The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (4 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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!"" \ VoLuliUI .VL, No. 285. DuD 01' TD PUB. OOpletl ......................... 18 Ce!ltl Per annum...... . ......... .. per 'l'o Hamburg, and the Continent 'bf Jlwoope, fl.M additional per ananmlor To Aoatr&lla, ete., 63.11 add!Uonal per annum lor poetage. No ordertl ror the paper conoldered, 1UlleH IICeomDAnled bytbe correepondlno: Remittance!' ebould, in e1'ery iD1 fltaoce,. he made only by money.order, check, or ) lor 1 .J.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 40 Larger advertloementl! In the oame proportion, but 110ae anleoo l, t, a, 4, or more '.JI.'!.t're. W" Advertloemeotl! on toe tlrot page $168 per !ncb over two wide eohnnll. and none taken for ._ tha one year. payable tully Ia adnnee; two 1Dehee1 188fi ; three lnebea, fliOO. No deviation &om tneoe tenDo Acs.vertteementa UDC1er tke neadlng h:J'or Sale,. ar "Wanted," 25 per l!ne Tor every in aerUon. < All cll&ngeo In the have to be fer extra. No bldero tor adverttolnr will be considered liD e aceompaaled by the eoueopondlng amount. Tille rule will DIV Aalbu.Y be adhered to. Westhelm, M. &10o., 1'1'1 Pearl. Wintzer & Goolt, 6 Willia tnBAOOO II.OQIIS, Cattus & Pearl .-red. fiacher, Frederick, 2 HanOftr Bwldlug. Gans, J. S. & Son, S6 Wall. Osborne Ohas. P l& Old 1111p. Rader, K. .It Son, 160 PearL Shack .A.., Water. IIANUJ'I.CTURI:U Oil' !'0\'.A.CCO Buchanan & Lyall, 144 Water. Buchner D., 256 Edmonston, S. S. &; Bro., US & 1!15 Duane. Fa1k 11. & Co., 143 Water. Gieselmann J. H., 159 Ludlow. Gillender, A .l! Co.,ll4, 11? Liberty Goetze, F. A. .l! Bro., 328 W.U.ingtoo. Good'll"in, W. H. & Oo., 1M and 20P Water.' Hoyt, 'n!omas & Co., 40-l Pearl. Langenbach C. clt Co. 20i Oeotre. Lorlllard, P. clt Co., 18, 18, 20 Chambers. McAlpin, D. R. {t Co., ,._.,. .Avenue D. Miller, Mrs. G .. B. & Co., n Columbia. Ploaeer TobiLCCO Faatory, 11'1 Water. Scbeid_er, Jos. & Co., 76 Bowerr V. & Co 61 M>d 69 Cl'OIIby. GOLD V .A LUES OF FOREIGN COINS. Watts B. H., 3 30, S32 an4 334 Cherry. (}roat Brittdn-HANUFAC1I'UREJUI O'P CHUBB po!''!". .. .$4.84,11 Gersbel L. li Bro., 86 Miden.J>OJle. Is. sh.tUmg ...... .. .. 0.24.,2 Hnrtcorn, & Rahn, 160 Watllf. ld. penny. ........... .. O.Q2,0 Hirsch D. & Co., H4 -m.tor. 1ra'IIC6. HirschhoM1 L. & Co. 1M Water. lfr, franc ....... .. ... O.l!l Jacoby, S .t Co., 194 Peul 1c. centime ...... .. 0.00,18 Kasprowicz. S., Water .Awutwdam, Rottmlam, lllc. Kerbs & flpics 811 Bowery Ill florin or guilder .. ... Lee, Wm., Pearl. let. cent ..... ... Rayner -Thos.' J. & eo .. Liberty and 54 Brnn..n.. :Vaid.e,n Lane, 1rth. nxthaler ......... .. 0.'78! Seidenberg & Co-, 19 Dey. lgrt. gi'Ote .... : .... .. .. 0 9l,O(i} Smith, E. A., 181 Ma,den lane. Hmbwg, Lubte, tlto.-Straiton Schmitt & Storm, Pearl. lm. marc banco. O.M,C Sutro & Newmark, 6'711.aiden lane. loch. achelhng ....... .... 0.01!,1 Volger & Huneken 186 Front. J'ORIEIGN WEIGHTS.-A kilogramme equals Jbs. j a Bremen pfund equals 1.09909 THE GERIC.lN CIGAR PACKJ:ltS SOCIJ:U, lbs; a Hamburg pfuad equals 1.06796 lbs. Borgstedt & Karsten, 7 Bowerr a TOitdupois. IMPORTRitS OP Ge1f Ai!ABIC, ExciSE TAx.-Fine-Cut, Plug, Twiat, ToMerrick1 T. B. & Co., William. bacco twisted by hand, or reduced from I>!PORTEBS .&lfD s..lLERS leaf into a condition to be consumed, or Bernard, Phil., 143 otherwise prepared, without the nse of any Danenberg A.. F 21 3i.tb an. machine or instrument, and without )>eing Pappenheimer M 83 Broad. J:!reSBOd or sweetened, and on all other kinds IMPORTE118 OP JUVUA TOBACCO, of manufactured tobacco not herein otherwise .Almirall J. J., 30 Cedar. provided for, 82c. per lb.; Smoking tobacco, Garcia. F., 150 Water. exclusively of stems, or of leaf, with all the MirandR, Felix, 19.11 Pearl. ateme in and so sold, the leaf not h:Jlving Kelly, Robert E. & Co., 34 Beaver. been p!'eviously stripped, butted, or rolled, Weil & Co., 66 e. and from which no part of the stems have MAIIUUCITURifiLat tP BNUJ'J', been separaters, Dem11th Wm. & Co., 4011 Bnladw"7. IJi &6 John. Pollak & Son, 27 J ohu. 'IKPOB1'1U OJ' H.l1' AlfA CIGA.JI& De Barry & KJil)g, 5ll Broad llaier 0 1 William. 0, On. o( tQb.aceQ, .OJ. tlllllstitato for tobac.:o1 11round, dry, damp, : pickled, aeented,'orOtherwise, of all iJescrip-iMPORTRl! 0'1' II4JI1LLA CTGARII .lND CHEROOftl; \10111, when pl.'llp&ted fbr use,tl tax of 32d'. 8 & Sons, 216 Front Per lb. And nntff.fteur, when BOld, or remond for use .or .oouawapUoo, ahall be taxed .. anufl', and shall be p11t p in paekacea and aamped in tb& eame Ili&Dner as snult T.uun.-Foreign Tobacco, duty Uc. per cold, Foreip. 'Cipn, St 110 pel" peaul! ... d 25 ""r eent. 1111 ealnr-. lm ported eigars also bear an Internal Revenue tax of per H., to be paid by stamps at the Custom. House. (Revenue Act, 113.) BUSINESS DIRECTORY 01' ADVBBTIBBBI. '-:o:-', JIEW YORK.. tOBACCO "!' .lRIHOll'SE8. .Agnew W., .It &no, 284 and 286 Front etreet :Allen, Julian, 172 Water. Baker, B. C. SQn & Co., 142 Pearl. ,Benrimd, D. & .A.. 12oJ. Water. :Blakemore, .!1 Co., U BI'OQd. Bownt, R. S & Co., 7 Burling Slip, Bulkley, Mpore & Co.,'74 Front. Ci:tdozo, :\ l H. & Co., 169 Front, 7d Chook Iey ;!.A.. D : k Cn., 161LPearl Cohn Water .. Connolly & Water. '(lliawford, E. M. & Co., 168 Water. i DeBra\ekeleer & Foote, 94 Beekm&ll. Doban, Carroll k Cb., 104 Front. t.Du Bois Eilgl!ne, 3'7 Water. & Co., 176 Wat, Chas. B. & Son, 12"11 Pe&l'l, l'atman & Co., 70 and '72 Btoaa. Prank, Beuttenmueller & Co., 96 Maiden la: Gassert & Bro, 160 Water. Greenfield & C(l., 61 Beaver. GroBSe A. L 13l Pearl. Gunther, L. W. & Co., 110 Pearl. Guthrie & Co., 226 Front Hamburger I. & Co., 55 Maiden lane. Bill Geo .F. & Co., 48 Broad. Billman, G. W & C., 108 .Front. Bunt, ll. W & Co., 16'7 Water. nD'ORTKlUI 01' LICOBICB PAI!'l'll. Appleby & 138 Water, Duvivier clt Co., 9 Whitehall EcbeYerria, K : .t Co., 20 Beaver. Francioa, A.. P., 102 Pearl. Gifford, Shermaa & lnula, lllB Willioun. Gomez, Wallis & Co., 29 and Sl S. William, P Harmony, Nephews & Co.; 63 Broadway. Rau81Jmann G., 10 OJd slip, Kremelberg & Co. 160 Pearl. Morrill'; B. M., 101 Pearl. Weaver&; Sterry, hi Platt. Bl'ECIAL'I'IES POB TOBACCO lU.NUPAC TURERS. Sterry, F. W .. clt Ce. 24 Cedar. SEKDLIAI' TOBA.OOO JNSPiiCTIOlf, Linde, F. C & C'-o., '76 Greenwich street. T0BJ..CCO PRESI!KRS. Guthrie & Co .. 226 Front. JIA!fUJ'ACTUR.aS 01' ClG.lR nOXES, Henken, Jacob, 298 and 296 Monrae. Wicke, George, 26 Willett street. CfG.A.R OOX CKDJ..R .&.ND OTBKR WOOD. Dingee, P lf., cor. Sixth and Lewis, Rodman & Hepburn, 216 Lewis. CIGAR RIBBONS, ..A.lmirall J, J., 30 Cedar. CIGAR RIBBONS. Fleitmann & Co, 58 and f\0 Reade. Prolsil l)scar & Co., 25 White street. IIANUJ'ACTU:,KB OF TOBACCO !INrGlL, Crooke, J. J 3g CroPby street. AUCTIONEERS OJ' TOBA0001 ftC, Betta neratd .l! Co. '1 Old Slip. 1 TOB.&COOCUTTING llJ.OHINERT. ;Borgfeldt & Deghuee, 86 Cedar. TOBACCO LABELS, Hateh & Co., 218 Broadway, F. & Co, 22 North William. Schumacher & 2 1 Murray. SJCLUIG W.&.X. Zinsser W. & Co., 197 William. Kerrigan & Agnel, 18 Water Kinnicutt, Thomas, S Kittredge, W. P. AI Co., 164 Water. Kremelberg & Co., 160 Pearl. L&motte A. C,, 163 Pearl. TOBACCO B.lGII, Aeten, W. B & C., Pearl, SKWINO lU CHIN JIOR TOBACCO BAGS. I Empire Sewing ll.achine Co., 294 Levin, .&1. H 162, Pearl. Levy&; Newgass, 169' Water. Lichtenstein Bros. & Co., 121 llaiden lane. Lindbeim, R. .II Co., H7 Water. Lorillard, P .t Co., 16 Chambers. Maitland Robert L, & Co., 1 Bmover sq. llartin & Johnson, 166 Water. )layer, Joeeph & Son 122 Water. TOBACCO BOXJCS. Hammacher, .A. & Co., 62 Beekman. STENCIL PLATES AND BURNING BRANDS. Hickcox T. N & Co. 280 Pearl. TOnACCO P.API!R WAB'CB011SB, Jeeaup oil: Moore, 128 William, PRINTER AND IIANUUCTURI:R OJ' CIGAR ..ll(D TOBACCO BGS. Wood Bros., 173 Greenwich. SCALES. McCaffil, Wm., 61 Bowery. llcCa.ffil & Barnett, 191 Greenwicl!. ll.essenger, T. H. & Co., 161 and 163 Maiden ll.orrls, H. M., 99 r::.rl and 62 St9ne. Sampson Scale Company, 240 Broadway. lOANUF.lCTORERS OJ' SHOll' CASES. G. Winter, S44 Broome. Nortt. Neudecker r.. H., 117 West Dalt.lrnore. Parlett, R. F & Co., 92 Lombard. Welsh Wm. a. Sons. 27 Sott\l;I,,GaJ Wilkens & Cgesttiin, 134 Commercial BROOK'L"YN N.Y. XANUl'ACTll'IIJ:M. Bramm, John, 28 Atlantic. Buchanan & Lyall. BOX JIANilJ'ACTtrRERI!. I WATER. STREET, 'NEW :YORK. Sherman Brothers, 8 to 18 Sedgwick. 1U.ImJ'ACTURIKS OJ CIGARS. THE (J!SE OF El-(JOLLEtTOR BA.ILEV. A COllPLETE ASSORTMENT OF ..lLL KINDS OJ' Elbrecht, Siebert &; Co., Willoughby. CHUJAGO. Dennis, Mtdlen & Co., 36 South Water. Hibben & Co., 235 Randolph. The sudden disappearance of Mr. Joshua F.' Bailey, lately Collector for the Thirtyseoon4 Internal Revenue Dibtrict of this State, has caused his friends no less astonishment than his enemies. The former were at first slow to believe that his absence would Constantly on ha.ftd Foy G & Co., 811 bdnth Water. Saudhagen Bros. 17 Wea' Randolph. Smith, J. L., 11 and 13, Wabash avenuo, XANUJ'ACTURERS OF PLUG TOBJ.CCO. Murray clt Maeon, 1'74 & 176 Nort" Water. Ullman S. J. &: Co., 69 South Water. JIANtrFACTll'JtERS OJ' TOBACCO. Heart C. B. & Co., 14 South Water VINCINN A TI. TOBACCO All'CTION WARJ:BOtrSJ:S. Bodmann Cha11es &; Co., Water. Casey, w .. & Co., 100-104 West Front. lU.!iUI'..i..CTUURS .ANb qoi:v':SSIOM X:U.CHANTS OF MFl>. Brlll!bean & Son, 46 Walnut. Hafer, Holmes clt Co. 25 West Second. DEALERS IN LEAP TOBACCO. Besuden Beary & Bro., 161-1611 Eggert, Dills & Co., 82 West Second. Mo.llay Rich. & Brother, 1111 West Front. Meyer Hy., 18 Front. Sengst..k & Wernig, 46 W. Front. Young & Dugan 60 West FrQnt. M.A.Ntil'J..CTURKRB, UfPOILTER.S_, "'-MD DEALERS o:r CIO.!.BS. Fuhrmann, V '7 Mal!;. Krohn, Feiss &; Co. 68 W eot Fourth. Lowenthal, S. & Co., '76 Main. Stn .sser Louis, 1S'7 Walnut. Zins Jacob & Bro., 267 Central ave. COTINGTON, KY. Glore, J .A.. P. & Broa., H, 17 & 19 W. '7th, Sullivan, J. T. & Co., Kenton Tob. Ware house, Greenup. DANBURY, CONN. (#aves, G. W. DANVILLE, VA. Pemberton J. H D.I.TTONe o. & Pease Pease's Tqbaeco-Ct!.tling Eilf;me. EA.ST HABTJ:i'OBD, CONN. Signor J. Chapman, R. A. iiARTJJ'OBD, COliN. ll..lNCJ'ACTURIB8 AND DJIAL&&S, Dames & Jerome, 236 State. Buruham J D & Co '1'1 and '19 .A.eyl11111. H.,._ Brotbers, !82 Vain. Pease, H. clt Z K., 16 Market Seymour, D. M., 1119 and 161 Shepard & Fuller, 214 8i81!0n .A. L .t F., lll4 Main, Westphl Wm., 21<3 Stace. Woodrull', Josephs ; 18 Market TOBACCO PRKIII 8CR:S.W!. Lincoln Geo. T. & Co. l'rHACA1 N. T. Grant B, J, & Co. I East State. LOUISVILLE KY. Finzer, J. & Bros., 13 Third. prove more than temporary and accidental, and were loud in protestations of his entire innocence of anything looking like malfeasanc e in office. Events, however, traveled too fast for them, and those who on Saturday morning last were firm in their trust in the absconding Collector, were utterly shaken and despondent before the sun went down, while the evening journals added to the proofs of his treachery the announcement of his removal from office, which, of course, was effected before the latest developments of guilt had been made public, showing that the faith of the Washington authorities had not been so implicit as that of his friends in this city. The Sunday papers in. creased the evidence!' of defalcation, and these, with the arrest of Mr. Bailey's chief-deputy, E. S. Childs, and the latter's statements to the effect that the frauds had been systematically carried on for the past four years, left the believers in his innocence no ground to stand upon. At the present writing the case is still involved in much doubt and uncertainty, but the guilt of our ex Collector seems established beyond a hope of subse quent disproval. And thus is added another to the long list of names of those who have within the past five years deliberate ly betrayed the trusts which the Government confided to them. Few men in the Internal Revenue stood higher as to moral character than Joshua F. Bailey. When he was transferred from the Fourth to the Thirty-second Collection District, although there was a strong opposition to his confirmation, and certain "Reasons" were circulated against it, the general senti ment of hi11 party aad the publlc generally was strongly ill favor of his unimpeachable honesty. In fact, he was >regarded as one of the few IUlCorrllptible officials in the Departmeat, and all snob; so the people and a majority of the Senators tboo..gbt, should be su tained. .A eelf-made .-,m an, he ha worked his way up to a prominent position, and his 'hitherto, such was the general opinion, had been marked by no short<1oming in duty-by no prostitution of the public service to further private ends. With such ari enviable reputation did Mr. 'Bailey enter upon the discharge of his duties as Collector _of the Thiriy-sec and to assert that all his illegal prosecutions were actuated by the :commendable zeal of a strictly conscientious official. It is not often that a criminal can so comple tely and for so long a time cover up, even from his associatr.s in office, the evidences of his w .rong doing. It is not ot\en that an official can so success fully steal the livery of Heaven to serve the devil in But in this case, if we are to believe his sole accoln. plice, Childs, Mr. Bailey commenced his illegal transac. tions four years ago, and, like other criminals in the same position, has probably proceeded from small to great peculations, until the tide of circumstance swept bim off his feet and down into the black gulf of moral bankruptcy. Of course he intended repaying the sums thus wrongfully 'appropriated. Did one ever hear of :,a ddaulting cashier, or other official, who did not intend to make good his defalcations? The ex cuse, like the crime, is, unfortunately, an every-day one, and only the exalted position occupied by Mr. Bailey gives it especial prominence. Beginning with a $40,000 deficit in the lt'ourth District, he entered his late office a crippled, if not a guilty man. If, as is said this. deficiency was caused by the loose manner in, which his 'predecessor in that District had kept his a prompt and full statement of the whole affair wo. uld, perhaps, have averted the oresent catas trophe. This;-however, Mr. Bailey not to have 'had tbe courage make, and, hoping to net the amount by bis official in the larger field to which he bad been"'transferied, decided in favor of secrecy and RUIN I 1 n Robinson, A. L. & G., Factory, 48 Fourth WarebQuse Salesroom, 137 Main. Wicks, G. W. & Co., 102 Main. TOBACCO J.ND COMMlSSION HJ:ROHJ.NT. Meier Wm. G & Co., 56 Seventh. L YNCHBti'RG VA. Armistead, L. L, Carroll, J. W. Langhorn, Geo. W .t Co. Tyree, John H. ond District, and it was only within the last six months that rumors of his illegai action regarding the whisky tJeizures began to ob.tain general credence. Within that time, however, his conduot has been marked by a persistent disregard of the rights of m 'erchants doing business in his District, and during the past few Such seP-mno' lie the pitiful story so fur as developed in that were his, and in the use he made of them. No_man had greater incentives to uprigh\pess t.haa losbua F. Bailey; no man had warmer friendi, or a .smoother pathway in his offi()ial life. Had be #fi, d tile churage at the crisis of his life to speak ihe truih1 ,a11a leave his chances of retention in office, to' which is ever on the side 'of 'Fruth, the pre11eut ,terminatjon of his proniis ing career migllt! have been avoided, Beyond ihe nec.essity of a 'litile uiorii.l courage, there is no reason under .Beavt.n "why this 11hipwreck should have been m ade. On the coniriuy, there was every reason why Mr. Bailey should have left office even more gen erally honored and trusted than be entered it. But the golden opportunity left never returnedfrom the patli' o'f once entered there seemed no outlet. Event a event in logical SllCCession, and the sad climatt that startled the community by its ap parent abruptness, W'&ll -still but the crown of a pleted coq rse Let us hope that the personai and man may have the effect of causing a Qj.pser.scrntiny into official action, 11nd a division of that responsibility which, in this instance, seems to have too great for the heart and brain of one mo!tal. MELBOURNE, AUS, TOBACCO .lGi:.NT S .i.ND JJIPORT.IRS. I' weeks the metropolitan Press, with one or two exco>p tions, bave spoken out boldly in eQndemnation of his illegal course. so great was the excitement Owen, Dudgeon & Aruell, _MONT.GOIIIEIJ Y : ALA.. Warren & Burch, 88 Commerce street. NEW<K. N. S, .Brintzinghofter W.A. & Son, 883 Campbell, Lane & Co., 911 Broad!" NEW ORLEANS, LA. De Van & .Mason,'I04 Poydras St. PADUCAH, IY. Thornberry, J. W. in -dignation among his victims, that had there been nothinawrong in his accounts with the Government, he would, bad he remained in town, been compelled to bear the storm of condemnation which his extraordinary conduct had ncited against him. At the moment of 1 his flight, the men, whose business be had used the ------r iiiNOR EDITORIALS, VA.. Venable s.:w. & Co. Young, R. A. AI Bro., 4 Iron Front PH.LADELPHIA. TOB..&CCO WARI!:BOUS:ES t Boyd, Fongeray & Co., 61 North Third. Bucknor, McCammon & Co. 37North Water Doh. m & Taitt, 29 North Ws.ter. Edwards, I L. & G. W. 33 N:orth Eisenlohr, Wm. & C'o. 11'7 South Water.' Geyer clt Hiss, 62 North Front McDowell M E & Co., 39 North Water. Moore, S & J., 10'1 Sank & Co. J. 3-1 N Wa1er. Teller Brothers, 11 '1 North Third. Van Schalck B. A 1'7 & 19 North Water Vetterlein & Co. Ill .Arch. Wood,.ard Brothers & Co., 4'1. N. Water. IIAKUUCTURJ:RS, nB.&.Lli)IS1 liTO, BRmbtrger L. & Co. 3 .North ,Water. Batchelor, Bros., 830 & 33'I'North Third, 'Bremer L Sons, 822 North Third. 1 Hare, Th.:.!' Son, 474 'and 503 -North Second. :Meh11 Henry. 2 ,9,10 .M;arket. Steiner, Smith Brothefs k Knecht, 225 Race. 4 H, Third and Poplar. OJ' SCOrtH SH'O,J'J', Ralph A,., & Co., 11-5 Arch, lf.AJI.UJ'ACTtrBJ:RS, 01' IIII'B OIGAJII, F,ugue. t S. & Sons, 2211 S. Front. TOB,.&.CCO Dickerson, E. W., 107 North Water. PITTI'IRURG, PA. Allen, Ju Iian, 8 Sb
1' T0JI4000. Whalen R .t T .,'190 .State. iJT, LOUIS, MO. Ca-';11', D '168 N ... rtli Second most .nnwarrantable methotls to ruin, but whom the Courts had of any offence against the law, were preparing writs for his arrest on charges of illegal proseC!J.tion, addition to thi11, the decision of the Fullerton case against him-his complete defeat 1.n that direction-added to the complications in which he become involved. Looking at all these menacing clouds on bis and official horizon, is it stra'nge that the guilty Collector sought egress from tlie dilem. rna in flight? Mortifi'.ld and humiliated by the triumph llnt acquittal of Judge Fulierton; threatened with prosecution by the whisky men that would have known ne abatement tlie 'uttermost farthing, in the of had been paid; knowing that the Treas-ury officials were at that very moment sifting the ru that had reached Washington, and which more than hinted at gross malfeasance in office-with 'an these distracting trobbles culmiuating in one general qalamity-,that could no' longer be averted, is it st;abgo> we say, thatthe erring tJie the consequences of own and prefer;"ed to, abandon a field which he knew, in advance, he could A PRESENT CBNTBB'OP INTEREsT-The Revenue office.1 -1 H i : ,I SMOKERs' P:Bo'n:nn_!_It's an ill weed that blows no body an:y: good: AN old bachelor is described as a .traveler on life's jouney who has entirely f'ailed to make the proper con nections. a---1 r GEN. Pi:.EASAN'tox, like Mr. Bailey, comes to the Thirty-second after being Collector of the Fourth Dis trict in this city!'" May 'the similarity in their careers end here. i It A correspolldent a Paris (Ky.) paper that be has bought_ at Shelbina, thts about 100 000 lbs. ?f tobacco, at _anl'ner'agifprice of a fraction $7 per u J -' I 11 1 THE Bfi:Pc)RE Tmm.-The New York Sun wittily asks: "Why"sbou1dn't people have more sense than. to use tob' aeeo in theatres', chu' rcbes 'ana J'nihlic : pla:ces ? ,-b'e world is all before tbe:n wHere to chew: and they migtil tle a litt!e more delicate in the matter." ., never contest successfully? In the of fsuch an event, it NATIONAL. CoNvnTioN REsoLUTIONs IN KxNsary tq draw the_ moral-it draws itself. EverY. says: "Th' e ptotest one can see that moral cowardictJ, and, Natto_na:l_ ;\ssoetatton the; ab an overweening avarice, sapped the foundations of'Mr. liorptwn of powP.r by the Commtssioner of ternal Rev'en'lle, in cae-es where there are alleged viola Bailey's untarnished reputation. Once entered on the f R 1 .L.) 1i t10ns o a .. s, r?m which informen employr.d downward road, he sought, by a show of by 1 be li.rl3 to reap large rewards will official to biirid the' eyes 'of th' e Government and strike most peopl.r 'a& exceedingly proper." I; the public to the true character of his person 'at career. "' 1 U oder the guise of a vioilant public office.. he carried Marshal Harlow; who replace.d Bhar!Cow in this _Dis .,. ..., trict, 11ucceeds Gen. 'Pleasanton 10 t e oll t h 1 Oormitzer, C. & R. & Co., 20'7 Market. Ertheilqr Phil. 807 .No)'tb, Third. BRyne J E., 100 North ,Coll)mercl!'l Leggat. H _udson & Co., cor. 2d and.Vine liiPORTERS OW SJf ex Col lecto'!', best f.'\ce on his sudden posstble. W1th regard, to the truth of .he follow,ng statements more than one opinion may be entertained: "):'here is ab'undant reason to be lieve J;te has'taken nothing with him more than suflicient to provide' for his immediate necessities, while his family il! Only a few be fore hts flght be was pressed .for money for petsonal Eoxpenses, and made one or two l 01ns of tnfling a'm"ounts from friebds, al1:'ounting in all to perhaps five dollars. He af;'pears .. to h.ave taken no person mto hts copfidence; and even liis wife has no knowledge of his whereabouts, and' but vague ideas as to wh11t were his future intentions. Amon a those whe' ha, e had no "pecial 'to0 entertain friendly towards Bailby1 ilo one, since his has spoken more kmdly, or expressed more 17mpathy for him and his famijy, than Sheridad Shook.' 0 1.. l.., l


THE TOBACCO LEA GEN PLEA.SANTON was promptly oonfinned by the UP IN ARMs-The plug manufacturers against those :Senate on Monday. who wonld impose a uniform tax o 320. on all k1nd1 of manufactured tobacco. BACKED DowN. '.Che Cmcmnati ctgar makers' .. stnke" has ended by the" agreement to journeymen's pnces by the C1gar Manufacturers' AssoCiation," on t.he 16th inst. OuR NEw FEATURE.We shall publi demed or abridged on account of race, color, or "previous condiU of servitude." .., GEN GARFIELD has been asking the cigar makers of thts City thetr opmton on the proposed reductton on the tartff on cigal)!. He mlli' be "Onaiderably behind the age, tf be has not yet heard of the monster petttions against the measure sent from here several weeks ago PATIENCE-Is a commendable virtue under certam circumstances, but we doubt its approp11atcness when it leads a people to 'submtt tamely to offictal exacttons that would cause a nation of any sptrit to rise in revo Iutton We Ameucans exhtbtt an extraordma1 y apathy in this particular. INFoRMA'IION WA"!ITED -What bas beoome of the cases of the Rwhmond tobaccostamp countetfetters, concermug whwh so great a hue and c y was Ultsed last October? Can it be possible that crimmal have the same swgular manner ot dropptng off the cal -endars at Rwbmond that they have in this gooflly city -of New York? THANKS, NEIGHBOR-The Clatksvtllc ('l'enn) 'l'o liacco Leaj gives us the following fi1 st ola>S not we 'l'he meetmg of the N atwnal Tobacco Assomat10n 10 New Yotk ctty was a grana success, and b1ds fa1r to result m much good to the trade THE NEw YoRK ToBAcco LEAF gives a full and vety mtetesttng report of the proceedmgs, whzch u htghly C'ledttable to tiLe enterprise of that paper, and hut fo1 tts great length we would reproduce." MoRE SPECIMEN TIMBERs FROM TnE INTERNAL REv ENUE -On the 18th mstant, at Wash10gton, the Commtsstoner ot the Internal Revenue was mfotm ed that General Bennett, a f01 mer Supe1 vtsoi of North and South Carolma, aud one Loring, an accomphce, were a nested at AtlantiC Ctty, Iowa, on the 11th mst, by Genetal ClarkP, the United States Marshal for Io"' a, and taken to Hale1_gh fo1 tnal for consptracy to -defraud under the U mted States H.evenue laws. Lieut Gov. Woodford, of the Brooklyn Umon," hose 'tlpeech at the Tobacco Banquet created so de01ded and favorable an impresston among the trade, thus refers to the antecedents of Gen Pleasanton "Gen. Pleasan ton, who 1s chosen to succeed Mt Batley, u well known as one ot the greatest cavalry leaders of the war, whtle h1s famous campa1gn agamst Pnce 10 will long be remembered as one c-f the ptvotal pomts m the final movement agawst the Hebelhon. Hts discharge of the duties cf the Fourth Dtstrict bas justly quali ned htm !Gr the responstbthty of the most tmportant collection distriCt tn the country. We have enLire "faith that he wtll prove an able and rehable officer, who -will seek at once to protect the Government, detect fraud, and at the same ttme relieve honest from injurious and needless setzlllres." SHIPPING TonAcCJo IN BoND.-Tbe Wasbmgton Re -publican say, we .to not know on what author1ty, th Uommisstoner of Internal Revenue has Issuea orders to the Collector of the Third Virgmia (Rtch mond) Distnct, to allow, under rulelt and regulatwns prescrtbed by htm, manufacturers of tobacco to expo t to foretgn countrtes dtrectly from the export bonded ....,.arehouse m Richmond via New York, witbout enter ing the sane at the export bonded warehouses in New York, thus facihtatmg the dtrect shipment to foretgn countries, and greatly lessening expense tc shmpers 'This Will, m a great measure, reheve the exporters of the unnecessary expenses attending the handlmg of to bacco to New York Should thts expettment prove successful, the Commissioner will undoubtedly recom mend the estabhshment of the bonded factory system, in which five of the largest establishments m Vuginia are deeply mterested '' How ABOUT THE FIII'TH DrBTRICT ?-Would it not be -as well, now the Washington agents are O\ erhauling the accounts of the Colle< tor of the Thirty second Dts t.rict, to mvestigate those of the Fifth D1stnct, m whtch Deputy-Collector Phillips ltas just defaulted to the tune of $40,000? Those well Informed as to the routine of busmess in the Revenue omces do not hesttate to assert that this defalcatiOn could not by any posstb1lity have occurred, had the Collector of the District exercised the most ordmary prudence to keepmg h1s own pnvate ac count of stamps sold A small ruled memorandum book, m whtch each day's sales could be sepatately en tered, would have sufficed and acted as a complete check on the thtevish Deputy. When business 1s eo loosely conducted that a subordmate can thus rob with impunity, 1s)t not high t1me that the entire manner of doing business in tb1s D1strict should be looked IDto? A HARD RoAD TO TRAVEL -The work '()f erecting his Bureau mto a Department, and seating himself 1n General Grant's Cabmet, does not seem to be an easy task for the Internal Revenue Commissioner to accom plish. Regarding it, a correspondent of the Journal of ttfied Mr Parnell, now in Bailey's place, to follow suit He too is the Commtsstone.r's pllln The Secretary of the Treasury seems to be dtspleased w1t.h the dismissal of the three pesons menttoned, and tt 1s understood that he w1ll reinstate them 1f they so desire -it. The Secretary and Commtsswner were closeted together yesterday" MR. DELANO DISSATISFIED -A reliable Washington eorrespondent, whom we happen to know personally, telegraphed on Saturday as follows: "A repm t has been ve1 y generally circ11lated to day that Commls .eioner Delano intended to resign h1s office on account of the mterference of the Treasury Department on yester day, in removmg C<9llector Bailey, of New York, and :making other important changes among the Revenue .offietals of that mty, without the consent of the Com missioner. It appears that Mr. Delano upon retammg Batley m vffice in defiance of a very bad show ing m.ade against him, not by parttes affected by "his se1zures, but by other offiC1al11 of the Treasury De partment Secretary Boutwell havmg satisfied htmself of thts secured the approval of the President, and the were made. Mr. Delano main that he is the judge in the premises, that be is responsible for the collectwn of the revenue, and snould manage I he affairs of hiR Bureau without intervention Besides, it is said that he is piqued at Bo11twell's opposition to the plan ()f the Ways and Means Committee, to make tbe lev..aue an independent office, with a seat in the Cabinet." THE l<'rRsT FALSE STEP-Proved Ba1ley's ruin. He was never able to get sLraight again after making 1t. Tht! event 1s as mstrnchve, moraUy, as 1t ls sad. HAS the Government not yet seen the evil of ap mere pohticians, without proper -busmess quahfications, to 1mportant Revenue postttons ? 1 AssEssoR IIARVEY dentes the soft impeachment that he bas been reb &om tbe-( twn, nevettbeless, Rumor msists that the day of his deltverance, although postponed, is sttll near at hand TuE OFFICIAL. OtnrtoN opinion seems to be alent in the Qedar st et office that the unfortu nate Batley has committed sutCide, and that a httle moral courage in confessmg his liabilities to the Gov ernment on filst becoming Involved, would have averted the melancholy term1mition of his career. TilE C!GAR-'M,u;: ns Anouf!ED.-A vety large and enthus1at10 mass-meeting of the mtmbers of the Cigar :M:akets' Umon of this city was beld last week at the Turn Hall, m Orchard street. Mr. Conrad Kuhm was chosen Presldent,land Messrs. Nor week and SchrEiber, Sfmetanes The Imm ediate occasion of the m eeting was a reduction of wages in certain shops and the con sequent stnke of the workmen, as the laws of the cen tral organization forbid any member to contmue wo1 k m a shop wnet e a reduetion is made. A proposition of the Central Executive Committee was submitted, that 1n place of thts regulatton, one be adopted, that when a reduction 1s made the questiOn whether them< n shall continue to work, be teferred to that Uommtttee for deCision After some spmted debate, the propost tton was voted down almost unanimously The tion ofsupportmg the men thrown out of employment was then brought up, and it was voted to assess upon every member m employment one dollar a week tor the snpport of the stnkers A proposition to make the as sessment smalle1 was enthusw.,stJCally voted down, and 1t was determmed 1t begm the taK w1th the present week. It uas then annonnced that a letter had been 1eCe1ved from Mr. Garfield, of the Com'rmttee of Ways and Means, asktng an expteSBIOD of sentiment on the part of the j mrneyrnen CJg:u makers m 1ega1d to the pro ))Osed 1 eductwn ot the duttes on impotted CJgtus, and I eso luttOo s were unammously adopted demaudmg au increase of the duttes f1om $2 per pound and twenty five pm cent ad valm em, to $3 per pound and fifL y per cent ctd valorem. The meetmg then adjourned. THE MILK IN TilE CocoANUT.-It has always been a matte1 of su1 pse to ubse1 e 1 s, that the authonttes should be so determined on havmg the tax op tobacco pa1d at the factory mstead of at the bonded warehouses, when the hstory of the past few years provt-d that the frauds lwve invartably b een commttted at tiLe forme? and not at tAe latter In other words, the bonded ware house system has been found to be a p1ac t tcal preventtve agaznst fraud. The most recent til us tratton of this truth was the destination of the counter fe1t stamps uttered by the Richmond Revenue gang last year Tbese stampa, although made in the neigh borhood of this mty, were p,ut in mrculatwn here. Why? B ecause most of the tobacco here passes through bonded 'fhe stamps were sent to the West and Southwest, where there are no bonded warehouses to interfere w1th the1r free ctreulatton. Now, why, in the face of these mcontestible facts, should the authori ties want to abohsb the bonded warehouses, or confine them to the sea board c1ties? The answer bas recently been gi \en tn the assert JOn that the movement 1s in favor of the Southern of!icw-ls, who make nothmg when tobacco is sh1pped m bond, but who net the1r httle commtsswn on all stamps seld. The only hope we have now of tbe extens"on. of the bonded warehouse system ISm the fact tltat the Collectors understand that the t1 ade have aEked for bonded warehouses in the mtenor towns, and that thus they will have a chance of selhng the ijtl}mps on tobacco withdrawn f10m bond in the11 1 espectJVe dtstncts. It ill loudly whtspered that Supervisor P;esbrey, of Vtrgmia, only gave m his ad best on to thts plank m the N atwnal ConYention's plat form, on the assu ranee that a bonded warehouse would b e estahltsl!ecl at Richmond I 1 How OuR LAws ARE MADB ODious.TheN ew York Ttmes, in an arttele whiCh finds the testtmony to 1ts truthfulness in neat1y ever.y man's experience, speaks as follows regardmg the IDCOllle tax. "W1ll any one m authortty explain to us why it ill that everv device bas been adopted to mcrease the re('ugnance w1th whtch the pub he must regard this tax? Why have so much pams been taken to make tt not only unwelcome but a posittve abomination m the land" ? In the first place, the Assessors a1e ftequ eutly men totally unfit to be placed in any official pdsttion, and signally incompetent to fill a post which requires the exercise of tact, good sense, and good temper. To Uije a coarse but expres stve word, their seek to 'bull;r' private citizens out of their money rhey treat every one who comes before them with studied rudeness and contempt. The num ber of complamts whtch have been addressed to us on one pomt would probably give serious concern even to mr. Delano, who has nevertheless, perhaps by madvertence, done 'ery much in other respects to reo der the tax obnoxtous. A mt1zen goes before an As sessor to make some statement oncerning his income. What happens? He finds h1mself obliged to stand waiting and losing hts ttme about a room, hoping for a ehance of makmg bta case known to the Jack m Office. When hts turn comes, he is treated w1th an arrogance whwh wonld be bard to bear if he were a felon in a dock being cross-examined by the thieves' attorney. Every body remembers the rebuke whtch the late Mr JusttOC Maule, of EQgland, adll.Unts ,tered to a dommeermg counsel 'You1 tone,' satd the Judge,' would be offen sive even if it was adop ted by the Almzglity towa'fd a black beetle.' The same sort of insolence is too fte queRtly exh1b1ted by the ,Aw;essors They try then hardest to degrade any one who ventures to appeal be fore them, and start from the assumption that an ap. pellant is qutte ready to commit pe1jury, wtth all the offenc"s in the Decalogue.'' And th1s language ts used by an administration journal! PRESBREY AS A BRAGGIST ,..-Pr Presbrey, of Rtch mond, and Supervisor of the Virginia District, certainly bas not hts equal as a "braggtst.'' He has been brag gmg ever smce he eame into office, and be Will proba bly contmue braggmg unt1l the course of events con signs him to a more hmited sphere of actiOn. If tt wete likely to be of any use, we would suggest a httle mod esty on tfte part of the Vtrginia offimals. No doubt tbe tobacco revenue has increased in their dis tncts, and a portiOn of the 1ncrease is due to an ener gettc enforcement of the laws-but not all, or the larger part of it. When these b,aggmg offictals came in w1th the new Administration, Congret!S hlid just vouch safed the effiment stamp system, and 1t was 1ts benefi cent effects that these self sufficient oflimals harvested last year, and of whteh they are so constantly and so loudly boasting, as though 1/uy were the or1ginators and abettors thts system. ,Again, the attempted abolition of the hooded warehouses, and the curtail ment of thetr number, compelled the payment of the tax at the factory on a much larger proportion of the tobacco manufactured thaa oaual, which of course tended to swell the reveoue trom the districts Tbese and other causes are to be taken mto eonsidera tiOn in accounting for the large increase in the tobacco taxes patd in Vtrginia last year, and in influencing wh1ch the officials had nothmg at all to do Superv1sor Presbrey's last "pronunciamiento" reada aa follows: "The collections from tobaceo 10 thts State for the fis. calyearcndmg June 30, 1866, amounted to for the fiscal year of I867, $274,692.94; for the fiscal year of 1868, $413,912.85; for the fiscal vear ending J nne, 1869, 11,4.72,373. 75-makmg the collections forf'our years prior to oluly I,l869, 1;l. The oollectwns made by stamps on tobacco for of the ptesent fiscal year, beginning July 1, 1869, t2,782,112 79, or ,804 61 more tba11 wa1 collected m the four years previOus. The collec, ttons for the rem !lining four months of the present fiscal year, endmg June, 1879, wlll.make the aggregate tax flom tobacco at least $4,250,000. There has been ship ped in bond the last eight months, 11,796,329 pounds, the tax upon whtch 1s largely pa1d in Northern ctties. The prospects of the trade for the commg season are very! :flattering. The revenue sernce, under the ad min ist1 ation of the present officers, promtseslarge addttLOns to the collections during the commg year. THE TOBACCO MABXE T. Feb 1 Feb 8 Feb 15 302 hhds. 54-5 bbds. I83 bhcls. Feb 2! March 1 March 8 hhds 629 hhds. 300 hhds. )larch 15 Marcl1 22 356 353 hhds Vi1.qiwfct L eqfThe local manufacturers are com w buy wtth a httle m01e freedom, appa1ently convtnc e d \hat leaf can be purchased here as cheaply as any -whe1e Th1s ts proved by the fact that V1rg1ma manufactUiers ate puchasing m th1s matket, and that they are also sendmg out agents over the vVest to gatbe1 up what they .:an find suttable for theu pecuhar styl es ot w01k But even the vVe s tcJD c10p pioves shot te1 and ot mol"e mfeiLOI qnahty than the average Tbe l\hssourt yteld ts, pe1 the only exception to this 1 em at k, the seasons havmg been so favot able m t!Mt sectwn that a crop of 12,000 hbds was handsomely matmed b ef01e the gLOwers were compelled to cnt With this active demand, the best kmds of Westet n leaf should ad\ ance and rem am steady at a h1gb figure As to Virgtma, nothmg, 1t would can now avail to send down pnoes, unless the next crop should prove a large and fine one, as tt stands in the field But thts element enter mto the calculatwn for several months to come, and meaut1me manufacturers must have leaf to keep their factones runmng Seed Leaf-The present seems to be an excepttOnally dull ttme in the seed trade The quietude in cigars has reacted on the raw matetial, and Connecticut is en tirely neglected. The feature of the transacttons last week was that they were enttrely confined to Ohio, that crop comprismg nearly all the cheap tobacco now on the matket. As to Connecticut, we understand that the enthnstasm of Valley farmers and thetr patrons is growing "small by degrees and beautifully lese" Many of the would be purchasers of the new crop at tbe absmdly high figures which ruled during the winter, are bPginmng to take a sober second thought, and a care tul review of the situation has left them in anything but an equable frame of mmd After tbts statement, 1t will not surprtse the r.eader to learq 'that ce1 tam quctsi buyers are endeavormg to creE'p t>ut of contracts made at a time w)len all looked lovely and the metapboncal goose seemed to hang particularly high. Thts, how ever, they may nod a dtfficult operatwn, but the Valley growers wtll do weU to see that their magnificent bar gams are pro pet ly sealed before mdulgtng m extrava gant antiCipations As the present season is one set apart by a large portton 4if the Chnst1an world for spirttual recollection and prayer, so does it seem to be pecuharly fitted in the seedttade for a thoughtful tak iog account of stock, and reckening the probabthttes of profit and IGss Trade is stagnant, and the careful dealer is thus given abundant opportumty for this 'very necessary and wholesome process Let us hope that 1t will not be allowed to go unimproved, and that real advanta!! e wtll accrue to the trade as a whole from the retrospection The sales of the week include 50 cs Ohio at 25c; 200 cs. do at 30c, 34 cs. do at 21c; 125 cs. do. on private tP-rms The sales compare as follows Week cndlDg Jan 8 Jan 15 Jan 22 456 cs. 816 cs 1,6SS cs. Jan 29 Feb 5 "Feb IS 355 cs. 1,009 cs 220 cs. Feb 19 Feb 28 Mar 5 501 cs. llO cs 438 CP. March 15 100 cs. llarcb !II 409 cs Spanish-Has been qmte lively, the week's transae ttons comprismg the followmg: 224 bales Yara II cut at 97t@$1 92 bales do. on private terms; 58 do. at 50c, gold, to arr1 ve; l 86 bales Havana at 26c gold, 25 bales do. on private terms; 200 bales do at 90c @$1. ed !'here was a httle more acttv1ty last week and constilerable dark work was sold export. Tbe re ce1pts contmue light altbougb the V1rgm1a factors are get tmg to work, and the volume ought soon to be mcreased It 1s generally thought that the present season wtll w1tness a dectded rev1val m the export demand, and tbat the settlmg of gold on a firm basts WJI! tend to sttmulate that branch of tbe busmess 'rhe exports for the week compuse 32'6 pkgs (49,394lbs) from this and 619 pkgs (ll9,094 lbs) forwarded here from other por t s for transh1pment. Smolctng-St1ll contmues very dull, the fluctuatwns m tlie gold premmm ha.vmg an effect If, how ever, thete IS any truth in the report of the agreement of the Comnuttee of Ways and Means on a umform tax of 24c -wbJCh may Congress forb1cll-tt should have the ef feet of sendmg up all the goods made under the 16c tax And we doubt not that should thts rumor prove speculatoi s Will take advantage of the fact Ctgars-Sbow a httle Improvement on last week m the demand for tbe lower grades. The better class of goods IS neglected, the factories havmg accumulated large stocks at war priCes for manufacLurmg Th1s Is the underlymg fact at the bottom of the present movement among the men m oppos1t1on to the reductiOn, wluch the manufacturers 1 felt compelled to make It was not to be supposed that these gentlemen would contmue m a dull season, and w1th gold and values generally falling, to accumulate stocks all tbe same cost ::s when the prec1ous metal commanded a high premmm and greenbacks were deCidedly below pat. It 1s to the cred1t of the men that they saw the folly of ms1stmg on the old war rates, and would have consented to continue to wotk at the reduced rates had not tbe C1gar Umons m terfered and compelled their members to "stnke." Th1s foolish attempt to exerc1se so gross a tyranny over sens1ble men should be reststed by all concerned, and can only re suit, as 1t bas already resulted, m loss and deprva.tton to tbe men thus tyraniDzed over The factones are fillmg up With 11onUruon men, and the Umomsts will find that their ed societies have not only mulcted them m heavy assess ments, but have taken the very bread out the mouths of thetr w1ves and httle ones. We always advocated unwn and co operatwn among woilringmen, but the orgamzatwns so form EXPORTS Ft om the port of New Yot k to foreign p01 tfi other than European ports, for the week endmg March 15, were as follows : Bnttsh North mertcan Colomes 13,038 lbs mfd, $2,767. Bnt1sh Gmana 2 hhds, &604, 246 lbs rnfd, Cuba 40 cs, $728, 11,466 lbs manufactur e d, $2,746 1 cs p1pes, *3QO F1ench West Ind1es 13 hhds, $2,210 New Grenada 40 bales, $276, 8 cs, $365, 4,279 lbs mfil, :U,Ol9. Porto Rtco 1,704 lbs mfd, $358 'l'o Emopean ports for the week endmg March 22 Bremen 102 hhds, 40 do stems, 410 bales, 50 cs. Cadtz 4 hbds GtbraltaT 106 hhds, 9,696lbs mfd Glasgow 8, 763 lbs mfd Hamburg 10 hhds, 65 cs Havre 7 hhds L1suon. 76 bhds, 2,34Ilbs mfd Ltterpool 49 hhds, 28 tcs, 468 pkks, 72,995 lbs mf d London 33 tcs. IMPORTS Arrivals at the port of N cw York from fot eign P,Orts for the week endmg March 22, mclude the following constgnments Havana. Antonio Gonzales, 175 bales; Dtlls & Co, :a do, 1't1 H Levm, 209 do, Chas F Tag, 304 do; Th1erman, Kuchler & Co,; C W Wilkins, 10 do; G W Faber, 179 do, 11 cs ctgars; Fischer & Kel ler, 1 cs cigars, John Bento & Co, 2 do; M R Pear sal!, 2 do, 'l' J Rayner & Co, 1 do; Godeffrov, Brancker & C0, 2 do; W H Thomas & Bro, 24 do Park & Tilford, 1 do; Acker, :M:emll & Cond1t, 1 do, Pedro Cordoba, 2 do; J M Storey, 1 box; L W Morns, 1 box samples. DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. The amvals at the port of New York from domestic, m terior, and coastwise ports, for the week endmg :March 22, were BOI hhds, 40 bales, 1,453 pkgs, 204 cs, 18 do plug, 45 do smokmg, 4 bxs, II hf.bxs, 6 cs cigars, 10 bbls lighters, consigned as follows By the Erie R:uh oad: C B Fallenstein & Son, 68 hhds; Pollard, Pettus & Co, 98 do; J K Sm1th & Son, 42 do, S M Pa1 ker & Co, 46 do; Blakemote, Mayo & Co, 31 do; L W Gunther & Co, 2 do; Oelnchs & Co 146 do; J D Keilly, J1, 15 do; F P G1acey, IS do, P LOJTllatd & Co, 21 do, Norton, 8laugbte1 & Co, 22 do, H Havemeyer & Co, I6 do; Sawyer, Wallace & Co, 5 do, Lewts Bros, 6 do Isaac Read, 6 do; B1 yan, Watts & Co, 36 a,,; o, der, I5 do. By the Hudson R1ver Ra1lroad: J K Sm1th & Sou. 2 hhds, Blakemore, Mayo & Uo, 11 do; Ottinger Bros 9 do, Lederman Bros, 30 pkgs By the Camden & Amboy Railroad: A C L & 0 Meyer, 10 hhds Hy the N attonal Line. AD Chockley & Co, 26 hhds, Norton, Slaughter & Co, 2 do, R L Ma1tland & Co 3 do, Blake mOtE', Mayo & Co, 49 do, L W Gunther' & Co, 4 do, Pollard, Pettus & Co, 10 do; J K Smith & Son, 16 do, S W Perkms, 2 do By the New York & New Haven Railroad: H Schuhart & Co, 39 cs; H Saloman, 1 do, A L & C L Holt, 25 do C W Buntzer, 1 <'S ci!!"ars; J W Rand, 2 do, Henry Avery, 1 do, Western Wh1p Co, 1 do; J K Vandervelde, 1 do; J H Sanders & Co, 10 bbls lighters. By the New York & New Haven Steamboat Line: H Havemeyer & Bro, 54 cs, B Atwater, 2 do; M H Levin, 14 do; A L & C L Holt1 4 do; Westheim & Uo, 11 do; F Welsh, 1 do, D & A Benruno, 4 do, E Bock 9 do; M Smeske, I do; J Wilkinaki, 1 do; Adams & Co, San Franmsco, 30 do. Coastw1se from Richmond, Norfolk, etc: N L Me-TOBACCO STATEME:Ii'T Jan. I, stock in warehouses and on shipboaid not cleared. . . . . ..... Inspected th1s week .. prevwusl y . Total .. Exported since Jan. 1, Ohio .. Coastwtse and on cleared. .... 3,I56 not 889 Hhds 5,718 272 966 6,056 4,045 I Stock m warehouses this day.. 2,911 JJfanufacttwed Tobacco -Ma1 k e t rem a 1ns stead v tbou!?h demand not so active as several past weeks' Rece1pts of new work light, and stock of old nearly ei hausted BOSTON, MARCH 19 -We report as follows There bas not been much busmess done, and the sales have only been moderate The recetpts have been 6 hhds 821 bales, and 223 bxs, and the exports wete To Ish N.ortb Amencan Colomes, 6 hhds, I cs, 82 bxs, to Haytt, 143 bales, 100 hfbales to Port au Punce 50 hf bales We quote: WESTERN LEAF. Lugs 8:!@ 8 Good .... l1f@I2 Common. 9 @10 Fme .......... 12t@12i Med1um ....... 10f@11 Selecttons ..... 13 @14 VIRGINIA LEAF Lugs. . 7-!@ st Good .. Common B!@ 9! Fine. . Medmm... ... 10 @10! Selecttons. SEED LEAF. 11 @llt .. 12 @Ut 13 @14 Connecticut and Massachusetts Ftllers ..... I3 @15 do do Wrappers ... 50 @60 do do Runninglots.35 @45 Ohto Fillers . . . ....... 10 @12 do Wrappets ..................... 20 @40 do Runnmg lots . . ......... HI @25 Penn Ftllers . . . . . 10 @I2 do Wrappers . ...... 20 @40 do Rnnmng lots. . Hi @25 MANUFACTURED IN BOND. Bright 'Work-Common and medium ...... 25 @30 do Good and fine. . . 35 @55 Black work-Common and medium. .... 20 do Good and fine. . 25 @30 CLARKSVILLE, TENN, MARCH 16.-The Jobacco Leaf reports the market as follows: Sales this week have been ammate(l and prices folly sustainej). We continue our quotations f01: all grades, though on some g-rades pnces are shghtly m advance of former quota tions. Frosted lugs and trash, 4f to 5!, lugs, 6 to 7t; common leaf, 8 to 9; mediUm leaf, 9:! to lOt good leaf IO! to 11!; fine leaf, lli to 13. Messrs & hamson, of the Cumberland warehouse, sold March 4 and,ll, 40 hhds. tobacco, as follows $II 11 10 10 1 o 9 9o, s 7o, 11 50, 9 10, 9 10, 9 10, 9, 8.95, s.9s,' s.9o, s.4o: S 30, 8 30, 8 30, 8 30, 8 I(), 7 90, 7 80, 7 75, 7.60, 7 50, 7 50, 7 25, 7.20, 7, 6.80, 6. 70, 6.50 6 50 6 5 90, 5.90, 5 80, 5 60, 6.20. Messrs. Harrison' & sold on the 8th inst. 8 hhds. as follows: 4 hhds. lugs at $6 30, 6 GO, 7 .40, 7 50, 4 hhds. low leafat $8 a 70 a 90 8.95 On the 11thiinst 24 hhds, a11 9 1hhds: lugs at $7 90, 6 70, 6.10, 7.801 6.40, 7.70, 6 40, 7.40, 8 10; 15 hhds. low to medium at $9 20, 9 50, a hhds. at $5 50, B, 8 40, 8, 8 20, 8 60, 8.40, 8 20, 8 30, 8.50, 8 20, 8 60. Sales by Messrs. S

TOBACCO LEAF filler at l-'; 3 hhda redried OwenCQunty.Ky, 'at 910; 2 hds H1.rt co on leaf at. 10 and 10.50,1 1 f. t. 13 2 5@14 25. 68 hhds old Mason and Bracken hbd Larue frozen Juga at 4.30; 1 nhd Henry lugs and ea ::.. K amokin and st.ripping logs and medium leaf at 9. 70 ; 2 bhda Tenoessee tobaccos at 10 110 I4at $l2@12.7S.2t at and lOtio, 2 hbds old tobacco at 11."711 and 11. 13@13 71S lO at @14.50, 4 at. $16@15.75, 1 at Oo Saturday the P1ckett. houe sold 30 hhds 8 hhds HI 75 2 i l7 RRjectione 22 bhds and 1 box, as fol HeodeNon leaf at $18.75, 15, 13, 12 7 5, 12.7 5, 1 O, 9 20, 1 is :bd M811Gn an'd Bracken connt1es Ky,at 9; 4 hhds Henderson trash at $6 SO, 5 65,5 60,6 90; 4 4 hhda new Owen county,Ky, r:ozen to bhds Barren old leaf at 12, 11 75,11; 2 hbds Hart 1 h\1 fi ted at $4 15@7 1 box new Southern Ken leaf at 70, 8 90; 1 bbd Hart lugs at $6 80 ; 6 hbds 11gk Y 'Reeei ta li ht The ma1ket for new Henry logs and frozen at t7.80, 7 40, 6 25, 7 40, 6 40, tucf 1 at t' 't.h Manufacturing leaf 4 25; 1 hhd Franklin leaf at o; 1 hhd Marien leaf at ea IS 80 IVd, .w1 pecial request all that cemes to mar s 40; 3 hhds Boone (Ind1ana) lugs and frozen at t6 60, {: an 1011 taken at libe.;.l figures.. 4 90,4 60 The Nmth street bouse sold 23 bbds. 2 hhds eke:! p!!"e!a & Prague, of the Kenton warehouse, Webster shipping leaf at $13, 13 75; 2 hhds Webster rt f1ll The market for leaf dunng the week lugs at $5 55, 5 75; 1 hhd common lugs from Da.v1ess re':. a:8tt M:11 h has been active for all grades b'S at 6 90 7 80 1 hhd Tennessee lu"'s at leaf, 90c@tl ; half bnght, 75@80c black, sound, 62 7 90, 1 bbd at '1 0 50; 1 bhd Henry fro @70c zen at 3 50, 1 hbd DaVless f1 ozen lu g s at 4 60; 2 EVANSVILLE, MARCH 16 -The sales for the week bbds Daviess common lugs at 7 10, 6 The LoUisVIlle endma Tuesday were 231 hinds, of which Messrs Martm bouse sold 13 hhds-2 hhds hozen lu<>'S fromindu:maat Gard;er & Co, of the Eva.nsvllle warehouse, sold 121 hhds 4 so, 4 60, 1 bhd frozea lugs from Dav1ess at 4 80; 1 The sales of this week ran full nigh the pnces of our quota bbd co nmon lu<>'S from Barren at 6 50 1 hhd lugs f10m 1 0 twos ofMa.rcb 10th Tobacco b e mg more nea r Y m sym Dav1ess at 7 50 1 bhd common leaf f10m Metcalfe at pathy w1th gold, has made some concessiOns correspondmg 9; 1 hhd lugs fr ; m Todd at 7 10, 1 hhd frozt:u lugs from w1tb the downward tendency of the bright metal Our quo Oh10 at 4 gr; 2 hbds from Oh10 at 6 50 5 35 1 bhd )eat tatwns for the week are as follows Frozen trash and lugs, f1 om Oh10 at 9 60, 2 hbds lugs from' at 6 70, $3@5 mfenor Jugs, $5 2b@5 75, common lugs, t6@ 6 40 The Ptckett house sold 3 1 hbds-6 hhds Hende1 6 75, 1br1gbt good lugs, $7@8 25, common leaf, 89 @ 9 50 son ieaf at 15, 14.25, 13 50, 13 50, 13 12 75; 1 .bhd medmm J n af, S9 75@10 25, good leaf (Tngg Henderson trash at 7 20, 7 hhds and 1 bx Illmo1s leaf $11 25@12 50. at 15 25, 10 75, 10 25, 9 50, 9 70, S 90, 9.60, 8 80, 6 HOPKINSVILLE MARCil 10 -Messrs Abernath y & hbds Ilhnms lugs at 7 SO, 7.20, 6.80, 6 60, 6 20, 6, Co sold 84 hbds, as' follows $11, 10 75, 10 75, 10 50, Barren old leaf at 11 75, 10 10 50, 9 80; 2 hhds 10 25 10 50, 10 25, 10 25, 10 25, 10, 10 25, 10 25, 10, 10, 1 r1mble leaf at 1S, 9 70; 1 hbd Carroll leaf at 9 SO, 2 lO 25 10 75, 10,10 25, 10.25, 10, 10 50, 10, 10 50, 10 25, hhdsCa.rrolllugsat7 40,6 40,1 hhd Haitlugsat7 40,1 10 5o: IO, 9 so, 9, 9, 9 65, 9, 9, 9 4-5, 9 60, 9 6(1, 9 90, bhd Metcalfe old leaf at II 50 The Nmth street bouse 9 20, 9, 9 so, 9 40 9 65, 9 90, 9.75, 9 65, 9 45, 9 9 40 sold 21 hhds-10 libds Dav1ess new lugs at 4 65, 6 50, 9 70 9 10, 9 75, 8 55, s 60, s 90, 8 90, 8 20, 8, 8 9o, 8 50, 5 hhds Webster new common !eat at 6 70, 7 90, 2 bJ-.ds 8 so' 8 so s 7 90 7 30 7 80 7 20 7 so 6 50, 6 10, 6 4-0, Henderson new leaf at 7.80,10, 1 bhd Metcalfe new leaf 6 05' 6 so: 6l0, 6 io, 53&, 5 SO, 5 7o, 5 S5, 5 90. 4 hhds at 9; 2 bhdsHanc ock new leaf at 7 10, 9, 1 hhd Hancock trash at 3 30, 3 50, 3 50, 2 55 new lugs at 4 95 On Tne .. day the Boone bouse sold 38 hhds-9 bhds Lrgan lugs and leaf at 6 50, 7 65, 7 90, LYNCHBURG, MARcH 19 -Mr: J H. Tyree, to 6 60,6 70, 6 50, 6 70, 8 20,8.90, 2 hbds Ada1r lugs and bacco oomiJlll!l!lOn merchant, reports Hhds leaf at 6. 70, 8 65, 2 hhds Hart lugs and low leaf at Inspected last week, endmg 12th March th1s 19th March Decrease from last week: 4 Lbs. 51 6.40, 8, 8 hhds Taylor lugs and common leaf at 6, 7 90, 47 S 50, 7. 70, 7 90, 6 75, 8 70, 9 30, 2 bhds Manon low Jugs at 5 80, 6 20, 1 hhd factory lugs at 5 I 5; 2 hhds factory leaf at 10, 10 50, 1 hbd Henry common lugsat $6 70 2 hhds Green lugs and common )eat at 7 20 to S 95 2 hbds Casey com moo Juers at 6.40, 7 90; 3 b hds Larue lugs at 7 90 2 Barren old leaf at 11 50, 15 75; 2 hhds Trimble at Sold as loose last week, ending 12th ....... 186,250 thiS '\ 19th ...... ,.,, .. 138,000 --7.80, 8. The Lontsv1lle house sold :l9 hhds-1 hbd leaf Decrease from last week in loose 48,250 from W eakl,y lTenn) at $11 25 2 hhds Hart leaf at In consequence of the cold and dry weather, the re 1 1.50, 10 50, 3 hhos Henry common leaf at 9 10, S, 9 30 ceipts have been small The marbt remains quite ac 3 bbds Weakly common lt>af at 9 60, 8 70 9, 3 hhds tive and pr1ces rule high Infertor to common logs, Henry lugs at 7, 6 50, 5 SO, 17 hhds U n10n and Daviess 5 td ec ooromon to gOod do, dark, 6 to 7tc tufenor lugs and trash at 7 20, 6 20, 6 50, 4 S5, 5 S5, 5 30, 7, 7 to com :non do, workmg, ..L to etc; common to good ., 0 0 .., Th 2 d fi 1 5 60, 5 o, 6 7 6 5 5 S5, 6 1 o, 6 ss, 6, 1 o e do do, 8! to 10tc; good to fine o, lO to 13 c ne ye P1ckett bouse sold 45 hhds-4 hbds Banen old leaf at low amokmg do, 20 to 35c, eommon to good shppmg 12 75, 12, ll 25, 10; 7 bhds Todd leaf at 11 50, 10,8 70, leaf, 7 to g.,, good to fine do, 10 to l3c i fine do, 13 to 8 "O s 60 8 30 8 10 hhd T dd I t 7 6 20 f d ; s o ogs a 15c; corumon to good workmg lea 9 to 1 1Y"; goo 6 90, 6 40 2 hhds U moo trash at 5 90, 5 ; 6 hbds to fine do, 13 to 18o; fine do, 1S to 25C red wrappel'll, Green leaf at 9 90, 9 20, 9, s, 8 50, 8 30; 5 hhds Green IS to 26c, common yellow wappers, 25 to 37; good logs at 7 30, 5 40, 7 10, 7 20, 7, 3 hbds Bieckinudge do, 35 to 75c; extra do, 75c to $2. lugs and frozen at 7 40, 7 20, 4 80, 2 hhds Hart lugs at 10.25, 1025,, 8,70; 1 bha Todd lugs at 7.10; 2 hhds Tennessee common leaf and lugs at. 9, 6 10; 1 hhd Indiana Jugs at 6 70, 2 hbds Green leaf at 9 70, 9.20, 2 hbda Green lugs at. 6.30, 7 70; 2 hbda Trimble lugs at 7, 5 70; 1 hhd Hart leaf at 8 80; I hhd Hart lugs at 7 10; 2 hhds Ohio logs and frozen at 6, 4 45; 2 hhdt1 Dav1ess leaf at 9, S 90; 4 hhds Daviess lugs and frozen at 7, 6, 6, 5, 8 hbds Henry common leaf at 8.901 8.30, 8 40, s, 8 30, 8 60, S 90, 8 80; 13 hbds Henry lugs and frozen at 6 80, 5.85, 6 60, 5 95, 3.80, 5, II 9(), 7 10, 6 60, 3 so, 7 so, 7 20, 7 30; 1 hhd Marion ln2s at 6 90 MANUII'ACTURED ToBACco-Is active and firm. Brisht Kentucky t's and H's are scarce, and dealers find d1fti culty in getting enough for orders We quote Va extra lbs. and fancy styles $1 00@1 10 Va fine br1ght, lbs and tw1st 90@1 00 Va medmm bnght, lbs and tw1st... 75@ SO Va. common, lbs and rlbs.............. 65@ 68 Va. fine, t lbs. and 14's . . 65@ 70 Va fine hgbt pressed, 9 mch . . 80@ 90 Va extra fig and pancake . . 1 00@1 15 Ky. aud Mo. bnght, lbs 62@ 65 Ky. and Mo. t's and 14's 65@ 68 Ky. black sweet, 10's and fs,,., .. 62@ 65 Ky. navy, lbs and t lbs., best . . 70@ 72 Ky. navy, lbs. and t lbs, medmm . 63@ 65 Wmcsap. . 95@1 00 Golden Magnet . .. 95@1 oo !I'Iangold 75@ BY TELEGRAPH-March 21-F1rm, sales 105 bbds at $3@7 50 for trash and lugs, *8@40 for low leaf to bright manufacturmg NEW ORLEANS, MARC H 16 -We report The market remams qmet, and the sales have been pnnm pally for home trade, export boyer_s holdmg off and offering low wh1ch holders will not accept The sales have been 16 bhds, as follows 1 hhd old at 6c; 5 hhds old leaf at llc, 3 bhds do at ntc, 1 bhd at 12tc; 1, 2, and 1 hhd at 13c, 1 hbd new I eat at 12c; 1 hhd at 14c Quotations are entirely nommal. Messrs Duruo & Berry, tobacco commission mer chants, repm t as follows Manufactured TobaccoExtra No 1 fancy chewmg, $1 to 1 25, Extra No 1 bnght, Be to $1 ; good medmm, 70 to SOc; medmm, 63 to 67-!c, common, 56 to 62ic, bnght -l;s, 10 caddies, tiO to 67tc; dark -l;s, Ill caddtes, 60 to Me; black lOA, 12s, and 14s, 55 to 65c, Navy 3s, halves, and pounds, 59 to 62tc, tw1st, in order, 72t to 85c Our market has been, and 1s now, very act1ve smce the lst, stocks are very much We have had large shpments of North Carohua goods, wbwh brought very fa1r pnces The trade are becomwg more Wtlary as the season -ad vances of goods not 10 good keepmg order Stock 0f destrable low pnced tobacco m hght supply. Demand good. The exports hav e been 143 bhds to' Havre, and the 1m ports were tbe followmg from Havana J Sant1m, 44,000 c1gars, Born10 Bros, 15,000 do, F McDermott, 15,000 do, E 'fro1sgros, 5,000 do, S c haffer & Co 10,000 do. The domest1c receipts were 313 hhds, 92 pkgs, 94 bxs, 415 bf. do, 181 qtr do, 719 cs, 1,420 cads, 13 cs cgars, consi g ned as follows By R1ver Boats R T Tor1an, 58 hhds Hadden, Over ton & Burch, 39 do, Irby, McDamel & Co, 1 do, E C Roach & Co, 1 do, Wooldr i dge & Garth, 8 do, E H W1l son & Son, 25 do L Gunther & Co, 5 do T & 1:1 Bender son, 1 do B M Horrell & Co, 4 do 1 Juhan Johnson & Co, 1 do, John E Kmg, 10 do, Mayer Bros, 50 pkgs, S L Nasts, 30 do, J P Sanazm, 12 do, Isaacson, Sexas & Co, 28 bxs, Horn & Buckner, 1 do, C B Block, 8 cs, C A Whtney & Co, 12 do By the New Orleans Jackson, and Great Northern Rail road Krrk{1atnck & Ke1tb, 2 hbds, R T Tor1an, 59 do, Hadden, Overton & Burch, 6 do; John E Kmg, 2 do, L Gunther & Co, 32 do, Beaumont, Fakes & Co, 11 do, E C Roach & Co, 17 do, Blakemore Bros & Co, 6 do, Woold rdge & Garth, 3 do S Hernsbeim, 20 cads, 16 cs, 62 bxs lrby, McDamel & Co, 1,400 do, 700 do, 415 hf-bxs, 181 qtr-bxs, Order, 23 hhds From Mobile J J Person, 3 bxs From Key West F W Perkins & Co, 1 c1gars PADUCAH, MARCH 16 -Forty 11even hbds were sold on Tuesday at figures whioh were entirely satis factory, and a. slight stiffening of prices since last week, Messrs Settle Br-. sold 16 bbds as follows-2 hhds fro&ted lugs at to 6; 4 hbds at $7.10 to 7 85, 3 bbds low l eaf at 88.20 ;to 9.80, 4 bhds sh1ppers at $10 25 to 10 50; 1 hhd good sh1ppers at tll.25, 2 hhds piebald at $13 to 14. Messrs Hale, Buckner & Terrell sold 31 hbds as follows-5 hhds lugs at 17 to 81 10 bbds low leaf at $8 50 to 9 90 ; 18 hbds good ab1rpers at 110 to 12; 1 hbd piebald at .14.75, 2 hhds bnght wrapper at to 31, The bright wrapper whwh sold for S25 "as from county, and raised by M. Tur ner Tb1s 1s the highest pnce 1 ece1ved for Tngg county tobacco 1n the Paducab market. The other hhd was ra1sed in McCracken county by J M Flowers On Wednesday, Messrs Hale, Buckner & Terrell sold 21 hhds as follows-2 bbds frosted at *5 60 to 5 80 8 bhds lugs at $6 40 to 8.05 9 bhds common leaf at to 9.55' 1 bhd common ablppmg at ano 25 ; bhd manufacturing at $20 3 Old tobacco, common to good logs 10 to 12 leaf. ... .., I 2 to 15; new tobacco, to good lugs, ta so, 7 50 to 9; leaf, o, 10 to 13, nPw bright tobacco, aommon to s1110ken, $15 to 30; wrappers, $20, 40 to 70; new bnght tobacco, fine 1 o ext1 a wrappers '15 90 to a150 ST LOUIS, 1UIICH 16 Jf r. J. E Haynes tobacco broker, reports On Thursday all grades: except low lags, were firm. On Fnday and Saturday the market was rather generally, but espeCJ ally as regards low lugs and leaf. Since then there has been a firmer feeling as regards everytbmg except eommon logs.. No sb1pp'n.,. demand. The demand for bri6tht leaf continues Sales from Thursday to yesterday lllcluslve, 11 hhds: 5 at $5.30@5 90 (mcludmg some br: tgbt scraps at 40), 16 at $6@6 90, 11 at t'l@7 90, IS at $S@8 90, 18 at 9@$9.90, 4 at atO@lO 50, 4 at $q@11 50, 4 at Sl2 @12 75, 2 at *14@14110, 1 at $17 25, 2 at U 9 25, 5 .&t $23, 28 25 30.25@33 25, and 19 bxs at *4@23 50 In same t1me b1ds were r ejected on 4:1 hbds at .60@ 7 50, and 3 bxs at tlO, 11 25@ l6 75 To day the mar ket was firm, holden for full pnces, half the b1ds were reJected. Sales 7 hhlls 2 at s 20@8 so, 2 at 89, 3 at $10, 20@31.25, an d 1 box at $1 20 B1ds rt-Jected on 7 hhds at 19 50@27 25 We quute: Fac tory logs, 86 to 6 50; planters' J ug11 and common leaf $7 to 8 50 med10m dark leaf, $9 to 11 ; good manu: lacturmg do, f12 to 16, bngbt do, $25 to 40 and Cuba scarcely al'ly on sale Shipments would real ize prices, bot there is little pi'Oipect of any addi t1on to our preM!nt stocks Mamla leaf of good quali ty continues in demand A better may now be loeked for, as the Angela ia expected at Fal month with 2,000 bales, the quality of which i11 stated to be very suitable-to the requirement!! of tins market, and we believe she will be ordered to Lon Jon But little bas been done in Manila cheroots and c1gan durmg the month. P.ices remain Without alteration, and stocks are not very large. Celumb1&o (Ambal.,ma, Gmm and Ca1 men) remam Without alteratiOn There bas been no add1t10n to our &took for some length of time. Pal myra has been dealt m to some extent, mar ket nearly bare of parcels in fint hands Really fin& qualities would now command 1nll rates, and it would be desirable on the part of shippers in future to send forward a much larger proportion of such class, and to av01d as much as poseuble using so many counter rna on the packages, partiCularly as many of the mar cons1st of only a few ceroona each. For Esmeralda there bas been a revival of demil.nd, and some large sales made There still continues a fa.1r mquiry for good leafy parcels. Stock on sale both of German c1gar and cuttmg quahtws bas been still further reduced durmg the past month, leaving but little for home trade purposes For Dutch there bas been a fa1r mqmry for some partiCular classes for cnttmg, of wb1ch. however, there bot httle to be had Paraguay, Porto Rwo, Bn.zd, and Arracao, none on hllnd. Java has been only m moderate request, the trade having bought very freely during the previous months. Japan coutmuee m good demand, and supplies are much needed Some 11mall shipments are shortly expected. Our market fer St. The rec e ip t s have been 143 hhds 1 csk 56 butts 22 cads, 140 cs, 526 bxs, 85 pkgs, 1 keg: 1 bx c;gars, 147 'bxs pipes, 3 bxs hcorce, consgned as Jollows By R1ve1' Boats J W Booth & Son, 10 hhds, Crmg Alexander, 6 do, Sterlmg, Pr1ce & Co 1 do Wm F Obear 1 do Lew1s N anson & Co, 1 do, 4 bxs Shyrock & Row' land, 2 do, 1 do Clark & Dozier, 1 butts Lwaett & Bau man 39 bxs Leggett, Hudson & Co, 5 pkgs,0l5 cn.ds, B S Grant & Co, 26 do, J M Anderson & Co, 1 cs, M Fned man & Co, 1 do Order, 1 cad, 1 bx By the Pac1fic Rallroad Berg, Freeman & Co, 1 bhd Bogy & Fry, 4 do, S M Brown, 1 do, J McCready, 4 do, Lew1s Nanson & Col do, Whittaker V1rden & Gray 1 csk MD He1tzell & Co 1 bx, J P & C W Ka1ser 40 Rhodus & Co, 15 do, W B W1lhs & Co, 1 dd, 3 pkgs, Lo ker Tobacco Works, 392 do, 25 t utts R Durkm, 1 box cigars By Indianapolis & St. Loms R ailroad Hudson & Co, 10 hhds, J C 'flemeyer & Co, 122 cs, D D1llenberg & Co, 2 do, 5 bxs, 147 do p1pes By the St Loms and Vandalia B a1lroad Cb1les, Bassett & Co, 1 bhd J W Booth & Sou 6 do S Gutman & Co, 2 cs Oakes, Archer & Co, 2 bxs By the ChiCago, Alton and St Loms Ra1lroad C W RICe & Co, 3 bxs, Agent Blue Lme, 13 pkgs By tbeOh10 and MISSISSlppi R a ilroad Benton & Tbomp son, 3 hhds, Leggett, Hudson & Co, 3 do, 1 bx, 3 do lJCor Ice T Stroedcr, 1 cs, C Bl Burn b am : & Co, 8 do, Falk & Co, 1 do, 1 bx, E Anthony, 1 do F B Wood, 1 do, M Fnedman & Co, 1 do, A A Bachman 6 pkgs ,Appenhelill er & Co, 8 do, Rudenour & Baker, 6 do, A A B,1ker, 6 do, Koch, Chew & Co, 12 do, order 5 bhds, 4 bxs 2 cs 1 k eg By the North M1ssoun Ra1lrond Ste rlmg, Pnce & Co, 4 hhds, EM Samuel & Son, 18 do, Oakes, Archer & Co, 2 do; Baker, :Young & Co, 1 do, J W Booth & Son, 40 do, Whittaker, V rden & Gray>-5 do, Bushey & Drucker, 1 do, J A Gregory, 2 do, Thos Rhodus & Co 1 bx, B Hoeman & Co, 7 do, Plaut Bros, Pratt & Co, 1 do, M Fnedman & Co, 1 cs, B S Grant & Co, 8 cads By the St Lou1a and Iron Mouutam Rmlroad Stellmg, Pr1ce & Co, 2 hhds; J A GrQSory & C'o, 2 do, Dutcher & Co, 1 do, J & Co, 1 do, C Pepe, 2 do, 2 bxs, B 8 Grant tk Co, 2 liia, order, 1 do By TELEGRAPH-Marcb. 19-Flrm March 21-Un changed SAN FRl\,liCISOO, M.A.Ilptr It-We report Busmess IS begmnmg to rev1ve, and smce the auctiOn sales of the 1st, the pndes of the standard brands of VIrgmia mannfac tured have advanced about 10 per cent. The quotation of Connecticut leaf IS from 35 to 65c We quote 88 follows Nayy's, per lb, 62@67!, bflbs per lb, 65@67!, Pounds, 12 mcb, hard pressed, 60@70 do extra ch01ce, 70@85, 9mch hght pressed, 75@85, Connecticut leaf, 35 @60, .Anderson's So.Jace, cbewmg, 9@9 50, smokmg, fs, 40@85 T.lie ex,orts have peen 16 cs, 1 cs cgars, 7 cs pipes to V1ctona, and 7 pkgs, 1 cs to Yetropa,u lowskl There ar'e now on the1r way to this port from do D)estlc Atlantic ports, 3 hhds, 230 bales, 25 bbls, and 908 cases .ORBIG!'f, ANTWERP, MARCH 3.-The ma1ket is firm There have been from tint hands 55 hhds Kentucky at previous rates.. The 11tock on Feb 1 was 692 Kentucky, 95 hbds V1rgmia, 218 his Havana There a I nved durmg the month 11 hbds Mason county and Oh10; sold and delivered 317 hhds Kentucky The stock on hand on Feb "28 was 275 bbds Kent 1cky 95 hhds 1 I bhts Mason county and Olno, and 21S bls Havana. Dommgo 1s now clear of all parcels smtable for cuttmg purpose,s Leafy dry and colory sorts of Algenau ate still taken feely, stock of whwb 1s but tnflmg. The transactiOns for Tu1 key have l>een ot a' ery hm1ted character during the past month An improvem4'nt m demand may soon be looked for Some few lots of Greek have been placed for export For home use but. httle done Macedomau, when colory and clean, continues m favor with the trade, and Ia ge sales effected W .'! have not heard of any transactions m Hungar1an worth reportmg. In negrohead a moderate busmess, and pnces remam change. Good quaht1es of cavend1sh ofhoth tens and hf lbs sell read1ly, the bulk of Imports bavmg been placed. Stalks m bet ter demand. Smalls continue d1fficult to move Mess1s .,Wilhams, Cooper & Co's report says: Ameman tobacco.-The transactions m N oi th Ameri can tobacco have agam been under the average-the total sales barely reachmg 400 bhds, nevertheless holders are very firm-only selling at toll quotatwns There IS notbmg deservmg spemal noti ce here Hava. na Tobacco -There hemg no leaf of really tine quality to be had, the busmess done has been 1n fillers, and that to a moderate extent, m consequence of present h1gh pi tees. Tbe latest news f1 om Havana speaks very unfavorably of tbe growmg crop, wh10h IS Etated to be; a. fallure Havana mg.&rs have not sold so freely m the month of January; yet sales were made to a. fa1r degree, old ImportatiOns commandmg highe:r rates_ Java of good seiVICe able deacr1pt10ns continues in de mal)d, and some holders have their prices. consequent upon the general deficiency llf nearly all classes of substitutes Japan -Market qmte bare; further sb1pments are close at hand. Dutch -Not> much mqmry 10 th1s art1cle Greek and Tmkey -Tb& former only saleable at low figures for the contment our market IS well sopphed With the latte1, whiCh sell& read1ly at top rates Macedomao.-Onr stook 11:1 nearly exhaoRted, for what httle 1s offenng holders have slightly raised their Latak1a 1s neglected Ger manVery httle old good burmng to be had; the trade have therefore been obhged to turn tbe1r atten tiOn to parcels that. wAre ra\her sweet 1n flavor and doubtful burning when imported, and whwh have long bung heavily. upon the market/, t.b1s tobacco, however, has so moch and changed 1n character smile the dates of arrival, t.hali Jt is now unquestwnably tit. tor tbe purpoaes of our manufacturers AlgenauFrom the absence of really eligible parcels, we have no sales m last month to rt>.port Hungarian 1s not much 1oquued after Ambale!l'la, Guon, Palmyra. and Car men -A small busmeas was--dene in Giron and Carmea; Palmyra of good qua.hty sold freely common difficult of sale. Y ara. and Cuba -N c; Cuba and very httle Yara to be had, partwularly fillers Mamla.-A few re tail sales of 1867 CI'Op Tnere is plenty of new offer-mg, but unsaleable The ".Angela" IS daily expected w1th about 8,!TOO qtls on board, reported to be all new tobacco. Mamla mgars and cheroots are m moderate request Esmeralda -Good parcels of the new crop eontmue ;o sell upon arr1val at fa1r prices, the old crop slow of sa.e. N egrobead and Cavendish -Our market be1og ve y bare of e1ther sort, few transactions have taken place, quotat10rrs have advanced Stalks and 11malls are d1fficult of sale, LOUISVILLE, MARCH 16 -We report The demand 6 90, 6 40; 1 hhd Hart common leaf at 8 10; 1 hhd is a.ct1 ve and priCes are firm. There Is a good demand for Taylor common leaf at 9. 70; 2 bhds H1ckman lugs at manufactunng The recepts have been 819 bhds, 498 8, 6 20; 1 hhd H1ckman leaf at II 50; 2 Lhds old cut bxs and the exports 638 hbds 1,305 bxs 'l'he s:1les were t1ng at 12 75, 2 hhds Trimble lugs at 7 40 ; 7; 1 hhd 7911bhds, w1thm 18 reJections b1ds, as follows Oo Thurs Metcalfe leaf at 10 25, 1 hhd Metcalfe lugs at 7 40, The day the Boone bouse sold 22 bhds-5 hbds Clarksville lugs Planters' house sold 26 hhds-2 hhds S1mpson old leaf and low leaf at 87 80 to 9 6 bbds Greene lugs and leaf at at 12; 3 hhds Ha1t leal, f1 osted, at 9, 9 30, 9 80 ; 4 80 to 1 J 3 hbds Taylor lugs and low leaf at 86 to 9 70, hhds Hart at 5 95, 7 70, 8, 6 95; 1 bhd S1mpsou 3 bhds Tnmble lugs and leaf at85 20 to 9.10, 3 hbds Larue low leaf at 8 90; 2 Weboter, 1 lug and 1 low leaf, at Jugs at $4 65 to 6 90, 2 hhds Cbnsilan Jugs at $7 90, 7 70 7 30, 8 40; 7 hlids Webster stemmery trash at 5 60, '!'he Planters' sold 7 bhds-3 hbds Hart lugs at $7 10 to 5.10, 5 05, 6 40, 6 70, 7.95, 5 25, 1 hhd Green 7 20 2 hbds Hart medmm leaf at $9.50, 9, 1 hhd Greene at 7 70 ; 1 hbd Bart leaf at 9 90. The good'Iugs at *7 90; 1 hhd Indmna leaf at $7 'l'he Nmth N mth street heuse sold 23 hbds-2 hhds Dav1ess street house sold 21 bbds-1 hbd old scraps at *2 40, 3 new lugs at 5 80, 4 35, 2 hhds Dav1ess new leaf at 9, hhds Da.v1ess new lugs at $4 30 to 5, 1 hhd Hancock new 9 20, 2 hhds Webster new lugs at 5 75, 6 30, 2 hhds common leaf at s 30; 1 bhd Spencer (Ind1a na ) new lugs W eblite new leaf at 8, S 10 1 bhd Carroll new lugs at at $4 95, 1 hbc Barren new lugs at $6, 4 hhds old leaf at 4 65 2 bhds Carroll new common leaf at 6 S5, 7, 2 $10 50 to 11 25, 5 hbds Tumble new Jugs at $4 55 to hhds Tnmble new lugs at 3 60, 4 35; 7 bhds Tr1mble to 6 91i 3 bhds Tr1mble new common leaf at $7 to 7 90, 1 new common leaf at 7, 10 75, 2 hhds Tr1mble new good bird Tr1 :nble new good leaf att. $11 :;o, 1 hhd Tnmble old cuttmg at 13 50, 16 75, 1 bbd Tumble old com leaf at tl6 75. The Farmers' hous e sold 26 hhds-mon IE>af at 11. The Fa mers' house sold 18 hhds-3 1 bhd Barren old leaf at 810 25, 5 bbds Taylor lugs and hhd., Warren common lugs at 6 10, 6 50, 6 SO, 1 bhd leaf at $9 to 10 5 bhds at 80to 12 75, 2 hhds H enry common lugs at 6 60, 1 hhd Hart leaf at 13, 1 Barren new leaf at$8 40 to 10 75, 3 hhds &1rt new lea f bhd Logan leaf at 11 50, 3 hhds Hart old leaf at 10 75, and lugs at $5 60 to 8 70, 4 hhds Oldham lugs a nd leaf at 10 50, 10 50, 3 hhds Allen common lugs at 7 50, 6 50, *5 50 to 8 70, 2 bhds Warren new leaf and lugs at $S 90 7 20, 1 hhd Hart leaf at 11 75 On Wednesday the to 5 90, 4 hhds Henry new leaf and lugs at 3 55 to 7 10 Planters' house sold 11 bhds-2 hhds Hende rson leaf The Lou 1sv1lle house sold 21 hbds The PICkett bouse sold at 12, 4 hhds H e nderson trash at 5 35, 6 60, 6, 5 65, 1 sold 52 hhds at pnces rangmg from &4 50 to 15 hbd Henderon lugs at 8 90, 1 hbd Henderson trosted On Fnday the Boone house sold 15 hhds-5 hhds lugs at 9 10, 1 hbd Owen low lugs at 6 2 bhds Green Green logs and leaf at $8, 7 60, 7 90, 11, and S 90; 2 lugs at 8 8 10 The Nmtb Mtreet house sold 27 bhdshhds lugs and low leaf at 6 70 and 8 90; 3 hhds I 1 bhds Owen new lugs at 4 95,7 90, 9 hbds Owen new LarutJlugs and leaf at 4 30, 7 90, and 9 40, 2 hbds In leaf at S 10, 13 25, 2 hbds Breckinridge new lea.t at d 1ana lugs at 4 50 and 7 40, 3 bbds lugs 10 25, 10 50; 3 hhds Barren new )eat at 8.10, 10, !:! at 4.25, 6 50, and 7 70 The Pwkett house sold 41 hbds bhds Ha1 t new lugs at 5 10, 6 90 The Boone house -8 hhds Todd county leaf at 11 75, 10 75, 9 50, 8 90, sold 32 bhds-4 hhds Hart lugs and common leaf at 8 20 10 8 60 and S 70, 4 hhds Todd lugR at 7.20, 6 60, 6 40, S SO, 8 85, 9; 1 hhd Hart medmm br1ght w1apper 7 so: q.nd 7 90, 2 hhds Franklin frozen at 4 40 and 4 2 at 19; 1 box brwbt wrappe1 at &50 per 100 lbs, 4 hhds hbds Manon leaf at 8 50 and S 30, 1 hhd Taylor lugs and leaf at 6 80, 9, 9 1n, 9 60; 8 bhds Green at 6 40, 1 bhd Ind1ana frozen at 5 75; 2 hhds B1eckm lugs and leaf at 7 80, 7 90, R 70, 8 70, 6 20, 7 70, 8 10, ndgefrozen at 5 90 and 4 95, 4 hhds Hart leaf at 9 70, 8.80; 2 hhds Larue at 5 30, 7 45; 2 hhds Chnst1an leaf 9, 8 40, and 8, 3 hhds Hart lugs and frozen at 4 25, 5, at 10 75; 7 hhds Owen trozen lug's and medwm leaf at and 7 so, 1 hhd Tr1mble at 5 35, 2 bhds Meade !eat 11, 3 75, 5, 6 40, 7 40, 6, 7 40; 2 hbds Russell lugs and and lugs at s 10 and 6 30, 1 hbd Hart old leaf at 11.50; common leaf, 7 40, S, 1 hhd Metcalfe frozen lugs, 5 95 2 hhds Ballard leaf and log!! at 9 50 and 8 10, 1 hhd The Farmers' bouse so1 d 29 bhds-1 hhd Warren new Simpson lugs at 8 10, 5 hhds Ob10 old leaf at 12, 10 50, leaf at 7 ; 1 hhd Barren new leaf at 6 80; 3 bhds Barren I0,840,andS,2bhds old stemsat 90and90c The oldleafat 7.70,1250,1125,2 bbdsHart oldleafat Lomsville house sold 27 bhds-1 Balla1J leaf at 12 50, 12,50, 3 hhds Hart new leaf at I 0, 6 40, 7 90, l 24, 1 bhd Hart leaf at 17, 5 bbds Iud1aua lugs at 7 25, hhd Warren new leat at 10, 1 bbd Logan new leaf at 4 1 o, 6.60, 5, and 6, 2 hhds Henry lugs at 9 40 and 11; 17 bhds Kentucky nver at 12 75, 7 90, 6 80, 7 20, 14 75, 5 hpd& HaQ.cock leaf at 9, 8 60, 9 oO, I 0 75, and 11 75, 11, 10 75, 8 10, 5 ao, 6 30, 6 60, 9, 7 70, 14 50,4 50, 12 60; 4 hbds Dav1eulugs and trasb at 6 30, f\,40, 3 80,, 6 10 The Lo01svtlle house sold 30 hbds-5 hhds and 2 bbds Tnmbldeaf at 12 7f> and e 80, 3 hhds Green leaf at 10, 12 7i, 13, 15.50, 17 75, 6 bhds Hart lugs at 8 60, 6 80, and 7 40, 2 hhds Metcalte low Green r1ver leat at 11 10,11 10, 11 30, 12 25, 14, 16 50; leaf at 9 50 and 9 85; 2 hbds Todd lugs at 8 30 and S 70 4 hhds Green r1ver trash at 5 50, 5 20, 5 05, 4 85, 2 hhds The Nmtbstreet bouse sold 10 hhds-1 hbd Da 1ess Green nver good trash at 7 50, 7 40, 4 hhds Entler new leaf at 9 40, 2 bbdM Daviess new logs at 5 65 and hozen trash and lugs at 4 70,4 80,5 15, 5 90, 1 hhd Han and 4.35 1 hlld Taylor new leaf at S 20, 3 hilds old cock lugs at 6 75; ?. hhds traRh.j -t 6 S5, leaf at 12.50, 12 25, and 10.25, 1 hbd Henry new good 5 25; 2 bbds Metcalfe lugs at 6 70, S, 1 hhd Todd leaf' lugs at 6, 2 bhds H e nderson new leaf at IJ and 10 The at 10 50, j! hbds Henry ll'af at 10 75, 11 75, 2 hhds Planters' house sold 5 hbds-1 hhd S1mpson old leaf at Carroll leaf at 10, 11 25 The P1ck ett houQe sold 62 12, 1 hhd Henry lugs at 7 50, 1 hhd Logan low leaf at hhds-2 bhds Henderson leaf' at 14 25, U, 4 blfds Bar 9 60, 2 Breck mr11i ge I eaf at 10 and 10 7 5 The reo old !eat at 13 25, 11 75 ll, 1 0 60.; 8 bhds 6h10 old Farmel'l!' bouse sold 12 bhda.-2 bbds Warren and 11.t 11. '15, 11. 75, 1 0.5o:; 10, 10, 9 95, 9 20, 8 90; 2 eommon lugs at. 6.50 and 7.60; 1 hhd Logan low leaf hhds Obio old lugs at 81 6.80; 4o Todd leaf a.t PETERSBURG, MARCH 19 -Messrs. R. A Young & Bro., tobacco comm1sston merchants, report as fol lows Thite il'l very httle doing m the tobacco mar though all good lots bnng toll prwes, which no doubt will contmue, as the stock here IS very hgbt, whwb w1th the decline in goiLl wll be sustained for some t1me to come We quote lugs at to 9, mostly at 7 50 to s 25; leaf, soft, 8 to 10, good, 9 to 14-the rece1pts generally being m1xed and m bad order Very br1ght, offermgs hgbt-lugs from 12 to 15, leaf, 15 to 45, fancy, 4 to 60 The following will show the mspect1ons at the var1ous warehouses the past week: Inopectlono Ifevlewo Total BAHIA, !<':so. a -The only sales we have to report is one of 1,000 b1s St. Amaro at 6,300 rs per @, leavmg a profit of :100 rs'per@ to the first buyer, and a sale of 200 bls Nazai:ets, whiCh changed hands at 61000 for th1rds, sooo for seconde, 10.000 for firsts, 15$000 for :f!.or, and 20$000 for Patentes. The entr1es contmue very small, and amount smce Oct 1, 1869, to 19,745 bls, agamst 22,762 bls last year The stock 1s 15,792 bls, against 20,043 bls the same time last year, CALCUTTA, FEB 8.-There have been no further sales We have received 100 cs and 10 bxs pet the MoDtana The quotations are as follows. t lbs, fair to good, 8@9 an. 9 p1e; lOs nominal. LONDON, MARCH 1-Messrs Grant Hodgson & Co's monthly Circular says. There IS no featnre to report llince our last Issue, the market for North Amen can tobacco havmg cootmued very dull, and the total sales of the are extremely tnflmg; pnces contmue generally wtthout alteration, but for some classes a shght advance IS obtamable. Boyers have shown no in clmatwn to wcrease their stocks, and generally taken such only as they needed for 1mmed1ate use, there have been numerous mqniries, whiCh have not as Tet resulted m busmess .In other growths, termed substitutes, m con sequence of the hm1ted supply, thetrausactwns have only been upon a moderate scale. Imports, 63 hbds, deliv enes, 893 hhds against 934 hhds m the correspondmg month of last year, stock, 16,379 hhds aga1nst 15,165 hhds. m !869, 2011184 bhds m 1S6S; 22,799 bhds in 1867; 24,340 hhds m 1866, 19,921 hhds 10 1865, and 18,416 m 1864 For V1rg1ma leaf and strips there has been rather m01e mqwry, aud the supply of useful and medmm clases are lleld at full rates; for strp there has been but httle demand, finest sorts are difficult to find. The prospect of a very mfer10r supply 10 the next Import has mdnced some holders Llurmg the month to Withdraw the1r stocks Kentncky and M1s soon leaf and strips have shared m the general dulnl'BI of the month, and sales ba, e been upon a hm1ted scale, spinmug of leaf are sought after, but httle It! now on sale, and rather more demand has been expe rienced fer fine colory descnpbons The ch1ef mqury for strips has been for the lower qnaht1es, buL the mar ket has now only a. poor supply, and these are held at full rates Maryland and Ohio have expenl'nced a bet ter mqmry, and most of the small stock offcrmcr has found buyers at full prices; there 1s now but httle" to be had, and a poor prospect tor supvhes. Sh1p pers complain sorely of the rates realized 10 th1s mar ket. The lower qnalilles of Havana mgars when offtlr ed at moderate prieea have found buyers The l'aleR of the past month ha' e cleared off a large portiOn of the accumulated stock ot such For the finer descr1pt10ns there Ptill ex1st!! a f'air demand The tillery tobacco are much sought after, and f(\11 pnees ebtairtable tor good par eels.. 1:3ome few lot11, compneing both wrappen and fillers, are uow at. moderate rates Of Yara Messrs Bramble, W1lkins & Co's Monthly Pr10es Current says: The transactions m tobaeco dnnng the past month have been, both individually and collec t1vely, ot such a trivial and ummportant character, an.I the apect of the market has so little change smee the 1ssue of our last report, that we are necessar1 ly conetramed to confine ourseiYes, on tbe present occa swn, to but few remarks. In AmeriCan tobacco not only are the ealesllelow the average, but they are even less than Ill the precedmg month, and, a-s estmated, barely rellch 400 hhds of all sorts In other <>'rowths if we except perhaps and Turkey, bot v:'ry busmess has transpired, and that of qmte a reta1l char acter, but m c1gars, owmg to pubhc Males and other causes, more ammat10n has been shown and sales have been effected to a considerable extent 'rn Virgm1a leaf and strips we have no Improvement to notce, the de mand bavmg been of a pur ely hand to mouth order, at current ratl'!s Western Leaf and Str1ps -In the for mer but few transactiOnS have taken pla c e the bulk of the sales mentwned above having cons1st.ed of str1p11 of the middling and mfenor quahhes, for home trade pur. poses only Had there been auythm<>' offermg suit able for exportatiOn, It IS probable 0that somethmg m1gbt have been done m th18 way, but as it the mar ket IS qmte cleare d out, and export busmet!s is for the time bemg qmte at a standstill Maryland and Oh10. -In neither class have we any busmess of importance to not1ce Java bas had a steady run throughout th& month, though the transactiOns have not been so exCentre .. . . 5 3 432 West Hill........... 10 3 425 Moore's ... ... .. 19 4 698 Oak's............ 15 0 20'3 49 10 1,758 Receipts this week SO Rece1pts last week 104 Total smce October 1st, 1869 1,620 PHILADELPHIA, MARCH 21 -Mr E W. D1cker son, tobacco broke r, reports Our busmess IS a little brghter, although st1ll dull. Sales reach 40 cs 1868 Conuectwut wrappe1s, 10 es lSt!S Connectwut second11, 15 cs 1 B6o Conuectwnt at 20c; 67 os OhiO pnvate terms, 30 cs Oh10 all grades, small lot State seed, 10 hhds Ohio, 8 hhdsKv, 40 bls Yara, 25 lbs Havana PriCes fully maintame'd tbrongbout The CJgar trade IS some better. Sales reach 750 M, mostly low grades About 200 bxs manufactured were sold last week. The amount rece1ved herem bond dunng the first half of March was 918 pkgs-78,008 lbs. RED RIVER LANDING, TENN' MARCH 10.Messrs Thomas & Co sold 56 medmm and low grades, as followa 110 50, 10 50, 10 25, 10 25, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 9 40, 9 so, g 60, 9 so, 9 75, 9 90, 9 60, 9.60, 9 50, g 40, 9.40, 9.SO, 9 95, II 90, 9 70, 9 30, 8 so, 8 60, 8 ao, s 90, 8 75, s 60, s 90, s 75, S 50, s; s 90 s 40, 895, S90, 760,7, 710, 7, 790,795,725 640,696, 6 30, 6 40, 6 so, 6 50, 6 75, 6, 6 05 RICHMOND, MARCH 19 -Mr R .A. Mills, tohacco 1roker, reErts : In our market for the past week, I have to report receipts hberal, demand steady, pnces very firm, with a dec1ded upwprd tendency Ou1 manufac turers have generally commenced full operatiOns, w1th a fair proR{leci of large orden durmg the Reason, but I fear the pl"'\\& of the manufa.ctmed article w11l not kt>ep pace with e leaf. '!'here are very few orden here fur iibJ ping tobaccos as ye!, but as \be season advances 1t11 tobacoo 1mproves ln_order, we may t'Xpect them, whu, :h wlllaerve to st1ffen priCE'S. Beh>w I give trans act10ns ancJ quota\101111: 658 hhds, 147 tcs., 59 bu. tensive as we should have anticipated at th1s season of the year. PriCes, on the whole, remam unchanged. In CONTINUED ON SEVENTH PAGE I HE CO PARTNERSHIP 0.1!' THE SUBSCRIBERS UNDER tbe name of nnBOIS & VANDBRVOORT f'Xplre.. tble day own ltml1artoo ln eunF e q11enee of continued moef't Mr Vander oort rettret fr o m tbe tl r m and K1hl:eDt: DuBole w!l! tign UL llqul' dalto n and continue the t-.ueinet!Bin hlt' owD D'lme New York, March 6, 1870 EUGHNR DUROI'I 264 3t lOII.RPII B 0& S.UE -40 PENNSYLV A.NIA. SEED LEAJJl TOBACCo mnalng lot, Wrappeno twll Fill"' 1868 crop .Address JuliN BBND!tTCH. 264-4t Columbia, 'Pa CIGARS LEAF TO.BACt.:O, &c, SALE I !vN OF D&BKAEKBLER .II FOOTB lfur Pa'e at eort 800 (1(1() vet) ftne and .. oo ct HAVANA nd MBRD C!Gi\I!S (Bepanol Ftgoro P-.tog .. etc.) Alo a few b le of t:r ra ult<>rlor H\VANA WRAPPBitll belvw al;', FIX I UP.ES, etc, rylow The leae ufthree opl e ndlct (lot, 2d 8d), w e ll adapted for a cigar fciOry Rent p 500 p.o,. annum Apply at the M6uafactory 9t Befl.kman up 264 a&; FOR SALE -A GOOD AND RETAIL TOBACco and vlGAR 01& &Dd Fao>ory SWOn to lt .:U which we are the bole lmpotera in the IUHI XREMELBERO & CO


I 4 (\ lf9 T "T1JR .A C1J 0 ) ,, WM. P tp'!r'1'fl8\>.GB. I B. C. WH,EELOCJ[ New York Commission Merchants ft' -United State ID.te:fnal Revenua Export Bonded .... p I'JTREO.E I: CD .. v .. wareThobu:e. A :r o B ,4 C C 0 e Irgtnta o acco gency I I EsrobliShedinlsse, bycharlesM. .. l & TOBACCO, Gommlsale31 erellaiiiS 164 Water Street, J.EAF and .:MANUF AQTURED New York, 45 Water. St.:. Agents for the P1incipal Tobacco Manufactutms in < Virginia and North-Carolina, Have constantly on hand a large assortment of ToQacco, of all styles arid sizes, to which they ask the attention of the trade UIII:ES A. CONNOLLY. ...,. 1 J. FRED. COW AN. ROBERT Be. co., TOBACCO Commission Merchants, 7 Burling Slip, New. York. TH. r-1. VETTE.RLEIN &. I 72 PEAR.f:.. STREET, SAWYER, W:ALLAOIE & .. tsl ........... OHAS. B,: :[ALLE;NS'J'Eni & .SONS T01BAO.OO AND l Commission IIIIEW liO.Il: __ 11'::::.__ CIIAILEI SEITZ & BRD.1 Leaf Tobacco, U9 Water Street, NBJTrOBK. L. W. G U>le Twist, .Admiration do. Cable Goi I do. Gold l\{cdal do. Chriotinn's Comfort, Nat.ion' B Pride. R. J. Christ1an, Ele:ven O'Clock, Amoret Bars, Bendigo, Little -:Miami, Prfdc of the East Flora 'l'emple, Cherry Fours, Paliiletto Fours, J;lalmctto E. Af,, Williamson, Fonr Thumb l3ars, Del t.a Pocket Piece, Little All Right. Tens. Gold Ridge, Blnc .Jac1<:et, Red Jacket, Peach Tom Thumb, }lay Queen, Alexander-, K e are:arge ofTrumpo, Mr. -rroots, Brown, Jones & Robinson, Jerry White, 'l'he Old Sport, Dexter, White Fawn, Black Sancho Panza., Bcaatl.fnl St;r, C. L. Jones Ca'P@tone, John!ilancock. l DOHAN_, OARROLL & N.Y. Commission Merebanta., I l ) I I , I TebaccQ Commission Merchant!;. QO:NIMISSif?N ": e._ NO. 104 FRONT-STREET," NEW-YORK, AGENTS FOR THE S.U.E OF l -I GRANT & WILLIAMS, RUSSELL & ROBINSON, J : G. DILL,. J. K. CHILDREY, L. H. FRAYSER & CO., TURPIN & YARBROUGH, J. 3. PACE & .THOMAS & OLIVER, GREANER & WINNIE, BARRATT'S CROWN, REUBEN RAGLAND i GILMAN & MALLORY. 'CHEIVES & OSBORNE, DAVIS & SON,' DUKE OF ATHOL. '' ,j t .,.. ... ... ;; -,I J osepJl s cheil.e. r & co '; .. JIMANUP' ACTURJiRS 'oF THE KREMELBERG & CO., NEW-YORK, I F. L. BRAUNS & CO., BALTIMORE, Tobacco Merchants. S-everal h .. cr Lleo.-lee Pa,.to, riir.ed im:pnrlar ;irm, t oost; mt1y on Iiand, and tor in bOJld er duty 1a.lll1 in lots suit purc1asers. 62-114 HAVANA LEAF, R. S WALTER, B E .ST. Connecticut, Havana & Yara LEAF TOBACCO, 203 PEARL Lane, 1 9 NEW YORK 'c:cCERT, DILLS & C9., DEALE.R!i IN lbr:. Noa:ro .. '(. ButJGH'RR. ll H. WISDOIL fiORTON, S .LAUGHTER & CO,, .Tobacco & Cotton Factors _CERSHEL & BRO., wrBOLia6LII DIU.Lmlll IJ( Hava:na and :


1 lb. DruLts, 1-2 lb. Drums l 1-4 lb. Drums, 1-4 lb. Bags. 1 lb. Bags, : 1-2 lb. Bags, 1-4 lb. Bags. Jomntouwtalth 2 oz. Bags, lib. Bags r 1 --TO. D. VETTEBL"EIN .. SOLE :A.GEl{TS; '. 1\law York. "ta1, $200,0009 .) Organized under the laws of the State of New York, January 2, 1868. H. W. HUNT, President. JOHN H. SANBORN, Sec'y H. W .. HUNT& .CO., Agents, LE-AF. Tobaccd C .ommis. s Standard Brands of....Ylr.ginia_ an!l North Carolina MANUFACTURED SOLE AGENTS for the s a le of hi" following bra.D.ds o 'MeMrS. :r'WlM.A.S. & OLIY,ER, and D. c. M.A. YO & Richmpnd, v a. : / 'l'ftANU Virginia B e auties, 14's. i lbs. i lbs. V .irg inia' s Own Pocket Piece8. Thoma s Choice h Ch e Haw, Rose Twist, 6 J M Walker's Extra Bright Twist, 12 inch.: La Favorita Rolls 6 inch. -1( Chas H e nry, Jr., 9 inch, Ught pressed nard 12 inch lbs. Pure Virg inia, Eureka, Bee, 12 inch lhs. Pride of the Nation 12 incjl lbs. Reward of Indnstry1 "-2 inch lhs. D C. :Mayo's Navy, jbs, t H>s., and IO'a Conestoya, 6 s. .. 13illy Bck, Virn,j&'a Choice. Belle. R ose. Star. Olive. Grand Duchell.ll. Gold Bug. .,. 1'!3..1' ,, . 167 Water Street, Ne'Y 16 Central Wharf. Bosto .n. 1 Oliv er's ChoiC\' c ... Ail styles of Manufactur e d and. Smokin g T o bac c o p u t unde r speci a l brands for the sole of tho owner. MAURICE ELLER, T t ', DIPOBTEli o l Havana Segar-s and Leaf r:J;obacco, 168. ST A TE'-is:TR I; ET, BOSTON. Sole Importer of the A No. 1 Segars. ,f -' PHILIPP HILKE. .o "J. RAYNER & CO.," "7 MANUF A O TUP.E:RS OF SEG-.A.R..S. AND:-DE4LER IN LEAF TOBACCO. Partiiiular attention to Special Brands tor Grocers & Jobbers. 29, Lfberi'l/ Street, ana. 5 Maiden Lane, New York. THE OLD SPORT Smoking TOBACCO. W. P. KITTRfDGE a. co., f64 Water Street, SOLE AGENTS For this Celebra\ed Brand, ALL RICH:r, t"T r 't -SWELL, Comfort, HELM EGE:o. w. nm.n TAXES PAID THE IN LO:RILllAltD Bi S.:U.COlllSSO.RS TO L. APPLEBY'S SON, .AND OF THB BRAND OF SEGARS, "RITICA," Pearl Street, NEW Y.ORl<.. S. LININGTON & SONS, IMPORTERS 0:1' : Manllla Se11ars AND CHEROOTS, D. & A. BENRIMO. LEAF TOBACCO, L24 WATER-STREET, .N.EW-l"ORK, Have on oalc all k!Dds of LEAl' TOBACCO for EXBORT IJOd USE. In bond "' dnt.y paid. A largo aooonmet or all grad 1 R p E A R s A L L of Havana Segall.! <:onotllnll:y on band. 1 216 FRONT Import!lr a.nd Co1ZIDiillloaMerch&nt cf Ne-vv Y'ork. HAVANA SEGARS OATMAN, LEAF Succeuor to -ANDTOBACCO: OA'.I,'_JriAN & Io. 192 PE..UL BnEE'l. I 16, 18 & 20 CIIAMBERS ST ., NE'VIr M.A.NUF.A.DTURERS OF ) At Factmy No. 8, S'e-cond District, New Ymk, MANUFACTURERS OF Tobaccc:> ELBRECHJ, .SIEBERJ & GO:, :Manuraeturere of .... "''" i HOME LIFE INSURA (::D.a:U T U A. L, No. 254 BROADWA;y,._ 7fE.;T[ \ In a MEMBERS. 11,'009. .' 1 .. 1 WAJ,TEB S. GlUI'I'ITII, .... Nlllf. il, H. FROTINGHAM, Treasurer. GEORGE C. "1 lfiJ.J.IUI I. COFFIN, Actuary. GDQD tERJ4AJl,.AGENTS WANTED. Thi3 Brand of Cigar s m a d e a Key Wes out of thM e justly c elebrated Ml;'Ln TOBACCOS worked !bY-O&baMI'I\ Figarcr,1'ntiml d; &, 4n arq_ma and workm&llllhip. thd e quallr in every respect. For sale 'by A. S. ROSENBAUM & CO., lfi W-.1er Street. New Tors.. J. H. D -IGGLES & 00 138 Street, New AGDTB AND or ..u.r. JmiD8 OJ' I'AN'CY P.BIN'I,'D 00'1"l'!!JJ aoo woa --EOB.A.CCO F KKLDENBERG, r Maunfac-tnrer o Warran-t d v Meerschaum Pi :pes,-H. SOHOVERLING & CO,, OHAS. F. TAG, IMPORTER Leaf Tobacco, LE1FTOBACCo. 192 Pearl S .treet, A. F. DANENBERG, WHOUSALE TOBACCONISTr l lio. 11 BIXTH A VB., B. Y. :PBIMCIPAL DBPOT for P. Ji. MSBOI'rll elltscn 11l.auc 1'. w. J'elc-. .._ tT .... 11. s-rua. ._ SICHEL & 1 Jmpenen Gla n.hnlta ldadllet LB.a.a TOB.A.COO, I AlW D.ILDII Ill 'J'IlQ dG.&.U, !t69 WATER STREET, ............. Llaellad ...,. aw YOa&. NO. 184 FJLONT-STltEET, NEW-YOlql;. B. STAFFORD & CO., !rOB.& CO eum.u. Commission Mercbants, I :JN"o. ' sup .. LYON .t. STAFFORD, NEW Y.O..a....._ 61 PW:e .&!Umore. OTTO. WILLIAM SXBBBX Import. el &A l'AIA SIGl.--... 11o1e .a,...a et "BOUQUET DE .. AND M.JOCK:li:Y CL11B.'! s.


THE TOB.ACOO LEAF. e PHIL&DBLPKIA ADVBRTUBDtiTS CDICIIIATI, ST. LOVIS, A.lrn CHICAGO ADVERTISED:R'TS. H WILKEN'S a CO., BODMANN'S Henry Besuden & Bro I t & L fT b ., Monumental City Tobacoo Works, nspec IOn ea 0 aCCO 'l'. YftT.JIWIUf .... 8 .......... IILJ:n<. TIIM, I, "nftaU.mJI, S:TTERL..EIN & BARNES & JEROME, lo. 181 WEST PRlTT STREET, BALTIOR.E, D., wAuHoua.. IU.LBII8 m ._ .. ,_. f.oll ........ 17,:&t, tt a a Froah e, a cnrater, PHILA&ELPHIA, PA., Merchants in Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, ConunissioD. Merchant.,. PBA:kero and Wboleoale Dealcl'8 in Smoking and ChewlDB Tobaccos, LEAF .. DOCE8'TIC A.ND DIII[POR.TE::U SEGARS. uaT ITioTII IOIIHD WARII:HGl!lll:o WK. WELSH & SONS, G. ED. NlJI:)LUIN ar Co11.81gnelll forward their Stocks without preptoyiar the Tax. .......... 161, 163, & 165 l'earl Stret, G'I:O. a Aa..-Ee. A.UO. I. l.IROli:E. HARTFORD, Conn. GIESKE & NIEMANN, LE.&P IJIOBA.CCO 'I:OB UlCO PA.CTOBI, G. BRASHEARS & SON, commissio; .. Merchants, Tobacco Commission B. A. VAN SCHAICK, .A.GENT FOB Lorillard's & Snuff, ( OOBIB11 o :u.x IITU1I'l' ) L. ....... ...... CINCIN,NATI. HAAS Cigars, Havana and Connecticut Leaf, IN TO PUIT, 6 19 NORTH WATER STREET, PRILADELPHIA. &ollolted. .... SEGAB.S. N.'l Sou&A QtJfl SWMII, BflltltllON. Wra. .. W..._ 'W. ,..._ 48 SOUTH CHA.RLES STREET, GUSTAV GUTH,. & U. 8, Bonded Warehoue No. I, ...._ IEGOUT, I JJoJ.LL 0100. rtrict, Pennsylvania. WCiODWARD BROTHER &. CO., BALTIMORE, liDo !'II""'U4 ...aiUU, ...._ (BI-'t11) F. W. FELGNER, .. Bolt )(qaflctver ud BllceetiOI' 10 F. H. BISCHOFF, Deutscher Rauchtabak, AND OTHER CHOICE BRANDS, 11 CirE.APSIDE, SAL TIMORE, MD., TOBACCO 10. SOUTH CHABLB/l Dir ec t Importers fA.{ the brandt l!LB, C nnd Mil[ )' () Lleorlee Paete, Por oalo, in lots fl BALTIMOA.. buy.WRflmn.,.,R.GU IN' ALT. D'ltKCBIPTtoNe or .AlfD 1t'"BOLDAL HLDB m ..Ll't ..l:l. NTBER 'LEAl' AND lUMUFACTUltED TOBA.OOO, LEAF AND :MA.NUFACTUREL t (I!IO.r7!.) BALTIMORE, MD. 1'1!. Water &t. and 18 N. Delaware Avenue, Tobaccos, Segars, Etc., JO<. I>CHHoBvxn A Ntoou."" C C?ENERMAL h t ;:lllll'l' Acllllta CoiUIMtiovt JOSEPH S:BROEDE.R & ommlSSlOll ere an I,C,Il" DQHAN & 'l'AITT a a Ul.a (Onedw,.,vestofE:uhang8JJlaC I ) lob r i Tobacco a d fJtgars, Wholoealot Ia acco "OffiffiiSSIOO No. 81 Exchange Place, -XUillMMISSION MERCHANTS DC U Soutl' Charles Street, HoFFlLU" F G to Mno&B, Aln-KLO & Co. ) ., -RANK IDSON, T 0 B A c c 0 BALTIMOr:Pf!:. GILIIOR & GIBSON, 6JQ) WM. A. BOYD & IlWD F :roB.ACCO, D. '. I I 7 Seuth Water Street, L e a f a. n d Manu fact u r e d W. Ei.scnloht, PWL!DELPW.l. T 0 f) ft c c 0 t S. W'. Clark. Phil. Donn. a ('Ralph's Scotch Snuff," Warranted ouperlor to any atuu!'mado In thlo country. "Manufactured IIAVA:RA l"RIN LEAF TOBACCO, 7' Couuturcitll Street, ___,::--_:EI=O-TO::LV. De Van Mason &"-c-o-.-,-104 P-oydru St., New Orle&DII, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AND AGENTS FOlt & Nilrtb Carolina T nbacco LlbtnJ adftltceo tDadte oa C41111ilpme-(11 67 West Baltimore St., Baltimore, Kd. SOVTHERll ADVERTISEJONTS. "HIGHLANDER," "'RED ROVII!:R," uDICK TATII!:A," Tobacco. These ett&bllohed Tobaccos, so well and favorably !mown, are put up In >(, and !lb. bales or pouches, and In bulk thae oaltlng the ret&ller and jobber. Manufactured only at the oleam wodando, Bl&ell and Bnrbt Qqartet&, Lorli lpeclal attent!OD paid to Ordef'll f<>r the pardlMe el Wo, and eI'J variety of Plnt,.(l]..,., W wit. loMl ot .......... lllripo, .. -. .... Goodto Ia mtiJ l'arUcnlar, :1. W. THORNBERRY, Tobacco Broker, PADUCAH, KY. o. ......... ..,.alalladll-eDttltll'tlle ...... Gla.-.llhJppbtg x..t. llaa___, .rus. .-anp ..


TIIE .A.::N'D TOBACCO. GD'!'LDIJilll : We take the Uberty of addreeotng roa Ill tbll monner, the better to ea11 your attention to a 'l'obocco unusually line Ia Ita qu Ill.,)' We hne, durin& many )'e&re, patient!)' and peroeverlngl)' llletltated experlment.a having a dll'w aunt and \\ .ttt.coH. roa&cco. Yrices de manded being above buyet s' vtews checked, busmess Cutting strips are very pientiful, and although oft'enng at mode1 ate tates, there continues but little demand for them. Marylands w1th colot, sweet, clean, and free from sand, continue very sa l eab le, but other sorts not asked for. In Ohios a few transactions have taken place at 5td. to 6td., closing up remnants of olLl ship menta. Cavendish has only sold by retatl, but at bet ter prices for good tobacco. Messrs. Parry & Crosbics say : Market quiet throughout the past month, but with eve1 yday trans actions amounting in tbt' aggregate to a moderate bus iness. In Western strips there w':lre no transactions worthy of special notice. F1llers scarce, and few, if any, to be bought at our lowest quotatwns. Med1um cutters plentiful, but only in limited demand. For good and fine spmners there has been mure inquiry, caused in a great measm e by the scarcity of su1table leaf, but manufacturers are still unwilling to pay the pr1ces asked, and as holders a1 e firm, sales were only re tail in character and extent. 'fhe matket is nearly cleared of Western leaf dry fillers, and the trade un w:lling (or perhaps it would be more correct to say un ahle) to pay the prices asked for the better grades. For export, both fGr the Continent an:l African coast t1le demabd has been continuous, but at same time tail in character, here, a.gatb, we have a stock a lmost dev0id of comrnon and low tobaccos. In Virginia leaf and nothing of any consequence to report. In .Mary lands we may almost stereotype the remark that good co lory tobacco is a! iu request, wht1e' 01 di nary and common sandy goods are almost unsaleable. In substitutes a small unsatisfactory stock at high rates prevents bu,iness. The stock ofCavendtsh is reduced to 858 packages, or 2,000 less than at same time last year. Holders fi1m at rates, which buyers object to pay, consequently a retatl business. MANILA, JAN. 17 -There have been no auction sales ef cigars, and no quantity can be procured fiom the public store for exportation. There is nothing do iog in leaf. The shipments ha\e been 110,000 to Co penhagen, per Hawfuen; 12,100 qtls leaf to Cadtz per Elena, and to Hong Kong, 50,000 per San and 578,000 per-Mars. MATANZAS, MARCH 4.-There is only a moderate inquiry, With a good supply on hand. There wete 25 bxs of 12 lb, of current quality, from Havana, placed on the market at $28 per qtl, on short credit. ROTTERDAM, MARCH 1.-The business done con tinues to be devoid of snimatiou. 'North American to haccos have not been dealt in, and the only sale bas been 621 bls Java, D F S, -at secret prices. The Dnis berg arrived yesterday at Bremerhaven, and brouo-bt only 182 hhds Ma1 y land and 4 hhds Vir<>inia for market. The stock on hand is as follo"'ws: 1869-462 hhds Maryland, 584 Virginia, 22 Kentucky, 1870577 hhds .Maryland, 153 Virgima, 27 Kentucky, and 91 stems. In other sorts, we have 131 bls Java, 176 bls Braztl, 432 bls East India, 135 ceroons Havana, 102 cs. Cavendish. Discrepancies In flgar Aeeonnts. The following letter explains itself and will prove of 10 terest to the trade TREASURY DEPARTMENT, OFFICE OF INTERNAL REVENUE, WASHINGTON, March 17, 1870.Gentlemep: Your letter of the 14th mst., addressed to Mr K1mball, of th1s office, has been to a letter ft om th1s office, addressed to Assesso1 Cleveland under date of Feb. 10 ulttmo, instructing lum what mrcumstances 1t would be proper to assess mgar manufll.C turers You state that m the two D1stncts, the Thirty second and .the Fifth, you mp.nufactured last year about 5,400,000 c1gars, and that, upon settling up your account w1th the you show a defiCiency 1n the two Dis tricts of 17,680 cigars, or less than a thtrd of one per cent. and you ask, if, in the opimon of this office, th1s would regarded "a cons1der!ble dtscrepan_!)y,." In the letter to Assessor Cleveland referred to, be was instructed that if. upon the recetpt of theJanuary mventory, any cons1dera' ble dtsctepancy appeared between the monthly returns and the mventory and Co1lectQr's record of stamps, an tion should be made mto the reasons of such dtscr epancy and 1f not sattsfll.Ctor1ly explained, to assess the manufactu: rer for the deficiency. While a defictency of 17,000 and upward for an ordmary manufacturer would stnke one as a large de nmency, I do not thmk that that number, m a sum total of 5 400 000 would be regarded as a l arge deficienc y. And u'nder' anj circumstances I should constder a defictency of onetbtrd of one per cent. on the total product, an inconsiderable defi ctency, and too small to warrant an assessment. Yours respectfully, J. W. DouGLASS, Acting Comm1sstoner. To STRAITON, ScHMITT & STORM, No. 191 Pearl street, New York c1ty. --------A DEVOTEE OF THE PLUG.-A school a.t Glen Cove Long Island, 1s in very bad odor, because the chews tobacco and spits m the hot regtster. The Board of D1rectors have pet1t10ned Grant to g1ve btm some fore1gn appointment in a warmer climate. New Jerk vs. lew Orleans as a To)a*o )Jll)pt-r rotni. We find the following in the Owensboro' Monitor, and commend 1t to the thoughtful consideration of our Western readers: "My atte.Jtion has been called lately to senral ar t1cles published either in the New Orleans papers or in the New York press, ad vet tnw to the seve1 al of each point to receive and deaf out to the world the tobacco crop of the West, all of these articles being the a1guments 10 the case of New Orleans versus New Yotk, and addressed to the press at Louisville, Evans vtlle, Owensb01o', Henderson, Clat ksville, Paducah, and St Lplles from the interior mat k:ets. Of the 11at'l-uce ofjt 1 what pn; >portwn does New Yot k and what proportion N cw Olleans? The trade ef New Yo1 k, the trade of Boston of Philadelplna, and stn roundmg ma1 ket8, including Can ada, and her own heavy transactions wrth her manufac turers, amountmg rn the aggregate to 11! 000 or 20' 000 hhds pe1 annum, 1s deemed a suffictent' to th11-t questton. Could demand be transferred toN ew Or lean!!? Assuredly not. Is that demand a source of profit to the Westem deale1, by bringmg the home trade in eompetitiqn export Most certainly; no body can doubt 1t. The l{f'g\8 contractors stand in a better posit1on to favor both markets, if the truth be told, and find it to their interest to do so, in 01 der to play off one mat ket 9gainst the other; by the nature of co!lttacts, they are above shipping and banking d1fficultJes, because regammg full cargoes at one timer they can alwayR afford to charter or buy a vessel for their pu1 pose, and negotiate their exchange at leisure lt'.ur.thermore, the l>eculiar fermentation of tobaeco in New Orleans, giving dark and uniform color to the leaf which resist it, favors their wants, at least for Italy and France. That these Regie contuctors would rather operate in New York, in close proximity to Baltimore and Richmond, where the Regie are filled at the same time, is undoubtable, but that they are willing to encourage New Orleans ao-ainst New York is potent fc r reasons already and the the shipper is simply to find out bow far 1t 1s to his mtetest to mdulge them in' this re spect. Coming to the third class of buyers-those for the open markets-we light upon a sou1ce of sttength fJr incontrovertible argument in favor of New York and to the Amerwan dealers A foreigner requir ing small and regular shipmen ls throughout tbe year to Liverpool, London, Antwe1 p, Amsterdam Bremen etc. w_i!l find inN York, .and i.n city do!y, the possi' bll1ty of carrymg on hts busmess m a prope1 and satis factoty way; at any time, by steam or sait he has an opportunity of sending his tobacco forward 'and of ne gotiating-his exchange to the very In New Orleans he must, untler the most favorable eir cum stances, submit to enormous delays; and when his business does not justify the findinoof a vessel excln e1vely for own use, not be able to snip at all The clunate fot b1ds htl)l Qutward freight, in surance, and excha11ge are against him and the loss of time incurred 1s equiva lent to a loss of :Ooney. Montl:is must elapse before he bears of hiR shipments in stead of weeks, as would be the ease i shtpped f;om New York. Sho!lld he forward' his New Otleans sam pies by they will. barely avail him in Europe for the sale of h1s merchandtse, out must await the tardy arrival of sailing vessels before be can afr't!ct satef!. The European merchant fea1 s that O'l'dng to the active fer mentation in a hot clin ; 1ate, and lon,. sea journey par ticularly on tobacco prized so,t an.d 0 out of that tobacco has changed character .mce am pled m New Orleans, and consequently can't be indiwed to bny whilll he would not hesitate to purchase on a New York sample. For these reasons the quotations oftobaoeo in New York eguivalent to thos11 in New Orleans, can be sold there at five e1ghths to three-fourths cents higher for the open markets, and fully one half to five r,ighths cents for the Regie contracts above New Or leans Do these higher quotations compensate for eheap er freights t0 New Orleans? .Any one can calculate and satisfy himself on this point. I remarked aObve t.bat the buyers for the open markets are a source of strength to 1'\ ew York and of profit to the American dealer. a source of strengt.h is obvious from the s1ze and vaned character of the1r aggregate require ments, and from the fact that so many of om largest dealers reside in New Yo1 k; and that &hey are a 11ource of profit to the American dealer, from the fact that they form the only competttot s whwb save our selling markets from being monopolized and treated with or without money by the -Regte contractors. It is mueh to be regretted, the mterest of the Western pro ducer and dealer 1D tobacco, that an entire una nimity could prevail, ana as f:n as possib1e to concentrate the .great bulk of tobacco at the pomt offering the greatest advantages as an export market. !UQre the tobacco is divided between the two contendinomarkets the worse it will prove to the shipper, as ev;..y attempt to do so weakens his chances for a profit, and enalllea fore1gn buyer to form a combinatiOn, and by play upon the market, eventually carry their pomt by overthrowmg and breakmg down prices in both; and the only sure remedy to avoid ucb dire ca lamity to the tobacco interest, is to best mar ket, and the fewer hands it IS distnbnted arnonoost but strengthens the mark et, and enables factors to sent a firm and unbroken wa:J against foreign buyers to Havmg gone so far, Messr1,1. Ed1tors, 1t IS ccrtam that facts as pret!ented sbourd be more acceptable than conclusions in the caqe of New Orleans vs New Yo1 k, as a mar-ket.'} have-oniy: presumed to collect a few facts m connection with tlie subject, and present them to the reader for his calm consideration. I have no personal interest in the mat ter, bnt only desire that in this aq in all others qntiJ and may prevail. Very 'respectfully, s. young lady in Covington, Ky., 11mokes JSix uigat'l dally. __ c ::::o::l TM .,._..J of tolleetors Ia SeW., INaJlll. The foflowing correspondeace will ezptaia itself: N.xw YoRK, Feb 26, 1870.-Ennoa Twu.coo LJUV -Sir: As .a great many of the of eigara are complammg of the mjustioe pract.iced toQrmpany, ot B1ooKlyn, also represe:Rtlll!! 1 fit m 1>r Buchanan & Lyall, of Brooklyn, also pln.g 1 mauufactnrers, appeared before the Commit tu o f Y>.lys and Means to oppose the reduction of n:n:. ou 1.11W \o.bact.>o. and at gue in favor of a uniform. too: .,p 2 per pou!ld on all manufactured tobacco. He sa.i.J. that, theN atiOnl\l Association did not reprtsent the of the plug manufacturers, ou the that the re ductiOn by them-viz., tG a mll1orm, ra.t.t! of 1 s; cents per pound-was an unJust dJs,.a jlptna.tWllllll againet plug tobacco, the poorest quahties ot wb.ieh are taxed 32cent.s _Per pound. M1. Hunt opp0sed all tboe proposnwns urged by theN ational .A:ssurtiati.on Twel'l .. tyRIX manufacturers in Virginia, clalmllilg t0 re(?reseot firms thatJpaid nearly ten millions of dollars tax to tbe last unite in a pwtest against tbe. credtt of Mr. Hudt s statemeats. aud he does not faHly .rel?reser;tt facts when he aflh that theN ational AssoC1at10n d1d not advocate the intcrO!sts of the plug es. ia addition and by of the go,erum'ent ta.."aew case, th; lJ.mted States Ccurt, IS develop1r:og l'omu features. Among the rest we the 0 t Mr. B. P. Brasher, Special Agent of the :R-ev enue Department, and Mr. Auista11.t of the Distnct of E&Q}l oftb getlem_en, 1 seems, bad conce1_ved a suspicio.n of he 10 tegnty of the other. To veJtf'y his one-went> to the other, and hinted at an arrancrenwnt they could connive at of b.r the. tobacco me11, tb,e sQ put JOOiley ia own You see, sa1d he that we can do It as weH as not aad nobody kno.wr auything about it but ourseLve Thus lie s}l:'l4e: temptmg h1m. But. tee other 11aitl within must disst:mble. This fel1ow is a rascal and would .the But if I give 'tent to, tJae whwh h1s mfamous propositiOQ excites wtthm my Vlftoous breast, he will say no !BOre and I shall never have prf>ot posi\ive of his Cl'n\pt designs! And sa gentlemen schemed against each other, eac? seekmg to draw the other into an open pro.pos 1tio11 whwh_ would he > c;onclusive of guilt, witho.ut implicatmg .liuiisjllf. .N'e1ther, however, was duU enough to fallmto-tibe ptt winch each haJ digged f()r the other and so stood in hostile attitude untrl the came up, ween they w_ere f';'rced to rev&al their respecambuscades, aud JIISttly therr coudnct in the sigh ot the ot the InternatRevenue lJepllrtment." M C:.1<::Jmllt, the last Robbms trhl was a civ1l case on. nf tobacco, whwh were removed Jrom the fac before t.hey were stamped, and not as to any counter !ett as was erroneous! y In t.hts O!'S& the Jury diSagreea JAKES NoLAND, of Carroll county. Mo., has raised 1,55'7 "PETER," said a pedagogue, "you are such a ba4l pounds of tobacco from les!! than an acre of grouna, and boy that you are not fit to stt 1n tha comp&ny of good wants to know who can beat 1t. 1 bo' s on the bench h d come up erenn sit by


THE LE.AF I I I LIQ.D'OlUC LI'Q'UOI.ICE .A.DVEI.TISEIIEliTB. M:TSCELL.A.DOUS. KEY WESf H VA-NA CIGAR FACTORY.F. w. SECK ct. co., Nos. 19 Pearl aad 8! Sto.e Street, 180 North St., Baltimore, Md.F LIC0RICE PASTE WALLIS & CO. EXTRA. 8EIDENBERC & 'CO., r ......_cnJBml8or.,.,.. R Jl W Y 0 B K, Dey Strut. New York, of Brand Qo :m _. 'D' :E :N' :IIIII 'I THOMAS HOYT& co. -...vr....-.oe ... SOLACE TOBACCO, lU, li&, ni 117 .. a. GIIISI:I.MANN, manufacturers and the trade In gene!'ll.l al"J particuiarly to exa :r.ine and teat the superior properties of IMPORTER tai.s LICORICE, which, being now brought s b M 1 to the higllest perfection, is offered undel' pants ass leOrltC, aboe atyle of brand. We are a11o SOLE AGENTS for the brand F. G. Ackllowledged by consumers to be the best in the m... "\et. And for the brand of ....... Licorice Sbelc G. B. Composed ot lHOMAS HoYT and JoHN F. FLAGG, lbDuCaeturer oral! kind& or No. 404 PEARL STREET, CHEWING AND SMOKING NEW YORK, .....___ .. Manu(:acturen of all kinda of FINE-CUT CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCO, SNUFF AND CIGARS. THOMAS HOYT & GO. Composed of THoM.AS HoYT and J0HN F. FLAGG, SUCCESSORS TO HOYT, FLAGG & CO., 105 SECOND STREET, Lo"ISVILLE, KY. Ol,JR BRAND fine Cut Chewing, illNNYSIDE, HEART'S DELIGHT, SWEET OWEN, Rti>SE BUD. MRS. G. B. MILLER & CO. 'Xobacco Manufactory, (WK. B. LAWRENCE, Prei'ij 97 Columb'ia Street, NEW YORK, K_j.:ftfl'.&.ln'UUJII or \1m'I'D Vn. G. B. Miller & Co. Chewing and 8molrlng ; the on I y Genuine Alllerlcaa G.ntl .. 8nul!'; Mrs G. B. Willer & Co. Kaooaboy ud 8aoteb Snull'; A. H. Mickle & Solll' lor.& 10M and Grape Tobacco i lln. G. B. lllDer & Co. Reoe"e tlmolrillr ua ObewiDg TobaooQ. ur"' AU orden promptl7 u-'ed. e 0. LANGENBACH & CO. !l&nutacturen or FIDe Cut ftkewing, Jmoking AND SNUFF, 205 and 207 Centre Street. J:LA.NGENBACH. JOSEPK JA.OOB SELIUllAN. lEW TOB.IL ODelda Tobaeeo Work and 8eiJ&I' Ranufbctory. In all respects equal to CALABRIA. We 111'8 also AGENTS for the brand G. Z., TOBACCO, which will be Cound constantly on hand.. 159 Ludf.ow Street, NP!tn YoPk. Licorice Root, Beieot and ordinar-y, conatantly t'on hand.. GOIIEZ, WALLIS & CO ..... & 81 South Wllll-h. W.. ... I CATTUS & RUETE, LlflUORICE PASTE, 0CDhaccn BZCBLSIOB MILLS fear amb jiJ fohatur. POWDERED LIQUORICE, .a'l & loti WATER-IT .. IIWRIL GUM ARABIC, SEALIN'G "VT A:X:,. No. 129 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. KINGS COUNTY TOB.U:CO WORKS. OLIVE OIL, TON QUA BEANS, I. S. D 0 U C LASs, ._. .... ...... FREDERICK FISCHER, Tobacco Broker, No. 2 Hanover Buildings, lbDofacturer or allldnda or W.., AVE'D & STERRY JlliE-CUT, CHEWING, AND BMOKJNG TOBACCOS .DA a (H.A.NOnB SQtT.utB,) 29, 4 88 Lorimer Street, WILLIAMSBURCH1 N. Yo D. H. McALPIN & CO., ... CELEBRATED :FINEC1JT Vir[in Leaf Navy Cbewin[, SMOKING. TOB.ACCOo I .um Dxu.u& Ill Sepn, Plug Tobi.ocu, 1uatUI; S.ull' Flou, k 16 Platt Street. N. LICORICE PASTE. 104--129 NEW YORK, J. S. GANS & SON, TOBACCO BROKSRS1 P. KA.I.KOIIY'S li'EPHEWS & CO., lJO. 86 WALL-STREET, 6S Broaclwa:r, New York, (Tontine:. 8uUtanUr oo hand, I -WHOLESALE AND BETAIL. TURKISH and LATAKIA TOBAOOOS in the Leaf a.t WHOLESALE. FACTORY,. 18 PLATT STREET. S27 JOHN ST.,_ NEW YORK. MEERSCHAUM GOODS Letter --------db CO. DIPORTBIIB OJI KUUl'.l.C'l"UKI:IUI o Briar & Meerschaum SEGARS & SMOKING TOBACCOS, SHOW PIPES, SMOKERS' ARTICLES ltlETALAND WOOD. Gold Medal awarded 18119, at lhe I!'alr ol the Amerl WALKINC CANES. W ARIIBOVBII, -&03 BltO.&DW .4.'2'. X WALLlCNST.J:lllf I. HAMBURCER & CO., ImJl'!'rter-6 I :II?' I :E: S LE.AFA .. 55 MAIDEN YORK. T." T. N. HICKCOX A CO., RICHARD J. BOIKEN, STENCIL PLATES, Plain 111d Fancy, for Tobacco. BURNING BR!NDS, for Cigars,, & !riuwood PIPES. BRUSHES, INKS, &e., at priceo that del'f tompetlt>on. H!:&. Depot lritil ud Orden taken by H. A. RICHEY, x.., r .. -. IMPORTANT .... KA'Nl!F AC':r'DmmS OF CIGiJtS. JW.aW.--WT,l-. Wllh tile bove :Macblne, otrlpped otems al na ...... or any other tobActo can be made u .. ful Rl llllen for ci gars-to prepared 1tems can be worked w11.h eaae burn white, and Rl "'ell ao the bes t 11Iler. --I Send for Circular. llORGF.ELLl' r 1$ DEGHU!il.E, 811 Cedar street. We also keep on hand T o bacco CotiiDI! ll.achlnee for S!Iting Machlnee, do ; Te>D. BUCHNER, (lfwe-t BOBLICll:ECK I< IAU8SIQ) K.l.NUFACTUBEI\ OF &nd alluperior"Luad:yfoot Bnuft'. 6&-1011 N E 1 CAMPBELL LANE & CO l mporter Llqi!lonce, KASPROWicz, 1 102 Pearl St., N.Y. DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO 91 Chambers Street, FIN"E CUT To G .A F. Cahill & Co., XX, IIF, aod l"GF brando, Aa BACCQ AN J,J CIGARS, 'if IUJ.tJor qualitr, for. oale at market ratee. .A.lfD KAIIUUCTURBB a. HERMANN "'BATJER & Chewing and Smoking T AND CICARS, .JUfo Dealers in Snuff, Pipes, etc; PACtOIIIIS AT 4U BROo\11 ST., BEWAIII, And In Caldwell. N.J. CIGARS, AND OF .Havana Six_., Cheroot, LICORICE PAASTE. 157 Water CLAY PIPES, c & lraaah, tn Soatl Water 1!\reet, OblolrO Illllloll. WATER STREET 256 Delaaoey New York. [BSTABLTSHJID lBaT.] BRAND. H 1 NEW.YO'RK w.A.BRINTZINGHOFFER &SON DU VIVIER & co., J. GRANT & cu. -P. M. DINCEE, PrldeoftbeU.S.,' JlueBaD, Wlncheotcr, llanuractunonof 9 Whiteh&llSt.,llewYork,. WHOLES Corner Sia;th and Louis Streets, Vlrglula uar, 14'001, Grecian 11end HLE AGEN 8 ALE 1 Jmpnivemect, PINE 'I' A.ND lltlPORTERS, COMMISSION MERCHANT Lyall, To-bd;;nb 0 o, PASTE. Tobacconists, sPANisH 144 w.u:.t:asrBEEr.. 183 BROAD STREEf,li!WlRK,lU J C Y C., M., MF., RR., VB., Jo ct 12 EDT sTJ.TE smEET, FdREIGN & 'wooos. J_lb!IJ .A B EX s For Tobacco and Cigars. A large auortment tonlltaDUy on hand and P'illteol te oilier 211 & 24 Jfon'll Wtlliom lltreet. lfew Tollr. SHOW CARDS. CIGAR, TOBACCO, AND CADDY ot "VT ducrlption, l.u int-o!-lltf!t. J SCHUMACHER & EnLIIQll, 'UTHOGRA.PHDIS A PRINTERS, :Vlll'l'By Street, NEW TORX. r.' KcCAFFIL & B..A.RNETT, And other Branda,1a!waya on hand. m rrH.A.CA.-No Yo ._..__ .. mromasol'mDII.u.Wm ForSale,inBm:,dordutypaid, SIMON SALOMON, .. -. 'W'OOD BROS. M. ECHEVERRJA. & CO,, PEASE'SCELEBRATEOSELF-FEEOJN_lJTOBACCO-CUTTINQENIINE. Clhllllllc.w."&I&'IIMQe,). HAVANA AND DOMESTIC No: 2 9 BF.A.VI<:R NEW YORK LEAP TOBACCO HIUldredo of these labllts, more OnPn,)(l. AciQ--N ATt' lbl. ro.1 61. ......_ .6.l.L&ll, do., II. SEEDLEAF .A.liD KA.V.A.B.A. "6 "7 'fll''LtW' 'Vil.DK Reepe,lSGt. iloo -peel w!Q oar name. .Palented In Belgium AprU lSib; 1848. IICI Pearl. 8-tree-t, BUOIIAIAII & LYALL. Jfew-York. nuo-or R. LINDHEIM &, CO., Weailomuu(aetlll'e NEW YORK.. E A:.!PINGARN & CO :r. & 0." ud "1. o. 7 Oa" l!ruc1& G wIN T E ... w. JlcLROY, Sole Arent, .. I g ., !'roprwLOra ot Lllldhelm Bro. Co.' Ptn achincs, Rollers. R ., __ ,__al We oll'er tor eale to maaalacttlrert &11.4 the lrade Ia Cllaolce Braacla el 111ro m. ll g 111:, ...... .__oc HAVANA & uolf&)riG TOBAGeO. VIRGINIA SMOKING TOBACCOS, AND A. .. T. B. MERRICK. & co-.,. :1..4'1 Water Street, ISI, G ..... X. .. ,.,. wnu ... 1111 w"'""-llfrM )oBACCO & SNUFF ........... ,&LD.L_,_ .. 1.01 ... -. ro WilllamSlreet,.N. Y., RW YOR. l PEASE, Buckeye ..... ....... MANHATTAN "tC)IACCO s. JACOB'!" & co., OSCAR PROLS8 4 co., This Cutter took the JESSUP & IIOOB.E, __,_..,&DdWhoi ... DoMnln dum. trADable _J,,_ ..a. ....... LL-itnr,DtiOI'MEDAL at t EXPO-SITION. Y CIGARS ("I ( "' l ... J I l i J) r 1.28 William Street, l'IJ. _. WK. IoCAFFIL; 1 LU'K:Bccp o 0 LE; Esq.,. PAPER WAREHOUSE. Chichester 10 & co El Baco and MefrODOlltaa Brands, L I c 0 R I c -, p A 8 t -E. : iJr,ed,: No. .. .. YORK, lobatto & lpm II BOWEftY, NEW YORK, 19, PBARL-BiltEET, ,; BA.USS:lYIANN '' IJt:S:W YOBX. 0 r 1 H.A. UCKl'S Leaf Oor.IIWemuDoi, Ne'W-York. Old Mtp, J -.__,_ FLEITMA.NN & CO., T I N_F_Q I L. CIBCULA.B RARTCOB.:tl & JLUlN. NEW YORK, No Box Mould IOIIN OB.OOKB. 'J.eBA'tBD BOUQUB't SKOID'llO TOJIACCO 1 <>en a nperl ulltr ol TUBACCO BOXES & CADDIES. ... TOBACtOf0ii&iiTLEtAPS !:i.'!::::::.,..._ ..... .. Shearman Brothers .,o. 150 Water Street, At 10w ana "' IOta to nts 'l'o,_ --. J IIIL Jlfolt4wQ ..., 1roa.. o. 18 c:a.otBY .STREET NEW YOBK.. mcturerundDealera. y ...... New_,;: i:EiitDIITOI i'iiotHEi, EDWARD A. SMITH, EMPIRE ..... WM. ZIBSSER & 00. GERARD BETTS & tO., FIIIECUT CHEWING anufacturer of Sewing lfachineS Put up e.:)d Shipped ror the southern Lta.r-xuuuCI'IT:uu a. Genral Auctionee-rs 0 be. Fine Sears, TobaCCO Sealing Wax, AIID Y J ,. D _. oot liable to IIUIIIIcL OOMMT8810lf MUOJU.llrM, TOBACCO BOXES. A. HAMMACHER & (0,, Ageirts, .!Jta Beelunan St., N.Y JOHN KEYS & '.BRO., -... Manufacturers or VOIIAClOO BAB.B.BLS, BalfBarrel(l, Keg, etc. .Also Dealers iu GINIW COOPERAGE &TOCK !ND M!mu.L. 67 UlliL H ".._ '"reec, f-&, 16, _. 60 Sherur a&nelo aa a us DV.&IO rr., r Maiden _Lane, Empire s. K. Co., 294 Bowery, J'hprlet.erur tllec:.t .. tu 88 .., a; Plaalecllllll, '197 WltLit;.M STREET, .. ....... .. Oll*llell ll'"n"' RII:VlVJ:B. Cll.kBDCT NEW YORK. -.,.,._ e. to ..._..,_ T, pa,a ; 8QUIIUI ll.lliAL. .... --.... .. &-... .. ----. MW 'fOaL .,Ji() .. l'f (lel1UIIItla S&reelo __.J


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