The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

Material Information

The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
Publication Date:
Physical Description:
1 online resource (4 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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Source Institution:
University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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T29-00244 ( USFLDC DOI )
t29.244 ( USFLDC Handle )

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University of South Florida
Tobacco Leaf Journal

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( Organ of the Tobaccc:rrade of the United, States: The. Paperdn lV()u VoLuKE VI., o. 271. n::axs ol' THB P Al'D. llb>lt OOpleaoo 00 00 00 oo oo oo 6 oo .. 00 00 .lQ Centa Per umum.oooooooooooo .,00 oo .. 0000 oo $4.00 'J'oBqlaad andtbeCanadaa,$1. 0<1 oddlt!OiliJ per ODDalll tor or I>OitMe. To Bremen, lfamburg, ud the Continent of III!JOpo, 11.18 addltlolla1 J16r MIJIUm for poetoge. Te Auotralla, etc., p.ttaddltlooal per IIIIDom lor Ko ordet11 f o r the paper coneidered, DDletlo ..,. .,..,.rued by tb e correopoadlna amowat. ltmn!Uanceo o bonld, Ia 8\'ery lnataaae, be made 0111J' by money.order, check, or draft B!Uo are l lalile to be otolen; ud can only be oent at t:le greatett rlak to the oender "&ATBI OJ' .&.DV&BIU.& 1 (linch) for 6 montb8 ... 00 00 00 ..... H 1 oqure ( 1 In c h )for 1 year .. oo .. oo oo 00 00 40 Larger advertisements In tbe oame proportion, bnt noao taken n nleM S, '-or mo..., qJ!.'"'" ..-Advertl oementl 011 the dret per loch over two wide column>. and none taken for 1eoa tba11 one year payable tully in advance i two lllcbeo, $3311 ; t hree lnche a $110(). No deVIation no .. tbeoe term AelTet'tl eementll under t.Be Readin g h For Sale" _. u Want ed,, 25 cents per line tor every in eert\011. AIJ.eluln gee Ia the a4v..rlaem8Dta bav e to be po,ld fer e x tra. No ordero f o r will be eonoldered, un accompan i ed hy \be 1111100111. 'nllo rale willn all th '- In and 10 solcl, the leaf not baring been previously e l rll'lled, butted, or Tolled, nd from which bd 'Jlllft ,of lie -hne baa by llfdJil, drN81ug, any other mannel", eitller darmg. or after the procetl8 or ; Sbortsl tlie refuse of il11e-eut chewJug' tQbacco wb ch haa p68aM umrugh a ?id. dle of meshes -to 1q11are iQOia b:or prooess of aif\iag 1 ref!l8e aud sweepings of tobacco, 16c. per lb. On Cigars of all descriptions, macle of Tobacco or any subetitute therefor $0 per tbov eand ; on Cigarettes we!PIIIp; not esoreedlns tllree pouuds per tboul!f nd, 81 50 per thou ilibd; when weighias exceeding three poundl poll; t.bouaand, 15 per ibousand. On Snuff manufadured of tobacco, o any 111badtute for tobacco, gl'o11nd, dry, damp, pickled, scented, or otherwiae, of ,all dlli!Crtp tioDB, whea preJII'l"ed for uae, a tax of 82c. per lb. A.nd snuft'-ll.our., when sold, or reo moved for use Ot" consumption, Shall be ta.sed 118 enuft', and shall be p11t P In and et&mped in the same mannet" as snuff'. Tntn.-Forelgo Tobacco, duty Sllc. per pound, gold Foreign Cigars, $2 50 per pound and 211 ver cent. ad '"CJlnYtm. Imported cigars also bear an Interna,l Revenue t&x of o per M., to be paid by 11tamps at the .rl. Palmer & Scoville, 170 Water. ) P&ppenheim e r M., 33 Broad. :l,"arker, S. M & Co. 181 Pear' Pea.rsal!t_ M. R. 42 Conrtlandt Peny, Ji. L ., 78 Water. :Pollard P ettus & Co., 115 Pearl Price, Wm. M & Co., 119 Maiden lane. Read, Isa&c, 9 9 PearL Relsmann, G & Co., 179 Pearl. Roanoke Tobacco Wor.ka, 122 Water. Roeeebl\um A. B. & Co., 162 Water. Rollenwald E. & Bro. H5 Water. l;!alomon S 192 Pearl. Schoverling H. .t. Co., 192 Pearl. Schroeder & Bon, 178 Water. Scllubart R. &: Co., 146 Wat&r, Seitz Ch a s A.., 150 water. Seymour & Colt, Pearl. Sichel & Gie b el, Ib9 Water. Smltb, Henry &: Sllelield, Beaver. Splugau, E. & Co., II BIU'IIng slip. Stalf'ordJ. B. & Co., U Old 81ip. &41\o; & Co 197 J)uane H. Straitou, Schmitt .t Storm: 191 PearL strohn & Reltzenstelu, 'fu Charles F 1M Frobt. "l'hlennan K\Jchler & Oo., "VIierle& Tit. Hr .k.Soua, 17l1Peul., Vlifeliaa, wm. 175 :Pearl. W<.r, R. S., 208 PearL NEW WEDNESDAY, 4, 1870. C. PFIRSHING, l"aol"'lllft''a 142 Fvvrolr STulrr. Weathelm, M & Co., 177 PearL Wintzer .t Oook, 5 William Wright E. ll. 132 Pearl I'IIBACOO aaonu. Cattae & Rente, I U Pearl atreet. Fischer, Frederick, 2 Han01'81" Building. Gane, J. S. &: Son, 86 Wall. Osborne Chao F., Old slip Radet, M .t Son, 123 Pearl. Sprotto & 103 Maiden Jane. V41ftrJ'AC'l'URIEU 011' TOBACCO. Buchanan & Lyall, H4 Water. Buchner D., 2:06 Delano]'. Edmon s ton, 8. S. & Bro. : & 215 Duane. Falk M. & Co .. H3 Water Gleselmann J. H 159 Glllend11r, A.. &Co., 114, l16,And 117 Liberty Goelze, F A. & Bro. 828 Waahingtpn. GoOdwin, W. H. & Co. 207 and 2011 Water. Hoyt, Tbom&l! Co., 404 Pearl. !.anf;enbach C. & Co 205 Centre. Lonllard, P .t Co 16, 18, 20 Chambers. HcAipin, D .H. & Co ?&-'79 A1'1!1Dne D. Miller, Mrs. G :B. & Co.. C olumbia.. l,"ioaeer 167 Wate r. Scheider, Joe. & Co. 75 Bowerv. K & Co., i!S2 Church Shotwell, D. A., 1 '14 Eighth ave Walta H H 31!0, 3 32 aild 3 3 4 Cherry, MANUP>I.CTURER! OF Gershel L & Bry., 86 Mai d e n La11e. Hartcol-n, 150 Water. 1Hifi!Ch lJ. & co.: 1 '14 Water: L. & Co., 110 Water. Jaooby,S. & Co 209 Pearl. Kerb & Spies, 8ll Bowery, ltayller Tboo J. & Co., 29 Liberty and 54 Maid en Laue. Seidenberg .t Co .. 1 9 Dey. Smith; E. A., 181 lane. Scbmitl & Storm, 1911'e&rL Sutro :\ 67 Maid e n J .. ne. Volger & Huneken, 166 Front. 1 THK CIO.lR PACKKR8 SOClli:TY; BorgsteGt & Kanten, 7 Bowery UIPORTKRS Merrick T. B .t Co., 7 0 Willi11m 1 1 U!f911TXIIS AND nlfALI:I\S l Danenberg A. F !n rsixtb ave. nrPOB!llElll OF JRAVANA TOBACCO. I .l, liP loo Water. Mlnmdl., Felli<, 190 Pearl. 1 K e lf y Robeft E & do., 34 Beayer. Well & Oo., 86 Pine. JIC.i'jri7J' 40TUUBS OJ' SNUJ'P. Appleby Helme, US Water. O'Oetze, F A. -' ,Brv.1 328 Wulfmgton. Lor.ft,lard, P., 16 Ohmbers. UlPOBT&RS 011' Pri'K81 no'. Boiken :Richard' J ChalfliMnL "' ; DemutH wm. & Co., 403 Broadway tli?0RTX.RS 01' CLA; PIPJ:S Batjerj H. & Brolhe'i_ Ill Water. J. H. A Co, 146.Front. liANUl'Adttth Water. S., 6 9 Sourh Water Sand hagen Bros., 17 Randolph. Smith, J L 11 and 18, WabaBh annuc. lUNUUOTUIIEBS OF PLUG 70B60CO. & Muon, 174 & 176 Norti> Water. UlllilaD S. J. & Co., 69 South Water. AC'f!JBERS OJ' 'l'OB.lCOO; Heart C. B. & Co., 14 South Water. CJNCINNA.TI, TOB6CCO AUCTION WARIIROU..S, Bodmann Cha r les .t. Co. 117-66 Water. Casey, Wynt: & C o West .rrc:nt. HA.Nt1F..lCTUJt K RS ..lNb ,MDOB.lNTS OF XI"D. TOB,LCCO. Braeheal"!l & Son, Walnut Hafer, Holmes & Co. 26 W eat Seoond. DKUEBS IN Lll41" T01lACCO. Besudea Beary & Bro., 161-16/i 1'earl. Elrl[ert, DUla & Co 82 West S!lcond. 1tfa\la;r Rich. & Brother, 1 U West Front. Meyer Hy'., 18 Front. Seng!!tak <& Wemlg, 46 W 'Front. Young & Dugan tlO W eet .Fmat. 11 ..... IllJ'Oan:as, 4XD DEALUS OJ' OIOJoJIS. 1 I) fuhrmomn,. V., '1 Main. Xrohn, Fei,os & Co 53 West Fourth. Lowenthal, S & Co., 76 Main. Strasser Louis, 1S7 Walnut. Zins Jacob & Bro., 26'1 CEI!Itr&l an. f co'"INOTON, KY. Glore, J. A., P. & B.roa., 17 & 19 W. 7th. Sullivan, J, T. & Co. Kentoa Tob. Warer houoe, Green p P -DA.NBUBY, CONN Gf&ves, G. W, DA.NVJLLE, YA., Pemberton J. H DAYToN. O, Hoglea & Pease PeatMJ'e Tobacco-Ontting EJline. 'I BA.8T HA.BTil'OBD, C,ONN, ;I'A.Cittmll AND DIIALBRS. Signor J Chapman, R. A.. .. 1 HAHTPORD, COI'I'N. PACKIIIS AlfD DBUtnlli Haas Brothen,. 282 Main and 154 State. London & Bidcll, 214 Pcue, H A; Z K 16 Yarke.t Selling, S .t SOn, 238 State Seymour D ; ll. 15 lr and 161 Com111erce. Shepard !& Fuller, 214 Sil!IIOD1 4, L .t F., 134, Main Appleby a B:dme, 1'33 .Water. Duvi1'ier & Co.; 9 Whitehall. WIJI 2Rs State I Woodrulf, .1oseph S., 18 Mar!Cet Ech ererria M. & c(. 20 Beaver. Francia, .A. 102 Pearl., Gilford, Sherman & Innis, 120 William. Gomez, Wallis & Co., 29 and 81 S. William, P HalJDony, & Co., 63 Broaday. WJIQLBS6LB DIIALIIIIS IN XA!IIJIIAC!UBJID I 1 roB&ccos. I Burnham, J. D. &: Co. 77 and '19 Asylum. I TOBACCO PRESI SCRJ:WS. Lincoln Geo T. & Co. ITHA.JA.1 N, Y, Grant II( J. & Co., 1 Eaat State. LONDON. ENG. He.usamann G .. 10 Old Hlip. Krem.elberg & Co Pead. ll:orr!s, H. M., 101 Pearl. Weaver & Sterry, ld Platt. SPECIALTIES FOB TOBACCO TOD6CCO .lo!EBCHANTS HA.liiUFAe Glaseford Co., Great S t Helens TURERS. Sterry, F. W. elf Co., 24 Cedar. SIUIDLIIAJ' TOBACCO INSPBCTTON. ,Linlle, "7. C. & Co., 76 Greenwich xtreet. TOBACCO PIIE8i!llll8. Guthrie> & Co 225 fFront. ll.l.lf!JJ'4CTITRBB8 OJ' OIGAII BOXIIS. Henkell Jacob, 293 and 296 Monree. Wioke, George; 26 Willett street. CIG411 "lOX: CBDAII 41fD OTHIII\ WOOD. Dingee, P. M., oor. Sixth and Lewis. Rodman &: Hepburn, 216 Lewla. SPANI!IH CIGAR BffiBONS. A.lmirall J. J., 30 Cedar. CHU.R RfJIBONS. F)eitmaoa & Co., 5a and 1\0 Rea:de. Proles Oscar & Co., 25 White street. llANUPAcTU!,ER OJ' TOBACCO 'fiN .J'OIL, Crooke, J J 38 street. 4UCTIOI.cBllll& OF TOBAOC01 XTC. Aerard, & Co 7 Old Slip. TOB4CCOOUTTil!IO lUCBIHIIT. Borgfeldt & Deghu ee, 105 Maiden lane. TOBACCO L4BXL8. Hateh & Go., 218 Broadway. Heppenbelmer, F. & Co 22 NQrth William. Schumacher .t.Ettl i n ger, 2 1-2 :Murray Wullf Chaa A. .. 5,1 Chatham. TOBACCO surJn &: Taitt, 29 1{ orth W :.ter. Edwards, I. L. & G. W. 33 North Water. Elaeolohr, Wm. & Co., South Water. Geyer & Hiss, 62 North Front. McDowell M .E. & Co 89 North Water Moore, S, &: J., 107 Water. Sank & Co., J. Rinaldo, 51 N. Water. Teller Brothers, 117 North Third. Van SChalck B. A., 1? & 19 North Water. I Vetterlelu AI Co 111 A.roh. Woodwarcl Brotben1 & Co., N. Water. Ilf8UlulfCB CO>

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