The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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Physical Description:
1 online resource (8 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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T29-00212 ( USFLDC DOI )
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University of South Florida
Tobacco Leaf Journal

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" n 1 mo1't .:11 Y '11o ENTRY F.OR WlniDU:WAL 1 FoRM

' IXPOBTS of N York, from foreign September a, inclnde the


. . .... .45,078 Hhds. ExporLed tdM weelt; Maryl&11d'iand 0 i 2,_ 11 0 ri v 1f'" ; I .. Tot&1 ... 1 .. .'. ."-IJ U i .f:U!l.qt:.... ;!.1,. 5 7 ,J .I r ')6 T L rr Stockl. warehouse ...... .... r, ..... '13,5+1 Importations-Coast wile: 300 pkge. tobacco, J. P. Pleasautl Sons; 7 2U'f ft!.'manufactured to bacco, Ball & Co Bremen : steamer Leipzig bas fulL engaged, at .22s. 6d. for Maryland tobacceo 25s. for Virginia, and 30s. for tuc ; m; the C will is weeti ; or; Dieppe, the ship -*lbert is bark Ata)J cct<> nd Elwood Cooper Marseilleserms not transpire([ Miiufa, 11 'iii, 4-at 12@ 12 '75, 6 at $12@13 75, 2 *LC 6@ 14-50, a at tl5 50@15 '75, 4 at et6@16 50, 6 17 2 at *19@19 25, 1 att22. Oa'J.IMu"i''\a 'lfrlbl'l. s J af, and trash.; 60 hhds. Mason ri i!l-aeken counttes, a e8@.8 '75 ti@9 85, 14 at 4 atli *12 to 12 75, 8 at tl3 14 to 14 3 at $15 to 15 25, 2 at ;a 19 to 19 50, l at $2.0 jjO, K at ts 90 to 9 !'i $12 25 to 12 50. Fri-trash; 47 : $8 to 8 E tr, If! tll tll 1 at "'"''!9'PI at I,W\I ..... iO. t ould refer tq the anoend of receipts a d exports he previous season : ""il Ill 47 11'111 .. 'iOS 1;5 t1 40 .. 4.,i 15 106 i,591 904


I & .JOHN' t I.MPORTEJR.S O:If l:fayana Segari an d Havana leaf 1 Tobacco, No. :19 STRtiT, I < f"", 1,, .. 1 '' "' il NeW: 'York 3(' I I 'I rl I 'lfo I ;1:-}.-;l'f I.MPORII'.ERSJ lCH!'J I I I ,, ,. I SPANISR T .oBA'oco,. DEALERS .,+ .,. I I L:tmA:t I; 1 "" ( .. H } 'f J[ II f I A flM assortment of ClGAR iUBIQNS1 ponstanlly on. band u .. Ji. E Skte>MON. J[ r f \ f._ H 'j ,_.,. { (\ f I Ort : mEJ\;HANrs-. AD. or J Hafi ABD J ) 18L .PearJ Street, CONIM" of ....... ..,._,#, ............ "LOl'fJI.:I'ACJl" .... 10 I 1 I 1 ..... .OZ."- '1' r. aaor. Om I 'WiwUMoaleol 1 TOBAOOO: O'lBEB-SOUt.aERN' PRODUCE, w ,...... .,..., c.r. o.-.._ ,>-NBr roB& i!!IO 'LJ:Orr:JIIDo i .... '1 .T ..... S'fR T, y 'I' ,, I I I t! VI D <3l IS.A.AO READ, 'I CUiJ1Ke iQJ>,) Commission Merchant, I P,LA:L.( M (JI s ,co. LE, M:::r:r:: of' No. 8 9 PEABL STREET, N. Y. T 1: ll { I .. OTTINGER & BROTHEir .. '. iiii:CC(j; .. 1 II 1 1 I f ,,.I N_o. 170, Water New 119 PE!L 1 J P LMER l I 1 1 A ii. OVILill!l, NEW YORK. 1f l l dl t I II ; r PLATT & lEWTON, l 1. I -. S n ccessoru to 52. Broad aD.d 50 New Streets,,". ,: ...t._d f"'PII(ar oJ.r;tbe .. flC lbe f:;J 1 lcl-111111 .. hU fl' I ViB.G. 1 ., TQBAOOO ... captata c, I Cbapspe Cbetlle; 11rabt1a....., 8 ') "\)I Jlib'opllll. 'alG.,r..U ... ... 1111 1 ., M. T.rCOLEMAII A 80,, Copunission Mercllants: J Jllew York: j San Fra'ncisco:' No. lL'l Froll.t S t reet. C

llb. Drums, ,T ,. / co., RIB.!O:NS, ; JiA(iCOBOY, FRENCH RAPPEE, SCOTCH A MACCO:OOY AND FB.E!CR .i-LIIO lll.l.l1iUJIACTUIUCRS or ROSE OF SB'AROI LU.Y, PROMISE, LENA, ADVANCE, It is much lighter in weigh t common tobacco and a P!!)l<>gantlycarTed MI:BSOBA.UM PI PBS; with .A.MB R MOUTifP,If:CE"S, s-ilver mounted, and sectional stems, enclosed in neat Morocco pi>cket cases, are packed in the same daily. I .Lorillard"s Eureka SMoKING \.....ome so popular, that 0"\any imitatio.ns r of a worthless character are offered for sale, by some dealers, becaus h-ey a buy the counterfeit: artic le for a little less; and as the same are calculated to deceive the consumers, we desire to direct their attention to the imposi tion that is l?racticed upon them as they are the main losers ther b bejng_ o blige9 to Jl!i.J""flll mncli at rctnil for it, as wilt buy the gen iue -' a r ticle I In a.dd1tion, to the above, we fo1v9rite brapdSj which will 9e shown pleasnre, at ,Q.ur Sales Store, or a circular, giving prices, discounts l terms, will be mailed upon application. I T J Lori liard's CHE"W:I.NG bas trow beeome so> 'iile1Ithat it useless to pack mall tin.foil papers, anl.i have therefore disyontinued the same. au w- A 0 II .a SMIKDII TOBACIGS, CIIARS, AND Our v rious br 5s I 8, Dl and..Sli11FPS, will be' upo!-nofo Bopnlar pri ees-defyi ng competition, ftom responsible manufac urers evel)lwhefl) We are co nuall;rp od11cing noTe)tias to which the NO'riOll or TRB TBADE Is in'v'ifeci! tl(),) oSll taa WArEB .AlfD ss Y .A11IR' .... P .. L Q :,ft L A R. D Stree-t, Ne-w-York. y IMITH, tiEUY I. IHEFFIELD, and Oatton Faoton, LBVT" liEWGASS, ColBIDiasien Co lion ercbaats. No. 49 Beaver Stree..t, YoRK. IU\IIIIUUIUIU'..JYOLCER & HUNEKEN, (.&!.-.. W'I.K& 7dnporter nna Manut'aoturer ::>f' HAY n c DEAL:U IN LIAF 269 Pearl Street, NEW YORK J. H. RIGGLE.S & oo I 3D Duane 8trMt, New Yorll, ._.D OH:.U Q L a &U. JI:UW!'l 01 L Ei:A' F Orden for 'fobaoco uu! Olttoa oarefa.ll7 ezeoute I. 62. PEA.RL;sT naat1 i .. (lJ .1:. :r .: I 'liE." YO.Rit I. L.. Gi.BSlCRT. I .... tot "BOUQUET D-E TABACOS,. -MKW YOIIL ".TOCDY CL"011." ;:-


K.BOYU. .ARTHUR R:. :FOUG.IU.l'" Wll. C. P&.S'& 11al&ed. _..,. Bed ......... ... BOYD, FOUGERU 1: CO. oU1D ......,....,. ai -.urn JLUl1:Jr .a.C'J;'UJQIL. t Tobaccos, Segars, :Etc.., ar_. Apnl:ll for the l&le of Ori=_,'U* ..... leef Tobaoao, 81 l!fortla TJalrd .. t., P"l'llp" L S L. BDW ABDS. W BDW AJtD8. (LATII W1T1< a .l, ,.._.. I!CJI.UCI<,) 1. t. &.G. W. BDW ABDB, 'TO:E!I.A.O'CO ..uo> ,._ __ enl Comm.llCDI,SSIOil' .... ..M, General Commiaaion ller_chanta, UVI1, .._," No, 39 Nortla Water Street, JTo,lfllSlfOBTH W ..4.T.B BXBBB'L llall..=:t'= ::;tannr Oil 1w1c1. W m. Eiseclohr & Co., Cooollrumentt lldlldled. DR.wms IN --JOB)( llOOa& l[. ?l'BI:OBAU, -drQD ......... ,_., &iE'G.A. .&lfD DOJD:ftiO tear rob CictiU robacco, SIUI, ..., "m and Brier Plpee, w. oor. ftinl aaAI'vplar na., l'!IIJHIIJ,JIIla. ..uo> ll&nuf&oturers of and Dealers in Oigars, 225 1\ace St., P.HihADELPHIA:. BOSTOJI :u)VBRTISBDliTI. Jl o.a. .Ve111tninelal CUy 'WWb ry Besuden & Hro., .. Ul 0 :J: -. .. nm ITIUT\l!! ,. ..... *"'" of .. ...._ .................. "TOBACCO, SmoJrin' 8114 ObewiD& Tobaccos, IBIJICI'*S 111d IAitTo..._, IJid ._ _._ ... &rtl .... 'J'01>ACCO, D c. B ... u..uu, } lfo.. ... O.F. W01e, 8, D. GooDwnr. Hanford, CollD. 161, 163, & 165 Pearl8tret, (OORNEB 01' 10.. M'lliiiiT,) CINCINNATI ... ........,_ l DU.lA -..... BDGBB.'I', :DILUI" oo., r 10 WJI. IIHIU,) ........... No. 288 Sta.U Street, GIO. B. AUG. B. laBO){E. HARTFORD, Conn P.a.D.l.d HAAS BROTHERS, 28!1 Mal.....stred, BA.RTI!'ORD, cJol'nr. J. D. BURNHAM: & CO., Jofanutaeturen and Jobben In Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, H.&. Z. K-. PEASE, .. CONNECTICUT Seed-leaf Tobacco, 222 Stntt"-street, BA.RTrOBU, ?Ol'ill. I ,. Aad lVMI .... Dtalllt ta ; WM. WESTPHAL, LEA.Jr TOBACOO. W. AIL &AX, No. 76 ltfain Street, C'moinna.ti, O. (:ODIISSION Il:RCHA.NT, And Dialer In And Wbolcaa Dealer ill YOlJ'NG & D'UGU1 J C CT UT, ElF OHio & COliQCTICUT .)I -:1 o b a o o o, CommJSSlOD 2ss state st., Hartford, CoJlll LE.AF TOBACCO, D.IAT.DII TOBlOOO. Ill Jl le ,.. r .. l0 8BBD-LEA.I' 18 Front St., Cincinnati, 0. Opel .. 8upellf'OD Brldp, Tobacco lV arehouse, Importers of Dealers In lll'lpes, 8nufr-boxest Ao. CINCINI!I'ATI, omo. llo. 28 BAJ:B.E STREET, w. n. GLORE JR. c o oLon"' Baltimore. Md I A P GLORE & BROS .t Kt;CRLEB, No. J. "1'. 8ULLf't'...l!f. J"_.., PRAGUL Kenton Totaa.coo J. T. SULLIVAN I'Oilnu use, L.W. GUNTHER, AND Jae...,U.a c:om ....... Bale .. CENERAL ....... .,., 1111 MIArJ'"'L.I""t Commission Merchant, IJAJ"" ... m .. Aad T08&ooo Y.&CJToa, COVINGT01f. KY. FTOBA L No. 90 Lorn bard St., (OM door out of Excltatv;e ptaco), BAL Tnt ORE, )[cl rF'Ltberal advancements made on to Jny addres ... :r-.'1',} IT LOUIS N .... nc.av-, LEGGAT, HUl)SON & JUlrolrA.O'l"'BBB.. 0., Cll' ._ ..... -Pille Gut Clae G. KEROKHOFF & 00 I T 0 El A c c 0 WRous.u.s naALmll! m bur Br&llds: FiBeOiit, GILT EDGE, BEAUTY, Smoking, INGLESIDE, liOBTANA '.01lU. Jttcl l.obattf; 0.11-_, B LEAF TOBACCO, 7' :E!IOBTO::N'. 159 and 161 Oo:ouneroe-Greet, JIAli.TPO.I.D, OOIIW;-.. Partlcol&r attention pUcl to the purcbue, pacldng, ... caring of new lea! on commiMioli. IB-IIt D. Jt SEYJIO'Oll. SHEPARD-l FULLER, bantfand Dealers in CON ltCTICUT Tobacco, S14 ST..4.TE STREET, No. 233 JltaU. Street, HARTFORD, CONN. co, No. 233. HTATE STREET, HARTFORD. CONN. EAST HARTFORD. SIGN Connecticut Seed-leaf Tobacco, EAST HA:B.T:FOJlD, COD. : G. W'-. s, JJI) DULU: IJI' i C o Danbury, Connecticut. gr-J(.., oa_hud 108'M and 'Ill. (lot-111 For the Purebase of all descriptioos of VabccQ. I RICIUIOND, 1' A. 111 I


Boa l BACCO, No. 148 WIIMtr St. E. W.' DICKERSO Leaf Brekenk Ka.nufacmnra' Agent SOLIE ACIEIIT F .pR I I Y; 1 1 Mi technieai irregularities were discovered to l!tot1acco, and that you are empowend to do all you out tl)at intention ? A short time ago you that tobacco must be sold from the orlgi: ; that if I relLa small dealer two to ten a c e etail it. kn .. a li ng 'th thou 8 of ot ers; for, take the country t ugh, there is tha' gq_e. lJdth 'b lll \IM. rs in tobacco IMJ&,.ca,n afford to buy pac ages. Your late deci regard to navy clippings is, .in my unwise and unjust, and with all due resfect to you 18 contrary to the law ; if nny clipp!ngs to irtytwG-cents per pound t.hat busm ess 18 knocked m head, and where the Government receives thousanQB you can coupt i 1) If 11 rv ted.the.ltep'ublicau ticke.t; God forgive me 1f I voted for a set of men that have not bive goi atJout sick of a b1isiness that liee)!.a hundred ound box on your lfif'tliii o pl\!1. ef\ of or a boxtin your case 1 there IS only one left m it. You will great! obhge y answenng th1s at You!'ll trulY., W. A. B.a.ssKTI'. 411Bt a JI 8 I m: TUB AJfB'trJtR, Tlaz.uuay DJ:P..,..EJOT. On1ca o-, liiTSJU< ..,_ llnlllit""'"''l1(14llea'G.I'"'>.II*tm J.;.cOI!!I.JWUDm g of two decisions of this office relative to .....,.. ) th he l!O)d .,_ or from ori smoking tobscco manu .. ,.ul-.,u from nav clippings, or cigar clipJlings, if' li tax of 3.2, cents per pound. You aii!O inquire .... ,-.L intention of the Government to the sale of tobacco, and if the Commissioner i1 r {h(;s1111llefteidl:ieav-f&1ItP?'wE:rea to do all be can to carry oet that in tention; ana you close your letter by saying tha\ wil l greatly oblige me by answering, this at once." .} WB close with this number of the Regulations. Theynm through three n1lnrbel'll ofTnJ: LEAF, and are of the greates& importance to tlie trade.' th-ese oop1es away for reference. DuRING the publication' of the voluminous Regula tiOns, we been compelled to omit O"Qr Cigar arti clt!s. We shall now resume them and -print until com pleted, which will be in nine or ten CORRKSPONDRNT says: "I never saw such smokers as the Dutch are. In the house, in the street, at meals, at funerals, and fights, the cigar or, pipe is nev_er absent from Mynheer's lips. I actually sa=w a man smoking in church A GKNTLEXAN entered a fil'llt-class car for Versailles and lighted a oigar. Monsieur," observed a fellow traveler," you are not in a smoking compartment." I know it ; I never go into one ; yon don't know how sick it makes me to breathe others' -d. ke." I AN eicbange thus the-ayidity with which the Valley farmers cultivate tobacco: In Connecticut, where the wheat is three feet under water, they clmly wait for a dry spell, but when a fly lights on a tobacco hill, the whole town turn out and go for him. says, in the Louisville JO'Urnal, "It is said that the Japanese clergy P-ause every fifteen minutes in discourses s o e1r congregMions, Let us take a smoke.' hey p,reach sermons very m Oh as Graat"admioister& ftipfs.' M& Jmm Clark ceunty, 0., the .Dayton (0.) Ledger, a specimen of seed leaf tobacco which surpasses in dimensions and quality any .thing to. be found in theae "diggins." One leaf meas urea thirty-six by twenty inches. Mr. Zimmerman raised one of this dourishing weed. In reply to your letter I have to ;;ay that, while Congress has imp011ed heavy! taxes upon tobacco, i for revenue purposes and not for prohibition. The re and requirements of the law touching the manufacture and sale of tobacco are many and severe, TRR executive of the Hartford County but they were made so beca"ee the operations (C_oonecticut) Agriouhural Society baa decided to oft'er of the earlier Iawe of d,emonstrated two premiums !or tobacco; but it is not expected that that, without these restrictions, and without hey will bring out much COIJIP tition this year, 31 the fines, JfenaltiiJ!!, and im r,isonment 1m ed, the present crop will not be cured by, the time the fair .is :revenue could not be collected. Men woul manufac to be held, though it sti ulate cnlti vators in future. ture, a ud they sell in fraud 'of the r .e.v41nue .. It hae been, and IS my purpose to suppress entmily A RALEIGH editor, addicted to smoking, complains the 1mlawful sale of tobacco, but no other. It has been, that "oar pipe bas been seized and bound over to and is my purpose and intention to execute the appear at the next t.erm of the United States Court, just as it stands upon the requiring nothrng tge m!l.n who ownec\ the tobacco didn't .have a more, accepting nothing less. rerv nue stamp on his plantation fence. Revenue felWith regard to the decisions of which you com le>w eaid stills bad wbrma which were subject to taxa plain, l need only say that they simply reiterate wbat tion, and the was a worm fence and bad to pay the law declares. It is not the Commissioner who t400 license fee for running (around a lot)." EVl .tecides that tobacco shall be sold at retail only in or dently the tar-heels don't take to taxes. from 11tamped packages. Section 62 of the Act of July 20, 1,868, prescribes the mode of putting. up every N;OTUL"iG. Lm:B IBEG NNJNG YOUNG.-A prominent d$3cnption of tobacco, and declares that 1t shall be physician of Portage county, Ohio, relates a case with li011e in no other manner. A m nufas:t rer can only m hia knowledge, wbete a hoy, now some fifteen years in the packages. Section 78 deold, has used tobacco since the of five months. clares that af\er July 1, l869, manufactnrtld tpbacco When five months old bei rr a nervous and fretful o(ervery de cription UlaU oot be sold o oft'ete for sale tol>lkc& was placed in his mouth, and put up in packa!Ies and stamped as prescribed "by a soothing elrect. The emedy was often this act, except at retatl, retail dealers, from wood us00. during infancy, and through the teething period, en packages stamped as provided for in this act. A and before the child could talk plainly it was a con fine of not less than e"!ioo nor more than $5,000, and im firmed tobacco chewer. prisonment for oot Chan, 1ix months nor more than ,.,.....,.__ two years, are the penalties for violating, this law,-not WB referred the day to a certain North Caroa regulation or d:isio as tot tina ()J:lllector who has been in the Tile faw is equally explicit in the rate ofta on 'hall1t o f discouraging shiptnents bond of manufac all descriptions ofto.bac\lo (Sec. 61); on all refuse scraps tured tobacco to this port, alleging all sorts of foolish sweepings of tobacco the tax is cents per pound. 1 .. ,,..,.,..,,.in excU!Ie. Oo the facts being made known to Smoking tobacco with all or any portwn of the stems the Washington we uderstancl tbat the Col removed is 32 cents per -pound. A he!'llon, therefore, tect.o.r in. question was promptly informed of -his actual who should tab navy clippings, whic is the waste reduties in the premises. For this relief, Mr. C mia., salting from the manufacture of t bacco, and is sioner,...much thanks! ---free, Qr nearly so, from.Rtems, arid 1> any process of cutting, grinding, rubbing or other m.aQipul tion manufaotW"e lnolring obaccot WOPld be; liable UD der the Ia to a tu.. Of 32 oents.per poand on the same. I can't possibly reach anv othtJr conclusion from the law and the Y..'Q $1 rditrer ptly, a'od: pronounce my decision unwise, un'ust, and to law. You do not, however, t ho I think my decision is in strict accordance with the fore, if, as you t ess alonll is Y'd'tf t disastrous consequences to t}je revenn nt f t articular provisions to lJ o ou so bitterly ut I have to infor.rn ycu that there i11 i'Kt!J Qti y lJalili:di.UIIer. On the contrary, I ,8{1\ ,J;eyei:ill$ ever 9 f a rts. of the country nioi!t s UTBnC S of mcreased confidence in the purpoaee of the .-government to execute thoroughly and the whole law, and the Treasury receiving a large incr.e,aJle. revetrne from the manufaeture.-aba 'll&liN)t:.>tt;baW. And what is more encouraging, I ba:u -.tbe assurance of honest IOJD alJ parts of the <)_QUDt that the more ii e vllal provisions of are enforcell the etferl.t is for their business. sionally, as in ypo OJtle,' Q of hardships, of restrictions, o some of mere stringent r equi'rements of the 1aw1 are put in force. f!J omplain or COIIgresi, Of .u. SeCietary, of Gimmisslouer, of everyp dy who pas with making o' exieliLing These, are only the exceptions, and in time learn to yie o to the,}aJn to do so than to continue t Yours I _e. W. Boston, Mqs. I ---MR. B.SM:l'T'& KICPJ,Y, EsQ., WaaMngton .D. C.-.Dear Sir: esl >eermebis, the auspi&es o Cthe newly-organized Tobacco Board of Trade, BAR offered to gi e 'tlOO for tlie be t hogshead ofma'nrifae\uroo leaf tobacco; $100 for the best hogshead of leafi so for the second best, and *23 for the third. .A 'premium of *50 will be given for tile hast box ofl manufactured Tennessee or Ken tucky tobacco. In I'll instances the tobacco exhibited must come through the hands of some member of the Tobacco Board of Trade. Tax following are the sales at the subjoined Louisville warehouses: Hbdo. Bbdo. olrered. Loold. ...... 887 349 Farmel'll'. .. 263 249 Ninth-street .. 309 278 ........ 31,7 294 iWJ 526 l>lanter8'...-, .. ;. 68 l lCejectlone. 38 36 23 75 3 189 Value tl43,084 59 85,8&4 <91 39,276 42 6!1 176,31J4 4! 9,485 23 .242,559 19 In regard 1 to t t -o ii my serves me right, your predecessor rule the l6n. per lb. The law.says, "on aU refuse scrap's sweepings a tax of 16c. per lb." Therefore, aij Bilrapa, w.a P.J' up "I' :fa.rmP.1rA sale, and thrown upon tM rlrarketi'or mdiscnminate 1.1urchasers for use or consumption, will be regarded as Ill_lnnfactured tobadc6 within the meaning' il.ud 'nt.ent of'tfle 1aw, and will be required to b

" ., 11 of TIIOMAS HoYT and Jo_HN F. FL'AGG, No. -404-PEAR L STREETt. t NEW YORK, j" '1 I qf all ltinds ot FINli! CUT CHEWING 'AND 1 SMQKING T .OBACCO, .. B. CIUIS .. oC&I.ll


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