The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (8 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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T29-00206 ( USFLDC DOI )
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University of South Florida
Tobacco Leaf Journal

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... _,... 'j o# f I ( of the .fOba,eoo Trade, of the States: .. Special Tmae PaPer No NEW Y,' JULr 28, 1869. l c. { f I ... I .. TZDe W fD P....... I E. & Bra., l80 .Water. lliPORSR!I OF H.I.VA.NA O!GAB!. m Bro3:d. [, "e -"-ent of Rader, M. & Son,I60 Pearl. nrg, ;. u. ........., '1"1 t 1 Da.vchport. k Legg, 59 J!re!\d.;, 'NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, my' 28, nal per "''tllum for Pjletage. R\)dewald, Henry; 7 S. William. Eckley. A. .A.., 12 Central Whaf. r Shack A., 147 1 M' 1 s "1' .,. ,. F 1 W JJ; er ., .68 t.e.te,_ I 1 We ta paper ron!dered, nnlea &C 'J 48 ater. ,., 1 Fjsher &: Co., 23 .. l Wharf. I < I OF TOBACCO! RaddinT. L. l'i 1.1A., 146 Hanover. 'l'J!E NATIONAL TOBACCO J.SSOf,IATION-A CALL; i direct beorl &liVBJ!,'liiiJIG. r Buchanan & Lyall. 144 Watn. 1 Sharp & Co., 36 and 37 CentraL! \ neither" Url,ll months ............ ..... tt' ;Jluohnet D, 256 Delancy. llLPORTERS OF HAVANA. CIGA.llll AND The Execut1've Comm1'ttee of the Nat1'onal Tobacco Olll' POft r,ee.r ... '" ... .. .. : 40 S S & Bro 213 & 215 Duane. proper way udn lhe.taiilet>roportiOD, but .,. ,.. ., < 'J:O;BA.COO I It prolects e 1 8 4, or more qaareo. G1eselmann J, H.,. H9 Ludlow. 21o 'Duane. & ;B/s\"h,rook, 7 Colll-f !lia. 1 .t\.ssociation United States will meet. at, the Bur(,,; th, f!mpagc $168 Gillen\ier,A. '&Co. lH, 116,ind ,ll7 r e detQiamno. 11Qne talr.t!til.l"" Goetz!, F A & Bro 32& Waehingtcm. BKOO;KL"N N.y. mitt House, cincinnati, at 12 < M., on Wednes 'V v r pa'ablc .two ., JKA.NUJ"AOTURERS 1 U '' with: three mcbee, 'lfiOO. !'to deviation Goodwin, W.l{. & Co., 26'7 Alld.i'JW ... awr. J 1 111 I day, 4, 1869, fo r hA purpose. of' COID:Pleting .NEW YORK: ;:norm. j 1 1Bramm,. 1 .:i j"/ ,.. unqert.tlle 'For ille' ; ,! cen per line or every In C. H., 217!_221 We.shi1gwn. BOX J.\ANUFACTUMRS. 1 ( 1 1 m the advertioemcnts to J,>e 1 Lofillard, P., 16, 18, 20 C)lambers. Sherman :Brothers, 3 to 13 Sedgwick.' awsand transacting such ptller business as they may "' .1. COMPLmE A8SPRTMENT OF ALL KINDS OF :-ad II' '' ... T()A.Go' II dIn d.' bl f r d h 'Miclrle, A.. H. & Son, 110 WateT. rr 1 -:r- 1 "' ee I a v1sa e or. a vancmg t e mterests o ue = J ..,. !i L. H ,.. Adat;ne, Gibb & Co., H M1eh1gan aye. r f 1 1 I I r 4D 'li'ARCIB willJNVA111Al' ra ,e. 1 I I OOLD VA LUES OF FOREIGN COINS. Tobacco Faqtory, 16'1 Water "Hibben!&; Co., 235 RaDdolpl\.1 1 J Ju It is very important that tbere should be, a full re r j, ons4innt\y op1h81.D.!l t :t &real .Britain-I Ra(!p, s., Fulton. r 1 ,.,, LoriiiMd'.s Westein Depot; 85 Senth.\Ve.ttr pound ................ $U4,8 Scheider, Jos. & Co., 75 Bowery. [. I )'/( I Saodhag-;n Bros., r'lr :&andolp)l. I ptesentation 'of ve and t is ls. shilling ....... ..... 0.2 .. 2 WAtts H. H., 255 East H nsto111., ,: 1111 1 Smith1 J.L, 13, ttve ,ue. 1 ; 1:' u1 IJJ ; 1 j ,1 .. Fra,;; penny;;' 9.-02;0 Cia.LR8.1'1' PLud Tolllooo. hQpl:d-ej\ch [Qf :the meip.bersiJ:w.ho,r h!': e differenil forms c for support, liave hithert 'Men tlie four in. lief wyrkhig at l!'resent.1 Tlie .re..On lfr. fr&DC. 0.18 Fran'k !Beattenmueller & Co., 96 Ia.! AI Muon, 174> & Water. acce e'cl their appointment, and signified lleir1 int 04 sport of circmh8tance' and tlre of or this is tax; on ,manufactured a,ttible. lc. ceBtime ........ : .... 0.00,.18 Hartcoru, l5J} W:.ter. I JHJman !). J & Co., 69 }V'I!Jer.r 1 tion .of lending l thi politician. What we need no jg that the trade s'ball ....-( r f .. m,& Co .. Water. 1 1, 1 iuNrrF.Amillllllll liP r ., "' 1 1 yv e ha'. T 1 F .11 b h ld' c j '' t 'li 3 d d JIO'Wet:ata the land tbro\).gh a ,nat ona.l asso for June, but the gentl man who prepares them has Lee, Wm., 269 Pearl. obacco a1r WI e e at mcmnat1 on e an b c. h "" b t fr tte d' g tt b : a rs7"earl JrOBACOO -...uo+roll JVUJJlOUI!IIJI.J'"' .. '' '. CI&tJ.on, em raCing .Jn 1 1ts cumpre ens.Lve ,olds ev.ery eenpreven eu oma nul to "rna er ya-nress ...-.,... nx thaler ....... .. ..-"' c d ed h ll b T I:' ... grote ................ O.oi,o(9 ) Smith, E. A., 31 Maiden lane. r Bodmann ChaJle tll .... .,llon Exc1S!: T,u:.-Flne>CUt, Plug, I -_, j .l. -' .i.l ;., 'Besuden Hellty & Bro. 161-165, )1 I. EW y O'R>K, Jul.]'22, '1.869 II )V:IJ I 0 J I r J.f' some l Conci-res/ bereafler to crust ( UB' as,' we t.hat f.or sm6king a mo'dicum of giant powd'er, -and bacco twisted bt band, ot reduoed:II'VIIl TEBII ()I!' lllVA!f!..'I:O.DAC<.iO. .Eggert.,Dill!i&C '182w;estSticqn ,,, I i ) J'l 1-' 'i' r I l J' gtvein 1 ge quantities.}' leaf into a. GOI!dltloo to be oonsumeo11 nl' JJ:ci& lliO WaJier. '1 Fribgant'I:. & Cl:l., 47 West F,ront "J 11 1 =-=;" ;7- aye been c;rushed in the past] The answer, as we ,hav '1 1 1 'l'itbollt ,til\>. aUT J ... ,IA; n I I 1 ':Mallay Rieh. & Brother; West l!'l'Oll.t; .. .c ') ..i or insll'llP'ent-, ud '(ithout bein' Pe.rl. M'eyer By., lltll Maino .,, t 111, 1 1, ., i TnG NATIONAL I EXECIJi'IVE aid, rests latgely With the ;gentlemen who wi.ll at DuRING the month of June, amount of dut, repreed or sweetene.d 'll.d otqer klnlis & 178 Water. Bengstak & Wernig, 46 v;:, li1JIV pr r' I 'r CINUINM!TI. 'II I Cincinnati next week. r The a'l'e', to a great ceived at Liverpool on o acco remove,d from tqe ofmanufwtured nothereittotberwlse Well & Col, G6, Pme. Young & Dugan 60 'fest 1,, 1 1 1 .1 f h b f h i and from the warehouse, wa ,944 ils. 5ci., 1p-amst ---. N 1.epr.,sentat1ve men o t e to acco commerce o t e d' h ... r I l n The meeting of the Executive Commlttee of tlie a yo ntry They repre;ent at the of energy stemt; in and so 10ld, the leaf having Goetze, 1'. A. & BPO., S28 Washin!rton. Fnbrmaim, V 7 Main. Hena11 Tobacco .AssG.oiat_ion of the U Stat, f?S, to s:;cces .. tully rl :an o 'rg. f 1 th 3"" 16 'd 1 i 1 d )l tt d ned. t:' (; Kn b F & o 58 'W t Fol!rth r f d UT .,. )' 't. ,.. me o no an .. I s "' I P 16 Chambers. & (or.m an -era 10. the bJRtorf o. tra e._ n e sa/ 'of t;lni kin:d we-describe-, eue.rgy 10 an E:.SSenti:i.l qiJalifica been separated by sifting, strippbtg, ,. I UIIIOR,ERS OF PIPES, ETC r Strasser Louis, 1E'I' Walnut. "sbquld," ap9, we hope that lt wdl, but lt m _ust I b tion '; If. therefore the Executive" Committee is com ':: is 4u corps, 'IV ich or other manner, elt.llet before, 4ur9l bhamfiers. Zins Jacob & IJro., 257 Central ave. blearly understood at the outset that the enterprise is 'a f' r ffi '. tl, : d u th 't' makes one official pass adversely u'pon the tnv, < the. of naanuf&ctring; Palester & Jo'lpb, 236 Broaaway. tJo-.,INGTON '"'"Y 't d th t .. ;het"-er the 's'tng pose o men u ClOD Y mpresse Wl I e y actio n of a 1--rother offi.c al, nt Jt IS a mere class pr<>1u-Shorts, the refuse ol fi.De-ctlt OF CLAY PIPBS, ,.._ yet Ill 1 S 1DC1plency, an a ,. n pr0m1 f f l f 1 d ,.i f Ji t p :j "J ing tobacco which baa passed tbroogb a. "!d Ratjer, H.&" Bro Iter, 61 Water. Glore, J A., P. & Broa., 15, 17 & 19 W. 7th. b d b 11 hl tb fi 11 bl fl. t h f. o a na wpa orgamza wn, an ener.!!ie lC enoug 0 as not be' l1 weu to starid in the wa;r of die of thirty-sit 'meshes to the square 1nch J.11-. & Co., 14G J T. & Co., Tob. Ware-u a r ossom e u own ower res J' c :sume the responsibility invqlved1 a N a1meting 'out justtce to honest men. Commissioner ,aetts b'v process of sifting; refuse _,.ptt and Luynes Brothel'S! 166 Frift. Greenup. r 1 ,,, 1 ly,;)Vlth the at IOrffil!\g tional .Association r we shall nave. "We trust, there has for once disreo-arded it, and deserves the sweepings of toba.cco, Htc.per 111. "VEEIIBGJUU:.C GOOJJIIj ( nJ: tJ;ieJli!_ Jo;, _to If they fore, that these gentlemen will aSSemble with a thanks Qf the tra,cle. On of all_ descriptione, 111ade l)f To. Ponak &!Son, i'T John o.nd 691 Broadway. Graves, ,G. W1 ,, 11, ,11 d t t tt d th eet1 g ba b .. 'tute th ret: 5 peT thou er a JOUrney o vmcmna 1 "" a en e m n fi ll t' f th d t' d 1 'h h 1 -r ... e or,., -yv.oJITJI:IIIIJOF"AVA.BA.ClnA.JUI. ,1 iNV"-,y.,., u apprecralOn e u1es evov1gupon tern -eo'" _,1 n c, .r h Ch' "t h sand; on Cigarettes wefghlng uot 6J[Ceedlng oe :&.,Y& Kling; ,Iii Brotd. .. 1: "'T'T'b .the President too laborieus an undertaking; h J ffiuu!!jll(/ner .oet 8 says; ln t e 0 n case, ..... a t e three pounds per thoUI!fll!i. '' 60 pet' FrankL Ph.'&; J., 31! Be&Tel r Jf(ll fi Hollan II u '' .i tiC f.O' b u d' h t """ It 1S from the fact, of t (1lr .IIP.ceptance of. fact of sm...lrinoto ac .. jnGllD IMI'ORTEBI! oF LIOOJUCE 1 ., :11L'l r ., 11 I r the positlO:D, tat taey are y 10 1.1 vor e:f organ-v'ew aoes U{tmakeCY!jt (A'f/.OJJertJfslde s 1s very per thollSI!.Dd, eo per .A.ppleb' & Helme ui3 W: ter. rr D )0 1 1 to 1h there danger t9at the w ole izing such an Association and it onl,, nnw remains to1 to our <(igar ff}ends, for many se ,ifures were On Snuft' muufactured of tobacco, or any Davl,;ier '' rH9l!len G aft!' Peaie's "blng will fall to the grmma that the tohacco'-" h th th' n t _.,"k tee' 1 ,_ simnl[ kcause tt.e cigus were einposed to au\teti.tute for wbac-."'0, grqund, dry, Eclleoea>ria, 11:. & Co., 2Q Beaver.' 1 ; J,-.;; 1 "" seen w e er ey are Wl mg o un e ..... e ne auor. F pickled," scent.ed. or other ise, of all desqip-Frane! .. A. P., 102 Pearl. ,8 HI. a, WN J tmdc Qf the Un1ted States 'Wlll be charactenzed m .. the d k th fi l h' h 't il. 1 I view}' 1 vef the ofli.qtals have pocKeted a very b _. f tt. or s2e Jl!i' .. ..- an ma e e sacn c VI 1c 1 a su u m hat10li J i h ha h c '11 t nat. tiou,w enprepllnou oruse, a x chl.lpmaa!rt, 'II oO per 236 State. .,. I an event, re-descend upon the trade whieh, by its torpor, ct'hen h. e b t ts p understanding what. is reqnlred Qf rthem nnoel' the act TOBAQCO MANUPAC-Bu.ruham-.T.D.&Co h 'and'T9A.sylum. e n"' e um es p1emer01 pa o.lll!ume "'Jl l ,. r '11 1 r11 db' d i di ported. cigars ali!O MM /) TURERS. Haas Brothers woUld mvite still fqrtheroppresslQD on 'tbe part of the J I h : 1.11'-- "' h a l o._ u y 20, 868. a (!It towar, t e t,f! -v to )le-Y b:y , at the Sterry., F..W. & o., 24 Cedar! 1 [ Pease, H. & 2112 '&nd 224 State. t I r..., ..c A dl th' "tt't d 1 a pew: n 18 -capa l e comprehens' we recommend n immed1ate ..., _.. J '"'\.,.vernmen... \.iowar y as IS a 1 u e 1s, none can ..,, th 1 ,_,., f T t.'"' ., CustOm. 90se, .) FLA.yoRJNqc on.s, BEANs, ETC., seylnour, D. H., 1119 and,161 b bav.e an tnuneno:e upon e eg ......... twn.o the country; tlOIJ to H;& Ojj.A_CCO Thllre s-no t a m J Bull, & Co., 44 Cedar. Shepa.rd,t k Ful}et:. 2 i .State.'\ y deny It the one ,assume_d e and, should it prove will be able'to}>pro.test we''do nqt_COII)-19ff.t at on P.l'OVi Sisson & Hatba'! .. y,.13+ Main. 1.: trade' m lts.rcla.ttQD8 toJ .to g1ve fi t ll g t 't o''rt 'tl. <.... _, t swne Of tqe law 1n. question. "'' f 8UIIfll88 DIRECTORY cd .I.DTDtld:a&. ., TOBACCO WA.&EHOUSES. ,. : n Agnew-w., Sene, .aa4 28.6" Frtat street _, l'lll Water. .: Baker, B. c. Son-' & do.;' 1'42'1)-earl. r 1 1 Belden, F W., 61 Water. Benrimo, B. & D. Water. 'Jile.kemoi'C, Jfayo & Gunther, L, J&-oo[ ll1Q Pearl. t Gu.lbrie & Co., Frent. i 'I ;&icQ. Jpaepll,; wAter. Geo. 'F. & Broad. '' lDilm.p,; G. ,108 Front.' Blilit; 'B'. W".' 1: do. rtu Water. Kelly, !Woert E. & Ga.J!" Beaver. Th-. .. a "W 1\liam. P. IJ do.1 1 .64 Water. & Cp.1.1"61> eat!. :tbtn, M. H.1 162 rear1. Levy &, 169 WcUer. & 09,. 9P Wrater. f., t6 tJhall)berS. ... )[arch,' Price &; Oo., !H 'Water. Mliyer, ioeeph & SoBs, 42'2 Water. Mteaflil, Wm.; ll lle!lllenger, Jl, .t1 Co., 18l .and ,fltlorrs, a 11:.1 911 1111<1 6j r N'orton, '".A\ C11., 41 Broad Oakley, l r OttiJl! Bratben, 119 P(. >='!"mer &)Seoville.!. 70 Water. I'e.rlter; s.-M., & uo., lgl Pear' Paulitsch, )1., 1(8 Water J'ea-JI, M. R.; 19'J Pearl. 1 Per1'3', :lL"L., ,. Water. 1 Ne_wtoo, Jl7 Front. Wl!'-ll & 119 ;Maiden lane. Isaac, SIS Pearl. lt.eismann, G. & Co., 1 '19 Pearl. Jloseab!lnm, .A.. S. & Co., 1&2 Water-. 'Salomon, ll. & E., U Maidett lee. Salom,on B., rl92 Pearl. '&hottenfele, M. & J., Water, Schoverliiig H .t Co., 192 Pearl. Schubart H. & Co., 146 Water. Seitz &Bro. Seligsbe'it Cohen & Co., 149 Water. Seymour, Colt & Co., lS'J Pearl Biebel & J69. We.ter. Henry & Beaver. Smith, W'. B., 61 Spingaro., E. & Co., 5 slip. Stein, & Co., 197 Duape e\. StraitOA, Schmidt & Storm, 191 Pearl. Strohn & Reltzensteln, 176Fron}. Tag Charles F., 17 4 Ft-onl Thiermttn, Kuchlllr&Co., 128 Wat.'. Wetterleln, Th. H, II &na, 172 Pearl. l'Jgelius,Wm., 175 l'earl. Walter, R. 8., 203 Pearl. W estbeim, M. & Co., 1 '17 Pearl. TI'JIACOO ai!.OUIIS, Bernard, Phil, 143 Water. OattuB & Ruete, 129 Pearl street. r T'>BACOO I!I8PEOTrolf. Westpllai,W""m., 2R3 1!\t.e.te. ......., _....,_ ec ua y, ams 1 .tl1 e o ;n 01 prouunen ,.., 1 ..., Ljnd'1 F. c., & Co., 76 streel. WOodfulf, JosephS., i88 State. million apnU&Uy tbe f the It u 'th th 1 t r .:1 1 t1 t "r, roBAoco Pusi!ERB. ; LOUISVILLB. KY. has lacke ilpn:it t.o dema d th-e friendly legislatiqti dJie ua Y WI. e 1 P url)r', O ,ttJ1. I W Leaf 1 in OIU'. mar. Guthrie & Co./ 226 Frout.. Th' t h .___ .. II' d l'k th been powe. Oongrgf!B, &mpcy for the, ant ket repo>'t Rliows e .bnye s .have thiS seaFinzer,' J. &: Bro.a., 13 'thlrd : 1t ,11.1, return. us l as .,.,.,n cumpe e t e f b el Th' N b n '1' fr N1 F: ,....,.0,.._Cl'uJtxd or ciGAR 'BoxEs. Robinson, A. L., & G., Fae>tory, tS Fou 1 'lit f id to'"' k biicb 'th t tra Jt has 6 a proper c !lDD o express10D.> 11!1 the atwnal p aymg o w OrJrans agauut ;New Henkell, Jacob, 293 and Monree. Warehouse and Si.lesroom, .13'1 )(a.ia. \!!rae es 0 0 ma e Wl. o u s w. r w Ii p vide, ana'. roviding ii 'wilY the I orK. Not tha they, ,carr:l f.l&rticnlady ;fo !few Orfeans, w ick_e.Geo.rge, 26 Willett street. r Wicks, GJ W Q 102 Vain. been Uset!lled aitd' hmJVlly, out .'lt has oeen 1.. -t ad > r th !,.,..,. 't l pt ., r_ l ll t' f or thevao pot tna)< t[Hi stpck tlier too .o!-'acco r e o,1 e-w m ea S1 a.e., a co ec 1on o ., j .,. ;j J ,.. <:" .r prGAR uox OEDJ.R A.ND OTHER woon. x. "l'. demed lia proteet10n fraud wh10h was fl. 1 b 1 : I small to supp j 3; o ue trac;le, bl,lu.J Slptply Dingee,,cor.SlxthandLewis. 1 1 t ''t th Th I n uentta ut, ,tg becausetheydes1reto bear"ourmarkct H L a stn-e qua non o r s e assessmen e d jf, t' h 1 I! Rodman& epburn,216 It LYNC. of!lsuclis' lavish subservieAcy was a .an .e I too CWAR III:UONS, r 1 1.A.rmistea:d,l L.l., ..r l ( fl b d .a > I 1 far r [ Prolea Qgc\lr &: Co., 25 White street. Carroll, .r. w. o eg1tunate usmess, an ua1mg / f l ll.l.l(UI'ACTU!.RR Oi' TOBACCO TIII-J'OIL. 'I Eltpnl!, J:ohJl W.,-J .93M>(! A. WOND,.ERFUL'DeW plug' ffil\Pihne hM dll6t fE\00" in Croelre, J,.J,., 88 street. ..... their shame id swindling the bread out of tlie m o ths Jonas Olarki, of Lowell, Masilt, bas patented a cigar-vente by,t;wo N' ortb Thisj(lapQine forms A.UmiO._RBEns orOirdoBSAI.cco, rro. ss Commel'Oe street. ftb h + t'' f th t d d th erce .tip. '' "fl '' 3Jeoor'to' 3.500 lu,U,'ps Ber odav: Betts Rel'IUd.., Oo., 7 1p. ''., N""W.dt.JL. 11 1 o e ones .. 1;1or 1on ro e ra e, an e comm --1 f 1 _, r i ,., J mBACco-cutrr!iG X.t.CIQNBRY. ,.. wee"' :Was ;almost giveri over to the I r "' ., as. to orm 1 ,000 pet' ouay; t tP'f' oo ceo Borgfelat & 86 Cedar. IW. A.,ect was gloomy inWE understand that the new Brookly.ti 'il'Qb39CQ an'd J uneritr e f prices. We ba'Veln riva of wh"oin' we li.!.CRJNES >'OR TOBACCO BAG!>. BocltQCo., .ll7 Squtb d hie" b --> t' f a< ni J T d h n h f !. t t mm ., 62 North. Front.. constste c u.y .m. t, a -.op lOU o a sy-em m reco mr ec1S10n ll! t e "'o n case great .' [pr Js)ftiher !lfiY r-t;ason t _fe, a an 0 et VcDo,.ep & Duncan,-89 North Water. whieh the trade, of the entire 0 the 'trf"1e, .as Jt shows bur fnends that they 'fife aemana "e[-th l ftheb'ld world s., &t Willi&m street. Moore, S...& J.,.107-No\h W&ter. south, and west-was a uJit. refer to the' mod d. certai rights which tile elqurttfwill compel th !)tlicia1s will alway!i ; keey paoe withf tbe:Jproductl.on." :feller !Brothers, li 7 North Tllird. U (. r Q ( to respect. I 1 ( If J }., 1 I ) d c' 111>1 IP. It : '(_I' ,. -h. ..:L...l..::!.. r J fl(' ) &TENelL AND llUBNING BRANDS. Van SChaick B A 17 '" 19 Water of' pavm g xes byr In so fa: a s the, a" J n J r -n llickl:lox T. N, & Co. &: ci., :h1:Aroh: '""" L I .oll 1-;;:;:--:--l?''q l I .. 'dt. I po!'l-Jilissicme ac:Of.tolbaoco tliat u nstamped. They Briggs, A., -t., 64 Rutgel'll !3lip. Batch 'to:;, Brqe., 830 & 38'f North Tlllrd. addi't1 .onal enac l ments nearly all disadvantageous' sold imp,orted a'i-ticle. J 'JtP&iLthey Bradstreet, J. Jl. & Son, Tlleob id, .A. H., Third and Poplar. reviVe fr6tn the moment of its adoption. T.he.. honest of. Comlmsswner?3etts _knocll:s tne f6li pe:Werfully m.r ha ve edl' t sold, -?t: ;qffilredi lf{)r sale f any tobacbo ''that ndrr1Nt1 'won. '' x.umu;,.nBERs sliurr. rhen had fbeeri crowded out into other avocations Requtesc,ac uv '10 d ( f' f u :PRJNTUt A.Nn xA.NuucrouR oil' CIGAR A.ND Foguet S. & Sons, 229 S. Front. r .-.J an c1gars, setze or allege o teveDu r e 1aw : 'i'HE proprietor of this journal sailed for Europe in roB .. cco uc;s. 1> hon01; are commeq ing th!l property they were goes bravely on at the N w Or1t!ans f cust-, the Cohn case, what dO' tib:&offieials ptopose to do about return-a wish in whic-h confident' our .AmeriBeck G. H & co 60 South-Gay. Iq,pp s., Hth a.nd 15th. were, from grave, a.nd placed it once more the other of a character to which can readers eartily From those with Bolenius, G. H., 202 West Pratt. Read N. o. amongthe living, energetic industries of the day. they have unguard'edly themse1;ves l whom be may be brought in contact, it is unnecessary Boyd, W .A.. & Co., 33 So"oJth. BOect Now, to secure tliese reexamp eo overru mg e ac wn o cer am over-zea \JUS mourn: eturning from his recent tour of recreation o>' sJIOKEns' .t.RTtcus. visions, to entirety renTace the pallor of disease by the employees of the ReTenue Department. We trust that Commissioner Delano fouqd upon his files several let' Starcie1 Gutman & Co., 206 North Second. t:t the other Commissioners ):>efore whom the cases of our teys charging certain Supervisors of Internal SYDNEY, .&.us. glow of health, and to teach verdant officials their duty tobacco and cigar friends may be "brought, will have w1th gross frauds and i):wompetency. He a.t once Dixsou & Sons, tobacco warehouse, 1 g3, York. toward the trade, we need an aathoritative represent&the manliness to imitate it. an investigation to be made, and it appears that !JYR.&.CUIE, N. y, tive that shall, from the df ifs position, command yery htt_le e:lfort served to show that the charges were IUNUII'AOTUBKIIII or tn CUT. respect. While nearly every trade and commerce in There are, says the Danville Times, fourteen large, m some mstances too true. The Commissioner had a .,.. 0 J substantial factory buildings in Danville. They cost an consultation with the Secretary of th 'l'r Salmon 26 ames. the land bas practieally the advantages arising e eMury as WILLI.t.l'II!JBUKGH, y immen!!e amouat of money, and a large number of to_; P!>wer undel,' to remo _ve Supervisors at Douglass I. s., 31 Lorimer. from organization, those def141Dding on the weed in its hands used to be employed in them. There are only w1ll for JuSt cause, and 1t 18 understood they came to


' 2 h h c 'fi ( 1 the ooncluswn t at t e omml88JOner ts mam est y aathorized by the law to make suh removals. With t\tf the Commissioner will in a few daye re move several Supervisors. For prudential reasons, the names of the accused officers will not be made public the> present." OlfB HoNEST MAN.-'l'be Danville Times has heard of a farmer who said he got re for his tobacco in Danville than 1t was worth. ll' is estimated in Richmond that at least tbree fiJ\13 -ofthe 1868 erop of Virginia leaf Jta already l*mbrought to market. A HEAVY" S:&IZE."-During June the officials seized in the Ri?hmond DJstrict two cigat; man actories seventy-six pac Qf w, regret to of the suspension of a prominent firm Q4 e sale and manufacture teba.oco tTUtlt it will prove but tem-porary REPUDIATES Hrn.-A Riebmond paper says There is a wan in Richmond thirty years old, who aays that h11. never dran drop of liquor, used in -3nJ shape, or kissed a pretty girl. He wasn't born in Vtrginia. __ A typographical error in an Amsterdam (Holland) faJ.oer, led the porter et ollr foreign mar'ie last wto the error of crediting that city WJtn a stock of Ya,.a, instead of Java, tobacco. The matter is se 'f HE TOBACCO LEAF. ously low rates. OirOilllltltances now sueb as the falling oft' sat the principal marbts of the W llG, and the dying out of ma -Of the plallts in the G e Ri er and Clarksville districts, should have the effect of not only arresting any further dec lin ; but wo o1111ify bilk her prices being demanded. From the hable illfOI'IDf*uHI 'W.e have obtailfe the 8.8' .bee bQut tbJ"ee 0\lr.ths of that of last ;rear, and is as a general tbmg one month later. Of course much will depend on tlie weather from this time out, bnt it will reqmre an favorable season to insure a crop of fine quality. The follo ing fttRiisiOH hat! been received by a prom inent cigar. iirm in Water street Gentlemen-In y ur letter of ;Tuly i3th you state that you are rers of c1gars in tbe Seventh District, New York, and that your salesrpom fro wlii& YrOu sell your cigars is in theThirty-second District. You wish to know whether you must pay a tax on your sales in both D1stricts. In answer I have to say that as manufactu rers of cigars in the Sevent.h Distriet yQu are there ha-' ble to a tax of per-$1,000 on your sales in excess of $5 000 per annum of cigars manufactured by you in though your sales are effected elsewhere As" dealers in tobacco" (mgars) m the Thirty-second District, you are there liable to a tax of $2 per i1,dOO on your sales in excess of $1,000 per annum 'I'D TOBACCO IUllKEI. trade, there is no exception to the general mle that moderate prices fbr a good article mvariably increase :.o.-aCl. conaamptiop. The aales of the week are ae foUows: 20 N 1f YORK, .(IY 27 cases State ftllers on private terms; 20 cases old Connec-Western Lea,f.-Our market has been more active ticut, on private terms; 73 c11ses new Connecticut fillers and steady, but without any subatantial improvement. and se<;onds on private terms; 75 cases do, 18c. @ The of\he week amblint tic-nic last week, given bv Messrs Jacoby & Co. to their employeeR. The pic-nickers, as Wlual, formed in procession at the factorv, and marched to the East river, where they took boat for the scene .of the festivities. Among the features of the proces sion, if not the feature, was a mammoth cigar, ten feet in length, which, a legend triumphantly asserted, could not be seized It is said to be the foremnner of a new brand about to be introduced by this firm, called the Universal WE understand tjlat Mr. Carroll, of the firm of. Dohan, Carroll & Co., goes to Cincinnati as a member of the Executive Commit.tee of the National Tobacco Associaf;ion, on the _part of the Cavendish interest in this Mr. StraJtoo is the member to reprJsent.the but his 'business appointments will not Mm1t biB .gomg. We understand, however, that that well-known and popular member of the trade Mr. Hall-who migM appropriately be termed the \W .ar horse" of the tobacconists-will go West in his -steaa Our cigar friends .could not be more worthily aeprese:u.ted. ___ ".:SEVll:Rli!L of our cigar manufacturers are suffering from what is undoubtedly a great hardship. In th1s city many of our leading firms have their factories in -an t>town District, :while their salesroom is down ''town m anoth'er District. Of course the cigars are not sold from the factory, from the salesroom, and yet the Revenue ofli_cials compel the firml! in queljtion to pay a tax on what they call sales, but which are simply '-'and only'removals from the. factory to the salesroom. Y A tJeOOnd tax 18 then levied on the actual sales, and the firma a e thus mulcted in a double tax, simply because 'ther are so unfortunate as not to be able to do all in one district l :'I'Be\novs.The -most attrocious decision which haa 611el' emanated eveufrom the Internal Revenue Deis that in which Deputy-Commissioner Don., declares that ''the tax on tobacco destroyed by re, or by oth'er unavoidable accident, whilst stored in bonded. or in transit in bond, will be required." This decision, which so outrages every prin ciples or jll8tice implan&;ed in the huma'n breast, has, we venture to say, never been equaled in violence by the edicts of the most tyrannical governments of the old world. But, fortunately, Commissioner Betts has taught us that the decisions of the Department are not always those of the Courts of Law 1 I A W dispatch says : During the absence Commillioner Delano, arrangements have been made for f. olumge in the printing and issuing of revenue It hal been the study of the officers of the rnenue for a long time to remedy the evil of lack of responsibility in this branch of business, and, therefore, "it is believed the corrective will be to print and issue :the stamps in the same manner as the currency of the connt.ry 1s printed and issued-namely:, the stamps with new designs, .printed in Philadelphia and New Y ork1 to be forwarded to the department for the im pression of a seal upon them, prior to thpi.r being issued, -and then issued all trom the department directly. A FLASH OF HUMOR FRO THB TREASURY DEPARTout cause.. There 1s much_ and 11liberahty manufacturers. If the latter can conduct their busmess THE following is the decJ.sion iu rthe Cohn case "The gomg o!lm our !, wh1ch, 1f persisted m, w!ll take entirely without the commission merchants, well and defendant!'!, who keep a tobacco store at o. 12 Fulton thtl entire prest1ge of away from New York, good, but this is not the experience of the past. "Di street, are charged with violating section 78 of the and the buyers w1ll be worse off, as we ll. as rect trade" involves tile possession of a larger amount Internal Revenue ll\w of 1868, in selling and offering commtss10n Altog?ther less recetpts m of capital than most manufacturers possess, and implies for sale tobacco not 10 packages, nor !lta:uped, as re New Yo1k wouia not hurt pr10es; on the oontra.ry a knowledge of the etanding of the trade throughout quired by law. The ev1dence showed that they had in they would be better, but would be more l!.pt to v1o-the country that does not fall to the share of every their store nine barrels of cut 'shorts,' which they !ently Jlactuate and be less on a safe bas1s, as encourag mauufacturer If it were a plain matter of the bad purchased at a made by the ed mg much compet1t10n. If the buyers 10 ge!leral sale of a certain number of packageR, and the 1m Marshal in March last, several of wh10h barre ls were WtllmsJst on tbeu poliCY: by deg!ees the W est WI!l be mediate payment for the same, any c hild might con open and from one of which they had been selling; tha r tlje general m_arket, for htgher pnces can be obtamed duct the business, bllt the sale of the products of the the tobacco in these barrels was not in paekagea or there m w ho send otde1s or Virginia manufacturers annually is not so simple a stamped, but that the barrels were branded' Tax patd, and here they wtsh to buy cheaper Thts Js rldiCu matter. A large expenence 1 s necessary, and in times Robert Murray, United States Mar.shal,' amJ tha; tqey lous.. We. ha-ye here too and bef!-rs, as they of moneta1 y sttingency and panics there must be some were in the same condition as when purchased at the ca_llit, wh10h !s nonsense m a bus10ess. One back-bone present, such as is p&ssessed by our large Marshal's sale; that at the Marshal's sale, the tnes to m1sgmde the other, espeCially the brokers that commission houses. auctioneer proclaimed that the purchaser would net be make the money out. of the merchants, and so ,Smoking.-There is but very little doing, and 00 requited to pay any further tax. Under these cuoummuch secrecy 1s al ways practised that the West buyers are looking round. The dealers stances I am of the opinion that in regard to knows what has been done before the other llouses report that the mantfactur e rs would be well pleased by these articles n:o criminal act is proven agaipst here fi?d :it out. As regards ouP market, 1t an advance to correspond w1th tb.e advance caused by the defendants They only sold m the same manner as stands_ m a ve_ry strong position: tock /ou s.ale the drouth-sp_eculation in Vhgm1 a leaf. the executive officer of the bad sold to lS var10nsly est!lllated at 16,000 tly bankers'IUik:mg ilot for 60. days Sterhng, and quant1ty of tobacco unstamped and not put up m the ns): It. The rece1pts are about at the IljlaXJmum the llOJ for hort 'mghtd.o. e quote Bills at 60 days on Tequired packages, altliough it ha:d upon It old in specfew that were forced to make sales are now eas y. "f5.eLondon 1091:. tq 1091 OS commerCial 1 09t to not for tion brands o "Tax patd," and it 18 contended that ceipts are off, tocks graduall d.ecreasing by rsdo at. sbpft .SI"'ht, llOf to 11 0#-Pans 60 tpereby violated this section '78. Tl!is section re-salesthatare bemg made. e emand forex days, 5 i 7t ro' 5.12-!{ do.1 shorts1gbt, 5 12!-ro S.IOt, r Ant qurres only' that goods" sold or offered for a,ale "should port and lrome consumption 00 g.m, and thea after werp 5 17 t to 5.12! s .. s 5 17!to 5 12t Hamburg, be stamped and plac e d in packages. The 'Durden ofi th11 are tired of holding oft' i about t.ime 35-! to 36 Am&terd\:.m 4oi to 40-i 40t to proof is on the Government to show these goods come in, there is '110 l_e ad van e 40i, 7B'J to 719t; 'Pruss1an Thalers, 70t to 7lt wl!re. sold or offered for sale. There IS no evidence Will tak.e place, together 1flth qmte an as Fretqhts -The is dull, Without much change m tendmg to show that theywer_e .sold, and the1>roof that dull as It may no)V seem, jlDd the stock' by .rates. .A,t, lie kgHinmg of th'e week pr1ces tq droop they were in the &tore exposed to view: does not make the 1st January in the wa\-eliouses be tillles& are caononed an!Det acce.,tlng our fi b l reported oalee and quotation qr oeed leaf furnlohlng the prleee that rand or evasion by tQ!>acco dealers, ut the enactments a so meet the VIews of shippers. It WOllld be well, bonJd be obtained by them -at lint>-ressed by such coosideiations beyond their therefo1e, 1f parties oons1g_ning VIrginia leaf to this just construction The defendants have proved by market would consult our wants a httle, as liy so by the growonvlllalm,ye be eomewhat lower tllaa our qootatlono. their clerk that he of any sale oftobaceo that doing their Bhipments would command tnucb higher Kentue.ey -.I>Ightleat 1 Nanuftrcturtd --Taxa&cperponnd. "' ShlpJ?.ing,commontugs 7 urnoND 5'e, 7's,10'o andl2'o. was on stamped. Theyhave proved that they stamped a w gures than can be obtained for t]le a-ggregate of Commooleat o Fine 28 @lKl great deal of tabacco. They have proved their com-what now r eaches us. 1 10>i Good .. !Ill G .. llledlom 20 pliance with the law, so far as, prol:iably, it as suscep Leof.-The sales of the week foot up 1,398os., Fine, '.. 13 14 Common .. 19 'bl f f I h f h h I ld Tb Selections H>i 13>i Pounda -BrlghttJ e o proo. see no reason upon t e test1mony o w IC on y 20cs were o crop. e transactions Light catting IAII!f. ...... e11 Bxtrallne even to suspect that they have ever sold, ow offered for were not as widely i Lil!'htPreased, oxtmllne I and Qhio for export. Although these crops command ll 37>i ToBACCo SEIZURES IN ST. ination far higher figures thati usual, they are of course much Mi11oor1.-Com. tq Paller.. M @3!1 was had yesterday afternoon before U.S. Commissioner lower than Connecticut, which latter' it! altogether r -: = Eaton, into a case of alleged violii.tion of the Revenue beyond tile views of th&SCJ purchasing for foreign lledlnm .... .. .... .. -Dar\:law. M. Demutlr, a tobacconist, carrying on businesil mark.etll. It is1likely, therefore, that we shall see .. : ... _.. Pa f-"H GoodmO.Uuai' .. .. C at No. 18 South Commercial street, was charged with Connec\icut the last of a 1 qrops, d then ...... 112 ass selling 50 bags of smokmg tobacco without the stamps only moderately : It is to be said, however, that FlllfiQIII..... .. .. 7 s Vlralnia, extra 'ls the b 1 ft ed and cane 11 d Mr An W"rkhw lap........ ... 8){ 10 Fine .... .. .. 215 reon emg Y x e e -there is a better foundation for high prices in Con-Xedlniii'Lear 11 1:1 lledlam 19 @ta deraon, Assistant U. S. District-Attorney, prosecuted ; necticut at nresent than tb:er)l was a few years Heavy Shipping Leaf... u a common. 1s JO .:l Mr Bla.k d b d th d S 1 P It t 14 Nlf/1'0luad 7'1DIIt., .. M @Ill an.., eman flenue eaccuse amue e z ago. The btgh duty whieb was recen'tly imposed Extratancyleat Thirl.y'I'too6 33 040 wal! called as the witnesJ! for the prosecution. He sai6l on imported tobacco and cigars had the effect of -. he kept a cigar store at. No. 1432 and the manuf_acture of the btltter grades : Me:PW.c';;'. :g e bought 100 pounds of" Lynchburg" smokmg tobacco of domestiCS. During the prevalence 1 of that high Fine op&ngled to yellow 11 Bright Twist (Virginia) 311 @46 from the defendant. It }VaS put up, in bags, and the l tariff we repeatedly took occasion -to urge manuto comBright Gold Bar do 35 040 1 d d h d th mon j 1 4 C: 5 YoaN.-Dome8tfc stamps were aroun t em an n9t over e fadurers of domestic mgars to improve th!lir Soand commen 3>i@ Seed and Havana, openmg. The stamps were cancelledby=i-penmark. brands and giye their customers as gooP,,a.,oig&r do .. Deputy-Collector Gunn was called for the defe.nce He as could he, made m 0having been Good to be bro..,. n @15 do Conn Seed !15 oo oo t t'fi d th t h d t b c t D th' and Faney .. 17 @80 do I do Secondo *I 00 @215 00 es I e a e setze some o a co I!. emu s proved ,POssible by actual experiment We are glad Upper Country .. 7 @35 N. Y Seed Conn foulld an informality 10 the pladng of the stamps upon to see that our adVIce' in this regard has be'en +nken, and Ground lear, new 8 @12 Wrapper _, oo @25 oo 't Th d ., d t ld 1.: h t h d'd t t ""' and JLilfJ8;u-1 Penn. do do do 17 00 00 l e eeD an to t a e I not wan O that the quality of domestie 1oiga S COnsumed has sttt8Setd-Leaf Ohio do do do 17 00 @28 00 !J:rom Bremen: Steylick, 886 bxs. pipes. C. W. Wllkms, 8 bales tobacco Knnbardt & Co., do., 1 7 cs. cigars; Atlantic S. s: Co., 8'7 o., 2 do.; ;,B. D. Beqrimo, 113 do., 1 do.; Go deffry, BrancKer & Co., 30 do., 15 do.; F. Probst & Co., 74. do., 2 do.; Kremelberg & Co., 21 cs. cigars L. E r Amsinek & Co., 2 do; fischer Jr. Kellllf, 2 do.: SChroede & Ben, do.; De llarey & Illng, 7 do.; G. W. Taber, 12 do.; Purdy & Nicholas, -1 do.; W. H. Thomas & ro., 9 do.; Park ct TJJfuM, -l do.; T. J. Rayner & Co, 1 do.; Ors1z & Co.1 1 do.; Robert E. Kelley & Co., 2 do.; C D. Schmidt, 2 do.; J. Beckel, 1 do. From London: Huft"er, 41 Go.., l hx. tobacco De Bary & Kling, 1 cs. cigars. From Seville: Gomez, Wallis' & Co., 66 ca. lieorice paste. EXPORTII From the port of New York to foreign porlll other than European ports, for the week ending July 20, include the following Argentine Republic: 160 cs., .3,847. Brazil 2 cs., i240 British Gu1ana: I} hhds.l *2,581; 1,800 lbs. mfd., $622 1 British West' Indies 7. hhds., $2,131; 129 bale!!, $1,584; 11,665 lbs. mfd,, 12,603 Canada: bales, i'r19. Cisplatine Bepublic: 1> hhds., $800; 3 c3., ; 100 lbs. mfd., 1360. Dutch West Indies : 2,274 lbs. mfd., *626. 1f ew Granada: 191 bales,l2,242; 22 cs., 1866 ; 3 451 lbs. mfd., $932. To Eurepeal\ ports for the week ending July 27: Bremen: 208 hhds., 355 bales, 20'7 cases, 2 bKs. sam pies. r Bri&tol t 70 hhds., 30 t6s. Gen a: 48 hhd!l., 30 ca. licorice, 2 cs. Glasgow: 57 hhds. Ham\iurg: 481 bit!., cs., :i!6. cs. cigars. Havre: 1,048 hhds., 2 os. samples. LIVerpool: 861 hhds., 20 tes., 2 9 cs. London: 516 hhds., 126 hhds. strips, R tierces, 7 pkgs. Vigo : 368 hhds. I l DOMRSl'IC RECEIPr9. Interior and coastwise arrivals fQJ: the week ending July 27, have been: 3,813 hbds., 60 bales 18 tes. 1 760 k 1 b I >> p gs., 1 0 tcs. strrps, 9 ales, 143 cs., 4 bu., 19 halfbxs., '75 bxs. snuff, 2 cs. cigars, 10 lbs. lighters con si"'ned as follows: 'liy Erie Railroad): P. Lolillard, 64 hhds., Norton, Slaughter & Co, 12L'do.; Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 64 do.; Bryan, '\)'atts & Co., 164 do.; John K. Smith & Son, 38 do; Sawyer, Wallace & Co, 101 do.; Chas. H. & Co, 14 do.; R. L. Maitland & Co., 424 do Sulhvan, Murphy & Co., 87 do.; L. W. Gunther & Co, 65 do FJeldi)lg, Gwynn & Co., 284 do. Murrell & Co., 109 do.; Ottinl!_er 7 do.; c B. Fallenstein & Sons, 568 do; B. u. Baker, Son & Co, 12 do.; Lewis Bros. & Co., 28 do.; Smith. Henry & Sheffield, 90 do. ; March, Price & Co, 21 do; Cbas. E. Hunt & Co., 8 do.; Drew & Crockett, 41 do.; A. C. L & 0. Mey'!r, 23 do.; Nat S. S. & Co., 31 do; Herman Bros., 35 do. D. C Swift, 98 do; S. M Parker & Co., 36 do.; Hen: derson BroS., 57 do.; Du}>ois & Vandervoort 11 do J.D. Keilley, Jr., & Co., 24 dcri order, 392 do' By Hudson River Railroad: S M. Parker & 'Co., 12 hhds.; Bryan, Watts & Co., 60 do., C. B. Fallenstein & Oo., 126 do.; R L. 'Maitland & Co., 20 do.; Fatman & Co.,4 do., H. Bigbee, 10 do.; P. Lorillard, 22 do.; M. Westheim & Co., 54 pkgs.; .G Reismann Co., 18 do., Order ,3 hhds. By Camden llnd Amboy 'Railroad: B. C. Baker, Sons & Co, 16 hhds.; Dohan, Carroll & Co., 40 pkgs.; ;Dubois & Vandervoort, 82 do. By the Star Union and Nanonal.Lines: Lindheim, BroS>. & Co., 18 bhds.; R S. Maitland & Co,. 60 do,; N ort.on, Slaughter & Co 4 do.; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 74 do. Jno. A. Dodd, & Co., 7 oo., ,M&roh, Price & Co., 6 do.; L. W. Gunther&_ Co.; J.O D.o.; -1. D. Keilley, Jr., & 32 do.; A. H. CardoztJ it Co., 11 do. By the 'New York ana &W Ha'Ven Railroad : C.' &ilz & Co, 2 os, ;N Lochenbrucb & Bro., '291do., A. Oatman, 72l db, A L P. L Holt, 8 do, Bramhall & Co, 7 do, Tbierman, Kucliler Co., 56 do A. Barrows, 1 bx c1gars; H : Avery, 1 cs. do, W. W. Bailey, 1 !to J. H. S11nders, 10 bbls lighters J By New York and Hartford Steamboat Lme: Sehgs berg, Cohen & Co., 69 cs By the New York al!a New Hav.en Steamboatl Lihe A L. & C. L Holt, 26 f;l. Salomon, 5 iio :i!ichel & G1ebel, 7 do S Adams & Co, San Franc1s6o, care of & SchoVllle, 41 do By the New York and Philadelphia Express Propeller Co.: J. Bailey, 19 half hoKes ; Crossman & Co 25 bxs. snuff A. S Rosenbaum & Co, 19 bales 1 J. W1ssen, 4 bxs k 4 ReHl, 20 bxs snuff, ScbiJfer ,& Nephew, 25 do. do. Coastwise from Richmond, Norfolk, ete : Huffer, Toel & Co., 105 hhds ; W 0. Smith & Co., 12 do ; Kremelberg & Co., 4 do.; Rader & Son, 3 do ; J. W. Evans, 1 do.; J. F. A111es, 7 do-; A. D. Chockley, 1 '7 do., 5 tcs; P. Lorillard,13 do.,_2 do.; Buchanan & Lyall, 2 do., 300 ; E. M. Crawfo d & Co., 9. do., 7 do ; Dohan, Carroll & Co., 283 pkgs; W. P & Co., 294 do.; Connolly: c\r, Bass, 160 do.; Mareh, ffice & Co., 100 do.; J. B. Stafford, 149 do; l:>ubi)is & Vandervoort, 114 do.; Bulkley & Moore, 162 do.; Bramhall & Co., 148 do., Th. H. Vetterlein & Co., 90 do.; Lindheim Bros. & Co., 61 do.; Heald & Miller, 68, d0.; D. H. l-on doh, 71. do ; H!cks, 50 do.; R. S. Bo _.,& Co., 30 do.; H. A. RJtobJe, 10 do.; E. Hen, 4 9., Ord41'_, 51 hbds., '72 pkgs 1 tc., UO do, Bt.rips. > Coaatw1se from Baltimore: J. Ell lllhd. ;r, B. Stafford, 4 do.; Blakemore, Mayo &1 eo., 8 iq,; Bett 4D. i 1 tb th t I d th t '11 t t S:t 1 Oli tion of understanding bl'\id to exist between two of the ags, 80 a w len use e 8 amps Wl ge 010- pr1cc for mgars, tins class IS lun1ted 10 number, and Y["' ol d 12-l{@.'-'l "WalllaEx"450 29 pnucipal broke1s, had tlbe effect of frightenmg of LOuis .Repubhcan., July 10 the great body of our smoking pppulation would r esort "' ::g ff,.00 "... 25: factor s into selling: tbe1r stookA at much lower prices, A ToBACCO Box' the to pipeR rather than submit to what they consider ex Fller old s @ 9 "Ynuma" -Swmoi ER Georo-e Matson d II New .. u @40 "ll: & Co" 24-l{ while the st1 ingen cy in money, the greater part of the -0 r- tortwn. A goo d quahty of see -and av a na cigars do F llero .. 9 @ 1 0 "Z A" 24>i mollth, compelled others to submit t o a sacrifice \'Ve ;ho and sold at 11. fair pdee 1s what the manufactul'els should ;;g 2S>i h:tve suffi01ent com p t1t1on 1n the the natmal puzz mg to accoox, an w 0 swm e a countryman :bm to prodttce, and All -l!peetllation in seed leaf that rravanaas't' do "F MF" iJl>i -

,.. $6 50@6 50 ; good common, i6 50@7; middling, $8@ 1-o good to fine brown, @15; fancy, $1'1@30; C011Dtry1 a7@$35; ground leaves, new, .$3@ 12. Oh1o--inferior to good common, e4@6 ; greemsh and brown medium w fiDe red, $9@13; common lo m;llmu epangled, fi'(Jl!t; fine &p&ngled to yellow, @25. Kentucky-common to good lugs, $6@8; common t& medium leal, $8@10; to fine, $11@14; select leaf, llli@i5. Virginia-oommon and frosted lugs, @9.;, &&4 good lugs, i6 60@8 c?mmon leaf, fair to goooIDg THE TOBACCO _LEAF than last week. At the comme ncement of the week By the New Orleans, Jackson an<} Great 1\a leaf, $1@115 per lb. Shippers to this market should d 1 d h" h Rnilroad: John E. King, 36 hhds., Howard & Preston, remember that the above pnces are for actual weight, the market was quite act1ve, an: pr1ces rue 1g er, buy 11 9e hed Th but toward the close it became more settled, an d prices 36 do.; R. T. Torain, 23 do.; E. H. Wilson & Son, 31 f" JBVO h f4 d I" he receded to about their former status. Quotations are do Taylor & Lu"Je, 5 do.; Kirkpatrick & Keith, 5 do.; mar e t or m anu acture ot or ar an 1g t L. Gunther & Co., 2 do. Calloway & Johnstoaw, pressed, is and rice s more or less unchanged. 7 bx .. Beadles Wingo & Co., 3 do.; W. Van -the $rade !lOW ru 4 a great extent upon twist. Ky., continl!es sen, ioo bxs. 'w. G. McDaniel & ,CO., o .; ,.The expotts :&r taG :tree are ao os. ea. lllady; are lJberal, quapt1t[i Whitney & Co., 1s do.i,_ Warren, Crawford & Co., 13 cigars to Victoria; 3 hhds 674 bales, and 637 bx:s. of receipW. There ia a good for and a l caddies; J. R. Powel ;'1'1:-do. n thei1 w domestic Atlantic ports. kinds of leaf bring full prices. Th.ere is much compe6rold b FOBBIGN, tition among purchasers for ch01ce sam _pies, whtoh P .A..UlTCA..B, Jaly t .._.. s 1 y I I.-The tobaooo market is ex realize outside iignres. We quote : were sold on the 16th e t ware s 1 ed 1 d b Beavv ClorhY!lle of tobacco. Hale, Buckner & Terrell sold 6S bhds at ce IDg y qUJet, an no notewort y transactionll are reLight. andWeot'oDill' t good working, _,. .1- Common lugs, co ory .. *10 to $ll ; very good do., 'll 50 to a12 ; poor to 28@33 frs., and third quality, 23@27 frs.; V1rgmm, Good ........... ................. i 50@10 00 common leaf, ts 50 to $9 25; fair to pretty good, second quality, 28@37 frs.; third quality, 23@27 frs.; Common anll medium coloring leaf .. .' .. 10 50@15 00 to 12; very good to fine, $14 to $l6 50 Maryland, first quality, 31@40 frs.; second quality, 26 Stook in wueh .... .-. ............ 13,333 Good and fine coloring leaf .......... 16 00@22 00 @30 frs., and third quality, 23@25c Havana, 70@ Fr6ighU.-To Bremen steamer Leipzig. bas full Choice colory leaf ................. 24 ,00d@26 00 PHIL!DELPHU, JIY 2,,-The market is qniet, 600 frs.; Yara, 65@105 frs.; Palmyra, 75@95 frs ; ; cargo engaged fo:r Maryland and OhiO, 228. for The exports for the week were: 1,538 hh s. and and rates remaifl. about the same. New leaf is dull, ilia Ca.,.ayan, first to third, 100@700 frs ; Java, 25@ Virginia, and 2711". 6d. Kentucky bhds. Bark Erna l 011) hxs. and the imports were 818 hhds. and 506 acd is held at high prices.. Buyers not to 130 frs.;'Brazil, 25@50 frs. 'l.'he sales during the week is still on the berth, loadmg at 12s .. 6d. per hbd For Th: sales were 772 hhds. with 90 rejections. chase, hoping for a dechne. Old leaf lS qutet. 'V e comprise, 64 tie rces Kentucky from first hands, 23 do. Rotterd&lll., ship Crat of the Wave IS ready to clear. On Tbqrsday the Pickett house sold 58 hhds. at M 60 quote: Maryland, 17 do Virginia, and 137 do. Kentucky, to For Amsterdam, bark Otto is coming around from for trash to $13 75 for Mason county cutting. The Yara, 1 cut, S5@95o.; do 2 cut, 81 09@1 15; Hav-arrive. The receipts of tobacco are as follow: From Boswn to load tobacco at 22s. 6d. for Maryland and Farmers' house sold 7 hhds. at $5 95 for common lugs ana fillers, 95c.@$1 15; do. wrappers, a1 50@3; New York, 153 tierces and 69 bales; from Bremen 77 Ohio, and 27s. 6d. tor Virginia. For J ... ive_rpool, shit> to $9 ior Barren county shipping. The Ninth-street sylvania do., 16@28c.; Ohio do., I2@25c.; Connectwut tierces and 20 bales; from Havre, as bls.; from Eng.Annapolu is ready to engage at followiDg rates: house sqld 34o hhd8. at $5 75 for trash to $12 25 for cutdo., 25@80c. ; Pennsylvania. fillers, 5@!ltc. ; Ohio do., land, 71 tierces; and from: Holland, by land, 22 tierces. Maryland tobaooo 20s., Virginia at 25s., Kentucky, tiog leaf. The Boone h_ouse sold 35 hhds. :'It 50 for b@6tc.; Connecticut do., 12@15c.; bright pounds, fine, BOIBA.Y, JuDe 8,-There have been no direct arri32s. 6d. trash to $10 for leaf. The Lomsv1lle house 75@95c.; bright medium, 55@65c.; Maryland, 4@35c. ; vals from the United States since our last The tobacco Importatiom.-From Havana, lea. segars to Moraold 39 hhds at a4 90 for trash to $10 50 for manufacKentucky, 7@16c.; black sweet, navy, 55@65c.; do. trade is dull, and the only sale which bas transpit:ed dec!rl q., cs. seian to r Bros. & Co., 3 cs. turing leaf Ranl!e of bids: 1 hbd. at $13 75, 3 at $1.2@ 1 Qs., 60@65c.; do. pounds, 60@65. during the '!"eek is that 'Of a parcel at 8 anas per pound. to order." OoaBtwise.-72 hhds. tobacco to 12 25, Hat $10@10 75, 28 at $9@9 95,55 at 88@8 95, 35 PORTL!ND, Jly 21.-The dema;nd is fuiet, and Breata, laly 13 .-The demand for North Bros. Boninger, 6 hhlis. tobacco toP. 0. Ford & Co., at a7@ 7 90, 28 at $6@6 95, 8 at s 50@5 95,-1 at $4 90. prices remain about the same as at our sst. W c tobacco bas been pretty fair Prices, nevertheless, are m 17 hhds. tobMol> 11Q Ricbard [Aitwich & Co., 372 pkgs. On Friday the Pickett house sold 44 bhds. at 84 70 quote : fives and tens, best lbs., 65c.@75o.; fives and fuvor of the buyer, and, "in several instances concessions to sundry pe11101111, 229 hwu. stems to Bros. Boninger, for trash to $12 for manufacturing leaf. 1'he Fanners' tens, new, 55c.@65c.; fives and tens, common, SOc.@ had to be me,de to e.ffeot a sale W!)stern leaf fetched from 15 pkgs. tobacoo toP. lteata & Co., 28 pkgs. tobacco house sold 5 hhds. at 857 20 for lugs to 19 35 for me51lo.; navy, lbs., 6lic.@68c.; navy leaf, lbs., 95 .@ Sf to 6i gt!;. for common to fair lngs of light character, to sundry per80ne; 339t boxes Maryland, 16S casett dium l!bippin..,. leaf. The Ninth-street bouse sold 11 11 20 o1 Maryland., and 16 hhds. leaf tobacco, to Hoffman, hhds. at $6 for"Ings to "'10 for shipping leaf. The Boone -u_ b and from 7 to 7t for substantial quality. leafy arti e, "' :RICJHMOND, July 21.-Mr. R A _..u, to acco good for cutting purposes, brings from 7 to 8t gts. Clarks Ball & Co.; 140 cases, 100 i boxes, and 50 kegs manuhouse aold 19 hhds. at $5 for tush to a1 0 50 for ship-broker and commission merchant, ville and Western deacriptions fetch 9! to lOt gts., Md are faotured tobacco, to Lewi W't ton. ping lea The Louisville house sold 34 hhds. at *5 SO Our receipts and breaks are very small. Market comparatively better for than even 8 supe &liticle. Tobaeco.-In manufactured tobacco for trash to "'12 25 for Mason county cutting. Range d d h d d t 1 ast on all r-'i/' f "' am mate an pnces ave a vance 3 e 11 As for Virginia tobacco, 71 and 83 are mid for strong lugs there is considerable doing, everv_ thing in the way o of bids-2 hhds. at &12@12 25,1 at ill 75, 10 ali $10 d f d d kin .1 h" 11 rd h i gra eso common an goo wor:f .an ... 8 lppmg, oflearyqualitytoreplaceKentuoky "'"ft ren" 1eso Vir medium and low f:ades pounds find rea y pUI'C asers @10 75, 15 at $9@9 60, 24 at $8@8 90, 32 at$ @7 95, h"l b h "' h d 5 to 1" "'he -ed. w 1 e r1g ts, .ancy, ave a van c. uo. 11 ginialeafa oonttoabout500hhds.,aad1batof ..,.;niaste at 24 and 30c. B k work in t'a, id, and t .of m mm 24 at a6@6 95, 8 at $5@5 so, 2 at i4 70@4 85. The d h "II t" th 1 t t b nro eh l fi roug t stl con mues roug IOU our 0 acoo,. W to 333 hhds., the latter principally brown and good brown quality arc sold en arrival at 22 to 26c., w I e ne Pickett h o use sold 40 hhds. at $5 50 for trash to $11 50 d th 11 d d f< the II I 1 ., b ds ld hhd $ mosectiOns, an ere IS rea Y goo 8 or quality which realized from 411 to 51 thalers'\ common are se ing sow y 28 _to 30c., a .ew ran for cuttin' the past week have *1 1 50 9 at $IO@IO 70 10 at *99 90' 19 a t $S@8 90 and -yesterduy the market was steady and firm. Sales, stems, bhds and seed leaf, 6,365 cases. generally been of the low and kinds, for which, at 17@7 90 17 at $ 6 @6 90 On Tuesday <>the from Thursday to yesterday, inclusive, 123 hhds; 11 at CA.T Tga 11.-Thois howeYer, prices have been good, and we coasequently P1ckett sold 35 bhds. at .6 1,0 for lugs to 75 .. $ 20 90 21 t 7 t 7 9 ,. .., ..,..., f, G R 1 f Tb F h use sold 20 hhds "'5 5 90; 9 at 6 to 6 ; a 0 5 ; to remark, and the tobacco trade is real y a retail one. havehadvefJfewrejections. What little reallyfine or reeo lver ea e armers 0 d 1 f Th. 25at to 890; 32 at $9 to 980; 9 at $10to Themarketisquietandpricesremainuochanged. We tabonno commg foorward is held for the Fair, at at.l5 58 for common to *9 for goo ea e 10 7 4 t "'11 t 11 25 2 t a1., 50 a t 613 t N h h I hhd "'3 30 t h ; a 0 ; a "' i ,. 0 quote pds. good at 9 anas per pound and lOs. at 6 Wh.tchtimetherewillundoubtedybesoldsomeoftbe mt street 15, 10r ras 37 3 t"'l650 1825 dl9 4 t"'20"5622 "'30 4 '" 1 f h 1 f. Th B b 1 5 ; a an ; a "' '" '" ana8 6 per pound. The stock on hand is unusually finest selections ot the present crop. Receipts con-to 1 or s 1Pfo10g ea e oone 0l!8e 846 75, and 2 bxs. at t6 40 to 6 70. To-day, the market large. tinue light sold 34 at t5 or trash to *10 75 for ship was ..tea,dy on all grades except medium bright, which Messrs. P. H. CLAYTON & Co. report the sales ping lea The Louisville house sold 41 at was weaker; but holders being unwilling to make eon-loly; 7.-No material changes in the to-at the tobo.coo warehouse for the past *6 20 for .lugs, to $19 for Ballard CollDty leaf. 1 d h b"d S fE hhd ba.cco market are on record, and transactions are rather R f b d 6 t al6 1 t "19 1 t 114 75 12 at 813 cesSIOns prompt y reJ&ete t e I s. a es 2s s-2 1I"m1"ted. We quote Kentucky leaf at 70.1001. gold per week as follows: Tuesday, 30 hhds. Mason and aoge 0 1 s: a a 8 at $5 ao tv 5 50; 2 at $6 60 to $6 80; 10 at $7 20 to Bracken Counties.-4 at $6@7 a at 87@8 4 at 25,3 at $12 to $12 75, 8 at $11 to au 75,9 at $16 to 7 90 ; 4 at 8 s to s 90; 4 at $9 00 to 9 60; 2 at 9 60 ; 2 100 pounds; do. choice, 160-200L Virginia, 100. $8 26@9 12 at @11 50 2 $12@12. 50 3 at 11Q15, 15 aU9 to $9 75, 29 at ts to $8 90, 22 at $7to at Ill to 11 75 ; 2 at ala to 16 25; 2 at 121 to 24-. 2 lSOl. Virginia, choice, 225,2501. $13@13 7s, 1 at a14;, 1 at $1,6. Wednesday, 40 hhds. $7 90p.2 S at $6 to $6 90, 7 at as to *5 90 1 at 3 30 hdhs. were passed and bids rejected on 1 seraps at 50 &.lMBIJRG, JIIIJ 11, 1-.-The general dullness in Mason and Bracke:a. CollDties.-1 at as 50, 10 at 1'1@ The. JCkett house sold 3.6 bhds. at a6 for l?{s to $17 cts., and 17 hhds. at as to 750. business has also extended its influence to the tobacco trade, 8 so, 10 at $9@10, 5 at a1o 25@10 50, 4 at $11@12, cuttmg. 1The The exports of the week have been 92 hhds., 286 bxs., and no transactions worth speaking of, are on record 3 at a12 50@13 25, 4 at $14@14 75, 1 at a1s 2-at a16 1 f Ths a N"'. tli otr cotmhmen uglds 25 hbd otr and 328, while the receipts were 339 bhds., 43 cs., 12 during the week. Prices are unchanged, and the stock on @1 75 Th .. 45hhd ""-dB k C ea. e 1n -sree ouseso sa.,.. 10r-.. k b b b h d th I tha alfi thl tt"me oftbe ea 6 u ........ a.y, s. ........ on an rae eo ount b t 12 t tt" f Th B h ld 20 uxs., 213 caddies, 25 ega., 3 tu s., 1 x. cigars 50 xs. an IS ra er arger n usu or s y r. ties.-5 at $6@7 Ui, 8 llt i'l 20@8 50, 7 at s 76@9 50, ras 0 or cu IDg .ea. e ouse .80 pipes oousigned as follows: North American tobacco is almost entirely but 10 at $9 75@10 50, 7 at $11@12, 5 at $12 50@13 75, hhds at *5 80 for trash to 12 75 for manufactqrmg leaf. B 'R B t J W B th So s 23 bhds. C ag WE notice sales of 322 ceroons Havana tobacco ex "Ham-"' F "d hhd M On the Louisville sold 33 hhds. at Y tver oa s 00 n '' r 1 d f 4 D "B to 2 at *14@14 75 1 at .,1, 50. n ay, 30 s. ason &6 for lugs to 12 75 for shipping leafs. Range of bids Alexander, 6 do.; S. A. Grantham & Co., 5. do., Baker, moma, an o 1 9 ceroons ommgo ex e..., on private and Bracken CollDties.-1 at *4 50, 4o 5 1 at 1 at 1 7 25 ; 1 at 15; 1 at 1 3 25 ; at 12 to 11 75 ; 12 Young, ,Co., 2 do.; E. Godlove & Co., 1 do., Thos. Rhoterms. Imports from New York, 29 cases, and 102 $7 60, 6 at $7 S0@9, Sat It 50@10 10 at $11@ at 11 to 11 75; 13 at 10 to 1(}15 ; 16 at9 to 9 90; 31 at 8 .due & Co., 5 Young & Co, 2 do.; Baker, Young & packages oftoba.oQo. ;1.2 50.: 10 hhds. Queen's County.-1 at 6 50, 1 at 7 to 8 90 20 at 7 to 7 95 51 at 6 to 6 90 4 at 5 to Co., 3 do.; Lewts, N anson & Co., 86 do.; Woodson & R.l V !I& Jaly 11.The followiag are be of 4 at tS@IO, 2 at an 75@12, 1 at a 1 6 26, 1 at q 2 6 5 90. Lockwood, 2 do.; Dameron, Bros. & Oo., 15 d.o., 1 tobacco ana cigars for foreignjortsi: New Yollk, 1,884 Messrs. C.k!!EY & WAYNE report sales at the Morris Manufactured !lbbacco.-The market is steady an 8 fair bx., S. Peltz & Co., 8 2 Howard & HmchtierC6s leaf, 832,100 cigars, an 2,000 boxes cigarettes; 3 ls. 7d. and Is. Sd., and at auction Boomerang twist" (Eglantine) reached ls. Sd.; tens, ll! d.; bright lbs. (Freedom), l!lid.; 9 12i<].; 14!(1.; haft lbs., (NatiOns Pnde), lotd.; Cbnstal, lltd. At auction, 7th May, Santa Rosa, lbs. 15 cases""_ 'lt d.; Christian's Comfort, 24 cases, !-lbs. Uid.; 9 da.1 U faults, lltd.; 5 cases Childrey's Old Dotpinion, all faults, lltd.; 22 oases Ca"Dle Coil, 16td.; 15 oases Santa Clau 14d. Leat-A'I!Uiallline of Vir ginia feaf, sei damaged, was o:ff'ered at auction; one much damaged sold at. 31teey 1JI.6&B8Mcigars ever made. V'!e of!erad, -'at 4. at 115 75,4 .at $16@16 75 de.w lOs. 26c. to 300; l dO. 6s., soc. to S7c.; do. !lbs., ling Price & Co., 4 hhds.; Oakes, Archer & Co., 1 do.; the usual retail sales of Wester and sb1ps. i ingl pa.:rroa pl'icetl fE! .a box, 1 f anotO.r 40 leaf, pnces .rangmg from. $6 to 30c. to 47c.; Bright lit., 40c. to 60c.; extra fine bright, J. W. Booth & Sons, 9 do. arrivi).].s comprise the ss. Bello with 8 hbds., 1 ci.,. rli thE" eamplwceuld"be tf.keD>oOut of it, but the $16 75. pWI-ior patlt week were moderate. De 55c. to 85c. By the Chicago and Alton Railroad : L. A. and 60 hf.-tcii.; t;he Ckta with bhdt1 .the Wm. Ta.r.-Gihg e .wae--eaJ!ght at h}s triilk, left 1 D" k & c b J c T d L S scott :with 90 hh.ds., the New m ld ua s., aJi4. Ol!taef::J 1lic l DQI\elhle. 1fo clou)t mo. 'Qa t., SvLLrvA...'f & Co., of the Kento!l ware-le}yk.2l.ThThe hmarbket bas be.en H 10 xs.; eiDmeyer, 1 <.?i the Cingala with 52 hhds. and 5 t ace 'a'll, .h cion nPddlers a few wo.r s rrom hous e, ,rel!\f,. : ior the week were 194 hhds., qmet nnng t e palt wee ere as een some 1n-a sus, xs. p1pes. from New York. f' =-u-, quiry, and there are of a better demand at an early By telegraph, y 27.-To i pjlt..Bmokers on t.lieir guar'd. "> viz.-104 !i ds. tl and Bracken coli'nties, mostly datEr. Prices eteM:y and unchanged, thel"e being changed. a:'s ONS low lugs and tro. 2llt $16@17, 2 at $14@15 so, 5 at no dispositionpn the part of factors to make conces-ST. J l. let l'bertl!,aa C by The Treasury et>a'rt'meti 88-"h!leei ed i n $12@13, 15 at Q@ll, 47 at 88@9, 33 at $6@7. 51 sions. Freight-room has been rather 1>ut there since q otati Which we Irt t American tobacco during of the seizure by Collector Pott" r, at Pensacola, Fla., hh4s. Boone and Kenton counties, low lugs and trash, f, 1 }oa.:a d hioh lb the eei :remain ady. lOQ bhdtJ., of the schooner Volumnia, from !I'ampico1 Mexico, 5 ft ..,.,,.tO 24 t 7lei>S, @6 95 3 at "@5 95 aa;e now vesse 1 UIJ .,.mg an commg up, w s., 2 s 35; navy, 3245; domestic, 35 ch1"efl.y Vi"r0uJola leaf, have been eold or relana, and a w1th a cft .. rgo of cigars, braodie8, linens, and dress pat..., "'"..n. "'0 will be ava1lable We L'Ontmue to quote; "' 29 bhds. vv est trgm1a-l at $17 50, 7 at !2 LIGHT. BlllA.VY. 81 V fau, the stock bemg business bas been doing, including a few terns, which the captain attemP:ted t0 }and at that po:rt at 8S@9, 6 at 86@7, 1 at $5 80. 12 hhds. East VIrRefused . . . . 7i@. Sf Tl{j8f c. hght, but choiCe. Our quotatwna are: Old .com!DonJ ester Leaftor export and the trade. leafy, without the J>ayment of: dut1es. 'I he v:alue of the l at 1 az5, 3jl.t tl-9@20, 4 at $16@17, 1 CommQD leaf................ Bt 9i 9i@l0fc. D&W do., 55c.@60c.; new bnght, a;.yland's, are wanted. In Cavendish there is rather seizure is nqt yet knowB. o.t 11 '! U d a b 1 f h azz1m 1s sa1 o ave pa""e roug an n .- J e quote tue mar rt .r.o.s5c., common, sound, 60c.@62c., half-pounds, brinht, sates: auction on the 13th inst. S. L. Jones & Co. n er or mary mrcum. stances t e oss o sue a quank d h" fi,., lbs 5 @ 0 W @ 1.. ld 11 sr t h k t b t way to London, and to have quietly smo e 1s etgar, as o ... 'r'. rna, per ., 0 9 ; estern, 45 62fc.@'i2tc.; do. dark, 60c.@72ic. ; "No. 1 fives and o ered aline of manufactured stock, of wlrleh samples t1ty wou not matena y auec t e mar e u as k aJd1 b k So; pure leaf, 'lO@al 00; .illmoking, 35@75 i snuff, gar-terfi!, 57to.@65c.; navy, 57o.@63c.; navy, j-Ibs., oa1y were sold, upon the credit, ud the bulk stocks are low and ad vices small,. verytbing tells upon to Maeaaboy, $11 50@8 00; 5'lc.@60c.; fancy st les, natural twist, pancake, of the offering withdrawn. are details of it. twist, Venus, and Two Sea tens are full I peror's of Police, informing him of ,his leasant etc., soc.@$1. the offedng, consisting in part BaldWJB's wellknown a penny laigber, and other ha ed_, tb ug visit to the Bonaparte headquarters. Ooo Q The receipts for the we k have been 597 hhds., 108 brands of fine fresh manufactured Vir.,.;ftia tobaccos: not to the same extent. Tw1sts-A hne of St. AnI 1 bee d d d B A b h d h d t portraits extant of this illustrious ta 1an 1s lB posses-pkgs. 58 cs., 34 caddies, and 110 bxs., consigned as 5 cs. t bower, hard-pressed, 6-in., 50c.; 5 o. miner's rew san arratt s nc or c ange an s a a very S 207 follows: pocket O'OIJUlanion, do. dQ., 49jc.; also 13 -f-bxs. Magnofull figure; for trade parcels lli 'Jt+ i!l asked for Barsion of Senator 190 Bv River Boats : Beadles, Wingo & Oo., 2B hhds.; lianaturalleaf, hat'dpnl!Bed, 12in., 46c.; 24 :!-bn. do. ratt's; Raven, 1&. 6d."; St. An6rew's, J:S. 5d. to 1s. 6d.; w ANTED .-A first-cf81111 reliable Salesman to travel for a W. ii. Crafts, S do.; L. Gunther & Co., 69 do. ; John do., 44ic.; 16 cs. T. C. Williams & Co.'s honey shuck, other Southern brands, 15d. to Dark Tens--On heabletocootrol ao extenIncrease over last week of ........... bhds. 17 E. 27 do.; B. M. Howell & Co., 4 do.; R. T. 16 cs. d our jewel 7th May at auction, were sold 87 boxes reference, aod reftn Sold ail loose, tlli.J "Week, ending July 24.. ._ 181y400 Torain, 100 do.; Ash bridge, Smitll & Co., 8 do.; E. J twist, 5ac. There is a !Jood i'"fu,trY for leaf, sup lOd., 10 boxes Isabella, Bid-; 19 Lennox, shghtly WANTED 1 Sold as looee, Iaiit week, endmg July l 7... s. 90;'000 Hart & Oo., 3 do.; E. E & Son, 2 do.; .E .. C. plies from. t.he East"are now amving. Our c1gar manfaulty, 'ltd The balance of the Isl}oella and Lennox, 100 Cases SEEn CtrrriNas. Roach & Co., 6 do.; C. A. Whitney & Co., 4 do.; K1rk nauiuption. is great '16 boxes, wer-e witlldla-wn, highes bi4 Sid. In. tr. c. c lllBNGIIL, 180 water street, New York. Increase over last week ...... lbs. 94,50!)' patrick & Keith, 91 do.; J eanrenaurd & Co., 23 do., 1 and iiiCl'tm!dng, caa n*' a. rise "iii. vilues. We ferior and are worth 5d. to to good, FOR SALE.-60 Cases Conuecdcn& Seed Leaf Tobacco-As will be seen from title above statement the reetpts bx.; Blauohin & Co., 1 do: ; H. H Bryan, 40 do.; S. quote first-cl.aas Connecticut. IJeed leaf tobacco at Sd. to 11d.; prime, 12d. to 13-id. AnJmatics-At the Wrappen, 1861_100 OaaeoCoooecttcot Seed Lear Tobar:;a loose tobi!CCO have been much Isaa'c", Is pkgs.; Durno & Davis, 4 soc. per lb. ; Kentucky leaf, ia hbds., 18c.@20c .; Ha.vaend of last month so ate business was doue in faucyJt 1866 BA1UQ8 6JUOlU, Xo. IIIUtaiAittreet, Han Conn. 1 (1"' .. e r


Cc=:aiaaion :Msrcba.uts -tHE ...,IRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY. [ ESTABLISHED IN 1836. r 1 'llaiied States Internal Rennue Bonded Warehouse. Tltirly-seoon Collecfon District. OOMMISSION MERCHANTS. AND AGENTS FOR THE1shE OF MANUFACTORED and' TOBACC.o: 45 w A.T:BK STREJi.'T, Nh w :YORK, '\Vo.ld oa.ll the a.tten.tion of the Tnde to the following most 'Celebrated Brands of .. VIRGINIA MANUFACTURED TOBACCO: Thomas Jr.s Oorauo, "ewel Ophir, Vlrglti,-8piQ4tr'a Cream of Vlrlnia, Ol. tl Dixie, Louie D Or, Peerless,, t Clfttiam's Wine Sap, Calleso, John K. 9t,ldre,, Colden Seal, J. 8. Pace&; Co., Roy3ter'a Queen of Hearts, is, Harris A Briton's Emblemf Crant &. Wil iams c. w. Spicer, & Bro. w. R. Johnson ft, Cq..._ W1J!1am L?ng, Creaner & Winne, Tho!J?as & Oltvw, T. c. WUNams & Co., s. W. Venable A Co. Ferguao ft Chambers, --i C. P. word, Caleb Tale, J. R. Allen, .rttle Clant, Watson It GIMtata'a Wine Sap SmoklnR. 1 llliam's DeadJShot r.o ROBBRT S.BOW!lp Be C()., TOBA. 'CO, ion 1 Burlin SHp, New York. LE\l'IS, JODN FRANK, IMPORTERS qF 1 Havana Segars, and Havana Leaf Tobacco, e No. 39 BEAVER STREET, .LEWIS FRANK N J PHILIP FRANK, ew FRANK. v UEO. W. BLAKEMOBB,. J. H. F, MAYO. JAMES II. BLAKEMORE. BLAKEI08E, 1: CO., Cotton and Factors, r AND ,OOMJ.lfiSSION MERCHANTS, :N"o. 41_ Street, New Y..ork.. > ... NEW YORK J I Seed-Leaf Tobacco Inspection t., 'i'obacco lnpected or. Sampled. for every case, and delivered, .cue by case, to number of Certificate. N.B.-I also sample,,. Merchant.' own Stores. F. C. LZN"DE, W'ABEHOUSBS-74, '16, and 78 Greenwich Street. OFFIOE-7a Greenwich Street. BRAXOU, 142 WATER M. & E. SALOMON COMMISSION MERCHANTS, i 1 AND IMPORTERS OF I I Havana Cigars,.Leaflobacco AND \\'EST INDIA PRODUCE, f l.\1.1: aide:n. La :n. e, l_:\ N E w y 0 R K. f ... o I VETTERLEIN & SONS, I 72 PEAitt. STREET, THOMAS KINNICUTT, KentuckT JIB. Vtrpala A. ST.EI. N & CO., I -;a Merchants, ,PULAR BRANDS OF VIRGINIA TOBACCO, } :I I. : { .. I 164: Wa'ter Street, NEW YORK. .Potft'lda. :.. A. G. Fullor J.P. S. W Venable, Rof50, FnlJer's.Pet, Peac h Baket, Mag. Garrott, Sailor"'' Choice. RoP.n Fuller, J.T,Smltb, Dog Honse, Jerry Prichard, D!!:k SwiVl!lle,r, Mark Tapley, lll c Corkle, S.E. White, Challenger, Daviallaker,Jr. Charles Barns, VIctoria, l Peerless, Favorit e Premium, Eagle 1 Half Pounds & Quartor1 Gsrtbaldi Little AU Rlght, Leviathan, Fres h Peaches, Pride or the Na,,, Morgan, Wbeel o4< s Pet. Natfonal Dehght, 1\{0E!S D e h gbt, Pine A'wl e, Old Spqrt, Sancho Panza, Vem1s P o ach Bloom, C L BroWn, I'JJlack)Vell's I s land Alexander Twla Slstero, Indomita le Oscola, Cllristian Pre mium .. Fancy June Appl e B{lrs, Fashion Gold do. L&dy do. Tcmplation dD. A tlantle C&ble Twlet, Q'Old M e dal dO. Chrletian 11:!1 Comf o rt, Natio n s Pride, R. J. Cbri tlnn Ele\!en O'Clock Amoret Jla l'!!, B endigo. Li iFle Miami Pride o f the 'East Flora Temple, Cberry1 jFQurs, Palmetto Fours, .Palmetto Sixes, Baldwin's Gold R od, Four ThniJJ.b 'Bars, D e lta. P ocket Piece, Little All Ter,s. Gold R d gc BlneJaclliEt, Red Jacket, Peach, Tom TblUllb, MaY Queen, Alexander, Boston, Kearttarge. Q ueen lt.o.ngaroo, Mr. Toots:, Jone s & Robinson, J err.y White, 'l'll e Oid Sport, Dexter WbltD JOBBERS qF .. LEAF I No. 170 Water Street, New Ym k. L. PALMER A. H. SCOVILLI'11 1 Connecticut Seed -lea f Wrap-per of cmr own pa:ckmg I --. CITY TOBACCO WORKS 75 Bowery, New York. Joseph Scheider& Co. MAN UFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED CUPID Also, ot: other Fancy Fine-Cuts, Kil)ikin'nick, Cut Smoking Tobaccos. We in.tJite the Trade. to ,:and *;Z""ni:ne: o"f 8took befQ7"e put-cha8ing elsewlte r e. m-280) r A. eARpozo & co., WM: VIGELIUS, Lear l'obacco AI pne branill!. IWo, BROAD STREET, .llm -GO NEW STREET, naw 'l'OIU M. & J. SCHOTTENFELS. Oommissi01 .. Merchants, No. 168 Water Street, AgeDIIIbr thll oale of the fOU..wt 1111-IDIWII a111 Ceiebraloo Bm 11 VlllGINIA -' TO B:AL. C C 0. Captain Jinki, 1 u Champagne Charlie, Virginia State, '1'' Globe, Conti'nlmtal, Metropolis. Etc., Etc., ,. Al!o an 1 ... 1 ) I . l JAGatd, in lllts to suit. purcha!ers. 62-114 ISA.A.O READ (Sacceooor to!ft EllAD ) Commission Merc.hant, AND DEALE!! IN VIRGINIA & WESTER'M. LEAF .&llD I I .Ma.nufa.ctured Tobaoco, Licorice, Gum, etc., No. 86 PEARL STREET, N Y .... OTTINGER & BROTHER, KENTUCKY 119 PEARL STREET, NBW YORK PLATT & NEWTON, Sncceooors t<> WM. T. COLEMAN A CO., Commission Merchants. New York: / San Ftancisco: N<>. ;tl7 Front. Street Cor. California & Front l!ts Agent. in Ssn Fronc!B<:O for Sale ot YIRGINIA IIIANUJi'ACTURED TOBACCO. R. S. WALTER, BEST Connecticut,,Havana &: Yara LEAF TOBACCO, 203 P EA.RL STREET, Near M.a.iden Lane, NEW YORK. ECCERT, DILLS & Ca., DEA.I.XHlflN DOMESTIC and Importers of SPANISH TOBACCOS, 115 Wate1 Stteet, New York. 8!' West Second Stroot, Cincinnati, 01\i<>. JOSEPH HICKS,, Commissio:d I Merchant a or MANUFACTURED TOBACCb, lid. 81 Water-Street. .EWT.OB.K. 1. C.' BAKER, SON & CO. Tobacco and Cotton Factors, .ND Commission Merchants, No. 142 Pea rl Street, BowxAN C. BAXE!t, NE\'11 YOBlL :EDWIN ;M. BAKE:R Jo.B.N .... ... lfl'8Ien&nd ) ea{ 0 acbu Lea'f No. '"' 'WATER REET Also Importer &l>_d'llamlfac-r of l fllew York. an

1 lb. Drums, 1-2Th. Drtl s 1-4 Drums 1 lb. Bags 1-4 lb. Bags, 4UommDnwtalth 2 oz. Bags J SOlV'S, SOLE AGENTS, llo.172 PBABL STREET 11'aw York. ....,.... ___ -#"-THE h e State of New York, J anuary 2, 1868, JOHN H. SANBORN, Seo'y Agen s f6 Central Boston. & LYONS, a """'' D epot for Cli:LIEBRATI:D Seai ,and II!!Jlerial Cut Cavendish, TURKIS H LA.SAKlA, PERIQU E AND YIRGIN.U G R ANULATED CD:;613 Q PLPZB AI QXSBS' ABXICLE/ii CONSTANTLY Q N HAND. 39 F ULTON STREET, NEW YORK. JOSEPH LTONi!l. HELME TO :A!LB.OAD : M1L'LS ;S:SUPP .. lUCCO:BOY, FRENCH "RAPPEE SCOTCH AND LUNDYFOOT SNUF F S :MACCO:BOY A.ND F RE WOR S!JlJFF FLOUR. r 1l A!JSO MANU.P.ACTUJ!ERS 011 'THE FINESll 11RA.!I"D8'()1' KING TOBACCOS, CI&ARS, ANfi PURE POWDERED LICORICE. 1 l133 'IMITH, HENlY I. SHEFFIELD, IJ'obacoo and Oottoa Factors, Atm GENERAL Commission Merchants, No. 49 Beaver Street, 1 OG Pear l Stre et. NEW -yoRK. FRANK, BEUTTENMUl.lfR & CO. rn l l24 WATEBSTBJ:l!lT, FEW-YORK, E "I:> Have on oale rJI Jdnaa o r LE.A.P TOBACCO for EXPORT ::r\1 md HOME USll: 112-106 DULJIB!Df I lJI M. R. PEARSALL, f98 JIAD)D L4.n Importer and CODIJIIIMioa Kerchant of NEW YOR K OkTMAN, l s D to 166 Water-Sreet. ttO ___ HAVANA SEGARS LEAF TOBACCO, I' ltt PB.dL -IDBB'l. .t IKJIU1llro. orr-l'llt II wYOII Kcnr 'E'ulton lbr e sale of all tJae .. S ta -ndard Brands of Viriinia arid o r MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, S O L E A GENT S fol!' the sale o the 'bran s of ;THOMAS & OLIVER, and D C. M AY O & C o., Richmond a. : -/ MANU ., # A TURED Tirginia Beauties, 14's. t lbs Olive, t lbs. King Ben, 12 inch lb. P ride Q( the N U' broh lbs. Reward of Indus ry, 2 incll-l b s. D. C. Mayo's Navy, lbs., t lbs., and 10's Conestoya, 5'l.. "" Virginia's Own Pocket P ieces. Tho mas' Choice u Che H&w, F ir's. Rose T wist, 6 inch. .( J. M W al ker's Extra Bright Twist, 12 in ch.: La Favo rita Rolls, 6 inch. ?Chas Hoory, Jr., 9 inch, light preaaed I .. OKINC.. '' u hard Billy Buck. VirginiaJJelle Star. Grand Duc h ess Virginia's Choice. Rose. Olive. Gold B u g 12 iuch l bs. P.RIQUE. :Pure Virginia, Eu r eka, .. Oliver's Choice () ld AIJ styles of Manufactured and moking Tobacco put-up under special brands for the so l e use of the owner. < : \'-] .. \SJ I Lorillard's YACHT CLUB Smoking tho li'tnest Vobt:O:D.!I:.A.JSr 2t8 LEWIS STRUT, N.. y, /r;JO jX' A. UNDmmL A. WINTBB. IL I..IKDBBIJ(, :LINDHEIM BROS. & CO., ; I ol Celebrated Branda of g::,.Y, ok'(n .-Tobaooo. Faotory,"""No. DistriQtJ Lytfohburg, Va. Wat-ekou.H t.itt4 OjJic6, 90 Wmer. /Ill eel, NtM York. .... Depot of\M eelei>Nted BNDda Jll&ll1llllot8 IIJL. L; A TJUD: MAURICE ELLER, I Ili:PO,TBB OY au.d Leaf Tobacco, lit BOSTON M the A N o. 1 Segn1's. 255 East Houston Street. CHAS. F. TAG, IMPORTER OF SPA.MISH, A1fD DEAI,E:B Ilf ALL XIlfDI 01' ( .ur f/fn%06 .. czzo .... 48 BROAD 8TRBET, P. 0 ac., 1740. ...., Yerk, &.... BlL LEAF TOBACCO. !JO. 184 PltptrT-BTRftT, J I .1,22 W A.tEB 81-011 I f -...:;;.._,:..........!.. ....... A- AGENTS V A N T ED. J. H. DIGGLES 4zi 00. 13& Duane Street, New York, .A.uAJn ... .um llAl'nlJ'.t..C'l'UJUIR8 or .t..r.r. EINDI-GI' I'AX O:t.r lUII'DD QQl'TOlf fiiXllill..:roa T BACCO 61 B ea-v r S t r eet,' i!TEW-YORK. Olden to r To.b&oco ud Ocr.Wu earetully e xeeutet 'lUI-lei II. L, OASSBR'l: 3. L. CIASSBilT & BB8., :J:JIWI:::E"'EL<>"V'B:J:it COMMISSION MERCHANTS JlerCIItile .L'i'D DEA.LERS ALL-lilNBS Or Leaf Tobacco, York. H. SOHOVEBLING & 00., Leaf Tebacco, 19SI Street, (aS'U) llew JOSEPH ScHEID 1t 4t Go., ... Nll7 Cut and muYJijg T.ubaccos, 7B BOWEBY, .NEW YORK. J M. BBADSTBBET & S ON, roprietom. "\'"olume of our Commcrc;oJ-Hcy o'..ts will be i s sued on the 6th January corrected to d ate of issue. 20,000 names adutu siuco last issue ) -L. 'HIRSCHORN & C SEGAES, .I.JQ) r Tl:l' :GCQ N O.IUO WArlm STRUT, St. ,) NBW YOR


6 I -'B. I Vll'l' 'lEl.lLXJ111, THE TOBACCO BALTIKOB.I ADVERTISEBE.TS ::2\bucrtistnunts. LEAF TOBACCO, WM. WELSH &:; SO S. ROSENF!:LD & .. ,... .. ... ., 'G. BJU.BBEAIB & SONJ L -ro.&ooo Manufacturers Smokirig T ba C Mufcbanb 161, 163, & 165 Pearl Stret, ( OORKER Qf l>UI STJIJ;ET1 ) CINCINNATI. HAB.TP'ORD ADVBRTIBEDlfTS 0. B. A. GO!O Dtiii!Win ox Qewlq, ilit.uag, a1111. Leal .TOBACCO, C. H } lfo. 111'1 Bt.1 O.F.Wme, S. D. GooDWIN. Jlartford. CoJm. BARNES & JEROME, Co:na:nd-lon Merchan'ttl, s'!: O "'-' 1 'E'GGERT;DrLr.'i,: 00:: JDV4 xnr -.P' ue ----.....-,....... B 4:8 \V&ID W Cl I tl (l!IUceetiOl'l to WK. J:GGE&T,) B. Wellb. JD.o. w. j ....._., .Anlclel aaaatu&J.r 011 h&ll4.. o. a treat, nc nna .......,. IJI < GEo.ll. llAllN!ls, HARTFORD, Conn." GUSTAV GUTE:, L. BRAUNS & 2C2 I No. 63 German StJ::eet, lruafactnnrol 11 LOUIS STRASSER, 82WE8T BEOOIIDITBUT, HAAS BROTHERS,. BAL 1'1MottE, MD., Importer of HAVA!IIA ... Dl&hJin DOJOISTIO Cmportera of D&ll.ll\8 ll'l T 0 B A C C 0 CONN. SEpLEAF T .. ACCO, I" 1 '-l'i: Allo Choice Branda ol r.-SDt. l'llliDIIIIIO %Jlll. OHEWDIG .AliD BKOKING TOBAOOO, JACOB ZINS &. BROTHER, .1'"'1. (111)-rll) BALTIMORE, MDe m.,.., lmporQa ot the b-iit JPLB, c. K&ulllactunn ot "-' --------,----.:_-and It !II y c Lleorlee Paote. For &lo, ;q lolA I< :1.8'1'eef, ,...... "r l"""f .A. .:::::1 First Collection Diwict, p. w ll FBLGl\tEB.. ult boyen, In bond or doty paid. ......... ,.,...... ""' ... Dealen _._ .... _._T_ll'_o_.a_o_, ______ co_NJf_. ::.::..:.:..:..::..;;.:.,!_..:....:..:..;:..:......,.._ ....... .... .,...,.......,., '"""'_,. ,, SCHMIDT & TROWE L,. ... ..,.. TOBACCO, cfc, CO., "F. Hh. BIRSCHOFhF'S,b L"'. h h & p Rac;Lu.Y l l No.-; Central Avenue, J. D. BURNHAM & CO., Commission Merchants )entsc er ta a it ograp ers nnters .-...a ay-. ro., CINCmMATI,OBio. i..ND OTHER CHOICE OF LABELS, ... DE&L b a o o o, ... a. a--._BY Bta IMPORTERS & TOBACCO fVhtwiug l.obatt.O CODlmlSSlOn Merchants, 233 state st., Hartford, conn. BUCKNOR, Mc:GAMMON & 00 TOBACCO .................. GEYER & mss, CommiMIOD lllerehanu, AND SNUFF. LEAF TOBACCO, DJULBBS IN LEAP TOBACCO. ALSO 0/Jloo, No. ISO Wet .FroAt trut1 T Q B A 0 0 0 No.6() SOUTH G.A..Y STBEET, Importers of and Deal era In Cigars, 381 Main St., Cincinnat!, 0, Opplolto l!tldp, &liD {!:10-271) BALTIMORE, M01 Pipes, Snuf'lboxes, ll.c. CINCINNATI, omo. IN ALt. DB8CBI'PMOlCI I Leaf &lld Jla.nufactured I' 1 1' I. W Strtllt and 18 N. Dtilawue !vetJe, lf C. X'CAMM.ON PHILADI!LPHIA. I .... STATI:S BONDED WAREHOUSE. ... lgnol'!l.,... Stoeko "Df .801111, withpn!PVJ11&' ..... Qo..,tnoll ... t u:ar. LEWW"'R1tEria"8 BOliB, 1\'toll*ale.D.-.Ia ietual Commission JoE:.osiPi. s.:naoEnm&'c'0::" 18 :N, J!ront, PJIK...t.DELPDIA. Commioion and 'lrilol-io doaleno !I! TELLER BROTHERS Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco and tJigars, JP1oolual !.tAF AND MANUFACTURED .., ___ ..__._ ___ or llCDan 1 a T 0 B A C C 0 ...,...UliiO.lli1IIII an ea era m tga.ra, SEGARS, 'ETC., 225 Raee St., PHILADELPHIA. Jllo. 474-and 503 N.. SecoadSt., BOSTO .a.DV.IB.TISBJIIBTS, '-'llreata for GaU & AX:a Toboooo and So off D.6.BDL B.. BBOWif, US. Ja. &DWD, 8 OOULSTOJI' A.. H. THEOBALD, D. S. BROWN & OO.t l(uUI'AC1'118&B 01" .ALL IUIIDB DII'O&TDII W.!IGI.ULB DALBR8 ur, l'auut.aaured lsba:tto COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Jio. 3 3 S..tll lc., BaiUm.on. WX. A.. BOTD. W:V:. A BOTD, .TB, U. S. BONDED WAREHOUSI!. De Van Mason & Co., 104 l'oydras St. 1 Bew Orleans, COMMISSION MERCHANT!=J, AND AGENTS FOR Virginia & North Carolina T.ihANL1 Mv3.r :rpp. mA.ila ou r.onshtnmente. (219-270\ No. 28 BA.RB.E STREET, w H. GLORE JR. c. o. aLonE. Baltimore, Md T A p GLORE & BROS DEPOT-Wlth GA A:x, & Kuc lll.Ea, Nos.173 a nd '1 175 Wter otreet, Ke:York. u-GB L.W. GUlfTIIER, AND .1. T. 8ULL1V .UI. !', A. PR.A.OtJ:S, W, J, DD!IIca. Kenton Tobacco Warehouse, J. T. SULLIVAN i CO., l'Om Iapeetloll and Co_l..,.on Sale 0 C?ENERMAL h t LEAF TOBACCOS, OillilllSSlOn ere an COVINGTON.-KY. 01 .ba.d TOB&CC9 P&CTOB, ST, LOUIS TO ACCO l/GJU[S, {f.!N:::= BALTIKOB.B, llltd. LEGGAT, HUDSON & co., to ':;!:\:l::! .advancement on Conolgnmnta KANUFACTURBRS OB' EVBBY GIUDJ: 01' G. KEROKHOFF & 00, WROLEBA.LB DIDA..LERS IN &tu. Jffll lhatto, :No. D South Cllarles Street BA.L::I'IMOBE. :Md. And General Commission Merchants. No. oO S. Gay St., BaUimo'l'e, "HIGHLANDER," d. W. CARROL Sole Manufacture r of theFamous ...c.en.o'll:De.d Brands of Y jrginia Q.Ktng o nrchue pacldng 8114 curing of new leal on comm1eeion. D. K. SEYM"OUR SHEPARD & F-DLLER, Commisaion !'erchants and Dealers in CONNE TICUT Seed Leaf Tobacco, 214 STATE STREET, Hart10 ... SISSON II. HATHAWAY, ... and Dealen 1a Oonnectiout Seed Leaf TOBACCO, 13 4 Main Street,. HARTFORD, CONN. 1126-188. R.A.CH D:uLXRIN Connecticut loaf T obacca, EAST HARTFORD,. COKNECTICUT. J. 0 R Connecticut Seed-leaf Tobacco, EAST RARTl!'OB.D, COD. F. L. & J. A. RADDilf, no__.._, ........... BlftTFr AJIID BEGA.JlB, J And Dealers In Ping and Chewing TobaceOe, No. 146 Hanove:r St Botrt;on. :Mannfacturere or the "Try'Em'' and uFree&Eaey" (116-1141) brandr of Cigars, G. W GRAVES, Fine Connecticut Seed-Leaf r o a "'a c co t ,Danbury, .Connect{cut W:,N:or.Loihand !108 cueo crop '84. u J '611. A.-A. ECKLEY, FISHER A CO., 'lUUnli!IJii.oU T b 0 M han It T. CLARK & CO., o acco "ere t, COMMISSIII .aERCHANTS, N. c. READ, Orders for Leaf promptly attended to. v A. UOMMISSION MERCHANT 101111 llllnl:llll, .... -II'IIJID ........ & ESTABROOK, IXI"UllTaBI 01' LEAF AND MANUFACTURED JII1DOLPB J'DI1Illll, JI1IIDIOiod JOHR FIIIZER & BROS,, i8 CBNTJU,L WJUBI', BOSTON. Jloa.AAla Ni.l!'man, I oa N. l!'llllliL Jlaoaallll:t1ln of .0. 22 CEnTRAL WHARF, ,, PLUG T 0 B A 0 0 0, t Q 0 :BOSTON. ... II 'A'IIIl'4 ... liFo CIGARS LEAF TOBACCO, 7' O..nawcial Memo HEALD & York. Gar--..... ,.. ........ ,. 0 t ,;t B pti.Ons-41 Me .. rs G. HEINEKEN & PALMORE, New York. I'IlO Tm.IDW ftJ&AOOO, ft---ti uUcii,J Me .. ro. PLEASANTS,. so::m, Baltimore. P'' LQ!af .. Kr.Jos THoMAs. wtt$!tll L ._flS: Mn. GARRET F. WAT,ON, Olllo. KJ.Iw 1'orkt RICHMOND, VA. 1\(esers. J. B. VENABLE .t. CO., Petl!reburg. -1209 --P, 0. Box. OIL


WM. P. BURWELL, H. J. GRANT & CO. Richmond, V a., L. GROSSE, 'J r I Leld'To'ba '.) 0 I' :1..3:1.. PEABL STREET, .) NEW YOBX. J:lfJt. I 1125 Front-Greet, (;ommjeslOJl -ercha.Jita KENTUOKY LEAF ,TOBAOOO, &c., DliLIIB Dt TGaACCO PRESSER&. Tobaecopnne4mbal .. tor\llowm::Edlrol. 33 Broad Street,. kaD,.o.w.J, 4merl .... AD4 o'blll'IIIUUIL 4-G:B.\.000 -, .A.cxiD Ill BOGS r ank Tobacco: 2 -------THE W. Harrell, a well known tobacco dealer of Cin cinnati, died on the 16th inst. The tobacco factory ofThos. :M:ann, at Canton stat1on, on the K'elltueky Central Railroad, was recently destroyed by fire. Loss .7,000. LADIES should bear in mind that all the loveletters they write to the cadets at West Point in the summer, are ex ohanJled by these suseq>tible Mfohl in the wi.Bter fq! 01._... y fm; the Jljli aiider OJl; Dts II a by fine tobacco in cold water, and applying it with a bit of soft cloth to the plant. A l.aDlespoonful of to bacco=tn one pint of -water ln the new tariff for the em pire of Brazil, that came into operation on the 1st instant '(July),-the import duty'?!! raw tobacco is fixed at 405 kilogr., and that on .ciglU's atr 2,333t reis per hundred. T o BAC C 0 LEAlt'. "Fao K 'l' DA,T IfA!Ili'J SJ;MLII BE' TAKEN TIIAT wmc ii HE HATR.'Vict o r Sou terre, :Assistane. Assessor of i nterna l rev enue. !11scovered an itineran& ,cig ll.oyal street, bet ween cit Louis and Conti ana a.s tJ?ere was an nvasi.on of the internal rev enue in the manner of dispo s ing of them, Mr. Souterre seill!ed the ho le 1:1tock in trade, four hundred and fift:r cigars. The had D O stamps, a.Qd now he baa ncith e1 nor st_amps.-N. 0. R epu blican.


r: THE TOBACCO Anhui GiJender 8/, Co., LICORICE PASTE PASTE I l ', _.'f) '}J.,Jt of HoYT and .JoaN F. FLAoo. No. 404 PEARL STREET. NE l'ORK, Manufacturers of all }tinds ot FI'NJ: CUT !CHEWING AND SMOKING .YoU .lll)i&S()JI 00. lfAUFlCTllKMk-' \)f 1'MIIo. TOBACCO, li6, and 111 LlBERTY-BTREET, 121 CEDAiSTitl:lrl, t !IIW-Tmllt __ !.._!_ ---llanufac:torer or ailkinde of CHEWING AND SMOKING I TOBACCO, 159 ,Ludlow Street, New YtJI"k. WM. H. GOODWIN & III&.. ... UF.A.OTI1UU or ll&.aft .TOBACCO, Tobacco, Snuff &-cigars, UD Dti.UIIi II! UIO llltlle o UFF AND CIGARS. THOMAS HOYT & -CO. -.,........._... and Fuoo, ...... !UCCEJSOU TO a.9 r, FLAGG eo., e D STREET, 1 LouJSVILLll, i('(,( OUI. BRA D Fine tCb .. SUNNYSIDft, 1 l : ,IJIAA;t'1s I SWE&'l' NATioN Ail, 1mb. JIAV.UA aoco, or ', 8TitftT, :f .-w YOBJL E. SmlTGA.ltN & CO., 1 c D:8ALEBB IN Uiit Tobaooo & Segars, : 8 aUaLUIIC 8LIP, I ..,. ... I'JrB-.62'BD2', NllrW'YORK. lieletoo!'York. ; ae111nn or &lle. n.u....._.I(Jele.,.,._ w--..oe A I DAII,K. .....,.., .. .,......, do., lloo. .... Hla ........... .. .,...,..,.,.,l(L ...... 10.. ---.10.. ----liUUeiiT. ,..,, Ill. 1 :: .. TICE. IWIW.I.-01' e-cut Chewing and-Smoking TOBACCOS, Ill 1: H6 Duane-at., Be..--York. ....... 11 IM flttifoLacco. .... .II ... 'lP'ATBR-8'1'., I IIWftll. J liNGS (0UNT1 T'B.UtO .WORIS, r :":i'l'!!-- 1. s. qOdLASS, lfanotactF of all klndo oC flNE:cUT, CHEWING, AND SMOKING TOBACCOS- 'I 28; 81 ,j 83 .Lo.Hme1 9.10-281.) WILLIAMSIUACH, N.'Y,f l.oaetda Tobaceo Work!ll.\bd 8etfar anafBetol')', o. BUC1HNER, ... r to :Bonzrcrc.Ecx. .i TAUSSIG) MANt:'F ACTURER OF If' FINE CUT Chewing and T obacGo AND CICARS, Delancey _!t., New 1 ork .Maon!acturer of the follo\ving !Jrands ofKn.uCKINJCK: Pride oftb.c U.S., Baie Ball, Winchester, Virginia Leaf, Lyon, Grecian Benol. Improvement, Rapp& h!nnock. OIBCULAB TOBACCO BOXES, I 1 Ffotented Aprllll6, lllll'l'. A. HAMMACHER & CO., Agents. 611.BeeiDIBD lit., N.Y. & 00. EXTRA. Tobacco manufactwers td the trade i general ar<;J particlrlarly requested to exa mine and test th e superior properties of this LICORICE, which, being now brought to the big}lelit perfection, is offered und e r the 1\bove style of brans. We. are 1!.1ao SOLE AGENTS for the brand .. r P. e. r Ackiiowledged. by Consumers to be thll best in the lll8l'ket. And for the bran,d of Sttek I ''&.B. In all respee equ3.1 to RIA. We are also AGENTS for the brand r r Cl. z-., which will be found constantly on hand. Licorice Root, select end otd!nary constantly James 0 MoAn drew, 132 FRONT STREET ., 0.0, Bo"' 28, P. 0., N' El -ogv' 'Y' 0 R. 'I Exclusiv!J Agent for the Braad A. is now readv-tJ I SJWply Tobacco Manufacturers and Dealers ; With his recently improved make on hand. .f:uties will find it to their to GOKEZ WALLIS & CO., ascertain prices before purchasing .else-' t9 & 31 Sou'th WIWatn St. h P9STOl"FICE BOX \ V ere I I 99 Pearl and G2 Stone Strtwt1 t N 1: W 'Sf 0 It K, IMPORTER I OJ' SpanisJt I NEW JESSUP & IIOOB.E, 1.28 William Street, N. Y PAPER WAllEHOUBE. lobauo & Wrapping lapm LIClUOBifJ.E. PASTE, BZC.BLSIOB MILU POWDERED. LUiUORICE, 1 GUM Altll.BIC, SEALING 1 "W' AX, OLIVE OIL, TONQUA BEANS, I I ADd ether PIATorlng!, for Tobactonlate' uq, for Bale by WEAVER & ITB:UY, I :1Japorter11, I I !101. 130 and 131 Water St., (Cor, l'L'<,) NBW YORK. 'TOBACCO fOIL & BOTTLE CAPS o. 38 CBOSBY STREET H New-Y F. W. BECK cir-CG.ii We beg l. or tobacco per dny, accordlns to alze, with &a-1; eqlag


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