The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
Publication Date:
Physical Description:
1 online resource (8 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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T29-00213 ( USFLDC DOI )
t29.213 ( USFLDC Handle )

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University of South Florida
Tobacco Leaf Journal

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' ... J .......... e ," Eitgeet : r, ..................... ... ll!lai; S.ll 6 W,a.!L GaUl Qat&.,, us-. .. Opl!.!lip. '-'UILlpOO L\-.a. tal 1 ...,.. ,... .., aan. 8clual4t 'ft0wo, I8 North. :.--JiteloNiil 'ud -C...-t .IJulok A..1l,tl ' JJIPOJi!al OJ' BAYdA OUJ.nll. r. Wats. Gllm 110 s. Ckf Te AUir&lla, ete., P,l lddiUonal per UIIIWD u ,' II o TOBAOOO. or 1 "* llle paper-==-&. IC-sucr.J .. .. l:;au, 1 )Vater. --D. 8j. Qi., ll 11141 81 ..... .,.., T8BACN-'. .,.B lllVITIJ. D 1 c !J&Ytapoti LN!il'5tBriild. I I I I' t (' 1 '1 {Uta u UtAIM&.. u ll 1'& Bro., t18 & 1115 Duane. lolder. A.. Wh.P, { ...... ; ..... a, 1611 Ludlow. t15 Duan.. Ell ... t The I '""'Wing' .. ......... 114, Ubet&J. l'lebedl to., tll Central W!lart. ..--.,... 1 Ulla' ,.., _,......,.bat F. A.. i lta441a T. r.. J. A., lUliano..-er. Areal; BritaiR bas inducel:l us to arrangements, If! .u::U.._,to on thU .. 9*:dl"W. 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J\.rn..:oJUc Pearl. : 11 J t})e trdJtl>lli Of comoninieatitlg directly wi h : fhwlt.BriltJta-.. ., t \. l ponpd. .. ... ,., .. Ha aiRaJm. 110 BlltiWI, llitllft &:Co, 86 8oqth Wider. tpis .11.8 Mr. Campbell i!' a tborized to act as our le. Uilllas .. ;: : : : ; L. & Co., 110 W at41r. & C ta!i RaiiO \ph I d. peany 0.02 ,0 Kasprowicz 8. 167 Wats IAIIIud Nl!olait.'WatAir. repn!t!ehtative for ooatries; All_ com, that the officials are too apt O.rrrcB OF CoLLltOTOli e.P WU!'IAL REVENur. l -:_PrtJfllKerbs A, tjoJIIery. *-l'1 W 'Ilando!llh J <1 1-IL 'I L r d '' M T "5-ru ll'r .tnoc ., ......... o.u, W'ni 269 Pearl. r:;:;u .. should, tbel'eiore, oe addresse. to r. or eriticisms of' the trade regarding the xisting stat 1 ':. .\ .. .... li 1c. -lime. ............ 0 0018 Thoe. J. & Co., 29 Libeity JWd n orPwa-... m>. aa:e Lo; d 'i:tt6s, as'an itn erii n'ce, and tbatthose'whlfoffet bem f'ql: You are hqnby to into t.fl!! ,A,.,,.,.._,:JWtMt .. ,i!H_ i M ....... y.. d ,. I I ,, \ todyofM.r. i.he lfl. Ioria 01' .. : : : . Bmilll E. A.'; 131 Maiden I ; miO:.", s. J r 69 Water. .Nelson. S&eet, erpool ,. THe ri'blcffv ion' price for are,en eavor llg to the !all' ow, notyip$ pould mercbandia"' now stored, in the. let. eent .......... ...... n.oo,4: Straiton Schmitt & S!<>rm, 191 1 r _L 1 ...... L to I h u 17 1 1 s ti''r \le moie unj11st tlul,q this: as an aspenipn on the entr\e Qwned by 1 1 -r, and uu""-' fri' Br-Sutro & 3'1 Malden o,. ,...,. EA]I; .anv par.,.,. m.,.-..,..mgvotn 1 ,.. ner lrtb. ri.x th.W.e" ., ....... 0!18! Vdliilf &' Front Heart C. B. & Co., 14.SOuth:lV:ater. .... t E U 11 1 .diD ,' : I trsde. Of couF&e, the tobacco inte.nlBt is charge .at 11 t,heaaid lszt. grote ........... .... O.D1,0 (9) JM!Ia'ERII oP em< ARABKJ. ..., 1 ClJ CINNATI.. 1 eeli ng !I -. 1 of ba.d men, b11t they no more fohn by tor &od H-"ttrg, Merri'&', T. ;g tlo., 78 William. .. .. '. 'I'O&.o.cco .ouCTroll, .th t of tt t j;r d tha th T Jihfl b t hvery to ot the. lm. marcb&noo .......... L_. .. .. '' Clitnee & Go., 6'1-66 Water. TRE NA.Tf-!"'' TOJrlt1100 1 f:IATIOIY. I lr e ..,. a I a e n e 0 8 s ys ers l 't'tn'ct ofhe s II ..... II' 0"" 1 -AIIJUIIIALQS 1 vr, .lJ 1 1 1' th l fi r4 f 'lo.r ..r k u o 1011 vJ Jsch .., .. e mg: .... ,.... .v .. ...__ 1 1 .... ,ueyll; Weir(_.,....,.'" s 1 1. 1 _,,_ : mono.pq "e ae.Ulnlj an n ue.n, o ..., ... ew, ot d h .:1 ct b .11 d..-..... ., 'J'01nnorr W&rBR'I'II.-A lrllogramnle eqaals ......,ord, Ptill, "' "&WI'. .. .. .. .. .r.J!.. iR aQ l e Bat\& tn8pe or, W 0 WI .,uftT 1.011 tbi wo.1er, i.BOfSI lbl .. a -"'ni B:, 4-1 Sinh ave. .. .... .... .. nvucru!IDII .. b 00""'118101f.__A T8 Beca'Use !We of tlle bar, pr.,the biYpooriW&1who JIQW' rlli Dd then, 11 eal Iiv rwin snperinten l I' f u r <.: C! lbs; a Hamburg pfund 8qiiU8 1.06798 lbs .,._..J, .... ... '"-"---awat.N.atioua tsup .errq tO t!erve tlie devil .in, form;the :maiorit;y Eaee shipment, dt!linrin tiW d .die to d Pappenheimer H., 83 Broad. ,.._...,.... "" Y 1 _avhc::'tx:-Fiae-Cut, Pl9g, KATANA' : Hater Ob. !'2ll pose that the organization has that itsofli f tlie )and 'we Wl,mt Cebgress aDd ere, n m ooml.rioy m i&cJ.eliftit talling111l811!-liaceo tiatfld' by 'hidtd, qr reduced, tro.n uo-w .... r I .. DtiLlS Ill .LEAr-. I cln-ha'fe tr.ken a or iffil.t..aby Oll lialty 'the B 0 do the t;'.Qde ir f 'ice i +:\\IS ec ow, bnl of la Jrig: trignerooe$8 I 1J !t 11 & o as Jo' t. Zins.Jacob & Bro., C entra I ave. have .also several meeti!l"'" at which the they wll that,',unHlS" tlnnatter possessed ered. '.P.he.receipt wilt in trbe following forM, viz.: refue f114Ae-eatcbeor n, o., ron co..,I.NG'I'ON, IY. I .,... 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DAYTON. o. ri ht.1 0 tb" A f 0 tld t b I I d As h .. ve freq)l t1 i.:l d eever, a etperlllt' of ..,.e ow r, Vlt.: "u. s. bon'd fer tobaocO, 'g'rowlcl, dry; damp, Durivier Co:il &:; -Graftlin; P-'1 Tobo.cco-C..tting g __ 7' .> \ 10 ; PI t h n:......t "th -r w;e 'M wlirebott!!e, ot' pickled, Gt allclesorlp-EcheTerria Beaver. ..... pne. on a ..,....ul. uu lll!8 towe at arge e t It to o co oo .... e e power an 1n b tJm,_ a11 for j;J;Snspo{tation to dilltrlet"of' .&ioM, "b 'Jneptlrllll a ta:r: ef Bk. P ., Peart. EA.8T HA.Il .an, CONN. be a necessity, blii that feeliug might be every"lhere the burning-glass C'te. I .,, I J ') Jr '. __ I v eertifl 1. t ave c m "iih BUSIN ... s DlltECTOftY Linde, F. c,. 76 G_reenwlch street : "n & Hatb&lfBJ. 184 Maio ,throjlghout th_e en f\o 'flth \)Ur TobR? f O .Tn seW ..... l t b 'c. M rl},. .: :flr q .P, .,'}f 11:. 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Warehous e and Salesroom 137 :Maio ,, I'JII H .r '-! 0 1 1 1 ;.. _: _. ; 't .:1. d th : i ... ___ fo\' r Bllblr, B. u Dfltgee, P; ll., oor. SUth and Lewis. Wicks, G. w. & Co., 102 Mai'a. Bureau, wpuld at onoo aqppt,me\1-,sure!j. of de-n ; lllvD E w ITHD .. A"WING AND RA.....,SPORTING GOODS qut e"' a.o Olll\ r.e 8. 41.0. Jl.4-W&ter. 1 Re41Dim. Hepbnrn, 2161;ewis. ITHAC.& N. Y. fence. We-speak, t;pe .AssoNTBY.- 1 f hllrJl, A: he for the 8hii!P.1'T I B'o1V11e_,R. "8. & Co., 7 Bur.ling : Atlnilall J'. J., BO Oedar. .. Gran;.n. J. & Oo., 1 Ea s t Sta mu11t, to a certam extent, sfand, ?litbe defensive, anu Pl&rty desjfing to withdra)": manuf!l<1tured tQ-. if, deaited.JJ !II ud ,1 f [ f ; ; 1 I '11JOA'tt apaoifs. LY,l'fCHBt.TJlG, "A.. t e fpect to be S:ttackli d l.te members. H8rdlf bapCf? or snuft' bonded warebonsefor lBB BIV.nm .nio eToR.D1dwner ot the croo,ds 0 1r ht' bg M..':t QOJ, l6q '\Vater> ..,. uv.wu .... ,ur. ov v" rr i wtt,... t e proper oo ector w mt. nal t o D D raeltel & I. 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W !125 N'ortll Water P .t: 11. r 1 'i' u Y "' 0 arrrva race ...,rao exoyOlJt expo on ed warehouseownoooy-' t Kremel er Ill Ito ; tco., 32 Beekman. ,1 1 EiaealohP,.\tm. At eo., Sou"' W.ater. t-he 'J'eed, an_!} wl;l,o paa. ,entli. W01 l8n bQuded warehouse fo the storage1 of .IIIAllll cfinred situaed in Lejo, lL B.,-tauwL Harlem Jj 'J-.1 H '-""id'! ..& .tllllllli v 1 dbll:Ua, are uot wboie it furnish tJ! y 1 '\obacoo and 111trftj said dis'tmt, ii: rnr and Stalof I__ be'' cotbnty of 1 <' .& BB4ND8. a8Jpmih\ ;: f,l,t o J. q 1 IIU#iJ I I. 1 '>l'f ,Y,rf ( jj '( r f t 0 tii!J 'f '186 1 Pl-.1 DBAllns, J:Ta. i.lrhe w1U'fJ; IllY i ,.sf, 1., I.cct I r ,fffttloe, 180 t& 182 Maiden lane. I Ra t.hg: 1:-.t. e I Uti iH'JrcbandjPe Jll 0 8 w I til :fO ....J:o M Wat.e&o. h 1 : IPilCAftlra' .l-IIT.l Bremer f... S&ns, 8!2 !'liird : t bie old'f'RritiBb ol''ta l&tib'\ pre .:::-a eto:d nJJJ;t:: -1Ji, 't"orfri escnil)e e bond g AI M6Wtee J.l(..IISoD,M_'I'.BI'Otlddy. 'l'iftdfiOSNOrilLtSeootad. I' ,;-:-, f I r h 1 Illln"' 1. a .,. 1 . ....,,, -... 'i..' .. 'l.iJ r.v-t' ""'...., liP -. JUCllrWII, .. au.:. llanner. .Jacob. 1U ae9taf1en. ,, il t' I t e prelllnbed, fo t.he woljJa tile-. ec .f. Q I e !V hom I nn&ll!. 70 & 78 Elm. Steiner, Smith & Krec;ht, Race. atioa!U lll ltbpt (Ug tied maDBf&cto,y t:heJ w_fln}s ,.,. biHJ4ed-rJ, f''the1r a'rrlnJ.. ''Parket s. }1.' Co!." is,r 'rat' t I Tlaeopald, A. H' Third and P?pl&l'. ,, poeition IIS'th0116' Wh9 koo rtlleir' rigpt.I',Jilnd kqo";t; will IS :FotiJl IJil'iJ(. I tobh.eoo 1 1 ;. 1 IMA!I-nAlllt ssun. 'I 1 daJ'c!ma'ilit&i H 'tbefu l cen\tJIJOre glYe" SJr r ,11 'ftile-.t f .e&raaii,: JI. ... ,l,o91!1'elu'l:u .oll ': I ''] _, llf,"-' a 't Ri.l ,pb /o- & .f( o., 5 .6.J;.h. r H j ) "' 'f '""'b tfu f descrupt;JOn OO.U'Iltj'A.Oce, ... d n!' I colleetor, &nd i r .d 1 G-,reenfF rrcut!'ilst the Ja'f of. tlle1 is irihm !trout tbll .. win !l.ot ,, 0 1 ; 'SeyiQolfll, W41U 1'-rfttl ,, "". & T., 1'9l&t&\e. J b b .a1 h t u 1 da .:1 1et:ceed f. 1 f 1. la __ .. 1 '"'''" eyvn.,., o.....,....,.,.,..ymg e.d .,..rextlc;ate and t -' p., I Jl!flthll ... 8 Gb-II 11 I Ha,netr ir.B.,-l'OO,Nortb .Commerolal: wJW. all ded!>J;OUS 0 ws ewONt:a.)l8 any p,atu Aelivered to tb.e tt.:-n"vll ....... t eh 1 c hi .-l ":f:. th .,..,... .., f>2SOIhCbariW. !IJelgU,'Huolson&i' C!>.,co-r.2tlandV" f h G h B ...., ...-""" wlU..., 0 "'""''W ere-.i SWallron', SeiDl* A Sbtll, p >jill 'Weat IPOilJXI!!. I BttOili!U' urrcLL reftioetr ?_ e ,oa;a "'";' T,IVII from t 1;9 :w;hu:!J. tq P1fl 'wij.tdiill or r M qon trteno. 1 I &;co 81 E:r:change Plaoe. Starck, Gutman & Co., '!06 :NoRh Second. gress w1ll oome to rilgardour now a!l:wor-. pf $ipmeRt, ,and 1 oi ladiq.1 To as the 'transfer an (I :delix_el')' hti yoif'Will O. '\ ,, BS.ft .. )' I 'I' A.'tJ8. h Vf attentionanthellpeet, aud itls mgges ion$ and ,tbpi,end the collectOlj qt ""F inspect the accor{lio u regilation' and report b. E".', 1 CJ -1'; W : It Co. a: offered !!piri -wfiu be rece' 'ed CQ to t1;&Dll your inspectiOns in he noting :v Iiili, Wr:o: I l ,, Ngiiclr,'P. tW., W'ltlld "'lio111 vn......... !1!-,;I&A.C118,o>. 1'1'. y. ... "-rl' 1 .. t "r y and WJlJ,. .deliyl)r to ,him 'Ill), w duplioate 10 weights ,if nv R. S), I i I' 'GQ[, a : w : a:-t8 Barre I OJ" ri'Cll'l'. ttJe !"iii resll\t to appended :h. the' ell try. Fortn n.. "on 'T""i' (Si'goed) (]. ,,__, M' & C 17'1 pa.w.l tPiillMi,;B & 0o 91 Lolo\*dJ I n 0 1 2{" 1, l '"! ) d o ., h d h!l th C1:! 11 OIMIGOQr, Weatheim, o., .,.... rrhld.S. -o,'ks S&lllon ...... '. a'nl tra :' "1 !I Q Lyery 1?'1 'fr' t 1!1 e '!o To ............. ) J.'.Jl 1 .. ... now TIZli 'J,, ... fi I'' 11'11 ) na'' J: ... w l"' o::>J> nJ ,,,.,w\rLuT ''J" r1 L ,jft_,,.., IJ il 1 1 1 P '!. : i J u ') ol:J IC: f II II ,IIOIIlf'l ,) :' llot oJnup 'J VI .ullit"-JJi'lf ot .La .ftlu ((. ,nnnoti m. ;J ... ) I /I. 1. I (II '!'Ill ( ,!') 'Tf J c.!1 I d 'If HI '"1' 11' ,, J { '(Ill) rJ 'lr . 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tions will indorse upon Form I lows, viz.: to 60; half-pounds haJ.t:nnnrliiA bright, 66c. to 70c ; long tens bright, 70c. to 40c. to 90c. 18.-Mes!rtl. LoosB & Co., and dealert! in leaf tobacco re


'I a 'r8 '2 hbds do trt .old bbde.: and -lo: leaLat .18@9; 3 ..Jll'All.E!d of..a.Ut,1hle ....... ...........m... '--!3 tot!!,4 bh s.d0.1tlr6"50to bbd hbdsleafat$1025@1150 2 21?@2! t fi "-' .r,w .. uu .. ..... yersar-Jrom s a .hbd11. lehaf at $Io1 d5o@'il 5h'ohd; 1 ,er eenf 8 60, 16 hbda. at to 11, 12 leaf at Pickett oul!e 1!0 6I s.. 13 75 6 Centre.............. ll,358 cs. in 186 ."ealee W ft t 14 6-hbd d at -' 60 to 16 2 ltlwis do. at 25 '7 60@9 40, 10 bhds. good leaf at $10 50@ West Hill ...... ... agaan&& l3,1S40 in 1868. IS. SO hhdt11. Maso'n and Bracken tt M '.'.'.'.'::::::::::: 31 i1l first hands: Kentucky, l 909 bbds. Vir ties-2 hbds trash at $8 to 8 50, 16 hhhhddss. lduogsat Ninthstreet house sold 37 hhds.: 9 hhdll. leafand lugs 852 .hhds.; Maryland, SO hhds.; Groqn,!J to 11 75, 9 Dllds. leaf at .12 to 18, 2 :. hhd at 19 5or...n, 1 hhd. lugs at s. 50, 7 hhds. leaf and J s.; Obw, 1,588 bhds.; Bay. 121 vrg' 50 to 14 5 1 lthct t16 75. Fr1day., .,., ... 1thd lug: at *7 60@11 50 6 hhds. leaf at 19 10@11, 6 Receipts this week, 95; K ntucky hbds Maso raeken ttes-12 hhds. _tugs at 9 to leaf and lugs at $8 '50@14, 1 hhd. leaf at $8 71J, tal since October, 3,430; total receipts at this port 821c.@40c. For' West Indian 11 50, .)3 hbds. t U!: rt 1 s at the 1 hhd. lugs at 8 to, 1 reatied lel;lf at' $14, 4 bhds. lugs since September lt 1888, 1 S,080; llallle tiJPelast year, SAN FRA. 01800. -Th d d 1 more animated ton and Amen.fllln tobacco a r.::v .,.. week and leaf at $7 55@13. !he Louisville 22,955. mod8@te, Na: doubt have lx>en would no were 152 10 i!ds. :Mason and Bracken 2 hhds. manufactunngleaf at 813 7o@l \! PHILADELPHIA, SEPT. 18.-Mr. E. W. Dickerson, Of le we note sales, in 25 cs. ConAll kinds of adaP-ted rJ: cO'CJO&iee:-!O Jth&.. at t 90 22 at (SlO to 11 75, medmm leaf at f9 80@ 10 75, 4 bhds. common 5 tobacco broker, reports: I have the fQ]lowina sale& nect } cut at 42ie.@50o. per lb. We quote KentlCularly &nd dear and tQ U H to 1375, 10 at $16 to 18, leaf 20@13, 4 hhds. leaf at $10 to 1:7 t 8 (during this to report, viz.: ,15 cs. tucky leaf, in ilihds_,, 18o.@20c ; Havana 81@1 15 per some extent by Seconds ol wrappery w, whiOfl 0 8 ;,flO '4 tt 4. 1.o 26 22 hbds. Southern common leaf at 19 to 10_ 50, 3 bbds. :t 1d 21 '68 wrappers, at 72!e.; 27 do, '68 seconds and wra lb. At publi tor account ot'-"Uoited States quently. fetch comparktively h 1gher than F te. ][eataeky-..:..3 t9 1 l4J at 12 to l2 25. 13 bhds. at $9 70 to 10 2o. The Farmers ouse 10 pers; 15 do. do. seconds at pnvdte terms; 7 do. hhds. lugs at 40 to 9 30c.; 13 do. Penu. bmders, at 15c ; 5 do. '68 Obto wrap Kentucky le!lf,_ 18c.@25c.; Anderson's Solace average pnces of 13 to 131-u. Th P 0 at The. market .ant and prihhd. common leaf at .1.0, 5 hhds. shtppmg leaf pers, at 30c.; 5 do. do. do. common fillers, at I ,Oc.; 11 chewmg, &9; Smoking, ts, it', 40c.@85c. The exportl! hands bas deareaaed to 12,000 e :!first. no c ange.m rate:'e supp Y 18 a mg 'r. 11 ws: to 5il, 6,hhds. medmm leaf $9 to 9 80, 3 s bhds Ohio, at. 15c. to 20c.; 5 cs. Florida, at 14c.; 10 oftheweek..have beeQ: To Yokohama, 6 cs.; to Victol'i only 128 eeroons or COIDDlon m a ema. ces most 1.1ke!y will advance .. We quote as 0 lugs at .8 90 to 12 75. The P1ckett house sold 5e bales Yara, at'85c.; 6 do. do., I cut, at 9Zfc.; 35 do. 3 cs. tobacco, 3 cs. There are on their wa at 16 gts., b1l.t the o inion is aininy 8 reported sold Lugs-Sh1 or. hbds.: 8 hhrls. manufacturing leaf at SHl, 23 lugs a1r. $I Havana, $1 16 to I 20. There is a good demand for this port from Atlantic po;ts 336 bales, 1168 Ci y viva! of the will so!n tak! r.e. $6 50@7 50' do. Pipe, ln goo or er, d od' 20 to 10, 4 hbds. trash at 3;6 to 9 20, I> 1 bbd;,. cuttmg clean fillers-the stock on hand is small Cbeap-i e VICKSBURG Mess SEPT 14 We t th lir11t banda contain a fair propartio e..U c la leaf at $H 75 to 24, 2 hhds manufacturing leaf at0 *1 9 6 are in demand. The past ket as follows: Ilin e .;r i1 1o@f30 m;;; bacco whfeb is held at scill t d' $ll@r$If 6 mg 0 d t fineo$16@$25. 50 to 18, 10 hhds. lugs and low leaf 17 70 to 1 T5h' has been a fan oue for buslness. lb., 70c.@$I common per lb. 60c.@70c ou.r dealers Sales of Giron embrace 781 ce ws 0 o me mm, o. o., .goC? o 3 hhds. trash and common lug s at $7 60 tu'$.Q LO.' e ,;, prices rang! nofrom 18 to 2i .. JtOODI< a ... frosted lugs, *5@.7. Leaf-Sh1ppmg, short, dark, m Ninth-street sold 25 hhds. at $7 50 for lugs and QUEBEC, CAN., SEP;r. 15.-We report tbe market O:BBIGN. from 12 to 15"' gts. Snperwr, and at good order, $9 50@$ II; w-a eligbt, imprqvement, the advance is 923 cer. Palmy;a; 1 Y.AIDdirect vessels, the week. at all the foot up about 50 hhds. wrappers at *60 and 143 per 100 lbs. tobacco held on speculatwn, the breais will be 'v ry entuely out of proportlon to that experienced in tb Carmen 29'1 06 G' cer. lllbalema, 28 cer. at full pric es, say tc. to .1c. above month Jltanufactured Tobacco.-A very active busllless 1s 11 h f 1 11 ha ba markets conee ent upen the unfavorable news MRount'to 128 ce:. Palmyra. Sales. a. go. of th" oft'enngs were r e,ected whiCh fact transacted ln thi's depnrtment of and pri'ces sma or t e utur e as our p anters w o ve to 009 oil the frowtng cro r t k ld t h f ... .,..., .... men 781 d f t: fi fi ll Tb o w ou hand (which "Very few-) are di posed to bbld P nen uc Y so o t e e cer Giron o cer p 1 pa. JS an evt ence o l!at ... actory gures or se ers. e are rm. stocks were never better and buyers mav back for higher prices, in consideration of the short 1,049 h ds.; the demand has decidedly improved within The t m h stocks here, as is usual at this season of the year, are be o f finding all the brands of Virginia growing crop. .There has been a few hogsheads of new the last few days, an4 p Columbian to a owmg movements or guite not exceeding 450 hhds., all told. and Kentucky manufacture. We quote: Virginia primings, which are of superior quality to any I ever have been larger bnt for the mcrea lie sa, e din 186 nuarf. u co to: We wtll endeavor at an early day to g1ve a statement extra lbs. and fancy styles, $1 to $1 10; Virginia fine be' ( h h ) f db d d d ers and for the undesirable assortme t of the part 9 "! be 0 lute : of he-tobacco trade here for the past season. bright, Jbs. and twist, 85c. to $1 Virginia mE>dium saw, mg t es ort 0 goo 0 Y an very an of the stock. Heavy luas and ow to medium leaf a 5 158 '.).. ,.,.<;>..mpa ema. 11 30..7 per.; Carmen, are worth here from 6c. to ate., and, taking quality o r 1 ro ""f6 l'alnl 5.J DANVU,LE, VA.. SEPT. sales of the week bright, lbs. and twist, 70c. to SOc.; Virginia into consideration, are than mean, frosted, as scarce as ever before and the trade continues to tota1 78 154 cer \868 b 194 ceroons; have been a's follows: Three t ierces, which had been pre lbs. and f-Ibs., 62c. to 65c.; Virginia fine, t-Ibs. and funked lugs which are selling from 7tc. to sc. llkTow 1 gre_!lt difficulties iq deaijag almost aolely 08 .'Giron 22 773 cer.; Carviously otrereg 9 to portiOn of the! tower wb10h are themost sought 186 b 1 One tiCICe taken m at $27 in Lynchburg sold here for Kentucky and Missouri bright lbs 60c. to 75c.; Ken 11c ; leaf, do. do., IOc.@ lSc.; bngbt workmg, 100. aher. C!aTksville and heavy Mstern district 425 ccr.' em a,. <'.er.; _Carmen, 62, $35; a tjerce taken in there .at tl28 sold here at 140, and tucky and Miesouri, ts and 14s, 6Zc. to 65c.; Kentu cky J3c.; do. do. fancy, 150.@4oc.; leaf, bright, l4c.@ quote as follows: Common, 6t@7t leafy; ugs, 7! '76,216 der. 1868 A a myra, 9<>3 cer.; the one taken in there at $30 brought here M5 per hunblack sweet, lOs and ts, 60c. to 65'c.; Kentucky navy, 25c.; do. fancy bright, 2 5 c.@ 60c.; do. fancy extra, 750, @8! gts.; l ow leaf, B-!@9t gtll.; comui6n to medium 44 029 cer. Giron a emp Ct!r:; Carmeu"' dred. The following sales w ere made by Messrs. Graves lbs. and t-lbs., best, 68c. to 70c.; Kentucky navy, lbs. *I 20_ leaf, 9!@11 gts.; medium to gbod leaf, Il!@l2! gts. : tai 68 593 cer cer.; almyra, 2, 770 cer.; to& McDertrman: One lot at tso, 72, 50, 70, '76, 74, 65, and !-lbs., medium, 60c. to !!5c. Smoking tobacco.-The quantity of chewing tobacco shipped from Richgood to fine leaf; iS@ 15 gts. The sales include several S;rodKs END. OF A 1 41, 51, 42, 26, 36, 32, 49, 39, 38, 29, 50, 40, 35, 27, 28, Lone Jack, in lbs. and tlbs., $1 40 to $I 50; gold leaf, mond, io bond, from lst October, 'OS, to lst Angus, ofWeat!lrn leaf of light quality, which ha ve met Oarmen iz 080 ce (].G. 869.-Ambalema, li,430 cer.; 35, 40, 36, 35, 38, 66, 27, 27, 36, 34, 45, 29, 32, 56, 28, in lbs. and tlbs., 90c. to $1; Brown Dick, in lbs., 7Sc. '69, as heretofore reported in the Whig, was 6 ,667,266lb With an improved demand at slightly higher prices total, 2'3 008 ce r., &'Jn, cer.; Palmyra, 5,468 cer.;. 50, 40, 37, 46, 65, 65, 50, 4Z, Z6, 32, 49, 39, 38, 27, to 8.0c., Fruits and F.lowers,in l-Ib. boxes, 60c. to 75c .. ; p a b t 180 50 com. mon to fair lugs realize.d from gts., a ',590 cer.' Carmern. 2 36 !lg 1868B repa1 y s amps. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 5 1 f d ,. 0 cer Giro .220 p 1 51, 40, 35, 27, 28, 35, 36, 85, 38, 27, 27, 36, 34, 45, Fruits and Flowers, m l-Ib. drums, 65c. to 70c.; 1g ____ artie E o goo color, sn1table for cutting purposes I 000 cer. total 8 i 70. ., n_, cer.; a myra. Z9, 32, 56, 50, 40, 37, 31, 35, 44, 30d, 80, 29, 39,h40, LQick, in 1-lb., t-Ib. and tibs., 70c.,D75 1 c., 8bo1c.; !f1bay Total. ....... ..................... 8 ,797, 771 bt I:ol:lght from gtfs., and unward to 9! gta. if 'Cuba to J: held tar high ri hi h 50, as, 27, 86, 32, 44, 25, 30, 35, 60-an many ot ers ueen, llbs. and tlbs., 60c. to 65c.; e ecta e, .,.-'l'he August business was: a pro ortwn o common igar leaf. In c010p rprevented l!lfire t s&et' 1 l' ces, 'Y o lots from $15 to 20. and t-lbs, 60e. to 65c.; Ida Handy, t lbs., 7 5c. to Sllc.; Sh'p d b d 1 1 '71 50 mg this year's ransactiona in Kentucky .which mount 011e cgr"o of 1890 ran IOJUI sa 88 were confined to B N 1 pe m on ........... ,,. to 9 211 bb 1 Q, ceroons Cauto y h' h DETROIT SEPT. 18.-We quote the market as fol elle of Rhine, -!-lbs., SOc. to 90c.; Favonte, 90c ; o p a b t '59 645 ., Ith those of for'IDer r;ean e lind tba: ""ro-' an ave f Jguany, etc., w 10 N D J repa1 y s amps. . . .. th h h ., y;;; priCe 0 about 27 'ts. common tom diuqtleaf. at ha J..,.n C r ..._,a uewad ance,secoud men can't sell at their pnces as long as they compare leaf to fine, and chiefly good to fine, such as are suitable lartd Homest ead says: There is not much new in tbe @9-i gts. good to fine leaf 10@13 gts. u, } 1 )'b a.; fir Bt lM0J4 these old goods with the prices of '67 and '68. The for the Italian and Bremen markets, with a limited quantity tobacco market this week worth mentioning. Prices @16 "ts.' :The impol'ts of this 'year have been \ d d 6t'T 1 till, about1,000bales have '69 crop is all in, I think, large crop, but not to of the styles usually snipped to Franc.e. e quote : remain unchanged. indications about home are 2,322 "'hhds, against 3,642 hhds. in 1868; sales thi" year c i:Gr s. ll: such an .extent as at ant1mpated, for a great many L1ght. Heavy. that the crop after all Will be QS good as the average. amount to 2,400 against 3,090 hhds. in 1'868, ana.ringly, whereas Ken b 13J'ifr the demand. There quote: VII'gtma cbewmg, 65c.'@$1; do. smokmg, .. .... ... 14.'!@15 Io'!@16 wrappe 1865. and 66, l6c. io 4oc.; 4ller do.t. tic. to tncky stems find but little favor, esl!ecially a common ave'been sa o'f 10 st'f<:ls a 6 annae, and other kind @65c. { Fr,om (Liverpool, 603 bXs. lOe.; .fin selectwns, 35c. to-65c.;-seceoas,-6o., of-wbiclrorrrstock is princi a Jy oom at 8 annas. --LA VACCA, TEX., SEPT. B.-We quote the market clay ;p1pes; Havana r.;. tc:"i:t! fr h h 1 l:"vv ao ""'venms pure leaf, 70c.@.1; smoking, 35c.@'i5o. s, xs.,, x ., ., ST. UIS, SEPT. 1 5 ...... Mr. 11. E ob'!i.cco-'.JntliiSoun rouga om 3@5 thr. dry tem Wl't ere on Y eeu a smf"! lbs..--re-. LOUISVILLE, 8JIPT. 15.-Tbe imports filr the past stgned broker Receipts are falli!lg o ; the market quote, thr.; a common to llrown a,rt.ic:le d lately. l'here are i bo!ld at p nt 38!l.30 week have been 409 bhds. 262 boxes; and the exports By Rwer Kmg, "26 R. '!';... To has. bee act1ve and &trQpg, espemaUy ou l-ugs com4.@6 tbr.; Lyochbllrg stems reiflized from 6!@8 tbr. for mgars, 171, manufacture(), 37,31?4 Jbs. uomaou 496 bhd ,15 b Th __ 684 hhd tli riao, 31 do., Howard & Preston, 1 do., E. H. 1lson & mon lea and t"e lo!w aradesb\veadvanced Sbipru>rs good to fine lots. liwMrts of stems tbi11 =ar fuctured. \fe quote as follow.a B t c a h ti s.,"' oxea. e ...... es wer'l s., WI & 47 do Bead! Wina & Co 25 do L Gunther & 1' f: r:.1 1 J-' q l't 1 9d IL' es aven 18 ne 36 rejections, aa follows: On Thursday the Ninthn, es, ., .Jia. mpeted With "lilanu actprers fo/ low grades a most usively R'ent!Jcky, against 5,943 1 y, s. pe: v., gross; second quality do., Is. street bouse sold 16 hMs.: I hhd. lugs at s 10, 6 hhds. Co., 2 do.: :Ash bridge, Smith & Co.,. 2-2 E: 0 & strong and f'!Il, on grades. from bbds l 1868 ; sal-'s 4,77. 0 agamst 4,892 hhds. in 7d., leaf, I40s. to IoOs. per 100 lb!t.; Colonial roll, 3d. to leaf at g 5 0@10, 3 bhds leaf at tl0@11, 4 bhds. shipCo., 7 do., E. tF. Sto ckmeyer, 1 do., & Keith, Thursday to y estexaay ulclus1ve 207 Jlhds.: 1 at $1 50, 1868 ; stock 1,6 _85_ tbe _same time 6d. per lb. The sales have been mostly at au c tion. ping leaf at Uo 50@11 5o 4 hhds. cntting leaf at 19 8 76 Order, d hhde. N h Rail 2 at $4, 2 at *5 50 to 15 SO, 59 at $6 10 to l6 90, 40 last find read bu ers COLOMBO, JULY 29.-The recei t of 200 b dl 90@13 75. TheLouisvillebouse sold 26 hhds.: a bhds. y t e ew. reans, ac son, fJI reat ort ern $ 7 90,41 at$8'to $8 90,31 M to 't9 90,24 at tlpl bei n h Wit a un es mf, leaf at $l2@ZO, 1 ,hhd. sweepings at a2 90 1 hbd. road-E. H. W1lson & 20 H H. Br!an, 2 do.; I10to $16 75, 4 at $20 75 to 127 50, and 3 at 75, the wantW& ar rade, and lill &upPtt coosnm tion. O"wJo'i; factorv at 5 20 1 hhd. trash at 6 70 7 hnds. L. Gunther & Co., 2 do., R. T. 4 do., Hadden, t3ll 25 to $41, and 7 boxes at 'T 10 ttt f9. ReJected .nnllr'redailed, 1mpo meet w1tn great tlus tnere has a decline in ices j} a54 "' !Elf{ :at lo@h, 8 hhd'-qgs at '*7 7 5 @ & Co., 18 do.; Irby, McDaniel & Do., 145 pkgs.; 8: bids in same time were 35 hhds. at $1 lOto $30 50, a.od i!l ob a'oin poqijin prices, anl it i au d QJlll ties a t &:g fol' IS s 2 hhds. leaf-at 10@:2 The Pickett house sold 29 & Co., 14 ;i Mayer 27\ hf BISek t l box: at $5 20. To day the was strong and the exceptiOn If more tlian cos't Is real d Sales durmg e Ifon Jdiid"a sam hbds.: 3 hhas. -leaf at 19 SO@ll Z/2, 2 hhds. lugs at $7 50 do.; ackerharth osep s, oO 0id demand active Sales 30 bhds.: 1 at $3 so, 1 at M 90, tire com which Were Y>r l!>@'l40 1 hhd.IWati$10 1 hhd. medium leaf at .9 Naats &_Co., 20 do.; W. Van Benthuysen, 240 o ; S. 5 at$7 30 to .7 90, sat s to $8 so, 4 at $9 2tl tiQ 1 -te mar et. f?'u,r, nsl are: Gbmfdoh aml '.tMil 'mark :t' I, 40, 1 h '.Ings at ts, 12 112 75@13, 2 bbds. HernsheiiD, cs.; W. B. Thompson, I $9 50, 4 at$10 to $10 50, .sat au 75. to *16 50, and 2 b'!F 4i@D;.gt ; s nd, 5t@6.g\s.; i,.. P'Jllie\l at fl>t;@tl;o ell common leaf at ts 90@9 10 8 hbds. leaf at 50@17 FromMobile-Devan &Mason, 157 pkgs., Col. Int. Rev. at $26 50 to tsl 25, and btds were reJected on 6 hhds. dmary to go.od g .; common to meo-AV SJ::i>T 1l -.IFh a p 25, 2 hhd's. lu s at' $8 40@o' 90, 1 hbd. black..fat at $11 445 do.; 305 do.; & at 30 to "W_e qu .sctaps ') 60 to*'; indium bro u, tog tobaoco... 'I' a e eman for chewmg_ 25,.. a. Jlnmon eaf at $JO@l 2 7 5 : The Boone Josephs, do., IrbJ, & Co., 55 do.,. W. S. De-fenor, froste4, 4\Ud $5 o J.o $6 50; "t.s.; fine rown gts. Transactions stock-on harrdis""'beav ther re e same. house sold 2 7 hhds.: 6 hhds. at II 0 50, van, 7 6 do.;,.. Hbrnshe\ID, 65 do.; C. A Whitney & Co., factory lugs, 16 &0 to *7 5 ; plant &; 50 tJ ; fro"lo j a a nary P to t'his d& to 5,966 hhds., first hallr:la ' nothing '.oi ar werp; 1 6,600 Cigars, to @10. 'rbe Planters' house sold 7 hhds.: 1 hhd. week. The "breaks," both for the week and paat leaf, $15 to $30; .g?od and fine wipt very undisposed Sales tbi.s year. 1,228 against to 'st. bright lugs at $12. 4 hhds. factory sweepings at month, have been made up of low aud medium grades al little here, aud to *60 per 1'o0 los. l,290'hn'iis. m 1868. Ohw contmues to be of heavy cigarettes to Vera Cr g 00 e1 iO@S. 2 bhda. )eaf at s 30@ 9.15 The Farmmost entirely, not less than haifa dozen select shippings The exports have lieen 205 hhds. 270 boxes, and 716 sale in spite of the lower prices, which holders aJ:e w:il: LONOON 8 uz.W sold 4 hhds. : 1 hhd. medium leaf at Z5 having been offered, and they were taken at prices bepkgs., and n 1 csk., '1 bales, .2 in onler to get rid of their l!tocks. Trans-circulars fth dftf.' 4e g1ve below the montbly2 hhds .' rehandled at @ 12 Z5 bhd. leaf' at 113 : tween which and the seaboard quotations at present tubs, 74 bx&1 11 cs., 60 pkgs., 10 bbls., 10 bbls. licorice actiOns during the month were confined to-526 h'Qds. inMers.o B e houses:-On Friday the P iekett house sold at t6 20 for their is very little margin. This class of tobacco-se9 bxs. d?., aeosig11ed as eluding a further from Spaln 320 bbds. mi ht be ex s .. trasny lugs to a14 50 for manufaetunng leaf. The lect shipping leaf-is very scarce 1n our market, and I By Boats: Whittaker, Vuden & Gray, 9 of old crop tobacco1 for the of the m .:AiD ncan has cont1!lued 9 hhdJ. at t650 for lugs to Ill 50 venture the assertion that the proportion of this kind hbds.; 9 do ; Eaton, Dean & Co., 2 eommon grades, which owmg to the scarcity of lowwe must w fi ont ltlRe nd for Barr eottmy"IM The N.iat.hstreet bouse sold 19 iq our market ia greater than in any other market in do.; Norris, 'llaylor & Co., 1 do. ; S. Peltz & Co., 2 do; l}>riced tobacco, realized comparativelyftlll prices, fore a genea' 1 sam hog ofit hhdi:'a 87eHur age t@ a ; 1 2 hhds. shlppmg leaf at $10 '15@11 75; 3 to 10 75. Sons, 9 hbds.1 Baker, Co., 1 do.; Oakes, A-rlower than ,l't the begmnmg. of th1s season, while 1f QIR: We be leave to in' t >Oeee, "llatdett Lane hbda. common leaf at $9 510@IO 75; 4 hhds. leaf at PETERSBURG, SEPT. 17.-Messrs. R. A. Y?tmg & cher & Co., 7 do.; S.t;erfing ""Pnce 10 Br6wn -oompared wtth the rates ruhng lf:St yea: the this da_y. tlO@lO 75. The Farmers' house sold 6 hhds.: 2 hhds. Bro. report: The market at the close was qmet and & Barron, 1 do.; Evans & C<1., lrbnls.; Norris, Ta lor to fully; 2t rransactiOns this season em-. _.1 UWMAtt& lugs at $7 l0@7 90 16 bhds. medinm leaf atl9@1250. some lower this week The receipts have fidlen. off. & Co., 12 ca4. ." . abot'lt the same figure a's at the peo'?' deparl.ment ... The Boone house sold 6 hhds. at $7 so@12 2!i. 'flle quote poor to cqmmon lugs IB 50@9.50,. an18)Ur to _By the Ohio _and M. Foed nod Ia seed fair amount of b11smess g Pickett holl1!e fl()}d 31 hhde.: 21 hhds. medium and"Manat $10@11; poor to common leaf, 5Q; man, 1 bx.; Jp., 1.0 do.; /. Keiser, 7 lias been tra!'sacte?, aoout 1?,200 t'ls. b vjng)leen w;;, tradetn ufscturing leaf at $IO 25@15 25; 6 hhds. luge and comto good, $12@ 14; and very good, Taylor, msoa &i 6., liO .cs.; T. Black & fillers !et an .tt. laTore4 mon leaf at $8 4.0@10 25; 3 hhd11. leaf at $9 40@10 75 ; 15 50 The bulks of the breaks are made up of mfertor Co., 7 bbls., '1 c!: vance lA -Braal and sorts of tobacco fur 'the 1'IIWmaa. :eo & .Ax, Balttm ; J 11 co .. do. 1 hhd. common leaf at 10. On Tuesday, the Boone Primings are i n demand at M.@6 '75. tBy the St. and Railioad : ? Cat same purpose. Low l_elsf 1htds but ljttl9 e ,._ bouse sold 42 hhdl.: 86 hhds. lug8-11nd leaf at li ot.Ja BIDj!;le fine, suo-cured hogshead has been 1D mar lm, 10 bbls. hconce; c. P1per 9 bxs. do.; c. s. Free-favor; good useful wrappers contmue scarce. A feW Catti. tiO@ 14 25; 6 hhds. at ti(I@l5 50. The Plantelf' of such, if to be had, would born, 6 cs. sma11. lotla of Dew Ohio Peuntl)'lvuU. growth, which ,_n:.,and: h>lf =ntry toWD , loqa!re at lhe omce or the LIIW. ....'l'


_ ... & Co (I I ... I 3 J E A v E R T R E E T' ':;BAY:AN TOBACCo, r j ,:. Mar1r LA lisPA.'No:tA'. -, = I i om ,lnissio 11 Me rc h a nts I \ 91 I I I Call o:;peciu l atteri.tiari to tl1eir stock of Itriedimn I I .Pohnd of 1B67 work. .. I It and Fine ,.,. P 1:\.LMEE, & SCO"VlLLE, ) II< EEft'CH. AN'l!S3 t I 1 .AKD oF '" ; 1 .TOBACCO J, 1 t rf No. :170 Water Street, New. Y(}rk; 1 I A. I_I. SCOVILLrl, .v"'"-'" 7li Bowe'l?f, New I f .. A.. !f' CARDozo & .. Tobacco & Cotton Factors, L af' T b ... m 0 aqqo, -11 J General Commission Nq. 1.69 Front-str.!.et, New--York. 181 PEARL llTBB.-liY:E'RB. KREMELBERG & co., I ., F. L. BRAUNS & cp:, BALTDIOBE,; I <'. Tobacco Cmnmi&&ion Merchants. b,.,n.., of L.\eorleiJ: Paflt', tmporla:ion., c.onstautly L .uuJ1 and luJ 1u bq.o.,i ar dut.7 )u,!J in l ut.s t o ault 82--114 I ISAAC 'RBAD (Sncce1110r to 0IJnuN1' Bun, ) -:. Commission Merchant, AND DEALER IN VIRGINIA & WESTERN LEAF,' .Manufa.ctnred Tobjlcco, Licorice, Qiun, etc., No. 85 PEARL STREET, N.; Y .... KJENTlU. I U Front Stree t. Ca.liforoio & Front ti,; Agento In San Francil!CO for Sale ot VIRGINIA MAl!U. Jl',U )TURED TOBACCO, -R. 8. WALTER, BES1

1 )':.!' ,_, '). ) j : ., 2 oz. lags, SOBS,. SOLE AGENTS,: ll'ew YoztlL OSCAR PROLSS ll'lll'ORT'EJU! 0:1' .A.LL 'KINDS 9Y' ::_....' RIBQ I "RITIO.A," ,193 :P-rl s-treet, .. IIW tORK-FRANK, IE\lTTENMYLLER & tn.'ACJ'UB&BS OP G: No. l.t. All OW D w:NRiliiO. of th iujurio from oro.J ill last ,twif,'ll l: ,.; o!hPr kinds. r":, I ..... !: '"'1 Lt. :1:1: :n.o1: 1:h.e p:lpe, :n.or 1our:n.1:he 1:e>:l:15'1e ., Orde1'S for !llPgantly caneu MERSCH AU M P I P!: S, with AMBER Moui'HftECES, silver -monnteu, and sectional stems, enclosed in neat Motocco pocket cases, are packed in th-e-same daily. .., J;urek,a;a. S:.roKING ha,. so popular that many il!l{tit.IOns of a w orth(llss are offered for sale, by s ome dealers, because they ctn buy th e eounte rfmt artiCl_e for a_ httle les s; an4_ as the sa1_ne are c'alculated to deceive the consu m ers, we dosll'e to dtroct the1r attentw n to t he nnposl tion that is _practiced upon tl:em j t h ey' a r e thereby, being obliged. pay as much at r et:ul for It, as wtll buy tbe genu me artlcle. ,;,. In atlilt tion to the above we haYe many favorite-brands; which wi1J be shOwn wi th pleasure at aur Sales or a circular, giving prices, discounts erms, c., 1 T j J lo) W .. .o.u will be ma iled upon application. Lorillard's Centu:ry own, ihat we de e m it useless to piok flOO, daily, m the small tm-f01l J:l3. e rs a9y longer a nd have therefore discontinued tho sa me U 0 Our \Tanous T&nda o f CIIRIN'GS and will be fopud, lll}lOn trial, no onfy Popular goOd's, but at pric es defying comwtiLion, ro_?l responsib}.eturers 1 r'ff.e 'l'IUI P. :b 0 E. L A R D,. r --. W TOBACQO., I l24 'OllK, Have ou ule all klnda of LUI' TOBACCO for J:XPOIII -..... .. Uld HOKE USE. I J. "'E:. Dl:GGLES & G-4 lmf &. QC-o; COMMISSION MERElHANTS 0 --A..'\" 1) DI::::ALE:RS ALL KIN:B8 01' ,. I_. Leaf, w-York. AND "JOCKEY 1 )


-'l 11 47 Jlorth Water iUett, anlllo. 4i North Delaware Avenue, PHILADELPHIA, PA. b.e:l r Bro u. Kf,aufaotuen of FINK CICAR8, and Dealers in x.E.A.F 'rO:B.A.OOO; eUR HOBBY, y .A.RA. LITTLE ONES, PICKWICK, DAISY, PUNCH, and other copynghte_ d llnuda or cigars ll. BOYD. .lllTBUB R. :J'OUGaB.A.Y WJl. C PlU.I:S. 11aUe4 S&aa... Wareho....,_ BOYD, FOUGERAY l CO .. 'lt\ BUCKNOR, McGAMMON TOBACCO aai.Mi@a .... Jflloluau Dr.Un- ,.. 1 ,, LEAF' TOB.OOO >1. ..... Ia I ANb I and Foreign Leaf Tobacco No. street 1 .A.lfD ,BEGABS, PIDLADELPHIA. THE TOBACCO LEA F. = l!tinctnnati 3butrti5ttntttt J.lKJ8 lii..A..tL.lT. 161, 168, & 165 PearlBtret, (CORNER OP I!:Liil 8TIU!E'1'1 ) CINCINNA:"fl. ........ .... ZINS a. BROTHER. lllulll'llctllr ot All. o.Jul Ia T."EAF TOBACCO, R'o. 157 Oelatral A"V'eDU, CINCIIOfATI, OIIIO. Qewlq, .... Leaf TOBACCO .. C. ll. AD.uto, } 11 o, :l/1'1 SlaU St.o O.F. Wn, ll. D. Goonwm. Hartford, CoJIIL c COI'flf, J. D. BURNHAM & 00., :illanu!acturen and Jobben ill Tobacco, Snu{f & Cigars, And Wboleoale Doalen ill and State-street, F I N E 8 E c A R s JLL.BTPOJ!D, OQ!flll. .ADd Wholtliale DIIJ.s Ia: 8, Wi aMJ.. 1 C Rl AX. W. .U, ( LEAF HENRY MEYER, No, 76 Lia Bveet, Olnoimlati,O, WM. w.-aYPHAL, COIDIISSION liERCHA.NT,. And Dealer in 04111MIII8-0 MER If If, "'AnuWbolesale Dealer l n YQUSq-& DUG&N eDNIICJICVT IED LAF OHIO & CO:INECTICUT -.c. T <> b a c co, Commission Merchants, 233 state st Hartford, coJUL LEAF TOBACCO, DBALIBI m LLU TOBACCO. AND SNUFF. 4JoiO Importers of and Dealers In Cigars, Pipes, 8nut'fbexes, a.c., 18 Front St., Cincinnati, 0. IIALTIM,Ail, MDo .. N:-1 00-,.---. No. 28 BARB.E STB.EET w H. GLORE, JR. c. o. DEPOT-WithGA Ax, & ,f. A P. GLORE & BROS., Ceeullhololl and wttoleoale doal.,..l!> 175 Waterstreet, Ne:Vork. 11-63 Mf l Oil' .o Jr o,.i&& IBpeni!Oil BrfGae. CINCIIOfATI, omo. I T. 1'17LLI1'il, F. A.. PR.AGU&. 'If. J. DDan..aa, Kenton Tobacco W J. T. SULLIVAN & tO., Leaf and Manufactured\. \!.11.0:\lll".O: obaeeo anti (Jigars L.W. GUNTBEB, AND Jaepeetloa -;"'=-... -.... No. 81 Exchange Place, @QmmtiaatiQtll LEAF TO.BAOCOS J.U COVINGTON. KY. I ..... -. ,._. _._" ... __ And TOBACCO FAIJTOB, .,.... LOU!S lESKE & CO., ST. LOUIS TOBACCO WOI.XS. tr..::l: LEGGAT, HUDSON & CO., to my a1d r ess. JlANUFACTURBRS OJ' EVBRY GRADll: OJ' .&.YD DEALERS lN OOliDCT:WltT SEED-LEU Tobaceo Warehouse, 159 and 161 OoillDlerce-street, HARTI'OllD, COD. Particnlar attention paid to the purcbaee ...,. eviDg or new leaf on commilllicm. 18-UJ D. B. SEntOUR. SHEPARD l FULLER, ,... Commisaion MerchBJlts and Dealers in CONWECTICUT Seed Leaf Tobacco, 214 ST.J.TE STREET, No. '82! Nortll TbJrd Street, .-.n> PHfLADI:LPHlAr Pa., J... & CO., .JACOB MARINER .... wuaroua o:r Lea:f Tobacco, IEJ Q. .A.B..$' South Charles St1ect, G. KEROKHOFF & CO, PID.e Chewlza Smoktn Hartford, Conn, SISSON A HATHAWAY, l'!llekeM"aoa :o..Jfll'llla I 'I Dealen 1a I LEA F 'TOBACCO A.a4 ................ ..... ol SEGARS, .. lo Water s eet, AXD WBOLUALII ,......_lll BAL TIMOJlE. Leaf and Havana. ToDa.cco, WM. A. BOYD & co., and iDlfllttD WHOLBSAL'E D 'KALER8 11( fllouu. Jttd No. 4.9 South Charlel Street BALTIMORE. Md. Our special Bra.nds: FiBe Out, GILT EDGE, BEAUTY (Smoking, INGLESIDE, KONTANA Kound City Tobacco Works, D. CATLIN, .ST. LOUIS, MO. C.& H. OOKMI f ltH & CO., WUOLESALS DEALERS lN ConnHcticnt Seed Leaf TOBACCO, 134 Main Street, HARTFORD, CONN. ........., 'iidL&DBLPIIIA, P.t.. lnternat Remooe'Bonded Warehouse HOFFMAN GIL!dOR. FRAXK GIBSON. Leaf Tobacco & Cigars, ) 126-188. .lliD General Commission Merchants No. 39 Norlh Water Street, PDILA.DELPHU .. -J ALDO am oo., "Ralph's Bootch Snuff," Tobacco ana General Com. Merchants, Warrate4,uperlbrtoatiyaiuurmadein thla country l .1 x ... ... ........ Uld !;y r PHILADBLPHIA. 11. 8. Export Boa4e4 Warehoue No. 1. I lllullli...U. w-. ._ ., ... 1lrooU. 'Tli014AS HAR,E SON, DI:A.LWM l!f FOREIGN AND Ar(O TOBACCO, JNUFF, SEGARS, ETC., lio. 474 a.nd 503 N. Second 118\a tor GallA Ax' Tobacco &lid &art AB. THEOBALD, .nAcrcai:Ji.oP .u&. WUD6 0. &IE t!OJD:BTIO tear tobact1, CheWiBI Tooacco, SBIJI, M"rHhaum and Brier Pipes, w .-. 'fldri u41'oplar n.., Plliladelp!Ua. a..n -E. IDGJLI.W "eo., DEM4U II Tc:> aooo SNUFF' AID CS0lft8t 63 6 66 Hu4 8tiM 6 Sl tbd1a ..... 1'11 1'8BUBGB. 1'.A. ,. ( T I A. .. & co., No.' IS A. cW Itt., PHIL D LPHIA. g-Send for a Price List. Steiner, Smith Bros. & Knecht nr llL lnNDS o ... B.& G GOe .um Kuulaotume of a.od DeaJ.era in Oigars, 225 1lace st., PHILADELPHIA. Fine-Out, Chewing & Smoking smoktn;; &. Chcwtnc Tobacco, -----------......., und All Kinds or Smokers GILIIOR & GIBSON, IMPORTERS OF WK .t., BO:J'll1 .JB. U. S. BONDED WAREHOUSL Tobacco, Killickinick, &c.,Article., l'fo, 188 l'fer&Ja lleeoad lllruC, 2G' r l'!1t, bet. Zd and 3d St-;:qta, 8T. LOVU, XO. &T, L'OUI8, .0 Segars, BOSTON ADVBB.TIS'BIDJIT8. 1'18 DAVENPORT & LEGG, And General Commission Merchants. S'l'AROX, GUTMAN &. DO:, PHI:r..IP.:ERTHEILER, Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, Wl?.IJO S. Gwy St., Baltimore, No. 233 Stf!-te _Street, HARTFORD, CONN. D. S. BROWN & CO., J1lPOB.TD8 ill) W9:0LBSA.J..B t Leaf and Manufactured T 0 B A C'C 0 t I IU.VANA PRmOIPE. AND DOMEBTI1;1 pm.llU!. Meencbaum a _ntl Brl r Plp ea aud Smot.era' Anlcl Generally E xcl us \vdy Wholeaa.Je. 31 and 3 1 Rroad&--' Botea, .. ....... ,WILDER & ESTABROOK, BAVANACIGARS AliD LEAF TOBACCO, 7 COIIUIIn'cifll street, -:---__ F. L. & J. A. RADDIN, llan11factnrero ot liOKING TOBACCO, 8NUFr AND AJid Dealers In Pin& and Chewln& Tobauoo, No. 14.6 Hanover St., Doeton, llaDU!acturero otthe "Try'Em" aDd "Free&llaoy" (ll:Hl) -brandt or Clpn, bH7 GoDa.. a4 'Wbolllll8 Dillen 1a 8KQAR JUifPB &. WOOIIVff, "RED ROVER," "DICK TATER," 8111ok1DK TOBAOOO aad SEGAUS, Pipes, and Fancy Goods. 906 North Second Street.. 807 Korth '1'JdH Btne DEALER IN 0onnecticut Seed-Leaf &'r. LOOJB, a. ft'. r.etni, ira I TOBACCO, VIRGINIA TQB.A:.CCQ AGENCY. I No. 233'/JTATE STREET, ADAMS, GIBBS & 00., t' CONN. CD II II 0 I ER CHAIT --'-------'-------------=--.. renowned Brands of V i rginia. Sm oking Tobaccos, LOIE UCK and BROWN DICK. lllanufll.,tory, 1Stll S&reet. LY CHBURG, A. l FOR TRE SALE OF Ma.:uuactured1 Fine Out, a.nd Smoking To]Jaooos,, Juofr,..Ola._,: LiloriOO, 4lo., .'Vo. .. tcAigoa '" We :make a S;peclnlty of V.lrai;q:la .lND CIGARS, 17 West Randolph Street, CHieACO, ILLINOIS. J. L. SMITH, r BRO., Jooacoo Ma.nufe&turera' Agent, .Goneral CBRIIRLSiJDB M 11 & .;ts wabasli ..aJfD .A.cti:NTS J'OR Tf S U'".E nY' VIRGINIA AND NORTU CAR OLINA Lear Maurae&ure4 TtHCleO, "'0 4 IRON FRO.T .UILI'II.C8, ::PlllTERSBURG. VA. CHICAGO. < ( J'i' r I IJrGoode sold to .Tobben onlf ..._ ,r 1\t err ll' J, H. 'PEMBERTON; I De V:an Mason & co., Tobacco Oommiss'n Merclumt, DANVILJ.a, VA, ..., 104 Poydru St., New Orders for Leaf promptly attended to. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Ve"' HEALD & York. AND AGENTS FOR ]l[ ... rs. G. Hll:INEKEN & PALMORII; New York llessrtJ PLEAI!ANTS & SONS, Baltimore. V r 1 & N rth I' I' T b Mr .JOS. 'i'HOMAS. JR Richmond. 1rgm1a o ma o acco, 1 'Libe r ol a4volu-made OD eollolgmnento. (1119-!i'lll) -1 DBALBB lN onnecticut Seed Ltaf T EAST HARTFORD. COIUfECTICUT. 11v N OllR eaowu. AD DULD m EAST llAB.TJ'OB.D, COD. .t.LI, _._. ..-...... "' LOUl:SVXLLE, KY., tJ. S. Bonded Tobaooo Wmho111111 :So. L GEO. W. WICKS & CO,, ot. YU\GIIll, Ultl,'aDd1C: CK '1'0::EI.A.OOO, ..u.o Deal-in ;Lear To'b&ooo and c...-. 2Ciii.K.C.. ......... .._ u ....... LOUIIVILLI. KYo ,. ..


URICE ...,. .. M_,.. <>P -and 168 STATE STR....,....,...,_h .. THE Ox the lOth inst., about 1110 pounds of cured tobacco were stolen from a case under a shed belonging to the Misses Susan and Ann Hubbard, in Bloomfield, Ct. Upon discov ering the Nbbery 11l()rning:,MLi88Susan,observmg the sand," took their W.:11ef18icms, and also cut out of paper the exact shape and form of one of the printl. She further ascertained that was emp\oyell to the she J. W, Tobacco PADUCaH, KY.'1 c i Kinm>v Jliao Do-11111 Jl.aRa r AND LEAF TOBACCO, E. W. .DtCKERSO!i, &' Jlantlfaoturers' '!gent 80L& AQ&T IIOR BucJttye 'l'obacco Workt, 'folede, Ohio, Banner AUerhenr, Pa. De]1!Jt, :10'f .N07'th Wat" St., .. .. W'. Q. k..w .. ..i.. 1!'. W. 'AorBL. I KERRIGAN 6 AGICEL, !ND Glm!L COMlll88ION MlrnCHANTS Gold Dust, Scarfalleni. I i o...-a-v: We tht the Jlberly .,....,.Moot...,.. Ia hlo ....-.1be beHllrto ub a To-. oiiiiiiiMitr -w taJta t(ll lltJ. --. -.,... llllllJ' p&tleatiJ ... IDoUtu!ed Upe!'f-ta hlllag o _. tiM -r:"fac&an ot TohMco ;_-= .,.red lltlhom -_pu& ezperl-..a Ill 011' ""' COIImced-tftle and proper W&J to m&DllllletrtN To !A 1Uitler llllr p-. ol m&Ddcturlng. II protecto the TohMco ft'om the = prenlltlr It -DIOIIJdlag, lllld q.U Ull ; macb oo that the lut In our box wtt-be l'oiUid te boa be r tlia11 tliot whlcli wu ot llrot ..,t. 8t> IIClldtlft to IU Mjjll merit, tliot we now place It wl e greateoi CODideDte In eompe'lltloil wltli aJIJ' lrliported Aaguat...,. .... : .............. ... .... ..... 3619 l88t ia aold in leaves it is \lacked in linen or VA. KT MD' a 18119. 1868 1110G6 1141111 bundles, the latter betag provided :with. r nd. tor 1 Leat LeaUl1'po. hhd. hhdo. seed-rope. The strong Joo.w .... are \be thick a-vee .. ike. '!ts I lftd odor are very muc4 l.ik.e9 for being ha'ri other descriptions, and the leaves are rrnl& ctl', ,a ral descriptions ot West lndhm"tooaeeo appear in tne t tbet di$1-10 id' r.,ttard to aa-td f'orM that it 1a iQlw-.lble to give a ome kind11 1 lltl5XJ,O.uT l'eBA(]Vp very well adaptea;ror tliey ael!lqin l find way into the market, ana are generally ltougla' up by the Government for the manufacture of cigars.


8 .tun 1 I i1, Compqse4, :Hovr ahd J<>HN F. Fuoo, J 1 I No.: 4104 rPEARL STREET 11 11' mmrw'1YORK, I C" J :)l '-.1 'f 1 I I o aJl jtinda ot CUT CHEWING AND I ( J\'N D .. Tij.OMA! .HOYT,&: 'Hoir and J.IIN F. Fuoo. TO HO'VT, F'LAG& & 1os v&BCON1> LoVtsvti.tE, JCy! j I 0 ( I J ; qUR BRAND Fine Cut Chewing; StfNr{f.SIPE,. 1 HURT'S DELIGHT, I' .1d a I SWEET OWEN, I 1 NATIQNAL, '' I RO'sE I BUD. ..... 121 CEDAR-BTR:IE>T. -' 4f'' < If j I I I I I 8 .. qpwprNN, Xunltacl.urer of ali J&iD4tl I I I I I f II.IG8tOtJJTI TOB1008 WOlD. I 1 1 I J DOUCL'AS I lo 111Ja(l o H ,m JINS-CUT, Ol!i:WING; .1ND BYOKING TOBIJJCOB 1 t J !19, 31 88 .Lorimm' B-181, WIL&.I4M811j1URQ.H, N. Y Que141a ToNeeo w-k Blli4 't I -utlpqe_,ff ,I I p J1 aUCHNER, o I (lf.,__,r te IJGllL!fflHEfJJC ;rAUSSLG) I I ll..lllim.<.CTURER OF I 1 :r N-E -cn:rr; L E I ....l......L./ ( James 0. McAndrew, 1a FIIORT &TREET, Or, Bo s, P. O., hux W : u u; ... '' )l ...... F 7Yii 11ot of lflllalacll!iltn to our Pate \ 1Deve filr oefel'ld moellf. in 111.,. cel6ftll Ill ol the 1..-t factorlea. 'Thfl machine Will 11Jlloh 11om I,OO&to lb. ot g fe< to llze, 'with a oyer lonur ..uwd


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