The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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TObacte,Trade df the Unl I WATER. .c. VIRsHU.m, -Hi FULT.OK &rBa:r. G. W. GAIL I' IIi 'NEW It


IN LJMRo.-Having tampe1e I 110 loLg with whisky, our late ( ollector may have gone to the 'emporary abiding pi: of departed liissouBr .AND ILLINOts.-'l'he tobacco crop of Mil sou1i is rl'pOited for 1869 at 10,957,000 lbe., grown on 13 acres ol land IlliuoiR, crop for the aame year, 15 ,1"0 000 lbF orown on 20,026 acres. ., e .ABoUND J"ynchburg plants are plentilul, and ar.e .geneta)ly quite f<>rward.' We of Borne plantPr"" who clstm that their plants Wlll be large .f.-otagh to reset by the 15th inat. Ou. }fB. doing splendidly in Western tour. We last Leard him .at Detroit.. To \oth *r flld and new 11ubscriber8 on b1s route, we present our 'beat regards. ToBACCO was grown in in 1 '782, but ]riven out by l.eavy fines ; as injurious to tbe so1l. In Seotland it used to Ileld 480 pounds per the trOvPrnmPnt reserved the right to buy at one tblfd the .arketrat.e. Sl"IRRING HrM UP.-The introductl.ill the SP bill for the red uotion of ta:u\ic n benefi ee11t effect of stirring :up Gen. Schencli as _wtth .a long pele be at once ba,ing set about completmg h1s O\'ilJ t.u bill, whi<:h hBli so long hung fire. THE TAx oN ToBAcco .-It is stated, good author ity thst the new Tax bill, as re rted-ofrom t.he C.-Tbe Cincinnati Chronicle indulgee in the followinp; harmless "blow for the Queen City of the West: "Cincinnati has lontt held the place ae the leading tobacco market of the West, antl for the last few years, of the United States. Last ,-ea; one tmd of the entire tobacco crop the-country -was of through our. dealers Hitherto, bow ever, our eBtire foreign trade In tobacCO hae through New York houses. Yesterday, howevtr, a eircum1tance occurred which will probably change this coune of bnsinel!l' and deprive New York of the rave -SlUt &De hal been deriving from this portion of our trade and place our city where she really to bP., as leading tobacco market of the world. Hereafter shipments to foreign porth will probably be made direo&; .The tint direct shipment was D?ade from mann's warehouse yesterday. It cons1sted of thirty .holtJ!beads of Mason count7, leaf tobacco, and went 'Oia Sou'b Shore 1' re1gbt the North German Lloyd Line of steamers. The sb1pment was direct. to Antwerp, freight. tnt m behalf of the men: rTbe strike of the eigarmakers against a red!lction of wages ot trom *l to 13.50 a thousand haa oontmued for two months. Tha argument used by the employers is that they could not manufacture at a profit by paying the same prices to w_orkmt-n as when do 1ng busine88 under a protecuve t.ar1ff of $3 a pound and 60 per cent. ad 11alorem. The men, on the other hand, argue that their earnings, even at the old rates, lower than those of almost any other class of meohamcto; average earnings being not than I a wePk. It is now claimed that, bad prevailed at the a 11atisfaotory comprom11Be could have ef :teoted. The men have given up all.hofle& of wmmng those shopR in which common work IS done, ha_'De conctntrated all their pOUJer upon shop.s tn u:l11ck tM firer brands are made. A was recently made to the non Uuion men employt-d m these shops to the efJ\cC\ that if they quit work thPl: be Fop ported in the fame manner as the Umou str1kers. Th1s proposition l1a11 been acct-pted filty the The officers ot the Iuternatwnal Umon ot Clgar akere have just iBBued a call f:mize a Union of theu own, and w1ll act m concert with the EnJ[Iisb and Germarl:speaking Un!ons. The "Bohemians" are organizin:, and Will 11 on Tuesday evening to aqopt a Cons\Itu\lon r.nd By-Law11." n ( TliB .tOBACCO JIAllXEr. oiiiBIITICo NEW YORK, MAT 17. Western Leaf.-Our mar et bas continued fairly active with sales since our last of 1,614 hhds. The demand bas fallen off, taking only 30ntal sbippers, w1th Bremen in view, must have their average reduced as far as possible. Clark8ville buyers should chiefty bear this in mind, and send well regu lated lots from a up:to fine, the weight to rest on mediums A close adbtJrence ta this ad \'ice quick sales, and a moderate but certain profit. Those who calculate to BL1pply 411! with Regie Styles, must re member the proportions furnished by ua on a former occasion, and regulate shipment'! accordingly, whilst, as to we advise the utmost closl'ness. Lugs are getting into fair position again, and will take care of so they are in kt-eping order and not too high bought. Frost, if not teo bad, sells, and is even sought after by a few buyers. We are in duty bound to make mention of thiR, because we have formerly op po!Wd 11hipmeuts of frozen and frost cntirelv." V1rginia Leof. ....... Tht-rll is but little to add to our re. cent rt-ports regarding Virginia leaf, !'ave 1hut the snp ply n(lw fcarct-ly anything, will be in. io a few Clays by the arrival of IM>JBe eleven TOBACCO LEAF. tiercel! tl b d th' market. As to QUOTATIONS OF WHOLBIIALB PRICES. & Avell, 1 d.o N. B. Harwood, 1 do, Henry_ Avery, 1 recen V pure aBe IOr IS IF Growel'f' or oeecl ur tobacco are cau"oned uaiD -tiDe our prioe11, the upward tendency remains unchanged, while reporw.t oa1ea oDd gaotal.looe or oeec1 lear lllrnteblllg u. P'-tuat do; S. ll. L!by, 1 do; C. M. Brown, 1 do; J. K. Kesler, W estero bnghts have now reacbetl the figoi'E'I com boaltllll obtlmect liJ""" M lrot b&Dd. rowen e&DDo JN& 10 11 1 do ;_ll'. do C .. W eaver, 1 do J. R. Watson their_,. 11r tbe -..... are otaloed on a ,..,.011., at tbio crop bere-::o W ..., manded bT Virginias six month!! ago Oo tbP or -"'J ,.......,.,be u u aavaoce,aod u.ereranu.e )111ce ob1 uo, F. riot', I do, E. S. 1 do; J. DelPaducah breaks salt!!! have been made at sec., 86c., and taiuble bJ .,.,"",... wUlal_,o be oomewbat !ewer t.baD 0111' ctaotatlou. 1 do; J. H. Sanders, 20 bbls lighters-, order, 3 ca e, 25 b 'hn 'd d ._ rd b -l.i{bt leat. Common .. ........ 111 @19 --W -quo&llttODS t at COnll ere avBU W en l.-.::t'n.,,IIOIIUIIODIIIII 8}ltbundi.-Brlght--" :::::::. .. cited forVirgiuiaa. of the latter Jtrowth ha-ve F... ..... ""@ lb:tradne ........ y the New York and New Haven Steamboat Line I recently been sold rate oftwodolbrsj C':!"=.:::::: .:::: .. :"::: .:::::: =: B Atwater, 2 cs; Levy & Newgass, 55 do; H Haveyet io all this extravaaance ofprices there ie no, pros Good... ... .... .... .... 11-" liclediDIII ......... ....... & Bro, 346 do, M H Levin, 37 do, Eaaert, D1'lle .,. l'lu .......... ....... U ,S Common ........... _. 10 "'"" peot at present of a dfeljne. It ia diftlouh, howeYer, to Belectt....... ,.. .. 18.1f Moaldy ...... .......... & o, 28 do; Palmer & 65 do i Rossin & De. h 1 I J h' d IJ&'btcat,Unslqt,Din .... I 1$ 6 0 d F Hed 3 d M W h ._ C .-ay ow arp:e y a.Jon entera mto t 1" a vanc-e m do do !eat ... ... 11 do do tue...... 8'1 Bauer, o; o; eet e1m oo o, oase of Western leaf. In that of Virginia there is HeaT)' leaf lllllfIWndi.-Brillbt40 do; Bai'Ch, Coho & Co, 20 do; Mait Abenbeim, 36 b b d Commonlngi.... ... .... '" Fine.. .......... 80 filM d B I JL D '1 d All JL C no dou t that the advance is genuine, ase as 1t 1s on Common leat....... .... &Jt 10 lledinm,-rce .......... o; uns oo orm1tzer, o; en "" o, 1 cs cigan; absolute and so long as be cao-:. exilts we edinm.. ......... ... 10 H lt.l( C".ummon 10 @IIi order, 10 Gil v "" Good............... .. lt 11.111 mast expect tq; the r oo'ri_1!1Jl0nding effect. FIDe.... .. .. .. .. 1tH 18 Blne. .. ..... . t'l @110 By the New York and Hartford Steamboat Line: AI al t t 't I th t th kectlono ............. Good ................... 11 @ia D & A Benr1'mo, 82 ur >L Pn"no ._Co, 21 -'o ,Sot a gener 1emen 1 It-&10 -..rue a e Jlluouri.-Com. to liOOd Common tomedmm .... 18 !W:O n .IU. --u Western crop of I869 was not .onfJ?rolifio in.. & Newmark, 8 do; C Langenbach & Co, 56 de. tbe bPst tobacco, and that the b1gh pnces com llectiWD ................ 9Jt O,ltl Gommoo,mcdlum ...... 18 By the New York and Expre81 Pro-manned by Viuginia wrappers have compelled Good................ .. 11-" "atw,ln ca-. black .. 110 @ll Line: H Havemyer & Bro, 273 01 Booal r : Floe .. ..... .... 11" Jll Tldr @ 9 N.Y. Seed conn. owne o, 10 o; J D Evans & Co, 23 r k I th t tl .... ..._ b Medium .... .. .. .... 9}l@ll wrapper .. .. () 00 @26 00 do Bulkljc Moore & c s d L dl ... eo n e presen esse, us may come lu tone s ape Good to line brown ... l.)!f@J6 PenD. do do do. 17 oo @28 oo 1 J o, .., o ; u am .. of a faiJin.,. off in thl' demands of the manufa c turers for Fancy 17 @80 Oblo do do do 17 oo @i3 oo Harrison, 1 o; Huft"er, Toel & Co, 1 d.o; J H Thompb ,..I' I d b b b 1 1 h' .UpporConntrY ......... 11 @86 Coon.FIIIerandSt. 88d 50hfb SDK 'II d bf t ertl 1S Itt e ou t t at t e atter on y pay' t ese Grouod leaf, new... .. 5 @11 wrapper. ... 10 00 OliO 00 son, o, e1 y, Jr, 93 o, 80 tCS, fancy prices und"r the pressure of irresistible circum COIIn&:twutalldNAUmmerce, Danish West Indies: u bales, '710; 'l 08,1$823; yellow, 12@25, Kentuc.ty.-Common to good lugs, aud is espP.Cially opposed to the policy of some In the 1,2'75 lbs mfd, $406. 8@9t; common to medium leaf, 10@ 121; good to fine tobacco trade who are disposed to store their crops for Dutch Gu'ana: 5 hhds, $1,314. 13@14; select leaf, 16@18. Vlrginia.-Inferior and a year or two rather tbao make a concession iit favor of Dutch West Indies: 1 bhd, $290. frosted logs, common to good .hipping, '7@10; the buyer. To aay nothing (lf the loss of interest, sev-French West Indies; 82 hhds, ,8'18. common to medtum leaf, tau to st.iperal small profits are thus recklessly sacrificed and the Hayti: 6 bhds, $1,1H5; 237 bales, .3,195. ping, 11!@14,. market reduced to a dead-and alive condition that is New Granada: '9 bales, .1,007; 44,576 lbs mfd, but beneficial to trade. If we do not 1uoceed ,645. p In 6ettmg rid of a large proportion of the tobacco snitVenezuela : 5 bales, eo; 4 08, tl;81 ; 2,199 lbs mfd, able for foreign and which will not be em& ta89. sumed '-4, we 11hall enter upon tbe next year with very To European ports for the week ending Mt.y 1 '7 : gloomy prospects, and with such a load of the lower Hamburg: 50 bales, 9,038lba mtd. rades as most weigh down the market and alleol. in-Liverpool: 82 hbds, 6, 774 Ibs mfd. JUriouely the prices of nen the better 2oalities. Gibraltar: 1,061 bhda, 56 oe, '74 bn, 10,'714 lba mfd. Wee1!:.01141Dt: ca. London: 23 hhds, 11,063 lba mfd. Ju. ll'eb. 5 Peb. 11. Bremen: 39' Cll. 366 ca. 1,009 cs. 220 ca.. Glasgow: ''T bxa.. ll'eb. tt. Peh 1&. .Jlar. 5. SOl ca.. 110 cs. 438 011. Jlarth 111. n:h lit. lfareb 19. 100 cs. 409 cs. 493 ca.. .IJril II. Aprllli. April lt 140 08.. 69, 08. 313 cs. A p-11 Ill. 8 lh710. 630 cs. 1,241S cs. 1,245 08.. lla717. 636 CB. Spanisk.-TbP. market for Havana is somewhat quiet, and we only note salet1 of 200 bales at 91Sc.@II.'l,.t. Of the new crop it is too soon to speak wilh confidence, but the probability is that t will not prove a large one, and will command high prices. Manufactured .-Thera wa8 a moderate buainess done last week, in black work, The stock of old pound lumptds about exhau1ted and it is too eo?n yet to receive a supply of the new. This, in deed, IS tbe harvest time ot a large number of North Carolina factories that turn out no otht>r styles and ftood the Southern markets with an article made so early in the season that they must be disposed of at once as they will not keep. Th1s, of course, uece11si tates low prices. When gaod bright younk@5.1 3f; Antwerp, 6.21!@5.I6l; Swiss, 6.21l@6.16l; 35f@36; 40l@H; Frankfort, 40f@41Ji; .Bremen 78f@78i Prus11ian tbalers, 70-i@7 Jj-. Freights have been quiet and steaily. The Pnjlage meuts were as follows: To London, 25 and 30 bhd11 at 2011; to Br .. men, per N.Y. steamer, 19 at 400 cs. at ISs; to Antwerp, by the same 80 hhds at 30s, A Blitish barque hu been chartered for 650 hhds to Cadiz at. 30e, or il to V !11. 32s 6d. IMPOBTS. Arrivals at the port of New York from foreign ports for the week ending May 17, include the' foUoWiog consignments: Alicante: A P Francia, 368 bdls licorice root. Baracoa: J T Pearsall, /;QO cigars. Cienfuegos: & Hawkin8, 3,000 cigars. Ham burg: T H V etterlein & Sons, 25 bls tobacco. Liverpool: Blakemore, Mayo & Co, 3 hbds, 22 tea tobacco ; Order, 207 cs licorice paste. London: Order, 11 tee tobacco. Naples: Order, 306 cs licorice. Havana: L F Anja, 200 bls tobacco; F Miranda, 128 do; D & A. Beurimo, 84 do; .M H Levin, 64 do; E M Crawford & Co, 34 do; Otto Maier, 27 do; Tbier man, Kuchler & Co, 50 do; M R Pearsall, 57 do, 3 cs cigars; R E Kelly & Co, 265 do, 4 do ; Atlantic S S Co, 150 do, 5 do; W H Thomas & Bro, 23 cs oitorars; De Bary & Kling, 14 do; Kunhardt & Co, 1 do; Parit & Tilford, 5 do; Acker, Merrill &. Condit, 5 do; L E Amsinck & Co, 4 do; Roma, Mesa & Co, 3 do ; M L Timon, 4 do; G W Faber, 6 do ; L Philip & J Frank, 9 do; Porwert & Co, 1 do; Rumpff & Lutz, 1 do; Smith, Crosby & Co, 2 do; Tbos G Hunt, 1 do; Jose A Vega & Bro, I do; Chu F Tag, 1 do ; F Spies, 1 do; F Riva & Co,1 do; Howard Ives, 8 do; W H Wilson, 2 do; C F A Hinrichs, 1 do. DOMESTIC lUI:CltiPTS. The receipts at the port of New York, from domestic, interior, anrl coastwise ports, for the week ending May 17, have been 1,386 hbdl!, 20 do stems, 35 toR, 119 half tes 939 pkgs, 2,818 cs, 8'14 three qtr bxs, 'T:.!l hfbxs, 27i qtr bxs, 42 kegs, 21 08 cigars, 31 bxs snutr, 20 bbls UghteJ'll, consigned as follow!!: By the Erie Railroad-S M Parker & Co, 47 bbds; A D Chockley & Co, 81 do; Drew & Crockett, 107 do; L W Gunther & Co, 54 do; PoiJard, Petto!l & Co, 111 do C B Fallenstein & Son, 169 do; J D Kielly, Jr, 311 de; Oelrichs & Co, 37 do; 0 Van Meyer, 30 do; Norton, Slaughter & Co, 7'7 do; J K Smith & Son, 112 do; P Lorillard & Co, 128 do; C E Hunt & Co, 5 do; R L Maitland & Co, 9 do; Blakemore, Mayo & Co, 66 do; Sullivan, Murphy & Co, 14 do; B C Baker, Son & Co, 15 do; H Havemeyer & Bro, 43 do; Hermann Bros & Co, '7 do; Lewis & Co, 8 do; E M Wright, 4 do; Hill & Mes8enger, 39 do; Sawyer, Wallace & Co, 10 do; Fielding, Gwynn & Co, 29 do; Ottinger Bros, 13 do; & Co, 37 do; Bunzl & Dormitzer, 50 H Schubart & Co, 38 do; J Allen, 46 do; J May er & Son, 72 do ; Charles F Tag, 48 do; Order, 163 hbrls, 21 pkgs. By the Hudson River Railroad: Fatman & Co, 28 hbds; Blakemore, Mayo & Co, 21 do; C B Fallenstein & Son, 2ft do; L W Gunther & Co, 27 do; AD Obock ley & Co, 34 do; Norton, Slaughter & Co, 30 do; J K Smith & Son, '73 do; Tbos Hoyt & Co, I 0 do; Hill & Messenger, 14 do; H Schubart & Co, 56 pkgs; G Salo mon, 16 do; Bunzl & Dcrmitzer, 99 do; G B Licbten: berl!', 78 do; Lederman Bro11, 126 do; Order, 59 do. By the National Line: Pollard, & Co, 14 hhds; S.1wyer, Wallace & Co, 7 do; C B Fallenstein & Son, 19 do; L W Gunther & Co, 2 do; P Lorillarrl & Co, 14 do; A D Cbockley & Co, 1 do; Bunzl & Dor mi zl'r, 151 pkgs. By the Camlea and Amboy Railroad:; Bunzl & Dor 2i> pkgs. Hv the New York anil New Haven Railroad: D. & A. Benrimo, 101 cs; 'fhierm:ln, Kuchler & Cc>., 91 do; Strohn & Rtoit zen stein, 90 do; C. C. M .. 5 do; Htlchman & Troop, I CR ci;zars; Biil well & Farwell, I tlo; & Grant, 1 Jo; & Bros., 2 do; Bonta TOBAOCO STATJDnCBT. Jan. 1, stock in warehonl!e8 and on abipboard not cleared ............................. In11pected this week ..................... previouly ................. Total ................. .. 6132'1 Cout.wiee and on shipboard not olea-red .... : 1,200 Bbde. 5,'118 1,81'1 6,830 1&,365 8,521 Stock in warebouae this d&y ..... ,.... 7,838 BOSTON, MAY 14.We repoQrt: There bas been no in the market, the salee beinll for trade pur poses. The receipts have been 69 hhds, 186 bales, and ? 62 bX1!1. The exports were 2 es, I7 b.xs to the British North American Colonies.. W" quote: Western leaf -Lugs, 8f@9lo; good, 11-i@12lc; oommon, 9!@10c; fine, 12}@13o; medium, 10!@11!; selections, 13!@14. Virginialeaf-Lug11,6f@'lt; f$OOd, 1Q.i@l1i; common, 8f@9i; fine, llf@l2i; medmm, 9i@IOt; selections, 12f@l3t. Seed leaf-Couneoticut and Massachusette Fillers, 13@16; do do Wrappers, 46@65; do do run ning lots, 36@40; Ohio Fillers, 10@12; do Wrappers,. 26@45; do running lote1 16@25; Penn fillerP, IO@l2; do Wrappers, 26@45; do running lots, 11@25. Manu factored in bond-Bright work-common and medinm,. 25@80; do good and fine, 35@55; black work, com mon and medium, 20@22; do good and fine, 25@30. CAIRO, MAY 13.-=-Tbe Price 0uf'1'ent says that there waa another successful sale of tobacco,by the Planters' Tobacco Warehouse to-day. There was a full board of' buyers, gentleme& from St. Louis, Chill& go, and elsewhere, and every hojr;shead otrered waa sold for every cent it was worth. The attendance of plan ters was al110 large, and the feeling among thern argued: well for future salell-74 hhds were slid &'I follows: 11 bhds at $6 to 6.95, 22 bbdsfat. 7 to 7.90, 27 at 8 to 9 25, 10 hhds at 10 to 11.75, 4 bbds at 16.60 to 20. At the Ballard Tobacco Warehouse, I5 bbds of me dium torrades were sold at from 8 to 12.50. UuinterHted judges pronounce the obtained unque .. tionably good, and tbe full worth of the tobaoco.J CHICAGO, .Mu 14.-The market was steady at unchanged prices. We still quote: Chewing Extra, $1.05@1.15; choice, 90c@$1; medium, 70@ SOc; oom111on, 55@65c. Smoking-Choice, 30@32o; medium, 26@28o; common ste-ms, 23@25c. PlugNat ural leaf, 90c@ ; balf bright, 'lli@80o; black, sound, 62@70o. CINCINNATI, Mu H.-Mr. J. A. Johnson, Reporter ot the Cincinnati Tobacco Association, reports: Our market this week, while it has not been as busy: ss lost week, and our sales do not foot up as much byH'O buds, yet has bad quite a season of activity. Our receipts have fallen off considerably, and are only fair; sales have been much in excess of receipts, and dealers in our market hold small stocks, while there is no ac cumulation of stock whatever in the warehousemen's banda.. Sales have been very satisfootury, and conse quently but few njecl.ions. Common frozen trash is at least half a cent higher tHan last week, and indeed, all grades of lugs are higher. Common frozen we quote at from $6 to 6.75, and p3rtly frozen at 7 to '7.76. Sound logs 8 to 9, and very ftw all sonnd Lelow 8c. Quite a number of anod boxes of Ohio seed frozen or fat st,!lmS has been sold in our market, bring from 4 to 5. 75. Market is sttill tir111 the above price11, and judging from the small lltocks, and pre11ent demand, we think there is not mUflh ohance for it to come down. Casey, Wayne & Co sold during the week 120 hhds, 7 boxes, as follows: 84 hhils new and Brauken county at 6.10 to 16; hhds new Oweu cmunty at 6. 75 to 16; 3 bhds new Kentucky alt. l I 50 to 31!; 3 hhda frozen Oliio St>ed at 4,101.0 !5; 10 hhrls nt'W West Virf!iuiaat '7.30 to 19; 7 hxs new 'West Vtrgiui& at 6.30. to 36; 14 hhJs oli Bracken coumty at U to 22.2.5; 1 hhd old Owen connty at. 10.75; I hhd old S"uthern KentuckJ at. 13.60. PH Clayton & Co sold duriug the ..


: .0 THE LEAF MONTREAL, JriAY 13.-:KesRn. Bathllate & Bro., Ttie reoeiptl hav"lllieen I5t bbd11, 2 cska: o bntt8, I that have been etrolOtod privately, and that k hhd 1 b as follows. se hbds new Ma11011 9 hhdtl Barren at '7 to '7.80, 1 hhd Adair tobacco commissioa merc"-tAI,d'eport.: lJueinees bas ,bl, 80 bf bbls, 1 tub, 1 g cs, 30 cads, 1-' 23 P,:n, our today's etoc:ks in first banda ant DOt Wet' 119 1!, oxt 6 25 t 2I j S ._hds neW' ,Pendleton leaf at 1 O, 1 hhd Indiana lugR at 11.55, ll. hh s o been moderate since our last 1'eport, and prices well 10 drums, 28 keg", I bx cigars, conaiRned 118 follows: u rt'porttld Sales of Ambaltoma a and Bractke0n1cou5 a71i. 1 '1 ne* Boone' county at com hafat 8.60 1.0 9.20, 1 hhd Onmherlaod t,ugaat '16.9t0, maJ'ntaJ"ned. There is uo change ill nnotat.ion with/ By RiYer Boat&: T dwis Nanl!on & CoTS hhdl!l, Sterling 800 ceroons of better gradee, at whlolh county a b ... ty at 10 "o to.. rhhd Marino }UUVUt a a .gr9l!Jt on t mont s orto iCO total, (133 hh &,99 xs. ecelp 1 hhd Warren leaf at 9.70, 2 hhds Taylor leaf at 8 .4 bxs consi""ned all follows: By.. River boats, Jno E J.. lhe, q65U@o sdpe 1 r 2 h h d0i' IJ!Jd wtthout animation; last of north side grown at I the week, 501 hbdll, 101 bXe. .11 8 o to 9.80, 1 hhd Davie!s leaf at 8.50, 8 hhde Daviess lugs Kin' 182"'hhds E H Wilson & Son / 109 do; R T v lrg!ma_ per c' poun "s,. presse to 11 gta. ,lfA"Jhll.-The o ace and frozen at 5.70 to 8 1 hhd Metcalfe lugs at 7.10, 2 T 139 d K' k t. k .c. Kith 163 do T C 70@c, doE:xtira.oh.Olce, 80@S ... c, ingofinte'rest to iie reported nominal quotation!. lo17 Leaf By reference the New York aJ!sN:;: hbds Marion at 7.9o to 8.10. 2 hbds Madon lugs at 6 do. ;:ke: & i'f do; p;IB, do olls 20 JlloVBIDeot in Orleans q notaioos, will ue s.een_ that p "to 7."'"'. The N'nthl!treet bo use !!old 40 hhda, 2 re-1 t w l c eWln"" .. smo mg 8 an s c .. 1 e l 1.-. ...... b trad en h b m .. v. Overton & Burch, 85 do; H F Given, 7 do; oo "''h Ut -111-Jft"'gJ"e!!S t e e as w .!8 equally as full i!_l tbii market, w Jc jected-1 hbd Warren yew luo-s at 7.30, li...hhdat War drid e & Garth 88 do. E 0 Roach..& Co, 68 do; L avo b88n 3 2 Clgars, 1 cs pipes to J speculatqxs l!aviog continued t.o buy freely or case in all western ibland II_Jarke}\he ren new leaf at R to 10.75 2 hhds Todd GuJ)ler & co: 45 do: Beadles, Wingo & Co, 16 do; to Cbma, 12 cs; to V!ctoriO., 6 snllif, 12 ll8 mgar. the small shipments 'from Bl6ua."{tr-c have n9ticed from t e opemog 0 'b 't t to 1\) 4 bhds Hancock JMtW lugi at 5.40 to 7 s Bl k B. & Cc 63 d J 1!! 40 do. B Tbep-e are no'Y 00 tbe1r way to this port from domestic tions amount to about 12 000 bales including 5 OO(} bales seasorr, and ha"Ve been WJable to attrl ate i new lugs at 6 to 7.50, a hhds Daviess new leaf W do; TOJn. 1 do; A ant.ic porl.s 50 bales and 1,463 cs. to arrivE), and ppces a new a other cau8e than the shortness of remem8.30 to 9.10, 4 hhds BaHard new leaf at 9.60 to 14 1 Maier Bro8 ,"'95 pkga 1 s llernabeim, ll do; J p Sarrazin, ORONTO, ti.&N., MAY 12.-We quote this market as from 2! gts. Dast saTes of old crop tobacco at 131-close competition between dealers. 0W1 k t hhd Butler npw lu"s at 7 90 1 .hbd Metcalfe new lugs L d J Leg 6" b B t'-ti llo C Jb 27 t 29 d d 29 t gt h I t th bere<).thattbeNewYorkand.New 10do:S Na.;its,20 o ; gett,,. xs yue o ,.s: ommon .._..,per, o c;goo o, o s yearsgrow Opened verv dull, and ouT were notified b1yd 1 1 Meade Ju"S a 7 .70 1 bhd Hart frosted Jugs at 6 .so, 2 New Orledns J a&sol'l a tid Great N ortnern Ra1lroad34c; dark S 's, 34 to 36c; daPk lt lbs, 34 to 36c; bright as high as 16 gts was paul, wh1ch iS equal to 13 gts :1 h h haees wou ,., R T Torian s2 bbds Had,deni Overton & Burch, 8 do; S's, 4 to 46c; bright! 1l:ls, Mi to 50c; bright Ibs, l H to for thirds, 15 gts for seconds, lG gts ftH' lmt!t,-and t'P their commission merobants t at t etr osed to bold I bbds Adair at 8.40 to 8.50, 1 hhd Logan low leaf L Santher & Oo 2 do. es, & ep, 5 do; 66c ; Solace, 37 to 49. i 111.. '" gts .ior patents. St. Felix realized from 20 to 22 p not realize cost. They were, however, P t tb at 10 1 bhd Simpson lugll at. 8.90, 1 bhd Barred leaf at. Mayo & 14 do; Ji: 0 Roach & Co, 15 for avr.rage lots, or 16 to 17 gts for thirds, I8 to l9 gts fol" the demaod, foroedbbuyers to 10.'15: 1 hhd Logan logs at 8. 70, 1 hhd 8.60, do. W 00ldridcre & Garth, 3 do, Besumont, Fakes &; TRICE'S LANDING, TENI'J., Mu 4.-Riggios & &eOOIIUi lO to 21 55 to 27 ma for ancl 36 to fi-!....1.-and M-1 t ere was a grea. Yl 1 bhd Hart le:,.f at it. 75. The Boone bouse sold.15 ,.. F CO sold. 189 hhds, ranging in price froaU7.2.Ho .50 f S fi e.d C 1 b' 0 5u mantets. Tb,ill wasrvery grat1fymg to hlads-a hbds Tay" lor lE!af at 9 to 10 2 hbds MarlOn Co, 1 do; Irl!y, MoDaniel & Co, 1!6 cads. rom PoaJGl'f. or ,P_Jijen, t& to interior mltrke'ts,'tand oukr to. 8 1 hbd lugs at 8.190 2 libds Daviess at Mes Hale, Bb ef nkll 'JibhdsOBFrul&I, & Co, {jf N e w York, says: Since ou'ila cirodUrof tbe r o .., ... :_ l 'lll!8 be roar et lD t e v hhd !i i bl. c TCUTTA A Th k t t II adv..,uced in ea k an and 6.05 to !1.50. Farmer!!' h.Otl&e sold 29 hbds--!J s Mayt, a&; follows: 1 wd bright wrapper .at $40, 4 .,. s 31st u lt. our markets have not. shown uch anima tion, I4' 6.-e mar s same condition ae !lt the eth tC: d Warrell at 7.10 to 7.60j 1 hbd Log:anJeaf at 1.25, piebll!ld at 18.25 to 23, 42 bhds good shippers at 10 to but still a tar atpOJlnt of buliness bas bee!) 'ltll. t much ammatJOD. The qn?tatlOns, whaoh ...., the immediate demand .supphed. enngh e ee 2 hhda Spencer (Indilina) 1ngs at '1.20 to 7.30, 2 nbds 13 9 hhdslow leaf at 9 tQ .II.IIQ, 1.0 hhda good IUJ!:B at/ cbnsidering the smallness ostocks of unchanged, are as follows: i-lba, ialr to good, 8.., to. cline in gold, tobaooo II, nowh t :at t e Spencer (In<)iana) leaf ,at 9.20 to 9 50, 2 bbds Henry 8 to 19, 11 hbds common lu,-Io-hhds-low-lellf y$ter w \o t.he t."!* litaa m 'ons, ao m lkK s ctly r tion of a disposition, as they 1t! tp at. 10, 2 hh4is Carroll lngs and common lear at at 8.35 tG II,,. tlon emams as exp til t.o tbetRtePio!' haTe sales by private cp1,1 fi\Ct wll_re...aaJ. oetpAA 209 ket bY paying the planters h1gh pnc" aa op 1 t 9 to 10 50 1 bhd Robinson (Tenn) lugs at 8.30, 8 good to e a.t 1 to 12. 75, 5 bi)l\ll')>. ali ILt bee malt, &Dd as no other dr -.vbacks, such as pol c19, I!J'i(rtaiU1118 CQk 9'-do tbem for full returns. Our dealers mu.l!t now 00 d' 0 bhds lugs and common leaf at -7 to 10. 20. 75, 3 d.!! 4 '2 oxs man itical character, &rei'o The mo ey rmnlket also ama. At pdblic atie ion here we Q.U1 another ailvance This t.heyf a;.e On Saturday tbe Boone bouse sold I '1 hhds-2 bhds ufactarintr at 30 t4h19.5tl. Messrs Rice, Crossland & continues easy, al!d alt.itou increased de pal'tly Cy ClarkR>Ville fl x ec .tu......,..., otn .....,., or an leaf at 10.25 !o 11.25; 1 hd good leiW."'"at 12 w 1 t 7 20 t 7 50 3 nbds do low leaf at '7.80 hhds medium leaf at 10.25 to 10,60 1 hlld common leaf grades, and including almost the entire balance of old bxs at *27. The .clear.ces have beet) 88 roBewa: Ca.Ma-7th 20 bhds-8 bhds common .to luRs. at I.O at 75, '7 hbds !fan cock nbw lugs at 9.65, 6 hbds at 6.50 to s .Rice, Croas crop in first ha ; the rates obtained indioate no diz, 11 '1 bales, eigal't!, 2 0, 8 9 5 cigarette&; 7 26 to 9:30; 12 bbds common leaf at 9 40 i 7hbde at 6:40 to 7.40, 3 bhds low -leaf at 7.60 to 7.90, 1 bbd land & Kay sold .Monday 13 hbds. as follows: I. hbcl oha,nge of value, d we therefore continue to quote Barcelona, cgars, 2 7 6 pkgs i. Sl Jut 10.25 to 11 ; 2 llds good leaf at ll. 711 Henderson lugs at 7 50 1 hhd Webster leaf at 8.10, 2 good leaf at $12, 2 hbds medium leaf at 10 to 10.50, 5 ordinary heavy lugs, ; t to s; gts; good do, 8! to ..Thomu. 69 500 Olgan, s 1 8'1 pkgs cigarettes' Ma 1cftb 15 bhds--8 bhds lugs at 8. 70 to. 8 95; 3 hhds hhds Indiana "lugs at 6.'20 to 7.30, 1 do leaf at 8.90, 2 hbds common leaf at 9.15 to 9.65, 5 hhds lugs at 6.10 to 9! gts; and low leaf up to 10! medium leaf, 11 to and "Vera.. Cruz, cigars, 2 7 9 477 cigarettes;. cooi'mon leaf 11.t 9. 75 to 9 hhds to %ood hhds Owen rugs at 6.50 to 7.20, 11 hhds do leaf at 8.111. Messrs Settle Brothers sold 1\'Ionday 20 hbds, as 11t gts; good ;nedium to leaf, 12! to 14 gts. Of Vera Cruz, 7 ,BOO mgars, 194000 pkgs Cigarettes. leaf at 1.0 to 11.75 Sales by :Messrs Hamson & 8 50 to 28. The Farmers' house sold 23 hhds-4 hhds follows: 1 bhd manufacturing at 8 g?od light Western an indirect importation of 42 hhds, LONDON, APmL 30.-Messrs Grant, Bodgaoo by of the Clarksville warehouse, for the week Hart luge and common leaf at 8.80 to 9.1l0, 4 hhds to fine shipping at 10 to 13, 5 hbds common sh1ppmg partly of very low and partly of leafy qualities, was & Co's Monthly Vircular says: The transactions ofl 6th, of 104 bhds, 2 bhls, 1 bx. May ad, 1 b 1 8 Warren lugs and common leaf at 8.90 to 9.50, 8 bhds at 8.60 to 9.95, 6 bhds lugs at 6.80 to 7.85 Messrs sold at 8! gtl!, and in this proportion, further sales of the month in North American tobacco have been upon as follows--4 hhds at 8.10 tQ 8. 75 ; 10 bhds ow Kentucky 1iver lugs and common leaf at 11.25 to 19.50, Hale, Backner & Terrell 8old 30 hhds on Monday, AS old crop might still be effected. As regards new crop, an extreme1 y limited scale, and the sales sum up mueh to medium leaf at 9.80 to I 0.50. May 6th, 90 hbds, 2 2 hhds Warren old leaf at 10.50 to 10 75, 3 hhds Logan follows: 7 hhds lugs at 86.90 8, 12 bhds common the arrivals of late assumed somewhat larger dim c n less than for some months past. Exporters bdve net bbls 1 box as follows-37 hhds logs at 8.80 to 0 ; lugs and common leaf at 8.90 to 10 25, 1 bhd Henry !eat at 8.50 to 9.95, 5 hhds UledJJiffi leaf at 10. 75, sions, but there is oo disposition vet to buy fresh to operated owing to thu poo1 supvlies offllring, and the 3 5 bhds to medium leaf at 9.30 to 10.25 i 18 h ds lugs and common leaf at 9.50, 1 hhd Henry common 3 hhds good leaf at 11 io 13, 1 hhd at bacco, although, to judge from the American samples, home trade have only taken small selections for their good leaf at 10.50 to 12; 2 bbls trash at 5, 5.'15 ; 1 bx Iuers at 6 .90. The Pickett house sold 40 hhds-6 b}.lds 13.50, 1 hbd bright wrappers at 60.25. The hhd brtght character and quality of the crop are likely to suit the immediate reqniremeuts. Pri11es continue firm, and lu"s at 7.10. Tgdd leaf at 8.50 to 12, 2 bhds Todd logs at 7.50. 8, wrappers was grown J. W. }flowers, of McCracken of our trade. All we want lower range of holders show no disposition to to aoy. allateDANVlLLE, MAY 14.-The Timts. reports the mar 7 hhds Christian leaf at 9.10 to l l, 1 hhd Chns.tJan county, and was the h1ghest pr1ced of the season. pnces, the cost of those lots wh1ch have lately upon curr.ent rates. The defimency and mi.x!)d ket as follows: Receipts somewhat than last lugs at 8 1 hhd Daviess frozen _at 6.70, 1 hhd Ind1ana PHILADELPHIA, M.u.l6 ...LMr E W Dickers 11appeared in market beiug very considerably character df the next import is now pretty generally k For several days there waR considerable frozen at' 6.50, 4 hhds Henderson leaf at 8.60 to 13, 6 tobacco broker, Ther.e" iij yet an active demand. what afford. to pay. The i.n the :States rule high for in the market; at present, bhds HeodtJrson trash at 6.20 to 7.40, 2 hbds blackfat for Connecticut filiers and seconds. Several lots have same may be sa1d of V1rgma, of wh1ch sort actually all eltg1ble In Contmeotal and other more animation, and prices are well eustame e at 9.80 to 10.25 1 bhd Hardin lugs at 7.50, 1 hbd Met been resold entire two of whi, the v1ews l}f b-q,'yers J.()f last Stock, 14,998 agamet $60 to 100. Henry lugs at s. The Louisville house sold 44 hbds-ers an'd seconds, in small lots; 200 cs new Penosylva differ even still wider than is the reg3rd.-to bhdli in 1869; hbda in 1868; 21,.376 _hll\!11 in HOPKINSVILLE, KY., MAY 5.:-We repo:t tbe 1 bhd Henry leaf at 14 .. 2 Henry (Tenn) leaf at nia, running lot, private terms; 40 cs new Pennsylva Weste.rn, !'nd we can but!.II!er remark th!'t 186'1; 24,341. hhds m bhds m and sa lea by Messrs Abernathy & Co, at tnePlantel'll ware 11.25 to 12.75 1 hhd Chnstmn leaf at 11, 3 hhds Hen nia small lots 50 cs new Ohio at 22@33c; 50 bales we are qlnte prepared for 1t to rece1ve ltttJe or no V11' 16,983 hbqs 10 1865, V1rg1ma Leaf and Str1ps have bouse, of 147 hbds and 1 hoi; the bbdt1 brought from deraon leaf At 19 to 10, 1 bhd Cumberland laaf at 11.25, Ha'vana at 9Sd@$l.lO. Lowgrade niga\'11 in. mod ginia tobacco out of the 1ast crop. Stems only sold to bad "but little attention; some ipquiries have been 5 .40 to $15. 50 and the box $30. 1 bhd umberJand lugs at 8.10, 15 hhds Indiana logs erate demand; sales reach 400 000. Sales of manufao a moderate extenJ;, t.he supplies continuing excessively made fbr the former, but prices below the iieas oi LYNCHBURG, MAY 14.-Mr. J H. Tyree, t& at "7.40 to 7.80, 3 Barren lugs at 7.50 to 1 tured reach 400 pkga sm _a11, of Vi!ginia, for "Which a fair de the of t.lie fioestrcia-, bauco commission merchant, reports: Hhds. hhd Meade medium leaf at 9.20, 1 hhd Barren medmm RED ;RIVER LANDJNG, TE"NN. 5.-Tbomns mand 1s e.x1stmg.. Pr1ces are f111ly a ba .e be n effected.:.. Kentucky and Inspected last week, ending 7th May....... I34 leaf at 9, 2 bbds Weakley (Tenn) lugs at 7. 70 to 7 : 90, & Co sold 161 hhds the prioe -being 7 liO na 'Jlro{o artlele sel}jn_g readily at from Iii to&\ thr. while Stnpll-The !Java beel'l but ir1fttng-m the this. l4,th May........ 101 1 hhli Monroe low leaf at 8.30, 8 hhds Allen lugs at the $ll 7 5 brii?ot Lyr;Jcbbupg would fetch from 1 to 7t tbP.' and forme':,'qo sistini. aele"'i0011 of liae bright classes i?.lo io 7.40, 5 hbds Indiana leaf at 8.20 to 9.50, 4 hbds on" ; upwards for ll;_ cboice article. Vommllll sauced cootiuue anll mall, qu.agtU.ies of &piBniog wJJrum:.... 33 Breckirlrido-e low leaf at 8 80 to 9.30. RICHMOND, Mn: 14:-.'--'llr It A Mills, to'bacc hroeglected and of saie at WMtern are noW' ddllcuft to find. In the latter the of from last week .... .. .. .. .. Lbs. On Tll!l'sd;y the Pickett house sold 81 bhds-2 hbgs ker, reports: In renew1of, our fpr \lie pa&t stems Qld.. eneut..l)( 281 hhds at from 21 iJ }aleo chiefty of a retail character, Sold ... 1 ..,...8 ..... t eek, endin 'lijl iJ ...... Ballard'brl"ht wrapper at 23.50 to 2u.50, 2 hbds Indiweek, I have t<> rece pts 11.111} ver fi.d ttn-. fb ft. eo.mmon article and lit frqtii'fl.lt9 4! 115 no a.1leration whatever in prices. Wil.h the yresentsmall 7.' 7. ti: i.ttb May ....... 287,'700 ana old leat"' at 11 to 11.25 1 hbd Hart old leaf at 12.50, for the season, partul8li w-belii "'I! take mto. coos1 n uar yfor IWeelf!iW ;Missouri. stock of M.arJland a lad Ohio on aal6 tranu.i ... 1 7 bhds Trigg leaf at 9.10 io 11.25, 9 bhds Breck.inridge eratioo the short c.rops. Oor pla-rll are senti JOg thflir y tiil leaf' sutn up o Its hhds, all iq reMH ay been v ery limite ; co lory classes of both mueh wanted. k 51250 leaf at Fl.6o to 14. 75, 4 bbds Breckinridge lugs and crops forward sia!, m }t!Jlrn\liu_t. lots new crop, m -" lrlrVe been in rat.her .berth Increase in last wee frozen at 11. 85 to s.lO, 3 hhds Henderson le,{ at 10.50 sequence1 the maJOrity oft itl! wayttl with great difficult:f to effect even fReZf1mall sales, or export home use, and some parcels ot old im .tillS b e differeneTb\n t :; to 12 .76, 8 hbds Heodenon traah at '1 to 8.1D, 7 hhds market 10 I expect to see since the cost is so very th!'t it is port nave been placed. Such as are of fair quaHty ce\Pts for the last two weeks. e qua 1 Y unog e __ 0 Leaf at 8 .4o to 1'1. '15, l hhd Green lugs at. 8 10, scarce an. d h1gh later_ m th_e llel w I,gwe the b,efor our dea:le" Go eo-pon4ioa t'l. CP.IU:!!ho. &DCt wtdl malle rueet a readv sale : H:ivaria tobaooo in resent week has been rather better, copsequently the uocc ...__ !iP1. 11 eld t N""" "T' -. ., r .: ._ more and ruled rather 2 hhds Grayson frozen at 6.40 to '1.1!0, 5 hhds Hart lea( transact! one ""'t' .,-ore' '"t; are o hbod "$ interior; unless the Baltimore market sho.u d ilecliop lllQI'8 den:i'alld ; parctlls of good fl. a vored fillers eett rat 8.60 to 10, 11 hhds Indiana leaf at 8.50 to I1.2tl, H I w1thdr m qootktioti& old: 1,,20'7 d .3 40 1i mtf!t Jl-reparea to see the trade adbefe to readily, and more ll)l& been higher. rt. k hhds Indiana. and frozen at 6.90 to '1.70, 1 hbd tcs, '15 bxs. Common luga., .. Sl.t.o 1 f the hand-to mouth WbateveTcourRe pr1ces parcels ronnd. Of Yi Ouha ca1-C"e y any LOUISVll:LE, M.o.T repo Daviess old leaf at 11.50,-2 bhds Fulton leaf at s .. to 9,10 t? l:mght 15 t030; do m!l."y punme;-tbe common grades will be. to Rtlook OD hand; t,he sales continues active, and lepo-H:d 111 Y 10.50 3 hhds Union trash at 6.10 to 7.10, 1 bbd Taylor bnght wrappers, 20, 40 to 70; go do fine to ex la9e, g-the. whenever prices are ter; priooa coptinue high. Orliamlla leaf. tlle dam a tail\ea, Reee(pr.. ue I ra e sa es ve leaf 'at 9 90 1 bhd Taylor at 8.20, 2 tra wrapperR, 75, 110 do do su red lags, 9 rangiag Slit u t.o tbe consumption. acco On Thnr11daythe sold f 20 t lugs at 7.60 1 hbd Todd. leaf at 9.90 SAVANN AJ!. ){u 13 W& ,epf at U.S.,_ o 0.15, lO..bhds In funcy. 75 to 90b' ; cxtro. fine bright, !If 89 9'5e; which may be taken in the place of commou Maryland, only find liuyers low rates. We are still without 11, 10: eori'oa 6 7 '';: '( :11. 1ucrs at 6.1p to 7.30, 5 D&wi-fr meet the 1 at 1 30 (sweepings) 3 3 11o 4/.lO (scraps), 4 at 6.40 have a very fair clianoe. In see4lealno sales worth tioues contracted. Fresh in:wortatious of medium Breckinridge 8:19 eal 'f tS :o t!10 but they are almost compelled to acknowledge their to 6.s0 1'7 at no 'l.SO 16 at. 8 to 8:90 28 at 9 to 9.90, mentioning have 111ken p'lace. Of ne'j'r crop tobacco sized leaf aod sma11 stalk would readily find boyers. lugs at 7 20 to 7. 70, 3 s e: :af 9 80 inabilitv. We quote: 2() at 10 to 10.'16 18 at 11 to p 75, 9 12 to 12.75, '1 various sample lots have come in, the quality of which .No olferiug_ 'ia Porto Rieo, Dra,;il, and 1 hbd M eade :t bhd: 'Hart com Va. ext'ra lhs. and fancy ....... .... ll OS@l 1).8 to 13. 75, 14 to 14.50, a' at 15 t.o 15. 75, 2 at I6 has given but little satisfaction, an1 tb'Ve ia a large dif! Arracan .. iavs ,trade puljllha.sed--a fe Jl&-': 10 50 1 bhd Chqsual,...f6 MII!lon leaf at Va. tiM bright,,lbs. and twtst ... :........ 00 to 16.25, 1 at U, 2 at 18, 1 at 19, 4 at 21.'15 to 29.75, ference tl..e CO!!t and the vaews of buyers eels 9.f oo utbtres, were moll fat 8.20:Co &; 50 bhds l;Tnion oom Va. medium bnght, lbs and twist....... 75@ 80 2 at 35 to 38 and 27 bxs at 4.60 to 21. Io the same Stocks 111 first handf!; 'Ke'!tucky, 691 V1r at moderate pr1ces; othe'r are difficult to dfove. 8 40 E>ach, 1 bhd Adair u' .2 1 t 6 110 to Va. common lbs. and t-lbs............ 1 65 time bids .,ve:.S rejected oo 35 bbds at 6.20 to 46, and Jl;inia, 115 hhds; Maryland, 22 hhds. ; Ohio, 241 hhds; Japan arrivals cjyringthe month were 1,450 bales, viz.: mon Jpaf at 9.10 to 9.liO, 2 1 s, 1 Va. llbs. and 14's.:............... 68@ 70 3 bxs at 10.25 to 55. Today the break was chietly Virginia stems, 3'77 210 hbds; 125 per the Vampyr, and par the Medina ; the 7.98, 1 hhd Henry lugs at {bbd I d'au at 10 75 Va.. fine light preslled, 9mch............ SO@ 90 low in quality but prices were,. steady and firm at onr Seedleaf, 114'1 cs. Regardmg Westlnd1an and South 125 bales were sold at pubhc auctwn, on the 28th aod bhd Marion tugs at _.0 '!o \6 10 bhd Va. extra fig and pancake .......... 1 0@1 15r Sales 40 hbls at 6 .20 to 19.50; 3 at 'TOe American t.obacco we beg to aubmit the following re 29th instant, and realis e d full rate8. We purpoRe offer 3 hhds Ind. frozen acco en leaf. at 70 2 hlulii .Ky. and Mo. bright, lb11................ 68@ 'TO 7 at 7.88 to 'TS. Bida were rejected on 12 marks: t?bacco. continues_ heglected and the ing at auction_, on 19th proximo, abou.t 950 of the common leaf at 9.tO, hgd Boone )l se' sold 2'1 Ky. and Mo. bright, fs and H'e........ 65@ 68 hhds at 7.10 to 13.75. We quote: Inferior, damaged sales dur1!lg month1m all about 9,400 sales ex Medma. St. Dommgo stock of well butted. Green lugs at iS fat 9 to 10 75 1 hbd Green Ky. black sweet, 10's and t's........... 62@ 65 and light weight, lugs, 6.50 to 7; factory do, '1 to 7.75 ; ceroons, show a new for tobacco Continued on Seventh Pa!fe. hhds-2 hhds Davless ea 1 f 'at 8 to 10 25 Ky. navy lbs. and t lbs., btlst.......... 70@ '12 planters' do and common leaf. 7.50 to 10; medium dark of better grades. Sa1d figure mcludes about 2,400 lugs at 7.90, 5 hhds Green 0 : 01':mo:t S:. 'TO to to 7 .20, 2 Ky. navy: Jbs. and fibs., medium...... .. 63@ 68 do, 10.25 to 10.50 ; fair and do, 13 sea-damaged tob. acco sold at public ANYBODY wANTING TO GET UP .A. C1GAR SHOW-CARD, 3 bhds Henderson colmm 7 ro to 8 40 2 bhds Tay BY TELEGRAPH-MAY 16.-Sales 169 hbds at $6@ to 20; good bright, 25 to 40; fine bnght, fancy, ,50 to real transactiOns to about 7,000, the may get a very h andoome an.d annmmh n ..... .. hhds Taylor common ugs at ... f. Jmnorts w erf1 fnllv 1 nnn n o .. lorleafat 9.90 to 10.25, 2 hhdsBarreo leaf at 10 toll, 19 .50 for frosted to good lea. 80.


"'!. ,.. .. .. 4 THE TOBACCO LEAR X. C WHEKLOCJt co., N.Y. Commission Merchants. t W.ltl. P. KlTTRIIDGll New York Commission Msrchants WI. P. KITTREDQ MOORE A CO. York. ll 00., ... Tobacco and Cotton COMMISSION MERCHANTS NEW YOXK, \ 1' I I Jlaft u1e or Lea( <:fobacco forii:XJlO!' f. an4 ,, Broad !Jtlr.eee, ...... oe. : NEW -i()j4GCO ." .LABELS .... ....... ..-. Por Smoking .-net Manufactured Tobacco, '':.r I 4 CITY TOBACCO .1 WORKS. '1/J Bowery,, l(e'U{ 1 / J:()seph. Scheider & Co. I r r ( ,. r I n 1 J 1 OF TBB 1 CELE'BIJA;rED CUPID' .Alao, o other r Kiltikinnick, and Cut Smoking 0, ,.., ,,.,.,. the Trolt kf....., p11roAal,.:g: e'-1oire. 229-tse) :B:a-toh db Oo., Lithographers, .. TOBAcco AND coTTON FACTo:a,s; 0 0., 218 BroailWO!fl (lterald Building), New York, "ND -L...,:..: r I .... Pa.:.:o::ma. GENJPRAL COMMISSION .. L GRGSS, .' La.suTRO ..NEWMARK. Tobacco&CottonFactor('l '" 1\T i:'lJ 9 b ,.. ,. --: A... .ue-... .a; o aoco, MANUFACTUAIRS OP' ., ,j C X G-.A.E=I.S,. > ADd in Leaf Tobaccos, 57 MA.IDEN. L.A..NE, NEW YORK. I. M. PARKER 1: OOTTON AND TOBACCO FACTORS AND COMM.ISSION 181 Pear. l St1eet, corner oj Cedar, 1 ,, t!J !i-246) 0. LUIDS, F. C.' LI _NDE & CO., WAREHOUSES-142 W!'ter and 74. 76, and 78 Greenwich Street. -. OFFICE. lU WATI:It ATitEET. ..... .l,pDOJ' ef 6.W, C&rrell "LOl'I'B .I'&CJJtot -"'BROWN DIll\tot II II xaTi. 71Naiia a ay, O. ....... Km:ball& lbrU..-of !OBACOO, .AND OTHER SOUTHERN PRODUCE, '18 WaM1' B,._, (P. O. Boao NBW YOB.K. 1 WINTZER & COOK, A. D. CHOCKlEY & co., DEALERS IN KENTUCKY 'COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Le&f( F'or the Sale of' : TQBACCO, 5 William Street, 168 Pea'rl Street, IIe.w ALD & BRO. Commission Merchants and OF HAVANA LEAF General Commi111ion l'llerohants,. No. 169 Ne"W-York. PE4 RL STREET, NE'W YORK. 52 Broad and 50 New Street;;, I IMPORTERS OF 1 f ; L.A. .A.FR.XC.A.N" .And otl..e r fine ana popular brands Havana Segars, AND SOLE AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF THE PRINOIPE DE GALES SEGARS, 1' M.ANUF'ACTU:RED AT THE .KEY WEST BRANCH. OF THE CELEBRATED PRINOIPE D:E GALES MANUFACTORY Ol' HAVANA M. ICHOTJ'Eif.ELS!i CO., '. I 232 CHURCH ST., NEW YORK, Jlanatacturera of, and Dea1ent ta, the ''Well-kiunm &lid Oelsbmted Brands of VIRGJlN IA' Commission Merchahtr. cjp .. CIOAR MANUFACTORY, D. HIRSCH & CO., 174. W&TEB STREET, NEW YORK, Sole Prepl'leto,.. or doe tollowt.a lt7 lioea CoJ'dak&ool BriUI ... t I DRJ!'IANCB, .BL MEI'Bl8TO, PALl>TAFlf THE LION,' UNIVII:RSAL STANDAltD, GULLIVER. BUOCBSH LII:GAL TE!m'RB, LONK STAR, QU{R ROOSTER. TH8 PKLIOL'i, I POWER OF FASHION. BIG THING, T.IUI: GOLDEN RAGLR .A.L80 CO'IIIPL'II:TE ASSORTMENT Ol" .&tL TJIB 1 LEADING HAVANA B.RANIJS. KRE.MELBERG & CO., NEW-YORK, F. L. BRAUNS & CO., BALTIMORE, Tobacco Jerehants. Seve.-al b .. n ... of L.tcorlce Pa8tc, lli"""l :4cn, eoostant1y on li-.nd, a.o4 J"ur hle, 1n buad er tlut.7 In lot.o &B.A.oco TO.ACCO 'PRESSERS, ... _,. pano_ &a, g&ro, AND r r r/J-r. II A -BQ L Hyadnth, El Coaanero, El ContestD, ....... DJ. 1'1 .ltJCJI, .. ... kMAN nRnT. No. Hh r-EARL STREET, New York IOBJI' lmUIIIO.. J0stPH SOHXITr I GEORGE Srol!K. A. STEIN & CO., C.,. JACOB 'HENKE.,LL -taek7 aad Vlrpma ") Commistl:ion Merchailts, e-o J.EAF TOBACCO, LEAFTOBACCO c .OTTO" 1: I 1'HOMA.S J{INNICUTT, A. 8 W-llUam Street, 197. Duane street, ,' .COMMISSION 1 'M:E;RCHANTS, and Prime Quahty, UDAR woo9, NEW YORK A -..-.. y t 1 1 Noa. 170 and a Broad Stree, 293 and 295 .MONROE NEW YORK: u:.,.............._, ,... or 11 ---,-----------'-' ,Ci&llr f.Worec!. TO B.:&:. OHAS. B. F!LLENSTErN &, SONS & J 8 R H .M, SAWYER, W.Atr.A.OE & 0()., Ben-- "" Blold Q. a, f:. A. SEITZ, ------""_. Leaf Tobacco, UO Water Street, "'11'/>1' 'j'Icx:a. i I:;. 1.,,.' I : .,ILLIA. WJCKll. -roBAoc. o,: .... ,&3 : ANb : 1 oF : ) i' Commission Merchants, U9 riiABL B'l'B:D!IT, Jr. r. l!' ,Wx. TATOIIl

1 lb. Dl11L1S, 1 lb. Drums 1-4 lb. Drums, 1 lb. Ba.srs, 1-2 lb. Bags, 1-4 'Ib. Bags. QUommouwtnlth ? 2 oz. Bags, ".I THE T 0 B A. C C 0 L E A F. PIONEER TOBACCO COl\tPANY: OF EHOOKLYN,' ?N:El'W ''Y'OR.n::.. Capital, $200,000, \ Organize-d uncler the lawnf the State of New York, January_2 1868. H. W. HUNT, President. .-JOHN' H. SANBORN, Sec'y ,. J ,. H. W. HUNT & CO., .8gents, 167 Water Street, New York; 16 Central Wharf. Boston_ MA URIOE EULER, IIID'OBUII OI' Havana &gars and tear Tobacco, t6'a STAT So'M Importer .!d. the A No. :1 Segars. THOMAS ol. RAYNJIR. PHIL.IPP HIL.KI!. .. "THOMAS J. RAYNER &. co.," :JD liD DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. t Parlleular ane.ttoi lo Special Brands for Grocers & .Jobbers. 29 L'lberty_ Street, .64 Maiden Lane, New York. YoJlt. 0CftDJBJsalon Merchants Successors to mtA!m.ALL & CO., I AGENTS AND MANUFACTURERS OF All KINDS OF 166 WATER STREET, ..-....._x....'""'r,.. I' f o I Tobacco tommission Mer.chants. Fancy Printed Cotton Goods FOR AGENTS FOR THlll BALE OF ALL THE Standard Brands and North MANUF AOTURED .. TOBACCO. I And SOLE for o e following b,rands of Messm ;T:ffoMAS & OLIVER, and D. C. MAYo & Co., Richmond, Va.: I Beaqtlea, 14'11. :\ i lbs. r Olive, i lbs. Vtr'p;i.nia's 0\Vn Poclcet l'ieces. Thomas' Cboioe Che Haw, F l g's. Twiet, 6 in ch.l / J. M. Walker's Ext!'(\ Bright Twist, 12 La Favorite. Rolls, 6 iuch. Ch as. Henry, Jr. 9 inch, light presl!ed n uu bard 12 inch lbs. & co., 71 & 73 Pront St., IDU Allm MANUFACTURED SWELL, : Comfort, MV CHUM. t6, t8 & 20 CIIAMBERS ST., NE'W' .YORK, MANUFACTURERS OF BLACK AND BRIGHT. P.lUG fOB A COO. .At Factory No. 3, Second Dtstrict, York, JU.NUF AOTUBBRS OF _cu:t Tobacco OF ALL GBA.DES, SMOK I N G TOBACCO Of' every Style, KEY WEST ALEJANDRO CIGARS This of Cigars mAde at Key West out of those justly celebrated MULO WQPired by Oabal!os Figaro, Intimidad, &c. in aroma and workmanship their equals m every respect. For sale by A. S. ROSENBAUM c1c. CO., L6ll Str.-et, New I Llgar Holders, Amber Pieces, Pipe Stems, Silver Mountings, And all Choipe Art.iclee in the l:lmokers' line, at Wboluale and Wholesa.lo and Retail Factory and Wareroom, 4 and 6 Johil Street; Store, V1 Na.ssalij oomer John Street, [Established 186;J.] 1 NE"\V YORK. R eal :Me'erscbaUIQ Pipe LONDON STRAIGJIT AJrt> BEND, CARVED, PLAIN, .A.ND FANCY CIGAR HOLDERS made to or<:ler by special contract, snd at lower prices than they can be Imported at. I always on hand a very large stock of all patterns. I also make to order MONOGRAMS, CRESTS, PORTRAJTS, DCliLJNq. MOUNTING, etc attended to. Goods sent to all parts of tat R4JJ.,.:ft._0AD -ELLS. Snuffs of c our;try. Cfrcul nrs sent by enclosng stamp. :'<. '13.-l am tbe o l e Manufa cturer of GENliTNE ..A.ND IDE& GUODS to the in 'th United MACQOBO'YI FiEllCR ltAPPEE, SCOTCH AND LUNDYFOOX sm AND DEALERS w CIGARS, l.qrillurd'e'""C"eh b r t ed'Y: c!Jt Club Pipes, given away with his Yacht'CW.l! Smoking 1 : -li! .::; MACCOBOY FRE_!? &. Fl.OU;Ik .,. .At Factory No. :1, Fourth District, Nf!W .ork. CLAse:.FORD R. co., ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF 'THE FINES'l' 'BRANDS oi 'i' uo. SMOKING TOBACCOS, CIGARS, POWDERED_, LICO"ICE. 1 Having purchased the of Messrs ROBINSON, GARTli & 00., together with all l 133 WATER AND 85 PINE' STB. "E"ETS, their f a mou s :we are now off e ring Plug T o b accG at below the usual Diarli:e& rates, (llsTABLtsaxoJ8 51.) LONDON, .,. t o which we invite tne attention of close and large buyers. Solicit ConII!Dmentl! to London, J. h e pool. Mel-('-. N EW' .,. E=T,. --=>LI""'HED 11 60 b o urne, and Sydn e y, or ManuraeLUred Tobac co s u lt-...1.. J.:::J .& able fgr m q r kE'tP.. artvs11Cf'e by J. DUFF W .ALLA.CE, T. H. MESSENG.c.R & Co., EUCENE DU BOIS, FOREIGNiooi.1esilc1oaAccG Commissson Merchant .t.U FOR THE SA.LE OF L 1 0 0 R 1 C E leaf. Manufactured, and Smoking THE A ""ERIC 5 Bowling:-Green, -. Jll. AN who will advle Sb l pp er;. a. tu the .tyleo of Tobacco wanted 1n England and the Colonlea. CIGI A MACHINE co. "i, L, 1 J'.L.GASSEllT & COMMISSION MERCHANTS J).l .H. L.r.. v J.l'l!, Tobacco ruand' Sega :::. AlfD .O.I.lLU Ut J.U. ll"tlfnfi: 0 LEAF T OB A C C v 162 PEARL-ST near Wall-st., -It W._ Q. KmiRUI:oJr, P'.; 11", ... KERRIGAN & AGNEt,' TOBACCO AND GENERAL ODMMISBION WERC!!!N'll SOL& AOENTS POR0 THi: j T 1-4 lb Bags M TH HE, NIT ., SHEffrLD 1 l\flhl11f ncrurec1 T oo a ccoor all "trk .,dQuolitles df I I 1 .., n; rfr '""" I h e l>ct m"nfc lorie V i rglu ia, { o r f&le T0baooo and Cotton Factors, 'D ].,,, ... nl< p nrchal' 172 Water ,St., New York, A.r.e now teady to 1eceitt'e ana execute Otders for thl/ r Oigar Machine. Gold Dust, Scarfalletti, Allo alhv Bmakbg ud Kanllfaetmd 1'--. '18 Water Street, 11 .. YOI'II. AND P!:A.LERS JJN ALL KINE S OJ" Leaf Tobacco, J .. 2lb. Bagii I C A.L h t -'1 ELBRECHT, SIEBERT&. co., WM. V:IGELIUS wM. AGNEw & soNs, ommlSSlOn ere an s, -M anuf&cture rs ot and Merohants, _::0 4,g DICNrD IEQrA,Rit L,' eaf Tobacco, S84.and286FrontStreet, lib. Baoos NEWYO.RK, YOLCER & HUNI!KEN, W:ILLOUGHBY STRF.ET, 175 Pearl Street, v.m.,_, ... ot NEW YORK. Leaf Tobacco for Export and Home Use al 1114 Dealen Ia PIPES & ToEA F ".t'():ii.A,.ooo, lllrwl, N_, For'-, .. 'YOIMD. 0. FELIX MIRANDA, IMPORTER OF HAVANA LEAF TOBAC.CO, AND OF 'l'BB BRA:ND OP 8. ROSENBAUM & CO., (l0l11111JSSI01'f .JrJU!.RANTS 1)': :Wio II]W.Kq 111 DOIESTIC LBAJ AND ltAWUJAt'rURBD TOBACCO& 162 Water-sU..Ot, Now-York: Leaf baled ID 1a1 piMlbp ll1 hfdra llfeu for export. Ceq GF All DESCRIPTIONS, L ,roa SE.GA:B BOXES, Furnished in quantities to olllt,'by ZI:BP:S"D'R.l.V 1 216 LEWIS STREET, N. Y. COHN & SMITH GEO, F. HILL. Wll. s. MESSENGER. ""'._ .. ..._._ .... _...:, 1 ,HILL&.-MESSENCER, SEGARS, IC RITICA," A B

'I'B R. ...,.,..RLKO(. & PHILADELP ... PA., iviercha.nts in Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, AND IMPORTE}...o ar ()Qnsigno.r ban their 8tocks w ilhout prepaJi ng the Governmeat Tax. I B .. A. VAN AGENT FOU Lor ard's Tobacco & Snuff, Cigars, Havana and Connecticut Leaf. JN 1' ,C,TS TO !"LTTT, & 19 NORTH WATER STREET, P:,q'ILADELPHIA. Order Soltclted. Smith Bros. a KDecht, JlliALZ!III :N ALL KINDS 01!' I LEA:I?-TOEJA..OOQ, """"" Manv.facturertJ of and DealertJ ln ClgartJ, 225 RACE S"FREET, PHILADEl.PHIA. "S. FUCUET & SONS," IMP OR TEFtfl OF HlYANA "CIGARS AND LEU TOBACCO, AND OF FXN"E U:r.1ler-our-({;vpyrlgbted) ISr-amls, or Special (Primte) ones 229 South Front Street, Phila,delphia. rfHE TOBACO(!) LEAF. CIBCIIIBA'l'J, 8T. LOU'l8, AID CHICAGO ADVElUISBJDBTS. t H. WiLKEl\lS a co., 1 !ot_DM& .A:L l\TfNT 'bS Henry Besuden & Bro., I '.}:Monumental City Tobacoo Works, ns,.,vc JOn ea 0 acco I 1 Ilo. 181 W.EST STREET, XTI.ORI, D., Dll.lLBBI nr -r--. loll wu. f 67,:0, tl.ti8"Froatand 8!, M .t 88 Water, SmokiD& aDd Tobacooa, LEAF TOBACCO, M. FALK & GO., 143 WATER STREET NEW YORK. .IUIIIIICQ,IocllaDa.lll-.tUdoblo,..._,., CBAa. BODII.llflf WK. WELSH & BONa I Q. U.U:l>o..l:. : J:U. NUI.Il.AltN. ... w .. ... ..... uc' GIESKE & NIEMANN, G. BRASln'Ans L a.sii&AIIIUJI&,ov, ... (OOIINJ:B OP lCLlol BTilDT,) 161, 163, & 165 Pearl Stret, LEAP TOBACCO TOD1.C(JO Il'A. b a.c co, 233 State St., Hartford, Conn A. L. a. F. SISSON, Paeken and In Connecticut Seed Leaf TOBACCO, -13 4 Main Street, HARTFORD, CONN. 126-1 36. JOSEPH S. w-boDRUFF, DBLEB IN Cownecticut Seed-Leaf T OBA:CCO, 18 MARKET. STREET,. HARTFOitD, CONN. li.. 111 T oDacCO COlllJJIJIIHl No. 81 Exchang_e Plaqe, uumestic and Forergn leaf Tobacco camn.daaloll LEAF TOBACCOS I COVI'NGTON, KY., GrecuJ>oe-...,Ocmnpm.Jry. S. SELLifli.C.. & SON, Aim BJilGABS. il N. Water&&., Un. Delaware Ave.; .L LOU!S .GIESKE & CO., .. DlULl!:RS m No. au 1'!01111 Third street, r.J: d : J.tril Packera and Dealers In ST. LOUIS TOBACCO WOUS. SEED LAF TOBACCO, LEGGAT, HuDSON & CO., -.m II'IIILADELPMIA, Pa. PHILADELPHIA. AND DU..LHBO IN t -. !L B-.y Leaf r..Tobaco,.o No .ao .Fine H;.";F:;;,,eL. 'iAMBERGER a co.. GEYER & mss B,A.LTUJ:ORE. Md. L E A DMien Ia (Soeeeseors to Huon, Axnr.o. & Co.) t 42 South CIHtrles Street, I l OFF M A Y Gn.>\.IWA... 't: .. D A. _, .,__ B O _ST_ O N,__A D V E R T_,_IS_ E .Kc_ B T S -.. _.r 1 LE' "'l.."};"' '1T o B '.A.oco FISHER & no I I 7 South Water Street, 2 U PHIL!DELPHU. I PLUG,1 OBACCO, 67 West Ba.ltiplore St., lid. SOUTHERN ADVEB. TISEJONTS UHIGHLANDER," "RED ROVE'-'" "DICK TATER," SJUok:tna Tobacco. t These eotabllehed Tobaccoo, so wen and favorably known, are put,up trl31, M, and llb. bales or pouc hes, and In bulk thna sllltillg tbe retaller and jobber. :Manufactured only aL the eteam wockl! rot L L Va. 1 L. L. D. ) I !k :: J. W._ CARROLL, 3ole Manuracturcr o f U1e l'amoua and W o r ld renov.-ncd :Drar !J[ v 1 gi:iia. Swoking Tobac cos, JACK and BROWN DICK. 12th Street. liT. LOt118, Mo. .'1'. LOt118, Me. CHlCAGO I AND SOUTHERN ADV:ERT1SE:IIENTS, P. Lorillard's Western G. FOY a CO., MANACEA.S1 TOBACCO,,IIUFF GJEOOOJ: J-oy, JOHN B. K8Yi. DCI I I CHAPMAN, DJULER IN G. W. GRAVES, FA.O I[ I:B .J..ND DKA.LED: IN Fine Connecticut Seed-Leaf T o tr--a c c o t I Danbury, Connecticut. IF" Nowon band llQ8 """P 164. o (109-121 LOUISVILLE KY., U S. Bonded Tobacco Warehouse No.1. rHCDIAS HARE & SON, E.:....:!.:....:mlio=h:::t. __...s.:_:w.:.:..-=CJark=---=-P=hlh::...:Ilaon.= LYNCHBURG, VA. 8/J South_ Watc;r mo.. GEO. W. WICKS & CO., lta.ou fttcturer&, for Sale of Virginia, Missouri, arul Kentucky WDOLR!!IAL& DB.U.BftS d A .LL KIID!! 0P FORErGN AND DOMESTIC .A. R. THEOBALD, MD.if.4.0'1!V&D a. .&.J.Li&ll(DI o SBGr.A.B..&; SPAl'fUIS: .AND DOMESTIC tear Tollacca, Tobacco, Snllf, Meacco, a":ce made on c o lteignmenta. wLiberal A.4VIUlcetl lll.l4e 011 CoulcameDta. Leal' oC ... -,.... r-w-Gooda Guaranteed llleve17 Particular. an4 Brl&blll GBO BIBBEN Cblc:ap. } N LE 1.8 JUI)D N-York. w B. llADl>OX, CHICAGO. SlUFF & CI8A88, Ia& 63 & 66 .H&Dd & 31 Sinh Sfillltt Prr.rBBUBGH. P.A. ...


THE TOBACCO 7 DEALERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS vices from the States are higher prices may yet be aum oU4,201,201.151 of which the United States re forked the fw:m,Qf tile letw Y, "Utrtil--dmy fell a LOUISVILLE LEAf TOBACCO r-D .. l!OMtt ... .......... ncle fleeted; 11108t"of tbetrade.tln.oak:ptllce l'ritlnnrrcrrlanies, fi.8'i, :iii tn onnera reOC'Iftall, BO,. tile ground rnsensible The name Q.f this iuatrumenuru a..J lJI!liBR .......... ..... 611111& \:r JOBN IIMID 1 scnw RTZ &co ...... lll&llul'lur. ann ."b'P.' throo11h England is now being done l}irect f,Om theJltates, .156.28 Of the son1 so received by the United cal!ed a tabacos, the same ns that applied to the sheath .. .... :: : :: .. .. 1!:r therefore it. is plainly the !-'It will 1t is probable that a lal'lle portion wowdnever h.ave ma.ze or envelore in which the Caribbeana wrapped the vaUGifAI{ & ct ..... .. .................. MAY 2.-MessJS. Edwards k Co.'s onage oftbat Ciass of, persoo mdocedtbe payn:ltnt -Tsland of Tobago, where (;olumbus first found it, or frota P. p BJ'IONIIL .... ................... LetjF r Monthiy: Circular says : The uncertainty which preva lt>d in of hundreds. of thousands. if not I uaillioD'I. dAi-s of Tobu.eoor Tabas co, j n tftacan, where thg Spaniards tim W--R9 co 'S WoRK FOR THE the ear ly part of the paat month as to the intention r the n;venue 'h1ch would bee o w1tbheld by used it. fThe probabilitj is that all these names mal be 1 r j yy .111 \)[, e have giVen 6t h di Chancellor of the Exchequer rP.spectiqg on tobacco, taxpayer11. whtle the ,Goyemmen' ha:t traced to the aamesot-c e and dialect-the province from W. rections as are for put a stqp entirely to sales, but. iS as it b e came us ved great P.ecumary trom law plant the pipe and sheath frum what they tEibaOOO ooas, a)) 0 wbi,h, bown DC alteration was to be made a moroacttve demand was prOVIding ShareR for l,Dformers, frOf!l coutamed. 'I he mute 8 in the two WOniS, the bard e, and no Joubt, are in condition to experienced, resulting in sales to the extent of about 1,300 the s.ystem many. and obvJOilS; and I do. not best the broad a of the sec ond reoderins the aoond of produce abundant supplies hbds. Virginia J eaf-Tiie improved for this growth m comphaoce .wtth the request for my aud each name almost identical.) a-: We tab 111e HbertJ p Ia tlll8 mo11aer. tile beHer to caD =E?.f}., uo, ... Ita ,a utr we a.a"' dunq '.., UIIJ lnatltDtecl ezper1meDta bavlnl 1 rect Got ,. ot Tohaeco -line tnalJ poteoli Jllll.tber uae gor aar 1.11d zur .-..,...._ alld _,..aoDa,.., _..t...,..!Mt lb8....., trae ..... roper _..,_ to mana,..c:tare ToliKco lo aador GDr proceoo of ... a,..eturlug. 11 tile l'tolll tile autiOI(Ibera, pnm>Dtl U from IIIKI areatiJ Impro-Uoe qaaii!J ond lnor ; DD IDIICb 00. \bat the .,:. 1n ear boa,. wiU be roGo4 to 1te better thiJIIW willA -11 out, Mo DOOJd" ere ,.. .. to Ita merit, that -DOW willa the IB eompe\ltk>D ...... -.;; utlele taM 18 BOW ......,.ctwre* rcb..ta au lu,.,rlor T ohat;t.O Jl'lt np ror duepttna, ... """Tnoae-" :!,..,1 tho lmpoo!U o n t e only dloeovor e d by tb or the tol> eco ltoelr. lre ..,."',...,. .j, nwr CutttMn-e., a. Tobacco thtte rill and to prevent tbe 'on of recetvr.:-: antele, pleaee to he wbeo calllog for .FiAe Ct&C1 t.o lllqn.ire for W. I. 11 CO.'I Pvu YJU.LO., & atod W.a.oou roucco. 1n due..JieMOII. Wbeaner noted in oqr tqt bas coiltinned, a.nd the aa.les of all grades ?PIDIOns on the su.bJect, to expt"esa my convtotJOD that Whether the preseNt use oHobaeao CUI he &rued IJeicma Lhe plant m Lke ap e about 300 hhds, at figures ranging from 5-!d to 8d ac It would be G?vern the or fifteenth centuries or no\, it certainly now )MIL rauoe, st.imulat.e them by cording tO qu11lity. Colory descriptions were in request for ment to the ex1stmg system. The qoest10n. of prov..trls m every habitable part of the globe. and where tolobe applicatioo ot' fine com NShipment to .Amerioa, agd ollder the bead of legal r1gbt of officem of revenue w rece1ve hacco is not easily attai11ed, a Sllbetitnte h:aa been post or guano, and after each will be noticed 45 have. been Nturned. Virginia Informers' shares IS now: penut very little to opArate in b elow mcurs odtilm,.. as a?t.uated only by a well as 10 Oriental c o untries, smoking iS COIDJDWI with both said Ill. lb preclud e d bflsinesa. > Vtestem st.n)ls h a v e b ee n m purpose. fbe to. sexes fr.or;:t an ear l y age. In the Phill ipin es, pre parations ot th.e Pi? 18 fa1r reqoAst. 'l'he sales em race DllV all grad e s the has 'a tendency to discourage. a called 8 .,, ganga, e tc., and b uyo, aro chewed by man, wo oe'w, unt1l 1t IB fiually diS la.rgest portion bein common to medhun quality. Mary htgh';l'mde d and senstt1ve officer ft:om thoroughly d1s man and child. Every ooe carries a case of b u yos in his pos.ed The sod lands-Co lory s ort s only rske d for, but these being in such hts dnty The sy1tem has fosU?'ed a "'eT!J pocket, offers one to the stranger; as in Mauilla., th e y whtch 18 mtended tor the small corrlpass the sale s w e re trifling. Cavendis h-Tens class oftnformers actuate d btJ mereJ_,y offer a The 'bJoyo IS made of the befel or of a tobacco crop, should be and h alf. p o und lumps of quality foond buyer s as fttst W i thout regarr,l to the publc tnlerests or eo root the sam e properties, pul verized with a sea she)l ploughed as soon as praetJCa as sam plea at an improvement of td to 1d per lb.; commo n ofJus!we, and who look eagerly about f o r offences aganst the conto.ming a. stron g d r ied ) p the sun and then rol!M ble, aud harvested or rolled lor sh ee p wash .Qas also been t.'\ke n freely. The tone of revenue laws ? JiO VATTER now T.ECH:Ni c .u:., or .how lmall in a buyo leaf cheroot fashion. In some of the islands tha ; f .er the plough. On tob&eJ.CO the market has been steady tbrourrhout th e month and we the amount tnvo l v ed, fo1 th e sole purpose of secunng a share betel spri u k led with chunam or shell lime and wrapped ground, apvlJ manure as repe a t previous Oo.;:;mon tobacco, both le a f of th.e pen.alty or forfeitur.e which may be imposed: in a leaf of red peoper plant, i s ch e wed m the manner. u Jl?Sblble after the and strips, i s getting scarcer; good and ,fine spinners are even revenue officers, m The alkali is to c orr e ct the acidity of the nu&, and the red first ploughm.g, so that also n(Jt ple ntiful, but medium and nondescript are abundant, large as. well as smaller cases, a daspos1t10.n pepper l eaf counteract$ the impoverishing effect upon the for t:ntl g nnd h o lders of these are showing a little more disposition t(' the mterests of the Government to blood .. The betelnut tree been naturalized in Jamaica, 1s. 1t may well to meet boyers. ow? pecumary advantage. Cases have ooourred m whe re IS propert r es for c hewmg are in esteem. The m1xf'd w1th the so1l. .Gnanv Messrs Parry: & Crosbies report : This market has shown whtcb persons who prosecut.ed for non payment of modern Arabs not onlysmoke J fnamn hemp onder the or best activity throughout the mouth, and U.e aggre who were dtsposed to the Goye!'"ment name of haschische, but chew the bet.el nut and a plant called apphed durmg. the gate salt.'B are above an average, and would no doub t have 10 full, to. the of tbetr kad. There also a plant called gi.IIIIClul, which is grown prepayat10n and drawn mto been still larg e r bad the stock on afforded a more bm1tatioa o' t1me, have bee.n. In abundantly for consumption m S i am 'lll'hich possesses tbe hlllB as they are made. liberal assortment of the qualities most m demand. We duced by mformers so to frame their propoBltlons many of the intoxicating properties of opium. Wbea pl!lnters, who prefer t:o repeat quotations, remarking, however, that decidedly com of compromise that but a PP:rt of the Joe smoked, itI?I't,cbarg' ed with counterfeiting Inter 1l&l Revenue tobacco stamps. Bellewe i1 a Virginian wbo bas been engaged iu the bulineBS illicit \obacco stamp'-', and, it is stat.ed, ent to :5b reveport in the prosecuti'!n of ness. The IS m t;he Parish where be will remain until atraii{Ded for:e:r.aminatioo before:U ntted Statea Uommi.ssioner Urban, at\er which be will, if the fact.ll are proven, enjoy life in the penitentiary. Sic sem1J8f' to-wbaoco-at.amp couoterft>iters. Wao Ja HB?-We uader says the Richmond Enql4irw, a gentleman of t}lia city, who made some thing like t25,000 in his tobacco operations the put year, is to be pro!!ecuted by the Government for making emucb "halvea" with U ocie Sam. PLAHJ TOBACCO a specially. 187 PBA.B:L BrBEBr, CYNTBI.&.N KY., is to have :Rocheeter, Jr. Y. NEW Y-ORK. ')' tobacco factory. nom '1'.....,. Pace. immediate purposes; this course considering the uosatis and clean tobacco is now almost exhaueted. Algerian factory prospects for the future, relative to the autumnal oolory aud leafy deRcriptions sell freely, bot only a plies, is rather surprising, and ca.n "nly be accounted 1 for small qnll{'tity of such is to be h11d. Turkey bas been by the fact t.ho.t most influent.illol manufacturers hold more for We intend oft'tlring about 200 bales fair stook9, ami prefer to wait information relative to crops on the 19th proximo. There no fresh arrivals to be pla.nted this vear before increasing their engagements; of Gret'k to report, our market 11 still bare. Very there 42&D be bot little doubt that, at the current quotations, little Macedonian now remains. on sale ; really fine the trade isjost.ified in holding good-stocks, hence the policy qualities are not to be obiained. Hungarian mariufac of delaying further purchases is questionable The imports turers have again directed tneir attention to this to this port during the pas\ month were 101 bbds, the de growth and a fair businesa has been done; itock very liveries 902 hhds, and the stock is 14,998 bhds, or 1,656 limited.' N egrobead continues to be taken to a mode more than at this period last year. There is little alteration rate extent; remain firm. The bulk of the re in leaf to now A good trade baa been doing in cent importations of Cavendish have been placed at Havana cigars, particularly in the finer brands. Yara leaf full ratee; is etill a good demand for the better is more inquired for, but there is nothing sufficiently tempt qualities of tens and pound lump& St.aolks are in better ing to induce manufacturers to retum to this growth. There request. Smalls are very d111l of sale. is bot little demand for Ambalema., Carmen, and Giron M88Sl'll. Williaa3, Cooper & Co.'s monthly report says : Esmeralda is reported to be more inquired for, but there The transaction" in all classes of American tobacco have muBt be a great improvement before it will be used been unusually 811lall, the total sales bfl,iog under 500 bhds., in the place of Manila., which has been otrered at public t.bree fonrths of wllich were Western strips, the balance auction without succesa; looking to the future of tllis &r being made up of a few hhda, of Virgi'nia strips and some ti .. it will no deubt be held for full prioes in this market, trifling Iota of leaf. The month's business, though not be1ng in strong bands, aud there is lit&le room to anticipate large, closed upon a firm market. A few sales were made that the Spanish Government will reduce their upset price of Havana. leal; fillers are also inquired for, but not much of 125} in Manila, whatever may be the reports here as to has been d011e. The steamer bas just arrived bringing one its inferiority. So that it remains either that fair remun little lot. In Havana cigars a fair husin.esa has place. erative prices must be paid, or the manufacturers using both for exportation and borne consumption, principally in this growth must tom their attention to some other cig.1r old importations; quotations remain tlnaltered. The Elbe material, which at present is rather difficult to find in any has brought about 300 cases. Java is not quite in such market. Manila cheroots are m better request; fine are good request; middling aorta are difficult to place; the finer getting scarce; prices firmer. Japan is in request at full descriptions are held for top figures. .About 125 bales of' prices; o.bout 1,306 bales are to hand, which will meet with Japan just imported by the Vampyre were sold at public a ready sale. Toward the close of the montb Java was auction at full rat.cs ; 1,325 bales have also a.rrived in the largely sold, and with the advioos from Java. of the extreme Medina. Dutch baa been rather more active, and prices small supplies to come on later in the year, importers are are steadier. Turkey bas been rather quiet. Some arrivals firm in their quoto.tions, expecting that some return may of Macedonian have taken place, bot little we believe has accrue to them for the unremunerative business of the last changed banda. Latakia is in the same dull state. Germa.n few years. Turkey is held for full rutes, espec i ally the for cigar purposes baa been bot smally dealt in. The finer classes. .Although the stock is about 17 000' bales, it stock of good humiog sorts is very much redoced. Strip wollld not be wrong to estimate that, out of tbat quantity', cutting is now almost elf!IIJ'8d out. AJgtorian haS scarcely there are only about 4, 000 to be classed ns trade been inqnirl!d Hungarian sold pretty freel.v. The tobacco This stock also includes the numerous other arrivals of Ambslema., Giron, Palmyra, and Carmen were growths of Turkey; taking Macedon ian, there is scarcely a mostly taken for conunental Kcouot immediately; in the bale to be obtained, the prices hitherto having completely other gro.vths nothing From the absence of Yara discouraged importers, and such wili probably be the case the sales han been but trifling. No Cuba. on the market. with the fine Turkey. There is only one parcel of Greek The 2, bales of Manila tobaco ol'ered at public oft'.,ring, aud is re'lrtiiing 20 per cent. over the prices on 14th April were nearly all boll8ht. in, with the exception ruling at this period last year. Algerian colory is requireil, of the odlU!liPd lots. The sale or 5,000 ba1ts at bat stock small, and b\lt liWe to come forward. Dutch rl! of the new crop (reported as fine wbacco), took p l ace ou sening at higher rates; unless parcels are sold to arrive, 15th of last month, particoJars of wbicb have not yet it has almost cease, in a large measure, the advantages without the evils ot' the present system of iotbrmers' moieties. Reapecrt.fnllv snbmitt.ed, of! .t Meletles, M-.ares of Peuldes, e&e., &e-&eve ... lllclen-tr Iaftl'llei'So 0FPIC:E OJ' INTERNAL REVENUE, t WABBINOTOR, March 21, 1870. f Hon. J. G. Blaine, Spea/w' of BilpreUnlatives : C. DBLANo, CommiBBioner. 111 noat Tokc:eo-!a lmns&lag 1rtlde. SIR: I have bad the honor to receive a copy ot the resolution Hoose of Representatives, passed on the 1 lth instant., 1eqaesting my" view aud opinion in regard to the expediency and advaotace Ol' disadvan. tage to the Governmen' of aboli11biog in the colleot.iou The use Of narcotic drugs to 1oll and to dispel of tbe internal taxes, all allowances those fits of despondencv to which man, in all parts of the of moieties or shares of penaltil!tf, forfeitures, or world, is subject, would appear to be of recoveries to offioers of the. reYeoue or informers; and If we except the nepenthe bf the. aneient poets, to Indian e.lso any statement of fo.ct.s or practices under existing hemp ( Canabis &tiva) may, perhaps, be traoed the earliest laws, which will euforoe Ill" illustrate BUch views ann records of this species of indnlgeoce, though some writers opinions." In to this resolution I re11pectfully suppose that tobacco itself was not unknown in pre historic submit. the following fac\s relating to tlte fiscal years times. Herodotua describes the Scythian& aa homing Jn 1867, 1868, and 1869, which -are ehosen because the ex dian hemp on hot stones, under a tightly closed tent of wool isting rates ot informers' shares began nearly at the en felt or .fleece, and inhaling the fumes until they became beginning of period, Yifi: August 14,1866, previous "transported with .!alight" (Beloe'a "llerod," vol. iii, p to which the share& of mfonners were uniformly fifty 54). or, as a.ncther tro.nslator has it, until they "bowled per cent. of reooveriee, wherel&S the regulations aloud fqr joy.'' The Chinese claim to beea smokers of the Secretary of the Treasury, made on the date for many ages Meyeu, a traveler in China, speaks of specified, under the act of .Julr 13, 1866, the existing sculptures on which he observoo the same' kind of pipe as schedule of informers' shares was pre110ribed as fol that now in; but the precise $g6 of these }llonuments lows : is not proved, and the pipes may have been used 1or o11ium Ofthe first. five hundred dollars ... ..... 50 per cent. II!Doking. However inseparablefrom the Eastern picture or t.he next fifteen hundred dollars ..... 40 per cent. of our day are the narghile, the hooka., and tbe chibouk, 0( the next two tbouaand dollars, ...... 80 per cent. there seems to be no well &uiJaeoijcaled eYidence, either Of the next 'wo thousand dollars ...... 25 per cent. from Oriental writings or from ancient monuments, that any Of the next two thousand dollars ........ 20 per cent. instrument answering the l:'urpose of a pipe was in use Of the next two thou11and dollars .... .15 per cent. a.mpbg the ancients i .neither do we .flod in Holy Writ any Of the next two dollars ..... 10 per cent. allusion to the use of drugs whicll affect the sell888 in the Of all above twelve thousand dollars and not manner of opium ; hemp, or tobacco; but of intoxication as exceeding fiftyfive thousand dollars 5 per eent. proceeding ixom drink only. How long smokiog bad pre The sums collected compromises of floes, vailed in the new world when it was discovered, we .have penalties, and f.:>rfeiturcs, during tbe fii!Clal years end no meMS of ascertaining.' Wilson affirms prac 10g 30th June, 1867, 1868, and 1869, were aa follo'YS, tice of smoking and burning t.he leaves of the tobacco plant viz: reveals itself amo g the remotest traces of humaq arts in In 1867, for the Government shares ..... t406,224. 79 the new world;" and that nothing more clearly proves its In 1868, for the Government shares. . 219,376.04 antiquity than the "totally dist i nct and diverse name11 by In 1869, for the Governmellt sbarea ....... 104,436 16 which the various tribes designated it." While in th e ----Eastern hemisphere tobacco is used merely as an indulgence, Total Govern't shares for the three yean .. $'130,03& 99 among the aborigines of the new world tbe pipe was he : d in -----religious reverence, and was "intimately interwoven with In l867, for informers' shares ........... a339,074.49 their rites and superstitions," and probably "filled the place To 1868, for i oformers' .... of the cell88r in the us rites Of Pagan and 'in 1869, for share,. . . 6I,QQ0.6'1' Christian worship.'' (Wilson s "Prehistoric Man," vol. ii, -----chapter on Narcotics ) The vast numbers of relics of elab Total informers' ............ carved pipes found about the ancient altars are The sums received Qy the Government during the strongly suggestive of the sacred significance of tobacco same period, from suite for finee, penalties, and for smoking, even perhaps its origin Under the Mosaic dis feitures, exclusive of informers' shares, wbioh in such pensntion, the burning of incense in expiatory sacrifices cases were awarded by the courts, were as follows, bears some to the propitiatory pipe of the Indian viz : tribes; and as ethnologists have traced the Mongolian type In 1867 ......... ................... l352,92ly, on thll hasia of the Mame JlfOportion as shown cigars und hif!;hly embellished pipea. and taking snuff after by thll returns in compromi11e the an1oantso paid the firshion or modem times. Columbo also found tht ; would he tl,238,582. 56. will 'hus be 1111!\!n dorCubans with "rolls of dried herbs in &beir IDd ing thethree years specilkd there was eotfl'cted on was "as\OnisheU as well as diagneted" to 84lethe abori aooount. of fines. peoalues, and tortt!iturus the aggregate gioea mhaling t.ob.cco smoke through their nostrils fl>om a Ia llllllalll. ST. Lotns, Mo.-J obn F. Witte & Co., 0r. disselved. 1 UtLw A UUE, W rs.-Strauss & Kobn, t.oba.cco, etc., dia-solved; now Meyers Strauss. NBw H.a.vEN, CoNN.H M. Coppe, Cigars and Cool.; now F. F .Andrews. TaB S.s:NATB BILL FoB REDUCING T..&.x.&nox The Senate Finance Committee bill to repeal foriy. three millions of -internal revenue taxes, is so short and concise that it deserves printing in full. It is tenet1 entitled" .A bill to reduce taxation," and is 1111 follow Be it enacted, &c., That from and after the 1st day of J aouary, J 87 J, the special taxes imposed by tire MVe8 tynintb section ot the act entitled "An act to provide internal revenue to support the Government to interest on the public debt, and for other pn1rposes," June 30, 1864, as by section 9 of \he Int.ernal Revenue act, July 13 ]866 and as amended by section 2 of the Internal act, approved March 2, 1867, be and 'he same are bere by repealed. But this act shall not be held to repeal or iu any way the imposed by tbe act ap proved July 20, 1868, entitled "An act imposing taxoJs ou distilled spirits and tobacco, ami for other vurposea." S&c. I That trom &nd the 1st day of July, 1870, the taxes on sales 1m posed by the Internal Rev enae laws u,ow in foroe, Baviog and Fxcepting the taxes imposed by said act, approved July 20, 1868 be and the same are hereby Sil:c. 3. That 1rom and after the 1st of July, 1879, the taxes iiDposed bf the Internal Revenue law11 now in f.orce herein specified be !'"d the same are bereb.y repealoed, namely : On 10 schedule A, on l.egao1es anJ sn(l()ellsions, on passport&, a_nd on. recetpts .. SEc: 4. That the 11everal seo t10ns 1mposmg taxes m the nature of income taxee, 116, 117, ll8, 119, 120, 121, 122 and 123 ()t the sa1d Internal Revenue act, approved June 30 J 864 and the. acts amendator;r thereot; be amended So of said section 119 a& limits the tax on until and including the year 1870 and no longer is hereby repealed; and the. income tax for and durlog the yea.r 1870, shall be lev1ed, collectetl and paid at the rate of five per centum; and 110 much of said income tax tor said year as is not .Paid or not payable during the year 1870, ahall be lev1ed, collected and paid during the year 1871, in. the mo?e by law, and th& several tares for 111 sa1d sect10us, accruing on and after the day of .Jannary, 1871, shall be levied .. collected and the rat" ot three per cent. per an num; and the sa.anes of officers, and paymcnt11 1or ser vices to persona in the civil, military naval or other employment or service of t.he U:nited s'tates, including Senators and Representatives 10 Congess accruing after the of January, 1871, sha,J be io the g-eneral mcome of the person receiving the 11ame aud be t? the bame tax,' and to he levied, co{ lected and paid Ill the same manner and be entitled io the same as other inco:Oes. SEc. 5. ThH all acts or parts bf acts relating t6 the taxeR herein re shall in. lull fvrce and effect for the hlvymg and ooUoouon ot t a xe s ac01uing b e t o re snch r e p e al, or "_Jay herea tt e t : accrue ullcle r a c t s and tor mamtammg, ci>nunuiitg and t'oforoiu., 1 1 J d ""..... ., ens. pPna Ll"s .ounertures Incurred under and b v1rt.oe thereof; Y PA'lllniTL: .U:TII(G,-1_fow l.hat Bailey's has heen ascurtatue

r ., T H IOISACCO JU..WIII'ACTlJ&IJl.S : Iii fl LIQUORICE. EXTRA. Anhur Gillender & CQ.;. LicoRI9E '10 {;} ..,..1 WALLIS & CO. I .SOD DDJ!IIml -..or&Ot"uaUI ot .. t.l SOLACE TOBAcno Tobacl;o' manufacturers lllll.d tbe trade \J j general 8l"'l to_ exa11 11 6, and 111 L _mrny -STRBET, rr.ine and test the superior propertieS or 1'l tllis LICORICE, which, being now brought 1!1 CEDAR-STREET, to the higllest -perfecti?D, is offered I I I UH) ,he .aOOV-6 Style Of, n, NP"ieoo a. s...k-. I(I,WWe a.t:e a.!So AGENTS for looepb W a....,, l '' bra.Dd I lotepb L. &. Woot. I l a 1 F. I 1 t r! Ackliowledged b)r to be the ot brandof ,.__ H d J F F llanul!l.ct"terof Iii }',icorice Stick ; ,, pauauJ OYT an OHN.i..:. LAOO, :l!LNA tJU'J' SHIIHIN,G-AN:BMOKL:N&. C:l B.. M4404 PEARL I T 0 b .ao 1(:,tQ& In all respects equal to CALABRIA. NEW YORK. A.ND FINE CIGAHS. II' i I I I CJ. z., Sole Proprietor ot the Cele ,_ Cbewing will be fl>uncl constllntly on hand. To_biOOOO. Licorice lloot, select and ordinary, comtantly FINE-CUT CHEWING AND "HERO" and "'UNION.". on hand. ..-' ,.j I GOMEZ, WALLIS & co .. SMOK:ING 1 i11lU1& .d.tietu,e. 1 t!! 1 & at south .,.-mt.m 8&. -PO,S'J.'.O.ll'FlCB BOX fi.j!fl I llallurac'turcr J..u 'kiDdl of i'wianufacturefs of all kinds of I TOB.t;\CCO, SNUFF AND CIGARS. CHEWING AND SMOKING THO AS HOYT & CO. !)t ronAo co LIUlJORIOE HEDY 111. ltORltiS, Nos. 99 Pearl add G! Stoae Street, N .J::W YOB.K. IMPORTER 0!' I Spanish Mass ; Licorice; I ll .lJu, J l l If.;"' o. h Tobacco, ot BtWroa or 1TTTR,..J..B, LATAXIA, PJWQUiVtM Pll'l' CU.VDDJIB PACKED, IN POCKET POUCH:E8. .... .....,.., -WH6L:Es'!d.LE !AND BET.AIL. '; 1 -1 arid !.ATAXIA TOBAOOOS in ihe Le&f at WllciLESALE. 1, ,1s PLATT u sTREE-r. t,'ISII.I L ILUIBlll141BR ,,


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