The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (4 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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of the Toboooo; Trade of the United,States: The Largest Special-..Trade Paper' in the WOrld. t vL, No. flo. NEW YORK,, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27, 1870. C. PFIBSHING, PBoPBIB'l'OB l4la Fvuo 8TJI.QL TBallll OJ' TliB l'Al'U. ... ........ 111 Oenta 'l'e a-, ad tile 181111 f iDpbeo, No d..,_OD -. UDder dte llifJII4IDa IPor er aatad;" Jll oouca llae Jw 8T8rJ Ill the .uve to be .... 'Cmd.-by 'ftt-IIIT ..... Y be to. .. ----' V _..r.m:s 01' OO. INB. i .i1 poalid ...... ...... .. ; ....... : O ll4,1 :. J.pemt ...... ........ o.ot,& J. lf'r. Crane ............... 0.18 I c. ooatlme ... ... ...... 0.00,18 -. !Ioria or p!Ner ....... lOt. .. .. .. .. .. .. 0.00,4 Br,._ r 1 nh. rls tbaler. .. .. .. 0. '1st IJR. ....... ........,o(t) 1..,. lllarO._ ..... ., .. 0.81S,C I aU. ...,bf!llinl ..... ""... 0.01,1 fOUJelf WJUeBft.-.A, ldlopamme equala uodts lbl. ; a Breme11 pland equa111.ot90t IWI .. llaaabarg pllnd l.OI'riS lbe. uolrUpola. kCJn T...x.-Fille-Oat, Plq, 'lwilt, Totwiatad cby band, or retluoed from le&r Into a condition to be oouumed, or otll.erw!Be prepared, wilbou' the use of uy maChine or inaU111D81lt1 and wlt.boaa belns Wel&lau, K. & Oo., l'liPearL Whltler .t Cook, I William Wrlgbt B. )(. l8ll l'earl ""BAODO nouu. Cattua & Rente, 1119 Pearl keft.> rlacb .. J'rederick, 2 Banoy BuJ1dla&, OW, J. 8. &: Boa, 86 W4U. Otborne Cbu. 111 Old s11p. Rader, II. &: Son, 160 PearL 1 1 'IU.IfVJIAOftUU oi' 'I'OBAOOO Bllcb.t,w.a" Lyall, 144 Water.' D., 368 1 8., 8. Ji Bro., 118 & 215 !'alk: lrt & 0? 143 Glbuu I. H U9 Ludlow. 1 1 1 Gtlllllldel\...: .-Oe., 114, ne.w '1.17 Ll!MRY (iqer=Ji. oL ltro., 'rf Good w. Oo., 10'( anti.'" ...... He7t, omu & Oi., 40-l.Pearl. !AIIgenb6eh c. Oo., 0011 Oellke. LarBiard, P Oa., 18, 18, llO rn.-berl. llo.Upln, D. H. & Oo., '1&-'19 A, )(iUer, JlrL G. B.&: Oo., Ploaeer,'l'obaeco .Facto..,, 11'1 w.-8obeider, Joe. & Co., 7ll Bcnnry, )(. & Oo., li8J. Obl'llll. Slwtwell, D. A., U4 Bighth an. Watte H. H., 330,33ll ,and 334Cherry; Xllroli'ACTUBaBII <.-Gerabel .t Bro., 8& )(aideD Lane. llartoom, & Hahn, 1110 Waar. Hittch D." Co., 114 Water. Wncbhorn .L. ct 00., 110 Water. 8. .t Oo. .ltf PearL lterbe & If-Bowery. Rayner Tboe; ;J, & Oo., It Liberty-and 5{ llaiden LUI. Seidenberg Oo.., 18 Dey. Bmilh, E. A.., 181 Maiden laDe. Btraltoll, Sohml& & siorm, 1!11 Pearl. Satro .!1: New)Urk, 117 Malden IAae.. Volfer & Hunelten, 166 Front. -.uJI OIOA.II PA.CDal iootfty, Borptecl t Ji K:anrtea, 'l Bowery : : IJIPOftiU or 01111 A.R.lBIO; Kerrick, T. B. ,a. Co., William .... IKPOa'I'IIIIS AlfD DJ:AUilll Danen!JerK A. F Sixth ave. Pappnheimer )(., 1!11 Bl'!l&d. .... PJl IU.VAlf& TOIU.OOO. Almirall J J., 30 Cedar, Garda F., 1110 Watar, MirandA, Felis, 191S Pearl. lteUy, Robert E a. Oo. 34 Beuer. Well & Co., 66 Pine. KANOJ'AOTOJIJIRB OJ' INtlft', Appleby Ji Helme, 138 Water. Goetze, J. A. I; ,Bro., 828 WuhiDgton. Lorillo.rd, P., 1 & Chambers. IJIPOirrUII OJ' B.l. V Al'I:J. Ot8AU 90mcr & Glblon, 50 8. GaT. Jl.A.KlQ'J.OTUBIIB! 011' BltUJnfOOD l'fPIIII5. J:ielller, Jaoob, l Grulby. .--&LYK Y. xUlfttA.Of1JUU. ...nkL7._ OIOJ.& BOX KA.BVJI.&anU& Brehpl H. & J'., o : r BOll: JlA.IflJFA.cmrJIWM., llbenBan Bl'Otlreta, a to ta Seclplc!t. 1 1 : vA.liu:rA.cYU'uu or otaua. .lol'Co. Willouglabf. 1 'i) J j: I cHICAGO. 1;1 .: :rqBA.oop-waapv.. .Dennta,1 Ilea .\ Oo., 18 South Water. Jltbllen 'Co.1 1 .P01 G & Co., 811 Mtb Waar. 1 .KUpmWictj 8., 88 f SHUl Water S.Udbagen Broo., 17 W eat Randolph. Bud&il, J, L., 11 alld181 W...,_h ..-.enue. Or PLV8 !'Oa.I.OOO. Jbm.y k llucm, 1 '14 & 171 Norlil Wder. ll'llaaa 8. ;, Co., 611 8oaila w.-. KI.1111JUOI'1JB-OF -Heart & Co., 14 Boa'!'-Water. (lDUll!l]f.A.ft. '!OIIJ.. AlJOTJOII' 11' J.UBOVIIIIIJ. Bodmann Obarle. &: Co.,ll'l-86 Water. 0..,, w:rn & Oo. Wea' FroM. IU.IflJFA-AI!U> ClliUI.miiOll IO&OII&llft OJ' KJ'D, 'rOBA.ocJo, Jlrulaean & Son, 46 W alnlit. Baler, llolmee 1: Co. 26 W01& s-Jad. DlULIIIll til UA.J to.l.(j&). ..._ Hor1 & -1s1S PearL Bgm, DDle, & Co., 6) J{aiJaJ Bleb & Brodaer, 111 Wee& Front. Mayer Hy., 1S ifroal Senptak & Wernig, 46 W Front. Touc &: Dngan 50 West Front. JIA.B'IJ.J'AOTUJUIUI, 1KPOaTIIR8, AND l)Jt.u.JIU Or OIOA.NI, i'ahraann, V., '1 Mali:. Krolm, Fel88 AI Co., ISS Welt Foarth. Lowenthal, S. & Co., 76 MaiD. S&raeser Louis, 187 Wallin&. ZIDa Jacob & Bro., 267 ne. COTINGTON, K.T, Glore, J'. A. P. & Broa., 15, & 19 W. 7th. Sullinn, J. T. & Co., Kenton Tob. Warebonae, Greenup, DANB1JBT, CONI'f. Gravea, G. W. DANVILLE, VA. Pemberton J. H DAYTOI'f, e. f)l'elie4 or sw.--d, 1.11d ,on all ot.ber kllld1 oC IIWlnfactured tqbaooo not herein othenrlae provlded for, Ue. per lb.; Smoking tobacco, exCiuively olltelDB, or er lea( with all sWnt! in and w ..W, 6e lear not been prevlonoly atripped, buUed, or rolled, aucl f'rom whlcb no pan of the 1t.nl1 bave been separated by sifting, stripping, dre881ng, or In any other manner, either before, durag, or after tb'e procese of manufacturing ; Shorts the ret\lee ot llD4Mlllt ing tol>acoo which baa paseed through a rid dle of thirty.eix meehee to the BCJ_U&I'e inch b,-' proeeN of sifting ; refQSe -.pi and of tobacco, 16c. pef lb. IKPO&TJ:IIS OJ' PIPI81 ftO. Boiken Richard J.; 91 Cbamben. Demuth Wm .t Co., 403 Broadway. .. Hoglen & Pease P-' Tob.OOO..Catting lllPORTEJUI OJ' CL.I. T PIPJ:II, Batjer, H. & Brother, 61 Water. Bergmann, I. H. & Co., as Front. KA.lfVFA.OTOa&BS OF K .. BBCIU 011 OOOnl. Kaldenberg F. Julina, 4 & 6 John Pollak .t Son, John. On Otgara of all descriptions, made of Tobacco or any nbatltute therefor, 'tlpertbooII&Dd; on Cigarettes welgblpg not exceeding three pounds per thOUBC-?d, tl 60 per thouIKPORTJ:RII OJ' H.lTJJU. OIO.uL aand; when weig)liag exceedill!l: three pounda De Barry .t Kling, 52 Broad per '6 per thousand. ., Maier 0 1 WilliiUII. BA.8'1' HABTFOR.D, COl!fl'f. PACU&O A.ND DliL:US. Signor J Chapman, R. A. H.t.BTII'OB:O. CJONI'f, PACKJI:IIS A.lfD DJULltll8. Haae Brothers, 282 Main and 154 State. London & Bidwell, 214 State. Pease, H. & Z. K., 16 Market Selling, S .t Son, 233 State. NEW YORK., WEDNESDAY, APR,IL 27, 1S70. NOTICE Te CITY SIJIIICRIBE&S. A; we bl.n made e\T for the more prompt delivery 'o[ our city circulation, we would feel obliged if those of. our &ubscribera who do not receive TnE .. LEA1!' ou Wedhesday; the day of publication, wollld at once notify us efthe fact, that we may correct the omissi&n. Those of our patrons who propGM to change their place of business, ;' firm name, at tllis .eason; will oblige by oommnnioating the factcto ns forthWith. J el TtB1000. .M4NIIF!CTI11lEII8' TlX J ___ I 0 li1 0 1 R wmg to reeeot c anges m the evenue office, we are still without our tax retarns. for the OollectionDiatriotsoftbi city and fo r the months of February and March. W e.a:pect, however, to be able to obtain them, with tho11e ot Apri11 in"' few weeks, and shall probably publish the thtee months' returns in the same we shall to the usual monthly statemCllt. 'In t.hia connection, our thanks and thoise of our readen a,. due to Mr. Isaac Harvey, who has obtained returns for us without pecuniary reward, and at pposi.dera.ble incon. Th1 1 vemence. e etters which we haYe recently calling for their oonwnued publication, show that theM exhibits have become a necessit-y to the trade. OFFICIAL COJDITC::T !ND NElVSP .A.PER CllffltiSil. G. l. xt!OIILEE. e G. W. GAIL CDIIT. AX. K. t'IITBIJUQ, -.. .THIERMANN, .KtlCHLER & CQ., 6 ..... ... tr.rR.EET, 'NEW YORK. . ,..,4, A. OOlll'Lll'l'll AI!SORTKBIIT Or J.LL I:IliDB Or IBBB I.BAI' ARB IIPAIIISB l'eiiACCel t -' Constantly on hand .. the pre posed action, or ruling, not be modiMINOit EDITORULS. fied so 'to: 'beltr heavily 001 the particular interest involved, while, at the same time, no iota of MonE LIGHT W ANTED.-ls Bailey really a d.: faulter? tribute would be lost to the Government. This is the: conduct the tobacco trade of who, !}OW have t_hi.R, great interest, so to, speakf in the' hollow 6f their hands, to or mall as clay in!the hands of potter: Having premised thus much, let us. note, for a moment, the clearJy defined province the IT is asserted that Ohio produced 15,000 hhds. .,f leaf tobacco and 131500 hhds. of eeed year. J. R. CoLE, of Demopolis, Ala., has recentl1 patent ed a composition for the manufacture of p1pe-ste1D.1 and cigar-holders. -=-, of such a. trade journal ae.TuE__ToBAcco LEAF. And in THE question Is the moon inhabited ?" has again 'the first place we it distinctly that become current. Judging from th'e number oflunatiCII Tall: LEAF is in l no offensive sense an either upon this planet, we should think not. i J: of the tobacco trade, or of any organization connected NEw-YORK State internal revenue returns, on the with tha't trade. As' no one is allowed to dictate article of tobacco alone, show an increue for the laat either the spirit' or the of' any particular eight months over the same in 1869 of ai,560,602. article that ma.y appear, so no one is responsiple fT!I. IIUbl&!tnt.o f!lr .cround, dry, damp, Ll:alngton 8. & Sons, 216 Front pickled, o .t!).erw/B_e, of !Lll DIPORTERS Oll' LICORICE PASTi Seymour, D. M., 169 and 161 Oo111mer-. Shepard Ji Fuller, !114 State. SiBBoo, A. L .t F 134 Main. arises from the repreaentative form ,..,four Government. While, of course, we sometimes fail, it is nevertheleaa-TRoUBLE .A.u:BAD.-P.resent appearances indicate h 11 fl h .c h trovble aWilad far ..certain proallned Reveo\lll .gil5eiall In ;Europe, ;where "the powers that be! are too fretrue t at vre y re ect t e sentimento,. t e trade in relation to the Bailey case The sureties who have;.., when prepared for use, a tax of 82c. Appleby & Helme, 138 Water. per 111. And snuft'-flour, when sold, or re-Du-.i'l'ler & Co. 9 Whitehall mo\oed for use-or consumption; shallbe taxed EcheTerria, M.' & Co., 20 Beaver M snuft', and shall be put.ap In pae.kages and Fra.ncia, A. P., 102 stamped in the m6J111er Jl!l'lft'. . Gilford, Sherman & Innis, 1 ao William. Tutn.-Foreogn duty 3tlc. Gomez, Wallis & Oo., 29 and 81 S. Willii.m. pound, gold. Clgars, $2 50 pe P .lJarmQI)y,'Nepb-a & Co., 63 Broadway. pound and 26 per cent. ad mslMem. lmHauasmann G 10 Old slip. ported cigars also bear an Internal Rennue Kremelberg & Oo 160 Pead tax ef perM. to be paid by stamps at the llorriA, H ll., 10i' Pearl House. 93.) Weaver & Sterry, HI PiaU. 8U61NESS DIRECTORY OJ' ADV:BBTIOBI. -:o:...,NE:W YORK. 'rOBAOOO W A.BliBDUB,S. BPKCIALTIBS ,J'()R TOBACCO x'.uroli'Ae. TUllKR8. Sterry, F. W. Ce. Cedar. J SUD-LUJ' T'>B.lCCO llfSPEOTIOM. ., Linde, F. C & Oo. 76 Greenwich 'streec. TOBACCO P&J:SSBRS. Guthrie & .Co., 225 Frbnt. K.llfUJ'AOTURRS OJ' CIG.lll BOXIlll. Westphal, Wm. 2R3 Woodruff, Joseph S 18 Market quently in antagonism wjth the wishes and .best' inter on the, questions of thE! hour. And this is what must to pay up the $100,000 propose to have their money's ests, of the peCilple, we do not ex.pect their age_ nts to re-' prove the _especial valne of any tr.ade org. an. _A j onr:worth in to how the R evenue B11reau WI[OLE.S.lLJ: DJ:A.LIRS IN )Ulf1JJ'ACTUllJ:D 1 b t I th f d d f th 1 Touccos. gard the popular will; but in a Republic ; the relations na t a simp y o opmwna o Its e 1to:s on IB manage 1 m no mg e se. Burnham, J D & Co. 'i7 and .Asylum. of the official to the governed classes an alto-trade subjects would be nearly or quite Sup ---r TOBACCO PRKSB BcllJ:WS. h a b 0:& the 12th inat., at Lynchburg, Va.,. the sale of to-. 'Lincoln, Geo. T. & Co. getber diffefent aspect. While, of course, the first posmg t e e Itors not to' e practically acquainted bacco at Liberty warehouse was the largest, with re-ITH.t.c.t.. N. Y. duty of the official 'to execute all laws with the trade c on. cerped, l pra.ctical men would certain-spect to the numb(lr of hogsheads sold, that has been Grant H. J. & Co. 1 Eaat State. l k th 1 t t' h h d h h' b LONDON, ENG. until .the fact that. his position is held only y not see e1r JOIIl'na : or rus to t e1r t eoretical ma. em t at c1ty: t IS yea.retween fifty and .sixty roHcco COlltiJSSJON llJ:RCBA.Nrs and solely by the consent of the governed-that the opinions; while should tJle paper be the organ of some hhds of tobacco, twenty,odd boxes, and a q uan Glas.!ford Co., 4 Great St. Helens peopl e t he fountain of all power, to whatever exsingle dealer or manuf:_actufer, it would be equally tity of_loose sold Bidding was spinted, and L01JU:VILLE, K.T. fine pnces were realized. Finzer, J & Bros., 13 ,.hird. tent delegated:.._sbould at 'le have the effect of lesWhat, then, 18 necessary in a newspaper of Robiqson, A. L & G., Factory, 48 Fourth sening that hauteur which seems to be so inevitable an this kind, is that it shall faithfully reflect trade opin Warehouse and Salesroom, !lain. Wicks, G. w. & co., 102 Main. accempani10ent of office-holding. The official should ions; and we can truthfully. affirm that Tux,L:EA.F' does TOBAcco un xzacHAIIT, be courteous a.tid obliging to the extreme limit of his this. Its edi tors have no pet theories on any trade sub-Meier Wm .G. & Co., 56 Seventh. d d Agnew W.; & Sons, 284 and 286 Front street A.llen, Julian, 172 Water. Bo.ker, B C. Son .t Co., 142' Peal-1. Benrimo, D. & A.. 124 Water. Bloltemorll, Mayo & & C., U Pearl. BI:WlliCJ KA.CBIIfJ:S 1'0& TOBACCO BA.Oll. Bmplre Sewing Machine Co., 194 Bower.,, STBNCIL PLATBII AliD BURNU\G Jlkltcos T. N. & Co. 280 Pearl. TOBACCO PA.J'BR J-'lp Ji )loore, 128 :William. ICA.LJI:8. Sampaon Scale Company, 240 Broadway. or IBOW CA.BU. G. Willter, 844 Broome'. R1JI8Ull OIOJ.BanJ:S. 0. Be,trolaian, 18 Platt. IN8URA.NCll OOK?A!ImiiH.ome 254 Broa,dway. rOB.lCCO 8.lUal.ll A.lfD UGJI. Keye .t Bro. John, G7'tlolumbia P&Etii:IITA.TIO!( PAPRB CIGAR OA.IU. Samuel, 8. L. 4t Dey. :r .... CT PRIIITRD GOODS I'OR TOBAOOO BAGS. Dlggles, J'phn H .t Cp, 135 Duane. BALT_..:OBE, TOB.COO 1r A.BI:BOOSI:S. Beclr, Deetjen & Hayen, 60 South Gay. Boleniuo, G. H & Co., 202 West Pratt. Boyd, W. A & Co. SS South. .!'fEW ORLEANS. LA.. C h bel' th t th t d h Jar.'ICI.OUS y m t e service Q t e then he ;n_e Van & Mason, !04. Poydraa St. these columna, from time to time, the expressions of our an t ey a e ra e as a w ole-a trade should at once come forward and relieve his frie ck 1 PAD1JC.t.B a:.r. cotemporaries on this. subject, apd our read_ ers must that loyally pata the Government nearly thirly mil their embarraBBments. 0 0 J. W. personal experience of the wrong sought to be relions last year-would allow its recognized organ to I"ETEBSBURG., V.t., 'l'f J f h Venables. w. & Oo. dressed. To come nearer home. We think the tobacco v11 y a c ass o men w em It believed to be honestly Young, R. A. & Bro., {Iron Fron& Buildings trade. has. reason to complain of the injustice of its discharging their 'duty? They cani)Ot persuade them PDILABELPJIUA. treatment by the various officials who have from time selves into any such belief a,s this, .and the very fa.ot Toucoo WARiaousn. to occupied in the Revenue Bureau. We that TuE LEA.F is enthusiasticall..supported by the Boyd, Pougeray & Co., 61 North Third'. J:: J Buokoor, llcCammoa & Co., 37 N ortb Water dQ not now refer at present particularly to the present trade of the entire country, shows that its courst!, is W:ater. Commissioner, ae the e:vil we complain of bas decreased uenerally approved, and that, in its criticisms of Eisenlohr, Wm. & Co., 11'1 South Water. oflate, but of the genera.! spirit of careless persecution action, it but reftecta trade opinion. We know no other Geyer & Hiss, 62 Front. which b\ls marked course of the Bureau in ita colte

2 PLAYED OUT-The tariffaud t ing bill, in their present shape. nliaaee en th expected the neX4 few weeta. Railroad: J. Burke, 3 1 { df-'#g 1bo'ws a little : C B Fallenstein & Son, 38 26. an h ppl eap goods is & Co, 97 do; A H Cardozo & We4 II 1 also c m ll& lv, and there & Co, 10 do; AD Chock-" Le \1 0 log to rat tQ&I .trilql tically at an Parker & Co, 2 do ; Pollard, to ro d have '0 t and hbu s'JJ be W Gunther & Co, 2 do; Nor-the trade, thi theyusine s ntl_ll' c p, r e:;port i wolfid be diffi imagine a more & Son, 5 do ; Th H Vetterlein a heartless plot on In a ew days large arriva s are expected, and renewed that occupied b th c k U To assert & 1 "", 50 pkgs Bunzl & Dormitzer, 86 do, 69 f t art'es both m and 011t of office who should acti.VI-ty may be looked fior The demand is, however, Y e a era mons. -.... 0 cer am P 1 f Cl .11 d 1 that waJes may be increasr buli. red'oced, ia do; 4 pkgs: NoT A lL.Pl'Y FAMn,Y-TheReveuue officials in this distri.ct under the Collector and Supervisor respectively. feel ashamed of being implicated in so unscrnpuleus chiefly for low running <> ar .... vi e, an s ennncia a prineiple worthy if a cbnvent}on of'ln By the N'e York & New Haven Steamer Line: and so uncalled for an attack. averaging too high in quality remain unsold. rozen naties,a d yet we understand tbatihe U11ions have been Levy & Newgas11, lt!5 cs; M Westheim & Co, 21 do; W AITING.-The people are waiting pati e ntly to see what lha oftioi&ls proposeto do m the case ofBaitey. THE W.orld116Serts that Pres1dent Grant brings a to ...bacco-chastened appet1w" to his fiv&()'clock meal. VERY fa1r of Havana and Sb'raz tobacco have been growil in Dharwar, Ind1a. ,:J KILLED.We are hapfi'YtO be able to inform the trade, on the authority of Speaker Htchman, of the Assembly, that that old fraud, the Bill th-e sale of leaf to.baooo in.tb&-State--of Ne-w York," which ia -y w.inwr b:y certam par ties who are "on the make," bas been finally disposed 0f, so !t a 11hW session io 1t came near passing, through the inattention of the trade. SuRPRISED.We et&surer'lsed tdfin'{J so any T bers of Congress .mtelti!!mtly wit& t\:4 CHEWS AND MOKES T 6NE RuNDRED AND FIFTEEN. the cigar question It is a cheering omen for the trade. There is living in neighborhood of Dumfnes, Willialn county, Va. dhd.,wido\v of 'otwy soldier, tbe aew Tif.l:aa Morgan C Ham Yl'll. Ch}oe wbo 'ba$ rea.qhe4 the l!nuaml.l '1ige of it is said that he never sm_oked &(cigar or took a drink 115 years. She enjoys good health but is very deaf,' and and yet he clrums to represent Texas I eye!ligh' She bas lost all of her teetll, oot hfll a tllick smt of gray hair Her memory 1s ToE DuTY ON CIGARS.We call attention to an ar goad. She says she was a grown woman at the time of the ticle on.. subject in column. It states the surrender of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown. She is in the ease fur tb'e'd.,mestic b'lah11f& turers. .receipt a L a pensiOn from the Umted States Governmen4 and IS very comfortably cared for. The old lady both chews and t-obl).cco. DrsGRACEFUL-The petty jealousr. and bickering among the Revenue officials in this district. Mr. Com mi9sioner ow:e" it t.o w look i11to it. ....;.._.:._ Oaio TonAcco.-The Miami!!barg (0.) Bulletin of AM inexperienced joker suggests" Untir\ng Smo)l;eJ;" tqe 8th inst.. "The tobacco has as an apt interpretation of the true signification of the thus far unsatistactory, the largest portiOn remammg hNis sbaptismalappe111't}on. unsold. The viewLQLbJIJers sellersdl"e .too .far apart. Some fine)ots sold at figures durmg, the hogsheads of rfall and winter, and even rloW' b'nng good prices TJJ.e. of St. Peters-quality ohbe largest portion, however is not 'What the Since the 1st-of Oetober lal!t 1,948 tobacco have been inspected in the city llalg.; <....!.=.-' want, thll "rl making sales. The pnpropitious last) s ,"mm,erdruiued anticipa. tions oftJhe cultivators. hear of a generalllowing of seed, s'bowfng a on the part of pro ducers to again embark for anotneryear, we hope with better thanJast year.?' W.e guess :thet Bullmih is about right as to the quality of 1869 crop,, and it will now be to that Tax ToBACCO LEAF was right last Fall when moderate A NEw ORDER OF TmNGe.-We trust that the advent of 'fill inaugJmte a. ne\';1 o.rder qf things in Thirty,aeeond District. His time til&$ offi. turn'ed their attention. to something else than their fa.mAY q\la,rrel!!, wl;ticb.certllpilyllanllot mall) benefit q, r f;)HOULD ,BJ: REliEMBERED-The n'rqes of gen'tlemeu in the of Representatives who spoli;e up boldly for the cigar trade and by in statements that thh knew as much about the matter as Gen. Scnenck. T,bey have well earned the gratitude of the tr.ade. W refer to Messrs. Strong, Washburn, .Dawes, Kellogg, Platt, 'Wood, and1Upson. IT said that the I!U;;;;;-of 'the recent strlkes Oincimiati, Onio, and Utica. N. Y., has h&\n(];( ih New York A proposition for tHe establish meDt of a" Co operative Gigar Manufacturing Compa ny" hi'S been received ;with favor, and a plan .for or g!mization lias been aclopted The capital stock is fixed at tt5,ooo, each sba're to be $10, and no Jl'800 be allow ed1-'td Holtl' o\rer 50 shares. the ecstacies of the Bulletin bver that yield. 1 '; 1 r'"' t J \ i r f I THE CHAMBER OF CoMMERCE .AND 'l'BE LATE CoLLEC '00&.-At the last regular meeting of the New York. Chamber of Commercii a communication was rec'3ived, asking ap expression of the view.s of the Chamber upon a petition which was being circulated among the porters and other business men of the city, relative to the seizure of the property and boob and papers of business men by efficials of tha United States R e venue service, thro11gb power conferred 'Upon such officials by the act of Congress of March 2, 1867. The petition, which is designed to a repetition of su ch as \yere peq1etrated by the late Collector Bailey, sets forth that 1the act in question is to the spirit of the Constitution, and li:reatly detrimental to the rbest of :the business community. After a brief discussion, was referred the, Exooutive Com mittee. TURKEYS AND Baltimore .Sun, of the 16th, says: "Yesterday afternoon a drove containing turkeys was driven alonSr Fayettestrllet. They A ToBAcco FAIR.-;-There was an adJOurned trudged it all tlie way from the State of Ohio, and are Lmeet'me: of the Richmond (Va.) Tobacco Association on the intended for tlie tobacco plantations of Connecticut. 20th inst., to the .report of the committee appointed The turkeys traveled much faster than either swine at a prevwqs meetmg to take mto consideration the subJect or horned cattle! making twenty-five a day with of a sum of m q ney to, the Virginia Agncul l'fter !ltoppmg eeveral times for feed. This is the. tural SoCiety to be expended as premiums for the tobacco aecond 11rove turkeys that hae passed through this crop of the present year. The revort recommends the eitV>in 'the few weeks." balding of an fair in that city under the aus-"r 1 of the associatian; and, in furtlierance of this object, TB:!: TOIIAcco 'TAx.The following statement shows recommends a donatton of 1500 to the Vugima Agncul the collections on tobacco in the Southern and Eastern tural Society to be offered as prizes and premiums at the DistJjcts of Nj!w York fo r the years \868 and 1869, 'by November fairfor ailleadmg c)asses of tobacco dealt at their Collection Districts. Reports have not been received Exchange, whether grown io VIrginla or North Carolma.. from the First, Eteventb, and Thirty-second Districts. Tbe reported was adopted. Mr. D T Will iams offered the cJt.'Ji V1eW. 1 '1868. 18611. .lianville paper of the villrbe aold, and a la7ge quantity of money will b e put 9th in st. adds: t.For the last three days the tobac;co in:. cironlation. We may rook 'forward, to-aar, for keti has been unusually active. T.he )ike muoh buainellB and many bargains. 11 r with precious weed,' never was seen be ore. T)!ey '" --, came from alLtthe comities around Danville, w'bich 'llo-LA, 1> DETECT.r;v:ss.-We find an rei!utation f p r ,the production of fine tofolib'ltil\g IJensible remarks in the ew J; o.rk Times Q and trom countie11 whioh have never "l1i that aD, .ha& laid dbwn, tr\ilfM with r us before. W agone were here from the the jlthibiple that 'a, is iustified ip vio following Virginia cl:>un_ties: Pittsylvania, Halifax, lating the law, provided hi..j oply,motive is to B!lbserve Henry, Patrick; Franklin, Campbell, and Bedford; and the interests of the Government.' It is to be hoped from ,tlw following North Carolina counties: Caswell, that the ex-Revenue Asseesor iloes not .17-f; Hamburg, 3&i@ 1Londoll1 10 do; E Han, l do; H A 2 do; Cook 302 bhds. 545 bbds. 183 bhds. 35f; Am11terdam; ((j.f@4-0i; Frankfort, 40s@46f; & 'Reid, 3 do; H L Warmstedt,4 do; S Rapp, 11 do; r ll .... h1. lllllltlb8.' Bremen, 'i'it@'78i; Proslrian thalel'S, 70!@7 Martin & Jonnson, 29 do; J H Thompson, 72 do, 4 r 393 bhds Flreights haxfl not very actiYel in ome pli:gtl; 38, hf-bn; Debao, Carroll & Co, 8 do, 3() > 353 hhds. 4t9hhds. 1 cases lower bffn a(lcellted ,rhe engager 225 qtr-bxll; W 0 Smith, 88 do, 46 do, 12 do; N';n Aprll5. April 12. AprU '1.9 melilts we e 'ae, fp1lows: To I:ondon, 2 0 3as fur McCrea!lp,, 98 do, do, 2 Cadi!, 100 pkgs1 W p 407 l,07AI 1,1 '115 hhds. large; to 130 il.t tos; 250 ca llt 'I'Ss. A Kittredge & Co, 8 do, 83 cs smoking, 100 pligs mf'd; Aprll26. ship bas beep chartei-e.d for 858 hhds to Genoa 'or :Bulltley & Moore, wo qtr-bn; Order, 482 cs, 303 hf-895 hhds. .!1''1 about 30s >I 1 ):>xa., 42 qtr-bxs; E DuBois, 85 cs, 7 bxs1 72 hf-bxs. "' ;little leafi11 .sold, QUOTATIOl!lll otr WHoLBsAiiK'PIUCES. oasttwille from Baltimore: 3 hhds; to the lightness ef stock on hand which, 1agam, IS P"" Gro,_ or !eat 10-are al(&lnat M ""-'lk ,... Co, J. do, Th1'ertnan, Kn er -Co, 18 pkma. "' '. h >, h aalee &Del or eeed !ea{ .&II "'11 "' ll "" c-; caused by the h1gner pnces paur m RIC mona, t e ohoald be obtained o:r them at 61t band,. Gro'lfen canaot AUGUSTA, G A .... G -!receipt" here n'Ct averagingf more tlian twenty hhds! tllelrcropofoi'tlle-eprtceauani oetal'ne4.,. llre-oaleot A., PRIL .... essrs regg "" OleJ' "' or coortlecyery Je-MI!I muot be at Ul .. ...., .. ,and ltbererore ax folloWI!: Prtceil are -&t.Qc}Ls lignt, but per week. From Virginia, -w& learn that-the same avatalnable b:r tile pwor wW be eomewhAI lo_.r tban our a&tite. We quote: New-Common sound tob _poured UJ!irOn' ou='i>& .... 18 60 'to 62!c. Old-Common I!Ound pounds, 65 to 67ic; t e mar ets, ync urg especia y emg a e I BleckFrozell.... ...... 7H Extra fine .......... .... 411 81111 medm SO\lnli d 7p to 75c fuie to fane do SOc to h[ >ying center. It is thus probable durmg-,tAe Cownont._t,,.. ..... 8H OJ( ,Pine ............ .... 88 o, Y >< 1 f 'ho 'Jl be Mediwnle&f .. .... 8 lOJf Good .... .. ... 2'f e pancake and fig dv, tl to 1.50; common hf-do1 61f to 62-fc; week ot; two moe-tenths o t.'f'< entire crop WI Good.. 1 "" 10Jot: llH llllllt.JIIIl..... .. 28 d l ,1 1 1 b_T, ) ht I< l ll t 'order" ., bfu;h Floe ... ..... 11X@I2 Common....... 20 me tum I 01 65 to lh iC, f ack 10 s, 62ic j short bhfCk roug 10, as can Oo IJ ow .,e 1 1 Belootton "' ..... tlai:01BH Kum:r, -IIO's' 60 r I fOJ!ine'rly owifig to the SCil.rCity Of money and 1alJor. cutting old, ... 8 .@;$ Lttt Prelle4, extra line Ill t : I .. unru,;. the old sla-ve syatem, July was t}le H.:vy le .... 12 @20 a7H@4CI BAL'J;IMOBE, APRlL 23 c. LoosE & Co., receipts as by that t;r:tle leaf had h&en.. JCommontage...... .... s c 8H Flue.: .. ..: .............. ao P IDIXUS810n merchants and dealers In leat tobacco, re, -: 1 Common !eat ...... .. 8"@ 9H Kedtum, .... 26 @30 port Maryland leaf Is co'mt"ng xn qm"te f eel th h !lUi table order, but in these poverty !Medium.,. ..... ..... ... 'Common I. 20 r y, both labor and capital are anytbin$, .. :: : :.:: .. ::.::: tT oao tJ:Ie mspectlons are not of prev10us the fanner is forced to get oue crop out_ of seectiono ..... Good .............. 21 E week. ha_s been verylmsk, sh1ppers gen-wa money for it io his pocket befote lie can to 7x@ Slt : 30 a buy. Sales have been t.he necessar..prepSI"ations for another. f This is 'Commonteat .. ...... S.!f@ 9.!1' Floe..... .. .. 23 liberal and full pnces. No quotable sales. J rr Medium "'"" Commonh m 1tom .... 18 0110 We but to note sales of 30 to o bhd most explanation of the large quant1ty -OllW Good................ lOX@IIX Haz.,.., In co', black so tt ,. ,. s, at the breaks at commencement of another plant Fl!le ..... ...... .. .. 1o. ddo. 20 pal't to home manur.cturers. Sh1ppers have not {VIi l SeleeUono... .... .. .. .. -.@ "" ,.. uo. o .. 18 JJ th ketl t season. That tile high prices now commanded by .... ......... ll3 app_eare.,. In e rece1p s are .. nearly all kinds of leaf will cause a large planting for 1 : .. :. .= no.tiCe some httle de?Ja?d for Kentucky and Vugmta; the new crop t'-ere cannot be a reasonable doubt but Medium Leaf ...... .... 11 18 Fancv priceS for both descriptions held veil firm. ell Heavy Shipping Leaf.... 12 14 :May Apple l!!lI t" th' k 61 hhd l d 26 hhd that a correspondingly large yield wilL be harvested Wrapper, dark IJady Jl'lngera Roll1! ISO @6tl _n, speo lODB IS wee 0 8 5 8 is another matter. We have in former articles referred com. r6 : = Ohxo, 96 Kentucky, 2 hhds VlrgLDia j total, to the scarcity of labor, but, tbe:rds still another diftiBrown and Green1ah.... 6 Bngbt Gold Hare do 86 @40 9'18 .. 3&0 bhds culty in the way of an extraordinarily large crop this ... ll3 35 hbds 49 hhds Kentucky, 110 hbds VIrgmia season. During the past year many of the owners of Fine !ill @:15 Seed and Havana, stems, and 30 hhds Kentucky stems, all to per large estates have been compelled, through the pres.. 5 @ 5X s;,;,d ... = steamer; 9 hhds Maryland and 20 ,hhds Vugm1a to sure of pecuniary necessity, to sell their land Many s!:'d 20 oo @ll6 oo Liverpool; 4 to Demerara. We renew quotations: formerly well to-do farmers have been forced to Medium .. 9H@l.l wrapper 20 oo @!5 ot 5@6 ; sound common, 6i@7i; part )nth the acres they have so lG>ng and so indus bro'IVD. Ii'"= c good common, middling, good fine triously tilled. So general has been this changing of Upp<>rCountry ... .-.. 11 Conn. Filler and St. brown, lli@15; fancy1 1_7@80. Ohto.-Infenor to hands in several parts of Virginia where tobacco is 5 11 eo':'.:::I'J>:&r re: : : :.fg !\'g 8:: common, 5@7; greemsh and '1@9; megrown, as seriously to affect the' amount of the next -10 Cheroots an"tstxes .. 10 oo @ii 09 d111m to fine red, 9@12; common to medmm led, orop, as it is well known that a sale of the land usually do. meftom ......... ao ......... & @-90 7@10; fine spangled to yellow, 12@25. Ken_tucky.breaks i1;1 upon the routine of cultivation, and the aver25 .. = = Common to good i to medium leaf,., age amount of crops is not reach-ed until the Jan.l Fillers .. ... @sccoommtch0&n Lun -9065 lO@l'Zt good to fibe, 13@14, select: leaf, 15@18. .,. New York Butl-Liaf-TT. I fe d f: ted I 5@6 t has been a year or two under the new management. Wrappers, IB68eoleeted. ts @ISO American Gentlem&ll-1 oo n nor an ugs, ; common o Still, with all these drawbacks, it would be strange if ..... _._:::: M &M .. good 7@.10.;_ common to mediUm leaf, 7t@ at least an average crop of tobacco were not produced hnn8ylvdnJtJ &tul-Liaf.- Don Qojote. !5 ll; tau to e;ood sl:;ippmg, lit@ 14 in year 1870, and if the seasons are favorable = LaECoronade 26 TOBAcco sT.A:rEM.ENT. Hhds. at t he est leaf ought to be considerably cheaper the Fillers. .do 10 >1 H ': 28 Jan. I, stqck 10 warehous!Ml and en shipboard OltW Bw!.-Liaf.-Ex reAned 82 Ot ln d 5 '118 first of January next than it is to-day. Running Iota, 1868 .. :10 @!6 "G c" 458Ib. caaea t9H n c...,are. Seed Lea/There bas been a little more doing since ne;1 : .: this .. 0'18 our last but the sales are still confined chiefly to Ohio ...... 18 G .... ill prev!OuslJ 3,llO and cheap Forthe fornie! 9!@ .. :::: : > .!5:H 12c. are given for round crops-fillers, binders, and Fr'f'P,.!.. H.a(vandutar, 00 ,., uo ourra ............ .. .... !5X Total. 9,805 f h C .... LD tn'U ) jtl u & Con .. .. . . U)l{ Ex6orted since Jan 1 Marv land and wrappers. '.rhe seconds and fillers o t e new onnecm.vanaas't' do -@ "Z Z 440 lbo .... .... .. 27H 1 h r r t t b tb t t JI&yanaFil'ro Com. do 7!1 @ 35 "Z A," !14 h10 3 601 ticut are a so soug t 10r-m 1ac any o acco a IS a do do Fair do .. 88 @ 911 "G z" 23M r all cheap for export. We report the following bales: do do Fine do 1 oo @1 05 "F MF" .... .... a tand on shipboard not P Jl W t Do Yara IU!Sorteddo 88 @95 "JI' G F." ... .... .. ll3 cleared 889 40 cs. ensylvama at 114c.; 30 cs. estern on prtva e Yara I Cot do. 87H@90 ::A o .. c.". .... .... .... .. 21H .. terms 42 cs Ohio at 131.. 158 cs Ohio on private Yaran.cut do 1 oO @I 06 MF ....... ........... 4,490 T- Jlan1ifacturoil.--TaxSSCperpound. "R R. laH terms, 113 cs. Ohio on private terms; 47 cs. Oh10, for IN BOND. 5'a,7's,.lO'eand1tlf. :H export, on private ter!D.8 (rountl crop); 200 cs. 1869 = "F. N. P.".. ........ .... ll3 Sffitock in warehouse this day........ .. 5,81.6 Connecticut, secQnds and fillers, on private terms. CA 0, APRIL 22 -The Price Current reports this From the Valley we l earn that a leading packer llas IliPORTS. as follows: The sale of tobacco by the Plan sold out his entire packing to a member J Arrivals the of New York from foreign ports ters' tobacco warehouse company was a decided As this included wrappers, it makes the first for the week ending April 26, incluqe the following success in every particular Sixtytwq hogsheads were sale of the tatter this Sll&son that we have heard of. consignments: l entered, and 11old at the following prices : 20 hhds lugs We did not learn what were the range of p.rices given. Cienfuegos: Emileo Burchard, 1 cs cigars. at tl5 to 7. 75; 30 hblls shipping leaf at 8 to 12 50 ; 12 we do not expect, however, to see this example very Denia: Order, 157 bales licorice root. hhds piebald at 13 to l'T. 75. There was a full board of generally followed for the next two months. A St. Domtngo: Ritter & Murdock, Hamburg, 114 local buyers present, and a good attendance of planters. dealer here and there may be anxious to secure ceroons; J H Koster, do, 258 dp; Eggers & Stallsfortb, The sales were, as far as we could learn, entirely satis a certain grade of leafi but thetrade generally Bremen, 21 do factory. Manufactured is quoted as follows: bark, will probably be content to leave the new Con Havana: Strohn & Reitzenstein, 115 bales H Schu to 65o; light, '15 to 90c; bright, 75c to $1, per lb; severely alone until it can be accur-bart & Co, 109 do; Felix Miranda ,' 312 do; Eggert, smoking, per lb, pkgs, 3/ic to $1. 31tely ascertained in what :condition lit will come out Dills & Uo, 158 do; Thierman, Kuchler & Co, 1 4 2 do; CHICAGO, APRIL 22.-Tobacco has been in good of the curing process. Of course the cheaper grades A Goozales, 'P.4l0 ; C W"Wilkms, Hl do; Martin For request, and the annexed quotations were firmly sus may prove an exception from the present scarcity, but mez Furion, 3 new Boone and Kenton county1 Ky, 5 at 5.15 to 1 er to the trade without addiqg anything to the price 1,859 hbds, 15 tcs, 1,839 cs, 83 do smokmg, 7 bxs, 481 5.85, 11 at 6 to 6.95, 6 at 7 t-o 7 951 3 at 8 30 to 8 50 s ,, in currency. Thus the Californians insist that leaf must hf-do, 827 qtr do, 575 pkgs 100 do IJI[d, 2 cads, con1igned at 9.50 to 10.25, 1 at 20 ; 13 hh8s uew Mason county, at rr come down, and that they only ptop{.se buying from as follows: 5.60 to 22; 3 hbds new Obro seed, at 4.60 to 4. 'TO ; 2 hhds ... hand to mouth until there is a decline. This determi-' By the Erie Railroad: Pollard, & Co, 116 hbds; new Jes,samme 6 65, 9.30; hhds, 2 bxs new 1 nation iii bad for those engaged in. supplying the CaBS M P a rker & Co, 218 do, Norton, Co, 44 .Southern Kentucky at 14 to Chas. Bodman & Co fornia trade, and it to be seen which can hold do; C B Fallenstein & Son, l 70 ilo, J K Smith & Son, sold duriDg the week 103 hbds, 43 bxs, follows: 89 out longest, the mapufacturers or the leaf men. Our 82 do; Oelrwbs & Co, 45 ao; E. U nkart & Co, 100 do; bhds new Mason county, 1 at 3.95 1 at 4 95, 19 at 5 to" opinion is that 'the 1eaf speculation has long since J D Keilly, Jr, 24 'do, B)akemme, Mayo & Co, 11 'Z do; 5 .95, 13 at 6 to 6.90 11 at 7.85, 8 at 8.15 to 8.95, 16 at 9 passed out of the control of those 'who first attl!mpted G L Cary, 7 ,!lo; A.;EI Cardozo & Co, 28 do, Ottinger Brpll, to 9. 75, 6 at 10 to 10. 75, 3 at 11 teo 11. '15, 2 at 12, 12. 75; to engineer it, a11d that they .could not cause a decline 2 do; Sa,yYer, Wallace & Co, 5 do, L W Gunther & Co, 2 at 13, 1& ;8 hhds new Southern Kentucky, 8.65 to in obe scarce styles, evert if they would. A new 60 do; Hermann Bros & Co, 58 do; Bryan, Watts & Co, 23 25 ; 5 hhds new West V 1rginia, at 5.50 to 9 45 ; 2 crop, and a De'f crop alone, r will put down priee11 tg 6 do, P Lorillard & Co, 91 do; C .E Hunt, 4 do; F p bxs new Wellt 'Virginia, at 8 75, 10; 4 hbds new Indiana, any material extent, and it is somewhat bard to pun Grac ey, 7 do, W G Meier 5 do, Oelrteb.s &-Co, 13 do, 5.25 to 6:35; 4 bhds new Owem co1111ty, at 7.65 to 11; ish the manufacturer for a phenomenon which is utterly Fielding Gwynp & Co, 15 do; AD Cbockley & Co, 5-5 41 b:xS Ohio ;>eed, 3 at 4.10 to 4.65, 6 at 5.15 to 5.50, 1 beyondhi!l control. do; JosephMa.yer& Son, 24 pkgs; Bunzl & Dom1tzer '5at6.15to6.55, 6at. 'T.70to7.8&, 5at8to 8.90, lat9, The exports: for the week include 1,01'7' pkgs. 36 do, C F T ag 51 do, M & E Salomon, 18 do; E 3 at 10,3 at 11 to 11.75, 4 at J2 to 12.75, 2 at 13 .'15, lbs.), a considerable increa-s.e. Spmg arn &;! C o 24 do, order, 66 bhds, 23 pkgs 14 25; 3 at 15 to 15.50. Casey Wayne & Co sold during W e call especial, attel)tipn this week to our I By the Hudson River Ra1lroad : Fatman & Co, 2 hbds, toe week 85 bhds, 6 bxs, as follo ws 37 hhds new Mason and quotation & f ? r which have S a wy e r & Oo, l dp, Ottm ge r Bros, 41 do i J K1fa;>nou ... : w count,y, 9 at 5.20 to .5.9Q, 12 at 6 05 to 6.&;, 4 at,d'l been considelf a bly' enlarge d and corrected to conform Smith & Son, 17 do; Norton, Slaughter & Co 5 do 7 :so to 5 at a w 8.90, 2 at 9.10 t,o. 9.50, 2 at 10 to 1:''. ) I 'Blak emQte, , hbds new Owenqounty;>, j-Smoking=Shows onlyr.a-sliglitt:.lmproveru ent; deafer!! pkgs; J M aye r & Son, 43 do. to 20.50 i3 h ods n e w West V1rgima, at 5 50 io 11. '15; 5-11 ..




4 THE .TOBACCO ,-: I ( -, For Smoking and Manufactured #OUWD I 1:ol:l. .., :Lithographers, tl1.8 (Herald Building), NtiuJ .A.T ::Ea.311::0VO:m::O .... .. F. c. LINDE .a. co., .. ( I W A..REHOUSEB-1:42 Wa.ter and 74. 76, and -78 Greenwich .Street. OFI'IIlB, loU -WATE& r .. l I 1 No. ':to9 N'e-w-Yor:k. lf. Y. Commission llerehanta. D EFIANC E > I Pnnt--. 81 die feiJewlq ..._ o .. ,............. I .sL imPBiaTO, ST.utlWID. &ULLIVBR. BUOCB88, LBGAL TBNll"8B, LONB 8TA11, QU(B ;BOOSTml, TBll PBLIOAllf, l l'OWBB 01' :P ABiliON. BIG THI!!.'!. Tllll QOLDliN :BAWd! .LBO oo:li.PU'D. '.A880RTllBRT 01' ALL TIP LBA.DING HAVANA BBA.NDS, I ; .. HAVANA LEAF,. R. S. W _AL TE'R, ---YOBX. CW;ItDOZ;;;"';; i;, _Havana & Yara BEST' DE. B -n y ... TG :. r;I:'QH.A.CCO, .L11 208. PEARL STBEJP.'r, ... 62 Broad and 60' Jfew Streets, ; IMPORTERS OP L.A.' .A:Pft.XCA.N'A.,.,.,. bel otAer, Arte ancl lwaruU ot HaflarHI AND SOLE AGEm FoB THE SALE 'OF THE Near Jlalden ,Lan e NEW YORK ECCERT, DILLS & 0 and of S P A:NiSH TOBACCOS, PRINCIPE: DE GALESSEGARS, 1 WGfer York, MAN'Ull'AOTURED AT THE ..,.,llraD(lll 1fet\t 8eeoD.d Street, r : '" o: IJ 11 : P. KBY WEST:: BR:ANOB :( I 1 Ol? TliB CELEBRATED PRIIOIPE:DE GALES HABiJFAa!ORY OF BivAi(A. I B.lKER, SON, & cq. Tobaooo and Ootton Factors, AND I Cominissi on Mercli'a.nts, ICHDnEIFELI. I; ee., ( 1 No. i 42 Peart Street,' ', 232 CHURCH S'T., :ru&. NBW YORK iJoBX ""-""1 ... t, r i N e w f (I I p' f \1 ( umeau.. of, ADd Dealen Ill, the. r llllowlq WILLIAM M. PRICE & -,rell-kJiow:D, ud Celebrated.BDiolldl 14: ClllmaratDDAVlD O'IBILLI;OO.) vm.Gmti{ [ L .EAF' TOBAcco r TO BACJ 0 0 .. rrl19 Jfalden I, Captain Jinks. 1 [ 0 r r Champagne Charlie, Mliw YOII& Virginia state, -r ___Dill. ___ _____ ..,... Globe, Continental, lletropolls. Ito., Etc., Alllo, Ill ldD4 ( P:Z:.trG JOB. iltfA.YER & SON'. cs ... llertuut,, t 1 ; J1( L _Qmf-:1.92 JY .A.'l'.BB B'l'BEE'l', New York. !'! 1 f .'. J. R. BEB.GIUD .. -COJDtlSSION .-.:MBRCHAlf'J


THE M:&EBIOE ELLER, >') DUOa'l'DU Leaf ToJ)acco; 168 STATE STREET, BOSTON. f -if[Jlre of the A No. 1. Segars. 1 -ntotiA. ol. ltAYHR, PHILIPP HI LitlE. TftOMA$' J. RAYNER & CO.,".:: P ;1: N" .. S E G-.A. R. Ji!!i ,. lill DtALEtl II LEAF TOBACCO. ParUealar att.entioa to -flpeelal Brua. for Greeen & lobllen. L4JJerltJ Street, 84 Maiden Lane, New York. r.rOBAOCO LEAF. ,. New York Com.miSaion Merchants JOSBPB W. llAJIZN. J'JlBD.mwK H. JOWIBON. lWARTil\1 a JOBNSOl\1. lllooe110ra to 'B'IUMBATJ, ,1; CO., -'obacco. Commission Merchants. AGENTS li'OB. 'rHll BALE OF ..A...LL. THE H. HIOQLES & CO. 135 Duane St., N.Y., AGENTS ANO MANUFACTURERS OF ALL kiNDS OF Fancy Printed Cotton Goods FOR Tliie Brand of Cigars made at Key West out of those justly celebreted YULO worked by Cabalios, Figaro, lntimid&d, a:c., in aroma and workmanahip IAeir equaj6 1D enry respect. For sale by A. S. BOSBNBAUM A 00., 18!1 Water Street, New Y-k. 1-4 lb. Bags. 1 lb. Bags, 1-2 lb. Bags, 1;4 lb. l ).1 C!Vommonwtalth 1-4 lb. Bags. J lb. Bag.; lib. Bags JU..NUF.A.CTUREBS OF Bl.ACK 'AND BRIGHT. PLUG TOBACCO. At Fac"Wry No. 3, Seoond District, Nt'AC York, Jl.ANUJ.i'ACTUBIIRS OF Fine Ou:t Tobacco OF ALL GB.A.DES, SMOKING TOBACCO. Wholesale' and Retail Factory and Wareroom, 4 and 6 John Street; Store, 71 N a.saa.u, comer John Street, [BetabliBbed 1853.] NE'W YORK. Real :Meerschaum Pipe Bowls, LONDON STRAIGHT AND BEND, CARVED, PLAIN, .AND FANCY CIGAR ROLDEB8 made w order by special contract, s.nd at lower prices than they can be imported at. I have alway a on hand a very large stock of all patterns. I aleo make w order MONOGRAJYIS, CRESTS, PORTRAITS, ETC. r T .. JoU.liU ... s OF THE OELEBBA.TED BOILINil MOUNTING, etc., attended w. Goode Mnt to all parts of &lit country.' CilSlQlara sent by enclosing stamp. e Of' every Style, RAILROAD / SnuB's of N. Il.-l am tOO Sole Manufacturer of GENUINE llEEBSCHAU AND ..UWEB GOODS w till! Trade in the United State& llan ufacturer ot I.orillard's Celebrated Yacht Club Pipes, given away with his Yacht Club Smoking Tobacco. JIACCO:BOY, FRENCH RAPPEE, SCOTCH AID LtrNDYl'OOT szrvm '- AID FRE:cxr Slll1FF FLOUll $ AND DEALERS IN CIGARS, loUNUJ'AGTIJRiiRil OJ';t'HJI,.l'Ila81' 11RBDI Ol' r r '"T f L t. CLA_:sFoRD Dl. H. LEVIN, WAUUIUis.Gi.oU trtlmUt.G ..... ... Having purchased the Factory of Yessra. ROBINSQN, GARTH .t 00., together with all T b d s their famous Brande, we are now offering Plug a\ prioea below the 1111ual J'll&w; ST. 0 a ceo an epa rs, SMIKINI TOBACCOS, CIIARS, AND PURE POWDERED LICQIICE. .. : ) ,133 W A.TEB. .A.ND 85 PINE STBEETS, I ''l../ 1NEW YORK/ &o ;whioh we. i nvite the at\enuon of-eloee and large buyers. Solicit to London Lherpool, Mel ....., .DUJa ,. .w. ....,.. .,. 0 T. H. llriESSENGER & CO., tKPOa'fUI .&.JDI Jt&&Jal !.-' ..> FOREIGN&, DOMESTIC TOBACCO, ... L I 0 0 R I 0 E lJ.. 181 Ul8 UIDD LANE, DW 'i"liRK. '1"1108. B. BJ:IS.NGU. o&7-li9 I)DOY LA:IUU.IIOUo IMITH, HEIBY a, IHEFFIUI, Tebaooo a.nd Ootton Faotors, um GENEBA..L Commission Merchants, .No. 49 Beaver Street. _,__,. NEW YORK. YOLQER & HUNEKEN, X e liiri& ol Segars, Deala8ta PXPBII Tilt!. F TOBA.OOO. ..._,, NtM rorTo, & 0. BOl'ln&d, FELIX MIRANDA, IllPORT.ER OF .._L'"SHED 1 """6 bOilrne, and Sydney, ot Mannfllclnred Tobacco oult lll"!!t .a. O. alllet.lllelem.,.lleto. Cubadftll-madeby LEAr T OB" A C C 0, j ,. ..., ., J. DUFF W A.LL.A.OE, E U C EN who wm ad me ot Tobacco 182 P:EARL-ST, near Wall-a., E DU BOIS, WJ4. VIGELIUS WM. AGNEW & SONS, ... IIEW-YORl, .. .r .. ----------w .. Q.x-.... J'.W .._ .. ....,..,. 'I: T b v -IIIWMUII.O 1. L. Gll8KRT. n. L KERRIGAN AGNEL, Leaf, Manufactured, and ,.:..,a, I 0 a ceo -d 2@6 r 3. L. GASSERT & BllO., TOB!lm 00 GlmA1 OOMMIB8ION mH1Bft TODACCu .. .... .. ...-E-w-ro.RK, 3'1 Water St., New York. I 75 Pearl 8tt:eet, un oa .A.LL n.IIIOSIP'IIoa ol' COMMISSION MERCHANTS eou Aonn PCHt Monnfactnred Tobacco of all StyiPO nd Qnalltlea dl Leaf Tobaceoior vY .... o+ and n-u Gold Dust, Scarfalletti, -rect hom the beot mnulllc orfeo ot Vtrgtula, tor tale .. EW ..... ORK se. AND DI!.I.LERI! lN ALL lrnl!JS OP. In lor porebaoero. I r.;., Joblooo baled Ia .. 1 p.cbp 'bJ bfodnu. Ala ai.UR lbaklac ui JlaulM&ve4 ---. lio .... for export. 14-59 Leaf Tobacco, '18 WoUt-BtrHI, ... y ..... 0 ..._ No. 160 Water Street, New York. a ,, G. REISMANN & CO., .A VERY FIRE -c. JULIAN ALLEN PtttbaU, 0 L D OF ALL DESCRIPTIONs; ... .. AJ.LIWIIIOOP QONNECTICU'I' 8KED LEAF on sale by Ao 'l'IIJUl'r, SDorrence St.Wht., Reeldenee 600 Jllgb St., PROVIDENCE, R. L >'OR SEGA.B BOXES, J'urnlahed Ia qtWltitlee to Bni t, b;r ::E'I.C>:DD.II:.A.N' .-, EEEIPB1:7::E'1.1\T, 216 LEWUi STREET, N. Y. 6t SeedLeaf and Havana l f l t @.), -TOBACCO, 179 P"' ..,T .....,.....,... WholeMle Only, .1:1.12...1>LL1 DJ.AD.DJ.t ET N Y Bet-Pin M C..... .-_ 172 WATER STRE I I ........... i Branastore, e sixth street. 1'a llDIWf J AND oP TJm BRAMD OF RBW YO... lH tralflr Blrut. NEW YOBK Ill a :nw You SEKJ. AB.S, CC RITIOA," llUIIIIL Bualllo. A BlllWliO. VJITJILEJN 1.91J Pearl. Stzeet.f D. &A. BENRIMO, UBRECHT, SIEBERT & C0,1 ______ ...:....NIIW-=--_Yo_R_K. llunractorera.' H BOHOVEBT ING & 00 CHAS. F. TJ.G' ,. ... IMPORTER c No.1 '72 PEARLrSTREET, 8. LININGTON & SONS, ....., n..u,-.. .u.L l

. THE TOB.&C.CO Sole ncce1!11or to "'iurl'> F -il BISCHOF'if. :r : fi t Ju uV Bonded Difltrict WO"ODWARD BROT.HER & CO., and Gene;ral Commission Mercliants, No. North Water Street, and No. 48 North Delaware &. A. WOODWARD, l '!IIBo. H. WOODWARD. f BUCKNOR, McGAMMON & CO., TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS SEGARS, Ko. 3 Hortq Water Street. PBILADBLPBIA. P.a.. IL. & G. VV. EDWARDS, Dectlon Dl;tr!ct or Pennsylvania,} TOBACCO 1 Granby St., Baltimore; FBED1K,a 'VILKBNB. I J WILKf .NS 1 LEAFh 'T-OBAOCO AND "' 1 OOMM SSION No. 69JSouth Charles St., oear Pratt BAL Tl!JSIOU. Jlli!J!),,.. 1 \ CENERAI. i&&QD 1.Xf?J .hant, A.nd TOBA.CCO Jl' No. 90 Loml::-'l.rd St., (OM door weJJt of Exclv;;;ge ptaoo ) :J-'-'!1 .,. IIAL'!.!i.MORE, Md. r:;g-;t-b a1 advancements made on Consignment!!! WM BURWELL, BlobiDODd, 'a.. TOBACCO BROKER, -lloiiC.u. Ordtll. for lhe JRrdlue ol Leaf ... I \\ f'o1:16ccQ.. WEEGO.RT. ( B. GBO .C.. W. KJROIDIO DILLS & CO. (Suoc""''ol's to WM, EGGERT,) Cincinnati. D.&.LEBS IX DOMESTIC AND SPANISH 0 I Leaf Tobacco L U S STRASSER,_ a2 WEsT SECOND srREEr lmpGftlr oiiUVAN.l &114 Dtlllr m DOilBSTJ Cll'fOINiU .. TI' -E-G-A -of Meenohaum and'Brter--pj,pe AIM Bllmdt o1 OBEWING Aim SMOKING TO:SAOOO, 18'1 Walnut Street, W. H. GLORE, JR. C. 0. GLORE. ,J. A. P. 6LQBE & BROS., AND , JACOB ZINS &. BROTHER, I Jl&n11factaren or B. J!(lB"'"' IaapeeUoa_ and ComlldNlon S&Je OP LEAF -TOBACCOS, ...&1r AOENTI! 01r '!'!.'2: lA OJ' VIRGINIA iiJN:El NORT:H CAROLIN A Leaf Mauflqltur ""o. 4 IRON FRONT BUILOINCS, PETERSBURG, VA. v 8. W. VEI.UBt.B. B..i'. HAMILTON. s, w, 'VENAB!.E &. I 00., De&ienln liiAF aiid or PLUG PETERSBURG, YA., L. B. Bill, HAAS OIAUU IX CONN. S 'EEDLEAF TOBACCO. Imported and Domestie VJgars, f54 STATE lD1 82 MAIN ST., HARTFORD, CONN. rs, d 'lftoletll!.le ef!! TE.A.B, BURNHAM, J. D BUliNIUll,} 77 & 79 Asylum St. f HARTFORD, CONJ. B. a Z. K. PEASB, c :1.6 MARKET STREET, HARTFORD, CONN. WM. WESTPHAL, COlDIISSION MERCHANT, JOSEPH S. WOODRUFF, DEALZB IN Connecticut (df TOBACCO, I' M ftK, {REET, HA.R'I,'FORD, CONN. & SON, LEAL TOBACCO, Connecticut Seed-Leaf Tobacco, EAST HARTFORD, CONN. EATT HARTFORD. G. W. GRAVES, .ecticut Seed-Leaf U.S. Bonded Tobacco Warehouse No. t, GEO. W. WICKS & CO., Manufacturers, Agents for Sal"C of Virginia, Missouri, and Kentuck1J TOBACCO, .A.loo Denlen in 'f Qllitdl 102 M .AIN STREET, [Bet ... 8fl and 4tli';) Louis'fHle, Kentucky, 1'IVB BBO'llDBB TOBACCO WOBD _......, ------. -..-. ----.1081 FIIZER l BROS... 11-'111 .... 3. W. THORNBERRY, Tcliai:co ; Sr8kTe PADUCAH, KY. Solicit Ordel'l at lhe factory for Extra Fine Navy PoUDds. Hair Panndo, Black and Bright Qnartere, Loq Ov mart

' .T !172 .W:!fO,f!.f!Jr.. lt 'J Are now ready; to for their kllG:&L fuBE,ul-j)N MANlF" FACTURED CJdARS.--Inform atioli having been received at Washington from the WeSt that manufacturers of cigars inNewYorlt and'Philadelphia are shipping cigars witb laoeb or caut1011 otiooa attached 'l!O!ib'Orders and doubling over j:JOxe so finely a scru of In orders the JL lolOII'tBNBTJWI, LWA'I"BlfBTmN BROS. &: MANU CTURERI OF CIIARI, .A.XD DULDI Ill d .all of' Manufactured New.Yok. is a fair would do well to more y, as mixed and are not readily placed. German, for wheJt t good quality, sells readily; -is but little off,ering. T,be stock of 1!i lirhiteJ ;-1n but little is -now on I this market. Paraguay, Rica; and American, none oil t PORTERS F.A.OTS AND REALLY PROVE. w 0 To THE Eo1TOR OF T.HE ToBAcco LEAF. sale. lava, when free a!ld moderately a d not held too high, sells readily. A large portwn ow bn sale is very unsuitable to the req1otltemlfuts of buyers. J a. pan in good demand ; the trade are to buy free ly of this growth. Arrivals '\VOn-ld come to a. good mar In "The Case Stated for the Importers," in a. ket, and full prices could be obtainerl. e have recent issue of your paper, facts and figures could ing new in St. Domingo :o report. -:M.ger1an contmues scarcely be better arranged if the writer had classed in request, but the supphes are so tnfhng that. himself an elaborator of facts and figures in favor of tions are upon a limited scale oout 2,QOO adjusted as to provide the required revenue for the bale11...Maniia w1n' be offered at. pllblio sale on the 14th Government, and at the same time foster and protect inst. A large business was done in Macedonia.n and our own industries; and, if the "facts and figures" do Turkey. tri other. growth. s u.ot,hing of importance took prove our position right, then the writer has made a. 1 1 a t gr.ea.t mistake. place. Cigars were on Y m trnl e But, assuming llis statements 'to be correct, and for APBIL 2.-lf ert Edwards & three years in which he states ''there must have been Co.'s monthly Circular says: The market at opening of manufactured in the United States, supposing 1,000 the past but subseq?-ently the;e :V:'8 more cigars to have consumed 22lbs. of Cuba wrappers and inquiry .,.\!lijpgin afairgenel1J b 1&1lSS. Vtrgmia Leaf. fillersthe absence of suitabl e s_ pinning WestI ., 1 "0 d b "'"""""' '" d ad n 186, .. ..... 12.9,5 o,o., roun, num ers. ern an 'issour1, ba.s attracted mere t a .,.,ntJOn, an gr es 1868 ...... ... 162,000,000 from downwards .have been .ta.ken more freely for "u369:: ....... 211, 1 50,000 than fer time past; a few hhds 0 the better -which show11 that in three years the manufacture of quaht1 :-were also e. and for export cigars has nine (9) fold the quantity imported at 7d to 81 lb. were m defrom foreign countries." Now, if those 512,660,000 ci mand; the howev r, were m the gars had been from the same material in Havana lower and medmm qnaht1es at 6!d. to 8d, and .for. t:o or and imported, does any one suppose that they would thtee small ]ots of good tobacco, for have been any better than they were after being made toM was Pll!d. and Missonn Leaf.-'Ihe stock here? And is it not-better to encourag3 our own peo of the latter IS DOW !D. such _small compass as to sQ.ut out ule to produce these articles than to employ foreign any a reta.1l fbt fJ!e for.tper a iabor to d2 the manu good mqmry was expertenced for export and facturing i"tl.terest 4as bel'm increased. 'tifuw1 that is grades .at 4fd to lid now b';lt c:eared out; neb so1 why is it? Would it liave b had .the d1g r. no leaf, not ioo-we1ghmg 14 t? 15 owr. pei been' wanted fo consd'mp ion, :fu bird no gone hhd, was also m tolerably fair request for Afnca, at 61d to iuto consumption? Til wri r tat s a is 7ts.-'For aeeept hill oluiitl!!, fo a Httle further on in his article, tbe'to"r er here w re several mqumes, but only for colory be says that there are some whoee tastelil ?ore "n6t atid a.s ?ur stock of these entirely exhaustvitiated by miserable sold under false ed, trafliactions report:ed; m the latter we }lave names," etc., etc. As though "a rose by. any other not hl!arlf ( 0 any sales. Caven ihsb.-A small busmess name" would not smell as sweet. 'Now the trade done, chieJ:}y in .blook work.,&tfq)j.J:Il,tes. Stock, 1,175 pkgs, knows that tboae whose tastes are not cari 'te11 against 2,404 in 1869. In prices we make no change; we, a. goW!d cigar when they smoke it, and do not care what may remarj{, that sales the of the name is on the ben, they smokp \he ciga'l' and str1ps coula only be effected a.t a slight reductiOn 10 pnce. NOT the name, and from whom you cannot extort the MANILLA, FEB. 28.-At the auction sale which most usurious prices" demanded from those who are took place ori the 21st, there were sold 9,400 cherqots, only guided in their opiniqns by the name on the box. a. small pohion of which liold a.t 1 to $BI M -premium. The statement of the barl)faced smuggling i;; in itself N Q No. 2 Hava'na,shape were offered. TlJe other kinds too bar efaced to be of anr account, and is only heard sold a.t :par. There bas boeeh uot'bing1 done in lea.f.l 'of by those who favor of a reduction of the tariff There ha\'e been : elcared To Boston, ,un.theimported cigar for their own interest And nb t# o = .. -. that the rate of 3,223, 736 #951J675 I ,679 of Tobacco from the Port of New York. To PAj;:I4GS AND BOXES. C other Ports. MANUFAO'l'URIID lbo. ___ ,_. 6, ... 14962 19116M 980 813 1. \54. 6715 1 110 46,964 354 11596 Exporu." of To teo trom all Ports of the United S,tates. HOGSHEADS, ETC. CASES AND BALES. ,. u ...; ..; :l Where to. !: .... :I$ o{! "J:., .. "'; ..., .. ii' "'!l E!: ". -" lilA NUll' ACTU111!:D lbs. l '[ l ."i


THE TOBACCO KAli'UFAOT'U:&U LIQ'UORICE. Anhur & Co., LicoRICE PASTE _... WALLIS & CO. EXTRA. --..-olOll DDEUO 6 00. t E .A F I.IQ.UORIOB I HElfB.Y II. IIORRIS, Nes. 99 Pearl and 62 Stoae Street, NIIW YOBK, IMPORTER ADnmTISEJarrS. MDcm.LADovs. KEY WEST HAVANA CIGAR FACTORY. F. w. BECK & c o., SEIDENBERC & CO., 180 North St., Baltimore, ltld., 19 beJI Strut, NtJW Y_k, ProprHioro of 1M Brt.meJ La SOLACE TOBACCO tobacco manufacturers and the trade In J genera.l aM particuiarly requested to exa.11J 116 an 111 LIBERTY anl!n. :r..ine and test tne superior properties or or 111 I q DO "'li11Jilil1 tJUs LICORICE, which, being now brought s h M 1 OIG.A.B.ETTBS. pr-AllSepn made Ill Wll Fectorrare ortM:vlllnllliST' TOBAOOO. B. USSI.A.ll' 111 CEDAllBTREET, to the highest perfection, is offered under pams RSS lCQllCe, .a.rtlt ... aru ... dor, the above style of bra.n8.. THOMAS HOYT & CO. Composed ot THoMAS HoYT and JoHN F. FLAGG, No. 404 PEARL STREET, l'lapol""" a. J[;U:uoa, !JW .. We are aiiSE BUD G. B. MILLER & CO. .'robaooo : Manufactory, (WK. 1l LA. WREHCE, Pree'i) 97 .. Columbia Street, ... "NEW. YORK .. .... IUJIVJ'ori7UIIII 0. ftJI 0&88J.'I'D liN. G. B. Killer Co. Ohewinr Smoking ro.-; the Clllly GenuiDe .&.merleui .. -81ld; Kra. G. B. Wiler A Oo. Kaocaboy ...t 8ootch BnuJ'; A. H. Mickle a Sona'l'oren a-11114 GraJII t KrL G. B. lll1ler Co. JtMerve UIG Ch8wfar .... orclen pl'OIIIptiJ aeaut.d.. fm amh f"-:. .al &108 WAT ..... Too ....... GUM ARABIC, SEALIN'G -w" A:X:., KINGS tOUNTI WORU. OLIVE OIL,_ TONQUA BEANS, I. S. DOUjCLASS,-.. ll'annl'adureroralt k!D48ol WP'I:I A .L STJ:B'DY JINE-CU'1, CJIEWING, AND SMOKING. tmAm w .DA w .DA "" : 1 I I Xalpq.,.te.-.. 29, a .eaa Lorimer sweet, lSI.) WILLIAMSBURQH, N.Y. 16 Platt Street. N. SMOKXNG TOBACCO, .fJID q FaUJt.W.. Segrs, To botco1 Snaft'1 Snal' :nov, teo RlCILUlD D. M'GRJ.W ,MANUFA.CTOJ:Y AND Nos. 7cs, 77, end 79 Avenue D, Ne'v York CJ.t:v. B. B. WATTS' NEW YORK CITY r. W. Stercy a Co., I IMPOR.TERS, .. Specialties FOR TOBACCO WORKS Tobacco Manufacturers, c. _LANGENBACH & co. -PATENT llaDutactlll'6ll or FIDe cat 330, 332 Cherry Street. lobattDJI CAMPBELL LANE & CO PowderedExtractLiquorice AND 8 1 24 CEDAR STREET, NUFF' Manuractarcn ot NEW YORK 207 Centre Street. TOBACCO AND CIGARS NEW YORK. P 0. Box 15027. Oneida Tobaeeo Worlu and Sepr lllanutaetory. D ... BUCHNER; to BOB!XCU:ECK .., XAU88IG) XA11UP ACTUII.ER OF FINE CUT. Chewing: and Tobacco AND CiCARS, Slxe, .CheroOt, 256 __;; New Y.ork. Jl&nufactiJrer of the following !>rands Of 'Krr.uCKJ;N'ICK; Pride orlbe U. 8 ., Bate Ball Winchester "Virginia Leaf, LyOD.a, Grecian BeDO.. banoock. Buchanan & Lyall, W,Ali!:R-STREET, ._w.uren oc the. tollowtna le4 ........ oc TOBACCO. D.I.BK. NOTICI!o Also Dealers"" SnttjJ', Pipes, etc. r..JIQUORICE PASTE FACTORJIS AT 48. BROAD ST., REWARK, I And In Caldwell, N. J, A. P. FRANCIA, ,[ESTABLISHED 1831.] Importer. of. Liqru9rice, W.A.BRINTZINGHOFFER & SON Manuractaren ol Fil\l'E S;EG.&RS, And Dealere In .Tobacco, 883 BROAD. STREET, NEWARK,. L I. ROANOKE TOBACCO WORKS, -Fctory No. 22, 5th D!et. V1rgirua J.P. HAWKINS & CO. ProprietorPJ aud Mam1fncturcl'8 of the CELEBRATED ROANOKE Smolctng Tobacco. H. A RICHEY. Ag't, No. Water St., N Y JOOIN!r mpplied wUlo. Special Brandl. D. A. 5tfOTWELL, :Manofactu ter of ;;<.PIN.i!: CUX.:JHEWINGAND Tobaccos 1'1 AND FINE CIGARS. SOle Proprietor of the Celebrated Branilo of Cbew1Dg Tobacco, u HERO" and u UNION." 1'11: M. WESTHEIM & CO., SEED-LEAF AND BAVAliA Tobacco, 102 Pearl St.; N. Y. G & F. Cahill & Co., :X:X,.MF, andFGF brand all quality, for sale at Joweot market rat-eo: llC :OHICE .. PASTE. :::: C & A BRAND. DU VIVIER & CO., 9 Whitehaij. St.,. New York, IIOLE' AGE!'I'I\IJ AND ll'IIPOBTER8, LICORICE PASTE. J C y C., M., MF., RR., VB., And other Brandt!, 1alwaye on hand. For Sale, in Bond or duty paid r M. ECHEVERRIA & CO., No. 20 BF.AVRR STRRil:T. NEW YORK. rownsaso LtQuoatcs. FINEST QUALITY. Manut.ptured at Powglikeepsie, NewYork. GIFFORD, s:HERMAN & INNIS lliO WII.J.Ul[-StREE:':, 116-6'1 NIW-Y-e-RK. LICORICE PASTE. BY Q, UDilti IQU, .1.11 11r:b1i11 fill 1M rmB8'l' 'BllAJIDB of TVlmliiB. LAT.&.XIA.. IIIII 00'1' OAVDDDIB TOBAOOOII-aa&q aa bud, u 'WII,OLB8ALB BV..u:L. PACKIED IN POCKU POUCMZL DIG. ad, 188'1. TUBXISH ana LATAKIA '1'9BAOOOS in the Lear at WJIOLEB.!LE.. IlC:WYO:Rlt BROURS. (I 18 :O.,Ot dlt. u4 Old* --by 1 l'OST llO:X:. 8, '1811. (Hoalft In Conotantlnople uoct lll{ 1f Briar & Meerschaum SEGA.BS & SMOKING TOBACCOS, SHOW FICURES, .'PIPES,. M.BrAL AND WOOD. 8 .M ()_ K EB 8 .A B T I OL ES, aolclll'eclal ......w tii!O,ot htr ot tile.&..-. WALKINQ CANES. W .&1UIBOVIIJI1 ... OS Hundreds ot theee Maehlnee in use In boW lD the coutr," at teat the value of them. 't Having been fn t11e oTer foar yean, beeD.. thoroughly telted, and much lmproyed J n all It j>&rk, q-e caa recommend II to the manufaelurert> o( Toltacao u tho beat and ro.oa&. ecODOit'lcal Jf&chlne tor Ua.e purpoae now Down. OanUnuGQI ao IDM o( bta, .. -:... eatwtth leu la.bor. mote ebau.cea ot cu$, aud brl!!hler Tobacco ; \baD wllh aey other 0u1.ter Ia the'tt'Orld. c H.. A .. teHIIY, 211 ,..,.., ,_ r .. L IMPORTANT ., KANUJIAOTtJBBI CIGAII. ......n.-. .... ,,1 ... Wlth the abcmt llocblne, atripped .-. ot Wnalo.. Ol' IIDJ other to-..... caD be made u Jlllab clpn -00-M otema C11D be llum wblte, lmd M well all tile beet Iller. Setld for Clrea!at'. II ;g Cedar We aloo keep 011 band Tobt.cco CUUiq llaDd aad power i\ Tol>acilo Slt'IIDg Madiln01, do.;&: 'bMco Crullen, GO. C 'AST :IBON TOBACCO PRESS SCREW. .llu!h.,.tocc,IID-dluDOSeJ:. .0.00. MaaaCaetaHil at PBENIX IB.Olf WOB.,I[L G:ZO. P. LI!!COLN & CO., Hanr.rit Cl. ""TOBAC'CO .!SACS." w. 'B. ASTEN &: co., Xlllllllllctnnn or all kiDd8 or .uo ..........._ &11M ...,. ........ PL.I.I'nl'r aDl -.I.IJ.ORif C&eiC!l, ha-.e "-.,o-71mltMed !IIIIo ......... -ot&M 'fril4e, ... ta&1ue tM ,..up wl1 .... _,. __ 177 PI!:ARL STRBET, NliiW YORK. K REM ELB ERG c 0 ., ____ 'NIE_W ___ R. LINDHEIM ct. CO., Palentod lD Uallod !kales l'ob. 16th, Patented In Jl!>iland April UU., 18M Pa-tec!ID :tr,aaoo April lii!J, 18M. IICI Pear1 ..Z..e-t I Nw YORK..- BUORAIAI & LYALL. Jfew-Yark. liD W. lleBLROY, Sole .&gmt, lVo. 6 Ceatral Wharf, BOSTON. E. SPINGARN & CO., D .I.Ullll Ilf .-F. GOETZE & BRO. HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBAOCO. No. D BURLINC SLIP, ........ ....,..... 01 JfiiJl I ,' NE'WYork ... TOBACCO & SNUFF, & -.ual, .lLIIX. .. _. ... IWL .. --. T. B. MERRICK & CO., '10 WUZ-tam BlNet, N. Y., MANHATTAN TOBACCO WOR: KS, !1!11 Wuhlngt"tt ltl'eet. s. JACOBY & co., Gum .&rabio !lt.DufaetllNI'I or and Wbolo.le DMlen Ill PrGptielllnl ot LIDo!_baiP> Bro, II CO. 'I Qaolce Brall4a ef VIRGINIA SMOKING x .. 14'1 Water Bt'I'HI, nw you. OSCAR PROL&S A CO., PaleDte41n Belgium Aprllli!UJ, 1868. We &lao manufactuq Pln! MachinllS, Stem Bollen. 4ND PATENT DRYER :ror run partlculan, add rest PEASE, Tobacoa Maohine W erks, ) G. WINTER,. SBOW ... IISJ.,.., G .... smnr, Roaewood. Wall.t, a.. WAit.ltOOM81 If 111'4ll4a.,._ Ill 1111 WUI'-,_ -f-rf1.1J44 B,..,....8t.,eot', .....,.., :N"E'W' YOBK. DAYTON. OHIO. This Cutter took the JESSl!JP & liOOB.E, r MEDAL afthe EXPOSITION. 128 William Street, : ==::::::::6=U=M:::::::=::::GE=D=D=A:::::; :::::::' SEGAR RIBBONS LU K E PO 0 Ll: Es PAPER WAREHOUSE. L 1 co R 1 c E p A aTE. No. 25 White No. 2oo -wATER -sTREET, NEwq 4-oRK, & rapping lnpm CIGARS. WM. llcCAFFIL, J'O Sole Proprietc.>ra of the Renown11d chichester & -Co., El Baco and Metropolitaa Brands, 51 19<\ PEAli.LS'IREET, Leaf'Tobacco: & Segars. Oor .MaldnLaD, Ne'\V-York.. 1 oc the 'D" A 'DTCORN & lJA'K:MD' eELEliRATED BOUQUET DOXIBG TGBACCO. .o..a..u.DA. Tcb&CI'O (lp .or P:uty paid) 1D Qlla.c\iUca to suit pur-XA.NUJ'AOl'UBBnl or .,_,., INu' u.:-;Ji'!GUJUlS. Bolo AgenL fur Chloh-r 1 celebrated Seotoh 8nnll', for FIN E s E G A R s "tng tbe Me&b aod dJpplac pnrpoees. fte Snu.lf Is JJAown all ovr U... -Y IUld h m&Dufactured espree. ly kl' Ule &boN pu!'?Oie. U oan be had b7 the keg. half b&r tel. (ll' bun&. l:'ancy Soilotlac Toboeco or all klnda, u aJoo 11pod ool Seclt.lon or Ardctet. '1' .... -. No. 150 Water Street, NIIW YOBK. G. HAUSSMANN, No. 10 Old BaEGO&.PoetOmee. NEW YORK, Oll'en l!llperlor qv.Jit)' of PASTE E.:X:. TH...A.. A& low ,.._, an4 "' toto to aalt TobMco -atutarero and Dealen, I. EDMOIITOI & BROTHER, EM PI BE lblllllleturen or EDWARD A. SMITH' Sewm' g ftiiE::CUT SIOIOINQ AND CHEWING Manufacturer of Jll. TOBACCO, Fine Segars, roBicCOiiGs, .. __ aa a DV.&l'OI 8T., or. :131 Maiden Lane, I Empire 8. ltl, Oo., 294 Bowery, .. Oe'rh 1 I Bnnttll nEVIVBB, cuaaBl'iCY)_ NEW YORK. 80LDBN &BAL. ao.-<-..r _.,,, tonr YOU, Ia Authorized Aa:ent. liJIW YO:BL & CO TI' N FOIL. FLEI ., No Box Mould (lms--orantln4acot IOBN CB.OOB.II. TOBACCO BOXES & CADDIES. TOBACCB ffiii&BoJm CAPS Shearman Brothers, llet.BrcAd-OIIllnll-. IIJIW .-o-. o ss CB.osBY.aTRBET IAULRS 111 \. I iMJ. Naw-Y LUDIBER. WlL ZDI'SSER & 00. .lSD JU.KtJI:.lO'!'Ua.KR 01' llL 'DBDS Or BOXES AND BOX -SHOOKS Put up Shipped for the Southern JlAN'U'JI'.LCTunxRB o -We gin opeelal atlontlon to tho mU>ufactaroorTOTobacco Sealt'ng Wax BACCO BOXES aml C&DDIB8, which art 1 made from tho ben qll&liiT of IULM-DIWID not liable to moal4. 1 T rroprleten of the c:ollla s.w IDIII,. 197 WILUAM STREE lfo. 19 llldfwJ,ak4t., Brookl:rn, ._, Y. DW GER!RD BETTS & CO., Gene,ral Auctioneers ,. OW,D SLKP; O..door .om. ._-:mOTer 8!plare. ... .,. .. HAUCKs OlllCULAil TOBACCO BOIES, Patented AprU 18, 186'1'. A. HAMMACHER & (0., Agents, A Beelun-8l., N. Y. JOHN KEYS & .aRO., IManufactnrers or Half-Barrels, Kegs, etc. A.l!o Dealers In GmBAL COOPERAGI BTOCI AND M!TERIAL. IT an4 19 Slreec, 114, 66, -4 60 l!herur Stroot. olCZ, 17 OOolUIIlbla 8lrOflt, _J


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