The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (4 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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( Organ of the Tobaccc:rrade of the United, States: The. Paperdn lV()u VoLuKE VI., o. 271. n::axs ol' THB P Al'D. llb>lt OOpleaoo 00 00 00 oo oo oo 6 oo .. 00 00 .lQ Centa Per umum.oooooooooooo .,00 oo .. 0000 oo $4.00 'J'oBqlaad andtbeCanadaa,$1. 0<1 oddlt!OiliJ per ODDalll tor or I>OitMe. To Bremen, lfamburg, ud the Continent of III!JOpo, 11.18 addltlolla1 J16r MIJIUm for poetoge. Te Auotralla, etc., p.ttaddltlooal per IIIIDom lor Ko ordet11 f o r the paper coneidered, DDletlo ..,. .,..,.rued by tb e correopoadlna amowat. ltmn!Uanceo o bonld, Ia 8\'ery lnataaae, be made 0111J' by money.order, check, or draft B!Uo are l lalile to be otolen; ud can only be oent at t:le greatett rlak to the oender "&ATBI OJ' .&.DV&BIU.& 1 (linch) for 6 montb8 ... 00 00 00 ..... H 1 oqure ( 1 In c h )for 1 year .. oo .. oo oo 00 00 40 Larger advertisements In tbe oame proportion, bnt noao taken n nleM S, '-or mo..., qJ!.'"'" ..-Advertl oementl 011 the dret per loch over two wide column>. and none taken for 1eoa tba11 one year payable tully in advance i two lllcbeo, $3311 ; t hree lnche a $110(). No deVIation no .. tbeoe term AelTet'tl eementll under t.Be Readin g h For Sale" _. u Want ed,, 25 cents per line tor every in eert\011. AIJ.eluln gee Ia the a4v..rlaem8Dta bav e to be po,ld fer e x tra. No ordero f o r will be eonoldered, un accompan i ed hy \be 1111100111. 'nllo rale willn all th '- In and 10 solcl, the leaf not baring been previously e l rll'lled, butted, or Tolled, nd from which bd 'Jlllft ,of lie -hne baa by llfdJil, drN81ug, any other mannel", eitller darmg. or after the procetl8 or ; Sbortsl tlie refuse of il11e-eut chewJug' tQbacco wb ch haa p68aM umrugh a ?id. dle of meshes -to 1q11are iQOia b:or prooess of aif\iag 1 ref!l8e aud sweepings of tobacco, 16c. per lb. On Cigars of all descriptions, macle of Tobacco or any subetitute therefor $0 per tbov eand ; on Cigarettes we!PIIIp; not esoreedlns tllree pouuds per tboul!f nd, 81 50 per thou ilibd; when weighias exceeding three poundl poll; t.bouaand, 15 per ibousand. On Snuff manufadured of tobacco, o any 111badtute for tobacco, gl'o11nd, dry, damp, pickled, scented, or otherwiae, of ,all dlli!Crtp tioDB, whea preJII'l"ed for uae, a tax of 82c. per lb. A.nd snuft'-ll.our., when sold, or reo moved for use Ot" consumption, Shall be ta.sed 118 enuft', and shall be p11t P In and et&mped in the same mannet" as snuff'. Tntn.-Forelgo Tobacco, duty Sllc. per pound, gold Foreign Cigars, $2 50 per pound and 211 ver cent. ad '"CJlnYtm. Imported cigars also bear an Interna,l Revenue t&x of o per M., to be paid by 11tamps at the .rl. Palmer & Scoville, 170 Water. ) P&ppenheim e r M., 33 Broad. :l,"arker, S. M & Co. 181 Pear' Pea.rsal!t_ M. R. 42 Conrtlandt Peny, Ji. L ., 78 Water. :Pollard P ettus & Co., 115 Pearl Price, Wm. M & Co., 119 Maiden lane. Read, Isa&c, 9 9 PearL Relsmann, G & Co., 179 Pearl. Roanoke Tobacco Wor.ka, 122 Water. Roeeebl\um A. B. & Co., 162 Water. Rollenwald E. & Bro. H5 Water. l;!alomon S 192 Pearl. Schoverling H. .t. Co., 192 Pearl. Schroeder & Bon, 178 Water. Scllubart R. &: Co., 146 Wat&r, Seitz Ch a s A.., 150 water. Seymour & Colt, Pearl. Sichel & Gie b el, Ib9 Water. Smltb, Henry &: Sllelield, Beaver. Splugau, E. & Co., II BIU'IIng slip. Stalf'ordJ. B. & Co., U Old 81ip. &41\o; & Co 197 J)uane H. Straitou, Schmitt .t Storm: 191 PearL strohn & Reltzenstelu, 'fu Charles F 1M Frobt. "l'hlennan K\Jchler & Oo., "VIierle& Tit. Hr .k.Soua, 17l1Peul., Vlifeliaa, wm. 175 :Pearl. W<.r, R. S., 208 PearL NEW WEDNESDAY, 4, 1870. C. PFIRSHING, l"aol"'lllft''a 142 Fvvrolr STulrr. Weathelm, M & Co., 177 PearL Wintzer .t Oook, 5 William Wright E. ll. 132 Pearl I'IIBACOO aaonu. Cattae & Rente, I U Pearl atreet. Fischer, Frederick, 2 Han01'81" Building. Gane, J. S. &: Son, 86 Wall. Osborne Chao F., Old slip Radet, M .t Son, 123 Pearl. Sprotto & 103 Maiden Jane. V41ftrJ'AC'l'URIEU 011' TOBACCO. Buchanan & Lyall, H4 Water. Buchner D., 2:06 Delano]'. Edmon s ton, 8. S. & Bro. : & 215 Duane. Falk M. & Co .. H3 Water Gleselmann J. H 159 Glllend11r, A.. &Co., 114, l16,And 117 Liberty Goelze, F A. & Bro. 828 Waahingtpn. GoOdwin, W. H. & Co. 207 and 2011 Water. Hoyt, Tbom&l! Co., 404 Pearl. !.anf;enbach C. & Co 205 Centre. Lonllard, P .t Co 16, 18, 20 Chambers. HcAipin, D .H. & Co ?&-'79 A1'1!1Dne D. Miller, Mrs. G :B. & Co.. C olumbia.. l,"ioaeer 167 Wate r. Scheider, Joe. & Co. 75 Bowerv. K & Co., i!S2 Church Shotwell, D. A., 1 '14 Eighth ave Walta H H 31!0, 3 32 aild 3 3 4 Cherry, MANUP>I.CTURER! OF Gershel L & Bry., 86 Mai d e n La11e. Hartcol-n, 150 Water. 1Hifi!Ch lJ. & co.: 1 '14 Water: L. & Co., 110 Water. Jaooby,S. & Co 209 Pearl. Kerb & Spies, 8ll Bowery, ltayller Tboo J. & Co., 29 Liberty and 54 Maid en Laue. Seidenberg .t Co .. 1 9 Dey. Smith; E. A., 181 lane. Scbmitl & Storm, 1911'e&rL Sutro :\ 67 Maid e n J .. ne. Volger & Huneken, 166 Front. 1 THK CIO.lR PACKKR8 SOClli:TY; BorgsteGt & Kanten, 7 Bowery UIPORTKRS Merrick T. B .t Co., 7 0 Willi11m 1 1 U!f911TXIIS AND nlfALI:I\S l Danenberg A. F !n rsixtb ave. nrPOB!llElll OF JRAVANA TOBACCO. I .l, liP loo Water. Mlnmdl., Felli<, 190 Pearl. 1 K e lf y Robeft E & do., 34 Beayer. Well & Oo., 86 Pine. JIC.i'jri7J' 40TUUBS OJ' SNUJ'P. Appleby Helme, US Water. O'Oetze, F A. -' ,Brv.1 328 Wulfmgton. Lor.ft,lard, P., 16 Ohmbers. UlPOBT&RS 011' Pri'K81 no'. Boiken :Richard' J ChalfliMnL "' ; DemutH wm. & Co., 403 Broadway tli?0RTX.RS 01' CLA; PIPJ:S Batjerj H. & Brolhe'i_ Ill Water. J. H. A Co, 146.Front. liANUl'Adttth Water. S., 6 9 Sourh Water Sand hagen Bros., 17 Randolph. Smith, J L 11 and 18, WabaBh annuc. lUNUUOTUIIEBS OF PLUG 70B60CO. & Muon, 174 & 176 Norti> Water. UlllilaD S. J. & Co., 69 South Water. AC'f!JBERS OJ' 'l'OB.lCOO; Heart C. B. & Co., 14 South Water. CJNCINNA.TI, TOB6CCO AUCTION WARIIROU..S, Bodmann Cha r les .t. Co. 117-66 Water. Casey, Wynt: & C o West .rrc:nt. HA.Nt1F..lCTUJt K RS ..lNb ,MDOB.lNTS OF XI"D. TOB,LCCO. Braeheal"!l & Son, Walnut Hafer, Holmes & Co. 26 W eat Seoond. DKUEBS IN Lll41" T01lACCO. Besudea Beary & Bro., 161-16/i 1'earl. Elrl[ert, DUla & Co 82 West S!lcond. 1tfa\la;r Rich. & Brother, 1 U West Front. Meyer Hy'., 18 Front. Seng!!tak <& Wemlg, 46 W 'Front. Young & Dugan tlO W eet .Fmat. 11 ..... IllJ'Oan:as, 4XD DEALUS OJ' OIOJoJIS. 1 I) fuhrmomn,. V., '1 Main. Xrohn, Fei,os & Co 53 West Fourth. Lowenthal, S & Co., 76 Main. Strasser Louis, 1S7 Walnut. Zins Jacob & Bro., 26'1 CEI!Itr&l an. f co'"INOTON, KY. Glore, J. A., P. & B.roa., 17 & 19 W. 7th. Sullivan, J, T. & Co. Kentoa Tob. Warer houoe, Green p P -DA.NBUBY, CONN Gf&ves, G. W, DA.NVJLLE, YA., Pemberton J. H DAYToN. O, Hoglea & Pease PeatMJ'e Tobacco-Ontting EJline. 'I BA.8T HA.BTil'OBD, C,ONN, ;I'A.Cittmll AND DIIALBRS. Signor J Chapman, R. A.. .. 1 HAHTPORD, COI'I'N. PACKIIIS AlfD DBUtnlli Haas Brothen,. 282 Main and 154 State. London & Bidcll, 214 Pcue, H A; Z K 16 Yarke.t Selling, S .t SOn, 238 State Seymour D ; ll. 15 lr and 161 Com111erce. Shepard !& Fuller, 214 Sil!IIOD1 4, L .t F., 134, Main Appleby a B:dme, 1'33 .Water. Duvi1'ier & Co.; 9 Whitehall. WIJI 2Rs State I Woodrulf, .1oseph S., 18 Mar!Cet Ech ererria M. & c(. 20 Beaver. Francia, .A. 102 Pearl., Gilford, Sherman & Innis, 120 William. Gomez, Wallis & Co., 29 and 81 S. William, P HalJDony, & Co., 63 Broaday. WJIQLBS6LB DIIALIIIIS IN XA!IIJIIAC!UBJID I 1 roB&ccos. I Burnham, J. D. &: Co. 77 and '19 Asylum. I TOBACCO PRESI SCRJ:WS. Lincoln Geo T. & Co. ITHA.JA.1 N, Y, Grant II( J. & Co., 1 Eaat State. LONDON. ENG. He.usamann G .. 10 Old Hlip. Krem.elberg & Co Pead. ll:orr!s, H. M., 101 Pearl. Weaver & Sterry, ld Platt. SPECIALTIES FOB TOBACCO TOD6CCO .lo!EBCHANTS HA.liiUFAe Glaseford Co., Great S t Helens TURERS. Sterry, F. W. elf Co., 24 Cedar. SIUIDLIIAJ' TOBACCO INSPBCTTON. ,Linlle, "7. C. & Co., 76 Greenwich xtreet. TOBACCO PIIE8i!llll8. Guthrie> & Co 225 fFront. ll.l.lf!JJ'4CTITRBB8 OJ' OIGAII BOXIIS. Henkell Jacob, 293 and 296 Monree. Wioke, George; 26 Willett street. CIG411 "lOX: CBDAII 41fD OTHIII\ WOOD. Dingee, P. M., oor. Sixth and Lewis. Rodman &: Hepburn, 216 Lewla. SPANI!IH CIGAR BffiBONS. A.lmirall J. J., 30 Cedar. CHU.R RfJIBONS. F)eitmaoa & Co., 5a and 1\0 Rea:de. Proles Oscar & Co., 25 White street. llANUPAcTU!,ER OJ' TOBACCO 'fiN .J'OIL, Crooke, J J 38 street. 4UCTIOI.cBllll& OF TOBAOC01 XTC. Aerard, & Co 7 Old Slip. TOB4CCOOUTTil!IO lUCBIHIIT. Borgfeldt & Deghu ee, 105 Maiden lane. TOBACCO L4BXL8. Hateh & Go., 218 Broadway. Heppenbelmer, F. & Co 22 NQrth William. Schumacher .t.Ettl i n ger, 2 1-2 :Murray Wullf Chaa A. .. 5,1 Chatham. TOBACCO surJn &: Taitt, 29 1{ orth W :.ter. Edwards, I. L. & G. W. 33 North Water. Elaeolohr, Wm. & Co., South Water. Geyer & Hiss, 62 North Front. McDowell M .E. & Co 89 North Water Moore, S, &: J., 107 Water. Sank & Co., J. Rinaldo, 51 N. Water. Teller Brothers, 117 North Third. Van SChalck B. A., 1? & 19 North Water. I Vetterlelu AI Co 111 A.roh. Woodwarcl Brotben1 & Co., N. Water. Ilf8UlulfCB CO>