145 q1and3bo eat 1 1 SQ@430 were reJected on 2 bhds. t II 0 2a@13 and 1 bx. $2a0. On Tuesday-sales 17 hhu.: 2 50 3 oo 4 at. $4 60 @ 4 80, 3 at i5 30, 2 at t6 50@8 90 1 at $7 60 2 $8 10, and 3 at lilO $10 25, and 7 box(;ls-3:' at $6 70, 2 at $7 10@ 9, and 2 at 815. Biti8 on l7 at $5@15 25, and 2 boxts at IO@l "!(1!r8 jected. Yesterday buye_rs and sellers were a)Ja a 1 r ftearly one-half of the b1ds o n hhds. were Bids were about a s h e r e t ofort>. Sales 'lt3 bhdtl. : tJ af 40 at i5 40@6 30, 6 at $7@ 7 80, 2 at $8@8. 90, 2 a $10 50, and 1 at $13, a nd 1 0 boxes-! at t )1 60 @5 7 0 and I at Bids on 20 hbds. at $3 30 t o 1 5 2 5 an. a a t tt, $ 7 30 @'1 4 ere.. The I'<:_ c e1tts tlus week amount to 1 '18 bf.-hh ds., 1, kegP,.. 11 3 c k ., 4'1 3 9 bl s ., b l27 e add1e s, 12 f.b x s., 2 0 qr.bxs. 3 hhds. stems 7 bbl s do. and 1 ci s nsigne' a t (oll& Rive B : rr P 4 ; Howard & Hinchman, 2 ; N.J. Calhoun &; '6o., 2; Woodso Loc 1 ; J. Booth It, f'r 1 ; Whtttake r, trde n & Gray, 2; Damert n ros.,. stemac,:'lle'r & Brn. 2; S. A G ant m & Uo & and 10 bxs ; Olark & Doz ier, 2 bhd ., 8 do. stems do.; Sell s & C o ., 6 hbds. and 1 box; SterlingPnce & Co., hbds. and 1 box; Shryock & Rowland: cks.; Fnedman & Co., 1 bl.; Gilke an .t; Slo 1 box ; J; M Bloomfield & Go., 1 ; Go o din & 50 ; W1lson & K e a c h, 2; Thos. Hbodos 11 caddies. c' & R. Dormitzer, l })ox cigars Various' 3'" Pacific Railroad: W & hbd .. Craig Alexander, 1 ;J. W. Booth & Son!' 1 .' & Barron, 5 1 csk., and 22 bxs. ; J. d. Tieme yet 2 cs.; J. R.. W!lhams, 14 bxs. By St. Loui and ludianapolis Railroad: G. J Helm nebs, 16 kegs and 5 bhls.; J. A. Kl'iser, -22 o s and bxs., D. D. & Co., 19; Edort & Petring 20; T. Mioin ger, 10; J. G. Baker, 17 lly Obio and Missis8ippi Railroad: James Moran 3: bhds .; Leggat, Hudson & Co., 61; D. A. Januar '&. Co., 1 Cll., 1.3 bJs., 25 bxs., and 100 oaddies; F. chell, 6 cs 5 bxs., and 16 caddies J. A. 6 and 1 D. Dillen berf." & Co.: 2 cs. and 31 'bxs; ; C. Dav1s & Co., 6 cs.; C. Tllimeyer 25 bls. S A Grantham & 3 C R.; C. 5; M.' man, 1 Ertoct & Petnng, 6 hf.-bxs and 20 qr_ do. ; V atious, 6 kegs. B North. ltailro11d: J. W. Booth & Sons, 9, hhW!.; Lew1s, & -co. 9; Oakes, Archer & Co., 2 ; Clark & Dozter, 1 ht:-hbd. and 3 bu.; Dameron Broe., 2 ; W. B. Ho. iscbmeiler 1 By Chicago, .Alton & St. !Jouis RaiiJ()ad: R. W Darken, 9-kegs. By St. Lonis & Iron Mountain Railro'lld: J. Shields 1 box. The exports from St. Louis by railroad duriug the. paRt week amounted to 42 hbds., 828 Ius. and 237 pkgs. We quote: Stems, tl@1 'T5; and new .. lugs, *3@4 25; planters' manufacturinO' do. $4-75@ 5 !5; common new leaf, t6@7; dark new do.,. $,50@95_0; good_darknewdo.,t10@l2; bri"btnew. do., very httle olfermg; black w p s e ') $10@ 13; dark faetorydried old leaf. l9 5_.., iQ 1 fi ct ry-dried old lef, .lO@lt.' April 5th-:-BY Telegrllph.-Tbe market cootinuesoady and pnce are Si\N FRANt:JISCO, Mardi 10.-Tbe market is quite st uant, say the Uomrru;rcia). Qi. 'tb n es Pt. !?rices of alt llOr of man d st 111 or l_ells nomin. I; of rime quality there is: an I ea d mq ry at Julrdillili ates. Oiga?s.-Our local continue to supply the market with.. all vanet1e su1t;ed to trade want& i port' the leaf freely Tr9m via us. t pubJic auatton, by order of the CoRector th rt-terms-casb: 1,&00 H vaoa, .at 11Q r M.J ,000 do. 1110 50; 1,900 do. at 120; 211& d at ; 600 do. at, t70; 900 do. at $145 perM. 5 500 Manila a27 per M. 6,600 do. No. 2, $18; 6,ooo' de:. No. 3, $14. 8 ooo do:. .' No.4, $15; also 5,000 Havana imitation t29 'perM5,000 do. do., *24; 2 500 do. do .. 126 'z 900 do $32 perM. The impo'rts from Februa;y i6th to th have been, 49 cs. cigars, and 135 bls., 143 cs., and 101 tobacco. Imports from Jan. 1 t t h 1 hds. 5, hbls. 10, cs. 1,079, bales 750 boxe 40 pkgs. 41.0. Exported during the week: Td Honolulu' 41 cs. t?bacco; to ria, 57 cs and 7 do. 6 cs: Cigars; to Sbangnae, 1 es. tobacco to Yokohama 20 cs. do. and 7 es. cigars; to Inlet, 2 tobacco. Tobacco O< the way to the port of San Francisco March 9th, _from domestic Atlantic ports 1nclud(.d), l:3 hhds., 387 bls., 10 anc l FOR OTHER RA.BK.II:TS 811:11: SEVENTH PAGE BUSINESS CHUGES, Boston, Mass.-L. S. & S. F. Slade, snuif and ciaars ... dtssolved. "' H enry Baer, tohacco; new firm. Dave nport Legg, tobacco and .cigars, removed to59 'Broad street. St. I.ouis, _Mo.-Da':_leron ros & Co tol>acco ana com.; Jame s Hood r e t!red now Da on NoncE.-: W -:!, _proprietors of the wareh.onsesm Danv11le, have arveoo to dispe e with what _JS known as "roart drumm11:1'g" fioin and all'er the 15th l\1uDearmw eo Q fi o1: :r d &c C 'r ..4 II o., rumpton & Gravely, .J. C. & W. P. Millner Ayres & Lindsey. Marcn10, 1865:. FOR SALE-CHEAP. !1 6 1! FOUR ROGERS' CUTTING 11ACHINES AND 'PRESS'ES, T 0 G E T H E R 0 R 8 E P A :a A T LEWIS S Y L VESTER, 141 WATER S TREil:T; N E W YOR K PA:T.I!l.NT t' ELF-1<'.Kil,D1.NG MAUI:1LNES FOR SALR-In p e ft"et w o rk i u g c o udiliou. autj w ll b e eoU a t a targ lia Anwer TVtSAC CO M A CHI N E ofllce TOBACOO L>:.t.P U -11 1'0BACCO MAUHlN.I!:HY AT AUCTION. Wa!thlngton Carter, Aucti o n ee r w t H un lJI:-ftfay 9th of April at 11 o clock, at Ul9 I! I 'HEIH. BAN I > V h:H A PEAtiE' S tiKLF-B'JEDlNG .vB,;.CCO CUTTER In perlect. work t oft C()Ud1L101l. & 11:1-BOliStj; POW II TEll! ENOINE complete and in goo d


;Je!:' C::--MJiaaion Msrchauta I AGENv Y. i E IN 't836. tJ IJJIOLLY & COMM SSION MERCHANTS rn AGB:ITS FOR TBB SALE OF MANU ... ACTURED and LEAF TOBACCO. 4& 1".&TIU& STREE'.l", NEW YORK, W otiltl. call the attention of the Trade to the following most Celebrated Brands of VIRGINL\ :MANUFACTURED TOBACCO: Tnomail .Jr. llt iioracso, Diadem, l .;ewet of-Ophir, Virg!1u, a of V"-1W1a, Old Dixie, Louis d'Or, Peerless, I .;Cliiiam's Wine Sap, CaHego, John K. Childrey, Ootden Seaf, J. B. Pace A Co., J :ner'a Queen of Hearts! is, Harris a; Pendleton, Briton's Emolem1 Crant A Wll lams. McEner It Bro. c. w. Spicer, William Long. lnn:,c Thomas It Oliver, T. c. WUIIama co., 8. W. Venable A Co. t='ercu c. P. Word, caJeb Tale, J. R. Allen, .ttde Ciani, Watson It ill, odllt'lam'a:Wine 8ap caking. =: Dl!_ad 8ho1 ROBBRT S. BOWNB Be 00., TOBACCO Co"'mission Merchants, Burllq Slip, New: York. .,} Ll;\l'IS, PHILIP'>& JOHN IMPORTEHS OF .Havana 1 Segars, and Havana Leaf Tobacco, N o. 39 BEAVEH. STREET. LE\VI'l FRANK. N y k PU!l,ll 'K, 8W Or .JC!?.!' f (; .TAMES II. BL.tLKEM.OllE. .BLAKEIDRE, -MAYO i CO., Cotton and Tobacco Factors, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 4i Broad Ne-w-York. NEW YORK Tobacco Tobaeeo Iaapeeled or 881npled. Certificates given for every case, and delivered, --ease by case, as to number of Certificate. N.B.-I also sample in Merchants' own Storell. F. 0. LIN"DE, "Wf..REHOUBES-741 '29, a.nd 78 Greenwich Street. OITIOE-76 Greenwich SU'eet BRANCH, \l' A.TER STREE'r. M. & E. SALOMON J.llll COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 181 Pearl S4reet, corner of Cedar, NEW YORK. 51'" Sole ..... e&eJ' l.or .'1, W, Carroll "LOI'I'E .'I.&C&" ad "BROWN DICK" 8Dloklq Tebac:eo. :IEE:BIN'JR. "Y X... SucceABor to 'E'AM'L A Y.RES & SON. late of' .Richmond. Va Commission Merchant for the sale of LEAF AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, AND OTHER SOUTHERN PRODUCE, No. 64 Water Street. P. 0. Box 6 ,73'1, Ne-w York. OO!'iSlGNMENTS SOLICI'I'ED. VETTERLEIN &. SONS, 112 THOMAS KINNICUTT, A. STEIN & CO.,. K.entuek7 and 'l'lrlbala Commistl1ion J..MD J)U.LWRS IN J..LI. MSCRIPTlONS OJ' :J.EAF TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO, N'f). 8 WUUam Bt:rt!et, 197 Duane-street, NEW YORK. !: .. ll ----------Cia:a.r manufacturers piU'tlonlarl,. favored. AWYEB, W ALLAOE & 00., No. 47 Broad Street, OHAS. B. FALLENSTEIN & SONS, TOBACCO .A.nd General Commission Merchants, t29 PEARL -STREET, N.Y. mHE TOBACCO WM'. P KITTREDGE. E C. WHEELOCK Altrcbttnts, AGENTS FOR ALL THE POPULAR BRANDS OF VIRGINIA TOBACCO, 164; Water Street, Poundt. Half Pounds Quarters. 'ncy. Ten a. A G. Fuller, Gar tbald11 June Apple Ban, Gold Ridge, J.P. Wrlllamson, Little All Right, Paehloo Gold do. Bhae Jacllet, S. W. Venable, Leviotban, Lady Flng.,... do. Red Jacket, Velvet Rose, Frceb Pcacheo, Temptation dl>. Peach, Falter' s Pet,. Pride orthe Navy, Atlantic Cable Twlot, Tom Tbnmb, Jimmie FuDcr, Morgan, Admiration do May Qu een, Peach &kel, Cuffee's Dllght, Chrltlan'sComfort, Keararge Roon Fuller, Moss Rooe Nation Pride, Q neen ofTnnnpe, J. T Smith, Chaplam 'o behght, R. J Chrioban, &rn. ga00roo18., ffou sc Pine A.pple, Eleven O'Clodt, T Jm:ry Prlebal'd, Royal, Amoret }lfJ:!! ,Brown, Joneo & Did: SwivcUcr, Old Sport. Bendigo. R o oinoon, Marl.: Tapley, Sancho Panza, Lit t le Miami J e rr1 White, McCorkle, Venne, Pride of the East 'l' b c Old Sport, s. E. "rhito Peach Bloom, Flora Temple, DWebx1t1 e 0rFawn, ()llallcngcr, C. L Brown. Ch erry Fours, David Baker. Jr., Blackwell s lsl&ud Palmetto Foun, Blac k Plnme, Charles Harris, Palmetto Sixes, Sancho Panza, Victoria, TwlR Sil!t.en, Baldwin's Gold B od, Beautiful Star, Pecrlee. Jndomll&ble, Four Thumb :Baro, C. L. Jones, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 10 to.t FROIT-STRIET, li'EWYGJU[, AGENTS J'OR TBB S.&..LJ: 01' TOBACCO: GRANT & WILLIAIIS, RUSSELL l RQBINSON, J. G. DILL, J. K. CHILDREY, L. H. FRAYSER l CO., TURPIN & YARBROUGH, J. B. PACE l CO., THOMAS It OLIVER, GREAftER & WINNIE, BARRATT'S CROWN, REUBtN RAGLAND, GILliAN & MALLORY.' CHEIVES & OSBORNE, DAVIS & SON, DUKE OF ATHOL. Favorite Premium, Oi-leola, D elta Pocket Piece, Capstone, ""'lionol Eagle Chrt s tlon Premium. Little All Right. Portland. m'h 1 nt..-J e .1. e of ttu: .1. ruue is reapectfully Ma11 AJH)1,.A. F l g d:c. ..f:e. '""'" & BON pALMER & a)(j ,: 1\UMBAtli'l'S, 178 Water Street, Yew York, ANDJonRnso F i..:E;AF m SpAN I 8 H .' T 0 B A C C 0, No. 170 Water Street, Ne w Yo l'k. &W AND DKALBRS IN L PA.LUER --A. II. SCOYILLI'J, ROBERT E. KELLY & Co., 34 BEAVER STRE.ET, WPORTERS OF 114 VANA TOBACCO, Especially of the Mark LA ESPANOLA. DE BRAEKELEER & FOOTE, Panagas, Espanola, La .Bost; SOlM PROPRIETORS OF 'fHE OELEBBJ.T.ED BRANDS HYACINTH, EL COMP"AiffRo, fL" CONTESTO. _., \ 94 BEEKMAN STREET. No. -191 PEARL STREET, New York JOHN STRAlTON. JOSEPH SClllll!l."r GEORGE STOR". 108. SELIG81lERG J M COllEN SELIGSBERG, COHEN 1: COMMISSION MERCHANTS 149 Water-street, near Maiden-lane, NewYork. P, FRIN('I\NT &. CO., 47 W e;t front, st.. Cincin"a'' 0 F .A. .-, CO., COTlOI 1: FACTORS, COMMXSSION MERCHANTS, Nos. 70 and 72 Broad Street, N':&I"'VV "YOJR.K.. 26 WILLETT ST., NEW-YORK. D. & Co., I t :r R.fiiA DEALERS 'IN New York ROBERT L. MAITLAND & CO.,, liB -'"ND GI:NIDtAL COmMISsiON MJ:BCBA.JVTS, 1 Hanover lJutldings, Hanovs.,. New YJnk. .a.vancea made on Conaignmenta to Measn. W. A. & O.llax.well & Co., Liverpoo No. Gil BROAD STREET, AND 30 NEW STREET, RaW TOllE. M. & J. SCHOTTENFELS. {lommission Merchants, No. l:i8 '\Vater Street, NEW YORK, Agent.e for the oale of the rollowlq lcD-IDawn ani Celebratoo Brilllds If VIRGINIA TOBACCO, Captain Jinks, Champagne Charlie, Virgmia State, Globe, Continental, Metropolis, Etc., Etc., Also, all klnd or -PX.."'D"G-CORNELIUS OAKLEY, SEYMOUR, .COLT & tO., Tobacco No. 96 'W' ATER STREET Oppooite Gonverneur Lane, New York. Havana in and out of Bo1'd 1 leaf Tobacco in H-rds and Bales, 189-.-P .EARL STREET N y FOR I M. PAUliTSCH, L. w GUNT!IJ:D, Baltimo re. WM. AGNEW & SONS, 1 U, llt.JNJUCJUJ Q.O. W)l. P..LWf Oa-.. F. fobacco and Commission lrlerchmts, .boSTROHN &. RBTzENsTii:H... H. G. HEINEKEN & PALMORE, Commission Merchant L. W. CUNTHER & CO., and Front etreet. i'l' i h t (; h .omnussron Jltrtltan And Dcnlcl;ll Tobacco & General Commission KEB'"-rO.RK. ou au Jl, {) awl l, 0 B AC C 0 HJ.n ow BJ.U J.LL 11118C&IJ'7Io 0,. J.LI&DJWaa m No. I 43 Water Street. New York, ]:-;.A,F T .0.. MERCHANTS, D 0 ME S T I C soLE AGBN'l' ro" M ,._. SU:-eet, :lewYk. 148 VI ATER UTRI::ET, llo. 110 Pearl St., cor. Hanover Square, Leaf Tobacco for Export and Use. I .&liD lliPOliTUS or NEUDEOKER BROS., 1UOBJIOND, VA. ... NEW YORK. Leaf Tob.cco b6led ill UIJ' J*Ur by FOB.EIGJI' TOB.A.CCtl, J lpoclal &lloDUoa paid co \be l&leol Lear Toba> "" "" \o p.for enor\. f7 176 I'BONT BT., lli.Y Ad oher -.,11-know-n Brands. Oe\&oa, lfr.Dted, Liberal advance!! m&de on conslgnmente. -r """ 1il ec.r M s:Lle11 L:1ne, ------KREMELBERG l CO., KEW .. YOIUt, .... 1> F. L. BRAUNS & CO., B.ALTDIOJLE. Tobacco Comminion lerchants. !'eveal hn10 LleoPie ... t.-, dW...I ion, un J .... nd, &od tu.r a.t.tll, ln H duty tald, in lot.i 1.0 suit. purchasers. 82-114 ISAAC BB.&D, (Saceeesor to CI.Bxn-T Rllll,) ,.. Commission Merchant, AND DEALER-IN VIRGINIA & WESTERN LEAF .um .M:a.nufactured Tobacco, Licorice, G11lll, etc., No. i PEA.RL STRKT, N. Y. l:8 0TTJNGaWt, New York. :M.a.x Loni!!Yillt!, Kr. Ottinger & Brijther, KENTUCK-Y Tobacco Commission Mercnants, llO PE.&BL. 8TREH'J', I NEW YORK, PLATT & IEWTO:tt, Sncces sora to WM. T. COLEMAN & CO., Commission Merchants New York: 1 San Francisco: No. 117 Front Street. Cor Califor nia & Front l>ls Agonb In San Francioco for Sale of VIRGINIA IIIA.NUFACTURED TOBACCO. R. S. WALTER, BEST Connecticut, Havana & Yara LEAF TOBA.CCO, 203 STREET, -Near Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. ECCERT, DILLS & C9., DOMESTIC and Importers of SPANISH TOBACCOS, 11J Water Street, New York. 8 2 We!lt Sccmd Street, (J;ncinn& t i1 Ohio. JO_SEPE; HICKS, Commission Merchant, .uat DUI.a Ill MANUFACTURED TOBACCb, llo. 82 W ater.Street. Ill .XEW'J"O'&X. B. C. BAKER, 80:1 & CO. T9bacco and Cotton Factors, .UID Commission No. 142 -Pearl Street, C. BAXBR, liEW YOBlt. i:DWIN M BAKER, J'oux V .,&.llil: .A .. KINH, B..uoa A:; Co., New York. )8-&1) Clllctnnatl. PIORTON, SLAUGHTER l CO., Tobacco & Cotton FactQrs (.m.ernl (gommissi:.on IDucbnnfs. = .., NO. 41 BROAD-STREET, WILLIAM M. PRICE & CO., 141 D..ll'ID O'lfiiiLL .t 00.,) ienbatt.a, I 19 Malden .. lane, l!rl!IW YO.BJL WK.III.Po1CII, r .J..Juu. 1'--JHAYER BROTHERS,' TOBACCO AND GEBKRA.L Commission erchants, 14-Gr 'W ATER-S'I'REET, -XEW-YOB.K.:._ __ J. H. BERGIIAD. CQl'ti:MISSIOH IIERCBAB!_. riaoJI'I'D J.D "'I'ICOLUJ.U Jllli.LD I:lr Seoteb_, Germaa, aDd Datela -BAY IP&I. J'GNip and Dom..U. Leal' Tobacco, Alllo, Importer Del :Malll1111mlrer of 8ECAR8, No. 122 J.Pront-.Ueet, NB1ii'Y .. Ilo E. M. CRA WPORD & CO .. .TOBACCO f ... J) Rnthaut .. 'W 121 & 123 fRONT-Si TREET, 'fne 0!1 !>&le oll lllr o 41 o t 11Jr JID'QilT aM llOMJ: t.'SL ---


... N. Y. Commjufon Kerc1anta. Wltl. VIGELIUS, flo tM 81-fi l)J sua. B. & D. BENRIMO. l94 WA.TEB-STREl!IT, PEIY-YOllK, Hau--ollldacll of LL\1' TOBACOO ror EXPO&'l Uid HOlliE USI!I. FELIX MIRANDA, DIPORTER OF HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO, AND OP THB BRAND Ol' SEGARS, "RITICA," 191S Pearl Street. NEW YORK. JOB. :M.A. YER & SONS, 4S.o....Uiio AliD DEA.IiERS 11{ :1.22 W .J.TEB BTBEET, New York. G. REISMANN & CO t'1l:.ommissiou mttrchaut11, .&lfD D"&.lLED IX .ll.L &11\DB 011' t !! 1 lB @), 179 PEARL-STREET, .BctuUfl. rin, and C8dar ltrutl, ht:lSM.A)I,:': t E:OENlG. f M. R. PEARSALL, lmpQrter apd Cmmi..,OD lllerehut of : HAVANA SEGARS -ANDLEAF TOBACCO, No. 23 South Jl!lllam LA ROS.ARITO," (19'1-118) NEW-YORK TOBACCO p I!S II:RS. Leaf T obaceo l're!.lsed ln f o r Ule Wes\ lndtea, Mex." lean, Central, American, a.od othe.r market& TOBACCO 'PACKED I:W ROQ:B:EEA.DB. BASCH A COHN, Commission Merchants, AND DE.ALI:BI Df At.D XllCDfJ o Leaf Tobacco, Hi7 WATER STBEEr, NEAR MAIDEN LANE, YORK. I. Ba#A. 8. CoJoto. FR UTTEIMW.ll& 6 CO. s EGARS, .a.GCJOa .. :r..A.Q, 1150-1'1!1 NJI:WYORK. 4 C.AJWQZO 6 CO., TolJacco & .Cotton Geaetil Commillion Jl[erchants, No. 169 Neow--York:. A. 11:. cuDOib. XYB tYBBS, PBED. DR081'. SIMON SALOMO:N, Imptnter of and Deale in LEAF TOBACCO AND SECARS, No. 19:;! PEARL STREET, NEW roJUC. THE CITY TOBACCO ACENCY, No. 108 FRONTSTB.EET, New-York G. w I Hilt MAN & co., tmtatJ,tou" IJID j.Qn'5 :ro& 'I'D SAL& OF JnAN11J.i'A.CT11BtiD" I'OBACCO, B&vi a.lwaya on hand a laTp aaMttma:at of ld.anufao t.uNd J'or 1a&e oa1Jberal t.erms U L. HIRSCHORN k CO. SJ:iJG AR:S, AlOl LIAF. YOBA.CCO, :iroa. \t:o. Pearl St. & 108 Watfrtt. (Near Wall too-!53 NE'W'-YORK. WILLIAM (Succo.Eor to LEE BROTllERS,) in:tporter and .1\:fa.nulacturE-"r :y HAVANA CUiAHS, \ AND l'.EALER Ilf LEAF TOBACCI ;t(;9 Pea.,., NearFulton K1<:"'i\' YOfc K \ THE LEAP. lf ew York Commission llerchants; Kcnr York Comm1uton Kerchanta' WALTD lf. BR.Ali:IULL. AGENTS f'or tile lale of' all tlae Standard Brands of Virginia and North Carolina MANUFACTURED 0 ACco; And SOLE .AGENTS for tl)e sale of brands of Mes$.rs. ;r'HOMAS & OLIVER, and D. 0; MAYO & Co. Richmon!!, Va.: r MANUFACTURED. tl' t Virginia Beauties, 14 s. i lbs. Olive, 1 lbs. .J Virginia's Own P.ocket l'iece!l. Thomas' Choice Che Haw, Fig's. '- OT S200,0QO, Organized under the laws of the State of New Yodt, J!Uluary 2, 1868, Rose Twist, 6 inch.! { J. M Walker's Twist, 12 inch.; La Favorita Rolfs, 6 inch Chas. Henry, Jr., 9 inch, light pressed H. W. HUNT, President. JOHN H. $ANGQIUI1 So'y H. W. HUNT cq., Agents; 167 Water Street, New York; 16 Central Wharf. Boston. SUCCESSORS APPLEBY'S JOHN K. SMITH &. SON, Oonon & Tobacco FAC'.rORS AND. General Commission Merchants, 47 Broad Street, Y. & HUNEKEN, UIPOaTK& OP HAVANA .lliD DULKK lti DOMESTIC Leaf Tobacco, 166 Water-Sreet. 220 NEW-YORK. H. MESSENGER & CO., 'IIIJ'Oanal .&JID ... FOREIGN ..t, DOMESTIC TOBACCO, AJID LICORICE. 181 181 JUIDUI.AD, T, 'W\U .. u hard 12 inch !be. P IQUE Pure Virginia Eureka, Oliver's Choice Old Kentuck, " .All styles of Manufactured and Smoking obacco put up under special brands for U1e sole use of the owner We continue to m all, tJ!s FAVORITE TOBACCOS and for which our bouse bas become famous, and many novelties, to which the attention of the trade is 5n vi ted. t Our past reputation for goods, and .at the lowest. price!! we will endeavor to mamtam. Smce an of all 011;1 would ardly enter int the limits of an adyert1sement, we _all the trade to send for circular, and compare the quality, style, and pnees With other goods on the market. e P .. LOH.XLL.A. =-> .. 6, t 8, and 20 Chambers Street, New York. .. RAPP Mun.lft:,.,: .:::c.:. of t:!l e following choice and well-kn"wn Dron' lri of SMOKBNQ TOBACCOS LONC JACK, CREEN SCE hc, Lll. T .'1. KIA, Tll"!'"'T!ft.l.a. -".._"'"" O"BA.NG.E YLOWER, JIPO'JU'. FACTHtV': N 1.1 FU'&l'lt"DibAtreet .. Rl ... brnond V. DE?Ol' AND OFFICE: i'oo. 15 FaltoDetree-,Jrewllork, I fi/i9 OF 4LL DESCRIPTIDIS, -..,...........,....,. :roa EGA..B BOXES, Furnished in quantities to suit, by ::E'LO:J:)D.IE.A.N' d:r lB:E:PB'C'lR.1V 2 I 6 ltEWIS STREET, N. Y. A. LL.'rnREIM. G HIRSa IS following Celebrated Branda of NIA N.&'i-UB&L 'til:&' :F, '" VIB.GIIIi.IA. SEAL, XX GOLDBN flllOWll, o FA(lJPIC.A.2'10).'l, ::X 4oi.DJ!:N Vi&OWN, KRLJJI[INI(JK, ORIEN;I'AL, OLD DODUQON, L lllVQHBWBC, B11LLll BOll, aa4 I } TURKI,SH TOBACCOS, Put up ho quarlel"s, bali's, and one pound packages, in the most modern styles, Manufactured onl1 a. At our Factory, No. 3b Dth DWrlet, Lraebbarr, V a. The subscribers also wish to Inform the trade that the depot for the Occi. dental, Dick Tator, and Red Rover, manufactured by The Best, Peach, Jtga" iml L. L. Lynchburg, Va., is at their Warehouse and, 90 Water street, Uew York. FOR'BAL Granulated Smoking Tobacco. Any size Packages PRESSED INSTANTLY to any required !orm. SEND FOR CIRCULAR. WlYI.. s. KIMBALL, I HOME LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, fMUTUAL), No. 254 BROADWAY, New York. In every respect a First-Class Institution. Asse-ts. Assured MciDbers, 1 o,ooo. I OFFICERS: WALTER S. GRIFFITH, President. J H FROTHINGHA..M, Treasurer. GEORGE C. RIPLEY, Secretary. WILLIAM I. COFFIN, .A.ctaary. GOOD GER!tiAN AGENTS WANTED, Iew York Commillion Kerohallta. HENRY m. 1YIORB.IS111 .Pearl and. u2 Stone Street, Ne Y.or IMPORTER AND SOLE AGENT THE FOil THE S[ inlANDS OF PANISH M S VIZJ ;a. oiTiS Do. '4i> 'I -Do. Do. Do. no: DOll Quixotfe. A Aa Aa Aa. Do. !.a PDWDBRED COXIIISIION XEROX&lfT 10B TD' 11Aut OF L A A AN P TURED COTTO_.,, NAY AL BTO'BES, .ec., .ec., .-... prl Llbero.l o:u. '186'1'. In to the pnb'ije a machine for the :mimnfactnre of cigars, the Inventor Is fully awve ftlat. a will b&ve to opinions and 1Jlrejtllceo enll"ndered and confirmed by...,.ale4 llt.llureo dlllDIII tbll last tweDty yeare to &CCQIJlpUsh tire result be ba,i Yet tb& .fact otaricla pa'lent for all who il;uiT 110011 or wllloee, nd judge fqr themselves, lbat 1 he baa Invented machinery, elmp1e 111 Its eonmur.tlon ..,.. opera.tlon, wtth which perfect clgani' can ne maa1 a conlinn011a Ill'": cess, and with au n.niformity llld J!'eclslOlllmpol!!ible to be attained gy hand. Tbc!ollowlng constitute some ot '4.8 mosflmport&nt features: let. The rapidity and lllli!ormlty with which cl!!are are maae. 2nd. It ell'ec.ta a oaving often per cent In wrappers, (which In fine tobacco Is a largeltem.) 3d. It makee a perfect finish of the end o! tlie cigar. (Practical Cigar lfakere Will tully appreciate u.J. pecial point.) 4th Every cigar made 1\y it lllUBT omoke freely, owing to the fact that tbe flller:tl are eqn..nMI( straightened by the machinery, and that the head and body of the cigar receive & uniform pressure 5tlL Sldllecllal)or Ia not requlred. Any lntelllget boy or girl can be taught In a oborl time to operate it -two of Whom, one at the buncher and the other lliilllliiJII, can make from 1000 to 1000 cfJWIIJ!.I'r clay. 1 6th The machines are not expensive, and occupy not more apace 'than au. ord1D&r7 HeWUlg maeldae.. whicll they inucb resemble. 7th. Fine ciga.r s made by this machine will cost bnt $2.50 to $8.08 per thoaeand f Jiiiole lit llaD4 Dle _. is"'from '10.00 to '12.00. To lltlm the matter up, 1 nowpreo.ent to the public In this mach!u an ..-plllhed loa&, yeare of labor and large expenditure to attain, and which, egotlom I c:ID .., 11M llflW ......, lMioa reached. Among manufacturers It bas long been desired but scarcely boJ;li for, thR ICI!De .,_ band be to economize in the productlvn ol clpn. Tbla __ ..,....._ n<>t only ,1 a great eoonomy In mannllcturlng, but will make a much beuer tlwl can DOMI1IlY lla made by h d. I invite the critical exam!D&tl<>n. .or. the machine by expert&, man1dlldJaren, U:d aD a&.. who feel snfilclently interested to call. The machine can be seen1n bperatlon at 180 and 182 Malden Lane, ./ JOHN PRENTICE, Patentee, New 61 Beaver Street, NBW-YORX. Orden lor To... d Celllnted lo order. 22 & 24 Nonh Willlam Btroot, New Yorir. Notice to Taxpayers. \Ve are now prepared to deliver the fol l owing Books as required by the nmv Tax. Lr. .A.lso, all the blank forms required by the new Tax Law, viz: TOBACCO, SNUFF AND CIGARS, As per Regulations, Series 4, No.8, dated Aug. 1, 1B68. The above bQoks end_ banks, all' 1fe1l 1111 others publis)led by us for the use of \&Xpaycfll, are the OFFICIAL FORMS PR&SQ!tiQEl> .BY THE OF INTERN.A.L REVtiNUJ;, ,and are. warranted to be correet. Schedules of .Books and Blanks furnished by mail upon application Orders will be promptly Jllk d upon receipt o[ the mone y o r will be sent by Express, C 0 D when the amount to be collected is $5 or ever. ESTEE & Internal Hevenue Statiooers No. Gl CEDAR ST., Ew YoRK.. P. 0 Box COSG, York. G. C. EHR$All, lYI.&OBINIST AND KANUP .A(l"t'Ulmml or Shafting, Hangers, a.nd Pulleya '!OBACCO FACTOIII.S, N 0s. ?'tl & ?'8 Ebn (20S-Z54) .EW YORK..


, .... R.B, *ewllct lllltklllct Md Leaf DEALERS llr LEAF TOBACOO, .. Lorill eco & Cigars, Havana and Leaf. Bo. 18 etllllWodoi..C '1'obaccos, ,of a.nd Leal other Articles. 11 CB'EA.PSIDE,' BALTIMORE, MD., TOBACCO 161, & 165 PearlStret, (OOIOIER O F E LlC STREET,) G. BB.ABHEABS & SOil, CINCINNAT-I. Tobacco CoiRIHission Moreftaflb, ;.zacEiiT':i>Ii.i.& ,;; co:: U. 8. Bonded W1rehouae No. I, (S..ceeooo"' to wu EGG!IIn' ) No. 46 W&lrut-atreet, Cincinnati. JOHN DCDDT. J, n. SA.SP, JOHN DUDDY & CU., Commission Merohants J'OR rns SALE or MA UFACTURED TOBACCO, N o. 4.9 V'INE-STBEE'l', CINCINNATI. J>BJ.l.ERS OHIO, KENTUOKY, MISSCUTI.....I, & VIRG'INIA District, Pennsylvania. P. w. p BR.. SCHMIDT & TROWE, T ER clc. co., ""i. ..... i"ii!sCiiom," lithographers & ..... ;llayaik'Q., Tobacco and General Commission Merchants, D e u tscher Raucbtabak, OF LABELS, DB.t.LRSil{ LBAf TOBACCOSt No. 30 H, Ct,-C I N"i'A.'I"' O. No. ft and o. 48 JJorth Delaware Avenue, AND OTHE R CHOICE BRANDS, 18 NORTH STREET, qz .Jj c;'ij' f\' h"' ..... f\'' PKILADELP lA, liP A. 9 o llloutt' CtlO.rlea-meet. SAL TIMORE, MD. a-.t-}j W ,v a"'"',v 11 BALTIIIJORE ,....,... ""'".... FHK D,.RTC K WILKB105 u NEWYORK BRANCH." KROHN, FEISS & CO., ltWIUP.t.ft'IJUBSOO Ha "tob.e1or Elros. B. F. PARLETT & CO., Wll. c. PEAOB. DOHAN at 'l'.A:ITT, I'AJDII X BOYV. Ka.nufaoturera of FINE CICAIIS, and Dea.lera in LEAF TOBACCO, Leaf and Smoking Tobaccos1 330-337 Korth 3d, 23lforth St., Philadelohia SEGARs, ETc., .... The o n ly manufacturers the Cldebrated TARA YOUN G AME RIC A '"ARA, Commllon Merchant. ror Sale or Same. pUR HOBBY YARA LITTL E S PIOKW'ICK, D.USY, PUNCH, &d othe r co p yrighted 92 LOMBARD .t: 6 WATER-ST., .....,c1a of cigars. s. r l'uldln, __ 11 __ Ba.ltimor_e, G. H. BOLENIUS, 11a1Wd Stat ... Beaded W-llo..., aoYD, FouGERA.Y co... r .. -...: .... M h t LEAli..., T0B.A.Cco. lMHII&IOO ere an s, lannfactured. Tobacco and Seaars, LZ.aJ AND t It L Wllllr ... _. 18 If, Delaware .ln., 'No. aog W. PRATTST ., Tobaceos, Sa,zars, Etc.. R 1 :ru-Apnt.aforthealeofOitr,.... ..... &L-NL 61 lea.f T*-. ... 'J. 'IUI'r. e1 :Nol"'laTillnl-.a.,Piau...lp... PHILADELPHIA. BBCJ[IR & BROS,, IUCKNOR, ,McC 01 en. TOBACCO t.i@M. .. I){ ALD DIC8C&WTJO!il Or ,{Leaf aJld J[aullfactured Tobacco, 'W' DR!_ Ia .U ldada ot LEAF TOBACCO, !1. Ga-. B:un lua GEYER & mss, (Bacoeeoore to JlDOJ:a, Anm.o dl: C o ) TOBACCO SEGARS., M (near Light. l .A.11D BAt.LTIJ'IOUI&. CfJ. 2ooo:& (f {l;obaua Q[ommission lid. a: Ohio Leaf, G W. GAIL. CHRISTIAN AX. o W. GAIL & AX, AND SNUFF. ALSO Importers of and Dealers In Cigars, Pipes, Snuff-boxes, &.c Nos. 115 and 117 Weet Bet w om. Rae. and Elm, OII'I'CINNATI. 0 J'Ji.XJ: :S. 8 WAYNB.. "MORRIS" Inspel:tion anfl Leaf Tobacco "VV" .A.lR.::mllliEC>U &:m, ot W A YIVE, Proprietors, Nos, 100, 102 6 1M W eat Front 8tteet, <:INCili'NATI, Ohio, .AUC TION S A LES DAi l Y A. N. YOUNG, SEGARS AND TOBACCO, And Impo rtel'll rt Meerachaum and Brier Pipes, AND ALL IDIOKERS' ARTI&.:LES, 53 WEST FOURTH STREET, CincinnAti, O hio. 92-t WJUL. BARNES & JEROMF4 COI'D.I'I'I.'-i.On HerchaD Packoro Uld WboleMie Doolen In Conn. Seed LeafT obacco, No. StaU Strut, G EO. B. B .l.RSES, AUG. !1 .JKBOlU. HARTFORD, Conn. Fl. E. (Ot1e door ?cat qf w H GLOU, JL r. ..._ PL\eu.. w .1. JU:JIIa.a-. BALTIMORE, llld. J. A. P. GLORE &: BROS., Kenton Tobacco Wa ...... bonse 214 S""AT 8TIIEET, HIU'ttol"d, Conn. 1 17 Street, LOUIS GIESKE &: CO., JACOB MARINER :ommiJJsd#U l'!rL ibe ral a dviiilee m e nts made o n Con olgnm.nto :t, .. t:rnttfl f <&L" r eEO. r ,""""u"'" Uffl{$ J. T. SULL!!!.N & CO., lUironCTUUa o .un> Dll.u.mts m G, KERCKHOFF & COt 'W H OL'&SALW DEALERS IN mC* :s..s, Leaf'Tobacco, .uD 'OfliOLZULE DUI&B fH sovtA charta strea, atonu. Jttd i[;obattO', Leaf and Havana. Tobacco, BALTIMORE. No. 49 Soullt Charlel Street No. 734 THIRD STRBBT, WM. A. 1BOYD & CO. .BALTIMORE. Md. PHILADELP:ST_A.. llU.d HOF'I'IIAN GILIIO R FRANK GmSOt(, Internal Revenue Bonded War8house coMMissroN MERCHANTs G ILMOR & GIBsoN, J l:VT .. OU.1'EUS OF Jti: Lor& DUNCAN No. S3 Soth St., Baltbnore H s Dlsbict ofP e n n8ylvania,) 1V1f. .t., llOYD. W1l. A BOY D JR. a v a Ji a e g a r s Ill. 413 Chellnlll6t.1 PHILADELPHIA, PA., Jegar & TOBACCO u. s. BONDED WARiiHOUSE. And General Commission Merchants. UJmD ,.B& SUJ'ERVl8JO N O:P Se'Atl :for Price List. --S. & J. MOORE, IOD X KOOa& (Sueeeooor to BOLDIN .t W ARTJlAN,) .TO:B.A.CCO T 0 II A C 0 \) Genere.lCtlmm:Uon Merchant, CommiSSiOn llerChaD. t&, 10' If. Wa&er St., ar lot N. Dtlawap An., 101 Borth Water .. treet, PHILADELPHIA. PHIL.&.DELP:i:IIA. 'TB:Q]{AS HARE & SON, ('Ralph's Scotch Snuff," WBOLD.A.Lll: DlU.LXR! IN ALL KIJro! o.r Warr&ntedsuper i ortoanyenutl'made in thie t.ountry. FOREIG N AKD D O M EST IC Manufactured J.EAF AND MaNUFACTURED A RALPH & CO TOBACCO, ., )NUFF, SEGARS,' ETC., No. !I Arch St., PHILADELPHIA. No. 474 and 503 N. Seoond St., sr Send for a Price List. PHILADELPHIA.. '""::==t::::..:.::for:...::G:::I::.:I & "-' Ac:::x:...::'-'-'To"-"b""aeco=an:.::.d .:.::Rn:.::: fl'c::.. ___ o.uro= P o:mTH. A. H. THEOBALD, SMITH BROTHERS. u tlrJ.C'l'Vau oP AJ..L IJJ(IJS or SEQ..A..R,S li&DDl'oUl&urereandD t a le r8ln .t.WDD .. LUIX ,. 0 X G.A.. J;l. B' tear Snn[ No. 121 North Third St., and Brier 1 PHILADELPHIA, Pa. E. MEGRA W & C0.7 Tobacco Manufaoturers, Loaf) Fine-cnt, robacco, & Segars trNION :1' ACTO BY, 63 and 66 Rand...t. JI.Uili'J:ll WOJlXB &lld O.UICJ:, 11-ft, 1"1:n:.IBUR.Go D&. I NEVIN & MILuS, IOHR' rn.,"'ZER, kUDOLl"Jl J'INZER1 BEN F JNUR nED FIN'U:R1 l\'lOliOLA.B r rsl..:R, JOHN FINZER &, BROS., JII.1BfJJj.C TUR&RSOr VIrginia, Kentuck and Mh100url PLUG TOBACCO, No. 13 Third-street, Louisville, Xy. -LOUISVILLE .XY. U.S. Bonded Tobacco Warehouse No.I. C o. W. WICK 6 CO., :Ma nura eturen' Agezm for aa1e or-V RGINIA, MISSOURI, and KENTUCKY T<>:a.:&.cco, .&.LBO DlU.I.KRB IN LEAF TOBACCO AND CIGARS, L0111SVILL.E, KY. 'W. Tbird &D4l'opl&r 1t1., l'hilaciAilphi&, A2-T' 4 POWELL lr. WEST, .&UCTION'EER.!l U S 'VAR11:HOUSE. Tobacco Manufacturers, 1 9 S and 1 9 5 TC>::S.A.OOC> G I Co M t COllMISSlO N :MERC HANTS Am> tOMMISSION MERCHANTS, jJe. 18 llelltll Froai Street u H Letitia PHILADELPHIA. ee>llfllgDmenta o{ Tobacco .-1 Segara ooliclted. enera miDISSI00 erc,,a,n S, (OOBt ti;:f.nt .r.l.r. e Cltica.go .lit. 'Wo mn-1'e n of' Vlraln_ ia. P. Lorillard's Western Branch. TO GEOOOIO J!'OT, JoHN B. KEn. MANAOER81 ceo, FAID CICA 85 South Water Street, CHICAGO, Ill. C. GOLDSTEIN a CO., AUCTION & I n 1-rorei,gn a. n d Domeati o Leaf & Manufactured Tobaccos, Segars, &c., 16'7 "VV"a;ter &'t:ree-t, STRAus :nRos., t Chica-.4 William S t., New Y o rk. r D ( Bet. Clark and La Salle S t s.) "' L i beral :Afdva.noe made o n Consignzne ntfiiJ. SANDHAGEN BROS., "'76 TOBACCO WORKS." W holesa le Deale r s in all kinds of 1!. o Mtl'llll Y;late o t y,., H orn, Marra.r I; Co. SEED LEAF TOBACCO MIA M4SON,Ia o r ldaoon. A$D MURRAY & MASON, Jl&lUl'FACT OJWIB .XD n _.U. lmlll8 01' C I GAR S, Chewing and Smoki..>Jg Toba.oJo. 17 West Randolph Street, Noa. 22 & 24 Michigan Chicago, Ill. CHICACO, ILLINOIS BOSTOli ADVERTISEMENTS. J. L. SMITH, FISHER &. CO., Tooacco.Manufacturers' Agent, Commission Merchants, 11 & 1 3 W a bash Avenue, CHICA GO. sold to ..Jobbers only 2S CENTRAL WH.utF, BOSTON. Jl<>KAm: N l!' IOBilt, JODH N Connecticut Seed Leaf TOBACCO, 134 Main Street, HARTFORD, CONN. 126-1 88. roaacco cnowsaa' Com issj a H. B. WILCOX, ( Nos. 169 and' I 7 I Frontst., Conn. IUSEPll I. IFF, DI.U BB IX Connecticut Seed-Leaf' TOBACc:o: No. 233 STATE STREET,. HARTFORD, CONN. =---L. N. WOODWORTH, DEALER XN Connecticut Seed Leaf 21'1 State Street, L/ HARTFOBD,'Conn. J. Connecticut Seed-leaf Tobacco. EAST HARTI'ORD, COliN H. SMITH & CO.,) tfl.ercliu.Rb j J.JID I O .JIIIllltl 0 1' ConnHcllcnt Seed -Leaf Tob3C!O, ,1'1'0. 20 HAJfPDEliSTUET,, !'TJI, l J F. BlDWELL. f 8prlnaftel4o -W. n .a.u:.a:a nc Fine Connecticut Sead-Lea.f t 0 S'"A C C 0 t Danbury, Connecticut. Clr" Now on b&Dd 1108 .._crop 'II &lld '811. [1091 !1 BOSTON ADVIRTI.SFlll' N1'S. I DUHI L 8. BllOWI. J..L& B &OWW1 l B. .0" 8 OOtrLBl'O a D. S. BROWNe CO.; Dll"'B'l'DB UD W"'' QLE.A.La DA..LUS UJ, Leaf and Manufaoturecl TOSACCOt IIA.VA!U PRINOIPE. AJID DOHESTIO OIGAB& Mt-t1'SM&am a nff Hrlar P lPf"t., &u d S m okera' Anlcltt Gt:nerall y WbMt'UHI 31 aacl Ss Broacll!t.leeo .... toa.. ,-


<-.. J a .. THE TOBACCO LEA lr. "Y' _I8B BALING J. H. PEMBERTON, Tobacco Commiss'n Merchant DANVILLE, VA. Orders for Leaf promptly attended to 11ZPZR8 '1'0 & MILLBR, New York ul ted 8 king T b Jd-n G HEUIEKEN & I'ALMORE New York rQn a mo 0 acco Mesmo PLEASANTS & SONS, "Baltimore (l.l e )(< lOS THOMAS. JR. Richmond. MR GARRET F WATSON Messro J E VENABLE & CO, Petersburg. ANY SIZE PACKAGlilS OO!:.:_u_:::234:.:__ __________ :ontly to any required form. CHURCH floral decorations at all mor ern fashwnable weddings are cons1dere'-' Send for C1rcular. L!>u.ISVILLE burglars rendezvous in !indispensable. :f!M. s. KIMBA.LL. Rochester. N. J.Itll mam 1!8Wer. lftiBIAL REJENifE DECISIONS. stauped with tax-paid stamps, as required by the aot of July 20 188tt, must be so folacked and stamped at tbt THE TAX ON BIIOXING TOBACCO. expense or the O'l!mer or. bolder before being sold or Of n. 181D} fered for sale. No. 63," related only to To .ALBXANDEK FuLTON, Esq., Supervisor Internal repMkiog and vfsmokiog, tine-out cbewin!! Beyenue.-Sir: Your letter of the 1 'Tth bas tobacco and snuff, PfiPr._February 15, 188'9, and did been received. You state that laf tobacco, 10 Its na not in any way relieve ... artieles from liability to taral nate -that is, neither s\emmed nor butted,-stamp after that day.-Jk .lftumal being put 'intv a cutting-machine, is cut up, butts, SALE oF UNTAXPAID CIGA.RS UNDER FoRFEITURE. stems and all. It is then run through a nddle or IJeputy Uollector.-In a case similar to the one presentsieve 'and the heavier or thicker portions of the stems, ed by you, where a collector certain small lots of with pan of the leaf still attached, are cigars for proeedure under Sect1on 63 of the act of J u)y the finer portions of the leaf. These th1cker 13 1866 on which no tax had been pa1d, the CommiS of stem are again run through the sa me cuttlngma : The proceeds of the sale, after deducting chine or through anotrer riddle, by which 1t is made the expenses of snob sale, are to be appropriated to the as sm'all as that portien o.f the leaf whieh had previouspayment of the tax. The collector should return to tbf' ly passed through the riddle; and having been thus assessor the number of cigars sold, affix the stamps ne broken or cut up small enough, it is mixed with that cessary to cover the amount of ?ue thereon, and portio11. of the leaf which first passed through the ridfrom the proceeds of the sale cred1t h1s stamp account dle thus completin"' smoking tobacco made of leaf' so much money as shall be equal to the value of the with all the stems in"' no portion of the stems excluded; stamps affixed and the residue, if any remains over but all bnttll, stems, 'and leaf mixed in one mass. and above the' expenses of the sale and the vr.lue of the You wish to know tobacco, produced _in\ stamps affixed should be paid into the Treasury. Iftlie the thus descnbed, 1s hable to the tax of SlX cigars should not 11ell for enough to pay expenses ann teen cents or the tax of thirty-two cents per pound. the tax due the1e1m, he was authorized by law: to bid By the act of July 20, 1868, a_ tax of sixteen them m for the United States for an Jl,Ot ex per pound 18 imposed on all smokmg.tobacco, cxclu!'lVe ceeding the tax. Goods sold up9n fol'fe1ture and by_ of stems or of leaf with all the stems m, and SG sold, the order of the court must be sold to the purchaser free of leaf not' having been stripped, butted, or tax. In the case in question, the law provided no way rolled and from which no part of the stems has been by wh1cb the Governmant could stamp such goods or by siftina stripping, dressing, or in any repack the goods to comply with the requirements of other manner, before, during, or after the pro the law in respect to "randing, notices, etc. cess of manufacturiof thmr compamons who had a tax of th1rty-two cents per pound. been dtsmtssed for msultmg one of tne foremen. The If any portion of the stems 1s sifted or screened from prefect announced that' the workshop would, the mass of leaf and stems, after being cut or be opened in a. few days. The then Withdrew, ground the tobacco so produced is liable to a tax of the crowd outs1de soon after d1spersmg Without an:y cry thirt t'we cents per pound. or noise. 'l'he MaJSeilles journal that the ctgars once a separation has been made of the stems made there have been for some ttme past so bad that from th,e leaf, or any pgrtion thereof, no person. bow not one-half of cou.ld be The makers ever sk1'1ful and expert lie may be, can determine, with have now. returned to the1r duty, a arrange any degree of whether a complete ment havm!L been m!lde w1th the Imperial Man tion ha8 been made and the separated parts again reutactQry. The French papers assert that thmr wages stored. Therefore, 'the bw provides that the smoking hue been ra!sed by express orders of Emperor tobacco taxable at the r:ate ot sixteen cents per pound himself, and 1t bas h1therto not been contradicted. mast not only be made of the leaf, with all the stems JdAMHOTH ToBAsco .-This is the name .of a new kin_d in, but tbat the manufacture be such of which, we understand, was. ntroduced. m as to 'Preclude the po88lbihty of any separation of the this vtclmty a few years ago by Mr. Rtchard Damel, atem,., 'or any portion thereo who procured the seed through a friend at the Patent Tobacco manufactured in the manner described by Office. We are told that the Mammoth .when planted you implies a separation of the st.ems from the leaf, early on strong land, and is verm1tted to thoroug\tly and reoden it possible for manqfaeturer, whenever matqre grows to an eoormoua size--the leave& measur he pleases, to pat upon the market a Man of tobaooo ing frk 38 to 46 inches in length, and wide in propor containing mo':'l.or less of stems, at pleasure. I an_t, tion. A gen.tleman states to us that he has seen plants therefore of opm1on that tobacco thus manufactured 18 of it that wmgL.ed, after bemg cured, one and threeliable te of thirty-two Q8Dts per pound. quarter pounds. The difficulty t?e Yours respectfully, ful cultivatien of this tebaooo, m. our section, 1s our T. HABLAND, Deputy ComDllSSioner. seasons being rather too short for 1t to thoroughly ma ture. 'Ve understand that Me88rs. Lem. Cherry, Cbas. REST.A:MPING CfGARS. d h TRU8UBT D&:P.lBTIDINT. } Riggins, and John raising it, .m:u:e Wlt 0....,.,. 0., lln'BU.u. BanNUJO w ..... ,,.., .. o.,, March 19 1869 other kinds of tobacco, but w1th what sucoe88 we are SIR: The letter ot N. Esq., of Stillwa unable to state but from all that we can learn of the tcr, Minn., a dealer .in tobacco, referred by you to this Mammoth, we of the opinion that by hot office, bas been beds, or adopting some other means of ra1smg eatly In reply t the. mqutry con tamed I have to plants, and planting between the and tenth of May, say that all smokmg and fine-cut clle.wmg tobacco and: on strong )and, it would have suffimeot t1me to mature, snuff in the 'Q.ands of dealers must be stamped before and would far surpass all other tobaceo for stnps. beina sold or offered for sale, though a tax may have Clar!Jsville Tobacco .. 1 'd h / 'if \een previous y pat on t e NEW IN NTION FOK ROI.LING TwisT ToBAcco.-. Unstamped plug m the bands of dealers With a view to make im}lrovements in his own busi need uot be stamped uot1l J u1y 1, 1869. ness, Mr. Alexander Reid, tobacco ma'!ufacturer, !'or Very respectfully, T. n < broath, Scotland, bas patented a machme for rolhng Inspect10g Commissioner. t t to.baooo whitili promiseA to be Gf great value to Hon A:LEx. RAMSEY, U. S. Senator, Washington. 'as 'iAstead of a man rolling the twist by hand TnAuar DsPARTXXNT, } a high'wr:.,0e, a boy or gill can work the mach_ine ()&niB OJ' IJrnDAL BliVBNUII, W .l.lll!lGTON, Jda""b 26, 1860 b fi th S.m: I reply to your letter of the 24th iost., that Secwith great 'rapidity, at more t an one'?ur tioo 95 of the act of July 20, 18681 provides that after both of time, labor, and expense. By th1s lll;a- April 1 1869, all cigars otevery descriptiOn shall be ehiue there are other advantages accrumg from It. taken have been either manufactured or imported The twist is considerably less iujured, in consequence after the ""'""age of the said act, and shall be stamped of not requiring nearly so much handling as by the old rmode the rolls are also built or founded on a small ac cordingly. b b b th 1 All cigars m the ba11.ds of dealers after Apr1l 1 not bottom, anu the bass emg roug t up m e KIIIIB.&LL"S ()IMPROVED ri atic far Ire Since mtroducing my first Press to the Public improve nents have been added, makemg it Automatic in its work ng, and a great labor-saving machine, so the Granulated 3mokmg Tobe.cco is produced in a condensed form, at an 3 xpense not much greater than that attending the packing if Common Smoking m the ordinary paper packages, at m expense of 2t mills per package. 4 ounce and 8 ounce ,Jzes are packed, labeled, and stamped, and at 30 cents per gross ; 2 ounce size are ]liCked, labeled, and stamped, md put into boxes or packages for sh1pment. The Press makes etght strokes per minute, and the followmg lllus u:atos 1ts actual opera.ttons: Ten (10) packages are preued mstantly, as follows S1x 2 ounce and four 4 ounce (or tour 8 ounce) moulds are placed m pos1t10n so that at each stroke they are pressed and discharged, producmg 640 pounds 2 oz. and 4 oz., or 1320 pounds 2 oz and 8 oz per hour, one adult only, Wlth the a1d of children, 11 reqmred to do the work. 'l'his Press 1s not an experiment, but has been in operatwn, constantly, dur1ng the last 15 months, and bas proved all that 18 reprt98entee1 For further information, p l ease address, WM. S. KIMBALL, RocHESTER, N. Y. CouNTERFEIT HA.VANA CIGAR BRANDs.-ACTION BY THE LoNDON TRADE.We tind the following m the London Tobacco Review : The numerous frauds con stantly occnrring in the substitution of counterfeit for genuine Havana cigar brands has at last resulted in the founding of an association for tbe purpose of pro. tecting the trade. It was our intention to refer to this matter in our last issue, hut the arrangemtnts of tbe coiJimittee were not then complete The prospectus baR now been issued, and we understand that many of the leading members of the trade have b !if ome mem bers. The object of the association, as expressed in the prospectus, is to protect the brands, labelR, and trade marks of its members from fraudulent imitations, eman ating from any source whatever, by every stringent and legal means available; either by puttiug into operatiop the penal clause of the act of Patliamcnt, the "Mer cbandiMe Marks Act, 1862," relating to trade marks, or where occasion serves, by obtaining injunctions in chan eery; as alMo by every other legal process which may be deemed advisable; the expense being defrayed from a general fnnd, io be raised by the annualsubscripttons of members, the cases being conducted by the appoiut Pd so licitors to the association The committee consists of Don Antonio C a runcho, Don Jose Partagas, Don Hermann U pmann, Don Anselmp G. Del Valle, for Havana; and Hyam Jonas, Esq. (E. Jonas & Bro thers ) and Joaquin De Mancha, E sq. (Mancha & Co) for England. Mes srs. Luml e y & Lumley, of Old Jewry Chambers, have been appointed legal advisers to the association, and a bette r selection could not have been made, when we constder that this firm bas had very large expetience in matters relating to b1 and s and trade-ma1ks, and has already 'been mstrumental m obtammg injunctiOns in chancery against mauy f1 audulent deale1s in ciga1s. We ag1ee w1th the promoters in the opimon that to manufacturers and tmporters the ne ces Sity, and consequent ad vantages, of such an as soc iation must be obvious; and this remark applies quite as read1ly to all agents and consignees of foreign houses. Attention, however, is particularly drawn to the fact that its effective administ1ation will operate largely to the benefit ot those respectable retail traders through out the kingdom, who consistently refuse to traffic in any goods bearing a spurious brand. Any difficulty thrown in the way of the sellers of fraudulent and col orable imitations must necessarily induce confidence in purchasers of genuine goods, and thus increase the demand. Immediately upon information being received of the infringement of any brand or trade-mark, the property of' a member of the association, be will be ap prised thereof, and, w1thont incurring any costs what ever beyond his annual subscription, he w1ll be at liberty to Jirect proceedings to be adopted by the solici>rs of the association against the offender or offenders. 'l'be system is one that has been applied with great success to many branches of trade, and considering the frauds that are being almost daily perpetrated in well known brands of cigars, it is surpnsing that an earlier attempt was not made to associate members of the trade for their mutual protection. The subscriptions, which we publish below, are upon a scale to smt the means and probable requirements of the everal branches of the trade : l'er Annum. Fore1gn manufacturers, . & 10 0 Constgnees, brokers, and wholesale trader11, ll 5 o ;Retlill traders, . 3 3 o And these payments include the cost of legal proceed ings, should it be found necessary for the association to enter into them. I HINTS-FOR ToBAcco GxowERI.-The buyers all wa'Dtl latter varies in length from 3 to 20 feet, and is gener ally n,a?e of tine leather, wrought so as to be air tight and flexible. The vaRe 1s usually filled with pure water; but extr!lvagant smokers put scented water m the vases, wh1ch gtves the s e wh10 ses throuah it a ecu liarly delicate flavor. Dr. Lyon Playfair, ln his report on ttie Tobacco, at he Great Exbtbttiolll of London ltates ''"the flnes't tobacco it1 the worl cernes troO: Hay-ana. But there is only a limited area in Cuba in wh1ch choicest quality of tobacco is produced; so that whtlst Havana tobacco may generallv be of excellent quality, the best is the product of a very small area, s chietly used in the island or aa presents a vety hm1ted amount goinointo general Tobacco scarcely inferi11r0 to that from Havana has been grow,n in Tripidad and some of the Russian prov inces. Tlie mode Gf manufacture on the hand a great in .the qu'ality of tobaooo. Algerta, where the chmate 1s fanrable, the eigars are of quality, because they are badly prepared. Some c1gars made i the United States are of much gre ter excellence than many of the cigars imported from Havana, and paying the biahest auty as manufac. tured tobacco; but there is no doubt whatever that it is quite practicable to make CIn all when ladies were not pres ent, the pnVIlege sn,tokmg, as a ri$'ht not to be dis puted ; smce, he satd, It was a cood1tioo of no lipe no Parr," which he was sure to make known an 1m: on all who desired h1s acquaintance. In our ego tistical day there are ma ,ny who have adopted Parr's motto.-.illercanti Journal. Bo_Ni: DusT l'O.R TonA cco -AND VEGETABLEs.Mr. R. S. Tnce, who resrdes seven mtles northwest of this c1ty us the 'result" of his expcnruent last season w1th boae dus.t as a fert1hzer for tobacco: He used 'about 1?0 pounds to the acre, putting one spoonful in each h1ll. The tobacco grew off very thrifty and matured early, and was much Ianger than was u sually grown on the same land. In makwg th1s experiment, Mr. T. se lected. second-rate ftee-stone land, about two and a half and planted 1 ()0 hills 1n the. fairest portion of tlie land Without manuring. This 100 hlls grew very slow was late maturing-in fact, never did mature. Mr. TtIce also tried it for vegetables, with the same Tesnlt. did he it. on a transplanted sQuash vme, whiCh outgrew the VIne m the h1ll from whiCh it was drawn, and bore much earher and more luxuriant ly. Mr. W. C. Gossett, near Port Hoyal tried oone dust last season for tobacco en limeston e with un satisfactory results. He cauld perceive no difference whate ver in the growth of the plant. We think however, that Mr Tric e's experiment is suf. fimently sattsfactory to w arrant others in trying 1t on f1eestone land. It appears to be adapted to kjnd of soli, and certainly is tbe1 c heap est fert1hzer that can be used if suc h results as that obtam_e? by _Mr. T1 ice can generally be realized. As a fettil1zer, 1t IS second to none but stable manure in comparison tb whwh the cost 1s but a mt:re tnfle. The expense of a wagon and team and two hands to manure one ame w1th stable mamue, 1s suffiment to manure four acres with bon e dust. For ve..,.etables the bone dust is regarded as far supetior to masure. ToBAc c o SriLL RISING.-vVithin the past w;eek or two, the tobacco market has been unusually active and prices far all grades have ranged high. We 'have 1eretofore the h1gh figures made by several of our comm1sston houses; and th1s morning call atten tion to sales recently effected by Col. JnCJ. B. Crenshaw salesman of Williams & Frankhn, No. 40 Main Balda is an old hand at the business, and has alwars been accustomed to sell for the best prices that the market afforded. Yesterday he sold three hogsheads belonging to Guilford Perry, a colored man 10 Bedford one hogshead bringing $15, another $17t and anothe; *38 per hundred weight. The total realized by the sale was $443 15. No better sales have been made in the market this season. This crop was made by an industrious negro on a piece of rented land, w1th no other assistance than that of his two small boys. We learn that 11. number of negroes were present yesterday when this sale was made. Many of them, affected by the substantial re sults of Perry's labors, announced th!lir intention of leavig town, wl.tc1e they hardly succeed in earnmg the barest subsistence, and moving away to thA country in thol hope of meeting w\th better success. This purpose we hope wlll be generally followed for the sake of the city, which is overrun with idle and dissolute negroes and for their own sakes, because it will give them opportunity of leading more honest and respectable hves. Let the negroes be encouraged by the prosper ity that has rewarded Gtultord Perry ; remove to the country, rent a small tract of land, attend to it faith fully, and next seas?n in a crop of tobacco to pay them amply for tlie1r toiL-Lynchburg .Republican. PxoFITS oF ToBAcco CuLTURE-It is more, perhaps, than any one can reasonable expeot, to oonvino plant ers the of tobacco at prese t Rrices, ana under the 1mp!lrfect of the present day, pas ceased to be r munerat1ve, except for very few grades. The force o 'babi.ts is pt to cotinue l_ppg a(l;ef the. cir{l)l)J.lstances wliicb led to their fol'ma ti'?n have to a or4cr'of things. lt is certatdly c editable to the agruiultural enterprise of our people, that the crops of this staple grown since the war approach so nearly to what they were in the nnm her of hogsheads when the labor of rthe country was under systematic control. There is, indeed, a srnaller proportion of fine tabacco grown now than formerly, but factitious induced high prices for all, and so great has been tbl.' effect in stimulatmg produc tions in other countries, that the markets of the world appear to be glutteCI : V1rginia planters might, how even s stain themselves against all competition but for the monstrous oppression of the Government in taxing all manufactured tobacco fn so exorbitant dom obtained, .the question recurs, What profit can planters prum1se themselves by raising the inferior grades worth less than ten dollars a hundred ? They cannot reasonably calculate on cut tina more 'than six hundred pounds to the acre, and, aven:'ging lugs'lmd leaf at seven dollars, toe gross profits will not amount to more than about forty dollars, eutofwhich baa to eoq.ethe ex pemse of !land hire, guano, rent of land: and above all the time, is money. With1all the ductlons, tf he dears mnepence a day for his own attention and _labor it is probably aa mach. Through a long successiOn of years we have invariably nosioed that a season of high pri planter.s tbejr crops, and m&IIJ' not plaaterl'l hJ profession go mto the cukture of tobaoco. As a OOIINIquence, the tooked, and prioel'l oo down to a lgw see an illt18Vatioa of at the preseotj ttna .Mloagh the Virginia may not have 1n p conla do more than tliey d &he of 1867-8 stim1Jlated lllOI'8 ably situated ; lao th 1 :OEy with rich soils and 1 a I'* fo@red 'tne field. In 1867 the erop o t.liat Slate wae not more than Jtalf 111 great as the YtrginMtop. We have no dala by which 'to aciefy the orop of lm year, but from all n ;eali' has probably doabled,jf not'j f the year before. There-can bo no wonder then have bcien so mueb w;heo not orrly but Tenm31!see .and enter the: #itl4)11mpetition, with the1r lllllhons oF ric_h,,.fa agaimtt our ex baosted plantations. &tess we e ftli88tated the ease, and drawn unfounded the lesson we have to learn from all this is lanters should lib erate themselves from ... c oi(... ...,. one cror though at times it fihlble -Of al that they should only, at th-Kr&des furthermore, those wli 'ftre w 1-Bkiiled' of tobacco should engage cntiously in it. Ow; agnculture ur olillle and P?Sitl?n IJ,JVI..te us in, unmistakable termlS. More attentiOn IS needed \IU Improving our: in planting Orcbardg, cttll!ivatlng tlle gl'88!1eSr; Ta1e1hg stock, and not less in relatwn to many small t_hmgs whi?h enter in,t..o tRe ui!esalid. 9omforts of qail1 hfe. To g1ve one's-t\mc to one crbp. het cotton or tobacco-has to ll)Var else, and to )'etard prosperi'YRichmond IJi.spat c h. r j INTERN!L REVENUE ltUTTii:.IS. In the case of Inspector Bernar e rged attempting to blackmail a Cigar-dealer namecf Burlisg hoff, Abraham Feucbtwaozer testified thaihe trans latt.d affidavit on which H&s was arrested; he t:anslated1lit from E;nghsb jnto German, because d1 !lot ,upderstand English; he did not see Bur!mgbo s1gn tt,)>ut he heard him say that it was whether he would sign it o.r not ; not bo cause It was false, but because be did not kbo its purpose. The brought se 'v11ral witnes!ICis, one of that tt w s not Bu linghoff'i! store u, the t1me meutwrl!cl as t}!e date f he blackmai1i anuther swore that Burflnghoff not a good m'1;, and the tb1rd swore tb had Hess, and expres1ed regret that iie hail not chop}Sed.. h1lll; w1th an ax, and th Mr. Bhrijoghofl: had used la!lguaj!e. As Mr. Hess was the complainant m sUits _agamst Frdild, Li around each end of the bunch, they will not only keep straight, but will be in good shape to handle m p1ling away this winter, and convenient to handle when you want them into the field nex t August. Our last hmt 1s to that reader who has any fact bearing upon the best method of curing tobacco light-colored, to give it to the public througll tlie columns of The changes, the proportim of mfetior to fine is about as ten to one. A!lowing, therefore, that the higher grades for manufactunng, and the heavy grades for sbippiog, may be grown to profit, what sball we say of the vast amount of lugs nnd inferior leaf-light, chaffy stuffselling at from four to eight or even ten dollars a bun dred? Considering the re q uirements of tbe tolJacco been dealt 10 smce _oar last, and the new feature to notice Is that some sb1pments, mostly on ow ac count, have been made, in order to elnde the pa 1; of the enhanced duties which will be establish d n and after the 1st proximo. Chewina is scarcee 0d small lots would bring 823@24 per 16 bxs. mfd. The exports of the week have beeu York, 281 tcs. and ibs. tobaooo, 58.l ooo and 200 cigarettes; to New Ol'leans, '40. 000 Cigars; to Philadelphia, 5,000 do.; to Barcelo 48,000 do. Very respectfully, commissions to the following gentlemen as illspectors T. HARLAND, Deputy Commissioner. and weiahers of tobacco in this city for the ensuing RETAILING SMOKING TOBACCO, TB'K.t.I!IUBY DBPARTJlJ:KT, } o:rnoB o lln1mN.u.. BanNUJI, W .lOBINGTON, Feb !8, 1869 =six: Your letter of February 22, in relation to tobacco, addrlieve, however 1that the on ental hookah, w bich in the East Indies an l.mportant article of eyery gentleman's establishment is superior to any of our smaller portable pi pea. hookah is a complicated apoaratus, eonsisting of a chau,ff'oir, or bowl, a watervaie, and a long tube. The crop-that it monopolizes all the fertilizing material on the farm, and that it demands unremitting attention for a whole year in the cnltivation and preparation for market, to say nothing of the casualties to which it is liable-less than a hundred dollars per acre cannot be consitlered a fair return. This would necessitate the production of a thousand pounds at ten dollars, seven hundred pounds at fifteen dollars, or five hundred pounds at twenty dollars. Now, a thou sand pounds tol the acre is tbel maximum pr.dact on any land, but on strong, heavy soilR, with liberal manur ing, it may be had. Seven hundred pounds of tine leaf, worth doll.ars, may also be obtained, ltut perhaps only on v1rgm so1ls ; and the same may be said of the five hundred pound product at twenty dollars. To achieve these results requires also the most skilful en couragement, which the great body of our planters can hardly be said to possess. If, then, these results only can be regarded as profitable, and moreover sel. PREPARING GROUNJ? FOR A ToBACCO BEn.-For ;ais land slopmg toward tbe south is and If 1t 18 by wood, so much the better, Spread brush thwkly upon the ground, and bum it so that the earth scorched to a con!liderable Spade the s01l deep, and mellow it thoroughly Wlth ho sowing, the seed should be iotu:a:el m1xed w!th r.laster or ashes, so that it may be mofe evenly Sow one-half of the seed upon pre soil, and the_n pass the rake lightly over it. After t.his, sow the remamder of the seed, and roll the surface and Home. FROM the repert of the Agncultural Department for February, we learn that thll culture of tobacco 10 Florida 1s confined to two or three counties and that l t d. L f crops as year were ea 18 selhng there at 20c.@3!j per pound. e. THE P?les tttreaten to up= srnokiog rather th use Russtan tobli>Cco. a.


Composed of TaoMAs HoYT and J HN F. FLAGG, No. #>4 PEARL STREET. NEW YORK, M:mufacturers of all at FINE CUf AND MOKING Anhu.r Gillender & Co Lico:aicE PAs J 8tl'oca8018 '1'0 --' .JOJII UDEUOI & 00. SOLACE TOBACCO, 114, lifi1 annll1 ... 3.1L GIESELMANN, Manufacturer of all kinde of C1IEWING AND SMOKING James' C. 132 FRONT STREET, ... Or, Boz fiB, p, o., N' :m -.gv -r C> :Fl. Exclusive .Agent for the BraHd of j A. 0. C. is. now ready to Supply Tobacco Manufacturers and Dealers With hls recently impro ed make. I 159 Ludlow J!{cw Yorlc. Parties will find it to th ei r interest to ascerta in prices before JlUrchasing else wh,ere. WM. H. GOOOWlN I. CO., IIA.It o 'laa-otrl' BW YOB.Jt BROKERS. & co. '1 ':f.; -J EXTRA a m!ihufacturers and the trade in general aM particuiarly requested to exa mine and teSt the superioc properties o f thiS LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfection, is offered under the above &ty1e of brand We are also SOLE AGENTS for the rand F. G. Ackaowledged by consumers to be the best in the mazket. And for the brand of I :;,icorice Shck G. B. In all respects equal to CALABRiA. We are also AGEl{:rS for the brand r G. Z., which will be found constantly on hand. Licorice Root, select and ordinary, constantly on hand. GODZ, WALLtS & CO., 2.9 & 31 Sou&h Wllllalll POST-OFFICE BOX 259. T Whole-le and BetaU. Eotablislted i n Eo rope 1839 Eatablllb.ediDNew'York, 111M. ltepairing, ello Pipes and Holders or any deeign, with Mot;'ograms, etc., cut to order Ambers, Weich..,l Stems, Cues, etc. STORES; 27 Jolm, middle of the block, .. ND 485 Broadway, nea.r Broome. POST-GI'PIC& BOX, 15,8411, M. MORRI SMOKERS' AND CIGARS. ----., And 11ther wellknOWll Blanda el SmoJring Tobacco, PACKED IN POCKET POUOH:ES. Patented Deo.. 3d, 1867. 130 NORTH 'BALTIMORE; MD 'No'!'WJ'.-All !nfr!Dge menla upon our pateut, wbereva mallufactnm or EuoeJm :roa S.u.JO, 'Wlll be proee. ented. TQBACCO, SNUFF. CIGARS. .THOMAS HOYT & co. Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, .&.D Da.u.Da Ill LL aDllll ftd" 1111b Jlng fobuco. tUn & 208 WA'I'ER.ST., PHILIP _BERNARD, BROKER II lX Domestic Segars, 99 rearl and (l2 Stone Street, rz E w v Wassermann, & J ,oseph, Totiacco Machinery ,"IMPORTER j Composed of -raoMAS Ho,cT and JoHN F. FLAGG, t 'sUCCESSORS TO HdYt, FLAGG & CO., jo5 SEQQND STREET, LouisviLLE, K?. OUR BRAND Fine Cut Chewing, :SUNNYSIDE, I DELIGHT, SWEET OWEN, NATIONAL, ROSE BUD IIWftiL F._W. BELDEN,, LEAF TOBACCO, 194 Water Street, NEW YORK. Oneida Tobacco Works and Seaar D. BUCHNER, (Silcu .. or to JlOBITCHECK .f., 'L'AUSSIQ) :MANUFACTuRER OF HARTCORN & HAHN. FIN"E CUT :1.48 W A..TEB STBEET, !lll-264) New York. CATTUS & RUETE, ([.nha,crn No. 129 Pearl Street, NEW YORKe 'CHAS. E. FISCHER lr. BBO., Bas. 130 and 132 Wa.ter St., (Cor. PtN1!!1 ) NEW YORK. ARB Chewing and Tobacco FREDERICK FISCHER, AND cleARs, Tobacc o Broker, ,0. I 50 Water Street, .Havana stxe, Cheroot .. '' NI:W YORK. 256 Delancey New York. JL VlESTHEIM & CO., No. 2 Hanover Buildings, (HANOVER-SQU A.nE,) DEA..LEDS IN' ]ifass Li[oricc, ),I so. F. W. Sterry & Co.,. IMPORTiRS, Dealers in Specialties FOR Tobacco Manufacturers, PATENT Powdered Extract Liquorice Nos. 2 & 4 PL!TT STREET, Meerschaum, Iutitation and Also, A CENERAL LINE OF SMOKERS' ARTICLES, 285 Broadway co .. ) NEW YORK. ""TOBACCO BAC S." ,V. B. AS'])EN & CO., Manufacturers of allkinds of ALFRED s. JAFFE, Successor to Weller, Lederer & Co., Importer of all kinds of bacco Bags, Smokers' Articles, etc., AND 84 WILLIAM ST .. FOUC::F.r:ES, corner:Maidenlane, NETV YORK. DB S'tree't, Paris Rue du Temple, 100. Vie:ma, Schoellcrbof, 100 NEW YORK. --LABELS For Caddies, Navies, Pounds, etc., FURNISHED BY HATCH & CO., Lithographers, 218 Broadway work tob:l.CCo e.tems or scrat-s bas been eo improved that no nail or any other hard sub!tan ce, always f ound among tobacco, cannot damage or atop the working or th is machine. It baa. capac ity from 1,000 to 2,000 lb. per day. W e also keep constantly on band the beot TOBACCO-CUI MACHINES and TOBACC(} GRANULATORS, with all the latest improvement BORGFELDT & .DEGHIJEE, 35 ,CEDAR ST. N. Y. A geDt C r fbe _:rew England StateP G. Kaan, lS Cen tr&l&r;reet. Boston. 1\To Box Mould 1POBACCO BOXES & S earm Brothers, ,..,-DU.LERS L."i H.. lrU ... XUP..CTrrRt:a oF ALL rums OJ' BOXES AND BOX-SHO,OKS, E'ut up a .') d Shipped for t.he Southern h!tar ket W e spedal atwntton to the mft.D.ufa.cture of TOBACCO BOXE aoACTUBBBII o mucruaaqcr..uc Em>OOI F I E c R s JQJiN J. CRQQKE CV!' TOBACC9 187 PE.&.RL STREET. uu .... omm oil IIEW YORK. T0A"r0 fOil & 0 OTTlr rAPS SNUFF. Bpeoiat anouon called to ou ce!ebnted or 0 Lt. J) [ t, ftOBE, 110 Water..treet. liUlflJFACTORY, 97 ,COlumbia-st. NEW-YORK. B. KICE.LL :SDW 1 D N L-' WRIImC& VHAS. JOliN G : Y4MCEY, .:.f Wlln'U C:o,1 N.C. w. B SMlTB, or &.u Arru, So .\:Co 110. 38 CROSBY STREET. ...., N .. OSCAR PROLSS ._ co,, lli:PORTEB8 OJI' ALL Kll0)8 OJ' rowosaso ttQuotucs. r FINEST QY4LITl'. Manufactured tt Ptligi'lkeepsie, New-York. I GIF,FORDI & INNIS 110 WILLIAJl-BTREI:"; 56-67 NEW' -!:LICORICE PASTE. XREMELBERG & CO., JXPO&T,I:R8 o _. K. and "J. C. y Ca Brand. We oft'er for sale t.o manufacture:-a HD4' thP trRde tn enl the taperlor and well estJibJls}\cd n f Llcorlc.'Pute. K.. k 0. aad J. C. y Ca, expreaaly made ror mark:t J:tnd perfectly DRYER. efll.>,p.ft!' J'or Call add..-CiOCLEN 4 Buqe To'bJoo Kallhine Works, ......, D.A. YTON. OHIO. This Cutter took t .hel MEDAL at the GREAT PARIS EXPOSITION. LUKE POOLE, Esq.,. No. "\VATER STREET, NEW YORK, _________ Ia-'-t .....,he Authorized Aa:ent. 1 N. C. READ, COMMISSION MERCHANT F o r tho Purchase of all description s c f J. W. PARROLL, Sole M anufactu rer of the }'amous and World renowned Brands Qf Virginia Smoking Tobaccos, 1 WM. JlcCAFFIL, liDCCIESSO& '1'0 Chichester & Co. YIROIIIA AND NORTH CAROLINA TOBACCO AGENCY. __ Yancey & li!h;n.i:th, COMIVJISSION MERCHANTS, N'o. aa s-t., NEW YORK SEYCAR' RIBBONS, 'No. 25 White Street, FINE CIQARI RICHMOND, T A.. P. p. Box. 612. LONE JA.CK and BROWN DICK; JD:-ucactory, 12th Street. LYNCHBURG, VA. !)I BOWERY, NEWYORK, IM.J>{)t\T&R .Uo'D D.K,.LitB UK Leaf Tobacco & !Segars. Jkolo !II&H'Uilo.ehlrer of l)Je rtLEBRATED BO'UQUET SJlOKING TOBACCO, 10 qu"ntith s LO tiUl' pur f u r {'.e!ebrated Sootet\ for pteki"Vill.l( tht teetn 11nt1 'l'he S uuJf .J.r ovt: r tile couutr\'.llUt l t!1:"t""eM" tor\tJe tdlO've lt be lt tu.l by t.ile.kt-!Jhlf ,..,.;. m, tJJ' hMrr.J I rt Smoking rM.ttcco of a.ll J.:.ioda -.. Mol&o a h'thlnftf F ... -S. S:OMONSTON & BROTHER, e-cut Chewing and Smoking TOBACCOS, 113 & 215 Duane-St., !lew-York. ..,.,.. OBLEOOjl.ftl> JllWIIMI : l.tEVIVER OO"RE!f ..... t8LDliN 1\lUl.. EI)WARD A. SMITH, Manufacturer of Fine Segars, .131 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. NEW-y'OBK. T. N. HICKCOX &. CO., STENCIL PLATES, Plalo and Fancy1 for Tobac.tAl, BURNING BRANDS, for :igars, 280 Pearl St., New York'. HA ___ ..__...:__ ___ ........: cmCULAB t' P.M. DINC.EE ... TOBACCO BOXES' Corner Sixth ana Louu Stree:t,s. COMMISSION MERCHANT. Patented April 26, Ul6'7. A. HAMMACHER & CO., Agents, :tll Beekman St., N. v. SPANISH CEDAR, AND .A.LL FOREIGN & DOMESTIC WOODS. 277 Creenwich St., Bet. Hurray and Warren, NEW y Wilt ZIBSSER & CO., Tobacco Sealing Waxt I :n, WILLIAM c NEw' JESSUP & MOORE, 128 William Street, N. Y PAPER WAREHOUSE. & llanufactured only at the oteam worb of L L. A.KxroTBAD, Lynchburg, Vo. :pepotat.Lnn>IIKDIIIBoa. ot; Co., 90 Water ot., N .Y. J'OH::N BBAMM, !lucoor to BB.I.BJD: ol:. BBOTMBBS, 28 Atlantic-at., Brooklytl, lfJJWAoroaa o .lLL DliDB or ChcWill! and Smoking Tobarco, BJICJAU, ri.Dd a Ladyfeot A. T ;BRIGGS, o .. Tobacco Barrels, Flowr Barrele, MolaeeM C&ak, Water and all kln


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