The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (8 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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T29-00202 ( USFLDC DOI )
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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. Tobacco Trade. of the United States: The Largest' Special Trade .Paper in the W o ... Ja t VOL!7XS V No NEW YORK, JUNE oO, 1869. 1 C. ,PFIRSHING, 142 Ft7L'l'OII &rum. 'I'Jmiiir Te.xtor, C. F., H8 Water. lw tile 1)0111!14efM, ltlllell ac-M,urur&CTUI!.US OF TOBACCO. ._,..d Buchanan & Lyall, Water. 1 ............... til 8 S. & Bro ., 213 & lll6 Duane. Gltt--J H., lMI Ludlow. 115 Duane. ... -lei1ll,and 11'71Aberty. ...-on U.e tint $188 j>er F. A. & Bro., 328 Vfaehington. lJoO.d'.,nn, W B. & Co., 207 aDd 1(10 Water. .-, $D. No deviatl .. ti.;rt;"1'homa & Co., 40-ll'earl. 111:..-=:....,., F ,.w4 haoh C. 8t Co., 2&& QD=.. m;. 111 C. H., 217-221 Wuhingt011. Mrtia ard, P., 16, 18, 20 Chambers. 1n the adYcrtteemeDh have 14 pin, D. B & Co., AYcue D. wtll l!e COlli kle, A. H. & So11l!, llO ljy lbe correepol>dlng -eudeeker, L 8 ., 143 Water. '1'11111 'rile wln 1M.IJ:IIl4!IM' lie ....... 10. hrl & Lyons, 2t tulton. .... oBBIGo iooeer Tobacco Factory 16'7 We.ter. OOLD VALu..., .. "' .Rapp, S 711 Fulton. 6'Nelt Scheider, Joe. & Co., 75 Bowe['f. $1 fOW e. Wo.tta 'H. H., 255 East Houston lU.NUPACTURER3 OF C[Q4Ril. 11. akillinJ .. 0.2l,i 1d. peDDY. .. .. .. .. .. 0.&2,0 1&. f\oanc................ .11! lcr: oeati111e. .............. o.M,lS Drool!:, ?.[.1 329 Bowery. Frnnlt, Beutteomneller &: Co., 96 J[a.iden IA. Harteom, & Hahn, I ISO Wlltl!r 11. lloria or ....... lvt. cent.. . .. .. .. o.oo. ..,.___. 1rtb. ............ Ust lgl$. grollt ... 0.01,0 (9) e-liitrg, .lMbtf, ere.' lm .......... 0.86,C lac1l. acbel!Uil. . . 0.02,1 :roUIOI( WsiOBTa .-A kilogrunme equals ,.10686 lbl. ; a Jbo..., pflutd a tllll lhe; a ,Hamburg pfi!M equla-1.06'191 lbl. keres Tn.-J'\II.CUt, l'lng, fwtlt, 'roo ,...,_ by had, from 1_, !do & codftlea llo be. .---oo, or --prep&re4, wttbe!Jt 4be UA IIIIIGbllla 01' inaV1J-a, .u wUh001t beins tn--' or md on all o\her kinds baboo potbefebt otherwise pn'ridN fbr, 118. ,-lb.; 8mek:IBI tol*clo, ttlolltrelyof ...... or of ll!af, wl&h &ll tile .. in aad 40 aol4, ibe 1..C aot ba'rinC I&Nrioaely buttecl, or rolled. whicfl no or the 11111111 hue .,. .ep.rate4 by atftlnc. drftSinr, Ill .. ,. --...-. ilthef befe, dur or after 11M of _.raecurm, ; SbonB refilM ol.._t abew 1q Wbaooe which hu DUit4 tarough a tillodie eC thirty-six meshei to Ute blah 'II ar aiftblg ; reftlle ii.Dd ..W..plllp 1lf lob-, lie.,.""' Oa Glpn ol. _. _.el fo &1lJ hfljlpt4 &Wnl'or, per iiiiB4; oo !l'e!pi, noi ...... powtd pertit-.ntl, 1 d! I* tlt011 .-; wbenwei8hiilsnllilllcAreep01mda .-.-4. ea"" .......... Oa &d' er or eny for dq, damp, ,pick!.ld, acented, or otner1riae, or all deecrip<&ioM, wtteD prepared for dee, a tu of Stc. jpll'lb. And 1111'1111'-Aear, wlaen eoi.J, 01' re-.d For q80l' -P'ka. sbd be tued u 1.11d aball be II-' liP ia package& and etampe4 in \hto same tnallller u ...,.11'. '1'41Uft'. -l'ore1Jtn Tohaoco, dut;r 35c. pet poud, gold. Cigars, $2 per .pound and 25 per oeat. Oil .............. lm i-ted cigan1 a.IM bear an lnterual Re v cas: or a per to be paid bJ"'"'P" at the Guatom .House. (Re.-enue Act; 93.) 01' ADTDTIDlU. -:o: NE YORK; TOB.A.CCO W .._llEBOUSES .. Agnew W., & 284 and 286 Front street All'!IJ, Julian, 172 Water. 1 Baker, B. C. Son c\: Co., 142 PearL !Belde.., F W ., l6S Water. Bellrim!l, B. & D. 124 Water. :Blakemore, :Mayo & Co., 41 Broad llowne, R. S. & Co., 7 Burling Slip. 'llramhall & Co., 166 Water. :B)llkley & :Moore, 74 li'root. Ce.rdoz&, A. H. & Co., Front.. Cohn & Smith, 173 W&,er. Connolly & Co. 'l'hter. Birach, D. & Co., 174 Wo.ter Hincbhora L. & Co,, 110 Water. Kaaprowics, S 157 Water Kerbs, A, 85 Bowery Lee, Wm., -i89 Pearl. !layer & Ebeling, 187 Pearl. Smith, E. A :, 131 lime. St.raltou, Schmi" & <>rnl, 1 U Pearl Voli'er & :66 Froat. Alii) DSAL.. Mienberg Jll'., Sixth ave. Jacl>lly, S., 1114 Pearl. Miranda, Felill, 1Vlf Pearl. Pappenbeimer M., 83 Broad Rosenwald, E. I; Bro., lU Water. nPORTBB8 OF l!AV.UU. 'fOBACCO. Vayorg11o, J.ll., 14 Cedar. Schroeder &: Boo, 178 Water. 01' 11lf171'1', Appleby & Helme, 133 Water. Goetze, F. A. & Bru., SiS W aahingtloa. Lorillard, P., 16 Obambers. UCPORTJ:IL8 OF lPU, STC. ) l Bolkett & Siefkea, 91 tlt&ssi, C. to Llberb'. W8.8!1erw.aan, Paiesler & Joseph, 2311 Broad way. lliPOBTUs 01' CLAY PIP& Batjer, H. lit Brother, 61 Water. J. H. &: 146 rout. Luytis Brotben, 166 .l"rrllt. ll.i.Jroi'AC'I'UB.a8 01' 11UB80Kll'll hllak I; Son, 2T John ana Broadway. IIIPOIIUU 0. HAV.i.lrA l!fOABS. De B&r7 1: lmag, U Bfo&d. .fran' L., Ph. &; J., 89 Beave.r JlO'Oirl'EBa O:r LICORICB :PABTB. Dui rier & Oo., 9 Whitehall. Ecbeertla, ll. & Co., 20 Beaver. Francia, A. P., 102 Pearl. Gomez, W allia & Co., 29 end Sl S. William. Krewelberg & Co., 160 Pearl. McAndrew, J. C., 132 Pronto VOI"rio, H. 11., 101 Pearl. eavor &. Sterry, 1<1 Platt. LICOUCJ: POWDER DE4LEI!.8, Appiel>y k Helme, 1aa Water. Gill'ord, Sher!D&D & Innis, 120 William. llol'rie, H.)(., 9lJ Pearl. SPECIALTIES FOR TOBACCO M:ANUFAC TURERS. Sterry, F. W. & Co., 24 Cedar. FLAVORING OILS, BEANS1 ETC. Bull, B, W. & Co., 44 Cedar. Sli:I!DLE.u' TIJBAOIJO lNSPEO'l'ION. Linde, F. C., & Co., '76 Greenwich stree&. TOBACOO PRKSSEB.S. Guthrie & Co., Front. VANUF OF AorU,JtERS o PLUG TOBACCO. Murray & Mll8on, 174 & 176 W" Ullman S J. & Co., 61) Water_ J I 1 l\UNUBAOTURUS or T Q B.I.C C O Heart C. B. & Co., South Water. CINCIRNATI. TQBACOO Au'dT\OB W A.l!EIJOUSU. Bodmann CharleS & Co., IS7-&e Water. Casey & Weat F..Oo'lllUUF&CTURJ:&S A.l'iD( 00:'1<11'.88101! llli:BI!B Ntl! I ot r.. fo.tAOOO. & SOn, 411.. Walnut. Hafer, Holmes & Oo. 25 est Second. DULKilS IN LJ:.U r6aAcdo. Beauden Bear111 Bro., HH-1116 Pearl. Eggert, Dille & Co., Si West. Second. Fringant P. & Co. 4-7 W J'ront. Mallay Rich. & Brother, '115 West Front. Meyer Hy ., tiS I MAin. Sengsto."\: &Wemig, 46 W. Front. I YounK & Dng&n West FrGnt lUNUUCtUlliRS, t)ll>OMBRB, 4KD DIALIU Or 0\04B8. Fuhrmann, V., 7 Main. Krohn, 'Feiss & Co., 1>3 W e.t Fourth. Lowent!l al, S. & Cll., 76 Main. StraB!er'Louis, 1E7 W a! nut. Zins Jacob & Bro., 167 Centnl an. CO Jl!IGTON1 J[Y, Glore, 1. A.. P. &.Broa., 15,17 & 19 W. '1tbl SuUinn, J. T. & Oo., Kenwu l'o. b. Ware ho.-, Greenup. D.&N:atlBYo ()ONN. Graves, G. W D.&NVJLLE, VA. S H HoJJand & Co. Pemberton J. H, D.& 'TO :No o. & Graffiin, Pease's Tobacco-Oattlng EA.IIT a::&R'Jl.OBD, C .111. Chapman, R. A. Siguor J HAHTIPOBD. CONN, ll.\.NUPACTIJIUI:RS AND DI.A.Lu& .Adams, e H. & Co., 137 Slato. Barnee & Jerome, 23H St&te. Buruham J, D. & Co, 'i7 and 79 Asylum. Haas Brothers, 282 Main. Pease H. & Z K 222 and 224 State. Seymour, D. M lll9 and 161 Shepard & Fuller, 2H State. Sisson & Hathaway, 1 34 Main. Westph&l Wm., State. Woodruff, JosephS., 233 State. LOlJISvtLLE, KY. Finzer, J. & Bros., 18 Third. Robinson, A. L. & G Factory, 48 Fourth Warehouse and Salesroom, 137 Main. Wicks, G. W. & Co., 102 Main ITHA.(JA, N, Y. Grant H. J & Co., 1 East State. L Y:NCHB'VRG, V .&. Armistead, L. L. Carroll J W. Stone, John W., 193 M>tio. IU:ONTGOMEB l', A.L.&. Wo.rren & Burch, 88 Commecc NEWARK, N. S. Brintzinghotl:er, W. A., 374 Broad. Campbell, Lane & Co., 95 Broad. NEW ORLE.&NS, LA.. Crawford, E. M. & CQ., 168 Water. DeBraekeleer & l'oote, 94 Beekman. Dohan, Carroll & Co., 104 Fron\. Dubois & Vandervoruellus, 96 Water. Oatman, Alva, 166 Water Ottinger B1others1 119 Pe.vl. ialmer & Scoville, 170 Water. !'e.rker, S. M., Co., 181 Pear' Paulitsch, 11., H8 Water. l'eanall, M. R., HJ'i PMrl. Pfllry, H. L., Water. J'lat.t & N ewtoo, 117 Front. l'rice, Wm. M. & Co., 119 K&iden lane. Read, Isaac, M Pearl. Reiemann, G. &; Co., l7t Pearl. Bosealmam, A. il Oo., 161 &!mOD, )(. & lil., Slld.idc Salomon S., 192 P-rL Schottenfe!a, ll. & J ., US W a"'r. :flchover ling iff & Oo., 192 Pearl :Scbube.rt a & Co., W&&er. Seligsberg, Cohen .. Co. 1411 Walter. Seymour, Colt a Co., Pead. Siebel & Giebel, Water. Henry &: -8heftield, 49 BeaV'Ilr Smttb, W. B., -it t!pingarn, &. A: Oo., i Burling allp. 'f!tein, & Co., 19'1 Duane !t. Strehn & Beitzeaaieia, 1 '16FroU+ Tag Charles F., 17-4 Front. Tbterman, Kuebler & Co., Jt8 Water. T 'flt. B. & i!uaa, 172 Pearl "Vige!ill81Wm., 176 Walter, R. S., 20a PtMl Weil & Co., 611 Pine. 'Weatbeina, M. & Co.,l'T'T PearL 'EOIIA004a--. aem.rd, Plill., l4B Water. il.illl> ..... --. TOBACCO SI:A..LING WAX. Zinsser W & Co., 197 WilHam. TOBACCO llAGS. A.steo, W. B. & e., 25 Pearl. SEWING lU.CHINES FOR TOBACCO llAGS. Empire Sewipg Machine Co., 294 TOBACCO BOXES. Hammacher A. l Co., 62 Beekmi!Jl. ABTICLBS BTO, J affie, A. B 84 William STENCIL PLATES AlP> BURNING BRUDS. 'Hickcox T. N. & Co. 280 TOBACCO PAP.BR W AREHOUSL J eBSup & Moore, 128 William. TOB.iOCO BARILELS. Briggs, A. T ., 64 Rutger Slip. PATENT CIGAR MACHINJ!lB. John, 180 & 132 M&iden lane. UlPROTID KI:RCJ.!iTIL& AGENCY. Bradstreet, J. M:. Ai Son, 247 Broadway. TOBAOOO lUCHtNE WORK, Ehrsam, G, C., 76 & 78 Elm. Molntoach Brothers, 184 Lewis. PBI IITBB AI!D JLlNUPACTI7RKR or CiGAR A!(l) TOBA.CCO B &GS. Wood R. J.G., 173 Greenwich. SC.l.LI.S, Sampson Scale Company, 240 llroadwe.y. BA.LTiliiORE. TOBACCO W .t..B.IBOUSKS. Beck G. H. & Co., 60 Sootb Gay. Bolenius, G. H ., 202 West Pratt. Boyd, W. A. & Co., 33 South. Brauns, F. L. & I.Jo., 11 Cbeapside. Gieske, L. & Co., 42 South Charles. Gunther, L. W., 90 Lombard. .K:erchoff & Co, 49 S. Charles. Loose, C. & Co,. 62 South Chules Ps.ul, Wm., 4H Westi Baltimore. Schroeder, Jos. & Co., 81 Exchange Place. VAN1JI'A0'1'11UI1S, liTO. Beck, J'. W. & Co., 180 North. F'elgner, F. W., 90 and 92 Soutlt Cbarlee. Ga.!!, G. W. & Ax, 28 Barre street. Parlett, B. F. & Co., 92 Lombard. &..feld S. & Oo, 68 Exchange placo. Wel8h Wm. .t Sou, 2'7 South Gay Wilkens & Oo., 181 West Pratt. MABD'I'.ullllaSBB 01' Clii4BI. G.tll GUitar, Goa a,r-. / PHILADELPHIA., TOBACCO W AREB.OUSIS. Boyd, Foug e ray & Co., 61 North Third Bucknor McCo.mmon & Co., 37 North Water Dob m & Taitt, 29 N' orth Water. Edwards, I L. & G W. 126 North Water. Eisenlohr, Wm. & Co., 117 South Water. Geyer & Hiss, 62 North Front. McDowell & Duncan, 89 North Water. 11oore, S. & J., 107 Noth Water. Teller Brothers, 117 North Third Van Schaick B. A., 16 South Front. Vetterlein & Co., Ill Arch Woodward Brothers & Co., 47 N. Water. XA!IUPACTUILERS, DBALJIRB, BTC. Bamberger L. &; Co., 3 North Water. Batchelor, Bros., 380 & 337 North Third. Bremer L. Sons, 322 North Third Hare, Th.;& Son, art of our Western friend!! to quarrel. Between Cincinnati, Louisville, Clarksvifte Paducah, and other Western tobacco centres seems to be a perpetual wrangle, which never any definite conclusion, and results in but ean tinual bad blood. Is this state of a:!Jairs necessary for the welfare of the Western tobacco trade ? Willi!OIIle one inform us ? WE regret exceedingly that Commissioner Qsbot'll should have rendered the decision be did in the cMe of the cigar-dealer Hines. He hM, heretofore, the respect of the trade by refhsing to commit himself to any of the toolish theories propounded to him b)' crazy revenue officials, but in attempting to pttt words in the mouth of Conjtress, in the face of the ex plicit provisions of act of July 20, 1868, we think: he has tranf!Cended his powers and erred widelyinjudJt ment. Congress expressly places a penalty on tiie selling, or for sale, after April 1, 1869 any imported cigars without beirig le.,.ally stamped' aull packed, but expressly omits any penalty for such s&le, or offering for sale, of dome.stt'c ci., In the face of this omission, however the Commi sioner takes 1t upon himself to say that Con!M'e88 ;,.. tended to place the same penalty on both violations Oil the law S11ch an all8umption of authority is nnwar-rantable. -Fortunately, all the humor in this sad wo\-ld ia not confined to tbe laity. One of the most brilliant wits of' this, or any 'other age, was the Rev. Sydney Smith, ol England. A good story is told of another Eogliah cl-. gyman, the Rev. Rowland HilL Tha.t gentlemau1 J


THI: revenue offic1als are "after" the lottery dealers. "Vf! e are glad to find some oUler p o eom miy lles1des the cigar aJoers Tavored \V!th thell' atten tlons. -r.:s telejp'ajh reeen\ly ell us that'toba.cco and elll have ished in t.he Cherokee an Choctaw countries, and their produce is from taxation. One of the fa.ct.Qriea is within three m1les of Fort Smith These are eld f\ienda, th.11 blockade ruunen, whom the efficient stamp system bas driven from i;he more ci"Tilized portion of the country. ONE of the brightes t daughters of New J e rsey r e cent \ y became the wife of a Danish diplomat The weddmg took place m a Dutch Reformed Church, and the officiating cler _gyman was a who perfo ed the ceremony aceordmg to the Ep1scopalian ritual' the bridegroom himself ltemg a Lutheran. The leas t the offspring of this-quadruple all1ance can do m acknowledgment of the e n tente cordiale een divergent deno.lllinations woulit to become angels of religious tolerai;lce. Wx notice that Gen. B. F. Butler and Judge Barnar'd j)&id a visit on Monday morning to the court room presided over by our petzt City Judge Bedford-the representative of the ''young Democracy" of the Emptre City. In speaking or his honor, Judge Barnard, our sparkling contemporary rrhe &m, thus refers to what it is pleased to term "The of ihe World": Not VaoclerbUt'o lllog Not old Stewart' cub, Nor WOIIIIID'I forgivlnC Nor Delmon1C01fl emub," Not Wlaltllll(e otnet cl8111llug Nor Jerome'e famouelaeb, Ba.t tbat IOIJIODI adoroment George Barnard'e monstacbe.n WE regret to earn tbat mistakes sometimes creep mto enr Tax-returns, as publ1sl;led by us monthly. The fault oea not lie a.t our door, as we take the greatest pains to print them exactly as they are furnished us by the officials, and we cannot hold ourselves responsible for the mistakes uf others. The proper course ourfriends to pursue when &bey find themselves incorrectly returned, 1s to obtain the proper figures from Mr. Isaac Harvey, No. 83 Cedar street, and we will willingly make the necessary correction No one concerned ill the preparation of tlie tables has the slightest interest in perverting th em, and any errors tl1aL ap Jlear in them are purely accidental. Even with the greatest care, mistakes will sometimes occur In the case of John Hines, one of the cigar dealers ebarged liefore Commissioner Of> born with having sold &11d offered for sale cigars not properly stamped, the Commissioner decided as follows: It is claimed by deieodant's counsel (ex-Deputy Commissioner Harland) that the evidence in this case shows that 'the defendant eold domestic cigars out of domestic boxes, and that under section 94 of the statute covering the case the de fendant should therefore be discharged. I hold that eection 94 should not -be conl!tructed so as to defeat the obviou11 intention of Congress. The wording and apirit of the law on the subject of the manufacture of cigars and the selling and exposing them for covem domestic and imported cigars al1ke; and although, technically, the part 94. ap plies in words, only to Imported c1gars, or ctgars to be yet, secti?n 85. ai the statute covering tbe case, taken m connectiOn wttb eection 94, it is plain Congress must have 1111d did mean, to prohtbtt the sale of both and imported cigars in every way, except as laid down a'?d J>reseribed in section 94 ; and I am clearly of the opmIOU that if the defendant has not violated section 94 by eelling domestic as he bas ce.rtainly -violated tlie of section 85; but was, -tloubtless the intentwn of Congress that, 'in arnvmg at a correct interpretation of tile law, both sections should be construed in connection with each other, and such a view has been taken b;r me, and I am clearly of the opinion th'at a due of the two uken in such connectiOn show that they cover this ease. The defendant is therefore held for trial. > IN the case of Wm. F. Tausig, who was accuHed of baving in his possession eie;ht barrels ansed for sale, ts contrary to the seventy-first ot the a.ct of July, 18&.&, and renders the who .holds them liable to tile pen-.lty of fine and lm prlfqoment. T)le section provides ''That any person Who ahall remove from any manufactory, or from anv _place where tobacco or snuff is made, &oba.Qco or withouC the same bemg put up m roper packages, or without the proper stamps for. the amount thereon being affixed and cancelled, as reqmred by law "' "' shall, on conviction thereof for each ob oft"ence respectively, be fined not less than $1,000, DOl' me-15 000 and be imprieoned not less than T "ll lix months nor more than two years. austg WI .aow be trled in the U. S. Circuit Court, before the pnd jury! when it will be seen whether missioner Osborn's ruling is sustained. 'The wordmg of the ia u follows: "In castlB. where of a11y .4escription, unstamped, found In the pos11essron of a .-zty where the eVIdence shows that the removal of aid tobaooo and the custody of the same, was out of us11al of trade, as was shown in this case, she burden of proof rests upon the person .found i':l pos-t TliE TOBACCO MABXEr. DOMESTIC. NEW YORK, June 29, Western ,.Lecif:-The market has been modera ely active during the past week, the sales amounting to 1,008 hhds a folio : 693 bhds. to Regie buyers; U hhds. for the North of Europe; 27 bhds. for the oouth of Europe; 72 hhds for Africa; 14 hhds. for the Med itel' &ne&n ; abds. oJ:8pGFI.ed for ; 93 hhds. tO jobbers; 13 to manufacturer ; nnd 16 bhds. on speculative acc6unt. ;J?ri!;es remain unchanged. The following are the sales for the Week endwg June 1o 1 0Jnne 22 Jnoe !9. 1,742 h.hds. 2,437 hhds. 1.0013 hhds. Virgmia Leuf.-There were 11everal sales last week at our quotatwus. Much of the business in Virgmia' leaf is done here by means of 'amples received fiom Richmond. The hogsheads themselves are not shipped until orders are obtained. This, of course, involves a fair sample being drawn, and such, we presume, is generally the case. We tbmk It would be for the inter est of our fiiends to extend this line of ness. Seed Leaf.-The transactions were considerably larger than last week, the sales amounting to 987 cases. These are still confined to tbe old c::op that remain and the cheaper styles oLthe new, The high-priced Connecticut is, of course, not yet. fit for workmg, and will not probably come into the market for several weeks yet. Consumers will not, of course, purchase a dear article so long as they can procure a cheap one that Will at all answer the How ever, as we have before ,remarked, the costly styles are in the hands of parties who are quite able to bide their time', and who feel entirely confident that before the season ends the tr&de will be compelled to purchase at figures giving a fair profit. W: e sincerely trust this may be so, and that all who have invested at high prices will be able to get rid of their stocks without loss; at the same time, we consider transactions at such an altitude very Tisk'y, arid not when indulged ill systematically. We trust, therefore, that the sales of the ,1869 c1op next spring in the Connec ticut Valley will be made on a more reasonable basis and in a more moderate spirit.. The trade should avoid competition among themselves, as It only forces up prices and fills the heads nf planters with the most insane theories By taking things more moderately much will be gained. The new crop will be sold more reasonably, and greater satisfaction will be given all aTound. Even the farmer, who is the only one who reaps the slightest benefit from these high figures, will be the gainer in the end. The reason is obvious. 'fhe high figur e s have a tendency to dimin ish consnmption and to inc r e ase p rodu c tion. This rear we anticipate a very he avy crop of Connecticut seed leaf, simply blt!Uky .-Ligllt leaf. l/1m'OI!.Cy Do Jl Out do t 1l7)(@1 10 Sbippmg, co =non JRgl 6.11(@ 7.11( Manu,fsdtirtd --Ta.x poun Good do ff-@ 9 lN BOND 5's, 'l'e, lO' e and 12's. Conunon leaf .. .. Fine .. .. .. .. 21! G Hedittm loaf....... .. 10)( l!Jt Good .. .. ..... 23 Good. .. .. llX Hedinm .. .. .. .. .. 00 Fine. ............ 18 14 Common .. .. .. .. .. 19 @2() Beleetlono.. 14X 1btmd4 -Bnght-Lil!.'b\euttlng ID21! 8 9 'Extra 11ne .. .. .......... 46 ao do leaf. .... 12 Fme ...... ,... .. 8li Heavy leaf Good .. .. .. .. .. .. 26 OoDUDedlum ......... :12 @26 W.rappero 14 @18 Oommon .. .. .. .. @2() 'l!:xtra fauey leaf -@-Nat'Y MiMtltJt l{oa.ldy .. .......... IO @00 Good_ ... --, ... 11 @li)t N<{J'IYJhtad 'l'toUt.. 80 Fme .. .. B lihl4 Thlrti!-TUIOB.. ...... 50 _.., Selectioao.. lf)t@t5 ll'ancy 'lbba'""" -In'or to good com 4 @ ti May Apple .. ...... 40 @50 e y, t02; ulkley & Moore, 96; H. A. Ritchie & contrary, it is on the increase. In addition to thls 118W' Co., 58; R W. Cameron, 50; Lindheim Bn,s., 36; L. buyers are their appee.rauce at eaoh K. Newdecker, 3; Dnhllis & Vandervoort, 4v; Order, sale. Evansville IS daily becoming more noted as1he 64 hhds., f1 tcs., and 28 pkgs. ..__ .. h 0 J F B 1 J E uut mar"et or_r t e bio River, and tbe conlleqtrenec isrom a tunore: gbert, 1 hhd ; Thierman, tha&t tile receipts are regularly on the increase. Onr-1 Kuebler & Co., 8 pkgs.; March i Price & Co., 20. warehousemen started out with Qne sale a week aud in .Brown and Greenieh 'r @. 8 Lady 70 @Sa Medium and ftne red 9 @18 Poeket Pieces .. 50 @65 Com'n to m'd'm Op&llgl'd 7 @10 Bright Twlt (Virginia) 1 6 @40 Fine spuogled to yello,.., 12 @26 Bdgbt G old Bars do 36 @40 Maryland.-"F'et'd to com. Ciqat-8 -Domestic mon 4 @ ts Seed and HaVa.n&, 8011nd common 5 @ 8't )>er 1\{ 40 00 @'!5 00 Good do 6)(@ 7 Clear Havana do -@--Med inru 8 @111 do Conn Seed 2t. 00 @40 ((I Good to l!u e bro"n J: do do Seeondo.OO 00 @!16 00 Fancy .. 17 N Y Seed Conn Upper .. 7 '035 wnopper .. 00 qo E 00 Ground leaf, D6w 8 tj)lll P eon do do do 17 00 o 00 C91lnecllC1tt and Kassachu. Ohto do do do n 00 t8 00 lett.! BIIOfi-L<10 Oommon C1gar>, o e .. 15 00 @23 00 Fine selections, 1868.... 86 @515 Cheroot IUld Stxee 8 50 @ll 00 do IS @26 Snu,ff.-Fillerl! do ... 10 @7515 M&ccoboy. .. .. -8li @-go Wrappers, 1867 85 @ Rappee, French . @ 1 00 Ne:w York&edkaf.-Sedo fine plain .. --85 lectcd Wnppero 1867. jl5 @45 Scoteh f1; Loodyfoot. 85 90 F1Uer1!. '65 and 00 7)0@ 9 Common .. .. --65 Wrapperl!, new selected 14 @25 Amencan Gentleman1 00 do new .. 14 Liwrlc. Gdd. Flllerl! .. .. .. 8 @10 "H. M. Morrie" M & M... 24 Pennsylvafli.a &ed-LJf.-' Don Qujote 25 Wrappers, '65 and '00 12)0@85 La Corona de do. 18 6 8 .. SO @411 Eopona 26 Rnnmng lots, old 12 @>O H Ill. M 28 do do new 15 @25 Ex. rc11ned 32 FU!erl!, old .. .. .. 7Jt@ s "G c.' 450 lb. cases .. li9Jt do new .. 8 @10 "F. 0 '' 4M u !9H &ed-Ut<)85 J C & Co ".. .. .. Rnonlng Ioto, old 12 @1'0 "G. & F ................ 28 do new :l5 25 "Ynurri&1 2!SH Fillers .. .. .. 7)<1'@ 8 "ll:. & Co." .. .. .. .. .. 24)!f New Aoi!Orted Lob!. .. H @26 "Z. A !l)j' do FUiero 8 @ I O "G. Z .. .. .. .. .. .. .. tl.IJt .R'oreagn..-Ha.v.b.ll& Wrapnc & A 29.)6 pero ... (&ld) 2 00 @4 00 "F. MF." .. .. .. .. ll9 HAvana ae't' do -@ 'F :. 23 HannaFII'rs Com. do 82 @87 "A.O.C." .... .. ... .. 21Jt do do. Fair de 95 @l 00 "MF 2!@28 do do Fine do I 10 "R. R :.. .. .... .. .. il!Jt Vara IUISorted do 87)t@9'l "0. G." Yara I .Cut ao 'l7X@SO 1 IMPORTS. Arrivals at the port of New York from foreign ports1 for the week ending June 29, include the following con signments: From H. Batjer & Bro:, 323 bxs. tobacco pipes. From Matanzas : J Martinez, .t bdls. paper cigars. From Manzanilla: Chaves & Cbappeil, 1 box paper cigars. From Cienfuegos: Tucker & Lightbourne, 6 bales tobacco. From Havana: J. Molley, 6 tobacco; E. M. Crawford & Co., 180 do ; Jeunge & Michaeli 19 do; Godeffroy, Brancker & Co, 30 do. and 4 cs. cigars; J. B. Porada, 3 do.'; .W. H Thomas & 16 do.; Park & Tilford, 4 d?.; :faher1 1 do.; Moritz Meyer, 1 do.; Schroder & Bon, 1 do.; Weston & Gray, 3 do.; Shaler & Ryder, 2 do.; M. :&. Pears,all, 3 do.; Wetzlar Bros., 1 do.; Kunhardt & Co., 26 do; Boonen, Grave,s & Co., 1 do.; L. E. Arnsinck & Co., 3 do.; Howard lves, 1 do.; Renauld, Francois & Co., 3 do.; Samuel McLean & Co, I do.; Knoop, Hanneman & Co., 1 do ; Felix Garcia, 1 do.; Ro. bt. Kobler, l do. From N tJW Orleans: Order, 69 hhd!!. and 8 bales. a short time had to sell twice a week; bo.t this DOt BA.LTilUORE, .laue Z.S..-1\lessrs. C LoosE & Co often enough, and sales are now made every Tuet!day commission merchants and dealers in Jenf tobacco re: Thursday, and Satarday. Sucb facta as these tell port : story of the success of this market, and it will not be Transactions in Vi1 ginia toba cco this week have been long, we presnme, until sales will be m,ade every day in limited, owing entutJly to sho1 t aupply. The dema,nd has the week.:-EvanavUie Juurttal. been and such lots as have come tohaud have been ()LA.RKSVILLE, Teun., Je U.-The ClarksvnieJ?lace at full rices. Sales of 7 50 hhds. Ohio, principally Leaf I eports tiitJ mArket as follow6: Receipts.. for France. The market for Mat y land is good, and all dunr_rg p' week we r e very li.2ht, mostly baLl lugs samples offered find ready purchasers at full rates. rnter10r leat. 'Ve observe no change in the market;. N othiug doing in Kentucky. Inspections for the week pnces for lower grades coqti,plle full. Smith & Jhtch 24th inst; w_er.e 988 hhds. Maryland, 786 hhds. mgs sold 33 hhds. at $6 20 for lugs to 812 for good Oh10, 2 hhds. VIrgmta total, 1,776. Reinspected, 11 leaf; 5 hbds good leaf at $11 to Seat & Bowling hbds. Maryland, 2 do. Ohio scraps Exported, 700 hbds. sold 6 hhds. of lugs at $7 30@8 70; hhds. of leaf at l\faryland and Ohio to France, 200 to 300 hbds. to Bre7 at $11 2 boxes at $12. Whitlock,. men and Amsteram W qute: Maryland, frosted, $4 McKmney & Co., Tnce's ian ding, sold 113 bhds. as @5; sound common, $5 50@6 50; good common $6 50 follows: 38 hhds. at $5 60@8 70; 33 hhds. at M 30@ q97; middling, $8@10; good to finebrown,:Ui@15; 1075; 36 hh(ls at$11@1250; 6 hhds. at 81S,and fancy, $17@31}-; upper country, $7@35; ground leaves 1 bhd frosted. trash at&:: ; 50. Turnley & WooldddgEr. new, $3@1Z; Oliio ; inferior to common 68 bhds. folio \ \ : 20 hhds. lugs at 15 60@ greenish and $7@8; medium to fine $9@ 8 60; 7 hhds. low leaf at .. 9@9 75; 36 hbds. medium at. 13; common to mrlllium, spangled, 87@10 ; fine span$10@11; 5 hh' armies, we have at last reached the stage in the ileveiopment of events wbich we have long predjcted. A recent dif!patch says: The rains are in cessant in the interior, and the vomito is spreading." This tells the whole story. The rainy season has fully set in and disease is domg its work. Of course this will put a stop to active operations in \be .:field. No matter how patriotic the irftturgents may be, they can not C(lntend against the most devastating of plagues and the element8. The Cubans have re}ied greatly upon these destro7ers to aid them, by deci:nating the ranks of the Spamards, by killing off the unacclimated levies; but unfortunate[ y the unacclimated levies of the insurgents-the Americans and Irish, who have re cently sailed from the States-will fall as readily a prey to the vomito and the olimatc as the former. It strikes us as very sad to" see strong, healthy 1peu going to so l malign a climate in th'r very worst season, and thu's courting almost certain dEath. Tlie risks of war are numerous but when we tadd to them the rava ges of a deadly epidemic, it will be seen that the chances of the return of the recruit!! who are now lea.v ing this city for Cuba are small indeed. The reported sales of the weel: amounted to almost 300 bales Hava, EXPORTS Iroportationa-From Havaoa: 149 bales tobacco to Mordecai & Co. 7--cases cixes. Eiported same time: To Kingston J a., 300 hf.-bls.; to Port an Prince, 2,500 lbs. mfd.; St. Pierre, 23 cs., 5'1 bls., and 25 bxs.; to Halifax, 4 bxs.; to tbe Provinces, 4 bxs.; to other ports, 1{1 hhds. UlNt:INIUTI, .IDe 25,-Mr. P,BA.GUE, of tbefim of Mel!srs. J. T. SuLLIVAN & Co., report: The market tluring the past week bas fully maritain ed the buoyancy and activity noted in our last report. The kinds most I!Cfal'httbr btit-e been fine Owen County cutting leaf and colory Maeon County lugs and trub. solcl62 bhd1, at $6 for trash to BllippiDg-Wit The Planters' houe sold 16 l&lacl& at tli for


-THE TOBACCO LEAF to _., fell,. -11ty leetf leaf ao tobacco ue n ameng the best filrmet'll in tlriJi entity', ...m, 'ftll in etc., and bea.utifiilly Jinisned Ire paid 100 for it. Another 1. hhd. at 4 at 75, 1 at 25, changed. Sales of 35 cs. Pe'!_lnsylvania seed leaf, fillers, to see us a few days ago, we leam that he has made J!lll'cllllled "'Wflich had an eagle carved on its .s ali t1!!@1!! ISO, {l at tll@ll 25, 18 at alO@:lO 75, at 9tc.; 40 cs. old. do. do., wrappers, on secret/terms; L.u&UB BJDDJNG-TIIB tw practical exferiments to test the and there-base; he paid $75 forthis seemingly small article. 'l'eo. or -.a1 *9@.9 IIQ, 27 at ts@S 90, 42 a.t $17@7 05, gg 011. Oonnectic11.t, '66 crop, a.t 2M.@30o.; 42 cs. old -+-stdt eaol year m t e quality of land,; nothing to_pay for a good ftllaCJ' at $ 8 at 5@l(SJ), 1 50. On !l-Ion Pennsylvania at 13c.; 19 bxs. navy at 21c., in bond; 10 Wo find the foll\") ou11t of th o?Jac o ;Fair time d witll e same quality of plant!!, wall a mgar-holder. Clgar-pmcers are somet.Lmes made with silver-da'f the ickett house sold 24 bhds. at $5 50 b Yara at 1 lO@ 12t; 10 s. In c. ; at Parlucah, Ky., in 1 he Paducah Herald of June 24. yield of over 1,000 lbs. per acre from low topping, and ha.n_dles, and are bo!Jiht by some exq_uisite for 10 and $15 for trash to .12 75 for manufacturing leaf. The Far 11 do. do. at li4o.; 12 de. do. at li4o.; li 'bl&. Havana at Our readers will find a 0 t nd 's 8 undsofrom i topping. In our opinion this wiU a .Ptece. !eerschaum: pipes are greatly in for the mera' house aold 12 hhda. at $6 90 for tral!hy lugs to *1 lli. Exports none. sales in the Paducah m k report n a11o0t r col be d ia eftry inStance.-Clarksville Tobacco Leaf. sport or swell -who wishes to indulge in a. whiff at home. 50 for The Ninth-street house RICHMOND, Ja.e 26.-Mr. R. A. MILLS, tobaceo The city yeste1day was nge th nge fr Extravagant prioes are often p11id for these, especially if' sold 16 lugs to $9 70 ft>r broker commission merchant, reports: every eec.tion of the conntry, in attendanee upon the Large Sale of Fine Tobacco at (;larksvme, Tn. they are handsomely mounted. One was sold to a gentleHart county house sold 14 Our breaks and offerings have been very large Tobacco Fair. The great crowd of stranrn began to man O? Thirty-third street some time ago for Tba :at *6 70 for leaf. The Louis during tbe past week; notwithstanding tfle heavy stir early, and'-BroadWay in the mornin eaented a We copy from th&Ciarksville Tobacco mountmgs were sohd gold. A nnmber of cigarettes are ville hou1e to en for shipefferin"'s, prices have been well sustained for all desirscene of a.nimatio!], and lif.,, j0t1tle an bUs Je, tmch as .Leh.f.of June 17: of our readers interested in smoked, especially by our foreigners and would-be foreig11 hhds. at $6 50 able while for nondescript!! and tobacco in bad might be expected upon the great thoroughfare of the the Ola.rksville tobacco trade, have no doubt noticed swells. An Italian here wllo imports them largely says he bids: 1 hhd at order, prices have fallen oif a little. I see, however, no ..;\merican metropolis, New York._ A!llong thestr nge for some weeks past, the advel:tisment of Messrs. Turn has regular customers who take from teri to fifteen bundles at e9@9 90, 25 at good reason to alter my quo tations, for should I do sa, faces upon the streets Wlfre c llSpicu91l many b alliful ley & Wooldridg:e of the Elephant warehouse, that per day. They sell at from 20c. to 30c. per bundle. We ll.O, 2 at *5 50@ I would mislead our buyers from abtoad. There is ones of fair w'otnen,-the who had a.cthey w theportofSanFran-been thus arranged an cl sifiecl, the committee to ap Tobacco Elephant-May shadow never grolr ilifference in the state of forwardness of the plants in J' une, 311,100 lbs.; sold th1s week, endmg 26th cisco fi:om domestic Atlantic _ports, J' uoe 18th {govern point R. Lang, E. L. Anderson, and J. and may his trunk always be full of the finest samples that the different seed beds, even where there is great. S nne. 2(6,300 lbs.; decrease m loos_e last week, ment stores not included), 18 hhds., 527 bls., and 1,185 W. Thornberry-selected: namesfrom amongst comes ta this market I" The sale was resumed and conlarity of soil and location, of mamue and glass used, of 64,i00 lb& Under the heavy recetpts for the last few cases. prominent tobacco men present, and appointed tinued until the shadows of evening began to lengthen, care taken to sprout the seed before owing it in beds the market has becol:!'e a little depressed, and ST, JOHNS, N, F ,, 7.-The imports ofmannfac a seJ.>arate committee of judges on each different class. whedn it was. adj.ourned un!il the modr.row. On Wed and where all these operations are performed at th; prices were not well sustf'tned for most grades; retured tobacco have reached 41 400 lbs. a."'ainst 70 000 The Judges were called int(i) the sample room, the doors nes ay mornmg It was agam renewe 'and report same time and with the same anxiety to secur11 early ceipts are not likely t.o be as large during t.he of to the same time last year, the' total receipts for _is68 closed, and r.fter a thorough examination the votes of reaches only up to 11 o'clock, when we were compelled plants. Now, what is the reason that Mr. A ge&a the year as the[ ha been til us far, aad It Is believed having been 232,166 lbs. We quote Is. 6d. the various committees were taken on their special to close, leaving the sale still in progress. In connecplants large enough to set in May, while Mr. B cannot that prices wil advance for good woT"Irlng tobacco. FOREIGN MA.RKBrs. after which the decisions were made known. tion with this event in our tobacco market, it may not "'et them to do so before some two weeks later? IIOIIITRUL, J e 21.-Messrs. BATHGATE & BRo., AIUSTERD!M, 12,-There were sold fi:om There were one hundred and sixty>eightentries-93 by be improper to-say a few words concerning the gentleThis is a. question of more importance to the grower tobaooo commission merchants, report: first hands this week 59 hhds. Maryland ex-Anna and Settle Brothers, and 75 by Hale, Buckner & Terrell. men who originated and conducted this sale, and-of than at first would be supposed. Two \\-eeks may rnaManufactured tobaccos very dull and q11iet, and the 185 ditto ex-Graham's Polly. This last vessel as The premiums awaraed were as follows: First class-the establishment which they control. As late 811 the terially affect the crop in value. We in the habit busi.aesa of tbe week shows nn large transactions. The br011ght 872 hhds. for this ma1ket; besides, we have re best hhd. bright wrapper, 1st premium 1200, to C. W. fall of 1S6S, less than one year ago, they commenced of transplanting our .plants from the seeed bed frora demand for Canadian manufactured tobaccos has fallen oei"ed 6,170 bls. Java of difierent marks. The stock to Hines, of Ballard county, Ky.; 2d premium $125, to J. busineRs bb renting the large warehouse formerly oc the first week in June to the first of J wy, it.h no prospect of any improvement till day comprises 1,474 hhds. Maryland, 20 do. Kentucky, P. George, of Richmond, Va.; 3d premium a10o, toR: copied by owell & Blackman, at the junction of the rily the last set, if they do not get pine ".J wlf; the fall trade opens. Appearances so far seem to indi62 do. V1rginia, 146 cs. Oavendisb, and 12,387 bls. Java. R. Wakefield, of Ballard county, Ky.; 4th premium wharf and Commerce street, and about midway befrosts, turn 011t a much smaller leaf, and of lDt'etior cate one of the largest crol>s Canada has had for years, June 16 .-Sold to-day 45 hhds. Sonborn ex, Undine $75, to Wm. Scott, Ballard county, Ky.; 5th premium tween the railroad freight depot and the steamboat quality, cenerally thick, heavy, nnripe, and 80 c.. and e busineas commumty seem moFe hopeful than and 9 hhds. Ohio ex-A11,.a. a fine silver coffee urn, special by John A. Miller of landing-one of the most convenient and accessible never make a good burning tobacco. These are for aome ti_me past. We have no change to note in ANTWERP, June }%,-The market for North Amer this city, to R. K. Burnett, of Graves county, Ky. ; points in the city. With this brief history thev among the important results of early or late plants. fl ,_ .. 1 b A hb k R & already stand second amonocr the six toblCCO ware H t k b our o as! wee... ican tobaccos has eontinued fully sustained at previous 6th premmm e25, spema y s roo yan h ow are we o go to wor to o tam e:uly o.f Amencan .goods have been hght, con quotations, and the demand has been moderately regu Co., to Jessie Hinkle, of Ballard county, Ky. The ouses here and at New Providence in point of receipts pla.nts? Can it be done by a proper of ti all of bnght pounds and caddy bhck 1 Th I h. k fi fi Ist, ad, and 4th, were represented by Hale, Buck and sales of tobacco. This is attributable to several our seed beds? We know a canroenter who owns 818 og pnnctp Y ar. e sa es 10 consequence t IS wee rom rst facts, viz.: They are both Kentuckians and well ac .... work. hands comprise 78 hhds. new Kentucky per Quebec, ner & Terrell, and the 2nd and 5th by Settle Bros. d h h 1 h works a small farm. He is an-excellent workman at In Amencan leaf there are n1o sales to. report. 25 and 17 hhds. old Vir,.uinia besides, at resale, 30 hhds. 2nd Class, best tub bri0aht wrapper, ll!t premium, *50, quamte Wit t e P antere t rough the region from his trade,-famous for close joints. Well, he made a ld b d which the bulk of our fine tobacco comes, they h t 'L-d d h bo d hhda. CaiYida changed h&Dd,s at 9c. go m on new Kentucky. The receipts of the week have been 31 to S. T. Hill, of Graves County, Ky.; 2nd premium, o .., an t e ar s were put together with u NEW O&LE!NS1 .laBe 23,-The tobacco market is bls. from Hamburg. 102 bls. from England, and 4 hhds. 1825, to John Davis, of Ballard County, Ky. Both were energetic, men faii_Jiliar with all the much precision as he woald fit the joints to a stair unusually active, aud the demand for all descriptions and 60 pkgs. Holland by the interior. June 18.-represented by Settle Brothers. 3'd Claslt, best hhd. tobacco trade, fair and: prompt 10 a 1 case. 'l'he result was that he rusted his seed. Now has been quite brisk during the past few days. Prices We learn of the sale of 20 Kentucky at firm black. wrapper, lst premium, $'75, to C B. Sensuey, of courteollB a_nd affable to all busmess With if he had set his farm hands-to work with an axe are unchanged, a[though the demand for export has Trigg County, Ky.; 2nd premium, $50, to J. B. Cole and kmd apd acco_mmodatmg In every respect. mer, and wood-saw, he would have obviated that difticontinued active, and the supply has peen comparative-BREMEN, 12,-In the market for North man, of Graves County, Ky.; 3d premium, W m. Bestdes, they have one of the largest a_nd culty. He is over nice. His gets plaata ly small. The market quotatiorus are as follows: American t.obaccos there were sold this week, for home Anderson, of McCracken County, Ky. The 1st and houses to. be a.nY:where. The .mam b\nldmg IS early, always, and not over four r&ds distant. Another LIGHT. HEA YY. consumption, 633 hhds. Ohio, 25 do. Maryland, 37 ao. 2nd were represented by Settle Brothers, and 3d by four stones high, while .the mspe_ctJOo and storage sows on his bed Peruvian guano in sueh quantities tha .. Refused . . . . 7!@ st 8 @9 c. Virginia, 24 do. strips, and 373 cs. seed leaf; and to arHale, Buckner & Terrell. 4th Class, best hhd. bright are .bole es the plants are burned up by it, and only a few mak C:. 1 f 8!@ 9t 9t@10tc. rive .82 hhds. Ohio, 42 do. Picaduras, 242 do: Maryland, manufacturing fillers, 1st premium, $75, to G. W. ta. 18 meut .1s Wlt tm, an .1s. ot re out to live through and get eno11"'h to :.'.'.'.'.'.".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.': Ot@Jo-! IOt@lltc. and 132 do. Kentucky. In West Indian and South Slaughter, ofCaltowayCounty,Ky.; 2nd premium,$50, plant ;ntil the has so far a vanced0that they Good ...................... 1 0 @ 11 11 @12 c. American tobaccos there were sold from first hands to A. G Coon, of Ballard County, Ky.; 3d premium, I ts c ompeti.tor" except one 1.n a s'tngl<> season As a n are ok.11nohava .WAnother uses fish guano, and that, 12 @14 12 @15 c. 81 ceroons Yara, 500 do. Carmen, and 431 do. St. $25, to R. R. Wakefield, of Ballard County, Ky. 'd f ho f h too, 1 s t em. e have seen a bed recently with t ................ 14 @15 15 @16 Do The 1st and 2nd were represented by Settle eVI_ ence 0 t e extent 0 t e territory covered by the uot a. tlant upon it, all killed by the fish guano. No-, ow e se ec 1ons c. mmgo. busmess of the Elephant warehou t th Fine wrappers ............... @-16 @25 c. B!MBURG, Jane 15,-The market has been better Brothers, and the 3d by Hale, Buckner & se, grea er .alf any how s all we manage to secure early J?lants? This ia Receipts during the week-1,066 hhds., 15 ble., and during the past few days at full prices, with sales of Tenell. 5th Class, best hhd. shipping leaf; 1st prehere eve; c'?vered before, we subjom the the aU-important q11estion. One netghbor who gen1,002 pkgs. ; and the eales 1,311 hhds., ::\s follows: 2 llO ceroons Havana, 640 do. Matanzas, and 38 bls. mium, $200, to J. H. Sublit, of Ballard county, Ky.; 2d followm$ hst of counties I!1 Tennessee Kentucky erally succeeds, says he plows in all the ma;ure h_e hhds. fine leBf at l5c.; 55 do. at I3tc.; 1 do. at 13c.; 16 Cumara. premium, $100, to D. J. Stewart, of Calloway connty1 Ky.; from which they have tobacco, VIz.: Cumberconveniently in the early fall, and plows at lea tmctt do. at 12!c.1 8, 8, 6, and 2 do. at 12c.; 16, 15, and 1 H!VA A., Jane 19,-TC.e leaf market is unchanged. 3d premium, $75, to G. W. Clanton, of Graves county, Ky. ; land? Jackson, Smith, Sumner, Robertson, more before the ground freezes up. In the sprina he good at Uc.; .57 do. at *10 65, 16 and 10 at IOtc.; 23, 9, Chewing continlles to meet a good request, and is scaree. 4th premium, $50, to G. W. Trice, of Ballard county, Ky.; Davison, Cheatham, Dwkson, Montgomery, rakes in 'Russell Coe's BUJlerphosphate.' This year d d 0 1 d t 9 15 15 1 t 8 5th premium, $25, to Samuel Edwards, of Ballard county, Henry, and Weakley, i Allen, he was setting plants in May. We think the seed bed 6, an 5 me mm at l e.; o. a c.; ug;; a c.; A lot of 40 small boxes, from store, sold at $28 per qtl.; Ky. The 1 st, 4th, and 5t.h were represented by Settle Logan_, Butle. r, Mullen burg, McLam,. T_odd, Chns. tian, h ld b 1 d f and 36 from ate. to 13c.; 47 and :39 at.7!c. per lb. ; 15 at common sorts are worth $24 50@2S. The exports of H ki T L C ld 11 L s ou e P owe as o ten as onee a month aftert&kin 8c., 9, 3, and 2 at Slc., 2, 5, 25, a.nd 39 at 9c.; 9 at 9tc.; the week have been: To Baltimore, 35,000 cigars., te Brothers and 2d and 3d by_ H. ale, Buckner & Te.rrell. 6th op ns, ri_gg, yon, a we lVlDgl!on, off the plan.ts, and the manure applied as lv-) Cl th, be t hhd hi 1 f $ den, McCrlCKen, and Marshall, Kentucky; EvansVIlle, J 1 th t th 'ld. d th d d T 8 and 28 at 9-fc 33 and J9 at 10c. 12 at 70 at New 01 aans 63 tcs tobacco and 2 000 cigars. to ass, ree s s. s ppmg ea ; 1st premium, 100, IndJana. Th' h t..- h 1 u y, so a e WI see m e gro11n an ., 'a d 'f' toW L Stahl f B 11 d t K 2d $75 IS ouse propose woVIng anot er arge may have a chance to a. d b d t db lOic., 53, 4, and lp at llc., 2, 1, an 2 at 12c., 4 an 2 Hamburg, 826 tcs. tobacco, 783,700 cigarst and 600 ........, o a ar coun y, y.; sa1e in July :""' n e es roye y 0 12tc., I, 1, 17, and at 13c., 2 and 55 at 13tc., and 8 pkts. cigarettes; to MaJorca, 14,600 cigars; to Santan to C. vV'ilhams, of Grayes county, Ky.; 3d $50, the before SOWing the beds. This is our a.t 14c. per lb. Th1s makes a total of 1,453 hbds. for der Cadiz and Bilbon 143 tcs tobacc() 152 344 cigars toW. B. Mahon, of Tr1gg county, Ky.; 4th premwm, $25, T ..,._ method. VV ho has a better ?"-New England HoTM--k Tb 1 1 f 442 hhd 1 t ' to J W Howell of M t T T._-OBACCO AS AN IN THE CAREER OF A the wee ere was a so a sa eo II. ow o 2 219 pkts. ctrtarettes and 32 ktlos scraps to Cor11n on 1Y coun y, enn.essee. uo I ood leaf on private terms. Exports since the 11th 7 000 to 'st 24 ooo 'cigars and 1st, 2d and 4th were represeJlted by Settle Brothefu, and 3d FAST YouNG MAN.-A. ctty cotemporary thus dilates fnst.: For Cowes and a market, 485 hhds.; Havre, 34; 466 pkts cigarettes. to St Nazai:e 4 476 475 cigars by Hale, Buckner & Terrell. 7th Class, the neatest handled "ton 101 our fast youth Basiaess Cltaages. Genoa, 3'40; London 902; New York, 12. Stock }n 372,163 pkt 450 sc;aps i to and prized hhd.; 1st premi\l!!lt $10Q, to R.. K. Burnett & t te =. t 18 NEW YoBK CITY.-S. Jacoby & Co., cigars and warehouses and on slupboard, not cleared, 8,938 hhd.s. Thomas 39 050 cwars 134 654 Pkts. .cigarettes and 92 Son, of Gra\es conntf, 1{ y.; 2d $75, to played m thtbhne by edt fashtonable swe1!a sport bacco; Mr. J aceb N ewblll'g, of Havana! i. OF TOBACCO. kilos sc;aps; to 67,000 cigar& Ware & Ware, of Chnstian COUJ!ty, Ky.; 3d premium, mg-me.n A ofmo era.tely good and Ha style thuame. 'Burke, Saufl.y & Hayes ........ {From Sept. 1 4 900 L"NOOt n Wv Ro .. so, toW. D Lane, of Ballard county, Ky.; 1st and cigars aJ; .&15 to f25 and as htgh as $30 Weavl!t' & Sterry, essential oile, licorice etc. las G Summers&Campbell......... todate. 7,350 b .1 .. 3d were represented by Settle Brothera,and 2d by has been pa.1.d for one box of some verypartioular '!U d d G S ., Total. ........................ hhds. 12,050 tiy sApeCla. repotort to THE :roBAcco LEAF, say: Our_market Hale, Buckner & Terrell. 5th Class best hhd. entered brands; whlle great such as the Hon. Ben heaver, ecease ; now uoorge terry; style the MANUFACTURED TOBAcco. or mertean bacco durmg tbe week has been quiet, but 1 d 1 t '"IOO t M R K Wood et aLt often smoke mgars which cost them 7S same. The J"obbing demand has been good, mostly for the we have to report the sale of about 100 hhils. Western leaf atty sf s 2d, o rs. so cents a nieca Cigars are generally purcho. ed by the lliBrFOBD, Co:Nl(.-N. P. & W. G. Loou:W. .Wi1Mk1"'::1111P:': with a better inquiry for dark Western a.t prices ranging from 4d. to 7d. per lb., and a'bout 30 hhds. .M urnR R, Wrkvft l' ll yd; rexnm, :a to extra by the box and it is a. popular CUS etc., dissolved. P common Virginia leaf, at about 4d. per lb. The arrivals !II. 8 25 t aMe e J' 0H. aTar counf yG, Y; pre tom for a swell to have a sm;ll box made a lock PoR!LA.No, MAINE.-Tuero &.Ponce, cigars, tobacco, city goo s. rices are unchanged. e th Gl 'th 2 hhd d th S .. :1 :1-Ze UliUJD, o rs. orran, o raves county, etc d 1 d C F T P.l.IMJ() 1 IJ.1 IIIDe .25,-The Herald of the 17t h compnz e enaros, WI .. s., an 8 lliOld 18 hhds. a.t from $7 90 to 12 we can report IS the sale of a few hhds. heavy Western a bbl of Lomsiana sugar from Sutton Herey & Co; to him on the average $20 p box. He Will l:!lsf a..n w lC was as the first indication. ;SetUe Brothers sold 16'1ilids. at from $7 10 to 14." leaf shipment to Africa, and retail o f leafs Mrs. \v. L. Robins, of Graves county: Ky. Both 1:ep sometimes half a dozen of his friends, and each 0 Is. lture .PrUe essay w ';.;' .. Th t' th 25th t h th 11 aud str1ps for Ireland There are still some lnqumes for resented bv Settle Brotho!r& The awards gave the w11l take a handful, at about one dollar a handful. priDCip es sent1ments which it is most important to ,ta:P::e :a.r of leaf, but buy::era ders differ so as to very fullest' to all interested, and while there Another cnatomer, a fashionable rounder, boys from Inculcate m order to promote man's happiness"- there W!ll!, as mll!lt have be en expected, quite a Jl0?9 tliat at J'lesent there 18 little chance of b?smess. The were many who were of necessity disappointed, still all fonr to five boxes regularly every week, and has been 0"{ by the apoleo!UI to theu o tin tb.e market. The regular board of buyers were all pre amvals of trom. Norfolk,_ With 1 4 hhds i were pleased with the impartial manner in which the d5ng so for three past, and takes them to IS ac JOn, 1 not a ways tot at of the French people. sent, a full corps of foreign buyers and tobacco the FranciS B Cutttng, from Baltimore, With 65 hhd_s. and samples were judged and the awards made. Owing to his house; sometimes lie '!ill a.n .for A ?ITIZEN of Brunswick, .Maine, who earns his living men from a distance who were anxious to have a bid at the 49 tlerces, and the Queen (s. ), from New York, with 15 the late hour at which the premiuine were announced, boxes to be Beilt to. a particular frJend. cigar-bill working by the day, has patd for morphine for the U118 premjum tObacco of Wednesday. Settle Brothers sold the hhds. tobacco. the sales were postponed until this mornin"' at s o'clock. for one month for ctgars alone was $275. This was last Qf his wife, nearly thirteen hundred dollars' during the followi g tobacco at the prices g i iven: One hhd. bright ROTTERD Ill, .141ae U.-There were sold this All the premium tobacco will be sold at Settle Brothera summer, when he goes out of town, he Jlaot [ourte.en years. woman declares that she can wrapper 2d premium,_ bought by J. G. Strange, of Keokuk, w:eek from first hands 50 hhds. Maryland, 30 do Virgiwarehouse. will Bttll tlontm.ue to send. an order for so many boxes not hve Without the stimulus, and her husband Ollca Iowa., at $181 per hundred poundls. 3d premium, bright wa, a.nd 104 oeroons Havana.. Jnn_e were ong other gentlemen of note in the city, in at-weekly;_ and h1s tobaccomst assures us he buy,s walked twenty-f$11r miles to get her nsualsupplf. 'leaf, bought by G. H. Burges, of Paducah, at $62 ; 3d presold yesterday from first hands 20 hhds. VIrgtnta and ten dance ul!on the Tobacco Fair, J. H. Harris, of one brand, La Fl?r de MaJo, for hts cu;stomer s A CRITIC says that Wagner's mnsic in "Rienzi,, ie mium hhd., bought by same, a.t *60; 4th bought 14 hhds. Maryland per JaJJ. Steele. 'To-day we note the the firm of llarris & Beebe, Quincy, Ill. ; E. W. use entirely. La Espagnola lS a favorite brand of ctga.r, and so difficult it the horn-players leave t8 l>y Mr. of t. Louis, at *15. Besides these, Settle sale of 18 ceroons Yara. Dodd, with John A. Dodd & Co., of Boston; Adolphus much called house sold twenty boxes lately to a rehearsals Wtth bloody hps, and that a certain passa 8 Brothers s e wj)g: One hlid. to J. B. at Meier, Jr., of the firm of Adolphus Meier & Oo., of fast man for his _own consumptiOn last month, and the order for four tmmpets in" Lohengrin so affected the -$47; one hhd. to D. White, at $40 25: one hhd. to Mr. FO&TH(;OMING !IT(;TION S!LES, St. ouis; S. A. Grantham, of the firm of S. was this month. ':!'he' Conclia i_s _another favorite of one listener that 'it gave him a brain fever w Mason, at 31 25; one hhd. to Mr. Chapman at 37; one A. Grantham & Co., of St. Louis; Colonel J. brand of meQ; It 1s much as nearly killed him .hhd. to Mr. Mason, ai $35; one hhd toM!. Strange, at$32; By Eben Hathaway & Co., Nos. 50 and 47 Vesey K. HueY:, of the firm of Sutton, Huey & Co., of New a breakfasletga.r, mild; one iobacconJSt here AN analysis of the rolla of the British peel"M'e -one hhd. to Mr. Stearns, at $31; ome hhd. to Mr. Strange, street, on Wednesday, June 30th, at 11 o'clock, a gen Orleans; Mr. ge, of the firm of J. N. Henderson & keeps a customer snpphed With from to four boxe3 of that only three peerages of th.e tlllrt.eenth $30; one hbd. to Mr.l3urges, rut $30; one hhd. to Mr. eral assortment of CIGARS, etc. Co., ofKeokuk1 Iowa; Samuel Peltz, of the firm of8am11el Concha Madura every .week, and occjJSiona.lly he There are four peerages of he century, Mason, at *2 .50, on& hlld. to Co 'l. Moquett, at *28 one By Gerard,)Jetts & Co., No. 7 Old Slip, Thursday, Pe1tz & Co., St.. Louis; and many others, whose names do yond and makes It up to five xes. Regalia lS a the fifteenth, twelve of tb_e SIXteenth, thiPhr.five of tbe July 1st, at 11 o'clock, in front of the store, 29,000 All Jarg bmnd hked by some old smokers es"'"" 11 b a. ld 1 h v hhd to Mr. Phi11;-at .. 28 one hlhd. to Mason, at $27 25, H not now occur us. these houses ar& ely --..ed ...-1a Y Y we e er Y se_venteent mpety-five qf the eighteenth, and 233 of t'-A .._, ., avSila C'RL\RS of various favorite bra.ods, in lots to .,__ gentlemen It 1s a tine after d ""* d t,hon..h .. :and on hh.d. to 8a.IP at uc er & Terrell m ,....., tobacco tade. mner ..._ar; an "6 .. exnmel;qenth. The new patents iss11ed since Earl -\lllrn'r. the-foll&lrillg: premium wrapper, to penSive, whats the odds, 80 long asf you're happy. La accession to power in 1830 are 163 in number and 0 these Peter Boaz, of' Oalliwa.y county, Ky., for a2 25 the 3d '"By John Draper & Co., No. 112 Pearl street, on Partaga.s is another brand much admired, which sells from 123 were created by Liberal and 40 by 'conaervatJ.VA .1uesday, July 6th, at 1 P.M. within the store, 45,750 PRIME AND P ToBACCO Low.-A general idea pre $15 to sometimes as higb.a $''5 I"'O te Governments. -"' nremium for (HOO and 1 hhds. at 157, 37, 36 50, "' per ; one youngs r In r 2 70 ..,3 23 75 19 1 "' 23 16 13 75 18 CIGARS, seized in the Custom-house, 118 vails with m of planters taa.t tobacco should be Twenty-third stree near Sixth C!JDBnmes from one :37, 33, 26 5 "' "' 13 CrGAR HoLDERS a d 1 t fB n.. .., ,. primed and top s-. ... ....... ...,_ to......_. s-J.--y.._. C..tBLOS JJJJ: CESPEDES, the present leader of the Cabaa. 12. ,., ... were five 'hundred hhdls. in the breaks, and all n a 0 0 RIA.RWOOD L" P:as, "N vFP, .,.,. ..... v -., -1 .._,. v'!';mr-cases a good deal of exetc not lread on t e .greuna, In w e case the rain spattravagance 18 shown M f th t -.. 1 ,__ msurgents,. was in; 1857 a-student :in Middletown, Conn. the tobacco not sold yesterday will! be sold to-day. The any o ese are go up"til e auur He was t th t d t _.,_, __ tera irt on the tobacco making two or three more lufl ate style, and sell as high aa 25 Th a e tme an ar en AUlU1CW of n market Presented a. most Jl.vely ampearance buyers were A" G 1 1 bo h 1 U .: p}lffd ..., a. p1ece. ese are stituttons a d d hr eel ith J!' ENTILB ate y ug t a. coa mme in ta.h, leaves tnan JS the cue wbeo to This a l composed of morocco and ra.11 h rt' ti' n was eep.., unpr618 w 1 id numerou" and priae& ran to the T1lr'Y hiahest limit. ...,_... c d b .:L gene Y ave some a lS c and principles of the Constitution of .... e un .., .., near ...,,.o a.n wu a out to go to work when. 11ix be ttue, b.ut the loss of itl. the substance of work about them which makes them expensive. Some o PHIL!DELJ .......llte present mflnta baa pallecl.don the timbers, caved in the en-plant havlllg been to thalenea 18 times a cigar-case will reaeh the price of $10J]. A enlle never been p heavy transactioDB in the trance to the mine, carried the tools.down y.T eber, more t.hao equal 1lQ the a 1a quli$f It ts 11 man who Niblo's regnla.rly carries a cigar-box of tobacco trad and this year buyers operat.e cAutiously. and l.eft them beside the road, saymg no d-d known by every farmer that the top-lea"es of a plant, solid gold. Extravagant prices are paid fol! novelties in We Olinllot look fonn.rd to groeat activity until the could own or work any ooal Ullne there; that or those-oear the bud, never Jrl"OW 10 large nor 811 heavy cigar-holders. A gentleman recently bought a cigar-holder q11estion of paring a second tax oon old tax-paid goods mute and. all that valley to tho Church of the _lower From a conversation on this eu?of pare aeerecbawn; the top of it IJacl.the figures of General the iint July i, decided by the law co T4e 1811111 Sam1.a. Jeft mtla Sqwre J.aaee Balr fll who u Grut-awl 1 aarvecl ill< amber mouth-piece. .. W -A 'Cbemlst who has discovered how to make 'b1llll well byjlm euv ud chMp p-, *-well 1108ced Ia tile IDMeeoll>ula .. a tor ,develoi>lDjf t11111 Add.-CHJ:Il.IBT, Touooo !.au dee. u" FOR cConnecticut Seed L.C WnlppeN, Conii

Inked StateS lDternal Rnenue Bondr.:d Warehouse. Thi:rty-seconQ Colleet:on District. & COMMISSION ., 47 ,We1t rr o nt st.. Cinc i nnti. 0 F .A. CO., I TDBAC 0 FACTDR' .AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS_, Nos. 70 and 72 Broad Street, :N'::III"aV' "rc:>::EI.3E. WILLETT ST., NEW-YORK. ------DOHAN, CARROLb & CO N.Y.CommluionX..-.. I BULKLEY & MOOR .VIRGINIA Tobaoo9 Commisaion COMMISSION MERCHANTS_,-,.: .... NO. t04 FRONT-STREET, NEWYORX, AGENTS FOR THE SA-LE OF TOBACCO: GRAin & WILLIAMS, & ROBINSON, J. G. DILL, J. K. CHILDREY, L. H. FRAYSER & CO., TURPIN & YARBRO-DG.H, J. J. PACE & CO., THOMAS & OLIVER, GREANER & WINNIE, BARRATT'S CROWN, REUBEN RAGLAND, GILMAN & MALLORY CHEIVES & OSBORNE, DAVIS & SON, DUKE OF ATHOL. TM of the Trade is respectfully 8olicited. & SC9VILLE, KREIIELBERG l CO., KEWYOR.JI:, IJID F. L. BIL\UIIS l CO., BALTDIOBE, Tobacco Commisxion Merchants. ISli.AO R.E.&D -"' ( Sacceuor to Cl.KJIDT RuD,) Commission Merchant AN,D DEALER IN VIRGINIA & WESTERN LEAF 1 .urn J Ma.nufactlm!d Tobacco, Lioorice, Gum, etc., No. So PEARL STREET, N. T. .AN D .JOB.BERS O F 1 :Mos x s OTTTKGIR. New York ll.i.X 0TTI1f&8B, Loui s vill e, lrJ'. LEAF TOBACCO,. lfo, 2_70 ,Water Street, New York. L. PALMER --A H. SCOV ILLE, m Connecticut Seed-leaf Wrapper of our own paoking .. D. Hirsch & Co., No 17 4 Wa. el' eet, DEALERS IN A. !'i:. CARDOZO &: i':O., WM. VIGELIUS, Leaf Tobacco, General Commission Mer c han ts N"o. 1 6 9 Front-str eet, Ne-w-Yo rk. J... B C .U.DOUI. :HTEB li.TZRS. J'lti'D. DROS T I 75 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. 1 OF 'Segars, '"LA AFRICANA, No. BROAD 8TBEET, OLIVER T"WIST, "LA MATILDE... ,60 NEW STREET, And other well-Imown Ane brana.. e KliW TOaJE.. M. & J. SCHOTTENFELS. Commissi01 ... _1!erchants No. lli8 Wotter Street, '-NI!W-YOitK0 Agenta fDr the l&le of the followlq llell-Intwn am Celebratoo Brands a! vm.GINIA TOBACCO. Captain Jinks, Cbampagne Charlie, Virginia State, Globe, Continental, Metropolis. Etc., Etc., Aloo, aD kind ( s-x.UG 'TOEI.A.OOC>. JACOB HENKELL, SEGAR BOX MANUF A CTOitY, ( Superior Make and Prime Q.uality,) OF CiDAR WOOD, :!93 aud 295 MONROE STREET, NEW YORK. CORJIIELIUS OAKLEY, SEYMOUR, COLT & CO., Loaffobaooo TOBACCO liEB.CHAlft', (ur.llU.Ulon "' 1815,) No. P6 "WATE:& f"'T'REET OppoAite Gouverneur Lane, New York. FOR leaf Tobacco in tf.hds and Bales, t89 PEARL STREET, N. Y Ottinger & lrotler, KENTUCKY Tobacc o Commission Mercnants, 119 PEA.BL STREET, NEW YORil. PLATT & NEWTOlt, t o WM. T. CDLEMAI A CO., Commission Merchants. New York: 1 San Franeiseo: Net. 117 F r o n t Street. Cor. COifamala & Front Sill Agent. In San Francii!Co f o r Sal e o f VIRGINIA R. 8. WALTER, BEST Connecticut, Havana & Yara LEAF TOBACCO. 203 PE.kBL STREET, Near Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. ECCERT, DILLS & C9., DOMESTIC and Import-ers of SPANISH TOBACCOS, 1'15 JVater St1eet. Netv York. I!FBranch, 82 West Second Street, C!incinnati, Ohio. JOSEPH HICKS, Commission 11:erchant, I .DID Dut.ali Dr MANUFACTURED TOBACCb, llo. 82 Water-Street. m XEWTORKB. C. BAKER, SON & CO. Toba cco and Cotton Factors, .uro Merchants, No. 142 Pearl Street, EOW>

.. 1-2 lb. Drumg,l j 1-4 lb. Drums, 1-4 oz. Bags. 1 lb. Bags, 1-2 lb. S:ags, QtollllUDttlV, t tlltb 2 oz. Bags, 1-4 lb. Bags. 1 I lb .. Bags Oli'S, Oapi"ta1, SQOO,OOO, Organized under the laws qf tlie State of New January 2, 18 8. H. W, HUNT-, President. JOHN H. SANBORN, Secy H. W. HUNT '&. CO., Agents, t67 Water Street, New York; 16 Central Wharf. Boston. & CO.l S-tree-t, IMPORTERS OF SU,CCESSORS TO APP_LEBY'S RAILROAD :". MILLS ). .. MACCOBOY, FRENCH RAPPEE, SCOTCH AND LU NDYFOOT SiiUFFS. MACCOBOY A.ND FRENCH SNUFF FLOUR. "" ALSO MANUFACTURERS 011 : TnE Flls"EST BRANDS OF SMOKING TOBACCOS, CIGARS, AND PURE POWDERED I:ICORICE. ."133 WATER.A.ND 85 PINE STREETS, / ciNEW-YORK/ H. MESSENGER & CO., DUBOIS &r. VANDERVOORT, .....,....., ..., DULD8.. COMMISSION MER'cHANTS, FOREIGN & DOM!STICTOBACCO, Leaf and Tobacco, L I 0 0 R I 0 E ; I AND OTHER 3'1 Street, 111 II 1111 Eugene Du B<>is, l NEW YORK -w -... ...OL a. lf-8 ... Joseph B Vandervoort f ,1_. .-n uuaou. 1 Manufi}Ctured Tobacco or all sty l es and 11ualities dl rcet 11om the lleet manufactorieo of Virgima., for sale SMITH, HENRY I. SHEFFIELD, rmlottomt purcha sers. F 9&'ftltu.YY Tobacco and actors, LEVY eSt NEWGASS, GENERAL It h t Commission Merchants, .. LKU Derc an s. No. 49 Beaver Street, NEW YORK. YoLCER a. Menpftcbnwaof Segars, All4 Imponerl of IJld De&!-Ill :PIPES & LEAF TOBACCO, lrtntt Street, New CJ. vouua. o. Bill'lBUid. FELIX MIRANDA, llll'ORTlcR OJ' Connecticut Seed and HaTaP LEAF TOBACCOS No, l'JS W.&.TER-STBEB'".t', l'lEWYollK. A. S. ROSENBAUM & CO., CODl'IIDSION lliEBCHA.NTS DO!IESTie LUJ AD *-UJ!CTUIED HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO. 66-90 1&,NevT-YoB. ;r V.!.NIE.L DENB.lltOo AND OF THB BRAND OF SEGARS, "RITICA," Pearl Street. NEW YORK. .-AliD-Buoceaaor to LEAF TOBACCO: OATK.A.B' lr. .REI:P, IIU''O&TU ILLIA LEEr (Suecessor to LEB.BROTHBRS,) D 0 M EST! 0 --porter nnd :Manutactare'l" :;>f" HAVA I AR ceo, AID DEALE:& IN LEAF TOBlcc( 166 Water-Sreet 269 Pearl 8tree. t ___ NoorFulton 1\F,\V YORK Between Maiden Lane and Wall S\;reet, i Qeommssiou lltrchantst AGENTS Cor tbc ,lftlc oC all tbc Brands of Virginia and N Carolina MANUFACTURED TOBACC SOLE .AGENTS for the sale of the following brands of Messrs. THOMAS & OLIVER, and D. C. MAYO & Co., Richmond, Va.: / MANU MAN6FACTURED King Bee, 12 inch Tirginia Beauties, 14'a. i lbs. Olive, i lbs. Pride of the 12 i n ch lbs. Reward of Industry, 12 inch lbs. Virginia's Own Pocket"Piece8. Thomas' Choice D. C. Mayo's Navy lb s., t lbs., and 10's Che Haw, Fig 's. Conestoya, 5's. \ SMOKINC,' Rose Twist, 6 < J. M Wa.!ker's Extra Bright Twist, 12 inCh.: La F a vorita Rolls 6 inch 'I_ Chas Htmry, Jr., 9 inch, light pressed 'II II ll hard Billy Buck Virginia Belle. Star. Grand Duchess. Virginia's Choice. Rose. Olive Gold Bug. 12 inch lbs. Pure Virginia, Eurek a Oliver's Choice O l d Kentuck, PERIQUE. All styles of Manuf acture d and Smoking T obacco put up under special brands fOr the : sole use of the owner. l We cont1nne to rnanu.:;.cture a11 tbe FAVO TE TOB CCOS and S UFF for which our house IJaS become ramons, and many nov elties to which the attention of the trade is Our past r eputation for making first :class goods, and .at the lowest prices we will endeavo r to maintain. Smce an enumera.tiOn of all v.anous would hardly enter into the limits of adyert1sement, we !nv1te .all the trade to send for circula r, and compare the quality, style, and pnces w1th other goods on the market. P .. 18, and 20 Chambers Street, New York. s. Manufacturer of the following choice and well-known Bt-ando of VmCJINIA SMOKING TOBACCOS, LONC JACK, 4 CREEN SCENE. LATAKIA ORANGE FLOWER VIRGilflA PRIDE, liUYFLOWER, TUB.XISH STRAIGhT CUT, SPORT Faetory, No. 14 Fifteenth Street, Richmond, Va, Depot and Princlt>al OtHce, No. '7i Fultou !'itreec, New York. OeCl fj!199> OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, FOR SEGAR BOXES, Fnrn!ehed inqnantltles to suit. by Fl. O::D:ni.EA.JSr cb UFI.lST, 2 16 LEWIS STREET, N. Y. A. LINDRXIM. A. WINTER. lL LmDBll:IIl, LINDHEIM BROS. & CO., )(annfacturen of Celebrated Bt-ando ot Smoking Tobacco. Factory, No. 86 6th District, Lynchburg, Va.. Wa;rehouse and Offl,ce, 90 Water Street, New York. prDepot ofthe celebrated Brande mannractared by L. L. ARMISTEAD URICE ELLER, DIPORTER O.F Ha:vana Segars and Leaf Tobacco, 168 STATE STREET, BOSTON. .r;ole Tmmmte.r of the :it No. 1. Se(1ftrs. ------H. H. WATTS' YORK CIT:Y TOBACCO WORKS 255 East Houston Street. GEORGE F. HILL & CO., TOBACCO Commission eroh.a.nts, .AX corrox 7AorGBB, 43 BROAD STREET, P. 0. Box, 6'140, New York lllll'lJ. Barrlao&. (MUTUAL), No. 84 BROADWAY, ltew York. CIGARS. Wilder & Estabrook, Boston, llass. J. H. DIG'GLES & 00., 138 Duane Street, New York, AGENTS AND UANUJI'.ACTURERS OP ALL KINDS Oll' FANCr PJWn'BD COTTON GOODS FOR TOB.ACCO PATENTED NOVEMBER 26, 1867, ttl In presenting o the pnbll c a m achine for the manufacture of cigars, the Inventor Ia fully wa:. d!!.., will have to meet ILnd combat opinions and prejudice engendered and confirmed by bo the last twenty yean! to accomplish the reenlt he has attained. Yet ):he fact. etande paten ... seen or wtU eee, and judge ror themselves, tbat be bae machtuery, 1n IU &inQQU8 operatio n with whieh perfect cigars can be made-booehlng, bmdiug and ftniohiDg them by a COD some# cess and au uniformity and precision impossible to be attained by hand. The fOllowing constitute 'ts most important featoree : l e t The rapidity and unl!ormlty with which ci"ars are made. 2nd It elfects a of ten per cent in wrappers, (which in ftne tobacc:o loa large late,._ 3d. It malt'"' 8 perfect dn1sh or \he eud of the cigar (Practical Cigar Makers will ,....., o.pprec apecia l point.) 111 equalise

c:!C ._.......... .... & CO., PIULA LP A., sion merchants in Leaf "Snd Manufaotured To8aooo, ftl. .. ANI> IMPORTED S.EGA.R@ ..w @ J 17 B. SOH AGENT FOR L illard's Snuff, lgars, Havana and Connecticut Leaf, IN LOTS TO SUIT, lio. 1 F A--BTBEET, PHILADELPHIA, Orders SoJlcit:ed. THE T 0 BAC 0 0 LEA F. Jl. 'WIIe:a.s d Co., M'OIINtllttMtal City Tollacco Work, WM. WELSH & NB; .._ & & ............ .. ......... ... Wbroleoale Iiealeroln Imported ot Domeot!c WboleNle Dealen In G :BRASHEARS & SON AP TO .a.oco Manufacturers Smoking I I sEaA.:as Aacl LeAf Tobacco, Tobacco Comm1ss1on Merchanb, No.2'1 SoutA Gafl Street B;.U,mON. FO'BEIG:I oo&m SEG.ABS, u. s. Bonded Warehouse No. I, L ,-)V;;. ....,... ... :rt-, l'JcU,_ Wm. B. Weloh. .Jno. W. Welab. PIJ>e&:Uid Bmokera' idea c A!ataDIIJ em lwld.. No. 46 Walnuwtr.t, Cincinnati. (1110-t'nl I L-!.),.,-nJ a(l<>an.c .. "" Oon8l?n"""'u m 161, 168, & 165 Pea.rl..Stret, (OORXER OF ELY STREET,) CINCINNATI. .... mG8RT, I 8. DtL.LS. 080. I'OX. IIACUBOI'J' EGGERT, DILLS & CO., (lac-.-to Wll. EGGUT,) DUI.EnS U' DOMESTIC AND SPANISH BARNES & JEROME, Cornndsll!lio.n. Merchan-t._ p atod Co GP.:O, D DARNRS, AUG. 8. JltllOllB. HARTFORD, Conn. GUSTAV G-qTH, I F. L. BRAUNS & 'CO .. llana!acturer o! I 11 OHEAPSlllF,.. s. FUGUET a 501\JS,.. Led To 'baooo L m.. ...... 82WEIT IIECOBDITBEETI HAAS BROTHERS, LOUIS STRASSER, c X -G .A R. 8. BALTJ.-oRI, MD., TOBACCO IMPORTERS OF A VAN' A CIG-.A:.Fl.S, Cmporters of D:i:ALEB8 IJI 42-6T CONN. SEED LEAF Importer of HAVANA ID4 J)ealor Ill DO.IIIBSTIO A.hd ManoOlettare"J"S oC FINE CIGARS, No. 229 South Front Street, Philadelphia. lnitecf Bonded Warehpuse, First Collection District, Pennsylvania. OODWARD BROTHER &. CO., and General Commission Merchants, llo. tt Ionh Watiii"Street, &n_d No. 48 llorth Delaware Avenue, PHILADELPH.IA, PA. a -tcl:i:eior llan'llfaotunln of FINE CIC RS, and DeaJers in LEAF TOBACCO, ()UR HOBBY, Y.A.RA LITTLE ONES, PICKWICK, DAISY, PUNCH, and other copyrighted 4Jranda or cigars. ,J.&.l08 JL BOY)). AKTHUR R .I'OUG.&RAY. No. &3 German Street, (110-S'tt) BALTIMORE, MDa F. W. FELGDIER.. .......J!tUtJua ... JJ OOCSN .... F B.. JUSCBOFF'S, )eu tscher :B,auch taba.. AND OTHER CHOI<:E BRAND eo & llout.ll Cll&r1"atre0\, fiA!..fl.lldORE. B F. PARLETT. & CU., W'BH. .I$11.-L...L ana SmoKing Tobaccos. SEGARS, PIPES, ETC., ; ommisaloll Merchants ror Sate of Same 92 LOMBARD &: 5 WATEB...ST ., 'l" PUUt"'t. ... lialtimors, G. B. BOLENIUS, DOHAN & 'l'AITT, LEAF T0HACCO. WK. C. PKA8K. Ual&ed S&a&ea Bonded. Warelaou_, e ")\'\'\. 'b ... \.0\''\. 1\\ e,y-e\\.o.m'b. Dlreet l m po rt-""ts b a o o o, ... -Cominlsswn Merchants, 2aa state st., Hartford, Conn. IIIIIILOUYa. 8UCKNOR, McGAMMO N & C 0 TOBACCO O'l!lhi.Qa ...._._ GEYER & mss, CODUDllllOD Berellaa&l, AND SNUFF. No.60 SOUTH GAY STBBET, of an:;,0ealerln Claar, (J:IO-m) aALTIMORI!, MD,'' l Pipes, Snutrboxe, &c., (Snto lbaca, Anno ot Co. ) TOBACCO .um llf ALL Dlt&C ....... OD o IJld Jlanufaotured Tollaooo, \maal Commission Joa. Souo-.oa. A. NtooL.Uisn No. 98 IAB.B.I BTllDT JOSEPH S()BROEDER A ()0., Md Cammiaolon IDd witolnale dealers II! tJ DEPOT-With,_ Ax, & 1'73 and Leaf and Manufactured 175 WM e r street, New xork. 11-63 8 N. Pront, PDH.AD.ELPHIA. )J 1.1 Wuer 8lreel and 18 N. 11elaware .hmnte; PHILADELPHIA HENRY NAS!!AU. STATES BONDED WAREfiOUSE lgnO!'I can forward their Stocks u IM BOND,'' prepol)'Dig ltle Qovernment Tax. ___ LEWll IBEKER'S SONS, Wbo1eeale DeaJen Ill TELLER BROTHERS, t.o TELLm, a: 00.1 ) Wholeal Dealer '" LEAP TOBACCO AND Tobaeee and CJigars, L.W. GUNTBBR, No. CommissionERMerchant, Dommie and Foreign Leaf Tobacco SEG'.ARS. Ng. I I 7 North Third Street, PmLADELPHIA. LOUJS GIESKE 11_ CO Aad TOBACCO .FACTOR, w. ., No. 90 Lombard St., A.10> BlilGAli.B, C!f:onuttill!.ll!!; ... flt m (One aomo west Of E>:chanq e place), ,...,ii'UJU l WBOLB84Llii>ULBB IN -BALTIMORE. LEAF TOBACCO Leaf and Havana Tobacco, WM. A. BOYD & oo., No. 734 N. THIRD sTREET, aud ln:obatto SEGARS, P.HILA.DELPB"'...A. .3 Street, Internal Revenue Bonded Warehouse .,.'J'I'l.) OF' WK. A.. li'DOWELL & DUNCAN' [, L, w. EDWARDS, (FlrstTQoBJLCCn Q vania ,) '19"1( ..l >YD1Jlt, U. S. ( L. EDWARDS. ANI> DE VAN & MASON, 104 Poydras St. 1 .New Orleans, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, "General Comm-;'ion AND AGENTS FO.R V'o.lNS NOBTH W AT.EB STREET PHILADELPHIA. Wm. Eiseclohr & Co., Virginia&NortnCamlina Tooacco, DRA.UlRS IN T n ....... "l ... ,,VR.,.,..o .. rruHlP nn (219.270\ .... L_ JOIUI' 1100&&. S. & J. MOORE, TOBACCO :Omnrission Merchants, 107' I orth Wateratreet1 ISCIH PHILADELP:aiA. t'JIOJ[AS HARE & SON, CONNECTIIOUT SEED, EstabUshed 1@12Zr HAViNA AND YARA "Copenhagen Snufr A MaoVMtrecl oalt, bf' LE .. ,...,., F TOB.A.CCO., "W'EY::t\.d:AN & :SRO., SCMre d by Settc111 Pattttt :De c. !!6, 1865. Any inti'lnge-, South Water Street, 111ent Ullt copyright wlll bo rlgorowdy 'prosecudo. PHIL !DELPHIA. I W. Elsnnl oht S. W. Clark PhU Ilo!Jm. !'Ralph's Scotch Snuff,." Warranted snperior toaoyeau!'made lD thfo countryo. wHoLsuu: n:.u.x"" s ....... lillin or Manufactu7'ed !Fy IAFREINO AMAJUFACHJRED A. RALPH & co., TO A C 0, Arch St., PHJLADELPHIIA. U'TUFF, SEGARS, ETC., nr Send for a Price List.. No. 474 aDd 508 N. Second St., a.ur u L r elllTu. PHILA-DELPHIA.. .... ..... GauAJ< ... ' Theoe established Tobaccoe oo well and favorably known, putu p lnJI, J{, and llb. bales or pouches, and in balk thwonitlng the retaUM and jobb OTTO .SHARP. 808TON. LTo'baoco and Clg.._ A. B JIITCBBLL. .. :1.011 ..-.m lltt"Ht, l>ettll...,.. Btl ...... .a A tu4 --LOUISVILLE, KY. -- .6:6U. I 'E' & J'IVB DOTDB.S TOliAOOO WOUI '.omi-atiou ,_ l'1nD, ... -. -:r-. _.. ............. ,,. LEAF AND MANUFACTURED a .lOBI FIIIZER 1 BROS., ftB o ."'IIII! .... .;'-IQ.l2 CEITBAL WHARF, .._.4 I>L U G T 0 B A 0 0 0. Q C II ......... -.. Lollln1Ue, II.J'o DEALERS IN DA VENFORT & LEGG, ..._. FoREIIN .AND IIDMEITIC LeafT obacco and Cigars, 69 BrGid, oorner al. llilk ar.. .... ... -.,. 1 BOSTOB. .. ..... LID9G. HAYliA & llED LEAF TOBACCO ER & II CEITJI,.lL JIOIJTON. R. A YOUNC & BRO., General Commission Merchant&, Tooooco Manufacturers' Agent, 11 & Wabash Avenue, J. L. SMITH, C:E1IC.AGO. smB..-oo., T:IGA&, TOBACCO & CIC'A 8, Randolph Strt!, CHICAGO. GEO. BIHBN Chk:atpl. } N. W" Goodtl old. te Jobbeno oaJy, I&W!B W. B. llADDUX:. X.----------G-P_N_ J, H. PEMBERTON, ASH & BRO. ...... CoUliil n Leaf aud .Mariufacbued Orders for .... """""''l ..... nded to. TOBACCO BROKERS ...... llfeoan.BBALD & MILLIIB, !fewTGQ...._, caring of new leaf on commllllllon D. K. SEYIIOUB. SHEPARD & FULLER, Commission Merchants and Dealers io CONNECTICUT Seed Leaf Tobacco, 214 STATE S7'BEET, Hartrord, ker. &Del Deelora Ia Connecticut Seed TOBACCO, 134 Main Street,. HARTFORD, CONN. 12&-lSS. s. w. Packer r.d Dealer Ia Connecticut Seed Leaf T No. State Street, HARTFORD, -()()NN. JU5'' H S. WOODRUFF, DBlLBR IN Connecticut Seed-Leaf TOBACCO, No. S.T..A.TB STREET, HARTFORD. CONN. R.A.CHA Connecticut Seed Leaf T bacco, EAST HARTFORD. COlfNECTICUT. J. SIGN OR nnecticut Seed-Leaf T obacca, EAST BA1TFORD, COD. G. W. G>BAV nne Connecticut Seed-Leal TO.B""ACCO t I ..-crop 'M d 'II. (lQI....HJ N. C. READ, rtintia Vobeen. RICHMOND, T A. '" o. 11os.e1a.


THE TOBAUCO LEA lr. = CHE!P SHJG TOBUCO, T. I. IICICOI I. CO., f STENCIL PLATES,I THE present Duke of W el.& New England Divine on Tobaceo-Tiae .l.cUon of the IS said to be one of Providence Metlao41c. placed d under tbe Ban of the <:Jaureb-.1. High Old Tirade the most diSSipate men 10 llle Weed-81aad .crom -.:rnder. The progres s of trad e dunng the past quarter of a cen ......, ..,.. F.e1 for r ...... .. ,. .... G fir ()lgars, England, prematurely old We recommend the following for after dinner readtng; tuJy ha s proved most mdrsputably thatJree trade !11ld whole and broken down, without it will be found to be a good corrective of the somno some competJtron have whrch the exclusive sys the abihty of an ordmary lent influences of a beartv meal tern of a le ss progJessJv e age c ould never hope to realize workman, and who has never T h ere 1s no sec1et 1 -b t h f h d "ToBACCO IN THE P uLPIT, BY GEo S Bu &LEIGH.The now m uusmess n t e secret o ar in his life, apparently. accom action of the Pr&vidence of the Methodist woJk and sound Judgment, and the old world notJoDs of con plished an ythmg. Episcopal Church, on the use of alcohol and tobacco, c e ahng the of the c raft e bemg raptdly cons1gned THERE are FaJd to be 50,shows a tendency worthy of JIDJtatJon in one of the to obh v wn. Perhaps m no trad e has mystety had a longet 000 "commerCial travelers" largest and mo t thn g of rehgJOus bod 1 es In tbe reJgn m th!'tt of the t{lbacc o manufacturer, and tbe1e in the United StateB, dn1ded land LJke ctlle New Englan Conference, they deare not 'vautmg well mformed people who are wtllmg to at as follows: to nounced the rum-traffic, and unanimousJv recommend tubute to the ttade pra c ttces )VhJCh have no exJstence save Boston and the New Eng-ed the restoration of the proh 1 b 1tory Jaw'tn Massachum fancy Adulteration 1s a m1ld term to use, to express land States, 10,000; New Without the fatal Cider leak in tbe bottom. On the Imputed dehoquenCJes' and when some unlucky knave York, 20,000; Chicago, Cm the tobacco nmsauce they express<.!d themselves m th1s 18 dlsc ovet e d trymg to palm off as snuff a compound tot:J.Ily Empire S. :M, Co., 294 Bowery, and St. Louis, 10, wise: 'No candidate for membership in thts Conference mnoc ent of the smallest tmce of tobacco, ot mampulatmg a 210m NEW YORK I 000, Pennsy1vanm and Mary shall be de11med eligtble until be shall )lave uneq uh: 0 cornp osJt.on of hempen 1ope and cabbage, or rbuba1 b leaves ---------I land, mcludmg Philadelphia, cally and frankly affirmed Jus abstinence from the to pass as LJmellck tw1st, the Wiseacres are rea,ly to chaw Ptttsburgb, and Bahtmore, use of tobacco during so much of the time of his tnal the mfereoce that th e re are some very dtsreputable pr:J.CtiOes '}VHOI...ESALE d V 10,000. tor membF>rsh1p as shall succo>ed the passa"e of this m the tobacco trade To those who have My knowledue Ricbmon a., IT 1s announced that m five rule; nor uDtll he shall have pledged himself in future whatevet of the lmsmess of a tobacco manufactme1 1t Tobacconists, TOBACCO. BROKER, years the commumcatlODS by to abstam from ItS use, except It be for medtemal pur be necessary f ot us to pomt out ratl between Paris and Con poses' Wh1le th1s, as the 1 ule of an annual suspiciOns At the same hme, we w1ll not hes1tate to sa y .10 ._ 16 ..,1ST STlTE STilEET, SollcltaOrdenoforlheparchaleofLeat stant111ople wtll be complet IS applicable for a year only, tt is meant to mdicate a tbat theJe 18 one form of ad!Vteratwn p1actised-an{l rae "' Tobacco ed. The tune occupted. be fixed purpqse; and have lea.&Qil to hope that when tJsed, too, on a l arge scale-by om foremost manufi1c ITHACA. N. v. Olke,.tBtA/IIereec. tet. _.-,.,,.,.,.., c..,sw. tween tl1c two CJtJes Will bethe v ner b dye-sq el',l! already in holy orders have tuters Wl!ether we are JUStified m callmg the addttron of PEART & LY 0 N S sixty-nine hours. It 1s est1 latd tHeir bodies away where no worm will touuh them water to toba cco adulteratwn, l S a guestJon we do not car e .Y mated that the force employ on pen! of narcosis, the altar will not reek w1th the mto here, but 1t IS so near akm to adtteratwn that 1t Wboleul Depottor ed upon the road wtll amount cense of a nor the liQB that. d1 OQ and IS no& wort h whtle attemptmg to define the dtfference It :A. PEARL'S CELEBRATED h to more than IOO,OO'lmen. warmng and' consolati n drip with a disgnstma venom Will be suffictentfor us to show that the practtce IS bad-eal Imperial Cut Ca, IN order to be a successful a tnfle less sweet than the ml whi c h ran down "'Aaron's tbat m leahty I t benefits neither the wholesale dealer, the beard! It is something to )!.now that for a twelveretaller, nor the consumer and that 1t tends to destroy the v.-o PERJjQUE, AND VIRGINU GRk'WLATED politicia in !llontana, it month he young ant to the sacre" office of teachproper effects of compet1t10n by substJtutiD0"' a 'vort h le s s said that a man must either "" ,.. art 1 fi d A _,.1""'11>. ..A. er and exemplar must come w1th a clean mouth as well rc e or a goo one ny o ne who studtes the questwn m -.A. "-" "-""'"""" have the poorest memory of as a clean heart, aud not PI esnme to m an a<>e of dJspasswnately must mevJtably come to one sound c o nclu QIQ.6.D, P.IPES, AND SMOKERB' ARTICL:ES CONSTANTLY ON HAND. any man hving, or be one nf shat p clear he mndaled 1) nrred and ;eak-swn on the subJe c t of shag tobac c o-,th.a.t CllJicluswn.bem g 29 FUL;:;,:;;;: the greatest liars of tlae age. med {mao-e_s ot a nardotJzed bram h.e has need of th a t "cheap" shag I S a delusiOn Shag, be It u n d e rstood, the kcen:St VISIOn and the most effective delivery. The I S that form of smok m g tobacco whrch ISm greatest r e quest, TE DETE.ICJIUTION OF COO, a ol or a bad one tor. ro tog, .and may send np a clo._ud of poisoned a1r, the worthy and forms what may be styled the staple art1cle of a toba c the prodPce of the year wtll lie mfluenced accordmg-pants may dull their sell anti defile their per comsts trade A tobacco has a tways been ap lt 11 oot .conBiderable hes1tat1oo t t ap ly, 1lnt these are exceptional circumstances, and have s and the space around tb.e10 with a filthy preCiated and the 1ame of Its manufacture has heen mtJ-J!TO&ch the mihcated by the beadmg to tb1s .ar no pe1 manent effect. All It means 18 that one Jear will and take what light of the "ospel the y c an get throu.;h associated wtth such towns as London, Chestet, tlcle, There IS a. natural tendency to underrate the be a better 7ear for tobacco than another and it inva the tobacco-staiued of thetr &ouls, but the Liverpool Bllstol, and Newcast'e It would not be gomg to the of the past, and however far w_e nably happens that a bad year, as 1 t 1 s 'caiJed,.Js fol fresh arson come untainted or unsolaced w1 th too far to s2y that thes e fi''e centres enJoyed a monopoly of may go P&ck to Illustrate a companson, 1t wtll mvartJoweJ by ne. Nature has a compensating in-thetr stupefying 1!edative Sauce for goos 1 es 18 no th e busmess, owmg solely to the excellence of the amc l e ably be found that what IB refened tc, to pomt the fluence aud in the long run 1 t w 11J be 1ound tbat she longer a .proper dressmg for V1rfue wttbm supphed London Shag, or Chest e r Cut, are still rec o g of exaf!!ple-cl modern mfer10rhy, bas been m 1ts the a vet age w 1th marvjlllous preol)uon. We the a1tar-ra i whiter thing tHad vmu-e m the pews n1zed terms, and seem to carry a speCies of warranty m the time also crted, to prove dc;cadenue from a JOT ha'le endeavored to show that the qua!tty of American or virtue kneeling the ra l "to take b1 ead ov e r mer e name and more perfeet era. Nethmg can be m01e tobacco cannot have d e teriOrated m the sense in which And young, newly-anointed apostlesh1p 1 a wb1ter As the shag began to develop itself, <;oll!peti this_ 1or although 1t is perhaps possible, the complaint 18 put f o rward, and we are driven to the angel than gug-e penenl)ed n !Vace is sup, twn ,arose, ana pnces naturally declmed, unt1l now it 1s m a few to show that the world has not ad unwelco me conclu s ion already hinte d at that such reposed to-demand. Your or'thy elders nd aoctors, of to buy shag as low as 2s. 8d per :lb, wh1le m 't'MI'eed, .be no doubt that, as a rule, the world portR a 1 e me 1 e c anards, spread by speculaa f6rmer year'11 ro.a.y make the pulprt one one mstan c e we have h e a1d o f, a contract bemg taken .goes 1mprovmg from. year to year. The good I tors and market-riggen>, with a view to rerJder their spittoon, and drown out the poor youn tobaccos and wh e n so new com e r be a very uroad hmt to the old Fmners of takwg up muc'h water as possible. T : t IS by no ou the part of t-he It 1S somewhat sJgmficaut much middJmg and Inferior leaf is offering it is the m that behalf If th e y are n o t made excessiVely ob a tare thm"' to find toba ceos of thtcJ class whteh that most of the compl:amts of the general mfeuonty eas1e% tnmg in the world to run away w1th the idea tuse by then hab1t they must feel queerly votmcr to wJI caJry fqrty fhe per cent of moJstm'c and produce .ef the tobacco grown. in late years apJ!lymore that tobacco is not as good as it used to be To the shut out a candidate for a vtce they chng to so a vety good shag 'l'hus the result to leaf; and. 1 t IS d1!Hcult to same cheap slop trade may be traced the false packing, entty. Can they not see that the date of the apphca?f shag .1s less tobacco, and that 11ttle of an :: entire llll. repre8entattons whtch may of which we have recently haard so much. Cheapness twn cannot alter the meral standmg of the mfenor descnpt10n SGJme of the 1.eadmg houses in the to motives of mterest. much 15 done m and chicanery often 1nn together, and the tobacco trade and that of two the one hatched last trade have the opm'on that cheap shaa is Amenca to promote tobacco growmg, and such I?ams is not free from their influence. A good art1cle at a year is not therefore the more innocent? The Pope of m&ely another name foi wet but we to are taken to planters to the fair price wrll alwaJ s be fo1 tbcommg, and a demand for Rome can create sins by edict, and make right and suggest thll:t th1s IS an error whiCh' calls for correction. that SCienttfic culture. and unhmtted labor wtll such descriptions wJllmeVJtably be the means of mduc-wreng play seesaw like two srsters; but we suppose our Chap shag ts bad shag, as "ell as wet shag, and, as idi>rd, that we may well t? believe tBat tins mg a sufficient supply Upon .oo ground that we can MetbodJst.fnends Wlil hardly olaim that prerogative. far as tobacco goes, blottmr 6 paper saturated With tobacco ireat branch of natiOnal mdnstry,1s allowed to suffer see ts there suffiCient 1 eason to doubt this v1ew of the It may be hoped, therefore, that men not excluded by this water would be almost as near an approach to what the rom Umtt>d States falrs ate recase, and we therefore entirely d1savow any belief in tobacco rule will see tbe _propriety ot it for then own genume arttole should bt>,. We feel sattsfied, if reta 11 to markable mstJtuttOns, and on.e of their roam features IS the supposed dete1 ioratwn of American tobaeco.-Lon-use, and fo1 bear to stink 1n the nostrils of the commubaccomsts would cons1r'.Jer the ments of the questwn they t.he plante! to .pecti g, as far possible. the don Tobacco R e view nity. Dr. Noyes, in his new translation of the Testa would see that It IS tr' therr mterest to encourage a trade he m rket. Pnzes are ?ffered ment, declmes allow Lazarus to' stmk' any longer; m good tobacco T ., say nothing of o,'.mllty, the Joss upon apeaunens othe 1Arn;t, and the emulatton of A 'loBACCO MoNOPOLY IN GERMANY -The Pross1an be has become offensive he had altead comi>1on shag fro!P the 9,, poratJon of th t l h b f E l' h F "li h tl bl' h d y, 10 one a e mms ure IS very -t'J 1 u,v .. y: e ition .o an ng ts mance JJ JUster as r:cen y pu. 1s e a mem01r .on refined pastor's renderinit, come t. "smell disa reeconstdera.ble, au d if the dealer keeps his store m a coverEY:i pue. oattle Men p emutelwe m the the state oft be finances m that kmgdom, from wb1cb ably But the good old Saxon word is onl/ one receptacle w1th a Vlew to prevent lts drymg illld lOf,mg world ar,e mto Jthe sernce of tobacco growmg, 1t appears, m conseqaence of the enor?Ious strong enough to describe a man sat ted with tobac-we1ght, the cr .a.nces are that It will qmckl heat and turh ani ):mons eagerly sought, to the P.enses r equued for the ar?1 and navy, there ls a deti co. How weak ihe expression when the office of the mouldy Ir / warm weather few samples 0 / che will ,tap.ter th pursntt; of the best systems ot agrtculmt of mere than eleven mllltons of dollars, whtch must man makes the vice so palpable andpromment! Think keep good fbr more tba!l twenty four hont& ex taTe .. Soi1s are analysed, where one .descnptwn of be made good somehow other. bnngs of a man breatbmg the great lessons of pur it and posed to tfte atr, the water evaporates ver !'a i1'dl and a seed 18 found a partrcul-r dJStnct or forward a serieS of e1ght different artJCJes as ObJeCtS self-denial through a stench of self-indulgence ana selflarge rr JSidue of dry, dusty smalls Will .(lllll ;he bal bette_r thai'!' linotm:r, I8 at once (l!npl?yed. All that m m1ght be taxed; but the propo.sal been recen:ed destruction If he were a Mormon elder, fresh from ance o f the stock Lastly, cheap shif is an eo em to ;geautty expllrlence can do r818e the cha1 w1th such a general cry of that the b1lls the lubnCJtV of his harem, he might squut and dribble Jng Many of the labormg classes Will smoke ?o_ t;J.e. tobaeco \ant IB tf!ed, and no expe!'Jment were reJected w1t.h .overwhe1mmg maJOrities, and under and fume, and make an atmosphere of nauBea and diBth1r ,g 10 the shape of tobacco, ba.s madesmo{. winch be IS oDlltted, where there IS a th1s defeat the MmiSter stated! that as the money must gust a Lout him, without dJsbonor to hts function as 1n 6., necess 1 ty, and they will natumlly buz that which the cllance .Df. iecurmg a fi vorable result We are ace us be p1 oVIded, the alternatiVe left was a Apostle of N asuness. But to come with credentials c ao afford tO spare the money for. They smoke che/ tamed to look ?pon our own shows a!ld mg of the lJtcome .tax next ye:.r;.,. Dunng the authenticated by a great church-the cham ions of ihlg, s 1mpl y because they can [,.ICt nathl better at fesi.tvals as truly Bnt1sh features, d1stmdebate In the G_erman Pa!hament, one ot the members of self-denial-as an ambassador of and firice they ate 10 the habit of pay mg. smoker whose JU18hlii1J England from m.ost countr1es, and cans-Co'!nt d, a S.tles1an h1s proclalmer of the messages of. purity, 'ftl(, shall he la 'mans will allow him. more dJscnmmatio there mg no httle;wondermmtm the f!!IDds of .nat10ns who that m s proper o.l)Jects for taxatiOn, aside his filthy qnid to take up the reat te"'-"t t Ye a/ 1 ace fancy miXtures, and th varrous kinds of ca;endi rarely gean&ry and display with anythmg the Mmtster had overlooked the article most admuP_bly the temple of God. If anY' man Jefile ohe tern' le ,It!, 11obacco; and lt Js a notable fact, ca able of sh IJEfal-; the Amerioaas treat tobacco growmg qmte adapted to fill up tht; gap, and that was by mcreasm God bJm shall God destro fo P f,arcoe tobacc() facto 1es 10 the l:P as Bt;noualy as an E11glish farmer treats the y1eld of the duty on tobacco Imported f1 om abroad, and the tax God' is holy, tJJhiclt tempZ. '.'i' t:: for l' mix;res" h 0t:; turmps or the ot fat oxen. It 1s evulent, hereon. that grown m tle and 1ftl1at was not sufl:ie utter from poisone,J l!.nd fili.h li 8 the t-ender shag bas declmed N w tc l& your rea-Ire h 0 position; w 1st mducements in &adition to the ordmary inclasses the repeal of the tax on salt and some other service?' The sa?rilicral laJUb of the .Jews smo rs 'W:. really: appreCia e good are in aucement of prospective profits, 1s hardly worthy commdd1t:es that pressed more havily on them. Anb or t mailgldy,breekmg, nse article, wl.ten of a m,p 'a eo!ll' erat.ion. The onlf dow other member, Her von K cn-ff, fo)l01 10 t same e was accep e 1 won '"' 0 won sa IS everyreqmre of justllioation for t.he assertion that the qua strain and more decide.dly "All the gre_at countnes mstead of a. Is 1t likely that a ment. hafle sard that the manuifacturer does not AlQ4ltl081l rob til --deteriorated is to be found In of "ne salcl "by ivbu:;h we are sun ounded trt)er g!tt will serve under a purer dlS{>ensation ? that :::'P an:r.: t by makmg and se ling cheap shag. Of&:,.......,... "" the-'hvmg 8a.ctifice' may be a lllQ dill t .. m1gut move gone further anil aid th1 t h Datut'e"of he lant itself, and the effect it bas upon their tobacco monopoly, with the exception of tba t.ll t f I b b. ht r d m: Image b&'l beell the ruin f th b a b!! eap dle-eoit in Mell f8 groWn. It is a most England, whtcb levies an enormolfliltmport dnty on the 0 }p e es h 0 am 11 dug ere an urne'1? ut bin'!. favor and 0 r. an ouse w Jch Pn'""''"" ing crop, and abBtra.cts from the groulid neaily all its article, ptohibitslts cuUivation at home, and bl!.s thus en l!0tti(_)Okioseethe;bpastor I:t: ore z :I bm lifu.tluataitWig qualities. Like flax, it the earth a much worse system o tobaceo taxation than any lkld any e er au. ey m IS matter. ey are occ tr to 08 at th 0 gees a. IS to a valuelesa for further culture, and the other country." Those mterested in the tobacco :traie nnal protests were Jllade and resolutions 'l!l!?rt of goodness, pun tv and h.ohness for pew and pul cou ta e each manufacturer In the '1ril\.. be cnality of the land. Indeed it ma be to oppose any on the p&rt of tile Govplt; u.d smell of tobacco 18 as SlCkenmg to honest by the. and tell. him QUT p11Vate Jlel. M wom tebat a ,._t take/ out emmeot,. to interfere with thei trade, with all the It comes froJU the blaok of a slip a.s and publtc !iot\on of honest ah_ould say of the earth science has hop can be reStored to it in power &ad illltluenee at their commAnd iadividually when lt greets you &ei'OBS the, thougll by d1-the secret lS good article at a fa1r pnce, and not a simple maimer. Oa neitller of the two .contrast 1t pr?duces a stronger revulsion .feelarticle at a. low price is, to a unds indicated can any reliance be plaeed 10 tne A GBRMAN jlboemaker. who ba.duudertaken to Jng f; Its mmgliag 'with more aacmed a.ssoctatJOas. certam extent, the order of the day, 1t IS true and in gro of the qalfty of a pair of boots for a geatkma of whose Twm-brother of alcohol, if perhaps a little less some mstances cheapness is desirable, 10 eo. e natural ndeucy of flUil, 81 rity be had oonsiderable doubt, tba.n 1ts strong mate, tobacco contmue to bhgbt cases where we know we have been paymg ex torunder proper care and good tbe 'articles: ":&er poots ish not quite tbe health an ?uadea the brall4 the nerves, pro& ttl upon prwes of the an.icl; but &ad, in place, tlte has 80 illh Jaadlf tt poLlute the a1r, as lol'lg as. 1t can sanction from In tobacco the lS WJdeir different, and the very ],y culttvating his crop to tLe Jtis pqllible Kent, Md., a has been .u:i 'ng fer -..ey, P10118 usage and a pulpit when a refor-fact ot: he a1 afllettrreil artwle beius sold at a.boat ol' ualit thai aeglect odD hie would be olltlto lumina dream. !k 4Nll Dillb&., shie b ifi It f t place forty-etgbt pt!r cent. less. than the pnme coat ofingredi-ot be-au him with an open ible aha" With the t fit I n g1 it. a o: e mto the eats used-to say notbmg of labor, wear and tear of tioas, or ere is Atlantic a, at 4-he pHil ot the fishes maeliiu7, there is either an error or ofexeellence below whim it is impos.ible within a league ofthesho,el" In manufacture of cheap sbag.-London 7 UHIEF J LTSTrcE CHASE BEFORE THE TonA c c o MER OF. Rrr.HMONDYesterday aftei noon, in an swer tom VltatJOns a Iaro-e number of "llests co mpoeed of both me1 cant1le p10fesswnal of our commumty, assemoled at the Tobacco Ex change. Wh1le the usual datly routme of was m p1"CC Chief-Jnst1ce Chase, accompamed by \VJI!Jam Macfarland, Eq, and seve1al othet gentlemen, ent the room, anrl attet remammg a short t1me, exchan salutatwns With some of the v1sito1 s, the Clnef-J usti was formally mtroduced to all by .Mr. E. 0. N oltmg, Pres1dent ot the Board of Trade. Upon be wg HttiOduced to the assembled rn111 chants and in spouse to tbetr ('OJ dial greetin"' lhe ChiefJ;Jotice said "r h h r t "'' am m t e a !;I t, g}lnt Tllen, nf opinions from the ben c h, and somettm,>s I dehver a charge to the JUry; but I see he!e no bench,, except that occup1ed by those. gentlemen m front (r efeumg to the auc;tioneer and ?Is ass1stants), and no jury box, unless these seats qn e1tbe stde to those occnpted b:v the to bacco btdders) may be 11alled such So I feel myself rather out ot place. You must not expect anythmg a speech !rom me I can ouly thank you for the kmdness ofpmr welcome and fZL'e utte1ance t9 one sentiment, \\hich lives m :Oy hc:l1t. must have n te1ance f1om my lips. May God bless you all and make all the future of Vugm1a be mme hapi?Y and mOJe.Prospetous than the most happy and most pros perous days of the past." ]1r W !I hams then proposed that the members of the Board too-ether w1th the inv1t-d "' e guests, should adJourn to another room to pa1 take o.f refreshments wb_wh bad been prepared for the occa ston Th1s b eiog gene! ally ag1 eed to, the whole pa1ty repa1red to a room on the lower floor of th e bmldmg, where, set out m fo11mdable at ray, were a number ot la1 ge bowls, filled wrth the most temptingly tefre s b everages t ogether w1th the usual acuom yamm en t o f e d ibl e s. An onslaught was at once com mtmc e d, and the mann er m wbwh the liquids and other tbtngs d1 app eared w a s a caut10 to unbelievers l)nr.. mg the of the ref1 eshmg proc e ss, J\11 Macfar was called up o n tO' welcome th e Chief Jnstice whtch he dtd m a most appropllated at th; same ttme enlog1 smg l1is o fficial and jud1C1al 'career;. whwh had ever been characteriz e d by his teat regard_ f(n law, order, and to all. t:le v erai other gen tlemen m answ e r to calls made fot them, aiter wh1eh the gue sts d e p a rted and the m embms of the Board t o th eir bnsuJ ess nll s e emm gly in _good humor w1th eac h other and the r es t of mankmd.-Rich mo nel Whzg, June 24 BRITIS H ANTI ToBAcco ::SociETY.-' annual meet .. ing of tins soci ety took place 1n the mall room Exeter Hall on evenmg, the 24th of Mr. Pease m .the (ba1r; and If-the-tew peopl e who attende the meetmg arc any cntenon to judge-from, the society a very hm1ted numbet ofsu_ilporters 1 0 the metrop olis The 1 epo1 t mt01 med th06tl present.: "'l'hat 't was' too true that afte1 stxteen yeats' exe1 t10n, smokm<>' was more general than ever, and threatened o cverthrow: the m ptre" After urg!Pg a abstinence from to bacco, as well as dnnk o.f an intoxicating JJflture both mdJssolubly the 1eport called tJOn to the great increase of smokmg, partJCularlv among the usmg, generatwu, who s e pale faces and slender bodres very t.ouclnu!?IY alluded to. Tbl!t ?hamnan addressed the meeting at great ength Ill defence of obe JDO\ ement, were dehverer food. All th1s sort of traffic ,IS qmte contra1y to t..h&. pns9n rules, and. m the case of tobacco It is severel but prlSODelS Wlll have it, and .Jnany of-the! do have 1t regularly.. The pnsoner referre4 to at the commenceJllellt ofth1s chapter was remarkable for his love of the weed, and it was not often he rmssed a da Wltbo.ut-. .getting a taste of it, at the sacrifice of Rearly all his food. He was Ollly fi".f1 the 1 the. 'Workhouse, and would coounit a theft tatber t'b deny smgle meal.&'a: Years in the of Bnglancl, 8 SuGAR cultivatiOn in Bntish GuianQ 1 '8 a 11 d .3 R I 8 18 genera y carr1eu-on exclasJvely by Chineae and. Indtan At least 20,000 Creo}e11 of f\fncan ongm are ef!lployed on the sugar estates. The Iftcrease of the Immigrant population bas been in t years 150 pe cent., ana in Demerara alone 2 1s en cent ThiS mcrease' IS mamly due to the r:_ tem wh1eh Is pecuha1 to B1itish Guiana. and whfch enables the 1IDm1grants periodically to 1 them.' selves w1th tbetr employerl!. The value of exports in1867 was upward of two and a half mJllions11terHtt and that of Imports only one and a halt millioaa. g,. FBJt:S TRAFFIC IN ToB ... cco BEtWBEN NORTH AND SoUTa date of June 4, 18611, otiW.l nottce 1s that. on the Ist of July next tbe 80 called trans1' dutr twenty gro&Cheaa .pea' centner Oil md manufactured tobacco, convyed bet; eelt' the States of the N 01 t German CdDfederati a d th iu aa well as m bbacco & FJBST-RA.n: feller-All AJileriQn..ha.ckw.oodam811 G RENOBLB, in France, being in want of a here is or ect the healthy eonditioa of the plant TBs Crown Prmce of Russ1a paper collll.l'll about to erect a statue of Jouvin, the glovemaker Southern Ssates of the Zollverein eHese-Darmstaft, llnd Baden) will be' abolishe':i commumcat10n for all descnptwos of and cigars established between the No1tb and South Germany. o


8 : OW YORK JIIABUFACTURERS. Anhu Gillender & 1:u SOLACE TOBACCO, 114, 116, and 111 LIBERTY-8TREET, 121 CEDAR-STREET, Artbnr lll B. Kukuca, N!'i'W. -Y.t)-Jll\. l ost"p h W. (h'\!; ;.IJII!t:Jh L. H. W(\Od. THE TOBACCO f I LICORICE PASTE lbiCOR!OE PASTE POb WALLIS &i CO. EXTRA. Tobacco manufacturers a;nd the trade in general arg particubrly requested to mine and test the supenor propert1es 0 1 this LICORICE, which, being now brought to the highest perfection, is offered under the above style of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand P. G. J a C. McAndrew, 132 FRONT STREET, Or, JJoce !IS, P. 0 ::N' E 'VV 'Y <> JR. :a;; Exclusive Agent for the Brand of A. o. c. Wllol.,_.., 1--Dolabliabed in Europe, 1881'. EollibU.hed ln No" York, 11311'1. BepabiBg, 11111llltinj!:, eta Pipes and Holletlf'o('ally design, with .Mooograma, etc., cut to ord&r. Ambel'$1 Weichel Cue&, eit. STORES: ROMAS HOYT & CO. J. II. GIJ:SELMANN, Mauufacture r of ail kinrta ol Acknowledged by consumers to be the best in the market. And for the brand of IT S' k I ""Icorwe LlC G. H. is now ready to 27 John, middle of the bloojr, 691 Broaawa:7,'":. Nioho!aa Hotel. Smoking Tobacco, P08TOFFICE BOX, 5,946, Composed of THOMAS HoYT and JoHN F. FLAGG, .No. 404 PEARL STREET. NEW YORK, Manufacturers of all \.:inds at CUT 1CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCO, :SNUFF AND CIGARS. THOMAS HOYT & CO. Composed of "THOMAS HoYT a n d JoHN F. FLAGG, SUCCESSORS TO HOYT, FLAGG & CO., :105 SJECOND STREET, LouisVILLE, K r. OUR BRAND Fine Cut Chewing, 'SUNNYSIDE HEART'S DELIGHT, SWEET OWEN, N,ATIONAL, ROSEBUD. CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCO, 159 Ludlow St'l'eet, NeW Yol"k. WM. H. GOODWIN & CO., Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, AD .DULDA m' ALL KIDI o !taf anb jlug em .. loti 'WATERST., IIVRIL H. SOHOVERLING & 00., Leaf Tobacco, I 92 Pearl Street, l!ew York. Oneida Tohaceo Works and Sel'ar lllanufactory. D. BUCHNER, (S,.cceor to RQBITCHECK & TAUSSIG) MANUFACTURER OF PIN"E CUT :FIN EJU111!YSEG A R s, Chewing and Smoting Tobacco stto. 150 Water Street, .. 1 NBW YOBK. 256 Delancey New York. ... 1 WESTHEIM & CO., SUD-LEAF AliD RAV ABA Manufacturer of the following !Jrands ofKn.wcKINICx.: Pride of the U. S., Baoe Ball, Winchester Virg inia L e8f1 L yons, Grecian BeD d. Improvement, T o b a o o o, D. H. McALPIN & CO.,. 177 PEARL STREET, VA!IUJ'A.CTURKRS OJ' THII NEW YORK. CELEBRA.TED FINECUT E-.B..:........P-IN_ G _AR_ N & _C_O_., Leaf and Navy Chewin[, .. DEALERS IN UD ALL ltiNI>il or Leaf 111 b s SM." KING TOEA CCO, .1 o aoco & egars, s PI .. ,.,.,. .. 1 ....,. NO .. 8 8URLIIIIC S"'IP egJrs, Rg Sad', SDRI' Flor ie. ,?' MANUFAC'l''Uv: on hand. In all respeets equal to CALABRIA. We are also AGENTS for the brand G. Z., which will be found constantly on hand. Licorice Root, select and ordinary, constantly on hand. GOMEZ WALLIS & CO., '19 & 31 South WUUaDl St. NIST.OFFICE BO l:: 1611. HENRY M. MORRIS ; Nos. 99 Pearl and 62 Stone Street, NEW YORK, Supply Tobacco Manufacturers and Dealers With his recently improved make. Parties will find .it to their interest to ascertain prices before purchasing else where. LIQUOBilJE PASTE, EXOELSIOB MILLS POWDERED LIQUORIC W & Joseph, IMPORTERS Imitation liM B itw Also, A CENERAL LI.NE OF SMOKERS' ARTICLES/ 285 Broadway co.,) NEW YORK. TO BACC 0 B AC 8." ALFRED S. JAFFE, W. B. ASTEN & CO., S uccessor lo Weller, Lederer & Co., Manufacture!'ll of all kind s of Importar or all kinds Qf IMPORTER GUM ARABic, Tobacco Bags,. Smokers' Articles, etc., .or Spanish Mass Lieorice, SEA.LIN"G -w-A.:X2 POUCHES 84 WILLIAM ST .. OLIVE OIL TONQUA B'l:' A 'I.TS CornerM&!den LaDe, NE1Y YOJUC. I I JiiG &'tree1:, Paris, Rue du Temple, 100 Vienna. S.choel1erhof.l011 NEW YORK. And thcr Pl&vorlnge, for TobaecoDloll' nsc, for sale by. w. D. Hatch. TOBACQO LABELS 16 Platt St:eet, N. Y. IBW YORK BROKEllS. PHILIP BERNARD, BROKER For Smoking and Manufactured Tobacco, J'UitNISJDtD BT -tch. db Co., Lithographers, 2:18 B'l'oadwa1f (Herald Building), New Yo'l'k, .A.T GJR.B.A.TL'Y IE'I.EX"C'OJI!JX FBA.lfX w STERRY' RrcnARD D M'GRA.W. llf Domestic Segars; F. Beppenhelmer & co., BOIKEN &. SiEFKES, .IKPO.RTJ:.Rd or & Briarwood PIPES. 143 WA.TEB STBEET, L .A :a E L s F. W. Stc:r17 a Co.,. IMPORTERS, Dealers in Specialties FOR Tobacco Manufacturers, PATENT Powdered Extract Liquorice 24 CEDAR STREET, NEW YOBX. P; 0. Box IUS27. LIQUORICE PASTE. A. P. FRANCIA, 11&.264) New York. CATTUS & RUETE, i:nbattn No. 129 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. CHAS. E. FISCHER & 180., TOBACCO Bot. 130 and 132 Water St., (Cor. Pn ... ,) 209 Importer of Liq worice, FREDERICK FISCHER, ro2Pearist.,N Y Tobacco Broker, G. & F. Cahill & Co., XX. MF', and FGF bnmil, &II. of 1upertor quality, tor aale at lowest market ratee t'l'-52 LlQUOtUCE fAST!:. O&A BRAND. DU VIVIER & CO., 9 Whitehall St., New York, SOLE AGENTS .I.ND IMPORTERS. t1J4.2SIS. No. 2 Hanover Buildings, :104-129 NEW YORK. J. S. GANS & TOBACCO BSOK22. 8t BO 86 W A.LL-S'IREET, Tontine eu.lld lng, Nl!:W-YORK CHARLES F OSBORNE, TOBACCO BROKER, FINE ITALIAN IN J A.RS :PU:ij'+AL OIL OF ALMONDS. NO. J5i 'l:lilSABI.IK OIL OF ROSE. west corner o! Water ... treet, TOBKA ANS V ABILI.A BEABS. GUlt ARJ. -1!YI .EW-YORK lC. GUM GEDDA K. RADEB & SON LICOii:.cE PASTE. TOBACCO J C a.t RR., VB., 160 }eul Stra.t, on hand (siiOOliD oooa lWI'f 01' wALl. _.,) \ For Tobacco and C1gars. A large assortment constantly on band ud plmled to 91 Chambers Street, IIIW YORL order. 29 & 24 North William Street, N ew York. HERMANN BATJER & BRO:, COMMI!SlON 'ME'\CHANTS AND IMPORTERS oi' CLAY PIPES; 61 WATER-STREET, NEW-YORK. ::L'\4A.. C:EJ:IN"EFl. iY' JOB B LING Smoking Tobacco. ANY SIZE PACKAGES Pressed Bnstantly to any required form. Send for Circular. WM. S. KIMBALL, Rochester, N. Y HOGLEN & GRAFFLIN, OWNERS OJ' P:t..T:&NTS A.ND SOLl!l IU.N'OI'J.OT1J'Bli:R2 01' ._.. llundr:ed of the!e labor -savlns H&cbtnea. rn Ute !!est houet in tbeiCOUiltry M ae.tlhe nlue-or them. B&vlDg b een. In uae over four yean, beenthot'oughl7 t.Hted, and much improved l:a: all tt.s -pa.flts, we c a fl cantid"!atlY, recommeod' It to the maoula.cturera cf To\ta.cco u thebest. and mo.t economical Macbine for the-purpoae now kcown Con tinuou1 !!ted, no lou of more"tlut wlth leas -labor. ot cut, and brlghter Tobaceo, than with &111' other Oatter ID the world. Pakol.ed iD UD!ted State> Feb. 16tb Patented April 12th, 1866 P acented !n.ho.DCO Aprlllllcil, 186e. Patented' In Belgium Apdl18th, 1866. W e also mal>uiactwoe Fm-111-U NEW-YOR.K. s. M. ECHEVER. R & CO., HENRY RODEWALD GAB.S No. 20 BEAVER STREeT, '\lEW YORK. Pln! lachilles, Stem Rolle!\ llllU71'AC'I'11Ua8 OJ JOBACCO & SNUFF, t MANHATT N TOBACCO WORKS, nt ....,.a.olliDgtDII Street. A. H.1 lliCKLE & SONS, au.,.....,...., MAYER & EBELINC, ..,.2.! ... ... rowonat!o tiQ ten Tobacco Broker, ,,- ,, .. :, 7 St, &63 ll!ocLEN c RAPFL;;;:' ..... GIFFORD, & IN a, p This cutter took the AND PATENT DRYER. J. G. B. MillER & CO., ](A.l{UPACTUlUtBII or .... oHLHIBDio Fl E c IIAR S, TOBACCO 187 PEA.BL STREET, 16,-6? TobaCco MEDAL at the GREAT PARIS EXPOSITION. LicoRICE PAsrE. LUKE POOL-=, Esq.,. 148 Water filt., Ne. w-ATER sTREET, NEW' YoRK, ....., NEW YORK. AND We beg to call the attention of Mannfaeturel'll \o oar Patent Sieve Arrangement, for eeveral moa.ths in eac> ceasful operati011 !,n eeveral or W largest tobacco fllctorles. Thla machine will Aol.oh from 2,000 to 5,001 !bo. or gr&Dalah>d tobacco per day, ICtOrt!ing to olm, with a great aavl..og over the (onDer olmaallfacturing Our Patent Tobacco Cnuher (with oteel roDen) to work tobacco otemo or aerapo baa been oo tmproTIIcl that no nlll or aay other bard on boUnce, lllW111" found among tobacco, Clllllot Qr atop of this machine. It baa a capacity from l,OUO tot,D lbo. per dAy. We llloo keep constantly on band toe bNt JIAlQ) -TOBACOO.CUTTING 11:ACHIN.K8 anel TOBACCO GRANULATORS, with all !mprooo ow. BOBGFELDT AI 36 CEDAR ST., N. Y t.' Agent for the New Enaland Stat., G X&an,ll 0.. tratpstreet, Boston. NoBozlllo ......... TOBACCO BOllS & CADDII&.' Shearman Broth uu or .1.14 &ame a. BOXES AND BOX-SHOOKS. .Put up al)d Shipped for the lloa&bua-..... ,-ll:et. We gtve the ma.D'tlf.utare of Tee B.t.CCO BOXES an OA. .. I ... w81o.. made from &be best quality of JtiLN-.DBUl) SYOAIIO ... not !lAble to moald. Proprietors f tiM e.IIIIDW. tiMr lo ....._...., Wo. S to 19 wpa-et., BrM111JII, T. (at LUYTIES BROTHERS.,_ lMPORTus and Manufatlurers OLA. Y PIPES, 166, ff\.ON:T PTR&ET, NEW YORK. CARL UTASSY; Impotter ot an kiDOo ul Meerschaum and Briar IP And Bmobn' A:tticleo G.nerally. 20 LIBERTY ST., l'fEW YORK. (Up Stair!!.) COHN & SMITH., Wllol-" J)tlla Ill allldlldlti',.-LEAF !o _:Bico6HEGARS, 173 WATEB NEW YORK,. A. F DANENBERG, W HOLESALE TOBACCONIST, Io. 21 SIXTR AU, I. Y. l'RINCIPAI.o DEPOT for J'. B. BlSHOJ'J"& Jlleutsc'te lL&uCII lhl!aca. annflletured b,r J', W. l'olpor, Jl&li;lmore, Jld ()lla.H4) -. .J''OH B"RAMJrl_, 28 Alla11tio-s't., Broeklyft, Clrewin! and Smotinl: Tebatco. ........, \ And a lluperior ln1t SNUFF. Bpeolal atwtion oalled to our celebrated brand of CH.A.S. DIO:K..El"fS, COlLE. 100 Water-etreet. KRE'JIELBERG I, CO,, Box 4873.. NEW YIIK. Is the Authorized Allent oJ f M B 8 .& C A T BB.IOOI "K.&!l."and";I.C.yCa Branda. 1\. Ja CJ. W 0 0 D,. ROWN ., Oa JlA]IUl!' ACTOlLY, 97 oluabia-at. JU:WYORK. WK. ltcCAFFIL, -10 Chichester & Co., &I BOWER1, N!W-YCDRl, tllro.TD AD naaLD I* Leaf Tobaooo & lSegars. Bole ._..etanr O)f Clo'fOe BACIOO :OL!JSBA'BD :IOVCl'UB'f IKOKJDI& or-.:o (ID bond or d"" J>aid) m qUAIBoillea lo oulc ,_. ......... INDIAll JlGUitKII. -for l!ole AI!"DI for Chich .... eolebratecl! lo _.,.... mnc &be t.eeUl aad llll>P'aK pGrpoooeo. ,b.own aU over the COIID'-rJ. ui h .. nutraemred es-preub' .. ,..._above p...,,OO. !leaD be had_,. lbe ke!, btJf.,... ..-1. or b&rTOL __.Cool llaoe:r BmoldDJ Toltoo "' v...,. W. B. SMITH, COKKISSIO!i" MERCHANT, 6t Waer Bt., York. EDW D A. SMIT.H, .. nuraeturer of FlD Segars, 131 JCaiden Lane, W YORK HAUCK'S OIBCULAB OBACCO BOXES, / s. D T AceD BAGS Flour ........ lk>lfl-....... ..... General Auctioneers GAR AN DB I COMMERGIAL PRINTERS, QreettWkh St., Nftll York. & 101 William Street, llew FIMr a....ho & SliM, ffu!t, & ...... Jlanul'acturer of 1 Fll Cl ,. ......... a.. .... llqD.In, 11ft ...... 1 157 Water ttreet, NJIW YQamt. TIN FOIL., .... WJI. ZIDSBB & CO., JOHN J. CROOKE 111Al194cm:.... ... OP Tobacco Sealing Wax, TOBACCO FOIL & BOTTLE CAPS f o. 88 C&OSBYSRBBT,. 197 ILL.,M STREET, a...t Ne ..... -Y t ooRE, J.28 WiJliam Street, N. Y tA HOUIK. lf)Jtc" ppblf lpm OSCAR PROI.SS a. CO., SEGAR RIB.BON No. 25 Whfte St'l'eet, l'i'EWYO:&X. L.1.Bm.a .A. I! A ppq cbaltaatlf llallt. ___ ..,..-_llea _r-_ J oh n ._ OIIIae, 84 ........ 11ew 'forllo PRI tNG


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