The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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""r /J I, .111 >rll [ J 'ff:}.'i) ,f: J ,, ;-L. j I f) 1l\ (1;\lJ,8 I T I o f th e ........ .URi ted .. targest: Trade ,..., r i A'J"J'..> 1 1 Tobacoo in the' W9rld NEW ;1, YORK,. AUGUST 2 5 t l86f:i: TEJUU OF THB P.&.PBR. I Fischer, Frederick; 2 Hanover Buildlas.J Single Uopleo .......... : ...... : ....... 18 Cen"to Gau, J. S. & Son, 86 W&!l. Per amtam. ................................ *" O s borne Cbas f 16 Old slip To.Ba&iand and theCattadu; SI. 04 additional per "'-der v o. .,:_ .,160 Pearl. ... .. '""" Te lloe'nle, U.mburg, 8od the of Shack A, uq Water. :Barooe, 'l.li8 addlllonal per &lltlllm for J108l.age. Textor, C.J'-. lU Water. '!iAuitralla, ete., ts.ltoddiUoUJ per annum for No ordere for the paper eonoldered, liDleao .,_ companied by the <> amonat. Ufti' OJ' '.l1)V'JillTme. l oqure (t !Ddt)'tor 6 'toontho ............... : !t I oqaare (litlcb) for lyear ................... 40 aiKer advertllementa In the oame pldrtloo, but DOlle Iaten olllt. I, 8, 'or IDOre oqnareo. .J d'" on the e.r.t pqe 8168 per tnelt be teo (}M-.jj V .A.LuEs COINS. Vfr.lict"-.............. $ 84,8 .. u }ljlli!l.!l .. .... !.. .. 0.24,2 \ ld. penny .. :.. .. .. .. 0.02,0 }rane e r fr&Dc ..... .. .. O.l8 -le. ............... 0.00,18 .Am tqdml>, flotlerdnm, lf""IIU""II'r17U118 OF TOBACCO. Buchanan & L;.u, 14( Water. Buehner D., lllii.Delancy !EdtUOI18ton, 8. 8. .II, Bro., 218 & 21 Duane. J. "'- 169 Ludlow. 2111 Duane. Glllender, A. & Co. 114, 118, and 117 Liberty. Goetzet F. A .; & Bro., 328 Washington. Goodwtn, W. H. & Co., 20'1 and Water. Hoyt, Tbpmu Jr; 40( Pearl. !.angeDbaoh C. 41 Co., 205 Centre. Lilienthal, 0. 'H., Lorlllard, I'. 16, 18, 20 Chaiubon. XcA!pln, D. H.'& Co., 'lf.-'19 Avenue D Mipkle, A. H, & So!lf, I iO. Water. !lleudecker L. B H8 Water; P.earl & 'LyoDII, 211 Fulton (: ; ', Piooeer Tobacco Factory, 16,'1 w awr, Scllllider,.,Joa. & CO'., 711 Bow 1 rv 'Walta. H 256 )!lut 1 I Arnol d J .. 186'Pe*rJ.' 1 Beuttbm11eller & bo., 96 Maii!Ma 11\. .llaeb,nenue. mel?who arc called upon tv the en' : oJP PLUG 'I'OnAqco. fo;rce the regulatiqns concerning Janufac- 111. Jlorio .or guilder, ....... .... : .... : ...... O.OQ.4" Brt'mnL ; 1 ; Lee, Wrn., 26:l Pearl. & Ebeli[tp. j Pearl. ) Mnrray & Muo I H & ).'Hi Nort" tnre1 of, and dealing in the weed, arc placed Ullmaa S.IJ. It Co., GQ South Water. in precisely this p osition. The law of July,J 868, : f oj' 1'0RACCO Heart c'. B. & 14 Sooth Wate I is, in' many respects, a harsh and tyranpical 1rtb. rix,ti!Mcr, .. P.'ISf lgrt. grote ........ ...... 0.01,0 (9) : Hamburt, Luhep, eu.-, 1m. .. : .... o.M,C f lt!Cb sehefim'g .... ; ...... 0.02,1 FoanGN WJ!IIDI'l'&;-.A kilogramme equals ll.204811' 1118.; a Bremen pfnnd eq1.11'1S 1.0j190,9 lba a J).amburg pfUDd eq11als l ,0679S !be. avOirdupois. J c" -' E>;OISE T"":;.-Fine-Cut., Plug, Twil!lt, Tobacco twisted by haQd, or retlueed! from leaf Into a cplldhion to, be con&umed', or otherwiM, pl'eparcd1 without u11 of any macbirie ILI,d being dr 'sY,I!UoM, and on all other kinds ef tobfkeo herein otherwise provided For, lllO: 3b,l Smoklqg tobaeco, exclusiyel7 of 'ot.em'fl!:..or o(Jaa[. 'Wj.tb[ the stem,; in and' so aold, the leal not hJving been previously' strippedr bltlfe or rolled, llnd'from which, no part of the stems !l&ve 9en separate d by elCtiRg' d rel!8ing, ... in any o&b!i)r eltb r before, c!_urtog, or al).er the prOCC!'B oi me.11ufa,turing; Fine-cut Short,S, the refuse bt tlne.cut , pe thoop:md.. D ue' manufactured ot topacco; Or anr eubsttf6 for ground, dry, damp, piekled oei1t.:l!f, other wile, of aiL tions, ,.ben .prepare, -ta; per lb. .A:nd when sold, or r&moved for use or cousutn ption, shall be taxed l8 &nllfl', shall be p\lt '!P ln packages a.Jid &tamped In the same ru&.nner as snntf TJ.RIJ'P.-Fo.eign Tobacco, duty SSe. per pound, gold. Foreign Cigars, $2 110 pel' pound and. 25 J>Cr cent ad Imported cigars also bear an Internal Revenue t.a of per lL, to be paid by stamps at the Custom Hou..,, {ReYenue, !j 98.) Smith, E A., uiden Hm 1 Stralton. Schinltt & tonn, 191 & Huneken, 166 Front. tliPORTEks S Danenberg .A. F. 41 Sidh ave:J. ,I Jacoby, S., 1 U4 Pearl. Pe.ppe nbeimer M., 83 Broad. .A. S. Co.1162 W..ate)'. IMPORTER!! Of J!AVANA TOD CCO, 'G arcia 11., J.aO Water. I M"ayorga, :r .M., 14 Cedar. 1\ltranda., Peorl. Sehrloeder & Bon, 178 W&te. Weil & :eo., <6d Pine. M.& oP illIFD. BrMbean & Bon, W W {'olnut 1 Hafer, Holmes & Co. 25 West Dul.l:RS II\ E.U TOBACCO. pesuden Henry & Bro., 161-166 Pearl. they are as impartial. as possible and never exceed the Eggert, Dills & Co., 82 Second. plairl requirements of the they are liable to be llf.!il&y Rich. & Brother, 115 West Front. 1 'Meyer Hy., ss1 Main. judged harshly by the trade for faults t 1at re'ally are Sengst.'k & Wemig; 46 W Front. in hereut in the law, and for which they should n9t &..&!IQI.e, [33 Water. ,. J GOetze, }'. A. -&328 \V )l.8h Lorlllard, ,P., 1 YoUDg Dugan 60 West Fr'lnt. held responsible. Thus, it will be seen how, I .JI.AJ, we complain that', iri many instanceP, house, Gre 'enup. 1 DA..NBVHY. CONN. the official& ?G-nott the t_rouble to. s_tudir the \}raves, G. w Jaw, and tp compare 1ts proylsions one DA.Nv:ur..E, 'VA.. with another. ; 'In. the second place, we that S. H. Bolland k 'Co.' where they do undertake to interpret its provisions, Pembedo.n J. 'll. -. DA. YTON, o. they do so in so. ifliberal and prejudiced a spirit Hoglen & Gtalllin, Pea&e'e Tobacco-C11tting as to make'their action more inimical to the trade than that of those who do not stndy it at all. We think we EAST HA.RTFOBD CONN, Cb R .A need not go further for an tllustrat10n of our ren1arks apman1 Signor J.. than the condnct of the officials since the present Com. HA.B.TFOKD; CONN. ::missioner of Internal Revenue oame into office. We KauuCTnzliS ANn m:ALEBS. have heard a !!reat deal since that time of an extraAdams, C. B. & Co., 137 State. Barneor & Jerome, 236 State. orrunary-acu t.-< ... ;r----et--C.-'-.Q...;. --+--am .I n (lo._J:.O...&nd 79""""1um been made on the and on the left-here, there, and 811:ED-LJCAP TQ.B.>.oao .. u :a,.<::no,.... Ha.aa Brothers, 282 llain. Linde, F:"O., & Co., 76 Greenwich otreet. Pease, H & z.1L,. 222 and 224 State. all over. The tobacco commission merch nts anP. TOBAcco PRD&ERS. Seymour, D. :M., and 161 Co111merct". ci.,.ar-dealers ofN ew Orleans have been made to" sing Guthrie & Co .. 225 Front. Shepard & Fuller, 2U St&te. "' lfAllll1UC'I'URII:Bl! or CJGAa aoxiiB. Sisson&-Hathaway, 184 Maio. small"; the other chief cities of the Gulf States have BUSINE&8 DIRECTORY Henkell, Jacob, 298 and 205 MQ!Jr&e. West!)hal Wm., State. 1 been unsparingly visited; the ping-factories in North W i-"e n--rge 26 Willett street. r W ood, rulf, Josenh S, 233 St'ate. d I 1 "' OI' ADTERTlUBI. '""" .,0.:._.,1r..;,.-, Carolina and Virginia have not escape ; even t 1e CrG.lJI 80X CIDAB. AND OTRltB. WOOD. .., a w .....,. .-., 'l Dingee, P. M., oor Sixth and Lewia. Flnzer, J & 18 Tbird. poor guttersnipes of Baltimore have been pounced I { nOGO WJ.UBOUSU. Rodman & Hepburn, 216 Lewis. Robinson, .A. L. & G., Factory, 48 Fourtb. llpon i Boston' has been deprived of many of ClWBT.-.u. 4 .G. W. GAlL II ,J I ." IJTH-IERMA,.rN; I I II I .-. ..... .. 1SI8WATER J NEWYORK 1 J ..l OO:IfPLETE A680Jtl'llllft Ot' ALL KnrDII Oll' f f J SBBD t:f.BAI' AIID II>ARISR 'rBA-CCGI t 1 Co;nstnntly on hand 'l a:. of Supervisor Dutcher, of this district, claim that he is not responsible for these la.Bt-uamed seizures. It ap1 -' I pears tnat the Govern!Pcnt, about that time, sent on several unusually "smart" detectives, who. went to work entirely' independent of the Supervisor in question, and proceeded by their e:ttremely vigorous, but scarcely comm ndable, operationS' to "make Rome howL" As is well know:ri, cigar-dealers were arrested late in the day, whenneither c ounsel nor bail could be procured, and offered the, a:lteri!ative l!aying a paltry tine, or, being il,nmured iu priso!l for the night. Of cou rse t. e fine was paid au.d the coutemptible objacp of the detectives att'p-ined. Theselproceedings,we are glad to say.' of the class of offic1als m th1s ctty, but the1r d1sapproyal did not replace the -in the pocke1ts (! \he or repay them fo the time. lost, or t.he iuconvenience We are assured by .the of Supervuror Dutcher that be has, so far' as as in his ) pqw<>r1 en eavored to put an end to these inde fensible p ro sec utioQs, and aifJled r:lther t_o the offenders who really and maliciously broken the law. Io so far as he ptors'ists ln this policy, we are that Mr. Dutcher will have the sympathy 'and of the honest portion of Ute tr:.3e. This section of it desir; to andronest l!'rrd impartial enforcement of the law. They ha' e suffered long enough 1i om the dishonestv -of the blockade-runner, and other violators .-f the statute, to wish to see come speedily and utterly to grief. They feel that they have a greater interest in the collection of the ta.x than the Government poss .ibly' can; aod ail tHey ask of the. Internal .rJ r D epl!'rtment is, that the, attention of the officials be confined exclnsively tothe men who seek to violate the law. So far as these gentry are l .. f stamped. It appearing that thev were ignorant of the law, they were disol1arged on the pay10ent of costs, WE learn that the United States Govqment has entered suit on tobacco tran portation ,against ,forty-two p e tsons residing in, and in the "neighborhood of, the town of Danville, it being allegeq they have violated the conditions stipulated in said bonds. THE Revenue officials seem bound to keep moving, even when their action-amounts to but little. They evidentlyoel ieve that it is better to wear than to rust out. What a pity so much energy should be Wasted through t)Leir neglect to first prop!l,l'ly inform themselves regarding the provision11 ot; the law! -,.--BEHUi D THE ScENEs.-Our is to the effect that it is not all sere"Qe behind the &efl'Qes in offi cial. circleslL The recent 11eizures here have given rise to bea.rt-burnirrg and aqjl when .diffeerit offi c ials make the mos t contrapictory state i11 difficult to know which ts belie e. This is preci.S.ely our predicament. TuE d<>spatut it is precifwly what the tobacco trade of the United States has to of to-day. ClPD.CerneQ.. we Ct:v .N .. hu.L.A... ouauti utJ"n'a Sirv.H ;-ue P '""' 01 Uommisswner and subordinate officials, take the the weed has advanced materially in this city, but will trouble to make a distinction between ;men who are hardly reach Lynchburg prices if the napers of honestly endeavoring to obey a'Q, obnoxious enactment that city are to be believed, which state 'hat a' lot of .and those who wilfully set it at defiance. Is our re-tobacco' was sold there recently at 1 Friend's Ware-q nest unreasonable ? house' at the rate of t3,150 per .hundred weight. They do not state how much the party pought at this MINOR EDI-TORIALS. I f A R;ELIC offer$ Jhe stump smoked by Gtant for 1!15 of a cigar price. We suppose, with a little :figunng, an ounce might serve ,as a foundati011 on which to base the f!tatement." .A.gMw ,n.,284 and 286 Frenhtreet AI 1\!JlllOliS. Main. its "YankM notions" in the tobacco line, .Allen, Julian, 1 PM m lra I ar, u "'' "' .. and the. trade o New York bas been made an exA dangerous counterfeit 2llb. tob .. eco: stamp bas Baker, B. C. B\m w .....,,, Cia .lit aiD!IoSS IT-&u&, peen seized at Keokuk, Iowa. .Belden, F W., KS Water. Flcltmann & Codo&8 and 60 Rel\de. Grant IL J & I .. Ea.s,t State. ample and a warning to the rest of the country. Now, WE understand that it is the desire of the who are prominently interested in organtzing the National Tobacco Association, tio establillh' a headquarters in this city which shaH be the resort of the trade of all sections, and where a responsible person shall be stationed who will all edqairies eon earning the interpretation of the Interrial Reveaue laws, and be able to gtve such other infcii'Dlatioo as may be desired. There will also be a collection of all works and documents relating to tobacco, at1d every :r_mins taken to make the New York Bureau of t.fle National 'Tobacco Association a HoME FOR THE TRAil&. :: "&. 1 let it be understood that we do not deny that these nuOvER 900 .cases of Oonnecticut seed arrived here Bowlllll R. S. 6; Ct>., Bur)log Slip., 'Crooke, J. 1 as Crosby street. Armistead, L. L, merons setzures have been without a certain good eft'ect. from Hartford last week. Bulkley & Mool'll, h Front. Carroll, i. W." ,. h h fi A. B. & Co., 189 Front. .a.uCTIOlllt:USl or. Toucco, Jt:Tc sione, John w., 198 :Mil Indeed, the officials assure us t at t e revenue rom to k Cohn k Smith, 173 Water. Betts 6erar4 AI Oo., 7 Old Slip. b.cco in New Orleans has largely increased since the POLITE smo er at side of railway car-" Allow me 'V -""coo-cutTING lfACHINEBr. r. A.L .t;. to .assist you to aligbt?" old lady-" Thank Qoonolly & Bus, 4li-> .I f b P d d b 'tl th -Crawford, B.)(.. 41 Co., 168 Watj!'r. Borgfeldt& Degb11ee, M Cedar. Warren & Burch,l!8 Commerce street. commencement o t e seuures, .au ou ess e ,you, I do 119t smo,ke." 1 DeBruke"'r "Foote, 94 Beekman. \'O ... llCO LAIIEle. .' '11NEwAii*- i. moral effect on ev il-doers has been healthful. It ,would I Dohan Carroll & Co.; 104 Fron\. Jlatob "Co. 218 BrOI\dWay. w. A., 874 Br'oad. be' str-ang", indeed, if in such wholesale confiscation 'h: wiH be observed' by Leaf malet report & Vandervoort, ll'1 Water, ReppeD.beitller, 1. & Co., 21 North William. Campbell, Lane & CO., 9A Broad.. h h f "' d h b :"" b"' d' DiiiB" Oo., 175. W;aW.. .. I Schumacher .tJ!"llnger, 2 1-2 Mur!a;y;. I l'O'BW OB.LW:A.Itl&, r... some blockade-goods had nqt been caught in the official t .at. tb e.::l -saleqt 0 dt'4e IS ewg seen ere lD l Ch J3 &-"-lill "earl li' f th I t l u. "'"nJs eu, es an recmpts:. 1 1 1 "' --" .... ..,...,, ., 'I'OII.I.COO L.a.nL rarNTSaa. ,.., Callawa y & Jobnll10ne, Gt'aveer. net. Bllt bas not t e course o e n erna ,uevenue .,............ A PADUP.A.h correspondent of a Cinciunat.i paper &7(/o., 70 and .'l2 Broaa; 1 Brown, :M\ B. & o.., !lll Willi&t m ,, De Van & M.u...., PoJd$8. .t._ 1 '' b It b tra '1 I i "Of th t b th Pad h & ]Jro, 160 Water, 1 !o&Acco &ULlN& wu, ---. Department, to secnre t ese resu 8, eenvery ex Wfl!: need a complet;e Directory of, the Tobaccp Trade says: e o acco grown In e uea regiOn, t.. 1 1 1 ,;. 1 mnuer w. & Cp., 1 .f. Yomi&, Btdldinga ordinary ? To punish ; a few guilty the}' of the United .St"te.11, it can Qnly b': properly pree!Y "--"-L--,1... w : &.Co., 1to;p ... J1. .: t ucla."' leized nearly the entire ,trade, and-have put to grea, pared,. under ausptces of the Natlonal Tobacco b h d N 0 1... 1 t rW B & e 211 p r 1 PRILABELPRIA.. 1 A 00 t' 1 ut t ere 18 a ten en y towa ew r e&DI1 1 t cos s Guthrie & Co., 225 Front. ..bten, ,ea ; ,.. Toubco wnmoll!lllf, personal inconvenience and lo s many honest men ; -oota "' I only seventyfive cents 'to send a hundrell pounds of .. BOyd, Fougeray &Co., &1 North %!rd. We have scores of cases in this ver.y ,city where this It1 J s in 1 ilrect a building tobacco toN ew Orleans, but it costs one blliKlred and lllll..., t).:'W. & Ce., 108 F-' IBOXKII. Buolrnor, ltlcOamiiiOn.ho\ltr .. wTiibter;t'rd. ;ment. We refer to. the actiorr of the G-'!vern.ment to inquire into the charges of parliaiuentary .corruption the New route." r Le.,. & lfewgua, 1&1. We\6. I I Je1811p I; Moore, US William. ,. .,. a h 1 Ihdbel.m, !li>'Oo., ao .. 1 Toucco BARRELs.', Van B. A., 17 & 19. Nortb Water. detectives ... They are men Wlt Pl'_lnCJ;P el in the of the tobacco cont.ract,1 bas come a ---: Lorillard, P., 16 lJII'ambers. 11, 1 ,1 Briggs, A. T., c 111 llP.tge111 Slip. Vetterlein A: Co., 111 Arch. who-are only too gla.d. t6 tum a penny. 1n this duty unanimous conclusion, that the charges jU'e no a p.royed. P tRRY North and South Carolina; llarcb, Prlcoe & CO., '91 \Vater. PATENT Cio!.ut M..!.cHIND. Woodw&r4l 47 N. Water. business, and too frequently' are in I I I ,I l --l d_ in recently, and bad an )(artin & ,Johf180t!J 166 Water Johu, 180 .ll, l32'Ma1doo laM. DUL1 EBB / rro. 1 b A STOCK company .of coloredmen bu .. recently, esVlev Delano u,pon relatiV6 Water, 1 nRCum. .a.&nc'r. Bamberger L. k Oo., a N.;rtb Water. keeping with their characte.r. Take, for e'Xiai;Dp e, t e .tabJisbedia tobacco factory in Washington, &nd already, to mterests of revenne m hts Ha d .., 'd 1 B--strc 'e J & Son 21"1 B!'oadway Batohelor, Bros. sso & 387 North Third. ger' Brothers, ).1 7 9 Pe.l\Y rl. ceo a..os lf""Nuuc'rlmERS or BOOTVB s111un. 'principled scamps; and trust it may have some army witliout a leader-powerful,, perhaps, indt'vidu-wh10,h 1t was stored was setze.d, and Hanco. ek arrel!ted .!almer & Scoville, 1 G ater. Wood R. J. G., 1?3 Greenwich. ffi 1 h t b Parker, B. M., & qo., .181 Peu' Ralph A ., & .A.r::b. effect upon their o Cia compamons, as w a can e ally but utterly incapable of united and eflkient action. and released on $7,000 bat!. The enLJre property Paulilscb, 'M., 148 Water Sampeon Scale Company, 240 Broadway.' lfAMuucrutu:R!I o:r nd 'c16All8. 'more demoralizing than .to mveigle into the seized in the factory amounts to 40,000 of r -If r' liA!'Iur""c"rVuu o &a ow cdiiB. Fuguet S. & Sona,' S. Frobt. com,hlssion of1 crime, for the-sake of earning a 'Paltry AT> the Bureau of the National Tobacco Association, maimfactured tobacco, besides all the fixtures. Ylatt k Nevton, 117 Fron&. 11 .. G. Winter, s .. PITTSBURG, PA.. fee for arresting them ? But this is not all. The there should be a Directory of the Tobacco Tr$de of the 1 l'rlce Wm. M. & Co., 119 Matden laae. u Allen, Julian, 8 Sixth Ave. United States, which should be constantly revised, to DowN ON THEIR LucK.-The Virginia ill:>nvicts are Jl,ea.d; isan c 85 Peart ; { 0. Bcdrosslan, 66 Pine ltlepw, E. & Oo., 81 Sxth. detectives frequently exceed their 'powers,:and, ensure the correctness possible. > Shall we have to have no more tobacco. Tire Richmond 'Whig says: :Reisman1,1, G. & Co., 1'79 Pearl Inllli.!.JJCE OO!iiPA.NIES. We,man & Bro., 711 & 81 8mith!leld. their surleriors to acts which cannot .for a it? "A resolution was sent to the Governor last week from "-Jomon, ){, & E., 86 Haided lane. ,C' Atlantic Fire, 1'l!LBroadway. ,.. h B d f D' l 1 H w 1 RJ and brought before. Commiatione.r Osborn on llil.) 1'43 Water'. WJLLIA.:MSBUHGH N Y fi d ti b t.-_::, Cattus & Ruete, 129 Pearl street. lfAN1lFACfUBEII8 ol!' CIG.&BS. \ In this connection it is proper to say that the nen s a charge of selling Clg1lrS rom oxes tu..t h..u not bee'n Fischer, Chas. E. & ... ao w-.1w, 'Gutb Gustav, 58 German. Dougl1111s I. S., 31 Lorimer .. ; IT is related of the witty Dominican monk, Bocco, that he had a great dislike to tobacco, aod that when onoe preaching to a crowd of Spanish sailors, he. astOunded ,them by telling them that theJ'e were no Spuish saints in heaven. A few, he aai.d, bad been admitted, but they smoked so many cigan that theJ ..otade the Holy Virgin sick, St. Peter set his witc to work to get them out. At length he proclaimed


that a bull fight was to be held Paradise. Thereupon every Spabiall1 exception ran olf to see the filht.. i closed the gate and took admit Spaniard. gates of diat, withou' St. Pe&er nier to ru e go to pTess, that flO' reslitppe to 'Rtehmond from this porti. The specul:tors are said to be greatcy excited ?n tl_Je subject of short crops all over the country, but tt wr tJe well tc7 wait for :lull information before 0 quantity of illicit tobacco 'tne 6tli 'Nbrth Carolina di trict. The telegraphed the f&t-t to Perry, and he sent special aaent from Raletgb to look up the matter. Hobson's factory he met a wagorl-load mannfactured tobacco from Feeble's factory, wtthbut stamps, which he seized, and then wen.t to the faetory, and, of fraud, se1zed the factory -,vith a large quantity ot tobacco. He then went and 1 eir;ed Hobson's factory with a quantity of tobacco, both manufactured and unmanufactured." action. There is no occaswn foF undue t;ory does not: i:Jtpl y I slightest wr.o!lg @D the 9.( thE! turer, as-, t?e a're lD tlie or ma1dn(l' seizures :(or mere techmcal violatio'ns of thll 1aw andllb not at all abashed when they find' ttJatJ not tbe Slr/ldOW ?fa SOD for their action. Who wouldn't be an offiCial wtth such irrespon!lible powe r THE TOBAdCO,_:M_A_:a_KE_T. 1 DOJt[E8TI,C NEW YORK, AUGUST 24, Mr. J'. V'f. SroME, of Calloway County, Ky., has just reWestern Leaf.-Our market bas undergone qmte a ceived letters patent for a for the of cban(J'e since our last. 'Regie buyers have apparently cbewinjftobacco. This when ready for wtll be left :S, and tbe sales are once more in petty parcels for made of clist iron and wtll be about seven or etght feet shipment and to, the home trade and speculators. long. In front is a revolving feeder, which receives howe;ver, sum \lP ,1.293, hhds. for _week. the tQoaeco and passes it beneath the lever. There are The market is f11ctors cla1mmg an three cog l wbeels two of them sixteen and one twelfth advance although refresning rams 1bave visited the inches tho combinatwn of which forms the Ohio tegion \ On tlie upper Green &nd Cumber power of tAle and is sufficient to press. the to land the drouth generally prevails, and many disoacco to ita minimum capacity. The pressure IS patches are thE! prjce o lated by an adjusting wetgbt upon the lever accordmg or withdra:wiQg hom sale. Th1s fact, and to the texture of leaf in process of expression. As the the of swe t cu tting, leav es little desirable expressed tobacco passes through the press it is cut off stock for ors to ''select from, otherwise sales at the farther end mto a six or eight inch plug, as dewould have been larger. Receipts stead1ly diminish, sired, the' knives, of which there are two, being reand are mainly of'' At111 17 Aug 14. 1 ., spoiled andoecome worthless, and the question is asked, t nJ., 700 41tds. 1,293 hhds. t how tbex can do this? In reply, I Have to state that ad vices from Virginia again stamps have once been attached to packages of represent 'the as decidel y upward in its tobacco '' and cancelled, cannot afterward be removed tendency. stilt p1evails, and the tobacco1 and to other packages. The law 1equires all1 crop will not exceed tbat1of the famous short tobacco to be stamped before being removed from the year 1839, wlr.en only 30,000 h'hds. wme insp e cted, _the ..,lea r was, tually obliged to do so, J;te does it at Ius own option, Virgmia leaf will be cbtefl.y felt by the manufacturers :md at hi own r1sk. Thts office cannot redeem stamps of chewmg and smokin/t tobacco, and the great trouble which llave been once used, nor guarantee such stamps with them wdl be that the p1ice of those will as are affixed to packages of tobacco until the tobacco not advanr:e in 1 p.roportiont to the adva.oce in leaf 'is tindlly donsamed, or even unt1l tt is sold, and This has been s hown by the expenieuce q f the past out or tli:o han'ds of the manufacturer. ""'!Vhcn the eighteen months. It has been found to be a comparatively al1l affix:ed to the pacK:lges they become 1 easy matter to tproo ,tJ:t i)r cef 1e f up even in the part tberdof, and' can :fteither be again used by the face of a fiat maikeF 1 for manufactur e d manu t:acturers nor redeemed by the Government." tobacco but 'ihe fatter bas f a iled to rE! pond, and the > h h b I "'l "' I I ---manufacturers ave t us een J J aceu m a very un :Mr. P. I:.(mllard, of this city, has rE}ceivea the follow positioq The in<:ubus.tbat has kept manufac i1rrr letter-from CQmmlssioner ".Sir-You,state tured tobacco down 'wl\Ile 'le!\f ))a gone u,P, br.s bee.n yourll&Cter of tlhe 26th ultr. that you sell y,onr the o ve rstocked condition of foreign nl.atkets, and to iu your who are d,ealers, copse9uent ap rthy of tlle usual export d e mand. The and -who 1 destre tQ be considered by peri\OJlSf who man'utauturJFs) Iiave' tic e n writi g for" months to' their '}1\trchase }!Oilr gqQds from tbem as manutactrorp.r11 of factCirs here to put up ptic c s 1and hasten sales, but the 'the sa.roe;-that yoU; the brand up(m latter. ha, e been unable to comply wit h their request. the facwry c)is'ric'< number, gross, tare, a.p: pet Export )s ;wi!uJtl 'Hot' lind the ri se in leaf, great ail we1 ght, and a;he 11811al notice, omitting your name and it b&s or of the patty wbojll ypu se)L puces Such has been tl:.e stkte of' affa1rs for .a: mmng tla( party the of the brand, lon(J' time past, but this spring bas inaugurated appareDtliy>"the manufacturer owner 1?f Factqry rather bette't fee,ing. I{/ consequ('nce 'of the taking N 0 1, 4th District, and tbat thiS p!lrty desires you tp effect 'of' the stamp system' of paying taxes, ana the -: 6ifli't. f1''0lll the o_f tp(\ s gradu& l unloadmg of fore1gn stocks, we no 'If begin tq aud d11faoerbt:'llanllf'L the same by unpressmg uppn 1t daylight. '!'he prtee of manufactured tobacco 1 faoe a lwJ initl:tls only. 1 I replr,tJl, a hlls11i 'e'Bdily adranced since the rneJ:tinnirJg it ot the law tha,t the. nd thosti on vets who 'Cotne' he e : qnired would the tmmessto g t>. obaeco at last year's rafes will fin that any Bealer who qlll.Y, be the prowtetor .a. ?ran sadly mistaken. Still, even wit'b [tlie?&d 1 /}f tobMoo .. 11, the BU f I I '" d'' I h l. d h h 8 b d W b J A as recent1v adJn 10at u m t e opened. a new casu tra e w1t t e out an est Ul l IS. pl .. u-rt Trenton, N: J'. A man they have been .forced into tlle 'leaf market at a time UharlQ!i, ot: Citr, had plraB. ,guilty to when theif purchases 10nly-were neededr,to:keep it nl>. u of the)a:V The Court Thus had they been abl.-rto remain.ina&ti-ve.tbYougbont lQ att:ord the Dlstnct-1:ttorrley_ an opthe leaflmight h,aver fallen,' so that the po 1 t,uW,tJ of the facts a!ld t11e short-crop speculators could not have advanced the a hei-riSOners counsel, which, tf.true, the price'aJ high as tbey nOW hav'e it' in their-power to do. would prove tl_1e to be This policy, however, their necessitieS:wtuld not per the g 1Lty pa 1t1es, and IUOt the prrsoner at tl:ie bar. mrt them to follow, and the result is that leaf1has not F 1om testimony gH en by the Govern.ment _detec fallen, and the ahort-crop new, will send it up again, it.,IWP. rs,that one Nettles'!np,actm"' on hicrh as it now ts Thts ts ce1tainlv to be regretted. It infOlmd.tion furmshcd Hornbiow p.rt.s a stop'1for the time to auythmg like profitable er detailo;d ylY,O (}overnmrnt named Applegate manufacturing where it does not close up factories alto a,;d J:.o work t 1e N gave gether. Thtl irgima manufacturers wb.o are selling Applegalje oqie1s to see m H_udson Cty,. and for cash may not feel the pressure 1 yet, represoot }+imstolf as a saloon keeper w Newark, who, owing to the margin which these transactions give heariog that Ever:; was selling "l?ose" cigars cheap, them, but even these must soon be exhausted, and their had tQ. pnrcbase some f_rom lnm. .Evers consen prospective'}lroiits -will vani8h into thin air. How lit ted to them for *2 40 per 100. drank and tie there is doing here, and how little sncb extrava plave market bas!!till the' scarc ity has very httle, If any, effect on the kets accord mer to his owra statement, and the men went market. ''Vere he demand as large as before and duro Hudson c1ty ,at the. appointed time a_nd bought 300 ing the war, these light rece1pts would have sent prices ''loose" ciaars, tor wlnch pa1d. On the next up" higher." This one fact speaks volumes as to the occasion iifettleship accompamed Applegate, the latter present condition of the trade, and shows our manufac baying only 100 this time, whereupon Evers was arrest tt'ITinafriends that it is of little use urging factors ed The affidavits of the saloon-keepers set forth that to sell at paying prices when the demand for the was nnd?r the of liquor, whet;t Appledoea not exist. / brou!lbt htm into a prtvate room and recetved the .&ed Leaf.-Iras& week was the dullest that the seed ars 'nle 4etectl.ves swore he was perfectlr aober. leaf trade has expe-rienced for a long time. We bear 'Tge thoo read the stat\tte, wh1cl) fixes of only 156 cases being sold, of wbtch 100 c-ases were r1 rr I P 11 1 r old tobaoco The tranaactions compare as followam"\h those 11inoe May 1: Week lllnB IIIIJ 8. Kar II. Ka:r II. ] ,444 C1L 883 CB. 5'76 cs. laMa. JaneU. lnne19. 448 ce. 1 ,291' ce. 158 ca. lalr 1. 4aiJ 10. JuJJ 11. 452 09. 468 Cl!. 1,153 CS. -81 ...,.. Aug 1ol 3!J cs. 808 368 cs. 1:515 ca! Tlle aetails of tlie sales "were : 50 is. 1868 ConnMti6'7 CS. old Ant. P. Parioa, t clo. do.; West & Co., 1 Winnington & 4 do. do ; Hart & Co.t t : 10 pkgs. red, $9@12; comm on to fine spangled to yellow, to good lugs, f6@8; ; goodtofioe,$11@14; ira:inia--comno.on and frosted good lugs, 87@9; com *8@10; fair to good shipping for the week 9 ;, Tot11l. 1 1 I r t Ltverpool: A07 b"\14&., 321 pkgs. "; I I l 'I of I .. I .. Bremen: 286 hhda ., 6Z ce. 2.90 bales, s cs. cigars. Stock in warehouse .......... ........ Valencia: 38i} hhdaL 2 bxs. samples. 1 Importations -'-Coastwise 1 121 hhds. etems A. SehuGen:oa: 1203 hhds 1 > :> rr" DiacberWCO\, 31hhq111 tobacco to Bor.friger Bros.; 2.5 London: 7015 hhds. J 1 ibo:met pounds 18 cs., and, 6{ caddies to1William A. G!asgow: 76 hbds!! t s BQyd !& ,Co. Gtbraltar; 160 hluls. "'l !Manufa-crurw -aeti.-e for Copenliagen: 30 -bxs. J 1 black pounds-; I!O&rcely e. DOMJI:S"l' E xiPrs. ... r r lqt tq \leA n ad less than 28c. Bond receipts light fqr the _,. ol A 1 'i' 1 A. 1 The rece1pts of,tne week have been l l,321 hnds.; g,U-9-Q, ', Freigltt8,:_For Rotterda,rl we. have the ,a d cs., 5 bls., 1,9S6 CIJ., 138 U.T SJ)u.ff, 90 b 1 xs. do., con11igJMd tbelAdmirdl at 25s; for .ADJ&terdam, the Okarlrllte, to as : V" COm a f t n w & Sheffield, 29 d().;J. D Keilly, Co., 48 do.; Dw ..... Rhan & Co., 35 do ; Drew & Orociqtt, 3 do.; Norton, .; r .,Slaughter & Goo;, 29 do.: John K. Smith & Son, !s dq.; 2 pds. pJ1qllng leaves, new, ts 25@11 W; 6.hhdBJ logs, M ll & c '5 -d II: L p d B ,.._,. $6@7 75 ; 6 1ce, 28@30. By the Star Union and N '011al Lines: C B. Fal CINCINNATI, Auo. 21.-:Mr. PRAGUE, of Messrs. lenstein & Son, 22 bbds.; Jo'bn K. Smith & Son, 2 de.; .J. T. SuLLIVAN & Co., reports: The leaf tobacco R. L. Maitland & Co., 21 do. ; Drew & Crockett, 24 market during the week has fully maintained the de. ; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 30 do. ; Blakemore, Mayo buoyancy and activity which have characterized it since & Co., 25 do. ; ,L. W. Gunther & Co., 3 do.; Bryan, onr late fair. Re<;eipts continue light, and sales are Watts & Co., 3 do. &mall. By the Empire and Allentown J,ines: c:B. Fallen CHAs. BODMANN & Co. report sales at their stein & Son, 11 hhds warehouse for the week ending as follows: 170 bhds. Baltimore Jnland Transporation Comp:my : A. S. of Mason and Bracken counties, Ky., leaf, lugs, and Rosenbaum & Co., 6 pkgs.; Order, 25 do. trash, viz.: 6 at *6@6 95, 29 at *7@7 95,27 at $8@ By the New York and New Haven Railroad:. C. C. 8 95120 attl9@9 95,26at.10@10 75,18 atlll@ll '15, Mengel, 6 cs; A. Stein & Co., 39 do; Gassert & Bro., 3 21 at *12@12 '75, 13 at *13@13 75, e al al4@14 75, 2 do.; & Noble, 3 do.; P. Lorillard, 2 do; H. at $ 15@15 75, 1 at 818 1 at taO 50. Receipts for the Schoverlmg & Co., '7{1 do.; Basch, Cohn & Co., 4 do.; past week were m oderate. Demand good. El. Salomon,:2 do.; Chas. & Co., 1 C8. cigars j Messrs CASEY & wAYNE, rroprietors, report sales E. L. Sanford, 1 do ; G, fi. & Co., Baltimore, 14 at tbe Morria ware bouse as f11l.ows: For the week end.: ing Friday, 20, were 2Mi hhds. leaf, lugs, anci By the New York and New Raven Steamboat Line: trash, viz : Tu day, I'7tb, '78 hhds.; Julian Allen, 6 cs ; S. Salomon, 65 do.; Stehel & Gtebel1 18th, '76 do.; Thm day, 19th, 46 do,; Friday,20th, 55 do. 19 do.; 1\1. H. Levin, 240 do.; A. L. & C. L. Holt 99 On Tuesday, 78 hhd11. leaf, lugs, and trash : '73 bhds. do.; Eggert, Dills & Co., 84 do.; Levy & Mason Bracken counties-4 at f6@6 95, 3 at 3 do; G D. Wendel, Wm. Horn, '7 do. r $7 15@7 65, 13 at $8@8 95, 11 at $!1@9 80, 8 at flO@ By the New York and Hartford Steamer Line: Selis 10 50, 4 at '75, 8 at *12@12 75, 6 at .13@13 'T5F bel'g, Cohen..& Co., :}l! H. Schubart & Co., 109 qo.; 5 at 114@14 '75, I 6 at $15@15 '75, 3 at *16@16 50, B. & D Benrimo, 6 do.; A. S.T Rosl)nbaum & Co., 25 2 at &17@1!1 50. 5 bbds; West Virginia-1 at do.; M H. Levin, 158 do.; E. Rosenwald & Bro., 15 81'7 65, I at $8 10, I at 89 80('1 at 810 25, 1 at tll 50 do.; Mrs G. B. Miller & Co., 5 do; C F. TaO', 12 do.; On Wednesday,l16 bbds. Mason and :{Jracken coun.M. Oppenheimer, 3.36 do.; E. Hoffman, 101 !'a !mer ties Ky.: 11 hhds. at $7 2o@7 90,7 at 88 2.0@8 f'-/o, 9 at & Scoville, 167 do.; A. Oatmab, 60 do.; Bondy Bros. $9@9 95, at 810@10 75, 8 at 111@11 '75_., 7, at $12@ & Schwarztkopf, 47 do\ Co., 5 do 1 12 ;I&, 9 a$ 75, 1 6 $14@14 '75, 5 at a15@ New York ana Philadelphia Express Propel 15 5e,. 3 at $16 50@!6 "1151 4 at f17@1 'T 75. On ler Lme. ().F. $ A. !3. Rosenbaum & Co., Thursdny, 46 bh\ls. Mason and Braclien counties, 107 do.; Schroi;.atJr & 1;3on, :j 7 do.; J. Leg!!ett 44 Ky., leaP, lugs, and trash: 3 bhds. at $6@ G B Wilson ;A o do,, 25 do snuff i Dodge & Cum tf 83, 4 a't" $'7; 10@7 80, 2 .. at 818 40@8 60, 6 .-ing, -'-O bxs. Conklin & Davis, 110 do; L lJ. at $9@9 SO, 8 at t\10@10 75, 6 at $11@11 '75, C10ssman, 50 d., 1 .A A A wnlheilner 5 b_ales 3 $13 25@13 \ 75, 5 at t\14@14 75, 4 at 115@ By the People's Ste!l;mer Line: Order 192 pkgs. ,!) -at $16@16 50, 2 at ti 7 50, 1 at $18. Qn CoastwJ&e f N orfolk, etc.: \V. P. Kit 55 hhds. l Maso and Bracken Counties, Ky., tredge & Co., J:81 pkgs; March, Price & Co., 106 do.; leaf, and bhds. at $6 05@ 6 95 9 at H A R. A. Ritchey, 4'1 do.; Blakemore, .ldayo & Co, $7 10@ 90, 11 at $8@8 95, 6 at $9@9 80, 6 at i10@ 270 do.; Dohan, Oarroll "&'fCo., t 392' do.; Martin & John' 10 95, 4 at all 25@ 5'0 ?5 at so n, 13 do ; Connolly & Bass, 396'8o.; J. B. Stafford & tllJ;Z5@13 75, 4 $14@ 14 '70, at 50 2 at Co.,39-db.,E C M0hl&Uo,2do.; O.'P.'Tiylor,' 4 t;l6@l625. I do.; Dub?is & 'V andervo?rt, do.i s. Rapp; 1 J. J. T.' & report: The offerings Hawkms, 24 do.: Lmdhe,m & Co., 11 smok for the vreek at the Kepton }VareJiouse were 139 hhds. tng; D. H. Londf>D1 13 do. do.; r ;r H. Vetterlein & 73 hhds asonllndBracken Qountie?-8 at'.$6 50 Sons, d dp, )21 pkg_s.; Appleby & Helme, 1 hbd.; @7 20 at $8@19 90, 11 *10@11-'15, '20' .at, 812@ P. 3 pfgs; L. McCready & Co., 6 1? 75, 7 at &14@l5 75, 5 at $16@l8t 28lihds. East do, II9 do.; Order 10 a; o_. do., 2 do smok ing. Virginfa-.-2 at tJio@I2, 12 at l15@20, 6 at, $U@:25 Coastw1se from l lii}Ot:e:. Wall ace & Co; at i30@38. 19 qhds. West Virtimal at 'l5 50, 'T 10 hhds.; Kremelberg & Oo;o}B dq.; Crockett &Drew, i7@9 50,9 at 81 @ll 75,2 at 12. 1{)1 3 pkgs.; A. S. Rosenbau111r & Vo., 6. A. F. Dnsen-oounty-15 at $6 90@8 90, 4 at 9@9 50, 1 1 berry, 12 do. Order, 24 bbds. I :. BY SalE! ATL:ANTA, G .... report 122 hhds. at $6 q5@17 tiO August 21.-Madi:et, firm 60, ; medium, 62f .@70c.; good mlldiu!D and tlnohanged. 23.-MarK:et' ftrm .ill\d goDd 70c .@8 0c ; 'iipl,l1 chotce1 iil25 25c full irlces. Sales 140 bhds. tfirni22 10, r F. ..... ...., 1 1 ,. .... o.r. K v ""'' AUGUSTA, -Q-.A:, AuG.I19.-;Me.sers. OsL 't: WILSON ().wu\ S J :f.E, TEN:N.,AuG. 19.-We the & CQ OOJ ooupisiion merchants as foll(J\ving aal,es at this market: I J. J. 1lhomas & ()Q. follows: r 'Fhe oJl'!)Qeipts of tobacoos liO"bt )n sold 12 hbds. at $1150, ll25, 10 25,9 95,950 8 S Breck 60c.; do. runmng lot.s, tillers, 100 @ mndge C!_>Unty lngs at $8 45 ; 3 hbds. Tennessee 12c., do., 15e.@40c., do. runmng lots, l4tc.@ low leaf-2 at $9 20, 1 at *9 so, 1 hhd. Hart 25c.; Pennsylvania fillers, .J.Oc.@l2c.; do. wrappers, le.afat 811. The Lo)lisville liousesold 15c.@4.0c.; do. running lots, l4tc.@25c. 35 bhds.: 1 hbd. trash at t!4, 4 do. lugs from Warren and Grayson counties at t6 80@7 90, 24 do. commoh BALTII'I10H .E, AuG. Zl.-Messrs. C. LoosE & Co leaf,from and Warren counties at' $8 60@8 9Q; commission mercbam;s and dealers m leaf tobac co re: 3 do. from Grayson county at ilO@ll, 3 do. from Bal port: n ,, -I oT II' at $10, 1 at *10 50. and 1at $13-. 'The Mat;yfand 1eaf the receipts are fair and Farmers' bouse sold 19 bhds.: 3 hhds. Owen countr prices well maintaioed1 considering the declme in. gold lugs at 90@9 70, p do. do. common cutting leaf at premium ana ennancehippers; yet all the 6&ln-Warren county common lugs at $6 80@8, 2 do. War pies offered ...qd. J>uyers. 'For Ohio we note a ren oounty medium leaf at 89@110, 2 do. Green county Jllarket; !!ales of200 hhds. for Germany. Ad vices medium leaf at *8 '75@10, 1 do. Hart county medium from Bremen report a very dull market tot this de-leaf at 11 o. The Pickett bpuse sold 2 )thds.: 12 hbds. scnptioq. N,o further purchases for account of France Green and Davi ess county Jugs atl $6 70@7 60, the past week. In Kentucky .w.e report a sale oi 20hhds. 2 at as 60, I at 19 70, $6 so, 10, f7 30 88 10, f8 so, leaf on pnvate terms. _For, Virginia leaf, market quiet, fS 00, $9; '7 do. Daviess county leaf at flO; $1125, but firm at quotations.' Sales smllll. Inspections tbi a tll '715, 112 215, $13 25, $13 75, 2 do. Green county low week, 9615 bbds. and 471 Ohio; total, 1,436 -leaf at s 60@,8 70. The Boone ho'use sold 9 hbds.: 1 bhds. Exported, 7'59 hbds. Maryland and Ohio 34 hhd. Mason Co. common leaf1at 19 10,7 do. Taylor Co. Virginia, 274 do. stems, !5 Kentucky leaf to Rotter. common leaf at $'7 40@9 8'5; 1 hhd. logs at $7. On dam; 81Qhhds.toHavre. Werepeatquotations:MaTy Friday, tbe Farmers' house sold l2hhds.: 2 hbds. land frosted, *4@5; S

3 tM at t6 7 ; 1 tblt Wal"len county lugs at 13j(l12 j medium ;Jui !!0 DO sales e rii't*"t d. at $1 Tennes,ce li!"af ay part o the latter to atve way. W s contmue to quote ; brio-bt :Missouri, $ ; fi.,_ brlRh.t Miss ri1 KeQ ""s R uQI i ; .!f a .!t1 .!jil ,.;g "!I ..; 'g 0 i'a .E I ft. i !-o i& ts 110@9"90, The E\ e so!J HI hhds.': 3 bhdtJ. Refuee?, light, 7tc.@stc.; heavy, 7-ic.@S!c..; tucky, and Virginia, Tittle or none e quote A AN A, G. _15.-Tbe scarcity of laborers for lugs at M@7 ... Hart county at $9 10, 9 401 l?af, hght, Stc.@9tc.; heavy, 9-!c.@10tc., medmm, Missouri and Virginia at $25@50. The expo ts for the manufacture of mgars tll_pake itself painrul-Stock, 80th :Tone 1869 10 25 1150 1 lql.f M iS so 1 bhd. cutting hght, 9c.@IOc. hei\ry, IOc..@lll!; good, light, JOe.@ the week h U b 635 bx and 582 pkgsJ Jy although tim fact IS not eenerally Imported ince 909 2 2'1'7 MOl 8, 8:5 34 15 5st llO leaf. at 1t houee sold 13 hhds., 10 of Ilc.; heavy, 11c.@12c.; fine, light, I2c.@l4c.; heavy, and the reoeT.t 21 lih._; Sterling Price & Co., 11 do.; Dam It .amount a tc_> 133,669,000. From 1he be!!inning of Auetralla .. 18 at t7 60, 1 hhd. ca. cigars; F. H. Gonzalez, 1 do.; Z. liag1, 3 ao.; M. E. eron Bros. & Co., 7 do.; Whitaker, Virden & Gray, to tbts 101,610,000 cigars were exported, ... :.: .:: t9 70, lJhhd. Breckiaridge Suarez, 10 do.; S. Hernsheim, 4 do; Witherspoon & Hl do.; Shy1oc & R.Owlants were 403 hhds., 3 1 bbls ., 120 cs, 426 I do.; Baker, Young & Co., I do; J. W. Booth &Sons: and the decreese of the cigar expcrtation is by F hbd& : .1 hhd..l:In.def'80fiCOUnty at 15 so, 1 bhd Hart 426 pkgs., 821 bx:s, 211 hf bxs., 72 qr.-bxs., 37 do., 2 tubs, I bx; Senter & Co., 2 do., 1 bx.; S A. means attributable to any Rucb reason buta.good deal ...... : ..... : county leaf at $9 20 to 812 50, 1 bbd. Breckinridge as follows=, Grantham & Oo., 2 do., -91 pkgs ; J. N Crouch & Co. of the tobacco in former years,' used to be con Gaemoe1 county le'f a.t tl3, 1 hhd.J?reckinridgeconnty medium By Rtver Boats: E. H. Wtlson f & Son, 53 hh_ds.; J. 35 bxs.; Tbos. Rhodus & Co., 37 do., 60 pkgs.; Stifel & snmed by_our cigar manufacturers, finds its way now ::. .. at t9 10, 4 hods. Mo'Lean county at $8, i9 20, $II, and T Bordeau, 5 L. Gunther 20 do.;.. R. T. 79 Be_nson, 1 c_s, N ortbern Packet Line, 6 do., 20 pkgs.; to the U mted States and Europe in a crude state there ue::' .... .... $12, 1 hbd. Ohio county it $II 75, 2 hhds. Ohio eounty do.; fohn E. Kmg, 29 do .; Howard & 63 do; Pnce, Harns & Co., 20 cads.; Keokuk Packet Lme 7 to be converted into cigars. This accounts fbr the Lagoo.0 ....... at IS 70 and te 90, 2 Indiana medium leaf at Fair(;lhild & Bingham, 7 do.; E. C. RQach, 3 do.; J. W. do.; J as. Mot an, 1 bbl.; Order, 2 bxs. present in the exports of leaf tobacco as-com. .. .. $7 40 and $aj}5. The J?oone house sold 4 h,hds: & Co., 1 do.; Kirkpatrick & Keith, II do.; Ash By the Pacific Railroad: Brown & Barron, s hbds pared Wtt.h former years. From the beginning of -this .. :::: ... bhds. Carroll ount.y medmm leaf at $6 70 to $9 21>, 2 Smif,h Block & Co, 5 dndge and change m smce rrgs, ? I .tllis wee a .fine lot Q( X irgmia mam{t: ctur d, em 34 tcs. tor purmarket. In So ih America! descri Gray1!t'ft -eotmttes, at 1t ; 2 med1utn !e&f, i9@}0 50; good, ill@l2 50. braoaog several brands of favorite stocks, quality nln nons, on tlie other h:\rul, there as been quite a county do at, f7 90@8 &5 ; 1 a hhds: Ind1ana medmm Sb1pp1ng off a htt e from the pripe pf last an e and all fully stamped. There was a fair attend and the British steamer Newt11n from Bahia has had 95 leaf, at ,*7 85, @9 e_o. week. Good slty>pmg at 'Fhe follo wing ance, bnt the bidamg was not very SJ2iritecl. Of 215 bales on board, while the ship Gelebritm, the ame 0!1 'I uesday, the PlCket.t house sold 12 hhds.: show the mspectwns at the variOus warehouses the cs offered, sample lots only 8old, aggregating 72 cs., as port, bad 3,048 bale s on board. Prires remain unchan D&VleBI connty lugs at 17 10@8llQ; 1 hbd Breckmr1dge past week: follows: 2 cs. Belle of ealiforma, 9 i nch li.,.ht pressed with a tendency toward favoring purchasers. g county leaf at $II; l hhd. Hardin county leaf at 40; M Inpection Reviews Total 60tc.; 2 do. His tori, I21n. do. 60c.; 2 , 4.";1l.@lllic;; g-o!Rl 58 and .f!fected The present IJtook on band is 1,88& tea. report, were sold at auction at good $17 50, 3 hbds. Green cou!ltY common at as 90 to? 90, lOs, 580.@650 .; commou do., 45c..@55c, maryland, 14 do. Kentucky, 147 casea Cavendi.& and pnoei!> oons1dermg the quality. Turk'ey has beea rath1 hhd. Owen county cuttmg at a21 50, The Nmtb 22)253 pkgs. Java. er qm. et. street house sold IS hhds.: '1 hbds. Owen county QUEBEC, C,m,, AuG. qnote the market ANTWERP, Au<>.CS.-The n a? s c. c.;. ea ar wor mg Virginia have been sold from first bands out of bqiiilt m.on is now offering is held 25; 2 hhds. Barren county common ,lugs 9 c.@\:.c.; }0{ki0f 90 warehouses. The imports are as follows: From Bremen, at riil1 s uloptl ana w ich can never be obtained. a.t *7 30@8 50. The Pickett. house sold 20 hbd,s.:. 1 bri c.. ht nlg :. f:ork 3 tcs. and 6 bales; from Hamburg, 31 tcs.; from n2}v. ro!.11.close tobacco fine yelloW', anti bhd. Metcalfe ooul!ty leafat 1:9 1 hbd. Taylorcoqn ,5 c @$io5 Y g c.., ea' ancy land, 58 bales; and from HOlland, 7 tcs. We sk R tear .., ;; .. 83 M 1 1'1 ty good;leafat llP 60i 1 hhd. Taylor good lhgs 1 1 Kentucky, I qual., at 34c..@38c.; do.,ll qual., at r trr J &t &7 10; county medium lea.faU9 90; SAVANNAH, AuG. 20. The inquiry is fair, the @33c.; do., III qual., at 24c.@27c.; Virginia, II qual.; 1 11\ qld scraps at $4 55, 10 Grayson lower grades being principally m demand. There is at 28c.@38c.; do., III qual., 23c..@27c.; MarylaJlt1 I J ,., n n.-r colrtlty i.t 89 for logs and $9 60 for medmm leaf; 1 some prospect of n.n advance in in consequence of qual., 31c."@40c.; II qual.1 26c..@30e.; III qual., Emhdtema; ffit(}n,_/'Palin'!)ra, and Cdfo-men. --:-We hhd. leafat $9 50 _,. I hhd Henry county lugs at $7 70; the dr uth in and North Carolina. The 25c.; Giron, toc.@$1 OS; Palmyra, 7 5c.@95c.; Hav&T not lteatd of a transaction in either sort de 1 bhd. Tertnessel'! leaf at *10 25; 1 b1fd. Brecken stoc oo band .. ls light, bdt "\\'ell selected. Prices con '10c.@l6; Y'at'll., B5c.@$1 05; .t\mbale a, I I, 1er,ving.of ridge leaf at $9 90. 1 tinue fir,m. Yf e quote: Common sound, old, 55;l:@ 60c.; and til qiJAl., 4 c.@J 60; fanilla td m 'firW"-an.c! Oi0a.--'Several in for the former ;Manufa ctureil.. market IS acttve and me!linm do., 60c;@65c.; tright, new, 65c.@70e.; fine to qual., $1@l 70; Java, 26c..@$1 30; *nd Brizi.l 25e. ror e to business, the prices ;gnces-are fuHy mamtamed. We uote: ya. extra fancy, 7!ic.@8'5c.; extra fine bri,ght, new, 85c .@95c..; @IiOc. ke4 OODSJ er too ij1gh. Our manufacturers [f):i o: and flt)e bright fancy, 90c@$1 25; Stultz AA.t\A, BOR UX A ;imh havedealtmfillerysortstoamoderateextent. NoCuba &5c. V a. me tUQl, onght, lbs. and. twist, 11 30@1 40 Fig leaf, -$I 15@1 25. Pancall:e, il 5o""1 DEA trG.b e to,baQOO,trw'1 ha' s be o .m. J v ... ..,_ d lb on !....: \!9 neglected during the su mer >m ntbs, \, li ;, 1 d b I l 70c. to '80e., a. comtli.on, lUI! an 4 s., .. e. to 60 SmokinrY-Durham Mc.@65c .l'' rutts and 1 "ry antu .o arn a s, an ut Itt e to be had. Va. fine, t lbs. 65c. to 70c., Va. fine light in 65c. by the in lb. drnms, soc: fa! business is confidentlyexpfibtOO tr t10t ol! the Continent have pre!!!ed1 9lnch, to $1; Va. extra fig and p-ancake, do.; CunonweaJth, s lb. packages, soc. prices of oT erLh American produce ManUla Czgars and Uheroots.-Tbe former dtflicult t1 to 1 20. Ky. una Mo. bright, lbs., 60o. to ?5o.; Ky. ---may be called nominal, in the abeence of transactions to and in cheroots the sales have been rather and l\fo. 'bright, is &nil 148, 62e to Ky. black ST. LOUIS, AUG. 18.-Mr. J. E. Haynes, tobacco from first hands. The ship Woodside, from New under the average. On the 29th May there was an sweet, 10s :).od -l!\ 6@(1. to 65c., Ky. navy) lbs. and t lbs. broker, reports as follows: Orleans, llas had 30 ti&rces on board for this port,..and aootion at Manilla of seven million s of ciga:rs, the No. -best 6 8c to 70c.; Ky. navy, lbs. i lbs. medium Th.e market was steady and strqng on Thursday, no other importatious are on record. South .American 2 Havanos selling at an advance of tl SO above the 60c. 'to. 65c. Fridady'; ale& ,77 rejections; but on .Monday and yesterday the feeling vorters and holders would hardly be able to sell except Esmeralda remains in the same unsatisfactory state. hlnls. a $6..10@18 q .A; o-ust 1s..-Steady; sales83 weak, and pnces were _not fully sustained, yet at a Negrohead an.d finest qualities of hhd at t4 55@23 50.. .Nh'tusi o.-Firm; sales 86 w1tbm our range of qllotattona. Sellers were, how BREMEN, AuG. B.-There is 110 material change the former sell 1mmed1ately on sampling at top rates. hhds at 13 65@2 L August sales 45 ever, to accept btde, and the rejections were in the quotations since our last report., and the demand lit Cavendish but little doing, quotations finn. hhds. at *7@2'i. .Av_gutlt !IS;=-Very firm; sales 23 few on Monday, and comprised littl e ov er one-third of is pretty well balanced by the supply, We notice 'rhe adVIceB from Australia are by no means encour hhds. at i'i 50. the offerings yesterday. In bright le a f but httle has sales of 78 tcs. Bay, 54 do. Ohio, 40 do. Serbs, 426 do aging; the7 mention languid markets and easier been done. A few hhds. ofrmedlllm and:fair Maryland, 134 do. V1rgin;a, 904 do. Kentucky, and of prices. LYN,CHBp'RG, AuG-. JNo. H. TYREE, tohave been sold, but Kentucky has not been saleable 20 do. Bay and 'TO do. Maryland to arrive. 'l'he pres-Stalk& and Smalls seldom asked for. 'bacco tllerc_hant, reports: BHDS. except a.t a loss. There is very little shipping demand. ent stock of North American tobacco is 51 tcs. Bay, Ios1>7ted Aug 231 Sales from Thursday to yesterday inclus1ve, 157 hlids. 1,538 do. Ohw, 156 do. Maryland, 811 do. Virginia, Virginia and good to fine s tlils 21st ug 183 -I at $2 60, 1 at $3 90, 45 at $5@6 90, 52 at $7@ 2,142 do. Kentucky, and "2,401 do. stems. The trans4-!d. to 10d; Virginia Strips-Common, mtddling and 8 90, 9 at $9 10@9 95, 36 at $10@19 25, II) at $21 50 actions from firSt hands of West India and South good to fine, sd. to 10d.; Kentucky Leaf_ Common, Decrease from last week 4 8 @28 75, 3 at $33 50@33 '15, and 3 hox:es at $3 90, American tobacco have reached the following figures, 3-!d. to 5d., middling 6d. to sd, good to fine 9d. to do b A LBS. $5 20, and $5 30. In the sam-e time 7 hhds. were pass viz: 235 ceroous Havana, I,416 do. Cuba, 20 do. Java, lid., Kentucky Strips-Common, mJ"ddltng and !!OOd Soldaslooselastweek,en mght ug .. 192,900 d db"d hhd d 16d A bl 114d C 7 d G" A e an 1 s on 65 s. at 92 30 to .,13 75, an 2 o. m a ema, 2 o arme n, 6 o. tron, 861 to fine, 6d. to 1ld. Marylaud-Brown aud leafy 6d. th1s endmg 21st :11g. 131, 700 b $ @7 o d 0 l d k B l d 299 d I f Th k ____ oxes at 5 5 were reJecte nr sa es to ay P gs. raz111 an cases see ea. e stoc on to 6td., hght brown and leafy 7d. to 7td., colory sd. were 24 l1hds., as follows : $28 75, $12 25, $8 20,$8 30, hand of the tatter description of tobacco amounts to to 9d Negrohead-Common non e middling none, Decrea se in r eceipts ofloose ...... ..... 61,200 "'7 o <=>5 50 .. 8 10 "'7 60 "'6 20 "'10 o $ o "'6 1 673 H 6 115 d C b 2 390 d J f fi 1 k b 1i! o ., ., ., ., ., 5 6 1 ., ceroons avans, o. u a, o. ava, good to fine Is. ld. to ls. 2d.; Cavendish-Common 4d. Receipts o rom m f h 8 (scraps $3 90), (114, $7 10, $7 10, $5 50, $12 75, $10 75, 7,926 do .Ambalema, 16,489 do. Carm e n, 702 tl.o. Giron, to 6d., m:ddhng 7d. to 9d., good to fine 10d. to Is. I d.; loose, and w1llltke Y contmue to a 8 ort 0 116 25, 116, 814 75, $6 so, and 25 hhds. r._ 4,104 do. Palmyra, 19,402 do. Domingo, 22,782 pko-s. Algerian 5d. to lOd.; Embalemn. 7d. to 1s. 9d.; Brazll in the early summer. The market jected at from$5 60 to $13 75 per 100 lbs., sellers and Brazil, 353 do. Porto Rico, 5,289 cases seed leaf, 91 do. none; Cuba sd. to 1s. ad.; Esmeralda Is. 2d. to 1s. sd. prices rule fully up 00 all grades. buyers somewhat apart in thetr views. Accounts conFlorida, 55 pkgs. Turkish, 53 do. Java, 423 do. German 5j-d. to Is. sd.; Giron sd. to 2s.; Greek ad. changed. 1 tinue to come in unfav<>rabl e about the growing c rops, Esmeralda. 4d; Havana Is. to lOs.; Hungarian 4d. to Sd; Japan NEW ORLEANS, AuG. 18.-Tbe market is still and our last crop pretty much all in, which causes hold CALCUTTA, JuLY i3.-The d ema nd from 6d. to lOd; Java 6d. to lid.; Manilla Is. 7d. to 3s. 3d.; iet but firm. The sales for the week have been ..545 ers to be lv.ery indrfferent about sellmg ; the prevail-try for American tobacco is very slack, and hazar deal Paraguay none; Tnrkey 6d. to sd; Yara ls. 3d. to 3s. as follows: 17, 18, and 'TO lugs at Sc. per lb.; 21 ing opinion seems to be that prices must soon advance. ere have therefore been able to reduce their prices. The 3d. Havana cigars 6s. to 40s.; Manilla cigars 7s.; 53 at lie.; 6 at 11-!c.; 27 at 12c.; 4 at I2tc.; Our Western manufacturers are now taking out more trade, moreover, remains well supplied, and, to close inManilla cheroots 7s. 9d. toSs. Stalks, duty paid, 2s. Sd. 7, and 2 at 13c.; '12 at 13 1c..; 1, 10, and 3-6 .at than our l eceipts, and. om stock ofleaf is bemg reduced voices in irst hands, lower prices would have to be ac w 3s.; Smalls, duty paid, 2s. 3d. to 2s. 6d. t 0 u 'total deUferleti.. .... Ill ,... 1111 ., = AuG 7 -Meel!l'!l. BRANDT's SoNS & Co. in tpeir special marliet reports for the ToBAcco 1usy;: Oor market fur_ American tobacco sinoe tile 00: ginning..ofthis month has remained in the same lifele1s s li.Bllas characterized it for several weeki! past, and we liave no sales to report worthy of any note the transactions having been quite in retail. AuG. a.-Messrs. BRANDT's SoNs & Co. report: Our market tobacco past week, both here and m LIVerpool, has remamed very quiet and the only transaction worth recording has been here of about forty hhds. Virginia leaf at steady pnces. lt seems probable that not much business will now be done until a fair assortment of leaf and strips of the new import has been sampled and offered on the market. In manufactured tobacco a fair btmness is doing, without alteration :p,rice. The U.rts into London consist of the Maria G. JJay fro11,1 New Or leans with 902 hhds., and the K 'W: New Y?rk with 80 hhds.; ,.L"verpool, the ...Polar Star with '135 bhds., qd with 266 ]lhds.,_ both from New Orleans. .. .,. LIVERPOOL, AuG. 7.-!-Messrs. WY. BRANDT's SoNs & Co by special report say: The market for tobacco week been also eitremely the sales havmg been verr trifling and almost by swgle hhd!. Marylands oontmue to be inquired after, and are saleable at full rates. In Cavendish a Clontlnued on 8e-ventll Page, TOBACCO DEALERS AND COMMISSION HOUSEtt Tbe &abeerlber beg s to notlfy dealers aod othen who have tobaeco; on band, to bo repackedl tliat he '" prepared to uoderl&lre tbe oame at the shortet notice. aod a so begs to stllte ble &lyle ot packing Is more compact and unlfor.n "'ban can be had elsewhere, as It 11 packedDy a new etylc of machine which .b.e respectfully mvites manufa.ctnTers to examine 235-41 A P .II:ARL, 29 Fu.lton treet FOR SALE CH.EA.P.-One Large Plug Tobacco Press o.nda. Set of Formo tb press Killlklonlck. Addreoe J G. G Olllce Toa&c;<> Lzn. 2M4t WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, beg to inform the trade gen erally that we have resumed the old bul.ness formerly carried on under the ll.rm name of Llndhetm Bros .t; Co No 00 Wa1er otreet New York Ctty We further bell to otate mat all b'nmd& or Smoking Tobaccos formerly owned and manufactcred by the above 4rm, are no" o11'ered by n_s to 'be trade. And we aak our friends, and tbe trade gen erally to bestow tbe 1ame generoue patrouage en the new that tbey vooebNfed u!e old firm It R LINDHBIK & CO, 147 Wa&er otreet .. A GERMAN GENTLEMAN, middle-aged, who knows thoroughly the Tobacco booineoo, and who is a good book-keeper ar..countant.t and ea.Jef!lman, wtshes an in any part of the Un1ted l:ltates. AodreoB C.ll.lll., No. 105 North Water olreet, Philadelphia. \


I GEO. W. BL.A.KEMO.BE. .T. H. F MAYO. .T.A.Iti'ES H. BL.A.KEMOBE. 34 BEAVER STREET, 15 Bowery, New Yo'rk. BLAKEMORE, MAYO I CO., uAV.ANA.ToBACC#Q, Cotton and Joseph S .ehei.der. & .Co. 'I -' IPL\NUFACTURERS OF THE I ., I .. _AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, I E_speci?lJ.y of the MarkLA ESPANOL_t\.' 4i Broad _Street, Nevv_ PETER s. MARCH. WILLIAH H. PRICE. EDWIB P. MARCH 'I Fine-Cpts; and Cut T,.t:Jd,e o "nd otar 6tf!Ok M A).,'.)B l I rHICE & I I .CO.I ,:,.l. f'obacce lnpcctcd or .Salnpled.. Certificates given for every case-, nnd con.} 145 Water Str' eet N ry I :.!f.nd bt'her fine. and populdrt 1J1:anils 'of s)ju.i'Bo I W Y 0 R 1 f ,,' st .. ntl:y o_n. !;land r) 1 f r' ol I I I I I f "" 1 I 1 ANQ AGENTS 'FOR THE SALE' OF THE \ '"0 IOBIDTT II&' 1'1'8 It, :'' DE GALES 1 M PARKER i U t n I:.": MANUFACT.URERS OF SEC+ Ali S, [7! MANLJ;I.l'ACTD;BED Ali' 'JlHE COTTON AND TOBACCO F:A.CTORS "'' I)./ : AND rrr.rr; r r KEY WEST ;BRANCH. DIJlLBBS IN LIAl' IIB4GGI, OF THE CBLEBRATBD l'RINCIPE'DB GALES :trWrorAa'TORY or' HAVANA. ,J.ND COMMISSION: MERCEIANTS, 181 Pearl Street, corner of Cedar, NEW I "-"coer oC 3. W. Carrpll'o _LONB 3&CK" ao4 ,.IIBOWN DICJI." t!lmoklDII: Tobaeeo. ) .. JIJDNilY r.. PJIIB.JlY, 1 Marchant ror the oalo of :SIO>'O or LEAF TOBACCO,,LEAF TOBACCO, 'DTJU-' c:!... t 197 Duane-street, Nfl, a &:.. !: 'LU.EROIH L. w. CUNTHER &. '?C!' G. w. HILlMAN & gtohaun IQLomntission Le TOb Tobacco & General Comllllsslon B..fiVIilOKBll.l.lLLJ>aacJUntoNsoJ' No. 143 water street, New York, -"t.Se"".uus"' "' "' MERCHANTS, U soLE AGEXT ron D 0 M E S T I C Leaf Tobacco for Export and Home se. l,r, AGENlS FOR Tml SALB OF ... ., I.IIPOBnBS o 9 No. 110 Pearl St., cor. Hanover Square, d 1 !I:U.NUFACTUKED ron.\.cto, N:EUDEOKER E1WS., RICHMOND,,V.t\.. FOREIGN TOBACC(I 15 Water Street, NEW YORK. L';.lf :?bacco ba.led Ill 11.111 packase by h(( rau Ilsve :>lwoys on band '. """''''mpt of Manufac 1 N"IJI YOll". Liberal a.dr:\.!lC\3" on cousl!!nments. tic .qr F o r 1:'1\l e un l4 .1\...:lr.l or h e r vo-ell-kn.o-wn 1"l 176 FRONT ST., N.Y Corner of Fletchctt Street, .LJ .u. "' < II KREMELBERG & CO., l'f:EWYORJt, DD' F. 1. BR.6,UN'S & CO., I Tobacco Commission Merchatlts. IJIAA(J READ to :Run,) Comm1ssion Merchant, P AND DEALER IN ViR'11NJA It WESTERN LEAF'; 1 Manufactured Tobacco, Licorice, Gum, etc., 1 fJ No. 85 PEABL STREET, N. y, <>-OTTINGER & BROTHER, .KIEN'JrU CKY LQ@f 119 PEARL STREET, NEW PLATT & NEWTON, SnccesiKit'B to WM. T. COLEMAN & CO., Commission Merchants. NewYork: j San Francisco: N <>. 117 Froat Street. Cor. Cal!loniill &; Front Sts Agento in Ban Francisco !or Sale of 'nRGINIA. MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. ." ., R. WALTE-R, BEST I Connecticut, Yara :J:.IEA.F TOBACCO, 203 PEARL .STB:IJ!ET, r_ Near Malden Lane, NEW YORK: & ca., DOMESTIC ana Importers of -'l'OB.ACCOS, 1 ..... .115 TV(JI;e1 Street, New "'O'l'k. J I\ ._ 1!1rBraneh, 82 West Seeond J llin oinllati, Ohio .... I), JOSEPH HIQKS J r Commission Merchant, .lm) DIULD t II" I I MANUFACTURED l v 2 w .. ... o. 8 Bl 1 'NEWYOJt.K; r B. & ,CO. r TobaCCO Ootton FaotQrs, Com.niission.o.;-D :Merch_ ants, r .1. No. I 42 Pearl Street, BoWli.&N C .. B.Iann!aclnrer bf ... SECARS, No 146 Front street, NEWYORK E. M. CRAWFORD & CO .. TOBACCO .ll'I.D mertlunts.. 0 168 WATER STREET, NII:W YOKK, Have on oale all kind or Leo! Tobacco lor Export or Heme nee. ...


llb. Drums, 1-2 lb. Drums, 1-4 lb"" Dnlins, 2 oz.' Bags, 10 Jl'J....ll ', )lt:lJ OJ --------J 'fU. H. .J ',. I No.172 PEARL STREET, New York. YOlSS!' Depot ror '1'1:A1tL' CELI:IJRATED' w 11 .Seal and Imperial Cut Cavendish;.' TURiilSJI, USA.KIA, PERIQUE, AND VIRGINIA GRANUL!TED CIG..!lRS, PIP.EN, AND SMOKERS' CQNSTANTLJl OX HAND. 29 FULTON STUEET, NEW YORK. .10!IIE'PB LTONB. _'Ill _____ VOI,CER & HUNEKEN, .'DI,...,....ol SEGARS, "-RITIO:A; I 19 'Pea:rt S)feet. '' ,( J 1 NEW YORK. fRANK; & ; .AKUI'ACTU.R:ERB OJ" 1 SEdk ns, AND IN LMA.Ji?l M. R. PE.A&SALL, 96 MAIDEN LANE, and Commilltan Merehant of HAV SEGARS AN, -nn, "' o J UIPOJ.'I'U"'Of ) l : HIAVANA ;; j LEAF TOBA..CdO. I" 1r o. 19!1 PEARL STREE'l. I .NEW-YORK' LEE, (SU'cceosor to Ll!!E BROTHEilS ) iznporter and Manufactur .. ..-o 1 HAVAN:A C1GAHS, AND 1 \EALER IN LEAF TOBACC( 269 Peml Street, NearFultc n NEW YORK Smoking Being free from Nicotine, which ia extracted bTa patent process, it does not injure weak consti tutions. Persons of sedentary occupnt10ns, as well ,a atudenta and literary men w ill And none of the injurious after-effects, r esulting from ordinary tobacco. I It is much lighter in weight than common iobaoco, and a pou<>d will last twice aa long aP othe kinct, JICcria ..... CM';j .,.._


'w;lkeas & BODM41V1W'a Henry Besuden & Bro) Manufacturen and Wholesale Dealers in Oity Wor" obacco DULERS IN II. ,Ja WUf PUri'"atiiiT; IA'llmllll, D., > CJ:G-AB.S, Hanulactnrera or all kinds or 171!01, ll6UI'rnha4GI,M&IIlraller1 .. ... L EA"F rro B A ceo; thewl&, 1114 Leaf TOBACCO, ............ ,., ..... ..., ... Manufacturers of FINE Cl 8, and Dealers in _,... -LEAF .TOB.A..CCO, .OUR HOBBY, Y.A.RA. LI1'TLE ONES, PICKWICK\ D..USJ:1 PUNCH, a.nd other copyrigh,ted brands of cigars. ..tiAlt!B S )(, DOYU. BUCKNOR, TO CO lhwlu-. .J. RINALDO SANK & 00., .General .,Jfortila ..,....,. II;"<\ .BO N .Dela..,...-. At!en...,, 1; s; No. 1. I J.m.ldD. "fm. JC. A.bbe7. Joe..lkooke. fKQJ(.S & SON, WUOLBSALE DBALBR S IN ALL KJlii'DS O:B' FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC l.QF -aND MANUFACTURED .03 erlol',to thio country. .!..: R TALPHi' & "co., ... ;.. ..,f ( J., J t No. IS Arch St., ur Send for a -Price List. Steiner, Smith Bros. & Knecht, 1 .J l DE.l'tERS IN ALL b l' r J JaBAl' I T llanufaaturers of Dealers in Cigars, Race st., PHILADELPHIA. rt FHIL ...... DELPHI..A.., =================:;:======;::::= r Ax'e TOO&oco and l!nu4'. A._.-.B. "THEOBALD, :II "'-{ x .,.,,uCToaaa .lLL JUNne or ,. L e a f an_ ., an u.f a c t u r e d E._" r s T 0 B 4 'C c 0 MANUFACTURERS DEAlRS' II AND DOMESTic, CIG.btS. C) nnf, r1howinll' TOila" Snn.l[, Meenebaum Rrlor and S m<>ker' A.-1;telea r ) W*tt.rt!t:.t llltl1l WIIIM 1115 Gtner,Uy .E>:ciJ'"lvdy IVbot.,.ace. t .UlV'""" ... II ""' ... riohau and arter p p-, 31 aud v [Rr .. ad:Creet. Nos. 53 & 66 HmlStreet & 81 sf:uh Bt:reet, -,.OTrTO. rSHARP &. CO.; PA.. .LEeG, .'. FDJ\EIGN AND DOMESTiC t !'A .. : lEED LEAF TOBACCO llan.a!actarera' Agents tor toale or .l.e..afT obacco and Cigars, __ N.os.. au. a1. o:ENT.RAL sT., 59 Broad, comer of Milk Streett, OTTO S .HARP. BOSTON. Also DOLlen In "Dl\!TOV A. :MITCHELL. Leaf' Tobacco and ..... :1.011 --"" ..... u.. A. A. ECKLEY LOUISVILLE, KY. E BHER &. co., "' i i ;,t PIVE BltOTHERS TOBACCO WOBXS ":" -..J L m o u u t .._.., IIJIII.-;;;.... :mun. AND MANUFACTURED" aoaftfitvitlt ABRoS.:zaa. BOST(l)N.) .. T 0 D A c c 0,' HORACEN.Fram:a, ;.;,; I-!!. t2 CENTRAL WHARF, PL G ..... TO BAa c 0. bAlnlli"Fts&liR, JfN. Fram:B oJ v _-1:' lit. 0 I :BOSTON. ftll II ftll'4 LoulaYUlet .. ,.. 11!1"1 rellJ)v! ned Bran d s of V i r gini a S m okin g T obacoos LON,E .JACK-and BROWN DICK, c;. lltanUJa.,tory, lZth Street. VA. Orden respeetruJ!y sollclrod and promptly attended to. ... 0 SANDHAGEN B -RQS., Wholesale D ealers 'in all kib.ds of 161, & 165 Pearl Stret, CC!JRNER OF E Ll! STREET,) CINCINNATI. O.F. Wnm, c. B. ADAK!, } 8. D. GOODWIN. No, 181' Slate St., Hartford, Cou. Conn. Seed Leaf1 obacco, tnl. RGERT. ;,, B, blt.L8. Gm. I'OL (W7 EGGERT, DILLS a; CO., (l!ueceuol'l to WM. J:GGIIII.T,) No. 238 State Street, D.ll.lLD.B II GEO. :B. BARNES, A U G B J.t;ROME DOMESTIC AND SPANISH Leaf Tobacco L ... HARTFORD, Conn. 1", D HA n WEST n:oon n:au:t', H 1 cnrcnnrATJ:. lmP<>rtera of llleeNohaum and BrlerZ'>pea. IIO d-eT '" _CXG-.A.R.&. liSll .lrltdn-Street, HA.BTPOBD, CON No 77 & 79 Aaylum St., HARTFORD, H. & Z. K. PEASE, r Seed-leaf )opacco, a 22eroo oaly, >

Against purchMing an Inferior Tobaeoo, put up aasimilatiug Trade Ka.rk eo closely that t!le unpoaition is oniy discovered by the use ol the Tobacco itself. We Guo.ramee to aU our Cu.slomer& a that will and to pi'MftS she imposition ot -tYing a spurious amcte, p ease to l>e""pamcUhir when calling for Fine Cut, 1 to for W. :D If CO.'S PJ:JB YELLOW B.ANJ{ TOB:.l.CliO. ... ... .. ,...,.., Youre, very 'W.lL GOODWII & CO. there -Alao,. moment market oi!'en __ ._.,,._ """01'!:., Ifereatlu& aud VaJaal>k HIDta to tbe Trade. CIGARS. UJ. J. TilE PEOCEBS OF CORRODING ment of desirable qualities, and as the trade are all very well stocked, there ie linle probability of any active movement be fore the mon'h of October 11 m when there will then be oftbe last growth rea.dy for 10 a. The new stnpa wbieb ave been sampled do not give much the crop comi up to the stapdard re for sfinning covers, one o the great uue... tills DW*IV*. il the next thing w > be attended to. It is done b y the leavefl ipped w.a.ter or sprinkled with the sam As soon as this "iA dOne they are plle'd up in heaps and covered with boards or wit.hrblanketa, ot the tobacco is yacked into barrels and cases for fer mentation. With a amou of beat fermen tation soon begills, J[nd i'be-rocet!ll o beating causes the ditrnsicw 9f a pleas)'nt oqor, which gradually 'bel comes str nier. It tije omes strong, the odor resembles that of ammcnia. It is therefore important that fermentation be not allowed to become and the tobacco ha to be fre t 10 order not to rermeot the inside much and the outaide loo littie. If fermentat ion reached beyond Hw necessary point, ,the tobacco to be spread ; if the reverse, it bas to be co-w:ered. it bas adyanced too far already, the tobacco bas to dried &8> quickly as possible, or, what is better let, be roasted. In such cases the leaves m1glit with water, rendered acid by. 1 dett;; D Co., M 28thtat No., 1&3 Eaa't Housfqn a.n.d christie atr at U o'eleck .. of comprising among eye Cnttiu Maclrlne, No. 3 ; also 1 a la.l"ge xes, 30 Reade street; 3,60!) eigareUee, 87 N assan street; 2,800 cigars, 192 Pearl-street; 2,200 eigara, 146 \V ster street; 18 otl cigars, 22.8 Cherry 1 bagofcigars, WhitehlaU8treet; 1,125 25Wall 79 Roose I 93,4f0 15;311'4 6,319,... ., ... 240 270' 5 225 Total. ........... ..... .' .. ; .... .";5J'TBI,629 Tli.e June bnsineR I,-. .. I ') .1' ll S,_l d" b d r'l" 9.> I .. .,. 'i .' o b()nd ......... P : .l, U8,860 ., 1 o II J. by stamps:-:-......... 401,086 .O'J -ID


HOMAS HOYT & CO. 1 Composed of TllOMAS HoYT and iJoiiN F. FLAoo, PEARL STREET. NEW YORK, of all ltinds ol CUT I C:tfEWING AND \ SIK>KING I TOBACCO, I SNUFF !AND CIGARS. THOMAS HOYT& CO. == --Near NO'l'lC&-AJI lll.lnDgCmenta Dpool our l>&tent, wbere-n!l m -.,l!ea!Ncbr au..,. ..... be prooe. c:uted. 1 Fine Silver-plated Ware, r Speclacle. Cases, Razor Strops, &c., :N'do 4.1 Ma.:ld.exa. La.xa.e t Hf' ",. .... ,,:, I BEW. YOAA.. \)! ,Cf. 0 EHRBAJI, f I I DI.&CBlliii&T J 1 .>.JrD .... o Sha'ftfug, Ralfgers, and Pulleys .1'0!! !'OBACCO I'ACTOitl Nos. '76 & 78 Ebn l!!ttreeG, (._2l5<\, NEW I


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