The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (4 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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baa information that Mr. tr rred 1 his property to his daughter t.G lUs trial." ON the 26th ult. a fire at Sandutky, Ollie, cl8auoJecl Ritter & Embs' cigar manutaq,tory. APRIL FooL-The day the U!le of tobacco a "v1ce" iD wat the fint of April! __ / DKTJ:C'l'Ift8-Tboae lio at,elllp\ed to di ce er tllehitingplace ef Bailey .alicJ:gave up the oouuaraml 'Of' ]eaf,.,rtmo tto(tbe growtt!ofJBt&,;we 000" 7 STOCKS OF 8PA:NISB TOBACCO. tinutt,. reoelve amiall reshipments from'" German' llnaaa. Cab&. fanL YarL which aold befole aa Stooklon h-;nd .Mob ./ 1118 Bia. Blo. lila. Bill. ma is ia nearly of tbil! d 1 of the crop of v.ry 1 1870 1:62472 8 435 372 ablorbed by our manafi The Reoelnclsioce. 73 \ piinmpal l)as been for Oh\o of the. Total ..:} 21 92; 5. -' of the aame ym, \be stock of whiall i&-ge"ing 'YeP' -Delivered 8 .. 3 86a 508 372 Western .Leaf.-The sales for the week amount to In new crop, as will have been noticed by our mce. 191 186 EP.rruu 00 a clefuuct bttardiog-hoqa&-Peace to ita 407 hilda, including 100 cheap black for Canada, jO'> hst ohalu aboye, a few tranBIICttons have place .Stock on hand .April .-..,_. baahea 1 -i oetr uga \0" Mediterrirleaii 'lome small lo\8 new fn Co1111ectieas and NCOD4s and fillen, 7 -Ciatk. ville Ius aDd leaf for Bremen and daily selec-. and' ih Ne. York tobacco for home consumption. 1 18 0. -= .... Ie,06 8 I '1 tions of wrapnere to manufa.;turers. Receints do rio "'bout nn .cuea... new mo&tlv &ler1, aQd twg__ MoNTHLY S-rATBllENT OF THE NEw YoRK .u.m B ox;-BoYB under ten. in .r. "' e. ""' T T. c W -186 they oruiw.--' arc amou_ntedto 21476 bhds.; exports, 973 hbdai auorted, have been taken for export, fill LYN OB.A.CCO .ll'I!SP.ECTION AREBOU8:E8. A:aom TntB.-It ie about time to again hear from -l) I f .() ),GO,_O hhds.1 apd tlie st,ook _sbolfed q ert' &t. 7 to 7ic.; runninp: lotP, lOt to Hc.; and a u:/i. v. f:t... =I exCollector Bailey in hie "retirement." A few IUjr IF cigarmakers only work part of the week, as many o I5"7 lihds. Prices showed no general In ac fine assorted let of 85 for San raucisco. 270 on .band..llcb. __ __ --------geatioaa &e.fliiHIIoeeller-.. to th do, they have or wages.--or only be bro11gl:lt Total ......... 1 0,151 5U 19 '1 10,755 pin will be celebrated on the 21Rt of .Aeril, at No. 9 the same footing as our fellowclllzens of German des t. eating an unexpectedly emal crop. .The a>"arcJ o( the abeut by a contmaatton oflow prtces. Export of seed Dlllivered since. . 1,366 71 5 l,lU West Twenty ninth .. ,reet, is ci y: 1the oeoa 0 ifi Frerlch cdntrao't ia llwmted. If it is1 madle on leafsince J'anqary 1, 1870, 829 ; do. do. same time 18691 ____ ----.-doubtless be 'Yet'y pleasaat ne. om unication in theJ2tb-instant, autivity isexpected. Shottld 5, 710 cases. 1 r :Stock on hand ApnJ column. We may have something to say in replf the b1ds.):le rejecte4, tpe 'Yollld e Spanish.-The sale& of the week include 51 ba1ea 'I 1870 .......... 8,785 473 I9 a6 t,Sl3 ,AT"Padu't,_IJ., he fofiowing were the &alearofleaf week : ....;:....:;., ing untlf Government buyer arrivea. 1 H.avana at 20c. gold, in bond; 98 bales do. at 32c. do; Brooklyn /Inspection-Stock Meh. 1 ..... 2,919 o't_"'CIIO du ng the mon" of Febr .. -, 187" Hale, pd\Jli JUJ 11 -11!, ol ''t Jan :ltS.h a la2 balee do. at 27ic. do.; 200 b!l)es do. at Received llince ........................ l,Il '1 .,. -:< ,... ..... "' w d .:a. h t tb rt t f Chl 1 168 bbds. 2ilo hbas. 303'h currency, duty Jlaid. '' 1 1 Buckner & Terrell;863)379.1(); Rice, Crossland & Kay, E un a e tmpo a 100 0 nese 88 Jr b 1 Pifb s. Feb 15 1 !1 s;14 ,94a.98. Settle Brother !t4,0 *UQ. c1gar-maker ts by d iJ 302 hods. 545 I 8 a busine se during AJl!?l, the qirc. ular of r : ........... ,0 ...... 4,0a6 023 65 ' iog lliSII tur h1s ctty. Should thts be do e. 1,, 'I f 1 ( 1 FJ011. :r.. I; Jllrdl1 .... 1 l!areb s." of S q Spn says: Ou'r lito<.-k et Ha Dehve,red smpe ,............. 786 the union-men will have only the stubbornness of th i l 393 .hhds. 629 hbde. 300 hhde. van a cont1-11ues vgood heavy fillers, however, are ,Stock in the Brooklyn Warehouses, leaders to thank for it. ',iJr: iidr f (l Mlnli 15.. Xareb 22. 1 Morl:b 2ll lackmg, and it seems that the same are not tq be found 1, Mcb I l870 .. .... .. ................ 1 ,1 356 hhds. ;,3 q 3 h de in the late The sales have been 2 000 bales 1, v 1"'''Aprn5' '' r --ld b 11 BING WaiTEWASBED.-There is little doubt b 407 hhds 11 ., within t.Jte e A p f our quotations '11 Apn1I, .... 1.', : .12,11.!33 wou e we or them to inquire bow Phillips was that Bailey is undergoing a whitewashlD"' process, a d T'Torn,'n;a ve--fair, rade was done last ,bales for expo.rt, ran.o-wg from ,25 to 32c. gold, 10,, lionll. ' enabled to defraud the Government out of in y. "' """ -. rh "' y b h I Th.... the Fifth District! will soon be trotted out again, nominally as good 8 week, and ,&fffilleh lar8errvoJpme'>O qai,:less could be e transacttons 10 ara em race 4orts r"' new hi cul'i:eu 's character w ll transacted" were it not for...the extreme high figures now bf':; Messrs. M. & I Son "The:fav for endi,n{f :April 5 I include the following RoTrEN.-'Wha with covenog up !lbmetimes lie. ht! et>'fi io "Whited Jpdeed; if orable P,ast month contrlb.uted r Bailey's, in high places, and "comrromislngil.the bond &pf\flfeptly JUSt as numerous now as when Chr urer t p..,us'e tlie fof 'YJrg t } llj 'and Hong Kong: :patjl)g ;Brp@. & Co., 2 C8 robberies of the more vu1gaaJr crimmals our.eotire BJ'-.8-: first denounced them. rare c o mjje led to \en aio 8 tisli.ed w\t lie Iigpter quali L swe e .1e ea 0 pfar l l es 0-t r 9m '' I "W. 0. Smith G hhds. _. _;t;';;.; ties F Western'' leaf "Btight Virginia wraftpers 'ate 700 ba)ea ?\'.ere for export, at .{Iom 23 to :We. per lb London () 2 1 ht en I Dg"&llO F F d th b t b tL-'s ..... othehands'of ccul to:Fs'and gold,inbood.r Man'lla .Wreter, &cGs ctfarl-lg ers B,, B in. tbe n osttiJs of honest men that "cJie tO, heaven f ,' 1e re;v Y. .,? apco u_u lU r" "" .1 the tO"k ;a ac ] t' d d t h .., "' "' on ray' es etgars rown ros f')Js lbere such a thiog 'impartial' justice left ;in tbfl factnrers, havE! si'D'Ce ihe a?opiton ,of BT.amp 'Y'lllr 1S eJvner gtu ty oi n t a as \'t ) r Jlliraf a2o do. A s Rosenbaum & Co 21 do. c w double that anl.ount. Uppel Jt: be should ,the, as would .d was. a mt_odelrate, 'fmksn1bess WillJ,ns, P.reaul &. Co' i'cs. ,' w: js to the cultintiorl of the tobacco bha Pb.'l''! ha 'ot snrpnse 'us, mdeed, to seven.elghtbs of, the omg \'o an'+ consump .wn wee nt H. Wilson, 2 do. W H Thomas & Bro 31 do 'Park :plant. t I tP.oroug an lmpartia lDYeStlg 1t9n r s oro 0 a crop had' been ma!keted 'and'If1 tb'i ,HI:iuld we note no Slogle sales of I!Dportance. 7 do; 'Purd & Nichols s do & f. ., r 1 11' 1 ___ l '" 1 tlia tr'fact B e yond a l vauiog a prove to be the ease the hrghest figures of the bulls We ,hear tht: complamt on all !!!del! of a c0 9 do. G w F by 8 d D B & Kl' 9 d 1-) HlNGr*G h.AYltD Ou;.-A.noted' recently on his part, will estabHsh Ibis gl iilt in 'the yet be realized. Meantime as we have said the want of a llnffic1erlt assortment to sell from, al! s Lin i ... t & s a d 0 :k e & cg, d 4>., t/i!xclaimee atri,mly om;rect a,, a statement. ,of fact, it 1 8 true ve 9 .,properly Western leaf,' and in this view of the' case fit is en II'Jilams hght, a,od 1t 1s estimated that there are not to 2 R F D ir 1 d o., earsa ; that. between .charg, es of fraud ,;tnd par ,reW>ond F d genera, outcry io learn that 'there is some very fine bright. ?ay more 12 pkgs. on t.he market. When it ., r e tvas 0 aoning' o'-qt of prison condemned cr_iminall! through muooer. bay e m manY: tobacco m the new Missouri crop, wh\c}l bas nQt yet Is 1emembered m ante war a stock of EJCPO:&TS J,oliticat in1luence, our Courts' of' law are becomin sol adopted the11ocome by rniv1smg4ihein handled on a conn o f..th_ e cold and late pkgs ' qot to.o large for the necesstt1es From1 the p,ort of New York to foreign porta, other Jemn farces which the guilty laurh to scorn ,, to more 1V1l1n '.fq1s 1s. a!l. so ,far Spring. It is t4erefore in those cases of the trade, the wbwh the last f e w ba':e than European ports, for the endio.,. March 29 1 1 ,I 11 as 1t goes, )lut we ,tr.ut.that the er will1sup where m!fbuf-ailt rel'8 'can use W leaf, they will be m 1D tobacco m th1s were as d 0 -;-, plelllent ,it by ever;{' As e ssor comp.elled to do eo a11,astill turn out some very ,fair cty may b o On the, first of. January last Wi.-st Indies; 6,3.71lbl! mfd., $1,119a 1 .8.-t:WING CADI'>IEs 'IN Two pro ed ghi1t f of ungem.l e man fiie1 c o'ndu c t ib be dis wo\-k. Indeed, the;e'is a unrea s onable preju the stock was t6 } \,000 to 18, 000 pkgB., the l}ntr sh N ortli Am'encao Colonies: 12 hbds, t1 80G. Il!181110nrr .,pf Jnternal Revenue was J recently [ asked charge of duty! l8y thi11' meane the sei:Vic existing in ihe minds of manufactlirel'8 ill" favor of .thttF af)l,ount an,d 12,000 pkgs t t.o 1 .Cuba: a ; ''17 ,160 lbe. $3,896. a ip h the rigM to .saw. cad ne we_pded ()( tbe.e;,tpijiap]y ofliciala.JI d j em I \Virginia leaf-a prejudice, however, WthicoJ the non g:etber Wit!:\. a 9 amount of Ha:ytl: : 256 ooles, l ay of. tqbacc m t'Yo, 1 ;J 1 ,,_ 1 1,,. 1 ... 1,, 'intercourse with ,that State during war did mu c h tbalaate, that per10d Ne.w Granada:1l.60 bales,81o,soo thus sen the two halves to d1fl'erent ;\lersons i apd 'rQ ':W'u.A.T BAsE "-Exl9Al},ffitor to remove. 1 The unreasonableness of t he feeling does 'JJhe exp<>rts fqD 11h.e. past: week mcluQ.e 620 pkgs., or To port, f.ortbe week ending April 6:.. :Wbiet'Jref-tbe cfidd1es 10 half boxes, if sola, wqufd li nam e n o'w S9n)' v ef.l .rlpfd J 6kj!S in t ne D<,lt J!O much in a hearty' appreciatipn of ,the 7 4 8 4 J 1 :J3re1Jlen : Jl7, hhds., 309 bales 'able to sei1111re and fOrfeiture? The Commissiohet sa' ye Cat" a Wo'oo value of this partlicular quality of tobacco, which all more smQe ou11,, last, Gla gQw: r;,ua 'lbe. mfd. sell aity'. say lllt p poet' : 1 (, "! wil h admlt,butin\he ideatliat1nonefit fpl ) he purWestern.orders n l nore The nearby ,,Hamb\ug: 26cs. \' "; L '11t',11't 1 lbe rufd. tion Of'thJ law )> rol:ided, there waS.. that the ,-t hat t h e' ea rl wlil h ep!the worHl.' lfi awe,. '' tive, the ttans actlons of the 1 past week only conipri51llg .n il'(: 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 box or caddy ;as from a stlimped .. ( OJ 'l'f(\1{ llt .eipel some uo: os, (hstributled 8 foltowtl': 51 CB. Ohio! at soC:; a a slight 4lment in common DOllBSTIC RBCJUPTS. r I J _...::... r J I I D t (\ r c f r 1 ; ') J I so es.lle69 !Penosyl'l'allill on P .rivate terms, 16 ca. 18&9 gra. de .s, wh_ seed and Havana are undeJ: a total ) a t als at' the port of New 'York from domestic, in-0 b G 1 no G FOB H+C Go.-e u1cago P.ress has 1 1 'h f tenor1 abd c ,oastw1se ports, for the week ending April 1 N t e.Ist mst. .cueasanton too-: po!!'sessJOn 0 all 'hope's of ltHe 'PHnc e OfWlil e s h'S.s Ohio en p i vaW\ermti 140'<511. I868 Pennsylvania at 40 ec 1pre, owmg t e ava alilcJUe o che.p, IJavanas of Thnty Slicond office { Qf the' ab proved f bie innocellde in w Lady' Mordauil t'..l Chi In the sales M the 'll'eeko bOfore last, bot not.reinto tb!" countl1y by decline in the gold '\were 1,575 ,lj)lds, 5 60 50 qtr do, 15 bales, 308 acondmg Collec.tor1 t -:vas the la_re Jncum,qe,.nt. upe)DJ hUn; w.ilh mildly patro _ported i J onr issue, were c!l. 1869 premmhl. T although 1 n 1ot a very qtr do, 1 cs cigars, 1 bx Colonel 18 h1e 1ef deputy, and zing WWJ vania on private terms From the Valley '\Ve Q earn e one to st1 occill'!l m By the Ene Railroad p Lor!Uard & Co, 28 hbds, Con-place of Mr. Cbtldll. JJew Collector hils fi'ra,t.clau divorce CBSPJ 'but now mf!t<>9r !lce is that our city buyers are commencing to operate lidd good afford!ng a for 1 Samuel Truesdell cashier and George W. Coohey es t abhsli e d, tb'ere 'is l one:e anyexte1)uatingo dul.'ing the past 'Week spme of .the .first resales oflthe the of the tariff to standard, ae i.f the nel Y & Co, I 2 do; Pollard, & Co, 202 do; Blake cletk. He hu-mad'e -no otlref' _?hanges aa yet, stances wbieh elm \Jldue b Chicago tti overlook the in Dew crop have been made. TI;Je inquiry is entirely mere m the gold ptem, mm. Wlth the present. duty more, Mayo & Co, 207 do; J K Smith & Son, 65 do; S M masmucb as the accounts of the old .mcumbent have famous crime 'of his royafbirth., 1 t confined to low grades, for whwh prices rule htgh. has so a sttU furtbtr of Parker & Co, I90 do; G L 0 Corey, 12 do, Norton, not 'been closed. A number of bills mcprre4. by Mr. ___ There 'have been aetna] sale" ot .. econds at 20@2ac. the tartff woulw rum mne tenths of onr domestic manuSlau hter & Co, 121 do C B Fallenstein & Son, 99 do; Bail? for bxiGnses m prosecuting BUtts, 'WaY a lmd of fillers at These are steep figures at by bringing them into direct competition Bryan, Watts &Co, 6 do; C E Hunt, 28 do, AD Chock unp!" .d b.Y t e overnml!nt, on.accon.u_t ofsundry mfor-cJLse to the as1us fnendll clatm, and prove wHich to start' a crop, buli the scarcitywith the _labor. of Cuba. The present !lood ley & Co, 22 do ;\H Havemeyer & Bro, I2 do ; T H Vet mahtles 1q the vouchers, but_ wlll probably soon be aothat the missing, money was only' useli in the Govern-nay the entire absence-of cheap tobacco Sp.amsh ctgars ts the shower before the s t orm, d terleio & Son, 2 do' Herrman BrOil & Co, 2 do; J D Keilly, knowledged. --1 ment service, 'why doee be not voluntarily place him -in : this market at present, renders buyers Congress persists in following the recomlllendation l of 12 do; 0 H p .Archer 8 do i Oolrichs & Co, 33 do, self under arrest and an inv. eetigation ?If he mere than usually liberal. -The only styles now here the Commlttee of Ways and Means. wyer; Wallace & Co, 15 do Ottinger Bros, 4 do; E DowN ON THJC WBIBKY',Rnm.-TB:E TOBACco L-i -' f h 1 d b Oh' d h h n Z -7 d t 112 d.... th Hoffman. 81 pkgs, H Sohwart & Co. 42 do, W M Pnce "" carelj for p,ub,lic opinion as11Jluch at i)l represented, he' o t e ow gra es are t e 10 crops, an t ese ave u-o < a an ""noon was e & C is as severely" down" on the whi11ky thieves, as it al will certatnly follow 1 gradually fnhanced in value until there are no more Exclw;nge IS .not n much demand, but pm:es remam B q il dOrderR, IOlllhds. "'ays has been on the tobaoco blockade-runners and all "bargains" to bel had. Thus the 1869 Conoecticn.t steady. We quote :-B1lls at 60 days on London, Y t e u son iver Railroad-Blakemore Mayo others who wilfully attemptto defraud. the revenue 0 W --P-'d 1 L f b low grades Wl' ll natlirally comm<>nd a high figure at for com. mercia!, for bank& Co, 10 hhds, Norton, Slaughter & Co 5 do Pollard aDd ruin honest men who n tb t b t 't t FP F01t ent awrenoo o t e .,. d lf h b lf Pettug & Co, 8 do C B Fallemste1'n & So' n 22, do Ot- ll;'ay e ax, u 1 canno National Tobacco Aasociation, Ieft1 for Washington fir s t and until the new crol?s of theolher States get ere ; B ort stgJ t, lO"lr@109 ; ans at 60 days. .. B shut its eyes when Colfector Bailey, or Collector last evening, accompanied by:< Messrs. Straiton and fairly into market and thus mcrea'se the stock of lnfe5.26f@5.22!; do short sight, 5.21t@5.20; Antwerp, tmger roe, 4 do; J K Smith .& Son. 10 do; Sawyer, 'f00Y Elae, to lnto histlooket _by rec Carroll. Mr. Lawl,'ence has been directed the Exrior tobaccos eanttme all parties nght very sbr of 5. 26t@' !'i.2H SWISS, 5. 26t@5.22i ; Hambnrg, a5f@ w d&; D Cbockle cr. P1?000 an y ramp mg on e requirements ecutive Committee of, tlie to remain at the the better "gradesf tand wrappers are I< left alone,' aC-a5 & ; Am!\terdam, 39t@40t ; Frankfort, 39J@tOi j (I hhd9, Pollard, Pettus & Co, 5 do, p Lon'U--' o JUStice and ecency alike. The seizure of private National CaJ!ital so long as Congress may be engaged cording to thew of once :tiQ..,.VIIIlC8, &Del therefore tbe ob-D .. n lS au ec\: IB: o rep f so moe o youf ettqr au e m, 1 yOSSI 11e, w s owtne1r groun 1 we o not 466 ftlG I talueble 1iJ !Ji.e wUI ahva7olie 00111ewllat lower tliiD ear ll.llillatlooo B th N y k & H t rd S ofl tbe lith installt afl're)atel!l to a nnmlier of partnel'8 1 thmk that the gqodl f
I [( 'JIJ u: .Ju :: 91 J!'b I '.Jeb 1 .. C":_,Jul 'll.l Kmtwty.-Ligbt lear. Pill .. .............. llll 011111 & eBon, Qll; E doing business as tobajlCo I. have to ay PJaD.'II his late Jposition .. He has fur a Ulnl : 'v r. n: 355 \1 \ ( 2 zoi cs.' I td ul J .. ..... :: .. : 3: E Lacbenbruch. 38 do; R H Arkenbnrgb, that' aeveral bUyJngand selling leaf tobacco long time 1the emol uments ,of a office, and 1 II' }[ u J '(fl I Peb .JII. 1 J'eb. :8&. ;lip. II. r nr.m Common !eat !i'" .... 8Jt 't)( .A>tm48.-Brlgbt-B h N y at> obre es '8 11nit or re11uired tQ pay b'!lt should "fllli g tp allQw spme 19 ., 0 1 .t n. 501 cs. 110 ?B. 1 '>1438 CA ,1,Lr. ::.: .... :. 10 ... :::::: .. :: :g =: L Y.r ed ew ork & Philadelphia one spee1al t:a'i u dealeri"in, leaf tobacco the firm as the ttaa e a cliance to mcrease a more s l ender mcome, tl iao .1 f J w. ..flt tt" ..... 1118N: 1 1!1. .. .... ... i7 @811 me r er, 62 qtr bxs. h ... _, .aed r \ 1: / U "T.T uJ.:. .... .... !1 .] '..L f h l J'l ,w,r ... ) ,. 0 '"Y Do '"' 1 tr ...... ca I ..... ee ODO )1: o.lf ...... m .. .. .. ... !l3 OM from Richmond ; N orfoJk, eto-.-Blakemor:. soc ...,.ag regaru n aw aa a Ulllt or one person. I .... r. nacveJ ,.. y we Ieglt wnte gams o t e pOSltlOn. out AprU 6 Llll:bl cultiDal:llft. Old... 9 lt. Common. .. ... ... llO i M & 0 1 hhd J 0 S b d C .... But if the firm has more-tnan one nlace of bnRines& a there 18 '& st1ll; stron.,..r why some new ap 'po lnthlent 1 '! 1 140 cs r 1 J vi do do leal'" 11 iilll Mould;r .. ... .... a yo 0 1 mtt 4 o; oonelly & Co il T 1 Llgqt,l'reooeil,eztrallne do P Lorillard & Co 40 do 5 tee 1 b 1 'R must be patd, and a apemal-tax recei.r.t sbou)d be made. Mr. Harvey;'Jme ilieel! so unfortunate as 'Concerni ri g business during ldarcb, thl'l Circular of eo.,::ttoplllp ...... s 3 SJt do. do fine .... !! fffH d x samp ea; .fQt of business,; and If each to sequre the bJtter of a l,arge BOOtlqU '() t}je trade, Messrs .M:. Rader & Sou says_: "p e again: to :.:. 80 I 0311 I i0c 1 5 8 &le: person IS bnsmeas 10 hm name at the same espeCially of the e1gar a.l}d whil be ma.y be ,E1)tire JIO,f Bj, VeJf ttnd unsat1sj'actor.y btl.JI),De&S 10. h1s .......... t6 cao d E H 4 d M J plache, though & c 21 b w 0 Smi h 0 : 1 1 1 fore be pt:efer,.ble could spine t hol)est membet HOfilthe 11. 4 7 c 32f sK:111y&JZi 60 5 P ran away to Europe from the, Fifth D1stnct, after get.' who would start on h1s om01al w1th no pa.1d (or the crop, but are moJ!tly VtrsrinJ4!....PrJnitap. tY 6Ji .!Pb""l! nt/Jif .. -: [i "f:.-Domeette ; ,. Roas. t b Pe"! d 1 eans1 f, COUBta disclosed that be was a.t least $I,50,0QO be,liind- ,' '[" I I I' J ., I tiAle for on w,bich Rll 6 .... 40 00 C'lli 00 e OlD Dxter ware ouse or l!he week hand, while only $lgo,ooo of the amount could be colJ 1\IB. BAILEY AND A,CINCINN .UI Fnm.JWe thjl at fig eF..J:r4 Jot of l)ew crop .,:as C.:o" := .. lfl-gg rM 3( & Co, 5 6 hhdl.l; lected from hts nnfortunat'e bondsmen, no II rio us effort followmg 1.n lin ex chang/! an' a ensww "' t" t h'ld' 1 Th d'ffi '-D' "I h 1 ftlc b nft'l b 'Dd h ..._ 'l"' f k Good. do ......... 8 Coou.P'Illeraud8t .> n v o ar er o 6 o ttveswas "emeres CI s-p e tereoceu..-!!Blrlct: t t &j\.e..,.e cu}tat.Mqtey,tepet' .. ..,:v,.an wato.uton .. nge;2vcaseaonew. crop ,weretaen Medium ...... ... 9Jtll wrapper 1 tween the two cases appear& to ust thi8, Phillips enne Collector of. ew Y():t;k Qity, '\Vho,has jpst decarpp, OIJ s.peculatioo at Ute. for ;an .1average lot fine g11 16 r {& g:J 0J g:J BALTIMORE, APRIL C. LoosE & Co. an ordinal1: crim.ioal, with no .fr1ends, Umehlllent; Batley, on ma1lmg operations a's tar as Cmhinoah. 'A 'short ttme !lfld 1t offered at reasonable pncb no dou'bt find a 5 011 = port.. The season for sbtpments has not ye opened. the .other hand, i11 much too important a personage to ago be eeized, on itll arrinl, a large qttantity of spirits l-eady market. F1oio the 'View! of botbjobbers Jand _, line plain -ss are ]:>eginning to but tbe stack I,a be made amenable to such mattel'll as the p aio-, cooaigned \Q1 1

/ TuE 1870 CRoP Mr&S0\1Rr.-The lioui siawa; (Mi11--fowhe11: to can manufactur e rs attent1olfto lt. The J C T C.<. BRAND, or which we are the Sole Importerw in the Unite d State, lo otill :16c. 110ld. iliHI KREMELBBRG t; CQ


.......... ...... ... _, ... ....... ;TOBAOOO; .m') oril'Rsountr.&N :PRODtrdE, fll racer 8tr'HI 0, Bolli N ... P," :rOB.JL 80'LICIT:J!D>. I lil; GUTHRIE & CO.? "VJ ZIG J!'roDtII&Hea, commission llerchan1s .uJI TOBACCO PRESSERS. Leaf -ec:o ,.-a Ia ror 1M WOld ;,..u...,.Mol lcaJL Oealnl, American, aocl o\her morkell. .. .q)j;,.,COO P .A.ClltED BOQ8Jnl.Al)S. THOMAS KINfUCOTT, ){entuck-j and LEAF X 3 WUUOtm Str.eet, NEW YORK lA WYEB, WALLA.OE & 00., .................. o. .f,7 lk'ol4 Street, UAILII lElTZ & liD .. ....... ,.._ ....... THE i.a:t. P.:JUBL STREET, 62 Broad and 6() ,lfew StreetsJ IMPORTER8 OP ) L A I otAer ancl popiJltH' fno-a. o( lf'nanca Segar. l I

f ;t _1-2 lb. 1-4 lb Bags: tntimonwtalt& \ 1 .. -lb. Bags. ..... .-. \J I FOR 'rHB OJ!' A.Lrr .... j 1!'11. 1 ",! '-t Oh i l)ls Virgmia s Own Pocket Pieoe8. Thmnnll' ehoioo u-- C!vJJlaw, E)g s Ros e Tw i st 6 inch J M Walker's Extra Bright Twist, 12 inch.' La F a vori t a Rolls, 6 j.!lch. 4 Chas. Henry Jr. 9 inch, light presaed bard_ t. IS ..,q_;v: :" 12 inch lbs. H i H tl, I & CO,, t .Sl'Water IDLE ABll:rJ Fin.e -Ori. -t il ,, YOUNG J SWELLr li ( Smokers' omfortr OJo,n !l're>bacc<::> I OF ALL GRADES. SMOKING "T;"OBAOOO o-c every Style, RAILBOA D Snuffs of Qualif, .. t" r-i -f-;'\,,rl r:1 I !JIACCOBOY, FRENCH SCOTUH' LUNDYFQOT litTFFS. A.. .., AND DEALERS IN CIGARS o !IACCOBOY FRE:cx SNUFF ,fl.OJJlL I t : .A.LSO JuNui.A.OTUBBRB o 'BUNDe o .u .A._ t Factory :!( o. Fourth N Y.o.r.k. c ,... "' I SMOKING TOBACCOS, CI&AIS, ANDSPUR LICORICE. -. : ". ...Jr. ,.,.. 'r .' : ,.. t Havmg:purohase'd tl,J.e Factory o't :Hessr&. ROBINSON GARTH & 00. together Wlfu all .,. W A 'I'ER JLJ."' D 85 PIKE STB.EE'l'S their "!Ve Ping Tobacco at prices below the usual rates, t \ A r-' N EW-, 'f' : to which we Jnv1te the attenl.ion of close and large bu:rers. .x 1 1 ?'6o. FELIX MIRANDA, ; 1DlPORTER ( I HAHN A .LEAF TO"BACCO. vwu -..Ali!P OF THJ: :QRAND .OF SEGARS," RITIOA," .. S. LININGTON & SO;NS; lJANl:EL B.&RRIKO. BENRIMO, LEAF TOBACCO, 1 DIPOaTD.t o . ... ; l24 WATER-STREET, NEW-YORE, 8 '.-P;8.. .... Have on oale all klndaof LJIAJ'TOBACCO for J:XNRT uod noME usm. G2-108 JOec:r fi!!J9 G F All DESCaiPtiON&, J"OR A !.. SE Cit A B 'B0:1ES, Furnished In quantit i e s ,to sn it;, by 216 STREEJ1 N .'Y.L llacnCa.ctnrere of ... 79 h.boli'..,eat1pojld. 1M R PEARSALL or Bavaaa od .,....,, ----1fl16 FRONT ST.REBP1 ,.. vo .. liiL l'o. FRANK T:. ROBINSON, I Cigar_. fieces, Pipe Stems, Si.lve r '"And all Choioe tlmokers' line, at :Wholesale and Retail I Wb:o t! nd d: Wareroom, 4 and' 6 John Street; Store, 71 Nassau, corner John Street, ... I "' I ) [Establish 1 1 ,, NE;"'\V Y9RK. w 1. :u ivv .: ... ... Real ... f t '; 1 (" "& L t .,i! LONDON STRAIGHT AND BEND, CARVED, PLAIN, AND FANCY CIGAR HOLDERS made to orbacoo. -,..-. Wbole&le Only, t72-WAIE-R STfiEET, N. Y. Bran Store, S Slxtb Street, Pltt!b .... Pa' Juu..

B .. A. A AGENT To'ti Cigars, Havana and Connecticut Leaf. l N LOTS TO I:"U;T'r & 19 NORTH WATER STREET, PHILADEL-pHIA. Orde... Sollolted. Smith Bros. a Knecht, !N .A.LL JUND8 01!' LEAr TOBACCO, """"" Manufadurer 0/ and Dealfto ,,. Cigar& RACE_BTREET, "S. FUCUET & SONS,'' I J .. POf' fERa Of' 1 j 1 J I'.A HAVANA CIGARS AND LEAr TOBACCO, ANC CX-G-.AR.S. Under onr (C.p1rlgktell) Drauds, or Special (PriTate) o.a 220 South Fro'nt Street, Philadelphia. CIICDlfATI, IT. LOUIS, A1Q) CRICAGO ADVEB.TISlCIDlfTI. I TOD lC(JO F A.CTOD81 G. BBABREABS & SON, T ---J, GN lOX c ?8 SOUTH CHARLES STREET 2 N te w ,_ BOGERT, DILLS & 00., ltrl). 0 a .... uwtnet, Clnolnnatl. (IIRCC080ro to \I'll. BGGBII'l',) LO#!'N. ad911...,....,. Ooft.tie7fl.......,. l>IUL-m 1GUSTAV .GUTH, & DOMESTIC AND SPANISH ...... .,; t ) Leaf Tobacco, ,... 'Y' w Manufacturers Smoking L:OUIS STRASSER, 88 wnr IECOBD ITBDT, '-' .A El.-S ADcl Leaf' Tobacco Importer fll IIAVAlU 1114 D1a1w Ia DOJRSTJO Ol!l "" 1J 1 c:::z. "'l:tt of Keenollaum street, FOREIGN & DOMESTIO SEGABS, '-3".6. --r--=-=---. r x n ..,.,.....,. P'-r Bcrec-'""' C11o1ce .._.. "' ._ ...._ :ram.-z... (111-1'11) BALTIMORE, UD, PI""" u11 ....._ .6.rUclee liMA. OliEWIHG ABD SliOXDIJG TOJ3A,OOO, JACOB ZINS &. BROTHER, F. W. BRA .. UNS &CO Walnut Street, : i .. cmcoou.n. o. 0 X G-A :B. 1:::., lele aDd BucceuM .to 11 O.HEAPSIDE, And De&Jera Ia F. H. BISCHOFF, .PALTIMORE, MD., ...,................ LEAF TOBACCO. J Deutscher T 0 B A coo .R.Mallay&Bro., No. Central .Anae, AND OTHEI CHOICE BRAIIDS. .,. nus Ill CINCIMK!TJ, OBIO. J0 SOUTH CB.ABUB 82'., CJj 6 tt .fl 1\' lr tt .... 1\' 'IP-ohD p 818 8 c.. 0 8AL TIIIOAL ut buyer., In"""" or outy pt b a. 0 0 0' F I N E S E C A R S 233 State lt.. Collll. .A.a4 Whs>leeale Deal"!! t,p; LEAF TODA.CCO, B o. 76 Street, Cincinnati, 0. . O Q CONNECTICUT. r o a .;a c co f Danbury, Connecticut. LOUJSV fGLE, KY., U. S. Bonded Tobacco Warehouse No.1. GEO. W. WICKS & CO., lianufa.ctnrers Agcn ts !or Sale of Virginia, Missouri, and KentuckfJ TOBACCO, Also Dealera In LOJaf 102 MAIN STREET, [Betwo""' Bd GOO 4'11,] LolUisTHle, Kentucky HIBBEN' a E. ltEGRA W & 0'0., TEAS, IAIIUFACTUIEIS. DWEll,. TOBACCOS & CICARS, W O 0 a,.,.c O o, mro. !:: .. street; SNUFF AND ClCA88, J I 63 !!zx:!=!f Btn.t. -----------------------1 '\ ;#, '\" ) \) A Y .OJ.I NO&. .BJlO., Gerumilt


_.:::: --. ACCO DEALERS 'IDto -MM-MERCHANTSutrade alu:O.t altogether. The reason why &n Francisco caii lOUISVILLE LEAF TOI I' oat thus underbid the Easi is allege8 to be cheap Chi nose labor. Cattl D= .. raetarla"Jear D SPALDING &80N8 ....... .............. It ;.. stated on aood tbnr" tbat '--re are no., .... ctlltlllir.lell' .... .... ,K-.., au "'"' ... .. : .. .. r!'1Jl2,oob to in the v.r.ooa.r.N..& &i .......... :;: .. =::!!!! P 8CRANHNBAOHB& ............... ... Ctty of the Pactfio at cagatmakmg. They were ID 04e to tile M1881g Co ee r. BY REGALIA REYNA, r Tf" [) Where re vou Mf9, Mr. 1 Bailey ? Wev-; been looking for you chily, Sometune11 sadly, sometimes gayly, OWCK Jf.-Bl ..... -....... -i:Nrtoblleal>commiHion mercbant IL NASII.. .., .................. ::ercballt structed by exnerien-,ed foremen De&T1y all of whom .r. G. DAV11!1 .......................... ..... 1 11108 men:b,. .. JA)UII! JI'RAJCKB ........ ....... _.wr...--.,-..-,.-- WIRGMAltll UIIIIIIOIU' ....... men:b&ot Wll. G. JfJHER .t co ............. .. teartoboccocommlloD meretw>u have been specially sent for from Haana. These Cht Ever sine'e the we(/k begun. 11. P. sntoNIN.......................... nese have heretofore worked' under contracts, which SEVERE PUJJDBHENT.-A are now gradually e:zpiring. One J.rge firm in this UDtJ, diana, 'P!-city, whicb bad eetablit!bed I& branch in San FranciiiUO per says: "An, of 11ome yean ago, employs nearly 500 Chinamen, the the way in which revenue contracts with whom will terminate These Ori officera of &his entals are iaid to be tbe )lest i.dapted people for cigar are doinK business, is sten in making. Sdme of. the factories there employ j the of Mr. Samuel G. no other hands, and the best brands ot Havana cig&n! Miller, of Reedaburs, in this which reach this market are rolled by the nimble fin county. He gers of John Hen" several .of.the largest receipt to a Mrs. Kmg, m houses -m t.lus trade here have n. m contem Aslilan coibt.y, tor $83.81, plation to imJ"t Chinese to New Y Qrk from San Fran Dot. hav1a,g & nor ciaoo, and it 11 proposed to' make a Bnt trial sbortly beina within nine tmles of with about l ,1 00 of them a nu her which it is beoqe could be obtained, lieved oan be easily induce.J obange their domicile h e crave :Mrs. King change from the Paciftp to the Atlantie shore on aufti.cient lle for her t"q cur'ity of compenutiqn, which would rangt>, I.oving you so dear as we do, Doting on you, doubtingfor you, Looking tor you, longin!I foryou, Waiting for you, ;watcbtng for you, q t r ,.,.... atteatfooto a 'l.'oboiecoiuiuoaaiiJ 11. ... ID lt. qgaJit,. bafe, dni1DI ,.maaJ &ad pel'le-.erlqlf lnotltut.Ccl experlmen .. balng 'dlreet _, ..,.. tba maaaractarv or Tobacco: we II& lnllr JJtr<>O neither-" time aor mm oar put uperleace and 11>-llptlono, are COD tllat tile ouly tme and preper W&J to manllt'aelare TotiAcoo Ia a OIU' ol :u protec" tJ,. Toboa:o from tho aunoq,h- .-e-ta I& INin .aoaldlnJI INOIIF tJ,. 'lnalltp and 11a'ftlr; M maeh M that tile lao D&cPile In ear bo"ee will be ro....ct to be better tb&D,\IId which waa at tnt Wren -oat. llo poaltift...&IL.we.M to.U. 111gb merit, tba& we now pl&ee It T !lfHII ___ conJidence Ia compel!Uon wltb ODJ article tbat lo aow Do clreamotADee wW Uraaa !lie Lw..-etl or De&em '.._), .' .. _,.1 ._ ____ Caution td Consumers. : &Dtarerlor Tobaeco pet np ror &falmllatlng our Trade 111&1'11 M .P.ut .poe on the rece1pt, perhaps, from e1ght to fonrLee-u dollan per thousand, l wbicp she promised to-do. according to quality. The manufacturers here regret 1 Last week be was arrested the necessity, but tht>y believe that other remedies are and on tlie open to them. Tbe:r consider it wrong. in charge of defrauded principle that skilled wllite labor should thus be the Government m not hav mto :with and the Yet put a two-eent on tney tii tee! conaramed 'tO make the experunept. aaul receipt. H.e was requp:ecr i.n...OJ"der to save th!)mselves from financial ruin, being to pay to the officers at U'eve ground down, as betweett tb iippet' nethel mit! land $129,80, and_..tbe addistone, between the crpprel!sive, even destfuctive legi tiona! expense ht> as at, run lation of Congress, on the one ha.nd, and the exactions hislosa up to tl45." of trades' unions on th other." Fearing you have cut. and run, Ere your heavy ta!k was done In and enulf, and rum; for us lots offo-:t.t And racy itl)_ms for 'llte l!ftm, In the seizure rows begn.n, And. the heavy raid to come. Think of poor, f01;saken Kirby, Think ot Harvey! Y ou.r desertion, J'. F: Bailey, "Busts" our Jlloriona Trinity; the law of subtlety; Knocks our look fur Knocks that Jersey pro,.atly I So mu6b wbisky all set frt!e: Where is Shields to his fee;? Think of melancholy Puftcr"'.V!Jat t!Je aged Childs must suffer! Joshua F., the noble buffer, J ''Lost to sight, to memory dfjar ;" .Tilmk ot Vail Loo'king r nnd o get hi ail, :WAile vou' riding ou a rail, Ut on 6cean a ly sail For o cle $)1 's do mint n eloooelr ..... ,,he lrupollion le only dlecovered by the ne rthe tob cco lleolr Cu-.tflfP'tt'J'M B tfud &Tid to prevPnt tbe lotpoPtt ton Of reoohitl')1'atMrioqd autcte. ,to ht! wbcu calling for .Ftae Cut, to iLqn ite for W. E. CO!Z ;pou Y.....-.8611& WLco><>: Toa .. ccJ. How could you fly the track. ...._ W.itb so stores to 'crack,'' In tlJis city, buii Ser And Columbus at vour back Yours, 'n11'7 reopectf'u Dy,_ W. B. GOOD,VIN & CO.-sTBIN. 11. LICHTENSTEIN. LIOB'I"ENSTEIN BROS. II. CO., MANUFACTURERS OF CIIAU, AlfD Dll:.l.UBI 1M A. BKUSSEL. Leaf and all kinds of Ill! a. 8UTRO. B. NEWMARK. ... '' SUTR.O a NBWMJa,R:S:,"' IIIANUFAC"IUIIUI OF l :&ii4 Dealers -lD la1 flf TO-lccq-. ll"1 KAWEN LANE, NJJJW YOBJI. TOBACCO geant O'Brien, o f the b-:rr.po MEMORIAL 0 II' !IE q(NCI m DE-INTERESTIN To d-eff thetwhieky 1 arrested an alleg nver 1 FACTS. ; _,_ ,. A d pmion? ICe,. r 1 ''.' iYhisky the Cin Uigar-sell JiS madly, thousand five hun rcJ Ha\ana cinnati trade at .meeting en the 2tSth ult.: I Bondsmen rooking sorely, sadfy, -.. b The me6H .r\-g !Waf!' cailed to ordet by J. P. S noe, If their are clear, whicu hav_e een smug If iU b d a lAd into the port m the steamer President of the Association. W. J. Dnnbam acLed 811 yoo wt no&.costct em ear, City of Mex ico, lying at Pier 18 Secretary. Jf i court they must appeat E. R. The cigars were thrown Mr. F. A. Prague offered f9llowing Memorial, :Mournfully, in doubt and fea:r. throng; porttrole to Toole, which waR read..and nnanimoosly olidopted: Oh r you weak, unfeeliqg O B h 'l'o the zr01 orable. i!ommittee on and-Mean/J' .,, 'get them in this' muss; and argeant nen, w o was ii 1 :r watching the pro eeding from .Jhe HoJ!ol oJ Re/irese11Jati'11M, W( hin!Jion, .D. 0.: h PfcketrbOoks wil rue iJ. police boat waited GENTLEMEN-Your memorialists,_the members of dle Ill. ., boW could "'{{o. do i'C? urrtil the small was filled, As ooiation of the tobaMo trad and in I"'' the-W est, and then arrested the smuggler Factured and leaf tobacco 'n the ity of Ciuc'innatl, ,. ,;., ::Pid YJ>...Il t['ke Frencli. for Brest, with the evidence of his crime State of Ohio, having learned w1tl1 surp!ise Have you well your .nest, and regret that you are st:riously C)nsidenng the pro! L Dp,you sweetly; your rest?, in hiS priety of increasing the tax on smokiQg which Say, \\hom do you hke ... 1s now six een cents, to a unifor'? one with chewing, or enks, : Fu!lerton ? K _Delatfo rpreted, and the onder wlttell they are required to execute them are 110 offenaiYe ancl degrading, Lhat it iP absurd to think in-JJuch mana to appease the existing feeling on this matter. If a Ral, is a .. sired, let him do tbino>an-J under take to reform the and regulitions. In 1uch an eifort he will find he has strutk a chord in harmony \be public Let; him 11acrb ehang8 m the laws as wtll w1pe out all mmeties and rewards to informets, assuming that men are as 'much inclined to do right as wrong, and in all ca8cs considered innc cent until proven In sbor\, come baek to firEt principlet!-that all men hsv" eq11al rights the laws. And while reform,s the people HhouM remember that there is a duty for them to per form as good citizens. They sho,.uld do all they can to have "the laws right and practical a d ri"'ht.and prac tical men to them. should by their frequent counsels wHh tile ofticrals th 'r contideoo theiil and their in thes'e m1.tters. We are-too apt to wl'ite down a)l Government-offieials as tbievee alid plunderers, forgetting they are but men of1ike passions and need a friendly IJand as well a fnen?ly coun8_els. Thev should be to that 1f Lhey wLl execute the laws fatrl v aou "'Cutly that we will stand by th e m, thot1gb the clouds lowe; and the Heavens are black wet!.ofthe thievish cl_:m. Seeing the e.vil, U8 d9 all cao t6 tbe 'as go.od Citizens; also oar obhgat10ns to sustttin and support those who would do their' duty' acceptably fear lessly in thdr reiations to the Government as well Jlft T.t.xPAYJnt" ol !a Interesting ; D lsion as to t:tld CuUoa Lakls oa TREA UR DEPARTMENT, UF)nox OF INT. REv., } WASHINGTON, March 3 1870. r. Si:: Ybonr letter of the lst inst., inclosing two labels .or c1ga1' oxes, has been received You Atate that you }lave boxes of_ ci,gars finished, with .the smaller la.llel and w1sh to kpow whether 1t will meei tbe requu ements of Jaw, or whether it will be necessa l'J to use the larger label in its stead. I reply, that the label does ot fully llleet the req11irements of the late regulations of this office; but a8 you have these labels already affixed to the 2,00() b'oxell, yod need nat put on .tbe larger The latter is in accordanee wit b said regulaticns, and should be ueed in fut11re. Very respeuttnlly, J W. Acting Commissioner. L. F REED, N Q. 19 Dey sveet, New york city. reponse to 'the> pphcat10n of duced in ali the .tobacco-growing sections of tile conn Of statesmen m thts Y l.hQ llt:J.Illlfa.ctm:ers.. of snuff try, and especially in .the parts tributary to Worse tha? Delano's tude. LAsAJ.week, in this city, Henry RosentballQade tJorree to ed. to repack this market, wher!l immense quanrities a.-e Sa], your charges befnre Commis>ioner Shields, Aln. Pet_ I m old Jars the Com sold to manufacturers and dealers, :who, notwnhslanil East or West from Washmgton r. of No. 4? cey_ street, representing 811 missione once dec1ded that ing the seeming low prices named, mix with it large -.hnchmello. as a manufacturer without 'no box, vesseLo o.ther Clli quantities of stems worth only trom one -half to ne paymg spectal tax; as havmg neglected to put oi.c}osure can b? useu :S second oent per pound, aud tber.eby reduce the value of the The "'levea.e 8flidals a..a their Relations to the uR in packages as requi red by law, and as ba.vieg !Jlannractnrerftofallklndaot t1me for puttmg up manufactured a,rticle-to a price not say five J (J.ommuDity. j retused to bond as a Tt was al-1 tured tobacco, snuffl or CJgars, rwbich is llOW mor.e heavily taxed iu propo;tion --, tl:at 1t was a co':"mon pract1ce for ')'Omen like -0.!1g! lY. an! m to its value than any other 110Qalled lnlmry ib the EDITOR OF, m;:.'J,'oBACCO LEAF: In )lOur last tssue -the. a?c.used to '3Uftage m the manufacture of qigars i.D.. C 1 G A.B. B Q XES, plete the II!!I.Y have been recon.ntry. this is strictly the poor man's luxuryI noticed your. article "revenue detectives!" af! tl!tmt manner !n. out ofthtJ way places. Tbe Commoved therefrOm. ... the laboring man's. This tobacco bein,_g used exclu and I agree w1th you ID much that you say ot: thetr !lussaoner that accust'd was poor and in D. :BJilSds: &. CO., 40 LOr1f11 cor. ,Joll ton St., sively by t4e, poor and laboriqg c;lasses, why, when miscellaneous character and prqcedure. But wtth all 1ll health, and released her 10 her own reooguisance w r B,ROOJP-YN, z. D. .. At Leavenworth, re la_.bor is becoming cheaper, and money scarbr dod that bas been said of late upon the doings of the reve appear for examination. 17. W.A.'rBBft'BBIIT0 KBW YORK, .... Prrl-.r .. .... ...._.. .,. cently, Mr. Aug. Renz, atobac dearer-why, we say, impose this additwnal. ur en uue it is of a one-sided nature. No 9ne seems rgVi/J)R.a. co dealer, threw five hundred upon them? The effect cannot but be harmfulm to think that there are any reasons for this state of af GoN.E TOms .REWARD.-In this city, last week, was gp poUllds of le tobaccp in the re_.speets. Frauds on the revenue would unquestionably fairs but the officials themselves. One would suppose sentenced Frank, one of a gang of couuterfeitel'll J p. HAWKINS & CO. Missouri river, prefering to deincrease to an alarming extent. The legitimate tax ,that some great and lasting blessing had been bestowed arrested some t1me ago at Snake Hill, N.J. but whose Proprtcton and Mannllletlln!n or the stroy it rather than paJ..the stamp paying manufacturer would be driven from the trade. upon this community, judging from the rem arb and operations were directed in New York. Tl;e defPndant I Oel'l'k&eol B...U I DD'IANCB. .BL XBPBISTO, l'l'J.XD.AllD, GULLI:VER. SUCCESS, CELEBRATED R 0 AN 0 K E duty. The tobacco was partial Leaf tobacco, instead of being grown only in the coun criticisms so freely bestowed npon those who have, un pl('aded guilty obtained the of Tobacco. ly damaged and sour. The own try where its culture naturally belongs, would become til recently, held positions of trust and honor amongst and the prmttng therefrom of counterfeit tobaoce H. A. RICHEY .Ac't, er, in presence of Assistant As a. common garden plant from Maine to California., and us. But when the second sober thought comes, and stamps. In passing seotenee on him Junge IJeJJedict reNo. 1:12 Water St., N.Y. sessor Pinclmey, therefore, sourbe prepared far use by simple proceeees rather than the the people t'eftect upon the situation, I think they will ma1ked that the crime was deservir:g of the foil punish-LEGAL TENDml, LON.K STAH, UJfl BOOSTER. THE PELIOA., l'OWBROJ'll'ASHIO'!I. BIG TBJI GOLDEN EA.GL.5. .ALSO COJIPLE'l'B ASBORTllENT Oll' ALL TWI LEADING HAVANA BRANI18. Joi>IHro tNpplied with Bratid6. ed on the whole lot. This pro machinery of the manufacturer. The farmers of l!lrge see, after all, that ''no mind that's honest but in it ment hy the statute-fifteen years at bard la ceeding avoided the necessity of portions of Ohio and tolaccogrowing section!l, finding shares some woe." Too many-alas too many-do bor; _but mas!Duoh that the defendant bad given impor retuming the 500 pounds in an no market for their low grades, would have to a banto-day rejeice that a Government official bas been over-tant mformat10n to the Government be woLtld mitigate inventory, and releived Mr. Renz don the culture of a crop, a JIOrtion only of which was come, borne down by the power of seli-interest and. dis-the punishment. Frank was tbo:n1 sentenced to tive of several other obligations of saleable. Trade in the article would langu\ah, and in honesty. It cannot be otherwise, it &o me, than year11' hard labor in the Kings County Penitentiary. the revenue act. many places where it now ftourishes would die out al that the honest, upright citizen should mourn at such together, and the general prosperity which has cbaracan event, for where the laws are not strictly enforced .l LitUe Plain SpeakiBA" from St. Loufs-ltlr, Bailey's A VERMONTER. who would terized the manufacture of tobacco the past what chance is there for the honest There Career Reviewed, TH CIG.lR TB.lD. SIQoke in the barn, is going to year, and whioh bas given nearly thirty millions to the is no safety if dishonesty shall hold the reins. The try ashes as a fertilizer this N would -soon While we have triumph of the ring over the Government is lamentable. 'Spring, and build a new ono. thus let forth our reasons f9r ol'posing the contempla The lossof the individual is not -so much as to feel ted incree-ia tax on smoktng tobaoeo, "W(fully recog-that the lawa and regnltltiOJlS are such as to allow a nize the many adyanJ.Jges t.ha.t would be derived from most eaergetic official to be borne down 'under the com You must certainly be misinfo_rmea. We recognfze' no a ani form rste on both 'smoking and chewing in aim-bin(ld interest of the whisky rinr.r; iB aboin}Mbl'e. "'T '!1 e leaders; one member has the same rights as ano..tber, plifying the qollection of revenue, and cutting oft aome whole pack of revenue defrauders have opened with .___. oc 6.4 -.., ...._., .., Beclaeuoa-Le&&er and the psert iop tb-_t men to continue working is considerable sources of fraud. Yet that rate, to be joat full force upon tire !Officials, and none are ncnr aoknowlc ,..._ telr Pl'ellldea&. an insult to them, as they themselves have stated al and equitable, must be low; and we would therefore edged to be anything-but 'a set of blackmailing, swind T E .... ......_ T L ... b .... _Jut ready in the Hei'!Jld and other papers. You-ough to moat earnestliy urg ur;:n you the adn"'tioo of there, lin.,., political pimps. "None can be found so noor" 0 THE unuRS o:.-.a u OBACCO EA...-. ...., he amathat Union as 81lcb, and not the f":_.J_r..... -r. & "' r il!lloe of 't'RE L1u,l\' you ttlisbed an article v e v eaaerQ commendation of the ational Tobacco at as to them re. veren'IC. Can any-nnrminded -man, on .the strike of the cigarmakers1 which contains many tkreoj, by an almost unanimous vote (thQse men inclutheir late meeting, to plaCe the tax on all grad ell of one who doelk pay his -dues nouestly, but. at .. t. d !ld bkdl f 1 d d to whom a reduction of the priee of labor was smoking, cJ!ewiDg, and snuft to_baooo a .uniform rate the posi.tion? For if Government cannot enforce a ton@, ue 0 on y, upon a se re offiered), adopted a net to submt't to auy re f d 'f t t be ted f "' h 'II f b ':pprft!l. 1}'0u -ytjll' be to receive t.he r. o stxteen cents; an 1 rate canno gran we thP collection o tue tax, w at w1 become o t ose following eorreetions of' you r statements by the under duct.ion. Very respectll 11:5'1' w -must earnestly protest against any chan,e whatever ... who will not to cobquer ?" 1 Who can, fpr a 'sipea,Jv ba portion CoNUB.t.n .nUHH, fromthepresentlaw. By doing thtswe not only bemoment, deny that, in'tbe of Mr. Bailey, the of the cigar though onl,r the producing part. President or Cigarmakera' nion N DO. lieve that you would be doing an act of BimJJie justioe blockade-runners are now enjoying a season of ttiumph? You say that the cigarm.a'fers are undoubtedly wrong YoRK, April -i, l870. to the producer and consumet of smoking tobacco, but Th!ly have routed one who was considcrold the mc-stde because the_y atill ask war prices. I must admit that that in the end you will receive as much reven11e as by termined and zealous official in the service. The facts the p-ro., per t)Jo11sand is about t 11m1e as during the "I he Propotuon to EmpiOJ' ()hla-.. a her rate. It can be clearly .demonstrated tbat of the case are bad enouglili'ii()er the most favorable wa but the labor on a thousana clgars is utterly dif Wh.& &be Dlanuta.:ture ... are ..acJ. be aboul to Do a uniform rate of sixteen cents, the year 1871 will yield cirenmstances, but whep we coneidertbat the Collector ferent now from During the war a -W,lla& baa been Do e In (JalJfOnlla. at,!east twentyfive million dollars to the revenue irom must take all of the chances, and the, Governm ept cigarmli.ker oou1d easily: on highest priced jobs, W c find the following in the Hl!1'ald: tobacco, which, in view of the fact that it is propostd allows nothing for expense iDcurred in the workirg to' 1,800 cigarti a week, and the manufac "Every one who is in the least connected with the to reduce sulli.eient to cut down last year' r..e up snd prosecuting tbell6 cases, and the Collector tnrer was satis d and pleaired to -receive th .at amount. trade in this city and east of the Missis&ippi, does, ceipts some thirty millions, seems to us 'to be all that must rely wholly upon the chances of his moiety to re At the present time the cigarmaker is hardly willingly and unwilling, admit that this particular and ex tobacco ought to bear. And we ask, is tbfr any sho'!f imlinrse him, it would aeem' as though a JJ]an waa wil abTh to make more than 1,000, or at the highest 1,200, tendeq branch of home industJ:y is at present, if not wholly of reason or justice" wh.y the poor laborel', with b'ij pipe ling to take rieks against odds to undertake cigj!.rs a week; ln other worda,..a cigarmaker: oould dur a standstill, yet injuriously disarranged. The strife of of tobacc -a17V\dulgence ox; com or as J'OU choose; fight the combine.' Few officials extravagant prices. Talking tJ.bout war priceS, I want U'nion were pr!lll>tlut. It a1 then aped that waa no any branch of legitimate industry, especially one from can afford to stand up and enter into long and eevere to st;Ue a w the ye 1863, in the of intention at that time to reduce wages, but that both the which the is deriving,811cb nbstantial aid .conteats in the courts and take the chances of com pen' the war, the daily neeet!Saries of life, such as beef, employers and tlie -employed, eaeii by or their ex Without trespal!& 11pon our time or patienlfe sation from the results. Hencecompromises are sought floqr, and we t.o thirty cent., tended organization l.hrougho11t ,the country, press we respecttuUy subscribe ourselves: John T. tor, aod it usuai.J.y ends in the \!road road to ruin tor and bouse-rents even from forty t.o fifty per oen( upon CongretiS, with the aid of petitions, he : & Son, Leaf oel\_lel'!l; J. T. Snllivau & Bro., leaf dealers; both officer 'and contestant, and the oftlciats then only cpeaper -are now. 1t is true, clothing and sity of an immediate inbrease of the duty on imported Richard Mallay & Bro., leaf dealen; Hanks & Craw-look fot the smaller cases,. where the parties wili be dry goods vJere higher than, ftO'W, but the diffe in cigars. failed of success, ar.d several firms,. em ford, leaf dealers; H." 'Besude'n & Bro., leaf dealers; 1sure to down" rather than to be troubled with a thellil-'pnoes ia nof> in fav9f of the workingman, a81he pioying neirly six hundred man,-pNilJOsed a small reduction .Cox, Crawford & CO., leaf dealen; E. R. W. Tbomasl defense. :All gbod and true men are interested iu the he baa tQ weikJy for rent and food is-..wt-of o1i wags. 'l'hilf wu refused by the employea, and t.he strike lea.f deater; E. H. Grieat & Co., leaf dealers; Power A! collection of the revenue.:!... from wo mo,lves: fll'llt, be f.ll prqporitioct t.haJr the h "pays or JbllowM and-stilt continues. 'l'be immediate result of the Prague, Kenton tobacco warehouse; P. H. Clayton & cause the Government cannot be sustained without it; clothing. But I forgotllager-beer bas come down froni strike and the cessation of manufacture which Co., Planters' warehouse; Caaey, Wayne & secondly, because they cannot stand tbe advantages five to three oents per gln. Do you think that will came, 'was a great increase of the importation of cheap Co Morris tobacco warehouse; Charlet Bodmann & given by auy evasion of the tax by their competitora. make up tbe dift'e.-enoe of t.wen\y per cent. or more 1' cigars One steamer alone brought amillion Co., Bndmaqn tobacco 1tarehouse; Phister & Bro., It is an old maxim, "that to be respected you must be Will that give the family shelter and bread? Although and a half, and t.he Philadelphia market is 1111id to be fairly Phister toba.coo warehouse; Spence, Bros. & Co., manrespectful." The law does not reapeet .., now oar daily itl'e about as much as during swamped by this article, depressing prices still more, But ufaeturers of' fine-cut; N. Harris & manufacturers of the citizen in many of its features. It baA too man)' f.he war, if not more, with less we would be will neither did the California cigar manufacturers at &n Franof fine-cut; lfit.obell & (}()., manafacturel'!l of fine-out; details and ad mite of too manycoustrl!ctions, and the ing t.o aooept reliuotiGD of our pnce of labor if at cisco-los& the opportunity of profiting by 'he a tate of affairs Barber & Stout, manufacturers of .fine-cut. people, who are jury u well1tax-pa.yera, have consame time we could dictate to our butchers, in the cigar trade of the East. By the Pacific Railroad they demned many of it features, and are the truly grooen, ete., the redoetion as some of sent their agents to all th,e Territories and States between WE are afraid that Supervisor Preebrey's advice re. wise men wbo can understand the signs ot tb' J 'our employers d1ctate to us. I hope, now, that vou the Rocky 1!ovntaimr and the Mississippi River, some of garding communications addressed to the conicted remembering t.bat with the people lies the power t.o will a.gree with us, that we cannot until then submii to them even going as far east as and underbid in atamp at .Albany is likely to mialead the c}tange all laws and rulings of 'hose wbo now a reduction. You assert further t.hat. the leaders of the these markets tl:.e Eastern manufacturers. Our manufac : friends qf tho11e gentlemen. The prisoners are not aJ. and execute the lawa, aud liaten to their votceP, Union preYent a good many mem from continuing work., t.urers saw at once the out. off from t.ha.t vast._. lowed to hold intercourse with the outer world. I and hasten to1 any or ob l I 1 The St. Louis Republican says: One ortbc methods by which the def:1ulting United States Revenue Collect.Qr Bailey so succellsfully managed to bide the villanies wbich he on for at New York WQ.S the pmctice of honest merchants and manufacturers by seizing and It was a simple and eu1r process. It cost bun oothmg, and gave him a hi"'h reputati(ln for vigilance + and efficiency, and at the s:me '*e c r oaked 0\VD rascalities It was &ill after 1\is Hight the measures be adoptei:!, apparently to pre vent lix-payers from defrauding the government, were really a part of the scheme be had devised for dcfr-o1uding the gov ernment himself. The patriotic z e al he a.ft'ect.ed for his country's financial interests was, in ,. zeal for hill owa finances. Tqe _law him a.n i!llQJense fid arbitrary P?wer, _and he 1t used mercy and Without jllstiee. hJS departure, the se1zures he made have been inves tigated, and found to be 'l'he parties, tl:erefOre, have been released and permitted to colftinue their business. But these vict i ms of the dishonest mvenue official have n1.1 for the wanton them. 'l'hey m1,1st endure the losses caused by; :Vtolent aud suspension of busmess and by the stJgma of fraud involved in tile seiznre, without a murmur, for J;be Jaw no substantial And this spirit of rt'lris through the whole mt.ernal rev e nue system devtsed by the ruling party io Con gress. The honest tax-payer IS a helpless victim in the hands of dishonest official who may propOtle to extort money h1m. The fi-audulent how to manage him; tf h,e cal!_ not evade he bnbcs htm1 and !lnds diffi_ cult places smooth before hun. But the Jwncrabte citizen, who will netther ckfraud tlte go_ve;nment nor bri_be its dulwnest ojJicicl&, may be har(l.$sed_and m;u1ed t any t1111e, by wanton and whwh a harsh and. law ""JXI'l'C7 the o.fJkzal to ma_ke, and whzch tlns New Ymk c!Jllec: or wqs iu tl1e of 111 as part of his system nf fraud. Tbe vtcllm may app Commissioner Delano or secretary it is troe.; but the and the Secretar,r ';IJUCb t!me in_ investigating the CllSt>, and eves then the1r dectstons fall to g1ve justice and satisf&etion. Tbe whole :Cndency of our revenue aystem seems to be to belit tle the people and aggrandize the Government-to ara til. officials with arbitrary po\vct'll, and place illdi thetr mercy-to extort unueeded amounts of money from the pcopte for the purpose of enabling the Secretary or Trea.;m_r.r to afford to En rope a demonstrative and impresSive offfi? weulth and power. That eylltem IS pemlCIOUS and productive of iotinito evils ill from th,e endless official frauds connected with the JiJgh\o(tlJe ofentlers, that the press is eontinn u l.y announcing. The Pfple of this will ?heerfu lly pay to thegovern meut all the rev:en11e tt neelts for 1f.s bon est leaitimat.e pnr they have thjs needed revenue, i;,gether wi a Immense surplus bes1des, with a that scarcel7 has a .to bA hacassed and oppressed by m mary and mquiBttonal processes at the will of officers wb o are in defrauaing the governmcnr. i8 t ?O moen !-0 .ll.Sk o! t etQ, and more than they will always pa \l'D!tly SJ 111\t..,to."


RErif it KORBiS I q I f .N!t1 a11d 62 Stoae S&J;,eet, NJ::w ,iz'oru( '" I' I' ) I 1 ..... ,., ozo 'tJ ., "" -._ ; J I. 1:


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