The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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.. ... .. 1 ( I em >I t 1 t I ,r n of the (. t r, r J r t Trade r .The Largest. Trade in the W orl. r of the U nite(t I r ( I J r r 4 i 1 HK1U OJ' TD PAPD, .......................... Ji 11 Moddlt= Jl'!l' ....... ro ........., etc., P.lhcldltkmaiperiUIJllllll fo.r .. -CCIIlllderell, -.111-com QJout. una or '. 1 GllOIItba ................ It w: weD aa1 .... 1. \! lndll Q'fllll .. uul -liken rw fta)lyllfd .... !""t ,.., .... q ........ a-llo -----''hr s.w 01' "Waaled,'' celtl per line lor nerr iD. ... "-11M ...,.e tel be r;::d:.:,a.,;. verttolng w4ll be conoldered, nnTlllll ruJAi lie ..shered If :I' it '( I I II I t il lfii!Cher; Cbu. B. & BN., 1 atet. L f !'l :..,. f .u' F!aeher, Frederick, t IUD 'Gan-, J. S,,t Wall dliu. 1. ., ,,, awrflr', : '111'1dn) \eo Pearl. ,[ Redew.ld; t 8. William. TfiXCer,;c.l'.,lfl Water. 1 I ,ll.l.ininC!'11ans OP '1'9lf.lCCO. Boa.& l.yaH, 144 Wau.r. Bucl111 D., Delaocy:' 1 1 Eftmonston, .S. 8. &; Bro., 213 & 215 Duane. G\-l&II.D J. H., U9 Ludto .... 2111 Dune; Gtllender, :A.. '-Oo., 114, 1HI,ud 117 Llllerty. G&ebe, 1'. A.. II Bro., S281f,hington. '\'r. H .!t Q' JU,V.I.NA. OIG.lU. 1 Gllmorieted lby band, or reduced &om W iJ1to. .4)0mll*'-to be" -couumed; or withou,t the use of mat:Liae Or iiJ&tnunent, IJjd wldtou' bein OI"IWeelt.f1De41 onallotheddnCia f:4 otloerJripe provided fo 32e. per lb. ; Smoklllg iebaeoo, uelllllivleiJ ...,.., or-of w'ith .U tbe -eo eqlt1, the leaf not bang be:eJr jOUI)y 1!tr!w;\d, bfttted, or-rolled, .& m wlaich ao: part 'ot &he han ... sifting, stripping, *-in, or llaf&ll!r ly plai-n. to evel,l t_he obtUlle read r. MINOR EDITORI!lS'. ; .DA.NB'Il'BW y law, ., to be put. in e11c)l o.r:, re'specttve y, or prQseeu 1on .. n eu re ren m ew or BPBCIJ.LTD!II! POB TOBA.OOO, Tu1utB&. Sterry, F W. & Co., Cedar. Shepard & hiler, 2r StAte. or who shall falsely J:>rand any bqx, or who affix Si-n & Hathaway, 134c Main. 1 t f t !loRE cheering reports come froni Dniess county, BUSINEIS OIRI!CTOIIY PLA. Valttl'IG OIL8; BEA.NI, ETC. BuD, B. W 1: Co. U Cedar. 0. ADVlCRTIDBI, Weetplaal Wm., StAte. 11 stamp' on any box contat1nng a ess amoun ax Ky., concerning the growing tobacco crop. N otwith-sun-ur 'MB.loco IRSPitmox. Woodrull', JosephS 288 State. than tqat required by law, shall, apon conviction, for standing the recent prognosticatiens of the Linde, F. C., & Co., '16 Greenwich skee10. ffi b fi d fi b h b h -:o:-NEW Y-K. JoGUJSVILLE, KY. any of the above descriQed o ences, e ne or eac growers 10 t at sect1on, e may e appy yet. ,.._.000 wAuoouau. roBAOOQ russus, Finzer, J. & Bros., lS Third. Qtich ce not lesl! one hundred 1dollars nor 284 d 288 j11'QM tr t Guthrie & Co., 226 Robinson, ft.. L. & G Factory, 48 Fourl. h "' Agnew W., "l>ona, ao ee Warehoeae and Salesroom, 137 Main. more than one thousand dollars, and be imprisoned not Allen, Julian, \72 Water. Jl.lRUI'J.C:ruans ow CIGAB BODS. & C 0 M Baker, B. c. Son&; Co., 14ll PearL He11kell, Jacob, 293 and 296 Monr11e. Wicks, G. W. 0 1 2 alD., less thart six months nor more than two years; ProBelden, F W.,168 Water. Wicke, 26 Willett ITH&CA., N. Y. viaed '!'hat notbinoin this section shall be Construed Benrimo, B. & D. Water. CIGJ.R BOll: CEDJ.R AND orBBR WOOD. Grant H. J. i; Co., l E&Bt State. 1 "' 1 b 1 d I Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 41 Broal. Dingee, P. 1ol., cor. Sixth and Lewis. L v A.. as preventing the sale of eigars at reta1 Y retat ea Bowne, R. S. Co., '7 BurliDg Slip. Rodme.n & Hepbnrn, Lewis. ers ,.,bo have paid th<> special tax as sueb, from boxes l3ramhall & Co., 166 W &ter. Amistead, L. L. ,Bulkley & A'foore, 74 Front. t>rolsa Carroll, J. W. .,. packed, stamped, and branded iii the manner prescribed H .. C 1 F t ,. "... Stone, John W., 198 mllin. h fi .A Cardozo A. "' o., ron by La .... Again, we find in SectiOn 94 t at a ter pn Cohn a;'smitb, 173 Water. o TOa .. cco TIIIPOIL. l'IIONTGGll.lEBY, ALA.. .. Connolly & ()o., Water. Crooke, J. J 38 Cros9y street. Warren & Burch, 88 Commerce street. 1, 1869, "all cigars of e\'P.ry description shall be taken Crawford, E. M. & Co., 168 Water. J.UCTIOR&ERB OJ' TOB.&coo, nc. NE"W"Ali.K. N. to hav been either manufact\lred, or imported, after DeBraekeleer &; Foote, Beekman. Betts r.erard & Co., 7 Old Slip.. I a d bohan, Carroll & Co., Fron\, TOBACOOOl/T'riRG JIAOIIJJIBBT. Briutzinghofter, W. A., SH Broad. the pa;,sage of thi!l act, and shall be stampe aCCOr. Dubois & Vandervoort, 87 Water. Borgfeldt & 35 Cedar. Campbell, Lane &-: ac we "' W>can, or ...,r. blunder. Now, asthere can be no law without a penalty, Levin, M. H., 162 Pearl. SJIOKJfliS' A&TIOLJ:s, BTC. Moore, S. & J., 107 Noth Water. f I Levy & 16. 9 Water. A,... B., lW '!Villialilatreet. Teller Brothers, 11'1 North Third. because a is of the very essence o aw, we LiDdhcim, Broj!. & Co., 90 Water. STENCIL PLA.TES A.ND BUR.NmG BRA.NDS. Van Scbaillk B .A..1 16 South Front. hold that, so far aA old domestiq cigars are concerned, Lorillard, P., 16 t.Jhambers. HiL'keox T. N. & Co. 280 Pearl Vetterl ,P .iiqp s.; ,14th "'d 16th. I ScbubuG H.'&Co 146 Water.' :89:1!4, yj S3!il<111\la / I -,J, .< ,,T .""d,N. 08 -cu-TEli v ,; 1 Is placed, elca.rly and distiuctl_f on Un.ported cigars, and Cohen & o.,., 149 'fater. lli'IW'*!:Y. ,L. .,. I:Jo., 11 1, 1 r .. -,. 0 on importfl(i alone, and 1;10 ti;YiRting of tbe Colt Co., t:.1I .Peall.-/ 1 r Gie8ke t: .!t Sotith : 1 kAt J ',0 .. Smitb }Jenry & Sbeffiel4, r. I Kercbelb CiJ, it 8. Clrarlell. 'l I, u.... 1 'Tl ST. J:OUIS, 'MO "' '' .,._, Now, thill not a l'ase for the construction i'j., 62 Water. ) ... a o. & 'Oo., Jl.haties, 'l I :: Cltlin D I68. North Be Olld1 ( J l r 1of courts of law. They calted into requisition OIJly 8plngar E. Co., 6 BlrrljDy; [ Pant 4U West BaltlDlore. ,. I & B ._ c 'Ha'rlt -"' f G 1971J)u !it' 1 >l'!t ri A DOrmin:er, C. 'C!O 1 ""'' 1 h o"Jli S a.rn1 1'gu'lty, au> IJerll there iJ! no am higu Steir, & o. ( IIIla;.. SOh ..... ""'Jos .& vo., 81 Exl'""tJlie .. ID\"i'. Erheitllr, l'hil,J!.01. 'I:bl.rd;l It m= u ')' -,. h b d .ftc f'h&ri!;B"F., Ftl>!l&. ..J,.I > ; _' ".:; ,au.RvuoruBIDI!-, fto 1 ;. ,, ; HaypeJ' I.J;., .lOO 'otth ity if Voagrt>SI', till'QU.g ,or ma $1u :r;QII1u, & Co., I BMk,IF Co., 130 North. ) ') v'Jrtbriel>, bas l!IMd what,-it did Mt JOOitfl.tO say, ConWHY will not the Government do something effee tual to put a stop to the smuggling of Havana cigars into this country ? Here is a field for the zealous officials who are harrying our cigar-dealers on a dis puted point of law. "TaK.e one of your own size I" SoMEBODY tried to ship a lot of tobacco from Rich mond, the other day, without being properly stamped, but the officials got wind of the transaction and seized the tobaceo Of course the shipper was not to be found. He did not care to be confiscated. THR Cynthiana (Ky.) News vouches for the fact that a certain planter in that section raised and shipped this year five hhds. of number one tobacco, which weighed 5,684 pounds. Last year he raised and BOld one thous and dollars worth of tobacco from four acres of land. .A Louisville journal perpetrates th following ungallant paragraph: "A few pounds of extra :fine premium tobacco, which found its way by chance to Paducah, was sold the other day at the rate of *181 pel' hundred pounds. Why, that's nothing. 'l'here was a young woman, and pretty at .that, sold here not long since, for about ten thousand dollars a pound." ---. T HE W .&.Y WE Do IT.-Our City Fathers generous ly voted to give us *22,000 worth of red :lire, Roman candles,1md other pyrotechnics, on the Fuurtb, but. the manufactnrel' only supplied 3!14,000 worth, as he bad to give eigM thousand dollars tg f'l'Ocure the contract SPITB of the blind enactments of c.,ngress and the stupid interpretations of the Internal Revenue officials, the Fourth of J uly, 1869, .finds the tobacco trade in a condition greatly superior to that in which it was on the Fourth of Jaly, l86S. 'l'he issue of stamps has made a world .D difference. I ON the 30th ult., at Richmond, Va., Colleclor Bur gess took posses sion Of the tobacco factories of Meurs. Foseett & Co. and Whit!ock & .Abrams, on the charge that they had violated the internal revenue law& of the United States. '!'he stOck on hand and material and fixtures were taken in charge by the Collector. .At Fossett & Co.'s factory 50,000 cigars, and io Whitlock & A'brams 14,400 cigars and about 5,000 pounds of tobacco were seized. We trust that the factories are onlr closed' temporarily, and that the gentlemen charged will be able to entirely clear themselves of the allegations against them. I TnE foUowins tax returns of the Cincinnati tobacc and cigar manufacturers, for May, make a very show:, Ferd. Bodman, 11661340; C. Bodman & C'l.,. ali8,639; R Beauden & Bro., .7!},!l03; Burlew kSeiter, 112,000; Casey & Wayne, i24,473; Diehl & .AndEorson, $17,116; John Duddy & Co., $31,234; Eggert, Dills & Co., 120,062; Perry Ellis, *16,765; C. H Hunt & Co., 816,8.46; N. Harris, J H. Hick man, $12,820 l Hafer, Helmes & Co 870,Ct00; J C.. Johnson & Sons, 163,069; Krohn, & Co., 113 ,598;: Sam. LowenthaL & Co., $18,850; C. A. l'rlcLaugblin,. $lO,OOO; .A. W. Martin, 115,392; Maddux Bros., auo,ooo; Richard Maley, $11,188; L. Newburgh, a1o, '707; ..A. N olson, 123,050; Spence, Bros., $26,115 Sengat.aok & Werning, r $10,000. -,.--Trullate tohaooo fair at Louisville, says w con temp 'o 23,000 Teopessee, 19,000 to a'nd llliiJOis, and B,QOO tQ The stock ()f) hand\ in these. ill 1!,000 We have 8omeat the seve1'4l ports, which gives an aggrogatEt of aa,Q\JQ,, Our use ia aoout 15,000 at tb..e 1111d 35,1fOO at the West. in the of 82,500 bpgsbeads,... making the total. CODilumphon 12,500 hogshead.. over the e11timated orop ot' 18$9. THE edract from a Baltimol'e con-6nna our &8166rt1ons in the article in our iBBue, en titled New '( ork and New 01leans": "New Orleans is again asserting her claim11 to be the tobacco mart of the &uth. Since the war she has steadily been increasinl' her, importaoe. in \bat particular commodity, till now she has regained ponition We quote, as a striking evidence of the return of the tobacco trade to the Cre11ent City, from tb,e New Orleans Bulle of the 2th, wl\ich we cite recent. cargo of over t00Q hbds., brought by the .Jlobt. E.. Lu, an4 arrjvaLr,ester?ay morn)ng of Richmcnd,JVlt4 1,2J3 hh-ds. All Westetn b&ats are b, on their regular trips a quantity of the staple; tlhus an impetus to the .. market, and creating SOD;le ammation in this special liKe f b 0 I "' ) J ( I WE glad to see that the Commi.ssione!" ofTht{lr" nal Revenue has taken the advice of 'l'II.E LEA.F and issm ; d fullowiQg additional sensible decision regarding the ljtamping of goods s o ld by the Government : "When it becomes necessary for Collec tors of Customs ofinternal Revenue, or United States Marshals, to sell goods seized on distl'aint, forf.,ited to the United States in absence of any provi s ion of' law authorizing a Collector of Internal Revt>'nne t() part with stamps, except on sale, I deem it advisable where the goQds sell for enough to purchas e stamps to affix thereto, in addition to the expense of sale, to ap propriate the of the in that way; but if the goods cannot be sold for a suffi cient sum to pay costs 0f SE)izure and sale, and have a sufficient surplus to purchase the requil'ed stamps, I should bereat'ter pre fer tjle be withdrawn from sale, and iu some suitable and safe place, they may be kept until after the assembling of Congress, and until some atlpitienallegislation may be had which will enable the Government to sell such goods, and give them. currency upon the market, without the difficnlties and embarrassments which are now experienced every time> a sale of the kind is attempted. WE did not know that there was any intimate relation fu commerce between tobacco and skirts, but the follow lowing case would seem to support that hypothesis. Thee trial took place in the Superior Court, and Judge McCunn has reserved his decision : "Herman Wasserman vs. Mar cus Brod.-The plaintiff and def e ndant were partners in the tobacco business at New York under the firm of M. Brod I & Co. The defendant, having b een to Mexico, returned and proposed the shipment on joint account to Vera Cruz of a quantity of hoop skirt& Accordingly, fortyseven. cases of skirbl were bought and shipped to Mexico( 'l'he-defeod ant went out to sell them, and on his return stated that Ule ad l'enture had resulted in a profit of about $400. To prove this be exhibited to the plaintiff an account made up by the consignees, J. Delong & Co., of "Vera Cruz, but not signed by them, in which it appeared that the goods were valued in Me:xlco at. $11;211, and that they bad paid duties to the amount of $ll,334., gold. Upon this nccount the affuirs of the partners were adjusted and the firm dissolved. The: day after the dissolution the plaintiff discovered in tl!e safe another statement of the consignees, and signed by them, on which &!I the items of e:xpe111se were tho same that ap peared in the first account, ex:cept that the goods were valued at $800, and the duties appe ared to be $334. 'l'bis snit is brought to open the aceount for this fraud, and to recover the difference between these. two sums. The de fendant sets up a release executed by tb.e plaintiff of a.ll interest in the adventure, and swears that he paid the plain tiff $1,000 for interest in tbe transaction. He also swears that the plaintiff had no interest in tbe matter. This. is contradicted by the plaintifi; wbo states tha.t the goods: were bought by the fif!D, and that the release was exectUed at the request of the defendant, and without considera.tion, for some private reasons ot:his own. ) vetit-l l in, 'Th. H. & SOns J F*-"er,J: w_..., 110 fiDd 92 South (lbarles. StaPel:: mtina & Co, 206 N trth :;! branded in the manner. presctibed by law"? What is-the e.J[act mel\_ning of .the words "lielling f,. .boree, etc."? The revenue officials of' this city would feel greatly obliged for such a decision. A San I CO!Jtem porary is fearful that we 11hall lose, eventually, the F .Nrwh contract tor through the increaao of. the cultivation :>f the w:Ped in .Algeria. Our contemporary should remember that it is-one thing to grow .tobacco, anrl quite another to grow good tobacco. It. says: One of the largest and mo11t remunerative tobacco markets is -steadily Westheim, M. & Co., 17'1 Pearl, Welsh Wm 27 SouGh Gay. '-"''"J w Y>J:r lr',..,... '!' roa..cco saou:aa. Wilkens & Co., 181 Pnr:tt. Y. actual! y did say? Vv e think this to be beyond the Bernard, Phil., 143 Water. Cattus & Ruete, 129 Pearl8treet. JIJ.IIUrAOTURJ:llll OJ' CIGI.Il8. Guth Guata, 63 GermiUI. JIIINUFAUTI!hER8 OF l'INK CtJT, power ev llll of tto courts. Salmon D.O., 26 James. It would settle their muddy intellects. \


THE TOBACCO cases new crop va.rua., \Oa." !1-YS rebemouA tt0itior:f1 lir lo'v aeconds dorm Tile necticll\ 3tO 800 crop Conn ticut l 1, case9; "'ln> new cropPennsylvanta, 5001ca8ee; LEAF. cases--total, 4,500 cases There 1s, as JUSt mentioned a renewed demand for lers, both old and and, for reasons nienti ned 1h tll't!YIIills mand for wrappers fo export "co:ntiinnEl8 ........ AND .lf'onaeooI Wftll-otle&"-Obs&rved, heme -eoll!lmDpboo,-. equal ingenuity and t1 uth, that, m a double sense, coffee wrappers, the stqck l and tobacco came from the opposite ends ot the earth, was a mo ment for j4(;HJila.lire .acquauna.nce wtth u other. When the cof-crop o ectic'!h..the sales for new wraf.lpers, however are "'''llllt waf! U15Gover are yerv hmiJ.ed. In new Connect.iCiitlillers the stoc"ks oeof 'Y:'t unknown m the East; and, although come ,swajl in the pla e of J!'odu se eral toea. cacao::.... t-he parent of both cocoa and" ohooolate-!.is an re alre,ay bare of thfJ M'll r(d, altogether, stook genous prodnct10rf of the American continent, the yet to be bought 1s not abundant. Export of seed eaf -Atlantic "ravelet tobacco in abunsince January 1, 1869, 12,963 cases same time last year, M!1an'lJl hill coffee 1n But )t may be for all \cinds of. larger Elihbeth ur J ameR I., is but Lord Badon stoc;k, and the ne}V crop, although of doul:.>t we bannot dodtcate, we cannot conseerafe, '"ii cannot was acquainted with tts properties, an dlmooo than once ful Fill after a while come upon marke\ ilaUO'IV hiS ground. The brave men, hving a.rrd Eeud, who 11efers to "Khaffayl' as a r rUlktsh ,dnnk 1 lt is in dubi and be purchased as much as that now here h' as been. mruggllid here have consecrated 1t,fuC a&ove out PO'\' neJ/.er forget what 0 ., 1 operations in the dtstnct; still, e"\" en It m, the hvmgl.raili e r td TBE T 'onA:CCO ,I not, as yet, to active SReJuJ.ation m the unfin1shoo work wb1ch they "who I ought tiere r. .D -f":.&U:o,a, H face of the facts we have already mentioned. Hb'lcte r s Jlave tlms far so nobly advanced rill IIJl rather for .us to DOJII:EST.rc.' ,, however, are very fiTm and pTophesy a brisk demand in 4 here ded10ated to the great task before r us, NEW fORK, July 6 a few weeks, and a realizing .eenae of scarcity on 1 tile hat ftom these honored dead we-take m.-eased devotwn to t of purchaser" lint nous v-ons ""' .n"e r 8 10 'Western Leaf-The transaction of the past 11, 10nth 'Were par .. "'"' X""' ..... dni.t eause for whiGh they gate the llast run measure of "ollows R"Celpts, 16,880 hhds' sales, 17,200 hhd ,s, ex rons I ';l'here were sold "ff\$ 200 Fancy .. .. g 15 -'l.evot10n, that we here highly resolve tbat these dead shall ..., y ii 95n @.1 10 -UppcrConnt.r 7 '1!.011 bave dted m vam; that thiS qat! Oil under God shnJl ports, 9,611 hhds Stock lD wspectwns s owmg to the ) saies of the mdnth. of Jt ne, the"l I 8 f f d d tbGo f h an Increase of only 5, 638 hhds. Smce the first mstant the G & s.l t' 7 -if il6ve a new btrth o ree om, an .... vernment o t e Circular o J. S. am! vn says : "The sales and .66 18 11eople, by tbe people and for the people, shall not pellSh sales amount to abdut 650 hhds pnnci'pally for export. been about 2,000 bales ffavana, 300 bales Yara, ana 90 Fillero do .Krom tl!e earth Week ending 1 Jane 1& June I June w c f Th k t fl' f t w Fine oeleetlons,1868 ... f;'742 hll.ds. 2,437 hhds. ,,008 hhds. ten u .. gos. e mar e o tlr8 no new ea ure, e seeon.da do July a quote: (Havana fillers, common, 85@87to.; Havana ;,iller 1 EvER since the commencement of the Cnban rebel-. AiM!; it has been more than difficult to obtain reliable of the operat10n8 of either of the contend i:ng forces. It is, therefore, with 1unusttal satisfactlO'D \that we discover a correspondent who seemsto be m it,ellio-ent and at the same time have to correct of information Such an one, Wl'Iting from Us, the fact being that the contending parties are possession of and m edw iue s 'The troops, compelled to make forced marcbes so as to "Present a front to the Cubans, who outnumber them led by stup1d and igaoru.nt a rn_le, not muster to-day throughout the entire I s land, m -dudmg garnsons, artillery, and staif, more than 9,000 1uten -fit tbr active duty in the field. The battahon of 'Reno, which left Havana in Jauua1y 1,100 1ank and to-dav but 300 men fit for ther regiments are m the same state: Among the -cubans an est1mate of the same propo1t10n or stc kness :and death may be safely arrived at, and they labor '-.Inder the additional disadvantage of not bemg pro with hospitals It may therefore be taken as a tixed fact that no militaTy mo\ements of any impor Will take place within the next three montbs, Xlming which the heavy rains change gullies mto J.rivers plains lfltO Impassable SWamps, and Cri:'eks into moun tam to1 rents : 'No a'rmy of' human be ings can ove1come these dtilidtil\;{es, 'especially when .cholera hunger, and misety are added to them. The l,artlrering among the women and children, even about 'the Spanish camps and under tlie so called protectwn the troops, JS Intense I WE recommend the followmg to ou_r readers as a JlfEJr:y pll\J.Is1ble explanatron of the constant of the J-eampatgn ILl Cuba. V'fe quote f10m the Havana 1 cor .L>espondence of one of our leadmg JOUrllaiS F01 -lle ttme past nothmg definite has been heard of !Cespedes, Quesada, or the big on the SpaniSh slde,1 lthe latter remammg 1d le m their for:ttfied posttwns, ..and the former undoubtedly bemg employed Jn org!l.l). ".zmg. 1 F01 some time past, watchmg passmg event);, 1 l have been undet the the.ISpamards lljd l110t desue to close the war or oa.rry It on.wJt;h N9w, .:a. conversation with a very pro.nnnl)llt SpaniSh gentl@l!IU l(Opulatwn of over 100,())00 men opposed to the Spamsb Government, and ceady to take up arms at ,;moment, making the fin&l r.etentJ.on of the ISland a very 1"1ioubtful matter On an &versge, from to five hundred .-.J de Fillero 9 @ 1 0 1, 1 ,M,.ys, May 15 11 t1u May29 1or t IS mar et, at o1g a er arrtva s may turn Foretgn-Bavna J ,444 cs. 383 ca. 5'76 cs. 254 cs. more satisfactory. l.'>ne parcel of 70 bales ta'keb J'atdJ oo @4 oo June G 11 'JuM J<1ne 19. 'June 26 for shipment at 25c. l.ll bobd. The sale.l! trea.J::b n!;:a co.:: do Sr,0 -1,299 'loS ca. cs 2,50Q bales for 350 for i -ro t 1 90 452 cs. r: l 1,000 l'hlpjled. dtrect. r "'SA h the, exceptiOn Yaraaosorted do We change our quotatiOns at. the beginmng of the month, small inquiry for TI J cb.ts, remains quiet. 'We Yara 1 Cut do anl'esent are f ? r many weeks to como, if we see any at al\. Leavmg twn, and JUSt now {be ar!l nowl.iere : ,, f!hese out of the .case exceptiO nal t1 ansactwns, it cannot pe latter are 'not dillposedi to pay the tl1a t factm : s denied that seed leaf tobacco of all the new orops is. a_re to ani} see no 1A:trgrn for 11pep,111!1f h.-ld at ext1 aordmary figures-figures from which there tlon m the present fig\ues. We note, does not seem any dts.posttion as yet to recede W e of the weeli:, some 300. to 40? pkgs of new ght expre ssed OU[ VIews at some leno-th last as to the nds, 50 pkgs of wh1c h of extra fine a a ulttmate effect of these high ,on the pext crop, figure This eold befor e, or immediatel,and we see no 1eason to reVIse them. Meantime, we atnval. R_ece1pts arJJ hght and wtll probably have to record the fact of a very strong market. and contmue so durmg the current 'Yeek, buye1 s will gove1n themselves accordmgly. lt is not ex:mtement rn and tl:e celepratt?n of th_e lik e l y that, at the se fig.ures, thete w1ll be much further Fourt)l cornbme to attentwn from ordmary bust speoulatwn m seed, and purchases h11:nceforward w11l be ness. .At _th1s the negroes v;ote for the confined to the actual wants of purchasers consumpfirst tm;e m. Vtrgtma, and the occqsmn ,1s one tion and export. Whether the cons umptiv e ao.d expo 1t of no httle mterest to them. 1 we cq_n demand wtll prove su.ffiment to exhaust the new crop that our rec eipts, w1ll prove than usual, at p1escnt prices, IS oue of the problems which the untrl Sambo bas settled down to accustomed s futUI e must solve. Cei tam It is that tt will be m ore We hear from Lynchburg that leaf still keeps up to 1ts than usually dangerous to hold over unul another seausual fig_u'res, and that it is predicted tnat the manufae son auy able quantity of tlhe h,igh-priced turers w1ll be. compelled to use. all the1r stlr:ategy to 1n t-he tace of the heavy cwps, that will l;leyond 1\ doubt make both ends meet. There Ia, r however, a.nQther next year come upon the market. The 1 s strong dtfficulty m the way o the planufa.cture rs Ther; now and w1ll probably remain llO for the present recently to have been seized With ,the ambttJon o'f but 'before the close -of the year a dealing directly with the exporte1a The s me arrl. change may come over the spmt of out dreAms bttion also perv:tdes the 'leaf m1\rket Jat Rtchmond, 'and The details of the week's sales 43 cues 1868 our factors here have recently somewhat into the Connecticut, a.t 50 cases old State at lOtd.; background. Now, IS all well 80 cases old Connecticut on pn vate 1 terms; 39 cases whe!l has capJt!lf an !I to oarrr 1 on, n"w' Connecticut at 33c 50 cases State at lOc. 50 cases hut m mexpenenoed l!anils It IS a tool We Q 1 h' k b 1 1 uf: 1 'If d 'll 1fi d h do. at 10fc.; 58 Connecticut on pr,1vat e te1ms; 42 1t m man d nen s WI n b 1 t cases old Connecticut at 93tc. 40 cases Conpectiqut osses at en ant upon trect tra e qmte egua. t the and Ohio mixed at 9tc. .. 1 4 ,, gains 1 To deal direbtly the exporters needs a W1th "Tefere1tce to the transactions dunng J un the C1r-comuderable knowledge of tbe1r st.aiJ.dJDg 'as 3.ll culal' of Messrs M Rader & Son says. the ether matteis, and a ega}d f<;>r the adage, transaotwns of .the past month sum up larger tha.n those "All tha, t ghtte1s not gold." The_ manufaq of the prevwus one, yet the general tone 1 of the ma.Tkev18 t,urers may one of compant1ve dulness, bUyers exbJbJtlllg no 'dJ;wre but we must still consider i.he sellznrJ of the1f to operate to any and the busmess that has been ef 'products quitle bTanch of "the .bu fected was mostly to supply immed1ate necess1t1es 1 il'he from 'the manufdclturtng of the Sl\r;ne. 'I]be p.;obil.smess has agam been confined pnnmpally to'an:d duce,r Jllay get the1_idea,. that Jtis ;dp bqpg lo\v and medmm so1 ts of lea[ for wh1ch there IS still a good the figut es Ill tl ;ns ma ,rket, P,ut w e thmk he Will find > b li 'f: I h Jo_l ._hiJ, <.I ,)C > 'l J b f demand and prices for these quahbes .remam firm W.Itb a t at t ese are l\>1' an tne he WI I e tendency to go sttll h1gher For all higher kmde' of leaf able' to obtain with -the'exporler. there IS but little mqmry, wtth the exceptwn of fine old 167 For all the cry m coln-06:1lnecti.cut WfllJlds, nvh,ich ,,h9've, occupied of the Js a necess1,ty IQ. t?e dmril.l of tl:ie attentiOn of the tra\}e, leaf eptlrj:!Jf Sale of obaCCO, th_at Canna I be fltft neglected, and It seems to bl,l the g!'l era! out of transact1ori WJthout rmfmflent J tlf the present rates dema nde d for wlappers willi l,lav.J3 to ."\lte loss. J 1 1 '' us J 1 1 I reduoed bef01e much busmess can J:le m As 1t is now after tlie. of July, of, COlJrse no tax tbat grade, espemally IS thts the case iWlth reg3.1d to, ship paid plugr tobacco spld YV e r pers and the home trade w1ll eX;pect 1 some concessiOns to exl?ressed the optl).lOu trade them w stock under the extstmg state of the trade. have been m a more prosperous condition tlian' it wto For export, the demand has centred on fillers, fpr which day, had the law 'belm made applicabl e to aU kinds of there Is a mquuy, and constderable traljsactlons have tobacco on the 15th. of February, the' time it took! effilot taken place m the new crop of that grade, of State, Oh10, regaTding BIDokiog tobapco. .AI! it is, the and Penilsylvama, the p1eference bemg gtven to the latter stock of old ta;x.p&id i!l now kmd, as cont1lmmg more substlmce. W1th the exceptwn is estimated that put very few p,acjiages remain of one parcel of 600 cases of old a low run even in the haMs of retailers. These it will be scarcely mng lot, the sales have been of new crop any hardship to restamp, and the plug trade may thus Wrappers of the above States wtthout, and henceforth be said to be on a strictly stamp basis only coocesswns m prtces would mduce transactiOns of mo-Smoking.-Buiness dori11g the week ;was dull, tAe ment. The sales are: 1, 200 cases new crop ConnecJ;icut, transactions :bemg confined to .medium goods 101-, 12!, 13-f-, 20, 211-, 25c.; 250 cases old crop CoJJDech Our officials have recently been qutte active cut, If>, 17, 18, 20t, 32t, 52tc ; 300 cases new crop State, for unstainped goods, and have seized the factory of st, 9-t, 91-, l3>fc., 150 cases old crop Ohio, 8j-, 13fo.; Mera. I. C. Lawrenee & Co., Delancey street. We I l I I I I 'I v I hhds., ; 18 bbls., 8560. Colonie;;: 10 bn., ,212; mfd., $2,615 hhds., $650; 1,834 lbe. mfd., 1 hhd., .210 :J 60 55 813 638 3399 !194 Ill9 888 6SO 70


r:r '1.. .l l T ,., THE ST. LOUIS, line 28,-:Mr. JI>io. E. HAuEs, tobacco THE TRUE DlNGEK OF TO'B.lCCD .. 6 @$ 8 00 broker, reports: Iu the great majurity o cases,'fii'II.U\IIICOIO>lugs.... . . . . 9 00@ 12 oo 90c .Rff ceived Tdhe mark;t ope?ed active and are a Pn'titPly ill'lr.,cllo 8 -ft s of the-very_. ................. 1: ag t1 ac r oJ: S 1 fu4e. 23 00@ 25 oo tobacco I stronger, while inferior do. were duu 'iwd weak. 'fues not say io acoord with this 'a;d lot..aceoe ectwns q. day's were o many might be yrououoced a harmless lu,x.nry bt lolr-at-k. Bright. .. 272 Hhds. war I nd pnoe Til Irwr"gdulardm exceptiona fact, 'lrh i noticed by the ia. oO@t8 50 $ 9 00@$10 00 1 9 th ............. '263 l o. blft no cnang': qu a e nes ay, ng t ea. St. Pa'U/.'s magazine, but which is dismissed tar tOOo-Good fillers.. .. .. .. .. 0 00 12 00@ 14 oo seemed to be m ex_ c':ss of &II large of summarily. He !f(jmifS, wit)l a w,hi(([t wHi i Common wra_pp,ers .... 11 00@13 oo 16 OO@ 20 00 Ine1ease this week..... . . . 9 r;ceury at m were please the few resolute opponents of tobacco, tba.t. it's to ft e ... ... ... 15 00@16 00 25 00@ 35 00 Received and 11 ij nding :J(lt ori6oS'e .,2416, 300 QD e rea s, fr me emg oc mgt e use in excess is very injurious, producing nervous eomTbe sales of the week foot 1,786 hhds., with 129 Ending last Stb .......... : ...... 3-ll,iOO ktpt, and retbdefrdmg wdefiak. Thursday adnd :F,JJday p1aints, hy!teria, menta.l weakness, &ng IIOIUtimea rejectioils. 0 the. hqWle l ---mar e _!.U e ac tve an _rm en every gra e paralysis, and 'ery justly sets t)lat aside afl'oevi! in-. -31 hhds. at t6 70 for lugs to U4 50 for cutting leaf. Decreas 8l'.ei lo .......... 64,800 wtth on both From Monday to Frz-cident to almost every "habit of mankind. .Mcohof;, EtrDzn01!8 1 hhd 4 and 6 bf-bxs ; to The Boon d 0 bbda. at 4 50 for trash to Under the heavy !Yceipts for the last fE;w weeks, the marday (mclusve), 432 an 28 bxs. were upon the coffee, and even or(linary .food may all be mn 4Jan... :r., as bxs. same time: from $14 25 fo u The ket bas become .a Jit(le d.epressed, though are boreakS': of these, 6 hhds. were passed, and btds on gerous by taking too much, and "the argumeut a er, 20 bbls. root. bouse sold 66 hhds. at $4 90 for traSh to $10 75 for sh1pwell sustained on near y all grades. Receipts will likely *4 1 0@lO and 2 bxs. *17 5031 25 were rete from excess is an ex,cess of argument"'- \. 111i ll'r leai. r fl:be Planters' house 7 bhds $6 60, continue to decrease from this time ; and p,rices may again ted. Sales dunngtbe same ttme were 303 hbds. an 26 the only important point as to mat.-CINtJINNATI, JaiJ 3,-Mr. P.&AGUE, of thefit:lll it durizc of June, and pnces _ob On Flriday the Pickett house sold 9(1, li s..a l 5 90Jo week endmg 'June 2Qtb, 1869 of 307 bbds, from $6.70 to 15 75, 2 at $16 25,4 at $17 50@17 9(>, 3 fl8'@18 50, smoke after it with impomty. Bu.i thoee wllo..-t;o.-. rtained havegiven satisfactiOn. Reootp\s tralh. 5 fO'r Trimble count he $225. For Saturday, 14.;'7 hhds at from $7.10 to $15.25. 1 at 2 at $23@23 75, 3 at_ $24@24 'lo, 5 at $28 50, bacco want an answer; either from the lay phy;BielogisU: llave n been so heav1 as they were a two house s 111 aQ bhds. at $6 8Q 9r_ t asQ. \lg' to $) 50 Included in these ) was tobacco ra ise d by the following 25, $30 50, $31 75, and 2 boxes at $3@3 40, oi the St. Pauls, or trom the medical proteSllien;:J.o. .... 11l.oce. ich would in4ichte that in many locahtftili or W 'C'oi:!nty shipping. 'li"be-ft IJ.s eW 'liOW!e. plant ers: R. R. W18kefie1d sold 1 5 hhds of his crop at from 4 at $-&@4 90, 5 at 80, 2 $6 _1 0@6 30, 4 at much more subtle. questi9n. Has not to.t>aceo --s.r bulk of the crop has been marj{eted. This 1s uaq111eS 1 b .at $6 70 for lu!ffl t t mg" $1 o to $100, an of $26.25. S. K. Wakefield sold ,., 10@,7 90, 5 at $8@8 30, 4 at $13 7o, $14, $15 25, pro'Jlertv belonging to very few suhsta.ncw wrual& 1tionably the case as r.egards the Owen County (iKy.) The Boone hoMe sold 6'o at $4 50 tor trash 1 3 hhds of crop at e-sold 7 .. a. 4 hbds of his crop.At from to $3'7, an average of, llhds. and 3 bxs ; reJected, 15 bhds. (at $4 60 to i25) qp$e, of effecting some permanent change. pro--hi tD d i ml her ow grades of leaf, and $6 110 for lugs to $9 30 for Grayson county leaf. $23. Wm. Scott sold 4 h?ds of h1s at. from UD to and 2 bp.xes {at $3 30@5 50) ; 2 hhds. were passed; in the cord_, which rende 1:& trash which are prett}, well The sales -at the of bids: 5 hb'ils. at $.15, $14@14 50, 1 at 2" J57, an average of $26.4o. G. W. Hmes sold 3 hhds of sales, 47 and 1 box-2 hhds. at $4@4 '70, 12 at rct1m for eve r after l1able to mJury from the mmutest: Wat1 for thll k e ding July 2, were at $1Z@1i 25 1 at *11@11 75 22 at $l0, 2 at $13 75, 1 at $1 25, as co uld be answered in the .Lancet, but..Jle. -ron and .t'ita ken Counties-3 at $16@17, 5 at 113@ 36 at @6 90 4 at 5 @ 5 no, 2 at *4: 50@4 90. verage of 20. All of th above platers of B,allard 2 at *16@16 715, 1 at 1 box at_ $16 25. lias bad spemal reasori to study the actwn of tobaee, a4, 1.5 at i1J@.12, 19 at*9@1G. 62 hhds. Owoo Coun On Saturda-y the Pickett house sold 78 bbd. at 6 20 eounty. We quote, per 1QO lbs: stems! n?n. e offenng, OOc.@ a d believes that t,he following three cases quoted ty-4 at @20, 3 at ll&@U, 115 at $13@14., 8 at *10 for lu&s to .$16 25 fo. County leaf; the Farmers' T II d II $1 50; scraps, lin 80@$3 50; mfenor an the magazin ft:om Dr. Druh.en's w trk bacco @12, 21 at $8@9 11 at 816@7. '33 hhds. West ViJgisold 2'4 bbd13. at $6 40 for lugs to $11 75 for Warren PHIL!DE,LPDIA JtnJY. I.-. ra e J lpg_,s, U@$5; factory 75 ;_planters'lugs, point. o theooe real danger arising from. its use: CasC:.-ru-G at 10@12, 13 a.t $8@9, 14 a.t $0'@9. 14 Count shi ino leaf; the Ninthstreet bouse sold 22 says ,the .I:ist, as ;t usually IS l'n u Y. 75; _comm?n !eat, ll8@$9 ; medmm do., *9 25 1.-M. Jl',, an advocate, aged thirty, of athletic fra!D(_>,.. hhds. East VirginiaI at fl{), 2 at $26, 5 at $21 @23, hhd s It $/fo fur lucrs to $11 for shipping leaf. the Sales of 200 9P. :Pennl!ylvama seed le1:, @$1 0; medmm gld leaf, $15@$25 ; black< ra begart'in 1840 to m anifes t symptoms of a spinal a.ffectioe 4. at $18@19, 2 at $16@17. IS hhd Harrison County liouse sold sa"' hAde. at $6 0 for -tugs to 't9 9(} and on s ecret black manu m pe!s, new Kentucky leat $25@$50 ; w continued till the aummer of 1845. These s ,.. -2 at $17, *11 @13, $!1@ I 0, 4 at $8, 1 at 3;6. for shi in leaf; the Ji.oulsville house sold 69 hbds. !ots, )l.t u2c.@64c.; and t .60c.@80c. 50 brtght do., $25@$00. Q s ct ated codsiderably. but they. re,. 7 hhds. Robinson County,-3 at $8@9, 4 at $6@7 at $5J;t trash to $10 or shipping l eaf. Range of bond, for export, sold at 1_9c., 15 cs._ The receipts of the week have bee_u. 400 hbds., 30 r atment. At last, Dr. Druben, susl?ecting that tli.eMessrs. :SonMANN & fi'ering.s continue very full. The 3; Alexander, 14 hhds., 1 Sterling, Pnce & indication was decisive_ Mr. T. henceforth entirely gave.. ant and the demandfa1r. hbds. at $0 20 for trash tQ 12 for shiprW:lg leaf. The s al es for the past few days ha ve been dull, on account Co., "'2 hhds., 1 6 hhds., 1 S. up his. _took steel tonics f o r a month, and ha&Messrs. CAsEY & W sales at Monts Planters' house sold 7 fihds-. at $6 70 for lug to $9 for of the political excitement, and there will be com para P?ltz, 3 bhds;, 2 bxs., Price, _Ha_IIIS _&Co. '1 cases, B ook llver smce en.royed rol:lust health.' Oase H.-1\1. obi! wa.rebous!3 for week endmg Julf' 1869, 326 Hart county lugs. Rang-: of bids: 1 bhd. at $15, 1 at tively n hing QQne..untilafter the election. I continw mire & 12 Illinot s RIVer Pkt. C ., 6 pkgs., at. for some his bad l>een.d.e hhds. a 6 11 'J f, vaz .. 251 hbds. $12, 2 at $11@11 5f l2 a 10@10 75, 24 at $9@9 90, my quo Beiow I give the transactions of the l?asi 1 bx. M .. Fnedmao, 6 pkgs. cl1t11ng; he was excesszvely thm, ate little and only:. Mason and Bracken, ){y.-1 ,a,t $17 25, 2 at 46 at $8@8 90, 48 -at $7@'7''130, 46 at $6@6 95. week: 353 hhds-., 252 tcs., 65 bo-xes. :t-ugs, dark work By Paclfic Razlroa\1: Jas. McCreety, 1 hiid.; Brown found comfort in smoking very strong cigars. He com-; $16 25@ 16, 7 at $ I5 75@1.1:>, 9 at $14 15@ 14, 11 at On Tuesday thA Pickett h ouse sold 60 hhdB: at $:6 ing a.nd hipping, 7c. 1(0 leaf do. do. 8c. to 1_6c.; lugs, &. 6; J. ,V, & 1 ; Lynch, [!lained of acute pa!n 13 75@13, 11 at 75@12, 20 at 11 75@11, 21 at for lugs to *16 75 for Hart county manufactunng leaf. bright working, Be. to '12c.; -lugs, &ncy workmg, 15c. I_ G.raut. & .Co., 2o cap.' G. J. Helmnch, 1 b.x:. only ceaseCI a mght; trembling of the lu:pl:)A, palp tta. .10 75@10, 29 at $9 85@9, 3'6 at ts 53 at _!_7 90 The Farmers' bouse. sold 20 hhds. at _$6 80 for lugs to to 40c.; leaf, bright working, 12c. to 20e.; leaf, fanoy cigars. . . and sickness. He to ro@7, 51 at $6 95@6. 35 hhds. Owen Ky._ 2 at $10 for manufacturmg leaf. The Nmth-street house bright, 25c. to 60e.; leaf, fapey extra, 75c. to 05. By aad Rallroad. Sttfe; & lmqmsh toba?co durmg one month; dtd so, and all the $17 75@1 'l 25, 4 a; $16 2 at $lo 50@1a_ 25, 3 sold 51! bhds. at :1>5 60 for low lugs to ll for common The rem rk a 1 e from the Rwhm 0 hllds.' B. 'T. 'Elaer1. 2 -.T W. Booth & Son, 1.-, symptoms disappeared; but he afterwanls declaredat $14 75@l4 50, at $13 7 o@13 5 0, 5 at $12 7o@12 cutting leaf. The house sold 60 hhds. at $5 90 Whig, June The market during the past week has Peltz, & Oo., 3 L ewJs, & Co., 41; that he woula rather endure the sufferings than be de l 8.1; 11, 4 at $10 15@10, 2 at 2-5@9, 5 at $8 for low lugs to $12 50 i'or llart.count.y wra.11per. The been characterized by-fecblcoeBs and comparative inaa-r & Glu., Hl;, W. Ewmg & Co., 1 ; Sterling, prived of, tobacco. H!) resumed his old habit, and iheold $7 55@7 20, 3 at $6 85@6 40 3 hhds. West VnLouisville house sold 65 hbds. at $5 05 for factory trash tivity. I has ooe ossible to realize former c;p.tQta Pnce & Co., 3; Pet,te, Wll!!,o & Co. 2; E M. Samue pains returned. Caseiii.-A man, aged 45, oflymphaloic gmla-4 at $12 50@12, 6 a.t fll 75@11, 5 at $10 25@ to $11 for Daviess county leaf. The Planters' tions on general sa es. Sales of some parcels, which 25; 'Marmaduke &-:Brown, 4 ; Baker, Young & CJti., 1 i temperament, extromf)ly sober, anil. very regular in aill flis 10, 8 at $9 75@9, 12 at M at f;'l 40@7 10, 2 at sold 16 bhds. at $6 50 for low to $13 for Breckm came up to all the eqqisites of such classes, have been 1 A. 19 i :M?mson & 2 i J. B. S. habits, was troubl9d by the premonitory symptoms of melan$6 85@6 60. 8 bxs. West V at $12, 2 at ridge county leaf. Range of bJds: 1 hbd. at $16 75, 1 made at full figures. ln really fine shipping leaf we 24; St. Alton and ChiCago R.R., 46; choly mania. He was perfectly aware of his h allucinati ons, $9 50@8, 3 at $7 55@6 85, 1 at to 80. 1 hhd. Southat $14 25, 2 at $13, 3 at $12 25@12 50, 8 at $11@11 75, observe no abatement in demand and no falling off in S .A.. Grantham & Co 9 hhds. 24 cad.; J. Bachman, but could JlOt escape them. After two or t hree ern Ke11tncky at 21 at $10@10 5, 59 at $9@9 90, 67 at $8@ g s, prices, b1lt a very J!ma1l portion of the offerings is of 12 cad. i D. A. .Jan';lary & Co., 1 0 5 cad.; Block_ & medical treatment th ey passed away, and be resumed his,:. P. H. CLAYTON & Co. report sales at tlie 58 at $7@7 95, 56 at $6@6 90, 6 at :$ 5 05@5 90. this class. There is a general depression in common Evers, bbl.; Bargm & Bockhoff, 1? bbl.; J. KaiSer labors at the bank, where he held the post of c:J.Sf:rler. Planters tobacco warehouse for the past week as On Wednesday, 3.0tb, the Farmers' bouse 10 to ll!edium 'shi pi g, both leaf and lugs This applies Co., 6 bxs.; S: Bennett, 5 bxs.; Tnplett, Hanson & M. Druben accidentally learned that his patient was. a lows: 244 _Mas?n? Bracken and Owen counttes hhds. $5 95 ior frosted lugs, to $20 for cuttmg leaf. with equal force to tobacco, which exhibits a C_o., 20 bxs. ptpes; .Faxon, Rawson & Co.:. 25 cs. smoker-a, moderate smoker, and that during his .and W V 1rgmJa! vtz .. On Monday, :3' \lhds. Mason The Nmthstreet. bouse sold 40 hhd_s. $6 90 for lugs deciJ.ed decline. The receipts of this mar plpes. thP. desiTe for had itself felt ; but on his rea,nd Bracken counties I at $6@7, 3 at @9, 10 at :'$9 to $15 50 for Cllttmg leaf. The LomsvJlle sol?. 64 ket have dim,ioiS'hed the _past few days, and breaks By C:hJCago and Alton Railroad. J Lupe, Hl pkgs.; covery be agam resumed hs cigar, and once more the old @10, 12 at $10@11, 3 at *12 @l-3, 2 at $!4,2 at $ 1a@ bl:i'dM. 0. for trash to 1U125 will probably be smal1er. "This may have a salutary J. C. Ttemeyer, 1 case. symptoms Warned thus by experience, here15 50: On Tuesday, 30 hbds. Mason and Bracken lfaf. The Planters' ilouse sold 13 hhds at $7 for lugs effect upon prices, an may .strengthen them a little. Exports from St. Lotus by raJiroad were 2::>9 hhds., noRnced tobacco entirely, an d from that day has had no recur -countJes-10 at $6@7, 2 at $8@ 9 4 at $0@ 10 3 at j; 11 to $11 25 for Daviess -county leaf Range of bids : 1 We regard the present depression in the market as the 8 58 bxs., and l,308 pkgs. renee of the symptoms. Ther'e are in Lon@12, 4 at $13@14, 2 at *15-@16, 2 at $16@!7, 3 at at $20 1 at $15 1 at $14 4 at $13@13 75, 6 a.t $11@ main cause of the failing off in receipts. As we said BY TELEGRAPH-July 5.-Tobacco unchanged. don who could add greatly to this list One we knew 1; 7 18 t 5 2 :\ 11 5o,'s at $IO@l0 31 'at $9@9 90, 35. at $8@8 90, before unless special demand should arise, w e SAN l<'R!NCISCO, June 25,-Imports of tobacco from watched a case in which a violent and meutal 0 11, 5' a 0 W \ v .. $9@1 2 at 33 at $7@7 9?, 17 at $6@6 95, 1 at $5 95, I at $4 5Q. SE;e reason to look for much higher prices, Jan. I to June 16: 35 hhds., bbls., 2, 740 cs., 2127 afie.;tion) cureclby the disuse of tobacc o, returned after @18, 1 at 18 J .J. d es d ugtma hhd .at M d The foUowmg -iB a tabalar statement of the sales fol"' T e breaks for the last five weeks were: 40 bxs., and 1,582 It 1s more than a smce an mterval of years,_ when the patient had :$12@13 50. n e ruy, 57 t 8 ason :n the past week, and for the current tobacco year com Week ending. liMa. 1'k1-ct. Bozu. we have had any public the low rates nommally lessly snieke<\ a few 01gars, and disappeared a bhd (P bli h f h h' If D D h OtH market has been ver quiet the past few weeks, quote as >O ows: ncrease over .. J s. u c ware9 hhds from Holland. t e spemmen o. o!semans 1p. r. n en, or sorne-:nd I heard of no sales of fmportance. Tbere is yet 3 LIGHT. HEAVY. house was reopeneiLlst Mar_ ch, 1 68.) 'l'he number of JuNE _25.-A lot of so hhds Kentucky tobacco, new equally. en:huelastlCgentleman, were start theOI'jOood d ea l of rso5 and ,66. leaf left in the country, 'but Refused ....... 7t@ 8-!---7-i@Bi c. tierces, boxes, etc. opened from ht October to 30th crop, wbiCb bad bought o':l speculatiOn, was to-day that clocks has a detenorattng of the owners are holding the prices too hiIIJg : Slife investment, and if they don't come .down in their Medmm. ... . . 9 @10 10 @11 c. which we nave reports of actual weights are Public and the Umted States. converts. beaut1 fully 1 t co?-ld d prices, they may haYe to k eep them an{)ther year or G_ood ...................... 10 @11 11 @12 c. Seabroo 's. The. rest is a88um.ed at the average of350 BREMEN, June 19,-The market continues without that the stram upon the muscles m wmdwg-up two, for tl1e demand for tbeSie goods soon dieoontinues. 12 @ 14 12 @15 c. lbs. In Mlliy: improvement. In North American tobaccos the follow-retards the of the human system. Nothmg.,A great demand for good '6 7 goods, but they most FC?OJce selectiOns.;.; ......... 14 @@15 ......................... J>;fi ing lots were Bold for home consumption: 257 hhds. could be eas ier to ibehef-Lohdon Spectator. 11 k d I dl t tb '6" I me wrappers "' u 211 7 0 Virginia 122 do Kentucky 183 do strips a d 1'75 .._. a pw e up. 0 regar 0 8 -0 crop, W:"" A d -th 18th t 1 917 hhds. Cleared >a yo s S,S!J n cs. BU I E to say that a reat many holders are geitmg rr);e e L' ms ., 1 '987 G I 675 Seabrook's .. ,.;........ . . 204 73,627 seed leaf, and to arrive, 82 hhds. Maryland and 194 do. 1 S N SS CH!NGES, ready &a"!Ple the1r wraop rs his month, as a start Nsmce tye !_8 t691hnhstd.s: 'ship; Public.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 218 73,334 Kentucky. In West Indian au..d South American NEw YoRK ..LCon_nolly & C.o commission. in that <;laMs of 'gooas is ex'Pecte The following lots ew or .. 1? w .A d 116 40,600 tobaccos there were sold from first hands 608 ceroons dissolved; now Connolly & Bass. of '65 alld '66 ggod 1\f.e weights: about board not cleared on the 25thmst., '7,553 bhds. Weeks .:: .: .:::.:::::::::: 165 f>7,750 Carmen and 143 do. Giron. S. Jacoby & Co., m{rs cigars; Jacob Newburg 50 casf!ll at 15c. 18 cs. wrappers and seconda a.t 11 '}, sales, 346 hhds; H! V lNA, June 26.There bas been no change to style the same .t 'b l t :a2 STATEMENT OF TOBACCO. G. Heineken & Palmore, cotton and tobacco, dissolv.eL fil41:o1 ., adosut 2? cs. 1 1 8 8 c., n 6 cs. _at 9 c.6 3 cs.t Stock on hand September 1 1868 .. hhds. 2,183 Total. ............ u ........ 1,175 00,511 report in the market, for either leaf or manufactured, p a 11v. an c., ,. cs. a c.,'"' cs. a c., cs. a A d k 1 All In June ar\d previously: during the past week. The latter continues rather PHILADELPHIA, A.-G. A. Greenly & Co., tobacco, dis 16c.; 3 cs. fillers (leafy) at. 11-ic., 6 cs. at 28c., and a '"!ve past .wee ( .J or p,lrgl.---. Ao'd w't scarce and in demand. We quote $24 50@25 per solved; now Geo. A. Greenly. g ood many otb.e r ,little lots. One lot of '68 seconds :Arrived prevwusly '' .. 17 4 19 841 wShar.ehouseL June 69' PreOv TotaL In June. quintal. Sold 28 bxs. ex-Columbia from New York, at J. C. Steiner & Co. and Smith Brothers, tobacco and: ld ookoe .. . 259 1, 5.., 1,313 90,650 lid ted d J hn L 8 d, and fillers, 3bont 40 w as so at 18c. t 11r. ng 1 'J98 1 890 102 900 $25. The exports of the week have bees: toN ew c1gars, con so a an o temer u.uautte under. :Z2024 m .ayos ........... t 1 fSte' S "thB h &K h ILLE 'J It I If :t ..,_ 1 s b k' 147 1 086 1 '33 49,9'3 York, 235 tcs. tobacco and 605,500 cigars, to New Or s Yeo mer, m1 rot ers nee t. Loll[SV u r .r-..ANCKE reports Exported past week. .. .. .. .. 2 ,73 ,1.A ea roo s. .. .. .. > .. !" h leans, 50 bls. tobacco and 39,000 cigars, to Valencia, Low grades contin u e still im good demand and prices Exported previously ..... ,, .. _. 683-13,414 ,. rub lie 1,293 81,602 d d b M are even l\ hiuie higher. Receipts liberal. Weather Broken up. f?r baling; cit! } ,110' 5?-l,t,4'n ... '"' .-:dn2421, 5:t2 784 84,700 5,000 an 2 arro es scraps; to ontevideo, 133,700 verv the outst;andingcror. consumptiOm, &c ..... .. c ........... 189 545 734 66,150 cigars, 18,000 pkts. cigarettes, and 1,000 lbs. scraps; since Novembeir l, 1868 ..... 2 a,4B7 hhds. ___ to Santander and Bilboa, 10,000 cigars; to Brazos de Sales paRt two weeks 3 040 hhds Stock on hand and on ...... hhds. '7,553 Total... .. ..... ],378 5 66p 7,047 475,975 St. Ja.go, 20 ,000 pkts. cigarettes; to Marseilles, 1,000 ... J cigars). to Vera Cruz, 9,000 .do. and 259,160 Kkts. ciReJ .e"tJ 'o ns two weeks 278 2,762 INSPECTI:ON OF ceo .Add weight' to lm une .................. 1,129,494 .,...... )... r 1 garettes; to Kingston[ Ja., 20 tobacco an 23,100 B tke, Saufty & Hayes ........ { From Sept. 1 } 4,!luO --. B 1 d k d S A l 1 d t 26., 49 ..Q mm'-e 'bell t date soo Total. ..... .. .. 1 ....................... 1,605,469 c1gars; to arceouaan a mar et,9,000 o.; to isal, a.e ............ "'11 rs "'t : 0 l r.ted. 1'7,000do.alld97,613pkts.cigarettes. Actual sales last year .............. Lop$e, p e 141S repe ... .. 2,1.54,345 QUOTATIONS. Total.' ......................... hhds. 12,550 In May: Light. ..l f) MANUFACTURED TOB..I.Cbo. AtShoc-koe ...... .40,8 0 0 Common lugs .. .r ... ,!. ,.6 p0@$7 00 1 a air demand ior common grades, the supply At Public ....... .' 5,207-46,007 Good .......... 'l 7 )51 t t the better ralitJes are dull. In ln J11ue : :Low leaf ............. -s '00'@ 9 Vl81'V'OftJre gt.tst: _kpricesare rm.Westil!quote : At Shockoe ........ ll,SOO M&.dinm lt-af.......... 9 50@10 00 Extra No.1, lbs. bnght, 80c.@90c.; gooa med1um cto., At Public......... 908-12,708 Gaod 10 fine .......... 11 00@12 00 12 60@15 0() medium do. do., 62-fc.@6iic.; oommon, "$;J.c, t_orylugs, ......... ,,.,., ......... $5 50@ 25 sound, 60c.@6,2c.; half-pounds, bright, 62tc.@70c.; 2,213,060 Total weight since 1st Oct .............. 3,818,529 TT is said that the ladies who carelessly submitted to the golden hair dyeing process, now heartily regret that they ever attempted to be "beautiful Baldness begins to threaten them. Also, in a few instances, paralysis of the facial muscles has resulted. Never say dye again, ladies. IT is expected that the expenditures for the army will fall off during the next fiscal year fully twenty-six millions. "MAN," says the anatomist, "clianges entirely every seven yeal'S." "Therefore," says Jones, "my tailor shoul d not ask me for the bill I cQntracted in 1862. I am LOt th& same person; hence I owe him nothing." TftE FlRM UF OONN0..LLY & CO. lo J lito lL,_l/ eolved by mntu$1 consent. Either of the nnderlgned woll. o!JI:u Ia. liquldation.-l'lew York:, ofulJl, CHA.SI. M CONNULLY, JR: W. A.L&X.B.!.qS JAS .A. CO. NOLLY. JAS. A. CONNOLLY AND W ALEX. BASS WILL tbe bnslnees at 46 W&ter street, onder the ftrm na"'e o CO.,NOL y ..._ BASS. it.. WANTED100 Cases SEED CuTTINGS tf. C C. 160 N"\r VnY-17 FOR 8A.LE .-5o C!l.,es Connecuc .ll "'dt L ,., r.,_," .:o Wrap pel'@, crop 1867-100 Cues C.;nnJCrtcnt 8 -ed L Wr_..,_!:.. pen, crop 18116. BARNRS &JEROMB:, No. 28tl dt.awo otcct,


I ;4e>: Cc=;Mliuion Msrohants !/fHE AGENUY. ------ESTABL.SHED IN. 1836. liD.lied States Internal Revenue Bonded Warehouse. Thirty-secooo Colleot'on District. FRANK, .. I l 1 R '!' r. y ,lj f J Havana SegarS, and: Leaf. Tobacco.,. t1 No. 39 BEAVEn S'I'.RBET. t 1 LEWIS FRANK. I PHILIP FRANK, r New JO!!N FRANK. f!BO. W. BLAKBliCO:RE. J. :If F .II'AYO. BLAKEIORE, IIA YO 1: CO., rCotton and Tobacco Factors, ,., H E T 0 ll A C C 0 L E A F. I CARROLL. & CO .. A.."W DEALERS IN A.-fine of CIGAR RIBBONS constantly on hand. D. & Co., II ,. ) AND COM1l11SSION MERCHANTS, No. 4i Broad Street, N evv York. DE BRAEKELEER FOOTE, lie 174 ter veet, ) : l t I f ., I Kanullactuen ot NEW YORK Seed-Leaf Tol;>acco Inspection. "i'obacce Inspected or Sampled. Certificates given for every case, and delive red, case by case, as to number of Certificate. N.B.-I alSo sample in Merchant:J' ou,m Stores. F. 0. Ll:.N"DE, WAREHOUSES-74:1 76, and 78 Greenwich Street. OFFIOE-76 Greenwich Street. BKANCH, 142 WATER STJlEE"r. DEALERS nv. ., N.fYW York. ( ) r. -: 'l ,r t Leaf and Smoking .. r 1 1 &esar, E'a.rtagaa, Espanola, La Ro:sa1 Figaro. Leaf To baoco, r : J Bole Proprleton .or the Celebr&Wd Bl'llllda Hyacinth, E! C..nero, El Contesto, 131 l1TBE;E!.f, r Q4 \ =6'1 NE,J;1 Yo]jl.x:. A. CARDOZO & po.; WM. VIG ELIUS tJ.... GUTHRIE & co.. M T b c ... c tt ,, F t I r .. 226Frontstee\ r o o on .. af ..Tobacn.o Commission Merchants IN I J ( \i ) .... D 1 KENTUCKY LEAF TOBAOOO,,&o,; General comniliuon TOBACCO PRESSItRS. '' r r No. 169. M. & E. SALOMON 3 3 Broad1 r Leaf To bacco pressed iu ba.les tor t'he West lean. Central, American, and o$her markc:16. ... 4 ':0R!.CCO PACKED IN HOGBHEA.ln:l, 11g.270 I I A-;o D, C.UtDOZO. lllYB'I '>IT:US. NEW YORK. f OF. 'HaY ana SegarS> LA AFRICAN A," 195-246') pr-S.le .l.l(eDCJ' oC S. W, (larroll "LONE JACK" and 8JDokinK Tobaceo, lltMRitY .. '' Oommlaalonlrlorehant for the of TOBACCO, AND OTHER SOU,fHERN PRODUCE, 78 Wate1" Street c.f. o: Boil) 6,7-'J9), NB,W YOBK. CONSIGNMENTS 'TH. H. &. SONS, r 1 l 72 STREET. J r ,,, No. 47 Broad St:l!&et, 'lear I.ane, l I tobam:o Cission -en:llants. bn"' or direet WrtportiJ nn, roostant1y o n llind, and. CUI' aale, la dutJ .. ld, IJt Iota to oull jli-11' ISA.&O READ, (Sacceuor to CuloxT Bun.) .. Commission Merchant, AIID DEALER IN VIRGINIA & WESTERN LEAf, .UD Jlanufaotured Tobaooo, Lioorioe, Gam, etc., No. 86 PEARL STRBT, N. y, Jl.a.x Loulsvillo, Kr, new York: I San No. 117 Front Cor. CaliA>ml& & Pronl 81.8 Agen ta In Ban Francloeo for Bale ol \'J.RGINIA IIANUI!'ACTURI!D TOBA.CCO. 8. WALTE'R, BEST Connecticut, Havana & Yara LEAF TODA.CCQ, Near Malden Lane, NI!W YOIIK. E:CCERT, DILLS &-Ce., DlCALBJJ,S l1f DQMESTIC and III\porten of SPANISH TOBAQCOS, 1 i' 1 JYate1 St J'eet, New York. !ITBrancb, 82 West Second Street, Clnoinnati1 Ohio. II JOSEPH HIQKS,. Commission Merchant: TOBACCO, lf o. 82 W ai I .. B. C. BA:XER, SON & CO. Tobacco and Cotton Factors, J.ND Commisston Merchants, No. 142 Pearl Street, BoWHJ.N c BAKEl\, NE,uu YORK. EDWIN l\:1. JOHN v A...."'{ A:MltlNGZ, I New York. )34,$) h.NORTO!f. TKOS. 1 8U..t'OUDJ1,, ll. H. Wli!DOIL NORTON, SLAUGHTER&: CO., .Tobacc. o & Cotton Factors -J..BD-> I WILLJAM 'M. PRICE & CO., (ho.,_on w D.l VID O'IOILL .t 00.,) ltaff (Qbnhatt.n, I t9 Maldenlane, NEWYOBX. w ... X PAIOO, r. A. Jna 16-lt SIMON SALOMON; r l Importe -r of an. d DeaZcr in TQBACCO I ......... ................


\ THB TOBACCO LEA .F. lib. Drums, "1 lb. lb.IDrums,,\ T 2 oz. B.ags-, 1-4 lb. Bag-s. 1 lb. Bags, llb; Bag' .. [ TO. B. V.ETTEILEIN r:r .... &SOLE AGENTS, & C i 1 M'A'"cooioY, FRENbH RAPFiEP s io'lle ,.,.!A.i AND 'FRENCH SNUFF FIJOU:R. a ,. ? ALSO MANU.FAOTUBEllS OF THE F L'ffi S T llRANDS OF SMOKING TOBACCOS, CIGARS, AND PURE POWDERED LICORICE. .. .133 WATER AND 85 PINE STREETS, ,... NEW-YORK. H., lVIESS.ENGER & CO., I DUBOIS a. VANDERVOORT, :;cD ... O .. r.f'Esn.u.I ... C T .. OBACCO I COMMISSION FOREIGN"" m FOR TlJE 8..\LB or -, &Jilt 'Leaf, Manufactured : .'fobacoo, r -t: 1 c o R 1 C E 1 AND oTHER I .,&, 1 I 311 Wate, ;:,t1eet, t !!l' es "JlAID:BJr.n !' J E11ge1ro D11 Boll, } N E -'"" -o"" o .. ...,. "not-a. .....,... ooepbB. fVandenrport. YY X i.IJ:'\1 IIIISIT u.uuou. Mlii'IWII'cl'llred'Tdbacco f all s!yirls Rllc1qnali!les 1 -., re c t from the bel!t ltlamifacfbrl.ea of' or sale Slt ,EfF1LV:, \lfot)tJ.'tldo'an:d 6otton ..r, "Ul.'r':!' -GENEB.A."l:..---Commission Merchants,. No. 49 Beaver Street-, (HH75) NEW YORK. YOLCER &. HUNEKEN, JlannfactaNn of 'succeAaor to. OATXAN & Jl.Eil), -"*-" ., r.. r j..J-;..,. J.' lv _J ... V LEVY_. .NE-.GASS, Commtssion llerc an s, AD Dtiual D connecticut Seed and Havw LEAF TOBACCOS 2 :_...;:. .. No. 173 W &TER-8T&BE'"a't 19-tN ,JI'EWY.JRK. :-ANDLEAF 'TOBACCO. ll'o. 19ll 'A BOB.d.Jli'I'O," (111'1$ NIEWYORK t HAVANA WILLIAM: ) "' .&lfl) J)UU& Dl No.172 PEABL STREET, ,n q M :E e T 1 c L8 (. '" .. 1" II'........ ..... 'Q '..J.-> -' ... llai&W"lY ., ---, Jl 1 I t ,.uJiy (Succeseo! to LEE BROTHERS, ) Unporten and <>f' HAVANA --urn DEAtER L-EAF 269"Pearl N..:rF..uoa KEW YORK Tirginia Beauties, 'i.4!s. II II t lbs. Olive, t lbs. Virgipia's Own Pocket Pieces. Thomas' Choice Che Haw. Fig's. Rolle Twist, 6 inch.! J ll. Walker's Ext,.. Bright Twist, 12 La Favorita Rolls, 6 inch. Ches. Henry, Jr., 9 inch, light hard II 12 llloh lbs. II PERIQUE. P'ure Virginia, Eureka, Oliver's Choice Old Kentuck, .. II ,, All styles of Manufactured and Smoking Tobacco put up under special brands for the sole use of the owner. continue DiaJ uiactrll'e a1l the_. r .-----------1 TOBACCOS and SNUFFS, for which our hoqs e bas become famous, and many novelti-es, to which the attention of the trade is invited. r Our pal!t reputation for making fil'st-class goods, and _at the lowest rices we-will endeavor to maintain : Since an enumeratiOn f :amous would hardly enter ,into thf! limits of an adyertisement,' e the trade tosend fdr circular, and Cal Oillce, No, 'ii Fulton lilreet. New Tork. OF ALL DESCRIPTIIrNS, F O R SEGA..B ,BOXES, Fnmis.h ecl in quantities to snit, by C>:J:Jn.!I:.A.N" cb Ja:E::E"'EI UFI.JST, 1 216 LEWIS STREET, N.Y. A. /<, WINTER. !1. LINDBEI:M, -'-"-LINDHEIM, BROS. & CO., I Jlanufacfureil of Celebrat!td Bra11.d1 of I n .r' ,, :factory,.. N ck 86 .. atlrr J;listriot, Lynchburg, V a.. Wa'l'eluitu88 and /9D Wate1St1-eet, New York. "'"tii!'pdi 'bftbe'' lfirr.tecfl!randt mntifllctufed by L. L. ARMISTEAD. .l\1:A URICE -ELLER, Ild:PORTBR OJ' Havana Segars a:p.d Leaf 168 STATE STREET, BOSTON. Sole Im.pmter of tlie A No. 1 S.egars. J0c. YORK-c,a:ry .L.1" .o;;;( TOBAC.eO :WOB:KS GEORGE F. HILL &CO., TOBACCO Commission Merchants, .A.JilD OOTrON EAUIO:EB, 43 BROAD STREET, 1 P. 0 .Box, 6740. New .York Geo. ... DUI. I 0 D > ./. u (_, '.1' i ) 1J I ll 1')lllv<.uo.l l! 1. h a t I (. 5 "" l... Wilder & Boston, J. H. DIGGLES & 00 I 315 Duane Street; New York, AGENTS AND IIANUI'AC'l't7RimS 01' ALL EII{DS 01' J'AJI(Or l'lUNTBD 00'1"1'011 GOODS :ro:a EI.A.G-8. -4'1o,. u A r 1 N9VEMBER 1867. Ill prel!ililttal:! tO 1\colle ailicne ilb'i III&Dnlactnro or cigar&, the lnTentor le flll]y aware tt111t .. -,riU l!&:vtmore ,space tb&n iiD ordinary I!OWU!g ........._ which tbe;r mnch resemble I 1th. Fine cigars made by this machine ill oortbnt per1hOUI!8lld; made by band t1le coilt Is from tlO.OO to 112.00. 1 To onm the matter up I nowpreoent to the public In this machine aCooinpl!ohod l1lct, wblch has eoot ,_ years or Jaber and 1!\fge upetllture >yhich, witbo .ut J .can ..ay-hao never before -a reached. it be betn' l!eat.;cd but !lqiR'OOiy hoped for, that aome other me&DII band work might tie succeesflilly lntro(luced to economize i n the production of cigars Thill not only effec t a real economy m manufacturing, but will make a 100eh better cigar than e&D aa" Dl.f .. mad by vlte the c 9Uca1 o! the machine by e90rto, an _.___ lllbo feel oqmoleDtl): -....I '1!1 Tloe machtn...-eau be oeea"in ojienitt fiULE.llS Qi xm or t .. 179 11EARL-STREET, B.,etv;Mit Pirt ( ana1 ,'}rulf, Jtt:ISli;V'1 l ). 1 r, utix.i N f NewL. HIRSCHORN & 00 ,.. r r S'=:BJG ARS -L t -r L 'IKr NO 110: WATER STRJIET, .. (N-w-an st.,) """'"-" NEW L. & CO._. KfNUF AOTUREIIS OF Patent Tobacco Boxes, Fiine Silver plated Ware Spectacle Cas(lB, Rll.Zo/ &o., -l.'toTo .&"1 La.u, NEW YORX.1


LEAFo s &ndad Warehouse, First Collection District, Pennsylvania. F. WARD BRO-rHER & CO., Co h 4-L,. Deutscher R&.uohtaba illffilSSlOll arC I AND OTHER CHOICE & 9:1 llouth Charlelitreet, BALTI'MORf' ..._ I B.P. PARLETT & -CO .. IS NORTH STREET, BALTIMORE, MD. Ela-tc.a..a.e or )(a.nnfaotnren of FINE. CICARS, a.nd Dea.leiS in Leaf and Smoking Tobacco: (/2. ( ?,/lAL? (/2/l"J LEAF TOBACCO, SEGARS, PIPES, ETC., {Z/. _::z;ovr.n/ ll/u BO Henry Besuden & Bro., obacco IN 57,!88, 8t ... .,... .. tit ... ..,..., EAF TOB CCO, CRAB. BOJQWU I! ocQ ......... 16],_, 163, &; 165 Pea:T S-ccon."Ea OF Ef.:M STRI!ET,l ... .EGODT, J, B. PILLS. OWO. .OX. :EGGERT, DILLS a.. 00., ,(Succ .... n to Wll llGtDR'I',) D.UUIIBill 0. B. ADAMS A-00.. lanufacbnrs lfMI Wholesale Daters In B.S, Clllewl-, .... Leaf TOBACCO, Paekers and Wboleea.le Dealers in Conn. Seed LeafT obacco, No. 238 State Street, GEO. B. BARNES, AUG. 8. JR011.E. .UlD lU.NtrJ J.OI'URXRS OP cxa..A.R.s. Main-Street, H&BTPOBD, And Wholesale Dealers In TEA.B, dcture111 ot J. D. BtmNBA,} 77 & 79 Asylum St. o TOBAcco. HARTFORD, c;NN. llpportera of smoiu ,Articles, No. 68 West Fot51th Street, H. &. Z. K. OW; A Lf!RJI 330-337 North 3d 23 North 2d St Commiulon Sale of Sam iii: b Iii er" lt mtrtgnnts You'N'" AMERICA ARA 92 LO""'BAnD a: 6 WATER-ST., il'ttO' 'lll01nlllrs., 0 n a. ( CONNECTICUT lJrThe only manufacturers of the celebrated YARA 'r JU A.Do ,._ OUR HOBBY, Y.A.R.A. LITTLE ONES, PICKWICK, DAISY, PUNCH, and other copyrighted Jl. P'. P.uu.nT, M .. Loftft!W.. B Wm.. Seed-leaf Tobacco, CINCINNATI, 0. llrands of cigars. 11 Baltimore, d AND DEALBRS I!{ I ( S. LOWE NT -CO., 'aid 8c Oh L [ CASEY & W A.l'NE, Proprietors, .tu.i --------'1 ITT G. IL BOLENIUS, .&W.I. 10 ea Jioa.lOO.lO "" 04 'Weat Front Street, lruuraGurel'loot and W4 !'Otate.-street, .... 8 lL BOYD, ..t.RTHUR .R. :J'OUGBB.AY. DOHAN & 'A WliOLDU.LS DE.A.LD IK 1 :.5'-"ii;..wo ""' c PEAI!B. LEA"L..., Tr-.BACCO l'ro. 52 Sot,J.tla Vharle 8t,, BalU.ore, CINCINNATI, Obio. S C A R HARTFORD, ?O!fllr, 'IJoUed S'tatc8 &nded Warehou..., L' \.. BOY.D, FOUGERAY i co.A Tobacco Commission Merchants, !annfactnred Tobacco and G. w. GAIL. CHRISTIAN AX. WM. WESTPHAL, Comm\.y..,.\.o\\. lNo. 202 w. PRATTST., G W. GAIL & AX, HE-NBY ME.y-ER, No. 76 Main COMMISSION MERCHANT, Jti,1f_8&., .. 18N.Delaware!n., AJrouO'l'URlllBSor.u.LitiNDsoP ,!ICOMM'fSSin YOUNG & AndDe&lerln T b Se r Etc. ; -GAN CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF o accos, s, G H Beok & 0 ADd WJloleoale ee <-In farmers' Agenta for the l&lii"5f a..,-l.i erman o., s ::!).({ 0 X I N" G OHIO & CONNECTICUT ; .TOBACCO q, <> b a 0 0 C>' 'GI Nortb IMPORTERS &: TOBACCO Q!ihtwiag mobattO' Comnusston Merchants, 233 State St., Hartford, Con.n. sucK NoR, MtCAMMOM & co --a.rnR & Hiss:-eolllJDIIo lllercbaata, AND sNUFF. LEAJ!' ToBAcco, DEALBRS m LJW' OBACCO. .u.eo 01/&oo, Jlo, W' ... 6eruf, T 0 B A C C 0 (SucceMONtoJbaJD,An:u.o&co.) No.60 SOUTH GAY STREET., 381M S ....__...._,_"""'"T Q B A C C 0 Importers of and Deale,. In Cigars, am t., Cincinnat!, O. ...--... a"D -(220-271) BALTIMORE, MD,-. Pipes, Snuffboxes, 4c, CINiltflU.TI, omo. CONNECTICUT Tobacco Warehouse, 159 and 161 Clolllillerce-street, Bn'f]l'QJUI, OO.N. 'leneral" Com mission M erchantst J<>e SOCSHBEOBPDHER. No. 28 BARRE STREET, W. H GLORE, JR. c. o. GLOHK. S, ,_ OUJ.LITU. P. A. PaAOUB, .... s. Do.,..., i N Wiltet 8ttret, aad 18 N; Jlelawart Avenue, 1 "" .Baltimore. Md T A p GLORE & BRos17' to T b W h c.,M'C/I]o{MON,t N. &ont, PJIH.AJJ)ELPHI.I.. Oommllonanci "lritol .. aie aealen In (J DEPOT-With GAIL, Ax, & KUHILADELPJP:A. "' No. 49 Sout.b. Cbarle.s Street '"' Jo. 3 North Water Street, Internal Revenue Bonoed COMMISSION MERCHANTS, BALTJMORE. Md. No. 33 South St., Baltllnore. M'DOWELLOJ'& DUNCAN, u.s. BONDI:D WAREHOUSE; (LA.TB 'lt'ITB "' v .AN SCB"'-CK.) (First District of Pennsylvanill,) .....,D,;;,;,E,;;;;;,V,;;. WJC, A, liOYD, JIN'It> WM. A. BOYD, JR. 'L. EDWARDS. GEO. W. EDWARDS. I. L. &,G. W. EDWARDS, T<>:B.A.Cl'O<> b.;' 104 Poydras St., N e w Orle:tns, AND M General Commission Merchants; COMMISSION II1:ERCH:A.NTS General Commission er'l.tants, No, 39 North Water Street, AND ICIS K. FIBHB .... ROlUOI!: N. FIBBE:tl Jo&'N N. PISRBB. -\" lt'J. 12 CENTRAL WHARF, p .:: O Jtz "ftritt e ...,.,.., ,.. :BOSTON. fl 98 "" I ------------G!Llo!OR. FRANK GIBSON', GILMOR & GIBSON, IMl?ORTERS OF Havana Segars, And General Commission Merchants. J. W. CARROLL, Sole Manufacturer of the Famous and Worl d renov.'netl Brands \lf Virgioi a S moking T obac co s tONE JACK and BROWN DICK. ManuCactory, 12tt. Street. LYNCHBURG, VA. Ot'dere rePpeetru.JJy solicited and promptly attend_!d to. I .roo: W. No. Ma1n Street, ,"' N_J:I;IBURC, VA .&lfD AGENTS FOR T l B a.d. E OlP VIRGINIA. AND NORTH CAROLL.'i'A Leaf and Manut'actured Tobacoo, 4 IRON FRONT BUILt'IINCS, VA. IKPORTKBS 01' CIGARS AND LEAF TOBACCO, 7 Coututetcial Street, :BOS'TC>N' Mound City Tobacco Works D. CAT L 1-N Ur-&O'l'Uua (W &Llo Fine-Cut, Chewing, & .Smok:in_g -Tobacco, Killickinfck, etc., l!lo, 168 Nertll Seeoud 1'11 ST. LOniS, HO. 'C.& R. DORMITZER & CO., WHOLESAL'& DE.ll.BRS IN Leaf Tobacco & Cigars, Smoking & Chc,ving Tobacco, -and All Kinds of SmokcrR' Articles, 20'/ Market l:itree.t1 bet. 2d and 3d Streets, ST. LOUIS, MO. jl\[a;in Street, RTFO lD, CONN. Packer &Ld Dealer in Connecticut Seed leaf Tobacco, S'l'.AROX, G"'TMAN &. CO., PHILIP ERTHEILER, No. 233 State Street, Smolter;"rte.Articles, Leaf and' Manufactured __ HA_RT_FO_Rn_:__, c _ONN_ -F&DC7 Goodl,and Wholesale Dealerwlll SECARS, JOS EPH S. WOODRUFf, d F r"L.-od DE.Ab:a IN TOBACCO and SEGARS, Pipes, an anoy '-XV S '0onnecticu Seed-Leaf 206 North Second Street. 30'1 North. Third Street, ST. LOUIS, Mel. I ... ST. LOUIS, llo. T 0 B A c c 0' VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGEN"CY. -No. 238 STATE' STREET, ADAMS, G I:S.I?S & co., ( HARTFORD. CONN. COI1MIIIIOI ,MER GHAitl R. A. CHAPMAN, .J .. FOR THE S.A.LE OF C1 Fine Out, and Smoking .Toba.ccns, ,dnllif, Clay Pjpes, Licoripl1 &c., DEALER IN o1Vo. 54 .lrlichigan Vlve., 6/ticago .lll. Connecticut Seed Leaf Tobacco, W'e IIULk:O ... Speolalty or V11"1&'l:nla (;["Qpa.QOQ} l A EAST HARTFORD. CONNECTICUT. J. 0 R OBOW'U D:uLD JJI Connecticut Seed-Leaf Tobacco, GEOB&B P'oT. JOHN B. KJITS. J. H. P.EM:BERTOJS", Tobacco Oommiss'n Merchant, DANVILLE, VA. Orders for Leaf promptly attended to. RBPBBB TO M .. srs & :MILLBR New York. lle .. rs. G. IIEINEKEN & PALMORil] NewXorll;. :Mesors. PLEii.S ANTS & SONS, Baltimore. Mr. JOS. THOMAS Richmond. MR. GARRE'r F. WAT"ON, Masers. J E VENABLE & CO., Petel11burg. 209-234 COliN. .1.11 adeded c. W'l_. B. p. lllURBlY.Iat.e or Van Ho,;,.llurr>J' tOo, F L & J A 'DADDIN MlAI:it-MASO r1 hi.t:t MMOil. \ J A :ManaraCtufers ol MURRAY: & :ftf4SON, SMOKING TOBACCO, lWl"F-lCTliB"'j& .ll(D .DB_.LD! ""' .u.r.._ knros 0. UIUI'F AND BEGARll, l'lh d 8 _:.]_!'.. T 1.. And Dealers 1'1 i and Che]"'lng Tobacc<>e, u ewtng a n mVA.wg 01;f8.COO, No. 146 St., Boston. 174 "'176 Water Bf. ChiollDV nl. }[aun!acturel'll! of the "Try'Em"and "Free&Easy" (116-!141) bi'&Ddo or cJgaro, G. W. GRAVES, ./ J'""K""...ull DIUL&a lll Fine Connecticut Seed-Leaf T 0 B JA C C 0 t Danbury, Connecticut. N. C. READ, 1\'H::RCHANT For ihe PurchaEe of all de"cripl ions o f RJCIIMOND, VA.. P. 0. Box.612.


T. I. IIICICOI & CO., STEN(}IL 18 A 12 DSYSTlTE STREET XTHACl. N. y. PEAR:D & LYONS, d W'boleYle Depot for 1 A. PEARL .. & CELEBRATED Green Sea,l a.nd Cut TUKIISH, LATAIIA, PERIQUE, AND '"'RGINIA GRANULATED 0 CCO$., :! r sions errQlleQ.WI'1.cleas tha&.Jnell n ertaln ooncetnal this p)ant hts bad itJt loc1pecle patents, Ito ave tobacco, d_eserve to be respected b' the physician. partisans 1ts strong opponents, but we b ee n granted. One man attnbutes to tobaeco-the facility for his intt>lthat any argument tba subject have ever effected the Sir Rouudell PalmeT, the labor; cannot digest food without coovereio of' a individual from the prejudices which distinguished EaAlillh Chan smoking. !All this may provoke a smile, 'but we mnst he mn.y hll' e ent for o: it. A quotation eery lawyer t125 000 remember that tbe craving for is positively from the pen of an emment medical b1stc,man on this subject by h .. practice. the last appt;tiie -whieh leaves tbotle who are in may devoid of interf1st: "This most ex,trll.ol'llina. .. rletate of disease, and who have been accM its powers of tas ination, has su1fered ionable peoP.le in Pans tomed to tobacco under one form or another; and that many ,romantic vipissitudes in its fame andcharacten it has tabooed rru.lway trav-the renewal of is appeMte is a favorable proO'nostic been su.cceiSively opposed and commended by eling season, and of recovery as ackuow 1edged and attested by and 1 eulogize.d by pri.esJ and kingll-and pro Europe m physicians, 1and as every smoker knows by his own exscpN;d !l_pr_otecte by ging the weight. and keeping it moist, m of ammoma, and powdered g1us, to ana pungency. Some kinds moistened with or and water, which gives rise the vmous d rum is sometimes added to duce the same flavor. Quick-lime, or caustie alcali is so etlmes dded t? the tf}bac,co to the flavo;, as wei as to neutraliZe th&-acidc formed in fermentation. ,t4an-y other su also added, either -to color or tbua.J'ormmg the diiferent varieties of Scotch, W elsb, Spamsb, Lundyfoot, French, Strasburgh, Ma.ccoboy, li-nd Th ey are sometimes medicated wiih subsulphat:e of nitrate of silver, etc., for catarr\ headache, mfla.mmat!Clll Qf .the eyes, and other diseases bf the r head, the mucous membrane of the nose, etc. The use of for snuffing and smoking had arrived to such a m hat Pope l)rbe.n excOIDm'unicated all who w ere detected sn uff i'il. tb s..churoh; and in 1634, the pena1ty of the cut off, was executed against all smokers m the Russ1an Empire. In 1653, the council of the of in Switzerland, ordered all inn keep mform agamst su.cb as were found smoking m the1r houses,_ and when so-' detected, the culprits were severely As late as 1719, the Senate of Stras prohiblt:ed the cultivation of tobacco from an appre ... wou!d diminish the _growth of corn In oHier ns use m any form has been made a capital sffence as lt IV tbou&ht to adverse to fecundity. To most le r 1psects, worms, etc., this plaut cts and for this reason its decoction iS. often used to destroy parasites Olfl animals and plants. INTERNAL REVENUE DEISIONS, > --STAMPING OF TOBA.CM p:o'RCHASED A'P-M.A.'"RSH :r;'s SAtk f AFTER) JULY 1, / r, noti?e, a11:d it s e itllr stated tl\ tth '! n? el!:-Cuba tobacco is obtained from the same species. The and forty-two thousand two and fitty poun s, me .cigal"l! dltilc jn a p.OpillatitV will weep upon his to!llb, as will also his two becomm a pale yeRoWlSh-green toward the tnbe a M:lrshal's "hrand will Q l amp 1 e ore sa e. e T seems that the cost of smo'kmg and snuffiu!5 m Great Bntam In Denmark the consumption of tobacco is not less than daughters, Hilda and Emma, the former o 'fhom is of the corolla. Tlre seeds are small, dark, kidney--, co till J ul r 1st Tire 'i/ O]Jrrency: 0 0 is a ut 5s. 4d. per head of --populatwn--:-meJ, en f. per bead of the population; and in married, and th latter is open to an offer. The fune chaped, and very numerous. It grows on a ricli soil J sufficient for ROt.. ) be 3114 obildren-per annum; that IS to say, dr: .Belgium it averages 73! ounces, 4 3 lbs. per head. In ral will take place to-morrow. His disconsolart'C widow; in the less rigid climates of North IC erica, in expense to the h ldo ec 0 urms than one pound of tobacco alotted each'maa, some of the North American States the proport ion greatly Veronique lllmaJla. P. S.-This bereavemen will not W:est Indies, and in South America, as well as parchased in other cas 0 er. e stamps mllllt a-' child of the population. To as Americans excee s ese quantities, wh aiUong Eastern nati "tis .interrupt our wltioh will be carried on as m parts of Europe, though Itot so abundantly, r say, the significance of this pr_odlgtOus.expendiwe;we may believed to be still greater. The avera0"e consumption. of usualJ only ,our nlace of wiH be removed from and _as of a poorer q_uality in the co1,1.ntties. o 1 the 1 f 0 per annum to d ....-;.,.., t t I A he I 1 d C COURSE TO PURSUE TOWARDS SMALL CIGAR "''"'"U.,AC state that it wlluld supply an mcome o tobacco by the whole human race of one thousan milho s 3 Te .de Y the wh10h you state that you have: m your d1 vision quite ., as must be great resultant o_f our sm_okmg bacco keeps pa.ce with the growtti of popula ons I the sovereign, o'fthe village of Prossedi, near Rome, where and from Y.eru-8 of negl ect has a numJrlr of. persons keeping retail cigar t?tores, and l propensity, it becomes still g reater we 10 the JT i and there is reason to believe--that be above his relative, Prince Gabrielh, possesses iarge estates. Another speCies, theN!cOtlana who pay special tax: as manufacturers of cigars. Y.oQ, item the necessary concomitants. First, the're the of !hated consumption is rather less than the actual quantity. Great rejoicings took place on the oo.oasion of his nomRus ca, of LmnOOB haV'ld flowers and smaller further state that these perso)ls r,eport pipes. Thousanas of pipe-makers thro?g?out kmgd?m lq the presence of this modern cons umption of to.l>acco it ination in which: the Bonaparte formed a convery nea1l:ythe same m s1ze and appearance as the manuf&Qt?rtld 1,900 cigars,..and sell 'about tha num'ber, flourish in the smoke of tobacco. 'It _1s to gtve may be curious to call to mind that in form time it part. 0 Wild plant of North is in the South of Eu and mention vartous expedients to whicltth res rJi any precise value of this it.em of smokmg el!:pendlture i but seems to have been proportionately much greater. T.hirty J rope ana North of The Synan and Turkish to.Qac defraud he all w io are v r i the income of pipe-makers cannot be less than per years after its introdu ction into England-that is, during MEANING OF THE 'WORD term 'ls supare prepared Oil\ this sp ecies, which is more mild and to be detected, a d rM& ou ug est annum, Md it may be .much more. The cost of ordmary reign of King James I.-the practice of smoking was more by some to haye from Tab_l!oco, a aro!llatic t?an the last named. The Nicotiana Persicill .hcens.P.s as manufacturers cigars shoul t e give c1ay pipe stands mostly to the account of and general than at the present; day, although far more costly j rovmce, of where It W.ll.ll, wlJ_Ich furmshes ica e nd fragrant tobacco of to keepmo, a e sb 1hD anutv. ctures in the numerous suburbs ot the metro_Polis, and 10 country for tb&King states "some of e gentry bestowed three ISt found by tbe Spamards. Bu Las C3;sas says Slfiraz, bears a white, s"'eet-scented flow,er, and smaller do not exceed B,OOO cigars pe.ll month for each places, the publicans give away from e1ghty to one hundred afid ome four hundred poun yearn on tha t pr clots 1 the first vo,rage of Ool_umbus, the Spamar 8 ilaw 10 than the two .other species. Th e characteristic al workman, and thh.t a rule should oe made that-groEs of pipes per annum at the_ of. at stinke1'-representing a much greater value of the present many dry le!I. e !oiled, ka.loid obtained from tobacco is calLed Nicotin. In its action such de;tlers take a reoeipt they purchase oi;10; but thencomes the great 1tem of fancy .. as money; and he lays particular stress Jtpon the interesting u:p Ill tubes, called m upon the animal econdmy, it is one 1 of the most powerful gars, and show the when they make return, etc. sold by the tobacconists. The meerschaum Its lmita fact that "the mistress coulli not in a more mannerly kind hlsto:y of Dominique, the mstrnmcnt poisons known in the vegetable kiogdom, a few drops of its In reply I to say, unquestionably the prac-tions) holds the first rank in the s_m_oker's expenditure; and entertain her lover ilynl but of h6r Jair hand; used 10 was ta\laco d 1't>\"u1;ion to ca use a destruction t1?e of connectmg the bus1ness of"'lilanufacturing eigaia the prices vary ftom a few. shillings to many poun_ds. a pipe of tobacco." THE .A,byssliDan war, t has now be en asc g rtamed caused t f an fro w o :p:'% inutes. The oil of tobacoo w1th the business of dealing in cigars and manulacture Briarroo;.or other w?oden p 1 pes,_although According to the ,J!ipe was fr9m man_ to the expenditure ?f $43 ,865, 000, tained by an of the cured leaves at a tempera: WforJis y fqi: frau II, and oft e in:' the 6r1gmal cost, still swell thl:l1tem theu little man round the table, ana tobaec was actually sold for 1U! over the rough and $7,000,000 m ture _a.bo_ve of water? contains a large proportion detectiOn of these frauds"IDay be rendered exceedino-ll oliity and want of care in their preservatw_n. The "weigh t in silver." "I have h eard," says he, "some of of the second corrected estJm ates. A great part of this mcotm, an3 therefore potsonous. Tobacco pipes or diffiou1t Sti1l. the l:J:W allows the t o ktnd! of' w m)lst hav'! hi tqbacoo-pouch. W1th regard tp this our old yeoman neighbors say that when they went to was abso lutely wasted, and many scandalous lqn g sail :w"tliput c leaning, contain a ness to be earned on UL the same buildinoand even in i AQ-ik idea be formed of the number of _m M"alnlesbury or Chippenham tboy culled their biggest shilhave been reported. .eo P\)rtipn oL this oil, and give the peculiar th_e room, 'and it 1s competent 0for the Com England from the fa<;t that th.e patentee of _Illdia 1iifgs to lay in tb sgales agains the tO aeco.'' ') r THE Californians say that Minister Motley is going to Sl)leTI an ti te wliic are sp disagreeable to the unm1sswner t? refuse to authorize the sale or the manu. rubber amassed jl. fortune and retired m th& Some of ourl mechani cs in England literally smoke show his patriotism by using American wines at all the en initiated. Tlie fines Qf H vana tobacco contain facture to any .Person who give!! the required coli se of so e years. all day. Not longagv one of them, whose habit was tertainments to by him, and that a large invoi-ce two percent. ofnicotin, the Virginia and Connecticut about l;lond, nd pa,-s the spemal tax prescribed by law. UnSo ffl;r we bave been the cost of to have a pipe in his mouth all day long, whether filled has already been shipped im from six cent._, and that which is raised fortunately, the law does not require dealers in manuto th mass of the community-those who may be_sald to or not, was found dead in hi s bed with his pipe in his YouNG Walewski son of :M'adame Ra c e1 and Count as h1gn as rune per cent. A not her prm01ple round m to faotured tobacco to keep a book in which all purchases smoke ,wru:k!Jrs; but is '!' large class besides, ?f month-the coroner's finding him "dead by has appointed "Secretary 6f French bacco is called Nicotianin, and is the esseo?8 sales should be kept; but in any case when there whom. we occasidnally re!td m the-yapers, who may be sald apdple)\y, caused by smokmg." Many of the same Legation at Iiondon. of the plant, or tobacco camphor. It IS obtamed by d1s-IS good reason to _suppose tha.t the dealer is net making to cult1vate smo"king as a "fiD.e an; the spectalt! of a fine class chew tobacco as well as smoke it, and at the A M.A.N, less heavy than tJ\il bas a greater relative tillin_g_ the Iresh.leaves with their of '_Vater, and re full returns of sales, the_ assessor may wb""Oj>ay for a same time; and we ate assured by tobacconists that muscular power. The dog, less heavy than man, drags a proce.qg two or three lS a fatty assume and estimate upon such mfQrmation as he ;I;:a '-r.ould e.. a cigar for among their customers are boys of all ages down to comparatively heavier burden. Insects, as their weight atasvJng the t<>bacco and an aromati _c, has, or J?ay obtain, and assess the tax on his whicll bag paJi\ "or l:leen for Jess than one ten, who not only smoke, but actually chew tobacco, grows less and less, are ble to drag more ana m bre -rt I ensil te. It I S soluble ln water, so lu ble-m sales, addmg 50 per cent. penalty. and the assessor sb lW,g. It is obvious that these 1tems must swell the ravenously 15tuffin"" a quid into their mouths as stated would app.ea_r, ther fore, bat. the force of li ving .a1cohhol a_nd and Ttquor of but ha,s the of 'at any time tle ':0 sliJo1ci'n 1!. t of ster-tq us, before the shop. Many a. creatures JS m mverse proportion to the ir mass. by t d1lute ac1ds. It 1s solub le, wtth decom osttwn '!!} of a cigar maker; to are his pur-ling. But ,!!!e a. smolfer irlcomp lete mtbout w1)l tell t?at be wou!d .n.ther go without din. hot; n1tnc aCid. To the presence o f this subs ance and the chas raw or leaf tobacco, mgat boxes-what numo the m 08 f getting a l1ght ad and the great ner than h1s p1pe; and this 1s so far the explanat1on of THE Georgm, OllltS. are to tbe q_ estwn comparative absence of alkaloid nicotin, is due \he ber of' m e n be pa,s had employed what have been his variety of fusees supplies t'be desideratum. The annual the mystery, l eadinO' us to the next inquiry-concerna pe:son may give da? cmg parties late at of toba co ;for smoki9g purposes. Wbep cbewe.dr .toba:cco-a d hat he 'nas probably manu-, cos of hls it'enl, like that of to come ing the joys of s moking. which the may-be dJSturb.ed. 1 pas !!Ometimes b een known t'O prod ce symptom s-of delirJill!li factured. rHennay also overhaul his old cigar-boxes at-biitr obviOus y, j't can-gol IDCfllDSTderable, although Decidedly the introduction of tobacco is a strange A d1ver, JVhO ha,s been m the i;emens and thes e .cases are rare ;.)t 18 SOJlle.: 'if _ag are removed from empty 'lip-of sfnall -perllaps_ t?e smallness of fact in the hi_l!tory of civilized man. While civilization Thames R1ver at N orw1?b, 9onn.! says 1s a "times recommended m of the jaws, and in examme ms shelves show"Cases and 11 e if.a)tgooda in fit a a great !1-dvances 80 slowly, a. her?. con9-uered the _world undet the banks ?f s1ze, the h1aden b eaut;ies tooth he. During the process of curing and _ptoperly :fine, ma ifly constant an 'a deal ts El?'P nded w and m less. two This rap1 d and contmuous and strange of '_Vhich, could the water be drawn fol use, tobacco leaves undoubte ly und ergo a greltt cbemiVlgtlant wato mg and mspectwn, make detection of to the eos of dr plP?'hgll.ts, sp1ttoons and extensiOn "IS the downnght fact which proves that off so as to make 1t access1ble, ould form one bf tlie won, cil.l Gl:i nge, generatin"', as--the process does a much greater any so prooable that no one will dare risk-the cigar-bo!'lrem.-lli 'ha. been mvented! we suppose, appeals Lo the very depths of human nature. ders of the world. proportion of nieotin 9and nicotianin The best qualities of peoalt1es of the law by constant violations. '-' for the purvose 'of! economiZmg the weed, M 1t enables the Can 1t really, be satd that tobacco only satisfies a THE country a"round Pumpkin Geo1'gia, is so noto the prepared leaf have a rich velvety appearance, When !}lese men, such as report,, know that tliey-"" smoker to seenre roniptew corlibustion, or a h olocaust-fashion, a caprine, an inveterate habit while it is a subrious for chills atJd fever that it is the in.variable custom to and veins, while these i the inferior are c Gnt-antly and If deteeted will be' made lo sing, however, "'the. pleasu;e of the precious whi ch the workman, t?e _of the land, pass around quinine pills 'Yith the dessert A who have a ooarse, wood:f,appearance, and wpen burnt t?" feel ty of the law, they will to do morsel; indeed, smoking a mgar Uirou.ih a tube be get at the cost of real pnvatwns, With the pence should refuse to 'partake would \be regarded as havmg coD I em1t a d1sagreeable em yreuma lik e tbat. of burning wood ..r1ght. 1 Very respectfully, compared to kissing your sweetlr_llart tbro_ugh a r esptra tor. whiCh they gain_ by the sweat of their brow? In spite mitted an unpaql.onable breach of etiquette 1 .J or stra'Y Of its various u es in medical practice we need C. DELA.NO, Commissioner Thus then the real al)llual cost of smokmg must greatlr of so many medwal the co?trary do A succESSFUL amputation has been made of the t.ail of a sa)" nothi ng in this Its. cons umption for A. J A_CKSON PLUMB, Esq., .Assistant Assessor N Y the' large sum above stated; indeed, we fear tba;t 1t these j_tistify;; u m behevmg With tlte emment Geryoung lion at undeJ: the !in{lueno of chloro several _of and_ snuffing, .m.c _(Jity. --' cannot be set down at less tban ten millions ster).,ipg J)1' Khnapp t at "ex;erts a 4'orm. A plafftil ti er hB.d spoiled the cauda'! ornament by almost _every c1yilized cou.niry, IS suffiCient to.almo t.cexceed annum. mnuence ou the nm3J1 body and Its)'unottQJJs ?" che ing it. the behef of the most credulous, and the revenue to their OfES ON GROWING t:ROPS, However, we "f.ill confine the inquiry to the positive sum But that as is n? den;Ying that THE ma @g yrllln's olll gr-and,aab bter r espective .is impo r tation,_ manuWe extract the following from r eport for Jtfay of 177 812 giving 5s. 4d. per head of the entire popu res_ponds to. that 1 penous oravmg after Lady Anne I sabella Noel King h,a. just facture,. and safe, 1s second to that of ve1-y few other and June of :be Department of Aari nlture lation,per the_ sm?kers of the Kino-w:h1 m .. an"'!s or!llent The of and she Lady nne Blunt') Her m9Lher Sulpbmetteii :ydrogeiL h drocyanic o. PA.-Great made for dom are obvwusly m the mmor1ty of the populatwn; so h1s and the sold1er m Lord Byro oo!,y d ughtj!r th .Ad lo.ved so a,_Cld have been detected m very nunute quantitooacc cr.op; plants sqarce and date. that here must be an enormous individual consumption of b1vouac, 1ll-fed anxiOus and weary; the as "'"o tes m the smoke of t o bacco but do not exist MELIA Co., VA.-Tha1 w price of obacco'is drivtobacco in some shapt'l or oth er to account for tbis vast el!: sailor on the deep, in the du}i of an P 81 11 Y J a e y formed in the plant. The foriner Is doubtless ing tlie culture of it. peuditure. It would be a valuable fact to ascertain the penl; tbe effem _inate iulialJitant ;!.' convicts m the State Prison, derived the 11ulphate f po tash and the hydrogen of R:aA.NOKE Y A..-Some farmers are plan tin their nu mber of smokers and snuff-takers in the United Kingdom, who ?read. to thmk un_der the 'Wejg_lltdft err an Wethersfield, w.ere fur.mshe with a strawberry some of 1ts. elements, and the from : c\lrb n toba9co m corn, on account of. t e fly. g f)' with a -view to the discovery of the physiological conse-burnmg chmate; the 1dler of our foWAl!; 44 rJt e day by a Rho:le Isl:tderh wh_ o 0?ce the ammoma. Among the var1ous adulteratiAns to i-hic h l. BuCKINGR.&.M Co., V A.-The averaPp er timo riy cop efoo)>l b P duced about and tbe oool quired in the nel!:t census of the populatiOn. q.u1pes and BJ nk in the tHe inertia!lis A J>e.ras, black hellebore, alum, sugar or dock --weather has belated the young plant's beans peas which we have made from tobacconists satisfy us that the despotism, all make use nf Wbaem>'5. ibut. ooti& aoes not C? e sUbum e T se are added gi_ fjJl._;Wor Q1 1 co b 'll.nd particularly sorgbeim, the largely preponderating consumers of tobacco, by smoking, use ball-room and. .\h .. e r .f.llelltr 38 ,t '.OW to what he belongs. His father was pungen q pie and poorer var ieties, p,lac11 ottooacoo. snuffing and c4ewing, are the working classes. poet s1ps coffee S(?r as the I\i &Jld his m t1ie Getman. "He was born in Canada n;ate effects of such vdlanous com ounds ri,Q_t);ie_ men .. :n> Co., V.A.--:-=-There Will be tbree-ientha these twelve to fourteen ounces of tobacco a week 1s an a.ll reRolves 1tself mto the grand engme ot am-was.naturalized in became a Confl :.tnuch fl)j -cut Oli'ewm tdbacco" 1 is lel!lf a age m Obacco this year than last. 'l'he oun is to say, at a cost of not less .. ;elish era.te rebellion, an.fl is ,bY. residencp t e$1 in a.n kin ftlil, lltq. -plants 'fere ponsi:Ierably, damaged spring l1 than shill.Wgs a. IDT., roundly, say& per annum. 1mmedl&te. 1mpress1"n, ana_ enJOY 1t llJStli'Ctlv lr hke a MeXIcan. ----o l ead ,III, ,Its cqwpP IttOn, and parttal paralysis of fty, hence they w1ll be set oqt later th1s s,eason. n is e i,b;;ee from this figure. how th hundreds and the. very au theY; tb en.._ CouNT;LESS myriads of grasshoppers, it is lllported, tougue and muSoles of 1 mouth h as i?llowed its use l ALBEMARLE, Co., VA. -A fair stand of tobacco thousands of our tobacco e l!:penditure mount up and make. sat.JOIIS. They find m th m' a source of contentment appeared at the north and east of Great Salt Lake, and, like from the lead salts thus formed, when s1mple use of the. p an s. a a Brospect of morol than an average 0 r up the vast sum betbre 1_:18. At this rate a dozen of them lifts them up tG the hope or the remenabrance o'f .. a estroying army or a consuming fire, are moving dow,n tobacco in its pure state would have failed to produce results' plants put in. would spend on tobacco l 00 hun?re Pt;ll" annum; 'l'be of the oitr wit.h toward the city of the :Mormon saints. sp. Fo che ing an article called MoNTGOM RY Co., impos!ible lo get; and :d 1iUtidt cr nd twenty will waste m tb_eu hps, and ln puffil, roc t.heu IN Russellville, Ky., the colored population have had a BnL1sh h erb tobacco bas been substlt1,ltbd for the genuine a stand of tobawo.l 000 a year Among our tradesmen the figure d1m1n1Shes, mmds to rest. Such being the case, i1; may e con-"tournament" witlra "queen of love and beauty" to dis weed, and is composed of thyme, ma1joram and hyssop or LIVINGSTQl{ Cd., KY.-Scarcity of tobacco:fplants and perhaps it may be set dow!l at rour ounees of to-tended that fubaooo. rises to the a mOral tribute the prizeS. each two ounces ; coltsfoot, oun betgny caused by

Hb;AS I;I9YT & Cp. : Cotnpo!ea of Hox-r and JoHN F FLAGGj No. 4-04' PEARL ST,REET. ,.NEW l"O.RK. )!anufacturers of all kinds ot TJ.Nli: CUT 1CHEWING AND SMOKING T .OBACCO, SNUFF AND CIGARS. THOMAS HOYT & CO. Composed of THoM.As HoYT and JoHN F. FLAGG, SUCCESSOitS TO HOYT, FLAGG & CO., ios SiECOND STREET, 'ICY. OUR BRAND Fine Cut Chewing, SUNNYSIDE, HKART'S DELIGHT, SWEET OWEN, NATIONAL, I I ROSE BUJ).. S. S:QMONSTOlf & IBOTHER, 1 n eAocut ..Chewing and :Smoking TOBACCOS, 113 6: 215 Duane-St .. lle-..-Yort. ..... Bau &nnD, OfJ)UIDoY, tlillAL. llt--111 .. IOD .Dl>miaolr 6 00. SOLAC...,.E-TOB-A"CO, Tobooco martufaeturers and the trade ia \1 general &l'l:l pazticu!arly requested to examine and test the superior properties of llj, ll8t Ud .11 tLIB,ERTY -BTREET, thia .LICORICE, which, being now to the bigilest perfection, is offered under ,1:&1 CBDAB.STB.UT, the above style of brand. IIWWe are a.1Jo SOLE AGENTS for the l-b w. Qraz, brand ,........ L. a. ,...,., .... j 1 hI :1. a G-DJSI'!I.MANN, ll.a.Dul'aclurcr or aU killcla o! l CHEWING AND SMOKING T.ODAOCO, -. ,. 1.69 L14dloto Street, NeUJ Yotok. WII. H. GOODWIK & co:. ... rcc.o. snut(& ........ Dl AiL lmnJoo .., I I lm n' fhij_ ecn 1 I ( IPfIML F. G. -1 Aclmowledged, by consumEinl to be the best in the market. And for 'the brand of Licorice StJ.clc 11 CJ. :d. In all equal to We are also AGENTS for the bl'llllcl CJ,, z., ; '. which will be tbund constljntly on hand. Licorice Root, and ordinary, oonstantly on hand. GOMEZ, WALLIS & co., I k Sl Sout W\UiaJD Mo BOJ; JWJI. 1 ( )YI: M 'ORRIS, 99 Pearl -and' 62 Stone Street,1 1 I N:CW IMPORTER J --------------------' ., 0.1' ) soHoVEBLING & oo: _Mass L'icqdce, ,, J I I I I J JJeaf Tobacco, 192 Pearl Street, York. Fatenlod AprU 26, 1867. A. HAMMACHER & CO., Agents, Beelanall St., N. Y JESSUP & J 12s .2'f. Y PAPEn WAREHOUSE. & AIT James C. McAndrew, 132 FRONT STREET, IN' :1!1 ""'V' 'Y' :EJ. d t Exclusive Agent for the Braad of ', o c._. ( f l fo 'I I fq ) f E :f C a R ; J d GUM A.RA.BIC, WAX, OLIVE OIL, TONQUA BEANS, i t .Alld lither J'lnor!Dgp, tbr uo, ior 11&1ob:r i J WEAVER & s E C A R ,.R 18 B 0 N S, No. 25 White Street, NEW YORK. wYHIC. & BRO., besL and moat. ecooomlcal lor the purpose now known. Contlnu eua feed no lou of bH.ts, more eut with leSs labor, more.changes o f cut, a.nd brighter Tobacco<, than with any other Cutter In the world. P&len\ed In Unl\ed Blateo Feb lath, l'aten\ed In Bnalapd AprU 12th, 1866 Fn.nee Aprll l81ia, l8llf. l'&lealed 'j' Belgium AprlllStb, 18G8. We also manufaetw=e Ptn,; MachiBDS, Stem Rollers. I GBANULA "l"ING-. We be& to caJl the attention or to our Patent Sieve .Arraqgemeat, ror oevoral ruontho In oucceeaCnl operation In several or I lie to !.ceo factories. This machine wUI1111lsb Crom 2,000 to 5,000 !btl. of granulated tobacco per day, accordinJ to llze, with a great saving over the former method of manufaclurlng Our Patent Tobacco Cruber (with oteel rollen!) to work tobacco atem or ocrapo has been 10 improved that no nail or an:r other bard subotance, fonncl tobacco, cannot damage or slop the worlrlng or Ill is machine. It ba8 & capaclt;r from 1,000 to 2,oot 11>1!. per da;r. We aloo keep eonetantly on band the beet IIANDTOBACCO-OUTTING l!Aston. No Box Mould TOBACCO BOXES & CADDIIS, Shearman DiU.LD8 IJ( l LUlUBER. JJD Wv:r.umraa or .LLL KJl'DS or BOXES AND BOX -SHOOKS, .Put up aod Shipped !or the Southem Jllarket. We f-re opeo;lal lq the m&D-re of TOB&C(]O BOXES an


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