The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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I ;. [ { I I I .... r -. t t "I Organ of the Tobacco-Trade of the T .he 'IJwJ.e PapertJ in ( I NEW YORK .WEJ?NESD.AY, ll1EBRU.ARY 9,. iS70.l. 1 ; "(); Vouan: V., No. 250. 'I'BJUII OJ'TRE PAl'BR. I TOBACCO BROK.U8, IllPORT:&RS OJ' HAVANA IIIDeteOoplee ......................... l9 Cents Cnttus k Ruete, 129 Pearl otreet. Gflmor &Gibson, S. Gay. Fscher, Ohaa. E. & Bro., lSO MANUFACTUlUrnB OF BRIARWOOD Pll'ES. annum !'Gr prepayment ofpotnge. Fiscber, Frederick, 2 Hanovtr BulldiD&Kiebler, Jacob, 1 Granb'-. 1 To Bremen, Blomburg, and the Continent of J J J:urope, ll.66114dltlonol per anBUm for JIOI!UIerty a,nd J Heart C: B. & 'Co., 14 Solltll'Wat'er. '' TUTE,;n; THE( CITY OJ' NEW Olll Wl:DNESDAY, FEBBU t !Sedp(jsltlOn, tp a or P ope r pTqtectt!)n vi? t c the East, West and South will come and see far .tbemB at e aoe. ,, --'" 1 OINOINft.I.TX '' 2 a'" 1 k< 11 w J inunstry tax 1 l'/ 111 11 se lvcs bow b 'earty a welc m e thL tobacco t'ntere-6 of tJ..e ,.__.. Bilidenburg .t eo., 19 Dey. 1 .AR-y;, 3 ,, 1 .1 1 1 t: !J.I 1rtb. rlrtbaler .. :......... 0.'18! -Smith, E. A., 131 Malden !ane. AUC'r!Olf W.1RJ;li0U!IJ:S. N w, o'ne object in bringing toge'tfie\1 Empire State can uive them! 1grt. .. ..... ...... 0.01,0(9) Straltoa, & Storm 191 Bodmann OhaJles rt Co., 67-66 Water. A pnblio. meeting of d.hose. inperest.ed jn Tobacco t d f I II N I c o 1 t..: H_b,.,.g, Lubec, etc;Sutro .. Ne-ark, 67 "a-'den l"e. Casey, w .. vn. & 100-104,West Front. f 1 o e ra e, ron;t, a sectJOnf<, m a atwna onven b .. Trade. ort1\ U te0,1Sfu.tes, in l its vnll be he d w.. It t'i ll" 1m. marc banco .... .' .... 8 ,r: 1 Vole-er .1; Hu:Reken, 166 Front. llAJIUFAqTUllJ:RS ANI>. li;E.BCH.I.liTB -' 'J 1 1., U iJI to i11sisll that Congress. view of tbe ftii110R EDITORIALS, 111 schelling ........... 0 "02' 1 als TIIJI: OEIUUN OIGAIH1ACUR8 SOCl:UY. OP lii!'D. TOBACCO. ,at Steinway Hall. ne,ar Broiidway, on matter in IeaiJilat'ineHoT tobacco. Awl haiVin ... insisted ,, ---' ,, ', Foarnn WsronTS.-A kllogtamme equ Brashears & 'Son, 46 Walnut. "' "' E> A-N exchange informs us that the name of the Ccilhmis-2.204.85 lbll.; a Bremen pfund equals 1.09909 Borgstedt & Karsten, 7 Hafer, Holmes & Co. 25 West Second. Weili!esday Feb.' at 2 o1c1ock P. 'M., to consider the on this at 6utset, it w'ill be in ton dwell upon f I L R D 1 D lba, a 11ambu ... equals 1 ,06796 lbs. UIPonuns o 0011 f ; 1 t b 1 swner o nterna eve nue IS e no .1 ela-no.1 .,-w .,vuuns r.. LEAF roBAcco. state o" the trade anrl tak e such action as mav be deemed wha may' e termed the var1o 1us 1tems in; our present avoirdupoia. 1... Merrick, T. B. &; Co., iiJtam. Besuden Bro., 161-166 Pearl. l '1- J t 1 1 1 1 Excuu: Plu'g, To-JliPOauu AND DJ:ALEBS Eggert, Dills & Co., 82 West Second. to ad 'ts t ts bill of complaint.' And m prestn.ti!l$ it Russ ANS said to have ipvented nothino' 'lint' a 'bacoo twisted by hand, ,Or 'reduced from Bernard, Pbll., 143 Wmr. M'allay Rich & Brother un West Front; proper vance 1 m eres t 'J'ttl 1 t k h b h t neculiar tea-urn and ready-made cigatettes, wv <>tever leaf 'tnto a condition to be consumed, or D IS no llo 1 e ar o remar ., ow e ery ranc o ,.., n,.. anenberg .A.. F .. 21 Sixth ave. Meyer Hy., 18 Front. By order of the 1 1 1 the_ Iattin ml\y be.' ---' ,otherwiee prepared, without use of Pappeiibeime M., 33 Broad. Sengst1t.k & Wernig, 46 w Front: r the tobacco as many,of: are-is machine or instrument, and ntbout beiDl: nll'ORTBR!I OF HAV.AIU. TOBACCO. Yo ng & Dugan 60 West Front. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE cl d d a d ffi t db th Wh c 1 t 'f. ........ ed or sweetened, and on all other kinds u m n e ln n a ec e Y em. en as year e A GOOD J'udge asserts tb at the tobacc orop in Robertson b In b .Almlra\1 J. a() Cedar. lllPOllTERS, AND DJ:ALJIBS Of he NatJ'onaJ Tobacco Association "' d b ,r1 N ofmannfaetured tobacco not ere ot erwtae Garcia F., 150 Wat-er. ., v ., 10rts were rna e to secure mem ers dur ati'oc 'al county (Tenn.) will fall considerably short df that raised provided for, 82c. per lb.; Smoking tobacco, Felix, 196 Pearl. Fuhrmau,n, V,, 7 Main. WM. E. Prest. Tobacco Association, tl>e reques t frequen tly met last and -inferior in quality;_ the average _wiU not 'be exclusively.ofateins, or ofleii.f, with all the W il & C 6'tl Pin Krohn, 'feiss & Co., 68 West Fourth. 1 t' th 3'0 d hI tb tit 1 d stems In and so' sold, tbe letaf not baVI11'edng et 0.,. BNUJ'r. Lowenthal, S. & eo.;76 Main. New York, Feb'. 1, 1870. I by the assertioq that the branch of the trade an h pou 1 o ts per a(c1re8 6 w 8 ) 1 e e quan Y P been previously stripped, blit ed, or ro .&ppleby & Helme, l38 Wa.ter. Lbuis, 187 Walnut. to which the speaker belonged was not at that time IS .no so muc as as year ___ 'I .,": and from which no part o, the stems bave Goe Zins Jacqb & Bro,., 257 Central ave. d h' h d d h f r been separated by sifting, stripping, dreiiSing, tze. F. A.. k Bro., 328 Washington. co",'INGTON, KY. THE NEt;ESSITf OF IUTION!L CONVNTION mtereste m any w IC ren ere t e actwn o LouiSVILL E AND c rNCINNATI.-Tbe elll rivalry' li8- or in any otber manner, ,either before, dorLorlllard, P .. 16 Chambers, t' l L t' Th' c d T '11 'r .(< -< Jng, or after the process of manufacturing; IYPOBURS OF PIPES, no. P!ore, J. A. P. fi. Bros., 16, 17 & 19 W a na 10na orgamza Ion proper or IS an e Is1 c oppm,.g agatn J. Fine-cut Shorts, the refuse ot fine-cut che"f 'Richard J. Boiken, 91 Chambers. Sullivan, .J. T. & 'Po. Kenton Tob. Ware; We think that no intelligent member of the tobacco m1gh t have been trutl'I.rully }>ut ho1 w have a a of anct1pn of t?Mc:co m tHb!ie PIPII:S. bouse, coNN. trade' will deny t'bat tbe call for a l N ational Convention few.. short_ present as an argu-The 'fill ,f' bv process of sifting ; scraps and Batjer, H. & Brother, 6 1 water. -G-. W. of the trade bas bc.ed i ssued a moment too soon. ment agamst tbe bmd1qg of the trade ufr.o a. powerful ---. '1 1 f,l of To Bet:gm,nn, J. n;. & Co.', 146 Front. Pemberton v A.. Indeed, had the of the latter part of whole !Hardt' has Congress got THE Commissioner of Internal Revenue bas decided that b&cco or any subatitllte therefor', pel' thou JlA.'IUF,AOTIIURs or ll'nln liB OW D.&. YTON, o. present month been chosen, we think that the interel'!tS well tb rork in its ( se cqnd wlie fi.nd. 'it II the mouth p iece of an imported Russian cigarette, .Qeing aand; weigltlqg n\1\ r Hoglen & Gra:tllin, Pe'aae's Toba.cco-Catling Of the' farther aavanced, from a 'c_. or ,to on que I tl()ps ()f fqe_, most a part of" wrapper, is equallf liap)e_ to _'duty wifir' o any three pounds per thouac.nlly & Co., 45 Water. Crawford, E. M & Co., 168 Water. DeBraekeleer & Foote, 94 Beekman. Dohan, Carroll & Co., 104. Front. Dnbois & Vandervoort, 3'7 Water. Dills & Co., 1'TIS Falll!llsl.eil:l, Chas. B. & Son, 129 Pearl :t'atman & Co., 70 and 72 Broaa. Frank, Beuttenmueller & Co., 96 .Maiden la. Gassert & Bro, 160 Water. Greenfield k Co.,-61 Beaver. Grosse .A.. L IS 1 Pearl Gunlher, L. W. & Co., 110 Pearl. Guthrie & Co., 226 Front. Ha.mbnrger & Co., 55 Maideo lane. Hill Geo. F. & Co. 43 Broad. Hnlmar., G W. & Ce., 108 Front. Huot, U. W. & Co., 167 Water. Kerrigan & Agnel, 7 8 W K,innicutt, Tbomas, 8 W 1ll1am 1 K\ttredge, W, P. & Co., 164 Water : .Kremelberg & Co. 160 Peacl. Lamotte A. C,, 163 Pearl. Levin, .M. H., 162 Pearl. Levy & 169 Water. r Lichtenstein Bros. &; Co., 121 M111doen lane. Llndbeim R 4< \Jo., 14'1 Water. LQrlllard,' P .t;. Co., 16 lJhambers. )Carlin & Johnson, 166 Water. :MaJer, Joseph & Son 122 Water. llcCallil, Wm., 51 Bowery. McCallil .t Bamett, 191 Greenwich. Messenger, T. H. & Co., 161 and 163 Maiden llorria, H M., 99 and 62 Stolle. Norton, Slaughter & Ce., 4.1 B!'O&d Oakley, Cornelius, 96 Water. OatniAil, .A.[va, 166 Water Ottinger Brothers, 119 Perl. Palmer & Scoville, Water. Parker, S. H., & Co., 181 Peanall, M. iR., .1Q2 Pearl Pe.u, 1I. Water. ,Pettus & Co., 115 Pearl Pnce, Wm; M. AI Co., 119 )(alden Jane.. I Read, Iaaac,86 Pearl. Reiemann, G. it Co. 179 Pearl.. Roseabanm, Co., 162 Water. Roseuyrald E. .t. :Bro., 146 Water. SIL1om611, ll. & B., 85 Maiden lane. Salomon B 192-Pearl, 1 I Schoverling H, &: Schroeder k Bon, 178 Water: 1 Scbubart H. & CO. 1_46 Water. Seitz & Bro., 159 Wa!er1 Seymour & Colt, !SII Pearl Siebel & Giebel, 169 Water. Smith, Henry k SlleJIIeld, 4.9 Beaver. Spingarn, E. & Co., Burling slip. Statford J. B. & 'Co., 12 Old Slip. Stein, & Co., Duane st. Stni.iton1 Schmitt & Storm, 191 Pen!. Strohn & Jteltzenstein, 1 Tag Charles F., 184 Front. Tbierman, Kuebler & Co., 1 _28 Waller. V etterlein, Tb. H. & Sons, 172 Pearl Vigelius,Wm., 1 Pearl, Walter, R. B 208 Pearl. Westheim' }{. & Oo., 177 Pearl.. Wint:oor, Carl M., 5 William .Kremelberg & Co., 160 Pearl. Grant H J. & Co., 1 Eut State. plaints have. been made. We referrt!d last week to the tax-paid domestic cigars. But time h'as robbed the than an ordinary price." -odJ l H l 101 p 1 LOUDIVILLE, KY. r "fJ; oma, ., ear ,., J & B 18 Tb' d duty of the Convention to protest with all. its a b ilitv. cigar manufacturers and dealers ot their fancied secllr--Weaver, & Sterry, Platt. ... nzer, roB., tr T N "G B 0 V Robinson, A. L & G., FactQry, "8 Fourth h l l' f tb G t h' h ity, and their interest has been th. e to feel the in-HE BGROES OINll .ACK ON LD m'Gn.mT, BPEct'.U.TlES li'OR TOBACCO }[Al'rolf'Afl Wavebouse and .Salesroom, 137 Main. against t e genera po ICY 0 e OYernmen w IC -A late number of the Danville Times says: "About TURERS. Wi<

THE TOBACCO LEAF. ALMOST e v ery farme r of Spencer county, Ill., railet a crop of tob acco. The county has large of 1 atem meries, all d omg a good busntess, SJ..l( of which are m Rock nort. --t "" -Th 1 bill A DISPATCH from Hartford, Ct., says : e 1a tiCs of D. W. King, tobacco merchant, who madean receaty, w1ll, It IS thought, reach nearly tloo,ooo. peot for the fnture a very gloomy oue. We do not, of oouree, belien that the cultivation of the weed will be DOBIESTIC. altogether abandoned, but we can eee that it 1fill be NEW TORK, Fo, 8. attended with lost rather than profit during_ the period W e stun .L,a.f. -unu ual for galthat mu@t elapse before Virginia hasentirelv abandoned vanized our market ior a day ot two mto the appear the old systemof labor and; Supplied With rre5h capital, ance of bfe ,' but it as quickly sub sided into prev 1?us entered upon the prosecutiOn of the new. stupor. Tbe sales of the week are 545 hhds. of '*hiCh Se e d Leaf.-There was considerable stir among the 3 04 were for fr i ca medium to good Clarksville, at 11-!c speculators in aeed last week, and quite a number of @ 12fc. ; 101 for N of Europe, geod large lots changed'nands The movement seems t o be ville, at 11Jc., with a lew hhds new lugs, as samples, at pnncipally in Ohio State, and Pennsylvama 1868 cro p, 7c @Sfc. for common factory trash to good and it 1S at laBt bemg that there is qmte ClarksVIlle,-the rest in small lots to 'home trarb, and that the theory that it ceed last month's total. Except for a tew wrappers, could be profitably exported is delusive Thus por there iJ The stock D9J' tioos of the lots of Ohio originally 11old for export able frozen, which to ee a subJeCt for cunos1ty, still remain here, and that aent to the other side is un but orts ver.y btpall derstood to have barely saved the holders from loss. W-.u.a 1 ..._ 11. hn 1s. Jan ll5 We hear a rumor that a leading house 1s about to 168 hhds. 'l68'hhds. 303 hhds. bring pack a portion of the lower grades of 1866 Con Fob t. F e b s nectlcut., which will have a tendency to still furthe r 302 hhds. 545 hhds. demoralize the 1869 crop, the majority of which is of Concerning busineea dnribg Jabuary, the Circular of the same quahty. '.l,'he sales of the week includ"t 100 M. Rader & Bon say_s: ""It was generally e _xpected cs. Ohio on prh'ate t erms; 555 C8. 1868 Connecticut that with the bt>gi;ming of the new year, a better de-do, 100 c s 1868 P e nnsylvania do.; 50 es. Ul68 Ohiq mana f'or tobacco might be l(}oked for; but do., 42 cs 1Bt:l8 s econds, at 3lc.; 62 Cfl. this was not realized, as since March, I863, we have I868 phio at 22@35c ; 100 cs State fillers on private had no month with such light sales as during the one terms-in all, 1,009 cs just passed, being under 1 000 it not been w k dl Jan 8 .Jan 1s for a lfetter demand for Clarksville, of whiCh about 360 ee 811 DJl 466 cs 816 c s hhds. were taken for the North of Europe, and about Jao. 111. .Peb 5 Jau ti 1,61i8 cs j 200 lihds. for other destinations, at ll@I2c, the home 355 cs. 1,009 cs demand would ,have helpeil but little, as only about 400 From what we bear of the dealing-s in the crop hhd11. were manufacturers, chiefly medium cut in the coun,ry, there s e ems to be a desi r e to uphold the ting and fillllrs, at 10!@I2c. Some parties were treathigh rates paid last year, e.od in some instances even for several large lots, but could not agree about the higher; but from the views of our principal jobbers, pncee. Tile fact is, tbat with the low range of gold, there is but one opinion expl"essed, and that is, that and the very limited demand, exporters expect to get prices ior I 869 crop must rule copsiderahly lower to the full benefit of a reductit>n, whilst on the other side, induce them to operate to any extent The sales are: factors plead that in view o the small stocks, and the 1,600 cs Connecticut, 18t, 20, 20t, 21, 27, 33, 35, 50c ; high pnoeiruling in theWest for the new crop, they I60 do State, a, 18-fo; 1,500 do. Ohio, 18, 20, 22tc.; to 'get remunerative mstead of losing prices. IOO do. Pennsylyaoia, 36, :17c. In Louisville, common trash and black frosted stuff, un Concerning during the movth of January, fit for cKport ; brings 4t@5tc.; partly lugs,_6@ the Circular of Messrs J S Gans & Son 11ays: ."The 7c ; sound, Ti@8c., and otbi!r grades In proport1on sales: HI this sort have been highly satisfacto.ry, consid Home buyers and strippers are very active, and so long ering the season, both as to quantity and to prices ob as those are io tbe market, purchases witp a view to tained. The main feature was the almost entire clear send to the ileaports ourrht to be suspended nn ing out of old stock, the growth previous to 1868, til those parties have well filled aR we are about .1100 caJ!ell mainly Connecticut, with copsiderabl e convinced that there will be enough left to supply the r e sales leaving about 400 eases of all descriptions of demand fot export. Some few hbds. new crop have these kinds on the market. Nearlv 500 cal'!es of Con been taken by parties as types of what black frost, necticut crop of 1861! have been sold in small parcels, frosted, and sound r e present, but for som(l time to com e 100stly for Western d e mand, ranging at 44, 50, 55, 6ot w e cannot lo o k for a d e mand, unl e ss p ices should get @'l5c, principally however, at from 55@64c. In Ohio strongly modified." the tranRactions have been 1,660 cases, embracmg Virginia J..eaf.-There is still but little hE>re I n early 1,3 00 of the lo t 2,2 8 0 o.riginally in Virginia leaf the views of purchas e rs not havinu as bought for sh1ppmg purposes, as mentiOned m preYI yet attained elevation sufJ:icient to. me e t o f ous reports The sales ot : other haYe o f le s_s holders, and the season not b e10g yet far enough advolume, the summ1nll; up as iollows Connectt Yanced to create any v e ry active demand. From Rwh cut c rop, o77 w1th resal es ?f 541 cases; mond we still hear of sales at what appear to us exC o nnecticut 1_8!18 crop, 500 cases; Ohto 1868 c rop, trava.,ant prices but from which there doeK not at 1,650 eas es, With a re s al e of 300 cases; Western I868 seem to' be any disposition to r e cede On crop, 88 caMes, with a resale of the same; P e on syh a nia brights, price.'! have advanced over a hundred per cent. 1868_ crop1 100 caseM; State 1868 cropt 200 e ases; total, from the figures commanded by the crop of 1868, and 3,11D r e sales 929 4,044 they are scarce at that. Manufacturers are stocking Export smce January I, 1870, \!28 cases; time up slowly, and send word to their factors here that last year, 1,290 cases. Contraryto expectatiOn, and they will be compelled to ask a considerable increase certamly ad_verse to th, e best mtercsts of the trade, on last year's. prices in consequence of the advance of h_aye a_gai.n made. purchases of new to leaf. Nor does this appreoiatioo in the value of the bac co, m q_uant_1t1es, tt. ts true, not large enough to weed seem to be entirely, or mainly, the result of specmak e a lastmg the of Caoss !GMOBANCE.-The United States Consul at L i v nlation. Of course the top figures represent the specusoffiment m_agmtude to f'?rtify the ratsers. 10 their exerpool cannot be as well posted on COI_Dmerci:M laws of Jative ideas of boyers and sellers; but beyond and v1ew.s as to pnes, and. retardm_g thereby his native c.ouotry as a person occupymg h1s pos1t1_on should above any eJ:oiteiJlent of this character are thEJ facts of legitimate busmess for at Ie_ast. sixty or nmety days be. He seems to be _laboring under the de!us10n that a a short crop aad the scarcity of labor. Muc as the beyond the usual penod. This_ time l?st for the export drawback IS allowed by tb1s Government on exported to \ are getting for the pew crop, it is no Jike J y tra!le be recovered. Pnces are a11 follows: ;llaeco, ana, .hear1og of the rubbish filled-cases fraud, J;ms that they are making anything above expenses, on a c Connecticut wrappens, 35@45e. for fair, and 50@60c. been pestenng tbe Treasury D e partment w1Lh l e tters calling count of the terrible uf last summer, whwh, in for fiae, and 10@1511. for seconds, and up 8c. for 1 its attentiOn to 1the subJe C t The matter was, m c o nse some cases, &tunted the plants 80 that the same recep fillers, but at 5c. JiUnnmg l?t1, quence of h111 repres eota,twns, r e f e rred to Captam Ell1s, a tacles whioh served to oarry to the field in the 23@28c. for fa1r and 30@32c for fine, prime tletectrve atta c hed tO the 'l' r e a s ury D e partm ent, who called spring servedto carry them away again at the end of parcel brought 36c. Pennsylvama wrappers, 17 on us last week and asked ou v1ews upon the subJect. the season One promment from 24@,000 fillers 3 @6c. .Western leaf fr?m 10@13c. for We refened hm1 to th e par-.I"rap h m our las t Issue > e n titled plants realized only f"our hooosheads and his expe runnmg lots There IS so much affimty between the I 0 J' "' 1 f 186' dth t f 1869 d th t "How Frauds Are whwb, "e thmk, accounts 'rience was not an exceptional one. Thus the present crop o "'an a o au e circum!! ances ll&tisfa:tor l y f o r the r ubbish sh1pme ntf. ElllB b e mg nigh pnces cabnot bring out a-large "crop when such a surroundmg both are so similar, even as to old Gf the sam e opm10n, mcluded t he p a ragmph m h1s re port to thing does not exiS t and farmers who would gladly acstocks on baud, Size of the new crops, attempted forced the Treasury Bure a u There IS no d o ubt that t he frauds ceptpresentr!lling figures,havenoleafto bnngto mar mov e m ent early m 1 8 65,_and sodden c ollapse of the the shipm e nt of rubb1sh_1s mtended to cover are p erpetra ted k e t. But it 18 not cnly the past that throws a sombre that we th1nk a bnef history of the s eed leaf ae the fa,ctory; but the 1 Umted States Consul at LIVer r efie ctiog on the Virgima leaf market. the future al so busmess of that year be product ive of pool sho u ld kuow bett e r t,han to state th a t the Gov e rnmen t is ommous The great drawback hereafte r in t p e col Crop,of 1 8 64, Connel:lticut and Massachu setts, 3o,O<:l0 receives a tax on tobacco exported f or consumptiOn abroad tiVation of tobacco in VirgiDia w 1ll be the want of eases; crop of 1864, New York, 15,000 cases crop. ?f 1 ---suitable labor. It is rehably estimate d that 20,000 n e 1864, Peonsylv ama, 15,000 cases; crop of 1864, Omo TOBACCO GROWING IN GERMANY -In consequ enc e o f groes left the State during 1869 for the far South, and Western, eases; total, 90,?00 eases-all of ,the ag1tat.Ioo that has sprung up m G erma ny for a State the emigratiOn still eontmues. The cau11e of this exodus ia1r avera(.!e qua.Ity At an early penod 101000 monopoly of th e tobacco trade and manufacture, the ques is simpW. The-Virgima planters have been ternbly cases of new_ erop were at pnces not JUstlfie d t1 on has been vent1lated m the pr e ss of that country, whe th impoverished by the war and lack capital They rely by the preva1hng Ptate of affaus, and the consequenc_e er the culhvatwo of the plant pays or not. On th i s subJec t for funds on the sale of thetr crop s and as these cannot was that from February up to the 1st of May the art1 )of cours e epmtons are divid ed, and 1t must be confe ss e d there be brought to market before the of the year, the ?le lay _dormant. In the fore pal"t of 'May. the hol ders is a grea t deal to say on both s1dr.s One w e llmform e d ready caSh needed for the proper cultivation o f the m tbe In tenor commenced to forward their stocks to ); class pa pe r at B er lm, m supportm g the the o ry t hat the land cro p is not forthcommg. Here we s ee the effect p f t hl s market, and Qn% 16th of that month the first now emploJ e d m th e cultiv a t i o n o f to bacco m Prussia. m1ght the changed labor system Under the old order of s a le of Connect1!ut s e ed (leaf wrappers 99 at .I be mad e much more profitable unde r many other c rops of a g thmgs labor was a matter o f cre d 1 t se ttlements far the 22tc, actual we1ght, was effected. From time ., ncul tural produce, wh1 ch would b e bett e r sUlted lo the so I, hire of slaves bemg g e nerally at Chnstmas f orwa d large quantities of the growth of Connect! cut $ says [ h 1 rty years ago t he cu l tiv a hon w a s ca.m e d o n Now payments have to ]1e made weekly-, and thus a and Mas sachusetts taken export, besides a )Wltb grel\t spmt, and was not only a lucrative b1a n c h offar m v ery jmportant i tem is add e d to the e s t 1 ma tes for the heavy parce ls of _New York and OhiO, and on the 1st ing, but als o o f advantag e to t h e c ount1y m g en e r al. Unsu c cessful of tobacco But the last year of August our shtpments. had reacbed 23,291 Mses of fortun ate ly, however, the p e cumary success of the ex:pe n or two still another element has entered into the all At that pe:-10d, however, the trade meot w as not equal to t h e ex pecta tion s ente rtam e d an d 1t probl e m The increased d e m and for cotton and s:epped m, and took about 8,000 cas_es o f fine Connec was d e mons tra ted t hat o n th e \whol e J t w a s not a paymg un the pric e $ r e alized h a v e so stimulate d its t1c;u t wrappers, at 3 5 c a lb. ; m_ c o n s equence of dertakm g the natural cons e qu e n ce b e m g t h a t th e c u ltlv a twn c ultivation that t h e cott o n States h a ve s ent this movem ent the pr1c es for Connecticut and Massawa.s g 1 ve n up in many pa.rt s o f the kmg d orn, and o n l y cat up a n irre sistibl e cry f o r more l a b o r. Here was chu setts wr!l'ppers went up from 35c to 50c a lb., rted on m partJcular d1sl n cts whe r e the so1l w as found t o b e a field for the industrious fr e ed ma n and he 1 has marked wei ght Exporters could no longe r buy the 'J more or le ss adapted fo r t h e plant. B ut ev en th ere t he cui naturally gone in a n d oc cupied it Cotton planters same an d their l?urchases N e w York, Ohio l: tvation was bm1 ted to tho se d e s w p t wns th a t w er e not a ble could afford to pay h ig h er w a g e s tha n t obacc o growers, a nd P en n s ylv a m .a, of whiCh the shipm ents from the 1 W compete w ) th Amcucan t o b a cco. A c cordm g t o the offi and the consequenc e is th a t t h e B o r de r State s are b e in g 1 s t of A u g u s t up to the 31st of December amoiJnted to s:ial return s o f the growthS o f tobacco from 18 4 2 to 1 8 6 5 1 n s w ept c l e an of their n egro laborers. The emig rati o n i s 17,539 c a se s The exports of the whole :year elusive, the land und e r cultivatwn m the first nam e d yea 1 dictate d by the most powerful of motive s-self interest; up 40, 8 30 c ases 'We annex. a t'lble show1ng tne .(,-.a& found to be 41,868 Pinss1an ac r e s (morqens), whilst Ill and it would seem impos sible for the tobacco-farm ers 'll Ule last year of the tables 1t had d ec r e as ed to 25,964 The to holcl out suffiment ipducem cnts to turn the tide. But RuLIN G failing olf wps least per c eptibl e m t h e first-class land whw h what, It may be aske d in view of thes e fa cts is to be also pays the hg hest I!JDOUnt of duty, m th e th1rd class, Is the cultivation of the profitabl e staple, tobac the c ult i vation m the ab o v e m entiOned p enod fell off fr o m co, to c e ase in a so eminently ad apte d to its suc 28,852 to 8,251 acres, and m the fourth c lass fTom 3,4 5 6 to cessful growth? We trust not, but mus t not shut our 995 acres, wh1lst U!e second c l ass s oil aloh e show e d an m e yes to tbe d a n gers that environ it. The great trouble cr.ea.seof from 5,882 up to 13,515 acres. Of the are a und e r in Virginia is the want of capital. Her f a rmers have cultivatwn of tobacco In 1865, the pr o vu ice of East PrusSia struggled nobly w1th adv er se cir cums tanc es, bnt they containe d 2,6211 acres, Pomer ama, 5,184, Posen 1,287 cannot accompli s h m1ra c}es. What is n ee ded i s the in RATES OF TJ,I:E CROP OF I86 4 DURING LA.sT EIGHT MoNTHS oF 1865. THE May June. Gold .. ......... 142:9; 137i Conn. Wrappers, ]'air 20 to 25 C onn Running Lots .. 17 to 20 Conn. Fille rs 5 to 5t New Y ork Running L ots. 8 to 15 Ohio Running Lots... 9 to I2 22 to 25 17! to 20 5t to 6 10 to 14 9 to 12 July. 13Bt 17t to 23 s t to G 10 to 14 9 to 12 ,_, Brand en burg, 8 615 Slles i&, 2 ,936, J'russm:J S a xony, flux of capital that will draw in white labttr and pay it 3,0,26, "W;es!phaha 12, and the Rhm e Pro vmce s 2,383 acres remunerative wages. It would probably be a good 1 :rhe first class soi11s found on the Rbm e and m Prils thing for Virginia if every negro should leave its bor "-d t' If f th d lass s su d I "bl t August. September. October. aian an more uan ua o e s e con c 1 "' erR to morrow, to return. t 1s 1mposs1 e o ated m th e Province ot Bra n denbur g It IS p e fectly true mingle white and qolored, labor; the races 81 e not mote Gold 143-k 144 i 144t ; that there is a very cons i derab l e falhog off m the quant1t y separated physically than the y are morally, and the ,n of land under to'Qacel] cultivatiOn but 1t a p pears to us t o white mao will not assomate on equal terms with his be more han a hazardous conJectuie that the reason for 1t fellow-citizen of African descent. Thus it resul,ts that js the Impossibility of producmg a pa y mg quahty Th1s Virginia must rely entirely either on one race or the Cooo. )Vrappers, Prime.32 to 45 35 to 48 Fau ... 20 to 30 25 to 30 Running Lots .... 16 to 23 F1llers.. . . 5 to 6 5! to 6l NewYorkRunningLots.10 to 17 10 to 15 Fillers . 4 to 5! Ohio Running Lots ...... 7 to 13 7 to 15 Penn. 8 to 12 8 to 14 Ohio and Penn. Fillers .. 40 to 50 25 to 35 8 to 9 10 to 16 6t to 8 10 to 14 8 to 16 5 to 6 n would pa takmg tbe state of the case too superfiCially 1 and other. The blacks have deserted her for a more profit if we look d e eper mto It we find that 1t IS not borne out by able service, and it now seems that the whites are alone the fact that at the present moment ther e are st1ll close available. But to persuade white laborers to settle in any upon 26,000 B New York Running Lots .. 10 to 15 Fillers . . 5 to 6 Ohio Running Lots ........ 10 to 14 Penn. ....... 8 to 12 Oh10 aud P enn. Fillers ..... 5 to 5} 40 to 50 25 to 35 8 to .. 10 to 15 5 to 6 9 to 13 5 to 5t "Onr stock on band on the 1st of January, 1866, in spite of heavy exports and satisfactory home demand, was yet between 15,000 and 20,000 cases Connee .ticut and Massachusetts tobacco, all the growth of 1864, besides large quantities of New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio tobacco, and had it not been for the almost un precented bad quality of the Coonec&icnt and :&Iasaa chu.,etts tobacco of the crop of 1865, the holdens wonld nevertheless have been heavy losers. Hemre We earnestly reqtrest"the trade at large to reflect-on what would be the consequ e n c e of disregarding past experi ence, and we warn our friends not to calc\llate on an advance in values, when the starting pr1ce m this ill nearly the same as the closing rate of last season. We in our report the 1st of November, 1869, and Jn our last annual cucular, given our views at large, and to these we beg leave to refe r a"am and we will close this artwle with the question ;hether there is not a possibility of an early annexatiOn of St. Do mingo to the American Union? and how it would be if 80,000 bales of St Domingo tobacco were sud denly thrown on our free of import dqty?" The Circular of Messrs M. Rader & Son add11 : The ye9r opened with a good demand for low-priced leaf, of which several large J.larcels changed hands at a redu_ctiou pr1ees, that no doubt bemg the mcent1ve whtch mduced these transactions. In the sales were mostly of the crop of 1866, of wh1eh several parcels, which had long remained ne glected, were taken at prices ranging from 20 to 221c. per lb., being considered fair for tbe quality of the goods, altfiough probably without any profit to the holders. The dealings in State seed were hmited very httle of this sort being offered. !Soine large of 1868 Ohw were taken for consumption it beiqgcousid ered too high for shipping pnrposes; 'and as the rnar is _nearly bare of the infe rior grades of Connecticut, th1s will be used to some extent a substitute. Peonsy!vania remains neglected, to the stpck of this bemg of the finer grades, for which the inquiry is re-stricted." 1 Spam"sh -Havana continues in good demand and we uote sales of 500 bales at 92c.@l 05. The mar ket presents no especial feature of interest. Concerning busmess during January, the Circular of M. Rader & Son says: "The sale of Havana tobacco will reach near 2,400 bales, showing that our manufae turers keep n?twithstandiog their complaints ef the competitloo whtch they feared, but which s? far has not been ,realized, from the new factories opened at Key W eat. There does not seem to be any desire to press goods on the market, although the stock is accu mulating, but we expect that a great part of the pres ent stock will have to be shipped, aa it i11 too poor for this market. Of the deliv e ries, near 900 bales were for transhipment. Although several large sales of Yara tobacco have bee n made and we of some 446 bales sold to arrive y e t the general inquiry is from the h ght quality of the Havana crop, 1t wh, no doubt, soon be more inqmre d after." The Circular o f M e s s rs. J S. Gans & Son adds: "The sale s of Havana tobacc o sum up 1,500 bales, at pnces rangmg from 90c to $1 10, currency, duty pa1d, mcludm g a f e w small lots for export at from 20 to 25e gold, in bond. The home trade buys but sparingly: oww g to the poor quabty of the present c rop the Je are pnnmpally for low pric e q goods, either Re med10s or Partido tobacco, and oc c asionally for real fine h1g h flavored Vuelta Abajo, of which latter kind our supply 1s very hmited. In the European markets, pnees havmg dechnea, eJporteu can only be induced to purchase at very low figures. Of Yara the sales have been about 700 bales, mcludiog one parcel of 446 bales II cut to arrive from Hamburg. Late reports from Havana are extremely unfavorable as to the growing crop." Manufactured.-There was considerable animation ip. plug last week, and the stuck changed hands to a cons1derable extent. This movement is due to' the adnnce in leaf and the necessity of an increase in the prices of manufactured. It will be a physical impossi bihty for manufacturers to lay down tobacco here n ext season at the pnees at which It was sold here last year, and sev eral houses are already speculating on the IDevitable advance We know what manufacturers are now paymg for leaf in Richmond and that there is no prospe c t ot 'a dechne in }>nces a the season advance11 and the supply grows shorter. It is thus an easy mat ter to c a lculate the cost of the tobacco worked during the ensuing six mooths,'and to fix the limit below which it cannot be sold. The treuble in the leaf mar k e t i s that it 18 not only h t g!., but scarce and thus the altitude to which the pric e has been is based on an actual faet and not on mere speculatiOn. The exports for the week include 368 pkgs. ( 55,363 lbs) and 384 pkgs (44,616 lbs. ), forwarded here for ex port, from other poFts. Smok i ng -Business is looking np and orders are coming in from all sides The Southern and Western demand 1s Improving, and that of the home t de (the city grocers) i s more lively The tendency at present seems to be toward finer grades, common goods being unusually n eglected. Cigars. -There is as yet not much imptovement to note m. cigars. of the factories are commencing again, but the spirits of activity are spasmodic A change for the better is, however, expected in the im mediate future. QUOTATIONS OF WHOLEl!ALE PRICES of eeed leaf tobacco are cautioned accepting our r e p orted sales and quotatlono of seed leaf a e fornlshlng the prlceo toat ohould b e obt&med by them at first bau d G r o w ers csnnot expect to eel! their c rape for the eame prleee a s are o btained on a r e sale ol the crop here o r conr&ecve r y r e mol!t be at an advance, avd t h e r e fore the pr1ce ob talnable by the growe r wUI always be somewhat lower than our quot&tiono Kentw/.: y-Ligllt lear U urrencv Good 20 @22 Shlpping,cou:mon 1ug o S}t@ Common 11 @lt Common leaf Pounund t -BlAck S e ectlons 15 @16.4> Flne MIBtlUrl -Com to Good lug a 8 @9 Common to med1um. Common leaf 9}t@IO)jj Na"'l-Vlrgilua, ext ra M e d ium FIDe. . Good..... Common,mcdlum Fine 18 @14 NBgroll aa 1'111111 S electlono .l4.J!S@I6 Th irty 1'uxNJ 2ll 2i 18 "' Ill 18 28 Y t r gmta -Prlmlogo 6 @ Fafll:l/ 7'ollaccCI Fau lags 8 @ May Apple 35 @411 Working Juga 9Lady Plnf:'ot'd to com-wrapper 20 00 @25>1111 m o n 5 @ 5)t P enn do do do 17 00 @:23 00 Sonnd common 7 @ 8 Ohio do do do 17 00 @2ll 00 Goo d do S @ 9 C onn Filler and St Medl11m .,.-rapper .10 00 @00 00 Good to ftne brown l' )0@15 C ommon Clgaro 16 OO.@to 00 Fanc:rr 17 @80 C h eroote and Sl;a:ee tO 00 @lllllO Upper Country . 'f @85 S.."'f/'.Ground leaf, new 5 @11 JUccobo:r. 811 @-90 Co1tM: "G Z pen (duty paid)' 00 04 00 "F liQI'." ts Havanaa e' t do -@ "F G P" 13 Havana Fll'n Com do '"A. 0 C do io Fair do !Ill @1 "Mll' 6@i3 do do Fine do 1 05 @t 16 "R. R. llo Yara auorteddo 88 @!Ill "C G" tll)t Tara I Cut do to "J H 118 Tara TI Cnt do 1 OIXi@l 10 "F. N P." ts Manuf

J I THE T 0 B A 0 C 0 L E A F,. manded full prices 1 '1 hbds., at $6 20@17; and public auction on Oct. 6, have been sold priYate conone of t.he finest offerings of the season, in excellent b these held by factors. The crop to arrive will net:: order. They sold 45 hhds. as follows: 811 '15; 11, 2'bxs. at N1J0@33. BUts were rejected on 5 bh at tract. A public '&nation of'l,a78 pkga an 11 to e ceed-.2'l,OOO hhds., or about the same as the ht 11 25 11 10 15 10 25, 10 25, 10 25, lO 26, 10, 10 '15, $8 30@9 so, and 3 b:u. at 70@8 'TO, anil these held on the lOth proL ding years All the German markets have a r g1 10 10 75, 10 25, 10 16 10 7 6 10 so, 10, 10 '15, 10, jected packages '!ere m"tly so!d subse9-oent1' at prt SINGAPORE, DEc. 20.-Cigars have been in stocks, and as 8000 as the receipts will wiRTantda Y 9 9 50 9 05 9 15 9 75 9 30 9 95, 9 6 o, s 95, 7 15, 7 25. vate sale at an over buis. t close, demand, II:S the stcck is exhausted: Rates, which 'export demand will follow. In Ohio and other escnp 7 05 7 90, 7 40, 6 75, 6 50 G, 6 25, 6 5 65, prices steady at followmg quotations: Lugs and com. are becoming firmer, are as Jollo}VS : Cortalkls II, 50@ tions the sales are limited to a few hhds for hom1 e LYNCHBURG, FEB. s.-Mr. J H. Tnmz, tobac 8oft leaf 8 50; med. leaf, 19 to 11; p;ood manufac-13 perM.; Havana shape II, 113 25@13 50; Cavitas II, facture. Inspections this week: 73 hhds. Mary anhhd turing, 112 to 15; fine bright do., 820 to 40. Very a14. Ohio 2 Kentucky. Total, 99 hhds. Cleared: 3F21 t co broker, reports: Hhds little of the latter commg forward. In our annual state-to A msterdam. We quote: Marylandros 5 e 0 J 23 ment the stock at close oftbe year as .made UJ>from the s@9 Inspected last week, ending an. 29 h b k "'3 hhds but actual count shows *6'1; IOund common,l'l@8; good common,., @15 this Feb. 5.......... '11 ware onse oo s, was,.., ., midliliug, 9 50@11; good to 4ine brown, 50 a discreP.ancy ot 49 hhds. Hhds. fancy, 7@30; new ground leaves, to t\his Increase over last week. 48 s k h d J 1 t 1870 actual ity, from to 12, but hardly any supply JUSt a Lbs. toe on an anuary s ) 354 ti'me. Ohi'o-Inferior to gOod comta. on, no 353 250 count : fi Sold as loose last week .......... : .... ".... R d d J 195 greenish and brf>wn, a9 50@10; mediUm to12n fi e ,, ..................... 381,000 eceive onng anuary ............... $10@13 comraon to med. spangled, 19@ ; n ,. 549 spangled to yellow, 12@25 Kentucky-Common to 1 k 27 750 Delivered to city during January........ 156 2 6 ed 1 f. 810@12 50 Increase over ast wee .... .. Shipments during Januan ............... good logs 18@0 50 common tom ea. Receipt s have been larger and the !?18 good to 'fine, tui@U; select leaf, *15 50 @ 18 rather better. The market remains active, and pnces inia--Inferior and Mmmon lugs, O@OO; co:nmono rul e about as "ormer quoations. There has been no bhd 331 d' leaf. 19 5 Stock on hand February 1st, '70, . s. g @10; oommon to very fine y e llow tobacco offered during the week. ,, ... boxes 63 @11 i fair to good shipping, prlmmgs, $5 @6 : LOUISVILLE, FEB I.-Messrs. WM G. MEIER & Manufactured tobacco is quoted as follows: Navy, Freights.The steawe; for Bremen, has cadr d. go mostly engaged, c hiefly oeo!llpnsed of cotton, at t Co., in their monthly report say: per lb., 65 to 70c.; grape do., 65 to 'IOc ; me ., ship paying cost for co mpressmg Bark Inca has also Hhds. tgst hhds. last yr. 1 do 75 to 90c. ; natural leaf, do., to 1 10; light, do., been put on the berth at 20s. for Maryl an d tobacco. Warehouse sales last month 1,531 2,581 41125 to 1 75. FEB. 7.-Messrs. MITCHELL & Co. report as receipts 1,526 2,40 3 The receipts have been 51 hhds 5 bales, 13 butts, 3 The manuf:actured tobacco market continues to exh1bit an Since Nov. the commence bbls., 63 cads., 2 bales stems, 16 pkgs ., 99 bxs., '73 cs., uf1 t rers ment of our season: 1 hf.-cs., 2 cs cigars, 5 bxs. do., 50 racks tobacco bxs., improvement in sales and the receipts from man u '63 b i 11 d h 'est a --.u-arehouse sales .. .. .. .. 3,852 .. ,.. 1 g. cigar xs., consignc as O owR : are as we reported las t week. The tra e ere disposition to buy, but little is being offered. a!e receipts . . .. 2, 799 3,559 By Rive r Boats: A. Seavy, 3 cs.; D. Catlin, 2 bales maintained and we are fully satisfied that we are nght m Stock Feb. I, '70 ..... 2,676 2,548 etems. t.. th 1 1 as the re Quotations. By the Pacific Railroad : S. M. Br?wn, 3 hhds.; W. our surmises. We have to report e '0 owmg H B. Willis & Co., 1 dv.; 'Vhittaker, VIrden & Gray, 4 ceipts from all sourcesdnring the past wee k: Messrs. HawLight. eavy. 0 do.; J. A. Jacksdn & Co., 1 do.; M.D. Hetz'!ll, 1 do., 1 kins Williamson & C o 100 !-bxs.; A. S. Seemuller & Black frosted lugs ... 13 50@ 5 00 5 00@ t 50 bx. ,Mu e ller & Holz, l bx., Marmaduke & Brown, 1 do Sons 12 cs. 19 t-bxs.; J. P. Pleasants & Sons, 14 t-bxs, Com. planter's .... 6 00@ 6 50 6 50@ e 18 cs. smoking-tobacco; Hoffman Ball & ,Co.,' 56 Lyon Good .'.' ;g 7 B. :y St. Louis Railroad: J.' N. & Stafford, 23 i..bxs., 17 cs.; Nonell & Baxter, 2:> lbxs., Com. . 9 00@ lO 00 8 00 0 Crouch & Co., 25 bxs.; C. S. Freeborn, 41 do.; M 18 cs. smoking; B. 11'. Parlett & CQ., 42 t-bxs., 6 cs.; J. Med. 9 50@10 5 Frie dman & Co., 10 do., 52 cs., 10 pkgs.; Order, 7 do., Heald & Co., 50 t-l)xs.; Gail & Ax., cs.; Beck & C o., 2 Good 10 00@11 00 10 50@ 1 1 50 1 lot tobacco CS.' Lewis Warringt _on, 2 cs., C. E. M1dd l eto n & Co., 4 c.s. Fine ..... 11 00@12 00 11 50@12 50 d -h b By the St!. Louis Rai roa : ra.g BOSTON, FEB ; 5 :-Wc report as follows.: Tber';..IB Trsnsactiolls during the last four wee .... ave eenon Alexander,'! hhd.; J. W. & Sod, 1 do.; J. :q. only a limited demand, with no change in prices, whiCh a rather limited scale, but from now on '!e may Anderson & 1 do.; Oakel, Arche & Ce., 3 do.; are: Leaf, Western: Lugs; st@91-c.; common, IO@ moi'e libenl.o.nd abundant supplies Owmg tot e sma Chiles & Bass et t 1 [b-s.; E .ADthon'-ll do., 3 bbls., IO!c.; medium, ll@lltc.; good, Ul@ l_2i?i. fine, offerings prices were e.Pecially for low 4 bxs. cigars; :M. Blomerick, 2 cs cigars; Leggett, 13tc.; selections, I3i@I4tc. Leaf, V ugmla: Lu;,s,d,8 grades, of which the oldhstock t'nea:!{ Hudson'& Co., li!.l rack toqaci)O bxs. @lie.; common, 9-l@10tc.; medium, 10i@ll.fc.; JEOO We are sorry to observe t e ptopor Ion ac 011 By the Alton and St. Lpuis Railroad: J. Er. 11 fine,, select.ioM, 13l@Uc. Seed remaining verv heaya' and tba.t farm ers asF ik 0 d 1 b 1 10'1!9 "I .2".,.. 'I 15 II 'I "" far contam a enzer, 6 p !lB.; r er, a e. Leaf": Connecticut and ftlassachusetta fillers, c.; sort carefu Y ur aJ Y ouenngs, so By tbe and Missi88ippi R&ilroad: J W.lSootb wrappers 55@'/Qc. runoillg lrts, 35@45c.; Ohio fillers, large portion mixed with frqst, and uole,sslater amvals & Sori, l Eenton & Thompson, 1 do.; M. Mathews, 10@12c l 25@47c .; nmning lots, 16@25!!.; show an improvement, we must look for a 1 .hf.CII.; 4 hales, 2 cRks, 17 cs., 1 pkg. cigar bxs. Penosylv.ania tillen, 10@I2tc.; wrappers, 25@470 i run ance of low and refused In regard tor. the unmBy the North Mi eouri Railfoad: Sterling, Brice & ning lots, 16@25c. Manufactured is quQted 88 follows : jured part of the cro.P we can .,ut repeat our ormei' re Co., 3 hhds.; E..lf .Son J .A... Qreg in bond, bright work, common .and memarks that the leal' IS generally very short, lint quality ory, I2 do ; J. W. Booth & Son, 6 do., 4 bxs ; B S dium, good and fine, 35@55c. Black work, gives reason to complain of. Grant & Co., 13 butts, 63 cads.; H. Berger, 1 cs.; Orcommon and medium, 20@22o.; good and fine, 25@30c. MOBILE, J A':i. 29.-.. W-e quote as follows: The marder, 1 bx. cigars. The receipts have been 97 h hds. and 512 bxs. ; and the ket bas been moderatelyactive the past week! and a be.t By the St. .Louis and Iron Mounta10 Ra1lroad: J. exports were 10 hhds. to British North Amerioao Col ter demand has existed for low o-rades, ot wbtch there Ie M. Anllerson, 4 bhds.; Von Phui,! Sons & Co., 1 do.; omes, hbds. to Caye11ne 2 hhds., ce., a limited We quote :"'Extr:) fine l:i:dght Vit t F7J 1 A. cocr;r, 2 bxB.; J C. Hatch & 45 bales, 116 bxs. to Afriea. a-inia, 95c. A $ 05 fine bright Virg_ ioia, 85@90c.; good C 3 D J & 0 3 do .,. 1!9 d o., o.; ones CA.IRO,O:ILL., FBB. 3 .-There "!'ere sold at the Plan-medium bright, '12l@80c.; me Iom, 65@70c.; com BY TELBGKAPH-Feb. 5.-:-Steady anctc unchanged. ters' warehouse 16 hhds. as follows: 6 hhds. lugs, $6 75 mon sound, 60@63c. i unsound, gold bar Feb. 7.-Aotive and unchanged. 6 75, 6 so, 6 '1, 'l; 2 hh.ds. common leaf, s 25, 9 55; and fancy twist, 90c.@$1 oo per l Smokmg_ tobacco, SAN FRANCISCO, JAN. !.Is.-W-e Q!port: There 6 hhds. shipping leaf { $11 25, 11 50, 11 75, 12, 12 25 &CCQrdiog to quality, 35 and 85c. per lb. is very little demand; the trade is dull and depreised, 12 50 I hhd. common piebald, $16 '15; l,hhd meNEW ORLEANS FEB, 2.-we reportaiJ follow : and prices are nominal. We have no sales to re_Fort, dinm bright wrapper, $23 75. There has not been activity in market, as the de The quotations art: N avys I*' lb., 60 to 65c.; ht,lbs. On Februa.zy 4, at the regular sale were 16 maud has been pl'inqipally for new, of which there have Virginia per lb., 55 to 65c.; pounds, 12inch hard press bhds. lugs, com. leaf, shipping leaf, com. piebald and been but few arrivals for the German markets. Of the ed,-6 5 to 6llc.; do. extra choice, 65 to 85c.; do. med. bright wrapper sold at $6 '15 to 23 75. new crop there have only been about 125 hhds come in. 35 to 4oc. 9 .irroh liabt press, 65 to' t 85e.; Connecaout CffiCAGO, F.BB. 4 We quote as follows: .The marThe sales have been 26 hhds., mostly new, of which 2 leaf, to' 60c.; Solace ohewing, tl to It 50; ket remains quiet, and prioes are stel!-dy and unchang-hhJs fine (Christian county) at 12o., 1 2 on private terms, smoking, tp, is, .4"0 to !!5. The exports have 'been 10 ed. We continue to quote; Chewmg-Extra, $1 10 1 medium leaf at 13c., 5 refused at '7ic. and 2 do. at 6o., cs., 3 cs. cigars to the Sandwich blan?s, and 3 @1 20; ol>oice, t5c.@ll; medium, 75@8 5c.; 2 hhds. at llt "2" .,-, 8 By the New Orleans Jackson, and Great Northern the same there being no obange either way. At pub 10 hhds. Southern Kentucky, old and 3 at 10 to Railroad: Pascal & Ilsiey, 44 c a ds. lie auction lately held there were sold 55lhhds. Ken11, 5 at *12 to 12!, 2 at $271 to 30 6 bhds. Owen F M b'l C A Whitney & Co 60 pk"'s. W. tucky at $42 to 46; 25 cs. seed leaf, damaged, at $40 county, new, badl'yMfrozken: 2 atfi*3 95: ot Irby. & bf .. to 72 13 bales Manila, 2d, at t150 to 200; 1 bale to 6 12, 1 at t. ar et very rm IOr a gra es. b J B Ph'! 15 d Ca.,.ay'an, 2d, at $300 to 359; 12 ht:-bales Cagayan, 2d, SVILLE T F 2 Tb Tcobacco xs., 1 an, o. 0 CLARK ,. ENN. EB. .-e From Apalachicola: Post & Hobby, 3 bn. at ill5 to 199 ; all by liO kilo11. Messrs. Durno & Berr commission merchants, re CALCUTTA DEc. 28.-The only s ales have bee n for handhng tobacco, our receipts are e.on ort as follows. Manufaclured Tobaccos.-Trade bas small lots, The1stock still remains large e -nougli for the siderablyd, in whic\ we notk 20 fro':e 1ivelv since our last, but little variation pres n t 'l'he quotations a;e as follows: f-lh. purchase upon t at mar et. a es are ltho gh som,e gradea of good'! are scarce. lumps 8 an.@9 '!ln. 6 p assume J!Ome importance, and b.een very satiSJa? IFnanpcnceswo'rak aorti'cularl son ht after at better prices. t th f 0 1 o e reJectiOn reported thiB Y P Y g HAVANA, JAN. 29.-There have been only small sales tory 0 s & fi \ J 28 3 bhds Jobbers have lieen buying freely, and several large lots in lots of chewing, amongst which were 30 bxs. from stere week. a es Y eat ow mg, .:d'?uary* 0 1 ld closed out 'to We&tern and up-river trade. Stocks in at $26. stock on hand is fair. Tbe quotations, which bond considerably red.uced. Extra No. 1 ?right lbs., are firm, are $25t@26. There have cleared from this port e m d I .._ d soc to good medium 6'1 to 73c.; medtum, 61 to h k th '11 L Ant 2 000 warehouse, sold 2 hhds. at 16 for lugs an 10 ,or goo 6 S d SOc. machine work 57! to dunng t e wee e 10 ow!ng we_rp, 1 L S lea by Turnley Ely & Co Jan 28 of the c.; common soun 1f k 1 cigars Vera Cruz, 21,300 c1gai'S, 154,400pkgs. c1garettes ; Efe house, of 11 hh,ds as 5 hhds: trashy 62c.; bright ts in caddies (scarce), 62! to 67tc.; 4s 189,500 cigars; Coru.nna and t p d 1 $"50 5 80 8 10 8 25 8 45 6 hhds comdo., 60 to 65c.; 5 s lOs, 125 do t bxs., to 650'' Navy 22,500 cigars; Santander, 43,.650 'm,gars, 730 pkgs. c1gar 0 goto ugds, .:..." d 'm le'af 60 81 95 9 10 9 4-o l 0 do t bxs., 5 8 to 6 5 c.;:ancy work. tWist, gold bar, 75 ettes Hamburg, 1,979,100 CI0"'ars, '118 bales. mon o goo we m "' lit d t ti n 10 Harrison & Shelby sold on the 28th ulY, 8 hhds.: to Slic., a-s m qua. Y an repu a 0 HAMBURG, JAN. 17.-We report: market 2 ings, &6 50, 'l 90 ; 3 hhds. low leaf at $8 60, and one PHILADELPHIA, FEB. 7.-Mr. E. W. has at length been roused from its late torpor, and a t $9 so ; 2 hhds. medium leaf at &10. 2 hhds. of the tobacco broker, reports: The demand for see-a leaf con shows a tendency to make up for its long above were rejected at :Hopkinsville and sold here at tinues about the same. Sales here reach 25 cases Con San Domingo is in great favor and higher pnces are an advance of 34, a neat little -profit. necticut at 30 to 72-!c., 15 State at lS to 45c 63 paid. Tile sales by importers inelnded 1, '161 ceroons DANVILLE, VA., FEB. 3.-Mr I. H. PEMBERTON, toat 12i to 33c., 20 Pennsylvania .at 23 to 35c., 1 5 San Domingo per various ships, partly warehouse a?d bacco commission merchant, reports: The amou!lt of tobac a 25 to 5 hhds. Maysnlle bales partly for arrival, 11091 Braztlleaf u: Claudia, co received and sold on this last week has been SpaoLSh at full pr1ces. The demand for cigars IS mod-1::14 do. (old crop) ex Reina lJetmers ; and 335 do. than double the quantity ever sold in this market in any erate, with a stock upon the market. Sales reach Felix Brazil leaf ex Mathilde. The 11econd qnahty winter month heretofore The quality rath e r poor, bnt our 750,000. There were 700 tobacco Cachceira Brazil leaf per Ctaudia was sold exception : sales have bad a larger proportion of good and fine _than sold here In 50 do. tax paid the past ally cheap, and enabled the purchaser. to a oon heretofore this season. Prices of all sorts well sustamed. week. We are lookmg to the Convention ol the siderable profit by a resale. At pubhc auction 60 ce We quote: Lugs common to medium, 4i to 6tc. ; do., me in st. in New York for help and a general plan of action roons of damaged Havana ex Elena sold at from 1 O-k dium to good, 61to 8c.; do., good, 8 f:<> lOc.; fancy smok; for the tobacco trade. to I3t sch. bco., and 30 do. Cuba, also sea damaged, at ing, 12 l79 conflned for most part to the lower grades of ofJuture w tll atdl further tmptoye. hhdil., 118 tcs., and 54 bxs. Old tobacco, to leaf and strips, which are becoming daily more difficult The receiptsfol''the 'past week "Were43 hhds., 'lf wh.Ich good lugs, $9, 10 to 12; old tobacco, common to good to meet with. Common and medium Marylands are Jr1enra. MartiJi, & OPTIID -llOW IS TO B.B IIANIPULATBD-CWAR IIANUFAC TUBERS AND lU.KERS Il( COUNCIL-THE IMPORT DUTY SHOULD JlE RAISED, NOT LOWERED. In response to the call published in the last number of THE ToBACI'lO LEAF, the large hall of the Cooper In stitute, this city, \ms filled, on Friday evening last, by over one thousand cigar manufacturers and makers, leaf dealers, growers, etc., who had come together to take action on the propo s ition of the Comrrtittee of Ways and M e ans of the House of Representatives, to reduce the tariff duty on imp.prted cigars to *2 per lb and 25 per cent ad valorem The stage had been very neatly and appropriately decorated with wreaths of ar tificial ftowers, and in the center was displayed the motto, "Protection for Home Industry." Shortly after eight. o'clock..t.he meetil\g was called to order by Mr. COnrad :ij:uhm, w o ne ... inated the following: fiat of offi oers, who were ana 'mlithsl"y elected: President, G'eorge W. Helme; Secretaries, Davis and Alva Oat man; r.LI:eaaurer, L .8. Cohn; Yice-Presidenta, m. E. Lawrence, Conrad Kuhm, E, M. Crawford, H. J a cobs, ,T, mes her Joseph Hall, W ool.llagen, David HirsCh, J obn L. Deen, Kee O!!H, Geo. Storm, Mathew Hutchinson, E. Spingarn, Augustllll 'Bartll, Isidore M. 'Bon, Marcus Oppe nheimer. llR. SPEECH. Mr. Helme, of the firm of Appleby & Helme, in tak ing the chair, iltated the O))jectl' of the gathering, and that the call t'her&for emanated from the meeting at the Astor House on Saturday last. Without the know! edge of the trade, the Commiitee of Ways and Means bad decided to still further reduce the duty on import ed cigars, and the first iatiwation that tralaoed iii' El way of the transaction of legitimate business, have .caused on all sides, heavy losses. We intend to unite the tobacco 'rade of the land in op_position to this injustice, and our peti tions to the very gates of the citadel. This is a very jo)te that t.he Government is playing upon Like the boys who stone4 the frogs in the puddle. It may DB' fun for tlie o'ftidals, but it is death to us. The members of the Committee of Ways and Means are getting a salary of $6,000 per annum, pickings and steal ings, and their families provided for, while we may not know where to the next meal. They tell us : ''Hush, ba y; this b1li won'thurt you,"-but we are not so sure about that. I am not an advocate for the pro tection of home indnst.ry in the abstract. If Congr ess 1ad not. placed taxes on our tea, ooffee, sugar, on cot pigiron ; etC'., W!J should not ask for proteotion, as we would then have been able to protect ourselves. If they will take t!:le' (idty off everything and give us free trade, abolish all thecustom-houses and the iaternal revenue offices, we shall not need protection from for eign competition. But if they as n to miroh on der the banner of protection to home induetry, we want to be protected as well as profesaions, and not be made an unfair exception of. The speaker saiOI!8 this reduction. I know them personally, and I know they will vote against it. The trade hu done begging for itslji'ghts; we are not Qriniing Uriah HeeJ, but know our rights, and knowing, dare maintain them. If such is the news from Uonnectieut, what do J:OU to hear from Pennsylvania? They have baen holclini meetings there in every hamlet, and a petition has bee:a presented to the Senate this very morning protesting against the ontrage. I am glad tbat New 'york bas so ll:Ood a delegation in Congres8. You have Brooks, Cox, Fenton, Conklin and others. Th n there is Fer nando Wood, who, you know, served hi & time cigar making. So, when General S c henck hears the ro&J!i f1om Ohio, he will ask the majority of the Committee t o back down on tbis question. .(The speaker here paused to pay a very handsome-compliment to General Schenck as a statesm11.n and solqier ] We are not ask ing for protection, but simple, even-handed justice. We can't live under the $2 50 duty: not one of us has made money since its passage. Mr. Gallagher then thanked the meeting for its at tention, and concluded by assnring the trade that he was at one with them on this important gllestion. ";; The following Rebolutions and Petition were then read by F. A. Schroder, Chairman. q{ the Committee on Resolutions, and adopted, after being re-rend in Germ&n: 1 -BSOLUTf NS, WHEREAS The present d ep ressed condition of tile interests OO'Ubected with tbe 01 the country, is owing entirely to the eha ge made in the tarill' OQ l1y .the clause introdnll'!d into the In ternal Revebue Section 87, viz.: "Provided, that from and after the of this act all cigars imported from foreign ports shall pay a duty of t2 50 per pound and 25 per cent. ad valorem," a low'er .import duty than is fully adequate to protect our interests and low priced labor of othe r countries engaged in manufactur ing mgars; and whereas, in consequence of this cha nge, thou san do of men and women who formerly earned an honest.livlihood at this branch of trade are now thrown ont of employment; be it therefore __ Resolved, That the reduction of the tarif by the pro viso contained in Section 8'1, act of".Tnly, 1868, .called for, and against the best interests of the countl'J and home induAtry. Reaolved, That 3 further reduction of a2 per pound and 25 per cent. ad valo'l'el'/l, which is now recommend ed by the Ways and Means Committee, would be de trimental and eyen ruinous to our business and the home C!!lture of leaf tobacco. Resolved, That we unitedly appeal to all parties in. interest to aid us in our endeavors to reestablish the tariff Oil io &3 per pound and 5Q pel' cent. ad ealorem, as tt existed previous t& July, 1888. PETITION. To the Honorable the &nate and House of Repreunta tives, in Gongrus assembled : We, undersigned,--cigar manufact11rers, journey men dealers in cigars, growers of anjil de.Iers In seed leaf tobaooo,-wonld moe repreeent to your honorable bodies tb.t the presen at: nduion of tbe i!fdustrial int,!rests with the cigar interest of the country, is owing largely to the change on the IS tarift' cigars, by the reduction of the QUtleS from $3 per pound and 50 per cent. ad valorem to &0 per pollnd end 25 per tJtl 11alorem, whioli we have found to W'!Ytk diAat!tro to QUr several We o therefore pray your hQIJ.Otable bodieli to restore the tllriff rates on imported cigars to $3 per pound and 5() per cent. ad valorem, &a we are f11lly persuaded that it will prove both advantageous to the revenue and onr several ind111tries. We are also persuaded that the dnty should not be reduced until all of our industrial relations are 1110re ilxed-and reliab1e. llR. KUHll'S SPEECH, Mr. Conrad Kuhm addressed the meeting in Ger man. He stated that, with regard to the object of the meeting, the interests of the eigar manufacturers and of the cigar-makers were common. Tobacco was con sidered a luxuryt but _about fifty th()nsand men in this country were eogagepi, but the United States Govei'IUM1l'! has repudiated !its paper. It should return the money taken from oiir po,9kets. Now we are tbreateaed witii another outrage. I sup pose somebody was feed to get the -amendment to See tion 87 through. With the present duty Havana made cigars can be laid down here at a le&.s 'c_Qst tQan the same cigars can be -wade here. An yet 'Mint to reduce the duty lower yet! What a prospect for our cigarmakers! We mus t fight for our rights. The time has at last come for tobacco to have a fail' deal. The stamp system works well, and we sha ll probabl!;: give the Government nearly $30,000,000 of revenue Continued on 7th Page.


) I: 1 T H E-. r 0 B A : C C 0 l L E A F ---.........-::----..L.----"""--'--' CARBOLL eo., I N.Y. Commissi lfew Yc:irt I WM. P. Krnl'RBDGB." Ill : r l E. c. WHEELOCJ[. 11iUted States Intemal:Revenue Export Bonded P (CD., .. ( ... 1..> J ,t '. u ( ( \JO i 1,1 I .e .eoo T Warehouse. I 1 I 1 1 T i T 0 B ... :a:rc __ c:o ,, .The T-obacco Agency ) byCharlesJ1. Connolt y ... n .. & co ; flemmllslea llerelllailb I J. .r IN LEAF and lWANUFACTURED ( l TOBACCO, 45 Water St., New York, .Agents for the Principal -Tobacco Manufacturers Virginia and North Carolina, Have constantly on hand a large assortment of Manufactured !obacco, of all atyles and lizes, to which they ,alk the attention of the trade.. lJJIES A. OODOLLT. e ROBBRT S.BOWHEI 'fie 00., TOBACCO Oom'\Jlsslon lYierch&ats, 7 .Burling Slip, New York. 17SI JIEAIII. AGENTS FOB ALL. THE POPULAR OF TOBACCO, Water Street, Pound .. TllaiYoonR tlwell, J. P "lrlfliaDlSOB, Bia..,..k; Velvet Rose .. Fuller's Pet Jimmie Fuar, Pllllch Basket, lllall. Garrott, SalTers' Choice. Rosa Fuller, J T. Smith, Dog House, Jerry Prichard, Dlck Swlveller, Mark Tapley1 McOorkle, B. E White, Cllallcng<>r, David Baker\ Jr., Charles Harrts, Victoria, Peerless, 1 Favorite Premium, ""T't.tional Eagle. Half Poundo & QuarterS Garibaldi Little All lught, Bohemlaa Girl, Fresh, Peaches, Pride ofthe Navy, Xorpn, Imper!BJ Jl'ouro, National Co.ft'ee's Dehght, Moss Rose, Chaplam' s D e light Pine Apple, Royal, Old Sport, Sancho Panza, Peach C.L. Brown. Colorado, Alexander, Twin Siatcre, indomitable, Oseol&, Christlan Prom i urn Fucy. Jane Apple Bars, Faabion Gold do. Lady Flnge!l! do. Temptation do. Atlantic C able Twist, Admiration do. Cable oil do. Gold Medal do. ChrLotlan Comfort, NatiOn s Pride, R. J. Chrietlan, Eleven O'Clock, Amoret Bars, Bendigo,' Pr-ide of the East Flora Temple, Ch e rry Foura, Palmetto Fours, l'ahnetto 8\x"f, X. Ill. Wllllamoon, Fonr 'l'humb Bartt, Delta P<><;ket Piece, Little All Rigbt. Tens. Gold Ridge, Blue JaclOct, Red Jacket, Peach Tom Thumb, ::May Queen, Alexander, Boston, Kearoarge. ofTmmps. Brown ill Roblnshn, Jercy-White, 'J'he Old Sport Dexter, White Fawn, :Black Plume, Saocho Panza, Bea'Jtifnl Star, C. L. Jones, Ca1}f!tone, J ohfllll&aeoeiL 178. Water .-.., .. New York. IUOJITmD 01' -.ft.&JIIflll il. h 'AND,-, l1l Packers of D -omesiic. Leaf Tobacco. ; l' ) A l'IN& AJIIIOBTKIWT OP I 1 -NO. 104 FRONT-rSTREET, AGE!iTS FOR THE SALE OF I I I ... I ) .... 'TOBACCO: GRANT & WlLLIAMSi RUSSELL 8i ROB{NSON, J. G. DILL, J. K. CHILDREY, L. H. FRAYSER & co., TURPIN & YARBROUGH, J. J. PACE & CO., THOMAS & 'OLIVER, GREANER & WINNIE, BARRATT'S C -ROWN, REUBEN RAGLAND, GILMAN & .MALLORY, .. CHEIVES & OSBORNE, DAVIS & SON, I DUKE OF. ATHOL. I Tm ..,uention of the Trade Boliciud AND JOBBERS OP LEAF tp.O _BACCO, No. 170 Water Str.eet, New York. L. PALMER A. ll. SCOVILLE, Connecticut Seed-leaf Wrapper of our o':mi paolPn.g MOORE 16 CO. VI H. GIN IA Tobaoc9 Commission Merchants ..... KREMELBERG & CO., NEWYOB.Jt, I .nD I .... F. L. BRAUNS & co., BALTiliiiORE, Tobacco Commission Merchants. P.e veral b"'!ll.nt\1 of L_l eo rice Pa11tc, llirec' lmporla,. 'hm on a.od fur sale, 1.o. Dood r duts .td1 lo.l"ta t.o suit. purchasers. 62-114. ISAAC READ (Sncceooor to CI.lamrr BUD.) Commission Merchant, AND 'DEALER IN VIRGINIA & WESTERN LEAF, AXD Manufactured Toba.oco, Licorioe, Gum, eto., -tl No. ,So PEARL STREET, N. y, OTTINGER & BROTHER, :KENTUCKY Lolli, NEW YORK, ELBRECHT, SIEBERT & CO., ; : : KaDaractoren ot I JU.VANA. CIGABS ud CIGA.R oonslantly tll lwad. lllrm CID.&Jtl, CITY TOBACCO 79 Wll.LOUGHBY STREET, .. '1 6 New York. } I DE 1 1 I 1 52 Broad and 50 !few StreQts, r coMMissioNUDMERc:E:rANTs, 108 NEW YORK. L.A. n 1 181, Street, cor1U)r of Cedar, ldl'"" Have always on hand a. large Assortment, .fpr sale onLiberal Terms, otller fine and populM' brana. of' BtJ(Iat" 1.a-, NEW YORK. --:-, ---. :-----_...._ __ ----------.AND SOLE AGENTS FOR TilE SALE OF NEW .YoH:R'K ... OARL M. WINTZER, I PRniCIPE DE GALES SEGARs, Seed-Leaf Tobacco Inspection. Le&l Fot:thesaleof' MANmrA.CTUREn AT T.EiE lu8pcctcd or sampled. eertificatesgivenroreverycase,aoddeliver&d, LEAF TOBACCO, KEY WEST BB:AN'CS:, eas: by oase1 as to number 'of Certlflcate. N.B.-I a/Qo in Merchants' otm SlmeB. 0 William Street, 168 Pearl Street, Ol' THE OELEBRATBD P.RINOIFE DE GALES' WUF AoTORY oF RA VA lU. F. C. LINDE & CO., IIow lfozJL WAREHOUSE-74. 7fJ, and 78 G lreenwich Street. OFFIOE-76 Greenwich BRAJNCH, lU WATER 8TJlmtT. I' ALD & BRO. I t Commissipn Me1chants P:nd IMPORTERS OF H4VANA Also Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO and SEGARS, _.,. .... ._. .. ,,.or ;s, w. o.a-ron "LONB :l..t.()Jtn ana .. _oww Dl(llli:'' ._okbac Tobaeeo, &KJIY I'B8ltYt 'I eu..t.lloaKIIdl&all'arU..Mieol TOBAOOO:. AND OTHER SOUTHERN PRODUCE, M. SCHOTTENFfLS &. CO., (}3 & 60 .CROS;BY S'r NEW YORK,, Jlanuraettuera of, and Dealen In, the following Well-known and Celebrated Brands ol .... .. .. B'l'ooklyn, N. Y. S. WALTE'R1 BEST Connecticut, Havana l Yara I No. 142 Pearl Street, BowxAJ< C. B.l)lliB, YORlL, EDWIN Ill. B'.t.RE'R, JOIU'( VAl< AIUIIN&E, ')'.' New York. .J I .., ( lluUOJmOL r -B. lL lVISDOIL NORTON., :sLAUGHTER & (lO., Tobacco & Cotton Factors 'Ut.trtynnfs, 110. '41 BROADSTREET,. 97-Ut > WILLIAM M. PRtcE & CD., cs--tD DAtlD O'JIEILL a. 00.) LEAF TOBAC.CO, 119 Maiden Lane, Wx.X. I NBW YOBJr. .... A. .r .. n._ JOS. MAYER & SON .&Jm DJ:.u.BBS nr Ribbons oon} 1 45 W t S N Y stantl7 on hand. a er treet, '' 1 '18 Water Street (.P. O, ;B{)z NB,W .YOBJL CONSIGNMENTS eoLICXT:KD. VIRGINIAT 0 B A c c 0.. :1.22 ..,.,.. ATEB STBEET, --;-t:t O'D'TBKIE & fO .,. .. DE BRAEKELUII FOOTE. ll'ront-etreet, I ._......,...., ,, CbmmJSSlOB lltterchants 2i1f:a-va:a. '' TO&Acco Partagu, Espanola, La. Roaa,Figaro, ID baleo fer \Joe Well\ : .odl ... >ULWU .. and Domestic SEG-AR.&,. -......... ..... Jio. 4.7 Street, Commission Merchants, .lEW .,,..K. __ ....:..'S; ...,.-IIARLEI IEITI & 110.1 '..._ .. I.ea,f Tobacco, 11S9 W.ater Street, 6tf'ftl, NE W TOBIL L. W .GtlXTUB, Baltimore. P. WK. TA'I'GH11011H; New Yorlt. L. W. CUNTHER & CO., Tobacco & Geneml Commission MERCHANTS, No. 110 Peaxl St., cor. Ha.novel' Square, NEW YORK Libe ral 'ad vance!! ou consignments. ..tlao, all-... of lro. 18 IIAIDD LUI, 163 NEW_ PEARL STREET, N. Y, ... 11'0BJL & CO., :lllluiiSMK:-f h CODISSION,WAREHOUSE, \!lJll .attllt .DOMESTIC HENDERSON,KY. 96 UIDEN LAQ. .JOHN FUNK & CO. lliG-1'15 lfBW YO'QK 17 .. PBO:NT "'T N y Special attention paid to Ordel'! for the pnrebale ot u .., Leal ot var!oua gradeo, Strlpo, St011111, or Scn

' I ... .. :. ... IIII'Oln'D OJI a ."!"XI!'.Ii.? .1!' / ars. and l' IHtbco, ,., 1 Bags, JoutmfaJl\it4lltlil o. 2 oz. Bags, 1 lb. Bags __ l'o.l '72 PEARL :New York. unn& DOMESTIC Leaf Tobacco, HA. V .INA. SEGARS :-.&.ND-LEAF-TOBACCO! .._ 112 PlOt. BnBB'l, 'A 011-1 w TOIIt LEE, (SU-',t<>.LU.BlWrf!lillS' ,) -,:n,_porter and M'anrlf'acturer ::>f' H .AVANA CIGARS pin DZALER IN LEAF Toilcc( 166 Water-Sreet. 269 Pearl Street, N NEW-YORK. NearFulton NEW YORK ---------I Smoking OB.&OOO, p, KtTIRED l & co., 164 Water Street, LEA-:F AL:.L b. SWELL, Comfort, LORIL'-A,RD.: .!l____ P. _qo., .. 16, 18 and 20 Ci1AMBERSS"r., MANYfi.:_ACTURERS OF Fine Cut Chewing. ... -..;. Qt. o .ice Srn.Qking, cu(5plQkirrQr1 ,: ... -=SnWiilii .and :Black Sn'uffs, Ia every .J t. ... I Assured Me:rnbers, 1 l e rr 1 <; i9f" F 19 E R S I WALT&R S. GRIFFITH, President. J. H FROTHINGHAM, Treasurer. EORGE C. n:l'!SLSY 'Se tary. WILLIAM I COFFIN, Aotuary. GOOD GERB&N .&JENTS W&NTED. Medal and Diploma..:. CIGARS. Wilder & BostOn, ftU"QiO:t' J. H : DIGGLES & 00., 135 Duane Street, New York, I AGDTII Aim IU.NUJ'ACTOBBBI OJ' ALL lClUI8 OJ' J'UOY PlUln'IID CIOftOJf GOO r roB G -3nuirie :Meerschaum Pipes, .... I' ..L (, Cigar Amber Moulli Pieces, Pipe Stems, Silver f/auntitlKSt- ADd allChoioe ArUcles in the line, at Wholesale nnd. RetaiL I & CO., 61 Beaver. Street, NEW-YORK.. \ Ordon to< Tobacco Uld. Ool&on car

THE PHILADELPmA A.DVBB.TI&EDI TS :a. 1. VK'l'TBBLBUf. & co_ LEAF. I CIBCIJ:I'ATJ, 8T. LOUIS, AlfD CmCAGO ADVERTI8ED11T8. BODMAl\11\T'S Henry Besuden & Bro .. Inspection & leafT obacco BAKTPORD 0. R. ADAMS &.. 00.. I lantlfactonn llld Whallnle Deal1r1 In PHILADELPHIA, PA., Merchants in Leaf' and Manufactured Tobacco, H. WILKENS a CO., Monumental City Tobacoo Works, Ifo. t8t WEST PRATT STREET, BALTIBORE, D., M,.t-- I all llli...W I OJ:G-AH.S, S..llllc, aH. Leaf WAR.HOU8.. D&.U,R8 Dl 67,.'1t, a a A Frat, u a uwater, TOBACCO, .DO:UESTIC .&ND IMPORTEl...J> SEGA.BS. UIIITD STATa ONDED 'WAR.MGUH. IF ConslgneDII ean forward their Stocks without pl'epaying the Gevel'lllllent Tax. B. A. V .AN SCHAIOK, A.GENT FOU. Tobacco & Snuff, Cigars, Havana Qnd ConnectJcut Le.,.f. 1N LOTS TO SUIT. 17 & 19 NORTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA. ord. .... souotted. SIDith Bos. a Knecht, m .u.r. xnma or TOBACCO, I f .-tnd of and DtJalers in Cigars, 225 RACE STREET, PHILADELPHIA. FUCUET & SONS," QF HAVANA CIGARS A'ND LEAf J? x -J "ccitG A. R s Ummls or Spcci:tl (PriYu.t c ) ones tJ/+ Street, ..Philadelphia. Jnited Sites Bonded Warehouse, F1rst Collection Pennsylvania. WOODWARD BROTHER General Commission & 00., 'Merchants, TOBACCO, Smoldns and Chewiq Tobaccos, M. FALK & GO., 143 WATER STREET NEW YORK. ._ OIU8. BODJUim .t1 00., ......_. C. H. ADo, } 1f o, :J.a'T Slate I!Jt,, 0.1". Wme, 8. D. Goomnx. .Hartford. Co.llB. 161, 163, & 165 :Pearl Stret, WK. WELSH & SONS, ........ ...,_.._, ... Dealen In lmperted .. DoiDeotle J lifhol.u. Dealen In G. BRASHEARS & SON BARNES & JEROME, LBAF -roB.aooo :Manufacturers Bmokiilg Ad ,..., ..... o, Tobacco Comm1ss10n Merchants, CINCINNATf. Conun.ll!!ftSlou Packers and Wbol....Je Dealen In SEG.A:as. FOREIGN & DOMEBTIO BEG.ABB, u.s. Bonded warehou No.I, EGGEaT';D1i"Ls ,;;;;;;:; Conn. Seed leafTobacco, No, S'1 South 6afl StrHt, A ._eA_,. ,,_, rtl-JJ (SQoceaon to wx. EGGERT,) wa. B. Wellll. w. Wellll. PIJ1.811 Uld ...._, Adlllll ___. 11M&. 0 U W&IJiuwtreet, Cincinnati. D.RALD& 111 (lm-Jn) ts'tn) .... .. -t.. iO!l DOMESTIC A-ND SPANISH GUSTAV GUTH, F. L. BRAUNS & CO.. Leaf T b No. 238 State Street, GliO. B. lU.RNl:S, AUG. 8. JlliOKE. HARTFORD, Conn ., n am:APSrnE, Lou1s STRASSER, L.HB ... A.u.A. 8 BROTHEPR.B,.SR.UII BALTIMORE,, 1** .r BAVANA_aM Dt111r ta DOllESTIO ten t K Oll'fCilfNATI. f 0 B C 0 u S :m G-.A R,,S,. W o Uld llrter Pipe.. o&.u.ns :a No. &3 German Street, Allo Bluda., ,._ ...._ J'DDDm s-. CONN. SEDLEAF TOBACCO. 'aAL, M I l'!lrect lmporten of tbe IR1pmor' brandt PLB, o UHEWIJG AND BKOmG TOBA.(JO(), JACOB ZfNS & BROTHER, C :J: Q.uv u.A.uuCJIJlWUIJFI.or S Tl ORE, 1 D1 "".d f.IM: Y () Licorice Paoo&e. For aolo, >n loll t1 "DT-IP t B Jhaatai:tarem of a ---------or-..;,_-1u1t buyn, In bond or duty pld. "'-"ft,U T CINCINNATJ,O. C X Q. A B. B, MainStreet, F.W.FELGNER, JACOB KIEBLER Bole Han1llKtllrer and Succee1 to F. H. BISCHOFF, Deutscher Rauchtabak, OTHER CHOICE BRAl'lDS. 10 Bfl BOUXH CH.A.BLBS SX., BALTIMORE. [Bwcoeuot' 'to Xoi'>IIO uam. .. Loanm.. J. ll. w-Connecticut Seed-leaf No. North Water Street, ani Jlo. fS liorlJL Delaware Avenue, 12 L b d 5 w t L S LOWENTHA. L ._ CO om ar a,ra a el" USEY, aW!YNE & CO., PROPRIETORS, 1 111 ., rnA 'DI A m mAt tc.A.. wooDWARD, t PHILADELPHIA, PA. s, F. PAR.,._l, b&L'l'Imon:c MD 1 X&alllctarenal '1IIJBO, H. WOODWARD. f M o : ,t llos, 100,102, & 104 West :Front Street, "t b 1 :a T FOWL R .. ,,..o .... F 1 E s:E 0 A R 8 1.6 H.ABKET sTREET, ,_ e .,.......r !lliiM4i. ........ c. a J'ouain-. ScHROBm:a. A NcoL.Uau. Kenton TobaCco Warehouse, HARTFORD, con. .. .. 61 ComAmnd' IJamuttn:'U.'el{$ J. T. l CO., quantities of ... "Ill DOHAN & 'l'AITT, Leaf and Manufactured vv -IIU-tton an4 Co....te.aen llale D. K. SEYJR)UJL T b d 11 No. 90 Lombard St., .um o LEWm. BBEMER'S 80118, 0 aeeo an tJJgars., lid. LEAF TOBACCOS, WbDielale Ia Tobacco CommiSSion No. 81 Exchange Plaoe, to .;de on Con:lgnmnta COVINGTON. KY. Gr-u-Sreet. CcwiJ)CWD. ltJ'. A an: y J foreign leaf Tobacco ..... .he., ::a.A.X.T'rl.WC>:a.cJ.' ST. LOUIS TOBACCO WO:RD. {1'..!-f-:= Connecticut Seed Alm BBCJABs, -LOUIS GIESKE cl co., G. KEIWKHOFF 00 Wo. 122 l'!orth Third 8*. 1. ftommi"l!i"tl t"ti*turt", "'"&. 00., TOBACCO, p _...,.., .,,.,_n;, PHILADELPHIA lo"lo""' &" 4 lo" -.. ..... v.,v_ ......... &................. Main Street,, ..., HII.ADELPHIA, Pa. .. u.GDD. :a-ttll- NDDULJ:IUII]f Itt ;,utto, Pine Cut Chew'n Soktn HARTF'oRn, coNN. L. BAMBERGER & co., GEYER & HISS, Leaf Tobacco, No .a9 South charles street T 0 El :A_ c C 0. ________ ....,. LEAF -tO a A ceo TBiloi3A:cT'cto 42 soutl& OurspeoWBr&nds:FiBeOut,GILTEDGE,B:EAUfi,Smoking,IlfGLEBIDE,JCOB'l' JosdEPH .... Kaa..-.u.n ot.n........ w.... A BOYD & OjJI.ce and Biu :noo..;'cor. -nd ...... n .... Be... ST. LOUIS. MO. fl.. al r M ch ....... .a.. CO:;-GILMOR & GIBSON:,r I onnecticut Seed-Leaf ... 3 Slreol, d bOmmiSSIOR el an!B, ami .. d ilobtto wrom>" -Olb" TollaccO w..u. C.& R. llORMITZER & co., T 0 B A c c 0' ....'A. .N. Froat.PDILA.DELPHIA. COMMISSION .Havana S .eg,ar s D. cAT L I 1'f r WDOLESA.LS Dl:.!LEI18 "'Ci 18 MARKE' T STR'EET, TELLER BROTHERS, .., IWIVUO'I'VUDOI'u.r.-... Leaf Tobacco & gars, IL. & G. rv. EDWARDS, (s..-.rolo TELLIIR,ANATILL'<. 00.,) No. as llcnQ)L Bt., Baltllllore,' A _nd Co.mmissiqnJ Fine-Out, Chewing & Smoking Smokin;-& Tobacco, DOJ!I'MISSION MERCHANTS ..,.....luo,e Dealer ,,. wx. A. llOYD. WlL A. oTn, .m. No. 60 S. Gay St., Baltimore. and All lUnd of' Smokers' 111 LEAF TOBACCO "u. s. BONDED WAREHousE.,.. Tobacco, &o., &r'lfeiC8, J. I G N 0 R laO&f AND M I TC. H ELL cfc. CO., ; H.: NEUDECK EW, l'lo. 168 l'lerUa leeoad sneee, 201-bei. 2d and 3d .._..,.. ,.. -.u.D 111 JURTFIBD, CONN, Mo. 33 NORTH WATER ST. street, Tobacco r ft'.Lovu,.o. ''ri; ER, Connecticut Seed-Leaf T ohacco, .b4 182 lo&TH 'WJU.RVES, PHILADELPHIA. .um PLUG T-OBAOCO, co., P,:_, Intern' I Revenue Bonded Warehouse ., ... .... u;.,; .... Smokers' Articles, Leaf and. .,. ... BAS..:."'::.:"=':-:._ S & J MOORE, 0 B.ALTIKOBE. l'aDc;raood8,u4Wbol..t.DWerata 11-11, M. E. McDOWELL & CO., BOSTO'..,. ::: SOUTHERN ADVERTIBEIIUTS. TOBA.OOO 8EGABS1 Pipes. and Fancy Goods.. T () B A c 0 0 (FI.;t CvDeetlorl Dlatrlet ,.. ,., ... "H I G H L A N D E R ," 206 North Seoona Street. 307 North Third Street, Commission llerchants, TOBACCO FISHER & co., "RED RovER," "DicK TATER," ll'l'.LOUIB,IIA. ll'l'.LOUI8, ... G. W. GRAVES, J PJ.O.E:D .lXD Du.I.Ba 0' c U chants S:rnok:tng 107 Borth Water-atreet, ,, General Commission Merchants, OIDffilSSlOn Fine Conn.ectiout Seed-Leaf (SOUTHERN ADVERTISEJIENTS. a...tll No,. 39 Nor&h Wa&er Street, l. lliNALDO SANK & 00., Jobacco and General Com. Merclliants, 30X,.,__..t- PHII..AD,LPHIA. g. & :sport Bolllled l'farehttase :No. 1. ........................ b11e;r. ... PHILA.DELPHI A. Wm. Eise:clohr & Co., DK.UJRS IN' CO:WIECTIICUT. SEED, H.o\.Y,<\NA. AND Y.&RA. LEAF TOBACCO,. I 1 7 SoLtSh Watttr Street, PIIIL!DELPilll. fHOJ(AS HARE & SON ..... OLESALB DUIJI:RO IN ALL KDIJIO or ''Ralph's Scotch Snuff," 28 CENTIUL WJURF, BOSTON. FUlrc:ll Funma, Fl\UIOIS K. l"lSHBJ\, HoBAOE N. FI!!lllr.'l, J Oioll N. Fia>U:B. D. S. BROWN &: IXPO&DllS .U W30LBS.U.B DE...U.JtRS 1)1, Leaf and Manufactured TOBACCO, llAVAlfA PRllfCIPE. AND DOMEBTIO OIGABI Meei"'ICh&mn a.nd Briar Pipet, aad Smoken' Ar1SolN Gt.oeraUJ. lbchalTdy Wboletale. 31 wnd 3 t RroAdtree&. Bodoq. Th-establl!hed Tobaccoe, 1!0 well and fa:yotably known. are put up in ]II, }t, and 1lb. bales or pouches, and in bnlk thus suiting the retailer and jobber. .ltanufactored only at th" wotks 1'7 Richmond, Va. J. H. PEMBERTON 0 j ------------De 'Van Mason & & H. TYREE, Tobacco c R. AI ct. MBR? TJ. -:104 .Poydras St., New Orleans, COIMIII,ON MERCHANT, Orde,rs. for attended to. enera 'LOffiffiiSSIOR D.uacco Broker,. Lf/r&cllburg, Yfrglnla, Jl.fess ,.. HEALD & MILLER, New Y o rk AND AG ENTS FOR wm lift lila penon&! att811tloll. to the eale and Mesors. G. HIUNEKEN & New York. A>

--------=-=---:-:-=========:: -.I THE -TOBACOO LEAF. '1 LOUISVILLE LE.Af TOBACCO DEALERS. AND COMM' ISSIQN MERCHANTS. treacherous, so full ; ofeuspicious venality and revengeSMOKING II FIUNCE. the minieter of finance, and signed by him on ratificaR ful motives. A man conteyedly a violator of the laws tion. It is needleBB to say that the number of candi R 1 usHKR & PRAGOI!"P ................ 14 for tbe past ten year!!, admitting hie connivance and dates to fill t,-aoh vacant place is very large. JAB. tJUBK : ;:11Jg and 1:r iH'ENCER c LoNG ....... .......... ... Mauufacturlng and oblpp bribery to a Custom-house inspector, with no motive It was Sir Walter Raleigh who first introduced totq the limited number of tobacconists' shopa, the bust P&TB& SPB:TR ............................ c :::anuracturlng leaf WOLFOLK & GLRNN .. ......... .... ...... CotUngand t"r for J"ustice but dollars and CP.nts, who o-oes on the wit bacco into Encrland ,it was Jean Nl"cnt ambsa.dor of ia very lucJatl"ve. The of some of the VAUGR!\N & CO ..... ......... Cu {'flO d t lnJI:Io&f .P BCHANZENBACHER ........ Cul&tncandm&IIQ urn!f ea ,.. ,., ., ..., -.-"' OWBN llcBRIDB ........ ott ugan :crcbant M. B NASH :. ... Leal!obacoo commltlion merchant ness stand and makes mockery of truth, a man's Charles the Ninth at the ()ourt of Lisbon. who confer shops on the boulevards range rom five tbouiand dni -.J. G. DA VIti .............. ....... Leaf tobacco eo 1 ba h LOU FRAr'CKll: ................ Lear tob&eco commllon merchant d h WIRGMAtf & "1JEINl10111'[ : ,... ;:Leaf tob&cco WM 0 MinER & co: ..... .......... Leaf tobac= eommt .. lon ''"'cbanto can receive no at. re t e hke upon Fran<.oe. What _would Iars to twelve dollars a 7ear. The Ci, L oal....We o ca-,eanna'l' ?the me:its of the case Comn!isi_oner doE's that Prime Minister, had this 8ame N icot appearfive thousand dollars a year, but in the case of these B. LICHTENSTEIN. A BRUBSEL. I tate to d1scharge the behevmg that h1s Jndg-ed Wlth the wondrous plant in his hand and spoken to well-situated eetablishments, it is not unnslial for the ll. UCBTENSTBIN. Tobacco, H RCER 'ct. CO., WboleMle Dcalero lo LR&.D .I.IfD lllmltlll@ Also Importers or MEERSCHAUM and o( :&R.:J:.AH. PXPES. ll'o. 55 MaideD Lane, r- 1\Tew York. I Caution to Consumers. ( pu""'aolng an Infer! Tobeeeo poot up fo decej>rl!lar, rs somt>t hi no-li"ke a pl."omotioo or tbe. Legion of Honor. Every year intro-the Intenud -Revenlle R lnter.,.tlnc .,,. the ._ ._.,, en-& Me,.-and, fifty million francs a year. The tax duces some new improvement into the system of prep:>r'ts, with the exception of Plal or &he m.-.... lllakera Unionbe q1.11te v_oluntAry; one will be (:ompelled to pay it, paration. Some scores of scientific men are continually one item, the Kenton ware u.-eaable ..,_ .. Slaee and yet nme men ont of tep at least will contribute to employed-they are paid to do it and to do nothing bonae., CoviagWn, Ky., !t "Let u s hear your -prop011al." "Here else-in l'tudyiog uew methods of ameliorating the 'calis an estimate. The amounj. We find the followitlg iptet"eAtiQg OGITim,Q'IIication i u 1t 1s, my lo.rd. I would suggest that the crown should \.tire--of improving the flavor of the leaves, anfL taken for it is about equa l to a ()incinnati joum I: "'to the Editor ol &be Uommer to 1ts!llf the exchu;ive privilege of sellincr a: cer so blend the different varietie11 as to form finer C Bodman's warehouse, notioe.l t divers titnes and tam herb h}ch his MajeRty's subjPcts nii&'J!t w and more Wholesome cigars. But it. ia in the which old 1,200 more erroneous reports in the various in this citv, p_owder. and_ stuff into their nostrils TJ1o8 e who pre-of_ smdF, tha_t the Fr_encb -have attained rare perfeothan Kenton warehouse: d b h k 1 1 j d h ., b ma e y t e c!gar-ma ers ate 10 oux oyment, 10 errc It 1p.1gut. cut up t,. e leaves chew t1qn. ..... e tJ_me to turn a leaf of into 1eference to om"lialv8il (tl1t! cigar wl>.ich, 1t, or, better still, burn 1t and mhale the smoke If snufT, a cording to the method of the "Reg1e," lB ioor CINCINNATI AND coviNGTON. if (lis we originally intended), lire the prcla: e. b1aJistened tnns far, it probable he would years and two months-a tact which epeaks volumes oalculated to the pu.blic. We ave, therefore, have exciRJmed: "Your herp is then a perfpme nrore for the care_ and pains besto_wed upon tile fabrication. fiL to gi the true f ctA,__for benefit o.f the fragrant than amber, rose, or musl.i?" On The-'' Reg1e" sells three kmds of tobacco for pipepu H;,m refe1ence strike, by oUt envra;. e," would have m?kers The best goes by the name of ".Maryland.'' he Cigar-makers oi th1 etty:. domg so, b N Jco_t 1 a ra,rJJ J. '1 ''And how-mauy 1 dtB It. IS retailed in fellow packets, and costs one doflar and we do n t !'l 1' ll"lte {!)': and do Y?U co ceive there will be, then, to a half a ouncl .. second quality bas been b$ptised co troversy th1m whatever, nor 1s It our mtentiOl\_ 'h18' bad-smeiJiog herb up their noso.s ?" "'rhcre "Capor\\1." It Is that roost used, and costs one doUar to nswer any furtber misrepre.tation" that wtll some day, more tba twenty milli.PDB in tttii a pound. The third quality is prepared for the ulud 618,728 00 e Cigar-p:takers'lrn!on. e, alone, my lord." If be not yet in France solely; "it costs. but half the of Caporal;. I tb m o a_ubm1t _the folqmte so maqy as twenty m1lhon men who or but rt oan only be obtamed on presentation ot a SJ>e('ie& 83,!03 00 facts for _the coo8t?eratwn of Au pubthe doe11 not_ fa! I far short of It. The of voucher, to one of the i. he: Upon e m1nat10n of ac1mper1al manufactones : sold, w1thm the year 1867, no entitled every ten days. TobaccomstB!are forbidden. count books we find the followmg hst ofpnces, pa1d by than two hundred and forty-eight million six hun-under heavy penalties, to sell the tobaCco to civili ... 750 000 00 them to jro the year 1862 up to the and fit\y-two thousp.a-! (nearly-fifty mil-The '' Jlegie" manufactures six or seven kinds of cipnr. present stnke, v1z.; From June to December, 1862, hon dollars) worth of tobacco under fo.Jms. The best cost from fifty centimes to a Crane each. 'n.. -----prices paid for Connecticut seed 815, and seed and A!ld tbe net profit which acor-Aed to the revenue trom large majority of Frenchmen know but five kinda of Total. .. t2,577 ,672 00 Ha"Yana I From oor 1862, to J anucolossal sale was one hundred and seventy-seven cigars: the J..ondres, Millares, Deeimoe, and aTY;lS63, )trices pa1d for Connectwut seed *6, and aeed m1lhon even rea and fifty-two thousand four hun Sontellas. Of these :five kanda the Londrea ia the beet LOUISVILLE. and Havana. per _I,oo_o. From :Tanuary, 1863 to and thirt:rfive nearly thirty-ai:s: costa twenty-five if carefu_lly aelected.J !Jly, 1 pnces paid for Connecticut seed 7, 1obacco, hke every other hu1s fqlly equal to the Regalia, wh1eh co.ts thuty cent.a in..: Pickett Bouse, seed and Havana. s, 1,000 July, 1863, t has detractors; and a French staNew York. The coet twenty centimt!s, the S{'ratt & Co. ai,142 2 2 9 October, 186 31 pnce p111d fo .. ConnectiCUt seed as, nnd tllltlcls o_!'more fhjemonaness than good sense has eni'lfares fifteen centimP.S, the Decimos ten ccmtimetr. Lows 'ville House, seed HavaQa Ill, 1,000. October, 1863, Beavored. to prove by the help _of that the are none of them bad, and are allauperior to thy-Ray 1,016,238 56 Apr1l, 1884, paid fo Con ebtnf eedl!!l,all'lto 1u \he o lnnatJca m France keeps thmg that can be had elsewhere for the mool'y The Boone House, seed and Havana 110, per 1 ,000. From Aprif, 1864,"to exac pace with the in the oiDI!;lber of S}llokere. two princill@l manufactories are in Paris-at t h e Gros-Gio,er,Wbite le6!l, prices pai.d for Connect4:Qt ced $ 1 "In 1838," f1e says," the ptoiftr made by the State upon Caillon, where snuff and pipe-tobacco are made; and & Co 830 18 02 .alKl seed and Havana a12, per 1,000. From Ja11uary, the aale of 'IVa! thirty millions of francs, and at Reuilly, where the higher class of cigar!! i s manufac1 Ninth street 1866, to .January, 1867, pric('S ilaid for Conntjcticu,t there were ten thousand madnieo in th land; in 1842 tnred. The task is entrusted, in the latter HOult!, "Ro seed *11 50, and_ seed and Ha\ ana t13 60, er 1,000. the 'profits b:.d risen to eighty' millions of lrancf; and ment, entirely to womrn, of whom therE' as many ntt naiJ & CQ. 710,808 J"Qill January, 1867, to Octooor, 1869, time of the late the number of madmen -to fifteen 'thousand; ten year!! two hundred and fifty l!m}>loyed. A skjll flf\ workwo-. "Farmers' HousP, Grike, pricel'paid for ()onneetieut $1.1, aoq seed find one hundred and twenty million s of proftt, man can .make from ninety to one hundred aud .fifty Page & Co. and Havana il3, per 1,000-when tpe mgar-makcrs and twentytwothousand madmen; while in 1"862-thefe Loodres 10 ten hours, and three hundred Sontellas Planten'Houl!t', rue:)< tor 110 increase of *1 on he last-named prices, to were no less than forty-four tllousand madmen o 11et wtthi n the same fime. Not the leut curiooa citcum-J. S. Phelps manufacturers were compelled to submit for the off against a pront ot and eighty millions stance which a visito:t ,at tbe lUJ1lltactory o & Co tim e b e ing in <'rder to enable them (much to their loss) of francs." A few word.! will-refute this mode of draw Reuilly is the total silence ebseyved by the two hUllto fulfill their with c:us\omers: By ";f From the forty-four thousand ineane dred and fifty A whisper is punished by a erence to the above hst of pnces 1t can easily be dts must be deducted tlre wom c o, who form forty-eeven per fine, and work Is patd for "by the piece." Of course covered that there a continual increase of prices cent. (almost half) af tb.: total; moreover. within the the topaccoJllooopoly enjoyed by the French GoverD demllnded and by During the lastr yel\rH the htdeous / plague of druakeane11, meat hu.often been ml!de the aubject of ; and late war, when wor.kmgmeq Wt!fe scarce, and all ueces from rhe Fre nch had formerly been almost ..reJ:ormers are not 1tanting on the Freneh side of the THE Uniontown, Ky., sariea of life bei.f!g much than at we empt, bas made rapid in France. The Cbnnel wh? would the privilege_ and open the .Democrat says that to b acco subllll.tted to the1r demaads. .From the people of the SPuM\, livmg m an &Tdent climate, qwte Still.'! these mnovatoT!! are fam to own that at tbat point is coming in list of prices can be readily observed unfit for the abu\J!i;Of spirituous liqnoT!!, bave d latA die tobacco 10la by the "Regie" is and that; slowly, and the buyel'tl 'lre tl\at the highest priet: paid during late war tor seed years he light red wines of Bordeaux and they could not 'to get betwr :mywhere t>lae for' alow in taking hold. Havana was $12 per 1,000, being the same Burgundy, a.nit taken to brandy, gin, beer, and, worsl tire same it 11 probable that these clamors will -lve now offering and !s j_ust 100 per ofall, !oabsinthe. Here lies the oftbe!ise in avai! but little,:and will, metaphorically and litelallJr 't,IIE tobacco erop ot )(II,!?On ceat. mOl'e, or ll(luble the pr1ee we pa1d tor the same the number of madmen. Fourfifths of the lunat1oa oi end m-tmoke. County Mo is reputeJ1steas 1P.b 'lfl! want. Thus your ?n def!lndant, who_ durmg the pende11cy of tb would have continued in ite course fire i and James the Firat, who .wrote an absurd book co io one crop, it may look &o tedi4>'1ls to make four hqpe for the future lies in IU) e cJeot National organimvest1gat1on offers his ev1denqe 1o salt>, a!E for the arrpganoo awl ov t.b.i part of tbetr aga10st the'm, were all equally m the wronK The re-to' six: classes; yet lft had better do this-tba&-lia vetbree i sation. tnirik:rou wnlulJtimatety what you want. he the aJTest :of accusea cfefen employ_es, who, wh1}e 10 our employ, eTerythat apply to smokers apply to-tli ose who orfour same bulk or .hogllbead, if we sell 'thell: ;nellide& by thilt ne wou1d aa as. a wttness, had evidence .agamst h1m on a tbmg to n01:hmg Allud1qg to the s.ouff. Our took a?uff ever:yday o t thetr loose., the purchaser will pay us well; yes, bmer wages write U!une to Mr. Oonkltn, !.t.nd t.ha.t geutlewaa l>,roceediJlg before another Commission er-under such arrogance and dJctatonal co.urse heretof01e. c6nstantly from twenty to nmety, without bemg worse for the extra labor than we mai:t! in cnltfvating it; if would dou b tless give the trade his assistance. wcurn. noes no t.redence sbotl).d ] e auen 1.he state: pursued toward 'Us by the mgar-makers wlnle at work, for 1t. All the great men of the laltt oentury mdulged we have mall crops, and can't fill our hogsheaa Witb' mentis, hether verified .:>r-otherwise of::' witnesB-CQIDi.oa 1t js not impr9pe_r to 11"ive but .a few clauseij of the con in this harm! sa-thou gil, it. be owned, dirtyouta remnant; probably our neighbor cannot either, so MR. coHN s sPEEcu. A h "' .. f b u p h" h h a h \ N 1 h F h bl b k 1 h h .. .., mtu court w1t such tamted 1deas of ;ust1ce he 1 ut10n o -.. on mon, upon w 1c t ey assume to amt, eon t e 1rat, not to have t e trog e et:;veen us we can ma e severa ogs 'umaona Mr: I. B. _Cohn theot made a fe_w remar\11.. GOYemmentsbonld proceed against him ctate to. As an they prohibited the of opening a snuff-box every five minutes, used, nice, consequently each quality brings itS value, He did not hke the word ( etriDg d t e diamisaing him as a witne s and.inatitiiting pro c eedill" r from having o retaining 1nore than one when out campaigning, to keep both waistcoat otherwise the better grade is classed down With the motto on the stage). Who smo ll:ltl he am porte cigara as a I& i.-represented to the to f!_ve cigar-makers employed, thus pockets continually .a I?et mixture of his lower, losing t.he higher value of the better grade ea. Congress to protect? he gdntl11mend ..-: by authoity that scores of I! mug \)ltrlnntt q. that pa 1c 4l'. They furtber own. To those wh? still 1 n th face of such tirely. The most diffi011lt p11,rt of hudliiig &o at Delmonico 15 a,nd lounge on Broa way, an t Claaes are occurrmg yearl;r, '1Vhich are' never I"!':: PP9hlblt tb_o emp1oymg aoy hand facts, tobacco 1s hurtful, we l1ave. only: to answey., to be in giving it the proper ordtll'. It is gamblers. Wl!ydon Coug.-ffess. help th?e portil41 to the law officer of the G'overni:nent for not belongmg U mon, he ever so competent1 as Voltaire answered, when, after takmg coffee all hts peusablynecessary to have 1t .iu keeping order, and to __!D&tead, by takwg the tax 0 his pipe 0 t ey tion or investigation; and the evidence in this case We can o1te a 'number of instances 'wberJ poor but life, be was told at seventy the beverage was a have th1s, care and jud_2"ment are neceseary, and if o to make one class wealthy and poor. gives us hut a glimpse oftbemanner and mode ;0 which competent nop-Uilion eigar makel1j have applied to Uli poison: "Perhaps," he said ; "but in th&t a very j11dgmi!Jlt is at fault we are apt to make a failure_ rather s_ee sta es, t an our the revenue service is tampered with and its reo-ulations for wdrk, whose' rviaes w wfl obliglld to dispense slow:: one." But the sine qua non condition in the nse When bulkirlg in winter or early spring, see that the shlpJ&rds and Idle dd "?W e':l\ded. It may be. policy to settle or owing to the that applicant, as of tobacco is that the must be good. Here.we ground is neither freezing nor frozen, the stems lmrct Our workmen stnke, but Y g with parties engaged m such a contraband trade, s e ize summ_g work! m11s. 3om the U moo, 9nd come back to the pomt whenct'l we started-the tmhalf-way the leaf, and not supple; the leaf pliant but not wlidns placed co-vered 'IVith diamqnds. _He asked is llbamberlain a stick on them, thea as the hands are tied lav them on co.ul secure our ends_ by legislatiOn. ut, The only evidence in the case as to the cigars being in upon us by our late employ,es, with a disposition pn who sliul was. On being told that her husband wu a to the the hand being already divided just as it is friends, we are fast loswg t a power. the country is that !>f Albren, who sweaT!! that ihey part to us! by constant' and o):J baeeo merchant wbo had made a co! oss:.l fortune finished being tied; when the stick is full Jay it off and ADJOURNMENT. were first seen by h1m on a truck in Liberty street: noxiOUs lawa.enacted bl:" then Umons, toe great d1s a few yeam, be at once suspected tllat a for une bmlt up another PD; wben the day'e work is done hoist it antJ Mr. Cohn tbe11 the dience good nigl1t, and, that out four hundred million; Agent of the Treasury Department. It was claimed that the cigars were stamped and properly JI\tlor'ked. statements, b11t .do .not deem them of sufficienl c.onse the. net rotita abou P.f_nf. hundred !Dillion. Tile by the defendant that. the .'lfbo le pJYceeding on the part No evidence was furnished the Commissioner that they quence to take. up time. The foreign gentleGovernment itae interest. to see t.hat o) Albren was instituted .the pm;pose of blackmail were ever illl.P.Orted by any vessel, no documents from man of whOI:Ilwe have alludedja a certain what it sells should be of good quality, in order, ing, and that l!ad hie acti()n been successful oper!l the exhibited to show that they came by J.anl!e, of lll_inoi,e, (If tge Intern ntly, tbal. detnand for the thing eold should tions would have been followed by a regular blackmail tbe John Grifin or any vessel therebeing evidence in honal Um_on of C1gar:makers, who also assisted upon be general; and, .BecondlJ:,.. that there should arise raid. ofCommi.ssio!ler Osborn, which case that Albren has in trade of imp9rting that He to inter'eet of np i of t.r!ckerr or in .the is mterestmg to tobacco merchants, IS as follows :-The c1gars from Cuba, oftentimes legitimately; and as the tlae OJ gar-makers, we could not expect h1m t o confine pnbhc mmd. To this end, the supervision ererctsed accused standi charged with havipg, in or about the proof rests wholly upon the tt corroborated lltatements himself strictly to facta, ima U.ehtore note but one of the tobacco manufacture is exceedingly striot. A month of Septem?er, and. kn_o of BB to their imported-no cigars having his many In speedralluded to respon&ible to min!ster of finance, and ass1sted 10 1mportmg and br10gmg 1D. se-.eed, none found on the uremisea ot defendant-.he_ represented that c1aar:makers at our 18 placed at the bead of the admtmstrat10n, and all the to the U nitei States about 10,000 cigars and 1,000 and aa -the witnet;s Alb ten lltanJs OOIJlradicted as to the pr1ces c_an barely make a hving, wtrile we can attest by tnferio"l" posts of superintendence a-re filled by officers pieces of ribbon, and did, furthermore, receive, conceal, cili_ars being contraballd, t.ogetur with. the proof that many Clg&r-makers themselves, besides our pay books, from the Eoole Polytecbnique, which means b11y, aell and, in some manner, f&L-ijtate the tranflporta-AU>reD haa aaid that he would clear out and not testi-tbat .a good can make to *28 per week, that they 'are men of honor and esptiou ami sale of ll&ia goods and merchan .fy 1gaiost d'lfendaut if he oonld receh-e h50; that he prov1ded he Is wlhog to work s1x days in a week as. .t.y. '.l'bc number qf the imperial maaufao&orin clise' after their ii-andaleni importation, knowiug made the charge out of .rnenge, -and the control!Ang other mepltanioa. At. \he eame time tbe:r will work for eo teen. Five hundred and twentyfour officer!! are en the same to have been imported m violation of the circumstances that his reputation for truth and veracity less in other placea, 011teide of th18 city, to the trnated with tbe management of the .. na fGnrth eection of the act ef Congress, Jaly 18, 1868. is bad, four or five respectable and well known business of manotacturers here. Ill" conclnsiop, we the surveillance of the manufactories. 'fbere are A ofttie evidence, covering the most men, me01bers0f first c laas _mercantile houses, co"?-ing ":ould tha\ a majority of c:igar-makers in tjiia thirty-one three and rial and 1mportant fe:otures of the offence charged, w1ll f'orwa.rd and solemnly declannothey would not bel:teve c1ty not havmg to the U moo No. 4, were well wboleau.le warehouses, and thirty-eight thousand ahow the character of the proof furnished to the ComAlbreo on oath; with all these"Jacts and circumstances satisfied with our prices. and considered the 11ame good hundred and thirty-one retail eeta"hliahments 'he IT i nunor e d i n Was h i n;ton thnt Pos tmaster General miaaioner in support of the accusation made in surrounding the case, the defendant's character andrewages. Should cigar-makers penis.t iu their course, it tobacconist in France is an official. The post ia in \he Cresw ell will res ign and acc(' pt a fore ign mission. the complaint by J. R.Toole, a special agent of the putation in the coml)luoity having been shown to be will onl' reault to their. as manufactu direct gift of tbu Government, and is tenable only cJur\u-y Department. In order to sustain the charge against good and his mercantile standing of the first clasa, tbe rers of cigars .will be compelled to disburse the amount ing good behavior. He or she (for a -great many of the defendant the Government has seen fit to make use Commissioner is quite loth to suffer .his (defendant's) repa1d out here elsewhere, which is nearly one the holders are women) generally owes the appoint of the notorious smuggler as a witness, who if peni putation to be tarnill;hed or his allegiance to the laws million dollars per annum. ment to the recommendation of the receiver-general of tent for past offences and in good faith was willing to, questioned, even at the vestibule of justice, when the Bl:" of the Cigar Manufacturers' Association or the district; the applicant is obliged to go through the confesa all and bring other parties to justice, and aid 1 accusation against him rests upon probabilitielil so Cincmnah. TaB CoKMITI:&E." form of drawing up a petition, which is sqbmitted to l'rof. and his M t emling surgeons have .l?fO' nounced the b ifth Watd murd e rer p e rf ectly san e Tbe Aldermen of Lhis_ city t o sp e nd;itl?\)for tho firmg of on Wash m gt on's I


' a us Composed of TaoxAa HoYT and JOHN F. FLAGG, No. 4o4 PEARL STREET. I NEW YORK, TOBACCO KANUFAOTUB.EB.S. LlQUOB.ICE. Anhur Gillender & Co.1 LICORICE IVaa-&20 'ill:' lOll .DDB18011 6 oo, WALLIS & CO. urar-a'aa or..,.. SOLACE TOBACCO, 114, 116, ani 111 LIBERTY-STREET, .... 1!1 CEDAB.rSTB.EET, Altbe Gllleader, --a.11..u. .., !IW-Y-&RK. J.-pb W GraJ, ,_..L.LWooC. 4fS. B. QtJ!Sm.MANN, ll.aDu&c&llnlr or lUI kiDdl or HENRY JI. lo!o 99 Pearl aad 8t Stoae Street, :NBW YOBK," IMPORTER OJ' Spanish Mass Licorice, ADVBRTISBDNTS. KEY WEST. HAVANA CIGAR S E D E N B E R C co., 19 Dey Street, New Yorl, of the Bratul Eapanoia. .,._., ur-Ail Segan made In thle Factory are HAVANA TOBACCO. B USSI.A.l\T OIG.A.BBTTES. 0 BmDiO.UAI'. AD ldl!a. ,ot the I'INEST BR.UIDII,ol TVJU[JIB, PBIUQtHI, All4 CUT CAVDD'l'OJI&C008 tou!M>IIJ OD balld, at WHOLESALE ...tND RETAIL. r TURKISH and LATAKIA TOBAOOOS !n the Leaf 1111 WJfQLESALB. FACTORY, 18. PLATT STREET. POST OFFICE BPf-41','!811. (llottetiD Coaotadtlnoplo and New Yorlr,) II SUTRO. I "" SU.TR.O. a I & BRO., COMMISSION Mlll!!lOIUN'I'I AND IM:POB.TEB.S OF CLA, Y F. W. BECtc: &. 180 North St., Baltimore, M:d.i king Tobaceo, .PAOKIID IN POCKE-, fOUOit:lf :Patented Dec. 3d, 1867. Depot with and Orders 'takell' by M.A ... ICMEY, ,., .. ,,.. Do


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