The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
Publication Date:
Physical Description:
1 online resource (8 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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T29-00226 ( USFLDC DOI )
t29.226 ( USFLDC Handle )

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University of South Florida
Tobacco Leaf Journal

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llS: '1'110 () j o I) ..... -1...l..r!n i ,jJ,u 1 ';( !1,0: .o.u' f od h ,,'1 1 f"L11J "" 1 t. t:? ll'l 111n'l 'It 1:1111 11 1 ,r '\_ 'DDI OJ' TD .&l'Bll. \ftiiB, J."' II: ;sew...., Illl'Oapu or .o.v..,. .o. f 1 ....u lllalle ......... 1 ............. Oeborae 1., Ill Old slip. Gilmor .t 8; &t.v. t r t () I ..,.. 1. ft It .. t lt 1 : 'ClJ, ,.l;rll .I! tiL G. 1. AuOIILBE. cl )., W'!J n!J, w, GJJL ;CJmi8T AX..,. .. ...._ .. .. ,,..M.rrc ... .! 4; .n'w 11fnH/-,,t.ll J r l 1 1, v 'Of Bha:clCA .In ; d l 'I= r 'I u..'u"flttH'tE' R'-'& 'l"CO., it: 'l'o BNmaD. !'!f_::lad tile of Textor, l.S Water. ['' n 1 r ,11tdBlcco l MqD:ai.T rdl .1 1 WEDNESDAY fl)E() o:. o ,.I A" .... 01!' TOliAcCO .Iii I In rl! r '. ... ,J!f.illf. \'r 'r ; .:, .. 'IJ I I 1t I J ,I, I l I ) l "'' J, ,, Bllchmlm&on'r 'neW' N ationalt ';F6qc,o N ..c.. vv Y 0 RK.' 1l'oln the Lotr -1.' m 8 20 I B R. I .I b I' J L ,f d '" t J AliT llliCier 11...U. 'Jro-in D' g' ..: ao' t.. A ,; .. r ., c 1 ,.. .'. ) Assl:lCJ destmeu to e 1ts name an sm ... IAI O; 1 1 "Wan !Ill per Unelor nfJr71JI -.p t;' ,.. ., ,,...., -'' ,. -t II;Ateemoioldered;un-PloneerTobaccoFactory1 1117 W:ater. r 'I 1 1 r \! 1 '" 1 VI n Ill t Jil r 1 .1.. fiJI .,:oacc:-ed bJ Bo.heider, ifbl. & Oo .. Lrli B.!>WI!I'f. .! ,.B'!' w ti}ef!\o opinion tak!)ll! h'd!d 'df i fi'.l" dtlt 'J s a I A fit D ( I A Ill' 1!, Ill. ). 'I -.tlonoftthifWesterntrQde T( I 'lfi'JIIOJ' I,.,.,' t '' I" I., ES OF FOREIGN COINS natt.s .H,.255EMtHoustou. 1 ui' 'bbll''& c r r ..r '

Water. thn!l make to spme npt sectional in its power1 N ; "(il i A': I !11.,,i;u 1" d o I th r I 1d.-peuny .... ... ....... 0.01,1 Frank, BeutteDnmeller & n e conT.HERE are in the Richmond (Va. )district seventy. I & Hahn 150 Water r : ? 6 1 .P avqnqo. 1 go'? to thtl. _tllade of all or t cat ca!.\n ftrarv1 our! Westerrflhiehd will, perhaps; 'ne !!nrprised four .to_bacco of which are if! tb,at city, llr. fraoo ...... ....... 0.11 HiNckhoa L & c.;,, lto Water. luKuucTuaEas PLuG 'l'o-l'"'ocb.oJ 1 be= but se!:ti()bal in the benefitSit w1ll actual1 copfer. 'to i 'n t 'th 'nn ,r 1 16 tl .. ti' bp b b rone IS m E'rede11cksburg, 1,w!1 are at Frede)'ICk s Hall, 1c;. 0811t.lt11'1 ... .. ,: ... ; j 0.<;>9.t,S .J&OOI1,1, & Co., 1114 Pearl. -: urray & MaBOij, \'14 .t N'!lft" Water. In odie. 'ifltlltou h t or j an otlier a. xiet!VI ; j ; arp. I a ,, ?/. cell I org lza I s r ,en. l in Lomsa county; jl.nq one is ,at Louisa Cpurt;-house :R6ttertlam, ett.- K&Jpt;aWicz, S., l67JW&ter I!Ol,c Ulll!lau S.' J. & eo., I 01,-,0 J,1 y 1 1 ,1 '" Y 1 1 r lifO rm; ., "'el\1'""-, Casey &I Wane West Front. 1 i 1 r ; ,11 1l ..., ec ID"' ., uom omtse matte a: was mg on an m d t. h b th J. lllJ J; h d th fi ther r : : ::. r. ,..:wy .. WA o;: s. st\ ,ms llv: lnd hi:: ; Joqunr Wswll'IIJ.-A.ldlograglme equl& ''rHB GBI\IUN >II Brl.ohea;. & Son ::wJh:J? '. ,, .. .-."l.';.lj.S( f .' e 0 tpn bj 1 Thl}rfact)s that rtke o1d mail is doing bullyj fpr \>cat;QI! the Cosmo B,e= Borgotedt & Karsten, 7 Borery' 1 '' Hafer;. Holmes ,. e l s -ifthe \West. fecira fllat lt.he uABI!OOiatioa will:becbme secpolitan t" I 'I > l a e que&tion thai\ 1he an.d still this was the leaf into a )le eODIIIIllled, or Bernard, PbU., 148 Water. lfiilay & ont.,!. Ih-qs, re b ID!Jfi.L JiallPY ."o Rr.F J from tQ which President Lawrence .in h.i11 o(ticial capacitJ, call ed prepared, ttu:th':, ofbM:y i -=!.:{i; :: il ssoclatl:on, t"he W JOf1 t e rl 1 ..fuuueruuu or .-.:uL now '"I "!' ,; 1 ''-1 :"' ; ; m "" r 1 l 1 1 r i1(s D8Ce811ty ... .,. .. e & 11lx Mtnwopb .'1m. 1 ,, h t '1 memli.ers to I .w oi ft,) per -a. per thoUHJl41. or wnA.u cxGAII8. 1 .n. tT ri!"P'I ,.. .trollble ilS that .delegi!.tious .are .. .,....q&he fo,tering cart of trqch I L ......_...,,,. .it b '-' J ""'b. i :u ... U t.f}' dlr OnSnultmauUl'leturedottpbaeco,or &llJ DeBarry&Khng, r>2Bwad f r! ". f ,) 1'. trl h try n l. tit .. & .,...... I'Nl!:81l'UW" .. rlyrun OvJ[ .. en. ... ,JOUne; s :r mcau nbetitute fOr \obatleo, greaud, dry, damp, llaler 0., 1 W!Uunn. I, .. -, ,, ,,. .. i g rrp 0 t e coun a btgadimation ncutitry that .the record tiously lett( behind her in ''I I'Iooi in vainpickled, IMilled, ar o&herwile, )IIJ'OII'rUI n'llt!.l..l Qbt:piha,'l\-,...: I "',,I I '1 io represent 'bacco lbtti aq'l of!ilie '!)ext of he not deal', deat,1ltl'u" shall I do f. I U.:b. wh_:gr:;:te!:, t101d, 2 .. Lf!ltngton 8'. &1!1dM, 2(6 Pr.ont .J.;.,.un"JN).a.I. J flel'fl'J< 1 apd, se <;;onfhctmg we that whicll is no-'' nrtin ill in the existen'ce and ll'ournot h1tena11 I ought unless he llne'nl! wo He mtght Cm tor '118e0r be wed l'.uft.1JI ': !('I 1 are at &Joss to. what the tobacco trade i hin ( co I ll' wh'ch hay c?me fll!l w:u as rot P!*gui!S theseJellow_B 9Wbiteho.ll .A.d&.mo,C.H. &Co.,l878t&.te. d :hat. k' ,,'lo..or, g Jlt'hT". Y, n: at'ei',!lee'n at home,orslnokingacl-wtamped In theUme msnntr Q tmuft 20 Beaver. Barnee &f.erome, 236 State;. :' :w In ; on\y; I be J!Vatioual li) :w&mt\ ;Qqt 1 m fact. Will lOUr ge.r.''' 'I I I.' I r I l I I. .. u tJucy per 1'rarrela, A: 102 P'earl. . ( 1 Bnl'llham J. )). & Oo., 'i'T and*' leyha. I With It.S approval lf fOU call oqly first the w est' helbl tll lllaketit 110 P I I I I I ll 1 1 ---I I ) ll gold. $2 r.;,r Glft'otd; Shennan & Innis,I20 William ....... Haas. Brothel'!!, !SU(ain. 'll I thes e then corite to tis wit'ti' fesult J 11..1 /I ) I I .. I L I I ,, r The Creole planters in viCinity of Franklin La .ll0\11141 aad 211 per cent. ,..orem. ,.Gomel'j WU!is & Co' ,19 Jlolld 81, S William. fcase H A! Z 16 M arke t '" I -bl' d I S h. I lcl I' I L I 1 I R ',poill.ld cigars aliiO bear an lntetna1 ltevenue Han llllll G. .. Seym;ur,' D. M and 161 Commer. shall feeltnfl? te_ y 0, .uc J -I I { ... ".: J I IntQ ib of per-H., to be pld by r & en., 1,60 Shepard & Fuller, 214 State. '[' I bein r ua e held by those in authorit:vrat W M!b hut r'>t'I r '! J 1 UJIJtoil _, ,,.., 1 1 :!bout two p6und Z abll IS sold 'dollar a 0 Cutdn Hoelle (ReYeabaAct, 1 H 101 Pearl ....... Sisson &, 134 'Main, I .. (i ... w 'l! fi. :r d .. bt"th I th"" lv ,rr the e faet.ory stoien tobaccorwas 'W';orth at R. S. & go., 'I ur lng IJ,l, 1 CIGUI1JOX CMlllt AI'D o'J'HER WOOD, 11 arro I 1 c t ; 1 ,: b 'fi ; ,;.; to' K fng Q U g a nl9 IQg Jeast $300, I f. ,.t I 'l )lu!Jdey &..Jifoore, 74DiD .... e P M cor Sixth and Lew'" .,: t I zatwn. Thls refiectlOjl not e very at.e,nne Club as once F d o P usia had Dlr oo'ebr,ated 1 i I r ) --J r '" t C I'll l H & Co 11111 .. ront: .,, ...,tone,:.{ol n ., "' .Mil,ID. ( .. f II' th t I l o, 11 : 'i'l "1 i D .t; r., 168 Peari Rodman&: 2l6'Lewio. I Jol:\n,'iC -:. 0 1 g ence CJot}ege. d n i1 J b the u.S. ourt, city, last we'ek,in the ')Ooiui Water. IPANII!Il ClG.O.R RIBBONS. 11 t 1 1 the causes that are to th1s .. v 11IJ 1.., T ,... nu case of ri'he Vilnted States vs. 1m Thotls 'and Three Co}lnlllly 4\1 ,Balli\ Almiraij J:. J., 30 .,, r !Mucqo J&li:Q <') 't ble in their action .,, .. .. i 1 )YmE,, oF. !I'Ii!E .. -A/ eUow m MerJaen, 'Hundred Ciqa1's ancl Fortyki0 Bnd 'J '.11 '!rk,l r .; 94 .. N,.,GRM.;,aw: "'L "Nor is d n this :view of the .case. r a 0 f!. t'r)! d h ._,r-1 ':' ,,.. llt N Q. 138 WateT str.eet, the seizure being made on the I e bfoe e f'4Jftue. "' -r T .,. 1 ", ,, 1. Se! out q ll. n ow 111' t e tmOrt. d th th" tli g ..,. "',_,_ d 'ohii.n, Carroll & Co; i Ptolsa -OfiCar & .Co. 25 White streer r Warren&: C romirrent 'members of tile traae ha >J 1o ,.,. >t 1 as1 requ'ired bylaw the defence set up twas that the I :&ggert, Dills"' Oo,pl,'lll Water. _. _. .. T,JN-l'OIL. j ,.. .t. A7 Brorid. a National T ,hlB .. i '!'F afl}ly '$l9,9qo ?f property in was not posed 'for sale, and was l'allensteiJI, c;Jbaa.l B ; & 129.Pearl. Crooke ;r. I'' -' 1 JJ l 911 ated at.W:ishington a1,1d-:the oxganizatiOn peifectedb .st, mf -r ; 1 r.;rnJRhe at c 'ost "hv t" nnA termaster8 di G rt' & :B ., & Co, 'I Old Slip.: 0 L:A. ,$. t..A.. Au'<>' Ciocinllftti. The trade of wh e coun,try "r I > _r-'11. 't .,. '< ford directed ver ct xor the overnment as far as the &::eeld a:d&. 6l BeaYer'. r TOBACCo-CUTTll'IG V.UfBINUT, I' D'e'Van &;1.)11-son, Ill e to 'participate'jn' 'its benefits by becoming I l 'I. 'dl f i lor-:mrtT" b I I 'd' seizure / of the snuff was concerned, but ordered thatthe L, ui Pearl T. Bo;gfeldt & Deghuee, Cedar. Th ,__ ;, w r '" T h I tal lv: llothing sectional in the J pen I cigruts lshould handed .over to the claimant; < Guv.thcr L. W: <:Jo ,-no Peul. o'f ..... r'l, ., Yt r I memuers. ere )VIj-SCer n .I 1n t u1;11te._..ota m t pity, w uc __ I F TOBcco E.A.BELS. u ";t{ rr .r. _j t h' t t tb ffi t ;, I r --1 Guthrier&: Oo. H -b it. eo. 2I8 Broaawa". 1 B ild' org>ll}ization thus ,.ar, no was any m 0 e 1 11!, n': 1Jl!le 1 ThEl'Danville v a.' ) Pimes give!! the therea t.;;.; ks Jounh 112 Wawr. a... YoWlg A. & Bro., 4'Irbn ro u r .L f. d h c ;j1 Geo j'r &' co "4 s Btoad. Heppenhelmer, F .. & Co. 22 North p I.WEI..PH'I:& : i thrown out, that we are aware .0, t,.,e 1!1C10i 1 1 r: J1 !.t ,I C"JJi]' 1 1 1! r bobts the good advice: "It is a good rule to Hillman,' G:w: &1Ce.,'108'Front. 2 I I WABEBOORS. ( I nati gathering: All was then g4lOdfelloif s)tip and. r ational to aqother have a oonstan't eye to the main chance.ll Tobacco is Hunt, n. W. & Co., 16'1 '' suLrn JW4L Boyd; Fougeray & Co. ,Sl North .,;. d the Eastern delegates made to under con.vent!Op, as 10 of tl)e ,ChiCago porthe main chance of the farmers in this section', and while J:errigan It; Agnel,-78 11' : Zlnsser W. & Co., 197 1 .Buokpor, & Co, 37North Water. ll.IDhJ< > f W : h ,_. d p sp qnilen7 EJW, 'fere? J 1 we should like to see them raise enough m eat and ,Aiumcett, Thomas, S Wll!iwn...:< r t t fqs.o.cco B.o.GB Dplim & 29 North Wster. 1 < stand the length depth, and breadth o estern Oe ,--b d ., h t h h .11 'Kittred e w P. &-Co., 164 vvatet'. .,. p cl r E'dwardo, 1 ll. & G. W. 33 North WatllJ'. t '' h b h A 0 ._., h h'l h rea .or orne con ump 10n, we ope t ey Wl con-Kremelg & Co. 1611 :ee'larl. ,, 1 Asten, W. B. v., 2 ea r r Eiaet.lohr; Wni. & Co tn 'soutll Water. .. N s, owever, ave n9w;. exc ange lwQrm& ns t at P 1 ant ropic tinue to1make th'e 'yellow 'Wrappers.' Let them take ex'-ia j.1 '116! Pearl. ,I '' nwJliG IIACHINEB. roa ToBAcco J GeJeru lt iHiN Froni. o p as!led 'an it the enthusiasm then so generous and promctgar-. ''" manner All this ttme, howe.ver1 the Assomatwn has rests on a sound bas1s r as w1th other branQhes to it n1 1 f ,, 1 .... .,)' j I J .'1,.,. /J .J \ < l ( J.-') I "'') "\ I ( -v.:.a l ke'pt gainingintnefk.utharid p ,; .. q ,,dl ,_ ''' I,, I ll11f!84!!1Ker Co l6I and 168 :r 1811,..41 Moore 128 Wilham. ;M.UCU. cT.uans, DJ'.lLEJtS, JTO. ',, --m L f 1t bl' h d llorrfli."ll'll 99 and &2 Btone e r _.._ I 1 1. Bamberger L &'Co 3 N6ttli East arid carrying out the obJects .of the orgamzatwn. l T L T M W .11 tt d 11 .L'HE o OWing cortespou ence 'U! P.U IS e : '!Asses orn. ., .. c u Braacl I roBA.COO X.O.CHINE woJ[, t.tW J a'o ..... Thlrd HE EAF AT .c.OWELL, .AISS.e WI a en .l'q 8or'll Office 9th District Mils's Fitchburg Oct' 6 '69 ;t!'l'10n, ';'118 -,1 1 IE!il'l&m, G, C., 76 & 'l&. Kim. 1 r: hl'd ( Thus, tlie 'PreSident hall,jus t made a our correspondenl.!s &nd should be "lad to Hi. 1 c .. ,.1 l .... C ..,.],, __ t '' tc h: ,.......J. n Oaldey Col'lleoiUi a )[ lntoiCh Brothers J..IJwia rel"''e.:J_'-" =8 j l:j r d I d 11. th th 't' lh 1 T L .' "' l. on. .:.ue a .. o, .ne enm-Aln, 166-;\Yater. "''"l or);, H'are, Tb.:f : Wasoington, te e au on Ies .on hu;n the ''Si-r' : Is thJ contMI!ed in N'l2 is .loJ -roD ... 1 1... subject of the reiU(ldlQg secqncl tax-a .subJect on suggesfs. ..ll....:..!L w underldate' of August o ll concerning .the f w dR'Jl G 1'73G wich' ste .. f lrl' f 'Ph'l A Jl..1.j ,. ,, I .. 1 f a' l 1 P'a ker, :M., .11&: .; 00,, ;, sol=. 11. d 11 TlliwO.,abdfoplar J ,. ; which'the ili)Oara\1 o I 1:'+' a 1cago : .u tw fi ,'{' ', o pro .rata tax on leaf. tobacco, I I I r. r S.ropeOil Sc!Lle Compallf 2 Broa4"1lJ' I I -9 ha:f e alreadr; tf.ken action. In all 'thi we f:\11 to flee' T .1. VID_J ).Ai. now ID force; and IS the same-JYrinClple ap'!}lteable to oh I l e rft H II '>BWatet!' 1 Rr,ph,A. Jf5 t .. Th A h b I -j t Q tar 0111 unp.o 0 O. a 1 dealers who commenoed business after May J.l'Jat1 & H7. Front. : -ort 'PQW C.llla '' v .. ';,..,. rhiJ c llAu. anything sectJOnal. ssocJatiOn as een ShJ'U JW.e relid' tflom. these couMatit 13l Tbe clause-specially referrea to is as follows '.And ,..,, Wrn. 'I '" Fogned!. Fr'O\lt; the entire trade,.and. if..anything will give it a lg)lS, a i l 't JJf> T Ji: J' 1:. thef tax: oflt200 wiU attach' wben' their sales shall ex. '1 att ,,. } 1 1.ronaco aoua. ,__.. b W t-j f j1 'Rela,:ami',G .!i;Cp:,i, I7? l'lo/t '1 0 II n, lS PI 1). r Dic)tereq, .. ...._ t e potion 'P fl& !l re nsmg 1 P 1 1 sa.rtte pro-r_al ;of An A''S. &: Ito., 1&\B Wate\' *su!WfCJC CoJIPutu. :ua& P&, ii< 'f, to join lin the r Tb&tthere IB11to. gfeat' '.l'HB ) TU!Jes asserts. A ge.ntla earlv ifuoection on this pomt. from 0ommis.sioner is Roeenwald E.: & t46 WAfer.: :..ld Ad'antl(} way.. urra/ tb,e I f, ture wn :as tHe NICti&naJ!To 15J6"o frg'QI. Ill\lifax ; icqlti :e. WI }30,000 liills r of, A. Norcross. r s.Jpiibn,.\h a.lta 1.,, 7 .Hpme dco .&lm'fuoL n11; llegra'w; t ) power. m J (,') I <> J c 1 t 'I ,If' rHe .OYel' a tb;m,MOcl A slll!ISOt,' MasS'. i>istrict.J!...G.tlice ofrnternal Rev-I l IJ !r1 J, W.&yman ,&; !Bro., I I .rw. Q!l(ld.. beMI\ we vr. en w OctJ 15, 1869.-Sir : J I reply to Bp 7SW&tel.F 1 'J ;.r '11 1 1 'I """' .. v:&,lt the time for our Westeru}1J'lnils r 1 1,. 1 '! '1:&11 1J r, 1 l J I tlJ u1 vbnl'l of 6th insll. 'that the l:ule in Decision 172 under lilt' 46 ,ll' r I v ktito I ,Bul'lt'ell, Wm, 1!. f l ,I I '-.J i ... II tc.ishfby 1n J imftic\ently; .lange numbers t irlfln.' I / Tfl'E aldr .Iolnt :0. llnght} bead of 'dealers in leatl : tobacco r ti> which refer seitl Brb.. a& Waier.,r i't' :Be:ck & Co., &tJ eouth Gay.-..; f "' llaY.O & B,ro, .f; J i -' <... I I l '1 1f ; H) 'I I ,.rr') J} I J(f I t! t county;,_ Va, fired \> o Mlce.n_dmry a few mghts applies 'to cases &Fisin' g undel' act of Juiv QO, 1868: ,8e}:IIIIOr, Cl)l' 41 Co., lvlll'earl. I Bo1t!niu G I H., 2011 J ;."' N ii f:, '1 1 < A .1-j t a t .: r )#::,. I Lfi t .r agtl1'Jl4 1ts contents, ,about up to May 1869 The rule is nDt l understood to be of Siebel&Giebel .,1 ,1 .. .a.d' W A.&Co ss&ilth 1 lL! --'An herew wo a a.t v ac or ttle [.3QlJO"' utldsQf'obaooo I' 1 Henrr .!l

'f j .. I II .. 81 HI WE have our Montnly Tax-Returns in type, but owing to the length .of the valuable Internal matter in ot-boc colnmua, are compelled to lay It over. WE are glad to see and the trade will also rejoice, that the Treasury Department has from its un tenable position regarding the exl?ortatwn of in the matter of obtaining the signatures of foreign officials to landing certificates. The Government ap pears to have fallen foul of customs officers at Curacoa, who respectfully declined to obey the mandates of a foreign power in the matter, and so the Department has been compelled to back dow!? Dutch firmness is proverbial-some call It obstinacy-but at all events new regulatiOns have been iMned which will. be found in another column. A coRRESPO:I!DE'llT at Providence, R I., in referring to the RheinMld ease at Philadelphia, informs us that he also hM some old stamped domestic and a_sks our opinion as to the advisibility selhng them out affixing another stamp. He will no d_oubt be sus tained by the Courts in doing so, but simplest yvay will be to notify the Assesi!Or or the actton ot the JUry in Rhein hold case, and that he (our correspondent) PTOJ>C?I!eS to avail himself of the liberty accoroed by the decnsion Tllis will compel the Assessor to state he means to do with reference to luch cues! ,, THE firm to whOm reference is made sends u fthe fol lowing decision: DEP.,.RTKENT, 0J'FICE OF fNH .EVENUE, WAsHINGToN, Dec. 13, 1869. SIR: S. Fuguet & Sons, o! fine st 229 S. Front Street, in your wnte to this office under date of 11th inst., to 10quire whether they can ll'ell "in bulk I Without payment Of the taX thereon, their cuttings and waste to manufacture:-? : office allotc1 cigar manufacturers to their chppmgs in bulk to manufacturers of smokmg tobacco, or to Other manufacturers of without and lltamping them. For couditions under which th18 may be done I would refer you to instruction given to 0. F. Presbrey, Supervisor, under date of Dec. 8, a copy of which I bave thrwarded to the hterRalft,ev enue Ree(}f'd for publication, and which will, probably, appear in the next issue of that Y e;y respe(t fully J. W. J>ouaLASS, Deputy Oomm1ssioner.-'To Job; B. Ken!Jey, li!sq., 4ssessor 1st P,hiladel phia, Pa. 1 I' "J4o11:aox" ,writ.ejl \bns in t't!e Springfield,_ Homutead: "' 4 from W estfi.eld as to the constnwti011 of hot beds for forcing tooac\co planta. We Jnthe habit of Cetructing our in every the same (shape perbap.s excepted) as though WQ opt going; to with glass. As to shapt' we might as well say first that we gener ally use abo11t feet long and four lights wide; size of glallll eight i>y ten in!Jhe!l, so'' our beds are generally long and narrow. We make ourJ frames for the glass generally from about eighteen to twenty two incbea 'high on the side, and from about six to ten inches on the south side. Use a board or plank of (rom llix to ten inches wide betwllCD each SoJne have the sas.h wi!h ?r b.ingea, so as w hoist them up eaSily when 1t lS d.esir able to have the bed open. But more generally we do not incur the expense but lift them ofi, qr on, as we wish, when wanted to open or close the bed. My opin.l ion is that people are using more and more glass, and I don't now recall the instance when a man discarded the use of glass when they have ever used tqem. Some years I do not think they are of apy use, for we do have snch seasons when there is no difficulty in getting plants early and in a}>qndance ; whil,e there are others when it is impossible to get them until very late. With grass we can control the season. Care should be taken not to be too nice in cutting the joints, or working too close; and if the boards have a few cracks in them, I don't think it does any harm; as sometimes we are away from home, and the sun shines out very warm, 'and there is no one to hoist the sash to afford -..entilation, and the heat becomes so great that the plants get scorched a;nd destroyed, while a cracks would have saved them. > I think it would be an advantage to par tially paint oQe-half of the glass -.rhite, as our house people clo. I have never seen it tried, yet; it seems as though it would modify the heat a little." ON the 16th at Riohmond, Va., a called meeting of the Tobacco Trade was held, E. 0 Nolting, the in the chair. The committee appointed at the anmtal meetin.., to e:lfamine the accounts of thl! Treasurer reported that they had discharged tlleir rln ties and had found the111 cOrrect. The amount on hand and' due the Association on the 1st of July, .. 686.44. They also that the fees fwm transient sellel'll, at the Exchange, bet weep lst of January and lst of July, 1869, to about $148,, W!!re not lected in ll,Ccordance w1th the custom ot the Treasul' er uniil the Iat of .July, and were not, therefore, inciua ed in his repart, but would be in for the current year. -

(Eo\ m '1.1i1' 11iit.abfi le Tu ,......_ X...U.l The same directieus u are givetl witla regtrd'te dtl d ted an average deeline"of per 100, and some re e t!. directed to abort a gaW Till: .leni&E. tp of !!tabs and coupons of etamps u'aed 1or navy, lk acl i lba., best, Cll@l()q.; vy, an bid were $1 50 lower.than previous .There 18 in these the bulk of the UD CIQ.&.s istilled spirits, on 31, aries5, No.7, are enjoined :llbil. m_,ctidlll, : hhd t o,ft'erina and&OA Of 1WS of done. The finer qualiti ve uhn collectors wish regard to the st11be aud conpona B.; TELBGJU.Pa;.-..DecemJ!er 181 eales be a., Cl'tp iJl irrMnlv Jlacltlpl aDd out Of or4er. es ly dealt in, the demand h-tllem ia re 01 .BC CIGARS. J o the registered tobaeclo stamps. $6 '15@9 for lQK; t9 50@ IS, for ea ,m r 11 from Thurecfay to yesterday inc1osive, 35 bhde. and and and, advance in rate& p h 18 So important is it deemed;Ulat th regisletea etaap1 firm., 8&lal 23 hhde., at t7@S 60 for lugs i 10 7 5 or ___ __ 3 a ,6 95 5 at t'T o@7 so; 17 at s@ 1 f t XIL 1 .should liear upon tbeir face the name of the colleetor .,......,. V\!10 85 &ncl 'i4 Milte !if.les of Western ea w.ere m e o a ve!'Y I fro h ffi h hi h d ebippingleaf. 810; lat$8@990; 4at.10!15; limitedexiTnt,andoall for nospectalcomment. Vu-THE BPOTB ON TBB mw oseo oe t eyare, I88oed,in 'so-,vn an wn LYNCHBURG, Dsc. 18.-H!'. J. H. Tyree, tobacco boxes at 16 to $13. In the same t1me, bids were re ginia tobacoo both leat'an4i st.el8uted, -.w llu& Jiioderat41-da, are naturally ting, that hereafter all stamps .must be signed by the broker reports as folloW'Il: jected oa 11 JtW&, at t7 to tH and '1 9oxes at ly dealt in, eaJea being th 1aelt ftlbt.l ,-ijti!t.loon post the conpai.f. collector, unless spe<;ial per"'ission .ia ob'-iDed from Inspeotoolut week 11th Dec ....... 14 85 10 to 1 '1--56 ., To-day tb&market WIWI dull'Aild droopqu,litie!l. Jn Maryfands bUI!lDeBS woufd &eur as to the KeDUinene88 of the merchandise. N 0 t.Lis office to be relieved by. depu'r .,lleotor, ia caa thls week dbi lfUl Dee .. 10 ing with sales of 5 hbds. : 1 at 90 i 2 at *7 107 50 brger, had a bette; of_ qu&!ity The means have )>een discovered ye\ by which \heeefreeklee the number of stamps sold in aay dilt.riot uucy be 80 and 2 at $8 80@9 80. Bid rejeeted on 1 hhd. at 8 6 'TO. market for a:U descripttons 1 s eitremely,tirm, an belong tQ tone of t.he' marke t is quietness. Ma_nufao ander, 1 do. ; & Rowland, do. i rice butl few remarks are nece3sary on present occasiOn the "genume : i It happens, lnteresunc Letter Cro., a Prominent IIIemiH!r the Pturers quite busy and seem to have all their own I & Co., 2 do. ; Exc.els10r Manufactunng Co., 1 do, 2 0 8 S 'Trircrinia l ea f and stri\;s: For the former there has therefore, q\:nte often that Dommgo..1s sold for Chteaco Trade-Fears oc the We&-The seeood Taa: d d 1 d w F 1 iln X y h H f t"" h 1 h ttaeetlon-Wha& Action Neetled-A. National Con a at the advanced !}Uotattons; an an m":' chein & rtbewem, o.; m. """' :?'' .. been but little inquiry nt strips were rat er more m mne avana, as some o .oe Ormer as a so greems venlion ::Ve!t in bright work is probable at no distant 22 cads.; Stifle & 1 bx., 1 bale; A. demand, and some rev/ sales were made, chiefiy ot. the 'Besides these descrip tions many others have WILLIAM E. LAWRENCE, EsQ., I+e&iclent National Jobbers however, fi'nd it' difficult. to moye off 1 bx. ; Laclede Tobacco Works, 1 do. better classes at cnrreni rates. West ern leaf and strips : spots, especially the ordinary qualities; they are, how Tobacco Association, New Y01k: DEAR SmWe stocks dnstomcrs apparentlyno.t the sit; By the Paqific ,Railroad: Wahl & Ca;pen.tedli in leaf but a trifiiug business transpired, the. bulk ever; quite small close to. other, and ?:!fer have finally succeeded iu perfecting our organization-t The dulness obaractenst1c of the holiday se&C lark & Dozier 1 do. J. W. Booth & Sons, 4 o.' of the month's transactions bem!! confined to str1ps _of therefor'e an easy mark of d1stmctwn to the sk1lled Th T b ua IOn. b d th' S '1 B & Co 5 do H Gil 1 e o acco Association of Chi cago," of which the has of course its effect on usmess, an no mg McCreery 1 do.; ter mg f s M tlJis year's importation for which a good demand st1l purchafer. 11 tl 1 d ffi p d son J M h'l quo d .,. N on & Co 1 do h .J. O owmftgen emen w. ere e ecte o cers : resi ent, llvel ca>u beJooked for till eanw I e, chaos & Co., 1 o.; J.Jewis ans : exi'sts. l\iaryland, Ohw, and Bay: Tn t e tw_ o ormer CIGAREJTES AND CIGAi' G bb f H bb & C V p Y bl k b W B Billin"'S 3 bxs :'1 ep rge 1 en, o 1 en r Q.; .,ICe resident, .B. tations 108, ato.l&@22c.; b :Wht Brown, 1 do., 5 pxs., 2 dtu & Co, 2 but few transactions have taken place, owm., to the We 'have mentioned .in a previous number that in Lowentha1, of B. Lowenthal & Co.; Secretary, M. 1\ia. ts aud 9s at 19@22c., in bond four mo:flt 8 ; ng Oakes, Archer & Co., 4 o.; arren, L k d.' 2 d : dearth of sup plies ; .,but several p_arcels o.f Bays. came Spain hardly any other than paper smoked; son, ofMunay & Mason ; Treasurer, J. C. Partridge, 6 r'act1've at in bond. Fine tobac?os Whittaker Virden & Gray, 2 do.; P. M. oc woo o., to hand dur1 'n"' and he.w!! o they gradualh found favor m France f J c p 'd & c "1 H' navy, 8 ""' 'i'n F H 11 & C 1 do Marmaduke !? u.""""'........,.'" J u v, J o artr1 ge o. essrs. 1bben, Partridge, re fiTm at the adtance some ti e me D Catlin 1 do. M. D. eitze o., G quality and ot good color, were readily placed. J ava and.ltj!.ly; and. even .in Germany they begin to be con and Lol\'entbal were elected delc"'ates to the National ;ounds are held at 30@60e ., gold, in oright is, &.Brown'2 do., l pkg. ; Chadbour n e & 6Jo .&), C again been in good IIemand, t ugh per no_t sumed some as a curiosity rather than becan e apy Tobacco Association or in othet elected to be 40c. ; quwk soft -pr essed, 50@60o., all m bon_d. S. Shyrock & Co., 3 kegs, _14 cads i Leggatt, 0 n. o. such ex as in the previous n;eJ.toJ:l; ibu t t b!s ll ar is shown in the latt_er to come members of the National Association, nominal at 8@9c. fGr Kentucky lug11--the 393 pkgs ; Order 1 cs: cJgats. . J .C probaoly attnbutable to the large sales of snbst1tnte the otgarettes for the large c1gars wttb to-for. the purpose of representing out inwre.;ts in that as restricting consumption, as dealers prefer usmg Can By the Indianopolis and St. Loms Ralhoad i. c' strips, whi ch .for the have taken pt'ecedenoe ba c co w It baa bee!} observed that t-he sociatien. I was in hope of being able to od you a ada" as a substitute, the duty being 5c. lower than Fore, 1 hbd.; C. S. Freeborn, 10 cs., 19 pkgs.; over even th!s favorite growth. 'We lO'o how eve r, Southern natiOns, both 1'? and Eu:ope, arP. large list trom this city, but a thorough .American. Tiemeyer do., 14 bales. d. L a upon this falhng off as but. t e mporary, as some the more ,apt to adQpt the balnt of l>hau dicu!lsiou 011 the sulije t convinced me that it was NEW ORLEANS D -EC. 15.-The market IS begm By the Chicago, Alton, and recent import!!' of ava ilre m eTery to those of'l f.he North. Thus, we see mbabitanU of the best we could do for the present, and until the .r show more the demand being Hudson, & Co., 1 cs.; 0. & R. Dorm_1tzer, 2 0:; 1 son the J!revious and when the pr_oper time arnves Inoia, of the 1 States of o_ur Re t.tad of the We t bec,omes sat-isfied is no m?g tPr' are firm and The sales & Keach, 1 bx. Lme, l .ll. C!g&l'l!. they cannot fail to co!llmand Japan: Tjle p11bl1c-but the Mex191-l'!s and the uat1ves of dispusi ion to use' tli.e infhrenQe of theN ationat Assooia f:r. 142 follows : 43 low leaf at By the Ohio and MtssiSSIPP1 Rmlroad : Chrysolite arrived du,nng the 837 of Central Ame_nca, as well as of South tion for sectional 1 take it for granted that my 1 hbd medium at IOc.; 2 hhds. fine at Co., 4 bxs. ; Koch Chew & Co., 4 cs,' 01 r, 1 o., whieh 310 were sold1 by auction and ica-consu.mmg at least m feelings upon this subjeet are w e ll under 5 bhda baiers a 15o. 58 hhds. fine, 14 bhds. medmm, bx. . B h & Ei very good pricefl. we have nothmg shape .of C.Igaret:tes. Ill that while stood by you and others; that it is needless to say I 8 hbds. low leaf on p;ivate terms. The stock on band By the North M!SSOUfl Railroad : JN we oo; .& c onl to report. !n and thll s the reverse propo;tton 'OeXISt lD theN orthern have no such prejudices, and that there are others of the d ih' board is 4 600 hhds. We .quote: Refqsed, 5 hhds .. Bushey & Drucker! 1 do: ; rJ. rOU\) o., now the cheapest f;m, liS we o.f.tbe Umon ana lD Ca?ada. shows a trade in this city who feel as I do; yet it is lln heavy, Bi@9c.; common leaf, 9@9lc.; do.; Clark & Dozier, 2 do.; Oakes, Arche r & Co., 1 do., have all aloqg pred.wted, to comll agam I? to gen hke division of ta_ste and hab1t; SJjam and. Italy are an ndenrable fact t1lat there are many who h g 9l@1otc. medium t'v@lQ!e.; heavy, lOt@ S. Peltz & Co., 2 do., 2 bxs. W J eral use. St. Dbmmgo has m de altogether .corqm1tted to the smokmg <_>f cigarettes; look upon it with a great deal of distrnst, which d lO(@U-fc. lli@l2lc.; fine, 14t@ B y the St. Louis and Iron Moufitam Rmlr.crad: : mand. Turkey: The cargo ex L1v1etta was brought the people m :Southern Fran7!c. @67!o. 25c.@33c. navy on private It is reported that there Will be is offering. Columbian (Ambq.lema, Carmen, Guon, The so-called. Chine_se cigars resemble tb.e terfeit of the -first iellae. Wby' nOt repudiate Nav in caps. and 1bxs., 58c;@65c.. of 1D81111faciarei eefere close of the aud yra): two growths have scritled pa:per cigars. m .every part1cula all stamps of that issue, as well 38 tbe brands of tobaooo supply hbera.l m lb. year. Pnces are quoted as io1tows, With an upw_ard edJ:tu.t but G1ron has stead1ly for the except10n of bemg twice as long and t@e appointed by the overnment !' To and Iaiii stzed, are most in demand; medium "' llll_l1?0!ifs wh1le Palmyra remams m much a ntark m the centre. appear m tlie bring tb' btfOtl 'lfQn d re oods are active at good prices. -Nav e, p }b., ; half lbs: Virg ta, per b., same positiOn a eftrr tneralda has market m bundles of twelTe, or boxes of one spectfally 111 e th vou. iBSne at iii al' letlelJI g The were 20 l).hdle .; S. Hemshe1m, 7 FOBBIGI'I. partly was sold b auctiOn on.the 25th, at is about an inch longer than _the. has a ington as the proper place of meeting. do., 3 ''cs., 25 bxs.; & Sirjagues, 20 do., 25 AMSTERDAM, Nov. 2'1.-There \3re sold, during rather rates. Stall:ts ,apd !\ffi3lls are m better de coarser bu.ek u w;apper, and 1s tied m the c e n CmcAGO Dec. 14, 1B69. bxs., 50 cads. the past week 30 hhds:'Maryland: e'X Graham. s Polly, tre' by-nreans ofa ptece of fine threa.?; the end to be By the New Orlea)\s, Jackson! and Great Northe:n and 25 hbds. ex Charlotte. We have recewed }ler ESSRS: BRENN'ER & F!l'rrH their lighted is broader than mouthp1e ce wliercas the -------'--Railroad: E. C. Roach & Co., 4 nhdR.; lrby, McDamel 1{ ancy M. 370 bhds. Maryland, ;I'liere will be sold on say: W! hl).-ve .to. co,tJ ned acttvit.y the 1Jrime quality straw well as the pape r A writing from Louisa county, Va., & Co., 10 cade.; W. Van 158 bxa. Dec. 3 312 pk_gs. Java; T a s sirian ; 7:_63 p'kgs. do.',Sem Amencan market dunng the past month, the estimated cigars may be hghted at either end. Each bundle of "The crop of tobacco in this and the adjoining From Mobile: Irby, & Co., 1,2 agany. 125 pkgs. do. K V. B.; 69 pkgs. do., K. T.; salt's sum infi up a larger totaL has been known 50 as'i :-appears in the. market, is surrounded .by is poor-only about one-fourth of last year's C. A. Whitney & Co., 13 do.; L C. Levy; 9 do. 50 ptg'.. do ., P.; and 3 Ma11illlf. The f, r y F,ohth11 P.ast. West. ern ave, as m1g _t same le:J.f, several ofwhleb are placed together and t 1ea crop. Only a few of tlrf) planters 'have stripped their PETERSBURG, Dxc. lB.-Messrs. R. A. Y?ung & in first bands i 6'10 hhds. Maryland, ,'140 pkgs. Ja lb. abso r\ied ?f the .bmnby meallll.of a 0 thread in auch a way as to allow cr9p; the greater part of it is still uncured and nangBro., tobacco commission merchants, report as and 337 ce1;0ons Havana. ness, l::u1t 11 1 tiber m the ,Qne end oftlie cigars to be visible; at the end the Tobacco bas experienced little or no change-offcrmgs BAHIA Nov 25 -The onlv salPA that we have to demana. have contmued leave ar tied closely and a bundle of looks, d t r ht all grades of character com' -.. w ho' the tcel(tion of Western bas a herefor-e vevr much like a bag. small an recelp s 1g'\Vli ht ffi at f ll report is 500 bales St. Felb, at *10 50 r,;. a. more fo: thE! low CIG,..Rs.. man ding full pnceLoo i repot! 50gt : $6 500 bales of the new .crpp late y, and it is. of-t' and uie!ltum. ef y} and c1gan are J hke. all other prices, as foH<_>ws : se $gs, t '1 1:af. $Boo' to satisfactory quality. The stock on band is 7 266 bales, color.r .aqrts mqmred for, of the .s cig.ars, ordinary tobacco, such as V1rgmia, bemg the_ aga!n8t &,11\ btles;the entries 8!! 250 bales, -very-bare. Negrowd Cavend111h.-bnly ,m hm1-'Airy used tor thAt purpose. Tbe explosive powaer is FOR SALE. Tbe oldcot To baeco Fact.oey in W estem Canada, a bnslne In .Plug, Cat:. &DC! CjgiU'P. By eteem and bydranlic power. h the past week agamst 3 39 0 a es. ted request. Havana Tobacco.-A few retail sa1es placell about an .inch from the lower eud of the cigars. vanousware ouseslnspections. Reviews. Total. BARBADOES, Diiic 10.--;-As the. market isd weldl comprise tbe ; business done. Yara are nearly CIGARYAKING nrTBE UNITED The prourietor lo llow retirin from bae1Jiet!P1 an(l. oft'ere tlje entire hncresl ID the Dominion Tobacco Work e, Toronto, on .-, let'm Forpartl cnlero addrefl8 P. 0. Box 'iC7, Toronto. 1 o o 293 stocked with all kinds, there IS very little deman an exhausted, and the only stock on sale of !\, The manufacture of cigars has at tam unuftpal)y : : ::: :: 8 0 234 we have n9 sales to report. C'11. Havana Cigars.alteratiOn. Manila large proportious in tbe-U nited State and there is not Moore's ........ .. 30 0 321 ,BOMBAY, Nov 13.-There has demand Cigars and Cheroots ha_ve m mod e r:tte a smgle State in the Union in which bmnch of in Oak's . . . 5 0 118 our last than was before. Good qua.lit1es have been m Manila Tobacco.-Busmess has confined to dustry is not carried on to a greater or less extent=. 53 0 966 Reo 'eipts this wee)', 69 hbds.; week, 55 hhds.; Total Octpber 101p.hhqs. PHILADELPHIA, DEc. 18.-Mr. E. W. Dickerson, tobacco broker. reports &II follows: ,Low grades of leaf and cigars.&re 'in demand. Those who nlake these low grade goods are _qmte busy, wbeneTer Clltrlind any leaf tbe.t cotnes near t_he1r figures they buy readily. This for the httle activity and OhiO JUSt now. I rel?ort so c11 of such this week.; 20 cs. Connecticut wrappers, at 53 to 79c.; 24 cs. do. do.;, 16 cs. do. _sec onds, at s'Otc.; a lot of do. fillers and bmders, at 2.Jtc.; 42 cs. State seed; 34 bls. II 20 bls. SpJniab, at. full rates. About 600 M mgars have found a market. Manufactured tobacco not active. RICHMOND, DEC. 18.-Jdr. tobacco broker reports as follows : In for the' p ek I -have uotlring of interest to report. Business ie a1 oat entirely-'B11!!pended Bt present, there being_ no orders in market, 4'nd our ufacturers1iaie' either su pended'wo'rk-Of re orkmg up theit; 8 on hand ; hence there are few ba,an the ..... ali'd the otrer.ed. are taken at. lD Ill<> t k b '11 h my last week'i oqu tatiMl. I jh1n usmess WI e re sumed very soon after tlie and I expect to see a brisk market. Transacttons for t.he week: _70 hhds.,}J: -.. LUK!I, dark -ntlimg and 'S_hiping, 9c. to 11; leaf. do."ao. 10c t 1 ; do., king, 10c. to Ia 15c. to 40; bright, 14c. to ei'; rea-, fUOy, bnght, 25c. to 60' leat; fan cy 'l5c. to JUQ. o r sPRiNGFIELD, MAss., DEC. lB.-The Homesteail, speaking of the market, says : We do. not many saW& tobacco have-b1n lll th1s within the last few da.ys. Holders mre-Mlore confidant that prices will go up rather and ?OW seem to wait .awhile, at least betQre..aellint: at the rates now offered. ST. LOUIS, Dlic. 15.-Ml:. J. HAYNEs, tobacco broker, reports a fdtlows The demand has been very llght srnee o'll last. tories are gener ally s topping, declined on the undesirable tobacco o:ffermg. On Fnday we no / quired for. The quotations are: t stic ,k, in ?-warf boxes 7 sales to the trade, burmng New York city has -aJarge number offact?ries, ang so an. 6 pie.@8 an .; 10 stick, 6 an.@6 an. 6 p1e.1 Cigar Tobacco has agam been m req_uest\ but for Philadelphia; but the Western are by \JO cutting sorts there has been but a hrqted lD<:\_Uiry. We means bebind,hand ,in this respec and even H;\as CALCUTTA, Nov. 9 :-There is little .or 00 demand, hear it stated now that the last croe a sma_!J and Nebraska begin to have their share of tobacco fac and the market is dull at unchanged quotatiOns, which are proportion of mate:ial, that the pnces ?aid oriell on a pretty extenaive Ohio boasts of a as follows: ts, good, i an. 6 pie.@8 _an. 6 pie.; lOs are to the grower w1ll necessitate high rates here. Fot our large number of-first-class establishments for the con nominal. own part we do '?a li);:e _mixed crops, as some of the bad version of tobacco into cigars, and so 4;loes Maryland. 2!i2-3t NEW YORK, 1, 1870.-1 beg leave to lnf9rm J011 tbat I bave myself ln the manufacture of TOBACCO at Mo. 68 and 65 Bllzabelh -t. Bannr been In the Tobacco 14nufacturbnolne .. for the Jut ten yearo, I feel eonJident In my ability to furnlab. JOilWltll an &lUci e tooaltoJOurtr&de. Referring to enclosed Price Llot, which 1o Uower IliaD \bat of anr oUler lll&nafllCtUrer, I WOQJd oollclt yoar former my_ new brand. 262t Yooro reopectrnlly, L .SCHOTTRNFELB. HENRY COUNTY TOBACCO. R; JliLLJBR' S l.t.JIBII R. :IULLND S I .tAKKS R. MILLNER'S R. JIILLNBIJ'S .... GOLDEN H boxea. BOUGH & HlUDY, H boxea. EXTRAFI:-!1!: FIG, H bOxeo : '' Gll'" 11'19, H 1 'HOFFMAN, & ,PO, Spl ;\at111e. HAMBURG, DE 1.-San Domingo was in great generally gets mixed the goop. e Illinois and Indiana devote considerable at ent1on to request, and more than 5,000 wen; taken at have not ot any sales Col!l!DI'Ila'll.Ve.ry}1t9e and in Wisconsin and it has stiff The other transactiOns compnsed 98 _cedoing in this growth. cargo menttoned also been introduced 'of late years. The Southern and roons Havana per Silesia,: and 41 do. per ; in our last was sold in llubhc sale at rates, Southwestern States are better acq118inted 'With the 226 do. St. Felix Brazil leaf, and 112 do. CachmraJper Further imports since arrived. has culture of tobacco than whh the manufacture of cigars; Preference as well as 117 packages of Saratow. A been in good reqbe t and 11took now on sale 11. rethus we find Kentucky Tennessee, p.lso J;.ouisiana, cargo of 2,S41 ceroons San for this port has duced to a small compa_s._ of Mis8issippi; apa enn. t Alabama, raitling large quan : atrived at Cuxbaven but havmg been sold to a house co lory parcels has caused 11llles to be Hun-tities of tobacco, with a comparatively smal numller of at Bremen has on to Bremerhaven The arrrarian in request.. been m ste_a?y factories; it is, understood that the said rivals last report include 1,492 Havlila demand, If In l&fge quant1lles Statee K-entucky, will introduce that branch per various vessels 1 160 paokages Porto Rtco leaf P.Elr and pay htgh pnces l tl1ey have ttemor inif"Utry mqch than has been the Sobon, 2,526 cerodn; San Domingo Picolet ; selve3 to blame p&:Ove& unu,&ttaotofY. caae. heretofore. Among Eastern States, QonnectiPorto Plata and 36 package BraZil per Brazthan. Algerian. -Seldom tD,lllre&l fy 1. Jiave been placed upon O:FnCB o REvENUE, l Ua&. }l'almoutb, 2,000 aigars; 28,900 ctg:ars; m.wket, a JH)Ib4& Ame v-el Wtll be W ashingto'! pet. 22, '69. f ljerlllllll del;iriLg to p11rr.baee 011 acco':n-=:u.;;g. terme can address or call ISoutlaamptan and.BrellU!n, bales, 300 cigar op uex t > day. In, aad1t10n. to 3,626 bales Attention is hereby called to mode of issuing on BRYCE STEWART, Tenn. or T ettes. "Y era Cruz 23 250 cigars, 25,1tOO p!egs. mgarettes; Java to bepu up for sa.e at pubhc auctwn on the 2d rerristered tobacco stamps. The !J Hector's name, in sc.Mt DANIEr. Bi. S'llBWART, Rlrhmoiid, va. and 10 188 cigars 296 ceroons Havana ex Havana;. pack .hi: own handwriting, must appear every registered "28 200 cigal'lf t.. 'l'hoU:a a 486,'700 cigars, 1 ia Amster m, more or less sea damaged, ana 869 stamp ilisued from the office of any 1ollector, and the pkgt cigarettes, New_ OrleatiB; 44 bales, ceroons do of ect The latter lot is .the blani{s in tJie" body of ti;,Ie m ust be filled with 111 700 cigars 6 500 pkgs. cigarettes. balance of 0 alaa r bales were the number of th Ai iitt, e and the precise s 0 1 & J:lTivate contra t e P. of the ao bbila. V'lldate of the issue. blanks in t e stubs must be LONDON, DEc. 2.-:M:essrs. John tewtt, 1-X g offered 1 hhds bnve been old filled in a manner as to prese" a record G ip -MQDhlrf?.iri:ular, say : The on don te mia lW ( of the followin!! facts, viz.: the pe san to whom the all&s gdod as new and st1ltable for Plug Tobacco Factory bltced matk since-th e tJI),te of ou!l Circnlar or second 1>:1' t -of the def: ul,irn", hasr-... mo_re ac. tiV'it tnan for aloe time J Ail ri: AGA stamp a iss 1ed, nu qer of h1s ac r-" "'., li h N tcctives who ure :'Q,' a n tllis vicinity tory date when Issued, and -the ector by whom p rey ionsly, and the sales, dunng t e _o.., ovem. last summer again enCleavoring make eapital the 'stamp was issued Without t is exact berl xeacncd lj. full total. stripS were agam Ollt of the tr'ade w ould it not be wise for tbe SUper d b th bl k. 're nts t th tub chiefly in artd whil e home-trade manu_facturers pon ence etween e an requ1 e o e s f b vi!!or, fo..r the of bis own reputation, to discharge and the body of the stamp, the objec sought to be at. air-C;li;te Y,.th a!llount 0 usmess d. -"-t 1 t f ? db h r t d t ld b 11 11;1aterially by t e operatwns of Scotch and Insh the entire ,.,.-e ......,.,.. o o men tame t e use o regt ere I! am s wou e w e dealers. The inquuy from the latter, consequent upon See Mr. D e lano' s las Report on this subject. nigh 1 214 TWO HYDRAULIC PRESSES, TWELVE RETAINERS,' t ONE ALBANY (Roger) do. ONE (Buckcye) T0)1ACCOiQUTl'RR, amall elzc, do., TWO GliRYA.N _IIAND CUTTING:MACillNES. W. GAIL \: A.; 6ft .I .rr.ore.


4 :. J ,, l 1\a::ai den. La :n. e, j \ .. .: W:, Y 0 R K. ,, COMM.ISSIQN 'J, 195-246) P. C. LINDK. i!.A:WYER, W-ALLACE & 00., .......... :..a ....... I No. 47 CHARLES, lElTZ & aao Leaf Tobacco{ 1.59 Street, OHAS. B. FAI.IJ!NSTEDT .& TOBAC-CO, AND .CENERAL' : ,' Commission 'Merchants. I > 129 :Pi:AaL BTH:EIIIT, V i J I! L. w. Gm ; ., .. ISAAC BEAD, 1 to ,. Commission f AND & WESTERN lEAF, .Manufactured Tobacco, Licorice, Gnm, etc., No. 85 PEARL STREET, N. Y ... OTTINGER & BROTHER, KENTUCKY_ Lo01f 119 PEARL STREET. NEWYOBK. 1 PLATT & NEWTOK, J Sncce8sors to WM. r. A CO., MerchantS New Yhrk: / San Francisco: .. M. SCHOTTEIFELS & CO., I 03 ..,... 69 sr. -NEW YORK, 1 l M.o.oufa.eturcrs of, and Dealers in, the tc ) folloVing 1 '' Well-known and Celebrated :Brands of ) 0 l NEUDEOKER :BROS., RIOIDIOND, VA. .. Ancl other well-known Brands .. ,I., ,.--' 't. H ", &, REirm.S No.; 143 'lll(ater Street, New _u.;. DULUo' m J 50LE AGENT FOR I D 0 M E S T I; c .Lm nrPOa'l'DS OP FOREIGN 'l'OB.6.00tl; Tf 176 J!BOJIT-IJT., N.Y. 11 '1 Front Street. Cor. CAliforniA & Pront Sto r : Agents In San Fmncico f o r Sale of I lllANUFACTUlt.:t:D TOBACCO. J' I ,BE s T Connecticut, 'Havana&: Yara LEAF TOBACCO., 203 P.EAJlp B_TBEE'r, Near Mit.lden Lane. NEW YORK, :a; e. SOB & CO. 'Folfae!lo and Cotton Faorors, .. ., r :. ,uw Commission Merchants, .. I J t No1 1 ,42 Pearl BoWliAN C BAXl!R, ISIEW YORK. "' New York. )M-Se ) liz. 'Noiioros. Taos. J. Bu.uoxua. 11. H. WI!IDOIL .. SLAUG-'lT.ER, &: co., & Cotton Factors ,, <1i)irr,tntl afomkissinn !Uerrganfs, NO. 41 BROAD-STREET, !lEW-T1i-RE, :r. W. Tobacco Broker, PADUCAH, KY


1 llJ. Druus, 1 lb. Bap, 1-2 lb. r ITJ 1-4 lb._Baos, .,.,rcn-:k. '. .. ..____ 1 -j OF BROOKLYN, 'l"E GaJ i =tE.ii 200: ..... .. .....,, Organized undefthe laws of theState of New 1868. H. W. ''fireBident-: r .... JOHN H. SANBORN, SBo'y B. W N a NIW 'Y .... OT-rO MAIBR., sicHiL & GIEBn:-lmparlia olu4 ..-. .. all ...... ol LEAP DL1 VANA. SIO.lBS. AJU) DBLEBB Dl l'mB CJGABifo Bole .a.a-& ol 1 169 'WATER STREET, "BOUQUET DE TABAC0$'1 ..... KattJa Lane &lid lltuiiJic.... -II AND 0 NEW YOa&. ".JOCKEY CLUB."


ft. s. s. Mon1.unental Oity Works, lo. t8t WEST PRATT STREET, BA.LTIBORE, D .. .._,.__...t ......... t Smokln &Dd Uhawlll& ll'o'baooo, M. fALK & GO., 143 WATER STREET NEW YORK. -CDIOII.A.'fi, l'f. LOU'II, A.B'D CHICAGO ADVD11BDI'fl. llAB.TI'OllD .. 1 ba Henry Besuden & o ....... Dtllen. nspectio!Ja".. o ceo DEALERI Dr o :J: a. .a. R. s, 17,.W,Itaa..-.. -,uaw...., aaem,,IIIHlltst..,...., LEAF TOBAcco TOBAOCO, c.a& --a 11 c. B. Alwlo, } lfo. 16'1 Slate Be., .._ 0 1' Wllfu, 161, 163, & 165 :Pearl Stret, s. D. GOOJ>.,... Hartford. eo. WE1.8Jf & SONS. & .... _.. .. ... .., WMiellleDIIIIntalalpet84a.,.._. G, BBASHEABS & 801 (aouu oPELx BTIIUT,) BAB.IEi & JEROJIE, .&P TOBAOGO Manufacturers Smoking CINCINNATI. ccnnnd-.. 4a4 Leaf 'l'obllooo, Tobacco CommiSSion Merchanb, -. L Ddol& .... JU. ..._. Poeken and Wboleeale Dealers In ..... SEG.A.BS. '18outA 6G11 Strul, BGZHore. -.':11'; u. Will& ,_ w. w.w.. FOBEIGB DOii:mo SEGABB, u. Jonded No.' EGGERT DILLS Conn. Seed LeafTobacco, 6 u .lraeA .. P..., .. .,. .. ... .. .. --c 1o wx. :IGGRT > "' ..,.o, 088 liD4 illlaiiBI' _...., 1111111. o. "" ....... wtftet, lnclnnatl. "' cw-w> .. a.-1""...-. 102 DOMESTICDAND SPANISH HARTFORD, Conn. GUSTAV GUTH,. F :L. & 0C?t Leaf IIJ!c;'baooo, ... D .u.. ... Sta1Dax-, Smith :S:ros ..-Kueoht, x=-ot .1. LOUIS STRASSER, HAAS .. OTHERet DBAIJmS IN ALL KINDS Ol!' I BALTIMORE, MD., OI_ BAVANA and Dealer Ia DOJOSTIO em CIR'CINlf.A_TI. K TOES.a.cco, CJXG-.AR;S,. T O B A'C C 0 .... DLU.Ue ...... Jll.aflu,fatllur .... of ... D.,.,. .. No. &3 German Street, .u. Cbolco fll ,... ..... I I'DD-..... SEED-T.ACCG, ........ Direct lmportero of the superior branc!J PLB, c. OliEwiBG m SKOKIJrG TOBAOOO, JACOB ZINS & BROTHER, c X G-J.BD XUA..UUCTUR<:E=l.BIOr s 225 RACE STREET PHILADELPHIA c.--m) BALTIMORK, IID1 and IU:Iy() Lleorlee'Paate. Foroalo, in lofAIIr J oul& buyen,ln bond or duty paid, :1..8'1 JF'altt:Ut Street, .. ot ,.. F. W FELGNER, JACOB KIEBL EB CIROINN.I.TI,O. 1 0 J: Q. A B., S, 282 MainStred, And De11en Ia B.I.BTPORD, CONN. Sole llanllllactarer and Bucceoeor to L,.,. "' .,.. ,....0..,.. "'COO "S. FUCUET cfc. 80NS,u [Bvoce .. or to roboo.,) B.Icuull.u.L.n. .:r ....... ,..u ... T. .a. -..... IMPORTERS OF F. H. BISCHOFF, 1 R Mallay .a. Bro -No. central Avenue, J. D. BURNHAM & co., HA YANA CIGARS AND LEAF TOBACCO, ( Deutsoher Rauohta.bak, m. ., CINCINNATI. omo. 1lanoJlw:llltere and Job\Jerel n ANO MANUFACTURERS OF AND oTHER cHoicE sRANos, DUL"""'" Tobacco Snuff & Cigars 1t ... SOUTH CH.A.BLBS sr., ],e a' @' .ll h attn Krolm Peiss Be Co. And,\nO IM&Iel>e.tenln 229 South Front Street, -Philadelphia;. BAL TIMOR I:. Jl 1 ot T E .A. B B. F. PARLETT & CO., 1 Granby St., Baltimore. Weetrro;:;=1!r. o SEGARS AND TOBACCO J 77 & 79 Asylum St., lnited 8-Mt_ ... Bonded Warehouse, First CoHectioll Di!;trict, Pennsylvania. 'W'IIOUULII ..... uaa-nr CfJ. Wil.LIAilS, HARTFORD cnn MANUtrAOTVIti!D .\liD SMOICIIIO of SmGbJ3' Artiolee, J H. Bul\Nillll. ""'"' BROTHER &i, CO., T DACCOS tJ., J .un:nwmn: No.IJ3 West Fot;rth Street, and General Com.Wssion llercbants, 8e&"ars. Pi:p 'tc. i:ubawr llertganfs, MORf!_IS, CIROINNATI.O. II. a z. l ALSO Irnspect w n a:u:. uet.( j Tobacco Connectl'cut Seed-Leaf No 47' North Water Street, and No. 48 North Delaware Avenue, OOMMISIJON BALE OF sm. L'' T 0 B A c c 0 United lit&-....... Wanbouee, lmportell and Gmeral CollllllilliOJI.Ien:hanll, -as JAF.U S'l'., B.A.IlriKOII, LEAF TOBAGCO, DULUA IN LB.U 'l'OBAOOO. 233 State St., Ha.rt'ford. Conn.; BOYD, FOUiiEUY I co.. ,q 01- Jr' XlMMISSION &liD D:ULDIIIJI J)epot: oCala uo.. 18 Front St., Cincin. nati. 0. ... ,,. ALL uEcnTl"fTo. or t-'0\\.t\.\\.\% LEF TQJI.I.,{Q(C(j)1 liB :WawBtaet,liewYn. Brlolp, COBDCTICUT 8EEl)-LEA.l' LEAF ABD !!:A.MUFAO'liTB.ED TOBACCO, .UD 'll'llo b a b 0 d, O'(C:YHiCA'a. ? GEO. ::EN =ljih {hlwt, ) 8NtJFF AND CICABS, :S::.Ytit -pa' ,.;'il other ar Goolb sold to .Yobbcn only. CHICAGO. 101. 63 & 65 li&Dd Street & 81 Sixth 8&!11\ Il.r. .. -P. eo-, Balumore; N. 2422 &? 242!1 CARY STREET W. B. .T PrrrsBUBGH. P.A.. Pr1ee a Oo., Jl'-Yorii:L Geo. W WlclON, 4 Mossr. J. E. VENABLE & co., Petcnburg. "'o. 4 IRON FRONT 'BUILI:IINCS, 11 T1aUc1 n,1 Ullln'Uia.. ltJ'o .... ... ar Liberal Advan

' caution to Gon......,.. purcbalog an Inferior Tobacco pat 11p fD1 ,ar 'l'IICJe-* to clotel,r, tb&tl.lwllmpotiUon 18 only llil g ... f<> aU OUf' Cut-- a Tof>aeco thae i plea8e, and to prevent the lmj>Ot'ltlon Of article, pleaoe to be particular, when calling for Cut, to Inquire tor W. 1L GOOITII'IN t 00. s YELLOW BA'NK ADd WKLCOXK TOBACCO. f YOIII'II, w. H. GOODWD CO.' ELBRECHT, SIEBERT & CO., > --S. SONs,- xanaracturepor 'Se&ars BElll AI!D CHEROOTS, 79 WILLOUGHBY STREET, Ill bolld er dllty paid. A larp aeoortmet or all grad Uns aforerlaid, pages 39 nd 40 ; and ,lhe Approved:' GEO. S. OUTWELL1 Secretary of the TreUUry. T O BAC 0 0 LEAF. I I 1 3 3 59 70,590 38,25% 15,814 ...... 7,024 1,694,770 10,686 r l!;'T3S 289,426 241!614 r 1 ... 81 4il;227 I 4'1,990 36 ........ "... 21,849 1 .............. '""'"; 6,239 133,828 29,96'1 77.238 l4>;'144 l,tl>D T,60& ... New Flrs. ORK CrrY.-L. Schottenfels, manufacturer An 3 63 Elizabeth street. N. Y.-Christian Elhreoht and Heinrich Siebert, understyleo f""Elbreclit, Siebert &--co:; CJgar manufacturers, 79 Willoughby street. ------Fortllc:.mlng Aadlea Sales. By John H. Draper & Co., No. 112 Pearl street on Thursday, December 23, at 11 o'clock A.. M widlia"our store, a large catalogue of cigars, pipes, c i "<\!'cr1c i etc seized for violation of R e venu e laws. "' -


' Composed of I .. ... :.. THOMAS HoYT and JoHN F.FLAGG, 'No. 4o4 : PEARL sTREET, ... NEW Manufacturers 'of all kinds of ..... .. SNUFF AND CIGARS: THbMAS HOYT & CO. .... TOBACCO JIAlftJl!' Anhur & Co.1 ; .,. co Hg!IHIIm.-oo. & tilnlrEXTRA. SOLACE -T-OBAOOO, U4, li6, Bld 111.... 121, uthar &llleoder, Napoleon B. lt1lltu... JiiWT 1-pla w. aw. '-PiaL. IL -. T-tf ; f Kulul'admer of all mdo of CHEWING. AND SMOKING . . TODAQQQ,: LIQlJOB.lCB BElfRY M. IIORRIS, 99 Pearl aa4 S&eae Street, NIIW YOBK, IMPORTER 01' {Cor. PIJIIII, ) .. -----?.:::: --=----=--=-:. '] I BRO., '.o\114 other well-known Branda of Tobacco, PACKKD IN POCKET POUCH:E8. .J. r :Patented Deo. 3d, 1867. rr.H BT., :BALTIMORE, liD'1Jigel00nll upon our patent, where\'el Or Jllxroop I'OB BALK, will be proeeo Machinery For OU #I lNG GBANULA'ftNCJ. We bte to call the attention or MannlllcU.rere 10 our Patent Sie ve Arrangement, for several montha io eoc cessful operat1o11. in oeveral o tll.e argest tobacco 'l'bi laChine .,W 4nioh from 2,000to 5,000 lha of gta11ulated tobacco per day, aceording to 1ize, with a g11eat O&vlnlil over tba !oarler liiO of manullctDrlng O..r Patent Toboleco Cruober (wiUl oteelroDen) to work tobacco liteiM or &era.pB baA been 110 improved that no nail or any other bard aubatanoo, al'W'liys fOQDd among tobacco, cannot damage or atop 'Wle working of this machine. It hu & Capac ity from 1,000 to 2,1100 lbo per clay. 1 We aloo keep eonotantly on baed the beat IIAND TOBACCO..CUTTING llACHINES and TOBACICO GRANULATOBS with all the Jateet BORGPBLDT at DEGHlJEE, 35 OJIDAR ST., N. Y. C -' Agentror tlut lll'ew KDi!luld Btateo, G. Ruc,l8 CtD tral-street. BclltAMa.


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