The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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/ / .. ., W Philadelphia Co111mercial d9e15 honor to reprcduoe the articles 9f our cor;ei!Jlondents bodily, and wit.r-out us the ns ual add to and rendE:r m telligible, &hould they .few, .Mt. Dickerson's letter in 1tbeir last iSJue would. have been impJ'O.\led by thi11 treatlJlent. 1 : ) 1r.r t ; ... I ) G. r 1 '(h._ T j "TB.Jt following (JecisiQJJ by of Internal :&eve!lqe ,hy just beeq u !Jlade 1 A person wbQ simJ?lY pJlrchalieele.f 4J9UDt.ry, on contmisBIOIJ to be sold th!lte, iJ li!ilile opfr as a liowever, uale;il e.ffec/e4 lLt..\f<,11JJ rw.&rd shipped to ,thEI 9t "en from il) ria 'one 1 taho eel/8. 07t, o;fer tp f#.j or to sell


J THB TOBACCO LEAF. .. A CANDID"TB -B THB GALLows.-A lighted cla... TD 'fO_ BIAJOO MABUT. apr:-muceaall that loa, and not pin, would Frdghu dull, the demand being liJrht, the G rv h 1 h "f atteod thoee who Bbould venture on eo huardous a tate of bn11neu bem11 unfavorable to exportin... The S. &; Co., 76 011 ; Hawkins, William10n pipe, filled with powder, but Wit a Ig t covenng !J. Bft'ae. policy All we have ptevionMl pointed !tu.l tbe fact T< L" 1 hd .. Co., 153 t bxa.; E. Howell & Co., 15 t li:u. L. War tobaooo, was put to the face of little rboy 0Wed-NEW YORK, DJSO. 14.. 1 that S:,me absurdly-high offers tave been e for the nngtou, 53 i-bn, 12 oa., and 18 f-bxs. e ehange 1869eropt.h;sfall 26e.;toBremen,Unhds. at 3011 uohhds on BOSTON,!D!IO. u :-We report as follows: nesda.;., w en11 lt exploded, the Y tery dull market. week's sales amount, '-1 411 from thil vicmitJ1is DO proof at all the private terms, allllll per N. G. steamer W;;.r '100 baaedbeenh ver5 i tt,lp demand either for leaf or manufao. was own 0 t. hbaa., of which J were to cutten, 7' h\48. to .. m wi\1 ... I \be 0 of the a .1. I \Ur t e onl iry being for immediate use. The -:--;:::/ 18 61lhl}a. to jobbel'81 and for aforesai(l pric, 'HI the 1 -U& ef 8 b9re JMPORTII. ( I hHda. and 258 bxs., and the ex' Richmond. W!'g eays: "W,'!l do not beheve exporr 'rlie demanCl i8 still confined to lugs nd fi)l ana there the alley, befog delicate nutu Anivals at 'the rt of New York from forei ports ."'!ere To Hayti, 30 bales, 70 hf.-bxs.; there 18 &pf voeation m worli s> ;ahpered f:ndt;e en-t Wid ehoitj ce ellow, new VIr on of theee gentlemeu to make the new crop ports; for the week !:ding Dec. I 4 inciude the folio': British N orth""Ahleriean Colonies, 4 bxs. The quota-, teT .. 118 regula.t as t.hat o t e. manb ac ': r: W t open.._t!l, lat old klrop idiiht rl>t be in 1111 0 hmmenti. tiODII are:. W lef.f, lufj9le.; common 103 of;to\ ... We are n e t ateac np II. e u ya COQit ddcle b We dO Uai\Jiuien D j B t4baleil ncs; u1ts 2@D wee\: of the ast t!er.,.e. months 0t11li are almost exhaus ''the wee ea eomptil 'DO thfnk tM resort tthe llaainll88 ap,d it bas been onr op1D iveeii:IJIC!Iar Juetl. ....lye Ve that good will n rtd d b 1-1, lioori.pfit. l2i@1-*'." Hltl "tlila1 I'T42hhda. 1,098'bhd rr bi .. '' t 'tbatido anci;;..;,,. '.'fo:W"Y r 0 33 xs lconceBpabte.B seed-leaf, Conn. and fillen1 = : 1 rda ce with the J'-e. Jal ta. .Ja11. ..., r .... -'"7 arull1 : l 'S. 1saer 30 cs. c1gara rown roa & d n .; -..GQIDC &S)j; 2.1)i: 3:3 1 6-1--IJhda. on the of e1therplanten, or amblttousspecutators, Co. 25 do. Thos. S Hathaway 1 do J 0 wrappera, 33@65c.; do. lots 45e. '!lull .Jalftr Kac. wffilii'atile anzantllo Vetterlem. ns n iba -IB fully dank t %H7 hhda. 2,540 h!W, I tabla a ofvery tht! l)ijei licoryce aes. ., 018i--wrapthe "Ph' h1alawyere, w osti an pene ra Aq. I'f. Aq. 11 lai al 1 reached th11 seaso b1 leit. So-much S G W Ir & r. bdl 1 pere, runmng ots l 6@2liQ. tlt)D have fDg proverbial. The last 'order,' 1,700 hbds. I,293 hhds. 1,94 2 hh for the 18611 "oonn ecttcut. lteffiroin1 the 1 69 Ohio Hmyrna: u-lSI ,\.lo&., 2So s. lconce root. QHHJ i GO Dec 9 We qu the '-t 1i.,U dated 8'h inst izes nder m 8ept .tt. fi d h f1)1 h B lle. avana: .. .. lefterem as, 129 bales. PI I Q mu .. ., as 0 o,. .. : any maoafilot ., b 0 iell u artot.Iiet m l,t 6 all. 1,360 hhdsl I t le. f'l'] 0 Emile& Ramirez, 1 do., E. Garcia, 188 do ; L. tQ,7Q; COI:IIP10n, i. 55 to 60; f d lleSot: o. u. "" '!.'BB-Nilw OBAC'vU"IlBAF ue" 262 d ,,.. & E. Sa:l 2.1 d Th" K bl to ne 75 natural o lool:f. 20 to l 50 ..,. faCtllrer his lOra and waste. Manu acturers esmng I 200 hhda 769 hhdi 8'72 hhd j tb fi UQWd..b. r -the t o., ll&, omonl '"' o., lerman, no er C t-c":::. '"' ...11' f rLh* '""can apply to Mr _. '-' ) e UI'etl q 1 1 Y ru mg -mar e & Co., 50 do ; F. Minanda, 210 do.; Wm. Eggert 35 di:F 11 uvlllll, 1"1 l O to $I I5; Irli edium, 90 to f1 ; Otili 1 '!!" a Richmond." llJoct da r ... ti';,Waat I 6f pr;srr V JiPa>:fr;:bsfrd!r. Marks & Febre, 64 do : Sch'roedl!r' & Bon, '2?i i 7 Smhoking'-'t t and ''1 lb plrgs, stamped, Sp&Aish NOY.t. lf"'.a I !g .an wou 0 cu ty 10 cs. cigars; Moses Taylor & Co 1 cs cigars -Park & 28 i c oiOO, 23 to 30c. 'T. < . ll37' 1ltidt. 1,11IIlhds. u&lahQs. dlspoau1g OfquantlLies, or e.vf& 'a rounll crop at uch Tilford, s do., W. H l Thomas & 24 dd.; Acker: CINCINNA:.I'I, DEc .u.-Meul'll. SUPBBY.JSOB PBKsBBEY_, of. :v:irgmi&, thus No. Dec. no m.eana quoted by us. are Merrill & Condit, 3 do.; R. E. Kelly & Co., 12 do. report salea of leaf tobaecq at their ware hen d&..r;Jo. the e f lhe 1;2ll=) da. 428 hhds. 462 I. In practical Bell8e, so 1ar from J!ctlP. & J. Frank, 8 do. ; S. Livin ston & Sona 4 do.: G. the closing week as 102 hhd11 viz. se u'hlf _10 hu A s the r e se ems to be an Impres Virgama tobacco was sold last week tp ttone obtam for large qu"-nt1pes, W. Faber, 2 do.; Rllssian Con!ulate, 1 do. Y)"ha of Mason ai!d Bracken lr'.nunt K b87 h 8IOD.. .a the .. IDds of the sweepmgs, manufacturers and. sh1ppen current l:)ut era are y d1spoemg flf crops 16, 17, ana Valle & Co 1 do.; De Bary & Kling 5 d9 .-'1fboa. 8 to ate., 8 at' 9 to 9fc. 11 r;t Il to 9 hda. at and waste of plug factones may be sold.nt.bulk to other trade cannot ?e sa1d to be From R1chmond 18c. have e.otd as h1gh as ?Oc., and ohe crop Irwin & Sons 1 do. W. R. Garrison 1. I do life. 7 at to I2tc: 71 at IS to IS-le 'It at 11 to manufacRirtr's, 1 wish to call yonr attentiOn and through learn that pnces there are w1thout change, and tbat on Bear Creek, owned by Israel, Wall purchaed ' 14lc' 6 at 1<6 to lSic ll'a t 16 t 16fc. 5 14 to you the attention of the plug manufac t uret:s in your very little leaf is finding its way to market. Bet weep by Mr. H. representiog other parties, 'for 2lc. UPORTS 18 lBie. 4 at I 9 c ., 1 5 hhd 0 f S th at K 7 c., i ,at diStrict to the decision s a n d rulmgs ofth e Commission this and the new year, however, an exceptional activity Tcue, tbt: U(ttl!r, e,leB cnoice crope, aud thO From the port ef Ne,r York to foreign ports, otherthah lOc 3 at' 11 to j 1 to" 2 t 11i; lout y.: 2 at; er by which 1 ( JrUl 'be hat aerapa; sweep ings and may be expected, oa.a the in the mar held at .I 7 and 'Be. are superior, yet we think the averEuropean ports for the Wt>ek: endmg Dec. 7 were as foJ. tO I4tc s at 15c The a 0 "11 jd 4 U mut be pllt up in packag es of o ne pound or le1111, ket of those farment lio sell their leaf loose and wlt r age for unfiozen,'leaf canJJot fall far below I6c., lows: ' offered 'a th .;:.8 here s m a os t 0 e iD the .... cotiditien u when taken up from tbe loon, de1ire to realize at too end of the year so ae to squafJ! est 'fignre. Tliat' damaged by frmt, being Argentine Republic: 120 cs., $41571; I0,054lbtt. mfd., ;t; w l e w ae stored. .aM &u;prM o1a1e 6 C!:DtB_. affixed bifore re up accounts and start atresb. W1t)\ this exceptiop nearly wortliiejtj, conld aft'on'l but slight reductien to $805. ) B O B .-The Thbacoo L.ifsays: fWm tA6 fackwy; that any re-manufacturing of much activity r n le&f....eannot. be looked f.or this e11timate, eVJen jnoluded in thll aggregate. British West Indies: 3 hhds., $549; I6 os., $600; 00 are large f o r the seaeoa, but 1 pr w as te either at tl;le factory FebruJlry. 1In ":s we have. W. e do not t9 ho ,ld on fl?r higher price11, a,BBllbs. blfd., $806. P a terf manifetlt a t o g ood tobacco, 'l ott in any pther plaCP subj ects there worked remarked, we a?, ndt' anticipatti any1 great1 change ftDd 10 of coune accept a r111k, but tobacco 5 cs. cigars t1 510. reason that It Ill. v ery scarce tn the c q untry. 1 tct olJIII a2 cents. These decisions and rul in prices their'pTe&ent 'lltandt.rd l unle1111 specull is air Or & commodity a!b:lost as negot\a. Can.,ry Islands: 15 bhd;, as 002 5 011. $841 f otwlthetanding the m gold, t he m a rket i s firin 1 hap &trbicl seU;iqg in bulk, and sucp 'fractice must riot tors should, in' their U8Wil reekleea manner, bu J ble !ls the' stafr:ofllife,' aiu! many will be fou&d w1lling Cisplatine Republic: 11 t425.' or dall fcrad e s / and full are be pdrmitted. C i garmakera can eel their scraps to the 111arket ahllur4 Ji_guref, for ;the new 'to run the eb'ancie!s of conaequeut loBB by holdipg on to Dutch West Indies 1,620 lbs. mfd. ; $405. gra es, or wh1eh t he d e l!la n d very act1v e tobacco manufacturers by complying with the regulathen J:lel).l' it br, JlU'tchaaea on the mat fine croJ?s1 ill qirder to te11t .l''lat11r mal' kat" 1 ; New Grenada 84 'ba'es r $892 12 cs. $900. 5 OI8 thmk thts the fa vorable r t\OBil preeotilted in the 9Pmll1isl!iooor's letter of N 0 ket at a dull season of year. Such a qourse ioulll "sepsaion" of the wtAlt in Spanish lbs mfd $1 4281 ' tillle .or sellmg low grades, and would adV18e the plan 1v-.J,ar 4. 1 ,1 1 tempo'tarily force Jiric'eil' down and' injurb the been we g f almost the entire of Porto : so cs. a'195. tera to do s? at b e fore the n o n descri pts of lndi ) I r ,r'J. J but. if. t'he witl leave land ..turp Yara, held, I by a ,le'adin,g on terms, tviz., venezuela: 12 81 89 ; 1, lbs. mfd., .313. ana OhiO cum e mto the m arket. "Wa51bales I atia 1P edt!. 1 There was a sale on pri To European ports for the week ending Dec 13. & Shelby sold 12 h hds : so ld p nv-at eir, 8 tbia heading the Praris, (Ky.) remarks: '.cc On. see no re&I!On why the planter& should aot able to vate terms > o i J I35 > qalea do. The Yrara in this Bremen. 703 bales 8 011. 1 11 ugs at $8; 1 hbd. frosted at $6; 3 hh ds. med1um T11eeday Mr J H. Bullock, the Assistant AssessOr of very, :figures, fl?r their crops. 'When market is now Jl.llqQretood to be cbiefty held by; two 47 141 ca. 20 b.xs eaf at $IO. : thtadiatriot sixty-eight of tobacco at the the plante r can do so, i t is well for hirlt t' o at'tend to the and Qr was grown last season, it Glasgow.' 48 pkgs. 'a 310 lbs mfd Seat & sold 6 hlids : llihd. lugs at *7 60 ; ..-. :depot ip P;ria. A pWtion qf them put up in a of his now-' aDd le ave Its aale until the early should. a bad' article to bofd for a rise. Of Ha Hamburg: 31 i2,319 mid., 2 cs. cigan. 1 medtum leaf at 89 40, and 3 do 1 0 :.:5. ?ox.;apd mlll'ked 1Sundriet>, .the balance sprmg.>rn: no\ wmpted. by extl'a'vag!'nt o#f'en there ha-ve be':n shout 260 sold at quota Leghorn: 402 bhdlt: DANVILLE, VA. DEc. 11.-We r e port: Thet e ia toOanterfett ou them. The entire lot was now, there Js daDg'!er,, he w.tll be t10n11.' Th11 m the latter, In sp1te of a noti very Liverpool: 1e hhds. 499 pkga. a good and the breaks ar& heavie r t h a n they 4IOnveyed. to the ?f & po., apd to a fair profi. t, attraotiq' ero'p. and a poor for this market, London:, 9,827 lbs. :U.fd, were to be at this of the ;year. Fine locked up. time dunng the mgbt, It bemg very, thaF the .farlf-er& 9a!l the1 been good fpr several weeks Marseillee : 127 bhds 22 pkg11. yellow 1s m gMd dell\and at fair piioes, but inferior dark ani rainy some person or penona, to the Al!sessor of adoptmg tile pol ,cy of }ioldmg otf for somethtlig !rt11l r .MamiJ.'atjJ,,/.-A few sold to a lumted, ex d grades are somewhat lower. The fbllowing l ots were unknown dui with 'malice aforethought'. and bette'r J 'It is in tllis way tbitt priceS ire ifoited lip abll tent last,. week, but dulness i.e tpe ({efieral cry. ut the demand lacked vilality. Some coastwise, and mtenorports, for the we.,k endmg Dec. do. at t20; 2 do. at I2I; 1 do. at t22. 2 d o. at t23. a hole the 'brick wall, o'pen the door and when they o( ptjcetl circulal'lj CaDle and H, were I87 hbds., 391 cs. I, 736 pkgs., 6 cs. cigars, 40 1 do. at 125; 1 do. 'at t27 ; 1 do. at 829. I do. at.Sl !) t&ke,' etc., and i41JUrf away 11ixty-one boxes of the afore not have such .dilj&&trous' conse?.ue noes ;" bn.t m tlie case ble ip p.&uaed. by .'t they appea'r,'i d bxs snutr, consigned as follows: 1 do .at ass; 1 do. at $37 ; 1 ilo. at as .' 1 do at. ea id ,obacco; qwoh chagrin of the aforemention of leaf, the arti 6 le speculated m 1s lbie one or t'fo to be wrltte11 io theintereJit of ce.;ta:in By Erie S. M J'arl!;er & Co, 23 hhds.; 2 do. at 8.50; 1 do. at 880 ; oLhef Jota at' prices" r&lfaing 1 ed AaeelliQr. It ia IIDPp.?Bed the other seven boxes which is also liable to many accidents.'"f' Thut P when leaf V.irginill Jh anuf'aclurere ; as nothing is reprei.eotell l aa W. H Gooowm & Co ,, 5 ,do.; Norton, Slaughter & from 85'to 20. also have fil\ken, but in hurry apd goes !IP to fatulouSifilturea, is left aol? UhleBII '09rillngfioom THere l is Co., 8 do H do. ; A J? GALVESTON, DEc, 5.-The demlhld ..!d cntement, or the scarci..ty..of tra.nsportatiOn, omit out 1'!-1the 1 cold r let no 14> thl!lao lou; as the u i 6 do. 0. Squtli, P 10. J ohh 1 K. Smlth .& 2 the stock still remai ns amp,le, 'at unch anged ; ,_It seems they ,had J?:O des1gns on t.he of ,stand qr woif at.. Ill de nw uil,!Uid1!l' colon. If they are .do .Br gs. P" C Fallenstem & which are I'll follows: Yirgini'a, 70c.@ll "26 ; 11moking' cobaceo, as co1f'ee, jltc, were pelled to bear a port1ou or tlie burden, a11d consump fQr tJt51,1Cactones referred to, well and. good; 1et 8 do. ; H. SCbn'!>&ilh t & (Jo., 34 Pkgs ; W H. Perr:r, c3,2 40o.@*1 60 Westem 66@i0c 1 Aodei'IIOn's .Bol80fJ' 1 in. J 6fge and. were tion is thus curtailed. : We1 11peculr. boldly and 1ay so; they '&bodlil not, do.; Order, 7 h da II pkp: @12 G:u.n,tt ; s anbtr. 211 ,, u 1 tion in. other com!J;toditie tbat iDto 'd'&!lY' anll of giving view. Of the By the Httd110n River Railroad: Barclay& Living, KY.' s.-N .. 1 CotdAGO niB 'Foti:I:.-At Chicago, 00 the 7th tlle a-.....,r,.of ,bumeu J !Jlen bOlirn e toli\IUO market, theiP &Uitdtlllll:aalelt to aton, 2 bhda.; P. Landeoker & Co.,; Order, 32 p'ligs. On of tne'weather ve little a meeting of' tobaooo dealers was held in Par 111 made by th!llll when the RecJe)!ll&nell of life J!DIIiog the of a amg1e fiMitory. !'re By the :Amboy Railroad: M. Falk & in and that generally in loads of an Ho f, h 1 are htgh than when plenty abounds and they come hght here, and bu11tqet111 eannot ..lie rev1ve Co., Il 01!. ,;art 0 s t d 1 8 1 d __ .... 111' 6. t" monT b use, or t e 11,urp?se toteonrdgaannciezmgTabne the reach of a\i classes. lesson which we until the advent of the new year-i:f fact, unles om By York anj} Ne'W" Haven Railroad : C. C. ,qae !_Yd..,. Tha ur ar a dt ooet oat at i!.t a&IIOCla 100. ere were very .e:w m a ld. b d f 1 '.ll b d f 'oJ .Lt M 1 I 8 L 1' d H. "'-L b rt & ..,, ..,.. o no a a Iu Icate w .... f, ll in"' was tn call for the meeting: Whereas Exwou. 1m press e mm s o -p !Inters Ill actors ere can. evtse some way o t ne home enge, ca., UJWens 't. o., ..... u a tbe TUling prlces will be wh t.Ja It t fi 1 ........_ 1 ?W e d ted h 'bT of v1ews regardmg tbti value ofitherr orops. Bg pnces demand back to ttl! accustomed channels I ri ilo Co., 59 do.; & DOl'IIYtzer, 39 do; Alva Oatman, en e our.r all' Y 0r' dtf as fullyt t ei 10: thlfor a ;year or two may 1 produ.ce a very_ chel!rful frame in the future \lley can do an,.thing' more .than a 47 do., Bidwell & 1 cs ; Gaines, Dzc repory foUowa1 'f!ae 0 n VI aa 8 tr t.h e of mmd in the fortunate holder, but 1f the advance a stnctly export t.ra .and when this wj.ll reviye i.e quite llo.: Wettem .W.Jnp ..I, do.; Davl8 Grater, I do.; f!t Iii da1ly more an1matioo as them be pa 1-; j Ij. e based on nothing p e manent tba speculation p r oblematipal At all ev ents' they should not be blao\E. S. Sanford, l do; Surburw & Co-. 1 dq.; Ries}tipment,1 creasing oiferi tfp s and of new crop are imtm>T -to'llacco trade, eit e r Y ar 1 rary an DJUS ru ,the reaction is sure to cqme and more Chan 'the ed bf man for a condition of the 15 do. 1 There is; a gooa demand for all grades, -of tJ!.e lost by subsrquellt: penods bf depre811ion. How muc h whic!i tbey bad'1llo 1band in creating, an'd>W.hicb By New York anil New Haven SteamboatLinQ.:: Ence!l are The J"eceipts haf e m; 1?:, J{ for the better rotec' better thad this feverish activity the steady busine};s the f. would do muoll,1 were it ii i their pewer, to a ) le.viate. A. H. Cardozo Co.13 & Bro., 145 do; C 41en 92 hbds,, 409 b.xs. ; and the exports were 334 r of tobacco trade in its caused by rthe legit-ate, working of t e law of de i 'I he exporta for. the Wt!e l: reached 57'1 pkgs, r or 87, C. Mengel, iO _?o: ; f. W ..._,.don i4> Co., 4 do.; Order, 1,097f ;.,nles hbds., 18 1Jranoh 'abd' to cultivate feelin a of friendshi and rnand and snppJy !., I '' ) 000 lbs. 8 do. reJections o as fot,loivs. ,un :fb.UJsdily the PickJ r iia m. t b 1'S tli g de bp b Seed .Z:eaj:-The exceptional activity in this des Smokinr; .. : w,as about as u s ual time oft e By the New York_ and Philadelphia ExprJlss l'ropeJ ett houi!C sold at "-50 for trash to $ll for 0tlbecoo .og 8 o:S izin J. cription of tobacco that bas p're vMied. recently, apptr year, the trade making no cotnplaint, but' looking 'to ler I:.ine G. B Wils on, 40 bxs. 'snuff. manufactured leaf. !!'he Farmen' holHe sold 13 hh_ds..: e t b em Chicago ently died out l astweek, an\i dulness rules agat n W.ird to a good Spring busin'es's The local orders be Ceastw1se from Rio\Juiond, Norfolk, et('.' W ,O, connty at t iO@I1 l ; 6 hhds. Owen ; 1rii H e ned b fift ee n firms Onm; W,e hear of sales ofi only 150 cs sinc e 'Our' last r ej:Jri' f e w and far betw' e e d 1 r 1 r,, .. 1 J Smith, 26 hbds. J.' Reed, 1 do.; ,lj> H. Lindey, 32 do.; oo,unty at ..,9 10, 12, 12.25, 19, 24. 50, I2.75 ; 1 hbd. t' 0 of M epa t 'the cliail' jQi)ludiQg \i. O os, j n ,11m all \ o tr( 'Vigars-Bnsine811 w a8 nluoh t l,)*-tJt,_, }Veek A. D. Cp ockley & Co., 2 do.; D e nni stown & Co. Hart, at *I0.2.5 C;}Jt(d&l ftt &t $1;1.25, r.tb jr nt t t A ; an d 100 e& 1_868 HQ. tlllh p,rivate \eriD&. salCll of. than for BeYilral .-eekl! <;om,moo good s 0b pkgs.; D': KetllyJ J'r, 24'1' do.; E1 H e n, 6 do.; p 13 :!5, B 60. The if9ll&e eolcl 6 Jihds.: 1 ttUttt!e' :.U a a ai9 t'he 'Y'ee]c, as : r '. ,' ',' '',: ,t1nue b114h, thr finer grade s are q uiet, Kittred'ge Jtc1 ., 134, 81ftb i J. Staff o rd & Co., 133 tl iu ellillteoked with billa. ;vil], at l!ison, & (co. 22 ,do' l .A< 0. do.; lug!l at.r I .\hd. JJJ:trldtlial'; "IR..I.cretary,. J. 'W. Fox; 'TFeasnre11, J. L 1 '""Jr.'iH w i ji,l'), 4.ijl c f. > l s. 6108 da1 fr; !o. Moodrt, 't7.I1/ 2 IJ:( -u....... r,'..nh 1 h ,. d" ed' w 1li111 Aug.1. 14 !' 109 a+;s gan.,. :ngne, .r.o ""' smo m a 1' ...... T t 1 :11{('11 1 '1 341 cll!'l SGBlC81 'm 3 5 8 be. 1bll' at at; sbort ; 62 do., 38 do.; H. 6 do1 2 do A S Rosen boo/le sold 8 2 _All( n 'Connty at t -'b .. netnts 1 11 hs 1 er, "" I ,:,_rr 1" 1 MW !1 lll>ll&t JBj-1 Swit! 5 23f@6 It! f it Hfuttuu.J.: baum & Co., 24 d slJ).oklllg 8tlymour, Colt & o ,1o 2 !V!O@Hi.2li ;Jhhds. Chrl8tllUl at. l8.90@9:30; -..ey.,..umuDo orge oaao.enro .emaevea 1 1 1B76cs 1284cs 6 c s 1:172,.. .. ,,...:, rd ... .,, I::a.F 'rt dOd hh"" Is ; 1 ... rt. ntyat8"" 1 h b"P.....t h ... t-,r l oJ;' i.':,"ld!:u. oe. ..,..' lf\!93" ;a.wl!e o., us., 1 .' b u. --t. >f>.dJ tl'lllf" 9n o b ll.l 6 !CBJ ,..n)ll.> ct. ff)7 Clio!, lt3! IBrwt.eq, T8f@.i9 f;. Pl.'ullli8n ;} [ Co&Bt 'ltiae.trorauah.mi.OreJ: M Falk & Co : ; 8 'bs .at I hd. Green1 Coll)mou 1. , Oet.lll. oet NoY & a trQir h 1hio 0 from New Orleans: Order N lihds. 4 9.40 the F,.r;mera sold-6 flhds: ll TuB cigl\tll by tnachnrery cab ilcaroely-)ti J .. ( 308 1c8. ),1 tl4''cs.lhu 260 c8.ll/ 2ft s. 'II fl{l II 0 01> f'J ; lo p i(g'S,., ,{ J "I oJ no I I t hbds o .AUed)OOunty sf.Pi.D'a a 4t2:25' 10.211 1 t be' a noteltt::.::Sr rathe r, tnigb t llil e said,( or:I'J7,:1 '>II f 'M b1rio m:hht"-t>f 1 me bMs, Butler co"!lnty aUI0.25pMO: 1:)::00. madhmefi not hi) en adopted by the and a f. rather than tfi e m erse. I YoRK ',. f!f:Cu;,; J ... w ""'l . r f ... 110, @lli K f k b b 6 ttl.ll h h :n d ;!;'n'f,p'l, .,. ';['he Plckett bohse sold 51 hlids. ( l'.f\0\Jd (!Onbt leaf>at 'ter being1 ex:bib\tel'l' gmtla dfUX\A st_ oc 8 1\ act.orat btan ":..!r 9.9o,. HI.OO ,2, hhds. Breokeuridfte d.nn+. v leva? a oo' J J.; db y 11 k ld fi 11 W ... "-"' .. ,Jiedl.., 18 no e sales ot a .p,nmmgs o a pnva e erms. ..., 1::.: "y""' "' ; m oe.l'A Y. glr s, actua not wou 0 ow. e give below fr_om Its report of t I IS Medium .... ........ :: 1S 1-'Comln6ii'n U .. ,., J 2 s ections this hhd&. land 12 hhdll. Vir. 10 2!> ; I bhd. Tnmble county ']lt .at $9.3P ; l hhd. l an llut as a fTegular l>l18lpesl!, the 1 01gars week what seems to us the other s1de of the story, and .. .. ..... 1 t' 11 [ 1 ]' ,. Tbi r 362 bhd E rted t-o> L' 1 trash at a5.05 On Saturday the '"Ninth !street bouse "10 rnad'e ente'ring ',irlto with those made by we ,it iff'indicativ e or a g'ood future for those '!Po lie eetiOJII ..... ll 6 ;!."' .nJ Iliff v a. o"t ..... 1 a i' @7 J a lverpoo. IOid 8 : hhd. Triml>l P lugs at tB 10 ; 1 enterpnse lS unde_r not sold. Here is what it : The .. II I ..... $ e. o: $9 10. r!illD. common, do. Logan county leaf at .1 MO .',l j do. Metcalfe COUD of wealth and pos1t10n, well biown contmued more active last week, the sales reaching .. .. .. l ual d b ? *I" IS f: ty leaf at $1 1 1 ; 5 do. shipping tobaeoo at, $8 86@10, t ,l have united' tbemsel-vesunder;the1iru{. nearly 600 good. business for this time .. : lllf' ltJt' 1 'iB'iiJ, 0to 1 re nish The Planters'. house sold 2 hhds.: '1 bhd. HenryrC9UD ,. 'nameoft.he'AmeHcanCigarMachineCompany. Their of year. Tbis amount was all taken by thehofDe :!f!uon8 .. lB I H db $ mtdfi d 1 g ',at.9.50 1 do .'Breckenridgecounty J'&Ctory ill now in' successful operation at No. l i S Lib trade, the, fluctuations of gold having knGcked the f X -Pilmii.p.. .. 6 6Jf' .. : .. : : '@t8 an [0?0 7 p l / d n; te $ O@l,_, com, low leaf aJ 89 .20. The Farmers' hOUj!ll0 sold .., hhds.. etlty street, City, where all interes.ted in the manu in the head for the season. seElm, : l: = I'bhd. Warren county at $10.211; 2 do. Logan county facture of Cigars nan see them. Wbt e we do not no'therefore, that m'lnufacturers are becommg res1gned to fledlu':l J;;-fn tat 1 Tll.!rluTwoo -@41 10 t di 1 'at: lO@If 2 50 5D' d t at t1o 25@1 (),50, 3 do. Simp8on O'oanty at 89 9.26 and tioe or greatlY. differing frOJD their fate and "WE:aken .ing" in the face .of the prices .. .. : rs r.:-.. ,811 n and : '.10 i 1 tlo. Allen county at 11 The Pickett house l' ;r ooigar m the patent used, It seems to compnse f 9 r 186$ There IS no doubt ,that 1f they want 0/Ut> -fu'or 4 6 ...... gg @66 $6' '7 50 m e dium ood do *si 9 common ':e: sold 3 lihd s : 3 hbds. tobacco at t7.60@11.25. The 11 '&ll tblllatest improvements, and to do all that we have the oobacco they wiH have to pay the prices, as the old Brown and Gre<'J>Ioh.... 6 ;! BrlghtTwtat (VIrginia) 8111 = d'@ 1 f. 89@1l 1l.' t 'if't 1 f. tJO@ house sold 5 bhus. :1 3 hhds. from Butler .(;'seen by two orop is in very strong bands, and there is no other: in ueb.:.tJ:.::: 1 86 ___.@MJ at 10 10; 2 hbds., 'lleat and 1 l!Jp.s, from : buncher':and "fimsber," a machme for cu'ttnlg the the market. Thus we may expect to see more or less Fme and HaT&DA, Y 11 ' Hhd Dav1ess c;ount:y-leaf (\ll.75 lugs $10.25. On Monday :' leaf anether for cut the butt. The best work business unti l spnng, in spurts, as the high figur e s pre f .. II t t l,"r See'd: c 00 IL. ', I' II. the ]'armers'. house sold 4' hbds. : 2 hhds. of Barren Iii merl1 women, are kept at the finishing mavent the trade buying largely or k eeping a y consider l!oand'commod 1 @ 8 do do Seconda 110 00 'Cili gg l;st 1869 81659 COUn t y '! I Jug and I lea 89.20@I0.26 1 bhd. of () 1dlfni!rl, ru.till $ oU: t he wrappers, while the able Boock on band. Thus the y will have to .. j J..:;:.d '110 oo"os e lns peqt e d tliiB 'Y'ee ... I... r .. . .. 1 : 362 4-lleJ:!,dounty common at /i9,60. 1 liba.' ofTennea. I :attp'nd o (lie bunChing. Company claim that from time to tim e as t heir lie008tlities die tate. 'tli 1 l c;, do do do 17 oo @llll preVIously .. ... : 43467 see lugs .oo The Ninth-street1house sold 7 hhds. I :.1 ; 1 L hi f f: fro S d h 11 Olllb' do do d o 17 1 .. -1 1 "tfleir nes reduce the cost o manu acture m 70 prmg an t e of the curmg of the 1869 eft,, t u a.1qnr.try ....... 1 117 @llli 1 CO!ln. Filler and st 1 2 hhds. J county I lug' a n d 1 leaf. at e& aoa. 'l () .:Jd h h d # I I 9.;1. <' round ea new @11 wrappeT ., oo @Sl Total I* t 52 4.88 $ 4-:;J t to rBO pet cent., an t; at t e.mgarB"so rna. ea...., eqna a ne w e ement w1l ;enwr'L futo the t lids. leaf a:nd st t9.60, 10.00, to the1best made bv hand, whlle t}l.e certamty oftneir seem s probable, ho\vev et, that realty' s nr>erior tohMc ? 1111 '115 anCberoot ar,,ndSb:ea 8150 U oo 1 IIhds 7".45, 9.50, .9.:50. The Pickett }louse tiold 22 bhdtoprime 110 .Ita-. French. .-00 i ,preV_.lOD!Jly . ..... ....... 42 943 9 'oQ 8 60 ai 00" 13 00 11 50' 30' 9 ao' IO 00 II 7e' .1I. h b'' b h 'a a '' ( l ,, do.medl/lm .... Ill 411 do I 811 vi 42985 r j I '. 1 1 sahva.,._nor t e wrapper. It put y t e ea 1 t eaf. as de', Be::;.;:! ... J.-. 1 OMl LJllldfoot. -!!II =-oo --::ti""'i: I3 0 9.30, 12.60,1 'I O'.Oo', to.'rs; HJ. 75, 11.25. o'f the Will render the enJoyment of the 1It IS s'uffiCient to ktiow that ti om PIDero <:ul : 11 are aenlieinan'= 'i r On Tuesday the Pickett hOlli e f!Pld 2,4 hhds: 2 fhhds I' weed a more ration'allpleasure if there is virtue in now dntil Spring pri ce s for s eea leaf' will rille bigh t'"-lkv Yor.t8Ud Ltat ..,se-_. I..iixJriU ,... .P field Stock 1 503 and leaf at tie 75 9 9 5o 1.10 ;;;1,. 8 80 9 so .. 60. r [ l 1 W ff]eet,ed WraPptft, 1 .., If:. }loJfte" M & )( 24: n_ 1 ..,-. \. t t 1 We .do. not ourselves eitl1er en?orse or ell, fnend .n;omestw.d, wh1le al! th1s 1s true, we eau: llller&,old.,W. .. to 11 1 : : Don QuJote 1 ,116 Fre1ghts To pe1w """o,u, ) 7 60, 9 10, 12, 8 50, B 7f),JII '"

, a :: readily purchased by manufacturers at full The whiCh an ioaemooh 1111 buyers oonaented to the dealers considered they w ere entitled ter of ihe next importation is confirmed: w hoUM aold 8 bhda. low leaf from Ill. at t9, 9, and 9 8 5d; market continues quiet. at unchanged rates.z With very the price which thus fu holders had not been able to realto f'?r quanti&f. Home. trade manufacturers, as ":ell following under date," Henderson, 1! 1 blld. luge from Monroe county, Ky., at 8 SO; 1 hb light receipts of Receipts 01 1ooee are ize In accord anoe with these sales, we have to advanae u Inltb, alao preUy freely, bot mn, w1th reference to the present crop of tobacco, tbe writer' low leaf from do. at a9 150 ; 1 bhd. medium leaf from large. We qaote priminga at 2 60 to 4.; new lugs, a 5 our quotations for ordinay heavy logs to gts. ; for aollie few was on .the lower ld market, might have obtained bbls, 4I cads ISO bxs, I6I pkgs ; 2 cs mgars, cons1gned a.s Jots of ne,w crop which arrived so far giveS rise to the hope LONDON, Nov. 80.-.-Messrs. HoRATIO M. DAVIs & de).' by pnvate contract; JlMCes fully maintaine4. St. lOme concessions, but the injury sustained by all the folys: that the crop has produced really good tobacco. Sales dur Co., in monthly report, say: The demand throughneglected. .Algerian.-Only leafr,. late cutting, while yet hanging in an unenre!l state, .H} river boats : Baker Young & Co., I hhd; J. W. ing the month embrace about 1,400 eeroons of old crop to the month has been active; the trade generally dry and colory sorts saleable, of which there is but fell upon an already short aQd inferior crop, and could Booth & S on, 1 do.; Craig & Alexander 2 do. ; Ster l ing b3Cco a t from I2 to 20 and 245 ceroons of participating in the business, the s'a.les to Irish and little to be bad. Turkey.-Tbe cargo alluded to in our not fail to exert its influence upon boldel'!l who have Price & Co., 2 do., 29 bxs ; Warren Talbot & Co., 3 dol' at from 24-f to 28 gts for nrsta, and at from IS 0 gts. to augment the aJ;Uonut, last .bei!Jg_ of good average quality, was .sold at become decidedly firmer, and in all recent transactions 21 do.; Fisse, Ewald & Co. 2 bxs.; S Shy rock, 5 do. ; for seconds. This tobacco, which was imported by steamer which_ 1s at about I,600. bhds f\&Ohc auction .on the. -tth olt., at a alig j t aclvanoe have insisted upon full currency rates, such as became Marmaduke & Brown, 2 d o.; G J. Crouch & Co., 53 via. wa.s of large leaf and of good quality, but o_t wh1ch consisted of Western .str.lp!!' of ap denomma on former pncea. .W' e purpose offering about the asking during' the early part of September, pkgs. ; Memphis Pkt. Co., 2 cs ; order, 5 pkgs. the col ors were more or less undeveloped, a.s is gen e rally tJOns, rema1 !1der ofV1rgm1a 2,500 bale11 on the 16th inet and in moat mstanoe obtained them, notwithstanding By the Pacific railroad: M. D. Hatzell & Co., I hhd; the CIIBe with the first supplies. Of Giron tobacco 268 and leaf; pr1cea ruled steady, and m some m-a. port1on of which will be Without reserve. Greek in that the premium on gold has declined since then fully Jas. McCreery 2 do. Oakes, Archer & Co. I do.; J. M ceroons of good quality were sold at 24 gta. Some small stances higher rates were demanded, although not real both for export and home use. Macedo 15 per cent. Not much wu done until about the 10tli, Brown 2 do.' & Frazier, 1 do; Muller & Holz, 1 Jots of Palmyra were sold at from 20!-22! gts and ized. Coneiderine this has not for some time nian has again been taken freely when of fair color and but since that time the buyers for Italy aud Spain csk.; Wilson' & 1 cad.; S C .. & Co 1 bx.. about 750 ceroons of this article were dis!!Qsed of without past ,P_resented such a B!'sortment, it i.s l!ot free fr?m scra_ps; classea ooly saleable for ex have been in market, taking about 1,600 hhds., which By the Indianapolis and St. LoUIS railroad: J C. Tie appearing in the market. ImpOrts: 68 ceroona Ambalema.; surpnsmg that the buemeu of th11 port steadily ln portat100. Hunganan.-A small parcel hu just arwith about 300 bhda. taken by other buyers for small meyer, 35 bales; Koch, Chew & Co., '0 cads; D. Dillen 490 do. Carmen.; 105 do. Giron; 370 do. Palmyra. Sales : creases, and it is to be hoped hp\de .rs will continue to rived, and willahortly be in the market. Negrobead.orders, makes the month's business sum up fully berg & Co., 25 bn. 1 1, 703 eeroons Cannen; 378 do. Giron ; 925 do. Palmyra. meet the demand at current rates, which course, consid .A small quantity oft"ering, with a moderate iuquiry. hlida., the bulk of which wu plll'Cha.sed the lut ten By the Ohio and Mississippi railrOad.; Benton & Thomp Stock11: 2 ,972 ceroons Ambalema; 3,,08 do. Carmen ; the stock in the United Kingdom, is thoroughly continues in good demand, and a fair amouilt daya. son, 1 hhd.B. T. Elder & Co., 2 do. ; L. A. Diekich, 1 292 do. Giron; 2,489 do. Palmyra. justifiable. Holders in progressing with sale!! were but of busine88 done; prices continue finn. Stalks and There haa not been much business done, as the hxs. J. Kaisel 6 do. ; J. A. Stursis, l do.; Havana sold to a. fair extent, principally fillers, which influenced by the reports of" baru frost," be amalls in limited request. weather has been unfavorable to inspections. The Brotbel'l, 15 do., 2' bbls., 1 cs. D.. Dillen burgh &i owing to tl,!.e useful a new advance:; up lieving the external. walls w-ere sufficient to resist same i Me!sra. W CooPER & Co. in their monthly AI have been 110 bhds., 88 follows: 32 hhEle. medium Co., 2 ai ; F. A Caswell, 2 do. smoking ; order, 20 bxs., 1 of 42 gts. ba.vmg been pa!d for a. leaty arttele of no doubt that port1on ?f the cr.op not safely report, say: .Amenean Tobacco.-In the. early part of leaf 1 hb .. d 1 hbd 1 t 1 bhd t cs. cigars. strong common quality sold at about 30 gts. may have suft"ered matenally, wh10h may cause the 1m the month the market was l"'l'ber qu1et but later at 1 c.; 6 WI. an uge a c.; a By the N onh ),{issouri .railroad: Oakes, Arobet & Co., 2 W ra,_,..,. leaf fete..._ leia mooey1 of next v. ear to be more mixed and inferior. ad vwes came from .America' of further dama' ho llc.; 5 hhds. at 18c.; 8 bales at Hjc.; 67 hda. on pri rcr-, .--ev Tate terms. We quote: hhds. ; .IJ'bos. Rhod1111 & Co.; 97 .-a.vel'IIF having at 48 to 5-t. gtAI. advioea rom New York report !I' quiet trade_ orop by frost, which eau.sed buyers to operate freely, Light. Heavr. By the .St. & Iron Mountain I'Bilroad: J. C Hatch Cuba to sell m large tralll81ctlonll, dunng October, the export demrnd bemg somewhat and a good month's busmess has been done Mfinnpri-. RefaBed 7! at at@ 8fc. c\ Co., .( bxa. re more of a. apecula.t.i'Ve claa.reeter tbu on cheeked by the low premium o\n gold aud the high eel. The total sales, &It as can be wu 91 9f@lotc. By the St. &'aalia railroad : J. W. J:looth & .)llto -couumption. Yigua111 vye quote gts. rates for freight; several infloent1al manufacturers ha.v 1omewhere about' 2,000 hhds., 1,1!00 of .;,hich le lOi@llic. Son, 1 hbd.; Leggett, Hudson & Co., 6 pkgs. ::l 2 H o 81 fo 'fit@ p. for L ; Qibara 22@23 gUi. ing supplied to be strips, 100 hhdi. ;."t0l@I1l: I1l@12ic. By teleg!,Bph-December 11, iull and unchanged; De-!: :4 : fur '{td ;f :nd a 1tr1fsr0 a fiw the re-Fine .......................... U}@15 Ili!@!6c. camber 13, quiet. h lllll o bps-at r h., an pa8t..aD ; 18881 1e 1 .. e}vhehndes ths., eNr eay ernk ea r odre b ate advicea b k S.AN FRANCISCO, DEc. s.-Tbe 1b the 01 o e mte'teSted R. IDLLNER'S GOLDIIN TWJBr, ..L1 e mm t xs. 62 @ now 00 their way to this port from domestic .Atl,a.ot1c 5,940 do.; Havll.Da, 5,89$ do.; St. 24,685 deta1led accoun t of l"ommon sound tbxs ..... 60 62 26 @28 ports, 1 hbd., 88 788 Cl." Brazil 25,750 do. t. .J cL .. L' lq_ualte to peruse1 anythlog ae JAllBII R KIDLNBR'S BOUGH & RKADY, K IIOxea. ... 62} 66'1t 25 SAVANNAH, DEc. 10.-In manufactured goods CALCUTI'A, Nov. 2.-There haP been or adverse y this. before J --58, oios, si2: h: the trlde this week has been be\ter, and considerable nothing doing, by tetail, and to a Sale of have come to hand. 'ttd 1 J.un:s liiLLNER'B EXTRAFINB FJG, K boxee .l._b 71. @ 621. 25 @30 inquiry bas been made at unchanged quotations The any extent the holder would to submit to areohm?1ots SOUt;ld oleanGmade parcels l_Hr .. ,,, T xs : 5 '1 d d d t Th b be fi b 1 1tfam a a premmm on overnment pncea was bemg Navy in cads. and tbxs .. 58 @ 65 @-stock offere.d ls fully equal to thlie b elmaf.n at pre!*lnt. I utcllon ID pnces.t !;elo rdes'T arr6Iva,; given fot No.2 Ha.banos and COrt a diR!: !Japan : the -s k d 1 d d d r 't d 200 The quotations are: Kentuckv g t ea 'common Jugs, a e y We quo e .. s ws r goo an. d h d d h dl mo mg m goo supp y an eman 1m1 e S.l.@Bic per lb. good lugs, 9@9tc. ; common leaf, San. 6 p. ; J IO's do., nomma.l. s t at amve unng' e month have rea 1ly real' 'GRBY" FIG, H bo..xea. tbu. manufactured, various brands, slightly damaged I5tc.; medium leaf, IO}@lltc.; good leaf, ll}@l2tc.; HAMBURG, Nov. 28.-We report this market as ued full rates. has .been sold to. some extent; fine leaf, 12l@l3tc. ; selections, I4@15c. follows: After the brisk demand a lull bas su cceeded, home oftthbe descrlptlond 1fported dfrmg monfitb _IMlr-_,._1_-o------..-:---------Bal-ttm_or__ ket. :aroaiuGN. the &ales by private contract being confined to I, 728 ave no ent1surpasse genera exce en.ce or The exports have been 422 bhde to Genoa and 10 hbds .AN_TWERP, Nov. 2'1.-:r'be demand North San D()mit;lgo ex Ida!ia, and 100 do., ex Elisa ... to Liverpool. The imports were the following from tobacco has been for last eght days, at pr;v10us quotathnsd On other Turkey under the a small stock of desir- plaee remarubli healU11111, with &lllllulat eehoolU>d banldJoe llleilltlee. Tana.: s. Hemsheim, 32 bales ; Paet Hobby, 1 bx, 2 cs leaf; and pnces have been wtth much firmness. res supp 1es ave come to an very reely,,consl!table has continued to be taken at firm prices. Tbe su.mmeey to or brick, oc ot"'l toundatlon, with Waclienbarth & Joseph, 53 ca. do. i order, 47,700 cigars. The sales from first hands durmg have been mg of 2,310 ceroons Havana, per. A1lemama, from as "the month closes several parcels ate to hand which The domestic receipts were 56 bbds., 19 bxs'., 73 cs., 525 80 h hds. Kentucky, and SO bhds. Vtrgmta. We han New York; 2,6 8 6 ceroons &n Dom1ngo, per Ed.uard, may possibly influence to' some extent prices for' a time cads., 2 210 pkga., couqned a.s follows: received 3'1 bbds. and '124 bal e s trom Bremen; 27 bhds. from Porto Plata; 525 packages. Porto Rwo leaf, J!er especially if further augmented. In Greek etc. a. fai; room 10 put up 1 ,000 hogolie& parch&ee on accomm odatlng terma can addreee or call Brothers, 4 do.; & Bges, 4,.do. mains there havmg been no sales recently. chewmg tobacco !lnder moderate arnvals and With the offering. Stalks and smalls are more inquired for. By O!Ieaqa,_ !aclu.on & Great Northern rail quotatiOns are as follows: t lbs. ; 8 ans. ; lOs are noe:'! i bulk of the otock m second hands. There w!'s a. sale Messrs. Grant, Hodgson & Co., in their monthly re-m BBY()B IITEW .&BT, 01arJJM111e, ,._,, 01 DANIEL X. Bpc1V -'.RT, Rlcbmond, Va. TWO BYDRI.ULIO' P-, rold: 11:. Wilson & co., -9lihds.; S. Hernsheim 2'7 do.; nal. of 50 bu&es from store at a26: The qqotat10ns are port, say: During the past nth there has been a good W. Van Benthuysen, 262 do ; Collector 1st district, 80 BREMEN, Nov. 30.-Messrs. D. H. Watjen & Co. 's *25@26 150 per qtl. The clearances .for the week were inquiry for all d e scriptions ot AmeriC'an!f.obaceo, result do.; lrby, Co. do., 275 cads; order, 350 Monthly Report, forwarded by Messrs. Charles Lnling & folloin: To St. T_homa, 69,,?0 cigars, 91,165 ing in saleR o f a.bove 2,000 hhd11., the bulk of which b. I. d i Co., says: in North t{)bacc? .sho': Clgarettel. To '2'14, '1150 mga!Bo 2,2,2 pkga. mga comprised W 1111tem ltrips, io which, with some few parFrom ot>ile: W ackenea.rth & 102 pkp, C .A. a very marked talling oft" compared w1th last months busl rettes. To Han\b"u'rg', c1garettea. ToN ew oela of It: a t, Irish 'liuyer11 operated freely. The demand TWBLVB RBT.umms, Whitney & Co.1 25 ; 8:.68 ao. "f which in part may certainly have ascribed w Orleans, .6'11l bales, 2,581,9'70 mgara. baa IJt,en chiefly for low, medium, and good qualities alluJII)OdaanewandBlllta\le roriiDJl'latTobieeo:he'lorr. Benfhnysen, 77 do.; Cot Tst ll3 do.; Cano*e;r, &: the' pgorly-aseorted stock, partly however also to the gene LIV.!JnPOOL, Nov. 30.-MeAra.. RoBDT Enw.uma upon which some holders '!'fre 'wfilillg to meet tW: Johnston, .z.g, iJp,. ; n ; kJ>y, McDaniel & Co., 40 cs ; ral want of disposition to operate so close before the end & Co., in tll.eir monthly c:iroulat; I&)': On the whole vuwa of buye1s i .but fine parcels are held finn Hall & Co., 2 of "{hen dealers are in the habit of confining their a good business was dom! in tot.oco during the }*.It at top market rates. The as to the last crop .PE'llERBBURGI DJIQ. ll.-;i-.llwn. R .A. You-NG p!UOhaies to the narrowest possible c? Of Western month, the sale11 of all descri_Ptione very_ httle in the States continue to sp & tobacco co'lllliti.iea auohants' sold, priDCipally. or the short of l,,oo and lnsh and Scotch geperal oharacter 1 and some st1ll. hol4 theu There it very lit'tle doinfi in old tobacco the' offerdeacriptioll8 of ClarksVIlle and Western district; pnces dealers bousld. would have :yj,JJ..not offered m the mar-inga being comprised pnnoipally of which are show no change excepting for the low and medium grades, greater extent ha olders not been so nnwiHingtomab bt, rates 1Vhen the inferior oharac U"' ONB DAYTON (BnckeJe) TOBACCO ciJTTBR, omaU e1so. ONB to. do., '11'1111 p1'J11, .tel TWP !8. W GAIL J> Ai.,


4 v I ''Y C> G. W. J'. :S:. F.K&,-o, J,:S:. E. M. ORA WFORD & oo. 1 BLAKEMORE, MAYO a. 'co., tTobacc? d Cotton I COMMISSIOKJ. ME6CHANTS,-.....,.,. J 'NBW Y8KK, l 1 I B&..,onoaleallldnd&ofLearTobacco tor Export o 41. I]J1oad Street, Heme uee. 1 I NE"W' -.:e.. '..., fll lele .&pae,-ef'l. w. "LOI'iJI s.&mt" _., .. lllll.oi;;J2'e'baeeo. ,r ,, L : j' 1i 'r. ..,--r-,,,1,,.. .... : I < & _r;.JI Ill"' && .. I C'i" I l ,, ... 1:>l : TOBAOOO !Am>OTHER -1 ... :,;.,. .J.-fl NEW l '1/L"' lfW nH _. > ,{ J )'I :) .118 .. : water. Street, l:{ew York. I 'I r J t r 't 1 f 1 IIII'OB!'IlDS, 01' eA..JlS}j .. I J U I I J j I tlf '' I' J f I I AND ,.,. ,).,) of Domestic. -Tobacco. I .. I II J ; o( 4 [ : j ; l t ,1 1 r A OJ' 1 1 liAVA,NA CIGARS and ()IGU C)Oni!lantlJ on kan41. & ( r'l([ 1 f c f l I '-) { / rrt r IPIAliUFAyi't_RERS OF TllB r CELEBRATED c .UPID o: f I J. ". 11

, 1 c 1 a .. 1io 1 lb. I ---.; J >1 I l '>I u ( TH. u-:-VETfEBtEIN SOli'S, ,I '(' .o CjlO., .-t64 Water Street, IDLE AUITI for thla Oelebratod Brt.nd. In Eightl&ll1 ...a [.'11 Pmt&a. Y:OUNG SWBLL, Comfort, OLD NED. BO ::, Furni!Jied In quantities to snlt, b,-c1b EI:B:E'"'ESU::E't:::N", 216 LEWIS B"tREilT, N.Y. 5 192 PeaJII Street, ,. r llew York. A. F. DANENBERG, -1 ............. "BOUQUET AND ".100JrBr CLU"' .., ., .. J -..


, THE TOBACCO JIALTIOB.B CD'CIRBATI, ST. LOU'IS, AID CHICAGO .AD'VERTISBD.t'l. B'ART:roD OV ... a. WILK;BIV$ a co., 1 -flVT'S Henry Besuden & Bro., 0 .uiia "'-.-, PHILABI!LPHIA PA., .,... Ci T b W k 0Spedl00 ea ObaCCO' .. 1ollmission Merohantls in Leal iDe\ ltfanA.n+.."""-.1 Tgbaoco,. .&uonumental 'ty o a.coo or s, 0 :J: Q. A R. 131 lo. til D.. lf,.'lt,llaa::::. .., ULKBS nr .... _,_ .._.._....... oo:J!:'STIC AND IMPORTEV --- _-. _, .._"_ -._. uuD nAua aCINDI:D ,wAIIHOu oklnB aDd. Chawb!oB Tf)'baQCo, ... LEAF T 0 B A 0 0 0, t CoJIIIcnnl! ean forward Stock11 prepa,m, the GeTernment 'Tax. M. FALK & GO., 143 WATER STREET NEW YORK. .. CDUa. BODJWrJr a oo.. ... ht' 8-.D: } lfo. .:U'I 81GU Bt., B. WM. WELSH & SONS. e.v- &m--,.. 161,168,&166Pear1Stret, r T d' T b ,R.. s .... I I!!!Dea-.ID G. BRASHEARS & SON, (oban or IILK IITIIDT,) & .uurwar s 0 acco a, DWI,. LBAP TOBACOO Manufacturers Smoking T b c I I M h 4..' CINCINNATI. OonuDI.tDwa :Hecochaa-t._ Cl ars. Havana and Connectl .... ....... 0 acco ommiSSIOO ere PaekeniiiCIWbolfalelleoleraiD 17 19 V.ORTH WATERSTREET;PruLADELPHIA. ....... u. a. Bonded Warehouu No.I, I EGGEaT:DILLS ,;;co:; Conn. Seed LeafTo&acco, -4:1 Sollalted. & Wll&. w. WIIM. ...._.. AJtW. ....._., ....._ 110 t8 W&lnuwtnet, Cincinnati. ( WM. EGGERT,) No. 288 State Street, ,. -'. ltstelllmo, SmltJl BJ!'Os. ell Dllo\LJIU Ill .ALL .IWIDI 01' E::&.F TOEI.A.CCO, ""nd of and Dealer. n Ci.gar. 225 RACE STREET1 .. 'J"' "S. FUCUET SONS," f IMPORTERS OF MAYAll CIGARS AID LEAF TOBACCO, AND MANUFACTURERS OF -FXnl'E l our (Copyrighted) Brands, or Speelal tPr' v : l tt" ) ones I South Front Street, Philadfil'f!hia. lnited Bonded Warehouse,, First Collection Di6trict, WO'ODWARD BROTHER li CO., !"bacco and Commission Merchants, atlancu on. 2C2 DOJIES Duuaa m GEO, B. AR.Nme, V GUTH, TIC AND SPANISH AUG.s.mou. HARTFORD, Conn., .... .v 11-C:Bl:.APSIDE, M LOUIS STRASSER Tobacco, ..:........ io.u.w ..tJil""'f A .c::::l. BALTrMOt, MO.,. IIIQICirWetiUVA&IHII ... IaDOua'TIO ll HAAS '-" T 0 B A .. C C .. Q S EG.A.R.&,. oe xeereotlaum aamlf'..r.' .. P1pje.. 111 No. ',,' ,1 \)onvm\""'\o\'\. .. ... a.otce Bruda"' -.u. ._ ,__&lao CONN. 'IEfBL AF TOBAOCI, -BAL TIIWORK I iD. Dlreol lmportero or (ho _.,.,.;r!or ,)>rando Lu, c OHEWIMG AliD BJ[OmG TOBAOOO, JACOB ZINS &. BROTHER .. '"-""UOTOilDO or 1 nod HJ' (J Lleorlee Pa\e, Pvr l&lo, ;n lot. 11 S'f ..,._.,_ 8t J1anJafKtuen o1 1 _1-t .A.. .c::::l. llllt buyen, In b ond or duty pa.ld. .L rr U+'I&-U '1'661# ... _"-' ..IC':3L .-;-a. 7"' F. W. FELG NERj J -AOOB 'IT IEBLER CDICOOIATJ, o. 0 X Q. A B. S, con. Sole Jl&qqllcta-ad Ba._aor to 1 .D.. E 4 ...;:'4 DoUen Ia F. H. BISCHOFF .. N._ Npe Co.,] JOICJU&D JULLU. ..... JIJ.LL.n. x._ TOBACCO. .. .. R Kallay Bro :rro. A&7 o-atral Avuue, J D BURNHAM & oo Deutscher Rauchtabak, ur. :. \ -OINOIJnUTI, omo. ADd .Job}'en Ill ., AND oTHER cHoicE BRANDs. .ff D?; Tobacpo, Snuff & Cigars, lttt}l wllhJt(!ll, B. F. m & CO., l Granby St., Baltimore. Weetrro:r;:1n. o SEGARS AND TOBACCO 77 & 79 Asylu! St., MANUPACT.UitiiD ,\liD 8MOKINQ l8. I 2o I I .. B!iTFOJUJ, COIK. d. ot Smoktd !niolet, T 0 B A C C 0 S 00 & '(), J 1' .c .. or. ....,.,. ...... Yll& No. IJ8 Wut ..Fo.w'th Street, Sea-ars. Pipe, e-tc. Qtnhauo ertlranfs, T. u MORRIS, CINOINNATJ,O. II. a z. K. PEASB, ...... H .Lnspection and Leaf Tobacco DULDI m lfo. 47 liorth w;ater Street, and B'o. 48 Korth Delaware Avenue, OOJDOBSI()li JlERORAFtll FOB B!Lll OF BAllE. J.lu159 and 161 Oo:mmeroe-street, u ... .c ............. J .au""",J .. uv. 1 Tobacco, .JOI;. ScJmoaon. "' Noo ...... u. CENERAL ,1. A. P. GLORE. & BROS., Kenton Tobacco Warehouse, BARTJ'OltJ), COBB ..,... Ul'IITBD STATE& WAREHOUSE. 81 Nortb 'l'la.lrd .. t., Phlladelphla. JOSEPH SC:BBOEDER & 00.. Com V f hant b I} ldt J T SULLIVAN & CO I Partieolaratleutioopaldtotheplll'CbUe l*kllll...,. Coeolgners ean' forwvd U>el, i!l.!>ekl "Df liOJID" n 'D' A "'-T m nund au a i?ttlt _.... ., earlllgiH&ofnewDI.eatODCO=Dou-r: ......... tprepaylngtbe"Goveriuil:etnTu. & OolllmletdonODdwholeNiedeolerola -. .. .. .... 1. D&i a tEWlB BREMER'S SONS r r Leaf ansf Manufac.tured No. 90 Lombard St., AJID laepee&lba .,. ____ ..... .. Tobacco Commission Tobacco and {)Jgars, Commiaalon LEAF TOBAccos, ....... _;,.,,.......,,.,' ::::.,---:::= COVINGTON, KY. _,_..,., GIESKE & CO., G. KERpKHOFF & 00, 1 TOBACCO, -PHIIIoAD.LPH.A, Pa. PHILADELPHIA. wuo..-sALB DIULEM m XAl'UJ'A AND DOMlllBTIO te!IO'.' -.:ied of VirginlaSmoking Tobac n os, !"Jli>IJill'"' -"' I I 7 outh Water Street, C I O A R S ,_..._., PHJLJ.DELPBU. LORE JACK and BROWN. DICK. w. EJacnlolu. s. w Clark. Plill. Dono. Havana and Seed t.enf Tobaeeo, lllaDun.r.tory, uth ".....," movAs HARE & soN, Scotch Snuff.," t N 1 CENTRAL sr LY HBuaq. v.A. ...,..,........ D ........ J1( .lLL lWtcoands:'ult A .-a. V J O!to.. x.w Toat&; SANDHAGEN BROS., A. B. THEOBALD, l&leeabliG1ed ; lo. i 2 WHARF, il) I ...._..,.. 0... Wholesale Dea.!ers in a11 kinds of II '76 TOBACCO WORKS."' mr.oorUUB or ALL lllJIDlf'Or "0 0 p e Dh ageD BD ufl' ....... BOSTON. _...:... 'SEED LEAF TOBACCO A,R,S :e::eo. e WM. P. BURWELL, 1!. C MURRAY, !ale or Vaa Hom., )(..,.q" Oo l MIA.L MABGN, Jale or Walt 4 tJuOD. ...... nr WILDER&_ ESTABROOK, Rlabmond,Ya.. -.&aO.eoPJ!fihtwlll be Snd', liA VANA ... CIGARS TOBACCO BROKEii, CIGARS, MASON, Mid Brier Pipe, w. PapJar m., ftfbdelphi .. .... u .lJID I 'LEAF T .OBACCO; 17 West Randolph StreetJ 1 8olldltOnllftbU..puauuU_, ILLINOIS. .uTD Dl'.lLU.I !ilf ""'\_ UI'Da o Chewing a.nd' Smoking':. Toba.coo. 17 .... 176 Bt.'Old-._:m. G. W. GRAVES, j ..... .AliD :DUJ.D D' FiDe Connecticut Seed-Leaf r 0 a "'a c c 0 ; DanbUry, Connecticut. .W"_Now_'GD_b&Dd !108-erop 'U ODa '!. [101-121 LOUISYILLE, KY., U. S. Bonded Tobacco Warehouse No.1. GEO. W. WICKS l CO., Manufacturers' Agente for !!'ale or J"irginia, 11.1issutt1'i, ana Kentuckfl TOBACCO, Also Deal ers In VQJbaQ.e.OJ i;ara. '102 MAIN STREET, [Bee we.,. 3d nnd 4th,] Louisville, KerHttcky. Cottttnercial street, B08TO:N'. W. C. WATERS CO., Tobacco: o..-..UIIUII .................. -Ooooy.... J. L. : BmBBll' oo., p, BATO. MONUMENT ............. '1'0. ToOru>.(JO M annfanturers' Agent, e ..... :m A. \a:::t B. JIEGBA 'W & Work 7' ......_.,"f':'t' F 1 .&. & DaLEIIII 13 INDIA .STREET, BOSTON, 11 1 & .18 Waba.shAvenue, TOrBACCOS .. CICARS, T o b a 0 0 o, P. H. MAYO& BROTHER, oHrc.A.oo. fla6 BanttorpA Btfwl, smurr AND crcaaa. l'rol>tlot""' ond or Bobto A. May o'o GBO. ::::-} r CBLII8RA'I'BI)c U. B .NAVY Tobacco and all otber .,.-Geo .. sold 10 1'1. CHICAGO, & OS Jla.a ... & 81 8tDJl a-tyleo or bloclt and bright Chewing Tobacco. I&WIB ll '!i IN. .a 0424 (J.tlBY STREET --. -w. B.JUDDUX, -PA. w r c c tT ht ) Richmond, va_ J, H. J 1 r: .. z } I ._, H, TYREE Tobacco Oomrruss'n Merchant R. A YOUNC .. fiVB IKO'fJIDI TOBACCO WOUI COMMIIIIOI IIEICHAIT, orde'rs -::.=.....---:...=-" I nrv'nCa, v ....... HEALD & York """ .lljllftl 701[ TJ!K OP a., BROS;, WID !11ft Ida ,._.., ttenuon to au ..... 1114 ........ G. HE!NEKEN & PALMORE, New York. VIRGINIA. AND NORTH CAROLINA. I -. I 1'1 :.. Ul&J' iOUGCJO '' Lear and Manfaifand p L u1i'" .. 0 B -,-0 o 0; e .J. E VE>.'IABLE & CO., Petereblll'!: "'(o. 4 IRON FRONT BUILDINCS, DkC ............... I l3r Llberol.l:l-ma4t OR OoulplnatL... -PETERSBURG, VA. _....._,_ _....-.,nu:,_,. -.uDe Van Mason 1r. Co., 104 Poydraa St., Q;.1!181111,. ', dOMMISSION I AND AGENTS JIOll. Virginia & North Carolina T ubacco, Llbeml advauceo made on conllgnmenil.


I e '. 1.' OSBORN, XA1!1T17AC7'UJI.BB OF Kerosene Cigar w-te4 to bani II AoiWI at a ca.t oll ud not to omeil or 110 ODL Ia tlltt., '" THE TOB.ACOO \ LE.AF. Ia Baslaess, heavr t.opacco be used, but litht .-nd ipferior qualities for wrapP.el'll, ng matter what the may be. The more eas1ly manipulated tObaccciis;-the lJetter adapt tia 7


) 1 r I WBTH fJT., BALTIMORE, )(D. J: Jt ,..., t' ,_ -"NMiiH.-".Ail upoa. Of' wh.-..oJiacln


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