The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (4 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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oj:gan Of the 7fiade Of Tlie' Largest Papertin the 'Vot.ld r VOLuliB VI., No. iOO. r '11UUll OJ' 1'0 PAJ'XB. lllagle OOpleeoo........ .. ..... 00 .. .... 19 Cent Per Alllllllll. 00.... ...... .. .. '" ...... 0 ...... 14.0U 'l'o.ll',qland IIIII 04 additional per aunua fOr prepaymen\ otl""'_.. 'l'o Jlrmneu, Hambanr, U>.d U.e Continent of l:arope, .1.56 oddltloual per &Mum for W estheim, M. & Co., 17'1 Pearl. Wintzer & Cook, 5 William Wright E. lt:. 132 Pearl fllBA:CCO BILOUBI. IJIPORRRS or RATAI(A CIGAU Gi1111or .!!: Glbeon, 110 B. GaT. I IIUNUF,ACTU8BB8 OP BRIABWOOD Pll':EBKiebfer, Jaoo'l, 1 Granb,r. BROOKLYN Jl, Y, G. l, :r:i10B:Ln. C. PJI'IRSHING, 142 Fui.'l'Oif 'I '0 .G. W, GAIL 1,.)1 Te AutNII&, ete., od4ltlonl1 peramu1111 for for tlie paper cono14ered, nnleoo ICoomllUlod by corre._d!Da am.OaJlt. Cattu & Rente, Pearl street. Fischer, Jt'rederick', 2 Hanol'er Bulldlrjg. GaM, J. S. & Son, 86 Wall. I 1 llANll'lAC'I'I!RJ:Illl. B'uchanan & Lyall. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, APRil. 20, 1870. If II THIERMANN, 'KUCHL-ER & CO., t.-fi ;* -Remlti:Aneet! obould, In eTerY lntance, he made only by money-order, ebeclr, or draft. Blllo are liable> to be arolen, and oaa only be 1!8nt at t.le greateet rlo k to the .. nde r BATES 0!' ADVl!BJIIIll'e. 1 oqaare (tlnela) lor 6 montba .. ........ .. ... H lo&yable lullv In advance ; two laebeo, $335; tbree Inch, .SOO. No dev! atlon aom tbeae term. 1! 11111\er neadlnJz For Sale er "'Wanted,'' Ill eenlo per line lor every in All elaanges In the advertloemente have to be pa,ld fer extra. No onlere for ad'l'erti&lng wUI be eonoldered, DD aerompanled by the eorreopoDdlng amount. '1'laij ralo 'll'ilJ llfT.t.JIU}II.T be adhered to. GOLD V .ALUES'""'F'FFREIGN COINS. fhl&t Bl'i1111tt-. pound ........... .. $4.84,9 18. altilling .... .. 0.24,2 1d. penny. .. .. . 0.02,0 }r'-79 .Avenue D. Miller, Mrs. G .ll & Co., 9 7 Columbia. Piooeer Tobaeco Factory, '167 Water. Seb.,ider, Joa. & Co. '75 Bowerv. Schotteufelall. & Co., 232 Cbul-oh. Watts H. H., 330,332 and 33 4 C herry llANUli'ACTUIUl:RII OP C'IGARB. G ersbel L. & Bro" Maiden Lane. Harteom, & Hahn, 150 Water'. Hirs c h D. & O o., 174 Water Hirschhorn L. & Co., n o Water Jacoby, S. & Co., 194 Pearl. Kerbs & Spies, 36 Bowery. CICAI\ nOX ll.t.NUPACTUREI!S. Bre'bm H. & J. 40 Lorimer. ( I I IN011CJ: TO CITY SIJilSCRIBERS, IIA.Nl!J'ACTIJBJ:RB. r J J I r Sherman Brothers, 3 to. l3 Sedgwic;k. ,A!{ we h,.ye made new for the more MANUliCTURJ:B8 OF CIGARS. '1 ld f, 1 Elbrecht. Siebert .t Co. '19 Willoughby. prompt dE!Jivery of our city ciroulation, we wou ee CHICA.GO, obJi"'ed if of our subscribers who do not receive W A..ltZHO U BES 0 Dennis, M'nllen & Co. 98 Sonth Water THE liEA'F' ()il the day of publication, Hibben & Co., 235 Randolph. d r 'f f h f: h t Fpy G. & co.,' a Water. wool ;at nott y us o t e act, t at we may correc Kasprowic7, S., 69 South W 1 the omissien ; fraudbagen Bros., 17 W e st Randolph. Smith, J. L., 11 and 18, Wabash avenue. 'Those of o','r patrons who Jill'OPOSe to change their or PLU G ToBicco. 1 b' n Murray & Mason-, 174 & 176 l!fortl> Water. place of business, or firmname, at t IS season, WI Ullman S. J & Co., 69 South Water oblige by communicating the faet to us forthwith. JIAllll'FACTll'REII!! ,OP TOBA(/CO, I 1 Heart C. B. & Co. 14 South Water. CINCINNATL CJIG!R QlfiSTION. ['I:OB.t.COO AUC'I',ON W.t.l'KiiOOBE I '. --- I Chatlps & Co. 157-66 'Water. Casey, Wayne & co., 100-104 West FrQnt. We yield our editorial to the debate 1uNuucruuns AN" co-.ssroN nRCBANTB on the cigar tariff in the House of re1 "'1' I J U.J I \ oi' wrD. Toracco. S"rving comment for It Bra8beal'8 & Son, 46 t "' f YORK. NEW A. COlli'LETE ABSORTKENT OF .lLJ:J lrlliDS Or iBBB: AND T esAciies I Constantly on hanci., I vessel by members of the crew. Tlaere are persons that the manufacturer does, not generally male uae of who follow the' busioes s regularly of smuggling; and Havana tobacco. But if be does use it, he haa a duty 'to a very great extent, for a good while past, the mllnu io pay t13 30 in gold, making a difference of only facture of nigars has bee, n interfered' with by the large $18 on a cigal' which costs tnoo a thousand. quantities of Cuban cig.1rs which have been smuggled [Here the ll.ammer fell.] 111. ftorili or guilder ...... let cent .. 00 00 ........ 0.00,4 :Brmwtr Rayner Tboa. J. & Co., 29 Liberty and Maiden Haler, Holmes & Co. 26 West Second. will prove bf interest to the entire cigar and seed leaf 5 4 nuLxas It< Lur roB.earl. portant questions involved-a piece of infeTrn.ation that in and brought into competition with the native manu THB SllUGGLING trA.LLACY. facture. What is it we propose? To unusually and Mr. DAwEs.-Mr. Chairman, I do not understan.d theimproperly lay a duty when we say a2 a pound and 25 gentleman from Ohio who bas charge of this bill to per cent. ad valor e m .'1 What that amount to? propose this reduction in duty because he is opposed The w eight of 1,000 cigars imported is 11 lbs.; to tbe high duty that now exists, or to the that t2 a pound is $22 a thou8and. The average value, as existed before present dntr He.IS not shown by .returns of imported cigars, is .$30 per opposed to a h1gh lluty on tbts art10le, but deSJJ'es to 1rth rii thaler ............ 0.'181 grote ....... 00, ...... 0 01,0(9)' Hllf1llmrg, Luboc, etc. 1m. marc banco .. .... 0.815,(' Seidenberg & Oo., 1 9 Dey. Smith, E. A., 131 Malden lane. S traiton, Schmitt & Stonn, 191 Pear:L Sutro & Newmark, 157 Maiden lne, Volger & Huneken, 166 Front. lsch schelling ........... 0.02,1 FOUIGN WJ:IGBTS.-A kilogramme equals TRI! GERlCAN CIGAR PACKERS S O CIETY, 9.20485 lbs.; a Bremen pfund equalsl.091100 Borgstedt & K arsten, 7 Bowery }bs; a Hamburg pfunll equals 1.06798 JbS B IPORT' PIPES, ETC. ing tobacc o which baa pa118ed through a rtd Bolken Richard J 91 Cbambere. die of thirtysix meshes to the square inch_ Demuth Wm. & Co. 403 Broadway. by process Of lifting ; vefuse ecraps an'ainst $5 upon the part of the omest1c manu.acturer. upon to acco an spm a. u ere, so ar aa e The Clerk read as follows: Now the difierfi!nce b 'etween $38 and $5 is a pretty duties on importations is concerned, my friend .from THE PROPOSED SECTION. larcre' protection on au article the invoice value ef Ohio proposes to reduce it to the 1owest possible point On ci..,.ars ci('Tarett e s, or cheroots'of all d escriptions; whic h lB only $3{), But it is said that leaf tobacco has upon the manufactured article, leaving raw matenal to made or any substitute f9r tobacC 01 and on pro tection. W e have l eft that because the leaf should come in at the old duty; so that e".erypeany which he paper cigars and wrappers, $2 per ha've as much or nearly as much protection as the cigar. takes off from the manufactured article IS to that extent pound, and in addition thereto 25 p e r cent. a d va lor e n i Ai present tlie cigar bas more protection than the leaf. a discrimination against the la:bbrer in Massachusetts P'l'ovided That all cigars, cigarettt>s, eherov ts, and all But the y do not manufacture tbe cigars out of l eaf to and in Ohio and in Pennsylvania, and else paper c igars and in addit'i?n t o the duty bacco brought in from Cuba entirely from tl1e leaf to where a cigar iR made. Every man employed in the aforesaid, shall be sub]ectto tbe same Internal r evenue bacco. It is only a component part. It is used fo.r manufacture' of cigars is discriminated against. And tax as if made or manufactured within the Unite d filling and the cons tituents of my fri end from Con n eethe tariff now' proposed is in favor of the foreign manu States; and when imported or landed sball be placed ticut, w ell as my own in Ohio, tarnis h facturer just to the extent that it the revenue in public store or bonde d warehouse and not only a portion of wh .at enters mto the manufacture. of by this reduction. Now, it so happens that under therefrom until the same shall have been inspecte d, cigars. So it will not do to say you pay on the pnce the former reduction to t'be point at which the stamped, and branded, as provided for: cigar.,, of le'lf to the same extent as you pay on cigars, and dnty now stands as compared with tbe pre vious ettes, and cheroots manufacture d ')VIthm the I ted therefo r e the leaf ough' t to come down with the cigars. duty, we have got scarcely a dollar's difference in the States. But view it in. eiLher light, if you put the duty the com total. If you look at the total of the revenue received MR. STRONG' S AYRNDMENT. mittee propos e on you propose 12 4 per cent. under the existing law, and total received under Mr. I move to amend the paragraph jus t countipg in the of the internal tax as aga:inst $5 in the law proposed be restored by the gentleman from read by striking out in line o n e hundred and s ix t een currency p e r 1,000 on the domestic m!J,nufacture, and Connecticut, rMr. Strong,] you will find that yau will the word "two and inserting in lie u tbere o fthi word on the l e a f y ou propose little more than 100 per cent., gain nothing by'the reduction. The g'entl .eman from "three" and by strtklng out in one hundre d and for the v alqation of the leaf is while the tariff onJit Ohio has not, by that reduction, prevented smuggling; the word "twenty. fiv and inserting in lieu is 35 cent<> p e r pound. I am for distributing b etween f or, s o tar, we have not got any mote re\enue. But he thereof "fiftv 80 that the nrr;r. cl ause of the para the f armer and the manufacturer--bas to that extent given the foreigner who manufac graph will for a duty llf *3 per pound and 50 [He r e the hammer f e )l.] t i 1res tobacco into cigars the advanta.!{e over the man per cent. ad v alor e m. The of amendment MR. WASHBURN ADVOCATES THJC PRESENT TARIFF who works. in his shop herein the United States at the will be to restore the law as tt e xr sted m 1896 and as Mr. V\T A SHBU RN, of I move to amend s a me employment. I trust, Mr. Chairman, that unless it continue d in force from that time till about a y ear the amendment by reducing it to $2. 50 instead of $3. there is some benefit that has not been disclosed .yet, aCTo when the dutl on cigars, &c. was reduced to Mr. Cha\rmau, I belie .ve never have we had a revenue my friend, if he is going to reducethe amount f>f duty yer pound. do not understand why we should bill in this H o use but what the question in regard to the upon tbe manufactured article, will bring the raw rna not realize as mu c h as possible from duties upon im tax on cigars or the tariffon cigars has _demanded the terial down in tbe same proportion, and not fall back ported cigan and tobacco. It 'me that s pecial attention of the House ; but until the ,last year upon the principle on which the tariff of 1846 was article s belon g to a class upon whtcb, tf any, a con sid or two the whol e contes t has been on the internal r e veframed-to put the duty upon the raw material and let erable duty should be levied. They are luxuries, and nue tax. That seems to be settled to the satisfaction tbe manufactured article come in free. luxuries with.which the people can as well afford to dis ot' all parties in all sections of the country, and we all [Here t'he h .ammer fell.] pense as with any others. Not only should we -derive agreed when the queslion was discussed, so far as the GEN. SCHENCK REPLIES. considerable income from this source for the sake of tariff was concern ed, there was no class of persons but :Mr. WASHBURN of Massachusetts.-! the we should a lso impose a sufficiently heavy what was in fay or of giving good protection to the amendment. .1 Chockle y A D. & Co., 168 Pearl Cohn & Smith, 173 Water. Connolly & Co., 46 Water. <;:ook & R eid, 68 Courtlandt. Crawford, E. M & Co., 168 Wat:er. DeBraekeleer &; Foote, 114 Beekman. Dohan, Carroll& Co., 10i Fron\. BPAilUSH Almirall J. J., 3Jl Ce11 Bois Eugene, 117 Water. Dills .t Co., 176 Water. Fallenstein, Cbaa. B & Son, 129 Pearl. Fatman & Oo. 70 and Broaa. Frank, Beuttenmueller & Co., 96 Maiden la. Gassert & Bro, 180 Water. Greenfield &\Co., 81 Beuer. G!'OIISe .A.. L 131 Pearl. Gunther, L. W st Co., 110 Pearl. Guthrie & Co., 22!\ Front. Hamburger I & Co., 55 lla1den lane Hill & Messenger, 43 Broad. Hillmali, G W & Ce.., 108 Front. Hunt, U W. & Co, 167 Water. Kerrigan & Agnel, 78 Water. Kinilicutt, Thomas, 8 William. Kittredge, W. P. & Co., 184 Water. Kremelberg & Go., 160 cro..Ji JI.UI:BO.NR, Fleitmann .&1 Co., 58 Reade. Prol Osca.r & Co., 25street. JIANUPACTU ""I' Of TIN I'OIL. Crooke, J. J 38 s reet. AUCTIO!I'J:J!R8' 'otJ' 11'-0II.AOOO, E'lC. Bet&J lterard & cb .. 'T Old Slip. 'I'OBACCOCU1"1'lll0 Jl.t.CBINEBT, Borftfeld\ & I"OBA.CCO LlliKLS. Hatch & Oo.; 218: B rol\dway & Co. 22 North William. Scht1macher & Ettlinger 2 1-2 Murray. TOBACCo SB.lLII'J'e e with the gentleman that w e plac e the t a riff duty, as in this bill, at $2 p e r over it we grow tobacco, a.nd almost all over it, and ought as well as we to drift toward a condition of pound and 25 per cent. a d 11al orem and the H o ns e pro e specially in the city of my own residence, we manu when both our internal taxation and our duties p osed to res tore the $3. The committee the n said tha t f acture it into cigars; but tLe re is no di sposition upon upon imports may be so arrange d that from luxurie s, tf the Hous e iWOuld agre e to $2 50 and 5 0 per cent. a d the part oftbe Committee of Ways and M eans to cut Steiner, Smith B rot h ers & Knecht, 225 Race. Tlleoballl, .A.' H Third and Poplar. : liANUI"ACTDRKM Or SCOTB BNUJ'P, Ralplj A., & Co. 115 .Areb. WANUli'A C T URERS 0:1' Jr"l!: CIGA R S Fuguet S. & Sons, 229 S. Front. TODACCO BROKJ;:R, Dickerson, E. W., 107 North Water PITTSBURG, PA, Allen, Julian, 8 S\xth .Ave. Mcgraw, E & Oo., 31 Sixth. Weyman & Bro., '79 & 81 Smit1111eld. RICHMOND, V .&, Burwell, Wm. P. Mayo .t; Bro., P. H. B OCHESTER, 'l'f y KANll'.PAC'I'UltKRS er TOB.lCCO, Whalen R. & T 1110 State n. LOUIS, MO, I I Catlin, D., 168 North Second Dormitzer, C. & R. & Co., 207 llarket. P.hll., 801 Nol'th Third. Haynes J. E., 100 North Commercial. Leggat, Hudson & Co., cor. 2d and Vine !VPOR:r'ER8 01' I>IO!IBR81 ARTICLII!. Starck, Gutman & Co. 206 North Seeond. I'!YRA.VIJSE, N. C, Kt,NUUC'I'URJ:IIS OF J'UIK CV'I'. S&lmon 1), 0 26 .James. r WILLJ;.t.:liiSBUHGH, l.'f, T, s., 31 or fr Q m thos(l things which gratify artificial appe ti tes, v alorem, they would agre e to that, and l e t it be a d b wn or injure in any w a y this intere st;. They do b e we mav derive if not all, the greate r part of our rev ity. if the r e b e not some g oo d r e a son for dts li e v e that by re ing the duty to el2 per pound. and enue. "I l;Jave no sympathy, the refore, with or turbing this arrarig e m e nt, why do so ? The duty now 25 per cent. a il valorem, so as to afford full and suffi tobaqco any further tha n to tax them both up to stands at '2 50, and I pro p o se my a m endment to con cient protection and at the same time keeping up a corpoint which will produce the most revenue. tinue it at that figure 'l'b e gentleman s ays that the responding protection upo n the leaf in f avor of the to My theory upo n this subject is tha t these artificial ap average cost o f imported cigars today is $ 3 0 p e r thou -baccogrowers: they neither hurt tbe cigar mannfactupetitea are so much more clamorous than any of the sand. I unde r s t and it to b e $25 Now, your mann rers nor will the y hurt the tobaccogrowers, bnt will natural appetites, that they will gratifie d at almost fa cturer to pay 85 cents a pound on ev ery ponnd I leave both interests m ore prosperous than they would any expense, and eonsequently' any .tax you,may of the l eaf which he imports. If h e t akeR that l eaf as b e unde r a tax which in all probability i s a little above put upon such articles comes eventually 10 great part, he purchases. it in this. country, it will take 3 8 P?unds the true revenue. standard, and which certainly does 1f not altogether, _'the consumer. I am wi)ling to make a tnousand c1gar s _and on that he promote smugglmg m ore than a lower duty w.ill pro that those who chew, tl:iose who smoke, aod thos e who will pay a duty of $13 80 10 But 1f be takes mote it drink shall do it, if not _to the g1ory of the leaf after it has bee n stripped, and uses 28 pounds MR. MYERS ALL RIGHT. at to' the benefit of the revenue. B u t, s1r, Wilt this then the duty which he pays on it is 89 80. No on e Mr. MYF.R s.-Mr. Ch a 1rm an, what r desire is to let amendment accomplish .the obj ect proposed? One dif-will clai!h that 1,000 cigars can be made with a l e ss the law remain as it now is. That is sul:s tantially :ticulty .now is that the tariff upon cigars is quantity. This l eaves only $18 45 to protect the tbe amendment of 'my li:-ie'nd from Mass!Ulhnsetts, so lleavy that scarcely a vessel from any cigar ma'nufacturers in this country, while the cigar( cost. (Mr. Washbnrn.) The arguments in favor of that making speak more _particularly Cubathem about $95 a thousand. Tbe gentleman bas refer proposition have been ne11.rly exhausted. It is not without hwmg packages of cigars smugglt>d away, red to the advantage 'given to the. manufacturer But true that about the amount of revenue some small perhaps,_ among the .,baggage of he knows very well, a? d. IS a man m the. has been under the change of law therefore pas8engers1 b!l introduced mto the country thrqugh House _but knows that 1t IS an ImpussJbil!ty to make a the IS less. That very well the connivance m one way or of Custom-hpuse good Ct"'ar unless you use some of the Imported leaf. by_ the Chairman of the Comm1ttee on officers to presents dfboxes of cigars are I the manufacturer imports leaf to use it in (Mr. Dawes.) and cigars are secreted in various parts of the combination with our pwn leaf. The gentleman says Mr. me to correct my Jlgures, t.


s r 2 THE TOBACCO LEAF. find that after the passage of the new law we get tton. A few years ago we had a shdmg scale on tn THE STATEMENTS CRITICISED I b ternal taxatiOn on mgsn; as wPll as a slldmg scale ot Mr WASHBURN, of Massachusetts -I renew my $1,237,000 n toget er d M Ch 1 t I Mr DrcKEY -I would ask rtgbt there 1f that was tanff duttes We, however, abandoned that system, amen ment r atrman, the gentleman rom n BOt th largest revenue e\ er denved from the tardf on and came as near as possible to speCific taxes. The dtana e1ther is mtstaken in his statement to the House cigars except m 1866? f change resulted favorably-for the mterests of our l'.eo or he does not understand the 'bout the country, thts btanch of mdustry people generally, for the people generally do not smoke Mr. SrKVENSON.-ls 1 t m order now to move to st.rtke may not be depressed The Ieduchon proposed m the such Cll:ars. They smoke etgars of a much cheaper .out tbts clause?. duty te, I know not large; but a reduct ton of eyen 50 qua !tty of tobacco I ask, have a The CIU.lBIIAN.-That motion 18 in order, but the cents a pound 1s too much to be made at the present thousand of the best c1gars made m thts country? Ah' qaestJOn cannot be taken upon 1 t unttl all amendments time, when no such decrease iS de-manded by any 10 says the gentleman, 18 not the tobacco ratser protected to the clause have first been disposed of. terest 10 the country As to the argument wtth refer by that 30 per cent ? And therefore 1t IS for the 10 Mr. ScaBNCK.-1 withdraw my amendment, havmg ence to smugghng, tt has no bearmg upon the questJOn terest of the ratser m country, as well as the man moved it merely for the purpose of makmg some re bemg put up-m small packages, w1ll, to some ufacturer, that you tmport tbts leaf paymg the 35 maria!. ex be smuggled at all times ;But the demand ts 11ents a pound The gentleman may figure 1t out as he JUL KBLLOOG suPl'OKTS THB NATIONAL ASSOCIATION commg to us from all parts of the countt y that tf the chooses, but he wtll not be able to find more than about Kr. KELLOGG.-! renew the amendment for the purprotectwn of thts cigar mterest ts not increased, the ex 820 gtven to the manufacturer of tbts coun pose of saymg that I am 10 favor of the amendment tsting law shall be allowed to remam, that at least 1t try upon h1s ctgars which cost 8100 And 1f a manu -offered by my colleague, (Mr Strong) I find that the shall not be changed any more than ts absolutely nefacturer makes a ctgar worth 1100, and has a protec ;revenue denved from the 1 mportations of these artteles cessary I hope the ref. re tbat the pending naragraph tton of 820, how much IS that? Only 20 per cent ,..88 greater when the rate was $a per pound and 50 wtll be struck ot{t When the gentleman, therefore, rtses and says that we r cent 00 '!7alorem than durmg the last two years at A WORD FOR THE CONSUl!ERS do not want the pe'ople protected, hts remark only ap nower rate of duty Th1! former rate was changed M:. Cbatrman, much of the talk on the to the btghest and most costlyclass of ctgars, b a l'oviso which was smuggled 10 some way mto 1 pendmg propositiOn has surprised me greatly We whteh the people generally do not use When people ./e revenue law assed m 1868 In eonse I ha"e heard much about the protectiOn of the cigar do use these etgars, I say let them pay well for them uence of that change I kno;., that m my own dtstnct but not one word the protectiOn of the The wealthy wtll have these mgars no what the ': ve lar<>'e number of cigar manufacturers have been 1 mgar consumers, or the protectiOn of the people, or the duty ts, or bow much they cost, and I say Jet them pay throZn o;t of em lo ment. I have here a petition protectton of the The obJeCt I wtsh to aca heavy duty on them. But when you come to the 1!i ned by bke a hundred ctga1 makers comphsh by thts btllts the protectiOn of the people and class of etg:ars used by the people generally, then 1t wfo have been thrown out of employment, and I the protectton of the reveaue, without InJUStiCe to the may be proper to do what we can to I educe the duty !know tt to be the fact, aside from that petition, that the manufacturers of Cigars I thmk by the duty he:eto [Here the hammer fell] business of Ciga.r maktng has decreased very much duJ tore tmposed on thts art1cle, you have almost depnved BOUND LOOIO FROM un. ing the last two years under the operatwn of thts pro the revenue of any advantage from tt. No_:.v, Mr Mr. WooD-:M:r. CbaJTman, m the adJustment of the "l8ton of the tariff Therefore, for the purpose of pro Chatrman, tt ts to be borne m mmd-for on pomt tartff, I th10k we should keep revenue m vtew the t.ectin cigar manufacturers as well as those agrwul many gentlemen appear to go astray-that whtle the first place, and secondly, we should levy 'our duttes m who raiSe tobacco I 10 favor of the amend domestiC mgar maker has to pay 85 per 1,000, the tm such a manner as to operate w1th as httle oppresston IDlent efm collea ue portei bas to pay JUSt the same tax We need! there as possible on the consumer Of course we know that Y }a PLATT SECONDS IT tore, say notbmg about the exmse tax, whteb 1s pre all taxes are finally patd by the consumer And re Mr PLA.TT.-I hope the amendment of gentleman msely the same on the 1m porter and the domestic gards the class of people who are to be oppressed, I am from Connecttcut (Mr Strong) wtll be adopted fixmg manufacturer Agam, the domesttc tobacco producer m favor of oppressmg those most who are the most rate of duty at $3 per pound and 50 per dent ad ts amply prott:cted by the tartff of 35 cents per pound able to bear tt. What then is the question now before ualmem I think that the expeneuce of the last tluee on the leaf, so we need say no more about that Let the committee? It ts a ptoposttton by the btll under years proves conclustvely that when the rate of duty us constder, then, what wtll subserve the mterests constderatwn to reduce the taxes on imported c1gars was "hat that gentleman proposes we received at least of the and @f the consumers of the country, as from $3 a nound to $2 a pound, and from 50 per cent :a.s much re\enue as we have tece1ved i.mder the present well as the reasonable mterests of the ctgar manufacad valorem to 25 per cent ad valorem The atguments rate of duly and at the same time the laborer of th1 s turers. It 1s our 1mperauve duty to have constant re that ha' e been used m favor of the higher rate of duty country was 'protected the labor of other conn gard to the great and leadmg mterests of the people in have been urged a 1 most entJTely m the mterest of the tries where tobacco 18 ratsed U uder the old law large thetr of consumers first, and secondly, 10 the cia who destre protect10n. I am not 10 favor of an quantttles of tobacco 10 Ieafwere imported from Havana collectwn of the reasonable revenue The selfish and mcrease of the duty above the pomt at whiCh 1t 1s put and manufactured mto c 1 gars m thts country. But oppressive demands for mere protectiOn are entitled, m the b1ll on that account, but I am m favor of an m under the present law the manufacture of mgars in thts at least, to only secondary constderatton. But they are crease of the duty solely on accou111t of the revenue, country has been very much depressed, and mstead of constantly thrust forward here as of primary and abso and also that the ncher classes, who consume the 1m impor.ting leaf tobacco to be manufactured 10 tbts lutely controllmg tmportance, :1.nd, unfortunately, they ported etgars altogether, shallfpay the duty!whwh they country the manufactured etgars themselves have been are allowed to control most of the actwn of the com freely to pay to the revenue. impor.ted and our own people have been depnved of m1ttee on thts btll How much are these gentlemen Mr WILLARD --I would ask the gentleman whether the of themselves manufacturmg the c 1gars protected under thts btU? Leavmg out oftbe caicula he ts also m favor of a btgher duty because these Ct Now 1t 1 s not clatmed by those gentlemen who favor twn the matters to whteh I have referred, it IS suscep gats are the product of slave labor? the ;eduction of the duty on ctgars that the Govern t1ble of absolute demonstratiOn that, under tbts btll, 111r WooD -The gentleman from Vermont has put ment has denved any more revenue from this arttcle these gentlemen w11l get a protectwn of about ti32 on a very ptoper questiOn I will answer htm by saymg under the law as it now stand!! than 1t dtd under the law the 1,000 It IS $2 a pound Eleven pounds to the that after my unfortunate effort to make thts House of 1866 I hope, therefore, that the amendment wtll be 1,000 makes $22 50, and then add to that the 25 per recogmse the dtfference between free labor and slave adopted. I the Clerk to read a petltlon I have here cent ad valorem, and you make about t28 or $29. Re Iabat yesterday I have abandoned all hopes of convert from the cigar makers of N orlolk, Vugtma The Clerk auce that $28 or $29 to cut rency, and you have about mg h1m and bts fueuds to that theory. But the gen :read .as follows 832 protectiOn for the ctgar-makers m tbts country tleman from Olno has told us that he bas decreased the PETITION OF TH"K NORFOLK crGAR-li:AKKRS St1ll they ask more, and say that 1t 1sin the mtmest of duty, because the duty under the old law wtll not pro To the SenaU and House of Representattves of the revenue they ask tt How msmcere ts any such pie duce revenue-m face of the fact that m Ul69 a duty Umted States of .Amenca tense' The Rohmtude of these protecttonist!l is for of $3 a pound and 80 per cent. ad valorem produced The members of the Ctgar makers' Unwn No '76 ot. tbetr own pockets, and wholly overlooks both the pe<' $1,250,000 ofrevenl!le, the City of Norfolk m the State of V 1 rgtma w'ost pie and the revenue Mr. Chatrman, 1t ts absurd to Mr ScHENCK -I would des1re to make a rematk respecttltlly represent That prevtous to the talk about consnltmg the interests of the revenue In there if the gentleman wtll allow me of sectton etghtv seven of the act passed July 20, 1869, 1858, '59, and '60, wben the duty on cigars was 30 per .Mr WOOD -I have not t1me to yteld The gentle .entitled" An acttmposing taxes on dtsttlled spmts and cent ad valorem the re>enue was about $4,000,000, man also told us that he was m favor of teducmg the tobacco, and for othe::-purposes," there was lcVled and and now, when the duty ts 123 per cent, the revenue duty because mgars were smuggled mto the country yaecollected on 1 m ported etgars a duty of $3 per pound ts 8500,000 less than when the duty was 30 per cent. in consequence of the htgh duty. I regr8e of amendmg the tanff growth of tobacco hns very httle more than kept pace ury should pay as btgh a duty as 1s consistent w1th 011 imported goods, 1t 1 s pronded that the duty on With the development of othet products and mdustnes revenue, gentlemen wtll vote to mcrease the duttes on jmported mgars should be 1 educed from 60 to 25 per m our country Tar1fft1 have not hastened or greatly the of hfe, such as tea, coffee and sugar, m cent. ad valorem, and from $3 to 82.50 per pound, wbtle augmented tne p10ductwn of tobacco. I wtsh to call order to decrease them on luxuries hke imported ct the duty on 1 mported leaf tobacco IF! not changed, that the attentiOn of the commtttee to the fact that m. the gars I cannot take that course, and for that reason I this change in the tartif effected a great dep 1 e85100 10 ye.ars 1858, 1859, and I860 there were 1m ported mto oppose the amendment '1he cigar trade, a depresston which was greatly mcreased tbts country, unde! that low duty, over 570,000,000 WASHBURN, of Massachusetts.-! wtthdraw the by the recent nse 1n the value of our currency, that 1t of of etgars, equal to over 6,279,000,000 amendment 4ecreased the manufacture of mgars throughout the pounds of Wtth that amount oftmport, under ABOUT TBB REVENUE country; that the Imported ctgars are now sold at the rates _by the Commtttee of Ways and DAWES -1 renew it stmply to suggest to the .about the former price of cigara manufactured m tbts Means m this b1ll, thts Government would reahze over gentleman from Obto (Mr Schenck) that, accordmg to .country oftml!orted leaf tobacco, that m consequence $15,000,000 m revenue, wbtle !t ts now reahzmg com hrs own statement, he bas not benefited the revenue at -oftbe pronso m sectiOn seven but few etgars are parattvely nothmg. And I wtsb to call the attentiOn all by hts expeument "Who has he benefited? He JJOY made m tb1s country out of imported tobacco of the gentleman from Massachusetts, [Mr Washburn,] says that he reduced the duty for the pur{>ose of pre and a great number of members of 6ur U mon and otbe; who ts so eropbatJC 10 talkmg about the effect of tlns venttng smuggling He has not got any more revfnue fellow workmen, who lhad earned before an honest proposed law E>n the revenue, to tile fact that in 1867, Without benelitmg the revenue he has got more ctgars livehhood in tbts branch of mdustry, ate thrown 1868, and 1869, the last three fiscal years, there were mto the country and more manufactured to ont of employment Also, that no benefit bas tmported 10to the countty, under the present. btgh ba.,co I wtsh to say to the gentleman from Ohto that accrued to the publtc by this change m the duttes, only 1,063,379 pounds of reahzmg to tf be has not benefited the revenue there IS not a manu &anff that the Government suffered by thts amend the revenue only $8,546,000 Divide that by 3 and facturer of cigars tn the country that has anv thanks ment 'a f11rther loss of revenue from decrease 10 the re you wtll find the annual revenue reduced to about to gJVe him, and I want to know tf they do riot know ceipts of the mternal re;reuue tax paid bv the manu *1,150,000. Now, :M:r Chatrman, I snbmtt 10 the 10 better who 111 btt than be does himself? The moment facturer on c 1 gars, whiCh were out OI terest of the revenue, m the mterest of the people, m he red need the duty tt was felt 10 every shop m the imported tobacco The members of the C 1gar maketH' the tnterest of every teasonable oonstderatwn whteb land, and, w1thout benefit to anybody, he bas stricken Vnlon No 76 would, therefore, most respectfully pett should control the enactment of a law hke this, that down and paralyzed the manufacture of ctgats m this t.ion your bonO! able body that e proviso in sectton the bt!l on th1s pomt should be kept as 1t ts, as the country Now, the gentleman from lndtana [Mr Kerr] eighty seven, of the Internal enue Act of July 20, commtttee made 1t. It affords most protectton called attentton to the enormous amount of revenue 1868, be expunged, an.J the tariff of 83 per pound and to the ctgar makers, and SOf!!e protectiOn the people we bad from tbts source before the war The gentle 50 per cent. ad valorem enforced on all ten ported etgars, who are the c?usumers, anu then 1t promtses a reason man gave statistics of the amount tmported then and as the 8a 1 d tanff act of 1866 bas never been repealed able mcrease m the revenue It IS trtfhng With the the small amount imported since the war The gen At a meeting of the C 1gar makers' Umon held 10 the House and country, and appears to me to be more dts tleman does not take mto the account the amount of city of Norfolk, at thetr hall, 00 the lOth day of Feb mgenuous, to ptetend that enorm_ous protectton of manufacture m thts country s10ce the war and the mary, 1870, the foregoing memortal was endorsed and over 830 a thousand etgars IS msuffiCient to msure the amount of manufacture in this country before the adopted, and the presidlent, secretary, and treasurer of prospenty of the ctgar makers The truth ts, tt IS the war During the years that the gentleman from the Umon were dtrected to stgn the sawe on behalf of struggle of the monopohsts for more and .more trlmte lndtana has cited here, there was comparatively the Union and to attach the seal thereof and transmit from the people, and IS utterly bhnd or mdtft'erent to no manufacture of ctgars m thts country The number the same io the honorable the Congress the Umted the mterests of Government m the collectiOn of ofctgars then manufactured here was nothmg compared States of Amertca revenue ts ahke unfounded that these dnttes to the numb!lr manufactured at the present time The WILLIAM F. BRITZ:&L, President. affect only c1gars used by the ncb. The expenence and raismg of tobacco and the manufacturing of cigars (1. 8.] JAMES CHERRY Treasurer observatiOn of every man contradtct such assumptiOns under the present system have spread all over the FRANCIS c Cor. Sec'y The common lleople, the poor, use as good Cigars country, and m1llions of dollars have been invested m Jrlr KELLOGG -I wlt.hdraw the amendment to the they can find 111 then several markets Then permtt the growth and manufacture of thts artiCle All that amendment. reasonable compettUon, mcrease the vartety of the the gentlemen throws out of sight In hts ardent de A RBTROSPECTIVE GLANCE. gracles, and reduce general prtces to the consumers, and s1re to facilitate the raising of tobacco in foreign 1lr. MYERS -1 move to amend by strikmg out the the tmportatwns and domestic products wtll both mconntrtes, and 1ts manufacture mto cigars there, he pending paragraph, the effect of which will be to leave crease, consumptton willtncrease, and both exmse and loses stght of all the employment furnished to laborers .&e law precisely as 1t s!tands at present. I understand tariff revenues will also increase. Tl:at ts the true way in this country under thts system, and all the cheap to it to be our obJect 10 1 1oternal tax laws and tartffs to to grve cheap cigars to the poor mao bacco which IS brought to the door of the poor man giore the country, as far as possible, stab1lity in legisla-L Here the hammer felL] 1 and furnished him at a small cost, by the ra1s10g and manufaeturmg of It here 10 th1s country. The poor man, if be understands where he gets h1s cheap tobacco, d1ffers wtdely w1th the gentleman from Indtana m thus respect, as w1dely as the manufacturer dtffers wttb the gentle,man from Oll1o [Mr Schenck] T.he point most revenue was clertved, and at the aame time \he most protection furmshed to the tba.nufacturer,' .JW tartff took place, and the next year the whole pro duct10n was doubled That u what I mean to say Mr DAWES -Dtd the gentleman suppose that all the capitalmvested was to be withdrawn at once? 1t1r ScaENCK.-N ot at all I merely threw a handful of figures at the statement of the gentleman, and 1L IS utterly broken down by the force of those figures Mt DAwEs -It 1s the least handful that has been thrown at 1t [Here the hammer fell ] THB QUBSTION1 The questiOn was upon the amendment of :OO:t Wash burn, of Massachusetts, to the amendment of Mr St10ng, and bemg taken, upon a dtvtson there wereayes 70, noes 31, no quorum votmg Mr ScHENCK -Let us have tellers Tellers were ordered, and Mr Washburn, of Mas11a chusetts, and Mr Maynard were appomted A lllSUNDERSTANDING Mr STRONG -I destre to correct a mtsunderstandmg that extsts In regard to the questton upon whiCh the committee are now votmg. The provtsJOn of the btll now under constderat10n proposes a duty on mga1s etc of li2 per pound and 25 per cent ad v'Llorem I have moved to amend so as make the duty 13 per pound and 50 per cent ad valorem The gentleman from Massachusetts (Mr Washburn) moves to amend my amendment by stnkmg out "$3 and msertmg $2 50" as the duty per pound I prefer my amend ment as I have moved It, and shall therefore vote agamst the a!Dendment to the amendment. The committee agam dtvided upon the amendment of M.r. Washburn, of Massachusetts, to the amendment of Mr. Strong and the tellers reported tbat there were ayes 81, noes 36 So the amendment to the amendment was agreed to. :M:r. MYERS -I wlll w1thdraw my motton to stuke out tbts paragraph of the bdl. The. questiOn was upon the amendment of M1 Strong, as amended by the adoptiOn of the amenament of Mr Washburn, ot Massachusetts. Mr ScHENCK -As thts wtll probably lead to further debatP, I move that the commtttee now rise The root10n was agreed to 'l'he committee accordmgly rose, and Mr. Schofield bavmg the chatr as Speaket pro te-mp01e, Mr. Wheeler reported that the Commttteo of the Whole on the state of the Umon, accordmg to the orders of the House, bad had under constderatton the state of the Umon generally, and particularly the btll (H R No. li68) to amend extstmg laws relatmg to the d,_uty on tmports, and for other purposEs, and had come to no resolutiOn thereon Mr RANDATL.-l move that the House do now ad journ. The mot10n was agreed to, and accordmgly (at four o'clock and fifty five mmutes p m) the House ad journed. THURSD.A.Y, APn:iL 7. Mr ScnENCK..-Before I move that the House resolve itselfmto Commtttee of the Whole on the tanff btl!, I wtll state that tf gentlemen are wtlhng to rema10 here unttl five o'clock, we shall not ask for an evemng session tomght Otberwtse, 1t wtll be the duty of the commtttee to make that request. I shall also, pendmg the mot1on to go toto Committee of the Whole, move that all debate shall cease on the paragraph m relatwn to mgars 10 fifteen mtnutes after the cons1deratton of the b1ll as resumed m Comm1ttee The mot10n was agreed to :M:r SCJtENCK -I move that the rules be suspended, and the House resolve itself mto Committee of the Whole upon the spemal order. The motion was to The House accordmgly resolved itself mto Commtt tee of the Whole on the state ot the Umon (Mr Wheeler in the Chatr) and resumed the consideration of the spemal order, bemg the 1:)111 (H R No 1068) to amend ex1st10g laws relatmg to the duty on Imports, -6nd for other purposes. The CaAIRM.A.N -The Clerk wtll report the pendmg paragraph and the amendment pendmg theretv The pending paragraph was the followmg On Cigars, ctgarettes 01 cheroots, of all descnpt10ns, made of tobacco, or any substttute for tobacco, and on paper cigars and etgarettes, mcludmg wrappers, *2 per pound, and m addttJOn thereto 25 per cent ad valorem The pendmg amendment was that offered by Mr. Strong, as amended on the motion of Mr Washburn, of Massachusetts, as follows Strtke out "2" and msert "2t," and strtke:out "25 '' and msert" 50 THE COMMITTEE BACK DOWN Mr ScHENCK -Atter consul tattOo tbts mornmg, the Committee of Ways and Means have determmed that I should move, as Cha1rman of the Commtttee, to strtke 'Out ft om the btU the paragraph wtth regard to ctgars, leaving the law to stand as 1t 1s in that respect I w1ll state why that mot10n ts submitted Gentlemen have mtsapprebended entirely the purpose, objects, and mottves of the Committee of Ways and Means in regard to tbts whole matter. There are several members of the Commtttee of Ways and Means who themselves represent constituents engaged m cigar making I represent such a constttuenc;r mysel It was not, therefore, m hostthty to the mgar mterest of tbts country, or With the VldW of taking away from it any of the protectiOn or any of the advantages tt 18 now supposed to have under the existing law, that an amendment was proposed; because the commtttee were satisfied-as the House, or a maJonty of the members ot the Committee of the Whole do not seem to be that instead of being mjured, the ctgar makers of this conn try would probably be! benefited by some further lowering of the duty on cigars Lookin<>' back over the figures tbts mornuilg we found that when the law was changed on the 20th of July, 1868, commg down f1om the tanff of $3 per pound and 50 per cent ad valortm to $2.50 per pound and 25 per cent ad valorem, the efFect tio.t-tJ dtmtmsh the revenue at all or to inj: re the home trade or home manufacture We can not show bow far smugghng was prevented by takmg away the temptatiOn, but we can 10 no other way account for the fact that there was a greater number of c1gan brought through the Cuswm-house so as to pay duty, wtthout affectmg, however, the home manufac turer So many more cigars paid duty as to keep the revenue up to what tt wai when the h1gher rate pre vailed, and yet. the home manufacturer d1d not seem to be affected by the additional introduction of cigars. The md1cat1on ts, therefore, irresistible that the treasury officers are rtght when they tell us that the effect mata:ly was not to increase the number of cigars that paid duty by an actualmcrease of the number that came mto the country, but by an actual increase of the number that passed through the Custom house. All the that came 10 d1d not affect m any way prejudtctally tbe home manufacturer On the contrary, under the re duced duty the home manufacture stdl wer.t on m creasmg tn prospenty, and m the year 1868'69, as I have already informed the gentleman from Massaohu setts, nearly twtee as many ctgars patd duty under the lower tariff as pat.! duty 10 the prevtous year when the tanff was htgb "But gentlemen are not satisfied with thts reasomng ofthe colllm1ttee They suppose that 1t would affect the home interest to alter the law We do not beheve that 1t would. They think that 1t would be preJudtctal to tht: mterests of the etgar manufaetu rers 10 the Umted States We do not believe it would We beheve, on the contrary, that JUSt such results, m somethmg hke the same proportion, would follow the takmg off the 60 cents per pound as followed the takmg off the 50 cents a pound and one half of the ad val(),lem tax 10 1868. But as those representing the etgar interest here are of opimon that the duty should not be reduced, though we cannot, as a committee, wtth our vtews, consent to or vote for any 10crease of the tax, yet If It be agreeable to the Com mtttee of the Whole we are perfectly wdhng to stnke out all that there is in this btll on the subJect of cigars. And for that purpose I renew the amendment which was offered yesteday by the gentleman from Pennsyl vama [Mr. Myersl. That gentleman after the amendment wttbdrew tt, or dtd not at the ttme ms1st upon tt But I beheve that on the whole tt ts the best motion that could be made, and I am authorized by the Committee ot Ways and Means to make tt COJOION SBNBB Mr UPSoN -Mr Chairman, I am opposed to the reductton of the duty upon tmported ctgars wbtch ts proposed by the Committee of Ways and Means. If there 1s any tax whtch ts free from every reasonable obJeCtion 1t Js a tax leVJed upon articles of luxury.: whteh can be manufactured in our own country, for whtle such a tax adds to the revenue, 1t }>TOtects the labor of this country agamst foreign competttwn, and ts patd by those who can well afford to pay it If we examme every ttem of thts btll we shall not find one article named m it upon whwb there is better reason for levy mg the h1ghest rate of duty short of one that wtll amount to probtbttton The cunsumers of these costly ctgl\rs have not presented to us any pettbons for a reductiOn of this duty, nor do I belteve that the gentleman from lnd1aoa [Mr Kerr], who made an appeal to us 10 thetr behalf, was autbortzed to appear as the1r advocate. But the cigar makers throughout the country have sent to ns earnest pettttons for the protec t10n of their mterests, and they ask for nothing but what ts JUSt and reasonable. I have presented many of these petitiOns from the etgar-makers of my dt.stnct, and 1t IS m thetr behalf that I oppost: the reduction oi thts duty and advocate the restoratiOn of the duty provided by the tariff oflaw of 1866 Under that law the manufacturers of c1gars were able to real1ze fair and reasonable profits, but smce that law has,been changed the busmess has been depressed, and to a great extent broken down A JUSt regard to the interests of the" ctgar makers and every cons1derat10n of pubhc pohcy reqmre that the proposed amendment shoulrl be adopted 'fhe question recurred on Mr Strong's amendment as amended. 1 TBB lllSTING LAW M1 ALLISON -I move to amend the amendment by stnkmg out" 50" and insertmg 25," so that 1t wtll read 12 25 per pound and 25 per cent ad valorem,'' wbtch ts ptectselv the law. Now, If the amendment proeosed by tlhe gentleman from Conneo cut [Mr. Strongj shall prevrul, it will ratse the"duty on ctgars $7 50 a thousand. The duty was fixed a year and a half ago, in 1868, at $2 50 a pound and 25 per cent ad valorem, and I beheve all porttons of the mgar trade m thts country are sattsfied wtth the extstmg rate of duty, and it ts certamly high enough for purposes of revenue and certainly high for purposes ofproteotton Mr WASHBURN, of Massachusetts.-! wtsb to ask the gentleman, if that IS the fact, why pettttons are commg here from every mgar manufacturer m the country to ba, e the tartff mcreased? Mr. ALusoN -The answer 18 found in thefaet that a larger number of domestic etgars were made last year than ever before Another answer ts found m the fact that the Committee of Ways and Means reported a reductiOn of the duty, aod 1t ts perfectly natural for every interest to endeavor to mamtam the extstmg rate of duty I do not believe that etther m the mterest of revenue or many otherl merest It ts our pohcy tom crease the duty upon_ these articles or upon any other artwles. Mr. CESSNA -I nse to a pomt of order The pro positiOn m the btll 1s 50 per cent ad valorem The gentleman from Connecticut (Mr. Strong): moved to stnke out "50" and msert "25 The gentleman from Iowa (Mr Alhson) now moves to amend it by strtkmg out "25 and msertmg 50 That 1s, to restore the origmal btll, and therefore the amendment of the gentleman from Iowa cannot be in order The CHAIRMAN-The pomt ot order IS well taken. Mr ALLISON -But that does not happen to be my amendment AN ERROR: CORCII:CTED ?.Ir DAwEs -1 wtsh to correct the gentleman from Iowa (Mr Alhson) the Committee of Ways and Means have based thetr whole proposttJOn to reduce the duty upon a mistake, and that ts, that because there were more ctgars made last year than there were made the year before, that ts endence that there was "reater pros pertty m the crgar-manufacturing busmel!8 than there was under the old law The gentleman ought to know that the manufacture last year was of the leaf raised the year before, the tobacco raised the year before under the old law and under the expectatiOn that the old law would contmue They were obliged to manu facture 1t into cigars last year And the consequence is that the reduction of duty, the mcroase of manufac ture at home, and the wcrease of ImportatiOns together have caused what I am aetonished the Commtttee of Ways and Means do not know, the fact that the cigar makmg busmess all over the country ts depressed. Mr. ALLISON -It certainly cannot be that the cigar manufacturmg mterest m tb18 country is depressed be cause of the reductiOn of duty, as the amount 1m ported bears no compartson with the tmmense manu factured m tb1s country. W!:at I ask ts that the ex isting law may be mamt:ained, and that no change whatever shall be made Mr DAWES -I find tine gentleman from Iowa part of the ttme arguing stron1gly m favor of ad valorem duttes and part of the ti!Die denouncing them. To day be ts for cuttmg off the ail valorem duty and reducmg It to the lowest possible The other dar he was for a h1gb ad valorem duty. All we want Is jast to put 1t at the ad valorem rate where 1t waa before the


THE TOBACCO 3 Committee of Ways and Means tried the1r experiment last year. Mr. Scu:B:NCK.-1 rise to a point of order. The CHA IRMAN.The Chair would remind the gentle man that by order of the Hous e the debate on th1s paragraph 1s closed. A POINT OF ORDER Mr. ScuENCK.-1 am not going to debate the ques tion, but to state a point of An was offered to substitute for a portion of the $3 a pound and 50 per cent. ad valorem A mhort Sight, 109J@l09t; Pans at ao days, 5.22t@l).18-k; do at short 16!; Antwerp, 5.22t@li.1B;t; Swi11s, 5.22!@5 ,18:! ; 35-l Amsteraam, F1ankfort, 40s@40--, 771@78!, Prussiau thalers, 7ot@11 Freights are quiet, but with some httleJmpro:vement in the demand The engagements been as fol lows: To Hamburg, per steame1 Al1emama, 300 bales at e1 ; to Bremen, per steamer Main, 460 bales at $1, 40 at 22s 6d, 127 cs at to Antwerp, by the same steamer, 65 hhds at 32s 6d QUOTATIONS OF WHOLE!!ALE PRICES ar Growero of sood leaf tobacco are canuoned accepting onr reported oales and qnotat>ono of seed leaf as ftlrnlllhiDg the prices teat obOuld be obt&ned by them at l!rot band Qrowera caanot expect to eel( their cropelbr I!Bme prices aa are oDt&lned on a re-sale ol tho aop bere or coursellvery re-aale must be at au llovance, and therefore the prlee ob tajnable b7 tbe1grq,wcr wUl alwayo be I'Omewllat !ewer tb&D OW" qnol&tlono -Light Jet.!' 0UN'811Cl/ FIDe 25 @80 Sblpp>ag.common lugs 7X'@ 8)0 Good @2S BIcl< J!'rozec 5M@ 7!0 Common 17 @19 Common leaf SM@ 9)0 hul>d8 -Bri ghtMedium loaf... 9M@10H Extra tine 45 @Wtll Good ... 10Xt1H F1ne 83 .Fine llX 12 Good H Selections 12X 3H Medmm 23 @26 cnttlng'lugo, old. 9 @It Common ao do leaf @liO :Monldy. @Heavy leaf Lighl Pressed. extra Inc C6 @65 Oommonlngs .. B @ do do llne 37)l@46 Oommoc leaf B"@ 9H Hal(hurnl8 -Bright-Medium Fme . . 80 @35 Good 11 llcdlum,oc.vce 25 @SO FIDe 12)0 18 Half-Poondl -Black Be ections 18)l@U Flue 28 G1132 Jf"80Url-Cojn. to good Good @!15 lugs .. S)l Common tomedmm .. 18 @2i common leaf 8M 9Jt NIJfJ!I.-Vlrguua, extra 28 Medium 9)0 IO.JIS Fine ... 23 @28 Good.... Common, modinm 18 @'0 Fine Negroliusd Twist fl8 @318 Selections 12X@l8!0 Thirty 'l'w6.1. @4 Vzrgznla -Prim ings G @ 6)!f I!'afiCI/ Tallaccos Fatr lugs 8 @ 8M l!ay Apple Working luge 9 @lO X Lady FIDgere, Holl Medium Leaf 11 @18 Pocket Plee"" Heavy ShlppmgLear I2 @14 Bnght Tw>s l (Virg1n1a) Wrappero, dark 16!0@20 Bngbt Gold Bars do do brlgbt 40 @li !i Olga r s -Domestic 31! 50 @GIS 31! @60 31! @45 85 @40 Ohw -ln,or to gooa com 4 @ 6 Se e d and Havana, Brown and qreemsb G @ 3 p e r ll 40 00 @75 00 Medium and tine red 9 @12 do Conn Seed 25 00 00 Oom' n tom' d 'mspaagl' d 7 @10 do do Seconds 20 00 @25 00 12 Y SeedConn Marylarid, ll"'s t'd to com wrapper 20 00 @25 00 mon 5 @ 5M P enn do do do 17 00 @23 00 Sound common 7 @ 8 Ohio do do do 17 00 @23 00 Good do 8 @ 9 Conn. Flller and St. Medmm 9M@ ll wrapper 20 00 @30 00 Good to tine b rown l' )!f@15 Common Clgal'll 15 00 @18 00 Fancy 17 @30 Cheroots and Su<:es 10 00 @12 00 lfpporllonntry 17 @85 Snuff-Ground leaf, new 5 @11 :Maccoboy. -85 @-90 C01mecttcut and .Massachu Raj)pee, French. -@ 1 00 s etts Sud LeiJf .do llne ploin .., @85 Wrap 1 86t!,good to prlple 40 @5 5 Scotch & Lundyfoot 85 @ -90 do medium SO @40 Common .-@-155 do ordinary 2 5 @-@SO Amencan GenUcman--@ 1 00 Second. @-Lu:tme Gold Fillers "B M Morris" M & M 24 N6W Yrn-1< Sud-LeiJ(-" Don Qqjote 25 1868 solected 28 @liO La Corona de Average lot. 18 @20 26 Fillel'll . 11 @I3 : :. cl-: IMPORTS. .Arrivals at the port of New York from foreign ports for the week ending April 16, include the following consignments: Antwerp Order, 400 cs ptpes. L1verpool. Order, 434 bxs licorice Marseilles Order, 5 cs hconce. Havana: J Costa, 288 bales Otto Maier, 12 do, At !antic S S Co, 325 do, C F Bauer, 10 do, 1 cs cigars; Stein & Supples 1 cs Cigj'lrs, L E Amsmok & Co, 4 do, FranciS Sp1es, 1 do, G W Fa.yer, 4jlo1 Myjjr Co, 2 do, Purdy; & NIChols, 5 (do, Kunhardt & Co 3 do, DeBary & Klmg 11 do, Sm1th, Crosly & Co, 5 do, Thos & Co ,-, R E Kelly & Co, 14 do, J R. Tupper, 5 do, Schroeder & Bon 1 do; J s WattS, 4 d w H Thoma s, Bro I 26 ao Acke1, Memll & Coiidit, 7 do; Park & Tilford 1 4 do,P Madan, 1 do; Dow ley, Conners & Co, 1. do; M R Pearsall, 1 do, Howard &, 5 do, Eranc1s Marquez 1 do, J S Wr1gbt, 2 do, L _Ph1hp & J Frank, 1 do.; Maitland, Phelps & Co, 1 do, W yll e Knowles & Co, 1 do; T Pearsall, 1 do EXPORTS From the port New York, to foreign ports, other than Em opean ports, for the week ending April 12, were as follows Danish West Indies: 7 cs, $279; 929 lbs. mfd., t372. Dutc h West Indies: 1 hbd., $500; 11,675 lbs. mfd., $3,143. West 1,251lbs. mfd., $288. Cuba: 23,301 lbs. mfd, $3,785. New Granada. 159 pkgs, $33,050. HayLi: 1 hhd., t!>i33, 542 tbs, $5,392 ; 6,350 lbs. mfd, $1,236, l cs. p1pes, tl47 Peru: 11 cs, $500 3,123 lbs. mfd., $650. China: 3 cs, $112. To "European ports for the week ending Aprill9: Bremen: 230 hhds., 401 bales, i7 cs. Liverpool: 41 llbds London 5 hhds., 2 cs. Hamburg : 3 cs. cigarP ; DOMESTIC BECIDPTS. The amvals at the port of New York from domestic, in ter10r, and coastwise ports, have been 1265 hhds, 9 do stems, 61 tcs, 3 bbls 1260 cs, 881 pkgs, 3 bxs, 963 bf-bxs, 383 qtr bxs, 47 pkgs plug, 27 do smoking 13 cs c1gars, 75 bxs snuff, consigned as follows By the Er1e Railroad A. C. L. & 0 Meyer, 19 hhds, Pollard, Pettus & Co., 192 do, S. M. Parker & Co, 187 do, Blakemore, M ayo & Co., 125 do, C B. Fallenstem &. Son, 110 do, J K Sm1th & Son, 94 do; Nm"f.on, Slaughter & do, 50 do L W Gunther & Co, 6 do; J D Kmlly, Jr, 1 2 do A. :p. Chockley & Co, 22 do, P. Loullard & Co, 7 8 do, E. Unkatt & Co, 1 d Hermann Bro s & Co, 1 3 do, Hill &'Messenger, 24 do; Sawyer Wallace & Co., 1 3 do, Bunzl & Do1m1tzei. 98 pk g s E Hoffman, 38 do, Spmgarn & Co., 40 do, M & E Solomon, 85 do, H Schubart & Cfl, 55 do; orde1, 120 hhd s By the Hudson River Railroad: Ottinger .. Bros, 22 hhds J K Smith & Son, 31 do ; 0 B Fallenstein & Son, 26 do, Blakemore, Mayo & Uo, 2 do Jarvis & Co1 10 do; J JMayer & S c>n, 82 pkgs By the Line: BlakemOJ ,e, ayo & Co, 1!0 hhds AD dh Ieai at 8 to 9.35 The Farmers house sold 32 hbds 1 hhd W..arrPn lugs at 317 30; 7 hhds common leaf from War ren, Barren, -Bimpscn, and at 7 to 8 70; I hbd Rochcastle at 10; 2 hhdJI factory leaf at 9, 10 .76; 9 hhds Hart common leaf and lugs at 7.50 to 10 ; 2 hhds Barren old )eaf 10, 10.10; 2 hhds Henry at 6, 12.25; InspectiOns this week, 806 hhdR Maryland, 118 bhds Ohio and 70 hhds Kentucky, total, 994 hhds. Ex porU:d-3 hbds to West Indies. We renew quotations: Maryland -Frosted, 5@6; sound common J 6 !@7!; aood common 7!@8!, m1ddling, 9@11; goocl to fine brown, llt@15; fancy, 1_7@30. Ohio.-'1nf'e r iol' to good common, 5 @7; gree msh and brown, 7@9; me dium to fine red, 9@12; common to medmm spangled, 7@10; fine spangfed to yellow, 12@25. Ken.tu cky. Common to good lu.,s, 8@9!; common to medmm leaf, 10@12!, good to fine, 13@14; select_ leaf, 15'!@18. Virgima.-Infer,Jor and frosted 5@6 ;-common to good shipping, 7@10; ?Qmmon to Ijleuium 'rt@ 11, fa1r to good sLipping, llt@14_.1. < DETROIT, APRI L 15 .-We quote this market as follows: Missouri and Kt'ntucky 5s1 lOs and 75c@ $1 Natural leaf, lbs, 2 50; fine-cut, 60c@l.10, smok i ng, 22 @32c; plug, 70@75c. Snuffs, 75@80c Stem, 20@22c. Fancy smukmg, 60c@l. EV .A.NSVILLE, APRIL 12.-The sales for the we; k we1e 317 hhds, o f which Martm, Gardner & Co. sold 195, at quotations as full as those of last week, which are as follows: Frozen trash, t4@5 ; inferior to common lugs, 50@ 7 ; bright good lugs, 8!7 25@8,; common to rgedium leaf, !9@10.75; good leaf, $11@13.25 Re ceipts for the week have increased neaYiy half, and the coming week we look for double the increase of the past ten 6ays. There has been an unusual activity during the week, in anticipation of the aame feelmg at at the (Martm, Gardner & Co. sold one Da viess county cutter at $14.25 and 1 Indiana cutter at $11. 2 bbds Hart county mediUm leaf at 9.60, 8.50, 2 hhds Larue lugs 6 to 7.9.5, 2 bhda Larue at 6.90 to 8.95, 1 bhd:Weakly, Tenn, at 10 25; 1 hbd Allen at 6.90. The' bouse sold 13 hhds: 3 hhds Bar Taylor and Hart lugs at 7. 75 to 9.10, 3 hhds Green ana Hart low lt'af at 8 'ZII" to 10, 3 hhds Webster low leaf and lugs at 8.90 to 9 70 2 hhds Hart and Taylor at 10 to 10 25, 2 hhd11 Barren and Hart frozen lugs at 5.35 to 6 60 On Saturday the Boone house sold 34 hhds: 2 bhds Green leaf at 9 .. 20 to 9.50, 5 hhds luus from Green, Hart, Russell, Carroll and Adair at 6 to 8, 1 bhd Hart frozen tvash at 3 90, 10 hhds Owen low lugs at 4.55 to 6 86, 7 hhds Owen low leaf at 7 20 to 9.85, 1 hhd Meade low leaf at 7 so, 4 hhds Owen me dium leaf at 10 to 15 50, 4 hbds common leaf from Meade, Taylor, Adair, and Trimble coun tles at 7 SO to 9.10 The Nmth street house sold 45 bhds 29 hhds new lugs from Hancock, DaVIess Warren and at 5 20 to 7 .50; 1 hbd Hancock new leaf at 9 60 7 hhds new common leaf, 7.50 to 9; 2 hbds Daviess new good leaf at 12. 25, 15 ; 2 bhds Owen new low leaf at 7 95 to 9 ;, 2 hhds Owen new good leaf at 12. 75, 13 7 5. The Farmer s bouse sold 2ii hhds; 1 hhd Henry lugs at 7 30, 20 bbds Owen leaf at 5.95 t o 16.50; 4 hhds Hart lugs and rcommon leaf at 7 to 10 'l'he P10ket house sold 66 hbds 29 hbds Henderso i 1 leaf at 8.50 to 24 5 hhds Renderson frozen at' 5 to 6 10; 1 hhd Franklin ieaf at 10 50 ; 5 hhds Ohio old leaf at 8.30 to 13 4 hhds Breckinridge lugs and frozen at 5 25 to 7 60, 1 hhd Marion lugs at 6.80; 1 hhd Todd com. leaf at 9.20; 1 bhd Daviess frozen at 5 90; 3 bhds lnd1ana leaf at 7.25 to 9.40 I hhd Breckimidge old leaf at $10.75; 6 hhds Henry leaf at 8.80 to 17 50 ; 4 bhds Henry lugs at 6 to 8.1 0. The Louisville house sold 62 J.hds-3 hhds leaf from Owen and Meade at iS to 15.75; 5 hhds Warren, Daviess, and Webster old leaf at 10 to 11.50; 23 bhds lugs from Meade, :M:etcalfe, Webster, Owen, Todd, Caldwell, Warren, Barren, and Monroe at 5.75 to 9 80 14 hbd!l" Hopkms, Crittenden, Todd, Simpson and at 8 to 10 50, 2 hhds Perry [Ind. ] frozen lngs at 4.90 5.50; 1 bhd Perry [Ind.] common leaf at 8.40 3 bbds Indiana leaf at 8. 70 to 10, 4 hhds Henderson trash at 5 60 to 6. 70 1 2 hbds Indiana common leaf at 8.80 8 .. 90 4 hbds Henry [Tenn.] medium leaf at 9.95: TOBACCO STATEMENT Hhds. Jan. 1, stock in warehouses and en shipboard' not cleared.... .. . . . ... 5,71!! Inspected this week. .......... 1 994 previously. . . . .. 2,116 Total ........................ Expotted smce Jan. 1, Maryland and Obw . . . . . . 3,'228 Coastwise and on f!h1pboard not cleared . ................ I 889 9,82 8 4 117 4,711 BOSTON APRIL 16.-We report: The market still contin ues with only small sales The receipts have been 60 bhds, 345 bales, and 316 bxs, and the 1m ports were 24 hf-bales to Hayti, and 5 cs ttl Bnt1sh North Amer;ican Colonies. We 1uote : WESTERN LEAF. GAL VESTO ArlUL 14.-We report as fQllows : The demand has Improved, and pnces are steady. The stock is ample We quote: VIrginia manufacture, 60c to $1.25, Weste rn, 6 0 to 90c; sq10king, 40c to $1 50; Garrett's snuff, $4.15 to 4 25 HOPKINSVILJ,E, KY., APRIL 7 -Messrs Aber nathy & Co of the Planters Warehouse, sold 1 3 3 bhds tobacco, as follows: $12, 1125, 11.25, 11 50, 11.25, 11 75, 11, 11. 2 5 11, 11.25, 11.25, 11, 11, 11 75, 11 25, 11, 10 25, 10 75, 10 25, 10 75, 10 50, 10 25, 10, 10.2 5 10.25, 10, 10.2 5 10.75, 10 25, 10, 10.50, 10 25, 10, 10.25, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10.25, 10, 10 25, 10 50, 10, 10.25, 10.25, 10, 10, 10, 10 25, 10 25, 10. 10 25, 10 25, 10, On Monday the Farmers' house sold 21 hhds. The Planters' house svld 9 hbds. The Nmth street house 38 hhds. The Boone house sold 16 hhds. The Louis ville bouse 41 bbds The Pwkett house sold 45 bhds. On Tuesday the Nmth-street house sold Q,.{ hhds. The Pickett bouse sold 90 hdds. The Louisville house s6ld Continued on 8eveath Page. THE UND E RSIGN p D HA DAY ENTERJm IN.TO copartnership onder the l!rm and style of HILL & MBSS&NGER fo r the purpose Of condaatlng a. toDscco and genen1.l commi!alon business at 43 Broad Street The buslneoo carried on by GEO F HILL, onder the arm name of G.Ji!O II" HILL & CO wul in futnre he condncted by them New York, Aprllll 1 870 269 t f GEO. F HILL WM s. MESSENGER. S SELL I N G k 1'\0N, O F HARTFORD CONN., BEG '1'0 Inform tbetr frlen Co 22l!i l!edlnm . . . 28 "Z Z, 440 lbs Flne .. 35 @5) uz A," 2-00lbe .. h-FQrelgn -Hav&.na Wrap uG Z W3M pers.. (duty' paid) t 00 @4 l() "F MF 23 Hava.naae't' do -@ !8 B&Tana Fll'rs Com do 78 @ 85 "A. 0. C." .. .. !ll.l!S clo do Fair do1 88 @ 95 "MF" . 12@28 do .clo FIDe do 1 00 @1 0!1 "R R 22.l!S Do YaraMsorteddo 88 @95 "C G" illl!f Yara I Ont do 87!0@00 "J II . .. !16 Yara II Out do 1 00 @1 05 "F. N. F" ill JCIJfi!U/adurfd --Tu 32c per pound IN :BOND 6'8, 'l'e, 10's and 12'e. VIRGINI,A. LEAF Lugs ........ 6!@ 8i Good '.. .101@11! Common ...... '8!@ 9:! Fine ......... 11!@12! Medmm ....... 9!@10t Selections ...... 12!@13! SEED LEAF. Connecticut and MaBBncbusetts Fillers ...... 13 @ 15 do doWrappers ... 50 @60 do do Runninglots.35 @40 Ohio Fillers ..... 10 @12 Penn Fillers ..... 10 @12 do Wrappers : 25 @45 do Wrappers 25 @45 do R'ning lots. 16 @25 do R'ning lots HI @25 8 20, 8 15, 8 90, 8 50, 8 10, 8 50, 8.10, 8 50, 8 40, s, 8.50, 8.70, 8.20, 8.50, 8.25, 8 50t 8.10, 8, 8.3 0, 8.3 0, 7 90, 7.25, 7 95, 7.9o, 7.85, 7 6o, 7 40, 7 tro, 7.90,, 7 55, 7.05, 6 so, 6.90, 5 60, 5 50, 4.95, 3 3 0 LOUISVILLE, APRIL 1 3 -We report The m a rket during the we e k has been actiVe w1th liberal re c eipts. Prices have bee n fully mamtamed, and th e m a rket c lose s firm. Th e rec e ipts hav e been 1,632 hbds, 423 bxs, and the exports 9'25 hhds, 2 J 028 bxs. The sal e s wer e 1 5 1 1 h1uls, w1th 28 reJections of b1ds, as follows On T h urs d ay the l .. omsville house sold 67 hhds : 13 bbds leaf f rom way 269lt THE AMERICA N CI GA.R MA.ICHINE COMPANY HAVB RE MOVES from 115 LIBERTY to 17z WA'UJR STREli:T Tho abov e C o mpany Js now prepared. to receive and execute orders for their MACHINES The following Board of Trustees Wl&S elected at a mcehng held on the 1 3th day of Apnl' G A Ml!iNDON JULIAN ALLEN'. J K H :M PlERSON, J H OARFIIELD, II II DUNCKLBB, 269 lt A G SMYTH. TO LET-A. LOF T 120 F EET D E EP WELL LIGHT .l!:P, at18 6 PEARL STREET A C ellar can als o be bad, owtabie for tbe Tobacc o Buslnel!l'. Inquire on preml ... of !16911 MARCUS BROS. !; Ctl'.,


4 THE T0BACCO LEAF. DOHAN., CARROLL & co., N.Y. Commission Merchants. I WAI. P. E. c. WHKELOClt United Bonded WI. P KITTREDGE 1: CO., BULKLEY MOORE It, CO TODO.DOO VIRGINIA Tabacco Commission Merchant&. Warehouse. T 0 B A c G n The Virginia Tobacco Agen\)y "' COMMISSION MERCHANTS, .. Established in 1836, by charles M. Connolly. (!tommt!JSlOll coNN Ott & AGENTS FO:R A.LL THE POPULAR BRANDS OF VIRGINIA TOBACCO, OeIDisalo:u. llerelllaau IN LE;AF and MANUFACTDRED -rosA:cco, 45 Water St.:. Pound"" Half Pounds & Quartort Fanoy Gtlr!baldl Jlllle Apple Bars, Gold Ridge, J.P. WIUia:mfiOD, L ittle All 'rugh\, F88hion Gold do. Blue Jacltet, lllsmark, Bohemlu Gfll, Lady Fingera do. Red Jacket, Vclvot Roee, Freeb Temptation do. Peach Fuller' Pet Pride of the Navy, Atlantic Cable Tw!Bt, Tom Thumb, .Jimmie Pni'er, :Morf!&D, Admiration do. .:May Q,ueen, Peach Basket, Imperial Fou .. Cabl e Coil do, Alexander, Xag. Garrott, National Eagl e, Gold Medal do. Boston, Sailors, Choice Ca.ffee'e Deligl'lt, ( Cb.ridtian's Comfort, Kear@8.fge, Rolla Fuller, Moss Rose. Nation's Pride, Q .uee n of Trumps. .T. T. Smith, Chaplain's Deh;;ht, R J Chritlttan, Dog House, Pine Apple, Eleven O'C iocl.:, Mr. Toots, Jerry Prichard, Royal, Amoret Bara, llrown, Jones & Dick Swiveller, Old :;port, Bendigo. Roblnsun, Mark Tapley, Sancho Panza, Jerry Wblte, McCorkle, Venus Pride of the Eaet l 'he Old Sport, S. E. W bite, .Peach Bloom, Flora Temple, Challenger, C L. Brown. Cberry Fours, White J<'awn, Agents for the Tobacco in David Baker, Jr., Colorado. Pa!Jlletto Black, Charles Harris, Alcxnnder,_ Palmetto Slxee, Sancho Panza, d N h C 1 Victoria, Twin E. lt. Williamson. Star, :1..64: Water Street, NO. t04 FRONT-STREET, liEW-YORK, .AGl:NTS FOR THE SALE OF I The Following and Justly Oelebra.ted :Bra.nds of Virginia. f I : ToBACCQ: ) J 1 r GRANT & WILLIAMs, RUSSELL & ROBINSON, J. G. DILL, J. K. CHILDREY, L. H. FRAYSER & CO., TURPIN & YARBROUGH, J. 3. PACE & CO., THOMAS & OLIVER, GREANER & WINNIE, BARRATT'S CROWN, REUBEN RAGLAND, GILMAN & MALLORY. CHEIVES & OSBORNE, DAVIS & SOt' DUKE OF ATHOL. Vl"rgt"nta an Ort 8f0 tna Peerlelolil, 1nllom it&ble, C.L.Jones, Favorite Oscola, Delta Pocket Piece CaPI!tone. llave constantly on hand a large assortment of !L'l.llufactured "\tiona! EaN!6, Christian Premium Llttl: All Right. JohniElattcock. 'lttention of the Trade solicited. f all 1 d hi h h k AlQ, JICuy P<>cket Piece6, Ffg, Jlra"'1J Sizu, -"" ,r,c ___ ___:,.{-, ______ Tobacco, o sty es ,m SJ.ZeB, to w c t ey as h NoaroN. ruos. J suuanTKR. A. OOBIOLLY. the attention the trade J. FRED. OOWAN. EDWARD M. WRIIHT, NORTON, SLAUGHTER & CO., .. KREMELBERG & CO., NEW-YORK, AJIJ) F. L. BRAUNS & CO., BALTIMORE, Tobacco Commisrton Merchants. 8eveT&l b"!l.nle or Lleor.tce Patc, d'tred i.mpt:wtft.. const.e.nt!y on and fur aa:e, 1n bond e r 4ut,. in to suit. purchaser. 62-114. ISAAC 1\E.&D;-(Sncceoeor to CuoroT R:uD.) Commission Merc.hant, AND DEALER IN VIRGINIA & WESTERN LEAIC Alil> ROBERT S.BOWNE Be: co., General Commission Mercnant, .Tobacco&CottonFactors < PALMER, & SCOVILLE, 1 Manufactured Tobacco, Licorice, Gum, etc., 4' No. 81) PEA.RL STREET, N. Y. Tow:tt ;&ceo -m-.;;I>IOOn;;. Commission Merchants, I. I. PARKER i CO., COTTON AND TOBACCO FACTORS AND COMMISSION 181 P e a1 l Street, corn.e1 of Cedar, NEW YORK, O .LJliiii DJ:.. C. :r, L1ND.B O. B.AliiLTON. 8. XA.B0080, NEW YORK Seed-Leaf Tobacco Inspection. "''oolaeeo IDpccted or. ampled. Certificates given for every case, and delivered, -by oase, as to number of Certificate. N.B.-1 also 3ample 1n ldtrc!tanf.s' own Slmts. F. C. LINDE & CO., WAREHOUSES-142 Water and 74. 76, and 78 Greenwioh Street. Ol"J'IOE. 14.8 WATEB. 8TUEET. 811e ...... ..,. er 6, W, carroll .. "LOl'fJI IACJJl" 10BBOWK DICK" 8aollllqr Tel>aeeo. IIIIKitY r.: !PIIIllt'l', OneeW!oa JllrCUat b PM .U of TOBAOOO, AND OTHER SOUTHERN PRODUOE, '18 Btrue (P. O .B4>:JO 6,'1.9). NB1r YOBK, OONSXGNHENTS SO'LXO:r:r:l!lD. GUTHRIE & CO .,. ..,. 2215 Front-etreet, Commission :Merchants .UID TOBACCO PRESSERS. J..r 'I'Gba.cco presaed In bales f o r tft.e West :..'CI.dl""",._ei A.meriean, and o\ber m11rkcta. ...;.iUOOO PAClKEDl1!1' B.Ot'lBHEAlJB, 1110MAS KINNICUTT, DE BRAEKELEER a FOOTE, JIMIIIdaiWI" 2iK:A'V'A::D.A 8-A:r., Partagu, Espanola, La. Boaa, Figaro, Proprltotan of the Oelllblalilt1lrMilllil Hyacinth, El CCMDIIIIIero, El Contesto1 04 BEBKMAII STREET. A. STEIN & CO., B.ea,aek,--d Vlr&lnla j Me:rchants, IJEAF TOBACCO .. DDJOALBR!! IULLD .And otAer fine ana popular brand.t of Segar AND SOLE AGENTS FOR mE SALE OF mE LEAF TOBACCO, PRINCIPE DE GALES SEGARS, 119 Malden Lane, w .. 11.--NBW -o- A. ., ... ;.u:-o ..... KEY WEST BRANCH, or 'tHE cELEBRATED PRINCIPE nB GALEs li1ANUl'AOToRY oF uvANA. cooK. a REID,. SOLE AGENTS FOB GENUINE FDUlT QUALITY DURHAM Smoking Tobacco: M. SCHOTTEIFELS.ct CO., 232 CHURCH ST., NEW YORK, llanul&etureno of, ud Dealers Ill, the following Well-known awl Oelebrated Brands ol vmGINIA 'TOBACCO .. Captain Jinks, Champagne Charlie, Virginia State, Globe, Continental, Metropolis. Etc., Etc .. Aleo, an kind c :E-Z...UG-'T'OEI.A.OOO. J A.COB HENKELL SEGAR BO;!: M:ANUF AOTORY,

TliE r_roBAUCO LEAF. FRUITS ,,., New York Comnussion Merchants l ell JOu:NRi':'"N. 1 Prize Medal and DiplomaSuccessors to l3RAKIIALL & CO., and t68 WATER STREET, CIG.A.B.S. Tobacco Com-mission Mefchantsi AGENTS FOR THE SA E 0 ALLI THlil Standard Brands of Virginia and North Ca.rolina FRANK T. ROBINSON, IJ9 BROAD STREET, BOSTON. MASS. 1-2 lb. Drums 1-4 lb. Drums, PIONEER TOBACCO COMPANY, ... OF BROOK:L:YN, -'NE"W :YORK. Capi -ta1, $900,000, Organized under the laws of the State of New York, Janua r y 2, 1868. H. W HUNT, President. JOHN H. SANBORN, Sec' y H: W. HUNT Agents, 167 Water Street, New York; 16 Central Wharf. Boston. ---=' M.A URICE ELLER, Segars and a Leaf Tobacco, 168 STATE STREET, BOSTO Sole Importwr oftiJ,e 4 No, 1. Segars. THOMAS .J., PHILIPP HILK&. J. AYNER & CO.," MANUFAOTUR&R8 OF FXN'E SEG-.A.:E=&.S. AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, Particular attention to Special Brands for Grocers & Jobbers. IAberly Street, ana 4 Maiden Lane, New York. .. MANUF-ACTURED TOBACCO.And SOLE AGENTS for the sale of I 01a. K e ntu c k, .. (fp Smoking 1\-J:anufac"tm:er o "Warranted TOBACCO. W, P, KITTREDGE ,) & co., 164 Water Street, IDLE AIIEITI For thla Celebrated I-fl mphtho, Qo&llrler., Htd-Pountle, aM Poundoo. Meerschaum Pipes, G 11:0. w. IIJ:LHW. I I"' .,. ':> 1-4 lb. Bags. & HELME HEARLY $4,000,000.TAXES PAID tHE GOVERNMENT IN LAST FOUR YEARI. 1 lb. Jags, LOBILLAB.D & CO., / 16, t 8 & 20 cuAMBERs sT., Cigar Holdersr Amber Moufu Pieces, Stems, Silver Mountings, And all Choice .Articles in the tlmokera' line, at Wholesale llDd Retail. 1-2 lb. NEW' YORK, MANUFACTURERS OF 1-41b. Bags. BLACK AND BRIGHT PLUG TOBACCO. Wholesale a11d Retail Factory and Wareroom, 4 and 6 John Street; -Store, 71 Nassau, corner John Street, [Established 18511. ] NE"W YORK. ...1 At Factory No. 3, Second District, New York, MANUFACTURERS OF Fi:n.e Tobacco Jommouweatth ....... OF ALL GRADES, I SMOKING TOBACCO MANU Of" ev<"ry Style, RAILROAD .. M:ILLS _;S:tfUPP .. Snulfs of Superior Qualitv, MACCOBOY, FRENCH RAPPEE, SCOTOll AND LtT!'lDYPOOT SNUFFS.' AND DEALERS IN CIGARS, Real :M:eerscnaum Pipe Bowls, I t 'i LONDON STRAIGHT .AND BEND C AR VED, PLAIN, AND FANCY CIGAR HOLDERS made to order by special contract, &nd at lower prices than they can be impor te d at. I have al>yays on hand a very la rg e stock of all patterns. I alsq make to ord e r CRESTS, PORTRAITS, ETC. REP AI'RING,-l30ILING, MOUN'l'ING, etc. attended to. Goods sent to all parts of tilt country (We e nipk,y ifo travellers.) Circulars sent by encloeing stamp. e N. B .-I am the Sole }lanufa cture r of GENUINE M.E.lll\SCH.A.UM AND AMllEB GOODS w the Trade in t he Unitad States. Manufacturer or I,orillard's Cele b ra te d Yacht Club Pipes ginn away wilh his Yacht C111b !IACCOBOY A.ND FRENCH SN1JFF FLOUR. 'l'"; SMOKIIB LICOIIICE. u r 1 ,133 WATER AND 85 PINE STB.EETS, At Factory No. 1.,' F_ourth Dislrict, New York. Ha.ving purchased the Factory of .MesStll. ROBINSON, G 6-RTH .t 00., together with all the ir famous Brands, we are now otfering Plug T obacco at prioes below the nsual market rates, to which we invite the a.ttentiou ot:close and largJl buyerS. GREENFIELD & co I M H. LEVIN, OPOJlTKa N 61 Beaver Street, "' J obacco and Segars, 2 oz. Bags, NEW-YOBK/ EUCENE DU 8018 FOREIBNiooi.isjiCrosAcco I Commissson Merchant ...., f 1 FOR THE SALE OF L I C 0 R I C E. I Leaf, Manufactured, and Smoking 161 & 163 IIIAIDEN LANE, :SEW YORK. T 0 B A c c 0 T. lL MESSENG.t.E & CO., EST.ABLIS ED 1?"60. WM:. VIGELIUS, Leaf Tobacco, WM. AGNEW & SONS, .'oba:cco and GommisSiou .Merchauts 2811. and 286 Front etreet. J NEw-roRK, r IU.l'J: 01' IUI.Ii .lLL DaoaiPTIOKII 07 NEWYORK. &>II> oux.a Ill .t.l.L aJBD8 o LEAF TOBACCO, 162 PEARLST, near Wa.ll...t., Orden for TebMco and Oot&oa earofl1117 ezoentei 1111-1e1 1. L, GA88D'J' 1 11. L. jlASSERT J. L. GASSERT & BBO., .as w .. Q. Xmuua.t.ll. 1'. w.-KERRIGAN & AGNEL, TOBACCO AND GENERAL COMMIBI!ION mHml sol AO.NT8 FOit TN. raoa :a ni!IIBNon. smlln LAJUUliOliB I 37 1Yater l:;t., New York. Bags IMITH HfllftJ SHEFFIELD I Monufactn red Tobacco of all Stylnd Qualltlea dl 1 11 IJII 1 r P(:t fruhJ ttJ.e he11t mHnnfaeJOriee of Vtrgiuia, for fale Tabaoco and ggtton Factors, j 1-4 lb. I 75 _Peart' NEW YORK. Leaf Tobacco for and Home Use. COMMISSION, ME;RCHANTS Gold Dust. Scarfalletti. Aha oUlv Bmok!Dc u4 llaam.etved To--. AND :{>l!:.l!otm lN .Ar.L ll8 OJ' J lb. Bag" lib. Bags Leaf Tobacco baled In &ay pacbp by hdrau-0 No. 49 Beaver Street, I 4 VERY nn llo DIWI for exporl. 14-lt 9-:o-isb. OeCl e'9 OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, '18 Water Street, In G. REISMANN & CO .. %Utrchantf, Leaf Tobacco, No. 160 Water Street, New York. JULIAN ALLEN : .. :115) NEW YORK. 0 L n. -, --. FOR .. AKD DULDI .15 J.LI. IJXD8 Or Seed-Leaf and Havana YOLCER & HUNEKEN, CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF SEGAR TOBACCO, .... .... T ._.._or Segars, AliA llapolnen old ne.Jen IB PIPES & TiE A F TOBACCO, bom Btreel, Nftfl YM'k, e. TOLGD. 0. JIUNBKBN, FELIX MIRANDA, DIPORTER OF' HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO, AND OF THE BRAND OF A. S. ROSENBAUM & CO: ___ COIU:IU:IIIION IU:ERCHA:NTS OOHN & SMIT R GEO. F. IDLL. Wlf. s. MESSEN GER FELIX G AROIA HDIMPOarusoo ...,..,....U....ta ...... C : 1 HILL eYe. MESSENCER, Jmportcrot LEAF TOBACCO & SEGARS, Commission Merchants, Havana Leaf & Cigars, DOO&TIC LEAr AND M'NUJI!\m'URED TOBACCOS. 178 WATER STREET, 43 BBOAD STBEET, Of the well knolfll brand of Cigars, NO. no WATBR I!THBII:T, ll5-9o 162, New-York. .P.o. Box 6773, NEW YORK. 11LA CAROLINA," (Near Wall !St.,) IIBW YOKK, 110 Water 811'Ut. NEW YOBK 25_ 8 ________ NE_WI_ T _o_at:: Oil 8&le b:r .&.. TJIJUI'SI', 8 Dorrence St. Wbt., Residence 500 High St., PROVIDENCE, R. J. Fnrnlshod In quantities to snit, by ds 216 LEWI. STREET, N. Y. 6J Whol..,..le Only, 179 P 172 WATER STREET, N. Y. cuom .!::.::: t"' n4 C7e4Gt" ,_,., BraJJell SW!e, 8 SlxthStreet, Plttob"'N & soNs, ni>I>JW.D81M=--... o DirD?m .... .IDIJ'l OKTJ:RSSOJ' LEA.F TOBACCO, I .&u.aDI a egars L24 wATEB-sTBEET, NEw-Yo.Rx ; 79 WILLOUGHJ3Y STRF!::ET, AND CHEROOTS, Have on oale t.ll kinds ot LEAP TOBACCO for I!XPOnr U>d HOME USB. b2-108 Ia A ofallllld 1 ---------or Havana Segatlo conetantl;r on hand. :JON'S, B1ooklyn, N. Y. 216 FRONT STREET, SO;LE, A G ) M. R. PEARSALL, Importer and ColllDiialolllllercluult ot HAVANA SEGARS .A.. OATMAN, .-AND-Buccelloor to LEAF TOBACCO! OATliiJAN & ;REID, 1 No. 42 COUB.TLANDT ST. "A ; NEW-YORK. HOME LIFF INSDRJNCE COMe ANY, (:M:U T U .A"L,) No. BROADWAY, NEW FO.RK, In every respect a First Class Institution. HAVANA ..,.0 172 DULU ,. ; '" 4 C. LAIIOTTE; .1:"' .a .& .U..D.D r D 0 M :E-13 'T i G l 0 -.. :;; I ASSETS, 82,5!'0,000. ASSUHOrMEMBERS, 11,000. .OF}i'XCERS I Leaf 'tobacco, it 66 Water-Sreet. .. ,.,. -I I 1'111 NEW-YORK -------- 163 PEARL STREET, NEW YO.t\..1!.. ll'ew YOJ!Ik. W..U'l'EB S. Pr81ddellt. I. H. FROTINGHAll, Treasurer. C. RIPLEY? WILLI.Ul I. COFFIN, Actuary GOOD GERMAN AGENTS WANTED. Leaf LEAFTOBACCo. I W.Z Pearl Street, NO. 184 FB.OllT-BTB.EBT, Bew York. s1-es NEW-YOBX. -----------------------A. F. DANE.NBERG, -WHOLESALE TOBACCONIST, \ 1 Io. 11 SIXTH A. VE., Y. 1'91J{CIP.6.L Dm'O'r rar 1'. B. BIBJIOW7'8 etJctn !hut Slkct. -=:-' -.r:r. .. a.w-, ... Jaan JL s--.. ,._, ama.. 'SICHEL & GIEaEL, :ra,..... ot..sllell .. m an II:IBda, :LBAP TOBACCO, .UW DBUBS IN PlNB CIOAU, 169 WATER STREET I f ................ 1114 Jlarllaallllo. ..... n YOM. ( J I -:& Si'-A-FFORD & co., TOBACCO d':l 8U.m Commission Merchants, M"o. 1s sup. LYON & STAFFORD, NEW YORK. U Ezcbanj:e Place, Baltimore. OTI!flO MAIER, WILLIAM STBEBX, Importer ol rt BA V A.R.l SIGA.IUJ, l!ole ApD& ol "BQUQUET DE TABACO$" a'MD' c:. ".IOOKJIY 0J.17B."


. PHILADELPHIA ADVERTISEMEI TS TB. B T E'l.'Tli H lLBTif, TIIBO, J, TJI!'l"rERL.lM. B TSTTJIB.tdiU{, VETTERLEIN & PHILADELPHIA, PA., :rlercha.nts in Leaf and Manufactured Tooaooo, AND IMPORTE:U S.EGABS. UIIITilD STioTIES 80NDIED WAREHOUSE. IF Cfllluo! ..._,Anlclei_.UJ ....._ (SCII'!l) .. &S.Germu Street, F. W. FELGNER, F. L. BRAUNS & CO .. Allo Cbolea Branda CHEWING Alrn SMOKING TOBAOOO, 18'1 Walnut Street, CINCINN.&TJ, O. Sol Kuinactarer and Succenor to 1 i OHRAPSIDE, F. H. BISCHOFF, TIMORE, MD., R!C B.lii.D II.OLLU. J.lB112Sll.lLLJ.T DeutScher Rauchtabak, T 0 B_A C C O R.Mallay& ro., ,._.... J'DJIDIO z-JACQB ZINS & BROTHER, :vana.tactlll'llll or O:J:G-AEI.B, And Dealert Ia LEAF TOBACCO, No. 2&7 Central Avenue, CINCINNATI, OBIO. _HAVANA CIGARS AND LEU' TOBACCO, AND OTHER CHOICE BRANDS, om:m\...,..,\0"-". ouuas IY AND MANUP ... CTUF=lER9 OF ID h F X 1'1" E c X G-.A. R. s ;. .. 11:1 BOUTH CHABLU 82'., I) a r\' tt .. .. -"', Krohn, Peiss &: Co. Untlet our ( C opyt lghted) llrands, or Specl&l (Prlvnte) ones BAL TIMOR.. ,;,buyer., In bo nd or d uty' p a i d + .U 14 "-' "-' U JI&DIIfaellllwa til 229 South .Front Street, Philadelphia. B. F. p ARLETT &: co., CG. (f Nos. 115 and 117 'Wett s EGARS AND TOBACCO 'WBOLK8A L B DXALlUUI IN U:'(} .. n, RaCd and Elm, CINCINNATI, Q 1 ... p I MANUP'ACTU!JED LEAl' ,\ND SMOKINQ VU't/ ) lnited Bonded Warehouse1 First Collection. Diqtrictl ennsy vama. T O B A C...--O S, tnbaua OLommissiott l\ltrthmds, J&J[EI cun. n.-..s ,..A..... ImJ01&4!11 o1 Smaku Art.ic1el, wo ooWARD BROTHER &, co., ...,. 1$ No.lJ8 west Fo.:rtA Street, Seg&J:'Is, Pipes, etc. J..-m n uLEIUI '" .,.., R IS and General Commission Merchants, OODISS 0:1 FOR SALE OF SAllE. ... .. d .,_ Oh" L f Inspection f!-nd Mf.t / Tobaooo h D 1 A 92 Lombard and 5 Water St., .I.T.L 10 ea 'VV ..A.:N..E;&:CUJSEI, No -47 North Water Street, a.nd No. 48 Nort e aware venue, s, F. PARLETT. 8 .... T,_on"" -EY & co PROPRIETollli: WOODWARD, } PHILADELPHIA, PA. M D SAVIN. --.... J'llo. ofl Soatll Cllarle St Baltimore. ,..,, -., 'BE:=O::.,; H:;;..:,W;,;:O;,;;;O;_DW;,;.;AR;,:;;:D;;,. .:,_ ___ T FOWLER ;;, W GAIL. CHRISTIAN AX. Noa. 100, 102, & 104 We a l Front ...::. .... b. I G. H. :ooLENms & co., G ciNciNNATI, Ohio. .. c e or WbolePal eDea l e r ( w. GAIL & AX, AUCTION SALES DAilY Ka.nufactluers of FINE CICAR8, and Dea.lera in L E A F T 0 B A C C 0 LEAF TOl3.ACCO, !t h 3d 23 N rth 2d St Philad 1 hia Manatadare Tobaeco & Cigars, 8 :b.4: K :r N" G ol the cel eb 2ted YARA YoliJG AME RI C .. 200 pn TT STREET, :BALTIIIORE Q!;htwinn Wobatto etJR HOBBY Y.A.RA. LITTLE ONES, PICKWICK, DAISY, P UN C H, omd other copyrighted .lloA AND 8MUPP, OHIO & CQ"1lYV"":'CTICUT 'brands of ci gars. .:i DEETJE N & HAYE N .Lli.Lll.r;:. l.t..IUi:; .11 .HO l.':U .lR'l'llUR R. :J'OUG KUAY. ........ --ILo 18 BAlli ft., J1A.IJI'IK,OD, Ill), BUCK NOR, McGAMMON & CO., wx. c. PEASE. lmporlen llDd GeDeral Com1Diu1on llerehanll, Depol: Wllh TIIIIBIIAIIll, K1YcJn.m a. co T 0 B A C C 0 United Stat"" Bonded Warehou.e, A1CD J>a&Llllll m 1118 Wllkr Street, :New CODISSION MERCHANTS BOYD, FouGERAY a co.. J..J:D TQB.&CCO. H Tmnx.uor, 1-8 Front St., Cincinnati, 0. Nio.60SOUT'HG L.l. n .WKnnm: OF ALL KINDS OP HENRY MEYER: LEA I !' TOIJA C C O, L loonnaAL. I. 'WIIIL. 1 w-. S. LOWENTHAL 6: CO., FINE SECARS, Whoi.U. Deal .. ID: LEAF TOBACCO, No. 76 Main Street, Cincinna.ti, 0, YOUNG & DUGAN, TOBACCO Commission Merchants, D&ALJBIIB LL\r TOBAQOO. 0, ... ............ ........... o,o.lw Bupenr;on lk1dp, VINCINKATI, omo. nr .u. L DE!CRli"TtONe OJ' .A.WD DKALDB nr .4. ..La, GlJNTBER LEAF AlllD IUJ(UFAOTURED TOBACCO, LEAF. AND li!ANUFAOTmlEL 0 1'1111. Water St. and 1 8 N. Delaware AveDne Tobaccos, Segars, Etc., c f?ENERM h t w. H. GLORE, J R c o GJ.ORE. 1. '1'. 80LLIU.. r ..... PIU&n. .. .... FHILADELPHIAI JOSEPH St:HROEDER & co.! ommiS..'HOn ere an ,T. A P GLORE & BROS. Kenton Tobacco Warehouse, A.. 1 BvCKMo a,1., W H a .. YN..,v. o o, And TOBACCO FA-CTOR, m lr t 61 NorthTb.lrd .. t .,PhUadelphta. Commioo ionani,n.oleollieliealersll! N 9 0 L b d s D'f'f'R' nonu _ttttottl c J T SUT LIVAN & co .,-UNITED STATES BONDED WAREHOUSR. L f d M .,:, t _.:; 0. Om a r -t H'4'4' H' .o.. "I .... "IN IIO!ID" DOHAN & 'l'AITT, ea an anu ... a c I (One.doonotJJtofExckanqeplac<), L'WlB BREMER'S SONS, 1 obacco and (JJgars, A N D ln!>pectlon and Commla .. ton Sale lomesiic an'd'hreil;ar Tobacco T Bbacco Merchants, No. .... I L E AND -29 N. Water St., 1H 28 N. Delaware -LOUIS GIESKE' & CO,, WROLESALE DEALERs IN I ST, LOUIS 'l'OBACCO WORKS. No. 322 Third Street, u"U. 6\tt LEGGAT, HUDSON & CO., P N'tN -N' lL\NUFACTURERS OF EVERY GRADE OF --) HILADELPHIA, Pa. PHILADELPHIA. AND DEAL'eRS IN --L f rrsr h No. 49 sou t h CharLes strc.;t Fine Cut ChewiDIJ d!: Smoking Q JIA. G ClJ Q :1.6 MARKET S'l.'REET, HARTFORD, CONN. WM. WESTPHAL, CoMJttiSSION MERCHANT, And D e aler Ia. CONNECTICUT IEED LEAF 233 State St., Hartford, Conn CONNECTICUT SEED-LEAF Tobacco Warehouse, 159 and 161 HARTFORD, COJIN. Best Con nectlent tobtoceo oeod for ""le l n q uantllleoo of one ponnd and upw ard II D II. !18-91 A. L. & F. SISSON, Packel'fl and Denier In Connecticut Seed Leaf TOBACCO, :134 Main HARTFORD, CONN: l 2 G l:.l. 1 --------------JOSEPH S. WOODRUFF, DEALKR IN Co11necNcnt Seed-Leaf TOBACCO, 18 MARKET STREET, liARTFOR.U, CONN. S. SELLINC & SON, Pack ers and Deal ers i n SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 233 State Street, HARTFORD, -CONN. L. BAMBERGER & CO., & mss,l!-ea p )a.cco!:l HA..J-TIMO:t;tE. Md. Daalert Ia 42 Soutl. C11,a r le1J St1eet, HOF!'liANGILMoR : F G T 0 B :A, C C 0 TuOoBMACKrhCto & GIBsoN,soN. our. speciaiBranas: rine O ut,GILTBDG:E,BEAUTY, s m oking,INGLi:SIDE,MONTANA J A.ND M IMPORTERS OF O.IJ!c e antt Sale s lloom co>". See ond. antt Yin e sea., 9 T LOUIS, MO. SIGN 0 R no. a street. Commission Merchants, ana ilj;P'bac. u Hav-ana Segars, Mound city Tobacco wor,__ Connr.cticut Sead-lea f T obacco ; AD. C.& R. DORMITZER & CO., PBILAJ>JU.PHIA, P. N. Front, PH.lLA.DELPHIA. COMMISSION MERCHANTS A d G I C M h D CJ A T L 1 N' wnousm nJm>=ns "' EAST HARTFORD CON N. IL.& G. rv.EDWARDS, I:)OMl\:UiiiJSION MERCHANTS L@ttf .. o. 33 NORTH WA'TER ST-. And 183 NORTH WHARVES, Philadelphia, Pa. J'OBN MOO nF. S. & J. MOORE, TOBACCO Commission Merchants 10_7 North Water-street, fi-ll4 PHILADELPaiA. J. RINALDO SANK & CO., iobacco and General Com. Merchants, PHILADELPHIA. 11. 8. Expor1 Bonded Warehoun No.1. 6. JaMIIIriiMII. Wa. M. A.ll... J-.IIIOID. TELLER BR01"'HERS .. . n ommlsslon ere ants. Leaf Tobacco & CI'gars, I J No. 33 South St., Baltimore -...r "'OS. G ILUI177CTI!BBIIWA.LLD..aJUPnoo. ( Bu...__. .... TELLIIR, !NATHAN. oo.,) .1. J o. u _ay St., Baltmore. Wlw z e s are ea ters,.. wM; L. H. NEUDECKER, Fine-Cut, Chewing & Smoking LEAF JACOB KIEBLER ,:vanutactw-e.or Tobacco, Killickinick, &o., Smokilll' & ChcwiniJ Tobacco, ond All Kinds of Smokers' Articles, j No. 168 North Seeoad Streec, S E GAR S [Bweoemr,. :rob_, B.PO co.,) PLUG TOBACCO, l'lll ST. LO'D'IS, No. I 17 North Third Street, 20 1 Ma.rioot bet. iii and 3d MO. PIDLADBLPHIA. lntern'IBevenue Warehouse OJ' M. E. McDOWELL & CO. -. (First Cvlleetlo n Dlotrlct of:Peans7lvanla,) TOBACCO A.ND General Commission :Merchants, J'llo, 39 North Water Street, PDILA.DELPHIA. Wm. Eise!!lohr & Co., IN CONNECTI1CUT SEED, H&_V ,<\NA. A.ND YA.RA. LE 4.. .'l?: 1 Granby St., Baltil:nore. F R E D'K WILKENS. FRED'K KLrER. ] WILKENS &. KLIER, LEAF TOBACCO AND OOMM SSION MERCHANTS, No. 69JSouth Charles St., near Pratt BAl!.. T lt K O BE, lWD :BOSTON ADVERTISElii:JNTB. FISHER & GO. 67 West Baltimore St., Baltimore, Md. STARCK, GUTMAN.&. CO., ,PHILIP ERTHEILER, souTHERN ADVERTISEMENTs. Smoker;'rte.Ar-ticles, Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, "HI GHL AN. D E R IECARS "-o aocm. UJ4 Wllo lellle Dealm .. "RED ROVER," 'DICK TATER," TOBACCO and SEGA.BS, and .Fancy Goods, SJnoklnar Tobacco. These eslabllehed Tobaccos s o we ll and fav orabl y know n a r e p u t np in !r(, a nd l lb bal es or pouches, amlin bulk t hns sultlog the r etailer aodjobber. M anufactured on l y at t he s t ea m wotks nf L L. AruusTEAD. Lynch b ure;, Va l L. L. ARMISTEAD. J. W. CARROLL, Sole Manufacture r of the F<>mous and World ren o v : nea.!'aeturer or an ldmda o f SMOKING TO:BACCO, HABKBT, PHILADELPHIA. I liS Arch St., PHILA.DELPHIA. d'" Send for a Price List. Established 1822. "Copenhagen Snuft" M .. uta.ct.urid OD1:1 ., (. 'W"EY::M:AN & EE.O., Secured b7 Setters Patent Dcc.l!6, 1 8M. Any !ul'rln&elllent on oar copy rig h t will lie I G.W. LA.NGBORNK, JOH D .. LA.W OBORNB. li".B .JOBNS TON, G. w I LANGHORNE, & co. MERCHANTS. SMOKINN GCTUTOBACCO, .F..J.C1. '0RY No. 6, 28 CENTRAL WHARF, BOSTON. LYNCH B U R G, VA. 1 Keep coue.tan tl y o.n h a nd and f o r all graoes or FRANC B FISBBR F RANCIS K. Pl8111 P\. Vi rl!iota S rooking 'roh acco HoRACE N. F IBBE:t., Will co n racr. with jobb ... rs. t h eir own bra.nda Jo&.li N. F IBBER.. or ours. u they m ay de:tlre. D. S. BROWN ck CO ... IKPOBTDS ..\.MD W !IO LBSA.LB D.&&LERS ltl Leaf and Manufactured TO SACCO. HAVANA. PRI:NOil'E AND DOMESTIC CIGAR& Mee nchaum. a nd Briar P l pea, II.D d Bmoken' ArtJcJ. ;. G e n e rally. E xc luslvt:l y WM. P. BURWELL, Richmond, Ya., TOBAECO BROKEn,-III01Iclt1 Ordan for tile pardlue til Lear 06fa, ........................ C7owlr ... 91 nd S I Broad-&reet. Doaton. ---A.::---"-cA::--::E::::C= K = I-=1 f::::: =y;___::_:___ r a llATo. MONUMENT wx. X.I.Y". S t eR.m IT.obaoco 'Workl!l. LEAF AND MANUFACTURED P. H. MAYO&-. BROTHER, Pronrleft\rP and llannrAct;nrere o f R o b t. A M eyo,e .... Q B A C C o, C ELE!lTIATED U.S. NAV Y Tobacco. an d aU other A atyl ea o f bl ac k a n d b right Ohewi n g Tobaceo. tlo; 12 WHARF, N 2422 d': 2424 C ARY STREET SANDHAGEN BROS., W h o l esale Deale r s in al i k i nds of SEED-LEAF TOBACCO A.:SD CIGARS, 1 7 West Randolph Street, CHDCACO, ILLI ... OIS. J. L. SMITH, Tooacco Manufacturers' Agent, 11 & 13 Wabash Avenue, CHICAGO. P"" Goo d s sold to Jobbe r s onJy. J. PEMBERTON Tobacco Commiss'n Merc hant DA NVILLE, VA. OrC:2rs fo r L e"' f promptly attended t o. RF.l.KRS TO llE \Ji, D & New York. baooo, SlUFF AND CICABSt h. 63 & 66 Band Stilet & 81 8hth SfiNII. PITTSBVBG:r.t. PA. riVE :BBOTBEB.S TO::BACCO WORD f"!! IPilrJia, .... ....... -...... ---CIL&.I-.IOJHI FIIIZER l BROS.. -Iii PLU'G TOBAOOO II 'Jnald 11.. l.oe1llnlll .. ... E. W. DICKERSON. '---"--, BOSTON. ___ _,.'-R _ic_ h m o n d _,_v_a_.___ lOJDI J'17JII[. PLANTE'R.S' I.W.VBNABLB. B.P.lLUIILTON. J. w. THORNBERRY, De Van Mason & Co.,: 104 Poydras Bt.1 New Orleans, -H. TYREE, S. W. VENABiiE & CO., :..da. Brokor & Manufacturers' Agent SOLE ACENT F _OR lntOILiiltll TOBAOOo WOaD, TQLBD01 OHIO. Depot, 10?' Water St., altLADBLJi"mA. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AND A G ENTS FOR Virginia & North Carol ina Tobacco, L l b e rnl &dV&llces mad e on conolg'llmenu. COMMISSION MERCHAIT, Tobacco Broker, LflncAburg, v,,.g.n,a, COMMISSION W ARE:EOUSE, PLUG TOBACCO, Wtn lift 1111 Paz- attentt011 to u.. 111e ad HENDERSON, KY. PETEBSBUBG, YA., PADUCAH, KY. ldU.I' purcbue of JOHN FUNK & CO. 1 Solicit Orders at the factory fo r Extra Fine N&V7 lllflA.-& m.mft I Pounds. Half P ounda, Black and Qnarten, Lon.& Special atteutt

THE. TOBACCO 7 $6.75 to 7. 75; common leaf at $7.50 to 9; medium do cause from all we see the new tobacco will prove of a 'Peerless" cigarettes, for wh1ch Messrs. Cope are celebrated. at l9.50 to 11.50; good manufactunng at *12.50 to 1R; chara?ter Hry for the wants of our market The hours of labor are short. Journeywomen are adm1tted mcdmm bnght at $20 to 35; fine bright at $40 to '1'0 The hght descnphons of Western lugs and low leaf, up to mne o'clock in the mornin"', and some who are mar-We quote manufactured as follows: Navy, per lb, 1sueh as may serve for cutting pm poses, will probably ried are allowed to come as late ten o'clock and to leave 65 to 70o; Grape Jnice, 65 to 70c; medium, 75 to o, meet with a very active demand on account. of the ex at twelve to prepare the1r husb:ands' dmner. They return natural leaf, $1 to 1.10; light, 81.25 to 1. 7 5. treme prices at which Mary land kinds are selling. at two, and leave again at six for good. 'fhose whq have 00 W. H. GOODWIN & GO.'S P'D'R.:IB t;banges Ia Business. BALTIMORE, Mv.-Hoffman, Ball & Co., tobacco commis sion merchants,:dissoJved; Mr. Philip A. BaH:retires ; Messrs. Rebert G. Hoftmanu and C. O'Donnell Lee continue, under style of Hoffmann, Lee & Co.; Mr. Philip A. Ball continues as salesman. The rece1pts have been 352 hhds, 14 6 cash, 3 i Sales ot Virginia were coD fined to 69 hhds of low and household matters to engage the1r immedmte attentiOn work butts, 4 bbls, 2 hf-bbls, 6 bls, 143 cads, 23 cs, 199 bx;, good medium leaf of the crop of 1867 at the price of till seven, and the whole of the hands leave off a.t two o'clock )21 pkgs, 2 kegs, 6 cs cigars, 2 bxs do, 12 cs licorice, 12i 11! gts. Thelot had kept unusually well, consisting of on Saturdays. In Apnllast, when the operations of the bxs p1pes, consigned as follows: By R1ver Boats: J W rich quality, and had been withdrawn from market New Factory Act necess1tated the closing of the factory Booth & Son, 19 hhds; Wahl & Carpenter, 4 do, WhiUII until lately, when it was sold promptly at the above at s1x ir. the evening, the g1rls unammously adopted a pet! ker, Virden & Gray, 6 do; Lew1s Nanson & Co, 34 do, P figure. The trade is quite prepared for it, that Vir tion to the Home Secretary, asking for leave to work: M Lockwood & Co, 1 do; W P Howard & Co, 7 do; J G ginia will have but a very small part in this year's to to the hours to which they had been accustomed-viz sevea Bell & Co, 2 do; Price, Harris & Co, a do; Godlove & Co, bacco business, the op:nion prevailing most generally o'clack ill the evening. Thill request was, through inter Y-iEU.UOW BANK .A.ND WELCOME TOBACCO. NEW YORK CITY.-George F. 1 do, C P Stezmer, 3 do; M1ami Packet Co, 47 do; Bakel that almost the entire crop will be wanted for manu ventlon of Mr. Graves, M.P. for Liverpool complied w 1th, Young & Co, 6 do, J J Kmght, 1 do, 1 tub; C .Alexander, factoring purposes in America Sl\les of etems have much to the sattsfaction of the girls. who that the new l8 do, 4 casks; Sterling Prioe & Co, 8 do, 1 bx; Leggatt, been to a fair extent, especially Virginia, of which "would have a preJUdJctal effect on their weekly Hudson & Co, 10 os; J N Crouch & Co, 110 caddies; F they sum up to 283 hhds. Prices ranged from 7! to earnmgs. l!or those of them wh10 live attoogreatadistance Smith & Co, 2 do, M Friedman f,l, Co, 1 bx; Wm F Obear, 8 thr for Lynchburg, and from 5! to 6! thrfor a brown to go home to meals, ample diningaccomomdat1on 1 s provided. 1 do, M Lev.r, 1 do; Thos Rhodus & Co, 3 do, Pollack, and' good brown article, which latter continues the Cooks are employed to prepare tho food and in short every Block & Co, 20 pkgs; G Waltman & Co, 1 bale, Bender & most saleable, while if short and sauced only at to at thing that is necessary to promote the hE>alth and Etzel, 1 cs cigars; Clark & Dozier, I! pkgs licorice; Cupples thr is obtainable. Of Western Stems 261 hhds were the employees is provided at this capitallyorgalllz;J establish : Hill, Tobacco Commission Mer chant, dissolved; new firm, un der name of Hill & Messenger, 4 3 Broad street. L1chen. & Co., Tobac co, ; now C. Buckner, Syracuse, N. Y. & Marston, 100 bxs pipes; order, 1 hhd, reshipment, sold at from 2'! to 21 thr for common strippers, and at ment. The. apprentices must be over fourteen years of age. 15 pkgs. By toe Pac1fic Railroad: J W Booth & at thrs for bright quality; sweet flavored Missouri and no one 1s taken unless she can read and w 1 ite It will, Sons, 7 hhds, Bell & McGreevy, 11 do, Benj Foell, would bring still higher prices. Maryland leaf sold in therefore, be seen that the clause of tbe Factory Act which 2 do; Bussey & Co, 1 do; Wahl & Carpenter, 1 do; lots and to the of 213 hhds. The ness provides for the of childten employed in works, Shyrock & Rowland, 2 Thomas Rhoaus & Co, 3 1s altogether of a retad character, and sure to remam su I JS rendered mopemt1ve, so far as this large factory is con do, C1aig & Alexander, 1 do; Sterli::tl! Price & Co, 9 unless prices should give way. Although extreme rates earned The g1rls rarely leave the business. Many of the do, 1 box; Bogy &. Fry, 3 d?, 1 do; R A Jackson & "'ranted har.dly cost .. Prospects are started with Messrs. Cope twelve years ago are Co, 1 do, 2 do; Whittaker, Vuden & Gray, 2 do, 2 do, mdee.l ver_, d1scouragmg, and m the of the sttllm the1remploy 'l'hey serve then apprenticeship and at Brown & Thomasmeyer, To bacco, dJssolved; now Henry Brown. Caution to Consumers. PROVIDENCE, R. I.-Smith & Young, wholesale and retatl Deale1s m Tobacco and C1gars, dissolved; now G. F Young & Co., who contmues at the same place. 1 csk; Brown & Baker, 20 do, 3 do, 3 tubs, 3 bbls; J trade we can but hope that in the Baltimore market its termwat10n (sometimes before it) they usually rna; ry anc) N Crouch & Co, 3 do, 2 pkgs, :B S Grant & Co, 10 lower prices will ere long be ruling. We abstain from after this numbers of them contmue to follow the 1 r; M & Co, 1 box; Samuel Peltz & Co, 1 giving quotations in conformity whh such prices as of The; class from which the g1rls are pr 1nci do; Chiles, Bassett & Co, 2 do; John McDowell, l do, were recently granted, since we cannot consider them pally drawn 1s very respectable. 'hey are for the moilt 6 tubs; C W Dei110k, 100 do, 35 butts; S M BI'Own, a c1iterion of the market Groundleaf-small sales at part, daughters of, small shopkeepers, and 1 bbl; G J Rclmericks, 1 cs; J M Rhodes, 4 from 8 to 9t gts tor fait to good average lots. Ohio, clerks, and when once a knowledge of the bu.smess 1 s pmed, packages; Lewis, N anson & Co, 2 packages. with the exception of a mixed lot of about 200 hhds of it IS constd e red equal, 1f not superior, to most of the m1 scel By the Indianapolis and St. Louis Railroad: Leggatt, the crop of which had been, on the martrades, such as dressmaking, millinery, etc., which. Hudson & Co., 5 bhds; J. N. Crouch & Co., 21 cads. By ket for a constderable length of ttme, no sales have g1rls are usually taught Great cred1t, under any circum the St. Louis and Vandalia Railroad: J. W. Booth & taken place. The lot alluded to was sold at st gts, stances, II" dne to Messrs. Cope Brothers, for even if they Son 1 hhd, Whittaker, Virden & Groy, 5 do, Craig which indicates a new concessics Ohio, all grades, at full :ates i 40 & B tobacco commission merchants report as fol bales Yara. and w5 bales Havana. No change m 1 Sales of cigars reach 800,000, with a large stock on for the past week has ruled very hand. In manufactured tobacco the demand is moduiet the market having been seriously affccted by the erate. Sales reach 160 bxs at 61@70c. in the tariff indicated in our article of some RICHMOND, APRIL 16.-Mr. R. A. Mills, tobacco ago. Transactions, in con.sequence, broker, reports: limited to absolute wants, and th1s state of thmgs w1!1 In reviewing our market for the past week, I have to doubtlessly continue for 11ome time, or until tne bulk nOte heavy receipts and breaks for the season, and am of duty-paid tobacco is w&rked off. The change con sorry to say that a mojority oJ the offering11 are in bad sists of an increased excise duty of 5c on all grades of order, and there is a shght decline in dark tobaccos in manufactured tobacco, with .an il)crese of 5c per pound bad order, while p1ices are fully sustained on those in and 'It per cent. ad valorem on imported manufactured, good order. Bright wrappers are in brisk demand at with the foliowing result: Tobaccos of Canadian man-my quotations. TransactiOns for the week are 983 ufaotnre, llic per lb; tobaccos of foreign hhd11, 307 tcs, and 95 bxs Old tobacco-Com imported into Canada, 20c per lb and 12! per cent. ad mon to good lug11, 9, 10 to 12c; do do teaf, 10,12 to *alorem. Values, in bond, however, are well main 15o. New tobacco-Comm'Jn to good lugs, 7!, 8! to tained quotations for black lOs ranging from 16 to 2lc; 10c; do do leaf, 9, 10 to 15c; do do bright smokers, black !s, navy, etc, 18 to 21c; bright navy 6s, 27-! to 15 to 30c; do do bright wrappers, 20, 40 to 70o; do 35o; leat'quiet; American lugs held at 7ic; Canada, 9 do fine to extra bright wrappers, 75, 90, 81.50. lo 10e. UED RIVER LANDING, TENN., APRIL 7.-The NEW ORLEANS, APRIL 13.-We report as fol-most extraordinary sale of the eeason was made by lows: There has been a better demBnd,' as there has Messrs Thomas & Co, of Red River Landing ware been an inquiry!froJD. buyers from the French and Bre house, of 111 hhds, only four falling below 87, and 28 men market. The sales were 650 hbds, as follows: 4 below .9, and 2 bbds bright wrapper at 863 and 143, hhds balers at lie; 7 hhds old and 4 hhds new leaf at which wa9 purchased by Messrs M H Clark & Bro. 12tc; 5 hhds new good medium at 1 33 hhds Mr Clark informs us that he has orders for 200 bhdR, .Clarksville lugs at 10-lc; 1 bhd medmm at 10c; 5 and will pay as high prices as the above for the same hhds medium at 9}c; 8 hhds a.t 9tc; 1 hhd common quality tlf tobacco. He will pay as high as $100 per lugs at 7!o. The exports were 1. bx to Havre, and the hnndred f!>r the finest article of brigllt "Vtapper. The imports were the following from Havana: F Sancho, prices ranged from $6.80 to 63. bales; J Mayi, 52,700 cigars; L McCarthy, 24,780 do, A Gonzales, 20,000 do; F. McDcrmoth, 19,000 SAVANNAH, APRII. 15.-We report: There has do. J Dorumgo, 24,500 do; E Peynado, 4,000 been a medium demand, with a heavy stock on hand do; E Troisgros, _10,000 do; Borneo Bros, and atsteadyprices. Wequote: Commonsound,old, 2,000 do, 1 cs c 1garettes; Order, 9,000 do. 58 to 62c; medmm, 70c; fine to fancy, 75 to 90c; extra The domestic receipts were 306 hhds, 107 pkgs, 9 cs, 500 fine bright, 85 to 95c; extra iine fancy, 90c to 81.25; bf-bxs, consigned as follows: By river boats; J. E. Kmg, fig leaf, 81.15 to 1.25; pancake, $1.50 to 1.60. 20 bhds; R. T. Tor1an, 93 do, K1rkpatrJCk & Keith, 14 ST. LOUIS, APRIL 13 -Mr. J E. Haynes, tobacco do; E. H. Wilson & Son, 58 do; E C Roach & Co., broker, reports as follows: 19 do; L Gunther & Co. 12 do, Beaumont, Fakes & Co., With the large increase in receipts, there has also 1 do; S. H. Kennedy & Co., 7 do; Roach & Mason, 1 been an increase in sale!!. The local manllfacturing do; Wooldridge & Garth, 10 do; Blakemore Bros. & Co., demand has been very active, and prices have ruled 23 do; H. E. Woodhouse, 3 do, H H. Bryan, 4 do; quite steady and firm. Toward the close, however, the Hadden, Overton & Burch, 18 do; Beadles, Wmgo & C'o., increased supply has tended to make sellers more ready 171 do; Yeatman & Co., 1 do; H. T. G1ven, 1 do; to accept previous prices, and buyers have found tbe l!ayer Bros., 26 pkgs; Levr: & Denegre. 15 do ; market a shade ellll1er. Sales from Thursday to yester C. Fisher, 7 do; MonneJohn & Su']a.ques, 8 do; S. L. day inclusive, 180 hhds-7 at 81.05 [stems]; a at 5.80 Nas1ts, 3 do, 1 es. fly the New Orleans, Jackson and to 5.90; 18 at 6.10 to 6.90; 24 at 7 to 7.90; 24 at 8 ta Great Northern Railroad: Blakemore Bros. & Co., 19 8 90; 38 at 9 to 9.90; 25 at 10 to 10.75; 6 at 11.20 to hhds John E. King, 5 do; E. C. Roach & Co, 7 do; 11.75; 6 at 12.25 to 12.75; 4 at 13 to 1a.50; 6 at 14.25 Hadden, Overton & Burch, 8 do; Wooldridge & Garth, to 14.75; 2 at 15 25, 15.50; 1 at 19, 13 at 20 to 29, 7 do Beaumont, Fu.kes & Co., 4 do; Irby, McDaniel & and 13 at. ao.50 to 75, and 8 bxs at 3.90 to 68. In Co., bOO hf bxs. From Mobile: I1 by, McDamel & Co., 48 same time 1 hhd was passed, and bids were rejected pkgs. Frow Flonda: Port & Hubby, 8 cs. ou 66 hhds at to 28.50. Today the market was PADUCAH, APRIL 14.-We rilport: Messrs Bnek-steady, with a good home demand. Sales of 5 hhds ner, Terrell & Co sold 159 bbds, 4 bxs, as follows: 2 1 at 5.90; 11 at 6.10 to 6 90; 12 at 7 to 7.90 ; 7 at 8 hhds frosted luge at a.65, 5; 2 hhdslngsat 7.40, 7.55; to 8.80; 10 at 9 to 9.90; 5 at 10 to 10.75; and 12 at 2 hhdli commen leaf at 9.45, 9.50; 1 hhd good leaf at 12.25 to 62; and 4 at 7 to 8.40. Bids were reject12; 4 boxes at 7.10 to 11.'15; 161 hhdsa.t5.36 to 33.50. ed on 23 hhds at 6.90 to 19 50. Messrs Settle Broa aold '97 hhds, as follows: 10 hhds We quote factory lugs at $6 to 6.50; planters' do at Lemoine, 12 hhds; Thos Rhodus & Co, 1 do; J N unfavorably. Stocks in first hands: 228. hhds KenCrouch & Co, 2 do; EM Samuel & Son, 21 do; G W tucky, 128 bhds Maryland, 607 hhds Oh10, 35 hbds 'l'hurmond, 1 do; Sterling Price & Co, 13 do; Bay, 427 hhds Virginia stems, 2n bhds Kentucky Nanson & Co, 6 do; Whittaker, Virden & Gray, 4 stems, 510 cs seedleaf. do; Shyrock & Rowland, 1 do, J W Booth & Son, CALCUTTA. MARCH B.-There been no sales; 42 do, 2 tubs; Zeichman & Co, 2 do, 2 do, 1 csk; th11 quotations are nominally 10 an, but it is doubtful Brown & Baker, 48 Baker, Young & .co, 1 csk; if that price could be obtained. Oakes, Arche.r & Co, 1 bx. By the St. Loms and !LOn HAMBURG, MARCH 28._1Thouah the arrivals ha\e Mountam Rathoad: J A Gregory, 1 hhd; J MAnder been extensive, the demand fully 0keeps up with the son & Co, 2 do i Dutcher & Co, 2 do; J W and supply, and prices are well supported. The sales con Son, 1 do; Von Phnl, Sons & Co, 1 do; Alkire & Co, sisted of 1,5a2 ceroons of Havana and 4,437 ceroons San do, 1 bx; Bogy & Fry, 1 hx. Domin, 10.75, 10, 10.50, 10.25, 1,0, scarce. < i avendish sells in rethil at full prices. 10.75, 10, 10.50, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10.25,10 25, 10, 10, 10.50, 10.50, 10, 1fl.25, 10.25, 10.50, 10.75, 10, 10, 10.75, 10.50, 10.50, 10, 10. 9.50, 9.80,, 9.60, 9 90, 9.20, 9, 9 60, 9.70, 9.90, 9.30, 9, 9.40, 9.10, 9.90, 9.30, 9 25, 9, 9 60, 9.75, 9.50 9, 9.75, 9.70, 9.10, 9 90, 9.80, 9.25, 9 75, 9.40, 9.75, 9.25, 9.60, 9.90, 9.75, 9 95, 9.50, 9.40, 9.75, 9.25, 9.40, 9.90, 9.95, 9, 9, 9.70, 8.40, 9.75, & 50, 9 75, 9.10, 8.60, 8 90, 8.90, 8.40, 8.75, 8.60, 8 20, 8 10, 8 30, 8 60, 8.90, 8 90, 3.80, 8 60, 8.90, 8, 8.80, 8.90, 8 so, 8.90 8.10, 8.10, 7.20, 7, 7.25, 7.95, 7.30, 7.40, 7.20, 7.20, 7.75, 7.60, 7.90, 7.75, 7.20, 7.60, 7.90, 7.75, 7.80, 7.80, 7.50, 7.70, 6.90, 6.40, 6.90, 6.95, 6.60, 6.61>, 6.60, 6.95, 6 80, 6.40, 6.75, 6.40, 9.70, 6.50, 6.10, 6.1'15, 5.10, 4.23 FOBBIGN, AMSTERDAM, MARCH 30.-At the auction sale held to-day the followmg lots were d1sposed of 23 bhds Scm born sold at 19@30c, 14 hhds Kentucky at 2at@27c, 11 hhds VIrgm1a at i9@24tc, 3 hhds Maryland at 29c; 12 pkgs Porto R1co withdrawn at 30c, 49 bales Hungary w1th drawn at 13}@14tc; 52 ceroons Havana, of which 1 lot sold at !JOe; the rest withdrawn at 90c@$3 ; 53 pkgs Bra zil, 2 lots of which sold at 32@33!c, and a lots w1thdrawu at 34@40c, 32 ceroons Palmyra withdrawn at 56@67c, and l 5 pkgs Armcan sold at 18c. BAHIA, MuCH 9.-The only reported sales have b

. i THOMA$ HOYT & CO. Composed ot rHOMAS HoYT and JoHN F. FLAGG, No. 404 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. of all kinds of TOBACCO, SNUFF AND CIGARS. THOMAS f:IOYT & -CO. Composed of THOMAS HoYT and J@HN :f. FiAGO. S UCCES S ORS TO HOYT, FLAGG & CO., 105 SECOND STREET, LouisviLLE, K T. OUR BRAND Fine Chewing, I:TNNYSIDE, HEART' S DELIGHT, SWEET OWEN, NATI0NAL, BUD oMRS. G. B. MILLER & CO. Tobacco Manufactory, (W1l. B. LAWRENCE, Prea 't) .97 Columbia treet, NEW YORK, -....vP.lO'I'tTIIKIIII 01' 'fiUI OliLU&.lnJI TOBACCO MANUFACTURER Anhur Gillender & Co SOLACE TOBACCO, 114, 116, and 111 .... 121 a.rtbv GUieodtn>, B Kukuek, W'IILWT eJ:, .1-h W Gray, lila! lOHPh L. B. WoH., ..,_. 3. B. GIJlSI:LMANlll, of au kinda ol KINGS COUNTY TOB!f)t:O WORKS. f w f THE LIQUORICE. LICORICE P A9l'E WALLIS & CO. r, EXTRA. Tobacco and the in g enerai lU":l particubrly r e quest e d iP exaxine a nd test superio r prop ei!ties of tli i s L IC ORICE whi ch, b e in g now brou g h t to th e highest p erfec tion, is o ffered und e r th e aboe style of, branil. W e' allo SOLE AGENTS for th e branil c. F. G. SEALING "'W" A.:X:., OLIVE OIL, TONQUA BEANS, I. S. D 0 U C LASS, .., "' .... ror VINE-CUT, TOBACCOS WEAVEll & STERRY, 29, 31 .e 33 Lonm. n Street, IDa t30-281l WILLIAMSBURCH, N.Y. 16 Platt Street, N tt LICOR-ICE-PASTE. P. HARl!IOBY'B lfEPHEWS & 00., 8S 'Broadway, New York, D. H. McALPIN. & CO., :wA.XUF AC1'URKRs or m I .lU6. YORK. 1 ll(PQRTER S OJ'I f -JA111UJ!'ACTUBEBI O:r Briar&.!Meerschaum SEGARS & SMOKING TOBACCOS, PIPES, FICURES, s M 0 K E R s' .J.. R TIc L E s' M:ETA.i /.tND' WOOD .' : ..r 1 .J Gold M edal awarded 1869, at the Fair of the Ameri WALKinC CJ'!N.:;S. L caniuotitnte,rorShowFignres. .. '-. 4&03 BRO.Al)W:4." 'I -I ,-MISCELLANEOUS. F. W. BECK&. CO., 130 North St., Baltimore, Md., I ltAMUPAcrtmBBI 0.. 'l'tQ _____, Pate.nted, Deo. 3d, 1867. Depot and Orden taken by H. A. RICHEY, U. W01f,.. St., Net11 YM' .. IMPOR'f.ANT .... UAN'O'F .A.C't"OmmS OF CIGARS. 1!ra. G. B lliller .t Co. Chewing and 8moldng lobaoco; the only Genu!De Gentle -.. Snutl'; Yra. G B Miller A Co. H,_boy Mel Scotch Bnutl'; A. H. Mickle A Sona' ll'orell and Grape Tobacco; KrL G. B. Killer H. H. WATTS" I M 'PORTERS, D al 8 It' soN, e ers pec:ta 188 TOBACCO BROKERS, I I ILUIBI!RdBR. I. HAMBURCER & CO., Co. Reeerve llmeldng and Chewlng Tobaoca. ,g-AU orden promptly executed. ""' 0.-LANGENBACH & 00. lllanufacturera or Fine Cut Qllhewiug, ,mokiug AND SNUFF, 205 and 207 Centre Street. .1.-LANGENBACH NEW YORK. Oneid a Tobacco Wo'rk s a rul Segar Jllanntbctor;y. D. BUCHNER, (Successo .. t o BORITOHEO K .t: TAUSSI G ) MANUFACTURER O F FIN'E CUT en-ewing and Tobacco AND CICARS, Havana. Sixes. Oherootl!l, 256 Dehincey New York. H&nllfact ure r or the f ollowing !Jra ud s Pride o f th e U S., Bue B all, Winch este r Vi rg inia Lear Lyons G recian Be n u Improv e m ent, Rappho nnock TOBACCO. "DA.BK. 1 PuJrn-NATT,Ib& and )llbl. 114n.oa 'II Caoroo, 4o, iba. and H!bt. Pam o ra R....:n, Ma. W AIBilfMO J(a. Bvoa & l u 'a, 10.. -r.ev ... .. OnP..,. J(L .Aooo-NJ.n, lba .......... &. NOTICE. TOBACCO & M A NH ATTAN TOBACCO WORKS NEW-YO'R'R' W M McCAFFIL, SUCCX:SSOK '1'0 Chichester & Co. 51 BOWERY, NEW-YORK. I MPO R 'lf:R DEt.!fa>. 1..1!1 Leaf Tobacco &.Segars. 7Snle o C tbe i B i/UQ.UET 8MOKJ[NG TOBACCO ..::.; (\#1 m to pur f ,(!f:llt f v r Iii fln utf, for "'W' o tl d ip; ,lnlt' T\\'.e I the OllUDtty. IIU11 ll.c manufttetured ,,hove parp0oe I t can b.:: bad Dy the balf eel or bjur.,l e:on c y Bmokina of all kin do, .. also .. Jl ood eel of .....__. "EW YORK CITY TOBACCOWORKS .Tobacco Manufacturers. HARTCORN & -HAHN f':l' L FINE SEGARS, No. ISO Water Street, NEW YOBK. .. Dlr0118'1'0J1. ... IID:ao1111'0lll {,./' EDMOISTOK & IROTHEI, ... EMPIRE O'l 1 1 1 1 A SIIJITH, s M hin ; nXE,:CUT SIO"'IIG AND CHEWING of I ac es .TOBAcco, 113 a Ds :DU..a.KIIII'l'., or. 181 Lane, I Em ire B u 0 n94 Bo .. .. 11= REVIVU, CUlUUCNCT NEw y 0 R K. p I Jllo o., .6 wery, 80r.Il SBAL. 110-io (002-22'1 m 1UW YOU, 160 Pearl Streit, BOXES AND BOX-SHOOKS, Put up a,sd !!hipped for the Southern lillar ket. W e gt-.e o peclal att. enlloo to t b e manufacture or TOBACCO BOXES a d CADDIES, "'hi c h are m&d o !rom \he b .. t qu..Ut y o! KIL!i-DIUED BYCAHOD .. n o t ll&blo to -. Proprietors of the "-lamllla Saw a. PlaBiu.g 1111111, No. 3 to 19 ledgw;tak-lt,, Brooklyn, !1', Y [ISU an(! Manufsoeu.rer of ..... .J..nil Deal e r in. all kmd. o f, LE.A.F TOB.ACCO 55 M AIDEN LANE NEW YORii:. j ) X &NDJ' A CTI!RJ:JIS O:lj ) Tobacc o = Sealing Wax, ( J ( '197'WILLIA.M STREET, 'Pln[ .Machines, 8tem Rollers. .AN D For Tobaeco a':ld Cigars. A large nsRortment COD5tn.ntly on band and p1int e d to ord er. 211 & 24 N ort h W illiam Street, New York. W. .B. AST,EN & 'co: Manufa c ture;. ohll k ind or .l Al(D I POUC::S:::ES, liiCJ &'tree'tp NEW ; YORK.. G. W:LNTER,. XUUI'.A.C'rlJ.RBB o:m .; SHOW CASJ;S; Ia SV..-, GelrnWI Sliver, Rosewood, Walni.t, &c. WARIEROOMSI Xo. 8 Norlh WiiUa,.. .t: fU1 st.:_ JILanufaerorv, '344 Bt'oome S t., .,0,., Bo.....,, NEVT YORK_ JE,SSUP & MOORE, 128 : W iJ lia m Street r'f'. Y PAPER wAREHOUSE; & Mtrappiug. lnptr H .... L\.. UCK"S TOBACCO BQXES, ..... PatentedAprU iS, ;1867. & ro., 11!1 BeeJUnan 8t1,1f. I, JOHN KEYS, & BRO., BETTS & t:O. M'anpf a cillrera Q f .- ; 1 I : WOD.CQO J Ge1tu(ra/; A'PttOneers etc, A N 1 Alao Dealers i COKI!4Uis'ION I KEBOH.A.NTS, CQOPERAGE.' STOCK AND MAMIAL: '! o, !ft SLD"t' 17 and 58 Clolilkillllla-8&reet, 8 64, 116, aacl 60 SllerUI' sareel, .......,....,.... .. om. ... :mOTer 'lWileo MW 'rOIL OliJrUJE, 57 Columbia Street,


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